Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 7, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 7, 1842 Page 1
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THJ Vol. VII.?No. 410.?Whole No. 3078. V-W LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS., T#. '.'.'"ri.N'cw York on the kith and Liverpool ou the I Jut nf each ni?ntl>. m m m m KkjM NH? 1O??. SHERIDAN, C iptain K. A. Deiwyrtar, pith May. Sl,i|, OARRICK, Wai., 23th Jiiua. Shj,. RObCICM, Captain John Colliua, 2ilbJuly. 8iup S1DDO.NS. Cat,tiln E. 11. Cobb, illli Aug.i.t. 1'rom Cirrarooi.. Ship HIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, I3llr June. Shi,, SMF.KID \ N ( ipttiu K. A. Dctwyatar, lath July. Shit. OARRICK, Captain Wm. Sknldy. 13th August. Ship HoSCiC'N, I aptain John Collin., 13th September. These .hip. are ail ol the tint data, up" arda of JOOU ton., built In the city of New York, with ?uch ni>i?ovemeim a. combine are it .peoil w ith uaii.u.l comfort for jmvengers. Every earn j hn been laknn in the arrangement ol their .accommodations. The j nice ol pa-.age hence u SiOO, for which ample .tore, will be provided, 'l'heae shiiu arc commanded by experienced uiaalen, who witi mike every exertion to aire general Mttiafaelion. . N.ither the captain, or owttrra of the .hi]* w ill be reipotuihie for any l< tte, , parcel, or jwekxtua lent by them, ualea. regular b lie of ltdiliK are li^nod therefor. The; nip. of tin. line will hereafter go armed, and their |>ecutiar couetruction giiea them aucnrily uul |eueo.rl by au> other but veaacla of w ar. I'o; freight 01 pavange, apple to K. K. COLLINS A CO., V, Sonth New York or to W.M. A JAS. BROWN A CO., Liverpool. Lctop . by the packet, will l>? charged I2\c.ulj por .uncle ah?et ; in rente per ounce, and new.jwiwira 1 cr?i each. in? NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. " ' ( LINE.) m,m, m m. 1 !? thijx "J thuTiiin wiTTUtroAltrr TL-are New York uu Uhj 1st ami Hatro "U tho ltith ol* ?acl? month, as follows : hVow New York. h\om Havre. The new ship ONEIDA, C Ut M^rcU i Mth April Cipuio * 1st July \ liith AuifHHt J*nv ? Kuurk, r Ui Novemberf l'ith December Ship B A LTIMORE, y1,1 Arril S ,6ll? Ma>' Captain < Is' August < 16'h Heptomber F.ilw ixii Kunrk, f lit Deccam'rf hith January ShiaUTICA, lltMay ( lath Jun? Captain < 1st Sr,-temh'i \ lfith October! | Frederick li'-witr, r Ut J inuary r liith February Nrw shipS l'.NICOJ,AS, i tit Jims { Pith July Captain < 1 ?| October < ISth Nov.-mberJ. )i. Pell, ( 1st February? 16tn March 11,a n-c itgpidations of theac ships are not surpassed, r.u?iInning all the.' rray b* required for comfort. The price of ci bin passage is $;<*). rassaniars still be supplied with ssery r? qiiisite. with tl. scerifion of stinei and liquors, Ooops intended for these tessels still be forwarded hr the subscribers, free from any otlior than the expenses actually il icurred on them. For freight or istwirf. applv to BOYD & lil.VChKN, Ajenta. at! 9 Tontine Buildings. ~ FOR NEW ORLEANS. ~ LOU pi ANA ANI> NEW YOHK LINE OF PACKET*. M M. aSt M. r or better accommodation ut shippers, it Is intended to il, snatch a ship from this port on.the 1st, Jlh, 10th, 13lh. With, md Vjtii u! earl, mouth, con 110 neing.the luth Octolieratul Continuing ucil May, srhen regular days will be appointed for tha ' of the year, whereby Kreat delays and disappointment* 1 will le presented during the ?ummur nioullis. The fullowiilB alup, will commence this arrangement : Ship YAZOO, Cart,in Cornell. Ship OCONEE, < aptain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, C iptain Milliard. Ship LOl'HVILLF?l iptaia Hunt. Kin,, SHAKSl'F.ARE, ('aptain Miner. Ship GASTON, ("amain Latham. Ship 111'NTSVM.I.F., Captain Mnmford. Snip OCMl'LOEE, ( aptain Leas in. Ship NA8HVIL1.E. Captain Dickinson. I Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOLISA, Ciptaiu Mulfortl. | These ships were all h tilt in the city of Naav York, express- j i for packets, are of lifht draft of water, hire racentlv bean ewly copi't-red and put in splendid order .with sceominodatinn* iur paa?eK;crs unequalled for comfort. 1'hoy ace cotmuauiUid by experienced masters, who will make every eiertiou to give general xitiifartiou. They will at all lime* be towed up utal down the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the ownevi or captains of these shirs will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or for .uiv letters, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of them, unlets regular bills of lading arc taken for the saint, and ' die value tboreoD expressed. Fur freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS fc CO., 3d Sonth?t.,or 11 I'LL IN & WOODRUFF. Agent m New Orleans, who will promptly forward ail goodis to their addicss. The sliips of tills line arc warranted to sail punctually a* advertiu .1, aiul great care will be taken to have the goods corrcrp ly measured. int r- vrar .~^sreSimm STEAM XATIGATION BETWEEN ANTWERP i AND NEW YORK, rr. '1?S O V TiL i MI'TON. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. Kcavi, Cr.MMartnrn. The days of departure of this wei.-knowti Staaaiahip, lu*e been fixed as follows : From Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York. On 4tit Mac. IR12. On 7th May, lat't, On 7th June, l?fi , in.. im.n .tuiy, 7Ui Aug., " Jlli Scjit. " Hwh Hepl. " 7th Oct.. " Trior \il J'JIW, meals uot in'ladoil, to South unplon fr Autw rp, 'id?Steward's fee", j.2 Tho hirali mil l|e served ou board, pa the plan of a coiuauuutal hotel, in the bo| i manner, and at Itxed and moderate prion#. Families nr partis s may contract fur the toyage villi the su ward. A* capuriuur# J Surgeon on board. For freiju or |>aasai?c, or anv further information, apply to II. tV. T. St II. HALL Agent*. a22fna*r 41 Braver *tr??t. NKW YORK AND NEWARK. j~ Pore rcduci to 4S cent#. From th-foot of Conn idt rftet, New York. (Every dnv?Sunday iiavapted.) Leave# New York l.eavoa Newark At ft A. M. A: t T. M. At 7>. A. M. At i,S P. M. 0 do. 4 d". 0 do. 3}. do. . 11 4** do. K'^a do. Jl* di. 1 a do. 7 do. 0 do 10 do. ON SUNDAYS. F om the foot of Liberty atreel. Le*vp?.cir York. Leave Newark. At !> A. M. <od tV P. M. At 1 P. M. and 10 P. V. NSW YORK. ELIZA BETHTOWN, RAIIWAY AND NEW BRUNBWICk. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty street, daily. Leave New York. Lsave New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 7tf A. >!. *K I'. M. 1 I'. M. SQMERVILLE Stages connect with those lines each way. Fern between New York and Somcrvillr, JO cents. Do do New Biuumick, ni cm*. Railway. JO ceo*, r'.lizabetntown, Si rente 'I ks fare in the 7S A. M. train f.nm New B.ainswirk, awl t's T. M. train from New York, has been reduced bativeen New York and New Brunswick, to JO ceuls. " and Railway to 37h{ " Tlie Philadelphia mail line paeans through Naw Brunswick for New York i very evening at 9 o'clock. tin Holiday# the 7,Sj A. M. Iri; * from Naw Brunswick is omittsd. Passengers who procure their tick?ts at the ticket office, itpreive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received lie the c.?ibu-tor only on the day wheu purchased. ft oil 3n* 1M f'< FAVl' TO "Wy.STKKX M b K a IA N T.5. RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the Tmniportation of Uooda between PiuJadrlphi.'. a ad Tittvlmrg. Tliis iir.;-* ivement in ti"an#|Mirt itioit nmirda to \V>sf*rn .Merchants pecdim advantagss. The pond# being carefully parked la tlie boats at "in warehouse, No. JTi Market sip el, are ettrrt. l over the ( V nobis and Portage Railways without ti-e?i,ipm'-nt. C arifil captains and ere its a.-e employed, who take i uarge of the ifo-'-ts at Philadelphia, and continue with thrm tb. . atire route, thus avoiding delays so J tl.e liability of hits p # j'irite.l on the wav. I N. It.?Pas.i igvis t'orw tried to Pittsburg and PolUviile, veil Jay, Sumi.iyi e v.ei led. II. STORKS, Agent, | aid i"i * 7 VV'a?hingtoii stieeL , H.\JLK.OAD N< >TH'K. , MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. NKW hii 1' v>\V I( K AND NHW VurtK. I rfllir V IT XS7 lUDBPt* r?.:i 1 1 <n - - # -_ 1 . in. .11." it^iinvtii ami i ronapomuioi) i -im* | i pany Ii.Te estibluhad * Freight Line between New- . Bnrwwirk ami New York, which they intend to run |*rmv ! heotly. | l.i itiae N-w R renewiek at J A.M. daily, (Sun.he* ex- |,I) Mid the fan; of I.inert , street, Nf w Yoili. at 3 I'. M To country dealerl ami nicrrd inta the line i? very do- j aii-al ! for tr.e py-edy and cheap conveyance of tm-rehtndirr | of < eery deacrinUon, anJ i. particularly to D.-overa tad I I)-alert mi Live Pi-je-k, wlio c .1 Lave 1 j(i head of rattle Cotiv- y- I . I li.-tw.eti .V m r.iuuavrick anJ New York, the none d?T v Jieite i r require '. Tin r,'.? I-r the traasportation nf rattle. honesi, mill's, vtieep, l#..-??, k. and II other kinds of iii. rch uidur ara very low, never eare. ate unlet it prices. > leirli'itidi " fit by ti ts line ia not rubicct to any eatra , el. .it' ni cros -nv the to-tp River. Tim t ompnny have liit?d up a larg- atorehnn... at New Uninawirk, adloinin;.' llie It nlrml Depot, whieh will always , r..r-n for tin- r. < i :i..n n( mar. Iiaudiso., rt..enc?r* pur 'itsiiw thfir lirlu-la at the ticket offices, w ill ' ree, ire ferrv -rkt 1 LTa-ia. mU S.n* ni BIUHT ASD PAiiSAOli TO FIITSBiao. Tl>r proprietor* of Binfhim'a Transportation Line u Pitvhiu*, rfive notice to the hie reliant* of Naw York, and al, stther I*-aw ns shj-x-tnc to tlir West, ilvut their line it now io artier , - rat. .- t? icv " them (,.r sent to go ia tl?eir 11,. . .1 :|| he f .! 1 w '-t| .' suatrh. Pie re-- - aviqwrs . . > ..Hie. iloatltied far the TVert*r* S'i.-. s, wiin lm :in it r r-wifnre nt P,ruber*. will },T. .... eonsi^-n lli.-r ;-o -+s to William liieyham, Pittrbury. w ho w ill atutiwl t s-oppiiA all su< h < <> i-iitnaaen's wijioat delay. Ah prysda thnul I lv- marked distinctly nti eacn pacha* e M NUlIAM'S I.I ,r? For nuea of fmnl.t, w h-ck are aa low as any other line, apply 0 WM. TYSON, Agent. No. k Wait at.err, op|?,?jte Pi. r No. 2, N. K. N. R- Piaaentt rs forwarded t. PilUbur* and Pottaeille.ciery J .Sundays r\ , t?d. Riafer to 11. t v"ka. Atneriran For f*o. ; S. T. Nientl Front at, id ;Ph,diva, p 8t < ,v,. Fulton alreet ; Suv daiy rv- - fi Co ; \Vm. 1 ri' in Mnrj ee a f 'o, Nrvrark. rwf. tin i 'u ;.i.r. ,\ t o :s i.i ?C\ FOR NEIVBI ROII, laneiinit at TAI.Dfi. w*WF.I.L S, WEST POINT AND COI.P f ' y S PHI NO.?The aleamboat HIOH I. A \ D E R, 1 ajitaia Kobcit Wardrnp, will leaee the for.t of V> arrril ttrret, \.'w \..rk, s very Monday Thar-,lav and Saturday efteriiooha ,,t i K.-tiir on.-. Ilie Highlander v> ill h ate New burgh every Mondiy arvrmug at 6 o'clock, and Tueadiy and Friday atternsaiiiat'loVisick. Far freilht or pavsage, apply to the captain on board. N. B-?All haintafc and Ireighl of every devtriptiop, Itaak hit la .?p<, ie. put "vi board this t.oal, most lie al the risk ,.| the owners tnerrol, unlvas a bill td U,do* or receipt ii siavied for llu same mil E NE .MAIL LINE TO BOSTt >N,VIA NORWICH AS WORCESTER. RAILROAD. leave every Monday, Wednesday, l iittay afternoon. fi?e oeloek. Irom 1'iei No. l. North Hirer, Bvtterv Place. 1 lie steamboat WOR< ESTER, I jj.l. Coit, will I'urn ry, Old Saturday afternoon, at J o'cloi from pier No. I, N. U., Battery Place. 1 fiwlit takuu to the abor.* pi V'l*., No lerry flierif* ol cor* <>u thi? route. Ticket* can be < Uilaou ana bcrtlu .eeur- d at ALJAMS 5,. CO S Export. Olftro, a?r No. 7 Wall street OPPOSI TION LINE FOR ALBANY. TARE RKDUl ED ' Pnnaac Out- Dollar. NO C11ARUE KOR 1IEHTHS. aMWf ar.? The rominodiouv hi Ltnlxjat WA9I11N %tayCr3?TON. Captain J. M. Brown, wilt Unrein , *Tf .l. *.. .. f| "-|rl n rniT Tuesday afteriiui 2dlli April, at J a'clock. RiK'ular days of lealMIX New York?Tuenday , Thumb and Siturtlav. Alaany?Monday, WrHn??<lay, and k'rid; at 5 o'rlock, P. M., landing each way at the foot of Ilamcio at reel. Nruliur^h, Pon:;likrep*ie. I attaklll ml Hudaoq. Liitlil freight taken at reduced piices. I'or pass*.;** freight, apply on board. All kiuda of property taken only at ths risk of the own thereof. a2.6 I m k'ARK REDl'CED TO r,'.v CENTS. __ STATION ISLAND FERRY. Foot of WhtUduill vtirrt. The it'j.iiuera STATES' ISLANDER and 8AMSC will run at follow*, until lurtlier uotjce :? Leaver SutfD I viand l,oav*s New York. At o'clock a. ?l. At I! o'clock a. at. " 9 " " o " " W " - 10 " ;; ? ;; " IH r. at. " 2 " r. m. " If ' " 3 " " ' t.'? - " 41' f> - ' sM " N. B. All sooda snipped are required to he partimlc marked, and are a! the risk of the owner, thereof. nail ~ l'E<)PLK"S LINE FUR ALBANY, jiWSJ} 0tL\ And intermediate placet, from the Pier foot Oe T'v I rl* CourtlKiidt street?Eare $1. ' The vnsTn a \1rn1cA r.?>.i?vc Trucsdell, lrnrrs as nhore ou Tuesday, Thursday and Sat dnv afternoons, at J o'clock. For |Muuaga or freight, apply on board, or r? P. C. SCIIULTZ. At the otliee on iho wharf N B.?All Itinda of property taken only at the ri.k of I owners thereof. ml? f i I E~R AIN BOW~MORN I NO LIN F. * ??l* \LB AN V. The low pressure 9t ami* Bl flat '' It AINBOW, will I avc the f.rot of Rolriiu ?tr<?t, every Tue.daj, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 o'clock. ml lin*r " M iSST ' & PASSAGE FROM ENGLAND, IRELAND, SCOTLAr AND WALES. PERSONS desirous of making engagements for friends emigrate from the'Old Country to the Cnited State.., ,1 who may with to secure for tnetu lirMpatcli sud comfortable commouatioiu, will lind it their interisst to apply to the s aeribers, who are at all limes prepared to make such arrsn ments aa will guarantee satisfaction. The vessels compos, this line are all of the first clas., oni of which leases I.isern weekly, consequently all delay at the port of embarkation aroitleri. As has always bern customary with this line, wj those settled for decline comity out, the passage money is funded, without any deduction. Passage tier steamer from various ports of Ireland and Scotland, can likewise be cured. For further particulars apply to RAML'EL THOMPSON, Old Established 1'assure Otlice, 273 Putul it. Or to C. UR1MSHAW A C O. 10 (joree Plains, Lirerimol ExcltUix? or drnTs at sight, and for any amount, can liltew b; furuishad ou the National Bank of Ireland. Northern Haj m.' u.; Naeuaal ttanx ot ncmisan,payaussi hi an men im tire hrapclics; also, ou R. C. Csl> is St Co., B inkers, Loud surd C. Orimsliaw U Co., Liverpool. is>3 1 in i FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line-Rccutar Pa-I r\c3rSVof -May?The splendid packet sliip SH EIII DA .ausHStClr' u, to:l K. A. Dupsystcr, of 1000 tons, will sail above, her regular dty. For freight or passage,having accommodations nneqnallcil splendor or eomlort, apply on board, at Orli ans tviiarf, foot Wall atrret, or to I".. II. COLLINS U CO., JO South struct Trice of passage iin?i. Th- parks; snip OA BRICK, Captain W. SViddy, of 1 jA" i, will stiecend the, and eail kith June, her ragu <K~'. Lssaenirers may rely upon the tliipa of this line .sailing pn tuWlv ai sdrartiaed. a3 xAy~- FOR LIVERPOOL?New Lin*?llcmlar Pari rp*W;jV.of 2jtii May?The spleadid packet ship SflF.RlDA /lFaWs?<-'-apt. F. A. Depcystcr, of Uaru tons, will sari tu ub< Tier regular day. The freight or pansnga, Iihviur accommodations unequal for aplenjL>r or comfort, apply on board at Oilcans whaif, f of Wall Bluet, or to E. R. COLLIN* A CO. X South .tree Jhice of par sage $100. Tire packet ship Oarrieli, AVm. Skiddy, of KMX) t< will succeed tha hhutidsu, sua sail the 2Jlli June, Uw regt day. Pasaemtara mav rely ou tha abi]? of this line sailing punr ally a.< advertised. d: FISK'S COMBINED SUMMER BAKER AND COOK STOVJ FOR COAL OU WOOD. A ATWOOD, Patent?*?Frictvi from $6 '/O to Si?.?1 - flue*, fin nice and front of thn Store ii made of cart in and hat * Urjp* fir? otcu attached to it, which will do ncuily t ble the eookjnp of the largest ?ix-d ordinary Cook StoTci The orifice of"the funiae? will admit a boiler incaiurin.; Kill, or tiftaen eallorn, and by the iwe of the dirisiou ph ttlea atiitahlr for boiliiK four different duhei; in additiou all thia, two fowl* or a lar*t i?ierf of in*-af n?t> lie roarted front, and all done with 1cm than 5 ceuti i*r da>?lor proof which we refer to tho*? who liaro used them. FISK'S Store K?tibliRhmrut, IMV.i Water Irect R^ad the following eerlificatra, in .addition to which orer ti "hundred more can b?* nerti by railing at the ator?, t ISK'S Store, 'j/J Water street, Nr.w York, 'A h'<?ui street,9th April, 19t2 M...? r*:.?. mpa ..?. .1 : o. . TrtBrh have come to my notice, the one I pure h*?c<l from y ra.iiti a d.eided preference. I have uieii it utniiu ail the e ?oo?, and wanld moet clirc-rfully recommend it tothepuhl u in my opinion eueceptilde of no improvement lor aiinpltr: or itWumv, and u orthy of more praise than can be apprecial * itlniul trial of it, I am, with respect, your*, tie. A. PERKINS, Pastor of the Dcrean (Baptist) ( hur- li Mr. Fisk, Water street?The Summer Store whirl purchased of you last sprine, 1 hare had in u?e till not and that may ha done by it, for il? economy. Suffice it to ? that with an occasionally cttra fire, we hire rooked for frc Si lo Xi jH'rwiHt, with tnou^h leas fuel to aara more tnao.i price ol ttie stovH. Mlt3. BUEL, 93 Fulton atrect March 3j. I12 all lit DA V. N F.W KIoL St DAY'S PATHNT PKRM lrT TION BANK LOCK.?Banker* and others may pia implicit co nbdeuce in the above Lock si bring the best .1 _ii?ai X) lue. Any pyraoii inay hnve il.a key for a whole <1 to maka.a f\c timilia by, without the slightest chance opemflk 4. afu r a change has been ntfule in actiing it. Oth cua^oble lochs a.e liable to be picked by oeraojit who nj see tTir k/?v; as \?aa the cnne recently when tho Combioati Lock indented by Dr. Solomon Andrews. rf Perth Amhc N J., wi ieh was nj?on the vault of the American Kichrn l^S'k in Wall afreet, wo* picked by Mr. lienry C. Jones, NrVmk, N. J., in presence of the officers of several Links thlt ctv. The same Lock wm Aflimll Kilt to Dr. A viaews, who i-ut in new works of a mere diffirtilt nature flick. but which Mr. Jotiet readily opened. He upon moth occasion publicly picked at the Howard llofel one of the t'oi mnatiou Loclu, such a* arc sold by the American Bank Lex Company. TV high refutation of Dae. Newell Si Day's rermntatii Bank Links em firmly established. They liave invariak ui the highest premium*. when exhibited at the Fain he 111 New York, Bo*tou and Philadelphia, nnnrl> Gold Medals Hie two cities first named, uud Silver, bring tbe highml pi miutu given in ilia latter city. Those Locks arv uia.U- to keya which can be changed form from one to one hundred thotuiml miiiiou different time ?t*oii either of which they are equally mvure and proof strain tin* attempts of tlic in ?at skilful burglar. f.?r should he uike 1 trr(? ? ?<ion, oreveu t ike the key itself, he could uot evoect open it during his life, unless some one were ta inform luin the manner in which the lock might be changed, aflr.r he o Sained possession of tho key, Or.tei* for the above Lock promptly attended to by JOH DAY. Successor to Day, NewcII Si Day, No. 6/10 Broadway, sin 1 m r? HANfiK lliTslDKNTE-J. B. BTOI'V K N El,, ir iiort-r of French wine., ha* llic honor of infra-mini; the pn lie of this rilr and hi, nn icr< in cuunlinn . tlml he int. n, removing bis cellar from No. Til Nasaau street U* No. pi Ar; street, comer of Naimu, where he intend* to hive an tMortniH of the incut perfect U ? tut, othei nine* of the very I** quality, in haiTels and htlf bsarcU. lie will also send ont tl wine ?y the gallon, or by the dor.-.n bott!e*x to the r*?<i?l. un* * the |>er*oit* who may honor him with their isitron.igf. J. I srouv?nel will al?o bottle win- for private fnmili- *. N. B. J. B. fltouv?m I will keepa leiardin? houae and let 01 fnru*!u*d room* at Hobo ken. in front of Mr. Caiiat, on tf: route to Allun*. when? then will always be the fiiwt quality ? French wines,Bonlowi fcr. nri Iw'r ORRIS 'l'< H M H \ i I'rep igm i " ei<eatNo.R OoM street. New Yrok?The Orris Toot Wuh it purely a vegetable Preparation, po**r**inc the pro|>e riet of cleaning the teeth anu mouth, restoring the gums u? healthy ttate. and preventing any tuiplcaaant taste or or Ion r i the mouth, whether arising Irotii decayed teeth, or from a d? ranged state of the atom u:n. , It it designed to In* used with a tooth brush, ani will r>" foun to supersede the necessity of a powder, keeping the teeth < lea and preventing the wearing away of the gum* from the tert) It is Particular!y useful in c i*m of spungy gum* restoring the i to r. heulth; /tile, and ctuaimr them to conliacl around th t* eth. lu painful affections of the teeth and gums, ami 115 froi csposura to r. Id, it will he found highly beneficial. It 1* pa ticularly serviceable to use the Or.ii Tooth Wvh r.t night ju< before retiring to rent, This method is recomm ?: * I by em neut dentist*, at by so d. in?: all pn.ticlca of food 1/hich arci mutate chinn : the ihiy are entirely levnoved. and the moot kopt through the fight in a clean, sweet, and HciLhw state. Sound teeth *nd white teeth ure tht most valuable pi rtior of poor hornMitty; r?wt how m^ny neglect th^ attention ??< eessary for their preservation, eun when surrounded by all th mean* needcu Am one these we know of tfone more pleasai end enectnal than the Tooth Wash?it cleanse* and wh tens the teeth. streiiictlM-us the gum*, .?,nfirs the month, ?n " ''*'?< 1 biyai.1. He recommend its use to all, youn< .111 old,?[Bvston Mormnc: Post The Orris rooth Vvs.sli is the best detergent We ever used o our enamel.?[ Boston 1 ransrript. Formalejiy the principal druggists in the rify. mi r \,w r?u A I nx, K.,r Ilo.n ( >. > ' <?.!ir? No, l 1'^rU J1?cr, f \ ?J Tr 'i* ? nr J> &"TV" 1 7 S'rt<-H>ol<lrr, of too N>1 . * 1 ork ?.?l All'.") Boil Rood CoinD.ny, th .i ?? ,].clion t Direr tors to said f omoanv, nil tike plare at their Office N< 2 Park ilscr, on Moods-, the suth of Jone nesr. The Polls wiil he opej at 10 o'clock, A. M., and eontinu o|>en until 1 o'clock. P. M. Th? Books for the truuler of Stock are cloaed, and will ? continue uutil the 7th day of Juoe n. it. By order of the Board. 1 1 * HIS K BLOOMF1 KLIP 8* retary. Ln Norma Sfjrars, IANDF.D from the brig Ohio, from flivini, of supeido rpiality, for sale in lot* to suit purchasers, at reasonabl prces, by M. HADKR, t Chatham street, mlO 1m* W Y( NEW YORK, SATURDA WIGS CLEANED INSIDE AND 01*T, lXp.'AL TO NEW. I |()S and every description ol ornamental hair clean K *' itntcnedudn torfd toiti original beuitv, b> ich< t> r il nroccai know n on!v to the Hiilurrilwr, W .\1. BATCH JT j LOit, practical wis maker and hah cutler, H>.? Broadway, N . York. Dacka^e* froin the counlr) must !?o forepaid to rihi prompt attention. The h.itid*otnest ami be?t assortment wig* ami toupDi* in the LTuiifil State#, will he found at thin k tahlUhnif nt. m?'. lin? ROMAN EYE BALSAM, A- FOB WEAK AND INFLAMED EYES. I 'PHIS BAL8 AM is a preierintion of one of tlie most ct * bnu*d occulisu, has been a long time in u*c. and is co * | dentl V recommended to the puhlit a* the heat auu most *UCC< ! fbl solve e\*r u*?ed for i nil a initiator)* diseases of ti?e e>e. I curs where tin- eylids are very in!lame.d, or the bail of the < thickly covered with blood, it act* almost like magic, and moves all appe.arvuco of disease i|)rr two or three application G. IN DIMNESS OF SIGHT ,in earned by t.xed Altrnuoo lo iniuuf; cUiccU, or by Ions cxposi ,u to a atrows light, and in the ? oak."-,. or partial lou or ?i ' from ?ioknoA? or old ASf it it a mire, *nd .hrml.l tiA.'i by >11 uho finil their i ) r tight lolling without any up rent diieivo . u,j 'I'liu li.\s re.torul aight iu many iiwtenrrw where I BO*t - TOTAL BLINDNESS, eaiurd by excessive iulUmiuatiou. h id existed for yenrs, r Ham ma lion and iorunr%* cnusrd by blows, contusions, or woui ? on the eve, or by extraneous b>d?r* of an irritating nature troduced under the eyelids, is very soon removed hy the appli tion of the Balsam. One tiial will convince the moat inert* loos of iu futonUhiug efficacy. iSiiupin jars with full dii boiw for use. Pric V)* cents. y For sale, wholesale and retail, liv DAVID SANDS St C 77 East Broadway corner of Miriutsf. Bold also by A. 11. St L). Sands, 7*1 and 10(1 Fulton streets, J by A. II Sands St Co., 577 Broadway, corner of Chamh street, New Lui. mtifit S500 I'REMir.M. rPHK INDEftTRrCTlBLF INK, which H. M. BAB 1 LETT exhibited at tlv* Fair of the American In>tilu New \ ork, Bill, with an oiler of to any one who sho extract it front part r, and which raceited the gold medal of Itntitllf.' r.'lll Ik.' Ill' #?!? 11 i lti? All \1. re ID. u .Inn Wrrii/1. r|j? Hatch, Rink Not** Engravers, 18 Merchants'Exchange r Orders f*>ra'itiy part of the Uuion, pout paid, through ? above named Hon .? , will he r>roipntl> attended to. Writing m&dc with thin inn will r. main unchanged as 1< ol m paper will endure, and is exceedingly valuable above all defliblc inks now in use. of which w? have any knowledge. 11. John Torre v, St. T>.. Professor of Chemistry, 3tc. or- In the C'nfl^Ke ef t'h vsicians and Surgeons, N. \ James II. Chilton, M. f). Practical Chemist. John A. Warder, M. I)., Professor of Chemistry a7 lm* and Mineral or .Cincinnati College, O U FASHIONABLE TAILORIN rr- ESTABLISHMENT. nt at THE FASHIONABLE TAILORING r.W ion A LI8HMENT, lUdBeekman itroet, nar Pearl. Gentlen who are n<?w, or formerlyhavo been paving extravagant pri lor their clothing, are assured that they heed do no 110 inoro tiie subscriber will jnuumnt it to all wno pauoniae him, a h.i wme lit, a f.ishiouafilj style and excellent materials, al the lowing moderate prico*. .p. Sup. West of Eng. Wool-dyed, black, blue, or green di Coatn, $L3 to PanU. double milled do; do black, plaid, and fancy cos*., *<} o$R 30. uin Vests?fine enshmore, satin, and all kinds, S'l to $5. a<* ( oats made and trimmed in a superior m.inn r, lVon\ $7 to B?* 30 ; Vests, $1 30 to $2; PauU, ?1 30 to $2. Kc- M im? JOHN MOFFA1 9 S IN RTS. ten OH1RT8 mala to order, after the most approved Frei re- O fashions. Gentlemen's Garments of all descriptions mad* the order at the shortest notice. *c" Gentlemen's Furnishing Store (57 anil 63 Maiden lane, cor of William street. a?Stm?r WILLIAM COLLIN? | CHEAP JIA RD WA RE STORI HM1E Subscriber b now opening hi* Spring supply 1 HARDWARE AND CUTLERY. received per late ise rivaL from Birmingham and Sheffield. Together with a g? tik- ral aa?ortn:ci.4 of Donie?nc ouua?. wmehlic is prepared to 2J. i.i at the vtrv LOWEST CASH PRICES. ou> The attention of Country Merchants, Builders, Cubi c ' Mai;ers, Ike., is solicited to aa examination of hts stock i , prices, as he is confident they will tiiid it to Uieir iutel V- to favor hiin with a coil. N? . ALFRED F. LAORAVE, M 210 Greenwich, corner B xrclav, New Yorl r A regular supply of FALI^ RIVE I*. Cl'l NAILS, i ?J. Coolers Glue. Also?a complete as&ortmeur of Mechiin "J T( i*. J i tint' S< ws, &c. in" Sm - TIIE SHIELDED VICTOR! KJ SHAWL AND DIAPER PIN AN C.W . nl imrii'-.i.t nrtirle I r n.f in the nu^* i y *ml i fwtrning to urti.x'shawl., rloik., li -., pnl-nii d in ft I nil.-il Stnl-< and in Enrol*, l'or.-le, whnl, .*lr, by VV. CA11V & CO., I'.', Trral street, Ni \v York, and by tlir |?| v tm. at themtnofcrtory, 146 Jay at, Ilrookltn. Thre.vl and needle .lore., and dral?v? in fancy articles,. ' " pli. <1 on lib. r.l in a 13 1 rn K JUST RECEIVED, A RICII and varied ^assortment of Stocks, Scarfs, Crav h \ Silks, Liueu and Ki I Gloves, Buspenderi, L:n?*n and X lin Shiits, Pockci ITamlkcrchieG, icr. &r. Thin th" < ',.v9? establishment in this city where iht subsr.ribei's celebrated ? ^ar tie Blocks csm be oktnincd. PARSELLS. Agent for J. AGATE, !"u" 211 Broadway, b< twecn Park Place anil Murray stree ^ a23 lm*c CARPETING, &c. 2, CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. TONES & MARCY, 101 Bowrry, New York, arr now lie ? crivini Uwir .prin^' .unply of Oarptliiu, Oil Cloth., fl no, dow Hhadr?, ilra.iii R>u.. Boor Mat., Tabl. l'iano Co?era, Stiir Rod., Sir. Ainontr t|n-ii good-, are many new and rieh pattern, of F nil liill and American manufacture, arhicli raunot be exceeded tr, Ix.uty, quality and cheaimr., in the city, i to I'rriorit about furni.hiiitf llirir hou-ar. are intitrd to ciie t in ; call. I k. JltM'S or ] l,."MARCV.' . SALT RHEUM. SALT RHEUll iffo ! rPHF.RE is now an article for sale in New Yoik, matin I i A turcd by A. B. & D. Hands, 79 Mid ICO Fulton street, i ; will euro thrabove disease:also. Ringworm*, Tetti r, Barbert Jackson Itch; Scall'd1 Head, ami moat disease* of thr skin, res i* a remedy m\er h.'ore known in medicine or history. Ann on tlic many cams which has proved effectual, I mention the r ra- of John Smith, who pnrch.ts d one box ami a bottle of the (' ic, cent rated 8y nip of SarsaparilU, which effected a perfected ity He th*n purchased nine dollar* worth for hi* friend*. ;td Certificate of Mr*. E. Spevr. We have nut received a fei fruin Mr*. Elizabeth Hpcer, of B'/llingham, Man., a lady venty-thrre year* of age, who mention* l?er c.isc of Salt Rhri | as belli/oil* ?*f the moat severe that ever came und? r the tn I wnt of medicine, i I 1 F??r the last twenty year* f hare tried every thing that I v | been recommended, and attended strictly to a number of I'h] ly, !* advice without any prrmsnent benefit. H aring >m | Sand'.* celebrated r. in* fly, 1 wan induced to try it, and in < It we? k from the time 1 obtained it, I was able to walk,and my | were nearly covered with new skin?the return of health v , I so rapid that I heenne a wonder to all who saw m?. I not oi ! feel it a privilege, but a duty to make known to others who j j afflicted w ith this ccunplaint, the wonderful cure I have < r# ! laiued by the use of Saudis rcmeJy. ?S I ELIZABETH SrEAR a?. j BMIingham, Mas*. nf Tlie hotth.* of S irsapirilla wh en accompanies th?- retry* (,,r I pre j .are d sltoeeth *r on a new pi? , which contains four tin ny i the strength of any trow in the mm net. f,n Rold be A. B. Kc D. Sand*, No. 79 Fulton street, rorn r ,v Oold; 100 Fulton st; 77 East Broadway; 2*3 Broad w a v. Pr f1 a'.A) I in* S RETRENCHMENT TTlE ? ORDER OK THE DAY. rr rPHF. flubsrjiher, with a view of meeting the exigencies ftj" J the titries, has made arrangements whereby he will hen* rk . forth b" enabled to furnish garment* of the very best quality, an immense sating from former charges. Haying made I "n purchases exclusively for cash, he is determined to coinjx jy with the cheapest,(oil the ready money principle onl>,) while hi plw.lges him*< If to continue the sanu ??hs? rvance of eleirati 1,1 : *r?d punctuality which for the la*t fifteen years bus charade e' | zed ni* establishment, O-ullrmcti are referred to the anuei \ list of prices, with the assurance that the articles ( numeral in j shall be equal in uualit) and style to the most costly. ,4? j I).'ess coals OI super wool dyed cloth*, from $10 to 21. j I'ants, do do casstiiiere, R to in. 1 Vests, of every fashionable variety, 3 M to 5 M). to 1 Gentlemen wishing to furnish their own materials can ha of j their garments made and trimmed in the .same style of elegant in j oportion to the above, j N. B.?Mr. Bibcock, long known as one of the most faahit I able cutters, C'-miittn . in the establishment. ( H AH. COX Sign of the Oolden Fleece, m ; lei (H N issfui iter* t, near Maiden lane, !T, B~0~0 K B I "N I) I N G ' I'AI'EK }<l LINO. If IRELAND. No. IW ?tr?rl, tin inr *n rntir. nr It. *t< ,c k ol" Binding Tuo!? *nd Ruling Murliinry, of t! j1' lair.t .ml m'??l a|ipro?. J i>?lt?n>?, i. now prupaivd to exrcu ail orilt Ti in t'iB rno?t dnniulr and ItamUomr in nnicr. I Mi'iohanta Account Po k, ..od all of!i<- kindi of R'ankwo rnlr.1 and bound to any [nllrmi. and in n ,til<- that i> " rr?itt< lopnf aati,faction. Aiiy work orrlrr.rl ran !* d"n? i..**.I.'- Inn , I HA nod. if t*.|tilrrd, m H. 1. hai li?d Ion. rijirrirncp in bo ,r ni'ili <L. ' Volt 8AI.K?'Two accond linnJ ( opprndate Prrnra. A ? ply aa above. in in lm I - "THE KREMLIN, * 111 BROADAVA ^ ? r?rner of Th>unr* sir.-et.*?Thi* sole ? . did establishment is now open for the reception o( (I .. I puMir, hating t?e?*n fitted tip us ;?n elegmnt resnii for gent I i fii#11 drain u? of spending a fi r? hours of letatiT* in the nracm ,1 j o! fowl lh In I eiercifrs tint agreeable rplliatioM from Misinr n | pur^ui^. # Two separate salooua are fitted up u billiard rn??n y . and fowliag alleys. The first contain* lorn very aupciior table n* 1 ai.d die second four ei lle??: all v<f Each saloon h\t the < t, I vintag* of n fine hfhf and p'wntt >fr.vnn. and n (Wnialicd i n j tli* m??*i superior ?ty|e. liiioPil lid )?:ni norpiiem^ hire hp? r ! spired to place The ?Krnml;ra upou a footing, in |>oint of a t ; trojuooa, of the m<)jt ini Hint i*?f ertihility. The proprietor . in invituvt gentlemen io tint establishment, beg to mum ( ;hem that **jveial regard wit! be nad l?? their accommoditini ^ , and no e*j* n?s '.rill T*?? scared to give satisfaction, and Rial , UMim periec'Jf "at h .11*. ' \ BEN V> IL80N. formal rrroprittoT of th* . i Montgomery U II, M.mi^.rv rr, Ala. r ( GEO. A. THOMAS, late lnH-k*I.i*fpcr I at the Aator ilouie. \ i TO EE LET?The afore HI Broadway,adjoining Trinit ^ j church yard, suitable for aiiy bujiof-ia, and favorably known. an ol.l and |?opuiar ttand. n i Alio, iwlva or f nrt-*n furnished anartmen'i, for *in*l* rei tlemeii, will bi let by the monih or otherwise. '1 h*re a Hiiiittf saloon upon th% European plan, attached with Tb ? Kreinblin, where meal* will be served at all hours, al t 6ttod NOTK'K TO BUYERS OF CABINETFURNITU RE rPIIE Subscriber would invite the attention of those wiahir e I to purchase artirlei in the above b'.uinetis, to hit estiblinl rtip-if, wh? re ia to be fonnda rich aMOHinriit of Rosewood an o Mahogany Furniture, or French and other pattern.*, some < which are not to be found lie where, lningentirely original. Alio, iiitedaome rich gilt Cornices for window*. Pole* an Ifcrfff ; together with 0 mink ( Hlloons and Tassels, and ever articf. -attached to mtrUr:i?, which will be made in the late Iron patterns lately received. ' J- Particular attention |*id to the fitting up of Ottoman rue Screens, and other fan re article*, with embroidered Ti PWUT. WASHINGTON MF.KKS, ? ?m 311 Druidw?>, ant tht |lo*pi'?l. )RK I Y MORNING, MAY 7, 18Washington. [Correspomtuiice of the Ilerald.] Washington, Thursday, 1 P. M. | j" NoBtuinriii In either House for the remainnw tier of Hie wfrk. "'c The Senate met at the usual hour this morning and immediately adjourned over to Monday. In the House an attempt was {made, indirectly, afiei Mr. Geddinga of Ohio, who has been r.-elected, .p.. was sworn in, to adjourn over, but some of the members were sutlering under a paroxysm of pain triotisin, and strenuously resisted it. The appropriate' tion bill, which had been returned from the S-nate with amendments, was taken up and referred to the Committee of Ways and Means. Several attempts were mad to adjourn, but the ayes und nays were p,,". ordered, and the motion rejected. There is an obvioua dotoriniuation to do nothing, however, and they w iil shortly adjourn over. |n. Albany. iiils [Coruopondence of the Hiralit.] Albany, May 5, 1842. ?|- Invert aunts in the Niw Isxtn?Gratifying Result oj the Tar Bill. The 1,000,000 loan at 7 per cent recently advertised for by the Conimissioners of the l anal Fund, ' ia moving off for permanent investments in sums varying from $2,000 to $20,000. Upwards oi IT- $10,000 hasheen taken at Albttny in this way withuid m a few days, by private subscription. The pledge J '? ol the ta\ and of the tolls for the prompt payment ^ of the interest, and for the ultimate reimbursement of the principal of this loan, assimilating it in prin*n'. ciple to the original loans, for the construction ol the Krie and Champlain Canals, made under the '. loan of 1817, make this loan, now open, a most desirable investment, hie There cannot he a question that it is the very besl # * description of st nek now ottering in the market,ant its value, when wilen come to he made, will nt doubt prove to be above, par. It is a matter of surprise that this stork has no u-n been taken by our capitalists. The money realize! from it is to be paid out to contractors for work l??n| k,j. since done by the in. It could be taken here with ioi- out removing a uoiiar irom thecttv, and would puj perhaps .-ix or eight millions of debts in the interio; of tin- State, und materially lighten tip and revivift be nil descriptions of business. $s More Titornus for the Loco Focos.?It wai 1 currently rumored among the political circles yes terday, that Jolin I'ettigrew, Ksq., the Aseistanl Aldermnn elect in the Seventeenth Wnrd. is not r e,0 naturalized citizen. He came to this country at ar nor CIir'y nlir,'< ' asserted, nnd from reference to the ( naturalization index, no such name can be found P, We give this as a current rumor, not avouching I'm its correctness, however. ol ari?if The Hac k.?The race is in the mouth of everj sporting man from morn to noon from noon to night Jl'j The southern blood is not up yet, nor are they ex rt?i cited enough to hack their " White Nose" will any thing like long odds. They appear to be lyint ?nd hack in the high grass, waiting for tin* day to come |f*' in fear that the courage of Fashion's friends wil V give out too soon, and they thus lie compelled tc bet nt heavy odds to secure opponents. Nearly al . the wagers posted yesterday were even up. A gen lleman who saw ihe horses yesterday afternoon in H* formed us that they were both in fine condition, *'n" , r presented every appearance of remaining so til lip" Tuesday next. The main stake of S'20.000 on the i pirrt of Fashion, being made up by a club of norther, sportsmen, they have an much nt stake n? they pro hahly feel disposed to ri.-k ivv't present circuin la*. stances. Colonel Johnson, the " Napoleon of th< Turf," ta on the ground, and will not risk, his com t. fort and the nnxiety of his friends, by indulging ii ?. " cold lob-,ter," as he was wont to do, in the mate] between Kclijise and Henry. The present owner of the course, who purchased it mainly on acroun rr- of the present race having been settled upon, havi made extensive improvements and alterations It the public stands, thus giting suitable areonimoda "K* for tionsfor nil who will be present. Several stables o ? n horses have arrived, and the sweepstakes to he rur on th*^ same day will al?o route off with interest. A City Intelligence. r,r. r?r?rsTATios or Tin mpfts to Fno.ur*.?In accord h*i mice with n pretions resolution of the Common Council It the members of the Fire anil Water Committee, eonsistinp ,<n* of Aldermen Tinipson, Hatfield and Franklin, and Assist mi- ant Aldermen Ward, Brigg* and Adams, accompanied lit lrr" the Mayor, Alderman Purdy, mid several other memben V.1 LUC uiiiiuw.i < ,-unin 11, mmuuiiu iiu-.l ? ?:ii111* , ni ill, Second Congregational Church, corner of Christiel mid Delnncr streets, to present each of those Fire Companies lis* that hail ho Mly come forward in aid of tin- Tcmperanct ' cause, with a beautiful Fire Trumpet, ju approbation o >n* tlirir Ininlnble conduct. At an carl)'hour tlie nnrevervet scats svere filled with anxious spectator?, among ulioir sly xverc dots of female loVclincss sprinkled like gents in : 0? coronet. At nliont nine o'clock, companies No. 'J, IS, 13. 3.1, 44, 10 1ft, mid 41 were assembled and seated, with their banner Jv^ and signals displayed in various parts of the edifice. A! dcrman Franklin then calleil upon tlie Mai or to jiresi Ic of The Alderman tlien addressed the assemblage in a short ' neat, and oloquent speech, which was followed by Alder man Timpson, chairman of the Fire and Water Commit tee, in a few pertinent remarks, when lie called upon tin representatives of Union Engine ( Company, N'o. 19, Cha P,. tham No. 3, Express Hose Company No. 13, City Host Company No. 33, Mareppa Engine Company N'o. tt, Wa fit- J ter Witch No. 10, Victory No. 1ft, and Clinton No. 41 | Tliey uppi arid iijkiii the platform erected for the purpost ti- ill front of tin- |mlpit, and wi re then presented with ,.,l a beautifully finished Fire Trumpet, of high (*> ii?h, tipped with silver, nod the name of the rum' pany w ith that of the corpo-ation tastefully engraved thereon. Henry Wilson, foreman of Engine No. IS, re. r, plied in hah si f of the enghia companies, am I John P. Tiell, of Hose No. 33, on behalf of the hose companies. On concluding, one of tlie companies w as called ii|Min for aTcm. pernncc song, which was given in excellent style, with | full chorus. Andrew Morse, a member of one of the com. panics assembled, then rose and addressed the meeting in w ; a very humorous speech, whan tlie Mayor wn* called ir I upon by an almost unanimous voice. He stated in the " | course of his remarks that preparations were ranking to rk ! pri-sent Engine Company's No, 7 and 16, nx well as Hook I nin! I,adder Companies No. ft, the members of whom had n all abolished tin- use of intemperate drinks, w ith a trumpet of similar manufacture at on early dsy. He expressed his great pleasure and satisfaction with the cour-e pursued by the companies assembled, ami concluded by n- i w ishing them surress and prosperity in the path thee hail rhosen, and speed (brothers to join them in their laudable and glorious work of reform. He was followed by Alderman I'urtly, whose remarks , were received with shouts of S| probation. J The Mayor state*) in the early part of the evening that i the Hon. Messrs. Marshall and Briggs would address the * Columbia Temperance Society at the church they w ire in on Sunday evening. The vast assemblage retired nboat 11 o'clock w ith that ffr -t (icatlon that always fellows the ierformancc of a high and praiseworthy object. Niw I'll it son.ritiA that the new engine constructed in I'hiladelpliia for tho Southis walk rcinpnuy of this city .will arrive in town to-lay r)_ She is said to be the lergml and most powerful of any apis parntus in the country. Her powers will be tested n '* Monday with the Protector Engine, No. 1" Accommodation Liar.?By an advertisement it will ,> seen that the Steamboat Emerald, Captain Kelclicr, will stop nl the old prison wharf, foot of Amos street every [* Sundty morning at 7 o'clock, while on her passage to 1,1 Kingston, Caldwell's and other iaterinwllate places on the ^ river. Hlir is a fust and safe lioat, mid her cominnmler a true hearted sailor and gentleman. i Mr saw But Mis Dr.rusct.?Principally through the , indefatigable exertions of Barnabas W. Osborne, one of ?- the efficient clerks of the Lower Police OtBce, the nuisances that formerly infested the Tombs in the shape ol IE R A. i 12. men who were toady for opaltry stint to justify itialinoi ; a.l) amount, to release persons ou bud who were charge.' with high olieucoi, have been almost coniylotely driven from their practices. They are now rarely* tola seen i. 1 J<; tiieir olil hiiunts, anil the coiiiniuiii'y bus thus been relieved from one of the most corrupt plan. of lulciluranrt in the cause of justice, that COlthl Unv o be n attempted by e p?j?red lowrM. mi I Aisotiisr " Kkwce" itnoKt.a ixto. Officers Stephens and Mcdruth arrestedou Thursday, a colore,i tnar. name.I Henry Dray ton alias lien Brown, on suspicion of being Hi i concemuJ in several recent larcenies and burglar. During the day they mude search in a fence"kept by Ellas Hodman, 30} Catharine street, fur some of the goo fs that w ere missing, and although all knowledge of tIt n wusdenied lit the w ife of llodman, yet seven black silk handkerchiefs w ere found, which w ere identified by John ci Hall, of 11(1} William street, as a portion of some ihut w ei i , recantlv stolen from his premises. Drayton was fully . committed. H i Court of Oyer and Terminer. Before Judge Kent and Aldermen Balis and Hatfield. Mn 6?All the world assembled to see Colt, but he In was snugly ensconced at the Tombs, and all the world, of (k course, was disappointed. There is nothing like going the w hole figure iu a thing, even in that which startles and terrifies ?men w ho have killed their wives, and commilted other such every-day matters, have been condemned, executed, and are forgotten?but it lakes a deed that has some of the sublime of horror aliotit it to attract at- _u ' tentiou, rally eloquence nud energy, ami set people eriny. iu addition, to see the lion that perpetrated it. The urge- "( ment on the motion for a new trial being still on, the trial of William L- Stone, for u label on the ( otirt of Oy er tuid Terminer, w hich had been set dev. n for to-day , was post- (.1 ponc.l to Wednesday. The District Attorney would have 1 named an earlier p-riod, but Mr. Inman, one of the leslstants in the uttice of the Commercial Advertiser, is sick, and the trial of Topping, for murder, is *et down for Mon Inv. The other trials lor lihel are to follow that of Mr. tilt Stone. I Mr U'i.u I.aS?I St- ?i.- let day before in opposition to the motion for a new trial in < the case of Colt, resumed, ami eontinuivi for several hours with his usual energy and ubililv. He contended that Colt had received a fair and impartial trial,that everything I til hail been conducted strictly in accordance with law, and that the present niotiou should not he allowed, lie viewed it a? tin impeachment of the Juror?of an hone?t and bono- ' ' rulile man, who lind heen called from his business?from ,ui his hotel, w hich was full of hoarders, and rei|uiruil his preI settee-brought here.Wept set end das s and nights on a most I"' unpleasant and tinthtinkfiil duty, and now arraigned fot ati having expressed an opinion relative to the prisoner. Who, ' asked dir. W., bus not done sol a doctrine like that w liich is here advanced lie allow ed, and it w ill he in win n< t to attempt bringing it criminal to justice?the more hole (t. 1 and atrocious the crime the more probability will them be I ofhis getting clear, us there woul I he a less number in the community who hml not made some remark in regard to it. , Allow counsel to come in after :t month or six w eeks from the time that a v erdict has been rendered, w hie h lias given <? satisfaction from Maine to Oeorgln, allowed them to pro' duce affidavits based as these are, and w here is the in\ esii. gatiou to end. You git c this person a new trial, again call 111 some hundreds of men from their business and their homes, ail i a jury man goes into the l?>\ w it limit questions being put to liirn, accusations arc afterwards brought up, the nllair he. 1 comes mere hve-plav. find is a game in w hich the counsel ert t on the Other side holds all the chances. Never Was a trial i(t, fairer or more impartially conducted than the one now attempted to he set aside. Mr. IV. earnestly contended in fit t support of his position, and hoped that the motion would ||, , not lie allow ed. lie tvas followed by Mr. Emmktt, who plead with much earnestness and ability lor the prisoner, lie contended that ;{7 r the motion should hi- alio wed mi every principle of propriety mid justice. Krom its produced, it is shown Wl that Mr. Husted on two or three diirereut occasions ex- all pressed strong mid uuqualifle I sentiments in regard to the (. , prisoner, and so pointedly against him as to elicit remark that he w ould not answer for a Juror. He also alluded, in * emphatic language, to the manner in w hich the Jury hud heen empannelled, and the j 1111o-ssihi 1 ity of knowing foes front friends, lie insisted that the Court w ere bound, from j\ 1 the merits of the rase, to grant a new trial, j A derision w ill probably be rendered in n day or two. Court of" Common Plena. Held re Judge lug lis. March 6.? Walter Skitimore vs. John II. Merer.-- Mr. S. i is u mend er of the I nr. lie went to Kttropr- for his health, |)( I leaving in the carc oi " Irs. lleniaus, w itli whom he had llH lsjnrded. a painting and two engravings. Her landlord, Mr. Shannon, distrained for reu*, and the pictures were mi takt n, hut icplevined, a suit it brought. '1 he gri at jioiiit on the trial w na as to the value of the propel ty, no [!'' costs being allotvo-l in replevin wlu re the amount is not y] | $50, or over. Me. Kimherly, an artist, swore to the I'ulnting being a work of merit, and worth at least $.i0. and the mr engravings worth *10. Mr. Vieltee placed the value ol Kp i the paiuting ?t *C0, and the auctioneer's clerk said utlilvr !"' the hammer it would not bring more than $7 or 4 v. The Jury gave a verdict for plaintilt of ceub. daiuugcs and ti cents costs, and the propertv , w hich .t % allied tit *M. j j Kor plaintilt, Mr. J. 11. Scoleu; Mr. J. T. Ilra-ly for dtivndoiu.. V. 8. Mnrxlini'a Olfier. I' 1 MatB vitfemyt at Revolt The ship Hudson, Captain kt (l rage, started on Thursday morning for Charleston. Be. la twrcil 2 and tl o'clock IV \l u lei,, vlitl iniii.l?i,ftl...Un,.l Jr a difficulty took place between the mate nnd Henry drat ei, . t one of the teamen, whom he severely assaulted. The JJ! ? other men took part w ith Graves ami refused lo do duty. The Captain brought the ship to nnchor, when he wis " boarded by the Revenue cutter. The men still persisting in their refusal, they were placed in irons, and brought to r the city. Their names aro Jamet Bugley, Janes hwain, ' ' John Jackron, John Johnson, Henry Graves, Knht. tyI Stevens, James Taylor, John Reynolds, nnd Pet er Fort liner. Yesterday titer w ere exnmined before Judge Eve- "J rett and fully committed for trial. General St salons. Before his Honor Recorder Tnilmadge, and Judges Lynch and Noah. , William Shalcr, Esq., acting District Attornev. _y, M tt (1?At the opening of the I ouvtjn.'ge Lyncli proceeded to pronounce the sentence of the Court upon the ' following persons :? ' Samuel Pool, who was convicted of forgery in the second i degree for passing a *10 counterfeit note on the Meridian "t ( Bank of Connecticut, U)mti Mr. Gosling, keeper of an eat ing house in Fulton street, was sentenced to the State priI Soil for seven years. Previous to being sentenced he pre, sentvd a written statement in defence of his conduct, and throwing the cati?cof hir. conviction upon the lackof attcatkm by his t ouni oL ' f Stephen Warren, cartman, for attempting to a fft j|,'j I counterfeit auto of the Tradesmen's Baitkol thiscity, was m ( sentenced lo the State prison for m von y ears all o. Judge Lynch stated that the Court were determined to p'1 1 punish, with the utmost severity , all persons eonv icted ol 1 the crime of passing or dealing in euuiite: frit money . 'I his " being the ease, Otis Allen, Somes, and his partners, Ste., ,;j will he effectually used up w hen they are urruigued lor ten- in " j tcncc. os - | William Derrickson, charged with burglary on trial but he . ' convicted of petit larceny only, when the evidence was ' merely-sufficient to prove him a receiver of r'loli it good* J 1 was sentence 1 to the penitentiary for six months. ? . Stole a Coir.?James Madison, alias Low, was trie I for rv stealing a cow belonging to Thomns T. llanto, of ltd Troy f|U. street, on the Jjth of February Inst. Ii was proved by pro- wsccution that prisoner hired two small hoys to drive the civ cow from the foot ol Amos street to the corner of Green- ,J . wich and Chnrllon ?-t r? ts. nnd froin thence to Thompson , street. He was defeudtsl by ( . W. Terliune, Esq., and the j,,,, : jury returned a v erdirt of guilty. The Court then ta uten. y . ' ee<f him to imprisonment in the penitentiary foi six months, tov Oisc n.vRos n Joseph Murray, a jew < Her by trade, w ho ',"i wns indicted for picking the pocket of Oliver Boskius of No. 0Clark son street, on llie :11st of January lad, while j' be was attending a stile at Tattersall's in Broadway, was j ! discharged on application of his counsel, he liming n- da ; nislnedIn prison three terms w ithout being arraigned for t" trial. | The Court then udjonrned to Monday morning at II O'clock. | I', at. ITrrnlt (Court.] rail Before Judge Kent. I Mvv 6.? h'reilnick .1. Conklin^ vs. .Vr-r Jrrirv Hoi' j /tend Company?'J he plaintilt w as creasing to this city in one of the Jersey Ferry butts en the night of Not", y, r.r I'b'lfi. The boat became entangled bv three sailing ves ?I. ti ls, one of which ran into her, knocked dovv n the cabin, l-*rl St.-. One of the plaintiff's leg w tin broken, and he remain- ' V1' . od two or three months sick, llewus <n his way at the "j ' time irure,Philadelphia. lie now brings action for dam n ?,,,| get, which lie lay s at $10,000. The defendants contend I that it was an ..evident for which they inrc not hi blame. ol' i The trial lasted two or tliree days. k'fter bci.igottt sonu I hours the jury could not agree, and were discharged. Spcrlnl HchsIoms. ' Before Judge Noah and Aldermen Jones and Woodhiiil. ''' 8.?John James for stealing a pie.c of smoked held | from the store of Messrs. Scheper and Dasher vv n* sent to |. ] the I'enitentiorv for ao day s. Wm. Sedrnore, for stealing it fi?u coat fiont John A. I regies, 7 Pearl street, sent up lor 60 Is days. Michael Powers, for stealing a vest, fcr. from Iiaac JRamus, KB Chatham street, w as ?erv ed ditto, Catharine 1 Steers and Ann Keenan, employ ed as washerwomen with ' -j ! .Mr. Hiram Cable, who washes for the prineipnl steam- 0:e< i boats, steamships, i.e. were fonnd guilty of stiaUlig, at 'm< j M-nt tothr |n'?it<'nth>r> or ai\ month*. John Tiro, for heating n small (irrrnnu hid namr.l l.rvs Smith, tviw nnt 1 up for 61) (1 n\ KH iIi ricU Johnson, nn oi'l olfriuli-r, < ujf ht j' i ttraling a smokrd tongur fnim Mit'ri. linker k. Pntt< rsott, |< win Rout up lor s<\ month*, huho Finiieg >n, rhnfgr.l k>\t i u ith ftralimf a piece of natinet ; John Cm?sen, ft nutnda- J Ihout.iiski' : Juni- Atfnan, a trunk containing clothing; . Joseph hituUay, Mirhail Burke, I at (I Sam. John ton. a u?gro, st ith assault mil hMleri** were ditcbtrgnl. Urn | Mniikritpl hltl, SOUTHERN DISTRICT OK NKVV YOYK. | ( harles Wilson anil John W ilaon, (( hnrlr* W. ami Son) ililtilh rs. Brook I) n, compulsory. on applii"' ion ol ' Samuel R. Pay n cr, to w hom th< j ow <: ovi . and alios "v ' j V>"0, Junel. Bn?hrml Birch, (Into W'arrinor & Bitch) merchant*, June 7. Solomon Warriner, Jr., do. do. Junr 7. F.i Thoma* ThomM, Jr., builder, Now York. Juno J. *7'J Ann F.liro Rtiiael), hoarding houic krcf>rr, New York, mfxjj Junr 7. it,, | Samtit l Towner, hakor. Now York, June*. in* r William OSaiilt, Brooklyn, June 7. _ it mt Samuel Das i?, merchant,tNess Y ork.'Junr 7. _ " r ?' .l:imi * W. Hair, giju ral ngenl, Vrss 1 ink, J'"tr ' l? |.? JoM'ph Tinkliard. (latr firm Tinkhnm k Mart) iff. M|r rhanta, Nrw York, Junr til. will! William I.j on, New York. Junr 7. Marcus F. Ih>.!grs, (latr firm Phelpn,' ranratnl Hodges) New York, June 7. '-I LB. Price Two C?n(?. Stkam Sun* MtavvA*, hence, arrived ut Halifax the :id iii it., ill company with the Britannia from lot Oil. The Xew Jeroy pilots piloted JO vea? !.h out c| the harbor of Xew York (Juries ihi* last :>nth, and brought in G5, of which 57 were boarded t of sight of Sandy Hook. Mre learn that tin* ?.ird of Commissioners liave suspended one ot th? lots, John Fitzgerald, for inattention to duty uud sobedience of orders. \ kky htsi i-iio.u Yihc.ima.?'1 he news from Virnia by the last mails, leave it no longer doubtful at the loeofoeos have earned a majority of the oust* of l)elegates, and will obtain the ascendancy the Senate, which last year \vt\, tied. r.ovKit.NoR of Coxxia net !?( hauneey F. Clevend has been elected Governor of Connecticut by e Legislature. He received 139 out of 207 votes, in. S. Ilolabird has been eleeted'I.ieut. Governor. >th democrats. Canada Ma u.s.? The I nicorn has coiumcneed lining between Quebec and I ialifax with the mail >tn England. Navaj..?The I'nitcd States ship Preble, wa-. at ibrultur on the 6th of April. 1'ack!:t Sim- Rum u s, hence for Livcmool. with ty-five cabin passengers, was spoken on th?* I9ih abreast of the Sherries, by the steam ship <"alonia. "iiatiiam Tnr wni:? The Vvaudevilles that have en produced this week have had a most suece-srun. <>n Monday next, " London Assurance" is be brought out in a style heretofore unequalled, rs. Thorite, in ths part of Lady Clay Spanker, pported with a powerful east. This evening the rfortnanees consist of ''Clari," "Charles II.." d " Brother Ben." Most plac: of public atnuseent evince the pressure incident upon rent day; it so, however, with tie* Chatham, where the enrpri/.e of the manager meets its reward. Imi'oktant to the Lajuks op Lxtkkmf. Fashion. The attention of ladies front the south or those of ir city, who elaitn a knowledge of tasti in dress, ealled to the new and benutiful article of wear* X apparel recently introduced by Meyers. Pattbon d Noe, for ladies bonnets. They arc calculated supercede the use of Leghorn and 1 raw nlntos* tirely, being more desirable, li i , and far nmre nutiful in texture .and finish. f shion of our v have led the way in their introduction, and as" who desire an article perfectly new and unique style, ean obtain the in only at Mrs. Hassell's, 7 Broadway, Mrs. Pratt's, corner of Broadly anil] Blecckcr streets; Mrs. Kngel's, Broadway iovc tirund, and at Madame Duell's and Mrs. ishinitn's, also in Broadway. Kiigllsli AdvertIwciur lit. [OTIC E TO RAILWAY TRAVELLERS. ANDERTON'S MOTET,, No. Kit FT TILT 5TREKT, LONDON. AYIllliwii MfiiilJiir. Propria-1 or, 'turn* Lis thank* t<> tin- prol< rf.ionil an.I commt-rcia! santJe*n, and the. public tor the Lh. nl ?upin?t in* iia.i tcci timI ico occnpyiit^ the a! n r.ininl Hot#), and hoy en by unre* fliiu <tt< titi< t? to tct?vu tJ.c | a rtfita < tilthto i;enc rnu-.l ord"d. W. If. Ltsurna hii j?at. m? rh-t r.o ?*n?l< aror* si'if I sparcl ti? prom. : u- their cunfort, L.ntrs hi tins It tint it nn rump* t?* with liijn rvs l'.?i ax W'Sih f and incls, it !m infr his nhiiiuti to |irornrf the fhon o t for thn (uctmI of his supporter*, r?;ul con hirtinK busiw.s 011 tho -r.t liberal *v*Tt:iri. 'I'll" daily hill ot lira, ront unim< th? ntc*t Tnricty, rombioetl with mod. ration of pric? *, ran nor ! ^iviui; ;? n' vilislartion. WrcAkta. t* (plain) 1* 3d e*?ch; L'inkr* 10* Gil piruaik. l'liblic Meeting uuu Committm )om*. a'.'S 1m* iV THE l'UEISlDENT OF JE UNITED STATES. S Pursuance of the Law, I JOHN T\LK!l, President of tin United States of America, do lit ri te, declare and inakn inwn, that public *ah-? will be held nt the ittidennenfioiiud nil office?, in the Stale of Illinois, at the period* lien itmftor ?*ignated, t?> i\ it : At the Land Office nt Dixon, commencing <>n Mondav, vim irtieth day of May next, for the disposal of the Public Lands illiiu the limits of the undermentioned townships, to orthvf the lime Line, and Kmt of the /'tmv i/i Piimipai Meridian. Township fwrnfy-one, of ian;;e *it. Township twenty-one, of ranee seven. Townships 1st nty-two, twenty-Hirer, twenty-five and lwenseven, ?1 range eight. Township twenty-two, twmtyfive, and twenty-seven, of ice nine. Townships twenty-three, twenty-five, and twenty-eight, of me ten. rownshins twenty-five and twenty-eight, of range eleven. \L<?, at the same place, mmnicuciin; < ii Monday, the twen(It day of June next, for the disposal of the pnhlie lands withl.l?e limits of the undermentioned townships, to w it : tilhnf the rinse Lint, cud Past of llit I'ourlU Principal Meridian. Town: hip twenty, of range .i ;. Township twenty-two, of range seven. i'owiuhips twenty-one, twenty-four, and twenty-six <>f rang# m. Town-hips twenty-three and twenty-six, of rsngr nine. Township* twenty-two, twenty-four, and tw< nty-six, ofrangs ,i. Town ;h?|w twenty-six and twenty-seven, of ranee eleven. Also, the fractional hrrtion ?ei i ntern, in tnwiishipsv venteon, range two, west of the fourth principal meridian, slnnd* numbered one, two, three, and four, and part of is! 1 number five, lying in Rork river, within the limits oflownp forty-three, north of range ? i.< , cast of the thirdprincipal rid kin. 0 I he east half of the sotithea t quni1?r of the section sever.n, an die \y? t half the southeast rptartei of section thirty, lev iisliip thiitytwo; of ring' ? in , w? stof the third piiitrip i( ridivi. Vt tin Land Office in Chicago. rommeneinir i n M.nrUv th* lit clay ?d June ne xt, for the- disposd of tin* public vithfhe limits of the uiulermt-nticm d town hips and fnctioh d vn?hipx, t<? w it irth of the Hate Line, and Eatit of the Third Meridian. r<>\vtw*lii|i thirty-eight, of range i<. fown-diiplhirt)-n,. lit. of r n'^p vi-n. rown*hii?s thirty -?ig|?f, tliiit vni.c, am! f. rfy : rj rrt t!i?? .t half, of the southeast qnsn-t^r. lit*- r.-r balf nr. 1 n rtnw> u liter </l the: northeast quarter, and Uip n<"t.h hillnfthe n<?rt).*f quarter, in r.rrtion Unee, in township thirty-nii*-, of bt. IV wnship forty-five and township fort)- *, lx>rlcrin^ on i !om,4ih[Territory of range ten. roWM.l.ips f.trtv.four and fort,-five, and t< -.Trid?ip, rib-ring on Wixkoutan Territory, of ram ?-l? cm. lections one to ?ix, iiirlinivr, in tow ii-diip lori, frac tional tnthip forty-one; flm n itln ait quarter of section ten, iu vtuhio fort)-thr* < .mil lV.k t .wndn, - fort)-four, tortyp, an ' forty-six, In r b ring on [, M Mi. !.i. ?n, ci pt the itli half of M'ctic n seven in fractioiui town-drip loily-one, of ye twelve. Kt the Land Office at K*?J-a*!<ia, rommer dug on Morula 'went>-si vriii'i day of June next, for the dispu..i| cd' the hlic land within tin- limits of th underim .itinu'd l-diitidx, iati (I i: tlie MLM-tipi I river. viz nth of the Haue Jj'ne and IfVlf if the Third Principal Meridian. uland number tw nty-nine, in tow tisliip *. venn.tef n, of on* ire, anil tow n?hijo *nt; ? n and \? nf'?n of rnn two. eland numher tw? nty-ti/ht, in lowuahips xixtei r? r.nd si v. nn, of run^e two. > 11 ut 1 mini hep thirty, in tnwnaiiip seventeen, of rantre tv * I. i r i <1 nunilar rightff n, in l<>wri*hius ten end eleven, of g# ihrri and I'nor* and i* nnmle red ninotm n, in tostn-hip n il, oi ra.u'? I 'm. hinl an id uul. not nnnib"reu, forntin seetiott* uteri and r i'/htr< n. in tow nnhip i :ev. n, of threi and arei ions tHi*lvi and thirteen, in towii.?.h;n eleven rlltfe four. land number twmfv. in towtHhip twelve, of ran?* tlirec , townships . ! %? it and twelvi . ol* ranker four. I nd iinmb* i twi nty-1 ne, iii town-dops tw elve and thirteen, mufe three, land* numhi r twenty-three and twenty-four, respectiveMrnnnx part* of Umfwtiijn thirtec n and fnarie? n, of mrun I nd* numher twenty-two end t*v?nfy*iciv, iti towndiip Msi, of range rhr? e, and inland number (m nty-r.i \m, in town* > witei n, of ranees two mid three. land number u um ? n. in t..w nxliip nine, of range four, land numher twenty-five, in township fourtee n, of rung* n id number sixte* n, in township eighth, of range five, land numher fifteen, hi tmwri*litp seven, of range eight, land* number twelve and ll.irlec n, iu township *ii, ?>f ran^e hat part of island number four, forming parts of section* nd twi ltr ; and i*btnds fiiimber five and ?:*, in towiuhip . range eleven. I .nd unmber *? v< n, in tow n hip two. of range twelve, uumber eight a, in tow mhip two and f(tree of ranges icn ami twelve. 1 ?nd numre r eight h, in tow nxhip two, of ranrr even, iland numher rle\? n, in tow n hip thiee "f ; ,rivf ? h mi. :|nnd* number idn< md ten, it? peetivid) t -nnu g parts. I rvthips thr? e .ml fonr, of range rh ? iland uutnher thlrt\-one, in t- u n. of rang ? u ^ en. inds appropriated b. law forth' use <.i xebool*, mtlit\ry cr ' r I'Urpr^cn, w ill 1>? i xi lu'ied IT* in sal'', h sales will -*rl. h ki . t op-n !; two l.s, (uMevs ti?e U are soonei dis|?osed "J.) and no ,? ? r; and r.i pnv%|p eu* of land in the township- so offered w?.l lu- admitted, until r the eipirition el tin* two w??!<s. Ciit? ii under no hand, if tin * if) of V \-hington. this twenty-ninth day ot January, Ann ? l)'>rni;\. V. \ JOHN TVLK1L llv Vi rtitJ' ::t ' K. M. HI NTINOTON, Cmiimi- ion?r c,l th* <h m ml I. mil OfTirr. sotrrk to rnn.kmrnov ( laim vntt. r. i p.i.--ni rlaiini.K til* ruhl r>f pr m|ti in 11 Unil in if (I < i >wn:.hi|? Ir.iitnaU'd in thi? rroel'.inttinii, in tirto* pr< ,i?ion? nt" thr .rt of R.I Jimr, IKPt, iv rttmrffl inJ fir.I by thr ?rt of l?t Jiu.r, Into, or c I tU< pro?i.imi. "f litrrr vi, nr that of thr ith Srjitfnih. r, mil. raeli yramrrta.n nriftlr ?r? to anoO.rr ,.n.l lifT'-rriit clr*" "f < ' ir' ?. Iiir.tril to prnrc thr lattir 11 tl.c ?i.'iafvtion of tin It. . i I.I K? rpirrr of tin ,...r |,i ..l (nr.. < , ami n.ulo payt.n nt for, aa anon a? pranticabl* all. r arninf thi? noticp, an.l ? thr day .appnhitad for thr r<..nni*nrcmrnt ot tli?- p''ih?* UnH. ;w alto,. .If.ittwitd ; .iil.rl*i,t mrh rlaitna )>? forfaitril. K. M. Ill NTIVflTON, r?mmHni.>n*r of the Ch-tmral Kami (Vfip., I It inJwil wota ij|J.

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