Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1842 Page 1
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n ? ?' ?1^?? TH Tai. TILHto. 3S>.?~WfeoU * . *003. NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To nil (rata N?w York on th?*5th,?ud Liv?rpaol on the llth af tack wtonth. m ? hip U08CIC3,? ?*? J,oh. Ship p ^ D?p?y>tar,'tfli> May. hipUAKJUVia,^ Li???r??L. M . ^?ftt.nJohB Cotliai, 13th May. waatapeed^^^njnu-emfowftheiraccammodationa. The fcta beep taken lath-? Sj$?oOuf* vrhich ample etoree will be ah&*arecommanded bp e*per?aced ma.C?7X,ri&u Sr.ry ewrtionU >" """" Uon. . iiein r*"" *"!'* wit! be reipooei Neither ^JSSSeonreele ?r ?Mk^ti??iU by them, unleee re "M for"r *? ?r-..'.?^ .iga^dthcrefor. ?& $k }& &k _*P*Tr thM tia^eUTliereafter leave New York on.the wS?7.?. U" ? "^.VTK".0"^ JamhT^uck. I? * November I lith Dceemb.t I lat April C i?th Mar _ # * 1?UI jjcyicmpw nip Jl'ineSmbel i ??th January f i?..?k. 111,11'tce*^ > ]dth June Ed*,V,- f111 1,1 ^"I^w < Uth October k>P UTICA, lit f Uth February Cast . . 'ut January r uUi July **wfVieHT NICOLAS. let J 160. November Kair?h,Vs*- 1,1I Uth March Cap}. Kl Febnmry (urpaaacd. com J< S-" ?.rt^ifctiona of tueae enr* The price of en* .Th'^rmay ^ "'>?ireJ Singed with every ^jfdtLn. j ^?^wvo^eunk of packet8 a^fTh' Pltap^ ft liupLOUliSVI cant. Miner C?pl.Latham. Rhaip fliSlav ILLEi Capt. MumL 'A Shop Hk Nf ' ,,|fj|' Capt Leariltl IMP 2 LLE, Capt. Dickm* ? *F .r F^iired and put ?n '^'"^l^i Ther are commanded IT*^2?iem l0tJSr?h "Si eMrtionto pre C.^SSeed inaotet^ *ho^eil^ am**^ towed up and jeneraj aafaojff.1.9, (bT afeamhoata .? be reeponaiggSSS&SK W meaf red. N*W AKAT ? -_L.^ in i> eentt. LntnNm Ewi Newark At* A.M. At* P.M. At n A.M. At I) P.M 11 do 4 4* *te It do 4| do l*i 4e do V 4e 10 do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot oi Ukorty otreet. Leave New York. Leave Newark. . At I k M ead 4? P.M. A' > ?<* >? P-M* NEW YORK, ^BETO^RAHWAY AND Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty treet.daUr. Ileave New York. Leave New Brunawiek. At I A.M. At T| ATM. 41P.M. I P.M. OMER VILLE itaxea e(raneet with theae line* each way. F?re between New York and Bomerville, 50 cento. Do do Now IkhmA, 75 cento. Labway, SOcen'o. Exabethtowa, . SS cento. The fare in a* Tf A. M. train from Now Brunawiek, and 4| FM. train from New York, hao been reduced between New York and New Bninowiek to *0 cento. " and Rahway to *7i " The Pniladelphia meiilme panne through New Bruno wick for New York every evening at? o'clock. ^OnBunaayethe Tt A.M. trip from Now Bvunewick io omit Paoven(ero who procure their tieketo at the Ooive a ferry ticket gratia. Ticketoare received by tbeeonductoi onlv on the day when purcbaoed fcbll In* IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS. RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE?For the Tiaujportalion of Guide between Pkilade'phia I and Pittaburg.] EBPE1 lyjuijii mbW* Thia improvement in tranaportation afforda to weitern n>"]M thauU peculiar advantage*. The good* being carefully pack^ ed in the boat* at our warehoaoe, No. MO Mark:! o'reet, are can-ieO over the Columbia and Portage Railwaye wittu ut tranahipmrnt Careful tap'aiuo and crewo are employed, who take charge of th? good* at Philadelphia, and cootluue with the*** the ettire route, thui avoiding delayo and the liability of loU heiug ac para ted ni toe way N B ?raoeengero forwarded to Pittoburgh every day Suediya excepted, H. STORK. Agent, a'* 3m* m 7 Wmhingtou ?treet. RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND KREIUHT LINE. mm IfEIV BRUNSWICK AND NEW YORK. rpH? NEW JER8r.Y Rai'rond and Trancportation Com1 p?OT have eatabliehrd * Freight Line between New Rrunrwick and New York, which they intend to tun peimatewhw New druoawick at i AM. daily, (Sunday* excepted) Mid the foot of Liberty ?treet,New York, a 3 P.M. To country dealer* and met chant* tha above line la very do arable for the apeedy and cheap conveyance ef mercliandiae of every deacriptwn. and more particularly to Dm vera and Deatera in Live Stock, who can have l?u head of cattle conmdfcelWWnNjw Brunawtcl^ and Pftw k ork, theaameday, Vneniver reqii.."-? . . 1 he ratea for the transportation of cattle, horaea. mule*, keep, hof*,lu:., and all other kindi of merchandise ar* very low. revet exceeding steamboat pr?.e*. Mercliandiae aent by thu line la net subjecUd to any eitra charge in croaaing ih? North River. The I opipam have fir ted up a large storehouse at New Brunawicc adjoining the Ilailruad Dryot, which will alway* b?LCoen for the reception of nierchan 'tee. Pareenren, r*i-c'.<?aing their ticket* at the ticket office*, willrtceiva wry tickela gratia. mil 3m* FREIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSBURG. iff BINGHAM'S LINE. The protestor* of Blncham'a TranjnorUtirn Liaa to Pitt*burg, give notice to the Merchant* of New York, and all other Em* Clipping to the weel, tlut their line w ton in active atlon. Uunda cooai*ned to I hem (or *ent to ge in their ) will be forwarded wilhdespatch. of ?".xki, ifcetthcd ht the Weatern 222a'? W ritubnrg. will j ' f-"d* to WlflAlh Bingham, Pittaburg. Salay **? 10 nipping nil inch cooaagnmcnl* wo thou l afiWRlltfulStr ??i~"r - ..rt >-? ? JUV ""*& Was,,;jsi,-?r.?teSs;1 _ ... ???*lUN? s-N. R. N. B.-r?lcnger< forwarded to P.tUburg tad Pottaville, oworr Hunfura excreted. " Rwfrr to R, Crooka, American For Co.i I. T. Nieoll, Broot atraettPhelt". Dnln k Co. Fulton etreet; Mane At a., Wm.ttaukin, Duryee A Co .Newark' ntlo <TATUn*LAWl? rUQtl. ~ ~ Foot of Whitehall ^^^u^^TATKN ULANDK'R, SA.VaON, Captain Dura], will nut ?a followa unul lurthci notice :? Leaeta States I aland Lttrn Whitehall At t o'clock a.m. At a a'elook aji -to ;; " " 1} ~ r t ' r.M. * i u f.M. Si - H fc " ?1 " " " Ik " M. B. All food* ''lipped ar? required to bo particolarlj Marked and arc ? the r?k of the ownere thereof 01 if. rowicLL A CO'f Lilfl. opr. jsi jtsa.saw 3FL*3CwRIN(^Th? eteamboet HIUHLANDF.F *^apt. Robert Wardrop. wiU leati the foot cf Wanrea atraa Bmw York, a eery Monday, Tlni-?dey and Saturday afternoon' Mt 4 o'clock. Returning the Hieh. in ter will iceee .aewburjri eery Mouday ornmc at I o'clock, ana To today and k rid* Afternoon at o'clock. For fraifh'or paoaite.apply to the Ostein on board. R. B. At I baa age and freight of arerv detention, ban! Mela orapacia. put on board thia noet.auat be at the riak of th camera thereof .onlaoa a bill ofladin* orraeeiptioeicoed fn fti IIIH ""V wfVWl'ilirL ne?The iplebd.d pocket ah p ALABAM A iKHSnt antain Blinker, aaile pneitieely *a the tn h Ap'il her rettUr day. Haeini aptendid aeeom-nnJatmna tin cabii eefwodi ahin and Iterage paaeengrra, for paaeage early appli ration ehou'd he ai de to W A J 1 TArrBCOTT. 43 feck clip, all comer South itrttl. E NE NEW LIFE BOAT ASSOCIATION, " TOR THE MANUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PAT1NT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE mm CITY HOTEL. _ NOTlC'K to BUVISKM ok CABINKT FURNITURE. THIS SuhtSllbw WWH incite the stteotion ot ihofe wisbt IK? purch<se articles in the above busiuciM, to bin tahlotmieut, where it to be found a rich assortment of Rosewned and Mahogany Furniture, of French and other intterns, tome of which are uot to be found elsewhere, being entirely original. Alto, hKudtorne rich silt (iornicet for windows, Poire and Hinge t'other w ith Damasks, Galloons and Tastelt, and e??rj article attached to curtains, which will be made io the Uteat style from patterns lately received. N B. Particular attention pai I to the ft'tiug up of Ottomans. Fire Hcretns, and other fancy articles, with embroid red tapestry . WASHINGTON MKKKS, # dl?-L.n 11# Broadway, neit the H??i>t*?l FA S H ION A BLE TA1I.ORI N t. ESTABLISHMENT. AT THK F \ SHION ABLE TAI COKING ESTABLISHMENT, 108 Beekman atreel.nrar Pearl. Gentleman who are now or forme,iy have hern paying eilraragant ,ri?ri for their clothing, are Miurtd that they need do 0 on more, aa the auba-iriber will gairautee to ail who patroniM him, a hand-oine At, a faahionahle atyle and exollant malt 1 ml*, al the lnllowiug moderate uricea? 8op of Eng. Wool-dyed, black, blue, or graen drea* eoala. $15 to $94. Pauta, double milled do black, plaid, and fancy cafe-, $8 to $8 50. Veal#?Fine caahmere,ia*in,and all kiadi, $1 to $5. Coata mad* aad rimmed in a euperior manner, Irom $7 to $8,50; VeaU, $1.50 to $ ; Paula, $1,50 to $9. HI in' JOHN MOFFAT. SEBRING'S CORDIAL. INL>iUP.SVIo-N.?Aa thia ia a eery coma 00 complaint,in 1 the present day, whMerer tenda to allteiale it is of public im;?r*nce For the information of those affected with it, we publish the fol'owiug recommendations of a Restorative for it? c ira c. g. skbhiag. ki) Dr.ik Sia At rour regueit, i have examined the medicines of which ynur Cordial la compoacd, and have no hesitation in ?y iog they are of the nest claaa of ionics; and in the manner prepared by you. will proee highly beneficial in Dyipepaia, and many other dUeaaei ofgeueral debilityYours, lie. r PRATT, M.D. No. M Liberty street. 1 concur in the above recommendation of Dr. Pratt. THOMAS BOYD. M. D., No. ttl Foarlb street. BabriDg's Restorative Cordial is sold attti Fulton street, at $1 p?r bottle. "? DR. JOSEPH EVANS. grand restorative syiiup, For the eureoferery firm of Diseaa- arising froia THE IMPURITY OF THE BL ?OD. CAUSED by the vital organs becoming drrangsd and enfeebled by hereditary complaints, and exhaustion ofthe system, arid other dis?<aea, vis. 8cr~fnla nr King's Evil. T mora and ewellinga in the neck, eecood ?n irswtmu of Byphi lie, or the ccnstiia'iona) form of the Veaeetal Disease. Ulc> ra. ulcerated eore Throat Ptlate. lie Ulcere on the Hhine. and other narlut the body. Disease* of the boasa, pains, aeellings. aad ulcerating of the boaea, swelling* of the ieinte, white swelhuga. *tr-. Cancers, tolanesue or akin diseases, sail rheum, ringworm, scaly eruptions, Isprony, itch.acald h-ad. pimpics, cracking aud rmartingufthcekia, tetter, aad all kmss of surra Longstanding anaimretofore insurable feear sores; rheumatism, gout, liver complaint, and nil dineaeen rained,by an improper use of mercury, local and constitutional debdt y or weakness, gonorrhoea.gleetIsucorrhesa or whites, gravel, 4c. or when the system hiibtsa eihwwted by secret sensuality in youth, intempe aner, long atanduc debilitating dim ausas, long residence in Southern climates, and other dcbili Utinu causes. Thai invaluable medicine has been emylnyed by the proprietor in an eilrnai- eprivate and hospital practice, both in Europe an j Am- ric - fur the last forty year* daring whiohtiaieke haicured overSOOd patient*, who were affiieled with some of the meat loathsome snd deitructiea forma of disease, many of whom are nvw living, and ready to beatify to the efficacy of this medicine. It cures by giving tone le the nervre^tihi drat iag the spirits, regulating the eircnlation. invigorating and exciting thevital o* g aiis to a natural and healthy actios'and tnus causing all impurities o be expelled freai tha system, aad creating the secretion of perfectly pure and healthy blood. Price $l per bottle. For sale oaly at the Private Reside nee No. 47T Greenwich sircet, two doors nbsvt Canal street. mgggm $at 10 PREMIUM. THE INDESTRUCTIBLE INK,which H. m. barti LETT cyhibiird at the Fair of the American Iuatiinte. New York, 1841. with en offer of $SM to any one who should extract it from paper, snd which reset 'ed the gold medal of the Iustituts, can be had by calling on Meters. Rawdon, Wright It Hatch, baak note engravers, 41 Merchants' Eichange. Orders from auy part of the Unioo, poet paid, through the abort asm id house, will be promptly attended to. Writing made with this ink will remain unchanged as lopg an n iper will eidnre, and it exceedingly valuable ahsre all ludellible inks nnw is use. ol which we have any knowledge. John Torrvy. M. D., Prof-snor of Clwmiairy, tic. in t he College of Phvaieiant and surgeons, N Y, Janus It. Chilton, M 0 . Practical Chi mist. John A. Warder, M D., Professor of Chymistry aT Im* and Mineralogy. Cincinnati College. Ohio 30 ODD YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in Ike m-ntific practice of curing certain diseasee, have enabled Dr laurel, of No.103 Canal street to rrullrils Iknae disease* in miration, whether new, old, or Inveterate, in lea* than hall ine liate employed by thceominon doctors, who poison their patient* with mercury, caniry, nilre. eabebt, fee. N. B ?itnnf ra are apprised that Dr. L. ia a regular phyaician ofth> med cul facu'ty of .Atria, alao graduated ia the U. cau be uroved by hia diploma* mil lm* ~ PIANOFORTES. QOUTHKKN DEALERS and purehaaera generally will O fin J it 10 tliei r advent ige to call and etamine a choice a?aortment of the above ar'tcle, romprujpe a variety of I and 94 oclavee, of lo-ewood and mahogaav, ?ilh (rand action, scroll at mdi, and every modern improvrment. These increment* are warranted to b". eq ial to any in the city, a id will be aold at the loweet pomible prices for cash. at the m inufactory, 44 Writ Faurtim'hs'reet. between Filth and Suth avenues. N. Fortes for Hire?A good assortment of piano forte* for hire at the manufactory. ?T 3m SOMETHING NEW LF.UK'.S HARDEN 49 Bowery.?The undersigned takes this opponu uty to inform his friends and tne public that he ha* a tiaideu and Saloon at II Bowery, where he would be happy to receive their call*. His Saloon will be constantly su.piled with the choicest and best of Fruits, Coufecticnarv. O tier. Ice Creams, Lemonade and Soda that the city a fftu (I* E?r ry atte it inn will he aivenea his pait to mace thi* Harden and Saloon a pleasant and agreeable resort to the ladies and gentlemen who may favor 'hem with a call, all lin'c H. I.EUR, 49 Bowery. CARPETING. &C. CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. TONES it MARCY, 101 Bowrry, Now Yoik. are now rew ceivius their apnug supply of Carpeting, Oil Cloths. Winduw Shades, D'ugei ts, Hearth Hugs, Door Mats, Table and Pi-iuo Covers Suir Rods Ac kc. Among their good. are many new and rich patterns of Eng. lirh and American manufacture, which eanuot be steaded for heau'y, quality and cheapness ia tha city. Pirauni about furbishing their house* ore invit'd to giva us a call. I. F.JC frt, a4 lm* L. MAt-fiy. CRE AM?CREAM?CREAM. fliill the'"ities widely teem With praise of Rise s f'erhena Cream? The finest Sluvipg Co t pouad known, Exjtrienee' ai clearly shown, "1's *o ahil.'uliy prepared e en the rotghest heard. That a dull razor's edge bestows A krenness that the ?Anrye?t knows. '1 is pure, atid pleasant, choice anddieap? W ill in erery climate keepMakes it a pleasing task ts shave. And will both fiiaeanu trovkU save. Prepared and sold by C. H. R.INO, tt Fulton street; BaaHI *14 Hr ixdw.iv. snd 499 BrosdwaT. mil lm* GENERAL AGENCY. THE SUBSCRIBER Iim taken the (tore 71 Fulton atreet, Bo klj n, .'or the ail:of the moat approved genuine patent and Tamil) medic wee, perfumery fancy article*, Icc. Ma'ufac'tirere and prupi i-tore of ouch article*, or of any thin* tl*'. who with for an active, etirti"g agent to diapca* of thni* proOuetiooa, will God aucl. an om in tbc person of the nboenbar. B J STEWART. T5 Fulton it., Brjokl; n Fo' aula, mo<t of the approved family m'.littbee Persona purchasinghrre nay rely on biainic. getiuiue article. ad im' oKL.Ul.Nli I'FF?SHARP k FKKOl'SON. M Hudaou el O arc selling >tf their entire stock ui dry gooda, at and Itaa th ui eovt. All therefore who are in want of dry gooda, can obtain them of u? much leea than at >my other place in the eity. ?a it ic our object to (ell our entire etock be I ore I he first of May, NOTICE?The eopsrtneeshipheretofore dialing under the firm of SH ARP fc bEROUSON. i? thin day dissolved by mulnal lonaent. All thoee havim elaiir.e agaiaat eaid fi m are requ *trdtnpre? nt the ?an?e for pay eient, and all indehled payment of the eini to either of the uad-rj.gncd. it Hudson Mreet. JAMES FF.RtiUHOV ~l ake physic early?medicine tomaatoo late, Wlieo the dieeaae heconws intetenate." TJECOMMENDED bv the bacuity?VANUE'S ANT1 K BILIOUS FAMILY APERIENT PILLS?Bv ,ong rperietue these piMe here beeu |WoveJ by thnue-^di ta be he best snd safest Family Mhdtcine hilktrto di severed. At ill season of the year they will be found v,.y valaahle to aM rho wwh to secure Ihip?fves again 4 iickb m They ire Jibe eale lor children at for any pmiodof 'life, mJ reijuire do lira ten'icn In diet or to eloihiw, bilious and fiver comI laiuta, d> epMwia or iodigvetiop, harrow iksunan. tick head roe. and in fact all diseases h ruing from an imieirr atate of r?e bi * d. or a disordered tale of u?e stomach or bowels, are r perdtly removed by Inking them They prevent acurvy, eoeand Hi enr^erjurnerw?therefore seafaring onrush,>u.d vma wiiixiwv we*, i unr or climate aneclf mem nm . T* 1 or three Juaea will conrince the patient of their aalii. tary rffrcta, for the etomach will readily rryain it? atrtnytb, a healthy atataof I he li?er and hoieeta will aveedil) take place end reurwrd health am' ?iyoi of body and (mod will he the cer lain rraiilt. Their rirlure, in fact, may ha aummeil up?a? a ' medicine which atrerythrna the feeble aud cotwoltdalea the " mua?-|<w "( the atrWijr, and will ba found of infinite y?lue to fe ? m:il of all ?*< ? (if tnhfw accord in? to the directional, who wiahto be acrure fri'maakneae. price SS ami So c-i.U per hoe. ? Knr nlc, wh ilrer le and re nil, by Wa.WaUon. Apothe* rariea" Halt. M Catl arine atreat; Smith, corner of ru|ton ami * Water ate; NowilL ICT flowery ; Balgrove, dru*pet. Kulton at. mwiyfc hfi tt* I'KAVt WRAI HNtt-lOOO re.omerewD atrew wiapiu, c ,> ,, larelleot aiticlr, jiaat rteetyed and foraaleby U^nr tiealiaoi a.u yflfSoWA ai iflheetr at ' ioA.OUO ba norma Hegnre, I ANDKD froir trif Onto, from Ha?an?, af anperior ^uali~ wsftra dWcr&szr W YO r YORK, WEDNESDAY permanent establishment. IN N/W YORK. MONK. MALLAN A BON8, Surgeon DenlioU, No. 371 Broadway ,and at London and Pari* inform tha Public of New Y^fk. audita vicinity, that In conaeqnence of their very i_?te??ive practice, they have, at length, I been induced to open a Perman rut Eatubliahment, where { they may Le consulted at No. 373 Broadway between 1 Franklin and White streets, in all cases appertaining to their profession, in which they have been to sace?sful, in consequence of their celebrated diacoveriea and ia provem<'nts in the art oi uenustry. Moui. MaLlan return* thank* for the very liberal pat routine he ha* received, and continue* to receive, par ticularljr to the Medical profetiion of New York, for their kind recommendation*,and advocating Mon*. M.'a improvement iu Deutruty. CELEBRATED MINERAL roa FILLING DECAYED TEETH! Mon*. M. continue* to reltore decayed Teeth,however i large er small the cavity ; making a stump into a sound J Tooth, instantly curing the Tooth, however paiaful or I sensitive, matching in point of color, the natural cortex or enamel of the Tooth. The? never break or become loose?they have no unnatural gloss?are tirmly fixed without wire* or ligature*? no bulky substance iu the month?and in every particular resemble the adjoining Teeth, in conformity . of shape hr! minutest shade of color. Placed from one ; to a complete set, upon the above imprrved and scientific principle, they are guaranteed to answer every parpose ol Mastication and Articulation. LOOSE TEETH securely andalfectually fastened,arising either from the use of medicines or an v other cause. ARTIFICIAL PALATES replaced npon a sure and scientific method. TO THE PUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES. Monsieur Mallon if happy in being enabled te announce that by the kind consent of Three Hundred of the first families of the United States, consisting of tha first Merchants, Medical prafeasion, Clergy and privata Citizens, to whom he can rafer as to the superiority of Mons M.'s celebrated Mineral in preference to any ether they have ever tried, and, In their opinion,the best that evcrcameunderthcir notice. Hia other improvements need no comment. INVALIDS ; Attotidedby Mont. Mallan, Junr., tt their own tsamblitbment. THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC arc particularly invited to pay Mont Mullen a visit, to see the specimens of hit new discoveries in Dentistry. TESTIMONIAL?. Mont Mallan: Muebec,Mar tth, 1141. Dear Sir,?Afterhaving tried tha Artificial Teeth which you insde for me, I cannot do you ten justice than to acknowledge with pleasure my entire satisfaction. I beg to eaythey anawereverr purpose of aeticitiou andArtieulaiion equal to those placed oy thehan It of nature. They to closely resemble the natural ones in the minutest shade of color and shape,that they are not ii seemed as being artificial by the closest obaertrri Your cele'>ratrd inrentioa for fUlinc decayed teeth, I can give adecidc opinion of its trainable qualities. You may use thisletter in any way you think proper,for the benefit of the public and yourself. lam.dearsirjrours trnly, THUS. FARQUES, ManuelCarmelst. To Mont. Mallan, Surgeon Dentist. 878 Broadway, This gentleman is known at 1*1 Broadway,and at Trims Ward kiting'a. MON9* MALLAN, *78 Broadway. 8IR?I feelit a pleasure to be able to offer you my testimony in behalf of your celebrated mineral. During my lata residence in Paris I called at your establishment in the Rue Caatiglione, and havu.g had some teeth tilled with your numeral, 1 can only say that I hare had every reason to be satisfied with itsutilityand value,end nererin thelcaat degree experienced any inconvenience or injury from ite effects in any manner whaterer.?During my Tint to Moos. Mallan I taw several testimonials of the highest character, all expressing the folleet ooufidvocr in its great benefit ond valae. As far as I am enabled to judge,! constHpiwd It then,and Hill ennaiderit. to be the best preparation of life kin* ever uffned le the public. 1 em, sir .respectfully, yourobedientservact. VANBURGH L1YINOSTON. SIS Oreenwichstreet.nesr FortCiausevoort. New York,May 31.1041. Mods. MALLAN k SON S, Burgeon Dentists, may he wposuited daily at 178 Broadway between Franklin and Whit its..east aide. mgB In* CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. THE Subscriber ie now opening hie Spring supply of HARDWARE k CUTLERs, received perTate airivals, from Birmingham aud Sheffield. Together with a general assortmeut of Domestic Ooode. wki<-hke is prepared to offer at the very- LOWEST CASH PRICES. The atieutior, sf Country Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makers, fce.. is solicited to an eiamiuatiea of Me stack and pricre as h* is confident they will find it to their inter* t to Favor him with a call ALFRED F. LAQRAVE, *t0 Greenwich cornrr Barclay, New York. A regelsr supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Coorera Glue. Also?a complete assortment oil Mechanics Tools. Jamos Screws, kc. ma >m* A PROBLEM AND the way to solve it. Why do the imitators ef my Tablet Uax-ir Strop allow me to earry off the premium medal and diplesn t, from the American Institute, year after ye r, without even submitting theirownfor tria'.T O y* of tender chins and tough beards, answer the abo'e by brmgiug a dull P ir of Haxors, aud test for yourselves he truths of the certificates of the moit s< i- u ific grntlrmenin the country, vit: I' Oritrum, Ur. Mo't.UiD. J Tanmadge IM olten. G S \UNl)ER9,wle inventor and manufacturer of the metallic Tablet Razor bit op, with lour aide*. 1(3 Broadway. m89 1 m* FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. AMONG the many and ra'iouj Coimetici that are offered 10 the public for b'au'ifying the completion, aed rr snoring rcry eruption from the face, noat can be eo confidently recommended aeCburrb'e Vegetable Lotian it impaeta a delicate am -o hneee to the comp eziun, and effectually removes pimplea, blotches, tan, trecklts. ringworms, aad all oJier eutareoiM e.uplioue and disc1 loratione fric-75 ceute per bottle?sold at Chu-chs Dispensary, in Bowerr.corner of Spri g street. A grate?K. W Bull, ffirtfird; C. It N. W Sim mo ?, Tine, Corner of Kourlh etreet, rhlled.lpliia; Charles Btsane, *Viughhecpeie. m3? lm* DOCTOR PROVOST. QO.Mk' individuals writeagaiuet the uec of baleam coyaivy, I > cubiba.nitre, camphor, mineral astringents, ke kc , in the cure of but that the woild kaawe 'hit the ahore medicine, will and hare cured thoee diseases. if heponu a doubt It ii perfect folly to deny that fact. But that it r< quire a a profenlunal mm, and a man of e kill in hia profes aton, to know when and how to give those medicines, ia eoually as obvious to men of minda. 1 nope, therefore, that grill-men requiring nxdicat aid will not give ear to a'l the foolish atuff which they may aee in the .hare of advertisements, but they w:ll call upon me, at No. ft Broad street, where they shall hare a full history rf their cite. I ferl confident that not a j a tieit will leare my office without i.ig entirely satisfied that there ta at leas oue rvgu'ar bred phv.ieian wha has condescended to rlace hiii ?e!r amrng the field of Quack. My office ia al II Broad, corner Btam at. I .1 lm' J PROVOST, MP. FISK'S COMBINED SUMMER BAKER & COOK STOVE, FOR COAL OR WOOD. AATWOOD, Patentee?rnce. from ft,SO lo$H?The e (lent, furnace and front of this store arc made of cist iron and has a large Are oven attache t to it, which will do nearly treble the cooking of the largest eited ordinary Cook Stores. The cribce of the furnrce will admit a boiler me attiring six tails, or fif een gallons and by the uae of the dl iaion plate, ettlra auilaile for boiling fanr different di.bea, in additi in to all this, two fowls or a l ug-piece of meat may be roai'ed in front, and all done with less than# rents per day, for proof of Which we referto those who hate utedlh-m. FISK'd Stove Latab iahinrut, HI Water street. Re ul the follow ing certiBca'c, in addilion to which erer two hundred may be .een by railing at the store, H?K'd Store k'.etab'ishmint. M3 Water strait. Nkw Voii, It fourth elrect.tth April, ls? Mraani. Fitk, tot Water atreet ? Among the rariMy of ?to vet which here come to my notice,'Ihe one I purchased from you menu a decided preference. I hare ueeJit during -II the'raocM, and w >uld meat cheerfully recommend it to the public at in my opinion au<cept<ble of no irnprotemmt for timplieily or economy, an t worthy of more pane than can h? appreciated without a trial of it. I am, with reapect, youro. k \ A. PERKINS, Paitor of ths Bereau (Bardie!)Church. Mr. Fiafc, 801 Water etreet?Tlie Summer Store which I purchased of yon latt apring, I hare had in ure tilluow, and no on*, withont tiial. would beliere lite amount of cooking that m >y he doae hp it, orita economy Suffice it toiay, that ? ,lh oceaaiooally an eitra fire, w? h i?? cooked lor from at to Jo prrtoua. with enough lenafu.l to air* more than the price f the atove. MK8. Bl'KL, S3 Fultoo alreet. Marches, t?th nit 'mt DR. FAWCETT, Member of thk roval college of burfli.ONS of Lo-idon and Ediuburgh, and of the Medical College or Philadelphia,coi.l>uea hia practice lo a telect branch ol hit profeation. " Noeet cmpta dolore roluptao Dr F in encouraged by the uoifo-m tuceeoa attending hia node of treatment in the curt of rrn*real, gleet*. atrictorr*, trm'iul weaklier* and mercurial affect one, together with all thaae ot .er li i.l avmptoma which und*rmtue the c >nritutr>a and lay the fuU'idatn.n of premature decay, either fiom maltreatment or any other came. In inch pertona the appetite it ginrralltr dtfeclirr, and the reliah fir 'tfealmoit atffidued. Ilia mode of tieatircnt ia nniceiaatly admt-ed?hit mimriuea being pleeaaut to the taote and amell, gently aatringea the Abrra of thettomach ard gire* that proper t*?'i*r wh*'.?_^f dlf*tlioa require*. Hit treatiae en cooatituHtiil or ntrrotta debility tOorila rery eat ; e *bl'r7 atmo*0D ntiual debility Itir.inrl weakneat. and l3?^-',cBey n ought on by delualre hahitt? all ita attendant e^mptoma phj aiol. g'eally raplained. Thia work tf jr obtained at hie offi:;, IM b ulton at. where the O'clOf can be conaultrd at all hour* ot the day and n'ght. I a ?i 1 11 rm. *; *-? imntf^iilp fetlfnhnR _ 113 lm't " NO. III B K O AI > W A1T-T HE K Rfc hi LI N DI NfJTtT A ND bUPI'tft SALOONS, on the Trinity Ground. corner of Thamea at d Broadway.?1 lie mbre.iber hege It are to mlocm merchant* and fen'len:en *l??l the abore ealabliahmeo' ii now in aucretalnl operation; lit wiuld particularly call the alien tiun of thow gentletten whoacarocUioua compel tnem to dirte down (lie fact Ilia* lie ieprepared tofurniah them with dinrera, cho irn bp themaelvra from the bill of fare ofthe day, which will alwuva e.nnprm a Ttriely of aoupa. Haliot the teaaoo, and an aaao'imrut i f at leaal filiy French and Italian prepurl dialie>, wiili d-aaerl, It.:, rer wcrk; other meale in proI on-or, prepared at th-ahorteet notice and at any hour. There will hereadye ch lop o'ciock.ararietp ofluncheon delicariee and choice roup* 1 he Saloon* will b; Oft n until IS o'clock, F. M ,until which lime *u,iperi may We obtained.romp* erery rarity that the atundiot marktlanfaur ctljr offer. 'the u-.deriigurd. in collating the patronage of men-hint* yentl, mm. p'rdppa h ma-lf ? ?nae Iiia erery iff,jrt to made the ta'a'd aliment "aana parr I" in all ill appiiutment*. aa it o- free* dly ii in the eonie nience ai d beauty of it* location. The anbaenbrr a loo proa itea th it the economy of hiochatg' ehall not he the leaat at'radii e I ratine of the Krrwi' a Gluing and Mi;,;tr halooni. JOHN COTTKIl. ale I w r A ff.d.Vl'IOPFhL 'lO I. 1^?Th aa a par ion* and well ft known ralaklial.m-o , ailualtd in Broidway Bear the Bat l?ry, will b? let for cue or mora yeara, poaaeatioBtobrgireu oo lha firat day of May aeat. Bra'moderate Apply to LIV LIVI.XO r6ff, ITiw'a No. ? rfaJJ afreet. RK I MORNING, APRIL 20 1 ANDERSON'S POLISHING PASTE AND PLATE POWDER New York, Jin. I, I Ml ffr h?r? tried the Puliahing Parte made bjr Mr. Aoderaou and bud it to b< nim-rmr to auv thiol ?' have ever iiacd. BOaUUMAN it HAKT, ( Burliug Slip. .1 r.._. a Z uil~ New York, Jan. 18, 1848. We here tried the Paate and Plate Powder mad* aud aold by Mr. T. Auderaon, and take |.lra?ure in reenmmeudius tliem. COLEMAN fc STETSuN, Aator Houec. New York, Jan. 84 IIM. We hare ueed Mr Aulrnon'i Polishing Paete and Plate Powder, end find them very excellent for cleaning aileer and ilecr plated ware. BALL, TOMPKINS It BLACK, Late Marquand I1C0., 181 Broadway. N?w York, Mareh 1.1848. We hare ueed Win. Aoder* xi'e Poliahiug Paete and Plate Powder Tor deann ft eilrer and other kiude of ware,and can recommend it Willi eou&dekce to the public. THOMPSON It KISHKR. (71 Pearletreet Brooklyn, Feb. 14,1848. I hare ueed Mr. Wm. Auderaon'* Poliahiug Paete for eitrer, bran, and *ilvir plated ware.aud fiud it to tie a firat ratr arti He. ROBERT K. STORY. Saddle and Hameae Maker. Foreale wholeiale and retail, for exportation,at manufacturera' price*, hy . _ (HAS. H. RINO,S3 Fulton itreet, corner Cliff. Al*e, by Biieeitt, (14 Bioa.lway, on? dour abore Bleecker Meet; Onion, corner Oriml and Bowery; Coddington, corner Hndaon and Spring. *aude', 77 r.xet Broadway. in I * I m* THE SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL & DIAPER PIN. ANEW and no pod ant article forme in the nursery, and ai a fastening to iadieg .haw I*. clink*, &c patented in the United Stale* and in Knrupe, for eale wholcaale by W. H. CARY Ik I'O. let fearl et Ntw York, and by the patentee,at the manufactory. 1(6 lav it Brooklyn. Thread aud needle aturca,and dealer* in fancy article*, rapplied on liberal trrin*. ill Im't DENTISTRY. YITM, THORN. DENTIST, eo'icite the attention orthoa* *? who wear Artificial Teeth, aud thoee who may require them, to hie method of luptdving the Maxillary family. ?ix he Teeth. Kunwiugthal there it a dieurteabie laate in th< month of those who 1 ud ilye in acid*, resulting from the action of the acid nu the Hold Plate, lu all c**e* that admit of it, he inaert* teeth trom one to a complete let,.without,aaing on* par tiele of metal ol auy deaenptioa. (4 Chamber* *tnet. ill Hn* KALSOV.lNE PAI NT.?'The Kaltomine Paint having he.en terereiy leittd in thi* chy during the winter month*, the patentee* can recommend it with renewed confidence te the public. The nooierou* apecimeu* of Kaleotninc Paiutnow rxiatiag in New York, render* an enuine alien of iu ad r .DUye* an.erfluou* ; amoug the moat promiuent are the following Kxteointne Color* are mi re permanent, more luaninon* and agireabie te the eye than oil color*. They are applied without occasioning auv offrmive imell or iajurioa* effect upon health, aud drying in a few hour*. KaDomine paint may, if properly applied.' oe washed when (oiled, according to direction* in the circular. Order* received and punctually attended to at the KALSOMINE PAIN 1' DKPOT, feh 37 Son* 361 Broadway, corner Franklin. IMPORTANT TO CONSUMPTIVES. MEW YORK. Set teinbe.-'ilHt, isti To Dr C. H. Ring ? I-a hir ; A* yon leuuee'.ed mo to give you an aecoeut of how your"Eli*irof l.ile" acted in my c**?, I cheerfully coo forlliebecrfii o( other*. lhavehad* coagh every winter lor*everal yeara.und alway* gut relief from limp's kerb teaa till lent winter, neitlwrone thing nor the other *eemed to gi relief, and I we< g'-olanlly wajtmg away?having terelinqu's . my biuMeei. In ikie alaie I waa pereuwUd by my friend Mr. Peek to try youi E hair ol Life and before I bad Gniahed ike bottle, I w a* not only cure ! of my cough, pain in the cheat, night eweuta. but able to reeume bunnefi; and find myaelf to rapidly improving i>atmj friend* art aftonilhrd, expecting to beer of my death, inelead el aeeing ine get active anarobuit. 1 collider myaelf iud de l to j ou for the aaving ef my life, and any one eiluated a* I may call nu PETER N HELMS, 13 Thompson St. Prepared and for vale by C.H. RINU 53 Fulton, cor. Cliff. ",,m LU< JIN A COKUiAL. TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. r*1*now barely three year* aince the ceneral iatrodnctloa of the Lucina Cordial into the United Ktatca, and in that pa riod it haa not only epread it* Uieluloeea ihrougb.ut thiv hemisphere, and uataiu'-il the raft reputition which it bad previouelyai quired in K irope. but ha* alfo added t* the renuwnof it* illuatrioua icventnr b. the usriralledpower* it has been discovered to poises* in the cure of incipient eonaumption. The knowledge ..f it* wonderful influence in renovatiLg and invigorating the human frame,firat *ugge*ted th* idea ol unog it in tnia way; and the reaull ia tint a medicine nai been added to the Catalogue for the cure ofincipivnt couiumption, which placea the due tar, with due precaution, under the eootrol of the patient It ii acarcely neceaeary atthie period to recommend the Lrciua Cordial, ae aa all auffcicot remedy in eaaea cf (ileet, H'lour Albua, difficult or painful menstruatioo.Incnntinrare ofUrine, and all dueaaee arising from dshjitatiau of the ayetam, where an impleae, or a re*torati*eA? wantrd; aa thmughout he United Stales it haa taken precedence of illoibtr medicine m auch caaee, slid leave* nodiiug furtlicr to be hiqwdfnr; it* cure* being speedy, perfect, permanent, and effected without pain or treuble. Should there how ever be any person laboring uuderthe above complaints, who are dout tful of it* aim j*t umvereally te*tvd merit*, I recom mend it te them with all confidence, and en my own peraond rrepoueibility, feeling issu ed if they give it tbe required trial, that health lo tue afflicted pariie*. and gratefulness to Dr. Mag o, -* ill be the refit But ax i* alio the c*ee in Eu- I rope, ti e immense American reputation of the Lucina Cordial, it p incipaily baaed on it* thoroughly investigated, indubitah e.a-d generally admitted power to enablef mal. i, who h. d been cossideied oairen, to bear offspring; and te re*tor* vuHepower* in male>, wlirn rrducrd to utter *ed apparently ho-eles* pro*f ration, to perfect health sod activity. When I first rtcriied the American agency of the Luciua Cordial, from Dr M.iguiu, notwip ?landing i's immense foreigncelebri ty, aud the great amount ji reepcciaoie icaiimony mm accompanied it. I ihrlimd committing myaelf iudiridually; by airing aiiT prrroual aeauraucra in llieat particulate; but n'.w, after th* enurmi iK eat? of upwarde of oae hundred thousand b?itl?a coupled wi h the receipte of certificate! aud tettimnniula intiu nerable, and much Knowledge founded nu perxonHl objeiva'i.D, I can ti.hraita.ingly warrant it aa farexceedingmy nioat aanguine hopee.or rren the illuitriona intentor'a promiaea, in the In filincnt of the meat important enda for which it te rrcominen''ed, and hie becoti e aojuatly and uui< rrrally popular. To he aa eiplicil aa poeaible, I reP>at. am* hold myaelf prranually reaponaible lor the aaaumption.thal theLuctna ' ordiil. can Invigorate the riri'e power* 'nmaiee.and make them focuudint, where nature haa been deficient, 01 when they hate been proteated by artificial meat*; an I alan that it can produce that ataleoflheayetea in femalta, who had been preri?ualy unfruitful, and imagined barren, which will enable them to bear children. I regret that I hare tn apeak *o plainly, on auch exceedingly delicate matteai, but feel railed upon to do ao, l?at it might be misunderaioon, and aa a full guarantee for the grefct reepnnaibility which I lure cheeriuily aaauinrd. W iih feclinga of ai cere gratitu le for the axlenaire patronage which, aa the agent of tne Lucie* Cordial, Ini been hea led up .u me in thta country. I raotai. the Pub'ica' eery obedient humble ee-rant. JOHN WIVI'r.KS HOLDfcnWELL, M.D Tr:ce f3 per hottl . Koraaleat 159 Broadway, New Ynrg and M V ir h H-xth at?,et. i'nil dal-hia. mSltm* TO THE LADIES. T7ASHIONABLK MIlLINERY OOODS-The rroprte" treaa, Miaa S. KINO, oanihlar of the celebrated Carl K'ng, offer* for aale a in a', aelect and choice aiaortment ol Millinery O wide, for the apring (rade, never aa yet preeent d to the public, both aa regaidi the qutlity and cheap uee a of the articira. The aaiottinen' entwine ol the lollcwing :? The celebrated 8II.K HAT. CALLED CArOT TE D1OKLEANS aa worn by La Diicli-ree d'Orleana, ofKrance: SHED SILK ENTIRELY NEW AND dRIOlNAL S 1'YLE?and Lawn Hata do do?an entire new at) la ol Hata called "MODINE CAPOTTES. ELSSLER COTTAGES." Parte an and Englieh KANC Y STVLAW8, af the fin eat texture, in great variity. . . The pioprietre-a reap-fitfully ioIici a the iadiee to favor bar with a call aud rxiint- e her cleg int l.d rarird a lock of Millinery for themarlrra, before they purchaae elacwbere.ea it will be a greet earing to them in price and a great adrantage aa regarda tne rami) and quality of the (nude. Ml39 S KING, Mag-line de Modea, aHlm'r Brondway. DR. MORRISON. vrORTH K1Vr.R DI9 EN8ARY, awi Fu ton atreet.neai 1* Greenwich?Dr. Morruon. Member of the Royal College of Burgeona, London, and furm?rl t aurgeon in the Kritiah nary, eenti .uee to be conrulted duly on diaeaaea of a delicate nature.and all tlioee dutreaaii g eymptome couarquent on in iodili oa iraatuieut and the imprudent uee af quack medicinea. l)r M. haa had an exie.rience of twenty two year* in treating delIC lie I lirvn, nil unii I?iv> ?. v.-r.?.n.. and u*ee a i-uhl, a ale, and tnfal'inle auhelitute for mercury, radii ating the Teaereal tint* with certain!?, without autgect ing the patient to any riak.or realricting him in hia iiaual dirt or pnrjniU. while hia medicine* are agreeable in laate and * nell Permanent obalruct oh in the urtthra, aueh aa I uceompv.ied with much irritation and dull pain, art aorae of the conerque eea of mat treatment, end leading ultiirat'lr to urinary tiatulaa. Dr. M. treat* atrtcturea in a act entific rn.uner, gradually promoting abioiptiuo of the thickrued innnorme tv.tbout yam. CO.NSTri'UTIONAU UK.BILITT.?Thoneanda of young men are aufTermg from the conaequeuceg of indulgence in a .arret destructive habit, and whoee nerrea are further injured from the uae of noatrume and pretended apeeifiee, which tnnulate ou'y to induce greater deprcaainn Dr. M. treat* on purely pathological pnnciplea, and never faila in eatabneaing a cure, alio the moat obetinale yieid to hia |dan of treatment Lctteru poi! paid, and coiiUuuing a auitabic fee, will enauit the correapoudrii' foil advice and medicine to anr 'part of the Union, by hia rmnri hiatnrg of hi* raar in detail. Thee elrirteat honor a-ol confidence obaerv.d. al la' 204 j Knl I no atraet. fTTtt ffiXTrfRloHlts or CTFE reHEXITTH-Thi * only genuine TavUr'a Balaam of Liverwort from the tola proper tor at 2? 1 Spn ,g atreet.haa never been known tq fail in curing the moat alarming ay Diploma ol Conaump ,nn and Liver Complaint. We have certificate* from hundred, of moat reapactable twrtona. certifying to the iirpri^ng relief they hare received in uiiug tbe article from 341 opnug atreet Owing to the avaeriioua of counterftitc*, the following aworn facta la now publiahed? City of Brooklyn, Kt'.ga Couvty, * :?R. Townaend being duly awnrn, depotee and lava that he iaperaonally acquainted with the proprietor of Dr.Tnylor'a Balaam of Liverwort, and doeaceit-fy from hi* own knowle 'ge that the- only peraon now Iniug, who prepared thie mr-licioe at 375 Bowery, and ia the aole proprietor, reaidra and tmtwaeta bmineee at Ml Spring a'reef, and manufactures the gruuine Ba.eain of Llrrrwort at that place, fi om the only origiDf1*" I Sworn before me thia 17th Jan lilt, ? S.ALPHKU8 SMITH. Com*f Deed.. I certify from my own ocreonal knowledge that the ahovc |* in regaid to the SMITH B*ware of Counterfeit#, m the qu?Horn flift or I Jnalhm.t flrnynd UDOH hUTIfie lh# UUdlCUIC, llt?d? oufy in thia ciiv at ill S(nn* alrrel. Attiili-IUd in* i Sola afreet Beaton; J1 Main atrrai.and rt Kul'amatreit, Brooklyn; ll( and Ma Broad atrrct, Newark. Price?Large botllea 17, nnt aize tan tiler rite 14 crutf. 1 rw* QUTJAR til'-kTTP'einiu'n ' ?rn and I'unipkiDa, Fie.h r.gna O IIIe and rare flow.ree-da. Koflitn grata Tar I*wm.10 006 green and hot houee .Unit dahut root?, tiger flowera. tube roa-r, fruit -nd oinainrn'aJ treta, ahrubhery of all Binrla,canary bird# gold fi?h and globea, wholreal* and retail, on the meet releonahfe term*, at NlriLO l> DUNLAP**, No. IT* Broadway and at their uureery. corner al Ith Aeeaaia and tilth atrect, Harle*. mttlia' IER A 1842. TO THE BALI) ANIK;!IEYHI2\!)F;D-JONE8 rp , OIL Ok COItAL t lKt Ar'SlA. * HOSK wltoee hair ii failing out, tnrniuf (ley, or hi* rtn -d (rowing, ui article i? t.rre < ft. red you at a reiaomble pro i ?remember it <a nut yiiifed?and it will do ail it in redeemed to do Read tin*? I certify that my hair war falling out faat; 1 combed oul haodlula d.iily. an iince I hove u?ed two bottle* of Jout*' Oil of Hotel Circaiaia, it liaa iiuile (topped falliaa out, and u .. ?.,.i j...t W. T0MKIV8, ft King ?. Thii will give light, red or grey hair a I ne dar k look, and u, ' i inr eaure it lo gmw dark from lha rnota Among others who hare used this and certify u J K. Power, grocer, Brooklyn, J. Gilbert,jeweller, 3d avenue Sold by T. JONK9, iKiiof the American Kaffir, 84?unleat you are careful of the right nHitibrr you'll ba cheated with a counterfeit?93 Chatham street. Price 3 t and 8 (hilling* bottle?three aizta. 139 pulton (treat, Brooklj n,ta agent. tn34 1m* ON THE CURE OF STRICTURE?It l? moat unfortu nuta in thi* complaint that many peraona have a afrit lure who are upt iii the leant aware of it. The common uoiiou is,that ao loniraithe uriue MM in a tolerable' 'ream,there cannot be a stricture. But tin* u far from true. A cincture may, and often doee. riiat for uiouthe, and even year*, without prodacing any striking change lu tine respect. Wlien a (trielure arrives at that degree of narrawoaaa a* aeuaihly to impede (be urine, it ia a serious malady indeed. The objeet of ihoss remarks honet er. is to prevent this state, and to attach it at a time when it is easily and perfectly removed. But there are other otrcumatances besides its effect ti|>on the urine by whicl a atrirture may he known.or. at Iraat. strongly suspected. ant! though these are numrroua, there are two which are very com mon and very easily judged of, and these shall be mentioned here. The first of these circumstance* relate* ta tima. It ia wel hnown that itricturea arise from loug continued and badlj kreated Uouorrhda. Now, whenever thia disease coutiuura over many weeks, especially if in the early period any of the boasted nostrums of the day were taken, there i* juat and proper pisund to suspect a stricture. The neit is most remarkable?id is the effect a stricture bss upon the mind aud spi it*. Tin* is a fact thet may be Uto soixrhlv fwlitil on. Indeed the author never eaw a eaee of sine ture, (anil he aeee many every day,) id which the pa lie a i did not, more or less, complain of hie loes of mental rurrgy?-that he was not so capable of business as formerly. The reason of thie, however, u clearly ehowu in his " Pri...? little relume noticed iu another column of thie paper, and to which the reader is referred, not only Air knowledge of tiii* dieeaee, but on every other connected with this subject. DR. RALPH fuithrr brgi to :idd. that he may be consulted peraonally a* lue reeidrnee, No. 88 Greenwich etreet, at any Ilour ; and ahould any be in deubt aa to the existence of thia disease, eapecially after peruaiug lua littla volume, ha will, ttithoui expeuse or the leapt pain, explain and assure him whether he have or not. Let it only be remembered that, if he really ha? a cincture, noL all the tnedicuM in the world, alone, will ever cure it. m'43 Im* epHK PHIV ATE TREATISE.?Tina ia a little volume on 1 certain disuses ih which the beat and moat convenient meana of cure are stated in the plauieat poaaiblc mannci. It alaoihowathe reaeou why theee maladies eo frequently sontinue on front mouth to mnLtii.iinciired.and terminate at length in other and permanent complaints. one can read thia little book without aeeiug at once their true and real nature. and aiao the riak and dangtr of lmating tliem to ignorant and boasting i>eople. With a view, however, to obtain a rational degree of cgnll leoce in what he haa advanced on the cure of thoae diaeaaea the author thiuka it proper here to give a rieiple atatement of the meana and opportuuitiea he himaall haa had of forming juat and dear opinioua ou thia vubject. He therefore begn t# elate, that beaidea hia ruuk aa graduate of Edinburgh, and member of the London College,he. he haa been watching these iliaeaaea, both in Hoapital and city practice lor inore than thirty yean, and haa publiahed two editioaa of a work expressly on them. Also that he haa Irttera of commendation from the moat eminent phyaiciana in Europe to the moa' eminent in America, aa Sir Astlev Cooper to Dr. Mott of New York and Dr. Phyaiek,ef PhHadefsua, and others, and which may be aeen by any out. And further, that lie haa the privilege of referring ta almost every physician of eminence in thia city. Theae are ctrcum lUncoa whidh afford the highest satisfaction to every out, especially to thoae who are anxious to obtain tbs beat advtea.? The price of the book is $1. Dr. Ralph ia consulted M hia residence,88 Greenwich atrsat, at any hour, and haa distiuct and erparate apartments for those who have ta wait a littla. CoinmunaeaLous hy post are faith hilly replied to. mil t m* ~DR. F. FELIX GOURAUD'S POUDRKS SUBTILKS FOR ERADICATING HUMAN SUPERFLUOUS HAIR. THE abovr preparation has rcceivrd the stamp of public ap1 probation lor tome years part, > ihe most safe,speedy and effectual remedy ?ver discovered for tbs com lets eradication of human hair. Iti*decidedly au mcitimeble article for the toilet, and has entirely annihilated I bias dele teriaua, uncertain and daogervaa compositions which have been too frrqueutly employed. Ne lovely or beautiful woman, who has the unsightly appendage of a damonatralion of a beard ou her upper lip, hairy aide of the face, tnolee, or a mats of hair coveriog a hro d and elevated forehead, shou'd delay a mo ment procuring a bottle of thia invaluable powder. When spplie cold, thii preparat on it used hy some in lieu ol a razor for removing tha beard, winch it effrcfi with more case, with aa much rapidity, in a more satiifactory manner, and at leas expense, while at the same time it leaves the skin soil and delirate to the touch T" uproot the btard it < applied warm, acro'ding to directions accompanying each bottle. Price one dollar. GOURAUD'S EAU DE BEAUTE.or True Wa'er of Beauty, for removing tan, pimples, fieeklrs, blotches, mprPhew,lie .real ziugdelirate wli't. necs aud arms, an leliriting a healthy juvenile appearance. $1 per bottle. Beware of apunoua :mit..tiour. of thia celebrated coiuictic, ol the inoatdeletirinui natnre, utterly rninous to the complexion, and by its repellent ac'inn iiijunniM to heann. OOURAUD'S VEGETABLE LIQUID ROUOE, eompoa-.d materially from lloweia and aimplee, irrpirtaa delicate roeeate t'n*e to the completion,immutable by rubbing with a hamlk-ri liirfor linen eloih 10 r rnla p?r bottle. OOURAUD'S BLANC D'EM'AGvE. or Hpaniah Lily While, itivra to the courteLanre a pure life like alabaeter whiteueee, rxein I from the injurious properties generally combined with preparation* lor Una purpura. 25 centa, put up in Itgant boiea. Reinm h -r! the ahoTe celebrated cnam'tiea are to be h*' at the old eatabliahed office, (7 Walker atreet, one door from Broadway, and al 547 Broadway. ?New Vorlt?Albany, Alex. Guthrie, Na. 4 Ma d en lane?Utica, G L Brjan.p rfiimrr Geueaee street?Pougbk-epaia. J Gray?Buffalo, J Hinsdale, IS7 and 344 Mamatrert. Ptunirlrauia?rhilad-lphia, Mre Brown, 75 Cliaanu'. atreet. Maryland?Baltimore, 5>e'h 8 H?nce, Pratt rtreet. Diatrict of Columbia?Waahinatun, S. lbv Parker, Peunaylraa a Areaue ?Alexandria, CC Beiry. Viigiuia?Richmond, Mri Frayaer, Katreet. Conn cticut?Middii town, E C Kerre? New Haieo, A Law, Chape' airert?Hartford. Welle Mum: hrey, 175 Main afreet?Ncr?ieh. Williiin Faulkner. Maeaichudtta? BoaU n, A 8 Jot-dan, 2 Milk atrea I?Lowell. G A Carlelon k Co, City Hall?Lynn. Dr AL Holder?Worcester, M D Phiilipa, Brtnley Placr?apringlieid. F A Cow lea. Main atreet?Lee. Bull It Field?Salew, Wk 8 F I tea?Newburyport, Charles H Hedge N.Harr.prhlre?Portsmouth, W R Preaton. Mama?Portland, i Hvta k Co?Bang' r, Wlilttier It Guild?Hallow-ell, F Scannoa. Rhode Inland?Prorideuee, Charles Dyer, jr, Willminster e'eei-t. Ohio?Col-imbua, Bummer Clark- New Jersey?T Scabrook Princeton. Every bo'tie of Dr. Gouraud'e Cosmetics haa hia name with the name of preparation, and New York, brown on the four ei-Jea^and hia fae aimilr engraved on the wrappera ot the* Pou orriounuici, noneoineriiiTucuums. ???? U EMITTANt r'.d TO" ENGLAND, i Kb LAND. OR tv SCOTLAND.?DraRa from ?(.?2. ?3, ?5, ?10, ?l?, to?l 00#, mid upward*, or io auina (o iait, payable at light or ataixty day i. at the oIIowiuk pluce* ia England. Irtlvod, Scotland, Walta, aud Germany. can alwaya bs obtained of S. J. BYLVEjTER, No. 22 Wall afreet,and 130 Broadway. ENGLAND. Bradford Hudderafield Ruuuey Blackburn Honiton Ramefate Barnetaple llfracon be Rugby Bath liewlch Hugely Birmingham Knarreborough Ripon Bnatnl Kingtb, idga Sheffield Bideford Kinmton Belbjr Barnard Cnatle K??>?n g5,l,e , Brixham Kautaford Hhrewefnrr Bridgend London Shepton Mallet Boeton Liverpool 2',ald'n? . Bromyard Lcicealer Southmnpton Bury StEdmonda Leeda Sonth Molton Beverly Lanraater 2,toftS'n Cheater Leomm-ter Btokealey Crovland Ledbury ? bhetteri. Litchfield Tornngton Chipping Sodbury Long Sutton Teigumouth Cheltenham Lowe.foff. Tam worth Doneaater Mancheater Tiverton DaHiogtou Malton Ulveratooe Dartmouth Marahfield Devonport March Whillleeea Donley Eewp^ Exeter Norwich wa. napoo U'oceiter OikhimptoB Whiicchurcb I Null Oawcatry Wi.beach Halea worth rrraton Worca.ter Hay Peterborough Wotton Hereford Plymouth Wolton.Edge Hartlepool Portaea York I ial beach Pnt.tetaet Yarmouth IRELAND. Athlone, Dungaonon, Mopayham, Armagh, Dungarven, Mulloin, Belfaat. Dublin Moneymcre, Ballina! Diingarvon, Nenagh, Bainbndge, Ennjaktllen, Newborn, Ballymvna, Ennia, Ornagh, Bandon Enoiacorthf, Paraoualown, Ballyaharmon, Fermoy, R .aeoinmoa, Ballauaaloe, Oalway. Hoecren, Bovle. Downpalrick, bligo. Cork. Kilkeuuy, Btrabane, Clonmel, Kiliuah Thuele. SIst- tsssSmssr7, tea Caohel, Longhrea. Wa?erf?rd, CharkviMe. MitAaUyown, Wex/ord, tewa. ?Z Edinburgh, Hreeaock. Dundee, Glaegow, 1WaLES. AK-,..i?rth Cow.bridge Marhynleth Ami'* eh ' Cardiff Mold Barter Uokellr Portmadoe SiiX Hoi) w?ii r?uu?h Brec a i.lamloTf rrjr FRANCE. Pifm Hwir. ' GERMANY. Hamburg, Briiifn Frankfort, Peraoua having to remit to tbe r fnendecar alwayirely on tneir order* attended lo. the felloe mg pnrket after receipt of remittwe- ... . .. . . _... . . The high'eet rata w?U be allowed for Bill* on any of the above placaa. m3l 3tawlm rpo MfliTSvRi X*l> TIRTAIZTEWS?KK?DK&ICK J BKKLY. ao William alreel offeva for aale, at rerT low pri'ra a apleudid aaaortinent ol Fien< h Millinery Go da, cm tii c of I be ueweat rnd moil faahi nable atyba ol Btraw Boniielf, Artificial Klo'era. Kit,bona Milkl, Terlatanea, lie. liealera are invited to etamine the lint before purr hat Df elae where. mUlgatod* LIXV ANA?MKn. WEST'* BOAHDINM HdUSC ,< 1* removed to theCalle Kan Pedro. N?. 1 " enfrente da la Ma jhuii." By ihia latter direction ihe building U known to all yoatmen.coarhnitn. iwirtera lie., aa one of ihe moat enoj|?tuoua point! of the i ily. The eitenaire alteration* and rtpaira npon Ihrw hnuif harina vemi completed, Mri, W. haa the aatia action of offering to itmngera nailing Havana, an eatah'iahment (arenperioe ta lie oration to any thine of the kind erar oetore know* in the aly. It it aituatc directly noon the Bay, and cominaodane vatenaive view if the entire Karbor, with the adjactnt ronnery. owne, village*, lie.' . {H/- f'aaeengrtajor Havana muat obtain a paaapcrt [" "V" me verified byT nSpanieh Cotianl, whwh.en arrirnl. ifWet ?y the boirdien elicera to the Clnvrmmeat Houae. woeea. m :o>,K>rmity therewith, a permit to ItaJ wit" wtfT' obe procured by pome inewknt ol the phW. _ ...... I'ereonedeairou* of going to Mr* Waal t houae. /\t.TrT ear in mind that thie eervioe wi1! be ptenipWy *?tyrtg * tbaClark who vieita ail veaaala with t>meee?eri, aa ithey enter the harbor. ? aea>a,De?. *w***^ nMSMMPW > >11 IW ? I ? Tl ? ? L D. ?? Ofati Parilng Suni(. When will ye think of mr, my iriendit When will ye think oi me I? When the lest red light,the farewell of Jay, Krwm the jock and the riter it p>s*ing ?w?y, When the air with a deafening htith ta fraught. AaJ the heart grows burdened with tender thought ? Then let it be ! When will ye think of me, kind friends? When will ye think of met? When the rote of the rich midttimmer time li tilled with tne hue* of it* glorious prime; When ye gather it* bloom, a* in bright houra fled. From the walks where my fo jtstopa no more may tread Then let it he ! " iwn win ye mink 01 me. met friend*? When w ill ye think of me!? When the eu.ldin teat*o'eitluw yo reyo At the lotiud of gome olden melody ; When ye hear the voice of a mountuin stream, When ye feel the charm of h poet'g dreamThen let it be ! Thu? let my m. mory be with you mv friend* ' Thu* ever think of me Kindly and gently, but at of one For whom it ii well to he lied and gone; A* of a bird from a chain unbound; A* of a wanderer who?e home i* foundSo let it be ! Washington. ICorrcipoodeucr of the Herald | Wamiinotus, April 12, 1H42 Mr. Bmkett:? In the dt better of the House of Representatives ot the United States on the 7th and Nth of April, the appropriation to the Judiciary of the United States being before the House, it was stated that six thousand seven hundred and forty-two dollars are paid by the United States for printing the records of the Supreme Conrt. I am aware, from having been a suitor in that Court, and knowing, from my able counsel, that unlets all the records are printed the Court cannot get through its immense and important business, in the space of the two short months of its annual sessions. But what. 1 want to know ip, why the United States pay lor the printing of the records, and parties to the causes decided by that Court, hare to pay the Clerk ol the Court for the printed copies of the records 1 The sums paid to the Clerk by both parties amount in many cases to more than two hundred dollars, and in some cases, ae 1 have heard, to four hundred dollars. At a session of the Court sonic time past, 1 suffered most heavily in the costs of u case decided by the Court, by h?avy charges lor a printed record, and as " reform" is the true and just purpose of Congress, i ask you to bring this matter into notice by the insertion of this communication in your valuable paper. A Late Suiter iit the Surreme Court. Buffalo. (Correspondence of the Herald. J Buffalo, April 16, 1842. Arrival of Product from the Weet?Fret Trade in the Ijike Navigation?Burines*?Finance? Opening of the Canal?Excitement aliout the Herald?Recruiting for the Navy? Theatricale, 4"C fc. Dear B***tt From thif point you cannot yet expect much that ia new or interesting. Business ha* commenced in good earnest, and large quantities or prodnoe are daily brought to thi* port from the Tar West. Yon, will discover, by the papers of thi* city, that navigallon has opaned brisk, and that the arrirala and departures exceed those of any previous year. The steamboat combination, which to a great extent has been an odious monopoly, is broken up, and the consequence is that every thing that can float is being nut in a condition to run?so that we are to have the coming season all kinds of boats, at any price for passage Business is much improved of late?many salts of merchandize being made to Western merchants, who are unable to repWnish at present from New York. Money is scarce?Canada and a sprinkling of Western forming the principal circulation. ATI anxiously await the opeaing of the canal on Monday. Much freight wails here to be transported to sis * ket. There has been of late something of a moss kicked up at the Young Men's Association about the Herald," created by some would be very moral people. To night there is to be a general meeting of the Assocation to decide whether the Herald continues on file or not. Of eonree it will remain I send you the " Commercial," containing a small inkling of what is going forward. Orders have been received here to open a recruiting rendezvous for the Navy?and Captain Cham,Jin has issued a circular to that effect. Other officers hi ve arrived here?and the steamboat Monroe is to he used as a receiving ship The Theatre opens on the first of May with a strong company, under the management of Mr. Rice. Dickens and lady are t xpeetcd here from Chi cago daring the next month. Hs will remain sometime at the falls and then proceed, by way of New York, home. Love to le jeune editeur. Farewell. Emv. Naval.?Tbc new brig, like the Snmeri and Rainbridgr, was launched at Norfolk on the 16th inti. The U. S. brie Dolphin, I.icut Com. MvKcan, arrived there on the 15 h and anohored oil the Naval Hospital. There are at present lying at that anchorage, the Pennsylvania, ship of the line.Capt Skinner, hearing the flag of Cons. Shubrick ; sloops ?.f war Vandalia. Com. Karatay, bound to tlie Coast of Africa ; Falmouth, Com. Mcintosh, of rhc home squadron, and brig Dolphin, mentioned above. Capt. John Paul Zan'zing r has been appointed to the command of the U S ship Pennsylvania, flag ship of Com- Shubrick, vice C?pt. Chas. bkmner, detached, to take effect on the first of May. The U 8 ship St. Loui*. Commander Forest, and echr. Shark, Commander Dornin, were at Valparaiso on the ISth Dec All well. The U S. ship Dale, CommanderCaontt, was supposed to be'at Pajta, at the abave date. The store ship Relief, at Callac ?all well on board Fixe Fishixg ?Mr. James Baxter, caught of! the Reach Point Light House, in tlii* harbor, oa Monday morning, one hundred and fourteen cod fish, and one haddock. He wax fi thing on'y uu hour and a half, arid took the wbule bvfore b.cakfast.?BarmtabU Put riot Disastrous Fire is Willimaxtic.?^We regret to learn that the ext> n irr paper manufactory of S?. H. Byrtie St Co took fire yesterday morning, at 1 o'clock, and was burned to t'ue ground with nearly every thing in it. Ediraated loss $18,000, tea thousand of which were corcred by insurance in some of the Hartford officer, as our informant belie res ? Wonnirh Count r. ONE hetir at 10# Nassau street. Kiret a beautiful young lady for* p?t of Hhrrenan'a incomparable Orris Tooth Peats 8he ??id it was a deli' i m* xrttels?imparled such a dtliehifu' Iragraace toher breath?preserved her teeth, and cave lh?m h polish and brilliancy ihat many of her i fiends envied. Next came a matron.y lady foraWtof Sherman's Worm Lotruce* for her little srandcbild She said al.e had hvard inacb about them among her ne;C"b rra. who had used ihem, and was led to try them for the child, that had bern given up by her family doctor. Then came a middle artd man with a di?lre*?iof r ouch, ami f tin in hia aide Ur. Sh< nnan prescril<ed one of his Poor Man's Plaster* for his s d -, aid a box of his celebrated t'ouch luirufx for the rough assuring him a cure in M hourn \\ Jul' lie wit thus engaged, a j oung lawyer of , ome eminence at the hsr, railed for .someihiDg to rrli'vr a distressing heid ache. The doctor headed him three of his I 'amphor Loxrncas and engaged his attealioofor Are minul'S, whin he asked (boat headache, when 1st it waa all tons. He srid snrlicases were of every day occurrence, and oft- n even one Lot-Mr would [ fscl a cure. These ha I sorrel/ left when an old dyeprptic narle bis appearance. A box oi Sherman's Dinner Los ngre wrreatooce hauded him, with the asswnte fbeiiijjust the on. whnae very appearance beep,he a (pnrdy ilieeoluiion ,* * * ona ? ay Bouth, in b"j?r? of furling relief in * warmer el male. Tin Doctor a,In,-.I him to return to fun iineaJa. an ne could nN |o?nMt? lire a month. Die*aae had made toe treat ravage* up in bin romti , for him aver to rnnover. VanT had been cured uf coneipipi m, he mid, bf hia C nab Lnzengea, hot nine were no fur g me. Death rran/navitanfe fuch m an hour at Iff Vara < i tl. lio wheo you will, the doctor I e thronged withra'li for nl i-r, rt.l hie f.moue H>cat.(I I.nzcnann IN u hie i nl,- "die- iu th n Cilr. Homo anente?'' William; maud 77 J Broidwat: to Alter Howe; 77 Kant Broader r)'; HI Blreckrr. and ?7 lludi ?.-?!. M and 1C1 Kultonit. Brooklyn. "*** rpttt DtWtRVZv CKLKBHirr of Twlort MIimT 1 l.irerwort. made at *70 Hnwery, la tant nupnreedint all other Ih'nfe in curiae eou?lie eolJe. (pitting of blood, and all dneaeen olth'eh*n?. Iun?e and li-er. Vine y ara haa il bean Iried, a-d with the mail unbounded eur-ena which h?a raiucd it he ?o much cuuu'erferted The pemon Who adverl.aea Dr Taylor'* Balaam ot Liver w rt io fpeinf atrjo t,*t firel aimt.y motu initiala. and dlirwjiJi ?a W W Taylor, and aga n na W W I hayar, han ,i j| now. nor nefer did hare any C o rrection with the orifinal aid genu ma Taylor a Balaam of Liver* irt, which made by lhaprop.Mtor, at 17a Howry. Buy in than cily only at 171 Bowery AiTIIMI C1JBT.D?"I hare a IT red from On eBlrcta of V >11. ma h lone tunc aud ured trerv medicine I could obtain lor da 'urj in valn.iritil I Med Dr Ta? lor'a C .Dam ofLivarwort ai 171 Bowery?dhiamedicinaeiirt d me ___ Mlli i>. 'lUT'l.V, til Laurennat ** Of?" BEWAH<*. On" A BARE LOl'N flih h rCH -Get 'he Irraa and genuine .t the old cITiee, 171 Bo wary, and you nee a?fe. Ag*o|m-Mr. Hart only, ll? Fnitm atraat.Brooklyn; H. In winit ( a .Albany; <1. B. Ziehtr, Philadelphia; B. P..welk fc Cn.,M CvraMII, Boaton. | n?7

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