Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1842 Page 1
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TH T?U. TD?-a*. 3*0.?-Wto?U 0m. *05 T. NKW LINK OK LIVERPOOL. PACKET#.. To Mil from New Vork ou t \r 25lh, ami Liverpool on the 11th o t rot \ month. Ok M. . Ship RD9CIU-3, Captain John ( olicin. iDth MarchShip SIDDONS.Ciu.taiu K. B. Cobb, k?th April. Ship SHRRII)AN, Captain K. A. |)ri>e> eler, J5Ui May. ShiptiARRlCK, Captain Wm. ski.tdy, S*tk Jum. Fhom Li??:aroei-. Ship SHKRIDAN.C jpuni F. A .U'OTiltr,llt!i March. SpOARRICK.daptaiu Wm. Ski.liy, IIU April. 81*, ROBC1U9,Captain Joint CoIIju. I3lli May. Bk.ii 91DUON8,Caplun K. B.Cobb, 13th June. TAieee Ihip* arc all of the firjt c Ih-h. upward# of lOOOtone.bailt la (he city or New York, with inch uiipmvexncnte u coin bint reatepeed with uauaual con.fort for paaaeuttcra. Every can Ml been taken in tlie arraopciiiriitof theirnccemmouatioiM. Th? nn? of paaaMtehcacc i? f>T(P,f if which .onple atorea will be providrJ. Tmeae ?hi|>a are commanded hy eiperienced mukm, who will make every exertion to give general latieiac "jPeither the captaine or owerra nPheir ahipe wdl be reeponai Me for any leUeqi, uarcrla or mtehacri aeut by theaa, unlcia re . alar bills o4 lediuW* eifucd tbcr-for. Theehipeol thiellV will hereafter po armed, and their per u lareooetnrctioo gieeathcm eecurily notpoaraeed by any other Lettera by thepeckete will be cliarped l?t crete per ample Meet: McenU per ounce, ed iiewapaperu I rent each ml NEW tfOKh ANL> HAVRK 1'ACk.fcTsT (8KCQND LINfiJ m m. ?> II - -r.w:- l!? ?ni k?,irn; NeJ^!JR5tha u?a be.. ? ? s;::i7b sisSisi. immrm Vuuek. I I*' November ( Hth December *min BALTIMORE. (lit April JlKhMty ^ P?rt \ let Auguat t 16th September Kdwerd Fiink. ( mt December t 16th January linlTTICA ( li( May i ntK Jum Pant {lit September fifth October Iujil Hewitt ( let January f 16th February IfSwAiD bT:NlCOL A8, (let June 11Mb July Cart J Vet October < istI. Norember n Pell rut February (16th March -ifc accommodation, of these slaps art .Mt surged, com hmine all that may be re?juired lor comSart. The pnee of caK Paasengere will be supplied with erery Jwmwite with the aaeeptuiu of winea and liquors. ^Wa mteoded for these reeoele wiil be forwarded by the fm from any other than the eiDensea eetuaJ.yi n-sftat Tontine ufldinta. LOUISIANA ANTNKW YOKKUN'K OF PACKETS ift m Mtt. m eedasth of each month, coaimencujc the 10th October, and eootinnmf until May, wheu regular days will be appointed foi the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and di.ap aointmeats will be prevented during the summer mouths, Tbe tallowing ships will omnmenee this arrangement -j? a Ship TAZOOXeft.Cosiiell. Shiu OCONEE. I-apt Jack son Ship MISSISSIPPI .Uayt. HiHiard. smatoasi. Ship OCMULoEE. <-apt Lenvitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Cant. Dickinet n. Ship MEMPHIS, Capt Kuight. Ship LOUISA, Cant- Mai ford. Tkwse shins ware all built iu the city of New York, expressly for packets, are of a light draft ol water, hare recently been newly coppereo ana put in auicuuiu vivcr, mui Mr pkMenger* unequalled for eo nlort. They are commanded by experienced matter*, who will maac exery exertion to (ire general aafiafaction. They will at ill time* ba towed up and lows the Miaaiaiippi by ate imboata Neither the owner# oceapUma eftheeeehipe will be reepoaeible for jewelry, bulkonprecioua atone*, eilver, orplated v are, or tot my letter*,paroel or package, scut by or put board ef them, unleaa regular bill# of lading are taken fortneiame, and Metal ue thereon em~??? for freight or paaaage, apply to E. K. COLLINS It CO.MSouth *t.,#r HULLIN fc WOODRUFF, Agent in New Q*ene,whe will promptly forward all good*to hit addrea*. The thipeof thie line are warranted to tail punctually aead| vertieed, and great care will be taken to have the gooda correct IT meeenred. aPO ,>t,W KOKK ANU IMfcWAHJL. Fare rtdnetd to >9 cent*. From the foot of Courtlandt tree t, New York(Kvery day?Sunday excepted.) Learea New York. Leave Newark At* A.M. At ( P.M. At 7J A.M. At if P.M II do 4 do t do >i do 4| do IN do ? do r do 10 do ON SUNDAY*. From the foot ol Liberty etreet. Leave Mew York. Leave Newark. At I A M.end 41 P.M. At 1 P. M. and It P.M. N*w YORK. ELIZABKTHTOW>l RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWld*. Fere reduced. From the foot of Liberty xtreet.daily. I-eave New York. Leave New Brunewick. At A.M. At 71A.M. 41 ?. M. 1 P.M. BOMERtILLE itagee connect with theaa l.'nei earh way. Fare between New York and SoinerviHt, 00 rente. Do do Now Ervmewiok, 7i cent*. Rah way, Meente. Elizabelhlown, U cent*. The fare in the 71 A. M. train from New Brunewick, end 41 f 14 train from New York, hai been reduced between New York and New Bnuuwiek to 00 cent*. " and Rahway tv 171 ' The Pniladelpkia mail mi* oa-eea through NewBruniwiek for New York every eveninn at* o'eleck. ted!* Sonoayethe Ti A.M. trip from New Bnuuwiek it omit I Pauenger* who procure their ticket* at the ticket ofllee,receive a ferry ticketgrati*. Ticket ?rr? received by thecnndnctor enlvon the day when nnrekaeed febl l lm* m* SWSS? aHH From PHIUi DELPHIA via THE PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON. AND BALTI1 MORE RAILROAD COMPANY. Freights for the Wiat mid South will be forwa-drd daily from the tranaportatiuu office of the Company, No. I Duck it whiart Philadelphia Merchant! are reepeclfully informed that all goodi colaignrd to the company ?ill be forwarded with the utmoat diaratch to any point we?t or eouth. Freight reachei Baltimore the aim* dry it reave* Pliila''^he^inail line for th" writ and aonth leavea Do'h atreet dailr at half-paat aix o'clock A.M. by at earn beat ROBERT MORRIS. Paaaengera will reieh Baltimore at 4 o'clock, two hour! preriou* to the departure of the t mho fr the acuthweat. W. L. ASHMEAD.Agent. Philadelphia, March 8 1444. mil I m RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET ANDi.KKh.IUHT LINE. TTfTflfff tifl NEW BRUNSWICK AND NEW YORK. fpHI? NEWJERSfcY Rai road and Tranaportation Com1 pany hare eatabliahrd a Freight Line between New Rrunewick and New York, which li.ey intend to run peimaLeaving New Brnnawirk at 5 A M. daily, (Sunday* excepted) and the foot of Liberty atreet. New York, a 3 P.M. To eoonlry dealera and m* chant! the above line la rery do awable for the treedy and cheap conrevanre e f meeehaodiie of erary deaeription, and more particularly to Drorera and Dealer* in Lire Slock, who can hare ISU head of cattle coaveyei between New Biuuewick and New 1 ork, theaameday, wbent rer required. The retee for the transport al ion of cattle, hnrrta, mule*, abctp, hog*. Ac.,and all other kindi of merchaadiae are rery low, never exceeding ateamboat price*. Merchandiae cent by thin line uuot e.bjected to any extra ch irge in crotaitig the North Hirer. The Compant have fietrd up a large atorehouae at New Brunawiek adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will alwaya be open for the reception of merchandiae. Paaeengere, rurcliaaiug ih-ir tick<?* at the ti-.ket officee, will rereire ferry ticket* gratia. ml4 3m* Ai UTTcE,?On and nftrr A|ril let, IBM, the commutation e' farcin the care of the New Jeriry Kail road ami Traueportatiou Company, beteern New I ork and the rarioua places on thelineof the rnlruad, haa bern reduced (including ferry) to gT5 per annum, and %M> for aia month*. ml! In' FREIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PITT8OJUKO. Wo?TLauT.A IINOHAM'I LHK. TS? proii-i?tori ol Blogh.or,'* I ranaportalii n Lin* to Pitt*borf, giee ootwatothe Mnvl.aiiUnfNew Yoik, and all other rerioo* Iiii-P'"* to the Weal, that iheir line i* no* i* actitr Urilku. linod* conn. ii. ,| 10 I 111-in (or ten l to go in their |mi ) will be forwarded with drapatch. Owner* or iliipner* of good*. ihmtinrd for tleWe?tern gtatea, who tare no agent nr rnwtia* at rittiburg, will *kaa* cnLaigu their g?. da to William Duehan. I'iiUhurg. who Will attend to aTiippiug aoch coua^nmeuU ngtiiout dcliy All coodi thou'dbe maiked distinctly on each packag* BINOHAM'8 I INE. For rate* of freight, which are a* low * my ajwr lib*. Apply to 'f.M. TYSON. Agent, Mo 8We*t*lre?t o*oo*ite I'idr N?. 8, N. R. y. B.?Taaaeiwer* forwarded to P.lUbarg and rot'srille, ?eer^ day. 8S*^"V* 1PV"' - fuier ?o it, t-roca*. American Fur Co.; 8. T. Nicoll. profit stmt; Hielp*. l>od<e fc G<?. Kaltoo atreat; Huydam, tKikCt.1 Wm.Hauklo. Durjee kOo .Kawaik- m? 3in hl'atln ikanu ,k*hi Foolof Whitehall ilrttl fCTTdSTTVATr.\ I ALAND Ml. rUpr"WP^lt"or SAMSON, Captain Dura), will run <1 followa until further LNTii Staten laiaud Leare* Whitehall At o'clock a.m. At f o'clock a.m. "1# " " * 11 " " i " r.m " i " r.m. m M " "H"M H 4| .. .. .. ? .. N. B. All fooda hipped -re require! to be particularly trktd and art at tin rt*k of tho iwmh imiwf. ok m 31 JW MLsPlUNO-Thc atramboat HIGHLANDER Capt. Robert Wardrop, will le?v? tha foi/t of Warren itrrrl Maw York,erery Monday. Ttri "day and Saturday afternoon'* at t o'clock. Retwniuf; thr Hun. muar will i.a.p .aawhunr^ o??ry Monday moron* at o'clock, am> I'uaadar and krdetr afternoon at I o'clock. far freich' orpaaaayc.arply to the Captain an board. ft. B. al < bajwagr and Vreiyht of ararr deeenytien, bonk Malt* orapecia, put on board thia boat, aiuet be at tha nah of the owner* thereof,oaJaoe a bill ofladiof orracaiptiaaignad for E NE N1 LIFE BOAT ASSOCIATION, FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PATHNT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, opponite mij CITY HOTEL. "artificial teeth. o.?r thi phificipt.r or atu/t^duddip uddcc1tdi? il l mi/oi UDniv l nujOL ivu _M (Coyy.) _ HAruig U'e ly Inst tw > bteuajudati teeth, 1 culled on! Mr Lxvettto aup.dr t|i?ir place with artificial ones. xnJ it alfocda me much plr aaure to testily t<* hi* skill and ability at a (? loliat: indeed, 1 hire ever seen teeth fired an I ntfed with kioie lactoses, and at the same time wilh lua painful preelure on the guint. I cheerfully ri commend that gentleman to ilia eenecial notice of the inrdicil prafraaioD, aa well aa to -he public, feeling aatisbed from ray own experience that they may confidently rely ou hia akitl iutiu profession. (Sianed) ORANVILLE H r\TTISON. M D. Professor of Aualomy, Uuireraity of New Yerk. February I3t! . 18?g. The original can t>? aeen at Mr. Lerell'a S60 Broadway, comcr.of W irreii atreet an Him* NOTICE TU BUYERS OK CABINET FURNITURE. rpHE aubacriher would inrite the attention of thoaa wiah-L nig 11 nurch tae articlaa in the abore business, to his establishment, where ia to be found a rieh assortment of Koaewaod and Mahogany Furniture, of "'reach and other patterne. eome of which are not to be found elsewhere, bciug entirely original. Alao, haudanme rich gilt (vomicae for windows Poles and Kioga ; together w uh Uaiuaska, Usllooos and Taeaela. end erery article attached to curtaiua, which wiil br made in the latest atyle from patterne lately received. N U. Particular attention pain to the fiting up of Ottomane. Fire Screeue, and other fancy ariiclea. with embroid eced tapcatry. WA8HI.NUTONMK.KKa, otl-din lis Broadway, nert the Hoapitaf C A R PETIW, CARPETI in G. rPHI? Subscriber ia now opening hia 8pnng aaanrtment of 1 Carpeting, consisting of Brua-wla, three tily, sorer fiue and nue Ingrain, an assort unit n >t arri aceid in thti city for variety of styles, figures, Sic. These go.ids hare beeu ordered eipreaely for the Siring iride. The gieiteat iv? haa beet obaerred in makii g eelicliotieot aurh gooes aa can be coufiileutly .ecommeuded for durability and permanency of coloia, Ue. Alao.a large aaanrtment of the different kinds of Hall and Stair Carpeting. Tufted door Kuga. Door Ma'*, lie. Also a hanigome aasortment of Painted Kloor Cloths, all widths. Families about purchasing any of the abore described goods are respectfully umted to call. CHAI1LES HICKS, mid lm* 71 East Brnadwar.Tt l)ieraion-et. SF.HRTWJ'S 7TORDIAL. INDIGESTION.?Ai this is * very com" on complaint, in 1 the preacnt day, whatever tend* to all'vmtr it i? of public im;or>ance For the iDformatioii of thoee affected with it, we publuh the following recommendation* of a Keatoralire i'ordial for ita e ire :? C. C. Skbri.VC, ? ! Dean 81* At row requeet, I hareeiam med the medicine* of which ro'ir Cardial ? compoaed, and have no heiitatiou in a tying that they are of the beet claea of tunica; and in Hie manner prepared bv you, will prove highly benencial in Dyapepaia, and many oth'rdieeaaee ofgeueral debility. Youra, lie. P PKATT, M. D. No. ?8 Liberty atreet. I concur tn the above recommendation of Or. Pratt. THOMAS BOYD, M. D.. No St I Fourth (treat. Sabring'* Reetorative Cordial ieaold at Its Fulton atreet, at $1 per bottle. "i" Im DR. JOSEPH EVANS. GRAND RESTORATIVE SYRUP, For the eure efevery form of Diient aeiainc from TH? IMPURITY OF THB BLAOD, CAUSKU by the vital o>gv a becoming deranged and enfeebled by hereditary complainte, and cihauaiion of the yetem, and other die*.aee, viz. Serefnla or King'* Lvil.T mora and a welling* in the neck, eecondvrj ay mntomarf 8) phi lia, or the conatiiu ional form of the Veeerial Diae-ae.Ulcrra. ulcerated aore Throat Palate, tic. Ulcere on the Shine, ard other parted the body. Diaeveae of the bonee, peine, eeellinga.aad ulceratiOLa of the boeea, ewalliugi of the tointe, white awell'nge, tic-, Cenrera, catunecua rr akin diaeaa-a, aalt rheum, ringworm, acaiy eruptioD*. leproey. itch.acald hod, pimpiea. cracking tod (marling of the akin, tetter, and all kinae of aorre Loegetending ana heretofore incurable fever aorea; rbeumatiain, gout, liver complaint, and all diaeaaes rauaed by an imnroperugeof mercury, local and conetitulionaJ debih y or weakneaa, gonarrhar i. gleet leneorrhaei or white*, gravel, lie.,orwhenthe eyatem hat been eihvnated by secret aenrualily in youth, intempe ante,long atandiig debilitating diee.e-a, lorg reeiiience in Southern climate*, and other debili tatingcauaee. Thia invaluable medicine haa been employed by the proprietor in an .Tl.iuiiennvilr and hnanital nrartice. Willi in Ku rep* ami Am-ric i fir the lot forty yean, (luring whieh time he h?icured over 6 000 patieata, who wer? afflicted with tome of the meat loathsome and destructive fjrins of d sraoe. many of whom are mw living, aud ready to testify to the eficicr of (hi* medicine. It cures ?>J giving tone to the net Vi-s. ethi cal iag the spirits, ri gulat ing the circulation, invigorating ?ndexciting the vital OTguislo a natural and healtny aetinu'and mus | causing all impurities o be expellsd from the system, aud creatiDZ the secretion of perfectly pure and healthy blond. . Price (I ter bottle. Knrsale oaly at the Private Ke-i le nee No. 47TUreeatvich sir?.et, tivo doors abovsCanalsireet. mil 1m 30 ODD YEARS OK EXPERIENCE in the iii'Dtific t>r ctice of curing certain diseases, have enabled Dr LAUREL, of No. 103 C?aal street, to eradicate those diseases in question, whether new, old, or inveUiate, in leas than hall the time employed by theinmmon doctors, who poison their patients with mercury, canivy, nitre, rabebv.lte. N. B.?Strangers are spprissd that Dr. L. is a regular physician of the med cal facu'ty of Paras, also gradualsd inthi U. States, as cap be proved hv bis dinlnmas m84 lm* "private cureT paOCTOK JORDAN'S SPECIFIC COURSE,No i_For i-J the prompt cure of C?p or Oouorr-ues, Olecls, and all other welhral diacii uges, and his Specific Course, No. 8, tor the complete eradication, and permanent cure of veo-rcal, wnhout exposure, iucouvenience, or loss of ti-r.e. Each course is enclosed in a neat tin case. comprising every medicine. w,-sh, aud rrq iisite. eve' required either for lutsrnal or external use; : lid whether the esle oe recent or old, a cure is guaranteed, if used as directed. Each package also con taius l)r. Jordan's private Ire <tise,c -lied the Monitor, w) e e in in full directions, with a plain discription of the nature J BiPtemi, tOD8rqq?IiCeei ami tieatmeut ol secret 'diseases,to which is added much v..iuab e information, useful hints, and important advice?removing all the difficulties of self treatment. The nrice of Monitor is fifty cents ; one dollar sent post paid, will insure its reception. Toe cou-S's No. 1 and 9, aieeach (3, and guaranteed?admirably desimed lor rrsi dents in the country, being complete, compact, ^convenient and efficient Tost paid letters covering the amount, have oronipt attention. Sold for the pxogrietor, only at Ur--g Store, 19 Marion afreet* second door below rnnce,atcond block ear of BroaJwaf. Marion street is a direct continuation of Centre. ml4 Irn* FASHIONABLE TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. At the fashionable tailoring establishment, 108 Betkman afreet,near Pearl. Gentlemen who are now or formerly hare born paying extrarafljmt pricce for heir clothing, are aaaured that they need do ao no more, aa the aubarriber will gnarantee to all who patrouiae him. a hand-ome At, a farhiontble atyle and axcrllent material*, ut the fnllowiug moderate pricea? Sup. Wert of Eng. Wool-dyed, black, blue,or green dreaa eorta. $15 to fSQ Panta, doable milled do black, plaid, and fancy caaa., $1 to $8 50. Ve*ta?Fine caahmere,*atin,and all kind*, $1 to $5. f.oata aide and 'rimmed in a auperior manner, Irom $T to ' y.'.V--mokfat. CARPETING, &C. CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. TONES It MARCY. 151 Bowery, New York are now reJ ceiling their aprmg aupplr of Carpeting, Oil Cloth*. Window Shade*, OrugKeii, Haertli Hug*, Uoar Mat*,'I able and rianoCover*. Stair Rode See kc. Among their good* are many new and rich pattern* of English and American maouracture, which canuet be exceeded for beauty, quality and rheapm < in the city. Periona about fur.tilling their houxea are invited to give u* a call. I.K.JONES, at Ira* l. MARCY. CHH;a\I?CRK AM?CREAM. Still thaCitie* widely teem With praiae of Rinx'e I'erhenn Crtam? The ficeit Slm iig Co i pound known, Eartrimce ha*clearly ahown. Tia *o akil'iitly prepared To*ofleu e'en the rot ghe?t heard, 1 hat a Hidl razor'* edge b-*tow* A kirnae**that thejlnrpcif know*. ' 1 m pure, and p'eaaatil, choice and cheap? Will in every climate keep? Make* it a pteaaiag l?*k te ehaee. And will both (imeand Irouhlr tare. Preparedaud aold by C. H- RING, 5J h ulton atreet; Baa.,* ,ii D....U.V mat I in* Tienkkal "agency. THE SUBnCRlBERhe* t henlhe .tore 7i } ulton alreet, B-ochlyn, for the ?ali of the nuat approred genuine pateit ?nl family miil'iiw'i perfumery fancy article*, kc. Ma-ufacturera nod proptulcri of l?ek?iut e?, or of arjr thing rUe, who with for ao noiiee, alining agent to diapoae of their production*, will (nd auct an ou^ in the per?on of the l .bjenbtr. ___ _ 8 J STEWART. 7S Futton ?t., Br jokl) n Per aale, moot of the apprarrd family tnrdlriur., rer*o-f porch suing here may rely on nbtaiaaag genuine article^. ^ 'I'eke phyaic early?medicine comeetoo late, Wheo the diirsue become* iaTelerate." DKCOMMKNDKD by the FeruUr-VANCE'S ANT1 IV BILIOUS FAMILY APERIENT PILLS?By Ion* tperienie theae pill* hare beeu prore.t by thnuaand* to be ihebeat andaafeat Fau.ily Mfdicioe hitherto di'torereil. At >11 (eaton* of the year they will be found eery valuable to all rho wiah to ercure themootrea again* ai< hn *a They are dike tale for children a* for any period of life, and require no atra atteetiro to dirt or to clothing, bilioua and firer tornylatnla, dyrpeiaia or indigrgtion, nnrrou* dimiai, airk head acne, anet in fact all diaeaae* ariaiqg from an impure atate of rbe hio. d, or a diaordered atale of the atoinach or bowel*, arr peedtly rrmovert by taking tham. They prerrnt aeeirry. co? tirruree and ita cor.aeq unices?therrforr ?e .faring men elioU.d 5fTer be within them. Tune or climate alTert* ihem not Tw" or throe dnaea will convince the patient of their aelutary effect*, for the atomach will raadily reuainita atrenetb a hralthv atate of the here and bowel, will .peedily take place and reuewed health and eigoi of boely and m.nd will be the cer taiareault. Their virtue*. in fact, may be aummrd up-?. medicine which at ret ythenehe ferble and coiuol idalea the lauaclaa of the Krone,and will bn round of in h?i to r lue to femalm of all agee (if t*kp> according to tha direction*) who wiah to be ercure from ?i< karea. Trice M and ?# eenta per boa. For eoie, wholear le and re ail, ky Wa. Wataon, Apothe rini* Hall 3? Call anna alreet; Vmith, corner of Fulton and Water ?te; NowilL. Id7 Boaery . Bal.rorr, diuggiat, Fulton t. Hreoalyn. m?l ! >? O I'R AW W RAPriNfl-tooo re.m. rroVn itraw wrap,ii ? f at ticel!cut article Jnet receired and faraale by M rERSBE k BROOKS, II Liberty gt W YO :W YORK, THURSDAY I ANDERSON'S POLISHING PASTE AND PLATE POWDER. New York, Jin 8,1842. W? hire tried the Poluhiog Piete mede by Mr. Audertoo, and Gud it to be euperior to anything v>- hereevr need. BOaRDMA.N It HART, Burtii i: Slip. Manufacturer! of BriUuniu Wire, New York, Jan. 10, 1842. Wehare tried the Paste an I Plate Ponder made and sold by Mr. T. Anderson, and take pleasure iu recommending them. COL It MAN ?i STtTSON, Astor House. New York. Jan. 24 1842. We hare used Mr. Anderson's Pu'ishiug Paste and Plate Powder, and lind them very cicellenl for cleaning silver and silrer plated ware. BALL. TOMPKINS It BLACK. Late Marquand kCo., 16s Broadway. ? . ~ N? w York, March 1.1841. We have used Wm. Anders m's Polishisg Paste aud Plate Powder for cleaning silver and other kiuds of ware,and can recommend it with confidence to the public. THOMPSON k FISHER. 371 Pearl street Brooklyn, Feb. 14, 1844. I hare used Mr. Wir. Anderson's Polishiug Paste for tnver, braes,and silver plated ware, and findit to n- a first rate article. ROBERT E hTOlfir. Saddle aud Harness Maker. For sale wholesale and retail, foreiportation,at manufacturers' prices, by CHA8. H. RING,83 Fulton street, corner Cliff. Also, by; Bassett, <14 Bioudway, one dour shoes Bleecker street; U lion, corner Grand auJ Bowery; Coddinglon, corner Hudson and Spring; Ham's', 77 P.set Broadwav. ml# tm* lM^ORYANt TO CONSUMPTIVES. NEW YOUK. September21 st, 1841 To Dr C II. Ring Sir; As you hs*r reijiiesled mi logire you an account of how your"Llis>rof Lite 'act?diu my case, ' cheerfully com ply fur Ine benefit of otln re. I have Sad a cough every winter lor several years, and alwaysfol relief from simple herb teas till last winter, nrithrrone thing nor the other set mrd to gi . relief, end I ? -sgradutlly wasting away?having to relioti i - . my business. Inihisstate I was persuaded bv my friend MrPeck to try yotu El sir of Life and before 1 had finished the lottle, I w is not only cured of my cough, pain iu the chest, night iwei's. but able to resume hu.inrre ; and find myself lo rapidly improving it atmy friends are a toiiithed, espcrting to hear of my dea h. instead of seeing me get active and robust. I consider myself ind-ited to you forthesaviug of my life, and any one situated as I war. may call on P?CTER N HELMS. 13 Thompson St. Prepared and for sale by C.H. RING, 53 Fultou, cor. Cliff. ml 9 1 m* RTisin sicnn(;M r \ NTW xix x 1 vji k/ v/ \y villi vy ^jlxi ^ a IHE Jtgrrr. of confidence placed in tlii* Vegetable Cough Candy (>jr a majority of our physicians, ought to inspire the like inthe iriud of every sceptic, ?ho perhaps n?o from hiving been dec-ired liy inme article that ever, thing aud perfoimed bottling Won d phyeiciana reeon mciot an article they did not place implicit reliance in !te virtue. I Would clergvmeu aud o'net publ.c epeakera apeak publicly of ita delicti lftil relief, in lubricating the air passages and giving the voice a manifest inoidinate volume? In Una, would every body who haa tried it ao strenuously promulgate ita virt ita, had not the airaoat rairaculoua effects of ita powerful agency been eecu Prepared and aold, who'ea tie and retail, for exportation, by C.Ji. Kul ton atr? et. corner of Cliff. m I# t ?* THE SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL & DIAPER PIN. ANEW and important article loruae in the nurtery. and a? a fastening to ladies shawls. cloaks, Ike. patented iu the United States and in Kuroje, for aale wholeaale by W. H. CARY fa CO. Ids Pearl at New Ynrk,and by the patentee,at the manufactory. Its Jay at. B-ooklyu. Thread and needle atoms, and dealers in fancy articles, supplied on liberal terms. all Im't DENTISTRY. TXTM, THORN, DENTIST, ae'icita the attention of thoae v who wear Artificial Teeth, and thoae who may require them, to hia me .hod -of supplying the. Maxillary family, viz the Teeth. Knowing that there is a disagreeable taste tu th< month of those who indulge in acids, resulting from the action of the acid on the Uold Plate. In all caaes that admit of it, hi inserts tealhifrom on* to a completeaet,.withcut.asuig one par tide of metal of any description. >4 Chambere street. ill 1m* LUOINA CORDIAL. TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. rf isnow barely three year* since the general introdaction of the Luclna Cordial into the United Statea, and in that pe riod it hat not only spread its oai fulness throughout this hemisphere, and au(taia*d the vast reputation which it had previously acquired ia E irop*. but haa also added to the reu ,wn of its illustrious inventor b. the usrivalled powers it has keen discovered to posset* ia the cure ol incipient consumt lion. The knowledge f its wonderlul influence in reuovatiig and invigorating the huatan frame,first suggssted the idea ol osvng it ia tnis way; and the result is thit a medicine hai been added to the oaitilotue for the cure ofincipient consumption, which placet the disease, with due precaution, under the coiXeol of the patient jgiia scarcely necessary at this period to recammendthe LceDACoidiil. as an all-ruffirirut remedy in cases of Uleet, Klnur Albut, difficult or painful mers'ru iliun.Inconlintace of Urine, aud all diseases arisiug from debilitativawf theayalem, where an implise, or a restorative is wanted; a* throughout'he United Htaira it hat taksn precedence of (Mother m*dicine in such cases, and leaves nothing further to be hoped for; its cures being speedy, perfect, perrnalieut, abdWTecLed without pain or trouble. Should there how ever be any person laboring under the a hove complaints, who sredouttlul of its almost universally tested merits, I recom mend it ta then with all confidence, sod on my own personal ri tponsibilily, feeling aatu ed if they give it tne required trial, that health to 4te afflicted p.rues, aud gratefulness to Dr. Mag in, vill b* the ref"lt. But at is also the case in Europe, tr.e immense American reputation of the Lncioa Cordial. is p incipally kueilon its thoroughly iuvsstigated, indubitab e.and generally admitted power to suablef maht, who h: d hten coetidered bairen, to bear offspring; and to restore vinlepowerj in malac, wlien reduced to utter aed apparently horelcss proslraliou, to iierfect health and activity. When 1 I first rtceired the American agency of the Lucid* Cordial, I from Dr Maguio, notwiC sltndiugi'a immense loreigDcelebnty, and the great amount of respectable tcstimsoy that accompanied it. I dtcliued eommiitiig myself individually; by giving anv personal asauraucet in these particulars; but D -w, alter in- cuornn ? ? aaie ui upnaiua v, >iu?imi thnniand botllra coupled wi li the receipt* of certificate* ! auJ Ualimruiala innu nerable, and mu-li knowledge founded on peraonal obaervati n, I can u. hnit* ingly warrant it n* far-ierediiigmy mo?( sanguine hope*. or even the illuitnoai I iutrn'.or'i promise*, in the fiifilmmt of the moit imi> em'* for which it i* recommended, and ha* brcone ao juttly and unit eraally popular. To he a* explicit a* ptaaihle, I repeat and hold myielf p-raonally responsible for the aaaumption.lhattheLuci'ia Cordial, can invigorate theTiri.'e powir* inmate*,and make them focuidiut, where nature haa been < deficient, 01 when they have been protected by artificial meat ; and alio that it can produce that atate ofthe system in femalei, who had been prevI ualy un'ruitful. aud imagined barren, which will enable them to Daar children. I regret I that 1 have tnapetk io plainly, on such exceedingly delicate I nistteJr, feel :alled upon to do te*t it might be miauu- 1 deraio id, aid a* a full guarantee for the great responsibility which I have thaertuily a*<umed. Wi.hfeeling*ofai cere I gralitule firth* patr'uage which, a? UifattcaUf tne cucita Cordial, h?? oiei h*a '?d up ,D me In thii caun'ry. 1 rctnai the Pub'ice' very obedient humhleic-vaut, I JOnN Wl.hTe.ea3 HOLDEaWELL. M D i TVce $3 per hottl . Forsalnat 4S9 Broadway, .New York I an ; 80 Nor h, Phil d-l-hit. mfi 11 m* I VHETTSnYUN TKA tt.UPANY offer lor tale at 131 1 * Chatham atreet, Vew York, the cheapeat and moat genuine Te i* in the world, iu any quanlily not leaf than four oun- j era. If aujr artic e purehaaid at their eatahliahment ahould not give full aati-faction. it ia rripirated that they be brought , back?the mooey will be returned. a? lm' rI H?'THUE"int;HK8 OK LIFE IS HEALTH-Th* only gennine Taylnr'a Salaam of Liverwort from the nla proprietor at '341 Spring atreet,ha* never been known to fail in curing the moat alarming aymptoma of Consumption and LiverConaplaint. We have certificate* from hundred* of moat respectable peraona. certifying to the surprising relief 1 they have received in uung the article from 341 Spring atreet. [ Owing to the arierti na of counterftilera, the following 1 worn fart* ia now ptibliahed? I City of Brooklyn, King* Couety, *?:?E. Townarnd being 1 du'y aworn, deposes andaara that lie if peraooally aripiaintcj with the proi rietor of Dr.Taylor'f Balaam of Liverwort, and 1 doeaceitify fmm hi* own knowledge that the only peraon now liviug, who prepared Ihia medicine at J75 Bowery, and J ia the aole proprietor, reaidea and trauma bo-inrst at 341 Sprir.g alreet, and mar.u'ac'uraa the genuine Baaatn of Liverwort at that place, frnai lite only original recipe in rii*. tenre. E. TOWNSICND. Sworn before me thia nth Jan 1849, 1 S. ALPHEUB SMITH, Com of Deed*. 1 I certify from my owu peraonal knowledge that the above < latem?nte in reganl to the ownership,he. are ttus. i 8. ALPHLL'S SMITH. I Beware of Counterfeit*, aa the great queatmn of life or < death may driwii'l ii|.on having the grnuiue medicine, made < enly in tl:ia city at 341 Spring atraet, i Agrula? Re th ing 8 Stateatreet Beaton; SI Main atrei i 79 Fulton street, Brooklyn; 114 and 348 Broadatrtet, Newark Price?Large bottle* $3, next aize ft, nod amalleraize 88 I cent* i?3? lm* SUGAR BEET. rremium t nrn ami I'umpmna, lre?h rtgeta ble and rare flower ae?da. Engljah (rata f.#r Uwiu. 3* 000 frrfi end hot' houae planta dahlia root*, tiger flowera, tube roeer.fiuit end xrmtneii'al tre<a, ahrubl>ery of all k<nde,canar> birda cold fi.-h and globea, wholraale and mail, on the moat rtitoiublt lerm1, at NIB Ltd It DU NLA P'S, No. 671 Broadway. and at their Duraery, Curuer of 8th Amine and I Itlh afreet. Hatlem. m*6 lm' QTKKL PK.N S^F rum Ihe erlebrated manufarlory of Jo- I 1 atph "iilloit, of Bira inghem.?1Tin high r> pitatmn of thea* pena haa in lnred mauy inferior makera to imitate them, thereby injuring Ihefwell aari ed reputation of J leeph Uillott. ] The Public are reijneated to be paiticalar from whim they purchaer. Thegenuioe may be known by 'heir aup'iior quality, and i by the at fit ofpntting up. A eonalant aupily fur aale by ROBERT FARDOW, ; m9* 1m* 98 Maiden Lane. TtTTilfTH aLD ANDGR E YTTiJ aDI'.D-J ONES' 'I* OIL OK CORAL CIRCAH8IA. 1 HOSE whoae hair ia falling ont, turning grey, or haa eeat- . ed growing, ?n article ia here offered you at a rr-aontble priie e-rrmct^hf rjtjg Rot jmffeJ?and it will dp all itij to do need I hie-* . Icrrlify that my hair waa fating out faat; Ifr.wbrd out h luillula daily, at d I hoeeuaed two bottle# of Jouce'Oil of Coral Ctrcaaaia, it haa unite (topped falling out, and it growii gfaat and dark. * * W. TOM KINS, M King at. Thi* will give light, red or gre y hair I or dark look. aa I in time cau*e it to grow daik fr m the root* Ainoug other* who have uinl thi* unit rertify ii J. F. Power,grocer, Brooklyn; J. (jilbert. jeweller, 3d avenue Hold by T JON F.S, rignof the American F.agle, M?unleii you careful of the lignl number vnu ll be cVoled with t coiinWcfelt?R1 Chatham ?lr?et. Prices 1 and R (hilling* a bottle?three itltl. I3t K niton atrcet, HrookJj agent. m30lrn* _ M\ll< I il I,.?l'l.-ir i? no Oil in tNe World lliat c*ii de go id or bad to the hur. Fveiy body know* that when tr.e hair bumed it will grow again aa good at erer All the powder* for dyinr the hair ere nothing nut a rniattire of lime and lithragr, andthehnr la not d,ed, hut literally burned I Li.aidn for dying tne hair are eoinpoaitiooe of canatie and (firit . that burn' in the a tine way aa the powder*, aad dont d> e the hair, a wl thr hai' will grew no matter how many 1 tnneait ii hurnd: and every b .dt h. ow* alio, that when ] i lie he ail ia Cull of dandrnff.lh hiir begin to turn grey, and 1 haldiiiae followe. Krom <u eipenence ofiwrnty year*, bemg 1 hair rutlnr,and h tving I lie opportunity of eiamiiimg a giett t many head*, (and blob head*) I hare made mjaell a great ' ro.n ?n o n knean iw " Paeior'* Hair Oil. or Compound ' heeiutial Oil of Amond*." forde?roy>ng dandruff, preventing thr luir from coming out and ttir.iin grey. Thr* inimitable Hair Oil will m be the hair (row well, no mntter how tnveh* ii on the heed. For **le. w toleaale end retail, at A. Paitor'n. Hair f nttcr, Ids Greenwich itreet. New Yoik. Price M ocnU a bottle. i Mia* It K I MORNING, APRIL 14 IS PERMANENT ESTABLISHMENT. IN NEW YORK. MONB. MALLAN k SONS, Surgeon Dentiit*, No S7'i Broadway, and at London and Pari* inform thd Public of Now Yoik, audita vicinity, that in conaequeDce of their very extemive practice, they have, at length, been induced to open a Permanent Ettabliihment, where they may be couauited at No. 37-J Broadway between Krauklin and White itroeta, in all caaei appertaining te their profeiiion, in which they have been ao aaceaaful, in coniequence of their celebrated diacoreriea and improvement* in the art of Dentiltry. Mom. M.illan return* vhenki lor the very liberal pat rouage he haa received, and continue* to receive, par ticularly to the Medical profession of New Yoik, lor thair kind recommendations, and advocating Mons- M.'i improvement iu Dent list y. CELEBRATED MINERAL roa FILLING DECAYED TEETH! Mons. M. continues to restore decayed Teeth,however large or small the cavity ; making a stamp into a sound Tooth, instantly curing the Tooth, however painful or sensitive, matching in point of color, the natural cortex or enamel of the Tooth. They never break or become loose?they have no tinnatural gloss?are firmly fixed without wires or Uga tures?no bulky substance iu the month?and in every particular resemble the adjoining Teeth, in conformity of shape and minutest ifhaJe of color, rlaced from one to a complete set, upon the abovo imprrved and scientific principle, they are guaranteed to answer every purpose of Mastication ard Articulation. LOOSE TEETH securely and effectually fastened,arising either from the use of medicines or any other cause. ARTIFICIAL PALATES replaced upon a sure and scientific method. TO THE PUBLIC OK THE UNITED STATES. Monsieur Mellon is happy in being enabled to announce that by the kind consent of Three Hundred of the first families of the United States, consisting of the first .Merchants, Medical profession. Clergy and private Citizens, to whom he can refer as to the superiority of Mous. M.'s celebrated Mineral in preference to any other they have ever tried, and, in their opiniea,the best that overcame undertheir notice. His other improvements need no comment. INVALIDS Atteadedhy Mons. Mallan, Junr., at their own Establishment. THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC are particularly invited to pay Mons Mallan a visit, to see the specimens of his new discoveries in Dentistry. TESTIMONIALS. Mons Mallan: Muebee.Mar Sth.lMl. DearSir,?Afterhaving tried the Artificial Teeth which you made for me, 1 cannot do jou less justice thau to ackuowleilge wall pleasure my entire satisfaction. i m-g to say they anawerevery purposeof aeticaliou and Articulation eijual to those placed by thehands of nature. Tbey ao closely reaemblr the natural outs in the minutest shade of color and shapc.tliat tlicy are not liacrrued as being' artificial by the closest observi ra. Your celebrated invention for filling decayed teeth, 1 can give a decider opidion of its valuable qualities. You may use I his letter in any way you think proper, for the benefit of the public and yourself. Iam-dearsir,yours truly, THOS. FARqUES, Manuel Carmelst. To Mons. Mallan, Surgeon Deutist. 373 Broadway, This gentleman is known at lit Broadway,and at Trime Ward fctting's. MONS? MALLAN, ITS Breadway. SIR?I feelita'pleasure tobeable to offeryou my teatimony in behalf of your celebrated mineral. During my lata residence in Pans 1 called at your establishment in the Rue Castigiione, ami having had some tsethhlled with your mineral, I can oilly say that I have had every reason to be satisfied with its utility and value, snd ueverin the I east degree eiperienced any inconvenience or injury from its effects in any manner whatever.?During my visit to Moua. Mallaa I saw si vera! testimonials of the highest character, all expressing the fullest confidence in its great benefit ond value. As far as I am enabled to judge,! considemd it then, and villi consider it. to be the best preparation oftllc kino ever affiled to the public. 1 am,sir .respectfully .yourobedientservaet. VANBUROH LIVINGSTON, II Greenwich street, near ForlUansevoort. New York,May 31.1341. Mons. MALLAN It SON4, Surgeon Dentists, may be consulted daily at 378 Broadway between Franklin and Whit sts..east side. m33 lm' CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. PPHE Subscriber is now opening his Spring supp'y of 1 HARDWARE 3t CUTLER*, receivedperTate arrivals, from Birmingham and Sheffield. Together with a general as sortment of Domestic Goods, whi-h he is prepared to offer st 1 the very LOWEST CASH PRICE*. The attention ef Country Merci an's, Builders, Cabinet Makers, Stc., is solicited to an examination of his stack and prices as h? is confident they will Snd it to their inters t to favor him with a call. ALFRED F. LAGRAVK, 310 Grrenwich corner Barclay, New York. A regular supply ef FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Coopers Glue. Alio?a complete assortment ol (Mechanics Tools, fames Screws. Itr. m9 3m* A PROBLEM AND the war to solve it. Why do the imitators of my Tab- | let Rumor Strop allow me to carry off the premium medal . and diploma, fiom the American Institute, year alter ye r, without evenfubiri.ting theirown for trim11 O ye of tender | china and tough beardi. su.werthe above by bringiig a dull ( p-ir of Razors, and test for yourselves he truths cl the certifi- j esles af thr moit seieniific gentlemen in the country, viz: Professor Oriscom, Dr. Mo't, Gin. J. Tsl'madge and otlu ra. . G SAIJNUKRS, sole inventor and manufacturer of the metal- I lie Tablet Razor Strop, with lour sides, 1(3 Broadway. I . m29 In' _ (VHINA, GLASS AND KAttl'HEN WAKK.-i list ol V priceeof China, Glass, he.,sold by K. SI MI'SUM, 8 Aster House, Broadway, w ho keeps the best articles, and sells eheatierthuiS')' outer (rouse 10 the Udkei Slates. FRENCH STONE WARE, Porcelain. Liar tir White. < Plates 1st size perdoz fl 94' (I 00 do id do I 74 89 SO lil do 1 98 75 do 4ih do 1 37 83 do S'h do , 88 97 JoeerDish, 1 44 7S Sauce Tureen and Stand, 1 00 78 reaCii|)S and Saucers, per I doi,t4pa. 1 80 1 [*itehers. 1st size, 1 79 18 do id do 1 37 37 do 3d do 1 12 28 do 4th do 75 It do Sih do 43 do 4th do 5* JhocoUter, 1st size per dz 8 75 do 2d do 3 -6 do Id do 2 78 reaa, 1 50 ' Egg Cups, 97 Stone Ware, Dining Service, 112 pieces 1109 frenth or Eng. rcucelain tea sets, 29 pieced 4 00 . CUT GLASS. Dctagon dishes, best quality, S inch, pr pair 9 08 J do aj 9 do do 990 do do 19 do do 4 00 Decanters, the eet of4 from 8 88 c Ure?n Hock Classes, per dot. 2 23 Cut Winesfrom 1 80 per dozes Due Fluted Tumblers 2 00 do 1 Lemonades,handled, 2 28 do " Housekeepers, lake caredhia list, and siaka your purchasers It 8 Aator House; the srrihg you will make by ao doing muat 1 be eisib'e tn all upon reading the a bore. I Table Cutlery?This is also the cheapest store for fine Ta- I ble Cutlery, in sets or dozens t ml3 In* R. SIMPSON.I Astar House. u FOR THE FACE AND SKIN"! I AMONG the many and tamo us Cosmetica that are offered <o the public for b-au'ifying the complenon, and remoe- ' ng-yery eruption from the f>ce. none can be so confidently ' eouainend.d as Church's Vegetable Lolisn It imparts a dc- * iratesm'O hueas to the enmp en n, and effectually restores 1 ilsaples. blotches, tao, freckles. ringworms, and all o.her cuta- ? Mas eruptions and disc lorsaaM < Price 75 cents per bottle?sold at Chu ch s Dispensary, 198 I Jowery,corner of Spri -g street. # Agents? E. W. Bull, Hertford: C. It N. W. Sitsmo-s, PiDe, u lorner of Fourth street, Philad.lphia; Charles Stearic. t*r ugh- t leepaie. m23 I in* u DOCTOR PROVOST. \ QOMC iuCieiriuala wrileagainat I he use of balsam coj airy, r ' cube ba, nitre, camphor, mineral aatrmgrnts, itc 81c , in the t cure of aecret Ciseatca. but tnat the world knawa that the 0 ibore n.mrd m edicuies will and hare cured thoae dif??ses. ia a >eyoml a doubt It ir perfect folly to deny that faet. But that tl it rrquirca a prnfeeeh na! mm, and a man of skill in hit prafea- n lion, to know ?h?n and how togire thoae medicirea, ia equally h is obvious to men ol minda. I hope, therefore, that ge lllenien requiring uiedieal aid will not gite ear m a'l the fool sh stuff h wlitckikap tnop sss in (hi akan* t.f hilfprtiismpuli hit! tk#>* b will call iifcn me, at No. II Broad a'rtet, where they ihall a lurr * full hialory rf Ihrire tie 1 feel confident that not a fa b Ice-.t will leave my office without beii g entirely laii-leu that p Lhere it at leaf one regular bred phyainin whohn couth reudetl to place liin fell aim ug the field of (I'lackf. My of- u lee in at II Broad, eorncr atone at. r ellB' ' J. PROVOST. M. P. t TO THE LADIES. PABHIGVABLK MILLINERY GOODS-The I I treia, Mill i. KING, daughter of the celebrated Carl E'ng, ' offrrifor rale atirit irlectand choice aieortment ol Mtllioe- d ryOwda for the lyring trade, never ?i ye'preiented to the pub ic. belli m regard* the gatlity and chrapneai of the arti- I tie* The aarorlmrn' rrnaiaia of Che frdlcwvig r The celebrated 8ILR HAT. CALLED CAPOTTE D'ORLEANS '* worn by La Durbeaee d'Orleana. of kroner; bhf.d silk entirely new and original 9 PYLE?and Lawn Hit* do do-au entire new at) I* ol Hate called " MODINE CAPOTTE9. EL9SLER COTTAGES." Paria'aa and Engluh FANCY STtlAWS. ef the fineat te*lure, in great eari ty. The tunpriitre a reap clfnllj aolicita the iadiee to farne hee T'l!". C?" e j itro e t.e t>([ mt a. tl var ird etock of Millin?ry for themaiUra. before they pureed elaewhere.aa it will be a gr-at a??log to them in price and a great advantage aa regard! tne Tanety ano auality of the gontla. s MISS S. KING, Mag tine de Model, illlm'r ??3C Broadway. DR. FAWCETT, MEMBER OF THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF SIJR GKO.NS of London and Kdinhurgn, and of the Mrdiol College ol rhiladeliihiMtokfiiea hia practice U a reject branch .' o. hia )irof-a*ion. ' ,aoe*i fmpu noiore roiura* Dr. F i? i-nniur-*'H hf the unifom lunm ktteadinn hi# P mod* of treatment in Ihe cure of venereal, (Ireta. alrirture#, y rmuial ttrjknr.i and mercurial aff cl en/, injfelhfr wilh all ' iIj > ? ol.irr Im-i evmplome which uadrrmine the r in# ilulme o anil I ij- llic Iu idill -n of premature decay, eiibcr fmn realtreatment or anv nlhrr cau?e In iach |ki#(ina the i|P*lile i# ' gnierallv difeulire, and lac reliah f..r 'ife aim ?l eaMned P! Hia modeof Irci'frcnt i# tiniteraallr ailmi-ed?hi# m^fcinr# 1 b#ing (il/< >nt to the tat'e and iinell. gently a#'rny# lh* libera >f the ilorn?c!i tad (jirea (hal prefer l-?- il) .what a good dig##. line require#. Hie treutiae r n constitutional ora-rr ru# dehl- * ity afford# eery eit*.(ire <>b#ereation?on aeiial d'kilitr ?? ' ninal wrahnea#, end impotency brought no by de Inane hanita? I el it* attendant #, mptom# phiaiol geally rtplained. Thia I eorh ean be obtained at hi'olfi , IH b ulloa it. * here the le I) elor can be conaulted at all hoar# or the day and n'ght. nl Letter# poll paid will re. ?ite immediate attention. l| yfSSZmm ;! irs&trw&iztizz* 11 *' llTetry (tract- a IE R A 42. I 'l'HK NEW YORK LANCET. CONTENTS OK NO. XV. Lectures?A Course of Lectures on Diseases of the Chest, Percussion, and Auscultation. By John A Swett, M. D. Lecture II?Hounds of the heart?Various theories as to their production ?Auscultation and percussion of the Heart?p. 116. Dr. Hall's Lectures ou tho Pathology, and Diseases and Derangemets ol the Nervous System, No. 111. The Pathology of the Nervous System?p. JIB Professor Vott's Lectures on Surgery, p.'i83. No XV. Enlarged Tonsils continued. Cossml*mcATtorr?Case of Atisence of External 0--ni>.i. a.,,i LVrm^iinn nf in Artificial Vaaina. With anlK.n graving. By Dr. W. Mugi e, ef Patetaon?p. 223. EDITORIAL OtraTUr.ii.?Medical Statistics? p. 231. IwKMWIOMICII. llfMTII.?Crosby street Clinique?p. 234. Stuyveaant Inatitute Clinique?p. 234.? Stone in the Female Bladder.? Dilotaiion of the Urethra?p. 233 An accouut of a Caae of Extensive Din eaae of the Pancreas. By James Arthur Wilaon, M. D 11. 23d. Complete Obliteration ol the Aorto?p. 236. Effusion of Blood under thu Mucoua Membrane of the Uvula, removed by inclaion?p. 236. Fatal Effects of Tight Lacing?Pyroaia, with alteration in the poaition of the atumach. By Dr. Ooldiog Bird?p 237. On the Propagation of the Variolas Vaccina? by Crusts from the Cow. By John Baron, M. D, F. R. 8., Cheltenham?p 236. Use of injections in Gonorrhoea?p 236. Cyanide of Potassium in Acute Articular Rheummatiam?p. 236 Tut COLLATERAL HCIFM H?' On Fibre." Br Martin Barry, M. D., F. K 88. Lond. and Ediu_p.;239- Nmrohy pnology?p '238 Ivrus and IifTELLintKcri?Health of the Britiah Metro) polia, 1841?p. 24o. Mortality in London?p. 240. Weekly Report of interment!? p 240. Niw YORK: Printed and ubhshed for the Proprietors, at the Lancet Office, No 21 Ann Street,by JAMES GORDON BENNETT. ~DR~ F. FELIX GOURAUD'S j POUDRES SUBTILES FOR ERADICATING HUMAN SUPERFLUOUS HAIR T'lE ?i?.ve preparation baa received the stamp of public ?,' 4 probation forvomeyrarspast, es ihe most i?r, *f; i ffeetual remedy ?yer discovered for the com >lete erai'i'.#;1 I of humtti Hit. Hi'decideflifM loeiliineblt article for ihe toilet. and li?? entirely anuihil tteO thote uelfleiijuv.uncvrfiin and (Ungeroni composltiona which have been too frvquentlv employed. Ne lovely or beautiful woman, who )m? ihe Un. rgliUy appendage of a demonatration of a beard on her upyer lip. hairy side of the face, molee, or a inast of hair covering a hro d and elevated forehead, aloud delay a mo m*nt procuring a bottle of tnii invaluable powder When atplie co'd thi. prcpar-t on i? uaed by ?ome in lieu of a razor for removing the be <rd, it efTer.^a with more eaae.with as much rapidity, in a mare lithfactory manner, and at le?a eipeine. while at the same time it leaves the skin soil and delicate to the touch. T" uproot the be-arc it applied warm, ac ro'ding to direction* acompauyiug each bottle. Price one "uOURAUD'S F.AU DE BEAUTE .or True Wa er of Beauty, for removing tan,, f.eckl.s, blotches. rrotI lie w, tic , real ling delicate wh'te ore* and arnn, ?n eliciting alicalthy juTenilaappearance, at per bottle. Beware of spurieu* imitations, of this celebrated cosmetic, ol the most drlrt.rinus uatnre. utterly ruinous '?'he ccaipleiion. and by ita repeilant ac'inn iiiiuriiu* to heallh. OOURAUD'S VEGETABLE LIQUID ROUGE, compos mI inateri'lly front liuweis and smiles, impirlsa delicate roarate to the completion, immovable bv rubbiu/ with a handkerchief or I men cloth. SO rents pvr bottle. GOURaUD'S BLANC D'EBPaOVE, or Spanish Lily While, givea to tlie countenance a pure lifelike alabaaler whiteoeia. rttm l from the isiurious pro|iertiea generally combined with preparations for thu purpote. 35 ccuta, put up in'legant boies .... Rrnien bar! the above celebrated coimetica are to be ha I at the old established "Bice, 47 Walker street, ont door from Broadway, ami al547 Broadway. AikjitS ?New York?Alcany. Alei. Guthrie, No. 4 Ma d en laue? Utice, U L Brown.p rfumer. Ueuesre k'rpsia. J Gray?Buffalo, J H in. dale, 157 and 303 Main street. I'rnnivlrania?Philadelphia, Mn Browu, 7C Cheaoiit street. Maryland?Baltimore, be'h H H.nce, Pratt rtreet. District of Cell.labia?Washington, 8elby Parker, reunsylran a Avenue ?Alexandria,CC Beiry. Viigiiiia?Richmond, Mrs Frayeer, Fstieet. Conn1 dicut?Middletowr, E C Kerre?New Haten. A Law, Chapel alrret? Hartford, Wells Muowhrey, |7lMam street?Nor ?ich. William Faulkner. Massachusetts? Bosti n, A 5 Jordan,3 Mi'k street?Lowell, G A Carleloo It Co, City Hall?Lynn, Dr. A L Holder?Worcester, M D Phillips, Brinley Place ? Spriogfield. h A Cow lee. Mam street?Lee, Bulllt Field?Balew, Wk8 F Ives?Newburyport, Charles H Hedge N.Han pshlre?Portsmouth.W K Preston. Maine?Portland, i lilt IS It Co? Bang' r, Whltlier It Guild? Hallowed, F Scannon. Kh, de Island?Providence. Charles Dyer, jr. Westminster steeet. Ohio?Columbus, Bummer Clark. New Jersey?T Seabrook Princeton. Every bo'tle oI'Dr. Oouraud * Osmetics has hi* name w ith Ihe name cf preparation, and New York, brown on the four lidee. and his lac simile engraved on the wrapper* ol the Poulri s r ubtiles. None other arc genuine. at 31m' OAETRHF.UM. KING WORM i'ETlEK. BARBER'S ITCH AND feCABlES ?RAYEh'B LOTION AND SYRUP is the ouly remedy which is certain to cure the above :omplaints?harmless in its operation, but certain in its effects -Ihe Lotion healing quickly, and the Byruppurifying speedily. Price $1 THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL?Dr. GoadwilPa Deter[eat and Pills never fail to cure a recent case of d'erase in 4H lourl, if use! as directed. Try them, all ye affl.etel-they ire free from mercury. Trie 50 cents each. THE TO .THACHE CONQUERED-Janisen's F.atract. It re'ievs in five minutes after application to the nerve ol the tooth, end prevent! decay if the tooth is filled immediately. FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS?From M. Bindrlocgue tif l'r?nce?cortain. s-fe and speedy in the cure of all eases ] where nature has become obstructed. They cure is a few days. Price 75 centsj>er package. _ a A.HI-DII.LIUU9 r J\yi|U( I ll.l.s?Kor 1 1 the rel ef of ell comp'aints produced br coilive haute. inch I at headache, heartburn, eour atomach, dirnnen, loat ot appetite, they hare been used with more aucceaa thau any pill eter bet'ora offered to tlie public. Price 35 cents per bog. Sold wlieleaate and retail by E. M. liUlON: 137 Bowery, e nierof (irard street. mat Im* T)OVS' CLOl H|NG?i IIlLDtt?N'? I L(M itlNG?a IJ rery large assortment?Very good qual ity?Very cheap? [1KO A. IIJY 1' it CO.. No. 14 Bowery, would respectfully nform their patrona and thr public generally. that they hare igain bren making eitruaire preparaliona for the spring and lummer trade, and hare now on hand a much larger aaaorlment >f boya'and children'a c'othiug than they hareerer before lad. The public are inritrd to ca I and examine their go. da, with particular reference to quality and price. Term* cash, a 3 Hn* HUTl MINGS' STOMACH BITTKRH i? a certairTeure for Dyapepaia. aeaialing digestion, weakneea, nerrouj iaeaaet, niglcl aweata,lie. J Sir?I hare in the courae of my practice preaeribrd yourato- i naeh bitlera and found them a mn?t efficient r> medv in caaea if indigeitio n, acidity and debility of the digeatire otgana. by no meana claaa it among the quack medicinea of the ( lay, but one which will confer a great bltstiug cn many of t on ... l enng fellow beinga. P. J BRADT, M. D. 330 Broome it. 1 The following ia from Dr E, O. Lit How. (34 Broadway?1 J tare uardyour Bittera in caaea of impaired digeatiun, when < ie;eta\.li tonics were indiapenauMe, with a beneficial reanlt. . riieamclea of which it ia compoatd are rery judicioualy om lined, and I hare no drubt will prore terrice able in the aaea for which you hare recemnended It. KDWAIll) G. LUDLOW. Certificatea of miry persona cured can be aeen at the drug lore ISO Bowery,corner of Broome, where the abore ia mid iily in t da oily, and Mra liny a, 139 Pulton atrect, Brook lin 'ricelarge bottlea $1; email 50 cent*. m39 In.' [JKAJ^SAbU'd OAR ESTABLISH rlfcN t . louudid in L 18wr, ..t 403 Wa'er atreet, 5 doora abore t'atheri? e market, he only fS.aMi'hment of the kind in the United 9tate*, con- 1 inuea I o supply the Nary, the American, Kuaaian. an! Span ih war steamer*? haa tu, plied all the Race Boata and Club lua's for the laal four ye?ra?and haa now the largeat amort- . sent of Oare, Sweeps and Sculla erer collectedtnoiie place I N. B. The Branch Oar Store, on Ihe Noith Rirer aide, ia : hut up, and reinored 11 103 Water atreet; and at I aare all lie eip'mes of o te store. I will itll eniugh cheaper lo those r rho come from tho North Rirer aid* to pay them f-rtneir rouhlh. Race Boats, Club Boata,Oara and Seal la sold 50 per I ent leas than la?t year. ?8 Im' 'AN THE CUKE OF 8TIUCTUKE? It i? most unfcrtu- . it nsta in this complaint th%t many persons have a stric- 1 ur? who ara ijol m ina leant aware of it. Thr eoaimon nor inn e l that ao long a* the urine passes in a tolerable - 'ream.I here a'nuot be a atricture. But thii ie far from true. Aatricture t say. and often doee. riiat for monthe. and esen years, without rodaciug any striking change In thia rerpect. When nitric- c Rre arrives at that degree of narrowness at feuaibly to impede ( e uriae, it 11 a aenoue malady indeed. The object af those emarke however, is to preveut thia elate, aud to attack it at a (j line when it ii easily and perfectly removed. But there are ther circumstance* net id* a it* effect upon the urine by which r atricture may be known, or. at leait. strsngljr suspected. and hough theie are nurneroua, there are two which are eery com non and very easily judged of, and theac (ball be mentioued , 'The firat of three cirenmetaneee relate* te time. It is well t ,newn that elricturre arise from long continued and badly reeled Oonorrhda. Now, whenever this disease continues ' rer many weeks, especially if in the early period any of the I -vasted nostrums of the day were taken, there is just aud pro- , er ground to stisjieci a atricture. The neat is most remarkable?4 tl the effect a atricture hat 1 ponthe inind aud spirits. This ia a fact that may be tbo s oughly relied on. ludeed the author never saw a cite i| str-c . ure, (and be many every day,) id which the patient did lot, more or Ices, complain of hit losa of mental energy?that ' i# waa not soeajiohle of bueinees as formerly. The reaaen of < his, however, is clearly shown in his "Pn>aw i.T. - , ittle volume noticed iu auother column of this paper, and to shirh the leader ii referred, not only for knowledge of this 9 lisease.but on every other connected with this subject. I I)It. KALPH Outlier begs to add. that he may be e. naulted ( irrtonally a* his residence, No. t)8 Oreeuwich street, at SDy inur : and should an* be in doubt as to the eiis'enee of this 1 lisease, especially alter perusing his little volume, he will, t vithout evp. use or the least jmin, e(plain and assure lum wksher he havs or not. Let it only ne remembered that, if he re- . illy ha* a stricture, not all the medians in the world, alone. 1 vifl ever cure it. n.Q8 fm* i THE PRIVATE THE ATJMK.? fins is a little volume on I a certain .lis naea in which the best and moat convenient ( neans of cure are stated in the plainest possible mannei. I' ilso shows the reaaon whv Jheae ma. a A- so frwjnently cow l inut on from month to mon#i,iinc'ired.*nd t'rminsle it length. ! D other and complaint*. am can read hue little book without seeing at once their true and real naare, and slso ihe risk ind danger of truatinc litem to ignorant obtain a rational degraa of eonft leace in what he ha* sdvanced on the cure of those diseases, the in*!,or lluuk* P proper hers to giva a ample statsment of ths neans end opportunities be himsall has had of forming just and lear opinions ou this subject. He therefore begs ts stats, that resides his rank as grsduate of Edinburgh, and member of the .rndon fed lege .Ac he has Hern watching these diseases, boll n Hospital and city practice lor insie than thirty years, and m published two rdilioss of a work expressly on them. Also vat he has letter* of Commendation from the most eminent hysitianv in Europe to ths most eminent in Americs, as Sir tsslei CVvojer to Dr. Mott of New York and Dr. Phyaiek.sf hilaiwltliia, and others, and whith may be saen by any one. nd Inrther. that h* hns tha privilege sf referring ts almost ' rery physician of eminence in this city. Thssc are circum | ancea which afford the highest satisfaction to every [ *i illy to those who are aaiioua to obtain lbs bast tdvies.? ; he pi ice of ths book is $1. Dr Halph rmuulted ? hu rcmdtaiec.M Oramwichitrart, I ao? hour. Mil baa dulmct and i paralt apirtraraiti for (bur I I ho ha?? ta wait l lilUa. Communication by poll arc f?tb I | Itr replied In. JAVA~N* 8K??.\KH ?PLTtlM * ?nd 3JJ Bowery, formerly kept by Mr. P. Mmioi. b?ri ??? la inform the making public that they will ilwiyi Cod. : bn itorei. v. rll i?b rlrd aaonrtmea of the ftrcit hrande of <] <?.B? aid Prtftiut 3E(Mllf| it wholesale lid retail, ?nd * fi. it rate imrl? and friendly traa'mrnl eon imnri rri ^ im. he Kkim In rereiee a lane ehare of it mM'm (??T?On nil Marrh. One Oolil .lyei-tealee. The I " -f finder ihall receiri Two Dollar! reward, lid ao ijailliaai j * Sni*'APPliu0DU.APLAINC. M Wall at, 0?w Nm?. * LD. rnc. f?u oaii The Srhonl (|ue?llon To thi Editor or the Herald :? Sir :? Al hough patted the twelfth hour, and the School lli 11 ic law, 1 would, with your periiiiunion, wish to throw r few nyi of light on the queation. Lately seeing orc of your brethren of the quill;fl(.undering in the mcanea of doubt, detqiair and ignorance, on thia aoaiter, I tendered him iume aid, end attempted to diapel the darkoeas from hie mind; bat he sat in sullen aileace and dei.>ned me no reply. He had juat thrown down hi* |icu in agony and given up the whole to the wind- 1'ity moved me, and 1 came to kin re?cue, but in vain Whether he waa afraid of Winnie subscribers, or political capital, or both, I know not, but kUNpect something of thia kind, as he sometimes trite to be t<li thing* to all men. But to thw queation. In aaying a few worde en thia matter, it gives me plea-ore to addreas royaeli to an independent Editor who is not afraid to tend oat the truth on any auhject On this vexed queation we may safely lay down the following as postulates 1st The Catholics of thia city are determined not to have their children educated in Protestant schools 2d The public will not aupport sectarian schoo.a And 3d. it ia not proper that a private corporation should wield public fundi, or direct public education Are. any of your readers, air, unwilling to grant theae postulate! 1 II there are, we heaitate not to lay them down as propositions and demonstrate them Mr Editor, 1 am not a Rim an Catholic, nor lh? ?nn nf ? u"""- /'_ u - i- - . ?..ui?n vunviic, jei i protest lo b-j a Catholic in the purest and b< it aense of the word. I have no sympathy with Romanism aa a system, nor with tliose pseudo would-he Catholics, Hlihs Tentorians, alias puseyilet rf Oxford, nor their servile foilotvera and inriiatea of Go ham, and those half dozen who lately held forth in St. John'a Church, Brooklyn, who would cotnpreaa aea and land to make praaol}tea, and contend foranempty name as if it were an apple of gold. No, air, 1 care nothing about inch wrangling and visionary polemics. They are not Catholic* |who would shut up the kingdom of heaven against seven tenths of their fellow Chiiatiana, while they thcrnaeivea, instead ot goiug in, are watting their time in contending about names, and in denouncing their neighbors as heathen, cut of the pale of Christianity Catholics they are not,but the moat contracted and arrant bigots that ever assumed the Christian name. It ia probably well known to you, air, that Bomanists and High Church Kpiscopaliani are con tending for the supremacy in the christian world. The Romanists, are inviting, what they consider their schismatic brethren, the high churchmen to return into the bo>om of " Holy Mother." The high churchmen are returning the compliment, and beseeching the Romanists to join the church. For, Sir. you must know that high churchmen are not satisfied with being called a church, or Episcopalians?thsy are par trctlhinct, the only true church, and besides them thare is none else. For such sublimated bigotry and spiritual pride, the low church folks are ashamed of them, and leeture them from day to day, whi'e all other denominations stand by and view them with derision and ineffable contempt. Naw, sir, with such religionists the Romanists are contending for the mastery; and they wish te discipline their own troops in iheirown way, not doubting but that one day this vast confines!,from Cape Hora i o the frozen ocean, will be under their way, like Europe in the dark age*. I have ne fears that ever Uigh church Kpiscopaey will convert Rome, but Rome, 1 have no doubt, will, ere long, swallow up every high churchman on the globe?tliey are now fast surrendering themselves its willing victims. Tou aee then why the Romanists ara standing out for schools of their own. They mast have their otvn religion taught ia their schools. They must have their own catechism taught?I have beard their leaders assert it tima and again. They will have no Bible read without note or comment. Their children must be trained from the cradle to go up like Gog and Magog to compass ibe whole land. I have talksd with Romanists?1 have attended their meetings, and heard their debates,and frnm oil lhn? I !* ? ? J L i ... .. .ecu ana nesru, l have come to tbe conclude n that no compromise can be made mith them in thii matter. IT they cannot have mcb school* as they want, ihcy never will bare my thing to do with tbc public sehool aeciety, who may go on roakiag cotiecseiors to them until lenmbday only to be laughed at for their credulity. Hut, air, the city and State cannot and will not i-uppnrt lectarian schools. This hardly needs demonstration. If the Catholics obtain their wishes schools of their own at the public expense, other denominations will immediately demand and muat obtain the same. Protes ant schools are to be arrayed against Catholic schools, and there will be war in this valley of Arm*, rudden. Such a plan is now ready to be put in motion. 1 have hard of a wea'thy l'rctestant who will at once put down his name for ?3001), and several others fur (mailer sums, to establish schools in which the distinguishing features of Protestantism (ball be taught. We must not be rnled, sir, by either Popery, i'utey m, high churchmen, or the Public Sehoel Society. Wc must have tehoos upon the true republican ilan?the district system. A private or clone eor>oration should no. wield public fund- nor direct mblic t ducal ion. put this 1 will d. tnonstrntc in uy next, when I will make a devclopcmeut in reiaion to the present movement ol the Catholics, which will open the eyes of many who, on this *ubect, have ull along bten behind, Irom tbe editorial f-orps to the (Quaker oligarchy who rule with a rod jf iron the public school*. Jcxius I/tlea. | Correspondence of the Hereld.1 UrrcA, April 12, 1SIZ <i irtyntrioui lUamage?A Ball? The Beauties PititrU. Or. ku Sin :? The peicrable father* and mother* of the Utica Mmele Moral Ref. rra Society hare been thrown ato terrible commotion lately, by the marriage of >ne of it* membcr-i in a rather underhanded way It *eem? the parent* of a boy Here opposed, from >iincipie, to bi* mariying the lady of hi* a treeion* from the fact thai she numbered *ome *ix or sight lumniers more than the boy. She however va* *ix or eijht year* older in cutenc** than the Id coon*; and, tucccediitg in one effort, *he ciwiiluded to make a bold stroke and secure the more lillidcnt un.l smaller half to beraelf, and the mean* Dade utc of effected the pnrpoie. The " moduii opperandi" wai in (hi* wiae : ? \bont tix weeks ?iuce tln-y *ecured the valuable ervicr* of a demi-eomrbody to be in propria perona at a certa n toy-ihop, then and there to perorin the holy scrvic- u i h ut cider, cake, or any >ther moral reform drink*, in inch a manner a* to It fy the i of ib? old one* to brehk them mil.dor The tomebody did hi* part of the duty, md left th<> newly marrird happy pair to do thcira; hey both take the popular shower qu.te contentidly, aad have it to contole them that they were njnjing the blii* of matrimviiy fire weeks, before iny of the Hire one* were notified of tbeae immrtant c.rcumstance*. t)ld Neptune with hi* trilent, or Jupiter with hi* liobtning, never cut euch in unna ural figure a* did the old resectable laddy h h- n the new* wa? told him. This should teach the old on< * to keep their soya at home, and ear them in bed before eight 'clock eveiy evening. The partiee are both of rnnt-A r.~.i: : -Ji'i ..... ? ........ P, ??u raa?j ,, no ?aTe once .a|| fa and paid 30 cent* on the dollar, are well to do in th" world ; all, too, are members of the cl.ur. a >o says the w orl-J. We h-id a pr.tty "affair" at the Mechanics' Hall the other e renin/, and at the request if one ol the be.<ut,c*, I send you a short acoount of the proceedings Among; the many beatries, whi w charms were con pinions, were to be sice, first, the two beautiful mid accomplished daughters of Doctor W .and the charming .Miss T ,all of Hotel street. Miss K of Washington street, shone like diamonds?the plump Misa H looked aa lively erer, wal'zud as rh.irmingi\ as ever, and ruined the pour heait ef F)octor II "l*he aiatera S , a* usual, took their full share of admiration Mist l> , lorely and intelligent, and a host of others 1 he young tenth-men tried hard lo plesse; and if happy if'aiiers can be taken as efidenee of h-iai plea ed, lhen we-e thry successful. Mr ! . lent his fa ct ua inns tornfi'.fs/n the Motel street beauties with fii? n ual su'sess. F F , a rouug man of deserr ng m erit, was sinong ua, at d wti happy Yoara truly, Sacsitres ?Tne Trenton State Gazette mystnaf m Friday night l i t the carpet in the western a sle >| the Preebvlerian church was stolen The th of nterrd the church, it appeared, through the soti'hre?tem window, by means of a ladder. It t" the ame aisle frmn which the carpet was stolen, s?o? iter the charch was open.

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