Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 11, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 11, 1842 Page 1
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THI Vol. VII.?No. iU.?Whole No. *0*1. NEwTlNlToFTTvi^I'OOL PACKETS. RL Tn silf-jai New York on tho lillh anil Liverpool on the 13Ui of tach month. M. $$l. ill: d KKOM New teijU. . .. >i Ship SHERIDAN, Capt*iu K. A. Depey.ter, 2Sth Mar. . 1 Ship (iAHKlCK. Captain Win., !idi June. Hluit ROdCIUH, Captain John Collin*. 25th July. ' Ship blDDONS. Caistaiu E. B. Cobb, 2ilh A^.uU . y mom Livkbpool. y Ship 8IDDONS. Captain E. B. Cobb. 13th Jure rV! Ship SHERIDAN. Cvpuin 1. A p., ljth July. h Ship UARRICK, Captain Wbi. Ski.lJy, Uih Au,-o.t. N Ship ROSCICS, CbPlain John Colli ... 13.1a Brptcmb. r. tam Theae ship, are all orthe lir.t cI.ts, ii wsr.Uol 11)00 ton*, built in the eity of Now \ rfc. ^ u'-. sncli ua|?w*ii utfl iw combine great speed withi uuuiual comfort loi pa?aeiigen. hvry rare Km boon takes iiWtiic amine incut "> r Mwn<Miat?oi The pace of pax^e hence i. $;0t), for winch ami ie .ito.vs v. .'I be provided. These slot's nee C"mn..ii.!< . by '.ai-ti, .1 ^ matters, WHO Will mane cv?*r> eitiuuu iv #er :ur*i c- t ^ Neither the captains or owners of the ships will be rrspousi- J ble for any letters, |>&rC4?U r parUa^e* seul by them, unless re- will gular b'ls of Udiin; are siffijed there tor. ... The-, .lips of litis line will hereafter ico armed, ana their peculiar construction gives tlicm security not i>oiie*scil by any other but vessel-* of war. For uei rht 01 itassajrc. apply to E. IC. COLLINS St fO.,36 Sonth stM Now York, or to \VM. at JAB. DROWN CO.. LiverpoolLetters by the packets will be ? harmed 12V. <vuu per single sheut ; 50 cents |H*r ounce, and n. vv .pap?*rs 1 c? lit each. m7 NEW YORK AND ILWRF, PACKETS. N (SECOXD LIVE.) ? V Taw ship* of this line Mill hrri after lease NssvYotkou the Island Havre on tlie 10(1 > of each in .nth. a. follow. : 7T" From Xrw York. From Havre. f " The new .hip ONEIDA, ( 1st M troll C 16th April . Captain < 1st July < 16th August Jame, Funck, ( 1st Novcmberr Ifiih December Ship BALTIMORE. I Ut April t lfilh May , N Captain a Ut August a ll th Hi ptetnber * Edward Funck, (1st Deccem'rr lGth January ! BliipUTICA, l l.t May t 16th Juno M4 Caplaiu \ l.t fjeptemb'raIfitli October |&c Frederick Hewitt, ( l.t January r 16th February j? New shipSl'.NlCOLAS, 1 1st June I 16th Jaly tire Captain \ l.t October < 16th November. 111 J. B. Fell, ( 1st February t ICtn March ? The accommodation, of these .hip. are not surpassed, comhitting all that may bo required for comfort. The t rice of cabin passage U $1(10. Passengers will tie supplied with every requisite. with the reception of wine, and liquors. PA Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the subscribers, free from any other tliau the cipeine, actually in- 1 curr.d on them. For freight or passage apply to I BOYD Ik HlVCKEN, Agents, \ alt _ 9 Tontine Building*. FOR NEW ORLFpVNS. acri LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS, met ? For lite Potter accointnodarioti ol shippers, it it into Oil Mil to tlu> ili'.oatch a sitip from this port on tiie 1st, ,'tth loth, lath, 20th, and fun 2Mb ut each month, commencing the 10th October ami coulinu- vari ing until May, when rcgulat days will be appointed for tlic re- cur maiuiler of the year, w liurcby grunt delay, and disappointments F will bt prevented during the r mouths. The following ship* will commence this arrange' enl : Sltip YAZOO, Captain Cornell, hip OCONEE, Captain Jack*on. lup MISSISSIPPI, Cai?tain Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE. Captain Hunt. ? SIu.i SHAKSPEAKK, C tpuin Miner. be 1 Ship GASTON, Captain Latham. tug Sliip HUNTSVILLE, Captain Mumford. tivt Ship OCMULOEE, Captain Leavitt. ami Ship NASHVILLE, Cajitain Dickinson. ? Ship MEMfMIS, Captain Knight. ? Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. Jflt These shipa were all built in the city of New York, express- w9y. > for packets, are of light draft of water, have recently been tan w ly coppered and jmt in splendid order,with accommodation. iter tor passengers unequalled lor comfort. They are commanded II by experienced master., who will make every exertion to give pits; J corral satisfaction. They will at ail times be towed up and r own the Mississippi by steamboats. or t Neitlier the owner* or captains of these .hips w ill be responsible for Jewelry, bullion. precious atones, silver or plated ware, or for any letters, parcel or paekagr, sent by or put ou board of P the in, unless regular bills of lading arc lakeu for the same, otid frie tlte value thereon expressed. poo For freight or |r?s-age, apply the E. K. COLLINS St CO., 56 South st.. or ami HUlLIN & WOODRUFF. Agent in New a Orleans, wlio will promptly forward all goods to their oddress. a* The ship* of tliis line are warranted to sail punctually tu ad- r<?L vertised, and great care will be taken to liave the goods correct- JL, )) nmnoired. ml .?J Jim ? STEAM NAVIGATION BETWEEN ANTWERP ll AND NEW YORK, FlS?80 XTTHJUIPTOX. _? BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN. X M. M. K>*\?:t Commando*. Wf The iliyi of drpniturt of this Hrll-iuwwo Steanuhi|>, liavt JO hctu fixed as follows : ah ' Prom Antwerp, From Southampton, From Ni-w York, F Ou 4th tlmv. 1.112. On 7th May, lfltX, Ou 7th June, IH12 spl mm. 10th July, " 7th Au|., " W ?U\ Sept. " tnrh Sept. " 7th Oct., " Price of passage, meals not inHaM, to Soulhami<on or I Antwerp, 570?Steward's fees, $2 02,4. The meals will lie 1 screed ou board, on the plan of a continental hotel, in the best ton manner, and at hied and moderate prices. Families or |*rties da\ may contract for the voyage with the steward. A., experienced f Surgeon on board. tun For freight or passage, or any further information, apply to ~z H. XV. T. k II. IIALI, Agenu. ^4 a72(m*r 41 Bearer street. PI " NEW~YOKK AND NEWARK. W kture rtancod to !l'i crnts. L From the foot of Cnnrtlandt-n-c*t, New %>rk. , (Every day?Sun,lay i j- epted.) , Leaves New York Leaves Newark P At * A. M. At ? T. M. At 7,4 A. M. At 14 P. M. I do. ? do. 9 do. 34 do. II IV do. 10.4 do. 5 4 dr. ?6 do. 7 do. 3 do 10 do. t"I ON SUNDAYS. B. F'om the foot of Liberty arret. Leave New Y< -k, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and tW t\ M. At l l*. M. ml lit P. M. A TEW YORK. ELIZABETH : OWN. luVIIWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. ft" Fare reduced. Jdl From the foot of Liberty street, dally. I 0. Leave New York. Leave New 11 run* wick. P"!' At 9 A. M. At 74 A. .XL ke'i US P. M. 1 P- M. }"l SQMERVILLE Stages connect with these liues aarh way. "? Kan- between New York and Somerville, 40 cents. whi Do do New Brunswick, 'i cents. Railway. SO cents. _ Eliialieuitown, _ 14 ertils. , " Tlie fare ill the 74 A. M. train from New Brunswick, and <4 ""J. P. M. train from New York, has bo< u reduced bi twei n * New York and New Brunswick, to 5f> cents. . " ami Railway to 374 " . Tha Philadelphia mail line puss thmugh New Brunswick for New York every evening at 9 o'clock. Invl On Sundays the *> A. XI. tri|u from New Brunswick is ""i omitted. '1 Passengers who procure their ticket* at the ticket office, re- '"'.J reive s ferry tiekrt gratis. Tickets rre received by trie con- w,t ilurtor only on the day when purcli ised. (cbtl tin* IMPORT ANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS. RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE V For tlie Transportation of^ O'hmIi between Philadelphia and pur This improvement in triu^^^u^n X chants iweuliar advantages, l'lie go,sis being carefully parked p. Ui tlie boati at our warehouse. No. JC5 Xlarket street, are ear- IJ rjed over the Co'umliia and Porlaye Railways without transhipment. Careful captains ami eresvs are employed, who take cnarge of tlie goods at Philadelphia, and continue with thctn < **'* tie ratirr route, thus avoiding delays and the liability of lots 1 beiiigseparatrd on tlie way. '''* N. Passenger* forwarded to Pittsburg anil Poitsville, ere- Ul ry day, Sundays excepted. V * II. STORKS. Aecnt. k"1 alt 3m* 7 \fra.hin 'ton atrret. ^ RAILKOAI) NOTICE. ftf, MARKET AND FRFIOHT LINE. JrJ. c? TH? NEW JEUSF.Y II iiroul ah ! Trnn.aport.tion Com- Ban J- panjr Save nRkblwd > Kiwijrht Lin? hftveM New wfc" Rnimwirk and New Turk, whicli Uw; iuirnu to run p ruw ' ui / iM-ntly, ^ the Leating Now Brmiawich At S A.M. daily, ( Sunday. el- I iniu ci pted) and the feot of Liberty atfeet. New V oik, at 3 P. M. I T To countr, ilealrre and merchant. the aboea line la eery lie- | Torn airatde for the * peril y aiiit creep coureyauce ot lucrehandue j mm ol every lU-errtptioiL ami nurr particularly ? Druveri and I the Dealera in Live Htoefc, whi? c..u have Ijll head of rattle convey- imp e*l between New Biuuawick ami Mew Yark, tli* aami day i o|* wlieiiever re<inireil. < (j,* Tlie ratee for the lran.portaljon of cattle. Hnraea, mnlea, Uiu Keep, hoitt, 8tr. and aM other kinila of morcliandue arc very 0 low, liefer eireedun 'teambont prieea. p.\ Merelia8<*?- aent by tin* line ia not anbject to any eatra al rlijJKC iiveroaaim tlie North River. , I lie Company have fitted up A I Aire atorehouve At New (J Biunawiek. adiotniai; ill# Railroad Dr|iut, which will alwaya \v? ae"|ien for tlie reee|<ion of merrhantli.e. y' i'ataenjter* purchnainft their ticiteU at the Uckct olfieee, will receive firry ticketa eraria. _ a 14 ^a FREIGHT AND PAKUOB to PITT*- mm BIRO. I: lo1; Tin* proprietor* of Biturlsun'i* Trinil^rtition Line to Pitt*hum, KWt notirc to the Merchant* of New York, ami a!* other jH.r i?rrM'ii> ihiprii*lolh# We?f, thmt their line i? now in active ' operatuir (J,}oQi consigned to tin m (or tent to go in their mu| 111;<,t will l?e forwarded with despatch. g,..,, OniH'r* or shipinr* of goods, d? stinrd for the Western Stale*, who It&re no .Turrit or consigns* at Pittshwrg, trill Q{ l>lrase eon<iirn their rood, to Willhin Uilightm, Pittsburg, cr#J who will at lend to saippnr^ a-'l such furuigiimeuti without mr>| fl*,lsV. Nflel Ail rooaIn should Iw marked distinctly on eacn pacaage , DINGHAM'S LINE. ,wr ror rates of freight, which are as low a* any nth r line, apply .1 0 U#M. TY80V, A<m!. t No. 8 Writ .street, op.tfwite Pirr No. 2, N. H. ((|lr \. B. Passriurr* forwarded to Pmal?urg and P??tuvillc,every p, dav, Sunday* oirepted. ?? Tlrfer to R. Crook*. American Fur (hi. ; S. T. Nicoll Front street : Phelps, I)xltfe 8l Co. Fulton street ; Snvdair Sage ?i Co ; YVm. Rankin, Pnryee M Co, Newark. nHi 3m XJi T. PuvVLLL ,V O ' 'S LINK. tTj .twwt *a FOR NF.WBI ROII. landing at CALD- j i?I 6xT!!4rorwr.LL'.i, west i^int and cold V *r Wr Z-^ HIOHLANDF.R, 1 Robeit Wanlmn, will learr th? font of Warn n afreet, -jNew York, erery ilanaav, Thur'day and Saturday afiernoona ?OI)| at ? o' lock. R-turiinuj, the Miirlilind'-r w ill leare Ncavbtinpl rrrrv Mond iv morniny at 0 o'elock, and Tueaday and Friday m, al'oruoimat'i o'clock. For Ireiitit or paa* i.e. apply tn the captain on hoaril. N. B.?All banKaRo ann (reielit ,f erery deacriprion, hank r J bill, or anrrie, out on hoard iln. bnat, mint lie at the ri?h of the I j owner, tnereur, unlesa a bill of lading or receii-t la ligned for pro tin taint. m2J m S NE1 NI Y1L LINE TO BOSTON,VIA NORWICH AND WORCESTER RAILROAD. 'lie steanib ,1 if fcry \U(|itMhy, m><) K.nhy .aft moon. ai o dock, runlVr No. I, Nn-i!, K,,,.r. B.ti rv Mine, he steamboat W O III EST I'. II, C I., WlU hu e eve, Iui-mIiv lliiirsilay, and Saturday aiteruuou, at i o'clockhi (Her No. i. N. R., Battery Mice, reiirht liken to llut above planes. 10 lerrv clianje of nan ou this route. Thlnta can be ote led ami licrllu ruieil at ADAMS A CO'S Evt rn- O.nre, *5; No. 7 \? .11 street. r 'E REDUCED TO r,L CENTs. 'ATEN ISLAND FERRY. * oot of Wliilchall street. 'iu- itcAmuu ^ TATE.N ISLANDER and SAMSON i run at follow. until further notice \r? Lrafiu Sulk. Muni Luvn New Yoik. At 7V a. M. At B o'rlni a. m. jn 10 " ' " 12 " " "11 " " " l>4 " t. H. " 2 " T. M. " 3 " " " 3 " <k ;; ;; ^ i . D. Afl goods snipped ere roquir-d to br particularly Vc'I, apl nr? at tin rl'k of the Owner* thereof. mSr PEOPLE'S LINE FOR ALBANY, /SCI Ainl intermediate places, from tlx-Pier foot of ?CourtUinlt street? Fate $1. Tlie NORTH AMERICA. Curtain M. H. lesilell, Iravea as above ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturafternoons, at 5 o'clock, or passage or freight, apply ou board, or to P. C. SCHULTZ, At the office on the wharf. ' B.?All kinds of property taken only at the risk of the lent thereof. mllr aei the rainbow morning line"?;* ?r3'h?tI*ALBANY. The low pressure Steamboat RAIN ROW will leave the foot of llohiiuon el, every Tuetilay, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 o'clock. ill lin*r M M M M 88AGE FROM ENGLAND. IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES. ARSONS d"sin)us of making engagements for frienila to einiirrate from the Old Country to the United States, and i may wish to secure for them despatch and comfortable arimodariotui, w ill timl it their interest to apply to the subliec", who are at all times prepared to make such arrangeits a* will guarantee satisfaction. The vessels composite line are all of the first rla-.s, one of which leaves Liverpi.ol klv, consequently all delay at the port of embarkation Ls ideil. As has always been cuitotnarv with this line, when si settled for decline coining out, use passage money is reded, w itliout any deduction. Pas .age per slvamcr from the ious ports of Ireland and Scotland, can likewise be send. 'or further particular*apply to . S AMUEL THOMPSON, Old Established Passage Office, 273 Pearl St., Or to C. GRIM8HAW St CO. 10 Goicc Piazzas, Lilirliool. Exchange or drafts at sight, and for any amount, eati likewise furnished ou the National Bank of Ireland. Northern HailkOo.i National Usui, ot ncotiaati, payauie at ait tnrir reaper* : branches; also, on K. C. Glyn St Co., Baukers, London, 1 C. Orius.iesw St tvu., Lnerimo' iii'd lm?c OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS? Regular Packet of the 19th May?The splendid well flfei' fast sailing packet ship COLUMBUS, Cai? I Cole, will sail positively on Thursday, the 19th lust., regular day. ler aceoiniuodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage sengcrs, are well known to be far superior to any other, or terms of passage, apply on boird, foot of Beekmau street, ROCHE, BROTHERS A CO., 3.1 Fulton st. ncit door to the r ultou Bank' ersons desirous of sending to the old country for fhelr nls can brought out in the Columbus, sailing from Liver>1 on the 7th July, or in any of the packets comprising Old Line, sailing from the above xort punctually on the 7u? 19tli of each month. For terms apply as above. inir Ag- PASSAGE FOR LIVEUPOOL.?The nleti.l.d y^V-fast sailing, superior packet ship SOUTHERNER, apl. A. S. rainier, will have immediate despatch.? ving unsurprised accommodations tor rabiu, second cabin steerage passengers, which will b- taken at moderate rates. rjMssajre early application should be made on board, foot rling Slip, or to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT, tl 13 Peek Slip. ASF PACKETS FOR HAVRE?Second Lme.-Thr TMfVslup ST. NICOLAS, John B. Pell, inaater, will said sBfaa"B the 1st Juue. BOYD St HINCKEN, Agents, t3r No. 9 Tontine Ouildiug. ?? "FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line-Regular Packet 29th May?The splendid |>acket shi|i fsIIF.RIDAN, JLSr??L'nptsiii F. A. Dvpvyster, ol 1U00 tons, will sail aa ivt, her regular day. 'or freight or na?*a{e, having accommodations unequalled for ciidnr or comfort, apply ou board, at Orleans wliarl", foot of sll street, or to E. K. COLLINS U CO., 16 South street, 'rice of passage Ston. I'lir packet ship OARRK.'K, ('.aptain W. Skiddy, of I (WO i?, will succeed the Sheridan, and sail 21th June, her regular 'esseniters may rely upon tlie skips of tliii line sailing putic!!y a. advertised. a#6 FOR LIVERPOOL?Nfw Line?Rrmlar Packet 3p*Vqf 24lh ;>I*y?TLe *|Jendid packet ship SHERIDAN, a 'Mm* apt. F. A. Depryiter, of 1UOO tutu, trill tail at abort rr^ntar iCty. 'he fre'^ht or iwa.aso, hanne arcomminlationi unequalled rpleiidor or comfort, apply on boaid at Orleaat ?ii.uf, foot Wall iltrct, or to E. K. COLLINS St CO. 56 Sooth ttrcet. Vice of tamaM $i00. 'he |>ai ki-t ship Ganiek, Cant. Win. Skiddy, of 100# tons, I tuecred the Sheridan, and sail the 2Mli June, her regular asienf'ts may rely on the ships of this line sailing puncfo u adsertised. m2 'ISK'S COMBINED SUMMfcR AK1 T AND COOK STOVE, ron COAL OR Wool). ATAV T>, Putfiitff?PrifN from $6 50 to $12.?;The lows, fi. t and front of rhi* 8torr is made of cast iron, ha. ' larjp vfD attached to it, which will do nenrly tiethe rooknui i? UrgeM sixed ordinary Cook Slaves.? e orifice of ch "r.rnace will admit a boiler measuring six *. or fift-'fu gv and by the use of tlie division pUto, ties suitable fin ilio* four different dishes; in addition to this, two fowls or a larg^ l?i#ce of meqg may b>? routed in it. and all done wiiU less than 5 cents jw-r day?lor proof of ich we refer to Uio.i who hare used them. FlbK'S 8u>ve Establishment, 2?r* Watt r street, end th* following efrr'ientm. in addition to which over two dr.?d more can b?- seen t?y calling at the store, iSX'8 Stove E^ablixhrnrir, f n Water street. New ron*, ii K?hu i street, 9th_A pril. 1812. [e :.r?. Fi*k, I'OO Wat' r ..tree!?,Vn the rarietv o| Stoves rh \vme come to my notice, the one I purchased from you it- a decided preference. I have u inl it during all the ?eai, and would moat cheerfully recommend it to the public, n my opinion susceptible of no improvement for simplicity conomy. and wortiiy of more praise thau can be appreciated bout a trial of it, I am. with respect, yours, Ac. A. PERKINS, Pastor of the Berean (Biptist) Church, [r. Fisft, 200 Wat*r street?The Summer 8lore which I rinsed ol' you last spring, I hire liad ill use till now that may be done by it, for its economy. Suffice it to say, with an occasionally extra fire.^tc haw cooked for from j 35jht*oih, with eiiouuh less fuel lo save more thand, e of the store. MRS. DUEL, 63 Fulton street, larch 25, 1812 al5 In AV. NEWELL A DAY'S PATENT PERMUTATION BANK LOCK.?Bankers and others may place licit confidence in the above Lock as being the best and ei 41 use. Any Person may have the key for a whole day rwike a fac senilis by, without the slightest chance of urog if, after a chanae has Ire en nude in setting it. Other at;*?Me locks arc liable to be picked by person* who may the be v, as was the case recently when the Combination it iuvrcfrd by I)r. Solomon Andrews, of Perth A in boy, which was upou lite vault of the American Exclwuge k in Wall strref, was picked by Mr. Henry C. Jones, of mr?k, N.J., in presence of the officers of several Banks m cuv. The same Lock was afterwards sent to Dr. Anr.?, who rut in new works of a more difficult nature to but which Mr. Jones readily ojwn. d. He u|H)ii another r?ion publicly picked at the How ard Hotel one of the Com* itiou Locks, such as are ?ulu by the Auuiicuu Dank Lock rtpany. he Inch reputation of Day, Newell A Day's Pcrmutaiion k L?? ks is firmly e .lablndnd. 1'hry have invariably |i the highest premiums, whin eiliibited sf the Fairs held sew York, ILotnu and Hull i# Inhia, namely (Johl .Medalsin two cities first named t aud Silver, bsing the highest pre- i n? given in the latter city. Iisse Locks arc made to keys which can be changed in it either of winch lin y Arc equally secure and proofacauut attempt* of the wont skilful burglar. for should he rake an ressioti, <?r hv?mi take tin* key it**If, he could not ni?ect to i) it daring his lui, unl< k. some one wen to inf< m rim <>f manner in which the lock iniH'ht be changed, ailer he obr?? |x>tst.'??ioii of (lit* key. r k'is for the Abort* Lock promptly attended to by JOHN Y, Successor to Day, Newell k Day, No. j9J Broadway. b im ' R IUSTOOTl rWX SII?frt|.irrH from the oriKiinl re- I ripe at No.8 Gold street, New Yrok?Thf Orns Tooth ( *h is purely a vegetable preparation, possessing the properof cleaning the tee tit and mouth, restoring thf rums u> a I thy state, and preventing any uiiplea?4tit taate or odour in mouth, whether arising from decayed teeth, or from a defed state of the stomach. is d'sutied lobe used w ith a tooth brush, and will !>e found upervede the necessity of a powder, keeping the taeth clean pre renting the wca/iiu away of the rums from the teelh. particularly useful in case* of spunky rums, restoring Oicm healthy .state, and causing them to contract around th# h. In painful a/Tectiomof the teeth and gums, arising from I ?sure to cold, it will be found highly beneficial. It I . |?ar larly serviceable to use tie- Orris Tooth Waah at night just re r. tiring t reat. This method i> r- i on raw ndml b> mb . t dentiats, a< by so doing all particles of food which accu* ate during tlie day are entirely rsmovfd. and the mouth i through the ui'.;ht in a clean, sweet, and Real thy state, nitid teeth and white te# th are the most valuable portions nor humanity: nut hose many neglect the attention weary lor their preservation, eeen when surrounded b> all the . us needed Among these we know of nmr more pleasant effectual than tin- Oms Tooth Wash-it and whi t I. a I tf'JHJthein the trams, purifies the month, and iu J" *" > "? 1"d 1 r ? * ?: ?> iI'll 'Inncnt.u iii thrjritv. ml r NlW YnSu ?\VIT?J1*'1" RO.dCO.I I Offirr No. 2 INrk PUrr. < . DTK r. 11 hrrrby ri?.ii Ithr BtoclUwHor. of ,h, Jfrw k ork .ml A!l??ny Rail Hoyt fomi*nr. ih.t .|M,ion ?r i ft", " >? '! < ouii?ny. will t?k? pUre ,, ,|?if on,f, No rk Place, on Monday the ?nth or Jun** neit. he polls will be open at lu o'clock, A. M.( and continue n nn til 1 o'clock. P. M. he Book, for the tr in?f> r of Stork nn rlo.rR, *nj will no rinuc until the 7t)i <U>' of June nrnt. Bvorlrrof the Board. 5 Ijc C JOS. C. ULOOMFIELD; SrrrrUry. 400,000 Ln Norma Srunri, . 1NDED from thr l> ir Ohio, from IUtum, of ?n|>?rior quality , for .ale ill lot. to ?ntt |Mirrha*rr,, it r.a.onahlr > ., hy M. RADfclR, 4$ Chatham street, 10 Inr* ? i p j|i |i ififFlli' w 1 o IW YORK, WEDNESDA "removal. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ^Sl,UY.><L ME NT, I> removed from il.'i Broadway to N \ A ."At K i .? economy in gentlemen's oillss. G urn >>15 of a moat 11! ?ant ami Kishionallo kinJ . t ar oil / * ! 60 . it (bt? to. 'T*HE advertiser il*yUn it *imL,ces*'iry to rrsoit t J tiw linokA neycil systim of jjivitL/ i It 41 of nominal pmnmin* ihat the length ot um lie Ins Ikcii caubl'uh ?I. tOtft-tl.or wirb tie extensive patronage be?to we a o'l tilth, will pno a sum _'ieut vouch* r f r his mpabilitL*. Po,k ?*?iixz th- a?lvan*of bcitu; comifotpd with an extensive cloth f?taldishiA?i?t in Muropr confidently ,\*seti that he 0011 furnish clothes which, 011 coin v i?ou, u ill |y found lower thin any olhcv housv making up ?h* briiit il< JCi iption* of pentlemcu's lire.,*, jil S. PHI 14.IPS, 7 Astor Home, Broadway ly'otfk !fl vi) in g PAPER RI U\G. H IRELAND, "? . 1rJ Na??sn t, luring in rutin new stuck i t' Binding Tools .nil llniin? ry, of the latest mill moil uppmted I atterm, is nott pi.jared to eieetiU' all orilers in tin- most durable and Iiinji 'in, msiiurr. Mf 1 1 Acccomii Bunks and all other Limit of Blankwork -n'eil nil In'u 111I t.< an. patterns, ami in a style tint ts "'srnuilrd ' ' .-i i_r 1:tti ll. 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The minutea of the last meeting having been rea 1 Rnd approved, on the motion of Alderman I,co:s*Ht>, tile hoard ' proceeded to tho consideration of document No. HO, being }* un ordinance regulating the Water Works of the city of ^c New York, winon had' -.ton partly acted upon at a provi ous meeting After \arious amendments on several sec- rl! tions it vv as moved and adopted that it be llld on the table. te| A Report in favor df h av ing lot 1U3 of common lands for five years from l?t V ty, i.+t.', to James Willett, at an an- nn uuairent of $70 and fd! t. ves, was conceive 1 in. A communi nt,..n v, .is re mvr 1 fn m hi- honor tbe May - or stutir.g thi'he ! t! i i" .i i;o i I, ofolih . I pro- ' I cee 'e.l to it) ii jai.l ol A Aide;one:', for the parpo > *" i 'f-vea in , in tho .niraibers elect am! i . .pin ;.ing hs vrotild j inform any of the members elect who might bo in the A Board of Aldermen, In order that they might uroceed to . iho other Bon:?)i b>' Aldurmun IIlnsoii then rose and addressed the Board on the sutyuct ol' lii? retiring from the Board alter a service of tie seven years, thanking tiie mentlwrs for the courtesy and kindness which hud been always exhibited to him Ixrtli hy lei his political friends and opponents. He was proud, he said, that during the whole tlf his time of service, when- Ln ever he had presented him-elf to his cdiistltilimU for re. oc ' election, he had been regarded as a good and a it tl ft 11 servant, who had |H>rformud his duty. As this is the lust time I shall have the pleasure of speaking iu this Board, j I wishto oiler n rc-'olution which comes from my heart, set I haftt been particularly Indebted to the Chairman, and offjf this resolution. wt Resolved, Tlmt the thanks of this Board be, and hereby are tendered to Ki.ijaii K. IYkdv, the President thereof, vo for the courteous, im]?artial and satisfactory manner in la> which lie has performed the tlutius of tile presiding otliccr th: of the Board for the past year, with the best wishes of the member* for his future prosperity and happiness.'' fot Unanimously adopted. The President then ma le a short but feeling speech in Ki reply, thanking the members for the support they had always afforded him. M Ahierman Lsosakii moved that n committee he appoint- th od to wait on the Mayor to inform him that they were SI ready to attend the organization of the new board, w hicli w as odontoid, and the President appointed Aldermen Leonard and Junes for that purposeAlderman Lee nioved that a committee he appointed to ft" wait on the other litrmt, and entptire if they have any fur- Pr thur communications lor this board. Adopted, ami Aider- cc men Lee anl Balis were appointed by the President- so Alderman Leonard reported that the committee had di scon the Mayor, and he would wait on this lioard as soon cl as he had completed swearing ln the other board. This report was adopted. te Aldermen Lee and returned and reported that the sii committee hu 1 pel formed the duty assigned tlieni. The R committee was discharged. A committee from the Board of Assistants then made ar their appearance, and stated they w ere deputed to inform itf the Board that the other BoarJ had no further commuui- In cations to make. The Alderman of the First Ward moved that the mi- w notes of this meeting be read. The motion was lost. * ro The consideration of document HO was then renewed a] and after a short time again laid on the table. Alderman elect Hckhy K. Dams of the 10th Ward rose an (luring the consideration of the above motion and addressed the Chair moving that the Clerk proceed to swear in If the member.-. Tile C hairman decided that he had no right T to speak in the board, not being a member of the lioaril.? (There was considerable of a rumpus created by this th unique and unprecedented proceeding on the part of the Alderman elect.) m Alderman Lit moved that the Clerk proceed to swear in the members elect of the board. The Clerk thereupon proceeded to rend the returns of M the County Clerk. On coming to the 6th Ward he stated tlie County Clerk had made no return, and referred to the report ol the Ins]>ector annexed- Here there was is another rumpus created by Mr- West from the 15th Ward, C( and Mr. Stuart of the 14th and some others calling for the dt reading of the returns and insisting upon their right to ad- si dress the Board which w as denied, and High Constable St Havs desired to preserve order. B he Clerk managed to net on to the 12th ward, when the same scene was enacted with the addition of Alder- w man Leonard calliug upon the President to order any person interrupting the Board to l>e taken out of the room, or o( he would exercise hi* l>ower as a magistrate.. T ThoClerk then finished rending the returns and a motion was made and lost, that the returns from the Inspcc- fa tors of the 6lh and 19th w arils be read. This having been settled, the Clerk proceeded to s 01 in the Alderman elect? Alderman CalvIn Bali" was first called upon and the ai oath of olflce having been administered to and subscribed by litm he took bis seut as Aldcrmau of the First ward. si The same ceremony was gone through with Calls S. 81 Wnopnt'll for the Second ward, John A. Uxdlhhill for b the Third ward, IlnntHT Martis for the Fourth ward,and Robi ut Joke* lor the Fifth ward. f Now commenced the " tog of war.'' Claiirsox Croliv* rose and addressed the chair, stating that he had been sworn in n* Alderman of the 6th ward, and should demand and take his rent, and vote upon all ipaeations presented to the notice of the Board. He was interrupted by the PsrsiDriT, who insisted up- ' on order lining maintained, and was about to order Mr. ' Hay s to take out the honoriMe gentleman, who, having ' finished his speech, sat down. C. W. Sjiitu then took and subscribed tho oath a* Al< 1 derman of the 7th ward. The Alderman of the Ud ward here stated that he had "c some report to present respecting the return of Mr. Vandervoort for the 9th ward. His honor the Mayor entered and took his scat by the side of the President. Mr. Chomvs Immediately spoke, and when interrupted and derided not to have any right to speak by the President, said the Pr-sident had no power now, and he would submit only to the do isi o of the Mayori IN* Honor the Mayor pe, , and a Idressing tho Board, stated tils' a- -e .. j,? had prevailed upon'he 8 subject fthe duties c f the MayerudC Wkof the Council, w ith red i. e to tiio swearing in of the new members, he had given the -.object a careful examination, and svntten nn opinion, u hlch he thought it due to himself to read before he took any further steps. Tho opinion derided that he must administer the oath of 1' office only to such persons as were legally returnrd to him as being elected, and if persons were illegally elected and returned to him as elected, he must sw car them in, and the Board, w hen organi7ed, must decide on the legality or tMogolity of such election. If any perron were elected and not returned, he must apply to the Board after organization, who must likewise decide on his caseAfter going at some length into the considers- 01 lion of the question as to w ho worn the legal authorities to return the members elected, he gsve it as his opinion "1 that the Ward Canvasser* were those authorities to 1,1 make return to the County Clerk, and as they hail sworn that they could make no return ns to who was elertnd, in R ! the Oth Wnrd, no person could he sworn in as Alderman c' i from that Ward. Alderman Leo-jard moved here that the claim of Mr. Crolius be referred to the Committee on Laws, as soon a* w that Committee should be organized. s1 The Alderman of the 2nd Ward thought that the term Bt of old members bad expired, und wished to know w hat right they had to interfere with the progress of tho swear- !" ing in of the new member*. The ayes and noes having been culled, the whig mem- r<> hers both old and new refused to vote, and ten locofocos, f1 including the President, having voted in the normative, ,01 the motion was declared to l>e carried. The Ahlcrman of the Second Ward here made a motion ; m founded on a remonstrance from some electors oi the I F.ighth Ward, against the return of David Vanderroort, as j v" Alderman of that ward. The Mavor said he could not I it mm ? .. .. - I M ctranerin n similar manner to what he had done in the j?' other no rd. His Honer then called upon David Vandervoort for the Eighth Ward, Moses CJ. Leonard for the Ninth, Elijah K. Purdy for the Ten'h, and Abraham Hatfield for the Lievent!i Ward, who severally subscribed the oath,which his jy. Honor administered collectivelr. i:_ Ilicbar.ltF.Carnian for the lltfi?(the Mnvor derided that he was returned elected.) Hrrekiah W. tlonnell for the , * 13th, John Stewart for the Uth. and Henry E. Davies for the Uth. then went through the sumeceremony, and instly 11 Edward I). West fur the 10th, and Frederick K. I.eefor tlic 17th, finished the roll. Alllrman Psvirs of the I nth, Immediately with a great yi deal of pomposity, proposed that \ Merman Balis take tho L, chair pro tem. for the purpose of proceeding to tho organ I- i zation of the Hoard. lie also immediately put the question himself to the board and declared it earned, the Clerk 0,1 putting the same question an.l declaring It to be lost, as the voices in reply testifies!. J" Alderman Lros*ar> mo\ed and Alderman TVanr se nr eonded. that the board do now adjourn, put by the Clerk a amidst Interruption by Alderman Davies and declared [S to be carried, whilst in tho same breath, Alder- L man Davis hail moved a ballot to elect a Presi. dunt, put the motion and declared it carried, the Chair, mi uinn pro tern, appointing, on motion of some Aider- w man, tellers to count the ballot". The tellers appointed wi re Alderman Davh s and Hatfield, the latter refusing to lit net. Alderman Davins hn\ ing counted the hollo's declared is Alderman ( aleb S. Wood hull to be elected President, he joy bar ing received nine vo'us, which included that of Cla: kson Crohn * of the 6th, who hod taken his seat, and who i now voted in defiance of the opinion of the Mayor, that he Yu could not he sworn in. In the meantime the whole of the sta locofocos hail quoted the room and the w liigs were " left lla alone, in their glory," aivl w ith Mr. Crolius, constituting M< as thev are deterniined to make it nppenr, a quorum, pro- to I ceeded with what appeared rather " indent!'' Iinstc to als remove "omo of the old officials and appoint new ones. go The first who had his " lira ! cut on by this?elf-con?ti- ,j tuted quorum was Samuel J. Willis, on motion to appoint ihn Joseph H. Taylor, Clerk, in his place. Nine bal- s?r lots, asliolbre, derided it to their satisfaction as being ear- sir ric i, ami Alderman Jones mo rod that the City Chamber- hoi lain lie informed of the removal of Mr. Willis and appoint- nn ment of Mr. Taylor and also ordered not to pay any mo checks which might lie signed by said Willis. Adopted \ unanimously, as was also a resolution apnointi.igJ|David rie T. Valentine, Assistant Clerk, and another appoint ing ha' Jacob Hays Sergesnt-at-Arms. Alderman Davies moved [or that a Committee be appointed to wait on the Mayor, hi- no form III* that the board had organised, and was ready to receive any communication he might have to make in Adopted, and Aldermen Davies anl Underw ood appointed mi as the Committee. wj It was then moved and adopted that when the board ndJourned, they should a lburn to Monday evening at five thi o'clock ; ami immediately afteru ards it was move I and |* dop ed that the board do adjourn till Monday evening at |ni five o'clock. 1 ERA - . Neither tlio Clerk nor Assistant Clerk, appointed in I ik k board, appeared to take their placet v, hen caj >on. What will 1>? the course of the loro-forosit it dillirul >1. Mr. Crolius insist* upon keeping hit seat for the rrtal Sixth, and says lie ha* been sworn tu, and iute vote. By u-hain he ha* been sworn in he did not *t t Mavur Morris distinctly said in hit opinion thai rton ha I the power but the Mayor and Clerk of unmon Council. What will l?c the mult, or whether we ?hall have v government at all during thii year, it itiinpotsibl I; hut at nil event*, Look oi t for res. The room wa* much crowded during the w hole ti id while the farcicn! proceeding* of the wliiga were g carried on, the persons in the room amused them*el appointing a rhairmtw, passing motion*, calling e* en t tio.-.-, ft", in mj -kery of their proceedings, mi' iV pri... eo .v * lira* to reply .N > m u vcty I r, v. Ik -i Hi* que .tio :* were put 1'. thi* mock 1'ri ?i li Merman WondhuH , and tortio evinced the:;- c >n:. upi ising, while no attempts wore made to preserve ot those professing to have the power. Bosun or Aiiiitisii.?Tuesday, 11 A. M.?The Tr nt (Mr. Lre) in the rhuir. A protest from John Meigs and others, ngainst Mr. -?n:i sitting as A*si*'ant Alderman of the l-Jth ward. In fu or of taking the Vice Chancellor's room for lw Library, and that tho Vice Chancellor take that r copied by lie Library. Adopted. In favor of leasing a water lot to John Willott. For the relief of certain persons named. In favor of advancing fees to Deputy Collectors of uments. To pay John llillyer as acting inspector of the Two trd. In fhvor of selling certnin lots. Mr. Murphy refine, te, as he thought tiie powers of the present Board eea it night at I'l n'clook ; Mr. Shalcr read from the chat at the reverse was the exse. Adopted. Authorising the laying of water pipes to the Park fo tntain. Adopted. Topav Henry Leet for services as Health Warden of ftccntn ward. In favor of paying Dr. Stewart for modiral sorvii r. Murphy renewed his objections as to the legality e Injur,I, uinl read from the charter in answer to" >aler. In favor of paying Dr. llashrouek f 10 for services. Adverse to working a road through Ninth Avenue. Assistant Alderman Benedict then rose, und afli iv eloquent remarks approbatory of the conduct of csideut, and expressing his gratitude for the perse nirtesy w hich has been show n lor himself, oirered a lution of thanks to Tlios, R. Lee, Kan., for the ability sinterestudness with w hicli hu has tilled the duties of loir. This was most ublv seconded by Mr. Murphy, who d that throughout the y ear not an unkind personal e an has passed between the members. He allu led to oman firmness ol' Mr. Lee, the President. Alderman Leonard and Frederick R. Lee, came id stated that the Board of Aldermen having comph i business, was ready to receive any comtnnnicuti am this hoard. On motion of Mr. Dodoe, a committee was appoiute, ait upon the other Board, stating that this Board had mniunlcation to make, Messrs. Dodge and Hoffman i >poiiited such committee. The resolution of Alderman Benedict was then r id unanimously adopted. Mr. Lee returned thanks in a few eloquent remark e then left the chair, which was assumed by the Ma; he minutes of the meeting were read and approved. Alderman Dodue then moved that the new membet e Board lie sworn in. Mr. Nesritt moved that Mr. Bcoles, Assistant Al an elect of the Fourteenth Ward, take the chair. This was opposed by Mr. Dodoe. The nuestion was p'ut aud declared to be carried, t. Dodge denied Its lining so. Mr. Bcoles took his seat beside the Mayor. The Mayor then read his views relative to the autl rd mode for returns in election, and declared that mvasscrs of the respective wards alone had the righ cide ujiou the subjeot. He w ould therefore sweat ich member* as had certificate* from the ward can re. The law, too, he thought, required members of oard to hold over till new member* had been aptioiii The members elect of the, 1st, 3d, 3d, 4th, and 3th mv ere then sworn in. 11. 11. Atwf.ll then demande<] to t>c qualified as Assis ' the 6th ward. He said he had already been swon he Mat or enquired how he hail been sworn. Mr. Atwrll?Oh, 1 have been sworn in as a matte irm. Mayor?Then you have taken a most extrnordir itta. The Mayor stated that his views hud already been gi< ltd he could not sweur him. The other gentlemen having certificates were t ivora in?Mr. Sweet protesting against Mr. Brown of th, and Mr. I'hillips against Mr. Pettigrew of the 1 cing allowed to take their seals. The follow ing are the names of members sworn in i Card Ward. 1. Thos. C. Wealervelt, 10. Daniel Ward, J. Geo. F. Nesbltt, II. Charles J. Dodge, 3. William Dodge, 13. Geo. W. AUertou, 4. David T- Williams, 13. Peter S. Fsquiro), 5. William Adtuns, 14. John B. Hcoirs', ?. James Nash, Id. Wm. B. Brady, 8. Charles P. Brown, 16. Walter Mead, !>. Wm. 1). Waterman. 17. John Pettigrew. In reference to the Sixth Ward, the Mayor said no (icates hod boeiigiven by the Ward Canvassers ; the flcrte from the Twelfth was not perfect, but suificiei ) to prcsmt the number of votes. He would there vear in tile latter. Mr. C. J. Donor moved that the rules of the old U ! adopted for the government of this. Carried. Mr. Donor then moved that Mr. Baowx tukc the ch Opjiosed by Mr. Nr?air. Carried 9 to 8, Mr. Bhalcr, of the 6th, iielng in his i ml voting, Mr. P. took the chair. Mr. C. J. Dno<; r moved that the Board proceed to e President for the e o tiiug year. Carried. Mr. Wm P nor ;bi moved that Ac-',>tant Alderi halcrl.o not allowed to vo'c. J.ost, 11 to &. Mr. Atwill and Mr. W. Dodoc uemurred to Mr ! r a vote. Cnaismas?I shall take no notice of the motion, uestion has been settled. Mr. Nlibitt moved that the Board adjourn. Mr. SroLcs put the question; still retaining his p [ side Mr. Brow n in the chair. Mr. Shuts called him to order. The whig memberi exclaimed aye; then took uptl ata and left the room in a body. The remaining nine of course opposed the motion Ijournment unanimously, and it was lost. Mr.C. J. Duuor then moved that Mr. Damri. Wsai [ipointed President for the ensuing j ear. Carried un iously, 9to0. Messrs. Wili iams and Prttiorsw were then nppoir eonimittoe, who conducte<I the President elect to hair. Mr. Wian in a few words returned thanks. Oil motion of Mr.C. J. Dodor, Mr. F.dward T. Patter as elected clerk. Mr. Bernard R. Burling, assistant eh nl Mr. Ira ( lark, (all the present incumbents) serge arms. Mr. C. J. Dodor offered a preamble and resolution io petition of Mr. Samuel Osgood, who claim* to li en duly elected Assistant ol the Twelfth Ward. ' solution denies Mr. Allerton's right to take his seat ember, and pros ides that he shall not do *o until th rt has t>een investigated.?Messrs. C. J. Dodge, Pi ew, Nash, Adams and Neshitt, were ap]iointed a c itiee lor that purpose. A committee w as thi n appointed to wait on the Ma; itingthat thi< Board was organized nnil ready to proc buaine**. They returned with an answer that ayor had no communication to moke, and tbc Board uracil to Monday next. Vice C'hriicellor'a Court. Before Vice Chancellor McCot*. Mar 10.?Daemon* ix Piraticr.?Sarah Browtr v*..i rower, Jr.?A young couple, married in April, 1841, 'ed together till the iollotving Octolier, when the* elarc* that he deaerlod her, and ha* committed ai rv w ith Jane Fither, 74 Wont Broadway, kr. Dlro ithheld, a* alio haa not yi t proved that the ha* not ai riil with him. DariA fi. Burger v?. .Inn .Maria Burger.?They w arriwl in IW, at Northfn-ld, Htatcn Island,by Her. A nrtin. The httchand complain* that ihe ha* had rri il connection with ( lark F.mberv, anil other*, at Sta land and al*o in New York. Divorce granted, a t ito matrimonii [from the marriage contract.] Catharine Sophia Cook i a. Jamel Fre<Tk ( cot.?\Vi arried at New York in l<M.?The complaint in that il hcen adultrroinly connected with a voting worr imeil Marv Moore and nl?o vi*itcil girls at the Itouii woman tinmed Julia Brown, kr. Divorce grnntrr he is a pretty woman anil will loon gi t another h md] Cornelia,./ .Jet -noun r*. .Ignei It. .Ickerman.?W si riiil in I'M" The complaint alleges that ?he II ith n man n tmcd John Van Ripeo. Divorce allowed Carotint E. Utter re v?. Jame, II". litter te.?Wrrem vl in KH and Lited together till 1S.10. The comnli that lie ha* indulged illicit love with Catharine I.n Hnrtih lloman. anil other women. Divorce grantei Emanuel B.Jonetvt. Etna Jonei.?Divorce grant rv iVan.ei /! Turner v*. Franc it Turner.?M arried at N >rk in 1896, by Hcv. Mr. Cochran. The rnmpii e* that the hmhnnd married a woman named J -ting?, in Kim street, he passing tinder the aantr ? agin at Ihp time. He wa? tried for higamv and State Pri?oti for two year*. Since coming oiit he o behaved improperly with other women. Divo inted. loteph tfree'i \*.,1me>ia (hern.- -The Complainant a* it *he ha* hail impro|ier connection* wBh Alex. Tito i, at the hnn?e of Joseph Thom|)*on, in Scventer ret; also w ith a man named John Phillip*, at tl u*e, |H0 Fulton street. She declared that *hc wo rer lie by Iter husband'* ?ide again, and only wanted nev. Divorce granted. V.litaheth Sherman v?. .Ilherl P. Sherman. Were in d at New York. The complaint it that thedrfendi cohahitteil with a voting woman named Caroline T? ', and that they live together a* man and wife at the Ci rof Broadwav and White atroet. Divorce granted. Thena* Bauchle rt. Catherine Bauehlt.? Were marri 1(431. The Wife hn? left her home, end live* wit] in named Kranci* Joseph Hoehn. in Lauren* ?tro tercthev pa** n* man and w ife Diiorce grantid. 1cnet Earl, YD. n'illiam F.arlt.?Thn complaint ?ta *t thev were married at New York on the 4th Jul M. They had one rhiM, hot h? soon commenced lie , nod ill-dtiug her. ao that ?he ha 1 to eepantc front If i d ha* maintained her ehild, ho allowing only $1 j LD. Price Two Cents. h i we?k. He has had illicit intercourse with a vuung wollf l man named Adeline Hutching* and others. Divorce alio wol. t to .dtrAi&tid M, Xnll v t.JsahtllaMi Still ?The parties Wtin im- married at New York iu 1*^31, anil lived together three lull months, when the husband went oil to Florida, and was employed by the Oovcrnnicnt on board a steamboat. His ntr, wife heard nothiii^ from hi in for four ) ears, u hen she went t no oil' to Charleston, and married a man named Murray, by the whom she liai had a son. McNeill came hack to New York, hut finding his wife gone, filed a hill of divorceany The Court held that the otience must have beeu committed e to in New York, and the partv a resident here, to (five authority for filing a hill here. Decree w ithheld. me, .,Ny C. S, Circuit Court, i* Before Judges Thompson cud Belts. Mar 10.?The Court had announced 't* intention of ""'J giving decisions on the imjioriant fiduciary rases before t>u'" it. 'I he various coun?el, however, being . !.?ent, the doml, visions uero po-.'poncd to this day (We ii iw'.ay) at l'J ;' > o'clo k, when the Court announced that gentlemen inter's11' (crested must at'rnd. Mr. i'rice asked leave to present a hill of exceptions, csl- withnvie'v to carrying lus.-ase up to the Sit prime Court. The follov ing order w ns ma It: " Let the d. .Vmettt have Al- flO dura to pret.are a bill o! excepts ns in the Cove entitled ease, and let all liirther proeet .ings theiein ! e staythe ml on the part of thu United States tut,1 the on of Aug. low IbU SMITH THOMPSON. Court Calnnder?This Day. Common Pleas.?Part I?Nos. 91, 139, 117,16. As- Pari Nos. 10, 30, 10, 79, 84, 114,39, 164,91, 134, 143, 170, 170. Ifth Circuit Cou*t.?Nos. s9. 6, 18, 37, 34 , 36, 30, 30, 34, 35, 93 to 99, 1C0, 10-.', 103, 101. 1 to Hrrrnioa ("oust Nos. 37, 3, 4, 6, 6,8, 10, 11,13, 103, sed 13, 17, 99, 18, 30, 31, S3, 34. '.6, 36. Bankrupt Ll?t, r a BOUTHF.JIN Dl-.TKICT OF NEW YORK. Jacob Van Vulkenburg and Royal Hill, blacksmith", the Cntskill, (Involuntary, on pctitiou of John T. Muuu sunl four other crtxlitors.) June 0. e?. John R. Bil?by, "hip maitor. New York, June 9. i of Charles J. Henahaw (formerly of Boston), Brooklyn, Mr. June lti. Anson 8. Brown (formerly of Sag Harbor), New York, Juno 10. * Edward Bullus, |>hysiriun, (formerly Mauran k Bullus, v a N. Y.) Brooklyn, June 10. the Robt. L. Cutting, (firm of Cutting, Brothers, N. York,) nnl Westchester, July IS. re- ___________ City Intelligence. Suicide.?We learn that a Frenchman, In a fit of tiesttn pondencv, committed suicide in this city last Monday the Some pecuniary difficulty led to this unhappy death. He had been deceived and cheated by false friends, in, and took laudanum to rid himself of them. Among his ted papera was oue giving direction for a physician to see if he was actually and positively dead before he was buried. I'no Waalalnfftow. was [Correspondence of the Herald.] j W.tsniNtsTOT, Monday, 3 P. M. Proceedings In Congress?1The Uiobe and tko ? President?Kxpectcd Duel. for. morning business in the Senate was of no n of public interest whatever. Mr. Benton renewed his der- on '^e "ubject of liis dispute with the Postmaster General, respecting the appointment of a t t Postmaster at St. Louis. After stating that he had been refused access to certain papers in the postofEce department, Mr. Benton submitted a resolu\hv ''on instructing the committee on post offices and t to post roads to inquire how the editor of the Madi^.n'" sonian obtained copies of certain letters and papers the that were denied to him. lie stated his object to a ds ^ l? UFCerla'n whether members of Congress were on the smite footing with editors of newspapers, in tant the estimation of heads of departments?or whether 1 u" editors were to have access to papers, that were der of nied to members. The resolution was laid on the tary '"hie. A resolution formerly offered by Mr. Woodbury "Mb to change the hour of meeting from twelve to eleven hen o'clock was culled up, but there was a manifest disinclination to consider it, and on motion of Mr. Huntington it was laid on the table. ? The special order was the bill to remove causes from the state to the federal courts. Mr. Buchanan is in the midst of an elaborate and very uble speech against the principles of the bill. Tn f1 I/viiui* oTtor a ?"? V?i? ?>.? -? - particular public importance, the Cuatoni House report* came tip, and will occupy the day. Mr. ("usbuig i* making n strong, convincing argument, in "r* vindication of the right of the President to institute ?t? the commission. fore ^ ?" w'" bave observed, no doubt, that the Globe has recently become bitterly hostile to the adminis?ard tration. During the greater part of the session the locofoco organ has been extremely cautious in the air. expressions of its enmity. Until within the last few days it ha* observed a hypocritical moderation?inleat sinuating its dielike in ggnteel tenns?abstaining from abuse, of the President, and directing its artillcct ',ry 'be Cabinet, particularly Mr. Webster. This course was the dictate of policy, rcnaan dered necessary by the relatione and feelings of a considerable pcrtion of the Democratic party She- in Congress toward President Tyler. The Glebe speak.' the sentiment* of Mr. Benton, rather lhc 'ban those of any ether of the democratic lt adem in Congreee, and no ninn in the Country, not even L^p Mr. Cay, is more ho lile to the President; but, while thi rc was a probability of the whir's coming to their senses, and supporting the admini tration,' heir the Globe was directed to be moderate and mild. Now, when the whigs have gone into direct and def?r cided opposition, and the course of the Pretident i* such as to commend hi* administration to the favor of the realdemoeracy of the country, Mr. llenton * take* alarm, and the Globe denounces hi"principles ,tp,i and measures. The great body of the democrat* in the 'lie two house* do not arrive of the course of the (i lobe, and there niav be a demonstration to that effect if it shall be pushed much furt!i'*r. son The details of the frnec between Ycst.i. Wise 'r't' and Stanley was substantially a* staled in the letter 'nnt of Siiurdny night. The universal expectation is, on that there will be a fight; and it is rumored that a av(. ehnllenge will passage to-dny. Mr. Stanley will be The the challenger of course. ai a . . , iuh- Frost.?We hear of frost in various parts of the *ul" country. We fear the fruit trees will suffer thereby, Navai. Lai m n.?It is said that the frigate Kan:e?i tan will he launched at Philadelphia on the 24th inih,. aiani. The steuiuer on the stork* at the Navy Yard, Norfolk, constructed upon Lieut. Hunter's plan, will be launched on Thursday next. mi From ttik Lower World.?An immense Devil yk Fish, weighing S,730 pounds, is now exhibiting in r"e Charleston. I1C0 _ " Naval Nmvs.--The U. S. brig Dolphin, Captain Budtl, and schooner Drampns, Lt. Com. Van Brunt, mi- dropped down to Horupton Roads on the 7th inst.? The former is bound to New York, and has on bourd a draft of seamen for that station. The lat"he Ur bouIM* 10 ,'1* outhwarrl, on a three months' i an ernbe. CmrttAM Theatiie,?London .Assurance wasproduced in unequalled style to a full house on Monere day evening ; owing to the severe indisposition of Tw Mrs. Thorne, however, Mrs. Blake pluyed Lady ar- fiay Spanker with good effect. All the characters not were sustained in an admirable manner. Mr. LamjV<"* liert lias no superior as Sir Harcotrt Courtly ; Mr. J. Hicld, as Ilazzle, was excellent; Mr. Scott, as usual, Oat great justice to Charles Courtly. The scenery Inn and appointment* arc unrivalled, particularly the ' ol garden s< ene, which was arranged circularly, prebai senting an unbroken landscape of great beauty.? ,rte The piece h to be repeated this evening. At the Bowery a ludicrous attempt to rival the niagnfp nificence of the Cnthatn, in bringing out the same '#ir w*s ,na<'e- To the astonishment of the auniit dience, however, instead of opening with London *' Assurance, a new farce of " Seizing the Carpet, or ar- the Manager in Distress," was presented. The evil spirit was laid by a lady's companion, l'shaw ' >r Olymhc Theatre.?The benefit of the popular ballad singer, Mr. Edwin, takes place to-night, on ,.ti which occasion the*' < tycra w ill be presented in great force. '? 'D A two ntile race comes off over the Union Course m to-day, for the Jocky Club JVir*e of ,#MO, five w entries.

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