Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1842 Page 3
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mm MONKY MAUKET. Buiiday, May s?<i P. M. The Lewi* County Bank, a safety funJ institution ol thi* State, against which we recently haj occasion to caution the public, has been at last enjoined b) the Bunk t ommittionrrs. The following was the condition of the Bank at the date of its last return, Jan. IBM: Lfwis Cni kty Bass, Jam. 1842. Rnovrcr, LiabiliHu. ft"*}4* 281,78.1 Capital lUti.iKKi Keal estate 3 33] Circulation 87.12;.' Stock. 23,u?i 4 .ni.t I In 1.<1 M.tM k.apeUAes ovcrdrafl,, fcr. 2.V7U Profit. It.iNU Bank fund :f.(XNi D<-|?>.ite? on debt. '<71! 2Pr?'e 7 ,082 OeiKliitrs 1 1 ,8441 Bank uotrs and check. I2.ii2* Due l.nik. 17.823 rundsin N.Y.anti Albany 4,1W ? ? Din- from bank. 12,801 ? ? $271,877 S271.877 This concern from Jul) to Jauuurv incieu.od its circu latiou 7 per cent, and decreased its specie 12 per cent. Its eirculatfon it now said to be $40,000. The cause of it* stoppage it an unuvaildahle but not a bad debt. This is a fatal error into which our banks have all fallen iu a greater or leas degree. The instant they depart from strict commercial banking they should be woundup.? The stoppage of this bnnk affords a good opjxirtunity for the 4 ommitaionert to publish another card that "all the weak banks havo now failed, and there is no feats of any * a,in.?n failure, hare siren the Hit to as mans' similar announcements. The Hagerstown Bank of Marylaml has declared a semiannual dividend of 3 per cent. The resumption in tho interior of Maryland, as well as that in North Carolina is attended with the most beneficial results. The circulation is improved, exchanges reduced to par, and the hanks strengthened both in coin and confidence. What subterfuge are the banks of Virginia to get up now in order to avoid resumption 7 Their standing plea for the last three years has been that they cannot resume until the bunks of Maryland and Pennsylvania do so. Not only have those institutions resumed but those of Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, and South Carolina are /(hying specie, and those of Kentucky, aro to resume in June, and yet "tho old dominion" is disgraced by the profligate suspension of her banks. The great revolution which is going forward in this country in relation to trade, is producing singular ctfects. The principle of future business must be cosh pas incuts, low prices, and activity of transfer. The direct influence of this state of things upon securities is to undermine the value ofbank'thares, and improve those of the great high ways of the national wealth to and fro the markets of ex port and consumption. There are in our country both railroads and canals. In spite of the present depression thut exists in the stocks of the former, the return of business, which is now slowly progressing, must inevitably make the judiciously located roads of immense and permanent value. As an instance of the vast increase of trade which grows up upon long railroads, we give the following comparative table of the freight on the Western railroad to and from Boston :? Far.iotiT on Tilt. Wvstkrn Railroad. IV'tektnding Tons out Tims into Total. of Huston. Huston. Aiinl 3D, 11112 G6'J ICt; 836 May I, 1841 281 127 412 Increase :i8J S3 421 This is exclusive of the local traffic and business of the Boston and Worcester Railroad. The business that goes into Boston by the railroad from the country west of Wei* cester, may be considered to have been diverted from the New York market, which is its natural destination, for the want of similar conveyance down the river. The increase of the trade of the wesl, which is to feed these groat avenues may be seen by the following stutement of the arrivals at Buffalo to the first week in May for three years :? Arrivals or Prodi cp. at Bitfalo. 1810 1841 1312 To May 5. To May I. To May I. Flour 33,351 20,181 46,009 Wheat 52,300 16,007 44.632 Corn 1,100 2,000 21,592 Pork 610 6.731 11,038 Ashes 268 526 2,156 Thi? gives an immense increase in the trade of the canal, but, as in seen by the returns of the Western Railmad, more than thai increase pours oif to Boston, to the detriment of New York. This presents a practical fact,that destroys the theory of those who pretend that a railroad cannot compete with the Hudson river as a means of transport. We have the fact that it is so, and that business is leaving New York for Boston by way of the railroad.? This clearly points to the great truth that sooner or luter the Boston and Albany Hailroml must be built. Had it not lieen for the intrigues of those miserable speculators who deluded the people of this State into throwing away $3,000,000 upon the Krir Kailroad, the Albany road would ow have been built, and the city of New York have largely profited by the growing trade of the west. The building of a road from Albany to New York, and connecting it with the Harlem Kailroad, will furnish a direct communication from the City Hall to Bulfalo, and bring every city of the great West almost in actual contact with the heart of the city. This would not only Increase the business of the city to an immense extent, and enhance the value of property by many million!, but would make the Harlem road one of the most valuable properties in the country. It is of the utmost importance to this city that immediate and active measures be taken to secure the trade of the rvest before the late movements of the British government, to draw it over to the Canada side, succeed to any great extent. The new tariff largely reduces the duty on American provisions imported into the British colonies, with the exception of Canada, to which place American flour, and salted meat, have since 1831 been imported free of imperial duty, but to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edwards' Island, a duty of5s. per bbl. is paid upon flour. The new tariff, as passed imposes the following rates on produce imported into all the colonies. Duly on For. pro- Duty on Codurr imp'A into lontal prothr Coloniet. ducr imp'A into Knfl'd. Wheal flour blof I96lbs. S 0 6d Kish of foreign ta- \ dried or salted cwt. 2 0 ? kins or raring- > pickled bbl. 4 0 3 Meat, salted or run J rwt. 3 0 2 Butter ? 8 0 J Cheese ? 50 2 Under the law, aait formerly stood, the produce of Canada was sold to New Brunswick, and the other consuming colonies, and American produce purchased for consumption in Canada. The new law seems to tuke away from the Canadian merchant the advantage which he eujoyeJ over the United Statos forwarder in the markets ol the other colonies. And it is no doubt owing to recent intelligence of the probable im|>osition of this duty of 2s. that has caused the Canadian buyers to have been lately ?j busy in our western markets. The following official statement of the c\porls of produce from the port of Cleveland,Ohio, alone will show the great increase in that trade thia year: ? Espobts r rosi Titr. Pont or CLr.vr.LaiD, Ohio, for April 1811 ISO 1812. 1841. 1842. To V. S. To Canada. To V. S. To Canada. Total. Flour 14,085 75 12,553 4.192 Pork 1,541 none 1,3*1 0,041 Wheat 12,484 17,818 34.242 27.328 This presents a falling off in the exports to the United States, and an immense increase in those to Canada, especially in pork, of which article near 10,000bbls. have been loir ,.ii frtolho m..I. o. .. (.i..I , ... on. .... m KM was taken. Large quantities of western produce will, no doubt, find the English markets through Canada, to the prejudice of our shipping interest, as also that of the city of New York, but the western States will be materially benefited by the competition thus created. The Canadas and Boston have been on the alert to secure their i>tmitin of the trade, and they have got it. In the mean time tlu city of New York has neglected her interests, and by hei sluggishness, and the malign influence of Wall street has lost that which Boston ami the famulus have gained Married, On the 7th instant, by the Rev. F. E. Stohlmann Kuwisb KaoLtrs'iirrva to Pa en is r, second daughter o Tatil Lagrave, Esq., all of this rity. Died, On Sunday, Nth iust., Rosrai M. Johnson, aged I yeai and 7 month's, am of the late Thomas E. B. Johnson. The friends of the family, the pilots, and the memberi of Jefferson Lodge I. O. of O. F.. are respeitfiilly Invitee to attend the funeral on Monday, f*th instant, at 4 o'clock P. M., from 146 Monroe street, w ithont further invitation Panisengrrn Arrived. LivsarooL?Packet ship England?V. Ncnsill, E. Marshall Win. Woodcock, Wm. F. McCnllnch, Mrs. T. Vaiue, Join Haley, Richard Simpson, lady ami four children, Wm. Hud dart). J. (Jrimsliaw, John Crowley?2W in the steerage. Bnrsirv?Ship Paulim?J. Meier. Mrs. Schrvssi r?127 in tin streraae. Sr. Caoii?Baik Hecla?P. A. Brown, lady and servant, o Pluladeltihin; H. Blanchsnl and lady, Rocliestrr, N. Y.: Mrs Susan A. Hrnda. West Bloomfield. N. Y.; Sir,. Ann M. Child' and child, Dedham Mass.; Miss Caroline I). Kales. Bo.Ion; J Carroll, frYork. 8t. Tmoviss?Schr Abigail?Mr. VinerarholtH. Pans?Brin Washington's Barge?11. Arlmrkle, and W. D Wslton. Knrrlgn Importations. Liverpool?Ship England?.'ai Ion, coal 2100sacks salt I ciat C H Marshall St ro?I ski J Morton?* U H nlden A son?7 J J J Stewart?1 Utitfin It nminann?2 Kessler St co?2 T J Vi Zandl?2 E Mkrsliall?1 Harvet St Sl ice?| J Horsey?1 hydran lie press Tstham St Brothers?I pkgs 11 Street, A Mian >?I F, < Hyde?2 Shelden St Phelm?2C H Russell kro? ? Betans. II tl steail St co?I Infoldsby, Boissen It ro?4 Walker A Brothers? Kennedy A Way?I J Robinson A co?27.'iO bars nx; bills J I A be el?jnn bis tin plate J M Briet?2 | kit J Watson?I J Cm ai'lier?J Hall Brotliert A fo? I J Campbell?14 J Edelaton?7 (lihon?1J Richardson A Watson?4 J Harvey?12 Iniln. I s.otl?10 Bniith, Tlmritar A ro?I W Ballon?1 Ssntla. Foil l( ? iD Mead?3 LaweA Rodgers?I E W Pemberton?I W > S. m hi I A MitcWH 1 ,,M" 1 l"' ' yw? >l",u' u' ?2 bt* I i?ki Tookei, Mead & co? I ^25 torn pis iron to order. Bremen?Ship Paulim-l bx 8ie?ert St Stmitoti?3 C D W l.illimdahi?i bchjod. r k 8chx?ilxer?13 bx 4 elils < Rnlkem St ro?It chts 2 bx. Meyer Sturker St < .??101 bx Bruuttin. Koo| r,i_;|3 chts 2 |ik*? Heiixeheii it ITiLart?JO bait * ra<? Burliisi Sk iluxler?.4 t'hu " bids F W lltllm r?1 bx T <J Krui(ri?I cbi Frank.?1 lit I- JWkmauii?19 i"hs I In Wichelhauten & Ycbillrs?:tl bx? I pks (J Christ?191 bx mdtr liMMi demijohn* Oclrichs St Krueei?Sbx II cks to order. RocHc 1.1.1?Brijf Arrt-dt?13 r? iintifn Bunker ken?111 Y I) Flint?70 rk? ocfirr 200 lif pp. 90 or .In brand) to order. Pin?Brii; Wanhiiiiitoii'a Bircr?!til bx. India rubber shoe IHUslqiierr. e ostitis nuts 33 bkts 3 hs. a mutt. I bid t lpinra 3 bltt* do 2 bi? 17 bid., llidi i rubber bottles 1 lot; do 12 blda' ennivatil rt shoe. $310 Allen St Fuijaoii?I bx shoes lot oranzeII II oty. Sr. < rdii ?B.nk Herlo?I b.iji |ierir A Hubbard Si eo?2 lulsutisr Carlwriifht St Home.?2 bx* J Bi-unet? I be-- Thw* Bate. ? 1 bx I*' Markoe?121 bird . 21 bblr slllir B l)e Fore.t It ro. Sr. Thoiiss?Selir Abiiiail? 70 bx, bo, warn J Wihn ? !a? burs . offer W I' Kuril. bl In. bat w it.-r I bbl rop|icr 17 bdls racs I pkj turtle shell |"U0 lb, liiriuim situ- W t' At water?6 pps bimod) HoeanSt Miln?I trunk S I'ill? I pun rum M A I'liarJon ? I bait '1 Bernard?53 bale. I In. A J IVuniston. Maxaoi KX?Brte Patriot?[Reported te.terday]?I'JU Idi.L. 80 bon HU^ar 10 hhds riiolassr* Aliuoii fk Thomson. Domestic ImportAtlon*. HtcoLs?Hrii; Soritons?J| bales cotton S Broii.on? IS5 Buck Scro?10 Boorinan St John,on? 54 J Hunter?ID Mil.'P . > ^ CO?if Jarne. H Talman?lot skins and bides Win Y\ liltloek?3 balm to order. MARITIME HERALD. Departure of the Atlantic Htranieni. FROM ritOLiKD. FROM AMERICA. Caledonia, Lou May 1C Acadia, Ryrie May I June 1 Q. W?*Utii. Hosken May 21 June 16 Columbia, Judkiu* May 19 June 16 Uritauuia, Hewitt June 4 July 2 Caledonia, Lott June 114 July 17 Acadia, Ryrie July 5 Au^. 1 G. Western, Hosken July 9 * The Belgian steamer British Queen, Keane. w ill leave Antwerp for New York on the 4th ol May, to touch at Southampton, Kiitf., ou the 7th. Packets to Arrive. Packet* to Depart. FROM LIVERPOOL. FOR LIVERPOOL. Garrick, Skiddy, -April 11 Roscoe, Hutrleaon, May 9 Oxford, Ruhbone, April 20 Stephen Whitney, May 13 FROM PORTSMOUTH. FOR PORTSMOUTH. Mediator. Champlin, Mar. 24 Montreal, Tinker, May 10 Quebec, He hard, April 10 Gladiator, Britton, Mj>'20 FROM HAVRE. 1 fou HAVRE. Sully, Thompson, April 5 Albany, Watson, May 8 Iowa, Pell, April 8 I Silvie <ie Grassc, May 16 To Ship Musters. We shall esteem it a favor, if captains of wss? L arriving here, will give to Commodore R. S. Martin, of our news lleel, a re|H>rt of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vmrIs ipoMn on tii. ii pMHM, . list of their oaaro, ami iq\ foreign newspapers they inav nave. Commodore Martin will Itoard them immediately on their arrival. Wc will reciprocate the favor in any way. PORT OF NEW YORK, MAY 9, 1842. UN RISES 4 57 | MOO?* RISKS 3 VI SUM SETS 7 3 I HIGH WATER U 17 Arrived. Packet ship England, Baitlett. from Liveijiool, r?th April, with mdse to Goodhue fit. Co. and C H Marshall. Sailed in co with ship Rochester. Woodhouae, for New York, ami parted coon the 10th. April 10th, lat 47 57, Ion 27 V4, s|x)ke bark Jan Esther, from Honduras for Cork; 20th, lat 44 45, Ion 38 11, passed ship Swatara, of ami for Philadelphia from Liverpool; 26th and 27th, lat 11 OR, Ion 49 50, saw several large icebe rgs. Bremen ship Pauline, Schilling, from Bremen, March 22, mdse, to Oelriclu It Krng-r. 3d ult. lat IV, Ion 33 49, spoke Bremen shin Omtave. from Br-meii for NYork. Bark Hecla, Williams, 13 days from St. Thomas, and 15 from St. Croii, with utgar and nun, to B. De Forest It Co. Left at S?. (-r??ix, ship Emily, for (barb-ton, May 2. At St. Thomas, Maiii, (wh) of New Bedford, 15*^ months out, 100 bbls oil; Topic, from Berbic*, clearihg; St. Marks, NYork; Chancellor, Trinidad, with ice; Wallace, Barb.idoi-s; Southerner, from Martini pie for Turks Claud; Marv Ann, from St. Croix; Panama, St. Kitts; Wainpauoog, for Porto Ricol to sail soon. 1st itot. l it 28 22, Ion 70 30. spoke ship Marv Phillips, 9 d ivs from NYork for Mobile. Brig Franklin, Gooding, 19 days from Guayatnt, PR., with 278 hhds 33 tcs 14 bbls tuolasse* to order. Left New Haven, for NHaven, 10 days; Seboi*. NYork, 2 do: Planter, NHaven, nxt day; Motto, NYork, wfg frt; Emrline, Rhode Island, wtg cargo; Hanford, NHaven, 7 uavs; Agnes, NYork,; J McCobh, do, 3 ds; Creole, do, dug; J*ur, do, soon, Idg; Geneva, do, V ds; President, line; Texas, NBedford, V ds; Gage, unci Gazelle, do; Geo Loyal, sld for M.tyagurz.lVth inst; Louisa, do Halifax on 20th insf. Spoke. April 30th, lat 29 14 N, long 71 22 W.brig Forest, 6 da fin NYork bound to Sisal ; May I, lat 37 00 N, Ion 72 30 W brig Eliza, 3 days from NYork bound to St Croix. Brig Washington's Barge, Apple ton, 19 days from Para, with india rubber, lie. to Allen It Paxson. Li ft brig Roarer, of and for NYork. Id* V: Muranham, 12th ult. brigs Black Haw k, of and for NY oil.. ?.?,; Marion, of Salem, unc. Lat 38, Ion 71, s|mke brig Jos*. Scam. 2 d.v. s hence for Guayaina. French brig A . ? de, Giraitdcaii, 73 days from Roche lie, with brandy, &c. to I iiiinev It Co. Brig Jacob Slot .. Hurd. 14 days from Gtnyama, PR. with 156 hhds sugar to A. Mayor; 17 bbls do Badger St Peck. Brig Saratoga, Bi fell, 15 days fiom Ajulacliicola, with cotton, to John Ogden. ^ 2 tii ult, off Kev West, spoke brig Eric, of Baltimore, from New Orleans for Kingston, Jj.?wished to be reported. British brig Infautn, i lagg, 11 days from St. John, NB. with 130,060 feet lumber 2 tons | laster 1413 lbs old iron to P. I. Ncviu* fit Son. sing Etrupian, Dtirucoinb, 4 day* from Lubec, with plaster, to Neimilli, Lee?L it Co. Sclir F.liiAheth, SturdiTaut, (of Cumberland, Me.) 19 days Mayaguez, PR. with 111 hints 30 tea molasses to F. O. Thurston it Co; 2'? lihd* sucir A. C. Rossier*. Schr Abigail, Adams, (of ProviiiTtown) 10 days from St. Thomas, with sugar, itc. to W. P. Funics*. Schr Mary Jane, Brooks, 14 davs from St. Martins, with 95 l-.hds 2in bbls sugar to J.Foulk it Son. Schr James T. Brrtine, Lee, 7 clays from Charleston, with 100 bales cotton to Smith, .Mills & Co; 3900 budu-U coil (i, X. Wood?0 psmtfu^n* Scl r Tenicr, Greenlaw, 7 days from Eastport, with plaster, to P. 1. Nevius &, Son?III passengers. Schr Mary Jane, McMath, 3 days from Norfolk, with mdse, ' to Sturgess it <'leirm in. Schr Libeity, Towusend, 3 days from Richmond, with coal, ' to mast', r. Below* Two ships, two brigs. \TT" Ships Charles, lor Bath; Powliattan. Baltimore; Liverpool, Apalachicola; hark Sirdius. Montevideo; brigs Limerick, NOrle ?n?; schr St. Patrick, one ship and a brig, lay at Quarantine ground last night, wind bound. Marine Correspondenee* Si. THMIAIi AmO 11You will perceive |*?r our report of shipping, that business is uncommonly dull; there is at present a complete stagnation in business, particularly for this season of the year. No shipments from Porto Rico of produce, thooch the planters and purchaser* aie not to blame; alter it is shipped to the States, it will hardlv cover the freight. Our market is fully supplied with all kinds of American manufactures, ami very few or no purchasei*.~ Money very scarce. Vessels in |xut?Saldana, disg; Font-line, do; Delus, do; Uncle Sain, up for fit orcharter; Hudson, do do; Panama, do do; Michigan, lor , sailed 12th; Gazelle, for a ma ike t, <! >. Apiil 19? Benjamin, for Turks Island, sailed this morning; New Orleans, do do; Lafayette, for Gtiayamal next day; Southerner. Newheiu. do; President, (wh) on a cruise, out 7 months. 170 bids sperm oil, i.nt in for a cruise; Leonidas, (wh) to sail on a cruise in 3 or I dav*, out 13 months, with 400 bbls, put in for supplies; Maria, for Elizabeth City, sailed 17th; Smith Tuttle, j for Turks I .land, sailed 19th. j General Record* Arrivals at this Port.?Number of vessels arrived at quarantine ground of the port of New York, from foreign ports, during the month of April, 1811 171 1842 183 Passenger vessels from F.urope, having over 40 passengers:? April, 1811 23 M 1812 33 Passengers in do. April, 1811 3,347 14 41 44 1812 7,006 Foreign Letter Office.?Letter bags for Liverpool and Hivrr will close at Gilpin's, in the Exchange, this morning* Southemd, April 12?A board with the words " For New York, ship Brunswick, goods and passengers" on it, was picked up off Shoehury yesterday. Chain, tables. &e. were seen floating about this side of the Pan Shoals, and it is fe wed a vessel must have cone to pieces on last Friday night or Saturdav morning. [The Brunswick, McManus, sailed from Liveri>ool April I, for NYork.] Notice to Mtrlners. Lights iff thf. Cattfoat.?The following letter hi* been received at Lloyd's:?Conformably to the announcement m ulby this board on the 22 I of February last, the light vessel there- ! in mentioned will be j laced in the Cattegat. at the end of Anholt's eastern ieef, earl v in April, and the light exhibited as soon as the follow ing alteration has been made in Anbolt's chief | fixed light, which will be completed by the middle of the month of A pill. The above mentioned vessels hiving two ma?t<, with the pe- j culiar rigging of a schooner, and whose sides are painted red with i white cros*, will b? K half S from the liuhtli*?*!* - on the iilitdof Anholt, ibout onenuarter mils front '!? cod of tin* reef, in 19 fathoms wrt *r. The light apparatus consists of nine lamiw with rotatory gear, which surround the after mist, and will Ik* elevated 25 feet above the l*vel of the sea. This, like the other Danish lights, will in future he kept burning between Michaelmas and Ent? r, from half an hour after sunset till sunrise, and between Easter and Michaelmas from one hour al t-r sunset. In thick rain and fog the ship's hells will be rung continually for live minutes, after i pause of the .amt duration. During the , day a red flag will be hp?st<d on the fore top, and in storm v weather a red jack. The light ve??e| is appointed to remain on the station until the 21st December, and to resume it as early as i MHibli in tHc month A m 11 h in each year. Tn errn in not allowed to hare communication with any passing vessel, excent in ca*es of di t.ess requiring immediate assistance, wtiich will then l> * rendered as far is iole. At the umf time tint the floi'in* light it exhibited, the fixed i light upon th< island of \nholt will 1 ilttvtd to - flaih lifhl , pn?m-j -I hi 1 im\m n itl Utoi M u ?li in- in three and nm* Ininl minutes; to that every f went) -tiTrH second a *tr< 11/ flash i* shown, which rontinur* ahctur *it second*, and ti?t i? diMpi>car* for nineteen seconds. This lischK it in future tu i i>? exhibited every night throughout tf?r vear. according to the regulation for Ugnftitg and eitmgnUhin Daiti h light*; on the contrary, the additional fixed light on the eaMern side of the I |i/hthotiH< will b? kept huniiug only so long a-. Ihe light x? is on her statnm. ... , Th- H ?yal Board of Trade and I tutomx, f op*-uhag?u. vMth . March, 1312. f Whnlrmrn. Off Hf. Helena March ft, Marcus, of Sag harbor, no oil, on a cmi?e. , . . .. Spoken. 22d nit. lat 21, h?h tiO. Juno, V% months from N B for Western Island, no oil. Foreign Porta. 8t. John. NT April 2>-Arr Planet, Norfolk; Web, Merer ? Jane, I'hiiadel i; Slav 1, Syrian", Plymouth, V t'ld l?t, I . I I. Nrviut, Ba! o4e. Mataoi i t, \,.il2f Iff port. Alford, of North \ armouth, Idg for NVork, <ail nest week; Tawjannoly, of New Ifvven, dodo; Levant \ M'ing cargo: Isaac r rankltn, do do; Os-orgr i Loyal, riiag; Od?. for N \ org, Idg; Lafayette. hlv lot li<?*toii, ria Areciho, Pit. '-terllng, for Wilmington, NT. iii Turks Island, sailed satin v? , Hi. doiiTvt. PH. Actil 10?Sid M try, for Baltimore. Iui?ort, j biiliff, Idc; M*?ti|Kii it, do; Sidney, from Norfolk, waiting height; I ncle n St. Thomas, iust arr; Alphoiiao. Pin ladHphn, dug; Baltic, waiting ratio; fcrie, do. ? Ht. J sr.o, Anril 2n?Sl,l Quinrv, Trieste; Sarah, NYoik In port, Nile, for Trie .te. ahont to day*. [ t-'nlfril State* Porta. i ? t,,iTPoR.Ti' ?Arr Binan. NVork; May I, Ionia, Philadelphia; 2d. V uh ha. St. John. Nil. Ltnri. A pi il JR>-Sld MeUill.NYt.rk, May 3, Kdw. Kent. Georgetown. Belfast, April 2fr-Arr Alvano. Havana. ( Id 2d. Toidiff, N Orleans. Camden, M?y J?Arr Oat*ll*. NVork. Hid tth. Alhnno N OH'in'. Bath April in < < ylon < ird< n* fn) |)< nmark B%! r timorr: M ?y I. Missiaaipia, I hi! uh-l|?hia. Md giih. S N.Ontt , lin > 'Mirnyr; Wn-. Pnrriiiy ton. MancKnUnf-. II PoRTIr*", M?y i? Sill Anifiir.n. anil .11 tl,r outn .rd bound Poht??ioi'TH, M.y f?Ait H.rrit. Franklin, La. N, ?hi *tpo?t, Ajwil ?.V' P'lK-liiM, Porto Hini. 3*. May 7?At All'ti, St. Jak?; (jladi.itnr, Norfolk; I Oli>iT, Albany. Briu. Bittelow, NYoA; S|>b ndid. do. Sigmj I- for a tin.' <llRo?.lind London; Hu?wll. lUr.iri; l.i id. r J Maranhtm ami Para; ArirUidr, Trinidad; Kornai, JlarHndooi . |>inl k'niiri. St. John., PR, Knrliantrra., Bilmni MmH. k \l,-iinti. , U, N. ? ()ih .in?; William, Damaiiootta. ArrClh < Luc.c, t'harl'rtoii; < li.tli.irn Baltimore; N.nvoo, NVork I Nkk Br.DFoaD, M?y 6?Arr Hone & Hunan, Norfolk; Or I trude, N York. VarMoI'TH, April 39?Arr Premium, Norfolk. Kdgahtohn, 3?Arr Supeiior. Chenryfield for NVork; a fro,n NYork, bound E. Hid .uh, tin* above. I ARfiri i> ( mr., Ma\ 2?Arr Gov Arnold. Boston for Ne* c r*rL' ' ^ Richmond for B - ion; L aahIo, Hutfofc for rhoiirutou. Provide *c?: .May 0? Arr Star. Baltimore; Charlotte Ann, rjnil idelphii; Victory, Champion, Van Bureti, and Yankee. N. i ork. Philadelphia, .May 7?Arr Win. M. Hotter*, Buokunort. Baltimore, M?v o?Arr Frnicia Join-, Ht. John*. PR; Comilieree, Areciho; Chirk ts*w. Boston; Ann Maria, Lubec; < opii lte. Detuarara; Av??n( Hertford; Tamttin, Providence; Hud-on. NYork; < le-tr. do. Cld liotner. Thoma?t??ii; Bt'twy ^ I uie Philadelphia; M ? t ?11 - Kinti I ni h OirU, Na NP; E. A. Stevens Work; Batavia, Belfast, Mr. Sid J. W. Piiur. Bo-ton. ('hiki mtox, May Arr l,c Roi lUrnedeau, Cayenne; Km.I . M * B Brio* '-'iin. v f ..?i, I >nd I i the offifr. . H. Allen, K il mui/no, and Westchester, NYork; Corea, and a ship unknown; Ariitla, Bio d< Janeiro. Cld Foir?**ter. Hivie. Nr;w Oit.raM, April 2d?Cld Chrlttei, Philadelphia; Soloman Sal tus, Mhi ?rilh-*: llenr> N? w? j|, NYork; Lucy Ann, do; Lauren.*. Bremen; Flora. Bord -an*. Arr Rappahannock.; Tarqtiiu, do; Marengo, Havre; (Ylchis, Boston; Ten Brothers, do. PORTUGUESE: FEM \LE PILLS rPHESE fir-famed and celebrated Pills, from Portugal, are, -A we perceive, to he obtained in thu couutry. See advertiseuuM on thu last column of fourth pnjn m3 lm^M> A JI 1< HELpS OLYMPB -KDYVIV (th BalUd Sn..a er% B'tudlt) W'ill t ikr place oil Wedl?H?dnr, 111h in*T oif, wheti will presented (first time ni this country) the BF.GGAR'S OPERA, with the eh int. ter* rever*--:!. Captain Macheath, Mr*. Timm ; Lucv, Mr. Edwin; Mr*. Penchant, Mr. Orihwn ; Polly, Horn-* istle. Aftei which, i Bill id Concert, in v?nich 1 Emil Edwin will tnali hi fir?i ppeirutcc In public, with other entertainm nt*. S* hill of day. nt9 3tis*r MKW STEAM SAW NULL.?The subscribers hiviog their mill in full 01 mtinii, and a complev stock of white oak, white pioe. Georgia pine and h nlock li ibew on kind, and are prepared to fu iiiifi the same by the r.dt, crib, or single lo^, or sawed to order, for slop build* is, hou*e builder*, and others, 011 the most reasonable tei????., and .0 tin- shortest possible notice. Person* ren 11 niiii; anv irticle in our line of hu?iiie*?, mil .bn..t..l ...M... I ...I I. Ii in .1 it... mill, fool of I til* street, North River. !.? ?. ..,1 L'W ^ l'^,S { ,U]l 1 s : () DARK OBERLIN Kit , i it Lis I. ? < signe#-* of good* hy tin-* ship, will fdease send their |x nnit< on hoard without delay, at pier 10, E. R. or to the oilier of the subscriber*. All goods not p-rinitted within live days, w ill he sent to public store*. m9 ltr ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO. 35 Fulton st. J? XOHANGE ON LONDON^?Bills of Exchange at 40. 30. Xj 15 days, and at sight, for any amount on Messrs. Prescott, Grote. Ames 1 Co. B Mikers, London. For sale at ill times, hy m9 r ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO. r, Kuh >n st. VT EDICAL AID?Invalids including * certaiu elan* of un* fortunate victim*. who may be in need of medical or surgical assistance, should call at 31 Molt street near Chatham sou are, where resides a physician long accustomed to administer in such case*. The Doctor ha* published a little book on private complaints, which he sells at 50 cent*, to those who may be laboring under a long protracted course of unsuccessful treatment. This little trestise will Im? of much importance by show ing the c niies, and also the effects arising Or likely to ari*r from bad treatment, (the particular* in this re* si?eet could not l>e *et forth in an advertisement.) Dr. Gregory docs not limit hi* attendance to a lew hour*, hut may be founaat home at any hour of day or night, (observe that No. 31 is not a drug storel?4ii* rooms ar?* well arranged for the reception of patient*, and his charges moderate. tn9 Itm WATCHES, (CLOC KS, JEWELRY AND~~81LVER v? WARE.?The undersigned have a Urge assortment of fine Watches, of every description, from some of the b^st manu f.ictuier* in Europe, all warranted first rate time-keepers. A splendid assortment of line French mantel clocks, also w arranted first rate for time. A large and valuable assortment of rich diamond and other jewelry .and silver ware, a large assortment, all warranted of the finest silver and best of workmanship. All of which they are determined to *ell at price* very much reduced froin former rate*. E. & S. 8. ROCKWELL, 9 AM or II use. Watches of every description carefully repaired and warranted. m9 lw?r I U E ! ICE! I( E !?Jj t< H'l | rime I. tke h . , landing tins da\ A from schooner Tezer. at pier 3, E. R.. for sale by in'lt*m SMITH x BR >TH?R,419WltMaifCt* pHINA GLASS AND EARTHENWARE. H A tor V-^Houff?French Porcelain Dinner Services, 115 pieces, $25 (in White Granite, do do II? do 13 00 French, or English Porcelain Tea Seta, 3> do 4 00 Dinner Plates, French Porcelain, per dozen, I 94 Do do <i inite, blue or white, do i oo Soup, do French Porcelain, do 2 00 Do do Granite, blue or white, do I 00 Tea Cups and Saucers, (21 piece*) French Porcelain, I 50 Egg < ups, QO M 37 Olass. Cut Wines, per dozcii, from 1 50 Do Tumblers, do do 2 00 Lemonades, handled, do 2 25 Table Cutlery, of the finest discription*. in *et.?oi dozens, at the low price of $12 the set. Just opened, a handsome assortment of Toilet Ware. R. SIMPSON. N. B.?Agent for the tale of 8 i mi won'* Ear Cornets, for the relief-of detlheu, n8 liu*c YfR. PETER AUGUST VON" ASCII EN, son of the** kYA Rev. Dr. Vou Asch? n who left hi* native place, the city of Bremen, in Germany, about ten year* ago, will ple.i*e make known hi* residence to the undersigned, of whom lie will learn summing highly to in* advantage. init lw*c BECHTEL &. DREOER, Rl Beaver street. VTIBLO Ik DUS'LAP feel grateful lor tin fiatroiutge In? L X stowed unon them since ow ning their Seed Store anu Conservatory, and trust from the quality of the artirles ftirtiished, and attention to bu tineas, to gi\o general satisfaction?>676 Broadway. m0lw*e TVifEDICINE CHESTJ?The subscribers have jiut received a Iresh supply of Medicine Chest*, of new and elegant patterns, Ittrd with medicines for ships, jduttationa. and (ami* lies, and accomnaiwad with directions lor use, and securely narked for travelling or exportation. RU8HTON k ASPINWALL. m8 3t*c ifc William st. 11(1 Broadway and 10 A.tor lh?u?e. O |\( j| \ OUNCES Sulplnte Quinine, fur sale .at mauufacV/V/V/ Hirer's prices, by RUBHTON & ASPINWALL. ?G William st. Also, just received a fresh supply of Mineral Waters, from the Pavilion, Sodine and Congress springs at Saratoga, and the White Sulphur spnugs in Virgiuia, mR 3i*c IRON BOOK SAFES, MONEY CHESTS, icc.-A^d * assortment of Iron Safts. fitc. of different m akers, fm^alr at prices corresponding w ith nu dity, at the Iron Chest Warehouse of SILAS C. HERRING, at l'J9 Water sine t. N. B. Wilder'* Salamander Safe, decidcdL the best now in u?e, cannot be had at any other pi see in the city. mil 2we #5,000 AND A PARTNER WANTED. AN opportunity is now presented for m.iking a more profitable and safe investment of the above amount, than may again be met w ith, in years to come, either by way of a conditional loan, or a copartnership, which, w ith an active business man, would be preferred. The advantages which the writer is here pre pared to offer, are such, that lie feels assured of effecting a negotiation with the first acceptable applicant; he, therefore, reutiesU that none w ill apply, eacejg those who are prepared w ith the cash in hand, (if suited) to close the negotiation between (hi* and the llth nut. Letters left at this office, or at 13 Little Jones street, addressed to the care of I'. A. L. appointing a city interview, will lie promptly attended to. in8 2ti?*c "117" ANTED?By a respectable young woman, just arrived ? v from Wales, and who will produce ample testimonials, a situation as chambermaid or nurse, in a gentleman'* establishment. Applications will please be made b> note addressed L. L. A. at this office. ______ mil 2t*r TTRATE A^p"P()TDTO!TTK7S^rfI?U7td !.s il'<- Lodi Manufacturing Company, warranted a first rate article, free from all adulteration, and more than fifty per cent better than any like article manufactured here. For sale at the office of the company, No, 43 Liberty vtreet, New Vork, .opposite to the Mi Idle Dutc!i Chun li. m,'? fit \ DAMS ? < b~ BOSTON. NEW YORK and PHI LA-fA DELPHIA Daily Package Express, for the transmission of Boxes; Bales, Bundles, Bank Notes, S|?ecie, Ikr. Particular and pvoini?t attention will at all times he paid to the ejecting and paving Bills, Drafts, &e. Orders for goods to Im? conveyed by "Adams fit Co." Exprea* delivered without charge. Large packages will be called for if notice be left at the office. A. ADAMS, WM. B. DINSMORE, J "opnetorf. Offices?Adams fit Co., No. 'J Court street, Boston. " J. B. Tyler, Agent, Worcester. " F. W. Tre*dway. Agent, 18 Shetncket *L. Norwich. " Adam* fit Co.. No. 7 Wall street, New York. M Oris wold fit Co., Agent*, corner 3d and Dock streets, Philadelphia. in7 iwr T^HE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore existing under the I firm of I. JACOBS fit CO., is this day dissolved by mutual const ut. ISAAC JACOBS. MORRIS SOLOMON. I. Jacobs is duly authorised to settle up the affairs of the late finn. Ne w _York, May 1M2. m7 3f c ABPHALTUM. P\ais. April 12, 1812. Wr F. have appointed Mr. JOHN LOWITZ our sole agent for the United States, for the *ale of oiU Asphlltuni. AUG. BABONEAU fit CO. Proprietors of the Mines. V al du Travet. Mr. John Lowit/. will roiastautlv hive on hand, the abnre| mentioned \sphaltum, at No. 2, Wall street. ml 1 pLKASANT EXCURSION.-A s?il itmu thr HniU. n to : * Hobokrn, and a stroll along its romantic sh oes, cannot I now fail to yield much satisfaction to the admirers of th< I beauties of nature, an ! to those who may require, after being i? w up foi Um ta ii. i ci ixdad cit.. freah ii it relaxation. The extensive (round of this lovely ; it, ?o liberally thrown open to the iniblic, are now decked in all th< luxuriant freshness of an early spring. This beyond doubt la the in' st agreeable excursion that can be ma le at this season. I *13 lot 'V MILITARY, i o LET The large Room iOfttl 1 Canal and Elm trrecm, for military purposes, and .?? a place of worship on the Sabbath. A|s>, large rooms suit ible for lectures, companv drills, or religious worship, with the cotne'ii ewies and quietwas requisite for such purposes, or the hull ing enfi;e, known as Tomiwon's lidl. Applv to GEORGE BRUCE, No. 13 Chamber street, or G. C. HIS( OX, No. 38 Ann sf. rri7 31 *r BARK OBKRLIN Kmpp master I on Liverpool ( stgnee* of Merchandise by this shift, will please send the r txrmits, without delay, to the office of trie ciibteriber*. ROCHE BROTHERS & CO. mf?r 33 Fulton street. BOOK KEEPING. rPHt Counting rooms of C. ( MARSH, YA Cedrrrreet, J continue often from 8 A. M. to it P. M. in order tint marchants and others tmv avail themselves ?f a cov.rsc of i struc Hon that is truly practical ; one that embraces a complete rou tin! ill which the student actually kcf|? r id <>f Itooki in a counting house. Toll toy wno are acquainted with the advrr* t i*4 r. re put ith n h< de in t mj thai t i? w Iim ip il 1 Book-keeping ha* passed into ten editions ; that if receive* the preference in the New York Pul lie BchooU, ami other largr institutions ; and that he hnoolf ha* the honor of h? in ; r?-*a,> pointed teacher of bock-keeping for the "Mercantile Library Association" of this city. FVwipeetnaea, with term*, ma\ bt hvd at the connting rooma a* above a21 lm*ti? UKMnVAh PHILLIP.-}' CASH TAILOK.WG ? ?>' ! ,\V' .'*< ML N'T, l> r.mut.J from H.i Bronlw u |o N . A ,'tt t. i ? ! ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S I,?j.VW. Garments of a mm Kl gintand Fashionable kcid . I a? nil / ! 60 per cent for rash. fPHK advertiser deema it unnecessary to recoil t ? toe hyt?I nf) I tyitem i i 1 11 if nominal ;m 111 inting tliat the length of time he hi* been established, toffedicr with the eitenaivrjwitroiiage bestowed on rum, win proa* e .tin :ient voucher for hi* capibiliti-a. f'un. ion r the *dv*n*i;e of S? ing connected v* ith an rtteusiv r clothestablishment in F.uiope lie confidently asset* that he cm furnish clothe* which, on comparison, will he found lower than my othci I ?<???< making up the b< *t descriptions of gentlemen's dress. * I 1111 f. i !'s - \ ?<tr II i,m Broadway, BOOK BINDING I'AI'Ell KI'UND. M1rf.LAND. No. Nassau street, having an entire new stock of Binding Tools and Killing Machinery, of the late*t and in?H?t approved pattern*, i* now prepared to execute ait order* in the mo*t durable and handsome manner. Merchant* ACC con lit Uookx and all other kind* of Blanks* ork I mind and bound to any pattern*, and in a style that i? warranted to give aati*faction. Any work orderedcan be done in^he Fjutli?! mode if required, a? II. I. h%? had long experience in both i method*. I KOfl HALF'.?Two second hand Copperplate Pres?e*. Ap| ply aa above, inIM Im UNION COURSK. LONU ISLAM). VI F.MBKKH ami 8trau;? n can I or. their tielrt. any finir iVA tltis day, between il?t* hours ??1 10 A. M. ml 'J P. M., ?t the Astor House, and thereby aave theuuelve* much trouble in tl**c.owd to-morrow. . n>9 lt*m NEW YORK RACKS, UNION COURSE. NKW YORK. UriLL commence TUESDAY NEXT. hml continue Four I Days. First day, Tuesday, the 10th?The great match rare between Boston ami Faahion for $20,000 :t*ide?four mile heat*. JuSauie Day?Sweepstake* for 3 year old, mile heats, sub. $J0O, $1(M? forfeit?closed with t subscribers. 1. ( has. S. Lloyd lutne* b. c.owu Brother of llornblower. 2. Robt. L. Stephen* name* rh. f. b> imp. Trustee out of Cornell i Conorei 3. Satnl. Laird nanus rh. e. Caesar, by Mingo out of Jure Maria. 4. John Hagerrty names rh. f. Princess, by imp. Priam out of Sally Hope. Second Day.?Joekev Club Purse, $300, two mile heats. . Third Dty? J? ck? y (dub Purse, $:>O0, three inile heals. Fourth Day?Jockey Club Purse, $1000, four mile beats. HMj By the Secretary of the N. V. J. C. I) \? F.S?KAt 1 S.?Th# bait road iind hortert ii ite to the D l mod Couim ii b) t.i Thiid Atvbbi th Ili&ilgAt# I Ferry. Two fist steamers will ply constantly on this ferry, on the 10th inat., for the occommod ti.?n of persons goinr on that day to the (treat Race. ni7 3tis*T Kii^IIhIi Advert (semen t. N OTI C E TO R A IL W A Y TRAVELLERS. \ x'nuu'r/\ w ikvim.'i f\?* I/iil\ I V m n I IV# I FjIj, No. lfcl FLKK T STilKKT, LONDON. W illiam Ilurdln^, Proprietor, Rut urn* hi* thanks to (tin* professional aim commercial gentleman, and thi public tor t i**.* liberal support be baa receiri I since occupying the above named Hotel, and hope* by unremitting attention to retain the patronage hitherto so generoiul afforded. W. H. assure* hi* patrons that no endeavors shall he spared to promote their comfort, and flatter* himself thai few can compete with luun as tar as regards Wines and Viands, it being hi.i ambition to procure the choicest for tin approval of hi* supitorlers, and conducting business on the most liberal system. The daily bill of fare, containing the greatest variety, combined with moderation of prices, cannot fail giving general satisfaction. Breakfasts (plain) Is 3d each; lodgings 10* 6d per week. Public Meeting and Committee Rooms. all Jut* "WIGS CLEANED INSIDE AND OUT, El} UAL TO NEW. WIGS and every description of ornamental hair cleaned, * Y stretched and restored to its original heautv, by a chein cal process, known onlv to the sub.ciihei, WM. BATCHELOK, practical wig maker and hair cutter, ic.? Broadway, New York. Packages from the country mint be fort paid to ensure prompt attention. The h nds m< I uid best iMortroent of wigs and toupees in tiie United States, will he found at this establishment. m(? 1 in *n l?)MA\ KVK ISA I.SAM, FOlt W'liAK AND 1NFLAMKD KVKS. '"PHIS BALSAM is .a presciiptiou of one of the must celeA brated occulists, has been a long time in use. and is confident! v recommended to the public as tin; best and ino-t successful naive ever used tfor inflammatory diseases of the > *. In cases where the evlids are very inflamed, or the ball of the eye thickly covered with blood, it arts almost like magic, and removes all appearance of disease after two or three applic itiou*. IN DIMNESS OF SIGHT caused by fixed attention to minute objects, or by long exposure to a strong light, and in the weakness or partial lot* of sight from sickness or old age, it i* a sure restorer, anil should b used by all who find their eye sight falling without any apparent disease. This Balsam has restored sight in many instances where almost TOTAL BLINDNESS, caused by excessive inflammation, had existed for sears, Inflammation and soreness caused by blows, contusions, or wounds on thr eye. or by ?xt rMiiroii* bodies of an tin fating Diture in* troducen under the eyelids, is very soon removed by the application of the Balsam. One trial will convince the most incredulous of its astonishing efficacy. Put up in jars with full directions for use. Price cents. For sale, wholesale and retail, by DAVID SANDS 5c CO., 77 Fast Broadway, corner of Market st. Sold also by A. B. & 1). Sands, 70 and 100 Fulton streets, and by A. B Sand* Co., 273 Broadway, corner of Chamber* street, New York. juGGtr SH I UTS. r*ll!DT? 1 - 1? - r. .1 _ 1 I' ' VIIIIVIO ninur ui wnur. niwr lilt* mnst approval r renc.i L7 fashions. Gentlemen's Garments of all description* made co order at the shortest notice. Gentlemen's Fiunishing Htore G7 and f>9 Maiden lane, corner of William street, *25 lm?r WILLIA M COLL I NS._ CHEAP HARDWARE STOKE. nPHE 8nh?criber is now opening his Sp in* supply of 1 HARDWARE AND CUTLERY. received per late arrivals from Birmingham and Sheffield, rogether with a geiural asfortiiutm of Domestic ?*o?ki?, which he is prepared to offer at the eery LOWEST CASH PRICKS. The attention of Country ^Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makers, Sec., i? solicit..! to an examination of hts stock and prices, as ha is confident tliey will find it to their interest to favor him with a rail. ALFRED F. LAGRAVE, 210 Grcenw ich, corner Barclay. New York. A regular supply of FALRIVER CUT NAILS, and Cooner * Glue, Also?a comjmetc assortment of Mechanics* Tools, James* Screws, fce. m2 3m# THE SHIELDED \ 1( "'TO III A SHAWL AND DIAPER PIN. ANEW and important article fen u.e in the nursery and as a ttattmini to ladies' ihawls, cloaks, Itc., i tented m ^ il. United Stat? n and in Euro??e, for sale, wholesale, by W. II. CARY k CO., 196 Pearl street, New York, and by the patenlet* at tin in liiufaetory, 14G Jav r.t, Brooklyn. Tbrotd.uwnoodlestore*, uid dealers in fancy niidM|inp* plied on liberal terms. al2 lin* JUST RECEIVED, AHK H and varied mnirtment of Stock., Scarf*, Cravat., Silk., Linen ami Kid Olovra, Siiapriideiv, Linrti ,nd M11 liu SliirU, Pocket Ilandk.rcliief., tee. ire, Tiii. is the only e.uldi.huirnt in this city wlierc lb* sulxcrilicr'. Celebrated elastic Slock, can be obi lined. PARSELLS, Acrni for J. AGATE, 241 Broadway, between Park Place and Murray .tract. a?> lin-c SALT RH ELM. SALT RHEUM' rPHF.RE is now an article for sale in New York, manufacA tured by A. B. k D. Sands, 79 and 100 Fulton street, that will cure tlie tboiediif also. Ringwoiiiii. Tetter, Bimtt ??r Jackson Itch; 8c a I I'd Head, and most disease* of the skin. It is a remedy never before known in medicine or history. Amoug the many cases which has proved effectual. I mention the rase of John Smith, w ho purchased on- box and a bottle of the Concentrated Syrup of oarsaparilla, which elected a perfect cure. He then purchased nine dollars worth for his friends. Certificate Mrs. E. Sp* r. We have iu*t received a letter from Mrs. Elisabeth Bpeer, of Bellineham, Mass.,a lady ?e\. i,i. -three years of igt, wh m rntiona hei easa of Ball Rheutn as being one of the most severe that ever cauie under the treatment or medicine. For the \*%t twenty years I have tried every thing that has been ret mnnended, and attended strictly to a number ol rhysicimis advice without any permanent benefit. Hearing ol SaiidN c? h-brafed i me.h I v. is induced tuirs if, and in OM week from the tune 1 obtained it, I was able to walk(arid 'ay f<?t were near!) ci vered with new skin?the return of hi ?1 r I? wjh so rapid that I became a wonder to all w ho saw m \ I not only feel it a privilege but a duty to make known to others who are afflicted with this complaint, the wonderful cine I have obtained by the use of S uuL's remedy. ELIZABETH SPEAR. Bellingharn, Mass. The bottle 1 't Sarsaparilla which accompanies the remedy, i : pared Utogetnpr on a new plaa which contains four times the strength of anv now in th? marker. Sold by A. B. k U. Sands, No. 79 Fulton street, corner of Gold; 100 Fulton at; 77 East Broadw ay ; 273 Broadway. Price f|, i to 1 in RETRENCHM ENT THE ORDER OF THE DAY. r|MIE Subscriber, with, i vow of meeting the exigencies of I tlx- fin., i. h t. made in tnjp dm i nherebj he will m m i forth be enabled to fttrni ih umi nts of the vi ry m 1 fualil it su iiuni- n . easing from (ormei Haying mad purchases exclusively for cash, he is determined to compete w ith tie cheaj?e*t,(on the ready money principle only,) while he pledp i himself to continue the same observance "t elegance and pnnctitaliti which i r the last t t i .i \ - us li^s eharacteriaed his establishment. Gentlemen are referred to thi mei I li?t of prices, w ith the assurance tint the ur'icle, .inininitrd shall l.e equal in on ility and st\ le to the m.?st cost I \. Dress coets of *u|mt wool dyed cloths, from $jil fo 21. Pints, do do catsimcrc, U ro 10. Vests, of rvrrv fashionable variety, M to .*> Gentlemen wishing to furnish their own mate rials can hav?> heir gannen madt rad trimmed in tbs nuns rt U of elegM in j.;( portion 1 | the ibove. S. B.?Mr. Bahcock, long known as one of the most fashionable cutti i c rntinai in the < t iblishment. ? nAn. ? ua, ?iyn 01 im uown rioece. m# KB 61 Nassau stiert. near Maiden lane. N0T1CE"TO BUVERS OF CABINET FURNITU RE. rPHt Subscriber would invite the attention of those within? ;o j articles in the above business*, to hit establishnu**0t, wlierc i? to be found a rich assortment of Rosewood and Mahog.-inv Furniture, of French and other |Ki(tertis, tome of w hu n .iri not to be found eUewhere, being entirely original.? A'*n r.indaome rich gilt Cornices for window*. Poles aud I tongs ; together with Damask Galloons and T?s*i*fi, and every arfirl# attached to curtains, which will be uiadc hi the latest sty I#* t#o?n |iiUonui haely received. N. B. Particular attention paid to the fitting up of Ottomans, Screens, and other fancy articles, with embmidned TaV^uy. WASHINGTON MKK1C8, d ;i> 6ut *M '> llr<md.v.*y. licit the Hospital. I .1 I'. CARROLL'S OLD ESTABLISHED MEDICATED VAPOR BATHS, 25 COURTLANDT STREET. 'THKHh BATHS have hem in opeiation seventeen year*, I and I 1 establi ed theii ter as the m??st i*ow crfnl auxiliary in medical practice. A few of the specific . Herts of the Mrdiraled Vapor B tlh* are?to r# move the ffects of mercury from the system, relieve difficulty of breathing, and hence cure asthma and cither diseases of the chest and lung?, to promote the disorption of humor*, to ? ore rheumatism and (tout in all it* forms in less time than tuy other agent hitherto used ; also colds, lumbago, erysiivlas, salt rheum, and scrofulous emotions, ike. It In'sioes renevtt exhaustion and fatigue, rai* * in** spirits. traiKiuiliaea nervous , irritation, cle vis the completion, anil renders tfir ikin soft and beautiful. The Baths are op< u (roui sit o'clock in the morning till nine at night. Sulphur baths require one hour's notice. I Portable hath*, hip baths, and bathing tubs, srnt to any part of j the city or Brooklyn. in# Iw J MADAME. I.KSl ;:i K. <|.tc Mead .me? < henirv ami L , siietir) til Walker street- R'?|?ert fulls informs the |?du ?. | that durin?lier short absence, h i establishment will l>* undr J the maivtg inei.t of M tilanie Petit, xpressly ?iitfagcd l?> M idim? iA teur, in Paris, as first emtei eiprriet?r. and know bulge liave ^breti obtained in tlic first Parisian hue. Madame Lesncnr hnru. in l'? , n.l knowing ie?fectly the French fashions and those suited to the t -f * of tl.i* eouutr has just forwarded b> the |ft.?t H ivre pocket*, a complet' as%o?ts n? nt of N? nve^ntes, which will In* disputed of at the low# si price. Fr< nch and loutish Itngu.iges sjw?ls* ??. a2l Im PAHBAOK FOR Packet of M 111 of M i ?The splen lid. I*M sailimtfparl f ?h p >aMtiKi>10N'l'RKAl..< i| tain Tinker, il jowfiy I .#-. ihove Im r regular day. ha* in: splendid accofnniOdltloHS f. r cabm, see< ml cabin, and steerage passenger*. V or | a ove, *, Iv .u.nlication should I** mack; onJeianl or to y " W. It i. T. T VPS< OTT. Ul ecksl p. Persons wishing to icnd |.?r their friends, cm bar- turn brought out in this ship, or any of the line on favorthlr t ,m . aid those wishing to remit money can I** furnished with draft# for any amount, payable in all the principal towns ol tin- I rnte I Kiagdom, by applying aa sbo^c. m9 t y \ |? ipai Pig * ?..ft < ?A I FN A \.Y \ 1 i i sale by I IJ F. K ( til.I.INS k CO. in#C Hinifh atreft Auction Sale*. BV THOMAS BELL. ( Store* So* 22 . Inn end II * h*ulton ftreet.) MONDAf At n**t 10 o'clock, ill the *?ale roouift. Kxtra 8*le of r.h gaul Furniture?An elegant assortment o splendid 1 aluiiet Furniture, .ill made Co order, comprising 41 entire stock to close a concern. AUo, second hand a:rd in w furniture, of all drtoripewru. AI t(>, 4 valuable second hand piano forte* ; $ curious uiusica' I instrument-., lately invented, something on the . ? cordiou nit: orgun | I mi. Lut t.? vv Inch no iimvie is given yet ; the ?? irr slightly <itnia>p-d on the vovfre of iut|M?rt.iliuh. Alio, H f flu'll Iwditead . ?? iOl.ts, lied , matin . .e., fubli c ?vers an 1 cloths, file. I WKDNF.SDA V. At ltd j o'clock in the s de room. Elegant Furnitun of all description*. At II o'clock m the Fulton <?t niore.t Painting and Looking Ohutt -An entire invoice >i m hogany jud gilt frame pier and mantel looking glasses Till' 1181) VV. At 101b o'clock in the sales room, Large Sale ol Seasonable Dry Goo<b, hosiery, London cloths cassi meres and vesting*, valuable hosiery, fm trunks, supcii?? clothing, i variety ofmillineiy article*, silks, satin*, calicoes, muslin*. linens, sheetings, fiic. Also a number of articles pledged for our year, and various gtN d i ' o n up from Paw ubroki rs lu . BY mi l.i. fc AIL I I Mill B Store corner of Hroadwuy and Dnane itreet. THIS MORNING. Furniture, Watches and Jewellery?Ai 101., o'cock, an eh * L.'iiit assortment of well made Household Furniture, comprising high and low, I post and French bedsteads and bedding, w ardrobes, bureaus. French, half French, and cane seat, ma* lioganv and m?ple cnairs, mar hie top pier tables, carpets, file, itc. Also, W itches and Jewellery, including two fine jewelled gold watches, R. ii O. Berkley, maker ; also, several by Johnson ml other celebrated makers, a small invoice of good jewellery, wot thy the attention of dealers and others. Also, 1 Iron S; |V, made by Olylor. M9 Ijjt BY A. M. CKISTALAH. Aurt. Store 106 William it. TL'ESDA Y7 At 10 o'clock) i Urge and general assortment of gold and ?ilve? watch s, with clocks on I cutlery, plated miuI Biitannii ware, v ix : calu ! r-, travs, cn mile stick and lamp.., i hi I < tl pot>, urns snuffers and trays, assorted spoons, castor*,. Waiters, assorted knives and forks, razors, scissors, L'uard fliaiii?, German silver "*|M>oti*, knives and forks. Al io 2jU gioce assorted -{ ?-! pen*. tu'J 2t*m I WEDNESDAY. AI 10 o'clock, at the sale* room. The entire stock of n fashion aide milinery itorf retiring from business?<consisting of 449 ladies bonnet* and hats, viz : Albert straw hats, modern ditto, Paris fancy and chip d<>, split straw English do, dilutable tusrando, Leghorn Hat a and caps, shirred b*unlets, straw wreaths, capa, silk for bonnets, with an assort* nvnt of Dry Good*. Catalogues w ill be ready and samples arranged for ixamination the o?y previous to <sle. mO It* in K. II. LUDLOW, Auctioneer. \ SSIGNEES SALE?Valuable Real Estate, at |Port Rich* fY moud. Staten Island.?E. II. LUDLOW will well at auction, on Thursday, the 19th of May n xt, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants'Exchange, the fallowing property, six:?lour loL? fronting Broadway, as Nos. 21, 23, 2J and 2?. Also, two lots fronting on Broadway, as Nos. 55 and 59. Also, four lots front intf on Broadway, as Nos. 51,50, 68 and 60. Also, four lots front iug on Hcbertoti street, as Nos. 45, 47, 19, and 50. Also, right lots fronting on Broadway, as Nos. .63, 05, 67, 69, 71, 73, 75 and 77. The above lots are located in a beautiful situation, being right in front of the bay t and about five minutes walk from the landing. and are well situated for cottages. The situation is exceedingly healthy, and the neighborhood is all handsomely improved. There are two or three steamboats running to and from the city, three or four timet a day, during the w hole year. There is also four denominations of churches in the neighborhood, with respectable school houses, seminaries, Sic. An opportunity, like this is seldom oflferrd to the public. The s lie will be i>ositivr. For further iiifarmatinn, apply to ('has. Cart I idee, 103 Water street, or to E. II. Ludlow , No. 11 Broad *t, where a map of the property can he seen. mg hi Vf ARSHAL'S SALE.?By virtue of a landlord's warrant, I 4-** will expose for sal.- at public auction otr Monday, the 9th day of May, 1812, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, on the 9th avenue and Thirteenth street, the contents of that old established fur factory .consisting of all the machinery,boilers, iron bars,Ike m7 2f?od*r I'. HENRY, Marshal, 112 Fulton st. "Vf UT1CE TO FURNITURE BUYERS.-WAS! 11NG-4-tI TON MKEK8, No. 315 Broadway, next the IloHpital, would draw the attention of the public that he w ill sell splendid Cabinet Furniture at 10 i?er cent. less than the same nu rlity of work is now selling at the auctions?consisting of Draws, Couches, Sofas, covered in different colored plushes, satins, and hair cloth, of the latest Spring patterns. dIG Cm OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY. FARE REDUCED!! PitKftAgte 50 cent*?-Berth* 50 cent*. FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRICES. /SCI , The commodious Steamboat WASHINGl ?-JTQN. Captain J. M. Brown, having made T irti y arnngmnents to change her clays of leaving New Yoik, will hereaher leave [the loot of Robinson street, New York, every Monday, Wednesday, anil Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, and Albany, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sa turday a fie moon, at 5 o'clock, landing on her passage each way at the foot of Hammond street, Newburgh, Poughkrepsie, Kingston Point, Cattskill and Hudson. For freight Or jruHsage, applv to the Captain on hoard, or to D. RANDOLPH MARTIN, No. IU2 West street. m'Jc /^1 J'OH ALBANY, TROV, and interim-diate A. The splendid low pressure steamboat 2_^EL2LsYVALLOW, Capt. A. M'Lean, will leave the foot of Courtlandt street, this (Monday) afternoon, May 9, at 5 o'cloek. The DEWITT ( LINTON, to-morrow afternoon, loth, at 7 o'clock. The above are substantial boats, fitted up with elegant State Room*, aud lor aceominodatioiiH are unrivalled on the Hudson. m7 FAKE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. i ,'u uf?mail i) BOSTON, tin STON'INOTON ANI) NKWI'OHT, com|H**ed of the following superior steamers, running in connection with the Stonington and Providence, and Boston aud Providence R lilroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock. RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer. NARRAOANSETT, Captain Woolsuy. MOHEGAN, Captiiu Vanderbilu One of which will leave New York daily, (Sundays ex- 1 rented) from Pier No. 1, North Rive*, Battery Place, at fife o'clock. P. M. Fart to Boston, $3 06 Deck passage, $2 26 do. Providence. 2 00 do. do. 1 50 Alt HAN C KM r.N'T. Th?* NARRAGANSET, ou Monday*, Wednesdays, and Fridays, for Htoningtoii. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, for Stouirigton. Passengers on Ui** arrival of the steamers at Stoiiington, may take the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to Provi drnff and Boston, and for the accommodation 01 persons travelling between New York and Newport, the steamboat trains will stop at Wick ford long enough to leave nial receive lessengers. Freight taken at the following much reduced rates To Boston, on goods weighing forty pounds or upwards to the cubic loot, at $!t it) per ton, and on measurement goods 7 cents per foot. To Providence, on measurement good* 5 cants per cubic foot, and specific article* as |?er tarif to lie obtained at office 22 Brondwav. m31 6m POMEROY C O/S ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CHICAGO EXPRESS. Tl^^rue rs au- 11 >w 1 uuiili^ a regular Expu s-* ov.-/thi Railroads to and from Albanv and Bulfalo, and the intermediate place*, for FORWARDING, at low rates, with the utmost speed, regularity and safety, choice Goods, Specie, Bank Notes, Important Papers and Valliable Packages?Will attend to the negotiation, transfer, collection or payment of Bills of Exchange, Notes, Drafts, Acceptances, Accounts, kc., at ress< n ?ble per rentage?execute orders for the purchase or sale of Merchandise, Produce and Manufactured Articles of every description, twrsonallv, in the f?wtis on their route, through Messrs. HARNDEN k CO S EXPRESS to NewYork and B.Mon.and Messrs, IIAWLeY k CO/8 express to and from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago and init rmediate places?forming at once the inoat direct, speedy and jierfect communication to and from the eastern and western cities, for the negotiation and transaction of all mercantile and professional business, remittances, exchange*.Itc. References?Era<tu* Corning. Thomaa W. OlcotL \\ atts Sherman, A. D. Patchin, Noah Lee, James Taylor, Theodore Olcott, Alh uiT. Agencies?Bennett, Backus k Hawley^Utica : T. A. Smith, Syracuse ; A. G. Suiilli, Auburn ; J. Fargo, Geneva ; J. G. Shepherd. C.matidaigua : David Hoyt, Rochester; John MrKcuster, Lock port ; J. A. Clark, Batavia ; Thom w Blo.som, Buffalo. POMV.ROY k CO', No. 6 Exchange Buildings, Albany. all 1 Wall street, New York. iin 1 EVENING LINE FOR ALBANY4 di i+r^ct at seven o'clock, leaves the Pier between ^ '* "lf 1 il*>lh,,tri'Hl- ..... . The Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA,/'apt. L. W. Brainard, leaves Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at seven o clock P.M. The RO< HESTER. Capt. A. P. St. John, leaves the above Pi?r Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday altemoon at seven o'clock. . The Rochester and South America are new and siiiMtantial bo Us, well lilted up and (Vtrnishcd with state rooms, and fm surrd and accommodations are not sui pasted by any hosts oil the river. For passage or fright, apply to I'. C. Schultt, at the office on the wharf, or on In#" I. ir'3t THE STEAMBOAT OSCEOLA, wit!. {PL n .1**11 her tackle and furniture, will be sold at Yt f-Tff 1 |- ll? Tliui*day, 12th insiani, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, by E. H. LUDLOW. The ?aiu boat will be sold to the highi st bidd< 1. w ithout ri serve, to close an association, and without any restriction* a* to where she shall run. She is in perfect order, having a new boiler, which has not been used six months. She has U en newly painted throughout and her engia- put 111 the be?i order, and is ready for immediate use. If 1 spetd is second to 110 boat of her diinesaions in the world. She now lies at the foot of Chambers street, where she ran be seen any time previous to the sale. Her inventory u complete and in perfect order. Any information wifl be given by applying to D. HJt>DOLPH MARTIN, 1U2 West street, or to VANDERVOORT k IIA V WARD Pine street Terms made known oiithedayoi mJi ^ " &&&: FOR NEW ORLEANR? L<mi?i*n? ami New KfTStVVnrlt Lin?-To hiirrrfil thr Vicksbunj.?The fast f&Wii liln i. picket shift OCMULGEE, Captain Peel, will have despatch. For freight or pamge. Lavim; hamhin accommodation*. apply on boar a, *f Orleans wharf. foot of Wall utri (, or to K. K. ( (W.I.INS fc CO. ji. S.uih ?t. Great ChtP w ill I* taken to have the goods by this line coifertjy measured. Agent* hi New Orleans, Hull, n k \\ oodnifT, who will promptly forward all goods to hi* addn_ mf 1*5- FOR LIVERPOOL?New Lirw?Regular wRTarW!?arkei of L'jih May.?The splendid picket ship J_-f 'igT- w If f~ "f1 v v * 'p ain F. A. Drp? y ?t. r, of .0 0 ton*, wii) ?atl aa above, her regular da\. For freight *r pis..ig(, hating * ommwlafion* une tuallea for ajdrtwlor or ? oiufort, *| ply on board. if Orle iim wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K. K < OLI.IN* k i (). ii. Hotttli street. Price of nassasfe SI60. The packet aliip OAilHK K. < apt.tin Skiddy, of loooton , will tutor 1 ) the nheridan. and tail &>th June, her regular da\! PaaaeiiKcr* may rely 011 the ibi|a of this line tailing pnuctuilL , nherti.# ! mn I'A SWA (IK. TuR^ IIV K R roo j Thi .. |. kfWkrmt Milinir, iiiH-rior i-rku .tup S( irTIU.KNKR. jMna1 apt. A. H. Palmer, will hate immediate d-apatrh.? JlavHi.niisnr|-?%oi a. ronimodatioiu lor cabin, ?< comi rabid ind i. . p u iifci w hieh will In* taken at moderate rate*, f'oriau^e early ipylo itlon ?h"tild Im mad" 011 bond, loo* Buihng Slip, or t ? \V. & J. T. TAPfH OTT, 41P. ( kHlio. i?L: i'Vfktts Milt It % V Ri See.,,Ml Lim Fh. WMV^PHT- Sit (II. \ H, John II P. II, master, will sail &*mWm a the 1st Jin. . BOYD k HINt KEN A.-m.M, No. 9 Tontine Ihiildtmr. FOR SALE?The fjwt sailing A I, coppered are VTHV >i 01 fastened ahip VENICE, burthen W font,or '"dlwdHHit ~i?nK1 Thi ship is as built in Philad'' phia, id |:?'i!f, hi tit. im?i faithful mariner, w is silted en flu at k ind coppered with hear rap, d which 1 I' rt? . tried ? a 1 v age to China and b ?eu I? well calcnh'ed ?i r 1 K H in packet, 01 lor the India trade?Haa a ? j?*nV,rV? , 1 . , | \ t, 1 , I 1 M \\ l! i 11 I 1 1 1 . iceru I 1 pier A, North Rr _ For (rrm.. ?,.plr to BOVD k MN'CKEN. , i'lniliif Biildih,? tT() I ( T 'I . ?| N?..iu Irrri inlti. Il? ri'.l Build' jl ' AppR ? 't? IfrrtM (ttfi'i, fi V?M?n M Filhou. Iwg. Amu?r tuciit*. HARK THEATRE. 1 HIS fcVF.NINO, M?y !>?The performAuee* will commenc. THF. BRONZE HORSE. V?I1?. 1 T?hlB, Sequin J ?IU? Siiu, Andrewi I Yaukoo, Prfiraou Trkl. Mn? Sctfuui Tn conclude with . .. n,.t ANATOMIST. Moiwiritr l.e .Mt'diciii. I'ltu-uU | ,i? I Fuller Beatrice Mr* WliealleT Bo*r?, >1?Pit, 'ill . nU?Gallery, ti reiiU CHATHAM THEATRE. MONDAY EVENING, MiyTlin pe rioimiIU.r will can, intsnre %% ifh LONDON Assi Ranck. 9ir Harcourt Comely, Lambert | Chariot* Courtly J K Se >tf Lady Clay HpMikrr. Mr* BWk. 0#*EN HOCftE. lUrry Villart, Hield | ('oiijin Tod.!, Me.t.yer Jalic, Mr*. rhorne. I)n i< circle, jO rent*-?Boae*. 2F?Plt, 111^?Privair B.mi, OLYMPIC THEAl'H?. MONDAY EVENING, Miy 'J? The perfurtnnic.. will com mence with Pl'SS IN BOOTH. I'um in U hiu, Homra*tlr j Ralph, Mr? Tinuu Fury Krliui, Mi** Singleton After winch Rice'* I unliable nine* of LOVES OF THE ANGELS. J*p, Mitchell | Komh, Hoructlen Lib*, Mr*. Mnatop. To conclude with BOZ Bor, llorncaiile | Sam Wrller, Mitchell. Mr*. Novclgobble, Mr*. W*u?. Pre** I irele, Ml cent*? l'pi>er Bote*, 26 cent*?Pit, I*.?PrivAte Boiea, $6 A Mi:Kl(A\MlSKl)L pORNF.R OF BROADWAY AND ANN STREET ? I BARNL M, ln.Ua.rr.?Ill unler to AceomniixUt'* the immense crowds which attend here, the Lecture Room has been rularged. The mvsteriou* (ilPSl)V (JIRL can be con suited day and evening. She is the i^reAiPut wonder of the age. P '1 Btlorlock, A Mm to i I'. M. she can bs prifattl) cottNUt" rd as an oracle, or foreteller of future rvetiU, fier of charge.? Mr. Wincliell, the Comic Drollerist, Mia* Rosalie the charming vocalist from New Orleans, also La Petite Celeste, the beautiful dancer. Ki|>enin?utt in Animal Maaiietum on a Sibil.I th V.-A.1. . .1.1 l*\ll^iik- vi Alia OA ?:.i ?.1 ivau-r; i'N fc'f MATi( HAM. RQA I);" A LB TnO " LA LV'. FANCY GLASS BLOWING; Gr.nd < osmorama, ami jOU,ooo cariosities. A company of Indian Warrior* and Squaw*. A splendid day performance takes place every Wednesday and Saturday aftanxxnml Five hundred tame black, grey and fo* Squirrel*, from Ohio, may be seen here^ skipping shout on treus as lively u in their native foreiti. 1 hey are hi autiful pets, and are for sale singly or otherwise. Admittance to the whole 25 cents?ceildren half price. mt? N??\V lORK NtTMEW (Late Peale's,) No, 25*2 ihoadway, oppotife the City HallFOURTH APPEARANCE OF VANKEE HILL-HILL'S " Lectures, Stories, Imitations, &c. First appearance of Mr. Austin Phillips. Mrs. Hard wick will sing a number of favorite songs. The greatest Curiosity on the face of the Earth, the Vermont Dwarf, 21 years old, and weighing only nineteen ]?ouilds, to be seen day and evening, also the Irish Giant, measuring soveii feet two inches in height, and wall proportioned. The splendid[exhibitions of Switzerland, and Natural Bridge of Virginia, w ill remain here for a short time. Day visitors admitted in evening free. Daguerreotype Likensses correctly taken in a few seconds, w ith or without the light of the Sun, and without reference to weather. Tickets 25 cents?performance to comtncuce at eight o'clock pcueiMlv. id VTAUXIIALL GARDEN SALOON.?The jmblic are re* spectfully informed that the above named place of amuse inc ut having undergone a thorough repair, having been refitted in a beautiful manner, newlv painted and thoroughly ventilated, the manager assures the public that noplace of amusement in the city, will be found so cool and comfortable during the summer evenings; it ill open for performunces in .? rem diyi Perform! r? of merit wishing engagemi ni ms> sodress the sub scriber, post paid, Vauxhull Garden. _m7c A. W. JACKSON. VTATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN.?the Annual Lv Exhibition is now oihmi from in o'clock, A. M. until In | o'clock, I'. M. Atlini.nion 25 crnt.?Season Ticket. JO crnU. ('atalottic. 12 S, cent*. lw*t J. WHITKHOU8E, Secretary. /-<V1U) AM) notice to travellers. '"i uw Yy l*ublic icrnerally, re.ideiit in the State of .New \ ork <n>l W estern Division of the country. Messrs. WELCH k MANN hope and l?elieve they call pre sent to the lovers of the noble science, Horsemanship, a most splendid Circus Company of Riders, each a picked equestrian and a star in his own department. The Grand Tent Saloon is new, spacious^and highly accotn modating; the housing and decorative trappings are rich, novel, and of the very first order. The Orchestra comprises the best available Native and F oreign Talent, and will enable the lo\ ers of music to hear the finest eonijtt.titions of th? Great Masters admirably played.? Among the performers w ill he fouud the names of the universally celebrated C. J. ROGERS, the Star of the Sou.K, m all his beautiful Shakspearean and magical one horse ar :e?J. J Cadwallader, and his wonderful putul, Jobu Glenrov, w illpour tray their beautiful one, two and three horse acts oi operatic bullet, aided by tlie four Misses Wells, the most taUmted and interesting children in the Union. The astounding Italian Gymnastic Sceua of Mr. Risley and his infant son, must electrify all who behold a series of such WOttOtfB ! The magnificent Poses of the four Hungarian Cousins ' The fashionable and astonishing Equitation of an ilutnj j commnv "f Ladies, headed by the accomplish*d Nip. ?okn SMITH, cannot fail to etcite a sensation as sun retire: ty de lighlful. The greatest living Acrobat, Mr. G. Sweet, will dis* j flay his superb Equilibriums and splendid Dances on the Tight IVMK*. The Ant,Comic Singer of the Day, Mr. Dtcnacoti, will C&sionally introduce .1 aerie* of tin* most popular songs?tli? grant Cm! Indian Nf eroinafk Fiiti b? Mr. Jenniy. Moit atiperalatiw Egyptian Pyramidicul VatiUwig by a fully talentedtronpc?ainiii mm acta oidaM and darti by Afi Howard. Twenty performers will represent Grand Historical C aval cade Pageants, with tut* beautiful stud of Horses. And iu accordance with the taste of the day tin* moat excellent and poiml-.r s|M'cimcns of Negro Bong and Dan or by that monarch of ll? el and Tor, the incomparable John Smith, aided by light heeled Tommy Coltinan, the treat Banjo Player, W. t hnnnt, and tin Prune <?| I'igtninnies, R. Holfman. i2J FU R NISI I El) ROOMS. rlM) LET.?To Single Gentlemen, room* furnished in food J- order, at 214 Broadway. Apply on the premise*. m3 Iwls I r lAlll'KTINU CTTTTATT.K "THAST'F.VKR-l.-ir*. .<1 ^ y dilions ha vim; been made to oui former splendid stock of Carpels, enables us to offer a superior assortment at this lime. Our whole stock are of this Spring's purchases, which an? much less than last fall's prices, and will or offered at greater bargains than can be met with elsewhere. The public are solicited to call, eiamine, and judye for themselves. in! Iwis c* J. 11. LOU NEB E RY St CO. 4J0 re*il_*lr?Mt BOARDING.-A few ??|ect boarders will be taken in a feu teel and respectable family. Apply at No. 204 Fulton st in? Iwis r NEW MUSIC AT KKDTJCKU PRICES. A TWILL, Mtiiic Publisher. No. 201 Broadway, informs |-tn chasers that lie continues to make a most libeial reduction from the retail (nice of music, when ordered in quantities by teachers, seminaries, or by letters from the country* The music is elegantly printed on beautiful tinted paper, and th title pages embellished with splendid Lithographic Vignettes. All music published in the country for sale, top/ iher with every description of gamut and instruction book. The followin' arc among the publication*:? "The Gamble; - Wife," a descriptive ballad, the words by Dr. Coatrs, the mu?ic composed and respectfully dedicated to Dr. Washington, by Henry Russell. 44 Not Married Yet/ song, words by G. P. Morris, and dedieated to A. II. Fisk, Esq., by Henry Russell. 44 The Mother w ho hath a Child at Sea,'4 a ballad, as sung by Miss Ellen Lewis with great applause, ami resm etfiill) dedicated to his friend, Henry John Sharp, by Henry Russell. 44 Will nobody mair> ine P* a comic song, words written by Geo. P. Morris, Esn., the music composed and sung by Henrv Kiiso-ll, embellished with a lithographic vignette title. 44 Old King Time," a beautiful song, written by EligaCook, set to music and sung by Henry Russell, embellished with a splendid lithographic vignette. 44 OI? this Lose, oh tins Love '' a comic song written by O. P. Morris, Esq., composed by H. Russell, and sung by Mr. Dempster. with a splendid lithographic vignette. Tne above si* somjs are for sale separately, or put up in a beautiful euveloiic stitched, with ribbons, and calleu SIX SONGS BY RUSSELL.' The Moon o'er the Mountain is beaming?a beautiful aeitnude. Tlie Olden Time?a popular song, in the style of Henry Russell. My Woodland Bride-bv G. P. Morris, Esq. The Uoouetfr?hy F. W. Rosier. Swiss Girl'* Dream?very beautiful. Way of the World?hy Bayley. Manahatta Woman?;u sung by Brahain. A way to th - Woods, the wonts w ritten by Geo. P. Morris, Esq.; the music composed by F. H. Brow n, and sung by Messrs . Seguin, Giubilei and Russell, li embellished with a beautiful vignette. Oh! who haa not seen the young rose fade away?a favorite ballad, sung with great applause by Miss Poole, Mrs. Baily. and Mr. A. Phil hps; the poetry written by the Reverend J. R ynell Wnfford. F. S. A; the inusir composed by Austin The Normandy Maid?a ballad, sung by Mrs. Sutton, also, hy .Miss Poole, in the musi< il romance ' Blanche of Jersey,* the music by John Birnett. t ome s ng me that sweet air again?is sung by Mita Poole, music composed by Thomas Moore. Esq. The Boar ( loak?sung by Miss Poole, wnttenby Eliia Cook , the tnusic composed by P. R. Nichols. Twenty Years Ago?a beautiful song, rung hy Mrs. Bailey, the loetry by Geo. P. Morris; music composed by Austin Phillil*The Dream is |?aste-?ong, aung by Miss Poole, music bv Ste phen (Hover. t orn'* and wander wi h me?asset to the celebrated air of La Gitana, sung by Mrs. Button and Miss Poole at the public and Private concerts, adoined with a beautiful vignette; inusic com pn?ed by Aubtr. tt Fanny, dearest Fanny?^ beautiful serenade song, sung wit great applause by Mr. Wood ; composed by O. Nicb'dJ Crouch. Kveleeit?song written and comjM?sed by Satnl Love, F.vq. su thor of Hon* of the Huperstitiou of Ireland. Sit Sou.s. by Thomas Moore. Esq. We met but oner?Oh do not look so bright and blest?Mun Boa?When to nil mil?io ? l.tiutii.tec uf Unwrti?J lie day la drawing o'er ua. The above are told vrpaialrly, or )>ut u|. In a Ire uititnl i uvelopr tied with rilibiina. And w lit tliou wren when I am low?l very beautiful i. iu written by Byron, 3d edition. The Ctaeorien Maid, ret to the muaie of I.a fraeorienn* Thon art falae, hut I rainiut forirrt thee, a beautilul ballad einoa llfhrd w illi a haiidaomi litlmaraniiir vignette Oh remember well, ? mutt In Miw Bhlirell I'll ?|M'ak of thee, I'll love thee too. Kih lit villi, I date not a|ieak. Wild white ro?c; Pretty *t.n ..f my fani v. The ?te|i of my love; The three a?e? of lore The heart that em feel; IIa|i|ry laud I rotne, I come; < ariirr Dove. 8th edition Inv nation (o the l.all, fmtn Quale tin When time hath bereft do I love her, how I love her do .MawjUeride ftoru.'. do To read the etara do Anvwer, nightly aoreerear, do Peace w itliin the itrarr, do Quadrille from (matarua. (Jaloin.le from Oiiatamv; Ore'1"""" 0TVT, < orne away, route away; i lie (irei lin Pauttht r To thee, love, to thee love. I did not w een: NLlit ?!? * | he beautiful ilvvM) Normande I onie mini ' a a u' tne. Who'd a tliointht nl .reinsr you. Hunter and hi' hrnle. (I!i luoiiii" ni' 1,1 ? 11 . 11" edition. 'I I,. Kl.HHl.K.R ItANt KM, tit:?' I.a ( tarotiertne,'' I. a r.aehltea ' ' l.a Silohile,' ' l.v Struiieu.kl,' ' Kl Yalro tie .letor I.I <ht'to? ' h' Manuka' ' hu Htyrieti,' ' Kauny K.I ,| i'? Pi. Si nl," K.I Zaviteodo,' l.v Tareutole.' adorned with beautiful I oho. rvpliir viiiliette,, utile mlidlY Colored, and rllirhed together wti! ildrona, furrnkne a beautiful liook fot the Piano vlorri'" Uid' k Stet>?Norma Qnadnllea?Gibraltar Waltr? (.inner Walt/ ?Kjtlanline Walt rev. (hand I luttue i Match, by Walvh. Straura'celebrated Walxra. Qnadrillev from l.e Povtilion. \ an lh tivaela. r (hiaril March. I' in n < ii v, ?' (Irand Waltj. Wreath Qu.uliilh*, Itliedftion. (<|iera of Atnilie: Via Piavolo. Opera of Karinrlla. ... , . Alan, a aaaortmerit of Muaif for the (hutar, V tohn, Ai cordion, lie' recently tmldiahedat ATWILL S. mi 2i u tvai? iOt Broadway heh.w 9l Paul'a Chuteh

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