Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 13, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 13, 1842 Page 3
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fcn bss?SB Tha iktrd held oat of the State were distributed follow* ;? Coiled State* Bank of Fhilad. held, 2,i?8 Oirard, do do 1,381 Held in Pf.TerJ, 57# Virginia, 299 Kenturkjr, 2il '. lata ict oielta 100 Genaanr, to South Carolina, 2' Seat'and, < Mobile 20 Fra?ee, 25 Teeneisee, 10 The following ia a return of the banki of South Caro. line, an the 23th February, 1941, and lit of April, 1942 : Banai or Soitii CaaoLina. Km. 28, 1811, ann AeaiL 1 f'ttrudiry. Jlpril. _ . , Iamiu Specie. I. nana. Specie. Bank of S ale, 819,664 U9 69S 840 194 131 ?*? Branehat Coin mill, 747. *81 7,783 701 777 7,93-1 Camleo, 3i8 3i9 1 UJ 408 019 I HI Southweatrrn IU li d, 424 943 99 799 4-2 374 137.308 Plailtert'A Mrch. 991 HV2 179,477 925 939 193,993 C awn Bank. e?9,74t 66,194 811 971 ?4.o?7 Total, 4 229 Mi 453,271 4,170 271 497,874 Circ. Drift. Circ. Dept. BiakolSUI*. 779 U30 485 976 784,330 519,163 Brtnch at Columbia, - 95 374 - 'JJJn SouthweaUrtTwail'.'d, 344 547 19Ml" 340 977 232,373 Planter*' and MtchY, _274JI8 079 59* '375 379 03 ,193 Union Bank. 22 676 178.621 '8.304 tBI ,889 Total. 1,424.041 1,174 723 1,415,949 1 311,897 By recapitulation, theae aggregate* giro the following reault* Feb. Mar. In* Df*. Loan*. 4,224.844 4.174.271 ? 44.575 Specie 453 272 495 879 43,407 ? cSlioa, 1.424441 1 415,401 - 10,IM Deporita; 1,274 723 1311,897 37,174 Their exchange movement in aeen in the following table Jan- Ftb March. Dnmeatie bill*, 4*1,754 301,130 448.933 Foreign, *42 524 4l,6j8 174,704 449.035 645.763 ( 23,842 The following in a table of the loana, exchange, circulation, and depositei, at different periods of the year ? Lsidiuo Fkatvbe* or the S. C. Bajiks. I fx)on*. Ejtc. Circ, Dept. Apiil, 1941, 4.169.26) 843.412 1,711 483 1,138.130 August. " 4 331,342 29 ,3.7 1,638,44* 999,43* Oct " 4.324 431 2(0,-50 1.325 9s5 1 470.469 Nor. " 4,416 601 419.211 1.409 842 1.2.3 454 Jan. 1942, 4,218.987 465.085 1,514 767 1,257,933 Feb." 4,229 846 545,748 1.424,064 1,274,723 klar 31 4,174 271 623 641 1,415,909 1,311,897 The bank* of South Carolina, particularly thoae of Charleston, have to be rerycautioua in their movementa while atfairi in Georgia are in ao wretched a condition, a large amount of their aeaeti coniiiting of the paper of Georgia people. In South Carolina, aa in all other aectionaof the Union,bank capital has been and is redundant. That la to aay, tbe amount of money invested in bankingia greater than can be profitably employed. A bank can make money for its stockholders only in protion to the amount of depoiites which it hai, aad the amount of its credits which it can keep in circulation. These latter nerer can exceed the amount of coin which would hare been in circulation, had their crediti never existed, and in time* like the present the amount bears a very small 'proportion to the capital employed. Hence we find small dividends and a universal depreciation of hank stock in all parts of the country. The following are the present prices of the above mentioned hank* with their last dividends: ? Bc?t. C a/ntai. Stick par ral. Maikt price. Icait Jiv pr ehr. Stair Bk, 1,155,318 $100 70 $2 60 S.WRK, 1,888.191 - _ * 75 Union, 1,000,000 10 41 1 95 Pit* & Me, 1,050.050 25 84,50 75 Tot*', $4,484 610 It ii very evident that money ean be better employed than in thl* manner. If the amount of capital were to be reduced one-half, and employed in lome productive way, not only would the remainder yield a better proiit, but the aggregate wealth of the country would be iacreaaed by the legitimate employment of the capital, and con*?quantly trade, which would give increaaed activity to the bank movement*. Bale* at the Stock (exchange. $8,000 U States 6's 1844 87 50 Canton '? 8,000 do 51'* I860 70 85 Mohawk 461 3,000 do 1845 82 74 do do thw46j 2000 Ohio 8'* 1860 82 20 do do 414 3000 do do (45 6t 100 Del & Hudson 92> 1000 Corpe Bond* 79 60 do do 92J 5000 Illinois Bond* 16 25 do do 90J* 90 tsooe Indiana Strlg 3d* 18} 40 do do 92 8000 do Dollar Bds 19 165 do do 171 2000 do do athw 19 150 Harlem KR 8( 70*0 do (lo 18] 60 do do b30 6 1000 do do b30 18J 75 Long 111 RR 49i 16 State* Bank 03 249 do 49> SO I'tica & Sclicuecl'y los iV.craon R R alO 46} 7 do do 123) leioiid Board. 1000 Indiana, >3 lsj 25 Del, *3 91 25 Delaware, 33 91, 25 Mohawk, 461 50 Mohawk, 110 461 1288 Indiana. *3 tsf State of Trade. The marketa have net beeu active for some day*. A*he>.?A few amall sales of Pots have been made at $6 25 a 375. nothing doing in I'earls. Cotton?800 bales Cotton taken yesterday. Flour?Canal flour sells by the hundred barrels, at $6|, though the demand is not great, yet it cannot be bought for less. No change iu Southern flour. Corn Jm scarce. No Southern in market, and North River yellow is worth 61 to 60 cents. Rye 66 to 89. The following sales took place at auction :? Porto Rico Sugar? 88 bhds Porto Rico Sugar, 4$ a 6 cents, 4 months over $100. Havana Sugar?40 boxes white Havana inferior. 7$ a 7}e, 90 days over $100. Porto Rico Molasses?32 hhds P 11 Molasses, sour, 13$ a 14 ents, 4 months. Smyrna Fruit?66 drums Sultana Raisins, 4$j40casks Currants, 3{ a 3$,cash. Under wardens inspection for account ol underwriters, for cash?Trieste Hemp, 40 bales Trieste Hetnn, 140 a 145. A small sale of Teas took pluce, with the following results. .Terms satisfactory notes to the aellers|at six months :? Youno Htion. 10 hilfrhests. Safe 10 r'o 33 T do 50 45 do withdrawn 10 do 49 14 do 35i 34 do Withdrawn S3 do 55 X do 46 5 chests, 36$ 26 do 441 Out* powder. 10 half chests, Sic 21 half chests, 43) 27 do 43j Imperial. 15 half chests, 43|C ? ? Oil Trails. There were imported into this country, in March 1641, ?o,yn gallons spurm. ?nn i,ioh guuons wiiaie on.? Intbe name mouth this year, the quantity was only 360 19-2 gallons sperm and'291 532 gallons whalu oil. Foreign Markets. IUumi, March 31.?Th?' Oglethorpe, with a cargo of Rice Irom Savannah, arrived on the 28th. The Waccamaw. Warrior and Catharine from Charleston, had arrived previously, and she was immediately followed by four other cargoes. Ol these, one has aula at Burials? quality very superior, leaving seven cargoes on hand We fear prices will decline a good deal with this large Collee is higher, a brisk demand having existed for Europe. We quote 8.} a (8. is selling at 1 rial. Sugai is without change. Exchange on New York one per cent discount. fllarrlnd. On Sunday afternoon, April 10th. by the Rev. James Harkness. Ai.krid Variais, to Eliza L Rioamocx, daughter of Charles Ridabuck, of this city. Died On Monday, April 11th, of consumption, in tho iSth year of her age, Miss Harriet Eliza, daughther of John and Eliza King. Hei friends and relatives, and those of the family,are respectfully invited to attend her luneral from the residence of her grandmother. Mrs. Richel Rykeman,No. 37 Charlton street,on Wednesday ulternoau, 13th instant, at 4 o'clock. On Monday, April, 11th, in the 27th year of her age, after a long illness,Cathf.rimc McDkrmott. The friends of the family ar y respectfully invited to attend her luneral, as also thoso those of her brothers, Hugh and John McDermott, this afternoon at four o'clock, from 360 Monroe street. Passengers Arrived. ship Stephen Whitney?Mr anil Mrs Smith. 7 children and tservants; Mr Da .'iels.of IVnnsj Ivauia; Mr Curtis,Ohio; Mr Price, England; Mr Levi,Liverpool?144 in the s'eerege. New Orleans?Ship Trenton?J A Venial, S W Adams, Mrs D Pullinger? 49 in the , MoaiLg?Brig H <udi ?Mesa s Kroat, Smith, slid Hill Ch iHLetTo.v?Brig Emily?Datil A A rder, Holloway Bartlett. llsphael Openha n, Lew is Oieiihain, Saml Opennam, H B B ake, M A Lear, J as Ililey, Cha* .Manners, l.idy and daughter?to in the steei age. OroaoBTOwir?Brii Juno?Mr Hide and child, Mi?i A O Emanuel. S Wilmot, Oakley, and Lancaster. Passengrrs to Arrive. Satasvah?Brig Wil.on Kuller? Mrs Rogers, Mrs Scott, Mrs Cobb, Miss E Mary. MirsCohb. Messrs Wood, Cohen, Finch, Gregory. Humus on. Carpenter, Uringham,Shuttle. Foreign Importation*. Liezaro L?Ship Stephen Whitney?1J pkSg W S Miller?1 Adams. I'ettte fc co? IS Gnimell, Mini jrn k co?8 O W Mar k co?4 L) Hsdden fcson-t c 11 Kuss?ll h co-n CH Mc In tyre ?1 Pvrke, ! l-ld* k co-4 Fonlds, StoNi k co?10 J D Wiigl t? y Oihorn h Litl'e?4 D M? id ?10 I Kohmsnn It co?4 Inglis k gco't?IT John Oihon?I K I omes k sou? 4? tons Ski IbiBoormaa Johnson k eo-lpkga<J C Thai burn?l Griffink Pullman _2 Watt k co?2 J Wnoils?T T oker. Vleed km?is Thomas KhnJee?10 9 Altev kson-4 J Coon 'h? 70 J Oihon k ei>-?l S T Jones k co? M W A Ih irbur?I C A k (4 T r.arson?l / sal., ffir aan.l Waft *W HjHTP V DfinlrPlt As Hnkeosw a WtUh It Mallon?I .1 I Heath k ion?1 WBtrl n?9 Oaker k Robmaon?I B \1 Sherman k rn? 9 K C Kahinion k eo?9 w)!ft k t?-! A W K'cili vld?93 Wn d.J.hnton k co? 9 Jm linen?1 JatkaOb k Knbr ??4 Smith 'I hnrgar ken?I Thn? Uacielt?I Koreat k l)riiir,inond?13 O direr k Patfiaon?143 WilnamaoO fcco?9 Clark. Hnl V co?l Wolfe, Clark ken?5 W T Crook?9 Ailimi, Petric k co?I John Walton?8 W I B Cnoley kec?I H I ard *-! W B Band?t ThorOuru?1159 Ph*lp?. OoUar k co?1 T Mnea?50 WI hai.cer k co ?1 Fellow* fc Wadaworlh? 9 I. I Wyeth?1 JK Mitche'l?I 5r< wi.head?1 k.'i tldberl?4 Yai?? k to?IT W 8 k K Meitoili?7 H K Bli>a-9 Kield k Kclh?gj<?4 if W Or-eaon?6 raiikliu k Miller?1 I -linger k co- (, I k J i oi-l K CtldWell keon?I 1 Ware?9 M iirew.t?r?3 Hnmjihriea fc co?I Field k co?I K Hunt?< IViUon k ro?3 Worrcl, Woodi k co ?I Warron Harl k i.ttlie?8 W Parker?1 (i W Colt?I C H Beir?3 I.ifcraoll k co?13 II VVrraha?35 din.'i, Kot k CO?I I Pal. n keo?3(>.bnrnk Liti|r-1 Tiac/k Alleu?223 ,OD' R Hermit?9M7 ban 2IT bJle 400 In 51 ce 10 nalei to order. Bi bm'/da?Sehr ."ultana -171 r r. a I" Harmony k co? 309 liidciTS krgi arrowroot Middletnn kco. Domeiilc Importations, AraLaf Hiron?Hr'f Brotli?r??( Reported in yealerdat'e Hem'd)?97 ba'ra call, n \1r II ck ca?at i outer k e ?*o Jaa Holland? 33 Baratow k Pore ?1*4 J' liuon k co?34 do Utanlei lei lb r John Norti s?34 halei loonier CtltkLKiTOF?Brig Km,If?994 baiea cotton Smith. Milla k c, ?tl3 J Jeanneretl-234 tr? rice Vietor k Duckwi'f-tt bbla R"tx rt JoKjm*u?1 boi ayecie Mai rdl k co?3 S M inland? X 0 Croak kTowHor"*-' Mt H Hmhi.-i o rtbe fc now?I J T hi;v.* -I V,4- Ji ica Gietuway, Henry kco? 1 ca B*rr> Klrgk ei_igbb'a in order. ? ... OioicETona?Bui Juno?<00 halre eot?o? Jtalth. Millafc c.??44 A A*<rii| fc co-9t H Coll k f o? ?3 Spollord k IVeltoa ?M Lallan fc Hrdinood?7 Poal fc rhillina. MARITIME HERALD. PORT OP REW YORK, APRIL. 13, 1849. ?Ui? ? ? I 9 H suit earn 32 I ami it OapartHra of tba Atlantis Htaamait. mo* (MfinwD. ?om *MiaicA, O. Weatrrn, Ilraken ....April % April tt Britannia, Heaitt Apiil 5 May I Caledonia, Loll April 11 May )t tr.adia. Ryria May 4 June I O. Weatrrn. Hoaken May 31 June l( Columbia, Jndkina May 11 J?ne it Britannia, Hewitt June 4 July % Caledonia, l,ott Jane II it Acadia, Ryria July t Ana I G. Wtaiern. Hoaken July 1 Aug 4 To snip nutertj W? eball fil?m it a futor, if captain* of vraaela arriving here, will give to Commodore R 8. Martin.of our new* fleet, a report ot the ahipping left at the port whence thev nailed, the veaaela apoken on their paeaage, and a list of thrir cargo. Commodore Martin will board them immediately on their arriral. We will reciprocate the favor in any way. OUarM. Ship* Virginian, AHen, Liverpool. Tobi Kermil: Toronto Oriawold. London, J Oriawold: Norma, Barton, Havana, M Tat lor; L'ucaa, Latham, Mobil-, E 1) Hurlbut kCo; Calnoun, Myera. Charleetoo, Geo Sutton ?8rif* R C Kieher, Johnaon, Ouadalouiie, J W Kieher; M Joy, Jov, Boaton. K <J Tlmreton He Co; New Jeraev, Brown. Darien. (Ja. R M Uemill; Ann Khza, Mallorr, Key Weat, E D Hurlbut * Co.?Sclir Ezra Whetler, Gaudy, Philade'phia. Mmwnef. Packet ahip Stephen Whitney, Thoinpaon, from Liverpool, .March (, md*e, to R Kermit. Spoke on the Orand Bank, lit inst brig Maeaachuaott*. 43 day* I'm Cardiff for City Point. Packet ehip Roecoe, Hut'leien, from Liverpool, March 5, mdee, to (Jrin^e I, Minturn It Co. Ship Trenton, Bennett 32day* from New Orleani, cotton, to Jolinaon It Lowdeu. Ship Qcmnlgee, Leavitt, It day* from Now Orleans, eolton, lie. to E K Collin* It Co Brig Joabua Sear*, Denickaon, 11 day* from Uuayama, PR. with 228 hhda augur to Soutevran h P?rret. Brig Handy, Post, 18 dan from Mobile, eolton. to E D Hurlbut It Co; 50 b ile* to order; 30,000 feet lumber to mailer. 31 et ult. off Kev Writ, a poke b NT Mobile, for Mobile; eame time, aw eliip Pant hea.h-uee for N Orleani 3 I inat. I at 37, Ion 79 30, poke ahip Megunticook, fm NOrlean* fur Boaton. Britiah brig Old Tom, Lagrnuae. 84 day* from Liverpool, with 85 ton* aalt to Hunt It Stock. Ezneritncrd continual ga'es on the paeaage, atove bulwark*, atancheona, lie. and leaka Brie Emily,Sherwood, fiom Charleaton, Apiil 4, cotton, kc. to Dunham k Diinon. Brig Ju 10, Lewie, from Georgetown,SC. April (, cotton, to A Avenll 8t Co. Schr Sultana, Hall, from Bermuda, April 2, mdse, to Middletou Si Co. Left echr bally Evane, and Mount Moriah, for New York, Sth. . Schr Fatriot, Crocker, 4 day* fr >m Thomaaton, with lime, to muter. Schr Mary, Baker. 3 daya from Philadelphia, with coal, to muter Schr Sequel, Brown, 3 daya from Virgiria, with oyitera, to maater Schr Norlh Hampton, Lawaon, from York Rirer, oyatera.? 10th inat. off the Delaware, (poke achr Victory, tin York Hirer for N Haven. Below. Two ahipa, one bark, three briga. marine Correspondence. Orrica or thk Hhodk Isl ardeb, 1 Newport, April 11. 1843. > Arr 10th, Helen, Fall Hirer for Wiacaaeet; Herald, NYoik far Providence, Sid tdii burg, Bolton: Helm, Wiacaaaet; Doria, and Leo, N York: Madiaou, Charreaton. The brig in the Weat Bay ia tire Busy, of aid for Warren, 30 daya I'm Malanasa. General Record. Letter 3aos for KwRors.?Tire packcla Baltimore for Havre, Virgiaian far Lirerpool, and Toronto for London, aall to-day. Their latter taga are at Oilpin'i Newa Room, in the Exchange. Whalemen. At Payta. Oct 14, L V Richmond, NB. 3 raoa, 38 hbla; 18th, Henry Aator, Nant 31 moa, 1050; Audlev Clark, Newport, It moa, 700; not 36, Magnolia, do. 34 mm, 1800 ap and 100 whale; Geo Porter, do, 34 m?a. L00- Co'urnbua, Nant 39 moa, 1000. Nile. NB. 7 moa. 70 wh; Vtonticello, Nam. 4 mog, 90 At Tomhex Nov 18. Ruarell. NR. Tmog, 300 ; 36rh, Roman, do. 38 moa, 3400. Atara Sept 33. Pacific, NB. 13 moa. 400; Wat Wirt, FH. 39 moa,3400; Dec 13. Entrrprne, Nant. 12 moa, 408; Sept 3a. Cenatitutiou. do, 26 moa. 1850. A lett-r.lrom Ohio, or Nant. reporta off Callao Nor 94th, Z Coffin, Nant. 16 moa. 1700; H"pe, NB. l9moa, 1250; Lafayette, do,13 m a. 700. Pccahoutaa, H Hole, 14 moa, 700; J Maury, salem, 8 moa, 240. Spoken. S K G'orer, 6 daya from Ocraccck far Point Petre, Guad, lat 62 60, Ion 35 Henry,froaa Mobile for New York, March 31, lat 34 30, lrn 83 10. Meteka, from Mobile for Liverpool. April 5th, off Savannah. Foreign Porta. Halifax, Mar 96?Arr William, Wilmington NC;S7lh, Ambuaador, Alexandria. CJd 26ih. i'eaier,NTOrieana. Arr30lh, Peru, Philadelphia: Aprils Reindeer, New Orleana; College, Frederiekahurg; 8d, Meridian, New York; 4:h. Humming Bird, Baltimore; Woodlanile, Philadelpki.; Fame, N York; 7th, Romulna. Savannah noiiit uci is?iu port, ivodi tumoru, im ooston, dug. cinltMl outti Porta. Kajtport. April 4?Arr Challenge, NYork, and Bailed for St John NB. Adr Ionia, for Wilmington I).7th. FRAPKroRT, April 2?Arr Spat tan. Malar./.an. Pittiton, April 7?Sid Fro-not, Baltimore Portsmouth. April ?Arr rianet, Rappahann-ck for Bath, and remains with those reptd 7th NEwbTRrroRT, Aptil 9?' Id Wm Schroedtr. Porto Rico; John Caakie, (new bark, 312 tens) Rotterdam, via City Point V*. Salem, April 9?Cld Montana, NYork. Boston. a jr il 11?Cld Pico, Cronstndt; Abbot Lawrence, N Y rk. Cld 9th, Wakens, Newcastle Me. to load ice NOrlcana; Token, Baltimore; J Cooley & Co, NYork. Gloucester April 7?Air Jane, Beverly, bound S. Plymouth, April 7?Air Malvma, from Potto Rico, via Char'eiton Dartmouth, April 7?Arr Enterprise. Norfolk. Naytucret, April 7?Sid Louisa, Baltimore. Edoartow/s. April 6?Sid Mary Ann, Norfolk for Thomaiton; Sherer, NYork fordo; Dori , Camden for NYork. Providence, April 9?9ld Saml Henry. Folly Landing. 10th ?Below.a topsail ichr.t beating up Sailed, wind NE. freah, America, Elliworth; Charleston Packet, Philadelphia; Willard and Thoi W 1 horn, NYork Nkwaiir, Aptil 7?Cld Natchez. Bordeaux. Philadelphia, April 12? ArrHylaa, Bucks; ort; Sarah Loni?a, Cienfuegoe; A Marshall, NYotk; Albany, do. Cldd J W Cater, St Thomas; Ella,do; Benj Franklin, do; J Rusting, Providence. Baltimore, April 10?Ait Port Leon, Tones PR; Hamilton, (Br) Beruiuda. Below, Wm Peun, Montevideo. Cld Wave, Boston. SI.i Grace Brown, Amsterdam; Srnmas, NOrleane; Sun, Kingst-n Jam; Ida, Boston; Shy look, Two Tellies and Swallow, NYork; Delphi, Portsmouth NH; Gallant Mary, MayagmzRichmond, April 7?Arr A Higby, NYork; Eliza. Portland. Sl.l Richmond, NYork. Sid 8lh. S-adrift. Boston; Narragansrtt. do; Danl Francis, do; Koeeita. NBedf rd. NosroLK. April 7?Arr Hope A Susan, Nanlneket; 6th. Leonids*, NY'oik la Hampton Roads, Wi lis Putnam, tin Mayag"?z. 811 Empire. NYork; Ann Rebecca. W Indira Washirotoy.NC. Mar 29?Arr Hspe, Norfol1-; Bri'liant,N York; Baron, dt: 30th. Sarah, do; 21st. Ann StiUr, do; April 1. Pnmfret. Jamaica; 2d, Cashier, . CIJ lit, Sarah It Abigail, NYork; Huron, Boeton; 2d. Sophia. NYork;3d,Thos It Nancy, do; lib, Anaconda, uo; Two Charleston, April 7?Arr C tllae, NewOrleans for NYork, leaky; Sauun, St Thomas CI t Romulus, Liverpool. Sid Elizabeth . do; Warsaw, Havre; Persia, do; Carthage, St Petersburg: Laptn, Senegal, Africa; Tom Paine, NOrleaus; Chapman, do; A* sou. NYork; Lelaud. Boston; Hope Howes, West Indies; Merchant. do; Roanoke, Havana Sid Ith, Ttmperance, Boston. Arr Ith, Planet, Portsmouth. Cld Fortanx, (Danish) Co*enhagen Georiietown, 8C?Cld Juno, NYork. Savannah. April i?Cld Victory, Proi idencc; Larch, New Y'ork Sid FrHicrs.Liverpoo'; Nelson Village, do; Mary Ann, (Br) Porlo Rico; Philum. New York; Wilson Fuller, do; Only Daugh'er,do; Borneo, Wilmington; Lecnida*. Boston; Ann A Parker, Havana. Arr 7th, Aurtlius, Liverpool. Cl.l Gleugsr ry, do. St Mary'.G.v April 2? Arr Wm Crawford, NYork. Port Leon, Mar98?Arr Timoleon, New York. Cld Mary Hammond, Charlctr n Apalachicola, Mar SI?Arr I Ith, M irilm Weshingtcn, N York; Hor.di; Ci ledums, do: Republic. NOrleans; 2ist, Abba Thula,do; Manhsttan, NYork; 231, Alabama, do. Cld 21st.Pioneer. Boston; 22d, Mary Penncll. Portsmoulh; 2sth, Robert Isaacs. Liverpool; 26th. Caroline E Piatt, NYork. In port?Ships Harbinger, Marl ha Wa hingtoa, and Flori lian, |dg for NYork; Caltdoma. >m do, wig; Nile, and Frances Ann, l<lg Tor Havre; Lyon*, fm do wig; Britannia, Dauntlea*,(Br) Mary k Suann. anil K ?e Idg for Liverpool; Tallahaifer, do (or Tric*tr; birka Allinth. for Havre, Idg;'Oumberland, and Robert Wait. Lirerjiool do; Virginia,fin Mobile, for N Vork,dn; brig* Republic, for NOrleant; M*nhat .an for M York. Idg; Alabama, fin do, ding; Hoinomok, ('admit*. and Paragon, Idg for II >aten, Elizabeth (Br) do for Liverpool; Eagle. (Br) and Robt Buru*. fm do. wig. Monn.r, April S?Cld Louisiana, NYork. Arr Virginia, Liverpool, Mubile, N York, t Id 11, Commerce. Maritillet. Arr Arcadia, PorUmouih Km; riatina. Button. N t* OnLKa.u. April g?Cld Creole Havre; John k Rob- rt. Royal William, a d Rocking bam, Liverpool; Niagara New Yoik; Long Inland Richmond: Oellio, Havana Arr Tyrone. Havre: George* Thomaaton; Republic Apalaehicol*; Georgiana, NYork; Peru B dinner ; Henry. Matagorda; Ann Maria, 'ampeachy. Cld I?*, Sea.Liverpool; William Ladd, Boeton; Watchman. Matamorai;Orator, Mobile. ArrHope, Liverp'l; Mimcow, Vi ilh, and Barnngtm, Boiton; Aeder Stockholm.? C"Id Mar S', Ontario. Lirerp>ol; Parthenon, do; Sw eden. Havre; Elira Keith Hull; Vi kthurg, NYork; Voltaire, do; Uianlo, Hartlord Arr Loretlo, NYork; Virginia, Barbadoia; Larkiu Snow, Thnma*ton POHTUC51JKSK FEMALE PILLS I'HESK far-famed and olebrated ptlli, from Portugal, aw w* perceive, to be obtained in tin* country See *dv*r liter,lent on the I art rolurnnof fourth once. fetlra'it . t / \ 1 It K > A " I) ?Li iS t ?t in Monday tnorninApril O 1 VJU ll h.tSG hetwem No. 175 Broadway and the Ba-ik of New Yoik. oue f <00 note, Merchanta' Exclnuge ll.iek; one $1?? ni.te of the earne bank. Alto, a check drawn br 01 rk fc S- tlon on the B nk of New York, for $91?, dated April 11th. i8U?No. 141. The (lnaer will bt litxially rewarded by having thetaine at "i'jfr t'LAHK k RtXTON. 173 Broadway. OST? La?i Sunday evening, comjr g ou <i ii.e Duiek -e Church eppotire tne Parad Grand, a petrol Gold Spectacle*. The finder will plraae leave them at 93 Amity atreet, where he will he rewa.dcd for Ihe Iroub'e. aUlt'w O HIP DA t.'l I MO lib. having been .t e-le.l in i! < dm-haige m of her inward eargo by the rain, during the p.ael week,will not w id rv<iiiurH iur --? allr C OLDfcN SWAN HOTEL, tfo. M NorthTluid atrcet, a lew door* alio e A'eh. Philadelphia ?Board $1 per dav. Thia houae U In a c? (ral Inciliou, atid Km aceuinmedaliona foraeventT p-rwona. *l> It PLEASANT EXCURSION-A aail acroaa tha Hudaonto Hohokrn, and a atrnil along i(* romantic rhirra, canuot now fail .O yield much latiaf-c'ioo to the admirera of the beautiea oi ua'ure, and to thoae who may require, after being pent up for the winter in a cro-vdtd city, freah air and aome relataiion. Tne eiteiaire grounda of this lore y ap t, ao 11 berally thrown opeu to he public, are now decked in til the liirurnnt fr>atuieaa of an early apring. Thia beyond doubi it the moat agreeable excuraioa that can be made at tint aeaaou. alt Im r A MAN WANTED?One who ia acquainted with gerdrn~ * " underataoda the care of horaea, ia wanted to go into tbe country about airly i ilea from the city; he anuat be anher, active induatri, ua, williug to turn hi* band at every tiling about the i renuaeg of a gentleman. A man of Ihia dce?r:ptKn,o. mid.le age prefer,?d, will find a good and pertna, neut aalualioa on application to "? ?' WM AY,MAR It CQ. to Somh at. R llj* "T^ n ^"^P'TRD?A atock of aaleahle mer M. chandiae,togelherwilh the Brturea and leaae ot premier*, in asoed hutineia location, to the amount of about tVrae thou and dollara. will be rreh*cged for productive real eat ate in ihiecityor Brook yn. If applied for immediately at w Canal alreet an itr 1r ? X A iT^lTiereWijTbeanir e 11 iuT<TTh77rien<nror^F?ria I tkie evening, at half peat teven a'clnck, at Ihe Bhakapeara Hole I, corner of William aud Duane atrecta. when all of thoae that w ah to emigrate wili ha t an opportnn ity of adding their name* to thOK already huided iu. alJ U"t_j LfRENCH MILLINERY GOODS. E. B. 8TRAEOE ' 11received by the Bdlnnore. Rhus* and other Havre pnrkefa. vary rich Fmsch Art fi-ial FIcwere, orw Tarlatan M k(, and other choir* htilliuery artir ea, adapted to city liade. which he will iel| at rraeouahle pricea , Alto, all kmc a of materi la for llowtr makert, aelected in Par'e kr all?t*m K B STRANGE. 183 Walker al. QA il) PATEffToT"li<cr'a inauufaciure. a fieefi eup]Ty,of *- ell til a, jiiatrect ireTa'd tori ale hv aljt PKRSSK A BROtVKrt^ajJUberif ?t_ BLEAt HlNO POtViiflt-t, of bold fcSou'a manufacture a freehaufply, juat received and for aale hy a!3c PERSSE k dROOKS *1 Liberty at. L1 LOR I DA KU.N DS?L'uiou Bank ant Houtharu Truet r bought at N. SlSTAKE'S. 13 Wall atreet United Statea Bank notaa. Illmoia do, Michigan, Indiana, III'D'Ot Hcrip. b 'ucht andanld. nIP TO THE LADIES. I? VSHlliNABLE MILLINERY GOODS-The pronria i treat. Mitt 8. KING, oauzhier of the celebrated Carl K'lig, olT*re for aale a m"gt felect and choice aaaortment ot Millinery (>>oda fop the aprinft trada. never at yeiprraent'd to the public, bath at regarda the iiaality and c*>eapueae of the articiea The aeiortinen'eoniia'a <>( the Following The celehratrd BILK HAT. CALLED CAPOTTE D'ORLEANS aa worn by La Durheeee d'Orleana. of France; SHED SILK ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL S I'YLE?and Lawn Halt do do?an entire utw at] la of Halt called "MODINE CAPOTTEK EI.SSI EU COTTAGES." ~ Paria'aa and Enliih FANCY 8T2AW8, e.f the #uf?t failure. in great vwirty. The prourielre e reep-etfully lolici the iadiet to favor her with a call aud riunie he elegint a. d ranrdatock of Millinery for themaelvea. before they pu'ch??-elirrvhere.a* it will be a (treat eat tog to them in price and a great advantage ai retard* tne variety auo quality <>f the (nod*. MISS H. KING, Mag-ziae de Mode*, aUlm'r j?3| Broadway. I)R. FAWCETT, MEMBER OF THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS of London and Edinburgh, aud of the Medical Colli ge of Pliiladel|ihia,coiifi jea hi* prac'ice to a reject branch ol lu? pro free ion. " Nout empta dolore voluplua " Dr. w i* encouraged by the uoifo m auccea* attending hi* ode of treatment in the cure of venereal. glreu. itricture*, eeininal weakuei* and mercurial affect una, together with all llioie other bad aymplomi which undermine the c <na itutron and lay the fuU idati in of premature decay, either flora maltreatment or any other caute. Invucli peraon* the appetite ta generally defective, and the relieh for 'ife almoat (ithdued. Ilia mod of tie (fluent 1* uuiverially admired?liit mtilh'iuea being plreiaht to the taateaud amell, gently ratrmge the Abrea of theitomach a?d give that proper l-mity. what ag-od digeitioa requires. Hi> trratiee <>n conititutional or a- rvoue debility afford* very fiteilire observation*ou (eiual d?bilitv ??u.inal weakneae, and impoteury b-ought on bydel'ieive liahit*? all ita attendant ) mptomi phieiol g cally riplained. Thi* work can be obtained at hia office, |M h ultou it. where the D ictor can be cnnitilted at ill houra ot the day and night. Letter* poat paid will no eive immediate attention. *13 lm'i DR. F. FELIX GOURAUD'S" POUDRES SUBTILES. FOR ERADICATING HUMAN SUPERFLOUS HAIR. rPHE shore preparation ha* received the itamp of public ap1 probation rorxomr yiarn plat, e* the inoit nafe.ipcedy and r ffrciual remedy ever Uncovered Cor the com )lete eradication of human ha<r. It i decidedly an meetiineble article fur the toilet audhu aulircly auuihil <trd thoer deleterious,uncertain aud daugeroei eomimiltiona which hare been too frequently employed. Ne lovel or beautiful womau, who ha* the unlightly appendage of a demonstration of a beard on her upper lip, hairy aide of thjf.eeof the lace, -.noles.or a main of hair connecting a hro d and elevated forehead, abou'd delay a mo titent procuring a hottleof thi* invaluable .powder. When spplie co'd thi i preparation ie used hy some in lieu ol a raaor for reioovtug the beard.which it rffrctt with more ease, with a* much rapidity, in a mere letiefactory manner, and at lee* cipense. while at the lame lime it leave* the ikiu no ft ar d delicate to the touch T? uproot the heart it i* applied warm, according to direction* accompanying each bottle. Price one dolla* GOURAUD'S EAU DE BEAUTK. or True Wi'ir of Beauty, for removing tan, pimple*, fieckl'i, blotche*. motphew.ltc , real zing delicate while nrca and aroit. an eliciting a healthy juvenile appearance. $1 per boltle Beware of spurious imitatioue. of thi* celebrated coiimtic, of (hemostdeletcriou* nature, utterly rninom lo the complexion, and by it* repellaut ar'ioa iinurinat to health. GOURAUD'S VEGETABLE LIQUID ROUGE.compoeed materially from ffowets au.l a mple*, imparl! a delicate roieate tinge to the compleiion.immovable by rubbing with a liandknn hiefor hneu cloth to eent*D?r bottle. GOURAUD'S BLANC D'KSPAG\K. or Spanish Lily While, give! lo the countenance a pure life like alabaster oiucmu, iiniigi inun mc injurious properties generally combined with preparation* for Urn purpose. 35 cents, put up in Itgaut bottles Rrmembtr! the above celebrated cosmetic* are to be h* > at the old established office, 57 Walker street, one door from Broadway, and at 617 Broadway. Asejits ? New Vork?Albany. Alex. Guthrie, No. 4 Madden laue?Utics, G L Brown.p rfinner Genesee street?Houghk-epsia J Gray?Buffalo, J Hinsdale, 157 and 30J Mainstreat. I'enim Ivait'H?I'hilad Iphia, Mrs Brown, 76 Chesnut street. Maryland? Baltimore, Se'h S Hence, Pratt street. District of Columbia?Washington, Srlby Parker, Peiinsvlran a Avenue ?Alexandria, C C Beiry. Vi-ginia?Richmond, Mrs Krayser, Fstrtet Conn-client?Mtddleumn, K C Kerre?New Haven, A Law, Chapel atreet?Hartford, Wtlls Hunt' hrey, 175 Main street?Nor?ich. William Faulkner. Massachusetts? Boston, A 8 Jor.iau.j Milk street?Lowell, O A Carleion & Co, City Hall?Lynn, Dr. A L Holdet?Worcester, Vi |j rittilips, Brinley Place?Springfield, F A Cow lea, Main street?Ler, Bull St Field??alew, Wfc.9 F l?es-j-\ewburyi?irt, (Charles It H :dge N. Hao pshire?Portsmouth. W R Preston. Maine?Portland, s Hat ea it Co?Bang >r, Whlttier it Guild?Hallowell, F Hcanuon. Rhode Island?Providence, Charles Over, jr, Westminster steeet, Ohio?Columbus, Biuumvr Clark. New Jersey?T Seabrook. Princeton. every bn<tie ofDr. Oouraud'sCosmetics has bis name with the name of preparation, and New Ywrk brown on the four ' sides, and his fae simile engraved on the wrappers ol the Poudres subfiles. None other are genuine. al31m* "PAPER HANGINGS. : MA. HUWKLL St CO 3*7 TV?rl st. are now receiving from their munulaclurers at New Brunswick, an exten sire assortment of Paper Hangings.Borders, ha of the Istes I and moit approved patterns and styles, ruitid to the cily aud couulry trade, which they offer to dealers at the net manufactory prints. Also, their usual variety of French Paper, Borders, Fire Board Prints, Views, lie. The best workmen to put oa paper iu any part of the citv ran be had at the ahortest notire. ?i? THE KREMLIN. m BROADWAY, corner ol 1 hames street?This splend d estab'iihment isnowoprn fortao reception ul'the public, havieg been fitted up as an elegant resort for gentlemen desirous of spending a few hours of leisure iu the practice of healthful exercises and agreeable relaxations from business pursuits Two separate saloons are fitted up as billiard rooms and bowling allevs. The first contain* four very >u|*rior tables, and the second lour excellent alleys. Ki".h saloon has the advantage of a fine light ani plenty of room, aud is furnished in the most superior *t? le Indeed, no paius nor rxpense have been spared to pl ire The Kremlin upvn a footing, in point of attractianv. of the most inviting respeclavility. T he proprietors, in inviting gentlemen to visit their establishment, beg to assure them that especial regard will he had to their accommodation, and no r ipe.isr will be spared to gire satisfaction, and make ttnm perfectly "at home." BEN WlLhOS, formerly jiroptielor of the Montgomery Hall, Montgo.sery, Ala. GEO. A- 'lliOMAs. late book keeper at the ?ttor House. TO BE LET?The store 111 Broadway, adjoining Trinity church vard.suitable for aay business, i td favorably known as an o;d and popular stand Alto, twelve or fourteen furushed apartments, for single gentlemen, which will he let by the m mill or otherwise. There is a dining s <U mi upon th?_ kuioiieaii plan. atticheJ with The ivremiiD, * nere me<tu win De *trve?j it *11 hours, ?7 is DR. MORRISON. " VTORTH RIVER DI8 EN8ARY.804iFiiHon.treet.Dear i-r Greenwich?Dr Morrison, Member of the Koyal I'ollege of Surgeons. London, and formerll surgeon in the tfritiah navy, centt una to be conaulted daily on di.ea.ea of a drlieate nature, and all thoie diaireasing symptom. couaequent nn iu jodiUona treatment and the imprudent u*e nf quark medicine.. Dr M. h'a bad an experience of twrn'ylwo year, in treating 1 delicate t iaeaaea, in all liieir vannua and complicate.! forma, I and uae, a mild, aatia. and infalliole auhatitute for mercury, eradicating the venereal virus with certainty, without subjecting the iratieut to any risk.or ree trietinit turn iu hia usual diet I or puraiuta. while hi. medicine, are agreeable la taata and r-nell Permanent ob.truct one in the urtthra, anch a. I accompanied with much irritatiea and dullpniu. are lime of theconaeque irea of mal treatment, and leading ultio ately to urinary tiatulaa. Dr. M. treata strictures in a aci entific manner, gradually promoting abaorptiou of the Ihisk- < ened memnrane without pain. CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY ?Thousandsof j-oupg men are suffering from the consequences of indulgence in a .arret destructive habit, and whose nerve, are further injured from the uae of nostrum* and pretended aprcifica, wbich I timulate only to induce greater depression Dr. M. treata on I purely pathological principles, and never fail, in establishing a cure, alio the most obstinate yield to hi. plan of treatment < Letter* postpaid, and conUiniing a suitabie fee, will ensure the correspondent full advice and medicine to ana- part of lb# Union, by hia giving. hi.torv oeh:a e??? in det iff. Thee strictest li mor and confidence obierv d at Ian* W4| Fulton street. 1 OWrutAIKNTARY BAEL TO MR. W. 1.MOft- 1 TON ? The punlic are respectfully ia'oinaed, that the Ball in compliment to Mr W. T. Morton will Lite place at the Apollo Saloon, 410 Broadway, on Fr day evening, April 15th?the floor to be under the direction of a committee of gentlemen. The mueic by Mr Allen Dodwcr li. Tickets ft, admitting a gentleman and ladies, to be had of either of the committer, av the bar ef the Apollo, and of Mr M. at hia residence, 11S Grand street, and at the door, on the ev mug. attot* I \M Art HOOD. Jr Secretary. QPRINO FASHIONS.?New and splendid .fork of fash ' ' loo ioif wi iiincry, co|>iru irom in* lamai r men panerna, will b? opened for inapeetiou on Thurwday, April 14th. I8U at the cheaiwat kin: moil f.iahionable Bonnet Store iu New York, 8I( Bowery. enmpri in* a general ai d moat legint aeaortment o! the latnt atyle of Bonnet*, ae now worn in Pari*, ad per cent below uaual price*. A motl auperior *to< k ol French ( Klnwer*. Pari* Hiobona. Sc. ; aril a>*n a large lot of French lawn H?t?, neatly made only SJ.50 e*ch. The atieotiou of the pa'roin rf thi* ratabliihment i* reapeetfully incited. N B ? Show Room upatai a all 3m ' IMPORTANT N(ITU K M..rt MuRTIMKK It I HUNT (late Storr A Mortimer.) hec to announce their determination nf immediately doling their eatrblirhmant in thii eountiy?in doitg which thry reapeetfully iuri.e the public to an in?pectiOn of their eitenaire *toct of Jewelry. I'late, Dated Good*, Ac which tneT hare instructed their a;eut to dii|>aa? of at prune coit, and in ri ry many INN at a gree t M crince. Thi* notice i* well worthy a tention, a* the ttock will praitirely be diapeard of without reaerrc. All peraom ha ring any claim agan at Meaara. Mortimer A Hunt will pleiac to tend an account of the name to No 341 Brnadw ?y. for raamn atim and liquidate ; and all prracn* ludrbud to the firm are r?(j leated in pay the aamt t ere a*r ar ly a* cmrenient. N. B ?The hotiae to be let from the tat Mar nert. alfl I w* THtrLADIES op I'll KM K FASHION i ARK INFORMED thai a few ca*e* of tve entirely new and iyaiitifal article d WEARING APPAHKL call td the "Neipolilao Bonnrl," hare breu receired at Mn. HKS8AL.L'", No. 5T7 Broid way. and Mr* PRATT'S, <13 Brnadw ay, corner of Blrecker The trxture of thia bonnet i* liner.firmer, m?rerla*Mc. and far inore heanlilul to Iheeye, and buoyaut np-ui the head, thru the moat coaily Lea horn Thi* laat pi culiarity render* it a moat d-airable ar i- le of dreaa I for luaimer u?e fhey art warranted uot to injure, either I frern capoaine to the ami or the ram. and poateaa all the <j iali- i ties for ren 'ratmn ia attached to lli? Leghorn. The et i pane ant difficulty of construction ia audi that but aery few I can be introduced thia *eatnn, and thoae f<ahional>le ladira who arr deair ?'.a of pOMMaiug an almoat exclusive article, muat make early application a* above. They need but lie acru I to be recommended aud the priee it fiaed at *e rearonable a rate that n > lady who d-tireaauch an article will liiaiiale to I aelerl one a> Iw* i tjELLIN'J OK^-SftSKi' k h Mitel'WON -i Hudaontt 1 are telling otf their entire alork ol dry good*, at and leat than Coat. All therefore who are in want of dry good*, can obtain them of u? mneh leaa than at any other place in the city, ? it il our object to aell our entire atock be lore the firat of May. NOTICE?'The enpnrtnerahipherelnfnre eiiatiag under the firm of SHARP A FERGUSON, ia thia day diatolv.d by mulual content. All thoae harini claim* again*! and fl m ar* reijueeted toprraent the aame for pay went, and all iudrhtrd to make payment of the tame to of the und'rtigned. "I Hudeonalaeet. New York, April ?th, 1844. ROBERT SHARP. ???** JAMES FERGUSON, FOH HAVHF?The eery aopenor c..purred md lUfy CO .per fastened French b.-k iXfTIIOCfK, Cnirt. jMiSb Le tlraud, to l>r dremteliod <n the tPtk nut. For freight or | uw|< ai ply t0 fl6f D Sr HINCKIN. Broker*. 31 ,t Toutirir Eutldiug. I -1 v K K ''(><>L ? Hi _'.il..r (loiuinr r. i ?l Li u* ?RVThe .plead,d well known packet elpp MKMp?!ls. JMNnt'Wi'iii Kni(KI. h?iu| litely errifrij from Lirirpool in a very ahort pnenge, will meet with ouick Jt?patch for the above p?rt. Thie ?lnp offer* an excellint conveyance for eebin, gl cabin and eteerage paneengera, v?li - will betaken el moderate rrlre. Apply to trie Cm Union bonid lli* chip at Crleaua aharl.l'oot of VVall (tract, or to JOHN HKHDVIAN. tl Southet. Thoee wielunc lo *erd f r their friend*,redding in CiraatBritainaiid Irelaud, can avail thrmrelvr* of having ibrin brought outbyeiihrr of he above ibi| e, nr any ebip nl'iLr hue. and Brati? can aieo be taruiehed, payable throughout the United Kingdom, by applying a* > bore al'lr Ami TO Kr.NT?A Dwelling Houae and tiardm, ihree MM in 'lea from the city and fir* tsiuutc* walk Iroin tic JCHLUudiug at Bull'e Kerry,on the border* of the Hudei n riri r?a moet i htrmmgeitii tiou The hou*e hr* li r room*, with tbrrc fire piece* n. wly fiipihed; thegaiden fence are all ...? D,.l,.ir,?,i.?i.i.i.LM..?r .1....1.1...; .iiAf>.t..n... the house, rent very low?lha steamer Boston run* lo the landing For paitirul ir? enquire of JOHN PONLON, ou the pmnise*. Lagrange Place, Bull's Kerry, New Jereey. al3 kt'r MCOUNTKY KftslDENC? TO LET-A pltaiaat ly *itu*l< d p ace,about lour nubs from the City Ilall, suitable for a gemleman doing buaineaa in the city, .nri in the TK'i .tly ol" a good ecliool. Knqui-e t No- 9 Warrcu at. between the h .u-a of 9 ind 10 A. M au I 3 auo < P. M. I mediate possession will be given. al3 3t'r rt THREE DOLL All TUTS-SPRlNG FASHION, IM4 ?The tao-t splendid article, eeer offered to the public?Kl-eant Short NapNloleekiu. at the low price of $3 ; alen an article at $ i so, equal in durability andluatre to thoee aold by other Hattere at $ . GEO. P. H BROWN.Practical Hatter, al 3 Iw't _ m Canal street^ PERMANENT ESTABLISHMENT. IN NEW YORK. MONS. MALLAN It SONS, Surgeon Dentieta, No. 374 Broadway, and at London and Pari* inform tha Public of New Yotlt, and its vicinity, that in consequence of their very extensive practice, they have, at length, been induced to open a Permanent Establishment, where they may be consulted at No. 374 Broadway between Franklin and White streets, in all cases appertaining te their profession, in which they have been so auceasfal, in consequence of their celebrated discoveries and improvements in the art ol Dentistry. Mons. Mullen returns thanks for the very liberal pat ronage he has received, and continues to receive, par ticulaiiy to the Medical profession of New York, tor their kind recommendations, and advocating Mons. M.'a improvement in Deutriaty. CELEBRATED MINERAL von F I LLI NO DECAYED TEETH! Mons M. continnes to restore decayed Teeth,however large or small the cavity ; making a stump into a sound Tooth, instantly curing the Tooth, however painful or sensitive, matching in point of color, the natural cortex or enamel of the Tooth. They never break or become loose?they have no unnatural gluts?are firmly fised without wires or ligatures?no bulky substance in the month?and in every particular resemble the adjoining Teeth, in conformity of shape an t minutest dhude of color. Placed from one to a complete set, upon the abovu imprrved and scientific principle, they are guaranteed to answer every purpose of Mastication und Articulation. LOOSE TEETH securely and effectually fasti ned,arising either from the use of medicines or any other cause. ARTIFICIAL PALATES replaced upon a sura and scientific method. TO THE PUBLIC OK THE UNITED STATES. Monsieur Million is happy in being enabled to announce that by the kind consent of Three Hundred of the first families of the United Status, consisting of tha first Merchants, Medical prafession, Clergy and private Citizens, to whom he can refer as to the superiority of Mons. M.'s celebrated Mineral in preference to any other they have over tried, and, in their opinion(lhe best that ever came undertheir notice. Hi* other improvements need no comment. INVALIDS Attendedby Mons. Mallan, Jitnr., at their own Eatablishment. THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC are particularly invited to pay Mons Mallan a visit, to see the specimens of his new discoveries in Dentistry. TESTIMONIALS. Moos Mallan: Muebec.May tth.1941. Dear Sir,?After having tried the Arliliciaj Teeth which you made for me, I caunot do you less justice than to acknowledge with pleasure my entire satisfaction. I beg to saythey answererery purpose of asiicatiou and Articulation equal to those placed by thehands of uature. They so closely resemble the uutural ones in the minutest shade of color and shape, that they are not li seemed as being artificial by the closest obserrers. Your celebrated invention for filling decayed teeth, 1 can give adecider opinion of its valuable qualities. You may use this letter iu any way you think proper, for the benefit of the public and yourself. lam.dearair.your* truly, THOS. FARtJUES, Manuel Cannelst. To Mons. Mallan, Burgeon Dentist. 974 Broadway, This gentleman is known at 131 Broadway,and at Trime Ward AKiag'a. MONS. MALLAN, 372 Broadway. SIR?I feelita'pleasure to he able to offer you my testimony In behalf of vour celebrated miners!. During iny late re iidence in Pari* I called at vour establishment in the' Rue Caatiglionc, and having had some teeth tilled with your mineral, 1 ran ouiysay that 1 have had very reason to be aatiafied with its utility and value, end never in th?Uui d? gr?? eipcrienced any iueonrenience or injurjr from ita effedta in any manner whatever.?During my riait to Mona. Mallau 1 aaw aaveral teatuuoniala of the higheat character, all eipreaaing the fulleat conhdcDce in ita great benefit oud value. As far as I am enabled to judge, I cnnsideagd it then, and will I couaiderit, to be the beat preparation of tire kind ever oHiicd to the public. I am .air .reapectfully .yourobeditutaervart. VANBURGH LIVINGSTON. 81 Greenw ichatreet.uear Kurt Gauaevoort. New York,May31.1841. Mona. MA I, I. AN Ik HON S, Surgeon Dentiala, may be e-jiiaulted daily at 373 Broadway between Kranklin and Wliit at?..eaat aide. n?33 lm' CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. rpHK 8uh?erib-r in now opening hie Spring nupply o( I HARDWARE k CUTLERr, received perlate arrirala, from Birmiugham and Sheffield. Together with a general aa ortmeat of 1) omentic Goods. whieh fie ii prepared to offer at the very LOWEST BASH PRICES. The attention nf Country Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makera, Sec., la solicited to an examination of his stack and pncea aa he ia confident they will find it to their iutera t to favor him with a rail ALFRED K. LAGRAVK, ,10 Greenwieh corner Barclay, New York. A regnDr supply af FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Coopers Glu". Also?a complete aaaortinent ol Mechanics Tools. James Screwa, ke. A PROBLEM AND the way to aolve it Why do the imitators of my TabIn Razor Strop allow me to carry off the p-tmiutn medal and diploma, fiom the American Institute, year alter ye r, without even ruhmi.ling their own for trial! O ye of tender cbiua and tough beards, answer the above by bringing a dull p-irol Razors, and teal for yourselves lie truths ol the certificate! af the inoi t acien ific gentlrmen in the country, viz: I'rofrvaor ftriacom, Dr. Molt, Gen. J.'Tallmadge and others. G SAUNDERS, vole inventor liul mauufaclurerof tne metallic Tablet Hazor Strop, with four sides, 163 Broadway. niSStm* f vHINA. GLASt AND'EARTHEN WARE?A list ol vc1 price* of China, Glass, See.,sold by R.SIMPSON, 8 Aitnr Home. Broadway, wbo keeps the best articles, and sella cheaper than a-y other home in the UuRe I States. FRENCH STONE WARE, Porcelain. Blue or White. Plates 1st size perdoz $1 14 ft 00 do 3d do I 74 88 uo 3d do 1 58 7S do 4th do 1 37 (3 do 8th do <8 37 Dover Diah, 1 44 73 Sauce T ureen an J Stand, I 00 7S Pea Cupa and Saucera.per doi.Hpe. ISO ditcher*, IH lilt, 1 75 SO do 2d do 1 37 37 do M do 1 12 SS do 4th do 75 |( do Sth do (3 do <th do 5# ;hocolatei,lat eixe per d* 3 75 do 2d do 3 25 do Id do 2 75 I>a?. 1 50 CfgCuM, 37 Sloue Ware, Dining Service, 112 piece* 1100 Kreneh or Kng. Poicelain tea ??l?, 21 i.i?C8? 4 00 CUT OLASH. Octagon dilhei. belt quality, I inch, pr pair I 00 do d) do do I 10 do do l# do do 4 oo Dccantere, the ?et of4 front I 50 Ore-n Hock (ilmiei, per don. 2 25 Cut from 1 50 per doten Uu'Fluted Tomhlern 3 00 do Lemcnader. handled, 2 25 do llonaekrepert, take care dhia Int. and make your purchaeeri at 8 Aetor Home; the a.vihg you ? ill make by BO doing inuet be t teible to all u|a>u reading the above. Table Cutlery? Thie ie aleo the tbeapeet (tore for fine Table Cutlery, in >ete or dotene mil lm" R. SIMPSON.8 Aeter Hnnee. K A LAO.VI HSfc PAINT.?'I'ne Kaleoinine Paint having l*n severely leeled inline city during the winter montlie, the paienteee can recommend it with renewed confidence to the public. The numeroue epecimeue of Kaleomioe Paint now mating in New Vork, rendera an cuume ation of ita ad vntagea .upertluoue ; airoug the moat protniuenl are the following Kaleomine Colore are mire permanent, more luminona and agire-ihle to the eye thin oil colore They are applied without itceaamning any offenaive ainell or iajurioiia effect upon health, and drying in a few boura. Kaleomine paint inay, if properly applied, be wtehed when eeiled, according to directione in tlieeircular. Ordert receired and punctually attended to at the KALSO VI1NB PAINT UKPOT, fehg'Sm* 384 Broadway.corner Franklin. FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. A MONO t'.e many and yarioua Coimetici that ire offered o the public for b-au'ifyiug the complexion, ard rrmovi.,ij -very eruption from the l?ce, none cau be eo cor fi lently rei inmeud d aa Ckurch'e Vegetable Loti-n It impaMa a delicate em o hoeae to the <,n, aud affrctualiy nauuri pun ,d< a. blotchra, tan, frechlm, r.ngw irmi, aud all o.her eiuptiona and diacijoiationa , ^ ^ I'rici 75 cent* per bottle?torn at 'mi'cni mtper.tary, inn Bowerr.enrnrrnf Spri"g street. Agents?li.W Bull, ll.rtfjrd; C. k N. W Simmo ?, Fine, nriicr of Fourth street, Philadelphia; Charles Hteanr, ''onghke'jsir. mW lm* DOCTOR PROVOST. COM K iuCivi tualt write agaiust the uie of ba'tvin coj airy, cubebt, tutre, camphor, mineral astringent*, kc kr , in the cur* of lecret iu'irn, but that the wmld kunrri lint the abore n.meil medicine* will and hare cured thoee die?aa*t, i* beyond i doubt It i< perfect fully to denv that far t. But that it r> pure* a profriit'Uial m n, and a man of skill in hit prole* hop, tokuAw win n and how t . give those aicdieircs, it e iually as obvious to men ol minds. I hope, therefore, that re itlemm reijuiring medical aid will not give ear to all the fooluh tttifT which they map see in the shape of adrertiiement*. hut they wdl call upon me, at No. ?l Broad striet, where they shall (lave a full history rf their case. I feel confident that not a r* I let t will Wave my office without be i.ig entirely tat i- fiej that Ihere is at leas one regular bred (hyaitnn who Ins eoDilricended to place hitr tell among the field of Quackt. My orf.een a, .1 Broad, eoruer Stone tl. t rROVOST< M D H AVANA BOARH-PI-.TKK tilLSKY.SSd Broadway and 37) Bswery, fcmerly kept by Mr. P. Munoa. Wt to inform thr nmokirg public that th?|r will h find, at bt? ator't. t wtll wUct#3 **tortmr?t of thr fireit bnmU of Marana and PrtBO?pe?K?? AHH at wholesale and retail; and It afiitt rate arflel* and friendly treatment ran iniurs cut :n. hr ' i ' to rrcrivr ? largr aharr of it mW lm . OK1HRHN MAIL A m rm e- mail for Albany and 1> other offices on the North Hirer will hereafter be made up at the offiee ?t do cloek A. M. , '1 he creat Nsrthtrn Mail will close aa usual al SI P. M. e JOHN LOHIMKH (JRAHAM P.M. Tstt PrtS.-e, New York, April u, !? #. ai3 lne A MUM SalM. BY THOMAS BluZ " , , i SierraA'. s.ti*1nn undlll Purentlrttll-) "WEDNESDAY. A' I0| o'clock at the raw* room. fir'endij wl Kit-nei'e Hale of furniture? conaie'iu; of beautiful aecoud hand hoaae hearing article*, partly lew. Ai II o'clock. Cabinet F'iroi'Mrc. by catalogue, at the la'gc atoreOT Anti atrcet, formerly the Epiaeifial ft* eta, the moat entein'id a'ock ofcitVmad< furniture offered for yeara from the reltb'a ed laauuf-ietocita ol It V Alexander. Kk J Young. A linodale A Co. Tbe aale will take place without reiervc. iu the above ctore, uot having room iu the auction room. Every article ?ill te warranted. Culatoguea luture. 1 l.e furuiture cau te ateann l'uecd.ty A t tj( o'clock at the aalea in un. I otCtge Sale?Tnc beuitiful cottage with g irden xhrubb. ry, vinea, fruit. Sic. No 13 Co ru< it a e'.iee t, wall known aa I lie lor incr reaideui e of oue of our oldeat ciliieua. Tennt libera'. . Ale<>. 2 ap'en.lid marble top aidtboarde, 3 aela of ti e liclieat k'lidof marble laatre giruu lo'ea ajrl I unpt. coat frcin I'.5 to $*350.2beautiful Wi'lon eart>ete, ruga, matte. Ac Alan, s very li indaome dainaak couchea, aud aftarwarda oue aet ot ixteuaiuu lablta. Alio, a apleucid roeewrnd pianoforte. THURSDAY. At 10) o'clock, at 63 Greenwich at. Elegant Furniture?comiriaingiheuiual variety of evctllent parlor, bed rooui and other furniture ot a geuterl family; ex enllent ca-peta. chaira. tablea aolebo irilt. aofaa bueeaua, looking gl ware, b?da, bcJvleada. heddiug. china, glaaa ware, aud the uaiul variety of really good houickeeping aiticlea, iu all ihair deparlirea a iu good or Jer; kitchen uteuaila, ike. It la deem ed unneccaearv to give fnrih r ptrliculara. Alao, an iuvoiceof hplend|il^ainliuga. Valuable Furniture?At 10) o'clock, at No. 7 Beaver ltrvet. will Im told, tlic excellent furniture, of one or our oldest housekeepers, lately derearcd. Als at 10 o'clock at the store of Malcolm tk Tombs, corner of .Nassau and John strce'l, the balance of stock of a merchant tailor's establishment. Also, the elegant couutere, kins aid show cases, iron safe, de-k'.kc ; doming, trimmings, Loudon cloths, cassimeres, rrsiii.g-.ktc. H. E. Riell, Anctioneer. BV RIELL k ARCULARIU8. THURSDAY, April 14th, Alio o'clock, at the cor. Broai wa> and White st.. Elegant Furniture?coniitting of brussels and iut run carpet, mahngauy French chairs, marble top, center and pier tables, I'liuiu CO card do, riclidimask window curtains, two large French plate, pier glas >s, sofas, ottomans, 'tirana. couches, girandoles, oilcloths, mahogany withstands, dressing bureaus, inaoeg'iiy Frcuch bedste.uis, brdi, beildi ,g, tab e cutlery, ail versp'MMis, China glue ware tkc.; togeth'r wiih a large quantily of kitchen and cookmg utensils, with which iha sale will co nmruee. Also, two elrgant piano fortei. Catalogu a ready ?n the morning of sele; alg BP's'r AUCTION NO I ICE ?The < lagant Furniture ti be sold at auction on Wednesd if, at US and 8} Ann street ml 115 Falton st. will be ready for examination on Tuesday, after 11 o'clock all 31 TIIOS. BELL, Auc'ioneer. Auction notice.?The Kiegaat fnraikps toWwH on Wedueaday, at 10) o'clock, in the Store, tit Ann st, is now ready for examination, aistt THOMAS BELL. Aiiction'er Auction no nek.?riell l ar< ulaiucs. sot Broadway,corner Dunne st. will sell, This Morning, at It) o'clock,at the aueiinu room.*r<y, port, chain payne, co. dial*, fruit, aaaorted pick lea, e perm candle*, Ike. AI?o,uchoire lot ol' oyart. After wlucn, broad, lotue, pri-ti, clothing, suvpendrrs, artificial tl?wera, window aha at, cutlery, glaaa ware, and a variety of other article*. a 13ll*t FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. ilKl5ULAU MAIL LINE TOUHMtO"I)K. S ft BOSTON, via 8TONINOTON ANl) NEWPORT, compoaed of th? lollow u* auperior atraniera, running iu connection with the *tnuiugton and I'rovideuce, and Boston and Providence Ka,lroada? M A SSACHU SETTS,Cart .Conutoek. RHODE ISLAND.Oapt.Thayer. NAllRAUANSETT,Ci?pt. Wool*ey. MOHEOAN.Capi. Vanderbilt. On* of which will leave New York daily, Sundavieacepted from pier No 1 North River. Battery Place, at So'clock, P. M. Arrangemmt. The NARRAOAN8E f.on Monday*,Wedaeadayaand Fri day*,for touinRton. Tlw MASSACHUSETTS,on Tueaday*. Thuradaya.and Saturday*, for vtonington. Paaaengeraon thearrivalof theateamera'atStoninct*n.may take the Railroad Cara and proceed imineu.ately to Providence and Boston. Fright taken at thefollowing much reduced rate*:? To Hoitou, on good* weighing forty poim'e or upward* to the cukic foot, at fS 50 per ton, and on mtaaarement good* 7 cent* per fool To Providence, on meaeurement Rood* 5 cent* per cubic foot, and apecific art cle article* a* per tariff to be obtained at ofTice Broadway. in3l 6m (li K E AT W KS I KR,NJ KX -RKSS FOR ALBANY, TROY, BUFFALO AND MONTREAL. Vo KsnKS. HARNDEN It CO., having made arrange- enta "* with tlie People*' Liue of Steamboat*, reipectfully iu form the public that they are prepared to rrceive parcel*,package*, apecie, batik notea.lic., for Albanv. daily, wheie they interpret with Pemeroy'a We. tern Express for BufT.lo and intermediate place*, and with Jacob'a Kxpeeaa lor Montreal. '1 hey have an office fitted up executively for their own one on the main deck of each b >at, containiny un iron *afe, and accompinied by aipecial mearenyer. who** berth ie in the other, for the puryre of safety and lecurity to money and valuable parcel*, aud tlieaeroinmodation of their patrons They a'*o make up an Express Mail for Letters, which closes at No. 3 Wall street, at 41 o'clock, P. M , thereby giving the busiuesa commuaity tiie advantage of mailing letters one hour and a halt later than at the Oeneral Poat Office, aud also of *u immediate delivery on iLotr rival. Parcel* and letters received at 3 Wall itreet until 41 o clock, P. M , aud on board until the momrnt of start iny. Oilier in Albany, li Exchange; office inTroy.iSS River at.; office iu New York, 3 Wallat. mao iin HARNDEN * CO. POMKR^Y & CO-'S ALBANY, BUFFAL02k CHICAGO EXPRESS. W3B. 4Wt The subscriber* are now running a ttfultr Express werUir Railroads inandfrom Albany and Buffalo aud the iutermedl ate places, for FORWARDING, at low rates, with the utmost spend, rrglarity and safely, choice Goods, Specie, Bank ;Notes, Import a lit Papers aud Valuable Packages; w?tl to the negotiation?transfer, collection <>r peymcnt ol Bills of Exchange, Notei, Drafts, Aceeotenee*. Accounts, tkc. at reasonable per cent-ige; eiccute orders for the purchase er sale of Merchandise, Produce and manufactured articles of every de scriiuiou, i? rsonallv, in?he towt.s on their route, tbrf ugh Messrs HAHNDKN 6L CO 'S EXPRESS to New Vork a? d Boston, and Messrs HAWLEY fc CO.v8 EXPRESS to and from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago and intermediate places?forming at onre ths most direct, speedv and perfec4 communicaticn to and from the eastern and western I cities, for the negotiation aid transaction of aM mercantile and I professional business, remittances, etch xn^c*. *c. | SSermau, \.D. Patchin, Noah Lee. jamea Taylor, Theodore Olcott, Albany. Agenriea-Burnett. Bicku* fc Hawlev. Utica: T. A. Pmilh, Syraruie; A. Q Smith, Auhurn ; J. Fargo, Geneva; J. (). Shepherd, Canaiidaigua; David Hoyt, Rochester, Jn?. Mcl(r"Rl?r, Lockport; J. A. Ciark, Batavia; Thnma* Bloeiom, Butfalj. POMEROY k CO. No. 6 Exchange Building* .Albany, all 3 Wall elreet New York. IMPORTANT TO WESTKRN MERCHANTS. RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE-For tlie Transportation ol G ml* between Pliilade'phu anil Pittsburg Thin improvement in trinaport Uion afford* to weatern mrri haiita peculiar advantage*. The good* beiof carefully packed in the boat* at our warehoaae. No 385 Market etreet, are carried over the Columbia and Portage Railwaye without trauahipment Carerul (ap'aina and crew* are employed, who fake charge of th* good* at PhiladelJhia, and cootluu* with tbe-n the entire route, thua avoiding delaya and the liability of lota being aeparatcd oi tua way. N. B ?t'aaaengera forwarded to Pitla^urgh every day Sundaya excepted, H STOKES, Agent, alUm* m 7 Wa?hin*ton a'reet. ^ast FOR ALB ANV AN D TROY, landing at .-ri*the intermediale plaoe* The aplendnt, low 3C Stramhaot SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, will leave the fool of Oourtlandt afreet thia (Wetneaday) altern mn. April I3ht, at five o'clock. The BE WITT CLINTON, Cap'. ?. H- Hoe, to-morrow, (Thuraday)altrmoon, will leave aa abeve. The above boata ar?- furnhhed with elegant atate romna. and for accommodation* are unnvallaid. 0m PEOPLE'S LINK FOR AUKANI *U<I S-v?in* interim iliaia place*, daily at live o'clock, P ' km M aw r. ? the Her between Courtlandt and Liberty afreet*. The commodiona ateamboat ROCHESTER. Cart. St. John, leave* a* above on Monday, Wednaaday and Friday afternoon*, at five o'clock. 'Joe SOUTH AMERICA. Capt. Bran lard, leave* aa above, on Tueadvy, Thuraday and Saturday afternoon*, at five o icoek. . .... . . ... The above boata are new and auhatantia', fnnnahed with elegant Slate Room*, and forep-ed ?od accommodation* are unrivalled on the Iludaon. For paaaage or freight, ajiply on board, or to P. t.. SCHULTA, al3r at the office on the Wharf. far- PASSAGE FOR LIVERPOOL?Paeket of the ItjPtV1911' Anvil?A anleudid faat aailiun packet ikip will .WpH?hc deepalrhed and aail poaitively aa tbove, her regular day. Having aplendid accommodation* for cabin, aeroud cabin *ad itaeiur paaaengera, f.r paaaage only, application aliould be made in board, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. 43 Peck alip, Hit cor?r Sowtn at rati. PASSAGE FOR LONDON?Packet of the 30 h April.-^The *jdrn<li<H**t Bailing packet ahip WKsT k^^r^Tar d?y. Can comfortably accommodate a f?* m?r? cabin, art md cabin and ateerage paaaengera if early applicaetion be mad* on board, or to W.k J.T. TAPSCOTT. 43 Teek alip, or 4? South etreet. Peraona wiahing to fend for their fnenda, can hare thern brought out o? very reaaanable tarma, and thore mailing to remit money to their frie-da, ean hare dratia for any amount payable on d> mind, in all the principal tnwna of If. eat Dutam and Ireland by apply ing aa aboae. ?!3t tfA ail- ()|( LONDON?Packet of th- ao'li April?The rlffv ".t .lai. packet ah,p WB9TMIN8TKR.Captain iS&XLMoore, will aail at ahore. her regular day bor parrage in, aacond crbio or alierage, having excellent ac* eommotUliona,apply |?RD MA N. It ^ prrrt >r.W ultLr.A >??Louieiana aun ,v? York Line?Poaitirely b'iret H'gultr Packet?To UE;Q?aail IStli April?Thafaat aailina packet alup LOU ISVILLK, Captain Hunt, will poaitivrly rail aa abora. h-r r*Kr*fre*ght or paaaoye.having aplendid furniahed ?rommodationa apply on board, at Orlcna wharf, font of Wall at or to tiona.aip > y R COLLINS k CO. M Mouth at. fireat care will betaken to hare the gooda by thia (id. correctly mraaured. Agrnta in New Orleana. Hullin k Woodruff, who will rromptiy forward all moda to their addreaa The packet ahip HUN TSVILLK, Captaia Mum nrd .will alien ed the Louiarille, and aail the Mth April, her regular day a!4r ? ij KOR v I TliU ilAt?I lie upe.riiir f.-m aailiug wMvW'ebe MARTHA. #. Deale, maater. will aail for liie IHIbabi ii' portahould ?.* paaaengera offer. b'..r freight or paaaagc having excellent accommodationr, apply' to a? A, WKNDKLL, ?o Souterl. PA3P- Hilt SAI.b.?'The fait failing, Al,i >t>par?d ami M-X*VcoTT'r r??tened tliip VENIt;*., burthen fct7t?oa, or JVhfaKaatitui 7000 barrel*. Thia ahip waa built in I'hi'aeel I 1*33,IU the in lit faithful in t line r, an avlled on ihe storUe, and coppered wi.h beaay copper, on which aha Im? . juit performed a a< page to China and bark, la wall caUalated I fur ynriuoki iiai'ifi nr f..r the India trade Haa I lull In | cutTry,and no ? ready to receive ic<rt<? h now offered ror ale incloM a concern. Lie a at pier a North riyr kor'eroaa ?pplr to BOYD* "I*CKN. nt Brohtr?, ? Tumi.* E? TO BOATMEN. , .. \*7ANTKD-3?i?rhl'i?iiw fton-. ol th? I'M ?ualiiy. VV ply Ni>. ?sNorfolk *' AMUaaWU. PUIK THBATUK. ?| THIS EVENING A;?i' 11 -The perforaiaMu will eomnienc wilfc ?, .. WEST END. Sir ? in Datenlry, Mr PWi.1* Terry Ardent, W R Karl ofBUuni re, Cl i k | Sup, W, ( liippeudato I. uly Wm Uarenii ut, Mul Cuihin in Noran O C'nnn.r Miaa 5 Ctuhm in __ _ "J"" r,,r-tlude with BROTHER AND SISTER, Dun Sylrio dt 1* 1 ire?, Pi unii I Don Chrutnral, Chippendale r.icheco, I'laiide I il.rtnko, Bel amy. Aratha Miea * Crnhman. 1C aiUtlir, Mr? Verueu Admieeion?Bmee ?l ; P t SO emu ; Gallery ?S ccrla CHATHAM THRtTlS " T111S KVENINO, April 13-The performance will coinnmce with DAMON fc PVTHIAS. Damon. Mr J H. Kir by Ptlhiia. ? Thome Heruiinue. Tl.orna Calanlhe, . Mm Veatayer After ffhitl Maitrr Won), will appear in ? faro rite Dance. To be fol'owed by lha Karee of CROSSING THE LINEWr.uver nan, ... Mr. HidA Kj telle Ac Burgh, Mua Mcatayir. T? conclude wil> KOULAN SLATE. ? j Cato Mr Wood mar*. Mm! Wood i D<w BogBrtua Orah, Mr* Thome aim aacen'.a sd and Id tiers tfj Fit Ik 0-yt.imn ?t at; Curtainriaa*atT| pxk?fT im ilKLI.'* OHIKFIO * 1 HIS KVk.NI NO April II ?Th# performance wifl MHMW with AMrr which BO/ Bam Waller, ?Mr "tJTSSu Mre. Notelgobble, Mr*. Watte B'I'Fi _ , Mu**op lob* followed by 104! Qalochard, Mr. Orahaui | Beoeerada, Mr. Clarke Midutne Ualo:hard. Mr* Moaaop. i'o conclude wllh the bur'.esuuc of CINDERELLA. Priure Peneverauce, Heme a* tie Nidauid, Edwin Lollipop' Nickeiuon | Cinderiile, MnTimB Admission?Dreea circle teceuid. Upper bexe* It cut*. Ilk cents. Private bore* St. Door* open *t sever Curtain rise* at half not wimAM KHICAN BtSBUB. Corner UtofuJutay and Ann Mtrtet. P. T. Barn urn, Manager, rpHE OBKATEBT ATTRACTION OF THE 8EA 1 SON?EVERY DAY AND EVENING THIS WEEK ?Con menciux Monday. April 10 ?In order to accommodate De linmeuae crowd* which atuud here, the Lecture Room hae been nil trged. The myilrriom OIPSKY OIBL can be consulted Day or Evening. She i* !h* greatest wonder *f the age From 10 lo 12 *nd from 1 tof ehe she can ba privately consulted a* an OHACLK, or Foreteller of Fatare Events, Iree of charge. Mr. BARNBM will introduce tome truly wonderful rxperimtnt* in ANIMAL MAGNETISM on a child three yea>* old. Mr and Mr*. LOAD, from the Cheat nut Theatre, Philadelphia, will sum a variety of COMIC SONUS and DUETTS. LA PETITE CELESTE, the rh.irti.iug dancer, m various odtnired Dances. A apleiwttu dj?plavof the ITALIA V FANTOCINI. Mr. T. H WtflTE will nitreduee hi* INDIAN GAMES. FALLS OF NIAGARA willi real w;itrr ALBINO LADY. PauematieRml Road, kaucy <ila*j Blowing, Oraad Coeaaerama, and 500,00* Corioetiita. Asideudid day performance takes place every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon. tu the whole 75 cents?children half price _ PKALK'S NKW YORK JIVSRVM. BnOA I)WAY, oppoiite the City Hall ?Mr DFLARUE, the grta' mimic.will introduce hit extraordinary delti.eattona. It reuch atone*,and Vankee errentricitiea. Mr. MUllHlS. the original vocal Comic Stngtr, will introduce a v .rielv of hia Ct mic Song*. Maate- YATES w ill dince a Hornpi e in Petteri. Dattt KBttt'.oTVPK LiKKNr.aac* correctly taken in a lew aecond* by Sleaar*. Moraud aud Prale. SPLENDID DAY PERFORMANCE every Wednesday ami Saturday afternoon*, commencimr at a o'eloelr Ous hundred and fifty Portraits of dialinguishad Astn cans. Admitlaure 38 cents?children haif pries. stt Imr 'PHK KAINERS hare the honor to aaaotiace U)attb*y will ? * give their last Concert out one at the 8tuy vasent Institute, tveuuiy, Ap'il 14, 1818 when they will appear io their nelioual costume of the Tyrol, and sine some of their inost popular Alpin- tnrlodies Tickets M cents, to be had at the music stores a-d at the door. Concert to commence at o'clock. all tt'e MR BRAHAM'A GRAND CONCERT at the Society Library. April 15th assisted by Mr.Charles Brahast and Miss Augusta Biowu? Mr. Braham will, for the 1st tiaeim New Voik. sitift the Chevalier NsukomanY celebrated song, " Napoleon's Midnight Reverie.'' and Lovert new sono"Molly Brown;" Mr. Clitries Biahim, Boa's sows, ' There's a charm in Spring." and " My sister dsar." from Massaniello.and the duets withhis father, of "All's Well," aod "Rest, wtary traveller," for thr fira time. Concert to commence at .8 o'clock- Tickets ?1 each, children halt price st the music stores. _____ nlSJtr \ URtND VOcAL A.n5 INSTKUhfBNTAL CON -CV CERT will be piven at Nihls's, on Wsdoosdsy erening, April l?ih,by the c lehrated German Band, for the benefit of many of Us members, who were Jevere sufferers by the I ate fire The HAI Sh.ll FAMILY will appear on the occasion, together with other distinguished talent, particulars of which and the programme will be gueu iu future bills and advertise 'menu. PART 1. 1. Overture? Zampa, Herold 1. Themis?Sir allien Waltz, Lamer 3 Sodj?Hans des Vichea, By the Raincr* 4. Trum|iet Solo,by Mr. Walter, ' Walter 5 Quick Step? B-ass instruments,by the German Bsud 8. bong?(fraud March, by The Kainers T. Trombone?Terr, el to, by Knsebei 8. Rrgitia (itllop, by Launer. PART (1. I. Ovsrlure, 'Weber l 8oag?Rnrked in the cradle of the deep, Rsiuer 3. Kron ung's Waltr, Lannec 4. Violin ?oio. by Mr. Wiegcrs, Kalliwoda 5 Seng?The free country by The Kainers 8. Tremolo Waltz, Sabitzky 7. Comic bong, by The Rnlnszn 8 Prince Albert's Gallop, Sabitzky 9. Grand March?Biass instruments. by Ins German Bud. Ticket* at the. principal music stores, ont dollar each. 81 *r AIIhaSu ?a< lir.u r.tal' wu! Ufce place on Huuday evening n< April 17th, in St Patricks Cathedral, for the ben? III c.f the sufferers by the late dreadful tires. Par lieu ars iu future sdvermemeuts.l el8 2t VfOCAL ANU INSTitUME VI AL 4jU8Il!.?R. W. V NORTH will give instruetion ia singing and on the vin|in, violonrello, llule. tltriocel, acr ordio ?. fctat his Academy, 43 Murray itreet. Lessons givenat Ilia esidence of the pupil if desired. ai8 lwii'r MORAL, INSTRUCTIVE, RECREATIVE AND TEMPERATE AMUSEMENTS. NOTICE?To the inhabitants of the principal cities and towns of New York, Pennsylvania, Connaciicul. Rhode Inland. Massachusetts. New Hampshire. Mains, kc. fce. SIGNOR HERVIO NANO, Thejustly celebrated mid naturally endowed whose extranrdmarv nrrennihcalioa nf the (hneu O Babhoon. Kly, Ac , baa Lieu the delight af the world, aauoiioeia that it in hit intentioa, during the coming aumoMt mouths, to vieit the above States with hit Coliseum. A t?f timile of Krancoma, Hntuoda, Olj mpica in the Champa? Elyaee at Paris, aud a a, l< mud Baud of Music, with a aulp rirlit number of artivtca to make the enUrtainmaot aupenor to any thing yet offered. To conaitt of a Meteinuavchoiian Baaaat flight of fancy, called the GNOME H L.Y, in which Sigaor HtCRVfO NANO will embody THR GNOME ! THE BABBOON \ 1 THE FLY !!! A MAX!! !: Meeyeham, the Queen of the Peria Mid. Herein Nino To bt fallowed bjr A MUSICAL OLIO ! I conaiating of Pianoforte He Rations by Madame HEKVIO NAN O. I?Grand Snnato iu If J. N. Hummel 8?Concerto Stuck in K C. M. Van We bar 3? Giaud Kantaeiaon the Natioael Aire, Gad Save the Kmc end Nule Britannia 8. Thalberg With full Urrhettral Accompaniments. To conclude with an Hia'oncal Diipleyef the Uittreaaaog adeeuturea attending the Shipwreck of ftianai, with characteriaiic fainting and innate, in which bgw Hervio Nm will pereonate th tylhful Bibboo, tfrah, the ludiau Maid M *dna llarvie Nwo, N B ?Permit dcairoua of making anmnnnr arrangemeata can learn particulars by applying. (pott paid) la tha cmder'i'mG'lm..t-htBr"Ch'W'' " NANO. GYMNASIUM. PISTOL GALLERY. Messrs Hudson a ottiunon mtpectfoiir ? form the gentlemen ol New York, that they have bttew up a GYMNASIUM at the corner of Chamben atracl and Broadway, and it la now open for the reception of visitor*. The inatii ut ion la of the firat erJer. and caaaplata in ararp reaprct for the purpose of Athletic Liereieea. ararruiK L.e?aorii given aan> . 1 *rp'? mndrrute Opm day ?o?! gvtnittg. tl iDl* FULLKR'S GYMNASIUM. TO THOBK WHO VALUK IIKALTH.?The Urmae num. IIUS Grrrne street, near Bleacher, u now opam dailv. Iq addition to the regular eiereiiri of the Uyma* lum. there are .tt iched lor eieretae and atnuaement, a BowF ing Alley, Quoit Ground. Piaiol Target, with a large opea pare for running sud jumping, and other out-door leaercisas which render thia establishment. aa a gymnasium, superior to all others Gentlemen anhscrihing hare the pririlrgeof eiercmng at tlao Branch < ?> mnaaium,!? Ann at, where there isorary impleaMat necessary for in-door riercise Sparring taught as asual Keucing alao. by an eminent rrsfrseor, at such time as to salt apiificente. in >ccordeiH-e with the liaise. Terms of realty subscription hare been reilneedjo $10. mgggW* PIANO FORTES. N Dk.AI.klRS and purchasers generally will to fmd it 10 tliei r advantage to call and er iraine a choice aa ortmentof the shore ar'icle, eo'npnaiug a rariety of I and Si ociarea. of roiewond and mahoganr, with grand actios, acroll at ind?, and erery modern unprorrmeat. Those instramcnts are warranted to be r<|n*l to any in the city, a id will he sold at the lowest possible prices for caeh. at the manufactory, 44 Weal Fourteenth Street, belwe-n Kifth and tilth arennes. N. b.?Piano Forteai for Hire?A good assortment of piano fortes fir hire at the manufactory. a7 3m OOP'.' OF A TESTIMONIAL _ FROM TUK GK .KBKAl'KD DOCTOR NK.L80NTHK ORIGINAL MAY BK BKKN AT ?72 BROAD WAY. Mona. Mallan. Via?The cement with which you filled the decayed testa of two of my friends fully auawered the purpose for which It was applird. and garc the greatest (atiifaatioa. The specimens ofartifn lal teeih planted oa gold gutnahieldr from a range of three or four te* tti up to a complete est fur both jaws, whieh I have seen you ererute, are on a lerel with the highee; order ol ueutni uo.muiun bow m??u, here or in kuroj*. I ?m rniire irn'r. ,, . , KOBMIT NELSON, M.D Mwxh IS.184*. 44 Krenkliu eireei To Mom. Mall** Si 8<i*i, Surgeon Denliei.3*1 Broadway. I ) sSMN-Mii _A I oh. m well qiuJi/i <t to give n 1 ?tr? ctinn in ?V art of writ nr. oftrra Vr gtrrirra to (H# Larii'a of Ntw York. >h? wmldfire pneatrIrgaoug and also mtruc i'?u in two or three ackrolg. flhe dorf not .ret'i il to make gooH writert in tiro or eren three lereinn, but h? pr* br j roper at tent lenawd atieiMlir court* of t'loroueh pmciiOf to give tier pifrone ptnfft litiiractnn. The hem Of r'/rrrorra firm ;?? to rapaSiiity, reape ,-tability, kc'x ime ??1 Ir td t hoi 273 upptr Pott Ofllce, will meet with imriT'l air attention ___________ _ * 1 Oii-tM27ih Vtmrcu, One fair (i*M ptftaelw. TV f# fiiWer?h4llrrctiTt Two Pol lag reward, at*d a ? .JusitioiM 1 k'll Apply t? ' ' Pi MVR MW^I|,UOfle#Nn i '400,(H|O lift \orrnu Acgnri, T ANPKD from t rig Ohio, from Havan*, of unpen ?r <^u \li\ * tv, for file in lota toauit purchaser*, at rfn*onalile pfiAM, *,0|n^ h> M RADRH tl ( "Ham ' II * It KM I I T A \ K "f $I0<> W' at rerfIT <1 , Vr b 11 ruivr last, atid the par'?et intew<ti?f ah?*ne? to Ru ro,'? wish to write and rr'eivf I. H '? aUdrcft, which rao ?tf>I) b? fnraiahrd them. *12 I w'c

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