Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1842 Page 3
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?P?ay?f " ? '""" ' a (g?? UNPLEASANT.?Tin: Iwesther /urjtho liut few day idhas Wen v cry unpleasant, auil us it ureal many pcr oii^liur e been evposi I to its influence, the) w ill UO doubt suller more o(|les? lrom (coughs, cold*, So:., which cun l>e removed in a very short space of timo In our ucightior, Dr. Sherman's l ough Lozenge*. His Camphor Lozenges remove Headaches, Palpitation ot the Heart, Su-., in a lew minutes ; ami are the only remedy known for Sea Sickness. The Drs. ultioe is at I OH Nassau ?t. Agents?Reddiug, Bostoa ; Burgess, Philadelphia; Reed. Baltimore ; and frank Taylor, Washington City. m{M- FACTS WORTII KNOWING- A positive stay forlTie hair falling out, or to restore it ill Laid places. A certain cure lor all rheumatism ami swelled limbs? no exceptions. 'Xb. I 3d A certain and jioaitive cure for piles in all cases. V WA w arranted cure for all bruises, scalds ami othersorcs, anfl sore eye|. I A poiitive euro forthc salt rlicuni. SJA beautiful dye for tlie hair?willfnot colorthe skin.? Warranted. HI A certain cure for corns. k 'V/ WEach of these to be had at 71 Maiden lane, and such proofs of these facts as w ill convince all who will call or send for them , gratis. - The public may rest assured there is no fancy in these assertions. (fl?-TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS.?We request of our subscribers to read this article, the whole of it, and then, if circumstauces require it, ws ask of them to test the truth of what we have assorted. We say, from personal know ledge, that Dr. L. I). Flemtiling s Worm Candy is a pleasant, mild ami ellbctual rouiedv for worms iu children. Thai hia Diarrhoea Candy will give ?peedy relief from that most painful of all diseases. That his Dinner or Tonic Cnndy is a certain cure for costivencaa, fulness or distress after eating, heartburn, Sir That hia Cathartic Candy is ouc of the very best universal physics known, foe roughs, colds, bilious complaints, fevers, foul stomach, Sic., it is a thorough remedy, We further aav, that these medicines arc purely vegetable, and not only agreeable hilt desirable to the taste. Sold w holesale and retail, at 136 Nassau street. Qry- A VOICE FROM DOCTOR RECAMBIER AT PARIS?Our indefatigable agent at Paris, in soliciting u fresh ami heavy supply of Peuse St Sen's Hourhouml Candy, has obtained from Doctor Becanihier, the distinguished member of the Royal Academic of Medicine, anil phy. tic.i an of the Hotel Diou, the following brief but powerful corroboration of a medicine that has now reached the highest eminences of foreign ami domestic popularity, wtiirh is as follows :?"I certify that I liuve used with great success Pease St Son's Hoarhotiml Candy, in the most obstinate catarrhs, spitting of blood, contractions of the lungs, and suspension of tho pow crs of hrcuthing and articulations, and fearlessly recommend it as a useful me utoiuu. ;mgneii,; j. Pari*, November 10th, 1S41. Agenti?Zieber, 37 Dock street, Philadelphia; Redding, 8 State street, Boston; Robinson, 110 Baltimore street, Bnl. tiroore, Haldemon, Louisville, Kentucky; P. Teller, Detroit; Haviland, Harrow St Allen, Charleston, 8. Carolina; Watson St Co., Memphis, Tennessee; Thompson & Co., Wheeling. Virginia; Toliey, Cincinnati; Cook. Pittsburgh, Pa.; H. Raw Is It Co., 37 State st., Albany; Woods It Waters, Troy; Williams, Utica, New York; Hays, 139 Pulton street, Brooklyn; Duval, 23-1 Broad street,' Newark, New Jersey. N. B Each envelope of the genuino Hourhound Candy is signed J. Pease St Bon, 46 Division street, of whom it can be obtained wholesale and retail. City Despatch Post, 46 William Strk.kt. Princival Orncr..?Letters deposited before half-past 8, half-past 12, and half-past 3 o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at9, l,and 4o'clock. Branch OrriCBS.?Letters dejiositod before 7,11, and 2 o'clock, will besentout for delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. ALEX. M. GRKIO, Agent. MONEY MARKET. Tuesday, May 3?B P. M. There was a very small business done at the Board today, and prices changed but little. Indiana 6's rose; J per cent; Delaware and Hudson $ ; Long Island J. Bales of bills on Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore at par. A quantity of certificates of the Union Bank of Florida were offered at auction to-day, and bought in at 40 cents on the dollar by Centre It Co. The market rate for this deacri|Hion of paper is 23 to 33 cents. The following are among the broken free banks of this Btate, of the failure of which the Comptroller has received no legal notice:?Bank of Oleau, James Bank, and the State Bank of New York at Buffalo. We would ask of the Bank Commissioners why it is that they have taken no steps to procure the order of the Chancellor for the payment of the hills of the broken wafi-tj fuurl banks I The Comptroller can take no action in the matter until that order is procured. As soon as it is issued, the Comptroller can issue 7 per cent stock, to the amount which the State is indubte.1 to bank fund, say about $560,000, in redemption of the bills. The delay of the Commissioners is inexcusable, inasmuch as it gives facility to designing men to purchase up the bills at heavy discount, and hereafter profit by the redemption. We mentioned a few days since that a run had taken place on the Oswego Bank. The Cashier of that institu tion Iras sent us the following statement in relation to the transaction :? Oswcuo liana, April 30, 1043. James O. Bkhshtt, Esq? Ursa Sir,? The recent ruu on this bank for specie did not, I think, deserve the notice as appears in your paiier of the irtth inst- The whole amount drawn did not exceed two thousand dollars. The run, however, has now subsided, and our specie is as usual accumulating on our hands. Our notes are redeemed at the Mechanics' ft Farmers Bank, Albany, and at our counter. Pluasu make the correction. Tours, Itc. H. H. HURLBUT, Cashier. A new fraud in imitation of the bills of the red back bonks bos just made its appearance at Butfalo. It purports to be of the " Farmer's Bank of Cattaraugus," rather badly executed, but calculates! to deceive the unwary. Some of the bills were not even signed, and on one appeared the significant names of " Ooneaway" President, and " Cumback" Cashier. At Baltimore, Railroad orders are at GS cents on the dollar ; Wheeling hanks 16 par cent discount; Virginia hanks H per cent discount. At Sew Orleans the banks have decided to pay up all balaneas against each other, once a week, in the legal money of the Union. The hanks of North Carolina resume to-day. The following is a return of the Bank of the Statu of Coorgia and branches, on the 4lh April, as compared with the return of October, IB41 :? Basx ok the 9tatk ok Ukoroia ami> Bhasciili, Aran, 1842 AVU, 1841. Resources. .tpril. Octohrr. Inc. Dec. To dise'd notes, bonds, lie. 1.188,067 1,609,689 ? ill,r,22 Bills of Kichange, 138,349 131, 961 6,381 ? Real Estate, 16,775 16,77 . ? ? Banking Houses and Lots, 81,267 81,267 ? ? Salaries, . 17.<J35 17,91!) 60 ? K.iprnses, 9,38!) (1.038 2,761 ? Assignment of a jmlgment, 6,100 5,100 ? ? Protest account. 048 645 103 ? Balanee doe from other B'ks, 20,183 40,588 ? 20,386 " Branches, 139,681 114,369 ? 26,332 " " Mother Bank, 82,133 11,742 ? 70,391 Bills of Br'ches on hand not their own, 453)77 89,102 ? 24,026 Deficiency ia cash bankers, 58.366 66,777 2,579 ? Bills of other Bti.ks, 77,680 37,676 39,914 ? S|>ecie ou hand, 188,310 200.%)) ? 12,62.) $2,407,963 $2,189,166 LimMiliei. ( apital, 1,600,006 1,600,000 ? ? < irruUlion. 377,316 167,224 20,111 ? Dweouul acconiif, 68,39.* 66,606 1,789 ? Dividend unpaid, 8,866 8,78i 79 ? Surplus Fund, 64,190 69,369 ? 4,779 Dae to other Banks, 41,166 161,211 ? 111,675 By mother B'k M Branch ., 20.1.748 '13,828 111,920 Due to Branches, 13,436 39.914 ? 26,478 Deposits, 204,016 212,131 ? 8,119 CirciiUtiou on hand, tj.u77 'iti.tti't Actual, m.lU ?,**; 6 We hare received the following in relation to a stateinent recently made hy us :? New Yoke, 'hi May, lt*4J. JsNks Gordo* Br.anr.TT, Km.? Dssr Rir,In the money article in your valuable paper of OOth ult., I obeerve tliat in alluding to the stocks ot some of the Western States, you say that one of the greatest causes of their discredit bun been the bail conduct of those having charge of their uegociation ; " that the agt uts ol the State ot Arkansas fell into, the hand* of tin- North American Trust and flanking Company, and the result was ruin." Now as to the bond* ol the State of Arknnsns. as the following facts may not lie generally known, if von should think lit to make the same public through the "medium of your columns, they w ill 110 doubt lie satisfactory to the holders of said tionds -The bond* were in the first place issued to the two banks of that State- the State Bunk ami ? the Heal 1 at ate Bank?lor the purpose of creating a capital to said banks. The I! S. Government purchase,) almut *|,000,000 The N. A. Trust k Banking Co. purchase,] 1,000.000 and Joseph D. Beers of this city I 000 1100 of said lumds ; all of which were paid lor in cash in NewYork and Washington city, mostly how ever in New York. The Slate received, and consequently holds etamt *7,000,. 000 of property as security for issuing its tionds to said banks; or say lor *1000 of liond* issui-d, the Slate holds *1300 of bonds and mortgages, on which the interest is ( arable semi-annually, 011 improved plantations, valued at f'JUOO or double the amount. And further, neither of the lianks by their ebarters are permitted to declare or pay any dividends, until the bonds are paid both principal and interest, both of which they are liable for, and for which, if unpaid when due, suits may lie brought ngainst them and their property reached. For the loan procured of James Holford. Kaq..ou the hypothecation of 000 of the bonds of said State, the Heal Kstate Bank received *130.000 in rash, and su aaequi ntly a depoaite of securities of over *l(ri 000, and there is but little doubt on the repayment by the hank of this sum, and the return of the securities, that the whole of the bonds will lie given up by .Mr. llolford. Respectfully your oht. aer't, 1). B. In rclatiou to the *1,000,noo purchased by Mr. Ileers, we may state that they w ere issued to the real estate hank, principal and interest pay able In I.ondon. Of these *tU0.000 were sold in this country to the New York free Banks mid others, without being math- parable at any place. Most of these hanks have since failed, and the stuc k Ins 11 forced upon tlit market, sinking the rnslit of the State and reducing the market price. On these, interest has heretofore been received by the holders in New York,Mr Beontbcing paidfctor {the, privilege of paying |U?an? the J amoiiulfol the current) rale of exchange"^!! |the sum w hich, otherw ise, would have lweu remitted toJLoinlon. He u us deal rout of coin ertin g tho temporal y urrungeuieut into a permanent one, oii'l a ked the Bunk to ullow hint a stun equal to 9 ]>er cent on thu principal, (840,000) ^ amounting to fTd.tMMl. for the relinquishment of his right to | fill up the blank endorsement w ith London, unil instead to ' insert New York. After tw o your* negotiation w ith tin m Bank, an arrangement ?m made w itlijhim for the]extii | jguishment of hi* right, by allow ing him 7 per cent, 01 $">9.800for it, not to be paid, however, till the coutroverabout the 500 l>ond* is finally settled and then w ith a portion of them, ratiug them at par. ^ In relation to 500 bonds alluded to, the facts aru simply C as follow s On the 7th of September, 1840, the agents for p the real estate Bank of Arkunsaa, delivered to the North 1 American Trust It Banking Co. $.>00,000 of the bonds of I the State, as collateral security for a loan of $450,000, to he A repaid one-half in July, 1841, and the remainder in May. ai 1810, on the express condition that the l>onds should he sold by the North American Trust 4t Banking Co., only in the event of the failure of the real estate bank prompt- h lv to return the money, and then only sufficient of them * to cover the deficiency. The contract being completed, h the North American Trust tk Banking Co. paid over $135,. t! OOOouly, and received the bonds. In the January following, vir, 1841, they in violation of contract, pledged their bonds with Holford, Brancker & Co. for $300,000, bnt never paid over to the Heal Kstatc Bank of Arkansas, the , remaining $135,000. In July 1811, the agents of the Ar kansa* Bank tendered the money in payment of $135,000 received, and then discovered that the North American f Trust & Banking Co. had parted with the Itonds and 'j could pot dell*U thrni. That institution had, therefore. | borrow oil unit liml the use of $176,000 from January to Ju1> , 18-11, more than they hail loaned upon them. The Ileal j Instate Bank of Arkansas hail received hut $125,000 for ? $000,000 of the obligations of the State that they hud parted {, with, and could not get them hack, and those bonds being upou the market had greatly depressed the price of all' \ The agents then, very properly, immediately cautioned * the public against those lionds, giving the numbers. The agents then on their return home stated the case to the ' stockholders of the bank, and laid it before Governor J Veil. The result of this were the following proceedings on the part of the stockholders of the bank, and also of the ( Governor:? * Resolutions or the Central Board or the Real Es- ^ tatk Dane or Arkansas, Nov. 8, 1841. j Resolved, That the acts and proceedings of the said North American Trust and Banking Company, in refe- ? rence to the Bonds hypothecated anil put into their jior- J session, have bcuu fraudulent, and were unauthorised and t unjustifiable, in any view of the case. Resolved, That in the opinion of tlu* Board, this insti- < tution is neither legally or morally bound to recognise the validity of the Bonds in the hands of Holford, it Co., ! they standing in no better or different condition in respect to the some, than the suid North American Trust and h Banking Company, ( Resolved, That the course pursued, and the views expressed by the late agents of the Bank in New York, meets the approval of this Board. ( The following is an extract from the resolutions of the meeting of the stockholders of the Real Estate Bank of Arkansas. Nov. 8,1341 :? I " And further, we protest against paying interest on i suid 500 lionds, or doing any net that may imply assent on the part of the hank. But, if the hank lias received of the ! North American Trust and Banking Company money, and it is said that the Agents of the Real Estate Bank did ' receive some $120,000, we say implicitly, pay it punctual- , ly with interest thereon?but, we say, pay it' becnuse we f;ot the money, ami not because the lionds were impropery pledged. 'But further, we sny, let the holders of the bonds surrender them to us before they expect to receive cither principal or interest, for we 'determine never to pay principal or interest unless our bonds are surrendered." I These proceedings are followed by a letter from Governor Yell to Messrs. Talltnage, Holford Co., which, after enumerating the facts of the cuse, closes with the following significant language :? j Executive Department, ) ? Little Rock, Ark, 10th Nov. 1811. \ J To Messrs. TalMaoe, Hoi.toiid & Co:? ] You will find the people of Arkansas as sensitive in 1 their regard for honesty and punctuality as those of any State in this Union, and they will in good faith keep all their public engagements, (however burthensomc those j corjiorutions mav prove, when the sale of their Bonds have heen made bona fide for valuable consideration, and in accordance with the charter. But it would he absurd '' to suppose, and you mistake the character of our people I if you Halter yourself, that they will tamely submit to bc'laxod to pav lionds hypothecated to stock jobbers to enable the Bank to carry on her spec illations, without the ? authority of law, and "in express violation of her char- k tar. I slisll, however, for your satisfaction, and that you may understand what the Legislative branch of the Government will do, lav the whole sut^ecl fully and fairly 1 before them for their legislative action thereon. ' | If I am not mistaken in the positions assumed, 1 think I i know the people of Arkansas too well to Hatter you with much hope from that quarter. I am, with respect, iuiii uixuucni servant, A. YELL. Arkansas was thus added to the list of repudiating States, and her stock fell to 16 cents on the dollar !! The practical result has been the failure and assignment of all the effects of the Real Estate Bank of Arkansas, the ' agents in the above transaction la-ing nmong the assignee. I We trust these facts will sustain our asseition that " the ( agents of the State of Arkansas fell into the hands of the North American Trust and Banking Company, and the result was ruin." I Sales at the Stork Exchange. I $2000 Illinois Bonds, lit? VI Hash-in RR 0 ' $101X1 do 10 VI do 9 $ KMXJ India Bonds 19 S, Co do 10 211 sh? Mechanics Bk 62>, VI Long Island 11R Vi"a S3 Union Rank 100 200 do Vl'.( i 2} I)?-l Si Hudson kIU 00 100 do in?, 5 Ohio Life and Tnut CO 200 do hlO 503,' 15 Utica A Schenectady 129 25 New Jersey RR 64 : 10 do 129', VI Patenuin RR ,90 5|t_ I 30 Auburn A Rochester 99 VI do 5|\J 25 Mohawk RR nwr P?'4 50 do ?90 51JJ I 125 do 19 100 Stoningt.ui RR 16 J 50 Harlem UR bio 10 Second Board. 14 Auburn A Iloclicstrr 90 3000 State 6's, 1.312. 37 I 20 Mohawk 411 50 Long Island RR h3 5014 25 Stooimrton 1614 50 do VI3, 4CXXI State 5's, 1II3S, K'l 50 Harlem 10V ! 5000 do OOks State of Trade. The weather continues very inclement and the outdoor business consequently restricted. Ashes?The transaclions since our last have been confined to about 160 bbls of pots at $.'i 50. Cotton?The market yesterday w as quiet. Flour?There is rather more doing "in the flour market. Genesee is quick at $6 87}. Died. On the 1st instant, after a protracted illness, which she bmo with i Clirislian fortitude. Mary Klizahkth, wife of (ieur;* K. Tow nicy, and daughter of ( apt. Thomas nnd Margaret Stn.-kfiehl, in the 50th year of Iter use. Passengers Arrived. Livr.RPOOL?I'arket aliip Geo. Washington?Mr. Khilliber, R. F. Robinson, J. I.swis, Win. Maire, A. < haih-s?237 in the steerage. Gusr.ow?Bark Lady of the Lake?John Clabertou, O. D. Kenuedi?92 in the steerage. Bs HMrna?-Brig Gazelle?K. Harvey and l.ul\ . Mis? Tin ker, C.J. Tucker. James Henrisou. I'Hisi.r.iTON?Brig Tybee?Mrs. R. D. Tontine, Miss E. C. T. ritani . Mrs. M. A. Kirhards, Miss A. 1'.. Hnmphresa. M M. II. Morrison, I ol. I i. Iluuipllr,' s. Lieut. II. N. Gilford, A. Ogden, J. Petty, J. Anderson, S. W. Finch, M. Tousky, E. Trynn, A. Tryon. 1., tlnmpis, A. Hex.?22 in the steerage. PRSsengers Soiled. IIavri:?Packet ship Utira?Louis Garrise and lady, of New York;!' qit. 1'.. O'Sullivan, Boston; II. Thomas, New (Means; Mrs. Lillet and servant. Franee; J. M. Ilae.wta kimI friend, M. Moroean, L. Kakrt. List xrooi. sin llti.irii-St. ain ship Ilritannii, from H.xton?For Liverpool: Henry Whitncll, Jeffrey It. Ilr.i.ketl, I'eter Parker, 11.m. Mr. f.iudse> Miss F.liaalietli C. Parker, Miss M. Vamleubnrgh, Masters J. \'. Parker and G'-o. F. Parker, j??. S. N'oyes, Geo. A. Kendsll. For llalifui: Rol.t. Ilalliua . N. I. Bowes and lady, J. A. R.tlihiin. I l-'ori lgn Iinportat Ions. Lisrspool?Ship Gen. Washington?31'.'. sacks salt Onnnell. Mi lit urn A CO? Inkg II F.IKson?1 1) S Kennedy?2 Boyd A Brothers?I ('J Rosevejt?I W lit arey A en?2 V an Ally n A , ?i Woodward A Connor?I Voting. Smith A c.?I F (.use ?3 W B Windle A ?on?3 Homer. Fik.i A ro?J Peahody, Riggs a, 0<,? i J ( Ritchie?1(1 F. K t'olljnsAi ?1 D M Wilson Are ?1 J S Oelston?4 Wilson A Bo.wn?t D Lindas?I W F Crook A ?a J T Ibdau A ?on? 3 K Kijigalam) A ro?3 R Par- , dow ? ID trypols Grinnell Minturn A ro-^4 pkfs L Atlerhuiy? | Tonker. Head km ?I l-eiiow*. > <11 A nlal. k ... I H ...I.I | k ( r??I J RIi.mIcs?1 'I' K < in n?S Blind in Si Baldwin?I M , |,rvi J J (iihnn k en?I Binti*. It .d? lead li en?I < nrliet, l!?). j d.x-k k en? l l> Makrv* k *nn? 1 II Dit. i:?J Richardion Si Wilmn?3 N l.ndh.w Si en?I Wnndwnnl 6 .inner?271 ingot* tin 431 hi* nn plate III e? e.ipi? r I onlcy Si Smith?30 l?nie* llerlrirlit li Brother*?I? hari VV Whilewrnrlit??VI hi* nil plate li II Mnrew.nd St e.i?I (Ml Inna pi< iron II h*r? 2 ek* .1 Inlet Mi crti , 10 nnier. l-l>)KPnni.?Shin Kinlilem?7 rratri OarreHnn V .lone*? j 3 Mid* J Mayer?4 yale* W.hkI, John.,mi k Bnrr-lt?I hulei S , Deiiuitliin?IPO d.? (imp, ( Si M hale, mdre Smith, Tlmrtcer k cr>?II do Cameron k Brand?II) eaaei Bird, (iillilau Si en?4 tnmra J Lt-lfert?WW Imiel tin plate* l*he I pa, Undue Si en?t Idol* 10 rnl. i I e.k Weill) Si U ilRlal?7 crate* Smaller Si Weldnn?2 Ithd* S eratea J I' Drninmniid?0 | eratei 4 hhd? Stnnieiil.nry, l)a> Si en? 112 era!) * Jc.k* H Wink ley?16 e?k? 21) hdl. K (awning Si en? 33(1(1 Imn 160 ImIN imn K<Klei6iiiStlliii. il?lis eralei 10 e?k? W ( hauncey Si co?700 aaeks aalt too ton* e?al K I) Si r.e-72 ca*e* ?l?rl it ea?< ? in.lf.e ill crate. 4 hlnl* tn order. I.nrarnnt.?Ship _ Kiimpean?:t 117 har. 70 hdla iron J. Reyhunr-IO Inlet Wnnd Jnhmnn St Binrelt?S dn Smith. TlinrKer ken-*., eratet J|W IlirrU?203 do 7 ek< Adam- St Brother* ' -27? Iwra 40 Ml..1,1.,, Hunt V Bmek-27 e Met I ckt Harvey St Slant-I erate 2 UK Ale.xk?V . rale- W A Krme.a-fi. rile. 13 hhda J 8 Dtumainnd?I ea.efll Leffrrman k en?'.6 hale looker. >1ea,J k en?3 , at-. 6 r.,,k. J W bar. ,0 , Ml* Iron <1 W Shield.?6 hale. ( s Holt?ta l?,Ten J k .1 Stew ;t?12 bale. J It II V ,?der,.ml-10 do John (iihon St en-17 do lliek* k co?63 cava J nan, k rn?63 ton* pig iron 628 bar. railtOiid iron ltlU l*JU lwx?|? libl Ur? ?i??l imt l?<||4 iron in nriirr .L;vKRP00L--Bark Ohrrliii?-iy Mrs U*n.k.u 2 tr. (lorton. Hotlgrs Stc?>?11 bal*-* liissin Bisiltli, Tliur^rr Jk co-?75A utrks nit H 7t rratr* 2 ck? H At J YVillitU?16 rrIs II ck< W ('hniiM'py Im i>--Irrt? H r?MwelI * otr? m Uo l utlrrhill & ?< ?!(*? torn pig iron ill do roftlftt ?nlt H<m h?-. Urotin-ri Jk en Jim l?oxt*? tin i"Uifs 2-* pkK$ wix>| 3 num merciinm)i??* to Lit i.RPrtoi.?S!ii|? Tr??)?**rk? finr |?mm>?|?? rosirsr ??lt 7i ron? ??><*1 J NUry Ai hoii?Hinifh, Thitrjcrr V c.v?} J fjj. 1H1 Ml 8l I'll, tili.onw? B?rk I,adv of the I,akc? IMtom nia iron Mail land, Keunc ly Si , ,e-IIMI ton* e.pil It hi. md?e A Kimii ir?I hi I elicit Kev Win Travel.?100 ek? I hi. J l,ee Si en? | bt L? S -! ! .L.J ... . . .. ' lei -1 ?It H J? mui I etui 6 Uiei Ooiton, HodiCM fcc?^ rj r.k? Uer Tooker, M< ad & co. Vupauiio?Ship NittheE?tiM hu copper 7411 ?i r\ bidet Ml.-! . ' . !,?? - v% . I I ( >\\ i Hid \ \ ,'inu ill?I, li.ilr. t?111 v a m 11 i In mi Mvei klsop It c< Domestic likijioi tat lone. i KAHLKs i on?Hii,' Tybe*?\ld to Smith, Mill* St eo; W 1 Hon land; S B Bernard; Brti?tlein, Koo>> Ik eo; Burnetii m?t; rirth li Hail; BaiU) WanI It ci ; J Juntwiir It co)|M huny; fklprkDoninti; sj.. ?. n. RoliMOi It to; Hinv l co, MARITIME HERALD. LK pnrtuif of the Atlantic ntcameif. from rifQUNU. from am) rica. alrdnnia, Lott Ainil I'J May 1(4* idi Ryri? Mty i Jail i& r. Western. llnhkiii May 21 June 16 olumhia, Judkin-i May 19 June 16 riUiuiia, Hewitt June I July 2 al*-.Ionia, Lott June 19 July 17 iCadia, Ryrie- Jnlv 5 Aug. 1 i. Western Hotki n- Jul) 9 ...... Aug. t The Belgian steamer British Queen, Cape. Keaue, will leave mtwerp for New York on the 4th of May, to touch at Southtriplon, Eng., on the 7th. To Mhl]> BlnatcrM, We hall esteem it a favor, if cantaiu* of vessel* arriving ere, will give to Commodore It S. Martin, of our new* licet, rejKirt of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the eufla qxMuul oh then pnttn, ? list of their oareo, rod aim ?rei?u newapa|ter* they may hat e. Commodore Martin will oaru them immediately on then arrival. We w ill reciprocate le favor ill any way. PORT OF NEW YORK, MAY 4, 1*4'4. CN RISKS 5 J I MOON RISK* I 55 UN SKTI (i 57 I HKill WATr.K 1 5 Cleared* Ship St. James, Sebor, Loudon, Grinm-ll. Minturti & Co.? Iri^i Jtwliua Scars. Derrich.Miii, Guayamn P. R., Soutryran Ik Vrret; Tremont, lyodick, Gfti^elowu, S. (Badger & IVck; iii?' Allison, (British) Card, Windsor^ n. S.?Schr* Amanda, ludsoii, Philadelphia; A. B. Cooley, (. amp, do. Arrived* Packet ship George Washington, Burrows fmui Liverpool, Jaich 28, indse. to (iriunell, Minturii &. < o. '3th nit. Ion II. poke Bremen ship Gustav. from B'i men for NVork. 17th and Bill April, between Ion 46 50 and 50, saw a larxe number of ice flp. Ship Natchez, Waterman. 80 days from Valparaiso, with cop r and hides, to How land at Aspinwall. March 15, olT Martin fas Hocks, spoke ship Aurora, of and for Boston, from Montetdeo. April 23, lat 26 .'><1 N, Ion 68 15, spoke bri< Moxy, of 'homastou, hence for B trbadoes. Ship Kmhlem, Talbot, f-oni Liv*-r|>ool, March 6, mdse, to K. >. 1 iisrl hut It ('o?211 passe utters. Glover Ik Mc Murray. Ship Troy, Kolleiisbee, from Liverpool, March 23, indse, to osi.ih Macy St Son?209 steerage passengers. 11th ult. lat 43 56, ?n58 12, saw a large steamer, standing eastward. 14th, lat 12 ii. Ion 17 50. spoke ship Plato, of Boston, from New Orleans for owes. 29th, at I p. M., l it 39 11, Ion 69 38, passed steamer Great Vestern, going off in line style, wind west. Ship Kuiotuan, McLellan. (of New Orleans) from Liverpool, larch 13, muse to Martin Brown?896 passengers, Glover 8t lcMurray. 11th ult. lat 12 17, Ion 43 10, spoke bark Weskeag, 3 days hence for Bordeaux. Bark Oberlin, Kuapp, from Liverpool, March 17, indse, to tocne Brothers It Co?138 atoerafe pfcintrn Saw eoonnotu celnsrCs in lat 43 3(1, Ion 40 30, and several in lat 12, Ion 40. 3d It. Richard Keith, jeamaii.a native of Halifax, N. S., fell from he jibboom inro the sea, and was drow ned. British hirk Ud) of tie- Lake, .1 unicson,from < Hosgow. and 'Ivde March 22, utdse, to A. Knox, Jr. British brig Gtzelle, V? sej, 8 dij* from B? imndi, in bill,vf.. i> B trclav &t|New man. Sailed in ?< . with brig Jahez, for rnr udelphia. Brig Nonpareil, Poih . 7 das * from Sr. Johns* K. K., with 77,60 feet luiubti, to Gilchrist & Co. Left brig Retrieve, for Jalvrfctoii. Brig Tybee, Ogden, 5 days torn Charleston, will cotton, to jeo. Bulkley. British brig Billow, Curry, 15 days from Windsor, N. S., with duster. Schr Boundary, Shackford, 12 day* from Oporto, via Tarpauiu Cove, w ith wine and cork, to J. T. Kntz. Schr ('raven, Godfrey, 14 days from New Orleans, w ith 1300 mshel* corn 9 tons bad to ('hurchinaii k Robert*. Schr Cambridge, Hall, 4 days from Boston, with mdse, to J. ite veils. Schr Cornelia, Nichols, 1 days from Boston, w ith indse, to J. Steven*. Schr Defiance, Powell, 1 days from Bostou, with mdse, to the naster. .... I Sloop David Van Name, Cotirsen, 2 days from Virginia, with rysters. Beloxv. Two ships, two harks, three brigs. j Marine Correspondence. ()i kick ok tiik Riiook Islandkr,) | Newport. May 2, 1312. > I Arrived Ajiril 30, Lucy Blake, Camden for NYork; Albany, > ivviut'iirr I'M rainany. Returned, Wanrionasso, and Augusta. Arrived May I, Rhode Island, and Trcmnsrli, Providence; Willard, Briatol, all for NVork; Moms Eddy, NYork for Proridcucr, and a large fleet of roasters. Also, Juan J. dr Cartli aaeua, Marinas for New York; Effort, lustier, Betsey Pierce, and Wave. Tliomaston for NVork, the alter with loss of ffyiiut jibhoom, having been in contact with mother vessel off Ca|ie Ann; President, Darirn via NVork, for Freetown; Mandarin, Boston for Albany; lm|ierial, Nantuckot or NYork; Win. Peiill, Macliias for do; Florida, do do; Edwin, f.astport for do; Nantucket Lnbec fordo; Brilliant, Fall River or Charleston; Avon, and Nancy Finlry, Nantucket for Allan y. General Record. Pac'kkt snip St. JaMks, for London, sails to-day. Letter aits at Oil|iin's. Paukkt ship Cammridok, for Liverpool, sails to-day, havimt teen detained by the weather. Letter bags also at Gilpin's, in lie Exchange. Notice to Mnrlnem. The Light House established on Bass River Beach, will Ire in iperatiim this season, commencing May 1st and ending Des-rniier 1st. Whalemen. ' Sailed from New Bsdlord, May I, Draper, Indian Ocean. Sailed from St. Helena, March ill. Albion, Fairhaveii; Milla nod, New Bedford; Meteor, Mystic?all full. A lettrr from Win. Ik Henry, 1" H. re|iorts her Jan. 10, 17 S, on 52 W, with 100 bids s|>efan?had s(>okeii off River La Plate, Cadmus, Fit. for Pacific, no oil. Hpolccii. Great Western, (s) from New York for Liverpool, A|>ril 29, 10 s. m., South Shoal N. mi miles. Warsaw, from Charleston for Havre, April 10, lat 30 .10, Ion JT 59. Eupheinia, 12 days from New Orleans for Marseilles, April 22, lai 35 15, Ion 08 35. Carroll of Carrollton, of Nsw York, steering East, April 17, lat 30, Ion 51. Athens, 9 days from Mobile for Liverpool. no date, lat 26 22, Ion 79 20. Chaos, of Boston, from New Orleans for Havre, April 17, lat 26, Ion 82. Magnolia, from Portland for Gnadalottpr, April 27, lat 40, Ion a 20. Charles Thomas, from Bath for Cuba, April 21, lat 34, Ion 03 Foreign Porta. Matanzas, April 18?In inirt, Elixa, for Cowes, Ida; Rival, Boston, 3 days; Olive Chamberlain, do, soon; Susan Jane, for I'ortlaud, Itlg; Centurion, do do; Virginia Packet, lor NVork, loon; Washington. Iliiladelpliia, 5 davs; Tyro, line. St. Jaoo, April II?In |Hirt, Nile, from Boston, for Trieste, me; Uuincy, for do, in to days; Allen, for Boston, 7; Tnnjiiiii.i, Tor New Orleans, 2. Fatal. April 6?In port, Olive A Eliza, from St. Josephs for Liverpool, to sail nbont 15th Mar, repairing. Harbinger, from Boston, sailed fiir St. Thomas 3sl: Manilla, Jail. 3?In port, Steiglitz. for Boston, alamt Feb. 1; Morea, do dop Tlios. Perkins, do do; Olid Wyk, for Singa{>orf, I ilays; Gambia, of Salem, from the Feejec Islands, une. Canton, Dee. 27?In port, Mary Ellen, Lueouia, anil Niautic, Tor NYork, soou. United Stntm Ports. BaNOOH, April 28?Arr E igle, Philadelphia. kv-.nnv.brnx, April 27?Arr Nile, NYork. Batii, April 23?Arr Hanover, Ouayauia. Portland, April 30?Arr Amelia, Havana; Little Marv, N. York. Arr 29th, Wm. Henry, New York; Gazelle, do; Eliza Ellen, Richmond. Shi Lydia, Havana. Arr 28th, Plato, Matsnxas; Hazard, do; Ditan. Boston, to load for Rio ile Janeiro; Manpils, Philadelphia. Shi Eastern Star, Cuba. Cld Lydia, Havana. Portsmouth, April 28?Arr Amelia, and Ellrn, from Baltimore. GLorrrsTKB, April 28?Arr Aiiiora, from Ncwburyport for Richmond. m Mahscchi'id, Apnr2f?Arr Harriet, CaiIiz., April 29?Arr Star, Georgetown, D. C.; Bnlliaiit, N. York; Jtlth, Pennsylvania, do. Sid 29tli, Hopewell, Iliiladelpliia; Mav I, Fairfield, NYork. Boston, Mav 2?Arr China, NYork) Annawau. do; Lacy, St. Johns, E. F.; Tionet, Philadelphia. Cld Suffolk. New Orleans; Cervantes, Marseilles; Mvrida, St. Thomas; Abbott Lawrence, Talent, and Jas|>er, NYork. Arr 1st, Viola. New Orleans; Shaw, do; Anne Reynolds, Smyrna: Pern, Maranzas; Colombo, Baltimore; Antares, Philadelphia; Medium, Jeremie; Woodcock. Apelarliieola; Savannah. Savannah; Harriet. Cha'slon; Rubicon, do; St. I loud. Ply mouth. N. C.; Win. W. Wyer, and Slay Flow r. Richmond; Metropolis, Norfolk; Nile. Wit mington, Del.; H.t I\ Hinckley, Richard, Canton, ami Harriet Porter. Hiiladelphia; Vitscher, and Clarion, Albany; (Grecian, Trio, Ino.and America, NYork. Air April JO, Richmond, Liverpool; ft*00 las, Manilla; Norfolk, NOrIrani; Vo|*r, Ponce; Charles, Havana; Persia, M*; William, do- Alderman, Wilmington. N. C.; Martha kinsni in, Baltimore; Krhrrca, do; Will*, <lo; AlHope, St. Jaco; H*-1lr-*|minr. Havana; Forest, St. I-roil; Bride, Cltai lest on: Arab, Newbera; Mary, Kn di ncktbnrg John Kiirieiil, Philadelphia; North Carolina, do; Rrnide, Niiirk; Pcquot, do. Nr.w lino-nun, May I?Arr Helen, NYork; William Kmsell, do. Nantpckkt, April 28?Arr Klizalreth, Philadelphia; Chainpion, and Hero, NYork. IIoi.mfs lloi.r.. April Arr Cevlnii, A(iakapi< for Portamouth; Ann Deuinan, Cdmdeii for NYork; Kiimplf, Machia* fordo; Citizen, Thomaston for Norfolk; Chief Sachem, Knt> l *o 11 for NYork; Father Klir.a, do for (Jeorvetnwn, D. C.; Potoniae, Thomaaloii for Providence; Utira, Boston tor Albany; An fa ret, Philadelphia for Boston. Kik;4Htown, April zh?Arr Delaware, boston fo, Pinhole!phi i, with loan of cable and anchor. I'norior.Kcr. Slav l~Arr Judge Hitcrhcoek, Mobile; Trvall, Baltimore; Swan, Pliil.oWli.hia; J rate M. Ju ilia, do for raw Flicker. Below, a fore and all ?chr, ashore on the llafs north of Nayat Point. Shi Teciimaeh, New York. Arr April Mt, Sarah Louisa, Philadelphia; Tennessee, Philadelphia. Shi Kipiea?, jo; (Jalny, Kondout; Albany, Albany; Rhode Lland, New York. BnifTot., April 51V?Arr 20? h, Cherokee, Mobile for Provi i)encr?22d, in a*c\. ,? pal. , lost nearly all her sails; Will,ml. Providence, to load for NYork; Kith, Aijnefn#t, Fall River. Nr.w IIavkn, May 2~Arr Industry, NYork. HaRTroan, M*v 2?Arr Illinois, Return, Loia, and lleury Brown. Philadelphia: Swan, Mary Shields, Teitcr, Celeste, sod Velocity, New York; Plteitix, Albany. Cld.fabot, Stnart, N York. Pmii adi t rina. May 1?Arr Jacob S. Wain, the Mrgo of the St.iiira, from (Jotteiilnirx for this |*>rt, which put into Fayal in December last, leaky, and was condemned. Also ?rr. Klin Nieidl, New Bedford; Henry Clay, Sarah Ann, Orb, Venus, and Albany, NYork. Baltimore, May 2? Arr Creole, Bangor. Wales; Irad Kerry, NOrleaiis; Serene, do; Science, Portland; Valiant, New Yorfc. I Id Tippecanoe. Ni w Orleans: North B**nd. Ifalifiv; Francis Stanton, Rotterdam; Roweua, Cane lla>tien; Maria, NYork. Kid A mi Kli/.i, Rio de Janeiro; T. II. Beiitot), U irhudoe* and a market. Alkiakpria, I). C., April JO?-Sid Clifton, Halifni; K.dw ird Preble,|N>rt. NoRroLK, April ZV^-Arr Kitra. NYork; Lwiw, Boston. CiiaRI.kiTON, April 30?Arr l>irii??n. New York. Cld Loo I hiati. for a port in Belgium; Calhoun, NYork. Sid Knvoy, Boston; Vie reliant, Matauzas. ArrZltli, laiithc Otaojrnw. Sa% intah, April 29- Below, Ki.ijto, from New Orleans for M i rw-i I lea, put in on account of the sickness of the captain. Cld Kith, 0roilu>cto, Liwr|MK>l; Harrison Chilton, do; F.tact, New Vork. Nrw Ori.i an?; April 21?Arr Oruadre, Kingston, Jam. At the Balire, Caroline, from Matgnofd* for New York. Below, roiniriK up, H.-nl Stark. Cld Nortli Star, Lifrrpvil; Palmyra, do: Denmark, do; (hillall, do; American. Havre; Ciu< 4?i?n. Baltimore; Lucy Peuiuinan, New York; William, do; Hsioay, Anl wcrp; Hero, v nr^ IN HlfVi HJBHK FEM \LK I'll.!,THESB *n'^ celebrated Pills, from Portugal, are, 1 wc perceive, to be obtained in this eonutry. See advertisement on the last coin inn o( fourth page* fel lmeie r|MIK ( OMMfBSiblh'KRB OK PIL()TS OFFft E it r a moved to No. JPJ South street, over the store of (>. Ac H. A. H. Johnson. mil I wr pARl'F.TINW < II KAI'KK THAN K v'KR-I . ,rxr ,.lditiont having been mad?- to our former splendid stock of Carpets, enables u? to olfrr a superior assortment at this time. Oilr whole stock are of this Sprint^a nurchases, which are much less than Inst fall's prices, ami will oe offered at greater har*fins than can he met with else where. The puhln* are licited to ca'l, eiamine, and Judge for thetn*e|v? %. ml Iwit t J. II. LOCNsBKKY Sl i U. 4(0 Pearl street NEW MUSIC 1 AT RKIirCKl) CHICKS A TWILL, Muiic Publisher. No. 201 Bio<ulwa\, infoiui* puielueer* he continues to make a most liberal rpiliit iion fi ojn tlie retail pi ice of uiiuic, wlieti ordered in quantilie.* by teachers, semiiiai ies, 01 by letters from the country. f/n?e unuic is elegantly priuted on beautiful tinter] paper, and tlir title pages embellished with splendid Lithographic VignrtPi. H | f All music published in the country for sale, together with I every description of gamut and instruction U>ok. The follow! nit; are anions :he publications:? 1 "The Gamble)4* Wife,* a descriptive ballad, the word , by Dr. Coates, the music continued ami respectfully dedicated to | Dr. Washington, by Henry Ku*?rll. | 44 Not Married Vet,4 *oug, words bs G. P. Morris, and dedii cated to A. II. Fisk, Esq., by Henry Russell. | 44 Tli# Mother who hath a ( s?-a,,4.i ballad, as suiuk b) Miss Ellen L? \fis with great applause, and respectfully dedicated to his friend, Henry John Sharp, by Henry Russell. " Will nobody marry meV* a coinic soinr, words written by , Geo. P. Morris, Esq., the music com^ura ami nuiu[ by Henry Kiis*ell, embellished with a lithographic vi^lictte title. I fOld King Time," a beautiful song, written bv Eliza 1 ook, set to music and sung by Henry Russell, embellished with a sph udid lithographic vignette. 44 Oli this Love, oh this Love," a comic song written by U. I Morris, Esq., composed bv H. Russell, and sung by Mr. Dein|>ster. w ith a splendid lithographic vignette. Trie above six songs are for sale separately, or put up in ?i beautiful envelope stitched with ribbons, and called ; SIX SONGS BY RUSSELL.4 The Moon o'er ihe Mountain a beaming?a beautiful serenade. The Olden Time?n itopular song, in the sty la of Henry Russell. My Woodland Bride?by (J. I*. Morris, Km]. The Conuetic?by F. W. Rosier. Swiss Girl's Dream?very beautiful. Way of the World?by Bayley. Manahatta Waltzes. Woman?as *uug by Brabant. Away to the Woods, the wrnrds written by Geo. P. Morris, Esq.; the music coinpo??-d bv F. II. Brow n, and siiuk bv Messrs. Syvui'i, Giubilei ami Russell. Is embellished with a be.miilul vignette. Oh: who has not seen the young rose fade away?a favorite b'lllail, sung with great applause try Miss Poole, Mrs. Buily, and Mr. A. Phillips; the i?oetry written by the Reverend J. R'-vnell Wrellord, F. S. A; the music coiniM?sed by Austin n.tiiijM. Tip; Normandy Maid? 'ballad, sung hv Mrs. Sutton, !>o, by Miss Poole, in the musical romance 4 Blanche of Jersey,'the niuaic by John B iruett. Com* ine th it sweet air again?as sung by Miss Poole; music coinj>o*ed by Thomas Moore. Esq. The Boat Cloak?sung bs Miss Poole, w ritten h\ Eliza Cook; the music composed by P. U. Nichols. Twenty Years Ago?a beautiful song, sung by Mrs. Bailey, the Geo. P. Morris; music composed by Austiu Phillips. The Dream is pas;?song, *uiik by Miss Poole, music by Stephen Glover. Come end wander with no??* *? ! to the relchrated air of La (iit,ma, sung liy Mr*. Sutton ami Mi*? Poole at the public ami private concerts, adorned with a iiInl vignette; music coin|K>.?e?] bj' Aubcr. ! Fanny, dearest Funny?a brantifill serenade song, sung with great applause by, Mr. Wood computed by G. Nicholl* Crouch. Evelrett?.song written ami composed bv Sainl Love, Esq. author of Son* of the 9u print it ion or Irclaml. Six S< is s. by Thomas Moore, Esq. We met but once?Oh do not look mo luiulit and blent?Music Box?When to nad mil .ic?L uigu ige of'flowers?The day is (Irawint; o'er m. The above are told separately, or put up in a beautiful envelope tied with ribbons. And wilt thou w?ep when 1 am low?a very beautiful song, written by Byron, 3d edition. The Cracovieii Maid, set to the music of Lt Uracovieiiiic. Thou ait false, but I cannot forget thee, a In aiitltul ballad, embellished with a handsome lithographic vignette. Oh remeinln r well, as suinc by Mi?s ShirrefT. I'll spe ak of thee, I'll love thee too. Silent still, I dare not speak. Wild white rose; Prettv star of my fancy. The step of my love; The three age* of love. The heart that cm feel ; Happy land. I come, I come; C irrier Dove, 8th edition. Invitation to the ball, from Gustavo*. When time hath bereft do I love her, bow I love her do Masquerade Soiik, do J,o read the stars do Answer, nightly sorceress, do Peace w ithiu the crave, do Quadrille from GusUtviis. G&lopade from Gustavo*; Overture to Gustavo*' Come away, come awav; The Grecian Daughter. To thee, love, to thee love. 1 did uot ween; Night at sea, The beautiful day; My Normandy. Come gang awa wi' me. Who'd a thought of teeing you. Hunter and his bride. Oh promise nie to sine, 5th edition. The KLSSLKR DAM KS, viz.:?' La ( raeoviemie ' 4 La Cachuca,' 4 La Sylphide' 4 La Stnolenski,' 4 Kl Yaleo de Jrrrs, or La Gitania,' 4 La Mazurka,1 4 Pas Hiyrh-n,' 4 Kannv Elsnler's Pas Seul,' 4 Kl Zaveteodo,' 4La Tareiitule,' adorned with beautiful lithographic vignettes, splendidly colored, and stitched together with ribbons, forming a beautiful hook for the Piano. Morris' Quick Sten?Norma Quadrilles?Gibraltar Waltz? Lantier Waltzes?Eglantine Waltzes. Grand Trumpet March, by WaLli. Strauss' celebrated Walzes. Quadrilles from Le Postilion. Van Rensselaer Guard March. Union Grays'Grand Waltz. Wreath Quadrille*. 4th edition. Opera of Ami lie: Era Diavolo. Ojwra of Farinclia. Alto, a large assortment of Music for the Guitar, Violin, Accordion, &c' recently published at ATWILL'9, ml 2tw&*i*. 201 Broadway,below St. Paul'*Church. GREAT TEMPERANCE MEETING. rpO THE TABERNACLE !?-TO, THE TABERNACLE!?All tiplers, moderate drinkers, drunkards, and every body should go to the Tabernacle, this evening, and listen to those truly eloquent advocates of cold w ater, Messrs. Briggs and Mars nail, Mcinlier* of Congress. ml lt*r TU9T PUBLISHED, and for sale by R. Carter, 50 Canal st. Sichell's Practical Svnopsis of the Opthslmia*, or iutiam* matory diseases of the Eye, for the use of practitioners and students of medicine. Translated from the French by John Shank*. M. D, New York, 1812. HI lt*C CCfeRK WANTKrD?'The subscriber wishing to increase his business, is in w ant of a clerk who can furnish ?3,000 to $0,000 as a loan, for the use of w hich interest w ill he paid, ami a liberal salary given for his services. Address F. X. M. post office, Jm r NEW (iOFFEE SALOON.?The subscriber respectfully informs hjs friends and the public, that he will open This Da/, a biam-ii of hi* old establishment, at 217 Fulton slieet, near ?rcenwich, where he hopes to in**lit a continuance of patronage formerly bestowed upon niin. JNO. JOHNSON, ml 'Jt*r DEMOVED.?HILAIRE* W ALTER, agent and partner of the lions- of Bcr-'er W*l*er, the only manufactory of Watch Glasses in ?Frauc , No. *7 Par <dis Poissouuiere street. Paris. Iris the honor of iulormimc Mssjrs, dealers in w atch works, and all articles connected with the line, a* also Mssrs. dealers in cut glas?, that their establishment of watch glasses, cut glass, gilt and colored, fancy aitjclcs.ltc.lkc.5tc., b?? btely been rc m ?ved from No. 40 Maiden Lane, tof No. 90 William street. Gentlemen desirous of purchasing from tin?only depot of the factory, are respectfully invited to call at our establishment. where will ho found annuirivajled assortment of the above mentioned Roods, which will he di?|M?*ed of on the most reasonable terms. nv42m*r PATKNYTRKSKRVIVD PORTABLE Fff^SfT"PffO* VISIONS, warranted to keen any length of time, and in any climate, vn Preserved Lobsters, Ilillibut, Shad, Salmon. Oyster* and Clams?Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Duck, Chicken, Turkey, Goosr?Beef Soup, Mutton Broth, Chicken Soup, Ox Tail Soap, Vegetable Soup, Mock and Ureeu Turtle Soups ?Oreen IVas and Milk, for tea voyages. N. 15.?These provisions arc all ready cooked, free from bone and can lie used cold, or, if preferred, warmeu in a few minutes. Manufactured and sold wholesale and retail, by ml lm* rn W. MULLANK, H2'g Nassau xt., New York rp<T"T? E ADV K KTISI N( i DOC TORsT?^Gtntfcrnrn I when touched with ? little accident, should not apply to the puffing nicknamed doctor1*, such as the M Magic Mixture,*1 *' Pneni* Bitters," " if you doubt, die,11 drops, fiu\, fiu\, who sell death at a low rate ! or shall w e go to the celebrated doctors who celebrate themselves in the daily (ihikth, and on every lamp post throughout this city. Mow long, gentlemen, do you intend to gull us of our money, health, tic., with your mercury, copr.iva, spirit* of nitre, cuhrh*, fitr. I w ill tell you what w e want? an old regular ascientific doctor, accustomed to cure audi complaint. Such is Dr. Laurel, 103 Canal street, who cures a new case in 21 hours, and an old one in lest than a week, ml Im* c TSEUDACHER All/T.-li. iman physician, formerly loon 1H8 Hudson street, may be consulted by both sexes as usual at his office 16-1 Canal street. For the following complaints the Dr. guarantees a |?erfcct cure?ivphilL, no matter what form or how long standing, whether the horn**, throat, skin, lungs, or any other part be the seat of this destructive complaint. In those other diseases of the skin, such as salt rheum, leprosy, hernia, erysi|?elas, idles, strictures, fitc., if the doctor considers the patient incurable he will inform him, and no charge will he mane for consultation. N. B.?Patients may he accommodated w itli board. Best of references will lie given. ml lin*r ORlflS TOOTH WASH? I'n ?ared from the original re* I cipc at No. n Gold street, New Yrok?Tke Orris 'I'""!)! Wash is purely a vegetable preparation, possessing the propertic* of cleaning the teeth anil mouth, restoring the gums to a liealthy , and preventing any unpleasant taste or odour in the mouth, w hether arising from decayed teeth, or from a deranged stale of the stomach. It is designed to he used with a tooth brush, and w ill bo found t? supersede the necessity of a powder, keeping the teeth clean and preventing the wearing away of the gums from the teeth. It is particularly useful in r*.se* of spungy gums, restoring the rn to a healthy state, and causing them to contract around the tenth. In painful affections of the teeth and gum*, arising from exposure to cold, it w ill lie found highly beneficial. It is jmiticulurly serviceable to use the Orris Tooth Wash at night just be fore retiring to rest. This method is recommended by eminent dentists, as by so doing all particle* of food which acnc mill ate during the day are entirely removed, and the m?ur)i kepi through (lie night in a clean, sweet, nnJ healthy state. Sound teetli and white teeth arc the most Valuable (notion* of poor humanity; hut how many neglect the attention necessary lor their preservation, even when stiriouiided by all the incsn. needed. Among these We know of Hone more pleasant and effectual than the Orris Tooth Wash?it cleanse* and whitens tie le? til. strengthen* the gums, purifies tin- mouth, and ?wrctcii.s the breath. We recommend its use to all, young and old.?[Boston Morning Post. The Orris Tooth Wash is the hest detergent we eier used on otir enamel. ?1?.. ton Transcript. Fin tali b> the priri ipal druggists in the itj . mj r nAIILIAH iu Pots, and Greenhouse Plants?A. LEVY. 151 Broadway, will sell this morning^ at o'clock, 250 I) ihli m in |>ots, all named and in fine growing wiler. Also, v choice collection of Greenhouse Plan!*, amongst w hich are many of those line roses, geranium*, verbenas, and heh oihrept *, alto t. tliei i very d? ir ?bh lot ml it pLEABANT KXl'i Itsiov A sail icrou ths llailsaa to llnhoUeu. and a stroll along its romantic shore*, cannot now fail to yield much *a I is faction to the admirers of the |icnt up for th< winter ill a rruwdciicily, lrr*|| ? r, ami tome relaxation. The e xtensive k rounds of thin lovely siiof, so liberally thrown open to the imhlir, ire pow decked in all the luxuriant freshness of all early spriiitf. Hii* lieyond doubt it the lit' hi a^icc.lhle excursiou that can be made at this season. *13 In N'O (Tl{ K NO PAY. r\K. COOI'KK. No. 12 Dittiw- street, near < hithain, takes this ' m?fhod of i u form in# the public that he still a?fT-?ol. relief to the alHicted. and may he always corisnlted with tlx* Utmost confidence, in the worst e iset of delicate disease, mercurial affections, and the numerous tnploms arising frt.m the disease. Dr. Cooper, from i residence of many years m ,'he IhoimaU of Kliro|M>, devoted to the treatment of this disease, mid from an ? * tensive practice for the last eight years in that |?rti< branch of the profession, guarantees a sals and speedy, and effectual curt to such |ier.?oiis as cut them*vl>e? under his treatment. Recent eases rttml in a few days without the use of men ury ??r any other dangerous medicine. Dr. C.'i mild and judicious mode of treatment will rantiirc no intcriupiion fiom business, r?r .alt# ration in the mode of living. Persons afflicted with protracted ami deplorable rises, need not despair of a complete recovery. Attendance from 7 in the moriiin^ until 10 o'clock at night. Office No. 12 Du ins treet. ml liu^r pHANGK. OK HKBIDK.NCK S M'< >1. K( ?V IM M I has the honor of informing his friends ami the public in generd, that lie his removed his Kr?TAt HAST to No. n Br?'a?l street, at the ecuncr of tIn- < iistom llotise puhlie store. Plus establishment whic h will he known under the name of hi ROPKAN HOTKh, is Incited in the centre of hnsifi-fs.neai Wall Street and the hanks. It has some beautiluM) d eoratetl silnons for private |w?rties, ami famished rooms at moderate |sic s. 1 he Rest oirant will he kc|? on die plan of the best cst d.lnhof uts of Paris ; and the Bill of hare will always cont .in the gr? ?ti ?t ind h- West * iris tjr ol I -1' ' IW Ki K MSIIKL) ?i IMS. rp(, | |?X _T? Hinub (Imll-n-'ii. rimm. Iinni.liril in k.m*I 1 clnlrr. M III Bro?lw?v. Apply "?> -I" l-rini.-.. ml I wi? - 1 YTOTK K.?Th" iwrtu>r?liip lirftof'iri' Mini.., hri\?.in IS Cluirlr* Wn\ .ml Alfrnl Willi.m., diamond jrwrl r?. No" j P-y .Imf, ? ifiwilrnl Hy mi.tnal rimwW. All jurtoi.. twvint demand. .>n mill <wl?Wi?iiiiwnt, will prrarnt ilwir ariii.tnt*, ...I .11 hmIi-Ii'iiI will pl-??? mykr imviui-nl tu A. 1*1 Kiilim utrrW, wlww be, tarry..m .... iIk Ih. ....... iu fit Hi rr mlJl*r. AI.KRKD WILLIAMS. ?11 11 Auction K*Jc?. BY THOMAS BELL. (Storej Xos Si .inn and 11J Fulton strut.) W k IJNKHD VN At 10^t O'eloek hi the sale. iomiii, Carpet*,. Beds, Matr? **-?, Bedding, lu\?Will uko |j!.a4m* the air txclu-iivtdy of numerous rar|?'ls,bcd?,uiAtlrrss< *, paliaateff, French and other bedstead*, table* and bed linen, upholstery, astral*. audsome choice furniture. This sale will comprise nearly Its) CHrj?rt# of ill qualities and sizes, manv of the in really splendid?the beds,*, aud other article* in tin* Inn*, are tir?l rate. Also?Rugs, oil eloth, in iU, India matting, Ice. Also, tin- entire b tlmriee *to,-k of elegant and valuable furtiitnw reotaiutug in tin tors Ml lamtml Tin Horn ia It! and rvrry article must be cleared nut mine day. Till USDAY. At I01 j o'clock in the vale* room, Receiver** Hal* of valuable Furniture in continuation?Will be continued and closed, the sale of elegant furniture, sofas, couches. oUoinab*, piano forte*4 Freucli bedsteads, looking glasses, by order ot H. Drury, Esq. comprising also, 12 elegant | solus, sofa bedsteads, mahogany rocking and jutrlor chair*, 12 French bedsteads, 3 splendid secretary book esses, wardrobe*, bureaus, couches, ottomans, 1 marble top sideboards and dressing bureaus, piano fortes, looking glasses. Sec. See. catalogues in time. AI*o. girandole*, lamps, vases, clocks, curtains, chandeliers, tables, See. FRIDAY. At lu3a o'clock, ill the sales room, Piano Fortes, Organ.*, Sec.?Without reserve will tak?- pbee the |>ositive sale of six valuable second haiul and five splrudid new mahogany and rosewood piano forte*. Also, same time, will i**ri mptorily be sold the beautiful upright piano made by Firth Se I bit I, cost fclioo. Org.ills?Also, two valuable parlor organs, suitable for small churches. The above sale will be deserving pailietilar attention. ~aT< TION NOTICE-KIEL St A Ki TTaKII S will sell this morning at half past 10 o'clock, at the auction room, 3(M Broadway, a line assortment of Broad ('lot I is, Prints. (% loth* ing, Ste. Also, a quantity of broad cloths, cassiniere*, drilling, linen, table covers, hosiery, gloves, kr. Also, i quantity of Paris bombazines, fist colors, silk galloon*. Abo, a good assortment of new ready m ule clothing, worthy the attention of economist* ; filso, hardware, cutlery, Iimvh. s, blacking, soaps, jfiiuinrry, and a varietyol niiui drtides. m4 It*r pllKKN HOl'SK I'LAN fS~aT~ACCTION?Will h, " nold mt |>nl?l <* auction at the farm hoiiM* of tin- mUcriber, at New Kochellr, onjFriday tin- 0th insteut, at 10 o'clock A. M. a choiceselection ol' Green House IM'ttitn, formerly owned l?v A. Whitney, Esq., of too extensive vaiiety to mention in ao- 1 v crtisemeut. Tin* railroad car* leave New York for Fordham at C o'clock A. M., when* stages will be in readiness to convey purchasers to New llochelle, and returning at 1 o'clock P. M.. thereby giti? i opportunity to mfirii the same da)'. 8. COV1LL I 1 1*. h.?Should tin- Weather prove unfavorable the aalc will be post: toned to the drat fait dn. n4St*i VALUABLE PAINTINGS IN PHILADELPHIA.?T. v BIRCH. junior, will sell, on Thursday, Mh May, at ten I o'clock, at 2111 Walnut street, a few very line old auo modern Paiutinxs?aoine of them equal to any ever offered in this country.?(See Philutelphia Papers.) m3 2t#r Tlie Great Knrc. A UCTION NOT1CE.-WM. O. KENT, 156. Broadway, i A h is Hint received a lot vf sphndid double and silicic timed, independent second Watches, with twenty three jewels. ijnpor* ted (-x|are?sl v for iqtorumeii?all ,of which will be sold to the highest bidder at auction, previous to the 44 coming off" of the greiit tace between Bostnu and Fashion, at his sales rooin, 156 I Broadway, (near Maiden lane) where may be found at all times. > h large and extensive assortment of the finest Watches, gold and i siver, of all kinds, on which advances have beeu made. nalei on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Stranger* visiting the city are invited to call and examine, i Cash advances made on Watches, Jewelry, and Diamonds, consigned. M. HENRY, Auctioneer. in2 lw*r A UCTION NOTICE?Extensive sale ol carpets, ruga, oil a x cloth, India matting, beds, mattresses, bedding, and other house keeping articles, on Wednesday at 10'j o'clock, in liie large rooms 32 Ann uin 115 Fulton street, including 100 apletidulWelton, Brussels, iinpcrial, three ply, ingrain, and Venetian parlor, room and stair carpets?various sues ami patterns.? Many of tnciii uncommonly beiiutifnl and in good order. ml31 TH08. BELL, Auctioneer. \J0TICE TO FURNITURE BUYER9.?WA8HINO xv TON MEEK 8, No. 315 Broadway, next the Hospital, would draw the attention of the public that he will sell splendid Cabinet Furniture at 10 iter cent, less than the same quality ol* work is now selling at (he auctions?consisting of Draws, Couches, Sofas, covered in different colored plushes, satins, and hair cloth, of the latest Spring patterns. dl6 6m BKACOXCOCKLE. rPHE Purses and Match advertised to come off over this 1- course on Tuesday, was postponed, on account of the wcather, till Wednesday, May 1th, at 3 o'clock.?Purse $100, free foi all horses never trotted for money?two mile heats, in harGeo. Siuccr enters roan g. K. L. Bulwer. Wm. Wheelan enters b. g. David H. Porter. A. (Joncklin liters ch. g. Ephraim Smooth, llir itn Woodruff enters b. in. Ellen Thomiwon. Immediately after, a purse $10(1, two mile heats, under the saddle, free for all horses never won a ptrye over $100. Win. Wlieelan enters cb. in. Brooklyn Maid. John Hi icer enters ch. g. Don Juan. J. D. M'Mann enters gr. g. Snalflt. Also, a match for $4ioo, two mile heats, under the saddle. H. Jones names b. ?. Daniel Webster. ( . Weekes name* b. g. Tlios. Jefferson. in 1 lt*c ^wf# I'vrvivn i ivy iron At raw m *1 seven o'clock, leaves the Pier between ^ iff y '' ' '* and Liberty street*. The Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA. Capt. L. W. Brain?wl. leaves Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at seven o'clock P.M. The ROCHESTER, Capt. A. P. St. John, leave* the above Pier Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoon at seven o'clock. The Rochester and South America are new and substantial boats, well fitted up and furnished with state rooms, and for si wed and accommodation* are not surpassed by any bout* on the river. For passage or freight, apply to P. C. Seluiliz. at the office on tb" wli u f, or on board. m3t ^MQ FOR ALBANY. |TRQY, and intenoet Jpdiate nlaees. The udendid low pressure yt ' IB SLsteambout SWALLOW, Taut. A M'Lean, will leave the foot of Conrtlandt street this (Wednesday) afternoon. May 4. at5o'clock. The 6EWITT CLINTON, Capt. S. R. Roe, will leave as above to-morrow. Thursday, Ma\ j, at 7 o'clock. inle tft MOLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE. OFFICE (orTabrn, Second Cabin and Steerage Passengers, fro in Great Biitaiu ami Ireland, No. Gl South street, New York. The subscribers continue to make engagements |n this city for passages from Liverpool of persons residing in England, Ireland. Scotland, and Wales, whom their friends in this country* may w ish to send for. fc The Ships composing this Line sail every week; they are all of lirst class, cmum-red, mid American built; commanded by skillful and careful men; and the frequency ami punctuality of tlieir departure prevents Ine heavy expenses which often occuby delay in Liverpool, oart icnlarl y as agents of the first respect anility are now engaged there, who can be depended on. Persons who send for their friends, may rely that every attention will be given by them to promote the comfort of the passengers Steamboats are regularly running to Liverpool from the various ports of Ireland. Scotland, etc., by which a free passage can lie gnarant' ed. The fare from Liverpool to New York is now considerably reduced. Drafts of *ny amount to assist in preparing for the voyage are given at this office, payable throughout the United Kingdom. Applications from i*-r?on* residing in the country, jN)*t paid, will he promptly attended to, and passages fioin New York to Liverpool can also he emrag*ad on the most reasonable terms. JOHN HEHDMAN, litj fil South s r f. jffy rfflv PASSAGE FROM ENGLAND, IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES. PERSONS desirous of making engagements for friends to emigrate from the Old Country to the United State*, and who may wish to secure for them despatch and comfortable accommodations, will find it ?their interest to apply to the subscribers, who are at all times prepared to make such arrangements as will guarantee satisfaction^ The vessels composing this line are all of the first class, one Yf which leaves Lin rjionl weekly, consequently all delay at the |Kirt of embarkation is avoided. Ai MS always been CUstORMTl With this IlM, w hen those settled for decline coming out, uie passage money is refunded, without any deduction. Passage per steamer from the various port* of Ireland and Scotland, can likewise be secured. For further particular*apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Office, 271 Pearl at., Or to C. GRIMSHAW k CO. 10 Ooree Piazzas, Livertmol. Exchange or draffs at sight, and for any amount, can likewise lie furnished on the National Bank of Ireland, Northern Banking Co.; Nation d Bank ??f Scotland, payable at all their reaperlive branches: also, on R. C. Glyn k Co., Bankers, London, vimI C. Orimsnaw ?<. ( <>.. Liverpool. MS lnt*4 Adfer PASSAGE FOIL LONDON?V*. ket lOthMay? KTtSJV The splendid fa.*t satliug packet ship MONTREAL, -aplani Tinker, sail* iHUOtivrk as above, her regulai day, having sttpcrloi accommodations for cabin, ircpiitl cabin, and steeragt passenger*. Foi passage, early applh ttion shottlu In- made to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. tl Peck *lin. corner South street. Persons d?-droit* of sending for their friend* to come out in the above favorite or any of the regular line, rnu rn..k< the necessary arrangcimnts, and those winning to remit money can have draffs for any amount payable on demand in all the principal towns of the United Kingdom. Apply aa ibove. ml Ml'\< KK.TS FOR 11 A V HI. -Si I Lin* -Tl,. ?liip ST. NICOLAS, Ji.Iiii B. I'. II, m.utrr, will .nil on tlx' l.l Jnnr. BOYD fc HINf KEN, Axrnu, m3r No. 0 Tontine Building. >1 BAROl'CHE FOR BALE? A pair of ui itrlu d bay lloro *. ol noble figur.-, but ' 1/ y.. 'nit loir .uliMU and loftv bearing; will broke and be lirved toTie |m if?-? 11\ omnd. presenting all oiiportnuity tint ?i- | iftt occurring of *e curing r?.iily valuable and briutiliil horsc*. Tin y will be sold with or without tin* barouche and harness.? The coachman, ail exiMuii nerd ami faithful wh?i h it hail the ? an* ol tli**V?? i??r a hum time, wail Id. ?1 d# sired by the purchaser, continue in h irge thereof. H'" will Jiow tlir in ami lire to gentlemen ih'sirotii ol l#u\ iiibc* *H re<piMit?* information respecting them, find ai opportunity "f examination inn trial. Apply to Ml. Bntinau, at tin stable, No. I I I bird street. in4 to li*r DACKKT HVVIP C AMBKIOOK. lor l#l V KIll'OOL, will, i i-III. thiH ilav. ?l II o'clock. Packet ship St. J sines, lor Loip dou, will Mil ui I?. . ,. .... . . .. , Letter hags of dm above 4ii|? art at??ilpin ?,w flu hifluu;^; w ill ( loo it ' ' i '' 1' "" "lm- mi IjaI ifl'.t i ff< * Poll ii win Passengers w ill I pleve be on h??ird at pier No. 3 North riser at 13 n'rloek precisely. Th letter hags will close at the usual places at half post II o'clock. m l r STXTTl". I NO?Hii or ighf horses ran he taken on livery at al No, 70 Mercer street. Huibles large and convenient? large carriage ami harness rooms. This is an excellent opportunity for fp iitlrtneii not wishing the trouble ami expense of a private establishment. Terms made known on abdication as shove. mfttr TO IUTATMKS \\T ANTKD?Beach 1'itiny Htfmr, of the first qtmlitv. A|?rv ply 41 N?ol<.Ik street. 7lrn? HMIK dLD TKMRAHN LUNfH n ui... ret nrms his thanks to the |*thlic for the patronage soliher*ll\ he itnwra ii|niii th#* Lunch, slid assures the in that nothing will be left undone on his jwrt to merit its rotitininnce. ft very luxury and di lie icy lint the season ilTords, in the game, frdi, fowl, and oyst* r line, as well a? the snlrstaniials, can Im alw i \ s found at tiie Lunch. TURTLE SOUP. i he sonp season basing arrived, irr?n turtle in the old-fashio?? ?l ham hstyh * ill I served tfp flail si I In I ' I old nations, h" need nay nothing fl*s peeling this dish, for whi h the I errapm Lunch was always so famous, only that it will I* a? delicious as ever. Everything in the eating line to |de%sc all tastes, sueh a* t r ra|dns, oysters, In*# fsteiks, chops, cutlets, Ice., to ?** had at all time a. Nil II ?*om* f..r inivat.* imrtt*'* always raady. I K. r. IWBTOV. in'! ? in HnifiHrlnri'llhr Trrrapin l.niwh T'lIK NOTKH nf th< MONViol I'll tl 4 S'K N ? J m i nc w issue, an* purchased at 14 Wall street, by r.AKL k. t <1. >1 One pr f <nt. n?2lm*r Aiuiufuuuiti PARK THBATHR. '1 IllS EV ENl.Nli, May i_p iwitorcnaiacra willcommence THE POSTlEMO*lll'.K LONJU.MLAU. Clu|?lou, Mam. ra j Bun. boyuiu. . '| .Madelaine Mr,. geguiti. . . I " eonetmle Willi . PIUSON UK OK WAR, I ?| I, ( Iiauiiel, <'lii|i|iiuiUI.' | Lieut. Kiirlrrarr, j Barry Madame I,a Ilo.e, Mr,. Whmlly. Madame V lolrtlr, Mr,. Biri>. itrit*',, $1?Pit, M cenu?Gallery, >:, eerii, CHATHAM T1IKATHK. THIS KVENINW, May 4.? Tlie irrifimuic will eoninirnre Willi ONE HOUR, or the CARNIVAL BALL. I Inrlc, Swillly, Hield I O'Lrnary. Muwini. Julia. Mr,. Tliom. After wlucli MATRIMONIAL SQUABBLES. Samuel I oddlr Hirld I VouiiKhiialiand, Thome. Mr,. Frederick Youiitfliuauaiad, .Mr,. Tliorur. To conclude Willi SCHOLAR. Liun.ii, Bookworm, Scott | Or. Kenpelcrank, llield. Helen. Miu Nle,layer. Drev i ircle, Mernli?Bom, ti?Pit. ll'jl?Irivate Boara, $6. Ol.t MPH THEATRjf THIS EVENING, May I?Tin* |>erforDiiiicea will commence TWO k'igaroh. Sciior Scribleroa, Mllcliell | I lir ruiiiiio, Horucaetle. Sert|ilniia, .Mm Horn. Afier wlneli LOVES OK THE ANGELS. Ja|'? Mill hell | Korali, Horncaille. Lilia, Mr,. Mnw,|i. To eonrlinio with HUMPBACK. Wily Waller,, ^ Mitcliell | Tom Clifford, Xoriiraallc. Mr,. Waller,, Mi*, Singleton, I)rr?, Circle, M eenl,?llp|icr Boa*,, 2b ernt??Pit, I,.?Private ISoxe,. NIBLO'B. DR. LARIINKH'S LLl TURKS. WED.N'ESDA VtEVKNINU, mav itli. 1'lKT 1. THE EVE. It, structure and function,?modern diacoverie, re,peeling new?u* motions?its pui*<itioiis?physic*! cause of colorsv ihratgms ol' the retina?how counted. Illustrated bv Drawings and Trauspart-iices. Part II. m T H E M (> O N. Its magnitude?distance*?surface?mountains?volcauoet.? Ha* it .in atmosphere ??or seas??or water??is it inhabited^? does it affect the weather ??ia lunacy a correct term ??do meteoric stones proceed from it? Illustrated by two Transparent Telescopic Drawing* of the Moon, by the Prussian Astronomers. U.ier and Mauler, allowing the mountains, volcanoes, and other appearances discovered on our satellite. This represent* tion occupies a space of above sixty square feet. THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 5th. Part I. THE EARTH. Its magnitude?weight?density?form?its motions and distance from the sun. Part II THE SUN. Its magnitude and distance?its physical constitution?iu spots -nature of its surface. To be illustrated by a transjuuvut Telescopic representation of the Sun, on a surface of above sixty iquart- feet, with the solar ajHJts, taken from drawings by Heiichvl, Wilson, and other observers. Admittance 25 cents. On each evening two Lectures will be delivered with a short interval between them. I)<M>r? o|wn at 7. To coiniiieiici at H o'clock. m4 2f 8TR0R6 \ I TU ACTToH M T f! NEW YORK MUSEUM AND GALLERY OF KINK ARTS, {Broadway, onftosile the City Hall?late Peale%s Museum.) r IM1K MOST PERFECT COLLECTION OK NATLv ril and artificial curiosities and paintings in the United States! The greatest wonder of the age is now exhibiting ?t this establishment, day and eveniug ! ! Kor a few days, THE YANKEE DWARF, Mr. Washburn, aged 21 years, and w eighs only iy*4' pounds ! Mr. O'Claucy, the IRISH GJANT, is also to be seen, formiug an exhibition with the dwarf which hitimf astonish every beholder. The representation, in basso relievo, of SWITZERLAND, and the NATURAL BRIDGE OK VIRGINIA, is yreatl) and justly admired by all w}u> visit this magnificent institution. Experiments in MESMERISM every afternoon at I o'clock. The splendid Lecture Room will often on Thursday evening next with an attractive entertainment, in which MR. HILL, the celebrated representative of Yankee Characters, will appear. I)*y visitors admitted free hi the eveuiug. Admission to all 25 cents. ml \ ( \UD-MIT< HELL'S OLYMPIC THE AT RE.-Mr. -^s- HORNCASTLK respectfully announces to his friends and the public, that hi* Benefit will take place on Friday, May 0, 1812. on which occasion a new original Farcetta, written by himself, w ill be performed, entitled * All's fair in Love," w ith a variety of jmpular entertainments, including " Box." Private Boxes So each, and ticket* to he had of Mr. Horncastle, No. 41 Marion street, and at the Theatre. n?4 3t*r MR. DEMPSTER'S LAST SOIREE, (hut one) in New York, will be given at the Society Library, Broadway, this evening, (Wednesday) lib May, when lie will *iug all bis new songs, including "The Blind Boy." "The Lonely Auld Wife." "Jcanie Morrison." "The Midnight Wiud." " Lament of the Irish Emigrant." "Bard of the Wilderness.' When the Night Wind Bcwaileth, Sic.?with a choice selection of others. Particulars of w hich w ill he announced in small hill*. rE/~ Tickets 50 cents?to he had at tttodart, Worcester A Dunham's Pianoforte Ware Rooms, 3til Broadway, |ind at the door ill the evening. Doors open at 7, to commence at 8 o'clock. m4 IKi MU. DKMI'STK.K'S < ONCKKT AT TDK BKtHfK LYN LYCEUM.?Mr. Dtm|?ter lot* the honor lo .11 nounde to the ladies and tfctltlcincu of Brooklyn, thai lir will give a coucrrt al Lyceum Hall, on Thursday evening neil, May J, when he will introduce hi. new sons., which have met >0 much favor ill Boston, New York. tu\ The Blind Boy"?written by Mini Hannah F. Ooul. " The .VlidniKlit Wind," b> Motherwell. Beautiful 80111;?" The Lonely Anld Wife"?taken froin an incident in Scottish life. " When the niichl w ind bewailrlh," written eipre.tly for Mr Deiniwt, r, by Eties Sancent, Kn|. " Lament ol Uie Irish Kniicranl. Scottish Son*?" John Anderson my Jo." " My Nannie O." " A Man's a Man for a'that." " My Heart', in ill. II,eh lands." Su. Particulars of which will he announced in small bills. Ticket* ill cents. The tickets will ailing two ladles and a gentleman, to lie had at the Biaik and Music Store. Brooklyu. Doors open at 7?to coramenee at t o'clock. ir,3r ( ? HAND < <>N< KllT-Mr. HK.NHY <\ T1MM bey. to in vT I'orm his friends and the public, that hi. First Concert will lake place on THURSDAY EVENING. May ill,. IS?. at | thaTabernacle, 011 which occasion he will have the honor of I i ouipositiou of the celebrated Rossini, entitled the 8TAI3AT MATKK, (now |?er forming with immense lucrnt in Pari*and Italy.) Part Fir it. will comistof the " Mater," for which the following distinguished Vocal Talent is engaged: Soprani. Mm. Edward Loder, Madame Otto, and Mrs. C. K. Horn. contrai.ti. Madame 8|>ohr Zahn, a Lady Amateur, and Mrs. Tim in. Tf.wori. Mr. C. E. Horn, Mr. Rosier, and Mr. Austin Philips. Bassi. Mr. Maaaett, Mr Mavuard, and Mr. Meyer. Mr. Alpers will preside at the Organ, and previous to the Stabat Mater w ill jM rlorni " Grand Variation* lor the Organ," by Riitkl. Part Sr.coriD^ will be miscellaneous. Madame Spoil r Zahn will sing M Keiilnt du das Land," by L. Spohr. Madame Otto and Mm. Titnm, will sing (for the first time in tin* country) a Duett, arranged from a German air by Sir. AIihm. Str. II. C. Titnm will perform (by desire) the Duo Brillia te, by Hera, on themes from Zampa, with Mr. Al|*-rs. Alio, In traduction and brilliant Variations upon the " Angel's W hi*pi r," composed hv himself; and Thalhenr's celebrated Finta^r. on theme* from ' Mose in Egttto," with Vocal Ac*'ouip*fUinents, ir ranged hy Mr. Tlinm, being a beautiful entct, never b? fore given in this country. Programmes of the " Mater,' with translations in English aiid French, will be issued on the evening of performance. Tickets, $1 etch, to be bad at the principal Music tfores, a the residence of Mr. Timm, 189 Elm street, and at the doom on tb*' evening of the Concert. Doors w ill lie open at?eveu o'clock, the Coucertto commence at eight precisely. No postponement on account of weather m2 4tins* /Sard and notice to travellers, mi Si Public generally, resideut in the State of New \ork and Western Division of the country. Messrs. WELCH & MANN hope and believe they can present to the lovers of tin* noble science. Horsemanshin, a most splendid Circus Company of Riders, each a,picked Equestrian and a star in lii? ow n department. The Grand Tent Saloon is new, spacious, and highly accoin modating; the bousing and decorative trappings are rich, novel, and of the very first order. The Orchestra comprises the best available Native and Foreign Talent, and will enable the lovers of music to hear the finest compositions of the Great Masters admirably played.? 4inmig tin* performers w ill he found the names of the uuLcraall\ celebrated 4 .J. UOGER8, tlie Htar of flic Sow ih, hi .ill hit beautiful ftliakspearean and magical one horse Ue? J J Cadwallader, and his wonderful pupil, John Glennjy, wiBfour tray their beautiful one, two and three horse a^t* of gpwratic ballet, aided by the lour Misses Wells, the most taftuitt J and iut* resting children in the Union. The astounding Italian Gymnastic Hcena of Mr. Risley and bis infant son, must electrify all who behold a series of such wonders ! _ . , The iiiHguificeiit poses of the four Hungarian < otlaiua The full inns hie oel Mtoiiidiine Equitation ?f m ?Iff snt coinisinv of Lidos, loaded by the ?ccoinpli?l?? d \%. JOHN HMlTll. caniHit fail t- ? v. itc a ss iuatioii as snrpmitig ?s delightful. The great* si tiling Acrobat, Mr. it. Hweet wtlldtarday hit superb Equilibrium* and splendid Dances on the Tight 'fSie first Comic Singer of rhs* Day, Mr. Dickinson, will occasion-illy introduce a series of the rm?st popular songs?the great Ea*l Indian Nceromatic Feats by Vlr. Jenid^f*.. Vfrwt nprralative Egyptian Pyramidieal Van king by a fully talented (roup*?single horse aris of dash and dare, by Mr Howard. Twenty performers will represent Grand Historical ('aval cade Pageants, with (tie beautiful stud of Horses. And in accordance with the taste of the day the most eieellent uid nouular si>? cinieiis of Nrcm Hon* and Dance by that m.m i" li "f Hi-rl iiml T?h", th?- iiiiiimjKir.lit. J.ilin Hmil'i. aiili.1 li - Iiixlii lu i'li il Tummy < olrtmn, tli?- gn-nt Bugn FWyr. W. ' Iinl ill. I'm," "I ri. iiiiniii. v. It. Huffman. ?2.'i \ \ I'll i S A I. AUK MY OK l)K.S|(iV?Tl? Annual n kilobit ion M nowr from 111 o'clock, A. M. until 10 o'clock, P. M. Admission L> ceiita? Season Ticket* 50 cents. C nalogtir* 12,*^ mti. ? iwt J. WlllTKHOlJHK, Secretary. WKW OUITAR Mi sh OKOROK II. DERWORT ^ orofeaaor of the guitar, No. till Canal street, opposite the St. John's chnrrh, his the honor to acquaint his friends and tin* public that he has published a tirirty of m n anil popular mush . arrange J with easy ii-romiaiiimrnti for guitar. Mr. I), will also arranife ami rnm|tn*e mu?ic for orchestra, guitar, ami other instruments, ami give instruction* to *tna tears nth* |Hano forti itul violin, royt tw *c 13KMOVA L.?Miss AITdlJHTA BROWNE, (lomtm^r IV ?n<| Professor ? f Music, ami the present Orginot of the Kii't I'resbyterian Church. (Dr. Cot's, j wislos to inform the Ladie* of Brooklyn and New York, that her father, Mr. D. S. Brown*-, IVofesaorof Logic*'* system of Mtisir, has removed t<? 251 Fulton street, opposite to Johnson street, where she will receiei applications for lessons on the Pianoforte and Organ, on! in singing ami composition. All her roni|M>sitioiis, m?aH\ | .it\ in riaridier, for sale. Vlis-? Brown hegs b ive to state, that although, at the recent charitable Concert*, she never, directly or indirectly, received an\ remuneration?fcer terms for perforinauce at other Concert* are $J0. lor which *h?- will perform Organ or Pianoforte Concerto*. Fantasia*. Accom;?aniineiir?, fcc. tic. m4 2t*r , V v(, L UKOT1 PI VPPAR CTI s. A. ARTA1 LT * ' H CO., I?*t? I 4tl Broad street, indnow \6k)% Fulton street, r ... . .it. Si. Paul's Chaicb, hive received by packet ship Al 1, . a 'id olli r for sab- at low prict? 25 complete Dvguerreotppe Api?ratus, new patern 5?l FreiH-b Plstas, large sitr :A) Acrorosttp Lenses, made at Paris, by Alpbone, til rout k Co. I no Im r 11, ? 11 \ oofttilphitc of Soda Also, Trijmli of Veiiiso, Imloie, CIonise of Iodine, Cmmine. Cromine of Iodine, Chlorate of OoM, and the new accelerating substance. , . Mr. F. A. Artaolt k Co. takes this opportunity to iwform tjeir fin ml. ami i ii.iiinit-n, tlnr the* liar. rr m<iml rlirir rri. nl fri'in W, Br.mi.I ?|m t t? IK*1, Kollow ilrrrt, w?r Bi-yrtwai <i|i|...n. hi. k.iir. rhurrk. r? . L-lO-M II < ANA H V HKKD fur " -N" V'l'li'."," r ami Iw r

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