Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1842 Page 1
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TH Y?i. nu???. 391 ,-wksii a*, aoo 4. NEW LINK OK LIVKKPOOi, PACKItTS To?wIfr?mNew Yorn >>a t Wth. *uJ Liverpool uo tfca I KM fttac\ month, Vwom N?w Yam. ... .. . Ship ROSCTVS,CM?? JohaCoUwaJJKI". Mereh. RV.,n SIDDONK* npUin K B. Cohb, #?th April. RiiiJj SHERIDAN, tJaptam r. n.. Ship OAlliUC K. ChiIwi Wiu. Skuldy.iStk Jou*. Kami LiYKarveL. Ship SHBKIDAN.Captain K. \ Depeyatjr.lrihMarch. Ship OARRM'K, Captain Wm. Skiddy, IMh April. Shin ROBCIU9, CaptainJohn Gothn*. Uth May. Shin 8IDDONS.Captain E.B.Cobb, 1Mb Juan. There elope *rr allot' the lir.itclue, upward* of 1000torn*,bullt fa the city of New York, Willi inch improvement* aa combine teat(peed with uuuiual comfort for pausetiger*. Every care has been takeuiu the arrangement of I fie ir accommodation!. The price o&pa?*agr hence ' *l('??'"' which layh etoree will be Evideo. These ship* are commanded by experienced maji, who will malie every exertion to giv* general eatiafaa Nrither the eaptaine or owner*i oflheeeehip* will be reeponri Ma for any letteu, |?rcele or imrkagraeer* by them, unleee re volar bill! of Udiumiu-e timo-d therefor. The ehipe ol thi?Tlhe will hereafter go armed, and theirpecn lar con* true uoo eiveethem security notppeeeeeiil by any other hetvaaacle af war. ^f^htorra?,.r5lycto WM, it JA9. 5ROWN It 6o? Livtrpiol Latter* by the packet* will be charged 134 eenta per sumle ahaat: 10 cents per ounce, lid newepapere I cent each. mt HeWTOHA AND HAVRK PAChfctb. {SECOND LINE\) A jjfc- iHR Th?rrr?f tkie ha^Ml!heeeafieMeave NewTorRn the 1st and Havre on th< ilth cf each mouth aa follow*: Rva Ntiv York. /Yarn Havre. The new ehip ONEIDA, ( tfll March (i(th Aonl Cept- , J ll J'tly . < Kill Aaguat James Puuck ( let November ( llth December fl?Ui May RM BAIj I liM 1 ? r _ Cart- i 1st August ltth September CdwarJ Funk. lit n<-:e?be? i ltth January hipUTICA, (lit May Mtti June Capt. 1st *hi>tembei ltth October Frsd*k Hewitt. (lit January /llth February New ihip bT. NICOLAS, lit June I llth July Cast. Vat October lltli November J. sTrell. I lit February llth March Tile accommodation! of these ships are not surpassed, com tibiae all that may be required far comfort. The pnee of eaEmiue is $100, Passengers will be supplied with erery requisite. witli the exception of wines and liquors. Goods intended for these ressels will be forwarded by thi aubaenbers, free from any other than the crpeuses actunify i aa( _ ? Tootine Buildings. FOR NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS m m. m. m For the better accommodation of shippers, it is intended to despatch a ship from this port ou the 1st, 6th, lOth.lSth, 90th anaSSth of each mouth, commencing the llth October, and oatinniug until May, when regular days will ba appointed foi the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disap ointments will be orevruted duriug the summer months. Ths following ships wilt commence tluj arrangement J? ?, Ship YAZOO.Calt. Cornell, a Bhip OCONEE. Capt Jackson ShipMISSISSIPPl.t'apt. HiHiard. ? Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt. ' ehipRHAKSPEARE, Capt. Miner f Ship OASTON. Cant. Latham. Ship ITVNTSV1LLE, Capt. MtimC. rd. ( Slap OCMULGEE, (.apt I.eaviic ' SUp NASHVILLE, Capt. Dickinsi n. Ship MEMPHIS, Capt. K night. Ship LOUISA, Cain. Mulford. f> These ships were all built iu the city of New York, expressly for packets. are of a light drift ol water, hare recently bean hew)y coppered and put in splendid oreer, with aecomnwaatioiw far passengers unequalled tor co ntort. They are commanded hy experienced masters, who will maxe erery exertion to fire general satislactiun. Tnry will at til times ha lowed up and down the Mississippi by steamboats Neither the owners or captains oftlieseships will bs responsible forjewelry ,bullion,preeious stones, silver, or plated ware, or Kir any letters,parcel or package, sent by or put e '.board af them, imleaa regular bills of lading art taken f*rtnasame, and he value thereon ri'????i,' Forfreifht or passage, apply to E. K. COLLINS k CO. M South at ?* HULLIN k WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all foods to his address. Tlw snips of this line are warranted to sail punctually as adl vertned, and freateare will ba taken to hare the foot correct hr measured. al> .P1J.W KUtUV Al>U nitffiiiiA. -MWU Fart rtuurcil to SB etntt. From the foot of Courtlandt atrcct, New York(Every daj-?Sundayaciccpted.) Lea res New York. Leave Newark At* A M At* P.M. At 7) A.M. At 14 P.M U do 4 do I do It do 4} do 1*4 do (do TO* It do ON &UNDAYS. From the foot of Liberty (tract. Leave New York. Leave Newark. At I A M.a-id <t P. M. At 1 P. M. aad l* P.M. mW.OE*. ..^.tTHTOW^MHWAT AND Kare reduced. From the foot of Liberty atroet.dailjr. Leave New York. Leave New Branewick. At A.M. At 74 A.M. 41 P. M. 1 P. M. BOMEB VILLE itini connect with theie lioea eark way. Fare between New York and Hoinerville, M teata. Do do New Bruarwiek, T( eenta. Bah way, M eenta Elitabethtown, _ M eenta. The Tare in the 74 A. M. train from New JBrunawiok, and 41 r m. train from New York, h.ia been reducedbetweon New York ari'l New Bruuawick to M cent*. " and Itahway te 174 " The :t. i uteethrough NewBniocwiek for New York every evenitv At ? o'clock. Oa Buaaayatke 74 A .M. trip from New Bronewiek ia omit Paaienger* who proe are tneir titkeU it the tieke toBee.roeeere a ferry ticketgratix. 7 icke*a?rtreceivedbytheeonductov onla on the day when m r -hr.-rd fcbll la' IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS. RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE?For the Tiaaaportalioa " <! wo* betwteu Philadelphia a d Piilaburg.l aaettsEF^ ^S85^fibi33 BESSk^! Thia improvement iu tr-napirletion afford* to weatrrn mer> thanU peculiar advantage!*. The good* beiu* care ully packed it the boala at our w rehca*:, No. 8(5 Market a'reel. are carried orer the Columbia and rort-ge Railwaya without tranahipmeut Cartful tap'ain an J crewa are employed, who take charge of th> good* at Pniladelatiia, and cootlnue with then the evtire route thus avoiding delaya and the liability of lota being erparaled o t ie way N B ? Paareogera forwarded to ritta><urph erery day Suedaye excepted. H. STOIt K, Agent, aH 8m* m 7 Waehiueton e?reet. RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND|k HEIGHT LINE. mwmiB NEW BRUNSWICK AND NEW YORK. rpHt NEW JEKHe-Y Rai road aad I ranaportat-on Con1 pany hare eataMiehed a Freight Line between New Rrunawick and New York, which they intend to run per maaeotly. Leaving New Bruno wirk at 5 AM. daily, (Sunday* excepted) and the foot of Liberty etreet.New Turk, a I P.M. To eouolry dealere and meichanta th* above line la very do arable for the aiieedy and cheap conveyance sf merChaodixe #f every deacription. and more particularly to Droeera and Dealer* in Lira Stock, who can have I5u head of cattle confrere! between New Biunawick and New 1 ork, the came day, whenever required. The ratee for th* treniportation of cattle, borate, mulee, abeep, hoga, Ac., and all other kind) ol merckandiee are aery low.aceer exceeding ateanihoat price*. Merchandise *eut by thia line u net to any citra ehaiye in eroaaiug th* North River. The Compam hare ft-ted up * l--ge itorehouar at New Bruniwick adjoining tne H-ulmed Di-pot, which will alwaya beope a for the reception of nierchaudine. raaaeafcra. pure) aaiog tluir ticket* at the ticket effieee, will receive /erratic Well grat i?. mlf 3m* FREIGHT AND I'tSSAGE TO PITTSBUllG. a?K^srsafc Asms MM3 TV proprietors ol Btiitham'a rranrportatu a Line to Pittaburn. A>,f to the Sin,.h .la nf New York, nod all other prreona Biipping to the 'Vet*, that their liae ie now la active apemtioo. (J-mle'ii'd ' tlirm (or aeot to go iu their line I wi) be forwardei. withdespatch. Owaera or ehippcre of ifcalitied for the Wee tern Stales, who tare age'' or i <io-ikiv** at Pittsburg, will pleaie eousigu their s *->da tn William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will attend to ahippti.g ail euch conetgiuneoU rwthout A^ goode ahou'd he marked rfiethictljr on each package MNUBAM'S LINK. For ratea of freight, whi<:? are aa low aa anr other lino. Apply Co WM. XL SUN, Agent, No 8 West street. mroeite Pier No. A N. R. ff. B,?Paaaenger* forwarded to P.tUburg and Pottarille. aery dar.8?Bd,Ti oacepted. Refer to H, Croolie A.on.can Fur Co. \ S. T. Nicoll. Aeoot street, I'heitw.-O-Ire N Go. Fulton etreet; Huj-Hom, gne fcfo.; Wm Rankin, l)nn? kCo.Newiik mi 3m iTAl'ibN 18I SN11 kUkl." " - * fCSj&fSr 'r??> o> aiiwt.d23&jS> ^SSS^Ttatk.N lALANDBR, BAMSON, Captain Dm il, will run us lollnwa until further *?t*C1Uaaaea States lalead Letree Whitehall At ( o'clock a M. At t o'clock *.<*. "JO " " "II " " ? f.M - ? " P.M. h ?. i r 9 " r M. Al^ tooda ehipped era renmred"to be partirularljr ppivfced ui'i ?rr at the rnkr of the ownere Uwreof. o| TTFuwLll a co 8 linI ^ HOU MiWBI'RliK. luidii* it CALD ^SnWKM.'A, WERT POINT AND COLD X ' '" * 1te.11r.boBi HIGHLANDER CipC Robert Wardrop. will leaee the foul of Warrro ?treeI Jkew York, ernry Mood ?y. Tin ?<J?r and Ssturdar afternoon'* I 4 o'clock- Returning the Hieh vwer will i..??e .eewburgh ortry Monder raoroiny at * o'clock, enu Y oooday and kndey afternoon at * o'clock. Jw freifh' or paeregr .a. ply 10 the Captain en board. I. Al < kajn?r? ??? rr?i?ht of ererr deecriftieo. hat k orrpecie. rut on hoard th.a emtV at the riekof the ownere thereof.nltleee t hill of'edioc orr -nrtielifned fcr "Ifi* IPXHaOfc FoirAMi??Ontj*RetfyVknltf Lige-Tlit rple, d d packet ah p ALABAM A. JlUlii' antatn Bunter. aaila poeitnely *o the ra h Ap-il her rentier day Haeitw atdeiwid aecoaanotatiuae fot cabin, aecund cabin and ateer>re paaec tifera. for paaaa|a earljr applica'ioa ahou'd be na ?dr to W. k J 1. TAIVSCOTT. 41 Peck alio, til corner Bontk (treat. E NE N] LIFE BOAT ASSOCIATION, FOIl THE MANUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PATENT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, mu CITY HOTEL NOTICE To BUYERS OP CABINET FURNITURE. THiO subscriber would iuvite the sttentiouof those wishI'ig in purchase article*~iu the mbovc business, to hie establishment, where ia to be found * neh sssoKment of Rosewood *nd Mahogany Furniture, of ) reach *ud other pttUroi, tome of which are not to he fonad elsewhere, being entirely original. Also, hands-?me rich gilt (iornices for windows, Poles and Ring* ; t.-getner w itii I)awhA*.Galloons and Tassels, and every article attached to curt wins, which will bo made in the Utest style from patterns lately received. N B. Particular atienuou pai ;-to the fitting up of Ottomans, Fire 8cr*eus, and other fancy articles, with embroid sred tapestry. WASHINGTON MtfiKKB. dll-lm >15 Broadway. dm! HowrUl. CARPETING, CARRE 11 rPHE 8ubacriber ia now opening hie Spring aaeortment of Carpeting, couaieting of Biuaacla, three ply, au^ainne and fiue Ingrain; an aaanrlmtut not eorpaMtd in thia city for variety of aiylea, figure*, Uc. Tlieur goode ha,a b?eu ordered e*pre*,ly lor me 9|>ri ig tra^e. The gtetleat ca t haa been obaerved in makirg aelrctinna ot auch goooa aa can be eoufideutly iccotnineuUed Tor durability and permanency of eolora, lie. Aleo. a large aaairtm*nt of the different k-nda of Hall and Staii Carjeiing Tufted door Kuge. Door M?'i, ke, Alao a hau>iome ae.ortment ol' Painted Floor Clothe, all width*. Kamilire about purchaaing 'any of the above detenbed good*arc reapectfuily invited to call. CHARLES HICKS, tnl9 lm* 71 Kwt Bmadwav.Tt Oii-amo-et. FASH ION A RTF TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. at the fashionable tailoring f.*taBLISHMENT, 103 Berkman atreet,near Pearl. Gentlemen who are now or formerly have hera paying eitinvacant pricee for their clothing, are aa-ured tkat they need do !o no more, ae the aube-rtber will eairactee to aH who pw troniae him, a hand ouie At, a fashionable atyic and eacanant material!, at the following m derate price*? Sup. Wert of Edr. Wool-dyed, black, blue,or green dreaa coata, $ 15 to $M. Panta, double milled do black, plaid, and fancy eaaa., $4 to $8 40. Veete?Fine eaehmere.ia'in, and all kinda, $1 to $S. Coat! made ami rimmed in a euperior m.nner, trout $T to $9,40; Veita, $1,50 to $8; PanU.tUWt" $4- ? _ at lra* _ _ _ JOHN MOFFATSEBRING'S CORDIAL, JNDIGF.STION.?Ai thia if a very eomn on complaint,in the preaent day, whtteeer tend* to alleviate it ii of public im^or'ance For the informatiou of thoee affected with it, we publish the following recoinmeuJatiooa of a Reatorative Cordial for it* care:? C. C. Stnnivo, Dear Sir At vour reiiueat, I have exam inod the medicine! of which t our Cordial ia compoaed, and hare no heiitation in a tying that Ihey are of the beat claaa of toniea: and in the mauner prepared ov you, will prove highly beneficial in Dyapepaia, and many other diaeaaet ofgeueral debility. Yeura, Ac. > PRATT, M. D. No. 98 Liberty atreot. 1 concur in the above recommendation of L)r. Pratt. THOMAS boyd, m. d? No. 991 Fourth atreet. Sabring'a Reatorativa Cordial i*(old at 19J Fulton $1 per bottle. mtt Im DR. JOSEPH EVANS, GRAND RESTORATIVE SYRUP, For the eureofev?ry firm of Di?e?a* ariainc from THE IMPURITY OF THE bl'bod. CAUSED by the vital o gr becoming drrang-d and enfeebled by hereditary complaint!, and eihmielion of the ayatem, and other die- <aee, v?? Her- fnla or King'a Evil. T mora and a welling! in the neck, eecond ?cj ay motjtnai f Siphl lta. or the conatitu ioual form of the Veuenal, Ulcere, uleeraied aore Throat P-Ute Ac Ulcere on the Shiua. and other partar.l the body. Diaeaaaa of the bonea, paiua, a wellinga.aid u'ceratlora of the hoare, awclliuga ol the iointa, white ewall-pge, fcr., Cancer*, cntaueoua > r akin dieeaiee, aalt rheum, ringworm, aealy ernptioua. lenroay. itch, aeaid head, pimptea cracking aud <m artiug of the akin, tetter, and all kinte of aore* LoDgetanding anai eretnlore incurable fever aorea; rheuinatiem, gout, liver complaint, and all diaeaaea debilt'y or weakness, gonorrhce i gleet It ueurrhmi or white*, gravel,kc. orwhenth* sys'em hu been ethaniled by tecret sensuality in youth, iutempe standi'g debilitating due. s-a, lorg residence in Soulheraclimstes, and other debili taliog causes. Thfa invaluable medicine has been employed by the propriatorin an exteod'eprirate ti>d hospital practice, both in Europe ttaj Am-ric fir the In*' forty your* during which time he haicured o'erMoo pili'uta, who wer* ffflieted with tome of the most loathsome and deatru.-tiv. f tenia of d aease, many of whom are n >w living, and ready to teetify to the efficacy of this medicice. It cut en hj giving tone to the aer Ves, exhi Amt ingthe apirite, regulating the circulation, invigoratin* and exciting the > ital o g maie t natoral and healtoy ao'iou and inna causing all impurniea o be expelled from the ay item, and creating the accretion of perfectly pure ant healthy blond. Price (t iierbotlle. Knraale only at the Private Reaide nee No. 4tT Greenwich sir-el, t?o doora abovet.aiiaiaireet. mat 3m 30 odd years AK EXPERIENCE in the scientific poet ice of curing eerVA tain diaeaaea, h i?e enabled Dr LAUREL, of No.lOS Canal atreet, to eradicate thoae diaet-et in qu ration. whether new,old, or Inreterata, in less than hall tna time employed by the common doc tor a, who poirou their patientc with mercury, exoivy, nitre. cobeb?, Jtc N. B.?Atrengere ere apprised that Dr L. i* a regular phyaician of the med facu'ty of Pari* alao graduated in I he U. States. aa cau be proved bv hie diplomas m94 lm* piano fortes. OOUTHEtlN DEALERS end purchaser* generally will O find it t* their advantage to call and ex inline * choice ortment of the xborr ar'iele, rompruiuc a variety of ( and II octavea, ofto<ewood aud nmhotan.. ?iih grand action,scroll Stands, and evrry modern iinprovi meat. Tiieee instruments re warranted to b- equal t any in the city, a td will be sold at the Inweet poarible pricee for cash. at the m inufactory, 4t Weet Feurteeii'h street. bet-ve u Fifth aud Sixth avenues. N. B.?Piano Kortre far Hire?A good asaorUneut of piano fortea for hire at the msnufact -ry. ?7 3m something new LEUH'S GARDF.N 41 bowery ?The undersigned take* thia opportunity to iofnun lua friends and tne public that he haeopened a Uaiden and Saloon at 49 Howery, where he would be hat py to rrceire their calls. His Saloon will be constantly aupp'ied wito the chiuest aud best of Fruits, Confectionary, Cr (fee, Ire Cr- am#, Lem made and Soda that the eity affotds Evrry atte it ou will nr given an his pait to make this Oa den aud Haloou a pleasant and agreeable resort to iht ladies and gentlemen who may favor hem with a call, alt Im'c H. LhUR, 49 Bowery. carpeting, &c. PHUAPCST IM TH IT PTTV I W Li -1J1? A XJ? ' A 111 1 11 11 VI 1 A . TONEB k MABCy, Ml Bow-ry, New York, wi now reel ceiling their apriug aumlyof Carpeting, Oil Cloth*. Window Shade#,D'uggrta, H-?rth Huge, Door M?U, Table and PianoCoyera Stair Rode fcc kc. Among their good. are m my new and rich patler-nt of Kof li?h and American manufacture, which cannot be excetdtd for beauty, quality and cheapnen in tit* city. Ptraoiia .bout fur-uloug their koueek air inriteil tcy^ixe ua * la* L .MARC Y. ' CRE A.M?CREAM?CREAM. Still theCitiea widely teem With praiec of Riay'a Vertena Cream? The flneat Shinng Co r pound known, Brperienrr haa clearly ahown, ''i'u ao ekiltully prepared To aofien e'en the roi ghe-l heard, That a dull raxor'e edge b- Mown A ktenncee that the eharpett knowa. 'Tie pure, and plraiaut, ctiuice and cheapWill in rrery clim^t- keep? Makea it a pieaaiag teak to rhaee, And will hotn time and trouble i\et. KING. 51 Fulton afreet; Ban? ett.?44 Br ladway. and 45* Bro idway. mtl Im* GENERAL AGENCY. THE SUBSCRIBER haa t -ken the atore 75 Fultonatreet, Broi klyn, for the aalr of the m >et appro red genuine patent and family medicinea, [lerfumery fancy Manufacturera and piopii-torr ol auchartic.'ea. or of any thing elae. who wieh for a.i adire, aliriiog agent to diapoae of on-, in the peraan of lha enbecnber. S J STEWART. TS Fulton at. Brooklyn For aale, moet of the approrrd farrily medirinea. Peraona purchaaing Ik re may rely on ebiainii-g genuine article. ad 1 m* SELLING OFF-SHARP k FERGUSON. N Hudaoo at. are aelling rIf thrir entire atock ol dry gooda. at and laee than coat. All therefore who are io want of dry gooda cut obtain them cf ua murh leaa than at any other place in the city, te it la our object to tell our entire a trek be lore the Oral of May. VO 'riri' T I.- ni-U? ?.1? .C Arm of SHARP k (?LRuIJu6n. i* Ihi* dvy di.anlvrdby mum-?l ooavnt. All tboae havtul cUim e|aiMt Mid A m re reoueated to pre*- o' the iimr lor pay nent. aud all indebted In make paymeDl of the uni to either of the undiraigncd. It Hudaon air* et New York, April dth, 184* a2w? JA^ VIRS FKHOUSOX ""rake phyaic earlj ?medicine cornea loo late, Wheo llie diaeae* become* ia?e'e'?U.' TJCCOMMENDKD bv the Yacultr?VANCR'S ANTI K BILIOUS RAMlLY ArERItSr PlLLS-By lo* fperienre theae pill* hare h'cu proi#> by Ihouaanda to be iMbeat andaafaat Rau.ily M'dkiur hitb*rto dtrcovered. At iHaeaaon* of the year they will he luund ?ery valuable to alt vho wiah to aretire themoedve* attaint auko aa They are like aale for children aa f,-r any pari id of life, mA require do (tra alteoticn to diet or to ciotliimt, biliouo and /i?*r complaint*, d> apMwta or indifaotion. nerroua tawo. aick headactw, and iu (act all diaeaae* aiiairw from an impure atatc of rb* biood. or a disordered aiaie of the atomaeh or boweli, are aroadily removed by takinc I hem They preraat aourvy. cooUrenaaa aud ita conaeauencro?therefore eeafarinf menahou d 9f"r be without them. Tim* or climate affactf I hem not. Two or three doae* will convince the patient of their aalutV 2l for the atnmach will readily regain its alrtngtb, a beallhv atateof the liver and bowel* will apeedily tali* place and renewed health atH" vigoi uf body and mind will be the cer tain result. Their virtue#, in fact may be anmmed up-aa a medicine which atrcaylheo* the feeble au-l consolidate* the muaclaa of the atron. and will be found of in Anita value to f*?lr. of ? ' K '"V? according to the directiooa), who wiah to be venire from aw kn-aa Prie* d? and *0 cent* per bow For aafr wholaat le and re ail, by Va. W.t.ovi Anotbe cwiaa' Hall. M Cat! anna alreel; Smith. corner of k'uliot. and Water atai Nowili. Itt Bowery i Balavoee. dniaawt. Fulton at. tireoaiyn. mdi lm* a THAW W K ATI'IN' <?I uOti re -na crown airaw wraprn, a O ac ticallent article. jutt r'Cuved and foraalaby a % nnnnit ainbenp.t SluO.OUU U bora* ?(iaiw^ ??? 1 A NT) ED from brig Oiuo.frna Havana, af ?|?It gaali i * ly, for aalc m lolatoauit pa ckaaara, at rtaaoaabU pa-Mao, aid la* by M. RADRR, id C hatham #4. W YO EW YORK, TUESDAY V permanent establishment. IN NEW YORK. "RyTONS. MALLAN k SONB. ttargeon Dentiata, No. iVl J7-J Broadway, and at London and Paria .nlorm the Public of New Yotk. aint iti vicinity, that in conarqurnce f their very extensive practice, they have, at length, been induced to o|h*u a Permanent Ei.labliahtnent, where they may be consulted at No. 37:1 Blued way between Franklin and White atreeta, in all catei appertaining te their profeaaien, in which they have been so aticeaaful, in conarqueDce of their celebrated <liicoveriea and im Mons. Mallan returns thunks for the very liberal pat ronage he has received. and continues to receive, par ticularly to the Medical profession of New York, for their kind recommendations, and advocating Mona. M.'s improvement in Deutristy. CELEBRATED MINERAL roe FILLING DECAYED TEETH! Mons. M. continues to restore decayed Teeth,however larg eor small the cavity ; makings stump into a sound I Tooth,instantly curing the Tooth, however painful or sensitive, matching in |>oint of color, the natural cortex or enamel of the Tooth. They never break or become loose?they have no unnatural glou?are firmly tixed without wires or ligatures?no bulky substance in the month?and in every particular resemble the adjoining Teeth, in couformity of shape aal minutest shade of color. Placed from one to a complete set, upon the above imprrved and scientific priuciple, they are guaranteed to answer every purpose of Mastication acd Articulation. LOOSE TEETH securely and alTectually fastened.arising either from the useof medicines or an v other cause. ARTIFICIAL PALATES replaced upon a sure and scientific method. TO THE PUBLIC OK THE UNITED STATES. Monsieur Mellon is happy in being enabled te announce that hy the kind consent of Three Hundred of Iks firal fjmilina nf tku ITnitm) t*?a rnillliltin* fifth* firat Merchant!, Medical prnfretion, Clergy and private Citizens, to whom he can refegAa to the superiority of Mona M.'a celehratad Mineral inpreferrncetu any ether they havecver tried, and, in their o|iinica,tha beat that evercameundert heir notice. Hia other improvement! need no comment. INVALIDS Attended by Mona. Mallan, J a nr., at their own Establiahment. THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC are particularly invited to pay Mona Mallan a viait, to aeetheapecimenaof hia new diicoveriea in Dentiatry. TESTIMONIALS. Mona Mallan: Muebee.May Ith.lMl. DearSir,?After having tried the Artificial Teeth which you made for me, I cannot do j ou lent justice than to acknowledge with pleasure iny entire aitisfaetioa. I beg to ay they aiuwerrvery purpoaeof .miration and Articulation equal to thoae placed by tbehanda of nature. They ao cloeely reaemble the natural onea in the minuteat a hade of color and ahape, that they are not liacerned aa being artificial by theclo eat obaervrrs Your celebrated iiiventioa for fillips decayed teeth, I can give adecide' opinion of iLa valnable qualities. You may uae thialetter in any way you think proper,for the benefit of the public and youraelf. 1 ain.drarair.roura truly, THOS. h ARGUES, ManuelCarmclit. To Mena. Mallan, Surgeon Dentiet. 373 Broadway, WThia gentlemania known at 129 Broadway,and at Trimc ard (thing's. MON8. MALLAN, S73 Broadway. BIR?1'feelita'pleaaure tobeableto offer you my teetimony in behalf of your celebrated mineral. During tny lata residence in INna 1 called at vour establishment in the Rue Caatiglione, and haunt had some teeth til led with your mineral, 1 can only aay that I have had every reason to hie satisfied with ita utility and value, cod neverin the leant degree eiperienced any inconvenience or injury from ita effect! in any manner whatever.?During my vieit to Mona. Mallan I aaw aaveral teetiraouiala of the highest character, all expressing the fuNcat confidtnee in ita great bearfit ond mine. Aa far as 1 am enabled to judge,I conaidrned it then,and vtill conaiderit. to be the beat preparation of tnc kinii ever offered to the public. 1 am,ail .respectfully ,y ourobedient eervapt. VANBURGH LIVINGSTON. (II Greenwichatreet,near KorlGaiiaevoort. Sew York.May 31.H41. one MALLAN A SONS, Burgeon Dentists, may be ejoaulted daily at >73 Broadway belwieen Franklin and Whit ata..east aid#. m?a lm' CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. THE Subscriber ia now npeauig hia Spring supply of 1 HARDWARE It CUTLER J, received parlatc arrivals, from Birmingham and Sheffield. Together with a general aeaorUnent of Domestic Ooods. which he ia prepared to offer at the very LOWEST CASH PRICES. The attention sf Country Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makers, Ac., is solicited to an elimination of hiaateckaad prices aa h* ia confident they will fiud it to their inters t to favor him with a call ALFRED F. LAGRAVE, 310 Greenwich corner Barclay, New York. A regalar supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Coopers Glue. Also?a complete assortment ot f Mechanics Tools. James Sere wo. Ac. ml ?wT A PROBLEM AND the way to aolve it. Why do the imiutots of my Tablet Raior Strop allow me to carry off the pwmiutu medal and diploma, fioui the American Institute, year after ye r, without evenauhmi.ting their own for trial! O ye of tender china and tough bearde. answer the a'mve by bruuriug a dull p ir of Razors, and teat lor yourselves he truths of the r.crtifi estea of the moit sritn'ific gentb men in the country, via: Prr.feeaor Griacom, Dr. Mori, Gen. J ' Tillmadge and other*. U 8 AUNDERS.role inventor end manufacturer of the metallic Tablet Raxor Strop, with four aides, 113 Broadway. m3? lm* FOR THE FACE AND SKfN. A MONO tbemauy and various Coemetici that are offered io me puouc |.>r o au iiyiu* tnr coinpieaion, ac? itmoTiof -very eruption from the face, none can be no confidently recommend,.*! a* Church'* Vegetable Lott-n It impa-t* a delicate *m -o hneaa tu the eomp en n. and effectually remove* pimple*, blotches, tan, treckh i. nngw jrma, aud all o.her cuta reou* eruption* and disc lorati-.n* Price 7S cent* per bottle?lold at Chu*ch Diipenaary, |M Bowerv,corner*f Spei 'g *tr et. _ Agent*? E. W Bull, H.rit irl; C.fcN. W Sinimo *, Pine, corner of Fourth itreet, Philadelphia; Charlea SteaDv.'Vughheep*ie. ml? Itn* DOCTOR PROVOST, COM*. individuate write ?g?in?t the use of ba'iam coyaivy, t ' eubebt,nitre, camphor, miueral aitringrnt*, kc kc . id the cure of *<cretdi*ea*e*. but that the wo.ld knew* that the above named medicine* will and have cured Ihoee diaeaae*. i* heyotid a doubt It i< perfect folly to denv that fact. But that t n quire* a pmfejvional mm, and a man of thill in hi* profe* ion, to know ? ben and how I.> give th.xe medicicea, i*enualljaa obvious to men ul mind*. I hope, therefore, that ge illrmen requiring medical ai l will not give ear (on'l the foolish Huff which they may *er in the ahai>e of advmOijemrnta, but they W'll call upon me, at No. 9| Broad a'ntt. where they shall i harea full liie'ory cf thrirose I feel confilent that not a pa tieut will l?avemy nffi -e wnhout b? i. g entirely aatnfieJ that | th're li at lea* one regular hrrd phyeicilD who ha* condi- i cended to place hiii.ielf am->ng the field of Quack* My of- | fic* i* at (1 Broad, corner Stout at. ittw J PROVOST. M. D. FISK'S COMBINED SUMMER ; BAKER & COOK STOVE, FOR COAL OR WOOD. 1 A ATWOOD, Patentee?Price* from M,50 to $11.?The 0 (leu*.furnace and front of thi* storeare mude of c <*t iron ' and ha*a large fire oven attached to it, which will do nearly 1 treble the cooking of the larscat ?u-d oidinary Cook Stove*. c The orifice of the fumree will admit a boiler on muring ail , Caili, or fif era gallon* and by the uie of the diision plate, J ettle* suitable far boilingfenr different d tht*; in ai|liti >n to < all thi*, two fowl* or a laige piece of meat may br roaa'ed in front, and all done with Ice* than rent* per day, for proof of ? which we refer to thoie who have usedth-m. RISK'S Stove K*t?b iehment, Itl Water *t-eft. Read the following certiorate*. in addiiion to wbich over t two hundred may he teen by calli-g at lh>. atore, F ISK'S Stove Eetab'ishment. 90* Water itre-t. v New Fourth*tre?t, ?th April,1841. o Miner*. Fi#k, *0* Water atreet? Among the variety of fc vtovea which have come to mv notice. U-e one I nnrcl.a.ed from you merit* * decided preference. I Iter* ureJit during ll the <?ueu, end w mid moet cheerfully recommend it to the public ?< in ray opinion eurcept'ble of n> imptneement fur e.n.plicitjr or economy. and worthy of more praue then can be appreciated without a trial of it I am, with reaped, ynue*. It*. A PERKINS, Paetor of theBrrcau (Baiiiiit)Chureh. Mr. Fiek, fOI Water etreet?The Summer Slo?e which I purchaaed ofyonlmt apring, I have had in utc till bow; and no on-, without trial, oou'd believe the amount ?rf cooking that may he doae by it, or it* economy Suffice it toeay. lh?t with oceaeionally an eatra fire, we h ire Cooked for from SS to 35 prrauu*,with enough leeefurl to *ave more than tee price at the (tore. __ _ MRS. BULL, 13 Fulton etreet. March *5, yiit. al? imt BR. FAWCETT, MEMBER OF THE ROYAL. COLLEOEtlF SURGEONS of London and Miuburja, and ol the Medical College ol PhiUdelphia.coiifi.iei hi* practice la a (elect branch ol hi* profeaeion. " Noeet emptadolore roluptaa " Dr. F id encouraged by the uaifo m lucm attending hid mode of treatment in the cure of vt nereal, gleet*, atrictnre* em ma I weakner* and nrereurial IT ct un*, together oilh ail (hnveotoerbidaymptom* which nadertnioe tne c n* nutr.m aud lay the fou idation ofpremiiur* deear either fiom nialtreatir'Bt or any other cauae. lu eucli peraon* the appetite i* generally d.fectiv*, and ta? reliah fir Ve altn-nt aMido'd. Mi* mode of tieatmeot i* univeiaally a.lmi ed?hie m SI lue* beiug plcsant to the taale and amell, gentiy a*'r-ngea the fibre* of theatomach a*d give*that pc'j?er t-n ity.what ag -odd.geatina require*. Hi? treatiie on ciiu?litution >1 ore rr >ua debility aiforda rery eater *ire observation* on *'i ial d?brlity ftmiaal vveakoea*. and impotency k-ought on byd?ln?i<* habit*? all it* attendant *> mptom* phi?iol g c.liy nplaiued. Tbia nork eao be obtained at hie otfi IH Ful'on ?t. where the D ictor ran be conaultrd at ail hour* ol the day end night. Latter* po*t paid will re. ?irc immediate attention. all ldt*t No. in ftAtJTDWAY--T H E KvDTVl N(i aND bUPPlcR SALOONS, on the Trinity Orouud. aornrrof Thamev aad Broadway.?1 he rtiberriberbega leaveto inform tnerihantaaod g*n'lemen that the above establishment i* now in ?ueeer?tul operation; lie would particular y call the alUa < lion of those gentlemen wWeavoe itione compel tnejn to dio* down town. U> the fact that he I* prepared to furuieh lh?m with dinner*, choaen Dy themeelvt* from the b,II of fare of the day, * hieh will alwuve eompn?a a r irii ly of ioupr. fi?li?v the aeason, and en **'>. imrot of at least fi.'iy French and Italian prey pared di*h*>. wiili deaeert, he, l*r week; o'her mealr in pro- j Iortion,prepared at Ih shortee! and at any h ue. There will be ready e eh day. at Io* o'clock, a variety of lun eheon delieaeiee and choice roup* i 1 1 be Saloon* will be Oyan until it o'clock, P. M .until which I time *uj?|?ri may h? obtainedcmfHUing teary rarity tb?t the , abundant inarkefanf ?ur city nff-r. the imderiignril, in aoliri'ittg Ihe pa'rooapr nf merchinta " end yrntlrn.en p'rdgi h n.a If in oar hie erety effort to made ilia tataM ehmeut "aaaa pare lr id all tta app tutmenU. aa it ' to-Ttandly i< inthe eonienienc ai d beauty a' ita loeaiinw. * The aahaerib' r al?o proa i<e? th it the er.nn my . f hiaehatgi a hall not be the leeat attractlre leatureof the Knm' a Dining and Pu.iprrPaloona. JOHN COTTKR. ( altiwe _ /Tl'1.ANTIC H i'I'KL i d r.KT.? line ipacioua and wall I A known ritablial m> n , Ditnaled in Dro id way aear 11 Bat ' try, will be lit for one or more peart, poaaeaaiea tohegivea ' M tha Brat day of May Mat. Hen? maaerete Apply to J LIV. LIVI.NO-fbk ? it i We No. I Wall atroai. 1 RK I [ORNING, APRIL 10, 18 ANDERSON'S POLISHING PASTE AND PLATE POWDER New York. Jin. I, I8M. We hire tried ttie Poliehiog Paote inade by .Mr. Aixiereofl nn*l find Uto be euiienor to anything w< haveeoer uerd. JiUAUDM AN kt MART, ? UurliuK Slip. il<uiuUctu! ere of BriUunta War*, New York, Jan. 10, Uil We karetriedtbc Piete uii'l Plile Ponder made aud told by Mr. T. Andereon, and take pleasure id recommending them. CuL&MAN h STE.'1'SON, Ajtor Houaa. New York. Jan. 24 1840. Wc hare used Mr. Andtraon's Polishing Paste and Plate Powder, and find ihcu very excellent fur clewing silver and silver plated ware. BALL. TOMPKINS k BLACK, Late Maiquaud It Co., 181 Broadway. _ , ~ Nt w York, March I. ISM. *5 have ueed Win. Aodcrsin'e Polislnug Paste and Plate Powder for cleaning silver and other kinds of ware,and can recommend it with eoufideicc to the public. THOMPSON k FISHER. 371 Pearl street. Brooklyn, Feb. 14,1844. I have used Mr. Win. Anderson's Polishing Pa?te fur silver, brass, and silver plated wart, and find it to a fire I rate arti da. IIOBERT E. STOOT, Saddle and Harness Maker. For sale wholesale and retail, foreiportation,at manufacturers'prices, by CHAS. H. RINO.S3 Fulton street, corner (Mi?. Also, by Bassctt, 614 B'oadway, cos door shove BleecSer street; Onion, corner Grand and Bowery; Coddington, corner Hudson and Hprmg; bands', 77 East Broadway. inl> 1m* THE SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL & DIAPER PIN. ANEW and important article 'oruse in the nureery. and a? a fa'teaing to ladies shawls. cloaks, Sic patented in the United States and in Europe, for sale wholesale t>y W. H. CARY It CO. 136 ''earl st Si w Y rk, and by the patentee, at the manufactory. 146 lav at B-onktvu. Thread and needle sturea, and dealers in fancy art idea, suppliod on libaral terms. ?H lm*t DENTISTRY. WM, THORN, DENTIST, so'icit. the stteution of those who wear Artificial Teath, and those who may require them, to his mcihqd uf supplying the Maxillary family, vix I he Teeth. Kuowing that there is a disagreeable taale in the month of lljose who indulge iuacids, resulting Irom the action of the acid on the (iold Plate, luallcasea that admit of it, he inserts testh/rum one to a complete set,.without using one pur ticle of metal of any description. 64 Chambersatrect. >11 tin* KALBOM IN It TAINT.?The Kalsomme Paint having been severely tea led in this crty during the winter mouths, the patentees can recommend it with renewed confidence to the public. The numerous specimens of Kalsomme Paint uow existing in New York, reudera an enurue ation of its ad wntages superfluous ; among ths most prominent are the following Kalsomme Colors are mi re permanent, more luminous and agieeable to the ej e thin oil colors. They are applied without occasioning toy offensive smell or injurious effect upon health, and drying in a few hours. Kalsomiue paiut may. if properly applied, bs washed when soiled, according to directions in thaeircular. Orders received and punctually attended to at the KALHOMINE PAINT DEPOT, feh 97 tm* 364 Broadway, corner Frsuklin. IMPORTANT TO CONSUMPTIVES. NEW YORK, Repteinber21#t, mi To Dr C. H. King Sir; A* you have reiiueaicd m- to give you in account of how your " Elixir of Lite" acted iu my case. ' clieerfully comply for the benefit o' other*. 1 hive Sid > cough evrry wiuter loraeveral years,and always got relief (rum simple herb tea* till lilt winter, neith*rone tiling nor the other term d to gi . relief, and I was gradually waiting away? hiring to re lino a'.. . my business. In this slate I wa? per.uad-d hy my friend Mr. Peek to try youi Klisirof Life and before I had finiihtd the bottle, I wa* not only cured of my cough, pain in the cheit, night wet!*, but able to remote burin-** ; and find myielf to rapidly improving .t at my friend, n e ?<toni?heO, expecting to heirof my death, inatead of lering me get active and robust. I coaaider myielf ind -sled to you for the aaviug of my life, and any one ?ilulled a* I was, may call on P<fKR S HELMS, 13 Thompeon St. Prepared and for*ale by C.H KINO S3 Kultou, cor. Cliff, mttlm* LUCINA COKDlAL. TO THE AMERICAN PURLIC. Pi* in now barely three year* aince the general iutrodaction of the LuclnaCordial into the United ftatr*. and in that re riod it hue not only * pre ad it* us- fulness throughaut tnii hemiiphere, and sustua-d the vast reput-tion which it had previoualy acquired in Eerope. hut ha* also added to the renown of it* illuitriou* inventor b the unrivalled power* it ha* been discovered to [<ium in the cure of incipient conaumn. tion. The knowledge f ita wouderlul influence in reunvatibg and invigorating the human frame,firat niggrated the idea ol using it in tni* way; and the reiult U thil a medicine ha* been added td the catalogue for the cure ofiuripient c inaumptioo, which place* the di*ea*>, with due precaution, under th* control of the patient Itia scarcely uece.sary at this period to reeommend the Li.ciua Cordial, a* an all-sufficient remedy in case* of (fleet, Klour Albu*. diffn ult or painfal men*'run* llon.Ioenntioeace of Urine, and all ilistises arieing from dehjlitatiiu of the system, where an i-npluse, or a restorativeffr wanted; a* throughout he United Stale* it haa takeu precedence of all other medicine in such caaee, and leavee nothing further to be hoped for; it* cure* being needy, perfect, permanent, and effected without pain or treukle. Should there how ever be any person laboring under the above complaints, who are doubtful of it* almost uui*?r*ally test'd merits, I recoin mend it te thein with all confidence, ?nd on my own persouil rtspoueibility, feelingassu-ed if they give it the required trial, that health to the afflicted parties, arid gratefulness to Or. Mag uin, ill be th* r**"lt But a* is also the c?ae in Eu I rope, tl.e immense American reputation of the Lucius Cordial, is principally based on its thoroughly investigated, iudubitan e.ard generally admitted power to enable!' malts, who h. d been ciosidered natrea, to bear offspring; and to restore virile powers in malee, whrn reduced to utter aed apparently honslessprostratiou, to perfect health and activity. When 1 first received the American agency of the Lucius Cordial, from Or Maguin, notwig ?landing i's immense foreigncelebnty, and the great amount of respectable leeiimony that accompanied it. I dtclined committing myaelf individually; by giving aav personal assurances in these particulars; but U"W, after th* enormcut sale of upward# of one hundred thousand bottl-e coupled wi h the receipts of certificate* aud testimonials inuu ncrable, and much knowledge founded on personal observati n, I ran ti.,liesita augly warrant it as farexeeediugmy most sanguine ho.wa.or even iht illu triouv iuven'or's promiee*, in the fu filment of the meat important ndsfor which it is recommended, and has become to justly and unirersally popular. To be as explicit as possible, 1 reneat. and hold mtsrlf P'rsouallv responsible for the assumo tion.that theLucme c-.ii invigorate the viri> powrra in males,and make them fociuidcnt, where nature line been deficient, 01 when they hare been proteeted by artificial mean*; aat alio that it can produce that ataleoflhe system in females, who had been previ ualy uu'ruitful. aud imagined barren, which will enable them to bear chi'dren. I regret that I hare to apeak ao plaint y, on auch exceedingly delicate matte-tj. but feel called upon to do an, le?t it might be miaunieraiooit, a-id aa a full guarantee Tor thegremi responsibility which I h??e cheer,uily aarumed Wiih feelings of ai cere (ratita le forthe pitr-mge which, aa the agent of tne Luciaa ?l,h < nteu hea led np in ine in thia country. 1 remit the Pub tea' eery obedient humMe je-eart, JOrtN WINTakS HOLDEAWELL. M D Price$3per hottl . F.trials at 151 O-oadway, New York ind ?o N w h, Poil d-1 diia. millm* TO THE LAMEST FASHIONABLE MILLINERY OOODS-The prnnrie. " treaa, Miia J. Kl NO, deadlier or the celebrated Carl Kng. iffere for eale a m et (elect and choice ano-tni-nt ol Milliney Oioda. for the apring trade, ntvei aa yet proent- d to tha mb'tc. both aa regarda the quvlitv and cbeapueaa of the artiira. The aaaortmeat coniiea ol the following:? Tha celebrated BILK. HAT. CALLED CAPOT TE D')RLEAN8 aa worn by La Dueh-aae d'Orlrana, of France: IHfcD SILK. ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL I fYLE?and Lawa Hate do do?aa entire new at) le of Hate ailed "MODINE CAPOTTKS, ELSSLER COTTAGES." Paria'aa and Engliah FANCY 8T2AW8, af the fineat tea ure, in great ranet y. The ptoprictre.e retp-elfullv aolici a the iadies to faror her eith a call, and etaoii' e he elegmt a.d ran-d itock of Milliwry for themarleei, before they puech?a- else where, *a it will k a gnat earing to them in price aud a great ad rant age aa re;arda tne variety and quality of thr goods. MISS S. EINO, Mag.nar de Model. aH Im'r 2?3| Broadway. 1)R. MORRISON. " \rORTH RIVEH DIS K.N8ARY. go<) Fu ton etreet.nea' L Greenwich?Dr. Mormon. Member of ihe Royal f ollege if Surgrona, Londoa. and formrrl f aurgton in the Yritiah nary, eonli .urn to be consulted daily on diaeaare of a delicate atiirc, and all thoee distressing eyniploma cooaequeot on in uditioue Iraatment and the imprudent uee of quack medicines. Jr M. hae had an riperlenceof twenty-two yt-sre in irearing lelieata (iaeanaa, in all their Tarioue and e.unplicate i forme, ind uaea a mild, ante, and infalliole uhalilute for mercury, indicating the yeacical virua with rerUuity, without subject ng the patient to any riak.or reatrictiug hint in fiia uaualdiet ir nureoita. whila hie medicinee er? aereeuMr ia teat* and nell Permanent obstruct one in the urethra, auch aa (trieurea,and accompanied with much irritalien aud dull putu ire loaae of the conaequo irea of mal treatment, and leading oftir>atr|y to urinary fiitulaa. Dr. M. treata at net urea in a actntific manner, gradually p-mnotiug absorption of the llueknrd inemortne without pain. CON8TITUT1U vAn ltr.BII.ITY -Thoaeajilaof young nen arr euffering from the CGnee<iurnrra of indulgence in i Met daatruetiva habit, and wl?>?e utrm are further inured from the u*e of noatrumi and pretended ?p<cifie?, which timo'ale only to iaduee greater depreaai,,n Or M. treat* on urcl y pathological principle., and naver fail* in ratablkehing i cure, alio tli* mo*t obafmatc yiaid to hi* plan of treatment ,etleta pn*t paid, and routaie'ing a (uituole lee will anaun h* corraaponoent full ad'ice and medicine to ena part of la* Jniou, by hi* roiora hie'nrr ?'l'i in H'lau. Thee *tricte?t b inor and confidence obvrrv.d al It* IMj THicTRi fc fti' UKH oy Lic it is HC.AL.TH- fna * only genuine Taylor' Balaam of Liverwort from the ol* proprietor at >11 Spring (treat,haa never ben known to ail in coring the moat eUrmreg aymptomv oft onanotpMoa aid Liver Complaint. We have eertioo.lei from hundred* ol ooal re?peetable periooa. certify i* to the lurpriaiog relief hey have received in uriog Ihe article from 111 Sprit g atreel >wmg I* the aoeerliia* of cmuitarftitera, the following worn fact* i* new publianed? City of Brooklyn, King* County, ??:?E. Towniend being uly *worn, depotr* and *aya that he h perionally acquainted vith I ha proprietor of Dr. Taylor'* Balaam of Liverwort, and oe* certify fiom hi* own known- g>-that the only peraon ow living, who preparrd thi* medicine at 375 Bowery, and I the aola proprietor. re*iil> * and traaaaeta bn-ine?i at III Ipring a'reet, and manufacture* lha g'Uuin* Ba.tam of Lierwurt at that place, fro.n the only original reripa in r?uence. fc. TOWN9KND. Bwore before me thia nth Jan 1C4>, B. ALPHEUS SMITH. Com ofDerd*. I eertify from my awn prraonal k nowledge lit it the above tatenunt* in regard to lha ownerahip, fce arv I'd*. M. Al.PHKUd SMITH. Beware of Counterfeit*, a* the great queaiioa of life or eath may depend upon having the giauiua mediein*, made aly in thi* eily at >11 Spring *tree|. , , , Agent*?K' d< ing State atreel Boaion; 31 etreeLaad t k ulloo atreet. Brooklyn; II* and >41 Broad*tr*et, New'price-Large botlle* H. aeat ru Bl.aad ?malter rii* 30 enta m>aim' 2U(}AITH[t;T Premium orb and Pa opkiae, Leah gcia 5 hie tad rare flower ??ede. Engihm grave for Uwna. M 000 T*aa and hoi hoaae plant. dah.ia rooie, tiger Ik .war*, tuba uar* fruit >ad oraaaacnial tra<*. ahrubhary of all k>ad*,caaav bird* mid fi.H an I globe* whole*.I* and retail, on tha ra.tma.K3.le term*, at NlliLO It DUNLAr*. No. 37* I mad way. aad at their nuraery, comer of Ith Avenue and llth atreel,Harlem. m?lm* IERA 42. K?Kllali Itnim The Karl of Miccledieldtand lady Frances Al'.en are dead. The Marquis of lletiford U ft John Wilaoa Croker ?50,000. The standard for recruits is reduced to five fo?t and a half inch. This looks desperate. This looks oniinoue. Dow't Enmst ? We want more troop.,?and the Indian policy of our extirpating rulers is persisted in. In Ireland the recruiting sergeants can get no customers, from the resolution of the people to cry, uatil they get justice, "Dou't Enlist." ''Don't enlist, until we get good food hml franchise," ought to he the cry in England?British Statesman, March 19. Baron Jacques Levavasseur, ol Rouen, who was one of its greatest manufacturer* and shipowners, died three days ago, at the age of 71, leaving a fortune estimated at 2 000,000 truncs. Ilia said that at the time ot his death there were 30 of his ships on the sea. The electrical ce! that created such a sensation in England, is dead The Earl cf Dalhousie is to b^Governor of Madras. The Chartists are erecting a monument to Radical Hunt. LtrxHATuac?"Trevor Hastings or the Field of Teweksbury," is the title of a new novel by Major Michel; also, " Widow and Iler Daughter,' by Hook. Mr. Colburn has also just published?1 Fascination, a novel edited bv Mrs. Gore, 3 vols. 2 Adventures of Sir lEnry Morgan the Buccaneer, a nautical romance, by the author of " Rittlin the Reefer," ?.Vc , 3 vols. 3 The Scho'd for Wi?eH, u novel, by the authoress of " Temptation " I Anne Boleyn, an historical romance,by Mrs. A T- Thomson, 3 vols. 5. The Man of Fortune, a tale by Mrs. Gore, 3 vols. " Godfrey Malvern," by the auihor of Royston Gower. "Fathers and Sons," by Hoc kThxat*.cal??Celeste is making a second large fortune in England. There is a talk of Taulioni coming to this country. The Liverpool maiTaajs of her ; ? Thii renowned Jantttur, though not included in the programme o( the director of her Majesty Theatre, we have heard, intends to visit this country early in June, her engagement at the Imperial Theatre of St. IVters burg terminating thii apring. Taglioni who ia said in the dramatic circles to have declined L.oOO from Mr. Calcraft for dancing one week at the Dublin Theatre, and L 300 for one week at the Liverpool, last rear, will pro bably dance for a limited number of nights at Coventgarden'if the manager! ol the German Opera should in troduce ballets at that houae, and subsequently visit some of the priocipal town*, and perbapa the Ua'ted States, previous to her retirement from the stage. Rnbini and Lablache arc both out cf England Tnmburini and Grist are not at the Queen's Theatre (Opera Houee). Grisi ia about to be confined. The anniversary meeting of the friends and upholders of the Covent Garden Theatrical Fund took place at the Freemasons' Tavern The donations of the evening amounted to seven hundred pounds. The dinner was well attended?chair filled by the Duke of Cambridge. The musical season has now fairly commenced in Londor* The Italian theatie has opened, with en opera bearing a new title by Donizetti; the Ancient Concerts have resumed their accuetomed career; and the Philharmonic Concerts entered on another year of existence on Monday last. On the 2K b day of February last Mdlle. Rachel attained her "majority, and became independent of the parental authority. The first use she made of her liberty waa to renew her engagement with the French Theatre for twenty years. Resides a part entiere, which has been accorded to her as a testimony of the relief her exertions have afforded to the exhausted treasury in the hour of need, she receives 42,000 francs, or about ?1700 from the funds which the government grants to that theatre, with the proviso, that should the Chamber of Deputies ceate to allow it, she can annul the engagement, excepting the administration should agree' to continue the same annual sum out of thair private funds. Rytht contract ahe is only bound to play fifty four times in the oourse of the year, whieh establishes, during the nine months is open, six performances monthly. Louisville. [Correspond', nee of the Herald . ] Louisville, April 9, 1KI2. The Elopement?Arrival and Departure of Bos. James Gosdos Beishltt, Esq ? Dear Sis? A denouement to the elopement that transpired in this city a short time ago, and of which I made mention in one of my communications to you, has at last tak-n place. The gay Lothario proves to be Mr- Bernard. He came here last spring operating as a dentist, and professing to be a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church He then had a wife and child with him. Recently his wife has been here in search of him. Subsequent to his marriage with this lady, he west to South Carolina, where he 1 ingratiated himself into the affections o( a highly respectable young lady, and married her. lie however did not find this a* prosperous a business, as he antibipated, for he was arrested and tried on a charge of polygamy, and sentenced to pay a fine of $500 and two years imprisonment in a prison. This lesson, severe as it was, appears, by his recent conduct, not to have been sufficient for the villain. This Iago, during his stay here last spring, by his hypocrisy, apparent zeal and piety, obtained from the Methodist preacher in charge a certificate of membership and a license to exhort. A few weeks after the elopement, things came to light that led Colonel B-, one of our most respectable citizens, to fix suspicion ou Bernard asparticcp* criminU. Week before last thia evidence amounted to demonstration. This same evidence also led Col. B. to believe that the villain was yet in the vicinity ol Louisyillt. " Accordingly, Col. B. started for New Liberty, in Owen county, with these evidences in his possession. Fortunately, the fellow's wish to make an appearance of piety, had induced him to stay at New Liberty till Sunday, for the purpose of attending a religious meeting, in which he took an active part, ana at which Col B. fo ind the miscreant After the case and all the attending circumstances had been submitted to the assemblage of people present, they voted that Co|. B. should cowhide Bernard, and that he (Bernard) should receive at their I hands a complete suit of tar and feathers The miscreant fsll upon his knees, and in the most ab i ject, servile and piteous manner, implored that Col. ] B. alone should inflict the punishment, as he alone had been injured. Whereupon, the Col fell to and gave him a lusty cowhidiag, in pretence of ih? large assembled crowd The rascal begged and invlored mo?i abjectly tor the Leknel to epare h a earn I nder the garb of religion, and the medical profession. ' he has perpetrated villainies of toe deepest dye, and no doubt mH'Cted irreparable^nischiel in many do medic circles- Ilia family resides in Ohio, and he is a wanderer and outcast, a villain and a swindler, a p'ttv thief and a roirue, and one who dares not face the person he would rob or wring, but instigates others toperpetrate deids that lie aline cau conceive and dare not put in execution. " Which ii the villain? let me tee hii eyes, That when I note man like him, ^ may avoid him.'1 This lump of human depravity calls hnn?e|? Bernard. lie is about five feet seven or light in. chea h'gh; is somewhat heavily built; has u full I face, dark eyes, dark hair, fair skin, high torehend, 1 and handsome features Ha assumes a modest and J meek air, and plays the character of Jean Nicot* to < p rfectioa. 1 B< x arrived here on Wednesday, took lodginge at , the (lalt house and left on the day following for 8t Louis, where great preparations are making ready 1 lor his reception Hia visit here, however, caused a few ot the medical gentlemen ot this city, and < among them was the high priest ot Mesmerism end 1 /ir.trlp of foot Ikluhil but the Medical Oolleoe tn ' H|ipp?r raiher ludicroua?on Thursday morning ihis i bevy (f M DV, with clean white craviU, caned and ' hat* in hand,rr paired to the Gait flou?e Saloon,there , to await the coming of Bmz, the Great Ulysua bav- i ing aent up his card; t na pen-on ge who ir very punctual in any thing be attempt*, Lecame quite nn- , eaay at Rnz'a long delay?impatient and Rome what pi'ped at keeping them ao long waiting, they deter mined to depart,when the door opened And a tiervaat , entered conveying to them the startling iatelligr nee that Bozhad buzzed off Winery likea company, rj j xaya the adage, ao doea diaappoiulinent, and they t had it A very reapectable gentlrman on hearing the arrival of Boz, immediaiely aent him bio card j rr quo? ting the honor of hia company at diaaer, great ? preparation was made, and a very tumpraouo re- ? paat wu prepared?a few friend* were invited to at* tend?the heat of winea obtained, and|every iking ,, wai to par off beautifully?ezpeciatioa waa high <tr PH LR Mm two Caiti wad anticipation <>t iun and troli, , a Ht-rvaiif hand#, to the Utter amazement ot uie gentlemen, a card, declining in rearvetful terms the invention, aa Boz would leave at 12 o'clock, at Shippingvport. Box wa? introduced to Jim Porter, the Kentucky giunt as a specimen of Kentucky grow th;no doubt Bo* Will irive a deacrintinn nf kirn in hia ~""u u-? ^ mm. a ..*? UV At "Ul? DU4 will return to New York by way of the lake*; should he pass through here again we will endeavor to give him a reception worthy of his acceptance, la this comniunication 1 did intend to give yon a list ot the cases in Bankruptcy, hut on account of its length will have to defer it till next communication. Yours respectfully, Lot'iavm.*.. See the character a* draw a by Bulw? r in Xanoat Savannah. [Correa.iondt nceof the Herald.] Savannah, April 1S12. 7Vie Gormiinrnl Steamrr* to Florida?Ciuryinz Faittengrrt and Freight ? I'oektting tht Frocttd* Jamii Girdon Binnett, Esq.:? Dear Sir,? Relying upon the independence from all party bias by which your most excellent paper ia so juatly characterized, 1 would beg leave to call your particular attention, as well as that of your nu* merous reader/, to a great abttsa existing on board of the government (strainers running between this place and Florida. Those steamers are owned by the government, and consequently all the expenses of wood and provisions, and wages of the otllcere and crew, are dcfiayed at the public expense. The ' officers of these boats, however, carry passengers and freight, the whole proc of w hich goes into their ?wn pockets, thns not only depriving tho regular packets of a great part of tha business to which they are justly entitled, but incurring great additional expense to the government for their sole benefit. A great deal has been raid relative to the disgraceful waste ol the public money in Florida, bnt i o-nere as yet, no atr-ntma has been made of this particular item It in obrious to any reasonable person, that these be able to carry passengers, must be fitted up on the same scale as the regular packets, and their tables must be furnished in a etyle quite unnecessary for a government steamer. The amount thus receiver) rn board of each one of these boats cannot fall short of six to eight hundred dollsrs per month, whilst the additional expense to government, must be near five hundred dollars for tbe same time. The facts as above stated, a e too notor'ous to be denied, and cry loudly for reform. Of the honesty of this manner of proceeding, every one can judge for himself. In conclusion, I would remark, tkat there are many as good captsins and officers, as are in this branch of service, who would gladly accept of an appointment on board of these boats free of any wages, or would even pay a bo ins. provided they would be allowed to take freight and passsngern on the same terms as they are at present taken by the vary worthy officers who command them. There are other little matters here, that would, if exposed to th'* scrutinizing view of the public, cause some amusement to the lookers on, and not a little discomfiture to the partite concerned. If you wish, yon shall hear from me again. It ia useless forme to mention the h gh esteem in which the Herald is held here, as it's universal succesa is evident to all those who are the friends of truth. Yours truly, A SuueCHiBcn. TO THE BALD AND GREY HEADED-JONES' rp OIL OK CORAL CIRCAKSIA. I HOSE whose hiv ia (siting out. tumiae grey, or has mm* ed growing. *0 article is here offered you at a re-somble price ?remember it is not puffed?and it will do all it is represented to de Rssd this? I certify that my hair was fal'inr nut fast; I combed oet handluls daily, as <1 since I hove uaed two bottles of Joucs'Oil of Coral Cireassia, it has ijuite stopped falling out, and in growing fast sad dark. * * W. TOMKINA, It Kins st. This will fire light, red er grey hair a 1 ne dark look, and ia time cause it to grow dark from the roota Among other* who hare used this and certify is J.F. Power,groeer, Brooklyn, J. Gilbert.jewelter. gd avenue Sold by T. JOVK.S, aignof the American Eagle, M?unices you -re careful of the right number vou'll be cheated with a counterfeit?B'i Chatham itreet. Price 3 5 and I ihilliuga bottle?three tiara, lit Kalton treat, Brook! J a, ia agent, roll tin* N THE CURE OK 8TRlCTUHE-lt is most unfortt, nute in this complaint that many persona have a stricture who era gpt in the least aware of it. The common notion ia.that eo long as the urine rain in a tolerable - -ream,there cannot be a stricture. But this u ft.r from true. A stricture may, and often does, esist for mouths, and even years, without producing any striking change In thi* respect When a atric lure arrives at that degree of narrowness as *eu*ibly to impede the uriae, it is a seriou* raaladr indeed. The object ot Uio*e remark* however, is to preveut this state, and to attack i t at u time wheu it is easily and perfectly removed. But Ihere are other eireueietences besides its effect upon the urine hy which a stricture may be knawn, or. at least, strongly suspected, and though these are numerous, there are two which are very common and eery easily judged of. and these shall bo ineationod lllff, The first of these circumstances relates te time. It M welt haevrn that tinctures anse from long continued and badfy krented Oonorrlida. Now. whenevee this .I..-,.- ?u over many wraka, especially il in the early period any of the boasted noetrums of (he day were taken, there ia juat and imper urouad to auapeei a atrielure. Tli' neit ia moat remarkable?it ia the effect a atrietare ban upon the mind and ennila. Thie ta a Tact that may be thoroughly relied on. Indeed the author never aaw a caae ot atne ture, (and heaeea many even day.) in which the patient did not, more or leaa. complain of hia li>aa of uvula! energy?that he waa not eo capable of buaioeaa aa formerly The reaaon of thia, however, ia clearly ahnwn in hia "Pit... . ; little volume noticed in another column of thie pa|ier, and'to which the reader ia referred, not only f-?r knowledge of Lhio diaeaae.but on every other connected with Uneeubject DK. RALPH further beye to edd. thai he may be conoulted personally hia reaidence, No. rr (Ireenwich alreet, at any hour ; and ahould any be in deubt ae to the enateoee of thio diaetae, aapeeially after perusing ha little volume, he will w I thou t ripe nee or the leaat pain, explain and assure hia whether he heee or not. Let it only be remembered that, i f he really baa a atricture, aot all tha medicine in tha world, alooe will aver cura it. mSt la* rIK PRIVATE TREATISE.? I l ia la a little eoluae ca certain diseases in which the beet aud moat convenieaa meane of curt are atatad ia the plaineat pnaeible mannei. 1? also shows the reaaon why theae nuliiei ao frequently coo tinue on from month to mobth.uncurrd.iuid terminate at lenyth 10 other and permanent complaints. Indeed, no one can road lHia little book without seeing at once their true and real nature. and eiao the riak and danyer of truatiuy them to iynoiane ind boaatiny people. Wi?h a view, obtain a rational degree of eoafflaoce in what ha baa advanced on the cure of thoee diaeaaea, Um mthor thiuka it proper here to fire a simple atatement of the neana and opportuuitiea he kimaell haa bad of (ormiuat juat and :lesr opinions on thia aubjact. He therefore beta t* atata, that teaidea hia rank aa graduate of Ediuburyh, aud member of the London he hue hern witching theae diaraaee. both n Hoepilal and city practice lor more thin thirty yean, end 1M publiahed two editioaa of a work erjiressly on them. Also, .hat he haa letters o( commendation from the most eminent >hyaiiiena in Europe to the moa' ammeut in Amenra. aa Sir Aatlej Cooper to Dr. Molt of New York and Dr Ituladrlrdua. and othera. and which may he tiau by any one And further. th?t he haa the privilege ?f referring In alinoet very phyeariin of eminence in Ihu city. T'ie?? are eircum itauces which afford the Ittgheit ratiifactinn lo every ooe, ew < cially to Ihoee who are aniioue to oblaui the bnet advtoe.? the price of the book ia tl. Or Ralph il ronriilted at hta reaidimre.ea Urccnwich afreet, it any hour, and baa dirtmct and reparate apartment* for thoaa who hare la wait a Utile. Commuiueatiou* by poat are faith fully replied to. mil laa' DR7FT FELIX GOURAGD'S POUDHKS Sl'BTILKS FOR ERADICATING HUMAN SUPERFLUOUS HAIR,. I''IIK abnre preparation haa received the etamp of public xt probation for rone jrearr part, ai ibe moat afe.ipeedy and (Teetiul remedy aver diernvered for the com lete eradication >1 human ha>r It i? drcidedlv an inrttimeMe article for the oilet airJ hta entirely aitoihtl tlctl th we deleteriaua.uncertain md daogeroer com,>oeltiona which li tre been mo friquently mp'oye-t. Ne lovely or beautiful woman who haa ike ua ghCy appendage ol a demooatralion of a heard on her upper ip. hairy ride of the taer. aiolrr. or a ma?a of hair ro ''ring a bro d and elevated lorehead, at ou d delay a ne m nt procuring a bottle of thia invaluable powder Whin ap die ro'd ihi i preparation it uaeri hy aoitie in liru ol a raiov or remonng the beard, which it elfec'a wiih more rare, with m much rapidity. ra a mere aeiiifactnry manner, and at lam vpenee. while at the aame time it leavea the abta e .ft and deflate to the touch To uproot the bean. it applied rue, ao o'dtng to direciiona accompanying tach buttle. Price en* lollar tfOURAUD'B RAIT DE BSAUTE, or True Wa'er er Seautv, for removing tan, ptmplea, ferkl-a, botcher, not .hew,Ice .real Xing delicate ah te n?c? and artnt, an eliciting i he .Ithy juvenile appenrnnce. fd per bottle He ware of apai rtouaimit.tione.ofthia celebrated coimrtic, ol ihemnt'dele lermur natnre, utterly rninou* to the completion and by ite euellaiit ac'inn ionirtnuc to health. MOURAUD'S VEGETABLE LIQUID [>o?'d matcri illy from flowe>a and aim let, impir'a a delicate roeeale tinge te the completion.imm .vn <lr by ruhbiu; with a Handkerchief or linen cloth ?0 rente per botlle. OOURtUU'S BLANC D'EdPAO >R, or Hpani .h Lily Whi'e. givce lo the countenance a pure life like alabeater whitenera rum I from the lajuriont propertier geneva"? combined with preparation! for thir purpo e. ? eenie. put up n Uganlbniea lobe ha I at iwmrn n r in? r?ut? ccic"r<i?t? v>r?. ? the o!d etUbfifthrd 17 Walker free', ooe d< or (row Bro *Hwnr, and at 547 Hmadwajr A';r.*T? ?New Vork ?Alrtaor. Alei Oulhne, No 4 U* irn, (I I, Br)?n p nmmer 'WiffiTft?Piujb J (iriy ? Buffalo. J liimd*!#, 157 and 301 M?in#lrwt F'entn. fran-a ?Philed b"b*?, Brown, ? < 'hei> u' afreet MirflaM-SdtMMir^, **???* , PnKftmt. District nl I mbt ?\V??h?n*C'D. 'by Parker, IVi,i?i\U*n a At etc ?Alri%odr??, CC ry. Vi'fMiia? RichmoM, Mr? Kny?or Kirti<#l r'uiin cue it? Middleiown. K < Krrr-Nfw Miwo, A * rr?|-M?',roH. Willi Hu n hrey, IT* Malt l(r?, r -io William koulkoar M ..a o. ? . l.rno.JI Ml k ttrr Lowell. fj * < k < o, I itr Mi-Lynn, Or Ait H'.Ua?Warcoalar, ? I) Phiil<|M, Brfa ""{fifiS-V. A V "'V *?"' a?rntt-Lt . hulifc -,|J*W ***** ly?-M?wWyimr, Chariot HH -VrI Ho ,H',ir'-P,.r JmoulK W K l-r*,iMa.o. Portland H"" 15 C^~.S**?Jr' **>''?l'or ft ' imM -Hallo*?II, P <uutna Hh-d* lalaud-ProtidaDaa. CharlaoDrar.Jr. Wra' Sum*. , Cl..rk N?*J*r y-T Aoabrook Pnncato*. Krory kvili of Dr. Itouram I "a ('oanvtic* ha* kil atM ?Mk ? n >r r f i r?p inlnl, and Now V irk hwwn <>a tha four *?a, and hia far aiaaile rngrraad on tha n r t?>f >art aftha* Po * aalivbllle*, Nona olhrr anirauuM alllm*

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