Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1842 Page 3
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tttnt r Jl Sessions. Before the Recorder, Ju lges; Noah and Lynch, and Aldermen Benson and VVoodhull. Jaisss R- Whitish,Esq , District Attorney. AraiL li.? Cron Jtctiun fer .famuli and Nailery?Mr. Isaac Knapp, who occupies the lower part of the house 118 Norfolk street, and Mrs. Ann Coohe, who occupies the upper part of the premises, appeared in Court both swearing they had been assaulted and beat oy each other. Cooke swore that Knapp struck her first and Knapp swore that Cooke ktruck him with a polo, and so it wont criss-cross,backwards and forwards until neither {court or jury could tell what was what. Cook swore that Knapp was a passionate and violent man, and Knapp swore that Cooke was a ditto,ditto woman. A little boy who law the " scrimmage,"'as he called it. swor# that Cooke u?eJ the pole very 'lavagero'isly" about Knapp's peeper*. Another witnes* who resides in an adjoining bouse awora that Cocke swore anil raved, and handled the polo with all the skill of a uhIivh of Erin, and finally making a full brush and lance-like pan, she gave him a Ubulger" an the side of the nose that started the claret in fine orJer. The jury of course could not agree and they were discharged as well ae the parties. Fi?/tittd ft tfgrusancM ?Francis J Louis, indicted for perjury, assault and battery and misdemeanor, not appearing, his recognizances were foi feitcd. Jacob Somendy he and Francis Granger Jor assault and batteries,were served ditto. IIctropelMnii ilsesstre. ' QtJ- Tits Sense a is an, having made arrangements to convert the Washington Kail into a Theatre, would most respectfully announce her intention of so doing, to the patronsof the Drama and the publio generally, hoping they will extend their indulgence and patronage to an undertaking upon which she has entered at a aeason when the situation of the profession demands more than ordinary activity and attention. A brief abatract of her proposal* are ac follow* I. That each person holding two shares shall be entitled to a free admission upon every night of performance. II. Every shareholder shall be entitled to 7 per cent interest upon each share, payable half yearly. III. The subscriber shall cause the premises to bs in sared or pay each stockholder not more than ft per cent on each share, for that purpose, ai specified in an agreement with the stockholder. IV. To aecure the payment of the interest to the stockholders and a final adjustment with them,? deed of the property and the building thereon, will be assigned to a Trusteee,to be selected by the stockholders. V. Shares transferable every six months. VI. The said Theatre to be conducted by the said subscriber, on her own account, and under herown direc. tion, subject only to the provirions in the agreement between the stockholders and the subscriber. Any person wishing to confer with the subscriber on this subject, will please call at her residence, President Hotel, Broadway. CHARLOTTE S. CUSHMAN. New York, April, 1341. Report Op thk Committee Choii.i ar the ItaiuiTois of Rhode Island, to Examine iato the Conditio* op tub Rhode Island Coal Company. (tij- The committee appointed to take into consideration the expediency of authorising a loan to the Rhode Island Coal Company, and a bill introduced for that purpose, respectfully report? That they have personally visited the mine in Ports mouth, and examined the works erected, the excavations made, andjparticularly the quality and quantity of the coal accessible, together with the facilities constructed and now employed lor bringing it from its bed, and have made such inquiries as satisfy them of the following facts, viz :? That the property of the Rhode Island Coal Company consists of about 40 acres of land in fee, and includes a J wharf and dwellings to accommodate 60 workmen, with j a barn, carpenter's and blacksmith's shop, a large and i substantial engine house, with buildings and sheds at- i tachsd, 160 feet long, a steam engine of 40 horse pawer, 1 with three boilers ii feet by SO inches, and a cast iron pump 090 feet in length, 9} inches bore, 6 feet stroke of the piston, and weighing^,000 pounds, being capable of railing 350 gallons of water per iniuute, with winding . gear for raising the coal from the pit, all of which is en- ' tirely new. The engine and other machinery was made I by William Burdon, of Brooklyn, New York, and is of superior construction and workmnnahin. t'he excavation or shaft extends into the mine up- < wards of 230 feet, at an angle of 33 degrees, and upon it I is laid a double railway. At a distance of 250 feet down < this shaft, there are lateral shafts or openings to the J right and left, each about 180 feet in lengtn, upon which j railways are also laid. With these ana other facilities, | which are now nearly completed, the agent of this es- ] tablishment states, that a car load (say aDout 1800 lbs.) 1 of coal can be delivered at the suriace once in Ave minutes, which, from experiments performed in our presence'we think correct. The quantity of coal already brought into view by these excavations is immense, and < our impressions are, from our own observation, and informatien derived ftom others experienced in the operations of mining, that the supply is probsbly inexhaust- j ble, the quality improving very much as the depth is < increased- that which is now mined being much supei 1 rior to that formerly obtained. It ignites readily, and 1 gives out an intense degree of heat. When reocntly dag from the mine, it burns with considerable Aame, and leaves a red ash, like the best anthracite of Pennsylvania. Analyses have been made of this coal by several disguished chemists; one by Dr. Chilton, of New York, within a few days, gives the following results Carbon, 84 Silica, ) Alumina, f Iron, t 18 Manganese and a trace of sulphur, * Water, 100 And your committee, from their own experience, and from information derived from others who have used much of it, have no hesitation in pronouncing it equal to any coal now in use for most domestic, and all mannfacturing purposes. The value of the real estate belonging to thia establishment for agricultural purpoaea. independent of the coal, ia supposed by good judges to bo $5000. It has usually been taxed at $4' 00 when the mines were not worked. The coat of minlug improvements is stated by the agent to be 35 or $40,000; and we should Judge, from appearances, that the money had been well apjMied and Judiciously expended. In addition to the 40 acre*before mentioned, the company own the coal under 75 acres more a Ijoining, with the privilege of mining the same. It may be proper here to mention, that the depth bow attained is from 80 to 100 feet perpendicular Delow any point ever before reached at these mines, and the system of mining is altogether superior to that formerly practised, being the same practised at the Pennsylvania mines. Regarding, as we do, the great public importance of this work, in its tendency not only to reduce the price of e essential an article as fuel, but also to retain money in our own atate, instead of paying it to others, and that it is the dnty as well as policy of all wise governments to encourage the development of hidden (sources of wealth withinita own limits, and thereby promote the industry and increase the comforts and happiness of the community, your committee report the bill referred to their consideration, and recommend the loan proposed. March 31, 184$. CLARKE CHASE,) E. W. LAWTON, } Committee. JOHN HOWE, S N. B ? Office of the Rhode Island Coal Company 1$$ Liberty street. New Yoik. JOS. PRIESTLEY PETERS, President. The New World. 00-CAMPBELL k WORD8WO iTH'S NEW POEMS. ?In the New World, for Saturday, April 18, will be published exclusively, (the original proaf sheets having been purchased from the authors) the Pilgrim of Olencoe and Moonlight, by Thomas Campbell, and Address to the Clouds, Maternal Grief, and the Bird of Paradise, by William Wordsworth. These exquisite Gems by the two most celebrated living English Poets, have not yet been published in England. Two letters from F. J. Grund, Esq , in continuation of the Political History of Eipaitero, Regent of Spain, and a View of the Condition of the Laboring Ciasees of England. Nicholas Biddle : capital original article on this gentleman's career. Papers o( the Mercolian Club, No. 3. Conclusion of Mackay's popular History of Witchcraft. The Miser's Laughter, by Ainsworth, continued. Zanoni, by Bulwer, continued. Origiaal Poetry by William Wallace and Eliza Pratt. Rhode Isl.>nil affairs. Editorial: Literary Notices: News of the Day, lie lie. Terms, $3 a year : 8} cents, single. Gentlemen from the countiy who are desirous of subscribing, are requested to call at the office, 3t) Ann street. ftp- Zanoni, Bulwer's new novel, complete, for sale as above. Price, 13J cer's : ten copies for $1. 00- CHATH AM THE ATRE-Shakspeare's sublime tragedy of King Lear, is produced to night, with the follnmrintf lYta krfnl Ifirt... a^.aSl.. sr:._ T ... it:,.1.1 Edgar, Bteveus Oloaler, and Mn Thome Cordelia. Added to which ia the drama of the Dnaab Man of Manchester, in which Messrs. Wood, Tnorne, C. Meatayer, Meadamea Blake, Thorne and Mi?a Meat aver appear. Truly an attractive bill. 0(^ AMERICAN" MUSEUM.? fhia grand cabinet of all that ia wonderful and curioua, continuea to be the centre of attraction forcitixena mid strangers in aearch of amuaement. The large halla are nightly thronged with beauty and faahion, a fact which cannot for a moment be thought ati ange when the great amount of entertainment that ia given ia taken into consideration? the crowning feature of all, however, la the remarkable Gipsey, who by her prophetic knowledge, aenda all away in amar.ement. The dancing, aonge, animal magnetiam, fcc. on the rtage are highlv intereating. (fey- VALUABLE SALE OF REAL ESTATE IN BROOKLYN.?Will be poaitively aold by order of the Chancellor, at the Franklin Hjnae Fulton Ferrv,thia day, Friday, April 15, at 1 o'clock. P. M.?That valuable property known aa the Military Garden. It conaiata of aix lota of ground on Boerutn atreet, nine lota on Fulton, opposite the new City Hall, with three building* thereon, to be aold in lota to suit purchaarra. Tha above property affords to the ieaid? nt? of Brooklyn, doing buainraa in New York, a moat deairable place of reaiaenee. Terma favorable. DISAGREEABf.F. WKtTHER -The weather for the laat two or three day a haa been very diaagreeabla ?juat the weather to produce Cougha and Colda, and make another herveat for our frland and neighbor Dr. Sherman, whoae Cough Lnxengea cure cougha and colda quicker than any other article, of which we have conatent proof among the lianda In eur olBce, who uie no other medicines but the Doctor's. His office in this city is at KM Nassau stiaet: 8 State street, Bostonj 3 Lfdgtr Buildings, Philadelphia; corner Gay and Saratoga atreet. Baltimore; and Franck Taylor, Agont,Wathington city. (g/- TO CONaUMPTIVKS ? A lew cakeaol Ur.Ko (era Pulmonic Deteigent.a specific (or Lung Complaints recommended by tbe late Hon. Gideon Lea anil man) otiieri, to be found at 71 Maiden lane. CHy Deipateh Port. 46 William ttrarrf. Paivririi. Orrica ? Lettera deposited before half past 9. half-papt 13 and half pait S o'clock, will be lent out for delivery at 9,1, and 4 o'clock. Bhh h Orricai ? Letteri deposited before 7, 11 and 2 o'clock, will be lent out for delivery at 9. I and4o'clock. ALEX M. UKEIG, Agent. HUHCV MARK PIT. Thursday, April 11~? P. M The stock market hat not varied muah to-day. Delaware and Hudson roio J percent ; Harlem \\ Ohio ?'l, I: Indiana ?'? felt I Vlahiali 4 l.nnr lil.xj I Hales of billion Philadelphia par; Baltimore J. New Orleans flj 7. We would aik of the Comptrallar, why it ii that the bill* of the following red back banks, broken nearly one year since, are not redeemed:?James Bank, Washington Baak, St. Lawrence, Oleaa, Staten Island t Why are not the mortgages sold and the bill holders paid T? Operations have been pel formed among free banks as follows " Highlyfreipectable" gentlemen would put mortgages into a baak, and take its stock or bills?these they would sell or pat otfin the market, and when the bsak burst, they would repurchase stock or bills at very low ratss, and retura them to the bank at par for their mortgages. For instance, suppose a broker iaWall street should become interested in a Western bank, by the do* polite of mortgages with the Comptroller, for a certain amount, say $10,000. The bank then fails, and the bro* ker uses kis influence to prevent a sale af the mortgages' alleging that they would be sacrificed by forcing a sale In conaeguence of putting otf the redemption, the bills fall to a very low rate. The broker buys them up at 40 cents on the dollar?the bills so purchased may be returned to the Comptroller and the mortgages canoelled, the broker making $i 000 by the operation out of the pockets of the people. In cancelling the mortgages, the best would, of course, be selected, leaving those of but little value for sale, to redeem the outstanding notes that remain. When a bank fails, it should be closed up as speedily as possible. The public can gain nothing by delay. The following is a statement of the affairs of the Bank of Tennessee an the 1st inst, as compared with the return of October 1,1811 :? tlmif nir TmruiL. April 1. 1842 md Oct. 1. 1841. Ort. 1, |841. Apr. 1,'42. Dr. Discounted no'er, 871 578 759,411 Di medic bills ofrxchange, 164,481 106 3i 8 Billsaud notes luiuit, 48,811 6 7 067 Pretested Hills, 9 586 41417 St?(cl>OD''tdi<7oanl4nl, 31 060 94,uoi Expense Recount, 3169 9,660 Interest on State Bonds. 160.780 190 750 do Internal lmproxcm'tdo, 94.989 128.9.9 Due from banks, 356.171 2;9 188 Notes of other bank;, 131781 114716 Gold an 1 Silver, 144,106 131,159 1,114,326 2,195 606 CR. Capital Stock, riz : State Sonde, 446 000 440.090 School 9 und, 67.696 ?34,636 do do Ocoee, 261.0,2 ? Kurplui re venae, 470 066 470 066 Treasurer of Tennessee. 165,466 63,691 Bu xrintendeut ot Public lust., 589 1,575 Diaconuta ree'd on Stale bonds, 8 375 25,931 Sinking or coutingeut I'uud, 175 256 184.061 Dif idend account, 174,436 174 406 Exchange account, 14.344 2 3 608 Discounts received, 15,445 36 7V1 Inlereat account, 3,346 11 021 Damages account, 803 l,lti luterual Improvem't dividend, 1.620 2 526 Profit and Loss, ? 60 265 Do nmon School Fund, 6,(57 ? Due to Banks, 26 435 ?7,015 Dirculation, 38,801 42,923 Individual Depositor*, 241,174 194 253 $2,114,526 $2,105,668 The following i* a return of the banks of New Or ieani, in conformity to the new bank law :? State or the Barks made 26th March, in conformity to ihk Dank Loan. Liabilities. Aecete Sank of Louisiana, 728,008 \ 6 355,1,38 .'anal and Banning Company, 525 826 5,546,656 Darrollton It. K. and Bauk'g Co , 152 847 2 424 394 Dltizeus'Bank, 3 456.431 11,4 .7,337 Dily Bank, 1,461 989 4.054.749 pommercial Bank, 1,235.908 4 696,751 Consolidated Aasoci ti) 1, 1,324,485 4 010.901 Louisiana State B: lk, 1,160,333 3,226 825 Mechanics fc Traicn dank, 393,214 2817,245 Union Bank, 15173517 11,126,458 Total, $11,050,064 64,710,899 The follow! ig are the circulation aud specie, a* compared with tie return of Dec. 4,1841 March 30 Dec. 4. Ci'r. Spec. Cir. Spee 1 Bauk of Louiiiatn, 70 377 345 670 173 404 843 888 filial Bank, 419 050 81 673 664 746 114,166 Llarrollton ' 9s 485 43 439 338,395 44,813 Idi.izen*' " 4-0 809 480 477 476 176 600 660 Idlty. " 644,050 338.754 667 650 871 354 Commercl 5.9,080 156,003 638 800 167,061 Conaolidited * 699 150 364 16 ) 499,31* 946.48* Slate Bank 368.630 339,470 399.344 388 665.1 Mechanic*' ' 339 N-0 111 37* 6*6,630 91,311 Union " 477,17* 361,416 63*375 848 *1* $4,033,163 9,3*6.331 4.748 *45 1,81)9 677 Dccre***, 715,489 909,446 Thi* decrease ha* taken place at that teaaon of the year when the bank* usually expand. The cash liabilltieiof the bantu are now $10,364,46 and the caih assets $6,107,113. Thi*, in the aggregate, akowa a considerable degree of itrength,' and ?uch ai ought to enable the bank* to reiume without delay; bat it ia evident that all of the in*titution? have not the aame atability?iome of them are exceedingly weak, and it ia no doubt the influ. onoe of these which prevent* the strong ones from reluming it once. It is highly probable that one or two of these will be obliged to close up, aa the firat of September, the time fixed by law for resumption, approaches. The contraction necessary to resumption in the southern lection* i* now tcTerely felt in the market* of the north, in the falling off of tha spring business. The goods retained in the country f0T consumption, d?r;Uf the present year, will no doubt be much lei* than tliiiil, while the exports of produce must be great in quantity, If low in value. Weobservo in the Parliamentary report* a statement of Mr. Hastie, the member for Paisley, in which the production and value of wheat, corn and barley in the United Kingdom is given. This statement we have compared with the same items in the United Slate*, aocor ding to the census. Comparative Parnvcrion or Wheat, Corr-amd Basest, l!? THE UlTITED STATE) A!TD OSEAT BRITAIN. United State I Great Britain bush. price. value. buth. price value. Wh't, 84 833 373 90c 76 340,943 139,*00,000 176 183.350,S00 Oltf, 133,071 341 50 60 535,67 0 808,100.000 78 331.040 900 Bari'y,'4,1(1,504 70 3 913*50 56,000,000 100 ' I* 10*.040 Tot. 313^156 117 139.789,663 508,000,000 466 360,090 Peyu. 17,0*6,666 *6.000 *0* This ihow* a much larger proportion of grain to each inhabitant in Great Britain than in '.kg United State* ; but it i? generally allowed that the quantities contained in the centua report were 25 per cent leu than the reality, which would give about the umo actual proportion ; but in the United State*, owing to the abundance and cheapneaiof other provisions, a much lea* proportion of breadstuff* ia consumed per man than in Ore at Britain This is seen in the fact that with the same relative proportion of production, Oreat Britain wa* short IS 000 000 bushel* in 1940, while the United States had a large surplus. The statement given by Mr. Hastie,froa what the above was taken, is as follows. He stated The present rental of England and Wales at ?26,500 ooo (Scotland, 4.851 404 Irelani,,uo* ?46,331,404 The present annual talue of produce of all descriptions for Ku*I ad and Wales, ?184 590,000 Scotland, 39.815 0(0 Irelani, 4 1 500 000 ?( 69,943,006 The quantity end value <if groin sr com. Wheat, 17,51)0.1.00 qui.era, at CS? lid. ?49 0)0 Oats. 16,V0 00 3 " at Ml. lOd. 4 3 *64 000 Baflev, 7.600,000 " at 33s. ?J. 11 46? uc o Peaj, he. 700,000 " 1,338,000 ?|0S 576.000 Now,he ob?ervei,6Upposing wheat were to be Mi. per quarter lower, and the other grain to be lowered in pro portion, this would give : Wheat, 17 500 000 quarters, at 43s. 0]. ?37,*95 006 Oats, ae^ " at is*, sd. assa/.ooo farter, 7 ooo.ouo ' at 37s. 61. S.635 eoo rat, he, 70 0,000 * at 33*. Od. 1,I5\000 ?84,637,600 1 : aa .lllU.a 1... tUmw. Ik. nMAiini Um?)i tkn taPA. ? IJClDg 44 milJJUIia ic?i IUIU ?UC BUivuui " ??" |/?Wtecting duty now proposed, and making the grou egri cultural produce of the United Kingdom ?177,370 000. Then, he add?, if the groaa produce of the United Kingdam under the preaent law ii ? I<X>,M 1,000, and yield* a rental of ?10,3*1,404, what would be the rental under afrae trade 7 Calculating according to the preient proportion between produce and would in that ca?e be ?41,133,000, being only a deduction of llj per cent, from the preient rental. *a nt tli* Btoek icbangt. Ji!!?0 *aL?' k '*',M# 91 88 D?* * Had 4 to* ?o a-, .w. !!. 75 4? ful I'* 25 *!? Am *-,c ^ iH 111 ?*o I*' 84 do Atlanlie In Co 110 m/u ill. ,.. R !. ff 88 do Au bn i 8yra ?0 25 T ?1 " da Caaton Com it. I 40U0 Indian* Bead* laj m do "d**11 ]J| ' Wanare* Bk of Am "'So' S ,w\| S do oo* 550 a.. Una 1.1 rr * ' > io a*0 7*1 a* do N Jeraev RR >i K do Bit Com (full) 7ft i?o d, do Si! 10* do*eiip *? ? , 8* doBtoaigton HK l?! 10 do Dal a.Hu I *th* *01 3 do do ii* M do do *1 larond Board. 10*0 lllioo*, IH 3* Delaware ha *11 38 Dataware t*o IIJ 38 do aa til Sb do ?W Bug M do all Hi ??I?aasa? anriMi In Brooklin. by the Rev. B. C. Cutler, Mr. F. W. Pitt utn.of London, to Mtn K Dillon, eldest daughter of Jonathan Dillon, Esq , of Waterford, Ireland. Died On the morning of the 14th inatant, Hannah McDon nkil, aged 61 years. Her remains will be taken to Wcatchester County for interment. On Wednesday evening, 1 S h inatant, of comumption, Mi>f Hahkii t Stovink, aged 16 years. On Wednesday, of consumption, Mr. Ouvsa L. Cumminus, formerly oi Salem, Mesa., in the 'J6th year of his 6" On Wednesday morning, Mr. JeitrH W. KNarr, in the 2'Jd year of his age. uu i -K'.uay, .uri. c.. bahiki. wii t oi joun Duriare, ?i consumption, in the 27'h year of her age. Passenger* SaBed. Liemrooi.?Packet ihip Virginian?Mm Mulligie. Joaeph Ste Ic and ladv. Siunl Jaon. ' Adah ad, Mr? Miller, Mr* .41 len.of New \ nrfc: limey W. ode. ol H-atou; Mra Harlaed, <3 ('idon I'h lade'pnia; J D Hugely ai.d lady, Baltimore; O II uuefield, Engl u,d; M>j>r Good til, laJy ?-d two cbildreu, Lieut Adair, Uriliah Auuy. Foreign Importation*. Hirar?Shia Albany?2 i kg? W d Draper?I C Valentine? 2 J Mortimer a co?I Lewie a Wurman?I Bowen, Jooe* k ilawtrv- 1 J K It II Maliler?I M 'laffe & C Me terf?6 II Babad?I Hal rrehaui k June*?li K Kaui*?17 Boiceault Ku-ch ?I B K White?2 J C Krg r*? 14 Booueu Urayea k co?I A Rolkerk co? 2 K Deachaui? | Jar<|ueliu It Al irn?9 O Roaat k co? 8 Biilty. Ward ii co?8 (J raven lit ,o? 2 llec?r, Deij m'n k co?9 L Pied nina?I Contau Ik VntOUT?2 A S Perrot?2 P J Hnjtc?I fcchullxk Blie.loro?I F Hourdiq lin? I II Hanueqian?i VV?ih m-lLK) Vutter? i H O Mali? tioubald?9 douchaud It l'hebaud?I S U Mantel?38 D Boll?S J A Kohl? T Dunham It Moore?iBii lurr ttanea Morris k Cuaoininga?1 l>kg J C Kay?I II J k C 1'ouiaa?4 Rk H Haighl?4 Lane, Lainaon k cr?i Praee k Lieermore?9 W B Draper?1 K Bon lard?1 R W 11 al leek?3 A Barbey-j S Draper?II L Maillad ?1 Smith It Sumner?I J r. Hide k ec?l Win Pehl?i E Fabrequette k Morra? 1 Lewia k Kurman?I E B Strange?I Haruden k co?81 A Louka'?I A k II Waller?1 Meeker k Louit?3 Wdi Vyte? 6 K X Meyer?1 E Heinmerlini,?1 U Smith k eon-9 I k cr.?' I Williami?I 13 Ahreuleldt ?4 H Horetuiau?2 Nfortn k I.lia? t C Llord?2S H Morel?I A Itolkrrt k co?14 L< raclogk k Wiseudonuk?I E H<u?1 A I- Kroach?3 Meeker, Plate kc >?38 A 8?rbey? S Deraiainea k Boizae-i ? ] 8 A Leg nx?13 A I'iuukelt?I E Doaaauga?2 Godfrey, We ber k co, Hi'lad?1 L Vov?iJ Beerker ktM Al certkao Boatou?t Warhurg k Dana?1 Schleaaioger k Hen cher.Fhi ad?I C Valentije?1 G Heatrnliurg k eo? 4 Ceif, Beer k May?8 P A Brrthaui I? |l I M Opp?nh- iin k co?I J AVoui.kco?1 Bo .lean Aine?6 Field ktKellogg?I AKm t?r? II C Gruieullial kco?I Keaahrkcu?2 Brjiatlein. Roup k co?I F Colli iet? Bourry d'lternoia k co?4 IIWieuer-6 L3 H S.nd?It A Caaaelli?i Ludevici a k Woltei?1 Brun de la Roaaire k co?1 F II H iratinaii k co?1 KQaaell, Maltiaon k Taylor?2 J Napier?8 Reuand k - o- 1 Bon re d'lrernoia k co ?I Harriaou?1 O Mathey ? 1 Tj' Oili-pach?S C 11 Sand?I E ruicy-i c4'Kler? po'fy-1 c. Valeuiiue?I Uelaiiafjr ? co?4 H Si T 'I'o'jiaJ?9 E Ilernmerliug?3 Larh^iir U Fau?n?"~l Kc&Rcr Si co?5 Uml>fr Si Damb nann?I K Cottine*?7 * Oollurtl-6 deukird Si Hut'on?18 Gay. Lum*c Si Nofl?38 J M Oppcuhcimfcco?? P Schmidt Si Auurta?'4 E B Strange?'47 lo order. )?Brig Harmo*ie-600 bag* sumac 18 hhtlf 33 PP? *3 hf d ? o|i?e o 1 3?4t b ea liinced G clu aigolSu essence ol leinoa 10 do brrg im >t J Si L K B(id&#?i. MARITIME HERALD. POUT OF HEW WORK, APRIL. 13, 1849. UK RISKS - 6 2S | MOOR IF. 11 56 ICR IKTS 3t| 111! 46 To ghlp Sliutcrii We shall esteem it a favor, if captain* of vend* arriving Here, will give to Commodore K 8. Mart,u.of our newi fleet, a report ol the ahippiug left at the port whence they sailed, the veneli spoken on their passage, and a list of their cargo. Commodore Martin will board ihiut immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in any way. Oipartars of th* Atlantic gtrameri. _ FROM KROI.AIVD. FROM SMF.RICR. G. Western, Hoekea April a April 23 Britannia, He is itt April 5 May I Caledonia, Lotl April 11 May 14 Acadia, Hyne May 4 June I G. Western, Hosken May 21 June II Columbia, Judkina May II ......... ...June II Bntaunis, Hewitt June 4 July 2 Caledonia, Lott June II July 17 Acadia, Uyne July 5 Aug. 1 G. Western, Hosken July I Aug. 4 Olaarsd. Ship Navigator, Kennedy, Ant we p. T F Youngs Ic Co.? Barks Louise, (Swedish) Brauberg, North of F.ugland, floorman, John.toil St Co; Sovereign, (Br) Hogera, Quebec, J H Braii e; Barbara, Howe.. Sag Harbor. Slate, Gardner It H trrc 11.?Biigs Forest, McKiuley, Havana and a market, W 8 Underbill; St Thomas. Brewster, Rt Thomas, ill* Buck; Norman. Pratt, Kingston. Jain. N.smiih it Leeds; Monaco, Wording, Ponce. PR. H P Buck; G B Lunar, Sannem.nn. Savannah, Scott St Morrell; Mary, Hayden, Georgetown, 8C; Csu'nare, Tinker, Seville, Me. Ncsmiih it Leeds; Chicor-, Lane Philadelphia ?Schrs Alici I, Duk.Uart, Baltimore; Nile, Cash, Wilmington, Del; Compliance, Lovemau, Boston; lona, Carney, Thomaston. Arrived. Packet ship Albany, Watson, froin Havre, Feh 2t. mdse, to Wm Whit lock. Jr?20 s eerage passengers 1st inst. 1st 42, Ion 47, saw large islands of ice; same tune, spoke bark Frederick Warren, or and for Boston, from flangor, Wa ea, 41 daya out. 2d, in lat 41 44, and from Ion 48 30 to 4111, passed between iceberg*?the weather being clear, they w ere as far north and south as we could see. Swedish brie Harmonie, Safstrom, from Palermo, Jan 11, uaiae, lie. to J It L K Bridges. 12*h inst. lat 39 20, Ion 72 15. spoke sr hr Leenidas, 6 days from Savaun.h for Boston. Schr Gcetge It William, Park, I day a from Wilmington, NC. naval stores. Schr RoblBiuce, , 6 days from Lubec. with Blaster, to inc master. Hchr Volant, Willutou,from Portsmouth, HI Jo* P Prieatly. 8chr Thomas, Dale, 14 day* from Richmond, tlour, lie. bound to Hartford?pu in in distress, having been off Montauk twice, and blewn off in the late gales?lout ?ail*,*te. Schr Regulator, Law* n, today* from Lubec, with plaiter, to master. 8chr Naacy Hewitt, Sleeper, 10 day* from Thorn taton, lime, to master. 8chr E izabe.h,Jones, II day * from Lubec, with plaiter, to muter. 8ehr Otranto, Morgan,! days from Lubec with pluter, to muter. Sehr t*Ki, Nickerson,! day* from Fredericksburg,Hour,to muter. Sclir Brilliant, Small, 10 day* from Lubec, with pluter, to muter. 8chr Patriot, ??, 8 day* from Wuhiagton, NC. naval stores, to order. Below. Oooship, two brig*. Balled. Packet ships Virginian, Allen Liverpool; Toronto, Oriiwold, London; Uncas, Latham. Mobile; Calhoun, Charleston; ship Angelique, Amsterdam, and othcrt. General Record. ScHa Richard TiiOMrson, of Cape May,from Wilmington NC. with naval stores, for Philadelphia, in reaching Hog Island for a harbor, on the Sin inat. went (chore in a thick fog, and will ha last 8ehr Henry Bro ? n, oi Hac kensack, from V irginiafor NV'ork went ashora tame time, but was got off with loss of J?ck load and a few CAM* oi from the hold. Brio PsLmctto, (Br) which asi'ed from BalUmor. f5r f|a. lifts on the 4th inat. v.ith a cargo of tlour,fce. ran >ground in a fog on he bar off Cove Point, 7th inat. Bchr Quintico had come up with (5 bb!? of the cargo, sai a, part of the rigging, he. The ia supposed. will be lost, and the ca go ab ive mentioned is all that can be saved free of damage. Two other rehrs were alongside, ergaged in taking out tee balance of the c"8'' Whalemen, Spoken, no da'e, lat M 30 N, loo 81 W. Bruce,440 bbls; Mattapoisrtt.MO. Left at Saba Bay by the Bruce, March 7,(Journet, no oil; Annawan. 100 bbls. Spoken tu Indian Uceaii, Nov 14, Franklin, Warren, 13 moa. 400 Ws. Arr at New Bedford, April It. Cornelia, Atlantic Ocaan, W kdiea March 10, with SS0 bbls (CO on board) sperm oil. Spoke ff Uraod Caymao, 10th ult. Essex, Bristol, clean; Imogene, Boston,400. , Sid fm do, Cha* Fredrtca.Paciffc. Arr at Stonington. April 13. .Mercury. Willi 1900 hula wl> and lOOsp. Report*, Jan 1. White Oak, on the emit of Patagonia; 10th. Somcr*et,teuder to White Oak, *t K. Island Island*, SCO; Marco I, spoke Inca, Wareham, 650 ap?the Inea report* Columbus, Keb 15, 400 *p. Sarah k Kutlier. of Lldiowu, w j? at Feruainbuco March 8, clran?crc w in aitate of mutiny. Spoken. Eagie, (Br> 75 day* from Liverpool for Charleiton, April 5. off Charleston bar?u> (li?tieis, With lot* of sails, boats, and bulwarks. Southbrook, of Belfast, from Charleston for Liverpool, 1st April. For* Ik n Pores. HavatVA, April 9?In port, Tacitus, unc; Burmah, do; Mary Smith,foi Portland; Louisa, do, Otter, do; Ameiica, of Boston Idg; Champion. Sav .innali, and others. St f' date?In port, Masiatoit, Im Bath,bound off River el Plate. United States Ports. Lt'sec, April7?9ld Two Brother/, FhiladJphiaiiOtronto, NVork; Renown, do. Maohiai, April 7?Arr Jinn J ne Cartagena, NYork. Gardi*rr, April t?Arr Ann Perry, Philadelphia. Bath, April ??Arr Tiberius. Rappahannock. Sid llth. Prompt. Baltimore; Angelina and Par'ridfe.Cuaa; Hellespont, (Juadaloupe; Plnlua. Baltimors; Napoleon, and Francis, No.folk; Arab, Philadelphia. Portland, Ainl 18? Arr Talliradge, Surinam. PoRTanot'TH, Outer Harb r, Apu li-Arr Richd Taylor, andTe'ii Thornlatoa for N York, lltli?In port, tarn, the above, aud th* vessels repoitad 7th and I h, bound W. 1 hsss bound K .Id tki* morsiig. NawRt'RvroRi, April 18?Lid Joseph, Porto Rico. Boitov, April I J?Arr Miss'ngrr, London; Casket, Savannah; Pamaaru', V rk River; Page, Kaney, Keoaide, and Wolcott, NYork. Teleg-ajdied, Arcturus, Trinid d; Hob: Wain, Philadelphia. Cld Mleuus, Mayaguei; Klixa Maris, Washington NC; Splendid. Mo.aiid Trio, NVork t ? New da DROSD. A01 it 18?Arrt'crueli*. N\urk; Vesne'.do; R idunn. do. A ful rigged brif weit into Mettepoiaett yealenity morning, tuppoted Uie Matt Achoectla, Brownell, from NYork. Naittucrrt. April II? Arr F.nline. Ornrgetonn SC. Holmci Hole, Ap-il 8?Air R bert Walt Philadelphia for Boaton; K quimaux. Frederic kaburg for do; Uoi ed Htilei, fm Wilmington NC forPorttmouth. 9iha 10?Noarr. Wind Nil ?rlronf ga'er. Kdoartowh, April 7?Arr Morilla, Virgin# for Bolton; 8th, Caro ine, Charleston fordo. ?th?la port, the abort,and othert bound E. Kill River, April 11?Arr Aq<ietnet,Uolteoburg fit Fayal. Bid Pauama, I'eclflc Pnoviorncr.. Apr I I9-Arr Tanl Jonet, Soffo k Va; Rhode I#land. Jxmrt L Long. C. arlaa, Arion, and Champion, all from N York. B*i?tol. April M?Arr M*ja?t:e Rirrrhrad LI. Bid 19th. Oo< Hopkin, Atlantic Oc*an; Volant, Porttmouth, to load coal for NYork. Hint roan, April 19?Arr Superb, NYork; Oregon, Philadelphia; 13th. Patriot, do; Ellen Albany. Phi la Delphi a. April M?Arr An'aret,Boston; Mercy Jane, St John >B; He d*r Borden, I'roridence; H Wettcott, New Orleans; Venm, >Yoiis Be or. Tlioj P Cope, Lireroool; Strphe i B Idwio, Ho: Chxmplain do: Sarah, do; loo't, Faatportfor Wi'mmgl n Del; Aidrirh, Bordeaux; Klttabelh, Havana: Mew Hanover. 9>r rmah; Win, Boa ton; Napoleon, and R chard. Cld K gle, Bvi g r Baltimore. A. ril 13?Arr Mariner, Nantucket Cld Aleenu? NYork; Nararri, King'ton Ja. Kxim xii urn aii, A;.iii 11?Cld Lake, Bra'on. Richmond, April 11?Arr Win Young, "hYwk. Nawar R"t, NO April 9 -Arr J L Dnrtad, E \V Bradley, and T C Mitchell,Welt Indiej. Cld Moauoke,and Clara Fi>her, West Indiea. Havaaaah, April 8-C'd K n?inTlon, Havre; Elix*. (Br) Halifaa. Sid Helen Mar, (Br) Liverpool; (Jlengarry, (Br) do; Victory, Providence. Mobile. April t?Cld Countess of L udon, Liverpool. New Orleahj, Ai nl 5?Cld Ji hn Minlorr, NYmk; Oeorfia. d >;La Ora i<e, Mir??i|let. Symmetry, Liverpool; Darid ratt, (ju*dalcu,c and Ht Thnnxa Arr France, Havre; Washington. Boston; Par.thea. NYork; Miaaiee<| pi, do, Lucy reanimm do; America,do; Caucaeian, do lu the river, earning up. Baahaw, Boaion. POK.TUOUK8K FEMALE I ILLS 'pHKSK far-lamed aaa e? lebratad nilta, from Portugal, an * we poreaiaa, to ba obtained in this coonlry See adrer lnwwnl a* tba laat aatnmnaf fourth pa*a. fetlmio \tw .MAIL A Kit a .Mia. vl t>. N I'.?O and alter the l?'h ' nut. two daily -oiuheru Mailt will be maJe up and forwarded front thit < A e. Tltemnruiui mail will ol?se at 7j o'olock A. M. The aftirOdoa mail at " clo'k P. M The great Southern Ma:l witl he r'eeieed hereat lo'doc k P. M, JOAN LOIUMKK UKAUAM. P M rot Office, April 14th. 1841 ali Iwr dJjQX RKWAll J.? Lu?t at the taleiu Ve?r ttreet, uu th? <jp<wty 13th iutl. a Diamoud Pid. tet in a claw, with tmall cheiu attached. The fiuil?r wi'l greatly oblige the owner by reluming it to 8 Vetty at. and the aknee reward. ? Pa wubrukera aud jewallcra will p'.eate atop the above il' fT r td. all it BBI.S Kl.OL'K. oh hoard flip Ocniii'ge , from Nm <J? Orlcaut, m prune order, for eale by alf t TUTTLE k CO. 31 Ann tt. KISK'S COMBINED s I'M .ME it r\ a rri^ n a at ra /NM A ff f1 ' P /A T T T ^ 15AKLK i;UUIV MUVt, FOR COAT. OR WOOD AATWOOD, P.trnter?Pn ? from ?S,50 to $11?The lieu*, furnace ami froul of this etnrc is iiide of c-at iron, and hue Urpe lire or^u attached to it, which will do ueariy treble the cooking of the largest aia-d ordinary l ook tores The i rile of the fururce will admit a boiler njr aauriug an pails, or fif'ern gallons and by the una r?f the ?iriaion plate, kettles auitaale for hailing fear different Julias; in addm u to all tlna.iwo fowla or ? laig" piece <>f meat inay be roaa'eu in froot, and all done with Ire* llian 5 eeiita |,er day, for proof of which we rtftr to thoae who h<re usrillli la. ,, KiSK'd Store iehuirut. lit VV.iler atreet. Read the fol'owjr.g certificates, iu addition to which efer two hundred may br aren br calling it ik a'.ore, KlSK'S Store Eetah'ialimeii1. !0? \Vater itrert New Konrthafrcrt,lib April,1141 Minn. Ki?k, 1j? W iter street?An ong the variety <f stove* winch hare caine to iny u >tioe, 'the one I tiurcliaied from you uierite a deeideu preference. I here lire I it during all the eaeeae, and w juld moet cheerfully recjrameud it to the public aa iu uir opinion tueceiitible of ua iinprovcmrnt for simplicity nr ecanomy. ana worthy of more p.aite thau can bt appreciated without a trial of it I am, with leepcct. yniira. fk v A PERKINS Pastor of the Bcie.u (Baptist) Church. Mr. Kisk 109 Walrr street?The Summer Store which I purehaeed of yon 1 lat epiing, I hare had iu ute till now; and no on', wittioat trill, woulu believe the amount of cooking that may oe doae by it, or ita economy Suffice it to aay, that with ao oceueiotrally eitra lire, we h in cooked for from aS to 33 p. rsona.wiiU enough lesel'utl to aire more thau the price af the ttove MRS. DUEL, S3 Fulton etreet. March 43 alS^mt W ANTED-A partner, who perfectly underetanda the buaiueaeaf New York iu one of the treat d> ing ealabliah meuta. Capital $1000?oily hilt would he rri|uired, the ba Imire secured in any way agieruble to th- parties. I lea, e to addreaa a note to A Z at the upper Poet Office,with real name aud addns>, el iling where . o inn 'new cm !? had. alt 3t t R()()\l WAN rED?A large Koi m on ihe let or rercud tlo. r, uufu'niahed, between Bro id way and A.len atresia. Walker and Spru g atrerle. Poarraaion wanted on the lat May, A fui rent wi I be paid lor a aultablo room. Addreee X M. tlfi :e ul tliigpiptr. alt 3t PU R E" OR ANO E~ClJU NtVTlI LIT The aubicnhtr reaped lull, informa the cilia iu of New York thai he will serve them at their resi 'tnee* with clean l ure healthy Milk, from the farmr of Stephen Hand aud John M. Bulla, iu the town o' Bio mil grove, thev beuu e me of the brat butter makers ill Orange count* . The inn's is a nd bv juicer to be the best ever otferrd in lha city. Victurlliag homes, hotels. &tc. tU) plied with any quantity. Alt orde-s lcrt at 16jorl58 Wailn. gtouat. wi 1 receive immediate attention. " SOMETHING NEW. Lk.UK'S GARDEN. 19 tiowery'The undersigned takes liis opportunity to inform hie friends aid tin public that he ha* apmcd a U t den and ItloOD at 19 JtOWCry, where he would he happy to rectivr their calls. Hi*SlilOM Will be coDflautly fuppiied with ihr choicest aud brat of Kruita, Coufecticuaiy, C( (fee. Ice Crea-ne, Lemonade and Soda that the city affords Every atte ition will be giveu nu hia put to make this Garden and Ssloou a pl-aaanl and agreeable reaort to the ladies and gentlemen who may favor hein with a call, alt lin'c , II. LfcUR, 19 Bowery. . 400,000 Ian iVorina Scgnra, T ANDED from brig Ohio, from Havana, of superior qtitliE ty, lor vile in Iota toauit purchaters, at reasonable prieea, at0 tin* bv M . RADER, 46 Chatham at. | LI . 8 REM ITT AN' E ol $100 waa received in Keb" I n. ruary laat, and the parl'ea tulendiug abarnce to Eu' rope wiah to write and receive I. H.'e address, which can aafe" ly be furnished them. all iw'c COMPLIMENTARY BAEL TO MR. W.T.MORTON ?The punlic are respectfully in'ormrd, that the Ball in compliment to Mr W. T. Morton will Lke place at the Apcllo Saloon, 110 Broadway, on Friday ereninft, April 15:li?the floor to lie under the direction ot a committee of grutlemru. The muaic by Mr Alltn Dodwcrli. Ticketa $1, admitting a gentleman and ladiea, to be had of either of the committee, aw ilie bar el'the Apollo, and of Mr M. at hia reaidenre, 145 Grand atrcet, and at the door, on the evaning. I a6IOt* JAMaS Hood, Jr Secretary. KALBOMlNE paint.-t he Kalsumiue 1'aiut having beeu I aeverely teated in thia city during the winter month*, 1 the patenteea can recommend it with renewed confidence to the public. The numerous specimens of Kalaotniue Taint now ending in New York, renders an euume ation of it* ad yautagei superfluous ; among the moat prominent are the 1 following1 Kalaomine Color* are mi re permanent, more luminona and gieeable to the eye than oil colora. They are applied without occasioning any ofTeneivc ainell or iajurioue effect upen health, and drying in a few houra. Kalsoiniue paiut may, if properly applied, be waahed w hen aoiled, according to direction* in the eircular. Order* received and punctually attended to at the KALAOMINE PAINT DEPOT, feb ST 9m* 364 Broadway corner Franklin. (V ORTHERN M AIL A moruieg mail for Albany and I' other office* on the North River Will hereafter be made up at the office at 6 o'clock A. M The great Northern Mail will cloae a* uaual a' 3| P. M. JOHN LOKI.VIEK ORAHAM. P. M. Past Om.'d, New York, April 13, 1843. ai3 !?c pLKASAwT EXCURSION ?A mil across the Hudson to L Hobokeu,aud a atroil al tag in romantic ilwrc*. cannot 1 now fail-o field much aatiafvdion to the admirers of the < beautie* of nature, and to thane who may require, after being 1 pent up for the winter iii a crowdtd city, fresh air and some 1 ralaaaiiou. Tin eeteuaire ground* of this lore y ap >t. aoli 1 btrally thrown optu to the public, art now deckid in all the 1 luxuriant freahne** of an early (priuK- Thi* beyond doubt i* I the moat agreeable excuraion that c tu be made at this season al31inr i A MAN WANTED ?Uue who it acipiaiuled with garden- I iug and underatandt the care o( horaei, la wanted In gu inl? IU ?ei,,trr niaiy o ilea from the til j , he must be aoher, active industrious, williug to turn hia hand at ertry thing about the rreuiaea or a gentleman. A man ot ihla ileacriptirn, o( middle age preferred, will Cud a good and permanent aituation ou application to a!3 3f VVM. AYMAR h CO. SO South at RE aL ESTATE WANTED?A atock of saleable mer chaudiae, together with the fialurea and Icaae of premiaee, In a coed buaineta location, to the amount of about t' ree thou aand dollar*, will be exchanged for productive real estate in thia city or Brooklyn, If applied for immediately at 6-3 Canal 'reel. alS Sir WRENCH v, ILL1.NKRV UOODn. E. B. SrKAIUiE " ha* receircd by the Baltimore, Rhone and other Harr* packet*, rery rich Krecch Artificial Klowera, new Tarlatan Silk*, and other choice Millinery article*, adapted to city trada, which he will aril at reasonable price* Alao, all kinda of materi ,la for llower makers, aeltcttd in Pari* by alt (I'm T. B STRANHE. 163 Walkers*. PAPER HANGINGS. MA. HOWELL St CO 367 Pearl at. are now receiving from their manufacturer* at New Brunswick, an eaten aire aaaortment of I *i er Hangings, Borders, he of the latea' and moit approved pattern* *ud aiy Ira. auiti d to the city and country trade, which they offer to di aler* at the net manufactory price 3. Alao, their usual variety of French Paper, Border*, Fire Board Print*, Views, Itc. The beet workmen to put on pepar iu toy part of the city can be bad at ihe ahorteat notice. alSeodtm't THE KREMLIN. m BROADWAY, corner of Thame* atreet?Thia aplend d eatab'iihmeiil tanow open fortne reception of the public.harieg been filled up aa an elegant retort for gentlemen desirous of spending a few hour* uf leisure in the practice of healthful exereitts.and agreeable relaxations from bu inea* pursuit* Two aeparale saloons are fitted up a* billiard room* and bowling alleys. The first contain* four very superior table*, and the second four excellent alleys. Each atIrionkxa ll>ea<lt lliiti'O rif fi x* I Iff til atl I tll/ll V (if rtVim iklll) is furnished in the most superior stile. Indeed, no paiui nor IMNHNtMwmII MM The Krtmlin up u * footing, in point of attract iau*. of the iroit inviting respectebUitjr. The proprietors, in inviting geutlamen to visit their esUblisbmenl, beg to uiure litem that (special regard will be had to their accommodation. and no r xpeuee will be srared to givesatiara:tion, and make thtm perfoctly "at home, i BEN WlLhOM, form-rly proprietor of the Montgomery Hall, Montgomery, Ala. OEO- A. '1 HOMAS, late hook keeper at the Astor Hooae. TO BE LET?The store 111 Broadway, adjoining Trinity church yard.suitable for auy business, t nd favorably known as an o o and popular stand Also, twelve or fourteen furnished apartments, for single gentlemen, which will he let by the month or otherwise. There is a dining saloon upon the European plan, attached with The Kremlin, where meals will be served at all hours. alt Steod PI A N 0 FORTES. QOUTIIERN DEALERS and purchasers generally will t? Dnl it to their advantage to call an J ex tmine a choice assortment of the above article, comprising t variety of C and St octaves, of rotewood and mat.ogan/, *iln grand action,scroll stands, and every modern improvement. These instruments are warranted to be eijual t > any in the city, a id will be sold at the lowest pos'ible prices for cash, at the m inufactory, 44 West Fourteenth street, bet we u Fil th and Muth avenues. N. B.?Piano Fortes far Hire?A good assortment of piano fortes for hire at the manufaet *ey. '7 i-w COPV OF A TKslI .iO>lAla " FROM THE CK F.BHAl'ED DOCTOR NELSONTHE ORIGINAL MAY JBE SEEN AT 3T3 BROAD WAY, Mnns. Mallan. Bta?The cement with which you filled the decayed teeth of two of my friends fully euswered the purpost for which it wes applied,end gave the greatest sstisfasti >n. The specimens ?fartificial tech planted on gold gumskieldS from a range of three or four teeth up to a complete set fot both jaws, which 1 have seen you evecute, ere on a level with tbe higheetorder of denial subetitutun now known, either hers or in Europe. I am rnurs lru'r. ROBERT NELSON.M.D March 16.1643. 44 Franklin street To Mons. Mills* k Soivs, Surgron Dentist.3*4 Broadway. m33 lmie* qF.LL7.NO OFF-SHARP k FKR?H'4tjW.M Hudson St. O are selling <>tf their entire stock ol dry goods, at snd lest than ceet. All therefore who are iawant of dry goods, can obtain them of us tnueh less than at any other place in the city, is it is our object to ssll our entire stock before the first of May. NOTICE?The copartnership heretofore eliding under the firm of SHARP h FERGUSON, ia this dty dissolved by mutual consent. All those havini claims against said fi tn arerrf]ii?sted top-es nt the same for pay nrnt.Htid all indebted tomake payment of the same to eitker of the undersigned, tit Hudson street. New York, April Sth, 1643. ROBERT SHARP. si3w* jamf.S FKROUSON. <?| CABS AND Ht?R?ES? said at fnetjpo, /XST>0? Monday, April nih, at Tatleraal'a manna m ' * I R""''**r one lour wheeled I".?h. Uet full; one Krtn ii two wheeled do; two (rod drafi Hor.ea named to llilliind double tiara-a*; oneaet of double Harneae, to* one et ainyle do; one Saddle, re a Ij new. N. B ? Hale poat'ire?on riuor. *15 4(r m TO IX r-lhe lower par- ol liona* 30 ,>*wru at. I Hlflf Brooklyn, Ou the rear ol the lot ia a a'able and earmiiariaKe bona*. wl icli inay be hid if drairrd I'naaeaai in (Iren m MediateIr. Ajiply at JOS Pnrlatnnt, New York _ alS 1 t*c TO kr.NT-A TTwrTTinc ffoner and Harden, three nuleafrom the etly and fir* rr.molea walk Irom the landint at Bull'* Kerry,on the bor era of the Iluda< n rirer? a rnor (h irmiogailu lion The liouae lira fi r rooma, with three fire pi o-ea n wly fimalrrd; theyarden fence* are all 0* w; (oi d fruiia wiih plenty of ahtunbrr), well ol water near the holier, rrnt eery low?the (learner Uoaton runt to the landiny. Kur partacul-re enquire of JOHN POVLON, on the prcmiaea, Lagrange I'larr, Bull'* Kerry, New Jeraey, all afr a ' COt'N THY K l>. I Of S OR TO Lt/l'-A |>lta<?ut H| If.aftuatedy ac*. abort four raiha from the City Hall. ffMlruitail- foracei.jlrrnaa doinc hutiiiaaa in the ctr, too in the riciMill ol a( d acho.l Knjut-r I No 1 War ren it tM-tween.heh urao? laud 11A.M. ail laat 4 P V l ame djate (hmmmiou wtll b- (iren. Il3 Jt-r I AMtlaa mmimm. HV THOMA.M BKLL Mttmfl Jinn an,11 li KuUoiflrttH-l hiidTY Valuable Furniture?At 10| o'clock, at Nn 7 Bearer itrtef will h-ml.I. the eaerllent fVirniturw, of ooe of our o|d<?t houaekeei era, lately drera-ed . i ( omnriaiuk it | i?l * 11 aaaartmeut of rrally aubtlkntia ?el I made old laehioned and modern I u niture aa h <* been offer'o thiaa-aaon. Tkrre i? a l?r<o b cl< l>u alio well furnirli ed with all drac'iyti >ti of liouaekeet 1H? aiticlea, including ai vtral deaka writing table*, wardrohca, bureatia, yalent mil 01 liea bedateada, kuinernna C rpeta, beea, beihl ug. toilet labtea and o'htr valuable articl- a la : lit aauie hue. The large h r ucli plkte poking kluata, mantel. ruttWnla (tc. art firit rate. SATURDAY, S;.leudid Fnrtii'ure? kt 10| o'ch ck, in the aa'ea rooma, 32 Ann and I It Kullou I*. a?d at the fi i? aiore -it Ann at form rly the kyiaeopal I'reaa, will be eon i u. d the u> of really au|>? rior furniture, from aou.e of the beat inauulactarr ra in the city. Alio, a auperior aaacrtmenl of beautiful ae -ond hand furui lure, Irotn a geatleman givtsg up h"ii'elfect tug At 124 o'clock. 111 * I lo-nelia it.Cottage, already advertised, aud postponed uu.vpidab y. K tle lOSlive. WONDAV Handsome Fursiture -Saleof all dtiert. tion>, at 1*7 East Bmadw?r,c truer of J* Ifer- ou it. Comprisi. g imperial, RrtllieL and other carpet#, rugs, En fClitli oil Infti, marble top rirr, center, tee care, dirinv work and other table), sofas. mahogany nod chairs,looking glasses, mantel ornaments, a splendid piano tune, ottomii.s, rockiagchair# end othir p rlor furniture; excelltut bed mum furnitrre, French and ottirr bedsteads, mat'asses, bed) bedding, toilet tab es} ttande, bureau), chatrv. Alan,iplendidOtniiiK glaat aid plated ware, a silver tea service, Ingt, luetria, ke. A!?o, kitchen ut-mil), and uumercua other li .tutkeeping artlelef. . TUESDAY. , ,A , . , Elegant Furnilurc-Theeti'ire eicellent f nnturaof a lumiljr giving up houx keeping,77 Lauren at Il~H TIMPSO.e, Auction's? HARDWARE SALE. Jacob S. riall's tite?nth Spring Tw'i Silf, contiit iug heavy auu Hardware, tablesud detert kuieeiand ,urkl, rai vt re, pu and pocket kuire), eci'iort.razor* German silver t tkle ant lea spoons. japann-d tea tray I, bread bilkefs, tuuffer tr*j-?, heavy good), j we!ry,4ic, N. B ?Catalogue* will be ready on 1 o'clock, from wrluch lime till the hour of (ale thegood) can be 11 itniued ^ klUUr BUT f EKKIELD k '''lAt llMO \ Auctioneer*. AUCTION NOTICE.?Friday, April IS, at to o'clock, at No. Si Whiteitreet, corier Bioulway?Klctaut Fumi tore, coniisting of bruitel* and ingraiu carte'*, mahogany French chuir*. marble tup, ceut-r ?ud pi-r table*, dining do, card do, rich dama?k window curtain*, twolarge French plate pier glasses, mfa*, ottumana. diTMS concilia, girandole*, oil rloti *, mahogany washiUnils, dressing bureau* mahegany Frenchbedrteadi, beds,b-udiug. t hie i-utl-ry, silver api.oua, china glaiiware.Stc , together wito a large >iu entity ot kitrli in and c loking uteniila, with which the rile will lOtnmtnce. Alao,two elegant piano for e 1 I atalogiij * ready on tie morning ol" vale all 9t* AUCTION NOTICE.? i'lie extensile sale of excellent aa second liauil furniture to take place o* Friday, at No. 7 Beavemtreet to cloie an ntate and tni proper tv of one of our oldeit hoii.ekrepeir, la'ely deceased will be found deterring the attention of person' wt?h iag lo purchase go -d furniture. In addition to the front dwelling, tin- e ii a Urge Back Buildii g well itored with furniture of a'l descriptions. __al 4 9t THOMAS BELL.. Auctioneer. AUCTION NOTIi.K?The sal- of splendid lecond haud a'd new Furniture of all descriptions, fioin fain Lee removing, and ilie stock of eome of our crlehrated cabinet inakeri, will be couuuiinl an Sal unlay, at IOl o'clock in the stor? 28 and 32 Anuat. and 115 Fulton at. ou Friday afieruoon, with c italocuea. alt 3' THOfl. BELL, Auctioneer. Watt FRUI r & OKNaMENTAL Tl?EES 7 Shrub* and flWflgOrten Howie Plant*?A. LEVY will continue the eale 1 dim of averv choice assortment of I I ant), hist received from England by the packet ship Cambridge, at the sale) room ISI Broadway, this day and FndaV .at lu| o'clock. The sa'e will cotnnrise ineuy of those epleudid roses,as were soldun Wednesday. Also, at|iaragus roots, potato seeds, will many valuable plant), too tiutner, us tod-tail al4 2t'c FARE AND FREIG?T REDUCED. ftEmSSE/C t^M^ REGULAR MAIL LINE FOR PROVIDENCE AND BOSTON, via STONINGTON AND NEWPORT, composed of the iollowng superior steamers, running in connection with the Atonington and Prorideuce, and Boston and Providence Railroads? M ASS At; HtJ SETTS ,(,'apt.Comstock. RHODE ISLAND.Capt.Thayer. NAKRAUAN8ETT,Cap?.Wool?ey. MpHEOAN,Cap'. Vaudirbilt. On* of which will leave New York daily, Etindayseicepted front pier No. 1 North River. Bat tory Place,al S o'clock, P.M. r^rrangewirnt. i ne rsAixiiAUAivsfc l',on Monday*, Weilnesdayiand Fri lava,for -tonington. The MASSACHUSETTS,on Tueaciaya. Thuradaya.and Saturduy*. for Moningtnu. l'aiacngrra ou the arrival of theitearnere at Stoningten, mty take the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to Providence aii l Boitou. Feight taken atthefollowing much reduced rate*:? To Boiton, on Rooda weighing forty jh> ,u !? or upward* to the cubic foot, at $5 SO per ton, and ou uitaaurement Rood* 7 ceut* per foot To Providence, on meaaurement good* S cent* per cubic font, and np-citic article article* ai per tariff to be obtained at office 33 Broadway. m3l 6m IMPORTANT TO VVKSTKR V -Mi;!{i ;Tl AN Vs. RELIANCE PORTABLE IKON BOAT LINE-Foc the Traniportatiou of (J ? >.!? between Philadelphia and Pittsburg. Thi* improvement in transportation afford* to weitern merchant* peculiar advautage*. The Rood* being care ully packed in the boat* at our warehoaee, No. 365 Market street, are carried over the Columbia and Railway* without transhipment Careful tap'aim and crew* are tmployed, who lake charge of thi Rood* at Philadelphia, and continue with them the entire route, thu* avoiding delay* and the liability of lot* being teparated nitne way. N. B ? I'aaiengert forwarded lo Pittsburgh ev?ry day Suitday* excepted, H. STOKES, Agenl, a't3m* m 7 Washiuatou atreet. - ?^ RtiVM. Mall. LETTER OFFICE, y.Cu^BI No 7 Ann itreet, April IS. 1641 ?The K? y at Mall fllrainrr nF.ei will reiuiu lo thi* port,and leave about 25th in*t. (or Naiaau Havana. The mail* for Havtna Oulf of Mexico, Weit Indiea, South America.and to the Pacific, via Panama, will he made up at thi* office. All latter*, fcc. for nonunion not belonging to Great Britain, muit b: pre-paid. _alSI36r J. BUCHANAN. Toet OITre Ae'n'. IXL PEOPLE'S LINE I* OH AlBANk and &Jg*qf interim diate place*, daily at five o'clock, P X3CJLM, fr jin the Pier between Courtlandt and Liberty itreet* The cominodiou* (teambnat ROCHESTER. C?r>t. St. John, leave* a* above on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon*, at five o'clock. Tue SOUTH AMERICA. Capt. Braniard, leave* a* above, on Tueadty, Thuriday aud Saturday afieruooni, at five o icock. 'J he above boat* are new and luhatantia', furnished with ilegant State Room*, and forip ed aud accommodation* are unrivalled ou the Hudaon. The NORTH AMERICA. Captain M. H. True*dell, leave* a* above on Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday afterneon*. at 5 o'clock. For paiaage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. SCHULTZ, alSr at the office on the Wharf. _|nn FOR ALBANY AMi TROY,landing at r i "H.-. d?tlit intermediate id ice*.?Bertha It eta?rare 3E^JDUJK-Otie Dollar. The low prtnura aleareheat SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, w.ll leave the foot of Courtlandt atreet thi* (Fridey) altiru'ou, April 15th, at five o'clock. The iplendid, lowpreiture Steambaot BE WITT CLIN TON, Capt. S. K. Hoe, to-morrow (Saturday)altcrnoon, will leavetaabave. The above boat* are furnlthed with elegaat itate room*, and for accommodation* are unrivalled. al5r '*?? ' FOR NEW ORLEANS?Loumana and New ^HfWYork Line?'To receive freight until 3 o'clock, and JHUtbaail at 3 P M. thi* day?The *pl*mlid fa*I tailing packet ahip LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt, will poiilivaly tail a* above, her regular day. For freight ar paaaage,having splendid furniahed accommodation*,apply on board, at Orleans wharf, loot of Wall at. or to E. K. COLLINS Ic CO. 16 South st. Great care will ba taken to have the good* by thi* tin* correcily measured. Passenger* *ill pleate been board atOrlean* wharf, foot of Wall *t. thi* day, 16th mat. at 3 P. M , at which time the hip will nil _ . ... Agent* In Naw Orleana, Hullin k Woodruff, who will promptly forward all good* to their addres*. The packet *hip HUN TSVILLE, Captain Mum'ord .will *ucce?d the Lauuville, andaail the 86th April, her regular day. altr _ PASSAGE FOR LONDON?Packet of the 30ih KHm SI |fl 11.? M ill; my i* uuiu amai na* i miity ww i-u m ~ ('apt. Moore,inil? iiutitively aa above, her regular day. Cau comfortably accommodate a few mere cabin, fecund cabin and ateerage paaacugera, if early application be mada on board, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT. 43 Peck alip, or 43 South itreet. Peranna wiahing to lend for their frienda, can hare them brought out M very reaaouable lerma, and tlioae wiahing to remit moocy to their Trie -da. can hare drafla for any amount payable on d< mand, in all the principal towna of Dritain and Ireland by applying ae abort. aist rjT KOR LI VERPOOL?Regular packtt of ihe i9Ui JHa April?Tin aupenor fiut tailing new ihip 8AMUUKKL HICKS, Buaker, mailer, will tail aa above. Tmaahip'a accommodatiotia for cabin, aecoutl cabin, and aleerate pattern*re are ?uperb,and paieengencan aeeure berth* on modei aie t?rmi by applying ou board, at pier loot cf Dorer (tract, or td . .. . ? OLOVKK li McMUBRAV, 100 Pine at. corner South. P.8?Peraona wiihing to lend for their friend* reaming in the old couutry can hare ihein brought out by Iheabore au .km nr anu ..f be miliar line of naeketr. braoiilviug aaabore, i( by letter pott paid. ?" Toft L.IVKKPOOL, with deapateh-Tha apleiidid (WK-Ai ml aulinanhit) Kl llO, Richard Si I, intnler, jBKfipL1*''1 *>' " *?e'e- *'or 'reiglit or paatage, luring aupenor accommodation,.^ fc UI|RAT 100 fine. < >ru< r ol South, or to FOR NKW ORUKANS-IoHiloolhe ?pth,,,. jHWataot-'lV fiMtelMifi.t .ailing .hip MARAPOSA, A^lbwill ke lit' atrhed M abire. F or p<aa 'ge, karirg aupeno^ccoaa modal ione in ohm and altarage, apply on boa-d pier .. IS jWr?f| f ]w,y AW,? Booth .treet " FOOAUiC?'TSi'Taetiafljng, A I, coppered and _4yt>_ | tL 11| ill ii VI'"I * burthen ??7tooa,or XE^BLatMiui 7000 barrel! Thta ahip ?a built ta PhitMr!in the ??t faithful manner, ?u aalted on the atocka,and coppered wi h he try copper, on which aha haj jui?performedar.*.getot;hina and back. la well calculated lor a European pac et, or for ?he Indit trade. Haa a full iuTentorTi*"'1 no 9 r***Y trt ???** c<?rfo la now offered for aletociu*' t 'oneern. Lie* at piert North riftr ' Korfet, dip Ifto ? BOYI) k HINCKKN. ,1 Brokera. Tontine Building*. FOR l IVhRfOOL -Regular ial Line JvBWThe aphadi'l well known paekit ahip. MKMPHIS. jhfibb1 ar'aia Knight, haviun lately arrieed from Lit* rpoTTina very abort paieage, will matt with <juick deepatch for ihe above p-rC Thia ahip oBm an eicellrnt conveyance for cabin, Jd cabin and alccrafte paaarnfeni, win will b? taken at moderate rate". Apply to toe Captain on board theihip at Crleana wharf,font oftVallatreet, or to JOHN HERDMAN, tl S 'utbat. Tboae wiehinc to oerd f r their friende.reaidinf in (JreatBritainaud Ireland, can avail thrm.elvn of having tbem brought out by either of he above shi|e, or any ahip ef tke liue; and drafta can aieo be furniehed, payable throughout the Loitrd Kingdom, by applying aa ?bova alJr PAhHAi it *OR LIVEKPOJL-Piekft of the iflVWltth Apfll?A eplciidid (ant tailing packet fhip HSahbe deepxlched ?nd aatl noeitively ae > bore, her rrgiilar day. Having aplrudid accommodation! for rabin.eecond cabin and iuc?;r paeeengrre, f.r pae.age onlj , application ahould be made < n board, or to _, .. ? . W It J. T. TAP8COT1, t3 Perk {"P.. al3t ' H ,h* "T ' , MK; VOH HAVRE?1 be ve-r -TCrttW"- a"'. iflW^co per fattened French bark LAIYH JUKbr Grand, to br d-apetel.ed to the Ufth mat. For freight or yaaange anply to H,NCiaN Brwkera, #||| ,? ienlmeButldu* t, ?"? ?? " S3 J ? ?ca Ban -?.? 1 1 ?:? I'A l< K THEATRIC. I'llH EVENING 1??The performance will couuntuc with a ~ WERT E.ND. Sir Wm DntfLBtry, Mr Placide ? . t'fy Ardtut, W R Blake Larlol htaum re, ?U,k | Sup.le, <* Lady Win Davenpoit, Mul Cuthuiau INord-i O Couu+r. Mim Cuihuiiu To conclude witn a. ... u the chimney piece. Muddle tram, Mr. Chippeod J* Frederick. Audit** Mr. MudJIrbraiu, -- - - ^ ???T. Mr* Veroon Admueion?Bote* *l_j_ Pit 54 eaotl ; (HU.rv SS cents. CHATHAM THEATHk" " THIS EVENING, Aj>ril 15?Th?|?rftnui4itc will eouimene* * Willi KING LEAR King L??r, Mr Kirhy Ci'iir, ? .. _ Hitlil Edmund, Mr. Hill | Kent, Mr. Stevens Cordelia, Mr#.'I borne Qoneri', /u? Mwltyer After wLich . n.??_ Muter Wo*", will appear id ? farorii ^tnce To be far owed by the L DUMB MAN. Tea, Mr. w,0<1 Kdw rd Wilton. Tho"*?* J'De, Mr*. Thome _ P?tly, Mm Mejtaycr Est** ( tad tdtiereil. Fit l?t, ualiery la. _i>e?reootn ?t #5; Curtainriaet at Ti precisely. OLYMPIC THE ATM *" ' 1 His EVENING April is ?The performance w# commence ? , _ . LOAN OK'A LOVF.R Peter Rpyk. Mr Gr?b?m laptam Amtrafort, Kdw hi Gertrude, Mrt. Tiam Aftrr which BOZ! Bo*. (Mr. HerneeeUi Sua Weller, Mitchell Mni. Novelgr.bble, Mr*. Watte Bitty, Moeaop To conclude with the f rre of LOVKhS QUARRELS. Don Carlot, Mr. Lorucaeile I, Vt Graham Leonora, Mre. Moeaip Jariutba, Watte Admiaeiou?Dreee circle If centi. Upper boxei h c*uu Hi ceute. Private boiee If. Door* open ateeee* Curtain rieee r.t halfpaat lavetiAKKRICAIt mCSKldl. Corner Broadway and Ann *tn*i P. T. Bernuir, Manager, rpHE GREATEST ATTRACTION OF THE SEA 1 SON-F.VEKY DAY AN!) EVENING THIS WEEK ?Coo meiiciug Monday, April HI.?lu order to arcominodate t^e Immense crowd* which attend h're. tlie Lecture Kouin hue beenenlarged. The myf t> rintii OIP8EY GIRL can ha coaaulieil Day or Kveutiig. She i< >he wonder ef tlia age Fiom It) to IS and from 1 to 5 alie ahe can be privately cuiiaulteil ua an ORAt LK. or For. teljer of Future Event*, free of charge Mr. BARN CM will introduce eome truly woinirr'ui .i|erniH nta in animal magnetism on chil.l three yea* old. Mr ami Mra. COAl), from the Cheatnut Theatre. I'nladeli Ira, will ung a variety of COMIC SONGS end DUmTTS. LA PETITE CELESTE, the dancer, in vaiioue ndmired Dance*. A *ple..a;a .?-m. pl.ynf the ITALIAN KAN IUt INI. Mr. T H WHITE will inlrailuee In. INDIAN GAMES. FALLS OF NIAGARA, with r-al water ALBINO LADY. 1'nuea.atic Rail ltoad, haucy Glaae Blowiug, Grand Coamorama, uia 500,001 vunoeiiir*. Asplrndid day performance take* place every Wednesday anil Saturday afternoon. Ailiiuiiuifi* in ihi* whole W frnO?rl>ililf"ii half nrie#. I'luAUr/s nr?VV 1 Unn mtai CM. BROADWAY, opposite the City Hall?Mr DFLARUE, llie great mimic,will introduce his ?*trsoidiuary d-Iilc.v tions. French atari's,and vatikee erccutricitiei. M-. AUS l'l N , the original v ic.d Comic Singer, will inlro ducr a vrielv of Ini Ci line Horg*. M.i?te? YATES will dance a Horn; i e in Pettrri. Uani v.KiiroTrrr. Likfni.mks correctly taken in a lew se couils by Mrasra. Morand and I'eale. SPLENDID DAY PERFORMANCE every Wednesday and Saturday afternooni, commencing at S o'clock. One hundred and fifty Portrait* of distinguished Ameri can*. ctomitlancc 85 emit?children haif price. n.a$ Imr /N IRC 178.?WELCH & MANN, Equestrian Proprietor* C and Directors, rnp-rtfully announce to the public of New York, th. t they will open the Bowery Amphitheatre on Mot day creuiug. April 18.1818, for a abort period, in orJer to display I lie united tal'Dt of the most compete and highly Elite 1 company erer introduced In the inhabitant* of this city. Tnc j natty celebratrd LEVI NORTH wi I appear iu his must beautiful andsuptrior acte, aided by 85 Equestrians?, the moat accomplished Female Dancers and Riders; foaming a splcudid and superior ensemble of first rate ability in every department. Full pirtirulars in bill* of the day. The most strict t.ttenlionwill he paid IP 'lie internal regulation. a 1 i Mil tiKrtllAM'a Oil AND i.ONCEKT at the'Society Library will take place on Friday, April ISth, assisted by Mr.' liar les Braham aod Miss Augusta Bro wn, organist of Dr. C ?'* Church, Brooklyn. First lime in New York, the Chevalier Neukoinan's celebrated arena, translated frost the German, Nap ileou's Midnight Hererie, Mr. Brahim Hougfrou Masuielle? Auber?My sister dear, Mr. Chas. Braham Scetch song?Blue Bounet* over llie Border, Braham Hong?Jor.n Aude-son my Jo?Emus, Braham Duet?All's well?Braham Mr Braham and Clias Braham Song?There's a charm iu Hi ring?Poetry by Bez?Hakal, Chas Braham Airier c?n an 1 English Boquet, arranged by herself, Mia* Augusta Brown Song, first time?Molly Brown?composed anil written by Lover, Mr. Braham Haydn's Cnryouel?My mother lud* me bind my hair, _ , Braham Song The old English Gentleman?Old chaun', , _ Braham Duet?Res', weary Traveller?Braham, Mr. Braham and C!ia* Braham Che cert to commence at I o'clock. Tickets 91, children half price *14 8tr FAREWELL CONCERT. rPHB RA1NER9 have the honor to nnnouure that they L wi.l give their last and farewell Concert in line city, on Saturday eveuing. April 18,1843, when they will sing all their most popular Alpine melodies over again, hi d appear In their National Costume of the Tyrol. Tickets 50cents, to be had at the mueir storea and at the itnor Concert to commenceet S o clock precisely a|S8c A GRAND SACRED CONCERT will bTgiveu in ?T Patrick's Cathedi at on Sunday eveuing, April ITlh, 1848, under the direction of Mr. Wm R. Bristnw, Organist of the Cathedral, for the beuvtil of the sufferers by the late extensive c?rtl 'graiion. The following eminent vocal and instrumental performers hive in the km test maimer tendered their valuable aid :? P>irrcir.vL Vocalists. Mrs Sweeny, Mr. Horncas'lc, Mr. Muison, Mr. Myer, Mr. Rirff. IrrsTRrMgtvTAL J'rjirosMEBs. I'f "er 01 me unnTun-u. p . ormow. Mr. (V. Er.atow will pre.i leat (lie Organ, ! Violin*?VIearn. Dodaworth, Ajiiffr, au Amateur, Peter chin, Jonm, ana other*. Violjj?Dewer and 14< inreich. Contra Bui?Loder . tid Piraaou. V io! incello?\1 uagnff Trumpet-Rivea Horn?Woht inn and Marah ill Flute? Kvle Clarii neti?Ripoon and Lothian Fagotti?Duckworth auil Amateur Tronibjuei?Spier and Pcetr. PART I. , Duetto?Here (hall aoft charity repair?Meaart. Horncattle and Myer, Bovra Chorua?The heavena are telling |||a Recii?Beeper and deeper alill?Mr.Horncaatle, Handel Air?Wafther.angela. to theakiea? " Air?The trumpet ahail aouud? Mr Myer?Trumpet obligate?Mr. Hive*, Handel Trio?Tau'um ergo?Mr?. Sweecy, Meaara.Horncaa tie aud Kieff. Paiiello Air? Couaiderlhe lilie*? Mr. Munion, Tupliffe Oratiaa A pi mm (hy particular deaire)?Mr* Sweeny Claronet obligate?Mr. Briatow. Uuglieimi Chorua?Oh, Lord, in thee have I truated, Handel PART II Chorua?To thee. Cherubim, Handel Air?Let the blight Seraphim?Mr*. Sweeny? Trumpet a'utigato? Mr. Ki?e*. Handel Recil?When frem the aacred garden. Air?She led him through the trackleaa wild?Mr. Munaod, Webb* Cantata?Daily my prayer, O, Lord?Mr. Horncaalle Clarionet obpgato?Mr.Briatow, Motart Recit?Lord, what ia man, Steveneon Air?Thou medeat him lower?Mr. Myer. Qiiintetto?Oh, Lord,our Ooveraor?Mr*- Sweeny, Menra. Horucaatle, Mver, Rirff and Te tench in Chorua?How eicellent Thy name. Chorua?Halle ujth, Handel The Concert will commence at half peat aeren o'clock. T.cketaSUceu aeach, to be obtained ol the Ret. Catholic Clergr . of the Tiuaieca ol St. Pa-.rirk'a Cathedral, of Mr. Hugn K-lly. ItsBoea y, and at the doer of the Cathedral on the rveii'iie ot performnnce. al4 3tc IT. J. PARkfcR'dTTrtfHIBITION 1AI.L?Mr. PXrT KER haa the pleaaure to ani.ounceto hia Irienda a*.d the public t at bia F.ihibititn Ba I will be rep-ated on Monday Evening. the ift b of April, when all thoae dancev that gave audi g< aera) aatiafecli~n, will be b ought forward in the aame order aa before, being the laal 11 til 01 tha aeca u, at Gothic Hdl. The Saloon wi 1 bb aupplied with refn ahmenta by Mr. Willi -111 Ml err, in ainmncr anronaaing any king g?en 'here thin i.ui-iH T.rketa for admianoa >1 to u'lm't a Geuileman and hie L?d es, mo beob'iined tt Tammsny H?ll, Lo?> jor'a Hotel, orat Mr. P.'a residence, tOT Bom )' SIS |.* ffOCAL AND WITiTTHr^TXC MUBlc.?TI ST V NORTH will gire inalnietion in tinging and on the violin, violourello, llu?e, iluiorei, aecordio .he at his Academy,t3 Murray street. Leeaons given at the eaideoce of the pupil if de-ired. aia lwis'r MORAL. INSTRUCTIVE. RECREATIVE AND TEMPERATE AMUSEMENTS. NOTICE?To the inhabitants of the principal cities and tnniu of New York, Pennsylvania. Connecticut. Rhode lelan I. Masmchueetta, New Hampshire. Maine, kc. kc. SIGNOtt HERVIO NANO, Th? justly celebrated and naturally endowed Metempeyrhoaian, whose extraordinary personification of the Onoaae, the Balihoon. Kly, kc .has been the delight of the world, announces tint it is his intention, during the riming summer mouths, to vuit the ahnve Stales with hie (Jo'ieeuni. A fie simile of Kranconis, Rotunda, Olympic* in the Champed Klyrre at Pane, and a splendid Band of Mueic, with a sufhcient number of artistes 13 make the entertainment eupenor '0 any thing yet offered. To consist of a Metempeychosiaii Banar flight of fancy, called the (JNOMK FLY, in which Bignor HERVIO NANO will emhodv THR UNOME! THE BABBOO.N 1! THEKLY!!! A MAN:! '' Mceytham, the Quten of the Peris Msd. Herein Nsno To be fallowed by A MCSICAL OLIO !! . consisting of Pianoforte Recitatious by Madame HKRVIU 1-Orand Soaato in B . J * 3?< onrerto Stuck in V ? TV' ' M- Vo? W"~' J?Oiai.d Fantasia on the National Airs, Ood tv.I1w? Save the Kiog and Rule Britannia ?. ThalBerf With full Orrhestral Accompaniments. To ronelnde with an Hie'oncal Durfay of t V fgaraeadv-ntures attending the Shipwreck of r?f |lfrTW Nano terieiic pain'ing ami muaic. '"J",h,eb w will jwrsonale th faithful Bibboo, Hervio Nano, Untl, inr H.U.-U ... N B -Pfrumi deairoue of mefcin# aummrr vinimm run Irarti particular* by applying Cf} ' ?J? L UIH'"" gymnasium. pistol gallery. Mil MHR? HUPSON k OTTK1NON reepectrully > form OWftPJifS"' "!.Ntw York? lh,t ?>?jr hifr vip d tlVMNftSJUM *1 the corner of Charrb. re atr?ef ttd Broailw ay, and il la Dow opm for the reception of neitora Tlir imliMiMon ie of Ihr ft rat order, and complete in ecrry mprrl for the purpnee ol Athletic L.ierci*ee. S,irrim( Lraaona gieen daily. Trrma moderate. OpeifalTMdlTeii^. t| |?l' TO UOATMEN IIP AN TKD?Beach Panne Stone of the fire! .juality. ftp * v olv No. 4ft Norfolk at reel. ?T | OI.'ta'.N tW.ftN HOTKI,. No 14 > >nl, Piiidalr-t, VJ a lew don re ibo e Arch Philadelphia -Board >1 per dee. 1 Iii4 h?*u?e i? In cer tral location, and hu accoraavNlati ma foraereuty periona. >11 |M

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