Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 25, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 25, 1842 Page 1
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, 1 . TH ' ' r< > :i! . :l . I . U"?. .1: a 1,1 ? : Vol. VTT_V? 1<>? _tVk?la Vn o?n REGULAR PACKETS. jtety ljne pjrcrvEfi^rrsreETsr ~ . vKr'jm New York on tlif Jttth ajnl Lirrfpool on fhe ISth of each inofiffr, ' ;fi& ifffc $! , jilt "llOM N K O T V H K . , .. Ship SHEJUDANs CaptagiT. A..lhr.ey?ter, 25th May. , Ship OATuUCK, Ciptain Wm. SkfrdJy, 25th June. Ship ROtH'MIS, Captaih John LulUi.s,.;lith July.,. Ship R1JPUONS. Captain K. B- Cobb, 2itli August. Kn'onvt LifHhMit. s StupHipnONS, CaiiUin E. 13;. Co lib. )3th June. Slup 8HEHIUAN,Captain V. A. DeiAfkter, 13th July. 8hip MARIUCK, Civptuiie.Wai. Hkiddy, litthAWIM. Ship UOSCIU8, C g'tain John Collins, 13th September. These .JiiiH arc ail ol the lirstchm, upwards-o I lUMtOnr, built ill the city of New York, willi such un|iroveiiu iiU as coinbuie great a|iecd with unusual comfort for passengers. Every Bare list been taken in the arrangeinent of their aivoiniuosLuons. The price of passage hence is SlIKI, for which ample Korea w ;T1 be provided. These ship* are commanded by riperienccd maatesa, who ja ill make every mart Kin to give general sal isf lefts ither the captaina or ownera of the ahipa will be rcsp.hiible.for any lettcia, parcels or iwclru^ea aeut by them, milesa regular bits of lading are signed r he re lor. t'h*> oijss of tins line will hereafter go armed, and their paculiar construction giaes thciu security not possessed by any odief but vessels of waiv nor freight oi i-unrf, apply to E. K. COLLINS A CO.. Vi Smith sr., New York.orto WM. &. J AS. BROWN 4c ( (J.. Livr?K>oL Letters by the packets will be charged 181, cents pi i single sheet* 30 cents pur ounoe, and newspapers kcent essch. in? NEW YORK.ANfi HAVRE rAUKETS. . {SKCOS'D Ll.vr..) I'^stwp^if this'^mr^*^^herea^m^^^c t)ie 1st and. Havre, on the liitli of each month, as follows : From .Vetp York. Front //acre. Xlte new shin ONEIDA, Vlat March , \ 10th All"' C^jitain < 1st July < Ifith August 1 - .James Firm k, ( 1st.November/ With December Ship BALTIMORE, t 1st Apiii C Pith May Ciptaia 1 < 1st August < lfith September Edward Funck, (1st Decccm'rf 16(h January Shin UTICA, ( 1st May i Ifith Jisnb Captain < 1st Reiitrmb'rs 16th October: Frederick Uewiw, (1st January f lCfh February New ahipST.NICOLAS, k-lsl June ? 16th July Captain < 1st October < Itjvli November. J. B. PeU, 'flat February ( Ifitn March The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, combining -II that mav he rcollired for comfort. The orire of ra bin p&.sMgc is $100. PMMiigevi will b? supplied 'ditty ft*q?istce. with the reception of mm? and lupines. Qot>ns intended for these YesseUwifl W tor warded bv the tffns?ribcrtJ.Tree frefm abt ufh#r TliAn the eipmsrs AetnaLh? inA,en,a, * ' ?SW ' - > il TontineJtmldinas, ~^ FOR- NCWdBRLH AN s" ~ ~ fcO.UJSIA.NA AND NEW YORK LINE OF FACltETS. Tor the better aecomtnMMioh' of shipprijcft is intended to dertieTefe a ship-Croat this in>? t on the Lst, .Mb, T(kU* 16tli. 2()Lh, jnid 23 th qt mouth, qommr ncitiR tne l/)tli October and' com inning. MilluMay.Vhrfi YTRular daysnilUe hpftointnl farther*, nafcuifr oC.thi'. yctr, whereby Krnal delays and disippoiutnpriits Wi)I b< prevented during the s.iimmer month's. The fWloWreif rtHp" wjil enmrmenee this arrangement: - Ship 111SS1H81PP1, Cai-ebn MilliardSiiip LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship 8HA1CSFEARE, Captain Miner. Shin GASTON", Oapiaiu Latham. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. ' Ship MEMPHIS. Captain K?i?bt. Ship LOUISA, Captain .Mulford. These alupa -were all built iu tiio city, of New Xplk. f ypressy fur packet*, are of li^lii draft, of water, hare recently been .. wlj.cqi>pered and put pi yiTendid order, with accommodations for paasewers unci) raided for mmfort. They arc commanded by etprrthnced masters, Who will melie every icrtinu to civt ireneral satisfaction. They will at all times be. to weal, up aud 4lown cIm Miutuippi by ... , N?*iUn?e liiM e%?n?rs or capuiiis oflHese will be re*txftisibullion, previous stone*. silver or plated ware, or h-r any tellers, Pared or sent by or put on board of them, unless regular bills or lading nrv taken for the saim , aaid the value tliereon eiprassed. rot fraigfttor passage, ftunjr .;p . f E. K, t/UUyNS & Cp..M South St.. or HULLINTtWpODRl'Er Agent In New Orleans, who will proinptlltJpTvi ard nil good, to tiieir address. Tlie .'iiin of thi? lint. are vrtuT .nit d to Mil punctually ;is adVertkud, and KTVtt ?are will Ik taken to have the goods correctly measured. : v: < .. mt STEAM ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, VIA?SOUTHAMPTON. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. Kun, CoHMteoo. The days of departure of this well-knows Steamship, have keen (Ixodes follows : From Antwerp, Frum Southampton, From New York, On 4th Slav. lati. On 7th May, 1S42, Oti 7th June, l?42 in..- 10th July, " 7th Aug., " 7* Sept. " Idfh Sept. " 7lh Oct.," " Price ol passage, meals Hot- included, to Southampton or Antwerp, f"0?Steward's fees, $2 62J^. Tlie meals will he] .erred im hoard, en the plan of a continental hotel, in the best in inner, and at hsed and moderate prices, passenger, being only -barged when partaking of the ?am?. Tne price of passage to sitlirr of the above ports can alto be (VK^rdf preferred, with meals and steward', fees included foi ! "G?s Cedta, exclusive of wines. An experienced Surgeou accompanies the ship.1 For freight or passage, or anv further information, apply to H. W. T. It H. MALI. Agents, . >22 6nt*r 41 Df.tvgr street. J IMPORT A XT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS, RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the Transportation of Onodr between Philadelphia am . ? - fi tabu eg. "" Thkimprorenrenl-in transportation affords to Western Mr r chants peculiar advantages. . Tlie goods being carefully packet in the boats at our warehouse, No. 3f,5 Market itri i t, are cat nod over the Columbia and Porlaae Railways without trail shipment, Casein' captains and crews are tmplnynl, who taki ensrge of the gohds at Philadelphia, and continue with then rhe entire route, thus avoiding delays and the liability of lot hv*mxr imratrfl on thr w jv ?TTy.?Faatenftr* forwarded tn Pituburf and Pottarille, rrc *V day, Sondnya oiceptnd. II. STORKS, Aeenti alt ill* 7 Waahinyton atnfet. K A U.KOAU NOTICE. MARKET AND hu.Ii.iit i.!\r.. rpHF. NEW JiCHSK.Y Railrtratl and Tnttupnrtotimi Con A pany hare eatablirhed a KreijfliC Line between Nee Wnrtawick and New York, which, the y i uiead tu run |?riui wntia'. Laaring Now Drunawick at 5 A. M. daily, (Sunday* e: rested) and ihc. fa.itof Libert)' ifoit. NeW'Tol*, at 3 I". M. T? Country dealer* and /n err I) a at* the a ho re lino ii very A |iraWe for the apeedy antl f'ntap eonreyane* ol merrhanoi r of arth^" dhroription, and m?ne particularly are Drorera at d Dealer* itl Lie# Stork, who-ran have lyikradnf oaltlr coure ?rd batwven-Now Urunsnnak and New Turk, the same di y wheuerer raauitfd. . The rates lor the transportation pf Cattle, horret, entile i, ahiieis+togi, Jtr. and all oilier kind* of marchnndlar are ?e y lnw,nr?ere*eeediri? ateamhoat tnrieea. ir Merefciuitliae lent by #ih line at not anbreet to any eat n tharife in rroaaiiiK the North Hirer. The Comi-any hare fitted up a large atnrelionae at Ne ir tin* wick, adiomiiu; tlie Railroad Depot, which will alwa ? "|>on for the rerei>ti"n of meiehaiitlhr. l'awyera [uircliaanu theii ticket* at lh? ticket officer, ev II receive retry tieketa gratis. , . . nltlia* i'KEIUUT ANI? P VnSAGE TO PfTTS' miRG. ' The proprietor* of 'niniham'i TiansportitiPn Line to PittaWnrt, aire notice t? the Merolianu of New h otk. and ajl otlfrr pyrrotM ahitiriiuip the Wert, that their line It now in active op? ranior (! \di comicne-l to tlo iti (or arm to pn in lhair Hce.r will he forwarded rerth deapatck Owner* o* ihipperc of jtnnda, ilrrtined for the Weati^tr mw, iiu *i?'?iic or < 'naiKnre ni i iiui'Mrj, mil l?lr%*e consign their roods to William Phidnm, ri?vbu|r. who will attend to *Aippu* all such consiipmwuU with Jut aarkad diatincllp on eacn packet? twri >M 41'l'r?iciit, which art tu low u any other line, ap^ly * w _ WM. TJ80N, AcentJ , , 4 rfo. Wm ai ?t, oppoalta rii r No... N. Iu IT, 1. Putcncon forwarded to rUuUurfard Pottatillc.ea try ' 4?y. Su?d%y? aarcptrd. Ref?r to It, Crooks Ameriran Fur Co. : R. T. NinHll Front atreet iTIielpa. Ttoilre ic IJ?a.. Fulton (treat : Rurdwr Sa*v k Co ; Wit. Rankin, Duryse k Co. Neaaaih. mfi 3m fEOPp7:^ EUNE I'UK. ALBANY^ intermediate plices, from thk Ihef foof of Mi *1*Tt ' 'r' ' frmrtlandt?tmi?Vtrr* $?! 311 Tho NOHTII A.MIKMCA, Latum MM. y nMatirll, leaves ?? a^mre on lueadaj, Thursday and Saturday afternoon*, at J Or lock. 7 ' rot rwap or fM?ht, apply 6n borart.or to Y. c. urmiLTZ,. tf " 1 ... . - At the office' * the wharf N B.?All kinds of property tak?i only at the r?ak o f the r wi?er* chrreol. _ _ mi% ^ ^.i r a s sa? etf Bx) srrr nTTHa nt> , mc land, fcTorrtiD AND WALKS. T>KRH0N*A drairona r>f inskniy eutfattemenU Tut friend* to I emicrnte from the Old Comtrv ro the United States, and who inav Wiah lo yccttre for thorn rlrapateh and comfnrtnMehreomnvxfatpma, will find it their interest to uiply to the wile aenbera, who axe at all rimea po-pan-d to make anrh arraienif-nta aa will Riiarantea sitiafaetion. Tin- traaela romp..aire thia Iiti? are all of the liral class. one of which lcayea I.itenTLi weekly consequently all delay at the |f>rt of embnrkatinil i? avoided. As Has always been customary with this line, w irn thnae settled for decline cnmuui vult ">* !" ?? * otwf U refunded, without any deduction, per itrimar from [he * annua pone of Ireland ami Scotland, can likewise be secured. For farther particulars apply to SAMt'EL THOMPSON. Old Eatablisheil I'asaaze Oilier, 373 Prut si , Orto C. ORIMMIAW It TO. IB (ioiee Piarzas, Lireriiot I, or drafts at sight, and for any amount, can liltei ise he furniahed on the National B ink of Ireland. Northern R nk,nt t o., National ban* ot Beotiatui, nuyvnr at an ineir tea ?c life branches: alao, on R. C. Qlyn Ja tin., Broker. j.on on, ,nd Orimahaw at t i nil Im e Foil II.W IIK ?The 'ni' 11. i 1-,'o.h i i IIMTIwyVEOE, Captain Oirandean, will hat promptly lisJ??jtp|fi?pat,'hed. Fot freight or passufc, apply to nil I r B< >i I> fee III Nl K K . N > t Toiitinr Ruildiri r. PAJJCETS FOR il A V RE?Second Line.? Tbt kxJJVship ST. NICOLAS, John B.Tell, maatcr, \*tfl tali jataHKaon the 4>t June. BOVD It HINrKEV, Agents mNr No. 9 Tontine Uulldii |. 1 J g . tltHJU J J i ?? ! Jo n ?? vi E1VT7 ?>i I'i V NE RAILROADS & STEAMBOATS. HARNDEN fc ro.?GERMAN lOENC) : . KCiilu rsiivs|N t!ull\ announce in ari.iTi.'?meJ?t which they liave recently made with Samuel ll-inchl, K*>., LT. S. Consul al ,or t!uJ of e<> tah! idling a OKNEll Vij CONTl.NKNTAle AGENCY al 4>l ict*, Jiw iln lujiLMctioii i>i Kv>i uanlii^ und-C nnmiaftiot) ii" him 1 i I. ilitatni the , ? ; . ofn mete 141 itftergi '?! *, hciie****! tbia country tod ImmUuciiuI Kuropc, As Antwerp i* m lusted in the centre of the in lnufttcturine r^ion'off Europe, i* at onh jf hovm (biKuic-fn>in Cmuftni; 4fl lioiu'-i item ftfjs, in the immediate vicinity of H ill ami and Getlitany, ahd directly cobnecti with all by rallroetet or vtt'um packets it* Jocatufri aliord,s the gruffest advantage* for j?ulolt ning and forwirdin'j Contimnti! good*. All order*treceived at aur.ofBce* in 15o?um, Albany. New York and Philadelphia, in aeasou for that purpose, will oe foiy arded by the Belgian <te*ttier IMITISl! on tin 1th of June next, and will yepvrail v |m* executed mi ?ea*op lor die jvium of tlit: iiujie steamer, which will kavu Antwerp oil the Wth July. ' 4 " ' 1 '*7^ FnitSortarsbf German] books ?re-fwtimilarly ceqnoMpd to liortco Him. . HAllDEN St CO. New York, May 17th, 1812 . . \nISr.. I'OM LliOV C O.'S ALBANY, BL Kfc'ALO AND CHICAGO EXrRJKSS. i.'Tiilir Km?' ,? ??ar>lh( lUilrim.U m Itffi Alhuiv *u?t Utq mu rine- I ilUio fi.r UdUVVA nmv.: ?i i..?. ...t-- ?i?- J mmlajKred, rt^uianty <itui. ,*dJ< ij,. et^ici' f Jooi Notg?. Iqiii^ijjlit Panels and yaTlublV l irVigt ? ?Wilt attend t > pie ncgnti itipii, Transfer, colle'cwm or |nythdM of Rill* of ;E*ctt?nge, Nifte*. l)nH<, Accedences, AciSmnlw, bun, at rea? m klri - per (Varagv? ?. enlr orduia lut nut put ckicr or sole ) Merelwlidise, ['oxUue aiiil Meinif'aciaruJ. Articles of 40 cry dcscriptioss, ix. rsonallv, in ilu- tswus oil tlii'ii i"iiL<-, through .Messrs. ILYKNDEN ill go's EXRRF.ift to NewrVdrtand Boston.and Messrs.' IIAWtKY-fc'00.*9 EXPRESS lo'gnd frrmr Birftabvtw Ctstrnlafld, I w-tout and Cue 120 and intermediate places?forming at once the most direct, ?|ierdy and perfect communication to ami 1'roin (lie eastern ami western cities .lor the neaoMation and, transaction of all mercantile ami iprolVssi.ctjl business, rejpittances, eifcchangl's, References?Effi't m Corhtnr, Thomas w. Olcotf. Wafts {Sherman, A. D. Patehlh; Noah Lee, Janiest Taylor, iheodore . Oleotr, Alhtritv. . . j Ac eucaes?Bennett, Backus h Ilnwlcy Utica ; T. A. Smith,, ISyxacuae ; A. G. SuMli), Auburn: J.F^.O, Geneva ; J. 0. {Shepherd, jg.tqindtjtpia j David Floyt, ifoChcsW; J-ihn >fcKeneter, LocltnortJ. A. f'tark, BatStia ; Thomas Blossom; Buffalo. POMKROY & US', No. i Etrhangr B'vl'liags, Albany. al l 1 Wall street, Nvw York. FARE AND FKEIGHT. KldlUGED- 'm-.? REGULAR MAIL. LINE-It OR rK'.iVlUENt'E A,M) BOSTON, via STOSJNGTON AND NEWPORT, dompo-ieil of (lie following superior steamers, mnltirttf in ecstmec' tion with the Btonington and Providence, and Boston and fro1 videuce Railroad,? MABflALHUSETTS, Captain Comitocli. I JlHQPE- ISLAND, Captain ThayeH ' NARRAGA NSl'.lT, 1 'sptain Woo lie y. MOHEUAN, Cajitain-Vaiderbilf. , One of wliich will leave Now York daily. I'uiWIayg etI re pud) frotn Pier No. I, North River, Battery Iltce, at five o'clock, P. M. V. Fate, to Boston,' $] 00 Decfc passage, - $9 21 do. Providence, j 00 do. do. 1 j0 , AattAMOeMCST. Tha NARR AOANSET, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays,for Hminurvio. n , j The M ASSAGltUSETTS, on. Tutssslays, Tluiradays, and Saturdays, for Styningtott. Passengers on the arrival of the steamer* at Stovmw'ton, may t ike the Railroad ' rrs mid trrocevd iinmedi-.tely m rrvvi donee and Boston, and lor die accoiuiirodaUttu of persous travelling bet vveeji New York i\nd Newport, The Steamboat trains w ill stop at Wrokford long enough to leave and receive lossvnRCTS. : e ' ' ' Freight taken at tho following much reduced, ntgi To Boston, on gooils Weighing forty pounds or upwards to the cnhic foot, at $3 Si) pvrtfm, and 011 measurement goodsT cents po 1 foot. 10 '?l! , . To 1'rovhleacw, on meayuremeut. goods 3 ceuts per cubic foot, and vpecilic articles as ut>r btBf to be obtained at office 2! Bfoadvrttv. fn3t fim OPPOSITION UNE. FOR ALBANY. : _ FARE REPUCE^.! 4-?s!*iu:e iju vcjwn?or nils ?u ccnm, FTlJiiaHT TAKEN AT RED&CB1) PRICKS. /^| The ccnnMbdinu* Steamboat WASHINOV? JsTON. Caiihun.J. M. Urowu, lieviMt made y I KIT f ,4u i?iut:eim;ut* U> chauue her tj*y? i.flcaTim; Ntw York,, !( liereafUft teste mr foot of Ksittmidn atreet, Nrav York, etery Mondav, W, iliie.dny, ami Fridavrfteration, al S o'clock, and Albany, etery Tue.dav, Thnrvlai, and ,Ma turday aiiernnou, at 5 o'clock, luiJina^ on her luaautc each way al the foot of Hammond atrect, Newbnrjh, PorijhVeetuia, Kingaton Point, Can,kill and Hudaon. For freight of iioainre, aptly to tlir Captain on hoard, or to D. RANDOLPH MAltrlNVNo. 1.12 Went atrecu m9c TARE REDUCED TO AU CENTS. _ STATiiK: LSLAND VCRRY. Foot of Whitehall afreet. I The lUaiMrt 8TATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON' 1 will hi a a* follow,, mini lurihrr uolioe Lean t Stat> n I,laud Leave* New York. At o'clock a. M. At B o'clock a. M> H 9 > ? 9 ,0 .. .. .. ? .. " 12 " " " 11 ' " " IX " r. at. " ? " P. M. " 3 " " .! " s r * " . * ' .6 " " . M fi " N. All yooila a/ripped ?fp reiyitrrd to he |>uttrnl4riv mafke<l, and an- at the ri.k of tlie onrutM thereof. n?3r [-T,1 i*uWvtrtu & co.'s ijnkT " FOR NEWflPROII, landing at CALDQr ,-jriLC3?WKLL'S. WEST PtilNT A ND cul.D T PTi Z>M'J11NUnfilealramboal UHillLANDERa C -U'UtH Jloburt WyilfoM, wifl leiVp tf*? foot of WiuTutl %trt?*t4 New York, t'terr .Moti4hv, Thtir?laV' %fnl SatiinUy afttttioou* at A oVVxfli. lUntniin^. tW Highland**! will (Uavr Nttw bujylf very Moniln moiwug at & o\K>c^, rluI Tuesday aiiJ Fiidiiy1, alt. idood ..t ? li cm. Ko. freirht or patsac*, Pnty' to the r?ff-lis on board, N. B.?All ba^iT*** antt m'irht of e*erv description, bnnk bills (a* \ ui on board this boat, must be at lite risk of iho owaeci tli?|reuC unless a bill of lading or receipt is signed fof ihe ? en" m7S TAILORING. RET REN'OI IMENT THE ORDER OF THE DAY. T1IE SntwciilHT, wifli'a vi*tr or meetim; the eticeneie* of 1 die time., Ima maTe itflMK 'rrtMItif whereby In- will hencri forth he enabled to fiirMah garment* of the Very beat quality, al an imnviiar adving front firmer chirtti'i. H ivina m.ide lii* purcha-.ta etcliwinrly foe ?,*! ? hr ia (h'teriniinta l,.coini?lfc with the ehe?|ie^t,(i>HU|e reidv ihunryit ?ei(d, only,) while he [dedqe, hlinafdl tn continue the aaina nhterraiiCe of cli yanep and iiiuirtutlily w'tach for the !a,t fifteen \ eSra haa rharnctl-rft.ed hot eatabliamneat. Grenrlemen air referred to the annetcd 11,1 u| price., with the aMtirantc that the article* enumerated ah.ill <? equal in qnallty and atvlc to the moat coctly. Dim oifiU ol auper wool dyed chilli*, fnan $13 to 24. Prnta,, ua _ do caaaimere, 8 to IB. Ycata, iifrtet)' f,?hionyhle variety, 3 N) tn j 30, G' njlemeti wi.ltin,"; th furnivh their dWtl mat?nah can havp thnr rtrmenletiiaile ?ud trimmed lit Ulb-aarno atfbr',1 eVra?.ie?, in yrotHatioil lo lha altovwt ' : Si. B.?Mr. Btbcook, lom; known a* oae of the ne>*t fo*U" *' able uutlera, cuiiuuuea la tnc *atahli?hment, i CUAS, CijXjSifin of the Oo^W^left^ __ i 1 - ,r ? ,'--7T MR. BKf KKR. TAlLOIl, ho in PArtJH. M pnlirti tuin) iM|>retfuJly iofa?m*.?li? j?akc of ,\. ? York, that be Lu .iu?l am red {'iun?, Pari*, bringinga ?plciiil|<l aiaortmejit of Cloth* %ud Cie?Tmjrf*> <>f w l-iteit bullion, far Patitalo'.u* iml Vrtu.' TVte will "be ron?t*ittly found a nice a**erttncm o( new pood*. Whieh He will dirartty ta.'tdva fli>|n Pari*, being now in com ?i>imJ.uoe with the Art* howea ?f that city, lie in'i'a*. by thewoodiieaa of the clalhea, the quality of the good*, *uil hi* moderate prices, to give ?dtr*r>climi to tho?e who would honor' litfiT" wtllV t T*tt, "and to obtain more mure the tm?t wltR WMfcH tfftaybmi honored heretofore* " mACIIIN'H l'OETUV. WHKKLKR, TAlt<OR,brraliy aenda fliia iuf nr.ijjjpu to lit* Ciinx]", i Oj *i\crriie?, If lie ha* any, Whether they be'few or many. Ylw public too, l.otW far inrl near, lie wi*h? * errry one to honr, " , That in Jliowiway hr hi* a ?hop. In which hi iljikr to hare the in pop. \i>4 ilioiaUl they want coat, *c?t or ;*?nta, No anc can fit thbift if hi? rant. I'ricetiOw to?uit th' time*, tlloth, too rarioit* fur tlieae rhytnea; In thocl you'll find aoaabrr Taiioe. ; So nnre ki |'b aar yqu aa A lYUkl Lf>R ml3 lmc , _ |C7 Broadway, up ttairaj MARTIN'S Cneh Tailoring EMtabtlihment, ft /lirifli sd to IM William ttrect, toyntr of Jfnn ftroot, r|''itK ?ijh%i;jibt.rf in aui?ouu.-iujt the ahure to hit fri< ti?la ainl * tike imbue in g^iural. Irate to return thfthk/for (lie liberal patroiage be?to^? I oti him nf ferrnef plica of luiinrai, a*a*re* them that leer* khiele ordered of him ahflll. aa heretofore, he cut, mad*, and tmnoiNi in.die ne*t'*t aM moat *t.vlnh manner. The m^riaU, die newest anu hestjin the market, and at a poaltivnianvinf of 30 |?er cent. 5kjrau*^r? aie reijueaUfd to rail and ciain^ne. ^ I hUTf thrtn ifiWi* and trimmed in ttfMyif thalhM nr??n*iTh irenerH ??Tuf.vtion durint tk* fcst fnm ymn. ?#ry ram^nt wnrrMifd tn At, and made by tbr k*? workmen at tbn lo|l?wvinr i-atcra, via,;*- A . Ureas Coats ' ft 00 to fo 5# 1 Frock Coats B <HT th ft 50 r.ufU and Vrttn* .. ' ' ? 1 7V to t 00 Otrr Co-it* .. . .i ?Hkuo II uO Nrv i.u r? ad', mad# ? all fnadc to nrd'r, and a 4iit ' hah. E ma^M JUST RECEIVED, A *n^ varied anaortmfftit of Stocks, Rearft, CnvfU, i oi MMB?q4 Kid Gloves, SnH*adera,jL<irit.n and Mwslin Sliirta, Pocket~Ilandkerchief*, 6tc. kc. Thil uiheojily rsr.nTiiohnii'iit m tola city nliere th? subscribe r's celebrated oliis tic Stocks can k? obfained. ?*, n , PARSELL8, ArmtfotJi AO ATE, |rn*c betwecW Park llaca and Murray flrce*. ~ removal H Phillips' cA.sii tailoring s.iTAiv.X'. M KVT ! remind from 113 Broadway'tn N ). A .'rr h r ? ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DHFSSj (jaiin-nU of* m *1 fcl'Xai4*i'<l K?-.hrinrUe kiud < t aitrii if f Art 1?T (Tilt fur C*s1i. j rpMK. vW' rfivr (V?m* il 'iniv'Tiimv t > remit t> for tiirUl r.>'V"l ?Vv'cn> >'f *n'"i* 1 ?f ?<M"i?! l"rva?, |*t? tfcrt th I-oMimn li* Ku Iwii MMlilwhad. Vitr.l.u t*i(K the ofi-iio** wtrc'iKUK bono wed of nun.,-Will l?o>- r >4oucunt voucher fur kit chimimhu-*. J"f*r 1"' tenia conocr ted wi'h * ? t-???? !<>m<?{?jj}f jll0 lie cmt/Wrntlv a??rl*tlu4 lit can fnrt,ulic.<>th? rfhirtt, mi cjiinl*i1.d? will V f. im<! ln?rert?iifn my Ml""- >?? "H the beat deacrip" I^LLlTs,' 7 AMOf Home. Bcoadw*1 J. I-.. It /?'?* ? ? Ml 4 MltlM ? Ml W YO W YORK, WEDNESDAY ~~ Y^URNITl IlK. _~~2I GEORGE W. DAW SON, ll'hoUaaU and Jletatl Furniture am! Genera! JFhfrnhhing iVarthouae,'JVo. (>7 Chatham atreet, corner nf Ihomr atreet. New York. WHERE he keep* for salt? a lar^e roent of* the fi|llow?, iiiK articles, vii.: Sideboards, Bureaus, Bod*leads, Cots, Tables, < hairs, Office and Portable batik*. Glass t'wi'L Book Ca>i'S, UooWjnc GUmms, PlMMiu:, Cytilrv. '1 ea and Pier 'lnhles, Pianos, Sofa*, Sola DeiWtCaUs, nods, Bt-aiBnc^ ral?*a^ters, Mattruertfs. C?rurtA..Oila Cloth. Malting aud tire Irons, WasU Stands, 'i out t Tabies, t_ andie St.iid*, Bureau Bedsteads Dremtn4 Bureaus, SefW, &c. Also, a large &s*ortnioui of men and womeirs Wearing Apj'oel. m n .tU'l l^eomi loaded. AM the above .articles are offer-d to the public at y^ry Into' prices. PMfaori* hi want of snid rfrttcrcs would' find It to" rhetr advantage to make ait early call, at the abovo ewUbifjhmeiit. Shipping orders punctually attended to and iwked on the shortest Douce, and on reasonable teiinx. Mattresses, Bedding, Icr. for fittui< out vessels, constantly on hand. All orders to the above establishment w ill be punctually attended to and thankfully received. Nt B.~TI??? highest prices will W tiveu for Second Hand Furniture, and Gentlemen's and Ladies' cut of! Clothiug. *39 6m* r 4 .? avi N()TfCE TO BUYERS OK~ 0 A B 1N K T VII R N"I T.U B ErPnE fcnoacriber woiifd in vito the attention of thoie wishing a til I'lin )*?? articles ill the .above lnumusas, Ot bis ?*Lihli?hi. meut, when- is t,<; be found a rich assortment of lUpewood aud Mnhotvm Fwaoli ami other paittffiis, some* of whieb are ?p)t to be found i Lewhe/e, lu oi^untiiely origin^-? A'siV. bihosome rich gift Cornices for window*. Phles and' lone* i. io?eihei with i>*ui isk.GaLkjotix and Tas?<.|n, and ovcry, anicfe attached to curtains, wltfch will be made in the latest t>Is Irom pattern*latwly received. ? J N. B. Particular attention paid to the fitting up of Ottomans, Fife Screens, and otiier fancy articles, wrth cufbrnidvred Taptuuy. . , WASlllNiiTllfC MJlEKS, d ifi fim 115 Broadway, next the Hospital. JOSEPH i IS5K O V Elf.'FmieV Cihmfrt M*kef, Mafht-mdto J icalyun {Naytioal luitmroont.Cfue Manufacturer, 269.)y$lvf st,? . t. \> ,r \ onL Ghronoifei'tcr tioic* ofa superior make, buotvietrr, therrmmv-. eier frami-a. nuadrant. sextrmt'i siir\> voi- *nnrii*?l d. nfi-t and (imwlnr h?*p?, in i<t<* fmi purkMiit^n mml .Ivla?' lioit'l'i'fr. oloi'l?r*ini ?U'l |ii?'ol .<19*** . all tl?inri|iun|i; J iBuci rOly\>- ajitwrutua kinl m'liiclim ?*Vir-??<, Inl ftvtit. rod?, r>f any lr 1*1 li> iixl make All kiwU vi i.iui'V \vyrk, jn*d< of tin* h?'-?t m.itrnaW ni'1 workm .n.liip, wiuiahted. ofvvery tieaeriptvn eieeiwl.l with nratfica*, iiiitifUtility ami ill.p*U'Ji. French polishing ami vm iii.l.inx.. MkiiiitiiJdi* iln X*. TagTeauuc'n K.lrtHahVhfnc, b< Vavwn Ro*?I>uuct and iVck klij). . ? . - - RH irkcfj. , Mnih, K. Jt Q. W. Bluijt, comer/if Watt f street atof Bmlltl! t>li|>. Mr. A..MrKatryi 1M WatrMtfbft. ' ,Mf. Dpwill. 239>Peaif >lnrl. ^ , , , uil.'),|n'*c NEW STOKfc of liifli Chi amiftam No. JJ John ay., lit'Xt [fcmr toconier.ol Nassau Mitel, 8T(M VENfL 4i CO. nave rh? honor treinCorm their tVi'in'a and rhta- puUltc, that they are .ijaiAiiit tbfc.above .tore, aalier* ihry rail Mliu a In rat- ami b.itililni nay 'itnient jof all u- uv^il'i.iiw ?ii|yK a. a<Cral ami bull Tumps aU o>m|ili(r;jjoiVrUiu, at thi. thiMlfactrry prices. hf tile rwmmHiiieaiion tif their sleip, No. ^9 OnlJ straet. WboUaalr 4ml rrtail--citv and cnmitl-yvtradr-^ali { ni? iwvk. il ty ho in any tu.rt.of the y.ouiilfyrrnlt artwh-a^natih i |iU^uin? J1ci>cx>41 "til John aUryl. , tnf ?n+C OH'lisr A GLASS AN D EA RTHKN AV" ARE. 8AST0R HDL.iiE.-r-f renoU Porcelain Dinner Scrrict*. 113 piece* ' k ; ;; , ia on WVite GrilaHe, do ilo 11? do 15 on KnjEn2ii*h Parrelahi TtrHfUi it do < t*i Dinner Tt*u?,. f rvi^ch Porcelain* >1m*{ do7'-u, .1.9-1 Do. do (?ranite, blur or v.Jdte, do' I 00 Soup, do Frortch Porcelain; do 8 00 Do - Ax i CirHnhf. blue or while, cfc>. ; loo Tea Cmjni uud-Sauotfti, (21 piece*) French ForcoUiu, . ^ 30 &g,Cw?? iv do Cut iWiaas. prr dor^n, from ? 3b Do Tumbler*, do -do ? ? jJijJV Lemonade*, handled, do 2 2.? tahi i- cvttm* Of the finest riiscripkinits, inat-tsoi d??/*n*. at tlio low j ri^e of S12 the Act. Juiki OituiitHl, -a liaitdsouo:. astortnumt of 1 oilu Ware. ^ \L SIMTSON. N. B.?Ajfcut for the salt of SimiJion^'Eai Cornet*, fbV the relief of <t? i!!? ? <. irlJI Irrt^r CHEAP HARinVAIlE STORE. THK Huliaci'ibur i? u?w m* ainr ina Mining .apply 01 X IIARD^'ARK AND j. y.TLh.TlV^rii . ii.d p.r U.-?r nv?i> jrum miiiuiiyiaun a?d m?. nit*id. I oy*n?*r with a ff-'mfW?icn:wmnf l#oin?4n' hmom hc*M i*r?i?fcrcrf tA pf- I f?ff ttlli*my/IiOWEST AiASH-PKlCEiL ... I The uttt'Htuui Ci?iuiuv Mtu? hauls. jUnkUm,. Cabjiwt I Makers, U solicited to in ?shmiVjafi<>ii of nfy s(<f?k a:i<i , prices* as he u confident they will ftud it to tli?ir interest to iaror him with a coll. ALFREp F. LAdKAVE, 210 Or?'enwlr?. apm?-r BirrTaV, N?w York. I A regular np^v'or FALL RIVER OUT NAILS, ami I Geoner* Glue. Al*o-^i corni-trti assert meat of Mechanics 'I Tool^, ia#n<V Screws, kc. '1'lUtaq-AKfeN 1 iTA ], I an vvi xi>T)Xrsli'iuI.;?.:::? I. OLITV.K AV. ^rooDKOHD. fii OathA-Vic.T.Vilfhi* II. thl? WeeVroor Mm Trniirfparrnt Wiiifliiw Hlt.ul. *. Kvnriili. ?i Who>h1*> imt (hcni?rlT..<i with illind* thi? Spiunt, ivjll, find .collection (if tlia uy?t beautiful pii.tliniM t;.oj. in] tjiKCUy.. A'alhr khoii i? a'.tV.aik-ilij^. * l.utln f rfdtf.-'Wn p.i WW price* will he made, ?*tWetyL-Ltli.Hc*pefi j.1 7'> ,?-r: ? i! Scroll* S? jO. Sinrtti and LMHt.capei St". M<10i)1..till Sr.-lV H .iV. lulian Sr.i...?r? llr-.nru ?ll.h u. V m U. ..Drapery Bordered and Scrim.-.1 and fuU 1. . iu!%c v-wl?about 3D0 pair l.!ni'l?t,i]HM at ftc low priee oftjPSViier pi(K ' n. B.?In|iicni i* of jnisCptMcupitioiu inany hwebnenj dci-cired, white lookimi for Nil. , tn'.Ci |? ' 1'(<IAJU Oh BOyK .SAP IvS !!'.?Scleral tri.yls uj?ui Dpi -l SiiVs, mnkcr.. fjiv.' b.-.p liail in luTriaeej. jiluf c. rtilrt-arr* civcrr by r'-.p.-rob!" .\fcrclrvnu, if) (Ri-or of WiMrrs I".), ill S d.nmuider Safe. . J Tl?cSafin* .o tried. {.wether witk the t'.?miuiri?f?' report, an.j oth. r.U-.liiiionw'v he ?ecn at lite Iron Qhctt w'< ol flic Sllb.rrlbcr, the only pined In the city rnicrc Wilder"* RiU] mender BalV? nan hdhari. ( lip*t 'd other lnakccj) ?nch a* Imve Itrrii taken in part. pay inept for tin- Silauutph r, (of nnlc at (.?? than half of thE fir.I <*AH. ' ' SILAS C. HNHKJNU. ra!f2 2we ; ,j.i> Wa^nr a^ei-tDRY GOODS, ftc, SHIRTS. . . I QJHIRT8 fnaifa to orier, after the moat approved Frrnrk tA raihions. di-nUnncri's Uannvnu yf ail ilovcri.'l..'iji made ca order at the ikorTrat nonce. ii> nilrinen'i Kurniahios Store 67 and 69 MaideA lane, cari.eeof William atr.*t. ndHn'r W11. I.J AM COLLI xs THK SHIELDED Victoria SHAWL AND DIAPER PIN. ANFW and ivipartant article f??r n?e in lh? nuriwrv sihJ ?s|i (a>U uin^ to ladifftWhawls, cloaks, Stc., r?.it^rit,rd in (Im> Unitfd States and in FaUr??^. fir salt-, wholesale, hy \v. |i. CARV h CO., 1% I'fart Htr?*et, New York, and by tl* irttvqUf#1, at tiie y, ?4t> Jay at, BrfXkklyji. Thrrail aud n?edlr sKWus. and dealers m fancy articles, suit plied on liberal trrm*. mH lnv^r | Straw goods. ; TIinVRTT, importer add tnannfhetnrer hf It-Mian a nil ' Enirltah Straw <inodn, renpretfaHp informs hracnat.wi. ?? dial holms removed tu,t eViblwhincnt from TJ. William >ynd f rUtt, to 3? John attJyt, wh?re In- enntiiyicj to keep a aplrndil atw ex tenaicr'assortment r.f fAiRw*' 'tii*hi"rt?it>!er A'jnw Oondn, Kremrn in?l English thiaataldrs, Italian Kntianbs, Tine Tnseart, Eanry Skellworlu, Tritfe AJKrt Strnwa-Str. tgr, i [ Ah?>,. ui to Only new article, th? White Siberian Hair Bonnet. for the ?unr?tn#-r?it eurparacs nirihe etylcs at yet intradnced. feeing extremely light, beautiful, white and durable. m?4 Ira* to to the lai.mi?s. : FASHIONABLE MILLINERY OOOItS.-The- firnnrifr. " tidsa, Miss B K IN< 1, danyht' r of ilu-crh brand Carl h nig, nffrrt Kir rale a roust aulisrt end ojioice assurtriicut of .Mrllirofy On "is, for the spring trad*. m-Vcr as yrt br,'?i Utl'd to Uic |uij>lic, both a.a regard* (nc rjliality all,I cHua|tn?M of (he artrrliw The tmortmriit'eoimiva of the MloWinr ' The Celebrated SJLK HAT, CALtFJ) CATOTTE D O$LEANS. as worn by La Dncliraje iJ'Orliana, of fume, SHED SILK, F.N TT ft ELY NEW AND ORIOlN.tJ, STYLE" And Lawn Mats do (fewAw eatire new Itvlt a Hata called , " MODINE CAPOTfltS, ELSSLER. COTTAGE. Tafiiianand F.ngliah FANCY STRAWS, of the flncat trwtttrc, in greats iriely. The rmpricfnHe resper-tfntly wilicita the ladica tn ftvnr lier with a r.iU. ami examine lice nleganl ami varied stock of Millufcry.for Ui<;nv.yl?ea, ,before purchase clarirlictc, ru'it will M a great 'axing to (hern i|i price an J a greet ndv,ant ig<: ha rckardi (m rrriatT cud onaltty of tlw go.,da. I MISS S. KINO, M?ga*ine (W Murk a, _mM 'nt*r 2yU> Br.mdsvar^ mijxinery goods. flABL KINO, the well known and oelab rated Millinery a ?d V? j.ndiei' Straw llat Manufacturer 16 Her M.'Jes'j-th?OUr.KN OF EN OLA ND. rexpeerfolV h*g?lrare to nutronucr to the Ladina that he I as on lunula mocl splendid and faahionahle aesorlinent of Ltdi V Straw ami Silk llata. The Straw Hats net' nwi'tfrctdrcd U a moat foremanng and hcroiainsr ?han?, railed THE ELSSL^K COTTAUF, , Willi uriiwry a|..e? luu a nwiai r inre anm nw l-i- . 11hraidt the* Wata are mule or i? of the nvol rl-Ki^t llir Albert Straw in particular u pntroniaed by QUEEN VICTORIA. The eijk department ia conducted by tie moat (nrreniona ohd ?*l\ly tailhhTt, not to be equalled. TV ailki are oT the neweat itlk.frreft ilttwrtrf. Trimmitut and Fb.wera to tWlWiM Thue who wiah to ronriner thenoacliea may call at floJj# Canil, near Broadway, and 17 Dtriaion atrei I. N. 0 ?Ilia I'aru RibluiiM an.I Frrncli FloWera. ar? of Sie latrat "tyle. andr t? tie purclnaed at eftVt nfhia cttabliahmeata, it wti lea.ili end retail, on rc wofiable twin*. mil km*I DRESS BOOTH?I.A TEST H'.i ST V I.E.?The aubeeribea tual.ya to order, ll ihta nl ran almv d< irriptnm, id the. till. ?l .pialhy of French (Alf SkiA. ami in the latert atyle, and at very reaadnable priced? (Scntlcr-en iVfio have bei n in the lwhit af peyinr e*tr?ea?int 11' . ft f infayioy.MMelea ahe eei|ueaied to call and hp com inded that ina pncea ve front tan U> twenty per cent below offer torea in.the neighborhood Drawinea Viae takeo nf the lie t, anil a pair of laata kept for yarn ruftomrr, ttierr ta no difl.r uliy injfettintta handaotne yet ea?v fit. I Omul iBtly mi hand, a larae aaaortment of faaliinnaWe ready made ll yttv at rrricea earviiidfmm TWt) DOLLARS FIFT I CENTS TO Stx* DOLLARS; Half 8"nta. thatera, Bh.$.-a, Putni'i. Slippera, lar. ko. at eipnllv iowjinera. JOHN L* WATKlS'H, 111 Fulton at., j a! Jrn? Between NaiiiiUend Dutch at*. KRENf H .1 MPOHtED ' OAJT EfcS if .11 . ^^g\or% of Ffuhion; French ?XJbt? and fiaortt luatfifr - T- . ,? cW.i/ a iriifdri Wflllfiftr sllf>f?a Allti I Mi nil 11. i"i r liwn hov? mill Hiildrvii. Alma' aral bov*' chrMl boot* from $2 75, $ I. $3 VI and SI per |>air. Mew *h<*a 7? to 10* and 12< |*f 1 mil. II 1J, ?|ine* .*1 to 75 and $1, and *ot?irtrd ?on.l, Indira, miMii .unl rfiUdrauM* nit** fr??t?, liitckiliinlfiWalton* ahr?? itid alipncr* of all color* anil ?i/.ea, latont faaliiirn. tl<?. buskin* auil ?li|o, 7i oriiU to $l, *"od li slipper*^ Comrand ri a vu>U *?.ortmant of rnr alwili artKli-a 01 (21 iftnl atr?i f" < iiirt<-r I.r llrt.aifw i., Olid IT 7"0 ('mil at, nnrtb-Wr at eom. r df Mini- -.n a'r? ? atVV illn i V _ v. 15 Im '< DaV A Hp i-VK.\t\<* SI Ml < li -XI* awnajy ..I !! Mi***< Maaon* ami O'Dolirrty i* now >j? n fop tlir refeplion of iiirpila. at 11.5 Bowery *25 lm*r THfi NOTES of the "MONMiU'rtfllT^K" NVw JrTaer A nrw iM>i?, are pilrrhnrdat II WalUtrei t, by EAHL fc CO. at One |W? Cant. r m2 Im?r j 1 * i (j ,i a , , , . |RK I MORNING, MAY 25, 18books am) stationery! rr*6 f M'l i< w \ \ I KATIJHKRB Tlu - u giic -L notice that Messrs. Howe Si Oodda/d, pi WoivVster, A! liM? BpiHiiuted them their and are jm-jwyH to furnish at *liOrt notice. upon tlx* mom reasonable torn*. Kourhinier and (^> linder Maehiues, w ith fire or *team dryvm; and sifting midline* to *i*e nap^r in the web n it b*avr* the dryer*?Also ejtsxy ktncl of Machinery apiiertaitiintr to the manufacture of Ifiperx which in poiut ol workmanship and Ani.h u iu)t sprl*mcd by apy other establishing nt mi tliin country. A larar mntilxir are now in Operation in iiaiiyuf (he best inillt/lo ! \Vhou ralerwic" will In* given for all particulars. 1'EftSSK Si BROOKS, faj??r WarvlnMHe, d25 dStw . ' til Liberty street ijE\fr GUITAR STUSlf -OKTjKuE H Id'.HWOKT, ]?rotessor of the guitar, No. Ii8 t*u?i*i ?tr*et?% opp<>*itc the $r. John'# church, ha* the honor to ar.|U tint his fiien-Js md the public tliat be ipu published a variety of new and |K?pitlar mil*ic, arrnuip'd WKb easy accompaniment* lor to?ita.r. Ml. D. Will .tl", ar. in aiel COltfpOM BtUliO flW (VCfKltili guitar, afol other iusthiment*, and giVe iiihti actions to aniateiifs.on the piano hirlc and viohu. ' 1 myt |W>< JAW JffiPORTKIl ft* M?iy, lHLr. C nUhmrvefteaMit)/ - * Bankruptcy. presenting- the subject in all if* varum* phasea': The Bankrupt Law ; the counted inhR of Ma Levy. ; Chic* JuaHfY Marshall^ Lord Rcdesdtle ; Anurifm Jiiii>^; Starkiv , om Ev*Je?o? ; NVw Rules iti F^ithy v (Jrf cylcaf on Evidence : I) nik(v.p^ in Nt >v York Cmo) ; Uuikiupts iii'Ma*** (100) Sic. Judxe Story's opininu at length upoit tlm elffedt of attachments laid awn ihs^propettj i bluilrQpt pi liou* tobtibein*d?Hartd jtrch Will appear in the Jnnt* hunlber. Ab*o( Judae lh luN btMliiou in the ease "if Kaifton (vr ift;N juwclry) w ill iipecar in full irwh July number. The proprietor* will continue tne list . t)f Bankrupts m New Bork and M 5Uf*chu?elU whicT\ wflj rrnder'th* work valuable it) i-vsi y bihiin'W mau. ' WTiat murchnnt kvould-rudee 2S o-nU :% in ..... } TM.j. vt... notnh*. commences a new Voiujttv, and offers a lavombJe o|? |)ortuii*cv to rabsreribe for the wi>rk. BRADBURY* BODRN k CO. 127Nuiaufit? N. Y.uil n> ftcpoglit. Bostpn. t CAiiiis, iuli--] 11: vi >s, &c." CHEAPER THAN EVER. T^OKF Sl KI'AI'K CARDS, ill' superior mmif-icture, printLI cd hall Ulini Jli'd .it ihr 1<>l|*Tlnc REDUCED PRICES : .00 CtRti,I* h? $0 cent* MO d<,. $| no mo A... :..... fi ? luOO do .. '...${00 Co:nmnti< ?Vd? M K-.? pricM. Ctrcnln , Bdllimd,, Niitirrn, Pn.luii; *m,I Show Bill*, ami .every J?rripliM>?f pilutuic rieruu-d rtt .hurt nutlet*, ui| ar nuniuMi' twinsn. tMiy ritaulirhruvitt in the city, iVJ^iTl S ti C,V IU)B,?A vuiiina card \ 'late ' I'mrraveil and VI elm,ncl)r<* rsrflwiriiitrtl P>r ?l SO, .quit io adV In thU fcrtv.' IVrf,liners, ManulRCTuren, and Dray^nE-.' Label',, cmnwiilly on hai.d. ' BROW^SO.^ * CO.. j >89 tm*m tlclil st. near Fulton. PAPER UANOINC^. Ma. HQWEL,L. k CO.? .367 Pearl street, are now receiv insr irom thi'ir ma miftrtSi repeat New Brunswick, tin eitCiifive .vssprtnuna >4 V\\>*r tl.iu ui*>. Kord? io, V-'. oftbe Ut.,*t and most approved "patterns and styles, suited to the city aha 1 coil fury tfnde , which they etfur U) dealers at the net NUimiffeS I tory ptici. AUn their usual raricty of French Paper, Borders, Kirc j Bo. rd Print*, Views, fee-. *. Tnrh.H.Nf sn^nnm t*? itU f)i\ in any part of the city can be had af the shortest iiduce. 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Iry vwauat-J f>? buugnt. All ?Val^Mx tie (' I |o kiM'p ^o>'.l tinir. Or tlir inooey ri H1i1.uu. Wit'Jn ami ''lurk* ttr-nnl in ?h? l>f?l inmuur, jih! iiiiiukJ. it :niir|| IfM ili*u Ine moil I'M--'*, bv one. 0/ (lie tineit 11 1$ the city. ft. (!. Af.l-.KN. llntTter of Wawhfi nnd Jew* tlry, vrholeealn ami rctnil, 30 Well afreet, Ujiilain. in !!: ltn*m \fE9sRs7>fnn1frSn^R fc firxTTTcwTfi^ and Sitt. ( I U ami/lia of New Bund sin it, Lnmloo. and ill Qnudnayi. N\ ? Y ik. nitwotrull] f" umnac tb< public that thei e*ra?dislrrr.? nr m thtv foimtnr wH? be nodtivrly and Anally closed on the first day of Jync next. till which period theiritock - f jewa 1. ?, pl.?*? . plated g 1<. <-n'!- . -x,. will remain on itrlvait sxlr in mgMlwgyA.At.eud under prime cost. B.?The Hon*** to he let. a30 lm* I . 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P . .. t Km the honor of informing M**n. dealers in watiji w orks, and all articles connected with tlic line, a? also M.mrs. dealers in cat* Juv thst their estebHehmentol watch g!j etti glaaa, uiJr i and colored, fancy articles kc. kc kc,f has lately been iC moved from No 40 Maiden Lane, to* No. fKI William street. OtatlcHMnkiinaiai pnr>h?mgfw OMonly acnoi ot fbe factory, are respoClfuJIy njriled to call r.r I wliere will he fosind an unrivalled assortmeat of the alxyvc mep| tv ned gooda, which srill be 4ii|iest(l of on the .most reasonal|e ] riams. ml 2m r > 1 1 NOTICES, NKW Vpiut Asn AI.bapv HAII. ROAD CO.) Offic e No. f. raik PUce. \ ' VJQTfCI/la hereby Biven to the Btockholdars of the New I 1 " York and Albmiy Hail Road Compatiy, that an electioti of Directors t<? said t'.umrany. will take place at their Office, No. . ''ark Place, on Monday the sixth of June be xt. The Polls will he oneu at 10 o'clock, A. M , iwl continPe r"on until I o'clock, r. M. Pho Books fbr the transfer of Stock are clpsed, an?J will ar> c ntinuo an til tJi^ 7th day of June nest. II r order of the Board. ' C fOB. r,. BLOOMKfKLI)' HecrcMrv. i f tOtlPOriATlON N'OTH '15v?Public notice is hereby f ?rea * tint i sale of property for nnpaid taxes will tak - pUre at ! public frui tion si the ( itv Hall of the city of New Yoric. ot| I fondiy, the 2fitli day of Juoe next, at 12 o'clock, noon, ami be I c??n inued from dnv to day until the whole of the said property hall or a .lil' and thai I he Hvinlnl nl of lha Uii'l and proprrty hi iUd i? puliliahrii in Ibn Nrw Era, a n<-wn)fiper iinnti'd anil imblialud la tlir riiv of N w Vurk. ALFRED A. SMITH. Corner.,ll?r, (.' rmptrollm'i OfTiv, Vpril K, IM2. *211 1**fMwt1(j>r 'JU i i i l l i MlS(1 ELLA\l;>( )i JS. SIGNS GLORGB W. FORDHAK, IIOVSE, Mian 4*0 O n NA ME NT A h PA INTER. CORNER of wall and water street?, Nmt VO*K. Biocl LfltAi Mil}'* *?'ecdtnl in th? but moinrr. N. II.?Kkt* V?iry |ni?. ^ W*1 I/ALH()M|SK>AINfl fb.TulaowiiK P?*? In ?a V .u._ ? <1 n ir lJi|. Wllllcr IlUMldkA. rer?nl|wfil (t w"''S M 1,5 the pvblic. Tlw i?um?n;Bf *i^cim?i?* 6TK41??>Wit^ rtiilt ?ow ^p^^tzssss^ciss: Ksreuj& - Fr < ;="? nrnr*''j" ?I1'I'"\ " wtthrrt whni ?.?lr?l1 oi.lrug W> <lir.fli/*Tt? ifi firftfW. ?J _ . ?h? MM* CTSm^p*fA%-.TOT, fthfTlm* "M* Br?>A?4^r*v .cnriwi Kmiklin. " * 4 ?? ? ?-* V i ? f ' *r<tl I I ERA : 42. Imporluiit t'rnm 1l?< I nltcd StntfH Ka?l India M?|undroii nt S|iigii|Mirc, \\ c have received important intelligence by a v< 1 it New Bedford, giving uii an account vl the move- | inent* of the I'nited State* Squadron, despatched to lite 'Chinese 9003 h;-l year,to watch tin* l',riti.-!i m?w- ! inentt>?and lafco intore*t.? in that ! remote quarter of rhe world. Tlii squadron ormsi-; .. hf two veaselfqlhc Conatrlliiliun and the Boston,both \ jntder the command of Captain K<?nrney, rhe .*0111- I lnuiidero( l)te licet, The fyllovjiiR despatch will } Ire read with deep and abiding interest by the 1 friends of the navy, as well the'\ylj.% nation,? | J)ifHc\dly of Puns mi,' the Stun I* of Midnera? | I f tilth ot the t reio of the Honton^-lteaih of rr i\Jithhipmrt,i?DttrrijHimx of Sinsrafore, with ilx pleasant r(rs?Priitirt?Hfseription ijf Sahiiniha Bay, with Hh'ifefoiijtt of a Hunt' In/ the 'Ojjh'trs of thx Bust no?A<l(x 11111 res? It< I'oet of /Far?.C(iii;pl>:it: Speuji if the Captain?I'lejuihiliitiis J'w a ! Fight, Av, 4'c 11 .... 1 , l'. S. ftnw Bo?m\,) 11 Singapore, Jan< 5, IrtlJt j ' : I We arrived in Ihts'plner' nfter a tedion.4 passage jof 27'days from Cjnallah Battoo. Light variable breeze*, cabas and .pCrong udverso tide#, conspired to efcluiitft .our patience., Through the Struts of Malacca the tide rushes with the rapidity of a 1111IIslniee, and change* hour*. 1 Wet had no I breer.e fresh enough 'to encounter suceeHsftilly, | aVid, consequently, were tinder the necessity of coming loan anchor every two or th roe hours. It i- with nlr-isnr' tbnf I'nm nh!e tn that health of tin1 suna.dron ha# beejt rein.irkal>ly good since we left New York. \Ve. have iott but two raw, and thqy of diseases contracted in tin' i failed {states.. One officer, Midshipman.Richardson, died -of tin- brain lever ?mi our iwssnge from Johanna to Qimtlnh Button?Ire was a young C*ntlcniah of great promise', and \vdtt milch retTvittrd by all w)id knew hitji, for his many hmiaVe'qualities. It is, tjie gem-ml impression that we vyjll remain leTi; until .March, uoj Opmniodore judging iijuc.x|iu( to.. H'teuipt a pa^axo Up It he China Sea.*, rtflain-a tin- \<>rtlt Kast Monsoons, whieh new prevail. ' i ' Why lie should do So? t entrant tell?-n Certainly is pra'Ptieijble. The Cnmwnllis ' 71 sailed from ibis port oil the 20th of November, a'jul arrived at Maeeao oil the 25th of lk'cuiibvr; ami certainly what the t 'omvyallis, taut dp, in. tlw, way of sailiug, lluil.curi either of our ships .aqtjoijipliah. It ifiHteitd of live months, we hail tarried hut three wiO'ks on tie- const ok ?Afnca,' iir tvhioh tin?every thiny eottld have beon"-'(k>tfe that was dbnej "why tjinri there would hnVKhenmlrt noeessrt H<>V oRr deluyiilV 4<v long here thp iiicitlhooTtiBtvoftlH. htjvt? Hjsejp favorable ; .an J, fanihdrmord, I 'n.t }e &uiiphr-le would.Iwvc been, at this present time., heavier by some ihouraiufi of dollars. Hut, conj/ort^ cymfort; every one fond at uumforU, Capetown is a oonifortuble place ; SuUlanha Bay is a quiet, comfortable sort of a corner, rmich more pleasant than the roneh sen arfit shflf prdvietons *-This ts afco-hii e.x'eeetfrngly plensaht pltrce j here-we IdtVe ereeeditjsdy irte'asaut wetitjier,' v^kanr ffttujg,. pli'ashnt dri(tkl^. 'tijiu sinoot,(i water. Our ('oiusiil herr'isjhureuyw' a very pleas*u( kind,of a inaru lias a pleasant house and a pleasant plantation?at least tip' commodore thinks soy nnd wisely determines to enjoy " the goods lis<iod*provide 'Mm'." Tlie venerable eoinnwnder of this s!)ip also has an exceedingly k-cerr relish for nil of there pleasant things, and is enjoying th>m as fullv as til'' frottf ',,.Otj'*Vti)ie sfteh ilhahty of diseases, will permit hint.' 1 I luiy." said that 1)114 is a very pleasant place, 1 spi?ke 114 reference' to the ojiumte and loo market, very important iteinspt*) be sine ; but in others of equal imparlance, I must savtlmt 11 'is somewhat deficient. ThC'tnnin tasty-ad" the city is ft dense | mass op srrtitll, dirty, mean looking IrotweS, btlilt t without any Wgard to order ot conformity ; the narrovv, tqrtuoas, alid dusty streets, stvilnn wjth legion* lit' tawny CImuusc. naked AJTiilqy*, aiiU Uitr<J(qi*V.?risleuittK wtlli ods, htill ste.iumug wjtli all the odor* of Arabvthc blest- Jit is impossible h>r aw one to walk fifty yards in airy one of. the -streets without Rivmff infinite niMtrm-t to each one ot hts Hoc senses. rtrpiVriited from this ilm-ty, ratt libit >ity <if ilii- he.ulien, hv a1>ronc! ciina! Vrti>cb'is''its<;Jf inhabited by thinwpptls of ^rhphTberrtis e matures, is iliut portion of i&hgupor? taken nji with ttic reside noes of ilio Kuro|Xfui population- lino cyrv .thmr wcnrs quite-a ditlefitnt **!>"<; l-+ittn if kto<-h, fresh and Ixnautiful to look upon?the Htreetaiiroiid, Pb-aii,omd'hordored rhrotiidinnt, on either side with ribbon* of the greenest, smoothest 'swnfd, Th?Ihiildings, winch ajv " fe w and fiVr between," ar<ktoi.'wui.4, hiindsorri ', and limsf sy'tfiriFt-htI 1 vYirfuirt? tl f<> ctitn^ta?ejich Juts a hj#?e, 'eiitdOsiirc .til/but it, filial with . pi i;uf?. trees mid ^Tirnbucry.ofyunpus kinds, ad tastefully arranged, . In,patard .totlr* orrupant* of ifais |mu utitnl h|N(|. 1 rnunoi, s;H-i?k fhvociibly, Hint -?? shall nut-speak lit all. Tin* trait a (JotoI party has n nsiltvpaii tfhrintiorl'Hi I Ilia placo?its ottii errs "live n patty to Olir offlcMlj in Which it'great iriafty oont[iliiiifnts whre pas-sod, u grrtit deal ctrwit o.Aip' uJod, and iiuioji itu>r?- wine. fAinseqinoUh, th*y are tin; finest feljywa in the worlg?-uUelligeui, valiant, chivalrous, mid no mi. Punny the party many extraordinary feats of, notiviiy wen- noriormI oil by eillior side, but wn lioat thoni all hollow,.fo| wd pro'hiood itn officer who1 not onlyihrew n com' filet e frtsftinorsot, bUt'daWed a hornpipe on his head toj^rfdctW/n'., ' " wt afo idj,.'yerjLai]\iiqt|?'to rChoive nf\ks fv<\n IioiUi*, LJiihtiort jptue'rinrc. TV- jh;wc ivhlyk. * have reoeivad, up to thy prqseud. time, is, at tlx most, vague, and uncertain. The -cotnUit hetweei llro parties in the squadron is a speculative i*iot?n<a whii less furious on thai nccount. The endmof dtfr Semtfrtfa ntfd states-men is scrutinized With ; kdrtness ahd severity that would rrtalio therfi sb.iki in 'their hoots if (hoy woro but cAriMeitmg of if. Tin . whin#, wlio .iiro in ipc majority, begin to tohk tvi'l an eye of ilteimsl upon AVVbntir,.and,Tyler tnny fif.ird us soiii' ihini: worse ,tihiiu,,,a renegade, .1 " sheep in wottS clothing," is 'lie soft est. epithet up plied to him. The demonrat-^ion the other hand, t Stannt-h little hnnij. begin to brush up, and look trerei as ijtrn ih power. There is oho point on which wo a It agr'-'d ; that IK that McTiend should ho hurt;' as hiL-l aallatnan. 'lids unity df npiriiiu^ is hrmiyht nhoud not so uipdi from reasons ot jusliee ami liaripiini dignity, as hy tlw probaltility that vyar will result tlierefroiiii tor tlx* oflioom ?<( thin- jepiadron have k mdst ravenous thirst fur oavul renow-n. A nipiurjwith ibC1 EnHish tlmv lo<ik upon as an event ipntf cr'fVath : flrrtt is, if MeLertd is oorrvicted and'hitnii, air! in f7i<"ir'rlation'tlmf he wtfl fti'vnrf t^iiiilly snn^iiinK Thi* yolinff hnd'ticaftlli's* dlfire A Particularly, with |i Jfccn juajphrJje vision i<> iIimi whiyk suw " war Hj>proacbui>,r from Uu' IVlofwiniifsus," sec it adunnctn^.Dipidly mtuttuti us froili Knklmid. . ' i i , < : I'ennil m?* now. sir, tr?tokearetrn?]>e<rivp*l*iie'i. Some events-of an-ni moment trans^n-d dtirinteoili sfjiv on theV*in?t of Allien, vtliirli hire, to mvenr priye, tiocii tolally ojvn looked Hp 'tin' m.ipifotrl" rliiisioiiM ifoiji t|ic oificcn of th', ?irU'itJr(>W?at lot|?t I have m;cu uu account of t)icm; iresufniiig, tlioii.thtt H but I am ;d><Mit to i-otiiiptuiUat''ujll, Iii .tic >vs. I . cm tnnry lliOH?ti>nislnii'n?t?4 tW tro?ilp<joy/tf ul tl* Unrttd ^lM(<-s when thev hour that the aalUnt.if.ifi Inditt *|Mvdron haa TtrtiiaHT'experieTrrorJ * *se#efi , rairrmiirn. aoqditrtnir itnMf- tnTem in the timet cr-d- | itilif" and i>raii"'tV(m!iy manner. TM Snldnnlfi war! Oh, ILat soinn haul would |iVis?j nhd ccMif.iie if in LmrimrUl .vors':,! Surely ifjs 'a flit;;iiC1W'ofilly oftlie |ki? of. a I louier. it was girjXidurly o inarlcal>l?on account ?>t its oruaiu: uloriottfi from tin display ?>f iniri'i* ntid valor, and truly admirable, inasmuch in it terminated nneeessfiillvi and wifhont<4h* lose ol a idttkir filej'ntiv, them wire hut ort<- man wonrdejl, atiijli'c v>-ry ifli.rhtiV, having, w?lv hurrr'awrf e?>fi. fusiori, Ihf uiii/orfiine fbefUmp hie toe ritrainel in cyr holt. li? short, my ilruf sir, tfiirre wan all of tic pomp and cinmnirtniice of rioiioiw war, wHfnriii any ?t Hn usual honronv?tne ntiUuuil .coiiibiualjcAi, tlm admirable diwnrnitiim, the sJtiltnl manner. anrfn rlisplarrtf all the mirth 'ralor tliHtweatiV wluw" tiid rworded of the hardest nnd beet -Contented battle:' and still wonderful to -ay nrrrvirtorv was complete; oureriemv arinihitytM, vet not a Vtfngui'n&r? drt>p varii'toiteu tli: tfi*itles? wnitf of our (jeckiT f rejtil"itiar <bi? much, I will ie>w proceed to dritw in rmtnI. - I , ylill l.uinlj..r l?un..? ?,..i; those m-hif-v-ni^ni*, u h*> h would ilHidu and *-le? ita theiAmtIjiUHMM mm gntoe die loftiest rhyme. Aftrra month'* stay irt Capetown. the nqnadrhit i>ri>cfcllrtl tp Sildanna Bay, situated Abhtrt siity mile* to the northanl, Tim harbor is an excdlldnt one, always smooth and lnin<tut!?t|i?- country rotaid about is harrtn, dreary, and almost totally uninlaIrited. Th* < 'nnstelbitvon required many repairs, and it"W1i? fenefallv understood that that was llw f'crrrlinodort-'s object in visum* Saldanhal May?fhe water* (if Table Buy be it) < rivirli too boisterotn? j VVotal, water apd provisions wore prnrtjvd <r nu Capetown. .\VeseIn beiiw? ebiirlerpif tor that | irpwc.v"UMn imanmo tiu' exp'-am- .. . , Til* first two or three tVO'nS |?l?ed/iu?'"tIV n't pleasantly miomth, for we were iirnhviiat? r?'?t lar pmceaa of rtiartealhm. Th* water* ot Mr 'jf ftKVo with flail, and the luff" imttvnlbf* abound With .1 variety ?T$imc.;T.htr valrunt Commodore hid I 1 I ^ .. . f 1 ? ? # I 1 ? A 0 0 4--X ~r ar i ? LD. P'lee Two Cent*. V iside his uniform,ariff with il the dignity and carenof us exulted station?he drew on bin leather breeches mil a patr <>l j^ick l^uotf, whigh would rival yicoareie anil diuiepHiynH,JhoH' worn by, the Swedish n-m shouldered his gun nntl knnpsnrk, and sallied ofTh'. His example was'followed by all?the ven ruble comma inlet iif ihitr .-hip. excepted? his uwtul lignity being of toy l^tc u Jute to be easily or wiliugly thrown aside even for u inpfiie'nt,merely human tu'ture this. N/utliiug wiip to be heard front the rising 'ftlie run even to tpe going down of the same, hut lie report of lU'-.units. The agile uud,graceful eptins nii'ivtouad no uu'rey?they were shot down on all ides, with a fiteiliiy, practicable oidv by the sharp hooters of die west' rn world. In tact the-kecn eye mil unerring ami of the strtinjgr horde of hunters that ind eoni" among litem, soon chnvinAed theni that it ! waH'tisiMeNi to ajienijit escape?like Colonel1 J-k-otffs r'ooo, they >gnnUI "give in"' without an effort to save lliemsc.lvea- It note would permit. t could relate iilauy woudcrlul advrntuces and hutr-breudthescimes met with by v.minis olh.> rs durmg their excursions. The harmless mitelmpe is net the only kind ol animal ilnrt ronmfldhesi! desolate regions, |i>r from the initialling scream of the spotted nud'ifintn,heal tiger,ecnora shrtmlf amotlg the rocky hills?the }i, rrfe witameabl? hyiMta, g.illfit apd. ferocious, lurk- in the thickets. An officii- of tlij* shift, rambling, in |ieiwive mood, i n".euJtii duji.gblfld eAenfitg, witha heuvy rifle upon hia .-houldCr, ruxiiouiidly. .meditating, doubtless, ou the immortality of the -rati,or Us- extent tuul compass of his own tmdetstandinff?for he" ismarvelotudy given t<> de'ejr fits ol'tnnsing on'such sitblime subjects, while thus ra|ir, 1 say, he eitme a^ftrllv near stepping u|k>iv one those s)iotted and dbrndfuf'animals. It passed within 'forty yard? of him, giving him at tint samv litnc a wry bloodthirsty glance, Whereupon the ofliuer withacool intrejiiii prebcnceofuiind,deserving o| tlx- greatest ndruirnlsm, turned ii|x?n bis heel and rapidlv retreated, actually retaining imasewion of his j rifle ?H the- whrlH- ' yrnoTiimmi' or rmr nrttrers, encountered one of thefsecond species; lit least, he heard n growl very distinctly. Not being far from the beach tlf the time, he re fronted precipitately to his boat, con ptejjug \vijh a powerful ell'ort. the. ..comfuind impulse of valor and curiosity, lie called to ltis as.sisrartre/FaTstafl's iithnhabh* mrtxihi, "dikcreiam is the better part of valor,'* thereby.roving,doubtless, a life dcHKlo-Uw navy,'previous beyond all computation to his coup try.,. Many other thrilling adventure's oeeurii'tt, w'n'rch time will not permit trie to notice, fn the mean time, war was approaching apace,, stray items of intelligence i>euetrated to our ?i)li.tstry retreat ; of 51 hostile lope, there was, howOver, nut little excitement. vve considered a war at tli'MhOst, as sorriefiring remote-und uncertain -, the mutteringa of the uppronching tempest, sounded hat faintly 111 out gars, antl wr cnlrnlittcd (hat there were twenty chsneew to one-, tbst it would blow around. Our very longings -for if, led us to discourage hitpe. That we do long for ft, js.quite certain. However nitich the good, honcst^.fltiiet, and industrious folks at lining .may, Jytjient the approueh of war, it is very cerium that we of the navy, would half it with ah etltlntkiafnf of joy. That which drains- their pnrses, fills ntir -"pockets?then what a nut- of promotion?jt is - delightful to tlunk yppn. .1,Uc>-iiles,, you know, Uteje is always ill time of peftce, a great scarcity of lattnfl#.' t ntay here reninfk' thrtt a thirst for glory, iv hankerinjr after tnihinrtality, is the ruling passion of, the ofhcocr of tins squad nun.. They burn to illustrate, their Ijves with some brilliant and memorable achievements. The trophies of Decatoir, Hull, atld I'erfyi dietnrlvthrir slumber*. ''Oh, this peaoe I'Vthey wtelumi,.'.' this dull, unprofitable, unproductive jteitpo ; will there neyer be ait etnl of it.1 Cruel, cruel fate. Why were our lives cast in this inglorious nsje 1 Why are we condemned to this merely vegit alive existence?to endure this utter stagnation of all our glorious energies 1 To see our lives wearing away day by day?our youth merging info fhnnhoivd?hur mnnnOou into feeble old age, without so iiiiioK'-hs one solitary laurel leaf to reIte-ve the snowy whiteness of our heads. fcwveei, thou st)rely hast not stored awuy in thino armory 11 severer dootit I" Heroic'bit nil,'restrain yonr ardor yet n little while. Ere long war's sliriI! elnritm will sound. Ere long (hre convulsions w*tlf shake the "solitl rock-ribbed, earth." lire long, wiU bp heard tlte, crash of nation burial furipualy against nation ?then your godlike energies will enable you to rate upon nit' iwmnwniu una direct nit- su>nn. Lkut.lo returii. i iinvx said that we placed but little confidents* intbe minora of war. We did not witter tlieni to interfere in tlie leant with imr amusements. At length one day we were amused, as with a clap of thunder. It was iihout 7 o'clock in the evening. All nf-the olVieers i I'the ship were surprised with a smirmniw from the Captain to attend tiiin in his cabin.' A'Wordinsly we all there assembled. There was n lofty sternness throned upon our noWe and right veiyrahle commander's brow. There was a tlpeji (Ffe'jtfeatning from his usually calm, henCvoTeht eye", which nearly Indicated tfint something of vast importance was in the wind.. "Gentlemen," tflud'.tlu- pt'it/fTable, and lugiily excited man, "l llave called vim t?? iu<r at preterit, fort lot purpose of imparting to you sonto unexpected, mid very important intelligence} it eonieitirom an excellent aonrru, 1 a?sure von, and can he relied upon?a sober old I hitel,i farmer, in the neighborhood?What better authority* ffhe (lot-? nht kriow all alrtruf matters, shell tW tliisjctter cbhwins, I shpuld like very weji in know wlip does. Tfvreupoh lie read the letter. It stated that war was actually declared between IvnulitmV and the l nitcd'States?that ihe I'nitrd States had actually invaded.Canada with an army of thirty thousand men?and that the devil was to pay. If is impossible to describe the efleet this iisTelliirenC ' liiirl upon all Mu-re assembled; every hosotfi throMied, every eve kindled, every countenance .ryoke the inys-t Jively enthusiasm. Cheers were evidently repressed with a great effort. Yes, even that holy of holies was ntritttentartty forgotten, nnd the itufprst presence of its remarkable orenfianr. . Observing this excitement our venerable eoiiimgnder arose and said, "Oentletnen, I see that you are flinch surprised, and in good sooth I am not -surprised at'it. l see, moreover, that if is an agreeable surprise, and by my faith I reioice at it, for I pereieve in that species of surprise an earnest of many glorious.triumphs. Gentlemen, it is a mighty struggle we are about to encounter; it will he a struggle between a pigmy and a ginnt;lmt remember gentlemen, that the Vac'Is nor always to the swiff not the hat tie to-the strong. Remember that this pigmy, once baffled that giant. N'o a|ipluusc, gentlenien. if you please. Let us resolve to make the " lH>tiicn,l n iiiimi1 an icrntic m our iocs, an me ' (1 know thk't ^e jirc capable of doiiv.' it. .1 Ijii'iw, gentlemen, that all of you love your country. that ypu admire ;?u4, venvralc Ii?t noble institutions. bnowine this, gentlemen, f know that your exertions in behalf of that country and thone institution* will Uo mighty. vout valor altogether overpowering." Our viieniHe eonunander ceased, lie jneetina <lisjM>rscd, the drums tieal to quarter*, and < \erv thing ?*as put in rendrncss for immediate neti"it. We then retired to dream ol hattle and ."lorv. The Commodore at the time he received1 the. iuiivntaut news, was in iloottfics llnv. about fifteen t'e distant I Ie immediately tuaife up his lislimg tar' r, limiting apparatus; struck hit* tent, weighed ahch'?r, and stood down to Jfhildniiha May. where vefn. Int'-Wigi'tiee whs received that the Knglir1 hni n large naval for<< in Mimon'a Muy,under A((; iral King, pnd that the said Admiral designed t u, I - its by surprise.' We laughed at til? idea. JiOof'-outa were- * ft* turned on a high hill, which commands an extensive prospect of lite -a. A llair-stalT was erected, nnu a telescope iimnfed. \gain,we received nesvs that two gal1 .ui young oHirers, who had licrn ?"tit to Cajie Town on Itu inues were thrown into prison, and tliaf tho-p runen's there were husilv engaged putting the place m a state of defence. We ncenme furious? v ent to general'prnrters?every eye glittered with a li? i? r hre?every lip was compressed with desperate resolution lite rifitvjv ground cutlasses quivered in the nervous grasp of tlx- highly excited officers. " ( is! loose tfie guns !" shoVited tjie first lieutenant, ... !..? ..1? .U?.. ..f.m fii* ndi n (7 ifini'V 'I lien in I JI U , I U v broke forJli thf thunder <>( our artillery?hrdadntde nta?v hutmiy Je rhooki tUfl. Julie. acoiiiu)?the ? ilrf he;i??? t|rw how line i(? i iieir remote*-! retreat*?'he vaxf'riiYtn'"^ *?t t 'ape -Ttiwn wef vocal with the firrnrv1 rfin>-'ir\ In the hottest of the eaerciao, h fl.ut ty'e Mem hfituhC irporr Srtrnal Hill. The enemy i.?,approaching ' w^iis enfhti.?ia#tfrnl|yehnnterf. iiut you ace 1 inn at the end of ftiy rheer. I will WW y^m Uue real aotue other time ,- > , Ayi Qftickm. A Col it r Mai;mi. ha* heen in <rMmn at Pavuruiah, for the trial of ("apt. Marshtrll S. Howe, of the 2d f>rat?ooiH*. charged with cruelty toward* one of In* 'oldier*. TV members are? Hrtgadirr General W. h'. Arn?i.?tead, Colonel 3d Regiment Artillery. President ; Col. Sylvester Churchi|l. Inspector General; Col. f Tt. WaHnteh, Lieut. ("o|. 1st Ifesriinenf Wtillerv: Lieut. (JoL Win. Gate*, :td R.giinent Artillery: Major M. \I Payne, 2d Regiment .-.<11 M ' I *r.? t;?.^,t 'lit R.-mmeiir tr'l1. . ' V'l ' r., .r,. .... Vrttlkrv: C:>piHfn 1. M". "Wa?1uniMon. I'h Raiment Artillery: ''dpt. .1. R. lmun, 1?t Rejuinrnt Artillery, /'apt. in OnnrtT Minli r'n I>?-p:?rtiTi?*at; Lieut. Thorn** IV Itiilplcv, 2d Riifimcnt VriillTy: ( ?l?f. W. C W Hurt. 21 Regiment AnilN rv. .Finltce Advocate. AV~M

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