Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1842 Page 1
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TH V?l. Til Ho, 40 V? Wh?U SOT3 ;(tW LINK OK LIVr.ttl'OOi, TACKICTS. * Milir? u Stw York .... f>- vi l (,tv?r|Mol on U?? 1?? if each mi $3> aw I ktinM Ton*. Mup ROSCH n. Captain Jolm Colliu.,46th March. Ship SIIMUJNS. C-, i..m K 8. Cobb, 25th April. Ship 8HKKI DAN, Oiplain h'. A Uepeyeter, iSth May. SpUAURICK, Captain Wm. Sknldy,*6th Jeim. h hom I.n rnruat-. Win SHh'RIDAN.C.prain K. A. Depeyeter,lltfc March. flhip <> A IIIIII K Captain Wm. SLidJy, 16th April. Ship iio.-'CICb, CapUiulohu 13th May. Ship HIliDONS. Captain E. B.Cobb, ISth June. Then ?l.i|t?are allot' the fnutclui?vupwar<laof tOOOtnna,btult hi the city "f Nfw Vork.witli etirh impnwoinenu aj combine reatipe' 'iv'th "N'W'ial comfort for paeseEgere. Every care Ml bet o taken iu thr arraiine ineut oft heir accommodation. The rice ot < icheuce i. M' O.f >i which ample etorei will be roviiir.l. Ylieec .'nips are coniitixiIJed by experienced muW who "ill make every exertion to give general eatietac DOB. If tit) i ?;:t?in? or'?w*ier? nftheoe ?hij?? will be retponii Uef i Iter., parcel, or iwi kagi eeeut by thea, unlxM re nlar '.i-ii 1 lailioxHy. ei^iiril therefor. Th-f. .? oi thiamin will hirt.yfUr go armed, a ad their pecu lorcc - . i lion 'ivte'h' o- ncerity not pooeteeed by aay other tatvi-i i war. For freight or p?seage,ap]ily to E. K. CltLLlVS .'a C0.6S Soutn ?t.. New York.or to . V ^ ROwTsTSt to., Lixerpocl. Letter, by the packet* w ill be charged l2j cruti per tingle gheet: oi_. ..leper ounce. nil newspaper* t cent each. m7 VOHK PACKET*. JS?L A ??&& ^*1"- 4SMfi> The-' ( t it line. wiil hereafter leave NewYor^nthe fat and ll.Mf on tU 'Choi mrh mouth aa follow*: . Ffn h'itv York. Fiom Mnvr?. The ntw ship ONEIDA, I IA March (l*th April '-Hi t. < lat July OetliAapust Ja:r.en r unci. f 131 November /nth December hip BAI. TIMOFiE C 1st April (15th May Cayl. ( let August Hth September Edvini h uuk. ( lot Dectabsr I 16th January hipl'TH'A. ( 1st May I 14th June Cart. t 1st September ' l(th Orteber Fred'k tiewnt. f let January r Ifth February Wsw ah,r s r..VlCOLA9. list June \ ifth July Capt. <tsl October < istli November J. B. Fell. / 1st February f Ifth March The a> corimoii'.'ions of these ships are net surpassed, com bj&inv ? that may br reunited lur comfort. The price of cabin pit- t-t is $100, Passengers will be supplied with seer* fecuiifi". >r th t'ne exception of wines and liquors. Goo. 14 -tilled fur ih*ar vessel* wiH he forwarded by the ggbnc-"'" - '"r~o from any other ilmu the espouse* actuaJiyi nWrrei ti'sua. bor freight '> pass-are apply to BOVD ?k l-nNCKEX, Armtt, <1 Tontine Build'uga FOH NEW iillbtANB fcOtJl- -A AND NIOW VOKK LINK OF PACKETS jTxc & m. m For the l etter accommodation or shippers, it is inteuded to natch > ship from this port on the lst.Sth, loth, 15th, SOth dOMlAti. .it each mouth, co-nmenciug the tilth October, and ceotio it;, : . 'itil Mvy, when regular daye will be appointeti lot the rwi . '"ler ot the year, whereby great delays and dtsap JOsntmrr's will be prevented tlurinj the summer months. The leOuwt t ships cvill comineurethis arrangements hip \ A/.OO, Capt. Cornell. Ship Ot < 'NF.K. Capt Jackson hip MISSISSIPPI,Capt. Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Cajit. Mont. - : * i'?ne A nd" VI ESS O'VTON, Con' Latham. IJhipH1 N'l'SVILLE. Chi*. Mumf. rd. Ship n?: \! t J L' IKK, Oapt Le:i?ltt Ship NAC!!VILLK,Capt. Dichinet p. Ship YKMI'HH.Oapt. Knight. Skip LOUISA, L*Pt. Mulford. Tkeae eliina were all built in the city of New York, expreaaIrfor packet* arc ill a light draft of water, hare recently been mowly coppered ar,<i pot in jpleudid orcer, with accommodation! tor par-n-.i^-rs not unfiled for cm nlort. They are commanded Woiperiruced mantcia. who will inane aeery exertion to give Mttei'H - I -'action. They will at >11 time* ba towad up and own il r Mitwiaatppi by eieamhoata Neilln ' i r owner*or caplaiua of t lieaea hipa will ba reaponaihlafni i ?tdry,bullion,pre<:ioua itonca,aileer,orplated ware,or tor tt| < I tern, parcel or padnea, -cut by or put ? * board af (ham. 'nih-ae regular bills nfUdit.g are taken for ti> a a am a, and tooxai1'* 'heron k'or liwiaht orpaseattc utply to E. K. COLLINS It CO. <South at 'or HL'I.U\ ik WOODRUFK, Agent in New ?lkan> ,who will promptly forward allaoodatohia addreaa. The an.1. of tilth Itut are warranted to eail punctually aaad| pertiaed. v.ul great care w til be taken to have the gootk correct tr m???c d. all) 'if rw STEAM NAVIGATION BE I'WEKN ANTWERP AND NEW VORK; I U1 - S O V TIM MP TOM. BYLGIAN S O.AMKli BitlT|*H QUEEN, M. M. Kkaic. CCMMI.IDHI The '*) e< f dri uture ol iliu wcl.-Kuown steam* hip, have fen ft ?? 1 a folio ? - : From A !<?< rp Fr m ^onthamp'on, From New York. On"' ?t?y,l*49. On 7 h Mav. I <43, On 7th June, lMt ' lOlliJulv, * 7ihAug, " 7tti S<- t. " IOtl< .Sept. " 7'h Oct , 44 Pm- U [ni,#p , rne^U not icrluJed, to Pou'hamptoa or Ant"":', J70 ?wtf?*r.'?e leee, The eale will be eorv > ' otnl. on th> plan of ?<; ntinental hotel,in Ibe beet men n-lntftv-d and moderate price* Femiliee or partiee may ' >t lor the v j i.e with the ateward. An txperi.?: -mii-kch "ii ho rd Fui : . iiht oi or auv fnr her information. anrlr to H W T. fcH. MALI, Ageula, a3: 1- '" 41 Beatrr etree'.. ~ 1O.1II Ainu nawm. &gmm Fare rniivreit to 4S cento. Fmm the for t of CourtlaDdtitreet, New Vork(E * <1 ay?Soudey ? excepted.) Leave* New York. Leave Newark ?a?- a M AtaP.V. At T) A.M. At O F M 1| do 4 do ? do >f do 4| do m do do * If do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot M Liberty ftreet. I.exre N?V. York. Leave Newark, i . v P.M. At 1 P. M. and ID P.M. nv lOUK Ki.17ABKTUTOWK, ilahway and * NYW brunskvkJi. Kare rr.luced. from the foot of Liberty etreet.daltr. t.eare Nev; VorW Leave New Brnnowick. A A.M. At T? A.M. < P.M. i P.M. ft(i ^iLI.^ rt-,.eeeoTineet with theee lioeeea h way. if. .ve^u Vrw York and Uninerville, >0 teat*. |i? do New Brunwiek, Tl cents. Hi i Meeote. f . own, Meeote. 'n tee Tt A. M. train from New Branewiek, Mil 4| p ^ 'ro.-i New York, tin been reduced between Von ' Ntw Brunswick to 50 eente. '' auii lahway t* 171 " T! I'e'phirnr iliiue paaece through NcwBrunewiek for Mew wery b vcuiiiff at t o'cU-^k. Qtv ? 7t A M. iripfro? Now Ermuwiek it omit tM h< too procure their ticket* at the ticket oflee.reOMT. ri tlckctyra'ie. Ticket rare received by theenoduetoi nl' . ! ?r ".v1,. ' "re'. -veil ffbll In' ISTr : f"ant To WES1 I. ;ilC.HANts: B' ' ' * PORTABLE ' O.N OAT LINE?For ' k J^r?L*i0portatiou ot'O ? ? t wceu I'luUde initio tad Puu ait I 9&&2SSk T\, I rement i'l tnu?|H.rtali..u atfori'e lo western uiei?kai ..iiradvintayer. ^The y on ,1a be tea carefully pack Ml < -1 HI !ITir * HitIT.. Mrr r the Columbia and Port ye Railways without t?ar "i it Car, lul (Hp ?i?a and crewa are employed, who tak< rf ih good*at Pl.iladel ">hi?, and continue with thr ? lire ionic, thus aioirljug dtleys and the liabilit) of lots pan tad o i tie war N ? eaten f ,rwar.lrd to ?Pittshoijh and Po fsii'le ttr . *?itI ij? eieepttd. H 8TOKK, Ap>i, ?' > 7 tf aahiutou street. H A I I.UOAD N OT11 !_E. MAIXKKT AND KKUOHT I.1NE. A YORK T| WJER8?.V K.u'ruad e?d Tranaportattoo Com ,?e established ? KrrifSt Line between New Hr, ,d New Vork, v Inch they intend to run paxaaeNew tfrun.'wick at 5 A M. daily, (Bandars ttespi * I the font of Liberty stxeet. New Yi rk. a S P.M. X< i v dei!era a:,d merchants lha shore line ts eery da gjnl ' I ' speedy ami cheap ronreraiire of merchandise 3 ci ? riptp n. and m re particularly to Drorsrs and Deal' " 1 ire Stork, who cm hare I So head of Cattle eonsty, . i > n New ill ii'ii wirk and New I oik, the same day, 1; -;.:t r th tr.nsoortatiou of cattle, harass, mules, bei ' 3<c .and allnther kind- of merchaai'me are rery low > > fCied,|iy etcaailKi.ilprices. i>', . .carat Vy this li'ie isnot stbjerlad to any eitra thru.- "> Ming i he N irth liirer. 1 , ... -n hale Betid up a lanie St'rehouse at New n itj 'iiiithj H: i!r?ad Depot, which will always C(l| itie reception of mrrchandwa. IV. ps-t' ilia; tlieir Uchela at tha ticket offices, will- I'm tire- IS sri?ia. ml43m* 9l . II AND t'taatoit TO ftll'IBmiRu. T i* terns! ijnchain a TniiimrUtiri Lisa to Pitts%ar, "ce to(li# M.r. l.?ril?ofNew York, and all other Mr* S to It t W? ', that their liar la sow ia ae?ire Mi > "<la "wiaiati".! 10 lifts (or sast ts (o in their |fe> fitrwnrH.-d ?ith Irapalch. O- tHipt-fti ?f goo la. defined for the Weatern Bta' > attnu *, rnt or eoiwiroaa at Pittsburg, will sir* : their *'?"la to William Bireham, Pittebirjt, who * "lid to aiiiptnug ill auch ronaignmenta without Ml a A' ?himld he mirkrd datinrtlv on each rarkwe BIN , -rtll.NK, F' ol frc'lti*. ivhieh are aa low aa anr other In,a. At VfM. TV ."VON, Agent, No iW*ntatr?et ial> "*ile Pier No i. .1. R N > t'iu*re forwarded to P ttabnrg soul Pottaville, *T?r -'in lav* e<eef:?d. R' H. Crook', American Fur Co.: S. T. Nirotl, fO' , .Hell* I''dee & Co. Fulton ?tr'*t; Rnj-ilatn, ?'. ll u kin, 'turvee StCn Newaik tut Joi T. PiiVVKl.t, ?t CO.'8 MNfc . hi.!!'}? laudiiu at CALD A *\V'.( I.'S. WKRT POINT Col D S K.KPKiNla?Tha eteaishaat HKJHl.AWllF.R a*'- I A it'll r>, will['? ?* the font rf U'arri n air.. ! rv?ry Mowlty. Thn %an mtwviT ifVn^or't ^ 4 KtMriwift.irt* Hiph. au *?r ^ill im?? ^ wburpfk mt v ..t..ii.Miic?t o'clock, iqu lucadtv and rrwj St;' HoVlork ^ * or |M44R^'f .Applf toth?< ft|>tifD?Qbo?r<!. > : . *"<l fr*;nlil of ?T?rr d??eri|?ti<.ft. I?ni Mi - I'Ul 01 board thi? boat, innut b? at Uw? ri?k of th< mi - i'< :.unl*M t bJI oflidtBC orracaiptiaaignod fji E NE NT TATBN ISLAND KKRK?T I ^2%^ H'oot of Whitehall atregL I 1 V'^^N IrtLA'VDKK, Capt. b'rfldted, or SAMSON, i n t .in ! >ut al, will ruu lolluoauuul further notice uearea Stateii lelnnd Leave* Whitehall At m o'clock i re At 3 o'clock tJL "! ' '11 " " "I " e. M * 8 " r.? " si " " li " " ?l " " ?? " " N. B. All goo-li ehipped are required to be particnl ly narked an i \r~ at the rub ?' 1Kb ownera thereof. Jl 6PP08ITI0N LINK Ft>l{ ALBANY. _M_ri I J** k a it k kkduckd F VIIK FIFTY ' KNT8-IIr'.RTHS 5?ct?. ^ "W r I. lib' K }jHt tak'n ?t I r< alitor Foot. The comnoioua ?ieimbt<l WAsHI \OTON, C apt an J-M. Brown, will ate ilie (i-r foot of Waireu itrret.thia 1 I'tiurv'ay ) tf'e ui ua>'<6 h April ?t S o'clock Kecular day of le t?n t New York? Pu -?1 e , ThO iday. ar.d Saturn* I.eating Albinymt M tiday, Wednesday, aud Friday. a'5 o'i I ck. I* V . Undine each , nav at the foot of Hammond afreet, Nrwbutgh, I'o' ^hktrptie, (JaUkill aud Hud on. All kin-la c< otootrty tiken only a' the riak of the owner! here/f. For freiant o - i> tee apply to th- rapteiu "i? board orof D. HA.NbOLPH ?taHTI-, aSH lm'r 1M We" ? ?e>. rifX- r'u.? -.i iic tr,.-i.e.?ttcguUi i.i.t. -i .< JKMPV bark IS VKLL A t,'apt. B- arir, will aail on the XCrxllii of Ma ^The auhacrihem pi rpo'e diapM'hins a 8hip punctually on the lit day of mm month diriag the tor Marweillea. (Jnoda aunt t-Hie au eeriborilor f rwa ding will bediapaiched free of a y ether than the chargeo actually incurred upon them. The Shipa have very coiufortanle cabin accommoda tiima. For freightor paaaagc, annlr to BOYD k HI NCKKN. AgenU, aSI C t r.,nlle."k-. lie. ?F4r > tilt el ? r.KIH, L,,?lu-gulai I ata to- ? r ki IKyJpy May ? I he uii| erior ia?t * tiling ship r.lliii.mcu " ftw"" 1 Si.I. m ?'?r, having m il of Iter c i'g" engaged and going on hoaid "ill nail aaahtve her regular dry. For freight or ptaragt, h viug auprriur accommodation*. apply ' OI.OVER It MeMURRAT, 100 fine, corner of South, o* to P. S ?Prrtmna wiihirg to ?e d for their fi iiui'? "*idii g in tne oi l cou'it j c<n h ?t t rm brought rut by the above -kip IT My #1 too regit ir D>ek*la, by irpif ilf U above. *26r "jSSr' OLD LINE Oh" i.lVKRPOOL PA? KKTIV* btgular Perk*t ot fi st of M?v?l'h? well koo?n Bkj&ti rrl ora'-d f'? aailu R picket elup GAM8RIPOE, Captain W. C. Barn'ow, wilt aril positively on Monday, the 2nd vat . her regularday. Her accoiiiiiiodi-ti ?is tor veoin 2d cabin and itrrrige pee etigrrn. are i n ; i? I-d 1 v any a^ip. For ter.n* of pa?* tge, ap ply on hoard, toot of Beehman a reet. r to ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO. It Fulton at. next door to the Kultan Bank ..ft?". Pa.*?rgirs proceeding, will tdeaae oba-rve that the Camuride ie the only r gu1 *.r liuer a itin - on tha day per* ua d'virom of minting to the old couatrv fir their friend* cat in ike the nere. aary arranermehta to have them brought out id the aboee superb p-ciret *hip. failing from Livtrnool on lite 191a June,or in any of the packet* compr aing the Old Line, ?ail nig I om the above poit punctually ou the 7tu and 19th of each inouth. For passage apply to the *ub crith rj. aenhove a29 aA-Jj- FOR LONDON?Packet of the l*t May?The jgjtJy *iiim rior lam failing packet ship ST. J AMES, Cap vdBJyWU'ain Sehnr, will aiil aa abovr, her regular day.? Thi* *hi|i'* acrotn:nod-i'ion* lor cabin, 2d cabin aud steerage paaaevgrra, are ?u.,rrb and berthi can he *e< ured on inoder uc term, by appiyiug on board pier fj. t of Alaidcu Lane, ?rt? OLOVKR & MeMURL AY. I0U Pine street.carver ot South The above will he succeeded '?? the picket rh'p Montreal, Capt Tinker, and ml . n the 10 Ma . r.r,?Pera ua wuhing to send for their friend* reiidmg in the old c uutrv. can have thrm brought out by the ab ive ship, or anv ofihe regul tr packe *, by a p,.lj ing aa above (it by let er po*tpaid 1 aglr ditg- Kuff MVKRfOOL?t ackvt of let ?la> ? J he fi atC'??v pirkei rh p ECHO, Captain , will jjaWMto b dia (I lor I.ivrrpool. r* above. F<> excellent a<commodation*. and which will he made very low Apl'fo a2lr JOHN HERD VAN, II South *tree?_ ??? PASSAGE FOR NEW Re ffJWVg ilar I, ne-The packet all p HU NTSVH.LE, WriLii autain Mori ford sai!* positively -n th* 1st May, her regviarday Havin/ aideudid aecomtioJation* foi cabin, second cahin and ateerrge paarengrr*. for paaaage apply on board f tot Wa'l street, or to W. fc J 1. TAPP8COTT. 41 Peek flip, sUB Ur corner South street. HJK NEW OKLk.ANS?Uouistana and New Cn^bYork Line?R'gular r> Tc-rorro*?The fa?l VfdJa^aailins racket ?hip HUN TSVILLE. Captain Mumforr. ntll nn.ittvwlv Jnil ua uhur* Lr r*<iil:ir Anv For freight or passsaye,having splendid lurmshed fccrontmoahn tioua,apply on board, at Orle -n? whatC foot of Wall at. orto K. K. COLLINS It CO. M South M. Ureatcare will he takcu to have the good* by this line correctly meaaurcd. Ageuta iu New Orleaca. Hullin h Woodruff, who will prompt y forward all rood* to their addreas The parlret ahip OCMULORE, Captain Pret.will aueered the Hn?t*vi|l?. and sail the to-h May her regular day. a?0 GYMNASIUM. PISTOL GALLERY. Messrs Hudson & ottionon respectfully u form the gentlemen ot New York, ihtt they have fitte. up a ligMNASIIJM at the corner of Cliamhera atrcat an< Broadway, and it U BOW DM lor the reee Uiuuof vidian. The inati'u'ioD la of ti e first ?r-er , and complete in ever* reaped for the purpose of Athlrtic Lxercinea. Spa-nop Lessons given dady. Teres moderate Open da v nod ev-rinz. al |m* B OOK^KKE P IN" G. tpHE Count trg rooms of C. C. MAIHH, 98 Cedar fire t, i continue open In mlA. M. to 9 P. M in nrter that men chant* >tidothers may avail ih-m.elre* of u coone of inatiuction that is t((ily practical; one that e a complete routiue cf commercial (rantacliora and mercantile calculations ?>nd n wh-ch the atu-*ent actu l'y keeps a art of books id a counting hoHSt. To these who -art acquaint- d with the advertiser's reputation. heileitrra to say. that his principal work od book kespiug haspnsaeJ into t'lij- (litio ie; that it receives the preference in the New York Public Schools, and other large institutions; tend that i e himsi if has the houerofheing re-eppointed learner of toot-keepii g for the "Miremti'e Library A*?neiatii n" of this city. Prospectuses, with terms, may le htid at (tie counting roc ins .is ahnve a?3 i m ' I i? PLe-VsAinT KXCCfttlON?A i?il icnm thellutsonaa Hohnk-ti, a-ul a strotl along its romantic thorea, cannot now fail o yield much suttaf-c'ioti to the adinireri of th beauties ol nature, audio those who may require, alter being nent tin for the wintrr in a crowdfd a itv. frrah air and enms retain inn Tlie eiteaire ground* of tbia lore y tp ,t. no ii berallv It rowu open to -be public, are now deekrd in all the luiuri tut tr-khiiraa of an early ?| riny. Thu bsyeod doubt it the ni.irl agreeable excursion that ciu b. made at thu aeaaoo al3 lirt'r DAOUEBU KO'I y?E \P: AII \TUa -F. A. AKTAl'bT it CO.. Utelv .tBrovl a reel and now ISHj Kulton etrret, opp~>ai e St I'aul'a Chuicli. lure rtcrired by juiket ahip Albany. ncd offer for tale at low p ici ? U? (vmu'ete Da(ua-r'otype ai p rratua. new pattern. Si 0 Frenr i plates, targe ait-! iOicnm-tic Irnaia m tde at P?ria by Alphonae, Oiroui It Co. 10? bin lea h' p -aulphite of Soda. Alan tripoli of rruiie. ludi e. rhlortiae of iodine, cromine, erorninr ?f, chlorua. of ft ild, and the uew ace larating aubatai ce. Mr F. A. Arliul' & Co labe Ihia opportunity to inform Iheir fru n I' anJ nut-mere, tbat tli-y bat reino-ed 'hair eatabliahmeotfroin 48 Broa I atreet to Kdj Fu'ton it.-eet near Broadway o.-psm'r St. PaolVc nr?b l?8 It' in COHPOKA'l lUN NO l'lCF.?Public notice la hereby giren tbat a aale < f property for uupaid taiea, will take place at public auc'ion at I be ('itv II ,ll of (he city of New York, on Tuesday lire 26 b day ol July next, at 12 o'clock, Deo i. and be continued frim day today until the whole of the aaid property a^a'l he ao'd : ami iha* t c detailed >1 ate-rent ?f t? ? taxea and property to heaol I it pub ith-.d in the New Urn a newspaper printed and pub I- lied iu the city of New York. ALFRKO A H.tllTH.Compter Per Compt o leiOflTc-. A prim. 1849 a2< 1 (aw I4w *o 14j ~ r fTTEBb'.i jMl-I >Vkl> 8 U R > t. ft > .t aettnty Sea per ' ceit lets th >n heretofore. The tubacriber h-a now on hand a ei iienl a.aortm nt o the i-nprored hurnera, which le now offera at ih-iako r r-due d prices. A liberal diacor-nt allow! d all ill a'f rr. Bet nMl'tv of Caimibine al 80 centa oer gallon. <an-pSoratrd <?,-? 7"> crnta. tall and evamine f?>r yrur ?!? ??: No 114 Grand a>reeto:.edoor from Im' d??ir. JAM?'.8 HIND a. N. B.?Ml kindt of I tn;a ?ll?r?d,brot I' mid repaired ht tip ahorteiilii le on rca-niiahle tenet _ a*71in in TJ"IH"Nr>?I'H KK.I't i l'tVAMiKK h a rem-ired hn i (Wire fr m No. 1 i rurtl-atdt rtreet to No. 1 W?|| etreet, near Brn idwav. H iin>?r ri at arpron <1 Poiainr for cttermi rating brilbnga. moth', rati, cockroalchea, micr. mo?.)ti?to? a, llin, tl ai ; ihr a. th po oder for drain) Iiir th? roaebuge ami h a aeed protector fo guard nR every ared when plan'td again t the attack of the gru*>worira and th' r i.irccta, wil be foutd imliepemkbly netr??ar.' and hiehly turf ll in tVe preacnt teneon. Hr m iy be ro. ennaulted > n hi* favorite acienre which m to i meet man, . mmal, hcuica and field i from ail apecirt of rrrnin Dr. )'. ta aarn'for the minufacturcrt of aipiafoitia. pure aitrie ami m"-i*iie ae ua.inp.iea, opeu'ei, lolirijn of tin, pvro* Itgtu-nu.* arid, lunar cam tic, Ir-chra.fcc. kc , by the package and at rttnil N n Mo'h rff.ctuallr n rrminat d and prevented to eaiat in woollena. tl luor >. c.nprt . u.itiolet. ry, euvh ae chain, tablet raddler.euthiina. kr tl. dame w ?>rinted to be eat*rnnn*ted f. oei britroo r? ti d-ieida b d iinr ke. Dr. V. i* bia OAer, No I Wall ?lre t. from ( to ( o'clock. alt lm'c ILLTNOH LAN.) CO.? The Committee of the Illinois 1 Laa1 f'nmpin have adjourned their drawings at the Aitor Hoiti', ii t I Tii#i'?v, the 3.1 or May, at 3 o clock, P. M., at ihe inepl re, at which time tho e of the Stockholder! wh. l> <> mi di awn, ami drtire to do ? , ere rcqneatad loafed tor that: u-poi . a?the Committee are rery Ceairo.a of clomie the drawn K >'n that day. ... T. ALLKN, Chairman. Anvil M.IM9 _____itlta%3*r_ f ADIKA (1 \7. >'.TTL?"^he" publication o7 tiua paper twin* Id iuiprmlrd for a few day', in crier ti obtain an entirely new dr?e?. will r* a.>p?ar on Monday, Miy 11, a? a TrtWerkly. in i|.Un i I t) |>e oryret t beaoiy. caul eipreaalr for paper I h c i urn u will be etc'ed uglyrich in choice Original lorn 9, Talc?, Local Inci lenta, Noticea id1 the Fa?h i ne, kc kc and apt inhelliihTien a. A la y rditioii w ill e pnhliihed for rmluitone distribution throiiyiMJut the t |ty and Ur.iou, thus offering a rare chance to alMrfiaera. I ern.a a t ear?ti* centa r?r wiek "ini'e nomltrrt ?o|d, a* d niu. criptio. e recem d at the principal Mu ic Stoiea in the tl . t< >t* i \<it ib'rt i xph k--. roil MONTR) AL -VIA aeHITEHALL. BURLINGTON. k INTERMEDIATE PLACE A, in r nnrcttoie with TIARNn'N k ) XPRr.-'S TO ALBANY. MR JAt OBi h.?i r rompleUd h:a arrangements it DO'v prepared lo it e, ire a id forward with the utmc it itwed.> and'a fty, pare. la. parkaffct of g >od*. apicie, t> n* ti< l-?. ?nd all k i da of freight fee the a"*ove placet. n< a i hit Aimn tewy ivraueutey HO;MD| on *n ar liratni ll<roJ?D kCn.'i K* irtje from New ) ark, Hd entr Vtin'rial ra hi ifiin every Aatnr lay?tht-t any tarce'a, fi'iyti. <>r i.rderi 'tfi ai Veaara. ll.rnilM h lo'l oltc. 3 Wei, ? or btfow I'iM idl, P. ?1. roi T'. etday.will be del vereil in Montreal on Friday. A M. r It filar attention p inl t > r it letting aid tu y -li ling noire, lira' Ti'r a k' fc Aim, any '.uaiu m intiuttd to l,i? i r will intet with fTonipt attention t,;;Ti n at li.<rjin k ( o't ? >?all elite!, ,\?w York, ito i'o 19 Kichanae. Albany. i'o Ao 99* Kirrralreet,Troy, do Montreal, K?. ban*# Coffee limit*, d i CutiliRton, Y t., J. Ptck. AgeUi. it'lw nit. Hi)" V K l a riu ne i<> lha tiiy awn return t lot . .iici f a ' K' lenre S . t I Frf Ylin etreet , Oh' urt from I, to 1") o'c.oea ,A M.'al I ta I o'tlerh. T. M ^T W ?0 :w YORK, SATURDAY 1 Rngllah A'lvertlaement. N O T I G K rr O R A I L W A Y TRAVELLERS. ANDERTOiS'S HOTEL, no. iw, r strkrt, London. William Harding, Proprietor, Returns Ms Ih'uk* m llw pmlras ou ?l a il roinnTtiil (tentl#m? oand the pu die for tlie lib. r il iu |i r li l? ta i* -.tired (inc. nee .pyii K the .bore 11 ,m> <1 hotel, a id hope* bv unr mi'IIOK aileuti. it, to rtlaiu l! e t*' 10 :.^e hit irr'o IJ atf mI (I W H aseurra h s r>"l r ma tbi.'m ? en.lesaora ? all be spared to promot* th-ir coit.l~.irt a id lli'l'ra liinuell that fe can roinpele with hiiu aa far Ur'UirJaaiuil itJ.iaid* il h it>u In. ambition to irorure the c nunc lor .In- ?i pr.rai of hi* su, porters, .ltd r iinliKUr g b icue*' U the m ?' liberal a; tt.iu. I hetfal'y t in ol far* r mnti ;ing the (t"?at r .naly o. mb D?r1 wi h morleralio i o' uric... c." <>t t. i1 ic aiUR jen*-' rul a >1 i.faction Hre.kfa ta (plan.) 31 eac-; I ulei ga 10. (I|i*rtteek I'uhfe m-*t'irK*.d C m iot'e* ro ma i>18 3 n r FISICS G: >MB1 NED SUMMER BAKE A & GOOK STOVE, FOR COAL OR WOOD. AATWOOD, Piltolw-Ptkh tNin 11,00 to ftlSa?The fleun,furnace ami (rout of fh >h stove arr made of 04ft iron Ifi ovm nitaehento it, whieti ill 4q nentfy Jr bie the eookit tr of the 'wrgret it. d oidimr\- Conk Sto?e? The trifceof th* formce v%i#| ;?din.t a boiler "?i asuritig m Udile, or tif em gal'om* and by (tie u -e . -1 the di ia:oa id ite, sniimle i?>r nailingfear differ?*:! d'sht?; in *il iiti n to all thi-% ivro low In or a Uig piece of ?m at mav b?* roae ed in front, null all June with Irei than } . ruts i er day, for proof of which we refer to thoee who ha*> used I h m. KICK'S store K?r-b ishmrnt. at!) W?ter street. Read the following certificates, iu addniou to which orer two hundred may be seen by ca ii k at th stoie, HsK'S rtore Kcnib'ishtneiit. 101 Water ?lre*t Nkw YoBK. St Fourth sire. t, HI. Aprit.'StJ M?tere. Fisk, 2ft!l Water street?A Outf the variety t'f stoves which have come to in*, notice, l^e tut 1 purchased from you merits a decided pre e r nee. Mi<e- used it during ll the eeaeone, aud w mid in ?t cheerfully recommend it to he public a* in my opu.1011 iu cri i blr of u iniproieui'llt for ehmr'ieity-r economy. aril worth* ol more p.aire than can kit appreciated without < trial of it I am, with respect, j our*. Sc. A TEKKINf. Pastr-r of 'h : Berrau ( Cautiat) Church. Mr. Fisk r09 Water ulnrl- 1 he Summer Stove which I purchased nf > ou I <<t spring, I harehau iu use till now; aud toon , without trial, v ou'i b-litre tne am u it of cooking that mj' e done hy it, < r i'? COLO.ny Suffice it to fay. that w th occ.iftonally an extra ti-e, we h -v, cooked for from 45 to 35 p>re?ns. with enough lesetV-l to f?ve more than tee prioe ot the flove. MRS. BUKL, 63 Fulton street March 95,1841. aUimt* CHEAP HARDWA WE STORE. THE Suheerib-r is now -Mi-un-ir hie Spring earply of HARDWARE k CUTLER . r, eeive.l i,er late arrival., from Birmingham aud Shrfli ! I. Together with a general ae ortmeut of I'omeetic t! o is which he if prepared lo offer at the very LOWEST CASH PKlCEh. Tlfe atieuttoo uf Country iVlem an's, Buildera, Cabinet Makere, (kc.. te eolicjted to an examination of hieetockand pric-e ae h* ia confident they "ill ind it to their uiteretto larorhim with a call ALFRED F. LACJRAVE, 410 Greenwich coinT Barelay. New York. A re*al?r aupply al FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Coot-era lilue. Alio?a complete assortment ol-Mechanise Tools, James Screws, Ac. mjl SnC THE SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL A DIAPER PIN. ANEW and important article 'oruie in the nursery, and as a faeteaing to ladice shawle. cloeks. he t alented in the United Sla'ee and in Europe, for sale wholraale ny W. H. GARY k CO. Its pearl it Ac w Y >rk, aud by the patentee,at the manufactory. Its lav t> B ookliru. Thread and needle e'.orta, and <ie ilera in fancy articles, supplied on liberal term*. sl| lm*t mv rv ti / - rs i-s r t?n\tr\iini? Lt P. U M \\ Si U* mi', LATE OF THE FIR*1 OF b LMKNUOKF k LOHP, Hu rem'veil from the A?tor Home to t?>e eitabllahment of J.'4 Wyroan, Merrl ant Tailor,234 Broi-way, where he Wi lbehai py to wait oa hie old 1 rieuda and patioiu. ill tUI'r STRAW GOODS. TBEVNKTT importer and mvnufnc'ur r of Italian and * F.nplish Straw () ode re?peetfii|lv inform* hi* cuato lom-'i ?h *? he r>** rrmoved hiera'ablnlimrn' fr. m 81 William and 26 Piatt ' 39 Ji.lin itreri, where be continue* to keep a apleuthd and eilena .re a>*ortm> ut of ladir* fnahi-iMibte Straw Uim> a French and ".iplnh Dun. tardea. I alian Rutland*, fine Tti*ra*a. Fancy Shehwork*. Pri .re A bert Straw*. kc. lie. AI*o.*>n entirrlv new article, ihe White -.iberian Miir Bonnet f r ih summer ilanrpeaae* all the ilyl.'* a- yet iniroduerd being r i'rrin> ly I plil. b- .ut if .1 >?li'ie ,n,i .lur hl?. ;'ll Im'm JUST RECEIVED. A Vl< H and T ried an-ortmrnt of M-cks, nearfu, Cranta, Silks. I.i rn ai d Kid G urea, Suapen-'er*. I.ineuand >1u lii Fhiri*. Pocket Haiirtkrehi-fs, Sic. kc- Thi? u the only esUblii'nmnt in thia city where the'* celebrated elaa ic slock* can be obtained. PAhREI.LS, Ae-ntfor J 4GATF,, altt tm'c 241 11 ro u! w ,y. between I'a k n.rr k Mnrny at CARPETING. &C. CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. TONES k MARC.V, tot Bowery, NewTork. are now re? eeiyinp their?prmg *urplv of Carprii ig, Oil Cloth*. Window Shades,D-up?ei?, tl- rtb Itugr, Dour Mat*,Table and Piano CoTer*. Stair Il uta kc kc. Among their g>od. are man) uew and rich pa'trrua of K.nglish and American mtrulacttire, which cannot be exceeded for betu'y, quality and chcapne*. in the city. a cull. I. K. JONES, at in.' L. MAKCY UA? /iND KVhKINft 8lllt)OL.-lh! >nniu>rr ol the Misrea Maaot.a and O'DoI.erty u low open for I1** reception of pupila. at IH Bow?rv. aw |.u?r fHK ANTI-ANGULAK ?\ VP*.*! OK WHlriMif I'o 'he Kraut-?t< of New V'-rh and B ooklj n?Rumval of Mr. Briatnw'a Wrilug Arad m? 11 No. 533 I) old way.near Park Place, ?o.| great it due'ion of hia T?tni? FROM 15 TO KIVK DDI.LAll*!r Mr. BR!STOlV, in reap-t t ullv offeri iu I i?*trrice? to the public, lor lliifra on. l.uifa t- al the eery low term*. J5,( placiug thi* usefi I art withinlhr mcati* of alt) * ll i ml ore errry one andofeve-v eg'. In acipure an t i-gint anil a,.l< Ltl.J haii I writinglit T*hti F.iit Leiioki ! The Ladiea meet tlady liom lain I ; they are taught a neat, rat id and delicate h .ml aerrratile to the fathom ol the uay ? Ala 1. tingle entry Book Keating tent. he tfe .tl -m-n are taught, with in'alinle certainty, to write with detpatch nainantcrl) inium r. aii'tah'c for keeping a til of Bo >ka or for Verran?ilecnrr??. ondence. Evening Cl-aa-a from 7 to I N.B M rchanti ?nl *iraig-re veiling lite city riu cm- I plete a con ?* in th-re dayaJ a51 Itn'R. BEi KER, TnlL'Jll fr- m ^AhTdT 114 P ulton alreet. fup ataira) reaper fully ii.Tortiii ihe public of New York.that h? h a jmt ar i- td from Par'*. h mg'n; a ap'end d aaaortm'iit uf tylo ha an 1 i'att.mi re? ofthelileat fuahton for Paiitaiooni and Via'a Thirewi I b- Cuuia .tiy founl a line aaaortment of new good*, which he will d rect'v rem I' e from Paria. being now in c wuh the ft at hnuaes of that ci y. H-oopea. ly t'-e gro'nraa'f thr clothea the quality of ihe gooda. an I hta mo'cra'e pricra, to yire aatirf-ciinu t> tkoae I who would honor limw'th :t call, in I to,oht>in more and . narc the truat with which he ha* b-?? lionoreJ h?r< tofore. aSSImc _ _ _ _ _ I'BK t*.\'l'US I f-A ' ' i x * .tier tor a i'e ;n i'ii Chatham afreet, Nm Y irk. the ch?npviit 10H moet genuine Team tue world, iu any q iau*ilv uot l*m than fouronncee. If any artic e purrhaanl at th-i* riUMi-hinrnt ahou'd not sire full aatufertmn it ia r<<i'iratrd that the; be brought bach?the money will h? returned. a( Im* Dtt. hL.lil l"r bet* to tnfot m In ? patient? -ltd otherr, that he baa made an a retirement with a eki!f.,l and erietitifie Ort'cian. * hom he haa tnitrurtr.i i t Itia peculiar m idf of adiptiu: glua a to the particular defecta of rtaioti, -ruing either from are or diaeate Thla gertVinan wi'l eaatnine'he ere. and It; the aid of I ia uarrmg prraby tometer, d tormina thepoe erif theghaaea rrquTed Dr R. roi aid re thin ?n import ml ol] e'. at man; i i <eaa? a nl the eye anl in-perfect iona of virion peculiar to'lie a ndioue and ageare produced hy th- mi!-ipplicatio 1 of a^r tache. He would alan beg to call tl.e ?tlrn"rn of the public to hia newly inrmted cell .djm'ingSpectacle Kr un a, p irt.cularly naefu' in reedi- g ?r writing 'I'he Ontiria'i wi'l a't'nJ ceey day (rem it A- " to S P.M. Dr. Rlliott, Oeuliat and (tph'li-Imtc Vur|.ro'i niM attend hia patienta ra on IHcl d?> Wtdnredi' and Friday- ? fli e 2(1 Bio. dway entiarr.* in >Varr?-ii aireet. at31 m r I ,< I. NRWKI.I. (t D-,V? l ATfcNT I'mililU IA TION PkNK LOCK ? n> and o h-ra may plare in plirit confidence in It e al . v. t-r'i htita the heat til) aafeat in uae >ir en-n m j- lu?e the hev for a wh le day to make a f-e annilic hy, v.i'h m the el'ph'ret cliane of opening it. af ei a ennnge hae h-rn in -d- in ? tling it Ot ler rkeUeable h eka -re liab'eto be pii ked hy ner-ona whe may aee the kry.aa wai 'he r.-n nreutlw en the Corobinitiro I,nek in*' ii'ed by Dr fc'ol< m in Andrew. of I'etth Amhoy. ! J. whicnwai upon the eeii't of in? American Fachauge Bank in W-II atre?l, waa pii ked f>v \1r HeuryC J one a, of .\e ?ark,N I., Iu preemr.e of ih-'fd era of aeee al Banka in ' (h.e city The game l.*kwi< aficw-rde ?i?t t" Dr. Aud rewa, *?bo P*?l <n uew worM ?>i a mor* ana i? i u uure m, kut which Mr. reauilv rf*utd He noin another oc caiion publicly picked Utr H-'War-t Hotel one ??l Ik Co ? hi nit loo Locks. inch u are I old by th: American link Lock eputalmil of Day, Newell fc. l)?y, reftnulaiion I Buk Locke I* fl m y ratab'tahul They ha'e iiie.ri.ibly taken the bint ett premium*, when > vhiliile<t at th? Kurt held lu New Ymk. Boa'oo ud lla.l.i tlphn, r trely, Wold mtdila in the two enira fir?t named and S.leer, being the highest premium Kieen in the Utter rity. Then* lo Jtr ar- in d< to It' y whi?' en" be rli Tfed in foini from ore to ore b-nilred Ibniennd m I'i . difr etit t mee.iiifn eilherof wtii'li they arc equally e 1 ur't' (I p oof agamat the al temp it of ihe mo.I .kilfui I urgl r t> r thowtd hi like an tin| preaai' n.oreren lake the key ilaelf. I.ei ould not e*|ierl toojen il during hia lile, nuleaa aom* one were to irih.rm h m ol lb" maunae in w hich llir lock might te changed, altct l.e obtain'd poaaeaa on of the k' y ttp leralorthe ab<i*a Lock promptly a'trn'ed toby JOHN D A Y, hucreatcr to Day, ewell fc U?>. No.5?9 Uro.dvtay. apltlm* ___________ KALSOMINK PATXfl-l^ Krlaiilii.l " Paint he flog UrD aaeerety tealed in Una city dti'irg tl winter month*, the patentrra ean renimrpend it wi'h renewa l "onfi.1"nee to the public. The nnniteoua epeciinen of Kalanmine Paint now en*I in* in New York, renilepa in enoma ation of it* ad eintngta anpartluou* ; among the moat prominent arc tbe followug .? Kaiaomtne Colore are mi re termrnent. more liur.inro* and ?gi leable to i he e j e thin oil tol.ira. Tim y are applied without nerantnittog inv offenaite etrell or ikjurioua rffeet up ,n health. ?n I drying in a lew hotirt. Kalaomiti* paint may, if properly applied, he waahed when eoiled, according to direetton* in the circular. Ordera w?.*i**4 and punctually attend'J lo at the KALSOMINr. PAIN i' DKTOT. fehVtm* 3st Be ad* t.corner Vr nhlin / JKIN'P^P '< ISI. _| r. I Hi V K. - iV H ft-WrUTSTlKT ' ' fr l\ \ >' r. I.I I imis. iym ?uui v u:t L. < CJHOI., ?Ri-nltr, ha?c j on Bfi up 'I>l|l?7 H > r nil n t ' tlifS V lir f.) <JT 'tic u? lh> ?? bill ' ?: n y * ill I o rrimtlv * I. I <1 ft ioi.mid of triir.-n movf H ?j>?p it j.iitili-t wtkne Hi IS? iloiiB'h. iltsitity. fcr. TV y r nn j' llir tilnrd ?> i| iut ig irate lli? 'n le??t'in. I r h tt.rj ir* ctrcm ly mild nn'i |>I atui Tr> th?m. Pr en 3} ein??. H MhyA.I) *t H H? d u?< .??, 7* Vn'tiB eo*"tr ofOn'Jmr.l ii.IiuOKuI ii < r in- . !' . trrrt. AU" 0 il by Alum B . *miH? l( l> , Nn 17.1 IS ut *?v, rnrnrr nf Cnvnlier?it tit, D .niij .V I ? N.i 77 Ilnij.lw <i . t ir ?r ! ? . ?w,7.i> HVDR VOL ( i J'K? . -I I e ( JJHN l All SI I * W jt?r n>?l ne r ? IP r Uack ttrtel, Bra4l|i RK F V10RNLVG, AP11IL 30 18 New Haven. |Corrt-?pondence of the Herald.1 New H\TE.t, April 23J, 1812. Meitnerium ? fti Clt.iw ami Kfferlt ? Moimrritm n JVrio Haven. Jx?iks Oonnox Busnett, Esq. Dsts Sin,? The subject of Animal Magnetism having been particularly commended to th- attention of the citiz-ns of this city by the distinguished me.-naerists, Houghton and De Hoiincrillc, it may not be very uninteresting to youi readers to learn the opinions of some few ivno have paid no s'ight attention to their ".ondcrful rxperimeuts For the purpose of gratifying the curious, 1 uva 1 myself of your valuable columns. Had the papers hete possessed your fearless candor, my communication would have seen (be light under ditT rent auspices. But my purpose will he equally well answered, by selecting the present medium, as your paper is extensively known and read by our good people. It must be recollected, that their fame preceded ihera. The report of their succ ss in oilier places, and especially in Hartford, in exciting and controling the magnetic fluid, so as to shut up all the uatu ral avenues to the hum m soul, and give it a free passport to any part of the terraqueous globe, the world of spirits or the starry spheres, hadput every <l! u : i j. c.lsr.i . - iniiig in uur ijuici ittiu ulii^iuuii ti y mm u cuniiu* erablc ferment. As a very natural consequence, the cilia ns were prepared to give them a candid hearing and an overflow n' house on the evening of theiriutroductory lecture The Ice urewas highly creditable to Mr. II , hut the evidence of the mesmeric sleep far from satisactory. The excitability of the andieucr' was evidently great, hut the appirent candor and sincer.iy of the gcnlleiiieii prevented all unpleasant expression < f feeling, and the house was willing to give a fair test to their pre tentians; they, therefore, intrusted the whole sub ject to the hands of an able committee, whose report is anxiously expected by thosei.ot already sa'isfled with the evidences of their And what are the claims of mesmerism, ns understood ard explained by these gentleman, to our consideration. It certainly comes befor} us with higher pretensions than any other science within the range of human knowledge. It aflirms a power, existing to a greater or less extern in every person, of closing in utter sil nee the senses, and control irg at plrasare the movements ol the mind and body. By an earnest gaze and certain manipulations of a Very few minutes, the person becomes insensible to all objects save the in gnetiser and the one in i mesmeric connection. And now wonder after wonder bursts on our a tonished spirits. The un- i fettered soul is free?it mry range wherever I will ?over th:s earth, at my bidding, it wings its gentle i or rapid way, taking c. gnizance of all objec s,and j bringing back to me an hccuratc account?it en- ( ters the body diseased, and describes the malady , and prescribes the remedy?it goes to the plane ta, , and thu? save* the lab>noii* investigations o| the astronomer?it enters the spirit-laud, but here it shrinks back terror-smitten, sending a tremor through the sl-oper's muscles, and making the lachrymal glands pnur forth their crystal floods to the HSionishmtut of all neophytes Such is the terror and agitation of ih- mesmeric sleeper, that even we dwe'lers en terra firma must, forsooth, in nscrcy cry out to the rigid questioner, forbear, forbear! And thus by the simplest process in the world I make a finite b-ing assume the omniscience and omnipresence of Deity- While seated quie ly in my studjr, I am deriving, through my mysterious ag'ent, information upon all subjects?am 1 in a poetic mood 1 He talks in Shakspearan numbers? would music charm away my evil genias T He pours ravishing melody into my soul. Would I lis ten to the strains of eloquence 1 lie at once becomes the orator Would lb come acquainted with the treasures of some unknown tongue 1 lie di-closes them with the skill of a linguist Would I learn any thing respecting the appearances of place.! He gratifi-s mn by the accuracy of hisdescriptu ns.? All the objects of public interest ttass ins anity in review before we. Now I am with liimammju the ruina of Koine, ?r the wonders of Venice and Naples ; in short, my will makes subj ct to ine the who'e universe. 1 can p ;ss by the aid of my little omnipresent wrappeu in Nui<st:.e?s tiuj, iiiruugn wall* and silk*; (l?v the bye, thi* women should remember, as thev nave certain fair proportions ever exciiing man's busy curiority) aid orer mountains and oe ans And these aie not half the won- , ders of mesmerism; but they all certainly belong to it H8 taught and believed by the distinguished youths, Houghton mil D - Bonneville. ( And row to the re ults of their experiments.? ( These, at every candid mind I think will decide, , were failures This will seem, I know, to some J few too sweeping an asser inn. Hut I am equal y j confident to only a few, and th< se from various mo. ( tires overpursuaded to relieve them from thcr un- , pleasant situation In no in.-tancr, unlets he'orc , the committee, has the rc,li'y of the mesmeric j sleep even been attempted to be proved The gentlemen had too delicate a regard for the boy's phyrical nature; too great a reverence for ihcir promise to r< lure him safe and sound to his parents in Boston, to allow any t- sts *o be applied ; corsequently he went unseat! cd to the depth <f a hair, we were 100 generous hr;e to persist in acting counter to their expressed wishes, and the result ? thus far proved all tha' could be desired, by even the gentlemen them elves. The hi Id now be- ( comrs clear. The mesmerised sleeper await* the examination. He is put in rasgneiic c< unction with Fome worthy personage, and the farce begins For it was certainly nothing more, as must have been very evident to every candid spectator He is taken to different places, near and remote, in a way that scarcely any lad would have failrd to hare been more accurate in bis answers I am strictly within the bounds of truth when I say, on an average rut one question in ten was answered with correctness Hat wb?nthe boy made a lacky tut the wonder seekers were pcrtecily wrapped <n adtnirution nf hi* rrm it liable know ledge. Am specimen of hi* accuracy take the following: A gentleman, in a private cijslc, held in his hand an artificial orange ; l)e B*1?askrd him if I,e saw it. "yea" "examine it cl 'Sely?what ia it?" "A knife! * And tn this he rigidly adhi red. Mr F , a very promising and worthy young artist took him to his studio : he was fairly introduced ; he undertook to describe the room : and he did not ment on a single thing accurately ; it wa- filled with rery fine paintings, but the boy substituted his usual furniture?tables and chairs pl.icirg anroe books, for ornament, 1 suppose, brtwi en the windows, when there tvaa only one in the room Another person, on a different occasion, took him to his livery tnhle ; but he s? w no horses there, though a pit n*y of chairs and tables, besides some beds A student asked him to describe his room ; lie foiled;?"what is by the stove J" a chair ; " w hat do you see in it 1" "somethingblack ;*'"wh,it was it 1 ko':"a fiddle; he had, however, pat there a pair of boots. In some instances be was m< re correct ; yet there were n<? answers givtn which were not either implied in the question, or inferred from the pr?feasi< n of tbo questioner, or the result of t> lerahly gtiod guti lag. Beautiful specimens III'se. if Animal Mug- , netism as practised by certain inJi viduals Shou'd ? not our communities war e their time and money in ) patronising those edifi*rs of the lace ? Kather ? should not the growing bcnevol. nee i f the ago vole J a tablet to their mi niory ! Oh bumbufgtry, aan'st j tbou b!nsb 1 No, thy face is bras* ! In this art ele I In ve ant intended to express my , opinion of Mesmerism, as understood b> ihe more sc-i?nti!:c inen rf this age Uow far the evidence goes to support its claims, I do not pretend to de. 1 ermine : what arc to he its future dev. kioments I do not venture to prrdiet. There ??, 'indeed. J itrong evidence 'hat it hat a tolerably Arm baaia , on which to rest However, what the mo t Icara , ed men in Europe have proneunC''d a farce, 1 can not receive at truth, without more cert in and j striking evidence than has yet been pretested ? , When I thall tee men of mind nnd vi r .city thrown | by a )0"k and a wave of the hand into the oblivion , ot the tueameric tleep, moving at tlie will, and not j th?- voiee of another : describing invariably erd accurately di-t int. and never teen i bject-, and te, linir, vi h an absolute certainty diteat< n and remedies, 1 shall bow mv faith to tbn high claim* of bu- ' mm mapneti in ; but not till thin; and that po- j riod, 1 fancy, is very remote, if my belief ia to be I formed by inch ftca at have been presented in ' this nit) by Montienr I)e Bonneville, <V* Co , back I ed, though they be, by the warm of the ' " Impartial Er quiror ' f the New IlaV'n Hemlit I In conclusion and in compliance with nrif-im i practice, 1 would give vo d of advice to the ' f t>t . men. Mr. H ia her- by rrcommended to I git e o;rhi I'lim'uypery rd devote hi- fine tal ntt i to ?' tie more worthy ltd bwi?M> fmrumt Mon m. (>? II ?ri I f?.|lo*v the ltd vice of the I di>iin: ui? ? ?<! Hiskiji of l!ii? State, i?rn! ; rnh? tiie I n'-j r? ?o the rrrj cor'. f?r I c i? well cnitcd to I ibe butt cm Yoiin, | Y *r k IE R A 42. VonrlerUui. Wf give below another curious article on Fourierism. by a disciple of that leading ;?p'>*t|<- of the new Squish philosophy. This article is very funny as detailing the new principle of li nance to be adopted by these philosopher* We have taken the liberty of tilling up the blanks ourae Ives. Let all lead and then jud|^?? ofthe merits of the system .? Fourier Ism. New Voitk, April 27, 1812J. (?. Be.imett, Efn : ? SflR,? You say in reference to the Fourier system of association, that hitherto it is all words, and that when it is shown who will clean hoots and wash clothes, you will admit i's practicability. The first step to be taken would be the adoption of articles of agreement and association The name and *t>le of the a-sicia'ion, to be " Tne Fourier Association of Bubble-bubble coun'y, State of Coney Island." The objects and business of the awociition to be, th-- general improvement of their six thousand acres, and in the immediate vicinity thereof and the erection thereon, of a ufulanx of bnil ing-i of the value at least of gtOh.UM, on or belorc 1st January, 181.">, ai.d the same or any part thereof, with any other kind cf proper'y acquired by them, to sell, rent, or lease, and to do all oiher acts uecessarv anu proper relative thereto. The stock to be divided into two clu-sr?, capital and guaranteed. Shart s one dollar each When a tract of land ha- been ee|ec e ',viz: in the rich and flourishing republic of Coney Island, certificates of capital stock equal to the acknowledged value, to be issued in payment, and the laud conveyed to three trustees. The capital stock thus to be based on ihe laud. The articles of association then to be subscribed for stock equal to the purchase. S tares being one dol lar each, need not prevent any from subscribing for a thousand shares mere or less. The test on the list to have the privilege of going on 10 ihe laud firstthen the second, and the rest of the stockholders in'ion, with a guarantee of employment at a fair daily remuneration, payable weekly in guaranteed six percent stock, with which 'hey to go to the eutinir rooms, shoe, store, and oilier coul t.?hmeni? Said (lock being receivable in payment of ull asro ciatiun dues/or rent, land, and other property. This lock guaranteed by all tlir pr? puty ?>t ibe Htsociation, to be issued in exchange for labor, building materials, as the improvements progress The three per cent dividend to be punctually paid evetysix months after the dale of each certificate. Then after making the cipiial stock u,ten percent stock,that is, a five per cent, dividend every six months, the deily compensation then to be increased, ilienalund of profits to be created equal to the guaranteed stock, or sufficient for unforeseen losses. Soon as a settleineht has been commenced, tlie capital stock will at once be wor h a premium. The fair remuneration to be sullicienl to provide i comfortable living The earth being curivated in the beat possible manner will probably yield sufficient not only to iffett this object, but to pay interest on the b per cent stock, which must be done at all events, even if it he neces-ary to stl! property to rlo so. The acting trustee to be r resident member. Mo guaranteed stock to be legal unless regularly passed by the hoard of directors, mid cniiiitersigited hy himself. He to be prohibited frcm conveying anyprope r'y except in exchange for an equilHmouni dI his signatures To be ready fir the protection of properly against private depredation, and if necessary, to call in the aid of lite pence officers of the county?each one to be dependant ujioit Uis own fXeitions and amenable to the laws of the land, I .a .jorers and others to be hired lor us little us thev will do acts of drudgery and set vices attend* d vviih r'ok, but not lees than will enable ilieni to live comlort-ibly. livery holder? f one or more -hares to be i member, and every member wi-hing it, to be provided with agreeable employment, or employment made so by proportionate pay. Expulsion to be the only peunl'y uni'ed with the proteeliugjpower possessed by the ftina trustee, :o be the executive power. '1 he hoard of directors to appoint the different committees, on agriculture, manufactures, commerce, \-c. Children to be employed in going to school for part of the day, and an opportunity to be otherwise em ployed. In case of sickio hv the daily pay, although reduced, yet to go on With th< se advautages none but the idle wou|d,6otVer. Association e.i land is th*. only eff dual remedy for the prevent gr* at extent of waat and misery which ? xista. Any one, on selling his stocK of the enclosed description, can be ejuti of the concern. The slock to be a circulating medium based on value. Each one thus having his or her :are of tl e property in hand available U ,e mon- y For money, all kinds of service* cau be h d, so it wilj have to be in association, at the same time securing greater advantages than by livin? in n state :>f competition? familit s in an isolated state. It is mactical details that is now wanted of the friends d association. The articles to he forty '.wo in nuin)er-much more to be said. II you would insert he whole or an ubridginent of this, or lake some totice ol it in one of your good tempered columns, t would be highly gratifying and benefit eullering tumauity. Iltfre id a sample oi the currency : ? u"3 6 a Tbt Kcu.ier AiMciMinuof J,1* . The Bearer > II jldrr tif .t _ "'j One Share of line Dolt ir. < ? E ; ? ? a "2 v c" 'he Labor ami Property Mock of Cr? ~'e ET !LP the Fourier AstuciatioD of 2-3 ^ Tlace Dale. i'.Jel 0 :x ' SuVjtct to its Arltcl.n of Aixx-iatou. ? i = = i;? A. HUMBUO, PieM't. c= c?~% S - 5 Horace Fi|u ?h, See. , ?SO? ts*g'ofiS Osod at str-et. New York- o ? EJi ? a and receivable in payintnt ol i?'l A"- c * 5 o ??S-5 aociatioii iliieg lor Kent, Land, and ? aosdS" ototrPropei ty. 5?s.? x The Fourier Attar ialion of i TUe bear-r * holder of Out [Share cf -3 Oae Do lie, tj? In tin Caj itol Stuck of j; j 7kt Foeatra A asocial io"> of _ Subject tj ita Ar icle of Aaeociatio". 0 O 2 Place. L a e. & ? A. HUMBUO, rreaidtut. , H Horace Si/vtuk Sot Ojodat etrre'. Near Y< rk. These certificates to be eniraved on bank note [taper of the H/." and appearance of a banknote, traneferrable by delivery. All payments to be made in guaranteed 4 per cent stock, seemed by all th" property of the Company, held by ihree tru-teee.? Allaioney rectived to be placed in safe hands at ir. rjrpi, i rnuy i?'i ijir iruriii|iinm (| w ?>? * , mc Pdllie o be issued vlthe various denominations? such as I Ms, 20V, iVrc. Thus the Association tvill have a pa- I wr currency of their own, secured by property to j hree or four times the value-and this circulating ! nedktm will he necessary, in order to keep clear o7 ' took deb's- Payments for labor and materials being I tromptly made in stock to be kept t ((iiivaletit t? I pecie. The true state of the whole concern to bo I 'hewn in a statement book twice a week, ready lor I nrp-ciio? of all concerned. One feature ol this j tlan is, that any one possessed of a dollar can b>- in- 1 crested, whether living on the land or not. F. i Mumi n? Ana vmsas ?We understand 'hat a . a-vero rencontre came oil' a lew days since, in the j Seneca Nation, betweeu Mr. Loose, the rub-sg>-iit [ 'f the mixed band of the Senrc is, <^, and "Ihftwnees, and Mr. James Gill? spie. ol ilia mercan- , ile firm of Thomas G. Allison it Co , ol Maysville, [Jonton county. Ark , in which die latter was slain ! with a Bowie knife. Some d.fiicuity lw*J lor some lime existed between the parties It is raid that ) Major Gillespie broaeht on the attack wi'h a cane, j A severocot tl'ot rntited, during which two pistol* were fired by GiHrspir and om by L >ose Loose : then subbed Gillespie with one o| those never failing weapons, a Bowie kioie. 'I he death of iMt-yii lr is mix h tegsfitcd, aa he wax a liberal r.iiuued j ittii energetic man Sauce the above was in type, we have learned that I Vlajnr Allison has stated to son of our cma-os :u i i,wn thrtt >1 r- Looee gave the first hi >w We for. J Mar lo tire any particular*, as ihe nitt< *-r will he hi* subject ot judicial investigation ? f'u* Kurm iitfflK^rytn', Apt tl 1 Asitnir "huatibtia" Arista?It wi the e< o fr< m the. Prm lam* list of Governor Hewnrrl, i 11 onr column* thi? inuruicth.-.t the oA:t rs of ihe aw in Sjheharic county have been ruiulcd in tlio *r rtitiun of thi-ir lint:** by bi d:e? I nirn"di*. (uiatd a d armed W ? u uler?t i d th t 'he ?rat >1 ibis i^uavi civil war i* the Licit f won Manor, and 1 hut the cauirs which have led to thn onthrv.k at" r in to tt.oaa a hirh cistn bed th- iw lie peter in hi* county in 1-18) md ' hi. The tioTcranr < ftrr* a ree aid n <t7(it), in bo pat,l to those tv ho ?ha'l be ln?t'omental in biinpin? to ju? ire th. "i >li-<ni>*|(ed in re?i?t:o* the civil i.othoritia-* of Ri h banc It it to be hupvd ih.-i the I'roclawat *-n , f ik. i ? > Si l i,. i n?- ...i. .< t Hu.i i I on el I in* ihc outbreak nn<l ihm rer otr ? rf?oil ?? ini<rt ?1finj?nt mr? nrej rranrcelfrrj- ? .d/Vrny Ar?r,iti' I ttr, April Si. JL. u. i.--. jsk' : fll?? twuUiti haunch of u Untile Htilp. America bails thee ? l h emotion. Mightiest chil<i of naval Kit, lieavrn resound* ti.y welcome; Ocean Takes thee smiling to his heatt. Oiant oaks of boU expansion O'er seven hundred acres fell, All in build thy noble mansion, , Wneru our heart* of oak shall dwell. 'Midst those trees the m ild deer bounded A^es long rre wotwere born, Ar?t our great graudfidkors sounded Matty a jovial hunting bom. O tki that living did inherit Urandeur from our earth and sky, Still roliuat. the native i|>irit lo your limbers shall not die. P'tip to shine in martial story, _ Tltou shalt cleave the or, nn'a Freighted with America's glory,'" And the thunders of her w rath. Foe* ?hall crowd their ssils and flv thee, Tbrsat'ning havoc to their dtck, Wliea afar they first detcry thee. Like the coming whirlwind'* speck. Gallant bark thy pomp and beauty Storm or battle u< 'er shall blast. Whilst our tars, in pri le and duty, Nail thy color* to the mast. April. Wh.-n the warm sun, that brings Weed time and harvest, has returned again, Tis sweet to visit the still wood, where springs The flower of the plain. I love the season well, When forest glades are teeming with brief forms, Nor ilaik and many-folded clouds loretell The coming-in of forms. From the earth's loosened mould The sapling draws its sustrnnnce. and thrives : Though stricken to the heart with winter's eold, The dioopiug tree levivts. Thenoftly waihled song Comes through the pleasaut woods, and colored wing* Are glancing in the golden sun, along The forest openings. And wh?n bright sunset fills The silver woods with light, the green slope throws I Its shadow* in the hollows of the hill*, | And wide the upland glows. IAnd when the day is gone. In the blue lake, the sky o'errvaching f ir. 1* hollowed out, and the moon dips her horn, And twinkles many a star. Inverti d in the tide Stand the gray rocks, and trembling shadows throw. And the fair tree* look over, side by side. And see themselves below. sweci April, mnny a tbongtit Ii wedded unto thee, h? hearts hiv wed ; Nor shall they fail, till, to ill autumn brought, Life'a golden fruit ii ihtd. The glimmer nirda. Sweet warbleri of the sunny hours, Koi ever on the wing ? I love them, ai I love tne flowers. The sunlight and the spring. They come like pleasant mi morie*, In Summer'* joyous time, And sing thi ir gushing melodic* AS I n ould sing a rhyme. In the grrcn and quiet places Where the golden runlight falls, We sit with smiling faces. To list their silver calls ; And when their holy anthems Come pealing through the air. Our hearts leap forth to meet them, With a blessing and a prayer. Amid the morning'*fragrant dew? Amid the mists of even? They warble on as if they drew Their niasic down from Ileavea. How sweetly sounds each mellow note, Beneath the moon's pale rav. Wheu dyiag zephyr* rise and float, Like lovers' sighs, awsy ! Like shadowy spirits seen at eve, Among the tombs they glide ; Where sweet pale forms, lor which wc grieve. Lie sleeping side hy side. They break with song and solemn'ho-h Where peace reclines her hea<l. And link their lays with mournful thoughts That cluster round the dead. > For never aan my soul forget The lovtilrf other years ; Their memories (ill my spirit yet? I've kept them green with tears; And their singing greets my heart a', times. As in the days of yore. Though their music, and their loveliness. Is o'er?for ever o'er. And often, when (he mournful night Coaaes with a low., sweet tune. And sets a star on every height. And one betide the moon? When not a sound of wind or wave The holy stillness mars. I look above, and strive to trace Theirdwellingsinthe stars. The birds ! the bird* of trimmer hours? They bring a gush of glee. To the rhild u-nong the fragrant flowers? To the ttilor on the tea. We bear their thiilling voice* hi their awitt and airy flight, And the inmoat heart rrjoicea With a ca m and pure delight. In the alillneaa oftha atarlight hour, When I am with tlie dead. Oh ! may they flutter 'mid the flower* That bloaaom o'er *v head. And pour their aong* ofgladnea* forth In one melodiou* atrain. O'er lip* whole broken melojy Shall never ring again. On Mualr. When whiapering wind*,that creeping at eel, Diatil aoft pa?*iona through the heart ; And when at every touch we feel Our aenae* join and hear a part; When threat* can make A hcart-atring ache Philoaophy Can acarce deny Our aoula are made of ha; many. When unto Heavenly jny* we fain Whate'er the aoul alfVaetli moat ; Which only thu* we can explain, By muaic of the Heavenly holt ; Whoaelay* wethink Make atari to wink ,? Philoaophy Will ne'er deny Our aoula conaiat of harmony. O lull me, lull me, rhaiming Air ! My aenaealull with tnim^ri aweet ; Like anow on worl thy falling! are ; Soft, like a apirit'a are thy (eat! Orief, who nai da fear, That bath an ear I? Dawn let him lie. And aliimbeiinc die, And change hia aoul for harmony The White Blril of the Tropic. llird of the anowy wing. Whseling in sportive ring Hound at) Heat hark,a* she hounds o'er the iu Where dont thou take thy rest 1 Where doth thy downy breast Warm thy young offspring. ere yet they cut Aee T Where doth thy loving mate Tn thee hi* tale relate ? Where ahare thy j?ys, when to pleasure inclined t On the wave's foaming edg? I Or on some rocky le I go LaahM by the billows and swept by the wind I Cease from thy soaring flight, Float on thy wings of white , Tell, whilst together we skim o'er the ware. Bird of the satiny sky ! When bursts the storm on b;gh, * rathelves, where dost thou its fury ou'hrsvel Scornful she bounds away, Var o'er the flashing spr y. Borne by the breeze where site listtlh to roam Vare-thee wrll, little one ! When thy brief r?c- is run, Where dwell the sunbeams go seek thee a homo. ^\Yst ?We learn from th* Norfolk Beacon tliat Coinniantirr Jol.n H id.ihc hern ..ppmnt'd to the commend ot tfi?' U. S. brig l> ilpiiin, now lying in that pott. .... . . Ci oimander WiHtam M Armnrmi has h-en nrHsr.rt to j?in 'lie I'. > ?-h'P f.-vant at Pei.sneola, V e Coh'tnindrf Fi'khoch, r? lieved. book bIndIng" AMI PAi'KK Ui;I,IN(. HIKKlaAM), No. iao N asm . sire r i, hiring an entire new i* im I ( L-i'id.iiifT ol- N.itl l(iil*i>a Vl.rl.inerv. of the nimi upmot' Irvifrin, it w prtpiml *o e??wl? ail< t?!?r? <"'! ' mnt\ du.ab ? aao h*n<lxime mnnaar. Mrrrhmta Ari'xiui Loi tr* an-l alt iihcr kindaaf RUak w?, ? nil'd ?n l h -ut'il la-uy n .1 .am. m a air l> thai io war?w.ti >1 t (i?* aattsf?et!.m Ao> .v-trk i-r?t r?d can b* doaa m i|i? '.its'iai imvlt it rrquirid.aa H.I h i? hadlo 14 eipanaaea ID h. i]| metHoitt _ KOH *\Lt--rw? .tt?Bdhand^opv*rplatafra?*?. Apply u abort.

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