Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1842 Page 1
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TH Tel. TDU-ftm. 38>.?WkoU ft*. 9053 NICW LINL Ob LIVk-HTOUL PACKETS. To Mil from Now York on tne 45th, anil Liverpool on the 1Kb I of tack wtontlL AL M M & Skip ROSCIU9,' aptain John! ollui.. i?th Much. *hip 81 DDI) N 6. < ..plain E. D. Cobb, liftth Apni. bp SHERIDAN.rfaptainJT. A. Depeyeter, ljSth May. ftbpUARRlCK.i nUinWm. ftkiddy, tftk June. b ROM LlVKRrOOL. M..? BHKRIDAN,Captain r. A. Depeyeter, Hlh March. Kip OAJlKICK i!jiptnin Wm. 8kiddy, 13tt April. ShiD ROSCir^, t'jiptun John Collins, 13th .May. 5hiD 910DO N&,Cmptmui K. B.Cobb, 1Mb June. Thestaliip* Are all of the first claftftvupwftrda of 1000tons,built la tie city of New York, with inch improvement, aj combine neat .peed with unuaual comfort for pamengere. Every care hie been taken in the arrangement of their accommodation. The anceofpaoy henee i. kl?0,for which ample .tore, will be nrovitleu- llir.e .hip. are commauded by eiperienced inaaJen, who will make every eiertionto give general Mtiifac Heither the captain, or owner, oflhete .hip* will be retpoui or any letten, parcel, or package, .cut by them, unit., r* I i gtll?r bill, of lading are .igmil therefor. The .hip. o( thiillne will hereaft-r go armed, ud their pecu inr eonetruction givee them eecnnly notpomemed by any other Ant vee.el* af war. for fre'ghtor ? g ^ , ?. York, or to WM. It JA8. IfKOWN k fco? Liverpool Letter, by the p*CS?t* Will be charged 121 cent, per .ingle heat'. lOceuta per ounce. lid newspapers cent each. nU newtokk and havkk pace.ktb. W (SJCCOXD IJNEJ js. ML M s TfiKfSTof thi* line will hereafter leave New York on. the uJlrf HS,. IK ?lfc ,J~di ???n-a 1"*' (isxr;" sissiS* Jame.Yuuck. ( lit November ; J J?lh Dene mbet *ip *^hjtM0R*' 1st Auguet j nth Sept ember TffiL;,; ;:atesS" ? VVji I iet February C l?h March wi'? accommodation* of theee ahipe are not .urpeeeed, com kmim? all that may be retired lor comfort. (t^c c*" sffolaaee ia $100, Paeeenger* will be eupplied with erary misaite with the eaeeption of winre and liquor*. salat ov PA^kts r^^wter neSBSfttion (S/rnhMth ..i. a aKio from thu port on the tft, 5tn% 1?Ui?imii, win '^Rsth of effil month. eLu.mene.nK the 10th October, and nmtinuius until May, when Mfular day* will be appointed foi Wbt^etnafnder of the year. wWby great delaye and d.eap Mtotmente will be prevented during the auinmer month*. The Euowint ?hi?* will commence tlua arrangement ?hid yazoo,Capt. Coruell. ' Klin OCONEE. Capt. Jackeon Ship MISSISSIPPI,Out. HlHiard. Ks^STSMP.carsi-ca afi'built i.i the city of New York eipreee JnvTnacke?! are of a light draft ol water, hare recently been fe?^Sm.d,ip. will be.reeponei hta\orjewelry,bullioB,precioua Jtenci,ulrer,orplatca mr any Utters,parcel or package, sent by or pot r,board af R.? unless regular bills of lading are takes far Lite same, and th* value tHereon eio-eeee* r-<n?w? co?M,Li>, HUL.LIN It WOODRUFF, Ajenl in New 0rkans, who will promptly forward all goods to his address. Ke ships of this liue are warranted to sail punctual Ijr m d| yartised, and greatcare will be taken to hare the goods correct fy measured. alt ~ .NEW KOIU AMD NliWAItk. WWlBft Van rsdnced to M cants. Fro* the foot of Courtlandt treet, New York(Every day?Saadays accepted.) Lsares New York. Leave Newark Alt A.M. Att P.M. At 71 A.M. At H P.M 11 do 4 do t do tf do 41 do ltt do t do 1 T do 10 do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot ol Liberty street. Leave New York. Lease Newark. At I A M.a-d 41 P. M. At 1 P. M. and It P.M. HEW YORK, EyABETHTOWNdKRAHWAY AND Fare reduced. Frem the foot of Liberty street .daily. I.ears New York. Leave New Brunswick. At t A. M. At 71 A. M. 41 P. M. I P. M. SOMERVILLE stages connect with theae linea each way. Fare between New York and 9omcrville, to cents. Do do Now Brunewiek, Tt cents. Rah way, to cents. Eliiabsthtown, tt cents. The Tare in the 71 A. M. train from New Bnmrwiek, and 4| Y id-train from New York, has been reduced between New York and New Brunswick to tt cents. " and Rahway te 171 " The Pailadelphismailline paeers threugh NewBrunewick for New York every evening att o'clock. OnSunoayttbe 71 A.M. trip from New Brunswick is omit Passenger* who procure their tickets at the tiekatofloe.rooesre e ferry ticket gratis. Ticketsare received by thecoaductos ?ht am the day wbee purchased. fehll li*' FREIGHTS FOR THVrWK^T-ANITbTTUrH, from PHlLAOELPinA. vie THE PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON. AND BALTIMORE RAILROAD COMPANY. Freights for the Wist and South will be forwarded daily ^mn tfi^tnneimrtstion efice of the Company, No. I Dock it Merchants are respectfully informed that all goods eonaigned to the company will he forwarded with the utmost -dispatch to any point west or south. Freight reaches Baltimore the fame dry it Atvet PhilaThe mail line for the west sad south leaves Dork street daily at half-past six o'clock A.M. by iteambeat ROBERT MORRIS. Passengers wi'l reich Bsltimore at ( o'clock, two hours Vrevioueto the departure of the trains fnr the southwest. .. . W. L. ASHMEAD,Agent. Philadelphia, March S. 1948. mil i m _ RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. rpH? NEW JERSfcY Rai'road and Transportation ComX pany have established a Freight Line between New Rruuswick and New York, which they intend to run perma*teaving New Brunswick at SAM. daily, (Sunder* excepted) and the foot of Liberty street. New York, at 3 P.M. To country dealer* and merchants the abore line la rery dearable for the apeedy and cheap conveyance of merchandiae of erery description. and more particularly to Drorera and Denies in Lire Stock,who can hare ISO head of cattle conwtyel between New Brunswick and New York, the same day, pnem rer required. The rate* Tor the transportation of cattle, horses, mule*, keep, hoys, lw.. and all other kiftdi of merchandise are rery low, never exceeding etrambott prices. Merchandise sent by this line m not subjected to any extra chajge in crossing the North River. The Compact hare fi'ted up a large storehouse at N?w Brunswick adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will always keopeu for the rHmption of merchandise. Passengers, purchasing their tickets at the tieket offices. ue ill cire feiry tickets g rat in. mil 3m* M Ol ICE,?On and after April 1st, in4-1, the commutation AN fare in the ears of the New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Company, between New >ork and the various places on the line of the railroad, has been reduced (including ferry^to tT? per annum, and BM for lii months. jitiaMHiT Art ft PA*?\ofc rto Plrrg URO. _ BIN () HAM'S LINE. . The prooristora of Bingham'a Transsortatirn Lias to Pittaburg. give notice to the Merchanta of New York, and all other ?iois supwtng to the WeaL that their line is now inactive ration. Uoods consigned to them (or sent to go in their I.) will ho forwarded with despatch. " of food., destined for the Western tales, who laes no agent or eonaigngc at Pittsburg, will jjf J** .Ch ffT* to Bingham, Pitfs burg, who will attend to AhipptDg aIJ auch consign meat* without Bpof^'^LINE* ""ked ,'i,,i*cU' ?? "th Ar TfikjN*, ^(-Nr, ato "Wi** ?d? pitur^u, & Refer ?o K. Frocks, American For Co.; S. T. Nieoll 'ff- l?o. Fnllan stiwat; Suydam,' ht.o.; Wm.Rankin, Duryee It Co .Newark- ml Im ___ #TATENISLAND rlUUtk. Foot of Whitehall street. ?^A?TKV ISLANDER, c!?nMlH"or SAMSON, Captain Dural, will run as follows until further notice uosres Btalen Island Learts Whitehall At 8 o'clock a.m. At f o'clock a m. -10 ? -it - ' " ? " t.m ? 1 - p.m. * Jj " " - Jl ? "41 " " " || " ?< PL B. All goode shipped art required to be particularly nok*4 and are at the riaknf the owners thereof ol 2^'ir^"! Wardrop, will lease the foot of Warren street fww Yark,eeery Monday. Thi sdeg tad Saturday afternoon's Mlofyocfc. Retaruiag,the Hmh.Ander will lu? 4uewkurgfc Shnvomsnt IoVslock* e'ock-" a Tnendny and Fndef 5VTT*.yP**'M?.epply to the Captain anbeard. PI. ?. At I baggage and freight of every dswerietien. ban) MDeoregecie. paTon beard this boat, most be at the risk of th< ?M*&<veef,wleM htt finding rrs?nt?tlsst?nmWo, E NE' NI CHARLES S. ROWKLL, i DESTAL SURGEON, No. II CHAMBERS STREET, NEW YORK. ^ ^ LIFE B OAT ASSOCIATION, FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PATHNT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, OPPOSIT* ail CITY HOTEL. A RTmni A l. THitTH. ( oiv thb PHi.tciPi.c or | ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE d, (Coyy.) _ r HniniUleli lod twj bicueyidati teeth, I celled on'Mr Lerelt to supply their plac.e with artificial ones, atiJ it af- ii forde me much plcisure to testify to hia akill end ability aa a f0 Dintist; indeed, I here ever lern teeth tiled and fitted with more exactueee. and at the aama time wilh It as painful prea- a lure on the gumt. I cheerfully recommend that gentlemeu to the eioeeial no- ? tiw of the medical profession. a. wall aa to the public, feeling aatiatied from my own eiperience that they may confidently rely on hta skill in his profession. (Sigurd) GRANVILLE 8 PATTISON, M D. Profeeeor of Anatomy, Liuireraity of New Verk. February 13U , Ufi. The original can he leen at Mr. Levetl'i 240 Broadway, coruer.of W.rreu street ml* l <i?* ar BANKRUPT LAW. f< ENTLK. V1EN wiahmg to be discharged from (heir debta, vT under thia law. are tuflied to call on. W. 8KIDMORE, Attorney at Law,TS Naaaait atreet. All other kioda of law ,, business alio atteuded to. Charges moderate. flO 9m* *' NOTICE TO BUYERS OK CABINET FURNITURE. P, THE aubecriber would invite the attention of thoae wieh- gl) A ing to purchase article! in the abore business, to hie establiehmeut, where ie to be fouud a rich assortment of Roeewnoj and Mahogany Furniture, of French and other pattern!, some of which are not to be found elacwhcre, being entirely original. Alio, handsome rich gilt Cornices for windowa, Polea and Ringa ; together w th Damasks, Gallooni and Taj eli. and every article attached to curtains, which will be rt made in the latest style from patterns lately received. N B. Particular attention pai l to the A.ting up of Ottomans, Fire Screens, and other faocy articles, wiih embroidsred tapestry. WASHINGTON MKEKB, dl4-tm 414 Broadway, neit the Hospital. CARPETING, CARPETING. ebj THE Subscriber ia now opening hit Spring assortment of A Carpeting, consisting of Bruiveli, three ply, supeifiue and fine Ingrain; an assortment not anrpaeaed in this city for variety of styles, figures. Sic. These goods hare been or- tu dered expressly lor the Spring trade. The greatest cs'e has beet observed in makiig selection*of such goods as can be confidently ccommended for durability and permanency of s?i ? H coiori) Also.alarge assortment of the different kinds of Hall and Stair Carieting. Tufted door Ruga. Door Ma-i, be. Also a ham some assortment of Painted Floor Cloth*, all widths. Families about purchasing "anv of the abore dercribed A good*are respectfully inriled to call. , CHARLES HICKS, hf nit lm^ 76 Eaat Broadway.71 Pi''* nwi-s). pi CHEAP HARDWARE STORE u, THE Subscriber if now opening hi* Spring supply of HAHDWABE 1c CUTLER7, receired psrlau arrivals, S from Birmingham and Sheffield. Together with a general as- ^ aortment of Domeetic Goods. wHi'h be i* prepared to offer at the very LOWEST CASH PRICES. ? The attention of Country Merchant*, Builders, Cabinet l* Makers, &c., is solicited to an raamiuation of his.stockand price*, a* h* i* confidant ihty will Hud it to their inter*11* . Savor him with a call. ALFRED F. LAGRAVE, , u 81# Greenwich comer Barclay. New York. A regaler fupply af FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Cooser* Glue. Also?a complete assortment ol 'Mechanic* Tools, James Screws, ke. m8lm' | SEBRING'S CORDIAL, , INDIGESTION.?A* this i* a very comn on complaiut, in .l the present day, white far tende to alleviate it it of public l. im;or'ance. For the iurormation of thoee affected with it, we publish the following recommendation* of a Reetoretire Cordial for it* e ire ,! C, C. Si brims, ktg ij. Deaa Sir At your request, I have exam ined the medicioet of which t our Cordial compose)), and have no hetita- hf tion in faying that they are of the beet class of tonic*; and in u. the manner prepared by you. will prove highly beneficial in ^ Dyspepsia, and many other di*ea*?f of general debility. Yours, lie. f PRATT, M.D. n No. M Liberty street. ? I concur m the above recommeadriioo of Dr. Pratt ( THOMAS BOYD, M. D., ' No. 381 Fourth street Sabring'* Restoratire Cordial is sold atllJ Fulton street at $1 per bottle. m3l lm* DR. JOSEPH EVANS. GRAND RESTORATIVE SYRUP, tor the cure nf every form of Disease arising froia THE IMPURITV OF lltE BLOOD, CAUSED by the vital o-gar a becoming aerang-a ana enfeebled by hereditary complaint*. ana exhaustion of the yatem, and other diaewta, ?is. Serf fnla or Kiu^'a Evil.T mora and swelling# in thp neck.leconiWrj av mntomacf Sj phi lie. cr the conatiftr ional form of the Veaerial Diae- ae, Ulcere. J ulcerated aore Threat Palate, lie. Ulcere on the Shiea. and other rartad the body. Dieeaaaa of the bonce, paina, aarellX, aad ulceratioi a of the hoar#, swelling* of the ioinla, te swellings, he., Caneera, cntanecna rr akin diseases, T alt rheum, ringworm, acaly eruptiona. leproay, itch, aeald 1 head, pimpiea, cracking and mitrtiog of the akin, tetter, and all rj kiuce ofaorea Longstanding ana heretofore incurable ferer h aorea; rkeumatiam, gout, lirer complaint, and all diaeaaea D earned by an improper uae of mercury, local and eonalitutional n debih y or weaknera, gonorrhoe i. gleet leucorrhne i or wiutea. , gravel, fcc., or when the ayatem haa been eahauated by aecret ,. eaiualily in youth, inlempc ance, long atandii g debilitating diae. *-*, lorg reaidenee in Southernclimatea, ana other debili ,, tiling cause#. b Thia invaluable medicine haa been employed by the propria- tl torin an eatcnai'eprivate and hospital prartiee, both in Eu- ? rope and Am trie fir the laal forty yeara during which time he tl hat cured over50W patimta, who wer* atBieted with aome of j, the meat loalhmme and destructive fjrmaof d-araae. many of ti whom are n iw living, and ready to teatify to the efficacy of ,{ tlna medicine It curea by givingtone to thenervea^exhi'erat , iag the apirita. regulating the circulation. invigorating and ex- g citing the vital oiganato a natural and healthy action' and Lnua f, causing all impuritiea 'o be expelled from the ayatrm, and ere- ? atinz the aecretion of perfectly pure and healthy blood. ( Price per bottle. For aale only at the Private Re*ide nee ( No. arrOreeawich aireet, two doora above Canal atreet. , mlt 3m r ^3(Todd years i OF EXPERIENCE in the ati'ntific practice of curing cer- j tain diaeaaea, have enabled Dr I.AUREL, of No. I0J Ca- , nal atreet, to eradicate thoa* diaeaaea in question. whether > new, old. or Inveteiate, in leoe than hall the time employed , by the common doctor*, who poiaon their patientfwith mer- | curv. canivy, nitre, eubeba^fce. i N. B ? Strangrn are apprised that Dr. L. ia a regular phyai- t eian of the med cal facu'tr of Pari#, also gradualad in the U. < Btatr*. aa can be proved by hie diploma*. mat tin* , PRIVATE CURE, ; pvOf'TOR JORDAN'S SPECIFIC COURSE, No. I-For I U the prompt cure of C?p or Gonorrhoea, Gleets, and all i other welhrai discharges. and hi* Specific Course. No. a, lor i the complete eradication, and permai ent cure of venereal I diaeaae, without expoaure, inconvenienee, or loan of time. i Each courie ia encloaed in a neat tin caae. compriaiog arery < medicine, waih, and req liaite, ever required either for fiitarual i or external uae; and whether the eaaebe recent or old. a cure | ia guaranteed, if uaed aa directed. Each package alao con i ?ine Dr. Jordan'# privatetrealiac,called the Monitor, where. i iifull direction*, with a plain diacription of the nature < aymplnma, conaeqeeoce* and treatment of aecret diaeaaea;to i which ia added much valuable information, uaoful hint*, and I important advice?removing all the difficulties of aelf treat- I meut. The nriee of Monitor ia fifty cent* ; one dollar aeut t poat paid, will tnaure its reception. To* couraea No. I and 9, are each $3. an I guaranteed?admirably deaiyned for reai t den'a in the country, being complete, compact, Jconvenieut \ and efficient Poat paid letter* covering the amount, have | prompt atteniion. Sold for the proprietor, only at Drog Store, i 69 Marion atreet, aeeond door below, aeeond block eaat i ol Broadway. Marion atreat i* a direct continuition of Centre. mlt lm* ijlBLIN 1HONCASTISSi?Conaiating offra nee. fenders, D ami summer orLamenta, of auperior manufacture, to does 1 a conaignment, at vary low t reee by J OELRjCHS It KRUUER, , m! lm* Broad atreet. j ]\l EDlGAL CARD ?Dn. Uoornn, No. 19 Uuane at. neat I ivi. Chatham at., atill afford* reliaf to the afflicted of both aex e*. He may be always eonaulted, with the utmoet roofidence, in the worst eaoee or dallcata diaeaaea. mercunal affection*, and the numerioua aymptoma arising freaa thia diaeaae. From Dr. C'a exteneivr practice for the laateight yeara ia thia particular branch of the profession, guarantee* a tale, speedy and effective cure to all peraooa who apply to him. Aeeeot caae* cured ia a few day* without the uae of morcury, or any other < dangerous mediocin*. No interrapiion from buaincaa.or literati DO in the mode of living. All whoa* can** have been pro- i tractyd or aggravated by maltreatment, mar apply with the i utmost coididenee of being effoetually cured- Term* mode- ? rate?attendance from T in the morning until l at night- Of- I Hoe IV llnene ?' ? . . ? "Take phyaie early?medicine comet too late, Wtieo the d'KW beeomee inveterate." rjECOMMF.NDKD by the Faculty-VANCE'S ANT1 K BILIOUS FAMILY APERIENT PlLLS-By In* lueriencr thrte pille have been proved by thouaanda to be thebeat andaafeat Family Medicine hittertn diacmered. At iH aeaaona of the year they will be found very valuable to all rho with to tecure themeHvet again* ankm ta They are jibe tale fbr children at furaar pertodof life, tad require no atra atteoticn to dirt or to clothing, bilioiw and fiver complainti, dyayeieia or ludiffettion, meroa iBaauaiv. tick headache. end iu (act all diteatea ariaing from an impure ttate of rhe biood. or a dieordrrrd Hate of the ttomach or bowtlt.are tpeedily removed by taking them. They prevent tourvy eoelivrnett and ita eoneequenera?therefore reafaring men Riouid never be without them. Time or climate affrcta them not. Two or three dotet will convince the patient of their talutary effect t, for the ttomach will readily regain ita ttrengtb, a healthy ttate of the liver and howela will tpeedily take place and renewrd health am' vigoi of body and mind will be the cer taiareault. Their virluee, in fact, may be tiimmcd up?ae a medicine which atreaglhrna the feeble and conaolidalea the muaclim of the at rang, and will be found of inlnita value to ftmalm of all agea (if ta^ei according to Urn directional, who wieh to lie tec lire fr< m tickneaa. Price U and M cent a per boi. For eale. wholeet le and re'ail, by W?. Wateon. Apotheoarira' Hall. N Cm> arine alraet; Smith, corner of Fulton and Water at?; Now ill 117 Bowery ; **l|?? druggiat, Fulton at. tfraoalyn. mjl im* KNCHIHIOION MEUllUM.?The uoderalgaed, a regular practitioner of medicine in the City of New York, member of the Medkal Imtiiutioua of the Stale amd County, hav ing. durine the laat eight yt in, areompliihed a great number , ol wonderful and aurjriaing eurea in avtey variety of long atanding diaeaaee, offera Ma attendance Aid medieinaw without charge, until the nation! haa fairly taated the medicine in theae diaeaaea. The advanced age, (beingover SI yamra.) and long avper ence of Dr. Solomon Heina. ta n mvntea that the pab l will not be deceived. He will beloundtill the lat of May. tjlt, at tha eornrrof Canal etreet and Broadway, and afar that in Reed gtreet.near Broad way. * Niai utile eat quod agimua, vana ant gloria noAra, Nalnra aanat. medicua curat morbue." , ml tm* SOLOMON HEINE. M D > sjTRAW Wr API IS'i-iua# re?ma frown atmw wrapptig ' 'V ""'rW??Ti'?ROOur!iRw.r.l li YV YO SW YORK. SUNDAY M FASHIONABLE TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. A T THK VASHIONABLJC TAILORING KWTA-* A BLI8HMLNT, I OH Beekman atreel.uear Pearl. lieutleteu who are now or formerly have beeo paying tiliaagant prieea for their clothing, are aaaured that they need do 3 uo more, aa the aubaeriber will guaraDtee to art who parouile hiia, a handromr At, a fashionable atyle and eieellent vileriala, at tlie following moderate price*? Sup.YVeat of Eng. Wool dyed, black, blue, or green dreaa o?ta, $15 to f*f. Pants, double milled do black, plaid, and fancy casa., H to 8 M. Veata? Fine eaahmere,*a*in,and all kinda, $? to $5 ( oat* made and 'rimmed in a auperior manner, Irom $T to .50; Vesta, $1,50 to Mi Pauta,$l,5uio $f. ? _ at 1m* JOHN MOKFAT. CAR PETINCi. &C. CHEAPEST IN THE CITY". [ONES A MAKCY, lot Bowery. New York. ?re now re'ceiriug thnr spring aupply of Cerpctiug, Oil Clolha. Yvin.'W SbaJea, 0-uggeia, Hearth Rugj, Door Mats, Table and iaao ("ovrra Stair Kode Ac Ac. a .i 1 j __l. nf Ki.e ah and American manufactura, which cannot be exceeded ir lie-ut) , auglity and rhtaini'ii iu the lily. Pirtona iboul fur. lulling llieir houiee air itivil'd to give u* call. 1. K. JONES, a? l ui" L.MARCV. ANDERSON'S POLISHING PASTE AND PLATE POWDER. New York. Jul <,1843. We hare tried the Poluhing Paate made by \1r. Audereoo, id find it to be min-rior to anything w> hive ever uaed. BOaKOMAN It HAHT, Burling Slip. Manufaclurera of BriUunie Ware, New York, Jan. 10,1843. Wehave tried the Paete and Plate Powder inaJe and (old by Jr. T. Audtreun, and take ideuure in recommending tliein. CuLEMA.N It STET9UN, A(t?r Houne. ~~ New York. Jan. 34 1843. ?> e hare uied Mr. Andereon'e Poliahing raate and Plate >wder, and find them very excellent for ileaniig (itrer and Irer platrd ware. BALL. TOMPKINS A BLACK. Late iVlanjueud A Co., 18i Broadway. New York. March 1.1843. we hare need Wm. Anderam'e Poliehiug Paete and Plate iwder for cleauing lilrer and other kiude of ware,and can commend it with eoufiJei.ce to lh? public. THOMPSON k USHK.R, ?71 Pearl itreet. Brooklyn, Feb. 14,1MB I hare ueed Mr. Wm. Andereon'i Poliehiug Paete for tilrer, aea, and ailrer plaud ware, and find it ta oe a firet rate artii. ROBERT E. STORY, Saddle and Harneai Maker. Foraale wholesale and retail, foreaportation, at manufacrera'pricea. by f HAS. H. RING,S3 Fulton atreet, eorner Cliff. Aleo, by Baeectt, <44 Broadway, oue dcw.r above Bleeckcr reet; Onion, corner Grand and Bowery; Coddingtnn, corner udaou and Spring; Sanda", 77 Keel Bruadwev. inlt'.m* ~ ~ IMPORTANT TO CONSUMPTIVES. TEW TOHK, September91ft, 1341 ToDr C. H. Ring.? * Sir; As you have requested ma to fire you an sccoum of ?w your'* Eliiirof Lite"sct*din my cue, ' cheerfully com jr for tlie benefit of other*. Ihavehsds cough every winter r several years, and always got relief from simp's hsrb ten* II last winter, neither one thiug nor the other sesmsd to gi lief, and I was gradually watting away?having to rcUnQ'i y butineas. In thieatate I wis persuadsd by my friend Mr. ck to try youi'El.iir of Lift and oefore 1 had finished tut >ttle, I was not only cured of my eough. pain iu the chest, ght sweats, but able to resume bunness ; and fin I myself #o pidly improving it at my friends art astonished, eipecting to jar of my death, instead of seeing me get active ana robust. I insider myself ind sbted to you for the saving of my life, and iy one situated at I was. may call on PETER N HELMS, 13 Thompson St. Prepared and foraale by C.H. RING,S3 Fulton, cor. Cliff, m 191 m * IING S COUGH CANDY| HE degree of confidence placed inline Vegetable Coiyh 1 Candy by a majority of our, ough? toinapirr |? like in the mind of every ecajuic, who perhaua la ao from iving been deetived t>y acme article that praviaed ever thing id performed nothing. Won a pnyiiciam r*cvn.mcn? -? tie they did not place implicit reliance io Iti virtuei? Would ergvmeu and other public iprakert (peak publicly of it* d?ihtful relief, in lubricating the eir puutei and giving the lice a manifeet inordinate rolumeT In tine, would.every idjrwhoh.ii tried it io ilrenunmly promulgate Tirtuei, id not the almoit miraculoui effect* of it* powerful agency ten aeen I Prepared and told, who'eiile and retail, for exportation, by . H. RING, S3 Kul Ion it net. coiner of CI' If. ml9 1 ?* * DRE * iv) ?CKEAM?UREA M. Still theCitie* widely teem With praiie of Riavi Verbena Ci earn? The fuieit Fhtvtrg Co i poind known, Experience Nat clearly ihown, 'Til io rkil'ully prepared Toioftee e'en the roi gheit heard. That a dull raznr'i edge beitowa A krenaen that the ?Soi7>e?f knew*. 'Tii pure, and nlraiant, choice and cheap? Will in every climate keep? Make* it a plexiing tnk te ihare, And will both time and trouble tire. Prepared and lold by C. H. RING, S3 Kulton atreet; Ban tit.614 Broadway, and 459 Broadway. mil Im* LUOINA CORDIAL. TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. T iinow barely three year* amce the general introdaetion of the Lucina Cordial into the United State*. and in that pc lod it hai not only irread iti HMfulnra* throughout thil emiiphcre, and *u?tain>d the rait reputation which it had renouaty acquired io Ktrope. but haa alio added te the reuwnof ita llluitrioui inventor bt the unrivalled powera it haa reu dtienrered to poaaeaa in the cure of incipient eomtimrton. 1 he know ledge i f ita wonderful influence in reuov atii g nd invigorating the human frame,lint auggeeted the idea ol ing it in tnie way; andthe reault la th?t a medicine hai ecu added tal'the catalogue for the cure ofincipirnt c >uiumpon, which placei the diieaae. with due precaution, uuder the octroi of the patient It ii acarcely necemary at thil period > recommend the Locina Cordial, ai an all-iuffieieut remedy l caiee of Gleet, Flour Albut, difficult or painful mentirua100, Incontinence of Urine, and all diaeaaea ariiiog from debilatien of theayatem, where an implroe, or a reatoratire u ranted; aa throughout he United Stale* it hai taken of allolher m-diciuein auch eaiei, and leavea nothing urther to be hoped far; ita curea being apeedy, perfect, permaent, and effected w ithout pain or trouble. Should there how ver be any pergon laboring under the above complaint*, who redoutuui *)i m aimuai uoitctvnii/ umvii??,> ,?W.M nead it t# them with all confidence, end an my own personal tsponaibility, fee ling ass ued if they |i?i it tne required trial, hat heal'hto the afflicted parliee, and rratefuluea* to Dr. flag in, will be the res?lt. But, a< ii also the est* in Enope, tie immense American reputation of the Luciua Corlial. k p in( i; ally baaed on ita thoroughly investigated, induntan e.and generally admitted power to enable f> main, who i. d been cmeidercd bairea, to bear offspring; and to rest >r? itril* powers in malei, when reduced to utter aed apparently lorcleaaproatration, to perfect health and activity. When 1 irat received the American agency of the Luciua Cordial, 'rom Dr Magnin, Dot wit' i landing He immense loreignctlebn;y, and the great amount of respectable testimony that *e:ompanied it. I declioid committing myeelf individually; giving ant perannal assurances in theae particular, but i"w, alter th- eaomt' iu eaU of upward* of oae hundred hnueand bottles coupled wi h th* receipts of certificates lud teatimonial* innn Titrable, and much knowledge foanded >o penonal obstrvatic n, I can UohemUtingly warrant it a* rarexceediogmy most sanguine hopes, or even the illuttrioua men'or'i promisee, iu the fu'filment of the most important tads for which it is recommended, and haa becone ?o justly ind univ eraally popular. To be as ezplicit as possible, I rel?at. and hold mj self personally responsible lor tk? aaaumpion.thattheLueiaa Cordial, can invigorate the riri'e powers nmales.and make them fociudiut, where nature has bern leScient, oi when they hare been protested by aroticial scans; an I alio that it can produce that state of the ay item in emalaa, who had been pre*I-usly unfruitful. and imagined isrren, which will enable them to bear chi'dren. I regret .hat I hare to apeak en plainly, on sueh exceedingly delicate natteai, but feel called upon to do so, lent it might be mirinleraioad. nod as a fall guarantee for the grefct responsibility shich I lure chaertuily assumed. Wi.h feeliof a of ai cere ,'ratitn le forth*.zteicsive patronage which, as thesieutof tnc uuctta Cordial,ha* bean healed upjn me in thta country, rcmai the Pub'ics'very obedient humble te'vart, JOHN WINTr.nS HOLDhnWELL, M D Tr ee (3 per holtl . Forest* at tot Broadway, New York in?'90 Nor h 9uth st'ert, Phil dslnhia. mgllm* PHENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. and Materials for C FlortaU.?BBlliN, LAROBIERE k CO.. 116 William itrset, haiejuat rreeirtd, by the Havre packets, Argo and i*rancois 1st, and offer for sale ? 000 Boita French Artificial Flower*, comprising a general araartment of th* most fashionable flontrs worn in Paris. 600 Dozen Pink Saacen, suitable for flower makers, war rantedef the firat quality. 10 Cases Materials for P loriet*. *i*:?paneru, muslin, floss silks, wires, lesres, buds blo-sonna. olives. Ac he. This establiskaieot ? constantly receiving the new style* if flowors a* they sppear in Pane. Dealer* will find it to their advantage tocall. Th* stock a SI tensive the prices modern!*, and every article selected with thegrea'e.t care. mj 1m* D ThIM- I>. y r.m ihr relebrat'd manufac tory ol Jo">? . ....... u u, Th. hiali r. notation of k ' i?pn UlllOll, U| vim ii?.ia?.. T r ? -Hhi peni hai imlucfd many inferior mileri to imitate them, hereby injuring thetwell earned re put a ion of J leeph Uillott. rw Public are requ-a'.ed to b? particular from whim thcjr nirchaae. The genuine map be known by their aupenor quality, and ,y the atrU of pelting up. A mo* 1m* U Maiden l.ana. r6 the halitantxjk ky hrianku-jonlb* rOILOF CORUCKCA^Iit. . I HOSE who* liair iafallinn out, tnrniog gtey. or hoe centd growing, an article in here offered you at a rtMonable price -remember il > not putted?and it will do all it ta repraaented 0 da Read t hie? I certify that my hair wan falling out faat; I combed out inndlula daily " if nine# I hoeeuned two bottlei of Jonca' Oil >f Coral (ircanma, it ban quit* topped falling out, and la :row it g fart and dark. 1 W. TOMKIN9, f? King nt. Thia will girt light, red or grey hair a I nedark look, an I in lime cauae it lo grow dark from the rnote olliera who tare uaed thin and certify in J. f. Power, grocer. Breaklyn; J. Uilberl. jeweller. 3d aeenua old by T. JONES, nignof the American Eagle. M?unlnni fou are careful of the rignt number you'll bo cVated with a ;ounlarfelt?M Chatham ntreet. Price 3 I and a ehillingn a bottle?three nizrt. 133 Ealton atrent, Brooklj n, in agent. mMlm* _ IIAI it Ol LT?There in no Oil ia the world Hint can da good 11 or bad to tha hair. Ereiy body known that when the hair ta burned it will grow again aa good an eeer All the powdera for dyint the hair we nothing nut a miiture of lime and lithtage, and the hair ia not dyed, hut literally burned Li.uida for dying tha hair are componitiona of eaae'ic and piritn, that bumn in the aaine way aa the powder*, and d int die the hair, a? the hair will grew no matter how many timea it in burned : and eeery b?d? hi own alno, that when the head it full of dandruff, the hair begina to turn grey, and baldnetn follow*. From ta eipenence oftwenty year*, be o? hair cutter, and haeing ihe opportunity of emmin.wg grdnt many heade, (and blockheada) I haea made mynelr a great contrition. knman "Paaior'a Hair Oil. or Compound Eancutial Oil of A mood*," far detroying dandruff,prtienting (he hairfrom coming out and tnrnini grey Thia inimitable I Hair Oil will make the hairgrow wall, no matter how mceh dandruff or aoranana m aa tha head. For aala. w toleaale and rtleil. at A. Paator'a, Hair Cuttnr, 1W Greenwich itrttt,Ntw Yoik. Pricr 10 cat* a bottle. Mia* >RK I ORNING, APRIL 10, 184: PERMANENT Ertl'ABLlaH.viJfiN r. IN NEW YORK. MON8. MALLAN A SONS, Surgeon Dentists, No. '571 Broadway, and at London and Paris inform the Pablicof New Yoik, and its vicinity, that in consc'ioence of their very extensive practice, they have, at lewpth, been induced to open a remanent Establishment, where they may be consulted at No. 371 Broadway between Franklin and White streets, in all cases appertaining to their profession, in which they have been so sncessful, in consequence of their celebrated discoveries and improvements in the art of Dentistry. Mons. Mallan returns thanks lor the very liberal pat ronage he has received, and continues to receive, par ticularly to the Medical profession of New York, for their kind recommendations,and advocating Mons. M.'s improvement in Dcntristy. CELEBRATED MINERAL roi FILLING DECAYED TEETH! Mons. M. continues to restore decoyed Tueth,.ho<wever large or unall the cavity ; making a stump into a sound Tooth, instantly curing the Tooth, however painful or sensitive, matching in point of color, the natural cortex or enamel of the T?)oth. They never break or become looae?they have-no unnatural gloaa?are Hrmly fixed without wires or ligatures?no bulky substance in the month?and in- every particular resemble the adjoining Teeth, in conformity of shape aaj minutest shade of color. Placed from one to a complete set, upon the above imprrved and scientific principle, they are guaranteed to answer every purpose of Mastication acd Articulation. LOOSE TEETH securely andetfectually fastened,arising either from the useof medicines or any other cause. ARTIFICIAL PALATES replaced upon a sure and scientific method. TO THE PUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES. Monsieur Mallon is happy iu being enabled to announce that by the kind consent of Three Hundred of the first families of the United States, consisting of the first Merchants, Medical prafession, Clergy and private Citizens, to whom he can refer as to the superiority of Mons. M.'s eelehratad Mineral in preference to any ether they have ever tried, and, in their opimon^he beat that 1 evercame undertheir notice. His other improvements need no comment. INVALIDS Attendedby Mons. Mallan, Junr., at their own Establishment. THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC are particularly invited to pay Mons. Mallan a visit, to see the specimens of his new discoveries in Dentistry. TESTIMONIALS. Mons Mallaa: Mntbec.May Uh.tStl. Dear Sir,?After having tried the Artificial Teslh which you made for me, I cannot do jou lots justice than to acknowledge with pleasure my entire satisfaction. I brg to saythey answerevery purposeof astication and Articulation equal to those placed ny thehan ls of nature. They ao closely resemble the uatural onea iu the miuuiest shads of color and shape, that they are uot li act-rued as being artificial by the closest ODMrvers. Your celebrated invention for filling decayed teeth, I can give a decide!* opinion of its valuable qualities. You nany use Ibis letter iu any way you think proper, for the benefit of the public aud yourself. I am.detrsir,yours truly, TIKIS. KARtjl'Ks, M anus I C arms 1st. To Mons. Mallan, Surgeon Dentist, m Broadway, This gentleman is known at lit Broadway,and at Trims Ward kiting V MONS? MALLAN, m Broadway. SJR?I feelita'pleasure tobeable to ofler you my testimony in behalf of your celebrated mineral During uy later residence in Purii I called at vour est**ii*hment in the line Cu* tiglione,aad having had tone teeth titled with your mineral., I can oifly say that I hate had every reason to be satisfied with its utility and value, end never in the least depree experienced any incoovenience or injury from its effects in any manner whatever.?During my visit to Moot. Mali an I saw vera} testimonials of the highest character, all eipresstng the fullest confidence in its (treat benefit ond value. As far as 1 am enabled to judge, I considered it then, and villi consider it. to be the best preparation of the kina ever ofTiied t? the publie. 1 am.sir .respectfully ,yourobrdieutservai>t. 71 VANBURGH LIVINGSTON. 811 Greenwich street, near Ka/tGaiiievoort. new ior?,.?ii?y xi, mil. Mona. MALLAN U SUNS, Surgeon Dentists, mag be consulted daily at 372 Broadway between Franklin aad Whit at?..eaat aide. mg3 m' TO ('AK.PE.VJ.'KK.S*, HUlLUhlta, tec. TVST PUBLISHED,?The Modern Builder'a Guide, com J lainiuc eighty seven copp-r platen, with full eiplanationa. (Miuard Lefever. Aiehiteet ) This work ahoiild be in the handa of every builder in the country. It coutaina an aceu r-te,treatise on Hand and Stair Mailing, a branch which liai heretofore been but imperfectly noticed in other worka. Ita publication haa been at ended with great ripenae It ia hand omely bound in quarto, and ia rispictfnlly offered to the public, wholeaale and retail, by the ubtisher. WILLIAM D. SMITH. Architect, Portrait and Card Kneraver, 110 Broadway, third atory. Foraale a Tew Oil Stenei, auitable for Engravers, Pen tuts, fcwsllcre. Itc, ml 1 Hp* A PROBLEM A ND the war to aolta it. Why do the imitatora of my TabA |ct Razor Strop allow me to carry eff the prim mm modal and diploma, from tho American Inalitute. year after ye ?r, without ereo inhmitlin* thrirownfor trial f O ye of tender china and tough bearda. tnawtr the above by bringiug a dull p ir of Razors, and teat forynu'ietvee he trutha oi the certificate! af the moit acirmific gentlemen in the country, via: Pi* feeaor Oriscom, Dr. Mo't, Gtn. J.; Tillmadge and othera. G SAUNDERS.aole levator and inannfacturerof tna metallie Tablet Razor Strop, with lour aides, 163 Broadway. mgflm* _ __ rvHINA, GLASS ANO EARTHEN WAKh.-A Uat ol v J prices of China, Glass. Me.,sold by R. SIMPSON. 6 Aator House, Broadway, who keeps the beat articles, and sella cheaper than mey other hou?e id the United States FRENCH STONE WARE, Porcelain. Blue or White. Platen 1st silt perdoz $l (4 $1 00 do <d da 1 74 M do Id do 1 64 73 do 4th do 1 37 S3 do tih do 64 37 Cover Pish, 1 41 76 Sauce Tureen and Stand. I 00 71 TeaCupanod Saucers,per doi.tsps. 1 60 Pitchers, 1st aiae, 1 76 60 do Id do I 37 37 do Id do 1 12 96 do 4ih do 75 16 do llh do 63 Ilk rkt 8(1 Chocolstsi.Tstsizeperdi ITS 4a 2d do 3 M do M do 2 TS Tea*. 1 So En Cum. IT 8looe Wire, Dining service,112 piecot 13 00 French or Cos. Poieolain tea ?Ms, 83 pucn 4 00 CUT OLAS8. Octagon dishes, best quality. inch, pr pair I 00 do di do do I SO do do 10 do do 0 00 Decanter*, the let of 4 fro* ( 50 tJre-n Hock Glasses, per dot. 2 25 Cut Wines from 1 50 per dotsa Cut Fluted Turn Mrra 1 00 do Lemonades, bandied, a 25 do Housekeepers, take care 4 his list, and make your purchasers at 5 Astor Houee; the nvihg rnu will make by so doing must be sisible to all upon reading the aboee. Table Cutlery?This is also the cheapest store for fine Table Cutlery, in seta or doseas mil lm* R. PIMPflON.e Aster House. KALSOMINE PAINT.?The Kaleomine I'aint having bees severely tested in this city daring the winter months, the patentees can recommend it with renewed confidence to the public. The numerous specimens of Kalsomine Paint now existing in New York, renders an enume ation of its ad vmtagee superfluous; among the most prominent are the following Keleoinine Colors art m< re permanent, more luminous and agieeable to the s>e than oil colors. They are applied without oeeaaiouiug any offensive smell or injurious effect upon health, end drying in a few hours. Katsomioe paint may, if properly applied, be washed when soiled, according to directions in thoeircular. Orders received and punctually attended to at the KAL80MINB PAINT DEPOT, feb II lm* 344 Broadwae. corner Fr?-nhlia. FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. AMONG the many and various Cosmetict that are offered to the public for b-an'ifyitig the completion, sad removing -very eruption from the l?ce, none can be so coufiiently recommended a* Church's Vegetable Lotion It imparts a delicate inio.hnese to the tmnpeii-n, and r ffrctualiy removes pimples, blotches, lac, frecklrs ruigw him, aud all o.her cutaneous eruptions and disci.loiatii.ns , Price TS cents per bottle?sold at Chu-ch'e Dispensary, 188 Bowerv,corner of *rri'gatr-et Agents?E. W. Bull, H ?rtfoc''; C. It N. W. Simmo-s, Pine, Corner of Fourth street, rtillad Iphts; Charles Sleanr. roughkoepsie. m28 lm* DOCTOR PROVOST. OO.ME individuals writeagaiost the use of balsam eopaivy, i ? cubebs. litre, camphor, mineral astringents, lie he . in the cure of secret Ciseasrs, but that the world knows that the above n.raed medicines will and have cured those diseases, is beyondadoubt It is perfect folly to deny that fact. Bui that it r?quires a professional m?n, sad a man of skill in his profes. ion, lo knew when and how to give those medicines, is Mually as obvious to men ol minds. I hope, therefore, that geillemen requiring medical aid will not give ear to all the foohah stuff which they may see io the shaie of advertisements, but they w<1l call upon me, at No. 9| Broad strict, where they shall havsa full hiatory nf their cise. I feet eoufl lent that not apt lieut will leavemy i Ifice without beii g entirely satufied that Ihereiaat Iras one regular bred physician whs has condescended to place hirrarlt aim ug the field of Quacks. My office ia at 81 Broad, comer Stone St. ??IH- J. rROVOST. M.D. DR. MORRISON. VTOltTH RIVK.R DI8 F.NHARY, M4l Fu'lon afreet.near Greenwich?Dr. Morrleon, Member of ihe Koril College of Hurffeoot, London. and formerlf eurgeon in the Britieh naTf, ronii men to be rooaulted daily on dtaeaaee of delicate natiire.and all thoee dietrraaiog avmptoma conatgoeutno in iudiliona treatment and the imprudent nee af notch medieince. )r M. hat had tn eiperiencr of twenty-two yean in treating delicate < ieeneee, 10 all their raiiout tod complicated forme, end neea a mild, eale. and mfalliole euhetitute for mercury, eradicating the reaeieal rirue with certainty, without euWeeting Ihe patient to any rieh.or reetricting him in hie newel diet r i urautta. while hie mrdieinei nr> agreenMe in taete end fOMll. rermnnent obelrtict one in the urethrn. encheeetncturea.anl iccompnaied with much irritatian and dull patu. are tome of theconerque irea of mal treatment, acd leading oil' ly to urinary fletular. Dr.M. treat! atrktune in t w Intific manner, gradually promoting abeorptiou of the Ui named memoriae without paia. . , _ CONSTITUTION AC DfcBILITT -Tlynmndeof yonag men are Differing from the coa?e<iaeneee or indnttcoee in .eeret deatractire habit, and whoee nerree are further injured from the une of noatruma and preten-led aycifi re, which atimulate onir to induce greater depreneion Dr M. treete oa purely pathological principle!, nod nerrr (?ill i i gtahnnhiBg a cure,alto the mnet obefinate yndd to hie plan ioftre Iwtaere poet pud. and containing aeu ui?ie ?*. w>H' the correepondent IMIaoeiM and ovedicine to aim -pert of lha Umoo. br hie rieinga hieforr TheaeUicka. honor and coofldeuce ^ leare to inform theamoiiiog public that they will alwayg had. ,f a di at rate nrttefc and frienfiy treatment can inenra cut torn, hg feopee to roattrt a large ehnre of it. mm M* IERA 2. general agency. i rI*H K SI B3CHIBK.K liu# t ikrn ill# lore 7S k ultan street. I -I Brotklyn. for Ihe sal.- of the iniet approved genuine pa lent and family medicines, perfuintiy fancy art icfes, he. Ma'-ufac'urers and pmpt i'tors of such a i tides, <>r of any thing else, who with for an active, Stirling agent lu dispose of iheir production, will fitd ?uct an on- in flic person of the Hbieribir. 8 J. STEWART. 7S Kultou it.. Brtvoklj o Po' sale, ntMl of tke apprevid family inadicinea. fervour purchasing lie re may rely ou nbiaiuu g genuine article , ad lie' UAiNuKl K>' or lot* ot hair ii caused(by a imgum or obstructed circulation in the inn-all Mood ?r? r!s which lay dly the scalp and hair vrith uourrshmrii', cousr.pieuee of wnich the jierspi ration became* thick and dummy. and drier ou the mriace, forming a crust called ouudrnff. which clegs no die |wrr? of ihe jkiu. anil by iti pressure against the root a of the hair prevents it from receiving sufficient nourishment 9o retain rit rfity The hair thewbecomee bar. baud nupleasaut, ihai ne? c<*.ir and liNi off. Thu uuueallhv aA-ciion u very speedily cud effectually cured by Jayoe'a Hair Tonic, which revirei .lie dormant power* of the rurface visaeli, removes i lie dandruff, and produce* a new ami healthy groWih ofhair | to supply the h>*? of the old; and baldness i* prevented or removed where it already i riet* The following eerlilieate i* (elected, which mAcianUy proveeits extraordinary nrtuei? Mi-am. A. B. ti Studs:?tie u tie men. an act of justice to you ami Dr. Jayue, I aend you tliia certificate to iuforra you of the inraluuble tern-lit my wife has receired from the uae of Ur. Jay ne'e Hair Tonic. She loat aot only her entire head of hair, but her eyebrows alio and after trying rarioua other remediea, with no benefit, ah* uaed Dr. Jay-Be'* Hair Tonic, fhe uaed two bottles before we could discover the hair had started. and commentii g with the third it s.arted to grow out fairly.and iu -a few weeks her head aud oyebiowa were covered wish a third growth ol fue black hair, p better lhaixahe had lost. 1 funk it was eutirdy produced by rt the nae of the Tonic, and would recommend it to all who need a aimilarremedy. '* Truly your*. JOHN N. JACKSON. h Prepared only by Dr. D. Jayue, ft* South 3d meet Price y $1. S.ildat whutcMleand retail by A B 9ANDS-, druggipts. 79 FuFlon. corner of G ild atreet, and I DO Fui ton street; alio sold by Abraham B.Sando- tk Co., No 173 Broadway, cor- * ner of I'll amber treet; Darid Band* k Co., No. 77. East a Broadway mlg I n j( QALT RHEUM. HING WORM TETTER. BARBER'S a 0 ITCH AND SCABIES?RAYER S LOTION AND r. 8YRUP ia the only remedy which i* certain to cure tho shore complaint*?harmless iu itaoperation, but certain iu ita tffrcta ?Ihe Lotion healing quickly, and the Syrup purifying apeedily. N Piica $1. tV ThE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL?Dr. Goodwill-* Deter- '* gent and Pilla never to cure a recent caae ofdiseassiu 49 I" hourt. if uae I aadirected. Try them, all ye atllietei? they A are free from mercury. Pria* SO cent* each. Hi THE TOOTHACHE CONtlUERflV-Jaoisso's Extract. j* It re'ievasiu See miuutea after application to the neiee ot the 'n tooth, i-nd prevent* decay ef th* tooth is tilled immediately. fr Price 50 cent*. _ ? KE.viALK MONTHLY TILLS?From M. B indr'ocjue w cf Fr?uce?eortain. safe and speedy io the cure of all case* where nature has become obstructed. They cure in a few days. Trice 7treenta per package. _ f0 GILBERT'S ANTI BILLIOUS FAVIjLY TILLS?For "j thercl ef of all comp'aiuta produced by costive habits, such *J at headache, heartburn, sour stomach, dizuueas, and lose of >1 ap|a tit*, they have been uaed. with mure success than auy pill ever be rora offered to tha public. Tr*e-J5 ceut* per box. , Sold whrlesale anil retail by E. M. GUION; 197 Bowery, ' earner of Grand street. mlS tin* al ROTS' CLoiH|NO?CHILDREN'S CLOTHING-A ill D very large aasortnveut?Very good quality?Very cheap? fr GEO A. HOY 1' It CO., No. MBowery, would respectfully info'm their patrons and the public generally, that tin y have again been making extensive prepannioua for the spring and summer trade, and have now on hand a much larger assor tment of boys'and children's c'othing than tbey haveerer before had. The public are invited to ea'l and examine their go'ds, cl wi.k particular reference to qiahty and price. Term* cash. m ?> lnU_ ____ fu HUTCHINOB' STOMACH BITTERS is a certain cure pi for Dyspepsia, assisting digestion, weakness, nervous e) iseasea, night aweata.&c. , Sir?1 have in the conrae of my practice prescribed yoursto- ?l mach hitter* and fouud them a most efficient remedy in cases at of indigestion, acidity and debility of the digestive organs. ^ 1 by no means class it among the quack inediciM* of the day, but one which will confer a great blessing cu many of ? Ol.l ?ut ering fellow beings. \ P. J BRADY, M. D. 330 Rroeme st. Tha following is from Dr E. O. Ludlow. 934 Broadwty?1 , havs used your Bittsra. in cases of unpaired dig'at ion, when vegctablt tonics were indiapeusuble, with a bent (Vital result. The anirles of which it is composed are very judiciously com lined, and I hare no doubt will prove service able in the cases for which you have recommended if. Yours, he. EDWARD G. LUDLOW. Certificate* of inaey persons cured caii be *eeu at the drug | tore ISO Bowery,corner of Broome, where the above is sold only in tiii city, an<l Mrs Hays, 139 Fulton street, Brook Ivu * Price large bottles >1; small So cents. 11.39 ln.? r pKAHSALL'S OAK ESTABLISHMENT, found,J in * 1 |839,a 102 Wa'er street, S doors aboee Catherire market, i the only es.ahlishment of the kind in the Uuitid States, continues to supply the Navy, the American, Russian anil Span nh war steamers?has su.plieilall the Race Boats and Club u Boats Tor the last four ye n?and has now the largest assort- J, men! of Oars, Sweeps and Sculls ever col'ected in one place. N. B. The Branch Oar Store, on the North River side, is shut up, and remove i to 403 Water street -, and as I save all theerprnres of one store, I will sell enough chearer to those who come from th? North River side to pay th?m f r tneir troublh Race Boats, Club Bsats.Oars asu Sculls sold 50 per u cent less than la?t year. ?9 lm? * QCtlAK BEET, Premium Corn and i'umpiius, fre?ii v<geia j" O bis and rare tlower seed*. Eogtish grass for lawns. 80 009 A 9T-en and hot'house plants dahlia root*, tiger Bowers, tubs .. roses, fiuit and ornamental trees, shrubbery of all k'tnls.cana- \ ry birds gold fish and globes, wholesale and retail, on the most returnable term', at N1BLO A DUN LAP'S, No. 679 ,, Broadway, and at their nursery, corner ol 8th Avenue and \ tilth street. Hailem. i?33 iro* HE^l'RUE RICHES OF LIFE IS HEALTH-The _ only genuine Taylor's Balaam of Liverwort from the ole p,opii*tor at 311 Spring street,has never been kuown to faibiu curing the most alarming symptoms of Consumption and Liver Complaint. We have certifies tea from hundreds of N most respectable persons, certifying to the surprising relief they have received io using the article from 341 Spring street Owing to ihe assertions of counterfeiters, the following 1 worn farts is now published? I City of Brooklyn, Kings County, ss:?E. Townsend being duly sworn, deposes and says that he is personally acquainted witii the proprietor of Dr.Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort, and doss certify fram his own knowledge that the ouly persoa B now living, who prepared this medicine at 373 Bowery, and m is the sole proprietor, resides anil transacts bu-inissat 341 In Spring s'reet, and manufacinrsa the genuine Baeam of Li- at verwort at that place, froji the only original reeipe in r via- ai tencs. ft. TOWN3KND. th Sworn before me thii 11th Jan 1843. pi 8. ALPHEU8 SMITH. Com or Deeds. w I certify from my own personal knowledge tint the abovs statements iu regard to the ownership,he. aret>ue. 8. ALPHEIT3 SMITH. Beware of Counterfeits, as ths great question of life or m death mar depend upon having Ihe genuine medicine, made c! only m this city at 341 Spring street. cl "? - w-a-t? - u-.... ?. n?.i?? at \r?;.. Aicnn?IXCUUM a fummuvn .v.? , 78 Fulton itrMt, Brooklyn; lit and 248 Broad itreel, Newark Price?Lance bottlea $1, next lixe $l,atd imillerlire SO cenU._ n<28 Im' *] nOOF.R'8 PATENT METALLIC ELASTIC BOOT V LV HEELS.?The xubicriter bcge leave to inform the pub- ~ lie,that he hat commenced to menufrfcture and fell boots with lli ia valuable invention, which only ueeda to be known to be universally adopted J The foHowirga'e some of the many advantage it potteftet over every other bind . 1st?The elasticity adds to' the durabili ly of the boot onethird. J1 id?Itmakee nomore neiee on the pavemest than a flipper. " The unpleasant clinking noieeofthr iron heele if obviated. M?It prevenif boote from runuiug down at the fide or back. j? dtn? Itaelaetieitfenablee one to walk witn much left fa- * tifue, the heel g|vi e a natural spring at eaehftep. " tlh?It doef not cut and tear carpetf, like the iron or nailed heele. In order to brn g this improvemei t w ilhin the reach .. of all, the fubeeriber hae concluded to put them at the eame ni pncee of the common heele. ... . " Boote of every quality and deecripliou, wholcaate and re- . tail, at the old etand. H. NEWELL, & mtlm* 144 Chatham ftreet. N THE CURE OK STRICTURE? It if moet unfortu- hi nete in thie complaint that many penone have a etrictore who are qpt in the leaet aware of it- The common notion < ie,that eo long ae the urine passes in a tolerable' 'ream,there f< cannot be a itrieture. But thie if far from true. A etrirture f< may, and oflen doce. exiit for monihe. and even rears. without al prodecing any finking change In Una reaped. When a etric- ei tore arrivet at that degree or larrowneae at eeuaibly to impede the if a aenout maladr indeed. The object ef thoae * remarke however, ie to preveni thie ftate. and to attack it at a f tune when it ieeaeily and perfectly removed. But there are E other circumetaucct bceidee ite effect upon the urine be which v e etrictiire may be known, or, at leaet. strongly suspected, and i though these are aumeroua, there are two which art very com- a mon and very eaaily judged of, and theae shall be mentioned c bare. The first of these circumstances relates te time. It ia well known that fit let urea arise from loDg continued and badly kreated Uooorrhda. Now, whenever thu disease continues { over many weeks, especially if in the early period any the boaetcd nostrums of (he day were taken, there ia just and pro- I per ground to auipect e stricture. The next ie moat remarkable?it ia the effect a stricture has upon the mind and soil its. This is a feet that may be the S roughly relied on. Indeed the author never faw a ease of ttnc lure, (and he aeef many everr day,) in which the patient did ? not, more or leas, complain of hie lose of mental energy?that J he was not to capable of business ae formerly. Tfee reason of this, however, ie clearly shown in hia "Pri.... little volume noticed ia aaolher column of this paper, tad to ^ which the reader is referred, not only for knowledge of this w disease .but on every other connected wifh thiaeubivct- . ,a DR. RALPH further begs to edd. that he may be ensealled t( personally V. hie raaideacc, No. M Greenwich flrfft, boor ; and should any be in deubt ee to the enfteaee of thie |a disease. especially after perusing hif little eslawe.^he wiB, (( without expense or the least pain, explain V'T!, ?!.??!. gi thsr ha hav. or not. Lelit oolyUjrenaembered that. If hijw Jy ally has t strieture, aat all the median# is the worid. alaoe. will aver cure it. lp" "" | SSiSSSSBiS?:^Ti !h? littleboob inthnat i**"ng ?t IWI their true and real nt ,| tare and aiea th? riak and luiu of iraunj them to ignorant *^ItbV miOtowerer,t# obtain rational degraa of eon* w <e!e? iL wtat b* ban on the cure of thoee iiMiM. tho ,, Mikor think* n proour her* to girt iiau.l* Utenwnt of the mean* and opportuoitie* he Kimaalf Km hod of forming)n*t and ? dear opinion* ?n thi# aubjar t. He therefore boga to etata. the! i beeide* hii rank a* graduate of Edinburgh, and member oi tba " London < ollegr.hc ha ha* been watching lhase diaaaae*, both k in HoapiUt *nd city practice tor more than thirty yean, and b. km published two edition* of a work eepraaile on them. Abo. that he ha* letter* of commend atioo from the moat eminent .. pbyeittaa m Europe to lb* moat eminent in America, a* Sir Aitler Cooper to Dr. Mott of New York and Dr Phyeick, of . fAiladeltdua, and other*, and which may be area by any on*. 4 And farther, that ha ha* th* privilege af referring to almoat 1 eeery pbyeiciao of enwaanee ia thi* city. Thee* ar* eirvura 1 ttaace* which afford the highest eati*faction to erery ooa, #* ei peciany tothoa* wboara anaiona to obtain tba boat adriee ? o The prica of th* kook ia St. ?' Dr Ral|ih ia roniullad at hi* retideeiea.M Greenwich a tree t. " ?t any hour, and ha* diatioct and eaparat* apartment* for tho** ' who bar* t* wait a littia. Cnmnouicnlioaa ky poat ar* feitk fally replied t(V J, CTRAM KNOIMr.ol 4 horvr power lor eel*. t?. o? ?ecn n kr in operation at 4H Homton it. *>!*' |* firOOL-kO.OOO lb*Sheared South American Wool.taiuble < ?e for 8*ttin*t* Flannel, he. . , ' SO 000 lb*, do do do. eoitaWe for rjra-tl, jerpale * OILMAN, 8MALL h<-O. on mil ?w* " v *' TO HOATMEN- . . Ylf AHTKD?Baach Paring Mtoo* of th* kin <"^2 f' . Bi W ply No. tl Norfolk (treeU ?7 LD. | * *etee VWO OIII Iftwun Lwfofip v.vcc ?1l w i uiu uppcKrtlui Lord Athbnrton wa* not the only great functionary who came out in H- H M frigate Waripite, but that breed singviahcd Indian Chief*,??special envoy*'* 'rom a New Brunawiek tribe, on the river St. lohu?, were hia fellow paeacngera. They arrived n thin city the day before yraterday, in ihe Baltiuore boat, on their way heme. Their viait to Engand wa* to claim from her Majeety protection from he white*, and a permanent title to their land*, *11 >f which they obtained, and were treated witta .rent diatinetmn in IJngland. The principal chief, ?h?waa styled captain, had auapended from hi* leek a coatly and aplendid diamond pin, and ether raluable oruaaaeuta Their dreaa being like thoae if other citizen*, enabled them to paa* along withlut briar generally noticed, the only dietingniahing edge being the handa on tbeir hata, which wero ed. bine and yellow. Among the peraona on board the Wnrapite, i* the >oy Jones, wboae remarkable inainuatinp way* are been manrteated by hii creeping into the fcteea of England'* palace, and liatening to the eeveraataon of the He wa* not spanked he deterred, bat they made a little lion ol him? trt like eoa>? of hi* brother quadrupeds, he aeema > leek and auiier hunger. ,( ' *1*. Co*. ?i* Pa*h.?A crim. con. cue oc<(ied the Tribunal de 1'remicre Instance on Satur* av. M. D , ? merchant of Paris, married a jouc idy, oaly sixteen years of age, and they lived appely together far eight years, daring which pelod they had several children. The wife at length bandoned her husband, and went to live with ner edaeer, but wa* received hack by M. D , ou her bowing much regret, and was pardoned. Not engage, however, she again deserted her husband, nd returned to lire with the tame person as be* ire. The husband upon this, brought his actien, nd the counsel laid the damages at 40,000 franca. 0 witnesses were called, but the fact of adultery as auJScioatly proved by the letters o| the guilty irtiea, extracts from which were read in court, fter a hearing of three hours, the Tribunal continued each of tha delinquent* to nine months' tprisonment, and warded to the husband 10,000 *ncs damages, to be paid by the seducer of his ifa. Horrid Mi-rdir *t a Ball.?We learn that a ul murder was committed on Wednesday night, : Chelmsford, Mass , at a ball, It appears that a lr.' Sianonds, of Lowell, who had gone into the itchen o| the premises, wa* requested by the ndlord to withdraw. He refused to do so, some Itercatioa ensued, and a gentleman who stepped 1 to the assistance of the landlord received a stab on Simonds, which proved fatal. Simonds wan rrested, and is bow in jail at Lowell. FL?aTiaa Glass Works ?Amongst tha strange' aft that navigate the Ohio, is a floating glass auafactory. A large flat beat is fitted up with a rnaee, tea pering oven, and the usual apparatus oper for tuch aa establishment. It is in full blast rerv night, melting glassware, which is retailed 1 along shore, as the establishment floats down ream It hails from iMtsburg, and i* owned by ore&Co.?Buffalo Com Adr. THE LARGEST THE CHEAPEST^ AND BEST ASSORTMENT OF WIGS AND SCALPS be to bk fouivd at V. CLIREHUGH'S, a* BROADWAY, ENTRANCE IN FULTON BT. VH& many attempts that are daily miking to imitate them . celebrated wiga and ecalpe, are Just ea many proefa of t high character they hare attained, and the eetimatioa they I hud in by the trade. But the public will observe that C. M e Original m*??r in thil country of _ TH1L VKflTlLATINO ANDUOI8AMEK WIGS AND SCALPS, WITHOUl METALLIC SPRINGS. id that mil other* arc out feeble attempt* it imitation, wanted gemua to dirine or direct the principle on which tlMf e made to fit, and I 'ie (kill and practice to eiecute. Ail wearer* aad counoieeeur* arc incited to inarect hi* HEADS OF HAIR, hteh for elefance, lightness, and durability map; be alaanff nong the firtt production* of modem art. In their maaufhaira they differ from all other* made here. The hair i* *hv artad.and to equally diatributed a* to appear just iamt mn the (kin: they corer no more of the brow thaa the utanl ia doe*, and harm* no metallic apnnc, all disagreeable wans* ia obviated. For a southern climat* they are insotlwshls. &only I oa. weight. atora, member of Congress, and gsntltmen from every tartar of therouotry, who are now wearing C.'s wigs, can bo ^CTprices will be found t* anit the eircumatanee* of all ___ lata CHAMPION WIG MAKER. JEW AND ELEGANT IMPROVEMENT IN THE MANUFACTURE OF TOUPEES. jHALON.ait Broadway,oppoei'e St. Paul'* Church, ia the fir* i to iLtruduce in New York the AMAZON TOUPEE, einga new inrention of the (ubicriber. Theie Toupee* are mile without (nap*, band* or metallic iprings; they fit on the cad by an entirely new contrivance? they display the forehead id temple* to any height?they are a* ea*y to put on an 1 off i a hat?there it not a particle of (leeMronor bra** in them? itaptinga are new invention, being made of pure OOLP to event mating or corroding. Thta if aeon-incing proof to old ig wearer* of their menu A* a WIG AND SCALP aker, PHALO.V8 qualification* ar* wall knows and approated. lit haa proved himielf to be decidedly the beat in the ty. Thifiea ract which every wig maker knows A eotiTiocing proof. If any were wanting, aa tha opinion of iree of the obtest and beet judge* in the proleuion in New ork can testily. The public can now judge from the TRKMlUMS. it. the (itver medal I act year, and tha first premium this, warded by the American Inatitute, who ia or is not the beat If ig maker in N.w York tt.iS RICH AND POOR I RE alike benefitted by Sharman'i Lotengee. They ataad l high among all. and need no puffing to make tkem known ENVY AND MAOCK ire induced some to make attempt* to p*alm off wort hi? ticle* in plac* of Sherman'* Lounge*, which bar* don* an ack ood, and cur* *o many. MILLIONS I act. kare erperieneed their haopr and beneficial effects i C out hi. Worm*, Headaches, Cold*, Whooping Cough, athma, Uonaumption, Palpitation, and all Nervous duets i, ana never an iiuiaici Known el tailing to ao ill mat ia aimed. GREAT AND SMALL, Jh and low, unite iu recommending them to all who need s a and aalutary medicine. CLERGYMEN tea announced their tirtuee from their pulpita, and anudat leir congregation*. PHYSICIANS tee recommended them to their patiente, when their afcill id Tailed ta give relief. OLD AGE aoftened to boyhood, and their declining year* made canirtahle and happy, by uaing Sherman'* Loiengre?ejway*aek rr Sherman' Lozenge*, and ?ee that you gel them?they lone will cure you. Dr. Sherman'* Warehouae ia at 108 Nao'AceiHi?110 and ?T? Broadway. 1(8 Bowery; 77 Kaat Brandray: WT Hudaon (t; M William *jr*et, New York; (8 and >8 Fulton *lreet, Brooklyn ; Redding, 8 tat* it, Boat an; lurgee*. ( South Third alreer. Philadelphia. ft I VTO f I E ? < nneignre* ol me I..Hoeing good*, per hip M TAROLINTA. from Livirpool. (conaigned to order) re reijimted to call, par their freight, and attend to the reeipt ol their good*, viz:? B 70 ca*e? of Merthandiaa *17 I trna* do S 81 c5*e I in diamond 84 88 do do W tol I do do GLOVER k McMURRAY. mM 100 Pine atreet. iTRIKKR'S BAY ON THh BLOOMlNGDXIfc ROAD. rHK auhreriber, having l*a*ed the aboTe e?tabli*hment, re iiectfully inform* In* friend* and the public that ha will >en for the?ummer, on Saturday next, April let. To thoea peraon* who have one* viaited Uiii romantic and mutiful place it ia needle** to apeak in ila praiae, and tho*e ho hare never aeen it may be convinced by a tingle vMt. that naturally beautiful and picture ijue acenery it iaunaurpwe I by any vpot on the icland of Manhattan Striker'* Bay ia aix mllea from the City Hall, on the Bloomgdile Road. Th* home I* aiuiate on the margin of the Hud hi rirer, along the bank* of whieh the garden and pleaanre -ounde extend a cooaiderable dmtance, the walk* wioditg trough a beautiful grove of locuat tree*. During the paat winter many impmveirrrt* have been made s the premiaeu?the road leading to the hoti?e ha* been widen- , I and graded, nr ther exprnae nor Ithor having been epared in rder to render thi* adeuervrdly favorite vtimmer rnmt The torkofwine* and liquor* ha* been eelec'ed (without rgard to coat) hy an experienced and competent ju 'gr The le cream*, the confectionery, and all other re'reehm-nt* wili t of the very firgt qualitv, and the rhirgea a* moderate aa in#a of any oilier rnaiwrt able erf atuianment. The garden and oreha-da an wall aupplied with llowan rnd 'vitaoi avary daecriplion. eo that eiutora wi??in# (o obtain u.ineta, or baaketa of Iruil, in Ihrir .everal iruon.can Ik MM, forth# aceommodalion of timer p? ri"n. who for healln or leaaun rida aarljr, brrakfaat will h? pro? idrd from I till tin ?e morning. Tim cotnfor' and convenience of ladiaa viaitirg tho home will I'ially atudied, and civility aad attention may alwaya I rrliad on. . Stagea atari every hour from No. 30 B iwrrv. ?nd p*??MiT?ra in alight at the gatr. W. COBiTN. I?tria _ k-taM RK tar a H I) i H<>?-" tM< oil* llitt. )OUU for the ritreof VV. girt no long mekiah recommendation, jo dec ii e the i ublic. If the mediinr ilore not .prak for il.rlf no onr eh ,11 at?ak for It Our hire I i. to notify when Item hr had. and that thr proprietor .all Mia a ?"* c,,? ?' "cent d 1'vae to he brought la hich the miijura doe. not effect a rapid r.irr, itcdrr a lorlri ire nrfioo kor.ale at I?r IT H Milnnr'a. d-nggiat 10.' r.mdway. Nrw Vork; J. Jonra, N F. rornrr of Cheamit and halreet. Phi'adjIpJin; Joe M. feiltV lag Waehiaatoa atoaton, Itobrrtali Aik na in. corner of It mover and Market reef, Baltimore; A B., Carnal atreat, New Or ma. al i I'H'l. FOOI- ?Alt who hoy the ronmon traeh offered to > them loet'adof buying the gen.uar ffhrrm.u'e I,. aengee. i'l not on It be fooled no' of their money, but moel likely it of their health There ia aotniug liae "hermen'e Loamaforae ugh aold. Iieadarlie. or palp" at ion of the hoirt. an til ae woroit lochlldrea. 1 be Doctor'* <>l*rt ia at IM .N*au etra.L New Fork; I Sta-a afreet, Boatoo; t Ledaei uldmga, Philadelphia, f rank T.ylor, waahtugttn, U

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