Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 24, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 24, 1842 Page 1
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- f ? i ; u i~ Ttr wflftav JL, Vol. VII.?No. *87.?Wteola No. 800-1. REGULAR PACKETS. WSW LINE OF LIVERPOOL j^AtKi'Ts. " T" tilfroa New York 011 the 2iih and Liverj*>oi 01113lh of each month. m m M m to**** |wi NrwToVL. Ship SHEBIDAN. Captain K. A. D;)" n>?. May. Ship GAKTiICK, Captain Win. Sklilily, 2Mb June. Ship llosrirs, CapU|n Juhii CoUina, JSthJuly. blilii SIDD0N3. Captain t. 11. t.nWi, 31U. Aujuit. KilM 1.IVKHPOOL. Ship 8IDD0N8, Captain K. 11. Cobb, 13th Junr. Ship S1IKHIDAN, Captain K. A. DcneyMrr, 13th July, w.i., (UK UK K < WnUin Win. Skiddy. Iiltli Au^ini. r-iiip R(5si'Il'S ( again Jolin Collins, I3lh September. Iliese 4tip. art ail ol the first class, upwards of Inooiuiu, liuilt in ihu city of New York, willi Mich niarovemeiiu as combine Iiwal >|N9Cil with uuusual comfort for nasscngera. Every rare F??< been taken iu the arrangement of their acrotn 111' xlatioiis. The price of |>a*sag? lience is & 100, for which ample stores u ill he provided. Tlie.r sfiips are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction Neither the captains or owners of the ships will be reap >nsihle for any letters, parcels or iwrkaaes sent by them, unless regular b 'Is of lading are signed therefor. Tliri .lips of this line w ill hereafter go armed, and their peculiar construction gives them security not possessed by any otiier but vessels of war. For freight 01 passage, apply to E. K. COLLINS & CO., 36 South at., New York, or to WM. St JAS. BROWN & CO.. Liverpool. Letter* by the paekets will be charged 12^ cents |ar single sheet ; 5(1 cents i*r ounce, and iievvs|>a|ier* 1 rent rarh. m7 NEW YORK AND HAVRE RACKETS. (SECOND LINE.) 1 lie shi|is of this ttne^ulT hereafte^lrave NewYoritoia lliu 1st and Havre on llic lUh of earh month, as follows : From New i'ork. From Havre. The new ship ONEIDA, ( 1st March ( 16th April Captain < 1st July < 16th August James Kiint k, ( litNovrmberr 16th December Ship BALTIMORE, I 1st April ( 16lh MayCaptain < 1st August < 16th September Edward Knnck, f 1st Deecem'rr 16th January ShipL'TlCA, I 1st May ( 16th June Captain s 1st fieptemb'rt 16th October ! Frederick H-wit?, (1st Joinery f I6(h February New shipST.NICOLAS, V 1st June I 16th July Captain < 1st October a I6lli November. J. B. Pell, i ' 1 1st February' IGCis March The acromtnodation* of these shi|w are not surpassed, combining all that ntay lie required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is $1110. Passengers will be supplied with every re gillolir Willi nil- riri'iiiuii ?? nines aim icjuora. (1?hU int?nilci for tlwM friw-lnwill be forwarded bv the subscribers, free from any other than the ft|it uses actually incurred ou them. For freight or passage, apply to BOYD it HIM KEN, Agents, at 9 Tontine Building*. FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOU Ml \NA AM) NEW YORK LINE OK PA'KETS. Fwn^mLr .terotnnuii^i^^^^^sli^^^^ i^^mm^^il to <li snatch a ship from tliii port on the 1st, .'illt. pith, 19th, 'JOth, ami 2;.ln ul each mouth, commi uciuit the tOth October ami continuing 'intii May, when regular days trill be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby [tnt delays and di*ap|miutiii?nts willbr prevented during the tuinmer moutlu. The following ship' will roinmence this arrangement : Ship YA Z< >0. Captain Co?lell. Ship OCONEE. Captain Jackson. Slop MISSISSIPPI. Captain Milliard. Siiip LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEARfc, Captain Miuar. Sliip GASTON, Captain Latham. Ship HuNTSVILLE. Captain Mumford. Ship OC.MULOEE, Captain Leavht. Ship NASHVILLP'., Captain Dickinson. Ship M EM THIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Million). These ships were all built m the city of New York, expressy for par lie La, are of light draft of water, hare recently been wly cifpered and put in splendid order, w itli accommodation* lor passengers iiuegiKilled for comfort. They are enmmanded by experienced mastery, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction, Tney will at all times be towed up and down the Mississippi by stcamhoats. Neit'oer tiie ow tiers or captains of these shi|? will be rei|<onsible Ipr jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or fiir any letters, parcel or |mckagc, sent by iw put on board of them, unless regular bills of Lading are Ukeu for the saint, Bid the value thereon expressed. For freight or passage, apply F.. K. COLLINS It CO., .96 South St.. or HULL1N A. WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The slops of this line are warranted to sail punctually aa advertised, and great care will be taken to have u?e goods correctly measured. mt STEAM NAYIO.^^^^^^^EN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, VI.*?SOUTH.* MPT OS. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH tdUEEN, M. M. Kesri, CouMixnea. The days of di parture of this wdll-kuowu Steamship, hare been 6xed as follows : From Au.werp. From Southampton, From New York, Ou 4th Mav. 1842. On 7th May, 1612, Ou 7th June, 1X42 /hv.. 10th July, " 7th Aug., " 7lh Sept. " 10th 8e|<. " 7th Oct., " Price of passage, meals not included, to Southampton or Antwerp, 570? Steward's fees, $2 C2}{. The meals will be served ou board, utt the plan of a continental hotel, in the best muiuer. ami at fixed and moderate pricca, |>aaieugtrs being only I'-arged when partaking of the aamr. The price ol passage to vither of the above ports ran also be engi; u il pre If rred, with meal* anu steward ? Icca included lor j! Cfnti.fiflmlie ?f ninn. An experienced Surgeon accompanies the ship.1 For freight or passage, or anv further information, apply to H. W. T. it H. MALI, Agent*, *t2 8m*t <1 Braver street. IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS. RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the Traiuiortation of Oooda between Philadelphia and Pittshnrg. Thia improvement in transportation affords to Wr>um Merchants (ifrnliar advantages. The ponds bring carefully parked in the 1>?bis al our warehouse. No. 36.S Market street, art carried orer the Columbia and Portage Railways without transhipment. Careful fspuin* and rn as are employed, who take marge of the toods at Philadelphia, and continue wiili them th" entire route, thus avoiding delays and the liability of Iota be IPC sepernted on the way. N7b.?Passengers forwarded ( Pittsburg and Pottsville, eeery day, Sundays excepted. H. STORKS, Agent, al? 3m* 7 Washington street, RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. ri'HE NF.WJERSF.Y Railroad and Transportation Cnrnl pany baee established a Freight Line between New Brunswick and New York, which they intend to run pi miallelllh-. Lcai nig New Bmnswiek at 5 A.M. daily, (Sundays excepted) and the foot of Liberty street. New York, al 3 P. M. To country dealers Mid merchants the above line is Tery desirable for the speedy anil cneapconveyance ol merchandise ol every description, and more particularly to Drovers and Deslrr* ill Ln e Block, who call have LVl head of cattle contey?d between New Brunswick and New York, the same day whenever required. The rates Tor the transportation of cattle, horses, mules, sheep, hogs, kc, and all other kinds of merchandise are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merciiandise sent by this line is not suk|ect to any extra charge in crossing the North River. The Company haie fitted np a large storehouse at New Brunswick, admitting the Kail.oad Dejiot, which will always bet en fot the rrci |>tiou of meiehandisr. Paismigcrs purchasing tbtm tickets at the Urket offices, will FUEIOHT A\U FA MS AWE TO PffiSjBlli0' The proprietor, of Bingham". Tieittiwrtation Line to Pnt?ho*,. <f?? notice t* the Merchant. ol' New York, anil ah other pamona khipriiuc to the Wr*, that their line u now in arrive >|HT?tn>r U.mIs eonaiitni'd to them (or ?ctit to *o in their 111.. ,i will ho forwarded with de.patch. Owner. or .hipprr. of g.xxU, dr.tinad for the We.trrn State., who have AO agent or crwignee at Pituhnrn, will plraw romiffn their rooda to William Bingham, Pituburg, who will attend to aaippitg all such cooriiptinctita without delay. An rood. .h?ul<l be marked di.linrtly on ea^n package BINUnA.NrS LINK, fori am. f freight, which are an low m n^hor line, apply I 0 WM. TYSON Agent, No. 8 Wa?t street, opjH>s;te Her No. 2. N. H, N. B rMifngrn forw*rtl?d to PiUahurwanrt rottsf ill-,t very nay, MtinUayt evaptrrV Kcfiar to R. Crooks, Amprirun For Co.; R. T. Nicoll * rnnt ?freet : Phrlm, r><><W It. Co.. Fulton street ; SuyiUn* ^hc". V Rankin, T)aryee a Co, Newark. ir>6 3m 1 Krc r U.NK K< >R ALBAN Y. _ , V> ,801 And intermediate place*. from the Pi or foot of S^sac tw M. a. Tot paaMKc or freight, apply on hoard or tw r. c. sniuLTZ, ? ? ... .. , , At the office on die wharf. N B?All kinda of praperty taktm only at the ri.k of the i wrier* therrof. ml<>r m. <m. jk. pas?a< jiyrona^st^ta ntv^usdtnd, dfjfffit.nd and walks. PERSONS desirous . f making rnrisremrnts fbr friends to emigrate from th* Old Country to the United States and who may wish to secure fur thrm despatch and comfortable acCotntuinUtioiw, will had it their interest to apply to the subscriber*. who ate at all times pre|;4red to make inch arrangrnr-nts as will guarantee satisfaction. The vrssrU composing this lino are allot" the .??t i l im, one of tv l.i li l oo l.ior)ll, warily, roio^nrntly all delay at thr j?>rt of embarkation ts avoided. As has always been rustomarv with this line, wlitii thoar siltl'd for drcliiir coming owt, trie raasage money ia afu.ide.l, without any deduction. Passigr|icr itramrr from tic various porta of Ireland and Scotland, can lilttwiac be secured. i'or ffirther particulars apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage O.'ncr, J7J Pearl St., Orto C. ORIMSIIAW Is CO. 10 Uurea Pi mat, Liverpool. Eirhange or drafts at sight, snd for any amount, ran likewise he furmah'd on the National Hank of Ireland. Northern Banking t o.. National buis ol acotinim, psyaoMj at ail Ineir tesnef liv branches: also, on R. C. Olyn tit Co., Rankers, Loudon, I ?nd r. A I I.iterp nil tin*. gjg- roll havre?The sii|? nor Kirio h hru a rVEWrWVKPK. Cipuin Oirandnn, will I.- promptly dnJibSaaHwalwti'hril. For freirht or jwseigr, apply to mil e BOVD k IIIN("KEN, N .Tontine Building. PACKETS FOR LhTe?1 libffy^V'^'P "I NICOLAS, John II. Pell, master, will sail kMiBfaton lira 1st June. " " BOYD k HIM. KEN. Agent*, mil No. 9 Tontine Building. T71 TVT TH Hi I'M H-i a "RAILROADS & STEA M BOATS. H\KM)K.N k CQ.-OERMAN AGENCY?The tubacriber* reaper thilly announce an ArrMiKumt'iit which they hate recently mule with Samuel Iliuht, ?*<1., lT. S. Couaul at Antwerp, lor the putim** of rMahlLhimt a GENERAL CONTINENTAL AGENCY .?* mu i'larr, |i?r IIM II .ill* *C I DDI . >1 P Ot W tMl! II' 11 :l III I Afi 1**11 Bu*iuo*s, and lor facilitating the increasing commercial intercourse between this country anil Continental finrnpe, \% Antwerp is Minuted iu the centre ?>f the manufacturing rt'ifion Kuropc, is at only, IS honrs distance from London. :tti hours I'roin Paris, in the immediate vicinity ot" Holland amltiermauy, in-1 directly imuivcn with all by mi I roads or steam packets, its location affords, the greatest advantages lor purchasing and forwarding Continental goods. All orders received at our offices in Boston, Albany. New York and Philadelphia, in season for that nuriHise. will he forwarded by the Belgian steamer BRITISH kUEKN, on tht 7th of June nr it, and will general I vhe executed in season for the return of the same sttamer, winch wil^ leare Antwerp on the loth July. (L/-^ Importer* of Or ravin] books are particularly re<iue*ted to notice this. HARDEN k CO. New York, May 17th, 11112. mISr POMEROY C O.'S ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CHICAGO EXPRESS. i, .ii' n \\ 11: i n :; i. TTr.itlar Kl| I ? . ? v I til. Railroad* to ami from AIImiiv and Buffalo, and tile interline diatc place,, for FORWARDING, at low rat.., with the ntiiio.l aperd, rcgul.nity anil .afetv, choice Good., Speci... Note., Importmt Pap?n and Valuable Package.? vVill alleuil to tlie negotiation, transfer, collection or |uyiui lit of Bill, ol Exchange, Note., Draft., Acceptance*, ArenniiU, kc., at rea* .enable per cenlage?-eiecutr unlet, for the |;nreha?e or aale ?f Merchandise, I'riiiliier and Manufactured Article, of every deacription, jieraonallr, in the t.wrn. on their route, rhroairh Mum. HARNDEN k CO'S EXPRESS to NewYorkaud Bo,ton.and Mean. HAWLEY k C'O.'S EXPRESS to and from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago and it>t.rmediat. ,lares?I'orniin* at once the moat direct, i|??ly and perfect communication to and from the eastern slid western citir., for th. tiefotiationknd transaction of all uiercantilu and professional*. remittance*, exchanges, kc. Reference,?Era.ta. Cnrninc, Thomn* W. Olcott, Watt* Sherman, A. D. l'atchiii, Ni?*h Lve, Jamea Taylor, Theodore Olcott, Albany. Agencies?Bennett. Backn. k Hawley LTtica ; T. A. Smith, Svraenae ; A. (J. Smith, Auburn ; J. cargo, Geneva ; J. G. Shepherd, Canandaigua : David Hoyt, Rochester; John McKemter, Lockport: J.A.Clark, Batavia; Thotnaa Bhvaaom, Buffalo. PO.MKROY k CO',No. J Exchange Bnildiac. Albany, ill :t Wall streel. New \ ' >1 li. FAKE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. atWV,** rxgtt &&& aI] HI ^R Kt JUL A R~M AIL LR^Pw^^^D'tfN^'^D BOSTON, via 9TOMNGTON ANU NEWPORT, comleased of the following superior Btcimeii, nintiinii iii wiiBfC* rn>n with the StoninKton anil Providence, and Boston anil Providence Railroad"? M ASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock. RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer. NARRAGANSETT, Captain Woolsey. MOIlEtIAN, ('?|4ain Vandcrhilt. CNie of whii'h will lair* New York daily, (Snnilayi ? ?. crpo-d) from Pier No. I, North River, Battery Place, at five o'clock, P. M. Fare to Boston, $3 00 Deck passage, $2 25 do. Providence, 2 no do. do. 1 50 AlKairoKMr.KT. Th? NARRAGANSET, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and PiMay*. lor Btoninaton. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, for Stouington. Passengers on the arrival of the steamers at Stoniiigtoii, may fake the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to I rovi deuce and Boston, and for the accommodation of |>craoii? travelling between New York and Newport, the stramlmat trains will stop at Wioklord long enough to leave and receive passengers. Freight taken at the following much reduced rates To Boston, on goods weighing forty ikiuihIs or upwards to the cubic foot, at $5 50 par ton, aud ou measurement goods 7 cents per foot. To Providence, on measurement goods 5 rents per cubic foot, and siwcitic articles as per larif to be obtained at office 22 i Broadway. mil 6m OPPOSITION LINK FOR ALBANY. FARE REDUCED! ! Passage .AO cents?Berths .30 cents, FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRICES. ^MSWs The commodious Steamboat WASIIINGK| ^i* -l*T0N. Captain J. M. Brown, hai iug made 3^d^?iB2ajE?arrangements to change her days of leaving New York, will hereafter leave the Toot of Robinson street, New York, every Monday, Wednesday, aud^ Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, and Albany, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sa turday alicriioou, at 5 o'clock, lauding on her passage each way at the foot of Hammond atr?ct, New burgh, Poughkecpsiv, Kingston Point, Catlskill and Hudson. For freight or posanxe, apply to the Captain ou board, or to D. RANDOLPH_NlAIurIN, No. llU Wcst strret. m9c FARE REDUCED TO #tf CENTS. _ STATEN INLAND FERRY. Foot of Whitehall itreet. j The auamera STATEN ISLANDER and SANSON will run aa follows, until further notice Leaven Staten Inland Laavet N*w York. At 7?? o'clock a. m. a\ 8 o'clock a. m. M j .. .. .. 9 M It M ]fl tl II ,ft M M 12 ? u " IH KM. " i " KM. ' 3 " " " 3 " 4K ? .. .. j .. 6 " "6 " N. B. All go-vli inipprd ar<" wquirnl to b* iwrtioul.rly III-!i ki*d. Ami *r<- at the ri>k .-I'tin. owners thl r of. in'lr T. l't )\VKhlj vV CO.'S I.INK. a* FOR NKWllL'ROH, luiHine *t CAl.D^WM4-3?WKI.I:H, WF.9T POINT AND <I)LD TT tiT lZ-SliUNO.-Th?- ui.mboni IIIOHLAN DKK. I -ajitJii. Wtnlnin, will Ira,. lilt* foot of Warntn str.rt, N.w York, vvrry Motility, Thtir?day awl Haimd-ty alT> ra?<mi at Ltwtlu Ri tiirninn, ilu- Highlander will leave Ncwkiuvli very Mnnd <y morning at G o'clock, and Tuesday and Friday afternoon.! j o'clock. Far frciilit or pa.??ge, apply to tht captain on board. N. B.?All baggage and (ratphi of eeery dracription, bank billa or aneeit-,put on board thta boat, mu.t be at the risk af the ownrra thereof, nnleaa a bill of ladiug or receipt ia .ignad for / TAIUmiXH. RETRENCHMENT THE ORDER OF THE DAY. rPHE 8ubacriharv with a vi#w of meeting tin- riiarnciri of * the time*. has made tmn;ements whereby hs will henceforth be rubied to furnish garment* of tlic very brat quail dr. at an immense mtirk from former charges. Having made hit* purchases iidusivfly for cash, ha is determined to cnrmv te with the cheapest,(on the rr?HymoMfir tnriple only J while he pledges himself to continue the same obswrvancr of finance and punctuality which for the last fifteen rear* ha* ebaraflteritet) Ids establishment. Gentlemen arr referred to the annexed list ol prices, with thy assurance that the articles enutnt-mtcd shall be e?ii?Al in quality and atvle to thr most costly. Dress coats of super wool dyed cloths, from SIR to 24. Pints, do do caasimt-r*', S to 10. Veata, of t very fashionable variety, 3 'i0 to 6 yn. Gentlemen wish in* to furnish their own materials can have their garments made and trimmed in lh? same style ol degree, in proportion to the above. S. B.?Mr. B-tlieoek, lone known as one of the moat fashionable cutters, continues in the establishment. CHA9. COX. Sign of the (soldi n Fleece. mi lm il Ninas street, nuur Maiden laiw. MIC BECKER, TAILOR, from PARIS, 144 Fulton street, (unsuin) respectfully uitbrms the puilic of .'few York, that lie nas just arrived from Pans, bringing a *plru <i< 1 assortment of (cloths ami CluimerM, of the latest fa*hiou, far Pantaloons ind Vests. There w ill be constantly found a nice assortment ol new poods, which he will directly receive from Paris, being uow in correspondence witii the first houses of that city. He hopes, by tba goodness of the clothe*, the quality of the gooXi. aud his moderate prices, to give satisfaction to tl?o?e who would honor him with a call, aud to obtain more and ninr* t).* tnial vt ilh which Kp liu btrli honored heretofore. a25 lin*c MACHINE POETRY. VyilKKLKH, TAILOR, hereby MQ<k Tl?i? information to his friends. Or enemies, if hr In* my, Whether they be few or many. Th- public ti>o, kith far and netr, Ha wiih'n every one to hear, That in Broadway h* haa a ahop. In which hc*d like to hare them |*)p. And should they want coat, rest or pants, No one ran fit them if he cant. Trice* low Uiiuit the tiin<a, ( loth, (oo various for these rhyme*; In short yonII find no other Tailor, So sure to please yon a* A WH&LLKH. n>n I nr B id Via B| -Uir? ~~MA RWS" Cmh Tailoring lC*t nMUhnunt, /? Tlrmored to 154 William atrrrt, corner of Ann ttrect* r|MIE subscriber, iu announcing the above to his f.iend* and " the public in general, takes leave to return think* for lite liberal patronage bestowed on him at hi* farmer phctofbuainase ind aasim tliem that ofery article ordered ol him shall. ?\a heretofore, be cut, made, and trimmed in the neat-si and moat stylish manner. Tha materials t the newest and best in the market, a?d at a positive siting ol JUprfct-uL Strangers arr requested to call Mid at imiti*. Gentlemen who mWr purchasing their own cloth, fcc., can have them made and trimmed in the style that has given fucli general satisfaction during the last four years, hrrnr garment warranted to fit, and made by the bast workmen at the following prices, via.:? Dress ( '>ata & Wto|t !A Ftorli Coats t UU to 30 Pants and Vesta I 75 to 2 00 Over Coats 9 00 to 11 (K) > ' No garments ready mads?all ra.idc to order, and a suit mftL" HAKL I MABTW JUST RECEIVED, A **ri?d a**ortmcnt of Stock*, Scarf*, Crarst*, ?f!~i t'"*!* "t"' Ki?l OloTr*. Siui>rndrr?. Liwn .ml Mi? Iiii Shirt*, rocket H.itdk.rchirf*, fcc. t*c. Thi* i* tlic only r-.UblMhmrnt in tlna city where th. nilncnbrr'i "l"? uc Stock* can be obuincd. ... n i BARBELLS, Ajtrnt for J. AGATE, all lm?c between Park Haec and Marray ?tre?tREA10 VXU rillLLirS' CASll TAILORING E.ViAlV.'feK. MKNT. la rem >reil from ll'i Broi.lway fo N). At'xi K'lu ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DllF&fl. (fartrwnta of * moat Klr*?nt am] !e km.l /( anT|( f ( ( fiO pt r rent for c*?h. rpHF. Jfrtiarr d?'m? it nnnrcp?.a?ry l? rraoit fi the h*? l(1 neyril ayalrm of yieiny ? liat of nominal pn.-<a, |ir>-? imi nit I ?He length of ti*i> In- ) ?* naUMiali.?l. toue.hrr wiiji the eitrniiee |*fronli'M.-wrrt on mm. will prov- - ati.g -inn voucher f..r hit enpnhilitim. P.w?os .i-? the *4v*t.:*sa- .? bt*ing connect# rl w ith mi citentiiic chilli in ""'ic I he confidently m??U?hnt h?* r*n fbroi*n clothe# winch, 011 mi*, i ,wuMon, will 1>-IouihI lower than any other 1k?* Making up th* Heat dcacrii-tiini of rentlemen'a ilreaa. ? , 1 ,1J b. riULLlIS, 7 Aalor Hyuae, Broadway I w \ u EW YORK, TUESDAY IV FURNITURE. GEORGE W. DAWSON, lYho/rnatr and Retail Furniture and General Furnishing Warehouse, No. 67 Chatham street, corner of Duane street, Neu York. WHERE he keep* for sale a Urge uioriment of the following articles, vi?..: Sideboards. linn am, Bedsteads, Cote, Tables, Chairs, Office and Portable IVsk*. Glass I' imBonk Cases, Looking Glasses, Diniiu;, Centre. ' .-a and Pier '1 aides, Piatios, Sofas, Sola Bedsteads, Beds, fitMiti.n r; Palea>'ter*, Mattresses, Carpels, Oil,Cloth, Mutiny and tire Irons, Wash StaitiLs, Toilet Tobies, Candle Sufcn'tJ, Bureau Bedsteads Dressing Bureaus, Sales, Ike. Also, a I*r?e assortment of men ami women's Wearing A|?paiel, new and second handed. All the above articles are offered to the public at very low prices. Persons in want of said articles would find it to their advauiA?e to make an early c ell at the above establishment. Shipping orders punctually attended to and tucked on the Wt..?r nn..<?P ,,?l an K!., \1 nu, It*. for fitting out vvucIj, constantly on hand. All orders to the above establishment will be punctually attended to and thankfully received. X. B.?The highest prices will be given for Second Hand Furniture, and Gent lenient and Ladies'cast off Clothing. a22 ftm#r NOTICE TO BUYERS OK 0 A B I N E.T F U 11N IT U R E. Tlih Siuucnbrr would invite the attention of those wishing * to purchase articles in the above hu.>ine*ss, to his estsblishmrnC, wline is to be fouud a rich assortment of Rosewood and Mnriogam Furniture, of French and other patterns, soma of which are not to be lound elsewhere, beiug entirely original.? \'>? inasovne rich gilt Coruicca foi windows. Poles and lWs (toeethei with Damask UhIIooim uid Taut l>. and i eery article atLu-h' tl to curtains, which will be made in the latest t> I* (rem bitterns lately received. N. II. Particular attention paid to tie.- fitting up of Ottomans, Fire Scree as, and oilier faucv articles vs itli embroidered Tape?try. WASHINGTON M EE ICS, d in f.m 115 Broadway, next the Hospital. JOSEPH PECKOVER, Kan-v Cabtmt Maker, Mailienwt ' icul aim Nautical Instrument Case Manufacturer, Uti'J Water street, Ne* York. Chmnon?< ter boxes of a superior m ike, barometer, thermometer frame?, quadrant, sextant; .surveyors, snr^icai, dentist and drawing i?*trutneut boxes, made nui (*< ked in a neat style? 1 timepiece, cloek, gun and | istnl cases of all de*nri]>tioii; daguei roty'p* apparatus and medicine chests, stuveyors rods, of any length and make All finds of fancy work, made of the best materials and workmanship, warranted. Repairing of every description executdd with neatness, punctuality and dispatch. French polishing and varnishing. Mai in factor v n G. Tagleabuc's Establishment, between Dover street ud Peck slip. Rkkehkncks. Messrs. E. U G. W. Bluut, corner of Water street and Builing slip. Mr. A. Megarry, 1% Water street. Mr. Deiuilt, 2J9 Pearl street. inl5 lm*r XT EW STORE of IUch Out and Pl.un Glass, No. 15 John si. next door to comer of Nassau street. STOUVENEL CO. have the honor to inform their friends and Uic public, that they an- opening the above store, where they can find a large and beautiful assortment of all description* ?such ai astral and hall lamp-., all complete; porcelain, at th* manufactory prices, by the eommuuication of their nhois No. Gold street.. Wholesale and retail?city and country tr?d??all goods picked to go in anv part of the country?all article* match to |Mtr? riu i'l< < . "i tr >, I ?rrecr. m iim CHINA GLASS AN D EARTHENWARE. 8AST0R HOUSE.?French Porcelain Dinner Services, llj pieces, $!?.' ft< i White Granite, do do 112 do 11 (Hi French, or Engli*h Porcelain Tel Sets, 3t do 4 (Ml | Dinner Phu?>, French Porcelain, |**r dozen, 1 91 Do do Gmnite, blue r white* do I Ml S nip, do French PorceUin, do 2 on Do do Granite, blue or white, do t I 00 Tea Cups and Saucer*, (21 pieces) French PorceUin, 1 All Egg Cutis, do do 27 Glass. Cut Wines, per dozen, from 1 Ml Do Tumidcr*, do do 2 ftn Lemonades, handled, do 2 2.? T \ it: Cui: kbt. Of the finest discriptions, iu sets or dozens, at the low price of $12 the set. J tut oiivued, a handsome assortment of Toilet Ware. 11. SIMPSON. N. B.?Agent for the sale of Simpson's Ear Cornets, for the 11? I .'I <) ?Im m$ I n C CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. THK Subscriber is now otv nine his Spring supply of 1 HARDWARE AND CUTLERY received i* r late arrivals from Birminulfem and Sh? (field. Together w ith a general assortment of DiiiitrMtic iroou-*, wotcn he is prepared to ofler at the vary LOWEST CASll PRICES. Tlie attention of Country MercluuU, Builders, Cabinet Mikers, fcc., U solicited to an elimination of lita stock and prices, s lie Is <-?Uii'i.l* l.f the) i lil Li:d ?( r-? liifir ilitrli sf to favor hiui witiiacall. ALFRED F. LAORAVE, 210 Greenwich. oorn? r Birclw. New Vork. A regular supply of FALL RIVER CU 1 NAILS, and Cootiers Glue. Also?a eon.pb tt^a.ssoitirn nr of Mechanics' Tools, J imes1 Screw*. Sic. m2 3m* rpR \\M\\ur.\T ITALIAS WINDOW 5H IDES !!i? 1 OLIVER W. WOODFORD ^Catherine *t,willopu this week four catea Transparent Window Shade*. Finiihr who have not supplied th'tiiselvc* with Blind* this Spring, will find a Collection of the most beautiful painting* ever ??fV? ed in the city. A* the season i* advancing, a further reduction iu 'he price* will Im- made, namely? Laiidscapt* $1 2.'? per pair.? Plain Scrolls i3M. Scrolls and Landscaocs $3. Moonlight Sceue* $3 50. Italian Script a re Designs?ltali >n Vignettes? Drapery Bordered arid Scrolled and full Landsca|Nrd?about 300 |iair LunLc*i>c* at the low- juice of $1 2 i |?er pair. N. B.?In ronseijaeiice ot misrepresentations in my have been dccciv*?il. while looking for N?- 00 in22 lw* TkTaC OF BOOK SAFES 11!?Several trials upon Iron * Safes, of different makers, hive brra had in Immce*. f.nd certificates given by roautctiule Mere hints, in favor of Wilder'* Patent Salamander Safe. The Safe* so tried, t..t ether with the f'orimUtec*' report, and other testimonial*. can be seen at the Iron ("nest Warehouse of the Subscriber, fh only | lace in the city where Wilder'* Sala minder H ife? can be h id. Chests of other maker*, such as have hen t ik< n in part pay ment for the Salamander, for * tie at less thin half of the fir?t co*t. SILAS C. HERRING, m?2 2wc 139 Water street. dry goods, &c. shTrts. OHIRTft made to order. after the most approved French ^ fuhioiu. (??*nJfmfu'i Garim nu of all drichptioni made to onl?r Jit tli?* shortest notice. Gentlemen's Furnishing Store 67 and ?9 Maiden I .inn, corner of Will lain stretL n26 lm*r WILLIAM COLLINS. THE SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL AND DIAPER PIN. ANEW and important article for in the nnn< ry and a* a fastening to ladies' shawls, cloaks, 4w., jm tented in the United States and in Euroi>r, for sale, wholesale, by \V. H. CARY & CO., 196 Pearl street, New \nrk, and by the patentee at the manufactory, 116 Jar st, Brooklyn. Thread and needle stores, and dealers in fancy articles, snj plied on liberal terms. ml1 lm*r straw goods. TBKNNKTT. imj?orter and msimfactnrer of Italian and English Straw Goods, resjiectfully informs hjs customers that he Imi removed his establishment from 911 William and 26 Piatt, to 39 John street, where he continues to keep a splendid tnd citensive assortment of ladies' fashionable Straw Goods, French and English Do u* tables, Italian Rutland.*, fine Tuscan, Fancy Bhetlworks. Prince Albert Straw*, tee. flur. Also, an entirely new article, the White Siberian Hair Bonnet, for the nimmrr?it surpasses all the styles as yet introduced, being vKtreuitly light, beautiful, while aud durable, in 21 ltn*m to the ladies. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY OOODS.-The pronne" tress, Miss ft KING, damrbterof the celebrated Cail King, ofT? r? for sale a most select ana choice assortment of Millinery Goods, for the spring trade, nerer as yet presented to thr pulr lie, both as regards the .piali'y and cheapness of the article s The assortment consists of the following :? The r. -l.-bn.trd SILK HAT, r.ALLKl) CAPCTTE D'ORLEANS, m ?iirn Kv L* Ducbrw P'Oririni, of Knim. SHED , SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE And L*wu llau do d>>?Au entire ww stilco I Imi called " MODINE CAPOTTES, EI.SSLER COTTAGE. Parisian and Fnglinh FANCY 8TIIAWI, of tha finest t' *. lure. in great ririftjr. Tin* Pr-?prie*T refpeetfii||y solicit* the ladies to favor her | with a call, and Tamine her elegant and varied stock of Millinery for them elves, before llie? pa re base els wbef will be a (rfit nfinf to them in price and a advantage .is reranU the rati. *y and quality ??f the good*. MISS a. KING, Magazine de Mode*, mlVVjl^r 2MS Broadway. MILLINERY GOODS. CAUL KINO, the well known and c*l.brat*d Millinery and Ladies' litis w fist MajnifnchirrT to Her Majesty th*' QUEEN OK ENGLAND, reaper'fully b"r^ leave .to announce to the Ladies That he ha* on hand* moat splendid and fashionable assortment of Straw and Silk llita. The Straw Hits are minnfcitnred to r noil fascinating nod becoming shape. called THE KLSSLEK C&TTAOE. with Oipaey aides and a Hwiss Flare around the fr>nt. Th* braids these Hat* are made of in of the most elegant pattern*, ll?e Allwrt Straw in p-irticnlar an patrotiisrd by QUEEN VIC TORIA. The silk department in conducted ley th? most irup niont *rd tasty milliners, not to be equalled. Th* silk* are of th* ne*i"*t , *t\le, fre ah imjmrted. Trimming ami Flowers to correspond. Those who wuh to routiner themselves may call at No .VO Canal, war Broadway, and 17 Division street.

N. B.?Ilia Parin Ribbons and Fteiieh Flowers, are of the latest style, ami can l?e pirelmned at either of his establishment*, if wholmil< hl? ''14. mil 1m*r m | hi ESS BOOTS LA l ESI h HEM II STYLE.?The oihneriber invlu-* to order, fl?>??ta , uftne alnive d# *. ri|ition, of the Attest quint y of French < ill Skin, and in the Intent style, and at very reasonable pricea.? GciiUt-rnep who have been in the habit of l;>inu extravagant ! price* for infrrior artaclos are requested to call am! De confine ed 1 that hi* prices are from teu to twenty iht cent below other I .1 ,u.;,,i,i.Ari,n...i nMU k?. ,.f ft,A r. ..? .1 ml * i~nir of UutJ kept for each customer, tiif re la no difficulty in freiiiuf * handsome yet rvv fit. Couatatilly on hand, a lar.e of fashionable ready mode B e>ti, at price* vtryiiiffiom TWO DOLLARIKIi'TY CENTS TO SIX DOLLARS; Hall Boots, Oaitera, Shoes. Fumps, Slippers, finally low p/icca. JOHN L. WATKlS'H, IM Knltonat., al Jin* Between Naaaana-id Dutch ata. ?V KI-.V II IMI'OUTI. |i (. \l I I US o? .11 . "f Fashion; French hnnta and patent leather >bne>. .It. ? <l??, callers, walking ahnes and pum]*, for m> a, bo>. ami children. Mcna' atitl boya' cheap boot* from $2 75, I t, 51 jti ami 51 per pair. Mcim rimes 7? to Its an.l 12. per rir. B >ya aimer 30 to 75 centa ami 31, at.'l warranted eon.]. oliea. miaaea an.l rhilrlrrns* paiter boots, btirktkir.., walkii* ?hoe? ami alipprrr of all colore ami airea, lateat fatliinn, tiet. hnskiira and ?li|w, 7} cents to $1, Kood t? slippers. Come and ?. < a K?>Mij a ortnt. nl of thealmir articles al 12 ( anal aire. ), rorncr of Hi. a.lwar, ami al glio anal at, uorUa-we't corner of> on at reef, at VV alio rV in lb Im *c I ) \V IND KVLNINO SCHOOL- I s..ll.T,larv the Mis*, a Masonr an.l O'Dnherly is nowof a a for tl.r reception of ptipila. at lib llowerv. ?M lai'i 'I'll' N'OTF.S r the MONMOI Tim \NK, N. w l-rsei 1 new iaane.arr purchasedat II Wallatrcel, by EARL fc CO at One per Cant. m2 lm*r iB? X] ' 11, IA X10RNING, MAY 24, 1842. BOOKS AND STATION E K V. TO t'APER MANCFATURER8. The snbscribeii gtvi 1 notice that MriiM v Howe & Goddard, ?>! Worcester, M iv<., ww ippointcd then thetf itfoti, ind ik prepami to Atnijin at "hnrt iiotioc. iijH.n tlir most reasonable terms. Fourdrinier and Cyluylri Machines, with flei si tin dryers, and sizing machines to iz< pauri in tlie wi i ks itU ires the dryer*, ilio every kind of Machineni apijertaivung to the manufacture of I'M" 1 ahidi in point or wonMnanship ind finish ia not surpassed by any other establishment in this country* A laui number art- now in njier.itinn in many of tin; best mills, lo whom re fertile- will In- given for all particular*. PERSSE fit BROOKS, Paper Warehouse, ?I23 dfcw til Lib- it> street WEW GUITAR MUSIC?GEORGE ff. DERWOltt. A pi'il,-,>.)( ,,i li,,* k,mt ir, No. I I-; ( uul .street, opposite thtt St. John's church, has the honor to acquaint his friends and the public that lie has published a variety of new and popular inusm^ arranged sith a isy jccouptsinant> !'" guitar, Mr. D. will also arrange anu con?|M>?e iau*ic for orchestra, Kuitar, and other iusrrumeiiU, and give instructions to amateurs on tha piano forte and violin. my2 6w*c I AW REPORTER for May, omanis s? ton r.isr* of Bankruptcy, presenting the subject in all its various phases : The Btukiupt Law ; the contested seat of Mr. Levy ; Chief Justice Marshall ; Lord Reuebdale ; American Jurist ; Starkie on Evidrucw ; New RuUs in Equity : Oreenlcaf on Evidence : Bankrupts in New York (9tHi) ; Ruiliupu in Mass. (|0d) kr. Jud|e Story's opinion at length niton the r fleet of attachments laid II I ..111 rh.. I <r? ? >.. vr rtl ? I....... ... I.;. 1?:..- .1 cl-trru jiich will appear in i4i?- June iiumlwr. Alio, Jud^*' Brtt.s's opinio.* in the case of Kassoa (wife'-* jewelry) will Hpix ir in Iwll in illi' July number, Tin* pnmrietora will continue tlie list of Bankrupt.* in Nrw Bork ami Nuusachiuctls which will render th? work v tillable to every buiillfo mitli. What iiiwrehaut would^md|i o nta imonthfoi tnch information ' lln Nit) numhw commences a new volume, aud offers a favorable op |?ortuin(y to subscribe for the work. BRADBURY, SODKN k CO. _?pjn .m ?t 177 Nassau at. .V^ Y. an 1 in School *t. Boston. cards, bill-heads, &c7 cheaper than ever. TVOU V 8VKKAI I'. CARDS, of inpt-rior uiaiiftriurr, priiitI cd arid tunu.iictl at tin- fnllwiui: REDUCED PRICES : MtO C\.iU, V) rvuU wo no WO dw i| 20 1000 do id 04 Common Card* at In, price. Circ.tlar,, Billltruls, Notices, I'ostiiu and Show Bills, and every description of printing eaeeuted at short notice, ou as reason ihle I- nils as anv estaolialniieiit in tlie eity, V ISIT1NO CARDS.?,\ visiting card plate cnjrarcil atul .VI i naini lled cards printed for SI So, ?i|U il l.. my in Uiis ritv. IVrlnuiers, Manufacturers, and Diukkuu' Labels, constantly on lend. BROWNSON k CO., a!0 Itn*in ,V> (odd st. ne.-r Fulton. paper HANGINGS MA. NOWKLL A CO., 3fi7 Pearl street, are now receir in it from their manufacturers at New Bruuswiek, an extensive assortment of Pa|*?r ilaiLgiui;*, Borders, dec. of the latest and n?o*t approved patterns anil stylet, suited to (lie city and country traue , which they offer to dealer* at the net manufacj torv price*. Also their usual raricty of French Paper, Borders, Fire Bo. ro Prints, Views, kc. Toe best workmen to put oil i?i|?er in any part of the city can be had ii the shoit< st uotice. ''m* r pOVHKPA'l H!A? WORKS.?Just , ul.l, WM ' ! HA DDK, 327 Broadway, John's New M d'Hoimeonthic Practice, edited, with annotation*. h\ \. (? alt! Ilill. M. D., second American, from the third l ari lilion. This indispensable book to liomtciiatliLiU is now c< . ! in 2 vols.? Prici iiipip . $6 - full b)oml IJ, Tlie bainily Guile to the AdminLtntion ??i lloincep.ithi\ Remedies, third edition, from the second London edition, with additions?Price 26 cents. Popular Considerations ou H'wnaepftthia?hv Win. Cullsn Br)ant, Ksif., belitered before the New York lloiuucpathic Societv, Dec. 2'l, IR-I I?Price Cents. Also, just published, Mydriatics, or Manuel of tlie Wat* r Care, as practised by Vincent Prieasnitz, in Greefenberij. com niled ana translated frond he writings of Charles Sliuide, D. AeOel, D. B. Hirschel, and other practitioners, by Francis < if ,.rt r?Price $|?neatly bound. This little nearly printed bcokronfnhis an exposition in what muni r this implo afent has been found remedial. mil lm#r book bind ingr PAPER RULtNO. HIRF.LAND, No. 120 N'^san str?et, bavin-' r*n entire new stork of Binding Tools and Killing Machinery, of the latest and most approved patterns, is now prepared to execute all ord r-i in the lie ?t durable ami hamlsoin* manner. Merchants A^ccouut Books ami all other kimls of Blankwork ruled and hound to any patterns, and in a style that is warranted to give iit isfucti i *ii. Any work ordered cm be done iu*die E?uled: mode if required, as li. 1. has had long experience in both methods. FOR SALK?Two second ban*! Copperplate Presses. Appl) as I" M in Ifl lin _I! ATS. HATS! IIATS! HATS !! r)RO\VN Sc GO'S One Price Iht 8torf, wHoIvriIc and re * tail, 179 Chatham Square, coiner iiT MoU street, where fashion. beauty, durability and ecouoinv are combined to udoru the bead. The proprietors, have the pleasure now to offer in addition to their recently improved snort napi**d liaL a new st>le, the imitation of beaverr, which to closely retenmTe* tha* of all furs the most costly and beautiful, thit the difference is not easily perceived. Price three dollar*. We strictly adhere to the one nrice cash system, which enables us to furnish a eery *ti|?erior Hat for the price charged. In ore uniting these Hats to the public the proprietors think they fnve reached the ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. ml 3m \\ BOWKKY, K\st SIDK.?J. M. TU K. No. ft JP** Bowery, bss remodelled bis establishment slid slacked it With a brilliant assortment of H its of the latent spriug styles. He ntfsrs to the public an article which he is confident cannot oe surpassed either for beauty or durability, or for economy. Kco&oxny, although last in the order of recommendation is not hast n point of itn|KMtMcc to the bnytr. At tin iboijp mIsiriuin Hats of every quality from the Beaver to the commois Silk can he obtained on the most reasonable terms. Cs|? also of the richest quality and latest patterns. Call and examine at No. 9 Bowery/ J. M. TICK. The finest Bearer Hat^ only f5; an slegaut fine Nutria Hat, $3 V) , Ifcaine Mobskinllat, ft* N. B.?Boys HaU of every kind at the most reasonable pel cos. a28 1m#m JEWELRY. WATCHES AND JEWELRY, VERY LOW. fPHF. B jhscrilier is srliinp .ill cb-srriptM w )l rl: 11 ftf J Silver 1 Watches, Gold im flUVor Budli, fje-tf (??i-u. e.< ,s. Ike ?t r* fail, h>wer t'jn at any other ilfCa in the ci!y fie'd Watches as lo*.?u ti.irty l* ? forty djllfrs rich. iVatches awl Jewelry exchanged rr bought. All A until tis warranted to keep gooJ time, or the money ritnrr.ed. wtlfritJ And Clocks iriK'.in d in the best miunir, and iranutei. it .much |e?s than Pie u?u*l fidcri. by one ol the finest in the city. O. C. Af.KF.N, imie rter of Watches and Jewelr>, wholesale and retail, 30 Well street, up stairs. n.28 lm*m MKSSKS. MOHT1MKK be HINT 77e we Bora and Sil x. r smiths of New Bond street, London, and 311 Broadway, | New York, hejf rsis)Hrctfully to aiinrise the public that their es'ahliahment tu this country will be positively and finally ; closed on the first day of June next, till wliich |>eriod their xt -< I .'f j? we!Iy . sltff. pbtrd gOOOS, cutlery, ke. Will nftMil on nrlvat* sale m Broadway, at and uuder prime cost. V B.?The House to bt let. aTOlm* ATCHK8, JEWXLBY, CUTLKRY, i* . li scribers being desirous of materially reducing their stock, offer for salt* at importation cost, for cash or approved short paper, gold an.I silver watches, gold chains, pencils, ril - Uld broaches, diamond i?in? and rings, unset diamonds, paste stones, plated, Japan, and (lermau silver ware of eTyry description; razors on cards and in dozens, pen, jacket and dirk knives, scistors, si ts of table outlerv; also, silver *|*ectacle*, tbirnbles, iHMicils, tooth nicks, pickle forks, plated earrings, chains, rings, lockets, cvf trU'ivD, motto *eal*. pocket nook*, trmr ra?c-?( i cork screw*, Ac. Ike. ?. J. NEUSTADT A BARNRTT, m7 lm r It M liilrn law. [J KVIOVED.?HILAIRE WALTER, ajccM ami } rtn< V thebon** of Banter Walter, the only manufactory of Walck : (R\??ct in Frailer, No. 21 P.tndis I'nuaotinirrt itrrft. Tari*. ha* the honor of informing M*?r*. dealer* ill watch work*, ami | all article* connected with the line, a* alio Maura, dealer* in cyt k', that their tatabli*h*ncuf of watch kL*"**a, cut glass, ^ilt am! colored, fancy articles, Ac. Ac Ac., ha* lately been te inorrd from No 40 Maiden L.?net t?d No. 00 William *tTeet. 0 ntlemrn desirous of purchasing from the only denot of the I factory, ai" re?|wctfully invited to call r.f ur wit r?- will lie found an uurirajled assortment of the abore menI fiotied itoods, which will be di*|?oaed tf on the moat reasonable ! tenu*. t 2in r NOTICES. Nkw Yori AftD Alimfit Rail Road ( o / Office No. t. Park Hire. \ N'OTICE ia hereby siren to tin Stockholder* of the New ' Vork aod Albany Rail Road Company, th?' in e|i rtwn of Director* to *atd Company, will take place it t! *r Office, i'?rk Place, on Monday the sixth of June Rett. ') h?-Polla will he open at 10 o'clock, A. M., and continue 1 ii until I o'clock, P. M. '! he Hooka for ih?? transfer of Stock closed and will ?m? c j tinoe until the 7th day of Jane ne*t. Bv order of th?* Board. mCtjfic JOS. K. I1LOOMKIKLD' Secretary. j I irtPOffXTrON NoTIf K -RSMic nniic. iahier by flren | C' ihat a mIc of property for unpaid tare* will lake i,Leo it ' fel lie auction at the Citv Hall of the city of New York on ' J irsulay, the 3fith day of June neat, at 12 o'clock, noon, and L"on.uiiied from day to day until the whole of the ?ntd property I tl o * Id' and that the detailed statement of the tare* and prr pcity to f>- rold is published in the New Era, a newspaper pefnte ! and published i?i the citv of New York. ALFRED A. SMITH, Comptroller. ( omptrollcr'i Office, Vpnl 2H, mt?. a23 iawiiwtiovr MISCELLANEOUS. SIGNS. GILO RUE W. FOKDHAK,, sioji apd ORSAMENTAI. PAINTER. CORNER OK WALL AND WATER STREETS, Ni.w York. Blocl. letter Sign* M??Oted in thr heit avunn-r. I N. B.?rrw-ra vt-ry low. **11 hw KAl SO ilfNK PAIN f. It" Kii.omiiir P.iini hauiu In.n * ?. rnly (r-ared in thu rily dnpn* thr wm'fr trviillw, thr nat. nlnuR ran n rumm'nil it with rrn'Wnl t-onftdriwr to tlir imhlic. Th<. nnm.m u ?|K'Ciiti' im of Kalanmin.- Paint now KMniliuC in Nrw York, rrtidan an miiim-ration of it. ml..!,. t?4?? .up. rfluom } unoni tke emit prominent am tint follow "Llmioine Colnra ?rr more i*nnait. nt. mom liimmoti. ui.1 nrrrr.iMr in th< ryr thin il eolorti. Tnry >r> applied wiihowt ureaainnine any offi-n to -mell or iiunrinn. I Bret mon health. rh'i drying in * '* linnri. K*l.omini* Point may, if properly Rpi'ln il, ho Rumi| when ?4M, tMonliti| tu dink nonlniht circuUr. Onltta received and finrtnallv attended to at thr KALSOMINr. PAINT DEPOT, fitb 27 jm? J6I Broadway, corner Kianklin. [ERA Ireland. [Conrs|H>iiilttice of the II oral il.] I >, 2d May, 1842. The Corn Bill 1ms at length passed, and betore yon receive this letter, will be in full operation.? Whatever its future influence in controling the markets, and ensuring a cheap supply of bread to the British public, it cun scarcely be expected to effect any very sensible alteration for the current year. To the Englishman it may afford some change; yet of tli'ts I have my misgivings, while certain it is,that any reduction in the price of agricultural produce in the British markets which it may bring about, will be of most injurious consequences to this part of die empire. We cannot afford a depreciation of our only staple, and for which wc are to receive no pos siblc equivalent ; for it matters little how cheap soever bread may be among us, as the causes which produce such a result necessarily reduces the monied resources of our people, uiul lessens the means of its ready procurement. To us " cheap bread" signifies no bread, with the consequent evils of a starving and destitute population. The condition of my countrymen, I regret to state, is very far from being good. It might be better did they know or cure to avail themselves of the many advantages which they nevertheless ikisschs. A mild and wholesome climate, with a generous and productive soil, that seldom fails to reward man's industry and labor according to the measure of exertion he may bestow mi its cultivation. Our *'?i tlii'int liberals, who affect to entertain a mighty sympathy with the middle and productive classes, are beginning to see matters with a very altered vision. Tliey have at length o|s-ned their eyes, and reluctantly ndniit the evils that must result to this country by any diminution of protection of agricultural produce in the Knglish markets ; but their mouths were closed during the entire progress of the bill through Parliament.? They dared not s|>eak, or bow, to publicly dissent from a measure which they secretly repudiate, bui which they were the inos" earnest in supporting a short while ago. There is not a more |<erfect or craven sluve in the world than the generality of your out-and-out liberals of this "iintry ; who, the moment that they are eli to the chariot-wheels of the multitude, d the right <>r |?riyilege of thought, as wll >1 i .'lion?of determining for llieniselv - n matter of national concern, hut are comp< - il >wn tjie stream, however fetid the cuitciii. i?r m givim: expression to any changed opinion, to h the reproaches, the lialirepressed insults of thos< who may surround them. The popular " hurrah" is ever ready to cry them down?their motives ars assailed?their nonesty called in epi tion, and he must be a man out (.1 many to v< ire the expression of any altered views or < ! political notions, and nope to live in pcac i untry, even where he has drawn his lirst \( i he is hound by every tie or lorn i The itation in this country bus been left i n of tlie very few men of anv resne< i station?together with tee great bulk o! the Catholic priesthood, and proportion of the middle classes, who lend their sanction to the very senseless and inetfectiiul proceedings of the present repeal association, which calls itself jxir crnilrnrc, the " Loyal Repeal Association of Ireland," seeking to effect a repeal of the legislative union between this country and Kngland, which iu still led on by Mr. (('Council, a mail no doubt of very extraordinary intellect, and comprehensive mind, but who has long since outlived his usefulness to his country, which he has jaded and dosed ml,ii with his everlasting theme of" Irish Crievances " including the present iniquitous mensure of Tithe Kent charge, to which he haa been an assenting party, if not mainly instrtmientul in imposing its burthens upon the country. We ure all tolerably well satisfied at this side, at our share of the additional tuxes required in the present exigency of the country. A kind of tindergrowl has, however, been set up by O'Connell and Company?the " coy." the mendacious and discontented? th? ultra liberal sections, against the projected imposition of a further duty of one shilling per gallon on Irish whiskey, the one onlv item of Irish ills in the entire list, with which Mr. O'Conncll could hojie to add to the discontent of the middle or lower classes of his fellow countrymen. Troops are every where on their march to the outposts, either to embark for India, or China, or to supply the place of those already on their way. Hecruiting both for the army and navy, throughout every part of the country, has received an additional stimulant since inv last, I might particularly add since the arrival of the accounts of our late disasters in Afghanistan; the loss and massacre of our troons at Caliool. There has lately been some lalk of calling out the Irish militia, and sending them to garrison the different posts in Kugland; but this, 1 rather think, will depend upon our future relations with your government, and whatever necessity may arise to send further troops toCanuda. The standard height for men in theBritish line has been reduced one inch, at the same time that the vessels oi our navy, especially those tor foreign or distant service, have been well supplied, and any deficiencies in their crews filled up with young, active and able bodied landsmen. All our men of war in commission are provided with a full war complement, both of men and stores, yet all upijeurs quiet in politics at this side. 1 tut it is the stillness whichprecedes a storm?while each looks to that point in the compass from which the lirst gust may proceed. The acquittal of Alexander M'Leod diverted attention from your side, and left us to ho|>e lorn long subsisting peace between the two countries: but the aljinr of the Creole, us well as the right of search, with what appears the very untenable position assumed by your government in both cases, has awakened apprehensions that it is to he hoped may never be realised. There is a universal feelinff in this country as in Kngland, on the slave question, that would not fail to unite all |>arties in support of any administration that may be involved in hostilities in carrs ing out the principles of Negro freedom. The late decisions of the highest legal authorities in the House of Lords, the official declarations of I^ord Aberdeen to your minister,prevents the possibility of this government receding one single step on either point. Whether ornot you m. y adopt the same views on a further consideration ol these vexed and embarrassing questions will depend the future ainieable relations ofthe two countries,hound by so ninny stile isting ties of self interest, and mutual good, to abstain from all angry collision, and which cannot fail to prove disastrous to the well being of both. .Mueh is expected here in softening down, and ultimately bringing to an amicable close, the present subsisting 'fitiit'iiliirri (and these unfortunately are many) between the two countries, through the instrumcntnlity and timely intervention of' Lord Aslihurton. May he be successful,is the sincere .ind ardent prayer of the well wishers of the pcarc and happinr?.i of both nations, in this part of the werld ; but I liavc strong doubt* on this head, nnd mueb fear that you will (ind, that Lord Ashbtirton's instruclions will scarcely permit him to exerris#-any reasonable discretion in the most important matters at issue, I should he loath to say, iIihI the real object in rending out bis Lordship, has been to train time, un'il Front c may throw aside her jealousies,and beroma an assenting party, by her ratilieation of the (|uintruple treaty between the great Kitrojamn Powers, conceding a mutual "right of search, 'to which fhe 1 nit'ul States lm? "> peremptorily refused its ac'jniescrnre. Th anticipations of my former letter ns to emigration on an enlarged scale Irom this country, you will find more than realised. Already has it set in willi unw onted rigour from various pnrts of Ireland, particularly from the counties of Jjougth and Meath. where the tenantry are of a more romfortahle and indepcad?nt class, who are bidding farewell to fatherland. seeking to lielfrr their fortunes in thewiltla and fastenings of your fa vored country. They are all of the better description of our population, aid few, it any, that do not possess capital I wish that I eould anticipate for them all success; but the chances, as you are aware, are sadlv against them. It may, perhaps, be diflieult in the first instance to assimilate them to your habits, to your acfWe and proverbially "go-ahead" system, or in the first year or two to reconcile them to your extremes of climatr. rxcfpt th?* young and those wlnme characters ar** "'i|l to be made. N es, a few varswill till up this void?improve their notion* of Inutility?nectire to llieui the Irint tliaf rewards patient industry nnd l>er-'i,vor?nco, and above all. teach them the value and importance thay should attach to the proper huohamling of their time; Inn which it mu?i be admitted, tew of them know how to sufficiently appreciate. F. W.T A Wife Mcrdkhed.?Mrs. Julian Moore, ot I lenry county, Indiana, died recently anil wua buried, under circumstances that created tronu suspicions that she h id been iwieoiird by hey husband, and on the second in<i"e t held over lo r body, pojaon was found in Iit stomach; wdicreiipori I lultp Moore her husband, und a girl named Aiiiuniln Karnes, between whom a Ruiltv connection ww I relieved to rxir-t, were committed to take their trial for causing Iter death by jonron. ~ * * * .; ...u n?J L D Price Two Ceota. Baltimore. [Corrnpooduuce of the Herald.] Baltimore, May 22,51'. M., 1H12. Mit. Editor!? 1 ant Itappv to inform you that the, difficulty between the lion. Mcaere. Stanly and Wise has been amicably adjusted, without resort to arms or the spilling of blood. You may rely upon this information, as I have it from an undoubted source. Tbo friends of both parties have been in our city for some days negotiating. Some of them are bare yet. Thus has a most unpleasant quarrel been brought to a favorable terminus, it is hoped, for all concerned. There will be no light you may rest assured. The whole matter will probably be published. 1 have just seen a gentleman from St. Louis, from whom I obtained direct information of the brutal murder of L. \\r. Boggs, Ex-Governor of Missouri, on me "in instant. lie waxsnot in the head while sitting in his parlor with his family, and expired immediately. Six large huek shot entered the skull. The excitement it produced in Independence, the place of his residence, was immense. Yesterday continued umileasani until towards three o'clock, 1'. M , at winch time the troo|?? in "Camp Baltimore" were reviewed by (iovernor Thomas. They made a very line display. A sliinit fight was gone through with, which had a sublime and imposing up|?enrunee. Thousands of persons were out to witness it. The troops still continued in encampment to-day. The Rev. Dr. W'yatt preached to them in the morning, though the weather was rather unfavorable. To-morrow there will be a general review, when the encampment will lie broke up, and the wearied soldiery take up the line of march for " sweet home," exchanging the tented fin-Id for the domestic tire-tide. Our city is still crowded with strangers, whom we shall welcome as long as they see fit to reinuin. The Kavclsdid a tolerable business at the llolliday. Not having visited the Front Street, I am unable to say how Wcmyssdid. The races at the Kendall court* closed quite briskly on Saturday. Yours, Roderick. Tim vn Navy.?We have the pleasure of noting the arrival in our harbor of two fine schooners belonging to the Navy of our sister republic, Texas. These vessels are a part of the squadron under the command of Commodore Moore, who is now in New ()rleniis with his sloop, of war Austin, and after transacting some business there for his government, will also visit 11s. We give below a list of the officers attached to these vessels, and can truly say they are as gallant a set fellows as ever set foot on our shores: t Son Antonio, Seven tinun.?Win. Sreger, Lieut. Commanding; A. A. Waite 1st Lieutenant; W. II. Dearborn, Master; W. F. Maury, Purser; If. M. Clark, Surgeon.; F. 11. < hlell, W. 11. Ailed, S. R. Greeey, K. Chipinan, Midshipmen ; A. H. Jenriett. Captain's Clerk; C. Rrown, Boatswain ; E. Phillijis, < iminer. San Bernard, term guns.? V. II. Crisp, Lieut. Commanding; J. P. Lansing, 1st Lieut; C. 13. Snow,2d Lieut: t'.S. AreambaJ,Master; J.F.Stephens, Purser; F. Lambert, Assistant Surgeon; II. S. < fiirlick, A. <!. tioodall, S. Smith, Midshipmen; 1 D. 1 toy |e, Captain's Clerk ; Thos. Potts, Boatswain; D. Terry, < tanner. Major Cruger, of South Carolina, Adjutant of tho Galveston Regiment, passenger. We are also requested to state that the ves??lsure undergoing repairs.?1Mobile Advertiser, May 16. Navai..?List of the ollicers on hoard the I'nited States frigate Congress, now lying at Portsmouth, N. II. Cn|4. P. F Voorhees; 1st Lieutenant E. G. TilIon; 2d Lieutenant, R. S. Browning: 3d Lieutenant, J. P. Gillis; 4th Lieutenant, 'I. A Jenkins; 5th Lieutenant. It. Bnche, Jr. ; 6th Lieutenant, 1). 11. Porter ; Acting Master. J. S. Patterson ; Surgeon, 1 . I,, fmiilli : Purser, Jt .1. t .'olmone; 2<1 Lieut. .Murines, J.C. t'lraysou; Midshipmen, J. L. Nelson, K. K. Calhoun, ft. M. Lngle ; Acting Midshipmen, W. II. |{icily, T. C. Eaton, 1>. 1'. McCorkle, w. 11. Holmes, J. ft. Smith. F. S. Fillcbrown, L. 1* Ashmend, S. II. Luce, W. 11. Brown, J. L. Friend, S. II. I'twhur, < ?. ft. Harrison, V. 11. Mercer, C. C. Bayard ; Professor ??f Mathematics, .1. Fearer, Jr.; Captain's Chrk, James Tilton; Boatswain, Win. Burns; C>unner. Win. Burton; Car]>enter, James Magill; Sailmuker, < ?eo. L). Black tort. Naval.?Kxtrnrt from n letter dated at Singnpore, January, 1H42 :?" The U. S. brig Oregon. Lt. Comdt. ('ait, and I . S. brig Por|K?ise, Lt. Com. Ringgold,arrived at this port on the 23d ult. The I*. S. ship Vundines, ('apt. Wilkes, commanding the Lxpluring Expedition, und a schooner, hudprrvmu-lv arrived at Manilla, and would in a few days sail for thi-> port. All the above ships are attached to ilic Exploring Expedition, and are now on their return to tnc I'nited States after an nbsence of mora than three years nntl a half. IheU. ft ships Constellation and Boston also are in |w>rt, and will soon sail for Macao and the Pacific Ocean. All well." Fakp.inutun the Swpxt> aoaiv?The last Gallipolis Journal adviHes that tlia Court sentenced Farrington to three years in the Penitentiary upon the conviction for embezzlement, which we noticed several days since. Farrington nas been also tried upon the indictment for forgery, in which the Court m Bank granted a new trial, nnd found guilty, on which he is sentenced to the Penitentiary for three yenrs in addition to the other sentence. There were several other indirtments against him, which were dismissed hy the Prosecuting Attorney. MISCELLANEOUS. TO AMATEURS .OF HORSES.?The uudensicoadl served a number of year* in Germany a* an officer of catalry, where he spent much of hi? time in training horses; his long eipariertce in this business enables him to say that he ran trata a well built roll tie horse to the highest perfection. Therefore hs ran satisfy military or other pfith men who find pleasure in harrisc * 11 trained Ibwm. Tfcow munMi w ho wopM mm* fide their horses to my cue will pleaaa apply to 134 Leonard street, between Centre and Elm streets. F. WREDE. 4' apt Ait Frederick Wredk Sin? At Vfin nr.- ...? !>.. . v.. of Isnvinir V.w Ortsan. ?* .U Nor ill, rtn I uiv Ih fore you iro to ii'ndcr you my moat auic?r? thank, fir lha .killiil and jx-rfrrt manmr in which you bare tr unt il my liurtc, "Star of the Wi ll." I consider turn uua of the Im iI broke liornea to tlir ailille anil mill Wry riarciaaa in Urn L'niti-il Slate. Ami I ukr idraanrr in rrc<>mmrndiu? yoa to (riitlrmrti who have hortca to brak., a. one of the isoat tlent. tkilful ami arcompliahad Irainera am) riilrra I have yet rni'l Willi, anil liavr no diiuln, if honored with their iwlronag* yon will Ki*i' them eqilM ulufarlion. Willi my beat anlin for your falura welfare and toccata, 1 remain, Rc.jirctfiilly, Your obedient acre ant, J. L LEWIS N.v ^.rh 11 IW1 ' U7 lm?r REFRIGERATORS."" VKNTff.ATfNO. RKKRIHF.RA'mHS. RKKD fc ' SMITH. VtiiliUlory Kefnirerator*, only article cvrr m i nfo tittf?! which run In* krpt lontf without ar<|uiniac an efih . % ?im Ii will communicate to every thing placed in it so an t ff. .* it a??' make it unfit for use. Rut the above article ir. onfb'i' ntly oil*** <1 to the Puhlir an ana thoroughly teetrd, and I i ' e<' to !> ; r ilirrly fn e from the ohtrclioiis usually found f? tl f the oldI construction. Their TintiUtio^, purify ins. and ? |irojn rtien are no combined ns to make it a very nvmraid e r' - '? I r ,\ family in warm weather. They can he had al > Prnadwav. rnI t Irn4 \ ' ST! \M SAW MM'.I.-Thr ubarriltcrt banc* ir mill in full operation, and a complete stork of white oak.-o ' tc pin", Georgia uine and hemlock timbers on hand, a? * I r par d to fr.rnisn the aame hv the rait, crib. or single |. r or i\v d to order, lor ship N?thler?. hotter bniljem, and oth- . . i n the in >?t reasonable terms, and at the shortest f**eiMe ii<?*irf . Person* requiring any article in our line c?f busmeea, mnv d< pond uje n : being supplied at onre by applying at tha mill, f of 1 iili itreet, North River. I.KU !S n GRIFF FN Si ( O IIUI" ,:0(1|< v II Us MIIM V < llf H r> *. 1 f-r"?rtment r'f Iron Sales, Ike. of different makers, for ?aJr s( prwcTn ,ih inhnv with q'lility. at tin- Iron ( boat Warrboute of SILAS ( . HFRHINCI. at 139 Water street. N. P Wilder'* Salamander Hide, decidedly the bra now in Uee < enot b? id al his her |4iw m lh? ' ' 1 pAI i.nt rRvaKRvT.D i-ohtabikfrk*" rap. I WnfONB warranlrd_lojk..l_?y ' ?Tiy rnt^sir, tit, -i rrnrrrr'i y'viT.Vr?'.ri fro#!*, < luckm.m. Often ami < < *?"<" ???P. . n, Tmhi y.<"$? ~BMv??M,V'Mock *?>d Urn" *uriie ni Tnil Sunn V< Ki t.ibl' sour, ?Or." II t'rm himI Milk, jrSJu cooked. fr?* fr?m bona N. w.rm-J ... ? frw m.>ikI can b? n?ql ?!i.i ?holw?l? ?wl n>laH,J>y nnlra. J * * VI'. (2k *???? N'W York n. xvmr A. artavlt ryC" .trrrt, ai.'l ?? * I6i* K niton M?.t 1} * ^y,' n.u'rr, by t?eket ?hi|> Al ^'StAn*"**'new ?*u "ZttXnZZ'Z** u f-K br Alfhon*. CM rntix k Co. f B IAA ho'tl. ? Iiypcx?ipnit? oi ^on? .. _ 11 TrXoi* "v'ni??, Mm., Hon... of Mm.. ( Corni'm of I 'l'"'. CMnroae af OoM, an.1 U.r .?? arc.l.m tmi Co. uVr? thu orrortimitv toinfom tVk f?,?JM '.Ut -J HH*m ir??rn w dhmii wi i in ruiion nrrr?, n??i way. oppoditc St. PnPi flinirh. 1m* U Norm* litsun, LANDED from the hri* Ohio, from of itiponor ' .|H vlrly, loi ?ali- iu lots lo tint |<uirha?<'m, *' rra?on?ble pri.-c, by M. RARER, ?e < hatlwm Mr??t. H lm* ______ ir?i ?'' ' "|1 "'k'( '';'|yin's .v < (i mil r?.c. K South utmrt. MA< HINE BLANKET* . h,|.. (V., ??lr to mlO e e FERSSE k BROOKS, ?1 Liberty M.