Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1842, Page 1

May 18, 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH V ol. VII.?No. 4i41.?Whole No. BOSS. NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, i'.hroni Now V ork 011'Jio Jjdi and Liverpool ou the 13th <]f tach month. m M m. Ship SHEIJIDAN, Captain F. A. D? ncyi^r, 25th May. Ship GAR KICK, Captain Win. SkidJy, 26th June. Ship ROSCllJH, Caplaiu Joliu Collius, 26rh July. Ship S1DDONS. Canuin K. It. Cobb, 26th August. I'KOM I.ITFHPOOl.. Ship SIDDONS, Captain K. B. Cobb, 13th June. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. D v. yst.-r. 13th July. Ship OAK KICK, Captain VVm. Skiddy, 13th August. Ship KOSCIUS. Captain Johu Collins, 13lh September. These ship* arc all ot the first class, upward* of lOOOloli*, built ill the city of' Now York, willi such imirovemonu as couibine groat sfxsed with uiiumat COUifort for lyusengur*. Kv?ry care Fai been lakeu in the arrangement of their accommodations'. The psicr of passage hence i* $100, for which ample stores w ill be provided. These ?hip* are commanded by einericuccd rn.utert, who will make every exertiou to give general satisfaction Nt ither the captains or own. rs of the sliij* will be responsible for any letters, parcel* or packages aent by them, utile** regular b ill of lading are sigued therefor. The* nips of this line will hereafter go armed, and their |*-culiar construction give* them security not j?o*?e??cd by any oilier buj^veMeUof war. For freitriiLOf passage, apply to E. h. COi-LINS K. CO.. 66 South St., New York, or to W >1. St J.\!s. HKUWN Si CO., Liverpool. Letters by the |>acken will br charged 12\ emu per single sheet ; SO rents |*>r ounce, Mid newsp'.jwrs 1 crnt earls. ill? NEW YORK AND HAVBF. PACKETS. (SECOND LIVE.) ' leave the Utand Havre oa the lGth of each mouth, aa follows : From Nev York. From Havre. The new ship ONEIDA, C lit March t 10th April Captain a 1st July < lflth August Jami i Kuuck. ( 1st November? 10th December Ship BALTIMORE, t let April I ltith May Captain < lil August a Ifith September Edward Fnnck, (lit Deccem'rf 16th January ShinUTICA, i 1st May k 16th Jane Captain a 1st Septemh'r ' ISlh October! Frederick II. ? itr. ( let January ( ICth Fehiuary New shipH'J'.N 1C0LA S, v lit June I 16th July Captain a lit Oet<aber a ICth November. J. B. Pell, ( lit February' 18tn March The accommodations of tlirse ships are not surpassed, combining all that may be required for eomlort. Tim price of cabin passage is $100. Passengers wij be supplied with etery requisite with the eaception of veiling and liquors. Goons intended for these vessel* will be forwarded hy the snlneribrra free from any other than she expenses actually incurred on them. For freight or narssage, applv to BOYD & rtlSCKEN, Agcnta, ah !l 'I mine BuiMiiiiXn. FOR NEW OIU-TTANST LOUISIANA AND NEW YOUR LINE OF PACKETS. iMfeFor tile better accommodation ol aluppent it is intended to desuatch a ship from this port on tlm 1st, ith, TOiIl, 13th, 2bth, aud 23tlr Ul each mouth, commencing the loth October aud continuing uc.iil May, when regular ilays will ba appointed for tlie remainder of tlie year, whereby great delays and duuppointuiants will b? prevented during the s,ummer mouth*. The following shipi will commence this arrangement ; Ship YAZOO, Caplaiu Cornell. Snip OCONEE, Captain Jackson. Slnp MISSISSIPPI. Captain Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captaiu Hunt. Slup SH.A KSPEAKE, Captain .Miner. Ship U ASTON. Captain Latham. Ship ilUNTSVlLLE, Captain Mnmford. Ship OCMULGK.E, Captain Learnt. Ship NASHVILLE, Cmiuiu Dickinson. Slop MEM13, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mullbrtl. These ships were all built in the cite of New York, evrrress J- for packet*, HI* of light draft of water, hare reoeullr been wly cflppered and put ia splendid ordor,wilh accominoitation* lor pusuraxeri uneqimllrd for Frrnifort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to giro Sonera I satisfaction. This' will at all tunes ba towed up aud own the Mississippi bv steamboats. , i Neither the owurra or captains of these ships will be responsible for jewelry, bu) ,1011. precious stoues, silver or plated ware(> or for anv letters, parcel or pur kage, sent by or put ou board ol them, unices Regular bills of lading arc ukcu for tlie suur, Uhd the value the reon expressed. * or frcie ut or nassugr, apply E. K. COLLINS St CO., IW1 Sonth at.. or HULL1N A WOODRUFF, Agent in Vrn Orleans. who will promptly forward all goods to their addrras. The ships of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, aud great care will be taken to have tne goods correctly measured. m4 STEAM NAVIGATION BETWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, VlA?SOUTil.lMV TON. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M., CosiMa.Nor.t. The dat-a of departure of tins wdll-kuowu Steamship, have brva fixe J as follows : From Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York, Ou 4th Yutv. l .u. On 7th May, 184J, Ou 7ti. June, 1 C gl int. . lfth Julv, " 7th Aug., " 7lS S'pt. " 1Mb Sept. " 7th Oct., " Price r.ieaie wot in In led, to Sjuthampvn or Antwerp, biO? etetvard'- le *. iJ 6KJi. Tlic meals will be Served on hoard, en tlie plan of a conttumtal Imiel, in tin- best manner, and at hxed and moderate prices. Fatuities or |>arlit s may contract for the voyage with the steward. A., eiperieucrd Burgeon on board. For freight or passage, or any further information, apply to H. \V. T. A H. MALI, Asenu, a?!Stn*r 41 Heaver street. NEW YORK AND NliWAHKT "^^Furr ri^iicrcl C^^^Tenta. From th" foot of Ceurtlandt street. New York. (Every day?Sunday via( vpted.) Leaves New York Learoa N'ewaik At I A. M. At S r. M. At 1% A. M. At If P. M. 9 do. 4 do. 9 do. 2f do. 11 4f do. 10f do. jf tli. 6 do. 7 do. I do 10 do. ON yi'NDAYS. From the foot of Liberty street. I.esve New York. Leave Newark. k< 9 A M. utd 4IV. P. M. At I P. M. and 10 P. M. NEW YOHn. EI IZ\3ETHTOWN. RAI1WAY AND NEW BRUNBWK'k. Fare ipilucad. From the foot of Liberty street, daily. Leave New York. Leave .New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 7f A. M. ?K P. M. ' r. M. SClMEHVlLLE Stages connect with these lines earh way. Fatr between New YnrK and Homervtile, ,V cents. Do do New Brunswick, cents. Rahway. JO tenia. Elixabetntown, 2J eenu. The fare in the 7>? A. M. train from New Fnmswiek, and iii P. M. train from New York, 'nas been reduced bttwecn New York and New Brunswick, to S* eenta. ' and Rahway to 37f " Tlje Philadelphia mail line parson thrnngh .New Brunswick for New York every evening at 9 o'clock. On Sundays the 7h, A. hi. trti? from New Diainawiek is omitted. Passe ye ra who proeure their tickets at thy ticket office, rereife a (erry ticket gratis. Tickets are received bv MMV duovironiv M jba dav when purchased. fehll !m# IMi'i RTA S*T TO WESTERN MERCHANTS. RELIANCE PORTABLE IKON BOAT LINE For the Transportation of Goods between Philadelphia and Pittsburg. Sfc&ira .tP-U .. ? tv 'a.' way Thi? imprnreiurnl in traua^orlaliuu .ifl.uda to \> Marrltu.l. peculiar advaiiU.'*.. i'l.t yootU baiu^ carefully packed in the boat. at our waruhouae, No. J<Vi Markal mreet, art car. ned orer the Columbia ami r .rlara llaiiwavi without tnushipment. Car* fill capuiiu and crvwa arc eji|d?>ed, ntia Ult marge of the foods at niiladelphii, and et.utmuti w itli tham tli rutin' roulr, lliua avoiding delay. ai. tlic Liability of lota beiug ..pirated on the way. N B.?Pa.^emrer. forwarded to Puuburn aud PotUrula, arary day, Bundu) a excepted. H. STORKS, Accnt, a1?3m* 7 Waahinjtoo itrrat. KAILKi >AL) NOTICE. MARKET AM) K5ik.ii.liT LINK. THE NEW JERSEY Railroad naJ Trnttauartrtion (lornliny hata viubll.Lvd a rruiilit* between New Brun.wick and Nrw York, which liiry intend to run i.uumncntly. Letting N't w Brun.wick at i A.M. daily. (Sundtyt aicepted) and (he faot of Liberty street. .N#w Totl^, at J P. M. To couulrv dealer, and inar.lcuita in* ain<ra line u very dasiraide for tin -i-. d, ami c..eap uunveyam.** of uit-rJianili.c of every description. and Ulyre pftrtuilarly to Llruver. aud Dealer, in Live Snjak, wlio c .1 have UN hand of oattlr CMtty- | ud between New Qruiuwlck and Naw York, Uw aaaie day ; whenever required. The rat*. |hr the tanaportntion of aartle, borve?, mulei, 1 .hrcp, l.t>K<. Sir and all oilier kin !. of niurch-indiat ar? ?ury low, nrerr rTcerdlruj ceaniboat pricej. Merchandise rem by thi. Iia* u tint inbject to any aitra chary. in rma.iiu iJLe North Hirer. Thr Com|war hare fitted up a Inrre stnrehoue at New Brun?wirk, ad rihnrnt the Railroad D*i?t, which will alwaya t.rqieri for the rm 111. 11 ,.f mrn hand nr. Ihuaeimrn imrchaainc tin* ticket. at the ticket offices, will ret-nvrl.r o fl k mlt lm? KTIEIGIIT AND PAHSVtUK TO PITTSBtllU. ri 1 n <. ^ a~"T* v; ""^r^ The proprietor* of Hi>iaham'? Tr.rwp trttlion Line to PittsImi-v. kirr notice Ui tin \1rri haiit. t i Sew York, and all other person* Iiiw imr to the Wear, tlithrir line it now in arrive o|e-ratior (i id- e nizned to them (or aen( to (oiatheir jir. r will he forwardt d with de.patch. Owner* or shippers of JiorU, de.tined for the Weatrrn Hiate., who hare no (Kent or e,.lui.-nee u fltulmrx, will I'll Mr c.iusicn thrir Is 1' Willi on llniKhain, I'ut.lnirK. who will attend to saippu? all auch COtuiKumente wirtioiil delay. AH rood. rhonM he rnaikod distinctly on earn peonage BINOrtAM'8 I.INE f ori ?ics of freight, is Itich are m low as anr oih*r hue, apply: o W NT. TYSON, Age*. No. 8 Wrh( trrrt, opjiositf Tier No. ?, N. It. V. B r.uae )frr% forwa; Jed to PiUtlmrg and PoUAiille.erfry Hnv, Bunrlay* ei-'epted. Rp v to H. Crv'ki, American F?ir Co. ; S. T. Nico|| Fr * 1 , ' 1 tree! ; Batdur Sau'e St Co ; SVm. (tuikin, Dutyee ot Co, Ntwa/lu m6 1m t. POWELL" Se < T. 'S LINEjjC\ KOR NEWBUHfill. I.ndinc at CAI.f) /Vvrti-- la WELL'S, WEST I'rtlNT VNO ( OI.D ^ trr ^ qpmvfi?TI. -le... HIGHI.ANDF.H, r*npt.iiM Robert WarHron, will leave the fof>t of Warren strei't, New York, errry Mumsv, ThumUy oml Sifnrday afu rwoon* ?t i o'clock. Returning, tne High! ?:..! rwI 1 ' re N i erery Morid iy morning at S o'clock, and Tuesday and Friday afternoon at '# o'clock. For frriffht <?r pa??n*;e, im|r to the eifitsin on t*wrd. N. B.?All hNEgage nnil freight of etvry fleaeriptioii, hnnk hills or specie, not on hoard this must he it the risk of the owners thereof, unless a bill of lading or receipt is signed for the sain#* mi) E NE 7VT7? i\h, MISS COWAN UESPEE'TF L'LLY informs ilie !niic.s of New York ami its vicinity, that sh? continues giving 1? - .it* <n the Piano Forte. Harp, Guitar, and in siimug. Miju I. w ill be happy to receive her pupil* at No, ,'Jti White street, or if preferred will attend at the respective houses of those ladirs who may honor her with their patronage. Harp* and Piano Forte* f.?r sale and hire. Also, a very splendid Piano Forte, of superior quality and tone, lor sal.-. ttll7 lui?r ARTIFICIAL TEETH. ON THK PRINCIPAL OF ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE. FROM THE COURIER AND ENQUIRER. DENTISTRY.?It is not ofteulhat we permit ourselves to speak in terms of eulogy of discoveries on subject.* which do nut come within our province. We have not sufficient knowledge to do it, in the first place, unless indeed the object be visible or tangable,and this is tin* case iu the picunt instance. Mr. Levett, Sunjeon Dentist, who anived some time siuctfrom London, has^brought with Kirn a new method which he htt put in successful practice hove, of supplying the lou ol real teeth by artilici^l tines, without the use of any accessories, i|cKaa ligatures, lyrini 01 PfKfi ton ii ludinsp vw; Boris the operation when completed followed by any iutlammaliou or pain. II- c*u best describe his method himsulf. We w ill however add, that many patients whom he has provided w ith sets of these very necessary embellishments, are so delighted with Hani that they have nermitied hin tp refer eonairers to them who do not apply from idle curiosity, but with a view f nvofutiiig by tiic conviction an actual examination will product. M. lkvett, Dn.Uit, e23 1m*t SCO Bp'!v1w.iv, cnni.T uf W.irnu *t. RIBBONS & LACKS, ('HEAP. qniE BVBsrHIBER has am) is receiving from auction A daily, Ribbons and Silks, which he will sell wholesale or retail. at .? rirr small idvinoi cm auction pneif. Covntrj Milliner* will find it to thoi*advantage to cull, as the van* lowest price will invariably bo fixed. Lacs aun Edgings retailed a* low as the lowest Thread Laces, of beautiful patterns. Crape, Lowe, Buckrams, Crown Linens, Jtc. K. J. DRUMMOND, ?10 1m? 309 Grand. Havana skoark.?ch-aima ? manzankko, nv". 19 Liberty itrcct, near Nkimu strri't, offer for sale ihe following ? 630,000 La Norma Si ^am, yrry superior 30,000 Norriqn do do. 46,000 KpprrauM do do. 123,000 Diona do do. SO,ooo Regalia and Canonr. do. 50.000 Traimcos and Ladies do. The whole entitled to debenture, and in lots to ltiit purchastrs. kll lm*r p emoved.-hilaire Walter, i|iot and ptttncr of i Lv thchouer* of Burger Walter, the only manufactory of Watch GlttMi in FlMM. Ifo. 37 PMldil roisionnisTi street. Pan*. his the honor of informing Masra. dealers in watch works, and all articles connected with the line, as also Mssrs. dealers in cut glass, that tlicir establishment of watch glasse*, cut glass, gilt and colored, fancy articles, &c. &o Bee., has lately been ic moved from No 41) Maiden Lam., tu? No. 90 Wiliiam street. Gentlemen desirous of purchasing from the only dei>ot of the factory, ar- respectfully invited to cull at aar where will be found an unrivalled assortment of lite above mentioned goods, which will he disposed of ou the most reasonable terms. m 1 2in * r tjjjAIL BOAT FOR SALE?1. lo IV*t alimui new, can be sailed as a dinkey, or with jib and mainsail ; is very fast, and rendered perfectly safe, inasmuch as she is ballasted with water tanks. She is finished in the best maui)crl and w as built by Shamburg, sails aie u*w. Apply to Mr. ROGERS, Fish Market, foot of Fulton street, East River. ml2 Iw *c 1 AW KJLPOKTER ior May, is: j.?ISonoSaa?5wen citatof Bankruptcy, presenting the subject in all itt various nh&ses ; The U.uikru;>t Law ; the coup-slotl seal of Mr. Levy : Chief Justice Marshal I ; Lord Red'sdulo ; American Jurist ; Starkie on Evideuce ; New Uulvs in Equity : Oroenleaf on Evidence : Bankrupts iu New Yuik (400) ; Bankrupts in Mas*. (100) Ate. Judge titory's opinion at length upon the effect of attachments laid unoiithr property of a bankruj't previous to his lieing declared such will apiwor in the June number. Also, Judge Betts's opinion in the case of Ka*?ou (wife's jewelry) will appear in Ail 1 in the July number. The prmirietorx will continue the list of Bankrupts iu New Bork and Massachusetts which will render the work valuable to every business wan. What merchant would grudge 25 cents a month for such information ? The May number commences a new volume, and offers a favorable o;>portunity to subscribe for the work. BRADBrRY, SODEN &t CO. ^ mlO lm?t 127 Nassau st. N. Y. and 10 School at, Boston. ] OSEPH PtiCKOV'T'.R, Fancy Cabinet Maker, M attic matical aud Nautical Instrument Case Manufacturer, 2U9 Water street, New York. Chronometer boxes of a superior make, barometer, thermom ter frames, quadrant, sextant; surveyors, surgical, dentist and drawing instrument boxes, mad* rnd packed iu a neat style? timepiece, clock, gun and pistol cases of all description; dsgueiTOtype apparatus ami inedieim; chests, surveyors rodi, of any length and inake. All kinds of fancy work, made of the best materials and workmanship, warranted. Repairing of every description executdd with neatness, punctuality and duqialch, French tud'thing and varnishing. Manufactory in G. Taglcabuc1* Establishment, belwva-D Dover street and Peck slip. rkfcrexcfi. | Messrs. E. St G. W. Blunt, comor of Water street and Biu ling slip. Mr. A. Megaxey. !90 Water street. Mr. Demilt, 23V Pearl street. nU lm|c i "VTOTICE?GREAT REDUCTION .?A Coat and Pants i-v cleaned for $1,00?former iwio* $3,00. Clothing aLo neatly altered aud repaired .it rrJuceu prices. Having commenced a new cleaning and dye-h? u.-- in Diooklyu on a large scale, the sir thaio Living g?? ?ds a beautiful appearance, aud having more w ork done on *Ta v r seal", the proprietor is enabled to work cheaper and batter. i'^r" Clothing Bought and Sold, also Exchanged. N. B. Those srndiuj? vr ^rk here nny have it done (or nothing. if they are not satisfied with the Workmanship. The No., 134) Nassau-street. New York. m17 2t *r <N N 0-O 3 6" I ?^ c e ( STENOGRAPHY. ANEW a new and complete system of the art of writing Short Hand, for taking down every word a* fast as nny person can speak, with delightful accuracy and certainly, lectures, sermons, trials af law, aoiufressionai debate*, Axe. ike., tonghl jierfectly by Mr. Bristow, of London, in orxEcoar?e o lessons. Academy No. 235 Broadway, near Turk PMftr. Term* reduced from twelve to six dollar-.. Thus bringing the science within the means af every intelligent voutig person of eiilier sex. N. B. A work of the author is presented to every pupil for their permanent guide. Lessons given morning, afternoon and evening. myll 1m* A COMMUNICATION. T CANNOT refrain from mentioning to the public, that I am A actually a-.tnuixhed a id surprised at the injury done in this city by taking the spurimupilL, drop*, r.nd mixture*, indiscriminately, which are represent* d r?.ct ni a "cure all'' in a certain secret di3cnr.e. These fart* 1 have ascertained to my entire satisfaction. from rh< hundreds of patient* widen I have cured, who were suitering from the effects of medicines imn.liciously taken. Thus< iic man will *a> be can cure himself as well aaanv doctor; another will say that he will buy Doctor* A, II or C s mixture for one dollar, which will cure him, without knowing at the time, whether it be put up by a doctor or not, and a third will sav that he would not give a box of pills, to 1h? bought at such a No. for 50 cents, for all the physicians' advice in the city, I and thus air the constitutions of hundreds of young men rained, j w ho would hsve comprised the greater part of the bone and sinew of onr conntry. I would say to you, gentlemen, that those things mi y. far ih?- time being, cfee< k yarn disease, and if yon I wish, in aft r life, probably alter you srr married and have for* | got'en those days, to hare chronic rheumatism, weakness of the spine, a nervous tremor h!1 over, dull n*rvon* headaches, occasional deafness , lost "f sight, ami scrofulous children, then go on. if nat, yen shouM roivsrLT a Physician ; visit him every j three or four diys until you ar wtll. and probably he may not rhiraias much as you nnHt'ipSt*. Should T??U select me? your Physician, you will find my office st hi Broad street, corner of Stone. Open from 9 A. M. to b P. M. , I myl7la?r J. PROVOST, M. D. 'PHK SOTK'S . I '? (IN'MIU TH BANK N>* J. rrV -I- new issue, trc purchased at 14 Wall street, by EARL it CO. j st Onr r?? /*rpt- _ m2 lm*r XUOfOUO La Norma Sugars, IANDED fruw the bug Ohio, from Havana, of snparior ^ quality , for ssue iu lute to suit mif-hascr*, at reasonable press, by M. RADER, ?W Cnaiham sUscL in 10 lm* __ MRS. JA^IE^having taken the Phttiix Hotel, at H?-boken, will be harpy to accoiUim><h.le fami'uex with board. The iiHsuau is dsrfgUi'ktl. and sv?ry stunLou will be paid lo maks ll pira*(Ui'. auu agreoa!>! . I Ri\fercnce* c*ah.mgad. 113 lW*I I X\T EBB'S IMPROVED BUH\ER8~atMT?ut>-/W? par l ** c?nt. let* thou heretofore. The subscriber has now ud e luind \ ?t>ueral assortment of liw? imported B urgent, which he iiuw ol??*rt at *J\? *lK>?e reduced prum?. A liovral liiseiMint a!* iowrd *JI diaicM, Ba*t quality wf A*ni*hiu<- at jo ceut-t per gallon. Camphorated Ou lj u ub. C ill and examine for yourselves al No. lit Gnind ittwet, oi"" door f/oin BriMkuwav. C JAMES HINDS. N. B.?All kind* of Lamps alt' red, bvoused, gilt and repaired i?f fh< short*** natter . on HWOTmMi IftTM. a/T Im m r i OI. LEC TION 8 I 1 ' Sh!mc: i t v r* w i i I coi U-ct N't**, L/ !> #<$, Aewptancti, Cert, tic aim of Depot"**. (through V.waaoi j J snide d fc Co. from Now York to Albany 1 u^n auy v :>f kit tenia *ii?f place*, and guarantee returns to the city of t Now York., in/?om tic to ri g At daft. i L'uca, Caltair a???. " Srracute, J(vcli*?t*r, ] Antrum, IlulifU, a U.imt., Bu.'uJo. Htrtft!?:**? : ,Jdr? idii tonkin, 1 liLi-'i ?V, Olcor. AIVuv. I ti fOAikftov * <;o*. t! 3 M'.ill Nov York, f? Co no 3t*l Hvket *_r . \. .. f\RIUd TOOTH WASH?Prepared from the original re- j ' ' oipeotNo.8 (K?Sd ?tnrct, N-w Yrok?Th* Orris Tooin . Waah is jrindy a tefetiMe i reparation. p**sse*sing Uit jaoprr \ tie* of cleaning the tooth ami mouth, restoring the gum* to a ti Wraith? Mate, ao l preventing any unpleasant teste or odour in the mouth, whether arising from decayed teeth, or from a deranged aUte of the atom eh. It it <!csiffl)*d ( ' be used with a tooth brum, and will he fauna n to fupenrde the naceaaitv of a powder. keeping fhr teeth rlesn p nnd pretentine the wearing awa? of the rnru fr rt; the teeth. . It ui nartimlany nssful in rases r.f epan-^v pi*n? *ee Wring th? m ri to a neallhy statr, and reusing them to contract around the rji teeth. In painful affectioneof lf?e U'^Ul .v??l guiw, arising from ^ eg|>o*tire to cold, it will he found highly Ix'nrnciil. It n par- ,? tieul.uly serviceable to use tie- Orrie Tooth AV .i?h atnifhtjiut before retiring to rent. Tliw mcth'xl i? reconimrniled by emi* o noil dentiata, on b> no doing all partii lea of food which aceumutate dunn* the day a?e entin-ly remofed. an 1 the mouth . ker?t through the night in a virasi, awect. and nealthv *tate. Sound teetli and white teeth an* the moat valuable portions F* of fHM>r humanity; hut how many neglect the attention ne- f;, cr*mi\ry for their preservation, even when ^unrounded by all the / means needed. Among theae we know of n.?nr mr?rt pleaeaiit \\ and effectual than tin Orris Toctii Waah?it cleauaee and whi* S tena the teeth, atrr-ngthf "is tne gunia, jairifie* tiu- mouth, and (' aweeteiu tl.e oreatii. Wr r? command ila UM t?J all, young and v old.?[ Boston Mvrninc l ost. v n?? Orria TI mitli \v?!i in the heat dotr r,;eut wt ever used on I( onr enamel.?( Boat ah Transcript. n r or sale hy the prineipal dmggiata in the ritv. mi r T'U>a IU>OK SAF.-KS. MONF.Y CHRSTS, 3ir.-A food , ,M*rtm-nt of Iron, ,|,(T.rrni m.k.n, for .,T. x pric*. roTTttpontov with nuj m , w ,h,- h n I l.o.t War 'v.u.f ?l ? v n u- u VS "ErtaiNii, . i ri VV ,t N.n. U iMcr a Haiainaii'l.r Mlo, 4rr!,i?|| , ihr I*.( now in n??, rannot l?o hail it mv or,, r 'lie. jn thr e7(y. m8 2wr i' j)0"i r I. OT111 NO?Clf I Ll) R RN 'S CLOTilINO-\ V r large assort lAciit?Very good nualftv ? Verv rhf ST. ? I of on .i \ iioa r k. cn s u . fully Ilil.'im llirir | ?tron? an'l th* |.ilhlir frnVr.lly that th. V hir* af am brt-n makimt rxtfoMf* |.r.|.?r.ti,,n? for th- .prin t anrl aiimini r tra.!.- an-Mvarr now on l,.m| * mnrh lanr-r ai.ortmrnl ol lloy? ami (.Initio n .n.I<>tlnnir than iVrv ,vn l?f , hwi. Tin* i-'ihlic air uiTilrd to uill and i raniiui fooda ! with particular r?fel?ln i' to 'iinlity and price. TrrtnacaXi ll fw ' _ ?| UtlHK?M Idii. ? * 'I' vr, that in.., ami rump Turk, at in tt r ipeelion, forMitk] u nil B. K. f QLLlNW. Vl South ?tr?.t j BttACHING POWDiill, ol " Boyd'.'' makrr, couatautlr ' oil hand, and for .aln hr mlo k c 1'fcllSSE k BROOKS, (1 Libcrtyrt. ( ti , ' _ f. r. W YO W YORK, WEDNESDAY Kro l Hliotle Isluiul?Arrival of Gov. DorrWarlike Proclamation?-Trouble In Stonlitgton. His Excellency, (?ov. Dorr, has reached Providence in safety, lie was escorted from Stoaington by about 1200 |>cr.ions, and received along the line in an enthusiastic manner by the Anti-Chartists. We give below all the intelligence we have received from our revolutionary little neighbor, for the benefit of whom it may .concern. It is perceived that the trouble has already extend ed iuto Connecticut [Ccr."?ipu!u)?nccof the llerahl.] Providence, May 16, 1842. Airival/if Qovwi\or\Dorr.?Itistinbaiwe in Stonington.?Trouble with the RuHroad. Thomas \V. Dorr has arrived, escorted by a procession, which was'got up nftrrgreat labor and exertion. It was favored with a beautiful day. It consisted of Dorr 1 i >n horseback, persons 82 Dnder arms of' all kinds, persons 276 To represent the Islanders, persons 863 Grand total, 1222 This shows a falling off front his inaugural procession of 318 armed men, and a considerable number of citizens, but that don't signify. The use of the Stonington Railroad, it* cars, locomotives and servants, have been freely used by the Suffrage party on week days, and on Sunday last extra trains were furnished gratuitously and patriotically. The S. If. R.Co. was chartered by Rhode Island, but a part ol the road is in the township of Stonington, in Connecticut, on sufferance. A good dcnl of confusion and disturbance was made in Stonington on Sundav night, antl two congregations were much annoyed. It is under consideration therefore, by the inhabitants of Stonington to direct their Select men to remove all Railroad tracks within their precincts. [From Providence Evening Chronicle, May- ||..] Gov. Dorr left New York on Saturday, and on Sunday morning arrived in Stonington. Our streets were crowded yesterday during the earlier part of the day, in consequence of the |>eculiar excitement of the tunes, the anticipation of the arrival of Mr. Dorr, and the preparation of certain of his friends, both military and civil, who had arranged to go to Stonington to form a part of his escort to this city. It is needless to conceal the fact, that there is today an altogether unprecedented excitement in the city. Our streets, at the time we write this, (quarter before nine o'clock, A. M.) are beginning to be filled with anxious faces. A few wear the aspect of men who are expecting a great parade,oertninly, and perhaiw a great row. Much feeling has been awakened by the following proclamation of Gov. Dorr, which appears in the organ of the People's Constitution ilt We give it as a part of the news of the clay: STATE OK RHODE ISLAND AND PROVIDENCE PLANTATIONS. A PKOt'liA5IATION Uj- Thomas YV. l>ori\ Governor ami Commander In Chief of the same. KitLoiT CiTizesn?Shortly the adjournment bi'thu General Assembly , and the complctlou of itulU] unsablo executive business, I was induced by the request of the most active friends of our cause to uudcrtike tbuduty, which hud been previously suggested, of representing iu norson the intera-ls of tb* P-.,,.!.. of III,..,!., i. o... - , r.. ? I'uuuiu Uiucr States, nud at the seat ot the Cciieral Government. By virtue of a resolution of the General Assembly, 1 appointod Messrs. Tearce uud Authony Commixsionur* for the same purpose. Of the proposed action of the Executive to the adaim of our State you have beeu apprised. Iu ease of tiie failure of the civil po>se, (whioli expression was intended by the Provident, as I have beeu informed, to Sdibrace the military power,) to execute aay of the laws oi the Charter Assembly, including their law of pains and penalties, and of treason, as it has been for the iirst time defined, llie President intimates an intention of resorting to the lorcesol the I'niled Status, to check the movements of the People of this State iu support of their Republican Constitution recently adopted. From a decision which conflicts with the right of sovereignty inherent in the People of this State, end with the principles whit h lie at the foundation of h Demoerutic Hepublic, on appeal lias been takeu to the People of our country. They understand our cause ; they sympathize iu the injuries which liavs been indicted upon us . they disapprove the course w hicli the National Executive has adopted toward this State ; and they assure us of their disposition und intention to interpose a linrrier between the supporters of the People's Constitution and the hired soldiery of the United States. The democracy of the country arc slow to move in any matter which involves uu issue so momentous as that which is presented by the controversy iu Kliude Island. But when thoy have once put thcinacfvaa in motion, they are not to be easily diverted from their purposes. They believe that the People of Rhode Island are in the rigid ; that they arc contending Tor e?|ual justice in their jailiticul system ; that they have properly adopted u Constitution of government for tluTntelres, as they were entitled to do; and they cannot, and will not rcmoiu indifferent to any act, from whatever moive it may proceed, which they deem to bean iavnsion of he sacred right of self government, of which the People if the rc^iective States cannot be divested. As your representative, I have been every where receired w'itli the utmost k imlness and cordiality. To the pcoile of the city of New Vork, who have extended to us the land of a generous fraternity, it is impossible to overrate iur obligation at this most important crisis. It has become my duty to say, that so soon as a soldier of he Unit ad States shall be set in motion by whatever direc:on, to act against the people of this State in aid of the harter government, 1 shall call for that aid, to oppose all inch force which I am fullr authoriseH to mr mill nedintalv and mo?t cheerfully tendered in the service of I he people ot Rhode Rland, from tha city of New Vork and rom other plac<i. The contest will then Income nutiounl, in.11 or State the battle t;roond of American freedom. As a Rhode Island man, I regret that the ( (institutional pieetion in this State cannot be adjusted among our 0*11 iti7cns. But, as the minority have aake.l that the sword if the National Executive may lie throw n into the scale upunst the People, it is impcratii? upon them to make ihe lame appeal to their brethren of the States ; an appeal a-hich, thev are well aasnred, w ill not be made in vain, rhey who"havc been the first to ask asmatacc from atiroat, an have no reason to complain of conseiiuences which nu ensue. further arrests under the law of pnins snJ penalties vhich was repealed by the General Assembly of the Prode at their May session, will be permitted, I hereby direct be military uuJrr their resjiective olhcers promptly to irevent the same, and to relieve oil that may Us arrested inder said law. As nxpioteJ by the General Assembly, I enjoin upou he militia forthw ith to ele.-t their company ottn ara ; and call upon voluateers to organize themsaivas without deny. The military are directed to hold Ihemnelrea in readies" for imme-liatuservice. Givau ander my hand, and the seal of the State [c. s.] at the city of Providence, this Oth day of May, A. D. IStJ. THOMAS W. DORK, lovvrnor and Commander-in-Chief ol tlie State of Rhode Island and Providence I'lnutntions. By tha Governor's comnuiud, Wili.hw II. Skirii.'^Secretary of State. There hits been a movement started in tins city vllich shows n feeling favorable to a broad extenion of suffrage, while it indicates a want of confience in the a.tion of the leaders on both sides.? This movement is participated in bj members both I I the Landholder-'' and i'eople'i C onstitution paries,

and proceeds from such as have not till now alien an active purt on either aide. It proposes to i hr"W the leaders on both tides overboard, as it i sere ; looking upon them ne men who have their I wn private ends to secure, and recommends imrrie- I iate action oi the Charter Legislature, by which a i 'onrention shall he called, and a liberal Coimtitu- i ion presented to the people for their acceptance or I ejection. < But to return to the parnile. By the time of the i rrival of the train, a larg" concourse of people iiad "iiwtrii uicrr. \r\tv. mm nir^rru n win cnr- * age, or baronche, prepared for hun. at about a ' uarter past 10 o'clock. Ashe nsoended the steps, j ) seat himself, his friend* pave hun three cheers. 1 'he cavalcade soon moved oil, and panned our > Hice in the following order:? lit, American lira** Hand?2d, fruited Train of c rtiliery?3d, Volunteer*?tth, Cadet*?5th Woon- t reket Brnss Hand?6th, Woonsocket Light In- ' mtry?Tth, Gov. Dorr, inn Barouche, drawn by >ur white hors'";, airl accompanied by William If n mitli. K?q., Secretary of State, under the IVopl. onstitution, and other gentlemen?Hth, Fourth Vard Volunteers?ihb, Fifth Ward Volunteers? i)th. Citizen* and strangers on loot?11th, Citizen* n I lor-rbtick. The barouche, containing Mr. Dorr, was a very ^ sudsome one. That gentleman sat on the right ide of the earring", and wore n sword of very -sutiful workmanship, which we understand wt resented to him while in New York. The prices- I ion moved from the depot to an open lot on federal I ill, where the Governor addressed the crowd from is carriage. Oovr.nnor Dorr's Governor Dorr said he thanked his Iriends for this irther expression of their attachment to him and ie cause in which they were engaged. 11c was arry hcJiad ever left the i^tafe. Had he l>ccnherc lie rould not have countenanced the arrest ot any Free uffrage man. < lovernor Dorr then drew the sword f ' had on from its scabbard, and added thnt it had ( elonged to an officer who had fallen in Florida, iat it hud been presented to him by u brother of * ?RK I MORNING, MAY 18, 18tiie fallen man, wliilo he was in ihe city of New York- It had been already dyed in blood, and if necessary, would again be ayea in blood should the Suffrage Cause demand it. lie then sought to explain the charge that he alledged hud been made against him, in regard to. the raising of troojw in New York city. He stated that ho hud written a letter asking military aid in that city. It watfnotfor 5t>0 though, hut fur 5,(X)0, should the orcaiiun re1/utif it, ur rather should there, be tin attempt to tuarrh United States troops to this city. All is quiet. Gov. llorr stojw at the In use of Harrington Anthony, the sheriff under the same consti- | luuuii M iirreuv ne claims 10 be governor. [From I'rovi.lrncf Journal, May 10.1 Citizens ot the Statu who are disposed to maintain (lie laws, and to act under the direction of the legal authorities, can he supplied with muskets on application at the Arsenal, and giving the proper receipt therefor. It is rumored that nn attack is to he made on the arsenal, hut we do not plncr confidence in it. Among tne many other reports in circulation, is one that Dorr goes to Sew York this afternoon. Louisville. [Correspondence of the ll uald.] Lousy 11.1.1c, May ?, 1*12. Lectures on Mesmerism? Lord Morpeth?Xeir Jail? The Legislature?Martin Van Burets, fye. After a week or more deferance ol the lectures of Professor N\, on Mesmerism, they are again being continued hythat gentleman, who is n very apt scholar of the High Priests of Mesmerism tutilage.? Might a person he allowed to judge of the success or truth of litis, so called, science of Mesmerism, from the two recent lectures ami experiments given by Professor N., they would no longer countenance such a thing. Nonntterhow prejudiced or prepossessed in its favor n person might have been, witnessing and scrutinizing the experiments produced at these two lectures would have entirely eradicated from his mind all his former belief; left him eonverted into a more inveterate enemy to the manipulating theory, than his former prejudice and prepossession had inaJe hitu a friend or convert to it.? Two subjects were introduced; frequent hints were thrown out, that the most stubborn dissenters were to become LNeophytes by beholding the most triumphant and convincing proofs of Mesmeric experiments. The curiosity of the audience was at the highest pitch; the jKitient took his seat; a short time elapsed?he was asleep. Previous to his being under the influenes his pulse beat one hundred, afterward as high as one hundred and forty?litis,Dr. J-., one of the committee, Buiil was the only phenomenon that he could observe. The Moumerite endeavored to make the patient follow him around the room, but it was X. < !. (no go.) lie (Professor N.) then mated that he would make a trial (with patient) of taste?a camphor or pepermint lozenge was bunded Professor N. to uat, the putient was noticed to move his lips, as if euling, a minute or more before Professor X. commenced, and when ' asked what he tasted, the patient said, it was something that he was very familiar with, like wine? this was tcrribiy erroneous. Professor X. however, said that he hud tasted wine unknown to any person. He here showed a small vial of wine, which was about half full; he also stated that the patient's taste was uuturally imperfect, and was the cause of his not giving correct answers, Such lame, gouty excuses us these were not sufficient to gull the audience?still, they remained quiet. Several other urtiHcs were given to Professor N. to taste, and the results were not more satisfactory than the one already mentioned: the patient had now been under the Mesmeric influence for some time. Professor X. win some considerable distance from the patient, .Mr. H. a very respectable citizen, and one of the committee, was talking to him, suddenly he started otf quietly towards the patient, when he arrived in front of him he made the upward passes, such us Professor X. made when lie would awake ! the patient?. mirabUt dictv?he opened wide bis eves 1 when discovering Ins mistake, and seeing that u'strungcr, and not Professor X. stood before him, lie immediately closed them; this "capped the climax." Enough had been seen to convince the strongest believers, that it ws? aJI a "hoax," a mere trick?a paltry "semblance of what was not"?the audience arose and left. The second lecture proved us* more mecessful than his first; it tended more to prejudice the public mind against the science than all that has or could be snir! or written against it by a lioct of unbelievers. Professor N. lias again deferred his lectures till he shall have obtained a more hsilnble fciib,ert. If Me?mer has been looked upon and assailed as an inipoater, in what light, prav, should th? vain preteudeis or rather professors of Mesmerism, of the present day, be looked upon? Which should be the prominent feeling of the public mind towards them, .-com ur contempt! itoth ! Lord Morpeth pn?erd through our city on hi* way froBi New < >rWns, Lust. I ft- staid here two or three days, attended church on Sunday, and strolled through our streets, to view the buildings and dilferent public edifices. Luring his stay here he put up at I laskeli's, who keepa the Louisville hotel, the best in the city in fact, though not in namo. Preparations arc now making ready to erect anew iail on_ the plan of those in Philadelphia, which, when finished, will equal, if not surpass those of that citv. It is to be a stately and magnificent building, anil will add another ornament to our city. l>u the 25th of April, a meeting was held in this citv by the friends of Legislative relief ; a long preamhle and resolution* were adopted. The former sets forth the pecuniary distresses, nnd attributes them to the bank* ; the latter proposes a nailed session of the Legislature, or if ttie Legislature is not convened, that it should be a question at the August elections. The call was for a meeting exclusively of the friends of a valuation law. The resolutions were passed without discussion ; very few were present. The movement *< cms to attract but little notice. The scheme of a Commonwealth Hunk is not even talked of. A meeting of the Legislature, culled for the vague purpose ofrelief, would he the must disastrous thing imaginable. It would fill the country with distrust and alarm, and increase the pecuniary distress five fold. Tnese agitators would have prerusrly the same species ol measures which thev assign as the cause of their present distres-ev. The remedy proposed by some is a bank, bused purely on credit; by others a law virtually to sus|K-nd the collection of debts, or forca proj>erty to pass an money. A vuluution law, applicable to personal property as well as real estate, i*. under existing circumstances, a law to coin all property into money?to fix an arbitrary value u|<on all property, and make it pas* at that value as a legal tender.? Tic example of Indiana und Illinois leaves no doubt of its etlert. The people ol Kentucky will hardly favor tuch h schema .is this. A new mode ot Standing Was exhibited to-d;y at our wharf: a fellow went aboard of one ol the steamboat*, and told one of the porters to carry a ocrtain trunk ashore fur him : the negro took the trunk, followed by the supposed owner ; shortly atlerwBrtlw the owner coming on board, miMcu las rim If hitd nri rnuli intf i nmn rv isr??4_ L?N rl??f it-man had jnstgone ashore with such a otic us blind described ; tie made immediate pursuit, and overtook the rascnl at a Hutch Cofl'ee house ; he is low lodged jail. tirrat preparations are making ready for the re"eption of Martin Van Huron and I. K. Paulding, vho are dnilv ex; -eted here from Nashville ; both >nrti< s turn out to receive him. Thin is at it should ?e?as ex-President ?>1 the I 'nitcd States he deserves tome such respect. The river m rising rapidly ; no very material hango in business ; money scarce ; exchange dull; en cent pieces no go?wont pa*" as lata any longer; -ried down, not hy the hrokers, but by the hrmks. rhis has proved a source of great inconvenience, is we have nosmull change but dimes. Yours, Loirisvuj.r. Li-ilngton, Ky, [Cornrpondcn'-'c of the HthIiI.] Lr.xtNi.ToN, May fi, 1&12. Arrival nf Henry Clay nt Home?(ire it Pretention? 7hc />o/ii*?Ijird Morjielh tit Ailihiifl?Uutintu? /{elision, fyr. BENNETT? Monday last. May second, wti a day which will nng be rememhercd by the people of our city and tounty. .Vgri ciibly to previous arrangement, the x-Senntor Henry ('lay made his appearance a lew niles from town, where he was met by several thou- ( unds of our citizens on liorsehack, on mules; in vehicles of every description, the latter principally illetl with Indies, nil under the direction of the itnnortal A. S s, marshal of the day. After the ;rceting usual upon such occasions, Mr. Clay was IERA 42. addressed by Mr. S , who swelled nigh to bursting in his ellbri. lie finally succeeded in delivering himself, much to his[satislaction. The response ol Mr. Clay, though brief, washuppy, and much to the point. The day being as gloomy us the hearts of the conservatives and locofocos must have been on beholding so intere?ting a spectacle to the whigs. the procession, one and u hall''miles in length, moved towards town, which was reached about noon. me ciiinusiasm mamiesteu uy nil classes on tins occasion beggars description. While passing through the principal streets of the city, all the bells ware ringing, from the mammoth Episcopal down to the dinner bell on St. John's Chapel. A line hand stationed at the Dudley House, playing Jenny get your hoe eake done, Jim Crow, ltosin the liow, Arc., gave universal satisfaction. The lion was at length safely escorted to Ashland without anything occurring to mar the joy of the occasion. Mr. Clay looked well?was evidently pleased with his reception, though somewhat chagrined at the successful efforts which the ladies in the procession made to divide the attention oi the crowd, which was due to him alone. A committee has been appointed to prepare a barbacuc in honor ol him, which will shortly come oil. and to take such [ steps as cannot fail to secure his election at the | next presidential canvass. To suppose that lie will remain in retirement, unless comiielled to do so. is all humbug. He can prepare tor a future stale of existence in Washington better than elsewhere.? Malfiti savs so. On Thursday last. Lord Morpeth dined at Ashland in company with a number of our inost distinguished citizens?distinguished for their intelligence, opulence, and a long line of noble ancestors. '1 lie pedigree of some of these gentlemen would doubtless he interesting to the noble lord, a tine-looking, intelligent man, though somewhat diffident?it may he timidity among so ninny of the ferocious-looking sons of the dark and hlooav ground. The Englishman, or Irishman, was delighted with the attention shown him, and is now on his way east to aid Ashburton in bringing the difficulties between his and our country to a successful issue. Our city appears to be the centre of attraction this spring. Mr. \ an Buren is expected here in a day or two. Very little preparation appears to be in progress for Ins reception, save by some landlords, who are very anxious to be honored with his company and spare cash these hard times. They will he disappointed. Mr. Van Buren visits us upon a special invitation of Air. ('lav, and * ill doubtless spend his time chiefly at Asliluml. (Jreat preparations are i taking bv the people of our county for u grand ! ration of the settlement of Kentucky, to take place in June next. These frolics should be suspeuded for n f?-w years. Thousands will he there, squandering time and money, | which should he appropriated to the discharge of ( I their debts and support of their families. An ac- i count of these exhibitions shall he given in dm i time. Times, with us, (ire very hard. The banks arc doing nothing, and no money in circulation except dimes and half dimes, with which our worthy brokers have almost flooded the country. Our banks resume sjwcie payments in June, when it is hoped money matters will bo easier. Our churches tire also in a deplorable condition. The Methodists look for an improvement when their new building is completed. The Cantpbelliti's when i the weather and water grows wanner. They are also erecting n new church, and are very impatient i to get out of their old one, the smell arising from Cornwall's candle and soap factory, in the basement story, being intolerable. President Davidson has at last been ousted from ( Morrison college, and has gone once more to his old vocation?preaching the glad tidi ngs of salvation, j Peace go with him. The Methodists, it is hoped, I will revive this institution It must be so with such men at its head as Brother Chipley, President, Brother Hndington, Professor of Languages, Brother Jlaller, of Mathematics, aided by the great J. L. There Iiuh recently been a prodigious row between two of our exquisites, Mrs. M. and Mitts A. J. They , are now undergoing a trial before the star chamber, where, it in booed, justice will lie accorded them. Dr. Fishbnck has chosen himself pastor of the ('reole church, which meets every 8*l>!.mth, at three o'cloekj P. M , in the market house, the weather permitting. He is very orthodox, and lias always been consistent, never changing his theological sentiments. 8am Patch. Important from Coney Island.?The annexed despatch was received yesterday from Coney Hland:? Coney Island. [Correnpomleace of the llrrxM.] Coney Island, 12th May, 18-12. James Gordeon Bennett, Esq.:? Dear Sir : I have been spending a few days tit this place with the Governor, where he lias been making every thing agreeable, and quite interesting : the anniversaries of the several moral and scientific societies ' are now nbout closing their labors. Among the \ many I will only mention some two or three, that excited thw moat interest. l?t. The Temperance meeting was well attended, and the Gov. had previously directed hi? resident physician to analyze all his wines, which analysis will he useful no doubt, to the toe-total cause : Impciia! port, without re-enfiircimr. 7-100. with ndditiiinallirnndv IlLllHI- M?. deira, pure juice, 6-100, additidbal 6 percent.,mak- ' ing it 12-100; via Kast Indies. 16-100; Frnnkiin Ma- ] dcira imported without re-enforcing, contains one percent, lees alcohol than the Manhattan water: i Sherry, hrown, 10-100; pale, 14-100; pale, not re- 1 enforced, 8-100; Amnutclludo, 5-100, or three per 1 cent leas than hard cider: Burgundies, clu* dt r>uirtot, II ; Chnmhertin, 9-100; Volney. 7-100; CI i- ' rets, Margeaux, 7J-I0O ; I,alitt, 74-100; Lntour, 7J100; ras ilr tttornti, tiClOO ; I locks, Johannasbcrg, j 8-100; Steinberg cabinet, 84-100; Mnrkobriinner, ( 7-KM); Lcibfrunmilch,6-100; f-auterne,6-IOO Btirsac, i MO. The Governor's chemist in a scientilic man, ant! ' doe* tlieae tilings up well. The Governor ha* adopt- J ed l>r. Noll's diagram or profile of the rtomach, of J temperate and intemperate persons; moderate drinkera of cold water, no irritation; do. one glass of , brandy and water or three glasses of wine at dinner , the same; free drinker of spirits, coats of the sto- < ntach irritated; confirmed drunkard still niore; delirium tremens, stomach most uwlitl; but the temperance committee have collie to this conclusion,that ' moderate living in all things is best, to eat mode- ' rately, and always take a little wine when at, or iin- ' mediately after dinner is recommended. They have , a teetotal society here ul.-o ; they go strong against | horseradish, mustard, cayenne |>cpper, und strong 1 butter. The Doctor eays these article* urc strong stimulants, much worse than alcohol. I The government is in easy circumstances, and a full treasury: no nro*;*-ct of war; the crops are large. ' particularly the long clam crop. Yours, dec. Ciias. L. Jackson. j HprClnl SlXalullH, , Balori Judge Noah and Aldermen Martin and Jones. c Mat 17 Jam''* Gallagher for rusnult and battery on n officer Frisby of the first Ward. w hilt in the performance * of hi* duty, wat sent to the I'enitantinry for fiO days. 1 William William*, for xtcaling a bo* of cigar* from Jeiiti " Van burgh, wa? tent up for ?lx mouth*. Elizabeth Fow * lor, (black) for stealing niKer ajioon* and wearing apparel, 11 valued at $7. from Elizabeth I.awrencc ?ix month*. Ferdinand ltanxhall, for boating John 11 nti >) 'ill, was aent up ' for fi month*. 8imp*on Huffman, charged with stealing a I pair of pant* from John Schw abb. w a* nrquitted. Martha 1 Murray for stealing $A in monov, mot two pair* of atork- ' ing* fromJe??o Ban d, w i* sent to the City priaon for Jo " day*. John Whaley, charged with boating hi* wife ' Zilpha. was discharged promising to Mg:i the temperance pledge. John Mot Jin and John Leonard, for stealing " a hammer and trowel worth $3, from .Vinrtin Layden, c wore sent to the Penitentiary for 00 day*. Catherine ' Hamilton, for stealing w earing apparel'worth $11,"25, ' from Mary Mcculloch, IK) day*. Eliza iiaight, found T guilty of Mealing two earthen di'shea from Jane Coyle, 3d " day*. Jan? McOitllen, found guilty of Mealing a ealiro ' dre*afrom Hannah Da\ -< ity jniv.n JO da vs. John Ark- 1 enon, 'aboy) for *t< tiling five alnlling* in change Irom 1 Thorn a* W. Martin. *iw aent to the House of Refuge. ' John Brady for itealing a hand cart from Jeme* Howell, 1 aent up for 90 day*. Samuel Kerria, (blaek) for stealing 1 twn tirmt .vistc'ir* from l.vdia Ann i'nbin*. aeoi to t it a p piisonforM* month*. F.llen Palmer for *tealing $11 9.'i ' w orth ofrlothing from t onrad Manner, wr? *cnt to the I rriittntiary for three month*. Peter Farmjpg for *tcal- ^ ing ii reai w orth $10 from Paul M. P. Duifrfflo, wa* ?. nt '! to the Penitontiary lor si* month*. I'onrt of Oyer nmi Terminer. Before Judge Kent and Aldermen Bali* and Hatfield. ^ Mat 17.?Tiiial or William L. Stoxi ?The Jury .n m this caae w ere kept out the w hole of Monday night, and until neut 10 o'clock yesterday tnnr iiing. bein : ( nt.iic- .|, to their room for mora than 91 hour*. The Court a?*em? tli bled and ordered them to I*- brought ill. fudge Kent a-k? ed them if they had agreed upon their verdict w hi n tnr foreman answered that they nsd nob nor did he con?idet it jiossiblc for them to do '0. The Court then ohservci (j, LD. Price Two Ceitlt. that it li'iJ felt extreme regret in being compelled to keep them together for so many hours, but it w us one of thoso lung contested rases where a verdict was desirable, and should he obtained if possible. JuJgo Kent then ordered them to be discharged. We understand they remained in the same relative position as when at first going to their room, i. e. to to 3. The District Attorney, we further learn, w as w illing dial they should be discharged at 10 o'clock on Monday evening, conceiving it useless to keep thorn out any longer, but it ? as opposed by the oouaseloa the other side. Who would not be a Juror I H ii pre sue Court. Mat 17.?l.iltl of William /.. Stout on J. h'tnniutort Cooper.?This caie which came up oil demurrer, has been submitted by the court to three referees, viz. Messrs. Samuel A. Koote, Samuel Stevens of Albany, and Daniel I.ord, jr. Ou Monday they assembled in the l). H. Circuit Court room. Mr. Cooper appeared on liisowu behalf, assisted by his nephew. Mr. Richard Conner: and Messrs. Ifldw ell and ( umpheil w ere present as counsel lor C'olStoue. I he libel was published iu a review by Col, Stone, of Mr. Cooper's Naval History, and asserts that Mr. C. had misrepresented the battle of Lake K.rie, with a view to the whitewashing of < ommodore Klliot. A plea of net guilty was put in, and justification at to the matter alleged ? the review, it w as contended, being a fair one of tho woik alluded to. Mr. Cooper opened his case in person. He stated, that in writing his Naval History lie left a place for the battlo of Lake Erie. His individual impressions were adverse to Coinmodoro Klliot; but iu looking at the proceedings of the Court of Inquiry called by request of Commodore K , and at other documents, he found that there were great doubts and much conflicting testimony in relation to the subject, and he did not consider himself called upon as an historian to decide in respect to the merits ol the points at issue. He stated what lie believed to be the facts in the ease, u itlumt bins or leaning tow ards Commodore Klliot. Several diagrams of the buttle, fco. were presented, and much interesting proceeding took place. '1 he board then adjourned to yesterday afternoon, when it coutinued the inquiry on this subjact. Captains Sands, M'Kenzie and Paulding, of the navy, and Ogden Hoffman, Esq., (who had been in earlv life's midshipman) w ere examined on the part of the defence. The question w as, did < aptain Klliott tiring his vessel, the Niagara, into action in proper season. Commodore Perry had given especial orders for the vessels to keep in line and within half a cable's length of each other, each vessel to engage, as she same up, a particular one of thesnemyTho Laurence (Commodore Perry's ship) was ahead, and |oon bqaame engaged, making signal tor the other vessels to come up. The Caledonia, a slow sailing vessel, wss betw een the Laurence and the Niagara. Captain Klliott came upto her, touching the tatlinil with his pbboom, and the question generally asked the witnesses was, ifthey considered Captain Klliott bound to break his orders, and proceed to the support of the Laurence, or not. Couplud w ith the order to keep in line, wns one for each vessel to range up alongside the adversary designated for it as early si possible. This, and the critical situution of the flag ship, they considered sutlicient authority to break the order of battle; and each of the gentlemen declared that the) would havedoite so, passing to leewnrd of theCale. donia, notwithstanding it would stop her firing from her 34 pounder pivot guns forisgborl time, snd bring the Niagara into close action. Ill bell,'lit of Mr. Cooper, Commodore Do Kay w as examined. He dixdsred to have commanded n squadron in action at liucnos Ay res, and thinks that ( aptain Klliott was not authorized to brsak the order of liattlr laid down for him. The testimony theu closed, and Mr. Campbell addressed the Board, which soon afterw ards adjourned. Genernl Sessions. Before Judges Lynch nud Noah. Tuesday, May 17.?\Vm. Shale*, Ktq., Acting District Attorney. At the opening of the Court, William M. Trice,, counsel of Isaac Bradshnw, withdrew his pica of not guilty to the charge of grand larcony, and entered a (ilea cl guilty, w hich was received, and he' was remanded for sentence. The prisoner was charged with picking the pocket of Ira P. Johnson, of Ohio, on Saturday ln?t, w bile in liont ol the. post otlice, of u pocket book containing $1,300, but was ennght in the act by seme bystanders. Trial J'ov Extendi re forgertsi.?George JohnntoD, Jr., formerly of the firm of Kirk Si Johnston, who wus arrested iu December last, charged w ith committing forgeries upon various hanks in the city in the name of John Johnston, one of the firm of Bootman k Johnston, as endorser, to the amount of about $46,000, was pit.cod upon bis trial. The notes were made payable to the order of John John stoti, and signed nud endorsed by Kirk k Johnston with the forged endorsement ol John Johnston, and were generally discounted at a reduction of from $'C00to $600 on the amount of the face. The time these notes were put in circulation, extended from 1S38 to the v.intcr of 1041, when the forgeries were discovered. Johnston w as im- . pleaded with Kirk in the present indictment, which is one of the forged notes lor $3,000 discounted by the Butch tie ami Drovers' Hank; but Kiik Luvmg escaped imrai diately aficr the discovery of the forgeries, thus saved hit hact.n Irom a trial. The prisoner v. as defended by Messrs. Maxwell, Price ami Sergeant, and the prosocution w ot conducted by O. M. Lowndes, K.stj. uud the acting District Attorney. William Towkslnd sworn?Is tho cashier of the Butchers' and Drovers' Bank?the note presented being the forgery charged in the indictment, was ottered at an m titution, discounted, mid placed to the credit of Kirk, uud Johnston. [This note is in the handwriting of prisoner.] Kirk, t lie partner of Johnston, is supposed to be in Texas. He appeared to be the acting man in the business of the Arm; the enclosures containing the nous offered, were generally in the handwriting of prisoner. [The prisoner here admitted the signature of the nota presented, to he his, as well us the endorsement of the names of Kirk and Johnston.] John Johnston, of the firm of Boormon St Johnston, sworn?1 am acquainted with prisoner; hnve never endorsed any notes for discount on the Butchers' and Drovers' Bank for him: T received a letter from him Inst fall, hut cannot say I rrtf saw him w rite. Ciots-rsamiofH ru Maiwill?I have endorsed other notes, and voluntarily agreed, from the commencement of the linn of Kirk and Johnson, to endorse notes for the sum of tfiftOttO, which continued to run from 183ft to 1840; I hnd the most perfect confidence in him until the time of the discoveries ol these forgeries; on the day that 1 discovered the forgeries had lieen committed, I immediately went to store of Kirk & Johnston, and there saw Kirk, lie disappeared on the same day; Johnston remained in the city: 1 have considered Johnston honest, hut never supposed him much of n business man; I relied principally oil Kirk us the businessman; the notes for endorrcment were sometimes brought to mo by Kirk nnd sometimes by Johnston. 1 linve reason to believe that the prisoner Has lived in a very economical manner; I think he is rather simple, and might bo led away by another person of more depth, in a very economical manner. 1 think he is rather simnlo ind might be led away by another person of more depth. Dirr t rramira'itm rttumtd ft;/ Low kih.? 1 um in no rasaner related to prisoner ; I endorsed the notes on account if the friendship I had for the father and uncle of prisoner. In the fall of 1810 1 endSrsed a note for the firm of Kiik U Johnston for jiftOOO.on condition that f-600 i houldh? paid on each renewal. The sum of ptMK) has been pajil m it ; 1 never examined into their business in any manner ; I made the Iiarnrd of this sum merely to advance the iiiciiiu 01 prisoner: i cannot dciicvc timt Jniiuttun nil 10 ignorant tliat if the <-aih capital of the concern increased $10,000 he would not have known t. Several note* were litre *hown witness on the ame hank, for various rums, the endorsement of which le pronounced n forgery, (the object W which w a* 0 show that all these note* were hi the handwriting of he prisoner, and therefore he must have had a knowledge of the forgery:] before lining asked by Maxwell, witness stated that lie did not think that the fin god enlorsi rnents of his name were written in the hand w riting >f Johnston. (Jcoaoc W. I'meoLX, sworn?Wm a clerk with Kirk Ik lohnston, from Nov ember 1836 to 1*40; then left for a short ime ; returned again, and remained u itli them until Jnhfl1 iiii was arrested. Johnston kept thcjournnl and ledger of he firm. Several of the forced aotrs were here presentod to witness, who stated that the handwriting ol the body of he note, and the endorsement of Kirk Si Johnston, w as in he hsndw riting of the prisoner. The books were kept by double entry, snd the cash aiok was kept by myself, as well us both ol the firm. C ? IIkvir, President of the Bank 01 .yew York, vas called u|xin the Hand, and several ol the fiirgal note* hown him which were discounted nt that institution and aid wkich lie mid were placed to the credit of Kirk k. ohnston. J.wtis CUi.liti!*, President of the Nation el Bonk, was worn, when the ucting District Attorney applied to the ourt to allow the forged notes, on which other indirtficntshad been found, to be shown to w itness, in order to how the scienter in the reuse, w hich wan obj?-eted to br he counsel for defence, and th? court decided that tho otcs could not be presented utilrss the prosecution would bandon the charge of forgery, as it would create a false isnc before the jury. Ofiior W. 1'eiMffi.r. was again called and upon a nuia>er of chocks signed by Kirk and Johnston, having been resented to him, he stated that with very lew csc epilogs hey were drawn in the handwriting of the prisoner, 'ohnston. Kirk often rer|?c?ted Johnson to draw note' md stated that he hail to go to Greenwich street to get liem endorsed. The prosecution here closed,and the defence then railed i number of w itnesses to prove the previous honesty and haracter for integrity of the prisoner, as also hi* l.i 'k of nilinr?? habits and imbecility <d character generally \moug other witnesses ?worn were Daiid S. Kennedy, a ith whom piisoner was engaged for ?om? 'j"'0, "r dated that he considered turn even incapable of keeping u...r v.;. e..... .... I lluntm iiaskSMM him n noon fu possible. All those witnesses nB crook esutnilation toctiftcl Hint th.v thought it would !>? impossible or the aum of *?('.,MW to he added to the rapitr.1 of the irm of Kirk fc Johnston without the prisoner knowing t. These witnesses stated that they thought Kirk to be i oh re wit, smart fellow, nod capnblr of loading Johnson it the nose into good or Mil. The court took :> recess from 3o'clock till ft, ? hen the ftit*r w(i iiimincil up hv Mr?r<. Mevivell nnd Price for efence an I D. M. l.owndo?, En.)., and the ncti-ig D strict L'torner for prosecution. Judge Lynch charged the irv pointedly against the prisoner, & the evidence cer in fy- indicated, and the jury after an abac nee of half an our returned# verdict of guilty of the second clauieof ic indictment, w hich charges him with " uttering or iait" H the note* only." The penalty, however, Is the sum* i If brought in guilty of committing the forgery, although e court may exercise lenity in passing sentence under e peculiar circumstances attending the result. Fitte t.?There woea front at New Haven on Mon? ty morning.

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