Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 18, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 18, 1842 Page 1
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TH ?r*l a. UlbaU >. 9linl. NltW L'St. OS LlVn.KPOOL PACKKT8 I To ?nil fraa New i ,?rii . f i tSlh, hjJ Liverpool oq the tilth I ofeach month, 3$&l hjzL JBSt CH dm N EW Yoke. Ship ROSOIUS, t ? 'Umi In'in CiiiluM, iSth March. PJhiip SIDDONe. C.uimiu t. B. Cnhh, i&tn April. ShtpSHKKIDAN.Ciipt tin K. \ l)?-i r>?ur, J5th May. Ship UARRIOK, Captain VVm. Sktddy, UStk Jon*. H rdm LlvrarueL. Ship SHKRIDAN.t aptaiij K. A Depeyater, 1Mb March. Ship OARRICK,Captain w"> Skiddy.lJth April. Ship RtJsCllIS, <: aiuJoitu Collina, 13th .May. Ship SIUUONS, Captain K. U.Cobb, 13th June. Tlicaeahipa are all of the tiratclaaa, upward* of 1000 toni, built le the city of New York, with audi unproveaneut* am ceuibin* Cat ipccd with uuuaual comfort for paaacugera. Kvery ear* be* u taken I" the arranceii'ecitof theiraceoinmodationa. Tha price ofciaaaapehrnct m fl< U,f r which ample btore* will be provided. Thee* ehipa are commanded by ei|>erieuced raaaWr*. who will make every exertion to Rive general latiatac ^Neither the raptaim or owuert otfbeee ohipa will be retponai LI* for any letter*, porcela or wwU igeaaeiit by them, uulen re ful&r bill* of ladimmureeiltned Ihertlor. Tneehipaol tliielHr will iiereafter go armed, aud their pet u iarcouatructiou given them aecuntv not poeacaaed by any otiler Sit v caw la ?f war For frrightor i'Ha?ai;r .apply to K. K. COL.lT.NS L CO. M SooLh at .New York.crto WM.k J AS CROWN fc to^ Livcrpi*" Letter* by the packet* will be charged 18f ceutr per tingla pbeat AO centa per ounce, ud newapapera I rent each. nit NltWYOKa AND HAVKV. PACKtTbT " (SECOND LINK) jfe m m m Th^tup^if thia IiucwLlV here te^^ve New^^^n^n the (at and Havre on thi <(th o! each month a* follow* : > ?? .Vein York. FiomHavrt. Th* newabip ON+.I1JA, t tat March ( Uth April Capt. { tat July j I6tli Aaguat^ James Fuuch. t 1st NnTemner i mm December Mud baltimore, Clit April (' 'tS'ay rirt < 1st A'lKuat 116th Soptember Kdwird Funk. I i?? Oecember f 1,6th January AKin ITTICA ( lei May fiifithJuni *^Pr?nL < lit September \ 16th October J-d-kTiewitt t 1st January ( 16th February N?w *hip bT. NICOLAS, I lit June tuthJuly Cant \ let October < 16th November 1 n "p-u ( 1st February I 16th March ' The accommodation* of these ahip* are not aurpaaeed, com fcp.imr all that mar be retired for comfort. The pnee of eaEiIaNiAcr m $100, Passengers will be supplied with trerj Mmiuutr with the exception of wines and liquors. intended for these vessels will be forwarded b/the ubecribere, free from any other than the eatwusea actuallyi n^red on item. For ? ( Tontine Buildings. " ~ FOB NEW ORLEANS _ .u. uvnr vnuu i ivir. nv Psf IKTH kUUlBlANA Ativ LW" , &$$$> For&^etter aecoiiiinnilutioa of shippers, it ia intended to despatch a ship from this port on the let. 5th, 10th, 16th, 30th MM3&th of each month, commencing the 10th October, and sontinuiiig until May, wheu regular days will be appointed foi (he remainder of the year, whereby great delaya and disap nouitmenti will be prevented duiiug the auuimer month*. Tilt following ships will commenee tin* arraugaioaat Sk ?hip XAZOO.Capt.Cornell. I Ship OCONEE. Capt. Jackson | flhipMISSlSSIPPl.Capt.Hilliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Cant. HuoC ' Ship 9HAKSPEARE, Cant. Miner f Ship GASTON. Cant Latham. Ship HUNTSVlLLE, Capt. Mwnf rd. I Ship QCMULOEE, Capt Leaeitt. Ship NASHAALLE,Capt. Dickinst n. Ship MEMPHIS, Capt. Knight. Ship LOUISA, ' aiit. Mulford. f These ehipe were all built in the city of New York, expressif for packets, are of a light draft ol water, hare recently been Mek coppered and put in splendid nrcer, with iccoinmodation* for pbeengers unequalled for co ntorC They are commanded Vy experienced masters, who will mage every exertion to give Moeral aatielactiou. They will at a Li times b* towed up and Sawn the Mississippi by steamboats Neither the owners or captains eftheseshipe will be ree poindEfur jewelry, builion.preeioue ?tones, silver, or plated ware, or any lattere,paioelor package, sent by or put * t,board of in, unless regular bills of lading ar* taken fortnesame, and tyiui therein rr'>r"???o fortnight or passage . apply to TC. K. COLLINS fc CO.MSouth ft.,or HULLIN k WOODRUFF, Afenl in New OHjens,who will prmnpUy forward all goodsto hie address. The ships of this line are warranted to sail uunetus/ly as <M oertwed, and great care will be taken to have the goods correct >r measured. ay 0_ .iikW tUtta ANil NCWAItk. fur* reduced to *3 cents. From the foot of CoerUaudtitreet, New York(Every day?Sunday a excepted.) Leave* New York. Leave Newark At* A.M Att P.M. At 7J A.M. At It PM It do 4 do t do li do 4| do lit do ? do f d# 10 do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot ol Liberty atreet. Leave New York. Leave Newark. At A M and 4} P.M. At 1 P. M. and 10 P.M. ffEW YORK. JEi.IZABKTHTOWN. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUN8W*lK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty *treet .daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunrwiek. At A. M. At T( A. M. 4J P.M. 1 p. M. gOMER VILLK atase* connect with theae line*each way. Fare between New York and SnmerviHe, 50 cent*. Do do Now Brnwrwiok, 75 emu. p.! way i Meenia. Elitabethtown, M cenU. The fare in the 74 A. M. tram from New Bnmewiek, and 4| f ||. train from New York, ha* been reduced between New York and New Brum wick to 50 cenU. " and Rehway t# 57t " The P.tiladelphiu m?il>iue perithrough NawBrunawick for Now York every evenin*. at lo'cUck. On Sunday*the Tt A.M. tripfroin NawBrunawick it omit Pa**eoferf who procure their ticketaat the tiekatofBea.roOWve aferry ticketrratia. Ttcketeare received by theennduetoi an*v oo the day when purch*aed febl 1 lie* ntFK4ltTf^"0H TM, Prom PHILADELPHIA eta THE PHILADELPHIA. WIL.MINC4 TON. AND BALTIMORE RMLHOAD C OMPANY. Freight! rortnc v*?!i ?nu n??uwi uc ??? from ihe tran?p< rration trffk* cf the Company, No. I Dock at Merchant! are r?p*ctM1y informed that all good! conMgned to the company will be forwarded with the utmoit diapatch to any pot it weet or ennth. Freight reach** Baltimore the iame dry it reave* Phila**TFhe*rnail line for th'writ and aooth leave* Do<h (treet dailv at half-paat *n o'clock A.M. by eteambeat HUBERT MORRIS. pa**enger* will retch Baltimore at ? o'clock, two hour* oreviou* to the departure of the l-niue f?r the eoulhweit. ^ W . L. A 8HM EAD, A gent. Philadelphia, March*. IM9. mltlm RailRoad miTm e. MARKET ANDIKHLIOHT LINE. NEW BRUNSWICK AND NEW YORE rpHE NEWJEK8.-Y Rai.road and Tranaportation fom1 pany have eitehluhrd e Friight Line between New truDfv* ick and New York, which they intend to ran p*imaLeavin* New brunawick at 5 A M. daily, (Sunday* ei epted) and the foot ol Liberty *ticet. New Yotk. a 3 P.M. To country dealer* and mercnai I* the above line te very dearable for the ai>eedy and cheap conrrvanee ef merrhaudive of every dracription. and more particularly to Drover* aud Dealer* in Liv* Slock, who can have I5u head of cattle eouoevei between New Bruutwick and New \ ork, the tame day, whrm ver required. The rate* Tor th' tranaportation ol cattle, hone*, mule*, keep, hega, lie..ami all other kindi of merchandioe are very low, never exceeding *teaiohoatpi ice*. Merch and ice lent Tiy tin* line i* not * objected to any eitra chaagr in crowing the North River. Toe < ompan' have fir ted up a large atorehouie at New Bruniwick adjoining trie Railroad Depot, which will alway* be open for the reception of merchant) ne. Faa.mgrr*, puechaaing their tickcaa at the ticket aflire*. wtHrr-ulee ferry ticUr U grat i?. ml4 3m* ITHKIUHT uiu PAMieirwrrrifBUflO. 33D. jil3 BIN ?i HAM'S LINK. Tho proprietor! of Blwrhama Traoaportatien Line to Pittakar|[. pre notice lothe Merc haul a of New York, and all other neraooa a lift ing to the Wcat, that thnr line ta eon ta actire iperatlon. UixmIo coniuued 10 th?m (or aeot to go in their KM.) will be forwarded withii' apatch. Owneraor ahipoera of gooda. declined for the Wee tern Btatea, who aee no ageot or tnwirwe at Pittaburg, will ptcaae coaaign their g?oda to William Bingham, Pittaburg. who will attend to ahip^mg all auch eouoigamenta without i^UJVK* ln*rk d on each package For rntaa of frajghli which are aa low aa any other lino. Apply to WM. 1 YSON, Agent, No S Weetatreet. ifcl-iaita Piw No. ?, N. 1L H. B,?Paaaengera forwarded to P.ltoburg and PotUnlle, (very day, Sunday a eecrpted. Refer to R, Crooka, American For Co. ; g. T. Nicoll, Brent etreet: rtielpa. Dodge It Ci. Fulton otreat: Suydam, Sage bt a; Win KauMu. Duryee kCo .Newa>k' mi 1m ITATM.N ISLAND ?&&>. CySdSf Fool of Whitehall atrMt-dwal^^Sl N ISLANDF-R, SAMSON, Captain Du< al, will mu i follow, until further bearer Staten Dined Laaeea Whitehall At o'clock aw. At I o'eloak aja "u " ,;>? z " .. , .. v K w t en . M w H a M .. (| .. .. ? M " N. B. All gooda ahipped are require.I to be particularly _.u..a ... I ... . ,.l IL. ,l - i\ roWKLL ft CO -8 LlSlT t^OK Vr.WBUROR, landing at ( ALU KZ^jtg-WRLI. 9, VVEHT POINT AND COLD aCp?i-CCtsPRlN<l-Th. eteainboat HIGHLANDER Cept. Iljliert Wurdrop, will l?<tve the fool of Warren street *?w York,every Monday. Ttvi vjay and Saturday afternoon'! at I o'elooft. Returning,the Hiih.aufCr will i?a?e .aewbrrgl< rorery Monday morning * * n't'nr.k am. I ueeday and Yndrr afternoon at I o'clock. fretah' pr j to the Captain en hoard. B. At I baggage and freight of every description. hai I belli or specie, put on board this boat, must be at the nakoftti .wuers thereof.nnleee a hill nflading orrrreiptiesigned f< i tra earns ?ei XRg- FOR LIVBRPWiL, with despatch?'ibeeelendic flffvAl ml ling atiip KCHll. Richard 8i,|, maeier jBnpC?tll tail *a above. For freight or ruaage, hiring superior aecoonaodatioua,apply to ilLOVER ft MeMURRAT, all IM Pine, corner of South, or to E NE JN LIFE BOAT ASSOCIATION, FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PATBNT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE mil CITY HOTEL. NOTICE ru BUYERS OF CABINET FURNITURE. THE subscriber wouLI invite the atteotion of thoae wwhlug t? purchase articlea'iti the above business, to his establishment, where ia to t?e (ouud a neh asaertiaent of Hoaeweod and Mahogany Furniture, of French and other patterns, tome of which arr not to be found elsewhere, being entirely original. Also, h.tidanme rich gilt Cornices for windows, Poles and Kings: toget'ierw itli Damasks, Galloons and Taintela, and every* article attached to curtains, which will be made id the l itest si yle frost patterns 1 ately received. N B. Partirniar attention ; o to the fi<tiug on of Ottomans, Fire Sereeuj, and other fancy articles, wuh eiubroid ered tapestry. WASHINGTON MEEKS, 41 Mm >15 Broadway, next tF* cait feting, uakpeTi \G. T^HE Subscriber ia now canine his Sy?n? assortment of * Carpeting, consisting of Brussels, three ply. anreifiue and nriF Ingram: an .ounrto.ent n it m-rpnssta iu mi* . ny lor variety <if styles, fi-iing. Sic These fio .ill have bteu op. dared expressly lor t ie A.<n g 'rade. The imlut ri't ha* been observed in uiaki g (election* ol such goova a* can be confidently ecommeuued lor durability and permanency of Color*! *ic. Aloo.alarcc aa?-irim-:it of the different k'mls of Hall and 8tan Cartel ml! Tuft-d door Rugs. Door Man, he. Also a liuu. a one assortment of Painted Floor Cloth*, all width*. Families about purchasing any of the above described good*arc respectfully invited to call. CHARLES HICKS, mIR lm' T* East Brnadwav.Tl l)i*'mno-s?. FASHIONABLE TAlLURING ESTABLISHMENT. At the fashionable tailoring k-taBL1SHMENT, 108 Beekman street.near Pearl. Gentlemen who are now or formerly have been paying extra vagant prieee for 'heir clothing,are aaaurcd that they need do *o no more, as the sube riber will guirantee to all who pa| tronise him. a haad oioe fit, a fashionable ilylc and eicsllcat. material*, al the following in iderate price*? Sup. West of Eng. Wool-dyed, black, blue,or green drese coal*. $15 to $2-1 Pants, double milled do black, plaid, and fancy cuss., $5 to $8 50. Veete?Fineea*hmrre,aaim,and all kind*, $1 to $5. ( oat* made ami rimmed in a luperior manner, Irom $7 to $8,50; Vents, $1,50 to $8; Pants,$l,50to $1. ? _ a4 lm* J JOHN M9FFATSEBRING'S CORDIAL, TNDIGE9 I'lu-N.?A* thia ia a very comn on complaint, in a the pre?cnt day whatever tend* to allrviate it i* of public imjor ance Foi the information of tho?e affected with it, we publish the followiug recommendation* of a Restorative Cordial for it*e?re:? C, C. Si BKisr,, E>^ Dux Sir At tour regueet, I have examined the medicine* of which i o?r Cerdia1 I- composed, and have no hesitation in a lying that they are of the best olati of tonics: and in the manner prepared ov you. will prove highly beneficial in Dyapepeia, and many other disease* of general debility. Yours, Ac. P PRATT, M. ?. No. 88 Liberty street. I concur in the above recommendation of Dr. Pratt. THOMAS BOYD, M. D., No 881 Fourth street. Sabring'*Restorative Cordial iesold at 182 Fulton street,at $1 per bottle. mil I in* DR. JOSEPH EVANS, GRAND RESTORATIVE SYRUP, v or in' cure *1 every lormoi unci' arising troia THE IMPURITY OK THE BLAOO, CAUSED by the vital u g? a becoming derang-d and enfeebled by hereditary complaint*, and exhaustion of the system, and other dis-<ae*. vz 8er fnla or King's Evil. T mora and swellings in the neck, second tr, ay mot now < f 81 phi In. or the conatila ioual form of the Veaenal Disease, Ulc'rs. utceraieo aore Throat P.lste he Ulcera en the Shins. and other rartui I the body. Diacaaa of the bonea, pains, spellings, and u'eeraticcs o'? the hoaee, swellings of the ioints, while awell>u;a, an1-. Cancer*, r skin diseas-a, aalt rheuin; ringworm. scaly eruptiona. jrproay. itch, acald h ad. pimpiea. cracking aud 'marling of the akin, tetter, and all kinva of surra Longstanding anarcctolore incurable fever aorea; rheumatism, gout, liver complaint, and all diseases caused by au imi>roj>er uaeof mercurv, local and constitutional debil' y or vresknesa, kou trrhoe i gleet Irucorrhoet or whites, gravel. Itc., or when ihe aya etn has been exhausted by secret aeniuality in youth, inlempe auee, long standi g debilitating disecaas, loi g residence ui southern climates, and other debiii tatmg causes. This invaluable medicine baa been employed by the proprietor in an eitensi eprivale ,nd hospilal practice, both ia Europe aud Americ f tr the las' forty years during which time he hai cureel oeer SSOO piti'Hta, who wer- -fllicted with tome of the moat loalheotn- and destructive f >rmsor ds-ase. many of whom are nw living, and ready to testify t* the eficaey of I this medicine Iteme# ky giving tone te the nerves, exhi Wat ing the spirits, r> guUliug the circulation, invigorating and exciting the vi'al O'gmato mat.iral and healtny action'and mus catiiu gall impurities o be eapelled from the system, and creating the secretion ofperfeetlj pure and healthv blood. Price $1 i*r bottle. Korsale only at the Private Keaide nee No. 4'TUreeawich air et. t*o doors above Canal street. mat km 30 ODD YEARS AF EXPERIENCE in the scientific practice of curing cer" * tain diseases, h ive enabltd Dr LAUREL, of No. lOiCa al street, to eradicate those diaeasee in question, whether new,old, or Inveterate, in less than hall the time employed by theiominon doctor*, who poison Lheir patients with mercury, capivy, nitre. cubebs,fce. N. B.? dtrangere are apprised that Dr. L. ie a regular physician of the med cal facu'ty of Paris, also graduated in the U. States, as can be nr. ved ny his diplomas mat 1 m* PIANO FORTES. OOUTHEKN D?Al> RS and purchasers centrally will O And it 10 tliei r advantage to call and ?i amine a cho ice assortment of theebovi ar'iclc, comprising a variety of a and (I octaves, of ro'ewood and niahotanr, with grand act ion, scroll stand", and every modern improvement. 1'hese ins'rwincots are warranted to b equal to any iu the eity, aid will be sold at the lowest pns-ible prices for cash, at the manufactory, tt West Feurteeu'h a'reet, lietwe- n Filth and Smh avenues. N.B.?Puiio Fortes for Hire? V good assortment of piano fortes for hire at the m mnfactTy. ?T 3o> SOMETHING NEW LEUK'd HARDEN 49 Uowery.?The undersigned takes this opior.u nty to inform hie friends at d tne public that he has ep*Dtd a Oa d?n and Saloon at 49 Bowery, where he would he harpy to receive their calls. Hie Saloon w ill be constantly supplied with ihe choicest and best of Fruits, Confectionary, C< ffrr. Ice Creauia, Lem mads and Soda that the city affoids F-ery atte >fon will ne aiveu au his put to makt this Oarden and 8.,loon a pl> asant aud agreeable resort to lilt ladies and gentlemen who may favor hem with a call. al4 lm"e H. Lk.UK, 49 Bowery. CARPETING, &C. CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. TONES h MARLY, lot Bowery, New York, are now real ceiving their spring supply of Carpeting, Oil Clotha. Window Shades,D-uggna, H- rth Hugs, Door Mats, Table and Piano O vers Stair Rods lie He. Among their good- are m my new and rich patterns of English and American mei u'aciure, which eannet be exceeded for beauty, quality and rbeapnres in the city. I'rrsona about fur uthing their houses arc invited to giva us a call. I. F. JONES, a4 ltn* L. MARLY. CRE \M ?CREAM?CREAM. S'ill the Cities widely teem With praise of Rut i Verbena Cream? The finest Sliimg Co pound known, hirperienee has clearly shown. ''1 is so skil'ully prepared Tosofieo e'en the roi ghe-t heard. That a dull raior'a edge b- stows A keenness thai the tharpert knows. 'Tia pure, ard pleasant, choice and cheapWill in every clim .t? keep? Makea it a uieasiug t isk to shave, Ai.d will both lintearid trouble save. Prepared and sold hy C H KINO, 63 Fulton street; Gas* ctt 444 Ur .ntwsy. and 4S9 Bro dway. mSl 1m" fiFlV RPAf. AfiFlVrV THK SUBSCRIBER li.,s t ken the (tore 7S Fulton street, B'O klyn, for the rAe of the moat approved genuine pa tent and family med.cinea, perfumery fuicy ir'iclc?,lu. Ma1 ufac'urera and proprietor* cf aneh artices. or of any thing else, who wi?h lor a . active, Stirling agent to dispose of their productions, wilt And sue). an one ia the person of the subscriber. 8 J STRWART. 75 Fulton at., Brooklyn For aale, moat of the approard family medieinea. Per tons purchasing htre nay rely on '.blaming genuine article. ^ oKLLIMi UKF-8HAKC k FKRGUSON M Hudsoa at. O arc tailing "d their entire atock ol dry gooda. at and leas than coat. AH 'herefore who are io want of dry gooda can obtain them of u? much leaa than at any other placo in the city, ts it is our object to sell our entire atock belorethe first of May. NOTK'F.?The copartnership heretofore eiiatiaf under the firm of SHARP k F F.HOUBON, ia thia <?y di?s?lvtd ky mutual aonarnt. All thoae hseim elaiira agaiaat esid fi m are requested tipret' nt the same for pay sent, and all indebted to make paymeut of the Sana to either of the und<raigned. H Hudaon atrret N.w York. April Jth, > ?. ROBVRT SHARp JAMF.8 FF.HOIISON - r#fcr ph. tic early?medicine comrotoo late. When the d'urur hecumea inveterate " T)KCOMM F.NPF.P he the Farnlty-VA NCR'S ANT1 lv B1I.IOU8 FAMILY APERIENT PILLS-By long Brnmce three pills hart heeu proved Wy thousands to be beat and safest Family Mtdiciue hitherto discovered. At iH ara?ona af the year they will be fcund ?ery valuable to aM ?ho wish to arcurr thrmtwdvre agvin.4 ailhn as They are Jfte sa?e for children ae f ran? period of life, and require no ttra aitentiea to diet ?r t i clothing, bilious and /irei runplaints, dy^epaia or indigestion, nrreoia dtsnase*. sick hradac/te and iu faci all riiaraaea aiiaiqg from an impure state of rhc hi ?.d or a disordered state of the stomach or bowels, are speedily removed by taking them They prerent scurvy toolitem as and its conaequencea?therefore seafaring men ahou.d be wuhoiit them. Time or climate affects them not. Tw-' rr thread .sea will convince the patient of their ealu. ?4* stomach will readily regainita atrtngth, fiirilL-L-J1!.*?(,'u 7"!bowels will speedily lake place and renewed health and vi?oi of body and mind will be the re r "i.?*..-fTuTi T,r,T*' 10 !*C,J nof be summed up-ua a mrdicirir wh ch atrrrgihena the feeble aud consolidates llie i ""r f ^ \ I f?"yi Ld b*,rr,ar"1 of inlinite value to fer.' h -T: r '^3. *cf"r<,,n? ?" ?b# directions), who winh to be f fr< m ?i? kness. Trie 1ft and SO ? per bo*. For anii. wh den le aud re ail, by Wm. Watson Anothe I L it! arme. alraet; Smith corner of |fult?? and H ater ata, NowtlL IP Bowery ; Balgrove, druggist Fulton ! " hrooalyn. rllim" o I'KA W W K APfLN't?lOfig re. mo ere wn straw wrappi.g I O ar ncrlleut article, ju-t received and fnrsal* by \ ? WWQStlfq ? i 4nfi,(WO La torn* fie|an, T ANDKD from ling Onto, from Ha??aa, of superior qutli Li iy, for a Je in lota to suit purehaetra, at reasonable pnees alt lm* by M. RADER, 41 Chatham at. ^ W YG IEW YORK. MONDAY permanent establishment. iN NEW YORK MONB. MALLAN fc SON*. Surgeon Dentists, No. 37-J Broad wuy, aud at London and Pari* .nlortn the Publico! Now Voir, and its vicinity, that inconsequence ol their very extensive practice, they have, at length, been induced to op. n a Perm incut Establishment, where thpy may be consulted at No. 37'i Broadway between Franklm and White streets, in all rases appertaining te their profession, in which they huvr breu so aucessfnl, in conn quence of their celebrated discoveries laid improvements in the art ol Dentistry. Mods. Mallan returns thanks lor the very liberal pat ronage he has received, and continues to receive, pur ticularly to llio Medical prolission of New York, for tluir kind recommendations, and advocating Mens. M.'s improvement in Dentristy. CELEBRATED MINERAL KOR FILLING DECAYED TEETH! Mons M. continues to restore decayed Teeth,however largeor small the cavity ; nut in.; a stutrp into a sound Tool It, instantly curing the Tooth, however pe.inlul or sensitive, matching in point of color, the natural cortex or enamel of the Tooth. They never break or become loose?thpy have no unnatural (floss?are firmly fixed without wires or ligatures?no balky substance in the mouth?and in every particular resemble the adjoining Teeth, in conformity of shape an l niinutvst shade of color. Placed from one to a complete s.-t, upon the abovu imprrved and scientific principle, they are guaranteed to uuswer every purpose ol MusticatioD ard Articulation. LOOSE TEETH securely and effectually fattened.arising either from the use of medicines or anv other cause. ARTIFICIAL PALATES replaced upon asitreand scientific method. TO THE PUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES. Monsieur Malion is happy in being enabled to announce that hy the kind consent of Turee Hundred of the first families of the United State?, consisting of the first Merchants, Medical prafession, Clergy and private Citizens, to whom he can refer us to the superiority of Mons M.'s celrbratad Minersl in preferenteto any ether they have ever tried, and, iu their opinica,the beat that evercame linden heir notice. His other improvements need no comment. INVALIDS Altendedby Mons. Mallan, Janr., at their own Establishment. THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC are particularly invited to pay Mons Mallan a visit, to see the specimens of his new discoveries in Dentistry. j TESTIMONIALS. Mons Mallan: Uuebec.May 8th.1841. i Dear^ir,?Afterhaving tried the Aruhcial leeth which you made for me, 1 cannot do ] ou lent justice than to acknowledge with pleasure my entire satisfaction. I beg to aaythey answerevery purpoeeof aaticatiou and Articulation equal to those placed by thehan la of nature. They eo cloeely reeeinblethe uaturalonea in the ininuieat shade of color and ahape,that they are notdiacerned aa being artificial by thecloaeat observers Your celetvrated invention for filling decayed teeth, lean give adecider opidionof its valuable qualities. You may use this letter in any way you thiuk proper, for the benefit of the public and yourself. 1 am.drarair,yours truly, THOS. EARqUfcS, Manuel Carme 1st. To Mom. Mallaii, Surgeon Dentist. 372 Broadway, Thisgentlemauit known at 111 Broadway,and at Trine Ward fcKinc'a. MON8. MALLAN, STaBreadway. SIR?I feelit a pleaaure to be able to offer you my testimony in behalf of your celebrated mineral. During iny late residence in Paris Icalled at vour establishment in the Rue Caatiglione. and having had some teeth filled with your mineral, I can ouly eay that I hare had every reason to be satisfied with itsutilityand value, and neverin the least degree experienced any inconvenience or injury from its effects in any manner whatever.?During my visit to Modi Mallan 1 saw several testimonials of the highest character, all expressing the fulleet confithDce in its great benefit ondvalne. As far ae l am enabled to judge, I considered it then,and etill consider it,,o be the best preparation of tire kinei ever offered to the publie. 1 am, sir .respectfully, yourobeditnt servant. VANBUROH LIVINGSTON. Rl? Oreenwichatreet.near Fort(Jeusevoort. New York,May st.IMI. Mons MALLAN !c SON i. Surgeon Dentists, may be e'jnsulted daily at 373 Broadway between Franklin and Whit ate..east eiue. mtS Im* CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. 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O ye of tender chins and tough beards. answer th* above by bringing a dull p ir of Rut'ire, and teat for vouraelvea he trutha r i the certificate! of the moil icien'ilie gentleman 10 the country, via: Prcfesaor Griacom, Dr. Mo'l.Gtn. J TsPmadge and othrra. O S \UNl)EK9,sole inventor aud manofaeturerof the metallie Tablet Kazor strop, with lour aidea. 163 Broadway, msalm* FORTHE FACE AND SKIN. AMONG the many and v.t'ioua Cosmetics that are offered to the public for b-au ifyiug the cnmpleaion, at d removing yery eruptiou from the ' ee. none can be so eonfiJently recommends as Church's Vegetable Loll an It impa'te a delicateam o hneaa to the eomp en n, and effectually removes pimples, blotches, tan, t'recklea. ringworms, and all o.her cutaneous e uptions and disc Imatiniii Pric- 75 centa per bottle?aoldat Chu*ch a Dispensary, IN Bo wert, corner of Spri >g street. Agruta?E. W. Bull, H.rt ford; C. fc N. W. Simmo a. Pine, Corner of Fourth atreet, PhUad.Iphia; charlea Steaur. nughk eepaie. mg? I m* DOCTOR PROVOST. COMk' individuals writeagaioat the nee of ba'aam eopaivy, id eubebi.nitre, camphor.mineral astringent*, kc kc., in the cure of Secret cta?aaea. but that the wo-id knows >h?t the above n?ined medicine* will and havecured those diseases, ia bryon ' a doubt It is perfect follv to denr that fact. Butthat it r> quires a professional mtn, and a man of skill in hia profession, to know wh'-n and[how to give those medicines, is equally as obvious to men o( minda. 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The rriere of the furnrce will admit a boiler mi storing an Sails, or fif ten gallons and by the use of the di-ision plete, rttlea an na tie for Polling fear different tlslies; in additi -n to all this,two 'owls or a laige piece of meat inav be roas'rd in frant. and all done with less liian rents per day, for proof of which we rtfer to those who have used lh>m. FISK'S Slove -b ishmcnt. 1(1 Water Read the follow ing certiBcatea, in addition to which orer two hundred may he ?een hy eatlr tr at the etore, KISK'S store Vetab'iahmr nt. 901 Water atreet New Yolv. 54 Fourth slrest, tth April. 1841. Mieart Fiak. 101 Water atreet?An oug the variety of ?tove? wrich hare come to my notice, the one I purrhared t'rvtn you nierita a decides preference I her* u-ei it during 41 the *e*c?ua. w >uld nv ?t cheerfully recommend it to the public a? in mr opinion luecept'ble of n< improtenunt for eimplicity or economy. and worthy of more praite than can bt appreciated without i trial of it I am, with reipeet, y ouep. It \ A PERKINS. Paator of theBereau ( Baiiiat)Church. Mr. Flak, f0? Water atreet?The Bummer Store which I purrhaaed of y on 1 let spring, I hare had la uie till no w, and no on-, wi'hont trial. ? <iu*<l believe the am"u?t of cooking that m <y >e done by it, rr i?? economy Suffice it to lay. that with ocean on ally an eitra See, we h <rr cooked for from 15 to 35 preone.withenough leaafael to aarc more than the price of the atore. MRS. BUEL, 63 Fulton etrcet. March 95,1941. alS lit DR. FAVVCETT, ttyfRMBKK t?r THE ROY\L COLLEGE t>F 8URIri OEONS of Loadoa and Edtnburga, and of the Medical Colhge or Pluladelpliii.coiifuea hia practice to a aelect branch ol hia profession. " Noeet emptadolore roluplae " Dr. F ii encouraged by toe unifo m aucreta attending hia mode of treatment in the cure of renereal, gleets, atrieteree, aem'ual weakne and mercurial aff-ct ?n?, together with ail thoaent ,erbMavmptorra which undermine the r >na itutroa and lay the fv.u of premature decay, either ftom mattreatment or any other cauae Ioauch p?raooa the appetite m generally defectirr, and the relish for 'ife almmt aahdurd. Hia mode of tfe?*ment ia onireraelly admired?hie m-db iocs bring pier a.nt to the taele ai d smell, gently aelrmgra tl e llbrea of the stomach aedgiveatnat proper l*e>ity,what ag->oddigeelion requires. ilia trratiee n conetitutional urn rr ma debility alforda ?ery nrtestire observations on aei ial d-hilitv u mm*I weakness. aad uniaitency * ought on by delusive habits? a'l lUattrnoant a mptome phiaiol fcally Tin* ?ork tan be obtained at hie otic, IM Fulton ?t. htr? th* D <etor can be ronaulted at all houre ol the day and n jpt. LeUera noet paid will r? ei?e immediate attention, at* im't xj o.i it 6 ho auWa If - THE KREMLIN DINf No A N D IN et'Pl*l II SALOON"*, on the Trinity Grouud. eorn?r of Tharoet a?.d Broadway ?The luhee-iber heya l.areto inform inerth^ntaand genrltmen ihat the above establishment it now in meet tlal oirratiou; he would particular y eall the atten tioo of tho? yenilentn whoacavoeatione compel litem to dine downtown to the fart that he it prepared to furnish th?m wim dinners, rhoam by theirii-ltrn from the bill of fare of the day, which ? il alwura e impriae a t irieiy of toupt, Cah o> the naaon, ami an a*im> intent ?f at leaat fifty French and Italian preprred dirhe?, wi'k deevert, ke, rer week; other meal* iu projortion.prei artd ai Ih ahorteat aolire aod at any hour. Thv r? w ill be ready e-ch day. at 10| o'clock, a variety of luncheon deliraeie1 and choice eoupa 'I lie Baiooni wil' b? open nntil II o'clock, P. M .until which time tuppera " ay be ohtamed.comp'uing eeery rarity thrithe abundant marki'tofour eiljr offer. he ti deriiniird, in aoliriting the pa'rooare of merrhinta ar.d yentlen.en p'edcf a hiBiarlf to uae hit every effort to made the <a"a*d aliment a vna part l~ in all il a app inline ate. * it | i 0'Treer dl> i in the convenience and beauty of ila loraiioa. The ntibacr b r ?l?n proniita that the eeonomy of hiaeheryi 1 rhall not be th? leaat al>ractiv* featnreof the Knnvn Dining and "nope r Saloons. JOHN COTTER. Ultwc AthoNlli; n I'l El. I ? i.E'P.? ? hteapaciona aril wef known eatabliilnvn', ait'iatcd in Broadway near the Bat 'try, w>11 bt let for one or mora ytara, poaaeaaiwB lobe ciret on the first day of May r?it Benr rrnoerate Apply to LIV. LIVI -TON, ?If I We No.? Wall timet. IRK I fnn\TT\m A TiDTf io IO/ luititilriur, aiiuu io, VERY IMPORTANT. SIXTEEN DA YS LATER INTELLIGENCE FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE GREAT WESTERN. Debate and Speech on Peel's New Flnnnclal and Commercial Policy?The Conspiracy In | Brussels?Four Sentenced to Death?Arrival of Four Special Messengers with Important Dc( patches to this Country?The <?ueen of Portugal delivered of a SonMarkets?Lord Aberdeen's last Reply to Mr. Stevenson's Note, given to Mr Everett ?Departure of Troops for India?Four Regiments ordered home from Canada?Sul. elde of the Uarl of Munster?Increase of the British Army?Deaths?Theatricals? Literary, Ac Ac. The Great Western arrived for the first time this year in our harbor yesterday. She left Bristol April 2. She brings 70 passengers and a large mixed cargo. The Western brought us full files toApril2d inclusive, for which we sincerely thank Capt Hosken. The Oxford arrived cut safe, with Sir Allan M'Nab, in IS daya. The Rochester, Garrick and England had arrived out after very short passages. The Sheffield, Captain Allen, arrived out in sixteen days, carrying the first news of the discharge of Hoean. The Patrick Henry arrived out in 19 days. The steamship Acadia arrived out March 25th. The British Queen leaves Antwerp on the 4th of May. Right or Search ?In another column will be found Lord Aberdeen's reply to Mr. Stevenson's last note; which, as Mr. S had laft the country,was sent by Lord Aberdeen to Mr. Everett, our Minister There has been no division yet on Sir Robert Peel's new plan of an income and property tax. In the House of Commons, on the 21th of March, he said that he should drive it through as fast as possible. Sir K. Peel said, that on Monday, the 4'h of April, at five o'clock, he should proceed with the Exchequer bills Commissioners Bill. There would not, probably, be a very long discussion, but he pro posed to give that bill preference, on account of the interest felt by private parties in it. After that he wished to go on with his resolutions On Tueeday, he wished that the House would go into committee on the Corn Bill, as he wished, as quickly as possible, to obtain the sense of the house UDon the provisions ef it. in order that it miirht be sent to the House of Lords. Oa Friday he should proceed with the resolutions. Arhival or Messengers with Despatches.? Among the passengers by the Great Western weie the following special messengersCaptain Wright has Dispatches for Lord Ackburtnn. Mr. Hillard has Despatches from the American Minister ia London. Mr. De Vereigne has Despatches for the French Minister at Washington. Mr- Moulton has Despatches from the American Minister at Paris. For the old conspiracy at Brussels agalbst the government. Vaudermeer, Vandermieeen, Vanlathem, and Verpraet, were candemned to die. The Liverpool Mail says that Sir Robert Peel's financial propositions have been received most favorably throughout the country. The measure was being discussed throughout the country, and deputations had been sent up from Bristol against it. Corn has advanced Is per quarter. English Funds are improviug. In Cotton prices remain steady. Louis Phillippe is said to be sick of the dropsy. Nothing later from ChinaThe 7d:h Highlanders have left for India. Junction of the Atlantic with the Pacitic Ocean.?Gieal exertion- are now making in London to bring this matter about immediately, if nut sooner. The Great Wester* ?This princely steamer sails today tor >ew York, ine ureal we&iern lakes out about seventy passengers, among whom is His Excellency M. Baraigne, the French Ambassador to the United States. Such is the general stagnation of trade, that she is freighted with less than her usual cargo, in debentures and principally cotton goods.?MrMol paptr. 1 he Queen, Court, Ac. The Queen, Albert and the babies were all in capital health and high spirits, and et joying themselves in every possible way, notwithstanding the deep distress in the manufacturing districts, the paralyzationof trade, the sad reverses of the British army in Afghanistan, the slaughter of her toldiere, the assassination of her ambassador, and the capture and ravishing of seventeen of her fair vountry women by young Dost Mahommed. Victoria was waltzing, going to the theatre and giving balls and parties all the time And when Albert was not with her he was fox hunting. Havter has painted a portrait of the Prince of Wales already. The Queen honored Mr. Patridge with a final sittin i for the whole length portrait which he has painted by her Majasty's command for the gallery at Versailles. Her Majesty and Prince Albert rode out on horseback on Monday, at half past twelve. Her Majesty rode one of the beautiful horses presented a short tin e since to the Queen by the Imaum of Muscat. Before the Royal party broke up on Monday evening at the Cssile, dancing was introduced in the apartment adjoining the dining room. Her Majesty honored with her hand, in a quadrille, the Viscount Oantilupe, and afterwards waltzed with his Kayul Highness Prince Albert. Her Majesty's buck hounds met at Salt hill on Wednesday; l'rtncc Albert, who looked remarkably well, " sported the scarlet" upon the occasion, and rode admirably, taking some formidable looking ditches and fenc- ?, and two ar three very awkward brooks, in excellent and most sportsmanlike style. Ti?? Qirr** Dowaoih?Her Majesty the Queen Dowager, altbeugh convalescent, or her return to Marlborough House from Sudbury Hall, found it necessary, from the delicate state ot the lungs, to observe the greatest caution #ith regard to the atmosphere whxh she breathed, and with a view to live in as equable a temperature as it was possible to preserve. Her Majesty baa constantly kept her chamber. Tha King and Queen of the Belgians have arrived In Paris. They left Brussels on Tuesday mnraiag by the railroad for Mons, at 2o'eleck they passed through Valenciennes, where their carriage was near being upset In the Market-square. A portion of the Royal Family had gone to meet them at Compiegne. The Queen of Portugal has been delivered of t fine boy. Th* eccentric Martinis of Hertford, who is just dead, in his will left htlf a million to a great number of women of rarioas ages and eircamstanecs in life He l?ft his eldest son an iaeome of f*l,OOo,l/iW annually. PAni.iAMeirrAaT.?There had been a debate of a week on the properly and income tax, withdietinc live majorities in its favor: at last it war adjourned till the 4 h ol April for fiial decision1 Steam Boat ExfLOsiows.?There hare bera sevetal steam boat explosions ia Kngland, and | many lives lost very rscentljr. Ex Flos so*.?The steamboat Telegraph exploded ia the Clyde and kilted 13 persons. Innn N'rws ?yesterday a Court of Director* wa? i held at the Hast India-house, when Colonel Sir i : George Arthur, H ut , K C. H , was appointed G?v vernorofthePreaideocy of Bombay. ? txmdon TVmrs I March 31, IERA 12. The Paris Commiu'.iounel says that tne Marine Minister has made a uew demand of the budget con:m.*-ion far five millions of francs, to establish a line of steamers bet ween Havre and N.-w Vork. Light or SiiRin.?The London Tim.i copies an article from the " Evening Post," ol th ? city, which it praises thus, as a good British view ol the <|ui stioa :? " Riour ok Search ?It is consoling to the friends of peace to observe that the doctrines propounded by Mr. Stevenson and the Government of Aiu-rica, on " thb right of search iu the African Seas," do not tne't with uoiver.-al < oacurrence even iu the political atm sphere of the United States. VVe quote the following article from the New York l'Jvening Post, for the purpose of showing lhat the uinre sensible and piudcut part of the American public arc incliued to renounce the more violent dogmas of iheir Government. and to admit that the hart-fa*.! of hoisting an American dag can never be justifiably considered a?.a protection te the pirate or slaver that carries ii. We are afraid, however, that on the other side of the Atlantic, where there has been an excitement of prejudices and an exatperv.tion of passions which it woulu have been much wiser never to have awakened from their apparent toi por, it will be difficult to convince our irritable brethren of the broad sheet that there is an immeasurably wide difference between the right ef search, against whiuh they so strenuously contendel in the years which intervened between 1707 and 1HI11, und the right of search wbich they now repudiate in 1MI. The article, wbich we are going to quote, would be excellent even in a British view of the question ; but being descriptive of an American view of it, the reasoning which it contains becomes really invaluable. We recommend the arti| elc, notwithstanding its prolixity, to the most careful perusal of our readers." The Right of Search. LORD ABER?KER'? REFLV TO THE NOTE or Ml. STEVERSO.V. The undersigned, Ac. has the houor of addressing Mr. Kv< rett, &?., the observations which he feeli called upon to make in answer to the note ol' Mr. Stevenson, duttd on the *11 it of October. As that communication only reached the hands of the undersign) d on tile day after the departure of Mr. Stevenson from London, en his return to America, and as there has since been no Minister ar Charge d'Atfairs from the United States resident in this country, the tin dor>-igned has looked with some anxiety for the arrival of Mr. Everett, in order that he might be enabled to renew his diplomatic intercourse with an accredited representative cif the Rupublio. Had the undersigned entertained no other purpose than to controvert the arguments of Mr. Stevenson, or to fortify his own, in treating of the matter which has formed the aubiect of their correspondence, he would have experienced little imputieuce; but, as it is his desire to clear up doubt and to remove misapprehension, he feels that he cannot too early avail himself of the piesence of Mr. Everett at his post to bring to his Unowledgu the true state of the question at issue. The undersigned agrees Jwith Mr. Stevenson in the importance ol arriving at a clear understanding of the matter really in dispute. This ought to be the first ob jt-ct in the differences of states, as well as of individuals; and,happily,it it often the first step to tha reconciliation ol the parties. In the present case,this understand ing is doubly essential, because a continuance of unatake and error may be productive of the most serious consequences. Mr Stevkiison persists in contending, that the British Government assert a right which is iquivalent to the claim of searching American vessels in time of peace.? Inprool of this. Mr. Stevenson refers to a passage in a former note of Viscount Paltnerstou, addressed to him self, against which he strongly protests, and the doc trine contained in which, he say a that the undersigned is understood toatfirm. is aotthe intention of the undersigned to inquire into the precise import and force of the expressions of Vi,count IMmerston. These might have been easily explained to Mr. Stevenson, by their auihor, at the time they were written; but the undersigned must request that his doctrines upen this sui j-ct, and those ot the government of which he is the organ, may be judged of exclusively from his own declarations. The undersigned again renounces as he has already done, in the most explicit terms, any right on the part of the,British Government to search American vessels in time of |>eace. The right ot search, except when speci ally conceded by treaty, is a purely belligerent right, and can have no axialenou on thchigh during peace. The undersigned apprehends, however, that the right of search ia not confined to the verification of the nationality ot the vessel, but nlsc extends to the object of the voyage and tha nature of thecaigo. The sole purpose of the Biitish cruisers is to ascertain whether the vesass I u fVor tnne I it'itti nr?? rs>nlli- Amprimn nr not. Thfl I right asserted hat, in truth, no resemblance to the right of search either in principle or in practice. It is simply a right to satisfy the patty who has a legitimate interest in knowing the truth that the vessel i? what her colours announce. This right we concede as freely as we exercise. The British cruisers are not instructed to detain American vessels under any circumstances whatever; on the contrary,they art- ordered to abstain from all interference with them, he they slavers or otherwise But, where reas noble tutpicion exists that the American flag has been abused for ihe purpose of covering the vessel of another nation, it would appear scarcely credible, had it not been made manifest by the repeated protestations of their representative, that the (Government of the United State*, which has stigma tsed and abolished the trade itself, should abject to the a 'option of such means as are indispensably necessary for ascertaining tbatruth. The undersigned had contended, in his former note, that the legitimate iuf reucefrora the arguments of Mr. Stevenson would practically extend even to the sanction of piiacy, w hen the persona engaged in it ahould think fit to shelter themselves under the U ig of the United States Mr. Stevenson observes that this is a mlsappreheusion on the part of the undrrsign' d and he declares that in denying the right of iatetfering with vessels under the American llsg he intended to limit his oljrction ta vessels bona fide American, and not to those belonging to aations who might fraudulently have assumed the flsg of the United States But it atp-ars to the undersigned, that bis former statement is by no means satisfactorily controverted by the declaration of Mr. S'evenson. Ho wis this bona fide to be proved ? Must not Mr. Stevenson cither be prepared to maintain that the flsg alone it sufficient evidence of the nationality of the vessel, which, in the face of hit own repeatad admissions, he cannot do, or must he not confess that the applicati.ui cf bis arguments would really aiTird protection to every lawless and piratical enterprise 'The undersigned had also expressed his belief, that the practice was general oi ascertaing, by visit, the real character of any vessel on the high seas against which there should exist reasonable ground of suspicion. Mr. Stevenson denies this, and he siki other nation than Great Britain baa ever asserted or attempted ta exercise such a light. In answer to thil question, the undersigned can at once refer te the avowed and coastant practice of the United States, whose cruisers, cspe cially in Gulf of Mexico, by the admission of their public Journals, are notoriously in the habit of examining all suspicious vessels, whether sailing under the English or any other. I.i whose eyes are these vessels suspi ciousT Doubtless in those of the commander* of the American ciniseis. But, in tru'h,this right isquiteas important to the United States as to Great Britain ; nor is it easy to conceive how (the maritime intercourse of mankind could be solely carried on without such a check. It can scarcely be necessary to remind Mr. Everett, that the right thus claimed by Great Britain is not nxercigpd for any selfish purpose. It is asserted in the interest of humanity, and in mitigation of the sufferings of our fellow-men. The ol.y :! ! as met with the con citrrence of the whole civilised world, including the United States of America, and it ought to receive uiiivr rsal assistance and snpport. The uad- rsigned cannot abstain here from referring to the conduct of an honorable and zealous officer, commanding the naval force of the Unitrd Ststes on the cosst of Africa, who, relying on the sincere desire of his Gsvernment for the supp ession of the slsve trade, and sensible of the abuse of the Americ an fl sg. entered into an engagement on the llth of March, 1840, with the officer in command of her Maj-sty 's cruisers ou the same statian, by which thev mutually requested each other; and agreed todetain all yess-ls under American colors employed in the traffic. If found to ha American proper tjr, luch veaiela were to be delivered over 10 me urn minder of any American cruiaer on the elation ; or, if belonging te other ne'iona, they were to lie dealt with ec orling to the treatiea centrac'ed by her Majeaty with the reapective State*. The underaigiird helievee, and, imloxt, after the atntementtof Mr, Mevenaon, he regre'a to be unable to doubt, that the conJuct of thte gallant officer, however natnral and laudable in Ita object, haa been disavowed hy hia Government. It ii not the intention of the underoigned, at preeent, to advocate the juttice and propriety of the mutual right of aearrh, aa conceded and regulated by treaty ( or to weigh the reaaonaon eccount of which thla p.-?pnM| hat been rejected by the Government ef the U. States. He took occaaion. in former note, to ubnrve, that concnationa aanetioned by Great Britaia and France, were not likely te he incompitible with the rig* ity and ind?'pendeuceofany other atate which ahnuldhe disposed to lol'ow their example. But the underaigned begs to inform Mr Krerett. that he haa lhi> dav concluded a Joint treaty with France. Au-tria Ruwia, and rru?aia. by which the mutual right of aearrh. within certain latitude*, it fully and effrtnally eataldiahed lor ever Thia if in truth, a holy alliance, in which the onderifgnrd woo d have rej lie - d to tee the I 'ni'rd Stetea aeaume their proper place among ihe Great Powers of ChriatrnJom. foremo-t po vrr wial'hanJ civilisation, and connected together in the causa of mercy and Juatlce. It it, undoubtedly true th-it thia right may be ohiiaed, like every other which ia delegated to many arvl diirerent handa It i? p<i??i|>le that It may he rt?rci?rd ??n toi Ivfand vexation lyj end, hovibl thia [be Ihe would not oulv call lor r- monatrr.nce, but wonbl Justify re*entment. Thla. however. ia in the higheat degree improbable, and II, i i apite ol the utmoM cautien an "vf"* should be committed, and any American verael >1100111 anflr.T loat would We followed by prompt and ampto reparation. The underaignrd brgt te repeat,the,, with American veaaela. whatever be their deatlnatioo Brltiah cr niters have no pretention in any mar,n< r " interfere. Such veaaeW muat be permitted, I engaged LD. " " * Ftlei tvo C??ri in it. to enjoy a monopoly oi this iiinnllu vm tisdw; but th>- British Government will ot-v r endure th?t the li huduleut use of tho American flag shall extend the iniqui'y toother nation* by whom it is abhorred, a; t who have er'ered into mlcnin treatii with thin country fori* entire suppressisp. I u ui tic i to prove to Mr. Everett the anxiety other M. jetty '? Government to pr< vent all reasonable ground o( complaint, the undersigned believes that he cannot .lo better than to communicate to him the substance of those instructions under which the Biitish cruisers act i? mm limn ?UHH VMSMBflSjpti ontfciV service. Ii, liom the intelligence which the* officer romni.inding her Majesty's cruiser may have received, or from the manoeuvres of the vess< 1, or from other sufficient came, he ahall have reason to believe that, although bearing the American flap, the vessel does not heloiig to the United States, he is ordered, if the state of the wind and weather shall admit of it, to no steal of the suspected vessel, after communicating his intention by bailing,and to drop a boat on boaid of her to ascertain her nationality without detaining her il she shall prove to be really an American vessel, lint, should this mode if visiting the vessel be impracticable, he is to require herlo be brought to lor this pur|*>se. The officer who boards the vessel is merely to satisfy himself of hernationulity.b) her paper* or ather proofs, and, should she really be un American vessel, he will immediately quit her,ertering, wi'h the cansenl of her commander, to note on hir papers the cause of suspecting her nationality, and the number of minute* she was detained (il detained at silt for th? object in question. All the particulars are to be immediately entered in the log book of the cruiser, and a full statement of them ia to he sent by the first opportunity direct to klngland. These are the precautions taken hy her Majesty's Government against the occurrence ol abuse in the performance ol this service ; and they are ready to adopt any others which they msy think more effectual for the purpose, and which shall, at the same time, fie consistent with the a'tainmcnt of the main otject in view. Mr. Stevenson has said, that he bud no wish to exempt the fraudulent use of the American flag from detection, and this fieing the cace, the undeisjg ned is unwilling to believ e that a government liku tliut of the United Stales, professing the same object, ami animatiil hy the same motives us Great Britain, should serious)* onM? ???? ? selves to every possible mode by w hich their own de ire could be really accomplished. Kir. ign Office, December-jo, 1841. Parliamentary. The incimk Tax : IHiati o.t VVepvksdav Nioht?The leHriiiig lories rneintuin a sullen silence.? The Piemier is, evidenily, afraid of his own colleai;U's.and jindeitakes, in his own person,the laborious task of encountering the Opposition. The deba'o of last night produced some nniniBiakable indications of the ellVcis which protracted di-cussion of the measure will produce on his own party within the House of Commons. The Herald, one of the organs of the right hon. baronet'sOovernment, thua speaks of otniiious symptoms of dislike to the measure, the precursors of disaH'ection and desertion in pdhe ranks of his supporters:?" There was from behind the treasury benches a veiy general denunciation of the injustice and odiousness cf a tax on income ; aflfl, though the right hon. baronet is not thrratene^wy secession fiom the ranks which enable him tafiear down political and factioua opposition, he mast by this tune clearly see that much of the support which he receives is from haudsand not from hearts?is given on compulsion and not wilb. free will?is accorded from consideration of part* necessity, and not from mental conviction 8uoa support, no one knows better than the Premier, in moat dangerous to place reliance on "?Globe. Debit* os the New F i route ml Policy or 8ia Roar kt Pull?House ok Commoni, March its?Toward the close of tlie debate, Mr. Ro?buck lopporled the tax OB income. He had not the common horror of the word " inquisitorial;" he saw no harm in ita being known what people were really worth ; and he did not wieh to fee people protecting themselvca by falae oredita. He woulil add a lew words upon the moral ol the aubject. Th? Wnigs had attempted twice in the present session to raise the people on their aide, and they had failed. Let them do justice to the people and the people would do justice to them. Sir Robert Peel, in a loog speech, justified the course which he bad adopted. Much had bee* said about the injustice done to the receivers of inoonao net produced by actual property. There muat be Injustice in'h11 luxation, it was inevitable; and, to relax this part of the plan, would be fatal to the whole of it, so multifarious must be the exception* and the calculation! Connected with them. They would require an inquisition fur more vixatroui than any which had yet bee* proposed ; and tliey would change the principle from thai of a tax upon lucome to that of a tax upon capital. As to the anticipations of fraud and pro jury, he had not se ill an opinion of the British people as to believe that they would commit these crimes to ssve a fraction of pounds in a hundred. He tcok a general view of the difficulties,political and financial, which the present Ministers had found aw siting them on their accession to otiice, and concluded by declaring, that, on the acceptauce or rejection of the great measure now propounded, by them, the existence ol the r Government would depend Lord J. Russell itr'iiglv represented the hardship ol the principle on w hich tiie incom. tax waa to ha levied ; but he did not intend to nrmmva in. tion ol that p-inciple himself, because he did cot choose to take th<- responsibility ol a change which, in removing one inequality, might create other*, liia own courae, therelure, mint lie to vate not far modifying, but for wholly rejecting a measure so unequal and so unfit for any circumstances except thoso of the greatest exigency. Such an exigency did not now exist. It would tie i idiculeus to draw a parallel bet we. n the circumstances ef Europe at the^imc when Mr Pitt proposed an income tax to furnish the means of coping with Napoleon and the state ef things produced by the hostilities in China and Afghanistan. If the country must be considered a* at war, the la'o minister! could not be blamed for that increase of expenditure whish war unavoidably occasioned : if the country must be considered aa at p ace. there was an end of the argument for the imposition of the income tax. He and hia frienda had been charged with seeking popularity ; hut that wish had never warped them-, witness their advocacy of the Roman Catholic cause and the Poor law Amendment.? There was no popularity to be obtained by their preaent covrse, for the coun'ry was not jet aware of the evils whiehthia measure would induce. The time would come when those evils would be better understood; meanwhile, he would vote as his sense of duty, not his wish of popularity, directed. After some mere speaking, Mr. Cobden mrvrd an adjournment, which, after debating, was negatived by 290 against 87; majority 90*. A second motion of a journment was then made by Mr. H. Berk-ley, aud defeated by a majority ol 141 ; but, spoa Mr. Beraal moving that the Chairman report progress and aik leave to ait again, Sir Robert Peel, after protesting against the factions course which hsd besn adopted by the oppoiinon, declared that he would spars the house the trouble of again dividing. Mr. Cowper justified the measures ol obstruction by which the pro rress ol btisinesi wm impeded. Mr Cobden thought that the right honorable barenet would not with a misapprehension to go abroad of what waa the effsct of their proceeding!. Hu apprehended that it waa not competent to bring 111 the hill even if thia vote had been paaaed j (Hear !) for be believd that the reaolution could oat have been reported. He, therefore, thought it but juet to say, that thoee who voted for the adjournment that evening had not caused any practical delay. The houao then adjourned to the 4th of April. Close or Sir Robert Peel's Speech or devklopi.vs hi* rew riitARciAL Poticv?The following waa the moat beautiful peroration ofbir Robert Peel in hiaspeech of which wegav; the balance in yesterday's Herald:? I have proposed, with the full w> ight and authority of the Government, that which I believe to be conducive to the public welfare, and I now confide to j on the duty wh'Ch propel ly devolves upon j ou.that of maturely cod* sideling and finally deciding ui|>on the adoption or the rejection ol that which I have pio|*>ied. (Cheers) Wo livejin an important pei lod in the mmala ol human eventa. There may be a natural tendency to overrate tha magnitude of the crisis which we witness, or to increase tha im|>ortancp of those occumnct* with which we aro encompassed ; but it ia impossible to deny that the period in which our lot and the lot of our faihera have been cast?that period which haa elapsed since the first af the Viench Revolution?ia one of the mnvt mi. moral le pa nodi in the butory of the world , and the count wnich wa pnrtued during that period will attract for ageato come,the contemplation, and I truat the admiration of ponterit jr. (Loud cheet ing.) It may be divided into two prrtoda of almnat equal ntt|>ort3nce. Firtt, U yeariof continued conflict, the moat momentoua that ever engaged the energies of a nation ; and neat, twenty flee years of profound European peace, pure haaad hy the aacriflcee which we made for y t ail in maintaining the contest that preceded it (Chofri ) There will yet be a time wl.en thoae count a I millions wl a will spring from our loina, and wha will occupy other peitt of the Ulobe ?with law* and institution" analogous to oura?tpi akingthr same language in which we convey our thought* and feelings?the time, I aay, will come when thoae countless million* will eiew a l b pride and admiration theeaampleof co latency and fortitude which this eounhew. ?.llkasu.kAWB in s*.1,4 sl inn l/i mir fflfltiinUflflr hieVi' "/ ..... ... in* nta hy I9a nnillind to uphold the public ioiar^iti, iiu which enabled ui by the cunp.V we aet to o'her countries ultimately to enaure the Jelireranca of Eu rope (rremerdaua cheering ) Our conduct will hef cloie contract mith thai of thole wi opri ceded ua (Hear hi a: ) I am row addreaung you after twenty -ire rear of peace?| am exhibiting to )cu the financial difflcul tie* end rmbarraai aenta under which we labor, in tha confident h?|ie and belief that vou will, fo'lowing tha examples! thoae whoprocedid you, look your dithcaltie. in the face, and no! r? fine to m ke any aacrilce that may lie ni cearary for tin purpme of arer fir g tha avila ol hot" financial emhar raa"men'?, and to auat mn tha honor and intererfr, and m ritain the f..ith ol the country (Lo'J J } JCMt *ri?i icmrm./r, ?um tuia ? D0 cmtiiil < r no ?<1r. BliflfB* ofinmi-jioii will baor in ir.inlthat tKrre at-a Indl, at o a amnn^it all tha uppar tin ft* of wl??? of ioer? aaad comfort and anjoynanf? <C inereaaail proaperlty an I wen tIt; a id that, concorrrniljr h itli I h* aa intlica' ieua, tU?-ra t a ill a u mighty evil hit haa bran growing for ) anra, nod which you aroealle ! ii|on now toramrdy. (H-a- hanr) If yon aroi>oai aa? d o! that fortitude and cnnatancy of which youharo b -an aat tha aaampla. yon will not rona^ n? wl-h folded m m? to allow tha annual growth of thia migh'y e?ll ; yoa will not raconcile it toyour conacianeaa to boon for rdtof Iron a diminution of liaitJoo , tad y*? will Ml

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