Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 27, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 27, 1842 Page 1
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TH T?l. YU.?M*. 4U4.?Whol* *070. ' 1 *KW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. T? wilfrkinNcw Vorkonttiettth.aod Lmrpjol on th? llui tftmcK J3ft tS*. Jf& XBL Fkom Nrw Tot*. hip ROSCrV?, Captain Jolm Collin*, alth March. 5i.ip RlDDONS.Captain E. B. Cobb. **th April. Shu. SHKRIU AN, Captain J. A. Uepeyater, iS th May. BhipUARlUCIl, Captain Wm. Sk.ddy, kith Juia*. ?ROM Livxaroei.. Ship SHERIDAN,Captain K. A. Deveyitei. llifc March. Sip UARRICK, Captain Wm., 11th Ap.d. Ship R09CHJS, Captain John Collin*. lltli May. Ship SIDDUNS.CU'taiu E. B.Cobb, llih June. Their ship* *re all or llic fir?t claaa.npward* of l oofl ton*,built It the city of New York, with Mich impiiMecnenta at combine reatirerd with UHuaual comfort for piuaeugert. Er*ry car* Cm been Inkenin the arrengeineotof their accommodation*. Tb? rice o%.afc?agtheace is fcluO.for which ample (tore* will b* provided. Their ihip* are commanded by experienced matter*, who will make *r?ry exertion to fire general ularac lion, Neither the captain* or owner* ofihe?e ahip* will be reepouai We for any letter*, parcels or peckagesaeut by them, unlet* re otar bill* ol ladiiWue?>Kned therefor. The ahip* ol thi?Tnfe will hereafter go armed, aid theirpecu lareonatructiou give* them aecuntynotpoaaeaaed by any other Batieaael* ef war. fc'W.Wm.B^W*,TW,r,a WM. * JA8. BROWN It fco., Lirerpiol Letter* by th? packet* will be charged 12| eent* per ileal* rheet: lOcentaperoiiuce. nd newipapcr* I cent each. ml NEW TOR* AMI HAVRE FACRETB. (.SECOND UN&l _ 1?&S~ ??? tec Iggggtt * -W^& ?f jjfc " Tlil'v^C^riiS fcUowin g ehipe will commence una arrangement hip YAZOO.Capt. Cornell. hip OCONEE. Capt Jack ton 8'eip MISSISSIPPI,Cant. Hilliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt. hipSHAKSPEAHE, Capt. Miner Ship OA8TON, Cart. Latham. 8lup hUnTSVILLE, Capt. Afumf, id. Ship OCMULGEE, Capt Leantt. Ship NASHVILLE,Card. Diekinm. n. Ship MEMPHIS. Capt/Knirht. Skip LOUISA. Capt. Mulford. 1W ahipa were all built in the city of New York, expreeely for packet*, are of a light draft ol water, hare recently been Bawdy coppered and pot u> *pleudid orcer, with accommodation* Mr ptMenger* unequalled for contort. They are commanded by experienced maiteri.who will maute every exertion to (ire (eoeral iati*lac tion. . They will at all time* be towed up and down the Miiaiuippiby leamboat*. Neither the owner* or captain* of theac *hip* will be reapoaiihl#fi>rjewelry,bullion4>reciou* itenea.ailrer, orplnled ware,or lor any letter*,parcel or package, cent by or pot * 'boaru of them, unlet* regular kill* of lading are taken fortneaanaa, and the value thereon exn~e?*d far freight or nwaag e,apply to I. K. COLLINS k CO.If Sonthat 'or HULLIV k WOODHUFK, Agent in New M*BBB|Who will promptly forward ell good* to hi* add re**. The enipa of thi* tine are warranted to aail punctually a* ad| yertieed, and great care wi.l be taken t* have the good* correct ulO nr rofimw- ? STEAM NAVIGATION BETWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK; VIA- SO UTHAMPTOy. BELGIAN BTEAMEK BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. XctKE, CcMMtKDEI. The days of departure at this well-known Steamifcip, have res heed as follows : from Antwerp. From Southampton, From New York, On tth Mar, 1M2, On T h May, litS, On Tth June, IMS TthJuIr, ' 10th July, - Tti* AitfC , " Tth Bent, " loth Sept. " 7<h Oct , " Price of passage, meals not inrluded, to Sou'hampton or Antwerp, pro?Steward's fees, $t,02i. The meals will be tarred oh board, on the plan of a continental hotel, in the best manner and at died and moderate prices. Families or parties easy contract for the voyage with the steward. Aa experienced But*eon on board. For freight 01 passage, or any fur her information, apply to H. W T. It H. MALI, Agents, ago tBBT* tl Besrer street. i>HW tUII&AiXU .IlKAIU. Van rtdactd to II cants. FT*' From tht foot of Coortlandt treat, Now Ail AM. At t P.M. At *1 A.M. AtllP.M 111 to 4 do t do Ik do 4| do l? do I do T do It 40 ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Liberty etroet. Leare Now York. Loote Newark. At I A M.atd 4i P.M. At I P. M. and 10 P.M. NEW YORK, euz\ bethtown, rahway and NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty etreet.daily. Leare New York. Leare New Bnmewick. At A.M. AtT?A. M. 41 P. M. I P. M. SOMERr 1LLE it.rceectuuef: with Iheat lincaearh way. Fere, between New York an'S"tr r-rTjII-, SO Do do New Brnaeweek, TSc-ote. Rahway, Minnie. EkmbeiUtowu, , us .tenia. The fare in t'<e A. M train from New Bruruwi ik, and 4| PM-tiair. from New York, one bcr.i reduced between New York and New Bruuewick t > so rente, t " and Railway Le 17 ( * The PhiladelphiamaiUine paaaeethrough NewBruuawiek for New York eeery evening at io'cleek. Oa Sunday > the T| A. M. trip from New Brunrwiek u omit Paasencert who procure their ticketeat the L - -r.-l.-i ?A K_ .k. | naive *ierry * " - vetvon the d*v when purchased febtl Ire Important to westers mf;roiiants" RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE?Fo/ tb? Transportation of Goods betwr en Philadelphia and Pittsburgh fltesasbjyi 9 9 'U r^fy ^liii imMBwant In transportation afford* to weatern merchant* peculiar advantage*. The good* heirz carelulljr packed in the boat a at our warehouse, No 365 Market street. are carried oeer the Columbia and Portage Railway* without transhipment. Careful iapaina and crew* are employed, who take charge of th* good* at Philadelphia, and continue with them the entire route, thua avoiding delay* and the liability of lot* heiug separated 01 trie war ^ B.??Paisebgrrt forwarded to |Pitts*Miich and Po Uiille arery day, Sunday* eicepttd, H. STORK, Agent. alt3o* m 1 waahiodtonatreet. ~ RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND KKEItiHT LINE. SEW BRUNSWICK AND NEW YORK. THE NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation Company have eatabliahed a Freight Line between New Brunswick and N?w York, which tbey intend to run permanently. Leaving New bmnswick at (AM. daily, (Sunday* neert*d) and the foot of Liberty street, New York, at I P.M. To country dealer* and merchant* th? above line t* very da sirable for the ipeedy and cheap conveyance ef merehandiae of every description. and more particularly to Drover* and Dealers in Live Stock,* ho can have 150 head of cattle conreyel between New Br una wick and New k ork, the aamc day, wiKmm iraiurw. The nlei Tor the tranerorlation of cattle, heriee, raulef, keep. hoge, Ac.,and all other kindt of mtnhudat are very lew. never eaceeding iteamboat (Here. Merchandise rent ay thia line wnot eubjectad to any extra charge in croeeiug the North Rirer. The Compenv hare fleted up * large etnrehonae at New runewick adjoining the Hailroad Depot, which will alwaya Cspeo for the reception of mm hand i?e. HPUeenger*. purchaiing their tiekeU at the ticket office*. willreceW* ferry Jicket* gratia. nilt 3m* Fltrg. Th* proprietor* of Blncham'e Traneportatien Lin* to Pittobara, dire notice to the Merchant* of New York, and alt other pereooe lipping to the Weat, that their line i* aow m active Operation. Good* ronewned to them (or cent to go ia their Me.) will be ftirwarded withdeepatch. Owner* or ehiprere *f food*, daelined for the Weetera Statei, who tare no agent or enneicim* at Pittebiirg, will plcaee cotuifn their c?ode to William Binfham, Pittebunr. who will attend to ehipping all "?th coneignmrnte without Am rood I ahould he marked dietinctly on etch packafe INOHAM'8 LINK. For rate* of freight, which are a* low ae any Other lino. Apply to WM. TYSON, Agent, No ? Weetalrret. nemoeite Pier No. f, N. R. N. B.?Paeeengert forwarded to ritUburg and Potterille, every day, Bundeye ercepted. Refer to R, ( rooke, American Fur Co.: S. T. Nieoll. Front etreet, rhelna. Dodge fc Co. Fulton etreet; Buvdam, Sage kCo.; Wm Rankin, DuryeefcCo .Newaik- mi 3m T ftOWKLL> ( (. X LINK." tits jpBHCsPRJNO-Th. attain boat HHIHLANDRW ift-Jliiwn Wardrop, will laeat the Aim of Warrea afreet Maw York, erery Monday, Tlat ajay a?d Saturday afternoon ? at t *]<>? Retartung.the High.anJer will .?? .aewburjH wary Monday mommy at I o'clock, aan Tueadey and Ye^er Araaaa at I o'clock, ror frawb* or paaaaffe.apply to the Captaia an board. JJ. I. At i bayeafe and freight of erery daaenptiea, book lila orapecie, put on board thia boat, mnat be at the riakoftka rwaarn uiaraoi.uolait a kiH a Hiding orraceiptieaiiaed for MM TVJ 1?. MIA -L^ J-1A NF LIFE BOAT ASSOCIATION, FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PATBNT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, OPFOalTZ mil CITY HOTEL. NOTICE TO BUYERS OK CABINET FURNITURE. TXTAftHINltTftN MB'KS, No 3|? Broad*a* oexl the ** Hotpital wrnlrf draw the ^Mention of the public that he win m ii rp-?* mjiu I* uruiiurc i v i'rrcui r ???u y?? line 'jtulity of w. rk if now telling nr the auctioi f-c >i?utii g of Draws Cnuchcs, 8'?fi?,c'?Ter*.d la different colored i>'u*hr?, faliu* and hair iloih, of il e U?ft Spring paitcrni. cff<l fashionable tailoring ESTABLISHMENT. AT THE FASHIONABLE TAILORING E>TAA BLISHMENT, 10H Beekman street,aear Pearl. Gentlemen who are now or formerly have been paying extiaTRgaut price* for their clothing, are assured that they need do o no more, aa the .ubscriber will guarantee to all who patronise him. a hnud.oine tit. a fashionable etyle and excellent iteriala. at the following moderate prices? Sup. Wert of Eng. Wool-dyed, black, blue,or green drew euta. BlStofM. Panta, double milled do black, plaid, and fancy eaae., $( to Vest*? Fine cashmere,sa*in,and all kiudt, $1 to $5. Coal* made and rimmed in a superior manner, Irom $7 to m off at. $500 premium. The indestructible inm,which r. m. bartLETT exhibited at the Fair of the American Institute, New York, 1841, with an offer of $500 to any one who ehoidd extract it from paper, and which recei'ed the gold medal of the Inatitoie, can be had by calling on Meaari Raw don, Wright A Hatch, banknote eugrarera. it Merchant*' Exchange. Orders from any part ol' the Uuion, post paid, through the above aamed house, will beproinptly attended to. Writiug made with this ink will remain unchanged a* long a* pi per will endure, and is exceedingly valuable above all iudelkble inks now in use, ol which we have any kuowledge. John Torrey.M.D., Prof'seur of Chymistry, Ac. in the College of Phtsicisus and Surgeons, N Y, James K Chilton, M D. Practical Oh inist. John A. Warder, M D., Professor of Chymietry Tim* ft ltd MiueraloffT. (ytncmnMi t .olicgr. iJMoPIANO FORTES. QOUTHERN DEALERS and purch isera generally will tJ ftu J it to their advantage to call aud examine a choice aesortment of the ebovr ar'icle, roinprisiur a variety of ( and 61 octaves, of roiewood aud mahogsnv. "ith grand action, scroll stands, and every modern improvement. Thess inatmmcDta are warranted to be equal to any in the city, aid will be aold at the loweat poseible prices for ca?h. at t he in .-.ufactory, 44 Weet Fsurteen'hstreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. ALB.?Plan-. Fortea for Hire?A good aaaorlmeut of piano flWfcs for hire at the manufaet.Ty. aT 3m SOMETHING NEW f EUK'A HARDEN 41 Bowery.?The undersigned takes Lt this opportunity to inform his friends ai d tne public that he has opened a Oaiden and Saloon at 49 Bowery, where he would be happy to receive their calls. Hia Saloon will be constantly supplied with ihe choicest aud best of Fruits, Confectionary, Coffee, Ice Creams, Lemooads and Soda that the city affords Every atte it'on will be given *n his pait to make this Garden and Saloon a pleasant and agreeable resort to tlis ladies and gentlemen who may favor hem with a call, alt tm'e H. LEUR, 49 Bowery. CARPETING, &C. CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. TONES It MARCY, 101 Bowery, New York, are now reJ diving their spring supply of Csrpeliug, Oil Cloths, Window Shades, Druggeis, Hearth Rugs, Dosr Mats, Table and riano Covers, Stair Rods Ac Ac. Among their goods are many new and rick patterns of English and American manufacture, which eanuet be exceeded for beauty, quality and chcapnesc in tha city. Persons about faruulung their houses are invited to give us i, i L- inwvu vaii* # J ?4 lm* L.MARCY. SHIRTS. QHIKTS mill* to order after the moat approved French O fashions. Gentlemen'* Gairaenti of ill descnp'ioa made to order at ehort notice Gentlemen'* Furnishing Stnr* 17 and 11 Maiden lane corner of Williamitrtet. WM. COLLIN. all Im* r OIL OF BARK. VALUABLE DI8COVKRY-T P. MERRIAM'8 Pre* miuin Water Proof Leather Composition of Oil of Btrk, for blacking, softening, mlieHing, and preferring new, and renovating old lrath-r to it* original braaty au?l strength. Thia highly approved oil ii now offered (o the public, which aland* unrivalled for it* powers of ortservine and renovating leather, alao aa aw tier proof composition fit Boot* and Bh ??. Having received the Premiums from the Mechanic* Institute at Boston, aud at the amciean luatitu'e. at New Yoik. N.B. Be paiticular iu all caaea to ot-aerve that none can bgenuine without the writtensicnature of T P. Merriam on the ynllow printed label, in hia own handwriting, and hi* ftat T-P M. stamped on the stopper of every bottle. For eale whoLinte and retail by J. H. Mertam, No. US Fouith, corner ot Green at and 331 Fourth street. New Yoik; alio by T. f. Merriam, the inventor, New Beifaat, Mui.; alao for aa'e bv A. B.kD Band* 71 Fulton street, corner of Gold and 100 Fu ton street.corner 1 f William st, and by D. San ' Ik Co., 77 East Bro?d war,corner df.vlarke' street, and by A.B. k B. Sands k Co.,231 Broadway, corner of Chamber street, all I in* read-bflkad-BttEAD-At PaL.MER'S new fea kery, corner S< coudstreet and Bowery, 41 pound* for a shilling?and mada from Lhe beat superfine flout?try it. mil lm* ____ AArtS. G B-MlLLEh It CO., respectfully inform their 1*1 frieiiila and the nublic. that thev have reduce to oonform wiih tre timet the j-ricee of thi ir Fine Cu (.'hewing im Smoking Tobacco. Tory warrant it to be manofactar-d of the brat ami pur>st tobacco,eentain<ng tie drug* (ogive it an unnatural aw eel Nate. It; ia to be fad at the old eatabliahed aland. No. tin Wat?r at reel. New York. a22 lw'r pOLltltN BWANgHOTEL, No. ?9 North rhud ati-teh u a lew doom above Arch. Philadelphia ?Board $1 per day. Thia houve ia In a ceitral location, mid haa accommodationa oraeventr peranca. ?H liar D bTb OR GREY HAIR may be rhaoged to a h-auttful aula burn or jet blo<k tn Iwoor three hoora, by using a bottle of the celeora'ed Italian Dye. It baa juatly obtained a reputation far turp-irati g all othna now in use, and may be < and without the leant irj try ei.hrr to Ihe hair or akin. Therefore, the difficulty ol procuring a auitab'e ar ticle for coloring the haie.liaa deleried'maiiy from attempting it. But now thia difficulty ia removed,a? all who have ueed the Italian Djre hart In rn w l!itg testimony of ita iffioacy. For aale bv A. B. PaodeAfo. S73 Brindway. corner of Chimber; A. B. klD. S iudr. 79 Ktiliun. c >rner of Gold, and 100 Fulton, corner of William; ?nd Pauds & t o 77 East Broadway. French Polia'iio*te?'I his vtirl* i? a combimtinu of elementary .ubs'-mcn h vii g a a-route vlfhiily for each other, wh-rh will unileand'O'm a eor,|imed alia ether new in its iliaracter Tr.e h i It ir a?t < u ah.lur oi'itje it impvrig to the movl d?l'e?ie ar irle ct mmitnre eoch ae ntihoga y, roai w oileh >r>y. I'vlum.iavbl*. ale-, to rarrnyee. patent leather, military cpe-Ae. -a unaurpa-ae I Ila vpidic-dinn ia eaay, r quiring very little labor to te,tor* he rrtti le to i e original beauty. For *t!e by A, T1 t.nca A Co. Granite Buildings 573 Broadway, corner f ( lumber atriel;a'a<i bv A. B. and D. Sonda. 79 and too Fulton atreet; D. ba> da A C*. ?7 East Broadway. Price S3 crnla. aS9 t-n'm SURGICAL A ' KNTAL INSTRUMENTS, maauf'c lured by W\T. R R GUULDINO, 38 Gold atreet.-A general aasor'mentof lh? above luilrumenta kept Inn hand and m ile to order of the moat approved patlerna. The medical t roferaion in general dealers are invited to call and t limine before porchaalogelaewhere atoinach rnd cuoping pumpa. eyliute and feae'ure apparx'.ua?ins: rumi ou lor < iuu lee ami omer sis'.oi 10in on hind and made to order. Cutlery and Surgical Instruments repaired ia the beet possible irauner, and on reasonable terms. Refcreice?Valentiiie Mott, M. 'D.; Granville Sharp Pattersru, M. D.; Alfred C. I'osl, M/D. and John O. Cieevman, M.D. '>?3 n'm DHKNUII M EC It AN ICA L LAMPS.?The subscriber tegs 1 to call the attention of pir. ies about fit ting up public or prirate houses, to the greit advantage to be gained bp adapting lamps instead uf gas. at the present extremely low price of oiI It is a: well established met that a hotel or any I true establishment ran be lighted with the.n at less than one half the expense orgas; and bes des they afford a more agreeable and better diffused light,entirely tree from smell ortmolle. As a reading or study lamp, they are strsng'r recommended, the light being perfectly steady; and diffused through a ground globe rannst possibly hsre any injurious effect upon the eye. 1 hey are ured in most oflhe libraries ia K rente and throughout the continent. E. D. SAXTON. Pucceaaor to A DIACON, ?20 t irl'e 337 Broadway. " l ake physic early?medicine comes too Itte, When the disease becomes inveterate " RECOMMENDED by the Ka.-ully-VANCE'S ANT1 BILIOUS KAMILY APEItlK.Nl' PILLS-Br long rpenence these pills hare been proved hr thousands to be behest and safest Family Meiffrine hitherto discovered. At ill sensors of the year they will be found very valuable to aM rt.n wish to secure themmdvrs again* as They are dikt safe for children as fir any toned of life, said require no xtn attention to diet or In clothing, bilious and /iTer complaints, dyipe;?ia or indigestion, n?voim cfisesees. sick heedmotWm ai'il isi lift all iligp-iiPl ariiiitf fr, m i*n imnsrwo e?>t. rhebiocd or a"di?<*iierrd itate of the atomnch orbowele, are i vpeedily removed by taking them Tliey prevent eetirvy eoetiveneei end iU cooeeejuencen?therefore eeafiiriiig menehould Tifer he w ittioul them. Time or climate affecte them not. 1 Two or three do?e will conrince the patient of their ealutery eBeetf, for the etomach will readily regain itf atrengtb, a healthy atateof the liver and howele will apeedilv take place and renewed health and vigot of body and mind will he the cer tainreeult. Their virtues, in fact, maybe mmmtd uy-u i medicine which atreofitheiu tlie feeble and coneolidatee the mueeliw of the etronji, and will be found nt infinite value to femalee of all ages (if t then according to the directiooe), who wish to be veeure fromeicknee*. Price OS end 80 cent per boa. for rate, whnleer le and re'ail, by Wm.Wataon, Apothecaries' Hall. M Call arine atreet; kmith, corner of h niton and Water eta: Nowill% 1ST Bowery ;B<dgrove, druggist. Eulton m. Mraoalym. n.3iim* 400,000 ha Norma Si'gigr?. T ANDED from bng Ohio, from Havana, of enperior ijuali^>"a for iml# in Iota toauil purchai*rt, at rraioDible pnaaa, 10 1 m* by M. RADEK. <? Chatham at. STRIKER'S RAY raw THE BLOOM'NODALK ROAb-Thie delighlfjl W ,?rsm?r report ii n w op.n and in fall aperalion under the management of the eubecnber. who hat need every eiertien to render II in all re.pecU, worthy the patronage ifwilleverbe hieatudy todteerve. The w?nee. Ilipiore, and all other refreebmenla. are the beet lhat can b* procure land in no ??(ii in* rnaryea rt cred thoae ol any oth'r reaprctable vatabliahmenta. The comfort and eonveniavca of l^diea Waitinf 8triker'? Bay, will alwaja Im aaptcially atudied, and civility .ml it tent ion may be r*Jied on. striker'* Bay ? ?* mi'ei milea from tha City Hall by the Btoomingdftle Uo >d,a?d atagea atari every hour from No. QQ Bowery 1 ** BOTHkI N'T^!* ni^ fr..ti.m.a, ?r I'titlfmin , nrf witri,r?a h* ?? m with ?o??l room* with board, hf aupl\ ' t ? ? I>. J ?tra*t. Re* rente rxchaafrd. >w5?*m . oAL'I -10U.?ck?nl AabtoVa fine houee Bait, *if\j t (peered S from Lnerpotl, bf Co. 1 MM M I ullon Hreet, not door to the Fultoa Bank. w ro W YORK, WEDNESDAY FISK'S COMBINED SUMMER ' BAKER & COOK STOVE, FOR COAL OR WOOD. AATWOOD, Patentee?Pnfn from 11,10 to fli.?The fleus furnace and front of this store arc made <>l cist iron and hat a Ur*e lire oven attached to it, which ?ul do nearly I?kl. Ik. /,r iti* larMfll UK-d Afd:>lkri' Cook Stores. The orince of the furore* will admit a boiler mi aeuriug (it Caile, or fif'e?n gallon* and by the use of the di ieioo plate, cities suitable for boiling feor different diihca; in addition to all this, two low li or a Urge piece of mrut may be roaa'ed in front, ami all done with lea* than tenia |,er day, for proof of which we rtferto thoae who hare uaedth-m. FlbK'd Store i-slab'iahment. 1(8 Water etreet. Read the following certiorates, in addition to which orer two hundred may be teeu by calling at the etorc, KIbK'd Store Establishment. 300 Water street. Ni w Yoaa, 54 Fourth street, 8th April.1843. V/eers. Kisk, 30? Water atrert?Among the rariety of stoves which hare coine to my notiee, the oue I purchased from you merits a decided preference. I hare used it during ll the reasons, and would must cheerfully recommend it to the public as m my opinion su-cept'ble of n> improeemrnt for simp'*city or economy. and worthy of more praiao than can be appreciated without a trial of it I am, with respect, youra. k\ A. PERKINS, Pastor of the Rrreau (Bautist)Chureh. Mr. Fish. COS Water street?The Summer Store which I purchased of) ou last spring, I hare hat m use till now; and no on*, without trial, would believe the aoi->uut of rooking that miy be done by it, or its economy Suffice it tosay. that With occasionally au extra fire, we li ire cooked for from35 to 35 p> rsnns, with enough lesa furl to save more than tha price of the store. MRS. BUEL, 13 Fulton street. vMarch 55,1841 alS luit* CHEAP HARDWARE STORE THE Subscriber is now opening hit Spring eupp'y ol 1 HARDWARE 8t CUTLER*. recireil perlalc arrirala from Birmingham and Sheffield. Together with a general as iortment of Domestic Hoods. which he it prepared lu offsr at the very LOWEST CASH PRICKS. The attention ?f Country Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makers, fee., is solicited to au riamuiatton of hie stock and price, ae he is confident they will find it to their inteeet to arorhim with a call. ALFRED F. LAORAVE, . an, n,M?w,r i, ,.,ai? Rarrl IV. New York. A regular supply of FALL* RiVEA'CUY" NAILS, and Coopers Glue. Also?a complete assortment ol 'M' chantes Tooly, J.ime.B Screwy, &.C. m3 1m* THE SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL & DIAPER PIN. ANEW ami important article torus* in the nursery, and at a fastrniug to ladies shawls, cloaks. Sic patented in the United States and in Enrol*, for tale wholesale dy W. H. GARY it CO. 1SS Pearl st Nt w York, and by the patentee,at the manufactory, 146 Jay et B-ooklyu. Thread aud needle stores, aud dealers in fancy articles, sup(lied on liberal terms. *12 Im't GEORGE ELMENDORF, LATE OF THE KIRV1 OF ELMENDORF A LOAD, Has re:n> red from the Astor Hons to the establishment of J.G Wyman, Merci ant Tailor.431 Broadway, where lie wi.l be happy to wait on his old friends end patrsns. til lm'c FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. A MONO themauy and ranous Cosmetics that are offered it to the public for b?a<i'ifying the completion, and removing -rery eruption from the lace, none can bs so confidently recommend.d as Church's Vegetable Loti.n It impa-ts a delicate smohsess to the comp.eaion, and effectually restores pimples, blotches, tan, freckles, ringworms, and all o Jier cutaneous e.upt ions and disc' lorations Piic 7 cents per bottle? soldat Church e Dispenaaey, 188 Bowery,corner sf Spri-g street. Agents?E. W. Bull, Hartford; C. & N. W. Simmo-s, Pine, corner of Fourth street, Philadelphia; uhnrles Btesur. Pouihkeeptis. mil 1 m STRAW GOODS. 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SldhyA.B kD (Urdi, d ugfiati, V? TlFu'tin corner or ffold atreet, and HO Fulton corner of William atreet. Alt" cold hr Abrm B. Panda k Co . No. J7i Broadway. comer of Chaejbera atreet; Da'idBaiide kCc.,Ko 77 Bmndwey. corBar ofMi ket at. rtttn'a RK I MORNING, APRIL 27. Association and a Social Reform. James Gordon Bexnett, Esq Sir, Youhsve mixed ha the system of Association ' aud the social principles discovered by Charles Fourier with such a mass of conflicting and heterogeneous doctrines and theories, that those of your readers who have not examined attentively the subject for themselres.must take Association to be a miserable jumble which any man of common sense would repudiate. Will you permit me, through your columns, to cxplaiu the aim and object of Association, aud the principles upon which it is based. You wiil enable, by this mean*, your widely extended circle of readers to form seme idea of the nature of this new doctrine, and the meaas we propose for effecting the reform which we contemplated. The object of Association is to do away with human misery, and to improve morally, intellectually and physically, the condition of man. Jf we cast a glance at the condition of tha human race, we shall find the vast majority plunged throughout the earth in porerty'and ignorance, toiling amidst harrassing cares and anxieties to supply merely their physical wants, and their lives one round of miserable drudgery and guttering. Must this be ever so 1 Is there a fatality connected with human natute, and the circumstances which surround wan, that renders it hw unavoidable aud eternal lot! The world answers stupidly yes; we answer no; and our object is to prove theoretically by our writings, and practically by trial of Association, the falseness of this fa'al and superficial belief. Let us glince at the condition of some of the most advanced ua'ions of the globe, and see whether the miseiies which exist among them call not loudiy for new and deep measures, for some great and practical reform. In Franc*, out of a population of ttrrty two millions, twer.ty-two millions have but about six cents a day each on an average to defray all the expenses of food, lodging, clothing, education, pleasures, Sic. I leave the reader to judge for himself what the intelUctnal development and the physical condition of such creatures m?st be. In Ireland, out ?f a population of eight millions, every third person experiences during thirty weeks in the year a deficiency of even third rate potatoes. The Morning Chronicle of London estimates the inc me of the agricultural laborers, particularizing Gloucestershire, Somersetshire, Worcester hire, and Wilts, at about 8 . 6!. sterling per week ; and that this, allowing 9d. per week for rent, Is. ti<l. for fuel, 9J. for soap, candles, &c , leaves 5s. lor food, which for a man and wile and four children, is just 10J. a week for each; or, allowing them fond tbrse times a day, it will give something less-than one half penny a meal ! We know how wretched and degraded are the people of Spain, Italy and Poland. They are in Germany aad Russia tome what better off aa regard* mere physical existence, than in France ana l'ngland, where the system of free and reductive competition, and the fluctuations and excesses in trade and industry, entail such killing anxiety and excessive labor upon them. iLle Sicily, which is so highly favored by soil, climate and position, the condition of the people is particularly distressing. It it mainly a wheat growing country, and when the crops are bad, or the prices ot grain low, so that the landholders require lese labor, the misety of the country then becomes intense; without the ra an* of subsistence for the winter, it is not u rare thing t . ti id peasants starved to death iu the field* with grass in . their mouths, from which they had vaialy endeavored to draw nourishment ! In this coun'ry the people are in a better situation, because there are a vast axtrut of soil, and a thin population, combined with all the advantages of a fully developed systt m of industiy, and a highly extendi d system of machinery, hut if we examine the condition of our population, a sad spectacle after all will be offered to us. In the tirst place, one-sixth of the population are slaves, toiling from tiarof the iasb, and bat little above toeasti of harden Cf the remaining fifteen millions n<>( less than three er four minions arc in circumstances of comparative or extreme desfitnti-n ? This is not an over-estimate, although the number of actual pauper* and habitual beggars n ay not ?xeied half a million. But wh? a v. e add toilless the vast army of confirmed drunkards,? ho with glassy eyes, burning brows, and sh .king knees, arc reeling on their downward r< a I, witn their dependent wives and children, rub.i.t ng from hand t< na >uth, ?heaven only knows how?a repetion of the : miracle of the loaves sad Ashes, save that the basket I of fraemeat* are omitted ; wh? n we add also the wive* and children of h ihitual idler*, loungers and reprobate ; the famine* ef the crippled, diseased, and of person- out .if employment; and poor widow* and orph-tns ? the aggregate of human suffering from abioli.te want, i* frightful! The condition of the great family of man ia aa we ice, wretched enough. Bnt leaving atide the** de ail-', let ua take a general view of the condition of the eaith and the human race upon it. in the south, we tee region* exhausted under the cultivation of a noxious plant, which i* grown to furnish idleness and mental vacuity, with the means of a momentary occupation and excitement. In the north, districts planted with grain?not to sustain life? '.ut to yield a poisonous liqu.d, ball afford to degraded masses a brutal exhiliration, which,bring* with it madness, folly, disease and dea'h. In our country we see black slavea, laboring from fear of tha lath, ta produce the raw material, which keeps at work the whiteslaves of another country, who labor from fear of want and starvation. Here the vessels of one civilised na lion are engaged in stealing the children ol Africa from their native land,there the vessels of another are cheating the simple|natives of uncivilized regions oat oftheir productions, and initiating them into the vices of civilization. In some countries, destitu'c populations arc deprived even of salt witn their soauty vegetable food, to supply a small minority with the means of wasteful extravagance, while in others, the mass are living and toiling meraly to create produets for capitaland commerce to sneca'ate upon. What are the political lradcrs'of the world, the Tress, the great and intluencial doing to remedy this horrid t-tate of things 1 Nothing, absolntely nothing. Personal ambition, selfaggrandisement, party intrigues, vain ontroversies, and sectional interests alone occu py andabcoro tncir mweniion. In Ireland, O'Coanell and hi* party want a national'parliament, which they heliere will be a reined} for the miseries which oppre** their wretched country. In England they have a national parliament, and what does it do for its starving operatives 1 In England one powerful party whh?s to reform the corn laws, is the most important amelioration that it knows how to propose : in the United States we In ve no corn laws, but other political chimera?, f qually vain, occupy our state-men. In France, the Democratic party is striving to establish universal suffrage, which it believes will be a remedy for social evil*. Here we have universal suffrage, and it is found but a trifling remedy In this country the democratic party is laboring to bring back a specie currency ; in France they hare a specie currency, and what does it do for the twenty two millions of poor creatnre* who have but six cents a day each Thus the p litic an* and statesmen of the most advanced civilized countries, are striving blindly and confusedly to carry out trifling plans of re form, the folly aud uselessnes* of which are proved practically by some other ecaatry, but w hich they do not see. Tired and disgusted with the ignorance of poli ticians, with their controversies and their intrigues ; and indignant at the miseries which oppress the human race,w e, the advocates of Association in different couatries, come forward and advocate a aocial reform Our evils are soc al, we declare, not political; and a social reform only can eradicate them. This tiuth is beginning to be felt?a great many persons are tired of, and disgusted with, political controversies ar.d party intrigues, and are prepared and looking f r new and deeper r? forms We are well aware of the great difficulties attendant npon general reforms; we do not aim, consequently, at any change at once in a whole state or country; we wish merely to make a practical trial of our principles on a small sea'o? we wish to establish me Association, aadif it prove* our prin- ! ciples to be true snd good in practice, they will spread rapidly fr-m their own inherent superiority. We know also, that to effect any great and practical ameliorations, wc must go to the founda IERA 1842. Iiob of society, and opera c up,in the stem of industry or labor, ol commerce, i ducat ion, and the household t rganization If we operate upon the government or administration, we shall produce, ai the experience of the la-ttweny fire centuries k..r..u. i a,. id proved also beyond denial by the history of our own country We have had over half a century of political controversies, party intrigues, and admin istrativc changes; various parties? irderiil and democratic?have had the ascendency ; different policies?Uamiltonian and JetK rsonian?have been carried out, and after all, what ha.s been done 1 But two extensions have been given to the great principles of democracy, which are, universal ret frage and abolishment of impiisonment fur debt, wlule the conditiou of the people has not been improved or their happiness increased. On the contrary, poverty and pauperism, the unesrtainty of employment, the intensity nnd relentlessness of free competition, 'he anxiety for the fntnre, the p iwer of capital over labor, revulsions in trade and industry, commercial and financial frauds, 6tc , have increased and with fearful rapidity. Among the social disorders which eur false system of society has strengthened or late ly engen dered, we may enumerate the following :?prostitution of the representative system to party and other purposes ; extravagant and wasteful State loans; encroachment of capital and commerce on the political power ; fluctuations in commerce and industry; (downfall of fortunes : financial schemes and frauds; mania of speculation ; artificial currency, controlled by individuals and corporation*; sudden expansions and contractions in the same; commercial excesses and overtrading ; increase o| intermediate piofits in all operations, and of intermediate and scheming non producers, who live upon the producing classes ; servile obedience te public opinion and prejudices to gain popularity: increase of the mob-spirit in the large cities, and of the recklessness and desperation of political advenlu.-ers. But leaving all these political and social degenerations aside, and descending into the sphere of daily life, let us ask whether all our political reforms, controversies and wrangling, can give food to the hungry 1 shelter to the houseless 1 clothes to the uucladl fire to the coldt labor to the unemployed 1 education to the ignorantl Can they re^ lieve the toil worn mass of their repugnant drndgcry, and the harrassing carta which are wearing them out, body and soul ! Can they check the tricks and injustice ot the law. and the frauds. monopolies and extortioni of commerce 1 Can they do away with ' vice, crime and drunkenness, and the cause* of deipair which plunge men into them? Can they in ihort dry up" one te0r of moral woe, one sigh of disappointment and despair? No, they can denothing of the kind. Now if political, administrative and all the other secondary reforms, which are advocated by various parties, cannot go to the foundation of social evils, and do anything for the real and practical welfare of the people, does not the highest wisdom as well as the plainest common sense, advise that we should abandon measures and remedies, which practical expeiience has proved over and ' over again to be abortive? We answer?Yes. Acting upon this conviction, we advocate a social reform?that is, a reform in industry, commerce, education, and the present household system. We wish to change what is false in society, but we respect all th se element* or parts ot the social order, which are good and true in themselves; such a* religious worship, individual propert v, the luirru-c bond and family union, and we * 'tall maintain and derelope them nobly. The reiotm which we advocate is constructive, not destructive; we do not wish to b ar down, but to build up; we do not wish to take from the rich to give to the poor, and change merely the victims of poverty and misery, but we wishtoine ease production or real wealth so vastly, that an abundance can be secured te all. In short, we wish that all may be elevated, and none down-trodden. In another article 1 will explain the practical organization of As*ociation,and the means of effecting the referm for w hich we are laboring. A. B. Awi cl Aisn DKUBEiitTa. Muhdeb.?One of the most cruel and colu blooded murders which has ever disgraced the records of crime in this City, w.ts ccainitte i about half past nine o'clock this moraing, by a man named Christian Kurk, a journeyman tailor, w iihu of dissipated habits, upon the person nf his wife.whoi* represented to have been a>.n amiable bud industrious woman. The dreadfat deed was done with an^ axe. The body of the unfortunate woman was* horribly mangled by ghastly wounds on her head, neck, and other part* of htrbody, and she died in a few minutes There appeared to be no cause of provocation for the deed, save a shadow ef jealousy, as unfounded and baseless as a dream It was evidently a cool, premeditated murder. He declared he had done it, and expected to be pnnished for it.?Albany Journal, April 25. Escape of ai? IifcEwm.iav?Bap SpeccLatio* ix Justice.?We recently stated that Hicks, one of the men coBfined in jail at Keen, N.H-, charged with ?pftin<r fir* to tk? iail in flharhitnvn. had " dug out" and escaped- He wss re taken in a barn in Arlington, Yt., on Thursday night last, and con* eyed to Landsgrove, where he was met by two men from Charlestown, who were in pursuit, and who purchased tha prisoner of hia captors for one hundred and fifty dollars?two hundred dollar.* being tha reward offered for bis apprehension. As the purchasers had paid a pretty round sum for the rascal, they were determined that he should not slip through their fingers, and accordingly concluded to strengthen the watch by getting up themselves Abaut two o'clock in the morning, all fell asleep, and the prisoner gathered himself up, made his way through men and dogs to the door with as little noise as possible, opened it, and ca ting an anxious look behind to see whether he had disturbed their repose, seined an axe, cut his .-hackles from his legs and cleared. The chaps what fingerid the cash marched off singing "a bird in the hsnd is worth two in the bash?Ronton Mail, Apiti'lfiMatrimony anb Muhdir ?We copy the following from the La Grange (Tenn.) Gatherer:? " VVe are pained to learn that on Thursday evening last, a most horrible transaction took place in this county, nine or ten miles from this place, which resulted in the death of David Jamegan, and the wounding of several other persons The general facts we will state as we heard them. It appears that a Mr. Morgan had arranged a matrimonial elopement with a daughter of the deceased, which, with the aid of friends,-was aacomplished on Tbnrsday; the parties having repaired to a house in the neighborhood where the marriage ceremony wis legally performed. Ut on learniag ka af #Ka alnnombnt. .Vurnpo-kn hprumo vmrv indignant, anddetermincd to go in pursuit. Taking a lew friends, he soon reached the ho me where the marriage party was assembled. We learn that be forced the door, and entered, when an attack commenced, in which the deceased receirrd several wounds, which produced his death early yesterday morning. Jotae others were wounded; among them J. F. Simmons, who we understand is seriously, if not dangerou-lj* injured? With the deceased we were well acquainted. He was a vealtby planter, and possessed many fine points of character. His untimely end is much regretted l>y bis numerous friends." Emigration.?The number of emigrants who have left this city for the Northern part of Illinois, and Iowa Territory, by the way of Saint Louis as we are informed by officers of the boats, has been unusually large this season Boat* le^ve our landing almost (Lily, crowded with substantial emi grants from the back country, with their live atoek and farming apparatus, hint upon seeking their fortdnes in the distant wilderm ss. The principal nnmher seem to pitch upon the territory of Iowa, as their place of "settlement."? Cinnnna/ti Gazelle, Apt U141 _________ Twa Erracssas ?Yesterday, at noon, Jacob'a express brought us Montreal Papers of Saturday morning By Pomsi oy Co. s Express, Buffalo papers ofSatarday. By due course of steamboat ana railroad mail, Washington papers and letters nl SHinroiy nigni DJ ininurn r.\|>rr??, i>osu>n C '.pcr* of yesterday morning Thus, within IKi ours, Cmada and P.uflalo north and west, and Washington at the touth, reached thin central point.?Al'jany Ar%u?t April'Xi. Fitii no i all alivc !?We learn from Warehain, Mm , that the almost incredible number ' three hundred and twenty thousand herrings wr taken from the Agawam river at thit place I: Saturday afternoon. These ii?h, it ia well know aseend the stream at this season of the year in mense shoals, and are easily taken by the fix men with what are called "" scoop nets." Whit ca* tub Mattsir Be 1?The Cin Gazette says that the Supreme Court in th granted fou teen divorces in a single day several other cases bills were dismissed; r bar were continued, and yet a number ren the docket for hearing." In eleven ofthe f eases wives sought relief by the di\o;c; Shame on tke cruel husbands. . J ld! PrlH Wwo c*ati -t Kium VVusliliigiun. [CorrtspoadrDC* of Hit Herald. 1 Congressional Sketches. I lor art Errrrtt?Dixon H T.tiei??Thomat H Binton?J. J Mr Ka y?George iV. Brigg??Edmund Dt'jti i y ? Jamtt Bnchanan. Hohace Kvehett, of Vermont, (Whig,) i? now, since the decease of Lewis William*, one of the fathers of the House. Mr- Lewis is of the same date of continuous service ; but as he is the younger man ot the two, Mr. Everett may be styled the father of the Houee?a title given of late years, to the sitting member, who has been locgest in, without intermission. Mr. Everett entered Congress in 1820, and has been for the last twelve years one of the assiduous business men of the House. He was for some years on the Committee of Indian Affairs, but now an astute member on the Committee of Foreign Affairs He is of the middling height, about fifty years of age, retiring in manner, and has the confidence of his constituents, lie is also chair* man of the Select Committee on the Apportionment. Dixo.i II Lewi*, of Alabama, (Democrat,) the oumtiiiju.i ui y 01 i?ir. r-vcrcii, is ine largest man in House of Representatives,weighs427 lbs , where he has been since he first took his seat in 1858), an exemplary and useful member- He has considerable talent, speaks well, and formerly as chairman of the Committee of the Whole, gave great satisfaction ; the exertion being too much for him, he has d-clined taking the chair of late. He wanted but a few votes of being elected Speaker ef the TwentySix.h Congress. He is about forty years of age ; of extreme good nature and quite popular. The late Warren It. Davis and Mr. Lewis were very intimate friends, and always lodged together. In allusion to Mr. Lewis' enormous size, a story is told? that Davis and him were one evening walking together in Capitol Square, and meeting Mr. Adams,, the latter enquired, if they had much of a tr.e;a where they lodged over the way. Mr- Davie, (with a graceful motion towards Mr- Lewis,) replied, that it was very large, and (bowing to Mr. A.,) quite respectable. , Thomas Hart Bextot, of Missouri, (democrat,) has been a member of the Senate since 1821, and is the oldest in service in that body after Mr King ? He is characterised as the most indefatigable and persevering of men in any matter he undertakes. " Solitary and alone, tie., I put this bull in 1001100," was the opening of his speech on the famous expunging resolution, which, after a struggle of several sessions he finally earned] through. In debate he ia forcible and*clear, (always armed with statistics and dates,) but stormy and overbearing, and when in a passion becomes furious. In figure, he is pertly and rebu3t, and when wrrpped in his Spanish cloak, he steps off with the air c-f a tribune of old- In the domestic circle, he is kind and affectionate, and educates his own children until after a certain age. He was, for many years, chairman cf t ie Committee on Military Affairs, and a prominent leader of the Jackson and Van Buren administrations, and is now one of the prospective candidate* for the Presidency. He is not much over fifty, and is willing to abide his time. He has great influence with the file of the democratic party, but not popular with the politicians ; and is ultra in bis notions. He has always been an uncompromising opponent to the Bank of the United States. The title of Colonel ia prefixed to his name. James J McKav, of North Carolina, (democrat,) the senior member of that delegation, has been a member of the House, since 1831; be is a very plain man in manner and appearance, but ia constant in his attendance to duty, and watches the appropriation bill with a keen eye. He is a strict parly man, and among the shteweet men on his side of the | House, (after Mr. Grundy) they ueed to say. He na<9 no uuie uiicui bhu ui mr wiur? ui party oriii could carry a large force. He is a member of the Committee on Military Affaire, and a General of Militia. ? George N. Bkiugs, of Massachusetts, (whig) Chairman ol the Committee on Poet Offices and Post Roads, was elected in 1831, and ii one of the mo>t attentive and efficient members of the House, and belongs to the Whittlesey school,*of useful men. He presides a great deal in committee of the whole, and is much respected as well as influential. He is very fair in politics, has the views of a statesman, and it is to be regretted a majority of (he House are not like him. lie is forty-five but not in the militia?the titled members come from the west and the south, and the interior of Pennsylvania. Kdmund Dkberry, of North Carolina, (whig) has been a member ol Congress for the laet ten years. There are some few men in the House of Refffesenuiivt's who are never absent from the House, and coiis'nnt ia their seats, who read every report and bill printed, sod whose tovscan be always counted I on Mr. D^berty is one of this clues Ii woald be difficult to find his name omiited <>u any call ol the ayes and nuys- He is a plain, bom st republican, from the old North S'ate, unausumiui/, f li'hfiii ia | the disch ug<- of his duty, never a.wakc m iheJIoue, but active in coiwn tt? ea?wi'hout *n enemy, of much moral worth, and takes cair . f the interests of his constituents, lie is fifty-lour y-*t* of a^.e. James Buchasas, f Pennsylvania, lit.* been a prominent and distinguished member of the Senate for the last seven years. He came into Congress in 1821, in the lower house, where he remained until 1831, where he was an active and influential member, and considered th>- head manof hia delegat i< n. In 1833 he was appointed minister to Raasia, and on his return in 1835 was elected to the Senate. He was for some time chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations. He ha? moth weight and in. fluencr, and the respect of all political parties. Though a federalist ol the old school, lie naa Deen identified for ike last twelve years with the Jackson and Vau Buren dynasties, and is at this time ranked among (he opposition. He ha* been strict in his party devotion, but never ultra in hie doctrines. Mr. Buchanan ia the other ude of fifty, an aristocratic looking peraooage in figure and address, but with the blandest and most polished manner" In debate he is specious, and fair spoken, and inclined at times to be witty, and successfully so He has much dignity of character. He ia a bachelor, and always wears a white cravat. He is one of the prospective candidal** (of six) for the Presidency. It is not unlikely that he and hia fast friend King, wi>l be run on the same ticket, some of these days. He ia from the Lancaster I>i?trict, where the while toses bloom, " Then will I raise aloft' the milk white rose? And force, per force, I'll make him yield the crown. Whose bookish rule, has pulled fair England down.'' These sketches have purposely not been taken is order, alphabetically, or by stales, of the present Congress ; but principally so far, in respect to time of service. They will he continued for a short time longer, at least until most names familiar (o the public shall be gone through with. Asothf.r Finn in Sr. Louis.?About daylight yesterday morning, a lire broke out in the rear ?.i the store occupied by Mr. R H. Stone, nn Front street, a few doora below Chesnut, which consumed that and three other tenements, South and N'oith? one occupied by Dr. E. Martin as a drug store, and two othera aa clothing stores. The stock of goods own?d by Mr. Stone was about fltl 1,000, of whic i 3)7,000 were insured. The other sufferers were not insured; their loss is not known. The building* were ol wood, and owned by Von Phul <fc McGill and John H. Gay. Thev were of little value. A small stable and cooper's shop, occupied by W. H. ytocker, was also burned. The building adjoining ? hv A W Vanleer. aa art iron stor'', wa'h cormdt-rably initirrd ; it wa* by S. \V. kol)bm?.?St. f-oui* Nnr Era, Jprtl 10. ? V. Nrw C' N. b- \

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