Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 21, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 21, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VII.?So. 4 41.?Whole No. 4091. N2W LI.YF. OF LIVKKI'UOL PACKETS. "" S'Jiiua Now York on th? 23th and Liverpool on the 13th of tnch month. M. M. Ship 8HKQIDAN, C.iptain K. A. P?peyster, J5th Mty. Ship GARRlCK, Captain Wm. SUiJuy, 25lli June. 8hjj> HOSCIL'S, Captain J ,lui Collins, lath July. Still- 8IDD0N8. (' uitain E. 11. Cobb. 2jlh August. KnoM LlTKHrOOL. Stop 8IDDOV8. Captain K. B. Cobb, 13tb June., SIIKHIDAN, Cspt tin K. A. Doeytter, 13th July. Ship (>A Klgit K, Captain Win. Skiddy, IJlh August. Mtiip Host.'ICS. Captain John Colluu, I3lh Septrmher. These abiiu are all ol llic lirst class, upvvardsol 1000 lolls, built in the city or New York, with luch improvements as combine r;rant ipeivl with unu.ual comfort for pttveugcrs. Every care eu been taken in the arrangement of tiieir accommodations. The I'Uet- ol' pa.iaga hence it $100, for which ample s to rut w ill be provided. These thipt are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give general laUtliclinn N? ither the c%ptain? or ownrrs of the aliip* will be rripouii* ble for any letter*. jmrcsU or |*ckar<*s scut by them, unless r?? gulsr b '.l* of lading xrr signed ihorelor. Tlidt .uj'h of tin liu? will hcieHlter ko armed, *ud their ooutM iKiinu ^ives the in security uot i>i>6se?*ed by auy oilier buj^vetsel? of w ar. j or freight oi apriiy to E. K. COLLINS Jt CO.. Vi South at., New York, or to WM. fc JAS. BKOWN It CO.. Letters by the packet* will lit cluici d 12'., cents l*r single slievt ; J" cents |wr ounce, and nrws|>aperi 1 cent each. Bit "" NEW YORK AND HAVKE i'ACKETS. ~ (8 ECO NO LI.WE.) tlne^Pl^he Ne\^^m5^! the Island Havre on ihs Ibtii of each month, as follows : Fro* .Veto York. Fro its llovre. The new ?hip ONEIDA, ? 1st March i lfith April Captain < 1st July < 16th August Jam' s Kuik.Ic, r 1st November? 16th December Ship BALTIMORE, v 1st April ( inth May Captain < I d August < tilth September Edward Fnnek, fist Deccem'rr 16th January ShipUTICA, i 1st May I 16th Juu? Captain < 1st S?ptemh*r< 16th October! Frederick Hewitt, C 1st Jauuary r 16th February New ahipST.S ICOLAS, t 1st June I 16th July Captain a 1st October \ 16th November. J. B. I'ell, f 1st February ( lfitn March The acromnnvUtiona of tln'sr ships air not surpassed, combining all that may be required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is SlflO. Passengers will ho supplied with every requisite. with the exception of wines and liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will he forwarded by the subscribers, frre from any other than the expenses actually incurred on Litem. For freight or passage, apply ra BOYD Ik iil!x( KEN, Agents, at 9 Tontine Buildings. FOR NEW ORLEANs7 LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. ffiB /fjjv Forlh^better toco inundation ot shippers it is intended to desoatch a ship mm this port "n the 1st, Jilt, With, Uth, lOlk. and Jjtli ot each mouth, commencing the loth October aud continuing iimil Slay, when regular days will he appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great ilf|.u i and iliaappoiutuisnTs will bf prevented during the tjtmmer mouths. The following ship; will commence this arian<;rrnrut : Ship YAZOO, Camain Cornell. Bhip OCONEE, Captain J ick-on. Ship MISSISSIPPI. Captain Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship SHAK8TEA Re, Captain Miner. Ship GASTON, Captain Latham. Ship HU NTSVILLE, Captain Mumford. Ship OCMULOEE, Captain Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Cancin Dickinson. sinp MEMPHIS. Ca?un Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ships were all built in the city of New York, expressyfor packcti, are of light drsfl of water, have recently been wly ctgipered and put in splrudid order, with accommodations lor passengers unequnlled for comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give Seneral satisfaction. _ They will at all times be towed up and own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captains of these ships will be responsible tor jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or pitted ware, or ftn any letters, parrel or package, ?ent by or put on board of lliem, unlesa regular bills of lading arc taken for the same, ll I th^ Talue therfon eipietsed. For freight MMHM. apply E. K. CULhlVS h CO., SB Smith st.. or HULLIN 4 WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans. who wil] promptly forward all goods to their address. The snipe of this line ere wxroiiiti ,1 to sail punctually as advertised, end great care will be taken to have the goo da correclly yieaaurriL in4 STEAM NAVIGATION BETWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, rr.i-soi.'Tfr.ivpTox. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, ,M. M. Ktiir, Commander. The days of d. par'.ure of Ibis wetl-kuuwn Steamship, have been hied a* follow* : From Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York, On 4th Slav. 1942. On Till May, 1812, On 1th June, 1?42 ,. lltth July, " 7l)i Aug., " 7th Sept. " 11th Sept. " 7th Oct., " Prire ot p????ge, mi an not jiicln.led, to Southampton or Antwerp, 870 ?Steward*. fee*. ?2 62ta. Tlw ineala will be treed on board, ou the plan of a continental hotel, in the hr*l manner. and at hvd and in-di rate pfic.c, p:jieng^r? being aly chanted wlun partaking o! th- ?airt". The prce of passage to either of the above port! ran aim lie engaged if preferred, with m"al> and steward's fees included for $ 37 G2>a c tits, exclusive of wines. An exjierieuced Surgeon accompanies the ship.' For freight or or *n\ further .nlonnalion, apply to II. W. T. St H. MALI, A*eiiu, a?2Gm1r 41 Beav-ratreef. IMPORTANT TO WltSTliR-N MERCHANTS". RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the Transportation of t< -ode between Philadelphia and Pi tub" nr. Thi. improv. men! in;'nri iii'm I'lui'ts to \\ eaii i n rchanU peculiar advant iges. The goods being cuefnlly packed in the boat* at our warehouse, No. JG.3 Market ?treer, are carried over the Columbia and rortaga Railways without transin pule in. Careful captains and crews ore employed, who take marge of the goods a: Philadelphia, and continue w itli theui the eutire route, thus avoiding delays aud tile liability of lots bring seimraled ou the way. NVB.? Passengers forwarded te Pittsiurx and Potwville, every day, Sundays excepted. II. STORKS, Agent. aI2 3:n? 7 Waa'i.ngtomtrret. RAilaRDAD N4)TiCE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. ' ' n^vT'1'!' . THE NEW JKR8CV lUilroHi) aid Transportation Company havu estubiixhed & Lin?? between New Brunswick and New York, wliicb they intend to run perraab .1(^0. Letting New Brunswick at 5 A. daily, (Sundays excepted) aud the fmot of Liberty *trert. New Yoik, at 3 P. M. To country ?Ualera aud merchants tne above hue i? eery desirable for om speedy and cneap eonrej ioca ol mirdnbdwi of every description, and more particularly to Drover* and Dealers in Live Stork, who cau have 130 head of cattle conveyed between New Brunswick and New York, lire sam? day vrhenei w iwuirtd* The rates for the transportation of cattle, horses, males, sheer, hogs, See. and all other kinds of merchandise art* very low, never excei ding geftinh at prices. Merchandiac sent bv this line u not subject to any extra chirge in crossing the North Hirer. The Company have fitted up a larg" storehouse at New Brunswick, adjoining the Hiilrwd Depot, which will always b? ?peu foi tiif reception of merchandise. r.\a?<cnc?rs purchasing tliesr tickets at the ticket offices, will receive ferry tickets ^rafi*^ p1'* 3?n * FHEIlillT A.\U PASSAiiE TO l'fl'ASBl'Ita, B I N OTTA >1 S l.l'i.. The proprietor* of Bin.iham's Transport stion Lin.' to "ittshu"g. give not to the Merchant* of New York, and .all other persona shipping to the \Vr.t, that their line is now in active operation (J- ..H consigned to them (or sent to go in their lie.,; will he forwarded w i:h >ie?| atrh. Owners or shippers of f.vxU, destined for the Western Statei, who have no agent or consignee at Pittsburg, will please consign their goods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will atu nd to snipping all sum conaiibnieuU without delay. All goods should be marke* distinctly on eacn package BINOnAM 9 LINE. rori ues of freight, which ate as low ss any other line, spply o . VVM. TYSON, Agent, No. , West .treet, opposite Pii.r No. 2. N. R. N. R. Passenger* forwarded to Pittsburg and I'otunlle,every dsv. Snndiy, ejeepted. Refer to R. 4 rooks, Amerimn Fnr Co. ; R. T. Nicoll IFiont Street ; Phelps, D nlg. k Co. Fulton 'licet ; Snydaro 8?gc h Co ; Win. rvankiu, Duryce it Co, Nuwark. nni Sui ^yEOPLj^S OjfE FOR ALBANY, I Mi IIMlMilllle fhen, Ihin the Pier foot of Ck Courtlnndl atrsrt?Kara ?1. ink I'M Sf Tli* NOitlH AMERICA, CtiiUin M. H. 'fnMHII, l?i? u ?Ni? oa Tutsday, Thursday and SatarJay afternoons, at J o'clock. For pnasaga or frsaght, apply an board, or to P. C. srm'LTZ, ...... , At the office an the 4uf. N B.?Ail kinds of property taken only at lha riak of the owner* thereof. ml!>r jjfifr tffjk PASSAGE FROM ENGLAND, IHF.LAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES. pERSONS (l"*iinu* of makiiu engagements for friends to I emigrate from the Old C'ountTy to the United State., and who mar wi?H to a>enr for th-ai despatch and comfortable accommodarious, will find it th' ir nrfre^t to apply to the ?nbacriii "M. who an at all I tinea tr-nued to make snch arraitganinitn a* will .:'.raii.t* <at. licit n. Tk" teas. I. comporir-f this lino lire all of Li iir t rl ", one of which J' area l.iierja.ji wmkly, eon-ntl v :.!l <! I? ' the |?o: .>' < ton ta | avoided. Aa has always been with thia line, when i tko,e a'ttl-d ff lie-line . .ming tat, the pv-.i : > in y ii re. , funded, without an deduction. Passaga per steamer from the rarimia porta of Ireland and Scotland, can likewise be eeCurvd. For further particular*apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Eitabliahed Psas'ge Office, Til Pearl at., C. ORIMSHAW k CO. lit O irce Pn/.r i*, Li?enaoo|. F.vchanK? or drafts at sight,ami lor any am omit, Can lik-w iae ( lie f irmahed on the National Bank of Ireland. Northern Bitrli- 1 mil Co., Nauonit ?in? "t hroii <uo, paynoir n sli tn-ir rean-c , t.i In un heal aton II. ('. fiKu tit Co.,>ra, London, I anJ C. Grimar.iw ta to.. Lnerpoo' ml Im'C ' JTS& FOR LIVERPOOL?New 'Linv?Regnhf " V?3MfVonrk t of ttith May.?The apleiidid packet ship ' I jwEopn*'11K. R11) AN, Cip am F. A, Dr,r > u r, of 10>io torn, t will a.iil .a ahoro.tier regular day. Kor fright or pmage, I having accommodations u:iei|itallrd lor splendor or comfort, apt ply ou board, at Oilcans \vh irf. foot of W ill atrrct. or to F.. K. COLLINS fc CIO. M South atreet Price of passage SiW. 'Hie packet ship OAKRIC'R, Captain Rkiddy, of 1000 tons, ( will succeed the Sheridan, ami sail 2'dh .linre, h-r reynlar das t Passenger* may rely on the ahijw of this line aailtng punem illy $i gJtnliaud. inly r i e~ n e K PQifE&QY C O.'S ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CHICAGO EXPRESS. I ,u "l;" ' - ' r I . \. . . ' ? ! II n? Railroads to .i.i l from A Iiianv .?i .1 llulV-rlo, and the intermediate places |,?r FORWARDING. at |..w rates. with the* utmost speed, n uluit, aud sdety, choice (J >o?ls, Si-eiie, Bank Notes, import ?iit P.:->< rt and Y Jualde Package*?Will tttcnd | to the negotiation, transfer, Collodion or pnyiitont of Bills ?! ht 'Umjc, N?'to?, Drafts Acceptances, Accounts, Str., nt n>a* s<-L*l>Ic per ccntagv?execute o.ujh lor the purchase or solo? !' iWerchaudjse, Produce ami Manufactured Articles of every doscription, j*r?oiullY. in the t?\vu* oil their route, through Messrs 11A UN DEN fc GO'tf EXPRESS to Now i ork an J Button, ami Mo.?rs. IIAWLEY k ro.'S EXPRESS to and from Buffalo to (.'loteUud, Detroit and Chicago and intermedial* places?forming at once the iiio-?i direct, speedy and iwrfcct communication to and froui the eastern and western cities, for the negotiation and traiwictinu of all uiuiciuitilo iuid professional basinets remittance i, exchange*. 4iu%. References? Krautus Coruiu*. Tli??iu*a W. Olcott, Watts j amriuau, -v. u. imicuii, iWth L.?o, j.wut** l a> iur, 1 uooaure I Olcott, AJbanv. Astrucios?Bcnuett, & II wl**v, Utiea , T. A. Smith, Syi;u'u*?- ; A. (i. Smith. Auburn ; J. K<irtp, 0?ueva ; J. G. Bui-|4itfrd. C*n.UiiUif u t: I)??id Rocne?ter ; J?>hu McKMiLfctrr, Lock port ; J. A. ('Ink, Bativi.i ; Thvm.u 1)1 .vs'-m, Buffalo. POMEROY St < 0\ No. 6 Ex JiiiiUl'ui*. Allxuiy. nil < iV iU >Ue?ty Nu* York. FA:; AND FREKrHT REDUCED. REGCTAR MAM. MM-'. FOR PROVIDENCE AND BOSTON. via STONINGTON AND NKWI'nKT, rem. po*e<l of (ho followiug uupvrior sb-.iiut-ra, running in coimortion with th<* Sumimftou and Providence, and Button and Pro vidence R'ilrwiU? MASSACHUSETTS, Cinuiu Coirutock. RHODE ISLAM), C?i<Uiii Tha. r. NARRAG YNSF.TT. ( aptain WoMsey. MOHF.GAN. Captain Vanderbilt. On-1 of which will leave New 'fork <laily. (Sundays earepte!) from Pier No. 1, North Hirer, Battery Place, at live o'clock, P. M. Fare to Boston, $1 fifl Deck pa-nage, $2 25 do. Providetiee, 2 00 do. Jo. 1 50 AeiiaNurMFST. Th. NAUUAOAN8ET, on Slundayi, Wednesday., and Fridays, for Stanntcton. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tureday., Tlmndayi, and Saturdays, for IHonington. 1' tigers on the airiral of the steamers at Stoninctnn, may take the Railroad ' ars and proceed immediately to Provi deuce and Ih-iton, and lot tiic accommodation of persoiui travelling between New Vork and Newport, the steamboat trains will atop at W'ickforJ I -n.- enough to leave aud receive paaaengers. Freight taken at the following much reduced ratea :? To Bo.ton, on good. weighing forty pound* or upwanli to the cubic foot, at (5 50 per ton, and on meaaurement good. T cents per foot. To Providence, on measurement good. 5 cent, per enbic foot, and specific artirlei as per taril to be obtained at office 22 Broadway. mil Bm OPPOSITION LINK ]FOR ALII ANY. FARE REDUCED ! Paii.-.ase 50 rent m?ltvrths 50 rend. FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRICES. 9^awa The commodious Stcsmhoat WASH1NOf...jj.TON. Captain J. M. Brow., hariint made t go if? :uTaugcnicul? to thaucc her day. of leaving New Vork, will hereafter t?ave the toot of Robinson street, New York, every Monday, Widnrsday, and Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, and Albany, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sa turd vy afternoon, at 5 o'clock, landing on her pass \ge each way at the foot of Hammond street, Newburgli, Poughkeepsie, Kingston Poiut, Cattskill and Hudaon, For freight or jK.isage, to the Cantaiu on hoard, Or to D. RANDOLPH MAKTl.V, No. 132 West street. m9c FARE REDUCED TO CENTS. STATION ISLAND FERRY. F "t of Whitehall street. The atuatnen STATt..N ISLANDER and SAMSON will run a. follow., until fu;:!.cr notice Leave. States Island Leaves New York. At u'c h.yk .. ?i. At 8 o'clock a. M. " 9 " " 9 ? io ' < io " " 12 " " II " " " 1}? " a. " 2 " r. m. .. 3 .. 3 .. " 4}{ " i ' ' 6 " " 6 " N. B. All goo ue required to be particularly marked, and ere at i rvi , i 'iie own. rs tin. r. of. tn'Jr T 1'IIW ; !.: >, I'd \s "l.lML ^FOK NF.WIH;ROHt_leuJiir; at CALD b23r?a'-:2K0l* " r?L'1' -*' r.a i I'U1> 1 A.Ni.? ? UL.U fW -/SJsLMMUN'G.?Thesteamboat HIGHLANDER, ( ".piasn lloiMtl Wardron, will I# wv tliw fooc of \Vtrr? ? strort, Ne>v York, every Montr.*, Thursday and Saturday ai\cru<>om? 4 w'c! jck. Returning, the Highlander vw iII leave Newlmtgh every Monday morniug at G oNlock, and Tuesday and Friday alifwooint r> o'clock. For freight or passage, to the captain on board. X. B.?All ba??<?- and freight of every description, hank bills or ahecie, put on hoard this liost, mint he at the risk of the o a-ners thereof, unless a hill of ladilie or receipt is signed for | thessme. mYt /BOA THE RAINBOW MORNING LINE for ' AI. b A N V. The lovr pressure Steutnlnwit V ?,'JSS'V RAINBOW .will leave the foot of Robinson atre^t, e>ery Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 o'clock. in5 lm*r FOR SALE?The Kit sitting A 1, copperedand K}* Jx"4%c P r r r fist nod ship VENICE. burthen .Vi7 tnis, or B&tiiXag! iIhup !.,u n Is. This >j,,p vsai t : 1! in PbUudel* pnuk. in UQB, fa tr,.- moat faithful manner, waililted oa th# itocBi, and coppered wUn heavy copper, an which she has iu*t i" rform*n a voyage to China and kirk?I? well calculated for a Europ'-an packet, or for the India trad-?Hi* a full inventory, and n?>\v ready to receive a eanp?, Is now offered for sale to close a concern. U s at pier 5, North River. For terms, apply to BOYD ft HINCKEN. *9 Brokers, 9 Tontine BnlHisrs FOR HAVRE?The superior French brig A.IGuKl^VKDE, ('aputn G* ran Jo an, will be promptly due hed. For fright or passage, afady to mil c BOYD k HINCKEN, No. 9 limine Buildiug. ""CHINA GLASS AND" EARTHENWARE. 8ASTOR HOUSE.?French Porcelain Dinner Service*, 11^ pieces. $25 00 White Grauite, do do 113 do 13 W French, or English Porcrliin Tea Sets, 33 do 1 U0 Dinner Plates, French Porcelain, per doxen, 191 Do do Granite, blue or vrbite, do 1 00 Soup, do French Porcelain, do 2 00 Do ^ do Granite, blue or white, do 1 (?u Te i Cups and Saucers, (24 piece*) French Porcelain, 1 5o E<m? Cups, do do 37 Glass. Cut Wines, per dozen, from 1 50 Do Tumblers, do do 2 00 Lemonades, handled, do 2 25 TaMJ < V i t.LRT. Of the finest di*crip;io4M, in seuor doiens, st the low j rice of $12 the set. Just oncued, a handsome abutment of 1??ilcrt Ware. R. CIMPSON. N. B.?Agent for the s?alc of Simpson's Ear Comets, for the relief of deafness. ml] lm*c STRAW GOODS. rP BENNETT, imj^rter and minulacturer of Italian anil A English Straw Goods, respectfully informs his customers that he has removed his establishment from 99 William and 2t> Piatt, to 39 John street, where he continues to keep a splendid and extensive assortment of ladies' fashionable Straw Goods, French and English Dun?i d.les, Italian IlntUnds, Gne Tuscars, Fancy Shell works. Prince Albert Straws, fee. Sic. Also, an entirely nesy article, the White Siberian Hair Bonnet, for the summer?it surpasses all the styles as yet iairodured, being extremely light, beautiful, white aud durable. m21 Im'm SUCCESS GUARANTEED TO ALL. ?rr\\K AMERICAN MAGIC MIXTURE" has been | J- hailed as oue of the greatest discoveries of the present age, and as lonr as medical scien exists will be considered the I most invaluable discovery for diseases of the urinary tia?*ages, i as well as the kidneys and Madder. Its edict* are af)rolut*lv I effectual in performing a radical cure in a short time, w hile iht ordiuary remedies take wen months. On* dose cannot fail to enlist the hesitating an ) over delicate in it* favor, and out of the hundreds that pat their faith in it, net one has been disappointed nor discovered while usmc it. It has safely convex id all beyond the pale of tuapieion. The Magic Mixture has long stood iir.rivallrd inH l.>. ?%- . .... . . rv pompously ami so ubiquitously di^nUyed by a host of trnpnncipUd imitating 'juacks, wlio^ <?nly aim ii ? been to <1mih* ami deceit f the unfortunate, Sold by appointment at King Store. S3 Fait?* street ( uei r CrtfT; Dotir, eor. n Cha? I and Chamber*, and at druic store 113 Broadway co?. Lispt nsiJ; 63 Bowery cor. of Wallte r. in? '? rI,HB I'IUVATF. rnEAf JsK.-ftu. i> a lit l.- voiutn. ... A certain diseases, in which the moat cons*orient anil private means of cure are itatcd in the plainest jtossible manner. A id not only we direction* liren (or the more simple and rrc? nt | ca.ti.hut those which hate fallen ni:o improper hand*, sad ; continue on from month to month, are particularly dwelt <ni Sit h persons will see irnrocdi ?t?dy tii* J .'Acuities which im? j i*dc tbeir cure, what- rei they may be, a* well as the plan to be punned in each part' ular coie. It i* i-bt.nnwd only of in* , authii, Dr. lie I, b. mh Greenwich *t. Price $1. l)r. Ralph tl?; uk< ? this opportunity ofttnritig that be may be . , consulted on the peculiar above rtleutd to, at bis j ri- j fete residence, at any hour. i Aware, b?? we ft rd v 1eep and jnst rolirttndf which many j feel to consult a - r*r integrity a* we!! a* experience in < these peculiar e.vr., *.nt the ^itUinr derrne it proper to r've the Ihliowia* *h* p* -e opportunities he has had to 6t 1 himself for the i* m* he u the mora inclined to, as i many haf* s <<r wert of information ??f this 7 kind, theT h'*r# f - s list of a 1 erti?in; people, th* r nno who had !m i-d m e( vondrrns cures?but not without t th?- bitterest r? : ,? !c ID therefore b< *s to state that, heside bis rank * 'in. * I. Irnburirh. fco*. Sic. fcc., he has t been watching -h?*e di^a? ?, "1 ?tn in hospital and city practice, for more than thi T '% ? h i publi bed two edition* of a work eipr?*t*ly on t. ia \f> that !? ; Ins testimonial letters from the most e;iom < i Ku. , to most eminent in America* - ? * oop?-r Dr. <?t N. \ ., and Dr. Phy?ie* of; , and ?*hr r; n? . Inth-r, that 1 he has the pririlf^e f ? " rri: . t ? almost ? v< r. pliv-ician of ' min -nrr in this ritv. V m. 1 be st.aTrn nceiv- s. as r better 'fround nf confnho <ho?." wiioire .onpTS to hi in, a ,' omnltationa may be m id. :ij po?.r, and for such he has a lit- c he private cheaf, c, plain in,; ??vi rv ihi.i/ n c - *, s? iy t in-l prtr.ato cure. Kit foiwaidrd as in&ybedioe ' I- e L!1 ml'j In,*. I i' A V I L I (') X, " k ?tr.a^bI.nJ:>iON*T 1{0W. BOSTON. P . v .'r. . i1""'/'ntr"">'' .iiuitrd m Tifmont Row, 1 j' I " *crnmino<l.tin?' #0 prr?nn? wrll upr1"-.! with iwi*?- !;.rlor, nn.l I uv ,n,| nirr ch.imh-1 thf ' jrtii.r re ? w-ll (urnnh^d M*ny lion,, in tl.r rirv of 11 .?i. n ? 1 ' A..O t",r h,,r;l rrr tv'r-'? V"' in V*w Yor-K rirr, 11 ,l ih' Ailm .n.| l(> <)? .| r. ur.o tit- Ml,I. will ,lw u't " L iTt iJSitfLr: w4Lh"" vt-,f ",,r i'}'1"' > 1 \(il stocked with choice Wine* and Lionors, t l|-r-r IO c. A. StfUon, A.tor IIolM AD.S?*??l',I?lo'w. 1 ' " ' , n,> Ii. I in, J rriE sniKi.DED VICTORIA ? SHAWL AND DIAPER PIxV. ' A N EVV mil iiiinort.iM .rtirlr f<n dm in ihr nanwry ?. . I1 rY (j.lriiirin to hdiri' ihiwli, rlmlu, ti? |uitrM,4 in ilw> Ji.itrd SMI, . Hfi.l in Eiiro|?,, f r wli.,li ..l., 1A11Y Ji < ()., IW Pf irl ,fr,, t, NrW \ ork, *ml by tiie ni t!i- m.iril't mrt', IS J?t ?' Brooklyn. -y T'." i I " 1 <!> .mi. r. . it- i !* .1 iii I in. , -rtn I"., .up. dim! on libvtal tcimi. mil lm*r W 10 EW YORK, SATURDAY ! MISS CO WAX = RESPKC'TKITLIA inlbniu the UJi. it of Nrw ^ oik and its vicinity, that slit< ''Uiliuio't niviii" Icon, on tlio Piano Forte, Harp, (inilar, ami in siniriui;. Mi*. C. will bit hapiiy to rt'Ci'i11' li>o pupils tl Nil. #! W'llit" strHtit, or if preferroo will attend at tin- reqwctive Iniu.ius of thoau iullo, who uiay lionui |u-r with tlieirpatronafce. Ilarps ami I'itiio Foite* for sale and hire. Al?'. a vrry splendid Piano Fotte, of aiii>orior quality and i I., al-. m'7Jhn^r_ ARTIFICIAL TEETH; O.N THE PRINCIPAL OF ATMOeSPHEK K3 PUESriURE. FROM THE COURIER AND ENQUIRER. DENTISTRY.?Ij |? not (tinthit wa permUoufMlTMlp speak in tunnaof eulogy of duegveritu oa sultvcU which do not come within our province. We have not sufficient knowledge to do it, in tli- fir.t place, union indeed die object be vuible or t&titfabhviud thia u the c?tst? in the prettiit instance. .*ir. Lrrrc, surgeon ucmwt w no arrived some lime since from London, has brought with him a new method which he bus i lit in !?ucc< Atful pr actice here, of supplying the loss of real tooth by artificial our*, without die use of ui> accessories, such ;u ligatures, springs ??r pegs, now in ordiuary use; nor it the ope ration when completed followed bv u?y inflammation or pain. Hs can best ricserih* hi* mothod himself. Wa w ill howrver add, that many patients whom he has provided with seta of these vwy neceui&ry embellishments, iu-? so delighted with tnem that they have permitted huu to refer ciniuirvru to them who* do not apply fWin idle curiosity, but with a view of nrnfittmg by the conviction an actual cianuu&iiou will pPHiUCC. M. LEVETT, Dentist, a?, lis11 mlioniwiy,eoim i of Wnw at. RIBBONS & LACKS, CHEAP. HMIE SUBSCRIBER has auJ is receiving from aurin a -t daily, Ribbons and Silks, wlflch ho will stdj wholesale or j retail, at t very small advance ?ui auction prices. Country Milliners will And it to their advantage to call, a* the very lowest price will invariably he fixed. Laces an i Edgings re tailed at low as the lowest Thread Laces, of beautiful patterns. Crape, Line. BuduuM. v rown Linens, kr. 11. J. URUMMOND. .191m*>!. LJAV.\NA 8KQARS.?1 icAB1A Ik MAN/ANKDO, NTT 11 49 Liberty street, near Nastau street, offer for sale the fsl lowing ? G.W0C0 La Norma Sejprs, very mpcrior 30.000 N omega do do. 43,(?00 l>|<cran/.a do do. 123,(too Diana do do. 80,000 11-^ ilia and Canonss ?lo. 00.000 Trabucoa and Ladies do. The whole entitled to debenture, and in lota to suit pvrcha sen. \21 lni*r RkmovV-iT-fiTCai;; i: \va i.TT.ii, ??.i' "i?rt?cr J/ the house of Bergrr Waller, the only manufactory of Watck Glasses ill France, No. 'SI Parudis rnissonniere street. Taris. has the honored informing dealers in watch works, and nil article* connected with the line, as also Mssrs. dealers in cut glass, that their establishment of watch glass*-*, cut g!a*?, gilt and colored, fancy articles, Ac. Sic It**., has .lately been ic moved from No 10 Maiden Laue^ m| No. 90 William struct. Gentlemun desirous of purchasing from the only depot of the factory, are respectfully invited to call a: r:r where will l?e found an unrivalled assortment of the above mentioned fu.-Us, which will bs disposed tf 01 the most r is cable terms. Ill I 2m r | AW REPORTER. forMiv, IKI2.?(. utsiiu m* v?u c vsu* of * * B inkroptey. pretesting the mUm\ ic all :'s variocs phi The B inkrupt Law ; th*? coul*-strd seat of Mr. Levy : Chief Justice MarshiIT; Lord Rcditsdal? ; American Jurist ; oUrkie on Evidence ; New RuUs in Equity : Green leaf'on Evidence : Bankrupts in New York (900) ; Bankrupts in Mass. (100) 5tc. Judge Story's opinion at lenfth upon the **flVct of attachments laid anon the property of a bankrupt previous to his belli? declared such will appv ur in die June numbet, Alio, Jdd|i U- its'* opinion in the ca*e of Kassoa.( wife's jewelry) will appear in full iu the July number. The proprietors will continue ine list of Bankrupts in New Bork and Massachusetts which will render the work valuable to every business man. What merchant i would grudge 2J cents a month for such information ? The May number comineuce-i a new volume, and oilers a favorable op portuuity to subscribe lor the work. BRADBURY, SODBN fe CO. I mIO Imtt 127 Nassau at. N. Y. ami 10 School at, Boston. I 1 OSEI'H PECK&VER, Fancy 1 ibinet Maker, Mathainat ' ical and Nautical Instrument Case Mauufit lurwr, 2t>9 Water 9tract, N' w \ rk* Chronometer boxes of a superior make, barometer, thermometer frames, quadrant, sntant; stirvrvors, snrgical, denti?t and drawing instrument boxe*, made r:id packed in a neat style? timepiece, clock, guu and pistol e wes of all description; daffuerrotype Apparatus and medicine chests, surveyors rods, of any length and make All kind* of fancy work, made of tire bust materials and workman drip, warranted. Repairing of every description extcutdd with neatness, punct^riity and disiutch. French nolishing and varnishing. a 1 umucton, ixi Ttjiwaiu.'. Establishmaat, butweeu Dov?r street and Peek slip. Rkfcuncci. Messrs. E. & C?. W. Blunt, corrwr of Water strsat and Bui* ling slip. Mr. A. Megarey, 190 Water street. Mr. Demi It, 'J'."' I tail *lre? f. mlo hn?c <n \ cr-o 3 <," i ?<n e e ( . STENOGRAPHY. A NEW a new en I ru...jJete system of the ait of writing -fY Short Hand, li.., taking down every word as fust aa auy I*tsoh cau speak, with delightful accuracy and certainly, lectures, sermons, trials at law, congressional debates, &c. 8tr., taught paHeelh by Mr. Bria iw, or Loadon, io onja course o lessons. Academy No. 236 Broadway, near Park Place. Terms reduced from twelve t?? six dollars. Thus bringing the science within the means ef every iutclligent young itcrum of either sex. N. B. A work of,the author is presented to every pupil for their permanent guide. Lessons given morning, afternoon f?od evening. my 14 Im* A COMMUNICATION. 1 CANNOT i fnisl >m menlioniiijt ts the pnbljgf that I mm 1 actually astonished and surmised at thciujury done in this city | by taking the ?i urious pills, drops, and mixture*, indiscriminately, which are r; resented to act as a "cure all* in a certain secret ( These facts I have ascertained to my entire satisfaction, from tli hundreds of patients which I have cured, who were ir.fft ring from the effect* of medicines injudiciously taken. Thus one man w ill say he can cure himself as wll as any doctor; another will sav that he will buy Doctors A. B or t' % mixture for ohm dollar, which w ill curr him, without knowing at the time, whether it b* put up by a doctor or not, and a third will sav that he would not give i h?-x of pills, to bu bought at such a No. for 60 cents, for all the physician*'advice in the city, and thus are the constitutions of hundreds of young men mine J, who would have comprised the greater part of the bone and sinew of our country. I would say to you, gentlemen, that those tilings msy, for the time being, check your disease, and if you wish, in after life, probably after you sr?* married and hive forgotten those (lays, to have chronic rheumatism, weakness of the spine, a nervous tremor all over, dull nervous lie* laches, ace ? j sioiidl deafness, loss of si.'hf, and scrofulous children, then go j on, if n?t, yon should CONstLT a Physician ; visit him svery tliree or four ds>s until > ?u arc well, and probably he may not cHuk u mucli xi ycu anticijwtc. Should you select mi1 u your Physician, you will f:n 1 my uffic** at 91 Broad street, corner of oil'-. 0|?n from 9 A. M. to 8 P. M. myl7 lm* r J. PKOVOST, M. D. hit Norm it Htgnrs, r AND ED from the brig Ohio, from Havana, of superior J quality, for sale in lots to suit purchasers, at reasonable prices, by M. liADKIl, 46 Chatham street. vnlO lm* PORT LEE PAVIL LION.?This G intifnl and trmmei 1 residence, is now oj?ea and in readiness for the reception of visitors ; the fioii?e h?-iiur fitted up for g"iitlcman boarder* and j privnty parties. STEPHEN ANN ETT, the proprietor of the ex!abli.nment, returns his thanks to his friends and the public, ! f r their jtttronagi* bestowed on him for the last year, and he flatters hirnu If tnat by his itual ca.*? and att? ndance to hi* busiticsr., to pie isc those who may honor him either as boarders or visitor*. The bar i?i fitted up witii tlm choicest liquors, wines, &c. f Relishes and refreshments .on hand at all limes. Priv ?te parties can In- accomniodaf- d wilh dinner at the shortest notice. . Target even.sions and military companies, can be furnished j with dinners and wine on short notice. The public, may depend on the boat running according to her advertisement. Refer to the advertisement in the Sun paper, for the trips the boat runt during the month of May. The steamboat B '.-ton 1 wi'l make four ?rij>s per day during the mouths of June, July, and August. ml# lm#r ] MARTIN'S Cnsh Tailoring r.stalillshmrnt, It Rtmortd to 1/il William street, corner of Jinn street. rPHE subscnlK-r, in announcing th? almvc to his friends and J- the public io general, t ikes leave to return th inks for the liberal patronage bestowed on him at# his ft rincr plac- ofbusi- | lass, and assures them that ?vs ry article ordered ol hirn shall, i ls htretoforv, he cut, made, and trimmed iu the in at ^t auu | most stylish manner. Tin mat^ri*!*, tlie newt it and le st in the m:uket, arid at a positive saving of 30 js r cent. Strangers j are re ]nested to t ail and examine. (K ntlemeu who prefrr purchasing their own eloth, Itc., esa | have them ina l * and trimmed in the *t>le tiut has gisvn such general satis/iction during the last four years. F.vrr> garment warmnPHl to fir, and made by the best workmen at the follow- j ing prices, vi/..:? Dress C ats ^7 00 to ft) V) Flock Coat s 8 00 to <i yq i Pints and Vests I 75 o? 2 on _ Uw Omis 'J 1*1 111 I) (11 i Nn -until nt? rrmly made?ill made hi order, au<l a anit funiifln'J, if nu cinry, iu 31 hnnr*. mil linn MK HAKI. K. MARTIV. i H akmm;N* & <;?).?OHKMAS IORncy?ThJ "??!, acriber. rt-?i ? tl'ully .niuiwui mi > at ment nlnrh lhav | iiate recenlly mvle with Himupl lh.4 I'. 8. Coual ' Autw re. f r the iiiirp'im if . ril 'iihmi GENERAL ( O.N TIN K STAL AI?EN? V it thai 1 Iar?\ P r tli- f ?n?icl ou I Forw inline 11 >mminioa DuaiwgM, imI If 11' dilating ill- men aunt MMMnU inter- j . ;o'irw between tbii Co luirj ?|?J Con uienLiI Kar>i>.a. At Antwerp 11 'i'.uile I in the' or th- n inufteturing p?iua ol'Enri^m, 1a at mil v. I* luiiin du'me* I rotn London, *) wire f.nn Pina, in t)i? iinnrdi,.!' th irdly oi l 1 dland and G o ' IIJI1V, ami dirrcll.- re meet* * it' 1 ill by railr-udi ot ale tp ' orketa, its |. in n ;..< .!< t'v'at adranu*, a lor pur J haiing and forwarding Continental c- 1*. All order. rerri?-d at "(ir nllleee in B-iton, Albany. V-w . fork and Philadelphia, in ?nwn for th t 1 nrrn.. , will be forTarried by lh? Belgian ilrim'i BRITISH 1*1 'KKN, nn tlm I th of dnne neit, and will generally b? aiecntnd in amnion for I be return of the nmr iliimrr, vrbifh will Itare Antwrr(i on j b loth Inly. I in r e-te re of German! bonka are partirnlarly rrqueattd j 0 notice tlna. HARDEN k CO. f Ntw York, Mar fftha Wli oil8r !j PAPER HANGINGS. I UA. HOWKLL St co., 3fj7 Petri *tnvt, nrc now iTcHr- f '' iin; from 1; ir rm?iinf'it!Hrem tf \ew Bronswick, ai) pi* r w t h. H .. -. I' i, lie. of the iMi t ii'i most 'tj, ovnl 1 i.'i . :i? ta.i.?l >tylr*. tuilcd to thr city ami our?try t: \thi. n they off* l. to At the net uuom^ji e \ priCPi. ^ ! i,v,L'l,,i it. r-1 tni?ty of French Ptp r? B >nler?, F?ir I 1 v r*i Pi 1 i ?, \ if *? . S^p. Tip-hi t w .r. a J on |*|*r in tny p?rt of the city can , ? e hud nt th* thortrM ? tier. a13 cod?in*r J V* K\v S'i'KAM SAW MILL.?The *iih?crih<-ni hr in* A ^ thr ir mill in foil oj ration, *nd a complete ?torii of white h ak, white pine. O . i? in-* tul hemlock ri.nhrra oi Imo.I. r n-l are prop^r'?| to liirm h the^ime l?v fh" nrt, ciih. nr Miwlr '? o-r, r.r t-iwrd to ord'r, for *hip bwilucr*, hftiiv builder*, and r 'li. Ts.on tlie moot rt i oi|,il?le teur.s, and at the thortett poa'.ihje f ioti. Pe? ?nn rr n 'in r <ny oiiele in our line of huMm h n?\ dep nd 11711m I" ' n,???|li d at once by applying at the ? mil, t t of lull ?tr< ft. Noith Rivr . ti m i.. "* I.KWI'i B. CflUFKK.N k r.(). F a 11wr \ Mi 1 v -ii; in\iii.K iiu 1 ki; In phila f Vi DELPHIA ?'llie well knuwn Hotel, M.inbatl IIoiim, J1 gj?bb'' f aeenmni"'! oil:.'IJ# peranna, ailnate nn Clieannt at., t .ring been r. tin.a'rd l nn'"1 T.'d, ia to be Irl unfuriiiahed, t i n dnr.-d r> nt for i term of )" ir*. T'nii Hotel ivn full when it waa cloaed by the owner of the J| ronertr. AptiPy Ki SAMUEL rOYfEL, " iu7 < beainil atreet, I'liilad' ll'liia. n Marl, |||3. ______________ pi2weinl* l] I iliAN Flsi.?I a>lii ground Id i. k'e of Mm, I f by I'KIISSK tt BROOKS ' nl( C 61 Liberty ttrttC. , I >RK I MORNING, MAY 21, 184 No. M:S liroudw*}*, ATtxt to the Union Club. TO VISITORS THE INHABITANTS or nw VonK. IHPOll T. 1X T NO TICK. MONK. M VI.I.AN 11AS Alt HIV I'l). IMP ROUE I) MINERAL, 11777/ PER MAX E S T IXl>ESTR UCTIULE WHITE EX.1 MEL, Not dUtin;ui*hable froui tliu natural Coitt-x or Kuaiin-I of the Twlli. VOR KIl.LINi DECAYED TEETH. MONS. MAI.LAN & SONS, Surjfeou l)cnti?u, No. J72 Broadway, between Franklin and Wiiite streets, New York?No. JO Chester .treet, Beluravo *|uare, I'iintico: U Or. at Uuistll ,1. i . London; Bold il. Li?< rpool; an i I: Hue d" Caslialion.', 1'ari., Beit leave to appri.e their patients, and the publio generally, that they have su.ceedcd in oll'cclinu the above desirable imIirovcnint. NCOItllt I'TIBI.K ARTIFICIAL AM) NATURAL TEETH FIXED. FltO.M ONE TO A COMI'l.KTE SET. ?' i i n"i / triiiKS OR LIGATURES. ouarantrkd for m vstitation and autiTIOULATION. (tff* LOOSE TEETH secure'y urirf effectually fastened 372 Broadway, ATetr York* Mo,.*. MALLAN returns think* for the very liberal iwtroungt he h;\* received, and continue* to receive, pariiculaily to the M Profession of New York, for their kind pcoiumendatioos, and udvocatiug Mom, M.N improvement in Dentistry^ ?19 fw?c DRi PETERS* MEDICATED LOZENGES. NO medicine* ever discovered have risen m* rapidly in popular estimation as Peter*1 Lozenges, aud lor the sulfioietit r*a*ou> tliat Dune have liven at the mnc time so pi isiut to the flffce, so easy in their oprrution*. and so certain in their effects. TntNir properties vie not the result of chance, hut of atpeii*iice I hii**d upon science and t? a tod hy time; for ill# pioprietor,who*e ! life has h -en devoted to the study of medicine*, and whose uuiver#ally known succe*.* in the varytug and combining of thciu so a* to influence the ureal ntui of human disease*. u almos* 1 without a una I lei, ^ave up hi* entire .itlenlt ?n lor a v, hole year | to the ncrfeetinj: ot them.and n# * *r trade hi* di-cov rie? public | until they were beyond the reach or the requisition of impr-wc) m? nt. PETE IIS9 WORM LOZENGES. I These are the ilenideratnma so lomr required. They .v ms j pe rfoct ly t tbstisU nd - in opsntiotii that the v in ij lie fe u1 Iminiat d , \ - | fan . utrl vet no mtditin nc i I 1 named I in comparison with it .?..* n uu 1 I in I I traction lor the in which th:/cannot resist; ?ud liMiugonce I tasted it they become j>o\v- rlt aa and die. The Worm Lo/.-iucs I are to be mlnist I in do duce a hartic I effect, The attention of pare u lis niteciiilq solicited in fiivor of this tiiirit tiled article. PETERS' COUCH LOZENGES* For coughs, cold"., whooping couylv, and ill pulinonar. comF plaints tlx r ars a truly invaluable tick ana must oe tic* cesaful if uwd v* directed. N?-ilh"r do they keep path-nt* in susjieiu' . hut relieve them at onovtlmo t provin- their etli? vcy | bed the \ iste has p imk d iway fri n 1' tn itn, Dr. Petsn court* ihe reader1* of this, and will hazard hi* reputation ..,i the result. PETERS9 CORDIAL LOZENGES. Dr. Peters almost lean to speak of these Loaeuges as they deserve, lest he sheuld startle the reader1* credulity, for in claiming for th?*ni the power of invigorating the mind, of .dispelling melancholy and low spirit*, of onhliinin:: th* imaginatinn, of strengthening the nerves, of fwccteniug the bieafh, siring thereunto a balmy fragrance, and of almost instantly curing the headache, and correcting uerrou* afTections, he attributes to them no virtue which they do not fully possess. In addition, thev are the most delicious of all Lozenges, and *re equal to anything yet discovered for curing seasickness, toning the stomach, and sharpening the appetite. DR. PETERS* VE (I E T. 1BLE SHI L L ISO S TR ENG THE SING plaster. TWELVE HUNDRED THOUSAND SOLD YEARLY. ' Peters1 Shilling Plaster is an easy and effective remedy for pain in the breast, side or stomach: weakness or pain in the chest, loin* or back. stiffness of the neck, affections of the limbs or joints, whether produced hy rheumatism or other cauict, habitual pain of the head or stomach, colds, cough*, liver I complaints, weakness of tie* spine, nredit:.* iiiimi in !??. U our in bile, and pimple*, listlf4?uc&s of the fruuic, and for general I dehilitntion. Children, iu well ut adults, may tleiira great advantage from T? t^r*' Shilling Plaster. c-?,?ecialf>* when *uffe?ing from couglu, , cohU, tecthiiy*, whooping cough, and such like, a* in all these I cases it is a simple, sun* and speedy reined)'. I Dr. Peter J pfiuripul offices, l;)9 Bu? idvrav, 125 Fulton street; | and 90 North Kiiib street, Philadelphia. AfcnU?160 and I'jo Bowcrvv5It Fulton stieet, 116 Hudson street, and 210 Chatham ' slrrct. N. V. m!M |m c 'THE KYK" ill!. WIIliULER, OCULIST. TNK'.AM'-:IV DISEASED ANI) WEAK EYES.?DK. 1 WliiT I.KB, Ocimi;."!, ' < ?irf!W::h New Y-.?kreeps-ctfully informs the public. that in rciutqucnec of his I>t tdice having b*-?ome enlarged to ?o an extent, h * is compelled to con I' lie hi* office attendance st.ictly h-tw<M-ii the hours of 8 A. M. to 1 P. M., alter winch hours ho ri?iu out door patients. Notwithstanding that amonj the many hundreds of .case* which Dr. Wheeler ha; attended, many have been operated on by other professors without sucrc**, nud pronounced h> them incurable,yet he hw nrvr tailed to er ndi? a?.- the du*av. and effect i perfect cure, despite of every disadvantage whicli in*<? hive p.-'-iented itseli, ami in many iu-.tvicrn almost agaiiut hop** It is this uuprecedi utcd saro ss in his treatment of the tan ! ?hitherto Considered incu'itb!*-?-di-.cases ..P th* eye, 111-t enables him w'lh c uitiih n~e to refer the afflict.d who may I be unacquainted with him, and hi.s mild mode of Ueatiu;: the j disorders of this organ?1?> numerous restored j-iti. n;. in the fir r class of society, respecting his professional skill and abilit't j as being pre-i'inineiit fur his t.urr\si, as a scientific Occulisf. Chronic inflammation of the eyelid or sc.v eyes, bowevci loiiK M inding, can be effectually and i ;nnn? ntly cured, films, and specks, removed without surgical 0|>eration. ST II A D ISM US, C inntonly called Squinting^ and ( ATARACT&, safely re moved?in a few minute*?with scarcely any incouvcnieuct- or paiu to the pat'enf. To rave tr uhl*-. correspondents arc informed that letters, addressed to Dr wheeler, j" wiil not he taken from the Fust Office, unit** post pr.i r /- The vast nuinlnw of esses which have been cured by Dr. Wheeler, have already given him a wide spread reputation, and fixed it U|M?ii ii as lasting <i* the gratitude of those* whom lie lias resetted Irons * " livrr: death." OlThe number of c? rtificat**s, w hich p.iti* nts have ofT*-i-d t * him of their own accord, h* jn leruthe following, not that the cases ore more remarkable ilia., . ,?.i . other*, but because tin* uer*??r.s wlm w rote thein appeared t<? be actuated by a commendable spirit of j hiImthropy, i.i kin : t > m il * known, for the good of tie ir fcllow-m'Mi, the bene it which they have received from Dr. WlweUr's treatment. Nmv Yon it, March loth, 1812. To Dr. Whet lcr. OcuIm. T\ Greenwich -t. briAH S?h That you nuy, if you think proper, m ike publicly known tlie hi-h estimation ui which I hold von .u an oeculiat?I beg to give you, in addition to my Ve.hftl ucknowledgin oils of the benefit you have couferr*- i upon me as a pato ut, this written hvuwoj of my pre it iudehtodnt to you lor restoiiug th sicht of iny poor# little child Iroin the dang'-roiu disorder whichl^tf ly afflicted its debt Tl:?- child a\ as of .inch t? nder years, and it* di.ease w is of such alarming a charictrr that I despaired, nntil told of your kill in such matters, of ever obtaining any remedy for her, nnd tin* more especially as other ph> ii iauY had afforded her no ndief. I am inopy, how errr, thus %> confess tl*it you have effectually cured her, an 1 I cordially, heartily thank you, for your highly successful exertions. Your* respectfully. MAK'I IN WATKHH, 11ft Ila.ninrrslcy sf. City and Count" ol New V'ork : to wit : In tin hope o| being svrvii e.ahle to soinc of inv afflicted fellow crcat'irr*, I hereby voluntarily offer my grateful testimonnN to Dr.Wli 1 r, the ( enlist, for restoring rne to perfect sight, Jfrotn total hlindnv w,) afier having h: fore been unsticcs">?fnlI\ treated and operit* d uimn by upward* of twenty of the most emiu? ait and eclehratca medical men ol this city and different pTrts of the I oiled States. In witn< >? where.?f, I m?ke deposition, under oath, to its tmth, and hereunto sub i- no mm' . JAM KB Q. FA KUF.L, 70 3d Avenue. Sworn before ire, the iOth d iv of March, 1242. Gi:o. Inr.LAND, C ?m. Deed*. 7 Nassau sti?'Ct. City and (h)untr of New York : if. David Powell, l>8 Jick on street, Brooklyn, being duly sworn, say*, that he was afflicted eight yi nrs widithe lag) jtun opthabnia, and ulcers in tin* eye*, and though mid1 r one of U?e first o?*mlists at lh* Kye hifir.iiary four or* ' a half years, he exprrieneed ii<? relief, hut lieesme blind, in which In* w.w phn rd under the treatment of Dr. Whe?;1cr, Oculist, 33 Gioon* reich street, who has entirely restored hi* aiarlit. DAVID POWKLt. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this :ihr day of March, I* 42. JoHlf Bil&lkv, Com. D*cdt, 21 Wall street. Citv and County of New York: ss. M ?r. A ,>n I'll!' > . i! iwthu i of Mr<, \Vin?H? e..N* >. '*! < lth>rin? m ' -ii- dal) an . M) thai hi i irt time offered (In ndfullv from ? di?. * kf? nil, trehiiK illy, (if ill ; ,< nt it'? > .Ami-. i . >v!?! h rendered Mt fjiiif-blind. Alth-ny'i ?d?r h ! tli belt .a* distance that cruld I) ill >rd? ! her r die Infirm irv. (n* v*. 11 ;vt from .n . inrrr.t <>< nlut in this c fy, w!i.? eventually told her tin;? ^l?C < uliI r?cr? r ho r??*niod) she uer r receive 1 r.nv ?n*uthl bMi.-iit until she wan p'aced Under tl?e rare of Dr. vVfn ? !? ? , 0< ulist, :i'J (J.'cmwicIi ? ri'ct, wli'/ie kind and skilful tc* at'ient. hn / f'r? ly re?torad t ?r. MARV ANN* I'IRLKV. Sworn bafore me, this T'th dav of April, .'flli. ua 10 T. Martii, Um. Dee.U, It Wall street. r "i ty and County of New York; Mr, S. Cady. 8ft IiikIi strict, Providence, R. T.. Vim? duly rvurn, tint he w is tot illy blind in hie left eye, f >r nine are; Uk* can** of the hi induen wn cataract; that Ii applied "Dr. Wheeler, O. uliat, of 13 Oreenwich street, who, (hv in ope nil') ii at! nltd by very lit tl?* pain and inconvenience, and rithout d%njt*r.] hsa ie*rf\,AtIv restored hi? si/ht. Under such r?rrii;n?t \ncc?, nr feels jt hi* 'lilty, to etat hie gratitude, to the >octor. for the inc?timakle h nerit which hit skill has conferred ipoo him. ft, CADi. Sworn before me, thin Sftth day ofApril, 1R4?. Orohtic Ireland, Jr., Com. Deeds. 7 Noasau street. *if>* ami Conntr of Ne w York, s*: On th? nth of last month, I placed my little daughter, throe ' nr? old, who had ye', rin l wax c>*U| defrl . blind r.f the eft. under the care of Dr. Wheel* r, (> a!i !, 33 (h* * -nwieh At. ro th- Ji?looiehm?pt <?l ill w ? knew hec, l|-r rht i* perfectly i st<?r?'iJ. and h<*r eyes n<e w i ll. In ih i? >pc * !' h-adin/ ot)i< r* ? the ?am?* bl?'MJu?'thai I hive enjoyed, I voluuUnl, make Ms me lit 'indi* i oath. BURNS, fJrjn ]*' ? t. romt - of 1 Minion street. Sworn tobefmc m? . tb 2Hth <1 *v of A -.-if, |3t?. W. Ii. Bb ebk, t'om. I) . d?, m!3 lm*r _ iVaaaon sfrgf h MARSH VLL HOUSE", )R04l?VAY. NK.W VflHK. 1 he .nWfbrr re J r nil from the National Hotel, Troy, will re .j en the larHii'l* House on the 2.'>lh in?fau?, * hotel a,id hoarding oil so ; if i* timlcrcoin^ n th rou.'i repaii*. ^n?l will Iw pr in omplrte onb r, and fnrni*h?-d in h^nd'onm Ic. Th location central, heinr (< i th" v?r #.i 1" of P. vwhvf . No. ''f.i, 'lie omerOf flcade street, a abort diirme* tV m fir Park and Po*t >/Ice, anrj but a-ferr min?r < walk fme U'ail trrrt and tinnsiw ?ft pait of the city. The roe-m ire cornmodiotia And lea^int, and it i* l!? " -h i ftf th?" b? -f f" r-rojn n >d ?f< tin* " vellinir cofontroii** end boaolei^. < r?",? n r rlvt VI! b iti-f ' torv 'V>r th# i?ri '-? rhci red, II ??n lr? \i ey^erie^., in atcriiut for tin# piblic tiste. lie can tasuif '! th-t may favor iin w ilit their patronise. t!nt bis b? i ? \? rftoni w ill be made > pl? ue; from the aituirion, it a, de iribV location for to rdiii^, ainl c hi. 1 but dcr ni.i'iv in ! i'' fieUfa fo p. r-'mi* ijvitin : the city t'? inalf the M ir*hell rl??iut tin ir lioma* The ar will be fiirhiahi d with choice Ii |iiors. and the larder with ie ftuh?fanti*la end deliceeie* of the aeawaft. md with attentive rrant?. and e?* ry rrx^rd for Iha comfort of hit gn? ?te, the tub n*ii?tied h??pes to iii? ril and ftcuiie a share of p itronafe. mylMlm?.- ^ K. S. MONROK. I. ID?1|90 Pirs enft Oaliiia, in ?tou I. , mP* bs ? K. K. COLLINS k TO. mil e.f. A South street. IERA ? H Art font. [Corrtupoiutenre .>f the] llAtuvonn, May 16, 1*12 'J DKAU BKNNVJT:?\ou have undoubtedly wen by the papers that ;1 I ion. John M. Niles, I! .j., has been chosen I*. S ^ Senator for nix years from the 4th of March next, j This choice has given to the democratic party uni- 'J versal satisfaction, and even the pipe-luyers ran find a but little fault in the ntan. as he is, without exoep- ' tion, the most able person that could have been belectod. His organ of language is rather small, but a that deficiency is easily made up with his pen. At the adjourned meeting for the election of blu'rifi, Mr. Adams, the whig candidate, was elected by a majority of I5f>. This is owing entirely to the apathy of the louofocos in this town, whose vote was several hundred less than at the State election I ?but a* Mr. A. is hnIt" locofoeo, ho will without j] doubt please both parties. The excitement created by Meters. l<e Horine vide and Houghton 011 Animal Magnetism, has J, died away ; although they had many believers in that science while here, I doubt very much whether ? tli-y could obtain an audience were they to \isit this . city again. It is pretty well ascertained tliut He c Honneville is an extraordinary ventriloquist, and ,< that lie answers all the enquiries put to hu subject. ^ This is certainly a rational conclusion, Can you tell nic how he sucscda in New York ! Morris's Olio Company his just arrived and \ amuses the citizens every evening. His audience numbers on an average at least Itlin), which at a shilling each brings hint in #125, of this sum he clears about #50. Deacon Humsted threatens to bring hit| before a tribunal, in case nny of bis supernumeraries should show their ankles while dancing?but bis threats r \\ ill fall back upon his own shoulders, for as sure us he attempts doing anything nt the kind, the young men are pledged to ride the Deacon down to ? New Haven on a rail. o The President of the Farmers' and Mechanic*' Dank, will resign his oflier in the present month and 11. Goodwin, second, appointed in his place. The onlv ob;ectioii rai?e<l against the present ollieer, is, that lie has been too heavy a customer himself u In fact, he has controlled the funds entirely for the " past two yearn, in order to support his branches in New York and other aluces. Hut I am digressing, and will close by wishing your valuable paper and ? your family success and prosperity. ? On- Friday evening next we have another funcj J dress ball, which will be the closing one for the sea- j, son. I wish you would come up and " twig" the ?' light fantastic toes of the numerous micelle beinc^i b whose presence will grace the Hail. "w q PonghkcejMlti fCorrraponilenoe of the Herat J. ] Porr{uj.\Ei:rsiE, Thursday Evening, Alay, 1S12. 1 Dfib Ptm? " 1 have just returned from Washington Hollow, where there was a great mass meeting, relative to .< the TurilT, which was well attended by the whig || farmers, the principal movers in the affair being '* Clay men. The speakers were Mr. Secor from Washington city?an editor, it is said, of a newspa- v per. lie made a speech of two hours and a half "" long, which g ive much dissatisfaction on account n of his abuse of Mr. Tyler, nnd his landing and re- ? commending 1 lenrv Clay for the Presidency. What \ would you think of his calling MrvTvler all man i. ncr of names? And among other things, said he, " Air. T., whs n'fit tor President ns n monkey was to ,, manage a gin shop. Horace t lively followed in a < dull, uninteresting sp"-< h Tin-; closed the meet- 11 ing, and if t'ie whigs r.f old Dti'e' -a mean to carrj ' 'lev, thevnui.t find betterepcakei.; 11 r111 Seeoraud v tircely. The farmers were sick of their twaddle. jA Fakueu of i'f iVIIKSS. ji Fnti: in Cini.i?Coru.uiEo a Yotno I,adv.?We >. burn that on the 13th inst., theharn. sheds mid carriage houses of Hon. Isaac Lacy, of Chili, of more jj than one hundred and lifty feet in length, caught lire from a ?i..:rk from some embers in the road, I where shavings had been burnt, and were entirely consumed. '1 (ere were also con.-uined in the build- . ing several sb i jhs, one wagon, six or seven seis r,| harness, together with plough*, cradles and a lnrg< quantity of farming utensils, r-ix horses which were ( tied in the hum at the time, were rescued by the courage of one of Air. Larv's daughters, who at the risk, of her life. Pished into the burning building and turned them loose. The household furni- > tore of John T. Lacy, who was about removing to ' Michigan, which was stored in the barn, was also v destroyed. Loss $2000. \o insurance.?Rorhrsttr ? Dan. f I*Nr.\riAT l.FLED OlTRACE on a Vot'NG OlRJ..? ' Lnsl Monday a most atrocious outrage was com- cl mittcd upon the person of a poor girl about sixteen ,, yars of age, near the village of Fulton, in tbi- t county, by eight or ten young men residing in thi- "J . _i: i ?i?i :i ? .ti.r _. e . . t. wiiii'1 warning m or irom me village, the young girl was Rot into a barn by eithet force or stratagem, where her person w.ts violuted by tlie number of nu n above stated?her clothes were torn to pi eres'und her body shockingly bruised. She was found in nearly u lifeless state, and her I life is now despaired of. The voting men have been arrested, and four of them examined and eommited to prison in this village.?Oxwexo Com. llmiUl. I >ESj'K!tATE A I'TAiit -?I'll the night of the 7t!i inst (l a little above Raton Kong11, aflat boat loaded with dry goods was entered in the night, and two or / ^ three skifls wer? loaded with plunder. The ownei ol the bout being awakened by a noise close t.? htm, ill rose, snatched up a bowic knife, and sprang at u t' robber who had jurf taken hi- pocket 1 > ><?'i. Th*1 (,' robber went up the hatchway, hat in doing ro re- (.i reived tie1 whole blade of his knife in hi" body, and staggered and fell overboard, leaving thedeekjeover- _ ed with blood. Tin1 skills were nbundo-ied by t!i< rest of the gnng. nnd the property, with the cnc ; tion of the pocket book carried overboard by the robber who was killed, was recovered. ,,( ? of ArncitriKn Rank f{on:u;nv.?'Hie \niragnneei: Rank, in Wickford, If. I , was entered on the nich; rr". of the Hitfi inst., through a back window. The t,.. burglars demolished :t great part ol tii* brick work _ surrounding the vault, out did not succeed in get- . ting it o;ien, nnd left without enrrying iny thing \1 nway. Were th--se eluips neutrals in the late war ' Con:rt-v ok the Knoi.imi on hie Ocean.?Capt. ' Rogers,of the Kentucky, from Boston, now at-Xow Orleans, gives a glowing aeconnt of the courte-be extended to our Minister from Mexico, (Cenerul ' Murphy,) by Vice Admiral .^ir Charles Adams, K. 1,1 C. If, of II. B. M. shij> illustrious. On the l?l inst m lat. 2fi 10 X., Ion. h.i \V.,tiir Kentucky was.-jioke f,, by the Illustrious, and C.en. Murphy, who wu* n pu<- v seng'.Ton board, returning from Mexico, requc-tcdn tins-age in the Kentucky for New Orlenti.-. On taking leave of the Illustrious. Sir Charles Adam , and it 11 Itiuni'ii'MM iri full nnilorrii r? ...<i i * <>. J kn? /.?> quarter deck ; and, as he approached the gangway, a regular guard of rnnrin"-* prcncntad ann*, while the band etruck up "Unit Columbia." When fh< . bant which convoyed him to the Kentucky win ? well clear "f the fide, ill Antorican ensign wan die- Q played at the ;inain, and a aalute of thirteen gun* w fired AVhon th" roar of the cannon had died away, t'i<. " llail Columbia" again broke lorth in martial hnr- h'' mony, and continued until the ve?< |* aeparatcd. <bon Mnrnhy fpenk* in the highest ternifi of Sir | Charier A vain*. h? an open hearted m>n ol ttie oeonn, to < every incit a ?ailor and a gentleman.?liottun Vint, Ifay \J9. t " """ tw f Tlfr: 0>r*rJL WlTI! TIIK IN'WA.N*, for tllP purpose ri; of making nine modification* ot the late treaty, to |" which we alluded a few week- -, commenced ]?.J it* ecsaion to-dny at the < nnneil IInure on the Holla- m i |of'n "k [!e?erv?tion. The Ooiiiini.*-ioiH r on the k J part of th ? I ";?ir* I Stat * i do- ve-i. rable Atnhi.*r J Speneer, lut < In d .lualicc of tin* *-tat" wlir>- up. . pointm- rit i.<? a snffieient ptiruntv that wiintcvr nrriiiw nieiit may be made, it will be in *triet accordnnr with 'i*lice .nd'the right* of the refnvcdvc p irti'i We et.f .ft u.t tii- iiioe.t confident ho, *? iha' the council willre?nlt in the amicable and aati-fac- 1 tory aettlcmcnt of all cliflicultir*.?Adv., V n Fiariv \e\v .T'.i:;.rv.?Wc learn, *ayt-the Xew- p'p ark I'ailv, that on Monday morning la*t, a lire broke h < out in the dwelling house ot ll.urliforth and Andrrwr, about a ntile north of I'-llcvitle, in Ifnrri nit 1 ownahip, which Wnnconsumed with nearly all iff w?j' content.' . The family had burclv time to creaiie in '' their night clothe*. Lo>* tfoOOO. Inmred lor 'J (j #2000. ___________ at rr. Cai t un S< mini.i;v.?It i.?*t'?fed in the I'ittrburgh Snn ol the 1 Hh. that information had hem received p? there tlinr tlii" notoriou* individual bad been order- ml ed lor three veara to India, and that h ? 11" will re . turn to the l.'nitcd Statcv until that time c.\Y'tre*. LD. I'rlce Two Ccutl. . hl-:_i " "-t- 13 Viiu.ima Eijcci'ion.?The return* are all in. Th? <enate stands 12 Whips, 24 Loeofoeos; tin- Uous? 0 Whig-, H-l Loeofoeos. 1m i .ii-kkam k and miuidkk.?Charles Robinson, colored hi an, was arrested in New Windsor on donday evening l ist, on u charge ol murder, tobinsoii was uu inteni|>eratc man?occupied a lou.-c about three miles from this village?had living villi In in a colored woman named Susan Baker? ,nd on Monday, in a lit of jealousy and a slate of indication, he neat the said .Susan baker so severely villi a chair, that she died in about an hourtherealer. ? .V1'irhur^h Ttlf^ra/th. CHAMPION WIG MAKER. SEW AND KDEliANT IMPKOVMVILNT IN TDK MAM FAl Tl'II K (>F Till'PhiKS. pllALUN,2U Hiou.viw;iy. ?> -1.Si. I'.niP* t huicli, is thtf *- first to introduce in V w \ .rk tl. AMAZON TOUPEE, 5eng a new invention of the Subscriber. The? Touneet arts imde without bands, o. ti # uln , i , .* . ; the > ni on tin* 11'ad by an entirely new ? ? .ntriv?mc.?1!,?-. ,lis;.| tli?- fueheaJ ?id temple* to any bright?tin y r.- a* ea*y to pu on and off i\m jut?tneru is not a paitirU t i '.eel, ir??n lu ?. in tin m?the priiVU ar?' a new invention. b.iuy mid' of pure < JOLI) to pre uiit rusting or corrodin/. 1 his i? a convincing proof to old wig rearer* of tin ir merit As WIG AND SCALP. i.Ur, PlIALON'S qualification* v? w.ll kimwn ?r.d .ppraiMeii, ilo Iw* jirornl liim.tlf to l?- d.culnily il,? bcil in tiia itv. This i? ? lm't rrery wi? w >rai ku.??. A convincing proof, C uny vy.?r?- wannua, ..the opuuou of irrr of ill. olilct ami l? .t jil<lt(r> of tli. (role?ion ID N.w : oik, can U'ltify. The i.iililir r III nnw judge fioiii ilia l'REMJU.MH. \z. (lie silver tm-ilal k.i yyai, and thr first premium ihi. warded by tin- Annirirsn Institute, wlio is ar ?t not the ! * makei . Now York. "<gi HIE LAKGEST, THE CHEAPEST, AND BEST ASSORTMENT OF WIGS AND SCALPS ARE TO RE KOCND AT V. CLIJ1EHUG1PS t It ROADWAY, ENTRANCE IN Kl'LTON STREET. |,HE mvny auoropu that an- daily making to imitate them ' n lebr ited Wig.ami Scil(i?, we juK many proof, of ill. it'a elii>mM>r they hare attained, anil the estimation they ar? lI.I a. i;y tlie trade. But tin ; utilic mil oinerve that C. la the riieiianTi'iituii' in this rountry of T VENTILATING AND GOSSAMER W I G S A N I) S C A la P S, iviruour MF/r.iuc sprtsgs, iuI th.y. all others .ire hut feeble attempt* at imitation, weuting ne gt atus todiriue or direct the priiu ?ph n which they ma mite to At, and the .kill a.ul practice t?> execute. All yvcareiA and c^nnoiBeur. ni?- invited to iu?i>4ici hi* HKALhS OF 1! A111, rldidi for ejearauee. lightlies*, and durahilitv may be clastsj m<>nts ihc lirst ( aulucttons of modern art. In their .u.^ufac a tl?i y differ from all others mode here. '1 he hair is sii^l? . v?nil > t jually distributed a* to sr just issuing konlAiieM?uill?they rover no more of the bp?w than the natural air TTih, and having n?' in. lalie spring, all d is a* re cable pre *nr>* i? obviated. For a Southern cCniAlc they are inestiinahlc, t-uui only ??nr or.. weiKhr. Seirrtors, >lerubers of ('onyrerr, and gentlemen from erory n.irf of the ceuntry , who die now wearing C.'a Wijfs, can t* ltfcvrcd to. pi ices will 1>? found to suit the eircunisuiicea of all. j?JI JEMU\ \L ! NI 1 ! !> 81 A 1 h.> i :i) M' i ASH TAI V LOH1NO F.SlPOKlUNl lias removed from the cor t r of Nassau and llsekman streets, to 1H3 Broadway, r??oin io. I, no stairs. J. Bill'8II would w isli to inform his fiiends and the j ublic t larite that lu; has tak? i: the above ioom in Broailway, id con eiilioncc of the hiyb rents of stores, and by reducing Ins ex oiiscs, will be enabled to compete with any witablLthinetit, jth a* regards quality and price. For instance, he will furitHi a beautiful coat from $U to $21',ami sph-iulid itar.U from $4 D N. B.?All garmciiti ina?h; at tins establisbment are don<* ridli nenllie** and despitch aud wanaulcd to lit. 1' call jtlllXf foi \.>:irs. . in21 Imeod i NDHKW'lTcOMBI NATION LOCK . ouh L(Uk A. which lias u esjMiscd with a sum of money to the I'uh c to ! ?' picked.?Tin . cehbrated Lcck Uatiug undergoncnu dier severe t'ial and tr-t, by being in an iron safe, eurloiing de;?o-it of FtVK lll'mokeu DoLL.lks for tWO moutlis. it tlltf lvrcli-tnts* Exchange II. uliir: 1Lh?iii in this city, and navituc i ui timih.rly tints *xi?os. .l several limtsi since 1834, aud a old attempt hcviug lately been vr? upon i?r?e of the vault* 1 tlie New lliveu County llml;, all i>i which trods it hu vitlistood. The Aiiu iirjn Hank Lurk Comimnv. wiHi in ivwti confidence, rccomiruti<) this invaluable Lock, n?w in of over 4t?*i buukf in the Unit* d States, (he ,Ob\y Luck ihich he. stood the cad r.:?er hni op*n d in a llank or t?i \s here after the door his been shttf. nzil property locked rith a cinbiuMion key, but h i* secured cuincrou* Lank* and ...irxluJn wh-i. all other L'*?'ks hat v been opened. The lest il l altciiij t ?I jobbing, kIu r; tin* lecua Lock scved thf* Unl:. flu* burylar opc four I.(#rka I) oire reaching: lie-Pant I -onibiuaiiou Lock, was the Railroad Dank, Lovee 11, .Vies i bui ettt. Locks Milled to Da::ks v ith l),(J01 cl Migea V> mi'.iiym, Lnrk-* rim i to iron salt?. &Uur door*, and outrd* clc on to jnlci, ma<> to order. U:L rs of l'? t?ik* si.d indiri lu.-L ?. invited r? i xstuw. tbia ,ock at the ofli.? < f tie subscriber?For pale t?y a? In WADfiM OUTIf a. BMITti, II J mrt> lane. IT IE CHEAPEST AM' MOST' KXTKNHVK 111 N A, ISLsXrtS AM) liUKLN SWAR.E i:yr.u;!.mtmf,vn in the vnttkh states. is thk OLD < Hl.W HALL IN U1KSTNUT STHKET, din-ell'. opposite the State 11 use, IhiladeMiin,) ai.l the new < 111N A IIALL, BALTIMORE ST.. BALTIMORE. pHK public io y ?lepc!el upon gi iviiu every description of i French vnit FuRtcti I hina. Dining set:.,, Tta setts, Chamber setts, k'., from the r?um vliite to the most elegantly decorated, at either ol thru* louses. Hid. Cut Glass from the jur.tly celebrated Boston and Sandvieh (Jla-s A1 mill.ictory, by tie* do/. nor in complete setts* warranted superior to any ever iiii|Kuted. Country merchants will rind over luou crate* and hhdf. of Lifrpool and Queeuvvvart, open for inspection and sale, at least, rreiity per cent chcajwr than at the Ioiijj doubtful credit afore*. The entire business of these concerns, is conducted oq the .cap Bennett or Cash Syatem. ( N<? mistake in this.) Cash purchasers in w.uit of Chiua^ Gloss, Liverpool, or [iicensware, ri'lier a? wholesale or retail, from any part ol the ni'Mi. will bud i1t? th* ir own interests to call or write to th? I China If *11 in Phil oblphi i, or the lo w 6hipa Hall iu Balrnorr, and they will not be di?ipjaointcd. Packiuk w arranted to any uirt <>t the Union. 'I Iu* French a id German lau^itayrs is fluently spoken by tha ihsmen. KEUK It CO. mil la r REMOVAL. 'HlLLlPri* CASH TAII.oitINO E31A"K.*WMl,NT, L? remoTed from 1 tBroadway to >J >. A ?tci Ki Cve ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DHFSS. Sariin nts of a most Kb gant and Fashionable kiud . t aaivit^cf DO per Cent for cu?h. PHE aih ' mm c< ry i n t t t ti. hath I uevrd system of ujviru:n|i?t of nominnl pii.vs, p.-rs nrlinic I II the lenptll id' lime lie ha* ln?eu <v.InMohnl. tocevh r WOfl ic eft* tisive yntrorii^c lus!o\yi fi on him, wmi |Mi? ?> run cut vi-ucht r i r his f?apahilili*-s. i' --inu th- jwlvaf?:atje of iiiKr coiiii' ct? d w it!i an evteiisivf clnih cstahfishiiu nt in Kuropo confideiirlv assets that hr can furnish clothen which, on rum* iii^1 i , will 1 h'Und lower any othc? house ludrnu; up e best descriptions of ir nth inenN dress. jli S. PHIL LI PH, 7 As tor House, Broadway PIANO TORTE?r 'TFTKHN* DKALEliH atf!xctrr.*^M sr?v/?iwlly will ^ivl it to ti.eir sds.uitsae t? c*.ll ud rtiMuv n cls?.? e .sf,c:tm? ut the ,?h<,ve article, lompi iiia d rnvul, oi c ami w>J r-c.tafns, r?w# w oimI mid main Koxty, ss ifr. k'ffiiil icitoii, ror<Ti struuls, ii tv- i . uk i!? rn improjer: e:J. j'n.*e ir Ur.r.oenu arc war* ited t" he e.pial to any ii tt.c c:ty,aui Will b?e o>l 1 at the lowihie pre h f..r n>l , at m*ui.lf i';t.41 West Fc/ street, b* tw? ii Kiftf tr.I Fistt! .** nut * N. R.? 1'i tn ? Fortes ft i iiin.? ii ^uiu bU;xtV,',l.t of i.'ten f >r hire it the met of. < *cfi. .(m J KBD'H IMI ISOVF.D IH H nKIM. at *."u nt^five \+r ? cant. hoH than ? rtt"for< . T ? ulwcriW r h.M low om n l 1 1'i'Urr11 .*?*< rtincnt of the iinpoita'i I? !ruer-. which he w olfer* th?- ab< v d pri.w>. A liurral 'ii*r<4in; al ' d all B< ,ti*lity of #mr shine at 50 renta par lion. Camphor t' d i hi* 7? rent*, (' til and eiar.tin* for uralses at No. lit (ai Uid street, ut?e do?.r 1/ in Dn?i..way. .1 AM?8 IIINDS. V. B.? \il ! ? i? "f I. our .11?ri d, hf f 7* d, gilt and r* ruir*?l tl?. n^?fi e. <.n rrv-otinhlr terms. rsJT! lm u\ 'Oi.M'.t'TIO\S.?1T: SmIk. i.m ts will collect Notes, DncP , Aecej.rin *?, f'ertiAcntef of Dapcsifa , lie. (through ?;< ?* i. imdt n N < < . from New York to Albany) upon any TTa h>lt i a iiie | !ac? ?, -il l ;uaraiil?? ruarut to lha city tf w Yuri, in fiorn tun ff> eight deqt. l.'tica, CtnaiuUigiia, Ryrtcose, Uochutter, Auburn, Hi tarns, (t*ii?ra, BuliaJo. Hi rfp;tnn : ;Jtr*?iiiut Coram*, li on, j >V. Olc??tt, Alfcaay. rOMIwllOT k OCX, 1 W *11 street, New Ymlr. 3 fj'irr.r* Sit'.1 ami MarUet wtnef*, Albany. TIP?TH TOOTH WAffll?Prepared from the original reripeatN'i.i Oold street, N? w Yrok*~Ttie Orris Tenth lili is purely * te-:i t. hie l,.?p nation, |>o*?i.?snu( the propeti M cl' iinng the tru th *rt<] month, restoring t/7? gums to a tlthr state, and presenting an? unplfsssaiit taate r.r iwlour in month, whether arising irrini decayed teeth, or from a ?kd. U t is demerit tol?e used with a tooth hrtish, and will h#- fonnd mprrvde the nec^esity of * powder, keeping the r* *th r!% in I | res enting the wes;in? away of the km rim lr t,? the treth. - rarto ulajly useful in '-nars of spungy gum* laatoringlhrm i healthy sf?.tv, mm! ? imini them to contract u th. I i painfnl iff? ctioiui ?.f the teeth ami gums, aria i Of from soenre to cold, it will be found highly beneficial. If ? p*1"* larly ircibk . ! . I . Waoh at nigh ore retiring t?? rut This i?" fh" l is recommended os ?unit dviitinta, as by ao lining all (erticln of lood whieli ru uIste diiriiu; Un* d?y are entirely reinosed. and the nioutii :>t through die night m a cle.m. tweet, and health? *ut. ' ' ' 4 poor Uutnmrfv; hut how many neglect tl?" attentiou rv*>**? for tin u ! r-s. rvati 'ii.? ? ? wh? n stirroaie.^d by -JI iho r ded Among tl.i -e or ko.-w of w-irnwri pleasant I. fffctnij than rJ. T.-'i. H wjl tl.. ' < th, ill h;|I' (!,' K'l'i". n.ri(i'? Ui. mn*lh, ?rd , |., . ?(||. \V. n-<??>nin>*inl it. IMC U> ?ll. atiil ;W^On;? T,N':ihn^MV",'hc 1 tr .t<Utrrk>.at Br ?r?r mtilrB i nun* l.?f IJ'*.ir*n Tn " nfr. ,,r .i!*- I?T rH- |*rinri|'?l ilnmrnU in 'h? niv iVr rLOr?IN?-.-HII-DnfA^ 1 l.OTillNO^A t, .it* -???Wry * at"'"T?' rrv rhr.f.? V HOY? 4 ' "furrv. trnnld r"?;< r inl<>nn then ritrnr. ?n l 1!.. i iblie s?hh nlly, that thry , h* i*n mnkinj rttcn.irf fT*-puni,ni. fnr the ?prin? 1 t .<! <h-?* n.>w 'i liin.l ? mn HHrw n?>rtf ,1 u.. *'m*t Ct.i'ilr*'iN ft'1. .i'iipi: tb.11 tW*y cfer bcf"r? 'I'lir piiWl' *r?* Itnllrd tn nil .-nl .uuii'hr th.'r trnotftl. I irti. nUr r.l'< r.ntc Ui 'inality ;?ml imcc. Tctufe Ci*b. 1 IM I'OK'I K KB AM) W AT( H M A K Kit S "(JK <1* II.\ I L Y.?O'lJ nml ~ 11 v 11 Di-at mi'ii.tiy'OT'i by Alb<rt biirnw, (n a .iincrior atyln to any in tli*1 Unitnl St?f< ?, .nil Im'.H jiricaa. Plrwc tCtTc lum a call ?t 1*7 BrnaJway Jat.iio'r ______ RK ? orwi |,|,|. ,|71i rli n inr?? niad rump i'ntS, al luj pcclion, fur ?alr by 1 F.. K. roi.MNB, SA Scnth Mtrri. I< HINF UI.ANKFTS ' h-l. - 1 r .lr hv nU?cc PKB98E k BROOKS, ?l Libi rff*;,

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