Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VII.?Xo. 413.?Whole No. ao?. SS'.y LINK OK LIVKRPOQL PACKKTH. Sll'.resi New York oil th<* 2jth and Liven100* on the itlh </ tuck month. & ?& Kuuu New Y?HK. flitj. SHERIDAN, C?puiu K. A. Dciwynicr, 23th M?y. , Ship OARKICK. < Jiviin Wn:., 2Mb Junr. Shin KOSC11 S. <'-pUi:i lul.ii C Mluu, 2jlhJal> . Snip SIDDON'S Cwlii R. It. ( obb, 2Alh AujuaL I'rum i.iT?:Rron.. Hli>r> HIDDON3, C.i.t?iuR. il. C.>!.b. 13th June. Ship SHERIDAN, C .Rt?it. K. A-DrncyjUr, 13th Julr. Ship OAKRICK, C?|>t?tu W ii. Sla.My. I3tliiAu*u.t, Miip ROSt It'S. Cspuiu John < 13tti Soplcinbcr. Tlii-nc .hip. art all of the tir.t rli?, upward* of 1U0U lout, built In the city <H New Y ork, with ?uch improvement* a* combine iireit tp.ietl with inm.ual ewfwt Mr nawenccra. Every rwe h\s [mwu taken in the arraignment of their .accommodifioiM. The j?ii(?e of pWMage hence fi $100, lor which ample *tor*? will be provided. Tliene ?hips are commanded by inerienctd Tiiajicri, who will make every exertion to give genoraj Mtialhction N* ilher the canUiina or of the ehipe will he reenonxt ? i- e i ?I. . ^ U.M K* tk*.m _ gnlar b 'I. of lading are sign-wf lhore?ot. The .tips of l!us linn will luireatlcr go armed, and their pecnliar construction gn us litem ?o turity not 0o*?<...?e d by auy <xhet bo' vessels of war. ior freiKiu hi lump, apple ti? L. K. COLLI NS S, CO.. ff> Smith st., New York or to. VV.M. it J AS. imo\V.V;& CO.. Liverpool. Lc'ier* by the. pacha u will be charged. 12,S, r.uu per .ingle ilwet ; ^0 cent. per onnee, and ne tr.papera 1 cent each. >u7 * *EW YORK' AMI HAVRE PACKETS. * {H8C0SD USE.) The ."ill's of ihkline wiTT be VefOtTrleave Nevr^jtTiQ ihm b i and Havre ou lire 16th of eaclf month, aa follow. : JYomA'cte York. From Hum. The new ?hip ONEIDA, i l<t ?1arch ( I6lh Apnl Captain -'UtJnly I6ch Augu.t James Flinch. f l?N<WemborM6th December BALTIMORE, i lit April ( May Captain . 1st August Septemlm* Edward Knock. t 1st .Ilocoetn'rf l?th January ShinUTICA, alit.Ma* i 16th Jena Captain < 1st He ptetnbW 16th I If lobr .' Fr-.lerirk Hewitt, fl?tJ#iuary M6th February New ahipST.NICOLAS, l lit Jdna \ 16lh July Captain l't Omwber \ 16th Nnvmnber. J. H. IVH, ( 1st February f I6tn Maraii The awommodations of three ship, are not surpassed, mmbin'.ng all thai may ba required l<Jf cdnafort. The price of cabin passatre is 4Inn. raaaangars will be supplied with eyery r<?*. with tin- esfeptiou of wittri aoe liquor.. (food* intended for tliaae vessel, wilf be forwarded by the eulurribrrs, five I'rotn any other than A* expense. actually incurred on Uiv.11. For freight or passage, ita pl v to BOYD Ik til*CKjE.V, Agent., .1 <)'l'online Building., FOR NEW"0|fl,VANA. " LOUISIANA AND NEW YOKK LINK OK M: 15311 r or ihc better acoomuiouaUou II tlupiwri, it u to deipalcli a ship from lliit port on t! ? 1st, Mb, 10th, 1.1th. Ottdi, and XT.tli ut waeh month, c()tnm^ ttcing.tlla lOih October ami oontinuIne until May, wlivn regular day. a till be appointed for tii. relnniuderof the year, whereby great delays and uisagpoinunvnu will be prevented (luting the .umm ? month*. Toe following abipi will commence tins arrange went l dhip YAZOO, Canwili.C irnell. shin OCONEE, Captain Jackson., shin MISBlSKlPl'l, Captain HtlliUrd. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain HulU. Ship SllAKSI'F.A RE. Captaiu ,\I>lter. Ship GASTON, Captain Latliaiii. fciliip HUNTS VILLE, Captain Momftnrd. Ship OOMUJ.OEE, t .pciin Leavilt. Ship NASH VI ELK, Captain Dickfuaott. Ship MEM, HIS, C aptain Knight, fillip LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ships were all buijt in the city <M New York, STprree y for pHckets, are of light draft of wet.#, have recently been wly coppered and put in splendid Orel.a.Willi accommodate Wu rar p.cueueeia nneiptalled for comfort. Tiny are commanded y experienced mailers, who will tnuhe every eiertiou to giv, g-neraJ sati-faction. They will at oJI lime. be Wwed up am] down the Mississippi by .teamboats. Neither tlie owners or captain, of Uieseahip. will be nwpniuiblc for Jt wtlry, bullion, preciou. .tone*, rt 'r?r or plated ware, or fur any letleie, parcel or package, sent J'i or put ou beard or them, unless regular bills of tailing arc takt u lor die same, ami thy value thereon expressed. For freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS It CQ.j Vl South ut.,or liULLIN & WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans. who u t!l |>rninptly forward -.11 goods to their address. The )|||W or this line are warranted tn tail punctually aa advended, and g eat care ivill be fallen to lure the uooda corrsdly wasured. ___ _ Hl4_ STEAM NAY I G E N ANTWUtf AND NEW YORK, VI. !?SOUTHAMPTON. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH qUEBN. M. M. KCAWC, CoNMiNDCl. TI?e dues of departure ol this well-known Steamship, haro been fired aa follow* : From Antwerp. From Southampton, From New York, On sih Mar. l.'Slt. On 7th May, 1MJ, On 7th June, 1H4J ,u... 10th July, " 7tii Auy., " 7tl? S'pt. " loth Sept. " 7th Oct., " Puce of passage. meats not inclodod, to Southampton or Antwerp, $70?Steward's feea, S2 K!}*. Tho meals will be rried on hoard, ou the plen of a continental hotel, in the 1?st manner, and a< hied and moderate price*. Familiea or partit e may umstragt fortlit voyage with llie steward. A-experienced Burgeon on i>.i ra. Fur freight or passage, or stir further information, apply to II. W. T. k H. HAI.l, Agkrxu, aL'6tn*r 41 Bearer ecreot. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. From the foot of Coartlandt rt-eet, New York. (fcvsir day?Sunday u)? epted.) leaves New Y'hfi l.eare* Newark At n A. M. At t r. M. At 7R A. M. At IK P. M. ? do. 4 do. 1 do. 3H do. 11 do. 10X do. it. C do. 7 do. I do M do. ON SUNDAYS. F'oni die foot of Liberty strrst. l.eavr New "V orb, l.eare Newark. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty street, daily. Leave New York. Laare New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 7,H A. Nf 4'g P. M. 1 P. M. SOMEHV ILLE Singes ronneet with theaa Unas each war. Fu* between New York and Someerille, M rente. Do do New Brupawick, vj cents. Rib way, M renu. EIiuIh (htnvrn, U cants. The fire in the 7>? A. M. train from Ntw Brunswick, and 4j? T. M. train from New York, has haen rnkieed between New York and New Brunswick, to M cent*. ' and Kahway to Siji " Tlx Piiladelphia mail line prunee through New Brunawick for New York ttery evening at v o'clock. On Sundays llie 7l, A. .1. trija from New Brunswick is mi led. Passengers who procure tlitir ticket* at the ticket office, receive a (erry ticket gratis. Ticket* are received bv the condur'.or only ou Uie day when purchased. froll 3m* LuFoRTA sf TO M'liSi'EKN Mi^fiANTsT RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For lb? Tran?i>orta:ivu of ?roods between Philadelphia and Pittsburg. Tills improvement 11. t-.-n^oite'liou rhnib peculiar advantage*. The goods brine carefully packed in lilt hoar* at our w art-House. No. 3S,'> Marh*l street, are earned otrr tfi*< <>liiml.ia and roitage Kail ware without traisshi,iin.*nr. Cvr*ful captain* and rrews are rmpbired, who laka I a .rye of th. ,.oodi el Hulad, Iplua, mod continue with tbeui tin mitire route, thn* avoiding delays and the liability of lots be'Ht separated on the way. *N. B.? Passengers fjrni.rdcd lo Pitttburg and Polls! tile, seer, day, !*uiuL>* rsiei ted. II. BTORKS. Agent. ?' 1,11 * 7 Watliiiwlnn ~ I*AlM5(>A1> ^riCK. UAKUT AM) ruwr LINfT'lir. NRW JERSKV Iltilreo J amf TTanctmitntion Company Ihtc citahljriicd a Freight l.'tin between ew Knm?witk anJ New Ywk, which tltey jutctid to run |e*r?*teaiUy. tearing NY w Cron'wick at S A. \T. Ally, (Snndaya r? ctjteJ) anil thr loo: uf Liberty ctpeet, New Jrotk, at J P. M. Tc country dmlcrc and merchanti the abo?t line ia ??ry de?n?hF for th' apredy rna em ail conveyance ol merrhatKlive ill every, dearripticu, atari ui/irr (ailirniarlr to Drove re and IV.iler* iu I.rye Stork, who c.u have MO head of cattle convevv"1 between New Bruutwirk ami New Tolfc, the came day wti-ooi ntniiiM. TH. rate# for the tranaportatinn of rattle, hone*, melee, hige, ke. atari all .tier kinda of uieroimndiee are very low. Ill" -r tTC-ediu;; ateetnhavul price*. MereliMdhra, cent hy thia line ia not cnlycct to My extra fh' ir. ct-wiinr the Noith River. The Company hove ntted up a Jarre erwheew at Vrw Bmniwirlr, a(3ii'tnir.p thr Htilrnad Depot, which will alwaya eeoprn for the r.*vpii..n of marehaixltw. P*?senS*rc pnrchneing loeir tickela at thr ticket otfiree, will er-'eivft frrrr rirk? '> trili<. _mll Jm? KRUKJHT AXJ) TO PTTT?mity. "I"he proprietors of Bnuhain'f Tiapeportmon Line to Pittaliuig, yl?e notice to 'Jir Mrrrhin'* of New York.and ell ether p~re lis ihi;..'ir?e'to tiir Writ, that tin ir line te now in aeti?? mveriiior 0. roii-.ijmcd in them (or aent to go in their Mk.itHllbnl rwirded wkh deepairh. t.twnrrc or -liiptert of good*. dearined for 'he Weetem Slawc, who hare no ogtn: or mn-itrnee at Ptnabury, will pleoee roiaiiirn liieir gooda to William Bingham, Pittctmrx, hi will atieu'l to enipi'iiik ell ctich conaignnicnte nitheut rlalee. All good? Vml.l be in i r he J di-tincily on cacn pac??C" BINGHAM'S LINE. r or rctna of freight, n'uch ate aa low ac ant* otlier line, apply o WM. TVPOaj, Ar?nt. No. ?. We#' ?irret. opptwitn Pivr No. 2. N. R N*. R. T uge.r f iv,ar'Udao I'ittrlmr,: and Potl-viHe,every dae, Sondat? evrepted. Veler bi H. Ciooke. A*nericcn For t'o. S. X. Nicoll Fiokt ctreet i rticliw, P idrre k Co. Fulton etreet ; Sitvdair Hjye k t_? ; Win. Rankin Durece \ I .1, Newark. nit! .Tin f;fow:;(,f, ,v < ,?L\ FOR NEWRCKGIL lending at CALDC~r 'A&rsf*'VELL'H, WEST rOINf AND COLD S"R I:. O.-TV ,u, -ibo.l MltilTLANDFR, 1i i < Ron it Wardrop, will leare thr foot 01 Warrrn ctreet, NVw VorV, tt ry, Thur*'!ae and Saturday ai'ternoonv at t tiYW'i a. Ri tnrjiini, Inr liirhlamlsi will lrcee N'enlntnrlt tec-. )1 .i lo inorniug atg YUick, and Tnraday and Friday ? -croon?' 1 lock. t' n .t or p-vt'itre, am to thr raptain 011 hoanl. V B.-AII Nrpr e.rtd !re;.-h' of rarrv dr 'Ciipttofi, henk I. M- ?t" eir, t.ut . :i hoc. : tLii lem', muW lie at the rt?k of the owftcra tli' :, ni.leva a lined Mini It tlcclft h letted for the ,??:# # mU E NE I^8?? ANI &&& I auilioat ^( M.VkTKk OAK, C i^uiu lioath, v* it 5 I*>re t rvry Mouday, Wednesday, and Knday afternoon, a H .in IVr V>. I. North Hirer, Bittcr> Place. The M*.-atnh??<?t VVOKG ESTER, Ci^t. Unit. will 1#sre ere i *y i ucadav, Thursday, and Saturday afar noon, at J o'clock ( from jnrr No. 1, N. R., Bitterv Place. I, r/enjlit ti*eu b th<? a!?<?r < place*. No forrv cImi-o ol car* on Uiia route. TlcLeU can be ob | tamed aud berths ?tcund at ADAMS St GO'S Kiprru Ollice, J* No. 7 Wall ?treeL 'j FARE REDUCED TO <5*a CENTS, j STATKN ISLAND KERRY. Toot of Whitetiall street. nt1" btaj-f.n im^ndeeOTCWS [ will nn u follow,, until further notice >? I.e.,r, Stai?n I<UuH l.eerr, New Totk. At 1\ o'rloek ?. m. At R o'clock \. *. [ ? " 9 i JO " " " 10 " " 1 .. u .. .. .. ? " 1'? I . M. "I " t. U. " 3 " " " S " 1 * ? " " " H " " N. D. All g.wnl* snipped ore required to bo particularly markvd, anil arc at the risk of tlm imncri theroof. injr PEOPLE'S LINE FOR ALBANY. fiB\ And intermediate places, from the IVr foot o CiHirtlamlt street?Fare SI. T. n. g. The NORTH AMERICA, Captain M. H J rueolell, 1 <avc? at shore on Tuesday, Thursday and Satur dav aiiain-tona, at i o'clock. For passage or freight, apply nu board, or to V. C. SCHl.LTZ, At the on the wharf. N B.?AH kinds of property taken only at the riek of thf orrnera tWepeof. ^ ml*r aVA ici THF. R\T.NB(W MORMNtl LINEfoi flrr- jaALHANV.?The low pressure Si.-ainboa' , ir sUmimLRA INBOW. will leant the foot of Robiiuoi aire 4, arnjry Tuesday, '1 bit. .day and Saturday, at 7 o'clock. ~3iri3ir~M BtkSSAOE FROM ENGLAND. IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES. "T)F.RSONH desirous of making engagements for frienda tc t emigrate from the Old Country to the L'uited States. an< who mav wish to secure for tlicm despatch and comfortable ac ittons, will find it their interest to apply to the sub scribcrs, wbo are at all times prepared to make such arrange ments as w ill guarantee satisfaction. The Teasels cninisjsipi this line are all of the first class, one of wlsich leaves Lircrrass weekly, roiwequrutly alt delay at the port of embarkation l avoided. A a has always been eualomarv witli this liue, vvlies (liose settled for decliuit coining out, the passage money La re funded, without any (lcductiutu Patiage per steamer from llu various ports of Ireland aui Scotland, can likewise be se cureiL For further particularsepplv to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Eitabliihcd Passage Oihce, 273 Pearl sL, Or to C. ORIMSRAW A CO. It (ioiee Piazras, Liverpool. Eschtnge or draft* at sight, and for any amount, ran liltewisi ha furnished ou the National Bank of Irelaud. Northern Bank I lugyo., National ban* ot ftcotianu, pay aim at an fneir retnec ' tlve branches: also, ou R. C. Ulyn at Co., Bankers, London f ami t Truuskaw K Co., l.i?erpoo| m3 lm*c I Jrfg- OLD LINE OK LIVERPOOL I'ACKF.TSI AgWCTfVRegular Packet of the 19th May?The splendid yvel I ^puUgEiainowri fast sailiiig packet ship COLUMBUS, Cap tun (ole, will sail positively on Thursilay, the 10th iuat. | her regular day. 1 Her accoinmodaliona for cabin, second cabin Sid steerage " pissengeni, ara wall kuowu to Ve far superior '9*n', oilier. | Koi laruia of passage, apply ou board, foot of II! e kin a u street ROCIIE, BROTHERS A CO i 3) Fulton st. ueat door to llie Fulton Bank' i) Parsons desirous of suiubitg to liie old country- I'nr lliei i friends can brought out in tbe Columbus, satii ut from Liver 1 pool on the 7th July, or in any of the packets cotuprisint the Old Line, tailing from the above sort punctually ou the 7tl and 13ihof each aionlh._ For terms apply rjabove. mir 4>$g- PASSAGE FOR LIVERPOOL.?ThTlnTendit Wjwy.fa*t saiiiog, sitti -rioi packet ship SOUTHERNER AdHfMMCapt. A. S. Paliner, will have immediate desnatcli.TTaving unsurpassed accommodations lor cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, which will be taken at moderate rate* For passage carlv application should Iw made on hoard, loo Burling Slip, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT. mi 43 Peek Slip, jffg- PACKETS FOR HAVKt.-MeCoiid Line.-an. KKy*>?mp 3T. i0li;UL.4S, John B. Pell, master, will sal MsBe-'i tlis lit June. BOYD Si HIM KEN, Agents, ^tnlr _ No.9 Toutine Building. JfAee*- FOR tlVERrOOL?New Line?Rrnlv Pekr VtJWPV4-tih May?The splendid packet ship SHERIDAN jmMti,'>l'<un F. A. Oepeyster, of 1000 mm, will Mil a above, inr regular diy. For freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled fo splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot o n all street, or to _ , . C. K. COLLINS St CO., 16 South street. riiee of PSMa-f $ioo. The packet ship OARRICK. Captain W. Skiddy, of 1*0 tons, will erected tire Sheridan, and sail 23th Jane,her reguii day. rat'drn may rely opon tlie ships of this line sailing pa at wall-; %? advertised. \2i jcias For LIVERPOOL?New I ine?Regular Pscke acjHWVof 2jth May?live splendid packet ship SHERIDAN /VMoJtSw''apt. F. A. Dapayslor, of 1000 tons, will sail as aboVi ner rrgiiT.u- daj. The freight or passage, having aaonmmodationi unequallei for i dr idor or comfort, y on board at Orleans wharf, foo of Wail street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO. M South street. Prtee of passage $100. The packet ship (derrick, Cant. Win. Rkiddy, of 1100 tear will succeed the Sheridan, and sail the 23th June, her regula. day. Passengers mar rely on the shii? of this line sailing pnnctu ally ai ad vert Lei. ni3 risk's COMBINED SUMMER BAKER AND COOK STOVE, FOR COAL OR fVOOD. AATWOOD, Patentee?Prices from $6 30 to $12.?Thi lines, furnace and front of this Stove is made of cast iron and has a large fire oven attached to it, which will do nearly ire bit the rooking of the largest sited ordinary Cook Stoves.? The orifice of the fnniare will admit e boiler measuring sii Calls, or fifteen gallons, and by the use of tha division plate titles suitable Tor boiling four different dishes; in addition If all this, two fowls or a large piece of meat may be roasted it front, and all dona with leas than 3 rents per day?for proof o which we rafar to those who hsvo used them. FISK'S Stove Establishment, 209 Waterstrret. Read the following certificates, in addition to which over tw< hundred more can be seen by calling at the store, FlSR'S Stove Establishment, 209 Water street, New Font tatreit, 9th April, IM2. Messrs. Fiak. 209 Water atrcet?Amthe varirly of Stovei which h?e came to my notice, the one l purchased from yoi merita a derided preference. I have used it during all tka sua tons, end weqld uioet rheerfully recommend it to the public es in my opinion susceptible of uo improvement for simplicil; or eeotiotnv. and worthy of more praise than can be appreciates witliuat a trial of it, 1 am, with respect, yours, lie. A. PERKINS. Pavtor of the Berean (Baptist) t hurrli. Mr. Fisk, 299 Waker street?The Summer Store which I purchased of you last spring, I have had in use till now and that may be done by it, for iu economy. Suffice it to my, thet with an oocesionally ettre fire, we lieve cooked for from 13 to 13persous, with enough lees fuel to save more tl.eic.h, price of the atove. MRS. Bl EL, 011 ulIon street. Msreh 23. I*t2_ all In T3AV, NEWELL St DAY'S PATENT PER.MUTALr TION HANK LO' K.? Binkers and other* m?v place implicit couiidenee in tlie above Lock as being die best ami Ml set in use. Any person may have die key for a whole day lo o. ike e far sirniiia by, witiiont lite -lightest cliance el u)<eb'ni: it, tfu r e change h i? been m ije in letting it. Odiet cuanct tide lucks are liable to be picked by persons who may i see tin Let,as was the rase irceotly w'oen the Combination Lodi invented ky Dr. Solomon Andrews, of Perth Ambof, N J., which was upon the vault of the American Eli-hamfs . lie nk ui Wall street, was picked by >lr. Il'ury C. Jones, el , NeW.vk, N.J., in presence of the officers of several Bauks in t'liscilv. The Mine Lock was afterwards scut to Dr. Andre c s. who pot in new work'of a more difficult nature In pick, but which Mr. Jones nadih opened. He upon nii'-thei occa.-i.tu publicly picked at tlie Howard Hotel one of the Combination Lock-, such as arc sold by ibe American Bank Lock Company. The high reputation of Div. Newell It Day's permotatino Bank Locks is firmly establish-d. They have invariably taken the highest premiums, "wli*a etdiibilcd at tlie Fairi .Vrld in New York. Uo.tou an-1 Pliiladi lnhia, namely Odd Medals in die two cities fust mined. and Silver, being ike highuat pre| mium given in the latter city. _ , , B I h??e Look* are madt 10 kc/i wruco cnn r>e rnanfrd m I form from one CO one hundred tin u<*nd million different times. \ upon either of which they arc equ;Jlv secure ?nd uroo| a omit i Uw mrpipts of |1k- mot skilful bwnrUr.fur should be ukf mo ifT>ire>*ionx or even txkc the hey it*?lf, he could n >t ? tfoect to i open it during his nfe. onleas some one werv to inform him of | th* rnf.nnrr in which th# l?*rk Bii^ht he clian^ed, after hr oh Sained jH?sse*.sion of the htv. ... Onlci* for the abort Lock trmmptly att? nd*?l to by JOHN DAY. Bncreasor to Day, Nvwrll Si Dty, No. ^ Broadway, aid 1m ARR!^ TOOTIl W\8H?Prepared fomthr ordinal re^ " ripe at No. $ (fold street, New YroW?The Orris Tooth Wash is purely a rentable i-reparation. pmiesurvg the projiertie* of cleaning th?* teeth *riu month, restoring th* ffitw to a heaJthr atate. and preventing any unpleviiot ta*te or odour in the mouth, whether arisins from decayed teeth, or from a de* ranged state of the itumnrh. It it designed to he used with a tooth brush, and will be found to **.iper?etv> the neces*it>* of a powder, keeping the teeth rlesa and preventing the wearing avva** of tlx- gn?n* from the trrtl^ It i* i?*rticulaMy useful in ca<e* of *pun*y gum* restoring them to a healthy state, and r.iu?int{ them to contract around the teeth. In painful aiTeriiitn* of the teeth and turn*, arising from ei[xanrt to cold, it will be found hi;:hly Itenchuil. It i? par tirularly serviceable to use the Orri? T'^th Wash at nifht just before retiring to rent. TJiis method is recowm>#iul"d *-y ami* nent d^ntivu, m hysao dofntt all jmrtieles of fo*>d which area* mutate duriuj th? day are entirely removed, are! tha month er?t through the nicht la a rlean, sweet, and healthr Mate. Bound teeth aad white teerh are th* most valuable portions or poor humanity; nut how many i:*#lect the attention oe* rtesuy for thew preservation, ev?n when surrounded bv all th# meinj. needed. Among the-t we kn-w of none mere pleasant and effectual than the Orris Tooth Wash-it cleanse* and tthi* Uii. lh? t?*lh.?li*ngOwri, ih* turn. jmrifi*, th- mouth. and ,*?( u-n. thabrmuh. We rtrnmnwaif iu u?* to .11. roiing .nd old.?[ Boston Horning I swat. ^ Th- Orrj. Tojilh WiUh i. tiie hr^t ilrtergrnt we erer u-ed on otir < n.inri.?(Bo.fn Tr*n?'ri|'t. For ? >!? by tli. |?rli>ci|*l U in lb# oit>*. m, r Nrw Yr*? t*n lf.It Woap Co. > " 0;Ttre N?. I'.rk Pl.w. . N OTirr. ie hrr'bv given t? to* R'orkhoMert of th* \.tt York vnd \lh?m Rail lto?(| f'oiniwnr, thnty. .trrtion of Jjireel"" to ? > I fommnr. will ttkc> plar* .t th#ir Otfn e. ?5o, t Pvrk P)*". o* Mono.* the ?itth or Jnnr neet. Th? Toll, will !>< open .t 10 o'cltxk, A.M., and eontiwi. ojwn ontll 1 oVIook. P. M. The Book* for the (r?n of ?to*k are rlo?*H, end will vt rontintte until the 7th dny of Jnttr noet. ily oplrr of thr Bo\/d. m#5 titt c JO1*. P.. Bl.OOMKIl.I.T)]_Beerrt.ry, Sno. KW lilt Yorm* tfanre, IANDT.D from the hri* Ohio, fi lm, of wtprrior ' ritialit',', f' l I. till' I" ?|'I? I 'lr-tmvi'i", .t rf>..?ttnUI? pri.-ev, bv M. KAllFR. V, tWMIt mitt lm w vo NEW YORK, TUESDAY J ) Washington. t< (('i>rr??|miu'pnrc of tlir Hrntld.] p Washington, Saturday evening. AflVny brtwrrn Mcmi-h, Wise nml Stnulr}'. ^ J Then: is some excitement in ilns city this evening e 1 respecting a collision which is said to have taken a , place this afternoon between Messrs. Wise and Jj Stanley. The precise circumstances of the affray ^ . are not known, but the rumor in general circulation n is, that as the gentlemen were returning from the d race course on horseback, Stanley jostled Wise so 11 much in riding past, as nearly to upset him. Wise |, immediately followed, and on coming up, Ptruck h i Stanley a smart blow over tho shoulders with a e | cane. Stanley said? " L?o you strike n man with hu back towards v rouV' n Wise replied, "Take the blow, with tho epithet * I of eownnl, whirh I gave you in the House, and t) ! lntikn tli^ mswt r\f ilwin " This version may !>e incorrect, but the story is in |j ' every body's mouth, in this form, and is probably t) an approximation to the truth. h [ There must he a fight now and no mistake. l?ei> " tlenien recognising the code of honor cannot receive * a blow without burning gunpowder. Such, at least, " has been the understanding until within two or c three years past. Perhaps under the recent improve- ^ ' ments in this branch of jurisprudence, a blow may r, ~ be explained away, and why not! The most oppro- n J bnous epithets have frequently been bandied be* r tween men profe.-sing chivalry of all sorts, and the J, mutter has always been arranged with an if. In n former times men of honor never replied to a direct 5 affront except by a blow or a pistol shot. Now-a1 days offensive Words nr-* retorted in kind, and per> sonal difficulties are settled on the principle of offact. Po.-sibly this innovation on ancient usage may be an improvement, but really we men of the J ; north must insist that southern chivalry* should abate ^ , some of the insulenre of its pretensions, or else | maintain its reputation by adhering occasionally to s the fire eaters' rules. They must seek satisfaction for insults, or ceasu their eternal talk about honor, J personal responsibility, and all that sort of stuff. Washington. fCurrcspouilcnre of the 11-reM.] ^ Wasiumjtox. -May 8, ltM2. Racing?Uambllrig ami oilier Amusement*? Bnilnsu of fnngreM?Tilt Xnvy?Vlelt o*" the Plpelayer*. I Since the adjournment of t!i*? two Houses of 0on. , gross on Thursday morning, politics have been . laid aside, and there has been a general suspension of business of all k inds, except in the Executive department. lathe long session thcr: is always nn adjournment of two or three days for the purpose of [ cleansing and \entilntiug the Capitol, removing the : | carpets and substituting straw matting, and other ' preparations for the intense boat of the summer.? I Curiously enough, this adjournment usually happens 1 on race week, and while tli- process of cleaning is in progress at the Capitol,the legislators amuse tli"tiit selves on the course. The races went off with great sairit, but they were particularly animated and interesting on Friday. The Washington course, as you are probably aware, i is situated just back of the College, about two miles t from the avenue, and it may be observed rn patsaitt. , umi wihic uie nisiuuunn ior training me young l* somewhat on the decline, that for training horses is f in full vigor. There was on the ground a lnrg? attendance of the sporting and fashionable world.? # Senators, Representatives, harmoniously entered J * the field, ami took the stand with a unanimity of i s purpose as rare as it was agreeable. The diplomatic I corps were also out in force, and the belles of W'ashI ington surrounded by their beans, " rang a merry ' ' peal" at every jest. t j .Six competitors entered forth-purse, nn unusual number, which added to the interest already at- [ tached to the uainc of the favorite, Sarah Washing- ji ton. She was evidently expected to win, and odds t were freely given and taken on her. lu the fn>t a heal the leading animals were Sarah and Hector >] Bell, and while they strained every nerve for success, k a horse called the lint ltn was observed to keep just * i behind them. At the last round, as they approached n the straight run, Euiaw dashed ahead and came in y . first, to the astonishment of every one and amid / uni.ersalcheers. The second heut was run in pret- '' 1 tv much the same way, and at the close of the Imat C > Kntaw again showed his mettle and speed by aim- I [ ther push, near the ?anie place, and coining out a * length at least ahead. Of the other homes it is use- ll lew to speak, they ran well and did their best, hut all t| in vain. v One of the peculiarities of the race coarse in [ Washington is the gambling, which is carried on y under the large shed beneath the stand, and it was a y ! sight that could not but strike a Northern man. It <> 1 is only by stealth that with us the roulette table, the ' sweating cloth, and the thimble rig, are introduced c on such occasions. With us, the police always in' terfcre in such finuncial experiments, but here they ^ were in all their glory. Resectable looking men were actively engaged in the business, and very respectable men did not hesitate to put their money rl dow n on the turn of the die. Considerable sums ^ were lost and won in a few moments, while the g{ I usual accompaniment of " dicers' oaths'" were not n f by any means deficient. Oatside, near the door, stood a round faced youth, his leg poised upon a d i crooked cane, offering to bet anv amount that 110 ?..M 1..111.1.; a-? .1...- n piece of spungc, to be found. However, none were c.' i green enough to go into the speculation, although an accomplice, in the shape of u decoy duck, occasion- Bl ally won a five dollar bill. He walked off with hia ^ thimbles, and nothing more. fe At a snort distance from the rare course wan a cock-pit, and the brutal sport was conducted with v great earner and order, not only without molcsta- -J| tion from the police, but with fat countenance and T approbation of oome of the moat distinguished men in the land. It may be suid that all these practices n! apeak ill for the character of the country and the *' morula of WashinglonJbut every thing is in excellent "! keeping throughout. The House of Representatives Vl is n bear garden, and why object to cork-fighting. * gambling, and other amusement* equally elegant and f re tin m! I To-morrow business again commence* 111 f'on- ' grew). There is u disposition to press forward with * ' sufficient despatch to adjourn by the middle of July, The Ssnatc is far in advance of the House, and P might very easily g?t through with all that is to be done in six weeks. No definitive artion is antici* v1 puled on the currency. Indeed, it seema to be J'1 doubled whether tire question w ill be seriously taken !j! u]i in either branch of Congress. In the 1 louse, the ' army and navy appropriation hills arc expected to r" he passed in u few dnys, and then comes the tiirifl*. al The New York Custom House reports may engage J? attention for a day or two, but the subject is getting 'r to fie a bore, and will he soon disposed of. The Bf tariff, or revenue bill, must be passed before the first of July. That out ol the way, the remainder of the Bf indispensable business will be done up without un- a neeeasary delay, and the session soon come to an 11 end. . f The re-organization of the Navy is of vast consequence to that branch of tfv public service and T to the country, hut it ran hardly lie hoped for while th the present maiority in Con grow retain the |?wer. ai Admitting, us tiiey do. the neeesity of remoddling di and invigorating the ptrtonnrl and nintrr>rl of the Navy, they will refuse or omit to act. for fear the p< Admini-tration may derive credit from the judicious o\ ami criliilitened reronimendationa o| the present T able head of the department. The Navy; must confinite to suffer, and the flag of the Nation he ex- at jins-'d to indignity.because John Tyler is President, di Ihia is the patriotism of the ultra whins in Con- hi grew. Their time is short,'however, and it is to be ni hop.-d that the people will send for tlieir successors st men who will not disregard the public interest in htheir efforts to thwart the wise pur|?o*?** and patriot- m ie intentions of the Administrntiou. gr Pipe-laying and pipe-laysrs seem to lie at a ?b?u or count in tni*> city jn?t now. That most worthy fra- fr< RK H CORNING, MAY 10, 184S f-rnity in Now ^ nrk sent on a very respectable tVrcsentution here u lew days ngo, out tluir advent rns not productive of any grout excitement.? touted and _ overthrown i\t home, tfiey cunie to V'ashington in th- hope of' e;.tal?lidling an influnce. 'J'lte immediate object was to proctlre die ppointnient of n lew Fostmnstersof tiieirovvn kidey at various points in the Stnte of New York, "roy, l.'tica, Hatuvia. Ac. Hut they have been bnfcd in every wav. All that is necessary to defeat the tost cherished hopes of office is to convict the ciuidate of uss, ciauon with the pipe-layers. Forlerly tliese mencaincoti in triumphant procession*-, nd were received with the most diHtiiiguisheU onors. Hut some of their manifold treacheries ave been discovered, and they are repelled from very quarter. Their resources arc all exhnustd. The have sold out so often without being hie to replenish it. that thev ham not a picaune'lvalue left. They have learned w hat it is to ave the cold shoulder tipped them. Everybody voids them, all disclaim tucir intimacy, and it is stouishiug how small the circle of their acquaininoc is become. The State of New York has revolted against being t the red hpv longer, and whatever suds are left have een siivedbv the application of the veto, that much ? he dreaded constitutionality! The. whigs arc still notingfor th?-ir Manifesto (Jeosral in the Syracuse varahes, while the pipclaycrs imagine he is making diversion in their favor at Washington. Even lie 0 longer piuiI'm upon them, lit: was under a mixappreliensto i": and they have not even a nonomtiuwioncd ollircr left. It wax a inelnn liolv sight to witness the poor pipotyers, forlorn, dilapidated, despairing, haunting the Jtnndn, looking at the statue of Washington, and 10iirning over their reverse of fortune. Fheir peioil of i?cnance, however, has probably brought tent to the conclusion thnt, after all, honest nolitiians are ino-t successful in the long run, and that if ipe-laycrs ever live in marble the specie* will he iiig Sing rather than Carrcra. IT. 1*. f*F.uvtrs. Steamn u rs por Fi/irida.? Corrctid.n or a Sta temknt.?Wc find the annexed aricle in a Savannah paper, and give it an iasertion s requested. We have no desire, to prejudice the iaptain of the Newborn at all?our correspondent night have been mistaken. To the Editor* of the Sarannah Republican. OisTtr'its?Mv attention lias been callod to a letter ublished in the New York Herald, and duted Savannah, ipril9th. ISt'i, iu which complaint in made, tliui captains 1 stcatnl>oats in the Government service, are in the habit f taking passengers to and from Florida, nt tho expense f the t'. S. Government, and of appropriating the proeels to (heir ow n benefit. It ii clearly stated that (he a bins are fit tod up and the tatilos furnished at the Govoruaent expense, uhile the captains of these boats porket rmn Ffttio to fSOO each per month, the Government losing hereby $.100 for the same time. Allow me, gentlemen, to :a'e for the information of the letter writer, who thus atempts to mislead the public, the facts:?I ain in command if one of the boats belonging 'o the War Department (the v'ewbern). This boat now nli ? regularly between Kn'annali and tlie St. Johns. She was built at Baltimore nr the F.ngineer Department, and when turned over to he Quarter Master, was not provided w ith auy berths or the accommodation of passengers. At the instance of itfieers of the arms, and for their accommodation, the I'. I. Quarter Master at Palatka, fitted up berths on board the a'ev. bcrn at well as the other boats belonging to Oovernitent. I spook fur myself ami tlie other CRptains in this ervire when I say, that in making our runtrarts with the iuarter Master, it wet distinctly uudei stood that the right if carrying passengers, was regarded as a perquisite, vhen it rould be done w ithout inconveniencing o(fleers vho go free of charge, but pay $1 per day fortheir board. The L'. S. Government, far'from being put to an ex>ens? of $500 per month, does not lose one cent iu conse|Uence of this arrangement. I furnish (as do the other uptaiut) mv cabin throughout , the bedding, table furniure, and other fixtures ; and every article of food whativor, upon my table, is purchased at my ow u expense. Iti conclusion, I hope that the New York Herald will ee the propriety of copying this statement. I am, Gentlemen, Very reapeetfuUy, fce. I'ATKK K McNKF.TV, Matter I'. 8. Steamer Newberu. Mar 3d, 1813. Latest from Buenos Ayres a\u Montevideo.? rh? fast Bailing bantue Madonna, Capt. Wine, arrived here yenterday from Buenos Avres and Montevideo. Uv her we have received files of paper* to .he 11th March from the former, and to the 16;h roni the latter. We make a few extracts from the ' El Nucional" of the 14th March. On the re-a|>>carancc of Admiral Brown with the Buenos Ayrean quadron off Montevideo, that paper break* out in his language :? " The pirate Brown returned on Saturday to infest he waters ol our port with bin detestable presence ; le has with him only five armed gallies, and his obect is to have ns do just damage enough to them to noke it a pretext to return to Buenos Ayres, that he ind his friends ntay make fortunes out of it. Brown a thousand dollars by every gun he fires, rit'is is his old plan of operations, be cause it is well .nown that the administrationof the cut-throat Koas has deserted the cause of liberty to serve that c f i common hangman. " ?>u yalurdav of last we?k. the Brigadier General >. Martin Rodrigues, the veteran leader of the bneriran Independence, left the Colorado for the iherating army of reserve, accompanied by n large oncoursc of cilice ns and patriot officers." The following, being a [>art of the address of Gen. ..oprz, the rival of Hosas, to his army, furnishes a pecimcn of the epithets these valorous soldiers use awards one another;? " Fellow .Soldiers: The cause which we defend is te cause of t ?od and our country, and which is always the just cause. Rosas?(the savage and iniio'us Rosas)?alone wishes the destruction of our olv religion andol the w hole Republic. The tyrant losas would soon shew vou the fate that would befal on, if, by any chance, you should fall in the clutches f such a tiger Experience has well shewn that if y any casualty you fall in his power, even contrary j his solemn promises, you would inevitably bcome the prey of the assassin's knife. " May blood flow in torrents till this barbarous, . rooious, savage Rosas, of infamous memory, hall Immunize himself! "?U. S. Uaztltt. An Item from Mexico.?A gentleman who arived here yesterday from Tampion, says a considrable body of troops lately marched from the Stale f Tamaufipis toward the frontier ol Texas, lie saw 5itt'" of the battalion", and thought thev looked retarkably well.?.V. (J. Courier. April ?t. Yucatan.?The people of Yucatan are very much ivided upon the question of their relations to Iexicq, the impression being that articles of agteetent binding Y ucatan to furnish money to Tcxhs to arryon u war against Mexico, would oe rescindedaula Anna's partiznns were coulident of tins relit, while those in favor of the separate indepenence of Yucatan arc said to be wavering and in nr. Tornado in Xkw jEtisrr.?A tornado visited c\vton and its vicinity on Tuesday of last week, "he Register lays:?" On Tuesday afternoon last, storm of wind and rain, accompanied by lighting, swept across this region of country with great iolcnce. It was of short duration, but left many aces of its progress. About a mile west of this llnre the rise of a tornado was first discerned, hich, p issing in u northeasterly direction, swept ver the farms of J. Dnzely, A. Petit, D. Ryerson, Dunn, C. Green, J. "\V arbase, &c., prostrating nces, frees, and outhouses, and occasioning much '.her damage. I'art of the roof of R yerson's house iccumed >r J. H. Main,) was blown oil', and pared about two hundred yards. A son of J. Pazely ad an nrm broken, and wee otherwise injured, l>v ie falling of a true. An old house on Mrs. linen s rtn wa* much shattered, some of the weather sards being torn oil and lodged half n mile distant, he bant ot .Mr. lYtit was blown down, and we ;>tr it ae very remarkable, that nlthonsrh a man id three homes were tn it at the time, they allesiped uninjured. The traek of the tornado was ont three to five hundred yards in width, and >me five or*ix miles in length. i A similar tornado was lelt about seven miles i nth of Newton, on the same afternoon, producing < like effect upon fences, orchards, <Ve. Among ic sufferers we have heard the names of M. Kish- J iugh. J. V. Vansvcklc nn?l J. Durham." Tut: I,att R ,tix? must have been itnosnnllv heavy, he streams were so much swollen as to prevent t ic passage of the mail stages for Whichever id Warrenton, only three miles out from Alvxan i i, D. ('. We understand, on Tuesday morn inf. the \nna- ( >li< mml was also arrested at Queen Anns, by the ( rertlow <>f the T'afuxcnt river at that point ? , h rough out the whole country, especially in the ( authern States, the high How of the water course i id destruction of bridges, have been unpnrallel|e,j I n iug tin season jnal |?st. At some places in .Ma inm. I'm!masters have reported failures for a ' onth together, all owing to high water- and d*rnetion of bridges. \V here these inge-dinient* < ive iHil presented th"tnse|ves. the *e ,son. (or ( onth?. Iri? been so open as to present to the pro- , e-s of the mails the interruption which usual]* 1 p'trs only for n few weeks at the breakinp up ol ' .m on tIs1 opening of syring ?Mtuiinmimi. , i [ERA] ) >? (.'onimoii Conii4*lI 15 mm ok Ai oi'KMKN, May U.?Alderman P, any, President, in tUe chair. Petition of Thomas Pecra for lea*- of Caatle O&nlon, t wai reri'iroj and referred. r Tho Committee on Police, Watch nnd Prisons, rcportoI adversely to an application of Mali Ion T. Coon, to to re- 1 leased front fine lor selling meat in shop without lironse, ? and the Bo ud refused to concur with the Assistantsiu sjcii , release. Tho Committee on Arts and Sciences, reported In fator of concurring with tho Hoard of Assistants in presenting f the Kire Depurlinent with h banner worth "j-1->0. on tho tu- j traduction of the Crotou water into the cits, which was ( agreed to unanimously. < Al>ill was presented from Dr. Stewart, for services ren derced to persons confined in the cits wateli houses. s amounting to $20, the pavmcnt of w hich whs objected to | hy Aldermen Benson aipl-Jlalis.ou the ground that us ph) sicians were exempt I'mm military ami jury duty, tuoy, ' therefore, were compelled to render such duty without ?n equivalent. The bill was ordered to be paid bv u vote of ff to 6. v A report was received from the Comptroller of i thccily, giving a full and complete view of the financial condition of the city ending the 1st of May. f lie shows that w hile the expense* of the city are almost | equal to many of the States of the I'll ion, yet ihrough all j I the financial ditficulties of the country for the pun few j years, the Corporation have met all their engagements mid upheld their credit unimpairisl, w hile (liat of States hat tottered to the hate. lie. estimates that the sntn of $375,000 Si will finish the prcat work of the Croton Aqueduct, and f also atatca that he hat already raised two third* of that iuniby loan. '1'Ite w atcr debt is put down at $1 l,3(is,3ll? ' 30, which within about one million comprises the whole debt of tbe corporation. He al?o recommends that the fi quit rents amounting to about $310,000, b- s ,1,1 at auetiou a to the highest bidder, and gives as a reason the difficulty of collection, and the loss to the city of perrons neglecting to pay their rents, lie concludes by show ing that every ! ' prospect presents itself of the treasury remaining alnni- r dant, and prc*ejitsthe facts nnd figures to sustain it. | 1 A1 lormmi t'oi Lic x of the Sixtccth,presented a resolution | c authorizing the t oinptroiler, umlcr the direction of the j '' Commissioners of Uie Sinking Fund, to make such sole of i s w atcr lots, Ac., as they may designate. Alderman ]t> ssiix. oppose i it, on the ground that he did * not understand the subject, lie w as replied to by Alderman ' Pollock mid Leonard,and in defence ol his position contend- ^ ml tli at the difficulty of collection ha* been caused alone by the negligent mniuier in which the Collector of City Iteve- < nue hud performed hi* duty, and alto that the present sen- t son was not appropriate for the sale of property of anv t description. Alderman KimoxI.l supported the resolution in a pointed and argumentative speech, uud the resolution was liiinllv adopted bv a vote of yens 11, nays 3. It was then sent to 1 tho other Boardfi>r concurrence. 1 A communication was received from the Presidentof the , Board of Trustees of Williamsburg, stating that they hud determined to enforce the by-law s of the town ino'ppnsi- 1 tion to the opening of the ferry from the foot of <; rand mid j , Houston streets. The resolution from the Board of Assistants, authorising ' the removal of the rails of the Harlem rail road below ? I itli street, unless they be kept in perfect order, in ui cordanre with the statute, was non-concurred in. . V reaolution to pay deputy collectors the amount of uti- j paid balances of assessments on money uncollected, but w hich had been placixt in their han Is for that purpose, was adopted by n vote ol' 7 to 6. A resolution to re.pave Blecckcr street, between Car- , niino and Sulliv an street*, niul ulso between Wooster mid Broadu ny, where it is not paved with wood, was carried by a vote" of i< to t, Aide men Benson, Purdy, Timpson mid limis voting In tlie negative. The resolution to pave Itttli street, from 5th avenue to Blooiniiigdalc rond, vva* negatived by o vote of 10 to 3 The sja-cial committee, to whom wus referred the application of sufferers by the roccnt fire in the lOtli and tith ( wards, reported that Ho families ill the former ward, mid ' 50 in Ihe latter, were left destitute, their propertv being J all destroy ed by the Hume*, and also recommended that the sum of $150 given by the congregation of one of the churches, bo distributed 'among the sufferers, as ulso the j sum of $1,000 to l?c appropriated by tbe corporation. Alderman Leonard made a briel speech in opposition to ' appropriating money inr such purposes out of the City j Treasury, w ben the resolution giv ing $1,000 was defeated i by a vote of 13 to 3. A resolution hoi tlien pasved, authorising the distribution of the $150 among the sufferer*. ! A resolution to pay Dr Stewart a hill of $11 for me<lieal j services rendered persons confuted in the watchhouse, was adopted. The Hoard then informed the Board of Assistants that they were ready to meet them <n Joint Bsi.lot. George A. Coutant was apjioinled Inspector of Firewood lor the second district, in the place of George Brook- t held, deceased. J. S. MeFarland \vm appointed c aptain of the fourth district Watch, in place ol John Row. deceased. Jacob Christ was appointed Assistant Captain of the i fourth district Watch, in plncc of .1. S. McFarlau. IfThe resignation of Robert Cooker, Street Inspector of the Tenth Ward, \\ as received, and Dennis Cornell appointed in his place. Elbert A. Dibble was appointed City Weigher. E. (J. Hturgiss was removed from the office of Assistant Superintendent of Stages, and Win. II. Cornell n ot Op. pointed in bis place. Stephen Harris, Street Inspcclor of the F.ighth Ward, was removed, and John Orser appointed in his place. Jonathan IJ. Stevenson, Collector of Arrears of Taxes, tendered his resignation, which was accepted, and Win. P. Morse appointed in his place. Joiin Tow nsend, Jr., was then appointed Collector of City Rev enue, in place of Thomas Lloyd, removed, or run away. On this appointment being proposed. Assistant Alder, man Mvnriiv obtained the floor and occupied it in ? flitn- t sey, nonsensirnl speech until a few moments aftci 13 o'clock, when Alderman Benson nominated Dow B. Williamson for the office, and on the ballot being taken, William Townsend. Jr. was declared elected. than offered a protest against the election on the ground tlist the terms of office ot the members had expired, it being alter 13 o'clock on the morning of the second Tuesday of May. The ayes and nay s being called, permission to enter it on the minutes w as lost bv a vote ot 18 to 9. The Common Council then adjourned, and the two Boards agreed to meet this morning at 10 o'clock. Boakd ov Assistant At.n?:swrx, Mat #?The President, Mr. Lec.tin the chair. A communication was received from the Trustees of Williuuisburgh, objecting to the side walk in Oram! street, opimlito the ferry way, being taken lor Houston street fairy. J On motion of Mr. Davis, it was for the prevent laid on ' the table. Reports of Conimittea* adopted. lnluvorof correcting tax of Gideon N. Preston, Maria ! Morton, 11. L. Stevens. J. W. Thornc, Mrs. C. C. Tigbc, John D. Phillips, Francis Barctta, and John W. Hmith.? Adverse to correcting those of J. O Mc livable and Goo. i Bells. In favor of paving Dr. Stew art $11. In favor of iiagging side walks iu Pike Slip, between Cherry and South streets. In favor of regulating 31st street, between 7th and nil Avenue. I In furor of working With street, between the nth Avenue mid Hudson River, nud appropriating $1,000 for the purpose. In favor of re-leasing to Matthias Bitten two lots of land , on the corner of Sheriff and Houston street", and one lot ! adjoining on Sheriff street, on his paving $10,000 on the | $50,000 due to the city on bond ami mortgage, tuid paving ' the costs of a suit that has lieen entered. In favor of amending the report ou bill of Dr. Hosbrourk, l i so av to allow $10 instead of $35. The amandmeut was opposed by Mr. Sham s, and sup- J ported by Messrs. Mvamt una Btstotct, Non-concurred. | Non-concurring w ith ?lie other Bonn] in regulating ' tatb street, through Blootningdnle road to the 18th avenue. In f.iv or of paying James R. Whiting, District Attorney, $818 8?c., for legal services in the Countv Court, on the j J trial ol Justice Merritt, beiug $310 87c. for conii-a af do- ! , positions, Itc. and $500 for attending twenty sittings of thu j i Court. i a .Mr. Mrornt oppored; Mr. llixrim.T WW In favor. ' Concurred In. Mr. Bftlou* offered n reaolntion providing thr-t thi* , ' Diard meet the other Board thi* evening iu joint hnllol. 1 y Opposed bv Mr. Mtartiv. Mr. Brainier (pointing to the clock) mid the member* were within two hoars and ten minute* of the termination of their political existence, r and he thought other hnaine** mere Important than thi? w ft* liefore them, which ihould be finished thi* es ening. . He did col know w hot wn* to be ginned bv going into joint | ballot. Mr. Baino* replied that one of the rap'ain* of watch | , tea* dead, end it ivnaneeoMarjr to fill his place, and alio " that recently filled by Thorn** Llovil. Air. Mraritt asked if another faO.OOOwo* to he mado : way with, iic thought it unnecessary to fill the situation. | Mr. M. spoke well against time. The previous question tt as sprung, and the resolution adopted, and *ent to the 1 other board. In fmor of appropriating >310.000. agreentdy to the ! | Comptroller's report, for ihe current rspettics of tlu. j, cifiiing year. I ? Mr. Bt sri>? t thought it unnecessary to appropriate so i large a sum anticipatory. * i i Mr. Dsns said a large sum would lie required this , mouth foi public aehml*, t.c. It w as uncertain how the i new < oinmon Council would itand, and she Finance Com- ' miner thought il a matter ol safety, a* regarded the credit 1 ' >f the city, to makethe appropriations now. | t Mr. Mi aniv went fnlly into what lie called the?weep. I ng mode of asking appmpriationa, the lnrge sum ill the ' [ ornp'mllrr'* recent nqiort of expenditures of >.'0,000 fur I \ contingencies," Skr. While he was *|?nking, Mr. Hay*, ser-cant-a'-arm* <d ' he Other Board, came in, and announced tliut the Board <4 j Vldermcn hud concurred in the n snlutkm for joint Imb I . ,rt. I I Mr. M. proceeded, lie said that the Board tvere iti'.w u laldy called U|mn lo appropriate hundred* of thousand* of ! ' Inline* in n shorter time than anv of the member* would j equire to look at a hill of ft.nil against himself, lie did 'ol like thia confidence in nun folding the offices In th? . )f a*e of Tom I,lovd, tho finance Committee have rcme into I \ his Board f,,r appropriations, w lien that man had >|d or# u hi .pocket unasked lor. j r Without tailing the iitic*llon, a recess w * moved fnr( j * nd the Board proeeede.l to joint ballot. , , I{rmr.T f u*v i >ytr*.?,V youiig wife renionetrated ,? e.'illi her linnluiiitl, n tliaeipilcd apendlhrift, on hi# pi -omhiet. '? My love," Miin he. "1 tin only likeihtj * iriulit'iil eon' 1 shall reform hv-niul hv." " And I w ill l>" lik" the prodigal gnu. too." she replied, n 'lor I will ,'mil go to my fathernntl neronl- rl ugly off sh" went. , L D. Price Two Cent a. City Intelligence. Poi.ick.?Matters of hut little interest transpire.) yrserday. Ollicers J. I.. Smith and I'rinee Davis, on warants being issued by several of the oecupants of houses u Secoui) street, against Mary Kldri.lge, Michael Kinnr;au, Lewis buldwm, an<) Frederick Wish nliat Fritr, who iscttpied premises No. Ifl-.', |J!>, 101 and 167 of said street, is keepers of lious-'i of ill-fame, lco? brought up the ofetiders, who were all held to bail to answer tho ends of usticc, and uiue of the besotted inmatos sent to thu pettientiary for threu months each. At tho Upper Police John tlrUnire, Daniel Moore, and John Kimmons, wore fitted ^6 each, ami cos1*, lor disturbing the congregation of Irainard Church,in Kivingtou street, on Hunday evening ast. tlr.M-nsi. Srssioxs.-.Thii Court u.ljou-ned ovor y esterlay until Thursday nest, after transacting some unltnmrtant business. Tin: Nrw Ktsiisi manufactured by Mr. Agncw, of 'liilailclphia, for tho Southwark Company, No. 38. of his city, was fully tested yesterday and exceeded tho ex >eetotions of the members, and the provisions of the Conrad. She played a stream '.'01 fact in length from her ;allery, the nor.ile an inch in diameter. A single stream rom her side 2W feet, two streams front side 166 foot each, n 1 otic from gallery and tw o from side 161 feet. In playugor er the Kxchungo she threw a single stream about la ct above llierujiola. Shew us taken out ogaiu yesterday fternoon, and equalled previous performance. A Blind Mo Dhow-iru.?\n aged Mind man, named Ingh Met laruey, a native of Irelund, aged tjOyears, who e?ided with liis on-iii-lscluw. J'eter Kalferty, at Jeraey lity.eamoacross the ferry on Sunday morning to attend liurch at St. Andrew a, in company with HatTerty. They ccatne separated after serv ice, and the old man was mi? iuc until yesterday innnilng, when the liody was found 11 the slip lout of Courtlumlt street hy u y ouug man nuuied 'oster. It is presumed that in attempting to bird the ferry ate in the ev cuing he must huv e accidentally fallen overlonrd. Asnmr.R Vn lisi,?During Sunday evening James 3'Neil wns sent to the city prison in a state of in toxica ion, and died from delirium tremens in a few hours aids. Naval.?The IT. S. ship Indepchtlence, the flag dtipof the llonie S<|unclron, is ordered to sea, and will sail to-morrow for Boston, for the purpose, it is mid, of receiving repairs in the dry dock, preptirato-y to her cruise, furnishing new evidence of the ne'essitf fnru dry dock ut this station. The followng is a correct list of her officers, that published mutiny being incomplete, viz :? Commodore Charles Stew art, Captain John Gallagher, lieutenants, William M. Gletuiy, K. A. Deas, James Fluey be bene k, James S. Palmer,F. 1'ipcr, A. A. llolcomb, l.'j. B. Waltmch ; Fleet Surgeon. James Corrolck; rassc-i Assistant Surgeon Hugh Morson; Afsislont Surgeon, J. M. Minor; 1'ursur, F. B. Stockton } < hapluin, Joseph Stockbridge; Acting .Master, S. U. Thompson; Commanding Dtlicer of Marines, Lieut. John S. Devlin, Professor ol Msbl-.eiua'.ics, Junes Major, Boatswain, M. Halt ; Gunner, S. It. City ; Carpenter, John Ituintow; Hitilrr.akor, James Frarer- Midshipmen, John finest, J. C. 1'eKraft. E. P.Van ilerhoist, Charles B. Orahain, K. Simpson, W. Smith, J. F? Jervett, S. Phelps, Alexander G. Mitchell, H St. George Hunter, Charles Wotler, G. II. Marsh, John Guest, I), plieni.x, J. T. Motion, D. A. MeDermot, J.B. Da liels, George It. Brier, Oscur C. Badger; Commodore's lerk, William 11. Ziiuis; Commodore's Secretary, Charles T. Stewart; Captain's Clerk, Charles K. Gallagher. Court of Oyer and Terminer, Before Judge Kent and Aldermen Balis und Hatfield. Mat 9 Cute of Thomut To/wing.?The trial of Topping, indieled for the murder of his wife in Orange street, some months siuce, had been set dow n lor to-day. H? w us brought into Court, accompanied by bis son, a boy S or 10 years of age. Mr. llnrt, who linn 'been sasigned by the Court to act as bis counsel, itated that a material witness fur the defense w as still absent, and asked to have the trial jmstponed for a few days. It was finally ordered lor Wednesday ui'ter next. Court Colnniler?'Tills Bay, Ciact'lT Cottar.? Mos. 67, 60,3, 63, 70, 73, 74, 70,79,77, 7b, 70, SO, H2, 83, -e|, SO, Mi, S", 00. Si rr.Hioa Cot Sos. 37, 3, 4, 6, 9.0, 10, 11,17, lOt, 13, 17,99, 10, CO, 21, '.'a, 14. 2ft. 76. Comvion I'i.i ??.?Part 1?N'os.91. 129, 97. Part 2, Wednesday?No*. 16, 30. 40,70,04. 114 , 20, 1M, 91, 121, 142, 170, 179. Kina'yo:* of tin: < itv.?The Comptroller n?c?entrd UU Report to the Common Council Inst evening. The City I>ebt. on i Saturday jvt. amounted to $13,431,'JOS, of which the Commissioners still hold stork to the amount of $8t'9,5?2, lmvinj the actual debt The Cmton Worka oiil> reuiuic frJT^.bOO to complete thtno, which will readily be obtained Tin- Wardf Dent, on JKalitrday, wan $10,893,319 10., which the amutnif ahmr named will swell to $11.>7(1.319 30., beiaj les* bv W131,OfV than the sum allow i d hy law. Of tliu Water Stock sold the five |^rr cent* were disputed of at an average |?iire of $U 16 per $100. The 0 and 7 per can! stock* w ere fold at par. The Receipts in the Trcaanr>' since the lit January la?t have he# n $2,34f?.f?27 It. The balance in the iTrfiiury on Sarurday flight waa $109,08161. HOPE GROWS FROM INWARD FAITH. T/vti i Mt "i?My wil* hid taken a "ever* mid, which 6nal* I," li ram* si atril u; OU her in ?urli a m-omri that inHnmmation iji tn* li'iut *n-ucd, accompanied with run line ill (lie throat, that w? was eonaltlerrd il?iuc?rau,ly ill .ml given tip by two emlItrt : phvaii'i.n,; but li.nnj heard of your Compound Ho rein'I -nl Candy apokeu of in th* highest>, I concluded to pur:ta,e>iti.e in ofd.r to fir, it trial, and I Mi happy to My It til tin' u.. all. of restoring her In perfect health. W.M. VANDF.WATIR, Conicr of29tb street and 3d A ? ran., '1 I M*aar?. J. rr.iK It So*. 4J Dm.iou aUrrt. Ntw Rociicllc, Feb. 17th, 1AU, iii,mi. J. Pratr It in. frrntli men?My .on had been .fllictcil for three month, with dii-ir rough.. ui much thai Car, were rutrrt.iurd of hi, he ' .ming aRjirtrd with that moral enemy o( the human rnrr?the Joimutnption?hut upon tnnkinz u?* of Horchottnd Candy, ha w i, at oiirr rratorrd to i^rfart health. I have also iued it my i*lf, and ha?? n > hesitation in recommending it to thoaa iitl. ririK unilrr .urh affliction". 11 v. u roiiaidcr th* abort wor .( y, | ii.\v% ih> uujrctlou to your publishing t.. GALLAl'DET. P. S.?T am a mail.i t wagoner, and when in thu city ?tnp at Matthew'a Ilotrl, 21 Bowery. Mr. Matthew, w ill corroborata ihe above statement. Sold whole,ale and ittail, by J. I'cata It Son, li Divi.i.JU alrrrt. Aurira. Mr. O. W. He.Mint, No. ft Klatr street. Jto.ton, Maaa. Mr. (I. B. /irber, No. 17 Dock street, Huladrlphia, Pa. Mevsru. J. F, Curtis It Co., No. 13 Eei'liangr llaee, New Of* ii una. La. Hawl, It' o, 37 Stat* at Albany'. Mr J. Robi rt?nn, No. IIU Baltimore ?t, Baltunorr, Md. Foley. Cincinnati. milr PAPER HANGINGS MA. HOWKLL ii t'O,, 367 Tea/I arc m?w recti?. iiiK from their mauufactureni at New BruiwWK-k, ?ji et* tensire assortment ul" Pljur Ihnffiiw*. Borders, kr. of the latest tod moat anurnred laiunn and rtvle*. suited to the fitv and muf'try irade , whielt tlmy offer to dealer* at the net maoafaoj lorv price*. Ala", their tutwl variety of French Paper, Border*, Fiic B". in Print*. View*, Ac. Ti?e h?-?t workmen t?? put >? f*u>er in any part of th* eity can b?- lie I . t tin- *h??rt? ?t notice. _ al3 e<vt2?n*r piano fortes ^P'Tlir.HV PF./ILKIW t!r v.zt rjutf ir-ai'mSly will find ' a to thru l?i c?l! url cannum .t rime* laacrtaient if the shore article, com| tiiii:? i enelv ol (, and d>? < 4UT?, .f ro.c wood and rnah'MJsnp. With . mi*J wiion, remit .tood., c! fn-o modem improatiia: t. 1 ftett iiatr.vneuu are warm-led to In '",'i?l to anv it If i iy, ami tvtn he ?>M at th* low>t c-wslkle pncra lor ch, a| tr.e Ir. inla.t'Tr;. tt Wirt Feciffrtth .Ire it. Ktiirrn r iltB * /rttR .f.nic a N. V ortrafnr jr. >, -car?":.. Lt of'*00 '..ilea lor liir* at lh< OMi.nlar t-V). ?y >,m <;i:nku\l a<;eni:y. J1HP? WJL BBCTUBFaR h*i u^ n fHe p*"r?- 7Fulton afreet, l r,r '-llyn. for tins tain of the nwt approved amiiina Ptieut u.l r amily M*du?f?r*. Perlnrnery foMr Article*, Ae. M.-mTifni tt?rr n tuid proprietor* or *nch vtirln, or of any iiuk e|i*. nho wiah for *n actne. *tlrnntr ?cent to ditpoae of iiru production*, will Oiyl ?uc)t mi one in the prion of tk* nhtenber. P- J. BTFiWART. Fulton afreet, nwklr*. For *fi'e, mf?t of the irfmtrd \ mily Medicine*. Ter f?u? |Kirehiunn<4 here may rely on iiht.*inintf Reenine article*. m? lift \ voice from new jersey [/M< iMMIT'>WN, I ?n. ?D, IB?Oeutleman?Ihave been I* for r.i??r?* than tnenty year* alllirrrfl wiih ? severe eoiurb* h i keiit ntr down. e?i?eci?lly in Hiutc-t. My aritrn heraa ?atiuailv out of orarr, and at uirht it %v;?? ?lmo*f im; nmihlrfnf or ;o rr*t, and my hacking: roiifh diatarlied all lie'** who h*| en?-d to near me. F wu induced l?* i frieri'l to try iticl rtwoof PF.ASF* A SON'S f'OMPOFND K.TTRAf T 01 IflRKIiOVM), with no other ri|>erunou lhao Jiat it mirt rlktr In* tirirafion ol" tf?* Hire*if, and anord tampomrv reliel I'o try happy aitoii?*hiwef?f, I frit relic- utterly uneapt-etaf Sfv routh 'ltd n"t fJi??r?i?me a* b?f??r*, ami I wn 10 grriU^ mrvnacd (bar I determined to |?er?ev*r?? m the mr of the ron mind, an/l have now the plr laurr to yy, that my heaJih ajevara completely rr%i"red. V""r ( andy haa !?rrii t)?e inatmr.?nt. and thai.klull'. aud araulully do I retjirn mv aincera alafiet that mhc-ra nny Ik- a* "mph ti Iv n itore.I to health. Your fnrud and aervanf WU.I.UM HOFFMAN To M*.?ri. I. P?"?? fc <5 Dltiiion a?jiu.laon Ji A'pinnall, Aatnr Hou?o ?nJ 11" Broad, i.v . . 'Ill' 'n 1 Orrrnwirn f'lark, iTD IIihIkiii i(m( YJU-. i, l'-v Im'.I'uu iJrsr'i Allrli k Ilirf, MB Orand utrrat; Elrnt, J oixll' Vn 'iU'j Sr. lie corner of liudaon and Mouico :fr\ err-**, r*r\ I ily ih ilV?>Mvr,?Hiy?, III# Fulton llreft; Stilea, U1 afinm <u*ri; and tfandlv, l.'i Ht*n ?m Ki.h Wm.Iiiii?ion ( fry, I). 1, I'hilint, irnc*r, IVjBiaill' mr: lln?h, S'.t. n Islamf; Uiiiall, 2"K B.oad ..trpet, Newark, I.: Borkr, I'liiieefop N. J. Each enrali.ti* of the inline llorehonnJ < andf ia ?Hni?d J. I A'S k SON, IS Itiiulon at., of whom it cm Iwolrtained Ivlc^le and retail. _ al*r Id*- VOU SAl/t^Thi ft iliiot A I. copi?rrd and V3W%com"T fMfened hi:' VF.Vff'F., httrthen yftjotw, or iwyit; I ta ut -MX1 l.iirel., Th-.hip w hntlt in HiUadeliia. in Oil, lii th.- tnoat ftithful manivr, ? m .altcd on tlio .H'fca, and coppered will' L upper, on which itw h w mat rtiit m d .r to, Ij-r to < hin. and hart?I - well . alcnlatixl lor a ?r,,,w ? r.r!,. f. i!rf- In lit tra,..- II i< a full iwaat.m , id now r? dr to rac ive a e-r?o, |? now nfTaral for .til*'?? o?r a enncein. I.i ? at I it' North |lir. r. For trra??. ant.I tn ItOk I) k 1IIM KEN, ?'/ B "k*r?, 1 T"titin<- lltildinga,

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