Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 15, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 15, 1842 Page 1
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tea ! . TII ] Vol. VII.?No. 418. Whole No. WM. NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Tn t'Kr-a New 5 .irk >11 the aftth aud Liverpool ou the 13th of tach montij. Khom Ntw Yutta. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Dei.ey.ter, ?th May. Ship GAKHICK, Captain Win. Skidtly, ISUi Julie. Ship R08CIU8, Captain John Collins, 25th July. Ship SIDDONS. Caiilain E. B. Cubh, 25th AuguU. Kno* LlVERroOL. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb. 13th June. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Deiieyster, 13th Jnly. Ship (iARRlCK, Captain Wm. Sltiddy, 13th August. Ship ROSCI US. Cat.tain John Collnu, 13th September. These ah ins an all ofthe lir.t data, upward* oi IIJOO ton*, built in the city of New York, with such improveineutt at combine great *|ieeil with unusual comfort lor jias.eugei*. Evary care has be< u lake u ill the arraugi liieiit of their accomuioilatioiu. , The pure of |cu*age hence it SlUO. for which ample i tores will be provided. Thcae ?hip? are commanded by eiiwrieticed master*, who will uiaka' every evert ion to give general vatiafaclion Neither the captains or owners of the vliii* will be rei|>onsihie for auy letter*. |iarcel* or package* s?nt by tiiam, uuleas regular b lis of lading are signed therefor. The* nip* of thiv line will hereafter go armed, alnl their peculiar construction givrs litem security not iwssetse.1 by any other but vessel* of war. '?TrC(TuTs it&t0V, South New York, or to WM. A J AS. BROWN * CO.. Livrrjiool. Lattrrs by the parkcts will be charged 12,*^ cents |>er single sheet ; M cent* per ounce, and newspaper! 1 ceut each. in7 NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SECOND LINE.) yfiv Tn^diip^sf this line will hereafter leave New York on the lit and Havre on the 16th ol' eacli month, as follow* : Front iVru' York. From Havre. The new ship ONEIDA, C 1st March I 16th April Captain < 1st July < Pith August James Knock, ( 1st Novemberf 16th December Ship BALTIMORE, \ 1st April I 16th Ma* Captain < lit August < 16th Se|iteinber Edward Funck, r 1st Deccem'rt 16lh January Ship UTlCA, C 1st May i 16th June Captain s 1st Siqitemb'rs 16th October Frederick Hewitt, ( 1st January r 16th February New sliipST.NICOLAS, C lit June ? 16th July Captain < 1st October < 16th November. J. B. Pell, ' 1st February( 16tn March The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, combining all that may be required for comfort. The price of cabin pastase is Slim. Passenger* will be supplied with every requisite. with the exception of wine* and liquors. Qoous intended lor these vessels will be forwarded by the subscribers, free from any other ihnu the expenses actually incurred on them. For freight or passage, apply to BOYD Si HINCKEN, Agents, aS 9 Tontine Buildings. FOR NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. f^^^^sr ueonaoj^mM drnftwrnl ll^w^d to desontch a ship from this pott on the 1st, 5th, Pith, 16th. 20th, and 26ih ol each month, commencing the loth October anu continuing until May, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and ilisHp|Miiotiuuiits will Im prevented during the summer month*. The following ship, will commence this arrangement : Ship YAZOO. Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE, Captain Jackson. Slop MISSISSIPPI. Captain Milliard. siiip Louisville, captain hunt. siii,> S1IAKSPEARE, Captain Miner. Ship GASTON, Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVILLE, Captain Mumford. Sliip OCMULOEE, Captain Lea via. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Sliip MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mnllord. These ships were all built in the city of New York, expressy for iiackets, are of light draft of water, have recently been wlyc<?>pered and put in splendid order,with accommodation* tor passMgcrs unequalled lor comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give Senenl satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up and ov.n the Mississippi by steamboat*. Neither the owners or captains of these shiia will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or for any letters, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of tliein, unless regular bills of huliug arc taken for the same, and the value thereon expressed. For freight or passage, apply F.. K. COLLINS St CO., 56 South St.. or HULLIN A WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The slii|K of this line arc warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods correctly measured. ml STEAM NAVIGATION BETWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, VIA?SOUTHAMPTON. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH (^UEEN, M. M. KKA.SK, Cosimswdeh. The days of departure of this wall-known Steamship, have been fixed as follows : From Antwerp, From Southampton, From New Yotk, On 4th M?v. 1842. On 7th May, 1842, Ou 7th June, 1812 tun. 10:1s July, " 7th Au|., " 7th Sept. " iw'? Sept. " 7th Oct., " Price of iiassagii, meals not included, to Southampton or Antwerp, $70?Stvward's fees, $2 G2,lg. Tlie meals will be served on board, en the plan of a continental hotel, iu the best mannrr, and at Axed and moderate prices. Families or parties may contract for the voyage with the steward. A. experienced Surgeon on hoard. For freight or imssagr, or any further information, apply to H. W. T. Ik H. MALI, Agents, a22 6in*r 41 Beaver strreW NEW YORK AND NEWARK. From the foot of Courtlandt vtreet, New York. (Every day?Sunday ttM spied.) Leaves New York Leaves Newark At 8 A. M. At S P. M. At 7X A. M. At IK P. M. 9 do. 4 do. 9 do. St. do. 11 4X do. 10)? do. J?% dt. 8 do. 7 do. 8 do 10 do. ON SUNDAYS. Fiom tne foot of Liberty street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. /I 9 A. M. and 4,S P- M. At 1 P. M. and 10 P. M. YORK. ELIZABETHTOWN, RAIIWAY AND NEW BRUNSWIck. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty street, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 7* A. AL 4ti P. M. 1 P. M. SOMERVlLLE Stages connect with these lines each way. Fare between New York and Somerville, .10 cents. Do do New Brunswick, 73 cents. Railway, 90 cents. Elizabellitown, 2J cents. The fare in the 7A< A. M. train from New Brunswick, and t\ P. M. train from New York, lias been reduced between New York and New Brunswick, to 90 cents. " and Rah way to 37N " Tby Philailelphia mail line passes through New Bruuswick for New York ? very evening at 9 o'clock. On Sundays the 7>? A. M. trips from New Bruuswick is omitled. Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, receive 1 ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the conductor only oaths- ilay when purchaacd. fellII :tm* IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS. RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the Trans|girtatiuu of Goods between Philadelphia and Pittsburg. W-W This improvement in trans|H-rtatinii alfnidt to Western \lerchvuts peculiar advaiitages. The goods being carefully parked 111 the boats at our warehouse, No. JOa Market sen rt, are carried over the Colombia and Pnrlar- Railways without transhipment. Careful captains and er>~. are employed, who take tiurge of the goods at Philadelphia, and continue with them the entire route, thus avoiding delays and the liability of lots brijtgseparated on the way. NTS.?Passengers forwarded to Pittsburg and Poitaville, every day, Sundays excepted. II. STORKS, Agent, ?12 lm* 7 Washington street. RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINK. csaa reap 4g^ sin THE NEW JERSEY lUilmid .-mm) Transportation Company hate established a Freight Line between New Brunswick and New York, which they iutend to run permanently. Leaving New Brunswick at 5 A. M. daily, (Sundaya et* CfPted) and the foot of Liberty street. ew York, lit 3 P. M. Tii country dealers and merchants thr ibntp line is very ilf airahlc fur Use apredy ami eneap conveyaneu ol mricluMm of every description, and inure iwrticitlarly to Urorrn and Dealers in Li*;1 Slock, who r .11 has f 130 hi ad of caltle conveytd between New Brunawick and New York, the sauit day whenever required. Thr ratra for thr transportation of catllr, horses, mulra, hart'. W', kt. Oil all otlirr kin.In of incrchati.ltst are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Mrrcliaiidise aent by this line ia not subject to any vitra charge in crossing thr NortJi River. Thr Company have fltted up a large storehouse at New Brunswick, ailioiiimg the Railroad Depot, which will always fero|irn for thr reception of merrhamlisr. r.isseinters purchasing their tickets at thr ticket offices, will rerrne W ri) in ursln. ,?l, Jm. FKBIUIIT AkD PAMSAMK TO PITTaBVHO. The proprietors of Bingham's Trans110rt.1tbin Linr to Pittabii"g. give notice to thr Merchants of New York, and all other persons shipping to the West, that their line ia now in arrive operafior (Jonas consigned to thein (or sent to go in their lir. 1 will he forwarded Willi deapateh. Owners or ahip|>era of goods, destined for ihe Western Huti s. who have no agent or consignee at Pituhnrg, will please consign their Is to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will attend to anippiife all sncli consignments without May, All go<nls should he marked distinctly on earn parkage BINGHAM'S LINK. For ratra of freight, whirh are as low as any other line, apply o WM. TY SON, Agent, No. I West street, op|sisite Pii r No, N. R. N. B Passengers forwarded to Pittsburg and Polls I ille.rrery day. Sunday! earepted. Refer to R. Crooks, Amertran Fur Co. ; S, T. Niroll Front street : Phelps, Dodge ik Co Fulton street ; Suy dair Sage It ( 0 'm Rankin, Durve tk Co, Newark. infi 3 m " f.Towku; cr?.'s"inN?." NKWBl R< ,11. l.ui.lww -it ' AID i^MeQaWK.M.'s WKST I'dlNT WD COI.D 2C?-M-dc-M'lll\<i.-The .Ii ainhoit HIOIILANDKR, RoIm it V. udn p, willlt 1 y? fo 't Warren it m I, New York, oyer) Monday, Tbunwla) i Sttttrky iTmibooqi at 4 c?\ lock. Rrturtiin ine Hiicblandci will b trt Nrubunh I. n Mondiy momiRf at I o'tii ivm! I Uy and Friday ait> moon " ? 'Vi. . k. For freight or -*ge, anplv to th?- rapuin on board. N. B.?All bairu^K** and in-itflit of rr?rv d?*cript?on, Hank bilU i 1 ijwcfet imt cm board thia Wat. mini m it ihi riali ortvM ov*n? r? tbrTPi.f, nnlcw ? h.tii^ cipf II licnnl U Uiromi- inU E NE> !'< ?MEROY C O.'S albany, buffalo and (. hhatio express i&msm $-3c, 1 lie tubw'.'fibers are now runniiu' ? rr(ulir Express ovit the Knlroads to and Iroin Allmm and BulF.tlo, and thv interme li it*- l?lwe?, for FORWARDING, at low rates,* ith the utmost speed, regularity and safety, choice Goods, Specie, Bank N ?tes, Important Papers and Valuable I\?cku<? *-p-Will attend t tlie u?- mn-ii, tmialer, collection or payment of Bill* ol Exchange, Not?s, Drafts, Acceptances. Accounts, file., at rear<uible per rentage?execute orders for the purchase or sale of Merchandise, Produce and Manufactured Articles of every description, jk rsonallv, in the t?wns on their route, through Messrs. HARNDEN Ik CO S EXPRESS to New York and Boston.and hawLey u c'o.'s express to ami from Buffalo to Clrtvlaud, Drtroil ami Out-ago uuJ uiirrtiM-dial* |>lar.??forrniiut at onrc the most dirrct. tpacdy and | . rfrct comuiunn-ftlion to and Iruin lint rulrru and weatrru cicleu, lor the in'^otiaiiou and transaction ol all mrrcauUlr and I'IoIVhshuihI bmnieM, remittances, exchanges, fcc. R?Trrrncrt?Frastti* Corning, Thomaa W. Olcott. Wait* Sirruian, A. D. I'atcbin, Noah Lee, James Taylor, Theodore klbaa . . ~ , A^ein-icj? Bennect, Backus it Hswley, t lici; T. A. Smith, S.tumiv ; A. (J. Smith, Auburn ; J. Fargo, Genoa ; J. G. Shepherd. Cuiftmiaigiisi ; David Hoyt, Rochester ; John McK. nstcr, Lnckport ; J. A. Clark, Batavia ; Thomas Blossom, Buffalo. POM FRO V St CO7, No. 5 Exchange Buildings. Albany, ill 3 Wall street, NtW York. FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. REGULAR MAIL LINK Foil W?V|[)KNrh'~M) UOSTON, hi STONINGTON AND NEWPORT, coml? .cd of the followiug superior strainers, runtime in connection with the Stnnington and IV>vid< nee, aud Boston and Provi letter Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captsin Comstock. RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer. NARRAGAN8ETT. Captain Woolly. MOHEGAN, C?|itaiu Vanderbilt. One of which will leave New York daily, (Sunday, rveeoted) from Pier No. 1, North River, Battery Place, at five o'clock, P. M. Fare to Boston, $3 00 Deck pa.sage, J2 25 do. Providence, 2 00 do. do. I SO AaaaaecMKNT. The NARRAGANSKT, on Mondays, Wadnradayi, and l"iiiUya. lor Stoniugton. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, for Stoninylon. Passetigers on the arrival of the steamers at Stoniugton, in > tike the Hailruad Cars and proceed immediately to Provi lie ice and Boston, and for the acconimodation of jerinni travelling between New York and Newport, the steamboat trains will stop at Wiekford long enough to leave and receive passengers. Freight taken at the following much reduced rates I'u Boston, on goods weighing forty |iuunds or upwards to to cubic foot, at $5 50 per ton, and on measurement goods 7 cents lier foot. To Providence, on measurement goods 5 cents per cubic, and spocitic articles ss |>er tarif to be obtained at office 22 Broadway, m31 6u? OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY. FARE REDUCED!! Passage AO cent*?Bertha AO cents. FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRICES, i oVSD yeas The commodious Steamboat WASHING* ; i--- .i e>A-A-jpTON. Captain J. M. Brown, having made | i tilif r arrangements to change her days of leaving New York, will hereafter leave the foot of Hotiiiisou street, New York, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, and Albany, every Tuesday, Thursday*, and St tnrday afternoon, at 6 o'clock, landing on her passage each way 't the foot of Hammond street, Newburgli, P.uighkeepsie, Kingston Point, Cattskill and Hudsou. For freight Or oossace, apply to the Captain on board, Or to D. RANDOLPH MARTl.V, No._I82 West street. m9c FARE REDUCED TO Cli CENTS. STATEN ISLAND FERRY. r'oot of Whitehall street, The Steamers STATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will run as follows, until further notice :? Leaves Stateu Island Loaves New York. i At 7$? o'clock a. M. At B o'clock a. m. " 9 " " " 9 M " " io " 12 " " " 11 " " " lis " r. m. " 2 " r. m. " 3 " " " 3 " " 4>? " " ' J - 6 " " " 6 " N. B. All goods snipped are required to be particularly in i, hed, and are at the ii,k of the ow ners tin roof. in3i PEOPLE'S LINE FOR ALBANY And intermediate places, from the Pier foot of C. **!! ? CnurtUndt street?Fare $1. V MTaL The NORTH AMERICA, Cai.tain M. H. Truesdell, leaves as above on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 3 o'clock. For pas.age or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. SCHULTZ, At the office on the wharf. N B.?All kinds of property taken only at the risk of the o\s ners thereof. in!9r .WA ftA ~ THE' RAINBOW'MORNfNG' LINEtor t.-s -Hi, wi*ALBANY. The low pressure Steamboat JtaJBLiLHAINBOW will leave the foot of Robinson street, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 o'clock. mi_tin*r rffE rAS8AOKFRONU?NOLANDJRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALKS. 1JERSONS desirous of making engagement* for friend* to 1 emigrate from the Old Country to the United State* and who may wish to secure for them despatch and romfortahle accommodations, w ill find it their interest to apply to the subscribers, who are at all time* prc|>arcd to make ?ucli arrangrmenu a* will guarantee satisfaction. The Teasel* conijiosiri: this line are all of the first class, one of which leave* Liverpool weekl), consequently all delay at the |*>rt of embarkation la noided. As has always heen customary with this line, wlo-n those settled for decline coming out, the passage money i* refunded, without any deduction. Passage per steamer from the various |a>rts of Irelaud and Scotland, can likewise be seen red. For further particular*apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Other, 273 Pearl St., Or to C. ORIMSHAW Ik CO. 10 Goree Piazzas. LivertmoL. Exchange or drafts at sight, and for ony amount, ran likewise lie furnished on the National Bank of In land. Northern Rankin; Co., National Bora <>l Ssconatui, nayanie at an (neir teapective branches: also, on R. C. Olyn & Co., Bankers, Loudon, ninl C. Grimsnaw x t.o., Lnerpoo' ui3 lm*c FOR SALE?The fast sailiuz A 1, coppered and i.TylrVcopper faaten-d ship VENICE, burthen M7 tons, or 'Ht 7 Sot I barrels. This ship was built in Philadelphia, in I Rat, fn the most fiilliful manner, was salted ou the stocks, ami coppered wit1: heavy copper, on which sli- lias nut ie rGirmrd a voyage to Chins and bach?Is well calculated for a European packet, or for the India trade?Has a full inventory, and now ready to receive a cargo. Is now offered for sale to close a concern. Lies at pier 5, North River. For terms, apply fe> BOYD St HINCKEN, a9 Brokers. 9 Tontine Biddings AFOR HAVRE?Tlie superior French brig ,\fTVPJWy.VF.DE, Captain Oirandean, will lie promptly ilia'Htrli. d. For freight or pas-age, apply to mile BOYD It HINCKF.N, No. <t Tontine Building. FISK73~COMBINED SUMMER BAKER AND COOK STOVE, FOR COAL OR I FOOD. A ATWOOD, Patenter?Prices from $6 50 to $12.?'The .* Rues, furnace and front of this Stove is made of cast iron, aud lias a large fire oven attached to it, which will do nearly treble the cooking of the largest sized ordinair Cook Stoves.? The orifice of riie furnace will admit a boiler measuring sis | iwils, or fifteen gallons, and by the use of the division plate, kettles suitable for boilinz four different dishes; in addition to all this, two fowls or a large piece of mrg may he roasted ip front, and all done with less than 5 ceuu |*:r da>? for proof of whicli we refer to those who bars used them. FISK'S Stove Establishment, 209 Water street. Read the following certificates, in addition to which over two Im'idred more can bo seen by calling at the store, FISK'S Stove Establishment, 209 Water street, rsrw i ork. h roui ?rr?#*i. yin April, iriz. Mewrs. Fisk, Zf?0 Wiler streel? Amv.?i th<* variety of SloTei which h*re come to my notice, the one I oar chased from >ou <rit? tdtckltd yifeiMt. I hive mm it flnriiv tR tae im* sobs, and w?uld moot cheerfully recommend it to the public, as in my opinion susceptible of no improvement for simplicity I or economy, and worthy of more praise than can be appreciated without a trial of it, I ?tn, with resiK-ct, yours, Hcc. A. PERKINS, Pastor of the Bureau (Baptist) Church. Mr. Fisk, 209 Wafer street?The Summer Store which I purchased of you last spring, 1 have had in live till now tnd that may be done bv it, for its economy. Suffice it to say, that with &ii occasionally eitra fire, we have r?>oked for from tS to 96 Persons, with ei?oui(h less fuel to save mow thanti, price ol the store. MRS. BUEL, 63 Fulton street, March 25, 1*42 il3 In CHINA GLASS A N D EARTHENWARE. 8A8TOH HOUSE.?French Porcelnin Dinner Sereice., 113 iiiwri. 00 i White Granite, Ho Ho 112 Ho 13 00 j French, or Elisli'h Porcelain Tea SeU, 32 Hn 4 110 Dinner Plate., French Porcelain, per doteti, 1 W Do do Granite, blue or wliite, Ho I 00 Soup, Ho Frenel, Porcelain, Ho 2 00 Do Jo Granite, blue or whitr, do I 00 Tea Cii|H anil Saucer., (24 piece") French Porcelain, I 30 Eg* Uu|i?, Ho Ho 37 Gla.i, Cut Wine., per Jolen, from I 3" Do Tumbler., Ho Ho * )* Lemonmle., handled, do * fe Tmr CCTLCBT. Of the finest discriptinu., in ?eU or doyen., ?t the low twice of $12 the ?et. Ju.t opciicH, a haoiienne aaaoitment ol Toilet Ware. 1 R. SIMPSON. N.B.?Agent for the .ale of Simpson'. Eai CorneU, for the relief of drifiiru, mfi l.n*c STRAW GOODS. T BENNETT, importer and manufacturer of Italian and r" En^'reh Screw Good., re.pertfully inform, hi. customer, that he has re mured hi. r.tabli.hment fmm 9 William ami 36 I latt, to 3tl John .treet, where hi* continue, to keep a .plcndid and eileiHire a?ortinent of ladi. fi.hlonahle Straw Good., French uid Eticlkh Dnrwtable*, Italian Rntland.. fine Tulare, . anry Shellworka, Prince Albert Straw. Ike Iic -Ala"i ?n entirely new article, the Whit. Siberian Htir Bonnet for tlie slimmer?rt mn?e. .11 the ,ty|c, a. yet introdueod, being e.tnmrly lucht, beautiful, white ami durable. m24 lm*m MEDICAL AID. INVALIDS including a certain rla?. ?f unfortunate ?icI tim., .who may lie in nerd of medieal or nntir.l, tinee, thould call at 31 Mott street near f'-hillnm xinaie where reside, a physician long accustomed to itdmini.Icr in such rise,. Tli- Doctor ha. publi.hed a litilr Ixmk on p irao complaint., which he ?el|? at 3n cent., i,a those olio ma. I? I.Uirin iiioh r a long j.oir.ri, ,1 Conrae .,f uoeiir. t.lul tr. hum nt. Tin. little treatu, mil I*. ,,f much imp irtance hy .howins the eau?e?, and al.o the effect, Or likely to ari.r fiom hail treatment, (the iwrtinilais in thi. reflect could not lie .et forlh in an adrertiiement.) Dr. Gregory doe. not limit hi. attendance to a few hour., but m.y l? tunnel ai home at any hour of day or night, (ohw-rir tliai No. It i. not a dm* alore)?hi. room, are well arrui*. <1 for the reception of patient., and hi? charge, moderate, mil Jt#c I I W O NEW YORK, SUNDAY I DR. K. FELIX GOURAUD'S 1 POUDRES SUBT1LKS, FOR ERADICATING 111'MAM SUPERFLUOUS HAIR. T^HE above preparation Ins received the stamp of public ?!> probation for some yearspast, as the most Mk, speedy mid effectual remedy ev*r discovned lor the complete eradication of human hair. It is decidedly an inestimable article far the toilrt, and has entirely annihilated those deleterious, unc ertain and dangerous compositions which hare been too frequently employ ed. No lovely or beautiful woman, who has the uusightly appendage of a demonstration of a heard on her upper I in, hairy ildi uf thi Cam naoli . h imm ?i hair coMMCtmf a hroid and elevated forehead, should delay a moment ill |m<>curiru' a bottle of this invaluable |>owder. When applied cold, this preparation is used by some iu lieu of a lisor for removing the hearJ, which it r (Tacts with more ease, with as much rapidity, in a more satisfactory manner, and at less eiINiiue, while at the ssiue time it lea\c* the >kiu mil and deli* cute to the touch. To uproot the beard it is applied warm, according to directions accoinpauy nig each bottle. Pries* one dollar. GOURAUD'S EAU UK BEAUTK, or True Water of Beauty, for i*moving tan. pimples, freckles, bloches, morjdiew, fitc.. realisnur delicate white neck and arms, md eliciting: a healthy JUteliile *puear*rw~ I. ? r k.ifl.* |t.*?v?r? of ?im> nous imitations of tm? cvltorateu cuainet,*, <?i tnr mo?r oeieterious nature, utterly ruinous to the complexion, and by its letN'llaut action iimiriotu to health. oOURAL'D'S VEGETABLE LIQUID ROUGE, com|H?scd materially from flowers and sitmdes, imp* t? . delicate toseate tin.'e to tiie cotuide&ion. immovable bv rubbing with a Iuit<lkcrrliit-f 01 liiivu cloth. 1U ctsuU i>*r bottle. GOUHAUD'S BLANC D'ESrAGNK. or Si*j?i?h Lilly White, givei to tut coutKt'iiaf cc * i??ire lift- like a lab** tar whiteness, eirmi?t from the imurious piO|K)itit'? K?Der&ll> couiluiird with preparations tor tin* puriKMe. 25ctutJ( put up 111 elegant bottles. HfUit-iiibt'i ! Tlw alio?* celebrated ctmnelics am to be had at tli*old established <Xhce, 67 Walker street, oue door from Broadway, and at !t 17 Broadway. Afl?.*T?.?New York?Albany, Alex. Guthrie, No. 4 Maiden Utr-Uuci. O. L. Brown, nerfumrr, Grnesue street? Poujfhk* -psie, J. Gray?Buffalo, j. Hindnie, 157 and 302 Main street.?-I'tntisylvania?Philadelphia, Mrv Brown. 70 Che?nul street.?MarvUnd?Baltimore, Setli S. 1 lance, Pratt street.? District of Colambu?WashiMtop, 8r Ibi hflier, hwylf? ilia Avrntu?Alexandria, C. C. Berry.?Virginia? Hit-hmond, Mrs. Frayser, F street.?Connecticut?Middletown. E. C. Ferre?New Haven, A. Law, Chapel street? Hartford, WelU Humphrey, 178 Main street?Norwich, William Faulkner.? Massachusetts?Boston, A. S. Jordan, 2 Milk street?Lowell, G. A. Carle ton U Co., City Hall?Lynn?Dr. A. L. Holder? Worcester, M. D.Phillips, Briitley Place?Snriiitfticjtl, F. A. Cowles Main street-Lee, Bull U Field?Mem, W. L S. F. Iv??s?Newburvinart, Charles 11. Hodfe..-New Hampshire? Portsmouth, W. II. Preston.?Maine?Portland, T. llayes & < o jsnror. Whittier 4*. Guild?Hallo wall, F. Bcwioa.? Rhode I ?land?Providence, Charles Dyer, jr., Westminster strut t. ? Ohio?ColaouiXlt Summer Clark.?New Jersey?T. Seabrook. Princeton. Every bottle of Dr. Gourard's Cosmetics has his name with the name of prepuratiott, and New York, brown on the four sides, and his fac simile engraved on the wrapiwrs of the Poudres Subtile*. None oilu r are genuine. al3 Im* ARTIFICIAL TEETH. ON THK PRINCIPAL OP ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE. FROM THE COURIER AND ENQUIRER. DENTISTRY.?It i. not often tliat we permit ourselves to speak in terms of eulogy of discoveries oil subjects which Jo licit come within our province. Wr hive not sufficient knowledge to do it, in tlir tint place, mile,, indeed the object be visible or tameable,and this ii the ease in the present instance. 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Plraa. rail rwdRr for yoaraal..., mil lm.od RK H HORNING, MAY 15, 1842. Court of Common Pleat. Before Judge lnglis. Mat 7.?John H'in/ringhnm v?. Jam** L Ma gnu*-?Thii j, was iui action for slander. the damages laid et $4,000. The ,, plaintiff is a highly reapectabls inhabitant of the Second { Ward, and ihe defendant a native of Germans , and a mem- ? her of the Jcwnli persuasion, occupy inn a store belong- i, iug to plaintitl at l jj William street. The store was for- \ merit part of that now occupied by Mr, W., but u as di- ,r vidol off. The dwelling part of the building is ocrupidd ,| by plaintiff and his family. The defeu lunt plead his own cause, and made consi- i, derable sport from the manner in which he examined the w witnesses. Mr. Nash appeared lor the plaintiff. In opening the ^ case lie said that Mr. Wintringhiim resides at lift William tf street, and that bis daughters and sons live with him. In I?41 he rented the store to the defendant, who occupied it ,j for Ihe sale of dry goods. Some time after moving in, \, Magnus, for some cause or other, commenced abusing the ti plaintiff and his wife and daughter, calling them every- \ tliimr lie euuld la> l.i< <>.. il.uisi. r*_, 1 Iiut, hu met a young woman in the street, who resided at , ihr house of plaintiff, called hera trull, an 1 asked her if y die win going to Wintritighnm's brothel." lie liaa fre- ,, queutly ni l !e use of such language, and done everything <v tx> i.ijuru plaintiff, earthing iiia 0|>|>oaition and abuse so l4| far ai to create serious injury to the reputation of Mr. Wintriligham and his fmnily, to sav nothing of the annoyance mil persecution he has caused to thein. Mr. W. bore it its long a? In- could, but tinnlly was compelled to bring this ucliou. Besides keeping store, Mr. W. has hern constable ? of the Second Ward lot more than jfl years. The defend- w nut. Mr. Magnus, had engaged a very able and worthy 0 gentleman, Mr. Charles Sherwood, us counsel, but from e viuie reason or other, has concluded to conduct hiscase in c psfsou. Alter able remarks, Mr. Nash proceeded to call ? Iiia witnesses. Maiiuaiiei A. C. Richahds (a young rosy cheeked wo- h man) sworn.?Resides at the house of Mr. Wiiitringhum. d lit crossing the Park, towards the Sun office, on the foreiioou of the 'JOth Dec. Inst, 1 met Mr. Magnus. He calh-J t, me names, and asked mo if I teas going to Wintringham's brothel. He lias often made use of such language. The $ witness then alluded to other period* when Mr. Magnus d abused the family. She was interrupted by Mr. M., who a declare I it wit not in dedeclaration. Mr. Nash then called Mrs. Kilts Groseheck. \ Maonus?1 wish to ask de gcntnmuu what he means to f, prove by dis witness. Nash?1 mean to prove' * * Maims?Uat is not in ile declaration, and you cannot g go to prove dut here now. Eliza Uaosiatca sworn?Resides at 13ft William st. Mr. Magnus? Miusli (suddenly rising)?Oh! oh! oh! I wish to ask c Je gentamnn what he means ta prove. If she was present, she has a right to give de uvidence?if she was not, she | bus not de right?de declaration does not say? Coin?It is not usual for counsel to tell all they expect c to prove. Vou must wait and see. i Nash?What did he say against your father, as to his i keepingwh .bawds, and such? Magnus?I object to dat?she must have been present at do time?it is not in dc declaration. * Nash?Oh, you keep yourself quiet, will you. We'll how jou presently what's in the declaration. Witness?1 have heard him call my father a swindler i and a thief, and he has called my mother a common prostitute, and said Mrs. Richards' was a common prostitute. He has called my mother a wh twenty times, s and told my father to look out how she went to certain places. He has been intos? a Maqnus (rising)?Stop?stop?stop?it is not in de declaration. [This important document he kept steadily in i his hand.] 1 never was drunk in my life but once,'and that was many years ago. Cor at?So much the worse ; there is less excuse for such language. Witness?lie sometimes would go into the street, and ' stand and abuse us, calling us names, and speaking so loud that any one could hear him at the next corner. My (ather always tried to avoid having any altercation witu him. i Maonis?If de court please, I will examine dis wit- i fuss. Mrs.?a?what?you?say?Mr. Orosebeck?1 was a Tory nice man, was 1 not 1 Do you remember 1 Nash demurred to the manner of his speaking to the witness. i Coviit?Never mind?I will see to it. (Significantly.) Maoncs?Do you remember bringing in dinner for lite, i eh ' Witness?1 cooked some dinner for you, but you never paid me a cent for doing so. I Maoncs?Did not 1 give you one live dollar bill 1 < I Witness?You never did. I rooked fur von five I weeks. Maukls?Did you not have a five dollar hill I | Witi?u>?I never did?my mother Maoists?Oh, well, your mother would not keep it? never mind. We were very goot friendi, Mr9. Grosebeck, were we not ) Do you remember me going with you to the Battery 1 Wirsru?(With emphasis)?Never. Maukvs?What?what?what?what?never went! Witiiui?Yon invited me, but I never went with you. Maoists?You did not?what?what?what?what. ami with spirit.) 1 think every decent female hut a right. I did goon the Battery with you?there. Maoists?Ah, ah, ah, ah you did eh ! Well dat was all right?and we got tome todee water. Witiskss?Yea, we got tome soda water at Rushton and Aspinwall's. Nash?(To Magnus)?Well, suppose you did, what has thnt to do with it 7 Maquis?1 will show dat woman had a notion to marry me. (A laugh.) 1 was one angel den, hut I was alterwards a ticl. u murderer, a?every ting. She tought I w as rich, yet she was a married woman. Nash?I would ask the Court if it is proper to allow this man to run on in such a strain as this?it is? Col'bt?I will take care of it, (in a tone ns if it would , add, " and in due time notice it, too.") , Maoists?Did you never tell me you w as divorce ! from your husband I Witiscss.?Never. Maori's?Well, stop a minute?you don't remember dat no inure nor you did just now dat you did'nt go to de Battery. When you found 1 w as not to be catchrd, did you not try to annoy me in every w ay |>ossil>!e ' W n ami?Never. Maoists?You do not remember annoying me ami singing out Jim-nlong-Jutey ), never. We sometimes played on the piano. M aoists?Oh, vou plav on de piano do you ? WiTisess?No I don't, but we sing. Maoists?You sing?oh yes, I know you ean sing?you sang Jim-along-Jos<-y, and danced, and raised de dt-ril to annoy me. Do you recollect your fader nailing up de door) Witiscss?That has nothing to do w ith his suit. N tsi< interposed. Witkms?About $1000 w orth of silver was brought into our house, and some one broke open the house that night. Maoists?Did you never take me up stairs and ask me if I was ticklish 7, I never did. Maoists?Ah. you did not. ha?you do not recollect calling me up stairs, and putting vour hands on me so? (Magnus here put hit hands on'thc lower part of liis sides) ?and ask me if 1 was ticklish 7 Ah ha?no I was not de ticklish !?I understood it. (Laughter.) wit is l is?i? N'ash?Your brother wua sick, was he not, and you called Magnus 7 Witishis?Yes, my brother was very sick, taken In a fit, and I did not know what to do, and I called him. Maoists?All. ha, yes, but dat was nnoder time. De , time I speak ofdere w as no soul in de house except y ourself. \on called me up stairs and asked me if I was ticklish. You no remember dat, ha) Ah ha, vou w as a wr.) No. I ? i not de ticklish. Joiix I. Wim rixumam, (a young man of eighteen or i nineteen,) sworn- la b ?on ofthr plaintiff. ] Maoxra (to Nash) What do yon moan to prove by dis I w itness. 1 want to are if it ia in do declaration. i Nash?I in? an to prove [here the counael enumerated j a long list of epitlieta avith which Majnin hail honored i the plaintiffand bla family]. 1 Miuari I do object to dat?it ia not in de declaration. I Na?h?What did you hear him any ia to your father, your mother, joursisters, and ao forth. WiTfcaa?1 a? out to the houae to get aomn clean clothea, after I came out. he follow ci me into Kulton street, and 1 | went into a atore to get rid of him. When I came ont, lie ] joatlel against me, as I thought, to pick * quarrel w ith I me. lie called my father a thief, my mother a prostitute, unl aaid I war a damned raacal. Mioatu?Ah, nh? you aay ao. Your honor (addrctaing the Coart) tia uot true?alio young man met mo in dc afreet, i knocked me dow ii. aiu' gave me two black eyes. did not till after you ihoved me, and anid w hat yon did. NaaH (to wit neat)?When wna thia? Wirxtaa? It waaon the Mh March. He came out of hta atoru, and followed me. 1 went into a temperance store to got rid ol him. Msom a?Did you aay I shoved you! Wit seat?Yea. Ma oiaca?Vou aay that I shoved you?you did not above i me, I '?|ioae. Witnkss?I asked you w hat you meant by akoving me, twice; you did ao for the aake of picking a quarrel. Maoxua?You did not knock me down, did you! j I Witxi ?a?1 did not, till vou said the (lander. i Cot'RT?Waahe drunk! i Wit scat ?I do not think I could have handle I him aa I I did unlet* he. was drunk. Msoxca?Oh, oh, oh?ah, ah, ah, ah, your Honor, lie knocked me down for noting. * o Ji aTice llTWHtai awom?The defendant was at the j police to give bail for a person. When naked if he w as worth a certain atim, he answered that he was, nnd more. When asked if the goods in his atore belonged to himself tl or to his son, he said, to himself. r Mtaatil?Oh, I see what dry call de Juatice Stevenafor, dey want to make out I a rich man to get de heavy dautngei. Justice Hterrna what am de amount of de bail' Wirxaas?It waa a small sum. M vi.sua?I replied dat dere arc good* In my atore worth t ASOOf). You a iked me if they were mine or my son'a. I .aid they w ere goods for anle. Whom?I bnliove that was the war. Nkm?Is Mr Itoach in Court f I Miosi s?Ah, ahl I should like to are Mr. Roacli, too. What yOU expect to prove by him! , If*an. I will tell you what?that vou aaid Mr*. Win ringhnm w as a virtuous woman and you said w hat you .lid bgainst her for revenge. Mr Koach, however, w na not in Court, and th" proaecu- ( thm reated. ERA) Mr. M tc.?r? then. in regular form, stated hia rui' to the urj , comnn-ucing with an aaniaMiim and a calmness de- hi oting deep feeling, and a* if aware that he waa addressig his |H-era for w .-el or for wo.-. H>- alluded, of course, 01 > ' de declaration," and said he would he able to ahow by laiutoreaUd w llnueaea (not by 111. own family merely, a. >? 11 the other aide) he was not guilty of the charge laid to it im. nor was hia character such a. had been represented, .a to Wiuuingnain, he aaid, when he passed hi. place he ci la.le him fairly tremble. The family told defendant'a ton lat hia father (Magnus) was a swindler, hud eoine from y le Kive Points, and hud robbed his creditors, tie said ull is troubles originated with that woman, Mrs. Uroaeback, h hom ho delicately designated aa--u perfect tiger." lie h it-n alluded to the elfcirt to make him appear as Wing tl orth >:t.(MM>; but w hatever 1 have, (aaid Magnus) 1 oblitied by lulior. He ulliided to the evidence brought gainst him, and to Mrs. Orosobeck at first, denying that ie had been olithe Battery with him. and then achnow - ti dging that she had been so. She at that time, be said, ie I to get him to let her sister have ?100 worth of goods. Irs. W'.. he said, had borrowed money of him, hut forgot i return it. lie also told some funny stories of the ladies' ti Ivances to him, but he w as too old, he said, to be caught, v .'henthev found he could not be, they commenced huntig hint like u liend. He was an ungel at first, but after arils every thing that w as dreadful. JIlis mode oftcVliug, ii-1 !?/ >- u> it" >| <i< < i i.-F- i mini, numi iikuii ul laugllicr.j A witness w u* then examined, who testified to huviiig card Wintringliam cull defendant a swindler, n thief, anil iv he had t? indlnd hi* creditor! out of their property ? ?w the lady part of the family sticking out their tongues tl t Magnus, kc. Alto that Roach, who it an officer, and m-in-law, went to Magnus's store, the da) tlierent benme due, and at 1) o'clock in the morning demanded it in V uch a way as to leave no don lit of hit intentions. Magnus ii oute,ided that he wns not obliged to pay it till li, but did Ii j to avoid a writ being placed upon him. ti Msoni s?Yet, your Honor, he came at 9 o'clock though t e knew 1 was perfectly good for de leetle amount of filty ollurs. * s Nash?Why don't you pay the judgment, then that has n een got against you 7 h Maonvs?Oh, we will talk aliout dot?de judgment for t M you mean. Ah ha?wc will talk a leetle more about * ut. [Judgment in an action between the same parties for a -.vault and buttery a few days since.] n There w as also something said by the witness as to Mr. s Vintringham's taking the whole of a man's stock on a writ s ur a dent of Vi.i, und stopping his business, kr. h Mrs. Saltcs sworn. u Miuncs?Mrs. Saltus, do you know Mrs. Richards, who t ;avc her testimony here a while ago I 7, I have known her twelve months. s M Aoavra?What you know about her 7 r Witness?She is a slamterous, vile woman. She is a lisgraco to any woman who is connected with her. I [Magnus was standing up. and in his earnestness apiruached a step or two towards the witness,] Naiii?(to Magnus)?Now, my good friend, just you < ome back here and sit down, and keep your seat ; you an just as w ell speak to the witness sitting down as standug up. I Magnus?Ah, ah ; I can keep a de seat. I Macscs?(to witness)?Ah, she is de bod woman. Did I ;hc advise you to poison your husband 7 < Witness?She said something that way. i Magma?Did you not know she cohabited with a black nnn > i Witness?There was one visited her? ( Nash?Stop, stop ; now just you hold on there ; you've ? aid enough for once. The Court here interposed. What is her general char- ' icter 7 i Witness?It is very hod. She used to insist upon com- 1 ng into my room, but I did not w ant her. Cot)ut?You are a native of Ireland, ore you not 7 I Witness?No, sir ; 1 was born in Belgium. i Josrril Havi sworn, M aiini-s?Mr. Hays, you are the owner, of de house 133 I i iVilliinn street; do you know Mrs. Richards ? Witness?I do. f Magnus?What do you know other 7 Witness?I let my bouse to hor in 1B3!?. My own opilion is that she it a bad chnracter. My reason for think- < ing? Cou?t?Stop, sir ; you neodntto give any reasons. i Witness?I wish to state why? (.'di rt?I tell you, sir, to say nothing further. Witness?I have been asked a question, and 1 wish to inswerit. ] Court?Well, sir, I tell you if you say any more, 1 shall | juuisli you. I The witness thought it best to desist. Margaret Ball sworn?This lady was dressed in deep nouruiiig, and wore a heavy crape veil, which completely joneealed her face. Cot rt?Mrs. Bull, will you please to remavc your veil J The witness did so, and exhibited a pair of black glowing eyes, such as even those of the immortal Dan [beg p.trdon for the rough simile] could'nt hold a candle to. Mauni's?Mrs. Ball, ore you acquainted with Mrs. Richards 7 Witness?Yes. Cot rt?What is her general character 7 Witness?Her character ii very bad. Maunis?1 tink 1 have a right tu auk her a <|ueition. Court?You cannot. Nash?Who did you hear apeak of her?what is your bushiest ? Witness?I keep a hoardiug-housu in Pearl-atreet. 1 did not henr any one say they would not believe Mrs. Richards on oath, hut only spoke against her. 1 would not like to say who. Dridgrt M'Oanr sworn?I know Mrs. Richards. She u us turned out of the house, and I was told she was a bad character. She wanted me to wash for her, but I would not on that account. I have had no i|itarrel nor any communication with her. Theo. Mauri's?Is a son of the defendant, and slept in the store. Mrs. Hichards has culled my father an old beast, and said that I was a ruscal. They used to get together to annoy us. nnd sing mid dance Jim-along-Jotcy. She has told me to kiss her. She has called mv lather an old state's prison bird, and that lie had cheated and sw indied his creditors. Nash?He is your father, is he not 1 Ans.?He is. Nash?I have no questions to ask, sir. Michael E. Martin sworn?Knows Mrs J Richards? Cannot say any thing ofher general character. M AURt's?Did y ou sec her annoy me 1 Witness?No, 1 did not. Mausui-You did not?you were not dere at de time.? You are my neighbor, Mr. Martin. f)id you ever see me away from de block 1 W it r ess?I cannot say that 1 overdid. Maoris?Am I given to biting and fighting as they say I am I Witness?I do not know that you are ; hut since you have been in Wintringham's house, you have been all tha time quarrelling. Oeoroe Maoris sworn?(a smart looking young fellow of 22 or 23)?This witness testified to his father being a sober man, and said hi* blood had tailed since being in court to hear assertions to the contrary. I would rather any one, said he, would stab me to the hi?rt, than say so. lie declared that he had seen his father intoxicated hut once, anil that was on the occasion of an anniversary about 11 years ago. He gave rather a hard account of the Jim-*long-Josey, and other proceedings of the ladies. (In addition to w hat we have given, there w as much byplay which would take too much room more minutely to depict ; but which afforded considerable amusement to the s|M-ctators.j The Court then adjourned to Monday. Mordat, May 9.?The Court met pursuant to adjournment. Mr. Magnus had e\idcutly inipro'. ed as a lawyer, and measured swords with his skilled professional adversary, with great energy, if not w ith unparalleled adroitbcss. He inquired of the Court if testimony that he had presented, of alway s being in his store, was to be ruled out?he having understood such to be the rase. Coust?I do not exactly understand you. M aunus?If 1 can prove that it was Impossible for me to be on the Park, w lieu the girl said I w as, will it not he admissible f Court?Yifti have a right to prove an alibi, but you cannot do so by generalities?if yon can show you was not on the Park the day it is asserted that y ou were, it w ill be good evidence to the effect. Yon can bring up any evidence you please as to living in the store, which the jury will weigh as it deserves, hut it is impossible by general conduct to shew you was not crossing the Park that forenoon. Maori s -Oh, it is inqiossible 1 was, sir?it is impossible ! Amelia White, (a pretty little black-eyed girl) sworn ?This vonng lady, after Mr. Magnus telling her to " speak louder, mv dear," and asking her many quos bona, amidst objection! from theoppovite eountel, ami a hint now and then from the Court that he waa fr?'nf> far, testified that the wan engaged in Mr. Magnna' "tore? ] that he rame a', half paat eif(ht, took dinner there, and j never left, a* no peraon could attend to hta cuatomera in hia ( absence?alio, that lie called Mr?. Richard" in one day, and (jurationed her a* to the assertion of being met by him, , and she replied that it was one evening in Broadw ay. I There, vour Honor, they at first said I met her in the evening in Broadway, but finding that would , not anawer, they changed it to the day-time. Nash?Ay, but that waa another time. Manm-a?Another time -oh ! 1 dare any. You moat prove the declaration. Well, my dear, (to w itness) whet did ahe nay den f WiT'rM?Rhe said you looked under her tionnet, and naked if you ahould ?ee her home. .Va?ii -(to Magnua, who had risen) Now my friend, you ?it down and keep your seat. Maonus?You keep your seat, Mr. Niali-1 tell you to seep your ?eat. What did her husband aay T (to witneaa) Diil he aay if I gave him half a dollar a time 1 might eome uid have hia wife, and he would give me a dinner in the imrgain I [Objected toby Naah.J Haonra told the witneaa ahe might go. He then said ih.oh! hold on. Did you hear Mr. Wintringham call ne bad namea I WiTnrta?Yea. Mantra? Did you aee Mra. Richard* make faces at me hrough the glaaa-window of the door and aweep dirt into ay store T WiT-aeaa?Yea. Naan. (to Magnus) Ara y ou through f Mjnaca?1 TieTlcve f am. Naan?Now, I am going to aak the witneaa aome qtiea- < iona?vou keep atill. t Mf- S'asii, amid much interruption from the defendant, |Ue4ioned her as to the time ol being employed by Mr. dagtiua, when ahe answered from December to April, and hat Mr. Magnua never went out. Manure-?Oh, K.melia ! tell the Jury if yon everaaw me j Iruilk ? t WiT-araa No, I never did Jtrana - When waa von at the atore f Mii at a- Bh* w aa there the day they sahl that 1 w aa Hit. ' Kowaau Salti'" aworn. fi- } * \ '-L I I ??a? LD. Prtft Two Cents. ? Salter. you know Mr?. Riehardt?? hat it it general character ? WiTMEtt?It it bad ; and I would not believe her under ith. N??h?You lived with her in Cliff etreet, and aro hutand of the woman that awore hare. Did the landlord im you out 1 WiT*i;st?We were not turned out, but I leA her to take are of the houae I alwayt ditapproved of her conduct. Na?m?Very brotherly admonitions. I tuppote. Well, ou may go. Francis Mi arnv, tworn?Keeps with Mr. Allieon, upolaterer. and hat the purchasing of itock. Wat in the abit of dealing with Mr. Maguua. Alwayt found him at he store. Belles e him to be a sober man ( oral Is he not a little excitable at timet. Witness?I never saw any thiujj of it. . ..... uiivii ai ma more. Did you orttf nd Kim alone there ' Wiisiii?Vn. Nash?All alone I Maoxus?Yea, but that wai in tiimmsr. Donl you |o obe confusing my witness, Mr. Sash. In winter there rat a girl there. Nash?Well, you Hop -we'll get at the girl directly. Mruwi-No, you wont get at the girl Nash?Did you ever fiml him alone there in w inter 1 Witxiss?Yes. Mauxus?Alone I Witkem? Yea. Nasii?You liouud aomo cuatoniera, but never a girl here ? Wii xxs?? Yea. A witneaa waa then introduced, who said that Mr Vintrlngham met him. and asked him if he waa gong to testify against his family. He replied that he >a<l nothing to do w ith it Mr. Msnai asked him to tesifv for hint. Mr. Wintringham asked him to go into the lourt-room, that we might have a little talk together. Qeoeoe B. Leake sworn?This witness awore to have eon Amelia at Mr. Magnus' store, and gave Mr. M. a lost excellent character for morality and sobriety. He ad seen Mm. Richards making faces at him. Had* never een any drinking going on at the store. [Here some liurp shooting took place between the opposite counsel nd Magnus on temperance matters. Mr. M. said ho (lid ot belong to a temperance society.] He waa going on to how that he w as all the time in the (tore, but the Court aid it was no use ; one of his own witnesses had sworn ho iud seen him alone there, and if he tried all day he could lot make the Jury believe that he might not have been in he I'ark. Something more was said by Magnus to Mr. s'ash, when the Court called him to order. The Judge aid hehad been allowed great liberties on account of bis lot knowing the forms of law. Maoxus?Counsel cannot feel as I do, your Honor, I ittve been brought here without cause, and 1 feel itMrs. Biro, sworn. Manxes?Did you see young Wiutriughani knock m? lown Court?You need not answer that. Mr. Shifmax. carpenter, was brought up to speak as to :hc character of Mrs. Wintringham, but Magnus said he tad never impeached it. The witness was also asked if he lad nailed the door up, but the Court would not allow the liiestion to be answ erej. Magnus asked him if he ever inew him to he drunk. The Court thought it unnecesinry. " Oh," said the Judge, " we do not think you got Iru'nk." > After one ortwo other witnesses had been brought up is to character, the defence rested. Mr. Joxrs sworn. Is of the firm of Davies and Jones. Mrs. Richards worked for us two or threo \ ears. We ala ays supposed her character to be good. Never saw or leard any thing to the contrary. Mrs. Rick sworn. Lived in the house with Baltut and lis wife. Mrs. Richards also lived In the house. She was *n industrious woman, and nlwayscouducted herself well, Mrs. Baltus was a very quarrelsome woman. I would not lielieve Saltns and his wife. I should not think they would speak correctly of Mrs. Richards; they are so envijus of her. I never heard Mm. Richards quarrel with any one. Maoxi'i. -You never heard! She would quarrel with tvery thing. The witness then went to her seat, when Mrs. Saltus, lung out to her that the had better pay her rent. Mr. NAsiicnllod " Mr. Roach." Maoxv*?Ay, dat is another of dem. Mr. Roach was sworn, la a son-in-law of Mr. Wintringham, and a marshal. [Considerable was said by Mr. Magnus aliout old constables and young constables, Sic. and additional mirth created. On being asked by .Mr. Nash what is the general way and temper of Mr. Magnus, he replied that he had shown it pretty well on the trial. Mr. Burrows gave an excellent character to Mr. Wintringham, whom lie had known since HI9. Mr. sworn: This witness spoke ns to the character of Mrs. Wintringham, Magnus asked him if he did not know her to be regularli employed by Thomas Bell, the uiviuucci, u? u icier r hiik. 1 lie witness tanJ lie bad seen her at Bell'*, and she acted Uke a lady. Mag.vl-s?Oh yes, you have iron her buy a great many things, but never take any away. Mhi.hit A. C. Hicharoi recalled. Nash?When did Magnus meet you in Broadway. Witness?He met me in Brondway, and said you had better take my arm. He did not know me. 1 looked up in his face, and said you had lietter break some more doors Open. He saw it was me, and then want up the street . Maoncs?What?what?what?aye?what. Witness?There was another time you met meat the Park, and said what haa been stated. The time in Broadway was after dark. You nudged me on the arm, and said I had better take your arm. I looked at you, and said you had better break some more doors o|ien. Maori's?You say so; can you look me in the furr, and sav that? Witness?Yes I can?it is true. Maane*?Oh. oh. In answer to a question from Nash, the witness stated that the people at the house in Cliff street lind been hostile ta her. .Maiiw'i-Y'ou say I met you in the street, and did not know you. Do you recollect in the house putting your tongue out at ine? Vt n suss?I never put rov tongue out at you, nor called yoil a beast. I never heart Mrs. firoseback threaten to broomstick you, but you deserved it if she had. I said one tijne that > on behaved like a beast. I never swept the dirt in your door, nor made face* at you. The people did not hire me for that, they hired ine to work. Msisvrs?'They hired you to work. Oh yes, 1 know what they hired you for. Witxes*?You called me a trull, and such things, and told me to go into the house. Magnus?Oh nevermind. (To the Jury,) I say nothing about that woman. It is all ow ing to Mrs. (J rote back, who has done every thing against me. A colored woman was placet! on the stand. Magaus atkted that she did not know the meaning of an oath, but she answered in such a way as show ed to the contrary Tile poor creature was treated hard by Magnus, fllia (unified that she heard him call Mr. Wintringham hard names, hut .Miignui said is was not in the declaration, and she w as told to take her seat. The gentleman who previously occupied the store, and whose goods Mr. Wintringham was stated to have taken fop a dent of ffclft, declared such not to have been the case. Nib. Jnns 1). Kicmshds. a young man. husband of Margaret, denied having said to Mr. Magnus that he would let him have his wife for half a dollar and a dinner to boot. He declared It to tie a lie. Some other testimony was presented, but the rsader will probably think we.havegiren enough. Mr. .Magnus then summej up to the jury, making a neat and really effective address, exhibiting pots ers of mind and presenting specimens of imagery in illustration that would not have neon unworthy even of the most eminent at the bar. He stated that Mr. Sherwood was sick and he could not afford to employ uew counsel. He said he came here six or seven years ago, and was successful in business till the hurricane swept over the land, when he fell with others. He now holds property, but is in debt for it. lie spoke of his two fine boys, who, he said, lost their mother ten years ago, and he has been both father and mother to them.? Hi! then s|.oke of the charges ugsinst him. declared that Mr?. Kiehards ha I sworn to an untruth, and hopesl that before she appeared before that other bar, the Judge of which can search the heart and knows the truth between them, she would la- forgiven for the falsehood she had uttered that day. He said that w hen he first went to the store, the fnrnily were overkind to him, nnd repeated the manner in which Mrs. (irosehaek lutd invited him up stairs and tried to find out if he was ticklish. There w as another time when her brother hnd fallen out of bed. He also shew eil the advances made to get him a wife. He spoke of Mr. Wintringham'* spirit for litigation, and of his entering a crim eon suit some time ago (against Rev. Mr. Parkinson] in relation to hi* wife. The commencement of the opposition, he said, was through Mrs. (Jrosetvack. Mr. Magnus then s|ioke of his'own habits, nnd his solicltatttde in taking care of his sons, in a manner that lia<| a visible good cffi-ct on the jury. He concluded by trukljng that the jury would give a'verdict in hi* favor. He was followed by Mr. Nash in a powerful speech,w ho repelled the assertion* in relation to the plaintiff and his family. they being known to lie highly respectable. The CoraT charged, that a man of Mr. Magnus's excitable temper was apt to say a great many thing* In tha heat of passion which were improper. Character was a most sacred thing, and it was for the Jury to guard it, giving such damages as would induce persons to appeal to them, instead of taking the law into their own handa. i ney tfw ordered to nnng in a sealed venuci on ? nnesdny morning. On Wednesday the Jury came into (,'ourt, on it? openiiiIf at 10 o'clock. Mtoata?Your Honor, I wish to have de Jury polled. Cpcar?Polled ! why they havn't delivered their verdict yet. Nl*o?ii'a?Oh ! aye ! T^ie Jury (rave a verdict in favor of plaintiff for $100 dninngo, and fix rentu roeti. Thev u ere then |>olled, and all said av Thin endcth the chapter. Ver plaintiff, Mr. A. Naah ?Defendant, in peraon. Sxv.tK rwot rtvi;.?Our correspondent at Edgartowji write- ?""n Paturdav evening, two of the crei- of the whale ship Maria, getting sick of the service took the Revenue Mont, and delihe. rntdv smb-d out of the harbor. It is supposed that i h<-f would aliapo their course for some part of Cane <?l It wan a clever trick in the rofuro, not only o rake the beet boat in the harbor, hut one of which thejr were part owners!" Thk Imdian CofNcn,.?Captain Armstrong, the mlafattgable superintendent of Indian allaim, and he active Cherokee Agent, Gov. P. M. Butler, ara inning the invited gneats to the grand Indian Coun il.ko be held at tha Creek Council ground on tha i"m|i. Captain Armstrong will attend, and we pre ume Gov. Butler will attend aleo.