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16 Mayıs 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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T H Vol. VII.?No. 4 ID.??Whole No. JIOSO. NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. "P" gilfrotaNcw York OD tin* iitli and Liverpool on thr I3tli of cock month. m M. m. M. dSf'VMIi NKW k w K k . Ship SHERIDAN, Ca|Kuu F. A. I)?ney?ter, tJlh May. Ship GAHHK'K, I'aptaiu Win. ShniJj, Wh Jnor. Ship ROSOU'H, < *],lain John c..ltuu, 25th July. Ship S1UDONS. Cairtaiu K. I). Culih, 2Jth Auguil. From I.itrRrnM.. Ship SIDDONS, Capt.m K. B. Cohb. 13th Juui?. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. DriHytter, I3th July. Ship GAURICK. Capunn Win. Sknidy, 13th Autfiut. Ship KOSCIUS, Crpuuii John Colliiu, 13th Septeinb. r. Tilt*an ahi)M art nil ofthe tir.t clau, upward* ol lutlOtima, built iu the city of New York, with auch iinprovenmuu a* combine great aiweil witli unu-ual comfort for jawngun. Every cure h.n lx-?n lakeu iu the irrtufemaiit ol their accommodation*. " The | nice of pusa^v ho lire L $100. for w Inch ample stores w ill br provided. The**- are commanded by espunruccd masters, who will make every eiertiou to give fit ucral satislkcfeioii N( itlier the captain* or owners of the ships will he responsible for any Utter., parcels ? r pack aire* sent by thorn, uuless regular b'lls of lading are signed therefor. The* .iip* of thi* line will ha re alter go armed, and their peculiar construction gives thcra security not i>ossessed by any otiier but vessels of war. For freight 01 iwmatre apply to E. K. COLLI NS k CO.. 66 South it.. New York, or to WM. k J AS. BROWN k CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packet* will be charged 1'J^ cents i*-r single sheet ; 60 cauls par ounce, ?yul lie* ?i>ai>ers 1 cent each. ui7 fSLW JOKK A > L> llA V Kh PACKETS. (SKCOSD LINE.) ?Mt. $$&: The ship* of this hue will he i rafu- r lr*i e NawYorkou llie Island Hat re on Lite ICth of rarli month, at follows : from \ru> York, from Ilanr. The oew ship ONEIDA, I 1st March V lfith April Captain < 1st July < Kith AukusC James Funck, r 1st Novemberf lfith December Ship BALTIMORE, 1 1st April i ltlth May Captain \ 1st August < lfith September Edward Ktinck, (1st Deccem'rr 16th January ShipUTICA, ( 1st May i 16lh June Captain s 1st Scptemb'rv 16th October Frederick Hewitt. ( 1st January r lfith February Nets sliipST.NICOLAS, t 1st June i lfith July Captain \ 1st Octoher s lfith Norrraber. J. B. Fell, ( 1st February ( IGln March The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, comburiog all that mav be required for comfort. The price of cabin pis-,arte is $100. Passeriners will be supplied witli every requisite. with the eaception of wiues and liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the subscribers, free from any other than the rx|<en,,c* actually incurred on Utem. For freight or passage, apply to BOYD i. illNCKEN, Agents, all 9 Tominc Buildings. _ ____________ LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. i? itfR m- ^ # For the Better accommodation of shippers it is intended to desoatch a ship from this port on the 1st, 3th, Wth, 13th. 20th, and 23tii ot each mouth, commencing the 10th October and continuing until Slay, when regular days will he appointed for the remaiuder of the year, whereby great delays and <li*api>ointin*iita will bf prevented during the summer months. The following ships will commence this arrangement : Ship YAZOO. Captain Cornell. Ship OCON EE, Captain Jackson, Ship MISSISSIPPI. Captain Hilliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship 8HAK9PEARE, Catuaiu Miner. Sliip GASTON. Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSV1LLE, Captaiu Mumford. Ship OCMULOEE, Captain Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMf HIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These shi|W were all built in the city of New York, expretay for packets, are of light draft of water, have recently been wly c<n>pered and put in splrudid order,with accoinmoslatioiu ?or psMMM unequalled lor comfort. They are commanded by experienced maateis, who w ill make every exertion to girc Seneral satisfaction. _ They will at all times be lowed up and own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither tile owners or captains of these shijis will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious atones, silver or plated ware, or for any letters, narcql or package, sent by ih put on board of them, unlets regular bills or lading arc taken for the same, mid tiie value thereon expressed. For freight or passage, apply E. K. ( OLL1N8 k CO.. 56 South st., or nULLI.N ?WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orl"?n<. who will promjilly forw&rtl all goods to their addicia. The ships of thu line are warranted to tail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to have the a-otls correctly meamred. n,4 STEAM NAYIoi^^^B^T\TEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, VM?80UTIMMP TON. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. Ka'ANt:, C OSfMAFtD F B. The day? of departure of thu w?ll-kll?Wu Steamship, have h'-eu filed aa followa : From Antwerp. From Southamiiton, From New York, On 4th Mav. IMS. On 1th May, 1HI2, Ou 7th June, 1SU ium. 10th July, " 7th Aug., " 7llt Sept. " 10th Se|<_ " 7th Oct., " Price of passage. meaia not include,!, to Southampton of Antwerp, #rti?-Steward a feea, %t 62!^. The meals will be (erred on bo.rdj on the plan of a continental hotel, in the beat manner, and nt ;,vel .ad moderate prices. Families or parti, i may contract tor Uie ro>agc witli the ateward. A_ experienced Surgeon on board. For freight or jaiaace, or any further information, apply to H. W. T. A IL MALI, Agents. a221m#r * 41 Bearer atrrct. NEW YORK AND NEWARK^ csyga ocas Fare rt-tlucedto Hi cr a> Kaa. From the foot of Ceurtlandt atre't. New York. (Everv day?Suuday air.(Tpted.) Leavea New York Leaves Newark At 8 A. M. At i P. M. At 7ha A. M. At ltd T. M. a do. 4 do. 9 do. 3t. do. U do. 10,S do. 5Va da. 6 do. 7 do. I do 10 do. ON SUNDAYS. Ftom the foot of Libe rty street. I,rave New York. I.eare Newark. At 9 A. M. and I'd P. M. At 1 P. M. and 10 P. M. KIIT VOIUC Cy^KpTOW^ FLOl'S-AV AND Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty street, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 7* A. M. 4', P. M. 1 P. M. SOMEUVILLE Stages connect Willi these lines each way. Fare between New York and Somerville, 50 cents. Do do New Brunswick, 15 cents. Rshway, 40 cent*. Elinbeuitown, 25 cents. The fare in the 7*k A. M. train from New Brunswick, and IX r. M. train from New York, has hern reduced between New York and New Brunswick, 10 50 cents. " and Rahway to T?N " Tbo Philadelphia mail line passes through New Brunswick for New York cvrry evening at 9 o'clock. On Sundays tha A. M. tups from New Brunswick is omitted. Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, receive a ferry ticket gratia. Ticket* are rrcaived hv the conductor only on th rlav when purchased. febll3m" IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS. RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the Transportation of Goods between Philadelphia and Piiubnrj. This improvemei.t in tn asportation affords to Western Mrrrhsnts peculiar advantages. The foods lieing carefully |mrhed 111 the boats at our warehouse. No. J65 Market street, are earned over the Columbia and P"rt-^i Railwaya without tranship lent. Careful captains and cr^R are employed, who take marge of the goods at Philadelphia, and continue with them She entire route, thus avoiding delays and the liability of lou bi ips separated on tha way. V B.?Passengers forwarded in Puut'ir* and Pottarille, c t ei) day, Sundays e act pled. II. STORKS. Agent. 1? 3m* 7 Washington street. ' RAlLKOAf) N^rriCET MAHKK1 AM) HUM.HI' MM'. Tut NEW Jr'.RSF.Y Railroad and Tnuisi>ort*ti<wi Coinpapy ha" established a Freight Line between Nr? Brunswick and New York, wliich tiity intend la run |? rnuuently. Leasing N"W Bramwick at J A.M. daily, (Snndays escc"ted) and the fant of Liberty street. New Yotk, at 3 P. M. To country dcalen and mrrelisms the abnre Imr is rery ile iraMr for the speedy ant cneapcone?y?^'e oi tjierchannse of fiery description, and nrwe particularly to Drovers and Dealers in Live Stock, who ran have J60 head of rattle conveyed between New Brunswick and New York, the saint day whenever reunited. The rates for the transportation of rattle, horses, mules, *h#***ps Hoc, nn?l fell othrr kind* of srv very low, never eserrdin* steamboat I' Merchant!* \srnt by line is not subject to any eitra charge i" oro??fng thr North Rirer. The Company hare fitted np a large storehouse at New Brunswick, adpvnoio the Railroad Depot, which will always ?e >pen for the rrc- [Sion of piarrliandisr. Pastenyers purchasing thenr tickets at the ticket affirea will re-eive ferry tiekeu eratte. in It 3m* FREIGHT AND PA9AAUB foTftli. Ul'RO. Mima B I M < TrA M "S L IN tT The proprietors of Binrham's Trainr? .rtttion Line tr Pittv l.u-a. give norice to tlir Merchants of New York, and al, other t-enons shipping to the Wr,t, tint their line i. now in active niwrstmr O mis Consigned to tie rn (or ten: to go >u their lir.<. i will 1m- forwarded with dev|>alrh. Owners or ahipprra of goods, destined for 'he Western States, who hsrc uc, agent or consignee at Pittsburg, will please consign their r'Hsli to William Dingh.'t, Pitfisburg, who will attend to snippuai ail such consignment* without d lav. All goods should he marked distinctly on eacn (Menage BINGHAM'!) LINE. r'on il?* of frrigh', which arc as low sa snv other line, apply o W VI. TV SON, Agent. No. A W. ?t street, opp..Site Pi' r No. 2, N. R. N, B. Passengers forwarded to 1'utsburg sud Potus illr.esery day, Sundays escepted. Refar to R. Crooks American Fur Co. ; 8. T. Nicwll F ront street , Phelps, Dodge it C?s. Fulton street { 8u\dstr Bigr It Co ( Win. Rankin. T)urye? la Co, Newark. fit 3m T. i'oWKLi. vV T fi.'s U5TKT ju-f NEWBl'ROIL landing at CALD^ , if Lrr> WELL'S, WF.ST PrtlNT VNI) COLD fc-L-i-'SL vri.-Thesteamboat mOMI.ANDER, t apfia !(- W f wi" leave the foot of Warren strret, N. sr York, . >, >. . 'I 'itir?day and Hatunlav aflrrnoona at 4 o'clock. K Ut. ..the 11 i ,'lilati.l- r will Irate N'-wtunrh erery M ii-l iv r? ?i i, o'. lock, and Tuesday and Friday alt- moon at i o'clock. For t'reirl.t or passagr, apply to the captain on board. N. B.?All baggage and freight of erery description, bank lulls or specie, put on lioard this boat, must be al the risk of the owners thereof, unless a bill of lathug or receipt is signed for thrsamg. Oil E NE POMEIU ?V C <1 "S ALBANY, Bl'FKALO AND CHICAGO EXPAKS9. i m-M?o-tciil>er? are now ruuniu< a regular Evprr%* ?>??r the Railroads to ?t? I from Alh i:?\ v?d B iff.ilo, and the intermediate I'Uct'i, |i?r KOK\VARI)IN(r, at low rates, with the utmost tjieed, rr|iUnt>' and satet\ . choice (roods, Si**-. i??, 13 ink Notes, Import/int Paper* and Valuable Parkup *?\Vill attend to the negotiation, transfer, collection or payment 13ilU"l hit 11an.;e, .Votm, Draft*, Acceptances, Accoitutt, Jkr., at re a t'lubk |* r centi^'-fivfittr order* for the purchase or sale of Merchandise, Produce and Mmufat turcd Artirh * of every description, wriniwllv, in the t?\vus on their rout**, through Messr*. HARNDKN fc. CO S EXPRESS to New \ ork and B ^ton. and Mmrc HAWLEV fc CO.*8 EXPRESS to and from Buffalo to Clew-laud, Detroit and Chicago and intermediate placet?formitif at once tho most direct, speedy and perfect communication t?> and from the eastern and w astern cities, for the negotiation and transaction of all mercantile and professional business, remittances, eichaiu;!** Ike. References?Krastu* Coruiug, Tlwinis W. Olcott. Watts Sherman, A. D. Patchiti, Noah Lwe, James Taylor, 1 lirudore Olcott. AI ham. Ajftuciea? Bennett, Backus & llawlay. Vriea ; T. A. Smith, Syracuse ; A. G. Smith. Auburn ; J. Fanco. Geneva; J. G. Pbepherd, Canaudaigiia : David Hnyt, Rochester; Jolm MeKenstvr, Locltport; J. A. Clark, Bal-ivia ; Thomas Blossom, Buffalo. I'OME ROY St ( IV, No. i Kiehange Buildings, Albany, all ft Wall street. New \.u'k. FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. M All BOSTON, via 9TON1NOTON AND NEWPORT, compoittd oi (lie folluwiu^ superior stcamen, running in connection with tliH Stonington &iui Fronde uc*, and Dostoti <iud Provide uce Rail road*? MASSACHUSETTS, CiiKain Comstock. RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer. NARRAUAN8ETT. Captain WooLey. MOHEOAN, Captain Vaii.1t rbilt. One of which will have New York tlaily, (Snndsys excepted) fmin I'ior No. 1, North River, Battery I'Uce, at five o'clock, I'. M. Fare loBoston, S3 W Deck passage, $2 2.7 do. i'ro vide lice, 2 00 do. do. 1 M A ttRa.vf. tMr.a r. The NARRAOANSET, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, for Htnnineton. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, for Stouiisgton. rsasciigrrs on ihe arrival of the ..teamen at Stoninglon, may take the Railroad Cars end proceed immediately to Pro VI deuce and Boston, and for the accoinmoilation of |**raorn travelling between S'ew York and Newport, the steamboat trains will stop at Wicltford long enough to leave anil receive passengers. Freight taken at the following mneh tedneed rates To Boston, on goods av. ighing forty pounds or upwards to the cubic foot, at $1 iO per ton, and on measurement goods 7 cents per foot. To Providence, on measurement goods Scants per cubic font, and .pacific articles as per tarif to be obtained at office 22 Broadttsy. mtion OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY. FARE REDUCED! ! Passage 5O renti?Berths ISO eents. FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRICES. '"lt fominodious Steamboat WASIIINOfih. .rip jsTOX. Captain J. M. Brown, having made r ITi n Tnrr ni nt i to change her (lay* of leaving New York, will hereafter leave the toot of Robinson street, New Iron, every Monday, Wednesday, and Fri.l.a. .afternoon, I at J o'clock, and Albinv, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sa | turday aftrrnoon, .at J o'clock, landing on her passage each way I at the font, of Hammond street, Sewburgn, l'oaghkeepsie, I KingstonTiin', Cattskill and Hudson. I For freight or jiossage, apply to the Captain on hoard, Or to D. RANDOLPH MARTIN. No. 182 West street. in9c_ FARE REDUCED TO tk CENTS. STATEN lis LAND FERRY. Foot of Wliitehall street. The Steamers 8TATF.N ISLANDER and SAMSON will run as follows, until further oolicc Leaves Staten Island Leaves New York. At o'clock a. si. At 8 o'clock a. M. " 9 " " " <? " ' I |0 M .. I. ,0 I. >. " 12 " " " II " " " lka " e. it. "2 " r. m. " 3 " " " 3 " .. .. .. " 1 > ft " " ? " " N. I>. All K?<xU immx-fl are re<|uir.<i tu be |>articularly (narked, end arc at the ri.K of llu- oavniTi thereof. mlr PEOPLE'S LINE FOR ALBANY, .am And intvrmeiliatc placet. I n on the Pier foot of Ci ?.wx rl* ('OortUndr atreet?Karr (I. y ttrriL The north America, Captain m. h. Tnieadell, leave. a* above on Tueaday, Thursday anil Baturda\* afternoon.. at S o'clock. Kor pasaate or frejjlit, apply on board, or to P. C. SCHULTZ, At the ofliee on the wharf. N B.?All kinds of property taken only at the risk of the eeatw thereof. mWr I tlft RAINBOW MORN lNOUNlT f.o r-v ^M1* r ALB A N \ . The low pressur* yr???mbo^t UT Ui i^nmL ?.;ii| foot of Kobiusou trrH, every 1 ue?dty, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 o'clock. m3 Im' r rffjy PASSAGE FROM ENGLAND, IRELAaND, SCOTLAND AND WALES. PERSONS ?le*iron* of making engagements for friends to emigrate from the Old Country to the United State*, and who ma v wish to Rent re for them ileapatch and comfortable accommodation*. will find it their interest to apply to the -subscriber*, who are at all time* prepared to make such arrangement* a* will guarantee .satisfaction. The vessels rntni>oi?i?? this line are ajlof the first rUn*. one of which leaves Livrif.t(>i weekly, consequently all delay at the port of embarkation is avoided. A* hi* always been customary with this line, when those settled for decline coming out, tlie passage money is refunded, without any deduction. Pa.** tge per steamer from the various port* of Ireland and Scotland, can likewise be secured. For further particulars apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Office, 273 Pearl St., Or to C. GRIMSHAW k CO. 10 G>ree Piazzas, Liverpool. Eichmge or draft* at sight, and for any amount, can likewise be furnished ow the National Bank of Ireland. Northern Banking C o., National ban* ol tscot laiwi, rwyame *< an Ineir resnective branches- also, oil R. C. Glyn ? Co., Bankers, London, and C. Orimsr.nav at to., Ldierpoc1 m3 1m#c KOR SALE?The fast sailing A 1, coppered and \?lHpyVcopper fastened ship VENICE, burthen 307 tons, or ft* hiWii 11 ill 'iiflfl 1i n 11 1 This ship was built in Philadelphia, in 1839, fu the most faithful rnanu' i, wa* salted on the stork*, and coppered wit1, henry copper. an which she has just performed a tin age to China and Inch?1* well calculated lor a European inrket, or for the India trade?Ha* a full inventory, and now ready to receive a car^n. |? now offered for sale to close a concern. Lies at pier j, North River. Kor terms, apply to BOVD St HINCKEN, a9 Brokers. 9 Tontine BuMings FOR HAVRE?The superior Krencli brig AR V K.DE, Captain Clirandean, will he promptly diaarjWijsbI it li~ 1 Kor freight or pannage, apply to mil r BOYD & HINCKEN, No. 9 Tontine Building. "DISK'S combined summer BAKER AND COOK STOVE, FOR COAL OR It'OO/h AATWOOD. Patenter?Price* from $*? VI to $12.?The Hue*, ftirnice and front of this Htov* ,? in ule of east iron, aud has a large fire oven attached to it, wlm n will do nearly treble die cooking of the larg-?t sued ordinary Cook Stoves.? The orifice of the furnace will admit a boiler measuring s?i I tails, or fifteen gallon*, and by the use of tht division |dale, tetllrs .-.tillable for filing four difleient dish* *, in addition to all this, two fowls or a f*n?r piece of may be roasted io front, and all done with l-v* thin 3 cent* per day?for y?roof of which we refer to those who have used them. FISK'S Stove Establishment, 209 Water street. Read the following certificates in addition to wiiich over two hi^'dr^d more can lie seen by exiling j?t the store, Nrw Von*,.VI Knur utjrft,9lh A|?nl, Iflll. Messrs. Kuk, 209 Water street?Am^.r the *aritty of Stores which hitre come to my notice, the one I imr e hated from you merits a decided preference, i bar" used if during ad the ?rv suits, and wen Id moat rbeerfnlly recommend it to the pnbiir, as in my opinion ?u*eeptible of no improrement for simplicity or economy, and worthy of more praise than can be appreciated without a trial of it, 1 am, with respect, yours, Ike. A PKHKINH, Pastor of th- Berean (Baptist) (,'huich. Mi. Kirk. 2^2 Water street?The Bummer Store which I purchased of you 1 ?*t ?prime, 1 hare had in use nil now and dial mm be done hv it, fur its economy. Huffier it to say, tliat with an occasionally e*lrn fire, we hate cooked for from ?) to 3o persons, wun enough less fbel to sare more thanti, price or tlie store. MBS. DUEL, 63 Fulton street. March 23, 1811 *13 In CHINA GLASS AND EARTHENWARE. O ASTOR HOUSE. ?Fren'h PorfDin Pinnrr 8?rvirr?. 0 llijit-or,, t?> "0 Whitp Cir^rutf <!" "3 "2 uo 13 no Frm~h, or Enxli'h PorrcUin T'j Srt.. 32 do I M Dinner Pht<w, French Pnrrr|%in. per <l<?7on, 1 !H Do ili (Inwiitc, blue or white, do 100 do French PnrceUin, do 2 no Do do Oruiite. blue or white. do I no T?* f up, end Saner,, (21 pieeue) Freuoh Porcelain, 1 10 Est Cupe, do do 37 Oitn. Cut Wine, o-r, from 1 50 Do Tumbler., do do 2 00 Lcin<ina<!e?, handled, do 2 23 TaaLi. CrTLcar. I Of the finest description*, in sets or dozens, at the low price <>f$l2 the set. Just opened, n handscnaa Toilet jV-JB'?Ajtent for the sale of Bifllpson's Eai Cornets, for the relief of den*'rie%4. mR Im*c | STRAW GOODS. rP BENNETT, im|?0)trr and irmiufr.ctnrer of Italian and r.iixiish Straw floods, r**^|wctfullv informs his customers that he has rerwospd his est ihluhmcut from TO William and 20 1 latt, to 3D John street, where he continue s to keep a splendid and extensive assortment of ladies' fashionable Btraw firnxU, r re tic h andI Entlish Duustables, Italian Rutland*, fine Tuscars, hancv Shell works. I'natr All** it Straws, kc. 1c. Also, an entirely new article, th. White Siberian Hair Boooet for the summer-it surpasses all the styles as yet introduced. being extrenv )y Uirht, beautiful, white and durable. m2l im*m MEDICAE All). INVALIDS including a certain class of unfortunate sicI tims, .Who inay he in need of inediesl or SMtfical ranee, should call at 31 Mo'.t street near Chatham sjusre where resides a physician lonf aerrntomt-d to administer in such cases. The Doctor his published a little l?nok oil p irate complaints, which he sells at :/) cents, t > tlioae who may lw Ulhk.iiitf under a lone j?io;r act.?d coi.r. of tinoi . ceasful treatment. This li"tie trr tue a\ i!I Ivof n.n'biiipirtance by showing the c*u .? ? and also the (Tects arising Of likely to arias-from bad trestu*ttit? (die |mj tic trial* in this re* pect c >uld not be set foilh 11 }:? advertisement ) Dr. Gregory d< 1? net limit his > rtrndance to a few hours, hut mat he found s* h. ,!.? ' in hour f day or fright, (nfcprrve thai .No. *g i? not a drug )?tii- room. -r?- well arian.> d for the reception 01 patient*, uid hia clitrgi.* moderate. rnll , -w. . W YO NEW YORK, MONDAY IV ARTIFICIAL TEBTTH. on TIT* PKtNCtFAT. or i ATM(wi'iiKRu: iMri:s>ri:r FROM Till'. COCRIKU AM) K.NQl IIIKH * r\i nT1RTRY -1' i. i? t < u sjh* tk ill term* of eulogy of ?li*roveri?-4 mi ? * !% who h do bot comr within our i-iwihiv. \W hive ?i m?U?< ? ?it ' Unowjedg** to do it, iu lia- li. ?t i i. , ? , * . . i ? I tl* l<i?1 he viable or tameable, rim I thin i? the c. a ta viir pre#, at in?t oa r '.! Mr. La vttt, Siii< n I > ati t I o d '' ' \ from London, ha* brought with him t a ? method which h? b.?* put it migcbmAiI practice hi rr, .?f nfflfiim ttw map * tueih by artificial one*, without the nw ??l iu\ lotwirin, I' auch a* ligature*, spring* or j vg*f Don in oidiui-> a?? . a i ?? the ojieratiou when complei'd fdlowed b\ inv intlamn?.?tion orison. He can bt?*t describe hi* method lam- If. W'ewill v however aiid, that many twtn it* wh n hi I vi?i??i iet* of theac very Uero^sary ?nJM'llLhmeuU, are mi tWliiiht' d w itli tiii'in th'it they have iH rmitled him to refer euwiiirr* to the in who do not apply fi?>.n idle ruihwiry, but with a vc* of nrotitting by the conviction au act ml examination will J produce. * M. LKVKTT, I), iitut. ? a23 lin^t 200 Bn>adwav( coiner<ii \V arrt-n ?t. n SUCCESS"GUARANTEED TO ' ALL. ; *<rPlIR AMKUIUW MAGIC MIXTURE" h** hm. L hailed --.on of the greatest discoveries of lie* prr?n?l p age.nui! in* ion n- i..?*?tical scienceetisl* will In* tnusi-Uted the ? most invalu&bi hst >very for diseases of the urittiry ituuv***, u w?ll as Uie k y-> and blasUlc r. It* rtfrru ? ?.mdiit I? etfratn il ini*a|I* " * radical curv ui s shut tiuie, wluh the ^ ordinary rri/iodh?, even ufutlu. One d??*e rtini<?t Tail t-? enlist tfie hesitatie el over delicate in its favor, i'tid out ol the hundrs d* that pi* ;!? ii illicit in it, u?*t one h?p t? n dt?v|?- i poinled nor dUcovei* ! whileusinc it. It his < ilVly r-iqvrved I all beyond the pale of suspicion. The Nliju' Mitture has l??u* stood unrivalled, ami h?? withstood the glitteith< imwn M* pompously and *o ubiquitously displayed by a host of uuprui* j] ripled imitating ((Marks, whose only aim has hero t?? dnj*r sud u deceive the ilUI<>rtti!i&(e. Sold by ajifoiutment at Unu * Drug j, Store, 53 Knlton street corner of < ii(T* Dnvar, e ?r. of ( hurrh , and Chambers, and at dm* store 111 Broadway cor. Lisf?eii\rd; , 63 Bow"i, cor. of Wliksr. . %i RIBBONS & LACES, CHEAP. ; HPIIK SUBSCRIBER has and is rocemng fiom anctoou A daily, Ribbons and Silks, which he will sell whole* sir or retail, at a yen small advance on auction prices. I'Vuntry u Milliners w?1! find it 1 ? thai idfiBUrj ' call tl raff lowest price will invariable be fixed. Lac* ? and Edgings re- c tilled as low a< the lowest Thread Lire*, of beautiful patterns. Crape, Lisse, Buckrams, Crown Lim ns, Ae. tl K. j. Uni'MMOND, y a 19 lm* ' 1 i, S- .1 > fJAVAMA SE?4? **-PlC AB1A fcMA N / A ,N EDO. N? J A A 49 Liberty street, near Nassau street, ojfei foi svlc the fol* ^ lowing ? 660,000 I.a Norma Segns, vtiy mpcuor 30,000 Norritga do do. 46,000 E?pcranta do d??. 123,000 Diana ^ do do. 80,000 Regalia and Canones do. 60.000 Trabuco* and Ladies do. The whole entitled to debenture, and in lots to suit purchasers. if) I "i r T) E MOVED.-ffTLAlTlE*WALT ?lC agent and part tier o' i f AV the house of Berber Walter, the (ydy manufactory of Watch Glasses in France, No. Sf7 Pvr.dis Poiasounirre street. Paris ^ has the honor df informing Mssrs, dealers in watch works, and J all articles connected with die hue, an also M.-sis. dealers in ( ut glass, their eatablishuitut of watch ghssot, cut class, gilt tnd colored, fancy articles, Ac. A" Ac., hat litely been removed from No 10 Maiden Lane^tof No. 90 William street. Gentlemen desitfms of purcjtaMng fiom the only d?*|?ot ?>f the factory, ar respectfully invited to call at our rstnMislim .it, where wi!l be found an unriv died assortment of the above men- a tioued goo<L, which will be disused of on the most irtaomblc i terms. ml 2m* r , 0 AIL BOAT FOR SALE?Is 10 feet long, almost new, ^ can be sailed as a dinkey, or with jib mainsail ; \~ very f ?st, and rendered perfectly safe, inasmuch as she ii ballast.*d , with water tanks. She is finished in 'he beat m oui*t. n I was * huilt by Iblunibnrg, sails are new. Applv to Mr. ROiiERS, i Fish Mvrk-f, foot of Fulton street, E ist Riv?T. in!2 1 w*C 1 AW KKt'OKTER lor May, III 12.?Contains seven cues of ^ * J B mkruptC>, presenting the tnlurct in all its various phaycsi; I The Bankiupt Law ; the contested seat of Mrs Levy j^Chief } ^u-'icc ,?i.ininn ; L.nrn ivr.ifi'HIe ; Amcrt-'.m ,ltiri?l ; St-irklt 1 on Evidence ; New Rules in Equity ; (I -rnlrnf on Evidence : Bankrupt* in New Y'oik (900) ; BankiUj i < M v ?. (1**0) kr. <J Juil^t* Story-# opinion at Iupon toe eIt; ct ? !* attachments 1 Hiil ui?"D Hie property of* a h r.krtij.t pr-vmo* to his i>?*i?i^ d< <*Un;J ruch w ill ppp?-ar in tin' June number. Also, JuJ#,'e BctLA opinion in the cat" of K.hhou (wife'* jewcl/v) will apneariu full in tlic July number. Tin- proprietors will continue the list i of Bankrupt# lit New Dork and Mm;achu*?ltA which will render the work valuable to every business inan. What iiiwreliant would i*iulHrr 25 cent# a month for such iuformation > Th- May number commence* a new volume, and offers a favorable oj?- ( portuuity to subscribe for the w nrk. BHADBUBY. SOD EN k CO. 1 inio lm#t 117 Naiian si. N. V. ana 10 Scliw I ?t. EkmCoiu I OSEPH PECKOVKRr Fancy""! Hbtiiet Maker, Mathemat J ical and Nautical Instrument f'ise Manufacturer, Iti'J Water . Street, New V?uk. Chronometer bote# of a superior make, baromrtrr, thermometer frames, quadrant, sextant; surveyors, surgical, dentist and 1 drawing instrument boxes, made rnd packed in a neatstyh? timepiece, clock, gun and pistol cases of ail description; daKue-rotype apparatus ami medicine cbesU, mitvc/ora rod*. of . any Icnclit ami make. All kinds of ftttCy work, utade of the best materials ami workman -Hip, Warranted. Repairing of every description cxtcuMd with neatness, punctuality and dispatch Kistfh t*)li*hij?K ?nd v*rrb "bin; . . Manufactory in G. Ta^leaoua't Establishment, between Do- ^ ver * tree I and Peck slip. ( Rkrr.itr.7vc us. r . Messes. E. k G. W. Blunt, corner of Water street and Burlime slip. Mr. A. Meirarey. 100 Water street. Mr. Demilt, 2iW# Pearl street. m15 lm*c <n s (t-o ) 4 l?e e ( STENOGRAPHY. ANEW a new and complete system of the art of writing Short Hand, for taking down every word its fast a* any person can *|?*ak, with delightful accuracy and certainly, leelures, u rmous, trials at law, congressional debates, ike. kr., taught perfectly by Mr. Bristow, of London, in one cour? o ( lessons. Academy No. 23'? Broadway, near Park Place. Terms reduced from twelve to six dollars. i Thus bringing the science within the ine*ti? of every intelligent voting person of either sei. j N. B. A work of the author is presented to every pupil for < th-ir per Ilia lie n[ guide. Lesson* given morning, afternoon and evening. mvll lin* i XT EVER KNOWN TO FAIL:--KEN ER A M> XOl E La CURED!?Chill Fever, Dumb Ague, Intermittent and Remittent Fever?, aiidall the various form* of BiliousDiseases, ' speedily and thoroughly cured by Dr. Charles Osgood's celebrated INDIA < TIOLA/OGUE. j .This article has for several ye ars been iu high repute in those i district* of country where th? n1>ove named forms of disease are most prevalent. Numerous certificates of its efficacy can he shown a( the warehouse of the wholesale ac-nt* in this city, No. 83 John street, by P. BOWNK k CO. . For sale also bv J. k J. Coddinsvnti, corner Spring ami Hud- ' son streets; 8 a ml. Roiton. 198 East Broadway; W. M. Thar- 1 man, corner Canal a id Yarick it?; J. W. Bassett,GO Broad- 1 way; L. A. Rouen mi Her. 311 Bleecker ?t, corner of (ihri?to- [ pher, N.Y.; and Wm. Bailer, 49 Fulton .street, Brookl\n; John ' Brice, Brooklyn; and 8. B. Bowne k 8ou, Westchester, kc. kc. * m 15 3iu. OTATKN I BLAND GRANITE COMPANY-NOTICE. ^ The reeir-r iitjual iruetiux of the Directors and Stockholders of tlii- i"on >pnuy will take tdace on Monday, the* 7th d.av of June ma:. :? 10 o'clock. A. fa. when an election for seV. II Directors ill . . K. I.l .r lli.. I ,?mirthv'? <l?r,r. im. p;..- I street. Puuelua; ndanec of nil inferential i* |*rtiruiiflyrequested. as other iu? hj of importance, besides the election, a W ill AUU must be hi1' tided to. ( By order of tin Board. t S. E. GLOVER, iVsideuf. LEWIS GIBSON. Secretary. in,\?L. J WEBB'S IMPROVED BURNERS, at scventy-Ata per [ *v cent. Iom than heretofore. The subscriber has iio\t on 1 hind a soneraI assortment of the imported Burners, which In* now offers at the abot? reduced pric^. A Itimnil discount al- ? lowed aU dealers. Best quality of 50 c?*nu |>er gallon. Cam; ji?> rated ( rtm 75 cents. Call and f famine for i yours# Ives at No. lit Grand street, one door f. in Rr >4..sav. o JAMES HINDS. N. B.?All kinds of Lamps alt"rad, brnnscd, Milt and repaired at the sl?ortHst notice. on reasonable terms. a<?7 lm m '"'I LE( TIO.N H.?'i fir Subsriiber* \s -' 1 ( lh ? f N.?ie., I, iv f)n*P?, Acceptances, Certificate* of Dei>ositr?. Sic. (through Vie** .;arndeii Sc Co. from Nose York to Athanv) upon *nv uir hjljwine placet, and guirautvc returns to the city of Sew York, tii from. ?ix tt> tight Hay a. Ulica, Ctnandaigua, i Syracuse, Rochester, Auburn, Batavia, ^ Geneva, Buffalo. KtrrrrRCli : 1 Erasmus ( tuning, J hemes ?V. Olcott, AJbanr t ft).ME ROY It <'(>.. r .1 \\ all airesP, iVry York. f3 Cortt*** Bt't.? Hid Marke* a?ree?A. \lh?rv. t rPlIIRTY BUILDING LOTS?Artennou is respectfully in- | I iifdto the sale at tie1 Merchant.* Evchange, bv E. II. t LT"DLOW, on Thursday. May 19th, of valuable building lots ^ at Staten Island The public arc assured lint the sale will bo ? p ramptory, no limits?every lot ti ill be potitivtly sold w ithout ^ any rrtturve. mil 7lrc jj 40(1,(100 La Norms HfffArs, [| I AMD ED Apm thr Mg (Ma. Aon Btvim of wnarior i * (inality.for sale IB loU to suit purchaseis, at r unliable pr.:<s, by M. RAuEft, 46 Chatham ?tn>? t. e mlft tm*_ . c dhf! 001 i ^ ANTE I >?On boiiiT and moruraga on pro fey- I n uhv) j\)\/V/ty situated in the Second Ward. AuyjrrsOide- * sirotis of making an inveatmeot, tuay pleas* address to b"t 555 l( Park post office. mil to 18*r vr C1TICE~ TO T HE A V V L1C T E P. WATERMAN f) is SWF ET, Natural Ihioesetter fforn Florida, ?;ont^mnery county. New York, h ?s arrived in this city for a abort time. A or one d'-sirous to consult him. mft) have an opportunity by int an address at the bar "f Howard's Hotel, \vh"rt lie Ins 1 taken l/dyings, or at Mr. J. Whitfield, corner of Greenwich itid ( hamNfrs streets; Minorca, 214 Fulton street, ?>i l>< Ma { ey*?. Botanic shop, Bowery. Purpose froing south. mil 3irr [' Ft J n N Ifl i?l HftToMs Tn I.l.r.-i w.. lu-^lr Hriitlt-nirn I

c?n b- rr.iniino.Uird witJi ftuniij>pj maini, without Ixmrd. n in ? | ii. lit' ft.nily, whrr. thrri- * ill be to otlirr (oa/rr. in th. . hail... A;n>'* it '?i Or. rnwlrh .tract. tnllce. JAMr.t h?*inf t.Vrn thr llirtii, tint. I, at ll.ibn'irn, will b' h.pry to MroaiintNlitr fmnilm. with TIm- j iitiMtlou i. <li littth'.i!. ?nd ntr>' atttntiim w ill I.- |..iil to ro.k. [ it plr.?ant ?nd w?o?l)|.. Hufrr.nrr. tnl.1 l.'t ' Hank of st. marv's,'?ko.-'n^7, ?r ti.i. B.nk r?. " (l.i-infl ?t 2 nrr crnt dwcounl, b>* ? inTljjt*r f. ' WINTKn. WWill?t. CilIfclh.-> i A|?l.u Incoli hi m.I' I .. . ! 7 |.i r nt -lu- I ' cminf. by , m> II * ' J. (i. WINTBH, 30 W?]l rt. I? />OLLK?'TIONS m.<l< iw AiwUrhirol., KlomU.nil [iroinpt , m ^-r"nhy .. _J. (I. WINTF.R. 3n Wall ,t. I 'UURK-ano bills . I clear, ch ar ntsaa and rump Pork, at in- '* I iM tioii, fur sale b> " r? It. COLLINS. V. South alf.M, I M*> III.I. ?T> ?u|?-ii"iirT7raf, laiflnrt. I"r nil.- ' L bv K. K. OLI.INS U CO. Monti, n. Ill It '* ' OIIOI I.I)F.U!,-thM?"?iiH3MiU5 bl?i?. I.Tofiuit. f?r?al* .I | ^ I,, K h. < OI.I.INh I ' O. M South >L nli n 11AMH?N Mvl. auil 30 bbl. II inn, iu |tickl?, landiu* < * IwiW |' ITJuty Pennimau, for, j ,NS k , Q M s.o.rhvt^ B I F. AO??Co":'i." iiHi?li..K ? * TTl. fiatn w Oi * -j |( .hi 4 or sole b* II i ,?|j ' t. K. fOLl.lNS in cq.aiSuwKst. OHEATMlNO rtVT?a Ul? ?>T?. lur .kip. U.tioinj, in L k*? sheet4 of vatiuu. ?i7 s, a vr rc ' i??r article, f )j sale by I ,, I ' , . I O Son ' I nKfir? i") I.I.I, n... B. .r,"t f.r.alr I" mil K. K. COi.I.IV# k '"O. X South RK 1 [ORNING, MAY 16, 18 \ VOICE KKOM NEW JERSEY L'NIil.hM loWX I n. It, IM|?<>iK>i> !*? > ? I... ?| .tr l>. . | 4 . .1 x II.. tftfr*- r>n<4 W. !?t kl-|? ?? 4- M?, r.,?. i.ll II. KI....I \1, W, in WH.l.lli "f J .1 . r ml .In-. .1 HM|. llilr lot ?. t? fW. **4 > haafcmtf. m. i ill iMitnlall I* mImiIiu mi.. I |ii U m i In. I lii i Ciinrfwin litm . ;... Jil \-v k mtt ti\ in mi |.v |'Hti I ?H l< iMMIOI Ml, ?. !, im I... i ii . t >' im lliil H inul lllitl ikf MBU'I I .11, 4 4 >'M|M . , ImIhI I ml hn|<a-i . t ' I, | I. I.I I I , ? ??,? rlM II r-Ml|'| ill i ,1 uim, mJ I NH ii I ilv 1 I . mi?4 I . ?? II HI ?.? a.I wi III! < HMliJ <1.4 Ii.I I. ? 11M |4I .11. Ili.l Ml. I. .till <|? rlr< C??.'|'I. 1| I v i' tliM i.\ .ill. lull HuIimtm*. M'l OlMrtfulli M.'l s.,l fi.M 4 . I irtmn *. . MMift nil.i, . . . .|mi . I .. , . J III 1. .Ilk. 1 MUI IimImI <M Ml > ?, HII.I.HM IIOF? M\.N. 1 T# Mimvi J. Ann, OPn,.i . ? Hu? .IS ; .*? ill' !! Ill" ??! [ft\ ? A Hill. ( ?<?rti * t t, , |H Hwlant alf?vt I V.i- . m m- vn.? * ii . f# .jii , . 1:1. f' 9 * i* \ H' ... I. im ??!* < ' " \ < ?f. /u > !! *?. Ul fthmi |M, lliln, lit I 'dj'iili (drrM, *n I 11 ... II> |1 II fr*' Flail". W I Ilv, I), t .. I'.nli w c *rrft William* I )* '4? * f. u I . . l> .. fl . * N. * t k. I J , IV. . . - v J K-r S M?1? .4' iHr frtuilU# |Lw*KoMt*d i ?ml) la 1ill?rd i. v.\Kk. k SO ^ !.[)??;?. i . >>i v. i i, i* in. Ik d iixlfailf at?d iNlf CHAMPION WIG MAKKK. JEW \M? > I.I \V| IMI'(:."\ I MI NI IN TIIK M IM KUil Kl. "I 1?>i t'hl-X "Jill I. ON 'It B td.M [I !>l. r.ul't t imc I.. u d? lU.t lU ? I 'M \f* \ , k ' AMAZON TOUPEK, Iciu ? li> n i * I I , . iadr * nh. <,' - . i la ??ad t?y ati rutin '. * r< ?uh i?a*?* ? !? > dti|4ay fl> f''??? l?^ad lid t<*tH|de? t? Ul' i??? . " M' ' ? l/'jiif <m antliiK a* li?l?llixrr I* ii i a |wrtir!? ?H ifrrl i >11 i l-rnn ? ihnti? prnin* apt* a tii ? in*, uti.'ii t. ' ,'um <#OLl> ! - !?? ? ?? nittiii,' 1 i? laoCiVt .cmg pffi* > 14 MU rrarrrt of U?< i ?u nt A? ? WIG AND SCALP. nairr, PHALOV* ifi<H?? n# wall ki ?nd Ulril. II** lit* |f*?t 4 him?? It !*?! iW Madly I ha h*at lu tl#e lit. tim i* i lirl ahirh rwr wig w?*r?-f k*?w*. \ eon. ia i| . hre* of th* ??. * ind i- I I ih j frai -i n Ni* i oil., rail Ii ;tiP Tlf i"iM" <n i? >* u I m iH# rKKMft m* it,. Hi** ?i|xrr mwdit 1st -t-v. m l th# Ural |i'aniin thta wiiilfilby fli^ Anx rirtn |u Wat art#, aba t* o? ? lir? W\% i ? 1 mtS !"HK LAH'.KST. Till rill U'KSt, \NP BL?T ?X(?HTMr>T OK 'VI GS AND SCA LPS Iakk to r. poi'md ar V. CLIHEHLGH'S ggO ADWA1 EaNTRAN K IN FULTON ST*Eft1 PHF. mmy an* tm??a fh\t *r? d 1 v mak.uc t?? imifatr rtie* L ir|flir?t?d Witfi ar.d Seal;* ac-ju?t 10 nanv |'t?v fa ..f th? i'/ ? h mH i > ittaim a until i I it. oy t)t? tiidr. Bui tha iiihli- aaill ( larrif (Kat C it tho iI ufti ii: I V It : iii | uki m X*L' VTII iTiv<; a vt% i:M?a i WIGS AND SCALPS, WITHOUT VET.tUC SPIltXGfi, if?' t *.*' I ? ! i i if* but iVrhV aiir*r".;?t* at imtMiofi wanting he* fill.*? iilu mc or -nrett lh" !>' ou which the) arc klilij to , t?. i ..r kill Itld prVCtl' t ? K lit*. All Wt au-r* aii i c?>'Mi'M!?r?ir? * i-mi i iu*p#ct lui IlKADS UK liAliC. ,?hioh foi rli sinci*, li, tut v, 4ml ttt> m* !? ila%?**i '.! lui'i ' n ! i . i i lit. y ditfrr tr? in *11 i - im<)? In n . The hair u tingli ;iiartcil, and i? > ??in*ll. ..'a*. 1 .m to * | l * r jm?i i*iuiii. toiiVlim ?l* in?tin- > ?v\t;ii. ol the i ?v? than the natural i ?r ?"r?, and havuu i:?> tn tV.i aprinc, all ui a :>erabfe |>re?ua i? olmated. For a S utlirru rii.nile they ?u* iar?Uoiiblr, wi,U Olil> Ollf Hi. Wt ullt. Beln*.or% Mcmbera of Congi-ras, ami c* fitlemrti from rtrnr laarlarof tin* country, who air uow vi?uiii| t.'i W?i?, ran H* i inferred to. '1^1 r prices will Ixi found to?uit the cut utuoturvi of all. jr 15 i HE < HE APE ST \\D \T0S f I v if 5s|\ h 3111 N A, GLASS AND <1 IF HNS WARE KsTAlUdSUMEXT* IN Tin: *'MTTCI? *T%TK*. is rill: OLD CIUNA HALL IN IHKHTM T STREET, dirrrtly oiiooiitt the State Mono-, Phi lade Iplna.) and the new CHINA 1IALL, BALTIMORE ST., LALT1MORE. i'tiblic nny ih n? u I u,h?u wetting every ocacriptimi of French mid Ku^luh 1 hina. Diniu,' art la, Tea aett*, fhandier & ., f win !!?? jitirr ahili* to the moat elegantly decorated, nt cither of thrae lontrt. Rich Cut (Ham (Yom the ju?tlv celebrated B uion ami Sandwich (Ham M aim factory, b\ lie d??a?*ii or ill ruu>i4?lr aetta, ivarMutrd su,? rior to ativ ever imported. Country iiu rch-mu will fun I ntcr loou crate* an I lilidi. nf Li*'*rp?A*l and (dueemw ait, opeu for ituiwctinu tnd a\le ai l?*a?t ;wrjity per cent cheaper than at the long doubtful credit -t??rr?. The entire btuinmi o| t!w?e concern*. i? conducted on ihr :heap Bennett or Cash Syat. in. ( N?* mill ?W-* in thia.) f tdi in woui of f'Mti.i, tlhu, Liveqwwil. or Dtiewftaware, ei'hcr at wholesale or retail, from any |*art of the union, will find it to their own inUirctU to call or write to the "?!<! China Hill in I'hiladi Iplna, or tin* urw China Hall in Ual* dint e, ind the3 will not be disappointed. Packing warranted many i?ari of the Union. The French and German lan^uagea ia tlm-ntly tpok n h ihe tales me u. KF.HK k CO. m'l lm r REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' TAS1I TAILOR]NO B.ilAlV.'fcH. mknt, It removed from 1IA Brn.itwar trt N). A.'i.i k'm ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DilFSS. Garment* of a moat Elegant pud KathiouaUc kin I t at oil /? I 1*) per cent lor ouh. rpHE advertiser decin* it 11mc?<ii?ary to rrnwl f? th? hick* * neyed syatem of givitu a li?r of noniind prt^gi, prer ixnina h it th?' length of time he haa hern oatablinhed, toaedwr w?fh h" ritriuivD jMlnHput DritoMed 011 mm, win pr???e e attiu riept voucher for hi* caimbtliti*k?. Poawadnjf the ?lvair%ai- oi >eiii4 eonncrted w ith an ritemivr clothe?r.abital?oient in Eurofm ie ronlidi'ii'li' a.aaet* that he can furnish cSotliea winch, ou c.un>tri*oii, w ill Ire found lower th *ii a?v othrr h mae fltakiug Up he l?e?t dcacriptioii* of iferitleineuN dreaa. ?I ? S Pill I.I .1 PH. 7 A .'or Hoiiie, Hr .I'lwa v HOPE GROWS FROM INWARD FAITH. '^ilfTLKMrjv?M>* wile Ind taken a severe c?dd, which fhial? 1 came arated U|M>n her in *uch a manner that inrtainm ition d foe Iiiil/9 en?ued. aceom|?ani. d with rattliiut in tie throat, thai nt wa? ccnaiderrd d tiuernunly ill aud givt n up by two einiwilt phyah'i'tiia; hut having Iwird of >'i?ur Compound Hore> id Ciudy i|?okeu of iu tmi hi'.'heti term*, I concluded to pur :rjpje a.?u.e in order to five it a trial, and I am happy to aay it % la :i# meaju of reatoring her to perfect he 1 Ith. WM. VAN D F.WATER. Corner ofJKlth afreet and 3d Avenue, 'l } Measi*. J. P?:A?r. A Sos, 46 Diviaiou street. ISfcW Kocii?.ll?:, fob. 17lh, 181?. lb.Mii. J Pussy k Hot Ociitlfnifn?My ion had hero ifflietH for thro* month* with n mi ;11,, in to Meh thai fw wi r- entvrtlined"1 In-* l?e <#mtug afflicted with thai moral rucpiv of the li'imiu race?(he ion? hut ujkjii nuking u$r of Horthound ( andy, he so* it once restored to prifirt health. I hi?* also iitfd it my Hf, and !i?> no hesitation in ircomratndtmc it t.? ilnsa uttering under such affliction*. u vou consider the above wur d>? ft lu%e no oujetlioii to vour publishing /? !\ p.. UALLAUDRT. P B.?I am i market wagoner. and when in this city at tfatthew's Hotel, 21 Bowery. Mr. Matthews will corroborate In* above statement. Bold wholesale aud letail, by J. Pease It ion, 43 Division street. Aokkts. Mr. d. W. H< -ddmg. No. H But* street. B-"M"n. Mm. Mr. <>. B. Zirber, No. 87 D*>ck street, I hiUthdpnia, Pi. Messrs. J. K. t urns fc t o., No. IJ EicliAitf* Place, New Orpen*, La. KiwL fit Co, ^7 State st Albany. VI: J. Robcrt*on| No. 110 Baltimore st, Baltimore, Md. Mey, ( incinnati. aeflr rkllRIS TOOTH WAflH?Pre |?ared fmm the original re' ripe at No.8 (told street, New Vt??lt?The Orri? Tooth iVaih n purely a vegetable preparation, pone-mini the |?r?*perjes of cleaning the teeth and mouth, restoring u?t go in* to a lealthy state. and preventing any unpleasant taste or odour in he month, whether arising from ?leca>ed teeth, cm fi- ai a dratiyd state of the stomacn. It is designed to he used with * tooth brash, and will be found o supersede the necessity of a powdei. keeping th ? teith ele m nd preventing the wearing away of the gums fr ;i the teetlu t is irarttcuia.'iy useful in eases of spun/) sums esVomig th?-rn 0 a healthy state, and causing them to mnfrart arnjwnd the reftli. In painful affection* of the teeth and gums arising from | vpoaitre to cold, it will be found highly ben* facial. It h par loularly serviceable to five tb?? Orris Tnofli W uh at night JIM >* fore retiring t" rest. This mi rti -d ? recommended by ? mitent dentists, m Vj fo doing ' il pt licln of food which *ernnnlate during the day ara entirely removed ami the month ent through the night in a clean, sweet, and health? slate. Bound teeth ami white teeth are the most valuable port sons f p?K-.r humanity; hut how many neglect the attention nerssarjr for their preservation, even whin surrounded bv all the wans needed. Among these we know of none m??re pleas-vnt nd eft?itnal thin the Orris Tooth Wa-.h?-it c|?.?u.tes and wliiii* the teeth, sli' iigtht na the gums, pmiftts the month, md wcepns the breath. We recomrnerta ita use to all, young and Id.?[B?Mon Morning Post. The Orris Tooth Wash is the bc*t determent we i ter used on nr mam* I.?[Boston Transcript. Formic hy the principal druggists in the city. ml r )T5T"9 ' COTHINO?< HILDRF.N'S <I.OTHINO-"A ' terv Urge aesortnv nt?Very good quality?Very cheap.? JROR'lE A. HOVT k CO., No. 14 Bowery , would r. ctilly inform their patrons and the public gen* rally. that they ire again been making eitensive | reparations for th** ijamg nd summer trade. aruKnsve now on hand a inn*d? larger ass* rt* lent of Hoys' and Children's fClothing than they ever before ad. The public arf invited to call aud eiamiii*- their goods, - irh jiartictilar reference to ijnality and price. Terina cash. a3 111 ilON BOOK sm- ,.s MONF.V ( IIKM's h \ 1 3 assoitment of Iron Safn, K.r. of diflTerent in ?kei?. for at rices correa|M?nding with quilitv*. at t!?e Iron f le st Wah'howse f BILAS ( . IIKRHINO. it 139 Water afreeL N II WilderN nahtmaitdf i s.i. . f. < idedl tlx best in * Hi ? . r Oil- ' Im Ira* I Al Mi, . tl?? i | f. r III tor . |t lit H \MiRKWB COMBINATION LOCK-The only Lock I V which has been -v|>oi-t| w ifh a ?nm of money to the Poh C to be picked.?This cch hrated Lcrk having nn?lerir*iiie an ;h*r severe trial and tr?tf hy h-iug in an in?n site, cm losing *fepoiit of Fivr. Hnsnftrn Don.sits for two mouths, al rf?e IsrchanU* F.vchange 11* ading Room in this city, ami hiving - *?i similarly thus * inosed several times since IC31. and a ?ld attempt having lately he? n made upon one of the vaults 1 the New HiVt'll fouutv ilipk, nil of which trials it his iih?t.?o?l. The An.cricvi Bank L??ck f'omiienv wi'h inrea^e-i -nfid'Micr, recomor lid tiiis inrslssbk Lock, IMIW in j i?* of over ?00 fguika in llie United Butrs. t>ie only Lock i .itch 1pm sPhmI the t*tf, arid iic?/r been openeil in a Bank or laewhere after the door has h en shut, a.el properly^ locked ith a conihination key, hut has secunrn finmrroitt H msi iim mUv idiials when all otl?er Locks l.a*e hoen opsned. 1 h" I it M attempt at robhi.u, where tins s^ire I^ock . sored t'??, fi.nihr o^nin. I'"" I- -*' TfiT T i *" m (V.nlnniuion I.ock, h? ll>? lUilro.d Buik, "l1'!'k.'Vui'. .1 to Rink, r ith II.OM ch.-ntv? Wmi'li jTJ. ! Lock, to iron nfW, Hon 1WW1 ?i? M't'ft r/Jh lo i nk. mot-to otilcr. ....... . CMfirrr. oi, inili'xlual. ?rr u>vi'*0 tj 11 Jn;nr t n, o-li .1 ihr o2ji -c of thr oiUi'rit.T?For *]- ?, wApwfflFrH a iMfTrt, n j.-.n.,'?,?#. JI.K.A' IIINti POV'DKH, of " Boyd*."tnafcrr, rnin'mitly I > 11 >i h,m'. nn'l fir . <l? hr m'O r r rr.RSRK k BROOKS. 4J Lihrnr,t. J ?iff?????? jWWBW [ERAJ ) ? . An At rontlc J I On Mr* Fmmi Smith, the wifo and guardian angel o, the great Mormon Prophet. The rm*' tli sit bloom* on yonder tree, t Opening Ui (lienun ; Mum viiir t?-ii*|>t lint huiy bee, Ke'urning lo H? ta?k, like thee , C Mince duty mint hit done. ( t > rotil w mloin made a man, . Mu.It- triwi and mountain*, too, Made flower* owl (ruit* nnd uli that Can t Adorn and beautify hi* |>lan, v. ix'ilcrl ami *o true. i M i lot e I to roam among tlie flowor*, In vpanglmg deiv drop* *een? ' Toehe.-r hit lonely morning hours, lli? heart improve, enlarge his power*, teal (plead the charming scone, l idiol) thought* did not arise, > All eome from heaven alvvf ; . Ileligiou daughter of the vkius? Drv ru.k ?ilh iikh'W uud w anting eye*, Id at'Hirh uf our to lot e. " I A .Win ?l?nUir angel bright, < N ? minting lit hit aide; \ml rr?? My hte, my lore, my light, S Now l?l?r nu at thy wrihltnl right, tniietiDilimum) liridr. I.t r taiutea him with him, (l.nii ( miiii ucli love ii-nitm,) Oh' \l*m di xr. take thle and thit ' I hi iu thee crude* all my Li1l?, *Tm >urr ahull Ilium . 1 How Mi>t *ere they withlu that bower, t I.nan lug lionetmoon ! t iiH fn lri??. with fruita, dimI evert hour, H.* led w Ith uJ>iuri fniin each (lower, j t ven in Iw-autnoui hloom. , And ta it not through woman Hoar, ci I hat our i hgmi ?|ning? I ( Mi aoiilhi. uriui'mult irrnr , c l in hn rrlt , anil lot e her here t ttrligiuii hunt* hor wing* ! 1 Mai lu-tii nwal hiilr from ahot e, ' d.i woman ? |<a'.h still thin* , ' - - hot .,* a dm e ' r?ari?t tun h hoi note* ol love? *. Ho homing lute <li\inc. Oh' mat thy influence Mill tB'i'lie, , I i phot and holt men ( llaat o?i a t luoro siupbota w ho w ith hi e. i I iUim H 1 (.' iu a'nr' iloairo ( To eprra 1 Iho It tine again ? IM'iontil Arb'igivii lluuar. Mar I, 1*4*1 , Tina ta a gem Jeaci ibtng n a tet odlltg liom lira*on 11 < Adam aaaoangolio tho 'hape of rrligiun. Ld. Iltati.p. 1 Mfwarh, Ohio. |i irnapotuk-nee of Iho HtrihlJ I \?.tt ai.r, ' '"i May II, 1?J2. i bvhh*u? D i?if ? trmjhi-aiur ? ttt Mwl ! t*H.iulr?Km. B. B. Tnylot, I j '1 .i-re na duii cf bimnnaa on the Ohio ' J cans! tin- m : but ?t ho;>c iu have unci) u'mn- , .Inn: harvest* oh In be enabled In pay od our uebln, ; ' and tn pn\ dnwu lot what gooda we may want front , tit*- euMern inurketa in the fall. In the latter jwit t ol'th" m* ihin <i| navigation, we unticipntc a | ( ouflit'ieni increase of businc-** to make tip fer lite t ' ill dn!ln"<" The nutnbt't ol travellers this J nca? ii m, I think, unuaually great; and if die nuin- i tier, ol Una early |nin<>d in lite ooaonn. ta iniv mil int. 1 thin, our steamers, our canal imckci*, mid our i rrarhn, will be loaded down for a long tunc to | conic with tli ?; ? who arc hastening from the hot J beds o! eastern society, Irom viewing the (coiupa rativcly sja-aking) immature work* ol nature found in the raat, and from the confinement ol business 1 or ol the schools, to riot amid the boundless prolu- ! -ion and magnificence of nature in the favored i weal. They want to *<*r our noble lakes, unrivnlled 1 elsewhere in the world ; our gigantic riveis, Iwaide , which most others ere hut pigmies; our prairies, 1 the extent ol which the eye raunol take in ; our falls of St. Anthonv : the red men who ronm through 1 i lie vim f'or.vt- which stretch bey on. I the Kooky J Mountains; uud, e.-caping from confinement, they , w an' to enjoy ii little of nature's freedom. Kirhly i w ill they be rejmid for their trouble ami expense. 1 The temperance cause is still advancing in this j vicinity, and the good effects resulting Irom it are such as to warrant the moat strenuous ?-l!i,rt- <>| die champion- of a noble reformation. a- worthy us any other of the philanthropist ami the rhrisiian. The number of member- of ilie leiupennee aocie. lie- of ibis city i- now wi It on toward* IfklU. The Newark liisiitule, cslablislied last winter, iu tile ffourisliing nod increasing in usefulness front day lo day. t?n Saturday Inst there was hii interesting essu y read l?ef.?re |1 by 11. J{. W'llhani*. l.?| , MtMiflNm Navigation ol tin Atlantic; ami <>a llie first Wednesday in June the regular monthly ' led tire w ill Im- delivered !>v Ifcnjatnin Ihiegs, Kwj , the f.'dilor of the Advocate, and w ill, no doubt, lie a prodneiion worthy <d his ability ami long experience. The last regular leciurr was deJivereu by tieorgr P. f'oiirad, K?|., and elicited the admiration of a crowded auditory : and. if it msv Is- regartled asn fair indication of the talent to Is- displayed ta the lectures to come, we have much reason to be proud of tlic ability concentrated in onrritv The J Ion If. H.Taylor, our dirtinruish-d State Senator and the worthy champion of hunk resumption in llic Ohio Iteneral Assembly, is now in l'ltiaburg whither he was invited to give a lecture liefore th? Kry Stone Association of that cifv. 1 understand that his subject will be the Character ef an American Statesiimn, or rather, is-rltaps, that he will endeavor to jhiitit out what the character ami career of an American Statesman ought to be. Tberecanbe no doubt that Mr. Taylor will handle themWp-et with his usual alulity. The weather lor a law davs back has been bad ; we have had frost on two vr three occasions, but no harm has yet hern done. lAVt'iwn*. Oswego. [ I 'i#rrt-,|..mlrnr# of ih- Hstlf] (' .wi,. ... 5th May, IH?2 J. (?. Boimr, E?|:? Duvg Sia t? Mr. Hull, of the Commercial Hers Id, or some onlor him, in noticing the run u;*>n the ftawego H?nk and the article in a late X. Y. Herald, afreets to l?elieva it was ami is " bill a puny rtTort of a few disaffected person-, who could not corniwand all the facilities they required." Now then. Mr llvll knew that he did not state facts: for at the time he was inditing his editorva', the laboring classes were presenting "the mra" and getting their d?l lar", and the game is vet in full operation, as I am informed?in lact I saw no fe?than five p rsoio who paid the < be ego Hank s visit this die, and dr?w from her vault- about Ul " ? this t<Trih#r with wiiat hsa been dtawn ?Mil within th< past ten . days, will amount ?o sIniiii sf ?,<? ! c<> great the run Mt the onset, 'hsi one of ihc lUnk gentle i I men whs p rit oil Ss. k?? i. ?i'lcr." sod I returned with thr?e botes. fh? Katik had i>r?,, paying out hcr>pini-h juarUis, ??*;d i.rr am ill change previous to j i ttn.g-id from'<ni ' her I aiders- and fr-'M mr-nr -n- e? ?!> ir > ' Iisve btri prf?lncej imp day. Therr is rnur:t < rd ( ofa Utuik ;n? ? /<?. b it 'he one ha?e . < ceased to lie beneficial to the i "t.! . and is ,.k? j>otn<* of the rotten brokers ia Wall wre*' They enable some halt d"rri? men to in?'n>f?-' /? all their discounts, and thereby, the bummsn <4 ih? i 1 thus thr\ |>r> veul email ojs-raiora It- m <i> m that ?. Stent of bu-in?? they ought, (as h .'in' ? ten.) t?p i tnike it |ir<?fjti?hle. h"w l?m* sm Ii a state ?>( g thing" wilt Ipt ii|Nn Id in thu < mni imiy ia net lot i me to say. but tlx liaok will b? rwi*-d ?, .o to tmf tlieir notes, and I ho|> those w h hold tli? i not.* t will not delay to t,r,> " them >r it b? t?>.i |k?r ? However nioeh our loeaI frtpef* n?a? (ttrnmtts ptn|i ? U)> the old hull, ?l?e must sink ami it tlie louwneas ami lalM'tiiitf rlar- ? am not de-irous ui being catuhi.iis with the late < . t inu r? , ,1 Hank oftbwa- i * >, then l?-i them get th? d"l!*ra while tlx\ m,| ' had. 1 |. i'?i Rem** in Cauda.?A *4..ry has hies nt< ala- ' tiii^ in Unehec of an inteni'.iddiaMilntHia o( tio I'm- \ vinrial legislature. We hsv?- not In u ?M? to traee it to any good authority ? Cdnrrftr, *arh >?<* >! k' ?.i ii F llll. ( l|v| - tin- ?? 11.4111' i, ' , i.,! ,|| * and Nautilus are at the ... ,, tttt,r>* ? ? at our Natv N nrd, under the <i1i?rtntandanee nl l.? t irnrge S. Make, (or the f*oarriiM<ni of ihe irvey i of the roast. '1 lie hue couuiieuranteai >4 tl.* w <wk for the season i? attributable mainly to fh? * ?' <>t an N|i|prti|iriaiion o| money liy < Ungreas io < ury it on: nomewhnt also to the inquiry mm ?' r1 -t" Till usefulness, direeted t.) t.e in.ide at the last sea- J? itiori ofCongre--. The neval otrierrs, who al?? run- 11 duct thetojiogriphtesl dcj>artmmt. ri '* atia 'dts these vessels, are t..- .rre M Make, I i. it fl t oiiinianiltng ; laeut. I 'hti . H l'?^'*: ?l?xw? 1 Woodlmil, an.I Wuim t.n .voort. I*. wed \Ji<Jslu^ 11 men.?Phifa. Chr?*iftr. H y 12 LD. Price Two Cents. lei'llng of tbe Uniuiuoii Council?More l.xciting Scene* Expected. The Common Council hold their second meeting o-night, and some remarkable scenes may be exerted, sufficient to tako lite wind out of Uie sails d Miotic Island. The .Mayor and the two democratic Hoards are determined to stand their ground ? ho ltecord t and the Whig Hoards are equally d?-crmincd on their side of the fence. We understand further, that til" democrat': aro billing to have the legal questions, growing out ot he Sixth Ward election, brought before the Su,'rente Court by tlie writ of tiianaatnvt?but that tiio Whig Boards will not consent to this course?in. isting on the rights of the Wliigs of the Sixth to ukn thoir spnLa r*? \\ hat will bo the result oi this evening's operation?, 10 one can tell. The following u the reply of the Mayor to the Whig members, showing the legal [rounds on which he proceeds To lit,nan C. West melt, Ctorge /' SrJ.ltl, William Duil'c, William Jldams, (iturga It . jiile, ton, John It. Scutes, Withuni Brady, and Walter Mead, Hsyuncs ,'lesistant .'lldcrmen oj Ike City of Acur York, ??.-i n.i MI S : The opinion which I delivered in U?Ui Boards of the Common Couueil upon the matter ot admiuist -ring <' ? iatU of office to tho members of the Common Council, s txhibited iny judgment as to the duties end js-iwcrs cf tho itticers administering the oath tt;?on that subject. 1 now call your uttention Jiailicuiurly to the tilth Scion of the amended Charter of the City of N' \v fork. City Charter ond Kent's notes, page " The division >f the Coinniou Couueil into two (wards ahaii no' tare elect until the officers to he elected under this law enter in the duties of their office. Each board ihnll bold its irat meeting for the purpose of organizing, on the second I'liesduy of May in each \ oar, at u hit k time the May,,, vc "terk of the Common Council thai! attend, by whom the 'ath of njficr shall he administered to the members elected. 'n Ike abet net of the Mayor aud Clerk, such oaik may ho idminislered by the Hecorder or t first Judge ef the City, or ly <110/ of the Justices of the Supetor Court." The lines of this section which I have italicised makes t the imperative duty of the Mayor and Clerk of the "nmmon Council to bo present on tfio second Tuesday of May. one to attend each llcaani and to administer the oath )f office to the members elect, and gives to those officers when present, tho sole power of administering such oath, ivhuu thesu ottieeis are present at the time and place, tho oath of legal organization administered by any olficer, is a nullity. To provide for the contingency of the absence ol Ilia Mayor and Clerk, the section gives to tha Ilemrder or hirst Judge of the city, or to the Justices of the Superior Court, tho power of administering the oath in case oi tha absence of both the Mayor and Clerk. This does not uuhorisc either the Recorder or the other contingent oth era to administer the oath in bye places, in ditferout -ooms, eithor Indole the tune of organization at tho time >r alter the time, to avoid the judgment of the Mayor and lerk Therefore, the oaths, which I am informed wero i Ini'tt watered by the Recorder to Mr. Crolius and Mr. Atik.lloflhe hiith Ward, and Mr ?-?and Mr.??, if the Eighth Ward, are void, and gives to those r- ntleneu mi power or authority to act as Aldernten and A' beaut Albertr u. The n u ll 'ectlon of tho Montgomery Cjiarter of tho :itv, at 4sith page of City Charter and Rc>.t<# Note.., prorides as follow s : " r.f ery of which persons so to be nett ed ior Mayor, Coroner, High Constable, or Chamberlain, or ? to be'elected for Alderman, Assistant, Assesror or Conitable, on the foust day of Ht. Michael, shall, on the fuureenth <isy of October then next ensuing their nomination ir election, respectively, take the respective oaths hereinafter ap|iointed for theiii respectively to take in such muuicr and lorin as hereinafter is directed, and shell continue n their said respective office* from their being respectively iwoiu, until other fit persons be respectively named or derted. or tu-een in thsir respective rooms and placesThe -JOtli section of the amended ('harter, at page 10ft, is is follows : " Such perts ofthc Charter of the city of New fol k, and of tho several arts of the Legislature amending lie same, as arc not inconsistent with the provisions of this law, sliull not he construed as repealed, modified, or in any manner ullocled thereby, but snail continue and remain in full iorre." I'liis section rontinuos under the new Charter the pow er jf tlie Aldermen ami Assistant Aldermen, and all other jtbc.-rs id the ? umuu n Council, to hold over until their mrrescurs are elected or itiiminled jtti.l swum inln nft The nolri ofChaneeilor Kent to the Charter of the city, written After the nmunilod < barter of the cit y win adopted, i tiller the ilirertiint of the Corporation, to explain the proritiuns anj opurntiona of the ( harlrr as nmcndrd. fully xpreaaly statu that, alter the new Charter waa adopt id, he Aldermen uuit Assistant Aldermen, mnl other officers, InihI over until their MtcreiKori are alected anil iiwont in. Si-e Kent V note tt|>on the Tenth Section of the Montgomery Charter, at pace Ids of the City Charter, ami K ul'a *Cotae.) t lianc ellor Kent there states : " The ntoviticr in thu Chatter, that tho Mayor, Sheriff, nud all outer officers w ere to continue in office until other hi Mtccttioiy tvci* reaper lively ap|>ouiteil and qualified, is now hy la a extended to nil olhcyrs duly appointed, except the Chancelli r, Judges of the Supn me Court, ami Circuit Judges." This li'Kdlly authorises Assistant Alderman hhoici,ci tho Sixth Willi!, to hold over until hii successor shell ho a oru into office ; nay, lartlier, it compels him ' > ..eld liter; for the oath flint he took faithfully In |*rfoiir '.ho duties of Ins olltce, as impere it elv require* him to bo'd at er until lus successor is qualiiied, as it compelltd Ji.n j m rlorm his dntli s down to and including the t car he v. oa rlw'tftl fur. The hoard of Assistant Aldermen, after tho official oath * .is administer.*! to tliem, organized with Mr. bhaiir, and l| |Kiinti'd their President, Mr- Ward of the 10th Mat J, and ippointeii the I li rks and Hergeant-at-Arms, end notirieil tie off, iaily of their rw-iirgBiiirntiou. I have administered lie oatli of other to the l lerks and Serjjeant-at-Arms , Ima tp| united by them. The 7th lection of the aim mint cliarer. at iii^e 100 of f ity t barter and Kent's Kots.*, piovidai hat ' The Hoards shall meet in separate chntnl.r r?, and a majority ol each sliull lie ai|uurttni to do business. Kerb Hiant iliali ap|<oint a I' flout ?.* own Isidy, and iliali also chooie it* Clerk and other oUiceti, determine [lie nib's ot i s own proceedings, and bo tlie judge ol law |U ilifirstn>ns of ill own Tn ynlM'ra. , Kaeh llmird of the Common Council consists of leTcnIcen members. A majority is nine. Neither hoard, thciaore, ran transact any busmcsi wilheut the presence of tine mcmliera. Both of the bodies which you now reek te hare consigned legally rouitituteil Boards consist ouch ol but right ncmlirrswho ate legally and ron-fiti'tionully qualified, isniely : I alvin Balis, Caleb 8. Woodhull, John A. LTilerwood, Holiert Junes, Huhnrd Ir'-Curan, Johnhtcwirt.Mriiry K. Ilaviee, and Kdward P. \V-s<, F.a<|iiirpe, of lo Aldermen, and HormanC. Write, veil, tkoige K. >ra.Itt, William Dodge, William A-'outs, G"otgi: W. Aiicr ir Inhn B Scoles, William P Bind", an I Welter Mead, i squire?, of the Asaiatanta. All jour aeti ?re the ;u an! iniiiiotity of each Board, aiei i "in tueritl; i.ll tlior.eacta ire mid. Neither of those liodics, comycfat tttch m' ,o its have a President, and all 'he nets of lioili tl. >ar belies m-illegal. I then tore cannot recount. ' you era! gal odj and caiiiiot sanction any of your id'. Homeni the dutiaw of th" Mayorol'thecits of New York lit- pimciitn-ii t.y the Ansi iuisal t barter anil K* - '.'s notes, ag" HO as follow a To be V igilmit and active to causing the laws and orlioancea ot tui K?? et umeii'at the city to ho duly i SCCU e l and i nJnrcou. Toe ?i i else a constant aup rvMrion snd control orrr he conduct and arttnf all suleirdinate officers, and to ra lie and examine into nil swell complaints as may be (?T?tenrd ag.itn?t any of them for violation or neglect o f totv atul generally to peeiorm all 'urhdutie- as may ha ircscritn.i to him by the < harlri and City onliiiauces, and he law s ol this H(at' and the I 'nited States." It IS made my .tnte to he ' igtlant and acttee la causing he law s vml ordinances to lie executed and i r. for red. T xerrise constant supervision and tontrol over the con |urt md acts of all stib?i?ditiat?ofllcerf. I niter then stetsons it will hs mv duty to pi event any ttrmpong to i xeteisi the .twite* of any office wider i,< < mow n t " -iril or tinder either of Its Board! w-h o nod tea*? ejpniniwl to such olltce, and it will a d? t'.ij ' ") pftcict and seenri the off rera of tb a i josee-s net their respective o f ' ! ' en .Intira until Jiersuu s ieritly lyp'ititiyl nnd qualified to supersede them < I w ,1 tir-it- j i ,?eree the InlogtMy of tho r ' ' I 'wnmi nnn nnirrn* lUsprciTullv joun, UOtlT. II. MORBIft Miforoflhr' ily ofNrw Vutk I ' n Hun ? I hr f id inr-it i . < ! |i?t "ntuidny ??v? ; '111 mar u n; raj-ul. v, kiui > Aiiv ?tit(nn four or five t*nt f th?ii? - or- at tf a (not of Main-ftrart. Thi* Trat t. mf n ftlri. r?a rtrr.? viand* '?n|jr *? <It" rx-uiii id tV kanVwa, which him (twn mrarly tiir?v Iiuim iW rtlii? ill ibr l*lr krivy raiis. fit t.<tr r *i / ,j.. r - apt ?h nf ?ty r?in* ?!m> it tlx \??rih Tr l'tt.nicii M?r any* " Murh 'tt'f Ml m t V , , ^ ,.?r? ,i if,. wttfk.tMftK ulnrly ? Ilia \?trlh ut (III* "I h< l.iftb Miami, w midifaiwl. a ? IimeIm r an IV <?J?v last than it had bran uniuii lirf(.ra fcr twenty jmh " Ti* f ?1 TV V'W t<rlaan* B" of A* M ?M Mr* TV jaihlN- " HMiN^ araimrf ra*ai\IW ?? w , U-..I V*?>, hilar l.iJalad Nov. I, "J? .<( trt ; ?Vy JW 1 ?Niy ?!?- a. tad L lie "','1 M' " nr* U> 'h? ai.irt *nd IMi "? ' "? "" 'V njhi band mat ?i,i. a iM.n* ?f ra> r? . Miluamf vnl?atr\ar ,, ti a id .11 awl ?H 'hat dt nttniiiiaiii* tvcr t~ . . j lb* i * ^ ' '?*%? *?? ? nota ?)f this , .ai, *<! i?b '?n?* tlr northern (wri n| . Port# U Alaltamt. "el I IS|| M <1.111 I ?it Ilia mi .<rit|on> n| nil it? tV I u.iatl >*< ?* , Amine iV rnon'h of .ipm 01 a era?t Hi. SI .*74 bhU , of tPfMffl fab <? . U'ImW do l<? i*. MHa , rr .VV.TfPi fj. W.ipalT. hart* jg eA^wivr*aaewi1'tit letch? T.lft TV ti. ?*ta<t. i i? tail'. !* !. *ff 'i?Ti M?i .'itn' \ -7?n ? .* v. ?fa W/ 7 <**.

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