Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1842 Page 1
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TH T?l. rtl^R*. 399.?Wholili. S007 flltw Ll*fc Oh LI V KKPOOL PACKKT8. I To wui fr^ra N?* York on tru *ud. LiTtrpool on the & lib I m & HrTTili nkw T..K*. Stir ROSCIUS, C?i lam John Collins, Ukth Mirth. Ship 9WDONS.Captain E. B. Cobb,'J5th April. Ship 9HKRIUAN.Capl.Ain K. A Uepeyoler, 8?th Miy. Ship IJAKHICK, < inlaiu Win. Skotdy, 8*lk Jul*. b hon LtrgnrooL. Ship 9HKRIDAN,Captain K. A Uepeyater, IMh March. Ship OARRH'K.t-aptaiu Win Skiddy, llth April. Ship R09CIU9, CapUiu John Collma, llth May. Ship 81DUONS,Captain K O.Cobb, I1th June. Theae ahipe are allot the fMvtclaea.opwarde of 1000 tone, built In the city of New York, with anth improvement* ae combine wyoatepeed with ileoanal comfort tor pasarngrre. Every rare kaabcrn taken in the arr.iiitti-inriiloftlieiraccniniiiodationa. The price olgiansuge hence is I1, fir wlmh ample etorra will be providml. TJieae ahipe are tmiimauded by experienced maei^re, who will make every exertion to give general eatieiac tton. ReitUer the rirtaine or owner* oilheee ahipe will be reepoMi kla fir any letter*. parcel* or packageaaont by them, unjeee re tfular bille of ladintiHre eiy lieu Iherefor. The ahipe ol IhialRie will hereafter go armed, aid their pecu larcoQitructiongireethem eecuniv not poeeeaaed by any othar lilt veaaela of war. Wot freight or paaeage,apply to It. K. COLLINS a CO. tl Boutn at.. Now York.orto WM. 4. JA9. SKUWN St fco., Liveriicl Lettera by theparket* will he charged 181 ceuta per aiugU ghaat: to rente per miner, ud newapapera I cent each. ml NEW YORK AND HAVRK PACAETb (SECOND LIME.) M. M tfkJ& The ahipe of this line will hereafter leave Nev^orTrn the Ut and Havre on the >lth of each month aa followa : ,. . fVi'M A'rio York. Et om Havrt. The new ahip ONEIDA, lad March ( 16tli April Capt. let July e intli Auguat J tinea r uuck. I let November f lith Dccembar kip BALTIMORE, let April ( lath May ... CarU '.let Auguat < 16th September Edward hunk. 1st December f 16th January kip UTICA, let May ( |?th June Cant. . < tat September < 16th October Fred*k Hewitt. let January ( ieth February I Mow chip ST. NICOLAS, t 1st June I 16th July Capt. < tat October 116th November J. B.rell. r let February f 16th March The accommodationa of these ahipe are not aurpaased, rom Mning all that may be rr.pored for comfort. The price of eaban passage is $100, I'aaaeiigcra will be eupplied with every raqiuaite, with the exception of winea and liipiorx. OoihU intended for iliear vessele will be forwarded by the nbecribera. free from any other than the exnenaei actutliyi n orred on them. For lrt ight or passage apply to nrtvn K, H?Vl'fc?sB Acad. *> Tontine Budding*. KOR NKW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKETS M3EL JBbuEL JmSt Yorthebetter accommodation oFahippera, it is inteuded to Saspatch a ship from this port on t)ir Ist.Sth, loth. 15th, aoth and 15th of eaeh month, commencing the loth October, end ootiuuinp until May, when regular days will be appointed foi the remeiuder of the year, whereby treat delaye and dianp ointments will be prevented during the dimmer month*. Tha 'following allies will cominenre Una arrangeniaat Ship TAZOO.Cnjil. Cornell. Ship OCONEe, ( apt. Jackson Ship MISSISSIPPl.Capt. Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Cant. Hunt. ShipSHAKSPEARE, Cant. Miuer Ship GASTON.Capl Latham. Ship HUNTS VILLE, Capt. Mumfc id. Ship OCMULUEK, ('apt Leavitl. Ship NASHAHLLK, Cant. Dickiusc n. Ship MEMPHIS. Capt. kniiiht. Ship LOUISA. Cant. Mulford. Theae ahipa were all built m the city of New York, etpreaoly for packet*, are of a light draft ol water, have recently been aewlv coppered and put in splendid oner, with accommodation* for passenger* unequalled for comfort. They are commanded fcyevpenenoed maatcMi who will inaae every exertiou to give general aatialaction. They will at ail times ba towad up and down the Mississippi by steamboats Neither the owners or captains oitheieenipi will oe responsible for jewelry, bullion.precious stones, silver, or plated ware, or "fbr ear letter*,parcel or package, sent by or put o board ef Lbem, unless regular bills of lading are taken for tuesame, and the value thereon eio?sead >'or freight or passage, apply to K. K. COLLINS bt CO.iiSouth it 'of HULLIN It WOODRUFF, Agent in New #rleans,whowillpromptly forward all goods to his address. The ships of this line are warranted to sail punctually as ad| vertised. and great care will be taken to have the goods correct hr measured, alO 4TEAM NAVIOA^^^fa^EEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK; IU1-S 0 UTIIA AT P TOS. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. Kkank, C'MifirfDER The dayscf departure ot this wel.-auown Steamship, have en fixed as follows : From Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York, On 4th .vtay, lata, On 7 h May. 18 IS. On 7th June, lMj 7th July, 10th July, - icthAug, " 7th Sept. " 10th Sept, ' 10th Oct, " Trice of passage, meals not included, to Sou'hampfoa or Antwerp, ?70?Steward's fees, %i,8SJ The meals will be served cn board, on the plan of a continental hotel,in the best menner and at fix-d aud moderate | rices Families or parties may contract for the voya..e with the steward. An experienced Surgeon on board. For freight oi passage, or any fur her information, apply to HW Tit H.MALI, i gent/, ag*6nrrT " ornrr ^'rccu " kOllA AiNli N&VvAtuC Pun roetaaeod to SS cants. From the foot of Courtlandt street, New York(Every day?Sunday seacepted.) Leaves New York. Leave Newark At. A M >U1 P M. At 7| A. M. At It P.M II do 4 do I do M do " 4| do Iti do ? do * da 1* da ON SUNDAYS. Prom the foot ol Liberty itreet. At At xWZtfo P.M. RU^DTOWN^.AHWAY AND Pare reduced. From the foot of Liberty itreat.daQr. Leave New York. Leave New Brunawiek. At A.M. At Tt A. M. 41 P. M. I " M. SOMER V1LLE etagre connect with theaa linee each way. Pare betweeu New York and Somerville, BO cents. 0a do Naw Brunawiek, Ti centa. Rah way, BO cents. Elizabeth town, 45 cento. The tare in the Tt A. M. train from Naw Brnnawisk, and 4| o J| train from New York, lt*s been reduced between New York and New Brunswick to >0 cents. " and Haliway t? ?7l " The Pnitadelphiamailtme pastes through NewBrunswick for N?w York ?Tftry eTooii* at P o'clock. OnSunoayttho 74 A.M. trit from Not? Brunswick u omit AOS p^Miinn who procure (heir ticket* at the ticket office,reMTi t ferry ticket/ratie. Tickeuar* received by theeondnctor enlv on the d*v when run lin.-ed Ibblt isn't >KTAN |- TO WI.S I KRN MKKCHANTS. RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE?For the Transportation ol (J ml* betweea Philadelphia eud fiileburyj fttf? li'dJ ^Tnieimrrr.vement in lrau?|H.rtation atforee to weetrrn meithent* peculiar advantage'. The gooj* being carefully peeked in the boat* at our warehoaae, No 365 Market itreet are carried over the Columbn and Port ye Railway* without transhipment Careful < ap ai is and crew* arc employed. "',0 take charge of (hr yood? at Philadelphia, and continue with then the entire route, (hue avmdiw ituy* and the liability of lot* being separated oj toe w?'" . ? ^0Tyr*'e'dlo Mttat-uryh every day Puie H. STORK, Agent. tig3m m 7 Waahington street. RAI LhOiUT NOTICE. MARKET AND KREltiHT LINE. mmmHA NEW BRUNSWICK ASI) NEW YORK. THE NEWJEHHe-V Rai road and Transportation I <;mhave eatablielvd ? Kr.igl.t Line between New RruneViek and New York, which they intend to run peimaNew Brunswick at S A M. daily, (Sunday*.eg cepted) and the foot of Liberty atieet. New York. ? 3 r.>l. TO country deal*" and me-chante the above line le very deairable for the niv-edy and cheap cntivevance af merehandite 7 every deeenption. and more particularly |0 [) rot era and Declare in Lita Stock.who can have 150 head of cattle eonveyel between New Brunswick and New kork, theiameday, whenever reanired. The rate a for the tnuiaportation of cattle, hfaee, tnulee, keep, hoge, kc..and allother kindf of nercliaM are very tow,never exceeding etramhoat pricee Merchaadiee eem by thie line leuot (objected to any extra charge in eroeetng tlw N >rth Hirer. The Cc?pan' have Beted up a large etorehouee at New Brunawick adjoining the Railroad Deinit. which will alwara bene en for the reception of merrhandiae. ffciagera. porehaaing their tickcU at the tieket offirea. will receive ferry tieketa gral la. mU3m* fKEIuHt MID PAS SAO ITTRr~FrrT?The proprietor! of Bln.hain'a Tranapx-'tatien Line to Pittaeurg, gtva net we lo the Merrheotaof New York, and ell other pa nana eiiptirg to the W eat, that their line la now ib active Krai in u. Goode eonai O' I lo them (or eenl to go in their >.) will be forwarded w ith deapatch. Ownere or ahipoera of gooib. declined for the Wet tern gtatee, who I ate no agent or consignee at Pitteburg, will nlcaac coueign their gooda to VYiilUin Binghaai, Pitlaburg, Who wiM attend to ship[ nig nil sucb consignments uimuii aK (nod* should h? marked distinctly on etch package BINOHAM'S UNK. . .. For rates offreiih', wh'eli are ?? low as anv Other line. Apply to WM. TYSON, Agent, No ? Wretetirot. oasi.eite Pier No. , N. R. N. B,?Pasaengera frirv arded to Pittsburg bud Pottsville, ,?erT a?T. Pundaj-s esce|.ied. Rifrr (o R, Cronh, American Fur Co. : t. T. Nieoll. Front strut; Hull". IJorfir V I' . Fulton street; Buvdsnt, H?f> A >.. Win. Itmilun UurjeekCo Newark' ml Jin JTTDWKLL h. CO.'B LINK. xsvrt /4 NSWM'RtJH, landing St CALD ^jwQw^l'1,'1*. WF.RT POINT AND COI.D -q 'glhrf m HPHIMI1-TV.. steamboat HIOHLANDKH t. Robert Wsrdrop, will le:nro the foi/t of Warren street 'us York,svery Moods)'. Tlei 'Jay and Saturday afternoon's ?t I o'cb ek. Returning the Hieh. atiuer will iM?? .arwburrt - -ry Monday morning st ( o'clock. son TuaaJay end Friday < moo* at * o'clock for rrriuh* or jiasmge trply to the Captain onboard. N B Al ' baggage anii freight of ererr description, bar k Sills orsj ?eia, put na board this boat, must be at the risk of the sonars tnarsof.unless a bill ofladioa orreraiptis signed for pasiaass saw E N E N LIFE BOAT ASSOCIATION, " EOR THE MANUFACTURE OR" francis patent life boats. AMERICAN MOULDING company. wakehouse 112 bkoadway, OPPOSITE mi city hotel. NOTICE TO BUYERS OF CABINET FURNITURE. rPHE subseriner would invite the attention of those wuhI ing I" purchase articlee'io the abore business. to hi* establishment, where i* to he fouud * rieh assortment or RoseWbihI and Mahogany Kii-niturr, of Sreoch ami other pattern*, some of which are not to be found elsewhere, being entirely original. Alan, hat dsome rich gilt tioroice* for wiudows, Pole* and King* togethrr w it) Damuln, Galloons and Tassels. and erery article attached to eurtaias, which will b* made in the lateet style from pattern* lately receired. N D Particular attention pni < to the Altiug up of Ottomans, Ktre Screens, sud other faucy articles. wiili cmbrotd seed tapestry . WASHINGTON MKKKS. dtl-(:n IIS Broadway, neat 'he Hospital FA S H10 N A li I, K T A11. U HI N t. ESTABLISHMENT. AT THE KASHIUNAKLE TAILORING E<TABI.ISHMKNT, IDS Betkman street,near Petri. Gentle men who are now or formerly have hern paying extra vacant prices for heir clothing,are assured that they need do o no more, a* the subscriber wilt guvraatee to all who patronise him, a haiidrouir At, a fashionable style and excellent materials, at the following moderate oricea? Sup Weal of Eng. Wool-dyed, black, blue,or green dreaa coat*, (IS to yii. Pant*. double milled do black, plaid, and fancy caaa., St to $8.30. Vest*? Fine eaahmere.aarin.and all kindi, $? to $6. f.oata made aud rimmed in a su|irrior manner, Irotn (7 to $9,50; Vests, $1 50 to $2; Pante, $1,50 to $i. at lm? JOHN MOFFATDR. JOSEPH EVANS, GRAND R K S T O R A T I V E SYRUP, for the eure.'fevrrr form of Diseas* arieing from THE IMPUR IT V OK THE BL bOD, CAI'SEU by the vital O'ga a becoming di rang d and enfeebled by hereditary complain'*, and cxhiuktion ol the lyateia. and othi r die-wee. viz Sor-f'nla or King's Evil. T inor* and aweili ig* in the m ck. *rcouil?n *y motom* i f 8) phi lia, or the con?ti'u'ioual form ol the Veuerial Uiaevae, Ulc-rs, ulcerated *ore Throat Palate. Ac Ulcer* on the Shin*, and other partnl the body. Disease* of th' bone*, pain*, welling*, and ulceration of the boari, awelliiig* ot the iolnti, white ?well'ng* Ac-, L'ancera, cuiaue u* or akin di*eai-a, (alt rheum, ringworm ifaly eruption*, leproiy. itch, scald h-ad. pimpir*. cracking and ?m irluig of the skin. tetter, and all kin** of sore* Longstanding auuncelolnre incurable fever sores; rheumatism, gout, liver complaint, and all disease* rau,eil,by an improper use of mercury, local and couatitutioual debilt y or weakness, gonnrrhoe t gleet Lucorrhce i or whites, gravel, Ike. or when th- syi'em has been exhausted by secret eniualitv in youth, iniempe anc, long ataudiig debilitating diseases, loi-g resideuce in southerncilinatei, and other debili taUng cause*. Tin* invaluable m-dicine ha* been employed by the proprie tor in *11 rxtenei* e private and hnapit at practice, both ;o Kur?p> auii Am*rie for the last forty years during which time he hai cured o< er 5000 ptfi?uts, who were afflicted with some of the mtit loathsome and destructive f irmaof d erase. many of whom are niw living, and ready to teatify to the efficacy of thismedicine. It eurrs giving tone to the nerves, exhi' Aat ing the apirita, regulating the circulation, invigorating and excitiog tlievital organs 10 matural an-l healtny action' and 1MB causing all impuriiiea o be repelled from the system, and creating the secretion of perfectly pure an 1 healthy blood. _ Price Si perbottle. p'or sale only at the Private Reside nee No. 4;T Greenwich sir. et, two doors above Canal atreat. ma> In $500 PREMIUM. THE INDESTRUCTIBLE INK,which H. M. BARTLETT exhibited at the Fair nf the American Institute, New York, 1841. with an offer of $500 to any one who should extract it Irion paneand which retei red the gold medal of flie Iustitute,can be had by calling on Messrs. Raw don, Wright It Hatch, bank Bute eugravera, 48 Merchants' Exchange. Ord-rs from any part of the Union, post paid, through the aboee named hone-, will be promptly attended to. Writiug made with this ink will remsin unchanged as long rs p iper will endure, and is exceedingly valuable shove all indellible iukx now in use, ot which we have any knowledge. John Torrey. M. D., Prof?sior of Chymislry, Ike. in I he College of Physicians and Surgeon*, N Y, Jam's R Chilton, M D . Practical Chi mist. John A. Warder, M. D.,Professor of Chymistry aTtin* slid Mineralogy. Cincinnati College. Ohio. M ODD YEARS OF EXPERIENCE m the stirntTic practice of curing certain diseases, h ive enabled Dr LAUREL, of No. 103 Canal street, to erauicite those diseases in question, whether new,old. or Inveteiale, in less lhau hall the time employed by thelommon doctors, who poison their patients with mercury, canivy. nitre, cuhebi, fce. N. B.?Strangers are apprised that Dr L. is a regular physician of the med cat facu'ly of Paris, also graduated in the U. States, as cao he nroved by his diplomas m24 lm* PIANO FORTES. QOUTHCKN DEALKR9 and purchasers generally will find it 10 their advantage to call and examine a choice assortment of I lie vbovi ar'icle, comprising a variety of ( and (I oclavea, of ro'ewood and matiiiganv, * ilh grand action,scroll stands, and ? very modern improvement. These ins'rumcnts are warranted to be equal to any in the city, a id will be sold at the lowest pos'ibli prices for ca?h, at the m uiufaclory, 44 West Fourteenthstrert, betwen Fifth and Sixth avenues. N.B.?Pian?? rorte* far Hire?A good asaorlmeot of piano forlea for hire at thr manufactory. w7 3m "something new LEUK'S HARDEN 49 Bowery.?The undersigned takei this opportunity to inform hie friend* and tne public that he ha* opened a Oatden and Saloon at 49 Bowery, where he would be happy to receive their call*. Hie Saloon will be constant!)- supplied with the choice*!and best of Fruits, Confectionary, Cr ffer, Ice Crea-rs, Lemonade and Soda that the city affords Every atte itinn will oe given eu his part to make this Haiden and Saloon a pleasant and agreeab'e retort to the ladies and gentlemen who may favor 'hem with a call. a!4 lm'c H. Lr.UR, 49 Bowery. carpeting, &c. CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. JONES & MARCY. 101 Bowery, New York, are now receiving their spring supply of Csrptllng, Oil Cloths. Window Shades,D-iifigei*, He rib Ruga, Doer Mats, Table and Piano Covers Stair Rods &c tic. Among their good, are many new and rich patterns of English and American manufacture, which cannot be escetded for beau'y, quality and cheapness in the city. Pirsons about furnishing their houses are invited to give us a call. I.E. JONES, a4 lm* L.MAHCY. "general agency. THE SUBSCRIBER has taken the store 71 Fulton street, Bror klyn, for the sale of the most approved genuine patent and family medicines, perfumery fancy article',lie. Mavufac'urers and proprietors of such articles, or of sny thing else, who wish for an active, Stirling agent to dispose of their productions, will frjd such *n one in the person of the subtcribar. S J STEWART. 78 Fulton st., Brooklyn For sale, moil of the approvtd family medicine'. Tenons purchasing here may rely on obtaining genuine article. ad 1m* GARDENING. TITANTSa Situation ts Oaruiner, by a man who under* v V stands tus burlnes in all its departments, is also a first r*te agriculturist, and lias icsiiin-mals Ircm gentlemen of the lirst rank in Europe, which en be attea'ed by James Bennett of Arlington House, L I. A mite addressed to Gardiner,at No. 39 A'tentic ?t, Biooklyn, will bt punctually attend- d to, a?3 3t m CHENC \IV.I HANI-AI T 4MPA ?Th'Sihsriiher heo. . -0 c*ll the attention of pirtirs about fit ting up public tr private houses. to thr gio n advent<ge to be gained by adopting his lamps instead <if cas at tlie Dreamt extremely low price of ml |t ie a'Vtell labliihed tact that a hotel or any I irge establishment ran he lighted with th-.u at lesa thau ope half the tspentr ofgss; aad bri des th-y alf>ird a more agreeable and better diffused light .entirely free f rom smell oremoke. Aa a readi ig or atudv lamp, th?v are strongly recommended, the light being p- rfrctly steady ; and oiffned through a ground globe cannot possibly tiare anv injurious effect upon the eye. '1 hey are u?ed in oat ol the Itbiaiiea is France and throughout the continent. K. D. BAXTON, Successor to A UIAUON, 110 t ml*c 337 Broadway. " i'ake phyaic tarly?medicine comas too lata, Wtieu the dweaae becoioea inveterate." RECOMMENDED bv the Faculty-VANCE'S A.NT1 BILIOUS FAMILY APERIENT PILLS-By long Iprrtence theaa pilla have been prosed by thousands to be thebeat andiafeal Family Medicine hitherto discovered. At ill seasons of the year they will b* found aery raluahla to aM rho wiah to secure thetnaHrea again* sitkn sa Thay art dike tale for children aa f.irany period of life, and reqnire no stra atlenticn to diet or to clothing, bilious and /iser complaints. dyeprjeia or indigeatioir, nervous diseases, sick headache and 111 fact all disrates arising from an impure state of rha bi tod. or a diaordered state uf thr stomach or bowels, are speedily removed by taking them They prevent scurry costireness and ita eonarcjuencr#?therefore seafaring menanou.d never be without them. Time or climate affects them not. Two or three doaea will convince the patient of tbair salts Ury effect#, for the etomach will readily regain it* itringtti, a healthy etateof the liver and bowel* will apeedily lake place and renewed health an/ vigoi of body and miud will be thecer tain reault. Their rirtuee, in fact, maybe mmmed up?a* a medicine which etrergth-na the feeble and consolidate* the muacltaa of the atrone, and will be found of inSnite value to feaialea of all age* lif taken according to the direction*), who wiah to be aeeure rrcmaiekueai. Priced# and 50 cent* per boa. For aale, whole*; le and re'ail, bjr Wm Wataon, Apothecariee' Hall. 35 f - all anne atreet; Smith, corner of Fulton and Water at*. Nowill 157 Bowery ; Balgrova, druggiat, Fulton tt. Breoatya. mil iw* '400,<M)O lift tlorma grgart, T A NDKD from brig Ohio, from Havana, of auperior quality, for aale in lotatoauit purchaiera, at reasonable prieea, to I in* by M. RADF.R. 45 Chatham at CJTKKL rHNS-From the celebrated manufactory of Joc "I''1 tea'lott, of Birn ingham ? The high reputation of three pena ha* induced many inferior maker* to imitate them, thereby injuring thefwell eari ed repute ion of J teeph Oillott. 1 he Public are requeated to be particular from whom they purchaa*. The genuine may be known by their aiip'tior quality, and by the atyle of putting up. A cunelant anpidy for*aleby , , ROBKRT PAHDOW, mW lm M Maiden Lane. STKIKKR'S HAY O* Jm.E 81 ^),?v,'N,,nA,'E KOAD-Thl* delightfil 1.1^',! ''I w op,o and in full operation under tbe mor.agrmeiit of the atih clber who hae uaed every eiertien t? My'"'"" ,h> ,h' 17 will ever be The w.n-e.liq lore, aid a'| other refie.hment*. are the be.t ihM ran br rr*>r *ir*<l nd ?n no itntnnrr will thm di.tM. .. I ceril ihoaeoi any oih< r reapeelable 'VtahliahmenU. The comfort and onvrmrnce of Lvdiea vn.linf Striker'* Bay, will alwaj > h? eepeei.illr aludiod, aud civility ind at ' tentioa may I* r?lied on fetrikrr'a Bay la an mile* milea Irnm tha City Hall by the Bloomni?dale lto,d ail I stage* atari every hour from No. ?o Diiwrry. iM I ar r}OAl)Mf^0 -Hmglefgentlemea. or gtltlaaaea auiF their D Wire*, era be are mmodated n ith good rooma with board, by appl y i g al 3? !> y atreet. Reft rences eiehanged. aWJw'm W ?0 EW YORK, SUNDAY M FISK'S COMBINED SUMMER BAKER & COOK STOVE, FOR COAL OR WOOD. AATWOOD, Patenter?Prices from If,60 to $14.?The Heus.furnace and frout of thia stoveare m ide of c at iron and has * large fire ot?u attached to i', which - ill do nearly treble the cooking of the largest sued ordinary Cook Btovea. The orihreof the furnrce will admits boiltr mi asiiring an pails, or fif'een gallons and by the u-e of the di 'isiou Mate, kettles suitable for boiling fear ditferent dishes; iti addition to all this, two fowls or a laige piece of incut may be roas'crl io front, and all done with leae I nan rent* per day, fur proof of which we rtferto those who have usetlth- ni. KISK'S More Ketab'ishmcut. 8i ? Water street. Read the following certificates, in addition to which over two hundred may be seen by calii-g fit th' store, KISK'S btove k'.elKblishmeui. 804 Water strert \>;\v Yoaa.54 Fourth slrci t. tth April.1842Messrs. Kisk, 804 Water street?Among the variety of stoves which have come to my notice, the one I purchased Ironi you men's a dendrtl preference I have used it during II the easeus, and w mid most clo erfully recommend it to lie public as in iny opinion susceptible of n i inip-orem'Ut for simplicity or economy, aril worthy of more praise thun can be appreciated w ithout a trial of it 1 am, with respect, youm. it'. A PERKINS, Pastor of !h" Bereau (Baptist)Church. Mr. Kisk, 409 Water atreel?The Summer Stose winch I purchased of you I est spring, 1 have had in use till now; and no on*, without trisl. ? oulJ believe the amount of rooking that m ijr ne done by it, or its economy Solfice it to say. that with occasionally an ertra fire, we li iVe cooked for from 85 to 35 persons,with enough less'uel to save more th in the price I the stove. MRS. DUEL, 13 Fulton street. March46,1841. _ a!8 irot CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. THE Suh?crib?r it now opening bin Spring tupp'y of i uiunwiuv k. i'itti l'ii i. - r^.w, from Birmingham and Sheffield. Together with a general assortment of I)omrstic (i n la. which he ia prepared 10 offer at the very LOWK8T CASH PRICKS. The atteution af Country .Merchan's, Builders, Cabinet Makara, See..MaoltcitM to an ez animation ?r his stuck and priCi a aa h? ia confident tliey will ind it to their iutera t to favor him with a call. AlfilEI) f. LAORAVR, 316 Greenwich corner Barrlay.New York. A regular supply af FALL KIVKK CUT NAILS, and Coopers Olur. Alan?a complete assortment otIMichanica Toole. Jaincs Screws. he. ni3 8m* A PROBLEM AND the way to solve it V hy do ttie imitators of my Tablet Haznr strop .Mow me to carry off the p-iimum iredal and diploma, from the American Institute, year alter ye r, without rvcnsuhmnting their own for tria I O ye of lender chins and tough be ird<. auawer the above by bringing a dull p- ir of Razors, and test for yourselves he truths cl the certificates ef the moil sritn'ific g?nil-men iu the country, viz: Professor tiriscom, Dr. Mo*t, Orn J Tahmadge and others. G SAUNUF.KS.sole inventor and manufacturer of the metallic Tablet Razor Strop, with tour aides, 163 Broadway, mil 1 m* FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. AMONG thf many and various Covmetici that are offered io the public for b-au'ifyiug the complexion, aid removing very eruption from the face, none cau Le so < onfi-letfMy recommend.d aaChiirch's Vegetable Lotivn It imparts aTTflicatesm o.huess to the eompezi. u, and elfrctuali)' removes pimples, blotches, tan, treekles. riugworins, and all oJier cutaneous e.upt ions mid disci Imstions , Price 7 Scents per bottle -sold at Chu-ch s Dispensary, 188 Bowerv, corner of Mpri->gs reet. Agcuts? E. W. Bull, Har ford: C. It N. W. Simmon, Pine, corner of Fourth street, Philadelphia; Charles Steane. Poughkeepsie. mS8 tm* nnrvrnR PROVTISIT OOMK individual! writeagainst Die use (ittejjsam eapsiry, iJ cubebi,nitre, camphor, mineral astriugenK Wb lat.rb the cure of secret diseases, but that the woilil 'he above named medicines will and harr cured tholmWIehses. is beyoua a doubt li it perfect folly to deur that fact. Hot thai it requires a profrsiioual m>n, and a man of skill in his profession, to know when and how to give those medicines, is equally as obvious to men of minds. I hope, therefore, that ge itl-men requiring medical aid will not give ear to all the foolish stuff which they may see in the shape of adrertisemeuts, but they will call upon me, at No. 91 Broad s'riet. where they shall have a full history rf their cue I feel confident that not a pa tieut will leave my office without being entirely satisfied that there is at leas one regular bred plivsieiin who hea condescended to place hiu.self among the held of Quacks. My office is at 91 Broad, corner St one St. *9lm? J PROVOST,M. D. DR. FAVVCETT, MEMBER OF THE ROVAL COLLEGE OF SUEI'l GEONS of Loudon and Edinburgh, and of the Medic-il College of Philadelphia,coufiues kis practice to a select brunch of his profession. " Noeet emptadolore voluntas " Dr. F is encouraged by the unifo-m success attending his mode of treatment in the cure of vrnereal, gleets, strictures, seminal weakneis and mercurial aff-ct ons, together with all thoseother bad symptoms which und-rmiue the cons'itulroa and lay the foundation of premature decay, either from maltreatment or any othtr cause. In such prrsous the appetite is C'nerallv defective, and the relish fir 'ife almost subdued. His modeof tteatment is uoireisally admired?liis m> divines being ploienttothe taste and smell, gently astnnges the fibres of the stomach aed gives that proper tm.ity.what a good digertioa requires. Hit treatise on constitutional ora-rvous debility affords verv cite--sire observations on sexual d-bilitv seminal weakness,and impoteney ?-ought on by delusis* habitsall its attendant ay mptoir.s phyaiol -g'cally rxplaiued. This work can be obtained at hi' office, 198 Fulton at. where the D ictor can be consulted at all hours ot the day and u ght. Letters post paid will reieive iminruliute attention. al3 lm'i GEORGE ELMENDORF, LATE OF THE FIRM OF ELMENDOIIF Si LORD, Has rem- ved from the Astor Hone.- to the establishment of J.G Wyman. Merchant Tailor,235 Brosdway, where he wi.I be happy to wait on his old friends and patrons. a2l Im'e SIGNS. GEORGE W. FOltDHAM, HOUSE, SIGN AND ORNAMENTAL PAINTER, CORNER OK WALL AND PEARL STREETS, New-York, Block Latter Signs executed in the best m inner. N. B.?Pncei very Ijw. ast Imr PHOTOGRAPHIC LIKENESSES, ET THE DAQUER REOTYPE rEOCEJJ. M. D. VAN LOAN, Upper Store or Granite Buh-dina, Ci-mer of Broadway and Chamhtrt Street, If. Y, (Entrance iu Chambers Street.) k> cesses taken from 7 A. M , till sundown, in any kind of wenthrr?clear, cloudy, or rainy. alS lm*m CROLIUS* BOAT ESTABLISHMENT, 400 WATER STREET. pot'r doors east or catharine mtrxet, tpU Subscriber hating ia bia in uiulacto. v, anil uudrr his I own immediate su.ieriutende-ce, some ? f 'he oldea'and most expe. ieuced builders in this city; and th# best of materials for building every description of boats; wli ch enables him to furnish ai the shortest notice Boats of the most appro* ed model and wnikmanihip, oa the mos liberal trrms BUILDER ofthe Sultan ?f Muscat's Pleasure Barge, the Wave, GanlleJ Victoria. A'laulic, Wakona. he. Also, the Ann of Peekskill. Washington of Pwughkeepsis, Duchess of Hi it Park. Sylph and Wave of Mobile Geo. Stewart of Louisville. Madame Celeste of New Orleans kr on I *"m GEORGE W. DAWSi'M, Wholesale and Retail Furniture and General Furniihin% ll'arehouat. No <>7 (.'hntham ?/ , earner of I)\iane afreet, New York WHERE he keeps for sale a large assortment ol the follow ing articles, vir.. Sideboards. Bureaus. Bedsteads, (tots, Tables, Chairs, office and portable Desks, Glass Cares Book llaiei i.nnkinr Glasses. duucE. erntre. lea and i.ier Tablet. Piano*. Holm. Sola Bedatraeja. link. Bidding.' i'aleaater*. Mattrearee.(.'?rpfH, Oil ('loth. Mailing and Kire Irnna, Waah Sla da. Toilet Tablre, Candle Standi, Bureau Bediteadi, Dreeii g Bureau*. K?fea he. Alao, a large aeaortment of men and womfo'i Wearing Ap{ rel.iiew audaei oad handed. All of the abore article! are offe?ed tolhe public at very low I n< e* Peraoni in * int of eai I article* would find it to their advantage to make an early call at the above ratabliihinant. Bhtnpibg ordrrj punctually attended to and parked on (he ?h irWet notice and on reaaonabl- term* Mattreanea, Bedding. kc. for fitting nut v ever I e, rouetantly on hand. All order* to the ebovc catablientn-ut will be punctually at tended to ai d thankfully received. N B.?The higi-ert prieea wi'l be given f?r a?eond hand Furiitur* and gentlemen and lad ?*' cant off eljthmg. aM Imr KALSOMIM. PAINT.?The Knleomiiie t'aiat having been aevereiy teated in thia crty during the wiuter monthl, the patentee* can recommend it with renewed confidence to the public. The numeroua apeeimena of Kalaotnine Paint now in New York, render* an enuine ation of itn ad vintage* aupcrfluou*; among the moat prominent are the following Kalaomine Color* are mry*permanent.more luminon* and gieeable to th? eye then oilcolera They are applied without oecaatoning any offenaive amell or iajurioua effect uyan health, and drying in a few hour*. Kalaomioe paint may, if properly applied, be waahed when aoiied, according to direction* in tba circular. Order* received and punctually attended to at the KALSOMINfc TAINT DEPOT, febtTtm* tat Broadwy. corner Krenhlin. DENTLSTRv. IITM, THORN, DENTIST, ao'icitath* attention of thoaa *v who wear Artificial Teeth, and thnae who may require them, to hi* method tof eupplying the Maxillary family, vi*. the Teeth. Knowing that there i* a duagreeaWIe laale in the mouth of tho*e who indulge In acid*. reeuTtiog Irom the action of the arid on the tdohl Plate I* all caeca that admit of it, h* inaerta teeth,fro n one to a complete let,.without aung on* par ticle of metal of any deaeriptio*. M Chamhera afreet. all Im" copy of a tesmvionial fnom the celebrated doctor nklbonthk original may be been at i7< broad way. Mona. Mallan. ?iB?The cement with which you filled the decayed aeth Of two of my friend* fully auawered the purpoae fur which it w*e applied,and gave the gre ttett aatisfacti m The apecimena of artificial terth platiled on goMgutnahieldt from a range of three or four te-lh up to a rompieu ?et foi both jawa, which 1 htvc *een you everute, are ou a level with the higlieet order of dental aubatitutua now known, eithei hart or in Europe. I am your* iru'v. ROBERT NELSON,M.D " ' ?'? a< k raaklin eireet in.trcn ib. ?oi?. -- To Mom. ? noffl, Sotfoo TVotm. rrt Broadway. imir _ A/fR4 (? ft/MiLUE* V7,0\ r-apectluliv inform tlitir M fri.?dean<l fhr p'ibtic, that thry hirr r.cluce I lotonf-nn wiih loeiimci 11" pricn of th'ir Knie Ca Ohrwi-g an Nokite TVy warrant it to tw man.'factur d of the br?t and pop it lohaceo,contain ng tiadruf- to aire it en unDiturdl iwtel t^ato. It ii to b? ha.l at Unol4i?UMi?i?t4 tan 1. No t itt Wat'f ?trr?t. N?w Vork. eOT tw'r / ' OL.I1KN r<W AN IIDI'k.L. N?. ? North I hud atrrrt. ^ a lew doort aho?e Arch. Philadelphia ?Board tl per dav. Thie Imuw i. In a eet tral location, and hai accommodation! oriereaty pereon*. ?III? |RR I <? ORNING, APRIL 24, IS THE SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL & DIAPER PIN. ANEW ami iinpotlant article forme in (he nnrecry. and a* a Uitrmuf; to ladita ehawl*. cloak*. &c patculrd in tlx llnilrd ?tatr? and in Kurope, for aale whnlreale by W. H. CAilY k CO. 1?6 I'rtrl ?i ,\t ? York, and by the patentee,at the manufactory. Itt lay at B'i> klru. Thread and needle a tort a, and dealera in<.y articlee, aupplird on lilierol Iitiik. . W I npl LIKTNA COluJl A L. TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. IT is now barely three year* ?* ?? the ceoernl introduction oi the Luriua Cnrdul juto tt?e Cmted btates. and*., that pe no.l it has uot ouly spread its ui"Julu?M iliroughwut this hemisphere, and sostain-d Hnvtutt reputation which it had previously a<<iu red in K iropa. Li t has alto added to the renuvniof its illustrious inventor b\ the unrivalled powers it has been discovered to i*o#srsa is the cure ol incipient ronsuint tioa. 'i he know Udge. f its wonderful iniiacuce iu reuovatiLg and invigorating the human frame, first suggested the idea ot using it in true way; and the result is thtt a medicine h ti becu added to the catalogue for the cure ofincipient coiisump ; control ofiiie pataent II ii icircily Dtceiitry at tlii* period i to r I?an Initio the Lbeiog Cordial. m <n .< I rji nt remedy in caret of Gleet, Flour Albus, difficult or paiuful moualniilion .Incontinence of Urine, and all diseases arising from detufItalian of ths system, where au imiduse, or a restoratireAs I wanted; a? throughout he United statu it ha* taken piecedeuce ol tllolher medicine in inch caaee, and leare* nothing furl her to *r ho|>ed for; it* cure* heiuit speedy. |ierler.t, permaneut, ar.d effected without pain or trouble. Slrtuild there how ever be any person laboring under the ahova sioinplaiut*,who are doubtful ofit* almost universally tc?ti d merit*, I recommend it t* them with all contidence, and on my own |>er*oB*1 responsibility, feeling usu-ed if they give it the required trial, that health to ice ailhcted parue*. and gralefii'ne** to Or. Mag i", Mil he the re?"lt. But a* is also the e*a? in Kuro|>e, tt e immense American reputation of the L,urina l ordial.i* p in, ipally haerdon it* thoroughly iurn-tigaled, iudubitan e.a -d generally admitted power U> ruahlc I miks, who h. d been c uicidered bairrn, to bear offspring; and to restore rirtlepowers iu males, when reduced to uttec led apparently homeless pros'ration, to perfect health and aclimy. When I first received the American aReucy of toe Lucma Cordial, from Or. Magdtu, not wig etandiug i'? immense (oreign celebrii tr. and the grbat amount of resectable testimony iliat accompanied it. I declined coinirilling myself individually; by giving am personal afsuraiici* in these particulate; but D"W, after th* enormous sale of upward* of one hundred thousand battle* coupled will the receipt* of certdicatos aud testimonial* inuu ncrable, and much knowledge foiOided on personal otMerrati n,l cm u.hmita uiglv warrant it as faresceeditig my most sanguine hopes, nr even ihe illuitrious ioven'or'a promises, iu the In filnient of the most important end* for which it I* rrcoinnieu led, aud ha* become so justly and universally popular. To be as explicit a* possible, I rep-aL ani' hold myself personally responsible for the assumption, that ih'Luciua Ceidul. c.n invigorate the riri'r powrrs inmal>s,and make them focnudiut, where ualiirs has been deficient, 01 when they have been protested by ariihcial means; an I also that it can produce that stale of Ihe system in females, w ho had been previ usly un'ruhful, aud imagined barren, which will enable Ihra to bear chi.dreu. 1 regret thai 1 have to speak so plainly, ou such eicerdinglydelicate, but feel sailed upon to do so, lest it might be nusuuUersiood, and as a full guarantee for thr gr?kt' reap msibility which 1 lure cheer.uily assumed Wi,h lecliiif s of si cere gratitn le forthe sxte..s:ve patruiage which, as the event of toe Luci ta Cordial,has been hra led up m me in this coun'ry. I rcmsi. tlie Pnb'ica' rery obedient humbless-va' t, JOuN tVlN'TctlS HOLDfcraWKLL, M D Pr'cefjper hottl . For sale at 169 Broadway, ,N?w York and 90 Nor h *'Xth st'eet. Phil dil"hia. mill in* ! TO TH ha LATHES T7A8H10NABLK MILLINERY GOODS -The pronne " Imi, Miss 8. KINO, daughter or the celebrated Carl K>ng, olfcr| for sale a nrst select aud choice assortment ol Millinery Goods. for the spring trade, n?ver ai yet preernDd to the public, bath an regard* the quility and cheapness of the articira. The assortment ronsisis ol the tollowiog :? The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTfE D*ORLEANS a* worn by La Duchease d'Orlraue, ofKrauce; SHEqf SILK. ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL 8 I'YLE?aud Lawn Hate do do?an entire utw stj le ol Hats called* "MODINE CAPOTTES. ELSSLER COTTAGES." Paris'aa and Englieh KANCY ST HAWS, ef the finest texture, in great rariety. The proprietre-e respectfully solici s the iadiee to faror her with a caO. aud exami-e her e'eg tut a..d varied stock of Millinery for themselves before the) purchaa else where, as it will be agrcat saving to them io price and a great advantage as regards tne variety and q lality of the goods. MISS S. KING, Mag zine de Modes, sH lm'r 203j Broadway. DR. MORRISON. NORTH RIVER DIS E.N8ARY.2MI Fullon street.neaGreenwich?Dr. Morrison, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, and former!! surgron to the "ritish navy, conti met to be consulted daily on diseases of a delicate nature,and all those distressing symptoms consequent on in juditiou* treatment and the imprudent use ?f quack medicines Dr M. has had an experience of twenty-two years in treating delicate c itenses, in all their various and eomplicate.i forms, and usee a mild, sate, and iufalUole ouhstitule for mercury eradiating the venereal virus with certainty, without subject ing tlfe patient to any risk, or restricting him in his usual disl or pursuits, while hia medicines ar? agreeahls ie taata am1 snail* Permanent obstruct on* iu the urrlhra, such as strictures,an I accompanied with much irritalisii and dull paiu tre some of the conseque nces of mal treatment, and leading ultimately to ternary fistulas. Dr. M. treats strictures in a set entitle tnafflW, gradually promoting absotptiou of the thickened memorane without pain. CON8 TITUT1UNAL DEBILITY.?Thousands of young men are suffering from the consequences of indulgence in > scrrt destructive habit, and whose nerves are further injured from the use of nostrums aud prrteuded sp< cities, which stimulate ouly to induce greater depression Dr. M. treats ot purely pathological principles, and never fails iu establishing a cure, also the most obstinate rield to his nlnti ol treatment Letter! post aid, ?i,d cnutainiing a suitanie tee, will cusuie ths corrupt ideal full advice and medicine to aiy'part of ta> Union, by > is riving a hietnrv wf Mi MM* in detail. Thee t iiicteat honor aud confidence observed a> 1 r ' 3t'!{ Knlton street. jiAV. NEWELL k DAY'S PATENT PERMUTATION" BANK LO'"K.?Bankers and o hers may place n p.icit confidence in tie above Lrck 1* b?irg the beet and aftat in uie Any t era u in >y hare the key for a wh le diy to make a fee sunilie by, witln ut the eligh'est chance of ouening it. after a change has been made in setting it. Other changeable Inefca ire liable to be picked by persons whe may eee ifie key, as war the tvse rccrnl ly wt en the Combination l.ock invented by Dr. Solomon Anditwe, of Perth Amboy, N. J., which wai upon the ysult of the American Exchange Bank iu W?ll street, wan pic ked bv Mr Henry C. Jouca, of Newark, N. I., iu presents of the ' rti em o( several Banks in th.a city. The same luck war afierw>rds sent to Dr. And rews, who put iu uew works ol a more dilG u't nature tn pick, but whieli Mr. Jones reai ily opined He noon another oc casion publicly picked at the II .ward Hotel one of the Co o biuatiun Locks, such as are cold by the American liai.k Lock Company. The high reputation of Day, Newell^ k Day, Permutation Bank Locks is li'm'y established. They ha<e invariably taken the highest premium*, when exhibited at the Kairs he'd 111 New York, Bov'nn and Philadelphia, uainely, Gold in?d ill iu the 1 wo cities first named and tt,Iver, being the highest premium given in the latter city. These lo :br are in ids to key* win"' can he eh inged in fotm from one to one hundred tliuuiaud rnillio i diffe ent tones.upon either of which they are equally secure aid pioif against ike attempts of the moet skilful Pur a I - r. for should he take an impressii n, or even take the key itself, lie could not expect to open it during his life, unless some cue w ere to inlorin linn ol (he manner in which the lock might be changed, alter he obtained posseuion of the key. Orlersforlhe above Lock promptly a'ten led to by JOHN DAY, Successor to Day, Newell k Day, No. Sn? Broadway. apIS I m* OALT RHEUM. IlING WOK VI 1 lu 1i Etc. It AKBe.H S CVlTUH AND bCABIES ?HAYEK'S LOTION AND SYRUP if the only remedy whirh if certain to cure the above complainte?harmleff III ite operation, but certain in ite eff ete ?the Lotion healing (juicily, and the Syrup purifying speedily. Piice >1. THE TRUTH WILL PKEVAIL-Dr. Goodwill1, Deterge it and Pille never Tail to cure a recent caie of d'aeaee in 411 hoiirt, if ufei aidirected Try them, all ye aflLetej? they are free from mercury. Price 50 cente each. THE TO aTHACffti CONQUERKD?Janieen'a Extract. It re'tevea in five min iiceafter application to the nerve ot the tooth, and prevent! d.. ay if the lootli la filled iiamedialely. Trice 50 cent! FEMALE MON1 r LT PILLS-Frim M. Bvndelocque of France?certain, i : ft and speedy in the cure of all caeee where nature haa bt: tine nhetructeil. They cure in a few dava. Price 76 cenla | er package. GILBERT'S AN 1 i BILLIOU8 FA V|LY PILLS-F&r the re I ef of all comp ainta produced by cna'ive habita, aoch aa headache, heartburn,aour etomacli, dizxitieaa, and ioea ot appetite, they have been uied with more aucr..:aa than auy pill ever betora offered to the public. Prtce25centa perboi. Sold wheleeale and retail by E. M. OUION: 177 Bowery, carper of Grandatreet. gM to" ri II. Tuirt' ulnMa a Tti tie e. la n>.ALIii-in I only genuine Taylor' Balaam of Liverwort from the ?'il? proprietor at 141 Spring ?treet,ha? never been known to fail in curing the most alar.mng symptoms of Consumption anil Liver Complaint. We have certificate! from hundred* of moat respectable persons, certifying to the surprising relief they have received in using the article from >11 Bprirg street Uwing to the assertions of counterfi iters, the loHowing sworn facts is now published? _ City of Brooklyn, Kings County, sat?K. Townsend being duly sworn, deposes and says that he is personally acquainted with the proprietor of Dr.Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort, and doesceit'fy fiusa his own knowledge that the only person oow living, who prepared this mediciue at 375 Bowery, and ie the sola proprietor, residea aad transit's business at 141 Spring street, aud manufactures ihe genuine Ba.sam of Liverwort at that place, from the only original recipe in etistenee. K. TOWNStNl). Sworn before me this 17th Jan 1441, S. ALPIIEUB SMITH, Com efDecdi. I certify from my own ?er?nnal knowledge that the above (atemints in regard to the ownership,be. are line. 9. ALPHEUS SMITH. Beware of Counterfeits, as the great question of life or death may depend upon having the genuine medicine, mads oaly in this city at 141 Spring street, Ageuts?Red'.in* 1 State street Boi*on; II Main street.and 71 bul'an street, Brooklyn; lit and 148 Broadatreet, Newark. Price?Large bottles ft, neat size gl.and smaller lite M cents. mis im' GRAND WPsTNtT"11fcOlCCNL.?W HI I W r.Lu'H t t,,vi. PERANCIC BITTERS. WITHOUT WlNE OR AL COHOL.?Render, have you ao appetite! Do von net relish your food! 'then ate thaee bitters; ih< y will il<o greatly assist digestion.end of roorse remove'lyspepria jauituce. weak ne-v# ol the stomach, debility,kc. They purity the blocd and invigorate the wholesystem. The bitters are eatremely mild and pleasant Try them. Price 15 cents. S'tdbyA.B k I).Sards, diuggists, N'a 78 Full in comer of Gold strict, ami ICO Fulton corner of William street. Also eo d bv Abrm. B Sands It Co , No. 973 Broadway, corner of Chambers al-eet; Dscid Sands 8c Co., No. 77 Broadway, corner ofM a^ketjL attJm'ni SUOAR BEET. Premium Corn and I'umpkiua, fre.h vigeta hie ai d rare flower seeds. F.ogiish grass for lawns, to 000 green snd hot house plants dah'ia roots, tiger Sowers, lube riser, fruit snd ornamental treis, shrubbery of all kmds.cai'ary birds gold fi.-h aul glohea, wholesale and retail, on the 1 mast reuotiab'f lermi, at NIRLO k DUNLATS. No 878 | Broadway, and at their nursery, comer of flh Avenue snd i 118th street.Harlem. mta lie* L"1 BALI NKHO'S SS.OA It STOME, ?l BrtOAUW A r. I " F Bilmero resp?c fall? liferms thsjmblieisnd ptr'icu I ally his friends, that he has opened s Scgsr Store at 38' 1 * - ? -a ?* -??- - e-m'mil svm lififl nf ' Drn*n*BT, wi?*rr r?r wei p ?i ;c ' firg'n, all ol t?.?m 'f the brat quaMioa ?' He^alia 2**"!,T | No ma., Uormaa r*aetH?a, Ac . *h.rh h? AllTT. JL I b*it rataMlih ncMa <>f H ibau*. >u?h ? C " ?t?QCii. Ahau??, fr u Va I lli 'ncla l)oa t;ompToero?, Union, .Hid tlarant i lada. lie. Mr 8 bti'ia n.liaaof H.hina, a-idhmi ?'XprrAtA 1? a. ***-* 11. <( .,11Ha id 'li^ ff *r bti4tii*'t c^n n' hi < wrlic lf without relying onlr up<iu tl* m?rt?nf tut flTetcut'i. Mr. S will am i tor ?u mtitr < ( S'Rbrb ? any plar.? ill tlx tUv without any adihllo'a''? ??' Ml ft f , f\K W COitrf, A AMlir.H"^'?, b.ia runo-rj lo No. Id l) Aailr atrert. firat door halo I lonnp.on atraet. Ofli c ' boa-awbrirtoforr, from * lill 10 A M., and from t till t.P.M. j Hjoum IERA 19 Incident* In the Life and Character of the Late M< Donald Clarke. Ta James tioiDox Bikiitt, Esq. Dear Sir, Since death put an end to the sorrows and suffering* of hint whose same stands at the head of this article, I hare felt highly gratified in reading in the paper* of this eity the many farorable notices tvhich editors and others Lara written in prose and poetry concerning him, but they hare all spokrn of him aa a poet, a 1 jrer, an eccentric, a friendless and disappointed man; therefore I need suy nothing upon points which hare been so often and so ably touched by others, but I wish to speak of McDonald Clarke, the friend, the christian, the be nevolent ra iu, and the grateful son. And although a stranger to you myself, 1 hare often beard him speak, in the highest terms, of your uniform kindness t* him, and knowing from him that you nerer refused to gire his communications a place in your paper, nor to reward liiiu handsomely for his labors 1 hare thought the following incidents might not be uninteresting to you, nor to that numerous class who have, iu the columns of ths Herald, so often teen his name, and the productions of his pen. During screral ol the last mouths of his life he > d a it i lie nauii el cainik u|??mi uicni uiicii us uuuc a week, and it wan gcneially on Sunday, at the close of the afternoon eervicc in the churches lin mediately after inquiring; about the health of tinfamily, he always spoke of the sermous which he had that day beard at Graee Church, regretting that they had not been heard by a greater number, and most earnestly ex Dressing the wish that they uight yet bs published; thousands and thousands ef copies distributed among the poor; "for," said he, " I)r. Taylor is a inan alter God's own heart? his sermons are practical, and it is the practice of Christianity, more than the theory of it, that benefits, and blesses, and saves 'he world." "It makes me hapyy," said he, " to hear him speak against pride and fashion, and the love of money and ambition, and recommend humility,and kindness, and benevolence, and I never leave there without feeltng that some portion oflhe dross of human nature tins been burned up or purified by the holy tlama of bis discourse " I asked him how he managed to get a seat there, and he replied "Walter Bowne has given me a seat in his m-w for years, and the recollection of his kindness to me, is sweet to my memory, and it will gladden his heart too, as he goes tottering down the bill of life? it will soften his pillow in death, and he will leave it, associated with his name,as a rich legacy for.his children." 1 asked him a few weeks ago, if he had any money, and he replied, that he had a little, but at the same time, said he could not keep it, for, said be, " whenever I leave home with a few shillings in my pocket I am sure to see somebody who needs it mere than I do, and 1 give it away." " There has been," said he, " almost every pleasant day for a long time, aa old woman silting on the steps ef a house near Murray t-treer, and f have never pass-d her without giving her a shilling, if I had one."? "One of the pleasanlest days last week," said he, " I went up to her, and one of her trembliug hands keld her statf.and the other, like a brown and withered leaf of autumn, lay upon her knee, and I said to her Aunty, has any body this lovely morni> g dropped anything into your lap! and she answered no, and 1 said to myself, what would Christ, my master do, if he were here. I know what he did do?he restored to life the widow's son, and in that way comforted her, he gave to the attiicted sisters their only brother, and in that way comforfeJ them?he told the story cf the good Samaritan, and commanded his dis.iplei to act like iiiin, und if he were here in person, he would do something to omfort this poor woman, and so will I, and 1 divided with hsr what I had, and went on my way lejoicing;" and then, said he, " there is tho old blind man, nnd the old woman who sells apples ut the corner ef a street away uit Broadway. 1 have to look after them too, and tuey always speak to me ao sweetly about the Bible, and arc so contented in their lowly let, that their words arc worth more to me than all that I can give to them " After reading to me n piece of poatry, in which be several times spoke of woman, he said, " you may think it strjiige that 1 speak and write so much about woman, but they have always been true and faithful friends to me. 1 have sometimes been deceived and unkindly treated by nu n, and they have occasionally frowned and turned away from me in scorn, but 1 have never received aught bnt kindness from any woman In year.-that arc past and gone, when 1 hid no home, they gave me shelter and foi d, and innney ai d smiles, and what was better to nte than all. kind words, and 1 de ieht in thinkine of ihetn now, and in r. ailing in the llible, the history of Hannah, sad Deborah tod Ruth, and Llizaboth and Mary, and those other Inly worm n whoie naaiei and Tiitaea adorn the sacred page, a* the early flower* beautify the JaudsCjpe of apring." fie told me a few days before his death, tbat be weat home the night before, at a la e hour, and carelessly undressed himself, and put out the light, and went to bed, but could not sleep, and after turning from side to side; rolling about in the bed for a long time, be remembered that he laid himself down without reading his bible, or bowing before his (Jod, and he said he was frightened, for he had not been guilty of such thoughtlessness aud neglect for a long time; and he got up and took the bible, and opened the window, and laid the book on tba window sill and read by the light of the moon, the fifth chapter of the gospel by Mat tbew.and then closed the window, und clasped the book la hii hands, and knelt by his little table, and prayed rnoat fervently for himself, and for all the world, and then returned to his bed, and slept as soundly aud sweetly as a child in its mother's arms In one of the last conversations that I ever had with him, 1 asked him, haw be had been nblc, during the many year* of his loneliness and poverty, to keep himself from bad company, Iram intoxicating drinks, and from falling into the many temptations and viee*, whieh had been constantly around him in this large city; and he came very near torn", and sitting down in a chair by my side, said "1 will tell you my friend, the whole secret of that matter?1 was the child o( a pious mother and she lived until I was twelve years old, and every night the knelt duwi^fcith me, and after laying harhanda gently upon my h-ad, ?he aakcd God to bless her boy,and to keep him from temptttion and (in, and I often felt her teara drop upon my hand*, and taw where tbey had wet the le.ire* of her bible; and whenever I hare at any time, or in any place been tempted, or have in any degree yielded to temptation, 1 bare frit on my head the warm pressure of thnae hand*, and have heaid the sweet tones of that voice; and I have been afraid to stain with blood, or to cover with crime the hands,or to disobey the book which had been go often wet with a mother's tears." "I intend" said he, "to make this public,fur the encouragement of Christian mothers." From the time he was taken tethe asylum until the day previous to kis death, he was, a great portion of the time, a raving maniae Occasionally, be had lucid intervals, and during those intervals of reaion, he talked much of his friends, and especially of those who had shows him kindness during the darkened years of his dreary and derolate life 11a frequently asked for the bible, and evinced the most heartfelt aad deveted feeling when speaking of that, or engaged ia prayer. The day previous to his death, at an early hour in the morning, the physician of the Institution, Doctor McClellan, on speaking to him, found that his reason was perfectly restored; but his voice was exceedingly weak, and his strength nearly exhausted, aad when, in great kindness, the Doctor told him that he could net live twenty-four hours, he received the announcement with perfect calmness and resignation. He wished to know where he was, and how long he had been there, and alio enquired after some of h a frieada, aad (poke oftbsm with the deepest fueling of affection and gratitude, frequently mentioning their names, and hi* last and only wish expressed to the doctor, was, that he might be kindly treated; and, oa being assured that it should be so, he was satisfied; and then as long as he wan able to make articulate sounJs, his strength was employed ia expressing hi* thankfulness for the kindness he had received,and repeatingthe prayer ot his Divine Master, with whom he had the tallest hope of finding acceptance, an-t of being by him joyluliy received iale the peaceful mansions of the blessed in Heaven. Very respecfullj, yonrs, 8 W. PiSHLV. No. 11 Park Place, March 30,1842. Ship Huildiiio.?The low rate of freights hai nearly put a stop >o ship building I,*,t y. ar very few of the freighting -hips paid their way, and this rear they are doing worse Thu businc s of ship building has been overdone during fnrm-T prosperous seasons, end the pr ductioaa of the country have fallen below the increase of torn age. Throhundred ships could c-rrv away the wt ole cotton crop, evea if it should reach two million hales, and more than this number were lying in the cotton port* in December last, mo?t of then idie It should, also, be rrcollrcti i. th?; me Hrilisli <hip? usually carry away one third of (ha c"iton I In Hath, Uat ye ir.reery nhip yarn w?? warming wi'J? workmen Thin year there err I only three retaeii on the ?t(ek? ?.Xnrtrurt jfi I Hei tUil, April ??. M JLD. fl ^ Wm two Casta I Spring. n< it .fin the fmririiiir heart. An J bids the pulse* fly, To gn-et again,like Eden gleam* Uught tokens in earth and sky, Of semens?lov'J of all the best? The fairy-footed Spring, Evei with smiles u|>oii her brow? Joy's color on her wing! The run, w ith a brighter, kindlier glance. Looks down from bis throne on higbi i I And dyes again with hi* purest sheen, The clouds and the a/.uru sky? While over the face of tha broad fair earth, And o er the trembling main, Ills impulse glows, recalliag to life The many bright things again! The pines have a (ringe of deeper greenAy! in the dim old w oods Returning newness and beauty reigns, And brighten* the solitudes; While birds?the beautiful singing birds, As If in jubilee, Pour from each spray and on glancing wing, Their wildest minstrelsy! From stream and fount the chain is loos'd? And lo! how they dance along; , Like living things in jewels decked, And trancM with their own glad long; Now, with a gentle serenade. Some bright gale seeking out; Then leaping o'? r its rocky wsy, With a swelling and tiny shout! Ay! Spring thou art giving to earth again The train of laughing hours; IL'storing forgotten haimonies, And calling up the iiower*? But oh! a brighter spell is thine? la gifts fir the spirit fraught, The freshness of early feeling, Aud the joy of early thought! Beaufort, S. C. [CorrcfpoD J race of the Hermld.J Beaufort, April 12, 1812. The HeraUl in Beaufort?Its Effects?Description of Btaufort?Depreciation in the Price of Negroes? Sail state of Things?Weather?1Vkite SulphurTexas? General Hamilton, fycMr. Bejcnbtt : ? Having, through the politeness of a friend, been favored with a sight of your interesting " Herald," and noticing|that you have a number of correspondent* from various quarters, it will not, perhaps, come amiss to give you a few items from our quarter, if worthy of your noticeBeaufort is a beautiful place?more so, perhaps, than any of our towns in tha State, being the retreat of all our opulent planters, who find their plantations too unhealthy for their residence front June until October ; so this is consequently th? most favorable spot to retreat to, being on the sear coast, 60 miles from Charleston, and 40 from Savannah. Oysters and fish abound, Willi excellent salt baths, Beaufort is no business town, our cotton, rice, &c. beiue sent to Charleston for embarkation, and the past year hat bean very unproductive, somuch o, our negroes hare scarcely paid their expenses of keeping. Negro stock has fell alarmingly ; m Sood field hand will not bring over two or threw undred dollars. In faet, I was at a sale of negroes down at Savannah, a,few days ago, and the sheriff disposed of abojttwo'hnndred of Mr King's, member of Congress, for debt, at fifty, a hundred, and two hundred dollars each! No State in ihe Union has suffered more severely frc m the depression of the t.mes ihan ours; how many of our merchants and traders will ever meet their northern liabilities it a query time alone will aelve. I learned a few daya sim e, our supposed to be wealthiest district planter, W. H , E-q., had become a bankrupt. He held a large plantation near Coosawhatohie, which has been taken possession of by the sheriff ; also, the adjoining pf mixtion, and his negroes sold, ss ih?y were nearly starving on the plantation. Things in our district are in a deplorable way. Sir, and unless we soon getja change to the better, the State will be an rntire b.mkiupt; plantation!, overgrown with weeds, and our negroes starving. We have little or no silver. Cotton is rnljr bringing fifteen and sixteen cents per pouad, rice three cents. The weather is quite warm?April has set in? charming < attire i* smiling, but affairs are gloomy; few of our citizen* visit yr*t|r Saratogas, While Sulphurs, & c 1 think this season " a penny saved are twe tamed," will become our motto now. Texas cause will find few advocates with us, as we are too poor to furnish funds, and too much to do at home to send our friend* away. Gen. Hamilton paaaed here last week, on Hi* way urine r get aid for Texa?. With many reapeetr, I am your?, Sir, A. B. C. J. THOMAS fc CO., COMMISSION AND AUC TION MERCHANTS, 81 BROADWAY. ALBANY.?Liberal made ou all manufactured food*, merchandiae and property of every deecnplioa intended for either public or ornate tale. REFERENCES. Mclire. K. rvalue Corning k Co., Albany. Hutua H. King k Ce, do Lewi* Benedict k Co. do Webb k Doualaaa, do Jared L. Hatlibone, Eaq, do Jolin Towoaend, Eaq do Riiaaell Foraytli,Eaq. do John Thomae, E*q. do Metira, M. 8. Lincoln kCo. Boalon. ThomaaW Olcott.Etq. Prea't Far kMech.BklAlb'y. A. D. Patchin. K*o..Caali'r N.Y Stake Bank. da w at la (merman, e.m, i. aaiiT Albany city BMoo Then. Olcotl, ttaq., C'aah'r Canal Bank, do 8. K Stow, Etq. Caah'r Troy City Bank, Troy, _ mlg l roeodia* N~ WTlt. E?II John Abhol, who! lately arrived 'mm Liver pool in the rhvii Monument, will call at the oAce of the aubfcriler, lie will hear ofaonu thin j^nhia 22 Str <1 South at reel. OX IR J.N SAFES of aaudr< makrra.auch aa have been - -'J taken in part im) mint for the k ire Proof Salamander aafe (Wilder'e), for vale at frrm 30 to 50 percent upon 8 rat coot, at hi Iron Safe and Money Cheat Wart-h inae or 8ILA8 C. HERRING, at* Qwr ta? Water atreet. HARDWARE. CUTLERY, GUNS, &c. AW. SPIES k CO, are now ot>eniiir their aphnf amort meutof the foljowmR kinda of go,.<l?. hmJ are determin en iigi in dc Hiiurrvoiu wj any iiiiik 111 me !?< <. Pen Knives of Rodgera k Hon*; Woatrnholma k Crook's manufacture, Tsble Cutlery, Snir ri, Razors. Kile* ami Tool*. Japanned VVarea. and Duook Hon'* Britannia Wareo new pattern*. Putt Metal Tea Kettles and Sauce Pan*. tiaaW and euainelled; Shelf Hardware* of every description, now in roar inn in stock: 300 double barrel tJuus, from M to $10 each KM single " " $3 to $13 " 300 Rinea " - $7 to $40 " 8000 pair Piatola " Jl to $30 pair. 300 RiHt Barrel* (Brat rate) Ill each. Onnamith'* material* of all Su.da.for altering and manufacturing guns. thme bap. powder flasks, prrruaainn capa.kc. kc. H|*>rt*maa'* article* of every variety. Agrat for the *ale of Allen'* Self-cocking and Revolving Piatol, being thegreateil modern iihpr ivimcnt in Are anna? caa be diacharcrd in three *ecourt*, with the iim ot one hzmd onlv- vhoUoalp nml r#.ail mvS Im PAi r.n w Anr.riuc?r. -irfiSSh. k BROOKS, Nc. II Liberty etreet. offer for sale the following assortment of Paper on the meat reaaenable term* : too ream* ?*41 I f *00 ream* MaM 100 do MaMi I Newananer J *w *? ***** to# do ItiH (;N'w*P*P*r < aoo do 31*14 MO do 84*17 J 1300 4? 31*31 too ream* 10*34. Book. Together with fine anoortmeut of Wntingand) Wrapping Paper. Printing Purer of any'sixe or onallt* mad* to order e? rk ?rv 'I'lIK DK8KRVKD CELKBRITY of Taylor's Balmm ? I Liverwort made at 174 B?wrry. is laat stiprretdiug all other th-ngs in curing coughe eoldo, spitting of blood, and all disease* of the chest, lungs anil liver. Nine year* hac it been Irird, ard with the mnat unbounded aucrea*. which k>a rauaed it to be an much counterfeited The person who advertises Dr. Taylor'* Balaam of Liverwort in Spring street jt Aral uuder enonymnaa isitiala. and after warda as W. W Taylor, and aga u aa W W I hayer bao net nnw n..r never did have nav enanrrt inn with the original *fBu.'iP' "Taylor^* Balaam of Lirerw <rl, ahirh laonlt m Bow pTop *lan BuW?r*' ?uv ??>* ? oiy "Bir CURED?"| htn a ff?red from the effr ct# of A* thm a a lone tune, and uinl erery medic ine I could obtain lor ,B T*'ni u"til I ueert l)r Ta> Inr'a Balaam ofLieeiwmt at 8T? Bowery?(hie medicine eared ire _ nn,?.?? M?l? ? HUTON. JIlLaur're.t" (ft?- BEWARK Of A BAHK COUN I Kn P KIT.-Hrt the (rue and eenuiDe at the old office, Its Bowery.*1*1 you are ale. Ayente? Mr. H?y? only, IS* Knit n ilreel, Br..oklvn: H. R*wll It Co , A lhany ; (i. B. /<eb ?r, Philadelphia; I Powell hi > ,.c? i on hill. Boa too. mfT_ L'Jft'HASOi OS i.ONfii IN ?bil'tol nchanre at ?o. JO, a-* H.T day*, or at eight, on M- eare . Prrefntt O.ere, AmeeA Co., Banker*. Loudou for aale at ? I time a by AtlCHti BROTH KB 9 Ik I t> Jlfullo-af , ,9 Nn d????r ' r tilfon Bank ! ?Knn *K*ARD ;I BO--- ( Kt.lKit MIXTl'KjS 7*DVJU for the rere of delir.le .Joe.#.. \V e ?t?eno lodg diiackiali reeoBMnendatione todcc ire the 1 nblie If the mriV dneanotaieah for it. elf no < n? >hall aienk for it Our obi ct ia to noliif "h9f it enn Ha li??l ?? ! thrt ti.* jirrpn^or eiMlUtiffi * ?infk c*?a of rrrent ?J aeaae to be bror^bt m whirh UMMitttf" doaanot eliyat *mi?Ul eur?, tiader a lor'eikor??U at in Vr ft Mtlnm'a, .1 tifrin t. if) nr- .rfw..r. **" .* : . ?ni!' N * fornrr of t |,r?. ut aod 71H R'rrrt. Iki't^'lpbni Joa M. HruitV IS* Waabiattoti ?t * Boftoo. Hnb/rtifc Aik na o. eora?r af H uxxer *o4 irra.t, OaJtiiooro; A B. Ctrmman, t anal itreet. New Or'pwrvdi ' A I'll1L f 6ni ? A'l \vii(? ?j)f rrui.( ii tra*^ Jl? r?i lo form it ?t ad r.f bu\i?***N* vpoiiir ?hrrin;>u*? l.? wi'l d^i on'y b# fool'4 our ol tbr?r mmny, but nioar likfly e?f tf?i? i*aaltb. Tbera i? noinirt life' hh'iraWa L* * w jf-a for a c ugh rold, h*ftd?cbe. or palpi at inn of ilie l*-?rf *a ?v U < ? worm* m children. 'Hi? Loeiot'ioAt' i* nt !# Naa* * ~ a Ltdarr I..< ?tr?? l, tori; 8 * - ,, Building*, I'Uihielphi.i, Krnah Ti?lor, Wi?>>uiSti?,

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