Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 23, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 23, 1842 Page 1
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TH TUU? 3U)>.?WhaU Hm. ?OGG SEW LINE Or LIVKRPOCM* PACKETS. To Mil from New York on (he jsth, an<l Liverpool on the l(lh of each monXAa &&> JS& ^VkohSK-* Yonl^ Skip R09CIUS, Captain John Collim. Wth March. Stun SIDDONS. C.ii Uin E. B.Cobb, *Sth April. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain K. A. Urpryotrr. SSth Maf. Ship tJAHJUCK, Ciolam Win. SkiUcly.liilh Jim. Frtow Livtaruei.. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain f. A. Depeyatcr, llth March. Sup UARRICK.t aptaiu Win. Skiilily, lSth April. Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collin*, 13th May. Ship SIDDONS, Captain K. B.Cobb, 13th June. Theee ehipe are all of the tirttclaeetiipwardeof IOO?tOM,butlt IB the city of New York, with ouch improvement* a* combine great epecd with untieual comfort for paeeeugera. Every car* ha# been taken in the arrangemrntof theiraccoeimodation*. The ~ - henre ie *100,for which ample aton e will be Tffeae ahipa art commanded by experienced nu- I tar*. who will make ?very exertion to give general aatialac ??Jeittier the captain* or owner* off hee*ehipe will b* reapoaai hi* forauy letter*, parcel* or packagceeent by then, uuleaa ra alar bill* ot Udndaareargued therefor. The*hit>?ol thiaTIWr will hereafter go armed, aad their peeu lareooatractioa give*them aecurity notpotacaaed by any other bitveaeel* -f ?w. for freight or paaaag*,apply to 1. K. CttJLLHS'S & CO. M South at.. Naw Tork.orto WM. it JAS. BROWN tx to., Liverpool Lattara by the packet* will be charged 1)1 ctnta per ingle afcaot: *0 cent* per ounce, nd uewepapera I cent each. mi NEW YORK AND HAVRK PACRET8. (SECOND LINE) & Ml m. ML Tn^nip^f thi* Ta^wfll hereaReMeare NewYorKntha Let and Havre on the <lth of each month ae followa : From New York. FimmMavr*. Tha new ahip ONEID A, Hd March ( tlth April Capt. ' let July <lltliAaguit Jamee Fuuck. i; let November (ltth December Skip BALTIMORE, l, let April t lath May Cart. 1. lat Auguat < l*lh September Edwaro Funk. I. let December ( tlth January uipUTICA, lat May < lteth June Capt. 1 .let September < nth October fVad'k Hewitt. lat January f 16th February Naw ahip ST. NICOLAS, i lat June t nth July Capt. ,1*1 October < ltth November J. B. Pell. 11 lit February f ltth March Tli* accommodation* of iheee alupa are not aurpaaaed, com Wuing all that may be required lor comfort. The price of cabm paaaagr i* >100, Paaeengers will be aupplied with arary Mauuite, with the eiceptiou of winea a-.d liquor*. Good* intended for theae reaecla will be forwarded by th* (ubaeribera, free from any other than the eineoaea actually! n?1 - *- *" ""tSYivmmi' at t Tontine Building*. rOR NEW ORLEANS _ LOUISIANA AND NMV YORK L^IE OF PACKETS r^fibeTter aeSmmodatioa onrnw*". <t iTintendwi to iiStKhip from thi. port on the lot. ?th t?h l5th, loth JiTJsih of each month, commenciug the ipth October, and toot mum; until May, w\ien regular day. mill KTremaiuder of the year, whereby great delay, and disap otntmeutjwill be preveuted during the lummer month*. Th. Slowing ?hiw will commence thi* >8Sfegtoil-S&.rf ShipHlfNTSVILLE, C apt. Mumfc rd. Ship OCMULOEE, Lapt. Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Cant. Dickinit n. Ship MEMPHIS, Capt Knight. Ship LOUISA, Capt. Mulford. Theae ahipa were all built ui the city of New York, exprea*It for packet, are of a light draft ol water, hare recently been nawly coppered and pat in .pleudid orcer, with accommodation, far nkaenier* unequalled for comfort. They are commanded by experienced maatera, who will matte every exertion to give general aatialaction. They will at <11 time* b* towed up and Jownthe Mi*ii*.ippiby .teamboat* Neither th* owner* or captain, ofthe.eehipa wilIbereapon*ibl* for jewelry,bullion.preciou* .tones,ailrer.orplated ware, or far ear letter.,parcel or package, aent by or put 'board of them, unlet* regular hill* of lading are taken fortneiame, and the value thereon Moreaeeil r.Ewu , co.Hsa.ih.. HULLIN fc WOODRUFF, Ajenl in New Oitean*. who will promptly forward all good, to hi* addrcs*. The ahip. of thi. line are warranted to .ail punctually a* ad) rartiaed, and great cart win oe luemo nan ui? |wa correct (t metaurtd. _ >11 STEAM NAVIGATION BETWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK j VIA? S O UTHAMPTOIf. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. KEAUK, OMMt*DCB The dart of departure at ilua wel.-known Steamship, hare ren filed aa foliowe : From Antwerp, From Soiithamp'on, From New York, 00 4th Map, l"48, On T h May, H?42, On 7th June, lMi 7thJuly, ' lOlhJuly, " 10thAug, " Tth Sept. " 10th Sept, ' lOlh Oct, " Price of paaaaga, meala not included, to Sou hamptnn or Antwerp, J7C ?Steward'e feee, $7,(3). The meale will be terred cn board, on the plan of a cent mental hotel, in the beat manner and at Axed and moderate pricea Familiee orpartiea may contract lor the roya^e with the iteward. An experienced Surgeon on board. For freight oi paeaage, or anv fur Iter information, apply to H. W T. It H.MALI, Ageute, a93ln>r* 41 Bearer atreet " .NEW kOttK ANU NEWARK. ffmann JBHfak jTlTi Vara rednced to IS centi. From the foot of Courtlandtetreet, New York(Erery day?Sunday I excepted.) Learee New York. Leare Newark At* A.M. At I P.M. At 7} A.M. At U P.M 11 do 4 do I do >1 do 41 do 1M do < do T do 10 do ON 8UNDAYS. From the foot ot Liberty atreet. Lrarr New York. Leare Newark. At ( A M.a-rd 41 P.M. At 1 P. M. and to P M. FEW YORK, KUZABKTHTOWN, RAH WAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty itreet.daUy. Leare New York. Leare New Hrunawiek. At ? A. M. At 7| A. M. 41 P. M. t r.?.BOMKHVlLLE ataoeaeouoect with theae lines each way. Fare between New York and Somerville, 50 cent*. Do do New Brunswick, 75 cent*. JUhway, 80 cent*. t.irabeihtowD, S3 cent*. The fare in the 74 A. M. train from New Brunswick, and 4 J P M-train from New York, htui bee a reduced between New York and New Brunawick to 50 cento. " and iUhway te ?74 " The Piuladelphiamailline r??eea through NewBruniwick for New York every evening at I o'cUct. On SuaaayitUe Tt A.M. trit from New Brttnawiek ia omit Pae<eDgers who procure their ticketa at the tieketofBce.renaive a ferry ticket jratie. Tiokedsare received by theeonduetnr enlvon thedav wh?n n> reta?>d febll Ina* IMPORTANT Tt> WKSI'KRN MKHCHAN'TS. RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE-Fo/ tbe Transportation ol <J i uta between Philadelphia and Pittsburg.) StSelsM Thie improvement in transportation affords to western mrrchanta peculiar advantage!. The goo Is beiny carelully packed in the boat! at our warehosse. No 345 Market atreet, are carried over the Columbia and Portage Hailwaya without tranahifwaent Careful rap aina and crrwa are employed, who take charge of the gooda at Philadelphia, and continue with them the entire route, thur aroidiup ddaya and the liability of Iota bring aeparated n i tie way N B ? Passengers forwarded to Pittsburgh erery day. Sunday* excepted, H. STORK, Agent, aH 3m* m 7 Waahiueton atreet. RAILROAD NOTl< t:. MARKfcT AN1) ? KUOHT LINK. NE1V PRUNSIVICK AND NEW YORK. npHC NKW JERSEY Rai'road aed Traneportation I'om1 put hare eatabliahed ? Krfijht Line between New Rrnnewick and New York, which they intend to run peimaBCDtly. Leaving New tSrimawick it i A M. daily, (Sunday! heeptcd) and the foot of Libeity atrcet, New York, a 3 P.M. To country dealer* nd me:chant* the above line le very de treble for the ?i>eedy aud rheep conveyance ?f merchandife of every deecriplion, and more particularly to Drover* and Dealer* in Live Stock, who can have ISO head of cattle conveyei between New Brum wick and New \ ork, the aaineday, ethentver reipnred. The rate* for the trareportation of cattle, hertee, mule*, akeer. hoy*. Ac..and all other kind* of merchandife are very low never eiceedtnii tramboat price*. Mercheiidire aeiitby thia line i> not fubjecttd to any eitra chanr* in cro**iD(t the North River. The Compear have heird up a large atorehou*e at New BruDiwick adyon ink the Railroad Depot, which will alwaya beopen for the reception of imrchandue. raaeeneer*. pu"cha*iti(! their ticket! at the ticket oflleee, willreeeTve fern ticketa gretln mUSm* rRRIUIIX AND PAKSAOK TO 1>I l'l'BUIBG. Sr?3#?ii B I N (ill AM'S LIN L. T(? proprletori ?f Blnghain'i Trsneportatie n Line to Pittaburg, give notice (othe Merchanteof New York, and nil other peraoee Clipping to tlie Went, that their line k now in active operation. Good* eonaicned to them (or lent to goto their tine.) will be forwarded with deepalch. Ownera or ahipoera of goods. declined for the Wee tern Btntea, who tare no agent or eoo.rgnee it Pittnbtirjf, will ptraee eonaign their gonda to William Bingham, ritfabtirg, who will nltend to ehipping all inch eonaiguinenta Without Mar, All rood I ahould he marked diitinctlr on each package BINGHAM'S LINK. For ratea of freight, which are aa low aa anr other line. Apply to WM. TYSON, Agent. No fl Weal atrret oemneile Pit* No. 2, N. R. N. B.?Paaaengera forwarded to P.tteburg and Pottarille, every day, Sunilav* errepted. Refer to R, Crook*. American Fur Co.! B. T. Nieoll. Itrout atrret^Plielp., Dodge U Ci. Kill I on alreet; Siiydtm, Sage ?l o ; Win Vai.k l. Dura " Ik < 'o Nrviaik' ml 3n T. POWKLL h GO 'S LINK. wMA jgm ROK NKWBURteli. landing at CALD ^P3SJJ3? Whl.l, S, WfcST POINT AND coin apt. Robert Wardrop, will leare (lit foi/t of Warren atrr*t Htw York.arery Monday. Th-t ?Jay and Saturday trternooti'e t 4 o'clock. KetnruiOK the High viuer will *? ? .newbur;> try Monday mortinif at t o'clock, ano I nttdar and rndai Aanxiaa at (o'clock. For frtifh'orpataac'.arply to the Captain *n board. N. B. Al I baggage and freight of erery dearriytioo, bank * ie oripeeta, nut on board thia boat.muat be at the riak of the intra thereof,unlaai bill o Hading orreeeiptia aignad for MM; Mil E NE NE LIFE BOAT ASSOCIATION, FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PATENT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE rnit CITY HOTEL. NOTICE TO BUYERS OK CABINET FURNITURE. THE subscriber would in*its the attention of those wishing te purchase articlee'm the above business, to his establishment, where is to be fouud a rieh assortment of Rosewood and Mahogany Furniture, of P'rtuch aud other patterns, some of whirh are not to be found elsewhere, bents entirely original. Aleo, handsome rich gilt laornicee for windows, Poles aud Rings ; together w ith Damaske, Galloons and Tassels. and every article attached to curtains, which will be made in the lateet style from patterns lately received. N B. Particular attention paid to the fitting up of Ottomans, Fire Screens, and other fancy articles, with embroideved tapestry. WASHINGTON MEEK*. dK-Sm 115 Broadwa*. nevl the Hospital, n t ei r 1 v/S~iaf" 4~r? r TP 'i' t n / viiiMti r AoniuiN AD.Li.r.* i AiL.wru.iNv* ESTABLISHMENT. At the fashionable tailoring establishment, 108 Betkman street.near Perrl Gentlemen who are now or formerly hai r hero pa) ing extravagant price* for their clothing, are assured that they Deed do ?o do more, a* the subscriber will gnsrantee to all who patrouiic hint, a haud.ome At, a raahionalile style sod aicslleDt material*, at the following moderate prices? Sup. West of Eng. Wool-dyed, black, blue, or green dress coats. $13 to $94. rants, double milled do black, plaid, and fancy cass., $1 to $8 50. Vests?Fine cashmere,satin,and all kinds, $1 to $3. ( oats made aud rimmed iu a superior meaner, Irotn $7 to t0 "'""ffiHNMDFFAT. DR. JOSEPH EVANS, GRAND RESTORATIVE SYRUP, For the cure efevery firm of Disease arising from THE IMPURITV of THE BL8?Ol>, /"CAUSED by the utal ogvs becoming deranged and enfrebled by hereditary complaints, and eihauntioa of the system, and other*. v.x Srr-fnla or Kiug'? Evil. T mors and swelling* m the nick second in sy mntomsof St phi lis, or the coustitu'ioual form of the Veserial, Ulcers, ulcerated sore Throat THate. Sic. Ulcers on the shins, aud other parts it the body. Disease* of the bones, pains, swellings, and ulcerations of the hones, swellings ol the ioints, white swellings, fcr-. Cancers, eulane us or skin diseases, salt rheum; ringworm, scaly eruptions, leprosy, itch, scald head, pimpie*. cracking and einartmg of the skin, tetter, and all kints of (ores Longstanding ana i.eietofore insurable lever sores; rheumatism, gout, liver complaint, auil all disease! rati*#d,by an improper use of mercury, local and constitutional dcbilt' y or weakness, gonarrhce ?. gleet leucorrl tn? or whites, gravel, kc.,or when the system has been eshvisted by .secret sensuality in youth, iuteinpe ance, loug standi g debilitating diseaaes, (org residence in Southern climates, and other debili tiling causes. This invaluable mtdicine has been employed by the proprietor in an extensile private and hospital rrartice, both in Europe and Atneric i for the last forty year*, during which time he has cured orerSOOO pilienta, who were afflicted with some of the most loathsome and destructive firms of d sense, many of whom are nvw living, and ready to testify to the efiicacl of thismedicice. Itcuree by giving tone to the aervss. exhi erat ing the spiiits, r'gulatiog the circulation, invigorating and exciting the vital o'gansto a natural and healthy action' andtnus causing nil impurities 'O be expelled from the syetcm, and cresting trie secretion of perfectly pure and healthy blorsd. i Price $1 per bottle. Fnrsale only at the Private Res ide nee No. 417 Greenwich sir .et, two door* abort Canal street. mat 3m $500 PREMIUM. t?he INDESTRUCTIBLE INK,which F. M. BART1 LETT exhibited at the Fair of the American lustitut*. New York, 1841, with an offer of $500 to any one who should extract it from patie', aud which received the gold medal of (he Institute, can be had by calling on Messrs. Haw don, Wright St Hatch, bank note engraver*. 48 Merchants' Exchange. Order* from any pert or the Union, poit paid, through the above named hcute.will be promptly attended to. Writing made with thi* ink will remain unchanged a* long it ptper * ill erdnre, and i* exceedingly raluable abeve all indellible ink* now in u?e. ot which we hare any knowledge. John Torrey. M. D., Prof??aor of Chymialry, tie. in the College of Clinician* and Surgeon*, N Y, Jami* R Chilton, M D . Practical Clr jn'?t. John A. Warder, M D-, Prpfe*4Jr ?f Chymutry aT Im* ahd Mineralogr. Cincinnati College. Ohio. 30 ODD YEARS OK EXPERIENCE in the scientific practice of curing certain diieaeae, have enabled Dr LAUREL, of No. 103 Canal (tract, to eradicate thoae dieeaes in quedlon, whether new,old, or Inveterate, in lee* than halt the time employed by thecommon doctore, who poison their patient* with mercury, canity, nitre, cubeb*, ke. ... N. B.?Stranger* are apprised that Dr. L. in a regular phyaician of the med eal facu'ty of Paria, alto graduated in the U. St at re, an can be proved by hi* diolomaa m34 1 m* PIANO FORTES. QOUTHERN DEALERS and purchasers generally will O find it to their advantage to call and examine a choice a? ortment of the above ar'iele, eompriciug a variety of S and tj octave*, of rote wood and mahogany, with grand action, acroll tends, and every modern improvement. These iiie'rnincnt* are warranted to b'. equal to auy iu the city, a id will be aold at the lowest pociblr price* for cash. at the ininufactory, 44 We*t Faurteen'hetreet, bstwe-n Fifth and Sixth avenue*. N. B ? Pi mo Forte* for Hire?A good aaaortmeut of piano forte* for hire at the m iti'ifactory- aT 3-0 "SOMETHING NEW LEUK'S GARDEN. 49 Bowery ?The undersigned take* thi* opportunity to inform hi* friend* aid tne public that he ha* opened a Garden and Saloon at 49 Bowery, where he would be harpy to receive their call*. Hi* Saloon will be constantly supplied with the choicest and be*t of Fruita, Confectionary , Cr (Tee, Ice Crrain*, Lemonade and Soda that the cityafToids Every atte it'on will be given ?n hi* pait to make thi* Garden and Saloon a plraiant and agreeable retort to the Indies and gentlemen who may favor 'hem with a call. al4 tm'c H. LEUR, 41 Bowery. "CARPETING, &C. CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. JONES k MARCY, 101 Bowery. New York, are now receiving their spring supply of Carpeting, Oil Cloth*. WinJ.? UL -J -. fT?....... I. Ll_o.lL P una IU.,. Vol* TaKl* xnrl riano Cover*. Suir Rods Sic Sic. Among their good* are many new and rich pattern* of Knplith and American manufacture, which eannet be exereded for beauty, quality and c.he.annrs* in the city. Ftr?ou* about fur.iahing their houaei are invited to live ui a call. I.K.JONES, at lm* L. MARCY. CRE\M?CREAM?CREAM. Still theCitire widely teem With praise of Kins a I'rrhrna Cream? The fine-it Slncing t'o i pound known, Caverience baa clearly ahown. 'Ti* ?o kil'ully J reparrd T? eoften e'en the rolghe-it heard, That a dull razor's edge butowi A kienBeaa that the iharpe:t knowa. 'Tie pure, and p'eataut, choice and cheapWill in eeery climate keep? Make* it a pteasi-ig taak to ahave, And wftl both time anil trouhlr i?e. Prepared and Bold by C. H. RINtJ, Si button afreet; Bu> ett.814 Br 1-adway. and 459 Brmdwruy. in 31 I in' GENERAL AGENCY. THE SUBSCRIBER has taken the atore 75 Kul ton street, Brooklyn, for the ash of the moat approved genuine patent and family mcdre.inea, perfumtiv fancy articlea, kc. Matrufactitrera and propiietor* of such arltc'ea, or of any thing elae, who wiah for au actire, alirtr g agent to dispcas of their productions, will ft td aucl. an one in the person of the subscriber. S J STEWART. 75 Fulton at . Brooklyn For sale, moat of the approvid family medicine*. Person* purchasing here may rely on .braining g'Luiue article. an lm' GARDENING. WANTSa Situation as Girdiner, by a mm who uod'tstands his burlnes in all itadi partmenta. is alan a first r?le agriculturist, and haa leatiini n al? from grn.leim n of thi first rank in Europr, which ran be attested by James Bennett of Arli jgtou House, L !. A note addressed to No. 35 Atlantic at,B.ooklyn, will b?pane.ually attendidto. at'i it in FRENCH MECHANICAL LAMPS.?'The subscriber begs to call the attention of pir.iea about fillinguu public or private house*, to the grc it advantage to t>e gained h, adapt IT it Me lamp* luaitau 01 gea, ai in* pirerm enrrmeiy low price of oil ll h a; well e InblirHed fact that a hotel or any I ir*e eelabln-hm*otcau he lighted with tli"..i at !e?e than one half the ci peine ofgae; ao.l bra dec tli*y afford a ir ore agreeable and better diffuerd light.entirely free I rum smell or emote. Ae a readi ig or etudv lamp, th?T are etrongiy recommended, the light heiug perfectly eleady ; and (tinnerd through a ground globe canaet po.eibly hare anv ii jurioiu effect upon ihe eye. I li. y are used in n Oil ol ihe (ibrtriee ia France and throughout (he continent. ? D MXTOW< Succeeaorio A DIAt.'OiY, ago t ml'c 337 Broadway. " Take phratc early?medicine comeeloo late, When the due nee become* invefcr ite." UK.roMMKNDKD hT th* F*c.i1ty-VANCF,'8 ANT1 IV BILIOUS FAMILY APEKIhNT I1LL8?By long tpenence three pill* have been proved by Ihr.iiaeud* to be he beet and aafeit Family Medicine hitherto discovered. At ill eeaione of the year they will t* found rery raluable to all rho wiah to aecure llumeedrr* again* liikn M They are dike eale for children ae for any period of life, and require no etra attention to diet or to clothing, bi'.io't* and /iver complaint e, dyaprpaia or indigeotion, neyvoua dierwree, eick headache, aed iu lact all ditraeea arieine fr< m an imptire elate of j'i or * ''"ordered elate of the etomech or bowele, are epeedily removed by taking them. They prevent .curvy, coolivenee* and it* cotuequeucre?therefore eeafaring menenou.d never be without them. Time or elimate affect* them not. ..!L0.e?ivl*e !P '""vtnee the patient of their aaiuihJ.TihTin'.c r.fc ?omech will readily regain ite etrengtb, Cnd k t?ne T'r,,"<l bowele will epeedily lake place .,nm ,h rt; , >n< "fboJr and mind w fit be lliecer tain mult. rheir virtue*. fact, may be eummed up-a* a Emiimof bhi? cSSSiidJKTu,; maU.Tr nil "?1"'" hefound of infinite v due to fePrice U nod 50 cenle per bo*. For ?ale, whole*. I* and re all. bv Wm a ... Wdkter ?t?- Nowili fti?' corn'r "f ^?^o? and .. i ! h n Bowery , Balgrov*. druggi.t, Falton t. prwoeiy n. ____ m3i im* S TRAW W K API IN"-1' 00 re .mecrown eiraw wrapyii g k.? au eioellcnl article, Hill n ceiled and lor eale hv '"ft"'* * Ph HlBe'. *r RRrtOKk ai lliheHr at '400,000 left Tor tain Reg wars, I ANDFD from brig Ohio, from Havana, cf anserine a... 11 I ' ty, foriale in lotatoauit purchaser*. >1 reasonable *10 l n>* by M. KADEK. 4?Ctatham at. ' OTEEL TENS?From the celebrated manufactory of jo. ^ ??l>h fiilloff, of Birn ingham ?The high rt nutation of theee pen* In# Indured pic y lelertor maker* fn imitate lh?m thereby lajnrinc the'well ear ed repot* ton of J ?*ph Millntt The Public are rwiueeltd to b* particular from wbum ihey pitrrhaae. The genuine may be known by their auperior quality, and by the Kyle of putting up. A constant aupplr for eal* by HUBERT PARUOW, tnM ! ' M Maiden Lane. W YO :w YORK, SATURDAY IS FISK'S COMBINED SUMMER BAKER & COOK STOVE, FOR COAL OR WOOD. AATWOUD, Patentee?Prices from H.fO to $12-?The Ileus,furnace and front of this stovcare made of cist iron' 1 mid hui Urge fire oven attached to if. which mil do nearly treble Ilia cooking of the largest rn-d onliuary Cook Stores The oriher of the fiirnree mil admit a boiler im asoring ait I pails, or fil'ecD gallons and by the u<e of the di isiou plate, kett'es suit a tie for boiling foar different d'shes; in add Hi in to all tins, two fowls or a laige piece of meat uiav be roas'ed in front, anil all done with leas than eeuts per dry, for proof of which we refer to those who hare usedth' m. KISK'S Store hsiab'ishnient, 21? Water street. Read the following certiorates, in addition tow Inch orer two hundred may be seen by celling at the store, KlbK'S Store Kelab'islum lit. 202 Water street Ntw Yoaa. St k'ourthstrert.tth Apiil.1812. . M'ssrs. Fish, fje Water street?Among the rariety ?T stoves which hare come to my uolice, the one I purchased I'rom you merits a decided pre'erincr. I have use'it during 1 II the srassnr, aud tmM in ist clirerfully rrcomHieud it to ihe public as m my opiniou surceptible of ni improtemiut | for simplicity or economy. and worthy of more praise than can bt appreciated without a trial of it I am, with respect, your*. St-. A PKKKIN9. Pastor of the Brrem (Baptist) Church. i Vr.Fuk. '09 Water street?The Summer Stove which 1 purchased of yon lot spring, I hare had in use till now; and M one, wittiont trial, woulit believe the anHl"t of coobllig that miy be done by it, or its rcuuomy Sntiice it lo say, that with occasionally an eitra lire, w e h <v< cooked for froio to to 35 ptrsons, with enough less Iacl to save more than the price f the store. MRS. BL'KL, <3 Kaltou street March95,1842. alt lint CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. ! THE Subscriber is now opening im Spring supp'y of hardware fc CUTLKU?, received per fate arrivals, from Birmingham and Sheffitld. Tiigether Willi a general assortment of Domestic Geo la. whi h he il prepared 10 offer >1 thevery LOWEST CASH PRICKS. The attention ef Country Merchant!, Builders, Cabinet Makers, kc., is solicited to an examination of hie stock and pnccs as h? is contidcut they will And it to their iuten t to favorhtm with a call. ALFRED F. LAORAVE, *10 Greenwich corner Earrlay, New York. A regular supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Coopers Glue. Also?a complete assortment ol Mechanics Tools. James Screws, kc. nH 3m* A PROBLEM AND the way to solve it. Why do the iinitatots of my Tablet Razor Strop allow me to carry off the pn miuin medal and diploma, fiotn the American Institute, yiar alter ye r, without even submitting their own for tria; f O ye of tender chins and tough bearde. amwerlhe above by bringing a dull p- ir of Razors, and test for yourselves he truths c f the certificatesef the moit scienufic pn tie men in the country, viz: Professor Griscom, Dr. Mo't, Gen. J Tallmadge and others. O 9 AUNDERS,?ole inventor ami mannficturerof tne metallie Tablet Razor Stiop, with four sides, 113 Broadway. mW liu* FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. AMONG the many and T.irious Cosmetics that are offered to the public fur b-au'ifying the completion, at d removing -very eruption from the lace, none can be so confidently recommend.(i as Church's Vegetable Lotien It imparts a delicatesm-o hness to the comp ezicn, and effectually removes pimples, blotches, tan, freckles, r.ugw -rms, and all o.her cutareous eruptions and disci loratiuiis Price TS cents per bottle?sold at Church's Dispensary, 188 Bowery, corner ef Spring streeL Agents?E.W. Bull, Hartford; C.k N. W. Bimmors, Pine, corner of Fourth street, Philadelphia; Charles Steane. roughkeepsie. mM Im* DOCTOR PROVOST. " QOME individuals write against the use of balsam copaivy, tJ cubebs.nitre, camphor, mineral astringents, kc kc., in the cure of secret diseases, but that the world knows that the above medicines will and have cured those diseases, is beyond a doubt It it perfect fully to deny that fact. But that It requires a professional man, and a man of skill in hi* profession, tokuew when and how to give those mediciues, is eaually as obvious to men of minds. I hope, therefore, that gentlemen requiring medieal aid will not give ear to all the foolish stuff which they may see in the sham of advertisements, but tlwy will call upon me, at No. (I Broad street, where tkey shall havea fiill history rf theircue. I feel confident that not a pa tiekt will leave my office without b'iog entirely aativfied that 1 there is at leas; one regular bred physician who has condescended to place himself among the field of Quacks. My office is at 81 Broad, corner Stone st. atim* J PR0V09T,M.D. DR. FAWCETT, Member of the royal college ok burgeons of Loadon and Edinburgh, and of the Medical College of Philadtlpliia,coiifiaes bis practice to a select branch of his profession. " Noeet empta dolore vol up! a* " Dr. F is encouraged by the untfo-m success attending his mode of treatment in the curs of venereal, gleets, strictures, seminal weakneis and mercurial afftct nut, together with all those other bid symptoms which undermine the cunsiitutroa and lay the foundation of premature decay, either ftom maltreatment or any other causa. In such persons the appetite is generally defreliv, aud the relish for 'ife almoit subdued. His mode of tiea'mtnt is uuiveisally admired?his m'diciues being pleas int to the taste and smell, gentiy astrtnges the fibres of the stomach aed gives that proper tensity,what a g*od digestion requires. His treatise < ti constitutional or n-rvous debility affords very extosive observations on sexual debility seminal weakness, and unpotency brought on by delusive habitsall its attendant symplon * phystol g rally eiplaiued. This work can he obtained at his office, IM Fulton St. where the D ictor can be consulted at all hours ol the day and n ght. Letters post paid will ret eive immediate attention. an In't 6 EO RGE"EL M EN D O It F, LATE OF THE FIRM OF ELMENDORF k LORD. Has rem'vtdfrom the Aitor House to the establishment of J.G Wyman. Merchant Tatlor.131 Broadway, where he wi.l be hippy to wait on hia old friendc and patrons. a31 lin'c SIGNS. GEORGE W. FORDUAM, HOUSE, SIOS AID ORNAMENTAL PAINTER, COKIOK O? WALL AND TEARL STREETS, New-York, Block Letter Signa executed iu the beat mmcer. N. B.?Prices eery lew. aai Inr PJIO T O G R A 1? H 1G LIKENESSES, rt the DAOUrRREOTVrr rROCHS. in. D. VAN LOAN, Urritn Stort of Omerirs: Building, Corner of Droailwoy and Chamhert Street, If. Y, ( in Cham'oira Street.) OCJ- kenestea taken from 7 A. M., till sundown, in any kind of weather?clear, cloudy, or raiuv. al9 Irn'm CROL1US' BOAT ESTABLISHMENT, IOC WATKK STRKEr. FOUR DOORS CAST OF CATHARIII MARIIT, THE Subscriber having ia *?is manufactory, and ur.der his owu im.iudiaie superintendence, some of the oldest aid most exi* ieneed builders in this city; and the best of materials for building every description of biats; wheh enables him to furnish at the shortest notice Boats of the inost aj?pro> ed model and workman* hip, on the mos libetal terms BUILDER of the Sultan of Muscat's Plra*ure Barge, the Wave, (v-Axel'.e.l Aifaotic. Walinna. 8ic. Also, the Aun of Peeks kill, Wasuiuztou of Poughkcepsie, Duchess of Hyde Park. Sylpji and Wave of Mobile. Geo. Stewart of Louisville. Madame Celeste of New Orleans kr a'oI lnt'tn _ GEORGE W. DAWSON, IVholtoaU and Retail Furniture ami General Eurnithinfr It'ai ehouie, No til Chatham *<-, corner of Uuane itreet, Neio York. WHERE he keep* for a He a I ante unrtmrnt ol the follow ing articlia, ?il. Sid-b trdj. Bureaus. Bedsteads, Cots, Tablra, Chaira. nrtica and portable Duke, Olios Cases Book Caret. Looking Glasses, dining, renlre, tea and|ier Tallies, rianoa. Solar. Hofa Bedsteads. Urda, Bidding. Patenters, .Mattreasea, Carpet., Oil Cloth, Maltu g and Kir. Irons, Wash St* da. Toilet Tables, Candle Standi. Bureau Bedsteads, Dreciig Bureau*, S.fti he. A!m, a latge aiaortment of meu ami women'* Weiring Apparel,new andaecnud handed. All of the above arfieLa are offered to the puMie at very low [rice* Peiaon* in want of aaid article* would find it to their advantage to make as early call at the above ra'abliahinefit. Sbiopirg order* punctually attended to a id packed on the ahntiat notice, and on reator.abl* term* Mattreanc*, Bidding. he. for fitting out vcw I*, conrtin'ly on hand. All order* to the above eatablianm-nt will be puncti all; at tenued to ai d thinkfully received N B.?The hig'en price* wi'l be git in f"r aecond hand Furtiture and gentlemen and laJ ea' eait off cloth ng. atilmr K" ALSOMlN*. PAINT.?The Kalaominc faint having been aeveieiy teated in thi* cit> during the winter month*, the patentee* ran recommend it v ilh renewed confidence to the publie. The numerou* ipeeimer* of Kaliomitie Paint now emitting in New York, render* vn eimme ation of it* ad vintage* aupertlaoue , among the mo*l promiaent art the following Kal*omin? Color* are mire permanent, more lumitioiu and agieeable to the eje thin oil colore. They are applied without cccaatouiug any offenaive amell or lajuriou* effect upan health, and drying id a few hour*. Kaliomine paiut map. if properly applied, be waahed when aoiled, according to direction* in th*?ireul*r. Order* r*c?iv?d tad punctually attended 'o at the KALNOMINE PAINT DEPOT, frb 27 tm* 384 Briadw iy. corner Kunklln. dkntistry; WM, THORN, DENTIST, ao'icita the attention of tho?* who wear Artificial Te*tn, UMUmm who may re ju re them, to hi* mr hodti f *upplying the Maaillary family, vn the Teeth Knowing that there la a diranrreabit laale in lh? mouth of thoae who inJulge In acid*. mulling from the actio* of the acid on the (told Date. In all ca*ra that admit of it, h? in*ertn lrclh,f rum one to a complete eel,.without using one par tide of metal of any description. M < hamhar* street. all 1 in* COPY OP A TEh I I v.ONlAL FROM THE CELEBRATED DOC. roll NELHONTHE ORIGINAL MAY BE SEEN AT ?T3 DROAD WAY. Mona. Mallan. Hia?The cement with which y. u fil'eil the decayed ceth of two of my friend*fully answered the purpo** fur which it wa* applied,and g ive ihe greaie*t aatiafacti in. Th* specimen* ofartitici*l treih p'.auted on goklgumahieldi from a rr.iige of three or lour teeth up to a complete aet foi both jaw*, which I have *- *n you smuts, are on a level with tn? hi*heaiorder of dentid aubaiituliiu now known, either here or in Euro,*. 1 im rrtir* tru'r. ROBERT NELSON,M.D March IS. 1841. 44 t ranklin aireet To Mona. Mailaiv Sc Bow*, Bureeon llential. JT? Br.iv.lo >y mlSlmia* ^ TLAN'I It; JlnTEL lOl . T ? i hi* *p anion* and well ? - Hinwn rai-imm; m'-u', a in uroin way nr?r nw y " t? rjr, will be I *? for line or more yrara, imnarnniwn tobe I'*'" on lh? firnt (lay of Mar neit. Hent mnerrilf Apply lo LIV. LIVI\(t ro??, MT1W*< No ? <*all at wot. rjOLUfcN H\v \\ H&tfcL. So. ? North 1 bud atreti, a law door* abort Arch. Philadelphia ? Board H per ? * Thia hour* it In a antral location, aad baa aceomoiodationa I oraaraair para?M. all Imr RK I 10RNING, APRIL 23, II THE SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL & DIAPER PIN. ANEW and important article forme iu tlx iiorfrry, anil at a faatrmug to ladie* shawl*. chain. 4tr i ateuted in Ihe United State* and in Kuro|e, lor sale wholesale by W. H. C'AHY It UO. 106 Pearl ?l..N? w York, and by the patentee,at the manufactory. 146 far at B'Ooklru. Thread and needle I'utti. aud dealer* in fancy article*, aupplied oa liberal trrma. aia 1 m't LUOINA CORDIAL. TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. IT I*now barely three year* ainee the cen?ral introduction of the LuclnaCordial into the United Mate*, and in that pe riod it haa not only eprrad ita utelulurak lhrougli*iit tnit hrmiaphrre, and untamed the raat reputation which it had previoualy atiiuired in K'irope. hut ha* alio added to the renowuof it* tlluatrmtu iurentor b. the unrivalled power* it ha* been ducovered to |?nm in the cure of incipient -ouaumrtion.

The know ledge-I It* wonderful iiitlueuce iu rennvalitg and intigoraiing the human frame, first anggeatedthe idea 01 uaiog it in tni* way; aud the re?ult i* that a medicine hai been added to the catalogue for the cure of incipii nt eomumption, which placet the diaeaae, with due precaution, under the control ofthe patient It ia acareely urrmanry at thi* period to reeeanmend the L.i cina Cordial. IB an all-eutfn'iiut remedy in eaacaof Gleet, Flour Albua, dithcult or painful menalriiation, Incnnline ace of Urine, alio all dweaae* arising from detiditatienof theiyatem, where an iir>n|. ?e, or a reatorativeAa wanted; *? throughout he United Stale* it ha* taken precedence of <11 oilier medicine in iucIi caiet, aud learea nojiiug further to be Imped for; it* cure* heiug ipeedy, perfect, perinanent. and effected without paiu or trouble. Should there how ever be any prreon laboring under Ihe above complaint*, who are doubtful of its alm ,*t umvervallv feat-d uierila. I recoin mend it t* them with ail confidence, and on iny own personal responsibility, Iceliug -tseu'ed if they give it toe required trial, that health to tee ailticied parties, and gralrfu'uesa to l)r. Mrg-'in, will be the rea"lt. But hi it ale i the cage in Eu rope, tt.e immense American reputation of the Luciua Cordial. is priucipally baaed on ita thoroughly investigated, iudubitan e.and generally admitted power to enable f male a, who h. d been considered nairen, to bear ofTapring; and to restore virilepowere in males, when reducid to utter aed apparently horeleaaproatratton, to MTMtt li-alth and activity. Wheu I tirmt rtceived the American agency of the Lucina Cordial, from Ur. Magmu, uotwid atandiug i'a imincuae toreigucelebnty, and the great amount ?f respectable teatiinjui* that accompanied it. I dtclintd committing myaelf iiiilividti-tlly; by giving anv pergonal assurances in theae partn ulaia; but n?w, after Un eoonnoua gale of upwarda of one hundred thousand bottlea coupled wi h the receipts of cert'licatea and teatimniiiala iuuu uerable, and much knowledge fonnded on pergonal obgervalt-io, I ran n.bentsmgly wairant it av fareiceediitg niv moat aanguine hopes, or even the illuetrioua ioten'or'g ptomiaes, iu the In filmeut of the inoat important end a for which it la recommended, and has brcou e eo justly and utitteraa'ly popnKr. To be aa explicit as possible, I rep?at. and hold mjaelf personally responsible for the aaauinptioo, that the Lut ii.a Cordial, c.u iutigorate the viri e powrra iumalte.aud make few foc-indtut, where nature haa been deficient, 01 when they have been proteated by artificial uenna; and a'ao that it can produce that atate of the ayatetn in femalea, who had been pievr ugly un'ruitfitl, and imagined barren, which will enaule them to Sear cht'dren. I rigret that I have to a|?ak an plainly, on aucn exceedingly delicate matteia, but feel called upon to do go, hat it might be nnaunderaiood, and aa a fill! guarantee for th- grija'responsibility which I lure chec-utiy assumed Wi.h feclin^a of ai cere gralitu le for tha t xtei a.te patronage which, na the agent ol tne Lucira Cordial,haa osau lisaiad up n me iu thia coun'ry. 1 remap the Pub'ica' very oiiedirut humble ee-vot, JOHN I NTtHS HOLDEriWELL, M D Pr'ce <3 per hottl . E.iraaloat 158 Broadway,.New York and 9u .V-ir h Sixth atr,et, rinl d il->hia. mail tn* TO THE LADIES. Fashionable millinery ooons-The rrowe treaa, Miaa 3. KINO, daughter of the celebrated Carl K>ug, offera for tale a m-at aelect and choice aaaortmrut ol Milliuery Goods, fur the spring trade, never as yetpreeenhd to the public, bolhaa regarda the quality and cheapness of the artieiea. The assortment consists ol the following:? The celebrated 8ILK HAT. CALLED CAPOTTE D'ORLEAN9 aa worn by La Durheaee d'Orleaca, ofVr.'tiee; SHED SILK. ENTIRELY NEW AND OMIOINAL S 1'YLE?and Lawn Hata do do?an entire new it} le ol Hate called "MODINE CAPOTTES. ELSSLER COTTAGES." Paris an and English FANCY 8TJLAW8, ef the finest texture. in great variety. The proprietreia reapiclfully aolici'a theiadiea to favor her with a call aud exxmire he-e'egant and varied stock of Milli uci jr iuj uicmacma. uritut uicy |>u<vnoa: ciacnncic,m it win b? agreat savin;: to them in price and a great advantage as regards tne rariety and quality ?r the goods. M199 9. KINO, Mag ziae de Mode*, an lm'r gggg Broadway. DR. MORRISON. VTORTH RIVKR UISrK.N8ARY.204l Ku'lon street.oea' t-N Greenwich?Dr Morriaon. Member ol? I lie Royal College of Surgeons, London. and forinerU turgeon in the Pritiah navy, conn iu*s to be consulted daily on diseases of a delicate nature,and all those distressing symptoms cousequeot ou in j millions treatmeat and the imprudent use el quack medicines. Dr M. has bad an ezperisnce of twenty-two years in treating delicate < ImM, in all their various and complicated fonso, aud usee a mild, sals, and infaltials substitute for mercury, eradicating the reneieal virus with certainty, without subject in* the patient to any risk,or restricting him in his usualdiet or pursuits, while hie medicines ere agreeable is leete end smell. Permanent obstruct one in the urrthra, such as strictures, au-i accompanied with much irritation and dull pitu. are aome of the rouse que ires of mat treatment, aud leading ulliuiat'ly tonsmir; tistulas. Dr. M. treats strictures in a act entitle nuflff, gradually promoting absoipliou of the thickeued meinorane without pain. CON8TITUT1U VAL UtBILITY?Thouaande of young men are suffering from the consequences of indulgence in i arret destructive habit, and whose nerves are further injured from the use of nostrums snd pretended specifics, which stimulste oirly to induce greater depression Dr M. treats on pureiy psthofu.icst principles, and never fails in establishing a cure, also It., most obstinate yield to his plan of treatment Letters post aid. snd eoutainimg t suitaoie lee. will snsuis the corn . < i drnt full advice and medicine to aqy 'part of lbs Uuion. IT ? eivine a hisiorr of hie ease in detail. Tli- v jK teat honor and confidence observed >e i 204i pulton street. ~ 7i. NKWCt.L A DAY'S PATENT PKRMUTATluN HANK LOCK ?Bankers and o here may place n p.icit coLfidence in the above Lc cki* being the bert an I caliet ill use Any leisrn m<y have the key lur ash le diy to mike a fac similic hy, without the slighieat chance of opening it, after a change has been made in setting it. Other ch instable locks ire liable to be puked by person* telle may see 'lie key. ua teas ihe c-se rtcenlly the Combination Lock invented by Dr. Solomon Andrew?, of I'eith Amboy, V J., which war upon the vault of the American Kxchaoge Hank in W <11 street, was picked bv Mr Henry C. Jones, of Newark, N. I., in presence of the . tfi ere of ieve-al Banks in th.e city. The same luck was afterwards sent to Dr. Ar.d rews, who put io new works ol a more ditfi u't nature to pick, but which Mr. Jours rrauily < (sned lie upon uUiither occasion publicly picked at the Howard Hotel one of the Co ? Wriaiion Locks, such as are sold by the American link Lock ' THhe'nwh reputation of Day, Newar k Day, Permutaiion Bank Locka if li-inly eatabliahrd. J hey ha'e iiiririahly taken the bigl cat preiniume. when evliiliited at the K'airi held |u .New York, Boa'on and Philadelphia, namely, Gold meddle in the I wo eitiee firnt named and SJier, beiug the higbrrt premium givea ill the Utter city. These loikr are mide to key? whirl tan he changed inform from one to one Irmdred thousand million different timea. upon fhheri.f whieh they are equally secure ai.d piouf against ike attempta of the mo.t tkilful burglar, for ahould h< take an impretax n, nreeen late the key iteelf, be could not e?|iect to npui it during bia life, tinleaa eome one were in inf. rm him ol thinaunee in which the lock might be changed, after he obtained pnaaeaa on of the key. Orleraforthe above Lock promptly aMeu-led to by JOHN DAY, fucceiaorto Day, Newell k Day, No. 589 Broadway. apl6 I in' QALT RfftUM. KING WORM ThX ILK. UARBfcK'S vvirt'H AND 8CA Blf.B ? HAYEK'S LOTION AND SYRI'Pia the only rrmedy which is certain tocure the above coniplamta-harmleaa in Ha operation, but certain inita eff.cta ?the Lotion healiug quickly, and the 8yruppurifying apiedily. Pi ice $1. THE TRUTH WILL PHEVAIL-Dr. Goodwill's Deterge it and Pills never fall to cure a recent caae of il aeaae in tS hour! . if uae I aadirectid Try them, all ye affl.etet-they are free from mercury. Price 50 cei ta each. THE TO iTHACbffc CONyUERKD-Janisen'a Eitract. It re'ievea in fire min ilea after application to tlia nerve ot the tooth, and prevenia d;. ay if the tooth is tilled iminediately. Price 50centl. FEMALE MON'l i LY riLLS-Erom M Bindelorjue of Kr>oce?certain, r i fe aad ipe'dy in Ihe cure of all caaea where nature haa be < roe obatructed. They cura in a few daya. Price 75cenla i erpaekage. GILBERT'S A.N li BILLHIl.S FAM|LY PILLS?For therelefof all eomp ainte produced by costive hahita. anch aa headache, heariburn,four atomach, dizr.itieaa, and toaaol appetite, thay lure been uied with more aucceaa than any till ever he'or? offered to ihe public. Prire 95 rente per hoi. Sold wheleeale and retail by E. M. OUION: I IT Bowery, c-merof Grar d atreet. m3t I in* v|_Hf. TKL't, HI'.IIES Or LlfE is HkAhlH-lM a only genuine Taylor "a Balaam of Liverwort from the aole propri'tor at 211 Spring* never been known to fail in rurii-g the most alarming aymptuma off'outumpiion and Liver I omplaiut. We have certificatea from hundreila of moil respectable persona. eertifynE to the atirpriau g relief ihey have received in ming the article from 241 Spring atreet Owing to ihe aaaerlione of counterfeitera, the following aworii facta la now puhliehed? City of Brooklyn, Kr ga Couv.ty. a?:?E. Townaend being duly aworn, depute* and nare that he ia pereontlly acquainted with the proprietor of Dr. Taylor's Balaam of Liverwort, and doee cert fy from hie own know le'ge that the only peraon now living, who prepared thia medicine at 378 Bowery, and lathe aole proprietor, reaidea and transact* hu.inraeat 211 Spring 'reel, a id matiufar'.urta the genuine Ba aain of Liverwort at that p.ace, ftoj. the only or ginal reeifie in exittenre. E. TOWNStND. Sworn before tne thia 17th Jan 1849, S.ALPHEUS SMITH. Com orDe.da. I certify from my own yeraonal b nowlrdge ihat the above at ate mi ula m regard to the owuerahip, Ike are true. S.ALPHEUS SMITH. Beware of Counterfrita, aa the great qirealion oflife or death may dr|wr.d ii|?n having the g-auiue medicine, made only in thia city at 211 Spring ilreet, AgeDta?Redeing g Stateatreei Beaton; 31 Main atreet.and 79 FuI'sd atreet, Brooklyn-, lit and 249 Broadatrre*, Newark. Piice?Large bottlea ft, neat aire am-iller iiie 50 cent*. _ m2?lm' f'KAM) SreiN'J XKniCINK.-WHI I'Wr M/t I r. it I* PKRANCK BITTERS, WITHOUT WlNE OH A I. COHOL.?Kcadtr, hmt you no appetite? Do vca n?t loliih yt ur fo ><l I '111, thaae biItci ; ih' y will 11 o neatly itt d (ration, and of cour.c remove dyapeptia jiuridieo. wc-kn?,<i 01 the h, debility,kr. Tktf purity the blood ?>.< nr. i*.irate the wh le a/ateir. The bittiri tfO txlremtlj mild and pleaaant Trj llwm. Price IS cente. 8 Id by A. B kD.ftatde, d ugffiete, 7? Fu't n correr of(fold etreet, > nil IPO Full 11 corner ofWillIrm afreet. Aim o'd br Ahrm B. Vodi k Co . No. J7I Broadway, corner of Ch imberi *t-eet; Dt'id 8.aid* it Co., No "7 Brof'wtv. eiriier of Ma-ket e'. u3t3n*m s-l HAH nt K.T i'retn'iim < . ?n and ( (km*. fi ?. in . y. J bl? mid rare flowrraeed#, Krrliili grnm fer l iwne. 30.000 (fteett i nd hot hour* pl.mia dah'M rem", tiM* flower*, tube rot'?, fruit nd <>thiiti?h'*I tr???, ahrubhery of *11 k nor,can*, ry birdi fold fieh and ?lnbra, wnolraMaandrr'ail, on the moot reiaonabte term", at NIBLO A DUNI.AP H, No. 57a Broadway, an ! at thair nuracry, c<ruer ol kth Avenue and 11 lib at root. Harlem. myt |o' I." MAUNKftO'j "kBUAK HHittk, Rl Bi.UaUWA V. P . f ttilinero reap, e full) i: for mi euub.i and par icuaily Hit frirndr, thtt ho boo opened a S?y?r Rtnre, at a Broadway. where he eel * *t wl.ole j* r and rr ail (Y< 1 y kind of "eyr*. *M of them 'f the brat ijmlitie* or Kegtlllk. Copgrcro. So maa. IMmaa. Paoetelae, ke, which ne trtiirtilrnaitiic ratabliih rrrta of Habana; tuch *a Conetanr:,, Atlanta p... sa I ltmodi. Dra mtimnri-it.Uni in n.dl. .r ni.i l, k\ Mr H (f i n-l.rco! H?biU>, IIMMli'|?i,>rMlri| j# j-mh in d?alir>B in 'h? t'ft' can *vr?Q' y> ilhnul irlying orly upon ibe m>rt? of Irw m HV. ?ut >pi On 4y,. mm'#. Sir. S will Mini ?-iT quantity of A'gara '0 ?l # r r hi Ihc rilr *jllionl id; idfilit itl stil # "i M. W. t.UOl k'.R ANUtTT' O v, hi# IIMIN lo No, Amity #lrr?t, 6r#t doo'b?lo? fliomrnoo ftrrrt QIR * hour# u Wrttoforr, from t till It A. M , and froa 2 lilt P.M. aMtl'a IGRA 342. BY THE PRESIDENT 01' THE UNITED STATES. TN pursuance of the l?w, I JOHN TYLEH, President of 1 the U' ited States I America, do hereby declare slid in*-< known, lint public sales will be held at the nuderinentioui d laud offices, id the little of llliuoia, at the periods hereiua'ter designated to wii: At the Laud Office at Dixon, commencing on Monday, the thirtieth day of May next, for the d-sposalof the public lauds withiu the lunitaof the undermentiaueJ towoa.nps, to wit. Xorth of the bate line, and rait of the 'ith print ipal men di an. Township twenty one,of raugr aix. Towcanip twenty-one, of range aeren. Tuwuahi|M twenty-two, tweuty-lhree, twenty-fire, and twenty-seven, ol range eight. Townshtpe tweuty-two, twenty-five, and tweuty-aeven. of range.nine. Townahipa twenty three, tw enty-five, and twenty eight, of range ten. '1 MPMMM tweuty-five and twenty-eight, of range eleven. the aame place commi tiring on Monday, the twen tieth day of June next, for th? diepoaal of the public l?u<la within the limit, of the undermentioned townships to wit: Xorth of the bate tine, atul eat! of the 4 th principal meridian. Township twenty, ol mngeaix. Township twenty -two ol rai g? aeren. Townslni a twenty-one, twenty-four, land! twenty-mx, of range eight. Townahipa twentr-three and t ?< nty aii, of range nine. Tuwutlupa twenty-two, twenty -lour,. and twenty six, of range ten. lhiwnaliips tweiity-aix and I wen'y-stren, of range e'eren. Also. the fractional aeclion aevent-eu, in township seventeen. of range two. west of the fourth principal ineridlau. Llaude n ii in be red o> e. two, three, and four, anJ pari of island number lii (P, lying in Rock nrer, wilhiulhe lunitaof township lorly-three, north of range ouc, east ol the third principal meridian. The e at half of the southeast quarter of the aeclion seventeen, and the west half ul the aoulli-aat quarter of section thirty, in township thirty-two, of range one, west of the third principal meridian. At the Land Office at Chicago, commencing on Monday, the sixth day of June next, for the dianosal of the uublir lands within I he fimili of the undermentioned townships HLel Irac tiooal townships. to nit: fiocth of the late line, and east of the 3d principal meridian Township thirly-tigh', *1 range fit. Township thirty -tight, of range seven. Townships thirty-eight, thirty-nine, and forty: except the east hall of ihe southeast quarter, the cut half aud northweat quarter of the northeait quarter, aud the north half of the northwest quarter, iu aectiuu three, iu township thirty Liue, of range eight. Township forty-fire, and township forty-air, bordrriug on Wtekonsan Territory, ol range teu. Townships torly -Isur and forty lire, and township forty-six, bordering on Wiikousan Territory, of range eleren Sections one to sis, inclusive, in lowiuhip forty; fractiouil township forty one; ihe northeast quarter of section ten. in township forty-three; and fractional lowi ships forty-four, forty-lire, aud forty -six,bordering on Lake Michigio, except the uortb half of sectiou seven iu fractional township fortyone, of range twelve. At the Land Office at Kaaktakia, commencing on Monday, the twenty-seventh day of June next, for the disposal of the public laud: withia the limit* of the undermentioned islands, situated iu the Mississippi river, rig: South of the hate line and u-e*f of the 3d principal meridian. Island number twenty -niue, in towns? ip seventeen, ol one range,land townships sixteen and set enteen of range two Island numhertweuty-eight, iu townships sixteen audseventren.ot range two. Island numberthirty, in townshipseveuteen, of range two. Island number eighteen, in townships tt u and eleven, of ranges three and four; is'aud number ninett en, in towi ship eltven. of range lour, and an ialaud, nut numbered, lorming parta of secliens stven aul e-ghceen, iu township eleven, of range three, and sectious twelve and thirteen, in township eleven, of range four. Islvnd number twenty, iu township twslve, of range three, ant townships eleven and twelve, of rangefour. Ish.ud number .twenty-one, in towush-ps twelve and thirteen, of range three. Ial.nids uuiuher tweu'y-t ree and 1 w nty-four, respectively forming parts of townships thirtetu anl fourteen, of range three. Islands number twenty-two and twenty-six. in township sixteen. of range three, aud island number twenty-seven, L town ship sixteen, of ranges two and lb ee. Island number lerentern, in towuihip nine, of range four. Iilaod number went];.(ire, in township fourteen, of range four. Iiland uumber lixteeu, in towcahip eighth of range five. I?lMid number fueen, in townalup itren. of rauge eight. Iilanda uumber twelve and thi teen, in towuahip aix, o range nine. That part of iilend number four, forming parte of motions one and twelve ; aud u lauds number Sre and en,.in towuahip one, range tlereu. Uland number'aeren, in townshin two, of range twelre! lalagd number eight a, in towuefupe two and three, efrangea eleren aud twelve. laland number eight 4, in tnwtwhip two, of range eleven. Uland number eleren, in townghip three, of range eleren, Iilande number nine and ten, reapectivel)- forming parte ol townahipe three and four, of range eleven. lalaud number thntj-ouc, in townehtp four, of range elerent Lamia appropriate t hy law for the nee of ichoofa, military or other purpoaei. will be excluded fiomeale. The aalea will each be kept open for two wetki. (nnleea the lauda are aooner diapoeed ol.) and no loager ; and n > private entriea ofland in ihe tuwuahipg so offered will be admitted uutil afier the expiration of lha two weeka. Given under my hand, at the City of Waahington, thia twenty-ninth day of January, anuo Domino 1B42. JOHN TILER. By the President: E.M.HUNTINGTON, Comin'aaiouer of the General Laud'.OiTice. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS.* Every peraon claiming the right cf pre-emption to land in any if the townah'pa deaigualed in thia Proclamation, in virtue of the provigione i f he act of 3g.l Juno, 1838. aa extended and modll'nd by the act of let June, 1810, or of the prorieioni of Ihe latter act, or that of the 4th eptrmber, lfett, each granting certain oririhgea to another anf different claaa nfaeltlrra. ta rrt|oi aied to prove the game to ihe a -tiafactiou of the Reg liter ?nd Receiver of the proper Land Cfflce, aud make payment therefor, ia ?oon aa practicable after aecing thia notice, and before Ihe day appointed for the commence inrnt of the public gale of Ihe land, ?a above designated ; otherwiae auch cltima will be forfeited. E. M. HUNTINGTON. Commiaaioner of the General Laud Office, fn It in?"d wow tJl3. Tl) THE BSTiI) ANDHItEY ILEAHKD-JONE8? rp OIL OK CORAL CIRCASSIA. 1 HOSE whoae hair ia falliug out. tuniiug grey, or haa ceaaed growing, en article ie here offered you at a reraonible price ?rrmeniher it ia not puffed?and it will do all itia repreaeuted to do Read thia? I certify that my hair wag falling out fait; I combed out haudtula daily, aid aiure I hove used two boltlea of Joueg'Oil of floral flircaaaia. it haa ouite atonned falliue out. and ia growing fast and dark. W. TOMKINA, f| King it. _ Thii will girt light, red or grey hair a I ue dark look, and in time caurr it to grow dark from the root* Among others who hare used thii and certify i* J.F. Power,grocer, Brnoklyu; J. Oilbert.jeweller,3d arenue Sold by T. JONES, ngn of the American Eagle, W?unlssa you are careful of |Jie right number you'll be cheated with counterfeit??3 Chatham itreet. Price 3 5 and 8 ahiUingi bottle?three MM. 138 Kalton Itreet, Urookl) u, il agent, mil tni* riE PRIVATE TREATISE ?Tim n a little volume on certain diieaiei in which the beat and nut convenient ineani of cure are itated in the plaineit possible mannci. It alio ihowi the re aeon why then maladioa 10 frequently continue on from month to month,uncured.and terminate at length ut other and permanent complaint!. Indeed, no one can read tKii little book without iceiug at ouce their true and real na turf, and aim the rilk and danger of trailing them to ignorant and boasting people. "* Wi'h a view, however, to obtain a rational degree cf eonft deuce in what he haa advanced on the cure ofthoae diseases, the author think* It proper here to fire a simple itatement of the means ard opportunitiei he himielt hai had of forming juat and clear opiuiouaon Ihit vubject. He therefore begu to atate, thai besides his rank aa graduate of Edinburgh, and member of the Cotnlon College,he he hai been watching theie diaeaaea, both in Hospital and city practice tor more than thirty yean, am! baa published two editions of a work evpresily on them. Alto that he has letfera of commendation from the moat eminent phyaniana in Europe to th# moat eminent in America, as Sir Astlev Cooper to Dr Mott of New York and Dr. Phyaick.of Philaoeltdiia, and othera. and which may be tern by any ona. And further, that he haa the privilege nf referring to almoat every physician of eminence in this city. These are eirr urn lances which afford the highest satiafaelion to every one, especially to i hose who are anxious to obtain the beat advice.? The price of the book ia >1. Dr Ralph ia consulted his reaidcnre, 8* Greenwich (tract, at any hour, and hat distinct and separate apart menu for those who have to wait a little. Coinmunicntioua by post are faith fully replied to. m'lllm' DR. F. FELIX GOURAUD'S POUI'RI.S SURT1LKS FDR ERADICATING HUMAN SUPERFLUOUS HAIR. rrHK above preparation haa received the atamp of public probation for aoroeye? put n be moot bmc apcedy n j effecttwl remedy ever aWeottred for the com let* enfu icio ol human heir. IliedieiMlf aa loeetimeole article for the end hu cafiratjr luinil ted th ee deleter!jut. oncer!ain vnd dan|;erowi? romi "Nltir?t.ii winch li tvr ; r . t- > fr? pirutly employe J. Ne lovely or beautiful w?man who h??lheun* pigni'y appennag* ni a uemonairtumn 01 ?mfi m ;ipri lip, hairy aide of the laee. ;no!r?, nr a mara ol hair eo vering a hro <1 ami tlrvalid toreliead, at r u'd delay a mo nri'iit procuring a bottle of thia invaluable (mwdir Wh>n ?ptilie co'd thii prepar t on i< uaed by aome hi lu-u ol a razor for removing the beard, which it i-ff*c*a wi'h more rwc.ailn at much rat nlily, in a tnerr aatiafactory manner, and at l*#a etp?n?*. while al Ih* aame (im* it leavei th* akin anil and delirat* to the touch. T" uproot the bi art it '? applied w arm, ac co'ding to direction* accompanying each bottle. Priee one "jOURAlXD'B EAU PR BK.AUTK, or True Wa er of Beauty, for ri moving tan, piir.plea, f.eckl'*, b otihn. norI hew . kc . real ring del rate ? h te nrca a: d arm v. ?n eliciting a healthy juvenile aw-earance. fl per bottle Be w are of apviriouv .mil .lionr-oft'iia celebrated coauntir, ot ihe molt dele, tertona nature, ulterlv minima lo the eoan|de?inn and by ita repellent ac'ion injurioui to h-al'h. (JOURaITP'R vKOKTAULK LIQUID ROITQK, romj.oaid materially frcm fiowcn and aunt Ira, impirta a delicate rr irate t rg* to theeompleiiao. inunova'de by rnbbui( with a lianakrn liirfnr linrn c'oih '0 r enta i* r bottle. OOl'RAlfU'H BLANC D'R?PAO*K. or *|?nieli Lily White, givca to the cowrteiaucg a pure lifelike alabaalcr whitenera. eiem I from the inltirioua pmpiertir* erne rally combined with preparation* for thta purpoae. 36 ceutg, put up in Irgant fcoyi a n#tncn b r! the above celebrated co?tn> lira are to be ha I at tlie old eaiablnhcd . fc" Walkar alree*, one door from Broad * ay. and at 647 Broad way. An? *t? ?New York?Albany. Alrt. O itbrie. No 4 Maid en lane?Ltica, O I. Rriwn.p rfum?r Ijeneaeee'r rt?Pugh kepeia, J (Jr.y-Buffa o. J III' .dale. 157 and 303 Main *t|r?t Mngelt I Iran I A-mi'ton Mad'ion 4 ounty Pei n avlrai'i. Ph lid Iphta, Mri. lii van, No 76 t Imi.o' I rrrt. ' 'ft land ? Bait' inure. 5e h all hie, t rtrert. P tit net of (. o'oialna?We.lmuton. Ihy P.rkir, r*iuia> Iv an a Avenue ?Alexandria,L<: Beiry. Virginia?Kirhmnnil. Mra hrayaer. r ilntt I nuo cticut?Middlemenn. K. t Kerre? New llaven, A Law. I'haprl a rret?Haiti, r I. Wtlli Mum brer. 174 Mam a'reet?N.r-irh Willi,m Ka'tlkiier. M?i n huarfta?Boat'n A * J ir.tan.9 Ml k atrri t?Lowell, O A Larietoi fc ' a,' ?> Hall?Lynn, Dr A L Hold* -Wnrteater. M P ley Pltti-6prn|litld ! ACowlea. Main rtrert?Leo BuB*' Field?Salew WSi S f |.ea ?New bury port, 4'bvr ?H II <V* N. lU'i p.hire?Por'amotith, W H Trratin. Mam*- Poillan I Ha' .1 8t C v?bkttg r. Whltlier k 0?j''|-,,'"<"r?':.r a: ? " ... i i I i jr. " ' minntcn'ceot. (>lir ? Colnrnku#, 8u.nm? r f-' fiiew Jtr T " itrook Crin:eloD. . ?. .??? iih Evfry ko il? ol Or Oourttti ro?m?tie? h" " V? , . t'.o awerfprtpwtv*, and N?? Vork. browu f il'#?. and hit for riigr.rrrf on lb* wi?pi>?ri ,,,_ 'Irnfuhiilc, Nonr other ?i*?eniiiMi "" ok hi v. i?ni > < """,r *yi 1"nl';V,rll'.',? "-'J'.kmin part on) m nt lor Ih* Hrr Pioof S*l-m*n(l?r ??(? t W.(a,r?. 17??f? It (r m JO io??! ? <?niuioo fin co? at kMron ?.r. and Mon-v ? hr.t %YLAH*T' ?ilKRKINO. UMwr im W.ur.:r*t LD. Prl*? two Cmti 'Hie Mutt ileum ilul. Oh ! it ii beautiful to iro a young girl timid stand To giro aw ay that princeli u* peurl, her unpolluted hand, At the altar ol h.-r (iod. her earluit infant pray'r, And latest in her maideuhood, taught her wai ertr there. Tit beautiful, when row* are pledg'd, to lee her artltia eyu iljxe on her huiband'i, ai to read her atar of destiny. Propitious be the horoirope that fate ii caiting now, For it would lie a cruel deed to gloom ao glad a brow. Til beautiful to lee her lit beiMu his hearth at eve, To joyful imiltt if he doth joy, but weep if he dotla grieve ; Speaking to him in that low tone true ay mpatby doth ihow? Mirth may be loud,but whispers beat beguile the rar of woe. ' Til beautiful to see her kneel down by her infant's bed, To kin the cheek like Cashmere's role, ere one bright tint it fled, And ihen, with hand: croet'd on her breait, and graceful upturn'd aye, Commend him with a mother's pray 'r, unto the Deity. " Tis beautiful, in every it age, to watch a woman a life, Whether ai daughter, aister, fiunJ, as mother, or as wife ; Through all pervade* leraphic love, the purest, most sublime, Uncharg'd by age or circumstance?oh ! strengthen J but by time. 'Tis beautiful, maii btauli/ul, to mark her youth's decline. When in the eye where panion shone ia seen a ray divine; Knk ndled from the holy lamp, no cloud of sorrow pales, When earthly hopes are held as naught, end God tlcne prevails. 'Tis beautiful, when the is dead, to aee the smile survive, Triumphantly on the calm face, w here death with fear did strive. Engraven by angelic hope upon that Christian face. At bur freed (pint ?oarM above, unto a titter place. MigTSRioua.?We regret to learn that fears are entertain* d for the-aldy of Dennis Hunt, Liq of llurrilvllle. He had been for f-nme time laboring undar a sarinui depression of spirits, owing to the death of several near friends, and to some ditticul? ties in matters of business. On Monday night he retired unusually depressed, and was heard to g? eut very early in the morning He took no overcoat, although the weather was cold. He had not been heard from at the latest accounts. It is feared that some accident has occurred to him. Mr.. Hunt was a man of large property, of irreproachable character, and universally respected- Ha waa lately Cashier of the Pascoag Bank.?Prooidtnct Journal. The Indian Council, held last week, resulted io the unanimous adoption of an agreement, iutended to be the basis of a new treaty, that, it is hoped and believed, will be entirely satisfactory to all parties interested. The council for the making of the new treaty will be held on the 16th of next May. About eighty chiefs, headman and warriors were present at the late council. Uninterrupted by a crowd of officious interested white men, they managed their affairs according to their own suggestions of right. The fullest explanations were given and received, all past differences were forgotten, frieads and relatives who had been estranged in consequence of the unhappy disputes of the past few years became reconciled, and the result augurs well for the interest of our city, the welfare of the red men, and the cause of humanity. In anticipation of the treaty se toon to be made, it in not deemed expedient to give puolicity to t.m agreement enteredjinto, but we caa assure our readers it is such as all must approve.? Buffalo Com , April 18. . _ .... cam ? tl. d.j d: VY LAlMt.n I BIBB. i.'VU 1 11 1 Ut 1VCU 111 V VI Whiz say*, " after a drouth of several weeks,from which vegetation wai suffering, sereral copious showers lell on Wednesday night and Thursday, which have left the earth moist and the air coo] aid pleasant. We understand that the cotton is eornicg up finely, throughout the parish. The woods,from the density ot the foliage, begin to assume the appearance of midsummer. Old Age.?Died in Mansfirld, 27th ult. Widow Ruth Lincoln, 101 years, 9 months, and 18 days. Her descendants living at the time of her death, were two sons and two daughters, twenty grand children (ten others having died) thirty great grand children; and thirteen of the fifth generation. In consequence of the services of her husband in the revolution, she received a pension for about ten years of $100 per year. They formerly lived in Bridgwater, where her hnsband died 26 years ago. Amotion BY THOMArTllKLL ~ (Jl?r?*/T<>s.Sf Jinn and III PuUon$trf ls.> SATURDAY. At 10) o'clock, io the sales r oms. Large sale of splendid furniture of all dreeriptioos. ' onsistiiig of elegant Brussels and other carpets, nigs, oil c'nth. all kinds cf parlor, dining room and bed room furniture, kitchen utnisils, crockery,china glass and plated ware lamps, lastrcs. girandoles, looking glasses pan? fortes, I able cutlery, tied and table lined, and ) u?ekreping articles generally. Comprising the entire furniture Irom several families removing, teg ther witn various article! uncalled forfrom p.evioui sales. Alti gether forming a first rate variety of housekeepiug articles. MON9AY, At 5f7| Broadway, Consisting of Brussels ami other carpets, marble top pieces, centre tables, and the usual variety of elegant articles found in a genteel family giving tip housekeei iog. Furniture Bale. TUESDAY, At 65 Beaemanst est, Furniture Sale. Sadlerr. Harness, fcc?At 10 orlok, at 2J9 Broadway, rornerofPark Place, by uata'ouge, the valuable stock ol London and city ir.ade saddles. Also coich and single harness in great vtpublic will please notice the above articles are all of the well Known AllU *ppniYru rn?uniw?ii5 wi i/nm. 4 |??S but material* and workmvnatup. WEDNESDAY, At Mo-27 Cciirtlandt itrcet, Furniture Sale _ ... At lOi 'o'clock, at >3 Domlmck it. Elegant Furniture, _ THURSDAY, At 10! o'cl i k. at 208 Oreenwoh ?t, near Barclay. Furniture Hale?Tlie entire furniture of a genteel boarding home. . . ? . At to) o'clock. at 31 Riviuoton ?L Admrniriitlralins Sale.,1 Furniture^ R II T1 UPSON. Auctioneer. rvAMAtlED IHRDWAKKR, under the insertion of t lie Ld warden* ol the port. Jacob H [Matt wi I tell thii day a 10) o'cloek, at No 21 Halt afreet, at kia 11 h Spring Hale, 2f peckaye* hardware, bnt alrghtly damaged. being lot* 172 tk 3C o incluaire in catalogue _ a2C if o II F.. ftrhTTL, Auctioneer A UCTION NOTICE.?Thi* eveutug, at aevrn o'clock, at n the Auction [Iooti 30t Broadway, corner Duane alreet. Valuable Cerman Booka?By rat ilogue?About 300 volume* of valuable (ierrnan claaeira, in the different departmeuti of Hiatory.fhi'oaophy. and,Bellea Lettre , including the worka of Schiller. (lorlhe, Klopatcrk ' ranal ilioca f Hhakapeare. and other moat celebrated claaeic writer', Catalogue* and the hooka ready for etam'uation. one day prerioua to tale Alao.a ijuantitr of Kig'iah and An erienn publication*, cornyn ii i! many valuable work*, frum celebrated author*, with which ihe aale w ill coinm'iice. *2311* ' It H. I IMI'SON. Auctr ueer. I t('"D S. PL \TT will aell 'hi* Hay, ai 10 o'clock, at No. ' 31 Piatt alrref, at hia,Fourteen'h Spring Trade Hale. 250 catka, ra-ca-ai d lota Hardware, Bvddiery, Jappanery,German Silver VV?re. 1 in Ware, Hay and Manure Fork*. Cutlery, tui'a, V.cra, Brace Cli una, S.dtrjna. Cap -ud Letter Paptr, k-. kc. Alan under Warden?a inapeclion, 28 package! aaaorted Bermtngham Hardware. a23 ItA iTTT I'tffV Nti'ftl E,?By BIJ I'TF.RbIRLI) kt OArfT fa M A .N, Auctroni er?, wl ae-l Thii Day. (Saturday. April 2S I) at 178 Broadway, ag aaaortment 'of new aim faahionable realy in ide ( lo hiug. of the lati at atyle, to wit.elegaut lit ek clolh clo ika, doub e lined throughout ? ith and *dk faciiga; Frerrn a?ck roita' douDle Honhle and waddt il.otir ot a.dc uhle lined and of at cry auyrrior uuality; ur oiii e coaia,dre*a cuata cf black, brown, blue and invisible green rlo h, fi*ck roita of black, grren and blue clo'h - a gr> at variety ol p^iiUlcou* *1 lanr y caraiov rea, a tee I nntt, black I'oe.kin. i avy blue, fane d-ab, mia'd diagonal,c'oudra n ?ck < loth and raatimtre, li bed ( mhroi in an<l while drill h tests i f Milk velvet, double and ting'* Ire t* fed. sififi,. Mark ?: satire, funded satin, valenrta m rino and Marseille#, Mid an > ItimtRints, nd a grueial assortment of other ar idea 1 prising K#at? %'earmg ?ppv#' Rale positive *i3 It'r VIAHsHM. HM.K. THH l).\Y-llv urine ..f , I ... lord'* warrant. I will rip i* for aalo, at ytiblic Anctiuo. on Hataid*)' M.r Old da) of April, IBtJ at ten o'clock in the fore?min. at No. :t Naenii Hreet, the content, Of a Bo.rdmg llioiar , ronaiating of rar,'< l?. I iirr.ii iluire. (rather tied ana bedding, looking glare,.. oil cloth, tablet, kitchen fu'Bitore, Ur. ice. ??3|^ P. HKNHV, M.rehal,It? k'u'tor. A'i I ION NDTIl'E.-TTie eiteoeire tal? of elre-tt and valuable furniture of alt desrriptions, to Iskr pwcen usual withf.utnse ct. < n Satn^daf in the l-rgf rmmi W .ftno mJ lift Kiiitou ft, w ill b worth ths attention c( hous#kee;*r* sr. a "???' THOM. BELL. A net, Alt I IO\ VOTUK ?If oideome K.irulure on Mondar, at 10) o1 lock afMTt B-n.1w?). a rery ne ;t -;;r" " ' TWOS BILL. A net. ?v air TioV ?Vurti'i Mr. and lie remaining inert'of it B VaarSlo'e kr? ? ill he .old ooMoaday, Apr.f M h at ten o'.Tck at | t Pirtolon .treet, W. V aW it w't'lJAKt. ItfllAlJ.-lli AWtiM, tht re ma ting par! I il attegaratcre, fcc. Oa Monday at 10 o'clock. 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