Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1842 Page 2
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NEW YOltK HERALD. New York. Tuoodajr, A pill 40, IN44. To the Public?Removal of the Herald Establishment. Oil Monday nex', the 2 J <T May, (the lit happening on Sunday,) wc shall remove this establishment troin its pre?-m locality, 21 Aim street, to the spacious new buildings, at the corner ol l-'ulron and Nassau streets. Subscribers, and persons ?vho want | Co subscribe, that may change their residences in May, will please to leave at the office in 21 Anu street, during the present week, the names and numbers ?f their new residences. Alter the 1st of May, we will be enabled to serve every patron of the Herald, in every section of the city, before "> r ti o'clock in the morning. Hitherto we have "suffered some" from the fact, that,in spite of our be s* efforts, we were unable to accommodate cur readers tatiy enough for their use. In our new building, Robert Hoe A: Co. are now erecting the michinery of fast double cylinder presses, to be driven by a steam engiue?and our accommodations will be so ample?so convenient?that it is itnp *tible for any newspaper establishment in New Vork to surpass, or even to equal us, in the rapidity of issuing the regular paper, or extras, on the arrival of important news. Another ch. nge will also be of great advantage to our readers. The great so lt'uern mail, including the WashingCon news, now reaches this ci'y at :i o'clock every afternoon, instead of 12 o'clock at night. This will enable its to give all the southern news in our regulir edition. The news from Washington comes down to 5 o'clock in the afternoon of the day pre vious to us arrival her"?thus the proceedings of Congress up to I or 5 o'clock, on a Monday afternoon, will r-ach this city on Tuesday afternoon about the tan!" hour. If any important event should take place in V.'ashinoton after 5 o'clock, we will receive it ne\' night at 12 o'clock in the old way, at.d will he able to publish it in a second edition. Thus it will e seen that our removal to the new Herald fiui d _s, corner of Fulton end Nassau streets, and the secant change in the southern mail, will enable us to accommodate our immense city pitronage, every thing a newspaper reader can >vi;rh. Our .tlvertisere, ?ba are daily increasing, will receive advantages. iu addition io these matters Hnd movements, we will also establish in our new Building, an Exteh,-:ve t ienehal Fhintiso Office, for printing Books, l'dinphlets, M*gdzines, and jobs of all kinds, inclucluding theatrical bills: but the particulars of this branch of our business, we shall describe more at ..a.I... Oifct I'll OKU... I VCJ . Cabul awn Affoiiamstai* ?We' give on the outside of to-day'* paper a very interesting article on the inhabi^nts cf Atfghatihtan in general, and Cabul in particular, drawn from authentic sources. The manners, habits,c commerce, Ace. of the people, who will hi reefter he mixed up with the fate ol the whole British Empire iu the eusl, cannot but be interesting. Tiie Socierv 1. hiivhv ?This glorious institution, tire pride or i ir . y of New York, as by good management it ii.-.s income, is now in a most prosperous and il '.trishing condition, with, we believe, over lOOt) paying members. An election comes off to-night for s, on which occasion u party of the uew squash philosophers, headed by Puffer Hop1 ins, a gentleman who modestly said that his speech a*, the ill 7. dinner was the only endurable thing there, intind to try to turn out such men as Judge Ingl.s, (iu i,.:i C Yerplauck. Mr. Haight, and others, under whom this truly noble institution has attained its present proud p ?ition The prasent trustees have long been tnemb rs of this society, and have always hud its be-t interests at heart, and hare lab ired hard therefor. Under their judicious arrangement, the Society Library has become the best in the Stat-; its location has been improved; the present r.oble building has been erected; and if it remains under tta-same maneg-mrni it will soon be out of deb1 Pj: ;t into the hands of the juvenile squash philosophers, and it will go to the devil. Cobrecmon ?In the Herald of Saturday, we published a report of the trial of the Delaware Bank vs. Andrews, which wo have since ueen assured gave an account of the matter, which might prove unfavorable to the ch trader of the principal witness, Mr John B F.y- We understand that Mr. Fry's reputation appeared irreproachable at the trial, and we have since r*. -ived such information as leaves n? room f r don' t, that he is a young gentleman of respectability, a:id unimepeachuble integrity. The resultof the t.-;ui confirms thi* in every respect. Going tiie W/iole Ho.) ?Congress, not content with gagging Mr G djinge, liave also gagged his constituents. Certainly Why not? Where was the use of the ! ~>rtner if the sirne oilence could be repeated throu.h another source. "What's suuee for ihe goose, Arr." Kbie Rail Roau v.nh James Bowb.x?We are informed ilia M 11 o ven, the president of this company, has received no contract for the Indian Department. lf is true that he tnadean offer for an amount of S'l-3 OAJ, but th - contract was given to mother. Weil, if i* be?it mtut be so. Old Debts \td the Bamkritt L\w.?Oar merchants compla.-i u their old worthless southern debts being a continual expanse to them in the way of postages Iti#s-v-re for Congress to pass a law giving a full to debtor.' for all they owe, and debtors have ..berty to sen I the bankrupt notices by madatthe expense of th"ir creditors The merchants have to In '" th-ir <1 b's and pay besides. Muroaisr i r rm hx-P?ksii>s>t ?Mr. \ an BuTen and Mr. Padding, speii the inst. with Judge Rust, i :: 1..* plantation i.oar New Orleans. The next day they visited the plantation of Mr. Idr.Monde*, att.i thence took passage on the steamer Nashville, for *' Jp stream." N?w Met* t r\* Tiie\tse-?The subscription? to buii J Ciifl-'tte Cwshman's theatre, we are iufurni'd, now r- i .1 and are still going ahead. Tne. - ra j test mnably the beet in the Vetted States, KaMftosxaiE \a . v\t. ?Y->tcrJ ijr, the fatnous tacer, Boston, a:r . d .11 town by the railroad train, and proceeded th v.i t,> ihc Ring 1-iand course, ushere he 11 is . , 1 . a ixrtioent* at Bolt's Horse Hotel, w i'.u oa'- are fresh, the water oweet, and the tr 4 cx.< tel. He will be in prime order by the s' v t ;.hiun, his antagonist is in traiumg i 1 t!i J r?'.es That Pri .e o. . t ;.i, th- .en. rahle Col. Johnson, with his o i white hi', 1.1 probably not far off. Ltrr tukCitv ? ; :i; venerable Mrs. Madison has im new iur? i r si.i.n r rt *i<lcnee in ihe South A*oriupi i'h :- -.i ? Ttte eecond of these ?r?r doi<?ia o ?_ i i- h-y nre ciVd, the eteamer Dee is now 11 .:iib>r, Ijyinu otr the Hattery, looking quiet a iu ; ?r nl a - :i > j . i ,i her way. Hog ay Meewerio i whether or q?| sue ims tier a ^ ' >*n Kuu^ '0' !?'.! Site*tia::> 1 >rro r, and weiniy expect a ca.rd, the Sj'. v : Fuf h, <r so ;i oil.'*; here every day. wmt Isdi \ s.misu ? ?' ie i).'*? mil* lo-morio? lorihe W .... c :p\un, her com anxn J?*r, i* a in - ?n?>inan'y ca.^din. The S>?1w ay te n w u.:? TSi r l*i.v:.? > r ?i...,, i i u! aii<J luinatin. of o'jii { ludv, i :l i''-it .1 muc reader, give* another el h r ,> r.? m .. to-t.ight . i Ch<-Si?cieiy L r To * i?i> ive heard and seen Mis Ci ' t 1 '?c , i i ui.ecoxary to it ?. them t? K'i; .1 : li ?r.i > i: .v.* i.o', we ndriaa to attend, if Ih y 'r m to "?J y a great treat. I Medical IiUellljfeiict--The Lancet. Tlie great revolution which is to deliver us from quackery, and terminate the reign of medical humbug;, advances with great rapidity and triumphThe clir'Hjtit* ut the college of Puysictans and Surgeons c< utiuue to attract immense crowds of slud< nts and practitioners, and the halls of this venerable institution present an appearance very different from that hitherto observed during the spring and summer season, when our medical colleges are nerally quite deserted. Dr. Swbtt's cliiiiqut for disease.- of the heart and lungs was well attended on Saturday last; the cases were evidently selected with great judgment, and presented a rich treat to the Doctor's pupils, who are making astonishing progress in the practical use of the stethescope. From the admirable system aaopieu Dy ur. swell, t>y winch lie comotnes uie theory and practice of the important department of medical science, which he is so eminently qualified to illustrate and teach, his studen's can now easily put to the klusii many of the old stagers who have been going on in the old beaten path, utterly ignorant of all the discoveries and improvements of modern science. Dr.'s c xcellent clinujue for diseases cf theckin, continues to excite great interest. It is really surprising to see the variety of cases which he presents to the notice of his class, and this shows the extent cf the resources ior clinical instructions which the college possesses.' Dr. Paxkek's clinique yesterday was as usual, remarkably well attended- From the arrangements made, all the novel and inten sting cases presented at the various Dispensaries throughout the city, are sent to this school. The re=ult, as may readily be imagined, is, that a crowd of patients is regularly in attendance, and no day passes without some interestingoperations beiog performed. Dr. Pattiso.V rlinii/ue at the Stuyvesant Institute was opened on Saturday, but the attendance, was, we aie very sorry to suy, thin. There were, however, six or seven spectators more than at the r/ini',ue of the week before. An old woman with sore eyes, and two scrolulousi n ants, were the principal cases, which elicited from the learned Professor a number of very judicious practical remarks. It is greatly to be regretted that Dr. Pattisou's light is so much hid under a bu-hel. As a surgical operator, I he has few eq up,and in sound scientific attainments and reasoning powers he almost rivals Dr. Molt, who has so magnanimously retired from the field ot active exertion in favor of his colleague, and thus Riven us another proof of his amiable and self-sacrificing generoeity. Dr. Bedford continues, we must add, to sh? d lustre on this school, and is a very able coadjutor to Dr. Pattison. With two such men, no school of medicine should despair of the most brilliant' success. Arcades umbo ! The name of Gunning S. Bedford is already identified with all that is original, honorable, and truly great in medical science. Hi t feilow-professors properly esteem him as their duke tkcu?, and will probably soon elect him to the office of President of their Paculty, in the room of Dr. Mott. No medical college in this, or perhaps any other country, can boast of such a comb nation of genuine talent, good sense and modesty a^lhe Stuyvesant School. The College of Physicians and Surgeons, is to be sure succeeding better; and is, we may suppose we may venture to say, doing a little more at present for the advancement oi science and sound education; but with Drs. Pattison and Bedford, the Stuyvesant School must yet prove a very formidable rival. All parlies are, however, in the meantime.fairly represented in the Lancet, the establishment of which has originated this great medical revolution. Let any one inspect the contents c 1 the last number of this eminently popular journal, and hit conviction must be that such au agent for the dissemination of sound practical tcien.ific information, must soon effect a most import nt reformation in medicine in this country. Park Theatre?The Opera.?Latt evenine the Optra troupe, consisting of Mrs Seguin, Mr- Seguin, and Manvers, as the principal singers, and several others as the "leather and prunella," opened their spring engagement at the Park, to a pret'y fair house, both in numbers, taste and respectability. It would be unjust to jump to conclusions on a first night, but this company certainly made a fa vorable impression c n the audience. The vocal and musical powers of the Seguins and Man vers are well known, and they al! seem to be in fine condition, in good spirits, nr.d in an excellent state of training, as good as Boston. We never heard them go through their parts wiih more success or accuracy. The other Dart--, choruss and ?ll, are also tolerably good?the orchestra most dtlicient. The opera is the one got up by Signor Fry of Philadelphia, and in some parts changed Irom the original, and mutilated in such a way, that makes the angels weep a tear, and the devils laugh a " eldrich laugh." No matter for that?the troujtt performed their several parts with considerable success. The characteristic of this troupe it neatness of execution?not power or splendor. According to a'l the appearances in the heavens, this engagement will be a successful oue for the trou/x tnd the manager. We are glad of this, partly on account of the manager, (than whom a mora honorab'a and worthy man does not exist on the sunny side of the church yard,) that there is a strong symptom ?t a nine prosperity?a sunbeam in the midst of cloudsto the ancient prrttigeof the Park. The fashionable portion of society, who have not taken the benefit of the act, have now an opportunity to hear a very capital opera, very well got up, combining much skill and neame<?, with care and attention in the details The artists, male and female, as they were created, are certainly in belter voice than we ever heard them on any form-r occasion. Let them, therefore, have as fair a chance as the improving tim-s, and increasii g bank discounts, will permit. " God tempers the wind to the shorn lamb." Tub Lite Vcsntcr ?The Philadelphia Times says, that the verdict in the case of Holmes was received with a burst of indignation there. Was it ? Well then, as an offset, a great many people here read it with delight Why were the two women thrown overboard 1 Why was one denied her cloak to cover hei nakedness, when she had nothing on but her chemise 1 Why was such pains taken to preserve a particular family 1 Why was not the infamous negro thrown evrbo ird, alter his brutality to half naked females ? Why were the whole seventeen of the crew saved, while forty-seven out of sixty-four pa-sengers were drowned J. And above all, why were uol lots ca-t ! Let any one read this and then <.?iv? an optaio.i on thf verdict "When they put over Mary, Eller,the other ?i*tor, wa? cryi iR ; they ca'ch> J ho! I of E'len, and when they had takt n her u;>,' Onsays h?, don't put me over t.aked; all I nqnf't i? to (jive m my mantle #ome of tii? Mil* om lifted up lanvthi.g and threw id alter her, but it was not her mantle.'' Talk of mercy in such a case. Whrrs was the mercy, or even the cnm;nr n drerncy, ilien, in the conduct of these disgusting cold blcodt d butchers! Ne Si tor clth \ CmriDtM ?The " Toronto Patriot ' before it s^caka if a next election trick,*' ahou'.i ieiirn [ u derataud ajmetliiaif about f-etdom and puri'y -i . j.-ct m ; words thn? are unknown in thr cjuutry the " P?Lno." hails froml)oo Lot ?We call th* attention if humanity to the advt r iscm- nt a another column, of the loss or runuing away of a mull white colored poodle dop, Havaitu bred. Tnero . re three email brown spots on Itia ba i<, enj n- on ra h cur. Hie ears a.e ,/crc d li s till ? h is always on a, or dog liu,h. Me was rritti'lv l'?' and found in Warren i fee', and has again b t u Jo t, f y leaving lne retiPuce at 144 Chamber Street. Anvhoro-u Minna v i.i h is round Si .1 i? i i he re? aided if returned ? I \ ui.-lioiu p r'i>a !.* < pieced I1i.11 up in the ftrert, a i iiitcnili 10cut 1 ll ii* iiair uiuJ dii^uiM lum, he d >rtt;r t ike care what he ii a!> >ut The little mmaluniwen to the uaiue of " Veto." Review of Books, dir. Poets awd Pot try or America.? Caray .$ Hart. ?This book redounds greatly to the credit of the house thai published it. The paper and print are most admirable. It is also a very valuable work iu a literary point of view, for the selections made by Bryant for the Harpers wus a very poor affair. The biographical notices are written with too much favoritism, and the putFs for several professions introduced into them are in bad tas'.e. The selections are in the main good; but why are John Quiucy Adams, Edward Everett, Wuodworth, Fay, Nsck, A* /t 1 A*. CJ I. - L3 Air .11 .4 Vfro mis. v-gouu, ajirs. otfua 01111111, >* diiatc unu iuioChild, lumped together in the appendix, whilst a lot of nobodies hive several pagcj assigned themAgain, Longfellow has four pages and Willis tenHalleck has only four wnall places, and C. F. Hofl man has fourteen pages- Lucretia and Margaret Davidson are lumped together at the end in a couple of pages. The compiler fays that Lucretia died in Nov. 1A28, and speak of Lucretia and Maria Davidson. These and ether err >rs should be corrected The work must, however, find a place in every library. Best lev, iic for April?Mr?. Letrer, Broad tray and Pine ttrret.?Already these very beautiful reprints are on our table, with all the illustrations, steel plates, and woodcuts, fully equal, if not superior, to the London editions People's Magazine.? Post, 88 Bowery ? A very superior work, beautifully printed, tine illustrations, and ail the best tales of the day, for 25 centsYoung People's Book ?Pod, Bowery.?About thirty steel and wood cut illustrations, and thirty pages of reading matter,for 12J cents. Cheapest booli in the city. Lade's World or Fashion ? Poet, 88 Bowery.? The dresses and fashions in this number are most exquisite. No lad)'a boudoir is complete without it. Ntw York Lancet, No 17-?One of the best numbers that has yet bten published ?This capital n< rinriipul ininrnv>>g #>v?tv u'kdi: nrrl w.? virr h.innv to find that it has a v?a y large circulation. New Music?C. G. Christ man, h-l Pearl street-? This house has jua published some very beautiful music by A- P. Heinrick ; one is the New York Rondo, the others are the " Images of Musical Thought," containing the " March of the Muses," the" Waltz of the Muses," and the " Return from School." We advise every lady to buy them and play them. Music u* Philadelphia.?The Philharmonic Concert, which took place here on Thursday night, was splendidly attended. Signer De Degnis and Mr. Knoop, were the two stars of the evening ? Their appearance was hailed with tumultuous upplause. De Begnis was never in belter voice; he gave two of his favorite airs, one with piano fo;te accompaniment, the other with full orchestra; both were given in his usual masterly manner, and commanded nn unanimous encore. Knoop was also encored, but he did not re-appear. A young Udy amateur, Miss Barry, sang several pieces: she possesses a good voice, and has all the materials of a good singer if perfected in the hands of a good master Mr- Halma gave a violin solo in his usual mas teriy manner, nut tne composition ltseit wan noi very effective. Tlie orchestra was numerous, composed of pro es3or* and amateurs, leader Mr- Meignan, and conductor, Mr. Cross. The Concert gave entire satisfaction', indeed it could not be otherwise when the Directors had secured the assistame of artists of such calibre as Kuoop, Halms, and De Begins. The Late Bkave Gex Fexwick ?The Globe say?, that this scarred and gallant old veteran died of a broken heart at not b :ing appointed Consul to Paris instead of Jim Draper's brother. Not at all improbable. But then Gen. Fenwick had no money to lend to politicians, and could nt lay pipe. Lirht to the IIeathex.?Trie celebrated Dr. Durbin, a great Methodist preacher, goes out to day in the Ville de Lyon, to give light to the heathen in the old world. Why noil We have more pulpit eloquence in this country (without counting Elder Knapp, Joe Smith, Brother lleynold?, or Orator Maifit) than all Europe put together. They are all the litne sending us out evil; we return them goodThis is the true Christian doctrine. Dead?Cautiox ?The poor man, Shultz,that was run over the other day by the ilailroad cars at Yorkville. This should be a caution to every one how I they jump off a rail car when it is going at full spetd. Eoz and his lady hit the next day, and arrired in Cincinnati on the 19.h lie was to leave that city on the 20 h for Ne.v York rii Columbus. No?8c*?e ? Chandler, ol the U. S- Gazette, talk* of the full notes h? took of Holmes' trial, and which were crowdid out. All nuneense. He can't report a trill or any thing else properly. Fire i* Waterloo.?H. L ?Nc II. Warner, and E. Giy, wtre burnt out last S iturday week- Nothing but account books saved. Summer Wcatdch ?S tturday and yesterday were as warm and dusty as a July diy. Getting Beat ?The British ou the coast of Africa and on the coast of Brazil, as well as in the heart of Asia- It will be their turn next, ihit is ifihey havu't had it. Beautiful Sight?Genesee Falls these fine days Carthage Falls, iu particular, present a splendid sight. Meteors.?Peter Curtis*, of Huffilo, was robbed last Saturday while iu Albany, if $1,716 in bills To be Rebuilt ?The insurance offices intend to :ruuuu me 01 Asiatics i uraue, ai iicw Urleun?. Very good ; and just ace thai there are no old wooden stables close by to burn it down aaain. Rcbbimo ali. ltof.iT>.? L?ttrrs from Mexico s'ate that Santa Anna intends ro rob all the churches ? Undoubtedly ! lie lias robb< d every thing and every body else, and it isn't likely that he'll make many bones at bwullowiug a pries' Is Good Odf.r?The weather. In Good Order?The summer bonnets in the Broadway stores. M viTERious.?Mr. Van Huren's southwestern movenieuts Very. Up.?The dust la the streets about there days. Pot Down?That slander about Mr. Wrbeter, and ih<* pretty Miss Reynolds. Mi?? It is not only pretty, but pure. Who dou'<ts ii! Who fi;sl startt d theslandei! The Courier A: Enquirer* Local. Lcvu.v.?The ladies in Broadway. Locum; new sqtish philosophers. Vice Clmac-Uor'a Court. Treo nt, Vice Chancellor M'Ooun. April U -Onin'Mi ? .d .rfrrte M (itnean vI Jt.An S'evritttm ? This w a< motion to prevent the is.tnrg of a title on the sale of inert* i.^..I pi< mises. and to invalidate a aale. >l*t? twan loaned Sievenaoii money on bond and mortgage. After uniucrt >?ful nrgoci'tion the property was put up at auction ami MO >w*n*bought it, subject to tho li'hilitiei attached, for foil, leaving' in-tween f7,uOO and $4 000 (till duo to him on the bond. lie then sought to recover balance on rto e.nlant'? personal property. | The Vice Chancelloi thought it a hat J case lor defendant, whose manufactory would he involved and i,reat loaa accrue to him. M'Uiwan, on the oth-r hinJ, it aliil willing to give up the purchase, provided his money Is p iid to htm. It is one of those cases in which the couit docs not feel authorised to interfile. Motion denied, with cost' R>i?rf.fsfrrisn vs..7 ?.o? S AH"i ?This-cas a motion to require plaintiff to ply over W in his hands, belonging to Allen, to a Mr D ummrud. M ition allowed. .7 An RrrJ, Jt. vs. Jj'.m K. UiiJtrki I ?M.ition fur attat hnn nt in coRtein|?t i.i not i ppraiing, as ordered, ho. lore a master Motion allowed. .7 tt/'h It II-m r,owl others, vs. .llulp i J and a'dca ? Motiou for pel in s-ion to examine witBcSSet. Motion denl J. with covts. lltn y K irti v? CKt'lt. /fury llt'l? Molloa of apmkitrr, * ho or.lei the d.-f nlantto make ?vrr to receiver hit household hoM furniture ami li ' rarjr. They had been a?-i<n<il. apprei?rd,aa4 left with I. frndant. fin- naeatrr ha I not u .filml ? h?th?r do rmientwaaat liberty to Hum near, or tahrther 'h? attiga.-e tia.l not a ti;h' to take |-oaa. ??kn whenever ha pie-red Maitei'a Jt-ci'iot; h'. t an le, an J the caao ro* f .-red back. Theatricals, ike. Last evening, the summer campaign of the Park opened with pretty fair success. The Seguin troupt brought out the op:ra of Norma in fine style to a faif house. The Park deserves support. It has got out three or four new pieces lately?London Assurance, West End, Prisoners of War, and several ol the tine old comedies, in first rate style, always excepting when they put Wheatley in "rown's place. They have an excellent set of performers now ; Chippendale, Placide, Williams, Fisher, Mrs Ver non, Lvira. wneauej, mm cvc-, nuuc uciter in their line; but they want a first comedy and a tirat tragedy man. N.blo'a will open soon with a capital company for the summer, and he will do, ai usual, a moat excellent business. The Olympic and Chatham have made each a am* 1 fortune by activity, economy, prudence, and good sense The Bowery his lost one, for want of those qualifications. Latham and Miss Melton have returned from the South. Mrs. Sutton has drawn crowded houses at New Orleans, where she has just coucluJed a brilliant engagement. We presume she will come north this summer. Buckstone and Mrs. Fitzwilliam are playing at the American Theatre, New Orleans. He has written a new piece called the " Belle of the Hotel," for her. The Nashville Theatre will be opened this summer by a part of the St. Charles company. The Cincinnati, Louisville and Pittsburgh theatres are managed by Dinnelord, who is making money last, lit keeps his company on the run the whole time. Mrs- Hunt is with him, so is JamieaonBurton had a benefit last night in Philadelphia; he has also applied lor a benefit in another way? the Bankrupt Act. At Mobile, Barton, Mrs. Richardson, and W* Chapman, are playing. At Portsmouth, Virginia, the theatre has been turned into a church. A. Adams and Booth have been playing with great success at the Front street, Baltimore, in Othello and lago. Mrs. Lewis is also there. Forrest and Miss Clifion have been playing together at the Cheanut street. Young Wallack is there. In Boston there is not much doing in theatricals. Barrum's America!* Museum- ?The "junior editor" v.sited Bamum's Museum, the other day, at the corner of Ann street arid Broadway, and requests us to say, that he has never been so delighted, in the whole course of his life, which is now nearly a full year. What, w:th the music, the little girls to Rise, the little boys to pull, the sights, the sounds, and the exquisite arrangement* of Barnum, who is one of the greatest humorists cf the age, the little chap was so overcome with enjoyment, that, on reaching his nursery, he had to eat two full pap* bowls, and bawled lor a thirJ, or a fight with Co). Wtbb, before he felt comfortable. He recommends every boy and girl, big or little, old or young, to visit Barnum's, whom he calls one of the greatest wonders of Site cen ury, thus?" ta? ta?ta?ta." Mitcheli/s Boz draws crowded and fashionable houses every night. The tableaux are far superior to those presented at the ParkBowery Circus.? The company at this house last evening performed to an oversowing and delighted audience. To-night is the last night North, Kogere, John Smith, ltisley and Son, and the whole company being all stars of the first magnitude, go

through their various wonderful acts. This night's performance is for the benefit of Mr. Levi North. Price of AH Assault il? Ohio ?A .Tudue knock ed down a juror in Ohio; price #25. The same description of atsiult here is $25 and ten days impiisonment. City Intelligence. a FuoiTirx from Justice C?u?ht.?A few week* since ay sung Gat-man, uamed Joseph Stiennaa, entered the premises of Messrs. Cauffman k Wolf, of Fhiladtl phis, and, by false representation!,obtained goods on credit to the value of (13.10. The neat day he ordriud the goods to bo sold at auction and pocke lng the funds escaped to thia city. Notice was given and officers Sweet and Tappan immediately made search for the rogue. Yesterday afternoon the gentleman was seen sautioasly steering his contse on board of the (hip Villa de Lyon, that was to ssil for Havre this morning, and adkooner was he fairly in sight thau S veet tappeJ ,him on the ahoulder with''Well, my friend, wc want to tee you a minute." He waa escorted to the Police ortice and iu a belt around his body was found 300 orereigns,23 eagles, 90 half eagles, 19 twenty franc pieces and a until amount in silver, making altogether (1713 S3. A requisition having been ordered in Pennsylvania, he will be forwarded to that Stale. The officer* have thus done a good day's work both for themselves and the end* of justice. Nor Caucus Straight?The d< mocratlc caucus on Saturday night did not decide to app >int Garret Gilbert, police justice iu place of Robert Taylar, E?q, whose term expires on the 31 of May. There are a number of applicants, all of whom feel certain of success. The Lut Forgee*.?O flicer Cockefair with hi*usual perseverance and industry, succeeded yesterday in finding, at the lodging* of R chard 9. Howell, the forger, who was arrested on Saturday, the identical letter written by the firm of Thomas Hunt k Co. in reply to the communication received by them urn' -r the signatur. of Wm. H. Newton. It had been torn into fragments ; the name of the firm cut off in ordar to aid him in imitating it, ao as to effect the forgery of the check. This is on important link in the chain of evi leioe against the prison er, and officer Cockefair is entitled to much endit for thus closing up this business. Thi Rail Rosd Accidevt ?The young man whose legs wore cnt off by the wheels of the railroad cats on thaHirWm road waa named John E Iward Schultz. He died during Sunday night, from the loss of blood, previous to which his right Irg was amputated. Thia aervea as an additional caution to the dangerous practice of jumping from a railroad car while under way. and alio never to get oil'or on excrpt at the foidstep of the laat oar in the train. finperlor Court. Btforo a full B- nch. Aran JS?Decisions ?Hi ?n IIVu'i:ii, Clirl, f.. va, R?ltTt jtndrnon ? Ap;>eal dismissed,aud motion ai Cham bera granted without roils. lleuktn flair try ads Silai H K Uktll.? Motion denied, without costs. The O fan Inturanct Comp >ny ids ?t-a Fihk anJ nlkera. ? In this case the assured, eliei their vessel had been injured and abandoned, repuieba>t d hi r at a nominal price, and, without change o( title, and almost without the formality ol papers, caused her to be placed in condition for the voyage, un 1 she returned safely home. Uudersnch circumstances, the Court thought that the benefit should go to tho assurer. New trial grantid. Co-ts to ah'dr the event. L'riak A Scribner and sfAcrs, vs. Ikt I la ward far. Ca This was an action where insurance had been ma eat two t> fliers on specific |mrtions of the distillery and l.l|.kmrll.FA(9:i..l.irj .1 C > r. I n.. ........ ... S. I. I. injured by fira, and out- olHca cltimi that it should nut have to pay more than the other, although it ha.I in urn! more en the articles burnt The Court held that where to much w us insured on the buildings, 10 much on the ttock, fct., the policy lu l l < minllx goud aa iftheie had bevn diitiurt policies ?Ju.igirent for plaintiff. K'-it Hamirn, pUin'iJf in rrrnr vs. Ju nh Crort ?A cntk of 1 irj tor interned lor draw berk, had been ornt to the vessel of pluintill lor ibipm'Ut. Urforu the custom "house olticer had evimined it, and given a certificate. cart rau aziinat the cttk ai.d atove it to piece). Mr. Cram tied the cop*ain, an I tha Court below gave in hit fa vor. Thia Court consider ?uch to have h?cn incorrect. The c i(k could not be in pjtaeaiion ( the captain until the ctrtlllcate i f drawback hat been mad* out. and tb? good) ready to put on board. Judgment n v.-raed Joshua if llroek V) R tfnrt P. Hamilton an I J,mat O. T.imj kiaiReach euleiid into copartnership with a m in named Burnwi, who tvaa to putcha?eh ill hi? stock. Before doing to, the property wa) lavie I upon under execution for an old debt ol But rows. The Court consider* that defendan t bad no right to m >ke-uch levy. Beach atlih.vty to m ike inch egrc m nt without injury to hi) wa> personal rights, and . ven to allow Burrowi part of the profits, if he saw fit . ? Judgment for plaintiff E'lku it x, and annlKrr, vs. Smlh P S a fit,? Motion to et aside a n j>ort ol referoeo.?Motion denied. Court felrndar-Thl) Dry, Cottar or Ctmrn TYrs).?Pait 1?Nu?.7i, 101, 187, IM, 1.37, :*S, HI #3, l?l. 184. i??. 187. 1?? 171. Port a-No#. 18! 1i, ISr. 184, 168, ItW, 170, 174, 174) 178 178, 10. ISO, 181 aur*monC?i-?T.- <.??. 37. 14V I H, 131.144. 14V 141. M. 1ST, 41. lli. 7, 9. 111. 34. *?. si, 4i, 43, 47, 49, AO, J). 149. 1*0, 43. 41, Ml ?7, 49. 49. 69. Tb? nolm of i??ur for tho >inl?nt ra'cmt ir of tl n mailing term of thl* court *n i?t bo tib-.l on or hrforr Thun l?j-. th*? i4th in?t. or. I for the Irint rali-nJar ou r b-loro Mjulijr tho i 1 Mi> n.-tt. Common Council. Bouts or Aldirmkk, Monday, April 23?Alderman Curdy, Freaident, in Ike Chair. An ordinance wai paaied, appropriating meneya toward! the 'upport of the public ?choela ol our city, now in operation until after the election of commiMioner* at the June election. A communi. a;ion w a. r -calved fiom Ferdinand Palmo, of Chamber! atreet. Inviting the mmibera of the Board ta viait the opening of the Grecian Saloon on Tueeday, April 26 b. An ordinance waa paaaeJ, appointing a fire bell ringer tire bell ringers throughout the city to $1 76 per day. A tier men L-r aud Franklin opposed the reduction of aalary?Alderman Benauu sus'.aimd it. A resolution to leaie the aouth side of new pier. No 1, North Riser, to the New Landou and Norwich Steamboat Company for one year, (or the sum of $763, was adapted by a vote of II to 2 -B msou and Turdy voting against it. Alio to lease the westerly side of the pier at Peck slip to C. Vanderbilt aud K and G Corlier, tor the use of their Etst R.ver steamboats,for one year, at $6*X>0, was also adopted. A resolution to pay Dr. Hasbrouck $-76 for medical sorvices?rendered to the mulitte girl who was killed by vitriol being thrown upon her, was adopted. A resolution from the Board of Assistants to re-lease the Catharine street Kerry to the .Messrs Bown for seven years, from May, 1848. at a rent of 63,600 per annum, was non concurred in. It was,opposed and defeated on the ground that legislation operating so far in prospective was not the proper way to do business. Several ol the | members contended that posterity could take care of themselves. A report and resolution from the Baard of Assistant Aldermen was presented, repealing the ordinance prohibiting inteimenla in the private" vautli below Grand street was read. The report from Assistant Alderman Benedict, gave a full review of burying places, and all appertoiuiug to them, from the days of Jacob down to the yellow lever year in this city. It was alto stated in tho report that the ordinance as passed, prohibiting such burials was unconstitutional. Alleunau Benson naked it the ordinance was unconstitutional, what would prohibit tboae individuals who bare paid lines under it from demanding a return of such lines. This poser waa unanswered. Al lerm in InaeS asked for a n fereuce back tottae eommitteo, in order to allow him to present a minority report in opposition, which was tinally agreed to after considerable argument,in which Alderman Purdy , Kimball and Joneitouk part. Repoit adverse to application of J. Van Bussum for sole use u! pier tool of Head street to laud coal, was adopted. Report in favor of expending $600 to improve the w half foot of 6lst atrvet, in addition to $600 previously appropropriated, was adopted. A resolution appointing a marshal to attend upon the Marine Couit in the capacity of ctier and collector of juror dues, was laid upon the table. A resolution authorizing the Counsel of the Baar.l to take proceedings to restrain the presrnt lessees of the Williamsburg .Ferry from removing the fixtures at the foot of Grand street, was concurred in. A resolution to pay James U. Whiting, E?q., District Attorney, $M8 87 far services aud iees in the trial oi Henry W. Merrill,Police Justice,tor misconduct in olfice, was adopted. The 13.h aection of tba new Fire Bill which allowed to each company a certain sum where with to supply themselves with oil, cans,fuel, torches, Sic., was stricken out from the ordiuance which was then adopted. The conapaniea will therefore be supplied as usual by the ci y corporation. The Comptroller presented a report relative to the difil canon 01 ion L,roya, wmcn wusoraereu to be printed. Absolution referring to the committee on public lands and places, the propriety of purchasing a portion of the (round in the 10th ward, recently the scene of the destructive fire, to be opened ai a public iquareand to be called Tan Buren square,wns,after argument,withdrawn. It was previously amended by asking for the purchase of the ground, the scene ot the Are iu the sixth ward, to be opened as a public square and to be called O'Connell square. A resolution giving the Typographical Society a copy of the R-vised Statates, was adopted. The Board then adj turned to Monday next. AmiL24, BoiKDor A'sistaxts.?The President in the char. Among the petitions were those of James Dunn, Sixth Ward Hotel, Michael Laughlia, Thomas Nealis, &c.,lor remuneration lor damage done to their buildings by a mob. Retorts ok Committees Aoor ted ? Relieving several persons named from erroneous tax. Adverre to petitions of R. H. At will, S imuel T. Armstrong, and Farmers' Loan and Trust Compauy, on the same subject. In favor of allowing William Fay extra pay in sinking a well through a rock in -19:h street. *?in favor of releasing Messrs. Scllick from a penalty fur throwing coal ashes into the street, on thair paying costs of suit. In favor of confirming assessments anl appointing collector in fencing vacant lots in JS'.h street Allowing Messrs. Tuit and Miuihew remuneration for injuries done to their premises in taking down a wall alter a Are. The Committee presented a report adverse to alfording relief to James Thompson, who was injur, J while sitting at hts window in the 8th avenue by the blading of rock in regulating the street. On motion of AlJsrman Benedict, the report was amended by allowing him $100, which was adopted. The question as to sunken lots in Avenues A and D were transferred tothaCity Inspector. Against the petition of certain owners of property in tbe7ih avenue, near Greenwich lane, to have fifteen fret allowed them for court yards. lu favor of ro-nombering Henry and John streets, and East Broadway. The recommendation for Hudson,above Chamber, was referred. la lavor of allowing Elijah Guion,John Em mans, and Samuel DosMhee.eolltctJis of assessments, three quarters oftha fees which will accrue tothem on the aale of property advertised, but pottjioned. for the payment of being found im.iossible to sell. After reaural from Messrs Da\ is, Mu'pby, Sharer, and others, the report wss lost, ten to live. Adverse to paying Biidget and Ellen Power, money belonging to the estate of William Power, it not satisfactorily appearing that they have a right to claim a* next ol kin. Paters krcm Board or Aldkrmex?In favor of relieving Abraham B, 11 from tax. In favor ol locating hose Company Not. 31 and 13, at 33 H< tier street. In favor of taking the building occupied as the depot ofthcli irl, m railroad iu Tryon rquun-, as an engine house for South work engine an l hose company No. 20. A remonstrance from the Harlem c impauy was pre enteo,in which they cute they gave Mra. Halvtead 11 large aum of money for her b at e, mid put up buildding at an expenveof (loCO, on a positive assurancabeing given to tbero that they shun 1.1 have a renewal of their leave on ita expiration. They pay $5?0 per annum, which ia a larger >um than the property would have brought before they bwilt upon it. Mr. Ward, Mr B: igg?, ami Mr. Daviv thought that the enginea uhould be stationed there ?Muatts. Murphy, Benedict, and Shaler, were oppondlo lakieg the depot without notice, wbeuother piopetty could he had iu the vicinity equally a Irantagi oti* Theiubjrct was d ial! > referred to the committee on lanJa and placaasto the propriety of taking a portion of the uuoccupied land in Chanibeiv street, for the engine rompaniea. A communication wa? received from the Street Com miiaioner, atatiog that a lea** had been vigned with the new Witliam-buigh F? rty Comp my, t ut the olJ company iefu*e to give un tbeir terry at Williamshurgh, and al<o threaten if the tit me* at the foot tf G.und atreet were not p lidfor in the aum ofSUoO by Tuead-y next they ahould be removed, i'in- Str.-et Commissioner atka that the counvel of the hoar I take auch met *nrea * will prevent such, and r Uo place the new company in po??> s.iion of the property. Adopted. In favor of leaving south vide of pier No. 1 North River, to N J and N or a ich staamtwat Company .for one year at 1740* and the n est vide of Pecit filn to Mesrrv Vanderbilt mid Corli t-, for one year, at V>J 0. Concurred in. ThcPrevi.l -in c ill .1 Mr. Murphy to ihe chair. Mr. BKMrnicT moved to take up document in relation to the clovi-ig of Eleventh street, batv*? en Broadway and the Bow* ry. Mr. Suhh moved a concurrence with the Boa'd of At lerm-ut, which was lost, a -ven o ft v An ordinance (pitted the o'her Boar I) was prevented from the M ij or authorizing the prevent Commissioner* of School Monies to receive the uvu il vppropiiation. until the new Commiaiioneii are elected in Juua. Concurred in. In favor of plaelr g the 1. ?seet of dacha an I slip?of Diltrict numbei a, East River, i.t full posre oion ol such.? Concurred inA petition was preaented from the National Aeademy of D aign,asking fur the loan of. the porrnit af Isaac L. Virian for their t xhibition R-tforrcd, with power. A mo-UK- fronr the mayor, approving of certain ordinances. waa received and tiled. Other paper* were referred, after which the Board adjourned to Thursday next. United States *1 ttralinU'gOffice. Aran. i.? ? William A. Bowers, chi- f mate oljtbe*hip Powhattnn. from Liverpool w.,a arretted on Sunday, ci.atge.l by the Captain with mutiny, aa were al?<> lirary Wiltiims Oco. Beahford, Thomas Cutliu, and Jama* 8 I'ltvan.aeameo Waterday, thu Captain, (George W. WCerron) waa alio arr?-?'ed on complaint of Bawert, nn a charge of firing at and dangerously wounding hint with a |.i?tol. CJ- CHATHAM THE A l'HK -The aroumlir.g facta Ot the Celebrated Otto vlotty, woicb ho exhibited at thii theatre, on Saturday night, were witnesatd with won <ler and delight by a numvrnui anJience. ft ia aosreely credible that any mm can throw a i iron ball, welching 4v!t>e, ten fret in the air. and receive the game'on the hack of hit tuck, a* It comeadown; yet Otto Mottjr doea thia, aa all <? ho have iwn him can In-ar witneaa to He p. the lame teat tonight. The farce of I Sul len Thoigtta ia pemirmed, and Kirbv appeara in the j of the Q teen of Cyprus and Mr alt. r D rand. B j the h>e, to morrow night ia K'fhy'a benefit " Nurf I eeiJ." OtT-THERK 13 NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN. So iay> Solomon, and although we d j not like to diapute inch high authority?vet we think there la aomMhing new, and that ia our neighbor. Dr .1 inm .n'i m.'ihmlof 1 compounding m> dicutea 'or the cue of aim >it all ae pleasant a form th it <ve ca.t l c rtdi-ved of coughl and colds in a few d.ij ??II a Inch* a in a few mlnnt. a, wifhont hoowi -g that we ire e ring iny think b tt re|w wrnr.lut or Rvae I,'t-ngea. Th - D ic,?nr\ i.'Hce in this city h at 106 ^ t??au A{eiita?9 State at B>aton; S Ledger B nl lintf . Pull i I|>i?l t, an 1 Corner of ij ly and Saratoga ?tl. Oil intom. pry- Tim t.irrLF. my*tkrious oipsy girl. t ihn Amenoj L v|iik?nm, mmt have the iixiitmice of the cloven (ontoJ ^-titl. mm, on iom? mora amiable vlrit Pt rh?|n ihi- n an innocent |>U) ful fairy,inch at Sir Walter S<-,itt hat?p->kin of in hit work*. At all viriMibe |( a waitdrrlol rpo urn In the Beat place lia entconoaa hertelf in a jlob- only one foot in 4i*n?a tor. and framtbit " t<-nt up-' lo.-*ii>n, diacouraaa deifully and corrvctlv, rrjardirjf the p.iat. preaant anil future If ah-" linn v? nothing ahoul 1'. aha can gue?hettrr thin any Yankee ?ho ever iiw the. Oreon MaunItini. It t? aai I that the p ilira ottt.'era who tvitch <h moat raacala,oV ain th-ir ioforra I'.ion from ht re Win i-hell keepa the audience to Z' od ho "nor hero with hM ccantriei'iet, and Vll?? Roinlio, C?lr?te. ?n i anion. *p?Tinent? in animal m liiiet'iin, ?llcit gieat applamo. Such attraction* for 1) ccixU beat the world. P0STSCR1 P"j\" For our u*tta! Southern Correspondent', fcv this morning'* Mail, tee fourth pige The new i ork Lancet. CONTENTS OF NO XVII. . 09-. Lsctcsci.?A cour?e of Lectures on Diseases of the CUost,J'eiCUSSlOU, suj AusculUtiou. bv John A I sweet, ni. v Lecture IV ? Sellout effusion from organic disvasi oi the heart? Broncbitii aud a- Umaof the lances occasional complications? hlfrcts ot organic disease of the heart ou the intellectual powers The Disgdosis o* organic disease of the heart?How distinguished from more functional disturbances of that organ, 3-17; Dr. Hall's Lectures ou the Pathology, and Diseases aud Derangements oithe Nervous System', No. V. Diseases of the Cerebral Nerves I Ou Paralt sis of the Sentient Nerves, 769; II. Of the Voluutary Nerves 360; Spasm, 363; Prolessor Mott's Lectures on Surgery' No. XVII. Glossitis,363 ; Division of the Krieuum. 36i! , Reviews.?Derangements, Primary and Keiles, of the Organs ol Digestion, by Robed Dick, M.D , author of Treatise on Diet aud R-gimen." ; Dyspeptic Phthisis, 363: the Dyspeptic's Melancholy Tale, 363; Gunpowder in Cardialjia, 361; Diet, 361, Rep irt ol the Pennsylvania Hospital lor the Insane, fur the year 1311, with a Sketch ol its History, Buildings, and Organization, by Thomaa S Kirkbridge. M.D., Physician to the Institution, 361; Lectures on Diseases at the Chest, by W. W Gerhard, M D. Ac. kc., 261. Editorial dzesstmknt?Naval Surgeons?Their Oiievances, S6?; New Edition of ' Cooper's Surgical Dictionary ,'367 : Hoircepithy and Mesmerism, 367. Medico-Chiruruical Retortes?Ciiniq les at the College of rh>siciaul and Surgeons, 367 ; Surgical Clinique of the Sluyvesnnt Institute Medical School, 363; New Othopcedic Operation,by George C. Blackman, M. D., 368 ; A Case of Stricture cf the Trachea, by C. Worttiington, Esq ,353 ; P.iitial Hypertrephy of the Heart, by Dr. Johnson, 363 Polypus of the Ultras Expelled by the Action of Secale Coruutum, by M. P. Moyle,Esq., of Helaton, 369 ; Disease of the Elbow-Joint?Excision, 370. The Coliatebal Schlmces.?Observations ou the Anatomy ol (he Lungs, by Tbomaa Addison, M. D , 370 ; Observations ou the Structure of the Entozoa belonging to the Oriius Cysticeri'us, by Groige Gulliver, 371; Ou the Structure of the Blood Corpuscle, by G O. Rets.M. D ,and Samuel Lane, Lecturer on Anatomy, London, 371. Its ms and Intellioexcr?Tbe proper mode of learnng Chemistry, 372 ; University of London. 373 ; Last llonnrt nl Ihi. Naliuiml Vorrin. i,.11..vr.i . "?s. Sic. Received,-i7i ; To Correspondents, 37:1Weekly Report ot Interment*, 273. 0(7- Mr. GEORGE SAUNDERS, OF 183 BROADway, has sent ui a moll -acceptable present in theshape of his Patent Metallic Tablet and Razor Strop. Some uccircumcisud Philistine without the tear of High Constable Hays or our own amazing wrath before bit eyea, had the audacious audacity to carry iff our Tablet tome time since,aud finding it worth its weigdt in gold, has been guilty of the turpitude of keeping it. Where does he expect to go to ? Had it been one of the numerous imitations t f the Tablet of our worthy old friend, it would doubtless have been returned, with the remark that it hud ruined his razors, and was an out and out humbug. Mr. Saunders annually curries .ill the medal, premiums and diplomas oi the Institute with his Tablet? indeed nothing equal to it has ever been manufactured. Among the scientific gentlemen who have certified to its uniqualled excellence, are Dr. Mott, General Tallmadge, Pioi.ssor Oriscom. and others. One of Our contemporaries, of a The Tribune," we believe, speaks of it in the following terms:? Saunders' Patent Metallic Tablet and Razor Strop ?If the old motto * Experientia docet" can be satisfactorily proved in any matter, it certainly can in the use of an instrument like this. Wo have had one in use for more than a year, and therefore speak with lull knowledge, w hen we assert that this is by all odds ibe best razor strop weever used?and we have,had fifty; what an eiige it rives ! How smooth aud how fine! The razor, after being drawn across the surface a few times, glides over the I'ece like water, and r nderf it ai delicately soft aa that of a mist in hertrens. This strop may be also recommended for its durability. It remains in excellent ordvr, if propelly ttken care i f for yafars, and it can have all its virtues renewed when they are gone. To the properties of a strop, it adds those of a hone, and one need not tisk the spoiling of a good razor by committiug it to the hands of a barber. Commend us, we say?commend us to Saundeis' Strop and no other ; if there be another, in or out of this republic, tqual to it, it has not fallen w ithin the reach of our nut limited observation. Good New* for Tenants. (K7-THE NEW EXEMPTION LAW-The oct of our Slate Legislature extending the exemption of household furniture anil working tools fiom seizure for rent and sale by execution, as finally passed, adds (I AO to the amount of the existing exemption. It tskss tifect on the 1st of May. It is a great blessing to be relitved from the merciless grasp of landlords But we have reason to be thankful lor a still greater blessing which all who have ocaasiou can enjoy. Dr. Flemmiig's Midicated Candies are without exception the very best medicines we know of. Toe.y are agi eeable to the taste, mild in their operation, and t tit ctuisl in cure. Hie Diarrhea Candy gives speedy relief to that most painful of all diseases. His Worm Candy will cure the most ob tinate case if warms in children in a few hours. His Cathartic Caudy is a moat valuable medicine in every case where phytic is neci rssry. Hia Dinner or Tonic Candy will effectually relieve one from cestiveueee.iiidignsiioii, fullneas after eating, uneasiness, heartburn, Itc. Sold wholsale and retail at 13d Nassau street. A Voice from Tennessee. {^-MESSRS J. PEA9E St 90N.4S DIVISION 9T., N. V. Memphis, Match 48, l:JaJ. Ur.nrs . Your hoxof Horebound Candy,after considerable delay reached here six days since. We advertised it in two papers of extensive citcuiation, and the demand has far exceeded our expectations, as it is no w all sold except about $10 worth. We enclose you a draft on New York for one hundred and twenty dollars, being the amount of the last htii w? ,.u? ...i.h . t? ,1... , r?iiri.,i.,a,.j dollar boxes, for which amount you a'e at liberty to dim-on ua at ten days sight,which draft tball be accepted and honored. We have alto received tome valuable certificates from tboie who haveuted it here and proved iti virtue*. Please ship as you did the last weorji ted, and you will oblige your obedient servants, SAMUEL WATSON St CO Agen't?Redding, S Statu street, Boston; llawls.57 State stroet, Albiny: 7. eher, Pnilalel; Duval, 231 Broad a?, Newark N. J.; J. H. Ewiu. Columbia, Tenn; HolJeman. Louisville, Ky.: A lams b Blunt, Huutsville, Ala ; Norton, Lexington, Ky. 0t7- FACTS WORTH KNOWINO-A positive stay for tne hair falling ?ut?or to restore it in bald places. A certain cure lor all rheumatism and swelled limbs? no exceptions. A Certain and positive cure for piles in all cases. A warranted cure for all bruises, scalds, and other sorea, and sore eyes. A positive cure for the salt rheum. A beau'iful dye for the hair?will not color the skin. Warrant) d A certain cure for corns. Each of these to be had at 71 Mai ten lane, and auch proofs of these facta as will convince all who will call or send for them, gratis. The public may rest as?uri d there is no fancy in thesa assertions. (& MR BRISTOW, TliE EMINENT WR1T1NO Master's Advertisement, announcing a great reduction of hia Terms, from twelve to live dollars, will no doubt attract tLe attention of all hail writers, for tliey will tie vastly benefited by being made good p nmen, in a con?ttcntivecf 12 L"SSins ! and for so a a im, at 2li Broadway. CQh- COMPOUN^TFLUID EXTRACT OF 8AR-<V paruli ?This article, prepared in n new and scientific; manner, it known to bo ami warranted quite < qu?l to any that ever has or t ver can be made. In fact an article nnderthis i^me has hail a zood renutatlon. while tho Cupidity of tho pr qi'ietor hm leJ him to make it of a worthlvi* quality of saraap irilU. and in a very carelv?a manner, relying on the prejudice* of the community in favor of his article. II-tailer* and phyaician* htva lone '"? ?"d known thia, but have had much troubleto peiauade their cmtomeri of the fact. Thia ha* become now to bo wtenerally known, and the magnanimi'y exhibit! d in tho comae of the pro pi ietor *o well underatuod, that b) general content, the tide i* fitting in favor of a good article, that can be depended upon, an l may he obtained with tome plratnre to thoae vending and ming it. The *ultacri'H.-ra warrant the quality of thia article to be altogether anpi rior to e?v other article of the kind now in nae, mimq Iw found at Com?lock A Co'a, Chemiat, 71 Maiden lane,near Broadway. City llcapntrh l'o*t. 40 Williaw Stbft Paincirai. Orrica?Letter* depoMtml before half put h*tf-|M?t l-i. ?n.I half naat 3 o'clock, will he aent out tor delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. ItmicH Orricit*.?Letter* depotitrd before 7, It and i o'clock, will be aent out for delivery at 9. I and 4 o"clack. ALEX M. C.REIO, Agent it MONEY MARK (A r. Jhonalny, April 43-0 P.M. The atock market pretexted a fair degree of activity to day, but pi ic-a have recedi d in many eta**. Harlena fell 1 per ct; Mohawk I, Bank of America }. D.Iawam and Hudaon J; Long laiand ); Pitanon 1. Illinoia b?oda 3 per ct; Indiana 1; Near York of 1 mJ I per ct. Ohio 6'a. 1 i-er ct. 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