Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 11, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 11, 1842 Page 1
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T H; t?t Til.?So. 3SG.--W Nola aOi 4 mew LINK OK LIVKltPOOL PACKKi'S Tu oil (V*3? New York .? til- lyih.aod Liverpool oil tilt Uth o f tvxK mon/A. iffy Jfe Jit, &?L *?O*NIW yl?l^ Kt UOSCIUS, Captain John Gollm., Wlh Much. 8?rp SIDDONS.Captain E. B. Cobb, HSth April Ship SHKRIL) AN, Captain V. A De.eyeter, . Slh May. SbipUAttBJCE,C*.t?io Win. hkiildy, AAtla J una. Ma Litcbi-OOL. , .. Shir SHERlDANyfl^am K. A l>e?eyeter,mh March. Ship GARRlCK, cfi^aiu W.n. SkHlJy, l?th April. Ship ROSCIUS, Cajitaiu John Colliua, 13th May. (hip SIUOON8, Captain K B.Cobb, 13th ?"<>? IVm ahipo are al I of the lir? t c le??, npw arde of 1000 ton* ,Wlt la the citv of Now York,wit!> each improvement. aa combine IMtlMt'd with uBuaual eoinfb.t t. r pawo-nyer.. Eyary car. kaohecn taken in the krranf emeu: of their accommodation. Tlia nee of uacaaiteheace i. ?lo?,f<.r win. Ii ample .hire* will be ? ride/. 1*ew ohipo are tornm wiled by ex.* rienccd matI, who will make erary exertion to give general eat ei'ac Neither the captain, or owner, oflkrae will be re.yoaii hie forauy letter, pkrceWor peek'ges.ent by them, unleea re ulerbilUot Uifiii??r?eilincJlhi.rcfiir. The ahipe ol thielflfc will hereafter yn armed, aad their pecu inreone trod ion tree, them eecunty notpoeeceeed by any other hat reeeele ef war. w? r?i-1,1 ?r naaoace.M'I'ly t*> _ _ ?HafPTAFk . he thepwckeM"*'" ^ cllln!,a ia* eanu per aia*W ?.l n* *** " arirgtnr"A>. irhaVRK rAdiib. ??.W *uk(JKCOWO /J.V?J m> M M &. -^ ffnaof thia Ttnewni hereafter leare New York on.tho . . j wlvra on th. <(th of eaeh month aa follow!: Ut and Harre on uic e ^ ^ y ^ r#rA ^ ^ Horr#. j,:_ ONEIDA, I 1)1 Mmch i IMh April The new rtip orwiua, a Ju isU| Augurt i?*LTuuck. ) t.l November I filth December nil TlMORli V 1*1 April Ifth Maf ' h.i A'iguat nth September *Jw?S Funk. r ut IWwbw '' i*th January _ .EJV5W * t lit Mir W*h Jun* *"pr^ \ ? ' %t?b? Uth October _ ?*Cflwjtt. f lit January I, Ulh February "** cirtS>T'NIC0LAS 1 '"L1 November nV.ll f i?t February 1 l?th March -ri. .,,nmmodationi of lhr?e ?bii? are not aurpeiaed, com v, s"K,';f ^ a? :lz 8F8X! "i??MS bi'KS.rf.d^u,. ?22SiS.m fwfrom any other than the eiiwiwea actually! nS^d2:Wr^Vf,rrffiN.^. t Tontine BuiUlinei. LOUISIANA* AM^^VYOKK^ ? OF PAt^ETB jtfv Jfe &Ti> t#r mrtominoiirttion ol -'u. ; < ? ?, it is if tended to B^^swsssaafissas"^2kSjSlS81SSIPPI?l*aj t. Milliard. Ship MEMPHIS,Capt. Knight. WU firth, city of New York xprtM- I twfornarkeS are of a liaht draft ol w ater, hare recently been 2-%2^?reda?d put in loleudid ortcr, with accommodation C^X^enerrenneanalled for c<> utort. They are commanded fc j^^ced maiUri, who will nunc trery exertion to girt SmnSSSSeSSS:T?*y witl at all time. be towed up mid Ndthm'oZe^a'"' eftueaeahipe will be reaponainilfoetewelrr bullionoireciou! ateuoa.ailrer, or plated ware,or ft(Z2?tten'^r^oTpachaee, .cut by or put e -board ef fc^anlem regular bille of lading are taken fortneiame, and theralne thereon ftv-e'K Forfreight ortwa.ape,^tog fc Co M8o?th.t:,.. *' MUULIN k WOODRVJKb, Agent in Naw ojs^an^'j^vviS^aSiTSvM X.rtiT.r.^l greateare will be taken to hare the gooda torrrct >tw lOKJt Aftu nawAAi 'MBM&SSk Wmrm r?4mctd to M cnnta. From Dm foot of Courtlandlatreat, New York(Every day-Sundaya excepted.) LMreimw York. Leave Newark All A M. At* P.M. At 71 A.M. At 1| P.M 11 do 4 do ? do lt do 4| do l#i do ( do T do 10 do on sundays. From the loot ol Liberty itreet. Leave New York. Leave Newark. At A M. and 44 P.M. At 1 P. M. and io P.M. N?W YORK, Ri.lZABETHTOWN, RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. Ftoa the footof Libertyetre?t.daily. Loave Now York. Leave New Braaawick. At A. M. At 7| A. M. tip.if. i p.m. SOMKRVTLLK etaaeeeriioeet with theae line* each way. Fere between New York and Homerrille, 50 cecta. Do do Now Brunswick, 75 crnta. Rat way. oocenta. E ixabeutowD, 35 cede. The fare in the Ti A. M. tram from New Bronawick, and l| fit. train from New York, haa been reduced between New York and New Bnmiwiek to 50 cecta. " and Hah way ta *TJ " The Pniladelpbianaaillioe < *- ? ? thro<*h NewBruniwick for New York every evening at So'clrck. On Sunday a the 7J A.M. triprrom New Brunswick ia omit Paaveoyer* who procure their ticket* at the ticket office,reOeive aferry ticketgratia. Tickotv-rfeeeivedbytbeeoixluctoi ontvoo 'ho day when purr' aaod feb'.l la* FREIGHTS FOR THF.'Wg^T AND SUUTil, From PHII-A DELPHIA via THE PHILADELPHIA. WIL MINOVON. AND BALTIMORE RAILROAD COMPANY. Frewhti for the Weat and d.mth a. ill be f. rwa-d-il dtily from ine transportation ffiee -if the Company, No. I Dock at Wharf, Philadelphia Merchant! are respectfully it formed that all rootle ooletfned to the eoinpauy -. ill bt forwarded with the utinoit dispatch to any poiut wet or snath. kreiaht reaches Baltimore the lame dry it .earei Philadclphi*. The mail line for th weeteiH a'ath leave* Do- k itreet dailv at half-paat six o'ekek A.M. by ateambeat ROBERT MORRIS. Paaaencera will rerch Baltimore ?? 3 o'clock, two hour* previous to the departure of the tmina f.-r the eru'liwiat. W. L. A8HMEAD,Agent. Philadelphia, March 5. ml. _ mlttm RAILROAD NOTl' E. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. JHWHOaia XEIV BRUNSWICK AS!) IV f IV YORK 7THC NEW JEHSr.V Rai'rnad *?d Trine portaCou l'?m1 pany have a Freight Line between New Rrunawich and New York, winchUiey intend to run pt.manectly. Le*viof jNew^Mrunewirk at 5 A M. daily, (Sundrps ex country derlera and mei chant* the line la eery rt* treble for the ejieedy end ch'.'p eni;T?v*nre -f merchacdUe of every deacciptum. and more i??rt1cul <rly to Drorera end Dealer* in Lite Stock.*ho can hare lie head of cattle conveyed between New Bruuawick and New koik, Lhtiameday , whenr rer reoiiired. . The ratea Tor the tranaporta'inn of cettle, h?-?e?. mule*, brep.hoga, Ac.,and all other kind- of merth ifcdia* are eery low. never eireed ne eteaaihoat price*. Merchendwe eent by Una li <e u not > bjicted to eny eitra charge m eroeeiny tb? N >rtn Hirer. The Lom;?o< bare fhtidupa large atnrehriu* at New Jtmnnwick adj-iining the Railroad Depot, which will alweye be 'pen for the reception of m<-r< hrn-'iae. Paaeengrra, purchasing th-ir In Uilr at the ti ket offices, willreceire ferry lickete gri'is. mtt 3m* Ttl OfltL'E,?Oh end after April lit. |Kit, the commutetioo IN farcin the cerioftheNrw Jere?y Hailroed and Tm'.r ports tioo Company, between Nrw ? ork and ihe vnrinu# C" cee oo the Ineor iher iln . I. ha* hern reduced (iu< I'.d ferry) to (TS peraniiutn. and |5tf for lie inoutha. nets lea* fUKIHHt AND i*AH8 AG IC TO PI 118Bvno. B I N till A \1'? LINE. T*>e proprietor* of Bingham's Tran<po?t.ilmn Line to Pittebury. tp?e notice lottie Merrhai tt of Ne* York, and all other period ipying to U>e Wui.thal their line 11 now le ac'iv* Cration. Good* eontun-d to th> m (er eeot to go in Uieir ?.) will be forwarded wilhdeaiiatc'-,. Owner* or ahipiwre oTgooda, Awiiin'd for the Weetern State*, wh" ' ** no ag- it n .. un*r at Plt'shur*. will pirate c<m?i?n their ???!, to Will,am Bingham. Pittabnrg, who wul attend to Mtipv mg all auch coumgninrot* without Bl^oflAM'8^U?NK* m4,1,1,1 lti,liacUJ: OD "d. For rate* ?fflr?fcht, which are ae low an any uiher line Aprly to WM. TYSON. Agent, n? iWietit^ei _ mtawite Ptwr No. u. N. R. t>. B.?Parte nge re forwarded to Pi tab wry and I'ot'ariU* erery day, Sunday* eicrp'.-d. Refer to R,Cr?ok?, Vin rienn Fur Co. ; !?. T. Niroll itront ?t?*t; Phclpj. Dodge A Co. Fulton etreet: Suydam! ftege * Co.; Wm. Raokln. Dur/ee k * n Newark' m< 3m Bl'Aft.N 8LANO tKHltc _ Foot of Whitehall treit-dmeJ^M^ A T K N ISLAND BR, &^t^^Sfc|ff"or SAMSON, Captain Ducal, will rut an followa until further notice overt! Stolen laiand Leaver Whitehall At S o'clock aj(. At (o'clo k a.M. "U * " " 11 " " " i " r. ?e " 3 " r.m. A t| M M ?1 A U " H " " " ?( " " N. A All good* shipyed are rmmrel to be particularly marked and are it tH* n , thereol o I " " T. POWKLL a CO 8 LINT. NKWBUTUIK, lauding al CALD aH3enwB^kL ? weht point and cold Jl H1 JLsnUV'l?The itran.boat HIGHLANDER Ctyt. Robert WiMtap. will leave tlfk foot of Warrrn rtrert flew York.eytry Monday, Th-i wl?y and Saturday efterr. on'i 4 4 o'clock. Br turning, ihe tlich.anncr will .vewhnrgt. eery Monday morning at ( o'clock, an., lnondaynr I Fr dm iftirMOV it I o'clock MK?' orpaaaag. .aupty to the Captain on board. H.W. Al 11 ?Mage and Tingl.t oi ererr deoenytion, bask biila oefpecie, mil oa board tin* koat.aniBt be at the risk of the gnerw theronf,mO>? bill finding orrtctipUttifaed for 4 J E NE 1 CHARLES S. ROVVKLL, DENTAL SURGEON, No. II CHAMBERS STREET, NEW YORK. LIFE BOAT A S S O UIA T1 SiN, FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PATBNT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSS 112 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE nil CITY HOTEL. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. OH THl T>r ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE (Coyjr.) _ # Hiri'g Ig'cl jli>?' tw > b,c<i?.<iJ?ti 1 c?ll'd on'Mr L.ei (II III Supply Ill'ir plSCrS Wlin OHM. ?I u II fords me ranch pleasure to testify to his shili and ab.lity at a Dsutiat; indeed, 1 have . ever seen teeth tlxe.1 and > ***! with more *xactuate, tuid at the earne time wilh Itee painful preslure on the guint. , , I cheerfully recommend that grulleman to tbe eeoeria' notice of the medic >1 profreaion. * will ;ta to .he put) ic. lee! iug aatieued from my own experience that Uiey inay confidently rely on his (kill in hn pro'eeeion. (Signed) GRANVILLE S. PkTTISOV, M D. Profeaeor of Anatomy, Unirenity of New Yerk. February l set . 1841. The original can be seea at Mr. Levelt's 360 Broadway, cornet.of \V.rreu etrcet ml* 1 "BANKRHPi' LAW. GENTLEMEN wishing to be diechartte.! from their debte. under thia law. are intited to call on W. SKIDMORE, Attorney at Law,75 Nauru alreet. All otliur kinds of law buainese alioatteudei to. Charges m.ntrrair. ftOSiri' NOTICE TO BU Y EKS OK CABI NET FURNITURE. 'T'HE tubacribcr would iuvite the attention of those wishA rug to purchase articles'iu tire abore buainena, to hit establishment, where is to tie foujd a rich assortment of Rose wood sod Mahogany Furniture, of French and other patterns, eotne of which are uot to be found elsewhere, Wiug entirely original. Alan, handsome rich gilt (cornices for windows. Poles and Kiugs ; toget ier w nh Damask*, Gal I onus and Tajsets, and every article attached to cnrtaius, which will be made iu the latest style fro.n patterns lately received. N B. Particular attention pai t to the fi tmg up of Ottomans, Fire Screens, and other fasey articles, with embroid ered tapestry. WASHINGTON MEEKS, *IHn 115 Broadway. next the Hospital. CAR FETING, CARPKTIN G. 'T'HE Subscriber is now opening his Spring assortment of A Csrpetiug, consisting of Brussels, three ply, su ,et fine and hue Ingrain; an assortmtnt n>t surpassed iu this city for variety of styles, figures, lie. These go ids have keen ordere I expressly for the Spring trade. The gieittst ca e has beet observed in makit g selections ot such gooes as can be confidently lecommended for durability and permancuey of colors, lie, AUo.alsrge assortment of the different k'nds of Hall and Stair Carteltug Tufted door Hugs. Door M?;s, he. Also a nan. some assortment of Painted Kioor Cloths, all widths. Families about purchasing anv of the abore described goods are respectfully invited to esll. CHARLES HICKS, ml8 lm* Tt East Hroadwav.7( Uiv'siou-st. CHEAP HARDWARE STORE ri'HE Subscriber is oow opening his Spring supp'y ot A HARDWARE It CUTLER v, received per late ntrivals, from Birmingham and Sheffield. Together With a general assortment or D omestic Quods, which he is prepared to offer at the very LOWEST CASH PRICES. The attention of Country Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makers, he., is solicited to an easmiuation of his stack and price as he is confident they will iud it to their interst to favor him with a call. ALFRED F. LAQRAVE, 310 Greenwich corner Barclay, New York. A regular supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Coopers Olur. Also?a complete assortment ot '.Mechanics Tools, James Screws, he. m3 3m' SEBRING'S CORDIAL INDIGESTION.?As this is a very eomn on complaint, in f the present day, whaterer tends to alleviate it is of public im;or'anct. For the information of those affected with it, we publish the following recommendations of a Restorative Corel) al for its cm c. o. 6k?riio, k?g:? Dm Si* At your rimeit, I haveexamined Ihr medicines of which your Cordial tf computed, and lure no hf illation in flying that they are of the beat claaa of tonics; and in the maimer prepared bv you. will prove highly beneficial in Dyspepsia, and many othar diseases of general debility. Yohm, lie. V PRATT, M. D. No. 18 Liberty street I concur in the above recommendation of l>r. Pratt. th&ma8 boyd, m. d., No. 881 Fourth itreet. Sabring1* Restorative Cordial ia aild at 188 Fulton $1 per bottle. nigl I in' DR. JOSEPH EVANS, grand restorative syrup, For the cure? feeerr form of Diie a- arising from THE IMPURITY OF THE BLOOD, CAUSEU by the vital o>gvs becoming derangd and enfeebled by hereditary coinplainte, ami e\baii?ik>n of the system, and other dia?*see, vix Scr. fnla or King'a Evil. T mora aud swellings in Uie neck, secondary sy mntoinsnf 8\ phi he, or the conatitu ional form of the Veuenal Diae a-.Uhrra. ulcerated eore Threat P. late lie Ulcere no the Shiur. and other parted the body, lliaeaara of the hones, p*i in, a .veiliegs. sad ulceration of the hoacr, swellings ol the ioiata, white swellngs, fc<>, Cance-a, eoinue ua < r akin diseas-a. salt rheum, ringworm, scily eruptiona. leproay. itch, acald h -ad, pimpiea. cracking aod -mirtu g of the skin, tetter, and all kiiua ofeorra Longstanding anui e-etofore incurable fever gores: rheumatism, gout, liver complaint, and all dis-ases ranged by an improper uaeof miliary I local and conatitu'ional debih y or weakness, gonorrhea igleet It ueorrl a> i or whitra, gravel,lu..or wiien the aya'em iiae been cshmsted by secret venu ility |u youth, in'emp* anc'.lotg standi g debilitating diae s, lorg residence in Southern climates, ana other dcbili titing causes. This invaluable medicine has been rmtloyed by the proprietor in an eitcnei- eprivale aid hcapital prartice, both in Europe and Am?ric fir the las' forty yearn during which time he hai cured over 6000 patients, who wer* efflieted with some of the meet loathsome and destructive f >rmg of d leave, many of whcin are nvw living, aud ready to testify to the efficacy of thi? tnrdicite Ilcorcr by giviigtoue to llien;rV'?;e*hi erat iug the spirit*, rtgolal i g Uic cliculation. invigorattn-: ?nd?T. citirgtheviial ogmslo -luat.iral and healthy ac:i.iu' and causae all impuviiica 'o be expelled from the aygiein, aud creating tlie accretion of perfectly pure an.! health, blood. . Price ft i>erhottle. For sale naly at ihs Private Resile nee No. 4 ft (free iwich air, el, t *u doors above Canal street. mat 8m 30 ODD YEARS OF F.XPEHIENCE in the stt u'.fic practice of cueing certain diseaeea, hive enabled l)r L AUKEL, of No. 103 Canal street, to eradicate those diseises in <iaist1on, whether new, old, or Inveterate, in leas than half the time employed hy theiommon doctor*, who poison their patient! with mercury -Cituvy, nitre, cnbebs.kc. N. B.?tttrangery are apprised that Dr L i? a regular phyaician of the meocal facu'ty of Paris, alio graduated in the U. States,** can he proved by his diploma*. tr.34 lra^ PRIVATE CURE. TNOCTOR JORDAN'S SPECIFIC COURSE, No t-For VJ the yrernpt rlire of C?p or Gonnrrhma, < Heels, ai d all other wtthral di.chirgea.anJ his Specific Course. No. a, tot the complete eradication, aid perm*'enl cure of venereal disease, without exposure, i:,convenience, or lnss of time. Each course ia enclosed in a ueat tin case, comprising eveiy medicine, Wfsli, and riq usite.ever reiiuiredeither for internal or evterual ust; and whethr- the caa- be recent rr o'd, a cure is guaranteed, if used :? dnected. Each packige also con tains Dr. Jordan's private trevlise.oiled the Moniior. where, ill ii full directions, with aolaiu discriplion of the nature at mptoms, coiiaeiiaences and treatment ol aeoret direasea.lo which is added much v.luab'e information, useful bints, and important advice?removing all the difficulties of self neatmeut. The mice of Monitor is fifty cent* ; one dollar seut postpaid, will rusure its reception. Tie courses No. 1 and 8, are each $3. an ) guaranteed?admirably designed lor resi den's ia the country, being complete, compact, Vonvenirut and elflrien' Post paid letters covering the . mount, hive prompt attention. Sold lor the pxoprietor, only at Dr g Store, 69 Marion street, tccond door below Punee.atcoud block eas of Broadway. Marion alreet is a direct c ulii.u i lion of Ceutre. Dil4 Im* TJ ERLIN ltx ON CASTING*?Consisting of frane*.fenders, D and summer ortainenu. ol auperior manufacture, to close a cousignment, at very low |r:ce*. by OELRlCHS fc KRITOER, mSlm* _ 48 Broad street. KDlCAL CARD?Da. Coot-ca, No. 18 Uuane at, near Chatham St.. still affords rel ef to the afflicted of both aev es. He may be always consulted. with thi utmost confidence, in the worst cos*s of deli cats diseases, mercurial affect inus. aod thr numerious aymptoins arising from this disease. From Dr. C's eateesive practice tor the last right years in this portienlar Imoch of Ihe profession, guarantee* a ssl'e, staredy sod effective cure to all person* who to him. Recent rases cured i* a few days without the use of mercury, or any other taageroua 'nediuciae. No mterr.piion from holiness, or altera: ion -ii the aiodt of living. Ail whoae c.n,ea have hren pro Irtctyd or aggravated by maltreatment, may apply with the utrnTdit coWidenee of being effectu illy eurra. Terms mode. rate Silendance from V in the mnpniiur until 10 et night. Ofgmtl I live nest. mil is* "Tak? plivaic earty?medicine comes too Isle, Wheu ibe disease hecomea inveieraf- " Recommended bv the family?vancr's anti BILIOUS FAMILY APERIEN T PI I LS-By long rperience theae pills have hreu prove.) by thou*ande to be behest and safest Family M rdifir.e hitb'rtn di< eore red. At ill >ea-ocs of the year they will be frucd very raluaMe to all rho wish to *>rurc therosvdves sgahi-4 sickh as They are dike sate for children as for any peyindof life, mJ re.jnire no gtr* attention to diet ?r lo clothing, bi'.ioua and /irer complaint* dyspepsia or indigestion, n?rvous disrmsev. sick headache nod iu fact all diseases arising from an impure Cat* of rbe bt rod. or a disordered stale of tin- stomach or bowels, are .i:i- MHtoead k?v tulfiS.LV ikfltl T'fV lirPfPlll ilfMif* f. T"ne?? audila eoueeijuen"' a?therefore Waring mMl.hou.d nc?<r be without them. Time or elin.aO affects them not Tw > or three doses will coneiure the patient of their salutary effecta, for lb* will readily reguimta itnngtb, a healthy etataof thelirer and h iwele will epeedily take place and renewed health am1 rigoi of body ami miud n ill be thecer tainreault. Their rirluM, in fact, may be summed up?as a medicine which etrasglhius Hie feeble ati'l eooaoiidataa trie i imu' lwi of the strong, ami will befouuiloi ir int'* * ilue to females of all ages (iftabrti according to the diraetiono), who . auli to be areure frnaaeiekneaa. tike u and DO eaot a par boa. f or sale. wholear |e atid re ail, by Wm Watson, Apothecaries'Hall. 3< Call arine street; Smith, Corner of h ullou and Water ate; NowilL Iff Boaery ; Balgrove, drufEftiat, Fulloo t. Brooklyn. m3i im* Km HIKIdion mKit 11 I M.?Tin- undermine u, a regular practitioner of medicine in the City of New Yrrk. mrmhrr of the Medical luetiiutiona of the Slate and Cniinty, bar II g. dtirwig the last eight ye ua. acrompliihrd a great n?mb -r o| W iodevrul and aur suing curea in eaery rarety of Inna a: inding diaeaeor, offera h>s attendance and medicinal without charge, until thepatient hta fairly lew,,) t|,? m.d inHise h eaaei. Th? affianced ag._ (Mnjnv.r 5* yan) au I long eajcr care ol Or Solonnm Heine, is a ni r nirr that the p<jb We will aot he oecejred. He will beloumt till the 1st of May laH. i,t Ike eornrrrtf Canal street and Braalway, and afii* Hint in IteedMract. near Broadway. - Nun utile eat i| agimua, rana aat gloria noffr*, Na urn sanet, medicus curat morbus." maim" SOLOMON Hr.lNF.M f) ' OTHAW WftAPfTNO? INt re i ma rrowa a< raw wrappii g V """f&ii'-i'iiZo'ZrZ Sb?, a W YO MSW YORK. MONDAY M " FASHIONABLE TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. AT THE FASHIONABLE TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, 10H Be kman itrret.ncar Pearl. Gentlemen who ut now or formerly have been paying tilravacant prices for their clothing, are auured tUat they tired do o no more, ai the auberribcr wih guarantee to all who par truuiw him, a hand.ome At, a faalnouable atyle and cic-llcnt materiala, at thr tullowing m iderate price*? Hiip.Wnt of Eng. Wool-dyed, black, blue,or greeu dreaa CO-U, $15 to $3J. Pant*, double milled do black, plaid, and fancy caaa., $? to $R SO. Vceta?Fineraahmere.iaHn,and all kind*, $1 to $S. ( oat* mad* and rimmed in a eu|irrior nianurr, iiom $T to $9,50; Veita, $1,50 to $g, Pant*,$l,50to fi. _ _ at In* JOHN MOFFAT. CAPPET1NG, &<J. CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. TONF.8 fc MARCY, 101 Bo wry, New Yoik ?rr now re"critinx their spriug supply ol Cirpetiog, Oil Cloths. Window sliari-s, L) uggeis, Horlh Hugs, Door Mali, Table and fi?ooCio?i.8uir Koda lie lie. Among their good, are mtny new aod rich pa'lrrna of Eng. h-h ami Amnio su manufacture, which cannot be exceeded for beauty, quality and cheapo' * in the city. Pirson* about fur lulling tneir house* arr iurit'd to fixe us a c <11. " I.Tr. JONKh, at In* b. M AKCY. ANDERSON'S POLISHING PASTE AND PLATE POWDER. New York, Jan 1,1842. We hare tried the Polishing Paete made by ,Vr. Auderaoa, and find it to be superior to any thing *' h ireef r useo. BOAllDMAN fc IIAKT. ? Burling Slip. Manufacturer! of Britaunia Ware, New York, Jan. 10, III!. We have tried the Paete and Plate powder mid* and a Id by Mr. T. Anderson, and take slemu.-e iureenroineudiog 'htm. COLEMAN k iTEl'SON, Aatus House. New York. Jan. 24 1842. Wr hare used Mr AndtrBon'a Polishing Pa??e and Plate Powdrr, and tiud them very excellent fur cleatiig silver and iilver plated wart. BALL. TOMPKINS k BLACK, Late Marqumd It Co., 181 Broadway. Nt w York, March 1.1842. Wehave ueed Wm. Andiron's Polishing Paste and Plate Powder for cleaning eilser and other kinds of ware,and can recotniaeud it with confidei.ce to ih? public. THOMPSON k FISHER, 371 Peart elreet Brooklyn. Feb. 14, 1842. I have uard Mr. Wm. Anderson'e Poliahiug Paste for stiver, brass, and silver plaud ware, and find to or a first ratr article. ROBERT E. BTOkY. Saddle and ilarncee Maker. For sale wholesale and retail, for exportation, at manufacturers' yricee. lay ('HAS. H. RING,53 Fulton street, corner Cliff. Also, by Dwssctt, (14 Broadway, one d-u,r above Bletcser s'leel; Guioo, corner Grand and Bowery; Coddiuglon, corner Hudson and Spring; Sam's', 77 r.sst Broadway. inlllm* l a? ?^,,,^1 | mn I.VII'UIV I t\L\ I TO CONSUMPTIVES. VfKW YORK. September gist, 1841 To Dr C H. Ring.? L> Sir; As you have requested iu? to gire you au account of how your " Llnlrof Lile"act?d in my case, ' cheerfully com ply for the beuefil of others. I hare had * cough erery wiuter lor several 1 ears,and alwaysgot relief from siinp'e herb tea? till laet winter, oeith-iroee thing aor tin other seemed to gi relief, aud I was gradu illy wasting away? baring to reltnqa my business. In lhi? etate I wae persuml-d by my frieud Mr. Peck to try youi Eliilrol' Life and before I had finished the bottle, I was not only cured of my cough, pain in the cheat, night awea'i, but able to resume bullosas ; and fin 1 myself ?o rapidly improriog ;t atmy frieude are astonished, eipeeting to hear of my dea'h, inatead of aeeing me get active and robust I couaidermyaelf ind nled to you for the earing of my life, and any out situated ts I wae, may call on P< TKR N HKLMS. 13 Thorn peon St. Prepared and forealeb) C.H. RINO, 53 Fulton, cor. Cliff, mltlm* RING'S COUliH CAINI) Y I Hti eegrec of confidence placed in this Vegetable Cough ' Candy by a majority of our physicians, ough' to inspire the like iothe triud of erery sceptic, who perhaps is so from baring been deceived by some article that premised ever thing and performed nothing. Woe d physicians recommend an article they did not place implicit reliance in lt< virtues? Would clergymen and oiner publ.c speakers speak publicly of its delish 'ful relief, in lubricating the sir paasases and giving the voice a manifest inordinate volume? In fins, would svery body who hat tried it so strenuously promulgate its virtues, had not the almost miraculous effects of its powerful agency been seen? Prepared and sold, who'es tie so l retail, foe ei|>ortation. by C. H. HI SO 58 Fulton str'et. corner of t'hff. miti"' CKE A VI ?CKEAM?UKbA Jl. Still the Cities widely teem With praise of Rise's Verbena Cream? The finest Shaving Co rpoui.d known, Experience has clearly shows. 'Tis so skilfully prepared To soften e'en toe rot ghs.t beard. That a du?f razor's edge b stows I A krcnaess that the iharpeet knows. 'lis pure, and pleasant, choice and cheap? , W ill in every climate keep? I Makes it a pleasing task in shave, < And will both timeand troulile save. Prepared and sold by C. H. RINO, 68 Fulton street; Based,im Br ladwsy.auit 459 Broidway. mil It* LUOINA CORDIAL. TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. IT is now barely three years since the general introduction of the LucmsCordial iato the United States, and in that pe rioil it has ne t only spread its usifulness through.tit this hemisphere, and sustain>d the vast reputation which it had previously asquired in K trope, but has also added to the ri- I n.w unfits Illustrious inventor b the uirirsllcii powers it has been Uncovered to potsras in the cure of incipient -onamnrt on. 1 he knowledge f it* wooderlul iufl ieoee in rrunvatiig end invigurtlirg tin human frame, Aral auggeeted the idea 01 using it u> tnie way; eud the reiult ia that a medicine hit ' been added to the catalogue for the cure ofinriyirnt cmaump- t lion, which placea thediaeaae, with due precaution, under the control of the patient It ia ecarcely ueceiaary at thia penoJ to recommend the L' ciua Cordial, aa an all-euflicient remedy ( in caeca cf (fleet, Flour Albua, difficult or paiuful mere'niatiou ,lucontin< nee of Urine, ana all dieeveee arising from debitilativnof th?eyitem, where an impltae. or a restorative it warned; aa throughout' he United States it baa taken of tllolher m-dicineio auch eaaaa, and leavta no.hiog further to be hoped for; iu cures being speedy, perfect, pe'ini- t Dent, and effected w ithout pain or trouble. Should there how ever be any peraon laboring under the above complaints, who are doubtful ef it* almoft universally tested merits,I rec im 1 mend it te them with all cunfidsuce, and en my own pertonal i responsibility, feelincatiued if they give it t>.e required trial, f ttiat healih to tke afflicted partie*. and gratefuhitaa to Dr. I Mag in, will be the reclt. But aa ia alio the case in Knropev ti e unmerae American reputation of the l.uci'ia Cor- < dial, in p inci pally baaed on ita thoroughly mveatigatcd. indubitan e.a d generally admitted power to tuablc f mal-a, who h d hero c -naidered i-airen, to bear offapring; and to reat re I vntlepowera in male*, when reduced to utter ?td apparently t ho' eIrei proe'ration, to perfect health and activity. when I t rttdraf the American agency of the Lucioa Cordial, ( from l)r Magnin, not wit'standing i'e immeuse lorcigncelcbri, 1 tv, and the great amount of reapectable teatimvuy ihat accompanied it. I declined committing myself individually; by giving are pergonal iu there particulate; but b n w, after th- enormrui aale of upwards of one hundred thou-aud bottlra coupled wi h the receipts of cerl-ficatea I M leatimnmala iouu neiable, and much knowledge fo.iudrd ou pereonal obaervati >n, I can u<-hesilaingly warraut it aa faraiceedingmy most sanguine hopes, cr even ihr iilu trinui iuven or'e promieee, in the fu filment of the moat important , ends which it ia recommended, aud haa bicoire enju'tly , and n inerea ly oopular. To be a* explicit aa p laait-le, I te- , p/at. am' hold myself personally reapouail-le for the aaaump- , tioa.that tlieLuci.a t urdial. c-u invigorate the viri'e powra | ininalea.ahd make them focondtOt, where nature hie h?tn delcirnf, or when they have been proteited by artificial , mean; an I alio that it can produce that etate of the ay item in , femalce, who had been prevl ualy un'ruiiful. and imaa'ced j barrrn. wlm-h will enable Ihem to brar children. I r?tf?t . thai I h?ve to areah an plainly, on euch eireeding'v deli-lit* ' u.atteae, but feel eailed upon to do ao, leat it might be nua indernord, and aa a full guarantee for the gre^at reap-nvibility which I have cheer, uily astnmed Wiihfeelinya of ?i cere grititu le f rrthe gte-^aiva patrmape which, aa the i-.ent of toe:, un n Cordial ,ha< neeu h>a Ud up n me in th,a co an'iy. 1 rem ii the Pub ica' very obedient hum' le ,e-*?t t, JOrlN WI >Ta.nS HOUDLaWElL. M f> Tr ee $3 per holtl . Fur tele at ?gg B-ovdway, V?w Ynrt and go Nor hHigthite?et,Pbil d l-hia. mill.n' H^TFfcNtJR A RTiT'tClA.L H LOWEKSt, and MUi-rnla for Florida.?BRUN, LAR'iglK.RK t CO., 1 IS William rtreet, have j'tat received. by tha Havre packets, Argo and Francois let, and offer for sah ? 1000 Bovaa French Artificial Flowers, eomprisiog a general a>a-rtmrat of the moat farhionable lIow,re worn iu Paris. inn I1..T -n Pink Sincere. suitable for flower makers, war rul'iiiif the firat quality. It Cae< Mateiiale for r tori te. ?l*:?paper*, mu?lio. 6m i'.kt, wiree, Inm, bud" bio tome oNvee he itc. Thie fetehlithwrut "t ennetently rcceiaing llie new etylee of (to won ae th> >* appear mParie. Utalcrt will it to their advantage tocal'. The etork iinhniitt ihetrlcee moderate, ami eecry article (elected with thegre*'e?t tare. nit la* ; OTEe.L I'r.NS?From the celebrated manufactory ot Jo1 xph tiillutt, of Birr Ingham?The high r. {> ili'ion of three ne haa In-lu ed many inferior makere to iu.i'.itr thrni, thereby injurtog tlielwell ear. ed repute -on of J er^'i (JiPntt. The Public are reqn (led to be particular from wh irn ihey purchaee. Thegrotiine may be known by heir eitp-iiar q ia'ily, and by the etylr of putting up. A e-m?tart aupidy for eale ty KOBtllV PAKLOW, Ml 1 w' It Maiden Lane. i TOTHE BALL) ANUGRKY li? AUED-JONES' 1 T> OIL OK CORAL UR' ARSIt. 1 HOSE whoee hair it falling out. turt iug gr?y, or hae eca*ed growing, en article it here offered yon at a re eontbleprite ?remember it ie not tolfed?and it will do all it i< rcirerrnteU to do Headline? Icirtify that my- hair w?? fal'ing nut feet; Iranled nut , hm-PiPa daily . a? d einre I ho?e need two bottle* ol Jo it e'Oil i f Coral Cireaetia. it hae quite etopped falling out, at.d it growir g faat and dark. W. TOMrCI Vd, t|K i iit Thie will gire l>ght. red or grey hair a nc dark look, an I in titr.c cau'e it to grow dark from the rnnte Among otlrra who have u?ed tin* and certify ie J E. Tower, groce:, croc klyu; J. Gill ert. jrwllcr 31 aT'tiue RolJ b, T. JONES, ngnof the American Eagle, TO?antral ynu are careful of the rig'-l number i ou |l be cheate' with a , eounaerfeit?M Chatham atrret. Price 3 8 and * ehillinge a I hot I Ir ?three in . Ill Kalton Itreet, Brookl) n. ie ageni. , m'O'm* i ft \ I it i Ml. - i here n no i?il in the *,,rll Mm c iu de gold ' ri r bad t-i the hur. k're.y body kiio-aethit when tie < hair <| burned it ei'l grow again ae good a* eter All the po?d r? foe dyinrthe hair aee twilling but amiiture of lime ? end lilhrage. aid the h or ie not d,td, hut li erally hut net ? Li uile for dyiag toe h-iir ere compoMtiuae of cauatic tnd I epirile. that hum. in the mine way ae the potadere, and d int Ilj. the hair, a-ol the hai' will grew no matter how many t timet it I* bnrnrd : an I eeery b d- k o*e aleo, th it wheu ' Ih' he ?! It full of d*ndrnff.lh Icgme to turn grey, and t bilduete f.illone. from n etpenenee ofiwtnty yare, being j hatr cutter, and b(i jug ihe nopnrtuuity of eiainin ng a gteai " many h-ada, (aid blockhead*) I hare made myte'l a greet fom * ri ion Ico 9Fu "Pm'or'i Hair Oil or Compound y.rt' it t iu I Oil of Amonde," fordaeroj ng dan Irnff, ^reTrntinc I i l.e hair front turning out and tur .in grey The* inimitable I H tie Oil will m ke the lialrgrow well, no matter how inuc'i I. dandruff crtoreceieie no the head . a Fur tale, w vdetale eatl retail, at A. Paithr'g. Hair CutUr, I 1M Mreenwich ttieet, New Yoti. Price to ecnta a bottle. 'it Mia* t RK I [ORNING, APRIL 11, 184 plkmanlnt e^tahlishmem r. IN NEW YORK. MONS. MALLAN fc SONS, Surgeon Deptists, No. 373 Broad way, and at London and Pari* inform the Publico!New York, andita vicinity, that in consequence of their very extensive practice, they hare, at length, been induced to open a Permanent Establishment, where they may be consulted at No. 373 Broadway between Franklin and White atreets, in all caaea appertaining to their profession, in which they have been to sucetsful, in consequence of their celebrated discoveries and improvements in the art of Dentistry. Mons. Mullaa returns thanks for the very liberal pat ronage he has received, and continues to receive, pnr ticularly to the Medical profession of Now York, for thair kind recommendations, and advocating Mons. M.'a improvement in Dentriaty. CELEBRATED MINERAL roa FILLING DECAYED TEETH! Mont. M. continues to restore decayed Teeth, however large or small the cavity ; making a stump into a sound Tooth, instantly curing the Tooth, however painful or sensitive, matching in point of color, the natural oortex or enamel of the Tooth. They never break or become loose?they have no unnatural gloss?are firmly fixed without wires or llga turns?no balky substance in the month?and in every particular resemble the adjoining Teeth, in conformity of shape and nlnutvst shade of color. Placed from one to a complete set, upon the above imprrved aud scientific principle, they are guaranteed to answer every purpose ol Mastication acd Articulation. LOOSE TEETH securely and effectually fastened,arising either from the use of mediciursorany other cause. ARTIFICIAL PALATES replaced upon asuroand scientific method. TO THE PUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES. Monsieur Mellon is happy In heing enabled te announce that by the kind consent of Three Hundred of the first families of the United S'.atcs, consisting of ths first Merchants, Medical profession, Clergy and private Citizens, to whom he can refer aa to the superiority of Mons. M.'s celebratad Mineral in preference to any ether they have ever tried, and, in their opimrn.tde best that evercamc undertheir notice. His other improvements need no comment. INVALIDS Attended by Mons. Mallan, Junr., at their own Establishment. THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC are particularly invited to pay Mons Mallan a visit, to see the specimens of his new discoveries in Dentistry. TESTIMONIALS. Mons Mallan: lluebec.May (th.lMl. DearSir,?Afterhsrina tried the Artificial Teeth which you made for me, I cauuot do ?ou less justice than to acknowledge with pleasure my entire satisfaction. I beg to say they auswer every purpose of asticatiou and Articulation equal to those placed by theb imls of uature. They so closely resemble the natural ones in the minutest shade of color and shape,that they are not liseemed as being artificial b) the closest obseri era Your cele'irated invention for filling decayed teeth, I can give adecider opinion of its valuable qualities. You may use tnislvlter iu any way you think proper,for the benefit of the public and yourself. 1 am.drarsir,yours truly, THUS. FARQUEa, Msnuel Carmelst. To Mons. Mallan, Surgeon Dentist. 372 Broadway, Tins gentleman is known at 111 Broadway,and at Trimc Ward it King's. MONSL MALLAN, ST9 Broadway. SIR?I feelit a pleasure to be able to offer you my testimony in behalf of your celebrated mineral. During my late residence in Paris I called at vour establishment in the Rue Casliglione, and having had some teeth lilted with your mineral, 1 can on'iygay that I have had every reason to be satisfied with its utility and value, end never in the I east degree experienced any iucouvenietire or 'ujury from its effects in any manner whatever.?During my visit to Mons Mallan I saw w veral test imouials of the highest character, all expressing the fullest coiifidince in its great benefit ond value. As far as I am en auieu lu juugr, i cnnsiuerea n men.ana win cuiuiurrn.u in th< best preparation of the kin* ever offered to the public. I a in, sir .respectfully ,yourohrdi*nt?err art. VANBURGH LIVINGSTON. It Greenwichilreet,n*aiForlUaij8*voort. New York,May at, 1841. Mom MALLAn St SONt,Surgeon Dentil)*, may beransulod daily at S7S Broadway between Franklin au<l Whit its..cast side. ma3 im* TO CARPENTERS. BUILDERS, dec. IUST PUBLISHED,?The Modern Builder's Guide, eon" laming eighty-eei en copp* r platea, with full eiplauatiuna. (Mtcard Leferer. Architect ) This work should be in the hands of ever/ builder in the country. It contains on ecru r te treatise on Hand and Stair Rating, a branch which hat heretofore been but imperfectly notice T in other works. Its publication has been at ended with great expense It is handsomely bound in quarto, and is mprclfnlly offered to the public, wholesale aad retail, bv the ublisher, WILLIAM D. SMITH, Architect, Portrait and Card Engrarcr, 180 Broadway,thud story. For sale a few Oil Stones, suitable for king rarer*. Denti ta, Jewnlhn. fcc, o?l t !?? * A PROBLEM AND the way to solve it. Why do the imitators of my Tablet Hazor Strop allow me to carry off the pre mium medal and diploma, horn the American Institute, year alter ye r, without even submitting theirownfor trial I O ye of lender thins and tough bearde. au.wer ti e aboee by brioti. g a dull [> tr of Rszirs, and teel for yourselves hr truths cl thr rertificatea of the mett scientific grntlcmrn in Un country, via: Professor ( nscoin, Dr. Mo't, Grn. J.; Tallmidge and others. G S \l"M)EKS,.ole inventor ?ndmanufacturerof tne metaltic. Tablet Razor alt op, with lour sides, 183 Broadway, mat tin" /SiflNA, GLASS AND EARTHEN WARK -A" list of L price*of Chioa. Glass, fcc.,sold by K. SIMPSON, 8 Astor House. Broadwas, who keep* the Best articles, and sella cheaper thin any other house in the Unite t States. FRENCH STONE WARE, Porcclaio. Blue or White. Plain 1st size per dot ft 84 fl 00 do 3d do 1 78 68 do Id do I M 75 1*0 4th do 1 37 4 3 do Sh do 88 37 .lover Dish, 1 44 78 taucr Tureen and Stand, 1 0# 78 rcaCupa and Saucers,per doi.ltps. I 80 'ill Iters lit lice, 1 78 88 do Id do 1 17 37 Ho Id do 1 13 34 do 4th do n Ik do Sih do *3 do ttli do 81 ;hocolatei,1*taiz*psrdx 3 7$ do 3.1 do 3 3$ do id do 3 78 re**. i so '. d Curl, _ W Imne Wire. Dining Service,118 p eesx 1100 'rench or Kng. Poicelain lea seU,38pites* 4 00 CUT GLASS. Jctagon dishes. belt (juality. inch, pr^psir I 00 do do It do do 4 00 )ec*nters, the vet of 4 from 8 80 Iren Hock Glasses, per do*. 3 3$ 3ut IViurifrom 1 SO per do gen yU> Tinted TumMrr* 3 00 do -em nvdes, handled, 3 35 do Housekeepers, tail* care thi* lilt. and msks your purchasers it 8 Aitnr Home; the s.vihg you will make by eo coins <r usib'e to all upoa reading the above. Table Cutlery?Tl.i* ie abo the cheapeit l to re for fine Telle Cutlery, in act* or doxea* lit lm' R. SIMPSON.8 Alter Hnuie. KAI.SOMifsfc PAINT.?The Kalsomtue Paint hiving been severely (rated in thii city dnring the winter moathi, he patentee* can recommend it Willi renewed eonfi lenee to he public. The niimeroua ipeciaaena ofKalaoinine Paint now listing in New York, renders an rnume ation of its ad r iitagea superfluous , among tha moat prominent ara the '..Homing .? Ka'aomine Colnra are m< re permanent, more lumtnotii and igtee.ible to the eye than oil color*. They are applied without neraatnniriz any offensive emell or injurious effect up. n liealth, ami drying in a few hour*. Kalaomine paint may. if properly applied, be washed when soiled, according to directions in I he circular. Ciders received and punctually attended to at tha KALSOM1NK PAIN 1' DKPOT, feb Vim* 344 Broadway, corner Franklin. FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. AMONG the many and ra-ious Cosmetics that are offered I he public fir b-atrifying the eoniplenou, aid removing-very eruption from the l?ce, none can be so confidently rnom-nend.d as Church's Vegetable Lotim It impa-ts a drliealerm o hnese tn the romp eti.-n, and effectually removes pimples, blotches, tan, frc< kl?s. r.ngw ,rm?, and all o.her cuUne in eiuptions and disc, lo;ati?n* Prir-75 cents per bottle?sold it Chu-ch's Dispensary, 168 Buweri .coruerof Sprite strict. . Agents?K. W Bull, H irtford: C. k N. W. dinsmo s, Pine, earner ol Fourth street, 1'hilad Iphia; Charles Steatir, Pouglikeepsie. m39 I nDOCTOR PROVOST. OOM'"'. infiviJuals writesgainst the use ol balsam cojaivy, ** cub In, nitie, camphor, inineral astrinrjenU, kc kr . in the rure of set ret M?*ts<fl. but that the Wuild knows that the aboi n .n.e.l m t diciaea will and hare cured those dt?.ae-a, n beyond a doubt It ii perfect folly to deny that feet. Rut tli it. it r q litre a prufei'h nal tn in. and a man of ekill in his profes moo, to know when and hnw to give those iredici"ei, tern .ally n* nhrious vo men o' minds. I hope, therefore, that gr itl-me i r. quiring medical aid will not give earma'lthe fool sh stuff * hich they may see in th-shape ofadvertiiements but tliey wll call upon ine, at reo. ?i urnn rrur, nrif'f iwr aliiill li irr a full liiaiory r| theirce* I feel thai not a i a tieia Will Dare my i fli :* without b?i g entirely a<i Tip; that lb?rr i? at Ira* oop rpytilar bred |bysi:i?n who h >i rond? r.rnded to place hiii aell am bk the field olQiacki. .My o.'fi pi* ?t VI Broad, corner dtune it. J PROV08T. M. D. DR. MORRISON. V70RTH RlVr K UIS F.NSAHY.M4I Fu ton *trret.rf** ' Hrei nwieh?Dr Morri?on. Mptuber or iIip Royal '"ollrte of Hnrjeori. London, and f.irmerl $ euryion >n the Vriiiah ua ry.conn uee tobe eoneulted daily on dieeaee* of a delicate iiai .re, aod all Ikoaa di*t>ee<u.| aviiipiome cnuerq teat on in l idui iih Ire. tmetit and the imprudent uce pf qi'ck mrdirirei f)r \T. hi* had an ri| erlencr of t arenty two yeare in Ir -ating delic to t Uca*ee, in all thalr ration* anil complicated forma, d u?r* a mild, rate. and tnfalliole luhalitute for mercury, ra-h'atitit; the rentteal rirua with certainty, without auhject. lut the tmlietit In any rwk.or mtncliMt linn in hn ian*l dim o- i ur'iit't. whit# hi* und'cirea %' arrrrahle in trite ire until. P?rm?n<t.t "hetruct one in the urethra, auch aa see mp-u led with much iiriUlian end dull pun. are I .me of tl.eronerque rti of mal treat mint. ai.d |j? nil rat I, toir n.t) netu'ae. Dr. M. trrata airicturae in a ?ci n'ifc -oonrrr, tr.dually promoting abeorptio , of the th e'i led memnraur wilhou* pain. CONSTITUTlO "al DtBILITY.?Thoueandeof youn* nrn are *ul7eritig from the eowquenree of indulgence in i oerot_ deitructire habit, and whoee nerrra are further in urt.dfrom the Uie of noetrume *nd pretended aptciAcf. whirl liwinlate only to induce creator deproasion Dr. M. ???'* ob mrely pathological prit t Hie*. and never foil* in eetahlut.ini curr,alio the moat r'.ifinate fluid to he* plan of treatment potter* poet paid, and onUianag * anitible fee, will taunt* h? corrrenoudent full adrica and modieine to war part of >ar JnniB, Sv Ki? miftt'o *f\ '? ? The* etrictaet h iuot a -d c n.A Jeace obterr d at lm* *>*'|Fidl< n rtrept I A\TtiN/rii5frAll*-F?TI*<l?t?T:5*4 Broad w?y 1 and 3it Bowerr, fu'merly kept bjr hit. P. Muuoa. be?e ' re to inf.iraa tht amoklrg public that they will alwaya ftrd, t biaalort*. a welleekrted Mtortmea of tbo ILeat hraurie oi (arena and rrincipaBKO ARB It wholeealeand retail; and f a fliaf rath article aad frieeediy traatment eaa inenra rue eaa, ha kopea to rtbur* a large ritara af iL ntl tat* IER A 12. (rlOJNkral agency. THK 81'R3(,KIBER hae t ken the itore 7B Kulljn atier 'Bo klyn, for the ml of the n"Mt approved genuine p lent and family medicine*, perfumery fancy article*, Stc Ma'ufac'tircre and propii-tor* ol richarlic ee. r nf an thing etee. who wieh for an active, vtiriig agent to dupoer , iheir pro'luclioDa, w ilt ti id aucl. hu onv iu the pereun of tl abacribar. 8 J STEWART. T5 Fulton et , Brooklt n Fo- eale, anoet of the approved family inedirinre. rereoi purcliaeing here ally rely od ?b'ainii>K genuine ariK'? 1 lm* UA.Nl/KI?' or loea ol nutria cauae.l .by a i*.,?uiu or ol etructeC circulation in the email blood vetieU which ?u IIv the ecalp and hair with nouriehmcn', in couarip, nee i tvlt'ch the perapiration becomee U.ick and rlammy. and iliu cu the euriace, forming a cruet called dandruff, wk'chcloi upthr puree of the akin, aud by ite preeeure agaiuat the mo ol the hiir nrevrnte it from rece ivuig eulficient no'inehweiit I retain vitality The hair theubecomee h'trali aud uupleaean 'ha' g*? color and ft J I* off Thi* uuueilthy affceiion i* vm apecdily and effectually cured by Jayue'e Hair Toaic wluc revive* .I* dormant power* of the turfae* vt??eli, rrmori 'he dandruff. and produce* a D*w*nd healthy grow h of ha to tupoly the Ivia ol (he old; and baldne** i? preveuledor r moved w here it already < *i*ta The following certificate if (elected, which enmciantl prove*it* eUrauidioary eir?uee? M??n. A. B. It Sand*;?Or utlemen. Ji an act of juetlce t you ami Dr. Jayne. I ?end you tiii* certificate to inform y ou c the invaluable hem fit my wife ha* received from the uien Or. Jayne'* Htir Tonic. She loat not only her entire hea of hair, bu' h.r eyebrow* aleo, and after trying vertoti other retri'diee, with no benefit, ah* uied Dr. Jivue'e Hai Tonic, Hie card two bottlee before we could ducove the hair had elarted. and commenci* g with the third i (.artei! to grow out finely.and in a few weebe her head am oyrbrow a were covered with a third grtrwth of fi?e black hiii hettsf than lath d lo*'. I think it wa* entirely produced b) ill* iter of the Touic, and would recoinmeud it to all wlio uet a ?imil*r remedy. Truly youre. JOHN N. JACKSON. Prepared only by Dr. D. Jayne, 29 South Id rtreet Pric $1 So'd at wholeialeand retail by A. B fie I). 4AN 08. drug gipti.79 Fultou. comer ol U .Id atreet, and 100 Kuitoli elreei al* j eold by Abraham B.Sande It Co., No 973 Bioadway, roi ne.r of Chamter atreet; David Sands Ik Co., No. 77.Ka> Broadway wi 19 I "v QALT RHEUM, KING WORM TETTER. BARBER' O ITCH AND SCABIES ?HAYEK'S LOTION ANi SY KUPii the only rim*dy which ie certain to cure the ahoi complaint*-harmleee in it* operation, but certain in it? eff ct ?the Lotion healing quickly, and the Syrup purify ing speedily Price >1. THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL?Dr. Goodwill'* Deter ie it ?ud Till* utver fail to curearecent cate of dieeare in 4f nourl. if uae I directed Try them, all ye alii etei?they are Iree from mercury. Pric- 50 cent* each. THE TO -THAUHE CONQUERS D-Janneu'* Extract. It re'iev*?in fire minute* after application to the neiveot the tooth, and prevent* decay if the tooth i* filled immediately. Pnei 50 centi. FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS?From M. Bndelocqtie of Pr-nee?curtain, eafe aid *pe*dy in the cure of all ea*ea where nature hae brcorae obatructrd. Tliey cure in a few dava. Piice 75 cen'a per package. GILBERT'S ANTI BILLIOU8 FAMjLV PILL9-Foi thertl ef < f all comp'aiota produced by coitive ha'ut*. luc'r ? h-a lncl e, hear burn,*our itomach, dizziner*. and luiim appetite, they have been uied with more aucceas than any ; ill ever be'ni a offered to the public. Price 25cents perhoz. Sold whcletale and retail byE.M. UUION; 127 Bowery c rnrr of Gra'.dgtreet. n 93 Im* DOVS' CLOTII| NO?CHILDREN'S cLOl HING-4 D very large ?*? vrlment?Very good quality?Very cheap vs-.w /V. I1*_* i i CH u\ i . nu 11 uuwcrjr, numu r'l.iLi uiij turo-ni their pat-one and the public generally, that tin y linn again be.n making extensive preparations Tor the spring not summer trade anil hare now nu hand a much larger assoi Imeui of boys' an 1 children's nothing than they haveevtr btTort had. The public are invited to ca I and examine their go' ds wi h particular rtfereuce to quality and price. Terms cash. I la* HUTCHINUS' STOMACH BITTERS is a certain cure for Dyspepsia. assisting digestion, weakness, nervous iseasts. n-ghl sweats. St.. Sir?| have iu the course of iny pract ice prescribed your atosaach bitters and found them a most rllicieut remedy in cases of indigestion, acidity and debility of the digestive organs I by no means class it among the qiack medicines ol the day, but one which will confer a great blessing cn many of our ui cring fellow beings. P. J BRADY. M. D. 330 Broome it. The following ia from Dr E, (1. Lu How. S3t Broadway?I hare us-d your Bitters incases of impaired digestion, when vetetaMt tonics were indispensable, with a brmfieial result The ariieles of which it is composed are very judiciously com .ined, and I hare no doubt will prove service .ble in the caeca fur which you hart recommended it. Yours, Sir. EDWARD O. LUDLOW. Certificates of mary persons cured can be seen at the drug tore ISO Bowery,corner of Broome, w here the above is sold only in t < in city, and Mrs. Mays, 133 Fulton street, Brook I sn Price large bottles Ft; small 50 cents. m3B lm* DEARSALL'S OAR ESTABLISHMENT, found.d iu a 1838,at 408 Wa'er street, 8 doors above f'atherine mark* t, the only es ablishment ot the ki d in the Unit- d States, continues to supply the Navy, the American, Russian, and Span ish war steamers?has sn plied sll the Race Boats and Club Boa-s for the last four ye rs?and has now the largest assortment of Oars, Sweeps and Sculls ever collected in one place N. B. The Branch Oar Store, on the North River side, is shut up, and removed t-> tog Water street', and as 1 aave all the evpnves of o te store, 1 will sell en <ugh cheaper to those who come from th > North River side to pay Ihsm f r tneir trouhlh Race Boats, Club Boats. Oars avd sculls sold 50 per crnt than la-t y< ar. ?3 lm* QUOaII UEfcT, Premium IJorn and Pu npSius, Ite.h nge'u v' ble and rare flower seeds. English grass for lawns. 30 000 green and hot house plants dah'is root', tiger flowers, lube roses, frnit end ?rmmeutst tre.s, shrubbery of all kuidt,canary turd J gold fi-h an I globes, wholes >le aud retail, on the most retsonab'e term*, at NIBLO A DUNLAP'S, No. 871 Broadway, and at thtir uuriery, covuer ol 8th Avenue and 118th eteeet.Hn.lem. ivfgS 1m' THE TRUE RICHES OK LIKE 18 HEALTH-The only genuine Taylor's Balaam of Liverwort from the sol* pro,in-tor at 311 Sprit g street,has never be-n known to fail in curtrg the moat *1 inning aymptoma ol Conauinption and Liver Complaiot. We liavscertificates from hundreds of moat respectable persons, certifying to the surprising relief tliry have received in uiing the article from 341 Bprirg street Owing to the assertions of eounterf.iters, the following sworn facta is now published? City of Brooklyn, Kirgs County, is:?E. Tonnsend being du'y sworn, deposes and says that he is personally acquainted with the proprietor of Dr.Taylor's Balaam of Liverwort, and docscest fy f.sin his own knowleJge that the only person no wlmng, who prepared this medicine at 378 Bowery, aud it the cole proprietor, residra and transacts business at 341 Spring street, and mat ufac'ures ike genuine Ba'sam of Liverwort at that pace, fioai the only original r?eipe in .xiatenre. ?. TOWNSENU. Sworn before me this 17 th Jan 1843. 8. ALPHEU8 BMlTH. Com.ofEerds. I certify from my own personal knowledge Ihst the above latrm. nts in r.gaid to the ownership, Ac are tru-. 8 ALPHEUs SMITH. Be ware of Counterfeits, as the great question of life or death may depend u[ion having me genuine meaiciue, moot cut y hi this city at 141 Spring (tret. Agent*?lUd<iiig 8 State street Boston; St Main street.and 79 Fulton street, Brooklyn; 116 ami 148 Broadslrret, Newark Price?Large botllei $1, next aize $l,atd amalltrliae SO rente nil* tin* Roof.r'8 patent metallic elastic boot HEELS.?The sub.criter bega leave to inform the public, that he ha* commenced In manuf-ietura and aell bout* with thia valuable invention, which only need* to be known to be universally adopted The following ?'e anme of the many advantage* it poMeeeea over every other kind :? let?The claaticity add* to the durability of the boot onethird. id?It make* no more nnine 08 the pavement fhan a slipper. The Huplraaant clinking noi*e of the iron heel* i* obviated. 3d?It preven.* boot* fiom running down at the *id* or 4t.i?Iteelastieity enable* one to walk witn much lea* fatigue. the heel gtvi g a natural tpriug at eachatep. Slh?ltdoea not rut and tear carpet*,like the iron or nailrd heel* In order to bring thia improvemc. t within the rearli of all, the subscriber hn? concluded to put them at the same price* of the eomonn keels Boot* of every quality and deecription, wholeenle and retail, at the old eland. h newell, mJ Im" 144 Uhntham alreet. ON THE CURE OF STRICTURE?It i* moat nafortu nnte in thia complaint that many person* have a ?t picture who ere n,ot in the leaet aware of it. The common notion ie,that eo long a* the nrine paaaee iu a tolerable- *reain,there cauuot be a etriclure. But this i* far from true. A atria lure may, and often iloee. eiiet for month*, and even year*, without producing any striking change iu thie rerpect. When a stricture arrive* at that degree of narrowness *f sensibly to impede the is a serious malady indeed. The object of those remarks however, ia to prevent this elate, and to ettarkit at a turn when it i?eiaily and perfectly removed. But there are ether circumstance* betide* it* effect npou the urine by whicl a stricture may be known, or, at leeat. strongly a neper led. an i thou;h theee are aumerona, th-re are two which ere very cominnu aud vary easily judged of. and theee ffaall be mentioned her*. The (list of thee* circumetance* relate* te time. It i* wall buown that ilrieture* arise from long continued and bnllj treated Uonorrhda. Now, whenever this dieeaae continual over meny week*, especially if in the early period any of tin b oaeted ooatruuia of the day ware taken, there ia just m.J pro per ground to suspect a stricture. T ne nevt ia moat remarkable?it * the effect stricture hat upon the mind and suit its. This ia a fact that may tie tho roughly relied ou. Indeed the author never taw a ease ol sine ture, (and he c , many every day,) in which the patient d-d not. Mr* or ?*, complain of his lose of mental energy?hat it was not eo eat able of business a* formerly. The reaavn of thin, bo we vt r, ia clearly ahowo iu hi* " Pri. Z .~x. little volume d diced in another column of this paper, end t.i which the re aria rcfcyrod, n-.t only fir knowledge of u. diaraaejiut on every other connected with this subject. DIL RALPH further bega to add. that he may be C' nenlted persoiin'ly a' hi* residence, No. 8* liieenwieh atrrrt. at ?nr wrr ; and ahonld any be in rtwuht ?a to in'- etieicncr ? u iter-aee, eeiertally after prnieing hie little rolume. he will, <ilhout tiprnee or the lent pain, eiplain and eeaure hiin wh?(her Ik hart or n it, Lat it only he remembered that, if he re-illy has a etriotnre, not ail the medicine in the world, i'J"*"'will ever cure it. "*** m TIIK PIIITtT* '1'IU.ATlM.-1? m?W?WW? o certain diabases in which the beet and moat eooreuiept mean* of curt are elated in the p.tineet^pomiMa nuanee. |l elan el own tlie rearon why thcee me'edws an Iregn ntli coet ini-e on from month to inr.nbi noeorod and terminate atlenfl, ic other and permanent coutplrJU a. Indeed, no one can rea* Hue little book without vine ?' ooee their true end real or ere, end aieo Ilia riek and duur.r of tniatin* them to tytmr.ii.-l *VVith a'vfi obtain a rational deyTee of confi le.iee ia what he hae advanced on the cure of those disease*, inlhorthinbe i' ptwper hem to *it a eirnolo statement of tl,? Tirana and nj portumtiea he himself has Imd o( (onamj juvl mi", leer oidniooaon Hue subject lie therefore beta te state, th*t vaidee hia rank a- graduate of r.dinhuryh, and member of 'hi hot-don t'olJeiie.he he hae been watchine throe disease*. hoV iu Koepital and city practice tor mora than thirty ynara. a >m publiehed iwo editioat of a work eTpreaalr on them. Alvtint he hK .'etlera of coo-,meu-hti--T from the moat emi.ujui hyaiiiena in Kur- ne to the mot' eminent hi America, aa *ir Wtlrr Co-i;ier to Dr. Mott of Nrw Yath ami l)r. Hiyairk,. f "hilam Ipiua, and othera, aud which may be aeaa by any oje \nd further. that he laa tlie jrtvilcqe af referrint to aim. it w.*ty idiiainan of eminence in thia atty. Thear are eirrmm .twccea which afford the hiybeet eatmfaotiua to crery ont? e ully to thoae who jrra auiiouo to obtain the boat adiica.? The | rice of the hock I) 5l. Ur Halph ie eone-ilted n> hia reaidrnra.M Oreenwdehetrerl tar.y hour, and ha* dietuml and artairate aparlraenta for thna?hu tie l,i wait a little. CommunicaUcue by pact are /nii> 'lr re; lied tie ' IT l N a. of 4 horse power lor eale. tu.1 TiTn '1 if. operation a' tf? Hituetne ?t. a* IW *) Am Iba rthdar.4 South Ametaca.i Wool luilenit " 1 far K,t tine's Klaatial, fee. WW lbi. do dado, mutable for t '.nijttle, for eeh tn lojotosnU pure laa.ra,by (Jll.MAM, BMALL ki t). tr.ll 1w* 11 ITeere ?lr?. t. X^AJTt*0-|eaah jviay^tOM of the irai quality. Ap" yiy Nm 4f Norfolk a treat *7 i?' llf{ r ^ ,j ij?, I MftH lLiD. Vm Otaii Revitw of lioofca. t Fkieisps or Youth.?Ta\_ljr, IVdliamsbwKh.? *' A n ora oat subject. y Tk cmieh.? tt'tify4" Pvtnam ? Mostbeautifully ,'I printed und jot up; bot who aader Heaven would -ead a poeiu on Tecumseh at this late day, COO pa> e;es long. Ambhaho de Latieee.?Franei*,252 Broadicuy ? ?This is the first Texian novel. It is a espita). I.'i novel on a capitalf abject. There is mora romance jj of r<al life in Texts than in any part of the world. |? Rous or Central America ?A good lecture t' by the ltev. A l)avi?. It) treats also of the diseo ti Tery *<""v Eus'sn<l by the Ncrtherncrs. ' Merry Mvsevm roa April.?Bradbury Lp'i' dtr, 127 Xmsxuu street ?A ino-t capital number of this valuable little work. i Law 11 rrokter foh April ?Bradbury J- /-?? dtr.?Invaluable. It contains a li.-t of all the bank" ,1 ?J-n.t ; .-p??, ?uu mi m? recent derisions in the principal , courts. It i* a sterling periodical, r Ijf'Kn ItiROn'l WnRKi ?Pont, 88 BffWtry ?Eve* [ rv one should bur thi? cheap and beautiful edition j of tliia great mari'i writing*. The second volume in c< lupleted. a Their'* Fku.vch revolution.?Post, 8s tou> try.?It ttcr and better as it draws to a close. * Scott's Miserllaneous Wore?, 18 aad It ? j* Poit, 88 Bowri-y ?I he public awe a deep debt of r; gra'itude to Mr Post for publishing these tnvaluait bh; works at bait price. wtm weitrks scenes.?n Co/man, ii John * itrrel ?This thrilling and beautiful tale is closed in ^ this, the sixth number. The work does great cre, dit to the publisher. Metropolitan tor Marc h?Mrs. Ma*on.?A very g.icd number. Seme of the pieces cannet be | excelled. History or Napoleon, No. 12 ?E. I.. Curry, Ib7 Broadway.?The moat splendid history of Na1 poleon in print. Efrcvci.opo-.niA Americana.?Curry,MB Broad, wjy?The cheapest edition cf this work erer printed. r Dicekn's Complete Wore*, No. 13?Curry ? i Co . lt>7 Brtxuliray.?This completes the sketches j of lie /, which aie the be>t thingi he erer wrote, and this is by all odds the best and cheapest edi, tion of them ever published. i 'lii E i.AKDFST THE CHEAPEST. AND SE8T ASSORTMENT OF ! WIGS AND SCALPS i abe to br pound at : V. CLIREHUGH'S, Hi BROADWAY, ENTRANCE IN FULTON ST. rlE many Attempts that are daily making to imitite thsss celebrated v if and scalps, are just * many rrosfs of as liiph clmrecte r Ihry hare attained, and the estimation the/ ra held in by the trade. But the public will observe that C. is ;keorigii?d inaarr in this country of THE V ENT: LATINO AND GOSSAMER WIGS AND SCALPS, wmiOVf METALLIC 8PMKBS, tad that all otliers are out feeble attempts at imiUtioa.wantas (he genius to dieine or direct the principle on whica they ire made to fit, and the skill and practice to execute, i Ail wearers and connoisseurs arc invited to iuorsct his HEADS OF HAIR. ehich for elegance, lightness, and durability maybe classed trao-ja tbe first productions of modem art. In their utsuufaecure they differ from all others made here. The hair is singly asertod.and to equally distributed as to appear just issuing korj the akio: they cover no more of the brow thaa llie naturu stir does, and having no metallic epnng, sH disagreeable tyessirs is obviated. For s southern climate they ars inestimable, tfar only 1 ox. weight. Senators, members of Congress, and gentlemen bom every {Barter of thecountry ,who are now wearing C.'twigs,can ba dined to. _ The price* will ba found to anit the circumstances of all toll CHAMPTONT WTfl M 1VUD II l\J ill JH\ i j 1\ . NEW AND ELEGANT IMPROVEMENT IN THE MANUFACTURE OF TOUPEES. PH\ Broadway,opposi'e St. Paul's Church, is the Urn ton ir ducei* New York the AMAZON TOUPEE, Being a new iftvntion of the subieriber. Tfine Toupeea are u?4?fe without ttiAi'8 bAid? or m-talhr apringi; they fit on the hend b< nu entirely new coutrivaucc?they dieplmy the forehead and t? villi to any height?they are an e?ay to put on an I off :?* a hat?there it not a >art ele of ateeXironrrbraai inthein? th?*i?vtnva are uiw inretii n. b< ing made of nuit GOLD to prevent nutingor corroding Thia ia acorn in< ing proof to old wig wearTa of their merit. Aa a WIG AND SCALP in.ker, PHALON'B quilificatii ns are well known and appreciated He ha* proved himaeir to be decidedly the beet in the city Thisis a fact which every wig maker kuows A convincing proof, if any were wmating, a* the opt.iion of three of the o iK?t and tie-! judges in the prnleaaion in New York can tedily. The tmhlic can now judge from the PREMIUMS, j rit. the lilrrr medal last year, and the first premium thi*. awarded by the Amencan Institute, who is or is sot the best Wig maker in N w York mas STRIKER'S RAY ON THE DLOOMINGDALE ROAD. rpHJSstib rrihrr, having leased the abors establiihmeot, re a. (pectfully mf'irms hit frienda and the public that he will open for the mmmcr, on Saturday oext, April let. Tolhoie iri'ons who have once visitrel this romantic sod beautiful place it is r.rrdlrss to speak in its praise, and those wl.o have never se n it may b-convinced by s single visit thst in naturally beautiful and pic'ureaque scenery it isuusurpart cd by any spot on the island of Manhattan. Striker'* Bay is si* miles from the City Hall, on the Blooirtingdale Una I. Tne bouse I. si'uate on the ma-gin of the Hud son river, alor.g the banks of which the gardru and picas're grounds extern! a considerable diiiatice, the walk* wincing through a beautiful grove oflocust tree*. During'h* past winter many is proveiteBtshave be*n mad-: on the premises?th? r< ad leading to the hoii'e h.s been wid*n rd and graded, ne I tier rxpens. nor Ubor having been .pared in order to render tins a deserve Jly favorite rummer resort The sti rk of wines ard liquor* has been selected ( without n paid to cost) by all rvpericneed ard competent ju 'ge Tne ice cream* the e >nfi ctionry, and all other re'reahmeals will be of tiie ?rry fir.t qusliti and the charges as moderate as those of any other respectable ea tah'ishmrnfTbe garden and orclia-ds are wall supplied with flower* and fruitsof every description, ?o (list vi iiors w isuing to obtain b-uq ir's, or baskets ol truit, in their stvcral srasons.can be supyli'd. For the accommodation of those p rsons who for health or < pleasure ride eaily, brealifast will be provided from tlillt ia I the morning i The co.aif >rl and ecnveni.neeof I idies visiting this liouse will be espe ially studied,?nC civility and atteutiou may always be r> iid on. Ht.ive* start erery hctirfrom No. 20 Bowirv. and pasteuresscan alight at the ga'e. W. CORBYN. n.27 I m ,?.-00 REWARD!! CROSS'S SPJCCIFtr Ml ATI'RE f,,r th* rnreof delicitr diseases. We give nr. long qmcVtsh rir-.mmendotionv todrc ire the i ublie. Ifthcmedi cine does not sp?ak lor i??elf no one .hill speak for it Our ohj*ct i? to notify when it can he I the proptietpr clial! ng'S o single e ?e of recent d seise to be brought in which tlir inixtu e doe* effect a rat id cure, under a lorfeitureof$5.0 *or?ale at l)r Vf H Milnot's, druggist, IK Broadway. New York; J Jrn. N K corner of ("hesmit and Tths'reet, Philndeiptn Jos M. Sm t1'. Washington sLt Boston-. Roberts k Vk us >n. corner ( H iaorer and Market street, Baltimore; A B. Crusemau, Csnal street, New Orleans. *' A PRIL. FOOt. ?til who buy me Irash offered to | /Y them inst-a-l of bu; IHg the genuine Ph-rm-ms Lotrnges. I ml n t ori'v br fooled on' of their money, but moi' |ifc*ly I out of thri health There i# notnu.* Ii*? Hhrrtnin'e Loirn g*R for a c uth, col<i. htnuichf, or p?l|M?itirtp ofiur hrirt tit i Nftll m worm inclnldfR' Tit Doctirt oww 11 it tM . r<u ?trr>l, New ^'.k; * S'a e etreat. Beaton; 3 Lrdctc Bnitdiuce rtnlatefploi; Kr?tih Taylor. wa?htiiet n. ! ! L'Xt H\Nt)?. ON l.O NOON.? H-l anfttrhan e atliTft, I I# 15.7 d i> ?. "r at oclit ' n M.??r? rrweott.O.ove Aer'k Co . Banker#. London for tale ?l ?l fimaa Sjr H cur; BKO fHk.H* h CO . 35 Kultan et. I at N??' door n the Follow FjJ3 -i smith-- if v it r r< i: n and sprinijfiklu express. "J'llr; SUBSCRIBER w?. |M r??[>rclfull? announce to laiflr " Irimda ?'.d th* p'lldirtint ii' ha# m?de arranreraau'i to trnrepnrt park yr?. bundle#. b<?-e i m;lr tnni'a. kink noire" Sir. Purk.g'# will alio '.e received "t tneofRc- No J Wallet h? Viirk, end forwarded ta Hartford, .t.irinctWld Middle0 wo. Niw Bnt'on. K-irmisis'on, \V->I|mgforJ, Midd'eaei Haddam and Madd-m Meridtiw, North Hampton Orrrnfi -l 1 H U<n' Hn.IT,Loin. ?. end *l th'principal tnwaa or the Conneetie it ni??r Hi* auhe riher or i>ern'mil 01 netaolIr vcomnaj and h .?* the ttclmira ra-e Me rn#tody "r hi# |w k*B'? end will he e?pnn# ble for th' konSi"in er dt> lined for it, loaaky hie nrdrvrilofihe tee# . erlrd.l A MOB SMITH. Proprietor#. 7 Wall elreet. R? ?H ?tnfer it 'o , D. Appl'tnafcio . Kofcaa?on drat' fi' o , > K.llr, I Thotiipaoo, A. dda-nr k Co.. Kitaa K fmi'h. Cruwold k 1 n.. Na? tork; A-ernel H. Warner II w,rJ Cio^etf, tii,tin. Manh.O. W..Tattoo, I hit-de! pti? _ _ ?<llw RICH AND POOR ARK alike henefiiirl hy Shrrwiao'a Lotrofne. Theeetaed W a?i am ne y"^'Nn^ 'ma'V'I""1' tk,'m ?nown hr.rr u.dn< id antiif to eiake at'ampt# to pealm off avorthlnai ttirlee In place rf nkcvrraV# |.ovn(i|, which here done ti n.ik oud, and cure eo many. millions e V art. here rtpenerrrl lh> ir harpy and beneficial effect* n t oo, hi \V,.rr. H.., t ..1J. WU. ft C tallm.?" o'linaum; ti?n, P lpltntlon, and ?" S?r?Tu <, iir-l ar rnc miuhk' Ituown of failing to do ati that ua "" ' (ill- AT AND SMALL, ?! * indtnw, nn?t? in?wimin*ndinf tham to all wLo oar a od aaluUri lofdtcmf, ( IT.ROTMEN nrt nnonrrrd thnr tirtuca Iron, (heir pul|ala, aad Ow>d?t ^ h PHYSICIANS are. rraootaaandai 'k?ir? Ui Lheir pwUaoU, wlieo their tfciU lad Ciitcd le rirartTitf. OLD AQB ia a.iftrn'd to boyhood aoUthrir drcliuiny roars mad* coinf.?rUnl< aodhaof y, h" " ?* Shrrwnu'o Lormoao?>1*lyivk rtr -itiv.aau'a L?*nf.a. aod ooa tlyl yoo fat thaw tSar !o?? wMI rurr y m. ur. Steth?suTa Warahcuaria at IM "?a lamtiwt Afra'a?110 and OT1 Broadway, t?* Bowrtr; T7 Eat Broad ay: W7 llmkwui a?t ?? Williato ahoot, Naw York: Nhat' iM Kulton atrrrt, Brooklyo i RtdKaii Btata at, Mfta' Sorgo*, M South Third oUooi,.fMoMi>hta lU I' > I- !* ' < "? '

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