Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 6, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 6, 1842 Page 3
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i> 0 S T S C R I P T7 ' i?i- For our umi U Soul hem Cart et/uttu/eaor, l<i/ this morning's Mail, tee fourth pope. Clljr Intelligence. Till. Abulitiomsts IIcidcd ore.?A few day* sinc< V. in. 11 Brodie and bin wife, uliu hud receutlv arrived in this city fiom the south. entered complaint at the lower policeoffice, thai u lemule slave, niunc 1 Charlotte Wheaton, who had resided with them for years, hail beeu induced to run aw ay on the -Jflth of April, and in so doing huu taken dresses and other Clothing belonging to Mrs. Brodie. valued ut fil, from their lodging at IV Dey street. Officers Helyea and Denniston undertook the business, and after much lubor and search, ascertained that she wus residing with a blind negro preacher in Brooklyn. They accordingly visited his premises yesterday morning w hen the "holy man" devoutly denied all know ledge of the woman; but search being made she wus discovered secreted behind a screen that appeared to have been constructed for the purpose. With much difficulty they succeeded in getting her across the river, and finally lodged her in the Tombs. No sooner was this accomplished than the vesii" bub- of the halls ofjustice was filled w illi a motley musso^ blacks, abolitionists, negro lawyers, counsellors, and amalgamation!sts, that almost excluded our w hite ]>opulu tion from ingress and egress. These sympathizers immediately put all their wits to w ork, to endeavor to deprive Mr. Brodie of his lawful property. Horace Dresser, Esq. took the case in hand, and boasted loudly of his intent to free the girl from the hands of the officers and hor master. 1 le examined the papers, smacked his lips, and appeared satisfied of the result that he intended to accomplish. Her owner and his counsel, James Barrow , Jr. Esq., made their arrangements, and the justice who had the case in hand, npjMiinted an hour in the afternoon to hear the charge against her and give his decision. In the mrantimethc parties u ure preparing for action, and about four o'clock a writ of habeas corpus was served upon the keeper of the citv prison by Mr. Barrow, the counsel of the girls owner, made returnable at 10 o'clock Kriilar morning, before Be* corder Tallmadgc. In a few minute* after the service, it came to the knowledge of Horace Dresser, Esq., count el for tbe abolitionists, unci he immediately applied to one o! the deputy keepers, who confirmed the statement and showed him the writ. He then left the prison satisfied tliut hisplans were all well arranged. In about tw enty minutes afterwards, the owner and his counsel concludodi for cause best known to themselves, that it would be better to have her brought before the Recorder w ithout delay and accordingly another writ was issued made returnable forthwith. She was returned forthwith, and there not being sufficient evidence to hold her for the larceny of the drcs9es, she was discharged by the Recorder, and w illing ly consented to go with her master and mistress, to whom she is much attached. The efforts of the alailitionisls t? deprive a gentleman of his lawful and legal property, were thus crushed in a moment, as w hile they w ere considering about the matter, the officers anil those concerned landed her safely beyond their reach, control, or intefercnce. Assistant Captain or tni Citt Watch koiuiep in i he Street.?Assistant Captain Horn, of the Fourth District Watch House, located at Jefferson Market, while proceeding to pay off the men on Wednesday night about eight o'clock, wns knocked down by three men in the Seventh Avenue near Greenwich street, and the money that he had with him, amount, ing to about $600, taken from him. The watchmen were in a bad way from this circumstance, as many of them had depended upon it for their lust quarter's rent. We have not heard what course the captain pursued to secure the arrest of the men, who he alleges robbed him. Loo* ocr for voyr Pockets?The approaching anniversaries, including the other exciting scenes to be enacted next w eek, lias filled our city with pickpockets and rogues, sufficient to sink a modern Sodom and Gomorrah. George Wellesley commenced operations yesterday, by slyly picking the pockets of William Redmond, of 43 Barclay street, of hi* wallet, containing a small sum of money, hut was unfortunately caught in the act, and lodged in limbo until after the race between Boston and Fashion. Tun Prkachino I. ibthas i* Limbo.?Walter Van Duy.en, the. " preaching cartnuin" as he is culled, was arrested yesterday uud committed as a laiiatic. Mm. Miller's Tobacco Stork Robbed.?On the night of 30th of last month, the tobacco store of Mrs. Oi B. Miller Se Co., 110 Water street, was burglariously entered by a rogue named James Johnson, and the counter drawer robbed of $17 00. He w as caught on Wednesday night by u watchman, and committed. A*oTitr.n Pork Case A man named Thomas Macklin rolled oil' a barrel of pork, barrel and all, on Wednesday night, (Yoin the packing yard of Drake B. Palmer, in Washington street, and being raugkt, was rolled into the upper police olfice, from \\ hence he may be rollep to Blackwell's Island in Black Maria. Another Unknown Mat Found Dkao.?The body of a man whose name is unknown, was found in the East river, at the foot of Robinson street yesterday morning.? He appeared to tie about 3ft years of age, had on satinet pantaloons, black figured silk vest, without any coat.? liair dark, with large bushy whiskers, extending under his chin. Child Suffocated.?An infant child, aged 10 weeks, of Moses and Julia Ann Phillips, who reside in the reor of 21 Spring street, while in bod between his parents, on Wednesday night. An inquest was held on the body, and a verdict of "death by accidental suffocation" was returned. Another Child Smothered to Death.?An infant child, aged 14 months, of Wm. H. and Kliza Oillett, of 144 Delaney street, w as suffocated by accident, while asleep w ith its" mother, on Wednesday night. Small Cabbage Thieves.?llenrv Hamilton afim llsnry Field, stole a satin vest from Wadler Hume, 15!) Greenwich street, and was deposited below Michael Powell stole a similar article from Isaac Rmnui, 103 Chatham street, and was served ditto. Jane Annan stole a trunk and i's content*, consisting of elothing valued at $10, the property of Julia Johnson, of dft King street, and was sent to quod. Antonio Jock Govvea has been api>ointed I by the President Consul of Portugal for the port of New Orleans. QtJ- CHATHAM THEATRE.?The management brings out to-night two new Vaudevilles entitled Brother Ben und the Married Bachelor, in which Mrs. Thorne, Miss MestJycr, Mr. Scott, and the entire Company appear. The successfnl and laughable farce of Open House is also produced, forming an attractive, pleasing and va_ ried performance. ft?-NEW YORK MUSEUM.?The entertainments in the Lecture room last evening drew a crowded house. Mr. Hill was received with the most rapturous applause, and he has nothing now before him to pursue the same course of management. The bill was in itself excellent, and the combination of amusements renders this place superior to any other in the city. A rich hill for this evening. ft?* THE SQUIRREL FAMILY.?A great many families, children and others, visited the American .Museum yesterday, anil were delighted in seeing five hundred squirrels of various species leaping aliout on trees, as natural as in the forints of Ohio. The attractions here this week are unusually rich. Winehell is decidedly the best Yankee delineator in America ; his play of Old and Young jtisk la imh|W and humorous. Miss Kosnlie. the brauti In I singer, charm* the audience ; Celeste it admire<t by ull who we her dance ; the experiment* in Animal Magnetism are wonderful, and the prophetic revelation* of the little fortune-telling tlipwr Girl are astounding. Such attraction* for g.'i rent* heat fhv world. Katnilie* and nchool* will remember the day performance to-morrow afternoon. {IT- THE FIRST YMFTOM OF SCARLET FEVER that has committed such ravage* during the past season, amongst allien*, and brought mourning to many a happy circle, unsparingtthe number* it ha* carried otf, the first symptoms is clearly developed by tore throat, which suddenly and speedily assail* the organ ofthe highest danger, that most suiccptlhle of inllammation and immediato mortification. In no case where fVa?e'* Componnd|llorehouiid Candy has been administered in the first alarming symptom of sore throat, hoarseness, trouble in coughing ditfi- ' cults in breathing, and antipathy to sw allow ing, hat not failed hv its healing qualities, to give the patient immediate relief and comfort, cleansing the ulcers, strengthen- , ing the glands, and allowing a free passage for nutritions diet, this hat even in the most alarming case* inspired i confidence that uo other application can ensure or even promise. This valuable compound is sold at 45 Division street. and H Ktatmstreet, Boston ; 78 Dock street, lliilapclphia, and 57 Stole street, Albany, (Bf- "IT'S AN ILL WIND THAT BLOWS1NOBOdv any good," i? an old proverb, and ha* lieen proved in the very disagreeable weather which ha* been productive of cough*, cold*, Ice. in the hundreds wbehave been eaposed to its influence*, and to whom it ha* proved an ill winiT ; W bile it has been productive of good to our neighbor Dr. Sherman, who hat sold an immense amount of his Lounge* in consequence of it. His office is at 106 Nassau street. Agents, Redding, Boston : Burge**, Philadelphia Ree 1, Baltimore ; and Frank Taylor, Washington Cltv. ' TO Ol R SUBSCRIBERS.?We request of our subscriber* to read this article, the whole of it, and then, if rireum?tanee* require, we ask of tliem to test the truth of what we have asserted. We say, from personal knowledge, that Dr. L. D. Flemmiug'* Worm Candy i* a pleasant, mihl and effectual reminds for w orms in children. Thai hi* Diarrheas Candy will give apeedy rcliaf from thnt most painful of all disease*. That hi* Dinner or Tonic Candy is a onrta'n cure for oitivrne**, fulness or distros* af'er eating, heartburn, ko That hi* Cathartic Candy i* one of the very bc?t ttni srsal physic* known. For cough*, Cold*, bilious complaints fever*, foul stomach, kr.. It i?a thorough remedy, We further aav. that these medicines are purely vegetable, and not only agreeable hut desirable to the taita. Bald wholesale and retail, at 135 Nassau (treat. CMjr Despatch Post, 46 Wim.iai* S-rnrr.t. r*i*cirit. Orrtcr.?fetters deposited before half-past 8, half-past |g, amkhilf-past 3 o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at9. 1, and 4 o'clock. Rhavcii Orric r.s?Letter* deposited before 7,11, and '1 o'clock, will lie *eut out for delivery at#, I. and 4 o'clock. ALEX. Mt GREIG, Agent. The t'ttlvrnnl I ?nkc?' Nation. (ttf- WK WERE WRONG IN MAYING THE NEW Romance by PIIOKEHSOR INORAHAM, written c\pressly for the " Nation," wouUl oppcur this ? i*i, but it h o cotnu out in tlic next number. The present one i* in go**! keemug however, containing the richest mutter of an y of the large sheets. The Ma;robite" from the French, is a t?c worth reading, themessage of the new Governor of Rhode Island, -full of pomp mil circumstance of glorious war," is given in this paper. Call curlv at v7 Ann street and get a copy lor SJ cent. Mr. Tuttle is the agent wo believe. ^ FACTS WORTH KNOWING?A lusitive stay for the hair falling out, or to restore it in bald places. A certain cure for all rheumatism and swelled limb*? no exceptions. A certain and positive cure for piles in all cases. A warranted cure for all bruises, scalds and other sores, anil sore eyes. A positive cure fur the salt rhcunt. A beautiful dye for the hair?will not color the skin.? Warranted. A certain cure for corns. Each of these to bo ha l at 71 Maiden lane, and such proofs of these tacts us will convince all who w ill call or send for them, gratis. The public may rest assured there it no fancy in these assertions. MMKT MARKET. Thursday-, May ft?0 P. M. The Stock market this morning evinced a good deal more buoyancy. Illinois 6's rose 1 percent; New York , State 5J, 2 jier cent , Delaware x Hudson, ; percent ; Mohawk, 1 ; Harlem, J ; I'uterson, j ; Ohio fi per cent, declined J ; Dank of Commerce, 1 ; Canton Co., 1 per cent. Kor New York city 7 pter cent itock pat was offered nnd QJ premium asked. The hark Eugenia, which arrived yesterday from Vera i Cruz, brought $10,000 in specie. The steumbout from Liverpool via Boston is daily look- j ed for with a good donl of interest. Thu confirmation of the fall of Cabool was received in King land on the date of j our last advices, and its effects politically and commercially are yet unknown. They will be developed by the expected steamer. Further information from India cannot however be expected until the succeeding boat. We have received the returns of the Central Railroad Bank of Georgia, to the 2nd nit., and romput ing it with the return of October, presents the follow ing results : of thf. Centhai. Railroad isii Bass or Ueosoia as rut ts Aran., 1842, as i nuu 4, 1841. Oft. 1841. *ipril l!U2. Incrtatt. Itocrfatt. Losiu & city bonds. 431,926 38V.I46 ? 42.780 Expended on RR, t,'JOB, 110 1,998,813 80,708 ? Stock, 28,175 26.900 ? 1,275 Bkij houses, he., K. E. 52,353 43,453 ? *,900 Expenses, 13,146 5.552 ? 7,591 Specie, 3S.75C 2,435 ? 31,326 Specie funds, 11,271 16,807 5,538 ? Other assets, 14,562 8,730 ? 4.852 2,493,279 2,496,831 Bonk capital, 406,840 204.340 ? 202,300 Railroad do, 1,621.625 1,838,125 *11,50# ? Railroad Iwnds, 14X7,718 181,34 5 7 4,627 ? Circulation, 37,195 35,760 ? 1.325 Road tickets, 18,3X2 23,127 5,095 ? Bills payable-, 75,300 20,000 ? 55,500 Due banks, 33,645 12,850 ? 20,798 Dividends, 5,782 5,213 ? 570 I Depositor., 43.088 17,912 ? 26,776 Profits, 129,212 103,987 - 25,225 Other liabilities 11,041 53,672 41,731 ? 2,493,279 2.496,831 This return exhibits u decrease of capital employed I banking, and a corresjionding increase of that applied to rail road purposes. The banking liabilities seem gene-, rally to have decreased, as well as the specie on hand The following is a comparative statement of the paper under protest :? Si sPkMieu 1'APCII. O.t. 1811. .iprif 1942. Incmaie. Dtcreati.. Called good, 295,213 129,110 ? 156,103 Doubtful, 13,706 16,043 337 ? Bad, 5,007 9,345 4,533 ? W# have received the return of Treasury notes to the 1st iust. There was no return made on the 1st April, in consequence of a vacancy in the office of Comptroller. The. following is a comparative statement of the Treasury notes outstanding on thu 1st inst:? TacAsear Notf.s OrTsTASDisu. Jan. I. Marrh I. -Ruy I. Total otilMandiiK old issues, 1,319,663 703,695 543,852 Issues under net of Feb. 15, 1841, 6,298,256 7,527,062 7,527,063 Redeemed of that issue, 777,197 2,038,519 4,451,601 5,521,059 ? ? Issues of Jan. 1842, ? 2,377,118 5,641,737 Redeemed of that issue, ? 30,211 1,826,322 Grand total outitandimr, 6,810,723 8,539,115 7,431,729 This return show s that in the 60 days, lrom March lst to May let, there have been received for Government dues und redeemed, $1,369,006 of Treasury notes, und new issues to thu extent of $3,264,619 have been emitted, making n decrease in the aggregate outstanding of $1,104,397. This exhibits the extent to which Treasury notes are used as a ineana of payment of gov ecu men t dues, nnd the necessities to whieh the department is reduced bv the cutting off uf its means by that operation. According to the statement of the Secretary of the Treaaury, there were $7,000, uoo of Treasury note* to fall due in the present year, lly the redemption tiiat have since tukcn place, tliut sum has been reduced to $3,600,000, and the notes redeemed have been replaced by new issues of the present year; and so rapid lias been the return of the notes issued iu consequence of their depreciation, that they remain out scarce, ly 30 days. On the first of March there had been issued under the act of January 1S42, but $2,400,000, and on the 1st of May $2,000,000, or nearly the whole amount hail been returned upon the Treasury. In the meantime $2,300,000 additional had been issued ; and us the Government expenses are monthly ubout $2,?00,000, the Treasury has probably gone in arrears to that amount, and depending upon negotiating the loan to make it good. That loan, as is well known, has failed, solely in consequence of the iniquitous legislation of the last year, and the neglect to provide any adequate means of permanently restoring the finances of the Government. There are two elements that actively operate against the credit of the Government. One is the absurd distribution of the public lands, instead of pledging them as a fund to redeem the loan au thorized; and the other is the evident disposition evinced by the Committee of Ways and Means to indulge in protective tariff thcorii s and experiments, instead of keeping in view the single object of the greatest revenue with the least possible oppression to the public. The position of the trade of the country is such in its currency and foreign relations, that it becomes absolutely necessary for the government to encourage foreign imports by all the means in its |>ower, and to impose r.uch 8 duty as will yield the greatest amount of revenueThe instant the principle of protection is recognised, the importation of the protected article falls off and the revenue to be derived from it is lost to the government, although the people actually pay a tax to the manufacturers sufficiently high to meet ull demands upon the Treasury if applied to its proper (object. It is highly probable that the most skillful application of the tariff will not be able to extract more than 75 per cent of the expenditures of the government from imports. The remainder, if raised at all, must be got by direct taxes, and exactly in proportion to the degree in w hich "protection" is indulged in. must direct taxes be imposed. This is the dilemma, on the horns of which hangs suspended the financial legislation of Congress, and yet in the very moment of dishonor, bail men aro to be found who hesitate not to persevere in the schemes of oppression, even although the fair fabric of our national independence should crumble aliout their heads. Hale* at the Stock Kirhsnge. 100(1 N. Yorkisr.n b;i 175 Mohawk RR bli 50 30TMI Ohio 6's, lltw 7j do 50 I (ifsi Indiana Bonds 2(t% 1511 do at 30 50 l(SS) Illinois Bonds I* 315 II oh in RR I0\ 2C.?0 Ho 17% 50 do nm 10%? 10 Bit of Com, ?cri(i !?(', 20(1 do vKI |(|% in do CI ll? do u,w || 5(1 Dal k Hudson ?U Kl >0 do ?I0II 25 do '"id, 15U Islsud RR jO1, 25 do tbw Of! 3(*| do (l,w .5#% J do y*'c 50 do .50*, in Am it Bunk '<c.\ 'si New Jersey RR ?:?i (,5 50 Auburn Si Syracuse fl 1,? do i ji, 10 Canton Co 2l\ I(55 Paturv.n RR ,^5. 5u Mohawk RR luC ion do <1*153 Second Hoard. I '.0 Lowe Island HH j4'tu 25 Mohawlt Hit b3G 'A)11 , 'n do 1.1'.1 1.M Hailem flit ?3 11 ?2 5(1 do *311.50% 30 do ?3 II 50 do 1>3<I3I% H>n do bli 11% 100 do 330 jd% 30 do 11 10 Am In* Co 10 .'<0 do 111 n 10 Am E? Bank <0 ? >0 do II', WOO Illinois Bond* I" a 30 do b!5 11% 25 Mohawk Kll ?30 j? 50 do ?tn ll% 200 do "30 30 Stair of Trade. Some sale* of real out ale took plare with the following result*:? The homo and lot of ground on the corm r of the tteventh Avcuue and Ninetecth Mri i t. oold for.. .$3.GOO Al?o, the unexpired leave of the home and lot No. 66 Division ttract, told for 376 The lot of ground No. 30 llummoud rtreet, running through ?o Perry atreet, forming two lott. each 2ft feet front by 93 feet deep, sold for 1.000 A lot of ground on Ninth atteet, tirt ween A > en net B and C, containing 93 feet Iront by 93 feet deep, old for MS) Alao, at auction, 24 boxes Brow n Havana Sugar, 5} a 3J ?raah. Champaigne?160hruketsChampaign?? Shell, 4j; Com. et, 4^; MeMi'UX. 4f; funny F.l??U*r, 4f; Star, qts, 8; K.. Star, uinta, 6j; Tippecanoe,'ql*, 4); do, pint*, Ij; Anchor, 31 a 6: flrcat Wert em, ft; Fountain, 5; Venut, H*; Juno, dj; Sillcry, BJ; 27 caaea ( hnteanx Lafittr, IJa'jJ?over *100 4 months; over $1006 months. In the general markets a fair huaineaa la doing. Sale* of A?he? to-day at (6.80 for Pom and - ...25 for Pearl*. Almut sot) halea Cotton changed hands at former rate*. In f.our thera i* very little doing and price* are heavy. Brighton Cattle Market. Morrow, May 2, 1811?At market 240 Beef Cattle, 15 pairs Working Oxen, 30 Cow* and Calve*, 400 Sheep and 1530 8w inc. Pricci?Beef Cattle?A faw choice f attic $0 25. Kir*! quality $5 7ft a $6 00; Second quality $6 30 a 53 7ft; third qunlitv, SI 73 a $3 24. Working Oven?Sale* at *70, $s.y $90 and SI 10. Cow I and Calve*?Sale* at $18, $23. $23, $28 and $3*. Sheep?Lot* are (told from $2 25 to $4 30. Swine?Lot* to peddle at 3| a 4c for?ow?. and 4} a ,5c for harrow*; lotto clove at 3 a 3J. Large hog* at 3 and tr. At retail from 4 to 8C, Mu-rlnl, On Wedueoday ei cuing. ith nu(., by the llev. Henry W. Fellows, Mr. Grose? il. Km.liiii of Philadelphia. ti Miss IUhkii.t lints, daughter of A'aph Stone, of tlii> City. On Wednesday afternoon, Itli inst., by the lie v. Ileitis (. ha*e, I'lUiLi 1 !>. Tili.' r, of this city, to Miss I'Mtm. KChi'rchill, daughter of tin' late Capt.'johti I'. Churchill of Fishkill. On Tuesday, 3 I iiut., by tlie Rev. Mr. Price, Mr. Wm. Arms, to Miss Kti.m K. Bis- m, both oftliis duy. Died, Ou Thursday morning, itli inst., of scarlet ft ver, lit the residence of his father, 'JOS Front street, Brooklyn, Wit ins Hahcum Wohis, ehtest son of Mr. William Worts, formerly of I.omlon, aged 12 y ears 7 months and '2*2 day s. On Thursday, 5 inst., after n short illness, bpatsu Syoungest son of William 11. and Kliza Dvmarest, aged f years mid 6 mouths. The friends ?,f the family are respectfully invited to atteud his funeral, this morning, at ! o'clock, hum the resideuce of his father. No. I .Art Franklin street. On Wednesday . 4th inst., Mr. Danivi. Soli has, ill the '27th year of his age. ??????ascnmiu nmaasa? Latest Ad vires HKCKlVKn AT the M W Yor.a IIKKAl.n office. Africa Feb. tj M,vin Jan. r Ans Caves Apiil i! Ma-! Match tie Antigua March la Msnill-- .1 m. Bombay March I .Montevideo Felt, 22 Bttllia No>. 2u Maraiili.nn Mtrch 2 Bermuda April 23 Matinxa* April 2: Bonaire Aoril u Mayas iter. Ap il 1! Buenos Ayu-? Feb. a Maracnibo Apiil .' Hilda March 1 NfstMuorru. Anil II Belize, Houii. March 31 N.uvitj* Feb. a Barhaitoes March H S.s?aii,N. P. April It Bosnia Dec. pi Oahu, v. I. 1). c. 2*, B> iliice Fall. 2(1 I'.iri Apiil -I Capo llaytisa Aj>rd h Port u Pr:"ce Apiil Cura.-oa March 5, P. R. April If Cienfurgos March 21 I'sra March It! Carthage na Jan. 21 Pernr.mhuco March 2 Centres* March 23 Panama Feb. 2t ( Ingres July I Rio dr Janeiro March ' fallan Jan. 22 Kip. no Dec. 2( Calcutta' Feb. 1ft Bydm v, N. S. W.? Aug. II Demarara Much 'J St. Helena Maryb20 f'?yal April 6 St. Thomas April 1ft Gibraltar Feb. 2 St. Ba-t? Jan. 3 Guayaquil Fob, IS St. Jaco do Cuba- April n Uuavatna, P. R. April 10 St. Johns, P. R. April 12 Oonaives April 10 St. Croii April 12 Galveston April 12 St. Mdrtiui K?*b. 27 Havrv March 31 St. John, N. B. April 27 Havana April 15 Surinam March 11 Halifax April '10 Tampico Marcli22 Jeremit March 22 Tobaaro Feb. 25 Jar ma) April 1 Turks Lland A i'ril Kingston, Ja. April V Ttinidad tie Cuba - April H Loudon April j Vera Cruz April M Livcrja?ol April 5 Valparaiao Jan. 21 La Guav ra April 3 Yucatan March 31 Lima Feb. 4 Zanzibar Dec. 10 l*ntffu*ii?er?? Arrived* Canton? Shin Oscar?A. Lawrence, of Boston. Li?}, it pool.?Ship Trenton?I). Mesino.e, ami 260 in the steerage. Liverpool?Ship Oswego?B. Vi>ian, Win. Cooper, C. O. Wood?252 iu the steerage. Rio Qhanpk?Bark Mary Chilton?Captain O. Savory, of in. Vera Crux?Bark Eugenia?W. C. Jones and family* P. Ulenie, L. Saunders, O. Pavia, Htm) Dittinan, Jo*. Fiet*?I in the steerage. Pour ac Prince?Brig Fairfield?James R. Sehribner, Louis Laiin iarne, Savannah?Brie Exact?Joseph Hongln lady and three children, Mist S. A. Allen and servant; Miss E. Alwrn. G?onjc A. I Allen Chas. L. C ue, llaryey Seward. N. C. GreeiivvoorT Edward Lehman, H. N. Aldrich, Augustm; Knapp. Edw. Merman, Aaron Kilborii, Irj Park. Levi Maine, Joseph Hough, Jr.. Joseph Huntington, Thos. Jones?32 in the steerage. Poxxpngfrx Soiled. Liverpool?Ship Echo?F.. Duplot dc Mourns, Attache a la Legation de France li Mexico, hearer of despatches to the Court of France; Mr. Lyou, of New York; Mr. and Mrs. Elliott, right children and two servants, England; James McKay. London; G. Jack,on, D William*, Mr. and Mr.. Price, Mr. and Mrs. Dawn. Foreign InipoiialloiM. Rio nr. Jamiho?Bark Douglass?lutio bags coffee J Foulk Ik son?31 II J Sharp?389 A C Rossi ere fit ro? 13U Ilarwood & co??5 Griunell, Mintnrti fit co?100 Potts A Garwood, of Philadelphia. Rio Grani)p.?Bark Mary Chillou?31U2 hides 7765 horiw 128 arrobfs hair Dow ley ik Demurest?106 1 tides Leu; p & Burke? 150 do 16,100 shin bones 10 bales wool 0 do hair 5000 horns B Richard-?1 hx J Bent?10.535 horns to master?106 hales wool to order. Vera Cwrz?Bark Eugenia?60 bales ccradiil a 4 do cochineal Wichelhausen fit Achilles?34 hah * >kim I pkg Goodhue k i'c ? 1 hales jalap Mot z fit Pol lit/?3 F Kurck?II do I box vanilla Renard fit co?2 hx* Noltcnius 5t Pavenstedt?1 A Lolis*?52 b* cochineal I nkg G fit F Shumachcr?15 eeroons cochineal 3 bxs vanilla 63 lulls goat skins $300 Victor fit Dockw itz?$270 W A Gordon?$150 Win ConUlin?$1881.J de la Omnia-?$500 Meyer fit Sturken?$3000 How!:?nil fit!?$34011 C Sttmrnes? $100(j A PaJrullo?$500 Win I* well?9 doubloons F D ik'uerne? $1300 P Pou it co?$0120 56 bales goat skins 2 bxs tnachiuery 1H do v.-milta 10 do jalap 310 hides Hargous, Brothers fit co. Port au Prince?Brig Fairfield?30.000 lbs log wood 21 bags *:off* e 3 bigs specie Ski Wing ^ Kerri?luj h tgs coffer Brush Ait ro-^8 C W Smith?<i j H Smith?17 Wilson A* Mill??101 K Hoppeck?283 G Leland &t cq.-? 103 bags cocoa B F Daw on?115 I! at W Dt'lafield?M S T Jones at cr>?i.> E 1) S.?ck* ti?112 A Ross it re St co?2G Hi ckscher St Coster?1130 Maitlaud, Kennedy St ct>. Domestic Ini)H>rtutioou. Savannah?Brig Exact?108 ck* rice J Bow en Smith?59 H Lowdy?191 bales cotton G Collins?152 Arthur G Miller?52 Boortrian, Johnson St Ayrrs?71 N M inning; St co?75 Parmlee, Kilborn St Rogers?31 1? K Roger.? If. Bar?tow St Popt?3 Jos Wood?23 Trncidell & Moore?23 H W St S Hills?$1000 specie J Little St co?1 case W H Horstman St co?1(1 bags coffee Wood St Acosti? 1 case Hard man, Moore St Baker. New orleans?Schr Export??Re|?orted yesterday]?141 bbl* pork ? hhds do Churchman St Roberta? 158 sack* corn to captain?'?28 bbl? flour 12 do motasse.* to order. Savannah?Baric La Orange?[ rj ported yesterday]?33 knn cotton Doorman, Johnson k en?121 Barstow St Popt?G1 A (? Milh r?26 Parmlee, Kithurn St Roger*?'M? H K Wining?25 I? > rice J Bow4 ii Smith?7 iron sales Jesse Delano?107 bales cotton 33 t"? iice ta order. MARITIME HERALD. Departure of the Atlantic St camera. i'uom england. erom america. Caledonia, Lott April 11) May 1C Acadia, Ryrie may 4 June I G. Western. lioskcn May 21 June It; Columbia, Judkins May 19 June 1G Britannia, Hewitt June I July 2 Caledonia, Lott June 19 July 17 Acadia, Ryrii July 5 Aug. 1 G. Western, llosken July 0 Aug. 4 The Belgian steamer British Queen, Capt. Keane, will lease Antwerp for New York on the 4th of May, to touch at Southampins, Eug., on the 7th. To ship Xiilm* We shall esteem it a favor, if cantatas of vessels arriving here, will give to Commodore R. S. Martin, of our news licet, 1 a report of the shipping left at lite |K>rt whence they sailed, the vessels spoken oil their i^ssane, a list of their cargo, aud anv foreign newspaper* they mav have. Commodore Martin w ill hoaril them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in any way. . PORT OF mew YORK, MAY 6, IN 12. icff rises 5 1 i moon risks 2 38 son sets 6 59 i hioii water 0 14 Cleared* Barks Anna LiffVy, (Br) Lyell, Antwerp.Schmidt k Bolch- ! i n; Nicholas Brown. Heed. Pictou, 11. M. Deiuill.? Bug L. I Baldwin, Baxter, Savannah.?Schr* VYnu.s, (Vi uezuhan) i Todd, cLa Otiayra, B. F. D iwsou; Wm. Young, Rohm*..11, ! Richmond; Volucia, (dark. N.wbern, N.C.; I'hebe Eliza, O.horti, Alexandria, D. ('.; Martha Wood, Dockendoff, Boston.? | Bar^c Star, Wilson, Philadelphia, J. N. Briggs. Arrived. Ship Oscar. Eyre, from t anion and Macao, Jan. 12, teas and i silks, to W. S. Wetinore. L?;ft ships Niaiitic, for NYotk, 16th; i Mary Ellen, do, line; Luconia, do, Idg; Coromando, do; Clarendon. dug; bark Cynthia, do. At Macao, brig Cayuga, lor S. America, soon; ship Henry Pratt, not yet discharged. 10th ult. 1st 2. Ion 35. *i?oke wh ile ship . lor New Lomloii, full; ! l?th, lat 21 0, ion .0630, spoke Br. schr Farewell, from Nova j Scotia for Barbadoe*. Ship Pnwhftfttn, Seaman, (of Baltimore) ?4i days from Livei|hhd, rncUe. to J. Herilman?250 imwsc users. Ship Brunswick, McMautis, 10 days from Liverpool, indsr, to order. Ship Oswego. Wood, from Liverpool, March 23, with 4100 sacks salt to J. Macy k Son. Shin Trenton, Manson, (of Bath, Me.) from Liverpool, April i I, with 1500 sacks salt tothe mititcr. Ship Calhoun, Myers, G days from Cliarleston, with cotton. to Ci. SllttM, Bark Eugenia, Bitcoe, 21 (lays from Yen Cms, w ith sin en . cochineal, hides and goat skins, to Hargous, Brothers k ( o?*20 cabin and t steerage passenger*. Left 1*. S. schr Woodbury. 1 Nones, 7 day s from New Orleans, the only vessel.? 1 28th ult. lat 32, Ion 79, spoke brig Susan k Sarah, of Providence, ( I days from Havana lor Boston. Bark Mar;, Chilton, Gore, (of Duxbury) fr< in Hio Grand* . i March 5, with hides, Dowley k Deiiiarest. Sailed hi c??. I with brig 0|h Ious.ui, for Baltimore, and saw her on the 8th ult. lat 3 S, Ion 30 W. Left bark Rosalba, hence, just arrived; , Exact, for Middletown, in a few day*. Bark Douglass, Bourne, 45 ilay s from Rio de Jadeiro, with coffer. In . t?. J. Foulk k Son. Left sliijw Whttun i-. Richmond, I'm Beiiguella; Alelia, from Richmond; Lurk* N? w England. Cette: Leonidas, Baltimore: Baltimore, B*hi?; Sharon, dp; Mary. London; brigs Sadi, New York; i?m1?m , ndeii. e. Madeira; Ann. for Baltimore, in a few days; Maiy Elizabeth] ' from New York; Midas, Bihia; Shaw inut, Norfolk; (h u. Pinhney. Angola; schr* Onio. sealing; Wm. Tompkins, frorn I'* rnambtten; Avalanche. Bahia: Nile, do. Ship Black Warrior. L fr.on Sumatra for Salem, sailed i lew daw Iwforv. Brig Kairfu hl, Smith, from Port an Prince. April 21, v.ith , eoffep. At.-, to Skrlding ai Ferris. Mailed in co. with brig Pint i. for Boston. Left brig Win. N.-Lon, Morris, ilisg; Maria, for j Boston. 3 days; schr Geo. Henry, (or ?,do. Brig Exact, Johiuon, G days from Savannah, with cotton, to Stnrge* 3k Clearman. Schr Diamond, Green, G days froin Kcniu bcc, w ith ice, to (lie j master. Schr Nantncket, Pendleton, C day* from Lubec, with plaster. | to the master. Schr Detroit, Flemings, 5 davs from Boston, with mda? . to 1 the master. Schr I nit* il St ife*. l\?'i/.? r, (of P?>it!.uui) from Guayamn, 1?. 1 R. April ill. with H(> lilul* ?uu ?r V; do molassi n to Dunscomb 3k Beck with: 61 cks do to order. Left bark* Se hoi*, foi NYork, Idg; New Haven, Id brig I ink 1 in, for New 1i M otfo, ,lam? s Mc< 'obh, Jacob Stor\ . iiel Jane, for do. Ulg; ' .V^nes, di-u; ( reole, ilo; sehr* Geiu *. >, w fg freight; Gaxeile, if! B irigor, iituoh'AM Schr Mary, Alh-u. 13 day; from St. Th*?mv, with sugar, kc. j to timmui^oo U. Vd.'.m*. Ue low. 'I wo ships, one :?aid to he the Merchant, Murphy. fr??m Li\i rjMM.I, ALo. two hrtgs. Oiw i-al fJ Iidu Mail Dao*.?The Mrdway will return here ibout Monday next, front Halifax, remain thirty-two hour*, ami Inxr lor Ntmau, Haxtttn. kc. The Royal Mail Letter Office it removed to 16 Broad utrvet, in Meek'- court, whi rr th haff? will l?e made up. Aihohk.?The topsail tehr stho.r on Sal>,n\ Point, u fioni Stoning ton. ol and lor Pawiuekrt, in ballast. She >v< iu a?ho-,-r ( mi Siniriliv .11 hit,h wafi., rid i* l.i I. :iid dry At low tide. Sin ! w ill pJobahly be *ot ..ff w itl.out d tin ii;c. Port of Boitox.?Arrival* during the month of April, I1U2:? Ship*. B o k-. Bii^A. Schr.i. Sloop*. Total. foiutwUp, lt? 17 At 2??H II 3I>.? Foreign, 17 II 61 M2 0 lit? Arkivai at Sr. Jaoo.?Darin/ the month of Mirrh, 17 vctteif ent* ied the port of St. J t;o de ('ubt, and Hi departed, the ettioiU amounting to JJ'2,7jJ lift of *ng.\r and 2,061,000 lb* of coffee. M11 !**(}.?The brijf Mile* Standi Ji, ( apt.iin Nathan (#.>rham. tailed from Boston Keh. 14, for Mohi! , and not hating tince been heard from, it i? nvol>ao!e that ?he jn iulied in tht severe 8K. Kale of Keh. If?. Iheveaael belon - I to I'?pt. Nathl (Carver, of Plymouth, wx ihied at 6 or $7000, ami ww not insured. She had a ciriio conaLtin^ of dome*tic good*, k. . pro* haldy worth about $12,000, partly insured. Whalemen* Arrived at New London, M.ty 2, < and.icc, from Cro/elfe Idand?( 2200 bids. Bailed, Shepherded, South Atlantic, Sailed from BtUtol May J, North America, Indian Ocean. Solid i N a 11 k r S! i \ . i J i I l?l< te for the ITrifie. Arrived at Kail River Mav ?, Lionida*, Atlantic 0? o>? bbla i|H i m. A uli-1..U' jv? >i?d up Narin-; B.yM.yJ, _ _ I lie.t.d Coin, no <lat?prnbr.ldy in FiK./eieu Coffin, Nam. 300 bbt#. Spoken, N? W Hain^liiiVjiif PoiUuiotftli, fa.m NOrhaiii for Liverpool, April 211. off Tort tig a... , . E. M..01 Pittitoii, for Norfolk, May I, lat 11, Ion Foreign Porta. IUi.ika'i. Anl ?Arr Coins et, NYork; (Sip: v.; 28th, Unity, NYork via WY.itport. Cid2?th, tame, IJ triad . I'!.- : i Baatei, 11 i. ; ' ibl< I St. John. N. B., April 2li?An P. I. Nr%iu?, Bdltimor : Oerm, PhilndtIpliiu. Cld Churlotte Ami, do; Infanta, N Yoik; Ti mm r, do. MiTARtii (j i. j ;-in port, Wai i? fioi Nam * rk S9th Ba i in Hi . ? ... Id ; 8m in B lb ?, d . K iiuburu Ti > imerica Bremen, do: Ebro, ( owi i. do, \ * rk, d n idyj Tyro, ft . Boaton lug; oaniarau#, for Havre, Id . V {I Cowri do; Hud .on, B ?.ton, do; Canton, do do , \V. P. W tlker, I'iovidauce, do; I enturion, Boatou, do; ( t?vlou, 8t? PrUnvburt^i | Sliaii .J do; Elr/ tin th II ill, Bn in? ii. uo; 1 i it?i (*0? - do; l i n lock . (len II irritoii St. P< ; do; Delta Walk* do d Wa ?\ lo, ftnuty; Ontario, Pi id '' 1 ' do; (Jil<n, \% >. . \ : nora, do. Si . Dumim.o < 'itv, April 1.!?In part, Randolph, ol Mid l??i I'liilatlt'lpliia, 'J d ivr. lulled Stnten Porta. M \-111%s. April I'M?A r William, NYork; Henry Cla\ . do; Jasper, i!o. Sid &Hh, Evelinen, ii?*. (iAiniiM ii. April ?.>? Arr K?? ituk? , Kiat ma; :'fltlt. Polo Rico, NYork. Sid 2wt!i, P\l?'*tin?\ Kredcrii *ksbur?* Kkamooii i , Ar il Bel..w, Cliutou, Mataux.n; S(. Helena. All aandrin. Sid K?!\s. Blake K o il. Banc h. Ma\ I?Arr Clinton, Writ Indie ; Tau? O'Slianter. North Carolina. < !d ?d. IWtoRi,,). ; A : ,. Ji, B ubadoes. Bat ii, Aj i I 'Sr? \.. < c v|on. C ard.-o i*.; " tli, !>* .in o k. It <1liinwie: May t. Mi.?i srippi. i'lriludeloliia. Cld linth, Em, Norfolk, Htonl N. (Soft, t iuao iloni ; \Vm I'viriin^ton, Marie^ulante; Tihe in?. W"rii?ii-ton. 1). C. PoitTLv?cd, Mis 2?4 111 Caroline, ll.o.un; Atueii n. Tri.iidad. An Lnrinu'i Snow, Erode lickshury. Y:Ut, In m is, N I Owl's Hkad?Tau^ola went .wlnim on Mm.;..". I.d m !. a; bilurd. PollTAMopth. \ :il 3f - I'lan.t, S.,\ i?r 1 ... |.(? u VN ii M. I hilan. Ij hia; Cui;- , NYoik; 2?1, BulUci''Hill, an : <? imp a. Ail ?k>; Saiim.-vI,) Arr Au.erelta, New Y ak. Sid i) j dt. Para. n./jox, May 4?Arr Mrum, Palermo. Cld C iii-cto, U-tr? inan:; JConfidi ictou; \ aper, Philad 1 liia. Arr 3d, Van* ilalier, Sr. Ho.niH/.i City; H utier. NYork. Nanii lklt, Aj i.i :?i?Sl l K.vt-liui , O. vrgitown, S.C., Prudent. AIImiiv; Avon, do. Arr M.av 1, Col. Simmon.*, inri Elect, Albany. r PnoviDKNrr.. May 3? An fVftmbia, Mobile; A^nwaip. New Yoii.?-:?.t oif Cimimii ut ai In .Ii \? itei ti- lay, without ! on-.k'e. aft.o-' v-'inrjiarwinu n sloop b > id of ll?n?r. S'd >\ i:i I N E. Time. Suffolk. V a.: .J. Muslim', and Tmiih .? e, Philadelphia; t hnil??. do; Translation, NYork. Ncwfort. M iv 3?Arr Ricitzi, NYork fo? Pr-oilnee. Sid. ill tin* wind bound vc sfl*.

Ni.w London, M iv 2?Arr M geaiie, nv rk; T. VV. Thon . do for Providence; Oak. Brookhaveu t< r N \ ork; < lio. Sylph. Report, and Miami, d < ; Exchange. Kit. rht *?l for NYork. II nhtfoiip M o -j?( in kI. nr. Brown. Philadelphia; Illinois, do; Sea ford, NYork. I'm l ad ki. phi a, Mav 6?A rr Washington, Mat ni/.a.*; J. !?? /, Bermuda; Nor- is Stanley, NV- rk; Adam-. Piovid'iic* Elliot, Boston. ("Id ("ham *i?>ri, NOrl .u-.? r?, w ae ubo; Norfolk. 13lrbadoes; Viob t, Kiv^ston. J...; L *<l:. B.ot.iu: ( Robe, do; .*>? bairn, Portland; Are. i, Lviin. Ma-.; Mini;.. .Work. Bai.timorf., M i, An Join Power, N > mii. N. P. OioftQiTOWif, D. C., Wa> 3?Ait Dodv<. N? w York; lb roe, Boston. Richmond. M iv 2?Arr Alfred Tyler, NYork; Putil Biker, do; Me/eat ir, Boston, Nokkoi.r. April 30?Arr Nahmakanta, N Vork; Smiihfichl, I'itUlou, Me. A.r May 'J. ( . M. Smith, M i> axon/. In I Inn] toll Roads, AWik' ii!, New. title. Me, Charlfsion, Ma> 2?Arr Soiitli|M?,t, NYork. (1.1 Solu.,, (Br) Live rpnol. Arr 1st, Mosell. . Ha\re; La Granite. Porto Itico. Sid James T. Bcrtine N Yn?k. Arr 110, Dimou, N York. (-Id Calhoun, do. Sid Envoy. B * >n. Gkoruktowv, S. ( ., April ?Ari Detroit, NYork. ("Id Mentor. Salem. \? u \. iti. i ai \ ral I 11 i i NYork; 11 ra i Old Britannia. Lii.riool; Nil . Havre; F. .nee* Ann, do; Cumhcrlfuid, Liverpool; Sn ?to*ra, NYork; I. A. Lancaster, Mgrilk, April 27?Old Bu:liti?rto.t. ; Hector. do; Sr. Petersburg. NOrhau*; Euclid. Liwrpool; l i. o. St. 'I'll.; Virjrinian. rrovideiic*-; Belle, Htsuua. PORTUGUKSii FEMALE PILLS. rIMlESE fir-famed and c? l. lnaied Pill*, from Portural, are, J- we perceive, to b obtained in this couuDy. See advertisement on the list colninn of fourth |fcige. |c3 lm*is SECOND GREAT TEMPERANC E MKKTI \<;. rPHK IION. MESSRS. BKIUOS AND MARSHALL will address our citizen* on Temperate.* at the Broadwav Taheruaele on Saturday evening, 7th. Dr. N'oft will first exhibit Dr.fSewall's plat, s of ill" stomach. Ticket* of admi>jioii centi each, to In.d a' the T.-mpeiani'- Union, 4 'liiitou Hall; Newman ik Dayton's Bookstore; J. W, LeaviltV I Of, Pearl street, and at the door. Profits for the relief of tie \Y ashinsrtniitaii*. Sir. Muishall will sjmhU on fashionable wine drinking. rS ?Un? TVAHS. S. W RIOHT, hwin completed fiei irruureinetiU, *.?! beg* to inform her friends and 'In* puhlie, tin' the hasopeii d the houses No*. 137 and 11*0 IP .d'.vay , a. a piivj1' board in ir csUtblishmenr, and is now ready for the reception of jw rman-n* or transient visiters. The lion*, ; hsv uu l**r<.p.ue a thorough repair, paint* d and prepared throughout, a new stairway uiul entrance mad . The better to ace-, nmodate tie?<# who wish it, she is determined iipou having an ? irl> diiui'r at one o'clock, and another at half-pa*t three. A lirtre sifting room, frnritiiu Broadway, will d'toicd t<? Ladies, and a reading room for Oentleup u, wlnr* will b? kept th city daily and several ennntrv p?j?er . From the soperior accommodation alVor.hd in this establishment, ami as heinu In s de.i.ahle location, ii will be foil ml worthy of attentiou from Merchant* and ether* \isitiug the city, ;u* well as resident *. Mrs. Wii;ht will b- hr ;? to inake arralni'Mmmts v.ith trrntlemeii wlio are in th'* *?f diniiu' down town iiij U*i REMOVED?AUSTRIAN AND TOS( IN CONST LATE, No. 72 Gr* ' iiwjch street. inC 31* T< 1ST.?On Tuesday last - ii I'clock, tin Oreenwicb rtryet, lieiwcen NT?"?rii- aud Rector sti' ts, a .Manlilltan Book, in which wa* s B<? id for a lar^e amount, the ree< ijits in which B??nd will noint our th?* ov;i. 'i'hese i?ii?.-rs h, iuv nf no vain hut to itfie ml vn riser. Kite Dollar.* Reward will b paid to the finder, by Icavin;' tlnm ai 01 Green w tali street, or at the Mrmbii'^n B ink. tn6 'it"' S'kw Yep.* Ai.h\nv 1' \: i K" \i> Co.) ()(fire No. 2, Park PI ir^. ] NOTH K i* hereby wiven to the Stockholder* of the New York ami Album' Hail Road Cniitmnv, that an election of Director* to said Comiwiv. will tak' place a' their Office, No. ? Park PI .?? on Monday tin sixth of June next. The Poll;, will he open at 10 o'clock, A. M., and continue open until 1 o'clock, P. M. The Book* for the transfer of Stock arc closed, and w ill so c uitiuue until the 7th day of June lie it. Bv order of the 11 lard. mf? tjfi c JOS. K. BLOOMFIELD' Secretary. V ANKEEN <'7)TfON-Kiv. hil. !<-i s.t. h. IN PKRSSE &. BROOKS, mCc hi Liberty street. "tl/nArB BALSAMIC PfLL8"-Ju?t received from London?\f. O. Wray, So. us ILdborii Hill, London, hi* concluded arrangement* through his Agent, J. O. KAY, in New York, to supply that city, and the chief cities in the I'nlon, with his Balsamic Pills, which have so long superseded in London the use of Copniva, Cubebs, and other nauseous medicine. These pill* arc certain, safe, perma lent, and most effectual cure for Gonorrhtc, Oleits, stricture*, s?-zninaI weakness whites, local debility, affection* of the k'dnrys, irritation of the bladder or urethra, and all the various diseases of the unitl paaaa . They act pccBh i thi tirinai p NMfec; and from their touic properties tend to strengthen the sy?l? m. and improve the gem \ health. Retailed at No. 7h Fulton *t;< et, ami at Di tig st. re Broadway. corner ( hnnb? r* str et. m<; It ? r " PRINTING. TAMES VAN NORDEN N. ( O. rr*iM-<tfull\ in fori their *' friends and the public, that they have removed from *27 Pine No. SO William strtcf, Between Pin#* and C; dar. where, having an extensive and beautiful assortment of materials, they are prepared to execute, in a superior style, and on reasonable terms, all kind* of pbou .and ornamental printing, such a* Bonks, Pamphlet*, Mercantile and Law Btank'. Bond*, f'ertitieit. * of Smek, <>rti:ieit ? nt I),no .ite, Transfers, Drifts. Notes, < hecks- Bill* ??f Exchange, Bills of Lai lire.', Policies of his irniire, Headings. Priee Current, Manifest*, Receipts, Bill II? ids Catalogues, Circulars, Cards, Label*, Handbill*, Posting Bills, flic. Itc. J. V. N. ik. < o.'s fi ilities are hi; h as to enable them to eft cute all orders in the most expeditious and correct manner, and thev re-ptTtfulIy solicit a cenlimianco of the patronage *n libmil) con ft I on them. n n DRIBTOL'S BARSAPARILLAc?Oi I i t1. vuintu U l ines now nift red to the afflicted, there is no article whose powerful etfieae\ ha* been rijrnl to that of BRISTOL'S EXTRACT OF SAHSAPAKiLLA. The follow imc is another proof of its astonishing M;d extraordhttiy tvtovitioK iiuilitii Nkw Your, Feb.SO, 1S42. M r. C. C. Bristol?Sir: Although to you I am a perfect strum grr. I am ham?; to inform you I am m trimmer t?> r.n " Extract of Sars?i>.?riilathat hears your name; mid we;. ?t not tint I bad been so as to have used vour invaluable medicine, ere this day. mall probability, I would have been consigned to the grave, -nd through th? hh ??ing of (JotI, your extract has he n to iii" truly the Balm of Life. M\ diseases, for they were many, have hern growing on me for the last 20 .ear*. Fo. the last ten years I hue been in the constant use of medicine, as prescribed bv physicians, and for the la l five years I have been unable to attend to my family, anil entirely In I pleas, ami have been growing worse, till at last the hope of recovery bid tied from me. uid I became resigned to my late, and looked to the day when all iny troubles w ould have ended in death. I have be? n informed by ten differ, i t physician* that there w ?* no hope in my ease, and adv ised by several of them not to (latter myself, tor I was past fh power of medicine. Bnt. oh ! how ehan.d the secii"! When 1 r ime fo thi* city I I tar November, i? wn forth eij r< s* nurjioiie that I might be w it;i a beloved sister, and ill Iter care leave my daughters, so J tint I might .Si w ith cunfort .i.?: n .irded tliem, and uiy oulycv; etafiori tli*o? w as a speedy ileljv. i oiee from tlii. boily of sore I ;ofiirtirn. and ol' ich.oi?ing this f. ?r a hi tter ami happy world. ! B'tt*JIe who rules and o>e>rules the destinies of rneii, directed I nth owisf. After my arrival in this city, I was visited by stranr. whom I now cst-o-m i fiiend, who advis d m - to t.*v your Kxtraet of Sars ipnill i, ai.d tluoiigh hi* urgent -ulicjfariofi< j vent up d on the, *o iw, hop.-le.u xperitneiit, and aftei having tiieo the orticl -f??r sout' time. I he.-anie diseuti- iged with it, and was ale nit to srive it up, u I could find no relief, but :.j I eared to sink rapidly, and were it not tint my friend pre*,rd the coiitirm ince of lie- medicine, my bmlnnd w. uld have throw n it in the afreet, hut after having u.? d if for a f w weeks, [ pere? ived a < hauge l.u ih In tt r; .a ray of hope spuing up hi j my r.iind, ; nd I i? solved to giv# it a I .ir tri al. I have done *o, ami tb: r---?i11 is, th ?t I .am now eoiifuh nt that ere long I shall be I entirely cmed of ?!' in> num rou* complaints. When I com- I in?'T?eed takiir; your Kxtraet, it wa* the general Ofdnion thai I j could not Ih*t longTmy lower extri inities were cold and lib|e**. my; head w?- n? ^tetrhed ? ?.i*ltf: ?i?; I w i- iffiirt d with I ratarrit in it \. ?ri inn lorm: a person mitrht ait by my side, I and distinctly hi-v. ibr dropping* fr?un my head; mv nervim were affected beyond m\ power t.? denrrihr. no t)nt at time* I I was quite frantic. My ?cmfulon? ?fT?*?*ti#?n h*d now HMnmrd I Mich a foitn tint any effort to pridon*? mv wretched and peific'ly hopeless life, w? uld v? rn to hi* ! b.?i 'in vain: my m< ii'b ! mv throat ? . on?i ntnph tr u! ?; tin o w v in the r ?, f oftny ni? nrh. <?> that the physicians cxi^ndcd theii prole sfrori four to fo inches into my h? aH, and it with irreat difficulty that I could a fallow any I lit me; ulcerations and ho I as of a very inaliicnant form rntrn d tin- ar, at# r p it of my head; my head was ? wollcn and k?; fitly extended; my *iuhf and speech failed im ; in short I n-< - one foinidete m i.? |c?l div iv' In additii u to this I v, h f i?f v "tii.- witli a mo t di?tre*?in^ cmi^h, pain in my nidi* ; fiv liver irr. itly swnllei and I t of all mv lunys InKan t<? 1 tIn r.i\ ?_ * of >li?? wi , 111?- f itfhtin'M of my chest wa* au< li that 1 could scarcely Im ulu?-and often I thought my departure waa at h ind' With tbi-brief nUtcrm nt I inn>t Ho?i? thi< letter, lint not without infnrtnintf you that I am laat rccoverini? my lomr |o?t health. I have l?erii cti'ihled to |?o alfout the heme, *?nd to at- i tend to my domr?tie duties, as a!*.? to ?onu? of inv friend*, | which t'? in? i; ' omr thiriff more linn I ever expected, Suffice it *o nay tli tmy recti very ?n far i-. wholly and nolcly to l>e attributed to the iisr of your? xe-lleiit K*tract of Snrvmarilla, and notbiir; l*e. With flu- bletaimp* of the Almighty, i *tn trnl a vol to elf and friend*: m vci I Itojfefl nice retrd, for I am at one#- rued from the tomb. I would In- hai p to inform any om- who d sir..* to know of the ?fluey of Bristol'* Bar*i; irilla. D F.BON VH ANN Wll.SON. ywi Hivfiitfitoti *tr ' t. To l'. ( . Bristol, 207 Main si, Buffalo, N.\ I certify that fh? ahovi ?tifern nt of my * ifc i? correctand in every pirtirnhr a? far as it *?* ?inaiiwicn a* ?m* n?i Kiren but a mere ketch of her ca?e. WM WII SON For Ml- fcyWr Bnrv< r, wM? '! ?' ?' N" *\ ' ' ""It ?l?" by I. Mill,ill. 181 B-o??lw?vs J- l?.,w?rv; >Y<iih,iUi, b.iu Hion;. IT A-V"-n. T.""1;' N. W. Bull 1<I, ' ?> n v. r. . II, <OKliOrr.M?,,|,. iIhiV- rinrl. ? .trwf; filrl.l-? k I C)lf?in; Ik I*,rV ( inrliiimti. ()., V\.N. Iljlcl in.^n I. hi i, ill- K i : John ?)" n, l> trm'; X. Snwy-r, Chirjjio; B K> < S I'iir-lMireJij < . T ri,nuii.:i*m Ik S Van HiIm 1.1, Alliniv; ?. Brlktol. I " . Ilunvh, H),4rnV L-r?nfc Will., It.I.v.t-r; W. t .?rr, B '.yi N. II. Mr*. Wiltvu lw- r, murni ? i >o. w;. Li w u utrvft. \ mo Auction baic?* TV THOMAH HEM [Stores Not. 21 Jim and 116 Fulton strett.) " FTUDAY? Ai Ill's o'clock. in ili?? ties room, Piano ForUa, Organ-. &t?.?Without reserve will lake toe i*'?itne uleol' *ix \..l?uMr aecoud hind and f?v? aplcudu n< # utaho^aii} uud ro;?c wood | tJini foitc*. Alfi, . inn- time, will iinj t>'fit> be sold tin beautiful tij li:;lit in ul? by Filth Udl. ro>t SijIHi. OiU a*?AUo, two vulu ibh -flor organs, suitable for mul. rotirclic*. Tin. above sale will be dr**r%mjr iwrttrnlar allele riou. SATURDAY. At lo's o\ in the sale rooms, Sldeudni Furniture Sale?-Au uniuuully valuable iiriety of ? \cellcnt furniture of all d *. -itption*, from families giving i?j? lioiurkrrjiiii' ami removed for con*eniniee of sale. AUo, 4 splendid -kelttoii G??ld Silver Walcli. MONDAY. At '. pi t lu nVlot k, in tie* sal" room*. Extra Si!- nf Kb-gini Furniture?An elegant aasor', limit of I splendid ( tlniu t Furniture, all made to order, comprising an entire stock to close a concern. T1 KSDAY, j At 10% o'clock in tint mIcs room, . Larye Sale of Seasonable Dry (sood?, ho?i.,v, London cloth*, rruoiiiert i rnd v- sliu:;*, vxliuob liaiitry, :i\e trunks, superior clothing, a vaiiet, of millinery articles, <>ilk*, satin-, alicoe*. jmii'iiui. lineiu, sheetings, ficc. AUo a luunb. r of article* pledged for one year, and various g??o.J* taken lip from Pawnbroker*. See. A 1 < TI ON NTl'lTc E.?Frids/7aUuV Y>. 7k, in the sab * V ri otna,? Piano Forte*. O.ijun*, in ., wuh-ni ?*- . \? ? will tak | I tee the positive itle oj vn vtiiuabl. m coud band, and ti\i splendid nt vv mahogany im i ro.? wood nuuo fortes. AU same tune, will p . .Hid ?ril> be sold the beautiful uptight piano, i." :de by Fi. ill IIhi H ill, cost $0u0. t ?; n'.ui??AUo, two valuable | uiloi org.ns, smtiblc fur tm&li clmrcitt s. Tl: .bore s ,!? will be deserving particular attention. P i jtinvs? AUo, tli?- collection of splendid original paintingin lich : ilt fr? una. PJIOMAS HELL, Auctioned, i. i j r 32 A mi u nd 11.'j Fulton *r? H. K. It 1 ELL. Aiictiot.err. ( ' MNr ' IAL A sslii.VKK'S SALK.-KIEi.L 6c AID I LAHIt > w ill * ell, tin no ruin...I lu% \ !? U if tin V i' >. VI H.(mi!W'.\ , o\ o . r rtntl iiieler tii o:rerhon ?l \V. t .11. \v . idell, .1111(1'- aiiict '' of llO'ls'-hold, kitcbeii 'II 1 o?;i- ' .books, pis , wniebe> i?!ul j?*wcl:v, [ i itlf fort , piintiii.,s, ike., being jurt t f the i?ci-? oil i-tb cU of-undr lw.k. tip's. i.e. It' c eTTl LUDLOW, Auctioneer. A SSUtNKFS SALK-Valuable lld'E-t.' at Port Richin ml. S mi IditPl.-K. 1L LUDLOW will sell at melon, on riiuridny, f!?- I'kth ??f May n \t. at 1^ o'clock, at tin* Vlendriiitv' Kvclriiive, the I'olb.a ing t?roj?ert\, viz:?four b.u fronting Uroiplw.:.. a< \To?. 21, 23, 2.'? and J'. AUo, two lots jftifm. on H "<\\\ No*. 6.') and Yb AUo, four lot* lYont in. on u.<- i.iw t* , \ 7s <,.5! ,50, 511 and GO. Alio. I??ur lot* i'rvnit in or? Hcherton , .is Nos. 15. '.7, 111, and J'.i. Also. eight lot* fronting on B. .tdway, a* No*. fill, t?5, 67,(19, 71. 7.1 7.* Tin- above lots ill.* lor itcd in a 1 situation, being right :a I.out of tLit* bay. anil about live minutes walk from the l.ind?114. oid .ir** well Mttuited for cottages, Tin > itm\tion is r *? .-diiiu'l h-alfhy, anil th tit-ighboi hood :< all haud-omely iniprov"(I. Tli-ir hie two or three .strainboats rinmiiu to and from tbe itv, thrre oi foui time- a day, during the wind- year. Tie e is iUo foili di iioiiiiii .lions of churclie. in tin mighboili d, witb r? ) et bl - Aehool liouseM, .?eii><:inrieH, An opportunity like thi:? is seldom offer d to tlr publie. The S l'e will be p sitive. F? : fu t'ier information, apply to diss. C.irllidge, 101 Water s';e f, or to K. II. Liutl u\, No. II Broad sf, where a map of t ) pro] - i \ be m. m6'! * l i t Great Race* A I'f TlOX NOT1CE.-WM. O. KENT. 156 lit idv v. *Y hu inst received a lot of splendid double arid mii .1- li ned, indi p.-ndfut second W itch %, with twenty-throe jewel-. uupi . ted . xpr? .sly for .-portsincu?all of which >\ i 1! be sold u> tin huh. *t bidder ;.t auction, previous to the u coming off" of the irnnit ;ace hctween Bo ton aud Fashion, at his sales room, l.'*; I) ..Kvh\ , I lie;-; ;\1. iin lane) where may he found at all time* i l irte hiuI expensive assortment of the finest Watches, gold ami iiver, of all kinds, on Nvhieli adv.inees have been made. Regular si!r on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdivs. 3ti.uge,s \ isiiiii^ the city are invited to cnll and examine. < ish al Vance* in ide on Wt'ehes, .1- \v? Iry, and Diamonds, eonh n I YL HENUY, An I tin r. tn2 lw? MOTICE TO i i RNITUHE Bl YER8.-WASHINGTON MEKKS, No. 315 Broadwnv, next the Hospital, would draw the attention of tin- public that he will sell splendid Cabinet Furniture at 10 i?er cent, less th n the same quality 1 of work is now selling at the auctions?consisting; of Draws, Couches, Sofas, covered in different colored plusher, satins, ; and liair clotli, of tin- latest Spring jvitti-rn*. dl6 6tn "Ti I E~STE AMBCI AT OSCEOLA, with -m.j6alI her tackle ami furniture, will lie sold at uk 1s>? Thursday, 12th instant, at 12 o'clock, at tin Meicliants1 Exchange, by K. H. LUDLOW. The said boat will be sold to the highest bidder, without reserve, to close an association^ and without any restrictions as to w here she shall run. Sip* is in perfect order, having a new boiler, which ha* not been used six month*. Sim has been newly painted throughout end her engine nut in the best order, and is ready for immediate use. Her speed is second to no boat of h r dini'-ssioiis in the woild. She now lies at the foot of Chamber* s?reet, v.herc she call he seen any time ?>r? vioiis to tin <ile. 11 r inventory' is coinplc te and in p? rh ct or?Vr. Any information will he given by applying to 1). RANDOLPH MARTIN, \fu West street, or to WANDERVOORT 11 AY WARD, 29 Pine street. Term* made known on the day of <-,le. _____ 'wr sga aasa flBB gffl ''PlIE NORTH ami SOUTH meot In lie great contest beI tv. a BOSTON and FASHION, for SM.OOO. TUESDAY next, May 10f 1BI2, the Long f.Cnd R dlroad Company, will run trains from Brooklyn to the Union Course, from day-light till tie- hour of starting the Horses, at I o'clock, P. M., at the following rates :? From da\-Ii?ht till u o'clock, A.M., 12,'^ cents. From J! to |i the former inclusive, 2> " From II fill th; hour of .lulling, 50 " A quick succession w ill be kept up during the entire forenoon. Returning, the fare will he 25 cut* each. All perrons are required to obtain tickets ,t the offices on hoard the* several ferry boats; and returning, at tin* office near the course. No hank tm ?lr*"4 will be received for om shillin.: fire*, ami no |?er*oii will t ike a se it upon the train*, w ithout a ticket. Passengers are required to rciuaiu in their seats while the ? t? are in motion; and the passim; to the top of the cars, or stand in.' upon the platforms, is most strictly prohibited^ The Horses will not be started until the arrival o| the last train, and the passenger* have had time to obtain places upon the stind. 1.1' ? ' The usual train* ou the extended line of the road to I) ?*r Park, in the middle of the day, as well as all transport -itiop of freight, w ill he oinitt'-d on this day. infi 3t*r ft7\ KdTTXiTiiAS v. Tllfiv and intermediate 171w, ... EM...,., -is The splendid low pressure steamboat TT Iff? ?LsW AI.LOW.. <' ai.t. A M'Lean, w ill b are the foot of Courtlaudt street this (Friday) afternoon, May ti, at 5 o'clock. Tli. DF.W1TT CLINTON. Cant. S. R. Roe, will leave is above to-morrow, May 7, at 7 o'clock. w6 Iti m EXCURSION TO HARLEM?Fan flw rT(>' "'its.??'Tin* M'simbnat J BEKL. Capl. IT Itjrli *rd V tte?, will lenvethe pier, foot of Oovcriiriir street, at 2 o'clock; foot of Pike street, a qua iter past two; loot of Roosevelt street, half put two; loot of Dcl inev street, at three o'clock. Returning, w ill leave Harlem at halfpast five. The above trip will .?(lord fojthe Citizens of New Fork, h fine view of the K;e?t River, llnrlvate, ami the various publie building* ai Black well's Jslaml, the Lout; Island Farms, Uc. njoyiti^, at the same time tune, a cheap an J jdeasint excursion. _____ mfi 21? THE R UN BOW MORNING LINK for rr|? \ LB \ N \ . ?The low pressure Steamboat i> HVI1..U- i. .. ,i,.. ?r 15 ,!???. ? -?tre-1, every Tuesday, 'i burs.lay and S.iturda . 7 o'clock. mA lm*r I 0rt EVENING LINE FOR ALBANY, di &i?r,'rt a' ?even o'rlo'U, b tves the Pier let ween ^i ' ft hi 1 L,;,...: ,tr?*'U. 'I !,e Steimh. f Kdl'TII AMKRR \,Cip?. L. W. Brainard, leavn Monday, Wednesday and Kndiy, at seve n o'clock P.M. The HOCIIESTFiR, Capl. A. P. At. John, leave the above Pi'-r Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday ..llinioon at seven The Rochester nnd South America rue new and rub : ntial well li(^'d up and In milled with srOf rooms, I for meed and cccornmodaiioiu aie not *urpa**eu by any boat* ou tfwnvef. For; s;nje (,r freight, apply to P. C. Schulrz, at the office on the wharf, or on board* w3t )$$* Jjfe jf?r OLD F.STAIlT'f>fiKD rASSAUE'/OKKlf K for Cabin. Second Cabin and S ten age Passenger*, from G if Britain tod Ireland, No. fil South strcr, N<w York. Tli mi nibcr? cutitinue to make en? igcmeut* in this citv W i. ? -u;cs from Liv .po??l of |rers.)!)* residing in England, Ireland, Scotland, .id Wale-, w hom their fru lids in this couutrv may w ish to ad f<. The Shi^s comjKi-in; tiiis Line sail r\? v w ( rk; tin % ir ?li of fiist cla?f, rcinrnrrd, and American built; comm.iiidrd by skilllul ami t areiiil inen; and th fi'i,i"nc. aielyMinctn alit of du'ir t!r;>i?rtnr prevent* Jne h-ivy c*j?iii*<s winch often o.'ciibv d< 11\ ii: Liverpool, pirtictilarl v asairentx of the first lesmct iluli:a. ii.> .v en.- u: d flu re, who can be d? peiided . a. IYiM?ti wh i <(.tid for their IrierirL, m?y rely that ever, . trillion will heKiven by them to proinote the comfoit of tin i .encers Stcatnho-its ore reyularlv nilining f ? Liverpool from .he various |?ort* of Ireland, Scotland, etc.. by which ? free passai," ran 1h;:ii uHit rd. The fare from I i ipOol to N? w York is now ntiderahi. r> duceil. DraO* i ^ nv amount to ic*u*t in pre|??ri?iu for th-'voyage are given at thi i office, payable tImiu;liont the United Kingdom. A'plic ition* from p< r*on* residin; in tin count.*1/. jx>*t paid, will he pron?ptl> att-uded to, and pur age* from N? w \ ork to l .iver,- ol can al... f?'- cinr>tU'*d oil th m ??t re monahle terms. JOHN HKRDMAN, ml ?.l sir.. t FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New t^XxSV Vork I .in*?Po??i?ivi |y First Regular Packet?To M?il morrow . the 7th inst.?The fa*t sailing packi t ship III'NTH'VILLE, * iptain .Vfnmford, will |iositively sail as above. For freight or pi;?*"e, hiving handaome funiished accommodntioTL*, apply on hosid .it Orle or* wharf, foot of W ill street, or to E. K. COLLINS Sc CO. At) South ft. Great care will he taken to have the goods by this line correctly measured. Pasveiitfcr. will id*ft*c be nn hoard, foot of W.ill *to et, ti^ morrow, at 12 A.M., at which time the ship will sail. Shippers w ill pier ?* send in their bills Cditic ;bi* day. A;enu in New Orleans, Hulleu Sc Wondntff, Who will promptly forward all good* to their address. Tie Picket ddn OcouilL'ce. (.'ant. Pr. f will utrre. d the Hunts?nr :I v,i! 'otii hist., h#jr rei?uh di nt( FOR LONDON -T;. .(til ?Tl?" fast sHilnik lucki-t *hij?, MONTH HAL Tilikf'rr. *'iil* as a lw>Vf, her ovular d*)\ This snip lis* ? uinrior accommodation* for calrtn, second err bill, anil ?tet*r*t;< (taste liters' Lirly application should b?* uiaclr t?> T JOHN IVKRDMAN. mlr '? South stirc t. OLD unk oK LIVKRI'OOii PATHKTH? mWK '/ulsr Packet of the f!*h May? The . l-mlnJ %%?-il aWfljSl '*?:"Wii f:i t .-I.m; : k t '.;i <'OH *MBI S. < a, tain (\.l. . v\ ill ?aiJ imsitl?fl> on i Iitir.<!a>. t! I h inst., her r*'>ritlar d*>. ? t. , 11< r nccofiiin .htHHis for rabin, second r ihm am! stcrratfe >,)<?, in. An- will known to b r fir ?tir>f nor'to An other. For ti run of passage, Applf on board, foot of I!" knian ?tr? # t, ROCHK, HROTIIKHS St CO., is Ktillon *t. m ?t ilonr To tli? K?ltrn I) ml.' IVnon* ilr.irnn. of Hfiiihtiif M th?* old rotmfrv for fhrir frond. run liminfbt *?'il io llr I .litwli'n, t*ilin. flum hiv.r* pool .111 tlir 7t!i Jiil>, or in Any of ihr iiarkrt* mmpri.ini; Old Liw. I'hi from the above ,or? pnnrtually on tin- 7tS I'nh nf iarh month. I* or low, apply M above. m.'ir tJfcL FOB l.oM?ri\ II lot..! it, mill May mNMW ?Tin ?niM'iior hr.l iU??, ll'a.t ..tiling ?lnp MOV. jpfc TRKAL. < .ij.t. Tinker, will *ail a* ?ln,v h<-r rr?iif*r day. Tbw ?hi|i'j* for r*kin, *? Rabin, ami ?< r iS'" I' o?ru.- . nr., in tlrry rr.|? ct, arr.uiy, d for llir coinf >rtI of |M?. i?.-r., 1*11.1 Ibov vn-llilu; In acriirp |>. rth. *lwnl ! inrkr t-arly application to I (II.OVKII St M Mt'HH \ V. 1" _ lcn I'iiic ?t. corn, i of Hoi ill. .'V HoilM-.- a M> llAUOLT Ilk KOH SAI.K^VlV^Aywirof match 4 Imy II .r <?. ,,tf n?M< i'.iio C.-i ,'-J A-' -- "t, t in' action ntin lofty l.i-.nint; m il I ,-. I, Iirv, ,1 to Ik (K-rfcetly .onml, nrrn-niiinr ;,u omnrttinity not olIrn orrnrrinK of RRoritiK really raliiiiM.- ami li nnifbl lior.m. IJ"'V >v.H !>? aiimI wither without thr hmoiirhi' and hnnn??.? Th?k coarhman* an <-\prri? iiord and fsithiul jh ???>n, who hn had the care of them tor a loitfrtimr, would, it desired l?\ tb? puichaier, continue in fharu''' th^rt-of. II*- will ?h?*w tham -tnd fi?t* to gf?Ml*m#Vi dasirotis of Ihiviii ? I i misif a ftnifioii "*' rtiiii<thf-m, lin<! mi np|?.?itnnif\ f?l ? TArnim'i n i.idlnil. A in I \ ti. Mr. II mini i: i. .it th?- -.t.ibb-. N< IJ 'i tunl ?f?* ? : in I t ? l.'?*r f U.K. UK VVANTKI)?The subscriber >\?* I.?< 1 ^ his busiii?*K?, is in w mt of i rl? ik w ' - u a lo?n, for tl i I w11 < liberal tiUry iritai for bis scrvicr*. Ad.-lftss r.A. . i r Mt oflka. 1 ggs=? -JJ'J MBM?. !>H LAHONK.t'S LECTURES. Till nsf)At' ; \ - NINO. MAI :tb? fil l I. THR r.AKTil. lis DiaiUH i U Wcijjh'?density?form?its in< t: ju. tl m?ta ?o from Hit- sou. ... ,Pam11> . .1 , ' Ik, s< s. Its ma.m.udr aim "li .un.n4 physical cousthu'ion?if a n ?uatur? <?1 lUhnrfirt. 'I',, illiuli ilftl hv a tf.? . pen Telescopic r? |'p srnt iii ?n of (I, Hun. on t ?tirf of* ai*>*? ixt> quire Iret, w Itli llw v?Ur ?pOU, Ukeu Iroiu drawi.i,. by Herself!, V\ iiMtn, iiu other oWn^s Admittance 26 cents. On rack veiling t?m Lrclurr. will be <1. liv.-.r.] m itli * i'.iurr iiiini.ii between Im-ni. Poow opu ?t 7. Yo conuntncr ?t a u'clucW. ? PARK THEATRE. Tfll" KVENINO, M?y 0?Tlw-i' . ? , , with NORMA. t l&u.l> ah. Maiocm | Orovtsco, s. ui .t. Norma, Mr*. Serine. After which THE POBTILUON OK LONJC.V > t h.ij"-!'?fi, Man vers | Ryu. 0... Made] nine, Mrs. Ben id l'ti conclude with LA SON'N \ Mlil'LA. Kluitn Manv?r? | HsmIoIiJiO, SoAmino-, Mrs. Sc^uiti. _______ Botes, Si-Pit. 60 cent*?Gallcv , 26 ceuta CHATHAM THKATKE. THIS fclVKNING, May 0.?Tin* performance will commence BUN. Beui&iniu Bowles, Bcot: | Snuffli-ton, iiicld. At'i'i which OPKN HOl'SK. Harry Villus, llicld i < '.out in Todd, Meatayer. Jane, Mii. Thome, conclude with MA ST Kit AMI M \\ SirC. ( <?urtall. Hall | hh.o ( . M:?t?vrr Grace, % \L.. Tlu Drr** circle, 6;i c.uUs?Boies. V: i':!v. I' *, ' OliV.HHU iHKVTIio' THIS RVKNING, Miy G-TI.. . .foro.-nc < V i'l *nc# Will) 1942, Criim'r*. < Mitrhrll | l?.n W'.-ilion. Kiuii'y. _ _ Al't. r which tii- Ori :in:il lv;'n\ . ... I After vv lii* it ALL'S FAIR I \ LOVF. Cu*'ai Sollikius, Nickeuaon | Ah heu? Fribble, 11. Angelina Ariiiyt'^c, Mis. Mov. To conclude with BOX. lloniC'i*-ile | bum Weller, ti Mrs. Novelgobble, Mrs. Watts. Dirts Circle, 60 cents?L pper Boxes, 3jOunU?I'll, I?.? i'n vate Boxes, $ > l.iiFiKii A.V Mrsr'.i >j. pOKNKIt OF BKOAPU VV AND ANN S.KCKi.V I'. T. BARN 1'M, mail tr.?In ord.-r i t. couim 't :mm?:is"cr<iwd4 which atond hr-\ fin- Lcctun rt : I: v u enlarged. Tiic r.-.ii, Gli'SDV (JJKL can i <ult* <1 dav and evening. Sin i- 'he great- -l w?. ? . lb .. From !? o'clock, A. M., to .'> P. M. *h<* can he* privately cm-u ? (] ;? . an oriel.\ *?r Ihn teller ? future r\? ot-, I el' <ll Mr. Winehell, the Comie Droll.-.-'s-, ,\ i . Km lie, the ? \\a y'] 'dist from N? *.\ Oil ; * -, il.-n L Put <\t-'?*, ';' beautiful dancer. Kxperinie .t. i-: Am i . >r t . child three \ ? .' ? old. FALLS OF NlAt.'Ai; A . cii ! v* j i, PN KTM ATK' RAILROAD; \!P; O LAD'.. F A NOV .OLA SS BLOW ING, (Land C'oswu., and . iiOtt curiosities. Naval Hornr>i|K? by Mr. N, William*. A splendid UF V pt iform-ilic * t.tiii . place eVeiy V, .da ami Siitunlav alo-rnoonv. Five It iudreil t.urn- black, crey anil Jox SSpiim I-, front O a . may hi seen here. sbippin. about on tree .?> livel, .. . in : ? native forest', 'lhcy ;.?*c beautiful liels, ..nil are torsi:1 sh< or otherwise. Admittance to the whole 26 cent *?cei hire It half pri .. l. ' NEVt' VOUK MtNEUM. (Lit IVaKN,) No. '2.VJ Ih'oadu uii/, opposite the City HullOPEN I NO of th New Lectuie H khh. THIS KVKNINOFir*t appcuiatice of YANKEE HILL, the unrivalled representative of Down KiLst characters. Mrs. Hard wick and Mr. Collins will sing a number of fav. rite songs. This establishment containing, including the late addition-, the most |>erfect nnd extensive collections of natural ami artificial curiosities to Ik* found in thus conutrv. The Eighth Wond-rs of the World, the Vrrniont Dwarf, iI years olril and weighing only nineteen pounds. ThiirsilaFriday anil Satind ty evenings, May the 6th, Gih and Till, will be presented, a variety of aunuiug nnd attractive entertainment'. For part iculais see bill . Perform.'lice to commence at 0 o'clock. Tickets ID cents? perfoi inance to commence at eight o'clock precisely. TO MU. DF .ll^Vl briFs |~\VT S01KF7Kiu New York, will In iv? i. at the Society Library, on Friday evening, May, when he w ill sing all his new son-: , including "The Blind Boy." "The Louely Auld WilV." "Jennie Morrison," "The Midnight Wind." "Lament of the Irish Emigrant." "Bard of the Wilderness." When ihe Night Wind Bewailcth, lie.?with a choice selection of others. Particulars of which will he announced in small bills. i >"" Tickets 50 cents?to lie had at Stodart, Wore : i*. Dunham's Piauoibrte Ware Rooms, 'JG1 Broadway, ai. l th.* door i:i the evenin :. Doors open at 7, to commence at n o'clock. ni6 < \ < \hh-mrn Hell n olv vlir im vn;i -n' A 11 OHi\(f A STL K resyectfully announces n? hi I j i ?' and the public, ili a his Benefit will i. ke jdaee oi, I-uday, M ty (?, 1IM2. on which o?;c tsioii a n< v i.i .1 Fajcix:. writti'ii bjr himself, will try pcrt?Mined, entitled " .\!i5 f?or m Love," with a variety of |?opular ciitcrooumen' . including " Boa." Private Boxes $.> each, nnd tn-k?ts t?? he iind of Mr. I1' :n? H-.* tic, No. II Marion street, ami ut tin* I'lieatre. i r pAR!) AST) NOTI' K TO TnAVELLEBS . ud tlPuhlie uenerill; , resident in the aute oi New Vol : ?ud Western Division of the country. Messrs. WELCH U MA N N hope and hdii vc t!,. > mn pre It... I.ft... ; II... - - ' < -r splendid Circus (/OiniMtiy < ( Hitlers, r.*ch a picked % <;n??irian ami a srir in his <mn department. 'l'lie Grand T? til Saloon it in w, *parin;isv and highly accom inodafin?; the housing and d< corative truppiiu;* are rich, novel, and of the very first order. The Orchestra comprises the l?csl available N;.tiv? and Foreign Talent,and will enable the loeris of iiius,.- to li. ru the finest compositions of th' (). >? Meters admin.'"' rd.?? Among the performers will In found tin* name-* miner* sally celebrated C. J. ROOF.KS, the Star of the ' to ill his hi aiiti I'll I Shaksp?-arraii and magiM ?n? hors -i.d Cadw allader, and hu wnderful puml,Jnhn Oh*nr . an truv their beautiful one, two and ttiree bono i : ? ciu'.-c ballet, aids d by the four Mh>?.es Wells. the most tali i.u-d ami intereitin^ children in tie luion. The asttaihdiii^ Itali n Gvmuteatic 8o ;i> of Mt. ' l . his infant sou, must electrify all win. behold ? Mr re. ? - ? ? w "ndcrs I The magnificent Pon'-i of the four lion, . ( ? . , >? ' Tin fashionable and astonishing Equitation ?? an ?'m comnaiiy of Ladies, headed hy the accomplish* u SMITH, can not fail to excite .1 >?*utati m- nu ? d* liclitful. The irreatest living Acrobat, Sir. <?. Sneer wdMi\I nfay hit superb iajuilibriuins aud splendid P :. rton t.? i ighl i **one. J T In first Comic Smp r of tl?. Day, Mr. D?ci.iu?oii# will orrationally introduce a series of the iru-st'i suiiy.?ihe I great East Indian Nerrorw.tir F< it* h Mr. Jen 1.0u"". Moat ?up> ralative Eu'Vpiaii Py rami (lira I Vaulting by a fully I talented trolljh.'?single horse acts ol ti >h and dare, b> Mr Howard. Twenty pcrforvru r? will rej r# nt ' Historical ( jral ej e Pa-rants, v.ifhtneln mlifnlstud of lb>. ie?. 1 And in accordance with the Piste of tl day the it* .^t cicclj lent and inv ul ir specimens of Neur?i 801 * an*. I) ? >'t rionnei; of H? el sr.d TV-, the incur1 par. he- John S- .? d '? li: lit herded T< iiimy < uetuan, th ;:r?-at 15 u v\ < .? *: ??nt, and the Prince of Pea* <rminie??, R. IhdVio *r.. T VATIDNAI A( ADKM t <)K l3h' K. \ A . t.i ^ Kalrlntiou is now oj 1 fn-ni 10 oV.? 1;;, A. i. 111 .1 la o'clock, P. M. \-luiihsion 25 cents?Si-sumi Tit \* u 50 outs. < .! 12,St1 ' ,,tH* a20 4w*( .1 WHITKHOUSEt 8ecr-tnrv. VTKW GUITAR MUSK ?fihORUK If. DEUWOK ? professor of t!u* (pitttr, No. 1?r f ati '*!???, . <?;.j , S;. JoJui% church, has the honor to acquaint hia ,rn ndi snd ih public itiat lie ivos published a variet <<C m w and popular u.nsi?-, nrntiRed with ?*a?> act f.mraiiinn 1 <or yoitar. Mr. I), will also irrr.i!'' 1 i iemj ? n u-i?- *. ?r ore ,t? , guitar, and ntlier nstiuim i t-, and nric u< tinrj*. t" n\. teiirs on tl" piano forte and v udin. ir- 2 i;w *. f ? HAM ?K OK HK' IDK. sMi--NAPOLKON HI Kl. v.- h.iv the hoiuu r*f iiil' iini ^1 t'i tend i ami U?e puh.ic m ^ urral, that he has icmoved h % Ur.sTstt itt to S *. Ji 1' .a Ori't. flie coiner of the Custom llou^e pnhln *r?r* . Tl n j '-.tnhiuhmept which will In luowu under the name i f Rl ROPKAN HOTKL, is h. mil. ?ei,t# I m , rV%' 11 street and the hink*. 1 1 * .011.e Im r.utifully d". ..-H 11 loons l??r private paities. ai.d iurnisl.vd u * / nu? puces. The Ktsfvnrr.iit w ill In kr pi on *1 ?- ; l,ri ' rhr '? : * Inblidimrtili of Pans; and t!" Ri i of k'.,i a ill alwa\* n tain the ure steal and newest vaiiet of dishts. in? Inn pLKASAN r EJCCLTlSlON \ a llobokeii, and a stroll alonu i'< rornsutic -I. r. o now fail to yield much sslisfucr ?n to fli?* admirers m t. beauties of nature, and to those who jury r? ' ui - . ?iV r lie nt up for the winter in a crowded citv ii ai w " relaxation. The exi'iisiw i on. ds of Uiia h v. l- l, i; lir in 11 v llin.xx 11 01 1 11 it the miblic s?> t. ?v d < '< 1 )! i ltt\uriant fr.-?lin.-?? of an apring- 1 lu? br>utiil ?! i 'l .? lh>-mott a|(a i ?l)lv r?'ui?i<<ii (l>at can Im mailt-at thin .caaot. >?" BOOK KEEPING. ' rPHF- Counting room* of t . ' . MARSH, S6 C ?* !?r *. | * continue Open Iroin A. .VI. t??'* M. in on.c r f!i t iner I ch.anls and other*, mnv ?v il i'k m-flvrs -I .? rr?ome of iijp.rtic tion that i* truly praetiod ; oie- 'hat embrace* 4 complete mitI tin** ??l rovviiit*rrial trau*M rioti* and mcritai.til* < ilmilni.tu-? I and in winch tin student actually k?c\r, 4 of h. ok* in r\ I rotiimm, house. To those won are ar(|iinint???t with the advertiser'* irpiiiatioii, he desire* i?> say, that t.ia woiic on B".?k-k 1 mi,' ha* il iniu t *ft fditinni ; that it p'ffiti * the j preference 111 flu St w % ??rl% Fill lie Hrhooli, and other ln?'K?* ' instif utiou" ; and that In- himacll lirw the honor of heimr re-tpj u bei 1 bool iiig for the mMthm file f?thv 11 A'*oii?fiou" of rhi* city. Prospectuses, with termi, may Inhad at the eouiit'iii; mom* a? ihove |m*li* TrAKKKTINU ( HF.AFKH Til \ \ EVfcStt Ur* ad " ' ditions ha<in/ h? rn made to ? i?r former splendid stock of ( rj of*. nables us to oH**i h mipeiior assortment at tht.% turn 1 Our whole stock are^ of thi* SpniiwN i.unhasea. which *re J much lea* than I;?>t |aH\ i?rie?*?. aid will !? oflVred nt icreatci har^ain* th*n can V 111. ; writ rhrwhete. The public an m> 11- if 1 d to r j||, i nm'ii", n"l i"d,:? for th? ms? lees. ml lwi*r? I. II. LOt N SB K R f Ik ( O. no Fearl atraei v\ i;nisiikT) K<m>M8. 1 rPO I.KT.?T" Single (ientlemen, rooms furnished In L'*d J order, at 214 Broadway. Apply on the jiremiaea. ml Iwu t ; ~ Tn' UTVATMKN WANTED?Brarh Paving Stone, < f the fir.t (jnoli'y. A, pl> IH Norfolk afreet, a7 Im* r'PJ!K l O Si \1ISSt(fS K.KS (>K iTLOTS ,OKKJf K" u r A moved to No. J?| South %tr?*i t, over the store of O. k: K. A S. Johnson. rn.l l*? I)th\KDIN(??Hiiule u* men. or ti nth men 1 1' 1 * wio ii fsn t>?- on,,,,<|. t, ,l a iifi good irn nis nifh I" . by arfdyimt ?t !?8 !>? > street. flrfemiM * etch-in.' ed. n'M 2w* m ( y OI.DKN SWAN HOTKI-. . 'ft No-^h Tlord *M-#t, ' fi w 4lo.?r* ah<(\? A vh, I'liiU'i* I - liil?Board >1 l> ' Thi* house is his central location, ale] ha* iccomni < ' o ^ 1 psm 11.. V KW COKKKK sAf."O.V~Th .jiWrihr - ' informs hj* liu n l <n?l f.j no: . h on! , 1 in. Day, .1 h III I. ??l his ? ; I sfahii Jifflent, at 1 ''In.u fr- . ..r ?*nwi<*h. wlieie h ' lit C'V ' ' fon 1 1 stowed upon hi?n. .INC. "II \ V TDAf I NT FRKSKUVKO FOHTABLK KHKSH FUf). I \ |<.fi)\^a I f" '? ?"? h ".'h .1 tiit"', sjhI in am. ? limsf.', n-l.on,d l-Ul., Hall.hut M *!th.vr* o,d< lni.-n ? f. Intt' 1. I. mih l> k. < ia.-k, Tiiikn . <. . :# ?B??I S. up, Mutton H ii.. ( to kt-ii Urn,-. ()t 'I'.ol Soup, Veifi tshle Soup, Mock and Gi? t-u TnrtU son;n Gr, , (| ft a? and f<?r e ? \. H - Them 1 visions arv all ready 4 okfd fm fi md can used fold, or, if po ferr. warm d 111 ? hw mintiif .. .NTmulVetnrt ? and 'Id wholenah- and r?*t .il. h\ ml In.* "i W. Ml l.l.ANK, Kl}7 Nastpu N v* i'ork \( I'l l' l..? -Tht j S.'li? i .h;o h. n ' 1 . : * , 11 ' lerlf* Wrs? ami A Ur? d \> ilh nos, di tinood y \% i- r , N | '1 Dry sti'.f, is dissolved hy unit 11.1I ro:n?? :it. All j ^.\m iiudem iiidn 011 said estahHahuo'iit, will prt>. 11' tli ? nnt?, nd ail iiisl* -' d will ph 'i* 11. 'u p., o ut iii'm. 1 \Willi if. fri l ultoiiatrt yihip' lie intetnia ? - itha Int-in* -s in future. n.3jrr. ALFULD WiLLJAMH.