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April 22, 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH 397.?WkiU * . ?O0* NEW LINK OK LIVKRFOO*. PACKETSTt nB[n'lSi* York mi (li? tStK. nd Liverpool on th? HLh a r each month, -At. Ml M. & TTIMNM Ym^. u , Shir ROSdUS, Captain John Collma. ?Mh klareh. 8Li|> 8I0U0NS. Canum EB.Cobto, *?*AprU. 8hi{. SHERIDA^CapUin F A. Moon**. ? *??rShipO ARJUC K, Canlain Win. hhi.kiy, UMh J ana. i Know Liraarooi.. ?hir SHERIDAN, Captain F". AsLUt^r March. Shm CiARRlCK.Captaiu Win. Skuhly, ISth Aptil. Ship ROSCI US, Captain John UoU>Mvl?th.-M?lrau;l ainiiM^S Cii taili h. B. Oobb, I Wl Jup*. t&c ahipo art ail of the fir.tclaia,upward of IM?UM,btlflt In th^citv of New York, with ouch unprovwnenln u combine l^. JL with uaueeal comfort for |>naaengon. Erery ear* tZbm akeo 1U the arrangein,ut o fthe1 r accommodation. The n^r oi ^aKchecce i< *ltO,f >r which ample .tore* will km once i oimotwded by tipwMAccd m?fl who will verT eiertionto K,r* *"??? ftfbOU of ermed, ?<? theirpeen by an,other kttvcfliclf vf war. | ?. f#rfi5?gl*t0^gf^f^p? CO. 81 Sonih it.. N?wTrrk,ortd Z. JAS. 1R(WN fc do. Liverpool. * a?.*.he the packet* will be charged 1?| eeut* per iingle ^'^Iti pe'titict. o.l newspaper. 1 tent each. oj<_ ^rTwTfoRIt AND HAVRE PACR.KT5. MfcW JW SKCOND LINK) & M M & las*" liK?si?_ l.m?iTuuck. 1 let November f l<Kh Deeemb* ki-BALTIMOB*. l.t Apnl I ! **? M*r **" Part let Augnet < l?h deptember rvt-ar^Fuak. I'l.tOefcber f nth January ? . fiwM.Sf I l*t May tinthJun* ?M??* NICOLAS.I? ?VoW, j JH ?-?, ?*?;? i1 m February < HUi March tL Meom?od?tiofli of I liege ihipe are not iurpMMd. com kmiM ail tWai may be required lor comfort. lUe P *c Csfneseiwr i* $100, Paitengers will be eupplied with *T*ry g-TSSS *veg'sehf wtube'furwarded by th. r^S^e r??frora any other than the etpeMM aettmLyi ? K3SJU r-a^AnM LOUISIANA K?W or SACKST, slit m For the better accommodation ofAlnppere,'' deentch a ?hip front thi* port on the lit. Mh, lMh.hMh, 10th !?Jfaiih of each month, eommenciug the Wtb October, and ,r?.;i Wav wVieu regular day? wilt be appointed foi antinnWF untilMay. ? ^tt ^ d^?p Mdntment* will be prevented during the lurotner month*. The Cw^.hii. war commence tin. arranges, nt ,k ?KmI98I89IPP1??L Milliard. ; r SsipHVNTSVfLL&CasLlluwSrf. I Sta OCMULOEE, Capt Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Cant. Dickmec n. Ship MEMPHIS, Lapt. Wmcht. ?Kw*ipe^e afl'built in theaity of NewTerfc.egpewmw CwtlSiS ore of a light draft ot water, have reeeotlrbeeu Mirit copperad and pot in splendid orcer, with aeoommedatioaa wdLSwiTaneq?lled for comfort. They areeommaeded W itwwctl masters, who will maee every eaartwn to give 2JJS7SJlw:5on- They will at all time* be towed up and I^itoer SaOWWani'o/eaptamTdftheee *hipe will be reepoMi?fori?welry,bullioii,preciou? tooca,?rTrer,orplat d war^or tug letten,parcel or ptckafft, acat by or put '.boird af "milea* bill* of lading are taken fortae.ame, and nrmloc IMTWI ~T.Tc8?&& " CO.IIBouth .t ' * HUtLIN kWOODRUFF, Agent 1b New OHww.wtiowrfl promptly forward ali eoodeto hieaddreie. Xhe aAioeof thii line are warranted to eaUpunotiuNy aaad| yertiaed, and greateare will b? taken to hare the goodi correct t? meaeurcd. (NBW YORK AND N1CWAI1*. (Tin WfTTliffl Wmx* rertncotl to OB etntt. From tfcetoot of Courtlandt Btreet.New York(8>ery day?Sunday erieeoUd.) Learee New York. a?" PH At* A.m. At t P.M. At Tj A-M. All r.M 11 do 4 do , m M do 4| do t*? do do T * 1? do ON SUNDAYS. From the toot ol Liberty (tract. I .... York. Leate Newark, at Ik M ltd 41Tld. At t P. M. and 10 Pll. am Fare reduced. A1 Li* .. "?M SOMEaVlLUt atttefcooneci Tare between New York and Somerrille, 60 teau. Do 'o Now Brnnowack, Tl cento, gab way, Weonti. Tl A. M.trminfrom Now Branowiok, end 4| U train from New York, hot been reduced between N?w York and New Briraewick to 60 cents. " and Railway ta III " The fnUadelpkiaaMilline pwmeo through NewBrnoowiek Tor Naw York erery ereuioz at (o'clock. OnSunoayotko Tl atm. trip from New Brenewiek if omit Paaarng'r* who procure their ticket! at the ticketoSce.roaaive a ferry tiehetgratie TicWetrarereceiTodbrthecopduetor oolr on the d*T when purehwed febli In* important to western merchants. RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE?For the TranaporUiion ofOoMa between Philadelphia and P'ttaburrJ Thia improreinMit in Innapi.rtalion affordi to weetrrn merchant* peculiar advantage*. 1 ne good* hriuc care ully packed in the boata at our warehouse, No 365 Market afreet, are carried oyer the Columbia and Portage Railway# without tianahipm-nt. Careful rap'aim and crewo are employed, who lake charge of the good* at Philadelphia, and continue with then the ei tire route, tliua avoiding delay* aid the liability of lota being aeparated o i toe way N B ?I'aaaengerf forwarded tcr Pittahurg h erery day Sunday* ercepted, II STOL C, Agent, a'T 3m* m 7 Wiahiueton itreet. RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. man ? -.-?www nn rrkrouri/ii/ i %rn ?rt> n/ imniF i\& y /muiioin^n jig t\jnn. rrfii NKWJKKSfcV Rai road and Transportation Com1 pony have established a Freight L-ue between New Rrunewick tad New York, which Ibey intend to ran prima*Lonvili? New !J runs wick at 8 AM. dailjr, (Sundays eieented) and the foot of Liberty etieet New York, a - 3 P.M. To ?o*2|rv dealera aad ineichants the above line Is very do sirabte for the sv?;eJy <*??P conveyance of merchandise morg "ar'iyJ?Hy to Drorors and D? alert in Live Stool.-h.'> hire T5o head tf eatile eontryel between New Brunswick end New Vork, the sane day, whenever required. The rates for the transportation of cattle, hersso, mules, sheer, ho?rs, kc.. and all oilier ktndi of merchandise are very low. never eiceedinr stesmboat prices. Merchandise sent by this line is not subjected to any estra charge in crossing the North River. The Coropam have fi'ted up a large storehouse at New Brunswick adjoining the Railroad D< pot, which will always he/yen for the receptioa of merchandise. Tassesicers, purchasing their tickets st the tieket offices, willrccrivc ferry tickets gratis. ml43m^_ rRKlOHT AND PASSAGE TO PITTgBIiRO. tttlfiDL JbilaSi BINGHAM'S LINY. The proprietors sf Bingham's Transports)!, n Lins to Pittsbury, give notice tothe Merchants cf New York, and ill other persons slip* tt.g to the West, that their line is sow inactive smeratton. Goods eonsicurd to them (or sent to go in their h?e.) will be forwarded with despatch. Owners or shipteis of goods, destined for the Western States, who t ave no agent or eo.e miee at Pittsburg, w ill pleat* consign their good* to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will attend to shtp^iug all such consignments wutiiout marked -tistinctly on each package 01nqham o linil. For ratsn offreinht, which ir? as low as anr aOier lib*. Apply to WM. 1 ? SON, Agent, No 8 West stereL _ ? , , , oi poeits Pier No 9. N. R. N. B,?Fsssetwer* forwarded to P.tUburg and Pottsville, avery day, Sundays eicepted. Refer to R. Crooks, American Fur Co. ; 9. T. Nieoll Rrnnt street; 'l.elps. Dodge k Co Fulton ?tr?*t; Muvdanv Bye A Co.; Wm Rankin. Du.yer fct o Newaik' sal to " " 8TATEN iBLAND tAHA*. Foot of Whitehall street. 8AMKOnT^. Dural, will rim ea folio i. mtiM'artiier ooticc bnra Stateo lalaid Lenrea Whitehall At (o'clock an. At (o'clock a.m. "?( " " "II " " i " r.M " r.*. " 9. " " H - " " 4) " " ,?? " N. B. All gooda ahipped # reqairrd to he particularly talked and arc at the ri?U >1 the o*n?? thereof._ ot T. rOWKt-L h CO 'R LINK. Man FOR .vr.WBUHOH. landing at CALD ' "? WKST POINT AND COLD JESJEHLHHUNO?The eteamboat HIGHLANDER Sept. Robert Wardrop, will leoee the foul of Warren a treat (tow Yorh.erery Moodey. Ttrr ?.|%y tod Satunlar afteraooD'a ?t 4 o'clock. Retnroing ibe Hirh n jer will ~a?? ?rcwbiirgb orrry Monday morning at( o'clock, anj J - raday and Friday afternoon at (o'clock. For freich' or peerage .apply to the Captain en board. N. B. At I baggage aud freight of arcrr description. bank Cilia erepeeie, put on board thia hoel. mrat be at the riek of the camera tharoef .oolete a b;ll efltding orra'tiptieeigned for diaawa ? ? Crr** F*AR 'T. TllO^ftli?The taienor f. al aailire echr M a RTH \ 8 Deal-, mwler. w ill aai| for the JpuKKeaborr port rhotild an paeeehgerr offer. For froifht or paeeage hir.i.g eicellcat accommodation*, apply to at A. WENDELL, W Suite at. E NE J LIFE B OAT ASSOCIATION, FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF Fit A If C I S PATENT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE mi2 CITY HOTEL. NOTICE TO BUYERS OF CABINET FURNITURE. rPHK subscriber would luvite the attention of those wisb1 n?K to purchase articles iu the shore buttons*, to hit establiehtneat, where ia to be fonud a rich assortment of Rootwood and Mtiiofuuy Furniture, of Kreach and other [eltenn, owe of which are not to he found elsewhere, being entirely original. Alio, kaaltome rich lilt (aornicoo for windows, Poles and Rings ; together w if L Uamaalta, Oallooot and Tarte la. and every article attached to curtains, which WiU bo made in the lateat style from patterns lately rscetved. N B. Partirnlar attention |>ajj to the A .ting up of Ottomaoa, Fire Bcroeua, and other fancy artitlao. with embroid ored tape.try. WASHINGTON MREKS. dlt-liu tin Broadway, neit the Honvdtl. FASHIONABLE" "TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. AT THE FASHIONABLE TA1LOHINO ESTABLISHMENT, 108 Be?kman alreot.near Pearl. Oontlonto who are now or formerly hare beea paying sit'*ragant prises for '.heir clothing, are aoeured that tbey need do ao uo more, aa the aubaeriber will gaaraato* to all whepotroniee hiia. a hand'ouie At, a fashionable style and excelleat material#, at tlie lolluwiug moderate prices? Sup. Weat of Eng. Wool-dyed, black, blue,or green dreaa eoeta. $15 to J.2J Pant#, double milled do black, plaid, and fancy oasa., $? to $8 so. Vcot#?Finerathuiere,satin,and all kinda, $1 to $6. Coat# made and 'rimmed in a abiperinr manner, from $T to $1,50; Veata, $1,50 to $8, Paula,$1 A* to $1. _ at lm? JOHN MOFFATSEBRING'S CORDIAL. INDIGESTION.?Aa this is s rery comn on complaint, in the present day, whtterer tend* to alltrmte it ia of pnblie itu;or ance. For the luformatiou of those affected with it, we publish the following recommendations of a Restorative Cordis! for its c ire :? C, C. Bitsniitn. E?^ :? Data Sin At rour request, I have examined (he medicine# of which ro'ir Cordial ia composed, and liars no hetitation in say>og that Ihey are of the best class of tonics; end in the manner prepared bv you, will prove highly beneficial ia Dyspepsia, and many oth?r diseases ofgeueral debility. Yours, Ac. P PRATT, M. D. No. S6 Liberty street. 1 concur mthe above recommendation of Dr. Pratt. THOMAS BOYD, M. D., No Ml Fourth street. Sabring't Restorative Cordial is sold atlM Fill ton street, st >1 par bottle. mat lm' DR. JOSEPH EVANS. GRAND RESTORATIVE. SYRUP, p or inn enre m rrrry i inn 01 uuc w- u?> TRE IMPURITY OF THE BLSOD, /"1AU8KU bjr the vital oigf-a becoming drrang*d and enfeebled by hereditary complaints, and exhaustion of the ayatem, and other diseases, rit. 8er< fnla or King'* Evil. T mora andiwellioga iu the nick, secondary ay mo tome of 8}phi lia, or the eonatitu'ional form of the Veaenal Diaeva*, Ulcere, ulcerated aore Throat Palate, tic. Ulcer* on the hhio*. and other partaol the body. Diaoeee* of the board, pains, swellings, and ulceratioia of the booea, swellings of the toiata, white swellings, fcr-, Caiirera, emanoMia t akia diseases, aalt rheum; ringworm, scaly eruptiona. I on rosy. itch, acald head, pimpiee, cracking aud unartsug of the ansa, letter, and all kin** of aore* Loagatanding anaLe'etnforo m* arable fever sore*; rheumatism, gout, liver complaint, and all diaeaaea eau**d|by an improper uaeof mercury, local and constitutional debili' y or weakness, gonorrhea t. gleet leueorrhaaa or white*, gravel, kc.,or whoa the ayatem haa been exhausted by see ret semuality in youth, intempe-ance, loog standi*! debalitating diaeaaea, loug reaidence in Southern climates, ana other debili taUng causes. This invaluable m'dieine has been employed by the proprietor in an eitensi' eprivate and hospital prartioe, both in Europe and A marie- for the last forty yearj. during which time Iw haa cured o'er 5000 patients, who wer* ?dieted with tone of the most loathsome and destructive forma of disease, many of whem are naw living, aud ready to teatify to the efficacy of this medicine. Itcurea by givingtone to the nerves, exhi'Arat ing the spirits, rsgulatiog ilir circulation, invigorating and exciting the vital organato a natural and healthy action' and tans causing all impurities o be expelled from the ayatem, and creating the accretion of perfectl) pure and heaithy blood. i Price Si per bottle. For sale only at the Private Reside nee No. 4?T Greenwich aircet, two door* abareCanal (treat. mgllin $5>?0 PREMIUM. f?HK INBE8TRUCTJBLE INh.whieh H M. BART1 LETT exhibited at the Fair of the American Ioatiuit*. New York, 1841, with an offer of $500 to any one who ahoMd extract it from pape-. *nd which racei 'ed the gold medal of me Institute, can b: had by calling on Messrs. Rawdon, Wright li Hatch, banknote engraveia, 48 Mercbaota'Exchange. Orders from any part of the Union, post paid, through the above named house, will be promptly attended to. Writing made with this ink will remain unchanged as long aa piper will etdure, aud is exceedingly valuable aneve all iudellible inlu now i i use, oi which we have any knowledge. John Torny. M. D., Prof-saor of Chemistry, kc. in I>w College of Phvsicintw and Surgeons, N , Jaime II MNIIKI1, m u , i IHIIII1 tni mi. John A. Warder, M D., Frofc**or of ChymUtry Tim* >ixi M ineralncv. Onemnali OoHexe. Ohla. 80 ODD YEARS ^VK EXPERIENCE in (he (li-ntiGe nr.cUee of curing eertuDdiituN.k'ivciiiiililtil Dr LAUREL, of No. 103 Canal afreet, to eradicate thoie due wee in quMtlon, whether new, old, or Inveterate, inle*vth?n half the tine employed by theinramon doetore, who pobon their patient* with mercury, capiry, nitre. cubeb*vfcc. N.B.?Strangere are appriied thai Dr L. i* a regular phyiieian of the med eal faru'ty of Pari*, alio gradualM in the U. State*,ai can be proved by hi* diploma* m94 In* PfAN 0"FORTES. QOUTHttKN DEALKR8 and purckyfra generally will fij-i it ! their adv*nt*4g* to call and eitmuie a choice m* ortment of the >ib?aricle, curnpruiu* a variety of 6 mod tl octaves, of rojewood and mahosanr, "*1111 fraud action, scroll stands, and every modem improvement. These instruments are warranted to b: equal to any iu the city, aid will be sold at the lowest posiible prices for ca*h. at the m uiufactory, 4t West Feurtten'hstreet, betwe- n Fifth and 8i*th avenues. N.B.?Piano Fortee for Hire-A good assortment of piano fortes for hire at the m ?n 11 factory. aT 3m SOMETHING NEW LEUK'S GARDEN. 4? Bowery ?The awderrigned take* this opportunity to inform hi* friend* ai d tne public that he ha* *pened a Gaiden and Saloon at 4* Bowery, ahere he wauld be happy to receive their c .11*. Hi* Saloon will be constantly supplied with ihe choicest and beat of Kruil*, Confectionary. Crffce, Ice Crratni, Lemonade and Soda that the city afford* Oery atle it'on will be liven an hi* put to mhke this Garden and Saloon a plcaaant and agreeab'e reaort to tli* ladie* and gentlemen who may favor ' h?m with a call, all Im'e H. LEUR, 48 Bowery. CARPETING, &C. " CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. JONES h MARCY, lot Bowry, New York, art now re J ceiling their ?|>n.ig itinplv of C?rpeling, Oil Clotha. Window Shade*, Drugget*, Hearth Hue*, Doer Mat*, Table and Pianof'i ver* Stair Roc* he he. Among their good, are many ue w and rich pattern* of Engli?h and American manufacture, which cannot b* exceeded for beauty, quality and cheaper*< in the city. Pir?. n* about fur. mhing their houie* are invited to five u* a call. I K. JONES, a4 lm* 1., MARCY. CRE\ M?CREAM?CREAM. Still theCitiev widely teem With praUe of Rine * Kerb en* CYeeiw? The fine.rt Shivmg Co pound Known, rjxptrxenrr nwcicnny inowg, Ti? ?o ktl'ullj prepared Toioften e'en tr?? rot gh**t beard, Th%t a dull rator'a e?lfe b<?tow? A keenness that the ihurpeat knows. 'Tw pure, and pleasant, ahoiee and cheap? Will in rrery climate keepMakes it a pleaaiag task to abaTS, And will both ftmeand trout>le aara. RING, 53 Kulton ft reel; Baaett.644 Br?adway, aud 459 Brotdway. mfli lrn* GENERAL AGENCY. THE SUBSCRIBER lots taken the (lore 7S Fultvn street, Bro-klyn, for the salr of the moel approved genuine patent ami family ir< d enies, perfumery fmncy ar'idea, lie. Marufac'ureri ami piopri?tnr? of inch articlee, or of any Ihinj ilae, who wi?h Inr a<i active, Stirling *g?nt to dispose of their productions, will Cud such an one in the person of the subscribsE 8 J 8TKWART. T5 Fullon St.. Brooklyn Fo* tale, rr.nrt of the approved family medicines. Persona purchasing here may rely on i burning geuniue article. ad Ira* F BENCH MECHANICAL LAMPS.?Theanbeeriber b?gs to call the altrnti iu of |> ir i'? about fit line up public cr nrirale h-uvs. to the grr .1 adrant-ge to be (rained h adopting his lamps instead of gas at the pre seat extremely low friceofoil It ta a'well e lablnhrd fact thst s hotel or any irire establishment eao he lighted with th-.o at less thau one half the iipensr ofgas, and Hmdei th?y afford a more agreeable and bet ler di Board light,entirely tree from rmrll or smote Ae a readng or studv lamp, thev are stranfty recommended, the light being p. rt elly steady ; nit 01 Rased through a grounn globe rannot to tioly have anr iijjrio-u effect upon the eye- lli'V *rr "'"I in u.oit of the libiartea ia France and throughout the continent. K. D. RAXTON, Suceeaeorto A. DIACO.V, ago t ml'c 337 Broadway. - Take tihj ate earty?medicine comes loo lata, When tl.e dis'-aie becomes iaveterste " DBCOMMENDED by the Faculty?VANCE'S ANTI K BILIOUS FAMILY APERIENT PILLS?By long rperienr e thr.e pill. ha?e hern Ilhnu.wd.Ub. he beet and.afr.l Family Medtiioe hilkarto diaeorered. At HMUotii wl the year they will be found tery raluable U aS rfco wtnh to ^rt.r. 0* M#tM If*!#*! M *r? Jilit tmie for children m Icruy tinriodrtf I if*, m* r?qaire no lira iUrutirn to dirt f-r to clOUlilfb WlOUi Uto HW COfr I lamia, dyepenaia or indigestion, uwreoua ihaaaeea. Bti heudaehe uud iu firt all di?ra>e< ariauai from an impair* state of rbe bi -od. or a dieotdrred state ol trie stomach or bowrl.,arr ijftdilj' removed by takinf Hurra They present ?flurry. eoetirenera and it. eouarijurucee?therefore reafarinf mrn*hou>d never be without the n Time or thn ate affect. them not. Two or three do*e. will conrinc. the patient of their aalutary effect., for the stomach will readily regaiuiU atrtnytb, a healthy Mate of the lirer and bowel, will .(iredtly take place and renewed health a or' vi.ot of body and aarad Will be the eer tainreaulf. Their virtue., in fact, may be .iimnied up?a. a medicine which tlrer gtlicn. the feeble au I eoaealidatee the muirleu i f the .trony, and will he found of intiiite r.lue to femaliw of a'I aye. (if takyei according to the direction.), who wi.h to be aecure fr m .icktirea. Trice 35 and 50 reni. per boa For aate. wholeerlrand r? ail, by Win. Wateon, Apothe ewiee' Hall* Cat I anite .ireet; Smith, corner of Fulton aad Water St.; Nowiil 117 Bower) ; Balgrove, Uruggiat, Kultou ?r. Hreoalyn mat tni* o TK 5 W W HAfTINU?too. re I.n. crown airaw wrappli y ac eaaelienl articlr.JU.t ri Cr ired and lor.aU ky .a dffrteSf a BPOrtKu ai T.ibeete M. SOA,IN5l Ida korma Mrgara, T ANDED from hng Otno. from Haraaa, af superior quahVi;"'*"touw~wS??'ft,".?3atrs-' w rc JEW YORK, FRIDAY IA TO THE HALD ANDGKEY HEADED?JONES' m nil r?L- rnmi. rlRCAitSlA. A HONK whose hair is falling out, turning giey, or has eras d growing, in article la here offrred you at a reasonable price ?remember it is not puffed?*nd it will do all ill* repceainted to do Road tin*? I certify that my hair waa falling out fast; leombod oat haodlal* daily, aid liace 1 horeuied two hot tin of J outs'Oil of Coral Ctrcaaiia, it haa quite itopped failing out, aad la growing faat and dark. W. TOMK1N8, fl King at. Thia will gira light, red or grry hair a I look, aad in time cairn it to grow dark from the route Among other* who hare uard thia and certify ia J. K. Tower,grocer, Brooklyn; J. Gilbert, jeweller. 3d araouo dol.l hy T. JONEB.aiguof the American Kaglo, W?onleoi you are careful of the rignt unuibcr jou'll bo cheated with a couuterfel t?M < hitluun atreet. Price 3 5 aad 8 shikings bottle?three anca. 13# Falton atreet,Brooklyn, ia agent. niM Ira* ON THE CURE OK BTKlCTUrtK?It ia moot imfortunute in thia complaiot many persons hare a stric | turo who are gpt m the least aware of it. The common notion M,that ao long aa tha uriue poaaea to a tolerable' Team,there cauuot be a stricture. But thia u f^r from true. A stricture I may .and often doea, exist lor niontha, and even rears, without producing any striking chance tu thia rrapect. "lieu a atricuire arrtrea at that degree of narrowness u aeuaibly to impede the urine, it ia a aertoua malady indeed. The otgect of those remarks however, is to present thia atatc, and to attack it at a tune whea H ia eaaily aud perfectly removed. But die re arc other eircuHistancea beaidea lie effrct upon the nnnc by which a stricture may be known, or. at least, strongly suspected, and though there art auinerrme, there are two which arc very coin moo and very easily judged of. aad those shall bo msuUoosd The first of thoos circumstances relates to tiaao. It in wall haown that strictures ansa from long contiuuod and badly kreatcd Goaorrhda. Now, wheuoacr this diaeaoe cuatiauea orer many weeks, especially if in the early period any of the boasted nostrums of (lis day ware taken, there ia just and proper ground to suspect n stricture. The next is most remarkable?at is the effect a stricture has upon ths mind and aui>its. Thia ia a tact that may ba thoroughly relied no. Indeed the author never aaw a ease ol stria ture, (and he sees many every day.) m which the patient did not, more or less, complain of hi* h>M of mental raergy?that he was not so capable of business u formerly. The reasonof this, howerer, is clearly shown in his " Prw?? .etc^n.. little volume tKHioed in another column of this paper, and to Xhick the reader ia referred, not ouly tor knowledge of this leas*, but mi every other connected with this subject. BU. RALPH further begs to add, thnt ha may be cononltsd personally a' hi* residence. No. 88 Greenwich street, at any hour ; and should any be in doubt as to the eaioteace of tbia disease, especially after perusing his little volume, ho will, without expense or the least pain, explain and aasure him whether ho have or not. Lot it only be rcmombered that, if ho renlltf kosaatsiohiM nnl all the ill tht Wtrld. will ever cure it. 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Confirmation of the Terrible Slaughter of the British Troops lu Afghanistan?And Connected Narrative of the Horrible DetaHs?Safety of the Ladles-hater News from China?The Burmese War?The Position of the British Ministry?The Division In Committee on the Income Tax, Markets, dir. dee. The Britannia arrived at Boston, Wednesday morning, at seven o'clock, bringing both Londm and Liverpool papers to the 5th April. Although the Britannia took a more southerly route than usual, a number of icebergs were seen. There had been no impoitant change in the markets since the arrival of the Great Western. The most important news is from India, brought r by the Overland Mail foi April j The ship Hibernia arrived at Liverpool from New York on the 2d AprilThe British Parliam?nt was still b? y discussing Sir Robert Teel's proposed Income Tax, and the Opposition were compacting for a "tug of war" against it. On a division in Committee of the Whole the three first resolutions were carried by \ large majorities. t There is later news from China. ? T??op3 ron InniA ?Very active exertions are in h progress at the East India House, and at the Horse J Guards, to forward, without delay, troops to reinforce the army in Afghanistan. Within the last j i week the Eist India D.rectors have accepted ten. ders for 15 ships of large tonnage, and which have , I been-regularly surveyed, to proceed to India to car j ry 4.J00 men. Great devastation of property and lose of life [ had occared at Derby, by inundation, i Several shocks of an earthquake have recently ! been felt at Falmouth and other places. ' The town ele-k of L >nJon, who held his otlice nearly 30 years, died recently. His name was Woodtherpe. | A Brussels paper is furious became his Majesty of Prussia was charged 5000 francs lor uno night s entertainment of himself and suite, by the keeper [ of the Hotel de Bains, at Ostend When Majesty dances, it must expect to pay the flddler. [ A large number of the London Policemen con* f tinue daily to patrol the Tower, to protect the ruins. We find in ths English papers accounts of not less than six dreadful murders, all within a fortnight of each other?via : Mr. Richard Kenton of Seven stoke ; Emm i Evans, at Chirk ; a boy at Dublin; an idiot at Phillipstown; Mary Mansfield; and Wo. Dugdalc, at Burnley. Nearly 10<> families, most of them farmers, and t all of them persons of property-and respectability, were abont to emigrate from St. Kaverne in Cornwall, to Wiskonsin in North America,from whence favorable accounts have been received from some friends who have preceded them. A strenuous attempt was made, on behalf of the opiam merchants in China, to obtain an expression ol the House of Commons in favor of tbeircleim to the Canton ransom money, by way of compensation ; but the Chancell >r of the Exchequer gave them to understand that the money would he appropriated to the prosecution of the war, and that they must wait for ihir compensation until it could be wrung from the Chineso themselves. The amphitheatre atManchester was destroyed by i fire on the night of March 2t>. All the horaes were got out safe. The British Queen, Capf McKeane, is to leave Southampton for New York as follows Saturday May 7th; Sundav, July 10th, and Saturday, September 10th, at 3 P. M PaRI.iaik.ita*v.-Hoi?i or Commou, April 4th.?In the House of Commons, on the 4th of April, after the Exchequer Hills bdlhad been disposed of,Sir Pkf.i. proposed ihat the House should go into a Committee of Ways and Means on this motion. Mr. ULtwiTr rose, and after declaring that the country received (he proposition of the income tax with uuivcrsal execration, though it had been tried to make it palatable bv an amended tar.fl', he con cladtd with a motion that the Honse should not re- I tolve itself into a committee on the income tax | until it had been ascertained what amount of re.ief would begivn to tbe country by the proposed commercial and financial reform*. Stranger* were ordered to withdraw, but Mr. Shebma* CaAwroan rote to state hi* own and hi* constituents view* on (he financial propoai'.ioa* of the (ioTcrnment. Stranger* were again ordered to withdraw, but Mr. T. Do.sron?r appealed to Sir R. Pr.eL not to } lead tbe country to tuppotc that the Government treated the motion with silent contempt. Th t brought up Sir Robeht Pr cr., who d (claimed all intention I J of postponing the tariff from any other motive than that of making it as perfect a* po*db!e. He wa* r quite satisfied with the result of the delay esuied by the Raster recess, for tho eoun ry, instead of execrating, had approved of his proposition*, mi eluding the income tax He reiterated bid inten - tien of (landing by hi* meaiure*, and was c?n| vineed that tho House of CimmoBd would tancion them. i Mr. Ehwabd Ellk r. (who apelngieal for in| truding hi* opinion* at that particular tune, whic h , had been caused by hi* unwilling absence during i the earlier part of the session) expressed his senti ment* on the financial measures of the Gorern, racnt. i After a few word* of ex lanation from Mr T ? ]fVHcoMea and Mr Hlbwire (who railed some ; ' l iughter by referring to an exp-e?sion made are of i by Sir Robert Pre l, and mi*takicgly applying it,) 1 the motion wa* withdrawn. 1 The House then weat into a committee of way* and means, and the chairman proposed the first IER A 2. INDIA, I D IN AFFGH AN1STAN. *- ~ av^W ) ^AirrAav WZ^~ | V OfltoAMAA \ resolution. After it had passed, which it did without oppoaition, Mr. Milker (Jibson expressed hia canviction that Sir R. Peel hid quite miasiatej what waa the actual feeling of the emntry on the subject of the income tax. The tariff waa unques tionably receired with faror by the commercial community, tie they oonaidered it to be a atep in the rirht direction. Rut the income tax. br the inequality of ila pressure, would blunt the moral feelings of the people; audit would be necessary to adopt an abhorrent system of ealienage in order to make it productive. Mr. Riear Wasok here rote and called the attention ef the committee to the fact that the first resolution, affirming the income tax, had been proposed aud passsed in a way which had net attracted sufficiently the attention of members. This produced a somewhat singular and lively conversation, mambars affirming and denying that the resolution had been putin a distinct and deliberate manner, including, amongst the speakers, Sir Robert Peel, who admitted that it would be unfair to assume that the resolution bad passed without opposition, but they could not now retrace their steps. This was put an end to by Mr Rica, who proeeded to state his opiaiaas, which he had intended to have done on the proposition of the first rssolution. After some conversation between Mr Milker Gibsor and Sir Robert Peel, as to whether or not the latter had declared that be would admit of any modication in the income tax, Mr. Wallace, who had been an income tax commissioner under the old system, gave his reminiscences of the irritation, ili feeling, and fraud, which the collection of the tax created, and declared his intention of resisting the passing of the present one by every means in his power. Mr Christmas, amid considerable noise and impatience, addressed the committee,after which Mr. Wake lev expressed his opinion that as the first resolution, the iiieom- tax, had already passed, there should be no division on tho second and miner one His constitutents had repeatedly asked htm how it was that, in levying the incom * tax, a distinction was made between farmers and tradesmen?th? farmer was not only exempted under a leutal of ?3,10, butt he was freed from the master grievance of the scrutiny. The working people were also asking, why, seeing no real reduction was to be made in the price of bread these alterations were to be made in the tariff, by which foreign manufactures were lo he brought into competition with their labor. If Sir R Peel wonld revise his oom law, and bring in a measure to lower the price of bread, he would be bailed as the grsatcst bleating which this oouatry ever saw in the shape of a ministerMr S Wortlev replied to Mr Wakley, that the ront of a farmer was tbe criterion of bis income, and affirmed that the new corn law did reduce the value of agricultural produce. After some observati in from Mr. H. Johnston, Sir R. Peel defended the propositions of the government from the imputation of having been framed to conciliate politic si support, and in answer to Mr. Wakley, read from a representation which bad been made to kim by iime farmers in Scotland, who objected to having their incomes ascertained by an arbirary rule, instead of being ascertained in tbe same way as others. Every interest touchej had raised an outcry, but this war a pmof that Government were acting on the princiciple of doing justice to all He had not calculated that the effect of the alterations in the tatiff wonld be ascertained before five years; but he only proposed tbe income tax for three years, leaving it then to Parliament to continue it or not. He warn ed the home against admitting any mouiiication 01 the income tax, which would have the efleet ofim. impairing its future financial efficiency, should it be required in time of war. Fjord Jokk Busseli. (aid ikat was the reason whish diaiaelined him from[adoptiug-au income tax in time of peacr. Sir R. Peel had pointed to the alarm which prevailed amongst the farmers, as a proof that his measures were calculated to benefit the consumer by laweiing the cost of food But one cause ?f the alarm was tho suddenness of the propositions, which had not been expected by the farmers'from those who proclaimed themselves their friends?they were following the fiont rank of theirown armv, which had turned round and fired on them. Seeing that the first resolution had been unwittingly carried, he did not see any ad vantage of taking a division on the second, hut he would take the sense of the home on the bringing up of the report Before the resolution was put from the chair, Mr. Garenx (the chairman) made some observations on the subject of the pissing of the first resolution,and decltrrd hia conviction tiiat he had put the que&tion distinctly and deliberately. The second resolution was put and carried; the chairman obtained leave to report the resolutions on Thursday, and the house resumed. AflTgtinnlatan, The insurrection, which is described as participating in a great measure of the religions enthnni a*m 10 wnicn me lanaucai mwicran can * cauicu by the preaching of (heir Imauni, broke out on the night ot the let of November, when Sir Alexander Barnes, and bi? brother, and Cap'ain ?'road foot of the 44th, were kilKd ; the home of the first named being within the city, was plundered ; aad time naoney in the treasury ?-f Captain Johnson, which was close to the former house, wan made a prey of. The captain having slept in the Kritish cantonments escaped the slaughter, as w ell as Brigadier Anrue til and Captain Treap, who were with him. Cap. taint Skianer and Prnmmond, Captain Trevor and hi, lady and his childrta, remained for tome day* concealed in the city bv some of their friends. ? ghah Hoojah, who had on the 21 sent his si>n to the relief of Sir Alexander Burnes, where the Prince performed prodigies of valor, rec-ived on that day a communication fiom Sir W. H.Maoaghten thin in the c.intonment, about five miles fram the town. r? questing leave for Brigadier Cer.cral hkelton with two regiment,, and Captain Nieholl's troep, to tn'.er the llalU llissar, and to shell ibe town- I.'ave was given, and the eheliiug took place- Tnc infuriited populace attacked ,he Com misaariat Fort, lay immediately to the n- rth of the town, bc-wecii it and the cantonment, and e? it was weakly def-oded soon bccsinv master, cfit. This was a dreadful blow to the troops, a* at the time there Wr.t flourhut for two dsys remaining in fh? cantonment Another fort, in which soma 1 Commits,, iat stores were kept, was also att? eked, j and a defence of three days by Captain >1 iClr,n*ia ..J - r .-I i . L :1 ...A "^ '* , ?T,y ? ir-w nirn intn m*nf ? name i to bate af ized the troopi, who found tbero?< Irra in the be^innm* of wmt'r (hot up in their eantoa- ' mentf in a Ta'ley 200 mile* from the Indu*, without iiitficient clothing* or food, a d amidet a fanatical j Muianlman population. Jt'Tti between the Ilri'ieb ' I.I). Mm Two Coat* leaders a difference of opinion prevailed : the Knroy bring desirous of offensive measures, white General Llphinatene, from circnmitancaa connected with tha forcaa, among whom despondency and vacillation are deacribed aa then prevailing, maintained hi* opinion for deft-naive ones. At the solicitation of the Envoy, soma email foris in the nt ijhborhood, which contained grain, were ea? turcd In the mean time the ??w? cf the disper inn of several of the Afghan corps in Shah tnoojah* service, commanded by British < flicers, reached the beeieeed, and contributed to add to their gloom* prognostic* Various reverses and successes followed during some days. The troops from the Italia Hissur wrre recalled to the eantoameat, and the Knvoy urged a de< ided attack on the enemy J the General, however, maintained that all such attack* would be futile: the soldisra began todeip trd.and all waa misery. There were, nevertheleaa, akirmiahea every day, which did not tend t* raire the apirita of the sepoys and solciers, who aw their, nemv hourly increase, while tb*y tlx maelrea bad aearrely food, and but insufficient raiment for the season So greatly wcra th- v dispirited tbat they w ere one day driven back to their camp, ' after they had daring three hour* been expoard to a galling fire. The libilzee Chief, (>*man Khan, did not chooae to puraue them within their entrenchment a, where they, it waa then feared, would have made a feeble reaiat.ince There provision whs flour, which they obtained by bribery during the night. It waa then recommended that all the troopa should be concentrated in the Ralla Hisaar, Captain Conolly, who waa then with the Shah, advocated th- propriety of so doing, but the mihtary authorities declared the movement impossible, as they eouldBnot rely upon the disheartened troopa. The last regiment waa then withdraws from the Balla Hiaaar, which is, as every on* knows, a citadel on a hill to the eastward of thn town, and Shuh Soojah was left to his own resource. The insurgents, who were aware of the movement of succor from Candahar, now appeared disposed to enter upon negotiations for the withdrawal of the British treens- The envoy, on hearing of tbo retreat of the Caudahar brigade, and learning; tba* no aid could be expected from General Salt, then at Jtllalnbsd, or from the Indus, gave a re1 ctint assent. Conferences took place, and a long Cat of articles, drawn up in Persian by Stir W H7 Magnaghten, waa agreed to on both sides. They are said to exceed twenty in number. Th#? Cff.nilll srH fnvnrJto ** * * ? - ?.. m i?iui miuoinnifa, Mahommed Akhbar Khan, who, subsequent to his father'* surrender, had remained in concealment, aad had even escaped upon the confines of Afghanistan, having made bis appearance during Ibe insurrection, took a decided part in the negotiation. The insarceat chief* exhibited great wi'lingness to have the British troops removed fr< m Cabul, and arrangements are said to have been made for that purpose at different meetings which were held outside the cantonments. Alter various parleys, a message was, on the 22d of December, brought from Akhbar Khan to SirW. H. Macnaghteu to request an interview on t be following morning The British Envoy went thither, accompanied by Capttaias Lawrence, Trevor, and Mackenzie. They had not been present five minutes, when a signal was given, and all were seiz* d and foiced to mount behind some Ghilzee chiefs The British Envoy resisted, and was slain, as also Captaiu Trevor, who had slipped ofT the horse oa which he had been placed. Their murderers are now said tub* " Ghazerg," or taligious enthusiasts, who fight ae soldiers for "the sake of God," and who, if killed in battle,arc called " Shuhdees," or martyrs. Tie treatment of Sir W. H- Macnaghten's body haa been described as most barbarous. His lady ic stated to have offered a large sum for its ransom, in order to have it decently interred. The other two officers were saved by the dread of the Ghazees to fire at them, lest the frhilzet-s who rede before the n should be wounded. They returned to the cantonment on the 2Wth Akhbar Khan has, it appears, boasted of his having in perstn killed Sir W H Macnaghten. Major Pottinger, well known since the defrnee of Herat, then took charge of the British mission, and the negotiations for the witbdrawl c the troopc i were er ntinued On the fith of January they moved from their cantoaments, which were instantly seized by the insurgents and harnt. The snow was one foot deep on the ground, when the troops reached Becgroma, three miles distant. The schemes of AkbbnrKhan then became evident: be had despatched emissaries throughout the country through which the unfortunate British soldiers bad to pass, calling on the people to rise en masse end slav the infidels. Hiacali was not hoard in vain. On the first day's march Cornet Hardy man, of the 5th cavalry, and some men, were killed ? Mahommed Arkhbar Khan, who had taken charge of the retreat, contrived to induce the British to take np stations at night where he chose. On the 7th they moved to Hareckhar, where the three mountain puns were seized Thsir rearguard wne obliged to act on the def. nsivc the whnlo | of (He dav. On the 8th (he camp was nearly nirI raunded by enemies, and it becam* evident that the British aoldiers would have to fight their way to JeUilabad. It it prt tended that amor* the articles there are ionic declaring, that all tha Britith (roup* were to evacuate lAfTghanistaD, and that notice of such a convention had been rent to (ieneral N'ott at Can* dahar, and to General Sale at Jellulabad A khbar Khan, whose violent hatred to the British had been sharpen: d not only by the conquest of his father's territories, but by hi* own exile and suhiequ- nt inapriaonn eut in Bokhara, and bv hia wild fanaticism, demanded then, on the third day of the retreat from Cabul, that the British should, when commanded by the Ghazeea under his command, make aew terms with him, and promise not to proceed farther than Tazeen, until the withdrawal of the force under Sir R. Sale from Jeilal*bad was known, and he insisted on six hostages ? Major Pnttinger, who was from a wound, instonily offered to be one, snd at Aklibar Khan's orders Captains M'Kenz.e and Lawrence were included. The Ghazeea were, however, not restrained in their attceks, and a fearful s'augkter followed on the movement towards Khoord Cabul. The column was attacked on all sides. The 14 ladiss who were in the centre scrim d objects of special desire. Mrs Anderson and Mrs. Boyd bad each a child carried ofT. Akhl ar Khan, while the Gbacee* were thus busy, professed hia inability t? restrain them, and on the 9th of January demanded that the ladies should be placed under his protection The miserable wea her, the snowy wastes, the rough mountain tracks, and the month of January in the coldest regions of Central Asia, compelled them to yield; t*c hostages halted for acaae days in thit neighborhood The demand on General Sile to relinquish hie post was made on the 9.h of January, and on that day he refined to do so unlet*! by orders from the Supreme Government Thi-ansvver was taken back to Akhbar Kbtn The unfortunate sepoys begaa | again to move, snd were sgain assailed; thesepoya s?L.s foae. ..teak wnnrl wLI i.r. nnrlov 41.Heolli ..... ....... .......... ........ .'i.ii.^ iun o' India, being enervated and stiipihed by the cold, scarcely o(Fer.:d any resistance, aiid hundreds *f them were soon despatched by the Uhazee tutthroats, but the Europeans and some brave men k< Pt together until they reached the pass of JugJulluk Here General Elpliinstm e and Brigadier 8 <eltnn became hostages, and were detninid two miles di.tant by \khbar. General Elphiti ??* arote a note in pencil to Hrigt.dier Anguetil? "M.rch to night?there is treachery " The Britisli troops marched early in th? night; they cam* to the frightful mountain pain; it was barricaded; they forced their wiiy, and reached Jugdellok. which they defended seme time, until Brigadier Angoetil wa. killed. All order was then Ins*, and confusion and separation, slaughter and destine* lion ensued. Several officers who were well mounted attempted to make good their way into Jellalabsd Some of them arrived within three or four miles, when they wrrs murdered and plundered, and their bodies lelt on the Only me officer, Dr Hrydon, of the 5th Hengal Native I a fan try, though wounded in several place* and exhausted succeeded in reaching the place of:afety in Jrilala* had en the 13th. Of the fate of the other 6,300 soldier* and 7.0o0 camp followers nothing certain is known; rvany have be- n killed, others are dispersed, and as yet it is difficult to decide. The names of 3d officers have been published as killed from ?r fats*rm are entertained that they may ainouet to it* quad ruple, out of the (jreat number mi??.n/r. Some of the a< poya are raid to hare been aold ?? alarea tc* the Uthrek Tartar* L'ttera continue to arrice fr. ? rnrinua quarter* reprraen'ing th atate of the priaonera and the hoetaqea. Akhbar Khin i? aaid in a Ict'rr reeeired from Major Potting r, da c d January 23, to he a* the fort of Baderalad, in the LuKhnun eonn'ry. a here kekrepath- following prieor.era, ri- : t.rne>a a K/j?l> n?t<?ri< aud - ki 11< n,l< eutcnant Ux keoi aie, Card '! ? and Mr? Ander-o > and chil I, Tap am Hoyd, Lieutenant Kye, lieutenant Waller, At re Terror, Lady Sal-, L>dy Macnarlitrn, Mr?. Start. Mr. and Mra Kjley.Scrj ant an I Mia Wade,' ?palna Troop, Jcihnaon, and G. P l.awtencr, and Maj P.>t ingr r. There are, beatde.', the aix flicre and he ?ick who were left at Cahul on the denature of the Iroopa Akhbar Khan, in the letter* from thaTfort, which are recelred UDita'td, if a

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