Newspaper of The New York Herald, 13 Mayıs 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 13 Mayıs 1842 Page 3
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coidi.ig to this rstiu* tor the aggiegale deficiency foi i tho three year.. will be it the uew lean is taken | ?> per If that is the case, and a per cent is appropriated ^ as a shaking fnn<l to e.iUn?Mtsk the. debt at the end of A \ years, the annual expenditure after |ait mil be VJ7 ,'iOn,- J 000. It will be observed that the Si-ci ciary retaius the j proceeds ol the public lauds iu his estimates, according to 1 the laws now iu existence. Should the law be altered I so as to persist in the distribution, the debt at the elose of J l-?U would be. according to the present estimate, 17,- < Ist.eiH, instead of !'! 1*4,611. It is impossible that so j cuicidul u measure as the squandering of the lands can he persisted in. The most desjierate attempts have been made by the manufacturers, the fallacy of whose claims to protection has beeu fully shown by the report of Mr. Habersham from the minority of the committee on manufactures. In Marylaud, some time since, the manufacturers got up a sham cry of distress, stopped their works, and threw numbers ^ oi industrial!!*: !)Ani Aii? rxf umnlm- in nrri^r to niodllCf ail effect in furor of oppreesive duties. In Lowell certain ^ manufacture! a have done the aamc thing. It i* too late in i the day, however, to deceive the people by such clap 1 trapa. The new tariffu as follows:? *TAT r.Mr. IT THE AnSOC.YT OF Dl'TIES WHICH , ?ia? xecat'E lmif.x rut Bill Phkpahf.d bt the Seche- | tabt or the Theasi av, i.ntitlku " A Bill to Pno- ; una Revenue those Imtohti, and to ('hxnoe i\ii Mo- 1 uiihft Laws Imm>?i>?. Duties or iNroiiTt, , ami toh otiii'k l'i nroiEt," or THE Basis or i hi. Importations 01 the Yeah IBIU. j Imparted. >"gn. coat Rait t\f ' >P<cirt of Milt. Quantity. 4" char ft I. duty. Dutiet. vt ool, raw , OTrr I eta } per lb, 30 per CI. aud 3 cuper lb, MI.TIS S1TI.H67 { p" ' $69,162 Wool, 8 ft. or Ira. per ' ' I irtund, 9,303,993 674,009 20 p i t 1:14,001 ( Wool, m&u! ul. vir.: j Clptha and catsi's ? 1,686,46a 10 " l,8JS.r,ll I Meriuo aiuwla, - 126,609 Ul " 40.613 \ B ankets 74 rent,. _ 230,747 14 " :I5,963 I Phuket* above 74 cu, _ r, Hosiery, glove#, mitte, \ and bindings, _ M iii ^ v t?,6l3 ' Muuuf not specified, _ ..ji ggj 4II 34,741 iarn, lbs, l,4i; 407 2ri " 201 hlannels. sq yard., nj.ail 67,6'? H mil. 21,149 Jit 1 let, s.| > tiiIa, 111,042 41,024 II 20,171 Worsted Aiutt a tods. ? 2,387,138 M p in 710,201 I ? nrstcd vara, _ |uj,9j| 24 24.982 I < AipoiE.Brutsels,Wilton, and treblr ingranted, ?q yards. 167.648 246.U06 tm cents luo,4tHl 1 t .iifctiug, Venetian. j and other. SI) yardi, 127.441 12,133 14 " 11,641 ! niioiu, pnnird, cnl'd, , kc., over JU els, pyd, ? 921.974 34 p el 231,213 nitons, whl and 1111- | rol'd, over lien, per *1 V?rd, . ? 214,013 34 " 41,334 I ( oitons, pnnl d. col d, 1 kc., not orn 30 rtr, sq yards, 14,018,092 2,462,719 7*?cu 1,171,846 t civons, wht or unco lor'd. not ovsr 20 i ts, | sq yards, 13jJ 3|1 698,uUO 0I4 cts 372,103 t. olton twist, yam, or ttireid, unbleach'd k I uiicol d, costing les* j tiianoOetspr lb, lb,. 127,116 28.818 14" 14,112 1 OtlOIl I H I,I,do do.le** lhan 74 tenia per ll>, pounds, 96,230 33,916 IsL ' 18,067 I < Otton twisl, do do 1 losiiug 60 or 74 ru or more per pound. ? 121,601 24 pel 81,140 < i.tton hos ere, (love. I units, and bindings. ? 792 078 34 " 198 old 1 o:< on itiuki eiu direct ' ! from I hina ? I jj 274 1 ~ 5,,:m j ui, kc., Piece foods 11) _ 463,666 17 " 142,123 ! Sewing silk (i| ? 23,009 11 " 10,140 I aiki Irom other pla 1 cat, St.-., 1 Laee.lace rcilipihawU, shades, ki-., ? 309,848 24 " 77,161 I Jewing silk, twist, kf. ? 241,274 11 " 110,461 Utht r manuiart ur a ol, ? 7.979,100 33*6" 2,649,700 I Bolting cloths of silk, ? 71,431 20T 11,906 1 T ' 1 , ~ 231,234 20 " 16,917 I il - *w>r. ted rood;. ? 1, 729,792 JO" 418,937 t.ashmcrva of Thila , camlets, kc., ? 7,210 20" 1,148 Lace of thread k eot'n, - 168,124 12*4", 40,443 Lace, coach, _ 2,141 34 ' 743 I Llu'ns, bleached and j Unbl.arhrd, ? 1,179,120 24 " 1.011.780 i.iueua, dyad and rol'd, I checks, kc., _ ||3iM2 24 " 20,115 Lainenx.oiher manufac - ~ 321.681 25 " $0,121 I 9 L, , ' ? ? 614,723 27'," 169,323 1 ii'kleuburas, Oana- | burgs, and burlaps, _ 329,041 24 " 82,263 I Steeling, bwnk wht, ? 361,173 34 " 65,128 1 Manufactures ot hemp not specified, _ 71,994 so" 17993 | Hats and b tint*iff, of j Leghorn,chip, ?traw, 1 or grata, Hats,braids, ] f + . ? 4M,flUU 30 M 131,400 * Mats of fur, wool, aud leather, _ 7 igQ ^ ? 2,228 1 Iron and steel, luatuifacture* of ? it: Side arms, _ .. , ' rlre urn* not *preifled _ |18,589 30" 35,576 liraWllltf kll|Vc>. _ A '>7ft irt *' I Ml 1 Cutting kuivr?, _ ? "" " .. 'ft HatrhrU axri.fcaHtr*, _ 30" l!77t 21.1 1' >f!f?' '1 . ~ 0,0)8 JO " 2,(>BI ht.rely'Uf&?cajr brum. _ 7iM< M jIlU 1 Skk? or reap'ghootu, Z z *s* |:: 'tfS *?iuare*, ? 2 Ail jo * oil (n&mujS&Miwy, ~ ,.\Z\-;u\ $' ' re?.* 3 barSES# z Tiii,mauuf?ctW. _ a 771 X.. 71'25 KiriSR^ Z witez - ? ?5?" ? ?? - MS- M Marble, m uiuri of. ? 19 m a 4 Ml (Jold auj lilver, iraan- W lectures of, pit cioj slonea set or ot.i.-iwtse.pearir.i ewviry 7L^". , ? - 701,50(1 7S" li.ll'J AV ate lies and parts of Welches. _ 7^.. 3,47, Glass ware, col, all WV39 Of (7) . 289,73) 82,625 X cemU 86,919 Glass ware, plain Or I uncut (I) l,|jt?,!U lt7.:OT U 11 130,733 ot urn a* looking- ] glum in frames, looking-glass plate* silvered, and article. I of tlfisss connected wit h other materials, which renders it impracticable to atcerlaiuthr precise wgi Uwto^dpo,. - m** 30 1 w^rV2!th?. - ]n*1* *" ?* i w " V?L ,, - 1,822,415 25 " 155,0(11 I Wares.plnted.nntept d ? 103,890 ?" 91.169 wUI'E ' j ~ 23,496 Jl " 7,048 r ?*** iapwrned. ? 38,(77 30 " 11,603 nMdloiy.vommoft.tinnrd.nd jnuHMl, _ 83 910 iu ?,391 haudlery.. nlafed.bras*. cKtei " "7 0,J" *" -ijr C indices ind p.*. ~ 4 761 ? " ' ? I SU^Tll kind*. Z 7o:?4 g" I9rn ! Kind's,., z "1$ 2:: %^h Poper tuition. - 7<s'i*i M 26 78# ! Heir cloth ina owning, _ ?S ? 7xj?k feruihooofdlluod.?* - S ? " \\' H Copper bottoms, cut round and turned up oq the edge, ? a M/aj *ai ** 2 m9 Mm'd orSatcd wire. - 3,087 lo - 3o8 Matting of flags o. ( other materials. . - 76,7.4 |0 7 <72 I Square wire, uiej for 1 umbrella stretcher*. ? .I21.'" jj- I jp.lioo, Ibe 1.1*6,334 I.K1.70I 15c'plb 168.950 AnimaJs.nor for breed, ? liiili ai M fa iov ' fcftipof allIdnds, lbs, 11^)3,?*) 'm.uh ^ctplb 1 li'li i l""' ? 422.810 5 p ( I 21,040 > Hidet fc ikiB. ,%w, 22 558445 2,756,214 1 r p lb 225.508 * Pfll?bJ"' ~ lP?l 2,002 1 J Tin.iDpUtM k iberlt ? 079,078 2S. " *1,97 6 4 , Hmom'lT*' - 54415 15 " 8,162 ! i,!3?b i. ~ 40-"i '5 " 6,i3i ' Cnrde Seltpetro. 8.32-.013 J66.2i.:i (. r , Ik 41 i? ' A rode* not ( Humeri- ] t<d- ? a* p ct 1,210 :j8 j ( ? a . . tt.ati.icj ii.loi.9cy s Fwcr clou*, pit cm. * prime J or puuud,*i ofttlv other than " ^ 1W0' 35 "UU 6'?2 pMcm floorcloth , yd ii.Tui U 7J, (,> jJ7# Win?^R^tn* n * *?,' ? 310,1111 1 " l.j,303 5?' eu""?lU*J ,H-,K 4il 43? "? 111,70S ? " m??, Sherry and w?.L&limV 139 002 60 " " ,M i 1 w^.orr^,. 320,461 ?*.? ? " ?.iu | 2 065,913 iX ? " in?7 ! WjWjfcnch.inbot. 447,4,1 114 004 7^" ? ** WfcA of Spun 300 047 m92J K 1 W^.Thn.fSp..,, m,TW ? ? ?V 97..I4 1 Austria. O^rtnarn , wm^oZTT'1' %%! ? ?* ?v; io3,uoj Winca, port, iu bntrlna *,W' 150 6,1 ,l? ( \v'io?V, T> uariffr, jl. i"'7,* 1HSL ? rr?u !<>,0i7 < Win... all other, i?Sch. "!& ? .. Wine*, all o lier, m btl. 18,170 'KM') M iv'^2? Bpmls, 1'rn. dutillt-4 : rii. 17.001 1.1 !>** ( eafl., me.oin m .. Ml,710 CO ' if'Jr 1 id proof 339 716 . k*. DJ/.tV 4lhpr?of " 1,210-191 ' *>* ' *> 170 .. nTi'%7 ' atLPr0?/i." r "*Ail 7? " 26 731 ? A bote Jlh ptnof 11.710, 90 ftjjg M.,l??., gall. 19,701,?? 1,910,791 1 " 900 III VlD?*if, ifallo 76,791 11,614 0 " ?ir Beer. air and porter. in J ra.ha. (alia 19,071 19.044 II " 9 <M1 1 Beer, air and )iortfr in i bottle., gall, 130.9411 193,441 20 " M 100 7 Oil, outc, iarlu. (all. 190.916 01.919 90 " 21,043 1 Oil, raator. gall. 2.4'jn 2,9116 10 " 'm > Oil, I in.eed. (all. 391,477 173,030 91 " Ofl.lKi < Oil, miw.eed, (all. 147 P ? " 30 < T' U, fruoi India. China, ki., vi /.; Black, lb. 6.060,499i utr-jnllb " 066,019 , glten, IU 13.J90.90li 5n'' **" f ,i " l,!?l,147 '' Tr?| fiooi other place. rrrB lb. J1.H9 9iWI 19 >< " 4iU, " C offee fmkiiropr, lb, 2,020,112 2I.V01,'. J " ?4),Uil J, Coffee (him other ' |>lac>>, ll>, 99.967,KH 0,XII,167 2 " 1.619,111 C< eoa. In. 2.696.JOt 161,109 1 " 26,a,3 i ( oocoUlr, lb. 3 609 I.*14 4 " 147 Sugar, brown, lb. 107.911,033 4.712.1'tt 9 " 3 230 610 * Sugar, wht.elay'dlU 19,904.112 990,416 4 " 'l)9 303 " Hatar, loaf, lb. 'Mil 62 0 " 10 " Sugar candy, Iha 130 141 0 " 49 Sugar, nth rrlined, lb. *47 63 0 " 11 " Hy nip tugar cane, Iha it 3 9" (nnti, vie: ,| Almond. Iba 9,910.009 19D.061 3 " 03.902 C unaota, Iba 109,701 16,611 1 |?OM rmnoa, lh. 1,610,019 74.1U3 1 " 49J0I li Siv,IK* . imI'S'S W'S 5 : ?f" "n,t: 9 j; i 7 1114 * 1.7*7 V *n. Il'lK I1?'r" l*V8?3 W I* ** Ih if l*7 1.111 2. 1.411 -Si.ft.1 n.46* ti ?.?n r?*|?per, iin I |u ,sXr.lbiP 121.443 4 ' 111.217 ?.ia lii- 617 012 19,023 4 " 32,340 imV'r.H'. ?.9U9 ? " >.'* Camphor. Iba ? ? " .'.' Lalldl"?. "?* ">? 6 "an lie. I.Uo?. lb- 72.19* 8.ti7t I " 2,914 r " u? MI.0% 23,229 t i 4,..., lb, 11,338 13,849 4 " 8..173 Tallow. Iba m,*? ?.444 I " 4,9* Lard, II'* Bret and pork, lb. 167,916 12,132 2 " 9.348 Bacon, ham, and nth, lb*. 122,181 11,087 3 " 3,671 Buttrr. Il>? 24.268 3,763 3 " 747 SalliK-lic (Hilled, lb, 419.142 21,172 3 " 10,486 Vitiiol, oil of, lb? 1.003 717 3 " 30 Tobacco, altulf, 111* 114 211 12 " 43 Tobacco, cigar., 1UU0 73.893 869.134 $2 40 184,747 Tobacco, otTti r iiwniifactuiT? of, IIm 614 188 10 Ci'liO. 61 Cotton, lb, 2,774.722 236.177 1 " 27,747 llmilKiwil. r, lli? 19,384 4.421 8 " 1,440 B:i*tlc>. lb, 234,799 94,3*4 1 " 2,347 Ulna, IIm 9,167 1,1 W .1 " 473 Ochre, drv. Ib?. 2,632,009 34,440 I " 26.320 Ochre, in nil, IIm, 31.109 3.399 ll," 427 Willi.- awl ml Irad. IIm 613,418 41,043 4 84,736 VVhwin* an.l Part, whit-, Iba 296,fit 1.017 I ' 2.962 Litharge, lb. 6,831 378 4 ?3 Sugar of lead. IIm 132,670 11,384 I " 4.306 Li-ad. pie, uar, and alleeta, Ibi 419.313 18.111 3 Ij.iHO Lead, alior, lb- I,Hill 164 4 Lead, Iba 781 44 4 29 Lrid, old and ,crap, lb, 47,048 1,136 I ' Co id igi . Uu rid andca- ... .....a MetJU I IUU,9113 IB#M 5 ; UWf ^orriaffr, unt&wd, lbs 379*011 13,431 t> V2.740 1'winr and packthread ,, arinra, 8tc.: Iba 806,193 141,97 3 6 , ?. ? Cork,, li), 211.639 Jb,18o 12 ' ' !!?' Lippcr roda Sr boitr, Iba 4,lb3 1,?7I I Cooper naiU ll apikr*, lb? 1.126 361 I ,. u?' <"! rearm, inu?kcl?. No. 8.824 i i ,luu bI io u? 'irearm?. ritlea, No. f< -'Jb fi. A'ir.1 lb. 3..1I3 2.262 IS1* colli. 402 >Vii>-, iiou . [i' im 'j.KM 3,L."" mil:?buVfN?. 11.11" i,8ll tt 1 Wire, iron, above >? " rack*. WUWHI ?!"? .... not eiceadiiw !? ^ 5 lu l?r 1.000. 1000 ZJUi 'utt 1 ron, c ?blea and I-"* , ... ?w 99,043 J " "'3,112 thereof lb* aSS 1.H74 ! Ort , *? rion, mill mw?. No. US', ; *? ron, auehnra , iba > k3.-J?a 2la 11,1 rou. anvtla, lb* ?i,w? ron, blacksmith alia.r. ... 27<J 1,944 2>. " 001 me ra. ke? "* . , .on, coatings. M 348 H ,67k 1H V ..ViS, ' ,L ,r llm J 180 1W MO 821 I roncanting*. other. n>? ron, rounil iron. * hrazier*' rods, from >1S to 0-lC inch dl 47.744 1 " 1, lb* r.,n. nail or Make rod. J.UJ ,JV- <3 ?.? on , * hoop, l? J 5 *' ron, band iron, scroll iron orc-i'-menl roil* slit, roir d.or him lj63 3 1,034 menu, lb* I1U3H 114.562 M ron, pi?. cwt iil lS 15,719 50 ' 071 Iron, old k scrap, cwt iron, bar, mauulactnr i74 1,707,649 61 M rd by rolling, cwt um.eii Iron, bar. inaoulaciui- ,7|. ,,,. i6&t,81l '.?! cent* 514.7" rd otherwise, cv*t 57 , ^ $2 jo -trr I. cwt **<22 6811,777 $2 00 187,576 JJ7^ 9 62 50 ? Mum, cwt 5i 73 Si <*> *;.? lopprraa, cwt 43d m cent* vVhest flour, cwt 1,015,420 0 ilX'nn *lt. bush's 4K0.W 387.738 6H | ' oil, bushcU 4 vij 639 25 }'? Wheat, bushel. ,37 10 , "J ,)au, btttheli v>?*52 16,CM w ^,lJ Potatoes, bushel* Paper, folio and quarto 31,544 15,109 17 8' Caper.' foolscap, draw- y, 40,620 15 " '*>K3 iug and writing, lb* ?' ? Paper, planting, coBJ* , 438 10 " 148 plate k staincra.Jb* Paper, aheathing.btndera', wrapping. a"'1 ?g?| J " ** l*r* boarda, lb* m'jm 11,233 15 i>'*> aper. all other, lb* 38,JU Hook* printed previou* 5,^5 t " J4' 10 1775. vol Hooka, printed in other language* than Kng los 77,155 I , U luh, Latin or tlwrk, 111.?? Hooka, printed ,tu Oreek or Latin, VI* 2.324 15 " iflKiund, 11* 2.068 13 " m Jnbound, Ibi ... Hooka, printed in ?.WP liah, m: ,nj 37.W2 30 ' tf bound, Iba uo'i34 85,750 28 23.M8 jnbound. Ilia . . /i?la, apodieeanaa , vt*. 359 S1 75 1W \.liove6, k not above X5 62 25 13j 10 01, 8? . V^i da, iiertumen k l*ney, VI*: 47 S90 62 50 117 Sot above 4 o* each, S* VUive 4 and not above M 681 63 00 J?*: 110,870 6 3 00 75.981 Sot above lquart. 8? \bovr 1 and not aboi e (po 880 2 quart*. S* k,,T7., 25,0T2 25 ernt* 21,37t Ikiniiolitu.No. . Window glaaa, vt* Sot above 8M10 in*. 6,7U 62 'i0 ?.79j 100 aq ft . ' AIkiv* 8X10 knot above ?7 $2 7i 8,>52 Affsas*.,-* f, as 1! s <:?' ffiSSS ^ Kiah, mackerel, bl'L 8 l 7,, 9, ou 8.810 Kiah.aUotber, bbla 8 8 lu Slioea and slippera ol ., , 30 cent* O0-' ailk. kc? 1*1 -" w Owl**- - Ween, 6lc., pa 103 26C 26 " llM Shoes, leather, ntorrocCO, kid, lee., p, 47.380 32.377 40 " 18,064 Skoes, children's, |? 1,823 680 16 " 273 Boots and bootees, pa 12,012 36,441 SI 26 16,016 Playiug card*, paclu 66 6 26 real* hi Felts or hat bodies, No, 613 268 20 " 102 83,817,086 ? 32,603,336 _ >Vo?i which deduct. Katimated amount of drawbock on mdz. riportrd 3,200,000 Drawback on dometie refilled sugar and spirits 100,OuO Bounties on pirklsd fish and allowance to fishing eessels 3UU,0uu Kipciises of collection I.MU.OOti 6,l60,0i)0 Nth revenue 27,113,116 Hales at I he Stock Exchange. 00 N. York 6's, 1868 81', 26 M-.Iiawk KK b30 16', luflO Kentucky Bonds 77 26 do s30 46 >000 Illinois Bond, 17',' 26 do vlO to ItiOO do sGO 17 16 ill >30 I6l, 1000 do slO 17 26 do L3 16 18)0 Indiana Dol Bonds 2u 26 do boo I . ', 6881 ilo b00 2o'j 100 Harlem KK b!0 12 .' 81 do 1)20 2nW 60 do IIV > 8)0 Indian* St* Bonds 18\ 1(8) do >30 ll\ 26 shs Del It Dildson >3 100 200 do 12 12 V. States Bank 3'J 60 do -30 12 Jo Atlantic ln? Co 126 160 do ,<,0 12 20 Auburn Ik Koch US', 100 do snw 12 Second Board. 26 shs Del 4c Hudson b30 ISO1* 60 Mohawk KK i)46',' 10 do par 26 do 46 26 do b'K) pai 26 Harlem Rlt 12 I0>) Harlem RK 12 26o do jJO II'a >06 Mohawk RR >30 46'! 1000 Indiana Bonds 18V in do 46'a 26 Mohaw k KK slO 46', 26 do 16', Htate of Trade. The receipt! of produce from the interior are on the increase, end prices an- looking down in Aahri salei have icen rande at $6,60, to the extent of 150 bbls pots. Cotton?The anlea routinue to ? lair extent, with a irm market. About 1200 bales w ere disputed of. Flock -Canal Flour it dull to-day nt $6.36, and tome tales have K-cii ma.le of llour, net frcth ground, having been Ij mg >ver all winter at tij centt lest. No change in other da icriptions. Natal Sioatt? Salos of 1000 libit North ounty Turpentine, at f'3,75, cash. Spirits Turpentine tat advanced here. Oils?Bales of 8 a ?00 Whale for extort at 33 rents, rath F.nglish and American Linsre.t ias been sold to the oxtent of about 6000 gallon' at 33 etc 'ash, and 38, 6 mot. Sl ot as?The tales, 350 hhdt Porto Rico, at 4^ a 6 centt ; 100 New Orleant, 3< a 4J , 76 St >oir, 7 a 8j , an I 360 boxet brown Trinidad ami Havana, i] a 0$ 4 and 6 mor.tht By auction,202 hhdt New Orleant Old Saturday at $4 a4, 44 per 100 11m, 3 and 4 mot Brighton Cattle Market. Mo.ndat, May 9.?At market 390 Beef Cattle, 16 pair* IVorklng Oxen, 90 Cowt and Calret, 360 Shoap, and 1360 J wine. Price*?Beef Cattle?Last week pricca for a like quality cere not tuttained. A few extra $& 76 anil $0 00. First juality $6 50 a $5 03, second quality $6 80 a $6 03 j third Inality $4 60 a $8 36. Win king Oxen?No sales noticed. Cowt and Calves?Salrt at $33, $34, $30. and $30. Sheep?Loti were told from $3,75 to 4.60. Swine? Loti to peddle at 3J a 3jc for Sows, and 4) a 4}c or Barrow t ; large Barrows at 4c. At retail from 4} to 6 cent*. Married. On the 1 nth inatant, by the Rev. 11 W. Bellow , PaaaL Jodwi* to Ka**t. eldeal daughter of William Bryant, >f this city. Dl*d. ~)n the 12th inatant. attddenly. Jon* Hryt-r*, only ton of iVilliam II. Richard*, nge?l IT month* and i day*. On tha 11th inatant, Mr*. r*Tit*aiir, w ife of Edward dorri*. in the tWHli year of age. Pancngrr* Arrived. H?u*t?Bark Rapid?(fabricI Rarel and company. Krancoi* . "el, l.eon Javelli, f'haa. Wintlo r, Loni. krrin, Mr*. K.?th>-r ' , r,nj Jean Mootreuil, Carlo Lrnorato, Mix Caroline Lennate Mix Kmma Erne.t, Henry Well*. Henry Well* y. Mr., J'Jfr WeiKMia* Harriet Welli; Jamr. De Wolf. William of MY ork; Juan Romero, Jo.e Doner, K'li* Coimr da.lail, kraiirou Ran'oa. Joae Lope* Dear, K. G. Zimora, L. >. Atmori, HiTiii; ( mint a* ATvemr, Fnnfi ii n r?uwlf" Import at l??n?. , Vtmn.JT'fc M"*e? Tnylor-f/, hlid* '.r^2 eenr.M^ul^ ? o * eo?3'l,IK*l -elainR ibf.P T > T' ?a?-?,ee?i:M.tOO ?xnn B Blanco -la.fli*! K ICipb.irl?2 rtinilae Vietar It Djckn ,t??11 uouama . L I).-at?I0.0UO do 2 pkff. (J Manini?2 r? indae J n.'.wZfi-i * tl <jre*n? It.noo aecara Nolteniua It Paeemirdt?vi nno r * 1 Keu\nW#?H.OOO >f l). Plica?2 OM fh^dW^ IA St 23I.M0 John ( orrik'a?60,000 Boh at hard f?\ -xr+r i c<>?I7.1M Jobii J Taylor?cU.dOO Hicka fc ro?1| jyu feenninerfltco?o.Ooo O W Pomeroy-M> D ( nrtia?28 uon J A? ^.in -I |.pi rum J D. Imome.?10 pky, A ( de I. Barea?I la vat* F* r inlv. Munrao* Bar?Biin Ann It Leah??0 pnm mm WO tiaa. pilento lot olJ eon er llozan It Miln. 1 Ttam* Ulaid?Bri* New Orlean*?7n00 buahela tail Midleton A co. (H'ATAWa?Selir Ueneta?10* hbd* luaar Alaop k Channcev -? ! A Mayor? I'ido Iflck* molaaaei Williamt It Nathan? 70a Ari coffee Meyer It Htucken. MARITIME HERALD. t>c pai t ??r- I.r flu AtUntlf 8<?aiutrt. r. rit>N flPM AMfRIf i. J (. ik'doaii, May If A<*adii. K\tie Mt\ i June I I G. urit?iu lloskeii** Vli. 21 June l?? < njuuihia, Jitdkliis \i .) 10 J""4? W B.iuiiuid, ih-witi Jiiuc I ? Caledonia, Lull Jittu* l!l Jwh R* A' Ju, Ilun July j An*. I 1 O. Western. Hoakrii July ?i ^lVK 4 "r The R?Luu ?t?<<tiiirr British Qurni, C*pt. K? aju*. will lf?Vf w < Auinerp for New Vurk t?u the Kh ?*l May, to touch al South* \%?' *mpioii, K.i;'., on (lie 7th. Paeketi to Arrive. Packet* to Depart. FROM LIVERPOOL. FOR LIVERPOOL. <tan-iik. Skiddv, April II Stephen Whitney, May 13 1 Oxford, IUtl.hnne, April 20 Coiumlmv. Cole, May 1!* In , from i-oRi smoi tii. Shrridau, De 1'eystrr, May 2i ill' Median. Chunpliu, Mar. 21 for pohtsmji'th. ph Quebec, He bard, April 10 GLdutor, Button, May 20 tlat iron haibr. Mediator, Chauipiui, June I Bullv. Thompson, April $ for Havre. Oneida. Kunck, April In Silt ie de Grume, May 1G Argo, Anthony, April 24 Due hew d'Orleaiis, May 21 To Ship KitttHh ,,l We shall esteem it a lav or, if cutrtains of vetii U arriving here, will eive to Commodore H. S. Martin, of our new* tloet, il|v a report of the shipping lelL at tin port whence they sailed, the j,u Ves?e|? sjtoken oil tlieu pi*st;?\ \ liit of their c.ouo, Hud aliv ' ? foreign newr?paper? they may have. Commodore Martin will hoard them immediately on their arrival. Wo will reciprocate \t he favor in any Wav. POUT OF ItEW YORK, MAY 13, 1N4*% ll'N RUE! I a t | MOO.* ir.TI 10 4J HIV IITe I | HIOM WATKB M ... Cleared. Shin* Steple.n Whitney . Thoinri.on, Liverpool, 11. Kermit; 3 Floridiuu, Pratt, Genoa, E. 1). Hnrlhut St Co; Ce'i.i, Thatcher, Sivaniiah, Scott ai Mmrell; Nichols Bid.lie, Triumau, Tavlor 8t Merrill.?Bark dtrL.j Perkin*, K rkins Mmei'.L . 1 J. F.lwell.? Brie* Stir, Fartiham, St. Burt, and .1 market ^ A. Hubbard & Co; Paru v ll. Blount, Howe Hiv iu *nd B- !r/< , Hand. B. Blauco; Ch.ilredonw ( Br) Will. tr. H ililai, W. M. . (j tl: t ^Edward. Bulk lev, Choi..ton; H. \V. Brown, K?il), r ; ' rmr rv?*y?, ria.; i no, uwuie, rortnnn, iter & Mik-non " Albcrtini, Jovee, Warren. RI.?Hchr* Foxm, Peunoclt. B uh:.* *? *% O. P. Mill*; Hism, Grant, Portland, Nt-sooth. Leeds & John Drr-wr, Aldcti, Kingston, Mas*. F?>u?r 8c NVkemon; An- , rom, Chnte, KtUworlh, Mr. Brett 5c Vox*; H Ury Richard*; J Fountain, Baltimore and Hit r? dc Grace, A. B. ( noltf Sc C?to AlT|V ?l. fUi Ship Mary Ellen, Swertland, from ( inti'ii, *?n.l Mara**, 120 I vs, w itii teak and silk*. to Cary 5c t ! Ship St. Lawrence, Chase, 10 days from Liverpool, mdsc, to oi How land & A^ninw ill. At Ship Ocean, Millard, 30 fi??in Liverpool, with 2ihj i?>n 33( stir, to < )lo?r Ic Mr Murray?23b steerage |narn;tr?. 7rh u)t- * Cape Clear bearing KNK. distant 30 mile*, i|Hike bark Hiram co M. Tyler, from Virginia for Cowu*. 20th, lai 12 It, ewliMiiyrd toi sL'iiriN with thin Navipilor, of Salem, hem e. 27th, Ul 41 23. K lou 13 27, iiasvu several 1 try*- it cherts, S( Ship 1 lilah, Hammond, II day* from New Orleans, with cotton, file, to oidcr. B irk Rapid, Ward, ftmn Havani, May I. with wig\\. Sc<\ to # . Most1. Taylor. Left ?htj* N'onoj B l'r.mi New York, ma \" Aprili 30; He llespont, I'll is, dodo iNth; Arabicroshi*, from Bos- r|t t? ii, for Cow't-s and t mkt, ko-Jii; Huntiv*,, C mil, do do; Dor clie-ter, l iJtoii, do do; Nat. her, Lindst y, do do; Cherokee, Loin.,for at. Pet<*i^bueg, soon; uhik* Windsor, Brewer, wtg t* ijeight; Turbo, Benu h*mp. um . dis^d Clinton, Morton, foi i C<?wea and a mill, aailej same day . ' Bark Ionia, Field, C days from Kailport, with pi *>t? r, t?? P. 1 Nrviiu 5c. Son. # i British brig Bee, Carp, today; from Windsor, NS. with matter. 4|?i Brig Ann 5c I.-all. Silliioai.. t xiu . * from Mont* ,.o Bay, Ji. fx' w i(h ruin. Ik . t > Woodhull ti Mint urn Left no Ami* man u wnd<. Hl Brg New Oilean , Alden, 12 days from Turk* Ulaud;wich : srlt, to Badger 8c Peek. Sailed in co. with brig Bfujiiniu, for NVork. Left brig President, for Alexandria, in \t day, the 1 only American vessels. 9th iust. lai 20, Ion 71, '.{^oke hark Lin- * prcs.i, from Havana for Holland. '> Schr Geneva, Curtis, 13 day* from Otia> am i, PR. with mo la?tes, See. to R. P. Buck. L-0 barks New Haveu, for New , Hivcn, 2 d t> a; Sehois, N York, do; hiL* J one* MeCobb. do do; * Jane, do, Idg; Motto, do do; Ames, unc; Creole, do; Tuscan, just arrischr Texi , for New; Bedford, 2 days. B'rk Chancel; lor, for Ponce, sailed 21th; brig Han lord, for New Haven, -.tiled 26in. 9th inst. lat 36 30, Ion 74, stroke .clir Geo. Washington, 13 ! iy? it im Boston Ci (Inudiatom Schr Thos. & Nancy, Davis, t day# from Washington, NC. ri naval stores. 1 Schr Faith, Folaom, I <U\? from Norfdk, with |?ork, for die | No\ Yard. Srnr Empire, McMath, 3 days from Norfolk, with indrc, to (.(| St urges 5c Clearmaii. im Below. K One ship, one hark, two brigs. its Snlled. J" British steamers Trent, for Halifax; Mad way, West Indies; ^ ships John Mintttrn. New Orleans; Mftrthu Washington. A|*alni hicota; bark J. Emlin, HiiUdeiphia; biigs Hviler Ali, St. I Croix; Alia, (Ui) St. John., NK; Billow, <Br) iViiulior, NS; JV Franklin, Boston; P'orest, Newburyp-ort; Souther. Bosit>u, and ^ others. The frigate Independence got under weigh yesterday, ;ljj | proceeded down the Bay, hii<1 came to anchor at the South Writ Spit. $ General Kt cortl. c* Lr.TTrH Bao?.?Tlir St.-plirn Whitnry, lor Li.criiool, ??i!? J'.',' IP-morrow, ?t It o'clock. Letter ba^i cIom- at (Jilpin'i, in the th Exchange, at lialf-paxt II. Tlir letter luga of atuamcr (^alcilo- t*' nia, for LtT?r|>ool via Malifai, will also be made up at Gilpin'. "t' to-morrow at 4 o'clock. lie Whalemen. a*. Art at EiLartoWu May 7, Alpha, Nautuckrt. to complete fit- 11, tine for the Pacific. StioUen, May 3,lat 31, Ion 72, Carih, from Boston, out I'Jinoa, xx it]i 200 bbl*. " S|iokcn. ^ Kentucky, from Bo.tou for New Orleans, April 27. off Alii- Di plot Beth th Severn, from Galveston for Liverpool, May 2, lat 13 61, Ion 1 < ?7 && if Rochester, from N York, April 22, lat 37 36, Ion jj aO. in; Foreign Port K. Havana. April 29?Arr Anosto^Bostpii; 28th, Natch* /. ?lo; lie .viiHiq, i oniBHOivniuriia-N .^nnn. ?.WJ ItMjnu, Uoit'ii. Arr or sto., o-Boston, f hi .N iMjl Hooper, t owe*. Arrfcith, m< Dorchester, Boston; Harriet, NYork; Cordelia, Portland. Arr 25ih, Pensacola, Portland; Samuel, do. as JaCMCL, April 'JO-7-N0 American vrnrl in port. np La Gi'ayRa, April 22?In port, Rowena, lor Porto Cibelio, or uiic; Win. Allen, from N York, just arr. Kienzi. lor Curacoa, w Id S3 1. tr Pun 1 o Cahkllo, Apiil lu?In j?oit, Henrietta, for Philadrh of 3 or 4 ds. an United State* Porta. I 1 Lubkc, May C?S!d Thos Ik Edward, Richmond; William, ' < II ivre dc Grace. m Portland^ May 'J?Cld Cybele, Havana; 10th, Franklin, l> M tUuza*. Sid Don Juan. t'J Nrwit'RYroRT, May lo?Arr Pi ru, NYork. hi Gloucester, May tt?Arr Retriew, NYork; *?h, Ceylon, ?fti Camden lor SC.irolin*. Boajopr, May II?Arr Middlesex, NOrl an-*; Larch, J.vniel; I Geo. Clark, Richmond; Columbia. Philadelphia; Friend, Cor- an nelia, and (. hatrahoochee, New York. Signal for 1 h ?rk and I hriu. Cld Mastasoit, Calcutta; Norfolk, NOrleans; Viola, do; Orient, do: Ottawa, do; J. Cooley fit Co, Fancy, and Cambridge, NYork. Air 10th, Tennessee, NOrleans. W\reii iM, M*> H?Arr J tines fit Lurv, NYork. New Bedford. May 10?Arr Eliza Nicoll. Phil uh ljd.i?. Na.itucii:t, May 10?Air Medium, NYork; Gcul B-.itty, A'haity. Ei><;artown, May 10?Arr Hudson, I'm Matanza* f ?r Boston: 7th4 Vulture, Alexin.lri. for Nantucket. Fall River, Mu> u?Arr Mats moil, Rondout; Excel, New York. Providence, May Id? Ar. Hone. York River; Niagara, Win. Rnwlett, Man , and Canton, Philadclphn. Bristol, May I*? Arr Friiiri?%, ILxuhxit. Newport, May 10?Arr Levant. St. Mnrys, Ga. for Sa^harbor; MrD??iiii th. ( ?pe Ann lor NV??r!c; Cotuit, B trnsi.ible for 1 d< ; J. C. Hit ieId. Fall River lo. do. ? New Hwen. May 11?Sid Elizalieth, Albany. Hartford, May 10? At Energy, Phila lelphin; Laura, New r. Yocr: Georjse, do. Cld 11th, Mary Bhi -hL, and Farmer, New K Yo 1. 11 Philadelphia. May* 12?Arr Ohio, New Orleans; Charlott* '? An , 9r. John, ND; Rmdolph. 1 it-. of St. Domingo; Oregon, Havana; Planet, New York Below, a lar^c ship, sut p.?*a 1 the T? Siumi i, frn Livemonl. CM Pacific, Went Iodic-; Jib-/., An- r? ti?'u* via Hdittt; Emerald, Portsmouth; Robert Wain. B ?* >11; J'1' A. M-.rvhall, Provid< nee. ^ n' B vi tim re, .May 10?Arr On?tav. Bremen, C< m. Warrin- f? tin, P ?rfo C *l?elIo; Erie, St. John-, PR; Maria, New B dl'o.d; [?* Apart?n, B M*ks)H rt; Alert, Portland. Sid Emma, NYork. HI Alexandria, Mia 7?Anr O'ive, Ei.tport; Either Elira, .lo; Victory, NYork. Sid Home, Boston, Ear r>ran KSRi ao. May t*?Arr Danube. NYotk \ Richmond, May 8?Arr Josephine, NYork; Ann Eliza, do; Velocitv, Steuben, Me; Knlcnim, Boston. In the riv. r, J Pat- tb< lerxon, H?rrv?eeWet, Wm Harrison, Nassau, F.meline, Wm roi Burk. and C W Hooper. Sid Serni Sisters, Boston; Ruth, to eh load on the river for Portland; Ch illi**. NYork. Anr Oth. Aha- i,n L'un. NYork; Ware. Boston; Dresden. Hallowell; Hirrascket, ti? Portland; Wm Burk. Boston? lit in*?, coming in the( ape, ii*l struck ou a sand shoal, which cau??*d th?* ?? < ;el to leak badly. ? ? xi In siirhf, bound ut ,, NY>?rk. Sid W. lliu;t'ii. U .io;r, (* I Olivia Brickell. NYork. an Noreol*. Mav 10? Arr I)a?h. I P.irk*r. Tioy. Cld Ly-'urgu*. Antiyua. HM Marion, \Ve?t Indie*; Architect, do*. Empire. N. i York. Arr nth, Sic nr. Thonmt<ui. Mont-uin, Boston. In Haui;ilon Road , Jor. Nlar. Ii, Attukup. . Cld Andrew Km A Jamaica. -* ' Cmarlmton, May ?J?An Phemx, (wluler) frwin a . ruiae, io r* land a sick man. Cld Promj l, Liv. ipool; /eplivr, \v < <t Indies. HM ForTesfer H ivr.-; X>lon, do; Don Ju?n. Genoa, Mairt il i, ir Marseilles; Ohio, Bordeaux; Henriefte, H irnhu. Din.on N. >0 Yniki VV. H. Talman, do; Calho, do; Bntdore, Boston An er. ?lli, C rutader, London- Commerce, Liverpool. Sid Deborah, Providence; Ostrich, Boston; China, Liverpool. Arr 7th, Ar.- ?ij Kiln, Bcuton; F.cho, NYork. OioRnri 'WN. SC. Mav 5?Arr Halcyon, NYork Lino, do. ^ Cld 0th, St lte< Hi<lil.?. do. I? Savannah, Mav 7?Arr ClifV.n, Lancashire, Khod*- NUr.d j'' Clinton, awl Sv?*rlim? NYork; GrifTm. Boston. Mobile. May 3?Cld Speed, Liverpool; Colossus. New Toil. *1 Arr John Brower. do; Pioneer, do, New Qrleani, May 2?Cld Walter, Livrwool; Tvrone, a/ Havre: Nept'ioe, Cid?* and a mkt; Zealand, Niork. An Hi. 1 P. trr.hunr. Hivre; Tamenem!, Livrrpf*ol?w.i obliged f. -p throw overlwrird pirt of her rinru, romiativrz of iu order to x> hxhten off Pbaa a Lout-bar. Cld 3*1, Di.i hon, NVoA: Wr. I^j Tell, Mea^inas Baltic, Antwerp; Atliu'ic, Livei; <ml: Mru-ti t ,(k Arr ??? unan, B 'xton; llamj doi , Livrn*ool; Abbot: Lord, ?!o. ^ POKTUOUES1-; FEMALE PILLS. Z HMIESK iWanrd and celebrated Pills, from Portural, arr, re J we perceive, to be obtained in this country. See advertise- am Best on the la*t column of lourth page. ft-3 lin#i? hit flTE, the membera of the Seamen*? Own Ben vol nt Hoci ?v tyf would inform the public of NVw York that th'- adici- a tisem< nr which ?p, e .rnl in tin N?*w York Journal of Commerer waa falsi* iu part, and that we tike this opportunity of 'pj informing them tint th? re were no fifty l uidlord- ?rip. not one, -in our proce?i?ion. and that the mh >r of t Li - insertion iii the New York Jonnial ol* fomim rce ii an enemy to Free Trade a .d Hailors* Ri?hf 1, and wr woiihl thank him for a I irt more of flint kfiowb'lar that h?* h*? <howu toWHrils Um.?c p.n.r s.?i- n,r Ion who W/ilkf't in tbr prnrfsainn on fhr lltli. r,M| wM, H. SIIHOH, ) <*, rHA<v MrDOt'fMLL.M'.immiilre. %o] nil If. ANDREW < i 1! I! IN. S *?: BOARDINO,?A low aalart bonnier* will lie lakan in a yen- ?t trpj ind ra*|wetablr family. Apply at No. 201 Kulion at in7 lwi? r ' MRS. J A M ES hai inn taken tha Phaiii* llotal, at Hohokan, I** will hp lin|i|iv to accommodatr I'.uniliea with homl. Tin I" ittiatiiin i* tialuthfiil, ami every attention will In |.ai<l t.i make p it iilriviiil and 'iftarabl". I Refer.ner* eaeliantred. mIT I w * r ty UrANTKD?A aingla Ki'Utli man *ianu a servant man who understands hi? Imutneaa thoroughly. can raid fiu. ntly, Illd write wpII?reference will he rei|iiirnl. A lilit ?a H. II. it ' *' this office. ml'tWr a l 111' i ' i Nrw Van k H ? - l i , 2tKl Broadway, New York. } ai-s Sl'BSt RIBER8 ara hereby notifiad th it tha hi I la of th I tr- o m"r? Bmk at Atnsteilatn. are lio lo.i*er redeemed at 17 Albany Ks The Miner* Bank at fottsrille, ran only ha ?o|il at a diaeoiint ln? of |) to 2i par rt lit. although wc are informed they pay uprrie ;io at thaireontttar. , |(ai Tli* Bnaqnehannah Bank at Montroia, F a., i* al?o in tlure- ' pule. hoi /' Extreme caution mint h" ohaaryad in taking tha billa , of tha Country Bai.ka of f'eiiniytrnnia. mil If r CHARLES MelNTVRK k CO. THIHTY Bi ILDINU LOTS ktfent miarrapcrrfnllx in * *it<d to tha ?a|a at the .kjarehanta* Exchange. by E. II. LUDLOW, on Thnndav. May loth, of ealiiahfe boil,ling lota f at Stati n l>land. Tha public ara a?*nred that tha ?a|e will ha iwramptory, no limit*?every lot will ba |ioairiyaly aold without pn; any raaaraa. mil 7f e it ALL THE WORLD'S AI STAGE." 'HI 1* std ?h*k?pte!e, md y> f*ne dou'aU P iruh Th* Dram* of Health. Ill out filmu* tut\ >> c*?twfils*d ?n ihrw* m? *?; t *hi?, ' nu^lta, O fuu'ii| iin||->- ' \ rlii 11 thTounbeu'. the hum m frame, Thhllin- the io)? of life ; W** lenr it* trouble* hut in n*inr, Till roniN (h?- painful Jfe*. the ( ??M first affects the liody .?ml limbs; I'lr^in hi iuriou and Uvsitu h?t*aitiful, yet enfeebling, it \y*alo? its i> .iloinr--eating IlltO (III* IVslrul impeueplibL ? Ulilil finally. 1 hi* alflirt-d \% 11 1a d Hacking Crugb ! A cough ! the ?ign? an m at, Tlllt tfll of danger* liiuli.i Ut'siH-akiii^ ?ooli the (iua) birr, wail* for (hone who die ! V cough ha* M.-1 in; hoarsen*'** follow* the loier i? only | urd in a whisper; respiritiou u more dith* ult ; tin* lung* ar i rctrd ; a physician i* called in; In tamper* with the coin- ! lint a little, and di?co\vr? that Comuniiiiion has ? I hi; no- 1 it'.' is of no i\ ail ! Alas ! thinking of hum in aid, 8wift fiie? each ebbing breath ; C(Mi*umption come* with direful shade, To cloac tin* eyes in death. It the firs! lymphim'* of tint fital Col !, om- or two package* J. PKA8K k SON'S (Mmnound Kxtrart "of Hoarhmind uldhur ended fll'f irs of Ooi)?timj)tioii ! Death! There yet lhoiutnid* elMicted w ith a cold, imthu ; del:*? not ; but >vidr youwlve* with a remedy in time. Jold wholesale and retail -if ^ -?.# l)ivi?iou street, 10 A ?toi ?use, I lu Broidw u* and 8G William street. irnts?Zieber, *t7 Dork street. PfciadiI old a, Pp Redding, No. 8 Stale street, H?WfOU, \|l?W. Kohiosoil. No. 11(1 Ballijiore. street, Baltiin-ie. \id. KawUkOo.67 St?t? .trrei, Albany, N. J ?b-on, No. ')*: St. (*li rle* stiret. New ()rleai?*. (Toll, Not 01 Fourth atieel, Pittsburgh, Pa. Boll. Hartford, ft. .). ( . D.ihoiv 5*. Oil,, Mobile, Ala. : /** Kftclj inch of tiie centime liureh'uim! Candy i? tied J. Pf" ASK it SON, 45 Dituiou ?rre< t. IE HIT WILL ELM) ITS WAV. i m? i< t.i ri nii> ui.ii l, li vr ii.-. ct l'i t>i's I loarh omul Jul-, for h?> !? > , and Ion ml i mti?e?li tt?.? m lief. S. V/KU H. IN OM *r Vr oklyn. \k. .1 to. tli. Brooklyn 'XVm. S . em omuv:i i J. IV.isr 6c Hon, .('omtMiuml Hoadiouud uh. ?. ;\ v a'.utbb remedy rei cousin cold*, and he.irsriies*. ttrv. Mr. WHITTAKKR, IV.i.m th. i byl rial I hureh i i ( oh trim mq M idi -.i i Dear Sir?My vvife was lyinjr at death's door in the la*I staffe (consumption mil die made u;e of immberltm remedie all no effect, .m l \oiir iriVHlmbl- t ..mre>uinl performed a radical re. lOSKrH SUDD UN. 20 A venire I). sold wholesale and retail. 1> Dmsioii shed. AgciiM, Tiinp* i, corner of 1* niton and William street; W.mlo*-r, fill Oth renin K i < B Iwii Dodd Mi Broadway ; Clark, i Hudson vtr? ct ; Yoiur*, III Varirl; .trrct ; I*?><?>r. Grf n Ii street ; Urizbim. i?r. Houston .n,d A??*i.uc fl.; Martin, r. street anJ nth Av? mic. A nt- in Hoi kl\ n. ID Fuli *?lrret ; H.udl I. II ?li ureet . Stuart. ; > Fulton street, ich envelope of rh Lo-tiuiii" < ?it?l m *i-nt'ii J. I'KildF. 6s )N IUT31 I) lb SOLOMUN HEINE [TOl 1.1) infonn lo. ptiiviii- slid ihf put.l i , (jut lie ??111 ..." * hvrsi to hi- oiii,iii.?l nr.-jM).iii..n, lo receive no . her !< ? intdo Ui. o ill; iidanoe Uiiiil the patient j. satisfied th ItU improvem ui ind would inform them that hi ktw stored from 418 b. m to N< 17 Retde mi -i. iu r M ir?h?ll House. where* he solicit* tluattendance r*n th< ovc mentioned si.dlliom;, ol tli who hue suffered lot t ,iK time under uisi sic; ecu?i<lered L?\ tiicm iiewrablc. SOLOMON MK1NF., M. D. Eih the advantage <>1* ill who v%i-.l* to attend the treatment Dr. Solomon Heine, i would state that the only Doctor una who hi eyerlifeain.oi had hi office in Br mdway, it i? one now noding ~.t 67 Resile street Op|x?*'te the .NksraJiftll rhU iffiysiciati rainr to thi? couu'ry ah??u? . year-' ice. I liAVe hoi the pleasure of Unwind Kiin since that , a; , and of witnessing many surprising cures performed him?hu is above th agy of m years, at I i? the tinly ori? the name who i-s a tnvmher of the inedicr 1 Luiitutiwn* of tiie tv and Stat? of New Vork. K. \V. WKTMORR, X\. 1). turn before mc, this 27th day of , of AiniL A. D. IMS. ltiin\ui> Rkkd. (,om. of Daada. ml3 lm*r ~ LUC1NA CORDIAL. TO THE AMEKICAN JM'BLIC. r i> uow bar* ly three years since tee general inlrodudtion of the Lucina Cordial into the United States, and in that |n riod In* not only spread iu usefulness through nut th|t hrmiipbere, d sustained the vast reputation which it had preyinu*!; ac.inir in Kurlpc. but hu also added to the renown of its ilIu*tiioui r? ntoi by thetinrirallad powi ni it has bri n diacovi ri-1 t<? pos* ,* in the cure of incipient eontumption. The knowh ?|<r of wonderful inrtuence in renovating and int igoratiug the burn frame, Arst auggaatet) tin idi "! naing it is this w ?\ ; ami - result ii. that a medicine has lieenyiddcd to ihe rataloi^iie for ? cure of incipient consumption, which places the diae w, th due precaution, under the control of the patient. It is irccly necessary , at this period, to recommend the burin* i,dial, as an all-sulflcient remedy iu ca-e ol tibi-r. Kluor AN s. difficult or painful menstruation. Incontinence of Urine, and diseases arising from debilitation of the system, where an j ipitlse, or a restorative is wanted ; a* throughout (he United ates it ha* taken precedence of all other medicine in such j *es, and leaves nothing further to Ih* hoped for ; its cure* beS siH?edv. perfect, permanent, and effected without pain or luble. Should there, however, b< anv person laboHng under e above complaints, who are doubtful ol it* almost universally it.d merits, f rrcotnmmend it to them with all confidence, and my own personal responsihilitv, feeling ;i surr,l if the\ give tcej give it the required trial, that health to (Imj afflicted par* is, and urntefnliu *1 to Dr. Magein. w ill he th* re?uh. But, is also the ca?** in Furopc, the immense Aniciic m reputation the Lucina Cordial, i* principally baaed on if* thoroughly inftigatod, indubitable, and aetierall) admitted povi i toeuablc niusa, who nil bos n otuid r.-.l barn .i to Im u offa|?ring, and restore virile posseis in males, when reduced to utter and .:preoth hu| leaa pi Nstratiou, to ;: t ct ii Uth ind scdvity. Vn I firet reotivod the agaocy of th Lu |na Cordial, from -. Magniu, notwithstanding its immense foreign celebrity, and e great amount.of o-.pvet?l?h; testiinoin thnt accompanied it, h* lined commuting myself individually, by giving any pernol a-?ui.nic? > in tlicse particular* : hut now, alter the t norni* sale of upward* of one liuuilirii thousand cott|?*7, coupled th tlu* receipts of certificates and lestiinouials iuuumeiable, d much knowlcdjp founded on pc^soMl obaervation, I can id* Rttatiuglv warrant it as far exceeding my most saiivuine hoyn**, . * ?-r th ?illustrious inventors promises, iu th- fuliilment <?l fin?st important ends for which it is recommended, and has heme |Oa iiftHiiy and vuii>ersally popular. To he as explicit as explicit *s jMissible. I repeat^ ;onl li.?Id tnyself persona'!v reonsihle f?r the assumpiiuti, that the Lucina cordial chii mvigate the virile po*t-r* in inilrs. and make them liN-uiidaiit. here nature lias been deficient, or when tlw ; hive been pros ited by artiliciul iiu an* ; aiiM also K can produce that state tlm system in females, who had bcrn previously nnfiuitful, id imagined barren, which will enable them to beor children, regret that I have to aueak *o plainly, on such exceedingly dr ate matter*, hut feel railed ujkiii t?? do ?o, lr*t it might be Uuudrr?tood. ami as a full guarantee lor the preat responsibiliwhich I hue cheerfully assumed. With (eeliiur* tit' sincere ititude for the extensive itatroiiage w hich, an the ugrhl of the jcina Cordial, ha* been headed upon me in this country, I renin. tne Public** very obedient humble "errant, JOHN WlN'TKHS HOLDURWkLL, M. I). Price S3 prr bottle. For sale at l&l Broadway, New-York, d 90 N rtli Sixth afreet Philadelphia. milliner MA CHIN E POETRY. WHEELER. TAILOR, hereby vend* This information to his friend*, Or enemies, if lie has any, Whether they be few or man). The public too, hofh flar and near, He wishes every one to Lear, Tint in Broadway he ha* a shop, In which heM like to have them imp. Ami should they w nt coat, vest or paiifs, No one can tit them it he cant. Prices low to Hint the times, ( loth, too various lor these rhvnie*.; In short you'll find HO othrr Tailor, So sure lo please von Hi A WHEELER, mlj Imc 107 Bioid\?av. upstair;. ! REFRIGERATORS. Lh RIGKRATORS?REFRIGERATOR*?RE ED k I ? SMITH. Ventilatory Refinteratore, the only article v, r inul-u nued which can be kept long without acquiring an efivi.i which vviil c jinoiunu ife to every thin* placed in it so a. ' taint if and mil;** i* unlit for use. But the above art* le i-. iifjdcntlv offered to tlic Public n* vrie iliorou ;)ii v t?'.fed, and j ived to be entirely fire from the objection* p.unity found to e of the old> co (ruction Their ventilating purti imt.qnd din * properties air so combined to make it a Very desira* | t article lor 1 family iu warm weather. They ran be had at ] agency ;3i B ouLvay. _ ml3 ltn*r JAS. C." TRACY," rO 17ft Broadwa\. under Howard's Hot* I. Manufacturer of 1 H 'tferi's Patent Klislic 1 ice 1 Boats, which he offers to p public with the greatest confidence, and one frill w ill uviuce il*e most lucr.'dtilou* of it * unci ion i . o? r r very thing e in th?- Boot line ever offered to the Public. The Boot i. ult faciei lor tin* feet. The wearer ran +h\k with leg.-, fane. Th - Boot r* uot liable to run dowu r? w. si off at (bile, and i- p? il* tly u 'i.f-b ** on the parvm- ni. 11* link*-. no tri chergc foi them, and all he .?A . of th?- Public i . not to ?r hi.; or .inpb?*d>[* word for or ; ? iin?t thein, but call on liitu il give do ni one fair trial tud themselves. V B ?The .above Heels kept in r?|Mli without char,v. ulSJt * e. c. " I N* experienced huvines* iiuii, who h.v? been th. S. crtlaiv of i. a loniiUli) u| flni ( ir. foi live ycais p.t .1 m l loi ars employed its Law Offices, has aim hid connd-iable ie lience nn i tiitiK agent, and ha* travelled hi the fnmcipai o -in Ln^Und. Scotland and the United States, wish*1- lor rue t ni|ioyincni iiachrk. *< ?(, tupenn(< rulent, buokkcep. or cop> i.t in a Law oliic.. L nJ' nublr reference s car* be *ie. u to nutty gcbtlernm of the . l ( IMI t ibilit Address r.T . box 1171 Lower Po*? OTu'e m!3 lt#c 'NOLIBH MAIL.?The Lcttvr Biis fo Lu?i)*ool, |H?r Ro al Mail steamer, CALEDONIA, will cio*e at liifbuStCo'i Express Office, No. J Wall street, on H.iturday, *v 11, at I o'clock I' M. Also imill packajc-i and fr? itfht r^ceifed fwr tht ttearner a* i.Vi 2tr HARNDF.N k ( O. vE BONNEVILLE'S LE( TURKS on ANIMAL MAG" NET18M, it dn lodfty Liknrjr Kmoi Smtttrd* ,Ni] ii, Ift12?to comincncc at. uht o'clock, Ticket*, 90 cent*, to b# lia*l at th * door. m!3 3t r f EDH AL f'ARD?Dr. Glov* r i* cotuulteil pr?' I'nitionalL. * it his office.;* is ;*ri Appil/.rd cIm? Dr. G, j<i<idunted his prolessiou hi PhilaUt-lphi i, *imI is lint ruti.l *1 (o |>r recked hid )ii.' the soi'dissant doctor*, medical |mff?i? and pread* rt. ltis incuieiiiea are iioi (lisxgr^t able to he taken, but rt.iin and quick in rff* rtiu* a cure. His xietidt* ex|H-rience d clo*e iitciiti'm t<? this branch ol his p. iciice. have u*ivi n n decided advantages over the general prictif inuer. Sepa cntruieea end septrafe office. Office 2 Aim at. JDlJ lt#C RESPECTABLE Woineu widiea a family orccnrlemanN ^ washing?best *?i refcreiicf can Ik* given. Apply at 42 . m - M ft jm 11 2t c if EBB'S BURNERS.?The Eni|???riiini *.f Light, 118 f Brrvnlway. corner of Can I street?His been r?-*>|*-tied th tin- moat i itensive stock of Lamps for burning Catnphinc it can be found in this citv which are offered at price* rorpOiulili* w ifh the times. Also on hand a 1ar*e ?t*?ck of Umi? Burn rs, mannfaet'i * *! tfttd-r Weblf* Patent, which will l?e d at ?ucl? reduced prices as cannot fail to meet tl??* views .f ) pereoni having occasion to purchase. Al ?>, Carnphine Oil a quality "IIih n*?r to any now in use, at H)rent< |vr gall**n, the Emporium <?f Light, lift Broadway, corner ("anal street. A. V. II. WEBB, General Superiiitenduit. V. B.?Any oidere left as above, will h? rvi-ciiteil with imptw . hiving in oouatani itttnilMW Si rtul rpotf, mil I' " Vltia \\ A me i i it i IIIMI a.! si i rr7f? v_ inn \i n l?LO\ KM. II1.1 IVi'il itrrrt. will ?rl| tin. .in, .il IZuYlnrk, i hlack hmvt olnth mil ilr >;> dr n fr..<k r ai?, in id" ill tlx ?t iViliiinrddr inminrr.jiist iin|Krtrd. will hi- 'I I ? -pmtrly, by lb'' |urkav?m- fnfiilnl in dob- ntim. Thr> air mprri:?r.ii' nt<, 11ii- il tlifi.ii^li iui nilli -ilk. ni!3 llr rA TO LET.?Th?- Slurr, 31 >im?-.ii utrMt. in the ifiriH > W Buildiini. AI-j.l > ai liic II- i aid Oific. Hi N?"U ?t iJL- ' "f b 'i I-- J lw I-TRANOKHB ' i1 1 in 11 lr. 1' ir- liititrd In rill .1 til- B"i'dm> <i<n rillnrifw tililnlini. nl, wli- r. ill , will nnd n ipl.-udid Mmrtmrnt of I n.ili i>f tlx- nrwrM iVlimm, r.CrMid prr l.iff?t inymrtiu?, iiiil Ui?dc l'i orilT, to nil all I wlrt, ?l ? discount nf 33 |-J c.-nt front credit price*. ...... , rrrm? nn drlnrry. A full mil urnijhrd in twciili-four in*, ARTIIl'R I, LKVV, n11 It* 130 Broadway. f AMUNK BI.ANKfef S -. Wfi for Mir by I I K"?lK * BHOOkS. M Libnrt, M. joo.oori I'H \ or in a Rt^ani, ANpF.P from ihr brig Ohin, from tin ana, of uprri'.r quality, for tale in Intt to Wit JP'lrrhan- o. at rra?.,nitdr tea. by M. RADKH, i( (nmlum iirwi. lit Im" Ml I' MI-W.-'VH Vnet lull Sulci. !U THOMAS BELL f *' *# .Vw. 22%inn and 115 Fulton f/ret' ) F PI DAY, At l??'-a o'clock in 'lie ftakft testis. Extensive Sale of HiilV. M iln?u'\n\ Ch^ir*. Kofkff*. C **, l*iai|o Forte*, lie.?Will be <told by order nf AiMftiif u. jum removed far eons etiMiiee of sale- I!) iidendid n)f:? and *of* ?iid miIi bed*, U do/, it f) knit French ami other jeUrrw malm nor chairs and r?n*Uei?, couches, ottoman* and div ma, s|?'# win hook cirri, jiaiiitiutf*, wirdrobo. and French bedsteads, 27 bean tiful |>.tin:ii^ ?, |M?li?hed table* and bureaus, IU*. Vl 11 la o'clock, 1'iniiu Kudv?2 itiii oiuuiotil sAluablc and Am* toned tn.*m lories, b> celebrated makers and in Grxi rate order. SATt ltl) \ V. At 10*? o'clock?9i'Undid Furniture ol all d. ?rn|>ri?>n?, boil I in w and srco?id It nd. TUESDAY . At lu^t o'clock, in the sale r..o.n,<-?U'of elegant clot liuig. siiitahlr for the < .*soii. Also j all entire invoice of London cloths, c usiiiiercs, iriUiii;i, dr) ! 4o<?d>, liihit rj., ?hirt*, c?dl*ws, bosoms, Jkc. lie. Abo fancy hiu i !. dii d ?rticle. )e \seli> 5n*. BV R1ELL \M> \:u ULARIC W. A UCTION JiOTlCE.?Thi* Da>, at 2 o'clock l\M.?Leuu I -fA of F.a^le Tavern and B u Future*, five, on tin- iiremLes i ten years Wie, coiiimeiirin;; from Ll of May, l!li .\ ul'th? house known its the h.iglr Tavern, situated on tin- coiiiei of J< Airime and lath street. ALo the sheds, hat futures, and build iii/s attached. To hi euleiiuLiu.; j?crsou a food opportunity L hcrebv of rered to sitsbfish a lucr.i \ btuiin m!3 lt*c ~E. H. LUDLOW. Auctumcr. A SSIONKKS SALE?Valnuld'-K-al E.falcat fJ??rt Rich inond. Statcii Island.? K. II. LUDLOW will sell ar anc (ion, on Tliui >d ?\\ tin- !'?th id May next, at 12 o'clock, at tl. Merchants' Exchange, tic follow hi# property, vix:?four lot frontlUff Bio itlyvay. oa No*. 21, 23, 25 and tf. Also, two lot fronting oil Third street a? J and 5. Also, three I.Ms Irontin^ o Villi frtif, ns Nov. 2, 1 and G. ALo, two lots front in;; u B.v ulw :y,No*. 55 and j'?. Also, lour lots fronting wii 15 mat ivay, as Nos. .16, j8 and 60. ALo, four lot* l.-uiiin,; on 11 bn to:i street, a* Nos. 1j, 47. 40, and 50. ALo, eight lot* froutin on Broadway, as No*. <?'I, Go, 67, GO, 71, 73, 75uud 77. AImj tlii* lot* front in* Sixth bluet, its No*. I, 3 aud 5. The above lots *.re located in a beautiful situation, b< iug righ *ii fioui f tl I ui lit fivt liuuu h ntk ft an thr land in/, and : i r* wvll sitiutml for cott i. The situation is exceed iiUiy In althy, am! the in uhboihood is all handsomely improv d. Tli'.rr a.e ic. o or tine* stcaniooau runnhm' to and from tin city, tlm-e or f ai. tic.u ? i day, during the w hole year. Then is.ilsofoui den initiali ;tu ofchui'hc* c.i 'he neighborhood, will re?i? t v.I I.uiimv r.nn'ri.a, w,\ An o|HM>naiiitv like tlu* i* u -M in oft .-? ! to th? public. Tin iilr will be positive. For further inlbrniritjon, aopl: to CUa*. Cartlidge, 103 Wate struct, 01 to ?.11. Ludlow, No. II Bi.>ad ?r, where a map o the property can be teen. tn6 2tv# It. 11. TlSlPSON* At ttoueei Hardware,<t'tlery. Vancy ooods,s^.-ja t'Oli S. l'LATT'8 17tl? Smiug Trade Sale will tnk? placi tc-morrow,. Wednesday, at 10 o dock, at the store No. 21 Plat trerf, consisting of 2j0 cask , cases, and lots of Irish imported Binniu/litm, Sheffield; French and iirrman hardware, INtic] goods, & *., among which are fine table ami pocket cutlery heavy goods. tfurunti silver and plated ware, hay ami mwiui. forks, shovels and rustics, &c., together w ith a grncial as ?orl no nt of shelf goodr. So1. For iurtlu r |urfi< til.m, s? Aucfioi Ileal. Journal o! ' ?.unnerve, and Couiiei and Enquir* i. HI 10 3tt WM \% r HIK A lTl TION NOTICE,?This day, Friday, at 10 o'clock, ai - * the lir^i otorc. No. 122 Fulton sir et, u ar Nassau, a va ri? ty sale > f fuinitur<?two hearty lew Llnis-eL ? nput*, '.<!< uiJ yards.1 lot of waxhstandi :? p I add rs, don r stand ibl -otts. chain, buiruus hedsted*, cuilsm . fcl lull Untertu in iiitel, a-tral, ai.d orh- r lamp*. girandoles, diuu* ., tea, nd iui !-i . t . ri? h C'hiiu, 20 ( lo k ., fn\t quality platad good* and cu' lerv. Elegant t* j trays, 100 bahmv halls in lot for Idtnpdeal *idu*U , a lot of Crockery in lot-, to suit retailers aud grocrs /ill and fine adt brooch'"., pins, oh*iiu, Ike ol ia w tt}ie, (Jooda well packed when rijuired. ml J lt*c vrOTICE TO Ft HNITI ME Bl YK.KS.-WAsHINU ? s TON YiEEKS, No. 31.) Broadway, next the Hospital would dr.'W the attention of tin- public tlut he will sell splen lid Furniture at 10 per cent, leas than the sam<- quality of work is now st linn; at the auction-*?consisting of Draws Couches, Sofa*. ? ?vered in different colored plushes, satins and hair cloth, ol the 1 test Bpriug patterns. d)9 6tn ^ \ f OH A LB AN' Y, FROY, and luteruu TfH??t iPdi ite Places.?The tphndid low j>rcs?ur T fin r steamboat 8 WALLOW, Cupt. A M'Leaii will ieavr the foot of Coiirtlaudt street, this (Friday) aftei noon, M ty I \ nt S o'clock. The DEW ITT CLINTON, to-morrow attrrnooii, at o'clock. The above arc substantial boat*, fitted tip with elegant Stati Rooms. and for accommodations are unrivalled on the Hud^ou m1S r T^rZT PEOPLE'S LINE FOR ALBANY,dait) - seven o'clock. P. M.. from the Hteamhoai X fTr y* '**? Courthindt and Liberty srteets (Sunday excepted.) Tile steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. P. St. John, lr?ave< Monday, Wednesday and Friday aftenioous, at seven o'clock The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brtinard Tuesday, Thursday*, and Saturday afternoons, nt seven o'clock The steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain VI. II. Trues dell, leaves Tuesday, Thursday, and. Haiurd-iy nffertiouns, a ji\. o'clock, for Albany tod Intermediate places. The above boat * are ucw and substantial, are furnished will elegant stat- rooms, and in all resjert* are uusurjiassi d amotn t!??* liu Isoti Hirer steamers. Forjwasaitr or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Hchultz, a the office ou the w harf. rtil'J Opposition nxt-j for alBanv: FARE REDUCED! ! Pamtagf ."?(> cevttH?Bertha 50 cent*, FREIGHT TAKEN AT.REDUCED PRICES. j*a The coinmmlious Steamhoat \\ ASHING lat#^ i_5?j ^ Laptain J. M. Brown, haviryr mads ? ... ..t|..lo ehan^c her aa)s ?*i lenvin; New York, will hen- ilb r leave Uh.* fool of Kouinson street New York, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon at 5 o'clock, and Albany, every Tuesday, Thursday, and S* lurday afternoon, at j o'clock, landiug on her uaasage each wi] at the fool of Hammond street, Ncwhtir^h, Pom;hkcepste Kingston Point, Cattskill and Hudson. For freight <>r iMvuure. ai?plv to the C -ptuin on board, <?r to D RANDOLPH MAHTIN, No. 182 West street. m9c^ KX1 URSION TO HA KI.AKM. rsw OS SUNDAV NKX i', l?th iiwtant?Far J- tlHrCj1* I2>a eent*. The st. dm boat J icob Bell, Capt wkT -ht 11 ri Yates. Hill leave the pu r toot o (ti'UVtiitur sir.-el, wt 2 o'clock; Tiki- lUvei, uuarUr pa? 2; Roost w it street, lialf-iiant 2; Delancy street, at 3 o'clock. Returning \%ill leave H niacin at hdl-jtast live. Th. alnjve trip will alFonl to the ciliz-n* of New York, * fun view of the K ist River. lLirlgate, and the various |>ul?li?- build in it * Hi UUckweliN Islam!, the Long ldaiul K.iriin, Ike., ill; at the same tiun u cheap ami pl? want esairsion. in 13 2t*c ti&xL VSHAGK FOR LONDON?First I'.. ki t, Th w9M^L.s!>leiiili(l packet ship ROYAL SOVKHr.KiSl, C.tpi Walker. is n??u loading ami will meet with iinnudint Uespntcii. Hiving wry iu.?eritn icroininoilatiuii* for cabin, t< cond cabin, and ate -rage passengers, ,?t low rates for passant e-uly application should be made on l???.?r?l foot of Old Slip, * to W. ik J. T. TAP8C0TT, in 13 I I Perk slip, below South it. KOK LON DON-Kcpul i PacErt . ! tie SOdi VfuFgew ?f May?The superior, last miIiii; iwekel dii r^l?LGLADIATOR, f apt. B itton, will as abow fur regular day. This j.hi, \ accommodation* for cabin, second cabin, an steerage pftssengem, aretiu every, rrapecf. arranged lor the com fort of pissriigrrs, and tin?sc wishing to sernrr berths *!?oul make earl> applicifioii on board, f"ol of Maiden lane, <h to OLOVKR U .McMLRU AY. 1(41 Finest, corner of South. P. S.?Persons w ilpuu' to kend for their fiiends residing: ii the ola country, can hart them brought outbi tneabow ahi| or any of the rr?'u!:ir pa* kets, by apply ing Mi above, (if by let ter post paid.) mi: 4*^- 1 OK 1.1? KUPtMil.. - It ,... krl ?t: iT.;. I ill hfMMFVMav -'I '"1 M>l '"I'd ta w. f.,t sniliij.' i ai l.i l .In; ?S?a&>8TK;'tiEN v/iiitnkv. .u. Ti..ju.j...,n, ? ! ,.>il a. atiiive, h?r rrcular d*y. Thia ?lii|w HrrommiNlilioiM for cabin, . ennd cabin, and i W paii.n.'i r?, an- titled ii|> in n nn?t iii|?rior ?t>li, and Ik-rib i an Im- acr.nn d on mode rait term., bv .111| '1 * nm on board, foot i Maiden lane, or to ULOVF.fl McMURRAY, 100 Pin- .t reel, corner of Soil ill. P. 8.?Pcraona w i.hing to ?end for their friendi reaidins in tli old country, c.m liair tin in brought out by the aii>.vi - arnji. < any of the regular picket., by <at*|il> iiivc a. above, (it by I. ttt | o.t paid.) mil OLD "LINK OI> LIVERPOOL PAtKhTT R< fcitbu Packet of the J?)th May?The splendid we] wn fa?i sailing i>ackrt?liiM COLt 'MBI'8, ( *j fliti Cole, wii! tail positively on Tl.unuay, the 19th her r?|ilir da Her arcoinin datum* f r cihiu, awnd cnbin and vtecrag* passengers, art; well k;:uwu to be far superior to an; jfher. For lerinj of passage, u,>;!y on hoard, Knit of Betkman street ROCHE, BROTHERS St CO., W Fulton it. ni it door to the Fulton Bank Persona desirous of sending to the old country f?r thel friends ran brought out in the Columbus, sailing from Liver I .11 iif ;th Jul. , "i m "i the packet < mprtain the Old l^ine, sailing from the above sort punctually on the 7tl ntid 19th of each month. For terms apply wabore. mile "AAv. FOR NEW ORLEANS-To sail on U luh ii Wfint.?Tie- suiH-rior. Ia-?t s.iilimr p-icket -.hip. A! H \. < apt. Ditrfyf will shiI h? .ib?u* lei t gnl* wv?ti *. *tt(><?i r 'teroniinodatiou. for c.ibin, 2d cjbu* auJ ?(??i age l t ?eflirt . Apply I.' JOHN HF. RDM AN. in 1 r?r 61 S??utli stir !. i )Xkk ~obT.Ri i v" hX pp, >1 wIhi from LivcrjHil?I in jifiu rr i>t', ;d? b\ tlii? ves i I, will ple vce *riel their fn, mil* oil l?< uJ >i pier Ni*. II L'. it or io fl.a otiK*. of lie- -ill ib AJI *iA>! in.* jiernottcd in live days, vsill he ?ent to the pul HOC HE BROTHERS U < () inlin I* ultun st., nest door to the Fulton Bin': hi] vC' >s coHTsf.?THoTTi:s"(r. VJ A'i I'UDAY, .May }i.h. * > ? .if >Vl.?r* ' match fur $.Vinf two milt l> nf% i Inrnn*. r. W. rki tiarnr* h. g. Tltnin ?* J? fFei!?oii. H. Join - do. i;. jr. t?rv. Ka^k. I mm- 'lintel y iifti r a match for $500. mik lirat*, be.t three u fu r ill hllll';h?. (4. Sprer (limn hr. *. jfector. If. Woodruff (h. *. ni. K?fe Horn. Immediately alter a mitrli for $!.0(>0, two nah in har nt**. t . Wffki name* r. K CJnakrr. W, Wh? f Ifli ilo. br. m Dntcheu ml32l#i hacks'?boston \\ In IN THF KIKLL) WITH MAKINKK?HOCK MILK 11 BATS. .jwtrhi-d a. fViMnw. L>'??ri lino'im.vN. \l'I oVlork, I Ai 's, r- in. ||M?UH | '. ii. 'l 1M?? I*. Ann fflum at !?? i In*.- th>- i i. .. Km- 2/> r< nl? <f *?' tnlJ lt*r 1-NlON CnrKSK, LuX<; I SLA VI > ~ r|M!lH PAY RfllDA V.?firm race nt <>n/ |. ? -Sw ?e; * *tW?-mili' $25 each. John H^fcrty enter* Prima Donna, by i:?i?oried Triam, yaari old. Samw I Laird i titer* Ti-mp. =r. bv imported TrUnfe*, dam Jn n?Ue, l year* old. Hermwf Race :i oVIorlr?Pur*?- $l.nnn b mile hfiu. Samuel Laird enter* Marimr. by Shirk, dam Bnunrta of n * year* old. , Win It. J .hnton entrrt D >?ton. by TimoUon. dam Strf Inrta^ Thirit llarc?Pur* SKO. entrance 10 per cent. which m nddc* to the |Hir?e. i wo mile heat#. A. V. ( oporer er.tri* k. c. 1 vein old. bv Moninf nth bfl l" dam John Ri? h*r h. t hdio Mi.'fertf cnK'ri Ifeiden, by ?mi orte.i Tnutrr. dant i ^ | ca. 4 > arm old. I4) 1 A III it*t UK lllli PARK THKATRB. I HI ! EVENING, M?> 13?1 h' will c< %? if K a ? THE WEST END. r Sir Win. D.urrntiy , 11 m,l? | \lajur Ku?, C)upi*n<Uli*. il Supplr, B ut\ | Earl Stall iiu.f', Clarke , l,?ly Win. UiirMry, \lia? C tubman. - To rtmrluilr with j Pill SO NEK OK WAR, l>j.l. I iilUlirl, I lllppiu ielr I Llrul. Klirtir: I. iilT/ Madam.- La lUi, Mr*. Whe.tly. M i.lam. \ lolrtie, ' Ira. Birrv. Bourn, $l?I'll, M . - !? ?(iall. ,4, j, ,, ,]i? CHATH A >1 THEVritin J. K. WOm BENF.I'IT. 1 THIS EVENING, May 13.? 1 lie i*t-ifoiioai,Lr will cormiioijca with THE MAI QUEEN. I Infill II..11 yrr, J K S. ?(t | Srrfil. St, ,,l,eu 8amp, ILel 1 . Mvy Bo t? \ or, Mi a Me.iavrr To l*?* follow rd by 1 DOUGLAS. Villilm Xora'ial, iliel.l ( Oleiialtoii, I HS.-.-.M Lady, Ii. Mia Blake To eonciiiilo witii t THK ADOPTED CHILD. Mirhi'l. J R Scntl | Spruce, C M?*?tay<r I Lady t l??r t, Mr* Dress cu ? v 1> Pit, i'.'S?Privalr B?>wi, Si. btl'MPic THBATB"Mr. NIC K IN SON's BEN K FIT. THIS EVENING, Mij 13.?Tl> |?ilWinni'*? will conin' urn Willi LOVES* OK THE ANGELS. J il'. Miiclii II I Koiili. Horni'ailU l.ilii, Mr.. Mowoi'. * A!\-r which, THE WHITE IIOKHE OK THE PEI'PEHS. h Orl.'lil Pr|i|. , . Nl. Ulli.iill | .\?.lllu, Mis \loia.i|i !' To rnlK'luilr w itli 1- THK MAN Alifil T TOWN, r SLirl . M'( ulrliruii I Hours.i! * .? riuni Bitr,, Mi.? Snujlcton i, Drni ( ireln, Mceult?I'l in-r Bot> 4, 3.'.. .int.?Fit, U.?Pri vain Buiri, SJ ; N KMTk ORK MPs KW r (Late Pftle^,) iVtf. *26*2 Broadway, oppoicile the City Hall. e UIUDA\ K\ E.NI.N'Ci, M ?y J'!.? r.ijith appeuauce of VANf i- KKhHILL. , Fifth appearance of Mr. Austin Phillip n. Mis. Hard wick w ill *1:14 a number ??f favorite aoufpi. i? Lecture Room peii'oriuane* ? even* Wedu^day and Saturday afternoon, <( ii o'clock. r Tickets or n? ? iK.rforma.irr to commence at lull' )?ut I d^h( oVIock pre* isrlv. mljr AMBK1CAIV miSRvW. "" pORNER OF BROADWAY AND ANN STREET ? 1'. T. BAKNUM, maiiaccr.?In order to accommodate tlw i* immense crowds which attend here, the Lecture Room ha* t been enlarged. The mysterious G1P8DY GIRL can be con , suited dav ami evening. She \\ the greatest wonder of the a;:** f From b o'clock, A. MV. to j !'. M. she can b<i pnwuly consult ed as an orach , or foreteller of future event*, free of charfe.? i* Mr. Wiitchell, tin* Comic Drolleiist, Mis* Rosnlie4 the chaxminj; vocalist from New GrUntis, also La Petite 1 ?-leite. tbi be iu(ifuI dancer. ExiwoimeiiU in Animal Maxim! istn on \ child three years old. FALLS OF NIAGARA with r-itl \\ iier; PN ETMATIC RA1LIU1AJD; ALBINO LAD V FANCY GLASS BLOWING;^^and Cosmorauu, and .V.-v . 000 curiosities. A * .inpany of Indi.n Warriors and S*juaw?. I A splendid dav performance place u\ur> Wednesday and Sutnid.ty afternoons. Fi\? hundred tame Mac'., xrc> au! Cu\ H ;u. u L, from duo, ) may be scan here^ skip) i u about nair.*' a? liv*', ** in/li?:ix uative forest*. They are be intiful pets, and ..rt for sale uugly or otherwise. Admittance to the whole 21 cents?-ceiid re n half price, mG \'At XHALL ClAKbV.N SALOOji.?Th? public u. K ? iiiecdlilly informed that tfai above name J j?lict ?<* amuat mcnt having uuder^one a thorough repair, has tog brea r??* ? ! in a beautilul manner, new ly painted ami thoroughly ventilated, I tit- manner assure* the public u? .t noplace ot aim** r-.cut in the city, will tie found so cool and comfortable during, die unmet eveaings; it wlU open foi pfHbrttuuaeaa in wt d . lYrfo.invrs of merit wiahiiiic eng*;??mcnt may address the sub scriber. post paid, Viuxh.ll Gud-u. e I W. I M H O! ^ ' \HI). ? J. LABlNKAl* ii,. . || | nai iif ii q.ivv ni.n n;r an.I lnrniJ. placing at liu Id stauon C tUle G Ttl? n B/ulge, no aU-u ih**ia?ict May, a new hall Watci Floating Bu!\ flit* magn (uJr, safety o?d 4 oiirt'iiifiici- of which, ho lioiti will gratify liis f.imd?, in 1 i.itercst the public. H h.u added a Re! rectory and ColfV It o;n, with many other comforts lor use, not abuse, under the diiec* tion of Air. Dou/ia** ?>i" the Crescent, a gentleman not. iii.iru Ichr than one ol the beat caterers of mir ritv. Come take >oui b th, yourcoffee, read the paper.. and go tohe* trots. ml32t? VTATIONAL A( ADKM? OK DE8JUN.?TV Aiir.u^ Kxhibitioti is now oiieii from 10 o\ loch, A. NL until lu o'clock^ P. M. Admission 25 cents? Season Tickets W> cents. Catalogues \2}% cents. _ J. WH1TEHOUSK, Secretary. pARD. AND NOTll K TO TRAVELLERS, un the Public generally, resident in the Stale of New \ <>rk vu?l . Western Division of ihe rouiiliy'. Messrs. WELt H MA NN hope and brlicre thry c in pre , sent to the losers of the mdde srience, llofkrmaiuhip, a yiiw! *pU-ndid Circus Company of Riders, each a picked tfintsLriaii and a star hi his own dtjiarl merit. f The Grand T* lit Salmon is in w, s|iaciousl and highlv aceonj modaiing; the housing and decorative trappings are rich, novel, and of the very tirst order. The Orchestra commisf-s the best available Native and Foreign Talent, ami will enable the lovers of music to heer ft** finest comj?ositions of the Great Masters admirably played.? Anion* the performers will be fouud the names of the universally celebrated C. J. ROGERS, the Star of tlw Sou.h, ih all kiis h-auriful Shaks|iearean and magical one horn-.t t*?). J . Cadwalladrr, and Ins wonderful pupil, John Olenroy, w ik o our tray their beautiful one, two and tiiree horse nrt> <>i .,tn rMic * ballet, aided by the four Misses Wells, the most tuleaiiisd and ' interesting chil/lren in the Uniou. ,. The astounding Italian Gymnastic Bctna of Ah. Risley and his infant son, must electrify ?11 who behold a series of -uch ' wonders ! i The magnificent Poses of the four Hununrim Cousin* ' The fast tunable ami astonishing Equitation ot -in %Jt y?ni romjwnv of Ladi?'4, headed by tin* accomplished Afy. J&iiS SMITH, cannot fail t?? excite a sen ration a* iur|irt*fitg us ?|o '* liirhlful. The greatest livii g Acrobat, Mr. (?. Sweet. wilim?\ i lay his superb Equilibriums a;id sph ndul L) .aces on tl?e Tight 1 Rons. 1 The first Comic Binder of the Day, Mr. Diikiujuii, will occasionally introduce a series of the nu?*t poptd.v winift?tlw /real East Indian Necioniatic Feats by Mr. Jennings. | '' Most superalatiyu Egyptian Pyramidical VauUiu : by a fully talented troupe?single horse acts *?f dash ami da?e, by Mr Howard. Twenty par formers will represent Grand Historical Cava) uade Pageants, w ith tue beautiful stud ??f Horses, e And in accordance with the taste of the dn> th?* irawt excelt. lout and popular specimens of Ne^ro Snni: and D-ino* b.thal t- monarch ol lleel and Toe, the iiu'ompaiable John Smith, aided p. b} light heeled Tommy Coleman, tb? great B iy? 1 r \V. Cnesnnt, Mid the Prince ol P - mini . ?, R, H ifftnai. MBLOK. DR. LAUDNEK S LECTURE*. 7r Last Corgsr. , _ KOI l( EVENINGS, Mi?ndav, Tn??d:?v Wednesday and Thursday. On each ev?uiiig TIIRihK LELTl'I*ES will bed?|i? . (j with intervals between Uu-iu. Nhuie of the Lectures of the b??t cours* will b*- ,?; ii??d iu the ,j present one. First Frcnutg, MONDAY EVENING, MAY Huh Paur I. ? THE STF.1M ENGIXE. i, Popular exposition of the iiiventi?uis of Watt?anerdxHrs ot life?difficultirn encountered by him?structure and operation of th?- Steam Engine ms u.ed in the art-? ami inaimfacturec. j" Thi i?Hit will b; illudrafal |p the eomfiletc collection of 1 St i tional and Working ^lodeL coiutrncfej by Dr. I.anion for !{ his lectures. I?Y B? i-ei Workiin: .NLnlel of a low prs-ure ccndermir.. Str.nn Engine, [ i- a?. d in the art* and orihitfaclure*?idiow low * the cylinder, air pump, t omh n^ i unl tin 4 pump%?die .? vei d pa it? tl? op* ration.] J?A Didactic Sectional Model of tlie same machin ^invent I hy Dr. Lardiier, for | ublic Lecturer?show ing all u?e 1mern.1l 14? 11. ufl'the m ichine moving ami working sr. they do id the ' ml engine. This mod. ] will bt. ke ?i in motion h\ the wo luug I model.] <?A Model of tin* Machinery of the I aired Suites' Friede Nlixsoiiri, [prepared for these Lectures acrordiug to the metlu/d ~ of Dr. LarniieiA didactic mothh, by Charles ? ope land, Eft], II Eugim < r ol the I'nit' ti Bfates tKivernmcn^.J e ^ 1?A Motlel of tb?* Marhiciiery of the Cuired Stales1 Stsairt ? Fii.'i.e iri ) irp. 1 ration, under the upcrintemhacc of C iptaiu Srocknm?cmistAict-d for tlv. ?? Lectures, under the direction of ?' fiptai. Stockto-i and .tm. j ? A Mod< I of the S ib A ue ut (*iom 1U 1 io enlid I > he plied by ' aptaii) EriCson to (hi? F rigate. A MoJcl of the Valve Marhiucry of the Coited Sutes Fiigate Mis?iSMppi, |ue|?aied by Mr t o^land, I'nittd Suiei Enmnrer. r ~'~r^ MoJt I of the Amencw Locomotive, Victoria, imputed to EmcltrnJ for one of the British Railroads, C4?uMructi d ac? i ing to the |Jr. Laiduer's method, under the direction of Mr iv Dodge, of New Y'crk, fauth i of the Ti*.*atise utithc Htrain Ll. rine, I itefy publisher! J and Dr. Lardner. " ??A Didactic Model of . Lnti.b Locomotive Eo eiue, in tit in ok t improved foiffi; a< at present worL?d on , Kngiisb Kml Roads?1 oiistrucied under tiie dir?ct?uu of Mr iF'dfp anil Dr. I. irducr I'll: 1 II. i+IFOlSIFR St?tc >1 i henu. il S. 14 nee \h fore l/?l> Theory of Suid? ~ _ ?liliir PI'IIIUK 01 I'licdhv slid Scheeli?Lt* o??ier?iUiiCttr of I hi? uriiius?|m rMiinl iin (di'le? >! him?Ins methoil of irivesCigation?hi. in at di .< .v. r, i t 0?yk*ett?tba??ry of Conibust<oii ml Oxidation?De? mp*??ifion "f wafer?nduri of aciJ?? J Stahliau ch? ui. i.y ov? .dirovvu?la*i J b rvol Lxvois*. r?bss Wit 1 Ei .1 nr.. oral :;ud ( hi iaksI Hit.. ti-.?oni I art III : 1 Tf/F FfXFD ST.UiS. Fi.i 1/ Lifi tmui< ?di ikiic# brightness?their atrdofy to tbc Sun?Double StM*.?Temporary Stars?Period*: Hun To be ilJmtjafi d by A Telescopic Diorama ol* the Fi imDH.r.:. Stiowju/ the H .n< fs i.ud S*t? lines th? rn wt rnstiLnblr Cofnitl I horn cbavriujrs muir l?y wrtnUfflmi ni Attruo* oirrt, the Double nrid Binary iud Colored Stir*, t*keo from lit' observation* and catalogue* of Sir William and John I It .*4- I. ami Sir J m *a South ; Tllfc STKLLA CLUSTERS : Ami r.iijri|,al N? tu :? taken In m Tek* o;ic Driwinge, by lfr.*ch*I, South, Messier. md othcr ob*erTer?. This ncc .or. in r seutafion of the He r*,D*. s an#-n through a POWfcllFl L.REFI.K?;TI nO iele coie ('overt ait extent of about These Thou*?uii Square Feel of . Ctnvaii. 'I he hirmarmnt mil |h- presented *1 it w* ul<] V ,ern be an oWncr pl*c? d ou th- Equator of the- Earth, looking tow lf,U flw Li*t, th* t iew limited about forty dvgitcs ,m *- .ch vide < ! t' ' ' I *'i*l Ei|U tlor. Tin olyerta Hill l< * how ii ruiiifc vue. ' r^4lV,v. u,,*ii tbe whole circumference of the Heavens ?ball t?-aa - 1m rn < ahiliitcd. None of the Lectures of the firat course H ill be r'p*-atcd duri?ur the j?re%? nt week. .\ilmirtanec M e? nta. FiiSaritptmn Tickets to Four Lectures, not IraOkfrr iblr, SI. Poor* open ?t 7. To commence at o'clock m 13 . MKLMONT MALL" THE SI'M.Xas, NEW JERSEY. rPHK citizens are once more ineitrd to turn froitth* busy haunt* of life, to enjoy for a seison th?- invi401 atmjr and health, l?r# e*es of the country ; and whither can th*y he ? w IJ ri*|wid a* by a f? w w k* spent at B hnonl 11*11/ 'I hi* ? i known fasnhmtblc retreat oflVr* every indue* ment to the iro*t V|Ui?H< taste, rnmhtuiny; line par*- sir wi?h uiirivalb d mowut On seen* r.. The invalid 1* urged to fry it? healing madicinal natera, This |>iirr chd> U ate ha* pr ifo. ined Hoodrrlul enrea, to which are y.irlv ?dd?-d many nitwiu**. Belmont II H i* situated in the midst of S|>l"tt<li<l )*?rk of many ?crt?. n* .n1 v 2000 leet *)mvr tide water*, ah r indh'fUf i? left uwl 'iM which cin add to the comfort 01 enjoyment of it* niimrmui l*ationa. f ool and warm ha'h*. delicu u*' s, meitinc kes. ?n yea with their k? rrnadiot; ?on??t -ra, dishing cacat-ict*. fo*nitm! wafer,ill*. shady walk* and a splendid ..nnmer hyase lati v tn et' td. * er the spring, which In I li|f* to BelinoUl I Ml. with tailhfill Hnitem. good c.n-k*. 1 hoi. ( ? i .ihI*, ap,?eloiu Ik d rooms. I iriu.v drawinr m.1 dining njw?M, umfrd with nm*|e tame*. ' ,,.l .niMint 1 .n, . for fin- l/oli-, fr; ?h <rr m 1,.^ ?~-.t ?ul,l.-? ,u ,... Mill! ml All Ion irrmn Irrm. In . I'lll r ?< 1 In t mI" *'*" JOHN IIIM'llvlW, '* nil !w*r Hfli.?o!cv'? M 'iiiit.ioi. IMomul II ill, Muy |?, 1J12, BOOK- KEEPING. rPHE f/ountma rooms of C. f. MAHSH, Ci Cedar r.r ef, I rontinio- ojieii front S A. M. to 0 P. VI. hi r tint men 1. md otlir r% ma* ?*?! !. naelTea if a C era f i ion that is truly practical ; ??i?r th?| embrace* * remj h-fe nil* fiae of commercial tr.naaction* and meretr.tili esVilitiia*? oai in which the *tii ieui a< lually ke*|* a *t f of l?ook? in a counting hou*e. To tho?e h no are acquainted with the advertise r*? rej?nfation, he draire* to ?ay. that lis principal work on Book-keeping ha* pasted into ten editions ; that it receives the prefers nee in the New York fSal lie Schools, slid of bar large 1 institutions ; and that he himself In* the honor 01 {^1* |Himfed teacher of for the 'Merssfittle Library Association" rrf thi* city. Pnwpectuses, with brm?, may be had at the counting rooms as share aa Im lis AN APPKENTirfc "!FAH"fikVR-Wanted iinrnvdiately at Vo. 1 Barclay strttt, Aator House. inllJttsr

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