Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1842 Page 1
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u IW II TH Yak YTO.?M?. 391.?WMa ?05U IMKW Ll.N ( OK LlVKKPOOk PACKETS ^ i-fc j To m3 frooaNew York on th? 25th, and Liverpuvi ? u? .? of tuck imnMi m M ??s?bom New Yob*. , .. Ship ROSCIU'S, Captain lohu Collin*. ?5th March. Shiu 8IDDONS,Capiain K B. Cubb, 2?th April Stun SHERIDAN, Cmpt-in K. A. Dep*y?t*r, *th M?y. ShipOAIUUCIC, Captain VVin. Skiddy, Bilk Jon*. FkiiM Livkiipuol. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K- A. Deaey?t*r, lltli March. Ship QAIIRICK, Caption Wm. 8kuidy, ISlU April. Ship ROSCIUS, Clapton John Collin*. 13th May. Ship 81 BOONS,Captain K. B.Cobh, nth June. The*e ship* are all of the first c la**, upwards of IOtOtOn*,bullt In the city of New York, with am ii improvement* a* combine ueat (peed W|th unoeual comfort for pameuger*. K.v?iy cart ha* been taken in the arrangement of their acceimnoilatione. The price ohniJSilieK' '? $H0,f ir which ample atorea will be provides. The** ship* are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give general Neither the captain* or owner* ofthe?e ahip* will be refponii Me fornny letter, parrel* or pa; Ungrsaeut by them, unlcce re fular bill* of tadinmareaigurd theri-for. The ship* ol thUTIhe will hereafter go armed, aad their peeu larconstruetion giv*s them security not possessed by *cy other hat reesel* of war. WM. Ik JAS. SHOWN h to., Liverpool Letter* by the packet* will be charged 12) cent* peraingl# (heet; to cent* per ounce, nd newspapers I cent each. rat NKW YORK AND HAVlti; I'ACKLTb^ (SECOND LINE.) 44*: jSt ? jBDBb J???L JXj?X? JUU2L Th^mp^i thi? Un^iM liereaneMeare Nev^orRn the 1ft tad Havre on the Htli of each month an follow*: ' _ Frt'i*Jfcw York. Ft om HitvraT* The new ship ONEIDA, ( let March ( nth April Cant. < let July < tstli August Jamea Fuuck. f let November ( llth December Ship BALTIMORE, (let April ( ltth May Cart. 1st Augasi < llth September Edward Funk. I let Deceeaber f 1 nth January Ship UTICA, I let May ( Wth June eCant. let September J teth October reaPkHewitt. let January (18th February ew ehip &T. NICOLAS, let June ( ltth July Capt. 1 Hit October < icth November J. B.Tell. I 1st February f isth March The accommodation* of these ship* are net surpassed, com bjniuf all that may be required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is $100, Passengers will be supplied with every requisite, with the exception of wines and liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded hr the subscriber*, free from any other than the exneuaes actual,lyi nsurrsd on them. For freight or passage apply to BOYD A HTNCREN, Agents, Sl Tontine Buildings. FOH NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINK OF PACKETS is. m- m. m Fi^h^etter accommodation o^huqle , it i^uteuded to despatch aship from this port on the 1st. 6th, 10th, 15th, 90th and36th of each mouth, couunenciug the loth October, and continuing until May, when regular days will be appointed foi the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and diaap aointmcnt* will b* prevented during the summer months. Th* tallowing ship* will commence this arrange meet MShip TAZOO.Cspt. Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Capt. Jackson Ship MISSISSIPPI,Cast. Milliard. 8hipLOUISVILLE, Cant. Hone ShipSHAKSPEARF., Capt. Miner 1 Ship GASTON. Capt. Latham. ShinHUNT8V1LLE, Capt. Muntfc rd. Ship OCMULGEE, Capt LeavitC Ship NASHVILLE, Capt. Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Capt. Kuicht. Ship LOUISA, Capt Mulford. f-These shins were all built in the city of New Tortr, expressIf for pneksts, areof a light draft ol water, l*ve recently been tHanlnn^/in mr with BfcAmnodationi 1IV)J copperxu uiu jjui in nj>.vUv.'. , .. ? far ptMcagen unequalled for contort. They arc commanded by experienced mattert, who will man every exertion to (ire general *ati*lacliou. They will at all time* be towed up and down the Mississippi by ileainhoate Neither the owner* or cap tain* ofthe*e*hip* will be reiponai?forJewelry,bullion.preciou* atone*,silver, orplat-ed ware,or any letter*,paroel or package, *ent by or put p 'board ef a, unit** regular bill* of lading are taken fortneiame, and herein* tk "TTVSeSiS,acf.?fMaw HULLIN h WOODRUKK, Ageoi in New Orleans.Whn Will promptly forward all good* to hie addrcee. The ship* of tht* Hue ere warranted to eail puuctuetty ae ad| yertieed, and grenteare will be taken to bare the goodt correct iy measured. alO .XXa.W xOtUk AMll Ixa-W AHh. Veri reduced to SB cents. From the foot of Courtlandt street, New York{Every day?Sunday* excepted.) Leaves New York. Leave Newark At* A.M. At P.M. At 7} A.M. At H F.M It do 4 do do I) do 4) do 1st do 4 do 14. ? ! do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot ol Liberty street. Leave New York. Leave Newark. At I A M.ard 41 P.m. At 1 P. M. and 10 P.M. NE^yo&k, Eliza bethtown. rahway and new brunswick, fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty itreet.deily. Leave New York. Leare New Bnmawick. At A.M. At Ti A. M. 41P.M. 1 P.M. BOMERYILLE stage* connect with thee* lines each way. Fare between New York and Soinerville, 40 cent*. Do do Now Brtmrwiek, 75 cents. Railway, 50 cents. E itabcthtowa, 15 cent*. The fare in the T| A. M. train from New Brunswick, and 4| p 11. train from New York, hu been reduced between New York and New Bruuswiek to 50 cents. M and Rahway t* 171 " The Pfljladelphiamailline passe* through NewBrun*wick for New York every evening at f o'cleck. ~ ? ?L ? Via M fr,r Trnn* MiW Rnin.eirk II nmil Jf* PuHopn who procure their ticket* tt th* ticket office.reoeire s ferry ticketgratia. ck A aare received by thecocductor I ool* on the day whon purchased febll lm*_ FREIGHTS FOR T"FfWK*T AND SOUfll, From PHILADELPHIA ria THE PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON AND BALTIMORE RAILROAD COMPANY. Freights for the Wist end South will be forwi-ded drily from tne transportation ofice of the Company, No. I Dock at Wharf Philadelphia. Merchant* are reap*etftilly informed that all goods congignrd to the company ?i.* be forwarded with Uie utmoat dispatch to any point west or aonth. Freight reaehei Baltimore the lame dry it rearea Phila"the mail line for th" wcat end aouth learet Do' W street daily at half-past six o'clock A.M. by a teem beat KOBEUT MORRIS. passengers will reieh Baltimore at t o'clock, two hour* rear iouato the departure of the Gain* f?r the southwest ^ W. L. ABHMEAD.Agrnt. Philadelphia. March 8, 1841. mHIm RAILROAD MOTIf'E. MARKET ANDfFREIGHT LINE. NEW BRUNSWICK AND NEW YORK. THE NKWJERBrY Rai r ad and Transportation tympany hare establiehed a Fr. ight Line between New RruDSWick and New York, which they intend to ruu paima"Leaving New ttrunawick it 1 AM. dailr, (Sutidira excepted) and the foot of Liberty stiaet.Naw York, a 3P.M. To country dealer* aad mn chant* th* abort line la aery d* aarable for the apeedy and cheap conveyance ef merchandise of erery description, and more particularly to I)ruvcra and Dialer* in Lire Stock, who can hare I5u head of cattle conyeyel between New Bruiuwick and New Y ork, the same day, whrmrer required. The rates for the transportation of cattle, harres, mules, sheep, hoys, fce.,and all other kind* of merchandise are rery low. tierer exceeding steaHihoat prices. Merchandise sent by this lirie i* not subjected to any extra chame in crossing th* N .rth Hirer. The liompan' hare fir ted up a large storehouse at New Brunswick adjoining tne Railroad Depot, which will always be open for the reception of merchandise. rasseofers, purchasing ihtir tick*** at the ticket affireo, willrecefrt ferry tickets gratis. mlt 3m' 7y OTICE.-Ou and afi-r Ainl I t. 18<1, the cominutitiun N fare in the can of tlte New Jersey Railroad and Traneportatiou Company, het^ern New > ork and ihe earioua .laeea on the line of the rtilroad, haa heen redured (includ iw ferry) to (7) per annum, and (60 for ail moalha. mil Itn' khkioht mo pahsaok to pirrsb17r.o. fail1?} 6gS? gr7i^7^Agg|g jHig: flg. BINtlHAM'l LINE. TSa promdetora of Bloaham'e Tranaportatir n Line to Pittanrt. (ire notice to the VI ert haul a af New York, and all other aeraona a lipping to ll>e West, that their line la an* ia active ncration. Ooods COTauo'd to them (or aent to go in their ine ) will be forwarded withdeapatrh. Ownera or ahipoera of gootM, destined for the Wratern State#, who iaeeno agent or roaaxgnar at Pittsburg. will daaae ronaign their ? da to William Bingham, rittahniv who Will attend to ahippiug all auch eoueignmetiU nathout All gooda ahouM he marked diatinetly on aach p..ekagt 1 INGHAM'S LINE. For rataa of freight, which are aa low aa any Other line. Apply to WM. TYSON. Agent, No (Weal street n>V'?ite Pig No. 1, N. H. JH. Br???eng?r? forwarded to P.lUburf and Pottarilla, arery day, Sundays eicepted. Refer to K, Crook*. Ainrrtcan Fur Co.: I. T. Nieoll. Front atreet; rhelpa. Dodge It Co. Fulton atreet; Biiyd-im, Bage It Co.; Wm. Kaokui. Duryre It Co Newer k" n I 3m " itatfcn iSLANu Foot of Whitehall atrieid^^^i^* 'rteThSmn^BTATKV ISLANDER. Capn^Wed, or AAMSON,Captain Duval, will run aa follows until further ictice nearer Staten lalaad Leaves Whitehall At I o'clock a.m. At I o'clock a m. "10 " " "II " " i ' r.n " ? p.m. " u " " ?4 " " 04 " " " I) " " N. B. All gomla Ihipped are required to he particularly narked and are at the rnk of the ownera thereof ol T. rOWhliL It CO.'8 LlTFE. poll NEWBURtJH. landing at TALD r^TVa-wg' ' "* WEST POINT /TND COLD flCSSCeLsPKINO-The ateamboat HIGHLANDER "ent. Hubert Wardrop, will leaee the foot cf Warren atreet New York, erery Monday. Tin w.'ay and Saturday afternoon'? t t o'clock. Returning,the High, anuer will i?a?# .aewhurgti eery Monday morning at I o'elock. an? Tueoday and Fritter ifternooa at (o'clock. For fraifh' Or paaoage.apply to UieCaptaun on board. N. B. Al I baggage ang freight of erarr description, bank alia oi apeew, put on board tbia boat, aauat be at the nak of the ,trnm tharoof.MloM kiH eHading or racuptia signed fog RUM. * , i i* E~ NE Nil LIFE BOAT ASSOCIATION,! FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PATENT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE mii CITY HOTEL. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. OH Tin PKlNClPl.E or ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE (Coyv.) , Having lately lost tw > bicusyidati teeth, I called on "Mr Leielt to gupiily their placet with artificial one., aoj it affords int much pleasure to testify to liii sht>'i and ability aa a Dsntist; indeed, I hive ever seen teeth tlaed and fitted with more xaetueai, and at the lame time wrilh ltd painful prtilure on the Euiai. 1 cheerfully recommend that gentleman to Ike especial notice of the medical profession, a. w?II as to ihe public, feeliug eatished from my own experience that they may confidently rely on his skill iu his profession. ORA(N$ILLE 8. PATTISON, M D. Professor of Anatomy, Uuiversity of New Ycrk. February I3U ,1841. To -original can he seen at Mr. Levett's MO Uioadway, coruer.ofW <rrcu street * I "* NOTICE ro up CABINET FURNITURE. cpHK subscriber would iuvitc the attention of those *uht ing to purchase articles iu the above busiuess, to his establishment, where is to be found a rish assortment of Rosawood, and Mahogany Furniture, of French and other patterns, some of which are not to be found elsewhere, be tug entirely original. Also, handsome rich gill Cornices fur windows, Poles and Rings ; together w ith Damaslc.e, Galloons and Tassets, and every article attached to curtains, which will be made in the lu tes I style from pattern* lately received. M 8. Particular attention pai i to the fitting up of Ottomoos, Fine Reraens, and other fancy articles, with embroid eced tapestry. WASHINGTON MEttKS, olf-fiui US Broadway, neat the Hospital. CARPKTINlr, <JARPETl THB Subscriber is now opening his Spring assortment of 1 Carpeting, consisting ofBnia-eli, three ply, fut'einne and nue Ingram: all assortment not enrparied in this rity lor variety or styles, figures, lie. These good* have bteu ordered expressly for me S.i'ing trade. The gteitrst. ta e has beet observed in maki g selection* ot auch goons aa can be confidently .ecommeuued far durability and permanency of colois, k :Also.alartfe assortment of the different kind* of Hall and Stair Caneting Tufted door Ruga. Door M?'*,8ic, Alao a hanisame assortment of Painted Floor Cloths, all widtha. t Families about purchasing any of the above deacribcd gooda are respectfully invited to call. * CHAHLES HICKS, ml8 lm* 76 East Broadway,71 Diviaiou-et. SEBRING'S CORDIAL. 1NDIGK8 PIuN.?Aa thia ia a very comn on complaint, in the present day, whatever tend* to alleviate it i? of public imjor'anre for the information of those affected with it, we publish the following recommendations of a Restorative Cordial for itseire:? C. C. 8r.Biu.vG, Kit > Sir At vour request, 1 have exam ined the medicines of which i our Cardial i? composed, and have no hesitation in a tying that they are of the beat class of tonics; and in the manner prepared bv you, will prove highly beneficial in Dyspepsia, and many oth>r disease! of general debility. Yours, kc. V PKATT, M. D. No. M Liberty atreeL I ooncur in the above recommendation of Dr. Pratt. THOMAS BOYD, M. D.. No. SSI Fourth street. Sabring'a Restorative Cordial is said atlM Fulton street, at $1 per bottle. mtv lm' DR. JOSEPH EVANS, GRAND RESTORATIVE SYRUP, For the cure r,fevery form of Disease arising from THE IMPURITY OF THE BLSOD, /"^AUSKUby the vital o-gvs becoming drrsng-d and enV feebted by hereditary complaints, and exhaustion of the system, and other diserses, vie. Berrfnla or King's Evil. T mora aodswelliugs in Urn neck, seconder, sy mutants <-f Si phi lie, or the conatiiu iouai form of the Veeerial Diae. se, Ulcers, ulcerated sore Throat Pilate, kc Ulcere on the shins, and other partsif the body. Disease ( of the bones, ptius, swellings, aid ulceratiora of ihe boars, swellings of the iointi, white^ swellmgs. dr.. Cancers, cotsaecus ?r skin diseas-e. t?ii IIICUHI^ iiuKworn, ICKIy cru^nuw, icpwj. iwu, h?ad, pimpiei. cracking aud tmtrluigoflhcakin, tetter, and nil kirns ofeorr* Look standing ana net etofore incurable fever eorei; rheumatism, gout, liver complaint, and all dieeaiei earned by an imoroperuseof mercury, local and conetitutional debili y or weaknete, gonorrhea i gleet leucorrhoet or white*, gravel. Itc.,orwhenthe eyetem ha* been esbausted by eeeret seotuality in youtb, in temp* ance.loug elandng debilitating diee;*-*, long reaidenceui Southern climate*, and other debili tiling enuaea. This invaluable medicine baa been employed by the proprietor in an ntrnei-* private and hospital practice, both in Europ aud Amrric f >r the laat forty years-d urine wMeb time ha km cured o<er $0*0 patient*, who wer* emictetf with eome of the meet loalh??mr and deelruct've ftime of disease. many of whom are nvw living, and ready to teatify to the elTicacr of thie medicine It cure* h) giving tune to thenervri, eihi Aal ingthe spirits, regulating the circulation, invigorating and exciting the vital oigenalo anatiral and healthy action and tnu* cam it gall impurniea o be expelled from the ayatem, and creatiuz the accretion of perfectly pure and healthy blond. Price (I ner bottle. For aale only at the Privet* Revide nee No. 4'7 Greenwich sir.ct, t?o door* above Canal a ireet. m3> 3m 30 ODD YEARS OF F.XPERIENCE in the scientific practice of curing eertaiu diseases, have enabled Dr LAUKEL, of No. 103 Canal atreet, to eradicate thoae disease* in question, whether new.old, or Inreteiate, in lea* thin hall the time employed by theiommon doc tore, who poiaon their patient* with mercury, canivy, nitre, eubebe^ke. N. B ? Stranger* are apprtied that Dr L. i* a regular phyeician oftbi med cal facu'ty of Paris, alio graduated in the U. States, a* can he proved hy hie diploma* mil lin* PIANO FORTES. QOUTHEK.N DEALF.R9 aud purchaaera generally will IJ find it 10 thai r advant age to call aud examine a choice assortment of the ebovr ar'iclc. comprising a variety of I and 6| oclavri, of 10 ewood and mat.oxan"iih grand action, scroll at ind?, and every modern improvement. Three ine'rumcote are warranted to br. equal t > any in the city, a id Will be eold at the loweet poe-ible pricre for c*?h. at the m inufactory, 44 We,t Fourteen'h etreet. bet we u Fifth and Sieili avenue*. N. B.?Piano Fortee for Hire ?A good aeeortment of piano forte* for hire at thr manufactory. ?7 3in "SOMETHING NEW LEUtt'd UARltEN. 43 bowery.?The undersigned takes thie oppnriu nty to inform hi* friends ard tue public that lie hasapened a Oaiden and Saloon at 49 Bowery, where he would be happy to receive their call*. Hie Saloon will be constantly eupp'ied with ilie chmceataiid beet of Fruit*, Confectionary, C< ffec. Ice Creama, Lemonade and Soda that the riti a IT i ila F.< erv atte ition will be aiveu an hit pait to make this (;a den and Saloon * plraaant and agreeable resort to (lit ladies and gentlemen who may favor -hem with a call, ai4 tm"c H. LE.UR, 49 Bowery. FASHIONABLE TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. AT THF. FASHIONABLE TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, 108 Berk man (treat.near Pearl. Ueutlemrn who are now or formerly hare been paying extravagant prices for heir clothing, are aeaured that they need do so no more, as the subscriber will guarantee to aR who patronise him. a haDd ome lit, a fashionable style and excellent materials, at the following moderate prices? Sup. West of Eng. Wool-dyed, black, blue,or green dress coats. $15 to $34Pants, double milled do black, plaid, and fancy case., (4 to $8 50. , , Vesta?Fine cashmere, sarin, and all hinds, ft to $5. ( oats made and rimmed iu a superior manner, Irom $T to $9,50; Vests, $1,50 to $M. Pants,$1,6010 $1. _atlin* JOHN MOFFAT. CARPETING, &C. CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. TONES A MARCY, 101 Bowery, New York, are now reel cen ing their apriug supple of Carpeting, Oil Cloths, Window Shades, Ueugxeis, Hesrth Rugs, Dokr Mats, Table and rianoCovers, Buir Rods lie Ac. Among their good* are many new and rick patterns of English and Americau mamlaciure, which cannot be exceeded for besu'y. quality and cheapesti in the city. Pirsuna about furnishing their koueea are incited to give us a cell. I.F.JONES, ae Im* L. MARCY. CRK A v* ? CREAM?CREAM. SMll the Cities widely teem With praise of Rial's I'erhena Crtam? The finest ^hencg Co . pound known, Erprrirner has clearly shown, 'Tis so skil'ully prepared Tosoflen e'en the roi gheU heard. That a dull raxor's edte b'stows A kieuuess that the i/ior/v rt knows. ' I ie pure, and plraaant, choice and cheats? W ill in every climate keep? Makea it a nifasing task to share, Ami will both time anil Irouhlt save. Prepared and sold by C. H RING, 55 Fulton street; Basel t.514 Br >?dway. and 459 Bro-dway. m9l Im' GENERAL AGENCY. I'HE SUBSCRIBER her t-ken thr alore 7* Fu'lon ?treet, B o. klyn, for the e?le of the wort approved ceounie l?a tent and family m<d tin", parfuinary fancy ar'iclre.lco Ma* iifac'urera and prupii-tora of inchailic ea, or of any thins rlae, who wi?h for in ae'ivr, itirlif ft a(tml to diapoae of iliei-productions. will fijd ?ucl. an on-; in the peraon of the rubacnber. S J STEWART. 75 Fulton it., Brookh n Fo- aale, moat of the apprevvd family mrdieinea. Peraone purehaaing hare may rely on nbiaimrg grnuiue article ail I m* " Take phyaic early?medicine cornea too late. When the doeaoe hecomee inveterate " Recommended bv the racuity-va ncr's anti BILIOUS FAMILY APERIENT PILLS-By Ion* iperiente throe pi lie have been proved by thoiieanda to be webeat and aafrat k ainily Mrditree hitkrrto diecovered. At |H araaona of the year they will be fouod ?ery valuable to aH rho wiah to eecure thrmevdvre again-4 rutin ?a They are dike aale for children a. f..r any period of life, and require no lira attention to diet or to clothing, bilioua and /iter omptainte, J> ap ipaia or indigeetion, narvoia iNeewaea. airk headache, ? iu fact all diecaer* aiieing fri.m an imteir* itatr of rhr hi tod. or a dieovdered aiate of the tlomaeh or bowele are im**<lily removed by taking them Tliey prevent ronrvv contiveoer* and ite coiaequeueee-lherefor* eeafanng men etinn.d never be without them. Time or climate affect# ihem not Tw.i rr three doree will convince the patient of their rdiitaryeffecle, for the etomach will readily regain ite etrenatb a hrallhr etateof the liyer and bo wele will ipeedily take place ?n?l renewed health inr vi*o? of body and mmd wfl| be the eer Uworeault. Tlieir virtues, in fact, maybe aummed no-at a medicine which alreegihene the fertile aud consolidates the irorrlm of the atronr,ami will be found of mfaute Value to femalm of all agee (if taken according to the directions), who wiah to he venire frvmaickueaa. Price 95 and SO rent per bor. For aale, wholeer le and re ail, by wm Wataon, Apothe eivriea' Hall. 3* Cat! arine atreet; Smith, corner of button and Water ata; Nowiil 1?7 Bowery i Baltrrore. druggiat. Fulton t. Brooaiyn. l*' STRAW W R APPINO?1000 re una crown vlraw wrappii / ac v veellent arUrte hut reeaivad and feraala by ( ll riOUISE k BROOM, II Liberty ?L W YO :w YORK. SATURDAY 1 ANUEKSON'S POLISHING PASTE AND PLATE POWDER. New York, Ju 8,t84?. Wr have tried the roll*Wing Paate inadc by Sir. Anderaok, and hud it to b? aupenor to any tiling w< hut en r inert. BOaRDMAN A I1AKT, < Burliij: Slip. Manufacturer* of Britaunia War*, New York,Jan. 10,1844. We have tried the Paate and Flat* Powder in ul? and aeld by Mr. T. Anderaon, and take pleaaure in recommending them. (JO Lit MAN A dTtTSON, Aatnc Houae. " New York. Jan. 94 1848. We hare uaed Mr. Anderaon'* Poliahiog Parte and Pint# Powder, and find them rerjr excellent for dealing ailrer ana aileer plated war.. ^ TOypKjjjg t BLACK, Laic MarjuiiiU k Co., I8i broad way. N? w York. March 1.1 Ml. Wf have uaed Win. Anders nj'a Polishing Paste aud rlaU Powder for cleaning ailrer and other kinds of ware,and can recommend it with coufldeuw .oJ^nubUc^ M9HER 871 Pearl *traet. Brooklyn, Feb. 14, 1848. I hare uaad Mr. Wm. Anderaon'* Foliahing P??te for "rirer, bruM, and ailrer pl.Ud ware, andr^bKK'Tk. hTOtfr Saddle and Harnea* Maker. Foraa'e wholeaale and retail, foreiportation,at manufaeturera pricea^by^ h RING,53 Fulton atreet, eoruer Cliff. Al?o. by Bxseett, 844 Btoadway. one doi.r .bore Bleecker atreet; Onion, corner Grand and Bowery; (Joddiogtou, corner ti.,,1.. I <,..1.1 U Meiul,'. T7 rant Broadway. ml* .m "" IMPORTANT TO CONSUMPTIVES. NEW YOHK. September SI it, 1841 To Dr C. II. Ring Sir; A* you hive requested m. to give you en account of liow your " Ebtirof Lite" acted in my caee. ' cheerfully coin ply for tne benefit ol other*. I hire bed ? congh every winter for several y euro, and alwayegot relief trom fimp'e herb tea* till last winter, neither one thiug nor the other .timed to gi . relief, and I waugraduvlly wanting away?having to relina i iny business. lu thii state 1 wis per.uid-d by mv friend Mr. Heck to try youi Elixir of Life and before 1 had finished the bottle, I was not only cured of my cough, pain in the chest, night ewea's. but able to rr.umr bunoess ; and furl myself to rapidly improving .i atmy frieude are a?touiihed, expecting to hear of iny deah. instead of seeing me get active and rohual. I consider niyncltihilbteil to you for the saving of my life, and any one situated as I was, may call on PETERN HELMS. 13Thompson 8t. Prepared aud forsalt by C.H. RING.S3 Fultou, cor. Cliff, ml 9 1 m* RING'S COUlxH CANDY ; HE -tcgree of confidence placed in this Vegetable Cough ' Candy by a majority of our physicians, ought to inspire the like iuihe mind of erery scepiic, who perhaps is so from haviug beeu dec-ivcd by some article that premised ever tbing aud performed nothing Won d physicians recommend an article tliey did not place implicit reliance in Its virtues? Would clergvmrn and o'ner public speakers speak publicly of its delightful relief, in lubricating the air passages and giving the voice a manifest inordinate volumeT In fine, would every body who has tried it so strenuously promulgate its virtues, had uoi the almost miraculous effects of its poweiful agency been seen? Prepared and sold, whn'es tie and retail, for exportation, by C. H. RING 53 Fulton street, corner of ("Iff. mist"1* THE SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL & DIAPER PIN. ANEW and important article foruie in the nursery, and ft* . a fastening to ladies shawls, cloaks, lie patented in the United Stales and in Europe, for sale wholesale by W. H. CAKY 1c CO. 136 pearl st. New York, and by the patentee, al the manufactory. 146 Jay at. B ooklru. Thread and needle stores, and dealers in fancy articles, supplied j>n hberal terms. ?I1 Im't DENTISTRY. WM, THORN. DENTIST, to'sciIs the attention of those who wear Artificial Teeth, and those who may require them, to bis meihod cf supplying the Masillary family, vix the Teeth. Knowing that there is a disaarreabls laate in the month of those who indulge in acids, resultiug trom the actios of the acid oo the Gold Plate. In ail caeca that admit of, it, he inserts teeth.from one to n^pmplets set,.without.nsuig one par ticle of metal of any deseavtion. 64 Chambers street. s!3 lm* LUCTNA CORDIAL. TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. Pr unow barely three years since the general iotrodaetkm or the LueinaCordial into tha United States, and in that pe rind it lu< not only spread its usefulness throughout this hrmiiplitre, and suatain-d the vaat reputation which it h?1 previously acquired iu E trope. but has also added to the renut* II of it* illuatriou* inventor b the nan vailed poweis it has beea discovered to poeeee* in the cure of incipient ronsumrtion. The knowledge f its wonderful influence in reunvstihg and imiguraiing the human frame, Ant suggested the idea M itsiug it in tnia way; and the reault ia that a medicine ha* been added to the catalogue for the cure of incipient consumption, which placea the dieeaat, with due precaution,under the cnnfrol of the patient tt-iascarcely necessary at this period to lecaiillMud the L> cluis Cordial, ae w all-euSelent remedy in canes of Gleet,Flour Albus, difficult or paiuful merstrueiion ,lucontiut nee of Urine, and all dweaaea arising from debilitaUmof *e system, where an impluaw, or a restorative i> wanted; as throughout he United States it has lakeu piecedcice ol ill oilier m-chciue in aueh caaea, and leasee nn,hiug further to he hoped far; it] cures being apeedy, perfect, permanent, ami effected wiihoui pain or treuble. Should there how ever be any peraon laboring uuder the above complaints, who are dout.ttul of its almost universally tested merits, I re com mend it ta them with all confidence, and on my own personil re s|>ouaibility. feeling assu-ed il they give it tne required trial, that healih to the afflicted parties, atid gratefulness to Ur. Mag in, -vill bs the res"lt But as is also the case in Europe, the immense American reputation of the .Luciua Cordial. is p incipally based on its thoroughly iurcstigateu, indubitan e.a d generally a'lmitted power to euablef males, who h d been considered nairen, to bear offspring; and to rest <rv virile powers in males, when reduced to utter ved apparently homeless pros' ration, to perfect health and activity. When 1 firtt received the American agency of the Burma Cordial, from Ur Maguin, not wis standing i's immense foreign celebrity, and the great amount of respectable testimony itiat aeromranied it. I declined enmmitlirc mvtelf individually; hygiviiig an' personal uaumicta in three particulars; but D v?. Alter th* cuornv ue tale of upwards of one hundred thousand belli I coui.led wi h the rrceipU of certificates aud testimonials inuu neiable, and mu<-h knowledge founded on personal observati n, I can u hetita mglr wairaut it *a farncredingmy molt sanguine hopes, or even the illu>tnoui imen or's promises, in the fu.filinent of the moat important rede for which III* rrcominrnded, and hue become eojuatly and umiersally p<>puUr. To be aa explicit su poeeiblr, I iepat. air hold myaelf p*rmnally rei|>on(ihle for I lie assuiDptiou.ihaf theLucii.a < ordt.l c?n invigorate the viri'e power* in inalra.aud make them focindctit, where nature haa been deficient, 01 when they hare been proteated by artificial i memo; and a'ao that it can produce that atate of the system in i fenialea, who had been prert tialy un ruiiful. and imagined i barren, which will enable them to bear cht'drcn. I rigret thai I have tnapeek *o plainly, on auch exceedingly delicate inatteJo, but feel tailed upon to do ao, hit it might be miaun- I, a id a? a full guar autre for the grr,at responsibility which I have chaeriuity aatinned Wi.h feelings of si tere I grautu !e furtha xletare patrmage which, aa tha agent of i tne uci a I', ooau h a tad up n me i t this country. I 1 rcin.i the Pub tea' very obedient humMe ve-vart, JOnN MI NTr,icS HOLDfctvWELL. M D Pr'ce $3 per bottl . Forsaleat til Beoadway, ,Jv?w York and 90 h Sixth xt*<et, Phil d*l~hia. mat I m* rlK. < CSTON TKa tlti.tlPANY offer lor sale at tat t hatham strret NewYrrk.the cheapest and moat genuine Tr-a in tre world, iu any q tantily not leaa than fourouucea If any artic e purchased at their eatablirhment ahouM not give full aatiifaclion, it ia r? quested that they be brought back?the mone<* will be returned. at tm* i He TKUTTkilhes o* like is healih-ine 1 only genuine Taylor's Salaam of Liverwort from the aole proprietor at 341 Spring atreet.haa never been known to fail in curing the moot alarming ayinptninj of Consumption . and Liver Complaint. We have certificates frt m hundredf of moal respectable perjona. certifying to the aurprisiog relief they have rece,veJ in uaing the article from ail spring at. net Owing io the aaaerliona of counterfeiter*, the following awnrn facta la now published? I City of Brooklyn, Ktugt Couety, aa:?E. Townaend being du'y a worn, depoaea andaava that he i* peraonally acquainted 1 wiih the proprietor of Dr.Taylor'a Balaam of Liverwort, and 1 doea cert fy from hit own kucwle'g- that the only peraon 1 now living, who prepared thia medicine at 375 Bowery, and I ia the aole proprietor, reaidra and tranaacta burinraaat ail Spring a rret, aud mat.ufac'urea the genuine Ba.aam of Liverwort at that place, from the only original rreipe in txiatenre. E. TOWNSKND. Sworn before me thia 17th Jan 1843, 8. ALPHEU8 SMITH. Com efDecda. I certify from my own peraonal knowledge ihat tha above atatemente in regard to the ownerthip. Ice are ten:. I 8. ALPHfc.US8.MITH. < Beware of Connterfeita, aa the great question of life or death may depend upon having the genuine medicine, made only in this city at 341 Spring atrvet, I Azenla?Red. ing 8 Stalestreet Beaton; 81 Main atrret.and i 78 Kullou atreet, Brooklyn; lit and 348 Broadatreet, Newark i Price?Large bottlea (3, next aixe fl.and smaller iize 88 I cenla. m3S Im* I Ol iJMl H h. KT, Premium C< rn and Puiapkina, frceh vrgeia U blr and rare llowrr aeeiia. Log ian gra*a fur Uwna. 30 000 green and hoi Imoae plants dah ia roots,tiger ll .were, tube roeee,fruit end ornimen'al treia, shrubbery of all k-nda,carn ry bird* fold full hd I ulobm, whole* *ie una reum, on me rnont rr uuimI?> n-rmv n\ MltlLO it DUN LAP'S, No. 576 Broftdwiy. mod al tti?ir Duraery, corner of 8lK Avrnue and 116IK afreet. Harlem n>25|m* L l>.,NS-Fmin I he celebrated manufactory of Jo- I k i?l>h uillolt, of Birmingham.?The high reputation of thee? pena hae indu ed maty inferior makera to imitate th?m, Iherehy injuring thelwellear.-ed repnta ion of J ?eph Oillolt The Public are regulated to be particular from whom they purchaae. The genuine map be known hjr 'heir mpcrior quality, and by the (tylc of putting up. A cim?^in^mi|^l^' fcu^ea^lejiy m9*1m* M Mmd?n Lane. TO THK B\U)ANl)<iKKV HrC \ DKD-JO.N KS' rya OIL OK CORAL ClRCAASlA. 1 HOSK. about hair i? falling out, turning grey, or haa ceated growing, en article i* here offered you at a rr.aonible price ?remember it ie not puffed?and it wnl do all it it represented to do Read thia? I certify that my hair waa falling out fait; Icorabrd out huudlu'a daily, anf ail.ce I hoeeuted two bottlea of Jonci'Oil of Coral Circaaaia, it haa <juite (topped falling out, and u growii g faat and dark. * * W. TOMKI.NS, f? King at. Thia will gire I'ght, red or grey hair a I ne dark look, an I in time cau?c it to grow dark from the roota Among othera who have uaeil thia and certify ia J K. Power,groce., Brioklyn; J. Gilbert. jeweller, S I arenue Sold b> T. JONK9, eiguof the American Kagle, SI?nnlesi you .re careful of the ligbl number \ou ll ba cheated with a eounteefeit? ?3 Chitliani ateeet. Pi ire 3 g and 8 ahillinga a ootllr?lltree aiti*. 139 Kalton alrcet, Urookl) n, it ageul. mSOIm* I HI rt ' ill, ? I'here UI no Oil in I .e world ihat eau do go id , urhid to the hair. K.reiy body when the hair ia burned it wi'l grow again aa good a< eeer All the poa dera for dyin! the hair are nothing but a mixture of lime and lilhiage, and the h or ia not d,ed, but Ireralfy binned for dying the hair are coinpo?itioaa of cauatir and | apiriia. that burni iu the aaine way at the powdera. and dont ( d> e the hair, and the hair will grow no matter how many | timet it ia burned: and every b,di k owe alto, that when v the head ia full of dandruff. lh' li ir hegma to turn grey, and j hildneea fotlowa. From m expencnee ofiwenty yeare, being a hair cutter, and luring ihe opportunity of eiamin nf a great many Iteada, (and blockheada) I hart made m>aelt a great com mat ion known an " Parte r'a flair Oil or Compotiod . Aeeeuttal Oil of Amnnde.nfordetroying dandruff, ireerntinu ( the .hairfrom coming rut and tur in grey 1 hi* inimitable . rfalr (Ml will m be (lie hair grow well, no matter how much f dandrufforaoecneeaia on the Head . "r ?'?. W loleaale and retail, at A. PaelorV Hair Cutter, '** ^reenwtcdt (treat. New Pork. Priee K cent( a bottle. ^ RK I VIORNING, APRIL 16, 18 PERMANENT ESTABLISHMENT.

IN NEW YORK. MON8. MALLAN fc SONS, Surgeon Dentiata, No. 373 Broadway, aud at London and Paria inform the Public of New Yotk, and iti vicinity, that in conacquenc.e of Utair WHailataiw practice, they have, at length, been induced to open a Permanent Eatabliahment, where they may be coniulted at No. 373 Broadway between Franklin and White streets, in all cuts appertaining te their (HofmllBi in which they have hem 10 sHcesaful, in consequence of their celebrated diicotreriea and improvements in the art oi Dentistry. Mons. Mallan returns thanks for the very liberal pat ronage he has received, and continues to receive, par ticularly to the Medical profession of New York, for their kind recommendations, and advocating Mons. M.'s improvement in Dcutriaty. CELEBRATED MINERAL roa FILLING DECAYED TEETH! Mons. M. continnes to restore decayed Teeth,however large or small the cavity ; making a stump into a sound Tooth, instantly curing the Tooth, however painful or sensitive, matching in point of color, the natural cortex or enamel of the Tooth. They never break or become looso?they have no unnatural gloss?are firmly fixed without wires or ligatures?no bulky substance in the month?and in every particular resemble the adjoining Teeth, in conformity of shape an J minutest shade of color. Placed from one to a complete set, upou the above imprrved and scientific principle, they are guaranteed to answer every purpose of Mastication and Articulation. LOOSE TEETH Securely and effectually fastened,arising either from the use of medicines or anv other cause. ARTIFICIAL PALATES replaced upon a sure and scientific method. TO THE PUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES. Monsieur Mallon is happy in being enabled ta announce that by the kind consent of Three Hundred of the first families of the United States, consisting of thu first Merchants, Medical profession, Clergy and private Citizens, to whom he can refer as to the superiority of Mons. M.'s celebrated Mineral in preference to any ether they have ever tried, and, in their opinion,the best that vercame undertheir notice. His other improvements need no comment. INVALIDS Attendedby Mons. Mallan, J-anr., at their own Establishment. THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC aroparticularly invited to pay Mons Maltan a visit, to see the specimens of his new discoveries in Dentistry. TESTIMONIALS. Mono Mallan: _ Quebec, May (th,1841. Dear Sir,?Afterhaving tried the Artificial Teeth which you made for me, I cauuot do j ou leee justice than to acknowledge with pleasure my eutire satisfaction. I beg to soy they anawercvery purpoeeof aaticatiou andArticulatiou equal to thote placed by thchanJe of nature. They 10 closely resemble the natural ouea iu the minutest shade of color and shape, that they are not liscerned as being artificial by theelosest observers Your celebrated invention for filling decayed teeth, I can trier adecidc opiilion of its valnable qualities. You may use litis letter in any way you think proper,for the benefit of the public aud yourself. I ain.drarsir,yours truly, THUS. FAROUEH, Manuel Carraclst. ToMons. Mallan, Surtreon Dentist. 973 Broadway, This gentleman is known at lit Broadway,and at Trims Ward kiting'*. MON8. MALLAN, mBreadway. SIR?I feelita pleasure tubeableto offer you my testimony in behalf of your celebrated minerel. During my late residence in Taris I called at vour establishment in the Rue Castiglione. and having had some teethtilled with your mineral, 1 can only say that I have had every reaeon to be satisfied with iteutility and value,end ueverin the I east degree eiperienced any iucouvenience or injury from its effects in any manner whatever.?During my v^it to Mone Mallan I saw several testimonials of the highest character, all eipressitig the fulleet confidence in its great benefit ond valne. As far as I am anabled to judge,! cousulesed it then, and still consider it, to be the beat preparation of tm; kino ever offcisd to the public. 1 .respectfully ,yourobedientee rv apt. VANBUROH LIVINGSTON. 811 Oreenwichstreet.neai Forttiausevoort. New York.May qt.ldtl. Mons MALLAN k BON4, Surgeon Dentists, may be OjOsoiled daily at 373 Broadway between Franklin and Whit its..east tide. m33 im' cheap hardware store THE Suhsrrib-r ie now opening his Spring enpp'y of 1 HARDWARE k CUTLER *. received per fate arrivals, from Birmingham aud Sheffield. Together with a general as sortment of Domestic Goods. whirh he is prepnrtd to offer at the eery LOWEST CASH FRlCfcB. The atteuttan ef Country Merci an's, Builders, Csbinel Makers, kc.. u solicited to an (lamination of h4a stack and price* as h* is confident thar will find it to their inters t to favorhm with a call ALFRED F. LaORAVE. 310 Greenwich comer Barclay. New York. A regnUr supply ef FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Coopers Gloe. Also?a complete assortment ot Mechanics Tools. Ja tnee Screws, kc. ml Ira* | "* a pftohtjism AND th* way to solve it Why do the imitatois of my Tablet llaair Strop allow me to carry off the pci mium medal and diploma, fmm the American Inatitute. year alter ye r, without < ven tubmiJing tlieirowufnr trial? O ye of teudcr -L - ? - ?J kootvia on. w mr I Vim aHsivp hi? Virinffi ,.<r a dull p ir of ira, ami leal for youraelve* he trulha of the certificate* ?f the mot aci-n ific gentlemen in the country, viz: Prcfeaanr Griarom, Dr. Mo't, Mro. J Tel'nudge and other*. O S kUNDKKS,Mile mveutor aud niannfacturerof toe metallic Tablet Hazor Strop, with four aide*, 1(3 Broadway. o>29 1 m* FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. AMONG themtny and ea'iou* Coemetica that are offered otlie pub'ic fir b-au'ifyiiiK the complexion, ai d removiog very eruption from the t ?ce. none can be an coufiJently rr< om:nend .d a* Church'* Vegetable Lotien It iinpa-ta a delicate Km o hnraa t i the comp exi n, a-id effectually remove**.*, tan, trcrkle*. ringw irma, and all o.her cutareouae uptime <nd due Imation* Price 75 cent* per bottle?aold at Chu-ch'a Diapenaary, lM Bowert .corner of Mpri-gatr. et. , Agcuts?K.W Bull, H.rlford; C. It N. W. Sitnmo'*, Pine, comer of Kourib atreet, Phllad.lphia; cbarlea Steanr. Poughherpgie tn'23 I m* DOCTOR PROVOST. : COM v iui iri 'u ila write ugainat the uae of balaain copaivy, t3 cubtbI. nitre, camphor, mineral aatringenta, lie lie . in the I cure of accret t'laeaaea but that the wmld know* that the above n?in?d m edictoeg w ill and hare cured tkoae diaenaea. ia beyon.t a doubt It it perfect folly to deny that fact. But that it rt quire* a profeatmual in n, ami a man of akill in hi* profe*lion, to know wli-n and how M give th.iae mrdicmra. ia equally ** obvious to men of tninda. 1 nope, therefore, that geillemen requiring medical ai'l will not git e ear to all the fool.ah atuff which they may aee in th- ahans of advertiaementa, but they will call u|iod me, at No. ti Broad strict, where they shall hive a full hia'ory ' f their c tae I feel confident that not a pa liett will leave my office without be i g eotirely aati-fiej that il..e? i I -, one reeuiar bred nhviaiin whohia condr eroded to place hiu eelf among the' fir Id of Q'tacka. M jr ofli r it al 91 Broad, corner Stone at. agfa J PROVOST, M. D. TO THK LADIES. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY OOODS-The irnprte tr?aa, Miea d. Kl NG, daughter of the calcbra'ed Carl K'pg, offrra for aale a m a' eelret end choice aaaortmrnt ol Millinery Good a f .r the aprio* trade, never aa yet preaent-d to the public, both aa regardv the quility and cbeapneaa of the articira The aaiortmm'"-naiaia of (lie lollownig :? The celebrated SILK HAT. CALLED CAPOTTK D'ORLKANS aa worn bv La Duclieaee d'Orleaoa, of France; SHED SILK ENTIRELY NEW AND OHIOINAL S I'YLE?and Lawn Hata do do?an ectire new at] |e ol Hata called "MODINE CAPOTTES. ELSSLER COTTAGES." Pari* an and Kngliah FANCY ST'-IAWS. af the lineal texture. in great variety. The proprietre a rraprelfully lolici a the iadiea to favor her withaca'l and ciami'e he elef mt acd vanrdatock of Millitery for theinerlvr a, before they pu'chea elee ehere, aa it will >e agr-at a i\ ui< to them in pri'-e and a great advantage aa retarda tne variety aim q lality of the gcoaa. MISS S. KING, Mag.tine de Mode*, aH Im'r j>H Broadway. I)R. FAWCETT, j MEMBER OF THK ROYAL COLLEGE &F BURGEON'S of Loudon and Kiliuburgn. and of the Medical j College ol I'hiladelphia.confiaet hie practice to a aelect fcr.och { ill hiaprofeaaion. , " Noeet empta dolore voluptaa " , Dr. F ie enc .ur -gid hy the uni^o m niceeaa attending hie mode of treatment in the cure of venereal, gleeta. etricturea, I weakncia and mercurial iffict on*, together w ith all ihixe other bed ai mptoma which undermine the c inf ilufr.ia ( and lay the fuii id ilino of premature decay, either from real- , treatn rnt or any other cauae. In euch pereoria the appetite ia j renerallr defective, and the reliah for 'ife almor t amMoed. Hi* mode of t-eitmrnt ia UDieeraally adinieed?hia memriciee being ple?a int to the taate and emell, g*otiy aalrmgra the fibrea of the etomach a?d givea that peeper lent ity,what a good digeation requirea. Hie trealiae on conatitutional or a?rvoue debility afforda very rxte eiee obvervationaon aei ivl d-bilitv ar- < min il weaknea*. and nnpotenry k ought on by deliuivt habile? a'l ill atten lant a, mptoma plitaiol girally explained. Trie i work can lie old n.ied at l>i< olti194 Fulton at. where tha j D ictor can be cmiaullrd at all hour* ol the day and n'ght. Leitrra poalpaid will re- xive immediate attention, all Im't _ ElSK'S COMBINED SUMMER BAKER & COOK STOVE, FOR COAL OR WOOD. A ATWOOP, Patentee?Tneea from to fu.?The a ? lleua,furnace and front of th.a alove tie ntide of c <el ii on and haaa larpe tiee oven attached to it, which will do nearly treble Ihe cooking of the laraeat Mi'il ordinary Cock Stovea Tlie orihceof the fortirce will admit a boiler m? muring aix Eaila, or fif een gallnna and by the nee nf the di-iaion plate, ettlra mult >lr lor boiling fear difTeient diahea; inadliti n to , all thin, two fowli or a laige piece of mral may be roaa id 10 , front, and all douc with h aa then S rente |er day, for proof of which w e ttfer to thoae who have need lli'm. FISK'S Stove'b iahment, I SO S Water atreet. | Read the following eertifi'ate*, in addition to which over two hundred may be aeenhy calin* at J he etorr, b HK'S Store Ihetab'tahment. SOS W aur street Nrw Yona, SI Kourthslreet.tth April,IJtl Mmri Kick. SOS Water street?Among the variety <1 ] tore* which have come lo my notice, the ?Je 'rrJh h from 1 on merits a decided preference Ihiveu.cJ lu mg il the x-umi endwiuldmoot cheerfully recommend 11 to thepnhli" ?? in mr opiutou ,?*cept|ble rnHimproveern^nj for eimi'licity ' r economy, ant of n r ^ can b? apprcii ited without . tmUT n TOIin> fc .. ,1 I am. with reared, jn p(.RK|vf, Pallor of the Bereeu (B?i.n.t)( hurch. W ... , ... W.i.r .Ireet?The Summer stove which I 8 Mr. Ki#k. *09 WtUr itre . . ft m u?e till now; and t lurchived ofyonlavt et'd *< .. a<nnu'it of cooking o i n-, wilhoni tii?l- < c Suffice it toiay, Ihat h hat m y ce don. by it, * h ,\t eoohtJ for fr,im as lo more than tie price ? I the store MRg gUKL, (3 Fulloo atreet. v \e^,.h?s liSl - j* ^ iSS&'ciK'Sr:: "hirhru e i? In e eei tral location, aud haa lecommedation* o'veveuiv p?r?oua. 'I*1"' TO HOAlMtN. IirANTRD-Ieaeh Parmg Stone of the 6ra1 ihality. Ap V pty .No. tl Norfolk street- af l?* I E R A 1 DR. K. FKLIX GOURAUD'S" POUDRKS SUBTIL US FOR ERADICATING HUMAN SUPERFLUOUS IIAIR.rr*HE tkre preparation has received the stamp of public ipI probation for some years past. as 1 lie moat safe,speedy sua fff'Clual rrinrdy ever discovered for the com lete eradication of hum in ha r. It i decidedly au nicstimetile article for the toilet aud li is rnlirely aiinihil *te*J those deleter! jus, ancertaiu and dangerous compositions which have been too frequently employed. Ne lovely or beautiful woman, who has the unsightly appendage of a demonstration of a beard ou her upper lip, hairy sidr of the face, moles, or a mass of hair rofMg a tiro d and elevated forehead, shou'd dilay a 11.0 ment procuring a bottle of this invaluable powder Winn xpplie cold thii preparat 011 is used hy some in lieu ol a raz ir for removing the beard, which it effects with more ease, with as inucli rtt idity, hi a mare satisfactory manner, and at less eipen?e. while at the same time it leaves the skin soft and dellrate to the touch. To uproot the beard it is applied warm, aceo'dmg to directions accompanying each bottle. Trice one dollar (JOUKAUD'3 EAU DE BEAUTK. or True Wa'er of Beaut)', for removing tan, pimples, freckles, blotches, mo.phew.Hcc , real zing delicate wh'te ntca and arms, an (eliciting a healthy juyonile appearance. fit per bottle. Beware ofspunous :mit itioor.of ilua celebrated cosmetic, of the most deleterious nature, utterly ruinous to the completion, and by its repellant ac'ina iiijiiri'on to health. OOURaUD'8 VEGETABLE LIQUID ROUOE, compos* d materially from flowcs and s.mides, iirpvrtsa delicate r<ias??it?? t si.trss l<s f lim s?aimiil*?? iakti imtitnvaKlsa In* pnKKini wifh a hanHk-ri lucfor linen cloih. 10 renls per bottle. OOURaUU'S BLANC D'ESPAU vK, or flpanieh Lily While, gives to the countenance a pure lite like alahaslrr wluteuesa. ricm I from the injurious properties generally coirbineil with preparationi for Una purpose. 35 cent*, put up in legaut boxes Rerneu h T! the above celebrated coimctica are to be ha ' at the old eitabliahed r. rtice, ?7 Walker stre*e, one dror from Broadway, and at 547 Broadway. AttSTS ?New York?Albany. Ale*. Guthrie, No. 4 Ma d en lane?U tic*, G L Br iwn.p rfumer. Geneaae atr. et?Pcughk*epgia. J Gray ? Buffalo, J Hinsdale, 157 and 303 Main at ret t. Pennsylvania?Philad-lphia, Mrs Brown, 70 Cheiiiut atrcei. Maryland?Baltimore, Se'li S Hancc, Pratt street. Biatrict of Columbia?Wai-liiugton, Set by Park?r, Pennaitvan a Avenue ?Alexandria, C C Bc.ry. Virginia? Richmond, Mra Frayter, Katreet Coun clicul?Middletown, E C Ferre?New Ha?eu, ALaw.Chaprl atrcet?Hartford, Wells Humphrey, 174 Main atrcei?Ni r ich. Williaui Faulkner. Massachusetts?Bostrn, A S J.:r mii, 3 Milk street?Lowell, G A Carle ion & Co, City Hall?Lynu. L)r. A L H"ldc?Worcester, M D Pluilipi, Brinley Place?.Springfield. K A Cow lea. Mam street?Lee, Bulllk Field?Salew. W k 8 F lies?Newburyport, Charlea 11 Hedge N.llan pilitre?Portsmouth, W 11 Preston. Maine?Portland, i H.ii ,e Si Co?Bang r, Whlttier Si Guild?Hallowell, F Scannon. llh-dc lslaud?Providence, CharlesDyer.jr, Weslmiuatrr aiecet. Ohio?Columbus, Summer Clout. New Jeraey?T Scabrook Princeton. Every bo'lle ol'Dr Gouraud'aCosmetics has hia namewitli the naire of preparation, and New York, brown on the four eidi a, and hia fac aimile engraved on the w rappera ol the Pou* dn h nub! ilea. None other are genuine. at 31m* QALT RHEUM. KING WORM TET PER, BARBtK'8 O ITCH AND BCAB1E8 ?RAYEH'i LOTION AND SYRUP ia the only remedy which ia certain to cure the above coinp'.aiiita?harmlers in it* operation, but certain in its effects ?the Lotion healing quickly. and the 8yrup purifying speedily. Pi ice $1. ThK TRUTH WILL PREVAIL?Dr. Goodwill's Detergent and Pills never fail to cure a recent case of Hiseate in It) hourt, if use 1 as directed. Try them, all ye alll:etel? they are free from mercury. Pric? 50 cents each. THE TO .THACHE CONQUERED?Janisen's Extract. It re'ievrs in fire minutes after application tothe nerveo* the tooth, and pit Yen'a decay if the tooth ia filled immediately. Priei 50 cents. FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS-Frjm M. Bmdelncque of Kr >nce?certain. s-fe and speedy in the cure of all caaee where nature has become obstructed. They cure in a few days. Price 75 cents per package. GILBERT'S ANT I BILLIOU8 FAMjLY PILLS?For the relief of alt comp'aints produced by costire habits, such ai headache, heart hum, sour stomach, dizziness, and lost ot appetite. they have been ueed with more aucceas than any pill ever be ror? offered to the public. Prire 35 cents per box. Sold wheleiale and retail by E. M. GUION; 137 Bowery, C! rner of Grar d street. m93 1m* TJOA'S' CLO1 H(NO-CHILDREN'? CLOlHlNG-A D very large assortment?Very good qual ity?Very cheare? GEO A. HoV 1' k CO.. No 14 Bowery, would resjcctfully inform their pal nns and the public generally, that tney have again been making extensive preparations for tha spring and summer trade, and have now on hand a much larger assortment of buys'and children's r oihing than they hare ever before had. The public are invited to ca I and examine Iheirgoeda, w iili particuhr reference to quality and price. Terms cash. at 1 m* UTCHINGS' STOMACH BITTERS ia a certain cure lor Dyspepsia, assisting digestion, weakuesv, nervous iseasea, night Sir?I have in the courte of my practice prescribed your stomach bitters sad found them a most efficient remedy in eases or indigrstio n, acidity and debility ol the -digestive organs. 1 by no means claaa it among the qnek medieinea ol the day, but one which will confer a (real blessing en many of j _j ?, I criug fellow beings. P. J BRADY. M. D. >30 Broome it. The following is from Dr K. (J. Ludlow. >34 Broadway?1 have used your Bitters in cases of impaired digestion, when vegetali tunica wera indiapenaunle, with a brmfkial reanlt. The ar iclra of which it ia composed are eery judiciously com liued. and I hare no doubt will prove service ibis in the caaea fur which you hare rectim nended it. Youra, lie. KDWARD G. LUDLOW. Certifieatea of msvy peraoni cured cau be seen at the drug ature 130 bowery,earner of Brouane. where the above is?nM only hi tiu ei'y. etui Mrs line, III Fulton atrcet. Brook lin Trice large buttles $1; i?all SO cmta. mil In,* KAjlSAlTu'S OAK KVt'ABLISH ??MT. louud.d iu 18 , ,t 40-1 Wa er street, S donra above I'atherire market, the only ea,a> liihment oi the ki-.d ia the United States, continues to supply the Navy, llie America*, Russian. and Wpan tali war atrairer,?hat eu plica *11 the Race Boats and Club Boa.a for the I ut four ye re?and has now the largest assortment of Oars, Sweeps and Sculls ever collected inooe place. N. B. The Bmnch Oar "tor-, on the North River tide, it ahut up, and remove' t 402 Water street ; and as I tare all the evpenaea of o ic et ire, 1 will tell enough cheaper to those who come froin th North River aide tu pay llitm f -r tnei.tioublh Race Boata, ClubBsaU.Oara and Scalls sold SO per rent b as than Iri-i v ar ?? |m* AN TtlE CCKfc. UK STH1CTUH.C.?It le most uiuortu" " hate in this complaint that many persona have a tlrieiure who are ijpt in the least aware of it. The common notion is, that so long as the urine passes in a tolerable - 'ream,there cannot be a stricture. But this ia far from trua. A stricture may, and ofteu does, eiist for mouths, and even years, wiiiiout prodaring any a'rikitig change in thii respect. When a etriclure arrivca at thai degree of narrowness as aeusibly to impede the urise, it is a aerioua malady indeed. The olqeet ol those remarks however, ie to prevent this stale, and to attack it at * time when rl ia easily and perfectly removed. But there are other circumstances betides its effect upon the urine by whiel a stricture may he known, or. at least, strongly suspected, and though these are numerous, there are two which are very common and very easily judged of, and theae shall bo mentioned here. The firat of theae eireumatances relate! to time. It is well hnown that strictures arise from long continued and badly kreated (jonorrhda. Now, whenever this disease contiaues over many weeks, especially if in the early period any of the boasted nostrums of the day were taken, titers ia just and propar ground to suspect a stricture. The next is moat remarkable?it is th# effect a stricture has upon the mind and spirits. This ia a fact that may be tbo roughly relied on. Indeed the author never saw a case ol sine tura, (and he a en many every day.) in which the patient did not, more or leas, complain of liialoaa of mental energy?that he was not so capable of business at formerly. The reason of this, however, is clearly shown in bis "Pri?... (? . little volume Botired in another column of this paper, and to which the reader is rehrred, not only Pur knowledge of this Ql*r fine. Will Oil tin j ...In. tuuimu HI.. MUI..WI. DK. RALPH further brg? to add. that he may tie consulted penoiially a* hi* reaidtnce, No. 88 Greenwich atreet, at any hour; and ahouid any be in doubt aa to the eiiatence ofthn diaeaar, especially after perusing hia little volume, he will, without ripenie or the leant pain, explain and aiaurehim whether he have or not. Let it only be remembered that, it he really haa a atricture, not all the medicine in the world, alone. Will ever cure it. mM Im* rlE PRIVATE TKEATtttK ?line le little volume on certain diaeasea in which the beet and moat convenient meaue of curt are atated in the plainest poaeible mannei. H also show* the rraaou whv theae maladaee ao frequently continue on from month to month,nncured, and terminate at length in other and permanent eomplaiula. one can read tkia little book without aeeing at ouce their true and real nature, and aiao the riak and danger of treating them to ignorant i and boasting people. .... , . I I With a view, however, to obtain a rational degree of eonftle.iee in what he haa advanced on the cure ofthooe diaeaaaa. tha 1 author thiuka H proper here to give a ample atatement ol the ineana and opportunitiea lie himaall haa had of forming juatand dear opinioaaon thia aubject. He tlierefore bega ta state, that besides hia rank aa graduate of Edinburgh, aud member of the London Col lege. the. he hea been watching theae diaaaaea, both n Hoapital and city practice tor more than thirty yean, and im published two editioaa of a work evpreasly on them. Alao. :hat he haa letiera nl commeudalioo from the moat eminent rhyaiuana in Europe to the moat eminent in America, aa Sir kallev Cooper to Dr. Mott of New Vork and Dr. Phyaick,ef ^hilaotl'dua, and othera, and which may be even by any one. knd further, that he haa the privilege af referring to atmoet ivery phyaician of eminence in thia city. Theae are eircum itaucea w liifh afford the higlieat aatiafactiou to every one, ee ecially to thoae who are annoua to obtain tha beat advice.? I Die price of the book ia 91. Or Ralph ie consulted at hia residence,M Greenwich atreet, i it anr hour, and haa dialinct and aepnrate apartmeota for thoae I vho nave to wait a little. Communications by poat are faith I tally replied to. nwaim* nv Mnflprsn\* I -I a jiiv/nmuv/xi . VrORTH RIVKR DIS RN8ARY, 2041 Fu'ton street.near i-a Greenwich?Dr Morrison. Mtmlirr of ilir Ki>r?l ' dirge jf Surgeons, London. and former! t surgeon iu the rritirh na i ry.cnnti nee |o br consulted daily on diseases of a dtlieafe ' nature,and all those dm "-easing symptom* consequent on in Inditlon Iraatmrnt and the unpruifrnt use ef quack l)r !Y1. ha* hat an ei(>erienceof twenty two years in treating delete t israes, in all their rarioua and eomplieateo forms, ' 1 and nsra a mill, safe, and infaliole suhalitute for mercury, eradir aliug the veaeieal aims with certainty, srithout subject- j ing the patient to any risk, or restricting him in hia usual diet , or pursuits, while hi" medicines are agreeahfa in taste and swell. Permanent obetruct one in the urethra. sueh as stric- ' turea, an I accompanied with murh irritalisn and dull pain. are S'ime of theroiisique res of maltreatment, and l-ading nltiit atrly to unn irj fistulas. Dr. M. treats stricture* in a so- ' entile manner, gradually promoting absorption of the thickened mrinoranr without pain. CONSTITUTIONAL UKBILITY -Thou sand* of young men are suffering from the consequences of indulgence in s 1 ,ocret dsstroeflre hahit, and whose nertr* are further inlurid from the usr of no?truina and pretended epieiflee which itnnulale only to induce greater depression Dr. M. treats on I purely pathological principles, and neser fails in establishing i cure, also thr most ohsliiiale fietd to his plan of treatment 1 Utter* poet paid, and coiiUinung a suitable fee. will eusurt I [lis correspondent full aduce and medicine to aw part of m< ! i'nion, by his ?i?.iw? history of hia esae ,n (fetal. Thee ilrieteat h .nor aid confidence obiers d a*lm* _ >MI Fulton street. HUE a I Klkl. IN NEW ORLEANS. I EXTK*</r Immlht Nc* OtIchim Hrtgrapr.-Vc n* w of WIl.DKH'* SALAV1ANDKR AAFKS yejtenlay ta en from th? rii'na of the (lore oerupied by J Vv. Slan'otik ',a The hook? . nl paper* it einlainei) wire in * perfect a t ite of ion aa they would have renti had there not en a f?* wlihin ten xiuirei of ihem. The ordeal through rlnch they had p weed vim n-.l a elight one. The oil ami e*n ,ei in the More of Wtan'oa k Co madi about aa comfortable e 1 re ? we dee-re to eee ? [N. t). Picayune, 17th March. The above eafe vtae 10I1I by the uhicriber to Thimi* P. Itaiiton, merehnnl, No 134 Front ft., for hie home in New Irltui; will hae provedof immenae ralne to the oWHrr*. A general a?"r ment, at prii-ee ranging froin f?0 to ?.*?. oe anil, aad foraal. b|( ^ ^ HKRR|N() NM3I Witrri'. ; The only authofieetl agent for the gale of Wilder e i lalaman'er ttafee. _ !???[J ARDWARK AND CLOl'M I'APr.K TL?i tl CF.IVED ? .. h_. M 1 600 Beame l? by 14 too Ream* ?< hf * ? MO - 90 by ?o too " ?> " 900 ? 91 br * 2 hr Jo I i 1M ? w by 69 !? " " * ** I 60 Ream <0 by ? Fog gale in lot* to emt '*rch^rRaitlt BROOKS. I | per Waillman,61 Lib**./ *. I LD Prle? Two c??ii lianlirillf, Kf, I^ouisvill*, 8th April, 1842. .Vrir* from Ttrai?The Feeling along the River? StmUng A'tgi oe*?(treat Excitement l?r\H Jir.NNEiT ? The Chieftain has just arrived from Hew Orleans', left there on the :$d of April. The news is confirmed of General Arista marching upon Texas- [Here follows the Tex is news already given J The passengers by the Chieftain report that emigrants tor Texas are leaving in great numbers all along the river; ronte two hundred from Memphis and as many front Vicksburgh and Natchez ; as yet no organized companies have left Louisville or Cincinnati. There are some tire hundred men at the latter places ready and willing to go, provided money could be raised to equip them and pay their expenses ?and although there is over a million of dollara' worth of property owned in the two places, they have not eh yet been able to raise money enough to equip a hundred men. Santa Anna's proclamation will, however, open their eyes, and 1 have no doubt but that in less than ten days over five hundred men will leave Louisville for Texas. General Houston has issued a proclamation, inviting the citizens of the United States to join them, promising an invasion ol Mi xiro, and ofiering the public property and mines there for plunder. There was great excitement in Vicksburgh about a Doctor Smith of Cincinnati, an abo 'itiomsf, who hud been detected in hii attempt to steal three slaves. It appears that the Doctor had secreted them on board of a steamboat, disguised as Indians; they were detected and the Doctor arraigned for trial. It is said that an oiler ot ten thousand dollars was made to two lawyers there to appear lor him, which they refused ; but that a Mr. Chase, a distinguished lawyer and abolitionist, volunteered as his counsel, and that a mob had risen, headed by some of the most respectable citizens, had taken Smith and Chase into custody, and intended to hang them forthwith I write on board the steamer Hen Franklin ; the boat shakes so much, 1 fear it will be difficult for you to read The Chieftain had not landed w hen the Franklin left at 12 o'clock. Fhom Havvwa ?The brig Elizabeth, at this port from Havana, ller dates are to April 4th. The Fanny LLsler stt ryof escape in male attire is a hoax. She was in Havana on fh? u?i? passage in the Alabama, but was detained at the instance of the Governor, when the matter was arranged in a spirit of compromise. The rumored difficulties with the mail agents of the British Government have been greatly exaggerated. The chief point involved is the opening of the British seal, which the mail agents contend should be opened by the British Consul, while the Governor contends that it should bo opened by the Spanish post otlice authorities. Thus far the British Consul has officiated, but against the wishes of the Governor General The only British subject imprisoned was an officer ol low grade, who conducted himaelf improperly while on a frolic. So change in markets. American produce and business generally dull We may add that much dissatisfaction exists aa tothe Brni-h West India steamers Three have been in port at one time ?l'hilad. Inq. Aprtt 15. Lire ix Arkansas.?Two men fought, not long since, in the woods of Arkansas, till they were compelled W loss of blood to desist. One of then died soon after, having received thirty-one stabs with a knife; the other was shot through the kidneys and could not recover. SXsU.viuvr. rAlls i .? l he Kslsomine Paint having beau severely tested in this city during the winter maltha, the patentees can recommead it with renewed confidence t? the public. Th? numerous specimens of Kalsomine Paint bow existiag in New York, renders in enume ation of its ad vintages superfluous among the most prominent are the following... Kalvouune Colors ire n?< re nerminant. mora luminous sad agt enable la the a>e than oil colore. They are applied without occasioning ativ offensive emeil or injurious effect upen health, and drying in a Tew hours. Kalsomina paint may, if properly applied, he washed when soiled, according to directions in ll* circular. Orders received and punctually attended In at the KALHOVllNK PAINT DEPOT, fch IT Im* 364 Broadway, corner Ktenklia. OEL.MNO UKK?sltAlie St FKKUUdON, 88 Hudson at. O art selling off their entire slock ol drr goods, ai and less ,ka. ?? * 1II Ii r. .. ?I... .... ; . J- ? obtain thnii of ua much let* then at any other place in the city, ?? it it our object to sell our entire stuck before the fim of May NOTICE?1The copartnership heretofore existing under the firm of SUAKI" k KKHUUSOV, h thie d>y dtaenlrid by muinal lonernt. All thoee having ctaiuie against aaid tin are requested topre*< nt the tame for pay went, and all iudebled to make payment of the aunt to of the undersigned. 9J Hudson street. New York, April Ith, 1843. ROBERT SHARP. ?IIW JAMES FRHOI7SOV. MH) vllLUNa RS ANU RETAINERS?KRKDKRICK A BERLY. 30 William tireet nflVra for tale, at eery low prices. a apleudid attortinent ol French Millinery Oi-da, eon aistirg of the nrweat i ml moat I it In nahie atyla ol Htraw BontirU, Arificiil Klovcra. Rilihona Silk*. Tarlatanea, he. Uralrm are Invited to eiamiue the tame before purchaa'ng else.where. rpilE TEETH?The TEETH?The nest mineral teeth id1 eerteil fr? m a aintile tooth to an entire art, with little or no pain. Looee teeth securely fasti ned; carious teeth filled; uleer ted rutaor teeth extracted; too'harhe cured aud the beat artificial teeth uaed. by L>r. Bu'ltey.qy Murray street. Term eaah; coargrs moderate. All opera'iona w arranted. mtoeodlin* j jTf 8 ItKMl'lTAN* E of (tnu waa rrreired to Feb I. n. maty laat, ami the | ar> ea tntendii.g abaenee to Kn hope with to wile and teceire I. H.'a addreat, which ran aaJe ry ha furttiahed them. alt 1 w*c papeh hangings. MA. HOWELL k CO 387 Pearl at. are now rreeirtoR from their mvnuiaeiurera at New Brunan iek, an extan air* assortment nt I aper Hanging!. Borders, he of the late* and mo<t approved patterns end aiylrs. mil- d to the rily and country trade, which tlmy ofTer to dealer* at the n*t manufactory pricta. Alao. their uaual variety of French Paper, Burden. Kite Board Print*. Views, *e. The beat workmen to put ?n paper in any part of the city can be had at the .horteat nolirr. alSendkwM the kremlin: mBKO AI>WAY, corner of'J'hamr* street?This a plea A d eatab'iihment lanowopen fortie reception of the public.havieg been titled up aaanebgsHt reeort for gentleman deeirous of spending a few houri fln?ure iu the practice of liealihful enerciie* and agreeable reflations from bu room* and bowling alley. The firat contain* four very auperior lablea, and the itimI fou* excellent alley a Ka-h at loon lia? thradvantace of a fine light anlplinv of ro on, a ad ia lurniihed in the mnrt auperwr rti le Indeed, no p. one ner txpanee h-ira been epared lo place The Krem'in up?n a foot ing,in point of Httnrtian*. of (he ira?t Inviting rrapectauility Tne propnelo a, in invit'ux gentlemen to viait llieir eatabliehmrnt, beg to aeaure them that eepecivl regar I will be had to their aceonuindaiiun. and no expeiiee will be apvred I* give eatia*a:iiou. and inake tin in p?rfertly"al home. BKN Wll.rO.v, Inrm-rly proprietor of the Mantgom-rv tiall, Si outgo-aery, Ala. OKO. A. 'i IIOMAS, late book kteper at ihc Aator Houar TO BK LKT?The atore lit Eroidway. adj tinirg Trinity church yard, tuitahle lor any buaineaa,?i.d favorably known aa ano d and popular aland Alao, twelve or fourteen furn-eh-d apartmenta. for eing ItemI la wen, whit li will he let by the m >nih or ntherwiee. There ia idinii.garoon upon the kurnpean plau. attached with The Kremlin, w here meal- wdl be aervrd at all hnura. alt Steod STKlKEK'd JjAY <)\ VHK H LOOMING DALE ROAD. t-pllK aub criber, having If aae" the above eatabliehment, rei apeetfully inform* hia t'rienda and the public that lie wilt open lor tliemimmer, on Saturday neat, April let. To thoae |er*oL* who have once viailcd thie romantic and beautiful place it it teedl aa to ipeak in ila prniee, and thoae whohave never ?e-n i1 may hi convinced by a (ingle rieit that in naturally beautiful and piclire que ic'iiTy i ia uuaurpua* rd by any vpot on the lalvnd of Manhattan. striker'- Bay jam inilea fioin the City Hall, on the Bloom mgdvle lt"*d. The houae ia ai uite on I he ma *in of the Hud ion river, along the bank* of whmh the garden aid p'eaenre gmund* extend a ?ourulerahle distance, the walka winding Ihrntiffli 9 hxBiitifu! t/rnv# nflnriut Ireu win'?r many lirrrnvemeatahare hern made 3 wSKsfr w*>n* 'khoJd.r w^ , .1 I ',"r':no/ harm* been ,p,r-<l in The at~b ,7^' *.derrrf",?r f"T!,n" rr.or. r, J,.j JiTiiahl " !"J"or? hv h*ru (wi?b??? r^*rAJ?f?**) b* V eaperien-rd tod compete nt judge Toe ? ?f thTV / '*''c'|>tiary. and all other re'reahminU wih th .. r h*i ' " ' 'J; *?d the chirgea ai Moderate aa thoee of any oih -r refpectablr e/tahltehmrtii. I he garden and ortha-da are well eupplird with t!owere and irintaoi evrry deaeription, ?o that vi*itora wii'iiRf tt) obtun beitq iela, or haaheu of Iruit, in their eereral eeaeooe.teo he upplied. For the arenrnmodation of thoee p rfrn* who for health or p'eaeure ride early, breakfast will be prorided Irom t till I to the morning The comfort and concentrate of ladiee eiftting lh? home will be ee|?'tally studied, and cit ility and attention may at way a be rr iled no. _ . Htacei a' art every hour from ,Vo. ?o Bowerr, *001> a? e en *er e can alight at the gate. W. COllBYN. T'HI Uf.Bf.RVtli rTXfcBltl I'V of Taylor'a Balaam 1 l.irerwort, made at J'? Bowirry. if laai auuarcadiog alt other thug# m curing cough# cold#, fl itting of blood, and ail difeaaee of th? eh.e . lime' ?"d liver. Nine y ar? haa It been In- it, a- d with the m^et unbounded tar'ff#. which h-e ran ed it to beeo much counterlettrd The per?on wnofdrert.irei I)r Taylor'a Balaam of Lirer %? rt in Spring ! {$,'t^it brat uoder anonymous inilialf. and afterwardi vv ? ? ?>"' r, ?? ? not now,*i?rdid hire any r-.tin-ction wit'i the original ,nd genuine Taylor# oaltain of Lirerw >rt, which I* onlr made ty' Ihcprop irtor, at J7j B wtry. Buy m thu cily only H *75 Bowery AsTHMA CURED?"I hare i IT-mlfrom Ihr e/ferl* of A afhma alont turn- and u<?d every medicine I could obtain lor rur* in rain. u ilil I mni Or. Toy lor' Baleim ofLir*tw ur? it I7e Bowery? thi* ni - 'iori? eme.l ire. MRS. h. HUTO.Y #18 Lnwcmnt.1' Or?- BEWARE OF A BiSK COUN TICR rKIT.-ti?t he I. ue and genuine it the old oflire, JTJ Bowery,and you ?p* ?fe. Agent*?Mr. H?v* only, II# Fulton itreet Brooklyn; H. Uwl* k Co , Albany; ti. B. Zitbir, Philadelphia; B Powell I C?.,3# CurihrU, Bootoa. ,mn /

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