Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 13, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 13, 1842 Page 1
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TH T*L YH.?X*. 398.?Wkali a03G. >EW Lli>?. Ob LlVH.Ki'OUL PACkETB. To till'rtuiNew York on the 15th,and Liverpool ou he 19th ofcocA month* t& Ml M. ML ^TKottStw Yonn^ Ship RlJSCtUS, Captain John Collim.Uth Much. Ship 81DUONS. Captain E. B. Cobb, ittth ApriC Phtp SUERIOAN.CapUin ? A. DopopMW, ?lh M?f. Ship U ARR1CK, daptaiu Win. Skiddy,*6th Juno. Fbom LivcnryOL.. (ihift SHERTOAN.Captain V. A. Depeyater, IMh March. aARRICK,d*plfin Wm Skiddy, l?th April. 9A?i ROteClUS, Captain Johu OoUme, lith May. Hi ? siiiDONS CmpUin E. B.Cobb, IMh June, ffeeaeitupe are ill?r th? fir?t tliu?vupw*nU of lOOOtona.buttt la the ritv of New York, with inch un|iroTe<neiiU u combine " w,th uuuetwl comfort for pnerenuera. Every can Kl'heeu taken 111 the arrau?fme., tofth^r accommodation*. Tlit ? " " A f ' -?K?di smulc dLorei Will be price of pat'^Kerienre r~ - provided- Three nup* are tiiainraiW by experienced in liter*, who will make every exertion to (ire (antral eatiaiac N either the captain* or owner* (vTtiirie ihip* will be retponai Mafotany letteqi, parcel* or perkn^Mcent by them, unlet* re fular bill* of lading are eigmd therefor. The (hip* ol thi* I fflr will hereafter go armed, led their pecu iareunairurtion xiveithem kcu :y notpoMeeetd by aay other bet veteel* of war. #cr freight or pa**a(e .apply to - * %#S?Ah?oWf iSVLSXte"' tetter* by the packet* will be charged 121 eeul* per?mgl? (titer. *0 cent* per ounce, ixt newepaper* I tent each. mA ?tw kore anp tiav hk pacrkth; (sjscoatn HUE.) m mM. The ihip* of thie line will hereafter leave New^^rKn the 1*1 and Havre on the "?th of each month a* follow*: IVt'a Xew York, Ei oni Hovto The new *hip ONEIDA, ( l?t March { 16th April . C*S1' i_ 1 ^ i >st'1 A?(u*t JameeFuuck. f lit November f Ifth December bin BALTIMORE, ( lit April {lfthMay ^ Cart. < 1 si August ioiu oc^mu.^, Kdwanl Funk. f Ut December f lith January BhipUTIOA, I Ut May l?th June Capt. J lal September < 18th October Fred'k Hewitt. f let January I ltth February New fhip ftT.NICOLAS,t ut Juue : 18th July Cast. { Ut October 1 ISth Norember j. bTpiII. f Ut February Uth March The accoinmodattona of tneee ahipa are not lurpaaied.rom bating all that may be required lor comfort. The price of cabin paMt^r i< $100, Paeaengrre will be aupplied with every requisite, with the eaception of wine* and liquore. Gooda intended for tlieee veraela will be forwarded by the aabaeribers. free from any other than the eipenaee actually! u aimed oa them. For freight or pannage apply to BOY D ft HIN? KEN, Ajenta, at ( Tootine Buildmge. ' 7^ jroB NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NF.W YORK LINK OF PACKET8 M. M. M For me belter eceoinimxiatioa olahippere, it ie Intended to ?wtch a ship from thii poit on the Ut. 6th, 10th, 18th, 30th 35th of each month, commencing the loth October, and continuing until May, when regular day* will be appointed foi the remainder of the year, whereby great delaya and dump Ciiutmente will be prevented during the auoimer inoothe. The Slowing vhiye will commence tine arrangement Ship rAZOO,Cant. Cornell. Ship OCONEfc. Capt. J?< ka. n ShipMISSISSIPPLCapt.Hilliard. Bhtp LOlTlSVILLE, Capt. Hunt. ShipSHAKSPEAUE, Capt.Miuer Ship OASTON, Capt Latham. Ship HUNTSVILLE, Capt. Mumf, rd. Ship OCMULOEK, Capt l.eavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Capt. Dickinei o. Ship MEMPHIS, Capt. Knight. Ship LOUISA, Cant. Mulford. Theae ehipa were all built in the city of New York, npreaoly for parkeU. are of a light draft ol water, have recently been newly coppered and put in ayleudid ore er, with accommodation far paaarngera unequalled for contort. They are commaaded by avperrtoced maatera, who will mane every eiertion-to give genera) aahelaetion. They will at aii time* be towed up and down the Miaaiaaippi by atearaboata Neither the owners or eaptaina oftheaenhipe will be responsible forjewelry,bul!?oa,precioui atonee,ailver,orplated ware,or fbr any lattan, parcel or package, ?ent by or put ? board of (ham, unleea regular bill* of lading are taken for tbeaama, and the value thereon cnweaacd For freight or paaaage, apply to IT E. K.COLLINS k CO.UBooth at., ( HULLIN ft WOODRUFF, Agent id Naw Orlaaoe, who Will promptly forward all goodeto hia addreaa. ** 41 in niinetua/lv u ad! rertiaed ."ami greatcare will be taken to hare tie (oo4 co.rt ct >T measured. _ alt .NfcW tOHK AND NCW&H1. wWllft Vara rtdncad to U cants. From tha foot of Courtlandt street, New York(Every day?Buadays cascaded.) Leares New York. Laara Newark At* A.M. At* P.M. At 7) A.M. At 1* PM 11 do 4 do do S| do 4| do lli do * do T da 10 do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot ot Liberty atreet. Leave New York. Leave Newark. At 9 A Yfavd 41 P.M. At 1 P. M. and to P.M. HEW HOUK, KlIZABETHTOVVN, RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From tha foot of Liberty atreet,daily. I.eare New York. Leave New Brenawiek. At A.M. At 7J A. M. 41P.M. 1 P.M. SOMEltvILLE atarea connect with these lines each way. Fare between New York and Somervilla, S9 teuts. Do do New Brunswick, 75 cents. Rah way, 50 ceo! a. Ehtabethfowo, 25 cec's. 1'hs fare in the T| A. M. tram from New Brunswisk, and 4| P U train from New York, has been reduced between New York and New Brunswick *o 50 cents. " and Rah way to I7& * The Philadelphia mailliaomaaanthroaghNewBruiiawick for New York every areniun at I o'clock. On Sunday tha 7| A.M. trip from New Branswick is omit Pasaenyrrs who proonrs their tickets at the ticket office,receive aferry ticketicraUs. Ticketaare received by thecncductor snlv on '.he .<*> v when purchased ft bl 1 Its" ??? -W-? FRE1UHT8 K.OR THE WEST AND SOUTH, From PHIU1DKLPHM via THE PHILADELPHIA. WILMINtJ TON. AND BALTIMORE RAILROAD COMPANY. Krtiphla for the W?at and South will be forwa-ded diily from me transportation < ffice uf the Company, No. I Dock at Wharf. Philadelphia. Mochvnte are iiepertfully informed that all goods consigned to the company will be forwarded with the utmost Freight reachej Baltimore the fame dry it mre? Phil a'*Tph?*ir ail line for th- weal ?nd aonth I earn Do< h afreet dailv at half-paat ait o'clcck A.M. by aleambeat ROBERT MORB1* Pasaenjiers will retch Baltimore at t o'clock, two houra previous to the departure of the teviua Pr Jh* aruthweat. W. L. A8HMEAD, Agent Puiladelphia, March 8. IBS9. mia 1 m RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET ANDfb'KEIGHT LINE. SEW BRUNSWICKANI) NEW YORK cpHE NEW JERSEY Rai'rcad and Transportation I'om1 | any hare eatablirhrd a Krright Line between New Rrunawick and New York, which they intend to tun peima'"Letrint New ttrtmawiek at I AM. dailr, (gundava eiceptrd) and the foot ol Liberty street. New York, a 3 P.M. To country dealera and merchanta lha above line la very daairable for the aiieedy and cheap conveyance *f merchaodiae of eeery deacri|>tion, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealee? in Lire Stock,who can hare llo head of cattle eonreyei between Near Brunawtck and New k ork, tlieaameday, w hero rer required. The rates Tor lh? transportation of cattle, horves, mulea, beep, licga, lie..and allotner kindi of merthafcdise are very low. never etceed na steamboat prices. Merchandiae sent by thia line tr net subjected to any eitra ehritye in crossing the Nortt> Hirer. The Ompan> haTe Rrted up a Urge atorehouae at New Brrniutck adjoining tne Railroad Depot, which will alwaya be i pen lor the reception of merchandiae. Passengers, pu-c aaing their tickets at the ticket ofltrea, will receive ferry tickets grat ia. m\4 3m' \ OTJI'K,,?On and afnr A|ril let. IMi, trie cuuiniilatioa X' fare in the care of the New Jeraey Railroad and TransporUtioD Company, between New i nrk and the various places on the line of the railroad, haa been reduced (including terry) to $75 per annum, and $50 lor ail mouths. mil tin* VRKIOHT AND PAdgAGE TO PI 11$BXIKG. _ B I NOH AM'l LINE. Tne proprietors of Bluaham'e Transportation Lint to Pittebnrg, pita notice to the Merchanta of New York, and all other persona a I, ping to I lie West, that their line ia row ia active operation. Goods cousi.n?d to them (or acnt to |o in their hue ) will be forwarded withdeepntrh. UWDers or ampuers or goods'. dwtined Tor the Western Btatea, ?ho ? are 110 agent or eoneiKime at Pittsburg, wi" ptraee consign their a-. da to William, Pituburp, w ho will attend to shipping all such consignments without 4uiy> All coo4? hoo?dfc? marked distmrHy ou each packagt ifVOHAM'S I INK. For nitea offrrirh', whirh ar* aa low aa aav other line. Ar'-'l) W.M. TKHIIN, Ageat, No IWaatalrret a a <hV-a'ta I'nr No. t, N. R. N. B.?Passengers for* arded to P.tteburg and Potfavdle, ever, lay, S'iada>s eirrpted. Heler to K, Crook*. American Fur Co. ; S. T. Nieoll. Front stmt; 'Itclpe, Dodge k Co. Fulton street; Baydsm, huge kt'o.j Wn?. Rankin. Dur-< ' k( o Newaik' ml )m ffATKN IBLANU * ItHki: C?par-?vC^ Foot of Whitehall etreekd^^^XyS* TuTifofc^rrATKN inlander. fNpTTfflfctrdTor BAMSON,Captain Duval, wid run aa lollowa until further ' -eevta Platen Island Leaves Whitehall A t I o'clock a M. At 9 o'clock *M. "I# " " "II " " " r if. *?i " " " H " " ? tl " " " ?k N- B. All Kood* shipped are required 10 be particularly iirkrd an 1 are at the ri?k of the owner* thereof. ol "" t. FyWl'.LL a CO S 1.1 Nl. .nam /M FOR NEWByRtrll, lauding at CALI) I* T| /3*Wvl ' "* 'VEST POINT AND COLD 5GT-tEaLPPRIN?-T!,a iteimboat HIGHLAND EH at". Hubert Wardrop, will leave the lout cf Warreu street brw v rk.every Monday, Tlvi ?oay and Saturday afternoon's at t o'clock. Returning. the High, ?; will i?? .aewbu.-gfc a?try Monday morning at I o'clock, aso I uetday and Fnca* Htaniwa at So'clork. "or irelph* or passage,arply to tharapiain en board. N. B. A! i baggage and freight of eeerv deecrirlion, bank pi ta orinrrie. mil oa board thia boat, must oe at the riakof tba awnara thereof,unlaaa a bill ofladinc orracsipti*signed for aaM E NE CHARLES S. ROWELL, DENTAL SURGEON, No. II CHAMBERS STREET, vrw vnnit LIFE B OAT ASSOCIATION, FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PATHNT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, OPPOIITE jr.w CITY HOTEL. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. <>* tub principle or ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE (Coy v.) . Hating It'elv lo?* t w i bicueHdati teeth, I c .llrd on Mr l.eteti t i aepuly tii ir placia with artificial ouee, a:iJ it aitorda me rtiui'h pie uure to teatily to hi. tkill and ability aa a D>utiat; uidrt J, 1 h ive rrer eeen teeth tiled and lilted with more laclnea*. and at the eaaie time w ilh U?? painful preaaure on the gumi. I cheerfully r< commend tlrat gentleman to the e?t>eeihl notice ol' the medical prifra.ion, a. W. 11 aa to ibe public, feeling aatiatied from lujrown experience that they may confidently rely ou h;a ikill luhia pi."'?anon. (SttjtneUI GRANVILLE S PATTI^ON, M D. Profetnor of Aualcuiy, Uuireieity of New Yerk. February 13tl . isti. The original can be area at Mr. Leretl'e ISO Broadway, corner.ol" \VTnn ctreet ml* l n' ~ BANKRUPT LAW. GENTLEMEN wishing to be dtarharved from their debta, under tlua law. are uifited to callouW. BKIDMOl'.E, Attorney at Law,7S Naaaiu atreet. All other kind* of law buainia* aleo attended to. Oh trgea numerate. ftOSm" NOTICE TO BUYERS OF CABINET FURNITURE. THE aubfcrlher would iueite *he attention of thoae wuhiug to pur haae articlca'in the abore buaiueaa, to hia e?tabliahineut. where ia to he found a nail aaaorlwent of Roae woo-l and Mahogany Furntture, of Freuch aud oilier patterns, aoine of which are not to be found elsewhere, being entirely Aleo, handsome rich tilt (iornice* fur windows, Pole* and Ring* ; toget ler w ill. Oamasks. Walloons and Tas els, ind every article attached to curtains, which will be wade iu the lateii style from patterns lately received. N B. Particular atteutioa paio to the thting up of Ottomans, Fire Screens, and other fancy articles, w ith embroid ered tapestry. WA8IIINUTON MKEK9. dll-tiia SI5 Broadway, nnt the Hospital. CARPETING,' UARPEThvG. 'T'HE Subjcriber ii now opening hii Spring assortment of * Carpeting, consisting of B.-ii*<els, three ply, sii;.eifioe and fine Ingram; an assortment not serpassid in this city for variety of styles, figures, &c. These goods bare been ordered expressly for ilie.Spring trade. The greatest ca-e has bee-I observed in maki; g selections ol such gooes as can be confidently . ecoinineuded for durability and permanency of Also.alarge assortment cf the different kinds of Hall and Btaii Carieting. Tufted door Hugs. Door Mats, Ike, Also a ham some assortment of Painted Floor Cloths, all widths. Families about purchasing any of the abort described roods are respectfully invited to call. CHARLES HICKS, ml8 lm* 7> Esai Broadway,Ti Div'sion-pt. SEBRING'S CORDIAL. INDKJKS T Ioftf.?As this is a very corns on complaint, in the present day. whiteser tends to alienate it is of public im;or'snce For the information of those affected with it, we publish the following recommendations of a Restorative Cordial for its c .re C. 0. Skzrihg, Esq Dtaa Sir At tour request, I have exam ined the medicines of whiih i our Cardial i? composed, and hare no hesitation in eiying that they are of the best class of Ionics; aud in the mauncr prepared bv yru, will prose highly beneficial iu Dyspepsia, and many other diseases of general debility. Yours, lie. T PRATT, M. D. No. H Liberty street. I coucur in the abort recommend?tion of l)r. Pratt. THOMAS BOYD. M. D., N?. SSI Fourth street. Sabrmg'a Restorative Cordial is sold atlM Fulton street, at $1 per bottle. wigs lm* DR. JOSEPH EVANS. GRAND RESTORATIVE. SYRUP, For the eurenfeverr form of Dise'i' arising froin THE IMPURITY OF THE BLM)D, CAUSEU by the vital orgai becoming deranged and enfeebled by hereditary complaints, and exhaustion of the system, aud other, viz. Bcrv fnla or King's Evil. T mors and swetli-igs in the nick, secondare symntamsi f Svphi lie, or the couetif u ioual form ol the Veecnal Disc: se, Ulcers, ulcerated sore Throat P lite. lie Ulcere on the Shins.and other rsrisrd the body. UiseiMS of the bones, pains, swellings, and u'reratiois o' the boats, swellings ol the ioints, white swelhnge, lie-. Cancer*, cutanecus <r skin disesa-a, salt rheum, ringworm, sc ily eruptions, leprosy, itch, scald htad, pimpirv. cracking a id <mirtii>gufthc skin, tetter, aud ill kini s ofsoirs Long standing anai.e elofore incurable fever ores; rheumatism, gout, liver complaint, aud all diseases earned by an improper use of mi rcury, local and const itul ioual debih y or we.ikoe?s, gonorrhea i gleet teucorrhce i or whites, gravel.lie..or when Uie sys'em has barn rilnusted by secret reuiuality in youth, iniempe ance.long standi e debilitating disc. ? ?, loi g residence m houtheru climates, and other debili tating causes. This invaluable m'dicine has I wen employed by the proprietor in an txteDai- eprivale and hospital practice, both iu Europe and Ainrric I ir Hie last forty years during which time he hai cured o? erS000 piti'Hts, who wer* vfflirtea with tome of the men loatheom- ?nd destructive forms of d sense, miny of whom are niw living, and ready to testify to the efficacy of tin' medieire Ilcurr* l<j givirg tone to the netvs, txhi rrat ing I lie spirits, ri guUliog ibe circulation, invigorating at:d exciting thevital o gmslo a natural and healthy action' and inus CUM ID gall uopurn its obeixpelled from the system, and ere Hlii' j tlie rcretimi < f perled!) purehii1 healthy blood. Price $t itrholtle. For sale only at the Private Reside nee No. 4rTU.-ceawich, too doora above Canal aireat. mil 3m 30 ODD YEARS OK EXTKHItNl K. iu Ihesii utifio prctiee of ru-inc certain diseases, have enabled l>r LAUllKL, of No. 103 Canal atrrrt, (3 erauicate thoae diseases in question, whether u?w, ol J, or luvrtriate, in leas than hall t'ia ttair employed by theiorainon doctors, who poison their palicnta with mercury, capivy. uiire, rtihebs, fce. S. B ? alt-aus- r? are appri-ed that Dr. L. ia a refular phyaiClan oftk<- med e it lacu'ty of Paris, alao graduated in the U. Mates,aa can he proved by hia dioloma* mS4 lio* PRIVATE CURE. TAOCTOR JORDAN'S SPECIFIC COURSE,N? 1-For -L/ the prompt cure of C?p or Ooaorrnoea, Oleeta, and ail other welhral disch-rRea, nud hia Spa. ific Ci.urae, No. J, lor the complete eradication, and permanent cure of era-real disease, wulout ei|?aure, inconvenience, or Iota of tiuie. Each course in enclosed in a neat tin ease,comprising every medicine. w,?h. and rrq liaite. ever required either for internal or external uie; and whether the caScbe recent or old, a cuie ia kUaranleeil, if ufed -j* diiected. Each package alao con 'aicif Dr. Jordan'* private tre tine,called the Monitor, wlete. in it full direction*, with a i lain diacription of the nature s\ mptomi, corseqaetces and tieatment of aecret disrases;to which it added muih v.luabe information, useful hint a. and important advice?re movirg all the difficultiea ofaelftieatineut. The nrice of Monitor ia fifty cenU; one dollar tent [Milt paid, ? illt mure ill reception. T ie cou tea No. 1 and 3, are each S3, and tuaranteeJ?admirably designed for rcai iIm'i ii the country, b> ing complete, enoiMCt, 'comenieui and efficient Post paid letters covering the Hmouut, have prompt attention. Hold for the pxoprietnr, only at Dreg Htote, S3 Marion stri ct. second door below Prince, second block eaa: of Broadway. Marion street ta a direct continuation of Centre. mlt Im* FASHIONABLE TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. AT THE K \ 8II ION A K LE TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, 108 Br-ltman atreet.ncar Tearl. Gentlem?n who are now or fnrtnnly have been paying extra vacant prieea for 'heir clothing, are assured tint they need do ao on more, as the aubs rile.- will fmrantee to all who patronise him. a band otne fit, a taaoionahla style and eicallent materials, at the following m ulrrate prices? Bap. W'-t of Eug. Wool-dyed, black, blue, or green dress Panta, double milled do black. plaid, end fancy cui., $1 to $8 SO. Veeta?Fire eaahmerr.ea'in.and all kinda, 9* ,0 f>5< ( oaU made and rimmed iu a eu|*rior manner, I com 9T to $9,50; Veate, It.50 to *2; Panta.$l,5Qto 92. at Im* JOHN MOFFAT ~ CARPETING, &C. ~ CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. TONES Si MAIICV, 101 Bowery, New Ynik. are now reJ ceitinz their epring eunplv nl Carpetiog, Oil Cluiha. Window hh?drr,l) uit?tei?, H??rth Ki-ce, Door Slate, Table and rianoCoTrre. S'?ir Rode fcc Sic. Amonp lh' ir ifi.r.d- are many new and rick pall?roe of Kprli.h and American macu aciure, which cannot b? exceeded for beau'y, quality and rheapv* ?< in the city. I', rioiia about fur uhiug their hotiaea are intitnl to (ife ua a nil. I. F. JONES, at |m* L. MAKCY. CRK \ vi?CRKAM?CREAM. S'ill theCitiea widely term With praieeof Hin?'a IVrfctio Cream? Tht finett hlil'IPg Co pouad known, Joorei ienet bat clearly ehown. 'Tta eoakil'ully iirepared Toeofteo e'en th. rot Rhe-t beard. That a dull rar.or'a edec b<etowa A kierinrea thai the tharptil knowa. ' I la purr, and p'raeant, choice andil.eap? Will in rrcj-;; client- keep? Makea it a rieaeitiR t >ek to chare, And will both (iiarard IrouAIe aa?e. Prepared and cold l y C It. KINO, 5J Fulton a'reet; Baa t t.att Br ndwav. and 4*9 Bro dway. _ inoilm* . it*'- ??n>? VVt.?u the d ***** become* inveten.te iperience thr*e pill* hare heeu proved by thousand*i to be he bell end *afe*l Kautly Mvdicine hilhirto diecovered. A t ill ?c*?nna ofihr year they will be found eery raluahle to ell rho wieli to ereurr thrnwrdvea "train4. Itlkn ? hey are dike let* for ehildrru ** f>r any period of life, aeid requir* no itra alteutien to diet or to clothier, bilion* nod /irereomplaioti, dyrpeteia or ludigeaitoii, nerroua direoaer. in k heedarte, aid in fact all diieaice among fr< m an impure Hate nt rhe bioed or a diaorderrd itate of tiie atoinach or bowel*, are peedily removeii by taking ihem. Tliey prerent aourry. and ile cooeequenca? therefore eeafering menehnu.d nerer be without them. Time or climate efTrrlr them not. Two rr three dcree will tonuuee the patient of their i?Jntary effect#, for the etomecli will readity regain it* itringth, a healthy itate of iht liver and bvwele will iprudily take place end reuewed health ant* ri.oi of hotly and raind will be the cer leiurrault. Their virtue*, in fact, may be inmtned up?a? a medicine wh*ch iloiiih-ni the feabte and coueotidatei Oil iTtun i'aa of the atrnng,and will be found of inlnite raliie to fcinahw of all ?gea (it t?k.? arcardtng to the diraelioua), who wiihto he teeiire In m* <kneae. rrice S> and Meant* per boa. Kor lale, whi.leer le and re ail, by Wm. Wataon. Apotheeerie* Hell. 3d t; til arine itreet; Smith, corner of Fulton ami Water It*; Nowill 1*7 Bowery ; Balaror*, druggiat. fiilton It. Bntoklya, mil Im* OTRAVV W RArrlNtf?woe reuaecrown Hraw wrapn * O ar .it.Ileal article, jw*t received and foriale by *" rtRSSit k BROOKS, (1 Liberty it. W YO N YORK, WEDNESDAY ? AM DKKSON'S POLISHING PASTE AND PLATE POWDEK. New York, Jen. ?. 1S??. We have trird the Polishing Paste tnide by Mr. Anderson, and tiud it to bs superior to any thins w< h ive evrr used. BDaHOMAN *. I1AKT, S Burin* Slip. Manufacturers of Britaunia Wars, New York, Jan. 10,1844. We have tried the Taste and Plate Powder imde and sold by T 1 I...... una l,L. .I,.,,,., in r?rrMnlit,r.ilin, litem. """"""toiL"EMAN fc"dTfcT8JN. Ajtor Houee. New York, Jan. 94 1849. Wr have used Mr. Anderson'e Polishing P?le ?nd CliU Powilrr. mill liuii thrm vrry excellent for ilcanirg silver and liver plated ware. BALL TOMPKINS Si BLACK, Late .Ylar|u*ud kCo., IS, Broadway. Ni w York, March 1. 1849. We have n?ed Win. Andcrsvn's Polishing Paste and Plate Powder for cli om g rilvir and other kinds of wars,and call recommend it with coiitideice lo the public. THOMPSON It FISHER. 371 Pearl street Brooklyn, Feb. 14, 1848. I hare uied Mr. Wm. Anderson's Polishing nsete for vHvcr, brass, and silvir plated ware, and find it to be a firal rate article. ROBEKT E. STORY. Saddle and Harness Maker. Forsa'e wholraale anil retail, foreirortation,at manufacturers'pricra. by i HAS. H. IllNO,S3 Fulton rlreet, corner Cliff. Alio, by Uws*<ti, 414 8> omlway. one dour above Bleecker Meet; O lion, corner Or md and Bowery; Coddiugtou, corner Hudeou and Spring; Gain's", 77 r -at Brnariw iv. inl?:m*_ imTohtan r TO CONSUMPTIVES. N EW YOliK. September Slat, 1841 ToDr C. H. Ring.Sir ; Asyou li-ve leuuested mt togive you an acenniu of bow your " Ehxirof Liie" act?d iu my case. 1 cheerfully com ply fortne benefit ot othere. I h ?ve had ? cou.h every winter i lor several y ear.,and always pot relief from limp'e herb tea* till last wilder, u-ilh.-rone lhta.1 nor the other vet mid to gi . relief, and I waa yr tdoxlly waatuit away?lieein* to relinq i my huii-ieee. Ill this state 1 w ts pereuad-d by my friend Mr. Peck to try yom El.air of Life and before 1 had Cuiihed the bottle, I was not only cured of my cough, pain in the cheet, mchiaweae but able to re?ume bu-inrce ; Rid fin I myself to rspidly improving at iny friends are a- louiihed, expecting to ! hear of my deah, instead of eeeing me get active and robust. 1 consider myself ind isted to you for the saving of my life, and auy one situated a* 1 war. may rail nu PilltR N HELMS. 13 Thompson St. Prepared and for sale b> C.ll KINO. 63 Fulton, cor. Clitf. nils 1 in * RINGS COLIliH CANDY I He -egrrr of confidence placed in thia Vegetable Cough Candy by a major ty of our physicians, ought tu inspire the like in the irind of every sceptic, who perhaps is so from having beendec-tvi d by some article that promised ever thing and performed n?.thing. Won d physicians recommend en article they did not place implicit reliance in it, virtues ! Would clergi into aud o'her publ.c speakers speak ; ublirly of its delirhiful rilicf, in lui nesting the air paasnses and giving the voice a mamteet inordinate volume 7 In fiar, would eery body who Im, trie,! it so mreuuoiialy promulgate de virtuee, had not the almost iniiaculcus effects of its poweifol agency been seen ? Prepared and sold, who'es lie and retail, for exportation, by U. H. R1NO.S3 Kul too street. corner of CI > IT. ml9l?* THE SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL & DIAPER PIN. ANEW suit imiKii I ant article foruie in the uurtery. and a* a fattening to laditi shawl*. cloaks, lie. patented in the United Slain and in Europe, for eale wholesale by W. H. ('All Y It (IiJ, 1?9 t'rarl ?t N? w Y"rk, and by the tlie manufactory. H6 Jay it. Uonklyi. Thread aud needle a'urea, and dealer* in fancy article*, supplied on liberal term*. ?lt Im'i DENTISTRY. WM, THORN, UENT18T, ao'icilalhe attention of those who wear Artificial Tceln, and those who may require them, to hi* method if eiipt>lvir'B the Miullary family, rit the Teeth. Knowing that there i* a di-agreeable taate in the mouth of thoie who indulge in acid*, restd ting from the actio* of the acid on the Uald Plate, In nil raits that admit of it, he ineerte teeth'.fron one to a complete set,, without; aaing one par tide of metal of any description. M Chamber* itaeet. alt 1m* LUDINA CORDIAL. TO THE AMERICAN PURLIC. rTunow barely three year* ainee the general introdaetion of the Lnctna Cordial ioto the United titatei. and in that re riod it hae not only apread ita ueifulneii throughout thi* hemiapherc, and stistaiu-d the rut reputation which it ba 1 preTioualy a. quired in K. trope, but ha- alio added la the reHt.wnof it* Illustrious inventor b- the uarirallrd power* it haa been discovered to possess in the cure of incipient consumetioa. 'I he know ledge .f it* wonderful influence in renoretiig and int'goraiii-g the human frame,firat auggeeted the idaa ol rsiog it in toia way; and the reault ia thit a medicine lisi bccu added to the catailoeue lor the curt ofinciyirnt couautnption, which places the disease, with due precaution,under the control of the patient It ia scarcely necessary at thi* period to recommend the L< citia doidial, ?a an alt-vuficient remedy ia cases if (fleet, Kloue Albua, difficult or painful tnera'ruatioo.Ucou'iusnce of Urice, uLd all diseases arising fromdebditali-uof the system, wheie an i.oid se, or a restorative i. wan'rd; as ihruuehout lie United (Malta it haa taken of lllnilitr midicinein audi cntcs, and leaves nothing further to lie Imped for; ita cute* being speedy. perfect, perin inent, and effected w iihout pain or tumble. should there how ever lie any perscn laboring under the above complainta.who are doubtful of ila aim .at universally teatidinenta, I racon mend it te tliein with all confidence, and no my owu peraonal rupmisiliility. titling aseu ed if they give it t*e required trial, that heal.Ii to the afflicted paruee. and gratefulness to Dr. Mag in, -till ba the reault Dm aa is also the cue in Europe, ti e immenne American reputation of theLucina Cordial, i a p incipally burden ita thoroughly iuve.ligated, iodubitah'il generally aitmitted power lo en.iblef malt a, who h.d been c- i.dldctid i-airen, to bear offapring; and lo restore virile power* in males, w lien reduced to utter *ed apparently ho-eless prostration, lo perfect health and activity. When I first received the American agency of tne Luciua Cordial, from Ur Magnin, uotwit itaudiug i'a nnmsuse h>reigucelebrity, and the great ninmint of re.|>?ctable testimony 'hat accompanied it. I declined commiitii g myaelf individually; by-giving an< |ier*onal arsura-.c* s in the** particulate; but n?w, alter lb- enorm- u< aa'e of upward* of one hundred thousand b ull a coupled wi h the receipt* of cert Acate* and teatimouiala innu titrable, and mueh knowledge founded on personal obeervati D, 1 can u.hmita-.inglv warrant it aa far exceeding toy moat aangtiioc hopea.or even (lie illuitrious iovenior'a promisee, iu the luJilmeot of the moat important end* for which it ia recomroan md. and hna become so justly and uunrrtally ne.pular. To be us ex,ilicit aa possible, 1 repeat. and hold Oiyaelf p. rs?nally responsible lor the iheLucina < orilial. c.u invigorate the viri'e powrra inmates,and make them focindint, where nature haa been deficient, oi when they have been proteated by ariiliciul meet a; and a'ao tliat it cm produce that atata of the system iu female*, w ho had beeuprevl ualy uu'ruitful. and imagined barn ii, winch will enable them to bear children. 1 rigret that I have to er-e-h *n plainly, on aueh exceedingly delicate h,,r -allr.l nnmi lo sin an. lest it mil h7 he tnienn. deraioJd,aid as a full gear lot- e for the grdat responsibility which I have cheeriuily assumed Wi.h frtlinis of n fere gratitu !e for the *tena ve patrmage which, as tliuapeutof die LUCi -a Cordial, h ?, u :?u lira '?d up .0 rue ia th.i coiii'ry. I rcniii the fob ic?' very obedi-nt humble ae-vat-t, JO11N valNTc-uS HOLDfciaWELL. M D Tree $3 per bolt I K'lfilleet 159 B midway, .New Yora uftON ir h Stith Phil d?l"hia. mil 1m* 'I'llK. < - ANTON f KA I 'll'ANY offer lor sale at |*| 1 ( hstham slrrel, New Y irk. the cheapest and most genuine Tr in the world, in any -juan'ily uoi lea* than four nun re* If any rrtie e purchased at thrir establishment ahould - >t iv* fir ill- faction, it ruin ated that they be brought inev will he returned. ag lai* "ll 11.1 f. Hli-llhs (J* Lift, IS Hfc.AL.TH?The only g'-uuine Taylor'* Balaam of Liveiwnrt from (he aole pioyiirtor at ail Bpnng atreet.haa nerer been known to fail in curii g the innet alarming symptoms ol Consumption and Liver Complaint. We have certificates fr< m Lundn da of most reipectable persona, certifying to the surprising relief they hare received in miug the article firm ill Hprirg street Owing to the as?ertious of couuterfritera, the following awnrn ficta ia now pnblisred? City of Brooklyn, Ki?b? Com ty, a*:?E. Townaead being du'y swotn, depot ea andaays thai he i. pe rami ally acquainted wiih the proprietor of Dr. Tayloi '# Balaam of Lirerwort, and doea ce< t-fy from hiaown kuowlc'ge that the only peiaon now living, who prepared lliia medicine at 375 Bowery, and ia the sole proprietor, resid'-a and transacts bu-ir.-ai at 241 Bpring street, and mai ufaclurai ihe genuine Baeam of Liverwort at that place, fto.!. the only origiual reeipe in existence. E. TOWN3h.ND. Sworn before me this l*lh Jan 1842, ?. ALPHEUS SMITH. Com of De.di. I certify from my own personal b now ledge that the above slateme uls in regmd to the owuerihip, tic. arc ttu:. 8. Al.PHk.U3 SMITH. Beware of Counterfeits, as the great <iuaation nflife or death may depe nd upon havug Ihe grautua medicine, made only in lliia city at 241 Spring struct. Agents?Red- ing g Slaieatreet Bcs'on; 91 Main street.and 79 h'ultoo street, Brooklyn; lis ami 249 Broaditreet, Newark Price?Large bottlea J.2, nest sice smaller rite 50 ceutl. Blllm' SUti \R BEET. I'fe-ioium I orn and fVaipkins. freih vegeta b!e and rare flower see da. Eogirli grara far lawns. 95 U09 green an 1 hot house plants dahlia r.iou, tiger ttiweri, lube r>s?r. fiuit -cd orn tmen'al treee, shrubbery of all k nda, canary tnrde gold ti-li anJ glohfa. whole-g-le and retail, nu the moat re ison ill * le-m i. at I It l.O 3t DUNLA P'S, No. 575 Broadway. auJ at their uuraery. corner ol 8ili Avenue and ||..tb etrcel. Ha-lem. rnts im* OTK.C.L I'r.M-lr- "i 'he .-l-urelefl manufactory ol JoI eeph tiillott, of Birn iiigln'in ?The higli r potation of these pens has ludured many lelertor makers to imitate them, thereby injuring the'well ear ed rcpwta ion of J ?eph tiillott. The Public are rec reated to be from whom they purchase. . ^ . i . ? _ TVgenome m?y l? r.:imn ny n?tr ?n?-?ior qainy.aua by the etyli: of putting up. A eon-lent eii|ndy foreelehy ROMKKT rAKDOw, mat lm* M Miiilen Lane. TO l'HK ?\ LD A.NI) ii 11liY Hrf \ DKD -JONK8' '1' OIL OF CORAL I IHC.4KRM. i HOSE whnae hair ir falling nut. turning grey. or haa ceaeed growing, an article la here fibred you at a re tumble price ? remetnhcr it ta not puffed?and it will do all it ie rei refuted to do Read Hue? I certify that my hair waa fating cut faet; I combed nut hand I nla duly. ale' an ee I hoee ut?d two bnttlea of Jonta'Oil of Coral Cireaeaia, it hta quite atopped falling out, and la crown gfaat and dark. * W. TOM/UNA, tl King at. Thia will gira l'glil. red or grey hair a i nedark look, in I io ime cau<e it to grow dark from the rnnta A moat oiheri who hare u?d thu and certify ie J F. Power.grocei, Brooklyn; J. Gilbert, jeweller, 3d arenue Sold by T. JONES, ngunf tha American Eagle, RJ?unlcai you are rare'ul of the ngnt number a uu ll be cheated with a coiinterfel t?8J Chatham itreet. Price 3 S and 8 rhitlinga a boltli ?three aid e. 138 Fallon atreet, Drookl) n, ia agent. m 10 1 m _ _ T T A m ill 1,7-1 itre la no Oil la the world that can la good II ,rbul to the hair. k're y body knowa that when tre hair h i rue J it v. i'I grow again ae good aeerer All tlie pow dera foe dy ine the hair we nothing hut a mill ore of lime and lithrege, at dtheh'ir ie not d,ed, hut li eraiiy tinmen Li uila for dyiug tnr hair are eoinpoittioaa of emaelie rnd apirita. that hum* in the une way a? the powdera, and dont dye the hair, a-al the liaie will geuie no matter how many tiinei it m burn-d : an 1 etery b d* k n\*e alao, that when th? hi ad ii full cl daadri train* to turn grey, and heldurea follow* From n etperteoca of twenty year a. be ng hair cut lor, and ! arir.g ihe opportunity iferainiumga grral many he ida. (and blockhead,) 1 hare made myealf a great COM>0*1 low ko ain w " Paatnr'a Hair Oil ar Compound Eae- utml Oil of Amnnda," for di areiy uig H andru IT. i re renting the hairfnua coming out and lur in-grey. Thra inimitable Hair Oil will m he the hair grow well, no matter how much daiidiufforaorei.t, a ia on the hend. For tale, w aoleaale and retail, at A. Paator'a, Hair Cutter, IU Greenwich atreet, New Yoik. Priea 58 eeata a b-itfle. mit lm' RK E MORNING, APRIL 13. 1 THE NEW YORK LANCET. CONTENTS OF NO. XV. LccTi'Rti.?A Course of Lecture* on Di?*a*e?of the Chest, Percussion, ami Auscultation. By John A. Swell, M. 0. Lecture II ?Suuudiof the heart?Variou* theories us to their production?Auscultation end percussion of thu Heart?p. -.M6. Dr. Hall'* Lecture* oa tbo Pathology, ami Disease* and Derangemel* of the V. L!. .1,... V.. Ill Tl.,. n..ll,nlnfrp nr Ik, V. rPAIIE no .. System ?p. 229 ProUssor Mott's Lectures on Surgery, ji.232.Nj XV. Erlarged Tonsils continued. Coimciucatioi ?Cue of Absence of External Genitals, and Formation of an A i ti tic in 1 Vagina. With an|Kngraving. By Dr. W. Mngie, ef Patenon?p.3-29. F".in 101.iai. Di.r*htmeift.?Medical Statistics?p. 231. MuDico-CHiarnnu ?l RspoaTica.?Crosby street Cliuique? p. 034. Stuyvisant Institute Clioique?p. 236.? Stono in the Female Bladder.? Dilata'ion of the Urethra?p. 23j An account of a Case of Exteusive Disease of the Pancreas. By Jutnes Arthur Wilson, M. D ? p. 336. Complete Obliteration of the Aorto?p. 236. Effusion cf Blood under the Mucous Membrane of the Uvula, removed by incision?p. 236. Fatal Effects ol Tight Lacing?Pyrosis, with alteration in the position of the stomach By Dr. Guiding Bird?p 237. On the Propagation of the Vario'tc Vaccina? by Crusts from the Cow. By John Baron, M. D, V. It. 8., Cheltenham?p 33a. Use of lnjectious in Oonorthcca?p 238. Cyanide of Potassium in Acute Articular Rheummatism?r. 238 The ceiuttsil Soisncvs?' On F'ibre." By Martin Barry, M. D , F. K. 88. Lond and Ed in ?p. .239- Neurohypnology?p 238 I r kiss ami Ixrr.lliokfici??H alth of the British Mttrtx iiolis, 18-11-p. 2tj. Mortality III London?p 2-1U. Weekly Report of interments?p 240. Nv.w Voaa : Printed ami viblisbrd for the Prupiietors, at the Lancet Office, No. 21 Ann Street,by JAMES GORDON BENNETT. GENERAL AGENCY. rpHK SUBSCRIBER has t ken the store 7S Fulton street, 1 B'O hi) n, for the sal; of Ihe most approved genuine pa teat acd family nw dollies, perfutntry fancy nr'icle?, Sic. Ma* ufac'urers ami piupti tors ol such articles, or of spy thing rise. miio wi?h lor *o scire, stiuig agent to disiMise ol' their producliora, will fi id lucl. an one ia tiie persou of the ubscrihar. 8 J STEWART. 73 F'ulton St., Brjokl) n For sale, r oitof the approve! fi'nily medicine*. Persons puichasing hi re may rely on b hiairg genuine article. b6 Im* DANDRUFF or lossofhairis cansedlby s languid or oh. struct id circulation in the small blood vessels which supcjIv the scalp ami hair with nourial men', in coiikcquruer of winch the perspiration heroines thick and clammy-and dries on the suriac, forming a eras! called i! audi tiff, w h'ch clogs lip the lares of ihe skin, and by its pressure ugaiust the mois of the hair nrcvsnt" il from receiving sulfi, ient noiiriihu <nl tn retain vitality 'ihe hair i hen becomes bar. h and unpleasant, cha: Res color and falls off This ujixaliliy afficiinn ia very spetdily''.nil effectually cu ed b) Jay ue's Hair Tonic which revives .he dormant powers of the surface risseli, removes ihe dandruff, and produces a new and healthy grow, h of hair to Slippy the 1?*S of Ihe old; and baldness is preveutedor removed where it already esiiis The following certificate is selected, which sufficiently proceeds extraordinary virtnei? Mr sirs A. B. 4* Sands:?Gentlemen. an act of justice to you ami Dr. Jay ne. I send you this certificate to inform you of the invaluable beu?6* my wife has received from the use cf Ur. Jaync's Hair Tonic. She lost not only her entire head , i:f hair, but her eyebrows also and afier trying various other remedies, with no ben-fit. she used Dr. Jayne'i Hair Tonic eh? used two bottles before we could discover the hair had started, and cominencii g with Ihe third it started to gmvv out lauely.and in a few weeks her head and I oyebrowe \?eic covered w itti a tli rtl growth 01 li e tilac! hair, better than ?hc h id lo?\ I think it war entirely produced by , the me of the Tonic, and would re fommeul it to ill who need , aaimilariemedy. Truly youre, JOHN N. JACKSON. Pier*red only by Dr. D.Jayne, 81 South Id nreet Price St. So'dat wholeialeend ret>il by A. B It D. SAND8,druggil>U 79 Kul on, corner old .Id elreet, end 100 Fulton etreei ; al.j aol.l by Ahralmn 0. Sande at Ho., No 273 Bioadway, corner of Chamber etrcet; David Sands It Co., No. 77. Ea.t Broadway volt I ? SALT RHEUM. KIN<? WOKM TKT I'ER. BARBEL'S ITCH AND SCABIES?RAYEh'd LOTION AND SYRUP ie the only rimedy which ie certain to cure the above complaiute- hnrmtree in it. operation, but certain in lie eff- cle ?the Loliou healing (Quickly, and the Syrup purifying epeedily. THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL?Dr. Goodwill'. Deter- ! gent and Pill, never to cure aiecint caie of diaeaee in 48 | hour!, if u.e i as directed Try them, all ye afflielel?they , are free from mercury. Trie* 63 e?.te each. THE TO 'THACHE CONQUERED?'. Extract. 1 It re'ievee in fue uiiiiiitee afier application to the neive oi the 1 tooth, and prevent! decay if the tooth ie filled immediately. ' Priei SO eeuta. _ I FEMALE MONTHLY TILLS-From M. Btndelocgne | of France?certain, safe aud ipe-dy iu the cure of all ca.ce where nature liae become ohalructcd. They cuie in a few dev.- Price 75 cent, per pichage. c GILBERT'S ANTI BILLIOU8 FAM|LY PILLS-For < therel ef of all coinp'aiol. produced by cn.lire ha oil., such I ae headache, hear.burn.?our elontaeh, dirzineaa, and loeenf j app-tile, thry have been uicd vrith more .ucce.i than any pill , ever he'ora offered to he p'blic. Price 25 cen'a per box. J Sold whele.aie and retail by E. M. GUION; 117 Bowery, earner of Gra* d .tircT. m2t 1m' 1 BOYS' CL'7TU|N<J-< HlLDREN'i CLOTHING?A \ very larg-am iiinviit?V-ry B .? I ity?Very cheai? GEO A. H'tY P 6i CO.. No 14 ilowiry, would rrajecl'ully ' inform their pat oue and 'he public gt urr?l y. that they have 1 again be> n makiuz eateurive preparationa for the .pring aDd auoimer trade, and have now on heud a mm h larg' r assortment of bo>V and childreu'e r otliing than they liaveerer before had. The pu'.lic are invited to ra I and eeamine theirgn' ds, wi.h particular refereuce to quality aud price. Terme caeh. nl I in* _ _ HUTCHINOS' STOMACH BITTERS ie a certaiu cure lor D) upcp.ia. as.i.s ling digestion, weakness, nr rv?ue i.earea, night eweaN.Sic. Sir?I have in the course of my practice preecribeil your.tomacii hitler, aud found them a inmt rflicieut remedy in Caere 1 of imligeitio n, acidity aud debility of ti e dige.liee organe. I by no m*ana rlam it among the quack medicine, ol'tlie i day, but one which will confer a great timing in many of , ix.i .ajlenu fellow being.. , P.J Bll\DY. M. D. 330 Broome ?f. The following i? from Ilr E.G. Luilnw.134 Broadway?I have turd your Bill er. in eaMt of impaired digration, when > refetaol i louic. wire indi.penuiihle, with a b?nt ft rial reenlt. 1 The ar iclce of which it comrored are very i combined, and I have no d uht will proee .erriceibl. iu the | caaee for which you have recommended il. Yours, Iu-. EDWARD O. LUDLOW. Certificate! of mary prr.oni cured can be even at the drug \ elore IVO Bowery,corner of Broome, where the above ie.old I only in t ii. city, and Mr. II tys, 139 Fulton street, Brook lvn | Price large boillrs Si; foall So rente. ro29 lni* I PE.UkSALI.'S OAH ESTABLISHMENT, founded in IsW,at 402 Wa er ?:retl, 5 doore above Catherine market, ( the ouly ti.ahli.limeiil oi the hi ?! iu the Unit-d State., continue! lo.upply the Navy, the America., Ruieian aad Span nh war ?Uao:ers?hae en. plied all the Race Boate and Club Boau for the last four ye rt?uid hi. now the large.t ine'UOl Oar-, nmin uu .............. y.^,. N. B. The Branch Oar ttor*. on the Noilh Ilifer side, ii >hut up, and remove. t 402 Water ?tre< t and a? I r.Tf ail the np' n-r? of o>ie (lore. 1 will sell en >ugh cheaper to those who come froi.i ih.i North Fiver side tu pay them f -r tneir tioublh Race Boats, C lub Baals.Oars a.d senile sold 50 per cent lot than 'a t var. ag Im* ON THE CURE OF STRIOTUHB-lt is most unSTtunate in ttiis complaint that many persons hare a stricture who are not in the least a a are of it. The common notion is, that so lougntths uriue passes iu a tolerable' 'ream,there cannot be a stricture. But Otis is far from true. A stricture may. and often <!oe?. eaist for months, and eren years, without prodaring any ?'rik::ig chance In this reepect. When a stricture arrives .t that decree of u irrawnees as sensibly to impede the uriee. it is a serious malady indeed. The object of those remarks however. is to preieut this slate, and to attack it at a time when it ta easily and perfeclly rtraored. But thera art other circumstance! besides its effect U|mn the untie by which a atriclure may be, or, at least, strongly suspected, and though these are numerous, there are two which are rery com mon aud very easily judged of, and these snail be mentioned here. The first of these circumstances relates to time. It is well hnown that strictures arise from long continued and badly kreoted tiooorrhda. Now. whenever tint disease continuee over many w. eke, especially if in the early period aey of the boasted nostrums of the day were taken, there is just and propericiound to suspect a stricture. Tne neil is most remarkable?it is the effect a atriclure has : upon the mind and suit its. This is a fact that may be tha ' roughly lelird on. Indeed the author oever aaw a case ol s'.ne j lure, (and ne ees many every day,) in which the perient did ' not, more or less, complain or hie loss of mental energy?ihsl i he w as not so capable of business as formerly. The reaseo of this, however, m (Marly shown in Lis "Wvm ~ rr. liltle volume aoliced in another column of thie paper, and In whu b the reader is referred, not only for knowledge of this dlseaie.but on every other connected with this subject. P) It. fuither begs to add. thai lie may be consulted . personally a' his residence, .No. Ok Greenwich street, at any I hour ; and should any be in doubt as to the eiietence of this I disease, especially after perusing his little roluine, he will, ; sithont e>|?uss or Die least pain, explain and assure him whether Pe have or not. Let it only be remembered that, I f he really has a stricture, not all the medicine in the world, tlone. , will ever core it. i?9> Im* | HR PRIVATE TR RATI SR.?This is a little volume on certain dis-sises in which the best and roost convenient 1 mean, of cure err stated in (he plainest possible manuri. It also showk the reason why these inata mp to freqiiintly co? tiu :r on from month to mi .ntivtincured.a terminate ?t length in other and prnnanMit c<. nplaiuta. out can rod In Ii'tlr bo. It without ee? ing at oocc their true and real na trr aid amo I lie ri*k and dancer of truiLing the in to ignorant and bo??litig people. With a view, obtain a rational degree of confi deoi r in w hat he he* advanced on Hie cure of those diaeuea, the author thiuke i' proper hare to give a utricle atatement of (he mean* and opjiorli.nitie* he hinnalt he* had of forming jn?t and cle*r opinion* on thu *nbject. tie therefore beg* te date, tha t beanie* ho rank m cm luate of Miubuigh, and member ol the Louden Colitis*.the. he live been walrhi.g theae di*ea*ee. both in Hoapital knd city juactter lor more than thirty year*, and ha* published two aditioe* of a work eipreaaly on thrm. Alio that he lia* teller* of commendation from the mod eminent ' physician* in Europe to the nioa' eminent in America, a* Bir 1 A?tl?y Conjwr to Or. Mott of New York and Or Phyaiek, ' ( rhilaikl'^iua, and olhere, and which may he aeen by any one. And further, that he ha* the privilege *f referring to almoat every pht ?icmii of eminence m thia city. TIkm art eircum atincee which afford the Ingheat catiafact.on to every one, eaperially to those w ho are annoua to obtain tbe beat advice.? The price of the book ia >1. Or Ralph ia conaulted gt hia rreidencc.SS Oreenwiehitraet, at any hour, and h*a diatinct and *eparate apirttaenia for tho*e who litre to wait ? tittle. ( ommiiniceticua bypoetar* eith , niWy replied to mMi""* DOfli ltl PATENT METALLIC ELASTIC BOOT R- HKKL9.?The eiih cri'er beg* le iv* to inform the i nblie.that he hi* commenced to manufacture and tell boot* with till* valuable invention, which only U'ed* to be known to he utiive'tally adopted The followi i g a'e some of the many advantage! it po?aea*e* over ev?ry other kind :? , , 1 at?The elaaticity aildato the durability of tr.a boot onrthird. . td?It tr akea no more n?i?* on the pavemrnt thanit a'tpeer The Hupifatant clinking noiae ofthe iron heela ia obviated. M?It pre?en ? boot* fioto running down at the aide or I 4 to?It* rlaatieitv enable* one to walk wiln mneh leaf fatigne, the hrel gut (? natural anring at eachatep. Ilh?Itdoea not cut and tear the iron or nailed heel* (n order to I riig thi* improvrmei t within the reach of ail. the nubterihrr ha* concluded to put them at the vara* prtcea ofthe rotnmnbeclr. i Boole of retry guali'y and deaeription, wholeaale and retail, at the old atbod. H NEWELL, m$lm' IU Clfcthaa atrial ' IER A 842. NOMINATION OK Hi nry Cloy nutl John Tyler, A8 RIVAL CANDIDATES FOR THE NEXT PRESIDENCY, BV NORTH CAROLINA. [Krein the U.ilei;li, N. C. Register. Extra.) The Report unci Itreolutlona iinniiluinuily adopted III u Convent Ion of I lie WIiIk Party, naatiiibltd ut ltalelgli, April 4, 184 a. Soon after the adjournment of the Convention, held in thia place, in October ltOU, the llbrta of the Wing Ptity were crowned with tucceir. William lieury Hariiron w a? elected to the Chief Magistracy by an overwhelming majority oi me i iicmuicii U|ion the duties of Ins Inj^otlice, w ith a solemn and d, vout appeal to Heaven, lor the sincerity and zeal with which he propoaed to devote himself to the great busi not* ol reluming the Government, and giving relief to the people; and select!d a cabinet believed by the pule lie l o h wili ng and able to assist him in the acconpliahmeot of hi* patriotic purpose. The nectfiitiev ol the Treasury and the Country being urgent, he sum moued Congress to meet him iu an Kxtra Session. Ai d the whole nation h ok d forward u itli joy, and aaaured hope, to a certain ivitorution, both ol public and private proaper.ty. Ttiesuuden death of Harrison covered the Nation w i'h gloum, an 1 aeeini d for a mono nt, to extinguish iu every patriotic heart thia expectation. But VV'higa tiy tin ir very principle*, at e lortiii'den to de?pair ol the liepublic. And when the first shock wmiver,light seemed again to glow, tnul ho]>e to spring tip before them. Mr. Tylerha itieen nominated as a Whig? had accepted hit nomination aa a Wing? had prof. ta*4 himself a Wnig, and had beau elected as the associate ol Harrison That he uoul 1 prove recreant to the great Patty, aa l regardless of the great principh t to which he owed his elevation,even su-p.clous and disingenuous minds could scarcely anticipate, and to noble and generousones,such an event could appear little less than impossible. His address to the People of the United Shier, his retention of the Cabinet ol Harrison, accompanied with expressions of respect and confidence, gave assurance to our hopes. And Congress assembled at the late Kxtia Session, iu the confident expectation, that the work of reforming the Oovernroent and relieiing the People, would be commenced and prosecuted, w ith the sincere and thorough co operation of the Piesident. Their fiist examination into ihe state of public affairs, iho wed that theA'lministratioii which bad just been drivenjlrom p*)wer by the 1'eop le, bad left behind them, a debt,exceeding by many millions, all the usual resoiuci s ol the Treasury, tor its liquidation. This debt had been carefully concealed from public observation, by the ar'itice of Treasaiy notes, issued from time to time, to cover deficiencies, arebted by the profligacy and eitravogance of th..t Administration. In order to meet this debt, measures were immedisti ly set on foot, ami among others a hill was prepared and passed, authorising a loan of f It,000,000. A bill was abo passed,and received the op. probation of the Pr< sider.t, directing the distention of the proceeds of the Public Lands among the States? a measure of justice to the States, which had heen often aud im fleet nally sought of the former Administration, and which the Whigs seized the first moment of coming into power to accom|iliib. II uiru UUCUIUC 1IIL1'9?I11| III |IIW1|UCIUI lilt: oaitj Krvjlicg uucl disbursement of the revenue, w ithout dang-r of Iota by lailhless or incompetent officers, and without charge to the people. For this purpose a bill waa pre| and and passed ty bith Houses of Congress, establishing h National Institution entitled a Fiscal Bank of the United States, and in order to guard itfectually against the intrusion of its Branches into any State ogaiuat it* will, it was expressly provided that no such Branch hould be established in any State w hose Legislature, in the time and manner spi citied in the act, should declare its opposition thereto. This'Bill was vetoed by the President. Congress immediately prepsred another, sup poaed upon sufficient grounds to meet exactly the President's news uftbe constitutionality and expediency of such a measure. This Bill proposed to create a Fiscal lustitu'-io , whose operation should he confined to the afekieping and transfer of the Public Kinds, and the collateral operation of dealing in hills of exchange be t ween the United State* and Foreign Countries, and between diilVieut States, w ithout tin power of mailing local d scount in any State without it* express as sent. This measure, nicely adjusted to meet tue Presi i dent's declared opinions, and to avoid the remotest cm diet with hit conscientious scruples, w as nevertheless rejected by him, as being totally at variance w ith the Constitution; and it b? came then apparent that uo mea- 1 lure would receive his approbation from which there was a reasonable expectation of testoring a sound cur'ency?insuring to the people the just rew aid of their la>or, and preserving the Public 'Pleasure irom the pecuation of dishonest agents, and of separating the power if the putse from the control which the President by the Constitution has over the military force of the country I !t was thus made manifest that the President, if a Whig j n profession, waa not one in principle?that if he r< - i [aided in prefeasirn the will of the people, expressed < hrough their representative.-,after full and carelul con- 1 lideration, yet in practice he contemned it?and that 1 nothing lex would satisfl him th*u au absolute dicta- | lion to the Kepieseniatives of the jtate* and the people [if the substance and even the veryfoim ol laws?and ] that his own opinions ol to day coul 1 not be relied upon to guide his conductor satisly his conscience to-morrow. Altet such an exhibition of weakness and presumption, what could tie expected but what followed ? The Harrison Cabinet was broken up and dispersed,andthe whig member* ?f Congress, faithful to the duty which they owed to themselves and to their constituents, assembled snd issued an address, in which they declared, iu terms firm, yet tern; erate, indignant, yet not wantonly disrespectful, their stuse of the Tit sidenl's conduct, and the rondiiion of that great pirty whoie principles ho was bound to cherish and advance. The event* af the pre ant Session have removed all doubts, if any such betore existed, of thp propriety and necessity of this action on ihe part of the Whigs of Congress. We now see the President urging upon Congress, under tba dictation of bis veto |*>wcr, the establishment ol an Exchequer Board,calculated not tor?lieve public distress, but to enlarge Executive power, w hicb alirady threati ns the I iibeitiaa of the people?a measure, the tendency of I iv Inch is to withdraw from circulation and from the use | )f the people all the specie of the country ?to confine it great commercial cities, while it supplies no adequate substitute in it* room?to build up the interest and increate the wealth of thcie cities at the expense of the great bod) of the peoph?nud by withdrawing from our lound banking iusiitu ionsth- baii* on which their |transactieu* are founded, and the only meant by which they can ever resume cash p iy merit*, to com Iiel them, however reluctantly, to call in suddenly the lebt due them from the people, and thus tooverwhdm tha debtor class aud person* of moderate property in hopeless ruin. To complete the proof of the President's fixed resolution to prevent, or undo every thing which the Whig* desire or have accomplished, he ha* juit recommended to Congress the repeal of the law pas ed with his own approval lor distributing the proceeds of the Public Lands?a law demanded by ttie people?guaranteed by all the profetiions ami promises oi the Whig party in the canvass of 1340?which the State of North Carolina, by repeated declarations of her Legislature, has pptoved, -nd claimed as u right, and which at thi* time, by furnishing to the States a considerable amount of fundi, would enable them, beside* accomplishing purpose* ol permanent utility, to supply, in some degree at lent, the present deficiency of n sound circulation? Meantime, while thiin legislative proceeding* are in prsgna*. the Pieiideut has been diitiibutuig the patronage oif ih'iOaveinment?not with a view to the public iervice?not to maintain the ascendancy of any great paity or leading principles of the country, but to the selfish end of procuring retainers to himself, and of securing, by w hatever means, a re election to office?a result which he cannot rk to produce, without disregarding the avoweJ principles of tha Whig party? nd his own solemn professions?a result, the accomplishment of which, happily for the country, is as impossible a* its pursuit is indefensible. Your Committee are therefore of opinion, that the Whig party are in no tense justly responsible for the present state of affairs. They found th? country incumbered with i'abt, disgraced by defalcations, Infested by corrupt an I incompetent office holders, and if* energies pressed down by the weight of unwise legislation, and oppressive Executive usurpations, the fruits of twelve veait niisiule, under selfi'ih and proit,eate administration* Th. ir Kenrrsentativi * in Con gr !?? *et themselrca to work with Kiddy diligence end earty devotion, to redreia theae evili, and renore the country. But this labor rtquired both tunu and energy. The dilapidations which so many years had produced could not in a moment be r? instated, ai d ?ven b.dthe life of the lamented Harmon b en spired, with hit r eal, ous co-operation, a ) ear would have 1 en but a reaxoria ble period to demand for any < tt'ertual advance in the work ol renovation ; but from his succi s or nothing has been met but a coll end insincere support or op?n thwarting and opposition. While, therefore, the Pretldent is allowed, by his enerci-e cf the veto, that Oar Man Powraofcur system, to arrest the action and control the will of the people, an J the States, speaking through their proper Hepn set tiitins, how, in the present posture of affairs, can responsibility justly rest upon the Whigs in Congress 1 II should ever be borne in mind that the Whig party lies been, in fact, but. nc *' oit month in power, for sin-e the I uh of H irnson the head f the Government has sot acted tin 1i r the llillo, nee of Whig ptincij le??has cven<liit>wn< d the name of Whig, and has uaidand is using his constitntioual powtrto prevent the action of th- whiga for the relief of the country. In one word then?fin the j tib ic debt, the derange ment cf the currency, or d tie diatrna ot the people, tne whig" are not responsible, I realise they did not produce thrm.but fouad th< m on their accession to power, and they would have r< moved thr m with the co operation of thv President, which thor coul 1 not obtain, and without which they could do nothing Among the topics which liove been, and ar-? mod fruit, ful of declamation with ou; opjonenta, it the of banks, and the amount of banking capital in the Uni'ed States. Tht v mk to hold the Whigs responsitde for the undue increase sud ml-management ol the hanking capital, represent it g thi m as'he advocates of unseat d and dishonest hanking institutions. Never was a chsrg-h st supported by prool or rnorr capable of complete refutation. The doctrine ol the Whigs has ever Veen Ihst some psper circulation was hoik advantage!in and tie cessery to the ccunlry. because our share of the specie of the ir.tircly ir.adi quale in amount to our wants, and liecanse an entire rpecie ciicnla-ion is, l orn its bulk arid weight, incot.v nietit and troulili torn", 'I'd from its constant watte by friction, is yearly dimishlt-g in amount. But they have ever maintained that B-n? ing institutions to supply this ptfier circelati in. shun' not he inert aveil beyond the actual neceseities of 'lie l country?should be cieated upon a firm bans ol specie and property, and hy wise laws, carefdllv rtstraiovrt from excess and mismiBS^ement, and with ttlv,<.o<-tt?ne ^^p ?? I 1 LD. f*o C?ati tut* pfacllce ul the Wlii^s wiii'.>e luuiitl to hot e coffee'-( omlt'd. How ii it with oor opponent! J Their theory hn? taught the pi optic J of an ehciii?i\e hail money currency. Banking institutions hate luiuthe tluuie of their unc?a?ing denunciation. Yet how have thev acted 7 When in pcMruion of power, w hat have they iti tie to rejnce their tbeoi y to practice? Let u? enquire. Belorethev came into |?ower, it i* nnt'o'iUrd th t we hut a good onrrency. Leery one who can r< member the ftlite lit til! !??? .....I"? - 1 " .... ......I j,?,. ugu, anowi mis lo navebeen the fart. The change in the condition of the conntry?the inneate of hanking capital beyond the reasonaide demands ol business, and the consequent depreciation. arose tiom th< ir administration of tcc government, ami they stsnd justly i espoi.sihle fur the coniequrx Ces. In the year 1830, there were in the United btati 330 bank?, w i'h an aggregate capital of $146,190,368 In 188a the bill to rechai terthe Bank of the Unitad Statea wu vetoed, and in 1H3S the govrri-m< nt d>poaiti l were rtmovi d tiom that Bnak and pinesd with tl e State Banki? toenctforwatd the State Banks er joytd the favor of the Admininti a'.ion?weie applauded aa tafr di poiitenea of the revenue, and capable of lumishing a sufficient and aound curri cry lor the country?were urged bj the then Secretary of the Treaaury to increaae their loans, en large their circulation, and furti ah rv. r, faci i y w inch their accommodations could furnish to the mercantile community. At the asm t me bank" 1egan lo be multiplied w ithout niciasity. and 1 rjond all xin p t. Within leia tin n t ao yeais front the remm al of the di po-it* a, the batika wer>- found to number ft.'iS with an aggicgate C spiral of $3Sl,9*o 337?and in Deamb.r IS3T, the number hid increi led to TOO, with an aggregate aii'horise.l 1 capital of $440,193 710. So that the t anka had doubled and the capital more than trebled in seven years. Now where Wiethe greatest men in the number ar.d capitals of these honks ? Waa it in Stati ? unilet Whig di ruction I Or win it in thoae States which enjoyed'.he ipecial benefit of being governed by l.ocofuco Legist i turea 7 Uodoub'edly in th latter. Let us take us example! and proof! of, a few States distignuhed during that period for their attachment to the locofoco par ty. Take Maine, tn 1336 -he had lSlianks.with a capital ot fd,i>60 TOO; i* December 1*37 ahe had 69 br.nka wi'h a capital of $6,536 Ot'O. Take Pennay Ivania In 1830 her liduka were33 in number with a cupitalol $14,610 333 : i? December 1837 the number had incieaaed to SO and the authorized capital to $69 014,436. Take Alabama, which in 1*30 ha.l dbanks with a capital of $643,600 and in December 1837 had 3 bunks with an authorized capital of $14 168 960, being an increase of 22 fold in sevi n years in the bank capital of the Statu. Take Mississippi, which in 1*30 ha ' one bank with u capital of $060,000 and in ln37, 11 banks and 2d branches with a capital of $39,400,000, being an increase of capital iu seven yi ars of fort.. jo,a: in>e wn??oun. wnat was the ection uf this B.ate. represented and governed by Mr. Denton, the veiy per Bonification o( hard money, who pofesn-s to hold a bank note in abliorrenre, and who lately pmtetted a draft ior hii |>#y a* a member of fongress, because he could not receive for it anv thing but paper money 7 Ho* die* sheshewher hatred of banka? her ahhorience ofpaiot r igs 7 Whythui: She had in ltWO net more than one bank and not more than $960,000 of capital, end in 1337 ihohud 3 banka with on authorized capital af fd.tOO.OOO being at the latter peiiod, in posters on of just twenty timet the amount of banking capital she had teren year* before, foil will be teen that these live States, under Locofoco direction, in a period of seven yean increased their number of banks liom 66 to lift and their aggregate capital from $16 403 H3# to $121 33S404 ; making a char addition during that short period of the hanking capital to the Union ol the enormeti* sum of $106 034 56s : ? nearly one half of the whole increase of banking capital in the Union during that |>erii d. These stntementa are ta ken from an otficialjri'l ort made by Mr. Wcodbury, late Loccfoco Secretary ol the Treasury, on the 8:h of January ISM, and what an admirable agricment they sl ew between the professions ai d tbe practice of our political adversaries? They denounce 111 banks, yet wherever they have the power (stahlish them; tboy praise gold and silver as the only constitutional currency, and yet Hood the country with millions of bank parer. And ure these bank* established by them able to redeem their engagements by specie 1 This at ienst we should have a right to expect from the lovers of an exclusive hard money circulation. Let the depreciatrd notts of Alabama and Mississippi, selling as they are everywhere at a most disgtsceful discount, worthli rs tor the pay mcnt of a debt, and scarcely avalable to purchase a loaf of bread ?let there wretched paper rags answer the question : Let the broken banka of Maine answer nnd cover those with confusion who profess one thing and practice another, wl o falsely chargu upon theiroppontntvtheir own political misdeeds. In advantngeous contrast with these States might be placed, did time permit, the conduct of those Stati s which, doling the same period wire under the direction of whig counsels, but we must crn'ent ourselves with slating one illustration of this. Of fhe Whig States, Massachusetts and Connecticut mi e the largest proportionate increase of their handing capital, and y$t neither did mora than double it. But w hat a Is found between the issues of fhrir t anks and those of Mississippi and Aisbuma 1 So far from being deprecia ed and worthless,they sre quoted in Philadel| hin on the 1st of January last, at n pn mium of 4 p?-r cent. Thus it may bv seen, that the Loco Korot, v hile they rail at the Whigs for establishing good hawks that issue sound currency, do themselves establish unsound banks which issue notes depreciated ami almost worth ess. Having thus, as yonr committee think, acquitted th.? wliig party of all just censure lor the past, it remain* to enquire what should be th?ir action fur the future ? That our josition is both strange and difficult,CHtmot la? denied, and should not be conceuled. But it lias no difficulty which cannot t-e overcome by energy and concert of action. The whig strength is undiminished. If them this strength lie the same now as in 1946, it is manifest that it is sufficient to secure success. To this end it requires only to be pit forth, and surely the matins are not less strong to enforce its exertion now,'hat iu 1340 ? Our principles have lust none of their value, nor we any part of our attachment to them. We still desire?earnestly desire a just and economical administration of the government, a round cum nc v of uniform value, in which industry may receive without loss its Juat reward We desire that the legislation of the roun'ry should be In fact as well as in foim, in the hands of a majority of the people and of the states, and he directed for tbe equal protection an i advancement of every citizen and every interest of the com try; that ofllcis should be giv? a only to able and faithful men, should he created solely for the good of the people, ami neither extravagantly compensated nor continued beyond tbe demands of the public business. We are still clearly in fxvor of cm:fin lug a President to one term, as the miat effectual meaus f checking the coirupt abuse of ]>owcr, and we still believe that executive patronnqe has increased to a dangerous and alarming decree, and ought without delay tu be diminished- We are still opposed to that exercise ol the veto power, by which one man ovenulea the opi nioni, and disappoints tli? hopes of nrllion*, and dictate* to a whole people the terms on which they may he per mill <1 iu 1.C .nil iinni a< IIIIW III) inil duifl. rou?, the Sub Treasury schi me, by which the whole revenues of the country bth placed under the control of one man already armed w ith immense pow er, and by which all the safi guard* m ceaiary to prevent the abuae of that power are mi t ITert ri moved, and the nominal Pre aident of a republic converted in fart inti an absolute dictator We are atill opposed to the application of tha public landa to the benefit of particul ir States, cither for favori'.eiKiu to thoae Stjie* or to purchaao tup port to a political party. We are still opposed to to thoae lands being retained by the (J. acta! Govern raent for its ordinary purposes, ai d still insist that theje lands, the special purposes for w hich they were ceded having been accomplished, of right helorgicgto the states, and the proceeds of th?m ought to he wi'hout delay paid over to the sevrral states, to I i disposed of for purposes a* they may think proper. Wr are (Mil opposed to, a id detest that tinliallowrd ambition which, for tha purpose of gaining |ioliti:?I rtipport, aeekstointroducr divisions hstween tlie different classes of society, to array the iic.h agoinst the j oor and the p >or against the rich, to teaeh that the different imitjonsof the coirmunity have separate and irreconcilable inteiesta, anil thus to disaolva that cemrnt of mutual d ard affection which blndasociety together ar d givi s strength to our republican institutions. Wc utti r y abhor the doctrine of rspodiating stale debts?that ri cent fruit ot . mature locolocoism. by ? hich our country has brcn dia graced, its credit nearly ruined, and w hich is as untrisc and impolitic as it is dishonest and de-motalizing. We still believe that the ascendancy of our political princi pica will ti nd to promote, and those of our adversaries to destroy, the *i Ifare and freedom of our ccuntry. n,fi.?'?n.i'niin,w! mnv-i (he con test of 1 and 0(ir ?It rti were crowned with R glo rioui sticcers against majorities in both Houses of Con gress,co-operating with a Pirsnhnt w ho u n l v.l the whole jiowcr and patronage of the tiuvernment forthr purpose of *i cuing hi* continuance in ctttco. Why, then, ahouM'we doubt the result of a conflict in which, though opposed bv the F.xec ulivc pow i r ar.d pitronnge assisted by at Bttlol and unsci upulous tninnnt v. in Con great, we ore i ft any ported bv amr.jority of that body, besides the % a?t array ol true heart) d w higa, w ho an nobly rallied for their Conn'ry, under tlie immortal Ilarrt son, and whoae devotion and pitriotiam th> treachery of bia aucc< aaor can n) ithi r alarm nor sedttc# ! But to make our itri r.gth a ttic i>-nt, we n tist be united and organised. To tkis en I, it sei-ms to y cur Committee I expedient, that acme one ihould be aeli eti d as the ?hic Candidate fortbe Presidency, whotruly VrdJ) and wilt truly carry out. the great principles to which that party stands pledged -one. w hoa. opinion* ere understood by himself, an l known by others?whoae sincerity and ilerot ion hare been tir.t cjuirocally w it n eased by hi? public services, and on whom his Cauntry fon sictirely rely, for afrank, m'tily, intelligent and patriotic administration of ker alfiira. Such a man is HKNKV CLAY.of Kentucky, In orJer to n perfect orgnnization of the whig' of tho State, your Committee w ould reipeotfnlly 'tig'o't, ihit our frienda in every County, be deilred to hold meeting'to appoint Committee' of Vigil'nre anl t'orre?|on denre. rompoied of m< mber? from > ?ch election precinct or other locul ?tibdiri?ion? of the Cuiinty the memhurt it e?ch precinot to f >rm a ?ut>-( otnm t? o ?pi orally (charged with the superintendence of the prr oinct to wiiieh they belong, the whole together forming ore frond Commit tee for the Count) ; that both th< general and tub Com mlitre he t?rnr?t/y entreated to hold meeting* from lime to time. ? their convenience will admit, to collect, and dfatribrite information?vilit the good people w ithin their bound', t plain to th< m the nature, and enforce the truth and value of whig principle', and car-ieflly hut af fttclionately proraocO't them the importance of attend tag the poll' awd pu'ting in thi ir vo'e? fer men of round principle# and trie I integrity.-thatour friend' in er erp ( art of the State, h> warned of the neeeatity of maintain trig'tifrt un o'i among them< Ivr ?,of ?< ! e'ng hv mf toil Conference, proper n?raun? a? C rnlidatea for the eu'ning (ieneral Avemhly, to rehuke an I pot -town 'h-? tlrat appearance of jnalonay ordiviai in. in their rank', to watch againat and counteract the in'idion* ettoita ah

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