Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1842 Page 1
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J"? 1 g, .. , * V H f?l. YII.?Ho. 3'JO--WfcoU 9039 ISfcW LINK Ob MVKRTOOl, PACKETS To Mil frem New V ork .id tn? Will, and Ltrerpool ou the llih of each mouth. &L Mh 0L &L Vuiim NEW Tomi. Ship ROSCIl/'3, Cutnin J * !??i Coliiui, S8th March. Ship SIUDONS. Captain K. B. Cobb, i?th April Ship SHERIRAN.Captaiti K. A. Depeyeter.rtth May. ShipUAKK1C k.' hi urn Win. tekiddy.ittth Jane. b HOJI LlVEItPoeL. Ship SHK.RIl-AN.Cvpuin K. A. Drpeyeter, Illh March. Shi 1 UARRIOK,' ipUtu Win. S kiddy, lath April. Ship RuSClUS. Captain Joint Collate. 13th May. Ship 8IHDONS, Captain K. B.Cobb, 13th June. Tneeeahipeart allot the tint ?.Uis,tipwarila of 1000tone,boilt lithe city of New York, with each improvements u combine Ca* speed with imueual comfort fir paaeengere. Kvcry care been taken iu the ?frang?mrntoftheiraccommodations. The price ojp.u>? uteheiice is f M 0,f ir which ample etoree will be provided. Tneieuhipe are commanded by experienced inaeiera. who will make every exertion to give general eatiatuc tion I*. the captain* orowuere oflheae ship# will be re?pon*i ' "" muLji,,,,,,,! bv them, uniese re JIU 1 . leii'. i"%? i?. i ~r?*V ? uU- Sill of Udi'iMre thrrefor. T thipflOl thinn!*'will hereafter go armed, and theirpecu Itr c(iuairttctioo gireaihera security uot poMeaaed by any other for 1 it Houlh at.NewYork,erto WM.t J A3. FROWN & fco., Liverpool Letter* by the packet! will be charged rjj cents per single Sheet so cents per mince, ii'l newspapers | cent each. ml New YOtth AM") HAVRE PACKET*. {SKCONO USE.) jfo M m m thi'Tiiir wi.i I frcancrleave NewYorKn.the lit and H tvre ou the '6th of each month an follows : From New York. Ft am Havre. The new ship ONEIDA, ( let March ( 16th April Cant. flit July < 16th Aegust James Knock. ? 1st Novenibar f illh December Hup BALTIMORE, (lit April ( 16th May Cart. V lit August < 16th September E>lwaril Funk. f 1ft December f l?th January hip UTICA, ( 1st May I lVth June Capt. < 1st September < nth October red** Hewitt. f 1st January f 16th Kebruary ffsw ship sT.NTCOLAS,( 1st Juue ( 16th July Capt. 1 1-st October * ISth Noremher J. B. Pell. f 1st Kebruary f 16th March Tne Accoinm sdatione of these ships are not surpassed, com bining all that may be reipiired fur comfort. Tbe price of cabin pa-sage is floo, Pass-tigers will be supplied with every requisite, with the exception of wines and liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the absenbera. free from any other than the expeuses actual.yi nCorrrJ an them. For freight or passage apply to BOYD k HINCKEN, Agents, it I Tontine Buildings. FOR NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS M. M M M FoMh^ietter accommodation ofeliippers, it isinteuded to despatch a ship from this port on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 30th ssrISth of each mouth, commencing the loth October, and continuing until May, when regular days will be appointed foi the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and diaap CiintinenU will be prevented during the summer months. Ths Mowing ships will commence tlua arrangement <??hip YA/.OO.Caet.Cnnn-ll. flhip OCONEE.(.apt Jackson SliipMISSISSIPPI,Capt. Milliard. BhipLOUlSVILLEjCupt. Hunt. fihipSHAKSPEARE, Capt.Miuer 1 Ship GASTON. Cant Latham. hip HWNTSVILLE. Capt. Mumf, nL hip OCMl'LOEE, t apt Leavitl. fihip NASHVILLE, Capt. Dickiusi n. hip MEMPHIS. Capt. Knight. hip LOUISA. Capt. Muiford. 'J'hese ships were all built in the city of New York, express^for packets, are of a light draft ol water, hare recently been JMwIy coppered and put in splendid orcer, with accommodations Mr passengers unequalled tor contort. They are eommaaded by experieuccd masters, who will mage every exertion to give ( satisfaction. Thry will at ail times be towed up and down the Mississippi by steamboats Neither the owners or captains of these ships will be responsihb for jewelry, bullion,precious s tones, silver, or plaSe d ware, or fir any letters,parcel or package, sent by or put aboard of Mem, uuleas regular bills of lading axe taken fortnesanae, and ijralue thereon exm-eared lorlreigni ,>. E. K. COLLINS k CO. USouth at.,or HULLIM Ik WOODRUFF, Ajjenl in Naw O'leaor.who will promptly forward all goodeto hii addreaa. Trie :11pa of tliia line are warranted to aail punetua/ly aiad] Vartiaed, and greatcare will be taken to have the gooda correct fy Deaanred. alO .new vOKA amu newahjw." Vara rettuced to IK cants. From the foot of Courtlandt itreet, Ne w Yorkt (Every day?Sunday aeiceuted.) Learee New York. Leave Newark At# A. M. At 3 I' M. At 71 A.M. At U P M 11 do 4 do do >1 do 4| do l?t da ( do 1 da 10 do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot ol Liberty afreet. Leave New York. Leave Newark. At A M.and tj P.M. At 1 P. M. and 10 P.M. WE . kORK ELUTtBr'THTOWN. EAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty etraet.daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunawick. At ? A. M. At 71 A. m. 41P.M. 1 P.M. SOMKRVILLE gtaurr connect with theae linea each way. Fare between New Vnrli and Somerville, >0 centa. Do do New Brunawick, 75 crnta. Rat way, 60 centa. E.weoeLhtowD, 35 centa. The fare in ike 71 A. M. train from Naw Bnmawiek, and 4| fit. train from New York, haa been reduced between New York and New Brunt wick to 50 centa. " and Rahway te 571 " The Poiladelrhiam-'illine paeeetthrough NewBrunjwick for New Vork every evenius at (o'clock. On Suaaayatno 71 A.M. trip from New Brnnawick ia omit tad Patunger? who prornra their ticketaat the tiekatoffiee.reaeire t ferry t'cketpratii. Ticket ear* received by thi-eoaductof aalv on the -tar when rmrehaved frbll Ira* FREIGHTS FOR THE WF.*T AND SOU rH, From PHILADELPHIA, via THE PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON. AND BALTIMORE RAILROAD COMPANY. Freiihta foriheWret and South will be forwarded daily front the tranepc.rtatiun office of the Company, No. I Dock at Whaif Philadelphia Mvrrhanta are reapectfnlly informed that all good* conaignid to the company Mill be forwarded with the utmoit iai stch to any poiut wret or anuth. Freight re?chei Baltimore the anmc dry it Airea PhilaAelphia. The nail line for the went and aonth leavea Do?k atreet dailr at half-peat aix o'clock A.M. by eteambeat ROBERT unnnw ~iV?V<rn?er? will re?ch Baltimore at 8 o'clock, two hour* Drtviuus to the departure of the li'aiua for t lie ioulhweet. W. L. ABHMEAD,Agent. Philadelphia, March 9. IB49. Bill m RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET ANDIKKtlOHT LINE. NEW BRUNSWICK AND NEW YORK THE NEWJEKSe-Y Railroad and Transportation Company hare eital>H*hrd Freight Line between New Rruuswick and New York, which they intend to run peimaftently Leaving New Unmewick at 5 AM. daily, (Sunday* creep t rd) and the foot of Liberty atitet. New York, a- a P.M. To country dealer* am! merchant* the above line le very do8rable for the epcrdy and cheap conveyance if merchandiee ' every dcacription. and more particularly to Drovera and call1-* in Live Stock.who can have 150 head of cattle conkey! between New Briuuwick and New York, theiameday, WheiK ver rtanired. The ratee for th' transportation of cattle, hareee, mulee, fbtep. hog*, Jtc.. and all other kind? of merchandise are very law, I ever exceeding ateamboat pricee. Merchandiee aent by thi* line i? not aubjected to any extra chary in croeeiup i he N irth River. The t.ompan? have fi?ted up a large atorehouee at New Brunrwick adjoining tne Kai'ruad Depot, which will alwaye be open for the recption of merchandise. IWof er?, purchasing thtir tickcdi at the tieket off re*. will receive ferry ticket* gralie. ml 4 ?m* M O'l ICfe,?Ou and afier April let, tats, the commutation AN fare in th* cart of the New Jersey Railroad and Tran? portal ion Company, between New York and the varioua place* ou the hue of the railroad, hae been reduced (including ferry) to pTS perauuum, and pgo for aix month*. mlS Ira' _ FREIGHT kND PASSAGE TO PlffSHIIRO. _ . BINGHAM'S LINE. TS? rrowrUtors of BlD^h4m,i Tmo?porUii?B Lint to Pitt*berg, giv* notice to the Merchant of New York, and all other peraon* * -ipping to the Weet, that their line i* aoa in active mperatloo. Uoode couii.n.d io them (or aent to go in their he.) will be forwarded withdeepatch. Ownera or ehipoere of goo*, deet.ned for the We*tern BIbIM- WhO i DO Mrmil op *n . . .t D.i i :11 nleare coaeign their ipode to William Bingham, Pi't?eburg. who will attend to (hipping all auch cone Ignm cute without Afi good! ihould be marked dielinctly on each package RINOHAM'iS LINK. * * For ratea of freight which are ae low a* aar cdher line. Apply to WM. TVBON, Agent, No IWeititrwl aey-eile Pi? No. ?, N. R. N B.?Pneaengem forwarded to P.lleburg and PoUitiUc, Tery day, Hundaye eacepied. Refer to K, Croeke, American Fur Co.; B. T. Nieoll, Rront etreet; I'helne. Dodge Ik Co. Fulton (treat; Buy-dam, Swell Co.; Wm Kaaklu. Duryee It Co .Newark" me Im IfAtKN 18LANU >MIc " ^BO^Or Foot of Whitehall etreeL^HB^Se toS^S^TATKN ISLANDKR, (>pt. flflllrd~or AM HON, Captain Duval, will run aa loll owe until further Cearci Btaten lei end Learee Whitehall At o'clock A.m. At ( o'clock a.M. "18 " " "11 " " 1 " P.M " t " P.M. M lU II u * J| " * " O " " " ? " ". . N. B. All goode (hipped are required to be particularly jBarked and ere at the ruh of the owneri thereof. ol ~~ T. fOWfcl \ A CO.'8 LlTTE. aMfl sm Kon NfcW UlIKi jit, landing ?< CALD WRHT POINT AND COLD SEZ?EE.*FHINO-The eteamboat Cap'.. Robert Wardrop, will leava the foist rf Warren itreet llcw York.erery Monday Th-i winy end Saturday a/lernooo'i ?t 4 o'clock. Returning, the Mien, inner will ??* .vewburyb rery Monday morning at I o'clock, anu Tuaedayand Friday afternoon at o'clock. Foe fperch* or paaaage.apply to the Captain en board. N B. At i baggage and freight of every daeeription, bank Mle orepeeie, put on board thie boat.miiat be at the riekof the waern thereof,nnleea a kill ?f lading orreceipti* ngned for Rt'tM. mu E NE i L1FL 13 CAT ASSOCIATION, FOll THE MANUKACTURE OF francis pat un t life boats. AMERICAN MOULDING company. warehouse: 112 broadway, opposite mis CITY HOTEL. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. ojc the principle or ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE (Copy.) Haviujjlately lost tw> bioiacuUti treth. I called on'Mr. Levatt to supply th*ir plac s with artificial ones, aaJ it affords rue much pl'.a*ure to testily to hit skill auJ ability hs a Dentist; indeed, I have ever seen teeth fixed and fitted with more exactness. and at the same time wilh leas painful pressure on the yum 1. I cheerfully recommend that geiilleanau to the esrecial notice of the medical prnf? sMon, a* well as to the public, feeling satisfied from my own experience that they may coidideully rely on his skill lulus profession. (Signed) GRANVILLE S. PATTISOV, MD, Professor of Anatomy, Uuiveraity of New Yerk. February 191I , 1845 The original can i>e seeu at Mr. Levetl'g 560 Broadway, comer of W.rren street ~NOTlCli IU iiUVEKt* Of CABI NET FURNITURE. T'HK iiibscrihcr wnul 1 lavite the att.ution of those wi.hine tn purcharticle, iu the above hiwiiiee., to hi. e?-u. ,L_ . . .. i . .. . I ...-i ,.r I) wood and Mahogany Furniture, of e"ranch and other patterns, some of which are not to he f.,uii-l elsewhere, b-ing entirely original. Also, handsome rich uill (vomices for window#, Pole* and hinge ; together w ith Damasks, Ualloous and Ta.sels. and terry arliclv attached to curtains, which wiil be made in the latest aiyle from pattern# lately receieed. N B. Particular attention pai1 to the fi ting up of Ottoman#, Kire Screen#, and other fancy articlee. with embroidered tapestry WASHINGTON MEEK A, dll-tin #15 Broadway, next the Hospital. CARPETING, UXRFETING. r|'HK, Subscriber i# now oprniug hi# Spring aiiortmeut of J- Carpcttug, consisting of lli us*els, three ply. superfine and nur Ingra'n; an assort mi lit u it strpatstd in thi# city for variety of style#, figures, Htc. The?e go -d hare been ordered expressly for ttte d i-i-ig trdte. The graatest tare ha# been observed in maki-g se It ctirna of ?uch gout'# a# can be confiJ?t?t'y ecnmmendrJ lur durability and perinaneucy of coloiflt kc. Also.alarge assortment of the different kind# of Hall and Stair Car(eting Tufted door Mug#. Door Man, ke, Alan a ban-some asaurlmeut of Painted Fioor Cloth#, all widths. . Families about purch-.sing any of the abor# deienbed good# are respectfully invited to call. CHARLES HICKS, ml 8 lm" 75 Kim Broadway.71 Div'sion-st. SEBRING'S CORDIAL. INDIOK8 I'lu-N.?As this is a very c?mn on complaint, in the preaent day. winterer tenile to allrviate it i? of public tm;or ance Koi the inforinalion of those affected with it, we publiah the following recomineuiation# of a Realorative Cordial for ite e ire C. C. hag Diar Sin At vonr request,! have examined the medicine# of which i oor Cordial i? coinpoaed, and have no hentatiou in (eying ih il they are of the bent class of Ionics; and in the manner prepared tir you. will prove highly beneficial in Dyspepsia, and many oth-r disease# ofgrueral debility. Vuurs, lie. P PRATT, M. D. No. 18 Liberty atreat. I concur to the above recommendation of Dr. Pratt. THOMAS BOYD, M. D? No 781 Fourth (treet. Sabring'# Restorative Cordial mold at 1*2 Fulton street, at $1 per bottle. mga lm" DR. JOSEPH EVANS, GRAND RESTORATIVE SYRUP, For the curct fevery form of Disease arising from THF. IMPURITY OF THE BL bOD, CAUSED by the vital o-gv# becoming deranged and enfeebltd by hereditary complaints, and eihaustian of th< yatem. and other dia* ise*. vix Screfnla or King's Evil. 1' mora and awelli igs in tl\e neck, second try #y mot am# r f 8> phi lis. or the const it u ioual form of the Veuerial Disc .#;, Ulcer#, ulcerated sore Throat Palate lee. Ulcer# on the shins. and other wrist 1 the body. Disss### of the bone#, pains, # veiling#. asd ulreraliGis of the hoar#, swelling# ol the ioints, white swelling#, k--, Canrets, wane; us or tkin diseases, alt rheum, ringwotm. i<-aly eruptions. leprosy, itch, scald h~?d. pimpiea. cracking and <marting ofthc tkia, tetter, and all kinvs of surra Long stamiing ana t etelol ore incurable fever sores; rheumatism, gout, lirer complaint, and all diseases eaused by an itn:iro;ieruseof mercury, local and constitutional debit* y or weakness, gounrrho? i gleet l-ucorrhae t or whites, gravel.kc..orwhenihe sys'etn has bsen evh mated by secret sen-uilitv in youth, in'empe mice, long standi-g debilitating dise. s-s.lorg residence in Soutkeruclitnitea, and other debili tating causes. This invaluable mtdicine has been employed by the proprietor in an exLosi- ejirivale .aid hospital practice, both in F.u rep< ?infl Am*nr ? I >r in* iabi ioriy yearn curing wnicn umc nr Ml cured o>er5000 pali'ute, who wer- afflicted 'with lone of the mogt loalh?oin- ?ud destructive firm* or d aeaac. many of whom are mv? living. aud ready to teatify to the eflicaey of thie medicine, ltcuree hy firing tone to the nerves, exhi'Aat i?g the spirit*. regulating the circulation, mvigoratin* and egciting iheyital o tmiio ?uat ir*l au-l healthy action'and Lnua causu g all impurities ' o he expelled from the *yitem, and creating the accretion i f pcrfectl) pure and healthy hlood. Price $1 per bottle. For sale only at the Private Rev id* nee No. 4;r Cirte jwich air. el, too doori above Canal a treat. mtH 3m 30 ODD YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in the lu'Dtifiu pr-ctice of curing certain diaeasea, hare enabled Dr LAUItEL, of No. 103 Canal etreet, to eradicate thoae diaeaaea in qu-etlon, whether new,old, or Inveterate, in leaa than hall toe time employed by theioraraon doctore, who poiaou their patient! with mercury, capivy, nitre, cubeb?,ke. N. B.?Itrangera are appriied that Dr. L. ia a regular phyei cian of the med eel facu'ty of Paris, alao graduated in the U. Htatea.aa can he proved by. hia diploinaa ni34 Irn' PRIVATE CURE. TAOCTOR JORDAN'S SPECIFIC COURSE, No. 1?For IJ the prompt cure of C?p or Cionorrhma, Uleetg, and all other wethral diach rgea, aud hia Specific Courae, No. 2, lor the complete dedication, and permanent cure of ten-real dieeaar, wiil out exposure, inconvenience, or loat of time. Each courae is enclosed in a neat tin eaae. comprising every medicine, wnsli, and reqamite, ever required either for internal or eiternal uee; and whether the cteehe recent or old, a cure ia guaranteed, if uaed /? directed. Each package alio contains Dr. Jordan'e private tre itiae,called the Monitor, where, inisfull directions, with aidaiu diecription of the nature ymptoina, conai-qurncra and tieatinent at secret disease!-,to which ia added much valuab'e information, useful hints, and important advice?rr mnrn g all the difficulties of self treatment The mice of Monitor is fifty eeuts; one dollar aeut post paid, will I usure its reception. Tie earners No. 1 and S, are each S3, and guaranteed?admirably designed for resi den's in the couutry, bring complete, compact, leonvrnieut ana cmcieni tuai emu icncm *,?? vi >u^ ..... v prompt attention. Sold for the proprietor, onljr at Drug Store, II Marion atreet.arrond door below Prince,antoud block eait of Broadway. Marion alrett u a direct eontinuition of Centrr. mlt |m* FASHIONABLE TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. At the fashion a bum tailoring establishment, 1 oh Beekman itreet.near Pearl. Geutlemrn who are now or lormeily have been paying extravagant prieee for heir clothing, are aeeured that tliey need do o no mere, a* the uberriber wilt guarantee to all who petroniae hint, a hirdonie At, a faehionahle atyle and excellent materiala, at the following moderate oricea? Sup. Went of Eng. Wool-dyad, black, blue, or green dren coata, $15 to $32. Pauta, double milled do black, plaid, and fancy eaae., $1 to $8 80. Veala?Fine eaahmere.aatin.and all kinda, $1 to $5. Coata made aud 'rimmed in a auperior manner, Rom $7 to Morrar. CARPETING, &C. CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. TONES A MARCV. 101 Bowery, New York, art now re" ceiling their apring eiiPpIv of Carprllog, Oil Clotha. Window Sliadea, Oruggria, ILarth ltuga, Door Mata, Table and PianoCovera. Stair Roila Ac Ac. Among Iheir good, are ni iny new and rich patterna of Eng. liah and Ameiican mmulaclure, which cannot be exceeded for beau'y, quality and chr anorii in tha city. PtrBcna about furniahiug their kouaea are invited to give ua a call. I.K.JONES, al tm* L. MARCY. CRE A 'VI ?CREAM?CREAM. S'ill theCitiri widely teem With praiae of Ria<: a T'trbena Crtam? The Aneat Sharing Co?pound known, EqwriMN Saa clearly aliown, "i'ta ao akil'ully prepared Toaoften e'en tne roigheat heard. That a dull razor'a edge beetowa A krenBeaa that the tharpttl knowa. ' T ia pure, and p'raeant, choice and cheap? Will in every climata keep? Makea it a nleaaiag taak to ahaxa, And will both time and Irouhlt aa?a. RING. SI Fulton itrael; Ba? ett.444 Broadway, and 459 Bro.dway. mil tm* "GENERAL AGENCY. THE SUBSCRIBER liMt'ken the atore 7ft Fultoa street, BrOC lor the aalr of the moat approved genuine patent and family medieinee, perfumery fancy article*. Ae. Ma"ufaciureri and proprietor! of t*ichartic'ea, or of any thing elae. who wuth for an adive, alining agent to diepoaeof their production!, will Aud aucl. an one in the peraon of the itKarribar. _ 8 J STEWART. 75 Fulton nt.. Brooklyn For aale, moat of the appreeid family medicine*. Pertono pnrehating h?re may re'y on (btaimsg B?u"tue nrtiel*^ " Take phytic early ?medicine comet too late, Whru the d;ira?r brcomet inrelrratr " DBCOMMK.NDKD by the Ftrully?VANCE'S ANT1 XV BILIOUS FAMILY APERIENT PILLS?By long ipenence thete pillt hate beeu peoeeJ by Ihoutand* to be (he bet I and tafrit Family Medicine hitktrto dueoeered. At ill tenons of the year they will be found eery ealuable to all rtio with to terure th< murders again* tiiko'ta They are dike eate for children ao for any pmiod of life, and require no lira atteutien to dirt nr t.-i clothing, bilioon and /irerentiplamta. dyrpejem or indigeation, netrout dituntet, tick headache, and iu (act all ditratet aritiutt from an impure ilatc of rke biocd. or a diaorderrd ttale of the itomach or bowclt, are ejieedily remorrit by taking them Tliey presentlonrey. contireney and ita cor.aeqin-ucrn? therefore seafaring men tnomd nerer be without thrm. Time or climate affect* them not Tw i or three dneet will courinoc the patient of their **Jut^f clj'clt, fur the etomach will readily regain ift strength, t health y ttateof the lieer and bo welt will tpeedily take place and renewed health and eigoi of body and mind will be the cer tainreault. Their eirtuee, in fact, may bo tummed up?at a medicine which atreiglhen* the leeble and consolidate* the iniierloa of the strong,and will be round of infinite value to femalen of all age? (if taken or cording to tko dirsctinoa) who wieh to be secure frnmaicknesa. Pure M and 50 eeuli per box. For safe. wholeas le and ro'nil, by Wn?. Watson, Apotheeanea' Hall. 90 Lall anne atroot; Smith, corner of Kulton and Water Ita; NowiU. t?T Bowery ; Balgroee, druggiot. Fulton at. Brootlyn. mil HaVJTKAW WRAPriN'" ?1000 rfuunnao it raw wrapi irg ' ?> at excellent article, jntt receivedandI for irale by at rtRaSE fc BROOKS, II Liberty il ?? 1? W YO tfEW YORK. FRIDAY M( ANT)EKS0N\S POLISHING PASTE ami pi.ate pnvvnEk. New York, Jin $.15411. Wr haie tried the Polishing Paale made b)' Mr. Auderaoa, aud liud it to be lupertor lo any thing we hire ever uaed. BOAKDMAN bt HAItT, ? Burliug Slip. Manufacturers of Brtlsunia \V are. New York, Jan. 10,1843. We hare tried the Paite and Plate Po wder mad* and aold by Mr. T- Anderson, and take [ leature in recommending them. COLEMAN Si STETSON, Aator Home. New York. Jan. 14 154$ we have used Mr Andtrioh's Polishing Paste and Plate Powder,and find them very eicelleut for (.leaning silver and niter plated ware. BALL. TOMPKINS & BLA'K. Late .Vlar<;uaud lit o., 15i Broadway. NtwTork, March 1. 1*4J. We have naed Win. Anders >n'a Polishing Paite and Plate Powder for cleaning si'Crr and other kind* of ware,and can recommend it with confidence to th- t'libUe. THOMPSON t? VIHHV.R. 371 Pearlitrcet Brooklyn. Feb. 14. 1942I have naed Mr. Win. Anderson's Pidietnng Paite for srtrrr, bras*, and atlrer plated ware, and find it to ?e a tint rat* article. KOBEKT F.. aTOlfY Saddle and Harms* Maker. For rale wholesale and retail, for exportation,at manufacturer!' pric re. in _ t'HAS. H. KINO.S3 Fulton street,corner Cliff. Alro. by Baaartt, 614 Btoadway, nn* dtHir above Bleecher reel; Onion, corner Grind and Bowery; Coddittgloli, roraer liudsou nud spring, ?-vnV. 77 i'f.n iv. int" 1 '?' _IM POI! i'ANT TS /-a rN/\%TnTT** nmTTTTIfl TU UUiNMJiVir i IV JEaO. VTEW YOHK, SeideinberJlat, 1841 To Dr C II. Ring ? Sir; A* you h-v^ requested oi? to give you au account of how jri^ur" Kluirof Life" set^d iu my case, 1 cheerfully comply fortf?ebfcfitllt of other*. I have Sad ? cough every winter for several year*, and always got relief from dimp'e herb teal till last winter, n Uhi|*OMthing0 >rUli oilier llllRBd to gi - j relief, and 1 wasgraduilly waiting away?having to relioa i iny busi est. In this state I wis per*uad-d h;,* my friend Mr. Peck to try yom El ilr of Life and before I hid, finished the 1 bottle, I wae not out y cure 1 of iny cough, pain iu the chest, i iiifeht nwea'1. but able to ret time hu unera ; and Qui myself so j rapidly improving .? at my friends are astonished, expecting to hear of my dea'.h, instead of teeing me get active and robust. 1 OMsUkrisyieH iedtMedtoyonlbethcsefiig of iny lite, and any ouc situated as 1 wai. may r*11 on _ PETER N HELM*, 13Thompson St. Prepared and for sale b> C.H. ltlNG.53 Kultoa, cor. Cliff. I m19 lit** i RING'S COUCiH C AJN1) V I HE ?"egree of confidencetdaced in thia Vegetable Cough Cindy by m.j.rily of our phyaiciinj, ?ugh' loinapire the like iu the a ind of every aceptic, who pertripa la ?o from : hairiug been decivrd !>)' Home ;?rti.-!e that proiniarit ever. thing , and prrfoimrd nothing Won d phyaiciana re:onimrnd au ar- ( ticle they did not place implicit reliance in it. virtue. f Would , clergymen and o'her publ.c apealtera ?yrak publicly of iu dt- , lighiful reliel, in lubricating the air piaswrea and giving the , eoice a manfea' inoiiliuite volume? In fine, would evrry | body who hav tried it ao atrenu.'ialy promulgate i?a rirtu.a, had not I he almoat miraculuua effrct* of iu poweiful agency | been aeeu I Preimredand aold, who'eatle and retail, for exportation, by C. H. RING 53 Kulton atr?ef. corner of Cliff. ml9l">* . THE SRlLLDED VICTORIA SHAWL & DIAPER PIN. ANEW and important article foruve in the nuraery. and a? a fastening to ladies ahawla. cloaks, kc patented in the j Unit'd Sta'ea and iu Europe, for aale whnleaale by W. H. i CAHY & CO. lS8prarlat New Y->rk,and by the patentee,at the manufactory, ltd 1 ty at B-ooklru. . . Thread aiid needle e'oree, and dealeriin fancy articlea, auy- j plied on liberal terma. all Im*? | DENTISTRY. I WM, THORN, PENTI9T. ao'icila the attention of thou i who wear Artificial Teeth, and thoae who may require i them, to hia method < f . uoplyiog the Maxillary family, rix I the Teeth. Kuowing that there ia a disagreeable taale in the i month of thoae who indulge in acida. resulting from the aetioi of the acid onthetinld Plate. In allcaaea that adanit of it, ha inaerta lealh.trom one to a complete eet?without;?aing one par tide of metal of any dcieriptius. bt Ihambrrs street. ?i? ? . luoina cordial. ; TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. < Pr Know barely three year* siuee the general introduction 01' ' the LuctnaCordial into the United States. and in that re riod it hat not only spread iti ua>rtilDr?a throughout this I hemisphere, and sustaiu-d the vast reputation which it had previously arqii-red in K irupe. but haa alto added to the re- t UuWnnf It! illustrious inventor b the uuriralled powers it hat been discovered to possess in the cure of incipient eontumo- .' tion. The knowledge f ita wonderful influence in reuovstitg f and invigorating the human frame, first suggested th* idea ol I uaing it in tnia way; and the result ia lint a medicine hai beeu added tar the catalozue tor the cure ofinripient consumption, which placet the disrate, with due precaution, under the 0 control oflhe patient lfcea scarcely neceaaary at thia period J to recemmendihe L'cs.m t'oidial. as an alleufficient remedy in catea cf (sleet, Flour Albus, difficult or painful mera'ruaiion,lnconlin< ace of Urine, and all diseases arising from debilitatieuof the eyatem, where an implcae, or a restorative is y wanted; as throughout he United Stales it haa taken precedence of vltoihr.r nudicinein turh cases, and leaves no.hint * further to be Iwprd for; its cures being tpeedy. perfect, pertaa- * Dent, and efTected without pain or trouble, should there how c ever he any person laboring under the ahove complaints, who are doubtful of ita alin ,tt universally tested merits, 1 recoio . mend it te them with all confidence, *ad en my own person si } rsaponsibility. feeling issu ed il they give it the required trial, ! that healih to the afflicted parties, and gratefulness to Dr. Mag in, *vill be the result. Cut at ia also the case in Europe, the immerse American reputation of the Lucina Cor- / p incipally based .n its thoroughly investigated, indu- " bitah e,and generally admitted power to enable f mil's, who 1 h d been considered oatreti, to bear offspring: and to restore c vii lie powers in male., when reduced to utter aed apparently bonelessprnstra'ion, to perfect health and sctiviiy. When I first received the American agency of the Lucius Cordial, f from Dr Maguin, not wit'- standing i's imr.n use foreign celebrity, and the great amount of respectable testimony that accompanied it. 1 declined committing myself individually; bygtviim anv personal assurauCfS iu these particulate; but U"W, after th- enorm>-u? rale of upwards of one hundred I thou.and bmtl-a entitled wi h the receipts of certificates f aud testimonials innu net able, and much knowleJge founded 1 on personal observation, I can u<.heeita.inglv wairaut it as far exceeding my most sai guine hopes, or even the illustrious f inventor's promisee, in the fit fitment of the most important ends for which Uia recommended. and has becoBe so justly aud universally popular. To Be as explicit as possible, I rep/at. and hold m>eelf p-raonally rrspousibl* for the assumption.that lh?Lueii.a ' ordul. c-n invigorate the virile powers inmales.and make them foc'indvot, where nature has hern ( deficient, oi when they have been protested by artificial meats; aa I also that it can produce that state of the system in females, who had heenprcvl usly unfruitful, aod imagined ' barren, which will enable them to bear chi'drm. I regret I that! have to speak so plaiuly, on such exceedingly delicate I metlrJs, but feel tailed upnu to do so, lest it might be in IS uo- I dersioid, and as a full guarantee for the greval responsibility which I hsfe cheer.uily as.umed Wiih feelings of si cere ( gratitude forthe-xtens ve patronage which, aa theaientof tne ..uci a Cordi tl,hv, ,>e?.u hca led up n me in this country. I rcmai the Pub ics' ve.-y ohedi'nt humv le se-vant. 1 JOrtN WI nTe-scS HOLDKatWELL. M D ( Tree $3 per h?t t| Korsaleat til Broadway,. New Vers < and 10 Nnr h Sixth street, Phil d-I'hia. mSllm* ( fnifc CANTON rtA I tivJPA.NY offer lor sale at Pit 1 1 Chatham street, New V >rk, the cheapest and roust genuine Teas in the world, in any quantity not lesa than four oun- j ces If any artic e purchased at their establishment should not give full sati.factum, il is ri quested that they be brought . back?the money will he returni d. ?6 Im" WE TRUE RICHES Olf LIKE IS Hf A LTil?'l he only genuine Taylor's Balsaini of Liveiwort from the aole proprietor at 141 Spring eireei.nae otrrr oe?n mown io fail iu curing the moat alarming aymptoma of Consumption and Liver Complaint We hare certificatee from biii.d-rdi of moat reapectable prranne. certify:!* to the etirprieing relief 1 they liare rece.Ted in aring the article from3tl Spring atreet J Owing to the aa.rrii na of counterftitera, the following 1 aworn facta la now pnbliehed? I City of Brooklyn, Kiwga Conety, aa:?K. Townaend bemg 1 da'y aworn. depoena and aaya that he ia prraonalty acquainted . wilb the proprietor of Dr.Tayloi'r Balaam of Liverwort, and 1 doea certify fram liia own knowledge that the only peiaon now lieing, who prepared thia medicine at 37S Bowery, and J ia the aole proprietor, reeidee and tranaacte bn-ioraaat 241 ! Spring a!reel, and manufaciurea the gtnuina Ba lam of Liverwort at that place, fro.a the only original reeipe in < iiatenee. E. TOWN9KND. Sworn before me thia 17th Jan 1849, H. ALPHKL'S SMITH. Com ofDerdi. 1 I certify from my own peraonal b now ledge th it the aboee < atatementa in regard to the owuerahip. lie are Imip. i 8. ALPHhUS SMITH. I Beware of Connterfeita, aa the great queatinn of life or 1 drath may depend U|mn having the genuine medicine, made only in thia city at 211 Sprint rlrrei. Agente? Rrdcing a Stale atreet Bnatnn; 31 Main atreet.ami 1 79 pulton atreet, Brook lyu; 119 and 948 Broadalreet. New- ' ark. ' Price?Large bottlea (3, neit aize (I, and amaller rite so 1 centa. aM Im* 1 QUOAR BK.ET7 Premium Corn and Pu-wpkina, I e?h vege-a ! O ble and rare flower ae-<ia. Kngiian grata for lawnt, 30 009 J green and hoi lionee plaute dati'ia root*, tiger l! iwert, tuba roa>r,fiuit md ornamental treia, ahrubbery of all kind*,canary bird" told fi?h and globea, whnleola and retail, on the moat rereouab'e term", at NIBLO It DUNLAP'S, No. 878 Broadway and at tbeir nuraery, corner o! 8lk Avenue and liatb alreet. Harlem m3S 1m* QTbKL PKN8?Krom the celebrated manufactory ol joaeph OiHott, of Biro ingh?m ?The high re pi tat inn of , theae pen a hae indueed many laferior makera to iiuilale Ih-m, . thereby injuring thrlwell ear. ed reputation of J ,?eph (Jillntt ] n-,.. n..t.i.. .t.d ?/> he particular from wh jm ther purehaae. , The genu in* may be known by 'heir ?up?rior quality, anJ I . by Uie atrlt ofputung up. A conalaut itipply for ?a|e by i ROBERT ("ARDOW, roWIm' N Maiden Lane. TO THE BALD ANIXJKKY H^A DEL)?JONES' Toil of coral circassia. HOSE whom hair ia failing out, turning grry. or haa gear- < ed growing, an article ia here off- red you at a reasonable prire ?remember 11 if not puffed?and it will doall it i< repreeented , to do Read thie? I certify that my hair waa falling out faat; I tombed out handlula daily. aad ainee I hove used two bottlea of Jouie'Oil of Coral Circaaaia, it baa nuite atopped falling out. and ia crowing faat and dark. * W. TOMKIN9, fl King at. Thie will giro light, red or grey hair a I ae dark look, an I in lime caure it to grow dark fr?m the root* Among o'hera who have need thie and certify ii J t. Power,grocer, Bnoklya; J. (Jilhert.jeweller. 3d avenue Hold by T. JONES, riguof the American F.agle 8J ? uulaat ( you -are careful nf the light number .you'll be eheateJ with a i countowfeit?M Chatham etreet. Price 3 S and 8 ahillinga a bottle?three aura, lit Kalton etreet, Brook I) n, ia agent. nil Im* i H\ 11< tllL.?'l'hrre ia no Oil in fie world that call <! > g.i.iil 1 or bad to the hair. Ereiy body knowa that when rye 1 hair ia borne,! it >i'l grow again ae good Barter All (he J pnwdera for dyint the hair ?e nothing but a of lime ' and lithrage, ar.d the Irair ia not d,ed, hot Ii erally burned t Li ,uldi for ilyiug the h ir are composition* of caustic and apirita, that hiirue m the anne way aa the powder*, and d.,nt I dye the h vir, ami the hair will grew no matter how many I " t'meaitia burned: and every b?di t.??* nl*o, thit wlieu ' tbe head i? full of daiidruff.lh hair tegita to tu-n grey, and '

h.ldneaa follow a. From an espenenee oftwenty year*, V ng n hair euttew,and having the opportunity of eiamiu rtga great * many heade, (and blockheai!*) I ham made myaell a grea' ' eomyoai inn knjavn m "Paaior'a Hair Oil. or Compound F.varutial Oil of Amotida." for dearoytng dandruff,preventing the hair from eoming out and tar,,ia: grey. 1 hie inimitable flair Oil will m he thehairgrow well, no matter how much 1 dandruff orao-eneea ii on thenesd For tale, w toleeale and retail, at A. Pattor'a. Hair Cutter, IMOreenwieh atrect. New Yoik. Price K aeata a buttle. ii Mia* II K I )RNING, APRIL 15 1845 PERMANENT KSTABLISHMENT. IN NEW YORK. M0N8. MALLAN h. SONS. Surgeon Dentists, No. 37J Broadway, and at London and Paris mlorm tbd Public of New Yoi k. and its vicinity, that in consequence of their very extensive practice, they have, at length, been induced to open a Permanent Establishment, where tney may M consulted ut ,\o. M-i lJroauway uetween Franklin uud White streets, iu all cases ap|*Tlaining to their profession, iu which they have been so inceasful, in consequence of their celebrated discoveries and im|iruvements iu the art ol Dentiitry. Mons. Mallan returns thank* lor the very liberal pat ronage he has received, and continue* to receive, par ticularly to the Medical prolcamon of Now York, (or their kind recommendation*, and advocating Mona. M.'a improvement in Dentristy. CELEBRATED MINERAL run FILLING DECAYED TEETH! Mona. M. continues to restore decayed Teeth,however largeor small the cavity ; making a stump into a sound Tooth, instantly curing the Tooth, however painful or sensitive, matching in point of color, the natural cortex or enamel of the Tooth. They never break or become loose?they have no unnatural gloss?are lirmly ti\ed without wires or ligatures?no bulky substance iu the month?and in every particular resemble the adjoining Teeth, in conformity of shape an 1 minutest flra.le of color. Placed from one to a complete set, upon the atiove imprrved and sciuntific principle, they are guaranteed to anawer every purpose of Mastication ard Articulation. LOOSE TEETH securely and effectually flistened,arising either from the use of medicines or anv other cause. ARTIFICIAL PALATES ' replaced upon asuraand scientific method. TO THE PUBLIC OK THE UNITED STATES. Monsieur Mallon is happy in being enabled to announce that hy the kind consent of Three Hundred of the first families of the United States, consisting of the first Merchants, Medical prafesiion, Clergy and private Citizens, to wh im he enn refer us to the superiority of Mona. M.'s celebrated Mineral in preference to any ether they have over triod, and, in their opini( n,th<! best that overcame under! heir notice. His other improvements need no comment. INVALIDS Altendedby Mons. Mallan, Janr., at their own Establiahment. THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC are particularly invited to pay Mons Mallan a visit, to ee the specimens of his new discoveries in Dentistry. tpjthjiwi i t q tujl KUVill/lliO. Mom Mallan: t^uebec.May 6th. 1841. DearSir,?Afterhaving tried the Artificial 'leethwhich you made for me, 1 cauuot do you lea* justice than to tekuo-.vledge with pleasure my entire MtiineUN. I beg to laythey antwcrevery ptirposeof aaticatiou andArtieulaiion njual to those placed by the ban Is of nature. They so closely resemble the in the minutest shade of colorand lhape.that they are not liacerned as being artificial by theclolest observers. Your celebrated invention for tilling decaytd teeth, I can give adecideC opiilion of its valuable ipialities. You may use this letter in any way you think proper,for ths benefit of the public and yourself. lam.dearair.yours truly, THOS. i ARGUES, Manuel Carmelst. To Mons. Mallan, Surgeon Dentist. 37tl Broadway, This gentleman is kuown at 139 Broadway .and at Trime Ward ItKing's. MONS. MALLAN, 3TJ Broadway. SIR?I'feeKt a'pleasure to be able to offer you my testimony in behalf of your celebrated mineral. During iny late relirieuce in Paris I called at vour establishment in the Rue Castiglione.andhavire had some teeth tilled with your mineral, I can only say that I have had every reason to be satisfied with itautiluyand value,rnd neveriu theleast degree experienced any inconvenience or injury from its effects in any manuer whatever.?During my visit to VIons. Mallan I saw several testimonials ofthe highest character, all expressing the fullest confidence iu its great btatft ond value. As far as I am enabled to judge,I considered it then,and still cousiderit, to be the best preparation of the kino ever offi is* to the public. 1 sm,*ir.respectfully.yourobedii nlservant. VANBUROH LIVINGSTON. 816 Greenwiclistreet,near ForlGausevoort. New York,May ll.lHtl. Mons. MALLAN & BON4, Surgeon Dentists, may be conlulted daily at 378 Broadway between Krauklin and Whit its. east side. m33 1 m* CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. THE Hubs'rib'r is now opening his Spring supply ol 1 HARDWARE St CUTLER* , received perlate atrivsls, rum Birmingham and Sheffield. Trteiher with a general aeortmeut of Domestic Goods, which he is prepared to offer at he very LOWEST CASH PRICES. The attention ef Country Alerchan'J, Builders, Csbinel | dakers, kc., is solicited to an examination of his stack and irtcrs. as he ii confident they will find it to their loters 11# svorhim with a call. ALFRED F. LAURAVE, , 810 Greenwich corner Barclay. New York. . A regular supply ?f FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and toorers Glue. Also?a complete assortment of ?Mechanics "ools. James Screws. Ac. ma 3m* t A PROBLEM ! \ ND th* way to ?olve it. Why do the imitatois of mjr Tab"V let Razor Strop alio* me to tarry off the premium medal nd diploma, from the American Institute. year alter ye r, 1 nthout eren submitting their own for tria'? O ye of tender < bins and tough bearda. nniwer the abore by bringing a dull , it o* Ri? >??. and teat for vomrael*aa If truth* of ihe certifta'rsof th- molt srjrniific p-nlltmeti in the country, 'rofaaaor Uriscom, Dr. Mo't, Urn J. Tnl'madge ?ud othera. i 9 \UNUER8.?ole investor and mannfacturernf the metalle Tablet Razor Strop, with lour aides, 163 Broadway. ml) lm* rbHINA, GLASS AND EAttTHEN WAKE ?A list ol prices of China, Glass, &c.,aoid by R. SIMPSON, 8 Astor douse, Broadway, who Iteepa the best articles, and sella heater thin at-y otner houae in the United States FRENCH STONE WARE, Po-celaiu. Blue or White, latcs 1st site perdoz $1 94 $1 00 do 2d do 1 II 39 to N Ho 1 M TS do 4th do 1 37 63 do 9'h do 61 'oyer Dish, 1 44 71 lauce Tureen and Stand, I 06 73 l>a Cwp? aud Saucers, per doi,(4ps. 1 30 'itchers. 1st size, 1 79 10 do Sd do ! 37 JT do Id do 1 12 M do 4th do 7S II do 5th do 63 do Ith do 90 >hocolatei,lstsizeperdz 3 73 So 2d do 3 'J6 do 3d do 2 73 real, 1 So ?gg Cups, 17 Itone Ware, Dining Serrtce.m pieces 13 00 i'rench or Eng. Poicelain tea Is, 2* pieces 4 00 CUT GLASS. [Maeon dishes best quality. 9 inch, pr pair 9 00 do oj # do do I 90 do do II da do I oo UKUnieri, mr ICI 01 i iren > m Ure>n Hock Glasses, per doi. 3 25 Cut Wines from 1 BO per dozen L)ut Fluted Tumhlera 8 00 do Lenviiades, handled, 9 35 do Housekeepers, take care Shis lilt, and Bake your purchaser! it 8 .a*tor Hnu'f 1 the savihg rou will make by lo doing must He visih'e to all upon reading tne above. Table Cutlery?Thii ii alio the cheapest itore fur fine Tajle Cutlery, insets or dozens in 13 tin* R. SIMPSON* 8 Aster House. FOR THE EACE AND SKIN. AMONG the many and ra-iom Cosmetics that are offered tu the public for b-au'ifying the completion, and removng -very rruption from the I ice, none can be ao couilently eroB nend.d aa Church'i Vegetable Lotien It imparts a deicateem o hneai to the comp eiii.n, a-d efTrrtually removes .iaaplre, blotchrt, tan, freckles, nngw.irmi, and all o.her cut* isuu.i eruptions and due lorations Price 75 cents per bottle?sold at C'hu-ch a Dispensary, |M )owerr,cornrr?f gpri gstrtet. Agvuts?E. W Bull, H .rtford; C. St N. W. Simato s, Pine, lorner of Fourth street, Philad.lphia; Charles Steane, ''ouchteepeie. m39 Im DOCTOR PROVOST. SOME irdividua's write against the use of balsam eorairy, ruin hi, nitre, camphor, mi"eral astringents, Stc Stc , in tne cure of secret diseases, hut that the world knows that the ibove n?med medicines will and have cured those diseases, is ifyonrt a doubt It is perfect folly to drnv that fact. But that I r> quires a professional msn, and a man of skill in his prefeanon, to know when end how to give thnae mrdicirea. is ronally u obvious to men of minds. I hope, therefore, that ge vtlemen rguiring medical aid will not give ear to all the foolish stuff which they may sec in the shape of advertisements, but then wll call ii|K>n me. at No. 81 Broad strict, whert they shall varr a full history rf their c<ae I feel confident that not a pa lient will leavemy < flier without be i. g entirely aatiiflej that I here if at leaa one regular bred physisian who hsa eondeleended to place htir self ain- og the neld of Quacks. My oflee i< at 81 Broad, corner Stone it. .. ? aStm* J. PROVOST, M. D. TO THE LADIES. FABHIONABLK MILLINERY GOODS?The prorne tress, Miss 8. KINO, (laughter of the celebrated Cart Kng, ,ffers for sale a m at select and choice assortment ol Milline vOods fir the spring trade, never as yetpresenl'd lo the Hub ic. both as regards the quality and cbrapeieas of tha arti ira The assortment rcneiaia of the following:? The celebrated SII.K IIAT. CALLED ( APOTTE D'DRLEANS as worn bv La Durhesse d'Orleana, ofKrance; SHED 81LK. ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL S I'YLE?and Lawn lists do do?an entire tu w (tj |e of Hau :dUJ " MODINE CAPOTTES. ELSSLER COTTAGES." Paris an and English EANCT 9T5AW8. of the tncat tonlure. in great variety. ........ The pmrrietre reap elfully loliciti the ladies to favor her with a call and tnsii'C he' cleg int and varied stock of Mi litlery for themselves, before thoy purchase else where, ao it will >o agr- at a iving to them in price and a great advantage as re>arils tne variety and quality of the gnosis. MIH3 8. KING, Magazine de Modes, alllm'r 393) Broadway. DR. FAWCETT, S. rv rmiin n Mt'sl <<m f PnV isf QVTD ^dF.vtnr.w ??r i nr. nwiiL i-m. i.r.-.r, fJEONS of London and Edinburgh, and of the Medteel ^ollrgr of Philadelpliia.corfiiei hn practice ( a eelect branch >f hie |>rofctiioo. | " Noeet rmptadolore roluptaa " ( Dr. F it encouraged hjr the unifo-m aocreee attending hia a node of treatment in Ihectire of rmereal, glreta. etricturra, b irnvinl weakneta and mercurial affrct ona, together with all ? li-iaeol' erhtilivmptotra which uadrrmin* the r >na itulnn ,| mil lay the r?uidali n of prrmaturr deear. either from reel- fi raataunt or anr other cauae. luaurhperaone the appetite ia ['U'rallr defective, aud ta? reliah for 'tfealmort aeMti'd. a Mia mode of treVment i? uni?ereall7 admi rd?hia m-dkiaea p ir>ng ile> a tit to the taetc and amell, geully aa'r ogre the Bbrr? f Ihaatnmar.h a?d gteea that prcper leo? ity,what a good tl'gea- h ioa rrqturra. Hi? treetiee ' ri cot.atitiitional ora renita debiitf alTorila rrry rtic -aire obeentationi on a?aual d>hility aeliti <1 wr ihneae. -ad imi-ntenry a ought on by deltiaiet habita? a 'I iteattenHant at mptome phjaml *;ea!ljr eiplaioH. Thta , otk can beohttined at hie ome/,lM pulton at. ? here the I I ?ttor ran be miieulted at all h"tire ol the day anil n ght. Le'tera poet paid will r* aire immediate attention, at J im t _ _ [1/OOL??0 000 Iba fchrar'd Would Ame rran Wool autUbla ?? for Raftinete Flannel, ke. en 000 |be. dn dodo, suitable for r*n?te. for at la a Iota lot ml UILMA.N, SMALL " **' 11 Ferrj al/rat IER A 2. ' DR. K. FELIX (r<>l'llAl J)\S POUL'KKS MIUIU.s Foil KRaIiI AT1XG HUMAN SUPERFLUOUS HAIR ^IMIE ab<?ye prrparatiou haa recr itrd the stamp of public apA probation for ioiuk yrar* p*> t, iti? mnei ?.fc,?p<-ilv ana I tf>-clu il remedy Ti r di.cofeird lor the com lrt?- erad cttinu ol humin Iut Iti decidedly au inee time Die .irticl. for the toilet, aud lne rulirely Miiutlnl*1 <1 th > ? dekteruui, uncertain aud daogerouj coinpoiiltion? which liaee beeu too frrqueutly employed. Ne loerly or beautiful womau, who linilicuo lightly appeudage ol a deinonatralion ol a beard on her upper lip, baiiy ?ule ol the lace. ;nolc?, or a ma>a ol hair covering a )>ro il nud elevated _ lorehead, ihru'd delay a n o mrut procuring a koltlrof tin* invaluable powder When applie co'd. thii prcparat on u uaed ny aome m liru ol a rar ir for removing tlir heard, which it effect* with more eaee.with M much rabidity, in a marc iiiafactory manner, and at l*?* ipen*c. while atllie aame time il lean e Hie e'ain aol't and ileli ate to the touch T'< uproot the heard it >e applied warm, aero ding to direction* accompanying each buttle. Price uue dollar OOUKAl/D'S EAU DE BKAUTE, or True Wa'er of Beauty, lor mooting tan, pimple*, freckle*, h otchea. niorphrw.lkc , real /.ing delicate w li te neca a--d arini, all i eliciting a henlihy jureuile appearance. $1 |>ei bottle Beware of ?purioui inutilioui. of tin* cell brated climatic, ol the molt drletirinu* uatnre. utterly rninoul to the complexion, and by it* re pel I ail l ac'ion ihjurii'u. to health. GOURiWVD'S VEGETABLE LIQUID ROUOK.compoa-il materiilly froin Howe a audi.mi In, impirlaa delicate rui ate Cue-to the complexion, immovable by rubbing with a hauiiknrcliiefor linen cloth. > 0 tent* i? r bottle. GOURaUD'S BLANC D'ESPaG vK, or Spauiah Lily Wliitc, gin* to the countenance a pure lifelike alabaater whiteur**, rxrin t from the injuriou* prnpertie* gent-rally combined with preparation* for tin* purpo-e. 23 cent*, put up inGtgant boxea Heiil'U t) - r! the above celebrated coguo tic* are tube ha'at the old extahliahed otlice, *7 Walker dree', one door Irom Broad way, and at 517 Broadway. A'Jkvt* ?New York?Albany. Alex. Outline, No 4 Ma d <n lane?Uticx, O L llrown.p rfuinrr Oeoenee Uriel?Pi.ugh k-epaia J liny-Buffalo. J Hnitdale, 157 Mid -102 MaimlrmL Pennavlraiiia?Philadelphia, Mr* Brown, 7# Cheinut alreet. Maryland?Baltimore, Se'h S Hence,Prattrtreet. Dutrictof < olumbia? Warhiu>tou, Selby Parker, I'enuaj Ivan a Arcuue ?Alexandria,45<7 B?.ry. Viigima? Richmond, Mr* krayier, K?treet Conn cticut?Middletown, K (' Kerre?New llaveu, A Law. Chapel atreet?Hartford, Well* Hum- brey, 174 Mam atreei?Nor ?ieh. William Faulkner. Maaaachnatit*?Bo*ti u, A S Jordan,2 Mi'k street ?Lowell, O A Curlelop & Co, i ily Hall?Lynu, Dr. A L Holde- ? Worte*ter, M D Pluil'pi, Brinley Place?Springfield. K A Cow le*. Mam ?treet?Le?, BulISc Field?Salew, W It S F l?e??New burypoi t, Charle* H H- dge N. Hail pthirr?Por'aiiniiulh. W If Preaton. Mame?Portlaml, Ha?a* la Co? Bnig' r, Whltlier It Guild?Hallowed, K Scanuon. tilcde lilaud?Providence, Charle*Dyer,jr, Westminater ateeet. Ohio?Cnlumbua, Sumintr Claik New Jer*ey?T Saabrook Princeton. Every bo'tle ol Dr OourauV* Cosmetic* hi* hi* namewith lite llliT'etii preparation, tu?t .*ew ioth. mown on inv iittir lilri, and hi* far. sinule engraved oil the wiapperi ol the Poll* dr?e rub'ilea, None other are gf alitor QALT RHEUM KING WORM TET I Ett, BAKUmtUS 0 ITCH AND bCA B1ES ?flAYEh'i LOTION AND SYRUP is the only remedy which is < ertain to cure the abort complaints?harmless in it* operation, but certain in ita electa ?the Lotiou healing ijuickly. and the Syrup purifying apeedily. 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GUION: 127 Bowery, e?roer of Grand street. n>2t li?' pOYS' CLOlH|NO?< HlLDtlEN'S t.LtM HlNG?A D eery large aaaortment?Very good ipi ,1 it)?Very cheap? GEO A. HtlY r St CO., No 14 Howery, would respectfully inform their pat.ons and the public generally, thai tiny hare again bet n making extensire preparationa for the apring aud miner trade, and hare now on h end a inarli larger assortment of boya'and children's c'oihing than tliry hare ever before had. The public are inrited to rail and ex amine iheirgo'da, with particular refereuce to ijuality aud price. Terms cash. al lm* HUTt lilNGS* SVgMAI H BITTERS i? a certain cure fur Dyspepsia, assisting digestion, wealtnese, nerroua iarases. night aweata, fcc. Sir?I have in the course of my practice prescribed youretomach bitters and found them a most efficient rrmrdr in caaea of iudigeatio n, acidity and debility ol the digestive organs. 1 by no means class it among the niaclt inediciuca of the day. but one which will confer a great bli snug cu many of mi ?ul eriug fellow beinga. _ P. J BRADY. M. D. 330 Broome at. The Billowing ia from Dr E, G. Lu Mow. 034 Broadway?I hare used your Bitters incases of impaired digestion, when regetablr tonics were indispensuule, with a b-u" ficial result. The articles of which it is comooaed are rei y judiciously combined, and I have no douht will prove service tbls in the cases forwhich you have rccomr.ended it. cases. Vollr^ EDWARD G. LUDLOW. Certificates of many persons cured can be seen at trie drug store ISO Bowery,corner of Broome, where the above is sold anly in t-is city, and Mrs Ilvys, 13t Fulton street. 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The common notion is, that ao long as the urine passes in a tolerable- 'renin,there nay. and often does, eviat for months. and even years, without nrodacing any striking change in this reaped. When a etriclure arrives at that degree of narrowness as aeuaihfy to impede the unae, it ia a aerimia m i lady indeed. The object of those remarka hnwerer, ia to prevent thia at-ite, and to attack it at a time when it ia eaaily and perfectly removed. But there are othet'eireuinalancee besides ila effect upou the unue hy which aalricttire may be known, or, at least, strongly auaperfed, and though theae are numerous, there are two which are very com mon and very eaaily judged of, and theae aball be mentioned here. The first of theae eireumatancia relateg to time. It ia well hnown that atricturee arise from long continued and badly kreeted Uonorrhda. Now, whenever thia di<rn*e coutinuea over many wieka, especially if in the early p-riod any of the boasted neat rums of the day were taken, there ia just and proper ground to auspect a atricture. The neit ia moat remarkable?it ia the effect a atrirture haa upoa the mind and spit ita. Thia ia a fact that may he tho roughly relied on. Indeed the author never saw a cage ol atne lurr, (and he eeea many every day,) in which the patient did not, more or less, complain of his L>aa of mental energy?that he waa not an capable of bnainraa aa formerly. The reaaan of thia, however, ia clearly ahown in his "Prr.?,? ? ? . little volume noticrd in another column of thia paper, and to which tbe reader ia referred, not only fir knowledge of thia diseaae, but on every other connected with thia subject. DK. RALPH further begs to add. that he may be consulted j pcraonally a* his residence, No. 88 Greenwich street, at any hour ; and should any be in doubt as to the erietence of thie disease, especially after perusing Ins little volume, lie will. without eipenee or the least pain, e?t lain unci aeatirenitn kmthcr he hart or not. Let it only be remembered that, if he really hai a itrieture, not all tha medicine in the world, alone, will ever cure it n-31 lm? GMI1C PKIVATL THt-.Al '.IBfc.?i liia la a little volume ou 1 certain disease* iu which the beet and moet cnuvenient mean* of cure are elated ia the plainest possible inannet. It also shows the reaeou why three mn'adaae ro freijunii Iy r?t> tinue on from month to month,uncured. and terminate at length id other and permanent complaiuli. Indeed, no one can read thie little book without seeing at once their true and real nature, and aieo the riik and danger of trueUng them to ignorant and boasting people. With a new. howerer. to obtain a rational degree of ennfl in what lie hae advanced on the cure of thoie disease*. the author thiuke it proper here to give a simple statement or the meane and opportuuitiee be hitnaalf hae had of loruuug just and clear opinione on thieeubjret. lie therefore begs to atate, that besides his rank ae graduate of Kdinhurgh, and member or the Loudon (College, he. he h?s been watching theae diaeaace, both in Hospital and city reactic* lor more than thirty yean, and hae published two editioaa of a work expressly on them. Also, that he has letter! of commendation from the moet eminent physician! in Kurone to the moe* eminent in America, ae Sir Attire Lonper to Dr. Molt of New York and Dr. Philadelphia, and others, and which may be eeen by any oue. And furttwr, that he hae the privilege of referring to almoet every physician of eminence in thie city. Tlieee are eircum tanree whkh afford the hsgheet satisfaction to every one, especially to those who are annoua to obtain the boat advica.? The price ofthe book ie 91. Dr Ralph ia coneulted at hie reeideace.M Green wiehatreet, at any hour, and has distinct and eeparate apsrtmeeite for thoae who have to wait a littlo. Communication* by poet are faithfully replied to. mojlm* DR. MORRISON. i ATORTH RIVKR DIS RNSARY. 2041 Fulton street near la Greenwich?Dr. Morrison. Member of the Knyal College of ffurgrona. London, and formerl t surgeon in the ''ritish navy, conli .ues to be consulted daily on diseases of a delicate nature,and all those disireesiDg symptoms COMeqnait M te iuditious Irsatment and the imprudent use sf guerk mrdieirea )r M. hao had an experience of twen'y-two years in tresting deliaate c iaeases, in all their various and complicate.! forme, and uses a mild, safe. and infallible suhetilute for mereury eradicating the venereal virua with certainty, without subject nig the patient to any riak.or reetnetiug him in hu usual diet or pursuits. while hie medicine* are agreeable in tails and smell Permanent obetruct on* in the imtSra. such a* strictures,and accompanied with much irritation and dull pain. ?ro eome of theconoeoue irre of mal treatment, end leading ultimately to urinary natulan. Dr. M. trrete sirictnrre in a scientific manner, gradually promoting abeotptio.i of the thickened memoraue without paia. CONSTITUTIONAL UttBILITY ?Thou lands of young men are differing from the eonae.juencea of indulgence in s .scret dsst rue tire habif, end whose nerves ere further injured from the use of nostrums and pretended specifics, which stimulate only to induce greater depeension Dr M. treats on purely pathological principles, and never f-ttla in establishing a euro, also the moot obafinale yield to his plan of treatment . ...? -?.a and contmnuui a suitable fee. will ensure the eerreapondent Ml advice and medicine to iw part of Um Union, by hie ei?nr a hiaroer nf h>a raw In dotal. Thee atricteat honor and confidence obrerr.d lllm' 3C4| Killlca rtreet UKKA I KIRK IN NEW ORLKANSS. EXTR AC * (mm the Now Orleana Picayune.?We nw one of WILDK.R'S h AK K.8 i ef ter.lay la en from I ho mint of the atore occupied by J w Miaii'onk 'o The boolu and p?pera it contained wr re in a< p> rfect a (aloof preaerealinn aa they would hart teas had (here got en a fire within ton aquiron of ihem. The ordeal Ihrruyh rliieh Ihey had prated waa not a alight one The oil and lei in (he atore of Stnn'on k Co mad* about at comfortable a re aa rat deaire (o aee.?[N. ). Picayune, 17th March. The above aafo waa mil by the auircnbcr to Thomit P. teuton, merchant. No 134 Front at . for hia home in New trleaaa; and haa proved ,| unmeuat taloe lo the owner* A (cneral aaaTmeat, at pricea ranging from (30 to (so*, on and. and foraale he SILAS C. llF.nitlNU.No 131 Water?'. Tb? only authoriaed epent for the rale of vVilder'o Potent alam-ia 'er Hafe?. al "1" . J ARDWARK AND tLUlll t'Afe.n - L .-> 1 Kktl CKIVKD , . ? 300 Hernia It hy 34 100 Reami 34 hy M M? 30 by 10 100 - J? ? 00 ? 'It hy M IM " * H 1*0 ' H by ? too " 00 by 40 so Ream 40 by 4* Far tale in loU to anil K<4ffo k BROOKS. j ^ p^rWMmkenao, II Liberty at. mmmmammnmmmu. towtt?? L U : ~ -'-7:3 rrica Two c?aia ;" The Caroline uit, [CorrenpoD Jenee oflhe Herat t.j Ai B\*r, 6th April, 1^12' DEAR Sib? Lird Askburton having arrived from England, it i? evident that the affair of the Caroline will Dot be the Ica-t of the perplexing diflicnltica which the Cabinet at Washington will hare to discus?, and there i* certainly none which ha* already caused a* much eqeitement; uor any in all probability, if brought to a settlement in the form of an acei'tint current, would he vo likely to leave a heavy balanc- against the aide \\ hich at preient to little expects it, as the]destruction of the Caroline; and well knowing, that you pogieas the eourage to give publicity to all btraiglit forward conimunication?,when supported by fact-, I therefore take the liberty of offering the inateri As for a general account, the chief part of which 1, however, possess d myself of, from the public print*, during a visit which I paid to Canada, alter the trial of M'Leod, and as the sever il* item* have become matter of bi*tory, it will remain for your readers to make their catiinate, cither as their feelings or their view of the facta may appear to warrant. 1 will commence with the first debit in the death of the unfortunate Amos Durfie, wha, it has appeared in the evidence produced on the prosecution of M'Leod, had been employed on board the Caroline, but whose body waa found on the wharf at Schlosaer, and a* sworn to by James Field? " that a ball appeared to have been shot through Dur'ie'a head, from front to rear." nnd man wai, no doubt, (like hi* companion*) in tba act of escaping from the boat, with hi* face toward* the house, from whenec the party were firing on the boarder*. 1 leave the reader to form bin own conclusion an to whether I)m fee wa* killed from the house which wa* in hi* front, or from the boarding party who were in kis it,however to be observed, that evidence ha* been i!irea, that only one shot wa* fired at the boarders, but a* the British Lieutenant received five gun ghnt wound* without taking any other wounded person into account, it may be inferred that there is gome errorof memory in the statement The next item t* the debit would be the actual val ue of the Caroline at the time she wa< destroyed, and although Mr. Well*, the owner, appeared to have a very defective memory,! would submit that the amount be made out front hi* own showing? that i*, sav I he cost of repairs amounting to one hundred dollar*, which he wa* not certain of having paid, although he believed he did, and the *um stated to have been pnid for thr Caroline on the 1st day of December, 1837, and which he declared under oath, was 800 dollars; therefore admitting the full amount of purchase and repairs of the Caroliee to be aa swum to, Mr. Wells losa could not have exceeded 900 dollars; and here {propose to rest the debit*. But, a* Mr. Wellr has also sworn, that on the day when the Caroline wa* destroyed, she hod been employed in carrying one six pounder, perhaps 10 or 15, and ntajr have been 190 musket*, bosides certain other articles, to Navy Island, a British possession, and be having a!so declared under oath, that he understood that the object in taking possession of Navy Island, was to concentrate ther* and free Canada; I will, therefore, propose that this taking possession of Navy lslaid, with the avowed intention of ' Freeing Canada," be carried out as credit No. 1. J. Firing upon the inhabitants residing at Amheratburg anil Sandwich, by an armed schooner fitted out on this side of the Lake. 3. Bois Blanc iuvaded,aud occupied by persons fro** our shores. I. Fighting Island, the same. 6. Hickory Island, tbe d. The Sir Robert Pe?.l ? ?r * nimble vomrli en the Lake, taken and destroyed at one of our islands, when taking in her fuel. 7. An attack made on the Short Hills, a house burnt, he. 8. The Island of Point or Pels taken by an army from our ihorea, where upwards of thuty Biitiah regulars wer<- among the killed and wounded, o. Tun attack mailt- Ih-1ow Preacott from Ogdensburgh, many killed, and the body of Lieutenant Johnston brutally mutilated. 10 Windsor attacked by a party from Detroit?the Thames steamer destroyed ?the barracks burnt, and the body of Surgeon Hume brutally mutilated. 11. An attempt made to blow up the Great Britain steamer, when leaving Oswego, with all her paisengers on hoard. l'J. The cold-bleodi-d midnight murder of Captain Usher. 13. The destruction ofBrock s Monument. 14 The destruction of the Church at Chip|>ewa. 19. The destruction of the Hatel and 19 houses, at the Falls, by lire, 1? The destruction of Mr. Mewburn's property. 17. The destruction of Mr. Laing'a property at Short Hills. 18. The sttempt to deitroy the war steamers Minoa nnd Toronto. 19. The partial destruction of tke Wetland Csnal Locks, when attempting to blow them up. 30. The destruction, by tire, of sundry houses at Beach Ridge, near Calwely Manor, by Orogan and others, and which was perpetrated between one and two o'clock of the most dismally dark and cold morning of the 29th December, 1838,thermometer being 9<>degrees below Zero, and cans ing several families, including a female only a few days confined, with her infant, to fly for their lives, and bide in the wood*, having only their sleeping clothes on, some of the psrties, including Mr. Johnton, one of the sufferers, having since died. fiN'ow, having, a* I consider, submitted sufficient ict oITi or credits for the Caroline, I will not add to the numerous complaints of cannon being Mill concealed for the purpose of making further attacks, nor to the frequent vi-dts to induce the British soldiers to desert, nor the immense expense to which Great Britain has been put in keeping ap such a military establishment in Canada; at the same time let us ask ourselves, what would he our coadncti^ we had such a catalogue of complaints against tke British remaining without redress? I would also beg leave to notice, the readiness with which Greran was released, before an official application had even been made, whose arrest appeared to call forth the most extraordinary sensation Yet, when two unhappy Frcnchm>n, charged with a crime which, although bad, but I contend was less brutal, (hecause it was agaiast their fellow men, and not against women and infants) they were, notwithstanding their having sought an asylum in this country , taken into custody in the State of New York by the French authorities, and by (hem pat on boar J a French ship laying at her anchors within the jurisdiction of the New York tribunals, conveyed to France, and there beheaded I will not deny that my object in making this communication is in the hope of ita aiding, hewever little, the accomplishment of a peaceful arrangement of the difficultiea between the two countries, although when 1 consider how shamefully our own Chief Magistral continues to he treated, who so well deserves ths gratitude of the whole Union?and when I also consider that magnifying every difficulty with Great Britain has became habijual, from its forming a Urge part of the political capital brought forward ia intriguiag for the Presidential chair?I confess that my hopes of peace continuing to any distant period, become loaded. Sincerely yours,; MibcatobAttbocious MurDf.r scar SrsArusx.?The Syracuse Times states that a moat attrocious murder was committed last Wednesday week, within sight of the village. Mr. B. in returning home from his work, heard the cry of murder, but could see no person in the direction whence the ery proceeded ; being somewhat excited he went immediately in search of the crier. He had not gone far when he discovered a man clambering over the I fence, and hailed him. btr neither stopped nor psiu any attention to his call,Hut he made his way for the wood* as fast as possible. I Mr. B. then repaired to the spot where *' mn from, anil (hocking to eay,there lay a mo ?"i jm dead, hut who expired in a few ?ec<>nd?t Jfot far from him lay a pack ol good*. Hit nunc ia not known Com at xatio x IJaoarx I r?W c learn that after I ng c n?ul'alinn and deliberation, the owner* of the rarion-. boat* on the lakc*,w< re unable to come >n any am cable arrant; ment, and that the aeTeral ho*'* will therefore rnn hereafter on their own hook ?Buffalo Eeonomitt. Ca**oj? Jl\l. l* ?The Philadelphia Commercial L'?t atatea that during the pa*t week there arrirad a' Fairmonat Locke,one thonaand nnd ninety fart;r two pound Cannon Hall?, weighing together 102.H06 p -und* They were ca*t at the Anthracite Fnr i ice at Mount Carbon, and arm pert of a large contr?ct recently made to anpply the United State Go? rtnuMit.