Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 6, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 6, 1842 Page 1
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l .~li j i. m TH Vol. VII.?No. 4oe.?Wltol* No. 'JITJT. Nhl'.V LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. \ irk 00 iht 25th rad Liftipool on tfai ml of tach month. 4^. . .. Kit ;il Vrw \ uKK. . kip R08CIUB, Captain J1 hni >liins, 23th - Shi;. 8IDD4 IN'* C ini Lin fcl. B. < bb ?th . SKip SHERIDAN. ( kulaifl F. A Depcyater, 23th May* Ship OAHBICK, C1 piain Win. Skuldjr, 23th J una. ... . FROM Liverpool. _ , Ship RHF4RJD \N Cap! tin I . A. Depayiter, 13th Min b. Ship OAKRICK, * aut.iin VVrn. Ski.iuy, 13th April. Ship KOSCIUS, Captain John Collin*, 13th May. Ship SI 1)DON'S, C iptain t. 11. Cobb. 13tl? June. Thasv ship* arc :ill of the first class, upwarilaof 1000 torn, hull! in the city <>t Naur Yoik, with such iin^aorrinaiiu ** combine tJri'it speed with usiitual comfort for p'ssengeni. r.tery cam has b?? 11 taken iu the arrang.-ment ol their pccommooalioRa. The paice of passage hanc*- i* $100, I??r winch ample stores wil he provided. Their hip* air commanded by ciprrirnced iiMutrrs. who will male every exertion to gira general saUsfarlion. Ntitlny the captaina or owftsi nf die ships will be reaponsi* Me for any lrtt. r.. parcels <>r packages sent by them, utiles* regular hill* or lading are si rned therefor. The ships of this line will heieelter go armed, atid their peculiar conamiction give* them aecttrity not pontiied by any othei but vessels of war. ear freight or passage, apply to E. h. COLLINS &. CO., 33 South St., New York, or to WM. & JAS. BROWN & CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will he charged 12^c. uU |mr single beet; 30 cents per ounce, and newspapers 1 com each. m4 FUSW TOUR AND HAVRE EH EET5T (SECOND LINK.) di? 1<t mid liavrt* on the lGtli of each month, as follows : From New York. I S out Havre. TIm? new ship ONEIDA, i 1st Much I Kith Apiil Captain \ 1st July \ 16ih Augu*t Juno* Ftiock, ( 1st November r Kith December Ship BALTIMORE, i 1 1 A?,ril S 101,1 Vity Captain < 1st August * I6ih September Edward Funrk, r 1st DeccemH'f Itlth Jamiuty ShipUTICA, Cist May C 16th June Captain < 1st 8eptemVr\ 16ih October Frederick Hewitt, ( lit January f loth February New shipST.NICOLAS, t 1st June C T?ih July Captain \ 1st October < 16th November. J. B. Pell, ( 1st February( 16tn March Tlte accommodations of these ships tie not urptu*?d, combining all that may l>e required for comfort. The mice of cabin passage is $100. Paaaencers will be supplied with overy requisite. with the exception of wines nud liquors. Goods intended for these Teasels will be forwarded bv the ubeenoer*. free from any otnar than tha ezpensaa ill/incurred on tnem. For freight or oassage, aptdr to BOTD ti H1NCKEN, Agents, a8 9 Ton i.1'i* " jPOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PA< KET8. lllll ?orthe better .ceomuiodutiun ot shippers, IC u t? drtiwtch a ship from this port on the l.t, 5:h, lutli, 16th, Wtii, and 26tii ol each mouth, commeiiciiig.the lUlli October and Continuing mi if! May, when regular day. will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby gn at delay, and disappointments will be pre rented during the lummrr mentlu. The following ahi|>a will commence this arrangement : Ship YAZOO, Captain Cornell, Ship OCONEE, Csptain J iek. ni. Slr.p MISSISSIPPI, Captain IliHiuvd. " Ship LOUISVILLE, Csptxin Hint. I' Ship nliAKSPEARK, Captain .Miner, r* Ship (iASTOM, Cipuin Latham, f Ship HUNTS VILLI1', Captain Miimford. Ship OCMULGEK, Captain Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. ' Sliip MEMl'riIS. Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulibrd. These ships were .all built in the city of New York, exprpesly lor packets, are of light draft of water, hare r.reniW been newly coppered and put in splendid order,with accommodations lor pusseagers unequalled for comfort. I'hey are commanded by experienced masters, who sxill make a.ery r.rrtion to gire Kencrai satisfaction. They will at all time. belowodupand down the Mississippi by steamhouta. Neither the owners or captain, of these ships will bo re.pon.sible for jewelry, bullion, precious .tone., silver or plated ware, or for any letter., parrel or package, irnt by or put ou board of them, uuieu regular hill, of lading axe taken for the suine, iTinl tlie value thereou expressed. Kor freight or passage, app'y to F? K. COLLINS Sc CO., .V, South st.. or HULLIN it WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will piouiptly forward all goods to their address. The ?hi|>s of thi? line are wanautosl to sail punctually a. advertised, and groat care will be taken to hu e the gooiL eorreetly mensiire'q. mt STEAM NAVIGATION BETWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, r/.i?SOUT 11.1 MP TON. BELGIAN STEAMER URITISH QUEEN, M. M. Kcaisc, The dava of departure of thi. well-known Stenra.liip, liars been fixed aa follow. : From Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York, On 4th .V?v. 1842. On 7th May, I8I2, On 7th June, I 842 ixii? . loth July, " 7th Aug., " 7th Sept. " loth Sept. " 7th Oet., " Price of passage, rne.ia not in-luded, to Southampton or Antwerp, 570?Steward", feci, $; ?2Q. The meal, will be aerved on board, on the plan of a continental hotel, in the beat inanuer, and at fixed au.l moderate price., Kamilie. or parti: s may contrart for the voyage with the steward. A. experienced Surgeon on board. For freight or paaaage, or anv further information, apply to II. W. T. St H. HALI, Agenu, a226in*r 4I Beaver afreet. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. * Ftre rtMuced tu 3A centi. From the foot of Courtlandt street, New York. (Every day?Sunday um' epted.) Leave. New York Leave. Newark At 8 A. M. At X P. M. At 7hi A. M. At |W P. M. U do. 4 do. 9 do. S>? do. 11 do. 10>; do. JV| dc. ? do. 7 do. 8 do 10 do. ON SUNDAYS. Fu>m the fool of Liberty street. Leave New York, Leave NVwsirk. At 9 A. M. and IL p. M. At 1 P. M. and hi P. M. YORK. ELIZA UETHTOWN. RAHWAY AND NEW llRUNSWIck. Fare reduced. From the fool of Liberty street, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 7S A. M. 4? P. M. 1 P. M. SOMEnVlLLE Stages connect with these lines each way. Fare between New York and Somervills, 50 cents. Do do New ILuuawick, ""j cents. RdiWty, 50 cents. Elrtebethtown, _ 25 rents. 'I he fare in the 7_Ia A. M. train from New Brunswick, .aid tj^ P. >1. train from New York, lias been reduced between New York and New Brunswick, to 50 cent*. " and Rahway to 37*^ " The Philadelphia mail line pasnue ihmiiKh .New Brunswick for New York every evening at l< o'clock. An Sundays the 7)i A. M. trips from New Brunswick is omitted. I'asavngere who prorurr their tickets et the ticket office, receive s ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are reeeived by- Uie conductor ouly on the day when purchased. felill HoiIMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS. RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For Uie Transportation of (i-.els between Philadelphia and I'ittvleujh Thin improvement in triiuj^rutioii afToidv to \V> itein M'rrli.iou peculiar advantage*. Tlw yooda being carefhlly parked in ill.' hnuta at our warehouse, No. 305 Marae t atrert, arc carried over the Columbia at"' Portage Railway! without tranahipment. Careful eaptaim and rrrwc a.e employed, who take charge of the goixU it Philadelphia, and continue witli ilu-m the entire route, thus avoiding d.-Uji and the liability of loU dicing ?e|nrated on the way. N. B.?Paanrngrrforwarded to FilUbniJ and PotUrilU, ?very day, Bundaya excepted. H. STORKS. Agent. al2 3m? 7 Wa'liinglou ?tree t. KA1LKOA1) NOTICE. MA1UK.T AM) f rt r llill'i LINE. THE NEW JERSEY Railroad and Truniportalinn Company have r*t*hli?hrd a Freight l^nr brtwiru NrwBruuiwick and New York, which the; intend to run perrnanrntly. I.earing New Brnnewirli at J A.M. daity-, (Sunday* excepted) and tha fno; of Liberty atrert. New York, at 3 i'. M. To country ilealera and merchant* tne above line i* very deairaldr for the ap- edy and cheap conveyance of incrchaudiae of rTery deiciietiou, and rn. r- particularly to Drover* and Dealer* iu Lire Hlo It, who can liar- lj(i head of cattle iiveyed hetwaeii New ll.urr.wick and New York, the latne day whenever reunited. The rate* P>r the tr*n?rortafion of cattle, hortea, mule*, alieep. hog*, Ice. and all other kind* of meridian ti*< are very low. never exceed.rig atcamient price*. Merchnadiae <ent bv tiiia line u not auhject to any extra rliaag* in croa*in? the North River. Tin Coin pan J have titled up * large atorehonv* at New Bninvwick. adioinuig t!w Rtilood De|eit, which will alway* he opoa for the reception of mevrhaiidi<r.i l'a?v ape * pur-huong their ticket. ?i il.? i:. t?? ? ?ft ?ecri*c ferry ti'krta trait >. rn'l ["jm'*' FRB1UHT A\I) PAStAUE TO PITTSm Th. proprirtnra of Bintfiiim'a TruuporUiion I,in'- to ?iu?*i?-' uotiea to On- MrrCninU of New Vork, and ill mhrr l?-s?.u* ?hi|TiOJ|-> the w enj, Out their line i* ii'iw in oavfhtior (IJWi cois.iitne.l to them (or tent to ?o .11 their In.. ,1 w ill tie forvr inl*d wi ll <! ipwt- h. Owner* or thippcn of fool., ilcitined for the WrOm 9utv*. who have no f. 01 rin?uner .it rittalmry, will plr-iBr e-n*icn their Rood* to Willi im Bii.-hara. Pittiharg, wtm will attend to *hippiikt all tucu coiuigiiuianu without delay. .... All good* ?bo"H It mar.icd ilistinrtly ou each pacVnze BINGIIAM'9 LINK. For rale* offreig'nr, which arc as '"W 01 anv orhcr line, apply 11 WM. TYSON, Agent, No. ? Wi? street, opposite Pier No. j, V R. N. B. rwicnfcri forwarded to I'lltahurfi and PotUTilla.crcry day, Sunday* cic.-pt. il. _ _ Refar to It. Crook*, American tor To.; 9. T. Nierdl Front ?treat ; Pltelrvs. I)cnlc? it Co., Fulton atrrrt ; Suvdstr Sage It Co ; Wn. Rmltin H 1. > m < Newark. m In t. poweij. <v crV's i,i\r;.~ .CrtCD aaTt FOR NF.WBt'ROII Wndin/ at CALD|(L"^fc-N*iJ*WKLL'S. WF.HT POINT AM) ( OLD I6 "'"lls'! -'I ' ' mOlILANDK.K, I aptaia Robert Wardrop, will leare the foot of Warren itroet, New York, every Monda). Thnrt'la) anil Sltlinlay afternOon* at I o'clock. Returning, the Highlander will lente N. -a burgh rrry Mom) ij nsortiiug at o'alock, and Tueaday and Friday a'lurnoow at '1 o'clork. Far frciilit or passage, apply to the captain on hoiol, N. B.?All In.:.; 1:1 ana freight of aver* description, bank lulls or attria, jait on hoaiil tint imat, nnrat he at the n?k id the owner* thereof, unlets a bill ol lading or receipt i* signed for the >ain?. m.'j $ NE1 POMliHOY r O.'rt 1 ALBANV, BUFFALO A.NU CHICAGO EXPRESS. The ?no*t ribcrt are now t utiuuu * rnxular Express ?vrr c!u' lUukoa<ls to and from AUnnv and B?lt*lo, ami the inturmediktr pluecs, for KOHWARDINO, at low ratei. with the utmost speed, regularity and safety, choice Goods, Specie, Bank Notes, Important PajM-r, and Valuable Package*?Will attend to the negotiation, transfer, Collection or payment of Bill* of ? * "hange, Notes, Draft*, Acceptance*, Account*, fitc., at r*?aiilUMlr |H*r ciiitifo?execute orders for the purclwue or sale of , Merchandise, Produce and Maun farm rod Articles of every do- \ sanpttou, i>?*r*onallv. in the town* on their route, through MOMI*. FlAHNDEN ACQ'S EXPRESS to Nov? York and Boston.and Messrs. HAWLkY * CO.'S EXPRESS to and from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit and ( bi<-ago and in- , Nirrnediate places?forming at one** the most direct speedy and , perfect communication to and from tiro eastern and western . cities, for the u-gotiation and trail tart'oil of all mercantile nod ( pr >fe?sitwal business, remittances, etchaagas. 6u\ References?E rut us Coming, Thomas \V. Olcotc Watts Sherman, A. D. Pat chin, Noah Lee, Juuo- Taylor, Theodore Olrott. Albany. Agencies?Benuerf, Backus & Hawley Utica ; T. A. Smith, Srraciise ; A. Q. Smith, Auburn; J. I^arga, Geneva ; J. t i. Hfiept ierd.;tii? ; I? i?id lloyt, Uoclif.ier ; JuKn M> Lnckport ; J. A. L'Uik, TP. >-n.u Jllnnvin, Uull'.lo. POMXKOY A CO", V- < V_-l VIK.u. nil * iWdTSwtt, New Ifwk. PARE SS35 FREIGHT" REDUCED. l^n^N^ N l> NF.wronf l*ned of the following superior .turners, running 111 Connertjou with the Stonin^ton Rud Providence, and i)o?ton aud Proviidcncr Railroad.? , , 1 M \SSAC HIT SETTS, Captain Constock. RHODE ISLAM), Certain Tliavrr. N AH KAOAN SETT, retain VYooLuy. MOHEOAN, Captain Ysndcihilt. i Our of which will leave New York <ln.ily, (Sundaya in- i cented) from Pier No. 1, North Ilircr, Battery Pinue, at liro i o'clock, P. M. i fare to Ronton, $100 Deck paseage, %2 tS < do. Providence, i 00 ilo. do. 1 *0 1 An a a.a on am .sr. W* The NARRAGANSET, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, for Stoniugtoa. The MASSACHUSETTS, oa Tuesdays, Thuradaye, and 9aturdaya, for Stonington. 1 | Passengers on the arrival rf the steamers at Btoninfttui, ? may take the Railroad Care and proceed immediately to Provi t drnre and Boston, and for the .accommodation of iieraonr lea- ? veiling between New York and Newport, tire steamboat uaura j will atop at VYickford leng enough to leave and receive pawn u$er?. Eraiirlrt takoa at the following much reduced rates ' To Boston, on goods weighing forty pounds or upward* to { the cubic loot, at $3 3D |:rr ton, and on measurement goods 7 . Cents per foot. ' To Providence, on measurement goods 3 cents i-cr cubic * foot, and specific articles as jwr to be obtainad at office 22 j Broadway. _ m31 din : MAIL LINK TO BOHTON.VIA NORWICH A.\L> ! WORCESTER ttAUaROAD. && jMfejB' ! The fHAHTKn OAK, Captain Roath, will j leave every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at f;vr o'clock, from Pit No. I, Nr-th River. Brttery Place. The st-amhoat WORCESTER, I apt. sit, will leave eve, ry Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoon, at 3 o'clockI'rom pier No. I, N. It., Brtterv Place. Freight taken to the ahnv? placer. No Icrrv tliarce of ears on tliia route. Tickets can be oh- , mined and berths scenred er ADAMS fc CO'B Express O.Tice, . aiOr No. 7 Wall street. OPPOSITION LINK FOR ALBANY. FARE REDUCED! ! Pnannjjr One Dollar. < NO CHARGE FOR BERTHS. aC^L^I rc\ 1h' commodious Steamboat WASHINOlN^^_jfcsaar-:-gaTON. (' r[U a i n J. M. Br >wn, will leave from J Tl)sBK22E5i_the foot al? tt'surn streot Tuesday afiernoou, 2tith April, at 3 o'clock. 1 Regular daya of leaving New York?Tuesday, Tliuriilay, arid Saturday. Alaany?Monday, Wednesday, end Friday, at 3 o'clock, I'. M., landing eaeh way at the fo r Hammond i rtrect. Nrwburgh, Poughkerpsie, Cattdiill one Hudson. Light freight taken at reduced prices. For passages or freight,.apply un board. Ail kinds of properly only at t'.iu risk of she owu*rs thereof. akjlm-r FARE REDUCED TO 6V? CENTS. STATEN ISLAND FERIIY. I oot of Wliitehall street. Th. steamers STATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will run as follows, until further notice :? l Leaves Staten Island Leaves New York. At 1\ o'clock a. M. At n o'clock a. u. " 9 " " " 9 " " J 10 " 10 " 1 " 19 " " "II " " " l>i " r. M. " 3 " p. m. " 1 " " " 3 " " ' .. # .. .. .. su .. , N. B. A!1 go<xl. inipp*d ar. rtquirpfl to In.' immcuUrly i mirkod, ami arc at the risk >>l"the uwncra thcroof. mJr . PEOPLE'S LINE FOR ALBANY, ' /iC\ And intrrmeiiiatc plaars, from ths Pier loot of ' ?-i?. - Cimrrlauill itjnst-Firs $1. 1 T TTTL The NORTH AMERICA, Captain M. H. 1 TritfS'lrll, Icarra as aliorp ou, ThuuJajr und Satur- 1 dar aftpruoons, at J o'clock. 1 For poaaaga or (night, apply an board, or to I P. C. 8CIIULTZ, 1 At the office oil the whirl". 1 N. B.?All LimU of property kiiiuii only ?t Ui? risk of tlio ou ucrs thereof. mlPr 1 ja&L 1'ASaAUF. FROM ENOLAND, IRELAND, SCOTLAND ' AM) WALES. . T)ERGONS desiroui of making engagement? for friendr to * 1 emigrate from thr OH Country to the Iruii?*ti States. and * who may wish to secure for th'-ni despatch and comfortable no- 1 commoJations, will find i' their intercut to apply to tlie sub- ' scriber*, who are at all time* prepvrad to make such arrtngfv r mrnii u will guarantee satisfaction. 'Phe vessels cnwi[>?>*iu.c t this line are all of the tirst el a**, one of which lear?*e Liverpool weekly, conseqntntiy all delay at the port of embarkation it 1 avoided. At ha* always hem caatomarv with this line, when those *cttl;d for decline coming out, the passage money La rs1'undod, without nnv deduction. Pasanga per ateamrr from the ( various port* of Ireland ami Scotland, can likewise be ?ecneed. 1 For further particu!art apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. 1 Old E.tablwhii Paatare Office, 27J lVarl St., c Or to i C. OHIM8HAW ?c CO. ] Id (i irtr Piu/.r^it, Liverpool. \ Etchange or draft* st sight .sad for nnv amount, can likewise be funiialied ou the Nation il Bu".k of (.eland, Northern lltnL- ing Co.; Natiotial 11 ink of S .olind, payable at all their rcapeotire branches: alto, on H. ('. U'.yn lL Co., 15 inker*, I.onuou, I and C. Orimsh.iw Co., Liverpool? nil lin#C 1 "AflS- FOR LIVERPOOL?Nrw I.lln?H'tular P.vk.t ' VnWMJ^L.of 26th May?The splendid packet ship BHKRI DAN, rwuTi ' 'if *nu V 1 Dspeyster, of 1000 tona, will tail at " aBove, her regular day. 1 For freight oi passage, having accommodations unequalled for J tideudor or comfort, apply ou bosid, at Orleana wharf, foot of I Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS k CO., X South street. Price of passage $100. ] The packet f?l?ip OARRICK, Captain W. Skiddy, of 1000 * tons, will succeed the ShrriiUu, and sail 'J6th June, her regular P 4*7I'AiMengers may rely ti;?on (he ship* of thin line sailing puno- n tuidly as advertised. J FOR LIVERPOOL-New Line?H-fwlai Packet ii wVSW.of2jll) May?The splendid pr.cket ship SHERIDAN, v ?^Wt3tiaCtpi. K. A. Pepeysltr, of ItHK) tons, will sail aa above The^freight^or passage, hating accommodations unrqnilled for stilrudor or comfort, apply ou boiid at Orleans w harf, foot of Wall street, or to R K. K. COLLINS k CO. 60 South street. Price of onstage $100. The pack ft snip Oarrick, CatJt. Win. Akiddy, of 1000 tons, will succeed the fSliciiduu, and sail the 2J?h Juu-, her regular ^ day. Pa.ssen?frt mny rely on the sbijrf of Uils line sailing punctnally as advert I. in2 1 VOR LIVEHK)OL?lleffulaf Packeu of the 7th J KryjiV May.?Thr sui>erier last sailing picket ship U(>S^sMyibiCOK, Capt. Hutlleson, will aail aa above hsr regular ^ i his ships accommodations fv cabia. second cabin, biving " state ro?)m berths, or steerag.*, are not equalled by anr packet " in |>ort, and pis^ace caa b?* secured on moderate terun, by ap- 11 plying ou board, toot Maidea I,sne, or to * GLOVER Ik McMUjCkRAV, ' 100 ISno street, corner flotith. * The above will be succeeded by the ttnckel ship 8t- yd.en Y Whiiru y, Car?t. Thompson, and tails on tb** I3tli inst. Persont wishing to scni for their friemls rasidin? in the old country, can have them brought out by tl?f alxive slop, or any n of the r.gitlar pick .-is, by applying as above (if by letter, post* r P*?d.) m0f c I ' A?g- PAS<\<TK FOR LIVEKPOUL'.?>.! n-bJ t) ! NT*yVf\-i ..i'iiw. ..Ifwif |... k-t SOLT1IERNEK, V i J*W*l3*^ at>L A. ?v P.ilmcr. v ill have imino liat- dr-inatch_? I Iliriuj UMiiat'iH accommodation! for rabin, aeeonif cabin r 1 nik'f rtecrnce fifceenger*, whi a will lv taken at tmelerale rater. * Fur tramac* i-wly application ?henld b- rnirle on hoard, loot V Buim Sip, or to W. A J. T. TAPS' O I T. , mi <3 Peek Mip. " JtJf?t~"PABSA'GF. FWl TONfoON-I'mket loth May? ^>r -ltdfmt niilint racket *liip MONTKKAI., &mi?lPm'- apUin Tinker, nail* Puotieely u -We, her res'ilar dai haitiifi ntpcrior acco-nmodati.imi |or cabin,* eond cabin. r audWerace tu?'iH"?. F> r rai.age early nfplieann ?!",uld h.- made to W. ? J. T. TAI'Bt. OTT, 41 !' .'It alio, n jflj r..ia?r h nth atrceh i ?T r KCKET* FOR HAVW-lrrt nd tgH&Wehin *T. M< Ol.AS. J oh a 11. ' II. maeler, will till I* P?44"*lot? tlx tai Jnna. BOVU k lilN' S' N. A*r?u. 1 ?j, Ni. aT-ntfii II iildinc. * </ -V V-'K Mir, -The in' V i red and VfSjW'>l'I?-r fart-ned *hip VF.NItT., burthen ,'JT W, or ifiHEibont 7ftf? Urrel*. Thir ?hr, lv.u built ill Philadel- d pnta, in ITJJ, fn tin- moat faithful rnatinei. w ,? a ?dnn the lock.*, and ropp~rrd wit!> heara , op -r, en W'ueh a ,e hia ju?t performed a v,r, age to I'hioa -an.I l.irlc?1* well calculated lor a r'.uropeen packet, or lor the India trade?U.v* a loll iiireotorc, and now ready to rrcciie a cargo. I* now OIlci d lor aala to I,i a at pier }, North R-t-r. _ V or Urma, apply to BOYD St HISOKEN. I at! flrn'i-rr, 0 Tontine Itnl.linr*. { t( >It I't )R A TU).\ NO'I'it' V.. I'iiMi.* not! I . . i c n Vv ehrt a ?ale of property I,., unpaid tare* will take place at r pnldie auction at the City Hall of the rity of New \ nrk. on i ur*day,the 26th day of June neat, at 12 o'clock, noon, and be || continued from dayto day mini the whole of the *aid property p aiiall be *ohl; and that the detailed ttateinent of the tare* and property to be told i< piihli*hed in the Sew Kra, a uawipaper i printed and puhhahed in the rit. of New York. k At.FRKD A. BM1TII, Comptroller. < ornj tml re O * \ ,,l v r. ,> lawl iw-lijn p VV 1 ??*? IMPnoVi i) III KM FtS M r>-ftr ; ' ' relit. le*e than heretofore. The sub?eriber liar now on hart 1 a weneral a**ortirenr uf the import d Burners. which he now offeri at the ahojr i.uucd pricea. A litx ml di count allowed all driUrr. Bust quality of Camplum-at JOrentiper gallon. Ciioiibotated O.r 7i cent*. I'ill and ctainine for | youi.dte* at So. Ill (ir.uiil ?treat, one door f....o IIr..,.,?av. ? JAMF.H IIINDA. ] N. B.? All kind* of I.ampinltrn hrotiaed, in It and re | wired at the ihortcit notice, on re?ooah|c p rmt. a27 Im m W YO NEW YORK, FRIDAY M Adrirllnviuixl. N 0 TI C E TO R AIL W A Y TRAVELLERS. ANDERTON'S HOTEL, No. Iftl FLEET STREET, T,( >NDON. William T!arUJii?, Proprietor, Rvtunu his thank? totha and commercial bp titleiuoii. ami L'le public I'm the liberal support be has received nu'-r occupying tin' ab??y" named Hot*!. and Uopos by unrc ir it time Ut-ntiou i?> retain the patronage nithvrto ?o gouerouslv itfurdad. W. 11. iu*i res his patrons that no cuilMfuri shall l>* spared to promote th?ir comfort, and Ratter* lumselt that Iow can compels with l%jit its I *r as regards Wines and Viand*, it he in* lus ambition to jirorurt the choicest for 'he ijiproTn! ol hi* sup|*>rter? and conduenng business on the most liberal ?y*iam Th*? daily I ill of fare, containing the I jrrattst varic tv, r.nnbiaed with n.ojaration id* prices, cannot i r.ui riving tp .ternl satisfaction. Hioakf.ul* (plain) 1? 3d each; ?UinZ* 10s nd p<.r\\o<T. Public Mooting and Committee < Kootn*. aJfi Jus* FISK 8 CI IMBINEI) SUMMER , BAKER AND COOK STOVE, , FOlt COAL OU WOOD. A AT WOOD, patentee?Prices from $6 50 to $12.?TUa llti^,, furnace and front of thi? tttove is m ide of cast iron, I md has a larpt fir? oven attached to if, which will do uearly tie|Ide Use cooking of the larval, sized ordinary Cook Stove#.? 1 The orifice or the furnace will admit a boiler mca*iiiia? sis nails, or gallons, and by the u?s of the division plate, IceUlcs suitable for boiling lour dilferent dishes; in addition to all tlus, two fowls ui t Urge piece of mcqt may be roasted in front. and ull doiio with les> than 5 rant* i*r day? for proof of ' which wo refer to thus* wlv* hare sued them. k'ISk'S Stove Establishment, MM It rati i he follow in:; ccrtiArat in Jil.litioB to which over two iuu'L*it in*>.i: can In- .-..-m hy c jlIin; a' the n( re, I FISK'S Stove Kvt-ihlifchmeul, -*p Water itrcrt, New Yore, 51 Foil ?'street,9th April, 1SI2. Meesrs. Fi.k, Jte.t Water vtrcet?Anff,; the r.vricty of Stores which liave rooie to my notice, the one I nucchaseit from yon v.riu n decuteil preference. I hare imnl it during ell the ?cv ions, and w.uM ino-i cheerfully recommend it to tht public, u in my o,inion *us I ptihle of no iinprorrm'nt for simplicity n sconuDic. and worthy of raure praise than can ha appreciated A itliont a trial of it, 1 am, with reepeet, rottrs. &e. A. PERKINS, rartnr of the Bsresn (Baptist) Qftiirr.h. Mr. Fi?k, 209 Water street?The Slimmer Store which I mrchased of you l*?t spring, I hare hail in use till now in,] that may he done hy it, for ias economy. Biiflice it to any, hat with an oecasionally extra fire, we have cooked for from 13 to 35 ucrsnns. with enough leas fuel to aare more thamjf n ice of the ature. .MRS. IllTEL, 03 Fulton street, March 25, 1342 a 15 In P?OMFTROLLER'S KALE OF STATE STOCKS.? , o-' State of New York, Comptroller's Odlce?the following 1 Hanking Associations, organized under the act entitled "An t ict to authorise the business of Ranking," |?aaod IBth of April 8311, end the ecu sun nditx the same, to wit: THE FARMERS' RANK OK ORLEANS. THE ST. LAWRENCE HANK. THE STATES ISLAND BANK, THE CHELSEA BANK, and THE WASHINGTON BANK, loving icverally failed to |?y or redo m their orclating notes, eilhc ij>on drmaud at ihcir several banking houses, or at their respec ;ive agencies in thr cities of New \ <"?rk or Albany, as reguired >y the net entitled *' An net relating to ths redemption 01 Hank lnles," pisved 4th Miv, 1H40.?N'oijr* is hereby given that the Htata Stocks held bv the Comptroller a* security for the eircuating notes of said banks, or so much thereof a* the Comptroller shr.ll think proper to sell, will be sold at ths Merchnits' Exhaute, in the city of Ntw York, on Tucsda>, the 10th day *f May next, at ^o'clock. M.,to wi' Tor the Fanners' Rink of Orleans, 3 certificates Indiana 5 per cent (internal) improvemen? stock, pavahle 1st July l.V>2, for $1000 each $3000 18 eerfifiuhtes ludim* 5per cent 4 infernal improvement) stock, payable 1st July, 1861. fur $1000 each $53,000 For the Chelsea Bank, 1 certificate Arkansas 6 per cent (real estatohmk) stack, payable 2f?tb October. ltJfil, for $1000 $1000 For the St. Lawrence Bank, Stock Account. 14 certifiee.tes Arkansas fi ncr eent (real estate hank) slock, payable 26 th October, 1W, lo? $1000 each $21,000 Slock and Real Kstale Account, tl certificates ArV iuas C per eeuf (real estate bank) ] st.?ck .pay. ihh- 20th October, 1 ?r, 1. for $1000 eaph $23,000 eei tifiratcs Illinois t? per eent (Illinois arid Michigan CaJial) stock, livable lfa^O, foi f-1000 each $13,GOO I For ihe Statrn 1*1 and ii \ ik, j ,j eerrifieates Indiana 5 per cent (iiH-rual inijuuvemitfit) i stock, payable !?' July 1300, for v<-i000 rath. .$13,000 1 For the Washington Rank, ^ 1 certificate N?w Y -rk 3vereeni (Black River Canal) 1 stock, j my.aide 1st Jnlv, 1158, for $7 ono $7,000 1 cextitiearr New > ork 3 per c.ut (Erie enlargement) stock, payable 1*: July, IMA, $2000 $?O00 1 certificate New York 5 per cent (Oneida Lake and Canal Feeder) slock, payable 1st April, 1811, for $1000 $1000 Dateal at Albany, the 20th dar of April, 1042. A. C. FLAOO, Comptroller. The ahore notice comprises all the Banks, of whieh legal noices of suspension hare been received at the Department. m2 to in r SUCCESS GUARANTEED TO ALL. ?<rPHE AM trie AN MAGIC MIXTURE" has beer A hailed u cue of the greatest diseoverica of the present ig?, and as long as mtlicul science exist* will be considered the nost tnvaluible Hscotery for dwrwci thr Rriasry uyayi, u well as the kidneys and bladder. Iu effect* are uiMolutely . ffectual in performing a radical cure in a short time, while the ordinary remedies t.ike eren motiilis. One du??e cann?>t fail to *n!ist die hnsititiug ^ud orer delicate in its faror, and out of the hundreds that put their faith in it, not one has baen disappointed nor discovered while usin.: if. It lu.i safely conveyed 1 ill beyond the pale of suspicion. The Mayir Nliiturs has lon< itcod unrivalled, and hn_v wit ;n*too<l tiie irlitteim^ imvrerv so pompouilv and to abi^uitouiif diitiliyMl by a host of niipriniriphd imit*lmr quicks, whose only aim has been to dui?e and deceive the unfortunate. Sold bv appointment at Kins ? DiUjt Store. 53 Fultuti street corner of ( ! i fT; Duvar, cor. of Church md Chamber*, and at drug atore 413 Broadway ?ur. Lis)?euard; 13 Dowry cor, of Walker. m2 lm*t ( REMOVAL?UNITED STATES CHEAP CASH TAIAv LOKINU EMPORIUM hoa removed from the coru*r of Nuaaaii atiJ Beck man street*, to 183 Broadway, rooui No. I. nn stair*. J. BRUSH would wish to inform hi* friends and the jmblic it large that he Iwt* taken the abort.* rtx?nn iu Broadway, iu consequence of the high rroli of stores, and by reducing hi* citruses, will bo enabled to compete with any etabfiihiocnt, loth aa regards quality and rricc. For instance, he will furii?1? a beautiful coat from $12 to $22,and splendid pants Coin $4 0 ft. N. B.?All garments made at thia establishment arc done ailh neatness and despatch and warranted to fit. Please call uid judge f ir yoctaalrw. atll licoJ CHANGE OF RESIDENCE.?J. B. 8TOUVENEL, ira* ^ porter of French wines, has the honor of informing the pub ic of thia city and his numrmu* countrymen, that he lutnuLa moving his cellar from No. 01 Nassau it rest to No. 10 Ann treet, corner of Na**au, where he intend* to hare an assortment if the most pet feet B irdeaui, and other wine* of the very be?it Iu*vlitv, in barrel* aud half baarela. II" will aim send out the vine hr th** gallon, or by the dozen bottle*. n? the rcaideura of he peraona who may honor him with their patronage. J. Of Itouvenel will also bottle win** for private families. N. B. J. B. Stouvcnel will ksapa boarding hoave and let cut nrnithad rooma at II jhoken, in front of Mr. Cariat, on the oute to A!banv, where there will always be the first quality ol pitach win?,Sard?ui ke. on' in *i I'HE NOTF.S ofthc MO.NMOl, TH liANjt.Nr.r~Jcr.fy A new iwu*, are purrluurdat 14 Wall street, by E ARL It CO. it One pur Ceirt. nat lm*r B( ) \ KD - A f w / ni ivrnen ; aU > a g? nAnnan and his w if? can be accommodated with board aud all the comforts o , ?rr..?, l?\ applying .* I7l? Hudson ttr-rt. t30f>t* SOdtOOO La Mora* Bitin, rANDKD from the brig Oliio, from Havana, of superior J quality, for sale in lots to suit purchoaert, at reasonable vicra, by M. KADER, 46 Chatham street. a* 10 lm* _ _ r\!MOp TION OF COPARTNEftSIUF.?TIM L/ -*hi|> heretofore eiisting under the firm of Phtlen A Searl*

1 this rbiy di**olved by mu usl cuuont. Tin affairs wl the firm fill be settled by either of the partner*. james PIfALEV. WILLIAM 8KARL8. New York, Anril 30th, 1ft!2. William Bcarls will continue the Stork A Eichauge Irosinsa* C No. 30 VV.itI street, on hi* own account. m 2 Iw?m CHAMPION WIG MAKER. JEW AND ELEGANT IMPROVEMENT IN THE MANUFACTURE OF TOFFEES. pHALON.214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's Church, u the L first to introduce in New York the AMAZON TOUPEE, leng a new invention of the Subscriber. Then** Toupee* are lade without *n.iiM, b inds, or metalie ai ring* ; they fit on the cad b> an entirely new contrivance?they <h?play the forehead n?l templet to any height?they <re a* easy to put on nnd off as liat?there i* not a |KUti? Is of steel, iron or bras* Jp hrsrn?the [ ring* arc a new invention, beiryj made of pure OOM) to prsnit rusting or rorroding. This u a convincing proof to olJ wig r e ar c r? of th c i r me ri t \ s ? WIG AND SCALP. iJicr, PlIALON'Jt ?in well known an I r.pinri:t?d. Ilf rrot' d him.. If'tn'i? d-cidedjy t)i. lir.t in thr itv. Thi? i? a (act wliich trrry wis whm kn'-w,. A n'^in^ i'rn..f, if Miy n-rr TPantin?, a, th. npiaion of irt r of Uir f l i( (t and l?-Kt ju'lc-. of th. pmlV-?inn is N.w ork, can lc;til'r. The on'i'ir can new judge from the ( 1'IUi MIL'M.S. i*., (he ailr. r medal lial vrar, and the firat premium thia, nardrd by tliii Atro Irulitate, who ia or m not die hr.t Vij in ikcrin New York. tnAi THE ANTI-ANGULAR SYSTEM OF WRITING. PO tV Resident* of New York and Brooklyn?Removal of 1 Mr. BK IS TOW'S Writing Academy to No 2XV Broad* ray,near Park Place and ere at redaction of hia te ! from twelve to five dolla in: \ YTr. BRISTOW, in reaper!fully offering h?* sen ice* to the nlilic for thi? *ea*.ir?, t jit* that iJ?e very low l-rms, Al (thus Urine the nsrfitlnrt Witliixi the means of nil) will induce eve / one and of every .igc, to acquire an elegmtt and apleadid hand In Tnr.i.rr. Eiav Lr.*ao>? ! TV m~i t c! i y f^m twelve tonne?Ther at* taitght P. rapid and licve hiifl. aim? -Me to the feT,ii<>n of the II v. A law, aintflo eoUy Bonk-ft . **pi?^ taught. ^ 'IV O'rtTtemcfi arc Tve-ht with eertninty to witr y ith de (?ntr h m a imat- rly nuiner, xnitAMi for keeping a ?et '' f B<*>ka, or lor Mercantile correspondence* K.renin* < U?, r? 7 to 9. N. B. Mr..Utntn and St. mr^i T*?irins the oify eon eomlete a course in three diya. Imfr i STRAW GOODS. BENNKTT, importer and mannfaehirer of Italian and Kn^lith Straw ffoo-ls, respectfully inform* hU cuatowera > vat he li.ix n m veil hi-? r?t ih'iihm nt from 99 William a Ad W y 11ft, to T) John ?treet, where h- eonfinAe* to keep a aplendid L nd rttetiaive a?4ortmeiit of Indira' fithionnhU Straw Ododa, n *ien h vid f'-h DunatMdea, Italian llotlanda, fine Tuncnra, ll \incy Shell work. Prince Albert Strwa, Ac. Ac. y AUo, an entirely new article, tJie White Siberian Hair .t lunnet. for the imrner?it ?ur|?a??'? all tV atylea a* yet intro- u iw 1, beiti'i i ilivindy li^ht, beautiful, white and durable. mil lm*n> GEORGE ELMENDORFj .ATE OK THE KiilM OK ELMENDOKK it LORD. > I AS removed from the Aatoi 11 mac t<? the cat iMinhmeut of I J. f?. Wyman, SU rchant Tailor. Z\j Bru^lway, whom be \! rill )?*- happy to wait on hit old iricodi and patrons. i Ml lm*C> U It K I [ORNING, MAY (5, 1842. Latest from llliotlu Island. We Uuvc received papers letters and slips from Newport and Providence down to last night. Beth places wore quiet, an J liio two governments, with Governors at $NX) a year and lind theni*elven) lnd become'organized, and are now moving on quietly without the use of much beer orunysaltpitre. About three hundred United States toldiora had ooucentrated at Newport. They were not nulTicient to iuhu Fort Adams. The new government, under the Charter, was organized with the usual forms anil ceremony, in New iort, on Wednesday. After the oranni/Hiinn who :om,>k trJ the two housesseparated, and a resolution wan offered in the Home, making a requisition upon ibe President for his interference, by proclamation, ar otherwise it necessary, which .finally passed both Houses?in tho Smite unanimously, and in the House bv 55 to b. They then adjourned [until the next morning. Daniel Brown, ono of the mpresentativea from Newport in the People's Awcntbly, was arrested [here on Wednesday for treason, and admitted to bail in #10,000. Moderation seemed to mark tho proceedings o' lie People's Assembly. On Wednesday a resolution was introduced that a committee be appointed to proceed to Newport to meet u similar one of tho General Assembly, to ascertain whether any plan could Je devised dint would be honorable to both parties, to bring the present unhappy controversy now existing in the State to a peaceable nud speedy termination. It wrs laid on the table. There is s good deal of republicanism in the new ^ufTrnge Assembly. It refuses ta address any gorarnor by the title of "His Excellency." as it is inconsistent with democracy. All the People Assembly are to receive one dollar tier day for their services,and ten cents per mile for svery one travelled. [Corrr<|<oiiduiic* of the Horalcl.] Newport, Mat 4,7 P. M. Meeting of the Chat ter Auemblu?Warlike rail upon the PrttidctU?Arret/ for l\ea?un. Iambs It. Bemsktt, Esq.:? Siu :? I drop you n few lines in ?Tent haste to inform you >f the state of things in Newport You undoubt dly know that the charter election was held in this vlacc to dav. The procession (escorted by our reioubtuble artillery company, consisting of torty-four funs,) consisted of the members of both Houses, uid one hundred and ten citizens and strangers, a toble host of admirers of the old charter. The committee appointed to count the votiv dedared the result about half past four. As soon ns lie new members were sworn in, resolutions were ntroducyd and passed by a vote of fifty-six to si.:, the Governor to call on the GenciCil Government for troops, Major Paine, Commandant on Port Adams, being present at the time. One of the representatives chosen under the yople's constitution, who had taken his oath of ofice in Providence yesterday, arid who had returned lore to day oil account of the ill health of his wife, a as arrested on a charge of treason to the State. His name is Daniel Brown, fifth representative from his place. Thus the first blow is struck; were it ivill end,no one can tell. Mr. Brown has been held to bail in the sum of five housnnd dollars. Yours, The above is all from little Rhoda yesterdny.? To-day we shall get more and perhaps important inlelligenco. In reference to Major Payne's visit to Providence an Tuesday, the Herald states, that he was furnish ?d "with scaled orders from Washington?the orJrrs not to he opened until there should he an outbreak, Hnd that the troop? at Fort Adams were in?l>eeted last Monday, and immediately after this duty n n? over, each linn wan supplied with twentyfive hall cartridges." It is stated in the Provi lenre Journal of Wednesday morning, that two of the members chossn to tlm legal (ieiiernl Assembly, presented themselves to Dorr's Legislature, were Bwoni in, and took their seats. Irrsu.rosvci from thk OrrroK i Ion.?We have received ponie aulhentie and late intelligence from the " City of God"?alias "the cilv of Xauvoo"? ilia? the " State of the faithful"?alias the eeutre of he Monnon empire, now creating by .Toe Smith,on he beautiful hanks of the Missouri. The annexed letter will speak for itself. It npirnrs that the new faith is highly prosperous, and that the " Latter-day Saints" nredoing a flourishing >u?iness in religion, morals, agriculture, mechanics, lopulation, civilization, and all the other "ations." l'lic Mormon* have practical senae in all worldly ifliiirs. This is the reasou (liat they succeed better hnn many of the recent s-ets in religion and philo(nghy. Joe Smith digs his own potatoes?large felows?ten in a hill,and,two small ones for seed. Here b the great secret. When the Fourierites, and all he sip.iash philosophers, enn do the same, then they nay he p rinitted to rank nmong the inaeier-spirita of he age. Cjtt ok Nai voi, Ij.mxoim, Apri 1 2-1,1842. ra mkh (r. Hcsirrr, ? Sir,? It is some time Due? you have hoard front your orresixiudent in Zioit. f have refrained from wriing with a view of meeting you on tlie threshhold >1 vpur new establishment, which I am assured by i friend from New York will exceed, in noint of uaterial and organization, anything of the kind on his continent, or psrhaiM in the world. The energy, blent, and enterprise of the Bennetts are now be:oming a common subject of remark in tliisipiarter, ind tlie Herald, a* your subscription list bIiows, is tow getting ;ib common among our people as it is in Philadelphia and New Orleans. Our City, University and Military Legion, are all bartered by ar. uct of the Legislature of the State jf Illinois, and placed oil the most liberal footing vith the most enlarged privileges. Our University ins a Chancellor, viz. M.?|or-General John C. lleiitett, who is also Mayor of the eity. He is u gentlenan of high military talent and profound erudition, ["here are, if I am not mistaken, twenty-four relents, and most of the chairs are filled with proessors of the first talent in the country. This, you vill perceive, is going ahead on your own principles. Three years ago our city contained hut about hree hundred persons?it now niiinjK-ro upwards if seven thousand, and in less than five yean will lave a population of twenty thousand souls. The land in the vicinity is an extremely rieh unluDting prairie, calculated to make the finest farms n the world; tlie climate is healthy, and the situuion a very paradise. < >ur legion is composed of about fifteen hundred 'f as good soldiers us the State or the I nited States an rail into the field, and o(lirered with men who now their duty, and who will, in defence of their onutry, and their firesides, figlu to the hilt; while, t the same time, our whole society, in their civil,, and religious deportment, under the anspires f Joseph, the great f'rophet of the " Latter Day lnints," are as amiable, as kind, as charitable (inludine the ladies), as th? Christian religion is cnlulsted to make mortals here below. It h astonishing why your fanners, who are com^Ur<l fn Fid rt ?f*nntv 1 thnrinm liwinrr I'roin or,>ntwl iey r.r- compelled constantly to manure, do not I Ml oit' to coin" oat to this (<ardenof Kden?thia I Item of the Lord. On /ion's ihorn iloth hope and virtue dwell, Pence to the riirMeout llint no tongue run tell, T?' ject tlie chain* thnt long have kept * on hound, Kntcr our sanctum?Nauvoo'i holy ground. Tii?rr are wimr honors intended yon from this uarter, which I shall ndviac you ol in doe time. V e know you are our friend; you have proved ourself so, and we should he delighted to have voti ecome one the faithful. ( hir peopln hold you t the highest estimation, and you must know that our humble servant is not in tnie pellicular behind te reel. Moat reepertfully yours, Arc. CtNCINATTS. Aimdi.vtmks is it v rut: thivkhnoll.? Mosei U. Inrlay, of the city of Sew York, to lie a roiittniftloner of denJjS in the place oflylward W. Willi:< 111 << Kma, ol the saute city, eoiiiniis-ioiirr of fed* in the place of Wat-on Van Ucnthuysen, IERA Lutli; LvikK it'Kn.M Mkxico.?Ye%te;day afternoon, wo received by the hlugenia fioiu Vera C'ru.-, advice* from that city to the 13th nit. Tlierc appears to be no new* of importance, cither in our letters or papers. The schooner iinglo, Martin, formerly of New York, was Bold and transferred to the Mexican government on the 23d day of March. Apart of her crew returns in the Kugenia. We give a lutter from our corrcsqondeni at Vera Oust. Vkkx Cat z, Mirxtco, Aptil 16, IK12. IVurm IVenther?Height of the Merewy ? Yellow Fever?Hun. ll'adtiy lliuriijmon?The Amerirun Flag?Navil, fyc. Tlr.r. It. ... .. I cannot allow this favorable opportunity to pa s by, without placing you in posrctwion of all tlie important now* which ban trunspired in ami about this old antiquarian city during tlie last few days. In the lirut place, allow me to bay that at the time 1 nddiese you that, the thermometer Claude eighty odd in the shade. \ ou can imagine ill position in the aun better than I can describe it; for were 1 to attempt it, I very much fearl should melt away before playing its gage of temperature on paper, such is the intense heat; and 1 am extremely sorry to say, has occasioned old " Yellow Jack" to mako his appearance quite early. On Sunday, the 10th, we were highly gratified on Cnsting our eyes toward the Telegraph, situated on ct. Juan de Ulloa, on perceiving a signal, showing that one of onr national vessels was in the offing. ll Was certainly a pleasure more eaav to imagine than to he expressed?suffice it to say, that the quays were literally crowded withjieople, all eager to gaze Upon the gallant little hark, which is now to he seen, with all sail on her, gliding swiftly past tin* castle on her way to her present anchorage off the city. This somewhat astonished us, as no vewel-of-war has ever been permitted to come inside the inner harbor of Vera Cruz, excepting the French wpiadron, under Admiral Baudinc, whom the unfortunatu Mexicans could not prevent. Whether they could or not, you nre ulreudvconversant. We soon ascertained the schooner alluded to, to he the 1". S. Revenue Cutler Woodbury, Captain Nones, seven days from New (>rleans, having on hoard < lenernl Witddy Thompson, Minister Plenipotentiary und Envoy Extraordinary. and suite, to the Court ofSanin Aiuin." The Woodbury, coming in the capacity ofa Government packet, was permitted to enter the harbor, where, we understand, she will remain for instructions from our newly appointed minister, who, together with j his suite, left this city with an escort, given him by the General Commandant of the city, to protect his jierson from violation from the attacks of the many bandits who way-lav on the public road between this and the city of Mexico. It is to be hoped, not only by us Americans, but by all the natives, that he may not receive the smallest possible injury. Such ' is the impression which he has made here, upon the military authorities particularly, thut 1 believe, were it in their power alone, every request or demand which his Excellency will have to make, would rendily be complied with ; and 1 do not hesitate to say that his embassy will he crowned with credit to himself, und honor to his country. God grant it. You must not be at all surprised at the release of our unfortunate countryman, Mr. Kendall, ofth? New Orleans Picayune. I have more reasons than one which justifies my saying so, of which, in my next, 1 will communicate to you?hi? release 1 believe to be certain?time will show whether my prediction lie correct or not. A circumstance occurred somewhat of an amusing character, o:i the Woodbury's coming in, which 1 must relate, as it will tend somewhat to show you the readiness with which the Mexicans stand preeminent for, in always being prepared for battle. As 1 before remarked, the gallant little craft, with her ensign and pennant witfiing itself in the breeze, was bearing onward for the harbor, with the wind, as the nautical term expresses, 44 two points free, and larboard tacks on board," nt the rate of eight miles per hour, nnri as saucy as if she intended to run down the castle ol St. Juan TWIloo. batter down the rity. and then hoist her Hag on the jteak of Arar.nun. At this time it is, 1 understand, that all preparation is being tnado by the roinmnndiint of the castle, and his fifteen hundred men, together with th" man of war schooner Eagle, nnd her tolly' crew of thirteen, all told (the same which was built in gour city by the unfortunate Howard), to attack nnd arrest the farther progress of the schooner, and at one blast from theirbattcring rams, demolish her, supposing her to hnve been a Textati man of war. Tlie olliorrs and men of the Woodbury were unconscious of their situation, had they been, I know not how flicy would have acted, if as bravely as tlicv arc popular with all, Mexicans in particular, I verily believe they would have demolished the city in the twinkling of nn eye. f have never had the pleasure of meeting with a mote gentlemanly and creditable representation r.| onr government than in the persons of the officers of the Woodbury, who are caressed by the Mexicans to a degree, without a parallel. You must recollect, some time since, the Woodbury's officers rendered important services to Commodore Maurice, <>f tlie Mexican Navv (then Commander-in-Chief), his Iniiy, ami several other .Mexicans, tiie finie item? wrecked with our countryman Howard in th" Liberty. They till being here, and it being their place of nativity, it affords them fine opportunity to repay them for their hospitality extended to tlicm during their sojourn on hoard the Woodbury; and I assure you, my dear Bennett, l'f?el proud, an an American, in noticing the beautiful manner with which they have been received, eolleclivelr unci individually. Our flag has been raised one hundred per cent by their up;>enrance in our wafers. Salute alter salute has h?*en exchanged, and reallv if von wit" here, and witnessed what I have attempted to describe, I feel certain that you would experience th<* same feelings of pleasure which we all have I -It. at the apjiearatiee of the Woodburv and her gallant officer*: the following being n li?-lof the same:? Henry 15. lioness, Cajitain; Osmond 1'otcrs. I?t Lieut.; John Suunce, 2d do.: William M. Wilson. 3d do.; .John Hmens, Acting Boatswain; John Collins, Acting (?uiitier; Peter Hardenbrook, Acting CarjH'nter; (Jeorgc tirnham, Acting Patlmaker; Stenhen I'rntt, ('nptain's Clerk. The Macedonian frigate and slonp-of-war Warren, sailed one day previous to the Woodbury's arrivnl for IVnsacola, by way of Tnmpico, officers and crew all well. In my next, I trust I shall have more of importance to communicate, and more time allotted me to connect it. Any iinperfection in this you will correct, and oblige yours, most truly, An American. L.itb from Bf.rmcoa.?We have the lk-rmudian, published at Hamilton, to the 23d ult. H. B. M. ahip Warspite had arrived out from the Chesapeake. The steamship Clyde had nailed for England to touch at Fuyal, with thirty lour cabin passengers. They are cultivating wheat in Bermuda. No other news. From I? to ni: Ja.nkiRo.?By the bark Douglass, Captain Bourne, from Bio dc Janeiro, we have re- ( ccived full tiles of the "Journal do Commereio,' to the 25th March. The ;wip"rs contain nothing of ironic nt. | Totau.y Is n r.?The British steamer Coin. Barric, on Lnkc Ontario on the 30th ult. No lives lost. Loss otherwise, $'20,000. Suocxinu Askrat in Ci.arkk Cot ", rv.?An unfortunate affray occurred in Clarke county. Mo. neir Waterloo, on Tuesday, the I!hh ult. which originated in settling the partnership concerns of MrKane !c McAllister, who had been engaged ii the business of distilling, ami resulted in the death of the iattei", who was shot down by McKane beea' se of hi? attempting to tnk" possession of seven barrels of whiskey, the property of McKane, which had been knocked oft to McAllister at a nherifl's sale at $1 per hatrel. McKane immediately fled, and nt the Ian st dates hail not 1k"c? taken. S.ivr.i^ Kk Expedition.?The following are the nam"* ot ot timer who died or wi-iv \11?;ii* I rini{ the late expedition?Killed?Lieutenant Hell I Memra. I itinn, HowUnd, Mayby, Kaker, llpn- J henry, MeAImter, liriffitn, U ooJuon. (tr. 1 * ?"II. I ''la'*1, Mercer, (io||>hin and Flint.?T'ied?Ma, of I f.iRtee, iJodfe?(7.?JV. O. Pirn yum. J LD. Price Two Cent*. Court of Oyer and Terminer. Before Judtfe Kent and Alderuien Balis and Hatfield. Mo I IOIS KOH Nun ThIAL in THt * ASS ol J.lll* C. < Ol.T. Mn 5. -The prisoner was brought into I oilrt an hour or two before the arrival of the judges. He resumed bit old position beside tho .ove on the left of the bench, an 1 took, apparently, a deep interest in the proceeding He has heen s.i k of lain, w hich, added to the oare incidental to his |irecarious situation, causes him to look somewhat pale and thin compared to what he did tit the time of his trial. His brother Miailrswns w ith him. and seems to stick, even ' closer than a hrother," superintending and directing hi* uuhappy utlairs. Joiis A. Mussru. und Roses r K.msiit, K.sqs. appeared for the prisoner, and Mr. Win1 in i. District Attorney, nidisl by Mr. Jisirs I,. Smith, for the people. The motion w at separate from the bill of captions. Mr. Wmi-tihoobjectiil to the mothfn, declnit| that thin Court could not entertain it. ns the < was now in the Supreme i omt, rnrrieit tliere by writ of certiorari. ''he Court hiu,I ilint the divisions us to the loll ol oxccptions coul i not he disturbed, hut it considered this a motion on new mutter and in opposition or independent of the other. Mr. Mount.i then real u copy of the bill of exceptions, and also an affidavit of himself and Mr. Kmiirt, stating that the Deputy Sheriff had not received orders aicrritjngto law to summon the jury, kc. !lo also read several affidavits setting forth the ground of his motion. The first was from Frederick X. Krnst ;t, which states, ia substance, as follows : ?He ri tides at *jf?l Uenrv street it a student at luw in the otfico of Mr. Field- On the 8>.tur lay night in w hicli the trial closed he r< mainrd in the Park nour l ily Hull, and could seethe Jurors 111 their room lifter they liuS retired ; particularly recognized Mr. Delivan, whom he knew. The w indow was open und o f tlie jurors put their heads out several times, und rausid him to make remarks ns to its impropriety ; one of them looked out for one or two minutes ; witness heard the words. ' acquittal or conviction," and he thought it \v said by the j 1 rorjor.e of theniju as looking out and he heard a person exclaim " hung liirn ii]> by the heels," and other such remarks, at which witness was astonished ; he communicated w hat he heurd to several persons,including Mr. Seldcn, one of the counsel, lie docs not kuow Colt, nor any of his euiinrxioiis, except his brother. Lrvi I'r.en, Husi kt N. Bootos, Bknj. Tsrr, and Ds. Jon*, scTerally made affidavits to having hoe* present at the North American Hotel some time previous tothetrialof Colt, and heard Mr. Nntknniul It. Dusted, (proprietor of the Hollte, w ho w ns 1 mpnanellod nnd rerv I'd 011 the trial ns 11 juror) soy that Colt ought to be hung up w ithout judge or jury ; that lie ought to be tiling fu st and tried uficrw nr.ts ; that if the law cool 1 not reach Colt the people would, k?. He spoke in answer to n remark mode a'aiii the death of Adams, and cxprunod himself ia au exceedingly severe tone. Fastens '1. W11 sn* testified to having heard Mr. Husted say, tho evening before the trial, that lie had a summons, mid wished to (foil he could get on the jury, but he supposed he could not pet w ithin ri hundred of it ; but if the counsel nskod liini it he hud made up his mind lie would suv "No." ^1b. Whitixo then read scvernl affidavits innip]<ortof the prosecution. One from Mr. Green, Deputy Sheriff, in w hich he show ? that tho jury had been properly summoned, according to law. One or two of the affidavits were in explanation of some already read, where the declarations of Mr. Dusted had bu n strongly alludml to. I.onitxxo Winsiiip testified that Mr. Hutted came into his lunch the evening before the trial, hut bad no ronversntion w hatever w ith Wilson. Mr. II. having addressed himself to witness, he said that he had been summoned, but woul I not serve fi>r and meant to go down and make an excuse. He said nothing about hat ing made up his mind. Mr. \V uiTisn made affidavit as to an explanatory document w hich Dr. Coming signed in his office, hut did not come hack und swear tu it. The Doctor states in it, that Mr. Hustedenmo in while they were talking about Colt and Adams, and made the remarks lie did oti hand, and w ithout consideration, kr. A. Hot vox (second affidavit,) said he. was pre. sent, hut did not hear ull the expressions attributed to Mr. f Husted. He said it was an awful crime, ami Colt ought to be hung up, without judge or jury. Thomss 8. Mills-.* testified to" being present ut th? conversation, He citmo in while we were talking, and Skid if he had him lie w ould hang him w ithout judge or jury. Wc replied, with such sentiments he twuldnot answer to he a Juror. This was some w eeks before tho trial. He came in w ilh something, and did not previously know what we were say ing. An affidavit from Mr. Husted hims- If was also read. He was out of town nt tho time of the murder, and did not return till the 10th Oct. lie never read nny account of the matter in the papers, and all lie knew about it was what he heard w hen people were conversing. He never unipinlifiedly cnid that Colt was deserving of punishment, but that he wus so if the facts were such us lind been represented, nor did he feel so in his ow n mind, lie has I spoken with the gentlemen who were present nnd who 1 it.n,ln n tli.l" ' i.- V-.. 1 ?* - I-? ' .i", i.ui nun in- inunm ran 10 mind nnving aid whut they attributed to him. The affidavit of Wilrou is faille in every important particular. Winxhlp said. " yon have n summons." I replied, " yea, hut I would not serve for fil'tv dollar*." Winship keep* a lunch in the basement of the North American Hotel. I wtnt in for some oyiter*, nnd was there no other time that evening. The next day 1 applied to the Judge to rxcusa me on Recount of the sickness of my w ife, hut he would nut allow it unle** I roul l swear ihnt the wn? dangerously *o. When nshed by the couniel if I had expressed an opinion, 1 answered n* 1 really believed; ninny persona s| caking of different tilings in the I ar-room where I join in, w ithout thinking of the eireumstnnee, perhai s ; next minute 1 went into the jury lioxwithmv mind perfectly unbiassed. Aftnr the jury had retired i did not put my hriul out of the wiuitnw, nor did 1 see either of the other jurorx do so. Josv.fh Bininr, one of the jurors, miele affidavit that the statement of Kensett is incorrect, so far a* concern* himself or any of the other jurors that he know s of. Hp woa hy the window, hut did not put hi* head out. Krvsr.ti* liowr, another of thejurors, tc*tified that the jury room wa* close, and he opened the w indow nnd sat down by it. hut did not put hi* head out. lie afterward* saw mme person* oul*ii!o in the Park, with cigar*, lie The utmost propriety wax observed in the jury room. Iloiri K. t'i.*a*r, also n juror, made allidTavit that the room being warm and close, one of tbo sashes was put up. He saw person* in the l ark, hut did not speak, nor did any person* from there say any thing to him. lie did not hear the word* spoken alluded to hv Kensett. J mi s III e 11 it, and all the other jurors, made a joint affidavit, in which they stnte, "each for himself," that the jury retired to n room in the third story of the llall, in which w ere two windows. The air of the room w a* bad, nnd a sn*h w ax pulled dow n and another mined, hut neither of the juror* put their head* out, nor did they hear any thing s|>oken out of the window. Hid not hear nor say w hut ha* been attributed. Their deliberations were uninfluenced, and the conduct of Mr. llustcd was correct: and he w as one among the last that gave up the hope that a modified punishment could he obtained. One or two of the jurors looked out of thu window, hut neither of them said anv tiling w hile doing so. Mr. toenail.i. then opened the argument in his usual able and energetic manner. He contended that this (ourt hail power to grant a new trial on account of the informalities in law which arose as to the jury, and also on ilia merits ol the ease. He cited severnl authorities in support of his (xMition. While the argument was still pending, the I prisoner was remanded, und thu < ourt adjourned to hallpast 10 this foreni on. (trnrral Sessions. Before Judge* I.ynrli nnd Noah. William flhaler, Ksq., as acting District Attorney. Msr b.-Pltaitd Guilty.?John ODonnrll entered a idea of guiltv on a charge of assault and battrrv on William Klv nn, .ilft Water street. Otis Allen and William II. .Maxwell were arraigned on the charge of passing counterfeit money, pleaded not guilty, and thi cause w as set down for , trial nest Thursday. Itrchard H. Howell, for forgery, was i also arraigned, pleaded not guilty and asked for delay until I next term, in order to procure evidence from Kentucky to prove nn alibi. There being no other business ready the f'ourt adjourn! ('ourt Cnls-mlcr??This Day. . Ciscrir l ot;*t.?No*. 41.(43. 43. 6. P, 44,4?, 40,81), il, j M, At, Ml, 150. 01, 19. 13, 64, 60, 66. 07 i.onri oi i nminon i ie*?.?ran i?,\u?. mi, m, .0, hm. I'nrt a Not. ia-?. 136, 1B6, 11, 16, 30 34. 68, 104, ll'J, ?3M, 144, 08. __ Simkehs iv Private.?The Shakers at Now Le! hanon have resolved to hold no public meeting* | during the ensuing summer and have issued notice I to that effect. This is in consequence of the great number of sinners end idlera frequenting their place of worship, causing much nnnoyancc to the Shakers aforesnid. Ovr, or thk Pi.aoi-es.?Myriads of locusts have already made their appearnncc in tha interior connties of South Carolina. I/ow Iusk.?Kev. Suninel Cheever, the first congregational minister at Marblchead, 1ms prenehe fifty consecutive years, without omitting a singl* Sabbath. Miu.ANCitot.T Loss of Life.?Walter Fairfield, son of the (lovrrnor, and (ieorge Rumcry, the former 15, and the latter 12 years of age, were drow ned in Snrn II ivrr, on Wednesday Inst. The Sneo Mer.ulrl savs they were in a ?ninll hori built hf young l'nirficld. It upset, and they belli found n watery grave.?Bangor llhis;, Maydtl. Co\xr< tictt Lr t*t. ? Tlic Leg Mature of Connectieut assembled on W cdneaday at New Haven The House was esllcd to order by Sninuel i A. Peters, of (olehcst. r, die oldest member present, and procc-ded to the election of a Speaker. L. K. Wiirfitmsn having rreeived 119out of 17? votes, wa* deelnred to be duly elected. His chief eompetilor whsC. J. WcCurdy, who received 54 votea. John (' Palmer, and Nathan <? Wileoxeon, were eliom ji Clerks. .. i The Senate was organised by the appointment ot W. K. Murrall, of Canaan, Preaidcnt pro Urn., and K. S. Ahernethy, Clerk. A resolution was then offered, that there being no "lection of (lovemor, Lieut. (Governor and other State officers, l>y the people, the House should, tf a Senate concurring, proceeded to fleet those officers ilu- morning, w|iicli was passed.