Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VII.?No. Ml.?WM* No. 'MIS. NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKKTS. To .4ilTr.ui Nrn Vork ou iIh- !.'4h ami l.ivrrjKM.I on ilir l*h uj rath mulltk. m. jfcj* * ROSCIl'B, ( *|.(aiu Job. Culliiu, t'Hli ?. SIDDONS. Canuia K. B. Cobb, iiil. - Sl it. XHK.K1DAN. C?t.huu K. A. SJ''1 M?rBliip OAKKICK. ( ajKwn Win. SkiJ.Ijf, iM> Juuo. V'hom Li?*hi*uol. . Wiip 8IWRIDAN. CajHain K. A. Driwyatrr, l*hMarch. Hliip UAKKHK, 4'apt'tiu \Vm. Hki.iJf. IStb hhip UOSrlUH, Captain Juhti ('ulliiu, ISlh May. Ship SIDDONS. Captain E. B. Cobb. Iiil? June. ihiiM tut* ail ul #if first clfta*, upward* of 1U00IOHS, uuill in tlir city of New York, iritk Mck i?pio???'UU combine (If-u! t|>. t'J Wllii umiuiiaI QOWAkI ft* Clli iA/. Im-uu takt u iu tft? * trnwriHtiif oi theti pccoinuiodsUuiiit rhr ptfce of hewce i< ?160, Tor which atmde store* veil m ptuvMrd. Tmm ships i." eom?MUided b> eioeriencetl iiastrrs, who W ill make Of < i j CICIWNI lO M I ?l salulurMMP? Neither the capttiui or owutri of the *hip* will he re*|?ou?iil< for iuy letteftw, parcels oi |eckawf lei* bj them, Mttlrii re* [itl? i>ilb of u?lm* are signed tft?? re for. The ahi|>a oft* thin line will hereafter go armed, ami their |iei<tii*i construction gires them security not poaacaaed by any other mtv<san?*Dof war. For I Ye it lit or paasrufr, apply to E. K. COLLINS St CO., MBoitli it., New York, or to WM. & J AS. &ROWN it CO.. LiT.rj.Mil. Letters by the packrts will he charged r#un pt r aiugle lieet ; 5# cents |?er ounce, ami miwapaps rn I rent each nil NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SECOND USE.) $S> J The nuk|mi of thuhm^^n he re aftercare Net^Yorl^Iii the 1st md liaVra ? the 16th of each mnttk, as fMktwi: J \uih N*w York. bVom Unvrr. The tie w ship ONEIDA, i 1st March t litth April Captain < 1st July J Itith August James Ftiuck, f lat November r Pith December Ship BALTIMORE, C 1st April C lttth May Captaiu < 1st August ? Pith September Edward Knock, C Dt Dt'ctem'rr Itith January HbipUTICA, i Dt May i Inili June Captain J 1st Septemb'rJ Itith October * Frederick Hewitt, f lat January ( ltirh February New shipHT.N ICOLA S, V Iwt Juue i Pith July t'mpUiu \ 1st October \ Itith November. J. B. Pell, ( Dt February f Utu March The accnmmotlalinuii of theae ahips arc not an rpaa.seil, coiittiniug all tlutt tanv be rcijuired lor coml'ort. The uric* of cams pannage in flOO. I'anaeugera Will he supplied with etet) re ptislte willi the riception of winas nud li?piora. Goodn inteaded for these reaneD will be forwarded bv tlir ?baeriWv% free from anv other thin the fXpfttMS ICtwAy incurred on them. For freight or naaaage, apply tw BOYD k H INC KEN, Amenta, Tontine Uiiihliiu;a. Si?ti i\p.vv iiKuiiAnn. I) NEW YORK LINK OF PACKETS. AMilAji F^VtaWtfcr tcctniiiuoualioi" of shipper*, it m^i Tit Glided to b*fM|n a ship from this port oiiuIim 1st, 6th, loth, 16th. 20th. and i monfli, commcnrliaiVtlie loth Octobw and couiinu* njtJRI May, tvli*M rn^uUr day* will be .T|n?oinf?d lyi Un* rrtMJfXwl. r^i da- year, whereby great delay* and ili*Hp|H?iutiii* iit-s a ttlt* J^rr rule d dining the Miuiimr mouths. The follow ill# ihr^s ftuil coimnf nee thi* unmix** uncut : H?;? YAZOO. stain Cornell, slop OCONEE. f *pl.iiu Jirkson. Stop MISSISSIPPI, Crpuiu 11111 it r < I. Smp LOUISVILLE, <_ 11 limit. Ship SHAKHPEARE, Captain Minor. Ship OASTON. Captain Latham. Ship HI! NTH VlLLr'.. Captain .\lumford. Ship OCMULOEK, Captain Lcavitl. Ship NASHVILLE, Ca|4ain Dickinson. Slop MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Miillonl. Threw .hip. were .11 built in the city of New York, cvpreniy for packet*. ne of light draft of water, have reccutlv hern tewly voppercd and nut in splendid order,with accnumiotUtiou* or uuo<|iaillrd lor comfort. They are commanded ty v atyVyfevd .ten, who will Blake .very eieitiou to give jeucialmfrufartimi. They will .1 nil time, he towed up aud lowu f.Muaiaaippi hy .lea".boat.. NrW^iar the trwnera ui captain, of them shipa will be res|*>li?irle l<HT|rwflry, bnlliou. precious .tone., silver or plated ware, >r I'or auv l.llrgr, inure I or paeltatte, teut by or pat on hoard of hem, trulea. regular bills of ladiug are taken lot the same, and he valun thereon expressed. For freight or passage, apply to K. K. COLLINS A CO., V, South ?l.. or III'I.I. IN It WOODRUFF. Agent in Now Dhleona who will prouiialy forward all good, to their address. The ?ii|w of thii line are warranted to .nil irUBCtually a* adertised, and grenl ear. will be taken to hava tire goods correcty measurcE trtf STEAM NAVIOATION UF.TWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, n.i?southampton. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. Kstsr, CtmniNDta. The ilaji of do|atrtnre of this well-known Steamship, have recu liteil as follows : 'roui Antwerp, From Southampton, Frmu No*. York, Dn irli May, 1141, On 7lh May, IM;t, On 7th June, Ig-U 7th July, " 10th July, " 7th Aug., " 71b H?pt. " Ml Sept. " 7th Oct., " Price of iMtage, meet, not iueludcd, to Soutliamptioi or kutwerp, #711? Blew aril's lees, %t fit',. The meals will be erred on board, un tire plan of a continental hotel, in th? best inliner, and at liv.d and moderate price*. Families or parties nay contract for thu voyage witli ilia steward. An cipcrioiiceil So rgeou on board. For freight or |?ssaye, or any further information, apply to II. W. T. Ik II. MALI, Agents, as* f>i*T -ii deiTcrstreet* NEW YOKlf AND NEWAKK7 kroai iti.' ftiot of I nnrlltndt atrrrt, Nc? York. (Kvcrr day?Suudaya accord.) Lrirn Nrw York Lratra Nrwark It 8 A. M. At 8 r. M. At 7}. A. M. At l? F. M. ) do. 4 do. t do. jV, t|o. || t V do. l(lti do. 1\, dt. ti do. 7 do. 8 do 10 do. ON SUNDAYS. kiom (lit foot of Liberty itrcrf. I.rava Nrw York, l.raar Nrwark. At ? A. M. mid O. p. M. At 1 I'. M. and III P. M. NKW YORK, Kl.I/ABKTHTOWN. RAI1WAY AND NKW, BKUNSWIl k. Karc rrdmrd. From llie foot of Liln-rty slrrrt, diiljr. I,.-.ith Now York. I.rarc Nrw Brnntwick. At 8 A. M. At 7ti A. M. 4k, P. M. . I P. M. SOMKRVTl.LK Hu^ra comwct willi thrar liMtracliWiy. Fair l>rlworn Nrw York and Homrmll*, iO cri|la. Do do Nrw Biuiuwick, 7i rrnta. Rrt,way. 50 cruta. klliubaUiMwu, , Hi cruta. Tin- fare in tlir 7'? A. M. train from N*'W Brtiniwirk, mid 1 \ '. M. Iraia from Nrw York, liaa been rrdacrd brtwrrii Naw Yolk and Nrwr Bum.wick, to .'81 cruta. " and Haliway to 31 Vw "* Tlir Philadelphia mail liur |>.uiM"t through Nrw Brumwick "or New Ywrk a?ery rrcuiu* al 9 o'clock. On Snudaya tlia 7*? A. SI. trip* from Nrw Braiuwirk in nnittrd. Pawtuyraa who prornrr tjirir tickrt. at tlir tirkrt ofl'n a, rr rirc a lorry ticket iralaa. Tickrt. aw rrOrirad by thr couIactor only on tlir nay whru |>iu. Iiaard. frbll JniMP<>RTANT T0 WESTERN M KKCII A NTS. RKl-lANt K I'ORTABLK IRON BOAT I,INK "or llir Trauafontatiou of Oooda brtwrrn Pliiladrl|ilna aud l'ittabnrif. Tiiid iiAiimroinfUt in tranM^ortntioii affoid* to Wpkiern Mpu h?uit* iwcubni ?dfaiiUK<?. l'K?? beiuc f*rH'itily jnirkrd it jilt* InmH at our wr?rel?oa*e. No. Mmlu t street, arc earit-1 wt?r tU < itlnuibia aud I'mU4* Railways without irauMpwllt Oavefol ti)iuiii nttd t mi,, to*- efeptoyed, who take Lout ol tku rimmIa at I'hiUih l| hi<i, aud eoutiuiie with thcin it. . ttwrr ronte, thai avoiding delay# and the liability offote u 1 hi. MM itrtl oa thr way. ,v it.?t'aiA*ni;ois (brwmd t?? I ittfcbitiftutd PMifittt, rr? ? ?i.t ^ . Huini*t\ H i xci iili tl. If. STORKS. Agtm, a 12 tin* 7 Washington utrmt. ItAlLKOAD Ni>TK E. MARKKT AND FllKIOIIT LINK. iTniin ruin iMM r*Tl pllF NFaW JKR8KY Kiilmad and TrHi??iK?rtAtinii ComI t.tu< htb.- ratabliahfd * Krrifhi Line between NewUmwWKI IM New York, which they intend to run p*riu?*i*lm\ I'a LcM'iMT New RrniMwifk at 5 A. M. daily, (Huti.Uya rv rgd) NM the foot of Libert) am et, Hi " Ian, it S I. M. wromtrif ikwlrn ml rarrrhiNi lU above line m very defo? Ibe apeedy and cbcnp conveyance nerrJiandiae C every vMcribtkit. nnd more particular!/ to Droveraand lenlurs in Lire Stork, who can have 150 head of cattle corney.1 between New Bfuntwiuk hihI Nrw York, the whip day . heneynx nnifti. The pftis tv?r thr masjnit^a 0i entile, horai e, ndiii >p?P,?r. ami 4ii ouirr RiadiiH ,ir. *fi . if, urTrr Mffi-dmi ?! am boat pri. if. Mi rdutmlMi' iK Iiy ttii* liur it not ttitycet to urntii UtBt* mi rriFime llif North llivrr. 'ITir ( oif[wr,? liarr ""i'' nll t largo (tori Iiiiiko t( Now Inimwiok. t.lmiuiuc the iUilr.gj) It-i-.t. tlu. l, ?,1| alwayt v ?|wa foi (nf r?rcpti<?n o| iu.-r. h^ln. J Paaaowtr w pnrob*aing; dioir lir kola at tha tickot oftcot, w ill trivF lorry nrkwti grant. nit km* WKIWIIT AIFD PAIMIIUK fX>~PiTTHBVIUl. .tatoSfctAlfl U I.N IITrSVr^S--^?Tln' |Ko|>*M'tort of Buitlitui't Tlainportatinu |,)H* m PkuaW, giro notion to ilm MrrrbaiiU ol New Vr.rk.awd allntlirr FtHt abi|jri*I t? tho Woat, dial thoir li?? it >nw n um. WKii.if (Vorir i ..??irn?J to tin w (or arut to go mtbair will ho Howard, d Willi dorpaich. Iliot or abippora ol |?oda. doatinod for ilio Wr-atom ialFF, who U?" BO agoat or rnnangri. o at Pittalmrg, will 1,-aao ''aitipi rtinr gnoda to William liinfthnia, PiUalinrg. ho will attobil If ulnpiam; all Mcb iwmainiiula without a/| Korolt ?iion Id 11" ui.trlii'il dialiui'tly on navli par kag? INUUAU'I LINK. Vor olM of froight, wliir-li aro l< low at any otl.or lina, apply , WM. TV HON, A gout. No. I Wott airor t, op|maito I'ior No. t, N. 11. V n Paw ut.ra forward. il to I'ittrlitirg m l I'otlrrillv.i ti ry iv, Holiday Fiooptrd. R.-fur to II. 4 rookt Amorioati Vor Co.; A. T. Niroll lOHt atrorl : I1n Ipr, Dodgo A Co., Kullna alroet ; K* kl'a ; AVm. Rankin Diiryor A Co, Nowark. ml. nu 1\ POWKI,L ,V ( (l.'S LINK. Mn <acI KOK NKWDCliini, lm* at C A l.ll^jHLiltlpWKLL'W. WKHT I'lilNT AND i ill,I) rtl'lll Mr 1 ? U|(,lll.ANl)K.R, iptaia RoBart Wardrop, will loarr tho foot of Warrou ttrrtl, i, w Vork, rii ri Vomit\ . Tlmrolat ami Hiiiirdar tlVoruoonr I I oYlook. Ilrturuiiig. tlw llivhlatnlvr will I. art- Nouborvh rrr > Mowd ry .mnrniug at t o'slook, ami Tuoaday and Cu.lay lurwooaal "i a'thick. I'or fmchl ur |uutagv, apply to llio captain on board. N B - all liiggaga ami Iroirlil of mtri lUo nption, bank d I* wiooio, |mt on hoard thai lxoit, raart na at tho riak of ilia wnara nitrrwf, liiilvtt a bill ol l.nhng ot iccoapt it lignt'd for I i< t una. rati E NE1 " NE POMEROY C O.'S Al BANY. BUFFALO AND < IIICAOO KXTKE8S. a-d. Wgfr >mf) a) ] -yg* ^ I he iuoscribeis are now mount* a Kcpie** otcr the IUiliu?<U to UK I froai Albauy toil Unlfnla, hu.I tlir inUrurdlala tor KOKWAIUH.NO, at Ion r*l.?, with thr illmoat II.T.1, r"*nl?nt\ Uid ??rrtf, nkuic* O.mmU, Hiwnr, Bank Notes, Important f*.t|?er* and V alcalde Package*?Will attend to the urnotutiou, transfer, colli*lion or | at y incut of Bit In af 1 hirhaitge, Notes, I h alt 4, A?-ctiptstuck, A-coiniU, lie., al rcu- a soluble |Mjr outage?execute order* for tin |<urcbw wi alcnl' fflt-rcliluaisf, Produrr anil Manufactured Article* of ofery dc- n tcrtptiou, ueisonallr, in ihr town. on their route, tin..ugh ? M.aais. haundf'.n k CO** express ? to New lorkaud >*1.11. and I Mrsarr. IIAWLKT & CO.'S EXPRESS 1 to and froin Burt do to tie frUud, Detroit and Chicago aud ill- a toriuedisle place*?loiiuiujt ?l ouco tin* most direct, spend} acid * l**rtrct communication to and from the ea*U*ru and western a cities, |or the negotiation and transaction of all mercantile mid I professional husiuesa, reiiiitMuccs, exchange a Ac. I lie fore in* r a?Enutus Cominc, Tlcmas W. Olcotf. Walt* I Sherman, A. D. Patrhin, Noah Lee, Jamci Taylor, 'I Ueodore Oieotti A limn v. Agencies?Bennett, Haekiu kt II iwlry, Utioo : T. A. Smith, S\iHem?e ; A. (1. Smith, Anlmni ; J. Ear go, thmera ; J. G. Shepherd. *' inandaigiia : Hifid Hoyt, Rochester ; Jelin MrKenster, L.xkporl; J. A. Clark, Bntnna ; Thomas Blowiona, Buffalo. rOMKltOY It CO', No. 'j Exchange Buddings, Albany. n all .1 Wall struct, Now Turk. I FAKE AND FKEIGIIT REDUCIiD. j SI. ?N ? U N K\V iwi' Kim jHMmi ol' tin* lollowmx ?uprrn?i ?i**anT?t ruuiiiiis ?u comicotinu with the Stouiugto* *wd Providence, and Bo*tt?n awd Pro- | videncc HiiluMuk? . , MASSAOirHKTTfl, Captain ( omOock. fUIODF. ISLAND, taptniu Thayer. NAftKAUANHKTT. Tapuiu WooLcy. , MOIIFOAN, < 4|4uii V*ud*rbilf. u One of which f%ill leave New York daily, (SmitUj* ci- ? rented) from Pier No. I, Norlli Hirer, Buttery Plici', at tire a o'clock, P. M. ,i Fare to Uoatoii, $1 0# Deck iwv.saiie, %! 2'j y do. Pruvideuco, 2 00 ito. ?lrr. 1 iO AmtiNUIMK.IT. The NAJUIA.U ANSET, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, tor Stouiiurtoa. The MASSACHUSETTS, on TnrAiUyi, Thursday., aud { Sal unlay*, for Stouingtoii. A PaMnCUffera ou the arrival of the steamer* at Stoning ton, ( way take the Railroad t aim aud proceed iiniiicdiqfely to I ro?i- y dviiee aud Boiton, aud for the aeeoiuuiodation id' |mmatu tri- j velliug between New York aud Newport, the ateaiuhoat triiu* will atop at Wickl'ord loin; rnoti^h to le?ve aud receive |??ni* &** . j Freivht taken at the following wtieh reduced rate# :? ( To Boatou, ou good* w?ig(iiiu,r forty imiuuiL or upward* to . the cubic foot, at fc.'i ^ per ton, and ou inru*urciueut good* 7 cent* per foot. J To Trovid-nee, ou mea*?iremcut good* S cants per cubic j foot, and specific urticlca an per (tail to he obtained at ofTiee 22 j Broadway. tnSI tin J MA IE. LINK T< IU i.VVIA Noli UN H ANTi I WORCESTER RAILROAD. J 'I'll.- .iiiih.ial < ll \ j leave erery Moulin, Wednesday, and Fiidny afternoon, at five o'clock, from I'in No. I, Nortn Hirer. Battery PUcr. , The .trainboat WORCESTER, Ci|.t. ( oil, will leave err, 1 ry Tuesday, TliurMiay, aud Saturday afternoon, at So'clockI'ropi pier No. I, N. 11., II lttrrv I'laee. Freight taken t.i the above place,. , N? fi rry chatje of car. ou this route. Ticket, can lw obtained and britlis seemed at . A DA IIM It CO'S F.rpre?a Office, Wr No. 7 Wall street. OPPOSITION LINK FOR ALBANY. FAKE REDUCED!! < Panasr On* Dollar. NO C HA ROE FOR BERTH*, jQIM') fgj\ Thn comuiodiuu. Mlrainl.Ml WA8IIING. JeTO.N. t'aptaiu J. M. Brown, will Irarr from ^ i ** v ' IVarreu .(rent Tuesday afli ruoot), | Kith April, at i o'clock. Regular day* of loaviuc New York?Tuesday, Thnnulay, and Saturday. Almtuy?Mnuday, Wedmwday, ami Friday. | at J o'clock, P. M., lauding each way at tliw loot of li'iuuiouu street. Newkumb. P*ngliker|oii?, i'att.kill aud Hud.ou. Light frririit taken at reduced pace.. For or freiltnt. apply on board. All kinda of prwpi-cty takau eidy al (lie riak of the owuera thereqf. aiiilui^r FARE IIEDI'f:F.L) TO CENTS. STATER ISLAND FERRY. Km>t of Wbitrhall .Ice,I. TT T ?c wr I'lw strainura 8TATEN Ifll.ANDP'.R anil MAMMON , will ran aa follows, nulil further notice :? Leaves Mtaten Island New York. At 7?a o'elock s. ?i. A' n o'clock s. M. , .. 9 .. .. o 9 ., .. " in " " " to ' " it " " " ll " " " l}? " P. M. " S " T. M. ( " S " " "1 i:: fi:: :: :: $ N. H. All goods siwyuH il ac.. required to he |witicilLrly ' mailed, and are al the ti.b of the owner, thereof. ni'jr i i'Lui'LK'S LINE FUR ALBANY. fC\ And intermedial- place., from the 1'ier foot of | \ L*.-. - '"r-r'# < uurllsiidl sir.-. I ? K*r?- $1. ' T r m ?L Thr NORTH AMKRK'A, Captain M. II. I I l?t?M m iko?f iii TuntiUy, Tlinmlsy and M.tlur- 1 dar nft? iikmium, at 5 oYlmk. 1 For iiii^dtC <>r freight, on board, or to < P. C. 8CHULTZ, < At til* offica ott til* wharf. ] N. IV?All kind* of property taken wuh at the luk of the owners ilum-nl. mly, f A?$tf~ FOR, NKVV OKLKANM?Louisiana and New ifMyVuili Liur? Positively Kirat Regnlar I'arkel?Ta mil inat.?The fut sailing packet ship HUNTSVTl.LF., < apt. \loinfold, Mill i-oailivrly sail as above tier regu- I lar da\. I For freight or pasmge, liat ing bimlsouie furnished arrouimo<lMion?, apply on liiuiil at Oilraui wharf, loot of Wall street, or ? to K. K. COLLINS It CO. 56 South at. (rreat rare will be la lieu to ltare tlir goods by this line cor- i rertly gieaaured. I Agents iu New Orleans, Ilnllrn It Woodruff, wlio will i promptly forward all cnodn to Mwjr adikcei. t Tlie hju kit aliiii Orniulgee, Capt. Peel, will succeed tlic II nuts ill- and -ail 15th inat.. lis-1 renulai do,. tug ^ i*?- FOR UVF.KI'OOI.?New loue-lw^iar IVkrt ' wVJMrVof Sitli May?The splendid incite! sliip HHKUI I) A N, I MtSljUn' -'aptaiu K. A. Dt-pryslrr, of 1IMM toas, will sail aa ' aluive, tier regular day. I For freight or ivuiage, lisriui arcouiraqrtatioiis naequalh d for r sldeudor or eoinfort, a|!| ly oa board, at Orleans wliari, foot of a Wall street, or to c K K. COLLINS It CO., 56 South street. q Price of pmace $100. t Tlie parki't sliip UAR11ICK, Captain W. Hkiddj, of IIKK) t tons, ? ill succeed tlie Sheridan, and sail gjtb June, her regular } tlar. Passengers may rely upon tlia ships of this line sailing pone- I I .tally as advertised. sJU r AAvr- FOR LIVERPOOL?New Use?lUnluMji 1 Bjr]P9W.<d -f.'ptli M mj?Theaplendid ahip Sit KKI DAN, ' wHbV' 'I'1 ^ A. Df|h.y?trr, <>f 1 (Mmj ton*, villi tail ** above lo t rvulv (uf. Tlir freight or paaaaye, lm\in<( accommodation* unequalled for auleudor or Comfort, apply oil board at Orleau* wharf, foot 1 of Wall aireet, or to ' K. K. COLLINS A CO. 66 South afreet. k Price of ml-tabc* $ihi. The i*M*k*-l sni> (iiirrirk, fnitt. Wm. Skiddy, of pMMt ton*, . will Mii'ci'fil llit Hhrridait, miiu Mil thr 26tli June, her regular | day. Ptugicnccvs may rely on the ahips of llti* line tailing pmirtii- I1 ?II\ a? mUertiaed. uiJi A Air PASSAfltt FOR LIV KRPO()17w--Tbe atdendid I MfwWfiii Miliut, Hiurrior packet ship &Of ITHKIiNKR, ^P^Mbaa<',t|>(. A. H. Palmer, will baft* immediate deaiMitrh.? 11 Haviux uumir|MMml accommodations lor cabin, accoucf i mImm, v and ?tecru?e |wi^wngcn?| which will be takcu nt uoxlrrito iatu?. Koriwioifo r?irlv application aliould l?r liudc <<u board, fool Uuiliu.: slip, or to W. It J. T. TAPHCOTT, 13 Perk Slip. Pfmoiia d?v.iroU9 of HMidiug for llkc-ir fiicudn iu lb<* (dd conn- a try, or lho**? abtiuf rcmittiug tbrm taoucy can make* lie nctct %Ary Mnai.gcute'titA on favorable trrmi, by applyiug a? aln?ve. Uf FOK I.I VKKPOOL? Hrgnlar P.icki*t? of tor* 7th tfjifV M ii.?Tin* aU|M*rior last puliug packet abip HOH^UlMwa' OK, ('apt. Huttlfaoti, will aail aa above brr ragular j 1 H'bi a abiiu arroiiimoiUlioiM for cabin, acraud cabin, having utatc rooia bcrtlia, or atevrage, arc not equalled by any imckci is poft, iSd ptMM en kv Nnttvj oa anoiltrati tcfau?vpa|^ i pltiia; ?>n board, foot Maitlva Line, or to UMlVF.Ii k MCMIIRHAV, UK) Pine at reel, corner South. _ The fthtiVR will lw siiccardcd by tlia rMickct uliip Hlrpbeu Whitney, I ant. Tltoraiwon, and * ul? oa the I lib inat. PeraoiH wlAliimt to irud for their frtruda rvaiding in the old 1 country, can bare tlinu binurhf out by the alatve abin, or auy of the r.?nlar packcta, by applying aa above (if by letter, poatpaid.) nJr ?g* FOK 8ALR?The Out aailiag A i, cowwifdfd ? \<SjMVc?f,Prr faatftied atrip VKNI('K, tinrthea .VT7 toar, cr c .wlft i.U'Ut 7?0t? barrcla. Tbi? Rhtp waa built ib Ptuladel- c phia, in IKft, fi tlir- in??4t faithful inaancr, wnir nulled oa the atrrka. and coppered with heavy copper, oa which ahe ha? t?iat tl yerfnrmed a voy.vue to ( hiua and back?I* well cilrulnted for a \ .urof?ean |aarkei, oi lor tbc India trade?11^ a full inventory, awl now rrady to receive n cargo. I? now offered for aale t?? r clone a concern. Low at pier 5, North River. a For fc*na*, apply to HO\ I) k IIINl'KF.N, V a9 Drokera, 9 Toutiue Buldinga. /CORPORATION NOTM K. Pnhlii notice hereby ;it. b v ibvt a aalc of property lor unpaid tatea will take place at public auction at the < JtAf llall of flu* city of New York, ob tm AlUr til"- toth (lav ' i luue ant At I? o'clock, mm, MM be continued from day day until the whole of the ?anl property f] hallbccold; im| UMifl n?? MtdlrlauitfieBto( mm Ibvbbmm propeily to lie told ia publidicd iu the New Km, a aewajwjier w printed ami ptlbluln-d in the city of N? w York. AI,FRF.D A. SMITH. Complrollrt. Cowptrollff'* 0?w. April El. lilt >? towUwH4|yi.. i*| Wl'.liU'H I \1 f*H< >V KI) III/R NKU8. ?l Mfrnt>-li?a \?t I < ?Mt. Iran Ix-rOofo,.. Tin- t.l??rnlx ' Haa m* J Immt * gnnrral anaormif lit nf tkr imported n irnnrj. w < ' " mi? nlR-n at tli? tbotr itlurcd prirW. A limral intromit allowed ?ll dralnra. Hrat nnalily of nn'l'hia* at JOtiiUKr gallon. rtiufltnrnlffi tlia 7j I'wl ami riamma mr ' ynnn?lr*a at NV 111 <ItawH ata art, mi d?vn B'j'p] jJj* J' N B.?All kiudi of Laui|uallarml, bmnzafl, gill ami re|*irn<l * I iiif altortrat uutn r, i>a rnaamtabU Iviim. *0 ,u< ' " JAlXllVs" KXl'RK85T ~ FOR MONTRkAL-FM?Wl I lit MA 1.1. BI'RLlNli l> TON AND INTERMEDIATE FLAtF.S, iv cov.vkctum with IIARNDF.N fc CO.'H F.XI'RF.H* TO ALBANY. , Mil. JAI OBH liariaz coiaplrtr*! Iiis arrangr mania ia uow i.rr|Ar? il to rrrrira an.) forward willi tha nlnao?t a|M-a<l, rranfcrity ami-mfc-lT. iwrraln, of good., afoot.*, Iwiik ,, noti-a, ami all kimla of I'niglit for iKa abovr |d arft. Il? will Ula lllwni m WMu.'.ilav morning n:i tlx-ar- ? rival ol lluiHlm k I F.i|>rr?a from Nrw York, nail loat* ! Moali'.'il on hi< irtnrn mrrv Saturday - lima am |?rr. la h Iri ialil ornrdrra Irft at Mraara. liarmltn A to.'a nflim, i Wall alK-.l, >i ar ItHnri* h "'rim k, I'. M.oa Ttoaday , will In drlirer- , ad in Moutn al, on Friday, A M. _ ^ " P.irlirnlar atti ntiuu i*n.l In collri tintf anil m collating not. y drali' .bill , onlrra, fc<\ fcr. Aim. any Imaiiwaa antruatrd If, l.ia can will inrrt Willi iirni/i|it allnilioii. Ortki a at H irmlaa If Co.'a :i IS all stn at. NrW York, do i|n 12 F.vrhatigi-. AlUoy. I. ,|0 do ? Kifrratrt'rt, Troy. I ilo Montreal, Karliangr I offar Hoaaa. I do Durlnirfion, Vl.. J. A J IE IVck,*. w a*71w W YO YV YORK, WEDNESDAY Kngllali AdTfrtlNnrnt. NOTICE TO R A IL W A Y TRAVELLERS. ANDERTON'S HOTEL, No. KM FLEET STREET, LONDON. William Har?lliif{, Proprietor, Lliiiis hi* thank* to tin* proles* ion tl and cimuiorcU) goutlcucu, and till' |?t?blio lor the liberal support he iu*? received iucr occupying the aboto ntuied Holt I. and hop?* by ttureiiitting attetitiou to rctitiu the paliouig* hitherto *o Krueroutlf ,ftoi*!? ?!. W. H. ui*ure* hi* paliou* dint uo eudenvors thill ?' Mjwircd to promote their oouifort, aud flatters himself that m can com|M*te with k^jn a? fur ** regard* YViua* and r'lvii'L, it hving hi* ftinhitiott to procure the choicest for the i|>l>n>vftl ol" hi* supporters, and coudiictiiitf btuiu??? uu the no*t litieral system. The daily hill offirr, couUiuing the [nitest rariety, combined with moderation of prices, ennuot ail firing gaiieral satisfaction. Ilrt aiifastu (pUut) Is :td each; nibtiiig* ItH bd per week. Public Meetiug and Committee looai*. aJUJai* KISK'S Ci mWHKD 81TMMBK BAKEIt AND COOK STOVE, FOR COAL OR WOOD. A ATWOOL), PatantM?Prii-M from $C 'it to ?l" Hn.'a, furmrr anil front of thin Store i, nudr of carl iron, Llni liua a laryr tin orni attrrlo d to it, wliicli will do lirulr U?il< ill* nooknui of tlir larfrat <itcil ordinary Coolt Storaa.? 1 lir unAcr of tin- furhai'n will adinit a iHiifrr tnraaiiriiui air wiU, 01 Aftfcn Killona, and bv tin. uae of tlio diriaiou jdalr, trttlea auilalda ? >r boiling four ililfcivul ditlin; iu addition to. I .11 this. two fowl* or 4 Urge piece of meat may be routed io I r??nt tin! all done with li*?s 5 c?iiU |h*i day?for proof of >vhich we refer to those wlu? have used them. KISICS Stove Establishment, ?<?' Wats r tin ' t Herd the following certificate*. io addition to which over two hio?li?*?t more can be seen by calling at the store, k I8K'S Stove Establishment, :m?9 Water street, Nkw Voki, 51 Korn fl street, Mb April. 1812. Messrs. Fisk, 209 Water street?A the variety ??r Stoves vliich hare come to hit uotice, the one I i-frctiased froui yon uerits a decided preference. I lure used it during all the senoua, and would most cheerfully recoiumrnd it to the public, is in Mlv npiuiou ?iiscepul?le of no inipror cuient for simplicity >r economy, and worthy of more praise thau can be appreciated vitbout a trial of it, 1 am, with respect, yours, but. A. PERKINS, Pastor of the Beremi (Bajdist) Church. Mr. Kisk, 209 Water street?The Hummer Stove which 1 >urclia*ed of you last spring, I hive had iu use till uow ud that may be done by it, for its economy. Suflic* it to say, hat with uu occasionally extra fire, we hive cooked for from 6 to 35persona, with euougli le?s fuel to save more thau'h* tries* ol tlie stoi c. NttiH. BUEL, 02 Fulton street March 25, 1812 al5 In 0 M IT IK) 1. LKK'S 8AI.E OF STATE MTOI K A.? State of New York, ("oinptroller's Office?the following 3 uikiuff Aaamdatioua, organised under the act entitled "An id to aiilhorizo the busiu* n* of Baukiug," |*u*cd Ifttls ot* April 838. aud the acts auiuudin*; the same, to wit: THE FAR* MERM' BANK OF ORLEANS. THE ST. LAWRENCE JANK, THE HTATKN ISLAND BANK. THE t'HEl.ik'.A HANK, mid T1IK WAHHINUTON BANK, everally failed to |my or rt di i in their circlaling notes, cithe i(h>u demand at their several banking bonaes, or at their re*pec ire agencies in the cities of New York or Albany, as required ?y the act cut it led " Au act relating to ilia redemption ol baiik lotea," passed 4th May, IrttO.?Nolic* is hereby given that the State Stocks lu ld bv the Comptroller as security lor the circuiting notes of slid banks, or so much thereof as the f 'omptroler ?hall think proper to sell, will ho sold at the Merchant*' E*diaige, iu the city of New York, on Tuesday, the loth ik?> of May ant, at I'i o clockkM., to w it :? For the banners' Bank of Orleans, 3certificates Indiana 'j per ceul (internal) improvement stock, livable 1st July I8&2, for $1000 each $JU00 M certificate* Indiana 5 per cent (internal improvement) stock, payable 1st July 1803, lor$1000 each $VI,nM0 For Uie Chelsea Bank, , 1 certificate Arkansas G ta r cent (real estate bank) stock, payable Zfitli October I8GI, for $1000 $1000 For Hie St. Lawrence Bank, Stock Account. S certifniil* s Aikausaa G tier cent (real estate hauls) slock, payable 2Mb October, 1A61, for $1000 each $21,MM) Stork aud Real Estate Account. 13 certificates Askanaaa G ih r cent (real estate bank) stock, |Ntyable 2Glb October, 1HGI, lor $l(HNl each $33,000 Li certificates Illinois G per relit (Illumis and Michigan CmimU) atock, livable lHtjt), for ftlOtffl each $45,000 For the ItM Island Bank, 15 rertsficatis Indiana 5|?ei cent (internal iuiprovcment) a look, pay aide 1st Jul? ltV|>, for $I(KN) each. &15,0(M) For tue Washington Bank, 1 certificate New York 5pcr?vnt (Black River (%mal) stock, payable 1st Jnlr, iHkK, for $7,000 1 certificate New York 5 per cent (fcrio enlarge men t) stock, payable 1st July, IH5J1, $2000 $2000 1 cirttlicalc New York 5 par cent (Oneida I.aU*' and fun Fneder) slo?'k, payable isl April, 1851, lor $1000 $IWW l>40ed at Albany, the 2f)tli day (?f April, 1842. A. C. FLAOO, I-omptroller. The above uotir'e comprises all tjic Banks, of noices of sus|M usioN have been icceived at the Uepartuient. u?2 to 10 r SUCCESS GUARANTEED TO AT.L. <rPHE AMERICAN MAGIC MIXTURE" lias been A hailed a? one of the greatest discoveries of the present ^ Ion;' a? medical *c.?race ninh will In1 rou*uln?,?l the most invaluable discovery Cnr diirur^ of the urinary passages, is well a* llie kidneys aud Bladder. Its rlfrcti are absolutely ?IVectiia] in i?erfomiiiig a radical cure in a idtorl time, while the irdiuarv remedies take even months. ()n? dose cnuuot Uil to Nilid thr hrtititiii'; ak I over delicate in it* favor, and out of the hundreds tli-st put tin-ir f.oth in it, not one has been disap* |ioiiitid u?>r discovered while nsim: it. It ha# safely conveyed &II lieyoud the pile of suspicion. The Magic Miiturc has loin; itood uurivalh <1, aud ha? withstood the glittering imagery so |H?in|ioitslr and so ubiquitously displayed by a boat of Nuprin* -ipled imitating qiiucks, whose only aim haa been to dwi?e and leceive the unfortunate. Hold hv appointment at Riiic'i Drag Hlore. 53 Ku I ton street corner or ( >bIT; Duvar, cor. off 'hurch tud Chambers, and at drug store 413 Broadway cor. Lispeuard; IS Bower> corof Walker. wd lw*t DEMOVAL--UNITK!> STATK9 CHEAP CA8H TAIiv CORING EMPORIUM has removed from the me er of Nassau and Beekinni streets, to 193 Broadway, room No. I. up stair*. J. BRUSH would wish to inform his friends and the public it large that he has taken the almve room ill Broadway, in coueqncnce of the high renM of stores, and hy reducing his es?enaes, will he eunhled to cnmpet*' with any establishment, Nitli as regards quality aud price. For instance he will furii?h a beautiful coat from $|f to $?t,aml splrudid |*uU from $1 0 i?i. N. B.?All garments made at this establishment are done vith neatness and despatch aud warranted to It. Please raH md judge for yourselves. m?l Jmeod r 11I.ANGK Of It EH IDEM K.-J. B. BTOUVKNKl, imlautrr of Kieueh urines, has the houor of informing the pub ic of this city and his iinmrioits countrymen, that he iutenda emov iug his cellar from No. HI Nassau street to No. l9Aun treet, corner of Nassau, where he intends to have an assortment ?f the uioit perfect Bordeaui, and other wine* of the very bent |tisli$T, in barreli and half (marel*. lb* will also seud out the sine by the gallon, or hy the do/.en bottles, to the residence of he |ursons who may honor hi in with their patronage. J. B ttouveyrl will also bottle wine for private families. N. II. J. B. Stourenel will keeps boarding house and let out initialled rooms at li'dxdieii, in front of Mr. Cariat, <?u the outi" to Albanv. where there will always lie the last quality of Tench wine*, Bordaam, kc. ui* 1 w r rift NOTES ol the Monnsonth Bank, New Jeaaey, am n 1 deemed at No. 11 Wall street at present, hv uiv2 Iih'p KARL A CO DOARD.?A few genii* men; also a gentleinm anil hia wife

I' cau he accommodated with hoard sud all the comfixj* o tome, hy apply in* at 170 lludsou greet. ^liftt* '4(IO,IMHI La Norma Signm, F A"NDHD from the brig Ohio, from Havana, of sii[>erior I * ipi.ility, for sale in lots to suit purchasers, at reasonable trice*, hy M. KADKR, Hi Chatham street. mlO I in * # I \l SS( 11.1 TI(?N OK COPARTN KR9III P.?The r opartI ' uership heretofore evisliuc under the firm of Phah-u A Heads ?this day dissolved hy mu'titl couscut. The affairs of (he firm nil be settled b\ either of the iNirturx. JAME8 PIIALKN, WILLIAM 9KARL9. New York, Ajiril 30th, UU2. William H-'urla will continue iha Htock A Enhance Mttiien t No. <u Wall street, on his own aeemmt. m t I w m CHAMPION WIG MAIvEK. ;K\V AM) El.EUANT IMPROVEMENT IN TIIK MANUFACTURE OK TOUI'KKS. rjHALON, 214 Broadway, opposite Ht. Paul1! ('hurch, is the ' first to introduce in New V ork the AMAZON TOUPEE, leng a new iurrutioii of the HulHcriher. These Tounee* are iiihIh without sneiu, bauds, or metalic springs ; they fit on tlw end hy an entirely new cuMrivauce?they display the forehead ltd temples to tn> height they are as easy ! put on and off as I?*f? there i? not a p*rtirie ui steel, iron or i?ra?? in mem?the l*iany^ art* a in w invention Iifiiur mnd* of purr U(H.I) to pre* rut rutting ??r cnrrxlnuf. Tliia w a con*imiug f?r>??>( to old wfg rearer* of liirir merit A? a WIG AND SCALP. inker, FliALOfc".M quihtiration* art* well known ami rpprented. Mr h;nf?W*n| hiut?e|| to be uleilly tin- beat in tlie it\. Thii i" a fart which every wig wrarer knowa. A conrinrin* pr??of. if any were wanting. m the opinion of ir? e of the oldevt ami br?t imlgrt of ibe profeMiou in New ork, cuii te?tif>. Tie public can n.?\v judg? from the rHP.Mil! MS. i*., the ailver medal laat vear, ami the flr*t premium thin a?nlr<) br tlir American Institute, wlm i? or n not the he?( Yif maker in New York. ing.'i THE ANTI-ANGULAR SYSTEM OF WRITING. I'd the K*?id? i.Ik of New York ami Brooklyn?Removal af Mr. RKlHTOW'S Writing A idemy In Na fi't Brail av, ???nr Park Plae# aatlaveai redaction of hi* tarin* ! FROM TWliLVW TO KIVK DOLLAR*! ! Mr BRIRTOW, ii rMpHihll) 'if.iiMt MutrrMt to th* itklo lor tills ir iwtn, Imata that ill* rrrr low l. rwit, fi (thn. Isr-iux tl<* mAilirt ttnlim th* m*?a? of *11) will iadnr* at* r n?* *<! n|'*i?rr ??. I* aayniia *? rUgant aad *pl*ndi4 hand , ' rit iwac I* Twkl*k Kit? I.r?*A!i( ! i Tit* I*Im moot daily IVoa twalaa to mir-TUy in (an?bt cat, rapid mud ialiml* hand, to ibr fcakioa ol Hi* I ar. AUi, mania r alrt BookKrroiac tanaht. I 111* <i?atl?ai*u ara tanaht with iamllibl* rartaiaty ta writa rith daa|wlrh iu a aiaat.rly Baunar, mnitaM* for kaa|dat a aet I f Book., or for bUmuilal* w>rra?|a>ad< up*. Ktauua t daaaaa frnia 7 to (. N. II. MarcliaiiM mud Htraaicai. tM|i>| Iba city ran rotalat* . rtMira* iu thrra Aiva. ..*11 m *r STRAW GOODS. P BKNNKTT, import** and ?i*nnf**tnr#rof Italian and I Knrliih Straw t lood., r*.p?*tful|y iafoiwn hi. rnatotnrr* tat hr lta? n iao?*d In. r.tabli.limrnt frtiai Tl Willnui a ad it, i lilt, to M J'dm >tri rt, nlirr*. Iir rontinnra to k**|> a >|d*ndi<l ud *il*naiar *??ortiii?nl of ladirV faaliioiiald* Straw Ooodi, 'n-iarli and Kinrluh I tna.lald*., Italian Katland., fta* Tnarara, *?e> Bhrllwork., Hiriu** Allurt Straw., A*. A*. Aim, an aulirrly am aitirl*, tin- Whit* Sih*rtau llair tonart, for tlir *amra*r?it ?ur|*v?*. all th* idyl*, *a v*t iatrna nl, Itfirur rltri ai*l> light, brantifnl, whit* anil darabl*. nil ltn*in ________ GEORGE ELMFNDORF \TF. OF THE FIRM OF RLMKNDORF It LORD, JAM remorrd from tie A* tor Home to the awUhlhikineiit of J. (i. VVVIH4M, Slernmut Tailor. 336 Broadway, wkn ke ill he happy to wait ob lit* old friend* apd palroms. til lm4c. I RK H MORNING, MAY 4, 1842 Texas. w [C orrenpondehcr of the Herald. 1 I MiUtioiDA, March 81,1842. Hie Position of Texas? 7V Coral net of Mexico t<> Country?Call on lite People of tilt United States and Texas. Tkxia.vs:? ?j! Your soil huiibeeii desecrated hy the unhallowed |0| feet ol' the ruthless anil barbarous mercenaries ot , to that arch-fiend in human shape, Santa Anna, the ol dictator of Mexico; at the wunc moment three hundred of your fellow-citizens are lahonnK in n,. chains in the city of Mexico at tin* moat servile em- le\ ploymeiits, which the moat mischievous invention can hatch, to detrude, to humiliute, and to torture. lluiuauity is allocked at the treatment they have, and are now receiving ut hut hands, and ahull we, ou who have the endearing connexion with them of fellow-citizens of a free Republic?shall we, with |K. the apathy ol an enlightened jieople, incapable ol tin estimating the blessing* they are now deprived of, no and which we now enjoy, resign them to their pro- ,m trurtod sufleiings, their cruel fate, which is literally W death by incliea, without making a united, u des|ie- 1' rate effort for their liberation and restoration to their friends and homes 1 Shall we not make a tin united, a desperate, a mighty effort to punish the Co late hostile Mexican incursion into our country ! '! Not Contented with glutting his inhuman vengeance on die unfortunate survivors of the ill-fated Santa tlx Fe expedition, this savage louder invades the suite- w? tity of the tonih, and with a sucraligious and lying "} tongtp-, pronouncing your fathers robbers and j thieves ; the citizens of our father-laud are also, by Lr this disgrace to ourcoimuon nature, treated with the Wl same brutality us our brethren and fellow-citizens? and uespite even, in some instances, of the passports cm of the acknowledged agent of his own government. 'I" Shall the had faith, the treachery, the perfidy, the J"' murders of this iniquitous monster still go unpunish- nn ed 1 Shall not rather our whole people, who have sol been so often duped by his arts, be aroused, and jj" proceed against him, until they have swept him mi from ttic earth, and made to be extinct the savage an nution of which he is the chosen chief ! The en- j.'jj lightened state of the human mind in the nineteenth centiry, forbids that power should continue to be by vested in hands, whose ouly use of it has Iteen its h( abuse, by degrading, oppressing, and torturing human nature. II would b? acting traitorously to our ]>? own cause?to its best interests?to tho manes ot in our fathers?the honor of our native country, and co humanity, were we not in our might to arouse in jie their dcleuce, and proclaim to this proud boaster and reveller in human misery ami its degradation, l>o that, in place of allowing him to plant his eagles on An the hanks of the Sahiue, we will, with the Divine aid, plant our banner, with the single star, on the 'rc battlements of the Monteaunum. The present is, ?" by Divine bleming, a propitious moment. Indeed, I*!'1 it would seem as if appointed by the Divine die- ht| poser, that our arch-enemy should ut such a time In' commence his attack tii>on our frontier, when the United States are full to overflowing with provisions for the sustenance of an army, und have also, from 'pi the distressed state of commerce there, a lnrge Jin nutmier of the population of their cities unemploy- bo ed ; and they nave motives, not of a secondary hv nature to those of the Texians, in the extermination T of die execrable "libeller," the truducer, und n" the villifier of their fathers, their country, and T,) ihsmu-ivHd. It is ardenllv In lie lw?ne<l nrnl It 1 believed, that the jieople of the United States, an whoihavr been thus furnished with just cause of detestation, nnd utter Hbhorrenee of this cruel and vil- rf lumQiis libeller, and who axe our kindred by birth, K| will rush like a mighty torrent to our nid in no holy ??< a warfare, nnd thereby appease the insulted spirits ot Fh theii sainted aire* by hurling from his boasted eminence this unhallowed reviler of the peaceful dead. ' * It is considered that at this juncture the vocation of I'b the husbandman hi of as vital importance to tlio pea- lb pie ofTexnsns that id the soldier; for should ugricul- pli lure be neglected, so that provisions for the supply ot 11our entire population for the ensuing year would nt have to be imported, it would effectually break un the country, which would Imve to lie abandoned, *?* lor most of its inhabitants are utterly unable to ru meet so heavy an expenditure, ft is, therefore,much to be dasired, and eminently essential, that in drafting or forcing out the militia, that due regard be had to this all important consideration. IIakvky Krvpnicic. Thqs. Stkwart. Mobile. St [Corir-inndeiH'e nf (lie Hrrelil.] Mohii.k, April 25, 1S42. Ja Fkiind Bennrtt? I have but little of interest to communicate, but such a* it is you shall have it. The Balloon, which an was to have taken three persons on a voyage of din- w< covery ubove the clouds, failed to lake one for tho ad lack of auflicient gun ; it got entangled, and was Tl badly torn. Homebody suggested to the n-ronnut on the propriety of putting his head in the balloon next wl tirat. iiii An elo|>ement came off a few days since. Miss ' pr? K. could not obtain llie consent of her Ma to wed tin Mr. M., so she ran away, and was married without it. 1 saw the man this morning -. he looked like a an dancing jack on strings. thi Hignor Nagle gave "two concerts in Mobile last he week, assisted by Mrs. Sutton. lie could have ^ drawn full houses for a week, lie is certninly the greatest treut we have had this winter in the way of 1,11 music. More than half ofhis audience were ladies, eh Mobile boasts of many tine forms and pretty fuces. du It is iigony for me to look at them, for I can't" dress sallad." I)o yon know that an expert " sallad dress- "" er"ifhe use a litric sweet oil and some perseverance, ?' can take a lady's heart by storm. I love to " dress thi aallsd" for the ladies, but the ' Notary" aays that it l(., shows a leaning towards something "green," so I Save up the business. There are so many " sal lad ","1 re seers," and the young Indies are so " smart," that ha an ordinary man " can't shine." The "deacon" says yu that the young ladies at the North eat chicken giz- V(, zardefor the purpose of making themselves delicate. " He is a " northern man with southern principles,w and I think he must have a sore place, or lie would mi not slander the ladies thus. " Stationery" thinks it j? " Fowl" businees, anyhow. _ The busineisi ot this sesson is about done. Ex- rr< eliange on New York is steadily improving, nnd I hope will continue to improve. Give us your idea ba ol what we ought to do for the improvement of u, ? i_i i ...;n ;i i.; 11,1 ;\mi><i 111 i iihmi* y. i villi ?>nir jifh, ii iiim iiiiii^ mw turns up. dolly .spankku. "n l>?nlaTlllr. [rorrrtiNindrnrr Af (he Herald.] ll<> 1/Kniru.i.K, April 20,1H12. ?* Rutiuru ami the llrraht in /jmitrilie?Xewf/japtri? ' i Mm* and Diuxxitti?/miv ami Ijtwytrt. mi Dkar hkn.nett 110 AmicJHt the general depression of business in our country, and the gloom and de*|?ondeiicy that |x?r- n|| vades nil ranks of society in our romantic "city of the fall*," occasioned hythc unfortunnntc failures*! ( l|c our business men, expectation ta on tiptoe, lor the arrival of the "Herald," to read your opinion in tir regard to the heat ex|*edienta to lie adopted for the wt alleviation of this distress. The rnah ia always great to the poet other at the hour* of o|ieuiiig the f,? eastern mails, and the desire such, to receive your tut puper, that the bundle your active and worthy ngrnt "n receives, ia soon distributed. This speaks well for ,,r, the rece|itioii of your paper. Success to (iordon ho Hennett, the independent isilitician and faithful advocnte of the rights of freemen. 2ih I euptwise yon nre well acquainted with the cha- tin' ractrrof the presses of this place. Notwitlistand- |jja ing your knowledge of them, I take the liberty of ^ suggesting a few items. There arc four that take ^ sides in politics. Two of these, ol which f will of now only speak, arc devoted to the advocacy ol lo- eju rofncoisin. For a long time the locos supported pR( but one papier, edited by the talented Shad. I enn, ?riti jr., who has left this State and assumed the edito- mil rial chair of a paper in a neighboring State. The party, ambitious to supply this vacancy, by number, ^ raised a Sun. and thereby obscured the light of the ,Th Mono, which only now can slime in borrowed tin rays. ' Its friends are despairing, and fear that they re| ERA ill uoon have to mnK the requiem pnrodiwd, that is Kiinx to old Fulher Uriine*. It will run thus : OM Father Blurt it dead mid gone, We ue'er ahull nee him more, Ho uaeJ to wear Tom Uood'a tog cout, All buttoned down before, Ac. The party have railed their Pope, (not like a wet relipioun lunatic* with their 1'ope to take ehurxe their aoiila, and with the Key of Heaven to 1111. k ita galea for the admission of Ilia follower*) take charge of their luminary, and with the key locotocoisiu, 10 mstritiute on their tavonte prin>le, "io the victors belong the spoils." Mental aluoui hut) hud its day, uud nitty you, friend Hentt, continue to condemn political agrarianisiii and rellerisiu. 1 promised to say nothing of the other 0 |x)litical pa|>ere, and will only under this head, d thai there are acveral other Htuall hut worthy |>erfldevoted to the cause of moral reform. rite mercantile huaineaa of our city ia dull, and r merchants talk of nothing but past and proactive failures. Whilst depressed pcrimiariilly, 'y etlect to he eialted in spirits. Such " tiintastricksdo they cut before high heaven." One of mi, whilat on aa had business na can be followed w, tliat is collecting money for long standing aeuntH, endeavored to gnll a poor ignorant couutryin, but in so doing the poor fellow got, what eatern folks chII the worst end of the bargain, was thus?He persuaded the countryman to tske the susaafraa root on his land and wagon it to 1 store in Louisville, well boxed; persuading him it it would ronimuitd a high price, as it would heme a favorite beverage in these temperance times, le advice was followed to the great mortification the merchant, who thoughtlessly brought hii igrunt man iu debt. Two loads were hauled, and f root, if sold, will not pay the excuse of one igon. Is this what fellows full into for the want business 1 O! that the sin that idleness ItcgeU is not batter known ! Hut I must give a passing notice to the Bur of tuiaville. It is unrivalled in eloquence, legal adorn, dignity, and gravity of its members. The lior part of (lie profession have formed a Law social ion, for the purpose of discussing mid doling law points. It lias been decided by them, it " Kx nudo pacto, mm oritor actio," and that in can act as agent in every thing, save thai o| pagating. This association is managed with neb spirit, mid governed on the Lanciisteriau liool principle. Some ol these junior lawyers ve advanced high in their profession and arrived an eminence that would do honour to men more it lire in years. When a defender of innocence d the peace of our commonwealth is required, esc superior sons of Poke ami Mansfield, rfViso ,e Ihe goddess, from the troubled waves of the [egn to espouse their cause. It is done, not only the strong arm of the law, Imt even the very e)srt thereof. There is one, who has prosecuted thithe "Ossublime majestic on his countenance," old lady and her "farrow" from the soil where St. trick gave the toads and snakes a twist. Though x court nl a* high jurisdiction us that of the County urt, and being hi* debut, lie managed his case witli icb dexterity, and innocence being against him, may well say of his eloquence. O when Injustice folds thee, at thou not curse thy cnurais for pleasing him, (I blush ut conquest. Klouuenee, native, spontaneous, conies forth mi this gentleman's h(o)art. He lias the stature d aigMMirance of a great man, and nature has not tycd the hypocrite. He is not a native, or the fnest office of our government would lie his. Oh /country! why throw a barrier upon greatness! There is another young limb of the law, who in iturc is like the Polyphemus. His lofty i is inclined to be white, and with it lie brushed stormy clouds. Hut his mind is as great as his dy. lie is a perfect walking Luw-Lc.xicon?a ing comiiciidiiim of the science. I le is the libraof the Law Association, llisbenrd is large, his uiliers exceedingly courteous ami graceful, his ice of a sweet melting How,?yea,when he laughs, ivauld charm Otlyimo uud ficr nymphs. More oil under this head. I >or citizens find time to attend to their spiritual neerns. amidst all their worldly troubles. The naropaliuns and Presbyterians are holding large etings, to suye dying mortals. May the wish of ither Paul to bis country prove true. E$to fwnvtuu. Osr winter has been mild?our spring is early?we ve a great variety of vegetables, and will have *.ntv of cabbage if not monopolized ut Kimierliook. ,nfi,.i;.i....o.r.ii :-i u-..i i j r. ou?"u? " ni? iw-iiuiiiiu, ?f f OIIIHtvd, iliuI interesting. The belle* are the Misses ~y ''?< T?, 1?, v?, A?, iiml M?. Many, any hearts worship at the shrine of their charms. In my next 1 will give you a touch upon our eanrJi'il and dizzened beans as well as other matters ore important. I now conclude hy wishing the ahli of Gordon Bennett. Vale, vale, your friend, aa.smki.xjs. Winchester. [Corrrapondenee of (hi- HrraM.) wnsckksrub, Va., April 14, 1842. ate of Thing* in Virginia?Buninem?Cro/>?? Temperance?Literature?Religion?Philoeojiln/. Mfcs Gordon Bk.nnkti', Ks<j. Lhtxa Sib, i'eslerday it rained all duy here, and every thing )Und was gloomy nnd cheerless, luit to-day the ather is delightful, and the geniul rays of the sun d new life and beauty to every thing around, le fair belles and gallant beaux, as they paw along r etreeta, seem to partake largely of the animation lifli prevails; they are all smiles, and their looks Jicate that the remembrance of the gloom which vailed yesterday only enables them to appreciate ? more the loveliness of this charming day. Business here is at a stand still?news of iui|>ortce we have none. All is gloom, and you hear noing but the cry "hard times," and the query, " in aven's nanta when will there be a change for the ttlrr !" and echo answers "when1?" In looking to the future, however, wc have n few hopes to egr us. and which fill us with the belief that our y' of deliverance may not he as far distant as we ighl imagine. One is, the promising appearance the growing crop hereabouts, and the information I at the prospect all over the Union is not less flatrilig. The valley of Virginia, certainly, never prodied a more flattering prospect of an abundant ryest; the fields of wheat look luxuriant far bend what they have heretofore at this season of the ar.and it iaex|iecled that the harvest will be at least o or three weeks earlier than it was a twelve .nth ago; and whenever such has lieen the ease former yeurs,we have rarely failed to have a good p. Another hope is, in the sturdy resumption of our nks. If they do not resume immediately after the xryland hanks do, they must toe the mark on the *t of November next. An abundant harvest nml cie pnying hanks are our greatest ho|*c*of relief; (1 should we fie blessed with those in due course 4me, business of all kinds will undoubtedly revive the country will very soon lie restored to her for r prosperity?the blighted hopes of thousands w ho w despair will once nmro revive, and many whose ergics have been paralyred will receive new {or, and then may we look lor the enjoyment of the prosperity and hu|?piitess of bv-donc days. No excitement here in religion?nil mirdenoiuinans are getting on in the good old quirt way. The ni>eranre cause some abort tune ?g<> wan prosper< at a rapid rate, but ila advocates areni to have ed, tuid have become quite lukewarm. Tina la all ong ' 'ati't you arnd u? a Father .Matthew to wir m up 1 ... , , On Monday evening laat, the aeventh lecture 1m>e the Manchester Lyceum came off. Tliu leo*r, B. A. L . f>b? ia a lawyer by profemion : eo'f uo ordinary talenta, and who jvitwcaefa a vivid agination, aa the diameter of hi* leetnre fully >ves. It waa upon " the tendency of things nnd w far he waa eorregt in Ina " fancy sketch,'* at he ise to call it, time can onlv prove. |fe carried liearera 200 years into the future, vt*., to the year 2. He imagined thia I'nion to he dissolved about year 19tf2, it new constitution formed, and the I of government removed to St. Louis, Missouri: men of tlmae daya in possession of the meana ami owl edge neeenaary to explore the hidden aecrela old oeean'a depths, and there, like (lie monsters the deep, amid mountains of eoral, hold sweet nmtine with mermaids reclining upon their heds ajMingc?the country, front the Atlantic to the cifto ocean, ia densely |M>iiii|atc<|, and towns and S-s have sprung up as if hy ruagic, containing IIlong of souls. St. Louis, then th?* eaiutal the country, ia a place of vast im|sirtancc tona, a place which, in IHI2, was scarcely bwn, is now n city of the hrst magnitude. |e art" and sciences flourish; education is a na | rial affair. Politics just what they should be in a mblic. Religion merged into one great whole. ( LD. Price Two Out a. The Jew* have returned to their father html, and hut lost home. The reformer*, and the numerous s.-(-ts which Imve sprung frotn tfirm, have seen the error of their ways, and, like the "prodigal son," repented and returned to the fold. In fine, the first and onl true religion now prevails, and a Roman l'ontill now rules supreme. Every thing in tliis country went fast merging into a stale of |ierfectioii which never belore was attained by any |>eople; railroadH artdone away with; travelling in haloons is a common thing; magneto-tit has uaur|M-d the place ot steam. A McAdumized rottd is made front the Atlantic Ocean across the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean; it isnssmooth asglan; hills nnrl mountains are ascended with as much ease as though the laws ol gravitation were done away with. The bosom ol the Mississippi contains a population o one or two millions of jieople, in floating habitations, engaged in various ways. News of any importance is conveyed frotn tin- most remote parts o the l'nion in one hour after it trantpires, by means ol lite magnetic telegraph. Many more wondrous things were spoken of by the lecturer, hut my limits at present will not allow me to follow him any farther in his " fancy sketch." Trio gave you a correct id<-a of tin-estimation in which your paper is held here, and allow me to say, that it is not now less popular. A friend to the " New York Herald," and its able editor Viator. Karstoga Springs. [Correspond*mcr of the Herald.] Saratoga Springs, April 29,1842. Dull Tinus?Ifu Monty?Charter Election?Politics ?I\\ir*/xi(>ti s? The Churches. Jamks Gordon Hknnktt ? There in little doing here at prevent worthy of note; money has been very scarce witli ua the |wui winter, our splendid (airs and liberal donation parties to the contrary notwithstanding; but summer is Cast approaching; Congress Spring has been improved fitly |>er cent, and, doubtless, we shall noon ee millions of dollars llulteriug through our Broadway, in the sha|Mi of silk dresses, ribbons, hats, Arc. t'ur charter election was conducted without regard to politics; a feeble ellbrt was made by soma silly peraoiia to elect temperance candidates, but the individuals who advocated their cause were unpopular, and na Deacon Davison did not put Ins shoulder to the wheel, I suppose the attempt was premature. Our town meeting wns held the 5th inst.; exertions had been made by prominent men to make out u nomination which would !>c satisfactory to nil. Caucuses were held?some ended in nothing?oilier in rows. The Toronto, or upper village men, were promised, Haltered, deceived, and, in return, became refractory, bolted, and prevented the contemplated union. The locofoco candidate for mipervisor electioneered for himself at the polls; his opponent attended to his ordinary business, and was defeated by the unprecedented majority of 13<t, while the loco candidate for town clerk was defeated by n young but aspiring and patriotic democrat, who, born forward by bis political enemies, hesitated not to break the ranks, and forfeit the confidence of his own party for the |wdtry office of town clerk. Some of our officers reflect much credit on the Saratoga electors, and others risa verm. But the caucuses, town meetings, and some of the officers, are "small potatoes," and I must apologise for the space they will occupy in your valuable pu;?er, and proceed to notice our press, editors, churches, public houses, mineral springs. Arc. Arc. We have two pa|R*rs in actual circulation, and more in embryo, viz., two dnily (wipers through the summer months, and perhaps one on the tem|wranee system, edited by (1. M. D., who will he assisted by the fertile mind of his son Augustus, f'onsjiieuous among the pa|iers of the day, is the Baratoga Sentinel ll was fslahhsiied. mill fur iiinnv wliiiul by Gideon M. Davison, who, in his tender yearn, tore liiinsejf from rtie buxom lasses of Vermont for the patriotic ptin?osr of assisting to build up the then insignificant watering place called Saratoga Springs; bin patriotism has been rewarded by an ample fortune; he has lived to aee one of his son* united to h daughter of Chancellor Walworth, and appointed Remoter in the Court of Chancery, himself a clerk in the sutne Court, Deacon of ilie I'resbyteriaii church, and opoken of hy aome an Walworth's auocewor. lie waa succeeded in hia editorial dutiea by II. Wilbur, of Hudson, who united the Sentinel with the present itemocrntic Champion of that city, and laat, though not least, its present talented editor John A. Corey, assumed the responsibility of thes concern, and ny bringing his comprehensive mind to bear upon it more steadily than it had ever previously done upon any individual object, he has become a very useful member to community, and * succeeded in elevating the reputation of the Sentinel to n height it had never before attained, ns it in now considered the best village or country paper in the Stale. The Saratoga Whifl is a t?i>cr of some three or four years standing?it lins already changed editors, and is now going ahead with (I. W. Spooner at the helin. The liullston Spa Gazette nnd this paper, lent their columns to the personal enemies of the ? editor of the Sentinel. A very " learned" attack was recently made upon his private character, (wluchfounua place in the Whig) by a personal enemy, wlio for the sake of brevity, I will call" law." What dolts! are they not aware that the day has alreadyarrived when malicious attacks ti|>on private character, nnd unmeasured abiisrfiiea|>ed upon the heads of individuals for unsginary wrongs, only _ serve to call down the indignation and contempt of honorable men, ujion the source whence they emanate 1 The Presbyterians have nearly completed a brick church corner of llroadway and Caroline street, for which our visiters last summer were called upon to contribute liberally, as it wns located where strangers would naturally congregate to hear the gospel expounded, and where, they would ever be welcome, as in its construction their accommodation anil convenience would be particularly consulted. The architecture reflects little credit on our village, and its sr/.e is entirely inadequate to the purpose tor which it win designed. The congregation is highly respectable, ana comprises a large portion of the aristocracy of the village. It is under the pastoral charge of the Rev. Mr. Chester. The Methodists v have a brick church, pleasantly situated in Washington street. There is something about its appearance, as well inside as front tlic street, which strikes the observer as being very neat and appropriate. Mr. (loss, their minister, is a man of tino form, good address, anil quite a favorite with the ladies. His mild uiul heavenly features bespeak a heart at |s-ace with Ins Maker, and he is withal an eloquent speaker. The baptists ItHve also a rickety old church in Washington street of neither brick nornfonr, on th** top of which luu* recently been placed an apology for a town clock, with a face about aa large as a bosket. This congregation isedi0,41 )>y brother Fletcher, 11 very gentlemanly appearing man, and well qualified to discharge the duties of bis arduous station, lie is much liked, and the fairer part of bin audience think him the most agreeanle man in the village. Th? Episcopal*? but of them in my next. Yours. Rot .i,in. ftinniKis' Election?The election is now over, and returns are coming in. If the towns throughout the district do as wp|{ ns those already in, the majority for Mr. Holdings will be about two to one. So far, the vote stands as follows:? ... wrtantnfwf r.inrnrai. r?niP?vill.-, UH7 lift i "uncord, f>f. 4j IwHoy, Ml t) Madinon, .... II miy. ^ rry, .... w mn| lIorperafieM, Athlnlnilm o. :w m?j. timeva, (|o. iio. I AO miy. ?Puinevillt, Ohio, Trltgropk. NoTTCR to AmJC'ANTS T<>* Pft?wi<oliTa.?Applicant* for |>a"*|>orf* are rniniml in furninh the IVpartment o| Stair widi evidence of their citisenahip, and a description of thoir |>creoiie. (according lo the anncifd form,) uiion receipt of which ananaport will be forwarded to them gratia wherever they may reqUMt. In thr rase of native citizen*, the evidence in an affidavit to the fact, mnde Iwfore a notary or juatira of the jieaoe; in the caw "I naturalized citizens, the certificate of naliirnlization, which will be returned witji the |>iuiN|K>rt. fn?:ic?irTm?r. Aft*. Mouth (whether large, moXfatuie (feet ami inctie*.) derate, or email ) Korrheml ( hnpe of) t'hin (ahnpe of.) Rye* (color ol.) Hair (color of.) Now- ("hope of.) ( om plea ion <lo Pate (ahape of.) correspondence ha* recently taken place between Governor Morchca.l, id North fafolinn, and I Jovernor MoNiitf, of Mi-nw-ippi, rra|>erttmg aomc alavea, (it we mistake not.) which, according to the Haleigh Register, w ould litli eight yf ten pages yl (bat paper,