Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 8, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 8, 1842 Page 1
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TH Td. vn^-l?. 3S3.?WkaU Mm. 3031 NEW LINK OK LIVK.RPOOL PACKETS To iiilfrewNew York on the iSth, aud Liverpool on the llth of each imonth. ft ft * ft *^TtTItNaw YbaaT Ship ROHCIUS, Captain JohnCollin?.dth M?Tch. Ship S1DDONS.Caul un K. H Cobb, tlSth April Ship SHKBIDAN, CaptiinK. A. Depeyiter, J?lh May. Ship (jAIUUCK, Captain VVm. ttkiddy.ltfU Fmn Livxaroai.. , Ship SHERIDAN,Ca|.t?ii. K. A,Dc?y.t.r, IMh March. Kli.pO.\llBICK,(;.ptH.u Wm. Skiddy, talk April. ShiD R0BC1U9, Captain John Colluia. 13th May. Ship 81DDON8, Captain E. B.Lobb, 1Mb June Theee .hip. are >11 of the hretcla??oipwardf of lOOOtou.buiH In thecitv of NiW York, with inch unproveei.eiiu u couibia* nreat epe'd with uiiuiiinl comfort for paMengeri. Lvcry c?re ha. been takrninthe arranyenient of their accommiHlatiou. The Drice ol pMH^iehenre If >100,for which ample .toret will be provided. Tneaa ihipi are cumin mded by experienced marter., who will make every exertion to gira general aatiaiac "Neither the captain, or ownera oftheae thipa will be ret|>onai Me for uiy lettem, pnrcrlKOr piiekH^ctaent by taem, unlet, re liar bill, ol lading are.igurd therefor. The thipa ol thialfRe will hereafter go armed, tad theirpecu jar conn racoon aive.thein tecum y uotpuatcaacu by my other aut teaeelt afljsar. Pn'?ir? to. M South at.. New York,or to k JAS. 11 HOW N k to.. Lirrqool. Lettera by ?!? kets will be charyrd 13) ceul. per .ingle nd rirwsp*p*r? 1 cent each. mi Mt?i; ?v ce.,.. - ___ ^FOH NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKETS ifk d$|^ jiffy FoMh^ietter accommodation of?Wp? . it i? intended to deapatch alhip from tliia nort in the t?t. 5th, loth, nth, loth arid'JSth of each mouth, co-nme icing the loth October, and coutiuamg until M >y, when regular daye will be appointed foi the peiaaiudcr ol' the year, whereby great delay* and dtaap potatmeui* will b? ureveuled during tlie tuminer tnoulli*. Tht following *hi?e will commence tta* arrangement Ship TA/OO.Caiit. Cornell. Ship OCONEE, t apt Jackson Ship MISSISSIPI'1.1 ipt. Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Html. Ship SHAKSPEAIIE, Capt. Miner Ship (JASTON.Cavt Latham. Ship HUNTSVII.LE, Capt. Mumf. id. Ship OCMULOEE. Capt l.eavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Capt. Dick.n* n. Ship MEMPHIS,Capt. Knight. Ship LOUISA, Cant. Mulfnrd. Theic *hip? were all built in the city of New York, expreealy for packet*, are of a light draft ol water, hare recently been Btwlv coppered and put in apieudtd otter, with accommodation* far (Aerogel* unequal led for co ntort. They are commanded by aipeneticed maater*, who will mail every exertion to give Cner.d aatialactiou. They will at all time* be towed up and wu the Nliaxiiaippi by ateamhoaU Neithertlie owner* or captain* oftheaeahip* will be reaponmhla for jewelry,bullion.precioua ?tone?. silver,orplated ware, or for any letter*, part el or package, lent by or put v board of them, unleai regular bill* of lading are taken for tne tame, and Ma value thereon em-need For freight or paaaage .ai ply to E. K. COLLINS ft CO. If South at.,or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Agenl in New OrUane.who will promptly forward all good* to hi* addrr**. Theehipeof (hi* line are warranted to aail punctually a* ad' eertieed, and greatcare will be taken to have the good* correct tv meaaured. ml Nl'W YOMLAND HA*HE PACKEXST (SECOND LINE.) m M. Mm TS^nip^f thia ltuewtU hereaneMeam New^orKn.tha lot and Havre on the <fth of each month aa follow*: JYrua New York. /i?m Hear*. The new ihip ONEIDA, ( lat March ( lith April Capt. lift July ? isth Aagnst Jame* r unck. f 1*' November ( 10th December kip BALTIMORE, ( lit April I l?h MayCart. tlitAuguet < I Ith September Edward Funk. f let December filth January hip UT1CA, flat May I ibth June Capt. ( lit Sfeptember < ltth October FretTk Hewitt. Met January filth February New (hip ST.NICOLAS,( ut June 1 ifth JulyCapl. { Vet Octobar < lltli November J. B. Fell. flit February filth March The accommodation* of tliaic *hipa are net aurpaaaed, com ban tig all that may be required far comfort. The price of canunn n Sioo. Paaeeoger* will be lupplied with every reuuieite, with the exception of wince and lnjnoi?. Good* intruded for theee reeaele will be forwarded Vr the ubecribert, free from any other than the exneraee actuaJ.yi nF" ed Tontine BirfMincs. nkw yottk and nkwaka. 3EWWVart ndatdd to U cant*. From the foot of Courtlandtitreet, New York(Every day?Sandnyi excepted.) Learee New York. Leave Newark At* A M. At* P.M. At 7', A.M. At It P.M 11 do 4 do do >| do 4| do 1*1 do do T do 10 do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot ot Liberty itreet. Leave New York. Leave Newark. j?eW*y&?k* iuz'ablthtow n.' Sufi y^y1'and NEW BRUNSWlCE. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty etreet,daily. I ware New York. Leave New Brtuiawiek. At ( A.M. At Tt A.M. 41 P. M. I P. M. SOMERVILLE starve connect with theee lines each way. Fare between New York and Hc.merville, 50 centa. Do do New Bruaowitki 75 cents. Hit way, socen'e. E'iiabethtowu, 35 cecta. rhe fare in the T| A. M. train from New Broiiawiek, and 4| t M- train from New York, haa been reduced between New York and New Brunewick to 50 centa. ' and linkway to 174 " The Poiladelphiam^ilti .e paaeee through NowBtuuawick for New York ereryeraninr at t o'clock. On Sonaaye the 74 A. V . trip from New Brunewick ie omitted Paeaengers who procure their tickets at the ticketofBee.reOeire a farry ticket prat i? Ticket rare received by t ticeonductor aolvoc 'h? lav when rurraaaed febtl 5m* MiEUii^r^Tin From PHILADELPHIA via THE PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON. AND BALTIMOUE H4ILHOAD COMPANY. Freights for the Wi at and South will be f-rwaided drily from ilie tranei*i tali -n i ffire gf the CsmiMiiy, No. 1 Doth it Wharf. Philadelphia Merchant! are reepectfnlly informed that ?'l cooile runviynrd to the company ?ill be foiwarded with the utnuxt dill atrh to any poict writ or south. j. Height reachet Baltimore the same dry it ,e?ve? Philadelphia. rt. tine for Ih will rml enuth leavee Do< k etrect g.ilv at half-pael tn o'clock A M. by aleambeat KOBER. I \]nn|(|ri I ' r? will retrh Baltimore ?1 t o'clock, two houri km,, u. .. the d.p^ture of the I Philadelphia. Marchi. I >48. mtatm I RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND KHLIUHT LINE. I awwi acsmBfc??ul I NEIY BRUNSWICK AND NEW YORK. I rpHE NEWJERS-Y Rti and Tran?i>ortation CumB 1 mot hare eitabluhrd Freight Line between New Rruuiwick and New York, which they intend to run peitnaB "Leaving New ttrun.wirk at S AM. d?ilf, (Sunday. e*. terted) and the foot of Liberty street. New Y ,.,k. a 3 P.M. country dealer. and me rhante the above line le eery <le tirtble for the apcedy and cheap conveyance of merehardiae H of every deecrtptiou. and more particularly to lln rera aid Dealere in Lue Stock.*ho can have ISO heed I cattle eon eejel between New B'uuwick aud New York, the game day, whenrver required. iheratea for the trai gportat ion or cattle, hareea, mulee H ekcey. hoye.kc.. arid ell otner kindi of merekaadiae are very low, never rtceed tig ati a Iroalpmee. Merrhandiae aent by thigliien iot euhj?elel to any eitra th'Wte tu eroaeiuy th* N art'i Hirer. 'lti* Ctmpanr have fg' led up w large etnrrhouee at New H Bruniwick adjoining trie Hailroad Depot, which will alwaya H ke. yra for the rec'plion of merchanriiar. raaeeuRera, pirchaeiuy thtir tickila at the ticket ntflrea, H will receive lerrv gri'ia. mil 3m* V O 1 1<F..?0u and aim April let. I?fi. tr.e commutation fart iu the care o' the New Jrreey Railroad and Trau? wortatiou Company, betaern New York and the 11,era on the line of tlie railroad, hae breu reduced (mcludH lug ferry) to 473 peraunuiu, and (Sa for an mouiha. H mlS 1 m* _ I rllKlUHX AND PASHACK TO PITTS BITIt CI. I ^ryy>^T?"?"?w|L tfliTl t? Tutt S ? jSgg. II I S (I H A M 1 * LINK. The proprietors of Bloitham'a Trantjairt.ti. n Lir.e to ritleH bury, fcive ootieerothe Merrhaiilaof New Y'ork. and all oitirr pereone a tipping to the Weal, that their line la now la arlivr oueratlor Uoodi H'oi. ii.rl m them (or aatit to gu in their H Una.) will be forwarded with despatch. Ownera or ahipoera of gooda. dretined for the Weetern Sutra, who taveno acent or ron.iRiier at Pittab irg, will plraee conarcn their e Mota to William Biryham Pit".' org. who Will attend to stopping all auch cima^uiomt. lavicji I aAoBalS ihS i'(SK* ?? " ? a&'S" '"S: Trio JS.WI Si's SSi, . opimeile Pier No. 4, N. R H N. B.?raraenyrre forwarded to Pituburg and fYt'av.lle ^B avery day, Sunday a aacepied. ^B Refer to M, Crook., American Fur Co.; > T Nicoll. H r'.rontatreet; Pheliw. Dodge k Co. Fulton ?tre?|i Biiydain' ^B Bags A Co.; Wm. Rankin. Dun re At o Neweik- ml tm ' I _ BTATtN ISLAND e &UU>. ' ^B Foot of Whitehall llrtft^^S^je I The a roomer MTATF.N ISLANDER, Capt. Braiale I. cr ^B SAMSON,Captaiu Uural, will run as follow, until furt'.rr H notice ^B nearee Staten Island Leave. Whitehall ^B At lo'clocka.M. At lo'doek a w. H "lo '? "it *.ar "8 ^ r u " a\ " tl " N. B. Ail gooda .hipped are required to he parlic-.Urly I vrked an I ar- at the rnk ??f the owner, thereol ni r. ruw t ll ?i co hlinl. >W*a A*LaJt-)'} ,^r\y??*'i& landing at CALD fllT.Tig'^I ' ' POINT AND fTOI.H H SPRIV(J-The ateamboat HIUHLANDEil ^B Capt. Robert Wtrdrop will leave the ford cf Warren atreet Few Fork, every Monday. Tb_i ?d?y and H.,turdar aflrryoon'a at 4 o'clock. RetarDing the Hiyh.anoer will IMts ,aewbiiryh ^B gvary Monday morninjt at o'clock, an* Taeaday and Friday aflerr.oon at o'clock^ For freiyh* or yaaaage,apply to the Captain on board. ^B N. B. Ali baygaye and freight of every deecription, bank bil'a orapecie. nut oa board thia boat, mugt be at the riakof the ^B awmera thereof.unleee bill ofiading orr.caipUatigned for ?hmm. dm E NE J CHARLES S. ROWELL, DENTALgURGKOX, No. II CHAMBERS STREET, NEW YORK. mis lm'_ LIFE BOAT ASSOCIATION, EOIt THE MANUKACTURE OE FRANCIS PATENT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING 'JirAii i. WAREH0U9S 112 BROADWAY, OPPO?ITB mi CITY HOTEL. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. Off THI PRlffClPl.lC or ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE (Coyg!) . Havingla'elv loa* tw > bicuapidati teeth, I culled on Mr LcvtU to eupuly ili-ir plao t with artificial one, auj it atford, nte much plenure to teatily to lit# .kill aud ability n a Dinliat: indeed, I hare ' ever kcii teeth flaed and u.ted wnh more ex actuen, and at the aaina time wilh ltaa painful prt?aore on the gum a. I cheerfully rrcomiBrnd that geDtlemau to (he eaoecia! oolite of the medical profeaeion. a? will a? to the public, feeling aaliatied from o.y own experience that tliey may co. fidrully rely ou ha .kill iu Ina prufeaaiom (Signed) GRANVILLE S. PATTI90N, M D. P'ofea.rtr of Auatuuiy, Uuireraity of New Yerk. February I3tf , 1MI. The oriicniaicau be aeeu at Mr. Levett'a 980 Broadway, corner of Warren atreet ml8 1 ?* BANKRUPT LAW. /" ENTLEMEN wiehing to be diarharged from their debta, vT under thia law. are united to call ou W. SXIDMOKE, Attorney at Law, 78 Naaaiu atreet. All other ktuda of law buaineat alao attended to. Chargea moderate. fin gin' NOTICE TO BUYERS OF CABINET FURNITURE. rPHK aubacriber would invita the attention of thoae wiih1 my to purchiac article, iu the above bueineaa, to hia fatabliahmeut, where ia to be fouud a neh aaaortment of Roaewood and Mihogauy Furniture, uf French aud other palterua. aoine of which are not to be found elaewhere, being entirely original. Alao, handaome rich Kilt (aornicea for wiudowa, Polea aud Ringa ; together w ilh Uamaaka, Oalloona aud Taaaela. and every article attached to curtaina, which will be made iu the lateat atyle from patterna lately received. N B. Particular attention pai I to the frting up of Otto nana, Fire Scraena, and other fancy artirlea. with embroid eredtapeatry. WASHINGTON MKEK9, _ dl8-Sin 116 Broadway, next the Hoapit-xl. CARPETING, CARPETING. rrilK Subacriber ia now owning h-a Spring aaaortment of * Carpeliuy, emulating of Biuaiela, three ply, aureifine and Hue Ingrain; an uut aorpaiaid in thia eity for variety of a'ylea, figuree, fcc. Tlieae_ go.ida have biea or ilereJ expressly lor itie S.iriug Iraoe. TM gieetest cue lias been observed in makii g sell ctintis of such gooos as c?n be confidently .ecommeuued for durability aud permanency of colors, kc. Also, "large assortment of the different kind* of Hall and Stair Can etiug Tufted door Hug*. Door Mr;i, ke. Alio a ham some assortment of I'aiuttd floor Cloths, all widths, families about purchasing anv of tlx above described goods are respectfully invited to call. * CHARLES HICKS, ml8 lm* 71 East Broadway,71 Div'aion-st. CHEAP HARDWARE STORK. rpHE Subscriber is now opemug his Spritig sutp'y of 1 HARDWARE fc CUTLER* . received prelate arrivals, from Birmingham aud Sheffield. Together with a general assortment of DomesticO >nds. whieh he is prepared to offer at the very LOWEST CASH PRICES. The attention sf Country Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makers, See.. is solicited to an examination of his slock ami prices as h* is confidant they will Hud it to their inters t to favor him with a call. ALFRED f. LAGRAVK. 310 Greenwich corner Barclay, New York. A regular supply sf FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Coopers Glue. Also?a complete assortment ot Mechanics Tools, James Screws, he. m3 ?m' SEBRING'S CORDIAL. INDIGESTION.?As this is a very comn on complaint, in the present day, whatever ten Is to alleviate it i< of public im;or'auce. for the information of those affected with it, we publish the followiug recommendations of a Restorative Cordial for its cire:? C, C. Skbrimi. Erg Dkah Sia At Tour request, I have examined the medicines of whieh T our Cardial is composed, tnd have no hesitation in saying that they are of the best class of tonics; and in the manner prepared bv you, will (wove highly beneficial in Dyspepsia, and many other diseases of general debility. Yours, lie. T PRATT, M. D. No. 18 Liberty street. I concur in the above recommend>tion of Or. Pratt. THOMAS BOYD, M. D.. No. 381 fourth street. Sabring's Restorative Cordial is sold at 183 Fulton street, at $1 per bottle. m33 lm* DR. JOSEPH EVANS, GRAND RESTORATIVE SYRUP, For the Cure tferrrr form of Dire * arising from THE IMPURITY Of '1 HE BLOOD, CAUSED by the vital o gv a heromirg drrang-d anil enfeebled by hereditary complaints, and eiiiaueiioa of the system, and other disr-sts, viz ftcrcfnla or King's E. il.T nors and swellings >u the n*rk. secondvry s) motions i f St phi lis. or the constilu ional form of the Veserial Disersr, Ulcers, ulcerated sore Thrsat P-late kc. Ulcers on the bhiu*. and other parts < t the body. of the boms, paiis, seellings, and ulcerations of ihe boats, swallirg* of the ioints, white swell tigs, kr-, Canreis, cmanacus <r skin disers-s. salt rheum, ringworm, scsly eruptions, lenmsy, itch, scald h:ad,pimpies cracking aud imartibgvfthe akin. tetter, a., lull kinss uf sores Longstanding andneicloture incurable feter sores; rhrumxtiain, gout, lirer comi laint, and all diseases rained by au im>ro,.er use of mercury, local and constitutional debilt' y or wesknrrs, gonorrbie i gleet leucorrl oe < or whites, gravel,kc..orwhnnhe sys'em has been ethiusted by secret sen.ualilv in youth, intempe anc.lo^g standi g debilitating dise. s s, lot g residence in Southern climates, ami other debili tating causes. This invaluable medicine has been employed by the proprietor in au exteusivepnvale aid hospital prai lice, toth in Eur?|i* anu Am - rir i f >r Ihe last forty years, during which time he haicurrd incrSUDO patirats.who were ? filleted with rome of the most loalheoinr anddestruct v* firms of d lease, meny of whom are nvw living, and icady to testify to the efficacy of tlusmedicii e. It curesbj giving tone to the net v. s. t xln erst ing the spit its. riguiatir.g the circulation, invigoratiiu and ex Clliru UKillli ci |( uia in chci'iici mi" iicmiiii ticiiini auu 1.111 CHtuU'g all iinpuriilea 'o be ?*i>?lleci Ironi the ay aiem, and ereatuiz the a cretiou i f perfectly pure and healthy blood. Price Jilier bottle. For aale only at the Private IlriiJ: nee No. 4rTtJrcciwich aircet, t*o doora above Canal eireet. tniUm 30 ODD YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in ine ii'nt.fic pr; elite of curing cerUiniliiiewfs,h o? euabitil Or LAuKKL. of iNu,I03Cc i:cl ftivrt, to eradicate thoae diaeuea in tiuritlou, wluthrr upw, olJ, or Inveterate, in lean Ihau ball tiie time employed by thec-ommon doctor*. who poiaon their patieutf vvirn mercury, car.ivy, nitre, eohebj.kc. X. 15.?Atraug'ni are apprised that Dr L. it a regular phyainau ol the inedcal facu'ty of Pana, alao graduated in the U. Statin. a? cau be proved by hia dmlomia mS4 tin* PRIVATE CURE. Doctor Jordan's specific course, xo i-Fo> the prompt cure of C?p or Oonorruaea, Oleela, and all other wethral diichargea, anJ hia S|*; ific Coiirae. No. a, tor the complete eradication, at.d peruiai.eut cure of rem.real dial 1 ae, will out eipoaure, inconvenience, or lota of time. Each courae i? eueloaid in a neat tin caye, compriaing every medicine, weih. and rn| lieite.ever renamed either for luteeail or external ure; and whether the cue be recent or old, a cure 11 yu.iranteed. if uaed aa directed. Each packvpe alao con taiua Dr. Jordan'a pnvatetre itiae, called the Monitor, wrere in i? full dirccliona, with a plain diacription of the nature ) inplomc, coMeqcencea ami treatment of aecret which '* added much valuaVe information, meful hinti, and impnrt-.nt advice?removing all the difliculiiea of aelf treatment. The orice of Monitor ia titty eeuta ; one Holier rent po?t paid, will i mure its reception. Tae couraee No. l and S, are each f3. an I guaranteed?admirably dmyned lor reai denta ia the couutry, hi iug complete, compact, 'convenient and efficient Poat p aid lettera covering the amouut, have I attention. Sold lor the proprietor, only at Drug Store, at vtarion atrteCaecoad door below P. nice, aecond blork eaat of Broadway. Mariou tlreet ia a direct continnvtion of Centre. mt4 1m* PREMIUM RAZOR b PKOP-Firtt Pr -miuin wa< awaerled by the American loaiitut?, at the late ?a well aa each preeeedieg Fair, to Oenrge Sound era. 163 Broadway, tor th . beat llaaor Strop. The Mita.ic Tablet, invented by O, baiindrra. h ia beeneatablialied for the laat twenty -five veara and c? reheated by the deal gentlemen of the country. it oro dm ra a thin a-id moot 11 e.lze 00 a rator with more certainty ttian it can he done oa a hone in a tenth part of the lime, without the use of oil or water?which my p rani caa prove by bringing a dull rax or a having it put vn order 0:1 one of the 1 .Mete. 1>3 Brnid ^ ""2 1 m? fLOttlbA vL'.NbS-^'niou Baaa auJ Southern Trait. C biughtat N. felSTARE'S, 11 W a|| 1 tiert , .n,.v> if, a., vi .... i 1: lil tmu P<'ip. b ught anil gold. ml3* P ! N I I S ' A* I IMC- 1 i tnifc i.l l'r? nea.feuilers, L> nut s immer ortamenta. n' ttrparior manufacture, to clot* a t usaiinJneot, it ran- low ireea, by OiLHiCHd h KRUOF.R, nJlm* 4t Brood street. M.'.IIH VL I AKD?U* I onun. No. H Uuane at - near I 'islhain iL, Kill aifor J* nl rl to tli* alKictcd of both m>i ,, It. ,n.,y consulted. v ith the utmost confidence, in the ?>>ril (MO deficits disease* mercurial affections, and t*e curner.oua symptom! nisiu^ from this disease. Fitrni l)r. t ealraeii* pr?c;i(t for llie lullight year* iu tlmpirtitular lieKuch of the profession. guarinieea % ?*Ce, ( ardy and liicUMtirito ill peraoue ?ho *('(!? to h.m Hciittofi cured ik few day a without Uw o?? of mercury. or any other iangeruug mi hu.iaa. No mien union Irora*, or alteration io the mod# of liruig, All whoae run hare bats pro jawjtd or erg i anted by malUeatuieu'., may apply Wibi the iiUoSat couf.deura of being effeeluilly cured. Terini moderata?attendance from 7 in lha morning until lOatbight. Of Val9 I) a a*. mlim* " Tikr physic early?medicine coinea too lata, When the il.aeaae her err e a inrtlerale" T} K.I ()?MKM)M) by the Kneultr-VANCR'S ANTI IV BILIOUS FAMILY APKRIENT PU.LS-By long I;i|irn<? th?a* (.ilia liar* been procad by lb oiaanda to be hib?*t and aafeat Fan.ily Medicine hilhrrto diicorrred. At ill tcaeopa of th? year lhay will be ft und tery raluahle lo alt if o wta.i to leeur* tlieiraelrea again t an kn a* They are nle a*l* for children a* f r anjr iw riod of life, end require no lira af.ei.tirn to dial or lo clothing. billon* aud 'irrr comor iinhf *?t ion, fiTV iui nick hr*d Acb* Ai?o lu fact allI di?+4?ra arising fri m An inii urr sutr of rhc blot d. or a disordrryd stAtc of th?* Konarh or bowel*, Are speedily reinora* by taking th*w They pre rent scurry, co* H.rnrae aud it. cowmqusnero-tharefore aaafar.og mriialiou d !$?* * be without them. I ime or climate ?|Tr. la ihem not. Two crthraa donna will conaiues the paitienl of the.r aalntaryeflecla, for the atom,ehi will readily regajnita elreiutth a be.ilhv atgtaaflha liter and bowel, wilt ipeedily |?ke place at.I renew,., he, Ith and mjoi of body-and m,nd w,|l be ihe rer tainreault. Their in fact may be aumirej up-a. a iredinnc which atcrrgthen* lha ferbl* aud ronaolidita* Ihe n uacl'? of the alrorig.aad will bcfrundol infinite aalue to fan alea cf all agea (if taken according to th? directional. who w iah to ha teeura fn maicknaaa. Price U and M Caul a per boa. For a ale wholes, le and fr ail, by Win. W a term Apothe cariea' Hall. M tlatl ana* ureal; Smith, corner of Fulton and Water at*. NowiU, l#T Bowery , Baifrora, druggiet, Knhon ft, BrouhJjra. Ml im* W YO JEW YORK. FRIDAY M( KASHIONARLIi TAILOKING establishment. AT THK KajIHIONABLK TAILORING K'TA- ' BLISHMENT, I us Ueekinan street,urar Pearl. lieullemeu who are uow or formerly have hero paying extravagant price! for ibeir clothing, are aaeureil that tliey need do io u.i inore. ai the auharriber will guarantee to aH who patronise him. a hand nine At, a fashionable style and excellent . materials, at the following moderate pricesSup. W>-?t of Eng. Wool-dyed, black, blue, or green dress co?ts, J.15to?'ij. 1 Paeiu, double n.illed do black, plaid, and fancy cars., $1 to fta 50. Vests? Finecashmere, sa'in,and all kind*. $1 to fS. (nats mailt ami rimmed iu a superior manner, irom $7 to $??( ; Yrsls, $ 1lo *'i, Pants, >l^u to at nr.* JOHN MOFFAT. C AR PETING7&C. ~ CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. TONES k MAROy, 101 Bowry, N'a York, art do* re" reiv inz their ?| ring supply of Carpet! ,g, Oil Clothe. Winiluw Shades,U.ujfeif, Hearth It"gs, Door Mats,Table anl Piano Co vers. Stair Rods Sic kt. Among tlinr good, aremauy new ami rich pa'trrus of Ergli-li ami Auieiican manufacture, which cauuot b? cxcsedeJ for beau'.y, quality ami rheiuim at in the city. I'< ra .lie .ibuul fur. tshing their houses art iniit'd ti> give ue a call. I.K.JONES, at in* L..MAIICY. ANDERSON'S POLISHING PASTE and plate powder. New York. Jan 6, 181-2. We have tried the Polishing Paale made by Mr. Anderaou, and lind it to b: auprnor to anything wr hive ever used. BOAHDMAN k MART, * Burlttg Slip. Manufacturers ol'BrtUuma Ware, New York,Jan. to, 1813. We have tried the Paate and Plate Powder mtde and sold by Mr. T. Auderaon, and take y leisure iurernirineudiug them. COLEMAN k STETSON, Alter House. New York. Jan. 24 1842. We have uaed Mr. Anderson's Polishiug P??te and Plate Powder, and find thtm very excellent for ileai.ii g ailter and ilver plated ware. BALL. TOMPKINS k BLACK, Late Marquud kCo., lbi Broadway. Nt w York. March 1.1912. We have uaed Wm. Andersan's Polishing Paate aud Plate Powder for cleaning eiiver and other kiuda of ware,and Can tecomuirud it wilii confidence in th> public. THOMPSON fc FISHER. 371 Pearl street Brooklyn, Feb. 14, 1842I have ueed Mr. Wm. Anderion'a Polishing Paste for?rl?er, brass, and silver plated ware, aud find it to n? a first rate arti clc. KOBERT E. hTOHY Saddle and Harness Maker. Fores'' wholesale and retail, forcxportntion,at mauufacturera' i rices. by i'HAS. H. RING,83 Fulton street,corner Cliff. Also, by Bsuwrtt, 614 Uroadway.on: door above Bletcker e'ree.t; Onion, coroer Grand and Bowery; Coddiugtou. coruer Hudson and Spring; 'aor'e', 77 Eaat Broad way. inUlm* i\yi'oi:tant TO CONSUMPTIVES. NEW YORK. September21 at, 1841 To Dr C. H. Ring ? Sir; Aeyouhsve requested me togive you an accoeni of how your "Elixir of Lite'act'd in my case, I cheerfully coin ply for Hie benefit of others. I have bad < cough every winter lor several yrars, and always got rrlirf from simple herb teas till last wi itrr, neilhsroue thing nor the other ?eim;d to gi . relief, aud I wasgrtdurlly wacting away?having lo reltnqT iny binurai. Iu ihisslaie I was persuaded by my friend Mr. Peck to try your El xir of Life aud before I had finished the bottle, I w is not mil v cured of my cough, pain in the chest, swea's. bui able to resume bunness ; and find tnysell to rapidly improving ti at iny friends are axtoni -lied, eipecting to bear of tny dea-h, instead ol seeing me get active and robust. I consider myself ind iDled to you lor theaaving of my life, and any one situated ae I was, may cill on PATER N HELMS, 13 Thompson Bt. Prepared aud for eale by C.H. RING, S3 Fulton, cor. Cliff. RING'S COUGH CANDY 'I'HE ''agree of confidence placed in this Vegetable Cough * Candy by a majority of our physicians, ough'to inspire the like in the mind of every sceptic, who perhaps is so from k siris.w mn hv irmi> article ihit uroBiiS'd ever thine mid performed nothing. Won d phyaiciana recommend an article they did not place implicit reliance in it* rirluet I Would clergymen and o'hrr public apetkera (peak publicly of it* delicti iful relief, in lutrieatiug the air paaaaaei and giving the roiee a manifest inordinate volume? In fine, would crery body who ha* tried it ao strenuously promulgate it* rirtuaa, had not the almost miraculou* effect* of it* powerful agtuey been aeeuI Prepared and fold, who' * tie and retail, for exportation, by C. H. niNU 53 b'ulioa atr?et. corner of Cliff. ml* im* cre am? cream?cream. fill theCitiea widely teem With praiaeof Hint's Verhtmn Cream? The fiueit Hn*irg Coj kuown, Experience baa clearly ihow n. ''l ie ao ekil'ully prepared I To soften e'en the roi glie?t heard, l 1 hat a dull razor'a edge t-atowa A Int-iiiKM that the <harjvit kn-iwa. ' I i* pure, and ideataut, choice and cheapWill in i-rrv-p climate keep? Make* it a pieaaiug teak to ahaee, And will hotH ft/aeaud trouble a<ve. tUNti, 5i Kulton ('.reel; Biset 1.614 Broadway, and 459 Bro ilwar. mil Im* LU(HNA CORDIAL: TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. r[" ii uow barely three ye iraainre the iutrndsetiop of ihe CuclnaCordial into the United State*, andiu ttia' re riod it haa net only aprrad it* ua-futnraa Ihrorgh-ut thie hemisphere, and sustain d the m1 reputation which it ha J previously atiiuired in Kurope. Lut ii.ia alao added to the rcn.wnof iff illustrious invented b- the ulriralltd power* it haa been diaeovrred to poaeeas in the cure ot incipient eontuinrt on. I he knowledge - f ill woudrilut Intl.tence in rrnnvatii p , aud intigora'ii g the human Iraiae.firat suggested the ide i ol | i:*>ng it in tin* way; and tne rrault i*. that a_ mtdicfara h ti , been added to the catalogue lor the 'ure cfinripi nt cji.sumption, which placee the ilueaar, with due precaution, under the control of the patient It it scarcely nece?aary at tine period to recommend the L> cina Cordial, aa an all-auffieient remedy iu caaea ol Gleet, Flour Albua, ilitfuiilt or painful menstruation, lncnnfioi ace of lriee, and all diseases arieiug from dtbiltlatianof the system, whrie ao ioipliaf, or a realoratire ii wan'ed; aa throughout he United States it haa taken piece- , of tlloiher m-dicinein aucli caaea, and learra further to ke hoped for; ita curea being speedy, perfect, perma- , pent, and effected without pain or trauble. should there how- | erer he any person laboring under the above complaint*, who , are doultrul of its alin iat universally teatrd merit*, I re coin ( mend it la Ihein w ith all confidence, and no my own peraontl riapoiiaihility. freliug aaau-rJif they gire it the required trial, that hral'h to tte afflicted parties, and gralefulneaa to L)r. M .. in -till he Ihe rea-dt But. aa la also the caae m Ku- , rope, tt * immense American reputation of the Luciua Cordial,la p incipally baaed on ita thoroughly investigated, iudubit:in e. a'-d generally admitted power to enable f inahs, who , h. d been considered oairrn, to bear offspring; and to restore , vuilepowrra in males, whe? reducid to utter aed apparently hodrsa proe'raliop, to perfect health and activity. When I first rtcened the American agency of the Lucius Cordial, j from Ur Migoio, nolwif itamling ita immenae loreigncelebrity, and the great amount of reapectable testimony ihat ac , companied it. I declined li?llth| inyielf indmda ,11) , bygniog an' personal assurance! in three particulate; but now, aftrr th* enorm' ue aale of upwards of one hundred thoueand boetlra so-tried wi h the receipta of crrt.dcatea I and tretimouiala iniiu ncrable, and much knowledge founded ' on |ieraonal observation, I can uoliesila.iugly wairant it as I fareicredinf my moat aanguiue hopea.or eveu ilie illustrious loveulor'a promise*, ia the fu filment of the moat important < ends fur which it ta rtcomineuded, and hae becon e an justly and universally popular. To be aa explicit aa possible, I rc- I peat, and I ol i inv seif prrsoually responsible for the assumption, that iheLue ina i ridial, can invigorate the viri'e powers ' in innlea. and make them focandant, where nature has hem deficient, 01 when they have been protested by aruncial I mem a; an I a'ao that it can prod una that stale of the system in females, who hid been prevt ualy uu'ruitful. aud imagined harrrn. which will enable them to bear children. I r-gret thai 1 have to apeak an plainly, on such ei< erdingv deln ale m aids, but feel called upon to do so, lest it might be uusuudrraio -d, and aa a full guarantee for the gifts' reap -nsibility which I h tve r.heerluily assumed. Willf*ttt*C I Of ti r ere gr.ititn'e forthe ?xtei.s ve palnuage which, as theayeutof tne i item a third, <1, h ,, oe'.i hea-tad up in me in this country. I rental the Pub'ica' very obedient humble se-vart, JOrsN Al VTnhH HOL.BKkWF.LL. M D Tr'ca f 3 per hnttl Korsaleat 4S9 Broidway, New York an'1 90 Nor h sivth at?. et, ci'1 -shia. rod tin." K'RF.NCIi AHTIFTcrAL FLOWEmS, and Mitvnala fur Florists.?BRUN, L* ROSIER It, k CO., Ill William street, hasejuat received, tiy the Havre packets, Argo and Francos* 1st. and offer for sale ? 1000 Boies French Artificial Flowers, romprisipg general assortment of the most faahionablt tlowira worn iu Paris. 100 Dozen Pink invert,'suitable for flower makers, war rantedof tlie fleet duality. 10 Caaea Materials f-r rlori ta, ?ic:?papers, muslin, floss silks, wires, leari a, budi t.lo soma, olives, kc Sec. Thia rstablishir.ent-a constantly receiving the new styles of llowore as th'y ipfear in Paris. Dealers will find it to their e.drintage to call. The atork ietx'ensiee the prices modera's, aud every article selected with the greatest cafe. mS lm* s- TEKI. I'r.NS ?From tin celebrated manufactory of Jo. 1 seiih t'lllott, of Bira ingham ? The high r< potation of these per* lias in lu'cd many inlsrior makers to imitate them, iV..-l,i' iiilorino toe-well ear. ed iccuta ioa of J >si pll Olllott. TbePnbficarereqa ed to be particular from ?k? they | urihale The genome may be known by 'heir auperior quality, end br the style of putting up. A corxlet t supply lor isle by MOUKHT KARUOW, PifJ* In.' ?5 M?id*n l.ifie. TO THE BALI) ANDtiRKY H2a I )KL)-JONK8' rp OIL OF CORAL ( IRCAMIA. 1 HOSK whose hair is falling nut. turning grey, or has ceareil growing, en article it here offered you at a re .intiiblr price ?remember it if not puffed?and it will do all it ia rejreionrd to do Read thie? I rlify that my hair wee fal ing out fait; I combed nut hen tlu'f daily, aid an ce I hole uaed two bottles of Jouea'Oil i.f Coral t'ireailia, it hai quite flopped falling out, and ia growii gfaat aud dark. W. TOMK INS, f | Kmc it. Thin will give I'ght, red or grey hair a I ue dark look, in I in time cau<e it to grow dark from the rooti Among otberi who have uird rhia and certify ia J. F. Tower, grocer, Br. r.klyn; J. Gilbert, jewrlhr. 31 avenue S.J.I by T. JONttR, rigunf the American F.agle. 81?onleii you .re careful of the number you'll be cheated with a eounterfe: t?81 Ch ilham street. Prices * and 8 ihillingi a bottle?three aiert. I if Fallon ilrett, Brookly n, ia agent, m 30 I in* I j \ I rt I tlL.? filer* M no I til in t'ie world t not cm do go >d II. or had to the hair, h'veiy body knowi that when tre hair horned it wi'l grow again aa good ai tier All the po" dera fordyinrtbe hatr are nothing but amieturr of lime ami lithrage, andthehur if not dyed, but li.eraily I.i nidi for dyiug the hair are compoeitiooi of cauatic ?nd ipirili. that burn- in thr a line way ai the powdf ri, and d int di e the hair, a d the hair will g'?w no matter how many time! it i? boned: ml every b dv k owl alio, that wlieu the liead ia full ol elindrufT. ih-hair begim to turn grey, and heldoen follow*. 8 mm in eipenence Of twenty year*, being hair eutter,and having the onportunity of evamin .t? greai many headf, (and blockhead.) I have made mjieJI a great eimniiion Unr'vo ai " I'Mtor'i Hair Oil. or Compouud F.fieiitial Oil of Aniotidi." f irdrtrnying dindnff.preventing lie hair from coning out and tur- in - grey, 'i hi? inimitahl If air Oil will m ke the hair grow well, no matter how much dandruff or loreneaa n on the head Fnraale, waolvule and retail, at A. Tailor'f.Hair Cottar, ia< Greenwich itreet.Aew York. Trici ft) centa a buttle. 1 n? in' RE I 5RNING, APRIL 8 1845 UK. I.Al'HKL. 1031 CANAL 8THKKT. near CHURCH. ?Now (O well known in thia eity lor very many Rreat and eitraordmary cure* lie hae pe funned, ill all ca rs i f del> Mtedueaae, even after all other remnliea have failed, till louliutie* ti, heeoneulted hv the affl clrd of both ariea. Hi* nude rf treatment i doo well known to require cominenilalion. hLvinf been in the practice for 00 yean, tu the firat hue ml e a ol l"'raucr. and tea year* in thia city, removing all pecu Iter dta'area with aucceia and di(fitch, and without the aid e ther of Mercury or lialaain. t'crauua afflicted with prolracIrd and di pniabla aac* need uot deapair of a complete reco n rv. hv atmlviiiu to Uoctar Laurel, who offtra tu fiia natron* i surr guarantee or no charge. At home enlil 9 P W. and charge moderate. mi Im* DANURlTb or loss ul hair ia causediby a lauguiu or obstructed circulali uiin the ainall blood vessels which eup11y the scalp and hair with noui i?t men', in consequence of wh.chtlie perspiration bcconiea thuk and clammv. aud dilea on the auriace, forming a cruat called dandruff, w inch clogi iii> t tie pore a of the skin, and by its pressure against the rooia of the hair prevent* it front receiving sufficient mmrishn-ent to retain vitality '1 he hair ilietibeccinea har.h aud unpleasant, tin' ce* color and felie off 'I hi* unhealthy affrciion i< very speedily ami effectually cuieJ by Jayue.'* Hair Touic wliich rerivea .lie duruiaut powtrs of the auriace vraiele. reumvra the dandruff, olid t>roducra a ue* ami healthy gmw-h of hair to>u|>t>'y the laaa of the old; and baldness ia prevented or rcin vi d wherr it already exist* The following eertiticile ia (elected, which snffiriantly prov ea Pa extraordinary virtues? Mrura. A. 15. * Bauds:?G. utl-men. an act of juallce to you an ' Dr. Jay tie. I aend you thia certTttca'e to inform y ou of thr mt t&uable heuitit my wile liaa feaaivti from the uue ol Dr. J lyne'a Hair Tonic. She loat not only her entire head of hair. I ill her ryebrovrs a I no and afier trying various oilier remedies, with no beuetit. shs utcd Dr. Javue's llair Tonic, rh- used two bottle* before we could diacovcr the hair had a arted. aud commeucii R with the third it a.arted to grow out finely. and in a few weeks her head aud nyebrou a we corrred with a third grs arlh of five black hair better than aha hid In* . I tu.nil it waa entirely prodncedby the o?e of the Tonic, aud would relOininend it to all wtio need a similar i emedy. Truly youre. JOHN N. JACKSON. Prepared only by Dr D.Jayne, SI South Id vlrcet Price St. S'i'dal vrhi.leiale and retail by A. B St D HANDS,druggipts 79 Kill on. comer of Geld street, and 100 P ulton street; also sold ny Abraham B. Sand* St Co., No 273 Uioadway, corner of Chamber itrect; David Sands St Co., No. 77. East Broadway ml2 I " QALT RHK.L'M. KINO WORM TKT TKR. BAKBMl'S ITCH AND &CABIES -RAYEh'J LOTION AND SVItUP is the ouly remedy which is certain to cure the above complaint*? I larmier'* iu it* operation, but certain in its effrcl* ?the Lotion healing quickly, and the Syrup purify iog speedily. Tll"*TKUTH WILL PRKVAIL-Dr. Goodwill's Detergent and Pill* uever in cure a receut case uf d scare in in hour!, if use I as directed Try litem, all ye afil ete i?they are free frotn uie.cury. Pric? 50 cents each. THE TO.THAOHE CONQUERED?, Janisen'a Extract. It re'icvrs in fire miiiuir* altar application to the reive o> the tooth, and preven a decay if the tooth ia filled immediately. Trice 50 cent*. FEMALE MONTHLY TILLS?Frjm M. Bmdetocque Of franco?Certain, safe and speedy IU the euro of all cases where nature has Income obstructed. They cure iu a few days. Pi ice 75 cents I er package. GILBERT'S ANll BILLrOUS FAMjLY PILLS-For the rtl cf of all coinp'aints produced by costive hauls, sue i H? h-adact c, hear.Inirn, aur stomach, diixiuesa, aud loss m app tile, they have been uicd with more success than any pill ever be'ora offered to Lhe public. Price dir-uts per box. Sold wlieleaale and retail by E. M. G CI UN: 127 Bowery, c?ruer of Grand street. in2 t 1 oi* LTtilvT 3 000 to lU.IMiOlhs ol treah tiaiilcu seen*, iu ail tlir X choicest specie* and varieties, fur sale, iu quantities Iu auil purl Brii.'g-.uW* permanent rstablianmcut, coti-r of I8:h at. ami Pro id way. Also," The Young Gardener's As* Slant," conikinii g the reaulls of his 92 Tears practiec ill New York. As this wvrk has been honored by the award of aGold Medal, from the American Instilu'e, which institution, and tie New York Slue Agricultural Society, having also awarded several conic* as premiums for superiorfirciuieo* ofgardeu pro lucts. luttnercouiui.ul ia deemed unnecessary. m9 1in* BOYS' "CLOT H|.NO?CHILDKE.V? uLlJ i S?iy>G-A very large aasorlment?Very good quel ity?Very ehcai>? GEO A. IIOY 1' St CO , No. 14 Bowery, would r'l.iect'ully inform their pat ons and ilte public generally, tliat they have again hou malting extensive preparations for the spring aud summer trade. mid have now on hind ainach larger aasoitmeut of buys' and children's cotlnug than ti.ey have ever before had The public are invited to ca I and examine their go'da, vri ii particular referrnce to quality aud price. Terms cash. ?3 1 m* H ETCHINGS' STOMACH BITTERS is a certain cure for Dyspepsia, aasistiug digestion, weakneai, nervous ureases, mght sweats.*'.. .. . Sir?I have in the course of iny practice prescribed yourstomarh bitters aud found tliein a moat i fficient rimedv in case* of indigestion, acidity aud debility of the-digestive organ* I by no meaus class it among the qxack medicines ol the i..i .. ering fellow beinct. P. J BRCDY, M. D. 130 Broome it. Tlie following it from Dr K. O. Lullow (31 Broadway?I have utcdyour Bitten iu catet of impaired digettioa, wlien vrctUbli tonic* were iuditpeniut.le, with a b-mficial remit. The ar irlea of which it it ctmiiood are eery judicioualy coin ined. and I have no d uhl will prove tcrriceible in the cave* for which you hare recem neuded it. Your*, kc. KUWARD G LUDLOW. Ceitilieatet of uuey pertont cured can be t?en at the drug itore 110 Bowery,corner of Broome, where the above it acid only iu thii ci'y, and \lr? Hh a, 131 Fulton itreet, Brook It u Prire Ixree bottle* f I: twall 50 one*. n ttl In,* t.AltHAhL a UAtt r.9t'Al)Ll8H Mt.,M, louudid iu I03S, <t 40? Wa*er ?:reat, S door* above Catherine markt t, I he only et a' liahinent ot the kid in the Uniti d State*, continue* tun if|>iy the Nat r. the Amriear Kiittun. a ul Span ith ? or tleawev#?he* tu; plied all the Race Boat* aud Club B?a t l?r the U?t four je-ra?and hta now the l*rgrat aaaoitine-t of Oat a. Sweep* ;,hd Scull* ever collected in one place N. d. The Oar on the Noith River tide, it ?hot up, and r> 11 r;' t 40? Water ttre?t; aud at I tare ail the evp IKO of II I-. at tro. I w?ll tell eu rngli cheat er to Ihnte v,l,o i oir.e from tlw North Hirer aid- to pay thtm f-rlnei Ironblh Hare Boat*, Club Be it a Onrt l-.d Senile told SO per emit h a" I han treat v. ar. "II l"i? SCO tit ?KKV. rri;..iinin 111 i u ?paiu*, lie.l, it gam tie and rr-tl iw rar ci*. Hig ito gran for I arena. 30 oou grceu .n l hot. home (lanlt dah m roota, tiger tinware, tube - ... r.,1.1 nut hi namenial treia ahruhlieiv of all kilida.caiia ry liirdi gold fi-li (ill globe*. whol?*?le and mail, nn Ihe inoat retcojable t*rui?, at NIBLO St DUNLAP'8, No. {76 Broadway. an I at their uuraery, corner o( 8th Arenue and |l**h atreet. Harlem. _____ mas Im* rf HE TRUE Rl< HE9 OV LIKE 19 HEALTH ?The ' only genuine Taylor'* Balaam of Liverwort from the l?l? proprietor at Ml Spn- ft atreet,haa nerer be-n Known to Pail in cuin g the moat alrruiiug aymptoin* of Cnuaumpiiou ?ud Liver Complaint W-have cert.ficaUa fr< in hundred* of moat reaptctahle prraone. cerlifyng to the aurprieiug relief they hare received in naing the article from 2V1 Spring atreet Owing 'o the iu*er i na of couuterfiitera, the following Kworn facta la now pnbliehed? t;ity of Brooklyn, Kinga Couoty, aa:?E. Tow-mend being duly aw oru, depotra and eaye that he i< peraonally anjuaiuted wiili the proprietor of Dr.Tayloi'a Balaam of Liverwort, and doe* ccrt fy fiom hi* own kuowle'ge that the ouly peraon do* living, who prepared thia mediciut- at 375 Bowery, and i* the aole tiro; rlt tor. reaide* and tranaacla bu-ineaa at 'ill Spring a rret, ami m.ii.ular'.ure* ihe geuuine Ba aam of Lir< rwort at that pace, fro u the only uiiginal reeipe. m >ii|. tenia. E. TOWNSK.ND. Sworn before me thia 17th Jan 18*1, S. ALPHEUS SMITH, Com of Deeda. I certify from my own peraonal knowledge that the above itatem-uli in regaid to the ownerahip, Itc aretiue. 9. ALPHEU9 SMITH. Beware of Counterfeit*, a* the great queation of life or death may de|? nd upon having i tie genuine medicine, made July in tl ii city at it! Spriug atreet, Ageuia?linking 8 Slate atreet Bnaton; 31 Mam atreet.and rt F'ultou atreet, Brooklyn; lit and Si 18 Broadatreet, Newark. Trice?Large bottlea ?1, neit aize ft, and amvller tixr SO tenia. mat |m* ROGER'S PATENT METALLIC ELASTIC BOOT HEELS.?'The aub-cril er bega leave to inform the pubic, that he ha* corameucrd to manufacture and sell boot* with th i* valuable invention, which ouly need* to be known lo be universally adopted. The following a-* amne of the many advantage! it poaaeaaea jver every other kuiJ 1-t?The elasticity aJd* to the durability of the boot onethird. ml?It make* no more n? i*e on Ihe paremrnt than aalipper. The unpleasant clinking uniae ol the iron heel* i* obviated. 3d?Ii prevent* boot* fiom running down at the aid* or hack. tin?It* rlaaticitr enable! one to wa'k vritn much lea* fatigue, Ihe heel gtvi ga natural apriug at eachatep. Sih?Itiloea not cut and tear carpel*, like the iron or nailed hrrla In order to firing thia iinprovemei. t within the reach of all, the subscriber ha* concluded to put them at the tame price* of the comm n heel* Boot* of every quality and deacriptiou, vr bo lev ale and retail, at the old aland. H NEWELL, mSlin* 14* ( Hitham atreet. ON THE CUKE OK HTRICTUKE? It ia moat unfortu tiate in thia complunt that many pereone have a tincture who are ijpt in the leaat aware of it. The common notion ia.that ao long aa the urine paaa?a in a tolerable' 'ream,I here cannot lie a atrirture. But thie ui fur from true. A ftrirture may. end oftendoee. exiat for month*, and even year*, without producing any airiking change in thia respect. When a atrirture ari ii?? at that degree of narrewnea* at aetitihly to impede the uriae, it ia a aenona malady indeed. The object of thoaa remark* however, ia to prevent thia atete, and to attack it at a tim? when it is easily and perfectly removed. But there aia other rirrumaUiicea be*idea ita elfeet upon th* urine by which a atricture may be known.or. Hi leaat. etrongly suspected, and though the** are numerous. there ar? two which are very common and very easily judged of, and lh?** aball be mentioned be re. Tr.e firat of three eireumv'anre* relate* t? time. It i* well hani ii mat cincture* ariac from long ronhiuued and badly kreatrd Gonorrhda. Now, wheueter thui dueaae eoutm-iri over rniny week*, cajpcially if in the early p?ned any ol the boasted noatrumcof the day wire taken, there i* just and properground to aua;?ct a stricture. The next ii m .at remarkable?it ia th? effect a baa upon the mind and ei.i.-ils. Thia ia a fact that may be tlio roughly relied on. Indeed th* author never *ew a cc*e c-l elne ture, (and t c cece many 'very day,) id which the patient did not. more or Uee, complain of lux low of mental energy?-li?i he was not eo capable of buvineea aa fonnerly. The reason ol thie. however, is dearly shown iu hie " Pri-a? _," . link volume a.tired in another column of thia paper. and u which the reider ia referred, not only for knowledge ofthii di#?M??,biit on every othe r connected wiih thia tubjetl. DK. b?K? te add. that he may he e<n*u!le. .-ervomlli a' lita ruilence, No. ad Greenwich alrtet, at any hour ; and thonld any IN ia MM u to the evidence of thu fiaeaee. aaperially after perming hia little volume. lie will witbom eipenac or the lead pain. explain and aeanre him whe LetiluUybe remembered that, if he re ally ha*a?tricture,not all the medicine in the world, alone will e< 'r ( ttri ' 21 l.n' THE I'KIVA i f. 1 lit. V i isrl.- I l.ia ia a little eniuine 01 certain dieeaaea in which the beat and moel convener meana of cure are etated in tha plameat poaaible inanriei. I eleoahoWa the reaeon why theae maiadiea ao frequently cm tune on from month to m. Oli.uncured.and terminale at ler.gtl 10 other and permanent coinplain'e. Indeed, no one ran rea< thia little hook .vnnoiit Bering at once their true and real na tire, and aiao 'he riak and dancer of trueting litem to ignoranl and bonding people. With a view, however, to obtain a rational degree of eoaft Jeoce in what he ha* advanced on the cure ofthoee diaeaaea, the author thinka ii proper here to give a ample atatemeot of the meaiu and oj | ortunitiea be bimaell hae had of formingpiet and dear opinion*on thia vubjec (. He therefore beg* ta date, that beaidev hia rank a? graduate of Edinburgh, ami member of the l-ouduii < ollt^r. Ac. he hae been watching thnee diaeaee*. both in lloepilal mid city practice lor more then th,rlf yeani? < Sae publiehed iwo editioee of a work eipreraly oo them Au that he lu? lettere of commendation from the moat eminent ohveitiaiie in Europe I . the rrn a' einioeot in America, n* air talk v (.'Xiper to Dr. Molt of New \ ork aod Dr. Pl.y.ick, *f liiladelphii, and oth. re, and which may be aeon by any one. And lurther. Ihal he U? the privilege of referring to elmoet ?frpy phv pb ian of emiucoce in this city. 1 hn circum itaiiee* which afford the hi? eatiefactlon to every one.eepocially to who are aunoue to obtain the beet advice ? The price of the book ia$l. Dr Ralph le rooeulied m hie reeidemee.M Greenwichitanet, t any hour, and hae dietnict and apart menu for tboee who have to wait a litUe. CoeininneeUcni ky poet are faithfully replied ta Hi) Igg* IERA > M I in |>ori a ii I from the Northern Bolder ?HogRn DlKlurgtd. We have received the following important intelliaenee from Rochester, the scene of the second McLeod affair. Ifagan lias been discharged, and is ready lor shipment to C umda. Rochester, April oth 1812. Dear Be.vrett :? The labor of the mountain ia over and the abortion is produced 1 In other words, J .Sheridan lloguti has lost his fair hepes of immortality, and must sneak back to Canada as best be can, to the quiet studies of an obscure law office. The Police Justice delivered his opinion, and the result ef the examination before him of the whole testimony in the case, at three o clock this nftirnoon. lie said that he had with some difficulty come to the conclusion, that. as the case now stood, the orison er could not bo held for indictment and trial. His opinions had at first been o.hcrwise, but he found tiiatthey cosfliced wi h tho eof his bar generally, and with those of the learned and tuiinrnt ci unscl who had kindly sat with him as amicu* curiae ? He had there ore reconsidered his original im press.mis, and caiue to the conclusion not to hold the prisoner any fur-her, unle.-s something further should be presented by the prosecution '1 be counsel for the prosccut ou then stated that they should oiler nothing further; they had done their duty to I their own satisfaction, ana to that ot the public, and thev desired nothing further. The magistrate then committed Hogan to the charge of u constable, to be by him kept until fur ther order. The object of this disposition of him is to prevent any persou.-.l violence being offered to him. Indee-', he would hare been sent away privily, as sotn as the notice justice made up his mind to discharge him, if there had been an opportunity for doing so. The steamer Goie left for Toronto early this morning, and an endeavor was made to procure Hogan u passage in her, but the Canadian cap'ain sturdily refused, assigning as a reason that " he would not have such a puppy on board, unless lie were put in a box, and regularly labelled!" What will be done with the fellow cannot easily ! be conceived. The roads are unsafe in the direc- ' tiot of Lock port tin J Buffalo, and the steamers re- i fuse to take him as a passenger. Some apprehensions arc entertained that before he can possibly es- | cape, a warrant mayjbe sent on from Lnckportand , i arrest him on a new orsimilar charge. I5ut so far as the city of Kochester is concerned, he is free from I even the apprehension of any further trouble. He has taken lodgings at the National,and there lire* at his leisure, accompanied by his honorary escort of a tutelar constable. m.; i. -r .1 Air..: i ' l linn-nun in mr iiuniri in m^uij ^itiiiyiu^iuu no doubt will be hailed with pleasure throughout the land. Every b>dy must deprecate any further agitation or the Caroline ati'air in this maimer, at Jcast until an attempt has been made to dispose of j it in the regular way. And even if this view is j not entcrtuiucd by all, yet ihc confessions of llosan, , by which alone be was implicated in the Caroline 1 kusincM, are 0o palpah!y mere bragadocios, that the ' police justice is amply sustained by the good sense ; of our citizens in refusing to give them an undue i influence in recalling his decisions The patriots, of course, ace awfully chagrined. | Ceo Theller has not been heard of for some hours. The mob of rascaliiaas has disappeared, and even the little squads of refugees who gathtrod at Ihc street corners h re no longer to be seen. No one, not even the boldest of the "agitators" dares excite 1 a tumult, or raise a mob. And this for ths reason, that it has all along keen distinctly understood, that any attempt at an outbreak would be put down. There was but one feeling on Jhis subject among our citizens and the authorities, and our well drilled military companies were ready to obey the powers that be. Whatever the citizens of Lockport might tolerate, the goodly city of llochester never has been disgraced by mob violence. Thus ends this matter, in a way unexpected, but every way acceptable. And the little "speck of war at first, "no bigger than a man's hund," which seemed to increase go rapidly, has first dacreased to its original dimensions, and then van- j ished entirely. Yours, Sec. I). T. Washington. [Corregpoudeuce ol'llie flerald.l Washington, April 5,1842. The warm spring has broken in full vigor on the face of the earth in these parts, aad the bright sun to day has been shining out beautifully, every- I where? " Turning with splendor of his precious eyp. The meagre cloddy tarth, to glittering gold." I passed round by President's square to day, and the bustle, and the number of carriage, rolliag from house to house, told it was Tuesday, the visit- j ing day of the week for (he families ofthe Cabinet. | The lady ofthe Secretary of rotate holds her levee on this day; and this gives an opportunity for many a strangerto kill the monotony of one morning out of si ven The women are talkiag about the " Clay Hall," to be given on next Tuesday, in compliment to the retiring orator. It is thought it will be largely attended by people of all classes and conditions who love to dance. There are fiftysix managers from Congress and the city. It is to be givtnat the Assembly ball rnotna. A dinner is al-o to be given to Mr. Clay, by his Congressional friends solely, on Fiiday next, at Brown's Hotel. Lord Ashburton has got daly installed into his fine quarters in President's square, next to Mr. Web ster s. The fa-hionable people think ho will (tire some handsome entertainments. Mr. Fox paid his respects to his Lordship last evening, waring the ceremony of etiquette; and Lord Ashburton called on Mr Webster this morning He is a more elderly-looking personage than I at first supposed, but noi feeble. lie has not yet been pr< sent. d. The Mississippi steam frigate has arrived ht re in advance of the Missouri by some sixty miles, the latter laying ofl'Piercy Point, sixty miles down the Potomac, while the Mississippi in at Alexandria. Traders Killed?The Burlington (Iowa) Gazette of March 19, reports the murder of two Indian traders, and the woundirg of a third, by a Barty of Sioux Indians. Th> se men, named Jones, tsbbst and Hit: kbalter, left Burlington in the Pall to trade with the Sacs nnd Foxes for peltries and furs; and the report is that they were fired on by the 8ioux, Jon's and Babbit being killed on the < soot, and nurkhalt'-r wounded. Particulars of { place, time and cause are entiiely wanting. The same paper says that the principal chiefs of the Sacs and Foxes have applied for leare to yi-it Washington, there to negociaie a treaty lor the sale of the country now owned by them, or part of it. Great Fire at BaBTLOI*, L. I.?We leatn from the Jamaica Farmer, the vine woods at Babylon took fire from the passing locomotive of the Long Island Railroad Company, on Thursday afternoon a?t, and spread to the destruction of timber an,I Ithree barns Total loss estimated about2310,000 Soptheki* Racer ?The four mile purse over the Metairle course was won by Miss Foote. beating Karl of Mu-gravp, Hannah Harris, and Luda, in two heats, of 8 02 and 7 115. Miss Foote was the favorite against the fi I J, and won easy These two fine racers have been sold by Mr_ t ireer, of i Kentucky, to Mr. Duplantier of Louisiana, for $7,l'l0 ? l 100 for Georgo Martm, and $*>00 f0r I Creath Canada ?The Official Gazette contain, a Proclamation further prorrguing the Provincial Parliament to the llth May, but not then lor the des patch of businris. ? " ? A l?ltrr from Col Jackson. , WAIT* I* ? ; - . da ed (Ja|ve?ton, states that arms and munition nt ' every description are greatly needed throughout the entire country. " ?Ve are sadly in want of light or dying a it ill ry. horseman's pistols and i equipments for Cavalry, blankets, knapsacks, #art tridge boxes, tents aml'other csinp ?quipage, inus1 kcts and bayonets, Spanish saddle trees, d.nte, bonis knives, canteens, 18, 2| and 32 lb sh> t (can ' nister'and crape,) powder and |. ad, cutlass> s and ! boarding pikes, and in fact many n ore necessaries which need hardly be enumerated. Of th? usual hospital stores, we are also, I txlieve, wofully delicti nt." The Yazxt river was higher on the 25th, than it has been sine- the oveiflow in 1-32, and was still rising Many of the rot'on warehouses were stand itig in the water, and steamboats ai d houses side by s;de IfaAi.THy Puck.--The number n' deaths in Natchitoeh* s, La , the last year, ont of a popnta- | tion of two thousand, were only nx. CouaT ro( the CoanrcTion or Knnoas, April 5 ?A motion todiamisa an npp al, by N- *r. Esq, was postponed until Saturday next, to whish j day the court stands aJj jurned. L D. I I FriciTwoCtati I 8mouii 8mpm i* N? w\hk.?u? luemiay faMl I rilgukrscicide teikfiiMil Kdwuk. Otllw I dty Ifiet MlUofl Kitclell, a carpenter ol Newark, I took two ounces or laudcnum, whicli caused hi 4 I d nth on Tuesday morning at nine o'clock. Before I | committing this act, he wrote the following letter to j hi bioth r, W. M. Kiuh-ll, of 239|fcllizubeth etreet, I New Vork.? xplaining the causes that impelled him I to this rath act. The follow. n? is a correct copy I Wm. M Ki r. nt 1 1 , lB4i : I My Dear Brothfk awdSiitkri :? I I inform you ot my troutilei since I have been | IRRrriiil. I e ?? i j > * - - iv 111 guuu uapi; i aire wen lioJ-nby tin in wbteh I thought was my friends. I have borne it a* long o? I could. Thecommencement of my m ini.gv wa* vt ry fair lor doing well. William K. Bedford and his wife Ann Beiltord, wu in favor of the match. Tin y forctd me to if. They waa after me every time I cume in Newark, lor ihe had two or three other bcaue w Inch they thought the would marry aooti; one or the other. William K . Bedford and his w lie pieluired me. They lot me on. 1 went tliereonce or twice; I found hy all appi-atanco we might agree. She wanti il tome car]i< nter woik done, the aiked me if I could do it for her?I told her I would?1 would come down dow n in March, aud would do it? I did ao. Shortly after that the wai taken sick. 1 staid there my(elf and took the lieit care of her that 1 could. She w at alone. I liked her very well. We agieed to get married After 1 k.ol got her content, William K Bedford and hi* wile and William II. Bedford's mother, found it wa* a going tobe to.'they turned right about the other way. They tried to break it up, but they did not do it, and ever since that we have tieen tight ng. On the lirst of April last the thought she would hire out the house? I consented to it for one part of the house to he let and keep the rent ourselves, but I was busy at my work, and { belore I knew any thing about it, it was alt hired out 1 except the bed rooms in the attic. When 1 came home from iny work, the families which hired was all in the rooai that I occupied in the morning; when 1 went to my work it was empty. 1 came home at night?I did net know where to go. 1 inquired of Mr. Pere where my wife was?Ilesaiil the was up stairs. She had been up stairs aud lixed up a bedroom with a stove and carpet She snif she hud lather live in this btd room than any other room in the house. She called Mr. Chambers iu for to see it?Ho liked it very much. I thought my wife and myselt could live vary comfortable, but while I was at work the moved every thing away and left me in the garret. William K.Bedford and his wife and mother is the mrnns of 8 1 this They have done their best to part us, and now it is done. I sent for my wile to comeback and live with me and I would always use her well. I have lost my father aud mother, but to come to lose my wife and child is harder than father or mother. 1 pray i to the I.ord to have mercy on my children. 1 hope that ' my brothers arnl sisters will sio to my children far tho rights in New York Cursid is the man thntparteth man and wile. I hope the Lord will have mercy on my soul. lhaveprayeJ to him for mercy. Samuel Chamberlain knows that I was a good provider for my family, fo? tho book will show for itself. Now hear, I am going to make way with myst If. 1 had rather die than lire one more yearandlive in Ihe garret. I loved my wife and children. She spid sometimes I did not love her. if I did I would not scold. I hope the Lord will have mercy ou my wife and little one. I want Mr. Sims, the Baptist preacher in Academy street, for he married me ami my wife. 1 can remember tho words Mr. Hmh told me: I want yon to put the same words back to the widow, for she went away aud took every thing with her and left me in the garret with a parcel of ruhbish. laaac L Jenkinacan be a wiini ia to my character and indus'rv. I havo aent for my wife twica and went once myselt for to come hack in her own hotiso with me and live and be happy ; she would not do it; ihe would not give me a civil answer whether or not I made a fair promise to use Iter well as long as she lived with me. and as for to be put in the gat ret aud live I could not stand it, 1 would rather trust my soul in the Lord's hands than in the open garret, for I believe the Lord will have mercy on me. I want this to be read before the public for to ahow what tnimici w ill do when they havo been their beat friends. God have mercy on all my friends and myselt. MAHLON K1TCHELL,last for this world. This is & most singular instance of calm deliberation. Poor Kitchell, it seems, was tw ice marriedHe had three children hy his fiist wife, and a fine little girl by his second wife, mentioned in his dying words. Of late years he had been a sober and industrious nun. The only cause that lead to the separation seems to have been reports which his wife repeafd, name'y that his first wife was no well treated. This caused irritaticn? words?and tisally the Bccond wife left him. On this, Kitchell deliberately wrote tie above letter, took the dose tt death, and i* now in hie grave. Such are the consequences of frivolous disputes! Court of Oyer anil Terminer. Before Judge Kent, and Alderman Jones and Bradliurst. Aran. 7 ?In the case ol Win. D. Btone, and Francis t Hall, (indicted for libel on tlie associate Judges of the. last tern of thin Court, and on Win. Paxson Hsllelt, E?q., Clerk of the Supreme Court.) Mr. David Uruham tnuvi.t for a postponement of the trial He wished de-lav, he said, on account c f hia associate in the cause being indisposed, and of engagements, us roqueted himself, in ano. ther Court. Judge Kent stated that tho trial must be proeeided in now, or it could not come on tbia term. The King's County Oyer and Terminer commenced on Monday. The District Attorney Hated that the gentlemen observed the other day that they would be readynow, and he had made arrangements accordingly. The Supreme Couit convened here in May, and ho had important buaineia connected with it Further remark was made by Rlr. Graham, when the trial was postponed to next tuim. Inthrcnsecf Charles King, of the American also indicted lor libel, Mr. Blunt made a similar motion. After conversation on the subject, it was also postponed Mr.OnsHssi w ished that the 11i-si on the indictment agiinst Win. B. Towusend and James Brooks, might alio be deferred. Mr. Wninxo said he would ask the gentlemen to takie notice that he tm prepared for trial, und they must not bo offended if he did l.ot hurry himself hereafter Bath trials wore then postponed for the term. The District Attusuv observed that (he case of Mr . Bonnett, of the Herald, was also down for trial, und it might as well go oil with the rest. It was so ordered. The Court then adjourned. Circuit Court B fore Judge Buggies. Win. H Windle,admr. vs Dai-id Moore and Jereph BriM,' ?This ia w nut has usually been denominated the Htati-n Island case, at d the present is the ninth or tenth trial re. apecting it,which has been on b. fore a spi cial jury for several days. Mr. Windle is a merchant in Maiden lane and was administrator on a Staten Island estate. In th year 1*3#, while persons were about throwing out sow rubbish, they discovered among a lot of studio an obi barrel, a note for $J.iO, aigned as by the defendants, who are rector and clerk of Ht. Andrew's Church, dated in lblH, twelve yrars before, and drawn in favor of a poor man who kept w ith the parties for whom Mr. W administered, and who is s?iil never to have seoumulated f.HI in hia life. Th re was no record of the note on the church hooka, no notice of auch had ever been presented to the wardens, tho defendanta denied signing if. an<: had no knowledge of any transaction concerning it. and i the man in whose favor it was drawn, and nil the parties I I .. :.l, v.;_ ........ .1. -,.1 \l.or the ii/iIm in I nil that 12 yi nr?, hn>] never bri n pri sentec! for payment Action wm brought, but j try after jury could not ngrev. anil principal, interval, and coat*, to sav nothing of connael'a fee*, have probably accumulated by this time, to nome 'J.'iOO or f.1000. After being out aliont four hours thi jury returned a verdict in favor of defendant'. Kor plaintnl, Mesars. Wallia, David Graham. and S. Sherwood. Kor d?fendant?, Messrs. W. A Sealy, H. B C awles. and Charles O't omior. lnlfe?l stnto District Court. In < hambi rt?Bi fore Judge BetU. Aran. Several petitions p ined to decree Ale* Cocbran wai permitted to amend. Objectiona had Wo mad* to the petition of George Livermore. but not put ^ sued. It j>???r 1 to decree, the crcdlton filing hut net purauing objectiona, to pay coats. Argument was pre ! aentrd on several interesting points, after which th> Court adjourned. Court of Common Plena. Aran. 4? Ma'thtic Taitnin va. Lawrence Difour ? This wn? an action of slander for accusing the plaintill of theft. There waa no justification attempted, except so far as to rt hut the presumption of malice. The do fondant disavowed any wish to injure the plaintitTs cba raeter, and acknowledged that the charge was false The Jury, ho wevcr. after hemg atiaent for a short time, brought in a verdict offV) lor plaintiff. _ Kor the plaintiff. N. B Blunt.and B i. Brooks, K.aqs Kor the di fenJant, JamraT. Brady,and J. M. Kly, Kiqrs. | Armv iKTRt.i.tacnoc.? A Madical Board ha^ keen ordered to convene ti Philadelphia on the U?l of May next, fur the examination of Assistant Stir; genn? for promotion and of candidates for appoint| ment in the Medical .Staff of the Army. The Hoard ! is composed of Surgeon T. G Mower, Preaident ; Surgeon H. A- Stinoecke, A-sistanf Surgeon J. M. j C'uyli r, Memhera. Major John Fen'on, a soldier of the Revolution, 1 and one of Gen. Washington's life guards. died re . ... ^ as:.. Ife eras ncarlv Kit! | centlv in ( uri ? ' years old. i'arm the h or k r Mo t*v t w v ? ? Di s t acta or ni? IIi-*tkfs ? Foi krrr* rtrr or Svow ns Tur MoueTsi.vs ? Captain I felleia, of the Caspian, arrive d last nifhl about eleven o'clock, twe days from St. fyotils, repnr s that ei^ht hunters, two from four compmies, had just erme from thi Itoeky Monntains for provisions They stated that here Vas fourteen fo.t of an'nv on the mountain*, and that the hunters were ont of p orisions, and likely to perish The snows had keen tremrndnu < dariao the wh le winter The Missouri, when the snows melt, will pour down a flood never before witnessed ? Fori Picktrmr (7>n.) Anrrtcan Ea git, March 25, , -

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