Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1842 Page 3
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continue year cestigatinn of men and measures, which th? too partial law cannot,, or wiU.noi reach. Why, Sir, your paper i? a terror to humbug, in tho pnlpit, in the torum, in the sciences; even in Wall street- Where the strong arm of the law ia powerleaa, ridicule ia all poiverful-riiirikio cmle gat mora. You deserve a pi uaion from the State; out you will never Ret it; lor State* are Rood farui* for the farmer*, and they care but little how hard the cattle fare, provided iliey fare well thctuaelres. The honest hardworkiuR cattle, if they knew the good you do them, and the evil you ward off for them, would, every our of them, chew your paper for* cud every day. Pray,Mr. Bennett,^ >d Mr. Bennett,keep the whip a C?'ng> la-ih the cowardly timeierving bankbought editor*; lath the loafer*, the dandiet, the (peeulator*, the pipelayrr*, the teptuaginary Lo tnarioa, the carele** *clionlmi*tre**c*, the Quack Doctor*, Minister* and Lecturer*; the State Borrower*, and City Borrower*; the wi*e Magistral'* who try to enrich the State and City by increasing our taxes; the pettifogging Lawyer*, and all thoie piou* folk* who think it a mortal *in to eat react potatoes, whi make a hell of thi* goodly earth, and won't let u* ro to heaven unlet* wefgo in their handbasket. They say, Mr. Bennett,J^t yon have got your eya* straight, by tome acw contrivance of the doctors. If thi* be true, it it time for ?he Well Strecter* and all rogue* high and low, (acred and profane, to look about them ; for if you law go much with crooked eye*, what wont you see nowl Why you will be clatrcoyanct perionified. If yon should happen to discover the mysteries of animal magnetism, perpetual motion, and the quadrature of the circle, or the way to be honest without paying our debts, or the way to heavea without good WOrKf, prij ? u not iiii:sv iniporiaui ui?coveries to yourself, but let them all out among your other important and numerou* truth*. Your sincere admirer, Anti-Moons uiwb. Newark, Ohio. ICorrmpondeoceof the HeraM.l Ncwahx, Ohio, April 4,1&42. The cause of Temperance stilt onward?Coon hunting in Texas?President Tyler's Message? Literary Institute, $*c. SfC. The noble cause of temperance i* still advancing * in the west, and notwithstanding many distilleries Ij, have been closed or are now closing, the price ef N?*whiskey grows less and less, while the morality I gd virtue of this lower world of ours increase in an astonishing ratio The Washington Temperance society of this county, under the presidency of the chief magistrate of this eity, already embraces thousands of members, while hundreds are adding their names to the swelling list. The temperance societies of onr city, (and we have a Catholic, a Juvenile, and a Methodist temperance society as well as the geaeral society,) now number more than 1700 members At a mee'ing last week, 106 persons signed the pledge. The reformat ion, whisk Las suddenly reclaimed maiy long thought hopeless, has apparently not only reformed their habits of intemperance in drink, but has improved vastly their moral and religions feelings. The all engrossing topics of conversation here are the recent invasion of Texas, and President Tyler's admirable message relative to the repeal of the distribution act. As to the first, 1 should not be surprised if many brave spirits from Ohio should repair to Texas for the purpo.-e of engaging in the new species of coon limiting proposed by Captain John Scott of Vermont. If those coons be not as ready before thir hunt is ever to acknowledge themselves "gone," as was the old coon that Captain Scott was aiming at, then I am mistaken. With regard to President Tyler, it is the opinion of the great majority that he has shown a spirit of independence and fearlessness when doing right, by proposing the repeal of a measure so dear to the rU. .Ul.. tk.t J?_~... ?L. - j.s vimj wui^^iiiinuoRvrrc iuc uiuursi cuaimcnuHliua from the true frienda of the country. The message ia another proof, added to that of the veto of the National Bank, of the President's manliness, frankness, and determination to act according to his own judgment and conscience. We have our lectures in this city as well as you of New York, although by gentlemen who have not yet attained so much distinction as those who attract such numerous and brilliant audiences there. Lectures are te be delivered at stated intervals before the Literary Institute, the first to go off on Wednesday evening next. 1 have no doubt it will be eminently successful; and that the audience will be sufficiently tasteful and discriminating to appreciate the excellencies of the discourse; no oue will gainsay when he is informed that Major Dennis, Esq , and all the beauty and fashion of Newark will be at it. L'Occioertk. Pittsburgh. iCorrespoodenee of the Herald. Pittsburgh, April 1, 1812. Arrival and Departure of Boz?State of Things? Religion?Trade?Poverty? Young Laditt? Young Men Del? BewnxfT :? Our city of smoke and dirt, sin, fun and selfishness, has been honored by that lion in literature, Boz. He arrived here en Monday evening, and left this day in the Messenger for St. Leuis. He has received from our citizens, generally, quite a cool reception ; and there are many of the old gentlemen throughout town, who probably never read a novel ia their lives, and it cannot be wondered at if tbey never heard of such a man before. The mania of intellectual action rests as calm under the gloomy atmosphere that broods around ns, as the still waters of an |iuland lake. Some of our young ladies, and young men, make pretensions to know something about ancient and modern times, but the amount of their knowledge is limited, chiefly to tales founded on facts, love scrapes, and small yarns. If a man informs the community he will lecture on matrimony, (like Mr. Davis) he will have crowded houses, composed of young ladies who would like to marry; young men who think themselves extremely handsome, and approve ska r?mtrki hv a sauirt of tubicco?old maiili aha try extremely hard to blush, but cannot effect it, together with a goodly portion of mother* with noi?y babies, to show that they are married them elve*. and would recommend all young female* to go and do the same, provided they know how to come it. Any thing unconnected with lore i* to them entirely unworthy of notiee, philosophy, astroaomy, or mathematics, being mere matter* of moonshibe, little calculated to advance the progress of human happiness. Religion seems resting at a dead stand for soma time past, while many of the individuals who signed the pledge, and promised to reform and shame the devil, liave again bowed their knees at the ahrine of dissipation. There ie a number of young men who take the night (<fr their carousals, but because they have the name of wealth to back them, they escape the paitiul notiee of the penny* press; yet, ifapoor wander ng outcast, driven by poverty, celd and affliction, seeks through the long dark night a shelter in the watch-house, or some rude shed, his name is flung before the public eye, and his character held u;> to infamy. And, yet, one of these paper* professes to be independent in its movements, talking largely about morality, while the ugliest Venom still re*ts secure, ana slumbers undisturbed under the folds of a better cloak. We like to see a man when he professes to adopt a principle, carry it out, not to change by every paising wind, with no one settled point to rest at. The community will yet know, unless a speedy reform takes place, how often and how long they have been gulled; and though they encourage papers that profess to inform them about the immorality el their city, the no:ice of it is as far from that paper as the zenith from the nadir. Business is dull, witheut a prosp et of gettinj better; yet there is a good st.ige of water in th< river, but hard times hang with its dead weight upon every thing?there is no longer lilcorenergj whereit once was to be seen, and it cannot be won dered if amidst this clash or insol7eut desolation the struggling citizens should wear the woe-begot ten aspect of berrait-monks Some look forwarc to a change, and hope for better things, yet my opt none kit ft prophetie eye (fiat ean see the breaker ahead, and Iront them with the arm of neircdreso lation, will be able to guide the ship of state ti safety through the bewildered Way. Whaterc the measure of onr woes is to be, it is disgusting ti see the name ?f the \ nited States, and its intelli imputation disgraced and issulted by the rig inarole action of its dictators; and that too whei need demands wisdom, instead of dirks and politi cal slang. Nun b rs within our own city ar thrown oat of employment, not became they ar unwilling to work, but because they cannot dm work to do. How can it be wondered at from t>ucJ n stnte of things that our houses of correction nr crowded with eonvicts, driven to sets of despers tion in the richest soil under the wide hearem whilo many will rush to the aid of Texas In hope c gaining living there, aw.,y fr< m their own friend in n distant clime to shed the blood of pity, an leave their bones to rest unknown snd be gather* by the hands of strangers. There are some handsome young ladies in on town, and some sensible ugly ones ; some are ad dieted to using pearl-powder and rouTe, and penpl are rery often deceived, the .Market street clerk in pnrtienlar, concerning the true looks and esti biiehed natural, not artificial beaaty. And no< how soft and sweet, and how deceiving they ea look upon these yoang men ; and how easy setr can laugh if tbeyhave handsome teeth. Oh ! ye would surely have te cat* for the smelling salts, you only saw these young Indies snd these yosi men, taking, through the day, these lessons iadei aftectio*. It is altogether strange, pleasing as soul-inspiring. Well, it is. Ammlmm, POSTSCRIP TT" For our usual Southern Correspondence, $*., by ibis morning's Mad, tee fourth page. Items or Texas New*?We are happy to announce that the difficulty between the French Minister, Hon. M- Saliguy, and our Government, has been amicably and satisfactorily arranged, and that Moni. S. will return to Texas cither by the next ateaan packet from New Orleans, or by one ol the French resaeli of war, which are expected to v eil our coast, for the protection ?f the interests of Frenchmen in case of Mexican invasion. A U. S sloop of war has been ordered to Galveston from PensacoU for the protection of American citizens and property in case of Mexican invasion, and will probably be here in a few days. News was brought to town a day or two since, that a party of the French emigrants who have lately settled near Aransas Bay. have captured a Mexican vessel having 350 muskets on board, 4,000 lbs. of powder, 30 barrels of flour, some sugar and coflse, and ?30'.)0 in specie! fKlm 1 V ! ' Illi ' 1 V Ul'aL'irVf en.l im. mense rush to this popular place of amusement, has obliged the manager to enlarge the Lecture Riom, and even now it is crowded nightly. During the day, the (Jipsev Girl has hosts of ladies and gentlemen waiting to consult her, ia the mysteries of the future. This week Barnum revives his wonderful experiments in Animal Magnetism, on a little girl only three years old. The other performances by Miss Coad, La Tetite Celeste, Mr. Coad, and White, abound with amusement and talent. OCT- FACTS WORTH KNOWING?A positive stay for the hair falling out?or to restore it in bald places. A certaincure for all Rheumatism and swelled Limbs no exceptions. A certain and postive cure for the Files in all cases. A warranted cure for all bruises, scalds and other sores, and sore eyes. A positive cure forthe Salt Rheum. A beautiful Dye for the Hair?will not color the skin. Warranted. A certain cure for Corns. Each of these to be had at 71 Maiden lane, and such proofs of these facts as will convinee all who will call orsend for them, gratis. The public may rest assured there is no fancy in these assertions. WANTED TO KNOW, if any are still so per. verse as not to have Sherman's Lozenges lor their colds, coughs, headache, or consumption ; if so, let them go at once to 160 Nassau street, New York, and State street, Boston, or 3 Ledger Building, Philadelphia, and gat a box which will ell'ect a oure sooner than any thing we know of. We arc often really astonished at their wonJerful success. Dr. Sherman is one of our most celebrated physicians. Archimedean Screw. Of?- hereby given, that the undersigned has oeen appointed sole agent for the United States of America, of Smith's Patent Archimedean Screw Propeller, and is prepared to contract for liceniea to use the aame. Any information on this subject may be had of him at 54 Pine ctreet. RUSSELL STURGIS. New York, March 1.1443. al lm City Despatch Poet. 4t> William street. Principal Office - Letters deposited before half past 8, half past 13, and half past 3 o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at 9,1 and 4 o'clock. Branch Offices ?Letters deposited before 7,11 snd 3 o'clock, will be sent out lor delivery st 9,1 and 4 o'clock. ALEX. M.GREIG Agent. MOHBY HAllKET. Saturday, April 9-0 P. M. A moderate amount of busiueaa has been done at the Stock Board to-day and prices have not materially vari. ed. Delaware and Hudson fell | ; Illinois J ; Indiana Bonds improved f New State 5j, J ; Long Island J; Harlem J. Salea of Treasury Notes { a 1 per cent; bills on Philadelphia, par a J ; Mobile 30. TheDavton Bank has given notice to the Stockholders that for the purpose of closing iu business, as speedily as possible, IS per cent on the amount of their stock will be paid them on the 11th of April. This is a specie pay' ing Bank. The small business now doing renders banking unprofitable, and, of course, the capital is seeking other channels of employment. At the "home league" farce, which has been enacted in this city during the last week, the wildest vagaries and.most absurd theories have been gravely promulgated by men claiming a share of common sense. Fact seems to have been carefully avoided and suppositions and estimates resorted to as incontrovcrtable argument in favor of taxiDg the people for the benefit of a small class of manufscturers. Among other clap traps to ensnare the farmers, "the estimates " show the value of agricultural products consumed by tho'e engaged in manufac tures.te support which, they claim to tax the fanners Wouldnotthese people consume as much bread and bee. as they now do, if they employed themselves in a manf ner that would allow them to get a living without beg" ging? There are 17,000,000 people in the United States' and the agricultural products amount to $054,000,000' When the 17,000,000 ot inhabitants are fed,there remains a surplus of flour and other articles' which must And a market abroad, and if a market is fouad, it must be in exchange for goods. Now it is precisely to prevent this innune bwiuuviujch ?o inviug. mey wisn IO pre. vent thia produce from being exchanged for foreign goode, became they imagine it will hurt their own late, reit. For lnatance, an iron manufacturer dated that the value of iron produced in the United Statea is $35765,330 and that the peraoni employed in it consume $11,726,766 of produce. To do this the manufacturers want a duty of 40 per cent laid on foreign iron, or in other words the farmers come to market with $11,000,000 worth of produce. The English iron masters meet them with 360.117 tons of bar iron which they will exchange for the pro duce, being $44 per ton. The American iron master ex] claims " I cannot live if you do that, I cannot give but 166,396 tons," being at the rate of $7i per ton, but the for mer persists in buying as cheap as he can. The manu] facturers then petition Congress to come between the farmer and the foreign manufacturer, and imposing a tax of 40 per cent on the latter, compel the farmer to take 166,396 tons instead of 366 317 tons, suffering a direct loss of 110,331 tons of iron. The homo manufacturers to sooth them turn round and say " see how mi ch agricnl tural produce we have taken of you.'* This is the prac tical operation of the protective system. On the 4'.h of January last we published from official documents esch item or import end export between the United States and Europe from 1933 to 1841. Let us recur te the aggregates. Diexct Trade betwff.!* Eisglaxd axd tub Uxitfd States Imports from Exglaxd. Hot He paving tptci- Mvalorrm Free. Total. fie duli't dutin 1884 , 8 963,108 34 877 110 16,800 810 47,341,807 I81S, 8,751,479 4 3 569 774 38.385,718 78.884.988 1837, 8,751.344 33,894,416 13.340 301 44.885.ti3 1839, 8,073 388 35 771 700 31,337.315 81.371,478 1840, 5,334,841 17,874.030 18,870,803 33,787,738 1141, elpsrts to exolaxd. Fortius gooJi. Domestic goodt. Tol d 1834 , 3,003,704 41.308 393 44.313,091 1888, 1 879 305 55 995 878 57 875,181 1987 , 4,898 7S8 4 9.886 1 08 64.583,874 1689, 4,103 781 16,971,678 (1,074 199 1843, 5,099 883 64 193,176 89,389,036 Ths Principal. Articles of Import axd Eeport in 1843, WERE AS FOLLOWS ! Import. Export. Linen,* 3,493,000 Cotton, 40 915 743 Wort it d, 1,338x00 Tobacco, 3 '137 680 Cloths, 4.480 010 Four, 3 387 341 Cottons, 4,300,0:0 Skins, 1,117,374 Iron, 4,100,000 Ric?, 389.1(0 i Wheal, 985,6)9 From this it appears that the actual purchase of hrcad1 stuffs by England was a little mnre thin our purchase UI iron irwm lucui. *uo ipauin/ wi oruvmt ?uu ?vu. ) purchased from ui by England, ii equivalent to 744,079 I bbla of flour, at $4 per barrel. For tbia they paid in a r certain quantity of iron, which, if we auppoae it to hare ' been all bar iron, at the preaent price of $75, amounted * to 43 333 tons. Thia paid a duty aay of 49 per cent and i the flour in England paid an average duty of $3 40 per barrel. Now, had trade been free, (be Engliah people 1 would have got 305,000 bbla more flour for tho same ? quantity of money. That ia to aay, for 83,000 tona of " iron they would have had 764,OCO bbla flour, and have * aived $1,333 000 that they paid tai to the landholders on the flour. On the other hand, the American farmers would have had 83,000 tout of iron, for the 764,000 bbla of !? flour, and have tared $1633 090 dutica which they paid 1 for the benefit of the manufacturer at home. Thia would ' hava given $4,16*.000 ad lition >1 to the p?opl? of thetwo countriea, topurchaae other comforti and necessaries of j each other. Now, became the English government h chooaea to take $1,833,000 ont of the pocketa of one claia e of people, and pat it into the pocketi of another, the i- manufacturer* here make that a plea why our govern '? ment ahould be guilty of the aame folly and injustice.? ( Becauae the Engliah government oppreaaea iti aubjecta j ia no reason why republican governments ahould do d the aame. It haa been argued that the Wetter n Stat at could not,If trade wai free, compete in the Engliah r market,with European countriea. Thia is mere theory ^ and imagination. A lufllcient answer to it ia tho single ^ fast, that the total import of wheat into England, in 1810, ! wtil,900,400 qra., of which 477,000 qra.wa# of American * produce, being 33) per cent; notwithatanding the prosn mity of the European markaU, whioh enable them te e have theenrlieet intelligence, and tue moat prompt ac " lion, on the variation of tho eliding aonle. Under a flted " duty and a steady currency at home, tha Amarican prodec# would bear a at ill greater proportion te the whole d import into Europe. Tho report ef the CommittM on Mannf actum, made totheliouseon lhesuhj>-ct ofthe tariff, is a moat disgraceful affair. It la entirely in the manufacturing Intereali, and aeeka to make the federal government an inatrument of oppression. To show this, we may put but a f ? sentences in jutta position as follows :? " The first and great object in the framing of an art, by which duties ure to be laid on imported articles, is the provision of an adequate and fully suiticitnt revenue for the support of government." This is the preliminary remark. In relation to paper making they remark an follows ; ? " The committee are satisfied that uu.ler an ad valorem duty of 39 per cent,this business could not be sustained." The committee arrived at this sage conclusion, which is urged in regard te every article, after having before them the following facts from official returns:? Manufacture of paper in the United States, in 1810 $6,IAS 093 Imports " " duty 16cttperlb 70,100 Thoy then propose a specific duty of 11J cts per lb. This is a sample of the sagacity of this redoubtable committee. The report is a miserable failure. Sale* at mm scoca lfiiciuui|?. $2000 New York S(>, lB61 7S1 25 do Del. k Huf. iJ Ml $ICU0 Ohio 6'S 1860 58 25 do d I 11} lSCUO Indi?D i Beuilj 16 24 do do B? lit auoo do do IM 50 do Mohawk B K ?3 671 6100 do do 130 111 50 do do 130 47j 1000 alls Mtch's Bauk (7 85 do do 471 12 do Citv B?ri - ?4 50 do Harl?m KK >10 84 t do Bauk ofi om. fu'l 7.1) 73 do do 81 25 do Del k Hud (15 91 200 do Long Island HK 49i ISO do do 831 23 do do 4? so do do (36 8-0, 75 i'Attersoa 11K 48 ?t do do 93. 23 do do blO 4Sj 25 do do 10 ?2J 6 do Bos k Pro* 85 8?con<l Board. 1 Indiana 3ond 191 Plil'atlelplila Cattle Market. Fridav, Arm. 8?Salei of Cattle for the week?880 head of heef cattle were in market, principally from thi* State. Said at $6 u $6 per cwt?extra $7. 270 Cow* and Calre*? tales $23 a $30?extra $37 a $40. Springer* $16 a $24. Dry Cows $7 m $13. .300 Hog*?sale* at $4 -33 a $5 per cwt. 30 unsold. 1334 Sheep?lalea $3 25 a $3 50?extra $5. Married, On Thuriday evening, 7th in'*, by the Rev. Charlei A. Bleck, Kichaiid M. Clark, of New York, to Sarah E., daughter of Theron Felter of Newburgh. On Thuriday morning. 7th instant, at Elizabethtown. New Jersey, by the ReV. J. Magee.of the Second Church, Elizabethtown, William Bivuin, to Mi>* Eliza Whitk, of ihii city. Died. On Thursday morning 7ih instant, in the 37th year of his age, Mr.chaitle* Stamlev Fikkes, late I'rompter of the Park Theatre. His friends are invited to attend the funeral at his late residence, 300 Pearl street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at4 o'clock. Oa Saturday morning, 0th instant, in the 7th year of her age, Helen Maria, youngest daughter of Thomas Fanning. On Friday morning, Sth inst?at hi* residence in this city, in the 64th year of his sge, Dr. Zlbvlor W. Seaman. On Friday morning, Sth in?t., in the S7th year of her age, Sarah Seaward, widow of tho late John Seaward, pilot. On Saturday morning, 91h inst., aged 3 years and 10 months, France* Ellsworth, only child ol Oliver E.and Martha B Weed. On Saturday morning, !>:h inst., in the 11 year of her age, Erxa. youngest daughter of J. C. Whetmore. On Friday evening, Sth instant, in the 75th year of his age, Mr. Oliver Kane. On Friday morning, Sth instant, Howard, youngest child of Richard Burlew. On Fridav morning, Sth instant, of consumption, in the 31st year of her age, Miss Elvira Barnes. On Thursday morning,7th instant, in the Otth year of his age, Mr. John Madden. On Thursday, 7th instant, at West Farms, In the 80th year of his age, Mr. Thomas Walker. RECEIVED AT THE NEW TOCE HERALD OmCX Africa Feb 13 Maili Mar. ' Am Cayea Mar. 7 Manilla Nov. 8 Aotiaui Mar. 14 Montevideo Feb. 9 Bombay . Nov. 1 Maranliam Feb 10 Batavta Nov. 3 Matantaa Mar. 26 Bermuda Mar. 1 Mayaguez, P.R Mar. 15 Buenoo Ayrea ...... Feb. 9 Maracaibo Mar. 10 Bahia Feb. 2 Matainorxa Mar. 0 Belize.Hon Feb. 26 Neiivilai Feb. 4 Barba<]oca Star. 9 Oahu, S. I. Dec If Bogota Dec. 19 Paria M?r. 9 Berbice Feb. 20 rortaurnnie Mar. 2 Curacoa Mar. 5 Para Feb. IT Cieufuegoa Mar. 20 Pernamboco- Feb 26 Carthacena Jan. 21 Panama June It Caraccaa Jan. 11 Riode Janeiro F'eb 12 Chagrea July 1 Singapore Dec. 9 Cailao Nov. 4 Sydney, NSW Aug. II Calcutta Jan. 11 St. Helena F'eb. 10 Fayal Feb. 4 St. Thomaa Mar. 1" Gibraltar F'eb. 2 St. Barta Jan. t Uuayaina, P.R Mar. 20 St. Jago da Cuba Mar. 12 Gonaivea Mar. 19 St. Johna.P.R Mar. If Galveataa Mar. 28 St. Croix Mar. 24 Havre Mar. 1 St. Martha Feb 27 Havana Mar 27 Surinam Feb. 24 Halifax Mar. 20 Tainpico Mae. 22 Jeremie Jan. 27 Tobaaco F'eb. 25 Kingston, Ja. Mar. 12 Turka latand Mar. 22 London Mar. 5 Triaidad da Cuba- Mar. 10 Liverpool Mar. 5 Vera Crux Mar. 0 La Uuayra- Mar. 12 Valparaiso Dec. 1 Lima Jan. 1 Yucatan Mar. 3 Macao Dec. 14 Zanzibar Dec. 15 " MARITIME HERALD. PORT OF REW YORK) APRIL. 10, 1849. un rises 5 32 New moor 35 tm sets 25 I mior 8 56 Oapartara oftka At lam tin Btoaumara. from england. from america. G. Weatern, Hoakea April 9 April 95 Britannia, Hewitt- -April 5 May 1 Caledonia. Lott April 18 May M Acadia, Hyric May 4 June 1 O. Weatern. Hoaken May 21 June 18 Columbia, Jndkiua May 18 - June 18 Britannia, Hewitt June 4 July 2 Caledonia, Lott June II July 17 ncaaia, nyne July 5 Aug. l Q. Western. Hosken-July f Aug. 4 rackatato Arriv*. i PaakaMUDaparti FROM PORTSMOUTH. FOR PORTSMOUTH (Jhdiator, Britton, Mar. 10 I Toronto, Atwoed, April 10 Mediator. Champlin. Mar 20 I, Moore. April 20 FROM LITRRPOOI FOR LITERPOCL. Roacoe.Huttleson. Feb 25 I Virginian. Alien, April 18 8. Whitney.Thompson, Mar.I I New York,Cropper, April 10 FROM HAVRE FOR HAVRE. Albany, Wataou, Feb 21 I BaUimore, Funck, April 13 8deOraaae,Barrowa- -Mar. 1 I Rhone. Johnston, April 16 Louis Philippe, Caatoff, Mar 8 I V de Lyon,Stoddard-.April 24 To ghlp Mr at eras We shall esteem it a favor, if eaptaina of vrssela arriving htre, will give to Commodore R 8. Mart.n.of our news fleet, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken ou their passage, aud a list of their cargo. Commodore Martin will board them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in any way. Olaared. Bark Washington. (II .mburg) Kruzer, Hamburg, "dun dt !c Balchen.?Brigs Fiauklin, Be.rse, Trieste. D It Robertson; Trejir, Uriiikwaler, 8t Johns, NF. Neim th It Leeds; Fame, (Br) Ballentine,Halifax. J Hawkejworlh; John Brower, Button, Mobile; Statira, B. bhidge Port Leon via Key West. Ceatrr It Co.?Schra ihaddrus. Willie, Baltimore; MHIiceut, Cole, do; Mary Wilka, Oil I. do; Juliette. Woglam, Petersburg; Thomas Wynne, Credle, Washington, NC:Caarles K Thome, Smith, Wi mington. NC; Jaisey, Crowell, Kast Hiver. Va; A M Hale,Chase, Boston; Ocean Baker Jr, do; Wolcott,Ryder, do. Arrived. Swedish bark Thora Petrie, Medio. 80 days from Trapani, Sicily, with 3#0 'on* salt to Booraisn, Juhnson St Co. Brig Diploma, Fly, It day* from Triuid,dde Cuba, molsssea, lie toChaa'.elain It Penvsrt. B-ig fldefonaa, McOrath, 14 Jays from St Thomas, to ballast, to W Andrews British hrig Leone, Sparks, 53 days from Hull, via Long Island Sound, oil, to oidiT. Below. Ons ship, one baik, two briga. OencraUi Record. FPacret shiv ItfBEFRMDr.nrE, for Liverpool, will sail this moraicf at ten o'clock,wind permitting. The I. together with several other outward bound ressels. Up in the North Kirtr wind bound. Wind blowing fraah from NNE. withrain. ' Whalemen. Pavilion, nut 10 nine, with 310 bills oil, was spoken 4th mat. !0 miles west of Cape Charlea. Spoken. Wm Franklin. 11 dtps fm NOrleans for Liverpool, March 17 1st JS SI. Ion 70 3n. Boean Drew, Philadelphia for NOrleans, Aprit S, lat ST 30, loa 73 30 Maraachusetts, New Orle ns for Boston, March S3, lat 35 I, len 80. Forslgn Porta. Msranras, Mar 27?Bid Dunlap. B?*ton; Eastern Star, d>; Naptune. Mhedr Island; Mars Hill, Baltimore, la port. Ifalinouih, for St Pet era burg |.tg;, Boston, do; CssaaUat. for Cowe. and; Cyrus, do do; Haitrd, Idg; Persia, just irrn - d HtCboii, Mar 34?In port, Baltic, for Bath, same day; Isabella. for N York. do; Bunber Hill f,a St Thomas, dsg; (,harles. Wilmington Mi do S d33d, A Kirhmo d. Boston. Touched, Air.eric , fin windward, and aid for Porto Kico. uOravaMa, Msr20?loport, Seboit,to load for NVotk; Osceola, for do, 94th; >'ranees Ellen, do, soou; Joshua 8ni>, do do; Franklin, Just arr; F eightrr, dine; (Jeorge do; Watson, I'g, Grnevi, ?tg frt; All-q .ash, for NYork. Newcastls aid for Ponce, Onltnd Stntoa Porta. raosrirr, April 1?Arr Chi'leagr. N York. Poattaivn, April I?Old Beolak.Ciiba. Hii.m. April ?Sid Angerctta, NVnr'r. B< stoiv,April 3?Arr Mallorv, VOrleans; Alpine, do; Merida. Cienfuegos; New EogUnd. Mr bile; Token, Baltimore; Juno, do; Hen-y. N Vork f r Portland: Perynlhia Davis. B?.k Creek Del; Helen Mar, Elisabeth City. Arr 7th, Sarah Wfliams.CieofiKgns: Boston, Hsllimore; Perseverance Ntwbern; Arrnivmendi, Kiehmond; Wave, ano Orecian, Philadelphia; Vol's, Kondout; Mail. N York; Myitis, d >. CIJ 8to, Almira, Mateurvs; Arinato.H <vana; Sulla, Philafrlpliia. Hoi Hre HoLf. April#?In Tarpaulin?inre. yrsterdsv. January, from NCarolina for B< s'os. Sid S h. Caledonia, Philadelphia; Oirdon. do; Thomas Irel ?d, Washington NC. for Portsm utlit Alpine, New Orle ma for Bovton. Arr Tth, Carol las. Char eston for Boston: Pat apse >. Boston for Biltiaiore; Susan Baker. Orleans Me f ir Aleiai.dria: Eieline Georgetown 8H . for Nantucket. Sehr Oak Hill h is been got off without d image br 'eking off part of deck InarT Sl^he abort, eie-pting Uak "faoviotwcg, aSPt?Thorn. NYnrV^lelow, 7,eaobia. MoSle. Sid Virginia. Someraet; Tryall, Baltimore: Juno, NTnrk: from Uiow BaltlatTri. Vrweoar. Apr.! *?stu Cordelia, Varraoath for Nsw York; Eicel, Briatol fordo. PHiLsnai.rHU, Aoril 7?Arr Po, Matantsa: Wm Thatrhrr, St Crota; Palon, At John NB; Philadelphia. Nantucket,; Peneacola Buekeport. Cld B Meiick, Hamburg; Oliuthue, Barg r; J F Crouch. NVo'k Bsi-rnsoaa, April 7?Arr Martha Kinsman, Guayama, Henry. Pones. Cld Trio, NYork At-nawon-a, DC. April ?Arr CarUw. Bucluport., April |?Air Oliria Inckell, NYork. No*r,it.x. April S?In Hampton Roade, David Coi.Chockatuck for NVork. c'iiiiii nro.i, April i?rm Leland, Boston; Aiw u, NVork; Lipiu,(Kr) 8ciwc?l. SM VI" n. NVork; Emily, do. IkiTiTiMiH, kpril 4?Arr Savannah, Sew Vutk Sid Ann A Farker. II j ana Moiilk, Mar 31?Cld H b Roy. N York, Samuel, Liverpool Arr Abu, Apalachicola: AuirurU. Havaca- CM 3uth, Sy Ivanus 'etikuta, Lir.rpoal; Mallowcll, Boston. Arr (ieorg?. Ilauly, Liverpool. New Otaac-M. Mar lo?CM Rob Roy, Mobile; K'dtidje, 8iaal Arr Cha'lot e, B?l>n; Manchester,do; Walfrell. Liv erpool; Krancia P Reck, NVork; Atalvhic, 11, Tampicu; L>titINUihlMM 1 MttUU tjarelle. NVoik. PORlllilUK.Sh FEMaLK PiLLs rT,HESL far-famed anu e< Irhrated pUh, from Portugal, Br L wr perceire, :o be obtained in to.a country See Ww t.aeme'il on the laal coltiinnnf fourth page. fetlm'ia 'I'O THK. ELM rORdTTf fHE BECAnD WAHDA The aubaeri cer olf-r* himself as a candidate for the office of Col !ert"r of tint v??rd, at the comt >g election, and reaped fullv aoliiits your eiilfrsevs for I ha aame. aio 3 - WiLLET SEAMAN. NEW'YORK SV'KK!) Ml'S.c SOCIETY.?Tlia ietular rehevr**'of this Society will t?ke at be Taberuarle on Tuesday evetba|j,at Itrlf lust 7 o'clock. A full attendance of the rtrforutir p inrirbrra ia pirticularly r u tested. al" St* I'ero'dec, j A. SPARKS, Secretary. vroncE-srKi l iO.x-'Rgls EOR~THE ~w EST^ Mwri. POMEHOY & CO , in additi ^ to the frcilitiei <?IW*1 to the pub'i? thro igh their Weeteru Evpreai Irom Al* P>ny to B ?fitl >, propoae to d-repatr h on the I5lh tout. a messenger through the 1'nllowiug csiii'ih in Michigan, viz:? Wuvil. vt'jat.l . nuT \-1 .. LI.11-.1.1- I k aIi a,\a ,1,1 f..l houii, also Toledo,T'erry.ville. aid Maume Counties, io Ohio, as a g< uerM scent tor the transaction sfany bmii ess that uiay be offered iu the above counties Alt ordera, bit's.or any busiieaa intrusted to tin 111 and lift at Iiaruden lOVs K( press i.ffice, No 1 tVal 1 itreet, oa or belore the Uth in .t < ill meet with romnt attention. nio 81* iiKi.ttixi La Norma Secure, IANDF.D front brig Ohio,from brig Ohio,from Havana,of J *aprri <rqoility, lor sale iu lota to auit purchasers, at riaaotiahl* prites, by a- It M . RADER, At Chatham at. OUTLIMIINTARY BAKL TO~MB. w. T. MOlt TON ?1 lie puolic are respectfully in'oimed, that tha Ball in compliment to ,\1r W.T.Morton will teke place at the Apollo Siloon, 4 0 Brjadwar, on Friday avettiug, April 15-h?the floor to be under the direction of a committee of (eutlecicn. Tbe muaic by Mr Allen Dodwor:h- Ticket! pi, adii illing a gentleman and lattice, to be had of either of the committee a, ihe bar ef the Apollo, aud of Mr M. at hii reiidencc, 145 (irend atrcet and at the door, on the ertuntK. al0?l* J AM A3 HOOD, Jr. Secret?ry. I MPORTA N T \ O V\? K.?-?Me^rn M oRTlM KR fc A HUNT (late Starr & Mortimer.) be<to announce their termination ef immediately cloaing thiir estcblishinaut in Il ia ceuutry?in doing which they respectfully invi-e the publie to an inspection of their i xtenstva atoct of Jewelry, t'late, Plated Oooda, 5tc which toe* have instructed Ihtir ajent ta dispose of at prune coat, aud iu *< ry inauy case! at a free t sacrifice. This notice ta well worthy a leulion, as Ihe stock will p< aitively be d eposed of without reserve. All peraou. hating any claim against Messrs. Moitimer !k Hunt will plena* to send an account of the same to No. 341 Uroadw <y, for eiainination and liquidates ; and all persona nidi bled to the Arm are rt q icated to pay the same t ?ere aaear lj as e 'Bvenieut. N. B.?Tha houtc to he let from the lot Mar neat. alO IW WIT LI AM HfcARN, OH/l BOW ERY, between Prince and Spring streets, i ffers AeO*? for sale the following dry goods, lately received:? L'ght chintz w atered I'oplit.s. suit ibis lor tnilliuer." and stock makers'uie, an1 for ladles'dresses French, English anddnmeaeic Cal.cues, mourning and second mourning light chiutz and single colors Superfine 4 4k renc'a printed Muslina, light chintz figures Blue black aud satin stri|ad blue-black Stlka; muuining and lightCMlored Muslin d. Laima Finn 4 4 Carlton, mourn agand light co'ored <iitigliama Superfine plain b ack and mope col'd do,all wool Light colon d hat aud lining Silks and watered Ribbons Ladies' fancy ami gentlemen's blrck si'.k Cravats L'die s' aud gentlemeu'a piain and hem stitched linen cambric Hdkfs; ladies'anJ gentle men's light colored Kid Gloves Black silk hmg Shawls. Sun Shades and tnieses I'atasols Lorg Lawns birdseye Diapers, black ind brown Linens, twilled Silesias. Corded and Marseilles Skirtg. Shirtings, Muslina black and white cotton Hose, lie. Striped, plain and corded cambric, iiconet, book, Swiss, mull, and Tarlatan Minims. Bishnp Lawns ctmbric iDiinities, 4ic. Also ou hand. Ana b ack boinbesines, and a general aasiortnscnt of of her (ioode.all of which are offered generally, at the lowest market prices. Uni orm prie es?no aSalemenL Hi 1 m ~ THE LADIES OF EXTREME FASHION ARE INFORMED that a few cases or re entirely new *Ld beautiful article of WEARING APPAREL call id the "Neapolitan Bonnet," hare been received at Mr*. HK3SALLV, No. 377 Broadway, and Mm PRATT'S, 643 Broadway, corner of Bleecker The fixture of thiabmnet ia luer, firmer, mare etaaiic, and far more beautiful to the eye, and bnoyaut upon the bead, than the inoit coatly Let horn. 1 hia laat peculiarity render* it a moat deferable ar title of drraa for lummer uae. They are warranted not to injure either from exposure to the aim or the rain, and poateaa all the n ialitiea for rcu"vation that ia attached to the Leghorn. The ex peine ant difficulty of cunatruction ta tilth that but very few can be introduced thia season, and thoae fashionable Indie? who are desirous of possessing an almoat exclurive article, nuat m ike early application aa above. They need but be eeen to be recommended, and the price ia liied at as reasonable a rate that n > lady who d-aireaauch au article will htaitate lo aclectone at) tw" if LO RID A FUNDS?L'uiou Bank and Southern Trust bought at N. SISTARE'S, II Wall street United States Bank notes. Illinois do, Michigau, Indiana, Illinois 8crip, b >ught and sold. ml3* WlL.LlA.VrB. MEECH?William It. ?eeth? f r >ale low, the above pera in's due bill for $44 38. Aa it'was given for money lent, aa weil as work it ia supposed it will be paid be*"ore long. App'y to THUS. W. AC'ION, in Mercer street, one door from corner Fourth at. n9 3t* UHEMIUM RAZOR 8 rROP?First Premium waaaward1 ed by the American Institute, at the late aa well aa each proceeding Fair, to George Saunders. 163 Broadway, for the beat Razor Strop. The Metalic Tablet, iuvented by G. Sauuders. has been established for the last twenty-fire years, and certificated by the iirat gentlemen of the country. It producea a thin aod smooth edge on a razor with more certainty than it can be done on a hone in a tenth part sf the time, withoul the uae of oil or water?which any person eaa prove by bringiug a dull razor a having it put ui order on one of lite Tablets. 163 Broad vg 3'is* pEfaM ANSHIP.?A Lady who n well <iuilifi-d to give na itruction in the art of writing, offers her services to the Ladies of New York, ehe would give private lessons and also in.truc ion in two or throe schools. She does not >rcUod to maks good writer! in two or even throe lees ma, but he pes bv projier attention and a si eady course of thorough practice to give her patrons perfect satisfaction. The best of references given as to capability, respectability, kc.kc. A line adlrtsed t > box 373 upper Post Office, will meet with immed ate attention. aflw* DACKET SHIP UIICA, FROM HA V HE -Consignee's f will please send their permits on board, at pior No. 3 N. river. All goods But permitted by the 14th Lit. will be sent to the ptsb'Ic stora. aj ACKET SHIP HUNTSVILLE. from New Orleans"!* discharging *t Orleini Wharf, foot of Wall street. Confirnees willplease attend to the receipt of their goods immediately. rogt THE MAGIC MIXTURE OEAT8 ece-y known itmedy for 'lie safe, speedy and pleaD sent ?xtingu-sl inent of i certain dise-se I's ftictsare abs-i'uirly efle< tual in performing a radical enre in a very short lime, while ordinary remedies take even months! ana then there is sure to he ao weakneta left belaud as is but too fn ijienily the rase through the irisman-gement of physicians or advertising ijuaeks One dose cinnot |,il to enlist the heiitatir g and over delicate in ila favor, and < tit of the man; hundrtili that have u?ed the American Magic M x'.ure not one has been disaupointed noe discovered while asag lj?it has safely eortreyn an ncvnuu mc p?ic ui m|>i..i?ii. ?>?'" ? >?" ? * livC II Ring, 5J Fulton street. cornerCLff. Rener.l scent. ' s9 3dkltW* MILLER'S PATENT CLASP STRAP FOR PANTALOONS. TTNKQUALLKD for convenience, ecrurily, an 1 dura In it jr. U May be instantly aid easily secured under the boot, and loosened by simply pressing the fingers on thei'daa. Cannot possibly uuelasp by accident. la more durable than any other article of the kind, and if warranted not to get out of order un til quite warn out. '1 his claap may be obtained strongly attached to leather traiaof any required shape orrtr? nritmay be had Sep irate and pierced with holea tabe aewed on cloth atrapi. For arte wholeaale by A. WHEELER, Draper apd Tailor, No. 1(7 Broadway, and by the Tail ore and Aimuhinj.' itorea throughout tlie city. a9 It* ~ GREAT FIRE IN NEW ORLEANS. EXTRAC Irom the NewOrleana Ticayutie.?We aaw ant of WILDER'A SALAMANDER SAFES j eiterday taken from the ra'Di of the itore occupied by J. w . Stan'ou k Co The book* ?ml p.per a it cratained were in ai perfect a taleof pre?erri?ion aa they would have been had there not bceu a fire witliin ten squares of I hem. The ordeal through which they had petard waa not a alight one. The oil and can d:e? in Iheatoreof Stanton k Co mada about as comfoitable a fire aa we deeire to ate.?[N. O. Picayune, 17th March. The above aafe waa sold by the aubteriber to Thames P. Stanton, merchant, No. 134 Front at., for hn houte in New Orleans; aud haa provrdof immense value to the ownert. A general aascrimeut, at prices ranging from $50 to $300, on hand, and for tale bv SILAS C. HERRINO, No 139 Waterat. The only authoriied tgent for the sale of Wilder's Patent Salaman ler Safes. at 3w WILLIAMS' UNITED STATES CASH TAILORING EMPORIUM. NO 13 JOHN ST., NEAR BROADWAY. Tl'ST RECEIVED at thi* establishment, e complete aa <1 sortrrieut of cloth*, cateimrrea. reatioga, kc , suitable lor the spring trade. Purchased tor cash. Ourlnendi and the public are respectfully invited to call andesamine for themselveg bafere leavirg their order. elsewhere. and be satisfied that they can be furnished with as good an article aa can be purchased at any eatahl ishment in the city, and at prices which cannet but meet the fiawa of the moat economical. ,v B -Thi Orricnns or tri Anstv san Nsvy are resprclfiilly informed that they c<n be furnished with say aril cle 01 c otiorm. ram- ...i 1 ' i nu?, Ha reduction of at least 14par cent from fortnri piiers :?? in* W. R. WILLIAMS. ?1A V aNa?Wfcw. WimTf bOARISINo"HuDlITii IT removed to the Call* San Pedro, No. 1 " enfrente de la Ma;hini." By this latter direction the building ia known to all aoalman.coathmen. porter* kc., anon* of ihe most conspicuous point i of the city. Theextensive alterations and repair* upon thi* home baring Seen completed, Mrs. W. has tbe satis action of offering to itratwers visiting Harana, an establishment far superior in its location to any thing of the kind ever before known ia the city. It ia situate direci>7 unon the Bay. and commands an extensive view if the entire Karnor, with the adjacent country, owns, villages, lie. ?/- r aairogers lor Havana must obtain a passer rt from, or vne verified by, a Spanish Consul, which,on arrival, is taken by the hoarding officers to the Onvrrament Hoaae, where, in conformity therewith, a permit to land with baggage, lie. has to be procured by some resident of tbe place. Persona desirous of going to Mrs. West's house, will please sear in mud that this servme will be promptly rendered them by the Clark who visits all vassals With passengers. as soon as they enter the harbor. Havana. Pse,M,lll|. stSovtiir' Ml. TtfOMAB k CO, COM vitrtnlu.N ANU ALL TION MERCHANTS, It! BROADWAY. ALBANY,?Liberal ad v tiers'made oa all man ifaetnred goods, merchandise and property of every deecrtpLoj intends j for either public or pri i ate sale. REFERENCES. Messrs. ErvatusCorning k Co., Albany. Hufus H. Kingk Co, do Lrwia Benedict k Co. do Webb k Douglass, do Jaref L Rathbone, E?q, do John Townaead, Esq do Ruasell Fomyth, Esq. do John"Thimas, Esq. do Msisrs. M. A. Lineoin kCo. Boatoa. Thomas W Oleott. Esq. iSrae't Far kMech.Bk Alb'y. A. 6. Patehia. Esq. Caah'r N.Y. Nlaka Bank. da waits nn*rstaa.Mn,s ?ah rAlbany Lity Rk. no Theo.Oliott, Esq 7cash'r Canal Bank, do S.K Stow, Esq. Lash'r Tmy City Bank, Troy. mJS Imeodis* TO MILLlNr RB AND IRETAI..KRA?FREDERICK 1 BF.HLY. JO William street offers for sale, at vary low prievs. a splendid assortment ol French Millinery Goods. con fisting of the newest rnd most fanhi aahle styles ol Btrtw Bonnets, Ar< ificial Floaers. Ribbons. Bilks, Tariataaas, kr Dealers art Invited to ft amuse the sasae he for# pwrrhaemg i elsewhere. mm*tod* m?tM? BY THOMAS BELL Buret Net. M .'Inn and I i WAuiion* ireei*. > MONDW At l?t o'clock, it the sale rooms. ... Film fate?Without Re?ervr?"'of**. chair*. French bed lead*. U|ihoUtrrrr'a dock, furniture, t ible ami beti linen?'1 I r folio*ilk valuable article*, tit?tu pair foot benches and ottoman*. It vet v fin* ' far. 3 *ofa bed*. 30 doz-u in ih, gauy and m ?i>le cSaitv. 10 Vren h and other bedsteads, io rocking a> <l n ?ingc heir*, an mtite reck of euperior hair matrene*, bed, bolder* arid pillow*, palliaater* ami aula pillow t a quantity ol table aud bed linen, quilt*, blanket*, counter panel, kc. Tl'Ff DRY At 10) o'clock, at the e?r of BUecker and Hainoion I ?t?. Kle|{ai.t h urr-iture?Comprising haiidt imr three ply and other carpet*. ru<?,oil (loth*. ?nfa?. chair* tea. card, diin g and other tablea, looking ilui'i, mantel oruameuta, china dii* per and tea re'*, g'a** waie. b mk car, secretary. bid roain furniture, burrai.?, toilet*, high pod acnl otliei N .litc-dr, bnl?, mattresses, painted hlinda A variety of kitchen uteunl*. cooking ?to\e,a number of gardne-i'* imp'tint-Lt* icc. WEDNESDAY. A' lot o'clock at therali* room. Splendid an.l Ett-nti e Sale of Furniture?cousis'ing of beautiful aecond hand home keeping article*, partly Lew. A. It o'clock. Cabinet Furniture, by catalogue, at the laige ?tore5(lAnn tre**, formerly the Kpitc| al Fret*, the mod intern'id dork ofcity mail; furniture offered for year*, fmtn the relchia'ed manufrctoric* of K V Alenander, it k J Young, A Ooodale k Co Tliesalewill take |lace without the ahore (tore, not having room iu the auctiou room. Every ailicle ? ill 1 e warranted. Catalogue* in time. 1 he furniture ran tr (tenon Tuesd ly At 13} o'clock at the sate* ro >m. Cottage Sale?Tne beiutiful cottage with garden shrubbery, ? nics. frint. kc. No 13 t'onielu ?'iri t, wrll known lliefor iner residcuceaf one of our oldest citizen*. Term* libera'. THURSDAY. ILnJiotne Fumuurt:?Particular* here*'tel. FRIDAY At 10i o'clock, at 66 I Jrrr nwich at. El'gant Furniture?Particulars hereafter. Al?'>. an invoice of Hplrndid painting*. L'Kl'i r TKlCb AN 1) OKNAvitNTACTREF.a AND F SHRUBS-A LEW will aril, ou Tuesday iu?t at Mo 151 Broadway, at 10 o'clock in the morning, a vei > ?xtenmve lot of Frui'Tre-a, con*i*ting in part n| Pear*. Plum*. Apricots, Sic. The Ornaintulal Tree* and Shrubs are m great variety, and are warranted to be of the tiurst kindi and in perfect ord. r. Sale positive, lawlocur* ou Monday. The sale of P ant* will lie continued Weanetdiy and Thursdiy, both foreign and domestic. a9 3tia* FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED^ jHHtet pyUPn aVTI KEGLLARMAIL LINE KOlf .Tt() UENt1."AN!b BOSTON, via STONJNOTON AND NEWPORT, coin foaed of the ,'ollow ng auperior eteamrra, running iu cultureion with the ttnnington and rroeidr .ee, and Boatou and Providence Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS,Capt Comatoek. RHODE ISLAND.Capt Tl.ayer NAKRAGANSETT.Capt Woolaey. MOHKOAN.Capi. One of which will leave New York daily, Suuda vaatceptad from pier No. 1 North River Battery PI ace. a t S o'clock ,P M Fare to BO.ton $3 On Dr-kpi**age (2 45 do Providence 2 DO do do 1 50 Arrangement. The NARRAOANSEr,on Mondays, Wednesday i and Fri dayi.lor "toniuglon. The MASSACHUSETTS,on Tueadaya. Thuradaya,and Saturdaye, for atouingtou. Paaaeugeraon the arrival of theateamere atStoningten. may take the Railroad Cara and proceed imuieJ.atcly to Providence and Boaton. Feight taken atthefollowiug much r? du-ed rates:? To Boaton, on gooda weighing forty pu in-'* or upward* to the cubic foot, at $6 Super ton, and ou measurement g >oda T centa per foot To rrovidreiee. or meaturement gooda 5 centa ptr cubic foot, and ep'citicart cle article* aa per tariff to be obtained at office 28 Broadway. w31 6t? GREAT WESTERN EXPRESS * 1 FOR ALBANY, TIIOY, BUFFALO AND ?> MONTREAL. |\/1 EsoKS. HARMDEN k CO., having tnide arrange" enta 1V1 wjt|, il,e People*' Line of Steamboats, respectfully inform the public that they are prepared to receive parcel*, package?. a|>ecie, Hank uotra, Ac., for Albany, daily, wheiethry interiect with Pemeroy'i We.tern Express for Buff.lo and iatermediate place*, au I with Jacob'* Ex peps* for Montreal. They haee an office lilted up escluefvely for their own u*e ou the main deck of rach b at, containing an irou gafe, and accoiiipuiied by aapecial meareuger. w.ioie berth ia in the office, for the purpose of a ifety and aecurity to money and valuable parcel*, and the accommodation of their patrons. They a'ao make up au Express Mail for Lettrra, which dote* at No. 3 Wall atrret. at i\ o'clock, P. M , thereby giving the buaineaa community the advantage of mailing letter* one hour and a hall later than at the General Poat Office, and alao of an immediate delivery on their arrival. Parcela and lettrra received at 3 Wall afreet until <1 o'clock, P. M , and ou board uultl the moment of starting. Office in Albany,12 Exchange; office inTroy,228 River St.: office iu New York, 1 Wal l at. ui20 im HARNDEN 8c CO. AW M PEOPLE'S LINE FOR ALBANY and WM-_J)^c*aacU* intrrmidiale place*, daily at lire o'clock, P 3K-b3E3C>M., fr jiii the Tier between Courtlaudt and Liberty street*. The commodious steamboat ROCHESTER. Capt. St. John, leave* as above this (Sunday) afternoon, at die o'clock The Rochester direct without landing at intermediate places. The above boala are new and substantia', furnuhrd with a'egant State Room*, and forsp-ed and accommodations are unrivalled ou the Hudson. For paaiage or freight, apply on board, or to -? ? p c 8CHULTZ alO at the office on thr Wharf. FUR NEW OH LEANS?Louisiana and Mew iJHkYnrli l.ine?Pnaitirrlr First Rrui.lir P?rk?(?X* jpSBbiaii 15th April?'Thefaet exiling packet ?hip LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt, will poeitivcly tail aj abort, her regular day. For freight or paaaage,having aplendid funiieheil accommodationa,apply on board, foot of Wall atreet. or to E. K COLLINS k CO. 55 South at. Poailirely no gooda received after Saturday evenicg, the (th inatant. Oreat care will be taken to hare the gooda by thia line cop rectly meaaured. Agent a hi New Orleana, Hullin fc Woodruff, who will promptly forward all rnoda to their addrete. The packet ahip HUN I'BVILLE.Captain Mum'ord .will eucceed the Leuiatille, andiail the 35th April,her regular day. aio J^sas- FOB LIVERPOOL.?Regular Commercial Line. The iplmdid well known packet ahip, MK.MfHI?, JBSMmCaptaiu Kuight. havujg lately arrived from Livtrpocl in a very ahort paitage, will meet with quick deapatch for ihe above pert. 'hie ehip offtri an excellent conveyance for cabin, 3d cabin .iteerage paaecngcra, who Will be taken at moderate ratee. Apply to the Captaiuon board the ehip at Crleana wharf,foot olWallitreet, or to JOHN HERDMAN, II Southet. N B?The above ship will be 'aucceadeil by the aplcudid nrw packet al.ip Samuel Hiclu, CapL Thoma* C. Bunker which veeacl haa uaaurpaaaed accommodation for paeaeugera. Thoar wiahtng 10 aei d f r their frienda, reaiding in Cereal Britain and Ireland, can avail tliemielvte ofhaving them brought out by either of he above ehipe, orany ehip of the line, and drafla tan aiao be furniahed, payable th.-oughout the United Kingdoanby applying ae eboTe a3 FOR LONDON-Paeket of Ihe lo h April.-The JflWWapl-uc'.id packet ahip TORONTO, Captain UriijHflMWold.will aail aa above, her regular day. For paasage in cabiu, eecond cabin or ateeragr, having excellent accomtnodalioua, apply onboard, or to ihe office ?T mil J HERDMAN, ?1 South at. FOR LONDON-Packet of the loth April.? JftlThr aulendid laat railing packet al.ip, TORONTO, JBHflfaLapt, Griawold.eaila pcaitively aa above nar regular ,T" W.k J.T.TAPSCOTT. (3 Peck dip, or 41 South atreet. Feranna deairoua of (ending for their frienda to come a ut from the old country, can have llietn brought out in the To ronto, or any of the regular line, on very reaaanable terina. and thoac wiahing to remit money to their frieide, can have dralta for any amount, payable on d< mand, in all the principal towne of Giamt Britain and Ireland, by applying aa above. m3l __ _ U.I f TV. I'.. A ,.,w,.,r..,l 'a ltd htffV copper faatrued .hip VENICE, burthen l>i?tona, or majMBLaboutTMO barrel*. Thu ihi(> w?a built in Philadelphia in I AM. in tha moat faithful maim r, wa* aalted on the atoeka.and coppered wi.h heiry cooper, on which aha haa juat perform*] a voyage toChiua and bark, la well calculated for a Kuropeaa pact el, or fur 'he ludia trade Ha* a full in ventory.and now ready to raeeire a canto. I* now offered for aale locloa* a concern. Lie* at pier I North river For 'iraia apply to BOYD St HINCKEN, at Brokera. I Tontine Buildiag*. FOB HAVRE?The eery euperior coppered and iHHbcoiperfaalrned French barb LAPYROUSE, Capt. JHHfbl'C urand. to be drapatchod en the SPth inat For freight or I aaaage apply to BOYD k I1INCKKN,Broker*, a* It ? Tontine Building. ffJCMlTTANCKS TO AND I'AHMAGfc KROM URJlAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND, BY THE Paraona wiahing to aeud to the old country for their friend*, tan make the neoaaaary arrangement* rith the auhaenbera, and hare tbem come out in thiaauperior line of packet*, vailing from Liverpool on th* Tth and llth of every month. Thrf win aleo have a nrat rate claea of American transient ahipe railing avery aiath day, thereby affording a weekly comminieation from that port. One ef the firm. Mr. Jam u D. Roche, ie there and will remain daring the year lM3,t*eee that all the peraona a bote paaaage* have been paid here are forwarded wi th care and deal*ten. Should the part iea agreed for not come out the money will be returned to thooe who paid it here withoutauy deduction. The ahiaa eoieppnug thio line aro: The OXFORD. The NEW YOIU, " CAMBRIDGE. " COLUMBUS. EUROPE. " SOUTH AMERICA, " ENGLAND " NORTH AMERICA Draft* at eight, for any amount, on the Royal Bank of Ira land, and on Preacott, Orote, Amea It Co., Bankeia, London, which will he paid on demand, free of die count, ia all the pern si r~ >nu ssrr M fultoQft .nwvi floor t#? tn? Bane^JV/r U. UUwNB-, Agrut ia Albau, jnHV BVHNK. M rhireh atrect " mfr FORT THOV1AM -II,r superior fsat silling JlK.chr MARTHA, 8. Dealt. master will sail for the Pw^Muthnv. port should a,* passengers oner. K?r freight or raeaage having sscellent accommodations, 10 J. JOHNSON, SO W?ll itrr> t. ?g or to A. WENDELL, *0 flouted. pavilion; at new Brighton. MTHK flUBflCRIBKR Wg. rrauectfully to announce to tin palrone end the public, that hi* houe-. after being completely refilled 'and put iu perfect order, will be oikned <0 receive compauv ou the lit of v1 ly neat. He will be happy to make araugemrnte wi'h familiei who may be disposed to enjoy the benefit of conn try air, with all the adrantag?? and conveniences of a city residence, r r.dir<d eo by the frequent intercourse of the eteam'eoata plying constantly to and from the city of New York. Th : aituitiun. well knownaalubrity, and unrivalled beauty of iliie place, offer many inducement* togentlemen of buiineae wishing to be with th? ir lamilian in the ountry, and alio to attend with punctuality to their affaire inthecity, ae well ue to peraooa ol leteure. who iriah to enjoy a country residence during the auumsr eeaeon. Hia terose will be reaaonaMe, and hia devotion totheeorforte of his gueste, he flaltera himself, will eatiafy all who may favor t la with their patronage. GEORGE riF.HIfl. New Brighton. 7th Apri', 1*18. a* 3? M COUNTRY RESIDENCE to LET-A pleeeantly aituatad place, ebon' fonr milea from lha City Hall. ^NIL suilaide for a gentle nan doing husinesa in 'he city, and in the vicinity of n good neoit. Enquire nt mo. I Warren . bet worn the hours of I and I* A. M., end land 4 P. M. Imr ie dlate pnwioaioa will be given. ?4 *f 'THE TfcETH?The TfcETn?The nest mm a rat leem toA aerted from a single tooth to an entire eat, with little or no Mi a. Looae teeth ae,-u rely fattened, cnriona teeth tiled, ulear?led rutaor teetheitraetad, toothache cured,and the beat artificialteeth need, by Dr. Busfeay,86 Murrey street. Term each; eeergee wadirats. AU operation* warranted. MtMtUt* * . . ,a AMKHICAN BVIKvi, Comer Broadway and Ann street P. T. B?-now. Manager, THROI.m*T attraction ok the sea I SUN-EVEKY DAY ANDEVENINO THIS WEEK, ?Coit mm im: MmuUy. Aim! l(?Id order to xennmod le f 1 Immeuae crowd# which attend here. the Lreture Rooin h.? hrrnrul need The myat. nouv lilPSKY (ilKL can le coDtulteu Day or Erening. Shr ia the greeted wonder of tnc age l> I oin 10 to I'l and Irom I in 5 (he ahe ctn be privately . .min ted aa (u OlIAi LK, or Foreteller of Future Event#, free o( charge Mr BAKNUM will introduce (one lr?P/ eonderful ipenmeiita in ANlMAE M AUNKTISM od a chil l three yea-#. Id. Mr and 'dr. COAD.frora the Cheatnul Th'alre. Pi-ilad?lthia, will ?u.g , variety of COMIC SOX IS end DUETTS. 1. A PETITE CELESTE, the charming dancer, in varn.u* odmned lunrt#. A eolriidid diapl?y ef the I 1'ALIAN KAN I tH .INI. .Mr. T. H WHITE will tulro.luee hi# INDIAN fi\MKS. EALI.s OK NIV(JAKA. wilh real water. ALBINO LADY. Puuema Koad, Kaucy Olaae Blowing, Cirand Coamararaa. end 500.100 Curiunilira. A epic nilid day performauce libra place every W-dueeday and Saluroay alleiuoon. Admittance 1 w I lie whole JS eenla?children halt rnre. PKALk'S Nh.W' VOitK JllSi-llM. MR. IIARItl NO TON, tlie reuowued and uarivalled VenIri.'cquiat.a.daingularljr fitted magician, for five uighta Miaa Carolina Ruben*, the aweet Utile duet and eolo eong(irr. relative of lh<-great Hubena. Mr A tiatian, the diverting, inerry, queer comic (infer. Diirta, Voloa, Ventriloquiem, Lrf erdvrmaia, and Wouderf .1 Kiting Machine, in the le iur* room avery evening thia week. Strain.rein-Kxpeiiiueuta every Day and Evening by Mr. Peal?. SPLENDID DAY PERFORMANCE every Wedneaday and Saturday, at 3oYlockPM. The Large*! and Rarrat c.dlrrtioua iu the world, of Ori giual Portrait**f dielinguiihr.l American worthiea Date v.RiteoTvrv Liai.Mv.iao taken iu the moat aciantific manner, and .it no derate t rie. a. Adimttaucr to the whole US centa; children half price. n US I in lXluVP r \tllttl I'l\ti, ai the loot of liuaue and Read a'a. lv Norili It it r, N EKO, III- great Oiant bull, ki .iwn to ba the Iriarat in America?uow five year# old. Thia noble animal wae nviae.l bv nauiel Bewighotiae. in Buck# county, Pa ? Tb a hull aland# 17 hand# high, ia 1'lftrt in length, 10 fact n> girth, 5 fret iu depth, and hia weight 4 5u0 pound#. Air.i, a Call with Three iwo ye era old. She ia deficient of one lore leg; and having been c-alred ao. render* her one ot tli? greatest curiosities in the wiild. At the same place, a large Sea Dog caught iu the North River, in ly be seen alive. Admission lij cents. adlw* MORAL, INSTRUCTIVE, RECREATIVE AND TEMPERATE AMUSEMENTS. NOTICE?'To the inhabitants of the pnnri|al eitiee and towns ot New York, IV, nay Ivsrna. Connecticut Rhode Islaud, Massachiiasita. Nl w llairi ah ire. Ma-lie, kc. kc. SICNOll HERVIO NANO, The justly celel rated and naturally endowed Mctempsychoeian, whose extraordinary periouincation of the (ioome. the Babboon. Ely. kc . baa been the delight of the world, anuouuna ill it ilia Ilia luteulioa, during the romiug aummer mouths, to viiit the above States with hii Co'isium. A lac iinile of Krnnconis, Rotunda, Olj mpica iu the Champed' El)tee at Paris, and a sj-leiiUid Baud of Music, with a sufficient piunberof artiatea to wake the entertainment superior to any th-iig yet offered. To conaiat of a Metempsychosian Bar var flight of fancy, called the gnome 1-lY, in which Siguor HERVIO nanc will embody THR gnome! THIS BABBOOV ! THE ELY !!! a man ! ! !! Mceyeham, the Queen of the Pi ria Mad. Heme Nano To be fallowed by A MUSICAL OLIO!! consisting of Pianoforte Recitation* by Madame HERVIO NANO. 1?Grand Souato in B J. N. Hlimine I 9? Concerto Stuck iu K c. M. Von Weber 3?liiand Fantasia on the National Aire, God Save the King Mid Rule Britannia S. Thai berg Willi lull Orcheitral Accompaniment*. To conclude with au Hie'oncal Display of the d-stressing adventures attending the Shipwreck ot rcroase, with characteristic painting and music, in which biguor Hcrrio Nano will personate lli faithful Bibboo, Orah, the Indian Maid M idm Hcrrio Nako, N il.?Peraeua desirous of making rummer arrangements can learn particulars by applying (post paid) to the undersigned, at the Branch Hotel, M Bowery, New York. mil tone* HERVIO NANO. MR. K. Mb b-?, lately Iroiu r.i/ruye, rroiesaur of t ne ai lot Arm* in its highest branchr*. girea instruetioni in Kancing, and in <he use of the straight, crooked and Turkish Sabre, Hunting Knife, Musket and Bayonet, 8 taff, and e very species ot weapons. For particulars, enquire at SOS Pearl street. mil lm* GYMNASIUM. ' PISTOL GALLERY. Messrs Hudson k ottiqnon respectfully in Turin the eeiitlemeu ot New York, that they have btteg up a GYMNASIUM at the corner of Chambers street and Broadway, -and it is now open for the reception of visitors. The institution is of the first srder, and complete in ercry respect for the purpose of Athletic Exercises. Spelling Lessons given daily. Terms moderate. Open day and evening. al Ira* ""FULLER'S GYMNASIUM. TO THOSE WHO VALUE HEALTH.?The Gymnasium, fiu5 Greene street, near Bleecker, is now open daily. Iu addition to the regular exercises of the Gymna siutn, there sr-d attached lor exercise and amusement, a Bowling Alley, Qumt Ground, Pistol Target, with a large open spire for running and jumping, and oilier out-door'exercises which render this establishment. as a gymnasium, superior to all others. ... . ... . . . . Gentlemen subscribing have the prtvil/geof exercising at th* Branch Gymnasium, 99 Ann st, where there is every implement necessity for lu-door exercise. Sparring taught as usual? Fencing alia, by anemincut Professor, at such time ?s to salt applicants, in iccordauce with the times. Terms of yearly subscription have been reduced to $10. m9! 9w'_ PTANO FORTES. COUTHKKN DEALERS and purchasers generally wiil ' ' liud it to ihei r advantage to calf aotl eiamine a choice assortment o I I he ttbovc article, eom pi lainf a variety of I and 4f octaves, of lo-ewood aud mahogany, with arand action,acroll ataud', and every modern improvement. These instruments are warranted to be equal to any iu the city, a id will he sold at the lowest pos-ible iirirea for eaah, at the manufactory, It Weat Fourteenth street. between t ilth and Kiith avenue*. N. B.?1'iano Kortea for Hire?A food aiaortment of piano for tea fur lure at the manufactory. aT Sol plIK t:\MO.N r'BA COMPANY offer for~T*ti at lit I Chatham itrret. New York, the cheapest aud moat geuuine Teat in the world, iu any quantity not leaf than four ounce! If anv artie'e |iurrhatril at their eatabliihmeut ahouhl not give full satisfaction, it it requested that they be brought back?the money will be returned. at |m? COP m OK A TKs l i GONIAL FROM THE CELEBRATED DOCTOR NELBONTHK ORIGINAL MAY BE BEEN AT 373 BROAD WAY. Mona. Mallaa. Pis?The cement with which you filled the decayed teeth Of two of my friends fully answered the purpose for which it was applied, and gave the greatest satisfaction. The aprcimeus ofartnicul leeih. planted on gold guaahieldt from a range of three or four teeth up to a complete set for both jrws, which I haveseen you srecute, arc ou a lerel with lha highest order of dental aubalitutkn now known, either here or in Europe. I am rniira truly, ROBERT NELSON, M.D. March IS. 1*44. 44 Franklin fireet To Moos. Mills* fcBe.jvr, Surgeon Dentist. J7s Brosdway. _ m33 tmis* THE KREMLIN. m BROADWAY, corntr of Thames street?Thir tplend d eitab'ishmrnt is now opeu fir tie reception of tha public, h irieg been fitted up ea an elegant reeort for gentlemen deeiroils nf spending a few hours . f leisure in the practice of healthful eaereiiea.aud agreeable relatalioni from buauiess pursuits. Two separate saloons are fitted up as billiard rooms aud Ixiwliug alleys- The first contain* four scry superior tables, aud the second lour excellent alleys. Each saloon has the ads tillage of a fine light and plenty of room, and ia funnelled in tlie moat superior atjl# Indeed, no pains nor expense hare been spared to place The Kremlin upon a footing, in point of attract iana. of the mast inciting respectability. The proprietors, iu io? itiiig gentlemen to visit their ea l.lOIIJIIIIieilf, org in awaoi C ? inn iiftv. <. - .. ... ? had to (heir accommodation. and no rx^ena* will he pared to give*ati*ra:tinn, and make th?m perfeelljr "nt home. BKN WILAON, formerly proprietor of the Montgomery Hell, Monlioaery, Ala. UKO A. '1 HUM AS, late bookkeeper at the Aitor Houee. TO BF. LKT?The atnre til Broadway, adjiinirg Trinity rhureh yard.nntohle for any bniioent,and favorably known aa an old and popular ataad. Aleo, twelveor fourteen furn:ahed apartment* for a ingle genilemep, wlin h will lie let by the minlh or otherwiae. Trwee ia a dining aaloon upon the Kuropean plan, attached with Tne Kremlin, where mrala will be aerrejat all hour*. aTle LVV HANtit ON KONDUN?Bill* of fcichanga at M Ei jo, 15,7 dara.andat a ght.for any amonm, on Mernra Preacott.Orove, Ame# A Co , Banker*. Loadoo, which are paid in eveiy town throughout Orent BHInin, for aale at ail timra by ItOCHIC, BROl A L . a8 ?l 35 Kultona'. nnt door to Kultun Bang. NOTl<Corafgiaeeaof good* per atnn Actio, Capt. BiiT7 fro n Liirerpool, art rr.|u?ted to aerid their permit* can board, at i?i?r foot of Pioe plr*?t, or to the ?mcr of the anbocr tl??rt All good* nM permitted to five dajr?, muit unavoidably be .ant to Hie public atom. OLOV|rR McMI/RRAT. aa 100 Pine atreet. e wner of South. OKu.lS<} OFA FKRfll'sON M HmUta at." are aelling ntf their entire atock ol dry gonda, at nod leae than coat. All therefore who are in want of dry gooda, can obtain tliem of u< much lea* than at any other place in the city. ?* ilia our object to aell our eutire atock before the Brat of May. _ NOTI''F?The eopartnemhin heretofore eaiefio, under the Arm of AH ARB A hKKOUHOM, ia thia day diaanlred by muteal aoraent. All thoaa having rlanna xgaiual aaid fi rn are r><jiioeted to pre# nt the lame for pey nam, and all indebted tom?he payment uf the aim* to either of the undiraignad, SB Hud* >i) atreet. New York, April 5th, lMt. RORF.RT SHARP >U>* JAMKA KKKUl HIfV. M 11. M.N Ml V ( ()() DA JOHN M KKK.LlCfc, n John atrret, near Naaaau. ha# aeeently reeeired an eatrneive aaenrte.ent of millinery am lea'ad <pted to the apring trade Milliner* are invitrd loca|l andaaamine. The atock will be icplaniahed on the arrival of every para " . a3 61* JVOriM.-DltY tlot)|)-t?3ROW\ A Uk^l/HArtF PI x wrtftill I' notifv tliPir rnunlrv friends and rmlAmwa alao dealer* aril fimiliea generally, that Iher hnr? removal It. in No. to Colli trio* atriet, to thai anlentid catabliahmant, Ml I Irand atr*?t, la'ely oecrtp'*d by W. Vain, where they ircdailr receiving U'ge quvntitie* of new* tad* from ??c on. which w ill he c ffered at am all advance. ad l w* Ml Grand atr**t. TO THE LADIES FASHIONABLF. VII I.INKHY HO ?DA-Tha propriator of Ihia wall known *atabliahin*nt off. ra for aale a ino<ta'l(ct and choice ujonm-r.t of Millinery Oxide, for the aprint trad*, never .1 yet rr"*'nt?d to the robltc, both ai regard* Ihr quilitv and rhevpnre* of the articlea. The setortment ronaiata of the following :The celebrated ?ll.K H AT, OALLKO OAPOTTE D'OR LEANS, at worn hy La Uue.hree* U Orleaoa, of Kraaee: WPIHD sif.K, ENTIRE!-V NEW AND ORtUINAl* HTVLK? And Lawn Mala do. do?An entire new atria of llata called "MODERN CAPOTTF-3, F-LS3LER Of >TT AOE. Tariaitnand Englieh KANOT STRAWS, of thiftueat I**ture, in great variety. T.i* I'mprtafnr reapacfiiMy aolieita the ladice to favor Mm with a call, and eianaiu* hia elegant and rarted a lock of Millinery for themeelvea, before they purr have elaewher*. at it w.ll lea great evvinj to them in pvieeand a great advantageaa regar.'e the raitrly and quality of Ota yeoda. (! FILOf3.vlKF.LD, Maguin* da Modea. atlifi' d<Canal ateeet J AW nm?TK??-Toae let from the flrat of May twit, lJ the Kiret and Second Kloora orNo M Pine afreet Hi ee nfRcea fare been occupied by (hatleeen ol the Bar for many yeara. 10 good tenaata the renta will be pat eery low. They will he rented by the floor or a ingle t Are. For partiriihtee, apply to Earla It Konvett, on the premiere ?dl* ( ' Rof'ND MANflANRSE?lot bhla black oeide of man ^anm.,gron-d,i%^rK.dtmtfM. ki; ^ ^ ^ . c*URNISIHLD Ar VRi MliSTs to tot 10 e.n>? P in hover No S,4 broad * ay. Inqnirt on tha premiaoa. ^

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