Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1842 Page 3
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POSTSCRIPT. Qtj- For our usual Southern Correspondence, 4*r., by Ihit morning's Mail, see fou lh page. Court Calendar till* Day, Scrmioa Court ? No*. 5,2, 12 62, 4, 31,78,82,93, 8i> 07, 27,23,36,89,99 90,9!, 92, 152 94 to 100. Cot'at or CoMuori Pun?I'.m (?No*. 111,131,55, 143, 140.151, 153,165, 137, 169 151. 164. 16*. 167. Part 2. at 4 o'clock?No* 162,126,184,112,24,108, ltt, 3, 148,170, 36,140, 144, 302 204 A* Imfobtawt Decisk s?The following decision, say* the Charleston Courier, has just been made Defors the Keeordcr' uouri Eei ly February last, the crew (twenty-two in number) of the British snip Aun Hall, J. F. L Orritt, mutter, after examin itine, were committed to the jail o| this city, by B 8. Pressley, Esq Magistrmte, at the inttauce of the British Consul, on a barge of mutiny en the high seas, they haying eiaed and confined the master with haad-euff* and straight jacket, on the allegation of his intoxicatist or insanity. On the clearance si the A H. for Liverpool, on the 18th ult. the master made oath before a magit rate, that he considered hit own life and the iiafety of the ship would be endangered if he should attempt to carry home, in any way, whether at large or under restraint, tea of the crew, who were therefore left behiud in jail; the British Consul intending to keep them in prison, te await instructions from the British Secretary of State, as to the steps to be taken to bring them to trial. Last week, these seamen were brought before the Hon Jacob Axsoii, Recorder of the city,on habeas corpus, to obtain their discharge ; and, yesterday, his Honor delivered his epinion, discharging the prisoners, on the ground tbat in the absenee ef any treaty stipulation o that effect between this country and Great Britain, there was ne authority to arrest or detain them ns fugitives from justice The case for the prisoners was conducted by James H. Elliott and Wm. J. Gravson. Jr Esas Her Rri tannic Majesty'* Conaul w'a* represented by Jnmei M. Walker, Esq. Oldest Graduate or Harvard Collfse.?On the 2d inst., Hon. SamHou Salter Blowers, ofHalifa*, N S, completed his century of years He is a native of Boston, and the oldest of Harvard's living alumni.' He was a refugee, and was raised to the eupteme bench of Nova Scotia in 1795. A sister died at Boston last week, at the advanced age of 96 years, whose husband was killed on board the Alliance frigate, in 1761. She was a widow for more than sixty years! Laborers Wasted?It is said that 1000 laborers, 50 stonecutters, and 59masons, are wanted on the St. Lawrence canal, Cornwall. 0tf" CHATHAM THEATRE.?The ever popular drama o< the Carpenter of Roueu ia performed to-night, with all its original effect* and |>owerful cast, J. H. Kirby enacting Marteau, Mr. Thorne Antoine, C. Meatayer Nj kin La Nippe, and Mrs. Thorne Julie. Kirby alsojappeart in the drama of the Maniac Lover, and Mra. Wood appear* for the tint time in a new diamu entitled the Dog of the Wreck. Grand and Glorious Work of Art. {K7-WE WERE LITERALLY THUNDERSTRUCK YESTERDAY?An old friend entered our ottice? we knew him not?where did be get those clear healthy cheeks, and those "jetty curls?" when wo last saw him hit cheeks were sallow, sunburnt, freckled, and covered with pimples : he told us me has used the Italian chemical Soap, and this has so soon clear d his skin ; but then his hair, that waa grey. filled with dandruff, and burnt elf by the son of "the sunny south" two moaths since, he et us into the secret, he has used Jones' Oil ot Coral Circassia, which has thus given him a head of hair that Orogan, the boaater, might envy ; and we really do with all sincerity recommend these true aud good articles to all. They are sold by Jones, sign of the American Eagle, 82 Chatham street, at a very reasonable price {H7- CL'REHUQH'S W1G8 AND SCALPS still stand pre-eminent above all others. Their peculiar light gotaami-r and ventilating character, their being shaped exactly as the natural hair grt> ws. Their elasticity, their superior material and workmanship, as well as their style of finish and arrangement, all combine to form auch perfect heads of hair, and arc unequalled in this country. The first introduction of the Ventilating and Gossamer Wigs and Scalp9 into this country, as well as all the subsequent improvements, were matured and perfected by the talent and genius of Clirehugh,and for three consecutive years was honored with the lirst premium from the American Institute. Gevtlemen can have a choice ofseveralhundered Wigs and 9:alps?can be fitted in a moment, and at prices according to the times, by calling on Clirthugh, 207 Broadway, corner ef Fulton street, up stairs. 0(7- PRESERVE THE CONSTITUTION, was {the last words of one of our most distinguished statesmen.? It is no less important while we keep sacred the constitution of our nappy republic, that we should also preserve the constitution of nature from coughs, iafismations. and other affections of lungs, which, like the fabled Laocoon, throws the envenomed chain about their victims, and hastens them to a premature grave. We speak from experience and observation in recommending Tease's Hoarhound Candy, which scarcely ever fails to cure all characters of colds, and restore the patient to aoundand improved health and spirits Those who are now afflicted with the complaint so prevalent, would do well to use this remedy. Give it a fair trial, and we are confident that it will be the means of giving them again the baais of a sound constitution. Sold at So Division at., lOAstor House, 110 Broadway, and 96 William streetAgents, Redding, 8 State street, Boston; Zieber, Philadelphia; Rawls, 67 State street. Albany; Kobir.son, 110 Baltimore street, Baltimore; Hnl leman, Louisville, Ky ; Watson, Memphis, Tenn.; 8. B. Costar, Montgomery, Ala.; Toby, Cincinnati; Weed U Waters, Troy, New York. 0(7- HEAR YE, HEAR YE, HEAR YE-AU that are afflicted with coughs,, comamptien, headache, palpitation of the heart, wormi?all you that are going to tea and are afraid of sea sickness?all yon that have had breath, and whose teeth require cleaning, or wha have iheumatism or pains in any part of the body, walk tip to Dr. Sherman's office and buy a box of Lozenges suitable for your case, or a pot of his tooth paste, or ene of his Poor Man's Plasters, an 1 you may go oa your way rejoicing. Office 106 Nassau street, Ntw York; 6 Led ger Buildings, Philadelphia; 8 Slate street, Boston; and aorner Oay and Saratoga sts , Baltimore. 07- THAT MYSTERIOUS LITTLE FORTUNEtelling Oineey Girl, at the American Museum is the most remarkable creature in the country. She delights and astonishes all who hear her. No adequate idea can be formed of her wonJerful powers except by visiting her. She may be consulted privately during the day,and publicly at certain haurs in the day and evening The other attractions this week are very numerous, novel and interesting. Songs, duetts, dances, Indian games, Italian fantocini, anim-d mr,gnetism, Ac. kc. Day visitera can be admitted the evening free. 0(7- THE LATE GREAT FIRE ?Mr. James G. Reynolds, who was the owner nf several of the houses burnt, and lived in the one corner of Delancy and Chrystie streets, is the same gentleman who was so wonder fully cured of the rheumatism by the Indian Vegetable Elixir and Hewe's Nerve nnd Bone Liniment from 71 Maiden Lane,and who has so liberally allowed his name to be used, and has sent hundreds there to procure the aaine remedies Had he been in his former crippled state he wotMB andoubtrdly lose his life before he could have been removed frem his house, as it broke out the very next deor to him. We are not surprised that there is such a run for this remedy, when it is known that the propriotors give it to the poor, nnd leave it entirely to the consciences of others whether to pay for it when fh?y have experienced its effects. {((7- TO COFFEE DRINK ERA?Who will reflect Upon their tremulous, agitated and indescribable feelings after taking coffee,cannot but feel that coffee is the cause of it. Thousands have lound this out, and quit it, and thousands more would do sa if they reflected on the fact*. Sooneror later it must and will effect the nervous system. Alex. H. Stetexs M.D., Nev York, the celebrated Surgeon;Johis C. \V*im, M.D ; Johx Hosuwi, M D ; Jacob Bksitlow, M D.; E. Hftvolds, M. D; Gsoroi HatwaRD. M. D ; Waltkii Chijuio, M.D ; Boston ; CharleiD. Mrie?, M D., Philadelphia, celebrated physicians have vouched. end the errtificat-s may be seen at 71 Maiden lane, that the cocoa paste ?olJ there haa a better flavor than the beet coffee, ii prepared more easily, and cannot possibly hive any of the bad effect* of coffee. A great number of familiea have f< und thia out, and u?e thia article now entirely in place of tea orcoffee. It ia delightful and economical, ami ahoald come into univeraal uao. It haa none of the oily matter* of common cocoa or chocolate. Royal Mall Steam Packet Dee. gp- THIS STEAM BMIP will depart for Halifax tomorrow morning Letters will be received at tha Agent'* office No 7 Pine street, until 9 o'clock. On her retorn she will tone! at this port on the 2.71, and leave for Havana. Nassau, N. P., lie , fcc. Letter* for the Pacific by way of Panama, for all Foreign Islands in the West Indies, Mexico, South America, and all other porta to goby her, must b< prepaid in New York, a 12123 J BUCHANAN, Post Office Agent. Reading* mid liccltatlnna. Tf?-MiSS CLARENDON has the honor of announcing to her friends anJ the citizens of New Ycrk, that she in. tend* giving a third aeiii* of Dramatic Readings and first sAection from the followan* distinguished Ameri can poeta?Urneiai <? dirk i. . .... William C. Bryant, E|>e? Sargeant, J*me? Aldrich, and Mra. France* 8. Osgood. he , with her celebrated!imitation* from th# new comedy of London A??nrance," at the Lecture Room of the Society Library, on Thuraday evening, April 14th. Reading* to commence at 9 o'clock precisely. Ticket* fifty cent* to be obtained at the door. a 13:3t Arctilineelcnn Screw. CUT- NOTICK is hereby given, that the underaigned ha* been appointed *ole agent for the United State* of America, of Smith'* Patent Archimedean Screw Propeller, and i* prepared to contract for licenie* to u*e the Mine. Any information on thia subject may b? had of him at M Pine ttreet. RUSSELL STUROIS. New York, March 1,1942. al Im City Oeapntch I'ost. 48 William iritir. P?i*cir*i. Ornr e I,otter*deposited before half p?*t S.half pa?t 11. and half paat 9 o'clock, will be lent out for delivery *1 9, 1 and 4 o'clock. Bhakch Orrics.i ?Letter* depoiited before 7,11 and 3 o'clock, will be *ent out lor delivery at 9,1 and 4 o'clock ALEX. M.OREIU Agent. I A*. HONEY MARKET. Wednesday, April 13? P. M. The stock market bat been eery heavy to day and pri cat have given way in almost all instances, particularly Delaware and Hudson Canal, wh ich fell 3f per cent in consequence of the prosaising appearance of the coal trade for the coming year, and the failure of a broker who has been one of the msst p rsevering ' bulls" in the stock?Indiana 6's fell J per cent; Ohio S's J ; New York ij'e i ; Peterson J ; Loig Island } ; Mohawk J ; Harlem 4. gales of Treasury Notes ] a lj. The total number of appli ants for the benefit of the Bankrupt Act,in tne state o (Maryland, from the period at which the law took effect up to Saturday inclusive, was one hundred and two Notwithstanding the pr -sent gloom which overhangs the trading interest ef the country, the great productive interests have most (tattering prospects before them. In the great wheat counties of this State the crop was in never better condition than now. The same indication may be said to characterise the whole of that broad belt through to the Mississippi River, embracing the north ern parts of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and the whole of Michigan. In all that district the fields promise the most luxuriant harvests and a great addition to the actu. al wealth of the country, which cannot but revive legitimate trade, after banks with their miserable specula' ting dependents have gone to deserved destruction. A Florida paper states that Governor Call has issued his Proclamation " notifying the public of the surrender and cancellation by the Southern Life Insurance suid Trust 6ompany,of one hundred and five thousand dollars of the " faith guarantees," issued by him to that Bank in 1839." A sale of teas took place to day, the results of which w ill be found under head of the " State of Trade." Thedraftsof the Commercial Bank of Natchez upon the Merchants' Bank of New Orleans, were recently dishonored, it will be remembered, by the latter institution, while it held a large amount of funds to the credit of the Natchez Bank. The following is a statement of the affairs of the Commercial Bank of Natchez on the 93d of March, 1841, as compared with the return of January 1840:? Coxoikbcial Banc or Natchez, Mm. , Maacn 1841 ann Jan. 1840. Jan 1840. MorcAlStl, Notes and Bills die., l.lfl ,?77 > " " pro ested, 1,407.(38$ 3,713,873 Rsal Estate, ISS25S 180,198 11... k....ka. mow a? bank*, i'?,9?5 ss.tsi " Mer Bank, N O, 188 860 Bank Stock*, 78J00 58 500 Notes of Mis* Banks, IK7I 377.9;* " N. O. " 9,109 19,919 Specie, 30,999 54 954 Exchange afN. ?., ? 93 397 4,953,700 $4 709,990 LiabilitieI. Chtcke ou Mer. Bk. N. O. ? 394.845 Deposit Certili-ate*, 359,181 1H9 59I Draft* on Mer. Bk-N O. ? 5,787 Poet Note*, 119.080 1 580 payable 1143-4-5, 73.937 18,873 Specie Depo*:es, ? 13,811 Other r' ? 41,343 Bond* due in London, 1,000 0*0 1.coo 090 Due Mer. bk. N. York, ? 59 015 other Bank*, .170,933 3 914 Circulati*n, 79,857 ? 1.760.303 1,948.840 Capital stick, 3 9*8,800 3,998,800 The liabilitie* of the directors of tki* institution, a* payers and endorser*, amounted to $586,635. The bonds payable in London fell due in March, 1841 and 1843, and were probably renewed. These bonda were negotiated through the U. S. Bank. The balance due the Merchants' Bank of New York is apparently a balonce of post notes formerly due. The U. 8. Bank own* $446,600 of tke eapital stock of this institution. Its bills payable in New Orleans are at a discount of 67 per cent for specie. New Oklean* Gas L oht aw* Bit kino Co. Jlpril 4, 1943. Dee. 4,1841 Circulation, $7,095 13,200 Drposits, 30,483 17,982 Specie, 11,470 10 777 Local notes on hand, 143,997 138 340 We have procured for the benefit of our reader*, th? following table of the number ef passengers per wcek> with the receipts on the railways of Oreat Britain throughout the year 1841 Weeelt Kktuhxi of Teaffic on Railwati. Nome. J*?s? per. Total P. mile P. mil' teetk rerptl ptrvk Binning and Derby, ? sjEi.ooi jttoj ? i? Birming It Olos'Ur, ? b!302 23| ? Brandling Junction, ? ? 81 ? Chester in* Birkea, 3,34* 360 24 ? Dundee k Arbroath, 3.1311 clS7 111 19 Eaatera Counties 8.245 d66S 37) 24 Glasgow and Ayr, ? *? ? 151 Glas 5c Paisley Joint, 9359 fS73 35) 41) Grand Junct on, ? ? ? 91) Ore t N. of Eng and, ? nl,34l 391 ? Great Western, 19.785) g* 541 IS) 48) Hull and Selbr, 2 838 728 33) 17f Lancaster k l'reston. 3 053 397 isi '><> Liverp aud Much, ? 4 US 113 148) L indonk ttirming, ? il5,409 119] 1031 Lou and Itlackweil, 30 730 593 156( 1M| London k Brighton, 3 117 0I.190 34 _ Do Shoreham Br, ? 75 13j 17 Lshdon k Croydon, 4.517 Ml 28) 441 Loudon kOraenwirh, 91,091 (710 903 3041 London k 8 Western, ? (3,793 401 391 Man Bolton k Bury, ? 599 10 51 Manchester k Birm, ? q!33 441 6a Manchester k Le.ds. ? jllll 79! Midland Countief, 7,1971 9,503 44 301 Newcastle k Carliile, ? 1394 99 _ Newcastle k N Shldj, 19.331 333 47 49. Northern k Eastern, 5 059 k750 35 K North Midland, ? 19,198 61 31 North Union. 4 9,888 m947 45 33 PreltonkWjre, 1,999) 143 71 9 N.irlheld k Manch, 7,317 908 99] ? Ulster. _ ? r? ? 171 YorkSi N Midland, 8.701) 1415 59) 43) aNett total. ?937,74., Id., aftar deducting toll to London and Birmingham. b Exclusive of any payment for the conveyance of maila. No Sunday traina. c No Sunday traina. dlurludi p Northern and Kail en Hailway tolL e No Bund iy traini. f Deducting ateam-boat farea. No Sunday traina. g Including the Cheltenham, tiriat Brilirn, and Briatol and Eater traffic. Deduct (for rent of both ?13.14a lid. per week. i Subject to rent of Aylesbury, ?48 la Id. Inthiaandone or two other eaiee, tka expenduure exceeds the iuoi of the eapital and loan, the excess having been taken up on the private aecurity of the Director!. j Nctt alter deducting tolla to the North Midland Company, and ex -.lueive of four mile a per day. k Including rent and toll to Eastern Counties about ?150. I Eacluiive of charge for carrying the mails, including the Mane heater and Leeds traffic, ?101. 9>. 5jd. m Trie Liverpool and Manchester toll beme deducted. Net l including toll of Croydon, about fes.000 per annum Total length, in miles, of (a) 48, (d) U6-, (e) 51, (n) 75, (o) 80), (p) 93, (q) 45, (k) 31 J. (r) 95. Salen at tk? Stuck Kichange. 11.000 N V5)'a. 1811, 784 95 Delk Uuioen *15 895 1100 Ohio 9'i, 1859. 11] 95 do 391 1000 Indiana stg Bonde 18) t) do 811591 lOOOlndlaaa Dollar do (31 18 95 do thwlt) 1000 do b30 181 5 da #0 7000 do 18) too Farmers' Loan 171 15 Union Batk 97 It Canton a19 18) 10 Mechanics'Rank 56) loo Mohawk b90 47 35 Tradesmen'Bank 100 175 da 41) 80 Fulton Bank 100 97 do (15 41 95 Dry Dock Bank 7 15 N V Uaa 110 35 Del * Hudson 9" 17 0 tics Si Sei.eoectaily 125 25 do (10 90 20 Syracuse KK 109 25 <10 i0 89J 125 (Urlrm RR >>90 9 75 do llStO 150 do >30 8> 25 do 90) 200 do 8} 25 do low 901 60 do 131 8| 76 do sit 90 160 do blO 9 60 do 901 60 do dw 81 10 do 90 850 Look Island RR 49; 25 do 116 891 5t ratcrson RK 46 25 do |3S9| 60 do bSO 4t| Second Board. 100 Long III sad RR 4?| 50 Harlem RR 25 do 49; SO do blO 8i 24 do 499 100 do blO 8| SS0 do 49 S000 Indiana Bonds 18; 260 do 49 State of Trade. The principal transaction in the markets to day was a sale of Teas, which went off well at the following rates.? Terms-Notes at 6 montbi, rayable in this city, to be made satisfactory to the sellers. Hrso*. 50 chests ?0c 99 chests withdrawn 41 do 59 80 do do 24 do 55 78 do 53 93 do 541 23 lights 48 45 do 54 275 do withdrawn Yor*n IItiow. If hf ehssts 71 c 430 do 62 22 ds 881 387 do withdrawn 82 do <0f 149 do 71 fo do 84 71 cheits 21 273 do 58f 153 do aithdrawn 12 d> 58 110 do 281 80 do 37 478 do withdrawn 28 do 56| 80 do 84 i 28 do 55 16 do 32 164 da withrawo. Htion Ski*. 99 chests 61 18 chests SOe 19 do 46 28 do 41 48 do 39 19 do 39 112 do 3TJ 46 do 37 Tw?*atr. 75 hf chests 48|c 295 hf chests 27t 100 do withdrawn ? . ? Oi?*r jwotR. 24 hf cheats 45 148 hf chests 44 600 13lb his 5oi ? ? Imtkrial. IBS hf cheats 44 SBO lllbbas 81 POWCHOWO. 10 lifebelts 541 54 hf chests 1SI do 44 87 do 431 SoucHoro 5 chests 44? ?5 chests withdrawn U0 do 34 217 do do Covgo. 3 chests 351 156 chests ->51 10U do . SS ? 150 Cassia. 5800 mats p-r lb H.c r ' ?^ Died Wednesday, April 13th, Bridoit Gaaooav, wife of Patrick Gregory. Her friends and acquaintance are reipectfally invited to attend ber luuersl, Friday, 15th, at two o'clock in the afternoon from h. r lataresidence, No . 38 Cornelia street near Bleeker street. Wednesday morning, April ISth.Mrs. A*v HaaaioiT, w ife of Samuel Harriott, in the 50th year of her age. Welneaday morning, after a long and painful illness, Avnaaw McLsaw, a native of Scotland. Wednesday, April 13th, Mrs St tav R. Cooper, in the I 10th year of her age. On Monday afternoon, after along anl severe ilness, lewis ?iihis, aged 60 years. Weekly Report or Inurmcau la the City and County of New York. from the 11 lif ' April. 1848, to tht ad day of April, I84'i 18 Mea?44 Women?41 Boye?38 Oirle. Total 184. DitaaJis?Apoplexy t, Asthma 2; Asphyxy I; AbeceetO; Bleeding 1; Blrediug from stomach 8; Bleeding from l,UDK* * Burned or scalded 0; Casualties I; Cholera Infantum #: Cholera Morbus 0: Cancer8; Colic8; Coneumptioa M; Ceo*ul<iou? 8; Croup or Hivee 9; Debility 0; Delirium tr'miM 9; Diahetce 0, Diarrhoea 0; Death from PoiennO; Dropay 3. Dropey in head 8. Dropay in the cheat I: Drowned 3; Dysentery 0; hrympcla* I; Epilepsy 0; Keter 0, do. ecarlet T; do typhoid T; do. peurperal 4; do. remittent 3; do.bilioui#. do.inflaminalorv 0; do intermittent 0 ; Urate I 0; Hip Dieeaac 0; Hooping Con I; lutlain nation I; do. ol liter t; do of womb 0; do. of brain <i do. of tomacht; do of cheat 4. do. of luugatl; do.ofHoweleS. do of throat 1 ; loeaanity t ; Intemperance t ; Indigestion I ; Jaundice 0. Killed or murdered o ; Locked Jaw 0; Luea Venera I ; Mortification I ; Malformation 8 ; Marasmus l;MeaaleeO; Old age 8; Organic disease of heart9; Palsy 3; Khruiratism 0; Syinal dieeaac 0, HcirrhusO; Suicide^; ^8t>ru? i; nmiu roi g; ocroiuia 1; i eetniug I . i umur u; uiiHwmu 0; Ulceration ol throat 0; Ulcers|l; Varioloid I; Whooping Cough i. Worma 0. 4oe??Of t year and under, 53. between] and S, 15.3 and I, 18; 6 aud 10. 0. 10 and SO, 8; SO and 30 38; 30 and 40, 34; 40 and 0,13; 00 and 00, 5,60 aud 70, t.70 and 80,5; 80and 00,1; SOand 100, 0; 100 and upward*.0: unknown, o Places or Natiyity?United Statrilio. Ireland SO; England 3; Scotland I; Switzerland 1; France 1; HollandO; British Poaaeainone. N. A- 0; Weat Indies S; Portugal 0; CJerinany 3; Sweden 0; Wales 1: AlricaO; Spain 0; Russia 0; Italy 0; S America 0; Unknown 0. Knots?Alms House. Belleeue, S; Hospital 10; Freer Hospital 0; Penitentiary Hospital, Blarkwell'e lilaud 4; Small Poi Hospital 0; City Hospital 8; New Jersey 0; West Chester 0; Long Island 1; colored PersonsT. WILLIAM A. WALTERS, City Inspector. City Inspe-tor's Office, Aprils 1049. Latest Atlwleca ECEIYED AT THE Sin TO*, g HKHALB OrTICl Africa- Feb 13 Madits Mar. SO Aui Cayes Mar. 7 Manilla Nor. so Antigua Mar. IS Moulerideo Feb. 0 Bom bey Not. I Maiauliam Mar. 8 Bauria Nor. s Matanzas Mar. SS Bermuda Mar. 1 Mayaguez.P.R Mar 35 Buenos Ayres Feb. 0 Marai aibo Mar. 10 Bahia Feb. 3 Matamoras Mar. Belize. Hon Feb. 36 Neurilaa Feb. 4 Barbadoea Mar. 8 Nassau, N. P. Mar. 31 Bogota Dee. It Oahu, 8. 1. Dec 15 Berbice Feb. so Paris M?r. 8 Cape Haytiea Mar. 30 Pnrtau Prims Mar. S Curacoa Mar 5 Ponce, T. R. Mar. 31 Cieufuegoe Mar. 30 Para Mar. 14 Carthagena Jan. St Pernambuco Feb 30 Caraccaa Jan. 11 Panama June II Cluwraa July 1 Rio de Janeiro Feb IS Callao Nor. 4 Singapore Dec. ? Calcutta Jan. II Syou>y, NSW Aug. 11 Demarara Mar. I St. Helena Feb. 18 Kayal Feb. 4 St. Thomas Mar. 17 Gibraltar Feb. 3 St. Barts Jan. 3 Dliavsma ... Mar 4A Mt hirn lit < 'nha . ... Mar. IQ Gonaivtt Mar. It St. Johns, P. R Mar. 16 Gslvestsa Mar 21 St. Croia Mar. St Havre Mar I St. Martha Feb.47 Havana April 4 Surinam Feb. 24 Halifax April 7 Tarapico Ma?. 22 Jercmie Jaa. 37 Tobaacu Feb. 25 Kingston, Ja. Mar. 12 Turks Isiwri Mar. S3 London Mar. 5 Triaidad de Cuba- Mar Si Liverpool Mar. 5 Vera Crux Mar. 95 La Guayrt Mar. 12 Valparaiso Dec. 2| Lima Jan. 1 Yucatan Mar. 3 Macao Dee. If Zanzibar Dec. IS Passengers Arrived. Havana?Bark Cs.,voy?Mr H irton and lady, A F H Borel, J Trea-. J Cole. Havana?Brig William?A Kelsey. MaTanzat? Brig Caspai llaiuer?D Curlie, J A Batlibone, J T Van Aim. Ragged Islaivd? Bark Everton?Mrs Wilson New Orllavs ?Ship IKmulgcc?Miss F Cale. S Johnson, B l onig?50 in the steerage. Mr Bissau, a st erase passenger, died on the 4th inst. Charles ro*?Ship Anion?Mrs N'ibi.t. iMiss Wilton and servant, Mi<s M Bates, Miss Anna Bates, Mist Billing*. Miss Conktin, Mrs T Durgon, Airs Woodman, Mrs Avery. Master Durgon, Mr Driscoll and lady, Dr Totter, Messrs Dewey, Cabaugh, hither, Frisbiv. SeeL v. Gridley?27 iu the steerage. SavatmaH?Bng Wilson Fuller?Mrs Rogers, Mrs Scott, Mrs Cobb, Miss E Miry, Miss Cobb, Messrs Wood, Cohen, Fiach, Gregory, Huunis on, Carpenter, Uriugham.Shouse. Foreign Importations. Ma nilla?Ship Jeasore?3008 bales bark 141 piculs do 100 do Japan wood 100 cs cassia so chests tea 3 do indig 2 do turtle shell 338 piculs rattan Davit Brooks & co?10 i'kgs Lea k Blsuchard? 6000 bigs sugar 20 cases 54,0.0 Manilla segars to rder. Liverpool?Ship Ainaz n?6 ball Wood, Johnson A Burritt ?3557 bars 81 bd iron O W Shields?I7f4 bars do Boormau, Johnson St co?600 Everett & Hatirlle?7 kales J Walker?13 do flax Hicks A c i?8 do 2 cs Hichanliou A Watsin?670 sacks salt Woodhull St Minturu?2 cks R Cooper?156 tuns coal 321 crts to order. ^ St Croix?Brig Annawao?100 hlids sugar 16 puns rum B De Forest It co?10 do B Aymar Aco?16 do Cartwright A Hutchkiss. Domestic Importation!. New Orlcans?Bark Globe?16.780 staves U S Governmsnt ?45 nhds tobacco G A Lewis tc ttrolhrrs?136 bbls molass-s Thayer A Gushing?15 bales cotton Payne,Harrison A co?9 do desr skins J MmslT?58 bbls beans V Marinei?10 bbls castor oil W A Tyler?213 pigs lead C H Rogers A c.?? 660 Vbls liains J S Brown?8 bhlsftn seen 23 ha'rs cotton Teckius. Hopkins A White?If J A A Lovstt? 35 kb's Cartwright A Harrtson?41 bales cotton Greenway, Henry A co?14 Dissusway A Brothers ?95f S Alley A son. New Orlf. a*j? Ship Ocmu gee?(Reported yesterday)?loo bbls E Stevens A co?49 bales H Draper?8 bbls 10 kegs AH Ceater A co?4 bnls G L Meachtm?2 J Nethsburg A son?12 bales Post A Main?6 Blight A Leavit ?181 k-gs W A J James ?It bags Peck A May re?362 bbls E K Collins A co?41 lihds Chistrlaiu A Ponvert?50 W H Triton?4 cs W Davidson?1186 bbls Safford, Hastings A co?366 Rob rt A Williams MARITIME HERALD. PORT OP NEW WORK. APRIL. 14, 1841. IVl* rliei | 37 j moo* 59 UK ILTI J? 1 III! WITH -.9 To ghlp Muterti We ahall etteera it a f*Tor, if captain* of venarla arriving here, will Eire to Commodore R 8. Martin.of our new* fleet, a report of the (hipping left at the port whrnce the) ami, J. the reaieli apoken on their paaaage, and a hit of their cargo. Commodore Martin will board them immediatel]r on their arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in any way. Oipartara or the Atlantic luameri, raoM ewoland. rnon onairt. G. Weatr rn, Hoekea April 8 April 88 Britannia, Hewitt April S May I Caledouia, Lotl April 1* May 14 Acadia, Ryri* May 4 June 1 G. We#tern, Hoaken May 31 June 14 Columbia, Judkiua May II June 14 Britannia, Hewitt June 4 July 3 Caledouia. Lott Juue II July 17 Acadia, Ryrie July 5 Aug. 1 G. Wealern. Hoaken July I Aug. 4 Packatito Arrtvi, i Packet# to Btrart. raoM roiTiuoirn. roa rort.mouth Gladiator, Britton, Mar. 10 I Toronto, Atwoed, April 14 Mediator, Champlin, Mar 30 I Weetmiuater, Moore. April 30 rnoM Livtaroot roa Liraarocl.. v .uiuniima, crupper, mar. i | v irginian, Allen, April 14 Sheridan, De Peyoler, Mar. 13 1 New Ycrk, Cropper, April II FROM HAYRL FOR HAVRE. Albany, Walaon. Feb 34 I Baltimore, Fuuck, April 14 8 de Graaee. Barrowe' Mar. 1 I Rhone, Johnaton, April II Louia Philippe, Cutoff, Mar 8 | V de Lyon,Stoddard-.April 84 OllBUff. Shipa Angelijtie. B-ewer, Amafrdam, Schmidt. Faire& Co: Dtlhi, C'Ocker, Buaton.Cary k Co; St Mary, Foiter, NOr leaaa. Johnton k Lowden; ( hicora, Kogera, Charleatnn, Maatern, Markoe & Co ?Bark Highlaader. Mayberry, Providence. ?Schra Increue. Warren, Kiehm ml, A B Cooley it Co; Btuj Bigelow, Baiter, Boalon; Cambrnlge, hall, do. ArriTao. Ship Jeaaore, Putnam, from Manilla, Not 10, and St Helena Feb 18, hemp. ke. to Daria, Brooka k Co. Sailed in co. from "t H with ahip Lucta, for New Bedford. Lcfl, Neptune, lor V Statea. aooa. Ship Amazon, Richardaon, from Liverpool, March 5, mdae, to Onuoell, Miuturn fc Co Slat ult lat 48, Ion 34 So, aaw n large ateam ahipateering eut. 3d iaot. lat 41 SI, lou 41 50, ; i.aed large i?lat da of ica. Hruiah ahip Neater. Smith, 10 dava from Newport, Walea, brirka,ke. to Davie, Bror.ka k Co?If' putengera. Ship Potar Hattrick, Pnat,33 daya trom Mobile, cotton, to E 1> Hurlbut k Co. 3d inat lat 37, Ion 71 SO, apoka bark Moro Ca-tle. fm Ihrini for Briatol, MI. Shin Marr I'hilli a, Fratt. from Mobi e, Marth 38, cotton,'o Pnat k Pnillipa. SUh ult off Tortuga>, apoke achr Forreater, 13 deya trom NOrleana for Boaton. I'h inat. lat 38, Ion 74 40, apoke L' S brig Delphin, on a cruiae, all well. Ship Henry, Pierce, 35 daya from New Urleana, cotton, kc to muter. Ship Alabama. Bunker, 30 daya from New Orleana, corton, to W Nelaon? 35 paeeengere. Ship Anion, Barkinan, 5 daya from Charlcaton, cotton, to G Sutton. Bark Conroy, Carney, (of Both) from Harana, April 1, with 4l7hhde eugar to F G Tlmraton Jt Co. Ba led in ro.bark Moro Cutle. Fletcher, fer Pernambueo; brige Wi liam, Crocker, for New York; Caaco Sawyer. do Left bark Gibraltar, lor Eui ope, and othera not rrcollechd. 5th iuat. off Cape Floridi, eicharged eigtale witn b ig Citizen. Hark G obe. Si ab?e, (of Portland) 35 day# from NOrleane, cotton, kc to W W De Fore?t k Co. Ba'k F.Tcrtou. Mayo, (of Robbinaton. Me ) from Ragged lala.d. March 38, with 1500 buahela aalt to Win Dawaon. Brig Caaco. York, from Harana. April I, with 388 hhda 33 tea molatara to J J Taylor. Left ahipa Burmah, frt or chtr; Tacitui. wtg frt; J*a C'alder.for Europe, aoon; barka (Jiford. Irt nrcbtr, Mary Smith, fm Portland.diag; Lout.a. dodo; briga America, for Boaton, a >on; Champion, j lat arr fm Savannah.? Off the Moro,bound in. briga Echo, ini Wilmington; Catharine, I liiladelplna; Henrietta, Portland. Chnetiaaa, New York, and othera, namea unkuowu. At Cardanaa, briga Alvtno, and ley Ion, lor Boaton. Brig William,Crneker. frrm Havana, April I, with 338 lilida 10Ira molaaaea to F O Thuraton k Co. 7th 35 30, Ion 80 apoke ahip vieloka un anuii a lor uirtrpooi. Brig Caapar Hauaer, Adama. from Matanxaa, April 4, with 878 baa augar to Spoffurd, 'i ilaatoo It Co, 80 0*0oraugra Acker ' Br'f Su'ao, Pittee, from Turka Ulead, March 31, with 58(8 buihela arlt to K P Bu k. Lrfi no American reaaela. Brig Auoawan. Koowlaa, (of Boatou) from Si Croix. WK. March 31. tat'gir ai.d rum to rmuter Vraarla laft before rep rted. 'I be A waa off the Hook on Kriduy lut, but waa b:o?o off m the late gale Brig Joaci'h Cowperlhwait, Nobre, trnm Manaanilla, t'uba, March 35, with 85 loga mahogany ltfliiea cedar 570 bdla palm leaf to J B LaaaU. 81(t uli lat 34, Ion 84 50, >ign?lized bark franklin. The J C wai off Oel.iwire l.'ai'a on tlia (th Wat. but wai blown to the aouthward by he>ty uoftli-eaaUrly '"bAr Tremont. Kelly, 10 daye from Beriauda, in ballaat, to W A F liarenport. Bn? Hirtenae Bnrkman.3? day* from Tarka, With 11,000 buaheli aalt to orde'. Brig Stphia. Kennev, 30 dtra tr im Aux Cayei, with 800 haga Coffee 80 toi a logwood l?0aliek? mahogauy to T Marian. Left irhrCyane. lor NYork, anon. Paaaed, bound in achr Mohair, fm Boaton?ao reported. Biig Forreat.\ arina. from Por.ce, PR. March 3(, with i So hhrfe irii'l tare* 40 do augar to It P Buck. Spoke off Sandy He k.arhr Albion, hence for Aitkaiaa. Brig Oiceolr,Morgan II dira trom Jnl.oa, PR. with 40 hhJi augar 18 domoliaaea to \T W I)e Korea! St 4Joj 80 do augar 49 da molaaaea Duiiacon.b A Beckwith. Left bi iga Wataon, for .NY Je; Helen Mai ia. far uo. lOlh init. iu a gale, Ion part cf deck load. Rrig K- aato.i ook. 31 daya from St Marki, rotten, to NermiihfcLecda Bi ijt Leonora, Collinj, 33 day a from Apalachica'.a, cotton, to Bii; Wi'aon Fuller, Cobb. S Jay a from Sarannah, cotton, to Scott Si Nlorrell Bug Philura, Lou.e, 7 d.iya from Saraomh.cotton, to Scott Si Moriell. , Brig Clinton, Lyon, 8 daya from Sarannah.cottoa, to Sturgej & t;learmiu ...... Brig Linden, Smith. II Jaya from Mobile, cotton, to Sturgea S.'.learman Hug Selm Smith, 17 day* from MobiJe, cotton. I.. Slargea A Claa-man?38 paaeeitgeia Off the Tortugaa, apoke atiip O NOrleaar for Hamburg. Brig Jefferaen, Tana well 34 dayx from NewOrlema with 390 hbda mntaaa'a to Tay tor A Co. 11 th inat. lat 31 17. Ion 78 to apoke hrigCi'ix'B. fm NOilrana for Mararillea. Brig Cohuntry, Moore, 18 <1 tya from St Mark*, cotton, Ac to crtf.T. frig Trio. Dour, > J.?> > Iroia B.lumure, llour. Sic. K Kojirr k Nirkersoa Bchr Nile, Ward, IS days from Poi?-e. PR with SO Vhda sugar to PeUr Harmony a Co; II hhda I lea I 'utile uulasses Tubus Lord. Bchr Richmond, Chester, 4 dayt from Richmond, lob Alien It Paxson. Bohr C.uoaure, Bnow, II dtya from Klitib-ih City, NC. to Bmith It Boynton. Schr Mary Aon, Oouglaae, 9 days from North Carolina, ? ith uaval atorea. Bohr Chariot, Kreemau, from Georgetown, limber, Itc. to matter. Bchr Cornelia, Nichols, 3 daya from Boatoa, with mdse, lo E D upraeue. Bchi J Cooley, Eldridge, S daya from Bsstoa. with mtlae, to master. Schr Marietta,Pattoo, 5 daya from Boaloa, wi h mdse, to the master. Bchr Jasper, Niekeraon, t daya fr m Boston, with md e, to master. Bihr Mechanic, ilowas,5 daya from New Bedford, oil, Sic. to master. Two ships, one bark, two brigs. Wind KNE. with rain. Sailed. Marine Correspondence. Orricr or thk Hhodx Islawdkr, I (Veirporf, April 11. 1942. ) Sid llth, Geo Washington, Norwich; from trie Wert Bay Buer, for Warren, sad Mary k Susan, fin Jereinie, St Donin go,for Boetou. General Reror l. Pacxets run Epaort.?'The Toronto for London, Virginian for Liverpool, and Baltimore for Havre, sail to-day. Tbeir letterbrgs are at Gilpin's NewaRoom, ia the Exchange. Brio Clin row. of Ban(or. Snow,from Matanxufor Boston(or Basgsr) with inolarses. went ashore about day ligh' ou Saturday morning, about If miles fc. of Gay Head Light, on a sandy bottom, bhe had previously lost both anchors and cables, and lo g boat Thrre lighte-s h o - gone to assist in taking out her cargo, and it is presumed the rtssel will be saved if the weather proves lav -rable. Wsacseo Vessels at Naisab ?Extract of a letter dated Nas au. ?lh March, ISMt?" The brig a'orrester put into this port iu distress on her voyagefroin S. Domingo to Boston Bhe is supposed to b* insured iu your sity. Ou a survey held, the vessel is found so completely strained as lo prevent her being repaired ex-ept a' so heavy an exiiCi seas to far exceed her v-lus ?we have therefore directed her to be stripped and sold. The cargo mahogany, is sold for from 4 10 7 ctu a prrfoot. being of a'cry bad ij iality and The salvage awardrd on veseel and cxrgi is $1200. Brig k.lit<belh. from NOrleans for Cadiz, haa been on shore, salvage gloo; cargo sUvti. Bti* is auold vessel, but not much ipj ired "' Whalemen. .Mexico, of Weatport. It msnths out, was spoken 2Slh ult. ISO miles K8K fin Balite, SO bbls oil. Spoken. t'eyl-in. Ilsti h. fiom Gutyauilla fur NYork, March03, in the Mona Passage. K.iiili-ld, from Nsw Orleans for Liverpool, April 25 50 Ion 7t 31. Paralfgn Porta. Yarmouth, NS. Apnl l-Arr Ida NYork. Porce. I'll March33-In pert. Newe?slle. for NYork, Idg; Condor Heley. fm do, just arr; Ovrrmm Davis, for d , 10 ds; Washing'on. True, do 20; Vesper . Unitim*re, 20; Adeline, Philadelphia. 10; Kio Gr.nde, ilieg; Aurora, do. Ti ssi island, March II?Bid Osceola, Boston ; Susan, New York; Howditch. Bangor. Valpabaiso. Dec 01?In port, Kobt Fulton, fia Philadelphia for Cau:oa, ' eit day; Herald, fin Ceutr.l America for Cadu, in a few days. United States Porte. Cutler, Ap-il 1? Sid Orioa, fm Calais, NYork. Ea?t Miciiias, April 0? BidPiooeer, NVork. Tori laku. April 10?Arr George W u.flfoid, Wisra'sel for Cuba; Oiranto, Regulator, end Kohl Bruce, Lubec; Kreil Warren, and Hud.ou, OrU'd?all for NYork. There were 150 vessels iu the harbor and roads tins morniug. all wind bounO?but most of them are now gelling under weigh. Cld 7lh, Exeter, West Indies. Wistee Harror. April t?Arr Tallmsdgr, Surinam for Portland?put iu for a harbor Left no Ain vessels. Saw off the river, a bark aud a brig, sup,axed bound iu. Salem, April 7? trrShenr. NY .rk lor Thomaslon; Mercy Si Hope, Norfolk; Helen Mar. Cas iue for Baltimore; Mont*ao, Bi ston (and cld tlh for NYoik;) 9tli, Mary, Portland lor Savin- ah. Boston, April u?Cld Sarah, Matanzan; Rienzi, St Thomas and -tfaracaibc; Deposit, Port au Prince; Join Cadmus, Clrs'ston; Sti anger, Fredericksburg. Niw Bldforu, Apiil It?Arr Emeline, Norfolk: Pru- ! e- ,1., Holme* Hole, April 10?Arr Tellu - fn lacnel forBoatnu: Pearl, NYork fir Th imaetou Sid llili, rclurue. Trinidad for Uoatou; Robert Wain, Phi.adel; lm lor do; Alabama, do; Ka<]uimaui, h'rederickaburg for do iiled Slates, Wilmington Nt .fo- Portsmouth. luvortiuu arl, and Tellus. Providence, April 11?Arr Jan b n. I'oiladrl; hit. Warren, April it ?Arr Buay, M iU. i < Bri?ti l Aoril 11?Old Qo? Hopkn >. AtUnlic Ocean. Sid 10th, Clyde, V rginia; Willar!,N'V ork. HaRTEORU. April i'd?Hid Sarah, I'luUdrlphia. Piiii.<i>ei.phk, April 13? trr l II Adauie, Duck sport; To net, NYork. Cld A B; Niii' tia, Kail Kiter; N Biddie, Providence. Baltimore, April 11?Arr Wm Prnn, Montevideo; Louiaa, Valparaiso, Effort, Porto Kiro; I hattieru, lioe'ou; W illie Putman, Ma agaez; Jane. Nauru. Cld Sarah Lovctl, St Audicwa NB. Sid Wave, Beaton. NonroLK. April 8?Arr St Lawrence, Turka lalaud; Union, Boit m. .Savannah, April 7?Cld Kenaiiiyton,Havre. 9M Larch, N York. Arr Sth. iophia, Liverpool Moihlk. 4?Cld Helen, Liverpool; Creacent, Providence Arr Superior, NYork, Talleyraud.Th.iinea.and Joy, Boaloo. New Ori.eanv, April 3?Cld Creole, Havre; John It Robirt, Royal Williain, a d Rockingham, Liverpool; Niagara New York; I.oug lalaad. Richmond; Delfui, Havana Arr Tyrone. Havre; Geurgea, Thomaiton; Republic Apalachicola; Oeorgi aua, NYork; Peru Baltimore; Henry. Matagorda: Ann Maria, Campeaehy: La Soliel de Aueterlitz. Uoadaloupr; Joveu Henriquea, Kio Janeiro; Alabama, Thomaaton PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. rPHKSt far-lamed anu ci lebrated piUa, from Portugal, an J- we perceive, to be obtained in thie cauutry Sea adrar tiaamenl on the laat eolurauof fourth page. fet lm'ia WANTfcU?A puttier, who perfectly undc reloads the huai' neae of New York, in one of the beat dying eitabliah" tanta. Capital $1000?only half would he required. the ba lanceaecured in any way agreeable to th- part<ca. t'laaar to addreea a note to A Z at the upper Poat Office, with real name and addn a?, at iting where ail iuteiTiew ran he had. alt a: t I lOO.Vf WaNTLD?A large Roi.m on the tat or aeccnd I IV Boor, unfurniahed, between Brotdway and Aden alreeta. Walker and Spring atreeta. Poaaeiaioa wanted on the tat May, A lair rent will be paid for a suitable room. Addreea X M. office ol thia paper. alt 3t Drafts onoreTt Britain k for 1, 2. 1.5, \j and ?'io, lo any amount, payable on de-narval all tka rata I low... rvf ik* I %>i ?<l Lr inr.l.,.., I tale by \V. & J. T. l'APSCOTT,<3 Peck flip,* all II corner Soutk street PURE OU4N6E COUNT* MloK. The eubacritur reaped full) informa the cilizma ol NewYork that he will aervr them at their reeidencea with cleen pure healthy Milk, from the farma of Stephen Hand and John M. Bulla in the town or Bloomiugrove, they being acme of the beat batter makera in count' . The milk la aaid by j idgea to be the beet ever offered in the city. Victualling nouaea. hotela. iic. eupplied with any quantity. All orde-e left at 14J or I5a Waihu clou at. tai'.l receive immediate attention, at4 ?ft JaMEH MILLER la conauited prolevaioually athiiorti'e. Slr.ugere a-c_ appria* d that Dr. (i. graduated in the profeaaiou in Philadelphia,and i? not entitled to be reckoned among the aoi diataat dortora, medical pulfera and prcteudera. Hie medicinea are not d aagreaahle to be teken, but certain and quick ia effeciii g a cure. Hit eitenaiee cipcrienccd and rloee at'entton to tnia branch of practice, have gieen biin decided advantaged over the general practitioner. Separate entranced and separata nflirea Private entrance 3l door from the Muieum in Mo. 3 Auj etreet. L'tnp at the muer door in evening. alt lt*c SOMETHING NEW. LEUR'S HARDEN. 49 Bowery ?The underaigned takra Ihia opportunity to inform hta frirnda aid tne public that he haa opened a Uaiden and Saloon at t* Bowery, where he would be happy to receive their calla. Hia Saloon will be conatantly auppiied ? ith the cliou eataud beat of Frnila, Confectionary, Coffee, Ire t'raama, Lemonade and Soda that the city a (for da Every atte if on will be civen an hia prut to make thia Oarden and Saloon a pi--aiant and agreeable rreort to the ladiee and gentlemen who may favor hem with a call, alt lin'c H. LEUR, 49 Bawcry. i 300,000 Ian Norm* Srgnri, LANDED from brig Ohio, from Havana, of anperior quality, for dale IU lotatoauit pure hair re, at reasonable pro . . . aloim* by M . R\DER, 4# Chatham at. I LI S HEMI I TAN' E ol $ton war received in Feb" 1. 11. ruary laat, and the pari ra intending abaence to Europe wiah to write and receive I. H.'d addreee, which can safely be fumiehed them. ailiw'c COMPLIMENTARY BAEL TO MR. W. T. MORTON ? l'he puolic are reepeetfully in'onaed, that (he Ball in compliment to Mr W.I.Morton will take piece at the Apollo Saloon, 410 Broadway, on Friday evening, April 15th?the ttoor to be under the Jireetion or a committee of gentlemen. The mueic by Mr. Allen Dodwcr'h Ticket* $1, admitting a gentleman and ladiee. to be had of i ithe of the committee, a, ihe bar er tne Apollo. and ol .>lr n. at Ms residence, 145 Grand street, and at the door, on the evening. aSIOt* JAMAt HOOD, Jr Secretary. KALSOM INfc PAINT.?The Kalvomiue Paint having been severely teeted in this city during the winter months, the patentees can recommend it with renewed confidence to the public. The numerous specimens of Kalsoreine Paint now existing in Near York, renders an enume'Stion of its id vantages superfluous ; among the most prominent arc the following .? Kaleoinine Colors are mi re permanent, more luminous and agieeablr to the eye than oil colurs. They are applied without occasioning any offensive smell or injurious effect upon health, and drying in a few hours. Kalsomine paint may, if properly applied, be washed when soiled, according to directions in theeircular. Orders received and punctually attended to at the KALHOMINK PAIN V DKPOT, frb n tin* 364 Broadway, rorner Kranhliii. a ORTHK.KN MAIL A mirniec mail for Albany and t-N oth'r offices on the North River Will hereafter be made up st the office st I o'clock A. M The great Norlhera Mail will close as usual at 3) P.M. JOHN LOHl VIKH GRAHAM, P.M. Fes' OA .e. New York, April 12. I -1J al 3 Iwe fo B9ATM E N \X7ANTKD?Bearh Paving Stone of the first quality. Ap v v pjy No. ss Norfolk street. a? it* . 1 I \( ? It K w A RD ? l,uHT? I In Monday mornin;, April tJS 1 VJvr 11 'h, 1842 betwern No. 175 Broad wa< and the lls-ik of New York, one $.f00 note, Merchants' Exchange Bank; one H?" i"'te of the eame bank. Also, a eherk draws by rlsrh It 8'xtun on the B nk of New Yors, for >912. datrd April 11th. :MI?No. 141. The flneer will be libeially rewarded by leaving the same at ai2 3fr CLARK fc IITTOS ITS Broadway. r-OL'lI.N SWAN HOTKL. No. 69 .North I In id street, 'la few doors above Areh. Philadelphia ?Board f I |>er day. This heme is In a cetlral location, and has accommodations fir seventy persons. _ a!3 I me TJLKABA.nT I Vi I RSION ? A ssil across ths Ha 'son to 1 Hohoken, arid s stroll along its romantic rhorrs, cannot now fill o yield much satisfieiion to the admirrrs of the beauties ol iia'ure, and to those who may riquire, after bring pent up for the winter in a crowded tity. fre-sh air and some relasaiion. Tns exteraive grounds of this love y sp it, so It berally thrown opefl to the public, srv now de.-knl in all the luiun tnl fri shnets of an early si ring. This beyond doubt is the most agreeable excuriion that can be made at ihis season. _a!3 Im r_ _____ A~ m an" wants; I) ? Uljr wh(J Iff HI qtlRlllted Willi KahI'II* I ing and uodrr?tnnd? the care of hon?e?, i? wanted lo g? i**to tbi country about ?iity ?. ilea from thf city; ht muit t* oher, active iudnstri us, willing to turn h;? haad * erery thing About the rremijei of a gentleman. A man of ?ni? dc?rriptirn, o' middle age [ referred, will fiud a good ami perma n\?lVi't"a''0a"''C W0M?AVMA,, V , a. 50 H,.,?h? [) KM, KBTATK WANTliD?A a took ,,f mlwbf* mrr V ebandiae, (.ifether?Hh the fitture? ami leaae ot premwea, In n toed huameM location, (<> the annum! of aboiji tl ree thou ami dollara. will b* rieh>r.rd lor productire real ratate in t'lia city ?r Brooklyn, If d Tor immediately t( ?S arret. _ atJItr 1 "(\ CAHtl BI-fcAt llf Ml ,rOWI)K.t.t u..> .1 fc I'M/ B?u'a ounularture, bow landing from tliirn Ku.p eaa and Sovereign, for aale in lo!? toauit rurchaaert b? rCRslE fc BKOOK4, US *1 Libertr at. LM(KS< H VILXI.VKKV fiooua?"K.'B. HI HAM'IK r hta reeeieed hf the Baltimore. It hone and other Ha ere pmkeia, eery "ch trench Artificial Klowera, nt w Terlai-n kilka. and ther choice .Millinery arlir ea, sola-ted in em I,?,le. which he will aetl at reaaouaMe price. ' Ala.\ all kinda of materiil* for flow tr n.<k-ra, .elected in i all Jt'm ? B 8TRANUE, 111 Walker.I. AmiMB IB1M. BT THOMAH Bf.LL (fUriltful.M jfan trni III THi itsuA y. At loj o'clo k. 6S(Jrtfnwich at. r l?c?nt Furniturr?eomi riling i ha dual ?ari?tyof r?crll> nt parlor. b?d rooai and othar furniture o( i genteel family; r* cellent e*-pe<a chun. tahiea. (Hlcboardi. eofaa Lurtaia, looking Klatirt, b?da, bedalaada. bedding. china. g'ae? war*, am) the Ijaiul tari'ty ol really rood Uouaekeeping arliclei, 111 all iheir td tinneeeaaarv To bit* f.irth-r particular!. Alao, au invoice ut Byte" '" " ima. FRIDAY Vahiah'e Furniture?At lot o'clock, at No. 7 Beiver atreet. will b-i aold, the excellent furniture, of oue of our oldcat houaekeepera, lately decraaed I ninpritiiui aa g">nd an aaaortneut af really auhalantial well made old laalnoued and modern lu-niture aa li ,a bi en offered Uamyuaa. Tkitaliilamktrttauulf alao wall fnralaJi rd with all dearri| ti >r a of houaeieeoiMg articlea, mclud ug atrrral deaka writing lablea, wardrobea, bureaua, patent and otliea bedatruda, aumerooa c-rpeta, bcila, bedding, toilet lablea and other Taluable artirlea in the aame tin*. The large Fr itch plate looking plaaeea, mantel ornament a, fcc. are firat rate. SATURDAY, Splendid furniture?At toy o'al' ck, iu the aa'ea rnoma, 32 Ann and III Fulion al. and at the fine atore ?H Ann at formi rly the K. pie copal 1'rea*, will be continued the ea'e of really aupe rior furniture, from aomt of the beat manufacturer! iu the city. MONDAY. Haudaome Fureiture -Sale of all deacriyticna, at 117 Kaat Broadway, corner of J* II'r on at. TUESDAY, Elegant Furniture?The entire exce lent f ruitureof a family giving up houark*rping,77 Lauroua at H E. Rlell, A at lionet r. BY RIELL It ARCULARIU8. THIS "DAY] At 101 o'clock, at the Sot Bma- way cor. Duane at., Ilandaome karnitura?A handaoine aaaoitrneat of fur iture. enaaiatinK of bure*ui, wardrobea aideboarda. aofaer.Kking ami French chaira. rnah ganv dining tablea, pier do. glaaaci. lam pa, raaea. cutlery, caftora, *e. N. B ?The aale at 68 White at corner Broadway, adrer; ifed 'nrthia day, ia poatpaeed until ta morrow. Friilav morning at in o'clock, when by mutual arrtng meut Mr- Butterfield will officiate ae auctioneer. BUTTKRKIELD k COACHMON, Auctioneara. AUCTION NOTICE.?Friday, April II. at 10 o'clock, at No. t> Whiteatreet, rorter Bioadway?tie (ant Kurni tnra. conaiatiag of hruatrla am) ingtam carpeta, mahogany French chaira. marble top, reutre &<! pier tablea dimug do, eafddo, richdamaak window rartaiui, IWolarge French plate rier elaaaefl. aofaa. nttiimai.a ftiaaaa eniieilM ,,.I*- I I i: a, in ili' igany waahaUuda. dreaaittg kkUktlg. ihllgllT French bed tirade. be Jr. bedding table cutlery. ulrer apooite, chlM , together with a I .r^< |Matllf ol k>(r)i ru and c inking uteuaila. with which tha aaJx wil! commence Also.two eltgant piauo for ra t atalogu. ready on It r warning of aale alt tl' Al l TION N'OTl'lE.?Plte eitenaive aalc of ticrlleul arcouil liand furniture to take tilate oa Friday, at Na. 7 B'averalrret to rloae an ratate and ih-property of one of uur ol drat lioii?ekeepeia, lately deceased. w ill be found denning the attention of peranni wiahiag to purchaae good furniture In addition to the Iron! dwelling, the' e ia a large Bark Build iig well gtorcd with furniture of a'l deacripliona. alt at THOMAS RKI.I.. Auctioneer. A*-IftJTION NOTICE.-! lie a*l? of tplruilid aecond hard ai d new Furniture of all deaenptinaa, fiom lamiliea removing, and ihe Hock of aotne of our celebrated cabiuct maker#, will be rontinu-d an Hatarday, at 101 o'clock iu the atorea an and 3a Annat. and IIS Fulton at. on Friday afternoon, with c italneuee. alt 3' THOR. BELL., Auctioneer. FHCfP U OK'NaMRNTAI, THKKs; Shrub. and (HfllMk House I'lanla ?A. LIV V will contiuu* the atle idtw in" a very choice aaanrtmeut ol I'lanta, iuat received from Kngland by ihe packet ihip Cambridge, at the aalea room ISt Broadway-, thia day and Friday .at I0| o'clock. The aa'e will comnriae ineay of thoae aplcudid roaea.aa ware aotd ou Wedueaday. Alio, atparagua ronta, potato aeeda, with many valuable plauta, too liuniernia loth tail. alt 9t*c FARE D FREIGHT REDUCED. I.AH AIL LINK Foil 1'ROVlDENCE AND > NI N t. ON AND NEWPORT, comI iaed ol t ti? . o I: ugiuperinr aliamera, running in connection "i tii the Ald ington and I'rovideuce, and Boatou and Providence Railroad*? MASBACHUSF.TTS.Capt.Conntock. RHODE ISLAND.("ant.Thayer. NAKKAUANBETT.Capt Wootaey. M OH KG AN, C ap-. Vandcrbilt. Oi f which will leave New York daily, Sundayieicepted f rrNo 1 North River. Batleey Place,al 5o'clock.P. M. Arrangewunt. \Rll AO VNSK l'.on Moudaya.Wedneidayaand Fri tori' n. I UHETT8, out Tueadayi. Thuradaya, and lington. rival of theateamers at Stoninetan. may tak . a and proceed luimed.ately to Providence and L Feiglii taken atthefnllowinc much reduced ratra:? To Boaion, on goodi weighing forty |>ouni!a or upwarda to the cubic foot, at $5 50 per tun, and on mtaauremenl g >od* 7 centa per foot To Providence, on meicuremeut gooda 5 cruta per cubic foot, and ap'cific article articJaa aa per tariff to be ubtauied at i ll'icc Tl Broadway. m31 5in IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS. RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE?For the TiausporUuou <>l Goods between Philade'phia and Pittsburg. Thie impmvrment in transportation affords to irnttm ncrthants peculiar advantages. The good* being careiully packed la the boats at our warehoase, No 365 Market eireet, are carried over the Columbia and Portage Railways without transhipment Careful captains and crews are employed, who t ake charge of the goods at Philadt I <hia, and continue with them the ratire route, thus avoiding delays and the liability of lota being separated o 1 tie way N. B ?t'assenger* forwarded to Pittsburgh every day Sundays sicepied, H 8TOKKS, Agent, a't3m* m 7 Washiustoti street. 0? PEOPLE'S LINE FOR ALBANY rod intrrinidiale places, daily at five o'clock, P *m v* . ' the Pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets The commodioua steamboat ROCHESTER. Cant. St. John, leavea as above on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. at five o'clock Tne SOUTH AMERICA. Capt. Braniard. leavea u ahoTe, on Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, it five [ o icock. The above bo at 1 are new and auhstantia1, funn-hed with alegant State Rooma, and forsped and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. The NORTH AMERICA. Csptain M. H. Truesdell, leaves as abase on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternsons. at 8 o'clock. For pas.age or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. SCHULTZ, altr St the oilier on the H'harf. .yswi -Si FOR ALBANY AND TROY, landing at fl. ?-a* the intermediate nlacrs The splendid, low ,? Steambaot BE WITT CLINTON, (ant. S. H. Itne, will leave the foot of Comtlaudt street this (Thursday) alt< rnnon, April Mth, at Ave o'clock. The SWALLOW. Captain A. McLeau, to-morrow (Frid'y )allcrnoon, will leaveas above. The ahove boats are furnished with elegant state rooms,and for accommodations are unnvalUd. altr FOR LIV KHPOOL?Regular pack.I of .|,r i?ih llfrfwV April Thes uperior last soling net* slupSAMUSmEMwKI., HICKS, Bauksr. master, will sail a. above. '1 his ship's accommodations for cabin, second cabin, tnd | sterrare passengers are superb,and passengers can secur* berths onmodeiate terms, by applying to OLuVKK 81 McMURRAY, loo Pine st. corner South., r.n? renin* wiamng to venn tor inetr irieuda retting in the old country can have ihem brought nut by the above #u perb ahip. or any . fi he regular line of packet*, by applying HI above, if by letter poet *14 FOR NK.VlT"ORLKANS-T /ouitiaii (1111 ibrw j^M^VYork Line?Poaitively Kirat H.gulur Packet?Te A3nail I Sib April?Thefaal ruling packet alup LOUIrtv ILLE, Captain Hunt, will poaitively ami ai above. her regular day. For freight or pottage,having apleiidid furniahed acrommodaliona,apply on board, at Orle^na wharf, foot of Wall at. or to E. K. COLLI N8 It CO. 69 South at. Great care will be taken to hare the good* by thia line cor rectly mcaaured. I'.iaiengera "ill pleaae be rn board at Orleana wharf, f ot of Wall at. to morrow, 16th mat. at 3 P. M., at which time the thin will aail. Agent* in New Orleana, Hullin It Woodruff, who will promptly forward all good* to their addrea* The packet aliip HUN T8VILLK, Captain Mura'orl .will aucreed the LouuTille, and aail th* 36th April, her regular day. _al4r _ X|*tr k'Wll NEW ORLEANS?To tail on the toth lie a|?9yatant-The firat eiaaa fait a tiling aliip MARAl'OSA, JSlMKww ill be diapatched aa above. For paia-ge, bating am l erior aceommodationa in cabin and ateerage, apply on boa-d theahip, at pier 10 E. It <er lo I ?Hf JOHN HKRDMAV. 91 S u'h a'rret XJO*- KOIt SALE-Toe la?t milling, A I, eoppered and gWraV-Copper fattened ih-p VENIl.E, burthen 6*7 tone,or JMUHtLatKiut 7000 barer It. Thia aliip waa built in I'hilacelplna in 1839, in the moat faithful manner, wan tailed on the atocka,and coppered wi.h heavy cooper, on which the ha* juat perfonne J a voyage to China and back. I* well calculated lor a European packet, or fur 'he India trade Haa a lull inventory , aud no ? ready to receive a cargo la now offered for aale toclore a "oncern. Lieaalpierl North river For'erngnp !y lo BOYD fc H INC KEN. a( Broken. 3 Tontine Building!. FOB LIVERPOOL?Regular Comtriere ial Line >JSWy The tpleadid well known packet ahip. .ME.MpMls, jBmMlne1 atilaiu Knight, having lately arrived from Livirtan.I in a very ahort paatage, will meet with quick deapatch for the above pert. Thia alup uflTl an eicelleat conveyance for cabin, 3J cabin and ateerage paaaengert, who will be taken at moderate rate*. Apply to tneCaplaiuon board theahip at Crleaua wharf,fool of Wall (treet, or to JOHN HEUDMAN. (1 South at. Tho?e wiahing lo aeLd f r their OrcatBritaiuand I re I and. ran avail themtelria of having them br< ught out hy either of ihe above ahipe, or any ahip ef the line, and drilla ran aiao be furniahed, payab'e throughout the United Kingdom, by applying ? above nibr PASSAGE k Oil LI VEKPOOL?Packet of tt?e MnSWltth Aptil-A apleiidid (aal tailing packet tbip will JBmKu'w deapatched anJ ta'l roait'vely a* ibore, her regitlardu^^ Having tpleudid ace. mmodaiinne for rahin. eerood rubin aud ateenje paaaeDg--a, f.r paeaaae olilj , application thouid be made on hoard, or to W. k J- T. TAPSCOT1 , 43 Peck alip, ?l 3t corner Sown atiwet. M l'() Itr.N r?A Dwelling llouae and Harden' iTiirc m'lrt from the city and five minute.# walk Imm the lain in; at Bail'* Ferry,on th* bor4cia of Ihe lludai n nrer?a n Of chirmicgailu tion Tit* hcuae h a fi e room*, with Ihrie fire placee n- wly fimahed; the garden fence* are all n> w; go. d fruit* wuli plenty of thru bery, well of water near the tinuae. rent rery low?the ateamer Button rune to the laud 1 in* K..r partiruLra enquire of JOHN PONLON, on the prem?e? Li|ni|c I1mi, Bull'* Kerry, New Jeraey.. II H*r COUNTRY RICMDK.Ntfc TO LfcT-A plia.aJt U>ff ly atluated p ace,about four mil-a from the City Hall. Ja'Jm auitable for a gentleman duin? buaineaa in the city, md in the Ticiuity of a *o..d ir.hool. Kaqui'e .t No. ? Warren at. between the h.ura of I ami II A. NT and I am 4 P. M. I un.diale poeaeaainn m ill be giren ill II r f\ TllhKK DOLLAR HATM?St'RINO (-ASIIluN 1*411 ?The moat (plrnrfid artiolnr eaer offerm! to the public?Klrgaut tthort Nap Moleakiu at the low price of >i ; alao an artn-le at ft So, equal in durability andluatre to thoae old by other Hattar* at ga. OKO. P. H BROWN,Practical Hatter, | alltwM 14S Canal atreet ORLlfNO OKK? MHAttf k b r. itl7lT.oWN hi tluoa.ui ai k ' are celling of their rntire olock ol dry gnnila, at and If than coot. All therefore who are in want of dry gooda, can obtain them of tia much Itaa than at any other plae# in the fily. ? it I* our object to sell our entire ?toe k be lore the brat of M*y. ana -2** NO HO B-The copartnership heretofore eii.urg under the firm of SHARP h KtRtJUHON, ia thin diy due"'ajd "> muinal rona.nt. All thoae haeine claim* *? ! * . are rrqn*eted toprea-nt tre came for pay want, and all law to make payment of the a-nte to eitier of the uod-raigtue.?? Hudeon atreet. New Vnrk, April ? i aJJo* JAMLS FJCROl SON. h*<<k thkaikk. I'HIS ETENINU April is-The ptrfonraree will cimaicae wiilt .. ~ WE8T END. lirWrnDmalry, Mr Placid* ? , ArJtnt, W R KUk? b irl of btiuiu re, Cl?i k | Sup, le, I lnpiwixlaU l.ndy Win Utrenpoit, Mi* Clubman Noraii O C?uu?r Mi* 8 Cuikwta To rnnrlujr with THE CHIMNEY PIECE. \TmlJl#hraiu - X*ir. lliipvrodul* Frederick. Andrews Mri MuddUbr.-in, Mim H. Cmuiuu Mary, Mri. Vernon Admin* ion?Bore* $1 ; P?t 50 cents : Gallery *15cents. CHATHAM THKATkK " THIS EVENINO, April 1 ?The performance will con urnce with THE CARPENTER OF ROUEN. Mar'evu, Mr Kirby Autuiur Bcllard. Thorne N) ken l,a Nippe, C Mestayer Julie, Mil. Thorne. After which MuPr Wo?d, will appear ia a favorite Dance. To br foi'owed by the DOG OF THE WRECK. Capt. Merteu, Mr. Stevens I Edward, Maat. Wood Matilda, Mil Thome PaUws, Mr. Weed. To coDelude with ... , ,MICHAEL ERLE ! Mitluel Erie, Mr. Kirby Julia Spring, lira. Thorae eiea aaeeme.kJ and SdtiarsM; ntlRiMMrr ii< on open at li: Curtain riaea at f| preMBSly. il'rcilKLli'l OLYMPIC VSlMAWM* 1 HIS EVENING April H ?The performance will eommeiicn with Alter which bo/: I Box, |Mr. Heraeaatls Sam Welter. Mitchell Mrs. Norelfobble, hlra. WatU Betty, Mttsep To conclude with I he burl sen ue of HOW TO PAY THE RENT: Morgan Hal tie r. Nichiuaon | Mr. Miller, Rober Cooacience, Mn Watta Admission?1/raes circle Meents. Upper boiaa at casta * 111 cent*. Private boiea $(. I)oora open ataevae Curtain riaae at halfpaat sevenK'KA n'kXI N THEAThE.-To the Sporting World.?The public are respectfully inlormrd thai the uerformance of Monday evening laat,which gave such unqualified satisfaction, will be related this evening, Wedaraday, April 13lh?Yankee Sullivan and several oilier gentlemen ef celebrity in the art of Self Defence, will give a scientific display in the course ol I he eveniug. with (he usual attractive aetertainments wbieia have rendered ihis establishment so justly celebrated For lite ben. IV of VI >\ Weldeo. at 3 Ifr _ AfflKHlCAN nCIEVR, Corner Broadway and Ann ?treat. P. T. Bernuta. Maaager, rpHE GRF.ATKST ATTRACTION OF THE SEA i SUN-KVEKY DAY AND EVENING THIS WEEK ?Con ineneiug Monday, April 10.?in order to accommodate the Immense crowd. which allcnd Lccc V ?? 1 h is been euhrged The myateiioui OlPltlV GIRL canto consulted Day or K.veuiag. She ia I ha greatest wonder of the ace Fro in io to is and From 1 to t ike ahe eta he prirately ciuiaoltcd ae au ORACLE, or Foreteller of Future Events, lire of charge. Mr. BARNUM will tulroduee aome truly aoDderful ii|?rnntnta in ANIMAL MAGNETISM on a chilil three yean old. Mr and Mrs. GOAD, from the Cheetuut Th-atre, hia, will nag a variety of COM1U SONUS and DUETTS. LA PETITE CELESTE, the , rharu iuk dancer, in varioua odmired pances. A epl*nd^<!iaplay of the ITALIAN FANTOCINI. Mr.T. H. WtflTE will lulreduce hie INDIAN GAMES. FALLS Of NIAGARA, with real water ALBINO LADY. Paueaatic Rail ltoad, hancy Glaaa blowing. Grand Coemoranaa, and IOOjOW Curiosities. Aepleudid day performance takea plane every Wedneeday and haturaav afternoon. Ailnnltaiice tu the whole M centa?children half price I?KAL.F.'S NIC1V YOBK MVaRl'M. n ROADWAY, opposite the City Hall ?Mr. DFLARUE, I' the great mimic.will introduce hia eilraordiuary delineations. French stories, and Yankee ercealricitlee. Mr. MORRIS, the original vocal Comic Singer, will introduce a variety of hia Cemic Souge. Master YATES will dance a Hornpipe in Pettere. DtouKRHttoTvrK LiKKtvcaiat correctly taken in a lew aecoude by Meur*. Moraud and Peale. SPLENDID DAY PERFORMANCE every Wedueaday and Saturday afternoons, commencing at t o'clock. One hundred and fifty Portrait! of distinguished Amcri cans. Admittance SS cents?childrenhaif pries. mS6 lmr RTbKAIIaM'S GRAND CONCERT at the SoOoy Library will take place on Friday, April llth, aseiited by Mr. That lea Braham and Miss Auguele Brown, orgauiat of Dr. C n't Church, Brooklyn. First time in New York, the Chevalier Neukoman'a celebrated anna, tranalalrd from the German, Nap deou's Midnight Reverie, Mr. Braham Snug from Maaaniclle?Auber? My sister dear, Mr. Cbaa. Braham v Scetch song?Blue Bouuete over the Border, Braham Song?John Anderson my Jo?Burns, Braham Duel?Al.'e well?Braham Mr graham and Chae Braham Song?'1 here', a charm iu Spring?Poetry by Bur?Hak.l, Cha* Braham Amer can au 1 English Bcquet, arranged hr hrricif, kliee Augusta Brow n Song, first time?Molly Brown?composed and written by Lever, Mr. Braham 11 ay tin's Caryonet?My mother bide ma bind my hair. .. . _ ?,. Braham 8 >ng The old Englith Gentleman??Old cli mu*, Braham Duet?Rt?r, weary Traveller?Braham, Mr. Brahmn and Cbaa Braham r'wrcert t? commence at 8 o'clock. Tickets Jl, children lialf price alt atr A GRAND SACRED CONCERT will bo given m St Palrirk'a Catherialon Suodar evenlag, April 17th, ISM, under the direction of Mr. Wm It. Brie tow, Organiat of the Cathedral, for the benefit of the sufferers hy the late ttteneivc c .nil gration. , The following eminent vocal and instrumental performen have in the kiu .eat manner tendered their valuable aid PaittciraL VocaLteTl. Mrs Sweeny, Mr. Horncaelle. Mr. Muotou, _ Mr. Myer, Mr Rieff. IniTBt Mitirii Prareamna. I,eid-r of the Orche.ira?O. F. Briatow. Mr K. Briatow will preside at the Organ. VinRna?Vetdra. Uodeworth, Ayliffe, an Amateur. Feteraclnn. Jode., and others, v iolaa? Deweri aud U< inrich. Contra Baia?Loder nd I'irisou. V lolincelto?Musgriff Trumpet?Rivee Horaa?Uehaing and Marshall Flute?Kyle Clarionets?Ripoon and Smith I'agotli?Duck worth and Amateur Tronibniea?Spier and Peetr PART I. Duetto?Here ehall soft charily repair?Meaan. Horncaatle and Myer, Boyeg Chorue?The heaveni are telling Hiydn Reel I?Beviwr and deeper etill?Mr. Hoewcaatle, Handel Air?The trumpet (hall aouad? Mr Myer?'Trumpet oliligato? Mr. Htvea, Handel Trto?Tautumergo? Mri. Swrecy, Meter*.Horncat I ! and Kit If, Pattello Air?Couauler the liliet?Mr. Muiioi, Toplilie Orntiat Agitnua (by i articular deairt)?Mrt Sweeny Clarionet ubligato?Mr. Briatow. Quglitlmi C'horut?Oh. Lord, iu thee have I trujtcd, Handel I'AKT II Ohorua?To the?.Cherubim, Handel Air?Let the blight Seraphim?Mrt. Sweeny ? Tramp* t n'b'igato? Mr. Hiree. Handel R?cit?tVheu Irein tie tiered garden. Air?She led him through the tiaiklea* wild?Mr. Muntod. Webbe Cantata? Daily my prayer, O, Lord?Mr. Horncaitlc ClarinDet obrgato? Nfr.llriatow, Mozart lleeit?Lord, what it man, Steveoaon A ir?Thou tnidett hun lower?Mr. Mrer. Quintrtto?Oh, Lord,our Governor? Mn. Swteny, Mettrt. Iliune.ittie. Mi er, Kir IT and I'cUrschia. Choiua?How eieellent Tliy name. Chorut?Halle i jih, Handel '1 he Coueert will < inence at half patt tcvta e clock r.ekett 50 cen ? each, to tie obtained of the Ree. Catholic Clenjv. of ti e Tiutieee ol 8t. IVrickt Cathedral, of Mr. Hugh K -11 v, I3i* Bowe y. and at the doar of the Cathedral am the evenuig ot pertoiinonre. alt tie ? 'I'Hfc KAINfcRs hare the honor to aaaoaace that t hey wig 1 give their la?t Concert out one at the Htayeeeant Inahtute, on Tiiu3eday evening, Ap'il It, 1113 when they Will appear in their national roilume < f the Tyrol, and aing tome of their inoet popultr Alptnv melodita 1 iekrtt M ceatt, t? be had at the miiao: atorea atd at the door. Co-cert to com me nee at 8 o'clock. all tt'r VOCAI. AND INSTRUMKNTAL MUSIC. H. g. ? NORTH will give lualruction in tinging and on the vialin, violoncello, tluie, ilirioctt, accnrdio . lie. at hit Acadatuy, 43 Murray itreet. Lettnut given at the eaidence of tha pupil if ileiired. an I wit'r MORAL, INSTRUCTIVE, RECREATIVE AND TEMPERATE AMUSEMENTS. N'OTICE ?To the inhabitanta of the prioci|*l citie* ajad townt od New York, I'ettityIranta, Connecticut. Rhoda Itland. Mittarhutettt. Nrw llamiwhire. Maine, Ac. Ac. SIGNOR HERVIO NANO, The juttly celebrated and naturally endowed Metempeychatuin, wliotr extraordinary peranuificalion of the (iuome, tlaa Bahboon. Hy. Sir , hat been the delight ef tha world, amtioiiDrit tint it i? hit intention, during the coming lommat inoutlit, to eifit the above State* with hit Coliacum. A fan aiinile of Krauconit, Rotunda. Ol) mpiea in the Champa# VIl-ip* at Carta. ami i ulrndid Band of Mufic. With A luA* cieut number of irtirtea tn make the riitartainmant au pernor t# any ih-ng yet olfrred. To ennaiat of a Melenipayrhonaii Birnr flight of finer, cited the li.MIMK ELY, in which fligaor HK.KVIO NANO ?ill emhodv THK UNOME! THE BABBOON THE FLY ! ! . . .. A MAN!! !! Meeyrham, the Quren of the Peria Mt4.Hirna.NiM To t?e followed by A MI MICAL OLIO ! ! cooaiitiug of Pianoforte Iteciutioua by Madame HERVIO NAi> O. I? (Ir and Saaato in B J. N. Hum dm I 3?Concerto Htuck in K C M. Von Weber 3?Grand Kautaiia on the National Aire, Ood Mare the Kinf and Hnle Britannia 8. Thalberg With lull Orcheairnl Arcoaapanimenta. To conclude With an II li'oricnl Diaptay of Ike eittreeung adventure* attending the Mhipwreeh ol Paronae, with eharbeterialic painting and tnuaic, in which fcignor Hereto Nana will peraonate th faithful Bibboo, Orah, the ludian Maid M rim Herein Nino. N B ?Peraona deeiroua of making aummer arrangement# ran learn particular* by applying (poat paid) to th* underaignej, at the Branch Rutel, M Bnwery, Maw York, mil la.ii' HKRVIO NANO. GYMNASIUM. PISTOL GALLERY. MKS8R* Ht DSON A OTTIONQN reapeclfnllr m form the gentlemen ot New York, thrt they haee fitted up a OVMNAHII' M at the corner of Chamber* atraat and Broadway, aad it ianow open for the reception of eiaitom Th* inalHuticn iaof the firat order, and complete in aeary re.pcct for the purpoae of Athletic Litpciccc. Hpnrriog Leaaoi.a given daily. . lMa. Tirm* modernte Open day aadcrening 11 ? F U L L E R'S G Y M V A SlUM. T0 THOSE WHO VAUT. "Mim-Tk^rnnt 1 tiam, 80* Ore#?e itreet, a*** , f oy ^ (trmt* dalle. In addition to Ih* '^lew* and amuaement, a Bowk aium. there ?re attached for eier , l.irg* open '?? Alley,g-ojt ''''"'"' '. jjjlj g rid o*her ot it-door mi ere 2Tb wTkhSoTmnS e^l..M..rot ac . gymnMium, guyenor to all Other* .11v.,rihing have the prieil'ge nf eeerci log at th* (lenlleirien r Ann at. Where there uaeary imidemetl '.Torp or eeereiae. Mpareing taught M .....I' L .!* b?r *:i rimucnt Pr?r?Mor, it iucb time m Io ?oit InciAeanta In iceoedamea with th. times. T.nn. of ,rally ''gl ht.r ' ?'" " ? ? ' ??T A \T/\ I.^/kllTLV ri/\i>w ruairjo. CjOUTHKUN UKALKRB ?ud pur?h???r. iS fl(1.j it to thffir advantage to c?.l a.?J ?* wn??? n 4 . irtmml "I tK? eb->T< wikb, romprnif* * * ?? (,'!????, of in ewood an4m?ho?Mr, *|4h IT" , n^ rM-r-r i'* ii .nd', ?n.l eyery modern ^ ,0,a furteo for hire it the inuiufaclcrr

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