Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1842 Page 3
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^ ??^ tired V' naid i rutce near me; " Tompkins fired"" No, Cook fired"?" I ny 'twa* Tompkins, 1 tke ilath"?" Well, 1 saw Cook's fltsh"?"Then they mutt both hare fired, but I heard ooly ona report"?and such was the fact; thev had both fired attha instant, and both without effect. "I'relott ten dollar*"?" I're won fifty by "?"I'll go you a hundred nobody's hurt naxt fire"?"Dona" ?" Done " A hundred other exclamation* were beard ot a similar nature while the rifle* were reloading At length we heard the roice of "Old rtiikrinv Uiv?v,> ?? P.J llranna* om waii flktiiflAfi ""6 "" V' ? V' " M.VHUVI, ?l? J VU ? 1 am pot gir, ' was the prompt rrply. "GentUmen to your place?," siid tke Governor ia a of thunder. "Are you rea lyl"?" R-mdy"?"Ready"?" Fire." iiaug? b inL-, witli a alight interval between "Coolt'e dead, l'va waa"?"No, he's not hit"?"lie ia by , I aaiv the fur fly, he'll drop in a minus." Many hid aeen the "fur fly," and ran tow trds him ; and Cook himaelf seamed to apprehend that he was hit?for he clapped hia hand npon his hip, but the ball had passed through bis ci*t within a ha r's breadth of hia skin, and he informed his frieuds that he was unhurt Several now appealed to him to withdraw the challenge ; it was no quarrel of hia own, and enough had been done to satisfy all parties. Col Coek replied that the affair waa in the hand* of his second. Colonel Branner was then appealed to ; the ohalleage was then withdrawn for ten minutes for the purpose of consu'tation, which finally ended ia the parties mutually advancing to the centre and shaking each other warmly by the head. " Well, then, I'll be d?d if iny hundred aint gone to the d 1.'* But where was Beesancon a 1 thit time! frowliog around the field of battle unnoticed by any ; scorned and detested by all. Among the number who advanced to Cook for the purpose of interfering was Mr. A- B Reading. Beesancon anxious toappearof some little consequence, suggested to him that the application ought to be made to Cook's seoond "Sir, said Reading, with a countenance expressing the utmost contempt, " I am perfectly capable or deciding on the propriety of my own conduct, and let metelly.iu that you are the last person that onght to appear upon this ground." Nothing more was said at the moment ; but on Beesancon's reappearance in Vicksburg, he was observed to have a very black eye, of which he coinplaintd to Mr. , and requested him to bear a challenge to Mr. Reading " Why really Mr. Beesancon I think you have already done enough for glory, and 1 think you had better hurry oil' to Tunica, before your eye geta well, and shew it to your constituents." Yours, truly. City Intelligence. Ths List Forger??On the lS'.h inst. a boy named Philip Livingston, was accosted, while standing on the steps of the New York Bank, by a stranger, who pre* sentedachock drawn upon the Bank of Commerce for $1000, dated April 16;n, made payable to Noyes It Morris, and signed by Thomas Hunt It Co., and told him if he would go and draw the money he would give him 2A cents for his trouble. The boy presented the check as directed, but it was pronounced a forgery, and whan he returned to the place where he left the person who gave him the check the bird had flown. It was subsequently ascertained that a letter had been, addressed to Thomas HuntStCo., No. 92 William street, aigned by Wm. H' Newton, previous to the presentation of the oheck, and another to Wilson O. Hunt k. Co., of the corner of Pearl and Chatham streets, on the 33d inst. aigned by Edward M. Foster. The first was dated from theJAstor House, and the last at Lovejoy's. The letters purported to be from persons deairouf of purchasing Urge amount of dry goods, for part cash and the balance on credit, and de sired answers relative te the acorptance or refusal ojthe proposition. The counsel of Oliver M. Lowndes, Esq., was called in after the reception of the second letter, and through his advice it was answered through the post-office, and when the gentleman called for it he was very politely requested by Justice Lowndes to explain the use he intended to make of the letter|he had just taken from the post office,which he endeavored to account for, but not being satisfactory, was handed over to officer Cock efair and recognised by the boy to whom he gave the check. His name has since boon ascertained to be Richard 8. Howard, and he has formerly been in the employ of Mr. Daly of Broadway, and Mr. Rice of John Street, as book-keeper. The letters were in his hand-writing and had been written to the above named firms,for the purpose of obtaining copies of their signatures in order to effect bis forgeries. O'.d Clo' Thief.?John Williams, blsck, stole a lot of articles, valued at $3 76, from Jane Cromwell, of 131 Anthony street, and was deposited below. Broken t-r.?The housesof ill fame kept by a woman named Chapin, at No. 1 Benson street, and Eliza Ste vans, No. J, were broken up on Friday uight, by offieor Lowe, end the first person held to bail{in the sum of $500, the second in $300,to quit the premises and change their course of life. Found Dbowned.?a man was found drowned off the Newburgh Pier, E. R , yesterday morning. He appealed to be about M years of age, was dressed with a figured worsted vest, metal buttons, and his other cloth jug TCI) IUUUU WUIU BUU 1UCUUBU. la one OI UM pocieil vii found a night key, and a imall amount afchange. He appeared to hare been in tke water for aereral day a. Robberv on the PoiKTa.?Two colored women, named Providence Oakey and Emma Tread well, coaxed a man named John Nowland into a brothel in Orange treet, and picked hia pocketa of half an eagle and gj in change. They were arreated and locked ap, but no money waa found in their poeaeaaion. Diihomit Steam boat Havds ? Three men named Charlea Anderson, William Howard, and Joseph Miller, hauda engaged on board of the ateam boat Cleopatra, plyiug between thia city and Providence, were arreated yeaterday, by otlicer Rilyea, on a charge of breaking open aeveral caaea of boota, shipped an aaid boat on Friday from Providence, and atealiog aeveral paira therefrem. The boota were the property of Lewia 8. Boughton, of thia city, but were under the charge of the eantainof the boat, who made complaint at the Policeoffice againat them. Several paira of the boota were found in the berth* of the peraona arreated. Late from in thia city furniahea for publication the followingextract of a letter from hia correspondent at Lima, dated February 4, 1812 :? In the greateat poesible haate, I meat refer yon to my aomewhat lengthy, and perhapa tedioua letter of the 24 h of November laat. Since that date, the whole political and commercial atate of affaire in Pern haa changed, Gamarra is dead ! The grand expedition to Bolivia, at I predicted, haa turned out a moat diaastreua one : the very firat encounter between the Peruviana and Boliviana waa a fatal oae ; the former were all cut to piecea, and their chief fell, ahot with three balla. Thua haa ended the long and odioua career of thia famous Gamarra ? he wno aaurptd the anpreme authority ef the country,trampled upon it* lawn, hesitated neither at the commitiien ot asaaasiaation or any other crime to forward hia ambitioua view*?it now no more ;?hia booee lie unhoaored in a foreign land, and hia memory will never live aave in hate. The qneation now ii ?Who ia to he President 1 The competiters are numerous : Orbegoso, the only legitimate claimant ; La Fnente, bead of the troops; Vivanco, a young Limanian aspirant; Snntn Cruz. Torrico, and a boat of nthera War, of conrae, still goes on between thia country and Bolivia. And we are in daily expectation of the mrrival here of the Bolivian troops; they have alreadv entared the Peruvian territory and inm* -lia-ht kirmiah*. have taken place between smail parties oa both aides, but they amount to nothing. People are generally disposed te thin k that Orbegoso will return, give up hit office, and retire to prirate lite, and that the people will be left free to elect another President; bu', as 1 before observed, such is the great number of competitors, that a qaestion like the present threatens to involve the country in complete anarchy and confusion. So little do the people feel their rights that I thai I be greatly mistaken if the bayonet does not decide it ? Button Courier, April 22. ItsniAirs its Mexico.?The Havaca papers contain intelligence from Mexico to the middle of Mnreh. Santa Ansa's government seemed undisturbed in Mexico. The papers notice Indian invasions and devastations in the N E departments, carrying consternation among the inhabitants to the loot of the Sierra Madre, or great chain of high Undo which divides the valley of the Rio Grande from the table lands of Anahuac. Something is said of a new silver coinage, but nothing touching the difficulties with the United states, or the relations between Mexico and other ports.?A'eio ?rItam Courier. {((^ AMKRICAN MIMKL M.-Th? (liilcon tinues to aatouish admiring crowds with her prophetic revelations and mysterious performances. Wine hell appears in all of his most eccentric characters, including the Chatham street Auctioneer, the Show man, Irishwoman, Dutchman, Yankee, he. Mias Rosalie, tho charming vocalist, is a great favorite here) also Celeste, the pretty little dancer. Barnum's experiments in Animal Magnetism remove all douhtson that subject The whole performances here am exceedingly rich and diversified, and richly deserve the immense patronage bestowed on them. (K7-CHURCH GOING PEOPLE ARK INFORMED that if they will take a few of Sherman'* Cough Lotenget with them they will-have their conghi removed and net disturb otheri. Thoie who are nervoui and are apt to become sleepy in Church will have their nerve* quieted and dronsineaa removed. They may be had in this city at KM Nassau street?fl State ;*tre*t Boston, and 3, Ledger Building* Philadelphia. City Despatch Post. 4# William Stsct. Paii?cir*L Orrica.?Letters deposited before half past a, half-past it, and half past 3 o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. Bsaim m Omens - Letters deposited before 7. ll m,l ? o'clock, will be lent out for dclivpry at 9, I and 4 o'clock ALEX. M. UAEIO, Agant. " POS TSCItl P T Oc^ For our usual Southern Correspondence, iy this morning's Mail, see fourth page. (?-THERE NEVER WAS SUCH A FELLOW AS aurfrienil Puliuo of Chamber* itreot. He i? contiuoally OiirinK to auriiat* himit-lf,?nd he ha* at length fairl) luccecded. We thought the Mille Lolounet which hi titled up'tome time mice, a magnificent alfair ; but that sinks into mean innignifidance when compared with what he hai now accomplished, lie hat converted hi large billiard room into a fairy palace where the llourit of Mahometan worship might delight to dwell?where thrP riet teem to fleat in air.and the mind reverts uncon tciouily back to the tain of fairy of our youth. We prophecy that it will be the retort of the beauty and fa bion oi our city during the coming summer. See hit advertisement in another column. MUNKY MAIlK K. r. Saturday, April 43-0 P.M. The stock market to-day has been again quite animated, and stocks have gone up rapidly Illinois 6't 1 per cent; Indiana 2's 0; Delaware & Hudson 3}; Kentucky ti'sdj; Ohio I; Mechanic's Bank 6 per ceut; Bank of America 1 percent; Long Island}; Canton 1|; Farmer's Loan S}; Harlem 1}. A tale of cloths was made to-day which evinced some improvement, but was much more than farmer sales made by other auctioneers. The Bank of K'ntucky has recognised all the stock issued by Levis of the Schuylkill Bank. The stock market has received a great impetus in con sequence of the advices lately received from abroad by the Oreat Western. We have received, from sources entitled to the highest confidence, intelligence that Lord Aberdeen and Mr. Everett had, in negotiating arrived at such results, as formed a fair basis upon which terms of settlement, for all the questions in dispute between the two countries, could be amicably formed. The special messengers arrived in the steamer, were charged, it is stated, with the outlines of the negotiation for confirmation by this government. This, of course, entirely 4supersedes Lord Ashburton's mission, and he will probably go home as soon,as his private business will permit. The results arrived at by Lord Aberdeen and Mr. Everette, were hastened by a concurrence of events. The state of affairs in the East rendered it imperative upon the English government to remove, without delay, all cause of disquiet in this country, and the mission of Lord Ashburton naturally prompted Mr. Everett to be active, in order not to have the business taken out of his hands. It will be well for him if he ha* not left a loop hole, by which Oreat Britain may renew the quarrel when she gets more at leisure. The probable settlement of the difficulties seems to have bean current in London , in consequence of somo expressions dropped by Lord Aberdeen, and produced some desire to speculate in American funds. The opinion abroad seemed to be, that the extreme low prices of stocks here arose from panic generated by the state of our foreign relations, and that the removal of fears on that head would cause a re-action, in ^consequence large orders for investment i? low priced stocks were sent, which have been executed. Mr. Moullon and Mr. Fastanrath, who came out with the Great Western, were aware of the state of things, and it is to this circumstance that a rise in stocks may be attributed. This, of course, is no solid basis of improvement, and a re-action must take place. Illinois, Indiana and Pennsylvania stocks have risen 5 to 10 per cent, and yet no one believes their actual value to be any greater now than 30 days since. The Slates have done and will do nothing towards paying their debts. The " bulls" in the stock market make the most of affairs, and have it all their own way. It is very evident that the rise cannot be sustained. For business generally, there ia more real ground for improvement?prices are very low, and the actual w ealth of the country very great?the canal is open, and there is no expansion of paperto create fears of a sudden reaction. The elements of a large inland trade are in oporation, although the state of our foreign commerce is not immediately so promising. Our great staple,cotton, is very low, without chance.of immediate improvement, and en that mostly depends our means for meeting foreign demands. The new bill of Sir Robert Peel will undoubtedly increase the commercial intercourse between the two countries, if absurd legislation an our side does not counteract its beneficial tenden ciea. Rales at tlse * toe It Exchange. !14,000 N York t's 1862 90 12 Eaclv Ins Co. 87 looo do 89) 24 Jtnertoa Ins. too ssoo Ohio Sites, '60 7t 10 Canton 14 2000 do 7 Of (50 do b3 25 1000 Kentucky Bonds 70) 150 do b3 25 JUUUU llliUOli BOU'H IV 100 310111 wk KH 54J $1000 do SO do (10 54} $3000 do b80 IS 75 da 54 >1000 Indiana Bonds 1*1 35 dl (10 54 $1000 do 30 3S do 541 $3000 da 30} 50 da bio 54 $1500 do 31 155 do 54 49 *harra Bk Amrr. 80 175 HailemHR 11} 50 do Mechanics'Bk 85 75 do 11} 13 d> 64 50 do snw 13 35 Am. E*. Bk. 63 150 do b30 13 50 Del. 5i Hud. (60 95 3050 L. Island RR 53 50 do snw 95} 1C0 do 61} 115 do 96 900 do bnw 53} 31 do slO 96 300 do 530 63 35 Fanner's Loan 38 oO do baw 53} 35 do 38 35 N. Jersey KR 69 35 do 371 35 Palsrson RR 10} 35 do b30 86} Saconct Board. 1000 Indiana Bonds 33 100 Loot Island RR b3 59} 4000 Illinois do 19 100 do 83} 4000 Slate 6's, 1941 90 53 do blf 594 SO share* Harlem RR 13 35 Del k Hud. 17 50 do 111 35 Mohawk RR 64} 50 do III 5o Canton Co. 34 100 do 11} so fatrrson R R 51 State of Trade A sale of broadcloths, ma le to day, was well attended, and buyers exhibited a Rood deal of animation, and in the hands of any other house the sale would have been one of Ihe beat this aeason. All produce is very low, Coffee exceedingly so, although Bunds have advanced } cent during the week, yet large old Java, which formerly was worth 30 cents, nrinrs now 11. In Cotton a derli.le of J a J hat been felt on tie lower qualifier Scotch Pig Iron hat been active during the week, and talet have been made at $44 ; Swedea HO a g1,50 ; American No. 1 pig 19,AO. Philadelphia Cattle Market. Fbidat, April 22 ?Beevea?There were 590 head brought in, and over 600 (including 275 far New York,) were disposed of at $5,25 a 7 25 per 100 lha. aa in quality. Cowt and Calvea?About 225 were offered, and mostly tali at 9 a $13 for Dry Co wa, 12 a $23 for Springera. and 23 a $35 each for Milch Cowt. Hogt?525 were offered, and near 500 told at 1 a $4 75 per 100 Iba. Sheep 1100 were brought iu, and abaut 1200 aold at 1,25 a $4,50 each, at in quality. Foreign Markets Havana, April 15.?The Champion's rice told at 8|. The Oglethorpe's at 9. The Calhoun's, Catharine's and 0. Webster's at 9}. Had not the Hsyne arrived In ballast the sales of the two last cargoes would have been made at a less price. We hive none on hand uqw, but the rice of a small schooner arrived yeaterday from Savannah, A- A- Parker, The dealers are now well supplied, and nothing but a falling off in the importation can reatore the market to a healthy state Laat sale of Rice was the orge of the Ann A. Parker from Savannah at 9} for prime, and H rial*for common. There$has beeu a stead v d-mand for Sugar, assorted 4-9 s ->J a 91 rials; white 7J a 9j rs ; yellow 4j 6; brown alone4 a 4$, low quality 3 a 3J. Coffee first sort iQ -i and a.t Mi 7 Molasses 1 rial per keg. Exchange on Boston and New Yark 1} discount. M arrledi On the 931 Inst., by the Rer. Dr. Spring, Jom* T. Wait. E?<| Counsellor at Law, of Notwich, Conn., to Mr* Elisabeth Hasbis, ol this city. ? At Newark, N J., on the 9lat inatant, Tmeodori H. Jr.iKip* ol thiacity, to Mr*. Sarah Bl-rtois, of the former place. Died. At Leipric, Gertntny, on the Mth March last, Samuel A. Stobrorb, sonof Mr. Tho. W. Rtorrorr, oi thi* city. Yeiterday moraing of consumption, Mr?. Mart D, wife of John Warner, of Peterson, aged 33 year*. On Friday morning, 331 inst of pleurisy, Johiv McOt-iRr. aged 37 years. On Fridav morning, 331 inst., Jvi.ia A., daughter of Henry F. Vail, agrd 4 years and 34 diys. Passengers Arrived. St Mars'?Bark Keon.lieck?Mr ll.m'en and family; Mrs Ladil. Mm I, add and Mr t.add Ti rii IsliRO? Brig Gleaner?A J Lis ilburu and AOihba. LircsroiL?rthip 11 iidei Bordeu?8 J Palndge, John Pepper, John lli ghee. Passengers Sailed. Lohdo.a?racket a'lip Wr.iminster?H Knld-ll, lady, 3 children and servant, lit'., Win Conk. Henry Jonee, London; T T Andy. France; Ho ?l <nd h. Evans, Philadelphia; Mr Woad, Mrs Wenfield, aud Wm Prdder. Foreign Importations. Liverpool?Slnp Nicholas biddle?3-4 tons pis iron R Jarvia?|S2 lops c*al PmiMnev k Jenkina?7 ckt (4 Meyer k -J M hs?14 Oih-m k eo?HIT bs tin plats 2J3Il Oodge kco??c?k akin* Harnsy k Slagscave L 'T -P A ?ien?rd*-a ore* i bale J, W.tJon-? rU k .^ThWi'? *cntt-li Hick. k to-JT n Nor ["nMffcVn " ,B co?SO pirn, oil B.ffk.n, ? as-?wi3-Ka .is?? ',r-? UteDeuea 558 b%rt railroad Iron, to ro<l?r 7S,C?0 Liti *r-oi. ?Snip Holder?7? otkt > PPJi.. . li ? B mm I, , k-.^J M llJmVl.m bdl, irou-IOC bag* anja 30 il, ?1 c.k PitnoakVo-^aaVrt? 50 c.k. Arf.m, It Brothm?M* t c.k. J rtumbrf ? gkpr T Wrxdhnll ?4f Ml* inn Kfgrl,Un It B.ttrll.-f kalr* Ston* eo?1 pair i*?nic.-|fnw Dorter, 1 i,d ii?. ir? H.liZki illiban iroo50 h.le* J3 c.k. 1*0 ton* pig iroa,order MaT.ftl..?lM|t GirdiDri ?too hhd* mnlra.*. Hpofford & TUUoq-JG do iu|?r u. odhue It Co-51 do 1 do nolwow g b*. a a c<iff--c Huwltnd k \ep uwell?Mo biuufir Me> er Ik Biiikeo I ?35# '(> i bltile il? I J Taylor? lu.i bll d? 44> bga coffee Urtu | nell. Mia'"rii k Co?1 Wi m.lir <tp, zcer. , . ' <?*n l?i. t>u?Brig Uleauir?88M bushtli eaU MWdletuo ft eo. 1 LilMTeMt. PR Br-cFrineU Ellen 118 hhde molaieee I'hoinpenii k Adams?17 hlidreugir Aleop k (jh&eocey?3 co 15 bbl- do Sou term St I'errrt?HIT hide e gar 8*1 do molaeeee Mey r k Stiicker-'l Me 6 bbl. augur 48 ?k? m lUtee# to"jder i Mereo-t z, PR-Schr S ged?li^ck-l?u bde euger MaitUnd Kennedy u Co?27 hda inolae're 2 bble t b ga coffee ? bbla tollt Mkr. ... i r * _ vol UOIIIUDI-Mtr JUM p r inns ? 31* ??B? ?-?" fee 71 6uu Ititf logwood O Diuglata?4 cases ? ke;;? J C dall. Domestic Importations. St Mok*?Bri|< ^iu'i'fr?20 ba'es cotton Center Itco-m do l'< runs, III) ?km. St While ?18 Peck It S y re?39 Holbronk. Nelson It c<>?18 J Norton?8 J C Well?20 Buck It co?40 Co k It Town,end -2 bales tobacco K D Collica?It bsleaco'tou lo order. Sr Mabss?Bark Kem> beet 207 b ilei cotton 99 do moss Outer It c??245 do J K lii b u.k. of Boston?171 Disoeway It Urotto re?21 do 43 h'des 1 bill skint Hmito, Mill* It co?49 bis c ji to ' J Mril- Si ludes Sp aril Pot'rr? 14 bales cotton <' Bolton, Koi St Lir.iiiriuu?is do Taylor It Rich?4 balei cotton 8 WooJ. ArtLACHK'oiA?Brig Manhattan -71 b I'ri rot ton lIVi di rvosrt 82 do Hoot in iu. J li isiou It co?125 Id t "oil It CO? I 9 A J Penitle r?12 w Koiieiteoii St Co?ltd I'arinrlee, KilOoru It Kot!-ri?25 Hint ItPullipj. tiaritime hkhaljjt l'8 rises 6 15 , MOO* rum iuiv sets t! : sins 8 10 'I'O Hlllp Itlustrrs, We ehall esteem it a favor, il captains of vessels arriving here, will give to Commodore R. 8. Martin.of our news tleef, ] a report ol the ?bi|ipitiK left at tke port whence they sailed, : the vessels spoken ou their passage, and a list of their cargo. Commodore Martin will board ilicm immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in ane wav Uepaitsra or tits Atlantis dteaanars. rKOM tM.UM'. FHOM .Mr Kit i O. We?t?rn, Hnsken April 18 Britannia, Hewitt .......May l Caledonia, Loll April IJ May H Acadia, Kyrie May 4 June I O. Writeru, Hnsken May 91 Juue 18 ' Columbia, Judkim May II June 18 ' Brilauuia, Hewitt June 4 ...-July 3 Caledonia. Lott Juue 18 July IT I Acadia, Ryne July 6 Aug. 1 U. Weatem. Ilo.ken July 8 Aug, 4 , Tin Brlgian steamer British Queen, Capt Keane, will leaee j Antwerp for N York on the 4 li ol May ueat,lu touch at South- > amptun, Kug. ou theTtn. ?OHT 6K 18*0W kOHK, AfnlL 44, l?4? ' Clearail ! Ships Siildotii, Cobb, Liverpool, E K Collin* k Co; Viile de , Lyon, Stoddard, Hai re, C Ballon, Km St Livingston; Ilimzi, ( I I irk, Oolhenberg, J H How land, S in k Co; Al-baina. Buu- . lo r, Ntw Orlraua, W Nrliou. ?Bark Liberia, Barlleit, Nlatan- , 7 ?. II llaviland ? Briat Peier Drmill, Lewis. Marseilles. Boyd . St It ill km;Cruioe, S.eucer, St Mvtba, Cvrrett Ik Batielle; , Nalimakan'a, Baker, Norfolk, Va; Ohio. Veatie, Mauganilla, Badger it I'erk; Albert, Sears. Newark. J I'eters St Co.?Schrs Liou, BrooVli'.ld, Kliaabeth City, Kdeuton kc. NC; Q.eeu, Kldrulgi',Cur tcoa. s VV Lewie, Julia. Shoemaker, WiliniiiRton, N'C; Win Ilart, Willcta, Hiclim nd; J Cooley k Co, Kldredge, Bostou; Mail, Lonng. Boston. Bait more. Waglou. Petersburg, Va; Brilliuit, McLuyre. Salt m Biett k Vote; Sarah Ana, Ire laud. I'hiladelphia, A B Cooley k Cc; Hudtou, Cooley, Balti , more, , Arrived. British mail steamer Dee, Om iu 3 days frcm Halifax, with , niails to Maiilaud Keu' ed, St o. , Ship Qardiuer. of Gardiuer, Me, Bradetreet, from Matauza*. j Apul 13th. with sugar, kc to matter. Ship 1'owhait.tu, Mc'"e r.u. from Liverpool. March 5, with c mdsr to J Herdmvo. 308 i assrngeie | Ship Nicliol a Diddle, Traeman. from Liverpool, March 14, with mdse to Taylor k Merrill 314 |>assei gers, Ulortr k Mc J Muriay. Ship Holder Borden, Reid 43 days from Liverpool, with I.. I. llnrf*.. 'r;_.i.i- t, ii Bark Krnucbcck. Smith, of Hallowrll. 14 days from St Marks. with c tton, itcloWff Pratt, 8th inst, ia? 24 SO, Ion 72 40, spoke br g Commerce, of Piovidence, 8 days from New O'leans for Maiseilles. Bark Vi-*ioi?, Sinclair,21 daya from Apalachicola, with co , too InWt^ Tratt. , 1 Brig Oleaoer, fciaton, 18 daya from Turks Ialand, with fait to ! Middletou k Co. Biig fc ration Klleu. Berry, 19 days from Guayama, PR, wilh 5 augar to order. Brig Abigail St Eliza, Alheoa. 14 daya from ApaUchicola, 1 with cotton.Ike toorder. 3 passrugsra. British brig Nerval. Bro?o. 15 days from Trkidad de Cuba, J lb ballast lo UuDSceinb k Beckwith 1 pataenger. ' Briti-li brig " dwant Whitney, Sealing, 18 Oaya from Wind- ' tor, NS, w ith plaater to order. 1 Swedish brig Friendship, Steadfaiter, 12 daya from Briatol, i with gin. kc to order. British hrig Somerset, Williams, 15 daya from Demvara. in ballot to K W Newman. Left aeversl Amer vessels, MM not recallected. Brig Souther, Ryder, 14 daya from St Marte, with cotton to master. Bug Manhattan. Doane, 14 daya Irom Apalachicola wilhcotton la E D Hurlbut. Dutch galliot Adrian. , 50 daya from Rotterdam, wilh gin, Ikb to Doorman. Johnson fc CO. Schr James Krauc.a. Paine. 21 daya from Jacmel, St Domingo, witlicoffee, kc to Underwood fc Co. Left brig Mic-iigan, lor New Vork, in : 0 da. the only Amer. Sailed tu co with brig Grand Turk, lor Aux t.ay.a IS h iuat, lat 32 30, Ion 75 15, apokebrigSabiue.of Portland 5 daya hence for Vera Cruz. Schr Sagadahoc*, Gold. 16 daya from Mayagmz, PM, with sugarto BretlkVoae. L-ft Pauchita.for Bualou.unc; /xlford, do; Tapanoola, do; Levant, do; Patriot, dug; Warreo, do: Lafayette, do;S'erliog,do; fc.lizabeth.fjr New Vork, in 10 daya; Chaa M Smitli, unc; Odion. lor New Y?rk, 6 da; Batavia for Baltimore, do; Leader,do do; Vetrula, ju.t arr from Norfolk; Martha Wood,aid iu color New York. SclirFalcon, Sands, 17 days from Apalachicola, with cotton, kc to order. Britishachr Renown,Smith. IS daya from Windior, NS, with plasterto order. ( Sloop St Lawrence, Kordham, from Pag Harbor, wilh rndne from the wreck of aliip Louia I'hillippe. Balnw, 2 ahipa 1 bark 3 origa. uenernl Record. PjicarT Phiz Louis PHILLirr..?Ona liehier load of the ? ?.. ? go ol' this ship cunc up yes.erday. U u lu be en'ered at the cut torn House I Brig Manhall, Brys n. sailed from New Haven on the Slat for Ucmiram, auil returned on the 33d. Iiavn.g been in contact ' wilhechr Doris, of Camden carried aw*y jib-boom, cutwater, boli-ttaya,kc. The Dona loat foremaat, and otlier damage, and put away for New Liondan A Wreck.? dug Victory, at Providence, paaaed SOlh invt. , lit 4Of, Ion 7S 38, the quarter rail end bulwark* of a vessel of about 130 tins, ptinted grren inside, a topgallant maat carried away in the cap, a topgallant yard with rigging attached, aud several other pieces of wreck. ' Notice to Mariners, The Fog Bell at Seguiu Island, Me, i* now iu good repair, aod is struck by the keeper of the light. Vessels approaching Be- ? gum in thick weather had better nre a gun. and if heard by the keeper, the bell wilt be struck fatter and harder. We are informed by the officers al the Cutter Morns, that Ihe belljwas distinctly heard by themselves and crew withtlegu a beating K Smiles distant, and a light w.ud from northward and thick weather. ' Whalemen, jvrniru ?i ,it? ueuioru. npru inoian ocean, ? with 100 J bila (490 iliri) oil. Sooke off King Ororge'a Sound . iu Oct Oeorge and Man In, NB, 1308 (4oo ai m); Herculea, do t 800 (400 apm) and boilu g; Mr Verucn do 300 apin; I'lDdua a Kairharea, too apm and 5 whla. ] Bid He rculer, I acific Ocean. c Arr A inetliyal, Indian Ocean, with 3700 brli (TOO apmf oil, r and I',000 Spoke Oct 3d. lat 34 10 8,Ion 113 30 K, Winalow, No, 3o t rla apu>; 3M lat 37 a 8,1>u 117 16 K Mount Ver- o non, NB 350 brla apm a.,d ISO ?hj Nor Hh, Liverpool, do, e 1700 (130 apm); 14 37,1m 130 41, Pantheon, Kail Hirer, <> iS-0 ilti/0 ?pn.)-wvnliug to whla to fill; 15th Jeuaa, NL,S c whle; both lat 33 33. loll 131, Napole in Naut, 1800 apm; Capt h I'had ?|Kikm day before \d?liut,.\ 8,1300 (700 apm), Left at (Je. gr?ph? Bay Dec 14, Mary Mitchell, of aud for Naut, 1840 hrla(nOwh); Dec IStli. lante Salem, laoo for kome toon. I)ird ou board Mary Wiiche l,< ff ike S W Cape ol New Hoi- p land,Sept I3;h, 1841 D.viuO Beard, of Nantucket, aged ?4, 3d cilRttr. , _ .... 1 Arab. South Atlantic Ocean with 1300 brla wh oil Reporta D< c Tth, lai 37 8 Inn 10 W Del,,hot, H H. 4 wha and 170 brla aim; off Triatan d'Acunli i. J tu 13th,Our 1'rnup NB, 380 brla apm; Klorida, do 10,0 br.awli; fheuii.NL 33uu wh. Mentor, do 1500 v lit Jan 30lh. I til 8, Ion (W Lagoda. NB 10) whaud Wap.n-liao loat liei 3d ntfic r, killed by a whale. Shipa rep li at Triadan d'Acunhi: Vlurtha of Hudaou. 3 moa out, i38 a, m: A iu Dec Montizuina. NL. 73 d i a out, loo apm. Ian lit Chel- fi aea, NL, 3 wha: ISth. K.ndeaaor, Nttdfcrd, 350 apm and 80 wha; Balance, Prorid-Lce. 73 hbla apm. Spoke April lltn, lat 83 43 N. ion S8 40 W. brig John Atkina, fioin Boatoo for n St Domingo. 8 Sioop Ene, N I ork, n Spoken. Rowena, P..i adelpliia for Laguayra, April 8, lat 38 8 N, Ion 83 50. John Atkina, Boetou for St Domiagn, April 15, lat 33 It N, I' Ion 58 <0 W Lincoln, of Bytton, 35 daya from Liabyo for Boatoo,33d, lat 40 37. lou 70 9. Ann. (Biemen) ol Bremen. 83 dava from Lirernool for Boa 11 tCD.ailt. lit 42 I, it'll 65 HO Hebrew, Mobile Aw H ttie, no date, lat 31 10. Ion 79 43. foreign Port*. ., Live.nrnoL, April 5 ? In port, Charleston, for Canlon, read):. 3d, eld Colombo. Boeton. Fniuiau, Ai ril 3?In po-1. Fame, for N York, to be dug and n hove out?wnu'd probably he ready for aea in S we* ka. Hi > U*a*dc, Feb 12?in port, rlicel, from Hartford via Rio Janeiro, juat .rr. v Havana, A| ail 9?In port, Jamre Cabler, for Stett in, I3tb; Louiaa lor do, uiic, Ritnd NYorn, do; Burmah, Cowee, do; Mary Smiihao do; Ualli'ee, do do; Florence, irt orchr; Cbtrokee, do; Clinton, do; Kohan.lic Hoy, aoon; Nath'i Hooper, do. do; Stat,do, do; Ceylon, do, do; Am- Fatten, diac; 11 antreee. frtorehr; Caoiact.da; Rouble, It Petersburg, Idg; Ma- J on, do, do; Tacitua. Cowea; Mary Francis, frtorehr; t.har es do; Caeilda from Wiecaeset; IKmprete, Bristol; Oaford, frt or ehr; Aleeto, Cowee via Matantae; Dianiba, Hamburg soon; Hall,ro do; Warsaw. rid ( r Mataniaa; L .uisa, diacg; Chamii,on, Ciimito, 13th; Keho, NYorh, eoon; Henrietta, Siena Slorena, I3lh: Rowae, NYrrlr vonn- Hat veal, Cardeoaa, eld; c, Oglethorle, ditch.; Catharine, r?, -;uaJa Oraade; Chrietiaaa, _ dieohf; Catharine,one; Daute, diachg; Washington, do;UaJi- ? leo do: Centurion, do; Cardenaa, do: Kranei-k Louies, do; A 91 Driscoll, uar; Oceanuj, Cowee, big; hapclela. fit or enr, bi Tribuue. for sale Adelinv for an outpoit. loth; Oregon,discg p, Flutarch, fare le; loerph Brown, discs; Genoa. do; Prudence rr Aim, do; Dolphin,for sale, frt or rhrr Klizabe h. dlicg: Belle in for Mobile; Noima, foreale; Catharine,do;; and others. Aprils, Cld, Finland. Hamburg; Gibraltar, Cowee, v a Matantae, Albino, Portland; Miz-belh, Fbil d, till Ma.* Caret,Foit'aud. thzabelh Hall; Malanzaa; Sth Rocket,Cardenaa; II-Ueap-iut. Button; Klba, Cardeoaa; Ceylan, Boeton; 7th. America, rortland: Cuba, NOrieana; Ada, (It Andrew#: M fth, Broth*!?, Belli*. April it, in part Jaoea Ca'dcr, for the ,>( North Sea. Mlh, eld Catharine, Matantaa g. MaTanzti, April 10 ?In port, ahip Delia Walker. Condy, Lirarpool, tine wtj Origin; Elizabeth Hall, Cobb, do; in tang, brarse, do; bark Oibralter, Joidoa, Harm i, Cowra, lo c( ail ueit day; ahi|e K inhurg. Stone, Boaton, unc dlig, Od t a- fe lio, Hamilton. Cortland Poniard do; Swao, I'urnrr, Boelou, uac wig freignt; Aineiica, Berry, do: John Kehrman, Tr-rutr, |>< H.rana, Ttieale, Idg Itih inat; holt Weateeutneon. Jacuuea, Boaton, Harana, do; ahip V ork Morrill, do, Cewea, Idg; k,bro, ii Perry, do, St Peterabu*g; (Jen Harnaou, Knight. Salem, St Peteraburg, Idg, barka Eliza. N York, Idg: r*im. Bo. ton, Idg; K / tide, Cotaee idg; Sigorna, C. w*a, Idg; Ttbt rnea, do; Can- ol ton, Boaton, Idg, Suaan Jane ronl-nd. dlij, Galen unr., War aw. N V o. It. I.ik , Km raid., do; Centuiion, dal.g, brig Tu ner. Poiil ml. diachg; Wild*a f Walker, tine do; Waalungton, Philad. do; Corinih, Cow*a, Idg; Agenarm, frt; V praneu. do; Metamora, Boo on l'dg; William, do. Ark r: Cowea, d i, Peraia, Boato-. do; Viigmian Packet, N York, do i| n. w , Rira', Boaton,tVlg, Rupert, N York, l'dg; Plato, Port- T land, I'd; t/>rua, Hamburg, to a. m to; Hudenu, dta.. uucer. j,, Boaton. to axil nrrt day; I'm ner. nj-t hg unr Mtrtnti, April t-\rr Suaan Jane, Ponlaue, Ith, War- gj aaw, NYork; Galea Boaton R St J< una, NB. Apri It?In port.Charlotte Ata, Philad. a) Hatirai Aprn If?Arr Pnoehe Bute-, riiiladalphia; it,arr John All) ne, Norfolk : Hzr.ld, NYook: It, elearad Men- p dian, do. United States Porta. Kaarronr, April It-ArrOlire,Aleiandria. ai >onLra ao'. Me April 17?Cll Buaan, Varies, Geo lf;h. II Pilgrim, St J gi;Ahig il, No folk al THOMalTon i pi il . f?Cld Raymond. NOrleara. Towrnan Htanon, Me, April M?In pori, Wara, NYork 0 for Thomaalos. pi Plymouth. April 17?Arr Horatio, and Nahant, Baltimore, lttli, Lyceum, NY rk. w BnaTuN, April OT?Arr Adrian. Lirerpool, Pab It? lllh all, h eiperienred a htary gale, apruug al. ak.and ?a. ob'igedio throw "Trii;u?nicoDiil<irriiuie cai^o louyrnru inc Bill)), R| UK IVMHrq b ?d y? -poke, 19 h t si, U* 4ifc, 1 n 30fr near Ororgti Baak, Mo < DouKahrla, trt day*fin Lirerpo >1 for Philadelphia; arr BepUm b-r, Beliie. Houd'irae, tflet utt?left Monaco, for NYork. log; ti Wamoti.fJitfr-tldiiicn arith Pataey P Blom.t. for N?w YorkArab, ?ld day b fore f r Ha* ana?eooke nth in?t, let 33, 'oa 77, Baml ln"h*n, foe Biltin o r, *rr < urnelit ft York; Victoria, ?o. B.lo?, tiff .Ik. Im NOrl# act. Apalachieo' l? Sign,', for 8 b i?. CM fcupre,,, Londc, JllCb^O. I'lfloii. NH; C4V9liUik Vtary. Oo; Two broilitra (Br)do;Au t?lo. Charleston; Nrw t- ii|Uui). Mnhil*. E loarTowrr, Airil IT?Arr lJ?n W?rr?n, N York forTlionation; D mit? H* <lry f.mtlm for N York. lith, ia port, li r iborr. witk the I lilllon andli i'M*. Nr.* Bn>r-no. April 41? A rr Ere NYoik. Phbwd bcr, Aprilil ? Arr Victory, Stvaiiu*h;cld /rnibu. Mobile; C' uret. Happabamioc k. il'inun) u'HU April '.'S.?Ar.Turk, Boston; N?w Wnrld Bangor; Prro, Boston; Kathleen. Hirer liimli'i, Coast ol Ai'rira; Wo'dl-nilt, Hnlifn; C ullrog*. Bangor; John Clark, V'Yaik (Til Madelinr. R illerdain tVspairh, ft 1 h linar; Wakulla, IN York; John KairfieU B ?' .n, Michigan .Ntw York. BaLTiM '*?, AprilSl?Cld. Martha Kiuanan, Burton. Slit, 2oiumM,dn. nr n..;i m. ul < r> ? i a__.i\; a Urn: Columbia. Bn d'5 Hole to fiuuli Id* for Boslon. Ki< iiMnrtn a pnl 81?Sl'd D A Domwi, Boitou; Spy, Naw fork; Ann Klin, do . .. . _. WiiMiKarort. N C. April 34? Arr Valiant. Nkork; Thot iVynrie. d i; T me. do; Kiieirh, Brrbece. Cl'd 14th, Culiier; 7tn.C nrrrs Bolton: tilth Pi p'i-o. West ludirs. < iuhiht *, Aori' 80?8IM Cat ari ?e.N York. ' PetAMNAii, April 18?t.TJ NYork, West Indies, Report, N I'ork. POKTrtil'l-.SK FEMALE BILLS. rHKSK far-fairud ann celebrated Dills. from Portugal,** we perceive, to be obtained in litis country Res adverieemeot or Mm I ,?( mli) f foortli nage. fettm'ie PACK KT SHI I' ftlDD'tN "4 b't >It LI VEHPOOL-P??en. gers will please he rn b >ar I the steamboat Hercu'ee, a* iVhiteball, on Tuoiday,3Stli iiuit , at 18 St., at which time the ikip will rail. Letter bagi wid clo?e at the usual places at tl| 'o'clock a2^ GREAT BARGAINS IN C A R P ETS. FAMILIES end Merchante about purchasing Carpeting will lind it an olject to rill and cumins the verv exteniive and xautiful aaanruneut now onenine by us, at the rash Carpet ilore, 440 fearl etrret. Our etork hae been eelected with great :are, and being bought for ca?h thia Rprin?, we ire enabled to .ffrr them to the pub ic at audi pucca as will suit the times, imoug tbem may he found? Superior knirlieh Brussels, 3 ply. Ingrain and V'peliin Carpeting, j Tult'd Wilton and Bruise's Ruga, Tr na|iaienrie?. Table nd I'lano Covers. Oil Clothe from 8 te 34 fret wile and all other arti-les planted to the trade. The public ra" be convinced of the fact ly calling on J H. LOUNSBKRY k Co, a34 Iwit'c 440 Peirl etr-et. PALMU'S S 4 LOON. No 41 Chamber ?tre-t, near Broadway?KKROI N a ND PaLMO respectfully informs hie riende and the public thai he h s fitted up a saloon, which, for

iplendoe and migniti enct. ia nnauepaeaed hy anything of the mid ia this or any other country It is decorated in the most [orgeoua ?ty'e of Eaeiern grandeur Mirrors and paintings idoro its waHa aud ceilings; a neat li tie st-ge and orclieetra ia irected lit nil" m?l of die mum, from which concert! will lit 1'ghtly given free; a?f*ii aud Inungea ar-there for th> wenry, jf.T i! aware there may beiome who will thiak thii deicription ?x ?trg-raird hut t* ?u*.h lie can only aay Call, are, ludjutlge for youraalf." Hrfreahmrnta ?f every kind. Irrludi (s reufecli ma, icei. ere, in!. liqueura. Sic will be aerreri to riaitora. Ladi'a of the iniluit reaprctability may vmit thla lalonn ei'li nerfect aafi t , aa order and >'ecoriun will be eumred by the alttudaiioe of mi effective police. a at 1 w? l)R TAYLOR'S BALSOM OF LIVERWORT. BEWARE fth' FRAUDS l-W? are riqueitrd to caution our readeri again>t tlie in my fraudulent imitation! of Dr. r?vlor'a Haliom of Liverwort. Since the aatoniahihganccni il thii medicine in curia* conau,option.liver compl iiut.couglii, lalpitation of toe heart Sic.. ico-ra of c>unter'eitera are offer g the aiclt their bale iini'alioiia.and endeavoring to ouah them iff ?i genuine tlo to 375 Bowery, which ii Dr. Taylor'a olti.-e f you would not be robbed ol yourlaat ahanea for life !?| Ed. 375 Bowery !?Periona in want cf that mre cure for tolda, ouglil, Itc-i Dr Taylor'* Balaom of Li'erwort, should remtmwr wh're toe genujee n aold. e'21 at* r rt Aft ?700 lick! ol Aalito i'? fne hou.e Halt, early expected 5 from Liverpool, by the >hip Oberlin. for axle by ROCHE, BROTHERS k Co, aot 85 Kulton itreet. near door to the Fulton Bank. NIBLO'b. T)R. LARDNEK'S LECTURES. rHK pubi c are reipectfnlly informed that Or Lardner will deliver a aeriea of liia illustration! of the Modern liac iviri's in the Agronomical and P j lical Sciences, and tieir application to tl e art! of life, id Nib'o'lS l ion. The >cture? will be commenced on the evening of Monday, the Id of May. and will be continued foureveningi in each week. Each tv?. ings iiiterlaiumrtit will occupy frcm two to hree hour!, t achdmcourse will cousiit ni a popular notice it anine dUcovery affecting the advancement ofsctence or art. nUtaprraed occ-sioinllv with personal narrativaa ol invenor< and discoverers. A large collection of splendid drawings indtrai anirecciea hssbem formed, by which theie diacouraea will be illustrated. }I nvi QIC v r A a ?* * I III 'VII a u o v Urfbv l \J r 1 nt LECTURES. I. .1STR0X0MY: The SoUr System. Discoveriesof Kcplrrniul Newton?Plsnslary Motions?Disaoces?Magnitudes?how detcimined?Order of Planetary Jistanees?Discovery of the New PUneta?Their probable irigia?Kr-ginenta of broken Planet. I'lu?trated by a Trauaarency of ths Solar Sy?tcm and by other drawings. Are the Planet* fuhabi'ed I Phyalcal character" ofihe Planet*?Days and Nights?Atmosiheres?Twihght?Seasons?Telescopic obaervationa?Mer ury Venua and Mars. i<lintrated by Telescopic Drawinga ifthe Plaueta?Mercury. Venua and Mara. The Superior Planeta. Illuatrated b? the following large Telescopic Tranppirenciea: iTelescopic Represent*'ion of the Planet Jupiter with his Satellites. And a teleicoiucrepnsntation of the Planet Saturn vith hia Rings and Satellites. These tranauarenciea which re male o?oa a scale to till the area of tlit theatre, have beeu opieo f-otn original drawings made by Sir John Hrrachel for )r. Lardner. THE MOON. Its magniludt ??distauce?surface?ainuntaina ?vol anoe. das it an atmosphere ??or seas I?or water??ia it inhibited ?? loea it affect the westhe 1-4$ lunacy a correct term??do neteoric stones proceed truin i ? Illu'trattd by two TransureDt Telescopic Drawings of the Moon?taken frem the nagnilicrnt map ol the Moon. by the Prua>iau Aslronomers, iaer and Madler, showing the mountrins, volcanoes, and other ppearantcadiscovered on our satellite. This representation ccupies a space ol above a itv sou ,re feet. THE SUNti magnitude and distance?its physical constitution?its a pots ?nature ol its auiface, robe Illustrated by aTransparentTrleacopic Representation of the Sun. on a aurfa-e ?fabove sixty squire !eet,wilh the Solar spots taken Irom drawinga by Her chel, Wilson and other observers THE COMETS'. Their orbits? distances u- mber?physical 'constitution? L'n.b.'j II.?l II... r.n.lilu nf Iks Snl? ? L LIcY'S "(JoMfcT Sarrvtive of it* original diacnvery?iU^i'td cttd return in 1789 ?labor* of Clairau't Lalande aud Madame Lepaute? it* return in iSiS THE FIXED NT ARB. ["Iieirmairnitude?diatancca? Srightneae?their anal gy to the auu?d ruble atari?colored (lar*? temporary (tar*? I em.die alar'. THK 8TF.LI-AKS CLL8 I'ERS AND NEBEI.JE, llluatraled by a transparent tehacnpic diorama of the firm a- I nent? ehowiug ttie planet* and aatel ilea; the moat remarkable omet*. from draw mgv made by aeeeraljemineat a*troucmrra; he double and binary and colored etare, taken from the <>!>*er atioia and catalogues ol Sir Win and John tlerech-P. arid lir Jame* South; the Stellar Cluaier* and principal Nebulae aken f" m teleicpic drawing*, h> Her* hell, *<onth, Meaairr. nd oilier obeervera. Tin* ixieiMivr repreaentation ol the leaven* a* *<en through a powerful redacting feleeropr, ever* an eileul ol' about three thouaurl rquare feet of can*? The firmament will be preaentrd a* it would he aeen by an barrver placed 011 tha equator of the earth,looking toward* the aai, the view limilid a on aao it forty degree* ou each aide f the celeatial equator. The obj -eta wih lie ahown naing auclaaieely, until ine whole circumference of the healeu* shall tee been eilubited. ^ METEOROLOGY. WATER Bl'uUTl. Ictice of *ome ol th meat rt marble of the phenomeba?theories propoaed to tiplaiu them. 'hi* part will be illualrnt'd by two dioramic raprraentationa of water apnUta, seen by Captain Beechey in hi* voyage to Brhrmg a atraighta in 1826. Th* Aurora Boreali*. Not c* of some of the m at remarkable of the** phenomena iheorie* propo?eJ '? r th ir e iplnation. Thia part will tie illatratid by two dniratmc iriirrseutationa of remarkable .urora*. aeen at boaaekop iu Weal Fminark. in 1818? taken rom original drawn,ga nude by lh? aha. rrrr Lieut Lottiu. 1'HUNDa.K AND LltiHTNlNli. Analyai* of th>se phenomena aud their cau-ra?doea lighting occur without thunder??or thunder without ligh'niog I? hee lightuiug ? forked lightning?bell lightn ug?heat light iui?cauaea ol ih* ruling of thunder. GEN KRAI. PHYSICS. THK EVE, la rtruclure and function*? modern diacoreri'i reapecting light?it* motion*?ita pulaaiioua?pliyaical rauae of color*?vibration* of the rerina?howcouated. THE EAR, j atructure and fuoctio a. modern diaeoverica reapecting aoiind?ita motion?t ulaationa?harmouy?<cho? u.rumeullor counting th* vibration* ol sound. THE AIR. a mechanical and phy* cal u?< a?> fleet* on light?on aeund? ou heat?and on dtW. THE EARjH, j : magnitude, eiclglli, uruillj , luiui , hivmuui, nuu uiaiautw from the aun. POFULAK FALLACIES, allary of the aeuaea?neceeaary to be connected by their judgment?fallaciee of tkiou?ol touth?of hearing ?taate? melting. IV. THE .1RT8. TH POWLK OK 8TKAM. 'he phyaieal phenomena in jwhich ateam power originate!? eaeporatien?heat abeorbed and power pne< loped in it?til auieersal eEecia?earlieit atfempia M to apply pr-ciically thi? power TilF. sTK \ VI ENOINE. To be illuitrated be a brail working model of a low prewure nar'eueiog ateam ergine, aa uaed in the artt and inauufaciurea -ehowiug the cylinder, air pump, condenaer and other pumpe the aceiral pern in operation. Jd?AdidactK a ctiou.l model of the aame machine ji.rented t Dr Lardn?r, for public lecturee?allowing all the internal irteof I tie machine morn g and working aa ther do in the al engine. '1 liia modal will be krpt in motion by the work ig model. " THE 8TF.AM NAVIES or tHt UNITED STATES ANU UREAT BRITAIN. to nr. n.i.uernat n> nr A madel of the in uhi >ery ol ibe Uni.rd Statea ateam frigate liaao ri D' pared tor thear Lecture! .ccoidiug to tne method Dr. Lariln'r'a d.dacti anndrle,1 by Char.ea Co^elaad, Kaq. igacerof th? Uni'ed htat-a everim-ut. A midel of the m ichioeryof the United H atea ateam frigate i preparation,ui d-r the auperiutendence f I apt. Htnrk ?ni? m. true ted lor the* Ltclurta, under he virection of Ca, Uiua torkt..n and Enceon. - * A model of lha aub-nueoui (rope:) r,in ended to he applied r Cap! Ericaon lo thia f. igvte. A model of the ra<te mach nery of the U.S. frigate Miaiiappi, prepared by Mr fop. land, U. S. Engineer. A model of tee aub-qieoue |ruprller invented by C.M. Iter, b a-1 Examiner *1 t'at< uta, intraded to be applied to one r the U. t? ateam trig ilea. AMERICAN AND BKITI-'H RAILWAYS AND LUCOMOriVES. Fo be illuatraled by a modtl of the American Locomotive, ictoria. imported ii. Ei gland for one ot the Britiah rati ieda, ennatrueied accorong to l)r. Lardt er'a method, under le direc ion of Mr. Hodge, of iN'rw York, (author of the 'reaiiae on the Hteam Ei giue, lately publiahed,) and Dr. ardner. A didretie aectional model < f a Bri'iah Locomotive Kcne, in ila moat approved f irm, at pre rent work, d on Engliah ail Itoar'a?conatiucted nuder tlie direction of Mr, Hodge id Dr. Laidner. V.I ERSON.1l. NOTICES OF DISCOVERERS AND INVENTORS. Lavoiaier?a'ate of ch-inirtiy in I770?flrat labore of Levoier?hie u ethod if iiivretigation?hit g-niur compared with loecof He heele It Frieatle) ?Ma great diecevi rite-hie peraon> chanetrr?liie death. Krankliu?notice ot hie electricil diaciveriee?hie claime to le dia-.overy of the nature ot lightning di.puted by breach hilneophere?hie riahta vindicated- ... . , Watt?hia early diffiunin?> ia method of etpcrimental rir a by a key?hia inveution of the c indenamg ateam rugine ? ia ultimate i ucceaa . . . Devi ?noticeof lii< life,character and pnnci'ial diacoveriea -hia vnit to Kerie during "he war-waa he entitled lo the in mtion oftheaafely lamp? ... Kulten?notice o. hie life and lua invanlicn of ateam navigaWihi view of rende riot'here ler I urea eaaily aeceaaible |o 11 uaranoa who m >' dairo to allead lham, tha leraaaol admit- I iop twntj -fire cao'a Tickata for lb* e?mra? " an Iretirea at >1 aaeh. I Poori op?a ?? 7. Lac urcl coalman:? at I o'clock* *23 I AMllra lalih BFTHOMAS BEXL ( vitLri and 1 :t fttl/ont IrttU.) Md.N'MV, At 5t7| Broadway, ( ontntincuf Bruuela andiitlx-r cirtete, marble top pierer. ctatrc table*. and the uaual variety of elegant article* f'uui d ,n > K?oteel family giving uj houtekeebimr. b multure Bale. TUESDAY, _ _ . At 65 Ueteuiaual.eet, r uroil'ir* Hair. Svdlerv Haiueaa, 8te? At 10 nc'lok, at 239 Broadway. cornrr of Park Place, bv uata'ouge, the valuable ?t< ( k of l.ondon %cd city n.ade (addle*. Alio coicli a?d iiiiglc Ir.iruev* in great ra rirty. Thr public will plraar noticr Hi' above article* are all of the well kuown aud approved manufacture of Geo Denck Tlie beat inatcriaUaud worliin >n?hin WEDNESDAY, At No 27 I t urllaiidt atreet, Furniture Sale At tot 'o'clock, at 33 Di minick at. Elegant Furniture, THURSDAY, At 101 o'el'-i k, at 2(19 Greenwi. h a', nr ir Barn \y. Furniture Sale?Tlie eutire furniture of a geuteel barliog In.use . At 10) o'c'ock. a' 21 itivinutou at. Admininiatrating Saleol Furniture. BV AUCTION ?Furniture anil 'lie remaiuiug .part'of a Sugar Store.8tc., will be aold ou Mo-iday, April 25'h at ten o'clock, at 194 Division alrect. N. Y a99 3t FARE AND FREIliHT REDUCED. BOSTON, Tin 8TONINGTON AND NEWPORT, coinpoaed of the follow.n* auperior (trarneri, running in counrctiou with the *touinglon aud Provideuce, aud Boitou aud Providence Hal'roads? MASSACHUSETTS, Capt.Coraatock. RHODE ISLAND.Capt.Thayer. N AKR AOA NSETT.t* apt. WooUer. MOHEOAN.Capi. V underbill On* of which will leave New York daily, Sunday leicrpted from pier No 1 North River Battery Place,at 5o'clock,P. M. jJrruriffrwrri/. The NAURAOANSE l',ou Muudayt.Wedneidayiaud Fri days,tor -toniugton. The MASSACHUSF.TTS.on Tuesday*. Thuradaya.asd Saturday *. for atumugton. Paaaeujtcra on thearrivalof the steamer* tStomiistun, may take the Railroad Camaudproceed iniined.ately to Providence and Bnaton. Fright taken at thrfollowiug much reduced rate*:? To tioitou, on goods weighing forty po tm'i or upward* to the cubic foot, at $5 30 per ton, and on intaaureinenl g >od? T ceut* per foot. To Providence, on mraeuremcnt good* 5 cent* per cubic faint, ami aiippi(ipart-rls artiplfu an iu*p tari tT In K? nliluiiipti at office 33 Broadway m3l 6m MAIL LINE TO BOSTON, VIA NORWICH Sc WORCESTER RAILROAD. The iteainb >at CHARTEr'OAK,C?pta"^^mS^wTTl leave every Monday. Wedneiday, aud Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clo :k from Eaat River Stem.boat i lace 'oot of Beekman etreet. Theateainboat WOKKSTfclt, Capt Coif, ? ill leave ev?ry Tuesday, Thai r day, and Saturday alter uouu,at 5 o'clock, from pier No I, N K., Battery Plat e. KrruiLkjMto the above place. NoJBr^|Kc of car* on iliis route. Ticket! can be obtaiueaadO berth* secured at ADAMSk CO'S Express Office, 20 r _ No T Wall ?treet. royal Mail letter office. /KLekU No 7 Pill, street april 15, IM2.?The K< y al Mail Steamer DEE will return to thi* port.and leave about 25th mat. for Naaiau auil Havana. The trail* for Havtua Gulf of Mexico, Welt Indie*, South America, and i o the Pacific, via Panama, will be made up at thi* office. All letters, 8tc.for rio*sef((ion not belonging to Orert Britain, mud be pre-paiu. *12 126r J. BUCHANAN. Poet Office Agent. _ BTATEN ISLAND FERRY. Foot of Whitehall *treet.^3^^J? The sbeanMr HTATEN ISLANDER, Capt. BrXkted. or SAMSON, Captain Duval, will run a* follow* until further notice Leave* Stateu liland Leave* Whitehall At 8 o'clock a.m. At > o'clock a.m. M|0 'V .? ?U ? (. 1 " r.M. "2 u P.M. " 21 " " " 31 ? U Jb > .. .. JJ U M N. B. All goode (hipped are required to be particul ly narked and arc at theri?k of the owners thereof. ot .ywi 0ft PEOPLE'S LINE FOR ALBANY? FareSI and iutcrmtdinle jm the Pier foot of Courtlandt atreeL The NOR'IH AMERICA. Captain M. H. Truetdell, leave* a* above on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternvona. at 5 o'clock. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. SCHULTZ, at the office on the Wharf. N. B.?All kind* of property taken only at tli* r ?k of the owner* thereof. al9r .wt 0ft FOR ALBANY AND TROY, without fl. THw.TsI*landing at the intermediate place*, 'I'te ?1:1 Ik commodiou* steambaat BE WITT CLINTON, Capt. S. H. Roe, will leavefthc foot of Courtlaudt treet to-morrow (Monday) altenron, April 25th, at live o'clock. The splendid, low Treasure Steambaot SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, will leave the font ol Court'andt * reel, on Tucaday atternoon, April 26. at I o'clock. The above boata are (uruLhed with elegant itate room*, and or accommndatinim are unrivalled on the Mi llion. a2-lr FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louuian* and New ^S^yYqrk Line?Regular picket ol l?t May?The fast WjVBbsainng I'lmri nriip ?iu c* i a v u.ur., i.?puu mumford, will positively tail as above. her regular day. For freight or passage,having iplcudid furnuhed accommodation*,apply on board, at Orle^n* wharf, foot of Wall at. or to E. K. COLLI NS It CO. 5^South at. Oreat care will be taken to have the good* by thia Una correctly meaaured. Agent* in New Orleana, Hullin k Woodruff, who will promptly forward all gonda to tlirir addrraa The packet ahip OCMULUEE, Captain reet,will aucceed the tlunUville. and nail the toih May. her regular day. aSt i? OLD LINK t)H LIVERPOOL I'AC RETty? iHSW Kegular Packet of ti at of May?l'he aplendid UKurtt packet (hip CAMSIIIOQK, burthen 1100 tona, Captain W. C. Baratuw, will ant positively on Monday, th* 2nd May her rrgularday. Having very fuperior accommodations for cabin, 3d cabin and steerage paa at tigers, for terms apply on board, foot of Beekman street, or to ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO. IS Fulton at. neat door to the Fulton Bank Pafsergert will please observe ihat the New Fork is th* only regular liner sailing on tha* dig. N. B ?ferauna w idling to send to the old country for their friends can have them brought out lathe Cambridge, sailing from Liverno ol on the 191 h June,or in any of the packets comprising the Old Line, (ailing Loin Ike above port punctually on the 7th and I*th of each month. For passage apply to the subacribrn. a( <bove. _ a24 xSJe FOK L,lVKKPOOL?New Line?Kegular Packet (?99^0135th April?The splendid packet ahip SI I) DONS. AfaVb Captain C. B. Uobb, of 1000 tona, will sail U above, nrr regularday . Forfrcightorpassage.havingaccommodationa unequalled fov ftjendoror comfort .apply on board, at Orleana wharf,foot of Wallat.,orto E. K .COLLINS k CO. 68 Southatraat Price of paiaage $lOu. The packet ship * HERIDAN. Captain Depeyater,of 1000 tona, will aacceed the Siddona, and anil 25<k May,her regular day. Paatengera may rely upon the shipa of this line sailing punetually as advertised. _ i*t PAfSAOE FOR ANTIOUA -The splendid fast JtWW (ailing pa: k't ship MARGARET PORTER, Capt 9ViBCi>Pace. sails to-morrow, and can accommodate a few cabin and iteerage passengers. For past age apply on board foot Dover street, or to W. It J. T. TAPrSCOTT, aSI 4? Saulh street, or 43 pek Slip. Mf. FOR LIVERPOOL, with deapatch?The splebiTTd iflfkAl laat selling ship ECHO, Richard Sill, master, JS9Kpb<vill *atl sa ahave. For freight or paaaage, luring .upcnur.. ? "fitovER k MeMURRAY, 100 Pine, corner of South, or to P. 8.?Person# wiehirg to*e-d for theirfriem'* residing in tnc old count-y can have them brought out by the above ahip or any ot tne regular packed,by applying** abore. a23r "fjaTNKW LiNE OK LIVEitPOOL PACKETS? Jffw Packet of the 35'h Apr.l?Th- rol-ndid fatl aaiiing AUjL well known Parket ihip 8IOUONS, Ci|il. E. B. Cobb, will anil poaitirely aa above, her regular day. Theahipaof thia line are all lioo torn burthen and upward*, and their accommedatinu* forcabiu, lecoud cabin and aleerage Paateager* it ia well known, are auperior to any other line of Packeta. Those wishing to aee'Jre bertha, ahould not tail to make early application ouboard foot of Wall atreet.orto W W. A J. T. TAP8COTT, Corner of South at. or 43 Peck Slip, reraona wiahing to aend for their frtroda ?an have them brought out in the regular packet* sailing wirkly from Linrpool. and thoae about to remit money can hare draft* payable in all the principal town* of Urtal Britain and Ireland, by applying aa above. KOR MARSEILLES?Regular Packet?Th# bark I8AELLA Capt. Brarae, will tail on the AD&lat of May The aubacribera purnoae dispatching* 8h.p punctually on the tat day of each month d iring the year lor Maraeillea. tloodaaent t# the au ember*for f rwaiding will bediepatched free of a- y other than the charge* actually incurred upon them. The Ship* have very comfortable cabin accommodation*. Far freight or paaa:-ge, applv to BOYD k HINCKKN. Agent*. *31 c 3 Tontine Building. XikJ. KOR SALE?The faat Bailing, A I, coppered and gfWJW copper faatened vhip VENICE, burthen 5t7tona,or BQjKHfeabout 7000 barrels. Thia ahip waa built in Philacelphia in ISM. in tha moat faithful manner, waa aalted on the tocki, and coppered wi.h heavy cooper, on which ahe haa juat performed a voyage to I'hina and nark, la well calculated for a Kuropeaa packet, or for 'lie Indit trade Ha* a full inventory,and no ? ready to receive a cargo I* now offered for aalelocloae a concern. Lieaatpieri North river Kor'erma apply to BOYI) k H1NCKEN. at Broker* 9 Tontine Building*. aAJa- KUK LI V Kill'I M)I,?Regular packet of >he3tth flWWApril The aupeiior fcaltatiling new ahip 8IDjHmI?I)ONS. E. B. Cuiib. maater, will aail a* anove. Thi* ahip'a accommodation* for cabin, eer.nnd cabin, and (teerafe passenger* are auperh.aml paaaengerr can aecure bertha on modeiate term*, by applying on bjjrJ, at pier loot of Wall.treet.orto OLOVKR k McMURRAY, loo fine at. corner south, p.g?Peraona wiahing to r?nd for their frirnda reaming in the old country tan hare them brought nut by I he eboee ?u perbehip. or eny f'.he regular line of packete, by applying an abore, if by letter poet paid. The a ore will be auccttded by the nhip Echo, and tail on the ftrai of May. Ifll O Hlrt I S ?Shine mailr In ..riter after the moat approeed 0 Frvn. b faahii n? Oenllem^b'a tjaimeula of all deacrip'ion made tn order at ahort notice Orntlemen'a Fuiniehtog *tnre ?7 * il (9 Maiden lane corner of William atriet. WM COTLlNO. wm ! * f Pltf IRON ?163 tora of Pig I on. par' "I Ihr rarge of tlnp (.laid, from Livtrpool for lib by OLOYKK k McMlTRRAY, rtl Icq Pine atreet corner Heath. CAl- r ? ? earkeand eston. of Bron/h on aud ttmtou'e lieat 1 ' etored ; alto 1033 lark a and tot lona of rommtn Salt, part peu-t of Uie cargo of ahtp fcltnl. f-r by OLOVKR k MeMURRAY. lit _ IJOPjBe at reel corner South. piff IRON ?MO tona of No, 1 "IJarirnnrn." Pig Iron .early A ee pec ted from Liverpool, by toe 'Oberlin.'* for eele by tttli llK. BROTHERS k Co. aiit _ M Fulton et.neii door to the Fulton Bonk. C"Ab.?00 lone uf Prmberion'e b et l?miiy Imuee oat,early expected from Liverpool, by IheOberfia for ealc by KOCHK. BROTHERS k < o. . 134 35 Fulton et. nert >1 >oi to 'he Full n Bene. pfllLI) LOST.?Loet" Fmi ijj eTternoei a boy aboatoetra ^ yeara eld.aamed Orm Alfrid. fair enmplriino light b?ii dreared la grey miead jacket, black pantaloone th'cV' f P. r_ god black clntb cap. Agy information reelectingMm ??' br h,i ^'ALBRO ALh 'rep" I utafr. ? . ? CHATHAM THKATHK. MONDAY fc.Vk.NINO, April 25 The performance will roinmriio with the new dremaof QUfc'.KN of CYPRUS or, f.e Bride of Veaier Gerard ue Coney, Me. Kirlijr Moceoigo, Mr HuUI CatarluaCanora. Mra Th roe To be fol'owed by ^ THY. IRISH AMBAHSAUK. Sir Patrick O'Plewpo, Mr Hield Lady Einily, Mm Meftayer After wbi< h O* TO MOTTY Will appear in Inn eplendid fc'eau of Kiimlibrium. Aleolii perfoimaoctf of ble Rent I ,unou B ill fceati To conclude wiih BEATRICE VIVALDi. iiiilio Di Roma, Mr. H rid Beatrice Vivaldi, MiasMtataver law Mtiaritl, Tit lit tUtllery ie? l. orauDsu at li; Curtainriaaa at 7| precisely iTt HKLL'H OLVMUl i'UKAlHw MONDAY EVENINGA|irilSS ?The iwrforwaucc wii1 comrncnri with .. .. ? ... . Mr t rummies, Mr Mitchell MrAllevan, Clark Kaney, Mra T imm Mcliliomeur. Watt* After which BOZ! Dut, Mr. Harncutla Ham Welter. Mitchell Mra. Norelgi bble, Mra. Watte Betty, Moaaoyr. To roDclriile with RICHARD NO III. Richard, Mitcliell? llenry King. Nickanas* Sally Ann, Mm Roberts Mra. McKwetn Miaa Singleton. Admiaaiou?Ureas circle llcenti. Upper uuaaa 2* casts. IU cauta. I'rivate boiea $i. Iloora opao I eaves Curtain riaas at halfpaat aevmci i< c ~ WELCH AND. MANN, PROPRIETORS. No 87 Bowery. I aat Night but One. BENE El T OK JOHN HMITH. MOMDAY EVENING, April 25?The apltndid routing will enmmenee with The truly aecctnpliehed luuth Little John Gleuroy.will rida HIS SINGLE 1IOK8E ACT. f'on tc Song by Mr. Dirlti neon. Mra.Smith will dance and ride her act of elegau eqnitalion Miaa Weill will apia-ar in La Ty r liruna LEVI NORTH Will theD have the houorof appearing in hi) in INCOMPARABLE A< T. Animated Statues uy Messrs Wellg and Davis. Aneijiieairiau ballet and nrtion by Mr. Howard, aa NhiOhs Lee Ma Teeilre Na Gourli, or he Paddle, the Bow, the Arrow A great acene of Gymuaaltca by Mr. Uie'ey k his it funt ion. Riding Mailer, Mr Jeunrnga Kuuestttan Manager, Mr. Cadwalladtr Clowns, Mesare. Wells k Williams JOHN SMITH will sing and dance in a aeries ol Negro El travaganaas assisted by Masters Culeinau aud Chesnut Mr.Kobert Hoffman of t lie Theatre Royal. Edinburgh, a per fectly daik ('ag.iuim. will introduce(eteral national hue. w ith liri haul vans'loua. An Kqusirisn display l>v Cadwalladi raud Mrs. Smith on their Canto* Meeds, entiled Lute in the T) rol. Mr. Oeorpe Sweet will appear on the Tight Rope G> inuaitie tlrilh'is. Farmer's Buy, by Mr Sweet. The woDders of ilie Polandrir Ls<der, by Mr Weill. NKt.KO EXTKAVAOANZAS. By John Smith, Coleman end C liestuut, accompanied on the violin by Mr tlotTuiau. Mr. Levi North will peiform an act rutttled Italy, France and Spam. Succeeded by Male and Female Equestrians entitled the Kra of Henri Quirtrr. Ameriiw Ireland and Scotland. To conclude with VILLAGE MATCH MAKK1I Or, the High Born Lord and the Humble Lover. Louise, the match Maker, Miss Well* Hose, a peasant girl, Miss Maria Anne Nicard, an old farmer, Master 81 John L'Aucieuue MaigmriUe, Master (ilenroy Admission?Buses 60 cents.?Pit26 cents. Doors npeu at 7 o'clock?Performance to commence at a quarter to 8 AnKKicAN ni'bKPn, Corner Broadway and Ann street. P. T. Bsrnutn, Manager, In order to accommodate the Immense crowds which at tend here, the Lecture Room has been enlarged. The mysterious G1PSEY GIHL ran be consulted Dsy ot Evening. Sbe is the greatest wonder of the age. From 10 to 13 and from 1 to 6 she can be piivatcly consulted as an ORACLE, or Foreteller of Future Events free ot charge. Mr. WINCHELL, the comic drollerist. will in'roduce hie most Humorous and Qu177.1t d Eccentricities, for this week only. Miss ltOSALI E, the ' harming verahsi from New O* leans, is engaged, also LA PETITE CELESTE, the beauti ful dancer Kipenineuts in AN IV1AL M A< JNETISM on cluhl three yeaisold. FALLS OF NIAGARA, with real water. ALBINO LADY. Pnurma ic Rail Road, Fancy Glaae Blowing Grand Cosmorama, and EOO.000 Curiosities. s24r Asplrndid day eilormance takes place every WedlMdr> and Saturday afternoon. Admittance to the whole 36 cents?children lv?1r-p?ice. PKALk'S IVf.lV llMiti. Ml'aKth. BROADWAY, opposite the City Hall .-Mr DFLARUE, thrjtrcat inimic, will introduce li ? i it ramdinary delinsa tinuj k reuch stance,and "ankee eccentricities. Mr. A LIS I'lN.i the original v > C itnie Singer, will lnt " dure a vsrietv of liia Comic Bongs. Maate' YATES will dioce a Horupir.e in Petteri. Dam KRnr.oTyra LiKKier.sart correctly taken in a lew M conds by Messrs. Moraud and I'eale. SPLENDID DAY PERFORMANCE every Wednead y and Saturday afternoons, commencing at 3 o'clock. One hundred and fifty Portraita uf distinguished A cans. Admitlanre 35 cents?children haif price. >9( RT DEMPSTER'S BALLAD SOIREES ?vtr. DEM? 8TER haa llir honor to announce that hia Ballad Soirees will be given at the Niw Vorh Society Library on Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, the 25ih, 36th. and IKU) April, when he will introduce for the first turn* in New York, his new song, writ eaby Misa U.K. (>o Id, called ' The Blind Boy," which has bten received with so much favor in Boston, Dic^iAIso, n? w song, "The Midnight Wind." poetry by Motherwell. Also, new song, written exp.eas y tor him,by Epes Saigeut, E?ij. When the N ght Bcwalletii; also, nislfavoric fangs. The Lament of the I ieh Emigrant; Bird of the Wil ilerneaa; Scottish Song. John Anderson my lo; My Nannie O; A man's a mau fur a' that; My H :art's in the Highlands, lie. Ike Particulars of w hi h will he announced in small bills, to be had at the music stores, hate la. Sic. Tickets half a dollar. Children hslf price? to be had>t tho door in the evenii g Door* op< 7. lo rou.meiicr at H o'clo) k aS3 3tr ME i HUl'ULlTAN THEATRE. MMIE Subs:ribtr having entered iuto arrangements to eon L vert the Washington Hall, corn r nt Broadway and Reade street, into a theatre, would respectfully announce her inten turns to the patrons of the Drama, and the public generally, hopngthey will)* end their parouage to an under taking upon which she Ins eutered at a seaion. ? hen the condition of her profeggiou demands more thin ordinary activity and attention. Her proposal* are as follows 1?That each person holding two shares of stock in their own right, shall be entitled to a free admission upon every night ol p> rform- nee. II.? Each stockholder shall be entitled to per cent in-sreat upon each share?pa) able half yearlv. Ill ?The subscriber will insure the premises. or pay each stockholder not more than 5 per cent en eaoh share, for thai purpose, as may be agreed upon. I v.?To serine the punctual payment of the interest to lh? stockholder*, and a filial adjustment with them. His deed of thn property will L-a assigned to a trustee selected by the stockno aere. V ?shares transferable every si* months.9 VI.?'The iheitrc to be managed by the subscriber on her own account, and under her owndiiecticn?eutject only to the provision! in the fgreemenl with the stockholders. Any person dei iron* of couferinig with the suba'rib-c, will please call at her residence,Treaidenl llo el, Hroidway. CHARLOTTE ?. CL'SHMAN, r*rw yom. April,i<m- __ _ a nmr PLlbANAmT k jcursion.-a nail across the llisdsonto Hohokeo, aud ? itroil along ils romantic rhorrs, cannot Dow fail o field much salialtctiou to the admirers of th beautiea oI nature, and to thoae who may require, alter bring pent up lor the winter in a crowded city, frrah air and I nine relaxation The eitenire grounds of thie lore y spot. ao It berally thrown 0|ien to ihe public, are now decked in aH the luxuriant Ireehneea of ao early spring. Thie beyond doubt ie the moet agreeable excuraioo that can be made at this season. <11 im r Dramatic rbadinim-miss < larkndom:ha? he honor to announee that she will gire her I' urth and I last course of Reauoee liecitat:"na and Imitations, at the StltyKl V LIBRARY. on Tund.y eeeuing, April as. The KeaAnge will consist or selecioaa from American poets and dramatic authors, and the imitations of wel I known scenes frem the Comedy of I.ondon Assurance Headings to commence at eight o'clock. Tickets, SS rents, to be had at the principal book it ires, and the door ol the Llbiarr ,00 rli-eveucng The programme will be adreitiscd in the papers ot Tuesday. *23 <t GYMNASIUM. pistol ga llery. MKSHK8 HUDSON It OTTIONON respectfully m form the gentlemen of New York, that they hars Btted upa OYMNAHIUM at the corner 01 Chambers street tod Broadway, aad it it now open for the reception of visitors. The institution is of the first or-ter. and complete in srery respect for the purpioee of AlhleUc Laerciaee. Sparring Lessons giren daily. Terms moderate. Open dav and evening. at |m? "book-keeping. rrHE Countii>k formi of C. C. MARSH, 88 Cedar ilre'.t, * continue open trcm A. M. tn 9 P. M in order that merchant* * iid other* may stail th*msel?e* of a course of id* truetioo that Id truly practical; one that e nhriee* a complete routine ot commercial transactiorsand mercantile calculation* ?end n wh'ch the student actually keeps a act of book* id a counting hoes?. To those who ire acquaintedwith the advertiser'* re| n'ation, he desire to say. that hi* principal work oa book keeping ha*pasted into ten*dilions, that it receiTet thw puference iu the New York Public Pchools, nnd other large institution*: and tha* he himaeif ha* the honorof being re-appointeu tea< her of book-keeping for the "M<rc*utile Library A*?ociiti?n"of thb'ily. prospectuses, w ith terms, may bt PJMI ?nni ctniming ttyr rn- ?m itotc i m i J. P. CARROLL'S OLD ESTABLISHED MEDICATED VAPOUR BATHS ARK wall known to b? rwntiillr wr?iiiry at tbi* hiioo of the year, when the iTitem require* an auxiliary to throw off the cnticlu accumulated during winter, and which, by rem Minns on the lurface of t lie akin, produce* culaoeon* d, ? < *. cold*, rhrumaiam.eearlet fevrr, fci he. They are in o|eiati>n, at 80 Court I audi atrect, from 6 o'clock iu the morning till o'clock *1 niaht. fful.hur Bath* require one hour'* notice. Portable Vapour Bath* eeat lo anv part of ih* city, or Brooklyn. Bathing Tub* and Hip Bath* for hire. as] l w i* r I' K. M Ton* per brig Oulnare, at pier *, eeat river, landing thiadiy. Kor aal* by RTOKKS k ANTHONY. (J Broad atrref. Alao?Salmon, Seal Bkia*, Juah aril Old Metal*, by the lame veaael. April 81, 1148. **' * jLg DK. KI,i.I()TT beg* lo inform hie petiente~*ii3~otKer?.lbait he ha* made an arrangement with a ekilful aid Oi t rnn. whom he baa inatructed in hie peculiar mooe or ail. pi in; glaa* a lo tha particular dejecta ?d ??ion, ariaiog either from age or diaeaae Thla gentleman eve, aid by the aid of tie unerimg preabj lometer. il.termine the power of iheglaaeea required. ? l)r K.coieidera thiaan importanl W"',ia?t?h7* a^b^! Ot .he eye an .. POSSESS! of apecUr.U. .."tagei aretoi'iliKril l r ^ ?f ,h, (X,c h? liewTy "ileente I a'll adj.i.t.nx Spectacle Kramea, p irt.eularly Th- Or^'uVi'llt^erery day Iron, t. A. M to g P M l)r Elliott.Oculiatand Ophthalmic tturjeon w,M attend hi* I.a'ienu -a naual on M?i.d?>. and k ridny. . Am Ml Broadway entrance m Warreniireel vUln r riol'i.H,1 iM IINli UK bLOuTT AVB AUHVIa.-I [ U we* rerr low with iheaecomb tiedjdlaraae* : I waa an bad wiib the aaliioa that I cou'd not ?<eep l> ing down . Ihadmaet up - my couahaet med a* though It w< uld t< ar m? in n c ?. i J l.aiaed thick quantilie* of blood day and right. I weary "I life, and death would harr bean a Me**, g a* I then ?, w en I rommrnred uaing Dr. Taylor'* Bal?,m #1 Li'trwort : I ?m now eai y lug better health than ' haye ,n Bee yeara. J. A. PKARRALL ?? Columbia Kn-r 0f> Buy only at tt a old t Act iTJ B?w*nr. hetwjyn e nr aoe|i",fth atrea ta tloly ageei in Broobl, nj? M", vuitoaatrtti. vr. i doom* L.ow?w? r orvwirk. f* . f / 3 < ; . #