Newspaper of The New York Herald, 22 Mayıs 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 22 Mayıs 1842 Page 1
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, TH Vol. VII.?Ho. 4*1.?Wlaole Ho. *09*. REGULAR PACKETS^ NEW iLINrbYTTVERPOOL PACKETS. Ta ? New York ?>n ih* ?>lh ai;4 Liverpool on CM 13Ui of c*ch moiUM. M. M. M. <fe fl?n NrwV^Tk. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. Oiptn",', ?'> May. Slup (.ARRIlK, C?|tain Wm. Mdy, ?lh June. Ship noSCIL'S, Captain Juhu Conuu, JifbJuly. Snip HLDDON8. C amain E. B. Cobb. 2Jth Aujml. Knox Lteanroot.. Ship 8IDDON8. Captain K. B. Cokb. 13lh June. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain K. A. Depeyeur, 13lh July. Ship GAUKU K. G|?nWm.SSud Jy, l?th Aiyiat Ship ROSC1U 9. dSfam John Collins, IJah S|^k>bur. Tlune AilM are all <mhe ftrel class, upward* (flBuui, built in the city or New Voik, w*i audi Ihrirovaiiiauls ? combine Cat speed with unusual comfort lor rmsiengen. Ef?' cte been taken in the arrangement or their accommodatioas. The price of passage hence i< $100, for which mnple stores a ill be provided. Time RUpi MBUQM Wf **l>cn? lir? d nuitrra, who will make erery eiertKiu to ?rr geonMJ satisfaction N? ither the eaplaina or ownera of the ahipe will be respitedble for any letteie, iiarcela or fOrkaya aent by them, nnleaa am gular fc '.li of lading are signed therefor. The. ni|>a of this line will hereafter go armed, and their peculiar rouatructiou givee tliein security not poaaeaaed hy any other but vessels of war. For freight oi oaaaage, apply to E. K. COLLINS & CO., % South at.. New York, or to WM. St JA9. BROWN He CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 12)$ cent, per single sheet; JO cents per ounce, and newspapers I cent each. ui7 NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SECOND LINE.) t??: .fiifiS: iL&t DfiS Tn^hipTof this ImewiUhereelttMeave NawTomii the Utrniut Havre on lit* IGlJi of each month, as follows : From Now York. From Havrr. The new ship ONEIDA, ( 1st March 1 18th April Captain < 1st July < liith August James Fiinck, ( 1st Novemb*rr 16th December Ship BALTIMORE, 1 1st April ? loth May Captain < 1st August < Iflth September Edward Funck, (1st Ueccem'i ( ICth January ShipUTICA, I 1st May ? !6th Jmu> Captain ? 1st Septemb'r < ICth October ; Frederick Hewitt, ( 1st January ( 16th February New ahipST.NICOLAS, I 1st Juue I 16th July Captain ? 1st October ? 16tli November. J. B. Tell, ( 1st February ( Mtn Marrh The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, combining all tlug may be required for comfort. The price of ear bin pass axe is $106. Passengers will be supplied wiui every requisite. with the escepuon of wiueeand liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded bv the ttbacribers, free from any other than the tsl>?nses actually inaurred on tlietn. For freight or nassagxy u>l'l>' ' BOYD It B INC KEN, Agents, si 9 Tontine Buildings. FOR NEW OR0CANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORE LINE OF PACKETS. ForUHTTTtler arcoininodatiou of slhppvru it UlntoiIiTod to desoareh a ship from Uiit port on the 1st, 'all, Wth, litb Jut>,. and I'.Ui ui each uontli, commencing tile 19th October ami continuing It mil May, when regular days will be appointed for the reinaiuib-r of tlie year, whereby great delays and disappointing nta will b? prevented dining thfe shimmer niontiia. The followiux shipt will commence this arraugetnant : Ship YAZOO, Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE, Captain Jackson. 8bip MISSISSIPPI, Captain Hilliard, 8'uip LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEAKE, Captain Miner. Ship GASTON, Captain Latham. Sliip HUNTSVILLE, Captain Mumford. Ship OCNJULGEE. Captain Lcavju. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Ship MEM'HIS, Ca^un Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captmn Mulford. These ships were all. built in the city of New York, espreea>fur packets, are of light draft of waasr, liave aecvutlv bet a . wly c<SM>ered sml tmt in splendid osdcr.wilb acabmniodeliobs tor paaceaqeiv unequhlled lor qomforl. Tliey are command, d iy expi .lermed masters, who will make every exertion to give Senaral aiUstacioiu.. Incy will at all timet bv towed up and own the M' sissippi by steamboats. Neitlu r the owners or captains of these ship* will be responsible LOTJawelrj , bullion, precious stones, silver or pLiled ware, or f,7r any lstters, parcel or package, sent by or put ou board of them, unless regular bills oi lading axe taken for tire same, atid the value thereon expressed. For freight or piasag". apply F-. K. COLLINS St CO., 56 South st., or HULLIN JtWOODRUfF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all gooda to their addsesi. The trie's of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to have the gooda correalIy meaojreil. ui< STEAM NAYiai^^^^TWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, run?so urn a mp ton. BELOIAN STEAMER RRITISH QUEEN. M. M. KttatsE, CSBMatsoea. The day* of dtp mure of tliia wtt-kuowu Steamship, have beeu Pie ! as follows : From \ nivs rp, From Southampton, From New York, On 4f'.i ,?Uv. 11142. I'll Tth May, rus, Uu 711 June, IS<2 ii?i. Will July, " 7lh Aug., " 71.-1 81 l>'. " I""1 Sept. " 7til Oct., " Price of pie>?scr, meets not included, to Southampton or Antwerp, ?70? Steward's fee*, pi 6!lfr The nulls will bo scried ?m board, ?u the plau of s continental hotel, in the W it maimer, and at ftard and moderate prisea, passcug.n being only rharced whr n partaking of th- same. The pr?ce of passagrto either of the shore ports ran also be en* t:ed if pri-fcrretl, ? ith meals arid steward's fees included for $;,7 62^ cents, eiclusive of wiurs. An erpcrienced Surgeon accompanies the ship.' For freight or passage, or ?nv farther information, apply to H. W. T. it H. MALI, Agents. s22 f,m*r 41 Bearer street. IMPORTANT TO \TK.-$TERN MKK CI 1A NTS* RELIANCE TORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the Transportation of (foods between Philadelphia aud Pittsburg. ft This improvement in tnuunortatioti affords to Western Merthsau peculiar advantages. The fo?d< be ins carefully packed in the boati at our warehouse. No. 3C5 Market street, are carried orer the Columbia and Portage Railways without tran liipmrnt. Careful captains and crews are employed, who take charge of the goods at Ptyladolphia, and continue with them th -entire route, thn? avoiding delays and the liability of lots being separated on the way. N. B.?Passe niters forwarded ta Pittsburg and PottsTille, every day, Sundays excepted. H. STORKS. Agent, aH Shi* 7 Washnrrbin street. RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. WWSMB nEW W IM /"SWriTOc. cpHF. NEW J r'RSF.Y Railroad sad Transportation ComI pany hare established a Freight Line between New Brunswick and New York, which llwy intend lo niu perninueajp. I .earing New Brunswick at S A. bL daily, (Sundays elevated) and the foot of Liberty street, New I oik, at S I'. M. To oount.-v dealers and merotiaji* the above bur is rvry desirnhli' for the sp<cd> and rnesp conreyance o4 merchandise ol every description, ami rep re particularly so Drovers and Dealers in Live Stork, who r"u have lift head of cattle oonreyed between New B. una wick and New York, Use sums. day atwuerer repined. The rates for the transportation of satite, horses, males, tlieep, hogs, Itc. and all oilier kinds of merchandise are very low, never yioucdiug steamboat |iriqe?. Merchandise sent by (Ins hue is not subject to any svtra charge in crossing the North River. 1 lie Company liave bttrd up a large storehouse st Nsw Biun-wick, adi,lining tiie Itulroad De|-H, which will always broprii for the reception of merchandise. I'sssMi^crs purchasing thwk tiaketa at the ticket offices, wdl receive terry ticket* gratis. mil Jm* FRtlOHT AND PASS AUK TO PfPTSBITRO. n r NO TT.n L H fT tinanri^roru. of Rifwhifii'a TiulimfHj it Afton Lin* If give notice to tlir Merchants ol* Sew York, and al. <ithcr persons tliipi-ing to the .West, that their line i* now in acti?? operation Gods consigned to them (or aent to go to their lie., i will be forwirJcd with despatch. Owugrs or shippers of goods, defined for the Western Bcues, who have no agent or co^ifUM' at Plttsbfir,;. trill plraie consign their rood* to W ilhun U truth nr., Pitu'.ug, who will attend to saippugt all auch consignments without d. lay. All nooda should be marked distinctly on eeco piefcagr BINGHAM'S LINK. r ori jwi ol freight, which arc ai low aa mur trCn t lire . and? ? _ WVl. TT90N.A-.,atu No. ? West atrret, opposite Pier No. >. N. R. N. Tl. I'eeset# rs forwarded So Pittsburg and Pottsrille,erery day, bandayi alcepti-d. _ He far to R. Crooks, A lYiertcan Fur Cs>. ; 9. T. NiColl FrontMrect i PlietiM. P ?lir It Ce., Fulton street ; So > dim Hago ft t o ; w m. Rsnkm, Duryee A Co, Newailt. mC ?m PEOPLE'S LI3TE FOR ALfiANY, AA MAnil ntermadiate places, from the Pier foot of Irtrr TOM&nratrcirKlw. Trueadell, l'-aoe? as aVire cm Tuesday, Thnhrdey and Bntardav aflCruoe.o*, it So clock. For puss,. 01 si eight, arply on board, or to f . J.. 9THULTZ. .... - At the ydSce on the wtMf. N B ?All ktnrla of (iroperty tekeu only at the liAnTtV owuea tin /.oh mfjr M' M & 'M PASSAGK FROM ENGLAND, IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES. T)ERH0N9 deslroua of Mhiag e^aaements for Manila *o k enufr.'i. from the Old Country to the Limed Urate* and who ma - wi?h to *?enre for fhem de?|ai|(h and roasfnrthhaa acrouimos S.1..IIS, wiU find it their inlrsmt M ** [?! y to the spbarrihen, Wh. i ill at all me. prrparad to *Oo eh arnmrnw mentana will guruuiMC satlsUrtidn. The rawelo cOaiprJFa this line are all of ih> drat elm, u*e ,J Which l*?Tm l.uniag, waaAly. i i iinaiim nil i >11 delay gt the ran Of i ailnak hi ii m voided. As has alAiys been customary w ith this Rao, whan those ruled for doeline ?'tlt at, 01* tnonay is r*? funded, withont any (Imfcactinn. Passagt par steamer fmm the various |*>rta of Ireland aud Scotland, can hkcwiaa be soaured. ... For farther rutiealanapply to r'r'VT "" 'SAMITF.L THOMPSON. Old Established PaoadA Office, VI rear! tL, Or to C. ORIMSifAW k ro. in Guiee ritLtru, Lirerjsvil.> -rr.? or d- Ps a* sloV and for on* amount, n li?-ssaoe be> d on the Xuional slunk >>t IrKand. Northern Psnkinc < >., Nr i ? we.u^sf.j s*eue at ho tiitr resprc* tir chest i,oin. Giya k i'n., Bankers, Looton, a.'lll r. ( illl' .? Is.., till e| jeio mt Iw'f {Ayr- KCK HAVRE?The superior Frcnt-b brif ARVTj^hVK.DE. CaiMain thraudoen, will he pnempAy die^"Iniic '""'iloyVV ??? FOR"HALE?VlmsiihataMial, roppar fastened and MFJS^en|.perrd brig HF.BKK. Idktlieu IVT Pura, built in jBeUmmlKIt, ropprrrn in Se|ieml>erwaat. well ruind in sails Buff rif King, and in .Tder for any rot aje. Adplv to tnljc BOYD A IJJNCKEN, 9 Tontine Baildiny. E NE I HA1LR0APS & ST?AMB( )A TS. IIARVIIKN Si < n-i;l-!<M\N y-T!..I 1 scriber* ctlully wjiouulv .ta arrainniineai which thoy have rterutly made wuk Samuel Hvight, U. S. Cotuul nAttCWifD. f?*rth? diuimmo <m -ttthliihm; * GKNSkAL CONTINENTAL AGENCY at that place, lor ihy ?' tion ?>l Forwarding aci<l( hiiiiiisnioii lJukiutM, ami for facilitating th?? lucretiiiu <-oami?rciai inter* course betwrtu this country 1 Comment d Euroi*. A* Antwerp it tainted iu the centre of tht manufacturing rcgioa ol Europe, i? at <mlf(l,<) hours di^aiica from London m hours trout IWu, m the immediate finally of Holland andOei* main, and diiertly tfoauccie with ail by nu I road* or steam l?aok?U, It* locaftou arfords the greatest advantages for pulchaoag and lot warding < on'.mental fpod*. All ardrr* rc-.'rifed at our oifires in Boston, Albany. Nrw York and Philadelphia, iu season for that purpose. will be forwarded by i^hllelaian steamer BRITISH v|l KEN, on the 7lh of June n*v, and will generally he executed in season for the return of the same -N ame<\ which will lmm<* Antwerp on the loth July. fL/* Jtnnertenof German* hooka art partirab.rly requested to notiee this. HARDEN 8c CO. _NVw York, May 17th, 134? . m!8r POMEKOV C OAS ALBANY, BUFFALO AM) CHICAGO EXPRESS. It till oids to and from Albany and Buffalo, and tin; iuterneoiitt places, fur KOKWAUDINO, at ^?w fate*, wiui llio utm*>st speed, regularity and safety, choice Goods, Succir, I. mk Notes, Import nit Fspsn and Valuable Packages?Will attend to the negotiation, transfer, collection or piymuiit of lliljs oi Eichange, Notes, Drafts, Acceptances, Accounts, 6.C., at reisnnablc |n*r ceulage?excrete orders for the purohi e of sale el Merclundiic, Produce and Mauitfartutr*) Articles of t'. cry description, i?vssonallv, in she t?un> on their route, through Messrs. HARNDEN k COS KXPREUS to NewYorkaud Boston.and Mgiui. IIAWLKV k CO.'S EXPRESS to and from Buffalo to C'lcrvl&iul, Detroit and Chicago and intanncdi.:. flacr,?funning ai oner the most direct, speedy and perfect communication to and from tin' ci.trru and wtutUrn eiliea, for lb. negotiation ami transaction nf all ui.rcautiL and proftMlowal baaiaoaa, remittaneea, rich uig.a, ice. ileloreucM?Era*ta? ( orlilur. Tliouiaa lV. Olcott. Walla Sherman .A. D. I'aarhiu, Noah Lee, Jamua Taylor, Theodore Olcolt. kBianv. Aiinm-Bennett, Rackns & Ilawley I'tica ; T. A. Smith, Syraciite-, A. <1. Smith, Auburn ; J. Fargo, (ienera ; J. CI. Shepherd. Can uidaigv.a ; l)erid Hoyt, Rncneeter; John McK.nater, Lockport ; J. A. Clark, B* <via ; Thr.uiiu BIojsohi, Buffalo. POMEROY & CO", No. 5 Eichangc Bnil'liaga, Albany, all 3 Wall street. New York. FAKE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. A\L NEWPORT, cmposed of die following iupeiior atcainers, ntuiiiiig in connection with fhe Stouuagtou und Providence, and B ?iton and Providence Railroad*? MAS9ACMLT8ETTS, Captain Corastock. RHODE ISLAM). Captain Thayer. NARRAUANSLTT, Capuiu WuoLey. MOHEOAN, Captain Vaudurb&lt. One of which will leave New York daily, (Sundays ei c<w>te?J) from Pier No. I, Noilh River, B titer) Place, el Fife o'clock, P. >L Fare to Boetou, $3 00 Duck {tassage, tdo. Providence, t 00 do. do. 1 jo Ajkanusucfit. ^The NARKAGAN9ET, ou Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, for Steniugton. The mASBAUHUSETTH, ou Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, for Stoiiirigtoii. Passengers ou the arrival of the steamers at. Stoninuton, may take the Railroad Cars and prore i Imnov liately to l rot i ,} deiiee and Boston, and for the scco*ntfli?4 'li-m of pcrsous t ravelling between New York and Newport, the steamboat tr?iiu wiH stop at WickforJ loug enough to leave and receive pasaciigers. Freight taken at the following much reduced rates t)i* cubic loot, il(lM pri ton, and ou mvusuivmvut goods 7 cents per foot. To Providaocc. on measurement goods J cents per cubic foot, nt.d specific articles as per tar if to be obtained at office 22 < Broadway. m'JI 6:n OPPOSITION LINfi FOR ALBANY. FARE REDUCED' Pn*tta?e frtt t vutH?Morthi iiO e.-nte. FREIGHT TAAEN AT REDUCED PRICES, T' comi'i'tdi'Mis Steitnb'at \VA31lrNO. rfv ?'*/*TUN. Csptmn J. M. Br< wn having mu le JaC^bjBU9b.arraiiS''ineiiH to clian^" her days ofleaiiug New York, will hereafter leave the loot of Robinson street, New York, every M'culay, H't dnesJny, and Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, and Albany, ivory Tuesday, Thursday, and Sia turdvv afternoon, at S o'clock, lauding 011 tier passage aach way at the foot, of Hammond street, Newbtirgn, Puughkeepaic, Kingston Point, Catlskill and Hudson. For freight or i>o?sace apply to the Capt.aiu on hoard, Or to D. RANDOLPH MART In/No. 182 Wert street. rn9 c_ FARE REDUCED TO ?V CENTS. _ STATEN ISLAND FERRY. Font of Wliitehal! street. The Teamen STATEN ISLANDER arid SaT'SON will rvn as folhiws, nutil further Belief L wis Ststen Eland 1.cares New York. At 7\ o'clock *. M. At 8 o'clock *. n. .. 9 " It " " " 19 " ** " 12 " " " 11 " " " D? " t. u. " 2 " r. at. " 3 " " " 3 4* " " " J 6 " " "6 " N. B. All goods snipped are reqnired to be particularly marked, and are at the risk of tbu owners thereof. m3r T. POWELL Ar CO.'8 LINE. MA ''OR NEWBl'ROIT, landing at CALDWELL'S, WEST PrilNT AND COLD 3C2-ME3E-KPRrNO.-The.teamhoat HIOIILANDER, I V't-ua Robert Wardron, w ill leare tiie foot of Warren street, New York, every Monday, Thursday aad Saturday afternoon* at 4 o'clock. Returning, the tlghtander will luare Nrwlmrgh nery Mond ly morning at li o'clock, and Tuesday and Friday aftarnoOn at '> o'clock. Far freight or passage, spplv to the captain on board. N.I!.?All baicgag" and frwight of everv description, ha ok bills or siacie, put on hoard tlm boat, must be at the risk of the owners thereof, aniens a biil of Jading or receipt is signed for the nam*. m2A j^gl JP7L THR RA1NBOV.' MORNVNO LINE for t- . ?ts. . JOAl.UANY. The low pressure Steamboat 3fc_-JSUdELn VIN1IOW w ill leave (he font of R.ibiiiscn street, every Tuwulay, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 o'clock. mi lm*r jc;r? PEOPLE'S"LINE FOR ALB ANY AND &-r-jay ROY, daily a'm veil o'clock, P. M., from S* Steamboat Pier between Courtlaiidt and Liharty srterts, ( Sundays rvrpted.) The ate iinlioar UOCIIF.STEH, I apt. A. T. St. John, leaves Moaday, Wednesd*. and Friday afternoons, atseirn o'clock. "Hie steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Cvpt. L. W. I)nin%,d. Tuesday, Thumclsv, and Saturday afternoons, at seven o'clock. 'I'he steamboat NORTH AMERICA, C.ij tain M. ft. Trnndell, leaves Tuesday, Thursday, and Hntiiivkiy afternoons, at five o'cloak, for Albany and interme.liat* place*. The above boats are nvw and wibstantial, are furnished with rlegaat stale rooms, and in all respects uie unsurpassed among the Hudion River strainers. For passage or frriirhr apply on board, or to P. C. Kchults, at the oftice on the wh of. mil! ^ tailoring."' "hrETRENCHMEnt the order of the day. rPIIE Subscriber, with a view of meeting th?* eiiffeticiei of 1 lh? timea, has made armt.,-,emrn:s v. hereby he will henceforth he enabled to famish garments of the very bust unalit y, at an iinuiriiar saving fi.nn fonn. r charges. Having ma le Ins purchase* esclu.iv. ty for cash, he is deteriniiiru to compete with the cheaps-si,(on the ready money | riociplr wnl v ) idliilr hr pledges himself to continue the same oUeiVOOCe of elegance and punctuality whioh for the last fifteen y-ars lias character!led fiia establishment. Ornlletnoo air referred to the anneved list ot prices, with the aaturao; that the articles enumerated shall be e'ia?l in quality ami style D the most costly. Dies* coals ot super wool dyed cloths, t out A18 to 24. Pants, do da cassioirre, 8 to !0. Vests, ofeverv fashionable variety, 7 "> to i j 1. Ocullemen wishing to furnish the mown ma'trials can base (heir garuivnu in ids r.nd trimmed in tin same at'. If ol elegy .ice. iu pro port sou to the above. N. B.?Mr. Bibcock, Ion . Unowu as cue of the most fasioouable cutters, continues in the establishment. <hj 1m , r ' M . \(H. BECKER, TAILOR, hum PARIS, HI Fulmii itlMC(nMm) reaiwclfidly iiiGtrma the iwilii u. ? York, that lie Uu juat arrivmj lioin Paria, briu^iiq: * aplctiditl aoativluiatil of Clilk. *u i Ca.iitnere?, of th* latcit ruhlou, far Paritidoon* atfd V.aU, Then will trc foOaUutly found a ttife ri. rtrriroi 01 urw yowda. which he will directly rrci-iva from ram, tcrua iwft in #?,i.?>, .iij.-ia.'1 wuh tine fun hutuei of thai city. ila ho|<a?, by tin goodiM*. of lha cUthca, tha quality of ll.c (cooU, and I.11 tiioiierali )ricf?. to ji?a aktitfic:io:i ku ll?v?c wlro w olu h nor htri w.ih a (all, and to "btoui more and mora the '.mat wliiuh hr 1m? bean lionurtJ iairetofora. aii lio-c MACH INE POETKY. WHEELER, TAU.OU, hereby audi Tbia informaia to hi- t>i<a*i?, Or im?iwi?*a. tl h? ha? my, Wbather they h- frw or many. Till" public It , both fa/ *i?d nxwf, II wi f i ryarv otu- to lira/. That in Broadway hr ha* a /hop, In wlttrh h-M lika to hate thrm |?.p. JkA'td ahoul I BkY wont coal, t<-.l oi ; ant*. agjpio an? ran v th?m if Ik eatif. I'ric?a low to nil th trmra, ? CJliK'i, ?>o Tarirma for Uui'1 thyrnra; to ahort voull find no elh.-r T "l"T, fio ran* to plrww yon *a A WHEELER. ' mil Imc M II NiA RTIN'S Cnalo TuiiiAltiK KalBblUlimrnt, Tt Htmoirrl It 161 B'ifMam tfrttf, ft -fir ?J ,?nn itrift. rPHE autw r?'?#r, in ftntKmnri^ the !>? ?' t h?? friend* and i ? in general, uk'* l?*aer to return thanks for the lit*patronage bestow* d ??n hiin at hm f#rm?r ^Uc?* of bu?i* mh) aa?ur*B them (hat otery aiticlt ordered o| liff?u hall, aa heretofore, bf rot, made, and trimmed in the neateet and *2 manner. TV*. the ne we it and best in Ihr I'WHtt, n?d at a |> saving or 30 per rant. Strang* ri fe rjt?utafod to aud namine. (WitlemrEWSo 1-nrfKaAigB th*irnwn floih, kc., can h**e them nfMa and trimmed in the atyle that ban given such grneMa agtisilrpon 'luilB thf la.*t four yeara. Krery garment warFmit^d tn/c, and made by the beat workmen at the following pnr.ea, *1*.:? 2"" on ro fit V) Fine!/ C-oi?a a no to 1 .w Pinta ami \ rata I 7.i to 3 00 Or-r ' j to 11 00 . J?" ffolinta roa.1 mod -oil mo 1r to oider, kit,I a suit fni" t? if ik(*Mary, ia 21 li iro. mil If,? _ __ MICHAEL K. MARTIN, ,n 'st Received, AnfCH oa l Tarird ai< >rtin'-nt f fltorka, 9< arf?, f'rarat*. Solkai Linrti and Ki'1 (>|/tr*, SiMt? n.|cr?. Lim u and Mtt?Uu tthirta, I'ui art Hatidk'i. lm !?. Sir. fcr-. Thil ia ih* only ralaWiAim. nnn t'ua city wlKrc tiir uhaorihrr'i cnlrhratrd ulna tic HtiKkicau Iw olitnuol, rARREI.LS, Vmt for J. AGATE, 211 Broatlwiy, bttwern Park I lacc and Murray atici t. alS lm*c W 10 SEW YORK, SUNDAY A FURNITURE^ GEORGE W. DAWSON, Wholesale and JUtatl Furniture ami General finishing Warehouse, No. 67 Chatham street, corner iff l/uane street, New York. TIT HERE ho ketrps for sale a Urge iu??>rtmrni of the following irtirle?, vi?..: Hide boards. Bureaus, Rrditruli, Cojl TibUt, Chairs, Office and Portable Desks. (ilas* Cm** s^ Hook Cases, Looking C*Uv*ci, Diniu/, (.cntrr. 'lea and !'i*c 'lablei, riano*, Sofas, Sofa BrJu?atL. Beds, Bedding. Pal saner*. Mattresses, Caruets, Oil Clotli, Matting and Fire Irons, Wash ^umi?, '1 oilct Tables, (.audio SUfcids, Bureau Bedsteads Diessiug Bureaus, Safes, Ike. Also, .< Uij. assortment of men and women's Wearing Apparel, uew and second handed. All the shove articles are offered to the public nt very low prices. Persons in waul of said articles would tiud it to their ad vantage to mike an early call at the above establishment. Shipping orders punctually attended to and packed on the shortest notice, and on reasonable terms. Mattresses, Bedding, Ikr. tor fitting out vessels, constantly ou hand. All orders t?> the ihove establishment will be punctually attended to and thvnkliilly received. N. B.?The highest prices will he giveu for Second Hand Furniture, an J Gentlemen's and Ladies'cut off Clothing. lS2 6:n * r NOTICKTTo lU'VKRS W" CABINET FURNITURE. rTMIE Subscriber would invite the attention of those wishing * to put chase articles in tin above httsiuesss, to his estsblishnu-*it, where u ty ho founds rich <u?orlinriil ft* Rosewood and M 4* can\ Furniture, of French and other pattt*rp?, some of which arc not to be tuiuid cL* where, beingentirely original.? A1* hxtidsoiue rich gilt Cornice* for windows. Poles and Hkvi ; together with D uriauk Uslhxms and Tasieu, and every article attached to curtains, which vvill l?c nude in live latest i.1. iron patterns lately i c e i y e d N. B. Particular attention paid to the fitting up of Ottomans, Kne iicreeus, and Other fancy article*. with eitibroideied 'IV peatry. WASHIN(JTON MEEKS, d :r? Am 315 Broadway. next the IfooiHtal. TOSEPH ll'.f'KoVKR, Fanrv C linnet Maker MathematJ icnl and Nautical lu-vtrunient Case Mauulai tnrar, 989 Water street, N'ftv Fork. Chronometer boxes of a superior make, barometer, thermometer frames, quadrant, sextant; uurtrrors, snrvieal, dentist antl draw iuf instrument boxes, made rna packod in a n^at style? timepiece, clock, guu ana puto) cajf* of all description; dagaeiTotype ap.?ai ilu* and medieine chests, itirfsvors rods, o! aay length and make All kinds of fancy work, mud* of the best mate rials and workmanship, warranted. Repairing uf ever, description *tocatdd with, aeatneea, puueULi'itv ami ?li?;valc!t| French nol is hi ng and varnishing. >lnntifactoi \ ui it. Tegle iuue'* L^tabLLsluiirnt, bstweeu Povur street auJ i'eck slip. Rsrcucftccf. iie-irs. E..St G. W. Blunt, corut* of Water street and BusLing slip. Mr. A. Megaaey. 190 Water street. Mr. De-nult, 339 Pearl street. _ III 15 Im* C "M" E\V STORE of Rich Cut ancTPlaiij Class, No. 35 Johu at., A-* next dour to comer ol V?.sau street. STOuVENF.I, 4t CO. luve the honor to inform their fri# ndf and the public, that they arc opening the above store, where they can tinu a larye arid be.iuiiiul assortment of all descri; 'loot ??uch as astnl aud Rail lamps, all complete; porcelain, at the manufactory priges* by tin? communication of their aliop, No. v9 Gold *Ucct. wholesale aud retail?city aud Country trade?all good* packed to go in any part of the country?all article* malcb to pattern* Please rail at 35 John street. n?2 lm*c CHI N A~G LASS AND EARTHENWARE. Q ASTOR HOUSE.?French Porcelain Dinner Services, O II. piecas. S25 oo While Granite, do do 1L2 do 13 00 Frenth, or Kngli'h Pore* lain Tea S?U, ik do I 0<J Diui'ur Platen, breach Porcelain, i*T doacu, 1 ht Do do (i.Aiwtr. blue or whit#, do 1 00 Snip, do French P??rc?lain, do 2 00 Do ^ do Grxuite. blue or white, do 1 oO Tea Cups and Saucers, (24 piece*) French Porcelain, 1 5u Egg Caps, do do 37 Glass. Cut Wines, per doien, from 1 50 Do Tumblers, do do 2 00 Lemonades, handled, do 2 25 taulk ci'tlsiiy. Of the finest dUcrii?Ui>iu, in *eu or dozens, at the lcwpnct of S "Z the set. Juat oit-i; 1, a handsome assortment c*' Tollei Ware. , R. SIMPSON. N. B.?Agent for tie sale of Simpson's Ear Cornets, fur thieli?T ot dcafneti. rn8 0f 1 liA1' ilAUDWAliE store; rPHR Sub cribt r i^ now ta- i"jg his Spring supply of I II \ilD\N'ARK. AND ( t'l.ERV. received per late ai** rivals from Birmiivifcni aed Shedicld. Togrtln r w itli a general ass"a'.ui?-44i i?t t>??uieit!C tMiiiw. wniCP be is prepared to ofier at tlie very LOWEST CASil 1'UICES. The attention of Country .uerchants, Buildc/w, Cabinet Makers, &c., U solicited t?> an viamination of his stock and prices, as he i-. confnlt ut Uiey riili tin.I K to tiieir interest to favor hiiu with a call. _ ALFRED F. LAGRAVfi, ?10 Greenwich, comrr Bairlsv, New York. | A rcyulir supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Co >i er s'tilue. Also?a comidrte assortniMiit of Merlvauica' Tools, James* Screws, kc. m? 3in* "4 , "d uT; ss ~" boots?latest V it en cli STY LE.-Tlf mak^ to order, B iofs of trie above desert prion, of the finest quilrty of French Calf Ml;in, and infl(F ls?e%t *tyle, and at very resionable price*.? UvniJem.f n wlio hare been in the habit ol nay in^ extrara,at?t prices fur inft rior srtxcles are requested to call and oe eor.vincrd stores in the neighborly I Drav ines heme of the feet, aud a pair of last-. kept fur each customer, there u uo UuLculty in getting a handsome yrt easy f.t. Coustiiittly on hand, a Nrj assortment of fashhtBahlf* ready mule Boo;*,at prici ? varvin;: frotn TWO DOLLARS KIKTi CENTS TO SIV DOLLARS; Half' K.h?u, Guitars, bhoes, rumps, Slippers. 5cr.Jw .ai euuilly low prices. JOHN L. WATKINS, 114 Fulton at., >1 $ro* Between Ntwia and Dntch ita. ~Jke* H IMPOR FEB OA1TKH9 ol all eo ????****3io.h of Fa?liinn; French bouts and p tent leather shoes, dress shoes, Kaiters, walking shoes and pumps for men, boys ftnd children, M,n<P and hova' cheap boots from S2 75, $3. 83 6(1 and Si per pair. Mens' shoes 7s to lfls and 12a per pair. U ?> '-. sho? s 60 t ? 7% rent* aud $1, aud wast-tilled good. L ulies, tnissrs and children*.' gait* . ihhiu, buckskins, walking shoes and *1imtei? of nil colors and sizes, latest fashion, ties, buskins and slips, 7 > cents to $1, good Is slippers. Come and *cc a good assortment of the a ho re articles at 12 (anal street, corner of BroaJ wa;, and at 20b Canal st, north-w est corner o|' 11 ndson street, at WrdkerN. m!6 lm*r dry goods, &r. ribbons &" lacks, cheap. r|,llK l'i? -.iy) i? reeiiviua from ??rhon I ?iiiiy, Ilibboiu u?I S.Ik?, ?Inch he will sell wholesile or r. lsil, R( a triT snull vlranT on auction prim. Country Milliners will rtnrl it to their arrant.?. to full, ** the eery ( west iiriei-will ini.riuhli I"' lieed. Lsn ? ami, re filled a. lew t ie I west Thread Lie.., of leotuliiul pattern. Crape, Lir.r, Uu< .mum, I tutn Lim-iia. U.C. II. J. DHUMMOND, nit !? WJ Grand. SHIRTS. CJIJTRTS made t*? nrde r,afi*r the most approved French k ' f i.vuotis. <? itlemruN (fsritivhls of all descriptions made to order at the ?.a??rtcst notice. fientietneuT Furnishing . tore (.7 iu.l GO Mail* n lane, corner of William street. william coll i no. tfll shielded victoria shawl and diaper pin. \NE\V ami iiiii.ort<utt articia for u?e in I!ie nursery and as a fastening to ladie^sha .via, cloaks, Si' ., patented in the United States and in Eu:< jh?, for s Ie, wholesale, by W. II. f ARY k CO., 1% Pearl street, New York, ami by the patentoet at the manufactory, lift Jay *f, Brooklyn. 'J bread and needle itorer, and dealers in fancy articles, si| plied on liberal terms. mi i liu'r troy goods. APR only d-f? t f i ih* rrcwiriug of uu - Troy Shirts, bosoms ^ " auJ coll .-?, it: ti?.;? city, is at No./JO Chatham 'strict. Consequent Jj all .u. Sinn t be rrceiwd he ??, before ready for J sti i button tc i*. c mai. r p.iocii al di-a'ars throughout the city aud : country. Aa?D.- > id again Nco.uDKud tho.i ^ali rs in tha | country, ;... -? ud in- ir orders to u4, in preference to pu:ci,*ei *f.lhr mlltw'r Straw goods. rT^ fer' VNETT. imjiorter and manufacturer of Italian an I 1 CugIi*h Sirw\ G -ou.-. ' srsctfully inform* his customer* I that b#hs< remoyesil his establishment from 99 William and 2o Piatt, to 39 John rtr?et, where he coiitiuues to keep a splendid Hud citvusiv** .isaortmeat !* i ? fashionable Straw Good*, i H ench and Engh?h Ujiwtibles, Hutlumls, line Tuscirs, Fancy Shellw I e A t Straw 2lc k . AI?o, an eatiieiy uesy R ticle, the Whife Siberian Hair Bonnet, for th suirimrr-^v surpasses all the styles as yet iutrce dured. being ertreinely li^SP, UcauLiJ'nl, while and durable, oi24 lm*ni _ to the ladies. PABHIONAULF. MILLINERY OOODS.-The pro-rieI : S i 9 KINO, d . if the ceb rati d ( ul King, jd v h fur sal.- s mod select a:i J ciioica assortment of Millinery Ooo !a, 1 >r D?e spring trvlr. n?.*rer as yet presented to the pab1 lie, both as regsrJLs the ?|??ali?y and chespiussuf llisr articles The assortment < ?. us.sts ??f lite loMowing ^ ? , The celebrate J SILK HAT. CALLED C APOTTK I) ORi LEANS, as vrurw 1a Li Divhessf D'Orh ins, ol fiance, M|l?u SILK. fcM'IIIKI.V NlW K N I) ORIOI.NAL ; S I VLE A."l !.** ? it. o.'-A. .u!.k- nr.* it, lo o I iUw I . ' M01UNE CAP. >T I I.?, EI- ^LFJt l iiT.ii;i;.*' Parisian and F. Aish FANCV STRAWS, of the finest t?*| Tnre, in g e e variety. The Pr M'ri# trass re,ectf-ill * dints the ladias to favor her nith 4<V.i, ?ih1 eiTir.i ir }, an i vtrieJ of .Millin ry for tinuiaclve*, b?-fore* tli^a parchtfte eUe\%lirrf, ** it will bv ft i<reat wia iilf tn tS#*m in ju ice ami a U"**l Ailv&utaue n* rvu.trtU th<* r drift) ami m'Uity <>r t . ?'<>vik. AiliSS b. KINO, MajfAzim* iW ^To?!t*t mil lm*r 99 u, B MILLINERY GOODS. CARL K1 NO, (lie well known and celalinted \lillSiery ami I.aJn Straw li-t \l.mafI" Her A!,.. aty the Ql'F.F.N OF KNULANP. reanectfnlly Nnlme to .iliiumu r to the f.adira that he his on h niila most splendid and farhiomble asiortment of Ladies' Straw and Silk rl it.. Tho Straw Hat* are maiinfat lured to a noil faai iiiutiai! aMt torominc ahipr, called T ftf. TLSSLKK <;6ttaoe. willi Oiptry aide, ami a Swiss Flare arouml the front. The braid. these 11 ita air made of ia of the rrm?t eleifaiit patterns, live Albert Straw in i-tj"ionlar a? patmntved by QUEEN VICTORIA. Theatlk d 'partment in ton.lurted by the most ingenious and tasty iai liners, uol to be equalled. The ailka are or tlia newe.c vie, frea i imported. Trimming and Flow, ra to correspond. T' " v.b". to eoiiriti.-e tnemaclvM may call a' No. SO t'l-ial, nr ?r Broarlwav, a -d IT D.i i': oi tt.'rt. N. ft.?Ilia Pvia Rib' na and French Flowers, are of the lap at a: . le, and r an be on.', .aaed at either of hia eitahliahmr nla, at w H.leaab and retail, on reawinable t rma. mil lm*r Tlli: CHEAPEST AM) gfST A HSORTMF.N'J' ?r 1 .rjetinit t 1 be found in the City, ia at s\ J. ||. LOl NSDEftO kLO/3 New Carpet Ware Room*. 4 III pearl air. 11, wher will he often 1 tins week a moat splendid aaaortiiK lit of II. o??el?, tin ply, I l. rain and V? nelian t'ar |H-ta, Floor Oil Cl.'.ha. Triu jinriii Italian Window S|mde?, ioiceili, r wiln every otner arte le in lie- ' arp< t lire , at die |7V, ,i prices. J. H. LOl'.NSBEKti k FT) ' m 17 lar la*c 440 Pearl afreet, I \ A \ t VP FVFMNO SI 111 n ' I I 1 Seminary ot th? " Mil.r > Masons and OT) >herly ia liuWofe 1 for the rr> > [, I'fion of pupil,, si 113 Bowery. lm*r RK [] [OllNING, MAY 22, 1842. "BOOKS AND STATIONERY rrO t'AI KR .MANlrK ATUKKK9.?The Mibieribet* kIv? -1 imli. i that Mi t*rt. IIiih. u GoiM.ii I. 1.1 WurcvMar, Ma.*., Invc n|i|niiiiir-<l tli. tii lin ir agents, anil arc preim/eil to furnish at -liiirt notice iiji.ui tlir tnnst reasonable terms. Koarjrillier Hd l jrlinikr Machine*, witli I'm- or stc on ilm r?, ;nni M/iiia inaclaui's t. ?i/.. in (lie web ?. it leave* the ?lr>er*.?Also every kind of .Machinery api'citaiiiiug to the manufacture ol |w|ier, which in point of wqrnin&Jrahip and fhrith is trot snr V ' 1 etiauiiinincui in m.H euuiitry. large number are now in 0}ieraU?>u iu uan> of the best uiilL, to whom re fere nor will givi n for all particulars. PERS8E &i BROOKS, Paper Warehouse. ?86 ukw 61 Liberty street MKW. t?lUTAR~MU8l(;?OliORUK H. DBHWOJIT, ? *,or (he guitar, No. 138 Canal street, opposite ilie St. John a church, has the honor to acquaint Ins friend* and the public that he l.a? published a variety of new and popular musio, arranged with easy accompaniments lor guitar. Mr. I), will also arrange ana compose i*u?ic for orchc >tra, I guitar, and other instruments, and give instructions to ami* teura ou tha pi hi ? forti u i i< liu. i..\8 ?.w ? | AW REPORTER for May, 1848. Contains seven ease* ol ^ uikruptcy, presenting the subject in all it* various phases.: l'he B uikrupt Law ; trie conti sled seat id* Mr. Levy : Chief Jtistjee Mrrshail; Lord Redes dale ; American Jurist ; Starkie on Evidenc* ; New Rules in Equity : Oreenlraf on Evidence : U inkrupfs in New York (900) ; Bankuipu in Mass. (100) lie. Judge btory's opimou at length upon tha effect of attachments Ian! t?P'?ii the property of a bankrupt previous to hi? being declared i.. b will apiiear in the June number. Aho, Judge Brtti'i opinion iu ihe case of Kassou (wile's Jewellv) will appear in full iu th* July uumhei. 'l'hc proprietors w ill continue w?e list of BankiupN in New Dork and Massachusetts which will render the w nk valuable to every business man. What merchant would grudge 35 cents a month for such information f The Slay uurubercommence> a n. w volume, and olTcu a fmorablc i p;h)itu.iii\ to .uboribu for the work. BRADBURY, SODF.N Si CO. mio 137 Nassau . N. Y. anil 10 Scho.d st, U<> -ton. CARDS, BILL-HEADS, &cT CHEAPER THAN EVER. tV.ORY SURFACE CARDS, of superior matifacture, printI vd aud funurind at iho follwin* REDUCED PRICES : 100 Cvids, 50 cents 300 d? $1 00 500 d*?? ... ... . j*;| m 1000 dv $2 00 Common Cards at less prices. Circulars, Billheads^ Notices, Polling and ?how Bills, aud e?er> description oi* printing executed it*hort notice, ma a* reason^kie t. rm<?? a:i\* *:.v;li.hment in the city. VIS! PINO CARDS.?A visjfiu., curd pi *te engraved and I 50 enamelled cards nri ted for SI 50, equal to any in this city. Perfumers, Manufacturers, and Druggists' Label*, cvn?Untl> on hand. BROWN SON ct CO., a*^ lm*m 56 Ooldst. near Fulton. PAPER' HANGINGS. MA. HOWELL Si CO., 307 Ptvl street, are noser rcceiv Lag from their tnauufacluiv r# ft New Brunswick, au extensive Assortment of Pap?.r litutfings, Borders, Sic. of the latest and most approved laitTiu aihJ stylus, suited to Use city aud country trade , which they offer to dealer; at the net Einittfaci my ptlCM. A Go. their w ual variety of French Payer, Borders, Fire Bo. ro Prints, Views, See. Tne bt ;i workmen to put on paper in any part of the city can be ha ! \t the ii' ! . ?U e<?d2in* r HOMlEPA'l (HAS WOltKS.- Iu pub i died by W W R.ADDE, 322 Broadway, John*-* New Mnm?-I ol Ilomcenathic 1 icticu. edited, with annotations b) L (k Id Hall, M. D., croud American, from the third Paris edition. This iiidispciuarde book to lionncpathists is now complete in 2 vols.? Price in paper $C?a full bound copy 87. The Family GuiJc to the Administration of H-uuoepathia Rem* die*, third edition, fioni cue >eeond London edition, wbh additions?P. i< i!.? centi. Popuitt ( : d athi IV . . Bryan E 1 * s% n 1 rk Homos] tl cief,, Dec. 2;?, 1641?Price IT.^ cent,. Also, just ^nblithed, Hyibiatics, or Mann**! of the Water 1'uie, as practised by Vimviil Pricf^uitz. iu Oifelcjibfr;. t?vu piled and translated from*thf writings ofCii ules Monde, D. Aestel, D. B. Hirschel. and other prictitioncrs, by Francis Oiaeter?Price $l?n? ally bound. This little neatly priutrd bookconuin^ au rxnositiou in wh^t ru uinir tliia simph ut h .* In--en fon id remedial, in 14 lm*r BO 0 U BI N D I N G PACER Rl'lJ'NO. T.J IRELAND, Nn.^M N.^siu i . t, h: : an ? ntire new li. Biuditig Pool* *ud Uuling Maciui" y, of the latest md bio*l appic* ed l attern*. now prep ..i d to execute aII orders in the in s: Jord !? and nandsomu rnnniicr. Merclmot* A *ccou:it Boidu and all other kinds of Blank work ruled and bound to auv par. ru. , and in a *t>le thai u warranted to give satisfaction. Ai y work ordered can be done in the F.mjiwl'. ninJe if re juired, a# II. I. ha* bad long eiperieuce in borli method*. FOR SALE?Twoaecond Land Copperplate Trrsres. Ap^lyaiibot mil 1 n 1! TS. 'HATS?! it HATS ? ? "DROWN l O'S One IVicr Hit Store, wholesale and r< D t?:*. (79 Chatham Squaw, corner of Mottstrect, when fashion,beauty, durability lodacoDOfuy an combined to adorn the i. Tor proprietor* have the pleasure now to offer in addition to their recently improved fiort napped HaL a neto tyle, the imitation of heaver.-, which *o closely resembles that of all furs the most cosily ami be autiful, that the difference L not easily perceived. Price three dollars. We strictly adhere to the one prU i which euables us to furnish a very sup iriot Hat for tile price chanced. 1:? presenting these Hats to the public the proprietors think they have reached the ultimatum or beauty, durabilit : ...a fort. m4 3m* BOWERY, EAST sii>K.?J. M. TICE, No. Bowery, km remodelled ids establishment and stocked tojjh a brilliant assortment of H.itn of the latest spring styles. Ho oilers to the public ah article which In* is confident cannot trf surpHssed r ithc r for hyaufy or durability, or for economy. h?-on my, tlllioiigh last ivi tie* ord? r of recommendation is u??t leas? in ?*-inf of imjK?rtaiH'e to the buyer. At the above eml-orioni Hat. every quility from li e Beaver to the common Silk can In ob* -lined on the most reasonable lor ins. Caps also of the richest piility and latest patterns. Ctll and examine at No. 9 Bowcrv. J. M. TICK. Thi hit* Mt b'-sver Ha fa. onlv an vlegant line Nutria Hat, j V3 60 . fYunr Mob skin llat, N. B.?Boys Hats of every kind a: tiis most reasonable pnees. a 25 lm*m 1 .1 KWELKY. WATCHES AND JEWELRY, VERY T/JW. 'PILE 8 ibscrhri isrellinor ill l? ? ri,.fj ?*n if'/.lln J Silver A Watches, (rold a:id ritl.'.r I eci's, (ifil ( tern, fleys. See. at retail, b?*v r than at an.* other ilnj in tfrit sity (io.d Watcher ?1 j,i . ? thirty to r?.rt c l iff u f ?c?. Watches and Jewelry evol*a/ijfc J or I?meet. A!l fra r, ranted to keep *.*">.1 time. vr the money riitueti. Wttffei awl t l id s in the best manner, and f?Miirtei. il much less t!?an u.r. 'i r>?i ? *. bv one oi the finest in the city. l?. C. Al.hKN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, wholesale and retail, :10 Well street, up flairs. ni28 1tnvm ME8HHS. VIOR ; IMKH ? HI N I . Jewellers and SiWs smiths of N w Bond s?rret, London, and 311 Bmadway, New York, bcC respectfully to apprise theapublic that their establishment in this coiuifry will be t>ositively and finally clou Ionthi it day of June next. till which peijpd then , lu n 11 r. in un on nriv.iu vie in Broadway, at and under prime cost. N. B.? fne House to be Yet. a30 l?n* \trATCHKS, JK.VVKLRY, < ITTLKK V, fc<\?The aub'? seribcrs b irii! dr...":. of materiallv reducing their stock, >flei for at importitiio'i cont, for ca<h or approved short jMp? r, gol i and silver w.tP h* ,s, gold chains, jH iicil ;, rings, and i?ro h? s, diamond -ins and rings, onset diamonds, paste stones, plated, Japiti, nud G' ruru; ?i 1 \< w ire of cvmtj d? ? *rij>tiotl; ra/ rv on c i i? aj d it do/.eu?, pcxi, pocket ana ilii'lt knivoa, scissors, set ?f in* i * esitb ry; also, silver spectacles, lliimbh s. pencils, tooth oic's, pickle forks, plated ( ai rings, chains, rings, lockets, e . e elates, motto - d?, i*,ckrt hooks, ?"gar coses, c-rk ** **. Mr. be. s>. .1 NEI t^TADT Ai. BAHNETT, m7 lm* c i'i Maiden lane. 1 n EMOVKD.-H1LAmr. WALTRR, in ) tmiirmol I t! - is" 4 Bs. . i W ilt?*r, flic (m1 v n. noiiscl j <?f Watch j OS&sv. ? in Krsncv. N >. 27 IV Us r iiontn.' re *t. t. Paris. i has th" h nior of iii'h,iniA," M tieih r. o w .udi works, ni l ; ill niiid** connected w ith the lij:c\ as ii. ) M* *ri. -J* a??*r.i w c,?t I zlai-i, that their edkibli-.hrn tjt of watch fjvses, cut % tfilf ?ml i red, I urtjcltt. Itc. he. he., * > if bet n re ! movrd fr? iu No <0 M.iid^n Lrulx l?/ No. tn> William srrtsjf. | G-mlemeu dr*ir*?tn of j urchaiiii; (Yam f!?' only < I * * -t of the I factory, ?r rM|*c fully ins i> l to call t: :ur 1 whfTc will be foutid an ??r. rival ltd <t??ortnuur of above mentioned goods, w!ii? :i will be disp'.^'i el on ih.* most rcisnmbb terau. 0 I tn r NOTICES. NlCW y iKK ?5D ALIIAfr RwL Until U.j O.ft ' No. ?, Ptk I'l< ATOTIC'E i. lien >.y "i*? ,o t'if Bto<-kh- ld?rx of th>- Now a ^ V'i'l? aod Albany flail It.,"1 I 'oint-aDy. lint an , l--<-tion of Dir- dory to .aid ( -jmnajij, w ill t.d.i- ppci- at llitir Oili .No. Z I'jrk i'l'.rp, ou MoU'lay th" irth f Jane at tt. Tin1 Poll. Will b<- uiti at 10 o'cl.-tk, A. M., and rootinnp o;*n until I o'c; ,-k, P. M. Tic 11 'nk? for thr tnufrr of Stock an- cloypd, iwnl will an d?',*ttiitc until tii? 7th day of June m at. B cnl ' of rH? B-'x.aL wit-kit I-'is. J",. I'.IA'<' IMI'.LI)' 'irrrtirr. f'OU f '1' d ' N (> ; ii i -'rli n 'c. i tr?b- ,1t an t i i ..ii i,i ( n I uti. ii.l will tiii.- ; U. i: at f" 1't iii> ti-.n ' l . I' 11,11 f tt,,- ',". of Ni w , t oo it , t'.r at.i ft i i* ? . it u' i. .. i, ?m> , ... t,pj from ,la. tndai until'h, wit Ic of tha mid nrnyprti ihul or i l.i tS* d*t-.i!i d WilPtppnt of thp ua. * and I rriy-prty to > .old in jril-'i'hr-i in tlip V ? Era, a tir? < ,,-,j.p| I Tint*,I anil imbli.t-rd m : it f Nfw \ ,rl<. A1 FRF.I) K. HMi l tl f onp. Ilrr. Complrollfi'.OH :', i-ril ?*, l.sii. aZ'i lawllnilii t MISC?LLANE( >US7 S16 ns7 6 E URGE W. FOIID HA:-:, IIOISIO, HIOSI AMD 01\NAMENTAI. PAINTER. i CORNEL or WALL AND WATEIl STREETS, Nitw V oa a. Block I.-ttci Ktr.tttn iited tu thr bpat manner, j N. D.?Prw?? ?'r> I.. mil It I ' AL M ? " i ? . \ I s i I hSTf tlvon.HM' I'iint aririg b? ?n '* severely ( t'ed in ihn city during tlir winter months, , 'lie petentCf ? r .n rero^irnfnd if sviflt r'*l?? yrr<l confine nee to j 'he .?oMir, The rmprr'JU* ?penmeii* of Kvl P^int ik?st ( pxliinitinf in Ntw T, :k. r> mlpra an *mimpratinii of ita nlnn| tae. a ?i|mii lluoua | Maonc th? mnat |irwi*l?ppt art lu* follow ' I '"ICalaoioinp '' dora arp wi'tp npntiiimt, mmp tnminona and avn-pablr lo tin pyr rhaa oil pofora. Tnpy arp ajipln rl vrithnut occaaiontn* any oil. nai?p amell or il,urioua cITocr uypjit hvaltn, auildn mil in a few huiin. Knlaontinp Paint may, if |iror*'ly a|i|,tn d, hp wiahrdwhcn aoiVd, acrordiii* to direction. in .ftp rircylar. Ordvrt rectived find juncfp^ilv ?ff- wien to ?r the KALhOMINF* PAINT DRPOT. frJfTTvm* *51 Bi" idwv , corner Krsnkltn. I E R A liufl'alo. [I arrespoiulunce of tlin lit raid.] t lit vsalo, May h, lfl'2 Husht. i*?Canal Trade?Dickens in a hurry?Theatrical? Tht Moral I far Over?Prophecy unci Prediction . Mu. J. f?. IkNNKn :? Mo.n Amigo:? I fancy that, having met you in a narrow alb y? and secured your attention hy fastening on to a burton, I may now discourse to you in my own rambling and monopolizing style; and, that you, whatever visions of male swine may flit bef ore your imagination, will check the restless tendencies to which a situation so unenviable may give rise, and submitting to an annoyance from which there is no escape, will quietly give heed to what I have to say, touching matters and things in this ill-conditioned community. So listen bravely as becomes a martyr. Business is confoundedly dull, at least all our business men say so ; and those who have no b urine. to attend to of their own, and consequently interest themselves in the affair* of their neighbor*, concur in and confirm the assertion. An elaborate inquiry i-it.) the cuuee-i of this commercial stagnation would take tip too much time, but 1 think it may safely be attributed to the fact, that our jteople have nothing to do, nothing to buy with, and nothing to Mill. There is, however, a prospect of better times; for as soon as the benign operation ol the Bankrupt law shall have worked out the indebtedness of hundreds of our " most respectable citizens," and relieved tlta merchants of New York from any further solicitude in regard to their largo and long standing claims upon the prompt-to-purchase, but elow-to-pav people of Btdlalo, they v\ ill, doubtless, hasten to your city in crowds to obtain new cridits, and eontract new obligations in exchange for valuable wares and commodities of every kind. Should ' they succeed in this, (as they beyond all doubt will, if assurance be as omnipotent a* has been re pre ten led till it has become proverbial,) a better state o, things will be the direct and immediate result, t-loods bought on credit, wilt be sold on credit, and i thus we shall flaunt in luces and broad cloths, to be |>aid for when the debt of nature i - paid, or scarcely less summarily by a bankrupt discharge. There are, doubtless, some among the present bankrupt iist, who are honest as the world gocp, but too many are not to be trusted with a hope of payment, and the wholesale dealers of New York and Boston, are advised to be cautious in operating with the buyers from this place. The cau. i js ,ip.-n, and the abundant produce of the past hurvest pouring on to the Lust and a market. Tin amount of ...Its received here thus tar, is much in ud vii lie- ol last war th>* same date. Between thi and the rock the canal has L>c? n rn!.>rg d to tiie proposed ai/.e and depth, and presents u i line appearance The tardiness of contractors delayed its cnmplt-t'un till a day or two since, and the consequence ha* been cxpeie c a id damage to inmiy boats nece^st.rilv passing b\ way o> 'i-'ri. : to tic canal at Black liock. xiowevcr, tiie work is now lio.nt, and no more ^ niilv. <a the. kind io to be <pprehendtd. Mr. t ha:h r i nc:;. u- art. .i iliav in the iiau'ii tig early, took breakfast, uud th-n hasten?! down to Niagara, without .-topping to look at the Fails. In* crossed the river at the terry, and secured lodgings at the Clifton I louse, uud m t till then did he appear to take any interest in the grand cataract. 1 cannot blame him, however, for desiring to stand upon British soil while gazing upon this niblimc spectacle. lie remained at the Clifton liousc_until Thuro day lust, when lie lett lor Montreul vih J oronto anal Iviiig.-ton. Our citizens were disappointed oi seeing him, and many ol' them incline to think him no " great shakes after all," deeming that his genius ought to be measured by the extent of his respect lot their city and them. The lai-t paragraph reminds me of a new work, about to be published hereby.!. W. Orr, the (engraver, who has labor"d for months on the embellishments by which it is illustrated and adorned. It is entitled the V Pictorial Outde to the FaUsof Niagara," and promises to he 11 beautiful und valuable work. 1 have seen the sheets, and can speak of the typography and embellishmants in the highest terms. So tasteful and elegant a publication, has never 1 am confident, made its npjiearanco from any press west of the Atlantic cities, and rarely even there. 1 predict for it the most decided success. I understand that it will be published eurlv in this week, and of course you will be complimented with a copy by the enrfiest opportunity,.when yon can .lodge for yourself, of the degree of credit to be awarded to the young and enterprising artist, who has given us an elegant work upon an interesting subject. The Theatre was opened on Monday last, nnd is now in full and unexampled o|ieration. 1 say unexampled, for nevoj* in the course ol' human event. did any manager attempt a more bare faced imposition upon the public credulity iliun has Mr. K??, in pretending to give theatrical exhibitions with such a company as he has here collected. It cannot be exacted that any very great display of histrionic excellencies should congregute at a provincial theatre ; but we have a right to n.-k for the one or two leading characters of a play, something not very far below the mediocrity of the profession. There is in the stock comi>any of this I'lieufre scarcely one individual, from the head ol the establishment down, or rather along, to the opposite extremity, who is competent to deliver a message creditably, on any decent stage, or one who would be tolerated in any but the most utterly insignificant parts in your city or any other, by a respectable audience. It must be confessed, however, that its patronage bids lair, judging from the pu?t, to keep but little in advance of its merits. There have been but one or two even fair houses, and everybody in denouncing the concern as a regular humbug. A good company would be very well supported here 1 tiiink ; but a had one, and such a d?iJ bad one, has no prospect but failure, in the very mildest view of'he case. The proph of Ilufliilo are well informed upon most subjects, anil shrewd upon all occasions ; and they arc not sufficiently gullible to patronize a theatrical establishment thai has nojusi claim to support, because it has no merit. \V iih the cast-off uniforms of an old independent company, and a load of straw, 1 would engage to get up a better exhibition nt two hours' notice, than this stock company can jive. But n'iiafmte. The moral war on the Herald is over : it remains on the Jib s of the Y. M. Association, and nindrv of the godly one* have taken to reading it ; 1 suppose in jienancc for the "in of tubmitting to have ;t rt tained. You have lost money by the matter's tuking thi.3 course, for scores now . ad it at th?- roomt of the Association who must otherwise have been obliged to buy it. A man was yesterday afternoon itinerating the principal streeta and denouncing the divine vengeance uooiithi* guilty city and people lie advised the building of a wall I t 1 miles high, to shut out the coming desolation, and predicted the end ol tinworld and the day of judgment the ensuing year. I suppose he mm! ha a Wandering iii eiple of Miller, a professor of the squarh philosophy, or an apostle of the ktterday saints. He that as it rri*", 1 am Yours xplicitly, troRxn t'lnelnnratl. [( ' ' ,V|r < i"?( ir- a 11, 12tli ol '"h mil.. Js t2 .d tytutkei in the lbrnhl? ' /.' '.V'- i of (/pintin, . Inii no Field?Bri.irht Zip I'ftty -f?rV.? Fttii?o Istm-1 ? flavins berrt |W Hum 'm.e a stil?"?*r Co. and i reader ol the Si W 1 ork lift ed. " i i- f l , i freedom" ?t line time t" ad.In th-e upon the j subject of thv ? litoriul labors, the m>re especially, becau.-e T am grieved to perceive that n spirit of unchristian nud hitter malevolence has long been exliihitcd towards thee by many, both editors and oih-is, who would fain make their own narrow views and illiberal opinions the standard of orthodoxy?" the only rule of faith and [>metiep" for all And here permit me to remark, that through life I have noticed that this spirit of intolerance and trig otry is moit prevalent and hitter among those sects which hold Cnlvinistir doctrines. Indeed, it would seem to he the natural result of those tenets. All who do not believe in their creed are. of course, wicked sinners?their God hates sinners?ergo they ( hate sinners too ? <jnorl rrnt rfrmon*trn>trlnm. Hut, thanks be to God, a majority of those wor , thios who framed the Constitution of the I nited States, were deeplv uiihned with-those just am! pltiI lanthrophic pnneiples of rivil and religious liberty, which were tir?t proclaimed to the world by treorgc j Fox, Kobe ft Hsrclay, William Penn, and others of ] LD. Prlre Two Cent*. 'our ?-ir!v friends," many of whom ' ah d t)i?*ir estiroony'1 with their blood. The foundations of uir political and social rights are, therefore, loo >roud!y and deeply laid " on the rock of truth," ever o he overturned by the puny attack* of nn and httnn, bigotry and superstition. The cully Quakers vert* the first people who understood and nreatiied lie natural and inalienable rights of man us opposed o the tyranny of kings and priests. Didst tnouever nl tie- journal of George I- ox, the life and writings it William I'erin, or Cough's History of the Quakers! I suppose not?as their circulation lias been prineipullv among the members of the Society. They exhibit numerous instances ut heroic puR-ive resistance to cruel and arbitrary oppression, and although their zeal in some instances amounted to fanaticism, yet the moral courage they exhibited, in the patient endurance of persecution " lor conscience sake," was truly wonderful : hut alas! alas! the Society of Friends hns gradually degenerated and become contaminated with "the spirit of the world" ; too many of its members are vainly striving " to serve twomasters, (.fod and Mammon !" Hut to return to the subject o| tin New-York Herald. Without intending to flatter thee, I am free to acknowledge, that although I dilfer widely in opinion from thee upon many subjects, particularly upon the subject of free trade, and the course pursued by John Tyler since his accession to the f'resid -m v. yet as a medium of early, and generally correct intelligence, both foreign and domestic, the Herald, in mv opinion, stands A N'o. I, and its success exemplifies the truth of the text, " the liberal man dexisetli liberal things, and by them shall he stand." An editor, like a cook or restaurateur, must eater tor a great variety of tastes, and it he furnishes in-- with good roast beef and plum pudding, or n dish of pork and beans, as the cafe may be, I feel no disposition to hud fault because he supplies Oilier? Willi HI* UIMI"^ liicj j'inei, piuwin u n to an clean and decent, with n<> had tmell about it. My Rachael, indeed, sometime* rather j>ettishly remark*, " I wish friend Bennett would not put in so much vain trash in his paper about bright eves and pretty ancles to turn the gals' heads but, then, between ourselves, although Rachael is an excellent helpmeet, she never was very comely to look upon, ami her ancles are not particularly small; so thou need not mind what she Fays. I will merely add, that perhaps it would be welKto hint to thy Washington correspondent, that sycophancy untl fawning are always disgusting, and with due respect, 1 remain thy friend, Obaduu Prim. k>i,i i nil i 11 ii i i i i?i ii ? i iii ? mi?iri? ill MISCELLANEOUS. nn FOH SALE !?The l???t matched p&irol llor*L? in the City of Albany.?A beau ti Til) pair of Blrn-d with loiu; black mane* and Puj?, >?-a % old tr"?"s|*7???*;?Wi f lito'd l?i the celebrated horse Green Motirv tain Moro ni, of Vermont. Their d*nM werr hiip baJf Erwtish hlooj?V baud* Hid one im I. high, ajid weigh ' .? hundred H?s. ? ?ti trot * ohl< in tinur minute-*. T?t m ... ntlcouaw wnl.irnf - fine pair r>f ('arris** Howua, it is wide in .ifftrtd. They wtfi b?* tttursci 4'dsouiiii and kind inetcry respect. n. ;v F1SK, \r, *,f Miu k? Lltri at. I. " Any .'i liiat taK** the i/ nibl# to come uiid at* .usil they Mtsmuiiftwer U?e chert- ducription, I * 11 nis. eij* rue*. AU-iwv. Apni w w?. cpo \V \ rill KS <>lr Tr.? unoervigned sirred * windier - t v*ur\ in Gerut*i? as r.i pfficercf Comlry .wIito V. -pen- much of bit tim?* in .raining U.nwr. hit lontf **p*lieuc* in .'hi* btw? !' ? rtiabb-s hi si t<- a ? > ii?at h* can trail a a< U orae t '' " ' w- ? ' bt > an satnf . .* ? ?). " . niknui . rhsmirem riawig v\ell I. niued h? 'I !- * i!? ? - > v. ... * -ul i i-co luie- -h u Cv t r?M vt:!l pb*M? ftpplj l > IH Lromrd ?ti? *t, Urwita I ."it;, and Liln K. WJtKDE. t Ai-iAir i ufbi.rit i, :.l*hi; r Sin?As yon < n tbr etc ? ? Iimvi i; Nt it Orleans fur tin Nottli, 'ivrnut m?- tctor* '.ni *'? U It udri ??ii tit\ in :t?mc?rf thanks Soi tbv-skiilnl and pvrt< ct maiiitvi in v%inch you hav* c.Miu-d tiy bor?. , "Star ot ih? Wi tt.'' I rcr. ad . )nm on* oi ?!?? bt'M bn?kf horses l?> the mtldlt- und tiubtory xt-rcisfs in ?hr Uuitrd Au?l I i*kr plrasuu: hi rt-ci>mn)?*ndmc you to K?utlvmen who bare hors? s to braka, as one r?f thr- nu?*i j?atn-nt, skilful and accoinjdisbvd trainers and riders I harr y? t nu t uith, ind havt- no (hufbt, if honoit-d with tin ir )iAtrnnanr yon will uivr tht-in erjual satisfaction. With my bent wik!m ? foi jour fuiure and auccffta, 1 itmrfBt RMpect/nllv. Tour obcuifut servant, J. L. LEWI ft New Orleans, Mar?*h 16, 184?. a?7 lm#r J. UK A1) EN TITOULD most ret|K'Ctfully !? c 1? are to inform his friends ?V and the public generally that hf* b is rumpleY?*ty rrnovatt-d ami nw>jifued his sumint r Saloons for tb?* reception of those who may be pleased to hoiior him with their pationrie. Mr tUtters himself it will be sufficient to say to tliose who have been anpiaintrd with the established rrputation of bis Irr Cream*, for the last nine years, that tintbirut shall remain oil bi? part to retain, Slid if i?OMi.ihle to eserj bis former efTortSr?. at ill continues the inaimfactun- ot Confectionary in all its branches, arid is prepared to suj-ply l unilit a and dealer* in city or country, wholesale or retail. Not forgettiiuc to tender his gr-itefui seknowlednieiita for the (witronaRr he ha.-, received, lie trusts by bis future ejToils to di urvi a continuance of iliu same will not be uuaVailinir. a?ln?i lOHN BHADEN, 73 Canal street LTAVANA 8EGARS?PM AB1A It M %NZANEDO, No IA 41? Liberty street, near .Nassau sUrel, idler for sale the ftl lowiiu; ? 6.'?0,wy) La Norma Jtegars, very* superior 30,000 N?>rriera do do. 4.0,000 I''.*|**ranza do do. 123,000 Riuui do do, 00,000 Hrgnlia and Canonrs do. 60,(MM' Tnlmcw and Ladies do. The whole entitled to debenture, and in Iota to suit pnrrha sens. at? lm+r SjEW STEAM 8AW MILL.?The subscribers Ufini -k* tlndr mill in full operation, and a complete stork of whim oek, whit* pine. Georgia On** and hemlock timbers on hand, and sic prepared to furnish the *anie bv the rait, crib. r./ tingle, log, or *h\\rd to order, for ship builder*, hou*r builders, and others, on the moat reasonable terms, and at the shortest fosiiblw notice. Persons requiring any article in our line of business, mav de|>cml upon being supplied at once by applying at the mill, fo*j| of 11th street, North River. 'v, LEWIS B. C1R1KFEN It < <?. REFRIGERATORS. VT K NT IL A TIN O. REFRIGERATORS. REED k V SMITH, Ventilatory Refrigerators, the only article eveT tnaiitif'irtnied which can (h1 kept long without acquiring an eftluviv which will communicate to every thing p|a?vd iu it ion to taint it and make it unfit for use. But the above article is confidently offered to the Public a* anc thoroughly* tested, and proved to be entirely free from the objection* usually found to those of the old construction. Their ventilating, purifying, and cooling properties are so combined a* to make il a very ne*ir.*ble article for a family in warm weather. They can be had at the agency, 332 Broadway. ml3 lm#r [HON BOOK SAFES, MONEY CHESTS. A. -A rood I isaorlment of Iron Safes, &c. of different in alters.for t lie at price* corresponding with nu dity*, at the I ?>ri t 'lwwt Warehou^n of SILAS < . Ilk'UUlNCi, at I 3d Water street. N. B. Wilder'* Salamander Safe, decidedly the b*- t now in use, cajviot be had at any other place in the city. mfl 2wc r/PENT PHKSKRVKI) PORTABLE FRESI1 PROVISIONS, warranted to keen ru> length of time, and iu iny cliraats, fl7. *?Pitservetl boDitrn, ikillitut. ShiuL Sa!vnon. Oysters and Clams? B*ef, Mutton, Lamb, Duck, Chick* n, Tlint? y, Goose? B-ef Soup, Mutton Broth, Chicken Soup, O* Tail Soup, Veget ible Soup, Mock aud Orten Turtle Soups ?Orerm Pea* and Slilk, for *sa voyages. N. B.?These provision*are all ready cooked, free B^m bone and cm be usyd cold, or, if preferred, warmed in s few nunute*. Manufactured and -old wholesale and retail, by ? VI MI II AVI ">l ? V V u 1 Of\n I'R pa<k*io? to ?ait ru?u?mert? I ^Uv?yV;' r Assorted I'm Lie*. CaUup, Sauces. Pre?ti\e?, and kln?li^b Min^ I, T j bUi*rior qualitv and low . rice : Cider and White Viii?. e , !?? tlr* gi!b>n or haml ; Sour Rjoni by the barrel or iirji ; Preserved Meal*. Soup*. Oysters, FottU, Milk, 4tr., warranted to keep any length or time, and re any climate, eicidlrai for ship itorr-*, v tber afford * /r V. Imt try at a r? asonnMc j :ir ; Oronnd Contf, 'aarraa'rd I??tre ; Walnut, Mushroom and T'-eiato t <*tan;-, by -Mr utJ'*?u or d^serw IS. iue Pickles for *u r?, M fiLLS Si MILLER, Wholesale and Retail*!?v?u??'?. for h< k> in. m23 3m* ^ _J2L}Vi!?r vid 2|2 Krotit street. 1 KREQjrVPE APPAlVATLS -b. A. ARTAULT S ( O.. lai- ft m Broad street, and aow Pel ton street, opposite St. raiilra Churih, bate received b> pack? t slup A1 tnnr, and offer for ?ile at lott pries? 2'j comj let Dagnerreotyr-- AppirmOm, n?-w patent French Plates* large site JO AcrorntUc Ls.'u* ?, made at Pole, bi AM'1'-)e. Mi mm |l C? . TH) bfttth ? H ooe?h bi??* of Bade A to, Tripoli 'rre Clone* of lohce, Cicvv~c, ''rmrrioe oj Iodine, Oil'rate ef Oold, and vh- t w nr. 't '. tr - dfefci* ? ' 'r A 4rf**U fc Co. "\k*a tMfc"p? tn tttf}"" P fr ?Tr > 5trd { nitcmen r iwat 'h?v> rate mm? re J f).? ir n i frrTtt i?, H, ?h<i ?' 1%*' t?? i all- ,t eirr? P ,-d a. 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