Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1842 Page 3
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Mobmontsm and the distin- I guished arrivals in this city last week, we have tha: I ot the celebrated Mons. L. de Bonne % tile, fonnerh Professor of French in Harvard College, nnce tliei Professor of Magnetism all over the country, an now and forever a great teacher and preacher, un<. u burning and tinning light among th' Mormons. This gentleman is an extraordinary man?a per feet enthusiast in his scuwicc of Mesmerism?he liu: lollowcd it up with such intensity as to discover tlia' Mortnoniatu is the only true religion after all, according to his notions ; and that by means of Mesmerism he has discovered the true Mormon modiof revelation, and the way in which Joe Smith receives his communications direct froni Heaven. He teaches French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, the arts and sciences, and probably the unknown tongues, and is able to cure sick people ot all sorts of disorders, including the blue devils?in short, every disease, but that of empty pockets. His love for the Mormons was so great, and his conviction derived from Mesmerism t-o certain, that they were and fire the true people of Cod-that he abandoned a lucrative situation at Harvard, to go out into the world, and preach the truth. To be sure, he fell into the hands of the Philistines, and was robbed by a brother in part of his faith, of n'l his money: but that's a trifle. He is here now, and we advise him to give lectures instantly, on the extraordinary connection between Mormonism and Mesmerism, to the salvation of mnn?rs. We want a greal reform here bad enough. Hcrdle Rack over Sr. Lkokr.?There was a small hurdle race at Toronto 0:1 the 24th ult. in prepence of Sir Charles Begot. Miss Caroline won, after great exertion. It was a spirited race. Movement of the Nobility.?Lord Morpeth and suite arrived at Louisville, Ky., on the 30thult. Destrvctivk Fire in Illinois ?The Ottawa (111.) Free Trader says: On the 24th April, the large flouring mill and saw mill at Marseilles, in this county, was destroyed by fire. The flouring mill was decidedly the best in the State ; it contained eight run of stone ; all the machinery was of the latest and most approved patterns ; and the building was durable and conveniently constructed. We understand the mills cost the proprietors about $30,000. and that only $10,000 of this amount is covered by insurance in the Mutual Company of this State. About $1,500 worth of flour and grain was also consumed, and so rapid were the flames in their destructive progress, that not a single grain of wheat, or an ounce of flonr was saved. Every thing was destroyed, and the building was burnt to the water's edge. Erie Railroad.?The Eric Railroad Ccmpan" made their trip this morning from Goshen to this city, in lour hours and five minutes, bringing 1C0 passengers, 79 of which came over the railroad. Dinner at the Kremlin Saloon, 111 Broadway? Mr. Editor?In consequence of a notice in the lieraid relative to the above establishment, 1, in company with three friends dined there one day hut week.. On our arrival we ascended a splendid marhie stairs, nnd to the left there stood the polite host with bill of fare in hand presented to ns accompanied with n graceful bow. "Would you wish a private room, gentlemen V" We assented, and forthwith were ushered into what he calls the "grave room"?and then gave an order as follows :? Turtle Saup for 4 I Apples Fritters, for 4 Salmon arid Asparagus, 4 | 1 Bottle Claret, $0 50 Spring Chicken, 3 | 1 do fiue Palo Sherry, I 50 Sweetbreads, Ac., 2 I 1 do licidrick Champagn 1 80 Lobster Salad,' 3 | After enjoying a most excellent dinner, with the necessary comforts, cleanliness, good waiters, proper attention, fee., we called for our bill, which amounted to $7 50. Supposing there must necessarily be some mistake, we inquired of the..worthy Host if such was not the case. "No, gentlemen," he replied?"My object is to charge such prices as will square with the times. aiirl nt nil timoa aVi ill ho Innov In vrvi nr nnv friends you mav pleaee to recommend." We assured aim that we thould patronise him. And injustice to him nn:i the public, we make this statement, in order thnt gentlemen who dine "down town," may avail themselves of a similar advantage. Font. Remark.?Tins is much cheaper than a dinner at the Roclierdc Cancuk at Paris. {>[?- CHATHAM THEATRE?Loudon Assurance performed last night at thii establishment to a douscdly crowded house, and in a manner that will ensure it sue. Cess equal to that which rendered it so popular whau first produced in this country. It is repeated to-night, together with the laughable farce of Uncle John, In which Mr Lambert and the entire company appear. ft?- THE NEW VORK MUSEUM.?This establishment offers the richest bill of attractions of any placeol i'nmicment in tho city. The arrangements in the I.ecturt Room are of the highest order of eaccllence. Among those who appear are Yankee llill. in himself a host, Mrs. Rardwiek, the accomplished yo-alist, nnd the celebrated pianist and singer, Mr. Austin Phillips. Besides this, \vr have the Dwarf, the greatest living curiosity in the world, J1 years of age, and weighing onlv nineteen pounds. The Irish Giant and a magnificent model of the Natural Bri lge of Virginia and one of Switzerland. The attractions now at the New York Museum defy rivalry, and Strangers should not leave the city without visiting them. Naw York, May Pth, 1*M. Mr. Editor :? We, the undersigned ndopted citizens of the L'uited States, baring observed in the Morning Herald of 3d init, a copy of a letter purporting to liave been written by Mr. Jtunes Kelly, (I presume of the iih ward) as presiding of Seer of the ' Erin Conservative Association," of the city of New York, to his Excellency John Tyler, President of the United States, transmitting sundry resolutions, Lr. as adopted br sai l association, at a meeting March 9th. 1AI2, would beg respectfully to inquire, where this as*ocia'ion holds its meetings, and at what time, as wo wish to become members of it. This information will much fbllff,? D*ar Sir? Yours, verv respectfully, THOMAS KEATING, JOHN HOWLAN, In behalf of many. N. B. Satisfactory references will be given to the asso elation for our candour and iutegrity. (fff- TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS.?We request of oui subscribers to read this article, the whole of it, and then if circumstances require, we ask ef them to test tin troth of what we have asserted. Wesev, from personal knowledge, that Dr. L. D. Flem mint's Worm Candy is a pleasant, mild and effectua remedy fov worms in children. That his Diarrhoea Candy w ill give spcody relief fron that most painful of all diseases. That his Dinner or Tonic Candy is a certain cure fo: ooetiveness, fulness or districts after eating, heartburn, Ste That his Cathartic Camlj- it one of the verv beat uui versul ph.fairs known. For coughs, cohls, bilious com plaints, fevers, foul stomach, Sec., it is a thorough remedy We further say, that these mnlicines are purely veg'e table, and not only agreeahle but desirable to the taste. Sold wholesale'and retail, at 130 Nassau street. Also at 373 Broadway, 141J Bowery, and 79 Fulton street. (JOLD AOE.?It is the observation of a fine writer that ' an old man who Is not a fool, is the happiest crea tore In the world," but that foa to comfort and happiness Khcumatism, should have been excepted as well as lolly Beat double by this excruciating disease, is it possible fu: old nge to be tranquil 7 How thankful then should thrj be, who have aged parents or relatives, that this Tyran lias been robbed ofhis power to torment; that by th'o u? of Hswct' Celebrated Bone and Nerve Liniment, thei sufferings ccnsc?and after having passed the noon of thci life iu the hurry and care of business, they ran sit ilowi in the evening of age, and w ith unspeakable satisfactiiv recal the adventures of la'.wrious life; aud the calamine that are now no more, they review with ecstacy and jo; from the powerful influence of contrast. For sale by 3. Lowell Is Co., 3t> Comhill, corner ( 1-rauklin Avcuue. Boston, oulv agents for the New Eng land States, sndComstock k Co., 71 Maiden Lane Net York. 3r> LAST WEEK I WA * IN* SUCH A 8ITU.4 tion, that H took me three hours to get from niv house i Broadway, above Union Souare, to 71 Maiden Lane. Th paiu in the small of mv back was the most excruciatin that ever mortal endured aud lived; it extended down t the socket of the thigh, that seemed as if the head h-i *lipi>ed out. I liad no power to move the leg; in fact, was utterly powerless at these times. I got at 71 Mnide Lane, from < orastock Is Co., the Hcwcv' Nerve and Bon Liniment. I had turn three vears under Doctors' can and grew worse daily, and liad a blister covering ha my back; in that situation. I met Mrs. Remolds, whm butbaud w as cured bv the aliove remedy; I procured i snd have only used one boitle. and to my utter ustonis] ment, I am nearly cured, and walked down this day witl out difficult!. 1 have not earned a dollar in four vean nud uow feet blcs>ed beyond measure by tho use o'f thi Lhiiinant, and prav all, in,similar rases, to resort to it witl out o moment's delay. 1 feel that I am as it were t uei num. I ran walk anJ Itoop better now than in tlire years before. J- BOWMAN*. New York. Mhv 2. IHU. U7- AMERICAN MUSEUM.?The immense colleetio of tne works of nature found here, embraces every thin wonderful which has yrt been disco .ere 1 in air, crib, i '.ea. From th" gr> at 3ea Lion to the Tu Ipole: from ill Llephan'. to the Mole; from the Whale to the Gohi.fisl from the Ostrich to the Humming Bird; all. all are her This vast collection of wonders affords a great field for O refteotion, examination, and instruction of every roi'i i. I reviewing all thcaewondrous prnilucti nsof ourCrraio and wrapped in solemn melitation, the Christian exclaim " Almighty Being? Cause an 1 support of all things, ran I view These objects of my wonder, can I fori These liue sensations, ,*>n<l on I think of Thee V A eoMpany of Indian Warriors and Kquaws arc also t gaged here this week, with many oth< r rational am us ment*, fox w hich sae advertisement. I aHaaaawaaMBManBMMaMMM?,,a excitemen t continues to be the i )HDER OK THE DAY.?We have had the currency exilement, the temperance or teetotal excitement, and tin treat excitement of to-lay is the race belts rcn Union and ashion. But what ia singular, all these excitement* art i euiporort. The only one u hicli we know of that lias coninued for a length ol time is that in relat'on to Sherman's Lozenges. This, instead of hilling off, appears to be daily icreasing, if we are to ju Ige from the iiuautity of lozenge.- t he Doctor is daily shipping off to different pans of the , vorld. His oifire in this city is at I OS Nassau street, .gen's-Redding. Boston; Burgess, Philadelphia; Reed, ' Jal.iiuore, an 1 A. Duval & Co., Richmond, Ya Notice to oar Renders, WE REFER OUR READER!* TO THE EOL- J LOW ISO:?We consider it conclusive prool ; none con reasonably doubt without trying. We,the undersignedci- i izens of Cleveland, certify that we have use! Jones' Oil (Coral t'ireassia lor our'hair, and found its effect tu foI- ; Iown:?Our hair was fulling out, and the roots wore filled | with dandruff, whieh caused it to turn grey, that we be- i gnn to use aone dollar bottle on the lltlt of April, and on the 13th our hair had assumed n finr dark look, the dandrufl had nearly all disappeared, and our hair had nearly all ceased falling; wedoubl in a short time we shall have a lino crop, us our hair is growing fast and dark from the I roots. Signed JOHN H. WILLIAMS, Farmer. THOS. R. PATTERSON, Brewer. This Is sold very reasonable at tlic American Eagle, S2 Chatham street. fc?- TEMPERANCE LIFE BITTERS.?Although but recently discovered and laid before the public, they have become more highly valued than any other similar 1 preparation,andurejusthalfthecost ofothers. of i them, with the Blool Pills, is recommended to Invalids generallv, and the immense amount of suffering ther w ill save, will insure their repetition and rocoinmenbation by all benevolent people who Cud out their virtues. O. C. LIN, M. D. Sold only at 71 Maiden Lane. < City Despatch Poet, 46 William Strxxt. PnixcirvL Orru t.?Letters deposited before half-past k, hall-past 19, and half-past 3 o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at 9, I, and 4 o'clock. Bhamch Ofkicbs?Letters deposited before 7, 11, and 9 o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. ALEX. M. UREIO, Agent. MONEY MARKET. Monday, May 9.-6 P. ill. The stork market generally has been heavy to-day, but prices liavu not material!}' altered, western state nomu generally gave way, influenced probably, in some degree, by the sale of stock advertised for to-morrow by the Comptroller, on account of the Free'Banke. Illinois 0's and ludlana 4's fell } per cent each ; Harlem Railroad rose J ; Delaware and Hudson, 1 -, Stonington, {. In another column will be found a statement in relation to the shipment of ]>orh from Ohio, via Canal, to Boston. That presents an important fact in relation to the trade between the Wost and the Atlantic cities. Boston, via railroad, is the route chosen now by enterprising shippers of produce, which formerly sought the same destination via New Orleans. The quantity of produce which is travelling over the Western Railroad may he seen in the following olhcial table of receipts for the week ending April 30:? Rj:c>:irTi CfoN Tin: Wr.sTr.rx Railroad for Wrt* Kisdixo Atril 30. Total. Received for pavemrrr* 4,314 8.1 Do freiuht, mail, Sic. I,nun 33 9,383 17 Excess for freight 333 37 Total receipt* previous week II.300 CO Excess of lotsl receipts 1183 13 Fromihis it appears that 8 per centmorc was received for freight than for passengers. A large proportion of this is a direct loss to the city of New York, and would now, were it not for petty jealousies, {individual intrigue, and politioal trickery, be pouring into this city. The new English tariff, imposing a duty on Western produce heretofore imported into Canada, will probably have the effect of driving an additional quantity into the Boston market to be tlience distributed to the other colonies. At Montreal the banks are drawing on London at 9$, 60 day bills ; and on New York, at 3 days, at 3} per cent. Upper Canada bank notes ere at a discount of 1} per centin]Montroal,butan arrangement is about to be enterrd into to equalize the paper currency, now tbst the newspecie currency bill is in operation. The following are the rates :? s. d. The dollar is taken for currencv at 6 1 Hall " " " ' " 9 tii Silver and gold for pound sterling 94 4 The British shilling is current at I 3 " " " " bankable at 12 3-4 The pieces of 3s. 9d. and of 6s. 61. are uncurreut. The former is worth 2s. 61. and the latter As. 6 J. The laic procee tings of the English government, in re. latiou to the tariff and the revenues of 1 he treasury, have sttructed a great deal of attention. The movement is un.Innl.ll,. UwtMan in-tain nM, 11 il ini-nlv.I ? entire change in the financial policy of the English government. The reduction of duties ha* generally bees con. sidered favorable to the interests of this country ; and s.tch, no doubt, will be the ultimate result. The immediate effects of the new policy do not, however, promise to be so encouraging. The broad principle of Sir Robert Peel's policy is that of a change from a system of high prices to one of low price*. Now, wherever such a change takes place, whether the high prices have been the effect ofan inflation of a paper currency, or of high duties, or any other cuuse, the effect of a general reduction in values is the same, and must involve distress and disaster in a degree proportioned to the extent of reduction which takes place. lathis country the experience of the last live years has made painfully evident the disovrous effects of a'colapse in values,andjbciug now nearly reduced to the specie standard, with low duties, prices have more nearly reached their natural level, depending only upon supply and demand. In Ureal Britain two elements have conspired to raise and maintain prices at a level higher than those of the continent, and of the United Stales, at their present standard. The deficiency of the corn crops for the last few years, by draining the basis of the English , paper system, has powerfully depleted the currency of thai country and remove t one cause of high prices. The reduction of duties carried by the new government is a i first step toward a renios ul of the other. Sir Robert Peel, in his famous speech, seemed to contemplate the same reduction in the ?nlue of landed property now, as that \s hleh took place affer the war in 1919, when the currency of the Kingdom was reduced to the specie standard. The following is the passage from the speech relating to the subjeet As I sniil before, the assessment upon the rent of land i was 3H, 100,0001. Now I cannot doubt that at the return of pearranrt the cessation ?f war, prices must have had a ' considerable effect in rejucing toe rent of land. It maybe said, j on must take into account whatever effect was produced upon the rental of land by the restoration of 1 peace; an I I have no donht that for a considerable period the rental would fall far short of the rental in the year 1 1 ss14; but still, when I look at the progress w hich agricultural improvement has made, ana when I consider the r effect of the application of science to the rnltnre of the laud, I cannot hut entertain an opinion that the present rental of land must In- ee,ual to the rental in the year 1914. And, upon the whole, it not being difficult to frame an es, timnte resting upon a broad and satisfactory basis, I will assume the rental of land at present to be equal to what it was in l.-llf?nainelv, 39,401,0301. The rent of houses in . 1914 w as 16,2tS0,0fl0'. In this passage the minister cat!males that the fall which took place in the value of land at thnt period, is equal to all the improvement which has taken place, from causes which he assigns, during the 2d years that has e since elapsed, and his lordship contemplates similar effects from hia propose I bill. The London Standard slates that Sir Robert Peel, in contemplation of the operation of his own bill, had given orders for the reduction of tents on all his own estates 20 per cent. The Bankers'Circular, taking this as a criterion for the general reduction iu all propertv, makes the following estimate of the reduction which y will ensue from the bill :? 1914, annual rent of land. ?40,000,CC0 if lH2ltt" lf30, lossol 20 per cent by use in the { value of money, 8,000,000 * TUi? 30 per cent represents a capital invested in land lit 3 per ciMit, of COO,000,000 1343, mine reduction to take pluca uudai the 1- new bill, 360,000,000 n |B30 to 1830, similar operation in Ireland, 66,800,000 e 1813, do do 66,500,000 o Total, Jt665.no0.000 J{ ThiaH will bo rememberal, ia llie reduction in the va" n lue of landed property only, a proportionate fall uiu?t take a place in all other property. Breadstuff", butcher:,' meat Jj cattle, fce., being all to be admitted at lower duties. must effect a general decline in pricas. Now, w hile thia prot, ceasof reduction in going forward, it may be in vain to look for iuiy great increase iu the activity of trade. The , whole movement teems to threaten a continued stagnation of trade, and that iudisixiaition to embark in enterprise'* which alwnya at tend* falling markets. A general rodue,e tion in the money prices of commodities ia in Lnglund equivalent to an increase in the nntioual debt to the anrnc extent. V'or instance, the average price of wheat for ten n years, from 1<J| to H40, was 56s. 11 J. per quarter, or'in g round numbers, 57s. The iat< rest, .?30,0(10,000, on the >r national debt, at this rate would buy 10,.',16,315 quarters ''' ,if wheat, tnderthe new bill of Kir Hobert Peel, it is es. limited ths* the average price of wheat per quarter will te be 50s. At thi* rate the annual interest will be equivalent lo 17,000.000 quarters, being an actual gain to the receivers ,! of the interest of 1,473,635 quarters, or ll,7f?,490 bushels. If, then, we consider, as is annually the ease, that one bushel 'if w heat ia the result of the labor of one man for a d is , the capHalials under the new bill would receive from etch individual in the United Kingdom, one half of one ? day's labor. As an onset to this they are required to pay I par rent t n on the inconw they roccive, This amount! :o ?900.000, equivalent to 360 000 quartern of wheat? H Other incomes and taxes are required to make up the ha- i lance, so that the laboring clatscs will actually pay as much as before, and the annuitants aul capitalists will j lave their property Increased in real value. The only a ay in u hich tlie national interests w ill be promoted by , be change, will be in the probable ability of the English nanufucturcrs to maintain their foreign markets, in con iequence of the roiuced cost of production. From all these facts, the conclusion may be derived that vhaiever of increased prosperity may be enjoyed by Unpeople of thia country for the next few year*, will arise rom internal intercourse, and not from that with foreign rations. Sales at the Stock Uiehnnge. toon N V BY 1862 !0 21 Firemen's I 111 to as Ienm N V IS, I860 lt> 21 Mohawk RR ItiOO Ohio Sis-.i. I860 70 21 do *3# 4?'. lt<00 du aim B'i 21 do sill 17'.. '?.*) City Loan, 1870 1(0 loo lisrlrin RH oi>i? 11'. 8:110 Indiana Bond* 20 22 do II* 1'Kki do 2i..0 do 12\ la Bink of America nj IjO Lone Island RR NX) MS 110 Del 6i iiu Uou stm tsi 110 do Ml'j 21 do ;?K 111) do 10S 21 do IjO ?0 110 do )>60 11 21 N V Life k Tt Co 110 10 Stuiuniton RR 1-30 WS Second llonrd. 21 Mohawk 4711 10 Hulem IIli 21 do 47V| 2000 Illinois Bonds IT St ate of Ti niie. Business generally is more ortivc and prieea of produce -"era to lie mora firm, and the receipts vie attnal ore rea lily disposed of. The 8,000 bushels of Illinois Wheat niloat was sold on Saturday nt $1,20. Sales of Cotton are active at firm prices. Provisions?New Western Pork droops, espncitillv prime ; the asking prices are $6,25 and $8,25. 200 barrels city prime Beef sola at $1, bbl. Lard iu demand, 300 bbls. Ohio sold at 5j a & cents lb., and the same quality in kegs at (J cents. Butter of prime quality is in demand at 28 cts. for Ooslien in pails, r.nd 18 a '2(1 cts. for dairy. Nasal 1 Stores?Sales Tar at $1,44 u $1,60, and under-sued barrels ueorgetown at cbmi. men has again declined, and is at $1,26 a $1,37). Turpentine is dull. Sales North Carolina at $3,31 a $'7,75, cash ; Spirits Turpentine sold at JHJ cents cash ; city distillers ask 3d a 35. Sugars?As a general thing the market has been dull and prices low. Sales 400 hints. New Orleans at 3j cash a 3' a 41, 4 inos ; 750 Porto Rico :it 4J a 6, and tome at 0) ; 75 St. Croix at til a 9} ; 300 Cuba Muscovudo ut 11 a 51 ; 400 boxes brown Havana at 5; a 5J, and some at 6J ; some white do at 7j i. 7j, all 4 num. By auction on Saturday, 300 Iihds. .New Orleans were sold from the wharf nt $4,19 a $4,44, per 100 lbs.. 3 and 4 raos. ('a I tic Market. There were not many cattle in market to-day. Only about seven hundred beeves, five hundred sheep and lambs and fifty cows and calves. Nearly all these were fold at prices showing a decline in all hut beeves. Sheep ranged from $3 to $5.50 ; lambs from $1 to $1. and Cows and Calves from $35 to $35 a head. Beeves fetched from $1,75 to $7,33 a hundred weight. Although there appears to lie a smaller supply in market this week than usual, there is no lack of cattle in the interior. Married, In Philadelphia, on the 5th inst., by the Rev. Benjamin Dorr, D. 1)., Uodolpiu's Kcxt to Ssraii, daughter of Ellis Clark, all of that city. Died, On Sunday afternoon, William Hkxry Clavtox, printer, in the 55th year of his age, atter a long aud painful illness His relatives and friends, and thorp of his sons, and the members of the New York Typographical Society, are requested to attend his funeral from his late residence, 3# Rutgers street, on Tuesday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Yesterday afternoon, of a lingering illness, Mrs. lUatiir.T Lanoan, wife of the late Daniel Langnn, a native of Cork, Ireland, aged 45 year . The relations and friends of the family, and the members of Mercantile Lodge No. 47 1. O. of O. F., are respectfully invited to attend her funeral on Wednesday, 11th instant, at 4 o'clock, T. M., from the residence ol her nophew, Henry Croker, 319 Pearl street. On the 9th inst., Mrs. IIaxxah Pollt. aged 47 years. The friunds of the deceased, and those of her sou Garyham Polly, are respectfully solicited to attend the funeral this afternoon at 4 o'clock, front her late residence, No. 31 Suffolk street. Ohio and Vermont paper* will please e.opy the above. PnsMriigera Arrived._ Havre?Packet shin Iowa?Mrs. R >*ella Friswd, Miss Rn siti i r risaru, .wrs. re. isru.-iyer, >mm r n. i . ormycr, i. Thompson, E. Bcrthoud, of New V?>rk: T. Churchill and lady, i;l" England; t'. Murphy and lady, Ireland: Jerome Ravel ami fimilv, six in numhrr, II. <?. Daver, A. Criliangf, France; Eugene Tarross.y-.N Yoik?260 in the steerage. LtvSiRrooL?Ship Rochester?James Crciglitou, of N York ; Sunuel Washburn. Boston; John Vance Bunnell and Inly, C. (Diner Parks, Canada; Thos. Rubi.lgc, J. Jones, J. Bunker. Michael Criiso, lady and servant, Miss I ruso, Miss Ella < ruso, Miii Solina ('ruso, Henry ("ru-o, (J-nrge Daintry, lady ami servant, John Daintry, Miss Elizabeth Dmitry, Nlisj Frances Daintry, Miss tJeorciana Dainlrr, Miss Emily Daintiv, Miss Jane Daintry, Miss White, all of England: Thos. McQ'i.iker, Scotland; Leopold Lang, Germany?200 in the steerage. PniaeuKera to Arrive. Satanissm?Ship Newark?Mrs. McKinstry, Mrs. Wrstentt. M.s. W.C. Kerb?, Mrs. Capt. Smith ami rhild, Miss Curtis, Mrs. Curtis; Lieut. J. McKinstry, Lieut. Weauoti, U. S A. W. C. Forbes, P. L. Bliis, D. 1). Denting, O. Curtis, (J. W. Curtu?30 in the itearage. Passengera Hulled. Lis i npooL?Packet ship lloscoe?Robt. Collinssell. of Connecticut; Miss Riven, M.-s. I,eosn, New York; Kich'd Phclris. Mrs. Fhclos and son, Ohio: Samuel W. Paul and son, Norfolk, Va.; Mr. Schoolcraft, D men; A. O udelle, Florida; Mr. Purton, John Park, Lircrnool; Mrs. Lcutz, Mra. Walker, England; Mr. Dalouben, Jacinel. Havre?Packet ship Albany?L. f'ollomb, Madam- Brun and servant, of Neav York; S. D. Whitney, Jr., Mr. Fowler. Mrs. M. B. Elliot. Miss Margaret B. Elliot, Wm. P. Elliot. Mi*? M. B. Kinib-v. Boston: t ipt. Hfr?tn. brarerofdwrmtclifk to ilrm?<U; Mr. Briugtou, SwiturlRnd; Mr*. Capt. A. Wat.%011, Westchester. Foreign Import at lonn* Horn:?Ship Iowa? I pker A Mayer?i B lilly, Wa?d Si. co? 20 K IltMnmerlini; k co?13 K G Liciliois k co?J T Wihiams?5 A 8 Ferret? I T A Lutn.tirc?2 R L k A Stt w ait?2 E lit>1 l it fc, co?12 MailWid & co?6 Coultii St lYd?rvu\ t? lti Booncn Graves k co?11 Bccrr k Ronr'i-C M01 in k U? ?ln? Diion kco?3 Line, L*m?on k co?I Goodhue k co? 5 K Si II H\uht k co? : k Roich?3 C II Sir.d?3 ? Foley?7 A ' F rp*cn?3 II Meyer? 1 8 Leaven?1 Wilev Si Putnam?3 '1' B B Mushier? 1 H Ed?n?25 bid* T Rilliei?3<?li9 burr slon M Cam mine*?2 pkji K Grillet?2 Vouiic, Smith Ik ctv?3 Becur Si en?0 H Boulfct?6 T A Mayer?3 \V Vysc?2 V Colliari! ?1 T Tupp? r?7 C Punmd?10 P D Muller? I Wolf*- Si licit. rich*?2 I iksrt k co?1 Bf nkard k Hutien?1 A llolkcr* Ik cu? 1 L B liiialla?1 Duhois, .lacet k co?3 Fay Ik co?2 Spies. Chriit k co?1 I mb< r k Diiiibniinii?2 M H'liiamiu Si co?Hi A Ber?odcn kro?1 Bmi%rd & Mentii?I B II Field?1 T J A^nmni?1 Rtt??eII Matti?on Jk Tiylor? 1 S hmidt k Andrea ? I G P?!uhi?1 V iiounird?1 W B Dikixt?1 T Little Si co?1 E A Welch?1 K C Cratify?1 Krult r Si co?1 Lur jcliirk k. Wwendotick?1 J A Voisin 81 c? ? I II Wicmer?2 P A fin tb^upt Ik Chun?1 K Blondcati?I W 11 Hortint'tn Si co?1 T B Ric??1 B? nkird Si Hittton-^l K ClevrUod?1 A T Newman? I iiibt rihim St Jones?1 Otis Si Masou?1 EujtUr k Foley?I ? Jirromy kco?20 30 bbN to order. Ln i.rpool?Ship Rochester? I pk^t> Tboa Hunt k co?.?I io?tou. Hodypi Si co?73 Win Chaunct-y k co?3 J CoiidhIi?6 \N T Crook?y> ? k C Robbin??inou bdl* iron 3K3 bo?e? tin plait PhGps, Dodgt k ro?in pku? flick* k co?5 J Smith?3 L L*n<, 37 hhds 3 tc* T Mcyc;?100 sack* ??alt 1^0 tons coal Woodliull k Minturn?01 pkg* to ordei. Amsti rdim?Ship A^ne??1B00 bl?i 67 ck* pfciffcr k Wiumaun?parcel ratl in* Bmlur Hnrter?25 pii c* Phrljm Si Ky tiiitf ?15 ck 1 3 c?-room Victor Si Du.:kwiti?It cks Wichellnii*en Sc Achilles?1 ca N Lcunini' k co?2 Van Antwerp k co?12 rks 20 bag* to order. MARITIME HERALD. Departure of the Atlantic Steamers. FROM riVOLARD. FR3M AMFRICl. Calrdonia, Loll May If | Acadia, Rync May I June 1 . O. W#??t?*in. Hoaken May 21 June 16 ' Columbia, Jmikin* M ?y l'J June 16 ] Rritaiuin, Hewitt June 4 July 2 Caledonia, Lott June 13 July 17 Acadia, Ryrie July 5 An.;. 1 G. Western, lioaken July 9 A112. 4 The Belgian ?teanier Brituh Qncm, Capt. Keanc. will lesir Antwcrj? lor New Vork on the 4tii ot May, to touch at Southampton, ?u#., on the 7th. To Ship ilTnaGm. We *hall eatcem it a iavor, if captains of ie??eh arririne here, will ni?e to Cominolore R. S. Martin, of our nrwi lici t, .1 irport of the shipping ltf; at the port whence they tailed, the >c?eiU t|fokcn on their ivusage, a lift of their canro, and anv foreign newspapers they inar nave. Commndnr* M irtin wifl U?ar.l them immediately 011 ttiuir axri V.I. We Will r.cii'r'K.ts the f.vor in any w?y. PORT OF XEW YORK, MAY 10, 1*4*4. CIS RISK* I y.l isuw Moos i; 4? OUR 7 ( I HI(.M W.TKR 8 Jl Clcarosl. Hhi,.. Resrje. Hultlttuu, Liv?rpool, (Jrinnell, Minluru h Co; Veil sr. Sylvester, Tri.sie, A. W. Lswrrocc; Mary hmr>lanJ, VVeare, Mobile, D. A A. Kuigsliud, Mdiilre.l, D iana. Savannah, SlurK'rs il C'learman.?Brigs K'ua &. Suvui, Llii'e, "* 1 ob11 e. Badger 8c Trek; Oulnarc. I Br) llsrcley, St. Julius, N. F., O. 4c J. Laurie; Ueurgis, Lainuvrt. NOrleaua; Helru Maria, Svvectxer, AialacliirtuU, N.smith k Leeds.?Dutch gslliol C'laisius K Oettiuda, De Grot, Rulterdsm.?Sdu R. Tomliu, Hard, J.cksuuviilr, r'la. Arrlvrd. 1 Pi'ket ship Sully, Tlioinjwon, from Hivre, April j, mdie, to C. Bolton. Foi 4c Livingston. ! Packet .Inn Iowa, PrlT, Irvm Havre, Apnl I, md.s, (u C. Buij tun. Fnv 4c Living.ton. Slim Rochester. Wuodhouse from Liverpool. April V, riul-e. lo \t oiulliull A Muituru. 2?d ulf. lal SI I/. Ion 17. spoke Br. , bsik D' friidrr, I'rnlll Hull fur N^oik, 23>l, 1st 47 20, Inn ns j a ship cUtlil'lig rulwrard. with ihrre hi irk stri|ie>s in her I'nrr liitssnil; 21th. Tit 13 IC, lou 42 3i. ssw srversl large iri lu rrs; J9?h, lot ll 24, Ion II 40, iiaasrd ship Swolera, fruin LiveriKXil I'ur lliiUdelpllil.. Ship Sroll.H'!, Robinson, from Liverpool, April 7, to Olos-i r A Mc.Mtirray. Ship Agora, Cameron, foini Anicterilsrn, M.rrh 36, and Dover Apnl 3, m-lae, to W IBVt 4c Wissminn. The Agnes was i days amongst th< is'c.sont' idstidaser,*large?i>ne in ; w . ovi r 8 miles lung; slurii>< t'.ie time Ihe iheruiomeier ranged frntn 31 to 40; tin latter p ut ol' the uesnije very cold, tub ult. Is! ;n 42. Ion 2V. passe I a ship -uniting 10 the eastward, siniwed i;n.|s H, BWB, WlHV. The A.nes, on her last voyuge heprr for Ainsti rdatn, made the tun out in 21 d?y s, drawing I' fri t w ater. li irk k ri mina, Bail :r, r*i a,i> ? ir?m incur, muse, 10 u. II. Robertson k Co. D ull Z. I)., Ba'irtt, tC <la>i from Ilio <i* Janeiro, oolTce, 14 lirltitiell, Murium It 1 ?. Brlovr. lUrk l'< ??? ? .ini-r, ,0 iU)i flora Dublin. Bui: ( or.jir, ;<t di)i from London, with nu?,?. W ['?tenon & Imnsider. Bri# Triton, 19 il\>i froin Br. tl*n.i. AJao, l? o tail's and 'wo tui>Mil eclui. ft filled. Him* JW. . , M'MiVkoi. Lfirrpuol; Albany.Wa* .on. II tr ; I ailisrine, Brrrv, ''birlrMon, l?i? rrjmnl, H ull*v. AraUcliicnU; Dim , Tiumui, New (Mriir; Kli Whitney, II tnlim;, Snw nth; be ke Ccn?oy, f' inn-Rnetirlle; ftardiut, Lindiev, B" 11O4 Ajryt; brio Fieofbfrr, Bl jnrhiid, (iuttamai Hhnnrork, M;nit!i, iVimt l.imr Hnrk, Fair*. [New Orleans) I ? I??-11?, MrK? , St. I'ro.i; ? hr Ilm Jum, It rrrroa, anil a lir.-r fieri ! < llier n??li. Wind frcaii frnrn >. Mnrlnr f orrraponcU-iioe. Sr. Tmom**. Aj r.lfl. 1 In ivt:?romuiarr#, f.jc; D?m?r:'ri fti Turin ]<N;hI, ' i-l orooii n-fd die* >Uru. (wh) to rail in a aula# la a u w lay*. "?t 14S month*, with ',(* bl?|. ?p rm oil; f liancellor, fi*>'.> rriniil.ul, tailed tame arune i!i> lor Guayama, to load; Si. link* Irom New \o>k, di?u; Tuvran lioni Mtrlini<|Ur u, I r reirjht; Wallace, Btrhadoei, do; Souther, M?liniqiiel do, Paiin.a, Neaia, do; Wauipanoa.;. ftoin St. Vincent lor Turklaud, nailed the day j rei ioiu; Mara Ann. from St. Croil am! ilartiniijue for Wa?hinxtoo, N(.'. to .ail ueii day; Topie, Iron 3aibidoca, in tha dock, clearins her bottom; Pimidcut, (wli) in a cruise, out 7 mouths, with 170 bbla sperm oil, put in f n applies. General Record. I West l>on Mail Baoi.?The Medway will returnliere " lay, from II illfil, will icmaiu thirty two hour*, an I thin eav? for Nassau, Havana, fkr. The Royil Mill L-tirr OUn ' a remoied to tj Broad street, ill Meek's court, where her ba;. , vi!I be made up. hliir Sal\nie,?(a'tain Abbott, of tlie l.oval, at St. Fierr.* 1 Visit. from St. Stride n*. NB. report* tmiu,' fallen in with on hu 'COllt March la?f, in I it 31 N, Ion 03 \\ , iliip Siladin, of New i ork. (reported some time since ) co'toti loaded and abandoned; o: . to|Mnar>i none hv the rap, main topmast gone by the tie- 1 hi' ?e,mixen topmast, atandin.'. with yardi ito.s?had the np ar nice of h;,ru,?' be, n boarded by a heavy vi a, as her ,1 rk. I si r sw ept of her boats and galley, bulwarks atote in on om j e.%$?!. ,.11 tl?t* r.itiu furniture wm eoue. Her sails were .!! J down uwj>,aiu! the ship frori all appearances was perfectly 1 lght. t Dark Orkat Brit a i.n, Swineburo, from London, bound to ( Hum t-al, went ashore ou the uppar e tid of Oret-n Island, b- I on Qu< bee, on the night of the lit inst. and would become a otil wreck. She has a rich and valuable cargo of dry goods, I illu, Ac. which would all be saved, but in a damaged stale. Spoken. H trbitifer, Fayal for St. Thomas, 5 days out, Ar>r;l 9, lat 31, , on 50. Charles Jose; h, 4 days fin Boston for Savannah, May 4, let 3! on 73.. 1 William, or VV. B.HsU, painted lead color, standing south, April 30, !ut 30 52, Ion CO 20. Foreign Porlt. j St. .Iomv. ND April Kk?Ait Planet, Norfolk: 30th, Mercy Jane, I'iiila Irlphia; May 1, Syrian, Plymouth, NC . Chi 1st, r. I. Nrviu.s, Biltitnote. B?.!.iii;,1I(hmI, April 17?In port, Ridoout, for Boston, 2 ihiyt. VVwion, lor NYork, sld 16th. Port ai* Prince, April 2i?Iu port, Wm. Ntilson, for New York, Idjf. Ma.mamUa, April 1C? In port, Margaret, foi Boston, to sail next day. Hi*si*am. March ?l?In port, Grampus, from Gloucester, with loss ol sails, bulwark*, wheel, tiller, and one man over* board in the gale of Feb 17; Amazon, from do, with loss of main yard. fk>\ Thixillo, April 22?No American vesacI in port. Passed going in, Guat nnala Packet, front #Hiyaiia. Omoa, April 0?In port, Laun Virginia, for NOrltant, to nil soon. Bi r.No* Aires, March 11?In l?ort, Coriolanui. for Boston, 11 days; Mason Bsriiev, NYork, unc; Three Brother*, Salem, disc; Dromo, dt do; Oswego, Boston. 15 davs; Lexington, N. York, 20 day?; Olitida, Salem, 10; Wm. Divis, Boston, unc: Albion, from do, do; Delta, for Boston, taking fish; Fount tin, do do. Montevideo, March 10?In port. ?xpress, from Boston, an 14th; Chancellor, from NYork, do, under reptirs; Philena, I rum Bath, Me. disg; Arethusa, from Boston, for Buenos Ayre*, in i days; Am axon, disg; Dundee, for Boston, icady for sea. Passed in the river, bound up, an American ship showing a yellow and blue rigtial, perpendicular. Vnltctl Rtntes Porta. Banoor, May 5?Arr Piovicc r, NYork; Newcastle, do. (. Id 4th. Bowdilch, West Iiuli 's; fith, Sr. II fena. Camden. May 3?Arr Gazelle. NYork. Sld 4th, Albano, N. Or'?*.?u<. Cld 3d, Montpelier, NOrleans. Gloucester, May 4?Arr Two Brothers, Philadelphia for Sico; Turk, Portsmouth for NYork; fith, Mncdonough. NYork mr Dmverv. Sld Hudson, New York; S. C. Phillips, Philadelphia. Plymouth, May 2?Arr Wave, Philadelphia. Boston, May h?Arr Carib, Omoa; Otho, malaga* Angola, Mansnnilla; Olive Chamberlain. Matmz'vs; M.?r>, NYork; November,

Bclixc, Hond; Page, NYork. New Bedford. Mav G?Arr Hope 8c Susan, Norfolk; Kiu?, NYork. Sld Eagle, York River; Aulanta, Bay River, Noith Carolina. . Hartford, Mav 7?Cld Sarah, Philadelphia; Velocity, New York; Despatch, do. . Piiiladi lrmMav 9?Arr Madonna. Montevideo; Maria, Port au Prince; A. B. Coolev, NYork. Cld St. Louis, New Orleans; Pearl. Boston: G. H. Wright. Ocracoke, NC; Sophia, Yarmouth, N 8; Danl Webster, Chatham, Mass. Richmond. Mav f,?An* Catherine, NYork. Sld Chat. Pitg Pitman, and Dan) Baker, NYork. Nopfole, May 5?Arr Ru m?, NYork; J. W. Kcmpton. o; Mary Rogers. Boston. Cld Catharine, Jamaica; Angola. Gib rallar. Arr 4lh, Prrsidunt, Providence; Hope, N York. Shi St. Lawrence. Martiniiju**. Arr (?fh, Aren/aimi-ndi, Boston. Sld Angola, Gibraltar; Catharine, West Indies. Cld Nahmnkan\v ash in r; ton, NC. April 30?Arr Si rah A Abigail, and Two Brothers, NYork. Cld Anaconda, NYork; A. L. Ackerman, Newark, NJ. Ch ARi.r.8'ton, Mav 5?Arr Minerva, London; Wellington, Bclfrst; H. Allen, New York; Kalamazoo, do; Corea, do; Westchester, do; Zcnobia, Providence: Attilla, Rio; Moon. N\ork; Emily, do; Mary Ann Caroline, do. Arr 6th, Co nearer. Boston; Onray T?ft. Providence; J. A W. Errickson, N York. In the ofling, Harriet A Jessie, from Ant werp; Marion. Cld Don Jinn. Genoa; Diinon, NYork; W. H. Tahnxn, do. Savannah, May 1?Arr Jane Hiddow, (Br) P^marara. Sld Newark. NYork. Arr5tli. Augusta, do. Below, 2 brigs, sup nosed packets, from New \ork. Old Sophia, Glasgow; Ceres, Havre; America, Providence. Mciulk, April 30?Old Neptune, Liverpool; Morea, NVork. Arr Alabama, Sin Juan, Cuba. Nr.w Onll^i, April 30?1C*!d JacobPtritin^.Cadit; Moscow, do; Howard, Bremnu; Z. Ring, do; Louis XIV, Htvre; Clniinan^ Charleston; Dili,;enl?, Palermo; Wm Bryan. New lork; Doric, do; (in Grant, Bermuda; Henrv, Cainneachy. A rr J. ( J. Coaler, J. G. Pereival, Pennsylvania, and Medfiud, Liverpool; Teaxer, Marseilles. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. ^HF.SK far-famed and celebrated Pills, from Poiiug'il, are, T we perceive, to be obtained in this country. See advertisement on the last column of fourth page. f?-3 lm*ii pA8TLE (JaHDENT?fhe etlvbratiua of the Snuday V' School luiou will take place thi* liav at Ca?tlc Garden between tin* hour* of II A. M. to 4 P. M. Ti?e garden in newly painted, and ample room on toe upper pro men ad* to w Uncus tV cell bra lion. Tickets of admLsion one shilling. ?nlO It* OTRAW PAPEk.?TOOQ reams Straw Wnpping P^r for sale bv my in c_r_ __ FF.KSHF. fr BROOKS, f.l Liberty it. vrAf lUNt BLANKFT3. ?3 bales for sab bv I 1W -nlOec PERSSE. k BROOKS, r.i l.ihrrtvst. DL?ACHtitc| Powder, of" BoyJv m*u?r, comwiui , O on h ind, and for ??l<- by mlO. i- 1 LRSSF. k. BROOKS, CI l.ihrrtv ?t. ACARP.?-Th-? u-idrrvigned chin penger. by tht s>a,-k< t hip KNOLAND, having llii. day arrived from Liverpool, take thu mcillU n of rxprrniu^ i ur think, to Captain K. Bar Irlt, for hi. umfonn attenlion to our comfort during the voyage, a? well a; llnting < ur satisfaction i f hi? abilities as commander. and his mmiu.-t av a J. V-ndehii-uvel, Wm. Woodcock, W. F. McCulloch, John Crcsley, \\ in. Suddards, Tim*. Sinijison, I Richard Simpson. J unto (jrim*h<tw , inlQ U?c bad ward Marshall. A COMPETENT Teacher of Music, lately arrived from A England, will yiee instruction* on the Flu'e and Piano Forte, *.? the low |?nce of half a doll ir each le*smi of one boil . or $10 i nuuler for two lesoir. per wc.-k. Advertiser liojiti tint the lowiie** of his charg- will riot operate to hi* prejudice a lie can praduee tiftimonial* of hi* ability. Applvt??M. If. No. It Ciimine street near Bleecker. mlu3t*r \4 |S8 CLARENDON'S LKCTUHF/.-\tlSS CLAREN*?1 DON ha* the honor to announce by ^rticular request, ?h~ w ill give a filth course of Reading.* on Tuesday ev^nnig, May 10, at the Lecture Room of the Society Librar;. Part I. Mr. Webster's Speech on t mM Greek Resolution," de* liirredin Cougrra*. Mr. Davetac's Speech on the same aithjtct, delivered in the House ?)f Representatives, State or Louisiana, Part II. The Dream *. Byron. Deserted Bride, (Dramatic Sketch) G. P. Mo ri-. Skeleton in Armour H. W. Longfellow. Woman's Trust, (Dramaiic^Skctchj Mr*. Osgood. Woman's Destiny L. E. Liudoi. Horn* Mi*. SifounifV. The Blnsh A. P. Dennis. Mother's Love H emails. Lines S. 8. Osgood. Fo udshiii Hon. Mrs. Norton. Love is Fleeting Hannah More. The Wife A. P. DMinis. Mother's Love Hannah More. Recollections of a Faded Bfauty Mrs. Norton. mlO It r _ I) EMOVAU-W. H. STINEMKTS h?? removed hi. TviTV loriug Establishment to No. 99 Cedar street. 3 door* W'tt of B.oidway, where he intrud* to confin* his business to the principle of cash in all ravs, and for which Ins patrons may r* |> on be If ig furnished with aririnenl* of a superior Older. s?i?l at fticei which cvpnot fail aiun; entire satisfaction. mlO " WOTW E -WILLIAM BROWN k WM. VAN? has > | united hi copaxtn rship, w ill rotiduet a general stvpb* a id fine; D > G od* bu ones:., under the firm of V'aiin la Brown I 'J91 t ?raud st. in 10 !tt *r 1 IVF.RPeoi, ORREL f OAI.. AFLOAT.-Di.cli.rginc I from ship Benjamin Morgan, IV*r 3 North River, tons | ofsU'?erior LiveriHHjl Orrel f.oal, selected ciprev;ly for family use, Ivrge sir.**, for sale if very reduced prices in loLs to suit i u.chi?es. eon* umer* iovsfed to esainiir* list * parcel of Coal, a* ' surh anot'ii-r opportunity will probably not agaiu occur this # a' ?on. We have also constantly in yard, and rogularly reeeiviug I Peach Orchard and L' high Coal, of the wry best quality, th? i b ?*t Peach Orchard, broken .inJ delivered from boats, $3 73 j?ei i tou. Chii.nm.,-i wishin? ' oit it the present low nrie-*, are r* VI. .t U t > iri'ly to WILLI VMS Si FKJHJl'HON, 211 Oik oc 107 Anthony, inlfilsi^r adjoining Broadway Tabernacle. Boat stolkS.-1V < ..iir ctorof the port of New York will hindmHTiely w <r 1 toy om who will itstofi to him, at tl?r Bargr Office, Whitehall, < boat marked " Romlout Crr k Li^h' Hou?. " on the stern, inside. The boat was itolru from tlir Eight H"U.r ou Fri'lay uiglil Uat. She has a centre board, one tnaai Hud s.ul, three oar?, one a sin ill *ru!l oar splirt'd near tin Uaoii lid WMrfl wiui two aanuw iirkaof tm. It en convenient, llie host may be retained to the Light House. The boil %%as ?rrn on Situ/<]-?>-inorinujc in Newbargh Bay, sailing down, .Hid is supitosed to hare come to the city. Colle< tor's Office. New York, May !?, 1HI2. mid ttr EDWARD CURTIS, Collector, ii; antlu-a irairion m a >mall rcipcctablr family to do ' general home work, and l. a good ic ruber and iron.r, .tod j go"'I reference. lu^uire at 117 Kio< Hrect. mlO It'r CHINA GLASS AND EARTHENWARE. Q AS I'Oll HOUSE.?k rnnch I'orc.luu Hnuiar ScmciM, d lOpircee, f jj i>i While Uraiille, dj do 111 do 12 >1 1 French, m Lagli'li Poicel ciu T? i Mr ta, 11 do t C. 1 Hiimn llalM, k reach 1'urcelain. |wr ] '>. Ho do l iramte, blue o? w nite, do I 00 Soup, do French I'Ttilini, do i Ou l)o d" (iratute. blu: or whim, da 1 on i '1 ea Cupn and Saucnra, (14 |?c?i) Frruaii I\jre?l*hi. I jo Egg ( u.e, do do J7 ' Lata. ( ot Wiu??, |>rr dorm, from 1 30 Ho Tumbler*, do do g no Lemonade., haudled, do 2 13 Ttin t CvTLKKT')l tlit fin.?t (limiprion,, in wt< doien*. at (be l"w rnr. of ?12 the wl. Jual rpn,i<-J a haixL'.iuc .a>?"ilii."'l r l'Toilet Ware. r. sim 1'ron N. H.?Ak. in for tin- <a!e of Si my am' l'.u Connie, for tlw I dnl'ma. n." Iw*n DR. JOSEPH KYAXS, < < K A X i) It E rf T U K A T I V E S V R U I', Vor the cur* of every form of Disease-*. %rr?iiif from THF, I.V1PUI RITY OK TIIE BEOOD, rtACSKD by the wul orgniw bfoowlw di-ranged ajiu t-o J Ice bled b> h'hdiury cotuidainta Y s a-jaustinji of I lit y*tem, and other diacaaea, sit., BrpnfuJ* or Kin? i r.vil, J jiv .n and .welling* id the neck. Mrcoodary symWouis ?,r h. philu. ? tio- " natitutional form of the \ eurrwl LWu*. I k-.? nL'"i?.id Sc. Throat. I'alau, kc. L leer, om tl? Shiun, ai d i -rw ol 'he b"dy. D' ot the hum, |?"rn, .?-ll i,i_? and ol'-eraliom of in* bi.ii?>, >eellin,> <m IbrJoWt, ? .IK .wrlliiiK'. Ar ( aor.ra, rnlanniu, or akiu d?rav . ait rb'um, rin?worm. ?ealy enapttoo., I?prr>?y, itch, .raid lir*I, iim,d-a. cneJtiw ami .martiiK "I toe .kin, t?nrr, and .11 ki.uli'.l <".?. Lorn: .tamliiw and hrr.|.ifor? m. nratdn f.Tr, irri i .In iim.'i.m. eonl, lierr rr.midaint, aoil all di.< <>. . ,11.. t by an iioprofer n>e of mercury: Irvml and Miii'titutional .iibOliyor *r?kiir-?. Vt. or wh'U ttir ryttrm ha. bir.i r?. Iiawited by a cnt eeuaimlitv m y.m'h, inirmiwrar..loi.u tan ling d bilicaltiijt d..ra.. a. I.ove iraid-iue in Hnmhrin r|,. matra. atiJ other d- bilit r,n- ranu t. Hi. IDSk.CH KV AN'A fl or. tic l.h'.'i Oa ry, a tw.aiiiii a I t d, " r foi |t. n i' r hin.ibn, stneoir i. iiinal wi ikn v., 1.1,< on Inn oi wli.t-.. |. one in lh? l<ou> aa l kidneyi, irnfali. ai .f th id wider, l?iii .. a i'W Ol .caldilig in p. lo( BtllH, . i.l, .I.J , l.i. r Wll... . ol tlx mary | i. , Price 30 rtnuprr hot, with direction! for late old. al N , | .'? i-iepew.-d I?t?r BrMdwar. r.i: Stn c Auction Sales. BY THOMAS BELL. ( Stores Xot. 22 Ann and IIj Fulton rtreri.) WEDNESDAY 7 At 10% oVl??rk in tin- stle room. Elegant Furniture of all ?l#*?rri|H ??rt*. At 11 o'clock in the Fulton *t tore.' Eimting. aod Looking OLsres?An eniire infoic? of m> loganv and gilt frame i ?>:r ?ihI in tutfl looking gla*-?es. THLHSDAY. At 101j o'clock in the ?*.l?s r ?m, Large of S' ouuable Dry OomU, hosiery, L-ndon cloth?, i^inicifa and f? >tiugs, wluald- houery. fut trunks, stiperioi lothing, a vxiiety oTmillinery articles, silks, satins, calicoes, na<dtu?. linen*, sheetings, Jkc. AN a numb r of artic) ? pledged for one >e?r, and ranou* taken up froin Pawnbroker!, Ike. E. H. LUilLOVV, Auctioneer. A SSIONKF.S 8A LE?Vain ?M ft- ?l Tort Riches. moil.). Stat -n Ulainl.? E. II. LUDLOW v?ilI ti ll at aucdon, on Thu^diy, the I'Hii of May next, at 12 o'clock, at tin Merchant.*'E\ hange, the following proi>e-i>, fix:?four lot fronting Broadway. at Nos. 21, 23, 21 and 27. ALo two lot "muling on Third street 3 ami 3. Also, thrre lota noiiting uii Fifth street, aa Nos. 2, 1 ami r?. ALo, two l~>t? fronting ?? Broadway, i? Nos. i > tad 30. ALo, font loufrontingon B >< *iy. as Nos. .Vl,5ti, j'I and 60. ALo, four lots fronting on 11 L ?* ou street, as Noa. ll,*!?, 19, and 60. ALo, eighth {< fronting ui Broadway, as No,.. G3, 66, <>7, t?9, 11, 73, Tiiud 77. Alt", hree lots fronting Sixth street, is No*. 1, 3 ?nd 3. The above lot* are located in a beautiful situition, bring right n front of the h*yt and about five miuut"* walk from tht laudng. and are w ell situated for cottage*. The situation it exo-edngly healthy, and the neighborhood is all hindmmrly iinprovd. There are two or thr*e steamboats running to and from the :ity, three or four rimes a day, during the whole yiar. Then t h!so four d-norni nations ol churches in the neighborhood, with esncctable school hi.uiot, scwinirica, &c. An opportunity like is seldom offered to the public. i\ie ?! * wyf be positWi For further in ?;rr.aiion, apply to Chas. Cirtlidgc, 103 Water itreet, or to E. H. Ludlow, rs'u. 11 Broad st, where a map of ke pt-uyertjr^an b? secu. nifl ihr * BY A. M. OHISTALAR, Auct. Store 106 William at. TUESDAY At 10 o'clock, a Urge and general s'sortm^wt of gold and slifer watches, with clocks aud< utlery, plat:d and Britannia ware, rix : rake bn*keL<, tnvs, candlestick and lamps, tea and coffer pots, urns, snuffers and nays, assorted spoon*, castor*, wait*i?, assorted Uuifes and forks, raion. acu-ors, guard chains, Gerinan silver spoons, km*es and forks. ALo 2j0 groce assorted ???*el pens. m9 2t*in WEDNESDAY. A' 10 o'clock, at the *Hle. room. The entire stock of ;t fashionable nulmcry .tore retiring from business?consisting of ladies bonneu and hnt?, \ii : Albert straw hvts, moth rn ditto, Paris fancy aud chip do, split straw Liigli-.h do, dunslable luscau do. Leghorn lliu and caj?s, shirred bouuots, atiaw wreaths, caps, silk for bouncts, with an assortment of Dry Goods. Catalogue* w i!| be ready aud families arranged for exainiualion th ircviotu to salt. n9 ii? n " BY RYELL k ARCUJLARlUS. ThL morniii * al lOU o'clock. Wire* Liquors and Se&tr-?An iuzoicc consisting of choice old Madeira, SKcrn tod Tort, in cum, Clvtl ^Mnntijpi of v; ri' iM hr\nd*, including Anchor, Hock Steins iuc in glacs ju<?, Dajiu\ Brindy, just received fiom bond, kc.&c. Also, an .assortment of good il.ivaim and Principe Scgam, of various brands* _ iniU lt?c ft. il. T1MPS0N, Auctioneer. TTAHDWARt. ( ITLEUY, FANCY GOODS, Sic.?J ACOD S. PLATT'8 !7lb Snritrz Trad - Sab* >% i 11 tik'' place 11-morrow, Wednesday, at 10 o cIock, at the store No. 21 rlat! street, consisting of 2j0 casks, cases, an 1 lota of Irish imported, Birmingham, SnefnHd, French and OTnwn hardware, fancy goods, Jtr., uni in;' which are fine table and pocket cutlery, heavy good*. (Lrtnan silver and plated ware, nay and manure forks, shovrbi ami tirades, Sir., together w ith i general assort nentot'sh If goods cc. For fuit icr jiartieul try sec Auction Head, Journal of Commerce, n?v! Courier and Enquirer, mitt :tt\ i ' ION NO+H E INDIGO. RIKLE fc A?:I ULAKit 8, w ill sell this morning, at 10.S n-dork, m tltcir S;i!m Room,MlBroadway,about lUQOlbt. indigo to aatiaf\ ijudg* iiu ill lor account of w hom it may concern. Also, w ines, liquor.*, and segars, including sherry, j?ort, madeira, claret and chain* plight*, dupuy hiandv.juat from bond, Hav&ua and Principe sigars, &r. inin H*e MARSH AL'8 SALE.?Bi virtus of ilandlord7* warrant, 1 will expose for sale at public auction on Monday, the 9th day of M.iv, 16-12, it 10 A'clock in the forenoon, on the yth avenue nnd Tnlitci nth street, the contents or that old tstablisbed fur factory.cousistiug of all the machinery, boilers, iron bnrs.Stc m7 2teod*r P. HENRY, Marshal, 112 Fulton st. ATOTTCE TO FUKNITl/HE BT7YERST^WASHINO^ TON MKEKS, No. 313 Broadway, next the II ', would draw the attention of the public that he will sell splendid Cabinet Furniture at 10 ner ccuf. Ion* thin the sann. quality of work is now selling at tne auctions*?consisting of Draws, Couches, Sofas, covered in different colored plushes, matins ind h dr el f h. or die 1 iti il Spring i attarns. dlf 6m OAMi's REM E D V * FC )i t S A L T R1IH. U M .WAR R A N TED TO/.*VRE.?Sufferer* from this disease are leque-.t* ed to read the following, and from the persons named, particulars in relation to their cases. Miss Alinira Gardner, of Moiitville, Great Plains, has for more than two years b*ru entirely cured, after being coufined to tier room and prevented from laboring lor tweiitv-titc years. She has paid hundreds of dollars for advice and all the medicines of the da> , w ituqut ben rut. Mr., Murphy, opposite the new hriek church, was cured of a salt rhcuin ulcei, vv liicli had rendered her almost unable to w alk for a year. A daughter of Mr. Walrou , in West Chelsea, was afflicted to such an extent that Iter head was nearly a continued sore. Shtried th" ThotuMinidi) id an, which only increased her sufferings, md was entirely cured in a short lime by u?ing one half box ol thm medicine. Many other case < can be learned and references obtained b> calling upon the agent. R. W.MATI1EWRON, Norwich, f t. Messrs. V. B. &. D. Sand.. G ntleinen : Feeling in b bted to you for the vaiuahl- servic* you have rendered myself and family. 1 do most ehrvmdly inform outhatm) wife is #ntirol> cured ofsaalt rheum, by the u?e of >our remedy, and syrup oi San a par*l I a. She hid been severely afflicted with the dinon her hand. from her childhood, and commenced tin* use o| \our medicines without much eonftdedce. but onl> half i hot ntd hern ii;.ed before there was great anmnumrnf, and by continuing it a few weeks longer it was entirely eradicated. Tin r> his h-rn no ftpp'-aranc" nf the disease for more than a >car. Yours, most respect* all v. Cat.kill, Oct. 1811. NATlft'L. H. HINMAN. Prepared sad sold wholesale and rttatl b*.- k. B. It 1), Bands, <9 and inn Fulton street 77 East Broadw ay, and 273 Broadway, N. Y. Also sold hy II. KawU hi Co, Albany ; E. Patten, New Haven ; E. W. Bull, II iriford ; J. A. Wadnvorth, ProMdence\ Win. Brown, 481 Washington street, Boston; and h> druggists gv-nerally in all th principal towns in the Cniteil State Price $1. N. B.?Merchants sumdied on the most libera terms. A. B. D. 8AN 1)8, Druggists, M 10 lin r 79 and 100 Fulton s', and 77 EtM B map way ?U\ TCOPLEM LINE FOK hr-rr?!pat seven oVlock, P. M.. Com the Sieatnho i?jrru^.^, Courthimlt and Liberty siteets /Sunday cscc|t"?l.) flie stcainbcat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. P. St. Jo!m, leire Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, at seven o'clock The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Braiuaril Tur?dav. Thursday, and Saturday al>Ti?ooiis, at seven o'clock rue ,'riu.i^-it NORTH AMERICA, c.i-i?ia M. H. True. .1-11 l.-ier, TurMiy, Thuniduv, uud SaHir.l.) .iltemou., r 3ve o'cl.?cl?. for All.iuy ?u?l iut. rmediau- pl.t-ea, Tlie above boat, are new and .ub.Uuti.1, .re ruruisii.-J will, eleiraut .Ute room,, ?uJ ill all ri?|*rt? ..rt uo.ur|is*.ed amour u,. Hu ivu'? mpcm,. r ll<Llklil, ?l'|-/ W.. , v. ,v . , ... the omc <>i? the w harf. m 10 6/t\ I'Oll ALBANY, tund THOV, birter.? *T*r-i-W* Tin* %t?lrn *ii| low pressure sU'-inihoat DE TE^BE-^WITT CLINTON, Cart. S. K. 1U, will leave the foe t of CoaitUndt ilrtst, thu (Tuesday) afternoon May 10, it 7 o'clock. The SWALLOW, Cant. A - M'Lcan, will leave a* above to-morrow. May 11, at i o clock. The above are subkUnlul hoaU, fitted up with elegant StatRooms, and for accommodation* arc unrivalled ott the Iiud?m I min tU'I'OrSlTIDN UN E J<"( >K A Lit AN V." KAIIE HEDUCED!! PciiiMiifre 5(1 rent*?ID-i t It* 50 renin, FREIGHT TAKEN AT RED IT ED PRICES. jrs'.t The commodious Steamboat WASHING fll- 1 Tj 1 ,4* TON. Ciptiin J. M. Brown htriiu mad. i to change h? r davs of ie#viu; New York, will hereafter 1 ?* < 'IIn* loot of Robinson street New York, crenr Monday, Wednesday, and Fridai anen at 4 o'clock. and Albany, 'frj Tucadav, Thursday, and S.? lurday afternoon, at j o'clock, hndiiu < n her earn waj V. the foot of II unmond street, Newburgfi, IVughkeep.-ui Kingston Point, Catukill and Hudson. For freight ??r nos?u*e. anply to the Captain on board, "r to D RANDOLPH .MARTIN, No. m West street. _ mDc /&\ THE STEAMBOAT OS( KOLA, w.t? Oy *f all h?.-i tackle and furniture, will be sold al ~ kimrniwm/ | ?'.|l" Tltutnviav, 12th install', ,t 12 o'clock, at the M? rchintA1 Exchange, by E. H. LI I)LO\V The said boat will be sold to the highest bidder, without re srrv? . to close an association, and without any restriction* at f | where she shall luu. flUlfl ll ? ? WflVCl order. MVMg I D( v boihr, wjucbImkm .? .,? used six months. |m has beet m wly paint d throughout and hei smrin ni in tht best ord< i indisready rot immedi its ass, Har tptesk second to no hot of hi f dimossioni In inn wonn ns now lie* al tho loot o C ham hers ?Treef, wh? re she can he t> n any time previous t the S?lc. Her iuVtMorv is coinph l? ami in |*;rfrct order. Ain' information v* ill he um n by applying to i). UAN POLFII \K I IN. IHP W.-Ht street, t to VAN DEB VOOKT St HA Y WARD, 20 l ine stow. T-u:?. made kuow on the day or sale. in:? in r &?? FOR BREMl R-kii Pa kei . | 1st Ma V^TitVThe sidenlid, Isailliic ship EI.AUD, C.aptai MfcasWessf Is, will 11 positivi I. 1 In- tips acc.oimnodatiou (or cabin, second cabin, and stcri rje p s en; r\, are fitted up sxpr* ?*l\ f r the comfort an accommodation of pis* ifm and th sc v idling to ruj berths, should make eirlv Ipplic Itio i to trilfl i GLOVER at 1 i MURRAY, 100 Pine street ja roxLiVExrooL-lMi'ii ,. orUM IS i mm :VjV:r.T.'.-:. . .'tv.? 0." o'1'.1"? p*cll?-t j JWi ibi ^ I M ! IE N \> i 11 I N L t Captain I nomjwou, wi Thin ships iccoiiimodAlioiji for cabin, second ribiu, and stee g puieurn, in fittedup in - most superi r itylf(ind torn intending to embark should make v.tAy application o board, foot of Maiden line, or t<> OLOVEK k McMUnRAVh m!0 r iuo mi fivei . mrr i South Awi TO LjET?The modern built thi?*i story House, S'c Ulcecker street, with every convenience for ? kcuu? f'fii r ' Apply to _ __f_ . Hi pp THOS. T. WOODHL * f . fMio J JO II ' ...In , . m i ~r<riet^tcc" Skirt, 1| rt*a?u -tret, in the 1 lrr?l< Building. Apply ?t tin- H'Wd OiUt, Vj Na?.iu .1 ^jjiconiri of Kit I ton. __ "" I*"ATEDICINE CHESTJ?Th. mlwnltnibtit ju.t rrcrm 'VI a |V?||| ?Hppiy Ol M ilnlif Ch-.U, III IK* .ltd el'iptl tNft(torn?, filled with nifdiciase lor *nftps, pi uileUon*. and t*uii I,,., U1,| icconHWuitd willi iliu-rtiym ?ui u?*. *00 ?ecui?l ,atfc.J for k ashNIVAM, run It"?- yi Willinto , I. "i.liui and l.i A < H u* 3A / n i til M I- i li'ilpii ' n I "i tie "I .iiMiiil ii ,UUU turer't pnr??, hy Ill MHTON h ASI'I N"WA|,t., W> William ,i. Aim, jIMlrr i jtril a !> h .utvlv ol' NliurrtJ Walcm, (Vol thr I' hr?line ami OuucrM. .prui^i at Paraloga. riu.' ll VI ; It.- Huiplmr ; r.iiK- in V mini ml Jl'c vkw i, i r/iu m m< -oEqfUifc n. bfctiwoRi s-A professor of lim juitar, No. JJ8I .'ami street. opposite tii S*. John's chinch, lias the honor to acxpi tint his frieml* and tl public that he ha? published * variety of new and popular iu sir, nriallied with ea?y accompaniments for |uitir. Mr. I), w ill also arrange end compwe music for orchestr Kuitar, end otiM'i iiMlrumeiiU. and give hwlraciious to ;,iji feuf on the j.j.oio fi.,tf ,m?l violin. iny2f?w*c in )OK-KEi:i'i ngT THK t ounting rooms of (', C. MARSH, It Cedar ?:r?i * rootiour open from 8 A. M. to 'J P. M. in t!iu? me rhant* and other* tnay avail themselves of a e</ of i; tru tlou is truly practical ; one that embrace- < c nplrfi ro' nue of commercial transection* and tii''irat.i*}?.' caI.h'ujoioand ta which U?e student trip ally K" p* * * 'of book* in eiuniting house. To tho* wno u* .< pi ? ns d with he a i?e tin r'a rrpiita'jon, U< d. airva to say.thal 1j* t*riuci|ia! work p M | i. . mto t, ?,dit . fiat it rt-ee.vA l . preff rence in th< New V -tk Pul lir and <?fh**r !ir? institution* ; end that h? inin?*lf Hm the b? ?ior ol fr **' (Mifivtrd f^arher of book-lceepiiit tor the "Merfantile I.iorir A?a?>vtsunit^ ol tl?i? city, rroapectusea, witii terms, msv h*d it thr counting rmmia an al?ove *** "" ri A RPCTTNZJ i IIEAPKU i HAS ^ ^l*'' d tioiM h*viuz brea mast l? ?' ? lormrr .yUudid itorfc . I aUTT: Owr wlioS *f-Wl< nr.- of 'In. t""h,'h *" mnrh I... thm Utl WIS |-n>'? '"d ^ .-.rcniti. run h. mr' wt'h . l^-whrrr. Thr p.bli. .!? m II /;; .v rrnyti BOAHDlNtl A ft* b. ?tB>n vtid.W in ?(.& t,,i f,*p?cUbU IMWd> A,plr H 101 ? nilfu ?' ' Iwl* r ??????r?? i i? ?n i> Aiuuaeraeiila. I'Viui THE \ Villi. THI S EVENING, M,y in?'in, jurforinincei v. ill comtuenca THE BKOX/E HOUSE. * V.?"*1 o- , .>lini.'n | Knp, of>ju:n leiUjHinz. Aud.cwj |\? J.oo, I t .m r?*?. Mi?S?suj? I n con. 'role W .t'l THE ANATON HT. Mouaieu' Lb Modicin, Fiari.tu | Cr.?|'Ui, iFisiiM Beatrice, MraWoMli-7 frl?30 rent 4?(jiltriv, H tUAlTlAM Til \\ n it" TIIIS EVEMNO, May 10.?The periur.nnncu ?.11 otnma e LONDON ASSURANCE Sir IUrcoun Court!/, La nl?er; | CiuaL. U uii) J U tkctt Lady Gay Spanker, Murium 'j o corurl nlc ?iih UNCLE JOHN. Uaelc J. lm, LainU rt I Ncjihew Hiv. U, ( * * ?.-tAyer Mr* Comfort, Air? Ju.lah R i e*y ciiclc, a) crut*?B-u."., 2J?I'll, ?I1')*)'' i>. oi.V>ihT<; thSatk.w THIS EVEMNU, May 10.?The r"')'?rt?*ocee wt'l crmj in. n e ?i'h CINDERELLA. IVler find*, < > iliiin | Ntdimd. f.jiria Cindetcll i, >Lr? Timm After which, LOVES OK THE ANOELS. Jay, Mitchell | Km tit, ilacuCaail* Lilra, r Mr*. Mu?iO|k Tj cutirluiic wtili IK)/. BH.jrtuualle | S tm W.ller, Mitel.ell. Mr*. NjVtflgcbblti, Mr*. Wall*. D.rn? Circle, JO ceota?U|>))er Buxaa, 2j ceu'.a?I'h, U.?PH? rale B"le?, Sj \ Mt-II tf ? v ivrrnvi'W pOnNER OF BROADWAY AND ANN HTBEKT ? F. T. BAHNUM, iaan?.^rr.?1q order to arc umiuxlal. tba imriifiior crouds which atvii i her**, the Lecture !v.?oai h brcn enlarged. Tli* myminm OlFSl) V UJRL c*ui he ooir sulleil day aud vmiii:;. Hh* i* 'he greatest wonder of the a;#* From 0 ?> clock, A. M,., to i F. M. .lie rati ho privately consulted aa v.- 01 cU lit 1 i : . of cli {ic Mr. Winchell, the Comir Drollerisf, Mini H.malic, the chariaiii*? vocalist iVom New O.leans, iLoLa Fctitc Ccl^rte, the beautiful dancer. Kxj timeiii# in Animal Ma?iMti?mou i child three rears old, FALLS OF NIAGARA with res] water; FN FTMATJC RAILROAD; ALBINO LAD V; KANTY GLASS BLOWING; Grand C oMii'tunn, ana 300,( u i sits . A company uf luditfi Warriors and S juhw. A splendid d ly performance lake* place every Wodaeslay and Saturday afternoon v. Five huulr. d tame black, grey ami fox S |UnrcL, from Oh o. may be aeen here, *kippiiu c.aoiit on Ire** at lively tu in Uie,r native foreaU. They are beautiful pel#, and are for aali si..?ly or otherwise. AduiiUaix'j to tire whole rents?Children lulf price, ind JTKW VOIIK MTTSSICM" (Luc r?<io'.,) AS. !25- Broadway, apnosite tht City Hall. t7QL'RTH APPEARANCE OF VANREE HILL-HILI.'# V Lecture., Stoiic,, Imitations, Sic. First appearance ol ?>lr. Austin Phillips. Mr?. lUniwi. k will sue; * number of favorite .on;., '1 h'' greatest on l!ie lace of the Earth, the V ertnont y. nr. old, and weighing nI> nineteen pound.., to bo v< cn day and I v''lung, also th. Lull Giant, measuring w?? j't i l two inches in height, and sv II proportioned. The splendid r.hihirious of Switzerland, and Natural BriJgu of Yuytiitii, mil remain lit re fur a short liuie. 1) iy visitors admitted in evening' free. Di.iurrcotype Liltunste. correctly taken in a few seconds, with or without the light of the Sun, and without reference to it, .thr r. Tickets 25 cent.?performance to commence ut eight o'clock pNeiaelr. mi \rAI'XllALL GARDEN SALOON.?The public are ie" * spccifultv informed that the nbove ti nned place ol amuae mi ni hiving undergone a thorough repair, having betu replied in a beautiful manner, newly painted anil thoroughly ventilated, tile mvtiagcr assure. the public that 110 place 01 volute I.lent in the city, n ill he found .o c%?d and cotnlorlable during lb ?utuiner evening. ; it will open for performance, in u lew da . .. Performer, of merit wishing engagement may addrew the ?ul?* acrthcr, iiost paid, Van.hall Garden. mTc A. W. JACKSON ATATION VI. ACADEMV <)K DEBI<iN.?The Annual a' E.hibiiiou is now open from 10 o'clock, A. M. until I* o'eloeli, P. M. Admission 25 e.nla?Hc.uou Ticket. iO cent*. C'.'.lo(u?. I'i rents. J. WHITE HOUSE, Secretary. Health and strength .-dr. b. o. richardSON'a CONCENTRHATED B11ERRV V\ INE BITTE11K?I'ul up ill t cnvroii liotllei and the niyredRuta to make I he .aim put up ill prc.ned rxckaaei; for sale b\ all the druryi.U, aud Hi'1.1 of tne \\". f. Goou. Deal' i. in IJoaton and ?ciuiiy. Alio, by my .aaents in all the principal town, throujhout New Euk' nid and the southern and we.tern Stater.. OFFICE 15 HANOVER STREET, BOSTON. 75 cent, pel hotlh ; )0 ceut. per paper. The follow inn' ar. .elected fioin a large niiiubcr cd Editorlod notice,. P'rom the Doier, N. H., Oaiette. Dn. Richardson'. Bii Iu our culunuia may 'oe f-mni an advi rti'emcnl of I lie Vegvlalde Bitier., lire, ar.'I hv Dr. O. S. Hichardaon, of South Redding, Maw. Tlicy are, a., uid v, be, rindoubtedly composed of a variety of valuable and purely veirrtable matter; .".uH from our own tipcHenec, aa well a. ting rtfrcl* ttpou tlr* >y?tf>iJ). hive a goo f opinion 01 ih? Bittctie, as they art* uot :t ?<u*cR nostrum, but discovered, prepared, and vended by a regufir physician, a graduate of the college of our own State, and who has s id hut little in the way of puf* ting the in hints* It', hut leaves it t'? those who try thorn tojudn themselves. For the duramen that many arc liable to, iu the spring and summer, such as debility, dyspepsia, bilious mid n i votts complaints, iic., we do not hesitate to nay that these 3ic ler* will be found a safe, agreeable and effectual restorative. A* good health is one of rh* gr# ate*? of rarthly b I e? ?? ?'*, w# would earlv advi?e those laboring under such diseases to nuka a trial of Dr. Kiehaidson's Bitt*?n?; they ran do no harm, and may do ntticli good, as we are con dent iri many cues they have. Vegetables and vegetable imdlfitu-s are unquestionably the rao?t congenial to the human system. ^ From the News Letter, Lit ter, N. If. r?-* Richardson's Bittrrs, adveitisod in another column, era highly spoken ol in this ?i' ltsit> by gentleman who are not in the habit of drinking hilt r , (a ly more thiu the good girl was of going to meeting,) for the pleasure of it. We nave no tv*to for these thing* ourselves, bring quite bitter enough already, w ithout the aid of rue, wormw ood, or qu*asia. NoreithdMi. if afflicted with the prevalent diseases enumerated in the advertisement . and ol>lig? d lo become tit liar a "pill swailower" or a bitter lnt>b r, we should be inclined to call at Grant's, awl inquire the way to the "Health and Strength" of Doctor ilithard* ' ?0,l? . From the Bristol County Democrat. Taunton. 1 Richardson's Dittehs.?Of the uumeioui mcdkinct which are ailverti id in ou paper from time to tunc, to know but lmh?their virtues must be known only to t ?? ? who make use of them. But with Dr. 8. O. Richardson's Balers t we art* somewhat acqu tinted. Theic hitters were uwsdinour family last summer, for general debility and headicb , toil mtieh relief was derived lroin them. Those who may be sub* s ject to iiervou.i headache, will i<n I the llittcrs very bcncticul? ihe^ proved so in the ca*e to which vvc itl< r. , 1* or sale, wholesale and retail, at l?i. office, 1 j Hanovjr stasct, SojtHii, Sold by the agent*, A. B. & D. Sands, diuggii>ti, No. 70 Fuk i ton street, corner of G ?ld, and I no Fulton street, at wboh-sala and retail. Also, sold hy Abrm. il. Samis N Co., 77 j B.oaB i way, corner of Chambers stietl; Davi.l Sands k C-., No. 77 Ka>t Bioadwav, of .Varkrt street; RuMitou & A psnw&il, 8C William street; Gassner &. Young, lj'i (. haUiam utreti. nilO Imr FEMALE BEA1 *TY?CULPABLE NEGLECT?It has I been observed by visiter* fiont oil other countries, as wiH us by \ eraOiM of the best cultivated u?te in this, that in no 1 country u there a larger share of female 1 c'Uty aud itc flenoa , than in this city. Vet, vvnjle tlie vho?-fttt?r, dress inker and milliner are engaged iu adorning " mtureN best gift to tnao,* , one part appeals almost totally neurit cud?the Hiir. liow i/wqueutly do the rav ages of di*#-1?? lay waite t ie delic t? fotro ui the tmi r and beautiful, and though icstor# d again to health, yet i. these Bowing lock* which lice ad'uucd thnr heads, jail otr, and never again riturns to their original beauty. It i-? inconceivable how any person, moie especially a ladv, cm nniuf^it so tniieh neglect *>n this point, when a NEVEli FAILING It E.MED V can b? obtiined by Chllmg at .Nn. 70 Houtti 1 bird sires i, Philadelphia, and asking for Jaym *s 11 iir Tonic, which w ill ptiftctly rest're this onl> neglected put of female orna* ment. r MURDER?Murder?Murder?At all times will voom I them ?t stupid. Yet murders art daily perpetrated which ?* , cite ver> litth attention. I? not consumption daily murdering , thousands of liumaii bring* I Diss not asthma render I if?* a burthen, and then destroy iu victim t 1)... * net bropcMti* ; ar alvae the usefulm s* ol many of oui m?? .t tmim ntuivin... ?n l , other public speakers, to s iy nothing of the thousands of ui! ages am) *cies who are swept into eternity by it? Millions of human beings sink down and die, bv atl veils of the abtve and similar affections of the luncs Mid throat. Foitunat* ly for j mankind, J lyne's Expectorant list nretr been knowu to fxil in giving relief, and h-u. in thousands of instvtifcs, effected per , rnatient cures alt# r n!| ' the means had failed. (L/-L1EE! LIFE .! LIFE !!!-"Ail th t a tna i l.ath wi'l ! he give f >r his life '?so we iitvJ it rccor-iad in the most ?n. i:nt h ano h -t of bo >ks, but when we v.- tlmtt isncis dyiryt around ns, . with Comumidioo, Croup, I ni?h, Avthms Bronchitii Sj itting j Blood, and oti?*r ptilmonary nffeciiona. vvc .u? led t ? dr.ubt the correctu-sj of the above assertion, . specially since it is r ivv 11 j known that a certain remedy may !# obtains*!, which elwar* r arresta those diseu* s* ^ ^ ^ tj Dr. JAVNK'H Eiprctnrant never lam t?? cave reiirj, aQn cure* alter cv? ry other incm*; In?e fiilccJ. This can be, r?J has been proven iu thousands of iu?nncc#, v.dorr it ha* eftec t.;.] radical cure* al\ the pat n ut h*<l !> ? giv.n tip by ;,ll hi# friends aitd physician?. This valuable hiKCtoraut in utpiN i.l, bj Dr. JAyNK n TH1HD sti rkiUdat iihia M 10 1m r 7"B.\ I D HEADS AND HARD HEADS Irnjucndr n unit in ih - ^u?e |udi?Huil; (bit is. persons predisi <*ed to ni! . It .i'' .v a t u I Mi'I I i v if- willi <1 nod r* stubborn- JAVNE'S HAIR TONJC ii the v#rY thin# for d the rir?t, but what influence it in ?> hive <>n Use latter rrcnaon t/? t hi hftM Hy riprrirncf. Ii it Dot, )? %?* r ^ r. worflty of|t*itl ? I. i?ji* ? who htisboids j"*se,?ii?K . nihir Bald or Mud Heads, ar* iuvif*d to m ?ke a lib- r d application of thu Tonic JJ to the heads of th'ir lord", and .( it do not vial.e them | rtctibl and ounuiMc-. will it least r store ilicu hair, and add fl iihkIi to th?- coinlort and beauty of the gculltinnn. For sale by the ajfeiita A. B. Ik J). Sands, DruggUts, No. 7^ f. Fulton at( corner of O >11 st.; 100 Fulton s'. . ? >ld also by A. B. r. Svnd? at Co., 77 E-*st broad* a y, cor oar of Market tt. ?l. ? J rolO im a pARD AND NOTICE TO TRAVELLERS. .ml rl* , ^ Public yeneraUv, reside ut to the Stale of New i?l Western Division of the country. ' Messrs. WELCH k MANN U)w and talieet thay can pro 1 sent to the lovers of th* uoblc science, Horseinanslnp. a inoaC splendid Circus Company of lliders, each a piiiud equestrian and a st ir hi his own ucjwrtinent. 'J in- 1 ir.tmi Tint BuIvKmi i? new, spacioii^ and highly acfotn d modatiua; the housiti* and decorative trappiu;:* arc rich, novel, and of the very first ori!.r. Tin prcli^stra comprises tin best available Native and Ft* J reigti Talent, and will eiiahh- the lover* of music to hartha |f finest com)4?iliou? of the Great Masters admirably plu ed.? A mom- the performers will he fount the names . f the oinejsilly celebrated ('. J. R()t JEHS, the Hint of the Sou .It. hi .?11 ' hi* beautiful Shalupearmii ad mam tit a? J.J Cadw alladt r, and hit wonderful puuil, John (ileaioy. wil.'?*vtr tray their beautiful one, tw?? and ?m?-e home acts <vi 'ivrfiC ballet, aided by the four illinii WcttiillN dkwt talmt?d aw interestinc children iu the I'iiiou. The astounding Italian (Linivastic Kreus of Mr. J* is ley and his infant son, must electrify all who behold * serie. ol sueo ,n wonder*! _ , , i* The magnificent of the four Ifun/an ?n Constn. The fisninnahlc and isronishnig Equ!tath?n ?;-fn 1 iVJi r* company <1 Ladies, headed hy the arr.?mjJi'h? 1 ? y H N |#* HNIITH, cannot Jail to eictte ? sensation as|tune1#lne -? d hchtful. The jrrvuter: livin* Acndwt. Mr. Ou. nliy his superb r.-t*.ii!?brii?rns and sj h ndid Dancesoo the 1 ifti. S'he firv Com ii- Sinu^r ol the l)?K. Mr- I)irktn?*. will 0?cioi.-.llr introdtu-r .. . ..f tl.r <npt *'?O-0w "r?-ai Es.nt liidnn Necrontatjc f'-at* In Mr. J' lini i*,?_ Mo.t ,?prr?l?a*. Ck'M1"-1-' r) r*uiidic?l V.ultm* by . f ill? r.lcnrrd tnoo|*??< " ? ? uf *?>? >?' . kf .Mi "'i'wriliy n?rfnrm'i* ^ill ro^rr.rnt 'i;*;;' Ili.Uirie.l C4t?I I' exile PxB?*n??, "it'i't" 'i<?utilul .till of IItih,. Anil"-- wJ?ii<-r * i:h I f?i. "f >h? .!.% ili? mo.t tia?lIri.l m> lp<-i "I"-C "O.-Ui I f N.(irt> W?ji:k ?nd Dxuc. bj-iU,t i.ioiMf li oi If- -I -""'I T jr. th* iii< ou'i'HriVI* J..\n Smtin. tidfl ~ (. htlit ! . I I Tonmif I -I -.till, ti.? i? B'nio PI-J-*. W. Ch*.iiar.- ixl tfir I'rinrr ?l Pmc.ipni;.?,T. H""t"?ti. Ml I i ;7TKT,y? OLV (iht Hllid I ei's II nefi?) will td-u- ;?l ?r. V.'fdbcs'Iav, Iltli in or. when w ill h presented 4first time in this ccuntrv) the BKG<IAK'H OfKn \ . wi'b the ch^nirt/ rs rtrrrr?ff. f pfun Alto1 heath, Mrs. Tlmva ; Luc\, M Edwin; Mm Peachttn, M Ot him ;t Polly, ll'jrnesdife. After which, a B >?Iad Conceit, tu which Miss Eirilv Edwin wi'l make h r first spp-aitnc* in pul n<". with thei amc tainn nb. ?- bill of way* MI *; f pI.K.ASANT KX( URSION.-A .til mttom ih* H :>- n it. ? ||..Hn|i?u, ?n.l ? .'roll .l.-ri: il. rrnunik ?)i ret, c i.nelow fail to yield murh sat'b-n t?? 'hi admirers f \ j o riitit. .if Dltttir, .irl to Uhhc wl*. Hy rriturr. win rut uit f>r t!i>- win'rr ir. . rroww. fitr. tp.n .ir, ai..J nritutW iti" .itrti.(r? ,rviiMW of lltt. loTf lyjnoi, .o uIH-I.II, t . .. '.I ,-vi. I e Wh yuMl. . XJV IIOW ... iktu iu all tlw lut.iilw.jlrri'.iirwcf IJ'UBi ? htl b- TWJ liwUlit I# tVu mo:, .,'trul* M.-Urtiet C*n M V IWI ?l':j .11 '.m