Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1842 Page 1
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TH1 Vol# VII.?Ko. WlioU So. 3030. UfEV/ LINK Of UVBRFOOL PACKETS, jill'rvja Yoxk ou llu <!Mli ii. i ??u tl.o 13iJi of cJcti month. i$L & ?z& iMt I-'H 4 M \E? ^ OKK. Ship SlIK.niDAN. <:?!>!.lilt K. A. I>? >f y-iter, Sfith May. I si -1 ,\ 1 : .i 1u 11 u' 1' >>.i <i.> W>11 xLi.l.iv- vArli Jti'ic. Ship UOSCIl'H, Captain Johu Collins, 2Mh July. Slnp hIDDUNS. <i<tdi'i K. B. Cobb, Mth August. i-'hom Livtm iol. Ship SiDDONS, Captain K. II. Cobb. l th June. , Slut. SMKKIDA... Captain V. A. Il.i.eyster, 13th Jeiy. SHiiii (JAKHK K, < i i un \\ in. tJth August. Ship ROSCIUS. ( i .tin J-iSn ColhtK, I : li September. 'f lir*r jhiiu art all ol'the tirel cl?-?, upward* ol IUU0 tun*. iu th? city of New York, with such imisuviiucuu n* combine Kieil s|wed Willi unusual comfort for iis-uengcrs. Every care hi* b#oii taken iu tb. arrangement of their accoininoilauoiM. The pac t- of pi.iiagtJ lionet? L Slt'O, for which ample store* will be provided. Those ships arc comn. mded by vxnern utrd masters, who v.ill tnuko every exertion to give general satisfac- | t i -> t i ..... N' ither the captain* or owners of inn ships will he raxpoiedblr for any IrtU'i , |<arceU rr package* sent by ilium, unlc-s rr- i gular b"'L of lidin'; jure signed therefor. The? .lips of thin line will hereafter go Aimed end their peculiar colin true I ion gives them security uol possessed by any oilier but vessels of war. j or freight 01 paansfe. uprjvto E. Iv. COLLINS it CO...AG South St., New York, or to WM. be J AS. BKOWN 6c I O., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 12,ljc.nU pur single sin ct ; 60 cents per ounce, and newspapers 1 ceil each. u?7 NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. _ (SF.COXD LIXE.) 1 .Jib JH; . The ships of thb ImexwR hereafter leave New Vo" k cm the ' Kt and Kavro ou tim lGth of each month, as follow* : ' /Vow Xew York. From Havre. . The new *h:p ONEIDA, ( 1st March ( 16th .April Captain \ l*t July \ l?;th August James Fund:, f 1st Novcmberr ir.tli December Ship BALTIMORE, I 1st April i !f?th May Captain < 1st August < l?;th September ( Edward Funck, f l?t Duccem'rf 10th January BhinUTICA, * V 1st May i lGth June Captain \ 1st Septemb*r\ 16th October I Frederick Hewitt, ( 1 t January ( ICth February New shipSl'.NICOLAS, l 1?! June I ftjlli July Captain \ 1st October < lGth Nov. mbrr. J. li. Pi ll, I I/it February ( ICtu March .The accommodations of the?e ships hic not Kurpa?<M.MI, combining ail that may b?* required for comfort. # The urice of cabin passage is $.?<i. P'asenir. rn will be supplied with every re9 qimite. with th'1 exception of wiuu* and liquors. 1 Good* intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the subscribers, free from any other than the expenses uctu.tll, inclined on them. For freight or pmsage Hindv to BOYD & HInCKKN, Agents, ; *R 9 Tontim , ^ nfw (mu.:-;\ns. LOUiHfANA AND^NEW YOllK LINE OF PACKETS, r Jot 0& ^,.?. ??k, ; r or the bt-tter . ...noaaoon sliij.; ri-*, it i* mt^ i dr*.?itch t. ?liip tii J on < or lit.' 1*!, itli, Hl'h, lMli. 'JOtli, .iiiii ' M't!i of tsrh miiiidi, 'Ri'nruc'ii'^.tlie 10th October and cotilimi- 1 iuAi miiil M'.y, whoii iv-jular ?ljy* will br appoimeil for the ri- < miiii.l: r of tin* yi*.r, \y)ii*r<*by dolays and di* ijijuinruunt i will b< yr. vented dn.iiu* l!u; .niinmrr monllu. The following lii).-. will oommriici* Ui'. lriaii^i-iiiriit : Siiip VA/OC), CantHin Coriirll. Ship OCONHK. apuin J i.-k?r.i?. Shin MISSlSSli'l'l, (' iptain Milliard. Miiji LOUISV'ILLK, Gij.tain lluut. h lup SHAKSl'EARE, C.vitaiu Minor. ' Ship OASTON. OnrtM1! Lailiam. i Khi . IHTNTSVll I.E. C'titain Mnnford. i Shi;. OOr.Tl.fiKi:, (Viptain L^.iviit. i Shiji NASHVlLLk'., Capt?in Jlinkiiuou. Ship MEMBnlS, Captain Knitfh;. Ship I.OUISA, Captain .Mnllo.d. , .hi;"J wore all liuiit in tin* oily of Now Vorlr, Orprosa. i y for packets, are of light draft of water, havo recimtlv lteoiv | wly coppered in splendid or.lor.witli accominndaii'in* or pruiieager* nnerjiaiUcd for comfort. They are command'*d i by experienced masters, who y ill make every exertion to yiif g ncral aMi'faction. _ They svill at all time, lie tnxved tip wid < down the Misiiati, pi by ?:<*amiioats. Neither the owncrx or i tptain* of these ships will h? re ;poo*i1.1c fcr jewelry', bullion, proeiout slonos. siller or i . .. I ware. ?r for any letter*, unreel or package, lent by or put o.i bum el ot { them. uhVm regular bill* of U.lun; arc taken for tin tutr.r, .ad t tin- value thereon eipres?eJ. r Kor freight or ji*** ore, apply a E. K. COLLINS St CO., y, Snnth at., or 11ULL1N f\ WOO OR! FF, Ajent m New , Orleans, who will pMtnptly all goods to the ir nddrea*. The snip* of this line are warranted to tail nitnctu ally a? ad- l vrrticed, nnd great care will be taken to have the goo I* correct' It memurcd. ml s spjZ&vy 1 Mmk STEAM NAVIGATION BETWEEN ANTWERP . AND NEW YORK, VIA? SOU T1IA if I' TOX. > BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN. M. M. KraNF, COMMAVDKB. The day* of departure of this well-known Steamihip, l.avf , been fixed as follow*: 1 From Antwerp. From Southampton, Front New York, On nil Slav. lf.42. On ?lh May, IhU, On 7tli June, Itirfi I ito?. 10th July, " 7:h Aug., " < 7 th Sept, 11 loit, 11 7th Out., " Price of leuiap', rocaL not iu-ludcd, to Southampton <* Antwerp, 570?ate ward's foe*. $2 6!V? The met!* wiil be nerved tut board, on the | lan of a continent:'! hotel, in the l?e?t manner, arid at haetl and moderate prieea. Families or parties i may contract for the voyage with tile Steward. A_ vapvnenceU Surgeon on board. I For freight or paiaage, or an further itiformatton, apply to H. W. T. it H. 1IALI, Agent*, a?2t;m*r ;! Beaveritnwt NEW YORK AND NEWARK? f ! t-T71 ^, From the foot of ComtUndt rtwiot, New Yoik. ' (EverytUy?Santlaynj. eptetl.) . l.-avee New York Leave* Newark I At r. A.M. At 2 r. M. At 7-A A.M. At I'd P.M. , it do. 4 do. 9 do. 3', d ?. 1 II 4S? do. 10>g do. V* tic. , C do. 7 do. 8 do 10 do. ON SUNDAYS. Fiom the tact *1 Liberty atrret. t Lew# New York, Leave N: war't. V '! A. M. nr. I i'. ih M. Ar t i'. M. a I lu f. M. NEAT YORK. ELIZABEY HTOWN. RAilWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. , Fare reduced. , Fom the foot of Liberty itreet, d-ilv. _ ? Leave New York. Leave Now Bnmiwick. At !) A. M. At 'ifj A. M. 4U I'. M. 1 P. M. , SQjIERV ILLE Slai'M conn-ct wi:'n tlune line* each way. Kale between New York no ! 3omerville, .VJ cent*. Do do New lliumwick, **3 cent*. Rihway. 60 cents# FJizabetritown, . 26 cent'. r - Thl" fare in the 7.7j A. M. train f.aim New Brnn-vriek, and , T. SI. tr.tiu from New York, h '* been redticttl between New York nnd New Brunswick, to 60 cent*. " and Ilahway to 37,l? " T Tlip riiiladelphin tnail liue p n*c* through New Brunswick for New York t very evening at 9 o'clock. Gn Sundays the 7J? A. M, trljo from New Brnoswick It omitted. 1 Passengers who procure their tick .U at tin; ticket nlTier, r<- 1 ceive a ferry ticket grail*. Ticket* nr.! received liv tl. cob- i <! <'11?r mily en tti" '!a-.' w hen ;. !ieh i! !. feoll 3a>* lail'i >|*T \ NT 1 (> WEiYfEK A MERCHANTS. ! RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE c Kor the Transportation of (tvUxLi between i'hiiailelnhix ami > Kit : I This improvement in trinsp aiVd.l.d Wpai'-m fi chanU peculiar advantages. The jjoodt 1?m?i ' care fully puked \ in the Goal i at ? ur ware house, .No, .ki'i Marke: Must, ?ir** ctr- .1 ried over thv Columbia ind lint?.*" ilnilv. *> * without trvi- h shipment. Cara'tl chj-t inn ami news ;?-< employed, wJ?o uke (. rn.irsn ot* the ?00<i.s ht l'hiladel| hin, and rontiiuie v. ith them tii.; entire rout.-, thus avoiding delay* and the liability of lots I beiufcT separated on th* way. | p N. 11.? I'Wbt ii/<*.:; f. rwarJed to ritUburg and I\ iLniilc, cti - . ji r/ibiy, bii.w i/> t xcei'tcd. ti If RTnTtlf t I . c!2 3m* 7 VV tshiMj'.cn %t. j ~ iiAJLiioAiJ \OTIOK. " f; MARKET AND lT.EItiHT LINE. I, I? NEwBtTT \ >VV It i\ An I) niAV \ukk . rpIlE NEW JI'jliMFiY Riilr'"?l and Tnii'^rt tlmi Lom? . 1. A ptiiv liaTe r?t?bii#hrd r. F-uht Line ! ? twrea ?w- 1 ft run* wick and Nov York, which tin-y intend to ru21 prvfiM* 1 * u< UtI/.( t ( L^avia* New\ ?t 5 A. M. diilv, (c ind^y* *- ? CfT?rcd) and th* U- ' r.f Liberty ^tr^ct. N-w V L at 7 !'. 'I. ' r?> country dealers and mer hanu tn?* aNm* I. ? i . v. ry '' aimhh* lor ihi- fprody nun c>.? tp conveyvice ol j 1 .. h.k's( or every, <le*erij t: u, and tv. pai'ic i:u!v to l)rovci? ?'d iK'Mfi. in Live H ; w !i r .',?h\*e 150 he lu of ? 111' r .n?? % \ between Nrv. Brim >>ick hud N? w York, the *.:;?< day whenever r?<r ir \. r The r\* 3 P r fhf frv.r*pr .'iti *i of h<7r*?'*, fTV.thil, ?h?M p, hops, Sc?-. ml r,:| < lu kin ? of rnetvinriduc are very . low, never exceeding ttcamtwit. pr: es. Menlmndhe -???r by rhii iin ii not subject to any extra 7 chirge in crojunm; lUe idorth Ilivcr. The C^mp"1 iy h.v*c firt- i up 1 !-ruv store V ine at Mew / 13 run wiek, ath-'iniiuc the It?iho?d Depot, which will always * #rr>f*n (or the re e opt ion f?f niorrHan?li??*. Vx*\riw<-n pur twuin r their liokeU at the ticket Office*, will ti fr,' ? yrat^u n,!t 3,., - 1 raBlOBT AMD c I AOS TO PTZ r.l- ! ' BtiiU. 111 >. n 1; Thr proprietor! of ninah'O'iN 1'r.tiiNv.irtitint. I,in- r< t'i i-- i to I'll' Mrrrbo't. ol' N.w YotV, nod nhothrr li l? mon, ?hi;a III" in thr that th'ir ii;te i? i;o? iiiiriii. > iwrfttior <1 )<li J to iliepi (or wrul to <u tli?ir ? In.. .1 will 1" (V'nfirtloil villi iRiji'io 0. 1 Owin r? r ?h'r;" n of c -R, df?tineil for 0.i> Tv'. ?? rn It i'lt.KM. who hsr, n., err .1 or .:?itcnrr Pitulmrr, will I ! v. - 'riii ten ll: 'ir d* to \Vi!ii?:n !! >,. '?. "u/. ol will Mum] to ?ni| [ ii? kit fur n coii?i|,iimeuU without < A?Uv. ....... All h *liooU l.a mam. .1 .urtmstlr ' r*?n latm?r> < JH.NOHAM'S LINE. , ,. , 1 fm ralr? of frc.<lit, which att fts low w 'ny nth. r I Tllr ? ? \VM. TVS(1\. An n'. ol No.!) Vi'r .t "iroi t, . p..-.i'r I'ir r No./, N.l!. T) F iXPuf. nfuwanl d to ttttnl.ui; mil P. tunllr.M.rr oi ii.i{Inn-Uy* f -?o(?d. ? ? ltrf?r lo I?, t'lofifc* Amo-i"-"I '"o Co.; P. T. .no ll Kn?ut!!reet: Pir I **, fl ?.1' * m. ( Fult???i ?lr t ; I ur y i r<*?k < ? ; Wi; . fliuUin, I);: * ,< C "*. h w u ... u:i? 7 n > "" fT i'OWMi i, ,v ci?7;a i.i u;. i .f ->-* s?1 FOH NRWBiruon. Ian '.in r *' C VI.0- .. .1, -ii?LC Rf;.|T p?|\ T NI) iR> R '-r' :z HI Sll.-Ti.n i,,mli. u \ \i?K!l. i i. ' i. II. I'. ;l W . lr. wiR I. i-tin I. ." of Whin. t, No-V Vr.rlt, t i '.' .Molt i t . T: ir 1 : iv ami S ituril ly all- r i .lit r, M t o\:h**k. Hottirnin .', thn Hila?J*r w ill h . N \ r vrwy ty in...:.ou *t ti uVlock, ami lnolt) tuui KaiU) ItnmooB at "m/cIvcU. For I'r. irlit or | *.? u:.'. apjilv t" t o" r'| tain on r. ir I. >. 11.?All lo:.":'. nit'l fr'i.'iht of ori-rr rlrNr. i,iti n, Lrnli I I ill. or Nitroir, | 'it on hoard thia ho*', mil -t ho al il.r ri-'r of |l|. < wo. n thrrcol, anUai a bill of Udin* or tecript u ?i,iinil for p tiir taioa. mil S NE1 MAIL LINE Ti > BOSTON JIA KOI \VICH A \i> U'Ollt l^TKR U.VILKOAD. Tha ut CHARTER l) vK. uu K.,.u., mil l.fa?,'.<;*ury Wo"Uv. \V . .!: s.1 .. | FAUv :.i>. n-.-oii. at live o . lock, from I-;, r N.-. I, N. -rh liner, 1!.rt -,. I'l ier. rhf ?1.-?iu1h> t U OUCESTLlt, I .,1. I .til, villi Icareere, P' i uciiliv, riiursda., and Sinn, lay alt, moon, at io'clockfrom pier Nt>. I, .V It., II tt-rv iMvuht taken lt> tii.- itbwv j l if.M, No fi rry ch.ii;i! of cars on ihij route. Tickets can be oblamed and berth* secured at ADAMS x CD'S EtprtivjOflk?, ?? No. 7 Wall street. i- \ BE REDUCED TO (A CENTS. &TATKN INLAND FfiUUY. Foot of Wi.ial.all ?tn>< t. ^^jr. The .teamen STAT F.N ISLANDER a.. I hAMSON will run av follow., unul further notice : ? LrIV.4 Stateli 1?1jiiJ I. at fee New Yolk. At 7*i o'clock A.m. At 11 o'rloak a. M. | " "J " " " 9 " 10 " " " 0 " " " 12 " " "11 " iit " .. at. "2 " r. M. " 3 " " " 3 " 11 M 4% .. .. It J .1 I. f (0 " " 44 G 14 "t N. B. A: 1 cooiU aripnnil ar?? rvjairr-.l to be particularly it irked, and .. at the .? -k ; i \ tiei. ?!i i PE( >PLK* I I IKfE FOB ALBANY, Aud inlen irdiMs place*. !'r?tn the Birr foot ot j ? mr ^)* 1 fiutl lU'lt Mrr-?? Fare SI. * The In OK'I'll A.MKH1CA, Captain M. H. i'iu*>dei!, leavs n? r.huvr on Tuesday, Thursday and Satur* lay afteruoons, at A oYlorlr. For iu\+*n?v or freight, ipidy on board. or to l\ C. srilTTLTZ, , At the otAcc on the wharf. N B.?All kinds of propelty taken ouly at the risk of the ?wner* thereof. i * .. ,s?1 THE RAINBOW MOliNING LINE 1 r ?'jyLrz-~*& ALU A "n V. Tin. low T>r ssure Steamboat fT-^T. K AIM BOW. will ! ? . il,.. f.? ; ?f K itrcet, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 o'clock. m5 hn*r iS. ml & & 'A89AOE FROM ENGLAND, IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES. DERSONS dcsirou* of making eugarem*ntN for fri? nds to L emigrate from the Old Country to me Uni;-- I Sf.f and irho may wish to secure for them df.apatch and comfort blc accommodation*, will find it th fir to apply to the subicriher*, who are at all prnyired tn make Mich arranpntntia* will guarantee 4alisUciion. Thy v\mjc!s cmv,??>*:rt, his line are all of thefirrt elu*. on.* of which leaven Liverju. i weekly, consequently all delay at th jm t of embarkation is ivoidfd. As ha* !.hvv4 been ciutni, hi y v?i:!i this I in**, when .hone settled for dcclitie coining mc , the posspite mojey is rounded, without :-*.ny <i 'dnctioii. per meimer from the rarioos ports of Ireland and Scotland, can likewise be secured. For further particulars apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old E,tablLl?ed Passage Office, 273 Puail St., Or to C. OTU MSI I AW Si CO. 10 (rui'B Pinz&ts, Liverpool. Exchange or drafL^at *ighf. and for any amount, ciu likewise >e furnished on the N itinnU Dink of In land. Northern R inking 1 o.; Nation d isauK ot r?eo' tuu, nav a me *i an incir icsiicc* :iv* branch- nbio. on 1%. C. Glyu Co., Danker', Louuin, nul C. Grintshaw Si Co., Li very 00!. iti3 ltn*c Afigr OLD LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS? ^t^fJJM^Rejruljr Packet of the rnh /la',?The s; I tidid well tsfjjinown fist sailing 1 i- k-. t sitiu COLUMUUtf, Ca|? rata Cole, will sail positively on Thursday, the Hili imt., fier regular day. Her accommodations for cabin, second cabin and -t cra^c passenger*, are wei! known to !> far superior tto any other. For.lerin* ofpaasagc, apply on board, loot of Deckm-11 street, )r to ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO., Y> Fulton at. next door to the Fulton B ml.* Persons desirous of senJiti ; t? the old count rv lor their 'rtciidiican brought out in the Columbus sailing from Liver>ijc1 on the 7th Jtilv. or in a:r. of the packets cotnipisin-; he Old Lino, sailing from the above sort punctually on the 7th Hid 10th of each month. For teinis apply esabove. u ;.r FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Reeul 1 Pe ket MKafifV'0^ 27 th May?Tin* splendid packet ship SHERIDAN, :*kj\jjrJ^Cal.tain F. A. DepuysUr, cf 1*00 totu, veil! ?iil as iL()ve,lier regular d.t>. For freight 01 na,.*a,e, having accommodations unequalled fur iidcmlor or com fort, an l> on hoard, .it Orleans wharf, foot of wall street, or to H. IC. COLLINS L CO., 56 South street. Trice of nosiire $1 . The picket 3iip% GARRTCK, Captain W. Skildy, of TOO oiii, will succeed the Sheridan, and s ol 2jlh .June, her ro&uiar lav. Passengers may rely upon the ships of tliis line sailing punctually m advertised. iW FoYl LI V El< POOL?Now Line?Reenlnr P^rUet V?f^vi?W0f 25th M.iy?Thesrlendidpacket ship SHERIDAN, jyvj . jC?Ca,?t. F. A. Depvyiter, of Iluj tOU?, will sail oa kh >vc ,i r *?n;uur d iy. The freight cr pasci^r, having accommodations un^nalled Tor Hi>lend.?r or romfort, apply 011 bo,aid at Orleans whojf, foot >f Wall slrcct, or t?? E. K. COLLIN S &. CO. aC Souiii street. F.nre of nasnaxe 5T.0. 'i'iic pacuet slop Ginach, Cant. Wra. Skid ly, of 1000 tons, will succeed ill2 Sheiiden, kiid nail the 27th June, her regular lav. Passengers may rely ou the sld|?s of tliis line sailing put^rtui)iy a.* advertised. m2 FISK98 C( IMBINED SUMMER BAKER AND COOK STOVE, FOR COAL OR H OOD. A ATWOOD, Patsittee?Prices from $6 30 to f^l2.?The A. liner, furnace ;. id front of this Stove ij made of cast iron, md his a lar*" lire' ?>vft? attached to it, tvhich will do ire)le the cooking of the largest, >izyd /'i-linarv* f\>ok Stov-'i.? x iic onii' " 01 liie urnuc? wui aumi. a uoiicr i . .iniring si* ails, or fifteen fraUoii.*, and by the use of the division plate, iottl- * suitable I'T boiling four_ different dishes; in addition to ill this, two f-.nU tir n large piece of inerg may be rua.- t ! in 'Wm and all u<?n?j with lei* invi J cents |*r day?for proof of which we refer to iLoj<j whn have m- d them. FISK'S Stove Establishment, I'tiJ Witter street. Read the following certiorate*, in addition to which oyer two .undred more ran be en by ctlh.i^ T the store, FISKhS Stove K*t:dj|i?hrv>tnr. <1 Winter street, New Yohjc, M Immii street, Sth April. 1312. Messrs. Fisk, CO'J Wafer street?Am . the rarit fy 01 Stores vhieh have come t-? my ; ?>(!? , the one I t urclr. ; frr.?n you ncrits a decided prefen .i>\ I hive used it dorian all the scions, and wuuld most cheerfully recommend it to the publi , a in my opinion susceptible of ii ) improve in* n? for simplicity >r economy, an I worthy of more praise than c.ia be appreciated vitbout a trial of it, 1 am. with respect, yours, fee. A. TRRKINS, Putor of th~ Berean (13 iptist) Church. Mr. Fish, ?<)D Water street?The Summer Stove \vhi? h 1 I Hire based of you l ist spring, I lure hid in use till now id that may be done by it, lor it-, economy. Suilice it to >nv, hat with an occasionally etba (ire, we h ire cooked for from 5 to i?err.rms, w ith t uuu;li U?? fuol to save more ihiuti, rice ol the store. MRS. fiUKL, Oti Fulton street, March 25, I?l2 a!5 In r^AV, NL'.WHLL At DAY'S PATENT PERMUTATION BANK LO< K.?Bunker- and others may place iitplieit confidence in the above Lock ivi being the best and .n?*?r in use. Any p rson may h;?v? the key IV* a whole day ii make a f.rc si'tulic i.y, without tie- slightest chance of ?pe;#?.ip it, ?fi? r a chang" b >.* b- en made in s* tring it. Ode r uan^e able Jocks are liilde to h" | ieked by persons who inay -c thr Uv,as w n the ease recently when the ( onu/in thai woiik invente d by Dr. 8<doinon Andrews. of Perth Ami*>y, s J., w hich was up.m the ratiU of the American Kvehntgc Jri'k in W dl ireef, was picked by Mr. Henry C. Join *, of >V wrpk, N. L, in presence of the officers of several Banks in lis cUv. The same Lock was siterwards ante Jo D?. An* .t v. s, who rut in lit w works of \ more ilifficuII mtnre to set;. but \vhi7n Mr. Jones readily opened. He upon another ci* o n publicly picked at the iiowsi 1 Hotel one ul* tie <-oinmatin Locks, such a.* arc sold b> the Anierion Bank Lock v .- P S.i>. f I The high reputation of Day, Newell 3t Day's Pcrmnt tion hoik I.o.hi is firmly established. They have invariably &kc?i the high. *t prt iniunii. when exhibit* .1 at tV Fair* llclii 1 !> psew Vpr;<, Boston ; *?*! i niUdetphki, namely I lob! Medals in lie two cities first named^ and Silver, being the highest pre- | litini given in the latter ri. y. Th* e Loci., are made to keys whi h can be rhangyd in ' >rin from one to o:u hundred lie*: tid million different litres, I pon either of which tlmy nr ''qu II' secure tud pro >i'a. nnst j lie attempt., of the moKt skillal ir. ibr should lie tal;e an . ir*|a>fs;.iout or ovenit l.e the key itself, he ooild npt exnect U? 1 pen it dunu; his life, unl* suitie one were to inform him <?f t jii.innrr in w iiieh ti.e lock miglit be changed, after ho ob iae.) posv.v, .ion of the k i OnU is fjr the above Ln? li pr* mptly atb tidcl t > by JOHN ' )A Y, Successor to Day, Newell ix. D ry, No. S3*) Broadway, alb tin . <*J \ NOE OF RE IDENt " ' B 8T< fVENF.L, imy j Orter .'I French wine i, b .< th*' honor of incoming the t ub . i f 111i *. city end his ninn-iotis e.iimtryinen, that he intruds ;mofing his cellar from No. cl N ? oi tA-. r to No. 21 Ami ct'riie. fif N't:, vi, w h,'ie he int *ii']t h ive r.n oji ??rt::>"ut ^ f * be l.:o*.: P?;fect 11 . 1 HIT, and Other >vi , ? of tie- vr best i !i... in b*ui 1; and ha;I b?u?L?. 11 * ill nlvo send out fh" . rtne by Air 'Milon, or by the t\ >i"'\ bottle . to the resident ? !* 2^rsous who mi Ii ?uor biui with their patronage, J. II; v ; - in v ?, I V i?l hLo now !? v? in f >r privvl fiminm. J, B? 8 ' ml will kci s boardin . ind let out in 'v h . ... in rout - f M a < iri n the - il? ... /il'? 11 , >vb* i. tin-re will alnays !?? the first mi?!tt- of ..?,.h V. >. MX Hi. ... > lirtf \ItiU* TOOTH W ASH?!'ri*p-u? I the oritur I n' Oo!l*tr't, New Vrok?The Orrn Tooth | ; 1 ib - , : u ion, pout MM I - , r >; f r- i ! * < f ch uonsf the li tii . hI mouth, n .inir trie ^unu ton fiiithv , an I pr?*\ .ny U!;y 1 n. .n? : iste ??r o<!onr in v* in ?ntli, iriif thrr iri* i!? I font decayed t? eth, or from .? ?lriht.mI -U'.r of the i!on? *h. It udeMjiwd t >1 with a tooth !i, an' v. I I.' found tirwrwri* the ntco?* . <?i a i w.rf ke i?; i iz the teeth < h tn &d prew ntin the w .rin; a* i / f tV fc'ivi* fi >rn tit- teeth. ? j? ?i*ri,il in anr* (,f ' nifty itoriiK tf?< ?n . ' wealth) Oitr, ? ? ! ? .a-.i;.' them t<> cnlru t arooiui the til. In j^infui a!T? tini <r?f t . ' -th and fiim*. an?u- : from ? t ?' I I. it wJl t'- i< mi l hi/hly K**.iflV ??. It i* p*p culvly nervioejhle to u?>* the Orei* 1 ,%oth \V.-??h .<t nirht j?M ^ i fore retiring to rMt. Till* r.*? iho.t it rreonini-ndrd Tiy emi- f ont dentist\ by ao i! >irus 11 p?rticl?? of IVm? I which urn* iu!ate riuiiu; the day ar-* ifii-l. reMoved, < ] the mouth ^ i;t through the nurht iu . ? dcrt t, sorrtf, and henll'iv *tvtr. 71 Sound teeth r.u In hit* tooth are i mott fului ?.*' i < ti rin r poor humanity; bur how xmrr, nrH? rt tV* :t ne%nry tor t!i-ir i r? ic. Tffi .n, # rrn wh< n ?i!rn>un h lb. ill the i" in* needed A'Tiori ' th "if? iri' in v. ol n iw mote |'l I iiif iu effcriii i thm Orii-t To.ivh W.uh-^-it civ nte* and athii.t tn?* t' Ou? ?tn ti?theli9 the i:uni*s, jr.ifi.s i!i?- in ?uth, omI 'r n' 1 " VI*^We rcoommrn i its imp to ill. y?mnx ami ' ldr-[VoM<in Mornin? I'oet. J hr? Orri? li'j'tli W.??hi? tlir \u*$t ilrter;. nt vv. i ?c r u?e?lon hi; t- ii une i.?| j jo* : on Ijunnipt. t h or s ile by tUj.rt iri/nl in tlie . ,|v. nj r New y .f * *-.fl Alvawt fi*7i It.; iT. \ ' JO/K K M Vnkrtn; .. ?!,. Hli-x-l!., :.|. rt ,.f t;,r Virk .i.ji. Al. 1:1. H .ilJl nil Coi>i-,ti)*, ,1;) f | ,on of i ,r, , .? | i VK, . u;i, , i rh, ()( ... N(l> ' " ' ! m ' ">-tn of Jun? n. n. 'f u-VZXY 10 A- 1 1:' i: ' 11' { * "' > !; clo?-i, wjn ' titi ?iv until t it? 7tb ?i ?y of Jnp" *r. t Uv i r b r of |ho II ird. 1 in -tj c JOS. P.. IlLOOMKIkiLD' B^cnury. ? titlO.IMM) l<a Vo 'inn Scunri, ' | ANi'IiD fmin the biij Olil , fr-m I / i... <T - tor ' ...I lit. v, I'-r sale in lot* -ntt ri-.-ln., r., m r.-. t-.i-i,. >,v M. HADKH, 16? hailwm .'Act. * uilV lm* a W YO NEW YORK, MONDAY I OLD POINS | 1?. !'Hli NiAV ?OUK CL'sTUM llO'JSK. a RI'LWKIFS X AN ONI Ol'TDONE. '? IS ntvm-Ccfk St .uVy's ultra,'artian, Knau'ltilqc '' mrt IMen/iiuati >n?Tii committee, knowing the jpMterul desire ?<"> be made acquainted with tin* pro- ^ needing* of the commissioners, and believing that it t was due not only to the Jiuu.-eof Representatives, tl but to the American people, that tibusas should^ be v cxp. *? <], and t'eelintt nix 'its that measures might v t>e taken duri 117 the present session to prevent tiie o recurrence of me deyfudin;; enormities practiced at ti the u w York Custom Hon.- .-, determined to call a on Mr. I'oindexter, on of the commissioner*, and p. to ,-i'ibnut the result of hi* labors to the consideration ti of the House. [Hah!] p O'iI Point (Snwl Opening ii Dirt ISrayaat tl ?Oreo I Disrovcrin in Cart). Ilorui, <?? / tlnir Dri- h rrcs.?First, n* to cartage and labor. The under- f< signed, on his arrival in Now York, ar.d litth " com- o tncncement of tlje iiivratii/uiiotis which he was p charge! to mike, found all the arrangements of the tl Custom House, and most of the officer* thereof,pre- p cisely in the condition in which they had been left e by Jesse 1 lovt, on Ins removal from that office : and fi *o i!c v continued lor several months after the In- s' bors of the commissioner^ began. It will therefore a be <m!y nccev-ary tn look inio the sy.-tein adopted bv lloyt, to show !' < real cluraeter under the new Collector, until a reform win produced, to some extent, by the investigations of the coiiiiiiuuioii rs.? It will he seen that the expenditure of mon"v, by t Jesse lloyt, for cartage and labor, was not only enormous in amount, but applied, as the undersigned believes, to corrupt purpos s and paid out by the order of the Collector, to the accounting officer of the Custom house, without fnnv sufficient voucher to show the actual amount <>t labor performed, or of the cartage for which payment was demanded c and made at the eushier's office. Old Point on ./.>.* Hoyl\s Factotum?F irtntwns in (rnwa!?'llw Fiiclrtum's Character.?He (George A. W'asson) was mad use of 10 go abroad to other cities, and aeivtc goods which had regularly passed t the Custom House, in X"w York, and in short was a sort of factotum of.Mr. lloyt, and in the seizure and condemnation of goods, was one of his standing t witnesses in court, both in Xew York and elsewhere. He is the liiuir; person of whom Mr. Sutul, t Lawrence (of the house of Lawrence, Stone, &; t Lnwrenco) says, in his evidence,' that lie believes him to bo competent, faithful, and upright, in the discharge oflns duties, and thut he shall continue of that opinion until lie i.j proved_ otherwise." The t purposes to which the s"-.-, ices, in and out of the t custom, of thi" individual, George A. Wass in, were applied, und -r the orders and instructions < of Jesse llovt, will sufficiently explain th grounds on which Mr. Lawrence placed ;u high an eutim tie on these services. Oil PoirA further remarks on Factotums?Alt') on Ait' a t on offloads?Old Pains b tea met moru!. It also appe >r? in evidence thnt a great variety of petty fraud? and illegal practices) were perpetrated uy tlii? same individual, George A. Wasson ; and, without entering into a detail of the testimony given before the commissioners cn these matters, ii will b" "iifficient to class them under the general headv ofab fraction of goods from the public store in N:i- vi street, for hi? own u-o, which was done tou considerable extent, as will abundantly appear by the testimony of Floyd 1). Archer, John Scaring, and others : the purchase of goods at the nine months sale-i, Bonietiines in hia own nam?. and sometimes iti the mimes of other persons, of the quality of which goods he had acquired an accurate knowledge, by anpr lismgntid packing them, which , was denied to all other bidders, who were not allowed ei'h -rto've er examine thes" goods when offered -.t auction : the rib-traction of custom house c >al for hi* osvn a -, and the employment of lab. rera, lured and p i I at the public store, to labor for his own ii:we and benefit. Old on the Alorals o/'PiJiib't ot L:irgf~ Yothinst solid of lVi.ur Drinking til the Fit!/ llolei.-rOld Point bcrorncr Poms and Patriot"-?all but hit Eiith' Dollars a. day?Tni? conclusion ia strongly en forced by the mass of evidence taken in relation to th" existence of a custom house tax, regularly levied and paid, in advance of elections for city officers, for Governor and Representatives in th" State Legislature, for Members of Congress, end for President and \ ice 1'residcut of tile I'nited Slates, during the whole p n iod of the two preceding administrations of the Federal Government. This tax whs graduated on a scale corresponding with the salary i c< iv< d by et ch offiet r, nod the importance of ti pending election. sum a rentsnl to pay iMva? uniiv - j. diutely followed l?y removal from office. itv. il! | ubobe neon, by tl i?* report of the surveyor and other evidence, tint numerous officers of the customs ; wer? absent from duty, cither hv the express permission of the Collector, or without censure from j that officer, for weeks and months prior to cleo- . tiona, forno other pttrprre thnn to influence voters, and lend their aid to the snree ? of candid..tea f.i- ^ vorablo to thepirty innow'T, while their snlariesas . officers of the (Sovcrnnient, Bufien d no diminution (| in consequence of il;vir nh. i-nce from duty. It is ,, mortifying to be obliged u> tree the conduct of a ? high tuid responsible officer of the Government to motives so unworthy of the nation lie occupied ; and of th * moral chareeier of the country; but n .i faithful discharge oi'public duty leaves tl? undersigned no idtcrnntivc but to aufmadvert freely on ' oiarial malpractices 30 prosa and alarming, e taWi.-hed as they are by a chain of testimony which , to every impartial min i must he conelu.-ive, | O.'/l I'm nr. rut Her/or Craig?I 'up- n taking?a.ul v Justice? Ol iVoi.vt ! ' irrs o;f Stocrrrtng.?NVarly the |> same remark:- may he applied to tlm principal sur- c veyor of tli" port. I ly'tor 1 'r tig ; who being n pap'-r y tuuntifaetur r. supplied his own dcjwirtm mt with .| papiT, amounting iri the whole to $l,ta4H, diirm:; Ins j. term of office; and what i< still more", ,, the hills were made _ out in his own name, at tlv ? foot of which Iv cerliii-' l, under his own signature, | that the amount was "just;" and, without any other tj evidence of tl;"ir accuracy, they were audited and <| paid at the cuttom home. w Oil Point on tin' P: i - !' Pan / of Official j) (' rm/iion -OhI I'mi.g Ifimwa cronmmral, mid tl drinks inter for tl" </ without Iran'u. Sil m in a trouble ot tlne fivt.?Trout a review of all the ovi- rf d ue's taken on the seVect of s! ?tion?rjr, both : ? to M tptanfity and price, th undersigned cannot for a rt lii-imciit ht'-ttttle in ascribing the amount ordered, m and tlte prices paid for these articles, to consider.i- h [ions and motive, founded in official corruption: it fV is not within the scope of human reason, candidly n exercised, to dr.w iuiy other conclusion. The d whole eX'iens-s incurred hv Mr. lloyt for these g supplies might have been limited to the sum paid at fi( the custom house in anv one year of his adminialrn- b. lion, or even less. Fifteen thousand dollars would 1)( have h"en amply sufficient for the whole term of (|, tlirec years; and therpby, with ordinary economy, ci the government might nave saved on this single n, branch of expenditure no: less than thirty-five thou- tli <and dollars. ' ( OH Point on Statiimfry aid Figv.ret.?Obi Point ' < -owe* dry, tnuj net 'til P if horn about Iht: r limn.? ' The following is the average rtatement of the j imount paid for stnti >nery during the whole trim, ortian ncing with tlie -year lf*2.5, to the close of ,j lonathan Thompson's term ofierviee an collector, lad running through th" wholeneriod of Mr Swart- p, .voui's term, and . 'so tlm? of Jesse Hoyt and J. .1. j,,' More in. bringing tit" whole expenditure down to |(j he date of th- c;m> intnientof Mdward Curtis. 4a?! iieiyia.---- U2j 63,331 th

Do IS* 2,772 US w Do IB?; 3.0 *o 41 Do 1121 3,237 ? m U'.Ktl 12 tanm! v r?rr 83,J.?7 lo'j ! ( ?lmiiitv for IhXI 3,ill) 21 CC Do I.Oi .Vol li l>.) 1311 I ;IY< II . , Ho IKI2 7,'rtli R* K;. I' i 111 u in ol Do l.Til A,07r, e; P> trii 4.??i .vi Ml UV. f.ins 92 Mo J3117 3,137 01 711 7i Jh I nl : 6,019 lil'j I?y ila'.,uii?i y lor UtquaiUr 1323 1,032 23 ;j(? M.o-inl vrr".c- 4,129 (H) lu: :"nery for 2.1,111 nl 4thi|ii*rtrrv 121S 3,437 ,'*0 til Mo i.U 17,730 37 m Mi Hid 11,71110 ? Mo 1st ni,vl?l Mil H.72I 1,9 ? \VI i 1,7071 2:1 V;.;.-ul svcrmi: 17,ill 40 ... til I lie above M dement may lie referred to no runlimting e jiretty ar emite soecinvn of the various w v. ti !It:in .a the eu.toni house for the whole pe- 0!l ( 1 inrlmiej. nn '.'/</ I'oi''.I << | ft iiliiw S/ t. i?J if //ii',7 '/ tm ilJe 7/ J'uiut 1U o.-.s i ihn nut V, rri*r.--~The j(_ v-tuli of lit-" whole of thi.4 inv H'i^ ition i-!. lleit Mr, 0<; 1 iyt, tlie (.'oIL.rfjr. rTite.l five stores on hb own tw irii/ itr nee.innl. ill direct ci iitruvmrion el tile art jj I 17;)D. tvhieli direet - ih ' they shall he rented " nl t. he public ' \.,en.o,*' with tit" approbation of lite teore? iry of liie Treasury. From thin violation ol nn aw, li.? has Accumulated an inronie, during hi* wi illiei il ti rni ot about thr -r vain, of the sum of j(| 7"2b;M't JW. which v. ill be i(ie,itly increased hyihe iddifion of the storage at UrooUyn a: d State i cJ fORMXG, MAY it, 18 12. "lurid, while the government collected lor liiui tins ! I n ueotTl' ."! :;li i annul co.l, us above elated. with the of ddition of tire sJuries of three Btorekt. pers at a. irooklyn air! a 1 dund, and stationery at the t:u in a i'' ic ol $29,2 'I "it. wr) OH Pains on a Fire in Front street?(in "it liar iins after the Fire?Out Pains' nttse becomes reei? hi the eight of tit lire in Front street, by which le public store situated in street was eousunied, I1'.' ,'ith its contents, th euptom-houee oftieera who ~.n ,*?re designated by the Collector to take possession "1< f tin' r inn..Mt of goods saved from th oonllairraon, lui I expiv-s orders to admit r.o person to exmine tii,' goods; so (hut tke claimants were dorived of.m opportunity of selecting such parcels as !ir,' ley Could id Mitiiyaud claim as a pirt of their ini- a'' ortauou.s, an.) scjiara;. them from the .general mass iro>\ a fogem r by tii- otlivrsot iii customs who l' 1 id cliarg-of them. <hi th'- name night, or the an How ieg morning, the goods were removed to i?n !?' pen |..t, used as n coal yard, where th?y v --r > pi,- '] .ired in heaps or 1.1 for sa'.e. liv certain officers of 'J"' us customs -elected by the Collccti r for th. t purn.'ie. From tliis lot all person" were excluded, and ;-u_ -i i_: r -i n|F i i.lii liiu ClilllllilUlS Ul Ul'.' ROO:l<, WHO nppltfU jr prrniis :i>n 1 ? ex uif.n the parcel?,and designate ?'.M tch u,; might belong t<> them: which wan refused, !:K nd during the preparation of the goods for wile, 'lj tilv oil;* or two !> . 'Mm i were admitted within the in ! >: iii .', and they by tin' -i >**oi 11 permission of tin? u" >ll mtcr. m ho were nl.-o allowed to carry oil a part '|1>I I th1 (roods, on ii in > nll eitition that thrv were 1 l" owners of the goods n> earned oft". These per- '.V >11:' 11JJ-Mr to have been favorites of til'' collector, . ? s!I other claim nits were strictlv prohibited from fiV ntering tie- enclosure. Thus the goods werese- fu retly arranged for auction, without the knowledge 1 nny other per n .-r persons tli.m those employed i thebusin ",v. so that it beeaiiv impossible forbid- .Vnj era to ktii w I lie * vl from tie' hnd lots: many of p 1 he pieces b ing sound or nearly so, while tlv !'JC irg 'Ht portion were damaged to tin extent which .l*'r end,'red them entirely worthless. It appears, in ,nr vidence, that some individuals, during the time ?7,' lie lahoreri war eng iged itt miking up the heaps, ' '! repiiratory to th' unction, took a po. tiioa in tin- , I tird storv of an adjoining building, from which 'n?! iiey could observe the m inner in wnich the he ip '|V.rcr arrtngod. 'file custom-house officers within l' enclosure, finding, that they were observed, and " ' l" manner of patting up the heaps or lots was dis- ',''j overed. so that no advantage could be taken at the ( ? ales by them :c!vcs and their friends, from the ex- j?i lusiye knowledge thev pus--.. cd of the \ lite of < ?. he dilferenl leap s or lots, s"t to Work forthwith, in <?<' lie wight time, and rearranged the goods in a man- < " el* well calculated to deceive the persons wlio had :,:l elected tliem, and others to whom their itil'orina- j," ion might be conununieated. Old Point' on Awl ion Sale*?Jfs ve Iloi/t Inking Co are ofhimtc'f?Chi Point'only ii'Va'a in j'irtt?Gi t- He iin,-' won 'coi s'v lull of figure*?It appear- tiial, in ' ? he jlcar lakh the gooda remaining in store ov.r line-months unci timed accumulated, from about an .vefwgc of ft 1,0i X) ii the two preceding years, to lie r.uin of ft U,fi71 (A)?an iiierensc which can only lilt il> accounted for by a knowledge, on the part of the " ' niporicr-. that ur.y attempt to enter their goods at m he custom-house would, under lli" general pin. iled pr< >f Mr. Iloyt. raih ccl them to s azure, either h fore stc >r after the duties had !> '<-n ptid> i;> DMvy instance* ( v he invoices were not of siitheieui amount in value iiu 0 justify the enormous expens" attending a trial of W h - goods in court, and in all such eases iu-ftancnt >( un loiid 'innatiou lias gone by default, ami a tn> 01 d loss to the claimant, however innocent of any 'h left m to defraud the revenue, has lcvn the ?'ons ft' nctii.e. ftmdi claimants, therefore, have preferred m; o take t'ac ri k of a t inmonths' sale, rather tit in M iT-ur the cxp ns- of claiming their goods ; =:' ei or a f.-rfeiture f-r th" want of <l??" nc 1 ^ I'll J-ilea of three y - '.-s included in the a'-ov ov stiluate re ultcd in a h>" to the owners of th- govts, ,S8' dling tliem ct the i'i>p:'ai:=ed value, with the addi- "t ion cl'lhe duiiee, ofsiln,!-!-! OH. If dies" goods h d mPK'd the ciMom-housc i.i lite u- u d way, they M( vr.iild have brought, in tlv New York market, at Plt sa-t 10 per cent, above their apprai d value, in'lutling the duties, which, la-in,g added to | d*lie loi-s o.i the sales at auction, would bring the ] ,M mount of actual !o.-v to the owrvrs up to the sum of' | h i i'lft.Ceii 13. Tiie hills paid by the eollec: -!' f< rp x- y." eyrer vvfiich imparts to theiu the idea of frtion ?<-' ather than of fact. Take, for example, the itviii for > < .dvertismit, which is lix <! in the account at S2.76") I" H, h -iny nhove 12 ;> - rentj on the appraised valti * < if the goods, for ndverti-ing alone. Mr. Lloyt, it p' ili-i not ne't'.ect hi'nv lf in t!v charges 0:1 '1' her.'- goods, having reserved for his own 11 . HP >0, Icing 9 per cent on the apprai ed v.due of dm ,-r ;ood.-, for storage. It Old Poiiv oil Fran-It! 0.1 the Revenue?Framh aU V.' -V '- r.?None l'.rntg?Oht Poins just after It-r rJ;- , art ii'!-I 1,-^'iiU t> id! the truth In search of ,1' liese fraud.'. ;ind the manner in which they Into : een ?sr might he perpetrated, the roniiiiitieicntfrs kve examined th most inteliig nt and experienced . ' nerclimis i-nif i.;r l in the importation of foreign *( oodsand in dotri "-tie 111 inutaetnre -.. hoih in New ork and Bartoji. Tiie interrogatorioi nut to dine KTelf.' is rovr.'d the whole r: round of their know- ,lv dt".* of Iraitils or ev.isiona of the revenue lav// ; li- ir belief in t!i exi t 'lve of such fl uids : the > ilbn.ntion which tli'-y In I ri >! front others A nd circutnhtan < s which might l-f.d to tin conclit- 11 ion tii it such frauds mid evasion/h id t>c 1. pr tc- jy i-e J to the injury of the revenue or of th* honest j . mpoif-r. Of their own knowledge. not a single * . ifnesa called liuu teuilje:) to tiny Ihct which est a- F' lished, in : uy pnrtie ih.r en* , or nny number of . a th existence of frauds or evasions of th-* re- -" cnue lav Fr 111 rumors aw l \ -ri.-us circumUnicesr -laii. to th d-ts r in price 1j. tw-v 11 ^ tip?rt.-r- rf ill-- smn dlineripti'ii of e >od , (-otne j- ( f ill r si Inn r ui a price I ir below what could he '' Horde i hv nhi'T' .11 a r /unable profit.) nnd ru- . itive opinions all agree that frauds have hcen prae ? ' l on the r-venue, t ditl icnt time-*, to > eon-i- ,'h eral?!c extent. Tiny also peak of tin d-vte r-i !?y 'hieh tii e fruit-Is have been suc?cc?fit|!y n-rpe- !" 'died, an I hy wliich bi-y may he asaiu; h it of | teir own knowlc..." diey do not prof./-; to know I j ny thing. resting tneiropiuion.a entirely 011 general I r. 11 11 ion a id the < et of trade, as it hascxi-t- ! j.| I under th"ir own ( ' -s-rvntlon. Mauv cf ih wit- j j a: - examined on th-- point.\ nr<* domestic nisn- I taeiurcm or ?h< ir agents, or merchants r-Tcrrc I to I ' ^ V such manufacturers in egiabli'h lite " .isfencc of |(iHul-on th" revenue, in or.!, r to place fuvign com- j it-rec under tii umei riyi I restriction/, to ex- ' jt' in ! the f? r.-iign fabric, for the benefit of done -lie I mkIs cf the s 1111 description. It may die. Tor-be ' irly or-' lurncd. that if any positive evidence could a|, adduced to fix the rharye of fr nil en any nuni*r of for "it 1 importers, it would hive been, a* the or .vtis widely thrown open, hy th" eoinrni -n n"H, to I he lotr--I .1 li'-.i of such evidence, ix'nne . J'j teli, however, was ad luce I, and ii is prcsuni >1, I ;M ier -lore, liial none tuieli existed. j j j, Oltl Pn'n-. inthe Cev ,-ii-r ofJnrrllny! vith the Xrtr ' ])(l, 'ii.-l *?'/ ?, , 1,?to lieatro-t I'nrrirn Coin, -arc )],. nt ruir York. Oh I Pains tii'ing mtirr Truth? | p;.\ I'.-/. That frccuent and confidential comtnuni- 1 n-r itions wet held between Je Hovt, collector of : he e port of New York, nnd ,\Ic -rs. t/iwrence nnd I or one, on the nub; u-t of the standard of value to lie . ... ted ui th'* nppi d-"t' < ri- ;iarlm' iit on fereign 1 i,jv u .and seizures of g.-ods then made, and iihou; to 1 ||,. made, of imported woollens. ?}) Serond. That Mr Hovt promised NIr. T-uwrcn--" ! on ,? I,a .t#l 1 ? r..-? r I . ... .. ...?</ > V :u ill .looact III'. 1 < ! |J1V ooller. good*!, v Im might he r<t.?;urn' in!? <I by I in, m an ai*>raiser in woollens 1 it at the Sew ) mi r?rk enstom-noiif-e. ^li ThitJ, That Mr. I.awrenec made eonsidernble Port* to obtain rueh a man, but did not sue- filf ed. ,.(.j Fourth. Tint the offer of IMr. lloyt became |lf. town, through some channel, to the manufacturers to woollens in Huston. p^j Fi/ilt. That, afierconsultation with some of there ,,, aiinlhelurrrs. Mr. Arthur French made tin* proprj. ntt ion. infornnllr. to Mr. ChnrlenA. Hrvllcjr, n ma- |<o ifaturcref wooflciiH, and .suggested the Hum of live n|j ousand dollars as the salary that would he pod. re? contribution of ilr> manufacturers, if lie would jer a pt the appointment. to Sixth. That the appointment watt not tendered by rot r collect i (Ilovt) to Mr. Uradbv in a formal wli inn r; bnthe stale*, that if it had been no tend a sat , with the salary mentioned by Mr. French, he by imld have declined it. seh Sruruth That the fuilnre to obtain the ?ervio -"1 or t r. UradJry w?s followed by an attempt, U* ule b -e rough t leo. 11. Ives, who w i? intin tf'dy at- eeia- di?i I with the Kastein manufacturers, whether Su nit or without authority is not known, to t}?i~ gage tiie services o) tr. l<niiri."h rry, toe af 'i*!- tb" t apprai" to work'' lor lim J hi rn maunlne- nite r u >: or. in o; Iter won L-. as lit" witn tie lei stood to r lis itI report wooil m goo.lslnr si-mirc. An I,li? I' r W.i III ide to liti nriprni 'er, as he to 'tint's, ol t),e o thousand dollars. 'i 'nnimt, to be paid <U.wn. \n? lie woulij eee 'pt it. The ofl-r Wa - aptirned with rid, nlemef, and wa# not rej'e.rteil. Air F.i th. That a inular orler was inul" by Ive? tior .1 Wn.-'on to nnv oliieer ol the en-toni' who Mir uild perform th? sci vice in pre* nerof Joseph K. redter . 'I Th" evidence Ity whieb this summary of | << t- j* tha ablishcd has be n drawn principally froin ?'? Ium % ERA] ?>ett .ifitctureiof woollens, ;:ih| front o|!l * the ciHtoin-; in m' v York, siMaine I tiv tin* It'll <'orr-'.-p<>ii(U'iti.v ol ihe < ullector, 1!<>m. It wuuU!, rtf'i \' ! <d!t to itonht the >. iMatr ' ! < i!i>,n it ,:hrstui..ii,it or . ,i?i hitinyu tlx Collector and inanul'i/rturirt of i*oo8rnt, to entry Into r'jni the '/ item which tens tijh r wen's fully if r. /. it' throu - _ if finbnrrattiihcutx 1.1 the way <>t ih r.-auLi iri!rtations of woollen* from abroad, a.i;i thereby . in" to the domestic fabric the entire control of ' * market. fin (/'./ on thi ?V.-, w/jj (if (){Jici ? i'r' i'n ((,, .if vj, r.'/iT (?'Hi/ ? Old Poin.i (it hi l.'U I t , w//7" agiin?I!hcii of the importers who if N " cd to Montreal left in the eity of New Y..rk an I fhv orary in fact, regularly apjn>iined according to tl. * l.nvij of the l/niled Stub with full authority to 1 ! r 1 trio cti; toin-hotjse ail t.ioir jjcods in t-'ore, (1 :-nch as ma ilt subsequently arrive. These at- not nr-yw i'i fact made freinent applications to the tin IV'tor to enter 1 1 goods belonging to tint priori t.(.r * tl: -n io store, mid for the cutr> ?-i .melt good atnvetl from time to time consigned to tla tn or u Id ri'i their own property. Hut Mr floyt, in di- wr> t violation of the laws of the 1'nited rotate-, up i the uniform practice at thy o:ir.toiu-house, do- 1 , u to ihcin tlie undoubted livht which they had enter sach Roods and pay the duties thereon, do. ottlv afterwards. Mr. Hovt opened a correspond- ' with these attorneys in fait ii lice absent nn- jjll8 tors, for the purpose ol eontproud-iai} tiiethreatd prosecutions uguinst tli m, on the payment of ' lain sums of money, which the-collector demand- and , and the payment of which lie < uforced by tl.c bea Toi of the arbitrary power of refusing to permit . ir Roods to entry, knowing that to detain them '* ' store lor any length of time would be d< struelive r.v die interests of the importers, and in s< me case- ' n mid involve them in utter ruin and bankruptcy xli ie only alternative left to them was, to incur ' so inevitable and hnuvy joases. or submit to any ms which the collector might aictato. 'lire hi- inu< y of these transactions may he found in the de- 'p dtions of ('. YV. Dayton. Jonathan Miller, <leortrc aw, John 1! urris, John Taylor, jr., and other wit- 'll"' sscs, who testified on this subject before the met nimissioiurs. The negotiations re. 'u!t?din die it ipatent to Mr. lloyt and the District Attorney, , nj. K. Hurler, of ihe following rums, bv the per- ,f" is with whom these forced compromises were 1,111 rde, to wit:? nun an Tailor, jr yjO.OOu , 1 unset to ti> It. K. 11 utier, as per receipt .v?> ' 1 ties BnUoiuly, jr 20,000 V(-a mitel fee to B. ( '. Butler, as per receipt fill ... .1 orge Shaw 13,000 ' unset lee to II. If. llutler, tL. per receipt 12V 'or mucl Slniw S.OO11 fon unset fee to B. K. Butler, as per receipt fill inuol Bradl'Uiy 7.MS! Vie itt k Duncnn 7,ii0il Jee unrel fee to B. I". Butler, as per receipt HSI iiry lJivou " 6,000 liiiscl fee to U. K. butler, us ] < r receipt ,'ifl UjHi ?not M-ihinp the grand total of ftsi.HTa ffatl Old Point cv? Jr. <c Horn* Stock Op la'iont?Tcrrii ,rt 1 On!'' nr. t of lionet'/ mid Patriotism?Old Point inv no.' Jluntli:-: ir.'th InJieuutir-n?M.<r< (.' >'<' IVatrt : il Mint..?What could justify or pnlliitc (ho ap? 1,11,1 vpriutinn of ih.-> public moiiey by Mr. lloyt to ;'"r ick. speculations, fur his own account and lieu ~fit1 'Y ' mainly nothing i-luivt of permission, express of "i10 |)'i -d, to <lo so, from t'uc Kxecuti-, (internment at ,:if' a'hington. lint more cspecitilly may it be relied, bm tier whose sanction the collector dcpofited in I zei .rie nearly one million of dollars, within a very ' !' crt period, iti the vaults of a fading hank, thf >ck of which was animated or d-prce.wd accord- !')' f? to the s' :oiinr and frequency of these deposited '' f r lloyt himself, being n large epeculutor in this ?c., through the agency of certain brokers in It Mr-!'!, Ii- -1 il; dc tinies of the hank in hi- v:l" mi hand.-, could pin. lifi- " rtock at depres-i< n, nnfl 1 1 out, ?t tin moment of nmkiu , hi i own dejtojitep, die ,i large advance, fur no oih; r | uij tli a to pro l,ro hij own ir.teiv:;, at a time when this in-titit- : a was i'i n bad credit, and it? certificates of depo- all eu on 'line selling in the market at per cent pel ' until, and in which tm prudent mer< hant would r?r< posite a dollar, actually loaned to it nearly onje '?f illion of dollars, in sold and silver, or their equivait, while tli" Treasury Was empty, and tin' ?to- "ft rnniciti compelled to i ssue its own notes to meat t0 c current demands on the Treasury. That thcs<' n;i11 ts wore perpetrated by the late collector, lloyt, undeniable; that they were*kno\vn to and up- "c'l oved by the Secretary of the Treasury, is under- tor >od and believed whore the transactions took her ice,hut it i- i ronorUable fset, heretofore noticcf, 1 at not one w rd can lie found in relation to theJc eeulntions nnd dopohte? in tli-' ollieial correspond- 'V lee ol the collector with the Treasury department. appears Unit Mr. lloyt a sweeping hu. in'-t-s Wfl the public money at thecal ioiii-lioit-e in Xt-w I''*1 ork. He paid old debts, dealt largely in the stock, 'g lined money to sustain, a bikini; bank, to say no- ho ing ofelections, and rewards to l ivoiites and parinns; and all tlicsi high-handed interpolations On e constitutions and lav;?, and the practice of tMc --"i nvcnmient as if existed in Its primitive pnritV, 'ha re di-nc and committed in the face of the Anvii- for n people, and, if not fully apjiroyed by the Ivo'cu- yea e, passed without rebuke, until t.Vy rc silted, rs I""' gilt have h -en expected, in th" defalcation of Mr. 'he ivt toa very large amount, a knowledge of which, "lf': Congress, arrc.-t-d his career and drove him wal mi ofiice. up, ()!d Point oil Kirarlircnit't Deft'' itions?firnu I ' v,covery Hint $60'),(MIO ditiypetre l.uiul nohodii fins ;,t or know* inhere il went.? I oil ii.novnt it Sn-cir- 1H.' g? I'll i'i/ fi, the A iA'tnt ('ai-h r.Sornrc thai A- turn "I ' not?Soartwovt Sir: art?Old Puinr mrnirt?hire, y ant Jii S''relief.?In relation to the manner of cond'ti t- ucc g nu-iiii'ss at thecuptom-iiou.-sr, lietween tlic years 'T' [ft and 1KT7, while Mr. Sw irtv/out v. .is col! ctnr. -r".' d to his alleged defile pion ut th-- lime he retinal 'his mi that oloce, the eommi-loners did not d -'in ir ccssary lojentci'minutely i ito tli in t - rs. The " borate report made on tli-fc j 'cts by a c t.i- ' itteeoftlie Hoti'cof I'eprc enfativcs. in lanuiiry If*, and the evi lance ts-kcii by the committee havI been piirite l in a voluin for th i-e of ( . ogre-:. :;ce would l ave been a wa uc of time, and having iiirred a nselcss e\'|'.enr!iture, if llv eoninu -i > < is -nu d entered at lanrc into a r-'-T-:. mmi tion ol tin- |v'-! tnessi-s who ti -allied ' dure tin* eomniittc-- of the buc >11h' of Keprc .-eutatives, and whose depo-iuons 'b' r.' already in the po--ion oi tic Ihnerinneat. uie additional facts hiiyebeen elicited hyth'' in- beli - ligation of the rmnnii- iorcrs. pint > tia' t eturn Vi'" \fr. Swart wont to ill I nited States, rl which it hov iy lie proper iii present a summary in thi - report. N'1'1 appears that a large io;l.i wa? r Ct i vd by tiie 1 lii-T and ? islant cashier of the tom-hoi|!-e, bin honda de;>o?i'"d with these oflieer- for collection, I h' er the fius|K'nsioii of S|>"eic imyntei ts by the banas pub IStf7. Tic amount ol these bond.-', us stated bv "t'.l auditor, is $n!f),")25.71, the v.hole cfwhich, it f,;" tear in evidence, wart received by the < 111i?*r am ! his ::s;''-tint. 'vir. I*liillii?s. the assistant ea.-hi- r. -^-d iiis denotation, taken by tire coinniittec of the 'be pise o| Heprest'iil'itive.-, admits that all til' '.r Jl'" ids were p-u'iMV'< i. mi r h fiiliri . nut charyrs noil I lie sums so received were paiJ over to I" T r. ,w' srfwnut, rs collector. Thin a flu/a lion Afr. S;r ?|>ni vt h'lt ilrr >crl r, mrth, ! </'?r the ntm>;#??.r Vi/?i? .?: . nd further stub's, thut li?* neither r -reived the whole v any part of t'uc money collct-tcd on tin-bonds d< - h-nsited with the cashier, nor did In- it nny timr nny order respecting ill- entry of then- sunn on hy i cosh hook, nor any other order to a Mibo-diii-.n- noil leer of the ru-toia-hou e to violnt-- his ditty, or to lit the perfoitnancc of Mich duty iu rop tired l?v " v. and ^either ihe cashier or hie i-.v aslant can nrer'uee oh!i, y evidence that :hi; lit." b'iiiii was received bv , ^ r. Swartwout < n hi i drafts < r eln rk-, <>r ill i if tne i? paid to any other ner-on hy his authority. Tin- mat t, then, heinL' admitted, that tlie money was re- !"-r' ivcd nl the olliec < I the ec-hier, it would em to indi re jiiir ite, on the [>"rt of that ofli'-or or In - as islam. m a I show in what manner it wa- di^no.-ed of; and, if you d to Mr. Swnrtwnuf, nn enfrv Mionlri have been T ide nt tli'- tuii" in lh? rash hook, with the initials into ached of the pcr?on usually . -utrui-U ,1 hy tin: er!- in tor to receive surh payniciil i. In tli'- uoscm -1 f of \ such I' -tiim ny, the que lion arisen. whether tin w ot inrt'-ii :!irv devolves nn th?> collector, or the rash- rear did hi' ms-ielnrif, lol account lor and niake pood prat th?- i oivcriini 'iii this Inr.-c amount of money, r..ry di-sedlv rr -eivi-d at the cashier's oU'ee, on I i.hi-* a-si-t int, ii is-, in-- niiibi ut to show. hy m.a i in'- ry vouch- r-. tin- precise di position made ,,,r either of them of this mo <-v, to remit tin in- 1 res ol the impnintion of having applied it to his Acheir own us--. It i* understood tli t a suit has " n conun need in the di.-.tric-t c -'irt of the south- m rict of New \ork. in the name i,t the I niter! .S I '" < -ainst Philip. the - i-t.-nt casluer. fo: is-n nalaii' received hy him. as he admit . and * '*'j payment of which, to the ("nib etnr, er in- <1 < p. >- ; "iiii in th-* hank selected for that put po-'-- l?y th s-t ry of th? Ti pantry, it rem ti-vi for him toe J'Jj, h. in d -fending loin - If air-unf c reeovei - hy 1 ni rr -I Siafe* i?-? rhis -nil. whteli i ?: 1111 dope- <[- e17 and undetermined It ?l-.> an; -.n-that a < it rahle amount of bonds, < i-finally debit' I to , . . w iitwoul, !i:< ^ ? been p ill sin- ' hi - icricar I p(W 11.sCollector, and paced to lii.-credit at thi Vn a- j y Department. ' ril';. f; i (fllB rhe Salem Observer say-fii r<- m a I'lna in VTA t eitv who has not -lepr a wink t--r ten j -arc fN that hef mind is bright and clear. n-vi L-D. Price Two Centfl. Hamilton. [CoriV>iH)tl<it'll' ? of tllC Il.lilJ | II.V.UU.r i\, JT.vnrS">. > Co. N". V., Mav 1, ,i't it?Sit u>it ion? D-iflist 'Jlut-lvi'; '! I. titfle? "n .)/1'dt ntx? Piii/i'aaoi's?f.iuhfb?I*blri K '/>]> -Tin lb at'tl, fyr. i:ni> Hk.vnj it:? have bei'11 ;i resident of this delightful village .1 few montiis past, and I deem it a matter ol ! interest to you, and to the readers of your mi !>!< ptip.-r, that you be > ocuaionally adviued ol ineiu. its whteli occur upon the summit level 01 t .'hetii'tigo t'.mal. hen 1 cant'' here, I was a>:oni-lh*d th'it you had tar.cneouie ni aaurc ; to obtain information front place tor in the great seal of b in;:, Hamilton tiiinly holds no very inferior rank. it is, withexception, one of the most beautiful villages in tern .\ew \ or;;. I should think it now contains opulation of about i .vo thourand inhabitants: and at i- most singular and astoiiisliiii.-, u in entirely titutc ol thut class . 1 ignorant, pm. .--proud uri-tuev, which is ulways the curse of village* o size. ut wlint rcnder.t tliis plnee mo important to yn a dying world, is that here rcyts the fountam(1 of the Jiaptiet denomination. It is here them city; cduetvled, and trainit:.; fur the < it -, e 1 nunkhont two Itundredj students, who are derived ) I ike the wing* of ilie morning, r.tid /iy to the lit of the earth,"and proclaim the glad tiding.* man must be dipped or damned. But, however, :h, they may preach their jieculinr doctrine?, lie Hamilton Theological and Literary Intuitu," which is loo. ted here, holdb ut this time, no 1:1 rank among the in:-timlioi.n of our country, i under the supervision of a numerous hoard of tees, who meet'once a year, to arrange its nfi. The faculty, in the several departments, iber eleven, and as men and scholars, are de dly respectable. They teem to be entirely oiled, of that low and contemptible superstition I bigotry, which has prevailed among the Baptist, a long time. They dare stand out in favor of rein, und present things with libetal and enlarged ws. Their responsibilities as a faculty, ore ind, very great, for they have to contend against old puritanical notions, which are yet entailed >n us, by the fathers in the church. The same ionn are brought here hy the students, who are fiered in from the four quarters of the globe, fresh n the plough-handle and the woods, where they e never seen out, only by looking no. Lstinin; the ?! uh-iits as a body, they are decidedly below liocrity, in point of nntive talent. This rnay he ibuled, dmibtle?s, to one-fart. They are generalhe ubiects and convert-1 ol pn tractcd meetings, in the linapp system. They make their appeare, in the shape cf the inert perfect "green us" von ever beheld, and full of the most holy Land as presumptuous as a long eared an imal,over ill ol buttermilk. Soon after their arrival, thejr taken into consideration by ProfcsiorT?, who the bye, ns u disciplinarian, Inn no superior, and hey have a capacity to betai '.lit "manners," it I very soon become visible. The prr fer sore, nil hem, as men, an neighbors run! us citizens, are lablc members cf society, and in n literary point /icw, render important iiiid vu'liable services to inhabitants of the village. The wives oft he f,'-^-or to, must not be lost eight i f; for certainly, " lady professors," have sonic responsibility, in this mat er. have said that \vc hud 1:0 high treed ari -tr craey. vxclnsives, in this place; yet, we have discovered * sonic time past, among the " lady professors." lean iiching. to form a circle of. "we arc ? linl. tcr thru the rcrt." Theycxhibit a great desire lie ranked anion?' the and have riven tic to their residence, as " woe dlnnd heigth," Arc. Hut, however, the wives i f.the prolervors arc iev *r women," and you know it is very natural, persons to desire to "rise" in the world, and tee we see them anxious to "step tip." it another p< intof view, to yourself and rentiers, rnilton is important, it is the residence of Klder f.pp. With Ftich a godly man n'-the Klder, for u i/en, as a neighbor, and as a spiritual teacher, you mid suppose thi < place could be no other thou a tulisc. I3nt the met i*. we have here, some inteli-nce and some discernment, enough of such, to Id men like Ivnnpp, for jii: t what they are woith. ' hits lived in this place several years, and ia re ded by the coimnunity ns any oilier apeculntor.for ill he truly is. I ie has been rather more fortunate n many of that class, for he has accumulated h. tune of about twelve thousand dollars in six is. alj in the way of devotion find singleness of pone, in serving fiis master andrav iter souls. Now fact is, community look upon hint as one of the. t arrogant and presumptuous creatures, tliot ever ked erect. Some <f the < hrirtian part among hove little confidence in h rn. If is too nvarieioiis, yet h takes great trouble, II times, to hold hum If up -,s the verv pink of feetion. When he has been absent, for a length ime, holding u yr< trnr ted meeting. it i--generally lourved in advance that the elder will give an tount of Ins meeting; we always hnv such a it v. h ti In' return . nn.l j ii' h a " nn ss" of brag i; and boasting, and swelling, eatmot he matched 1 i:1 ot any p! tee. I In,.a- that he does not itid to lie believed, w hen lie tells what he lias done, ie does, he is mistaken. The account he gave lis arrest at IVividenee, v." >. without exception, greatest bur*!, and the uu-t ridiculous outrnge, ti an audience, that vv: ? ever ? xhiL>ii? J. In the. otint which h" gave, lie rtnted. without qualilion, that the slander suit vva i withdrawn, and he itliis hail were discharged,and that tie whole afair > a mistake, and these who took up the matter I cypre: sed. before he left gp-at sorrow for what y had done, ant I eoi.fe-sed that tlicv were ur; il >it by the " wicked I'tiivcrsaii ts Now;, it is leyed here that the i tosecuficri for ulnndir is not lidrawn. It would lie gratifying to ns to know v the in iter does Mand r< Intive to that suit, t 'ail i inform usl wish you would serai mi your " Ainu and let i hcHr'hia st rv about v- ii it lu lias done there. account frc.rejhi own lip; oualit certainly to be li led. as it i- r\idi at that he k> y a _d lily .iotiref his battle* with the devil, the I'niver ; lists, I I nit: ruins. ISi lore coins to He?ton, he tin1 final that In- had it rail to ;.< there; and the >hat!i before he left he a i red the audience ill court" of hi - pre tchirg," that there would not l'-s. thin ten thio-'itid < (inverted ; and behead that lh' tiitrnber would not fall short of nty thousand : for HeMon wan the I >evi!'- head itc> in America, and he wtm detcrtnin d lo id him in in-den. lies .id |>. could not say ' |.irge an army he Ir d thi re; lie rould, tingle d- il mi'! a!' tie. rent him. " hrrrrr, font, aiul ilrnnit" iti fair op' n licki fglit, although hacked up iiivcrvli. t;?, I nitari"u*?, ?!?ist?, atheists, r.nd mural to Ik; w- i r':nly lor battle. When he tlirnu^ii, i hi'jc the I'oMoniaris will pav hint for m. ney i- at thi? titr.c quit'' f- tiTee here, Iit" : ? a good nppfrtstiiiry to shave fir: t mt<? /otn-ns, at :> di coiint of fifteen percent. have had in th;.< section, quite ti flare tip in w iy of moral r form! 'I he j< itir??; most tnti'y eont tried are i-i cx-eliertflTiving in I\ ti rand n doctor. The doctor i** already nouer t trn'-nl, tind the cxfherifTtirrpetod. 'IV!?.< ii !1 it iv. n very interesting ca*. I will give it to when ready. lie 1 |e-ii!<j is regarded here ;>n the onlvptijier <t I re?t, arid i? snuirht for hv all elp'se#, die ladiea articular, t'nn yon not nffnrd to t end one copy . our Weekly Herald to the Institution lo re: tt lid he of greai benefit t<> them; they have a ling room, and receive a large m.nibcr of p;tjeri nitons. Should you send nn", direct to " Lite* ' at.d Tlieolopieal Institution," Hamilton. Yours truly, Joiiv-.w. rm ??% ?jw -v ? T ...J *!* ?* ?? I IMPORTKR8 AND W'ATf JIMAKKRS OKN'KI' Al.r.y.-ti'.M sn-i liver Hell' V 'Mii.'?;;'m by Albert r > le t iny in lb-' I ii'' I Ni.itri, md triced roi-e-.. f'l ,n-i;ir? lum a cell at 1*7 UruSMlwny. IS-.. l*r __ . ? i; .v \ t; [) will In . .. torn ol tt < fi Hon ii . D . I.. 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