Newspaper of The New York Herald, 21 Nisan 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 21 Nisan 1842 Page 1
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I II TH 1. TIL-I*. 390,~Whtli Hm. 900I. !1KW LIN.". Or LIVh.UPOOL, PACKETS To nil from Nc .* York ou the tStli, vi<l Liverpool uo the llth u f each month. &L &L M. KiuiTNi* Yon*. Ship HOSCrUS, John < olline. Mth Mtreh. Ship SIDDONS.CapUiu E. ?. Cobb, iSth April . Ship SHERIDAN. C*pUi?J\ A.Dopoyour, Mth M?f. Ship (JARR1CK. Cui'liou Win. >knldy, kith Jim. Kiiom LivKnrool.. , 9N- 9H?RmAN, Ship KOS' Vl "S,'( n'l <111 Joliu l, lltn .viay. Ship 8IDDON8,C*rUin K. B.Cobb, I6?h Jun*. Treae ahip* all of the tiratcla*a,upwardj of 1000tool,built la the city of New Vork, with inch improvement* a* combine Catapeed will) unuaual comfort for pai-iieiiger*. Every car# been taken iu the arrange men t of their accommodation* Th* price ofa aaaagehctie e i* $K0,fir which ample (tore* will be provided- TJteee *hip* are commanded by experienced maikgr*. who will make every exertion to give general aauaiac "neither th* captain* or owner* oflheie ahip* will be reaponai M* for any leUe^i, parcel* or pHekagraaent by then, uuleaa ra wular bill* of ladinware *ifu-d therefor. Xhe ?hip* ol thi* lint will hereafter go armed, lad their peen Wcomtruction give*them aecunty notpo**e*?ad by any other Satvaaaela ef war. *^or^niV. W.M. <k JAS. BROWN St to., Livciiool Letter* by the packet* will be charged 121 cent* peraingli gheet; 10 cent* per ounce, ud newapapera I cent each. ml NEW IfOKK AND HA THE PACKETS. (SECOND L1NEA ML M ML ML ' Th^mp^of thia line will hereifTeMeave Nf* lurion th* let and Havre on the '6th of each month a* follow*: From New York. Fium Havrt. 11a* new (hip ONEIDA, 11# March 116th April Cant. < lit July < 18th Aeguat Jamea Fuuck. ( lat November I i*th December hip BALTIMORE, flat April ( 16th May CarC < let Auguat I |(th September Edward FuuJk. f lat December f 16th January hip UTICA, ( lat May f tfeth June Capt. < lat ^pteinber < 16th October VmPk ile witt. flat January f 16th February Jfaw ahip &T. NICOLAS,I ut June 1 16th July Capt. flet October { 16th November J. B.Tell. Mat February f 16th March ?~t.Hone of theae alupa are net aurpasaed, com Sling all that may be retired lor comfort. The price ol ciI pa**age ia $100, Vasacngeri will be mpplied with ay try tequiaite, with the exception of wine* and liijuora. Good* intruded for lh?.ie vc?*el* will be forwarded by the nbacnbera. free from .uiy other than the expenae* actual; yi n? "w *??, at t Tontine Building*. FOB NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NKW YORK LINE OF PACKETS m> m m. FMtTel letter accmnmcMUtion ofahTiipe , it ia Intended to I Saajntrh a ship from thia port on the l*t, 5th, 10th, 15th, 30th lM^5lh of each mouth, commencing the tpth October, and eontinamg until May, when regular day* will' be appointed foi the remainder of the year, whereby great delaya and duap ointment* will be prevented during (he aummer mouth*. To* loHowiug ahipa will commence tlua arrangeuuat a Ship ifAZOO. Capt. Cornell, t Ship OCONEE. Cant. Jackson I ShipMISSlSSIPPl.Capt. Milliard. ' Sup LOUISVILLE, Cant. Hunt. I &ip SHAKSPEARE, Capt. Miner i Sip GASTON.Cant. Latham. Ship HUNT9VILLE, Capt. Mumfird. I Ship OCMULOEE, Capt l.eantt. Ship NASHVILLE,Capt. Dickinai n. Ship MEM PHIS. Capt. Knight. Ship LOUISA, ('apt. Mil 1 ford. r? e ' Theae ahipa were all built in the city of New Tork. expreaatf for packeia. are of a light draft ol water, have recently been nawdv coppered and put in*pleudidon.rr, with accommodation* for ptaaenger* anc<iaalled lor co nlort. They are commanded by experienced maaten, who will mace every exertion to give Moeral aatialaction. . They will at *11 timea be towed up and own the Mieaiauppi by ateainhoate Neither the owner* or captain* oftheaeahipa will be reaponrrhk for jewelry, bull ion,(ireciou* atonea, ailrer, or plated ware, or for any letter*,parcel or package, aent by or put a '.board of them, unleai regular bill* of lading are taken for tneaama, and tha value thereon exo-?**ev For freight or passage, apply to E. K?COLLINS fc CO. IISouth it at HULLIN It WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orltaoa.who will promptly forward all goodato hi* addreaa. The ehipaof thia line are warrauted to aail punctually a* ad| Vertiaed, and greatcare will b* taken to hare the rood* correct tr eaanred. alO .NEW YORK AND NEWARK. ~ mn iBWh lim Fan rxlartd to # ctntl. I Frooa the foot of Courtlauflt (treat, Now Yorkl. (R?ery dtiy?Hunday executed.) LeareeNew York. Lee re Newark Att A. M. At P.M. At 7) A. M. At 14 P M ( 11 do 4 do I do It do . 4| do lit do I do T Oo 10 do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Liberty etreet. Leare New York. Loaee Newark. At I A M.aad 4) P.M. At 1 P. M. and to P.M. "xwioex. 1^SB!Sfe?.,UBWAT ANB Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty it reet.daily. Leare New York. Leare New Brnnawick. At A. M. At T| A. M. 41 P M 1 P M BOM k.R vILLE a taxee connect with there lioea each way. Fare between New York &ud Somerrille, SO ceate. Do do New Brun*week, 74 eentr. Rah way, Weenie. Ktixabethtown, M eenta. he fare in the T) A. M. train from New Bnmjwiek, and 4| F M. train from New York, hae been reduced between New York and New Bruuawick to M eenta. ' and Kahway te 17) " The Poiladelpbia mtillr.e (Muaee through NewBruiiawick for New York erery ermine at o'clock. On Buniiay* the 74 A.M. trip from New Bnmawiek ia omit tMe Paaaeogeri who procure their ticketaat the rare a ferry tieketgratia. Ti>. ketaare receired by theeonductor anlr on the day when purchased febll Im* IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MEROHANTs! RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE-For the Ttanaportaiion ot O i wi? between Philadelphia #nH Piltahiirr J % ?*v JinnnM?|i BBSs^l* Igg^^W^ **W* Thia imrr vement in transportation affords lo western metihant* peculiar advantage*. The goods being care'ully peeked in the bonti at our warehouse, So 3?S Market atreet, are carried nrer the Columbia and Purr-Re Railway! without transhipment Careful cap'rios and crewi are employed, who take charge of th? Rood* at Philadelnhia, and continue with them the entire route, thus avoiditiR delay* and the liability of Iota beiuR aaparatada i tne way N. B?Paaeenger* forwarded to Pitla'-urgh erery day, Butday a eicepted, H. STORK, Agent, al> 3m* m T Washington street. " RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND KREIOHT LINE. AEW BRUNSWICK AND NE W YORK. rpHE NEWJEHSe-Y Railroad and Tranaportation ComJL pany hare establiehed a Knight Line between New Brunswick and New York, which they intend to ran pei maLeaving New Brunswick at 5 AM. daily, (Sundays eicepted) and the foot of Liberty atreet. New York, at 3 P.M. To country dealeri aad meichanta the above line t* very daenable for tne apeedy and cheap conveyance of merchandise of every description. and more particularly to Drover* and Dealer* in Live Stock, who can hare ISO head of cattle conyeyei bei ween New Brunawibk aud New \ ork, the aameday, whent ver required. The rate* for the tranaportation of cattle, haevaa, mulea, beep, hogs, fcc..and all other kinds of merckaisdiae art rary low. act er eacsedingaleamhoat prices. Merchandise aent by tliia line lauot aubjeetad to any aitra charge in eroaaiug the N >rth River. Tne Cnmpant hare fietrd up a large itorehouae at New Brunswick adjoining tne Railroad Depot, which will always baapes for the reception of merchandtoe. Passengers, purchaaiug their licks la at the ticket office*, willreceire ferry ticket* gratia. ml4 3m" VRRIOHT AND PASS AGE TO PI TT8BVRG. w9*^-jbbTnng<i toQB ?d wmrr?" R I M <1 U B M > O I M L1 TS proprietory of Blugham'e Traiuportatien Lin? lo Pittsburg. gj?t notice tothe Merchants of New York, and alt other persons 'ripping to the West, that their line is sow is ictire Operation. Goods consigned to them (or sent to go in their Ins.) wilbe forwarded with despatch. Owners or shippers of goods, destined for the Western Mates, who I are no agent or eoiwrgnse at Pittsburg, will please consign their g?ods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will attend to shipping all such consignments without Jul goods should be marked distinctly on each package BINGHAM'S LINK. For rates of freight, which are as low so any other line. Apply to WM. TYSON, Agent. No (West street aiwoeite Piw No. 9. N. R. N- B.?Pastengers forwarded to P.tUburg and Potterille, I every day, Sundays eicepted. Refer ta It, Crooke, American Fur Co.; I. T. Nicoll. root etreet: Pheliw. Dodge k Co. Pulton at reel; Surdam, gut kCo.; W m. Hank In. Duryee kCo .Newark* ml Im ~ BTATKN IBLAJdD rKBJtT. ^JQjj^^^Fool of Whitehall etreet The ateanaer 8TATKN IBLANDK-H, Capt. BrdKled.or AMBON, Captain Dural, will run as follows until further notice... ? Jaearee Staten lalaad Leayea Whitehall At I o'clock a.m. At o'clock a m "10 " " "II " " I Ml " ? " r.M " 91 " " If ? " 41 " " If " N. B- All good* ilupped art required to be particularly Barked and are At the rnl? of the ownerv thereof ol T. roWKLL k. CO'8 LI NIC. jMM POK NfcWBIIRHH, landing at CALD t d^SljQeWKLL'H. WEST POINT AND COLD 9BE3K3E,8rniN<i-The eteair.boat HIGHLANDER CM. Robert Wtrdrop, will leave 'he fmrt ?T Warren itreet Bow Yerk,every Monday- Ttri and Saturday aftemocn'e ?t 4 o'clock. Returning, the High, i ,oer will leaee ,aewburgf Mary Monday morning at I o'clock. an I'ueedayand I'ndinr Blaineon at o'clock, ngfroifh'or pa? ply to theCaptain as board. IV. B. At i baggage and freight of every deacriptioo. bank MUa orapocie. put on boardthia boat.muatbe atthe riekofthv ewnee* thereof .unleee a biH nfUdlng rreeeiptieeigned for WNM Ml gnC1 FOR fT. ThOHAS?Tlie aupenor fail aailirg l^^^^ichr MARTHA, 8. Deale. m enter will mil for the JHBbiabovr port ebould eiv paaaeiigera offer. For rreight or paaaage having evcelleat arcommaalatiooe. ippty to id A. WENDELL, to Sotuft. % E NE NE LIFE BOAT ASSOCIATION, FOll THE MANUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PATBNT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE ? OTTV U/\TDT nua v_/1 i i nw i cjij. NOTICE 1'TTBUVEKS OF CABINET FURNITURE. Tllf. a ubac riher VNNinvite the attention of thoae wiahA nut te purrhuee articleehn Uie above buMiieaa, to hia e?lahliahmeiit, where ie to be found a rieli aaaortment of Hoaeweodaad Mahogany Furuiture. of French aud other pattern*, aoine of which are out to he found elaewhere, being entirely original. Alio, haudanme rich eilt Noumea for wmdowe, Polea aud King* ; together w ith Damaeke, Galloon* aud Taaaela. anJ every article attached ta curtaiaa, which will be made 10 the lateat etyle Irom p?tterw? lately received. N B. Particular attcutiou pai I to the filling op of Ottoman!, Fire Screen*, aud other fancy article!, with embroid eredtapeatry. WASHINGTON MEEK?. dll-Ciu IIS Broadway. neel the Hoapiial FASH ION A B I. K T AI "LUKINU ESTABLISHMENT. At the fashion a net tailorino establishment, IKS Berkinan at reel, near Tearl. Oentlemen who are now or formally have been paying extravagant price* far their clothing,are aaaured that they ueed do *o no more, aa the autn' riber will gutrantee to all who patroniae hun. a hand-nine fit, a faahionahle atyle and excelltnt material*, at the following moderate price*? Sup Wert of Eng. Wool-dyed, black, blue,or green dreaa co*t*. #18 to $31. Punt*, double milled do black, plaid, and fancy caaa., $6 to $8 SO. Veeta? Fine r**hmere,tatin,and all kind*, $1 to $S. I oat* made and rimmed iu a auperior mauutr, Irom $T to $1,50; Veata, to #41; Par.;*, #1,50 to $1. at I in' JOHN MOFFAT. SEBRING'S CORDIAL, INDIGESTION.?A* thia i* a very enmn on complaint, in the preaent day. whtlerer teude to allrviale it it of public im;or'?nce For the information of tlioee affected with it, we publiah the following recommendation* of a Reatorauve Cordial for it?e>re:? C, C., E>t Dear Sir At i our rerjurat, I have examined III* medicine, ..r u'l.i, I, l one I 'oriliel ie rmnimarri and have IIO hellta tiou in (tying ihtl they arc of the beet claat of trniica; and in ttie manner prepared bv yi>u. will proee highly beneficial in Dyapeptia, and many other diaeaaea of general debility. Your., Ac. P PRATT, M.D. No. 98 Liberty (treet. I concur in the above recommendation of Dr. Pratt. THOMAS BOYD, M. D.. No Ml Fourth atreet. Sabring1*Reatorative Cordial iaiofd atlti Kullou atreet,at $1 per bottle. mil 1 m* DR. JOSEPH E^ANS. GRAND RESTORATIVE. SYRUP, For the eurenferery form of Diaeaa* ariaing froui THE IMPURITY OF THE BLWOD, CAUSED by the vital cgva becoming deranged and enfeebled by hereditary coinplainta. and exhaustion of the ayatem, and other die<aea, T'Z. Serf fnla or King's Evil. T mora and awellinga in the neck, arcondxev ay mot oma ef 8) phi lia. or the conatitu' inual form of the Veuerial Disease, Ulcer*, ulcerated (ore Throat Palate Ac Ulcere on the Shine. and other partaol the body. Uiaeaaea of the bonca, paina, awellinga, and ulceratima of the hoara, awellinga ol the iointa, white awelhnga, A>-. C?ran, cot sue ua <r akin diaeaaea, aalt rheum, ringworm acaly eruptiona. leproay. itch, acald head, pimpiea. cracking aud 'marling if the akin. tetter, and all kinaa ofaorre Longatanding anoi-etetolore incurable fever aorea; rheumatiam, gout, liver complaint, and all diaeaaea eauaed|by an improper uaeof mercury, local aud eonatitutioual dcbilry or weakness, gouorrhoe i glert i or whitea, gravel, Ac.,or when ihe ayatem ha* been eib mated by aecret aeneualily in youth, intampe ance, long atandiig debilitating diaeaaea, long teaideuce in Southerncliinatea, and other debili tatingcauaea. Thia invaluable medicine haa been employed by the proprietor in an extensiveprivate and hoepital practice, both in Europe and Am trie fir the laei forty years during which time he hat cured over&OOO palieata, who wer* afBieted with loan of the meat loalhaeme and deatructire forma of d araae. many of whom are nvw liviug and ready to teetify to the efficacy of thiemedicire. Itcuree hy giving tone te the nerve*, exhiAal ing the apirita, rrgulatiig the circulation, invigorating and exciting the vital oig-tnsln anatural and healthy action'and Uiu* catiaiog all impurities o be expelled from the tyetem, and creating the accretion ?f perfectly pure and healthy blood. Price $1 per bottle. Knriale only at the Private Revide nee No. 41? Greenwich, two doora above Canal atreet. m96 3m $51)0 PREMIUM. THE INDESTRUCTIBLE INK.whirh R. M. BART1 LETT exhibited at the Fair of the American I nstitute. New York, 1841. with en offer of $S00 to any one who should extract it Irom pape'. and which retei red the gold medal of the Institute, can be had by calling on Meiara. Raw don, Wright A Hatch, bank note engraven. 48 Merchant.' Exchange. Ordera from any part of the Uuion, poet paid, through the above named houee.will be promptly attended to. WWtSna niAaln iatt)i tkia ink will remain urn IB Inner ra piper will ei dure, and ia nccrdtnrly valuable above all iuUcllible iuka now ia Hie. 01 which we have any kuowledge. John Torrey. M. D., Prof-aaor of Chymialry, lie. in the College nf Phviicians and SurgeoDo, N Y, Jamra K Chilton, M II. Piaiticil Ch? iniet. John A. Warder, M D.,Profeaaorof Chymiitry aTlm* end Mineralogr. Cinrianati College. Ohio 30 odd years OK EXPERIENCE in the aumtific practice of curing certain diaeaaee,hive rn hied Dr LAUREL,, of No. 101 Canal atreet, to eradicate thoae diaeaaee in queatlon, whether new,old, or Inveterate, iu leaa thru hall the time employed by theinmmoo doctore, who poiaoa their patientiwitn mercury, canivy, nitre, cnbebe, lie. N. D.?Stranger! are appriied that Dr. L. ia a regular phyaician of the med cal facu'ty of Parie, alao graduated in the U. htatea.aa can he oroved hv hia diptoiraa mat 1m* ~tiam5 fortes. COUTHtltN DEALERS aud purchaaera generally will find it to their advantage to call and examine a choice aeaortmenl of the above ar icle, compruinga variety of a and fi octavra, of roaewood and mahocanv, wiih grand action,icroll itinda, and every modern improvement. Theae ini'immcnta are warranted to b'. ei|nal to any iu the city, a id will be fold at the loweat poa-ible pricea Co.- ca?h, at the manufactory, 41 Weat Fiiurteeuihatreet, betwe n Fifth and Sixth avenue*. N. D.?Piano Fortea for Hire?A good aaaortment of piano fortea for hire at the mannfact -ry. ?7 3m Something new LEUK'S GARDEN. 49 bowery.?The undeiaigned takea Una opportunity to ioform hia frienda and tne public that he haa aliened a Garden and Saloon at 49 bowery, where he would be happy to receive their calla Hia Saloon will be rouatantly aupp'ied with (he choir eat and beat of Fruila, Confectionary, C< Ifee, Ice Crcama, Lem made and Soda that the city afToida Every atte it'on will be given en hia pait to make thia Garden and Saloon a pleaaant aud agreeable reaorttotha ladiea and gentlemen who may favor 'hem with a call. 14 I in* c H. LEUR, 49 Bowery. carpeting, &c. CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. TONES It MARCY, 101 Bowery, New York, are now real ceiving thetr apring anrplv of Carpeting, Oil Clotha. Window Shadee, Uiuggela, Hearth Ruga, Door Mata, Table aud Tiano Covera. 8uir Rode lie fcc. Among their good? are many new and rich pattern* of Eng. liih and American manufacture, which cannot be exceeded for beau'y, quality and rheapmar in the city. Ptraone about funnelling their houaea are invit'd to give ua a call. I.K.JONES, at lm* L. MAHCY. CRE \M?CREAM?CREAM. Still the Citiea widely teem Withpraiaeof Rinx ; I'erhtna Cream? The fineat Shivirg Co i pound known, Exparitnct haa clearly ahowa. Tia ao akil'ully prepared To aofien e'en the roi glied heard. That a ilull raxor'a edge b>atowa A keenness that thf Mharptif knowi. 'Tii pure, and pleasant. choice and cheap-* Will ui every clim its keep? Make* il a pleasing taik ie shave, Ai.d will both Time and frnuMeeav*. Prepared and *old by C H. KINO, S3 Kullon street; Bif lit.#14 Br .adway. anil 45? Pro idwsy. m#l Im* GENERAL AGENCY. THK 8UR.HCKIBF.Fl lia* lakrn the itore 7# Fulton street, Bm kl> n, for ihe sale of the most approved genuine patent apd family midiciDes, perfumery fancy ariicle?. lie. Manifac'urer* and proprietors of inch articles, or of any thing else, who wish for au active, stiriirg agent to disposs of their productions, will find sucl. an one in the person of ths subscriber. S J 8TF.WART. 75 Fulton St., Brooklyn For sale, most of the approved family medicines. Perions purchasing hi re may rely on obtaining genuine article. a? lm* FHKMH MMHANlCAL LAMP*-Thesubscriber hegs to call thr attention of perie* about fitting up public or private houses, to the grrit advantage to be gained b>- adapting his lamps instead of gas at the present eitrrmely low i*ics of oil It is a well e tablwhed fact that a hotel orany I irge establishment can be lighted with th-.a at less thau one halftheeiprnae ofgss; and besides they afford a more agreeable and bet ter diffused light,entirely ires I mm smell or smoke As a reoli ig or studv lamp, thrv are strongly recommended, the light beiug p< rf'ctly steady ; aud itiffasrd through a ground globe cannot ;ossihly have any injurious effect upon the eye. '1 h- y are uied in most of the libi ?ries in France and throughout ths coutinent. E. D. RAXTON, MMttSorlo \ DlACQfT, ,10 t ml-0 3.17 Broadway. ' - | ah' phyeieenriy?medic iue cornea too late, When the d'teaae become, in'eierete TO ECOMMKNDk.1) bv the k acuity?VANCE'S ANTI R Bll.lOtS K AM ICY APERIk.Nl' PILLS?By Ion* (portent r theae pi He h .re been penned by thnuiandi to be he bed andnnfeat k aiMly Medicine hitherto dieenrered. At ill aeaaona of the year lltey will be louuil t ery valuable to aM ?tio wi?h to i^fur* Ih^vMtrtf iflain* titko Tn?y art MtNto f<>r ehiltfreo at foruv i*riod?f lift, mi rmif* no itr* aUeoticn fo diet or to cinthiag, bilioiui nnd IIW com* plainti. dy apeiiaia or indigeetion, nervoua diwweee, nick headache and in fart all diieanen aiiaing from an imiaire alate of rbe hi v.d. or a diaordered atate of the atomarh or howela.are apeedily remoeed by taking Ihera They prreent aotirey. eotlieetieaa and ita coiineguencee?therefore eeafariDf m-nehnuid never be without thein Time or climate affecla them not Tw i or three doaea will coueinre the patient of their aaluI.IIT effee?a. for the atomarh will readily regain i In ntrtmrth, a healthy atate of the h?er and bowela will apeedily take place and renewed health ant* vi_oi of body and m:ttd will lie thecer tainreault. Their virtiiea, in fact, may be aummed up?a.e a medirine which atrerglh>na the feeble aud cniwolidatea the muaclaa of the etrone, and will be found of inloite ealue to fe17. "c a **'* i l"^pn according to the direction*), who wiah to be aerure fr> m alt kneaa. Price 16 and 60 ceo I a per boi. r-tf'il -V'T '' i"*1 r* ?'' bT Wm. W.Uon, Apotheranee Hall. * Calt anneal reel; Smith, comer of Pulton and Water ata; NowilL 1(7 Bowery ; Balgroee, druggiot. k'ullon .Brooklyn. mlllm* O TKAW WH APPIN'f?1000 re tat crown at raw wrappii g V7 ac atcellent artielr, mat recaieedand lortnieby ? PtfRSRR ft BROOKS (t t'iKerte .4 dtM),UO? U norma leganjT ANPKD from nng Obin, from Haeana, of anperior tjualii la ly. fornle in lotftoiuit purthaaera, at reaaooabU proea. I (19 loi* by M. RAUF.R, 41 Chatham at. W YO !W YORK, THURSDAY 1 FISK'S COMBINED SUMMER; BAKER & <'OOK STOVE, FOR COAL OR WOOD. A ATWOOD, Patenter?Pnce? Irooi t ?,80 to $U ?The tlem.furunce and frout of thia itoreare made of c lit iron and Km a lar^r tire oeeu attached t<> it, which ill do nearly i treble the cooking of ibe largeit -H'd oidinary Cook Sturei | The orincr of thr fnrurea will admit a boiler mi Muring ail | Eaila, or fif'een galliiut and by the u-e of the di lition mate, rttlri fuilaile for boiling fear ditfereut d iliet; inadoitiin to all thie, two low It or a l og. niece uf meat may br roat'ed in . frnnt. and all doue withlrat ifian reuti |?r day, for proof of i which we refer to thoie who hare utrd tlo m. l?*IHlf'.<a aii.v. I- .1 .1, i.liu,, nt. H 9 Water street. Read the follow ing cert Ur ate", in sildi'iou to which over two hundred may be i?r? bt c? li'B nt the "lute, ElsK'S Stove Ee'ablishtm ut. 'Itft Water atre't Niw Y"**. 54 Ko'irth sire, t, tlh April,1849. Mraeri. Fisk, 909 Water atreet?Among the variety of atovea which have come to my notice, the one 1 purchased from you merits a decided prnei-nce. I have uned it dining ll I tie '.nt.ue, and ? m'tl in at cheerfully recommend it to ihe public aa in my upiLinn tucepl'ble of m imp*ovemrnt for aimplicity ?r my. and worthy ol more praiae than cau be appreciated without a trial of it 1 am, with reepect, youee. 8t-. A PERKINS, Paatorof iheDrreau (Baptist) Church. . Mr. Flak. 109 Water atreet?I he Summer Stove which 1 I purchased of > uu I eat apiiuy, I have had in uae till now; and to on?, withonl tii il. * ouM believe the amount of cookiug 1 that mvy rie done by it, orita economy Suffice it toaay. that ! with occasionally au eitra fire, we li?v< Cooked for from 95 to 1 35 prrtonv.witheuuogh lessfu-d to aave more than the price 1 I the alove. MRS. BUEL, 13 Fulton atreet. Marches. 1847. al? lit PERMANENT EST A HLlsHMENT. IN NEW YORK. MONS. MALLAN fc SONS, Surgeon Dentists, No. : 37-1 Broadway, and at London and Pari* .nlorm tha Public of New Yoi k. and it* vicinity, that in consequence of their very extensive practice, they have, at length, been induced to open a Permanent Establishment, where they may be coiiaulted at No. 371 Broadway between Franklin and White itreets, in all casm appertaining to ' their profession, in which they have been so sucessful, i in consequence ol their celebrated discoveries and improvements in the art ot Dentistry. Mons. Mallan returns thanks lor the very liberal pat ronage he has received, and continues to receive, par ticularly to the Medical profession of New York, for their kind recommendations, and advocating Mona. M.'a improvement in Dentristy. CELEBRATED MINERAL roa FILLING DECAYED TEETH! Mons. M. continues to restore decayed Teeth,however lsrge or small the cavity ; making a stump into a sound Tooth, instantly curing the Tooth, however painful or sensitive, matching in point of color, the natural cortex or enamel of the Tooth. They never breuk or become loose?they have no unnatural gloss?are tirmly fixed without wires or ligatures?no bulky substance in the month?and in every particular reiemble the adjoining Teeth, in conformity of shape and minutest shade of color. Placed from oue to a complete set, upon the above imprrved and scientific principle, they are guaranteed to answer every purpose of Maitication and Articulation. LOOSE TEETH securely and effectually fastened,arising either from the use of medicines or any other cause. ARTIFICIAL TALATES replaced upon a sure and scientific method. TO THE PUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES. Monsieur Mallon is happy in being enabled te announce that by the kind consent of Three Hundred of the first families of the United State*, consisting of the first Merchants, Medical prafestion, Clergy and private Citizens, to whom he can refer as to the superiority of mom ?. i cetenraiau Mineral iu preicicntc vu mj mci they have over tried, and, in their opinion,the beat that evercame under!heir notice. Hit other improvement! need no comment. INVALIDS Attendedby Mom. Mallan, Junr., at their own Establiihmant. THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC are particularly invited to pay Mons Mallan a viait, to aee the specimens of his new discoveries in Dentistry. TESTIMONIALS. Mods Mallan: t^uabee.Mav tth.tstl. Dear Sir,?Aderhaving tried the Artificial Teeth which you made for me, I cannot do ) ou lass Justice than to a^rowledge with pleasure my entire satisfaction. I beg to sa^Key answerevery purpoaeof astication and Articulation equal to those placed by thehands of nature. They so closely resemble the natural ones in the minutest shade of color and shape,that they are notliacerned as being artificial by the closest obsers era. Your celebrated invention for filling decayed teeth, 1 can give adecidc' opinion of its valuable qualities. Yen may use this letter in auy way you think proper,for the benefit of the public and yourself. lam.dearsir^yours truly, THOS. FARqUKS, Manuel Carmelat. To Mons. Mallan, Surgeon Deutist. 17* Broadway, Thissentlrmanis kuowa at lit Broadway,and at Trims Ward liking's. MONS. MALLAN, ITS Broadway. SIR?I'feelita'pleasure to he able to offerycu my testimony in behalf of your celebrated mineral. During my late residence in Taris 1 called at vour eataWlishmeut in the Rue Castiglione.and having had some teeth tilled with your mineral, I can oiily say that I have had every reason to be satisfied with its utility and value, end never in the least degree ei|>erienced any inconvenience or injury from its effects in any manner whatever.?During my visit to Mons. Mallan I saw s<vera] testimonials of the highest character, all expressing the fullest coiifidtDce in its great benefit oud value. As far as I am enabled to judge,I conndeaed it then,and villi consider it. to be the best preparation of tme kino ever offned to the pnblis. J am,air .respectfully ,yourobedient?ervart. VANBUROH LIVINGSTON. Iff Greenwichstreet,near Fort Uausevoort. New York.May It, 1841. Mods MALLAN k SON 4, Surgeon Dentists, may be consulted daily at 178 Broadway between Franklin aud Whit its..east side. m*3 1 m* CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. rI HE Subscriber is now opening his Spring aupp'y of 1 HARDWARE k CUTLER ?, received per late airirala, from Birmingham and Sheffield. Together with a general atsortment of Domestic Goods, which he is prepared 10 offer at the very LOWEST V. ASH PRICK*. The attention sf C< untry Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makess. kc., is solicited to an examination of his stock and friers as hs is confident ihty will dud it to their inlets t ta avor htm with a call. ALFRED F. LAGRAVK, *10 Greenwich corner Barclay, New York. a 1? 1.. -f v.i i UIVL'U rltt Man a I Coonert Glue. A Iso? a complete assortment of (Mechanics Tools, James Here we, Sic. ml Im* A PROBLEM AND thr*>v to aolve it. Why do the imitator* of my Tablet Hazir Strop allow me to carry off the ptmium medal and diploma, from the American Inititnte. year after ye r, without even luhraiiting their own for trial 7 O ye of tender chin* and tough beard.. *n?w?r the above by bringing a doll p-ir of Razor*, and leit for youraelvea he truth* of the certificate* ef the moit * (-urinific grntlemen 10 the country, viz: Profe??or Griecom, Dr. Mo't.Uin. J T.Hmadge and other*. O S AUN'DKKS, >ole inventor and manufacturer of to* metallic Tablet Razor Strop, with four aide*, 1(3 Broadway, mlt Im* FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. AMONG the many and various Coemetic* that are offered 10 the public for b-tu'ifyiug the completion, aid removing -very eruption from the l?ce. noae can be *o confi lently rvcommend.d a* Church'* Vegetable Lotion It impa**ta a delirate *m -o hneaa to the enmp en n, and effectually rvmovee pimple*, blotchea, tan, frecklr*. ringworm*, and alt o.her cutaDeouae>uptiona and diaci lorationa Price 7S cent* per bottle?(old at Cbu'ch * Diipemary, IBS Bowery,corner#f Spri-g *tr. et. Agent*? K. W Bull, Hartford: C. k N. W. fiimmo a, Pine, Corner of Fourth ctreet, Phllad.lphia; Lharle* Stranr, Poughkvvpeie m2J lm_ DOCTOR PROVOST. oomk individual* write agaiuet the use of balaam eopaivy, h5 cubeb*.nitre, camphor, mineral astringent*, kc fcc , in the cure of (ecret ciaeasea. but that the wo-ld knew* that the above medicine* will and hare cured tko?e di?e?*e?, i* heyoua a doubt It H perf.ct fully to deny that fact. Butlkat it r> quirea a professional man, and a man of skill in hi* profca inn, to know when and how togive thine medicine*. iseuaallf a* obviou* to men of mindt. I hope, therefore, that ge it [emeu requiring medical aid will not give ear to all the foolish (tuff which they may wr in the ahape of advartiaementa.bat they w'll call upon me, at No. ft Broad alrrei, where they ahall have a full hiatory rl Iheirc.a* 1 feel confident that not a pa lieut will leave my office without b. iug entirely aati-fied that thrre i* at leaa one regular bred phveieiio whe haa condescended lo place hiunrlf among the field of Quacks. My office i* at tl Broad, corner Stone at. at In- J PROVOST. M. D. DR. FAWCETT, Member of the hoval college uf8ur GEO.NS of London and Kdiuburgti, and of the Medical College of Philadelphia.confiue* hit practice ts a aelect br.ncli oi niiproiminn. " NomI empta dolorc volup'aa " Dr. F i* encouraged by the unifom inrcrN attending hia mode of treatment m ihe cure of venereal. glreti. (tncturra, eeminal weakucre and mercurial alf.ct onr, together with all thoat otSerhad avmptoma winch uadtrmiuc the coneiitulroa and lay the f?u idali,.n of pr'mattira decay, either fiom raaltreatment or any other cauae. luauch peraona the appetite ii general I v defective, and tae relieh for 'ife almoet aubdued. Ilia mode of treatment ia uuiveiaally admirari?hit mrihitiiea being ple'aent to the taalc and araelj, gently aetr>ngra the Abrea of the atomach aadgirea that proper t?a?ily,what a good diger tina revjuiret. Hii treatice mi conatitutional or a* rvnua debility tffnrda aery eitiiairi ubaerrationa on argual debility aeminal weaknaaa, and i in potency a r (.ught on by delunr a hahita? a11 itaattendant aymptoms phvaiol gicalty eapleined. Thia aork can be obtained at hie offier, IN Fulton at. where the D ictor can he conaulted at all houra ot the day and ii'ght. Lattera poat pail will rei lira immaaliate allcution. at 3 Im't vrO. 111BKo \uvVaV?the krEmlin dining AND ^ * bl PKliR RALOONB, on the Trinity Ground. corner of Thamet aad Broadway ?1 he > uhre-iber hega leare to inform merchantaand gentltmen that the abore eetahliehment ia now in aucceaalul oieratlon; he weuld particularly call the atten tion of thoaegentlrieen whoaeavocatiena compel tnem to dine down town, to the fact that he ia prepared tofumith Ih?m with dini.era, rhoaen by Uieineelna from the bill of fare of the day, which will alwuya Comprint a v iriely of aoupe. Aahoi the araaon. ami an aaao'tment of at leaat tidy French and Italian prepired diehea, wiih draeert. kc , rer werk; other mealt ia prolortion, prepared at Iheahorteat notice aud at any hour. 1 here will he ready e th day. at 10) o'clock, a variety of luncheon delicarier and choice roupe 1 he Baloona will he open uotii IS o'clock, P. NT ,i.ntil which time euppera n ay he nbttiiifd.enmpriaii'gerery rarity that the abundant marfcetaofour city offer. '1 he u deriigned. in aoliciting the patronage of merchinte and gentlemen p'edgea h.rraelf roiiae hia every effort to made the eatahl ehmeut "nana pared" iii all ita app intmente. aa it tooftaardly i< in the convenience and beauty of ita location. The eubeeribrr elan pro* nee tint the economy of hia charge a ahall not he the leaat attractlre featureof the Kreml Dining and Popper Paloona. JOHN COTTER. tiller A TLaNTIC M'lTKL '19 Ll.T.-? hiaapaaioua and well TV known ealabliahraent, aituattd in Broadway near the Bat tery, will be let for one or more yean, poaaeaai?n lobe given on the A rat day of May neat. Reur rroorrate Applv to LIV. LIVI,aO fON. ?IT lw'c No I iff all atrket RK I ifOBNING. APRIL 21. 1! THE SHIELDED-YICTOIUA SHAWL & DIAPER PIN. Anew and minor Unl article forme iu the nurrery. and at a fa'trniug to iadira ahawla. cloaka. iic oatenled 111 the Untifd fllatea and in turtle, for aale wholesale by W. H GARY Ik CO. 1S6 pearl at. N? w Y"rK, ?nd by the patentee,at the manufactorv. 141 Jay at B'Ooklyr. Thread and needle aturee, and dealere in fauty artielea, au|e ..i..a ... lit im'i DENTISTRY. WM, THORN, DENTIST. so'icils the attention of thoss who wear Artificial Teeth, aii'l those who may require them, to hn method < f supplying the Maxillary family, vii the Teeth. Knowing that there a di.agreeable ta?te in the mouth*of those who indulge iii acuta, resulting Irom tlie actios of the acid on the Oolil I'late. In all cases iuaerta teeth.'rom one to a complete set,.without, using oue par tide of metal of any description. M Chimbinatnet. alt] lm* KALMIMlNh TAINT -T he Kaisoimur Taint having been I everety teeted in this rigy during the wiuter moatha, the patentees cau recomineud it with renewed confidence to the public. The numeroui specimens of Kalsoiniue Taint uow eiistiHg in New York, renders an euutue ation of ita ad ntagea .iipertluou* ; amouj the moat prominent are the following Kalanmine Colore are m< re permanent, more luminous and agieeahle to the eye then oil colore. They are applied without occasioning any olleuaitr emell or injurioue effect upon health, and drying in a few hour*. Kalsoiniue paint may. if properly applied, tie washed wheu soiled, according to direction* in tlieeircular. Orders received and punctually attended to at the KALSOMINE PAIN T DEPOT, feb ST Jin* 3St Broadway, corner Kranktin ludlna cordial. TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. Pr is now barely three years emce the general introdaction 01 the LuciusCoroial ioto the United States, and in that pe riod it has not only spread its usefulness throughout this hemisphere, and sustain.d the east reputation which it had previously aeipured iu K irope. kut has also added to the reno wu nf us illustrious inventor b, the uuriralled powers it has been discovered to posses* in the cure of uicipicut -oui-um,tiou. 'i he know ledge I its woudeelul iultoeuce in rennvatiLg mud invigurating the human frame, first suggested the idea ol usiog it in tin. way; and the result is that a medicine has beeu added to the catalogue tor the cure ofincipirnt consumption, which places the dilease, witli due precaution.uuder the control oflhe patient It is scarcely necessary at this period to recommend the Lccina Coidial. as an all-sufficient remedy iu cases of Olert, Klnur Albus, difficult or painful menstrualion I in-oni no ace of la ine, mid all diseases arising from dcl.ditatiou of the system, where an, or a restorative^!, wanted; as ihroiighout he I'luted Stales It has taken piece(tri ce of tlloiher nudiciuein such cases, and leaves noJiiug further to be hoped lor; its cures beiug speedy, perfect, permanent, and effected without pain or trouble. should there how ever be any person laboring under the above complaints, who are doiibtlul of its alui <st universally tested merits, I re com mend it to them with all confidence, and ? my own persons! responsibility, feeling -assured if they give ; . the required trial, that heallh to Ue afflicted parties, and gratefulness to Dr. Mag.jin, will bs the result. But as is also the case in Europe, tl e immense American reputation of the p iucipally based on its thoroughly investigated, iudubetan e.aod geuerally admitted power to enable f. mail *, who h. d been considered nairen, to bear offspring; and to restore virile powers in males, when reduced to utter aed apparently c "i' ... .^.r.-i 1?1.1, ...j vtri?.. i first received the American agency of the Lucid i Cordial, from Dr. Maguiu, notw IS >lauding i'a unoieuie foreign celebrity, and the great amount jf respectable teatimouy that accompanied it. 1 declined committing myeelf individually; by giving anv persoual assure tc>a in theae particulate; but u?w, after th* euormnn. aale of upwarda of oae hundred thousand bflttlea counted wi h the receipta of certificates aud testimonials innu neiable, and much knowledge founded on peraonal observation, 1 cau unhesitatingly warrant it aa fir exceeding my moat aanguine hopea.or even the illustrious iuven'or's promises, in the fu fitment of the moat important eada for which It ia recommended, and haa becone aojuatly and umreraatly popular. To be aa explicit aa poaaible, I repeat. ant' hold myaelf personally reapouaible for the aaauniption.lliat theLucii.a Cordial. can invigorate the virile powera inmalea.aud make them focundaut, where nature haa been deficient, 01 wben they have been protected by artificial meai.a, an 1 atao that it can produce that atate ofthe ayatem ia femalea.who had been prevp ualy unfruitful. and imagined barren, which will enable them to bear children. 1 regret that 1 have to apeak ao plainly, on auch exceedingly delicate,but feel called upnu > do ao, leat it might be misunderatooii, aid aa a full guarantee for the gri*?t responsibility which I hive cheenuily assumed. Wiih feelings of ai cere Clitnle for the -ixteeaivs patronage which, aa the agent of 1 Luciaa Cordial, ha. Dt?n heated upon me in thia country. I ramai the Pub'icc' eery obedient humble se-vant, JOrtN WI.VTfl.iv8 HOLDKaWELL. M. D. Price #3 per hottl . Kor aale at 459 D-oadway, ,N?w York and 90 Nor h Sixth street, Phil dalnhia. mtltm* TO THE LADIES. PASHIONABLK MILLINEHV OOODS-The proone" treat. Mill d. KING, daaghtar ofthe eel btated Carl K<ng, offers for sale any at select and choice assortment at Millinery Ooodi. fur the apring trade, never a* yet preeent'd to the public, both aa regarda the <iuality and cheapneaa of th? articira. The aeiortmem rousiata of the following:? The celebrated 8ILR HAT. CALLED CAPOTTE D'OKLEAN8 aa worn bv La Ducheeee d'Grleana, of France; SHED SILK. ENTIRELY NEW AND OHIGINAL 8 I'YLE?and Lawn Hate do do? an entire ntw style of Hate called "MODINE CAPOTTES, ELSSLER COTTAGES." Paria aa and English KANCY 8T2AW8, ?f the finest texture, in great raritty. . . The proprietre a respectfully aolici a the iadiea to favor her with a ca'l. uud ex'tmr e he - elrgiht aud varied atock of Millinery for themselves, before they purchase elaewhere,ns it will be a great aaviugtothein iu price and a great advantage aa regarda tne variety ana quality of the goods. MISS 8. KINO, Mag tine deModea. alSlm'r 293j Broadway. DR. MORRISON. VrORTH RIVER DIS EN8ARY, 204|' le Greenw ich?Dr. Morrison. Member of the Knyal College of Burgeons. Londoo. and formerly eurgion in the Pritieh navy, conti net to be coo.ulted daily on diaeaaee of a delicate nature, and all thoae diatreaaing symptoms cousrquent on io juditioua Irrstmeut and the imprudent use nf quack medicinea. Dr M. haa had an experience of twenty-two yeare in treating delicate ( iseasea, in all their varioua and cumplicata.1 forma, and uvea a mild, aale. and infallible aubatitute for mercury eradicating the venereal virua with certainty, without .objecting the patient to any reatricling him io hia uaual dial or piira"iu. while hie medicine. are agreeable ia laat. ane smell Permanent obetruct una iu the urethra, auch aa .trieturn,ant accrmpacied with much irritati.n and dull paiu art aome of the const que ires of inal treatment, aud leading ultimately to urinary fistulas. Dr. M. treata strictures m a scientific manner, gradually promoting absorption of the thick CONSTITUTIO?al LIABILITY.?Thouaandeof youn) mcu are auffering from the conaequeucee of indulgence tn ecret destructive habit, and whoee uervea are further in jurrd from the uae of nnetrume and pretended ipccifice. whick atiiiiulaU only to induce greater depreeeion Ur. M. treate on purely pathological principle!, and never faila in ratabftehint a cure, alee the moat obeliualc yield to hia plan of treatment Letter* poet paid, and cnutainiing a auitable lee. will enauit the correapoudent full advice and medicine to aqr part of tha Union, by nie riving a bieiorv of bia raae in detail, j Thee atricteat honor and confidence ob?erv?d at im* 2tM| Kulton street. i\ V, .NKWKi.L Si llaV'tl PATENTPERMUTATION BANK LOCK ? Bankcre and o'hera may place implicit confidence in the above Lochia being the beet anJ aaleat io uae Any ' eticn m iy have the key for a wh le day to make a fac eimilie by, wilhi ul the ilighleat chance of opening it. afier a change haa been made in letting it. Other changeable locka ire liable to be picked by peraona who may tee ihe kty.aawat the cite recently when the Combinatirn Loek invented by Dr. Bolomon Andrewa, of I'erth Air.boy. N. J., which wai upon the vault of the American Exchange Bank in Wall atreet, waa picked bv Mr Henry C. Jonea, of Newark, N. I., in preeence of ih* ffi :era of aeve'al Banka in th.a city. TI.e aame luck waa afterwarda aent to Dr. Aid rewa, wfo put io new wnrka ol a more diffi u't nature to pick, but which Mr. Jonea readily opened He upon another oc eaaion publicly picked at the Howard Hotel one of the Co ? bination Locka. aueh as are told by the American Bank Lock Company. The high reputation of Day, Newall 8c Day, rermutanan Bank Locka la Irmly eatabliahed. They have invariably taken the bigleit premiums, when e xhibited at the Kaire held In New York. Boe>ou and IXiladelpHia, namely, Gold medala in the two citiea firat named, and 8.Iter, being U>a higbest pr? mium given ill the latter city. Theae lo.-kr ore made to keys whirl can he changed info.m from oik- looue hundred thousand million different times, upon eilherof which they are equally aecure and pioof against ike altrmpta of the modekilfiu burglar, for thould lu t kean imprest n n.ortvrn take the key itaelf, he could not ex|>ect to op- u It during bia life, unleaa aoine one were to infirm bun of Ike mauuer in which the lock might be changed, alter he obtained poaaeaaioo of the k> y. Or lera for the above Lock prompt')- alien led to by JOHN DAY, Pucceaaorto Day, N ewell 8c Day, No 5S? Broadway. apU Im* G' tSLUENSWAN HOTEL. No. It North Thiad atrcet, a lew doora abo - e Arch. Philadelphia ?Board Si per dav. Thia houte la lu a central location, and haa accommodation* or aevetitv persona. ?I3 tar CJALT RMEU.vT ItlNO Wokvt rr. J I KK, ttAKHr.K'8 ITCH AND SCABIE8 ?KAYEK'd LOTION AND SYKUPiethe only remedy which la certain to cure the above complaiuta?harmleaa in ita operation, but rertaiu inita rff.rta ?the Lotion healing quickly, and the 8yrup purifying apeedily. THE'"TRUTH WILL PREVAIL-Dr. Goodwill'* DeterCat and Pill* uever fnl to cur* a recent caae of diaeaae in m urt. if n?* 1 a* directed Try them, all ye ?(Bi*t*J- they re free from mercury. Pf i c * S 0 e*n' * "e". _ THE TO .THACHE CONQUERED?Jantaen'a Extract. It te'tevee in fire minute* after application to the neive o' the tooth. end prevent* decay if th* tooth it filled immediately. pee\i "lE MONTHLV PILLS-From m. B indelocque of France?certain, *?fe aad ape?dy id the cur* of all caaea where natur* ha* become oh*tructed. They cur* in a few dai a. Pricr 7S cent* per ptckvge. GILBERT'S ANT I BILLfOUS FAM|LV PILLS-For the rel'ef of all comp'aint* produced by coatiee habit*, eoch at headache, hearburn,aour itomach, dtxxine**, and loea ot appetite, they hare been need with more aucceaathan any pill ever be'ore offered to the public. Price 33 cent* per box. Sold wheleeale and retail by E. M. ouion; 1ST Bowery, earner of Grand?lr*ef. mat In* cthe. i'rl'k hl< hfcs or l.iff. lit hc.alTh- i He * only genuine Taylor** Balaam of Liverwort from the aole proprietor at 941 Spring atreet.haa never been known to fail in curing the moat alarming aymptoma ofCnnaumprion and Liver Complaint. We have certificate* from bundredt of moat reapectable pertona. certifying to the aurprtaing relief they have received in uting the article from 341 Spring atreet Owing to the aaaeriiona of counterftiter*, the following aworn fa<u it now pubtiahed? City of Brooklyn, Ki?ga County, *:?E. Townaend being duly aworn, depoaea and taya that lie i* peraonally acquainted with th* proprietor of Dr. Taylor'* Balaam of Liverwort, and doea ceit'fy fiom hia own knowledge that the only peraon now liiing.who prepared thia medicine at *75 Bowery, and ia the aole proprietor, reatde* aad tranaact* bu>iore*at 141 Spring atreet. and manufacture* th* genuine ba earn of Liverwort at that place, ftaui the only original ?**ijw in rtta Lent*. t. luwiioinu. Sworn before me thia 11th Jan 1841. _ B. ALPHEU8 BMlTH. Com df Deed.. I certify from my own Teraonal koowledga Ihrt the aboee Ut.rn.BU in regard to tU Beware of Co'intnrfeiU, u Ike great iiueatton oflife or death may dewild upon naemg the gamine medicine, made only in thia city *1 341 Bprtng elreet. .. . AgenU?Red. iug aHuieetreel Boaton; J' Main tlree .and T? Kulonitreet, Brooklyn; li< aod ?.? BroadiUe.t, Ntw "Price-Large botll.i $?, ?*?? '? """'''o"1*.40 cent.. QlTTlAft BKfcT. Premium < < ru and Fuwpkiiii, f.talt 0 ble and rare flower ?eed?. EifHW fra? f-r larnm. 30 oot, green and hoi hoaae plant. dahil.roou, tiger flower., tub. fruit end ornamental ?re.?, ahrnbhery of all hnd.,r.n? rr bird, gold Aah and globei, whole.ale and retail, on the meat^.aooable MI^LO fc DUNLAr*. No. 87. Broadway, and at tneir nurtery, corner ol 8th Avenue and 1 llth dnti, Harlem. BtS wn' IE R A U2. I'O THE BALD ANDGKEY HEADED-JONES' rp OIL OK COKAL t IIIOASMA A IIOSK whoM liair la falling out, turi iui (IfX fir tiki rail ?d growing, ail artirlr m lirre i ffi-red you it H rt knoti <blt |>rirt ?irinembrr il la uot i>ulfed?aud it will do all it ia rr|fr?t utm to do Head tkia? Icrrllfy that my liair waw falling out (aat. I combed nut h ludlula daily. Hi Jaiuce I hoar uaed two bottlr* of louia'Oil r f Coral Circaaaia, it liaa quite ato^ied falling out, nod u growugfaat aud dark. W. TOM KINS, tt King at. Thia will give 1'ght, rrd or gre-y hair a t urdaik look, and ui time cauie it to grow dark from the rnota Among othe-ra who Livr uaed tin* and certifv ia J . K. Power, nrocer. Bri uklvu: J. Gilbert, jeweller, 3<1 aveuue Sold by T JONKS, eiguof the American Kagle Si?unleet you are careful of the number you'll be cheated with a counterfeit?SSI Chatham street. Price 3 5 and 8 shillings bottle?three sizes. 138 Fulton street, Brooklj u, if agem. m30lm* ON Tlifc CURE OF STRICTURE?It it mat uufortunute in thie complaint that many persons hare a Uricture who are upt in the leaat aware of it. The rommou notioa ie, that eo iouKaetlie uriue passes in a tolerably 'ream.l liere cannot be a stricture. But this is far frotn true. A stricture may. and often does, exist for mouths, and eveu years, without producing any e'nktag change In this respect When a stricture arrives at that degree of narrowness as sensibly to impede the urine, it is a serious malady indeed. The object ol those remarks however, is to prevent this state, and to attack it at a tune when it is easily aud perfectly removed. But there are I other rirciim8tances besides it* effect upon the urine by whict I a stricture may lie knowu.or, at least, etreugly suspected, and ; though these are numerous, there are two which are very com mon and very easily judged of, aud these shall bs mentioned hers. The first of these circumstances relates te time. It is well Known that strictures arise from long continued and badly kreatcd Uonorrhda. Now, wheuever this disease continues over many weeks, especially if in the early period any of the boasted nostrums of the day were taken, Oisrs is just and proper giouad to siMpeci a stricture. The neat is most remarkable?it is ths effect a atncture has upon the miud aud spirits. This is a fact tost may be tho roughly relied on. Indeed the author never saw a case ol stric ture, (and he sees many every day,) in which the patient did not, more or less, complain of his loss of meatal energy?thoi he was not so capable of business as formerly. The reason of this, however, is clearly shown in his "Pri??>o hi tie volume noticed in another column of thin paper, aud to which the rsader is referred, not ouly for knowledge of thia disease, but on every other connected with this subject. OK. RALPH fuiiher begs to add. that he may be consulted personally a* his residence, No. 88 Greenwich street, at any nour ; aud should any be in doubt as to the existence of this disease, especially after perusing his little volume, he will, without tvpense or the least pain, explain and assure him whether he have or not. Let it duly be remembered that, if he really has a stricture, not all ths msdicins in thb world, alone. will ever cure it. m83 Im* T'HK PRIVATE TRKAT.IhK.?This is a little volume on 1 certain diaeaira in which the best aud most convenient means of cure are stated in the plainest pnsnible maiinet. It rlio shows ths reason why these maladies so frequently con tiuue ou from month to month,uucured,and terminate al length, inothyand permanent complaints. Indeed, no one can read this lirtle book without seeing at once their true and real nature, and aiso the rixk and danger of trusting them to ignorant and boasting people. With a new. however,to obtain a rational degree of eonfi deuce in what he has advanced on the cure of those diseases, the author tliiuke it proper here to give a simple statement of the means and opportunities he himssl I has had of forming just and clear opiuious on this subject. He therefore begs te state, that Loudon College,he. he has keen watching these diseases, both in Hospital aud cit)*practice tor more than thirty yean, and has published two editioas of a work expressly on them. Also, that he has letters of commendation the most eminent physici.'-ia in Europe to the most em-rr it in America, as Sir Aslicv Cooper to Dr. Molt of New York snd Dr. Physick, of Philadel'Jhia, and othen, aud which may be seen by any one. And farther, that he has the privilege af referring to almot srery physician of eminence in this city. These are circum itauces which afford the highest satisfaction to every one, especially to those who are anxious to obtain the best advice.? The price of the book is 91. Dr Ralph is consulted at his residence,>8 Oreenwichstreet, at any hour, and has distinct and sciwrate apartments for S>we who hare to wait a little. Communications by post are faithfully replied to. 111231m* DR. F. FELIX GOURAUD'S POUDRKS SUBTILES FOR ERADICATING HUMAN SUPERFLUOUS HAIR. rPHK above preparation has received the stamp of public apI probation for Mime ye ars past, is ihemnst s?fe, speedy and effectual remedy rver discovered for the com ilete eradication of human hair. It ir decidedly an incttimenle artich for the toilet, and has entirely snnihilated those deleterious,uncertain and dangerous compositions which have been too frrqueutly employed. Ne lovely or beautiful woman, who has the unsightly appendage of a demonstration of a beard ou her upper lip, hairy aide of the lace, moles, or a mata of hair covering a hro d and elevated forehead, abou'd delay a mo ment procuring a bottle of thia invaluable powder When applie co'd thii preparst on is used by some in lieu ol a razor for remount ths beard, which it effects with more esse, with as much rapidity, in a mere sstiafactory manner, and at less evpenae. while at the same time it leaves the akin soft and delirate to the touch. T" uproot the bears it is applied w at in, aero-ding to directions accompanying each bottle. Trice one dollar. GOURAUD'8 KAU DE BKAUTE, or True Wa'er of Beauty, for removing tan, pimples, fieckl-s, blotches, .real zing delicate white uecu aud armt, an eliciting a healthy juvenile appearance, ft per bottle Beware ofsimnous imitations, of true celebrated cosmetic, of ihe moat deleterious natnre, utterly minous to the completion and by its repellant ariiou imurtons to health. OOURAUD'S VEGETABLE LIQUID ROUGE, composed matemlly from llowets snd sum Irs, imperil a delicate roseate tuige to thecompleiion.immovable by rubbinj with a haiidk.rcliiefor linen cto'h lOeeiiteprr bottle. GOURAUD'S BLANC D'ESPAU?E. or Spanish Lily While, gives to the eoaotenance a pure life like alabaster whiteuess. rvem I from the injurious properties generally coirliiued with preparations lor this purport. 25 cents, put up in Itgaut boxes. R.m.nh.r' Ihe above eelrhrated cosmetics sretobeha'at the old etlahliahed office, 47 Walker Itreet, oue door from I Broad war, and at 547 Broadway. A';v.*t* ?Mew York?Albany, Ale*. Guthrie, No. 4 Maiden lane?Utice, O L Brown.p rfumi r Genesee tmet?P, ughk'tput, J Oriy?Buffa'o, J Hiutdale, 157 acd 3d] M. in treei. Gregg It Grant. Aamiltou, Madison County Tenn avlvari? Philad-lphia, .Mrt. Brown, No 75 Chetnu' e'reet. Maryland? Baltimore,fee*h H H?nce,i'rattrtrett. Unmet ol Columbia?Washington, Srlby Parker, Penutylvan a Avenue ?Aleiandria, C C Beiry. Vnginia? Richmond, Mn Krayaor, K afreet Couo-cticut?Middletow E C Feme?New Haven, A Law, Cha|>el atreet?Hartford, Wella Humi hrey, 17# Main ilreei?,V< r ieh. William Kaulkner. Masaauliuaetta?Uovton. A S Jordan.2 Milk timet?Lowell, G A Carleior It Co, ('it} Hall?Lynn, Br. A L Holder?Worcester, M D Plnil'pe, Bnnley Place?Springfield. F Afow lea, Maiu atreel?Lee, Bull It Field?Salew, wk S F lve??Newburyjiort, Charlea H H dge N.Hao pihire?Por'-tmoulh, W It I'reeton. Maine?Portland, i Haiva St Co?Bang- r, Whlllier It Guild?Hallowed, ( Scaunon. Ith. de lalaud?Providence. CharleaUver.jr, Weatnninaterileeet. Ohio?Colnmbui, Buinmi r CUik New Jar?ey?T Seahrook Princeton. Every bo-tie ofDr. Uouraud'aCoametica haa liia name with the n ore < f preparation, and New York, brown on the four aides, and hia far ainule engraved on the wrappers ol the' Poudree Hubt ilea, None other are genuine. at 31 in" Remittances to-England, ikm.and ok SCOTLAND -Draf?a from At. ?9, ?3. ?5. AlO, At5, to Al 000 and upwaida, or in ?uma to suit, payable at night or a! aiitv da) a at the olio wing placet in England. Ireland, Scotland, Wale*, Fratceand Germany, can alwaya be obtained of 9. J. SYLVEeTER, No 21 Wall at reel, ai.d 130 Broad way. england. 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Woice.tcr Hay Peterborough Wotton Hereford Plymouth Wotton, Edge Hartlepool ?orU?* >ork Holbeaih ."u'ifi* ?vn Yarmouth IKKIjA.M/I Athlone, Dungannoo,' Monayhem, Ann ago, Dungarren, Mulloin, Belfaat, Dublin Mnneytnore, ballana Pengarron, Neoagh, Baiubridge, EnniikiBen, New Koaa, Ballymena, Ee**, Omagh. Bunion. Knniecorthy, Tarionatown, Bally abaction, Kermoy, R mcom moil, Ballanwloe, tJalway. Roacrea, Boyle, Downpitnck, Hligo. Cork, Kilkenny, SMrabuie, doiimcl, Kilruah, Thurtee, Colerame, Limenck. Tiyperary, Carat). Londonderry, Tralee, Cootehili, I.urgan, Iu.VnCarrick on Bulb Longford, Tallow. Caahal, Loughrea, Waterford, Charleri'le, MiteheUlown, Wetford, Caatlebir, Moate koughaJ, SCOTLAND. , Edinburgh, Oreenoeb. Dundee, CMlMOW Moo4rt??r Wales ssi:""" ass* S!"?"1"" if?- ? fsffif Breei u I.taodoTerry " FRANC*. Paria Hart*. UKKMANY. Himtart Bremen, Frankfort, Pemou# haVing to rami! to the r friend* can atwaya rely on tneir order* attended to, the fallowing packet after receipt of "Tha'bighteat rat* will b? allowed for BHI* on aojr of the a hove ntaee*. Wit ktawl m riMF^TLi-l.aa RB AMU K?TAI JERft?KKKDKHIt K 1 BKHLV.'iO William atreet offer* for tale, at eerr low nrirea. a ?| lendid aaaortmeut ol French Millinery (ho da, con inline of the neweat rod moat faaki nahte atyl-a ol Btraw Boi neta, Ariiflcial Floaer*. Ribbon* Nilka, Tarlataaea. fce. Uealrra are inrited to eiamina th* aama before purchae'ng elo where. _ maggwod* AVANA-Mhl). WtHTU oOAKDl.M* MOUBF. I* lemored to thaCall* Ann nadm. No. | " rnfrente de la Ma:hini." By Una latter diractioa the building la known to ail wttiurn.roiK hmen, porter* ka., aa on* of the moat eonapi"uuu# point! of th* my. The eitenaire alter*!ion* and repair* upon thr* honae having reen completed, Mm. W. haa the aatiaf notion of offering to itrtuper* viaiUua Harana. an eatabUakment faraapenoe n> it* ixatmo to any thing of the kind er*r betor* known in the uly. It ia ai'uate directly anon th* Bay. aod rommaod* an riteniiTe riewif the eatir* haroor.with the adjacent caoatry. own*, Tillage*, kc.' I U(J- fanarurer* lor Havana erowt ohiaia a pnaay ff me verifiedhy, a Apanieh ('.mural, which,oa arriral, ' J**'" >y the boarding officer* to th* ttorrrameat Hon#*, wkerr. 11 xiakirmil) therewith, a permit to laod with baggage, ate- "" to be procured by aome reaident of tiw place. _ I ? Teraona iteairniu of goiag la Mr*. We*t a hoo?*. wi V rear in mind that thia aerriaa wiU be promptly maderad them yy the Clerk who vieita all eeaaela wilk (""Wg'"- *" l? 'hey enter the harhoe. ? "?? Haraaa, D*e.W,ll4|. awwma '.'?M .? ? !>. LD. '> ?? C*at> Loultvillc, ivy. |Corresjou.!eiice of th? Herald.J Louis villi:, April 10, IS 12Impnr taut Tiial for J}ur%lury?lianki upU?The II' el? ??1? ww cum*/?j^uuria, 91 9 qrt. JaS. liOKDON BENNETT Dear Sir : ? A very important trial ha.- just terminated in the JetlVrson Circuit Court, criminal term, Hon. J. J. Marshall presiding, in the cane ?t Christy, Lebroy <5c Lee, alias Orratby, for robbing R. E. Smith's jewelry store, on Main street. Oa the morning of ihe second day the Court wee crowded at ua early hour, and the appearance of the prisoners excited somecuriosity. Lee seemed to have sullered much from anxiety and confinement; expressions ol extreme depression might be traced in his countenancr; whilst his associates exhibited quite a How of spirits, especially Christy, who sat and listened to the et idence with an air ef great serenity and perfect composure, lie alone seemed to take any interest in the examination of thej witnesses. Evidence was called to corroborate the fact of the burglary, as well as to identity the property, but nothing of importance was elicited Capt Tck.hh was called?He stated the process by which the prisoners had been apprehended; also brought the shutter of Mr. Smith's store, and submitted it to the inspection of (he Couit and jury, describing the manner the entrauce had been made, viz: by forcing out one of the panuels,and thus forming ua aparture of sufficient dimensions to admit Ihe person of a man to pass through to the store: that the pannel had been forced by means cf a chisel; that a shed projected over the window, shielding the burglars fr< m ihe light and observation of persons above; that an alley from where they were at work run iuto Mam street, through which they must have pms.-ed John Bhiuge* deposed?That he was watchman at Portland, a few miles from Lonisville; that Captain Turner having giveu him intelligence of the robbery, and a description o! Christy, on the appearance of that personage at Portlnnd he immediately recognized him; that when he first met him he drew up the collar of his cloak to secrete hia fac e; but on meeting him a second time he failed to hide- his face, thereby giving him an opportunity to scrutinize his features; declared that the prisoner at the bar was the same person; followed him over to New Albany; was joined by two oiher men, the two prisoners at the bar: returned to Portland; saw Ler leave with the barkeeper cf the Washington Coffee House (in Poriand) a small valise; after Lie broy baa leit tbe room be n qiusted tbe barkeeper to let him look at tbe am ill trunk j he examined it; was certain that it was emptv; put a mark upon the trunk; pome time after Debroy came to get the trunk; barkeeper would not It t him have it as he did not get it from him; atked what time he wculA shut up; was told nine or ten o'clock; barkeeper said that the watchman (pi inting to witness} would knock him up if he should have gone to bed by the time he should return; he (Bridges) said he pretended to be drunk; Debroy went out; shortly returned, accompanied by Lee and Christy, obtained the trnnk and left; he (Bridges) followed, determined not to lose sight of them; they stopped at length in front of an od and deserted tenement; two of them entered; the third remained antside to watch; took tbe valise in with them and returned without it; witness still pursued, determined te see if they were the same persons whom he had been before watching; staggered up against them as if drunk; succeeded in recognizing the whole three; returned home; charged his clothes; returned immediately to search the old premises, wl ere he found, concealed under the staii-case, the identical valise which he had seen the prisoners leave the barkeeper;proceeded to the house where Lee and Debroy boarded: arrested them, brought them to Louisville aad lodged them in jail; returned to Portland; wanton board the steamer Louisiana; saw Christy, who was asleep in tbe cabin; told him to dress and go with him to jail; be endeavored to jump overj board, was kept from doing so by ihe intervention of the close line on the afterguard; going on shore endeavored to run, but was caught too toon; after going ashore was searched; founds small bundle of g' ld chains, keys, Arc., also a small steel key, and a geld watch; came to the jail; tried the key in the valise?fitted "like a book " Tbe key waa here txhibited Witness declared it was the scire at he had marked. This closed the most important sf all the evidence, and upon which the conviction of the prisoners was founded. Other evidence was adduced to corroborate the above tertimeuv The eloquence of tbe prisoner's counsel proved of no avail, tbe case was too plain, the chain of circumstantial evidence was 100 strosg, for one link to be severed to destroy its connection. The three laws era who appeared in behalf of the prisoner, exhausted time and eloquence (the fornfer not a littlr) with little or no effect, and had tbe mortification of finjing, at the close of their speeches, that the jury was not more fully convinced of the innocence of tbe prisoners than when they first commenced their elaborate harangues; one of them exhausted three heurs and a half endeavoring to prove that circumstantial evidence should not he received in a court of justice; hia sneech mav be pronounced, bv some, to have been a fine one, ye' it wn uncalled for, and very foolnh in its reeult, for it nearly Mcamenzed the Jury, Court, and aadienee. The Commonwealth Attorney advised the elaborate ipeaker, the three honra and a half maa,4o revise his studies for the futnre, and gain some is. struction as regards his profession. He made a very able speech analyzing the whole substance of the evidence both pro and bis usual clear and masterly style, and mp aremly effectually removed the slightest doubts which tbe'as^ersions el the defendant's counsel had rast on the integrity of his chief witness. His speech was a splendid specimen of legal knowledge and profound argument. His Honor summed up the case, and the jury retired. After an absence of about ten minutes, they returned with n verdict of " guilt)," und the prisoners were each sentenced to five years confinement in the Penitentiary. It wa- eleren o'clock wken the Court adjourned, and notw ithstanding the luteness ef the hour, the room wai densely crowded to hear the iatue. BAitiscpTcial. Mortimer V. Attry, of Jtfferton country, petition filed, end adjudication set for April It Francis M. Tillay, Jeffsison county, petition filed, and adjudication let for April 11 Chastain ft. 8sundei s. citv of I.ouiaville. do. ? Jemea McC onnathy, Tumble county. Jo. " 12 Geo. W gpooner, city of Loiiianllr, do. '? J. of Loviarille, do. " u (J. Augiulua ol Louiatrille, do. ? " J. B. Sheppherd, do. do. * " Donning R. McNair,Ji (T. eo , do. " 14 W. R Coleman, Jell. CO., do. " W. .Wabitt, city of Loujiville, do. " 26 Weather fine and warm; little or r.o rain ai jr< t; bunineia rather dull; the Kentucky Bank* have determined to reeume at or before the )5th of June, 18(2; the Indian* bank* tame time; thie will make our currency better, and exchange a great deal le?* th.m heretofore LotrieriLLc RICH AND POOR ARK alike benefitted by Rherman'a L'.ieogee. Theretanf bigh among all. and need no pnltlog to make tkcm knows KNTY AND MALICb. have induced tome to make attempt a to pealm off worthleoa artielea in place <-f nbermaii'a Loiengea. which have don* a* muck ood. and cure ao many. MILLIONS nt act. hare eiperieccej their haiipr and beneficial effrcaa a l oufha, Wiimia, Headaetea, f.'olda, Whooping tough, Aalhina. Oonanmptmn. f?lpitalwn, and all diaeaaea, and nerer aa mataace known ol falling to do all thai w claimed. URKAT AND SMALL, high and low, unile in recommending them to all who Deed a aafe and aalutary medicine CLK.ROYMKN hare annotwiced their tirluen from their pulr*4*. amidat their congreg ateona. ....... N? hare recommended them to Ihoir pationta. whon their akilt had failed to giro relief. ^ A(J|_ aooflenod lo boyhood and their de c IV'*V?o-^alw* y eaak forte",, bv ? I'.IC Sherman'* LoMDdf. "J1? vvJ?IhhimiaiiimnII alout will cur# >o?. Ot. Sherman ? Wkrahon.# la at 1M >B0"a??b*J^IIonian P-roadway. IW Bowary;T7Ka?tBroBd.*mTh,j4? ?;?? William alreal, ISaw York; S" (anil r,il"^Uc# .(rr??. Brooklyn , K'.l<hn?. II btata it, BoaUm; . i'-"h Th,,,l..!.r' PhU-dolnMa rn i ?? J Will < A?n? 1.7 A I U< the I IK't . Biedi I cine #nd te mrrd Try kit hiaire mo be cooTinea J ya wb> Kara ohattnalr ami diaheartei iiMtdiaeaae, or aay tin) of neakoeT# of llir nrioarv oryaua; hue donl fiiryai Ik# u?!ly crUorat'd "Dr. rhairy'a Aa'rtn*rnt Pill#"?ao can# of failura haa afar been known. J ll Kay, #?bo.?#al? ry-al, No.iJ b'u'loa #trr#l, f'w York. llri.iird al Ik aid lttt Kulon ?tr#?li Brn?iiw?y concr or ? h i" brrl *1; t'hambar at cm Mr of ( h?rrh; *1 Bowti 1 ?f Walker; *7 Rant Broadway ; <1 Nor h Maiuat, Proridroe#; tad .?? VVaahinttoB at. Bn#ton. . . ,, , Aiao? Pr Portt Kradlcttor." f I'ko t -df?c one d aaata Pr?:t fl I

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