Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 28, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 28, 1842 Page 1
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TH . Tel. Tll.-R*. 401.?Wiaola *. 5)071* ItKW LINK Oh LIVERPOOL PACKETS To Mil frew New York un the 45th, ami Liverpool on the llth o f tad. gwn'li & ml m m, FioTNii* Yoan. h:p R09CIU9, Captain Jolai CoIIiuk. aSth March. (3,if, S1DDON*.Captain E. ?. Cobb, *5th April. UupSHERIOAN, Captain b. A.l)wy?ttr, *th May. Shu (JARfUCK, Captain Win. Muddy, ?th June. l ltuM LlriarueL. Uhif 8HKRIOAN,Captain K. A. Orpey?ier,l?th March. Ship QAHRlCK.Captaiu Win. Skiddy, ISth April. Shir ROSC1US, Captain John Colhna. t?th >t?y. StoE S1DDONS, Captain b" B.Cobb, I Jlh June TTveaeehipe are all of the tirat claeatupwkrila of lOtttoaa,built la the city of New York, with such taiprov entente aa combine Meatatwed with imiiiual coinfoit for paaacngere. Every care Enabeen taken in the arrangement of their accommodatione. The rice ofil'Maatteheuce le bluOtfir which ample atorea will be provided. Theaeehipa are commanded by experienced maatfn, who will make every exertion to give general aatiaiac "pfeitiier the eartaina or ownera oftheae ahipa will be reaponai hie for any letter*, parcel* or package* aeut by them, unleaa re ularbitlaol ladiiiaau-e signed therefor. The ships ol thisTme will hereafter go armed, aid theirpecu ..iwaathctn u?i'iintvnotni,Meaa?i b7 anv nthar UrcoLiirvcuuu ?r * ? but *wf WW. F?rr?i'!htorv^^.p??yct?M t Torfc u WM. tk JAS. BROWN St CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packet* will be charRed IS) cents per single heet; M cente per ouuce. ud newspapers 1 cent each. ret - NKW~VOHh ASU HAVRE 1'ACRETB. " (SKCONU LINK) thie Dne wlT hereafter leave New York on.the * 1 end Havre on the Hth of each month a* follows: ttlaad navreuu .Veio York. fSomMavr?. The new ship ONEIDA, 11* March lilthApnl yne new snip vr a ,lt jM|y j utli Amgust Jame* punch. ( 1st November ( llth December kin BALTIMORE, I 1st April t llth May Cart 11st August J 1 ?th September Edward Funk. f 1*? December t llth January ?s5i*t!CA (1st May f Wth June ^^-nrt J 1st September ) llth October ErerPU l lewitt /let January ( Hfh February Sews'oip hT.NICOLAS.t 1st June fllthJuly ! ?.,? < nt October < llth November J E Veil \ Iwt February { llth March The arcominodati >ns of these ship* are not surpassed, rom all that may b* required for comfort. The price of cabffiiarsaRe is *100, Fasaengtrs will be supplied with every veom?i*r with the exception oT wines and liquor*. ^hjuJa'intended for these vessel, will he lorwarded by the subscribers free from any other than the esnenses actuaLyi n larrvl oa them. For imam <t pa??. aprij "> BOYD* HlNCKEN, Agmta, d I Tontine Building*. FOB NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NF.W YOBK LINK OF PACKETS m. i rn.rn ForthTI better accommodation of shippera, it i* intended to da*palch a ship from thin port on the Int. 5th, 10th. ISth, SOtb U>d 25th of each mouth. cotnmericiui; the With October, and ontiiiMiiu; until May, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delaya and dijap ointment* will be prevented during the auinmer mouth*. Th? follow me ships will commeure tin* arrangement >? hip YAZOO.Capt. Cornell. Ship OOONTCE. (.apt. Jackson Ship MISSISSIPPI,! .ant. HiHiard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEARE, Capt. Miuer Ship OA8TON. Cant Latham. Ship HVNTSVILLE, Capt. Mumf. rd. Ship OCMULUEE, Capt Leavut. Ship NASH^LLE, Capt. Dickinsc n. Ship MEMPHIS, Capt. knight. Ship LOUISA, Cain. Mulford. These ahip* were all built in theeity of New York, *xpre**iy for packet*, are of a light draft ol water, hare recently been Mwijr coppered and put in splendid orcer, with accommodation* for ptacrngera unequalled for comfort. They are commanded jr experienced master*, who will maae every exertion to give general satisfaction. They will at sli time* be towed up and own the Miieieeippihy steamboat* Neither the owuen or captains of theseshipa will be reaponcihleforjewelry,bullion,precious stones.silrer,orplated ware,or for any letters,paroel or package, sent by or put o .board *f them, uuleas regularbills of lading are taken for tn* a am a, and tneral'iv thereon whmiiii! *n>rnukt or usssaee .apply to E. COLLINS k CO.MSooth?t 'or HULl.lN k WOODRUFF, Agent in New Ptleana, who will promptly forward all good* to hia addreaa. The aupaof tliia hue are warranted to aail ounctuaMy aaad| Werticed. and greatcare will b? taken to hare the goodt correct hr meaacred. alO TEAM NAVlO.i^m^^T^EEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK; VIA-S O VTHA Af P Toy. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. Kganr., Uommisdeb The day a of departure ol ihia well-known Steamahip, have een fixed aa followa : From Antwerp. From Southampton, From New Yoik, Oo 4th it ay, 1 DO i On 7 h May, 1815, On 7th June, If 41 *7 ih J Illy, ' 10th July, ' 7th Aug , " 7th Sept. " llith Sept. " 7'h Oct , u Price cf naaaag*. meala not included, to Souhamptra or Att?"'p, $70 ?Stewarl'a feea, The meala will be erred u board, on the plau of a continental hotel, in the beat manner and at fired and moderate pricea Familiea or partiea may contract for the r<,y?<e with the eteward. An experienced Surgeon on board Forfreglil oi railage, or any fur her information, apply to H W T.kH.MALI, Agent/, <;w r* 41 Bearer elreet. isikW tOiiK A.rir NEW Atlk. Para reduced to g) cants. From the foot of Courtlandt itreet. New York1? a ] t.A \ liuveryuaj? Learn New York. Loire Newark Atl A. M. At 1 P.M. At n A. M. At It P.M 11 It < do t to l( do 4| do 14i do do T d? 1* do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot ol Liberty itreet. Leare New York. Lotto Nework. At I A M.and 4t T. M. At 1 P. M. and 10 P.M. *fcW YORK. KUABKTHTOW^^RAHWAY AND Ktre reduced. From the foot of Liberty treet.daQr. Loire New York. Loire New Bnmewick. At A.M. At TJ A. M. 4| P. M. . t I P M. BO \i" H V ILLK. ataxia connect wkn theee lioet etch way. Fare between New York and Somerrille, 60 ceeti. Do do New Brunt wick, 71 centa. Rib way. 60 centa. Elinbethtown, M centa. The fa r in the 7? A. M.lrainfrom New Bnmawieb, and 4| 14. into from New York. hae been reduced between New York and New Bruuiwiek to 60 centa. " and Rail way te ITJ " The Philadelphia maillme patter through NewBmmwick foi New York ercry errnlnK et t o'clock. On Scnnayathe T| A. M. trirfrom New Brtmawick ia omit Paatet jere who procure their ticketi at the ticketoace,r? aire tferrytickctgretie. Tirketmrereceiredbythecondoetei ntr on the day when nurehaerd febll lm* ISTpTTutaN F To wt-.sikiinTikru-hant.s: RELIANCE PORT ABLY. IRON BOAT LINK?For the Tiaueportalion "I ?i ir>.t? between Philadelphia and Pilteburg mamflUwnflB Thie imr rj.vement in tmupt.riaiimi etforce io wretcrii mer (hunt* Mlinr aavamen". i in i?j cmtmn)- |nci' ed i-> ire boats at our warehoaee, No S6S Market street, are Carrie 1 < v?r the Columbia ami Porter Railways without transhipment Careful lap'aios and crews arc employed, who take m arise of the pond- at P'nlidel>bit, and conlluue with the- the entire route, thus avoiding diLys aud the liability oi lotJ being reparated m tne way S B ? 'asieiiiere forwarded to |T*it le*>u?Kh and Po tirille errry day, ttatidays ercrpted, H. STORK, Apent, |i||n' m 7 Waehinctnii street. RAILROAD MlTirU. MARKET AND KHL1UHT LINE. BRUNSIHCK AND NEIV YORK. THi NEWJIHSs.Y Rai'road and Traneportation t ompant bate established a freight Line between New Rruuewck and New York, which they intend to run prima oertly Le'tme New Brunswick at S AM. daily, (Sundays ex eepted) and the foot of Liberty street. New York, as I r.M. To country dealers and merchants the above line levery de 3'[able for the speedy and rheap conveyance ef merchandise every description, and more particularly to Drovers and raleev in Live Stock.who can have ISO head of cattle con eeyet be'ween New Brunswick aud New 1 ork, the same day whenever renoired. The rat re for the transportation of cattle, hemes, mule* sheep. h t'S. nr..and all otner kindi of merchaWlsM are vert low oeeii eaceediug tea'i.hoatprieea. Mercbandiae eentby_thi* line n uot aubjected to any aitri rhirz' tii rroaainf the N .rtti River. TU< impox' h?T? ?**'?' "l> * l*nt? atorehouoe at Naw Brine" ''? adjoining In* Rmlroa.l De^it, *h?h will alwayi k|?)fg (or the reception ol merchandiae. ffiaeencere. purehiwing th?ir ticket* at the tieket old ore willreeei" ferry Uckefa gratia. mlt Jm' #HKHi.HT *i?l> f*A?SAOK "W PITTS' IDRO, The pr .nrietnra of Blnghatn'a Traniporlatien Liae to Pitta kurg. ei"' notice to the M< rt ha.ilt of New York, end all other parrot? a tpj in* to the Wee', thai their liae ta una la attire K ration liomla conaitnrd 10 them (or aent to go in than .) will be forwarded wilhdeapatrh. Owiwre or ahipoera af *oo<ta, dealioed for the Weetera Btatea, who I are do agent or eonrigww at Pittaburg, will pleaae roreicn their j? <!a to Wnlum Birgham, Pitteburg, who wii- attend to aliippmg all auch conaigaananla without ileUr AM fooda atioold he marked diatinctly on eaen package BINCiH.vil'B I.INK. For nte# of freight, which are aa low u any other line. Apply *" *M. TYtt >.N, Agent, No ft Wrat atrret. onpoaita Pie* No. a, N. R. ,V B,?Prarengere forwarded to ritlaburg and Pot!a?ille, rear? d?r. Htatonya eecepied. Refer to H, Crooke, American Fnr Co.; S. T. Nieoll, Rroot ?tr?-t; %?lp". ItoHje v to, Knlton afreet; Siiydam. Mar'A< ?.: Wm. Rankin. Iiurpee h Co . Newark" ml 1m T. tOWKI.I. kCtl 'RI INe ^POR VEWBIIHGH. Undine at CALL) 14?-^EST AVD core HPRIN(*-Tha ateambpat HIGHLANDER RrU-n Wardror. will leave the foot cf Warren itreet *e-? Tert.iwry Monday. Tier winy and Saturday afternoonl at ? o'dotk. Retnrnmg.tlie High.anuer will >*.* .vewburgh "try Monday morning at ? o'clock, anu Xueedar and Friday e manual loVlock. 'j*/ *!1?* "J I*"age.apply to the Captain an board. .N. B. A. baggage and freight of every derrrirtion. bank a oraperw. mt on board thie hoat, mint tie at tha nek of the * ?an thereof ,?aleii a bill of lading orrecaep til aignad lot Mti & IN Sh NE' OPPOSITION LIVE FOR ALBANY KAHK KKDUCEO fl...,W.-niFAHK F1FTV i ENTS-BKRriin secU. Light Freight tak'n it ( rrnts it Foot. * The comn odious Steamboat WASHI \OTON, Captain J M. Browa.will leave the steamboat pier foot of Watren street,thia (Thursday) afie-uoon, SBi li 8 o'closk Regular dayi of leaving New York-l ue?da\, Thu sday, and Saturday. Leaving Albany on Monday, Wednesday, aud F rnlay,at 5 o'clock. I* M, lauding each way at ihe foot of Hatnmond street, New burgh, I'oughkerptie, Cataltill and Hudaon. All kinds of piopsrty taken only at the riak of the ownera thereof. For freight or passige apply to the Captain on board or of ti. RANDOLPH MARTIN, _aft Im"r _ 182 Weal afreet. " . ETATTCNIBLANI) IfKRRk. ^gQgl^gjs Foot of Whitehall afreet. The atramer STATKN ISLANDER, Capt. BrAted. or SAMSON, Captain l)u*al, will run at folio we until further notice bcarta Staten laland Leasee Whitehall At ( o'clock a.M. At ( o'clock A.m. "It " " "11 " " t ' r.M "a M P.M. " a? ; " " h ;; .. 4% .. .. .. jj " N. B. All Roods ahipped are required to be particul ly Barked and are at the risk of the ownera thereof. of "aUHt- PAhSA.iF. k t)K MVEHPOOL?Patkit of |>he 28th Auril?'Ite splindld last sailing packet skip SEJ?fieC?OSTIU3,''api McKec.zie. will tail positively as above, her regular day, having the whole of hrr caryo oo board, and can )et accommodate a few mire cabin, second plication be made '>n board foot of Dover .trert, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTV, 43 Peck .lip, ?2T corner South .treatr'OH M \KSEil-LES? Regular Picket.?The wfjWV bark ISVELLACapt. Bearse, will .ail on the tfal&l.t of May. The subscriber. purpose dispatching a Ship punctnally on the lit day of each month diring the year lor Mar.nllei. (food, lent t* the su '.criber.l'or frwaidiug mil bediepatched free of a y other than the charges actually incurred upion them. The Ship, hare very comlortaole cabin accommodation.. Kor freight or passage, applr to BOYD k HIVCKEN. Agent., .21 c 9 Tontine Helloing. JTdu?- KOR LI V EHI'i It >L,?Regular I'aiket ol the First May.?1The sitj erior last . tiling .hip ECHO,Rich JWr-anKmard Sid, m-aier, having m at of her cargo engaged and going no hoard, will sail a. abate hi r regular diy. Kor freight or paa.age, li.viug .uperior accommodaliou., apply nI,OVER & MeMURRAT, 100 Pine, coruer of South, or to P, S.?Terion. wi.hirg lose d for their friend, residing in trie ol I count' y can hive ti-em brought out by the above snip or any ol I lie regular a. ply jog -a. above. i26r KOR MEW ORLEANS?Loui.iana ami New -ftV-jfV Vork Line?Regular packet of lit May?The fast iQSi&feo.ailiug park el .hip HUN TSVILLE, Captain Mumford, will po.itively .ail a. above, htr regular day. Kor freight or passage,having ipleudid furnished accommodation.,apply onboard, at Orle<n< whatf, foot of Wall it. or to K. K. COLLINS k CO. 6? South.t. Great care will be taken to have the good, by thi. line cor rectly measured. Agents in New Orleans, Uullin k Woodruff, who will promptly forward all good, to their address The packet ship OCMULOEK, Captain Peet,will succeed the Huot.villr, and aail the lOih May.her regular day a26 "GYMNASIUM. PISTOL GALLERY. MKH8R9 HUDSON k OTJIONON respectfully it form the gentlemen of New York, tint they liavefittse up a GYMNASIUM at the corner si Chamber* itreet an* Broadway, and it ia now open for the reception of visitors. Tiae institution it of the firat etrJer, and complete in erery reaped for the purpose of Athletic Exercises. Sparring Lessons giren daily. Terms moderate. Open day and evening. al ln>* BOOK-KEEPING. tyHE Cminting rooms of C. C. MAR9H, 83 Cedar stre*t, j- continue opeu Ma 9 A. M. to 9 t. M. ill order that merchants and others tniy avail thrtmelvea of a course of instruction thit it truly practical; one that e nbraees a complete routine of eumanercial transactions and mercantile calculations ??nd u wh'ch the etn 'ent actually keeps a set of books in a counting house. To those who are acquainted with the advertiser's reputation, he deeirua to say, that his principal work on book keeping has passed into tenteditionet that it receives the preference in the N tw York Public Schools, and other large institutions: aud th*? he himself has the honor of being re-a;e pointeo teacher of book-keeping for the "Mercantile Library Association" of this city Prospectuses, with terms, may be had at the counting roam* a. above. a93 im't is J. P. CARROLL'S old established medicated VAPOUR BATHS ARE well known to be essentially neceis.ry at this seaaon of the year, when the system requires an auxiliary to throw off the caticle accumulated during winter, and which, by remainingou the surface of the ekttt, produces cutaneous diseases, e.olils, rheuma'isnt,acsrlet fever, kc ke. 1 hey are in ojeiatiin, at 96 Courtlsiodt street, from 8 o'clock iu the morning till 9 o'clock at nicht. Shi, her B sths require one hour's notice. Portable Vapour Baths SO it let auv pert ol the city, or Brooklyn. Bathing 1 ubs aud Hip Baths for hire. *93 lw is r great bargains in CARPETS. T?AM1L1E9 anil Merchants about purchasing Carpeting will " find it an object to call and examine the very extensive and beautiful assortment how ooenioe by us, at the cash Carpet Slnp? 4JO 1'tarl (liir afArb lias oslsolsrl twflh rrr?>'tf care, and beirg bought for cash thii Spring, we are enabled to < HVr them to uie i ub ic at such prices as will mil lbs tinea, among tnem may be foundSuperior hnglmh Brussels, 3 ply. Ingrain and V-netian Carpeting, Tutted Wilton and Bruuela Huge, Tr-uiiparentiea. Table md 1'iauo Covers. Oil Clotba Irom 3 ta 3t leet wide and all oilier arti'lea adapted to ihe trade. The public can he convinced of the fact by calling ou J H. LOUNSBKKY it Co, a34 l wis'c -- W fwH street. PLe-AnA.vT K,X( CHilO.N ?A (Mil across the IIn iron tc Hobokea,and a ctroil along Hs romantic ilioree, cannot o yield much satiaf-ction to the admirera of th beautiei ot nature, and to those who may require, alter being pent up lor Ihe winter iu a crowrttd t ity, freah air and some relaxation. The evlet aive grounds of tliia love y spot. so II berallv thrown open to de public, are now decktd in all the luxuriant Irethurse of all early rpring. Thia beyond doubt ic tbe moet agreeable excursion that can be made at thu season. a!3 lm r PAl.Vlu'S .-4 A L.OUN, No 41 Chamber stre-t, near Broad way?FKRUINAM) PaLMO respectfully informs his friendi and the punlie thai h? hit fitted up a aaloon, which, for splendor and magnificence, is lusurpassed by anything ol the kind iuthis or anv other country. It is drroraled in tne most gorgeous sty'e of Kastern grandeur Mirrors sr.d printing* adorn its walls and ceilingr; a neat li tie strge and orchestra is erected at one end of the mom, from whien conceits will bs nightly given free; sofss aud lounges are there for the weary. FiT is awate that there m ir b< some who will thiols this description exagg-rated. but te such he can only say. "Call, see, ' audiudg-frr yourxelf." lirfreshmeuta of ever* kiud. Icclud II g rtvufecti'ma, icta. ere- ina. liqueurs. kc will be served to visitors. Ladi'softhe ughrst respectability may visit thla stlo.mwi h perfect sa let?, as order and decorum will be en ured by the attendance of en effective police. *94 I w* WEBB'SlMl 'I'VeD BUttNtlU vt seventy tiverpcr cent lets thin heretofore. The subsctiber hit now on hand a general a-,aorlm nto' the improved hurnera, which he | now offers at iheabo e reduc-d prices. A liberal discount allowed all dialer'. Bee quality of Cnmphine at SO cent* per gallon. Camphorated (sua 7 < cents. Call and examine lor vour?e]vte at No. 114 Grand alreel one door from Broadway. ' JAME8 HIND*. \\ p,?Ml kindaof I mpi altered, bronzed.gdt and repaired at lh? ahorteat n-ite on r- a -nnable teni a. *17 Im in tYOOKI ON HERALDRY? r. BK0WN,Htooc. SeslKnD graier haa removed to 16t B 'oadwar, op|osite the Pare ? Oats of Araae. Create ciph it, emblematical aubjects, Stc , engraved on atone, la ie?' *eala, |*neil cases, signet nuts, kc engraved with coals, on arma, msttoei or any other device. Btunea c it for ru ga, aealj kc. for warded in a letter with eoa's of arma. Coat* of arm* found and painlrd fo- stained glass w indows , or carriages aud forwarJtJ to auy- part of the United Htatea, price twodol'ar* and upw arda. Bi olta of Heraldry keptwuh up war da 100 0(0 name ? a!7 3t*r JACOB'S EXPRESS, FOR MONTREAL? VIA - w HITF.HaLL, BUHLINOTON, k INTERMEDIATE PLACES, IV C MVKCTlOn WITH HARND?N k UU.'a KXPKKBS TO ALBANY. MR JACOBS hwiig completed hia arrangementa ii now prepared to teci ive aid forward with the utmi at speed, regularity anilsafiy, parrel a. package! of goods, specie, bank notea. and all kind* of freight (or the a hove placet. He will leave Alhanv rvrry Wedneaday morning on the ar rival ol llarnden kCo.'a Express from New Vork, and leave Montreal on It return every falurlay?thus any parcels, freight or ordera left at Messrs. HaruOen k Co'a office, 3 Wall atreet, a' or before I o'clock, P. M. cn Tuesday, will be delivered in Montreal on Friday, A. M. Tart cular attention p lid to collecting and nrgati ting notea, drafts, bills, orders kr fcr. Alan, any business entrusted to htacare will meet with prompt attention Offirei at Harden St Co t 3 Wall atreet, New York, i do do 11 Evrhange. Albany. I do do US Hirer atreet, Troy. do Montreal, Exchange Coffee House. , do Eumligion, Yt., J. k J. H. Peck, Agenti. *17 I w _ CAl I ION rn I HE CI M I.I' ok to WHOK.Vk k IT MAY CO.NCEkV?3a I had to defray my expense* to Flsrida, and receive I no aalary until I rep rted duty thcrs, 1 On ihe 99ih of January, 1841, I put three ilralts in the hauds of Mr Jamea I'rrn'i-a ol N >. 11 Wall atreet, NewYork,to ' negolia'e lor me to nut am money for that purpose. Ihe ' drafts were drawn up n the Secretary of the Nary for my snlu-y it advance, " *a . gent for the preservation of limbtr I ' in East Flondc," for thrfi at.trcond aud third quarter*, p-tyable to James Prentiss ororder, some day after they should be come due. 1 now caution Ihr public against negotiating f sr those drafts, in anv ah?|>e nr limn ?i 'hire n*t received the ralne t rvreof, and I berthv protest eg.,mat the payment of the tame, as I notified Mr Plenties rn the lat rf April, that the payment of them had bxn stopped with the Secretary of thr Navy; I revoked my teller r finstiurtiousto him concerning th se drafts, which he acknowltdg-a by letter to m-. of thr td April, 1841 ttS 3i*r H. L. THISTLE. T~fcCTlTftE8 on tte r ecoLd Advrnt, or rodo. the Wo iJ ' -Ej in 1843. WlLclAM MILLER ih- celr hrated Lecturer on Iheproplieriea, univ Ir, luring .it t le Apvllo Roo i s,( 110 Broadway ) every events. at 7| lick a 17 It* r DR B')SAi K h-a r. lu-iiei t.i ilie- my mid rearm Ire '' practicstf his Protei.iin n. , , Reaidenee N . lot Fran klin afreet. Office hcur* from 3| to 10 o'clock, A. M .and 4 to 5 o'clock. ' , a 17 iw* r WA six or tight oared Club Boat. Any c u'l "J!"r "2 nnf wti'fin,l a torehaser. if their t-ra a lire?! ?lVy>?! by letter In No. 75 Courtlaodt * ri.u. i. v v v * " 1" ' V %Yl 3t* r \\TAM ED.-A f t . (ma aa ( imk or Uenerat Roi*e *nrk, A Si ' ?,' ^JffS^UrSSjSSK fit. . piiie at No. tti Brnailerajr aisst'c HVDRAU1.K TKKX- tor ??'?. ei q ire of JOHN hARRIf*. WaloraTeat near ?9T4fr ___________ I>nrk rtrrrt. Brooklyn. 'lM) K-vviiiih - OtnNfj TO fct/RSPE?'A |A 1 vrhn hu li?nl fnrmain- reare it thr ??m- family u f?iT>'? I maiil, and tn tike rare nf c'uldieo,it amintie to *t(a(r in i rithtrt?pa-|tr,aS?hai the h-it of rec mn.tudaliooa ami will r be ??ti?fird Willi mild' rat' ?a*r?. Addreaa J. W., at the cfli-e of thif paper. aM R* t W YO wr VHTJTT TUTTRftnAV R ? JL V/liJV j A 11 V Xi * *' FISK'S COMBINED SUMMER BAKER & COOK STOVE, FOR COAL OR WOOD. AATWODD, Palrntee? Pricea Irom l(,80 to $14?Th* tleu* furnace and frout of thia ito?e are made of caaliron and ha*? large Bl? ntfu attached t > it, which will do nearly treble the cook in* of the largest ni-d 01 dinary Cook Store*. The orifice of the furnree will admit a boilir mi asuriue (it tall*, or fif'een gallou* and by the me of the division plate, ottle* *iiliable lor boiling fonr ditfereul dishes; ia addition to all this, two fowls or a l uge piece uf inrnt may b? roaa'ed in front, ainl all done with lew than rent* per day, for proof of which we refer to thoae who hare uaed Ih'm. FISX'3 Store knuab'uliinent. Hi 9 Water atreet. Rrml the following eertittcatea, in addition to which orer two hundred may be aren b? calling at the alore, fclSK'S Stoic Fetabliahmcn'. UCt Water street. Nkw Ynna. 54 Fourth street, (th April.'841 Miasm Fiak, los Water atreet?Among the variety of tovea which hare come to my notice, tt-e one I oiirchared Irom you merit* a decided prefer, lice. I lure ured it during II the seasons, and w mid moat cheerfully recommend it to the public a. in mr opinion tuicept'bl* ofui improvement for simplicity or economy. and worthy of more praiae than can be appreciated without a trial of it 1 am, with reaped, yoiie? Sc. A PKKKINS. Paator of the Bcreau (Oapiiat)Church. Mr. Fiak, f 09 Water atreet?'I he Summer Stove which I DO on*, without trial, *oulrt believe Ibe ft?n"U?;t of cooking tint miy be <loi?e by it, or it?? economy SuAoe it to any. that with occasionally hu estr* fire, we h tvecookrd for from35 to 35 poraotif,with enough lenaio-1 to save more than the price of the atove. MRS. BUKL, S3 Falton street. ^March 95,1843. jil5jirr_ CHEAP HARDWARE" STORE. THE 8ub?crib?r i? now npeniug hi* Spring sui p'y of 1 HARDWARE & CUTLKHfi . received prrUte arrivals, from Birmingham and Sheffield. 1 ogelher with a general a* ortmrut of Domestic Good*, whirl) he ii prepared 10 offer at the very LOWEST CASH PRICES. The attention ef Country Merchant*, Buildera, Cabinet Makers, Ac., la solicited to an examination of has stock and price* a! Ii? ia confident they will find it lo !h?ir inteeit to favorhim with a rail. ALFRED F. LAGRAVE. tlO Greenwich corner Ban-lay. New York. A regular supply ef FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Coopers Glue. Alao?a complete assortim nt ol'Mechanic! Tool!. Jamea Screw!. Ihc. mil 9 m* THE SHIELDED VlCTORIA SHAWL & DIAPER PIN. ANEVV ami important article toruse in the nurvery. and ax a fa*trhing to ladies shawls, cloak*, Ac patented in the United States and in Europe, for ?ale wholesale by W. H. CARY St CO. 166''earl at ,\? w Y"rk, anil by the patentee,at the manufactory. H8 Jav at Brooklyn. Thread and needle itorei, and dealer! in fancy article!, supplied on liberal term!. _ alg lm?t GEORGE E L M E N D() RF, LATE OK THE FIRM OF ELME.NDORF A LORD, Has remrvrdfrcim the Aitor Houa- to the eatabllehmeut of J.G Wj man, Merc) ant Tailor.'131 Broadway, where he wi>l be happy to wait on hia old friends and patiunj. agl Im'r FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. AMONG the many and Tarjoua Cosmetics that are offered to the public fur b-au'ifyiug the complexion, sad removing -very eruption from the tace. none can be ao confidently rrcoramendid ns Church's Vegetable Loti.n It imparts a delicateam o hnesa to the, and effectually removes pimples, blotches, tan, freckles. ring worms, anil all o Jier cutaneous e: uptioun anil ditc< torsions < Piic.T cents per bottle?sold at Chu*ch's Diipeniaey, 186 Bowery, corner of Vprinestreet. Agents? E. W. Bull, H.rtford; C. A N. W. fiimmo !, Pine, Corner of Fourth street, Philadelphia; Charles Steane. roughkeepsie. m29 Ira* STRAW GOODS. T BENNETT importer and tnanufxeur r of Italian and * English Straw G. ods. reiperifnlly infoimx hi* cuato tomers thai he has removed his establishment from 99 William and 26 Piatt'n 39 h hn street, where he continues to keep a splendid and extensive a??ortmi nt of ladies fashionable Straw Goo s, French and English Dunstable*. Dalian Rutland!, fine Tusears. Faucy bhcl'works, Tri ice Albert Straw*. Ac. fee. Also.'an entirely new article, the White siberiau flair Bonnet for thesummer itsurpaese* all the styles a* yet introduced being extremely light,beautiful, white aud dur-ble. ag< lm'm a DDHDT T?l\ff fL r XVY/D JLiIi.iY? AND the way to aolve it. Why do the imiutori of my Tablet Razor Strop allow me to carry off the pi mium medal end diploma, from the American loatitute. year after ye r, without even lubnti tioft their own for tria. ? O ye of tender china and tough beard*, anewerthe above by bringing a doll p ir of Razor*, and teat for youraelrce he truth* of the certificate* ef the moit ariemitic gentlemen in the country, viz: Profeeaor Griacom, Dr. Mo't, Gen. J TeHmadge and otlmr*. G S AUNUEKS.eoie inrentor and manufacturer of the metallic Tablet Kazor Strop, with lour aide*, 113 Broadway. mM lm* JUST RECEIVED. AKICH and Tirkd a?-ortin?*nt of swarf*, l r*T*t?, Silk*, lair. en and Kid G oye*,Snapeuder*. Lintnaud >1u?- I liu Shirt*. Pocket H*tiitk>rchief<i, feic. Sir. Thii la the ouly eet.hliahmcnt Id thia city where the aubacriber'a celebrated el a* lie a lock* can be obtained. PAhSELLS, Ag'Ul Tor J. AGATE. itB lm*c tl l B roadw * v, bet wren Paik Plaoe Ik Murray at CARPETING, &C. CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. TONES Si MARCY, 101 Bowery, New York, are now rew ceivinz their apnug atinply of Carpeting, Oil Cloth*. Window Shadea.Dutggeia, H.-rth Ruga, Door Mate, J able and Piano Coyera.Suir Rod*, lie Ike. Among their good, are many new and rich pallerua of English and Ameiican minufacture, which canuot be exceeded for beauty, quality and ehrauueae iu the city. Ptraou* about furr.iahing tlieirhouaea are iurited to gire u* a call. I.K.JONES, at lm* L. MARCY. THE ANTI-ANGULAR SYb'TEaf OK WRITING.? A To ihe Rtaidepta of New York and Reocklyn?Rem ival of Mr. Biiatow'a Writing Acad- m\ to No. 235 Bioadway.near Park Place, and great reiiue'ion of hi* Term* ! FRO\l 12 TO FIVE DOLLARS!!" Mr. BRISTOW, in rnpi fully offering hie eervice* to the public, for Ihi* ?ea on. tm-il* that the very low term-, is, ( hue placing thia ueefnl art witniu ihe mean* of all) will induce every one andofeTeiy age, to acquire an eligint and ejdendid haud wri lingIt* Twrr.ri East ! The Laditameet daily trom |g to 1 ; they are taught a neat, rapid aud delicate h iad. azreeahle to the faahion of the day.? Alii, single entry Honk Krepine taught. I he tieutbmen are taught, with inra1ihle crrtainty, to write with despatch na maitrrly manner, suitable for keeping a let of Do iks or for Yerran'ile correspondence. Evening Class?a Trom 7 to 9. N. B. Merchants and s'rangers Tilting the city en complete a coiree in three daye ! a'JI Im'r K. BEf.kKR. TaiLuK from I'AKllT 144 Fulton itreet. (up stairs) respectfully inform! the public of New York, that lie ii -r jn it ar'i< ed from Paris. bringing a splendd assort mrnt of C'o ha an 1 Osss'inerrs ofthe liteit fashion, for Pantaioone slid V<sti There wi I be constantly found a nire assortment of new goods, which lie will directly receiie from Paris, being uo-v iu c irrerpoudeuce with the fi it huusei ol that ci'y. H- nopes, by t^e goolnen efthe clothes, Ihe quality of ihe goods, an' his nioi'eraie pricrs. lo give satisfaction to those who would honor with a call, an I to obtain more and mare the trust with which he has b'tu honored heretofore. *88 Ire c rIK CANTON PEA mUPANY offer for sale at 191 Chatham street, New Yrrk.the cheapest and most genuine Teas lu the world, in any quantity not leas than four ounces. If any article purchased at their establishment should not give full satisfaction, it is requested that they be b-onght back?the money will he returned, as lm* DR. KLlelOTT t eg* to infoi m his pnlisnts anil others, that he has made an arrangement with a skilful and scientific Optician, whom he has instructed in his peculiar mode of ad-splint glass-s lo the particular defects of vision, arising either I'roin ace or disease This gentleman will eiamiue 'he eve, aid by the aid of til tineri i;ig preeby tometer, d termiue the power of the glasses required. Dr E. considers this an important ohjec'. as many r'ireairt ol the e> e an I imprrfec'ions i,f sisioti peculiar to' lie s ndious and age I, are produced by the mil-tj plieatio i of spectacle-*. He would also beg to call the atlrntienof the public to his newly invented stlf adjuring Spectacle Frames, p irticularly usefu' in readirg rr writing. 'I he Optician wi I eiteud e?ery day from 10 A. t" S P.M. Dr. Elliott,Ocu'isl and Ophthalmic Riirgron w i'l attend his patients as usual ou .Moida/ Wi ilnesd iv and Friday, tffue gfil Broadway entrance in Warrm s'reet. aOSlin r | ,/ i, NKWKLl ?i UaY'd rA'I'fcM' I'e. R.M U T A Ls TION BANK LOCK ?Bankers and o'hers may plare implicit confidence in ll-e above Leek is being the l-est and safest in use Any eisnn m <y have the key for a wh de day (o make * r-c suni'ie by, without I!ic aligh'eai i.uu.ce of ooeiing it, af er r change ha? b*en mad* in letting it. Other

thinkable lecVa .re liable to be picked bjr pcnona who may see <he kty.aawai rlie c.i*e rtcully the Comhmaii.n Lock iurenied by Dr. Sole moo Andre w?. of Perth Amboy, N. J., which w?? upon the mult of tli? American Kichange Bank in Wall itreet, wu picked bv Mr Henry C. Jonee, of Newark, N- L, in pre.aeuce oflheitn ere of ?eve-al Bank* in thii city. Tl.eiame luck wa* afterwinle *eut to Dr. Ard rew?, who put in new work* o( a more d.fli u'l nature to pick, but which Mr. Joan readily r pined lie upon another oc cajion publirly picked at the H 'ward Hotel one of the Caw hiuation Lock*, ?uch aaareioid by the An.rr.can B 11 k Lock Company. The high reputation of Day, Newell li Day, Permutation Bank Lock* i* flinty eitabluhid. They ha** uiT.nably taken the bid eet |>r-rnitim?. when exhibited at the Faire held In New York. Boetou and Pkila rIpbia, namely, I e.ild medal* in the Iwo cities firet named, and S.lver, being tiie higbeat premium (irea in the l itter city. The** ace m deto key whiel ca? be changed in foim from one to one hundred thousand in I'io i diffe-ent time*, upon either of whuh they ore e.piallj *etur< aid p-oaf agalMt the attempt* of the mo.t. k>lful t n^l r tor ihould hrtakeanimpre**ir n. or even take the key itar f. I ecoicd not erpect to open it during Lie life, iuil. il iiini one w r- In ndor n lorn of Ike manner in o Inch Hie lock migh* be chaug'd, alter he obtained pca*euion of the k' y f'rlerifortbe eb>*e Lock prompt'y a'lr.ihil to l y JOHN DAY. 8urcceior to Day , > eweli hi i) -y, No 5 j arc.mway IplllB* j OS T?-On t^ifi Marco, Ot>* Pair Oold apectacle*. The aakad Apply to ' UI nmum* Mr DV.I. M?C AIVV ?^alljl^fllrr_No KALSOMlSE PAIN I - I (m RitliuniM Paint hitting been aerereiy leited city during tlie winter month*, the iwtenteea can recommend it * ith renewed confidence t* the puhlic. The tiutnerou* apecimen* of Kalaomine Paint now etuling in Ne* York. render* an ennine alum of it* ad rentage* uperfluou* ; among the moat prominent are the following; Kalaomine Color* are m< re permanent, more luminoa* and agieeable to the eje thm oilcolera. They are applied without necaaiooin? any offeMive ?mell or iajurton* effect npen health, and drying in a few hour*. KaUoiniue paint may, if properly applied, he waalied when aoiled, according to direction* in theeirrular. Order* recei* 'd and punctually attended to at the KAL^OMINK PAIN 1* OKPOT, l-k 11 Jm* Hi Broadw ? . rnmer l-'rank'in P*RANI) SPitTNt?~*tKt)lClNK..? ?* Ml fWr.LL'tt I "t pkranck bittkhs. withoi r wink ok al COHOL.?Header, hair i on tin appetitiT Do vnu n?t rel ah ynurforii? '1 he . iiae theee bitten; ih y will iU ereatlv a?ailt digeatioa.aud of cour>e removed) epeptia j .uniliee, we*k imm ol the ktomarh. debility, Ac. They purily the blood and ut ig irate the whole ai *t*M. The hittiri are tilramtly mild aad pteaiant Try them Price OT rente. 8 IdbyA.B A I) ug<i*ti, * 7?Vn'tin comer of Oold afreet, and IGf Ku't n e >mer of Willi,m ?tr*et. Alio 5? ' ^7 Abrm B. ?a iil? A Co . No i:i Broad ?ay, eorn*r of Chaiaheraat-eet; Uj'.d 3.,ud? AC*., No JT Broadway, corMr of Ma kit ft. iKla'n RR I CORNING, APRIL 28 IS Louisville. iCorrtipondcnce of the Herald. 1 Louisville, April 20, 1812. Fire, Fight and Murder. j as. ciohdo.h Be.vrktt ? Dear Sir : ? " MurJpr most foul, as in the best it is, But this most foul, strange and unnatural." On the night of the 19th ultimo, at about ten minutes before 12 o'clock, a fire broke out in the rear of some frame buildings on Sixth street, between Main street and the river. The light combustible materials of which these houses were composed soon caused the Mimes to spread with such en alarming rapidity as to threaten the destruction of more stately and valuable buildings that were iu close proximity to the contlignition. Immediately opposite to the first outbreak of the fire were some few frame houses, composed of equally as light materials as those already being devoured by the dreadful element. By almost superhuman exertions, the vigilant firemen, after combatting the deslrojing element for somptime with untiring stabbornnesoand fortitude, finally checked the onward and devastating progress of the raging element- The houses that these firemen saved f rom destruction were con tidered by ihe owners as " past recovery"; yet, by their zeal and continued exertion, did they conquer that fcionater, which is as remorseless as that dread destroyer, death! Alter the flimes had become somewhat abated, it so chanced that the Union No 2, and the Kentncky No. 5. were on opposite sides ot the smouldering ruins, and whilst there the water of the Kentucky was thrown over, by which means No 2's men were pretty well drenched- Determined not to be outdone or "backed ou*," No. 2 directed her pipe in the direction of No. 5'e men, thereby returning the compliment of letting them " taste a little of fresh water " Both parlies labouring under the impression (which was a wrnng one,) that each was the angrestor, fell to in good earnest at.d had a regular 44 water fight." No 2 proving too strong for No- 5, they fell back behind the chimntee, from whence they poured it into the members of No. 2 richt handsomely. It is said that N*. 2, not being able to rout "('id Kentuck" from behind her defences by means of water, tried what virtue there was in 41 (trick bats," which served to dislodge them from theirsheltcr- No. 5 now determined to hoard her opponent and come to 44 fisty cuffs." The timely interference, however, of the dirtc'ors of each of the companies, caused them to desist; a cessation _f U.nlu?? Whilst this cooling battle was at its heighth, a more serious?tragical in its end?and bloody affair transpired in another quarter of the field ; a man by the name of Patten, about 50 or 60 years of ago, was waylaid and murdered in an alley, forming a rear entrance to his dilapidated habitation. Hisdwelling had not escaped the ravages of the lire, but had partially suffered the fate of its neighbors. The only cause that can be assigned as to the probable instigation the mutderer haa to take the life at this poor old, and almost helpless man, if, that he was principal witness in a case of long standing, in which McLaughlin (the supposed murderet) wasdeftndant. The case referred to wua that of cu'ting oil'a man's nose whilst engaged in an election light. The man who lost his nose is by name Cotter. Strong circumstantial evidence will be given by a number of witnesses, for Mr. Patten, before he exKired,declared, in the presence of several, that it was IcLaughhn that murdered him ; the knife with which the deed was perpetrated is ir the possession of those who will be the principal witnesses in the case. How McLaughlin could have committed the deed and make his escape unseen by the many who were constantly passing about the premises, yet retnsins in mystery. Two person* who were sleeping in our of the houses that were on fire came very near losing their lives; one of them, having been awoke by the noise and contusion around turn, awoke his comrade, who, seeing the tltme everywhere arattnd turn, tied precipitately, not knowing whither?he plunked through a window, and by his fall shattered his leu at the thigh Hie bed-lellow was inore unfortunate?bewildered,.antRzed and astoni.-hed at what he saw and heard, he knew not where to fly or what to do, and thus proved a victim to his supiuenosa and bewilderment. His faithful dug perished with him provng his fidelity and affection " even unto death." The lire was undoubtedly the work of an incendiary. Ifi'z passed through here on his way to New York onthel8:b. The llii?h Priest of Mermerism was with him when at the Gilt House, lfy the way, the lectures on Mesmerism have be'n suspended? no oae can assign a cause or reasop. Louisville Newark, Ohio. [Correjpon ience of tbs Herald ] Newark, Ohio, April 23, 18-12. The Hon Thomas /,. Jhtmcr and tht Democracy? The Gubernatorial Contest ?The Currency?Tht Ilevivul of Business on the Canals?The tt'cat'ier, 4-c Our political circles have lately been thrown into aome commotion by the virtual (as most people rsgard it) defection of the Hon. Thomas L. Ifampr th. democratic nartv At a mcetinr of a few gentlemen, Mr. 1 lamer introduced a aeriei of resolution* denouncing the financial policy of the democratic members of the present General Assembly; and a portion of the democratic party as a " hard money faction." The.-c resolutions hare elicited the most severe animadversions from many democratic journals, and called forth a reply fiom the lIon.^Rufus P. Spalding, Speaker cf the House of Representatives, in which Mr Ilamer's newly expressed opinions are commented upon with a caustic severity, and an attempt made to show their inconsistency with the former ostensible opinions of their author. Mr Hamcr is a lawyer of eminence, and is the same gentleman who, at a Kepresenia i vc in Congress from Ohio, some y>ars ago, distinguished himself for his ab.lity. More recently he was a candidate for Senaior in Congress, but the lion. Benjamin Tappau obtained the nomination of the caucue. Ilia not supposed that Mr Hamvr's example will be thought worthy of much attention. As we approach nearer and nearer to the time ef holding the elections, it becomes mora and more man fe:t that the abolitionists of Ohio will not rally as a distinctive party, but that the great mass nt th?m will votf for Governor Corn in. Juris# Kin?, the abolition candidate, may po.-aihly receive 2000 votes; but even that 1 think a la-ge e-tiirate The democratic party count upon Wilson Shannon's election as certain. The banks of Ohio now pay specie for their no es when it is demanded, hut our currency is far from being composed entirely of specie or specie paying banks Large amount* are in circulation of Pennsylvania and Kentucky paper, and of the notes of the St. Clair Lank of Michigan The notes of this latter bank made payable at the banking house of the Messrs Smith, ot this city, in current funds, constitute a great portion of the circulation in thia vicinity, and notunhstanding an oecaaionai denunciation in the public printa, they are aought for by many as preferable to any other paper afloat. It it by no means improbable that the state i f the eur rency and ol the State finances may receive soma further attention at the extra nession of the Legislates, which commences on the25th of July next. The navigation on the OhioCanal having re commenced, the atreeta of our city again reaoand with the hum of buaiueas, and although in the earlier portion of the season thojnsual amount of business is not anticipated, yet it is supposed that when the abundant crops, which now cover the Mirface of Ohio, are gathered to a harvest, we shall have no reaaon to complain of the dnllm a* pervading our commercial relation*, but. on the contrary, have cause of gratulation that we bare abundant mean* wherewith to pay our debt?. The weather ia moat beau iful; we are acemingly in ihe midat of aummer, and all nature ia wreathed in smilea and preparing to put on her gaudieat attire. L'Occidente. The Ihirvirn Tr.*anoar.?The Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick. Sir W. M tf. Colehrooke, lias issued hi* procUiiM'inn string that n ha* bee n announced to him that large quantities r>| timber have heen cut upon the disputed territory within the lart year, in violation it the prohibition announred in former proclamation*, and nnhliclv announcing to all pereormcorrerned, that if any of the said timber shall be brought into the river f^t. John, it wuloeimDic iv s?ruuie mammmammmmmmmmmmmmtmmmKmnmmmmmmmwmmm??ra?TP? I Ell A }42. Latah kkom Rhode Island?We have received ' from a correspondent in Providence the following letter, givinc the latest movements in Revolutionary Rhode Island. . . . I we also give ine message oi tiovernor rvjng, ot the j duller Paity, and further proceedings in the Special Session of the General Assembly. Affairs in that state look mere equally. Nothing J however but beer will be seen till the :kl of next j month, when the Suffrage General Assembly meet | Then perchance some blood may flow, but we ra- ' tliT think it will be principally root beer. There has been another correspondence between Governor King and the President, in which the latter gives ihe Governor rather cold comfott, much to the satisfaction of the Suffrage Party. The People's Party have given another general invitation to all military companies to act as an escort on the 3d proximo, the day this Assembly convenes. Intelligence from Rhode Island looks more blood and beer-like every day. ICurreii ODitcuce of the Herald. I PR nvtDENcr, April 2t?, 1SI2 j Plenty of Government*?Cow Killer'*? Squall* ?Sympathy and PluckJames Gckdok Bejiweit, Esq.:? Deak Sir,? H re we go in Rhode Island, one Leg'slature in session to-day and yesterday, one new one to be convened at . Newport on Wednesday of next week, on the part 01 the friends of the old charter, and another on Tuesday at Providence on tfte tido of those who support the peoples' constitution. One would think there was no need of a quarrel, when every body seems about to have a govern ii rm "i iiij> own. 1 iic bpucimi bceaiou ju?i conveii d by the Governor, have bslore ttarin resolutions, which will no doubt be adopted to-day, authorizing the Governor to employ and pay trocp<, and to remove the States' properly to places of security. The people are exhorting each other to keep their cows at home, lest another should miiHer martyrdom 1 have just eten a notice ttuck up?" Wunted 1000 mtn for Gov. King's standing army of cowkillers Man are marching through the streers at night with arms, and the Governor is expected to attempt to take the State's arms, artillery, &.Caway from the disaffected. It really looks squally?the people seem to have made up their minds to meet whatever may come. The landholders show no disposition to yield or compromise It is said they have information that no assistanee can be obtained from Washington ; and, therefore, as they have the Treasury in their hands, they will have as good a fight as they can buy for the money. One of the judges said it would be of little consequence if there should be a man killed on the peoples' side, as they are not men of value to society; but a man on the other side might he a rich and valuable member of society. The judge don't want the nobility used as they were in the Fionch revolution ; but some of them have made themselves so odious, that they would be very likely to suffer in ease of a collision. The Governor is much disturbed, because the people of other States sympathise with the disorganizes, and are so wrong-headed that they will not understand that the majority ought to let the minoiity have every thing there own way. The Assembly have also nominated a board of connection to advise with the Governor. This looks too much like putting the Governor under guard>anship; but tha guardians arc the men most given to " pluck"' of any on that side, so look cut for a muss? something besides cows will suffer next. We shall know more to-morrow, la baate, yours, Kc. Mccnaia cr thi Legislature. In accordance with the proclamation of Governor King irsued on Sunday tlie 24tli, calling an extraordinary Session of the Uencial Ast'-nibly of this State, that body assembled at the Court llouae in this city yesterday afternoon A bare quorum was present on the first meeting, so an adjournment ol a half or threejquartera of an hour was had. On assembling again, the following message was received Irom the Governor Gentlemen of the Senate and / Jouie of Htprticntaiive*: At the close ot the late session of the General Assembly, and after the measuos then adopted for the purpose o| declaiiug the laws of this State, and nothing known to the peoplu their duties to the government, I hoped tbst no farther notion an your part would be necessary. Under the resolution then passed, nuihoiizing me to adopt such measures as in my opinion w.iu necessary, in the rectus of the Legislature, to execute thu laws and preserve the State against domestic violence; and desirous, if possible, to avoid all hostile collision between our citizens, I seut the Hon. John B. Francis, John Whipple, and Elisha R Potter, Esqis to Washington, with a tie w of lay ing the whole matter before the President of the United States, believing that his opinion, expressed as it would be, with the concurrence of his cabinet, would be sufficient to undeceive thusn who had beeu falsely taught that the so called Piople's Constitution when, by in own terms, it went into operation, became the paramount law of the State. Thiot-ghihem lcommunicuteil tAfhn Pn-kiMs fit iht-P.oiiilitinn ol i'll.illNin Hhrilf Island and receive J from him the accompanying loiter, already made knownlo you and the people ol the 3tate generally hy my proclamation. Employ ing aa this communication doea, the mildest language and yet upon thematterin queition expressing the meat dt cided opinion, it was hailed hy the *up|?rter* of government in Rhoda Island, as calculated to disarm all opposition to our law* and existing authoiitiis in the luanmr leaat ofTeniive to iho feeling* of those w ho have t>ei n most actively hostile tothim : And I i.m happy to add, that in Some portion* of the Btste it* etT.ct hua hi en all that could have been expected from it. In other |>ortioni of the Btate,and especially in the city of Providence, I i e. grot to ray that a different spirit ha* prevailed ; and the leader* el the revolutionary movement have uidu -triously circulated among their follower* the moat p-rverted construction of it* contents, i it favorable to theirrauie; while, at the tame time, with strange inconsistency, they repreront abroad that the rresnh nt i* ho- tile to the right* ol the people, in order to excite that had synua hy againit the government of this State r.n I the United State*, which is intended to array with them, against the supporter* of both, the lawlera of the inhabitant* of all the surrounding members of the Union. In |unuance of their long-ret tied intention to uiirp the govemm nt ol Rhode Island, a large numtxr of our people have m t in uulaw ful aMeml'lager fur the purj ose of holding their pretended election of town, county, and Mate ollicers, and |ier*iat in their resolution to ore ani/.e their pretended government on the first Tuesduy <f May ensuing at Tio vidance. Rely ing, aa their leaden now almost openly ' profess, upon the pby sical force of the revolutionist*, and I of their sympathizer * abroad, rather than upou constitutional right, they are daily and nightly assembling in various part* oi the ri y ol Trovidence, and in some parts cf the country, hand* of armed men, and perfecting them in military discipline, with the avowed pur|eseof overthrow iiie the government of thu State. I rsprciaily ok your attention to the notice lately pub'ithed by their State Committee, in the organ cf thia new party moor State and country, calling upon the chartered rompinics ofthit State, some of which are know n to he in their interest, and the volunteer companies which have her n ; formed, to assist in the escort of their pre'embd State Officers on the store-mentioned day of the organization of ttie usurping government This is bat another step in the unprinripli d plan marked out forthim by their leaders in the spiiit of all revolutions?" that, without looking forwsid to the ultimate reault of their doings, they should do the thing next in order well, and let the oersrion prompt that which is neat to be done." The danger to the pence snd prr>|>erty ofthe State from thia new feature in the plan of their now desperate leaders is loo Imminent to tie longer over looked. At the time of j our last adjournment it was well hoped that, although they had despised all authority, executive, legislative, and judicial, known and hcri tofore respected in ihia mate, they would, ? some of th? lr resolutions imported, if the opinion of the President was against them, no longer persist in a course destructive of government here, and of all republican govi rnment in tnia country. His letter coming with the full concurrence of the present cabinet, known to en,brace the j highest talent and constitutional knowledge in the country, so far from producing the desired and expectid ef feet, has been quoted to the ignorant es sanctioning all their measures, and with rome of those whu could not an lie deceived, has hern tiled to raise a new issue I.e. twecn them tn<l the authorities of the United Rtotcs, which, it would lerm, that tome are hardy enough to wiah lo decide hy force. In thia new aspect of oar affairs, I have thought it to he my duty to convene you in pecial teaaion, under the power vented in me t y law, that >on might decide for yonraelv?a w hat measures are propor to l?? taken for the safety nftheStav. The Conatitution ol the United Statu, while it cnarantiea to very State i i thia Union a reunhllran form of government, makea imperative upon the General l Jovernment the protection of each, on applica'iou of the Legislature, or of the Executive, when the Legislature cannot he convened, againat domestic violence. ? I im ful'y , aware ol the eitreme delicacy which you mml ' fael in inviting, againat rvrn the most violent an ' unprincipled of your fellow citizens, the aid of the National Execu'ive, and have ci fl. avorcd, si 'ar as waa rlei tned expedient, throngh tie committee heretofore sent, to avert 10 hard a necessity. i v> r, many arc of I opinion that the case conteropla'ed hy the t omtituti?n (or ?nch interference bM arrived, and l < lu re (hut li attoroui combination already eaiita ?o ?n al??mii-(? i *ti lit here, and it i (tending itarlf abroad through ay mpathiaa alwaya ready to riie ayainit law in favor ol gere-?| li cetif, 1 ran no longer take n|Onmy<<lf toe re?|On.ihilily of delaying ?(ich anion upon thi? anlject a* j on may deem ad?i?able, and hare felt compelled io give y ou 4 "I" T\ U. % Frlct v?o c?i?a the opportunity to consider and decide u iju. awou oi t? much importance to the State. I would also suggest to you the expediency of appointing und providing lor a Boat d of Councillors to ml use with me ua to the Rxecutivc measures proper to be tek> i? in thil i mercency, consisting of gentlemen from ditterout paitaolthe State. Other measures with regard to the protection and preservation ol the public property, and the organization of *uch an armed force ua may be neceraary for theae and other pur|oaii. will natuiolly suggest tbrmaelvea to yon. And ta theae subjects I most . urnr atly invite yottr attention. g In conclusion, 1 pray (iod that he may atrengthenend enlighten you in the petloimance of >ourdutira, and enable vou to pur'ue Slieh a course in the nreaent rrlila nf our allairs at may pruerve for us and our poaterity the ({reat boon 01 American constitutional liberty, gained for ui by our fathers, and now threatened to be wrested from us by lawless violence. SAMUEL W. KINO. Tur.snAV, April 26 ?Tlte Assembly convened thia mortnnp, ChHrleu Jackson, Keq., in the chair About forty members answered to their names Mr. John H Clark, of this city, chairman of the committee of ten appointed yesterday afternoon, on the Governor's communication, presenu d an il repnrt the following resolutions, for the consideration of the House:? 1st. Resolved, Fy the General Assembly, (the Senate concurring with the House of Representatives therein,) that bis Excellency the Governor, be and he is authorized to take inch measures as he shall deem necessary, to protect and nreaerva the public property of this State ; or, in case he shall deem any portion of the same unsafe iu its prest nt situation, to rtmnve said property to suck place of safety as he shall think proper. 2.1. Rrsolred. That the Major General under the direction of the Governor, be and he is hereby authorized to enlist and accept the services of any number of volunteer soldiers, to be employed in the service of this State, for the protection of property and in the execution of the laws of this State ; and that such volunteers as may be enlisted, tie organized into companies and regiment* Olid otficareil hv the eirtverjinr "r.a Ikai IV. - / ? arid he ia hereby authorized to draw on the General Treasury for such sum* of money as may he necessary for raising a id maintaiDing^such soldiery. Second resolution did not pass 3d Resolved, Th?l his Excellency the Governor ke arid he is ht reby authorized to recall any at ma or cannon that huve hern loaned by the General Assembly, to any of the independent or chartered companies of this State, or to any other person or persons. 4th. Resolved, That bis Excellency the Governor be and he is hereby authorized to (ill any vacancy which may exist in^hu otlicera of the Militia of this State, and to commission any officers w him he may appoint to till such vacancies. 5th. Reaoh ed, That Richard K Randolph. James Fenner. Edward Carrington, Lemuel H Arnold, Wilkins Updike. Peleg Wilbur, and Byron Dinman, be and they are hereby appointed a Board ol Counsellors, to advise with his Excellency the Governor, as to executive measures proper to betaken in this present emergency of the State ; and that hia Excellency the Governor he and be ia authorized, at the expense of the Stale, to employ a private Secretary to aid him in his duties. Mr. Clark stated, in presenting thepe resolutions, that they were all the action which the committee deemed it necessaiy to take lor the present, or at this session, inasmuch as the regular session of the Assembly convened at Newport in a week or two, and as that body could recommend any further proceedings which might he necessary Mr. Atwell thought the House were about to raise a standing army?for what purpose, and against whom, hejwns ig. orant, excepting front a notice he had just seen in a morning paper, alluding to a:t enemy of thirty-four men. He for his part had been summoned In Mfier.rt ?hiu awtamn #.f ik- I ? latuie with a moment's warning He did not get in town in time for yesterday afternoon's session, and was entiiely ignorant of any and every cause for this proceeding on the part of the Legislature, lie wished to examine into matters. He thought the resolutions ought to be printed certainly ? a rule of the House required such a course of proceeding. Mr Speaker coincided with Mr- Atwell that it would be ptoper to have the resolutions printed, though they were in the shape as it were of a joint resolution, and not of course subject to the rule alluded to by Mr. A Mr Atwell said he did not yet know that the proceedings recommended by the resolutions were necessary. They were not in the shape of joint resolutions, and in this respect he tiitlered with the Speaker. They could not escape ihe iu!e of the House. They "were of the most important character, and contemplated the raiding? f a standing army, lie wmhed to examine into the matter. If violence really was thrt a'ened, if there una r< ally danger <>l a rebellion, or forcible opposition to the laws of the State, he wished to know it, and for one, should be will ng to act accordingly Mr. Alwcll'a moth n wrs finally cariied, which was an adj< urnment to three o'clock this afteraoc n, and the prin ingof two hundred copies ol the resolutions for the use of the nicmbeis The House adjourned to three o'clock. Postfciipt ?The proceedings of the Gereral Assembly, giving full particulars! f the itnt orient movements of that body this morning, will be found in another column. Ihe resolutions <Hered by the Committee appointed intake into c< mid* ration the Covernor's communication of yrstr rday, will doubtless be adopted this evening. Our community is in the grea'eet agitation, and we cannot foretell what will be the t v? nt. This asd that?Here are two paragraphs we cut from our exchange papers of yesterday. llave they any connection ? Miss Hamblin, or Miss Goodrich, who murdered her husband in the Mobile theatre, has, it ia supposed, committed suicide. It is said that she was a wild itirl, "looking as if she was going into a state of lunacy, while her husband looked like a poor victimized idiot" The body of a young lady was found in the Ohio, near Warsaw, ahout the 17th instant, supposed tu have been the victim of murder. IIoRnini.r. Musdss if? CrvisrcnctiT.?Hal.-cy Coon went on Sabbath evening last, to the bouse of one of his neighbors and informed the family that his wife was either dead or dying from a dreadful accident, and begged them to accompany him back to his home, which they did Upon their arrival they found the woman still living, but burned in a most shocking manner. A physician was tent for, and he pronounced it impossible for her to live more than a lew hours. Previously she hsd refused to give any satiafaatory account of tne condition she was in ; but now, finding she could not liva, she confessed it wss the work ef her husband?that ha had beaten her till she was insensible, then tied her to a chair and threw a shovel full o| burning: coalo upon her body. The wrttched woman died ia about two houri alter she was first found by th? neighbors. A jury of inquest was culled, wbieta pronounced a verdict of death by the hands cf her husband?whereupon he was immediately arreeted. ?Norwich Courier, April 23 MtrnDEDft i(? Ausamms.? I he Helena, (Ark.) Shield, of the 9ih, contains in that one paper accounts of three murders in ihe State. Tne. firat arow from a dispute between a Ci.ptain Morehead and a man in his employ named Robert Lyons, which resulted in the death of the laiter, by Morehead shooting him with a shot gun The aecond was at Pine HlulL, where a mini named TVnt McDaniels, with a Howie knife, coinmittsd en unprovoked murder upon the body of an old and respectable Minister ot the Gospel named Grots. The murderer made his escape. Ot the third, in which a man named Samuel (Jillespie, was killed by the .Seneca Indian Agent. 'Ihe particulars had not transpired. R aci* at Hujitiao Task ?The following w ca the renin or inc iiinniii^ on oaruMtmy : ? Flint two mile heat was taken by Dufl-y's mares, in 5 minutes 52 seconds. Second2mile hea', the Ntw York blacks, in Si minuter 56 seconds Third 2 mile heat, by Ddflf-y'a mares in 5 minutes 55 seconds, which Cecided the race They were the closest races nnd best time ever made on thia course. Broad-Rock Ffhisg Hacks?Fourth Day?Proprietor's Purse #21)0, 5 mile heals, entrance 15. Thomas Doswelli Seven Dp,by Chateau Mil" Ka"*, 1 i 1 StubbliArid It Catlctt's br. h. Partner, by Priam, 4 1 -4 Towneslt Williamson's Punnna, by Parpodon, 3 S S James Telle) '? br R. by Tranby, 3 6 4 I). Vanghan'sch b. by Chateau Msrganx, ft 4 dr John Belcher's b h. by Prism, chit. Cspt Belcher's horse lost his saddle, which was ihe cause otitis beuuj rlisiancr d. Tune?1st heal, 3 53; 21 do 3 52, 31 do 359. Fit.h Dav?A Swcepauke, 3 year olda, mileheatrrn'r?nce #30. i Va?|rhtn's cb. c by Bnceanier, 1 1 -I'!. Iln.-i.ll>. t f? U I .W.. ? W has Cttut, 3 J liioigf Oonlvtiu'icli. f tiyCtmon, 3 * Time?lit licit, 1 .VI, -1.1 di. l 63. 'Bolted.> Rack.?A Match, too milii on', for IW W. H. rncketfa b. h. by Ciatrao Margavx, t Dr Geo. Goodwin'i b. h JohnCymor, ' *