Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 17, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 17, 1842 Page 1
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Tut Jtx I. TO.?301.?Wktli Hm. JOW NKW LIMl Oh Li V KRi'OOO PACKKT8 To tail from New YorU o:j th- esili, aik! Lirerpuol uu the llth of each THorUht g;L& iSBt ifSt Shom Nrw Yum. dhip EOBCIUf, CapUm John Uoilma.Mthi March. Shili HIDDONC.iH.iu h.. 0. Cobb, i<5th April, ah,}, ailKKIO \N, Captaiu K. A. Dewyetar ist.i May. 3hip OAHRK'K, (iaptaiu \Vm. Skiddy.tftk Juaa. 9 w k rom L?veiir?i#l. ?..niraa w i'auiain v A. viter. llth March. Shm GAR RICK,'Capt *iu Win. Skiddy", tltk "April. Ihlo BoSciUS, Cupta?u John Collm* ISth May. Bhin SIDDON8,Captain E. B.Cobb,13th June. These ship# are all of the liritclass,upwards of 1000 ton*,built l? the city of New York, with such improvements as combine isatflieeil with UHiinal comfort for passengers. Every Mrs Cm been taken ill the arraue'nietit of their accommodations. Ths price ofeiassaigehence is ?1' C, f.r which ample stores will be nrorid^l. These ships are commanded by experienced mast^rt. who will make every ?xerliouto give general salisfac "pfeither the captains or owners oft hese ships will be responai Me for any leKegs.pnrceU or packages sent by them, unless re ular bills ol lainom^resigned therefor. The ships ol this line will lu-reujter 30 armed, sad their peeu larconstruction givesthew security notposeessed by any other bat vessels of war. for freight or passaee.npply to E. K. COLLINS #< CO. 86 Booth St., New York.erto WM. U JAS. SHOWN bt CO., Liverpool. Letter* by the packets will be ciisrged 19| ceuts per single gheet; SO cent* per ounce. nd newspapers I cent each. mt SEW"TUHA ami KAviifc packetb. (SECOND LINE.) ??& Tn^ni^Mif this Tiu^riir here alter leave Newlurri^n.the let and Havre on the <<th of each month as follow* : / Y on Nrw York. Et ?a Honrs. The new ship ONEIDA, (let March (16th April Cant. < 1st July < 16th August James Fuuck. ( let November f 16th December Bhip BALT1MUHE, (1st April 1 16th May Cert. \ 1st Augast < 16tb September Edward Funk. f 1st December { 16th January hip UTICA, I i?t May (Wth June Capt. ( 1st September < 16th October Vred'k Hewitt. fist January f16th February flew ship ST. NICOLA8,l 1st June 116th July Capt. < let October < 16th November J. B. Pell. 1 let February ( 16th March " The accommodations ol Itieer ships are net sur|ias*ed. com billing all that may be required tor comfort. The price of cabin passage is $tuo, Passenger* will be supplied with erery requisite, with the exception of winrs and liquor*. Goods intended for thvse vessels will he forwarded hy the .subscribers, free from any other than the expenses actual,yi q. attired on them. For freight or passage apply to BOYD k HiNCKF.N. Agents, Ol 6 Tontine Building*. ~~ FOR NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS m. M M M: For Ihe b rtter lo n ofshippers, it is intended to despatch aehip from this poit on the 1st, 5th, 10th. 15th, 20th inS98th of each month, commencing the 10th October, and ?ontinaiu| until May, when regular days will be appointed foi " .,f ?n? v?r. where bv creat delavs and disap pointrnr uti will be prevented during the cummer mouth*. TK* following chin will commence thu arrangement > Ship YAZOO, Caat. Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Capt Jackeon Ship MISSISSIPPI,Capt. Hi I hard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Cant. Huut. Ship SHAKSPEARE, Capt. Miner |* Ship OASTON.Capt Latham. SbipHUNTSVlLl.E, Cmpt. Afumfv rd. Ship OCMULOEE, Cnpt l.eavitt ShipNASHVILLE,Capt. Dickiuat n. Ship MEMPHIS,Capt. Knight. Ship LOUISA. Capt. Mulford. These (hip* were all built in the city of New York, expreaeff for packets, art of a light draft ol water, hate recently been Mwly coppered and pot in apleiidid, with accommodationa nrpUaeugers unequalled forcn nfort. They are commanded by experienced mastera, who will mane every exertion to give general eatialaction. They will at >il tiinee be towed up and own live Miiiieeippi by eteamhoate Neither the owuere or eaptaiuv oftheseships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion.preciou* *tonci,ailver,orplated ware, or fir any letter*,parcel or package, eent by or put board of them, uole.*sregularbille of lading are taken fortn*tame, and Ska value thereon erc?erod For freight or passage . apply to E. K.COLLINS It CO. MSonth et-.M HULLI >i It WOODRUKK, Agem m New rUane, who will promptly forward all goodeto hie address. The ehipeof thie Hne are warranted to tail punctually aaad| Vertieed, and great eare will be takeuto have the gooih correct ly aeaeured. __ *10 lOtta &.VU pia.w AttK. w Far* reitueed to *5 cent*. From the foot of Courtlandtetrcet, New York . Kay-Suu'Uyeexeeot.d.) Leave* New York. Leave Newark AtSA.M. At? P.hl. At 71 A.M. At II FM II do 4 do (do It do 4| do m do < do 7 de to do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot ol Liberty street. Leave New York. Leave Newark. At I A M and 4J P.M. At l P. M. and 10 P.M. -jrew YORK. ElIZA BETHTOWN, RAH WAY AND NEW CRUNSWiCK. Kare reduced. From the foot of Liberty treat.daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At ( A. M. At 71 A. M. 4i r. M. t P. M. SOMKRVILLE stages connect with thee* lines each way. Fare letween New York and Soiaerville, <0 cents. Do do New Brunswink, 7S cents. Rah way, SO eent*. Ekzabethtown, 35 eent*. The fart in the 71 A. M. train from New Brunewiak, and 4| rli train from New York, hae been reduced between New York and New Brunewiek to 60 cento" end Railway te rtf " The Fniladelphiaraailitne yaerea through New Brunewiek for Hew York erery eremite at So'cleek. ^Ongunner the T) A.M. trtpfrom NewBnmewiek ie omit Paereegeni who procure their tickcteet the tieketoflce.reeeire e ferry ticket jjratie. Tieketeare received by theeouduetor enlr n ?he day when rurek?aed febll Ira* FREIGHTS r(IR THE WK.'iT AND SOU I'M, From PHII.IOELPinA.via THE PHILADELPHIA. WILHi VUTON. AND BALTIMORE KAILKOAD COMPANY. Freight! for the Wiet and Mouth will be forwaided daily from the traneprriatiiin ffice of the Company, No. 1 Dock at Wharf. Philadelphia. . Merchant! are reepectfnlly informed that all goode consigned to the company viH be forwarded with the utmoat dienatch to any point weet or eouth. Freight reachei Baltimore the fame dry it /earef Phila'"'^e mail line for th- wet and ?outh leaTee Do'k etreet daily at half-paet in o'clock A.M. by et earn beat ROBERT MORBID. Paeeeugeri will retch Baltimore at S o'clock, two houre Breeioua to the departure of the train* f?r the acuthwrit. W. L. ASHMEAD.Agent. Philadelphia, March g. 1849. ml? I m RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET ANDJKHUOHT LINE. tuna iSSJHeSH. NEW BRUNSWICK AND NEW YORK. rPHE NEWJEKSeY Railroad and Traneportatiou Com1 pany have eitablifhed a Freight Line between New Brunewiek and New York, which they intend to run peiuianeatly. Leaving New Brunswick at g AM. daily, (Sundays excepted) and the foo^of Liberty street, New York, a 3 P.M. Xo country dealem and m'irhtnte the above line Is very deamble for the speedy and cheap conveyance *f merchandise 9t every description. and more ps-ticularly 10 Drovers and Dealers in Live Slock, who can have 150 head of cattle conveyed between New Biuu>wick and New V ork, the same day, whenever required. , The rates Tor the trnr*-,>ortat 'on of cattle, herrts, mules, ?ahesp. hoes. fcc.. anil all other kinds of mercbakdise are verylaw, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent by tins line is not subjected to sny extrs chance in crossing the N >rtn River. The Compan< have llrled up a large storehouse at New 'Brunswick adjoining tne Railroad Depot, which will always hnopen for the reception of merchandise. Passengers, pu-chasiug thtir tickets at the ticket offices, willrsesirt ferry tickets gratis. mlt 3m* TREIOHT AND PASHA6B TO PITTS" ouno. affcdESFSL ??223 r-inim ?5B^agw^"?lPP -mm __ IINOHaM'I LIJIE. Ttis proprietors of Bingham's Tranaportatien Line to Pittn urg, give notice to the Merchants of New York, end all other Versone lipping to the West, that their line is aow inactive wetatloo Uoode coneigui-J to them (or sent to go in their mm.) will be forwarded with despatch. Owners or shippers of roods, destined for the Western Btuea, who are no agent or cmuirnne at Pittsburg, will their r ode to WillAm Bingham, PitUburg. who will attend to slopping all such consignments without Pof^M'Shi"Nfc* "nrkH ? ? ?* ?? "ch P^kNT. aK-s-'^iittassESjsapuns lis., . J5S3!***hwSwTi?Sr ftStA* timer to K,f'rooks, American Fur Ce. j f. T. Nicoll 4ro"s.,ire?Vw kS^rv* t^o P'n'to" etreet; Buydam; 8i|[t ktrivj " m. niukiu, Uurj m k Co . Ncwn k* mi 9m STATKN .SLd3li> rhftitk. f o?? of Whitehall etreet.fl23B*?S^ TOest^Se^sTATKN IKLANDKR. or AMBON,Captain Duval, will run as follows until further utici IfOnvts Btaten Island Leaves Whitehall At go'eloeka.M. At t o'clock am I, -> < -lt ? M t.m " i " r ? ? si " # * .. 71 .. ? ? 5, ? M N. B. All rooda ihi[>p*4 ire required to be particularly nM end ere at Ihe ri?k of the owner* thereof ol 1*. fUWKl.L k CO '8 LlSTK. jmmgy mk for NKWIWROH. landing et CALD WKI.L'S. west point and coll aEZ*ateSVRlN(>-The eteamboat 1IIOHLANLER OHL Robert Werdm|>, will Iraet the foot of Warren itreet IMI Yorlr.eeery Monday. Tin ?.lay and Saturday ifternoon'r ?t 4 o'clock. Returning.!ne llieh.anuer will i?nt ?aewbiirgh gngty Monday morning at I o'clock. aa<> I'oeaday and Friday afternoon at I o'clock. FerfreiMl'grpnaente.ajipty te the Captain en board N. B. Al 1 baggage and freight of neon deacriptien, bank Mill orapecie, put on boardthia boat, moat be at the hakor the ewDere thereof.unleee a hill n(lading orreeaiptil aignad for *he a aeaa -nea Jt^A| fail tailing thit^ lcV;Ho' ^tnchard SiiC 'maaTer! JHpSw"ill aail aa abuie. For freight or pur age, baring Mpenor atrnmmndaiiona.appty to ULOVER It MeMURRAT. I* 1M Pine, comer of South, grip E NE IN LIFE BOAT ASSOCIATION, FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PATENT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE mia CITY HOTEL. NOTICE I'll BUYERS OK CABINET E U It N ITU RE. rT,HE aubecriner would write the attention of thn?e wuhA liiif !? pur-S <?r article*'in the above busine**, to hie eatabiidimeut, where i* to be tuuud a riali aaaortiaent of RoieWeotl aud Mahogany Euruiture. of t rrucli am! oilier pattern, oine of wlucli are uol lobe I mini elaewiiere, beiug entirely original. Alan, Itti ilaome ricii gilt Cornice* for window*, Pole* and Ring* - together w 'h Damaaka,Galloon* >ud Ta*teli. aud every article attache.) to curtain*. which will be made iu the luteal ityle from pitlera* lately received. N. B. Particular attention paii to the ti.ting up of Ottoman*, Kire Screen*, aud other fancy article*, with ci.ibroid ered tupeatry. WASHINGTON MKEKS, <116-Sin 415 Broadway, pcyl the Hoapi'al CATtFE TING, UAKEE 1 ii\G. THK 3uh?criber ia low opening hi* Spring aaaortmrnt of Carpeting, emulating <>fB-ii?>e!?, three ply, auueifine and fin* Ingram; an anaortn tnt anrpai'id in tht* city |<>r variety of a ylea, figure*, Uc I'lieae goads have breu ordered e?pies*l> lor i nr Aping iru'e. The gieiUat cate ha* beet observed in inalii g (eltctit in ol auch gnoi* a* can be confidently ecnmiiieinled for durability and t>ennaiiency of Colo.e.fcc, Also, r large ass inmi-ut f tne different knrfa ot Ilall and Stall Can etmg Tufted dour Rugs. Door Mail, Sic, Al?? a han a one assortment of Painted Floor Cloths, all widths. Families ahoui purchasing any of the a bo re described goods are respectfully invited to call. CHAHLK8 HICKS, mlS lm* 7k East Hroulwav,71 Di visiou-st. SEBRIWr'S CORDIAL. INDIGKS I'loN.?As this is a very comi'on complaiut, in the present day, wh i'r err tends to all-riate it i? of public imjor'ance Foe the lurormaiion of those affected with it, we publish the following recommendations of a Restorative Cordial for its c ,re C. C. Sebrixo, Df.ik Sir At vonr request,! have examined ih- medieiuea of which * o"r Cordiai ie composed, anil have no hesitation io a tying III <1 (hey are of the b*?tclassof tonics: and in the manner pre |? ted nv yi n, will prove highly beneficial iu Dyspepsia, and many nth?r disease* ofgeneral dehditv. Yours, Sic. P PS ATT, M. H. No 98 Liheriy rtreet. I concur in the above recommend"tion ol Or. Prai f THOMAS BOYD. M. D., No i9l Fourth street. Sabring'*Restorative CorJial is sold atl9S Fuitou street,at $1 per bottle. mTt I m' DR. JOSEPH EVANS. GRAND R E S T O R A T I VE S Y R UP, For the eurei fevery f irm of Oif e "S- arisiug from THE IMPURITY OF TI1K BL AOD. CAU8KU by the vital o-gv s becoming Uerang-d and enfeebled by hereditary complaints, ami evhau.tion of the system, and other dis- ?ses. n Brrifnla or King's Evil. T mora and swellings iu Iheueck. secondary ay mutants cf 8) phi lis, or the cnust''u'inuhl form of the Veeeritil Disease, Ulcers, ulcerated sore Throat P late Sic Ulcers on the shin*, and other partsii the body Diseases of the bones, pains, (welling*, ami ulceration o' ihc home, swelliigs ol the ioinls, white swellings, tie-, Canreit, cmaueu* ir skin disensrt, salt rheum, riiigwnrm. scaly eruption*, leprosy, itch, scald head, pimpies. cracking aud -m o ling of Ihctkin, tetter, and all kirns of sores Lusg atandii g ana i,e> etolore inoarsble fever sores; rheumatism, gout, liver complaint, and all diseases eaus*d by an improper use of mrrcury, local and constitutional debih y or weskims, gon irrhce i gleet leucori hoe i or whites, gravel. Sic., or when h-system has hern eihvnsted by secret senrualitr in youth, inteinpe aucr.loi'g atandii g debilitating disess?s, long resilience in Houlherncliniates, and other debili tating causes. This invaluable m'dieinehaa been employed by the proprietor iu an rxteosi' e private >nd hospital practice, both iu Europe and Am?ric f 'r the lasi forty years during which tirnehr bar cured o?er 5000 pilimts, who wrr? ..flhcteu with some of the roosl loathsome sod destructive forms of d (rate, mtuy of whom are now living, and ready to testify to the efficacy of thiemedicine Itcures giving tone to theneivs. eihi Ait iag the spirits, r> gulating ihe circulation, invigorating and exciting the vital ogsnnts a natural and healthy action' and tnus causing all impurities o be expelled from the system, and creatine the trcretion of perfectly pure ani healthy blood. Price $1 iier bottle. Fnrsale only at the Private Residence No. livUrreswicli sir et, t wo doors aboveCanal street. mil >'ii 30 odd years OK EXPERIENCE iu the ru-nt'fii- practice of eu'ing certaiu diseases,have MtUu D- LAIJ KEL, of No. 103 Caral itreet, to eradicate thoae diseises iu question, whi ther new,old, or InveteiaU, iii le?< thau hall tnc time employed by themmmon doctors, who poison their patient* with mercury ^canivy, nitre, cubebs.fce. N.B.?Strangers are apprised that Dr L. i? a regular physician of the tned c?l facu'ty of Parie, also graduated in the U. State*,a? can he uroved by his diploma* m'Jt In' tiano fortes: SOUTHERN DEALERS and purchaser* geueralty will find it to their advantage to call and examine a chnice avaortmeut of the above article, comprising a variety of* and 81 octave*, of lomwood and mahogany. ?ith grand action, scroll tand', and every modern improvement. Tnree me'rumcut* are warranted to be equal to any iu the city, a id Will be sold at the lowest |io*-ible prices for caab. at the m .nnfactory, 44 West Faurtcenihstreet. betwe n Fifth and Sivth avenue*. N. B.?Piano Forte* for Hire?A good assortment of piano forta* for hire at the naaniifart.'ry. ?7 3-n "something new T EUK'S HARDEN. 4t bowery.?1 he undersignel takes la this opportunity to iuforin Pi* friend* atd tnc public that he has opened a Ua'den aud Saloon at 49 Bowery, where he would be happy to receive their calls. His Saloon will be constantly supplied will ihe choicest and best of Fruits, Confectionary , (J? ffee. Ice Creams, Lemonade and Soda that the cityaffoids Every alte it'on will be given his pait to maae this Harden and Saloon a pl-asant and agreeable retort to the ladies and gentlemen who may favor hem with a call, alt Irn'c H. LeUH, 49 Bowery. FASHIONABLE TAILORING establishment. AT THE FASHIONABLE TAILORING E"TAA BL1SHMKNT, 108 Beekman street,near Pearl. Gentlemen who are now or formerly have hern paying extravagant prices for their clothing, are assured that they need do so uo more, as the subcriher will gmrantee to all who patronise him. a hand-ome lit, a fashionable style and excellent material*, at lite following moderate imcei? 8np. W?st of Eng. Wool-dyed, black, blue,or green dreu coat*. $15 to $M. Panli, double milled do black.plaid, and fancy cata., $( to $8.50. Veata? Fine cashmere,ea?in,and all kinda, $1 to $5. ( oats made and rimmed in a auperior matmrr, Irom $7 to $5,50; Veata, $1.50 to $8; Pants, $l,50to $2. atlm' JOHN MOFFAT CARPETING, &C. CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. TONES Si MARUY, 101 Bowery, New York, are now res' ceiving their apnug of Carpeting, Oil Clothe, Window Shade*, Druggets, Hearth Huge, Li oar Mala, Table and riano Cover*. Suir Rods Ac Ac. Among their good. are many new and rich pattern* of English and American manufacture, which cannot be exceeded for beauty, quality and chcapLi e? in the city. Person* shout fun tahing their houaea are inrit'd to give ue a call. I. K. JONES, jit lm* L.MAJIGY. CRE AM?CREAM?CREAM. R'ill the Cities widely teem With prais-of Ring's I'trhrna Crram? The finest 'lii-rg I'o pound kuown, Krptriner hat clearly shown. 'Tie *o skil'ully prepared Tneofteo e'en the rot ghe-t heard, That a dull raxor'e edge tv stows A krenaeee thai the iharprst knnwe. 'T ie pure, ai d piea'ani, choice and cheap? Will in every climate keep? Makes il a pleasing tsek to share, And will hoth ftmeai'd IrnuhU save. Prepared and sold by C H It I NO, 53 Kulton at reel; Baartt.?U Br >sdway, and 459 Cro dway. m8l lm* GENERAL AGENCY. THE SUBSCRIBER Ii-s t-ken the atore 75 k niton street, Bio< klyn, for the est - of the rmat approved genuine patent and family medicines, perfumery fancy ar' icle?, Ac. Ma'iifac'urer* and piopti-iure oi vuch aitic'ee, or of any thing else, who wish for a, active, etirrirg agent to dispose of their productions, will find such an one in tha person of th* Subscriber. S J STEWART. 75 Fulton at . Brooklyn Foe sale, i.-,ost of the approved family medicines. Persons purchasing hi re may rrly on 'blaming genuine article. at lm* QELLI.NO OFF-SHARP h FERGUSON. 8 Hudson st. O are telling ntf their entire stock ol dry goods, at and lea* than cost. All'herefore who are in want of dry goods, can obtain them of us much lese than at any other place in th* city, sa it is our object to sell our entire stock be lor* the Brat of May. NOTICF.?The copartnership heretofore existing under the firm of SHART Ik FERGUSON, is this dsy dissolv.d by mutnal consent. All those having claims against said fi m are requested to pre* nt ti e tame for pay men!, aud all iudaliled to make |>?\ meut of Uie s -me to either of the uud-.rsigncd, 85 Hudson street New York, April Sth, 1848. ROBERT SHARP Ml** JAMES FERGUSON v tT Tint EMIT TAN' E "I a I n'i was received in Fete 1. n . ru <iy laat. ati'l ihejarvra itilindiuf ahvenee " Jj*J[ hop* with to write aud re<eire I. H * addreii, w . . ry befnraiehed vimm- aUIWa_ - Tak* phyate earl) ?medicine corneatoo late. When the dewaae hecomee ineelerat^ RECOMMENDED bv the Facul t y?VAN', E'S A NT1 Bll.lOUR FAMILY APERIENT PILL8-By lon? tperirnce theae pi I Is hare been prored by Ihmiaaiidi to be hebeet audaafest Family Medicine hitherto ducorrrra. At ill aeaanra of the year they will be found eery ealitaMe to aM rtio wieh to eecure thrmadrra ayainH ?i< kn ?e They are Jlke eate for children a* f- r any period of life, nod require no lira atteotirn to diet or to elotkinR, bilione and /irercoml lainta, d) epetwia or indiyention, neeroue dianaee*. aick headache, and in feet all riieevae* atieiiat fr> m an impire etate of rhe biood. or a dieoiderrd etate of the etomarh or howrle, are peedily rrmored by takinc them. They preeent ecurey. eoetieeneaeand it* eoiie*<|ii*ue*a?therefore aeafaring menanouid never be without them. Time or elimat* afTerte them not. Twn rr three donee will coneine* the patient of their a ilntary effec'l, for the etomarh will readily reyainila atrenatb. a healthr elate nf the lirer ?nd bowel* will >|ierdily take place and renewrd health and vikoi of body ami mind will tie Ihecer tainreeull. Thnr rlfliien, in fact, maybe aiuntned up?a* a medicine which at'r r * lbe?? the feeble aud eonaolidalea the murine ?f the etronn.and will be found of inlnile nine to feinalaa of ail ??" (it laV" acrording to tha diraetiona), who wuhtobe eeeiire fromairhneaa. Trice Maud Meenle per boa. For aate, whnlear Ir and re'atl, by Wm Wetaoa. Apotbe cariea Hall. M Call arine atrreti Smith corner of Fulton and Water atn; Nowill t*t Bowecf . Balm-ore, drugciet. Fulton ?t. Brnoalyw. > ?* STRAW WRAPI re nnncrowu alraw wrappiig .?ell.u. ^V'l?MTiTB*OOfar nfehtF it W YO IKW YORK. SUNDAY M ANDEKSOiS'iS POLISHING PASTE AND PLATE POWDEll. New York. Jan 6,1844. We have tried the i'uliehing Pule made by Mr. Aiiderton, and lind it to be tipcnor to any thine w htvc ev< r uscrt. UO.vRDMAN ?t HART, ? Eurlii p Slip, Manufacturer. of Bril.uuia War*, New Vork, Jan. 10, 1946. We hare tried the Paatr an I Plate ''o? tlrr uiailr and i-id by Mr. T. aud tube pleasure iure< niiunriidiiii; lliri.t. CuLlCMAN U STf.THO.N, A.tof ll?uje. New York. Jau. 44 1949. We hare med Mr. Anderaou'e Poludnng Paaie and Plate Powder, mid liud them ?try excellent for tleacii g .ilvtr and liter plated wart. BALL. TOMPKINS Si BLACK, Late Marjuaui! St Co., 18i Broadway. N? w York. March 1. 1844. We have lined Win. Anderevii'* 4'olmhttg Pa.le and Plate Powder for cleaning eilver and other kind* of ware,and c.ui recommend it with to tlr public. '1HOMPSON Si KISHER. 371 Pearlatreet Brooklyn, Keh. 14, 1844. I hnre u?ed Mr. Wm. Ai dertou'e P.Jivhing Pa*le lor iriver, braea, and (liver plated ware, and find it tw a? a tint rate arti cle. ROBERT E. RTOtrY. Saddle and Harm.. Mak-r. For .ale wholraale and retail, for exportation, a'1 manufachwtt1 erica. h i HAS. H. RINO.51 Y iltou ulieeLeoriirrCliff Aleo. hy Baaaell, 44 B'oailw ay. one d i..r rbove Bleecker e'reet: G iion. curlier lir ,ud and Uow,ry; Coddingtoti, corner Hudjou and Spruig^jeande". 77 r.iat Broadway. mltlin* I VfPORTANT TO CONSUMPTIVES. NF.W YORK. September 21 ?*, 1841 To Dr C. II. Ring.? .Sir; As you ho ve requested m* to give you au account of how your,% Klmrof Lite'*act?d in iny rase. 1 cheerfully com ply for the benefit of others. Ih-tvehnd' coufth eterv wiater toraeversl years', ami always got reli-f from simp'e h-rb tea* till last wiuter, urith-rone thiug nor the other penned to fI relief, ami I was gradually wa?tiu.{ away?having to relwuu iny business. In thi* state I whi per?uud*d nv mv friend Mr. Prek to try you? Khxirof Life and before 1 had finished the bottle, 1 wm not?>nlv cured of my cough. paiM in the chest, ni;ht?wea'e out able to mume hujiu"* ; ai d fiu I myself so rapidly improving at my fieu<U hi e a-toni hed, expecting to hear of tny dea h. instead of se*i*ig me grt active aud robust. I consider myself itid-ited to you for the *.t viug of my life, aod any 0-r situated no 1 vro. may ru i on P-'.rr.RN HELMS. 13 Thompson St. Prepared aud fursale b> C. 11 KINO SSKnltuu, cur. Cliff, mil 1m* RING'S COLJi iH (JANJlV i Hi". eegree of confidence placed in tliie Vegetable Cough ' Candy by a majority of our pliysici me, uugh ' to inspire the like in llic /rind of every sceptic, who perhaps is so from having been decivcd hy tome article that premis-d ever thing and performed nothing Won d physicians recommend an ar tiele they did not place implicit reliance in lt? virtues? Would clergymen and o'ner publ.c speakers spe>k publicly of its Jelie Ii iful relic', in lurricatiug the air passases and giving the voice a manifest luoiduivte volume? lu line, would every body who hae tried it ao airrnuooaty promulgate it? virtue*, had not ih- alinoet miraculoua effect* of it* poweiful agency been aeeu 1 Prepared and fold, vrho'ea tie and retail, for exportation, by C. H. KINO 53 Kultoii sir-et. corner of CI-If. inlll'"* the-shielded victoria shawl * diaper pin. ANEW and important article tor uie in the nursery, and av a fastening to ladies shawls, cloaks. Sec I atented iu the United States a"d in Europe, for sale wholesale oy W. H. CARY Ik lit pearl at iHt w Y?rK, and by the patentee,at the ineuufac'orv. 146 lav at 1)ooklyo/ Thread aud needle atores, and dealers in fancy articles, supplied on liberal terms. a19lm*t dentistry. WM, TH1RN, nENTIST. so'icits the attention of those v " who wear Artificial Teeth, and those who may require them, to his mcihod of <upplving the Manllary family, vis the Teeth. Knowing that there IS a di-agrreaWie taste in the mouth of those alio 'tidulge inacids.reuniting Irom the actioe of the acid on the Oold Plate. In all raers (hat admit of it. he iuaerts leelh/rom one to a complete set,.without asing one par ticlr of metal of anv description. M Chambers street. aUlm* ototna cordial. TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. Pr is now barely three rears sinee the general iulrotlaction of Ihe LucinaCoroial ioto ihe United Ktatei, and in that re riod it ha< not ouly spread its ue> futures throughout tliie hemisphere, aud sustaiipd the vest reputation which it had previously a,quired in E irope. but has also added to the ren.wnof its illustrious inventor b the unrivalled powers it has been discovered to Misses* in Ihe cure of incipient consumetiou. 'I he knowledge f its wonderlul influence in reuevetiig and invigorating the human Iraire. first suggested the idea ol ntiug it in tine way; and the result is that a medicine hai been added to the eatalotiie for the cure ofinripi-nt consumption, which places the diaeasi .with due precaution.under the control nf the patient It la scarcely neceaeary at this period to recommend the Lvcina Coidial. aa an a'> (sufficient remedy in caaea of Oleet, Kloue Albut, difficult or painful menstruation, I nenntina ace of Urine, and all diaeaaea arising from debilitation of thesyitem, wheie an ioudi it or a restorative is wanird; aa ihroughout he United States it has taken precedence nf tllmher imdiciuein such cases, aud leaves no Jung further to be hoped for; its cures being speedy, perfect, permanent, and effected w ithout pain or trouble. Should there how ever be any person laboring under Ihe above complaints,who are doufttui of its almi.vt uu'verfally lesti d merits, 1 recom meud it ta them with all confidence, and en my own prrsonsl risponsibility, feeling assu'ed if they give it tie required trial, that health to tbe afflicted parties, and gratefulness to Ur. Mag in, 'till be the result But as is also the c-se in Europe, the immense American reputation of the Lucina p ineipally based on its thoroughly investigated. iudubitah c.a d generally admitted power to enable f miles, who h.d been c msiderrd nairen, to bear offspring; and to restore virile powers in male*, when reduced to utter'ed apparently boneless prosi ration, to |>erfect health and activity. When I first received the American agency of tne Lucius Cordal, from Ur Maguiu, uotwii standing I's immeuie foreign celrbntr. and the great amount of respectable teslunouy 'Irat ac coinpanied it. I dtcliutd eoiiimiltiog myself individn Ily; by EH irjr ant personal assort'.c-s in these particulais; but Dnw, after lh- enornvuv sale of upwarde of one hundred thousand bo,li s coupled wi h the recetple of certificate* and testimonials inuu ntrsble, aud much knowledge founded ou personal observati .n, I can u?hrsila ingly warrant it as fareietedirigmy most sanguine hepes.or even the illuitnous in, en'or's promisee, in the fu filmmt of Ihe most important ends for wtiich it is recommended, and has becou e to justly and uuitereally popular. To be ae explicit as possible, 1 repeat. auf hold myself personally responsible for Ihe assumption. that theLucioa Cordial. can invigorate the viri e powers inmates,aud make them fociudiot, where nature has been deficient, ol when they have been protested by artificial means; and also that it can produce that state of the system in females, w ho had been prevt ugly un'ruiiful. and imagined barren, which will enable them to bear chi'dren. I regret thai 1 have to apeak so pleinly, oa such exceedingly delicate, but feel called upon to do so, lest it might be mieunderaionO, aid ae a full guarantee for thegrua' responsibility which I have cheeriuily assumed Wi.h leeliup of si cere gratitn le for the patr<uage which, as theagentof toe v.uci <a fiordi ,l,h>. ooeu hva <ed up ,n me in this country. 1 reinsi the Pub'ice' yerjr obedient humble *e-v*"t. JOtlN A I vTe-nS llOCirtnwWr.CL, M U rr'ce $3 per hottl . ror?*U?t tse B'ovdway, ,N?w York and 90 Nor h Sixth ?tr,el, Piul iM^hia. m2llm* t^hf. CANTON TKa i-UMPa.NV offer lor aala at 121 I Chatham street, New Y trk, Ihe cheap*at ami moat genuioe Tut lu the world, ill any ipiantily uot Irrv lhau four .itinera. If any artic e purchaard at their eetahliahmmt ahonld not cirr full aatiafaclion, it ia rrqurgted that they br brought bach?the money will be returned. a? I m* T Hit TKUK RICHES OK lIKK IS HEALTH-Hie ' only geuuine Taylor*! Balaam of Liverwort from the aol? proprietor at 241 Spring alreet.haa Dever been known to fail in curing the mint alarming eymptome of Conaumpiioii and Liver Complaint We have- certificate! fn.m hundredi of moat reepectahle peraona. certifying to the iiirprniDg relief they have received in uving the article from all Bprii g atreet Owing to the aaterliona of counterfeiter!, the following ewnm facta ia now ptibliahed? City of Brooklyn, King! County, e?:?E. Towntend being duly aworn, depoaea andaaya that he ii personally acquainted with the proprietor of Dr.Tuylor'r Balaam of Liverwort, and doea certify fiem hia own Iruow Ic'ge that the only pereon now living, who prepared thia medicine at 375 Bowery, and ii the aole proprietor, reaidra and trunaacia hu-inraaat 241 Spring atreet, and mat.ufac'uraa the genuine Bn nm of Liverwort at that place, from the only original recipe inrxiatenre. E. TOWNBEN'D. Sworn before me thia 17th Jan 1942, 8.ALPHKUS SMITH. Com.afCerdv. Icerlifyfrom my own permmal knowledge that Hie above alairmenta in regard to the ownerahip, kc are Irue. 8. AI.PHk.Us SMITH. Beware of Coiinterfeita, aa the great qucalino of life or death may depend upon having the genuiue medicine, made only in Ihia city at 241 Spring atreet. Ageula?Redt in* 8 Stale atreet Bralon; 31 Main atreet .and 79 Fulton atreet, Brooklyn; 111 and 248 Broad etrret, Newark Price?Large bottlea $2, next aize amalleraize 50 rente. rri2?lin* QUOaR kFTETTTr em i u m Cora and Pumpkine, fresh r.geia k3 ble and rare Howt raerda. K"giiah grata fur lawna, 30 000 green and hot houae planta dahlia roota, tiger (lower#, lube roi'f.fiuit -nil ornamental trere, ahrubbery of all koida,canary bird* gold fi?h and glohra, wholrede and retail, on the moat reuonab'e termr, at NIBLO k DtTNLAP'S, No. 578 Broadway, and at their nureery, corner ol Ilk Avenue aud Itath atreet. Harlem. _ n.25 Im* CTKKL PENS?From the celebratm inanufaeiory of Jor arph t.illott, of Birn mgham ? The high rt potation of theae pena haa Injured many interior makera to imitate Ihrin, thereby injuring thrtwell ear.-ed rrpoia mu of J .?rph Oillott. The Public are requ. aled to be particular from whjm they piirrhaie. The genuine may be known by <htir auprrior quality, and by the atyle of putting up. A con?lant aupply for aale by ItOBKK 1 PARDOW, m9t lm' M Maiden Lane. TO THE MALI) ANIXiKKV H i? \ OLD?J ONES' Toil or coimi, ircassu. HOSE whim hair ia falltug out, turning grry. or haa crated ernwlng. an article ie here Ifrred you at a re?aon <ble price ?rrmember it ia nut puffed?and it will do all itia rei>retented to do Read thit? Irrrtifjr tl<at mr hair wae ratling out Tail; leombrd out htiidlHli (tail]T. at d aire* I hoveuted two bottle* of Jonta'Oil of l.'oral Circaaaia, it hat ijuite (topped falling out, and u growit gfaat and dark. W. TOMKIN9, ?? King at. Thit will (ire tight, red or grey hair a I ne dark look, and in timr caure it to gruw dark fr. m th? rooti Among other* who hare uird thin and certify it J K Tower,grocer, Brooklyn; J. (Jilhert. jrwellrr 3d arentra Hold by T. JONEH.eignof the American Eagle, M?iinlea* you arc careful of the rigid number you'll be cheated with a i Diinl'tfelt?W ( ttrtel. Price 3 g and 8 (hilling* a bottle?three aura. |)8 Kalton atrcet,Brookly u, if agem. in so im * ttatu l?il.?There u no Oil in tne wmld iliaictu rte good II or bad to the hair. Ereiy body Uuont that when tne hair a burued it will gtow again at good at erer All the

p iwdera for dying the hair are nothing but a mialure of lime and lilhrage, and the hair ia not d>ed, hut li erally ten ued. I.i ui a for dyiuglhehair art compoaitiom of eanalic and apirttt. that biirna in the time way at the powdera. and dont d) e the hair, and the hair will grew no matter how many timeait ia buru-d : and every b ?li k owe aleo. that wheu Ihe head ia full of dandruff, ihr hair begin* to turn grey, and bildnrte follow*. From ineapenence oftwenty yeara, being hair cutter, and hat ing ilie opportunity of caamio tig a gieat many heade, (aud bl ickheade) I hare mad* myaell a great com^oaiiion kauawn m "Paaior'a Hair Oil. or Compound Kmrntikl Oil of Amoud*,"forde*roying dandruff, irerenting the hair from eoming out and turuim grey. Thin inimitable Hair Oil will m<k* the hairgrnw well, no matter how mtth dandruff or eorene?aia on (be head. For aale, wholesale and retail, at A. Paator'a, Hair f utter. IM flreenwieh (treat. Maw Ymk. Trict M ctnte a buttle. MM* R K I [ORNING, APRIL 17, !& DR. F. KELIX GOURAUD'S POUDEES SUBTILKS FOR ERADICATING HUMAN SUPERFLUOUS HAIR.: 'PHK ab ye preparation liai recei?ed tin (tamp of pub'ic IfI probation for eoaie yeara |>a?t, 1.1 the moat a?fe,ipredv :ui?J effectual remedy ?rer discovered for tin- coin lete eradication of human ha'r. Iti deciJedly an iruatiinmle article fir ihe toilet and ha* entirely aiiiiihil iti-il tin** deleter! ju?. uncertain tiid dangnroua Cdini"- ItioiiH which have hern too friij'leutlv emp'oye I. Ne lovely or beautiful woman. who h u the uunightly appendage ol a demonstration of a heard ou Iter np|ier lip, hairy aide ol' the lice. ntolca, or a mate of hair covering a hro d ami elevated lorehrail, at cu'd delay a trio merit pr< curing a bottle of thir invaluable powder \Vh? n applie co'il thi. prrparet ou i* utetl hy aome in lieu ol a rar. ir for removing the beard, which it effecti with more rune, with aa iiiiii h ro idity, hi a mare aalirfactory manuer, and at leva t>* pi inc. Willie at the same I line II lea vie I he akin eolt and delii ale to the touch. To uproot the hoard it la applied w arm, acco'ding to directioiui accompanying each bottle. 1'rice one dollar UOURA UD'S KAU DE BEAUTE. or True Wa'er of Beauty, for removing tau, pnnplee, fiecklra, b;oUh-?. mo.till a w, &tc .real ziug delicate white men and arm*, uu leliriting a healthy juvenile >ipprarance. $1 per bottle Uewareofapuriou* iinit .tioui.oftlua celebrated coauirtie, ol lie innitdetetrrmua nature, utterly minoua ro the completion, and hy iu reiiellant aetion iniuriru* to health. GOURAUD'S VEOETABLE I IOUID ROUGE, com) oi'il luateriiliy from llowen ami aim idea, imparl* a delicate rueeaie toige to thecoinplexiou.iminova >'e by rubhiuj w itli a hanek-rt lurfor lineu cloth. ?l) ecuU per bottle. OOURAUD'S BLANC D'ESPAO*E, or Spauieh Lily While, givea to the countenance a pure life like altimeter white.leva, etem t froin the injuriotia propertiea generally enmhiued with preparation for thia purpose. U5 ceuta, put up in truant hoira. Remeiib'r! the above celebrated coamttica are lobelia'at the old calabliehcd "flice, 67 Walker aUeei, out duor from Broadway, and at5<7 broadway. Aok.vt* -tea York?Albany, Ale*. Outhrie, No 4 Ma d en lane?Utica, O L Brown.p rfumi r Orne??e sir?et?Houghk-epaia. J Griy?Buffalo, J Hiiirdale. 157 and Mi Main aired. Petinai Ivuimb?PI, l.ail -h,hiu \1 ra ilr.iu n 7K I ) l? aiuo .1 reel Maryland?Halt'more, beh 8 Hence, l'rall street. District of Columbia?Waehiuston, Selby Perk' r, Pe-misi Ivan a Ai euiie ?Alexandria, C CBn ry Viigiuia?Uichmi ml, Mn Krnyser, Ketrtet. Ocmu-cticut?Middletown, E I' Ferre?New Haien, A Law, Chapel a'rret?Hartford. Wells Huini hrey, 178 .Vlain stree1?Nur?ieh William Faulkner. Mars icbiisetts? Bust" n, A 8 J ir.'ao,g Mi'k street?Lowell, (> A Carleio' be Co, I -ity Hall? Lynn, lie A L II >lde-?'Worcester, Vi D Plnilipi. BrmIcy Place? Springfield. K A Cow lea. Main street?Le-. Hulllk Field? dalew wii S K Ires?New bury port, Charles 'til clge N.Hanpehi e?Por'.imnuth, W K 1'rrstnn. Vame?I'ort1 end, i Hai as St Co?Hani: r, Whltlier k Guild?Hallowell f Hcanuon. Khude Island?Providence, Charles Dyer, jr, Westminster s'eret. Ohio? Columbus, Hummer Cl.ok. .New Jersey? T Msbrook Priucetou. Every bo-tie of Dr. Gouraui's Cosmetics Ins his Dame with the natre rf preparation, -aud New York, brown on the lour sides, and his fae simile engraved no the w rappers of the Pom dres eubliles. None other are genuine. alSlm" SALT RHKUM. KINO WORM TF.T I F.K. UaRbiLR'g ITCH AND 8CABIE8 ? KA\ Kh'i LOTION AND 8YKL'P is the only remedy which is certain to core the above complaints?harmless iu its operation, but cerlaiu in its rff-rts ?the Loliou healing quickly. and the Syrup purifying speedily. TDK'tRUTH WILL PREVAIL-Dr. Goodwill's Detergeit aud Pills uever f il to cure a recent case of disease in 48 hourt, if use 1 is directed Try thein, all ye alQ.etei- they are tree from mercury. Pric- 50 cents each. THE TO -THACHE CONtlUEKKD-Janisen's Extract. It re'ievet in ft re minutes after application to the ceiveo' the tooth, and prevents decay if the tooth is tilled immediately. Pricr 50 cents. FEviALE MONTHLY PILLS-Krom M. Bmdelocque of Kr?nce?cortain. safe aud speedy in the cure of all cases where uature has becume obstructed. They cure in a few days. Price 75 cents per package. GILBERT'S ANTI HILLIOU8 FAMjLY PILLS-Fr.r there! ef of all comp'aints produced by costive halite, such as headache, hesrihurn,sour stomach, dimness, and losinf appetite, they have been uard with more succeas than any pill ever Irefora offered to the public. Price 15 cents per box. 8old wlieleeale and retail by E. M. GUION: 117 Bowery, c- rner of Ora'd street. mja l m? OY8' CLOT H|NU?CHlL.DltE.Vs LLUItliiMr-A very large aasortinent?Very good quality?Very chcaie? GEO A. HOYP !t CO.. No 14 Bowery, would r-sjcctfully mfoem their pat-ons and the public genrrul'y. that tin y have again been making extensive preparations for the spring aud summer trade, and have now oubmd a mat h larger assortment of boys'and children's e'othiag than they haveever before had. The public are invited to ca I aud examine their go-da, with particuler refereuee to quality and price. Terms cash. a3 Ini* _ _____ HUTCHINGS' 51'OMAi H HIP rt.KH is a certain cure lor Dyspepsia.assisting digestion, weakneai, nervous iseases, night sweats, kc. Sir?I have in the course of my practice prescribed yourstomach bitters aud found them a most efficient remedy in cases of indigestion, acidity and debility of the-digestive organs. I by no means class it among the quirk medicines oi the day, but one which will confers great bliSelng cn many of . , m.i ering fellow brines. _ _ P. J BRADY. M. D. 330 Broome st. The following is from Dr E. G. Ludlow. 134 Broadway?1 have used your Bitters incases of unpaired digestion, when veeetabli tonics were iiidupensnole, with a beneficial result. The snicks of which it is composed sre very judiciously com ii'ied. and I have no doubt will prnyr serviceeble in the easel for which you have recommended it. Yours,kc. EDWARD O. LUDLOW. Certificates of maey persons cured can he seen at the drug store 150 Bowery,corner of Broome, where the above ii mid only in t lie city, mid Vtri Hay i. lot Kulton street, Brook Uu Price Urge bottles $1; small 50 cents. n.29 1 n." PK.AJ|8 ATa75 OAR IloTaOLIoH ?lt > 1', I'ouiidiil in lftje,at 408 Wa'er street. 5 doors above t'alherire market, (he only rs.ahlishinrut ol the kid in the Unit- il Statu, continuet toeoiiply the Navy, the Am-rica*, Russian. and span ieh war steamer*? has atit |>lieu til the Race Hoalaaud Club Boaif for the last four ye ri?and has now the largettnaimtmenl of Oara, Sweeps and Sculls ever collected place N. U. The Braucli Oar St ire. on Ihe North River aide, i? ihut up, and removed to tog Water atre?l ; and aa I (ave air the expenses of o ic store, 1 will sell en iugh cheat er to there who come from tho North Hirer aid? to pay Ihem f-r tneir trouhlh. Race Boat*, Club Baata. Oars aid Seal la sold So per cent hea than l??r v??e. ag Im* AN l'nti CUlte. OK STttlo j Ut\p^?it i. .oo.i uuioriu0 nate iu this complaint that many persona Imvs a stricture who are ijpt in the leaat aware of it. The coin mo n uo'inn is, that so longasths urine passes in a tolerable' ream.there cannot be a etrictura. But (his u f r from truv A stricture may, and often does, eiist for mouths, and even years, without prodacing any striking change In this reepect. When a stricture arrive* at that degree of tiarrowneas as arusihly to impede the urtee. it is a serious malady indeed. 1 he objeet at those remarks however, is to prevent thrs state, and to attack i t at a tune when it is eaaily and perfectly removed. But there are other circumstances besides its effect upon the urne by which a etricture may he known, or, at least, strongly suapectrd. and though theae are aamerooa, there are two which ?ra very com mno and rery easily judged of, and these shall bs mentioned her*- ... The first of these circumstances relates t* time. It is well hnown that strictures aria* Inun long continued and badlj kreated Uonorrhda. Now, whruever this disease coiitinoes over many wreks, especially if in the early period any of the boasted nostrums of the day ware taken, there ta just and proper giouail to suspect a stricture. The nest is most remarkable?it is ths effect a stricture has upon ths mind and spirits. This is a fact that may be tho roughly relied on. Iuuerd the author never aaw a caae el sine tore, (and he sees mauy every day.) in which the patient did not, more or lets, complain or his loss of mental energy?i hat he was not so capable of business as formerly. The reasan of this, however, is clearly shown in Ins "Pri?*.? ?.-i . liltle volume noticed in another column of thie paper, and to which the reader is referred, not only for knowledge of this disease, but on every other connected with this subject. DR. RALPH farther begs to add. that he may be cciwnlted Krsonaily a? hie residence, No. 88 Greenwich street, at any ur ; aud should any be in dauht aa to the evistence of this disease, especially after peruaiug his little volume, he will, without essiensc or the least pain, explain and assure hint whether tie havs or not. Let it only be remembered that, if he really haa a stricture, not all the medians in ths world, alone. will ever cure it. mgg Im* rpHE. PR IV Alt Ttt8.AT.lbn.-?1 tut is a little volume on 1 certain dieeaaet in which the beat and most convenient mean* of cura are stated in the plainest possible inaunei. H alto shows the reason why these inaladian so frequently con tinue ou from month to mouth,uncured. and terminate at length id other and permanrnt mmplain's. Indeed, no one can read this little noli* wunoui seeing ai oner wirir irur ami rest an tire, and niao tiie riak and danger of (mating them to ignorant and boaetiug people. With a view, however, to obtain a rational degree of eooft dance in what he hae advanced on the cure of thnae diseases, the author tliiuka it proper here to give a Simple statement of the means anil opportunities he hiinsill has had of forsnme just and clear opinions on this subject. He therefore begs t? stale, that besides Ins rank as graduate of Edinburgh, and member of the London College, tie. lie ha* been watching these diseases, both in Hospital and city practice lor more than thirtv years and has published iwo editions uf a work eipreesly on them. Also that he has letters of commendstinn from the most eminent physicians in Europe to the mot' eminent in America, ae Sir Astlej Cooper to Dr. Mott of New York and Dr. Physick,cf I'hiladel'.iiiia, and others, and which may be seeu by any nu? And further, that ha has the privilege of referring to slmost every physician of eminence in this city. These are eircum tsnces which afford the highest satialartinn to every one, esneeially to those who are antioua to obtain the beat adriee.? The price of the book is $1. Or Ral|di it consulted his residence.W Oreerwichstreet, al any hour, and has distinct and eepnrate apartments for those who have U wsit little. Communications by post are iaith fully replied to. m9S I dr. Morrison: NORTH RIVKR DI3 ENSARY, 2041 Fu'fon street Ilea' Oreenwich?Dr Morrison. Member of the Hoys I I ollege of Surgeons. Loudon, and for meri t eurg. oniu llit T* riti?h nary, conti uss to be consulted daily on diseases of a delicate nature,and all those distressing symptoms cans'quent on in jiiditioiia treatment ami the imprudent use of quack medicines. Dr M. has bail an eaierlrnce of twenty two yesre in treating delic its c iseares, in all their rations and complicate i forms, and usee s mild, sale, and mfal'inle substitute far mercury, eradicating the venereal virus with certainty, without subject, ing the patient to any riak,or restricting him in nit usiiafdiet or pursuits, while hie mertirines are asreeahle is last* and swell Permenent obstruct one in the urethra, such aa strictures, an 4 acermimcied with muck irritation and dull pain, ars some of the ronteque ires of maltreatment. and leading ultimately to urinary hstulas. Dr. M. treats strictures in a sci -aot.nop ?s?ws4ii'?lI%? nrnmAl in? ukanrrvil/?i. of tKs ikiek. eued inemoraue without pain. CONSTITUTIONAL UKBIL1TY.?Thoneandeof roan? men are (ulTerinf from the ennaequencra of indulgence in *tret deMructiro hebit, and whoae nerve? are further injnred from the uee of neetruma and pretended apeciAce, which itimul ile otdv to induce greater depreeeinn Dr. M. treat* oa purely pathological principle*, and nerer fail* in eatahllaliint a cure.alao the moatobaflnate field to hi* plan of treatment Letter* poet paid, and containing a euitable fee, will enotur the corr**pondent full advice and medicine to aqr part of in* Union, bf hio rieuwr a hieforr of Kit ease ia detan. Thee itrictaat Honor mod confidence ob*er?- d ?l im* 3Q4i Fulton atreeL " GKfiA;r ElftK IN NfcW ORLEANS. EXTRaC r from the New Orleaot rirayuoe.-W# aaw ane of WILDttK'S SALAMANDER j?AFKS laatrrdajt In ken from the ru?o? of tk? ilore occupied by J .W. p,in w* Co The book* and papera It ciutalnad were in a? t* flat t a lata of nreaereation aa they would haro jeon had there .o been a fire within ten aijuareo of thorn- The nfdeal I hr lUgh which they had piaaed waa no t a ?li*ht on# The oil and nan die. iu the *tore of Htanioa fc Ln mad* about aa cnmfortabla a fire aa we deairr to aee? [N. O. I'iciyuue.iTth _ tu AboTf PJ?fe wif told by lh< mfcicribcr to In mjj ?. Stanton, merchant, No 131 Front at, for h.a hou.e m New i irl'nu* aiidhaa nrondof immrn*# f alne to the owaer.. A general mot meat, at prirea ranging from $M to $30*, on hand, and for aaleh^ HERHINO. No. 11? Water at. TU.onlr authonaed agent for tha tale of Wilder'* I'ateal S.laman 'arBafea. ,, 1* tWII ARPWX1C "ANIT CLOTH PAPER .UaT HE CMOVReamt If by ft 1h? Ream* ft bf M jM * 3? by ? too " II by II loo " 'gt by ft If? M by f? II? If by 10? " a? by ? I? Ream 40 by 4? For ale in lot? to tail parthMrr*. bjr PEKSSE k BROOKS, mff per Wuahonoe.ll Liberty ?t. r E R A 42. J Statement. MunMiTTro i1y Mkim. Wwirri.*, Francis, and I'ottcih to the PatSIDtNT ce the united statfl. The undersigned, having been deputed by Simuel W. King, the (Jovei nor ol the State ot Khode (aland, to luy before yom the present alarming condition iu which the people of the State are pluct d. and to request from you the adoption of tuch prudential measures aa, in your opinion, may tend to proven* domestic violence, beg leave,mos* reapectfully, to state the following, among the leading facta,to which your attention is more pat tic ularly invited. That the people of Rhode Island have no fundamental law except the Charter of King Charles the Second, granted in 1(163, and the usuee of the Legislature tinda 1 it. Legislative Usage under their eh Hers has been decided by the Supreme Court ol the United States to be the fundamental law, both iu Connecticut and Rhode Island. That I rum the date of the Rhode Island Charter down to the year 1311, a period of nearly two hundred years no person has been allowed to vote far town or State officers unless possessed ot competent estates, and admitted free in the stveiai towns in u hich they resided. That since the statute of 1733, no person could be ail milled a freeman of any town unless ho owned a freehold state ol the value tixed by law, (now one hundred and thirty-lour Collars,) or was the eldest son of such a free holder. That, until the past year, na attempt has beeu made, to our knowledge, to establish any other fundamental law by force.thati the one under which the people have lived lor so long a period. That, at the January session of the Legislature in 1*41, p>t lion signed by five or six hundred malo inhabitants praying for such an extension of suffrage as the Lt gisluture might, in their wisdom deem expedient ta propose, was presented. That, thnt petition, as well as by other considerations, the Legislature at that session, requested the qualiUed voters, ar freeman, as they are called with us. to choose delegates at their regular town meetings to be holden in August, 1841, for a Convention to be hoideii in November, 1311, to frame a written constitution. Thai the result ef the last meeting ot this legal Convention, in February, 1641, was the Constitution accom pnnying this stati rnont, marked , which, in case ol its udo,tion by the people, would have been the supreme law of the State. Most of the above (acts are contained in the punted report of the numerous committee of the L> gislature at their session in March, 181'J, which report was adopted by the Legislature. 1 hut iii.May, 1841.alter said legal Convention hud neon proviil.-d for by the Legislature, and before the time appointed lor the choice of delegates by the quulified voter*, (August, 1841.) a mass meeting was held by the Irierida ot an exteusionof suffrage at Newport, at which meeting a committee was appointed called the State Committee,who wersjaathoi i/ed by said mass meeting to talce measures tor calling a Convention to frame a Constitution. That this Committee, thus authorized, issued a riquust for a meeting of tbu male citizens in the several towns,to ap|ioint delegates to the proposed convention. That meetings, of unqualified voters principally, (as we believe.) were accordingly holrien in the several towns, unauthorised by law, und contrary to the invariable custom and usage of the Statu from 1663 down to that period. That the aggregate votes appointing the delegates to that Convention was,according to theiroun estimate, about 7-300, whereas tho whole number of male citizeus,over twenty-one years ol age, alter making a deduction for foreigners, paupers, Icc. was, also according to their own estimatu, over 21,OuO. That this Convention, thus constituted, convened in Piovideuce in October, 1841, and the Constitution called the "People's Constitution*' was the result of their deliberations. Tnut at subsrquent meetings cf portions of the people in December 1841, by the authority of this Convention alone, (elected, as its delegatus had been, by about one third cf the voters,according to their standard of qualification,) all males over twenty-one years ol age were admitted to vote for the adoption of the People's Constitution. That these meetings were not under presiding officers whose legal dutjL or legal light it was to inteipose any check or restraint, as to age, residence, prcpeity or coior. By the fourteenth article of their constitution it was provided that" This constitution shall be submitted to the people for their adoption or rejection, on Monday the 27th of December next and on the two succeeding days " . . "And every person entitled to vote as aluresuid, who from sickness or other causes, may be unable to at tend and vote in the town or ward meetings, assembled for voting upon Mid Constitution, upon the days aforesaid, is requested to write bis name on u ticket, and to obtain the signature upon the buck of the same, of a person who has given in his vote, as a witness thereto. And the moderator or clerk of any town or ward meeting, convened for the purpose aioresaid, shall re oeivu such vote,on either of the thiee daya next sue ceedinglhe '.nree uayi Dtiore uumen, lor voting lor said Constitution.*" Duting the first three day s about nine thousand votes were received from the hands of the voters iu the open meetings. By the privilege granted to every and all the friends of the Constitution, ol bringing in to their meet, Inge the names of voters, during the three following days live thousand votes more were obtained, making an aggregate of ahcut fourteen thousand votes. This Constitution, thus originating and thus formed, was subsequently declared by this Convention to be the luprcme law of the land. By its provisions a government is to be organized under it, by the choice of a Governor, Lieut. Governor, Senators and (Representatives, on the Monday preceding the third Wednesday in Apiil, 1M2. By tha provisions rf the "Landholders' Constitution," as the legal Constitution it called, every white male native citizen, possessing the freehold qualification, and over 21 jrcers of age, may vote upon a residence of one year ; and without any freehold, may vote upon n residence of two years, except in the case of votes for town taxes, in which case the voter must possets the Ireehold qualification, or be taxed for other property of the value of *!j(i. By the " People's-' Conatitutien, "every white male citizen of the United States of the tge of twenty-oae year* who hat resided in this State for one year and in the town where he votes for six months," shall be permitted to vote, with the same exception as to voting for town taxes as is contained in the other Constitution. The provision therefore in relalion to the gieat subject in dispute, the elective franchise, is substantially the same in the two Constitutions. On the 21st, 2Id and 23d March last, tho legal Consti tution, by an act of the Legislature, was submitted to all the petaons, who by ita provisions would be entitled to vote under it, after its adoption, for their ratification. It was rejected by a majority of 676, the number of votes polled being over 16,000. It is believed that many freeholders voted against it because they were attached to the old form of government, and were ogainst any new Constitution whatever. Both parties used uncommon exertions to briDg all their votes to the polls, and the result of the vote was, under the scrutiny of opposing in. terests, iu legal town meetings, that the fiiendsoi the People's Constitution brought to the polls probably not over 7000 to 7600 voters. The whole vote against the legal Constitution was about S600. If we allow 1000 as the number of freeholders who vobd against the legal Constitution, because they are opposed to any Constitution, it would leave tho number ol the friends of the Ptople's Constitution 7600, or one third of the voters of the State under the new qualification proposed by either Constitution. It seems incredible that there can be 14,000 friends of the People's Constitution in the State, animated as they are by a mast extraordinary and enthusiastic feeling, and yetlupon this trial, in ,the usual open and fairway of voting, they .ahould have obtained but about 7600 votes. The unanimity of the stibsi quent action ol the legislature. comprehending a? it did both the great political parties, the House ot Representative* giving a vote of 60 in favor of maintainiag the existing government of the State and only six on the ether aide, with a unanimous rote in the Senate ; the nnanimoui and decided opinien of the Supreme Court declaring this extraordinary movement to tie illegal in all ita stages, a majority of that court tieingof thedemoeratic party, with other facts of a similar character, have freed this qneationof a mere party character, and enabled ua to present it as a great constitutional question. Without presuming to discuss the elementary fundamental principles of government, sse de? m It our duty to remind you of the fact that the exiating government of Rhode Island is Me government that adopted the Cansti. tution of the United States, became a member of this Confederacy, and has ever since been represented in the Senate and House of Representatives it is at this moment the existing government of Rhode Island, both de facto and de jure, and is the only government in that State entitled to the protection or (he Constitution of the United States. It iatbat government which now calls tapoa the general government for its interference ; and even if the legal effect of there being an ascertained majority of unqualified voters against the existing government was, as is contended for by the opposing party, yet, upon their own principle, ought not that majority in point of fact to be rlearly ascertained, not by assertion, but by pi oof. in order to jnstiry the general government in withdrawing its legal and moral inlucnce to prevent domestic violence 1 That a domestic wat of the most ferocious character will speedily ensue, unless prevented by a prompt expression of opinion here, cannot be doubted In relation to this we refer to the numerous resolutions passed at mretings of the friends of the People's Con?titntion, and more especially to the Cumber lend resolutions, herewith presented, and the attdaviti marked and to repeated expressions of similar reliance upon the judgment of the Chief Magistrate of the Nation. All wnico if reapcctiuiiy aarimiiien r.y JOHN WHIPPLE. JOHN BROWN KRANCIS, ELIHHA R. POTTER. President of the Unite,I State*. To hii excellency, JOHN TYLF.R, Iatiit from G?ra*riL ?(iu)iq<iil pip?ri to the 13th of Frbratry have been rcceiv-d. The date* from Lima are to the 24th of January Don Matraa Leon. Minister Plenipotentiary from Pern In the Republic of Ecuador, for the adjustment of differ encoe in reipect ta the boundary, and the payment nf the debt claimed by E uador from Pern, baa returned to Lima without aeemuplifhina bia object The closing corrnapondenee is rather tart. 1hare it no later intelligence concerning the Boliyian army ia the South of Peru LD. ? Frie* two Cants Theatrical and Miulctl, Hkahim'i Concert was remaikably well attended on Friday evening- He repeats it on Tuesday evening ne.\t, and introduces the popular song ol " Gallop on Gaily." This will b? hits last appearance. He is preparing to go to Cincinnati and the great West ih a few days. Wit Ijd ?This is a very amusing light comedy?some aood, some had bits in it?but altogeth. r worth seeing. Yet sirange to say, the houses are meagre. Saratoga.?We learn that the United States Hotel, at Saratoga, will open on the first of June It will be recollected that we published last winter an account of its conflagration?a vile hoax imposed upon ?.? by some egregious blockhead. This splendid hotel is now in a belter state of preparation than ever it has been. We are alto informed thai the Congress Fountain is perlectly renovated. The proprietor had a fresh excavation made down to the rock from which it springs. The funnel through which it has flowed for many years past has got decayed, and fresh water had been admitted. This was the cause of its deterioration of late years. X new apparatus has been put in to bring it from the rock, and the spiing bubbles up as fresh, strong, and energetic, as it did twenty years ago. Xiblo's Gakdejt.?This resort of fashion is in a state ol rapid preparation for the coining season. City Intelligence. Mori; Atlai Dawk CocsTcRreiTCRi.?Jack Williams I alias Knglish Jack, thief, pick pocket, burglar, Ac , and 1 Thomas Heury, recently from Blackwell's Island, entered the store of James Moort-head, 331 Orand street, yesterda'y morning where Williams offered a three dollar counterfeit note on the Atlas Bank of Boston to be changed. Mr. M. told him it was bad and that he must have known it before he offered it to him whim both rogues made preparation to mizzle. The cry of slop thief was raised aud both of them were arrested rnl placed in a cab for conveyance to the Police Office. Officer John Davis and Mr. John llrower entered the vehicle in company with Mr. Moorehead and the rogues, aud while proceeding to the Police Office, Williams snatched the note fiom Moorehead's hand and either swallowed it or threw it from the window of the cab. In the destruction oftbe note, his object was to prevent evidence suffi cieat to convict him, but unfortunately for his genius there are other complaints sufficient to pin him fast.? Henry may cscapp,as he alleges he met Jack by accident, aud on asking him to lend him some money, he consented, provided he would wait till he got the note changed, whi n they were both caught OrrosmuM to thi Bowkhv Thbatrk.?A young gang of boys of all colors, have recently opened a place for theatrical exhibitions in a cellar Under lot Green street, price of aumission, three cents. On Friday afternoon, Mr. Thephilus Tappan,of 8 Waverly Place enraged two colored boys to aid him in moving some of his furnitnre, and before night they both cleared themselves, carrying ortf ur pair ol boots and two silver tea spoons marked J 9. T. He gave notice at the Upper Polioe, and I in the evening, Justice Taylor and officer Parker visited ! the above named place of popular amusement "at re i ducedprices," and there lound one of the boys, named i James Green, snugly seated among an audience of about i fifty, comprised ot children Irom six years of age to old { men of sixty, and of all colors and sexes. The boy ! Green, was locked up but his partner haa not been caught., fcroLK s Pin 4xo Rax Away.?Yesterdav about " nigh twelve" a man named William Bryan, while patsing 34 Burling slip,shouldered a pig?oi lead?weighing s.ven tvfive pounds, and started off with it at a thief's pace.? He was arrested by William Fogal, the property restored to its owner, Samuel G. Cornell, and tne rogue deposited in limbo. Lirixo Pirs.?A wharf rat who says his 'name ia G' orgr Kimmins, while snooping along tke wharves > yesterday laid about twenty pounds of copper pipe upen his snouldrr that helanged to the ship America on the screw dock, and started to carry it to some fence" for hypothecation, when he was quietly, stopped and sent to the Tombs for meditation. I Bklp Stkaxs roit thf Police - A man who says his | name is Pete Williams?(not beef ite.k Pete, he's on the ! Island)?was arrested in the streets on Friday night by j one el the city watchmen, with about ferty pounds of . sirloin beef in his possession, supposed to have been stolon. The way the meat was cut up and eva|*rated while in the Tombs was a caution to butcher boys. The Police all eat steak to-.!ay. A Foitxdlixo ? A male child about three weeks old, dressed in a spotted purple calico frock and csp with lace edging very long, was found in the hall of the house ol toward Uard, No. 470 Water street, on Kriday night. He wri taken to the Police Office and from thence to the care of the Alma Houie Commissioner! where he waa chiiatened Oliver Twiat. Vcuisr. Broiise M?Two boy?, named John Rohinaon and Robert Burke, were caught nn Friday night in the net of burglnriously entering Ihe dwelling ol Mr. John Ilarriion. 197 Washington atreet. They were beth aent to the House of Refuge. Kirk ?The alarm yesterday about four o'clock proceed) d from the burning of the foundry corner of Lewis and Rivington streets, which waa fbut paitially injured. V. 9. Circuit Court. Before Judge Thompson. Amu. 16? The I'niltd Statu ri. H- SeMntr and Ifm. Jlardmz ?The defendants were master and first mate of the ship Henry Clay. The present trial has occupied two or three days. It was brought in pursuance of an indictment found by the Grand Jury .charging them with cruel and unusual conduct towards William Bonell, steward of the vessel, on a voyage from New Orleans to Cuba, thence to Europe. Bonell, it will be recollected, sned them in the Marine Court, a short time since, and ottsii a I a verdict in his favor for $3000 damages. The crew have separated since then,bat their testimony was taken de uene esse, and read on the present trial. In addition t? the evidence given in the Marine Court, that of Bonell himself, and also of the cabin boy were new presented.? Powerful eifort was made in their behalf bv counsel. After an ahsence of about in hour thi Jury returned i a verdict of not guilty. Forthe ITnitetf Statea, Ogilen Hoffman, Esq. Far defrndauts, (?dO. WiUou, Jas. T. Braly and F. B.Cutting, Esqta. [The verdict in the Marine Court haa been appealed from, and ia to be tried, we undcratand, in the U. S. Circuit Court, to-morrow. Later from Ttit??The ateamahip Neptune arrived at New Orleans, on the morning of the 7th inat., bringing llouatoa papers of the recond, and Galveatnn papera of the fourth- They contain nothing very important relative to the war with Mexico, except (hut ihe invasion by Arista with 14 000 men ia regarded an certain. The Texian forces are concentrating on the Colorado, and the I country ia full of volunteera. I On the morning of the 22d, two Mexicans rods i into Camp Blanoo, who were immediately taken aa j iii'-Jt ria identified aa being of Blaa Falcon's party, (robbers) engaged in tba murder of Col. Karnes, and hung. West Ixbia Mail*?Bark Arab, of Boston, haa been chartered at Havana, by the agent of the | British mail steam ship company, ta proceed to j Honduras with the mails, probably in consequence | of some deviation of the atcamahips DR. FAWCETT. Member of the royal college df si kGEONS of London and EdiuburgS, and of ihe Mrdic.l ] College of Fhiladelphia.eoi.fuiea hia prac'iee to a select branch > ol hiaprofeaaion. " Noeet emptadolore voluotaa " Dr. F ia encour ??d by the unifo m eucreas attendiiig hia i mode of treatment in the cure of venereal, sleets, strictures, I seminal wraknei* tad mercurial utf-ct ens, together with all j those other bad symptoms which uadrrmine Ihe c -ns ifulma I and lay the foundation of premature decay, either from m?l' treatireet or any other causa. In such per-anne the ai-peti'e is : generally dtfeeliv, and the relish for 'ifealmnst eRMued. j His mode of treatment is universally admire?his . bring plerasnt to the taste and amell. gently ae'rmges ihe fibre# I of the stomach aad gives that peeper it y, what a good dig'sI lion requires. His treatise i n constitutional or a-reoue dehi1 litv affoida very eite>#i?r observation*on seausl debility s<minal wrakneaa. and impotenry k ougM on by delwiw haftits al| it?attendant a, mptom* phisiol t ?" J! f.ev.'l" T h ta *ork can be obtained at hi'nffl-?, ias hullon ?t. * here the D dor can be consulted at all hours o| the n Letters post paid will re. rive unmrdialt attention. alt la't ? xtii MI broadway-the KREMLIN dining amd N nUPPrR HALOO.VR. on Ihe Trinity Ground, rorn-r of Thome* aid Breadwav -T he mbeetiber bege leave to inform forr. hantaand gentlemen ill it the above rstabliat ment ia now I mi suereistu"o^ ration; he weuld paet.enlyr y eall the .tie. I torn ol Ihoae geiitlrwen whoeeavocelioae compel tnem to dine the Pict thathr iipr>pared tofnrnoh tb-m with clioneee, choaen by rtemeelvee from the bill of fa-e of the .lav. (which w IF aiwuyi c|,rnpn?f a t inriy ni pun o* inr sen* oo. and in ?? -> 'men! ? f atlraat fifty Franrh and Italian pre p.r*dilMhe'.wifhd*a?ert, fee, par we.k; olhernaealato pmIort inn,prerarad at the hnrtaal uoine and at any hour. 1 hrrr will he ready e rh t?| o'cloek,arariety ?fluaenrnn deltrarim and rhoiea 'Our*. 1 b* Halnona wilt he np.n unlii 19 o'clock, P. M .until which lime ruppera il ay he obtain' d.e> mp-uidg carry rarity that the abundant mark' aofoiK eily offer. 'he u tdcriicnxl. in ioliriting the natrooare "r m-rchanla and veutlenen. p'ed*<? h mrelfiooae hw eeery effort to mad* Ihr 'aUhl'ahmeut "nana para I" in all it* apf> iattpenta. ad it ' ?'C'tn'tlly it in Ihr eonrmience and beauty of it* tormina. Tha aiibarrih*r*lao proa iia* that the economy of hiaehar?ra hall not h? tha laait al'raeUre feature of the Kr-m' a Dlritt aud fuiiprr Paloon*. JOHN COTTER, allltrc

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