Newspaper of The New York Herald, 23 Mayıs 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 23 Mayıs 1842 Page 1
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J|,I I M;! 'Hi!. 'I1 : r v!.a I : ~ ;i. . rn I I < tin' unt'j'^HTfi* --1 : ' . ! ?j- ,. /1.-it it ;11.4j i . , tii. ; (i *l it-, hi t!i j*b?i./ l: jj.-j j ? i|iUi ' i'<i : lit 'IT. IS- ti'l . I 1 "' O', t (I ?[ I.' II'",!/ II. ! : ! , -!l|!.- ! -I. ' Vul. VII.x-N*. 4\!0.?Whole No. ,o? finubfli ifi! itfuuvt os ;:i?br.-ii v* 2 REGULAR J'Ar.ivETS. TIHWI,WH <>* rrfrfiwwffii. ^I^RKTS T? nifroirv St*?Jul Loiiyx! "H tti? 13lh lt>.'lai! Jwhn CdIUiu. ?th Jnl?. V?t>M I.jVsnrooL., ,i Hhip J?PDD^>VH. <W?itO..-8. t Jth Julie. Sliip..SHKWIMSf C*| tauvKlC.Li?v?tT', 13tb Jul*. TlU'?e diii>* art; all ol th#45wt c\Ui, **rvr?r<U X)l lW tDiis,' taflt M*b k*i*o.vemeou w o?mbiii#> ureal witii luuuunl, cumfutt, Uif. j>e?suiM{?r?, E'eif nii? r,-? l^ettiW.-.. In the urMfehtRil or their; wpnmioiUtiofi. Tile |!|>L??>2?1iKr>rc u S1OT, for*hlch alnple ?l?rv. itltt, l>? provided. Tir*" ?iine ? cmnma?rie4 Wy Htimneuceil' masters, eho.flUl fori* 1*1*V #*erBoi?,Wpie ,?e iter sisamfaoNtither dseieai^MM^rbwJiere ofthe shif* wiir W fceip*'Wiblt for (!>' ir*(?r*,pareit?<nf t*<tk?fc? ?e?t b> thbin, ?ntMj:re~ amt'eil, end tfeWLk liar cwfttfcdoA kfctmty not j*>#n'Wfd by any t^her1 bo^T(Hwrhi(Hl war. 'I **ur "? >r t * ?i ' r I . ? Letiprs b*d)? puckrts well be obliged l&fecetMa |K-r siiM* hert; iO cents per ounce, and newspapers 1 cent earh.r ml j. ~ NEWTOP.AND ikiVUE PAttUira. , II t , 'i&tecoxD iix&> ., ms^mk J& am T*h#*Cpv?f line will haraiJtJifTeaif Na,waj ^?u the UtaoJ HjttJ ou tl<t> 16th of each month, ? follow* : . I ?'M '! ' ' From Xttr'friHc: -FYoni The netrahip ONEIDA, i ddt Mnrcb i Htli Apart CmUmm , Oat July ; , I 16th Aufc'iat. Jama* h illicit. f l?t November? IClh Lb eember Ship SALTH?IORE, 'tl.f April' ilrtffl'My Captain t tlitAaittit < With Septembetr EdwanlFuuelt, < lat Ocecam'r/jrith January >, , Slin UTIC AT \ l?t Ma? , I 16th June CdpPaln < l*t Septe'iAbA? 18th Ortobelr';, Frederick UawMi,, i (,l?t January < 16th FVbrwary N?w?hi|iSV^lpOJ*iS, v.Ut.Juoe, .tilftth july ., Captain < lat Of tuber < '.6*i November. ' J. B^Fall','! ' '(let Febnigryf Mm Mkreh " The heaommodntiona of tliote ship* are'noo euri aaaed, combilling nil that inn* be mnW""! {** p o^nlort.^ T)if, price yfina. bin nadiage l* 5100. PaaaeugeC* will be ewpHed yr.ith crerr requisite. with the enCeinSon'or win** afl%H leiiinre. " ' ' Oooda.iManrted for thano 'vomtl* mil be forwarded -by Hit aulncritwra. free, from al\y other than tbu ,*i|?iuni aqtually Mb anrredontfam. ^ -,.1 at) in .i Hi >i ' Timiini! Building*.,i ' i-KOR IxlJw.ORLEAfow. 1 " LOUISIANA ANDiiVEVV TQKK LINfiiOF PACKKT8. For the bettor accommndaitou ol smpppr% h is intended to demarche ah|u (am thia iwit.un.the Jal. 6th. Bth, l4tfb,a0Ui,ati<J 2ilb of each'month, eomnnnchig (lie lOth'Oetobor and eontinuin? "mil May. wheij nWulivr dayn will be appointed fo?tl?S(*r. maiiideV oi the yaar, whereby great delay* and diaappointinuiita will brlpraanmad during the Rummer monthi. The following ahipt will aommanee Una arrangement : Ship TAxOO/CatdAlh Cormill. h * " . ItirSiV^rl'f'SiiS'K&A - ' ttffefpKite&'fci . * ' Ship1 OA8TON'. ?nburinlidthem. "" ' i6S'8MSfelei{SS,'i.SR'5?rt' - Iti; ' ;; Ship LOWlSAi Captatn MuKWd, 1 ' Theae ihiu? was* all built in tha city of New Fork, azpraaa-, y for phckina. kre'eTTigh* draft '6t WMkr, n'dte recenUylnien wl y ctnpefpdpud put, in mlyr?d)rWd<sr.wilk acnwininodatiaus lor paMMtgars unequalled for comfort. They are cotauiauded by aifrrianekd taaataaa, who will (liakaVrcry urdrtion irgiec1 Jmeral larivfaetion. They will at all timea be towed up and own tiie Miasiiaippi by aleamlmata. Neither Ml* ^nflja ui captninp of Uipne alupn wU' ha *"ii>or?ai,. bin Ipr jhwelry, bullion, precioua alone.*, ailear or platod war*k or filr aay lawnra, barrel or jwchage, aenlby or. pnCota board of thein, iialoaa regular bills ol lading are tokcu Jiir Uie uim, anl the TaluothwreoQ'eapretadd. 1' " ' rI St CO.,'S? South *<.,'or HULLIN k WOODRUFF, Agent in Nnae uriatns. wno win i>rouipuy lorwaru an ?uocu 10 Bit u atiartssc. Ttic ship* of thu liue are warranted to sail punctually' as adYartised, /audiswat.Oftra will bt ukrato-haYe Umi toed* corraatly measured. iq4 ?? 1- I VA' ' iwg MIL? STEAM NAVIGATION 'BETWEEN ANTWERP i.ii ? I AN 11 NEW!, YORK, VIA?SQl/TJLlSlPTOy. BRLCHASr STBaVTEK ftlTf TIRH QUEEN. .. , M.. &l. kea.ik, comkamihi. The daya of departurs of this wiil-kupwu Steamship, have bseu fivea u follows : From Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York, Oa 4th Mav. lS4t. On 7lh May, I"t2, Oil 7th June, 1812 iDw- lOtlt July, " 7tli Ann., 7tk Bapt. r." ""! Bet*- " , 'fit Oct., !' Price or inUjago; meals not included, to Southampton or Antwerp. * *** Tlir meal* will fee served ou board, on the plau of a continental hotel, i|i the best manner, mod at tied and moderate pa-iccs, passengers being only rbarbed when partaking of 'V *atnr. , . The prVe of pbssafte to either 'if the above ports can also be engaged /f (Tpfe/rad. with meals and steward's foes included for $t?7 62,4 cents, eicliisire of wines. An eiperienced-SuriteOa accompanies the vliip* For freight or passage, or inv further inlnrtnarion, apply to . , H. W. T. A H. MALI. A^. nta, . a22 6m*f1 ' ' AI Beaver street. IMPORTA NT'TO WKSTEKN M^CTHANTS. RELIANCE I'OBTAJSiE LIU IN BOAT LINE For the Transportation 6l Goods between Philadelphia and Pittsburg. This improvement in transportation* 10 Western Merchants peculiar advantages. The goods bring carefully packed in the hoAU at- oar .sr.grobouaev No, JIM MatWrt'sirrtt.-are <*alt rigd over the Columbia and Porlaue llailways jrilho.if transhipment. OdVeftn taptallts anlfCV wg Air employed, who pike enarge of the good^n FJulsglrlphie, ami continue with thasir the entire route, thus avoiding delays and the liability of lots being separated on the way, N.B.?-Passengers forwarded ts Pittsburg and rwUvirte, every day, Sundays excepted. . . _ ^ 1 ?' IE StORltS, Agent, ' a!2 7m* , ; ... . , p. r . .. .7 Waslungton street. ,. IJ-H.OAU NOTICE. mArket a no freight i.ine. VTMIE NEW JERSEY Railroad an.' Traii.f>rt.?t?ou C'.mA piny have VstaDlitbAtl a FrPikM 1 ne "lir'twren Nrw Brunswick and New Fork, which thry intend to run permanently. 1 - Leasing New Brunswick at 5 A. M. daily, (Snndays excepted) aud-tbs foot of Liberty street -Now York, at S P.' M." To country dealers and mcrrhanu the above hue is very ds irahle for -tnc speedy and meap fdnteyance of merchandise of every description, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealers in Live Stock, w ho can have liO head of cattle conveyed between New Brunawick and New York, the saint day whenever namrwA..! 1 .:i .. .. .. - . _ The rates (or the transportation of cattle, horse*, mules, sheep, hogs, for. nod aH 'ether kinifa-of merchandise ire Very low, never exceeding steainboaj prices. Merchandise srnl y rf.w fin- s nrtt subject to any ettira cliajge in crossing the Nortli Riier. The Company have fitted op a Urfce storehouse at New Brunswick, adjoining the Hail, -ail Dc|H>t, which will always beopen fqrtb* nC4i| lion nf nieivbsiidi*.-. I'v.-rnigrrv purchasing thins tickets at the ticket offices, will, receive f.-rrveie>ler?s gTVtl,. '* FREIGHT AND PASSAUE TO PITTSt , AM1UA. mmim a. Bl.NUn Ail S L IN *" The propnetom of Binxham's Tianaoortation to Pittshu-g, give notice lu the Nlercliants of New York, Wul aJt oth'-f persons shipping to the West, that their line is now in active operation (j .ods consigiu-d ty them (or tent to go iq their lie., 1 wilfbd'TorWahfCil with i!es|f*ton. Owners of shippers nf g.*>da, destined for the Western States, who have no e.geut or consignee at T'lttihnrg, will plfW f<iM8a iMtl pooh id William BilpMAii, Pitufcurg, who will aiiend to inippiifc all audi couaiftimequ without d?lay. V liAjWU^t* mvkad dwtinctly on turn packaga ! fun *wa uf fraigkt, which ar* u Inw u any other lino, apply o M W.M. TYSON, A*?tu. No:g-Wo?t atraet, o|>poii? l*i? r N6.t, N. R. N. B. r?Mt'Hgen l.trtvariji d to PiUlUirg Mid PoltaTille.tvary day, HundAy* etcdptr'd. Refar to Jl? Crook*.. American. Far -Co. ; S. T. Nicoll Front Htii-at : Plwln., Dodge It Co., Fultnii atirrl ; Smdam Sage k Ciwt Wm. fUahi?,'T)nrfo<< It On, N-wirl; ti Jin PKOHUi* 1,1 x K F<' I; A Ln.VNY, /dSk And intermediate placet, from the Pier foot of Ctm -"r-iV I rntftlandt Itrrel?Fart i|. !fpg F Tt, NORTH WU.RK A. Captain M. II. Triii idoll, loan.* aa a'.nee on luetday; Thnradiry Mid Saturday aftrrn<*>na, at in'clnyk. , For paaadtf* or Creight, apply on board.or to P. C. P< HULTZ. N B.?All kioda of property taki-u oo'iy^at Itiennk of* rh? owiior? thereof. . i_ ^ m I Or PABHAOEFRQM E.Ntlf.AND IRELAND, SCOTLAND . AND WALES. PERSONS deairon* of making cng* cement* Tor frirnita'to T emigrate fmm the Old Country to the I'nited State* and who in iv WuS to *'rnff fur ilmm T ?]euch ami fOttifhrtabU accornnioJatttma, will,find it ihlertst to iuipl> Jo tin- aulr aenbera, ?? ho ara at all trm"? prepared to mitt ?Ufh airinrimmn u will guarantee aatialaStann. Tin- ?*r*li rompot rg thj? line are allot' (h -Jir.l claa*. one whirl! iMiyeaLieotiat i a,, U , i "ii 'in -rit I , ill deli, i' tii" fir* or' ' nh-irk ttnm r*' oa i- 'I'*-I A . ha* irw iva In n eo . .oi *rv rtith t! u In-, oiien thn?u ttli ij-ftrril?tliri" naming ill, u>c paasaai-ntnum m ifr funded, without ?nr deipttliin, IV-tng. per at->in t ,fo i.J th< . ranou* imrta ?if Irrlntel ami Scotland, ran likcwiae Ik aetared. * , For further particular* apply to SAML'EL THOMPSON. Old Eatuhiialied Pr.nK/f Orti^e, til Prill It., Otto C. fJRI MSHAW A CO. { Onrre f'rtr/.**, Livtniool: fc* aay amount, i-aiiuuewiau he furniah'd oti the National tl.rnk of lirlaad. .Yor'.lirfit IVnkin* o.. Narwreal taanoot Semi uin, iMyrtint! at p.i tnetr irtrx ctirr braiirhea; alan, on R. C. Olvn Ik Co., Banker*, London, and c. Orimafcatr it Anerponl m:i IiP'p A&jr- K( IK HAVRE?Tin inprrinr French bur A ItIintIVVEDE, Ca|itaiu Oirituilean, will he prmntitly du* LM4lb;latched. For freight it aptdv pi mil " BOYD Si MINOvEn" Jill, 'i Tmililir Ruildiiut. I'AiJCt.'I's |it?R IIAVItl. -S.nmd W.-Tic tJmVahi|i ST. NICOLAS, J.din II. Pell, nv>Or,will >.ul SUbar1" thr Ua June. - BOYD k 111 NCR EN, A*ent?, ' mJr X'g. 9 Tontine Btnldlnr. ; jj <i j/ ?i:-ni /Qj( I' NE / ? ... i % lot,;, - ' ' 1 ' .mi tin bits . ... _. , j i . i ^?i?- i. ; , ___ : ;c _FujtiVnru.RK....; GEORGE W.[lAWSoN, ~ jff \o/t4(Ui.antl JUtati and General F*r~ .,,.1 ithipg ft arthouxt, No. I,~ L hulhani ftrteL car* ,, ' ner of Ihiant strtH, New York. \\ btj khep* for sTf?rt. 1.1^4? emotl'meni of tliv? fnllnWW* iiiK articlesni.: Siil?l??..triU. Bureau*: riudstt^s. C*?(% , Ja Its, Churn*, Office an.] Police Desks. VK?i? ( ist's. Bdot He*. Gerpeta, Uil tiut>i. Mkiwjj J?U rlH ImM, 'Wmfc ?i*f loilet Tabies, latnlje, Bateau B??L-?U'4vU stuff-Bu*??M?, 8afe?; ||q.' 1 '1 ??' 1 i * l**v a*jiL *vui??itV \V|?Nvi*i Ai*,l ipnri I, new and socoild namlea. i I Apl Km itiucl.-. are ufliircd tm the publfo u'ikry low price*, rerioiw tn wakt of mm article* wyul^i ?..,j u l? the r arfraMBge ,to u>ak* all *i*rly rail at <*i? !*>? e.ublijh > : t. . h S liiipiir* order* pnnoniaWy attended til ahd racked on the ho le*tB.'lioe, a,id On rtaaauchlc lyjnw. ,M\ttr?s?*?. Beddrtc, 'SCt. lor ntliftff out Vc&ols, donstantly on hem). '" A 1 oedera ta<l?fiah*?eie?lAblnhnientv?iH Ik pdnetually at" < let' ed to and thankfuLl) wcritrd. : , , > B/?The hiah.vtl pliw?' vnllKe **irVfi for SbeH'mf rtand r in litufr, end (jtutlcqi<LU'*aufl Ladiee' ca*|. alf CluLhunt- I I -a: l 6m* r G .UU ^ITF iPl'-E. TIE Subscriber would invite th?^ attenUivu of. those to ptln^ei^ article*. fntMl* hiilih****, to his " Tm ? *rt\i :.\t*r* ytH U? Uy hnstbJ e^?*ivWir?i beinjM^rely^rtirtoali-^f Ale >. r.mdsoinc ncTi Kilt Cornice* tor window*. Poles and. UH' \* ; together mill Dunajk (Ullootu and Tuitili, *i?ff<e%TTy artn !u aturhrd i?> curtains, which will be made inU*u kbiu-l i"jS U. I'akialfai aUeuUoa imiJL W ty.* Atuu? up of Otiotiuas, Kiit screens, and other ikucv miici***. With rinbroidt*red '!? Pest y. t. -WASHINGTON MKBK* d r. r,m SIS Broadway, m tt (lot LhmiuUi. TO!Kitprwt-*wffR7TWv rihino. iiAV;; iraraSs-' ? i ?1 and Nmuc.l litotrdtneRl.Caatr Mwuifarturmv ? ) Water , . .(re. I. Ivtw YAik. CI ronometnr hot.i < ) not. wrlrk I,.<lti., bhiwfnatel', tbrrmirrttUter frame., .|n*drant, i-risn'. ...reryor., sural uMn^Uli Aran mg instrument v , m l peeked in a near style ? timr piece, clock, gin., ?,yl pia.yl rjp^a.of d?*<*ir'i?n; dague. rotype amwrn!-;- v.^'Me.i;, m.: .neat*. Inrrayort rod., of 1 any engtbmd iirttdrrAd' kmi/ei' fancy work, made of tlie htjf Wlff,e,V?4,mii k* jwtoMtr- V'tei..,, -x /. v.. ?. , K pdlriAjr nrtVwy rs-,^,-ip:i -n - * -tcntdd with ' atne.a, puitcr taal ty . nfli^patoh;'TV-AM-. jt-Mflh.Hif'and kkrlllinih|j. r M snul'actorii a l.i, Tn/;Vc?''a?li iiwnkli.aiuu^nl, bwnraeii DA* . Tar i tree! and I'eck ?lip. Kmnrvri. ' 1* 1,1 Mfaini. B.i8aO. fW- hu?\i if Water aireot and Bin M . r"f>4-V '" , >1 . Onmi>t,'fJ>Ta>rl .trcettl 'i nHJltjao N] XV STORK of Rldi Cut arid Flain (llkal, N"d. 'ft John'.y, lexLduel-lonmairr (it Nuai,ki atmea. 8r 'OUytM'V VCX?. have Ui^ 'lytuirtftiiifiiriat thnia Iriond# and lie fkbric, that thrjr arc qt-cntng the above .tors, ythfie tl.?v j?an Titm R lanJe aitd heautlftr iirfontntrr.'t dt *0 d-^rij'tiour ??Ui h a. rwlrnl ami ball I unie,. all eraniildtet'ptiWalatn, lit tkK man. facjocy. wifit-fV hy Urn poqiiuyiM<VRiou ?i' .thnir idvi|i, N*> ? GoJ' tre't. WhoTaaale :uid retail?oity.aud couinry trvle-rall good paekadtrrkO In aby part of the atanjtry?all an rein match to p i In rue. flmn ball at S5 Jnfttv.tibev trr? ltife " OH IN A KLASTjIX 1/ 1 EARTHENWARE: 8A5TOR HOU8E.-I'rtndh Porcelain Dinner Sfertfcel,' U piggea, . .. j . , . i . .... -i - I. (HM Whit i Graaita,, u d? , 111 do. la )M>. Fron h.'ol tngli*h Porcctain Te.t SeU, 3* do -.dCHI II.u.i ir Plata., French PorcalaiO, lief flrtzhh. 1 91 ' 1 ' U . do , . liranile. htue or whua, Ai I'M'Sotlp d*. ,| Franr^i Tnrcylaip, . . do . |, i 3 Off I Do do Granite, blue or whito, do 100 Tea lup. and Saucer!., <2t piece.) K/taCh P?ftoTa(iiifc 1 JO Kkw ' lie. do do. ST' o. .1 i . ? i..... I .,1 l.i t .1 Cut Vinoj. per dozen, from ,1 JO " Do rurnwMu,5 'do d.y * ' ? 2 do . Cain, nadeai, luuidied, 1 - Al "vr " ' ' S 2JT Taai.t Chti IRT. , .o<io Of h? finest di.cripliulu, in Hfe or dyztu*. at th. )pw price of $11 thai let. Juaf opened, k liatJaome a*.'oitmetit of Toilet TTare . " Rj 81MPBON. >>'. Agent fyy Out laje of btmpeoa'a kUu Cornet., lor Aa relief of deatinssa. ^ 1118: l'h^c_ fTP ft'A P H A miw A RK' STOR V TH - ttubwriber' -is now ob"iiint Iris 'Spriaf'aiipply ' pf 1 1 ARDWARK AMU CL TLtRY i*M per 'Ut? *i- I mali ruts BirpHti^feio *pd St)<#*ULi T*ff?\Uu;r with a U9M? raJ a*? >rttabtA 01 byuiviuc utwi". fiiucn he u preparrd lo of ttsi lie very LOwRHT CASW PRICES. Thi attuuliou i?f (/unnWy liurclianu-, Builder*, Cabinet Mate i, Uc., u solicit* J to so viaiuiiialiou of hi* stock auil jvicaa a* '? W eonfidi nt lliey will tiiiJ il la tlwir ,imory?t to far it linn with a call. ' . ALFRED F. LAjORAViF. ' a , $ !r>m jfwWHb SH&iki 1 Cpori a Otue: AVip?a -tutarwrtc' a*.# ft mi nt of WrhanVc*' jvj. Jspva^w.,**. t ^ r DRV GOODS a, &c. RII BONS & JLAQES, CHEAP. THI BVBSCjUJlF.R hat and is retxriviba fj-nm aactipo X ill 1y, !llhhan?'and Silk*, WMch'lie wnl *^l wholrawe or rl'tail, at a re*r uniall advance on auction' pricw: Count*)Millii -is will nail it (o their advantsue 4<>i call. at the very (ewe. prior will in v.-iris bit-be fixed. I.ares and lid* iu* tailed u low's* the lowV*t Thread Lures, of beautiful patterns. Craiw Liaaa, Buckram*, C?w? Lire-p*, Ac." (. Jfc. J> DRUMMOND, ' al<? I n* . _ 309 (hand. S II I K '1'S. OHI1 TS mailr to order. after the mott approved French he fit* inn*. (i r ml e: 11 m N uarineHt* of all description* made to qrder [ llie thortett untidy. Urn lepicufa FfiruulunK Store (7 and 09..Maiden Lane, corner of Wi liam street. a2.'. In-r 1 TYir.UAM COLLlVS. ,TI1 : SHIELDED VICTORIA SI AWL AND DIAPER PIN. AN .W Snil itni-ortaot article for tire in the nursery and asa lai citsac ta lathe<' slutwli, cloaks, kc., ptiVhten in the lliitri St*(r* atH in F.lirnpr, (V?r tale, vtli'il.aili;, h* W. H. CARi k CO., IS6 Pearl aV*rt, New Ynrit, and by the paten. tec. at he'manhfaetory, 14C Jay at; Brooklyn. 1 hr? id sad imrdle stores, and dealers in fancy articles, *npplieil o i liberal term*. ' wilt lin-r TROY GOODS,:. . '. AUR nnlv depot for the receiviu* of our Trrry Shirti<bnsnmt " aht collars, in thi* City; it at ."fit: DO Chsthih* at reel. Cansequrn Iv all <)ur?o?ds mltet he received hi-iw, bafbr- yt-adj-fctf 3 atiiht ;ion t9 t^e many principal dealr/atJiroiuchoattbe rateaial conntri . And we would attain rrcommt-ml ih.-*e dealers in the cnuutr) , lOeendtheir ordeil To Ut.'in ptefCtence In i-sirchasmi; m the i grata. ' .4.. I wrt tw-l ST^AW KJOODS. , T, I KNNET^T, inr pnrtar. and.manufarjairrjof Italian and i I iKiTifih Straw (T-ods, rr.tprctfuriy Inform* lija i; u s t" m t rs that he m* rrmorrd ttls last iMliltmenl fmm <{i Williurp ami K Piatt, t JO John atteet, where h? rtwstirme* to- keep a epfendid ami rat naive aaaortnirtit of ladles' fashiiinabte Straw, (hexta, Kwim-Ii uid Kucli.h Uussublrs, Italian Rutlanda, fine.Tuscan, Fancy I, l"riuce AHJciA 9traws,?fcfl tie. Also, an eotwely ?w-w article, the White Siberian Hait Boniirt. for the uinini r?it turpaaac.v all the.alyles aa. yet intra* dur.-il. I rinf catremi ly lsatht, beautiful,-while and durable, , m2t I r*tw _ _ ______________ TO TH E LADIES. ' IfArtl IONAILK VILiJWKRV (iOO!XS.-Thf jwiirif" Mi** S K ! ^ r. : .ii^} i? r ?rthc crlfjinilf <1 GaH Jviuf. tbffrr* f< *al* a xnt?f ' : ui?i lusorimcnt'oiM|lliDery GoimLi. ?r *.''vr - t*t vmrntt&t<J "the irntb lb'. I- -'I .i> i? ij ar11 luJiki <11*1 chwqMMC of tin* armies 1 T)i<- ass irintrnf ecii'<.?t* Mie f?Howing . . ?. Til* c hbrare.i ' Ms MA T. t M.T.M) CAiPOTTF. D'ORLF.AN ' as worn bv 1. tti'lr O'fMfil*,' of* Ffditrr7 !*HtVD SILK, J VLHt I V MW AND ORIGINAL ' 8TYLI And Lj?u J.i do?An entire jie.w tllic v... Ilau cal < d ' MODINL CAP' MTIA ELSSLER < ??> PAME.' - " Sami; mud Euclnth b A\( V STRAWS;-of tha fhi*?ttc* ,'iii j treat rarity. J : ' Th? F npriHreni respectfully solicits th? ladies to ftror h*r , with ac: II. 11*1 * run in* brr'rl caul and earfei! stbrk of Millinery f? r themselves. before tiirv piirelrase elsesidier*, a* h will he i creat saving to jlmui iu juice and agiaatadsanliiKe u regards I iu farivt) and iiualltv of the goods. MISS S. KING. Sftgatina 3e Modes, _ipH In * < < . fcB'y Btiiaunay'. MILLINERY GOODS. SNARL KING. the weH known cad relehrcrrti Millinery atid respeetfi II)' begalrirl .(a Aunuuhce to the Ladies that he hae on hand i inoal splendid and fashiiriatde assutrmeat of Ladies' . Straw M I Silk lUta i The Straw (lata are Manufactured to a moat ft., I with Oil i*\-ei?J?e and i Swiat Klnre armiid the fnmr. The braids ill re Ilau arr made or it of the mi?st elegant patterns,I trie AU>. t Straw in particular as patronised by . i tP'rF.N vif TOJirA. Theslth le|?artmcnt it conducted trv the must iny.'ni.iin and I tut) mil inert, not to be rijuajlad. The ailVa are of die-newest style ,Trr It iiujiortrd. Trimming *l?| Klowera. to correspond. 1 Tttoae w m> wish to mat Mr* themselves inay call at Nif^#; I anal, n. ir Broadway, ?nd 17 Division strr rt. N. B. - Hut Paris lliblmns and French Fb.wevs, are of the latest at) e, and can be purchased at either rjf hie establishment*, at whole! tit; and fetail. On teasonabl. tinn*. m|l In. < ;THK GHK'AFEST AN 1)1 BEtJT A SSOI iTMENT oCt iff. tint: t* he found in the ( its', is at ft J, II. LOUNSBKROfct O.'S V* ?*r|e-l Warn Kooiiv. ttd Pearl trn-t where will be offered tin a week a most splemlnl anortanri I of Itiunsela, three fly, In.r.un end Vi netiaa Car pete. Flu r Oil,Cloths Tmnnfarrnt Indian Window Shides, togesliev i ith every oilier article in the csrirt 'rue, at the In is wit jewiihUs i ice*. J. II. LUl'NkBKHCkLu . m!7. Isv s*c till I'eaal atreet. _|fc i BOOT'S?LA rllST ' FRXN< fl \ I.r.i? i'I,.- i v BOOM "CP'f V'1 of U??* tint* quality *f l^rrin'W GrIi !?IlH '".a* y^'.^yK tff|' !rRa"iy\l)!' [*r?re?.? iiHirr?*Yr? i jfjio in tlu- k?ibii of r??) iiil ? ic uit ' t*.nr* * '*,r nfrfior nr^cK'a nr?* r^qufffTei) to r*'i 11 an') tu- cd*Dvhv ?*<1 InM liM. i irif'ArA from ten to-rurntv per I.e-Jov.'otlfer >Uij( tin r i iit*Uhfcorhr>o I Drawuui ukt t <>( iXt, 4I?I \ I It I f J^Rtl k??,4 (or CiUlOmef, tile I e MllO ttitfaculty niL-etfio.' i.hfifffumtt* y^tMv fit. , r.?!?d!T' Ivofttnu.l, * Imt W?rt?n#nt nf fWihlwfVlf* r?"?dv rvv'TH fVt,i?v,'nm,7"f d'J' fWP bOLLARA FIFTY f I.N I H ro SI VJlOl.f.ARM; Hall Boota, Oaitera, Shoea, l'it,mp?, S Ippen, at etinallv low jiriena. JOHN L WATKlVsS, ill Fiilton at., lU'tvTfpn Nuuraim^ Dntfh tfa >: H I' 1 PtllfTEU OA ITERS of alfco lor* ul finum.n; hrefi.h honta and p iieitr I jther ?w?'S. ? '* '* *dJV rV " an<l r?nif?, for hoj.nn.l hildr I' 'I' D; a.;.l buy.* I h???i (V.iin $g 7 i 51. F.I .III mr it ft |an'. Metis shoes Ti to Ids anil Its per fW. B s iiuals >1 us 7.) rents and pi, and Warnnte.l a,rod. Xi-idlci. 11 ?si? ind emldrr lie1 iraitet hoots, huckskinn, sealkiH. sho ' difls ri of ell colors and or. 1. latest faahK>li. tlr.s, bn-kins ai I .lips. I.i I'.-ut 1 to hi. c 'Ml Is lipjM-ra. Cnuiii and ?re .1 .00 .Lisuriiin'Ul of th. alniv.- arfiHi at <* t anal street cornaf "f Bioa.lw >\, and it X*j l.'.nwl it, nmth-w*?r comer ?. ' llchlaon ?l s-ei at'WalkeCj mil lm*( , my A vBTYeNINO s? HOOL r-Tb? Bcoutarr of tW' a/ >||,? I Mha.ltis and 0'IJohrity ja I>ow0g?? ftvr the recede linn of |iu iU, at lid Suwery. Ml lm'r VV V 0 1 | ' ! >.,?. V-lll'l lit 1/ .4. VI.:' it*'-H r. ri 1. } I : .. .i./, f. .. ? v'EAV YORK, MONDAYI 1MWRT.WT \i;\\K KXIKAl I;S [ BKrH'fjHT ItY 'I'MP. ; A C A. 1) I A ST E A M E K ;,).! -f >-.)? ,> ' ?.. mi *?in." ''it. its . ? .?? Ilmt '>lA.iTjstY'4 .*? VI tJ ft.w,.?Th v following, ao1 tic- ling hv.Mi iAmijd.luiiu niaJabciiuih'n. <>il co : ?,y All niej*Ay.-' "tydcd to ii?'" uall at Duukt j ; ing lain ralnitodvn.iV Utb bf?\L*y? *n ^punted t* ^>1 t-ar aa di-ouanw oi briudi nntiiuiae;ir?-. bailies J hoi n? w'?6*?r-|>liui*(?'or Ursitii. < iotwlemeu to apftMf'j I ( oritnoii', luthdrat, oil Mrtl Qwm'drew." '"rr'"i '1 ' *11 k Rov.u. Mashi i:.?lL?r Jvlajesty'ii, " Ma>iuc'v i At] 1 (-ymrmocHo be the mlmg toyifc.' Her. ' t lui.- signified beY^,iHy?K>eniua!?i>n tUal i;y.t;h f*uIpu ier of'tlu' t'lArhi'4t.-auiilJi;l(r,iu? l>cr Qini.baf?iiit,l i obi rt,t,6 ,f^iy lvHfto Ji<Miuig;ii .lujidwanl and 1'hiliw*1. I un ui iVw cMuujo ot uucli eporb ?? tie* may wnr * I the nwe<viML llnnr-Mvorn kmalim ?iid d.inlru,-' The'l mo -t to ilic epbinlor ?i tin* |u#c. nt mt the IJrii ot May Will be the I'qtirr dl'.lfelI to ,al I ItjdwJ*, the Ihu'lie*, "of Oalhbndjt<>. SVt| Jtoful 1 light)*?*, witUchara^tefetlc?p$a Uslp,,him. ;vdi pwd tftg Ayi^e ilit iHotagiie(l Xl|'? CO* lite W<?l UhuaU&iL, aud"is p -eja-n-odau^utitMy,id volume* wjth oil 'it* irigiu^l grau4M??d-MpbMidor, nud iu tit a mimrreMt dct lii, this celebrated beauty bavins brought iho luri est prtmnoe of Kranee as'nYt'netS'saiOh tb tile Fri Iioh iwWti/ond rftiffriotl 'fflR'MtUVtfc Hto *>**& rwii n9 df tlfai great'hbuntly. ThX'bo^niivu bidi^s, nr.- uc?| 10 uiit- oi iuv iiiu.m N.-;v.mau; .. liu ctuv.urac. .per D(JW f)f French annals. kc- i cor ipauy her 11 oval II i;,'linens, most o| t(icw wear-. rng the cis'tinJieV pi' The ?rcp( ijiijujtiuips <U .Uie. Cm rt <if ph^rlcs% lU.auJ liiiti suocesi-or.- U'e ?lu not ktm-.y wAwJ costume her Royal .11 iglunwafs eon. sor will waur.put the cimracU r o>'ih" fltulvrtirt,1 ehi ;drUi.knight.and liiiul-b?Hrted?fovl!,reign/ Louis XII wouldneeH-belit him, noflwly inlhe ^petflcTea,. hut n th* moral similarity-iff dttnbsHfon pn'd hiifilhjAir mi? the rpHejjt Oflu'r JyOykl rii?tm<*e. w,ilj.h-,i fori icfl foiKf tntn\i>ie^./iuiUi'iUc(i-Tr'ranch, German. 'Bpa [ii(?H, irwl Mian/ ,w's Item than their excellent ies the French Ambassador and Arnbmwidresn ltav joined wifb bar li uyal iji^baess, umJ, no doubt, wil eo|iti;it>ut'cAM halfow fot'iiiNMiiuey-af.tone of the nob !e#t,)o>'uJ 4ttiu?? that *.T?*r bore the sceptre #f' Sr. huitidi 'Jfkejppuuloss of .forkey! <ws hear, da to wet r tlte poettltno which the great Medlfi, fty jhV 'asc ndanev of Hwrc taste ami theitho VCT'r,'fei^Jcfe(j mo i mdh thu rogue in past ages, ah'tfWhkhiWarg the 1 sffttip the'Mriksid' Hdfiire" from which it flowed. AH nese arrangements would, however, Io*? .their 1 An in wryouis'ot, thdh>yyi dud iutltt. ' mm liftFW Were irlji^d! lftM,'rp/uce, expected, 'that cuc1l,purty vyilj ^endeii&iwut,w>iiic gueu p<jii*t, ami thits proceed ti> flic.'".AJa?ipw.7 ,ltis, therefore, exp< cpid. >ve .repe&t ,:lkat JJer Mu(#t<y, seated under" a 05 iopw, will receive the bright squadron* wity thei iwpnnitfcogriwnncrHwthey arrive, and thAt, ' the? , as soorrak they-hard "paid "their bj&'elk^ii^'fo. 'tnyi Ity,-will life Oil rigb' atlddp^t. fp^tuisi-d seats i'u '"tlf^ 'resChce CftAthjber, gjid,'tp"their tprp bcxiouau,. spp< uhftjhj, aftcfbejMjisiuhi, hi Ujie.umuic scene? ' 'tit)ti , at)litst.? tbt' lniiUitnt:iiao'^mJ)lag*.lker.ig.complete,' the i uaurilLes, uud'-r. their separata loaders; will otirc niOr ocoapy-ihii floor- lleside*>thl*i oiingorhtchrs ?T I I'ajl r.titlv pre urganixiug ipiHdrtLfos, of which'i-acl of rlie.pitirt|igra is to wear same uniform "poeriliar resB.. -U'e never knew curtosrty in liratrerfc bfr' plea: uW nrore intensely OxeitH: Tnitritrojected (atnf,' now Jelermmedj iWHms been r"CeivPd byaTrol^s-ep , wit! general acclamation, JttlrtUierihii Vs'it will, 'not i tiW to tha jdeasnres Of the great, bdt'to the xtr. Wotir crbf- fhrindnsti'iou.s.?Maniing Po^i. ? Lan ES.liBKhSE#. A* JJUB Qt-JiKN's DltjkWIMO' MoOW. Hi u. ilAJSsrra.a-A net dwwa ?v*r white sutirl,etc." ganl y triinnittd ea tablier with' blonde and ntnk roses; the lmdywnd"sherves onHRienred with dta-1 nion Isand blonde- train of vfhite irtlh, richly hfocto'ue 1 in silVetl'Cof Sjufnifi'dd.- inanutVcfuiR,)' lined, with whiW safin, ah'J lrimiiied with vh?plcts id pink ruse ITcadJreso, fealltws,, tli-uuonds, and Uppct?. ., ' * ' f i e 1 ha:hiss on. ('/ iR.?White ner dre?!' pvgr whtta satin, richly trimnicd with blontle - train of ri h hrocarlad satin (rVrtabreldA manufacture.) ileal drew, emerald?, diAfflO'U'liS, and fe a the re; nvck-, lace tnd eartifi^S'to cbrreypou'J. _ Ti k rntNrnks At iij isrA, CAHotiuiE.? \y,hiu? net drr.-; tritdtned with flowers.; a splendid silver tr?in (Sjiii iliicldn jnauufuetiire.) lfo. iddreHc, diamonds fcutb'ru, and blisniiu Uj>|ietc. j;r -iikss of SiMv.KsKr.-^Habitde Conr, cmnpotti'd pf a vhitc satin dress; richly etnltroldifre'dt'iii cd! Ip.Cf.d chettille nnd'Rnld :>riu?iu'ei9; iiiapteuu of white satin embroidered to corre-j.onil : hotly and eleeves f profit *Iy' 6rnauienled with c/iifly i]i?inpnil{<. iicadt. dress ostrich plunie,i;ol<l(lerul|e lath'-Is/and tiara ,.pl in ignitkenldmnioiuls. , " |)r uxMsur Si; isieim.ano?I treirf. and tunic of ridh | wl&ti suiin, festooned with birds ol paradise*; (>eAh ! and rufllws gfmlgre birr trnirf of White silk 11 agnifirently embroidered with gold nnd coral. Jres.4, fc&TlKfrk and guipure luce, luppyts, 'oraft-, tnenr , c|iuiyoudn, , i ." , , . . ' .JJi tjKss oF/jAn^xuF ?Tniin of. tyey satin trimmed ' rim liUck Ui-if, black. Ijica. tucker .-Hid ruffles pettjc int.of. wliite -crap# oaler satin lloiinerd with hi nek lace and festooned with toonqaeta ofarurientia. I lead J reap, .feathers and black-lace .lappets-;ornament; , diamonds-and peada. ' I h i truss of IbnyRitmite?-1Train- ?rf rich- black 'satin rimmed with botidirots of tnlle arrd bouquets of au icnlas', ltiountcd with silVer;bfack lace, tiick-, er, ar :1 ruffles; Midk,|ftcepCuicoat over *at;n,.fus-. tooh'-1 willi bptipieis of aufiqu]a*.. I leaddresa, fentherp nnd. U<;e hippo's; oniajitejils, necklace ami eftrcjt its.of diamonds. ... -iV t , . J)r( Hfrss of Rkdkokiv?A black train of rich grow d!Atri pie, elegantly trimmed with bugle fringe and let qri ninents; I'oinpadour ilress-of mile noir, richly fri mined w ith bugle and jet trimmings ; corsage nnd .atopi.ncher uf ivostl.v.diaijioudai IlendJrcSf. liinmonds, ft-ail re rs ati 1 labels ; ornaments, 6ui>erl diartionds. .. l)(-i it*** of htrrvi.fvctr? A mnntrnti of'ri<-h fitrtggned itink satin, lined with white saiin, trimmedwitii I loud lac1,.ami ncbly ornamented with, emealds ai d (fiaiiVdncT* ; three petticoats of illusion tuller over t-liite satin.(mninnmred fcith a w'reith of diamond: and cine raids, llejiikirosa, w biteostrich fea* thcrs < nd diamonds. Lac i Pfkl?A dress composed of rich, pink war tercd i ilk ; Train lined with satin and trimmed with tulle a id rtbatrd i body and sleeVes riehlv drnamcntt-' I with. Brussels tare-1 dress- (A pink crepe Itssc oyer w lute satin, I 'I ujfte. of feathers, Brussels lace lappets ; Jvarls and diamonds. l-.^ii i'ls*>rWA I'ers ?>f beautiful tulle,'em-' oroide "d with silver, ovef a rich white satin petricouti rimmed. with tube rosea in rid silver coral ;. > tram of rich white moire, trjmiiifsd wijffi tulle, tube roea. ind silvoV coral; cardinal bertlie of silver blonde, Headdress, bandeafi' of diamonds And jiearb, ostrich teaiburs and lappets. >. Lai> ltrxikrex?('ostntne de qo;ir, a verv rich violet velours de Lyons tfain',trin)nied ,witn very liandsc mfe Brussels luce, and looped w ith bouquets of pennee.i and diamond?, and lined .with very rich wlutr i mire groq de Naples; corsage rp eourtrim-' lnc.l w th benutiliil BruMsels Igce and houqudts of, penseei nrpj diamonds; a very rich white moire poult d-' sme dref*. trimmed with a Houfice of Brussels lac c, loopfd- with boHqueUaml pernors nnd diamonds] IleinidreHs, plume of feathers, rjch Brussels lai e lappets, nhd diamond*. Lain < !^i.os?iit??Iiicluw Kite satin dress,elegantly frijnine] oil tiblier with fine point Iner, pean* and diamonds; a train ,pf super b-purple. Vejyet, hticd wjtli w lite satirv and qrnnmetitdd wiili tine Brussels ;>oint I. re auft*i>parls. With a'magnificent diamond torrnac ler. Il^oddress, Hitpfrbdiajnioods, feathers, nnd lap s*>a ; or^ameutFi diaititiluh). , Mrs. l-)i?itAKLi?-Monjeau w rhrli satm vert de. nier ; ato'maeher of diamonds; pftticoni rirhly embroidered i i bouquets of flower# ,of ; the whole 4ip?rbly trimmed with rich point Ucf, and looped with diamonds. Headdress, frath t?. tiara, snuwriath* of diamonds. PtrlUmrntary. In th* Mouse of t,ords, on Monday, tlir 18th ulf;, the Kgr! of K ipon moved the secondrending of the corn-law hill. Karl Stanhope denounced the measure as | betrayal of the. agricultural interest, and moved la an amendment that'it be rend that day six, nior lb*. The JJarl of lbirdwieke, the. Karl of Wtncht laea, Tiarl Fitzwillinm, and Lord Melbourne aeverapll Supported the second reading-. T^e llttka, ' <>rHuek inznani, Lord Wei tern, ana Lorjl t'eapmont s oke to opposition to the men* ire. Lord Hr<><itfh. m disapproved hptb of ,the w tion and ihieijtl ent f >,1 a division the number* were,, f,>r the 4c< n [ read inn I Id ; a? in t it I? ; majority for tfv- <-ee iid I'- iding l"2.. Theirlorddliipa then djviued on n eeoml amendtuent moved by Lord Brougham, to he effect that the corn laws ought to lie entirely re enTed, wheni tliorr- appeared for the amendtpenlfli ngauisfit 10ft ; majority against the arrrrndnient lit . Ift'tlie nompion?. f*?r Robert I'cel brmigbt up thy income- ax htH. tju l)v inptioiv that it be read, a, fitvt rim r Lord John RnHtMl deelareil his det-nninotl o|mmii ition to the measure, as being wholly uneallcd f< '.jiolwith-t,indi(tg unfavourable picture whieh ft r|{. f'etynow chonnesto draw of our poji-, teal ex gepntsj ',ffie noble lprd etrpnglv prcwed hla obje lions To the. ftieanqre, a/id tno.yea that ?)ie j)" j^rt iffa'first lime thut daysixmoiulis. ,Hir J,I* W; it reply, repent-ad the usual arguments by *i?< [ .if:. M i :i" vJt '< 0 h( t,n,:~ ?' 1 ' ' iRK E ' . ,i V ' . L-'i T'tri fji'.'tj. il: i'r - ii .(infill J ' U ' !' ;l;t Ml - in II-, | fORMXG, MAY 23, 1842. r -tt- 'IY. *'l"' f vnl wlticb flji^ MflJJaatjJwiS 1>?;hu JwHiilivJi'fJ, Hi*i tiilwhrii j i tw Hoaiv ui itovra- ri -fj^ioiw^pRi' pf w'luvU |#vQr..ufitli?*. iwvRli^t i faiiiu'JW; (jilt Ufut uuU.4,1m-<aficr utotj^li tdjoiw woukl I ?>< better coiJ^itl'Mcd >vli,cu wtiM HH<? ?>>m- i ptittep. Mr. ViJLu?i oinxa-ctlil?e lull- Mr. Kir*. J .said lh:if !u;'sikoulu us\Wrti; tjw. ilftird, rjtn&ii*; tariff* I Uic ineuaur^ Miould (x- grfiqtly luodinyu. Air. Fa*, ii Mujuh?. Mr. mfhr-oirnhf .Mr. 'wdjajftf, M)'. 8. \ find, Mr. rnlxfcn',' npd'Mr: ft upcflo, e^rr^jJ.^Kfir ;?tr<?iMl'<>piMM>itiPn lo-tliii- iiif fifiurv, allien w:u* .lap, v ,Wii?<M?v Mr. Hi.rdy, Mr JjliW Mr. It AkU Cur,' { 'rv.Bad Mr.'KoeWucR. Lord Tbhtl,Ru-*e]l;s#iypiitU , i iriohf w^rtotd by ;ilitiaMit\k M'28S t<vl!$. $ In rh<* Hrtirsrt of r.oixls ofi fk.' Wtn..(Jje>counmltii .$ of |he corn lriwJ hill haMny bnfn prop<Xscuv,La?(l k :.M,.|lKMlrn? inWvejd, u<? -.en. nuii'^lyjictiC .tn'ut. u \ Cjk.jil <16ty on ' corn xvibrid be yiorif prober e I ttHVurif.ll^nSia fri I i*i?rlr? 'fhrin o' .1.. ; --? -> -; ? '? -iWI IJ u?i;n ilivnon tin- amend frit1 rift wa$ by a ntajpr- a iity >l'2f)7(i)T1 Lni>rl HnJuitrtjim tMp.l'r.b^*'dhiji ,v >Solution gainst die iiiijioAjtidn of aUy <(uti?,%4 uii ,p 1|>fM, wWcli Wanlost Hy'4 thajo'rily of>7 tali. if I i fW Lbrd< on tht' 22?r,'mp corn ihijiorla'qpu Liijl, v 'ilO< thH merchant ktu\ faeYof ifflwpve>i|<'^ frill Wfica 1 pit 1 lead a third time and paused. X L \li i ilie-Ccwinionx,ttirth?order of'lhp' fbiyibr the" u net *in I readmit of ihedorome-inV hili MV. titurle* r1 K?il rr deHartnl Lh.ft.PmiehiiHhP htfrf betVife(Jijil|k.|'<r h the inortuiirtv'he now lain, after thuaw v ! id' i t .nimily *nueli??et<v, nlnn h Midi a hill ilia' I flit' Jiitunhllnise of CiWimntrtiilionltl m>t (Vn*1; hifltbi t'lbie liit.veil tlitit it V??? read it t*coOd time;ifrat' it d,4\ ?i*<m;iniii3. Mr. I^vnif tyolcMtr faVofYif n ' y reel nututiaii. an did'alrto Mr. "iVtiUfcy.'Who, nevt'r- tl .Ito'l eotisirtiined'to vdtM nsrajrt-t 'flic ' p .litll, w> ntiiu< rmte were tlio otfcclioriii tcHt. Sir \\r. 5 Oiu , Air. t'liriwi^v trtnl Mri-Smit spoke-against ir.? '? It w uMwippnrmd ity Sir John WniMh, Mr.DMi-rhcli, I mm! Mil Smyth 1. . ?i. 1 f( T tetsecond.rendinniwnncarried by a' majority Of ti !'t5? o7t>. ' if . <'..!! ! p.- ? ''"Ir the Ijords on Monitay, the 25th hit ' the IYimIi fl ^tjplr tsdfltv hill.\w? read n tttird riiite lUill pfr^t-d. 5* M Al r. 1 Imumr tyiftdc hi?Te-HW^i*mntf? ih tre* "rlrttMe' fr , pjf < ointnons ntnicbr conmdreahl HleOriuq form the .jj ,?p(x ritionj'-l On die-motion tnr Roink. InW commit- 'n ii'tpp Nktbe inconir tn*. Mr. :\V'ai)Ac^ tnovfd tMtt ir was more expedient ih<iv?sirr' th'ari ifcme tif t-Jtrlie'11 ft tuier bills than to aminenme tax. 'l,:*ii*,Ii'.l'P<,dY ilft'-V n '<anj)t routing .stato loam-in r'ntie ??!" neacH?, fl*i>ej|prf fr Hid I srittttrdeolstfatioyrj that, indie drtefitilhatlon Of p 'the [oiKimvnt. the income tax nml the inritPWert-' T drtse mrahly connected.' Mr. Hntoie-'Wfit* ttfrtrid "tliAt (1 the i tu-uine tak vrohid ntlil to thtr tiffticnlfiet1 hi thh f| rout tr.y^nnd ww t tlnvjiiped thui the ri'tinMioft* of' "n ' the 1 tew tHiitV Pryn- only1 the B.'Ciiminjr ot Rroirfer' 'ft . clivtt Rtnc.! 'A oiMMtion \tum. rni?'d hr Mr. H: U'rtipi" * r fur t le belleynwndaininetM gf tho ittreiire 'ofper- \< t?>ns engaged'in httiMtios^ Hinite lirotiwtKle'atifl sume'1 ii intpt tfitable, 1 ^Ive^ti|uHy;tbe ruaUur was loll in the >] hitnt a of Sir R. I'epi hyilm linnotHtbWv member fur I a rite urejtent.. , .\|i nvuv]atueiil.ui'1Mr?..Barii?Ht lo ex.- it etn]i foreigfW,dRiiyju?*,,iii<;uiur frolu ttm British fi fiind >, and une,mt tniMU'>?t uf Air Uicankx inifnvor n ' of ti e liol(lyrnpf.tprpiiua,i)le u.nnnitM?.u. wtire neirti- ; t) , . S1 fi v J'ecl^i i d tluttijie would. Iirtmr on .Hie. . tartt' hefurc flurd rcadui^ of tke .inuome lux k hilt ..... r ., ... 1 onto 11 13 .In thc.^tmiujn-, iJJ.rr,lig?il)u?kfioluiliii iwiienrint. tj ,.u re njinttoih vi'tKc income Ui.\.in,,i;utir.of ivim-iis > ^ tNtor-ising; trades ;ttpl; prufiWuiiw,. .the. :nia^urity>' 't-j agitii 1st hring.'A>'i. -to 112 .Sir. GlitirWo .)?af w. * mad an W^aUy (trnsjUfpcarful aiti mpt iu fawoiiot nHtal a id miliary, olfint-'ra, pv-^eiwflg. sutali. ino?tnu? jfor tl eirservtcctt. . , .,, , ...... I.. . ! ! t> -o 111 lie ('vininonsi tim cliartiit.i><:titinn led'l y Mr: .r.'lthncphihr. 'IV waysjaid to liuyy been ^ yigtu :IM ftpwa'rds of tly tje i|iiliigns pfilte, ififjuitii- ? ouy ( lansep. lit c(|itimiliee ,o'ui tTie (i)etu)ie ,i?x, Su .tj r JQL. 1 [>e?'?aid il wa..'flie lirni (letcrnii||ativn ol 40verm rent ttt'itr'rtceea wiflt'lHe tapil ^iiliopt. ^clay. .,] It w is rrt'6Sf dtvihYMV that the inercaflt|Jp. tn|er- ^ I e?ts < ftitv country sluutid not he kepi in tjuspenw, for ,j he h id ho do dm tiiieeriainty anii di'lay cotiuticgd inUle ialiy Io''U'!r^raVute the Jisj't-titii \vl(ic]i existed- n TW1 i?hT liffn. IVii-on'!t th< ti prdcee'ded l<> enter nitu. ?Vi|jr ui liu ii-ciiuii ui w iiiv juUj/L'fiy ux* uui, (| g|iac [attended ihat fib-fnntse-having a^Unnwled'rod thep: iitriiiiA of flie bill to he'ii got^d ope. it yugltt -to-be c.irried out to jts fu|lest' extent'.,. Plie tunaMlrt, t > be iw'nefb-ial in the coanVry, mpk hi u gyue? ! ral oi r. The tariff was if that forwaiyl state, that lie hf lilo doubt ofbeihg nlile to hripg.i). utiflvr the coutn Irfiiflttti AftTtc Koiiuo r|y aft?*r \U? 1 |t?W?e tax hill waa reported. , M( ,1 l\uuc .moved thill j .the f vltlerttl"o'rt ?tb?4t. liecrtlihg in Apri),should be exrit (tWdfrolli (hi tajx", uVfriherwfre. the f.qndh.old- : ersw >uld have hi fay. flie ijifpair tax4,o.??e quarter .. befor if was collrrf-dTj'bm the ,?'>[ 11 tqtiroipinn.- ' nity. Th e < "h a rj e e I lb r' A V the 15xcue<|uej said if they 1 were iotK> heRi'n to fax thedivrdepid.snijtil.liily, tlte reeiflt would be that they would qe obliged io (joUeyti the tii cfroiii tne' fuhdKoidetj tTjFee monthsalter the !: e*pir< tiflB df the tax as apt died jo' o!||cr ida^e,#,. j . liiKin a division,' ' Mr. JTiiiii?; s umtion vyns ivgHtiv. e<J h a ttWijorjty'dF 1{J9 tp fit' Mr- I'*- I'arin? mow I a le'elhtinn to (he erfeqt, that the in- d eotne tax*hyiud not,Tie levipd oil aTiq il.ivvdeittls, deriv* d ft-oiti'tlfefulilijf! fyiiffsby |oi*eigt\eWf'renidm^ . I abrqa I. The <'haiti i Ilor.oF fte Kx$|je<|tjer opposed the in >(ioYl, and s:iiil flint he thought it perfectly Z. right 1 hat a foreigner deriving Ins, pieytnr; trapi ibis j eohpt y shOtihr Ubgallic tii' the ta^. _ Mr. )<gtioudvrr ai,.;>..irted the motion df Mr. Bari/ig. Sir |{<>bcrt 1 eel cohld hot see why forrigneis.&hntildihc ex- (. eliipte 1 fYAih Uiis'tax, or why, they should profit by l the in ptaVerwi-nt'of the Fundp.iu cotiseipjence of thia fa [bAlViit'rt'ttorfcjJ (b. and yet Jjp- exypmted frpm confri lutint' his shah' ol the very inijKist liv winch ^ ' stabili y wn-tfii'veri to his investment! Mr. J. Hume n eoHle: ded that it was a breach 'lif Tailh to lux the funds t alb" If rtt>; tit x was tA l>A laid 'opT'lic itiould ^ not sc whyaalTstrnetion shottld tie tnad'e between' foreig ervhmf Kngtishmerv, and he 'rould m?l', there-, o fore si ppurf the' motintvof Mr. Barih*. Mr. J. A. Smith sintyOrtrd 'hf hiottAn.ntfflie grqbnd (hat wy sliould do notlihiR tt'ilich ~vetn;M h'ilv?*'the cfliici ?t ,interri ptfnq "the ctihstant ftoWof -capital to this J coiintr 1: Mr. Mnstennao rltbtight tii'- foreisrner ooght in jnstice to he tuxKf ab Well "as any ot}n;r e< Itolder of the pohlle funds. After a few bfiserva- ^ tioiisfiam Mr. MJa\^ea, Mr. F. Raring feplied, and ' tne eo iiniixret di vided, when bis fnnlibn was nej?a1 trved iy a imtjority of 2nS to 4<>. The House got as * far ait le HHth elajtse of the hill.' Sir'lt. PeeJ laid ft on the table tne'tiVaty whieh had been coriATiidea bv Iter majesty's governinetlt with" the republic of '^ Bolivii.' i 1 X'olonlnl Pamfngrn' " F Lnn Sfiudey's endyrulioii birt, If earned into law, : * will Ji,we a eerious otli-Af on the etnlRratihn fro til'the Frrsh pt rts, p.-irtieaf^rly as rej; irrN oni* own ColoftSAs. At [ires rnt, when bending a Te^wl with f'fnigACn'W to ' Jf tlie-fn led'Stahi', w?'Aoine uittlei1 tllcif laws, wliSeh J only Jil ow two moiiL- to every frve fonS'rtf'tht'vhssld, ( old me inurement. To British Ametirn we come un- | der oui own laws, whichwllow three.iitfc&lts,to/every five tor?, new hieasurntnj nt ; and two ehildren ttn- ;* der fon leen years.ol agejorihree wntterueren years, J11 .being leckoned hp one adult; and infants nr>e ilot- **! r??> kmifd in tne snrp'g comptemciH ; ?- i?-uj the nur iber of p/o?-eug?rs to trie tonwftf* ofn -hip to 0< Qitabci is About double thnt to New-York, arnd,' 01 thcrefn ?, we are make the pun-ago th'tlie former port projtortiotviblv lower. For inre-ince, a sn ftmilv if silt Persons, consisting of it man-, hie wife, J? and foi r children, of tlie re*j>cctive ages of seven, five, th vC, and -one year, con obtain a piMsngc to m fjiiebci for the sum of ?6; and t|ie lowest rate ifn- ^ der wh of! th'c same family could obtain a passage to 01 Jffw-V irk would be JLTil. No*- as it. is the general'impression among the J.? lower < rdcfs in this country that the I'nited Stums hold on the greater inducements to the settler, the J1' direct ? 1'ecf of the low nite of passage' "to ottr colli- "J nfe-t ifl o ctunnel the poor emigrant to make our- 1. colonic i his choice, -imply bcraUschc enrmot corn- , inand tl e means to transport hinpelf to the Stitos. ''i l/ord S unlcv's emigration hill proposes a further 1 limitatilitr of the ntitnbdr of -passenger* to the ton- I* nage ofla ship, the. oonacquence of which will Ije n Cbrreigx nding advance in the rate of passage to Rri- at tish Am ?ricn. which, if it once approxifnaten to that' N of the nifed Mtrjtos, will tuo?t aswrcdly dctfroy s< the cm gration to roir colonic*. The poor in;in l-' must re nam aJ Jmnie, not having the means of re- hi moving himself to any other eo'untry ; and the man in inori comfortable rlmnnstancSs willmake the " I 'nited :tnfcs his fsleetion; sn Tor. s*A'hrer.-T, f'rriitov,?Yesterday whs what trjyV be itiiv ! a grand (h'monstratuurnf tic strength . of t|le |s liti-- ?l body culled Chartists. A'ccoi hog tp the instruction* issued to the vari- ''j ou.- dlVK i..i|- nml section-, the Cbiutlst jxntv lie r.H, ^ to a.HH i ilo?' in the Wnie/lno-rcid. I?enoond?ey, ' , <7rr,yd?>n, Itotftmd ;rr--n, :4horeditch, fin-- 'i bury,i^l iryfebone, Srtjners-lown, I'ancias, and onmefous .i|,. , pUcet., at various hours.'varying from / to 11 'clock, so ms to on ible them to he i.. prrtpcr , ' order in I<iiiooln'Mn*i-tirld*. where the dilkrerif , bodies v pre to Hsseiiii>h; uti(i form th-?nise!ves by 12 ..., O'glock. Accordingly. the; neighborhood of the pl.if'C of issemfilage began fnptMrsfcnt a. bOstliltg no. ' peajamv n* esrtv ?i M> o'clock, and th'- fntiltitniTe continili d to increase up to the fimft the procession j'f bey tin t< move, about liult past I n'chiojl, at M'llit;h bu hour tin n??ml?er of irrsons who were dmA'n to the wi place c< ild not haw been h-ss than -3).<*K) i*r*ons; f*> thfc area ?-r iwrt were, Imwrvrr, rnvrrlv S|*f*rtt0r?, rti for the i uiiioefs Ot i?r*or?a wim actually torfued |fi th pnarssi >n were, according to the returns made th1- Inthe On rtnsBioncrs ol l'olicc, 1,5W>, and a fraction *TO a . . I. . I.. [ERA l rt !. mSi v.) Lvi- .l- .! i". I - v.,v. i. r ' ?i! .*?*?/.! I'' a: ' ! i i.J 11 .t ;, . .?? ;> .mat i ? ' ' M l|f| ?, > | Ill I li'M ...a,,., , I " *d -m* '?"J ' !t<l .Si*r id ti;I < tl DiiCy?... ' The ^?UUii?f*Trv r(? Hr* r)l n[i'd by j ptrjuiftA dc|6Ai;iii2 t<> tin- |m>Iicc brini; plured in (lit. | tnrrnl parts Willi >?nki.-> tn count, Xk. number ol i Miiincmurtir 'tlu^u Yin* 70: w^'ro ^*,1.^4.. oi , in ihic, ml'l fhr< f. HcoU'h pipjlkVytiil (link' cap* ?i' ilien^ytlrmnnotiu^'tlii1 Itctclr's rod*. At auuji aa he (irotie?iiiMi' Mis IcVnii'a, the juov.vim lit',comiH'iuvd l>y ftur'!r' rsohH'rfi hor^'b.icK.. b^uipic f.atirf?ii?(imltkt^ 4'jrh iriyi'lbrcq rihajids ll\e imjtira, J u wnll'uMho re**, w*arijig o rrii'grerkl roacft- ami i tricoWod'nilk Heart". Tti/ v 'werji; jrolloivi'd by a, iurple srtkfwitrtrfpWiih the'nta;rinijQ0, pu.V?|n tiiinry el' the Vrii|i|i ** fljlloWeif hy qt.boj? b'eninu,; mil lis "'The ChaWf,***" f ~ni\VHs.y] nmfter." *v Xu ^urrrtider,'' iftiiP" Fwn Uii#, >f die fl iff*, frh'm tlikinfcrcjntiBii of"' ^10j,A |ji^.s,:uiil , i>.s j*nwtln*,'*>''<v'pli V'fnivmal sufffysje" gcd^iou*J a vauf di'hl irl'Miipmemtnr. The first nfn f MAroiul [iti wins'haviiit; :\!\>nS kittb'- ^ii<V|i-Riiti;r nd Hnlbofn, (iw ftHJoWril, byf5U'.' divisiop |d. t'libsr eaifS'wAlt imhi?tt,d '(hp jwtlndn1, wlyrli, wsu>, laod mpon fr IrjihiftWork "<4, wood if .weighty! ^i?ti62pu-f.,'nmf''WftS bftrtied nvJElrtt*;nA the wyodi>irk htrintj iitimVQpntfrf witli Tln> V'liaytvr? Ui?* :'**' iirtd fhf.WbW bofljjf tli?;i) nnmJ irwanfntiHslotv.riVf, liut'lA srriiM pihtfsi'ahlV iihai.IitIv iMItlfrtj along HblliHrn, T6R(*mit)|n < >ur(-. dad,' Nsw^Mtd' Kf'knd-3.V'i nd then trrHt diWNft IrrtefcrtHo H'oysW ?it C^ijimuusj, tliii'h plMP'tlv-y tt'hehrd about linlfW-t *t '"'cluck,, ?ouifw?tV>rp thi'ir krr!vfil,'b/>(^ nld'e'sbV J'hrfiuijiciu-, tirci orttlt'th'' the Jibu^/p' <*f 1,'biiyj Yorts, us well hs thi^ fw>intVi tvhVfili' fdminaiuhhl u, ir\i- ni tin- procession, wrtt1 omwdtM Yq PieVssj, w tiit nt the. tithdlhe petition' arHvpij flie ntfmber.oi pr-'bnt? tkMi'tiiblrtrt'otiW TloMyivft > ; ,, |p'ri,s tbita, O.olHt.' Aero?*t l:Vbi?- VHt'(l it ^trHnj? Iipify'o/"\So.hf?.", jutpr the'dirpi'liouw iif ^ufifyltit^nflcors May, s?i)(f tiamll, "wpro phtrert Ati'a* t<VaftbW! it tree jKistiagf , >r rlu' iupnibeVs of th?*'j\W>"hdu!j^Ji of I'aWiqrtifnr, rhi|r to |wtt%nt,,?iiyit1iftrt4'lh(;ii'hvP)inliicv Inurttvus hfcqslMiryt'Wnf pfoot't-.-doif fildd oil' toward# H'c^tlijiitrr-fiiidfto.' THh 'hbidtT nn'tiW^ informed 3lr. ii|iitrlutc*Mjprt? MaV'thftr the'V oYdv YHUvea do- t!ennd those wlirt fctfti; fno'i^lii ibn to Hd utliTttfd^tm avende'wak inifoefluitMy fbrrhed by tip' ?Me:i . ' '" , 'f l)i." windows -of du' Tfohse (if f'dnririi'dfis looking Uo |th^*of)iAi s|iAvo Wt'fo flfltj'd Vrtfh'irti'iiib'^Un* Ybsj iiromniftttt lifihy th? MoA','_fticfithn,frbn? Vjiifnry (Mr. "T. Lhtnrombe1), w'K'O liM'tn's;'nerved' to r.aktit he Ii-Aifttban'iiplilion \V:w londly'eheert'd.? *h'c ppt'ition tvas'tlV'n'faVn^d to thp'tno'fiiHi'r.^ ?yir:i|i<ii, but frtinl the'hyip^.iana Whig n^jn pUnnied i thv doorwayyTnhch' ftv tke ahnoyanci' <>f, seven)).. loiijliMw, w ho wrr frotfi' k-iiwrti'igjljt' qllHr. .? * '* " " ' ' ' ' , "| ' The Hdi)?'?thnihpf (Mr. J." . i'tyifhappehed'to ronit' do ten tit fne Yiliie, ujioq flee1U 11? pHition jftiliUVt'd jti iW dnoYvl'ay, tiiggt'slod int t'should hi" twit Hi frhind fd rtif otlwr'doort' j?i^t, ihl tiam?tgtiif,pi*l,tnltptf iHtlf? tTie prfjlfoii wa^'. rulli ivenblrvi wnt?" at> loiifctlj si^'nstfd 'tlni't tlio" , 'fthi'vuerk Hhonld'lit! rPrriovt'd'; this lii a'law rtiititck vvaa broken lAvay'.'ntld thrmtltfon fanit,'d'il|i.q tf'llUUSM^'. ' " \ ' f'15 '<4^!;^\sn[AxpWm' JiWXKW .Mak?.I Ky-lti # diiziflr uf, Jbrit|#iy.1ni?|"UWA-* .lttVft. the , I'Utr rwfHi' ijrtSi'torly, vjCdW* Avokly IihUIh. tys i iid/hh^'tadrilii1 IvpiU V' d/Ujr'l'tV-d from Uif tlirst r J-'iibrlrti'j'; AjiylLvJm'b, ctntiuwretl widt (ietlirt"" niAriiliH r^Mn'th" itl^ ii| iJKCi tupst.iiio.tlio to Wdrcli, g}ves'lw'lolf^\t;i|ig yi^vllatn^TiMtiairu'atloti lA'ftbw jil7'23.*,tiiQ0ii!i(ijusl Ji,Ui,7l?|I.UW), lui- , nV a lihdfb^e dr!CWW; til.: d-'iKa-ilon art- IX, ^;tl|io't 7'rtkdlhyt A donrdasai f jtflTl, **!.' hitd 'nikking ti)p , ,t,ptp| Liu)nlitka.i JSliWiWC Tlii' styjiiitljii's uow<4?tt.HWfilMUn jtaidst x2.1,(J9/I.OOb, being aqperastsa ol Xfi^dl^Wi he laillidtl is iI(?.D30,tK)U ugqujpt i,"!^,(iK7.lkK), beiigr< . n 'iii'reast' 'of jCThWiDOO. and jnakiiit; Llif Intnl. nf 1 'lie surpfus of rot m now [, i2.!lttM*W against ?3iflft3,00b, pcijig u decrease unrig the thOnth of ?*J!$,ol)0. . Wf hav# ftmiti-rly jjiadhccawon,. to observe flint me great defect hi the V>?nii o(,t||e bimkj. .returns is,., but an- sororities held are not, ((i.-titigiinht cl,. On fiat JeetHmrit ii iih'jio?iliie'to e.oiue to sjicji iirou-i ate iroTictilsioh.s on tlii'' pp-ci-e cb trae.tcr ol Un? . hanj?w'jehicn (be oirciil.|'fiou gnderguvs ,0 .welm!<{ urrrve at Wti' there only thy distinction upulc letwierr Jtuhnc anil private ? ouriti?*!i. 'The present Mtrri exhibits cotWdcfaliTe changes; but, as we iliserved last month, it is- pnMtyotnflon" dint they lave (been muc>h>iimtr..owing. U? laiemtiniiN.coiMnet<1 willi tM public revenue.tium ttw viiisfiiiwlrp of radv'aiyj1 ei^inocree. For example, the-increase n rhd circulation ir obviously <v>niK-e<?il with thr ihvnirnt o/tiHi iTtvuIeudtw, wliil-C the rnuoli larger ferTetisc in the sce,itrili'-s tuts grendy Mrisen- fnun ho repayment pjj Up' ijilt tore*, nutd-'. on seourtties iiirinfr ttui the .hank books for the |>rry neut (>fthe ^ivpfeuds, e'nlpurtiy.and w* apprehend ti aujutfl) larger traop<ir|ifii. by die.. rvd?i?p<H#i of 'Hleifncy lulls,, The <hl)ereut;iteiiivt?if the relom lenrlf atid dtstVictly prove that :thr. honk directors re diiirrg whh (pi 1uup.siial..degwi! of cirou??gK'C? tut. j , 1, 1 1. .1. 1 .. Ft'fliopld be born#.jja.tiuud thutasfar asiliis crrenrtion|nqcied \ipon by the publicrevenue,thenggrt'ali; rtsnff compared with ti|c last return wryobuJUsli shows titut it strict eyy Las burp kept ion the errease'df the tlefiosit^. Theje iVnnr, <m th<* face of the rylurn , the kliglUol rsritrj of evidence tl'val die li.tuk, luisin apy degree imtnfcnreit t/i tile redundancy of'money 111 die ntuurr et, 01 that flte directors have led tip- way fog tl?e ihihlrtn of itHvitlae. > We joltwrve'"t^?t the '' Tinuty" . returns to the fmrgqagabtsl the I'.atik forpvdiicing the late ofdi*i Diuit jo hrttr per'cent,Lnt ypfteau o)f.,dealing .witit 1 if is <jr rtrgMinc'rtfs^iilltfic concluejoup ryrt u|>on the ratuiam?'.ashiitTi|Hioh tjiat the (hup-asP 111 the vulnp f inorjey wn^th'efidtyjrihaTycded. In qtbfjr words, in oliyerVarWitis nfe Touiided 011 hp enjire (uubuniialbUd Ttr>!?esfti(m of tli'e ^aets of the case; lor in M first ms&PTfoe aggregate circulation ol mmr, in|udint that of' fliO batik, bus brcn.ipipreefueDtedly iw ever since (he'rate of interest begun to dgelinr; ml, id fhdseeo'iiit place, the'Ttank did nol.jetitt, but., dlowid the practical reduction iu the distance oi nine mouths.' . , Th?M '"Tinics** \nu?t, however, take a wider mge, jif ir in dchltous in coining to a correct cynlusioii respecting't I id rirrinustqnces that determine nd edvmr thi" vtfliir of /noney, Impure of the lereliintil orThn'riufaeiiirors, bow it is that they do ol Hvirl themm lveitofthcoresenl low rate o( inte. ihI torrrrad their o|Spratiobs,| ami the rcj?)y will e, tha| Hk y cannot see their way to_ ??*rsur-' a protable jreatnt in parthiisihg or producing t-tvnnintjir' nriiJ tH;ir lBStC'ad of being; inclined tp borrow loneyifoi1 iuchtfpurpose, tKeV are anxious to ipvest ic c?||ital t!l'*y nave reaiiepd in indisputably good Auntie*.': We repeal, llp-re hife, Xvjiat pre formerly ated-4-rhdi before the M Time*" ventures upon toll a should learn that the circunistfcners hick j-crmune Wly di-tcrtnfnr the value <>t money, re tip in vera ge fates ol profit ori productive ind.Ui*y? tind that Hn the present auk; ol society in linund, 'thc^e cir< irtiistuoees are utterly beyond thlHltrohof the whole hankintere'st 0(f the empiric, of Iiufope. t ; ; , , The t'lWiilar to Ranktrt, of Saturday evening, ys??f' The hankers who hnve engaged to take ilniii sums of money from the bank nt the fate of ,re? |>fr cent., complain of the difTteulty of ernployg it safely. One, in a large town, who is under no it'll obligation, told its that if tillered ?ltlty,UU() at e fn'4 of two per cent., he would not take that sunt . i condition oilendiiig it out among the munnfaofera. I UcvtVhl now will not be the satnrthing aj in rjner rears, and that trie minister ought In have ibwn before he disturbed the commercial Glasses i hist iritr. Money in the discount market is]reul|y " loWe r vaihie this Week than it was Wt; for. the Jl-bro tera are "fh-rtid it ?fl the rate of two and a tlf pet c.ent. They have not, how ever, yet lowered , e rati to their depositing etifioniera tinder thr?-e T)rrn Tnr. sn .RH Kxfrmnov.?A letter frotn one of the trvivn s ol the voluntary exiles to the swamps of the igt-r, ilutvd from on board her map-sty's steam ves 1 fli?* CVilhefforee, frland ol Ascension, February L, statas that very b-w are I It t<> rerount what they ive ae >n and felt timing the expedition All the iftrinei hail thetl, yith die ev-rmtion S-rjjennt odges I'rivales < r. A'elley, |l Hlotnnti' lil, 11 < ;ii). It. ant W. Danes; these h ill bei-n atUcked with Iriraii fewr, anti recovered, "but the tltec,is?- hatl ade a |M!mmneril mark, on some of their Conslitiona. It w as expected thcWilberforCe Would sin g< up V lie river very soon, hut it was doubtful [r-thei any would live td state! the fe^ilt.' She mill ronain at the Island af Aae? rt*i{jtt fi.r lehf- roui llie government m'> -ixteen-gnii brig, iteh v a* daily looted |or The number of atlas ii slated lobe about aHegty, till of them havi liiifi, med in from four to six weeks. Mr. Wadiigton, of lu vcrjtotrl, had been appointed fMatawfain the V ilbfrfbree, ami wa?vV-rv Jrirkly spt>ken of: ( mse - ,ho ar<- apared calcuUte'nn rt-roigilhg lo vcr|"> l about Auxnst ne vt i Ttwnrn Itcmta.?-On- Friday, '221 nit , n public I eting of th-- Inert-hunts, shipowrp-rii, brokers, t tfdeTs, anil others connerteij with the timber trade, J rs tteh in ihe Cotton Saleroom, Exchange. Fiver- < "I, ft?t t|jt? pnrpoaa (If ebnsidrriog the priipnety of I rtfiori lizing Iter mujesly's governnfrnt to alfow a e jrnij- setl t h inge in the timber ditties t-> conie t to ifti nerftate wieratloh Tlie meeting was ip/iSl a ape, fa ily attended. The following resolution* a T ,. I , -.* E|Y\ / '! V D. , ...'i 4 ,-i V u/;.r : ! i "t i It ltd - 1 ' V|? .J.? rti - -.i - ? , . . -f ' " _ ni: jti "< ' "1 1,1 ,,! :! . Prt?t IVo - ,! .. .Vr . [ t' - *'|V| _ ' 1 w < re thob'riioB rxVtr durmtt fat N< rth | A r KjitfHi miihor'HH* h*Uw ihr nleiriit whft |? il run | " rrmiiiierntividy iforwila. rven nhdw tin* ,yr; sent new ih? of dntiH. Thriit tbTcOTtMiuiener ,yl ji iy, i>rair'cjed dular -would tend id Aijvjft hIT i>nrii'>. wiflioutibeootittinie or aJlevttrtini,' rrtV* itifrr?.-ii liumiiudi ae iHwt|?tunfWt at'lilfV <Miee|i C<|>sutii|?lioti, mid (*:ii?r i romp ursine retawtinn of 4* 'uofo i<<l <'onirm|>i4ie(i operations, nmf than, in i'V imi<iJvz* lit* iridr. both ;?i borne and abrond lorjlSfi. Tin ij wh.never the result. mrtV be-with Xtio iIk*4Hoi>ox? iI nilWntion 01 The timber dotted, .it ik ludlily -x.(h dteut, .is re*anls the futon" vWlfan* 1 1 o( ilie iiH-jchwnt .milsirloniM abroad. mid akrv fh? ni'Trlimrl, shipowner* <mi?l manufacturer at hc>mev |I| 'I tloit alteration should conn* nm> mum-dute oper4uV'Jn, iiud nut ljf.lieliiVnA until ilie lotli of CVtOber." .. 1 fiMiutit Snif*' Hit.u-j.This blllVdnriiiic fivr? cluttMt | wlib's* reliedo]c. The first clause enacts that it uli ill u6t In- taw-fill fur nnv prfrt hf tin; c'ahfo of any elnpjor vfKO-1. wholly or'in |Sirt lmlryi with timber, i?ft] olnarintr Iroin sltiv jmrt tri'North Amcricn, or Ih . ottU'mwt ??t Iftnitbirav rr>r tino !._ r-..; led Kingdom,diet ween the Ivt bf Si'pteYnhgr Slid the ilar of May in nidh'y^sr,' |? be Wmted <>r blared daring any 71MI'/DfMh# ' VWrtig*. itja>n of' nbbvf' the deck of Hhijk^vWfcefvtftin the l^ptaih or nia.*tkr of evnryi rtuivnr Vatsel fco.rletifing Fhrtll'bht be J per ii.ited to.-ail'tt itbowt' fn-odiicind'aVeriincate tifoi i lb* Wearing otlinorihat ufl'th**"^nrprd ih below ,.?].?<:*. < ilviisc two impose* n"f>eh!iffy', Wot exdeeduin: IjltM, torthn placing of timber on the deck of iinyMidi niiip. 'The fourth Hnrtse ehaetifThnT tins in i iluill rontinne in to roe until the Wt day of May, V " ii is ritfifidently 'rtftfed itj fustyipnablo circle.# that the Uuoen ha.V rippohited the I'uwager Lady Lyttle fori to the di-iingiti.-hod port "of goverueeo to the Frit cpm 11 by til- 1 , i A Mpli'pSjd maatmy.or fancy .hail m to be given by Tn r iiwjesty.outbe J2ih pi May. Nothing clue is lipol eh of tyi thv wp4d of fttaluon. - . i ,T ir l?nkr of Wellington, who ha* completed hit' lid year, is. abvuj. ti?. retif?# frota.puhlio litVt. 1 'f<: r Cii'or#' Ajlhur, accompanied by I.aiiy Arflutr, tool his departure. on Jhuiday morning for liotnhny. Itlis intended to give a public. dinrici In T/iycriiool Id \ x. WashtniftrtiiTrvlii/bn his landing tVom the hvdthii udenee. 1 " ' " T i? Sderi'tafy at "War,, Sir Jlcnry llardtngo, has dr[o rirtined to estab)i-h {KiyingV liaglw throughout Ojr irfrlV. ,. .1 . . nib ' , '!'ir 'ip.ymiiiivntoOl.ijiwa h.w interdicted the im ,ppjt nop of and ali a it an of a eunriar nature '' ,i, - " 1 l.ieui.-Cinl. fiir Allan M'Nnb wan on Vedhesday mint ittioimly 'elerfbdl an honorary Wjttmbcr of the I'nili-d Service (Nub. 1 :> j i " l - '"'Tlle^etakiterttplttfed riidtriiritJniaT AtJitiiWe between i. ,fM .larqm* ot'Watt1 tfbm'and 'the Jloaprahfr Muc , SUin rt-Siytll he positively' MHjtinlfKq ill ,thr comse fifth: pn'^m itiobth'.'h'ni the tJify for tlio ceremony IJi^i or yet hejL'rt'lWed'. i " , i'.li'i ui y'ftfiou^ u ppart'iif lypnexecptjoBablc souMea yViV-l av'ej. Wncd ibiit tin- I'etn.iU captivcsia Aftwlian- ' ijdaii for wluiwj Jjitv grvafapprtheuaioti won nntu,fyUV feIV, 11^v^.hf:ep kyodIy Jtreatcd. The widow of .SjfA ,r' Maei^agljtijiiJtiLs ,written .to. thin effect, and1 d'y*' ihetl Hie fair prisoners to he in rafety nnd in . gaiK hehlth. J; ' Tl i- r?pe,inp?irfinott()e thedJiieoveryv hv an Kngii?lt vljaltfrj, ofajvyiraliigi gula in tha Pacific oceaiii1 previ :>usly"uhT;npwn. They are nighltn number, of '11 kohh extent,/ert|Je, and inlndiiOtil. The mniearftflee of the n.itive.yiand the oinoc*., 4cc., were totally ilifTereiu frip(v uny.oihere in ilua neighbourhood , .. ,.i... i i Til - \Vo.-t India mail Kyiaem haa worked very hatfl) Uttlierto, hut antendiiieiM is; confidently expeett 1. ,.i .i r I'll nnimftl irrngiii-trstu and neiiro'ijwnoIogistH have teen ^xperirtt^ntulhfflDg' lit Livyrpopj, ana produ rt'i sotne astoni-hTng rfoiilt^,' malting many poovi rtis. i Tii: Cloven privtiirspf tin- 2j.'?t rcgimrut of foot,' i -d for ii fiio at Stookport, were,:niter h nltort tri.d. all a'i 'i'iillrd. Th eareo of the. ship Eiituw.'f aotein Thomson, from ki/W-Vork,.consisting of 12K1 hale.* of rotton, wa? I ndjrd in,leas tlian ten hrtuou 1 .Till totalipuwHityof cliueKe imported in the year ie40, JnU) threat lkitnin, (inr-hrsivr of'Ainerir in produi'eawas 22ti,>M>2'<*wb', and the total 'quantity imported ill tint year 1KH wns '270.1-1!) eXvt. Till xhijW nowbrtgaljeil hy tliV fi.aft tndia Comnanv nir tne trari'-moM nf ir'.w'.iw tn.ITu -- i - V,- ,.w .Ol'- W iU, numb r. their itntti-d tonnage istyl/Wl.ind. tney wi.ll . . curiae 10,480 men. "" , Th< totalmincer of .vcncb in the Uriush navy at fr< *?pi i in (jqiiimi^jon i?2Pl. Of these ID are lines of'bat Ic shiifi, 31 frigates, (W steani-uofwlsi 112 brig* "inl .*1 >ops, 11 lligund receivings-shins, 7 troop-sh ips, S royn yachts, I store-ahip.-LhoapUaJ-shgn I ginneryeltip, ] I tentjers and ligbtyn1, unci 2 navy transport*. I^it IJarl of Hlwiuion died on 'tltr Kld'ttHltrfo,Ht lii-> tin iiginn, in < ' onnatigliu terrace, after a lotlg and severe indisposition. <1 ; Sir ames Jelfdied dn W^dnWday morning last, at Cji i>f (Ihurch Cottage, Oxford, in |iih7f>tli year. Mr. Joseph Thaaksjonc, the sculptor, died at his house in Belgrade-place,London, on the 11th ultimo, aged 1 1 yeana I'.ar LuHlnw eapjted on-the 16t!j ultimo, at CopU .IIohm ,hi?.K5at, hear Bedford. Kwr iUATiqN KiKon ItUL/nm to America . ? The numb r of human beings freighted for North Amurica tl is season, in Limerick, art*. as?oH?>wsi?By' the. if rped. aSU; I'rimrate. 2SH; Jane Black, 4)7; inferior, !))!); Ninian, 22U ; China, 293 ; ShHtimlier ( >'?\v York), !B; Thetie, 203; Knrrtry, 193; Verio. 130;, John White, 119; Hjjsn' Abbs, ISO; Ariel, (>H vMiramk-hi)^' Marin, lTw ;"Ajyi .Mjoore, ,t I - > <) rQicher); making a;trttn( ofM32 soiilu from die pr> t of Limerick alone. The last firing ships er.tere 1 for 'passengers hp1'; the lfoue, for Quebec; ltV--ic, lor St. John's, N. XI., and .Mary Hnsscll, for Qnebe \ The Lwla has sailed from-Galway with l.fl en igrunts for Quebec. The Prince of Wales ntt'i It dwiug sail fot th?sans- destination on Monday, w tit UK) passengers, and the Lively following. Tut; Hoy At. AcAiibmY.?TJie seventh exhibition of nict irea and sculpture, under the management ' ami (1 rerAitni of the Moyal Academy, has been opener to the public. The collection .of the prbfcen V'-ar b a more than u.-itnUv good one". There are f< wi;r |iictnres tljrin' tniil that stand prominently forth f out the general ranks;' but tb?r* is a great liggreg itc. pf merit, and there are fewer absolutely bad,' "oDie Veteran artfts have fully up their earlier reputation by tlieir performances, ami there pr- no ny contributions of young and rv-ing nai liters w liit h "Itow satisfactorily that tlie art itself is on the ad a?' ?' Perhaps there are more portraits than thefe were last vear, ahd though many of these are rcnmrllably wof) painted, it is to be regmtted tjiat they Bit- numerous. There ure not many marine views: hut there is n great diver-ply of lahdaeapas, rciires^ititig '""J1, ami foreign scenery.? | . III-I. ?- II uiii-imii; inn HI mmiricai, nm f w or none of Hibtiral subject*! The scene* front play h p few. The number of [minting* depicting or illm (rating stories from novelists m tolerably larRe, rnd amongst them arc some vcfy clever ItpfCr mens c f this grade of an. These subject* ar*grneia|iv at itjsme, ami bv the jndiciops management of costiHu ? and internal decoration nro inane delightfully pi tnresqiie. There are some clawical pictures, aiHionsoriwo approaching the epic, but not hint! very re narkable ihthis high walk of ani We oh "ervf<l wvcrnl ivclnre?of the lhte Wjfkie.on th- w-a I", tly last phridurtifine of hi* pencil; and Mime v tquiaite pictures of animals and in'termp by Kdwin Lnridsr-er. which prove that (he late ilfnass ol this Favorite artist has not, at least, impaired the iHiwen of his pencil. Htantiald artd Roberts exhi* hit mar y bright and characteristic landscapes, and MhcIisi , among other works, has a large picture of ( thejdn; scene in Ilamlef. Wr nbwrwd seveful of fifty's i ompositirma and picture* by f'ollins, t afcott, Jones, iV. Srmson, Sir M- A. Shoe, Redgrave, IFcrIv-rt. It ithwell, and < Irant-. May don has two historical po npositions Martin sonic of his imaginative naintin) s,'and (Teswicli several ol his dehcioBi Ihiplsca ?C c<vtii]w>mitions? " Rich with Immortsl grsert.* M'ifreni v nfld Aifeb exhibit but one picture each; that of ir letter is a vigorous composition,, reprter .lilif he lufttlo Or IVc.-tiei fane. T'rrt dAJBsrv's Thb.itwc.-?bfadamr PoggiFnsxzolini, t ho has lor some tune born expected with Rival c riosjiv, and who has long been known by fa-iii", a id l?v'fame only, to this eouniry, at length made In r appe?/a?ce last rught as Beatrice diTenria. The hoi se wan crosVtled, tmich fuller than it halt been du ing lie" scajgyn, and as the heroine of the i-i nine lir.?i made her entrance she was encouraged ,y a in ist cheering reception. There was great Itgmiy n her deportment^ a tine tragic and comu indmi expression in her marked features, that, at incd se< inedto indicate that something of no oonv mn ani i r might bo expected. In her first ?fv?uiahe . , niwd icajcyly to have acquired familiarity with I).- limit -. p<>r I'ottimand over her voice, to produce II the e frets she designed, but still thy boldne* ol , g'-niusSwas discernible in die concejmon ol her ot

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