Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 9, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 9, 1842 Page 1
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BH==5===?===???-TH U VILHta. 384.?Whole No. 8054 NC.W LI.Nt OK LIVKHPOOC PAUKKH To aail fre.nNew York oa trie !Sth, mil Liverpool ou the llta of tack motUk. m> m m Faoli New w Shin R09CICS, Captain John Colline.Mtti March. 8l,in 81UDONS,C*iit*in E. B. Cobb, usth April Ship HHKRID AN. Captain/. A. Dyrwr, JSth May. ihipUAKRICK.C Wlain Win. Skiddy.atth June. Kaon* Livcnroot.. ( up SHERIDAN,Capt tin V. A. Deneyator, 13th March. Shi? Win Sbiddy, lllh April. BhiD ROsCIL'B,Captain John < olliue, 13th May. Sh P 811)DONsl Captain K B < obb, 138. J one. Theer * hip* .re all of the liret claee, upward* of 1000tone,built ( the city of N?t? York, with inch improvement* ae combine are.t epced with naueual comfort for paa?cri?rr*. Every car. C.. ^ru I?hru ill the erraimeinrut of their accoininoda tioun The price of paee^tehonoo i* $10?,for which ample store* will be provided. Ttieaeeliip* are commanded by experienced master*, who will make every exertion to give general eaust'ac (ion. Neither the captain* or owner* oflheae ami* will be reironai Me for any ettees, parcel*or packageeaent by tbeai, unite* re I guar bill* ol lading are eimjed there for. The ship* ol this 1 We will hereafter go armed, sad theirpecu ftar construction aire* them security notpoa*e**ed by any other M So^th .1, New York, or,o W\l. fc. J AH. 'ROW.N fc CO., Liverpool. L?tt*rf by the patketa will be charged lit centa pcreinglt gfc#et: 50 cento tier ounce. ad newvpapera I tent each. n\4 KUK NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YOIUt LINK OK PACKETS Mh> Yo^S^etter accommodation i>nTupper?, it iainteiided to iaapatrh aahip from ihia port on the tat. 5th, loth. 15th, 30th and 35th of each moutli, couime icing the 10th October, and Continuing until May, when regular daya will be appointed foi the remainder of the year, whereby great delaya and duap Cuatmeota will be preeenled during the aummer moulha. The Uowiog ahiat will commence thia arranges"at Ship YAZOO. tmpC I orucll. Ship OCONEE. Cant Jarkaon Ship MIHHISSIPPl.Capt. Hittiard. Ship LOUISVILLE, < apt. Hunt. Ship 9HAK9PEARE, Capt. Nliucr Ship OASTON. Cant Latham. Ship HENT8VILLE. Capt. Mumf. rd. Ship OCMULOEE. t ept Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE,! apt Dickiuac o. Ship MEMPHIS.Capt. Knight. Ship LOl' ISA, Capt. Mulford. There ihipa were all built iu the city of New York, eepreaely for parketa are of a light draft ol water, hare recently been ewlr coppered and put, with accomaiodationa for plaeenger* ane.jualled for c.-> nlot t. They are commanded hytipeneuced inaatcra, who will inaat every exertion to give general aatlalaction. . They witl at all tiraea be towed up and gown the Miaaiaaippi by ateimhouta Neither the ownera or eaptaina eftheaeahipa will be reaponaiMe for jewelry, buUion,precioui i tonea, ail ver, or plated ware,or tor any letters,parcel or package, aent by or put > - board af them, unlcaa regular billi of lading ara taken fortocaame, and the value thereon ei?weted For freight or paaaage .apply to E. K. COLLINS fc South at.,or JAMES E. WOODKUKK, Agenl in New Orieana.who will promptly forward all eoodato hia rddreaa. The ahipaof thia liur are warranted to aail punctually ua ad' vertiaed, and great care will be taken to have the goodx corre-t It meaanred. mi NEW i Oith AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SECOND LINE.) Ok M m M 1".e will 'mreafi.r Irave New Vorkon.the liquid Hani on the 'Bth of each month aa follows: hVom Veto York. FromHavra. Xba new ?hip ONEIDA, t lit March C IBth April Capt. < lit July < Iftli Aacuat J tines Funck. f lit November f lath December Bhir BALTIMORE, (1st April (lUhMay Cart. ( 1st August < llth September dwari! Funk. f lit Deceanber futh January I ITT1CA, (lit May ( Mth June (pt. ( lit 8k|>trmber f Hth October 1 -ed*k Hewitt. f lit January f l?th February ip hT. NICOLAS,( lit June ( Hth July p? < Vet October < IStli Noreraber r let February { nth March fiooa of these ahipi are not aurpaaied,rom >c required Jar comfort. The price of cafe. , Passengers will be supplied with every m , the eiception of winee and liquora. GoihU intruded for three reiiele will be forwarded F/ the enbeenben. free from any other than the expeueee actualTyi nmwmdontW For fregh^or .ji.^^^o ^ . at Tontine Buildings. ' .MKW YOtiA AMU NEWARK. jjiattpl flMb* sDTI. MBIbl Vara redneed Co U eenti. From the foot of Courtlandt street, New York(Every day?Sunday! excepted.) Leavee Now York. Leave Newark At* A.M. At I P.M. At "i A.M. At l( PM It do ? do i do If do 4| do ia| do < do T do 10 do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot ol Liberty etreet. Leave New York. Leave Newark. At ? A M.and ? P. M. At 1 P. M. and 10 P.M. NEW FORK, ElIZA BKTUTOWN, RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty atreet.dailY. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At f A.M. At 71 A. M. 41 P. M. 1 P. M. ? SOMERVILLE stagesconnect with theae linee each way. Fire between New York and KomerviMs, BO rente. Do do New Brtmewiak. ?i crnte. Rah way, SOcenta. Ejisnbsthiown, SB centa. The fare in (he 7| A. M. tiamfrom New Brunewick, and I) f If. train from New York, has been reduced between New York and New Brunswick to BO cents. " and Railway tv BTi " The Pniladelphiamuilline passes through NewBiutuvrick for New York every evening at to'rleck. OuBunaaysthe T| A.M.'ripfrom NawBrunewick is omitPassengers who procure their tkketeat the ticket oAee.reoeive ? ferry ticket gratia. Ticketuare received by theeonduefor eutv on thr Hit when purchased feb'1 tm* FREIGHTS FOR THE WF.AT ANDSOUill, From PIIII-A OELPHIA tie THE PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON. AND BALTIMORE RAILROAD COMPANY. Freight! fur the W?it ?nd South will be fcrwa-drd daily from the transportation offi-e of the Company. No. t Duck ut Wharf, Philadelphia. Me?t!unfe are respectfully iaformed (hat all sonde consigned to the company will be forwarded with the utinoit dispatch to any poiDt west or couth. Freight reaches Baltimore the lime dry it leaves Philadelphia. The mail line for lh' w?it?nd aouth leaves Do'b street dailv at half-put six o'clock A.M. by eteambeat ROBERT MORRIS. Passengers will retrh Baltimore at t o'clock, two hours previous to the departure of the t vine f--r the southwest. W. L. A8HMEAD.Agent. Philsdelphia, March 8. IBttt. mis |m RAILROAD NOTICE. market and freight line. 89HBL onarj rur jaiifcutLtti SEW BRUNSWICK AND NEW YORK TH? NEWJEHSa.Y Rai'ruad ?ad Transportation Compiny hav* eatablished a Kriight Line between New Rrunawick and New York, which they intend to tun peimam'?,f'?ina New *5run*wiek at g AM. daily, (Sunday* eieepted) and the foot of Liberty atreet. New York. a 3 P.V1. To country dealer* and me: chant* the above line la very deferable for the ipeedy and cheap conveyance of merchaudnr of every dracription. and more particularly to Drover* and Dealer* in Live Stock.who can have I5U head of cattle eouveyei between New Biunawick and New k ork, theiamedaj, v?h< never required. The rate* lor the traraportation or cattle, hon**, mule*, keep, hog*, Ac.. and all other bindi of merchtadiae are very low. never riceedingatearr.boat^ncc*. Merchandiae ?ent by thi* line unot fubj-rted to any eitra chrrve in croa*ing ihe N >rth River. Trie Companr have ftrtrd up a large ttorehonve at New Bruniwick adjoining tne Railroad Depot, which will alway* be open for the reception of merchandise. Paaaenger*. purchaaiog their ticket* at the ticket office*, will receive ferry picket* gral i*. mil 3m*_ "\~01TCE,?"On and afur April l*t, I84J, the commutation i-v fi(e i? ihe ear* of the New Jeraey Railroad aud Tranaportation Corp any, between New k ork and the virion* place* ou the line of the railroad, ha* been reduced (including ferry) to 473 per annum, and $30 for ait mouth*. ml3 Im* KHEItUlIT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSuno. B I N 4?H AM'8 LINE. TS* proprietor* of Blugham'i Tran*portati> n Line to Pittaburg, give notieelothe Merchant* of New York, and all other prraoo* .ipi ing to the We*t, that their line la now m active operati"? (food* consigned to them (or lent to go in their line.) will be forwarded with despatch. Owner* or shipper* of good*, defined for Ifce Writern State*, who t ave no ageot or eorwaipwei at Pittfburg, will pl*a*? conman their (end* to William Bingham, Piltibuiv, who will attend to ih'ppiug all tuch consignment* without dtlagr IngBaM'S LlNf' marked diatinctly on each package For rate* of freight, which are aa low aa any other liL*. Apply to Vf M. TkSON, Agent, No b W-.f .treet o |>osit* Pi# No. a, N. R. N. B.?Paaaenger* forwarded to P.tuburg and Puttiville, very day, Sunday* eaccpted. Refer to K, Crook*. American Fur Co. ; S. T. Nicoll, fwont atreet: JTieliw, Dodge A Co. Fulton atreet; Siiydam, Sage ACo., AVm. Rankiu. DuryeeACo Newark' m* 3m ~~ rtATKN ISLANU *?ttk?. ~ ~ i NVrait*-limll aireet-^^^^^^^a The itewim dTATK.N ISLANDER, (^lTBNmri*iir SAMSON,Captain DuvaJ, will run aa follow* until further notice ante* Staten lalaad Leave* Whitehall At I o'clock a n. At I o'clock * j* < "in " " "11 14 " " t " v.v* "a " v. w. i ai " ? 3) ? "el " " ?i " N. B. AH gooda ahtpped are requireJ to be particularly | Btirked and are at the ri*k of the ownrw* tliere-if it , A'. fbWELL A CO Jn.iST. i am FOR NICWBUROL. laudiai at CALD i JC5Q6|3?WELL'S. WEST POINT AND COLD ' J*3aLsPRIN<>-The ateair.boat HIGHLANDER i CapL Robert Wardrop, will l*av* the foot cf Warren etreet < R*w l ark,*v?ry Monday. Th i ?d*y and Saturday afternoon'* 1 at e o'clock. Returning the High.anwer will ?*.? .lewburgh vary Monday morning at ( o'clock, ana 'i ueeday and Kr.doy afternoon at (o'clock. oci""?Mt?,?PplF ? theCaptain en board. I. B. At i baggage and freight of avery deeenptien, bank orepeeia, put on board thi* boat,muat be at the rukof the ynera thereof,uttle** a bill aflading orraemptjssigned for pee aam* my| i E NE N] CHARLES S. ROWELL, UEIVTAL gURGEON, No. II CHAMBERS STREET, NEW YORK. LIFE B OAT aSSOCIATI'ON~, FOR THE M \NUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PATENT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING company. WAIL' riOi'SS 112 H ROADWAY, oppo*iTr ml* CITY HOTEI, ARTIFICIAL 'ibFTli. ?? rnK PHiitciPrr T ATMOSPHERIC I'REsrl'RE I'-'iyv.) Hari'itc 'a'*! V ?< <* tw > bid* -ifUti treth. I culled mi Mr Le>ti t i sapuiv m. i* ??Uc a wjih artificiul ouw w ?.l it .? forda i"f ?ri'icn ?>l* >/Ut to tealifv to hi- *m?t ?inl ab.h y ** ;? D^qtiai. mJerd, I h %v j tver ?ceu uelli llud hit! it 'ccl with more * aom*** ,?nd nt th* s-t.ue time wtin I'M pH.isfu! ptti* lure on *hf titimi I chcrlully r*-co:nin? 11t th?t g-uitlerom lo (he ta;?tcial uolice of ' e in c die-1 pr< f*ni.ion. a- w?1I a* t<? l*? public ftelili; aatiiUeri from wvoirn rvi^r ??r* that iliry may co~f?dciiily rely on ha ekili in ti;4 uro**??i ? i. (Syued) ORANVI\s\sK S P^TTHOM, M 0. P ofe-"?'? * of An*t.ui,, Uuivrrmiy of New Vcrk. February | 3U . liMl. Th?? h i.?i c*n >f aeea at Mr Leveti'* Broxdw?y, comer of ?V ir?t?*lre*t ***15 I HAN!rRU?r LAW. GENTLKMKN wishiL'n co be dia'-narced froin 'heir debin unl-* tni* Uw. <rr invite;! lo call oo W. SKIDMOIU,, Attorney ?? Law,75 ?tre-t. All otlmr kind* of law buaiiied- ?Uo at?o I'lr I to Oherget m ..i-*??i?. nnf?-' j NO TlUE fO BU Y KK2> Of C A I) I X K T F U R N I T U R E. THiC vubecri'tcr would i ivile the Attention o< lho-e w mKJ ii.K to ourctiAje articlei'iu the above butfHje#*, i?? In* tttabliKliuiM't, where ?* ?r> i?e fouid a rich assortment of Ho*cweoi ah I M<h?n{Afiv Furniture, of H'r^neS ami other pattern*, 1 omr o * which are not to be f ?uu<! tljvwhe-e. b? itti: rut.rely original Aj*?>, ha idaome rich gilt (^ortiic^a for window *, j Polea tf'nfl Itfi^a *. I <rtierw ill Dl'iias**, Galloou* aud J':n?- ; tela, uu4 every article Attached to curtaiua, whtJi will be i made iu the l ?t-a? style fro a pattern* lately received. N B. Particular atteiitiou pail to the 5 ting up of Ottomans, Fire Screens, and other fancy articles. wiih embroid etred tapeatry. WASHINGTON MKEKS. dK-Sio 915 Broadway, next the Hospital. CARPETING, UARPETIlNG. ''pHt Subscriber ii now opening hii Spring unortmcnt of * Carpeting, coiigigliug of Drinr-eU, tnree ply, guperfi-ie and fine Ingra-n-, ?n vieortirtlit not ?rrj in thii nty fur variety of nylri, figure*, Ike. The.e po id? ha?e been ordered e*pre??ly for Hie S.irinp trade. The gieateat e*'e ha< beet ob-i rred in maki K eeHCtionii ol auch poneig a? can be ctiufi lent'y ecouur.eiiUeJ for durability and iiertnanency of cotoie, kc, AUo-Hlaive a?g lr'ment of the different It'ndg of Hall and Staii Canetinc Ti'fird door Kngg. Duor Ma g, Sec, Algo a ban gome ugjortment of Painted Kluor Clothg, all widlhe. Katniliea about purr.hagina "anv of the above degeribed good" are legiiectfully invited to call. CHARLES IHCKS, ml8 lm* 74 Kagt Broadway ,Tl Divigiou-at. CHEAP HARDWARE STORE THE Subgr.rib'r ia now opening hig Spring gurp'y oI HARDWARE k CUTLER*, received perlate airiralg. from Birmingham and Sheffield. Together with a general av gortineut of Pomeetic Onodg. which he ig prepared to offer at the very LOWEST CASH PRICES. The atieution ef Country Alerchan'g, Build erg. Cabinet .viauera, otc., ? souriieu so in fiiraiuiuuo ?i ma stoca and price* *i h? ia confident they will find it to their intent to favor him with a call. ALFRED F. LAORAVK, SIO Greenwich corner Barclay. New York. A recalar atippiy af FALL RIVER CU T sNAILS, and Coopers Glue. A lio?a complete auortmciit ol IMechanica Toola. Jamea Screws. tic. m2 1m* SEBRING'S CORDIAL: INDIGKS I'ltiN.?As thia ia a very comn on complaint, in the present day, whiterer tends to alleviate it i? of public imyorauce For the information of thoae affected with it, we publiah the following recommeudationa of a Restorative Ccrdial for itacjre:? C. C. S I BR 1513, hit t? ) dfar Sin At ronr request, I have einm ined the medicines of which your Cordial I* composed, and hare no heiitatiou in aaying that they are of the beat claai of tonics; aud in the mauner prepared bv you, will prove highly beneficial in Dyapepaia, and many oth?r diaeaaea of general debility. Voura, kc. P PRATT, M. D. No. N Liberty atreet. I concur in the above recommendation of Dr. Pratt. thomas boyd, m. d? No 291 Fourth atreet. Sabring'* Reatorative CorJial iaaold at Hi Fulton atreet, at $1 per bottle. mai lm' DR. JOSEPH EVANS, GRAND RESTORATIVE SYRUP, Fur the cure if every firm of Diae*a* arising from THE IMPURITY OF THE BLOOD. CAUSEUby the vital orgs"! becoming drrang-d and enfeebled by hereditary complaint*, ami ethaustisin of the ayatem. and other dis? 'at*, via Scr< fnla or King's Evil. T mora and awelliog* in the neck, aecond ?rv ay mntomai f Si phi lia. or the conaliiu ionai form of the Veaerial Diae. se,Utc?ri. ulcerated aore Threat P?late. Itc. Ulcere on the rhiue. and other parted the body. Diaeaee* of the hoars, pai-is, a vellinga. and u'ceratioia o'" ihe honcr, awel'iuga of the loiuia. white swelling*. t<--, Csurer*, caianecua or skin diseas s. salt rheum; ringworm, scaly eruptions, leprosy, itch, scald h-ad, pimpiea, cracking and ?m irtmg i.ftlic akin, teller, and all knit* of sores Longstanding ana i.e> etolore insurable fever tores; rheumatism, gout, liver complaint, and si! diseases ratiaad by au imnro|ier use of mercury, local aud constitutional dehih y or weakness, gonorrhoe?. gleet leucorrl oe? or whites, gravel, tkc.. or when Ihe ays'em has been r> hoisted by secret sensuality in youth, in'empe aucr, long staadii g debilitating dise. a a, long residence in Southern climates, and other dehih tat log causes. This invaluable medic inehaa been employed by the proprietor iu sq riteDsi'e private and hespiial practice, both in Europe and Amrrie i r >r Ihe las' forty years during which time h' hal cured over Sooo palI'ata, who wrr* afflicted with tome of the most loailnoin- and destructive f irinaof d seaae. many of whom are n->w living, aud ready to testify to the efficacy of this medicine. It cures hj giving tone to the oervi a. exhi erat i*g the spirit*, regolai i, g the circulation, invigorating and exciting thevi'al ogsnalo anatiral and healthy action' and canaii g all impurities 'O he rxpelled from the ayatem, and creating the secretion < f perfectly pure and healthy blood, i Price $1 per bottle. For sale only at the Private Reside nee No. f:7G.-ee.'iwicli air. et, t*o door* above Canal street. _ Joi 30 ODD YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in the *irnt.fic practice of cueing certain diseaaet, have enabled Dr LAUREL, of No. 103 Canal atreet, to eradicate those diseise* in qaeatlon, whether new,old, or Inveterate, in less Ihtn hall the time employed hy thesoinmon doctors, who poison their patient) wiifi mercury, caiuvy. nitre, cubeba^he. N. B.? Strang'r* are apprised that Dr L ia a regular physician of the ined cal facu'tr of Paris, alio graduated in th< IT Stitrs.aa can be proved by his diplomas. m2t lm* PRIVATE CURE. Doctor Jordan's specific course,n0 i-For the prompt cure of C?p or Gounrrhina, Gleets, and all other welhrai di-chtrges. and his Specific Course. No. 3, lor the complete eradication, and permanent cure of vcu-real diaivae, without eifoanre, inconvenience, or loaf of time. Earh course ia fiictoved in * neat tin caae. compriaiDg every mnlicine. w?*h, and rety tieite, erer required eitlirr for internal or external uar; and whether the caae tie recent or old, a cure ia guaranteed, if usrd n* directed. Each package alao con ama Dr. Jordan'v privatetre itiae,called the .Monitor, where, in ia full direction!, with anlaio diacriplion of the nature aj mptomi, conaeqpence* and treatment ol aecret'diaeaarapo which ia added much Valuab'e information, uaeful hinta, and Important uhita Itnayfj all the dilficuliie* of aelf treatment. The nrice of Monitor ia fitly cenU ; one dollar rent poat paid, will euaure ita reception. T te couiaea No. l anil a, are each $3. and guaranteed?admirably draiyued lor reei denia ia the country, bring complete, compact, 'cuntenieut and etfieien' Poat t>aid lettera covering the amount, hare riompl attention. Sold for the proprietor, only at Dr-g Store, 69 Mari in atreet.aecond door below Pi inee,second block east of Broadway. Marina etreet ia a direct continuilijn of Centre. ?H I m* BERLIN In ON t-.ASTl.NOS?touaiat log of frames, fenders, and auinmrr ortamanta. ol euperior manufacture, to cloee a consignment, at very low gr*eea, by OELRlCHS k KRUGF.R, m8 1m* 49 Broad etreet. MEDICAL CARD ?Da. Loom, No. 19 Uuaur at- near Chatham at., atill affnrde relief to the afflicted of both set e*. He may be alwaya eonaulted. with the utmoet confidence, in the woret eas'a of deltcata diaeaaea. mercurial affection*, and the uumerioua aymptoma arieing frrta thia duaaae. From Dr. Ca eit.-naire practice for ih* laateight year* ia this particular branch of tha profeaavon, guarantee* a aafo, aperdy and effective cure to all peraoua who apply to him. Recent raaea cured ia a few day* without the nae of mercury, or any other dasgerou* mediijciu*. No iu'~rr?pii?n froiu butineaa. or altar.dion in the mode of liring. All whoae caaaa hate been prolnj,tfd or aggravated by mall real ment, may apply with the ufmrwt eoirfdeoe# of beiug effectually cured. Termi mode rate?attendance Irom 7 in the momma until 10 at night. OfWee 19 Duanaat. _ ml in* fake phvaie early?medicine come* loo late. When the rf<aea*e become* inveterate." DECOSiMKNOKD by the Faculty?VANCE'S ANTI lv lllLlOUS FAMILY APERIENT PIt.LS?By long tperience theae pill* hate heeu proved by thnuaand* to be hebeai and aafeat Family Medicine hi tip rto diecovered. Al ill etaeo-a of the year they will he found tery valuable toad rho aiah to secure theirweive* again 4 ai< ku a* They are dike a lie (or children aa f ranv pwiod of life, aaid require no lira attention to diet or to clothing, bi'.iou* and /iter complaints, dyspepsia or indigentioo, dkasa<et, aick headache. Ai l! iu fact all diaraar< aiiairp! from an impire alate of rhe bi >td. or a diaoidered alale of the atomach or bowel*, are apeedily removed by taking them Tliey prevent seurvy, earn tivenea* and ita coiiavquencs?therefore eeafariDg menai u.d never lie without them Time or rlurate affect* ihem not Two or three d. aea will convince the patient of their **lufary effec'a, for the atomach will readily regain ita atrcngtb, a healthy atateof tne liver and bowel* will apeedily take place and renew ?d health and vigoi of body and m-.nd will lie the rrr tainrenult. Their virtues, in fact, may be aummed up?v? a medicine which strerglli-na the treble an I ccuvolidate* th* muaclanof the strong,and will be found of infinite value to fesnalap of all agea (if tajuai accoi-ding to tb* direction*), vrbo vnli to be secure fri m an kneaa. Price 25 and SO cent a per box. For aalr. wholepv le and re ail, by Wm. Wataon. Apotberari-a' Hall. 34 Cat! arioc alrcet; Smith, corner of Fulton and Water ita. Nowiit try Bowery ;Balgrove, druggiat, F'ullon It. Brwoklym. in3l I m* L' N< HlRIUlON MEUD I 'M.?The uuilervigueii, a regular ia practitioner of mediriue in the City of New York, member of the Medical luatiiutinna of the State and County, hav inp, during the I vat right ye ira. aeeompliihed a greet number it wonderful ana *nr ,ri?n g cure* in every variety ol long landing diane?, offV-ri h-a attendance #id mrdieinw* withosl charge, sntil the patient hia fairly tevs.d ihr mvd.cine in k-eaaei. The ad. trued age (being nnr SO yapra,) and long lifer ruce ol Dr. S< l.imns Heine, ia igi r .nlee thai the rub kr w ill not be aeceivvd. He will be Inund till the let of May. 1619. M the rornrrof Cauel atreet and Broadway, and afug that n Reedfflreel.neer Broadway. " Niai utile eat pud agimua, vana eat gloria no Bra, Na ura a anal, medicu* curat morbus. ink ia' SQf.flMON HF.INF.. M D. vj T KAW Vi R APPINO?1000 reiaa crown atraw wvappn g ? an eicellent article, jti-rt received and (oraaleby al PfcRSSE fc BROOKS, <1 Liberty it W YO ew york, saturday ] FASHIONABLE TAILORING establishment. AT THE FASHIONABLE TAILORING B-TA A BLI9HMENT, Us Bcckinan <tr<*t,nrar Purl Gentlemen who are now or formerly have hern payiug tiltavagant price* for 'heir clothing, are auured that thrv nerd do o no more, aj the nibc-riber will guarantee to aH w ho pa1 roiosr him. a h-ii.d-ome At, a faahicuahle tlyle and ??c- lUut material*, at the following m 'derate price*? Sup Wot of Hug. Wool dyed. !> *-. k. blue.or gr??u drea* co?t?. flStof-Ji. Pant*, double milled do black, plai- , and Cmry ea**., (I to $8 50. Vr?t??Fine ra?hro*re,*atin,?i"l all k rid*, 5? to *8. I oat* made a?0 ' tnuned in a tuprrlor n-ai.ln I. i loin $7 to 99,50; Ve?t*, ft So o }S; Pair*, >1,50 to at lu.' luHN M >KKAT. carpeting: &u. CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. f"VS >. MAPl'V, I'll Bow ry, New York. ?r* """ r*''f in'nf llirtr *ii! <t| (/?'p*ti'rff. Oil Cloth*. Winu !i? rth 1<ii|j-, l)o?r Mats, '1 aMe and :*i? u<> . r-'m si. ir It x't Sic flic. A in ? ? tin ir w* ? d hie hi ???> new and rich patlrrns of lrr'i h *n?i Amei ?c ui inam'aciurt, nhich ranunt b*5 eiceded for l?? ?u y, <puUr, and chtapif ? in ih? citJT. I'tr* ns .< bo ni fur istting ' fie ir hou?fi art iitit'd to K'?e tii acili. I K. J(INK\ m i n* l.mah?'Y. _ ANlMSKSON'fcj POLISHING PASTE AND PLATO POWDER. New York, Jan 8,1842. We h tried thr Poliehing Pa.te made bj vtr. Auderaoa, and fiud i'. to b aupriorto my thiol w* hoeev r mf. BUaKDMAN >1 iiakT, a l'urli> % Slip. Manufactureri o|' BriUuuia Were, New Yo'k, Jen. 10,1842. We hare fried the Pia'r ?n' PUIe ''owder m 'd? end aold by ' Mr. T. Alide raid'. e||.h talr .lee, u e la niri>|p">tulux th< m. C0L1CMAN & aTbTSuN, Ait?r Houee. N- w York. Jen. 21 5844 We Have u.e,| \fr AnH?re..n,e Po*iahiug Pie!e and I'lale Powdi r, .ml tiriit tiiein vrry tacellriil for clea; it g atlatr and invar plated wore. B*LL, TOM"KINS k BL.V K, Lite .Sienfu mil It Co., I8i uruedway. ~~ N.w York. March I. 1842. | We h.*e u?rd Wm. Ai der* in'e Polieliioi! I'aele auil Plate Powil -r fne creaitit'iE ei'err ei.4 other kiude of ware,aud can reiuinuafud It Willi couli.ieice to the pubil<'. auoiirsjn t fjsiier, 371 Pearl alreet Brooklyn, Feb. 14,1842. I hive need Mr. Win. Ar.deraon'i Poli.hiug Taete for triecr, brum, and ailrer pi altd waie, end fiud n to ne a limt rate arti cle. ROBERT E. hTOKY. Saddle and Harneee Maker. For ?ale wholrialo and retail, for exportation,at manufacturer*' price*, by ..... I'll AS.H RIXO SA Fallon .treet. enrner CliIf. Alio, by Bluett, ll< Btoadvv ay, om door Hbore Bleecker s'reet; Guion. corner Grand and Bow.ry; Coduingion, corner Hudson aud Spriugijv-dils', 7T r.asl Broadway. uil9 Ini' IMPOKTANT TO CONSUMPTIVES. N'KW YORK, Septeinherglst, 1841 ToDr C. H. Ring ? Sir; As you have requested m> to give you an sccnatn of how your"?luirof Lile" acted in my ease, I cheerfully com ply for the benefit of nthere. 1 have Sad a cough ercry wiuter lora.veral years,aud always got relief from simp'e herb teas till last winter, ueith'roue thiugnor ths other termed to it) . relief, end I we. gr W-i-lly wa.tiug away?having to relina i my business. In this state I w is persu.d-d by my friend Mr. Peck to try youi Kluir of Life and before I had finished the bottle, I was not oulr cured of my cough, pain in the chest, nighi eweam. but able to resume liutmess ; and fiui myerlf so rapidly improving .r atmy frieuds are astonished, expecting to hear of my dea'h, instead of seeing me get settee and robust. I consider myself iud :oted to you for thesaeing of my life, and any one situated as 1 was. may cal I on PifiR N HKI.MS, ISThompson St. Prepared and for sale bj C.H. RING, 63 Fulton, cor. Cliff, ml 91m* RING'S COUGH CANDY IHr'. regies of confidence placed in this Vegetable Cough Candy hy a majority of our physicians, ought to inspire the like iuthe erindof erery sceptic, who perhaps is so from hiring been deertred hy some article that pressisederer. thing and |ierfotmed nothing. Won d physicians recommend an article they did not place implicit reliance in its virtues? Would clergymen aud oiner public speakers speak publicly of its delightful rtlief, in luLrtcating the air passsses and giriug the roice a manifest inordinate relume? In fine, would erery body who has tried it so strenuously promulgate its rirtues, hadnotlhe almost miraculous effecla of iU powerful agency been seen? Prepared and sold, who'es tie and retail, for exportation, by C. H. RING 83 Kulton street. corner of Cliff. in 19 lie' CRE * M ?CREAM?CREAM. Still (heCities widely frem With praise of Kim ferhena Cream? The finest bhavirg Cot pound known, i}xperienct has clearly show n. "l is so ekilfully prepared To .often e'en the roi ghe-t heard. That a dull razor's edge bestows A that the thurrr'l knows. ' I is pure, and pirasaut, choice and cheapWill in trery climate keepMake* it a pleasing task to ahare, And will both (inieand trouble net. Prepared and sold by C. H. KING, 83 Kulton street; Basel!.944 Br ladway, and 459 Brodway. m3l lm* LUUINA CORDIAL. TO TUG AMERICAN PUI1LIC. IT is now barely three years since the general iutrodaction of the Lucina Cordial into the United Stales, and i;j tlia> pe rioil it has not only spread its us< fulness throughout this hemisphere, and sustain'd the vast reputation which it had previously aequ'red \i K trope, but has also sdded to the rsn .v. a of its illustrious inventor b. the unrivalled powers it has b?en discr.vcred to posses* in ths cure of incipient eonsumrt'On. 'J he knowledge . f its wonderful influence in reuevvatn g aud invigorating the human frame,first suggested the idea oi using it in tms way; and the result is th at a mtdicint hai been added to* the catalogue for the r ure ofincipi' nt c resumption, w hich places the disease, with due precaution, under the ontrol of the patient It is scarcely nrcessary at this period to recommend the L'.ciua Cotdial. as an all-vuifirifnt remedy . iu cases of Gleet, Flour Albus, difficult or painful meisfnu- ' lion .Incontinence of Urine, and til disetses arising from detnlitatisn of the system, where an i, or a restorative is wanted; as throughout he United States it has taken precede! ce of xlloihcr midicinein such cases, and leaves noshing further to be hoped for; its cures being speedy, perfect, permanent, and effected w illx-ui pain or trouble. Should there how ' ever he any person laboring uuder the above complaints, who are douttful of itsaim >st universally tested merits, I , mend it to them with all confidence, and on my ow n personal responsibility. fetling?isu ed if they give it the required trial, that heahh to Ue afflicted pariies, and gratefulness to Dr. Msg .in, till he (lie result But axis also the case in Ku- ' rope, U e immense American reputation of the Luciua Cordial. is p iiu ipally based on its thoroughly investigated, indu- 1 bitane.aod generally aelmitttd power toenablef males, who h d been cntmideitd nairen, to bear offspring; and to restore virile power, iii males, when reduced to utter aed apparently ho'elesapre>s<ratioii, to perfeet health and activity-. Wheal J first received the American agency of the Lucina Cordial, J from Dr Magnio, Dotwit' standing i'i immense loraign celebri- 1 * and (he great amount of respectable testimony ihat ae- ' coinpanied it. I < commuting myself individually; by giving anv personal assurances Iu th.s* particulars; but J n"VS. alter lh' .norm ue sale of upwards of oue hundred I Ihovi-and boillis coupled vei h ihe receipts of cert fi'-ales and Irslimnuials inuu titrable, and much knowledge fonnded ' on personal observation, I can u.ltrsita ingly warrant it as fareiccrdingmv most sanguine lio.ies, or even ihe illu.trioui iiven ore promieev. in the Iu fitment of the most important ends for whirh Ills rec.iminended, and has becon e so justly am! unitersa ly popular. To be as explicit as possible, I re- j p>at. aae1 hold mjself p rs?ually responsible for ihe assumption.thatiliel.uei.ia * ordial, can invigorate the vin e powers ' inmales.and make tl-em focuudint, where nature has b?in de icien', oi when they have been protested hy artificial I nveais; am 1 also that it c?n produce that stale of Ihe sy stem in females, w ho had been previ-nsljr unfruitful, aud unarmed barren, which will enable them to b*ar children. 1 ngrct , tha? I hare to speak so plainly, ou such eiceedmr'v delicate niAttrjrf. but feel railed uoon to do so. lest it tnisthl be rrnsuu- 1 rtf rjin ill, a id aa a full lui'ioUe fur the gratit reap .nubility which I have cheer, uily aaautned With feeliuya of ?i fere gr (titn Ir f >r Ihe .i*ei.e ve pitniuie which, a# iheayeutof tue uun (it Cordial, ha. oeen h't Ud up o me in thia cuuu'ry. 1 remii Ihe PubVa' eery obedient liumhie a?-vu"t. JOtiN t*l iTiuxcfl HIILDhitWI'.LL. M D Pr ee $3 per bottl F r aale at 451 Broadway, .New York and 50 Nor h fliltb f l',at, Phil dlhii. mlil'u* TJ1 K K.>tTR ARTIFICIAL PLOWKHH, and Material* |..r " FloriaU?BRU.N, LARDSIERE k CO.. 115 William elreet, haaejuat rrreierd, hy the Havre packela, Argo and Frauroit lat, and offer for rah ? 1000 Boat* French Artificial Flower*, eomprniog a general ? a-rlinent ufth* moat faehinnabla flowira worn iu rtne. 500 Dox n Pink Sancera, auilahle f,r flower maker*. war ranted nf tlx firet quality. 10 Cae-a Meteriali f- r a Ion ta. ?i/:?pniar?, mualin. flora ai'ka, w irea, liae.a, hudi Mo.iorre oliera.kc fcc. Thie eata'diekirent 'a cnuaiantly receiving the new at>lea of flnwora aa ihry ?p,ear in Paria. ijralere it'll find it to their advantage tocall. The atoek iaextenaive theirlcei modera'e, and every article arlectrd with the trea'eatcare. kit In* c l>7r.l( I'r.NS?Fmm ihe celeDreinl m.iiiufactnry n| Jo- , ' aeph Cil'lolt, of Birmingham?The high iapalatum of | iheer p?r.a haj Indurel in icy inferior makera to iu.iiate them, ' ihereby injuring tne'well ear ed rryuta ion "f J >?eph Gilloft. i Toe Pub ic arc raqoi a led to be particular from whom ihty i pu-rhaae | The genuine may be known by 'heir aup-tinr quality, anj i by tlicatyU ofputtinu up. A convlant aupyly for aale hy KOBER1 I'ARDOW, \ m0? i m' * Maiden t,ane. a ft i THE BaLD a n i mTR Ey Hi?\1)KD-JONE8' 1 rp OIL OF CORAL ClRCAASlA. 1 HOSE whoae hair ia falling out. tiirninc grey, or haa ceat- J| ed growing, aa article ia here i.ff-rrd you at a rceoutble prtre " ?remember it ia not i ufTed?and it will do all it ia rej reaenied to do Headline? leirtify that mr hair wae fal'ing rut faet; I combed out handlu'e daily. nail aiurt I hoveiiaed two hot I let of Jouea'Oil , of Coial Cireaaaia. it haa quite atopped falling out, and 11 ' crowii e fait and dark. W. TOMKINd, ?l King at. Thia will give I'ght. red or grey hair a I Df dark look, an I in J ime cau?e it to grow dark from Ihe roola Among othere who I have need thfa and certify ia J F. Power, grocer, Brioklyu; J. J Gilbert, jeweller. 3d avenue flolJ hy T. JONEA. aiguof the American Eagle. M?unleet I you re careful of the iig',1 number voti ll b? cheated with a , connlorfeiI?111 I halham atr-et. Price 3 5 and k ahillinga a bottle? three aixrt. 13? Falton atreet, Brookl) n, ia agem. >55 lilt* M \ IK ill!(.? f here i? no i Mi in tbe world iliat Call du go id r li ol i ' the h tir * ve y body knowa I hat when n e , hair ia burned it ?i'l grow again ae good aa erer All llie ? powdere few d> in the hair (ke nothing but a miatnre of lin.e ? and litlirage, anlthrh'ir ia not d/ed, hut li erally burned ? Li.utia for dying thi hair arc compoxtiona of canatic end apirita. that burn, in the a itnr way aa the powdera, and | dye the heir, adil the hair will grow no milter how many ' timet ii ia horned : and every b dt k one alao, that when l< the h( ad it full of il indruff. tit-htir tegiue to tu-n grey, and a b.ld.ieie follow Prom <D eaperience oftwrnty yeara, beuig hair ciitlnr, and baring the ouportu illy of eiainin rg a greet ll many heada. (end bl ickheadi) I have made myecll a great ti com (oai inn knrau * "Pnaior'a Hair Oil. or Compound : utial Oil 'it Amoiidafor detroy mg dandruff, nrevmling > the hair from coming out and tur in grey '1 hie inimitahlHeir Oil will m he the liairgrow well, no matter how much I dandruff oraorenctt il on the head ' For aale. wauleeale end retail, at A. Paetor'a. Hair Cutter, 155 Greenwich ilreet,New Voik. rrice 50 cenU a hottle. u mS5 lm* RK E MORNING, APRIL 9. 184 PERMANENT ESTABLISH MEN T. IN NEW YORK. MONS. MALLAN fc SONS, Surgeon DentUU, No. 311 Broadway, and at London and Parii .nlorm tha Public ol New Yoik, and its vicinity, that in consequence of their very extensive practice, they have, at length, been induced to open a Permanent Establishment, where they may be consulted at No. S7-J Broadway between Franklin and White street*, in all case* appertaining te their profession, in which they have lie en so sttcessful, in consequence of their celebrated discoveries and improvements in the art of Dentistry. . Mods MjIUu returns thanks for the very liberal pat ronage he has received, and continues to receive, par ticularly to the Medical profession of New York, for their kind recommendations, and advocating Moot. M.'? improvement in Dculristy. CELEBRATED MINERAL for FILLING DECAYED TEETH! Mous. M. continues to restore decayed Teeth, however large or small the cavity ; making a stump into a sound Tooth, instantly curing the Tooth, however painful or sensitive, matching in point of color, the natural cortex or enamel ofthe Tooth. They never break or become loose?they have no unnatural gloss?are firmly fiwd without wires or ligatures?no bulky substance iu the month?and in every particular resemble the adjoining Teeth, in conformity of shape and minutest shade of color. Placed from one to a romjilete set, upon the above imprrved and scientific principle, they are guaranteed to answer every purpose 01 Mastication ard Articulation. LOOSE TEETH securely and uffectually (listened,arising either from the use of medicines or an y other cause. ARTIFICIAL PALATES replaced upon a sure and scientific method. TO THE PUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES. Monsieur Mailon is happy in being enabled to announce that hy the kind consent of Three Hundred of the fust families of the United States, consisting of the first Merchants, Medical prafestiou, Clergy and private Citizens, to w hom he can refer as to the superiority of Mons M.'a celebrated Miueral in prefeienceto any sther they have ever tried, and, in their opinu a,the best that evercumeiindertheir notice. His other improvements need no comment. INVALIDS At tended by Mons. Mjllan, Junr., at their own Establishment. THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC arc particularly invited to pay Mons Mallsn a visit, to see the specimens of his new discoveries in Dentistry. TESTIMONIALS. Mons Mallan: Quebec,May ath.lgsi. Dear Sir,?After having tried the Artificial Teeth which you m-ide for ine, 1 cannot do sou lest justice than to Mluowladg* with plaamwa asy entire satisfaction. I beg to say they inswerevery puri>oieof asiicatiou mid Articulation equal to those placed hy thelian Is of nature. They so closely resemble the natural ones in the minmrst shade of colorand shape,that they we not liseemed as being art ifioial by the closest observers. Your celebrated invention for filling deraytd teeth, 1 can give a decide' opinion ol it* valuable qualities. You may us, this letter in any way you thiult proper,lor the benefit of the public and yourself. I am.ilrarsir,yours truly, THUS. FAKt)UES, Manuel Carinelst. To Mods. Mall,hi, Surgeon Dentist. 37i Broadway, This gentleman is known at 135 Broadway,and at Trims Ward li King's. MONS* MALLAN, 179 Broadway. ?!?H '" Ht a pleasure to be able to oiler you my testimony in behalf of your celebrated mineral. During my late resident's in Taris ! called at vour establishment in the Rue Castiglinns, and having had some teeth tilled with your mineral, I cau only say that I hare had every reason to be satisfied with its utility and value, end neverin t he least degree ei|ierienced any inconvenience or 'njury from its effects in any manner whatever.?During my visit to Mons Mallan I saw siveral testimonials of the highest character, all expressing the fullest confid, lice iu its great benefit oud raltie. As far as I am enabled to judge, I cousidrred it then, and etitl consider it. to be the best preparation ofthe kino ever offlied to the publie. 1 am, sir,respectfully, youiobedie ut servant. VANBURGH LIVINGSTON. 8l? Greenwich street,near KorlUausevoort. New York,May 91,1841. Moos. MALLAN St HON *, Surgeon Dentists, may be estisultid daily at 379 Broadway between Franklin and Whit sts..east side. in93 Im* TO CARPENTERS, BUILDERS, tec. TUST PUBLISHED,?The Modern Builder's Guide, eons' taining eighty-seven copp< r plates, wilh full explanations. (Minard Lrlever. Architect ) This work should be in the hands of every builder in the country. It contains on scru r,tc treatise on Hand and Stair Ksi'fng, a branch which hat heretofore been but imperfectly notice.I io oiher works. Its publication has been at'.eudrd with great expense It is handsomely hound iu quarto, and is risp^ctlnlly offered to the public, wholesale and retail, bv the ubliaher, WILLIAM D. SMITH. Architect, Portrait and Card Kngraver, ICO Broadway,third story. For sale t few Oil Stones, suitable for Engravers, Drnii.ts, Jewcllsrs. he. mil lm* A PROBLEM AND (lie way to solve it. Why do the imitators of my Tablet Hmr Strop allow me to carry off the pnmiuis medal and diploma, from the American Institute, year alter ye r, without even i ubini. ling their own foe trial 7 O ye of teuder chins and tough beards. an.w-r the abo?e by bringing a dull p ir of Rex ,rs, anil lest for yourselves lie truths ? f the certifi eaiesef the mo,t siiviritic gentlemen in the country, viz: Pre fessor Onscom, Dr. Mo'l, Gin. J. T.llmadge and others. G 8 VUNDKHS.eole inventor and manufacturer of tot metallic Tablet Razor Stiop, with lour sides, IB3 Broadway. m99 tin* />HINA, GLASS AND EARTHEN WAKK.-4 list ol L prices of China, Glass, ltc.,soid by K. SIMPSON, 8 Aetor House, Broadway, who keeps the best triicles, and sells cheaper than soy otner house in th? Unite I Si tea ^ FRENCH STONE WARE, Porcelain. Blur or White. Plates 1st size pcrdoz $1 84 $1 00 do 91 do I 74 88 AO Id do 1 SB 75 do 41h do I 37 S3 do 51 h do SB 37 Cover Dish, 1 S4 71 Sauce Tureen and Stand, 1 00 75 TcaCupsaod Saucer*, per doi, 94 ps. 1 50 Pitchers, 1?4 size, 1 75 58 do 9d do I 37 37 do Id do I 13 95 do 4th do 75 II do 5ih do * do 4th do 5i> Jhocolate<,l*t *ize per d* 3 75 do 3d do 3 35 do 3d do 3 75 Tea?, 1 50 1 ?<gcur?, dtone Wilt. Dunns Seme*. 113 piece* 13 00 K reach orhng. Poicelam lea ??t?, 3* pucc* 4 00 ( CLT GLASS. Dctagon diihti.bed duality, t inch, pr pair I 00 do J) 4 do do I 50 do do 14 do do 4 00 Decanter*, th* *et oft Irum 4 50 [trecn Hock (rlaiaei, per dot. 3 35 Jut Wine* from 1 50 per doxen . ^u> Fluted Tumblera 3 00 do Lemonade*, kamll'd, 3 35 do Houiektrprr*. take care dhi* liit, and make your pit'chater* It 8 A*tor Hou?e; the a.viht vou will make by *o doing mint >e ?i?iblc to all upon reading the above. Table Cutlery?Thi* i* al*<> the ckeapeit store fur line Ta- | lie Cutlery, in aet* or dozen*, m13 lm* H. HIMPSON.8 Alter Home. i KALSOMINfc PAINT ?The Kaleomine Paintharing been , erereiy teatrd iu thi* city dorms the wiuter month*, he patcutee* can recommeud it w ith reneweJ confidence to [ .he public. The numerou* ipecimen* of Kaleomine Paint row meting iu New Vurk, render* an rnume ation of it* ad rentage* supertluou* ; among th* molt prominent are the fnllowirgI Kaiaoimoe Colore are mi re permanent, more luminon* and igieeahle to the eje thin oil color*. They are applied without ( neramoumg auv otfrnaive aniell or iujuriou* effect upon health, and dryiug in a lew hour*. K alio mine paint may. if | properly applied] lie washed when (oiled, according to direc- , tion* in i he circular. Order* received and punctually attended to at the KALSo'lINK PAIN t" DEPOT, , feh3"3m' 3tt Broadway, rorner k'reoklin. FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. AMONG the many and va'iou* Coimelici that are offered 1 'O the public for b-au ifying the compleuon, aud rrmov- , ing very eroption from Ihe l?ce. noae cau be (o coiifiJently , remm nend.d a* Church'* Vegetable Loli -n It impart* a de- , liratrem o hues* to the comp e*i n. aad effertualiy remove* , [*, blolche*. tan, trer klv*. ringworm*. and all o.her cuta- , ' con' eiii|dion* and di?c loratioii* | Price 75 cent* per bottle?fold at Chu*ch * Diipeuiary. 183 , Boweri .corner of Mpring ?tr,et. Agent*?E.W Bull, H .rtford; C. It N. W Sirnmo *, Pine. ( Corner of Kounh street, rhllad Iphia; Charlr* Steane. Pough- , Le-pli* m'iS I in' , MEDICAL AID. ALL, thoee 111 ne?d of medical aid of a certain description. ' should without fui obtain a copy of a little book entitlrd . the Itu iron, with engrarinia. 1'hia little work wa* written ind nublithcd by Dr. Gregory, in J83I; in 1841, he puhlithed a 1 (c.i,.I .l.iun.w hit many ?alu.hle improvements and alter*- ! inuia. ^ 'I if la42,it h <? bee n till more improved and enlarged. 1 The engrtt iocs done, and nre terompaoied with I mi able r11 l*ii*t,,ry remarks. 1 he author is now in esteuaise -Ity practier at 34 Mottstraat nearly opposite the stone ehurch. ' lli?!ming U-m constantly eugagnl in combatting diseases of ' his character lor many yi ars past.enables him to treat au <nb- 1 ect not only theoretical J but practically rorrtct. The patient ! s here guided in the selection of remedies, according to the re- : III rt He (If, on,stances si.d ronditinu of the rase. The plan of J lie heiolt is to show t'oeoidinary symptoms occurring in comnoli rases, wrh the best method of cure It then shows what 3 ithersyinptoms may and (Infrequently happen, with appronriits treatment and remedies to be adopted in case these bad ymp'.otns should orrur. The pi ice or the book is 50 eeuls. f Dr. Itrejory takes th's opportunity to remark, that he is J cry frequently applied to under circumstances where the pa " lent sermrdo lie lutlering which lead htm into the be'ief that .1 ie has some lilt c rem ?m of t|M comp'aint still left, which * hows itself occasionally. Much cas*s as these frequently J, ro?s to b? attended with stricture ; of this fsct, as well as the tatnreof as'ricture.the patient had n> idea, no'withstanding e-i he symp'i me may have eiiated a long time, and a stricluie J lid teeII in t.r .tress sereral months Doctor Gregory gu iran- m ees a speedy sod permanent cure The Doctor's residence is (| lot a drug ?hire.hut ia a private dwelling houi , well provided u r.r the convenience of pati-nte. The book may also 6? had st m ilr King's at, re 53 button street, corner of Cliff, si the tV anse price Dr. Gregory will be found at home st all houra ft f the day and evening. sr r*tienu res dice suy distance from the city may eotnmui ate hy letter (hlw.ys post-paid) with Dr O. and Ins ad- j, lie he obtained, and vtl-.ere a clear description ol the case is u i?'? roveri-g a srut .blc fee, the proper remedies will he Tor m ra'ded to order, and luccess alwa;i guaranteed, where the el rhole sy nploma and t irouinetancss arc set forih. m? 'm _ be lAVANt HK.GAnff-PETKR4ilLSKV.8M Broadway ? 1 and 3lt Bowery, fo'merly kept hy Mr. P. Muuos begs ^ sve to inform thejunokirg public that th?7 Wl" * T*'". } In t his stores. a e ell? lecle.l asso'tm'a- of the fi est brands of ^ lav-Da and Primp- MEOARS st wholesale and retail; sad . r afi at rate article and fnen l.y treatment e.n insure cue ? >in,h# hopf# fo rr^iv* * of it- m 1 m\ t TK \ M KNCil V ' of 4 horse poaer for sale " <i. In seen " ^ in n;ieration at 4I> 'foustoa st %l IW' trUOb?99,0*0 lbs Mieared Mouth American NV ool,suitable -f iV for Bittinels Flannel, fce. n.tco lbs do do do suitable for Carp*ts, for sale .< I lots to suit purchasers, by OILMAN, SMALL fcCO sail JW 11 Perry street- f? IE R A 12. GENERAL~^^CY~r '1' H K SI B.M. K1 UK R li > I km the atore 75 h u't in atieet, ' Bio klyn, lor the aal of the nml approved genuine pa te'it and faitnl y mi dilure, perfumery fancy ar'icle", lie Marufac'urera ami piopii-tora uI aoch attic ea, or of any thing a lie. who wi?h lor an ae'ire, Itirii-g agrut lo dietivar of ilieir production!, w ill ft ;d lucl. all our in the peiaon of the aobacribar. S J 8TKWAIIT. 7S Ku'ton it , Br yoklt n Fo- ??le, moat of the approwd family medirine*. Terioua puichaaiug here miy rely on nb'iinug genuua article > ire* DA N is It L' F F or loae ol tiairia caimed tby a lauguiu or ob< trueird circulation in the iiuall blood veesela w hich ?updly the acalp and hair with uouriatinru', lu conenjnrnre of winch the peraptration beromea tbiik aud rlammv. and due# ou the auriaar. forming a cruet called dandruff, wnich cloga up the prrca of the akin, aud by ita ireaauiw against the rooia ol the hair prevent* it from recr ivug aulbrieiil iioiriahu.rnt to retain vitality The hair thenbeconiea har?li <urluopleaeaut, chat Era color and fall a off l'hia uuucilthr affection ia very prrdily aud effi dually cu ed by Javne'a Hair Tonic which revivea .lie dormant powera of the aurfaee vraaele. reinovea the dandruff, and produera a new and healthy grow h of hair to aupidy the laaa of the old; aud baldueaa ia preveutedor removed where it already eaia'a The following certificate if (elected, which anfficiaully proves ite rn-traridinary virtues? Mmiv. A. R. A SanJe:?U. utl'inen ,,A an actor juetlce to you kdj Dr. Jayur, I eei.d you tui* to tiH.vtr to iuform you of the invaluable hem fit my wife has received from ilie uee of Dr. Jnyne'e Hair Tonic. She loet not only her entire head of liair, but h r ryrbrowa also and after trying vanotia other remediee, with no hrnrlit. ill- uerd Dr. Jntue'a Hair Tfaif. etie ueed two hulliee Mm we cculd rhetoter the hair had nartrd. and commenting with the third it i.arted to grow out finely, and in a few wee In her head and oyebriiwe were covered with a third growth ol fi*e black hair, better than ahe h id loa . I tauik it viae entirely produced by the uee of the Touic, eiid would rcommeud it tu all who need a eimilaricmrdy. Truly yonre. JOHN N. JACKSON. Prepared only by D' D.Jfvne, 29 South Mnreet Price $1 S'i'd at whuleiale and retell by A. B Alt SANDS,druggipte. 79 Kul'on. corner of O Id atieet, end IU0 Kulton atreel; alao told by Abraham B. Saode A Co., No 27J Bi oadway, corner of Chamber etrert; David Sandt A Co., No. 77. fcaal Broadway mia I -w QALT RHEUM. RING WORM TETTER, BARBER'S O ITCH AND bCA BIE#?HAYEK'S LOTION AND SYRUP ii the only remedy which ie certain to cure ihe above coinplainte-harmleee in ite operation, but certain in ite etf-cte ?the Lotion healing ijuickly. and the Byruppurifyiug eptedtly. TH?:$TRUTH WILL PREVAIL-Dr. Goodwill's Deterge it ?ud Pill* utver fail lo cure a recent rate of diieaae in 4tt hour!, if u?r 1 *?directed Try them, alt ye atflietet? they are flee from mercury. Pric- 50 rents each. THE To ?THA'.'HE CONQUERr D? Jameen'e Extract. It re'ievetin lire ininuiee alter application to the ne-ve-oi the tooth, and pieven'i decay if the tooth ie filled immediately. Price 50 ce.,te. EE VI ALE MONTHLY TILLS-Erim M. B tndelocque rf Er?nce?certain, a?fe and epesdy iu Ihe cure of all caitee where uature haa become ohetructed. They cure iu a few Hate. Price 75ceute per package. GILBERT'S ANT1 blLLIOUS EAMiLY PILLS-For thrrel ef of all comp'aiula produced by coalite habita. auch at h- a't .ct c, hear.hurl), emir stomach, UIUMI, and loae n| apprtite, they have been uied w ith more aucceee than any pill ever be era off -red to the public. Price 25 rente per box. Sold whrleealr and retail by E. M. GUION; 127 Bowery, C-rner of Gra d etreet. mgj lm' F'Klivi it 000 to jo.OOOIbe ol trcsli Harden sieeoe, iu all the choiceet atieeiee and varietief, for (ale, in <iuantiliee to euit Briilge.uan'e permanent retaolnnoient, co-n'ToflSlheL aud Biotdway. Alio," Toe Young Gardener'a Aee etaut," containing Ihe levulte of hie 22 rcare practice in New Yurk. A? thie work haa been honored by the award of a Gold .Medal, from the American Inetiluie, which inatitution. and He New York State Agricultural Society, baring aleo awarded aereral r.otiiei aa premiuine for lupcriorapeeiineue of garden proJur.lf, further comment ie deemed unueceaeary. nil lm" _ I[X)YS' CL?)1 HjNG?I'HlLDtiE.vs bLu i Hints-a very large aaaortmeut?Very good qual ity?Very rliear>? GEO A. HOY I' A CD . No 14 Howery, would reanectfull/ ialorm llirir pai "ua ami inr p.iunc nnirniif, mailing nave again be?n making eiteusive preparation* for the spring and summer trade, and hare now ou lund a much larger auortment of boy*'and children'* c oihing than they hare erer before had. The public are iurited to ca I and eaamine their go'd*, wi ll particular reference to quality and price. Term* caah. as lin^ _ HUTt MINUS' STOMA'. H BITTERS i? a certain cure for Dyspepsia, assisting digestion, weakne*i, ntrvou* i*ea*ea. night sweat*. Sic. Sir?I hare in the course of my practice prescribed your tomuch hitter* and found them a mn<t i Hi dent remedy in ca?r? of indigeitio n, acidity and debility of the digestive organ*. I by no mean* cla** it among the qtack medicine* ol the day, but one which will confer a great bliaiing <u many of . eriug fellow being*. . _ P. J BR\DY, M. D. 330 Broome it. The following i* from Dr E. (J. Ludlow. (34 broad way?I hare us-dyout Bitter* incases of impaired digeation, when vejeta'di tonic* were indispenjunle, with a beutticial reanlt. Thear idea ol" which it i* composed are rery judiciously com'oned. and I hare no doubt will prove aerrice title in the caae* for which you hare recem nended it. Youri.fcc. KDWARU O. LUDLOW. Certificates of maey persons cured can be leen at the drug itore 150 llowery, corner of Broome, where the abore i* eel J only in tiis city, and Mr* H tt a, 13# Fulton atreet, Brookl on Price large bottle* $1; small 5U cent*. n,M ! ?* riEARSALL'S OAR ESTABLISHMENT, fmmdtd in r 1*33,ot 4W Wa'er (Ireel, 8 door* abotre Catherine market, the only e* *t4i?linrnt or the ki-d ia the Unitt d State*, continue* to supply the Navy, the America", Russian, aud Spantah war ateatrer*? ha* au: plied all the Race boat* and Club Boa'* for the I ut four ye r*?out! ho* now the largest assortmenl of Oar*, Sweeps and Scull* erer collected in m e place. N. B. The Br inch Oar Store, on the Ninth Riv?r aide, i* ah'itup, and remove' t> 403 Water street', and a* I sare all the rtp-nvrs of o te atore. 1 will *el| enough cheaper to those who come from th i North River aid- to pay llttm f'rlneic trouMh Race Boat*, Club Boat*. Oar* a ,d Scull* sold 30 per cent l? ? Ih tn >a-t var. *8 trn? CjUuVU ttEET, I'leiiiiuin I.urn and I'u op*iu?, lre>n vigna 0 ble and rare flower ?erd*. English gran for Uwns. 30 000 yt en and hot1 house plant* tlah'i* roof, tiger fltwtri, tube ro***, fiuit end ornamental tret*, shrubbery of all kinds, canary bird* gold fi-h an! globes, wholesale and retail, on the most renotiab'e term", at N1HLO k DIJNLAP'S, No. 578 Broalway. an I at their nursery, corner ol 8th Aveuiieand 11 nth street. Harlem. m3S Iro* rf~HE TRUE RICHES OH' LIFE 13 HEALTH-The ' only genuine Taylor'* Balsam of Liverwort from the ole proprietor at 3t I Spring street, has never been known to fail in curing the most alarming symptom* of Cnniump'ion ml Liver Complaiut. We havecertificate* from hundred* of most reiptcfable perfon*. certifying to the surprising relief 1 hey bare rereived in iiting the article from 281 Spring street Dwing to the astertiou* of counterfiiters, the fullowiog ] tworn facta t* now published? City of Brooklyn, King* County, ?:?E. Townaend being ' lti'y sworn, deposes and '*y* that he i* personally acquainted with the proprietnr of Dr.Tnylor'* Baliain of Liverwort, and Joe* ceit fy from hi* own kitowle'gr that the only person t tow living, who prepared this medicine at W5 Bowery, and the sole proprietor, reside* and transacts business at 311 I Spring slrret, and manufacture* the getiuin* B a lain of Lift rwort at that place, fro ji the only original reeipe in e*i?. 1 enre. E. TOWN3ENU, I Sworn before me thi* 17 th Jan 1843. _ 8. ALPI1EUS SMITH. Com of Deed*. I certify from my own personal knowledge tint the above itatemeuU id regaid to the ownership,kc aretiue. 8. ALPHEUS SMITH. It. ware of Counterfeit*, a* the great one*! ion of life or Jeaih may depend ii|>?n having tlie genuine medicine, made only in thiii city at 111 Spring street. Agents?Redoing 8 Stalealreet Boston; 31 Main atrert.and f9 Kultou atteet, Brooklyn; ll< audits Broad street, Newark. Price?Large bottle* $1, neit aize ft.aud amalli r?ir> 50 I :enta ml* Im* | Rookr's patent metallic elastic boot HKEI.H ?The aub-crii ar begs leave to inform the rub- I lie,that he hat commenced to manufacture ami aell boot* , with lit ia valuable. invention, which only ueeda to be known 1 to he universally adopted 1 The following a-r enmr of the many advaatagea it poaacalea I nvrr every other kind , 1 at?The elaiticity ad da to the durability of the boot onethird. 9d?It makes no more naise on the pavem' nt than aslipper. I The Miipleaaantclinking uoiae ofthr iren heela ia obviated. , 3d?It preveuia boo la fiom running down at the aida or back. 1 ?to? Itaelaaticitvenablea one to walk witn much leal fatigue. Ihe heel givi ga natural at ring at each atrp. 5th?It itoea not nil and tear carpet*, like the iron or nailed heela In order to bring thia improvement within the reach of all, the subscriber haa concluded to put them at the eaiaa I priceaofthe common heela Boot* of every quality and description, wholeaale and retail, at the old aland. H NEWELL, m9lm* Ita fhhtham alreet. N THE CURE OE 8TRICTUKE?It ia moat unldm nate in thM complaint that many prrron* hove a airit- 1 lure who are gpt in the leaat aware of it. The common notion it,that ao long at the urine paeaea in a tolerable- 'ream.there cannot be a ftriclure. But Una ia far from trua. A atnclurr [nay. and often doea. eiiat for motitha. and even reara. without K daring any sinking change In thia reop-ct. When a atrire arrives at that degree of narrowness a# sensibly to impede the urine, it ia a aenuna m 'lady indeed. The otqeet of ' remarks however, ia to prevent this state, and to attack it at a lime when it is easily and perfectly removed. But there ere other circumstances besides its effect upon the urine by whirl a stricture may be known,or, at least, atrengly suspected, ani I 1 though these are numerous. there are two whirh art very corn- | I mou and very easily judged of, and these ahull bt mentions J , aere. , The first of these circumstances relate* to tims. It it well anown that strictures arise from long continued and hsdlr , t treated tionorrhda Naw, whenever thia disease con linnet j ( >ver many wi ena, especially if in the early pirisd uy of the masted noes rums of the day were taken, thrrr is just and pro- , >er ground to suspect a stricture. _ . n The neit ia moat remarkable?it is tha effect a atriefur* hat tpou the mind and spi-il* Th'? is a fact that may he t ho 'otichly relieJ on. Indeed the author never saw i esse of sine ure, (and tie see* many ererr day.) m which l..e patient eid .si Ilia loss of menUUio rgy?'hat re ?U not io capable of hu.iue.. at formerly. The re at 0 of , hit. howerer, it clearly ahowu in hit . V ," n ittlerolume noticed in another column of thia*per, ?? 1 ' > ihicb the raider It rrf.rred, not <only /'r '* of lh,i | >?? imt nn #fii?TotliPreonnecN wuh (huiuajtct , m hu Uii f>f| fu^fhrr rnM* cuiulted fn "Ln? ? h.i rVVid..^, No. ?8 Ortenwich .treet, .1 any , o" " and tho.ilH any hem * "?>? ? V*,!? VV"""^ ?f i It rut. etreeially oil" fnitiu* hit little volume, he trill, iiKni.i or the I'Ml paw. explain *i?<! aittire him w*??ir?e hVr. " ? t. l-e. .t-t.1," he rrm-mbertd the. if lie rt ? lly hMt ttricture. not all til ttimi in tho world, alone illerrr cure it. lm* PIIK PHIVATK TREATISE.?Thin it a little rotume on t L certarii dietetel iu which the beat and mn?t conreuient j lCant of cure are ataled in the plaiurit poenihle manuei. It I ' to tl owe the rratoa why theie tntlaiMi to frequently ron- | < nor ou from month to m< Llh.'iacurrd, and terminate at length otherand permanent eoinplain't. Indeed, no one can read . ,i? little book without teeing at once their trie and real nare. and aito the rink and dancer of muting them to ignorant ' xl hoaating people. ^ With a new. obtain a rational degree of cooA- j .ire in what he hae adraneed nn the cure of thoee Jiteaeea, the ' '' Ithor Ihinkt it proper here to give a amide statement of the ; eaut and opportunist* lie himtalf hat had of fortring juat and ear opiniona on thit auhject. lie therefore beta te ttate, that j.. tiilet lot rank at graduate of Edinburgh. and membe. of the ' ?r,don College,fcr he hue hem watching then diaeatet, both ''I lioepilal and city practice tor more than thirty yean, and I M * piihlnhrd iwo editi iat of a work erpre.aly on them. Alto at he hat I el ten of eormnendntion from the mott emiuent | lyaiu int in Europe to the mot' eminetit in America, at Sir . Hi etlet trooper to Dr .Vlottof New Yorh and Or I <_ (larlrl'dua, and othrri, and which may be teen by any one. (|v id further, that he haa the prml*gf ef refneing to almott | 'ery phj avian of nninrnce in thit city. Ttrete are ewtum ai.ret wftwh afford the hlfheet eatltfaetion toerrry ? *. * ' eially to thoae who are aanoue to obtain the beat notice ? or price of the book it $1. ... r|, Ur Ralph it ronaulted nt hit reerdenre.** Often wlehtlrart, any hour, and hat dutiact and tepnrate JJJf? ho nare te wait a little. CenunumeaUoua by *> ? ? I pa ily replied to. ' LD. f*ic? Two C?>ll Albany. [Correfpcndencc of the Herald.] A lbawv, April 7, 1942. Thi* ha* b .en a bu<y day in the Atannbly. The bill from the Senate for the amendment and extension of tha charter of the New York and Albany nail Knad Company, was ordered to a tbird reading, and will undoubtedly ,?at* the House and become a law. Gen Dix moved to amend it so as to provide that jjjt lO),0t;O instead of $250,000 should be required to be expended on the road before the road l?? twcen Troy and Grecnbuth should be allowed to go into operation. Gen Davis, of Troy, opposed it, and vented forth on the occasion a little of the rivalry and jealous feeling that exists between the two cities. The amendment was lost, however. The State Prison bill whs hIso received from the Senate, and the House concurred in one amendment, but refused to coucur in the amendment legalizing the contracts made by the keepers of the prisons, in opt n violation of tlie law. The resolutions of Mr Cbameh, in reference tothe Distribution Law, rej> cting the proceeds of the public lands, so fur as New York was concerned, were passed Mr Loomii' " Pi ople's Resolution" was lost, ayes 55, noes 49?It requiring a majority ef all the membrrs elected to carry it. 'i he resolutions would undoub'edly have passed but for the skulking of many of iia professed friends. Mr. Simmons took the occasion to administer a severe rebuke to the skulkers. Another veto wan received from the Governor It was on the bill to provide lor the State Printing. The message is somewhat lengthy, and the Governopa objections are mainly on the ground that it involves a breach of contmct The concurrent resolution relative to an extra session on the Kith August was received from the Senate and referred to a select committee of one from each Senate District. The hill relative to the State Prisons was sent back from the Senate with a refusal to recede Mr. Wier moved tit strike out the enacting clause, remarking that the bill would not afford tbr slightest relief to the mechanics, but w as u mere mockery of their cliimn. Pending the discussion, the House took u recess. in me senate, 11tc principal business done was th?passing of local and private bills. Bangor. [CorrespotiJrncc of the Herald.] IHanook, March 31, 1812 Revival of Trade in Uangor?Fashionable Movement*?llloiiou* Religious Revival?Temperance Success? Tat iff aud Politics. James Gokdox Beitsitt, Esq. Dear Sir? Since my last the ice has left the Penobscot ? vessels arc arriving daily?the lumber manufacturers are " starting" their saws, and present appearances indicate a brisk spring business Tl is city was the first to get into the screws in times of wild speculation, and lam happy to add H among the foremost in working her own purification. The shinplaster banks, together with a host of dealers of mushroom growth which sprang up here in 1836, huve all died natural deaihs, and we now hare in their places discreet, upright and intelligent men, tenacious of their own cbaractt r and credit, and of acknowledged ability to meet all their engagements. We have four hanks?three of which are as good as any in New England?pa)ing regularly their semi annual dividends of three and four per ctnt,and the {stocks of which caanot be purchased at less than par. The character of their Directors, together with their past management, is a sntti-icnt guarantee for the future?of the ether little is known, and less can be raid. A puny circulation is maintained probably by exchange, as applications for discount are almost invariably rejected. It is doing little er no business. A series of splendid'and fashionable assemblies have rcsen^y come off at the Bangor House, far surpassing anything of the kind ever knowu in this city. The number of tickets was limited and were placed in the hands of a few gentlemen, to be disposed of as they saw fit. This arrangement had the desired rfl'iicl of nupmhlin? thn city, and a gay time bat it been. Where all was beauty and grace, it would be unfair to particularise, and I therefore will not attempt it; neither will I undertake to say how many hearts were won or" destinies fixed," but judging from appearinces, the number cannot be - inconsiderable.? ')oe thing, however, is certain; the brilliant seaion of '42 will long be remembered by the fashioniblei of Rangnr. While this movement wes takiag place, certain members of the Mcth?di>t Society looked on with a jealous eye Regarding it as a bold step of Satan to advance his kingdom, they immediately, as an offset, got up a protracted meeting, which has been in Ktiaccsifiil operation, night and day, for about three weeks. Thns while the wiclted were "whirling in the giddy waltz" and " tripping upon the light fantastic toe" at one end of the city, the lovely Methodist girls could be seen at the other end, wending their way to their beautiful chapel, there bending t ieir pious kneos, rchdy (as they expressed themselves) to go forth to the world and convert it, and listening to the elaborate exhortations of " Father Sewall." Th- number of eonyer's hnn<-t > et transpired. The VVashingtoaianH ar.- driving a stiff business in this vicinity. Acting upon the persuasive principle, they succeed admirably in reclaiming the inebriate, and are, in fact, the only class of men who c.m successfully carry through this glorious reformation So lorg as they keep the lines strictly drawn between the old societies and themselves, a id in fact al. other.- net based upon strict Wash ingtonian principle*,so long will their influence exist. Not long since a society was formed here, called the Young Mens' Temperance Association. Upon investigafing the subject with a view to voting themselves auxil ary to the Washinoti nisnjSoeiety, it was found that nearly one-third had broken their pledge Let the Wushingtonians beware of all such auxiliaries *?'hi?. I had almost forgotten to say that Gov. Kent assisted by his Prime Minister, the lite land agvnt. has gotten up several meetings upon the subject ot a proter live tariff, and many fine spun theories have been advanced, to cnuvinc.- the people of the beauties of (laying one dollar for that which now eostthern but uinepencc It is, however, well uad r itnod to he 11 movement of the friends of Mr. Clay, n bring him out for the Presidency in oppositiuti n Cap'ing Tvler, and it proves a.i uphill business iov. Kent will vet loam that Maine never can for moment |o?,e sight of Clay's connection with the litrder - f her favorite son, the lamented Cilley Adolvii Court of Oyer and Terminer. Before Judge K?nt and Al I. Jones and Bradhiirst Co?e nf John C. Coif. ?Mr. Kmmett stated that the) ere prepaii-d with affidavits relative to the jury and [her matters, and intended to move that the verdict bo .? >ii,l. sr.... ...?.-i. r lent on the k'll j?ct wm |>ost|>oned to the Miy terra, ?nd le Oyer and Terminer adjourned n'ne dit. Peach Chop.?The lute frosts, it is said, have don'* ljury in the pearh trees Rr<oim r? or rut Wr.?r.? '"he re.-Tiroes of the Ve.?.t arc unkindly exhibited m the fact that about n daysni?" four svainbov* left S', Liuia for New trlcans wjih nineteen hundred ;oni of the product's ( Missouri end Illinois navai. -The u vhip Falmouth, Commander ITnto?-h, arrived in Hampton Heads on Saturday, le 21 in?'?nt from ? ernise. Sac at) Fox Imiiah* ?The Burhmtort (i. T ) xstte hhvs :'indentand that the principal til- 'a of 'lie Sac and F? x nation of Indians have is<j.' m> licaiion to the War Department at Wash* oton 10 b'- permitted to visit the seat of (Jnvern , r.r, wjih the vi? w of concluding a treaty for the .?ion ot a portion of the coun'ry at present owned > ?heni to the Ceneral Government ?yalionoJ fnli^rnrri, JlprUi. Cc*cfi?.-The Official Dazeite contain* Pro* mation further prnrrguinz the Prnvinelal Parrarntto the |1th May, [but not then for the dottch of busineit. -

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