Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 25, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 25, 1842 Page 3
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Bank, but were afterwords identified as altered notsof tin linw bank, of denominations of cither one1! or tiro's. The package was enclosed iu two lea.l clasps place 1 atone enn aud bottom, which do doubt was thus attached to accelerate the losing or sinking the money in case of orres'.? He was examined yesterday afternoon, and committed. Any person baring received a fr-M) note cf the xbovi bank, of a iU p ious character, will aid in the conviction of this notorious rogue, by giving infoi nation at the lower Police Oil! *. Those scoundrels, who cheat and defraud the public, have imbibe' a notion that if they titu destroy a counterfeit note, after having attempted to oiler it in exchange, they thus escape the penalty of the law. Such is not the case, however, as the evidence of a person to which a note has been tendered, that it was a counterfeit, will always be received, end generally is entirely satisfactory to a jury. The public may be well satisfied with the present eflcicucy of the New York Police, as there are hut few of the notorioui counterfeiter* or l>ick|x>cki.-ts who prowl about our citiesj w ho ever enter New York without either being immediately arretted, or *o effectually " sjiotteir' as to prevent the accomplishment of their rascality. In connexion with Jack, there are several other most notorious counterfeiter* now confined in our City Prison, awaiting the action of a jury of their country, lrom which they cannot escape, us the elficinnt action of Barnabas 0?born, Esq., one of the Clerk* of Police, ha* completely vetoed all their prospects of escape by the former practice of obtaining " straw bail." Court Calender?'This Uny, Circuit C?ua t.?No*. 110, 1 IS. 13, 69, 43, 34, 73, 131,133, 111,3s, 79, 79, IfJ, 95. 100, 33, 57, 20, 10, 105, 114, 96. Co.wmo.v Pleas?Pari I._No?. 31, 83, 55, 97, 99, 101, 103, 105, 31.79, 109, 111, 113, 115, 117. Part2?No*. 13,19, 34, 19,91, 100,102, 104, 106 8 16 44, 28, 114, 118, 133, 13 4. 136. Bankrupt List. Bonj. Blagge, New York. June 24. Peter R. Roach, (firm of Roach fc Throokmortoa.) New York, June 24. Jamei VV. Powell, Now York, June 24 John Biubv, New Yark, June 24. Hiram Hunted, clerk, New York, June 24 " There u? an opening for somebody," as (he Kentucky nigger once said, when a crocodile opened his month and looked hungry. To tl?o Clerjry. ft?-THIS BEING THE TIME THAT THE MBthodist societies hold their conference in this city, it will occasion the clergy of that denomination to exert themselves in order to speak with the clearness and force that is requisite in order to make them understood, and still allow themselves sufficient strength to carry on the work without flagging. In order to enable them to do this without increasing their fatigue, Pease's Hoarhound Candy is recommended as one or the most salutary medicines"for the purpose ol allaying all irritation of the throat ami lungs, also for the cure of coughs, colds and consumption, that has ever yet been discovered. This medicine is recommended by the medical faculty with all the confidence that an intimate knowledge of its virtues will warrant. Bold wholesale and retail by the manufacturers, J. Pease St Son 45 Division street; Agents, 138 and 200 Bowery; Shurman, 161 Canal street; Owen, 0 6th Avenue; Wilson, 15 Madison street; Atwood, corner Clinton nnd Henry sts.; Pastor, 165 Greenwich street; Wen lover, 141 8th Avenue: Rushton St Aspinwall, 10 Astor House, 110 Broadway and fifl William street ; Greene, 399 Broadway. Agent.) in Brooklyn?Hays, 139 Fnlton street; Stites. 153 do; Handly, 15High street; and Crocker, corner of Atlantic and Henry tts. (Jtj- SEA SICKNESS IS NO LONGER THE TERror of most people who contemplate a sea voyage?Sliermail's Camphor Lozenges, have been found by Dr. Child's, Captain Chad wick, J. W. Cochran, Esq, and many others hnve tested them in hundreds ol cases. I)r. Sherman's OMice is at lOti Nassau street. New York. Agents, 8 State street, Boston ; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia ; and Dr. Reed, Baltimore. (tiy LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE AND INTEL! I HENCE OK THE WITNESS?In the late libel suit, Hansom swore that he had been in Com?tock'? employ under a solemn injunction never to divulge the recipes lie saw there, to which he pledged himself. After he was discharged anil went toBurritt, he told him the recipe he B. had, marked "? specific for the piles," was Hays'Liniment '. We leave it to the public to put such faith as they please in the testimony of a man, who swears that he received it in confidence, and afterwards divulged it. Perhaps he did not know what he snid, as to the question " Do yon know what a Laboratory is 1" Dr. Ransom answered, (after the question was several times repeated) No ' '. The public inust then judge whether they would trust to such a recipe?whether they will aid in'robbing us of our rights, or whether they will buy this remedy with the name of Com stock only on it, and coining from 71 Maiden lane, which all testimony lias shown to be Untrue and only original article, and established by < omstoek at an immense expense. (tj- GRAND DAY PERFORMANCE AT THE AMERICAN Ml SEYM?An unusually rich and sph .i lid variety of performances will take place at the American Museum at three o'clock this afteonoon. The mysterious little witch of a Gipsy Girl will exert her prophetic pow ers ; Master John Datniond the original ami unapproachable dancer of negro breakdowns, w ill display his double shullle specimens of heel and toe. Whitlock will give his richest banjo melodies. Miss Rosalie and Collins w ill siug tbeir best songs an 1 duetts. Celeste will appear in the Cracovieane and other dances. Barntim will introduce his unique and conclusive experiments in Animal Magnetism, the Kalis of Niagara with real w ater will be exhibited, and a large company of Indian Warriors and Squaws will be seen here, beside* all the curiosities of the Museum?the whole for So cents. (Kf- CHATHAM THEATRE?To-night Mr. Forrest part of Spartacus, in the Gladiator, in which he has the aid of Scott and Kirhv in the principal characters, and the entertainments conclude with the drania ofthe Hunter of the Airs Kienoh f.niiKiinxr. MANE*CA'd PRACTICAL AND ORAL SYSTEM The subscriber has nearly completed a cls.s for G;u?tlemen and another for Ladle*. which will commence this week. Those who desire to join will please apply immediately to L. M. DURAND, No. 7ft Franklin-st. City Despatch Post, 4ft William Strf.kt. Prircital Orritr..?Letters deposited before half-past 8, half-past 1-2, and half past 3 o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. Branch Orricrs.? Letters deposited before 7, 11, and 2 o'clock, will he sent out for delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. ALKX.'M. QREIO, Aft ?? g?ii?i 11 ! iiiSTi?anea???C?If? JIOVEY MARKET, Tncstlny, 31 ny '41?0 P. M. The sales at the stock board have not been large, and prices have generally improve 1, although slightly. Indiana S's J; Mohawk 1}; Harlem IJ. The principal movement teemed to he in this stock, of which a large number of sharps havcheen sold. Delaware and Hudson declined 4. 8ale.j of hills on Philadelphia j a par, New Orleans ft per oent. A mortgage valued at S49,000, belonging to the Washington Bank, was oiFered at auction to-day by the Comptroller, and bid in by one J. Taylor, at s-O.OOO. Some ditliculty appeared to exist, however, at the settlement. If the transaction is bona fide, the b^ls may be w orth 7ft cents on the dollar. Oneof the greatest evils thnt has been experienced under the free banking law, has been the fact, that in settlements the interests of the owners of the banks have in all instances been consnlte 1, rather than those of the bill hollers. When a bank fails, its assets should be used by the receiver only with a single eye to the prompt end speedy settlement of the hills, where is o most vexatious and ruinous delay always occurs. A case in i>oint is the nifnir* of the North American Trait and Running Company. When the present receiver was apjminted, on the Uttth of November last, the outstanding circulation wai *I0,.'>00, and there were supposed to be securitiet enough with the Comptroller to meet it, but up to this moment no settlement has taken place. A lapse oi sis months is surely time enough to settle a claim of $10,000, with the exercise o| a little common aenae. It is the knowledge of these delays in procuring settlement that, on the failure of a bank, causes the bills to fall so low in the market, throwing a heavy loss u|mn the poor hill holder. The evil arises in a great measure from appointing the officer of one bank to th-rAeivership of another. The small amount of the United States loan that has been taken is said to be on speculation; the plcntiousness of money in hngland, and in the sphere of the banks h'-re inducing the belief that stocks will lie soon sought after for investment, and that under such circumstances the United States loan will obtain the preference. This feeling has enabled the department to realise atiout half the amount, for which government liabilities are dishonored. At Detroit a large amount of State scrip lias been burnt as follows Amoi st or Tarsal n* Xovr.? llr.-isst n> ox o cnesT or (ii xmsi. V i so, imits Ac t or Aran. II, MM. .Inly to Nov. 30,1811, inclusive, SU'CM Dec. I, "II, to J .11. 21, '12, do 7.2BB Jan. 22, to April Jl>, 12, <lo Amount rv-iuiii il prior to Ma\ 1,'42, $|0,tt0 Amount rccriardof S.Counnt to credit of ainkint: fond. J'lfiS Amoutit rpct ivt-d of T.W. Wclla, April 9, to May 16 5HW 5,*? Toral amount , rii>t burnt, May I", 1J112, S Tltii ii Mtottt una sixth part of the w Itolr iaiurs. Tltr following arc th* leading features of tltf Bank of St. Mart'a, Georgia, an institution uliich ?? a kind ol rtraw ing port tor nan a norm nro^rrn w no it mi mm shinplaatcn in Flori !a anddaewhere : ? of ST. Maht'I, ()i r. mm Arm IRtv. Or'. IM10. ./pirI 1812. /nrrrutr. /in rroir. Loam llih.UO Ml,''19 ? 3"J,4JI K?' iiarwt ? l(rt.<r;.t 109.2J9 ? Sp? -H u,m vi.Bf. 3Wl:i ? Clrrnlatioo* fi.'Jli Ijtt'ltl 71,97} ? n petit 2V BW 21,231 1.IV9 ? Of lb:? S'?j.'19of lo\n<. S59.707 i? iinilri protctt. Tbr r>?u!i wliirh are have confidently looVml forward to h?? laat taken place?tve refer to thr rcmmptiorr >f?|>ecie payment* by the banks of New Orleans. Thi la* bean forced upon them against their own inclination '>y the operations of public odinion in common with th ther section*. The Bank of lllinoisis to resume 01 he 16:h proximo, according to the notice we published 01 Monday, nt uhi -it time also the Bc.nk of Kentucky are ti return to speciu payments. The New Orleans haok a ere to have returned on the lti'.h inst.. on w hich day however, specie was ijuote ! at 7}aB per cent premium.? V11 the banks will probably not bo able to msintuiu them selves, and the rates of bill* and notes runuot bo cxpcctci materially to improve until that matter is definitively se' let. The probability is, howev. r, that beforo the ne\t :rop of cotton makes its appearance the unsound tanki ?r IM ur uilivu iiuui rinicmr, Ull 1 I lie nufillieis OI tC" Hew crop will open upon a strict!) specie I usi?. Of course tin leinks of Alabama cannot continue in their present course They must either cease to be. o: be governed by the spiri of honesty, which now reigns uppormoct in the public mind. New Orleans and Mobile are the great head quar ters ofthe markets of purchase for the staple, which lormi two thirds of the w hole exports from the Tr.ion. Thai staple flnda (ale in, and is governed bv the currency oi forcigu markets. The system hitherto pursued of attempt ing to govern its price by paper inflations iu the home market, und which has Wen the prolific source of disuv trous revulsions | . ;-.t be riven up. The paper system throughout the world has received a shock from which II can scarcely recover; and in this country, least of all,cat it be maintained, when it is tottering at its great centre England. The Bank of England has been struggling fot years to recover its specie drawn from it for the purchasi of corn. It has not succeeded to any ex'eut until the pas winter, when its bullion had slowly risen, but not untili relaxation on the part of the banks of th? continent p r in it to 1 gold to Tow towards England. In order to observi the movement we may take the comparative returns of tin banks of England, and ot France, as an indication o the banking movement on the continent, and in Eu rope. The return* of the Dank of France for the quarter end ing April 30, give the following results of theleadinr items, as compared with the return of the quarter endinf June, 1~41 : ? Hwk <>v Krakc r. June. Iltll. Mtru, 1842. far. Pre. Nniesinrirculariiui- -22.5,011,360 228,1110.500 3,l7R,00fl Bills naylile to on I- 1.205.030 1,I02,%3 ? 102.97 Due Treasury 120,'117,171 121,sr. 1,01.) 1,320,891 Sundry accounts cur* 4R,A3ti,302 39,021,285 ? 9,B30,M' Dep 'sii' i 2,?03,ano i ,?.??.inio ? i .047.501 Total debits ?398,221,505 301,921,8914 Snecii 22,1,691,022 211,009.1 IS ? I3.78J ,?7Bills discounted -148.513,296 152,250.?92 3,716,190 Vilvance* on Gold- 8.2*?7.00(i 3,02ft,600 ? 5,273,101 " 011 link securities fi.922,191 10.<M2.o7l 1.039,500 Cap'l aclv 'h-anch Mu 12,000,006 20,000,6611 8,600,000 Tem;iorary advances 19,391,3211 16,116, IBB ? 3,448,211 Total 422,919.207 114,000,191 If wc compare the paper circulation in this return,ns at index of the banking movement of France with that o England, at the same periods, reducing the whole to dol lars, we have the following results :? Circulation. Jan. 1341. May I, 1812. Inc. Die. Bank of Encland- - $129,060,500 $120,876,939 ? 8,383.02 Specie- 21,470,10 1 :13,82ft,800 9,139,400 France- 49,180,1.5.5 43.785,530 395,895 Specie 42,317,065 39,732,001 ? 2,531,10 Thi3 show c a curious fact, viz. that the paper currency of f i ance has been expanding precisely in the same rutic as that of England has contracted. The result of this hai been the natural one. that the nrecinna mi-hilu lmve lef France and gone to England. In the same period of tinu the paper circulation of the United States bas decrease! $' 20,000,000, by the failure of the issuing banks. The in creased issue of the Bunk of France itself is small Tin provincial banks have, however, largely expanded, a fac evinced by the increased advance to the branch banks which is ?8,000,000, or 0.4 per cent. The largest docreoti in England has been in the Circulation of the provincia banks. Theopcration has been, therefore, to drive silver which is the standard in France, to other countries ol th< continent, where it has supplied the place of gold, whicl has baen attracted to England, w here alone'it is the stan dard, by the continued contraction of the banks. The re sul. has been a very gradual accumulation of specie ir the vaults of the bank, while the low prices and stagna. tion of business, have caused money to appear plenty, ul though the paper emissions were never lower than now and the Bank of England is conducting itself with the utmostcirrumspection. The level of the European cur rcncy will doubtless remain exceedingly low for a lone time to come, and prevent any Immediate beneficial ef fects from the contraction here. Males nt the StoeU Ktrhangr. 2000 New York fib, 1SG0 ??? 10 Am Lf In Ti.?t 21 aooo Ohio i.\?, ia.,0 75 25 South'n l.f Si. Trust CI', 20110 Kentucky 6's, 1871 70 150 Lone Idsud S0> I'SK) mill's B'k lJ'nd 6,l!)T.n 70'? .40 <1? l.JO 5(11 30110 IllinoisR's lfi?i 25 Mohawk 12 50 Union Bank lull'* Si do 41" 2j B ink of America 85 5o do alO 41? 251 ity Bank 8> 25Hirl. m II1 I I'h-iiix Bink 8> ton do 11?, Musi 111 in->i ijll, ml 111'; 2nd do 12 '* <1,1 do lfis, 75 do 12 inno do ns 2si do 12' K'.fifl do Iti", 12, do 12 VC00 Indiana Sterling is', aim do in 1000 Indians ]no d.> 12 75 Delaware it Hud 99 Z5fl do I2'< SO Ho 99'.i 350 do 12"' 25 do ?7 '<9 SO do 12', 7.'i do 99'4 50 do >15 12 I .VI do 99 ,'i0 do 12', 25 do 91! VI do II1, 21 Kamier*' LnanTrtnt 25 jO do j"> 2jOhi" Lif* In Tat lr.10 25'i Second Onnrd. 250 Harlem 12' , inn Harlem I2'l ?!l do 12'4 2i.i do a 3 12', 100 do I?', 50 do 12 97 do 12*1 75 do a3 12 100 do I?'.7 .dl do alO 12 V'9 do 1211 1000 Indiana aio i'?v 250 do 1 "i 1000 do blj |9V 50 do . iu 12 State ??f Trade. As a mailer of experiment, for a few days the Rat Roods from Sj racuse to Rochester put their fare ut vj, o\ Jets per mile--thcv have found that the small amount o truv el this season will not justify so low n rate?they hav< concluded, therefore, until the trnv el shall sutti ricntly to justify a further reduction,to put their fare at f. from Syracuse to Rochester, or bl from Syracuse tr Auburn, and $> _' from Auburn to Rocheater. This it wil he perceived is *t less than the legal rates. The markets generally present no very groat activity The receipts of flour are' very limited and the prices an tending upwards; sales at'$6,.11) a f>6.37$. In cottoi prices are i athei falling oil' from those current previous t( the arrival o the late news. Sales of pot ashes $.5,2.5, Corn Trade. In consequence of the small rrceipts, Flour has gone tip Holders of Oeneeec demand a W.37J a barrel Nc takers. Married, On Monday, 23d inat, bv the Rev. I>r. Wainwright, Mr UtoRoe Biuslll, Jr., to Mui BtTHiun* BavasT, all o New York. *r At Saint Louis, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. Mr Lutz, Capt. Joscrit L. La MoTT.oflhe I". S. Army, to Misi Elli s, daughter of Mr. Charles (Chambers, and gran Haiitflitor r?l tin !?* InKn \fiill-jnnhv L'c.t ?B-? ' "-i ".' . ?-?-*! 1>I eel, In this city, on Friday morning, the '20th instant,Joiner B. Clark, in the 21st ycai nl his ugc, n nati> ?> of Marion in this State. On Monday morning, 22d instant, Gi.oaoi Smi i H, aged 6 \ cars and 23 day I. On Monday 23J inst, Mr?. Silexci Sam>kord, in th? 60th year of her age. On Monday, -23d instant, Mrs. Kuti A. Wtitt, agedSI years. On Monday, a23d instant, Mrs. R??c OrarAfc, age-ltf* years. Pasaclibera Arilve<l. IIataxa?B rig Frances Ainy ?Mist 11u11, "NTi Thorndike Mr Packard, Don Francisco A rosens, Don Oeranimo Armcn* Di V mold, Mi < isti II ( crai oa?Srhr Rn n/.i?K P l.inrlif, OfoRTo? Schr Casilda?A A (' Lrmor. New Ohi.kax*?Ship I.mis?Mr Ayrc* an<i lnh*. N iirluf Mis* Bailor, do; Mr Sinyet. Mr f'othysl, N wYnjfc; Mrs Rus ir 11, child ind servant, two Masters Fotitsll, NOrleini; Misi Moon. Philadelphia; Mr Hfdenburg and lad;*, Newark; M Illinois?13 in t.'frw S? w OitLKAXf?Bn< Z* Mind?Otis Oook. Navaxxaii?Biig A .usta? K Remington, lady, f cltildret and srraant: P llslligau, lady and child: Mrs Doyle ind 2 child reu, Mis* h f Stcr? u?. Mis K Barrel!, Miss >1 On en wood Capt J N At wood, < -I F F tan ton jr, WO Uoiham, A Wag ut-r?16 in ateerage. Foreign Iin|>ortntIons. IIat ax a?Brig France* Amy?13 hhds snaar Mintnrn k ro?. fsaegAr* Baldwin & C ?k?? his anirar I*. flnrrklr?.**> Wool sey k Woolsey?fruit, Ur. (i L Mcacham?1 ci.e segm W n Arnold. . ? , CuRac oa?Selir Rien/i ?13 hales w? ?l 127 pirfr? Rio lla?h wood 2 bids copper .77 h ;gs coffee 1 hot 2 Whit salt 27 tons cor wood 2F> bdls ins 1 bid do Boons!) Graves k co?26 b<IU goa aun tf ruillR ? SOI1, . i i 1 I# \\ Tram ulvmj?Bri;- Henry l< lu-toto Imdirl* ?a!t y< Danxni. _ , , Opohto?Rctir Ca?iM.i?too pit" * wine J t? St r. miiker. j Ponce-Schr Rio Grand*?ml IiIiAi W ' 1-?"W~-j " " Solanea Howl uut Ik A * i n 11 v* n 11. , Tiimihd?Schr Cxrnliiii?715 tin swrar llowlantl ? Ai|'H wall?M hliil* mn!a??i? p Harmony fc ro- . Tiiimihii?BirU K.lli n?355 hbrl* 27 bote* tmiarf ItaitiI*"' Pmitrrt?,Vi Hnwtainl (t Aspinwall?14 K Unahw !! Dnmratlc Importntiiina. N?.? Oni.iuita?Ship |..>ni*a?I. 21 idir* m.I |I..Im iM St Wi lnm?? I Pi lilili A Ai rrill It ro?27 An 1. <) Imnn?211 I." * ?' li infnrd?1M <lo 17 In ic* A Alvorrf? l? i|o M Let a ?26 bill* Hi" i! nn, Sail- St pu?*l5 lialra I h\ L J Whitr?11I hid* 00 Itie* N I St l? I lii*? nlil?1T7 libit S T Niroll?V: Bovpi- St Adam* ?I kr,i J w St It I.-aaitt?117 ill! 1-1 lib!* 1) (trn-n?361 key* < ' Tumble?87 bbla flour 1. Hill?7 hhrl* Krerett It Battrlle?I li J (' Bninilavr?I rbi-?t I tnink K t'ni?I ra?k J It A Lriaarry? Stoddard. Fiwti r It rn?12 trunk* .1 mot# v?i r? .1 ii Hill?i i OrPtfiitu ? 1P.I *1* 112 Mil* A A Alvoril?120 I'J frmrlt?II SI \1 Wi it 1 -III li** I Mil I I'llr ' Hmitli?' ' do Hi?-ir A I'afi. n - > I f, Par i St Miller?17 IVlrh ?11 nrtrr "kin* Smiili Mill*! < <>?", n r 6 br lOlrnVl m Day?w9 hid* Pcrkin*, Hopkioa i Whirr 1 ha I fc 0 W'rllworth? I W (lallatin?I I Bn alk?2 i ;,l? W A GiilTt?I r? I' lri-I * St Wilton?12 hint* 52 1)1)1* 10 k? * V-i5o bM- K K Collin* St Co*?122 do 07 -It. S 1. It OO.i i'.wtit Oli'r r Jt t ?! Lam St Panforrl?j. bale* 11,1 j j r r:o St ro?125 bm C hf do < M Connolly? 2 Un J wink 1 bt A D voth? to l*t. toordi r. .... Nl w fin: f I**?B u / aland?1600 bbU Ramaey Si ' n.ok* 1910 i>ig In! Y U T r.?r r<?krj:? J n Milbanlr?JOO Mrk tu wr?lt. $ * Ara lac hicoi. a?Si-hr J din B Wolford?332 stick* cedar B?thop 6l Swift?I ck 1 bbl M Cavena^h?ick* !W & Phillip*?1? bales cotton 11 Butler?20 Perkins It Hopkins?II 8 Broiwmi? c crate to order. Sava.tnah?Ung Ailltuta?11 bales cotton 11 Gowdy?31 S 11 Merrill?8 Butnanx Johnson?10 P Ditsoswayik Brothers?0t ] Smith, Mills It ro?>1 G Collin-*?17 Pannier. Kilburultco? '-(I North, Mnmin.' it cu?? II f'oit \ ? o?2.1 J Wood?136 to u ord? ?;?.'i'i t s nee ( Bolton, Folk Livingston?j half pipes H Kerrij, It ?on*. ummmwzr i n ninnsii i win in?? in ' MARITIME HERALD. D. j'iixtux'c of the Atlantic Steamer*. noil tniiu.nd. rrom ahuica. ArjJi.i, Ryiie^ w Juue I ?. TTt?iMu. lioaKeu .u 1/ l'i June 10 Columbia, Jutikiu* May 19 June 16 Briuunia, H< witt June 4 July 2 i'tledoiiiH, June l'J July 10 Acadia, Ryiie July 6 Auh'. 1 G. Western, HosUen ,J Auj. 4 The IU Lm mi steamer British Queen, Capt. Keane. will leav? Antwerp lor jNew York on the 4th of May, tu touch at South npcoii, Ko... on lb# 711 . rarkflu to Arrive. Packet* to Depart* FROM LIVERPOOL. FOR LIVERPOOL P. Henry, Delano, Ai*ril 25 Shrridtn De Pevster, May 83 Sheffield, Allen, Mty 2 8. America, Biiley, June 1 t FROM PORTSMOUTH. KOH POKTsMOLTM. I* Modniop, Chinii'liii, Mar. 21 Mediator, Chaimilin, June I Wellington, Chad wick, April I Wclln n,Cbaa wick, June 10 FHOM HAVRE. FOIl HAVRE. Anjo, Anthony, April 21 St Nicolas, Poll, June I Knij i??i 1. Ainsworth, May 1 Du?*hi?ssu d'Orleana, June 15 To Ship Master*. 1 We shall eiteein it a fhvort if captains of vends arriving t here, will u'ive to Commodore It. 8.-Martin, of our news fleet, it report of flu- shipping left .t the pert whence they sailed, the 1 vet It apok< it ??M tlx i, i is ?. e, .i lift or ilieir , uaa anv foreign newspapers they may have. Commodore Martin will board them immediately ou their arrival. We will reciprocate * he fat or in any way. t PORT OF NEW TOilK, MAY M, ih*3. * ftl'N SlSf.S 4 41 I MOON (IIIKS 0 5 ii'f 7 17 I high warn 9 2u Cleared. Shit * Sheridan, De Peyaer, Liverpool, E. K. Collin- k Co; f Edwini, West, Genoa. K. D. Iliwlhuf k Co; Orient, (British) Lent/, Wi ebee, Barcnj fit Liviii-,?ton.??B irks Keuuebec, Smith. O n . W. VV. Pratt; Wm. kJaine*. Sli? iihard, Sivrmnah. Kimball -l Sheldon.? Btiu'* Janes Wilr.on, Peckiier, Marseille*. Fitch fit. ' o; Ann k Leah, Siiiiman. Philadelphia.? Dtitch galliot Ad?i\ni, II ?l?, Rotterdam, Bourtn.m, Joliu^ton k f Co.?Schrs Cha* L. Vo*?- M^yhyw. N?mita*. Br. ti k%Vo*e, ? Swallow, Youu^, Iiiuiui Kt y, via ke* W*-j*t G. L. M?-ach.iin; r Ann Hy man, Totteit, IW wberu, NC; Matilda, Spat East jH)it; Splendid, Crowell, Boston. Ai rived. Shin Louisa, L? avift, from New Orleaus, left the Bar May n, witfi cotton, fit?. to Scott k Worrell. On the morniiiK of the 15th, a steer-iite passenger named John Fququet, a Frenchman, I wai missini??supposed hr fell or threw himself overboard diuing the previous night. Same day, spoke hark Huutreu, of 1 Boston, I <lv,s from II nana fort 'owes; satne time, was boarded ) from hark Brothers, 1 dav? from Savannah for Cronstadl?lat 28 50. Ion 79 10. Ship Patiick Iletiry, L'pool, < Jrium-1, Minturn k < o. j Bremen hirk Heiuricli, Klenckc, 43 dayi from Bremen, with uidsn, to ordei?72 paucnirura. ^ Bark Ellen, Copelaitd, from Triuidnd de Cttha, with su^&r, to Chastclain k Pouvyrt. Vessel* left before it norted. United States Brig Washington, Lieut. Gediity, from Waah, inborn. Colombian briar Isabella, Kodriso, 30 day* from Maracaibo, with 474 lor* mahoftanv 10 ton* lignum vita: to O. P. Mill*?,5 passengers. Sailed in company with brig Richmond, for Liv1 errool. f Brig Henrv Leeds, Humphreys, (of North Yarmouth) 11 days from ibiyired Island, Jain, w ith '-alt, to N?*stnith, Leeds fit Co.? Left no American vessels. 12th in*t. lat 27 27, Ion 75 II, passed ship Kben Preble, of Bo-ton, from Liverpool f.?r New Orleans; IRtu, lat .'15 16, Ion 71 31, passed ship Nicholas Buldle, hence for No I ii I Brig Frances Amy, Park, 13 day* from Havana, with sugar, kc. to ti. L. Meachun. Left ship C? Colon, from New Yorkl iii!st arr; Lion, tor Hamburg, -railed name tune, via Maun1 aa*: Cherokee, Baltic, Me; Hellesr out, NYork, 15th; Norma, <1?) do; Mogul, do 15; Roche lie, On ini re .Windsor, Florence, frt or charter; Hnntre .-, Dorchester, Nutchcx, Ariosto, Cabinet. ) and Turbo, for Cowes, soon: Natchtt, (*) for NOrleana, nr if day; Sartelle, Marseilles, soon; M.vrj Frances, Chailes, and k Thraeimi, for Cowes, liihn Brothers,<lo, Ikhi Ovrminy for St. I Petersburg, uiic; Superb, Cincinnati, and Olga, disg; Hull, for Hamburg, Hdftlh; H irmotn, ! " ?r * I , Id:; Pen*<ioola, lor Boston, .'n-iii', oarnm'i, lonirli^, wapoleou, p.mprei sario, and Exchange. di?vr; Harvest, iiuc: A; Dintc, Baltimore, ldg; Aaenoria, Cowes, do; (I'andid, and Holly Bush, frt or charter; Sahim, for sale; Belle, fm Mobile, irr 5th; Oxford, s tor Boston, Idg. Briir Zealand, Coombs, from New Orleans, May 3, auil the t Bar 4th, v ith flour, Ike. to master. The Z. has been 10 days notiii ? i ( tpo H ittt nuk ? Brig Augusta, Sherwood, 7 days from Savannah, with cotton, to Sturgei ScCleannau Brig Fanny Coif, B titer, n days from G.mrgetowti, SC. with 1 cotton, to H. Coil Jst Co. Bri'.t Warren, Wooster, 10 days from Wilmington, NC, with ' Brig Hot ton, Santa Crux. ? lumbet, to Badper 6c 1Y?U. Portuguese sehr Cauhla.nnrmarens, r.:t days from Oporto, 1 with wine, to J. C*. 6c E. Bok? r. Srhrs. Mr n'gmnery and Angeliiie; Schr Rienzi, Doatu , (of Boston) in days from C'uracoa, with indse, to master. Left no American ves.n Is. i Sent Rio Grande, Rot(?i , 9 diys from Bonoe, FE.wit)iiii|it| to Brett 6c Vose. Schr Caroline, Bourne, 22 days from Trinidad dc Cuba, with mdxe, to master. L"ft brigs Orb, for Portland, 2 da; franklin, D \ r. NYiirlf. do; Adamant, from Florida, just arr; AtalanU, j ot NHaveti, fin J tmaica, do. f Schr John B. Wolford, Nickcrsnn, of and 17 days front A palachicola, with cotton, See. t?* master?7 p.assi nger*. Sailed in co. with schrs Minuet, Taylor, and Exit, O xiospred. (or New P York. Schr Raleigh, Jones, 8 days from Washington, NC. naval stores, to Mitchell 6c Co. Schr Patmos, Cl.nL, 10 days from Georgetown, SC. lumber? bound to Hudson. Schr Baltimore, Woglam, 'j days from Petersburg, cotton, to J. Hunter. Schr H. Westcott, Fance, 3 days fioin Philadelphia, coal? I bound to Counfftii'iit. l Selir Saml B. Phillips, J days from Philadelphia, coal, to the i master. Schr Republican, Chase, 3 days from Philadelphia, coal, to ? matter. i Schr Hudson, Coolry, 5 days from Baltimore, mdse, to Stur j get It Cli anuan. i I Schr Lexington, Young, 3 days from Virginia, wood, to the I master. isciow* i Two ships, one baik, and two brigs, one Raid to be the John II. Stephen*, Hill, from Defmuda. Also, Swedish brig Hole*, from Get to. Marine Com?pnti(lciiCfi i Kr.v Wkst, May 6. 1812. DfAR SlHI \v rile in much bast? by i passing vessel. The Lmra, of Call Inis, Me. Dunham muster, was brought Into this port by the j wreckers on the 4th iust. She is from New York bound to N". Orleans, and ran ashore on Corysford R? ef 1st inst. The wreckers have libelled for salvage, and the cause is set for a hearing on Monday nest. Port wardens, after a careful examination. have pronounced her in a condition to continue her voyage without repair, and as her agent is a irndent merchant, the | amount which the District Court tr? iv decree to the salvors will pr -b ibly he paid without resort to t r.;o. H r situation ..n thi teef was critical, tod dw nttof ilvagi will probabh be ?bont 20 per cent on the value of vessel and cargo. A| pi aiders have been appointed to ascertain ih 'r value, and the whole 1 prc?c' edi:u s will pr- ha hi y he elos i, md the brig on her voyage rin during the coming week. Office or the Riion* Idundrr,) Newport, May 23, 1812. S Ar ?0th, M iri i. Providence for Norfolk; Monoinoy, NYork I for N Bedford. r SM 21 st, I)? borah. Grand Turk, Exchange, Royal Welcome, , May Flow? . F.dw Franklin, Perscvtidiicc, March, Splendid, and Geo & lienry. An 22d, Hero, Providence for Albany: New York, do for N. York. J Air 2 d. Rhode I .land, from Providence, and Evict. Fall Ui, vor, both lor NYork; Van Burcn, and Traveller, Roiidout lor i Boston. SI 1 Rhode ItlanJ, H ro, an 1 New York. ( encrtl Rvcortl. e Pacekt anir Stictinatv, for Liverpool, will sail to-day.? 1 Letter hags at Gilpin's, in the F.x? hangc. 1 Pacrf.t ship 9i, for liavt . iv detuned until to-morrow Letter bags at Gilj inY Ship Olive fit Eliza, Marshall, from St. Jo&cnh, at Fa d l!Hh of March, wlib her cargo (cotton) on fire, having been struck b> lightning, wa? towed Tound to Point Pino the lollow ) ing day, sh# h , nnce .vf.uck the cround and kicked off her luddcr and false? k* 1. 100 biles cotton are considerably damRged bat the r auixi lei << neerl landed in good coudii 1 ' except being wet; the tru pat up to auction 1st nit. bat with drawn, and is now mfitting under anoth* i nioter. to reload |ker carco. Whalemen. I ArratNeu Bedford May 21. Herald, Devol, Indian Ocean, with a full cargo of ??il (1.'>V) wh ile and 200 sperm.) Spoke 16th Dec, off (Jro*?*ttes. AcaM ?, SH. 1 v.h; 8l?t, Gem. do, I: on S. q Coast of Holland, list of I) c. Pacific, FH. 1600 bhls; Pindus. I do, tiOO wli and r?0u sp; Jan 7. I ?l M Ml S, Ion 46 V) K, M<?nt?tu111 NL. 3 whales: ' m.u -' <!. sii. 1806 bbla; ttth Baj I, G.effj|iort. 1000; Feb 5, France, SH. iVi mos out, 13'0. (so reported;) Jison, NL. b oii; heard from tame date, Colwnhtis, ril. 12?T0; Feb 12, 1st 13 J'i S, low 40 JO E, Jan", Somerset. ' whs 13t!\ Gov Troup. NB. Cm) wh; heard from ?a?n?* ?iat? , food1 r, . do, ft h!is, I<Hh, Hudson, fiff. ir? whs: 20th, hit 14 S, Ion 50 k, Sleifhaoiji. NB. R:> diyi ou,1 80 bbl*; .?! trrli I, lat *47, Ion 38 10 K, f Inbrlla, FH. 112 dstrs ont, <-|r^u, hound K. At St Helms 23th March, Pembroke, IN L. linn nh Hid 60 i|>, bound home; dd !m , dp?amed4v, Liverpool, NB.25.Vi (300 *p.) H|mke off A*ceum >n, no d .'c, Maria Theresa, ?\ B. 27.mi (?;i>n up. Bid California, (new, 7J0 tons) Pari v Ocean. Hpo9< cn. . V imlnr.M, PHil.xl. Ii.l.ia for Barbados*. May 10, lat ? 31 N.lonW VV. Olive Branch, from NOrleaui for Guadaloupe, Mayl),lat i SI 17, m 7911 Fotclpti I'ntli, Oi' km kM \, May 2?In |*>rf, Oriole, for NYork, 3 da; Til ? an, do Id; Motto, dodo. At Jnboa, Aunrs, NYork, Idy. f ii MKruooa, April25? In port, N"|<tune, for Brrmen, or f? ?:!? only American. lTn!fe<l Htntfa Porta. Kt*xr nt nx. May 17?Cld Ponce, Ponce.# J Acoimta, Mav lit?Arr Arab. Phtladrl, hi t. i'hom.% rox, Mp v 15?Arr Coral Richmond. llth?cld Snow, N Orleans. IStIt?cld Oceana. Pictou. NC\ PoRtsMopTH, May 19?ArrMoini WasliiiiKton, DC.; Turk, NVork: 20th, Ktnerald, PhiUd< Inhia. Nrwnt iirpoai, Mi 21?Cld Prni, Porto Rico. (iLot cr.iTia, May 19?Arr Vulture, Newburyport for Philadelphia. I Salkm, Mav P??Arr Trcuiovif, Philadelphia; Ron- in Bloom. NVork. Sid Piotohn. BoiToa. M n'tv-An North B?nd, NOrleana; fhick??aw, ' Batrim ? ; Thru Hooper, do; I b raid. Daiim-I Webalrr. Kli/.izahefh, and Hopewell, Philadelphia: ('ornrlia. Havre de Oraee; MrDonontrh, NYork. Telegraphed, Concordia, ftn ( alcutta.? J Cld Mnrblehend, St Thomas and a inkt; Noble, New Orleans. Arr 22d; Mercuno. Furrtuventnrt. Canary Island; Elifa Bur' (: **, CirnlVveftof: I/Ortent. Philadelphia; Horn**, do. Arr 2l*t, Susan .lane, London: VVm M Rotors. Philadelphia; Petinsvlvar nia, Salem. NJ. Cld Pern, New Orleans; Stranger, Albany; '* Friend, NYork. 1 Nrw Br.nroan, May 21?SM Win Rofsell, NVw Vork. Arr 22d. Cornelia. Moiioinoy, ;nd H< nrv, do; Alfamaha, Wan h.nn fo NYork; J inklin, Hi u i for < Holmes Hotr.?Arr?, La Fayette, fr*?in Areeibo for B >s.1 ton. ? I I'nntini m i , M i- 21?Arr llntWon, Wilmimctoa, NT; !? H Tivii't, I'liil i<1. I|.|ii.i; Arimi, NYork. Hl?l Kliih, fliiladi li'nn. fll?l 2.'J, A >1 ?i h?ll, rtitiI I'litilorir \un, Philadrlphii; 11". ). AMnny. Hhmtoi., Mav 21?Arr ll> " tor, Hondo t. I! ?*ti "Hi'. Miv 22? Air T"nor, N York; Hwvt. ilo; M.iil, n, l i.l. lpliii. ( 1.1 ?1d, 'l rilun, NN (irk; Velocity, u?. rinui'imm. Mi) 21?Ait Immti iir, Bancnr; Loja, Hartfoul. I lii Ann r'.lirx 1.. I,i limyn; K.cprlrta, Mtoii/ju i A' rn, II Ion; V niimnl'j ilo; 111 iiiois. \> ? Hi djord; Kortini l. ll i?t in; V. i m, N V oik. , 114i.tiMonr M 22?CM P I Nrrim, St John, NB. SI.' K'i i ' i'? Jiiiip. Wnl Indira. Ki.iiAfcr.TM Cut. NC. May IT?Kid Win I WaUon, Writ lmllva. iNrwnrtn, NT. Miy II?Art Snnthcrncr. n?j Indira; K W Br nlley. ii >; Julia fc Nam-v. <1 >; Capitol, do; II Pollock, New V. k. CM Ann H) in'n, do; R< ie??t?*r, do, Ci'Afci.i )tnv Mn 21? ^ 1 llirniliiicto, Aberdeen. ( Id In,, tin . Si Amino.. NB. ski I Kmilv. NY'oik. f-vrarisyii, May 2< A. I.t li. Nnw Voik. I 1.1 Cliu'on, for do. ArkLACHicoLA, May II?Arr Wm Tailor, New York. CM Rol't Wan, Liverpool; 8n.?qu< hamuli. NYork; Vrtcmni, am. Lfcit, do. Mobil? . M iy 10? Cld A'a'.arta, NVorl.; Uneat. Apalarhico. ' '.*m,i 8ay brook C An oUkr. Lueipo l. Norma ll iri Lin.l.n. S'V. ,k. i f,w "f 'in, May 14?An But. liKuif. Lirtrprol Byron no VriiiM Riu dc Janeiro. IK iO, liai am PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. fHiESE far-famed am) celebrated I'illa, from Portug&l, are, * we |*?rcejre, to be obtained iu tins couutry. See auvertue* oa thi 11" caUna t fourth pigt. mS ?* SITUATION WANTED, a? chambeitnaid i lot eiieral O hon<?* work, iu a small ItOtily, by a rt -jirct tide ymn: womt.i. The beat refeicuce cm Up Aj-ply at '?!' 17tH drMt. m2'? lt*r 5l)i i:. r\ LIB It ilFi H vii. Si ml Si .. s iMl EL IU TLEU vs ill r? peat th n Dramatic Sketch* *, Sti;tks;>ca i.tii I'hnti i'en*, ami .Mis? < Ibut nin Div rti -nni?t, thi? ? -!?itiir. W. din- .M?\ in con* 'jurm ? of tin nu'ueruiis it* iitlain id great nyli'iH I at a edoo tlui fur&! tioii. K, 11" Vt i.' i I .. - 11 A?J i i??n, ;/ccuts?t(t cxuiiirnCtf it 8 o'clock. I-t*? !. uy, the Pulj it, tin- Si-uatc, tin- Bar, t1.Si,i Koi ttiii.b at Mr. Butler's room 11'J St. J>huv. rrnrk. i"' pllK- \< K b DAHLIA? AND I I V.N : ? A y NiBLIP'S ? LilVV will sell onTUnr*?i.iv moniiiiK flith , , ? huildltd of Nlbfl c!i ?ict* I) ?lili u in pot*, ;;ii .>! vsiiicli will be guaranteed uj n* pn sciiU'H; ihii siin 1, is :;u well known to be uim ?! the In ?t ia tliit cvxi ,t, y, ilii* an comment i - dvemed uuiMJCt'siiry. Also, u lie* s uae lime will be s >ld h Urxe and beautiful variety of !U ~* i ; II " I ( m, Calceolarias, G < irtiiU in. I i !i i . i l t a S15 ?t i???T ( ' HKK'v riTRTLE SOlJf ?Fraiikliu Coffee H .66 m Maiden Lam - i. - \ fine lively Tan! will b 1 dres ?d thi. m S id S ? \N- id 11 o'clock. Oftu*c. JOHN r. BROWN. 1 / tHAIN FOR BALE ibout Stoi i'1 fkthotni A mooting *-J i'Ih'ii or ? ilil , for *ale cheap, at the Hhip.tinith's shop, 1J West street, brtw en Rector and Monii street*. Also chain .? ' is, ami >11 kind* of 151 icksmith'i work, done on reasonable term*. I B ii-M MONROE r. KOBERTBON. i.iKKmcu's J rr III C 0 P II E R 0 u s, < >J{ MEDICATED COMPOUND, , FOR TMK HUMAN HAIR, I Is nu%, ncknowleilcr.l liv ili.tiiMD'U ?l o u,c it umIv. to lie the ! only remedy to prevent BALDNESS ' ami to re.i >re nut not winch h i< ! >' . n ofi"or In come thin; TO PREVENT GREY HAIR; To cure *n?l rtivovr a* cry anpe*ranee of <

SCURF AM) DANDUIFF from the head and to keep the hair in the most 1 HEALTH Vv SOFT AM) GLOSSY STATE. Y e* from ?'l oily and irrensv appearance. Price St per bo tie Sold whole-de and retail at CLIUE- < HI UH S II i Cutting Rooms, 20* Droadway, and ?t* I?i- I agents?J. B. Dodd, druggist, corner Bleeker street ami Broad- I way; Win. .Milnor, druggist, for. PeN si, Franklin House; Mr*, kin.;. hook?? ||er. h ultou*t; Mrs. Hotolack'.-i curl -tore. Broadway; \V in. Armstrong, druggist, lrd Fulton at, Brooklyn; J. Join i >ii dresser, Fulton it Brooklyn. mSfYfttisi . LEMON SYRUP, &c J GRE AT REliUCTW.X l.X THF. PRICE'S. , 1 f?AA . Leinou Syrup, first, srroml, third, aii'l fourth ' * j^v/v/ qualities. 1 1000 boxes Srtrsann.ilU and Rn*pher v Syrup*. ' 000 do Pine Apple, Ginger, and Strawberry Syrups. i 100 ?lo (Yge.-t Syrup. 1 ion do StouffhtonL and Wine Hitlers. < 1000 do A-suited Cordials, CordcauH, Martinique, Au? sterdam, and Italiau 4-H> bbls and half bid- Cordials. 10 do Liquor Coloring. 1 200 boxes Rock Candv, red and white. ( 200 gross Extract of Lt inoii. ( All put up in tine shipping order, and lot -ale at reduced < prices at the <dd establishment of , ... n JOHN B. KEY, 31 Burlirc Slip. N.i B.? Dealers w ill find it for their interest" to call before purchasing elie where. ____ m?31in*rc H( >W T(5 cur e dyspepsia. DU BRANDRKTH'R PILLS cure Dyspepsia. They eu?v i ble the digestive organs to do tin if allotted duly as a mother teaches her first born how to walk. It is by assisting, by Luidinp. and thu* *-ir^??ir I inning the stomach and bono s, that THE BRANDRETH'S PILLS are so exceedingly S 'hitai >, and so invigorating to the human constitution. It u thus that they enable the inost weakly stomach to digest properly and healthily. Pure blood is thus sujr plied to every part of ihe bodily frame. It is absolutely impossible Brand re tip Pills can fai I to cut the Dyspeptic indiviv ideal, provided the power* of the frame are not entirely beyond alf human aid. * TO BE REMEMBEREDTl?at each of ihc genuine has upon it THREE COPYRIGHT LABELS. That each label lias two signatures of Dr. Benjamin Brandrefh upon it. ( That th-re must be upon i ach b.?x three signatures, thus:? B. BRANDRETH, M. D. And three signatures, thus UKNJAM1N BRANDRETH. J Besides the labels ar? full of isinmll printing done in red ink, there h-in': on the labels near three bundled impressions of t Benjamin Brandp?th\s Pills. The BRANDRETH PILLS are sold at 2.Y cents per box, , with full dirt-ction*, at Dr. Br*ndrithN principal oihee, N?>. ' 211 Brorc'.way, h tw-en Park Place and Murray street; also Mt hit r-fnil i iflhreA. 271 Tintwrv IIS?l- >.trp-t u?t*r l\?., and 176 Second street,New York. m26 lt*c pOVF.NTRY SHEETINGS.?Just received, a sirsll lot of Covmtry Sliestiti(r* -sliip|??*?l from Mobile for debt) which will hi? sold '.| i:t under t!? market, fur cash or city ac reptaife. At >o, a lull ?up;dv oi .ill the heavy brands. ludiau ' Head, Lawrence ( ', ( th-u A. Vpileton, Stark Mills, and the tine Merriin-'ck. Dover, Waltlum. I'uk.iown, Sic. ike., may bt ' had at manufacturers'pric?, on th 2d Boor of No. 22 t'edo street. Haifa block above Pearl *t. .T N. UNDERHILL, m21 eod3tis*r 22 Cedar at. j I( >* i\ A Y THIS -Jo t reeeired al t oi h it ribbons at th - i J cents: ot hat la win yard wide, * onl) Is 9d; lot Ans bOn hi?.ine n' Gs 6d per yard; f f fine broadcloths at 12a? per yard: lot Fr. n h mn>.fins yard wide, at only 1* per yard; lot cambric ni;i.din> it 1- Id; line plaid muslins Is (id per yd; 8wi s musliu* ! it J II muslin 11 I. b ip I arn al oil Is 9d; yard wide lace at ikl i??n yard: shawls at 2< Gd; mini' kid gloves .it 2iGd;finc double milled cM-imeren at G? Cd; satin t nt 2s; lot carm it Is ] yard; spooks for I cent a snotd?-ftir le al WILLET HAWKINS* Store. c Ip24 2t*r >11 (erc'iw i?di Ii stor?- !> i.ov ^pnu - ? *. 'P(> JEWELLF.US MlNIATl K F PAINTERS. Uc. * C. K J. HARTNETT. No. 2 Courtlandt street, Broadway, Wholesale and Ileuil Mtnufaclurera of Travelliny, Writing, Dressing and Jewel cases, rmuialure caae.?, and * settings, tinte, locket, watch, ring, and pin cases; cases for silver id it -, neatly arranged to order. Also, trays made and 1 fitted to Ji wi lU*rs' show cases, to contain watches, chains, ' MM , h i,pin thimbles,* pencils, lie. Ik* fcc. A mit ty of the alnivc articles couslanily oa bind, and made to order, with iiratucss and despatch. No. 2 (iourtlandt street, New York* tn21 Im^c BJOTICE.-The Officr for FRANC RP PATENT LIFE ks BOA! is removed from 112 to It B wdway. iruit lini CAMPHENE. WrF.BB, through his invention* of the articles known as ( amphoric and Webb's Burner.*, his thrown too much light throughout tin- country for vcampast, to admit of an en likhteiied public beinjf led away nv any advertisements which may seem to convey toe i lea tha*. the genuine Campuene cm l?e obtained *t an v establishment in l'u? citv, except at the old i established EMPORIUM OF LIGHT. 112 Broadway, coiner Canal street, wl.i h i. < nducfed ider the iminediar- superintendence of the subscriber, who t:? well known to he the origiii rl i:.vr ntor of the same* i A. V. H. WEBB. General Fupt. m22 2wis*C 418 Broadway, cor. Canal at. | MEDICAL AID. ~ ^TO* I PECK r.LIP?Doctor C rp< -titer, as usual, devotes his kN entire per?onil attention to the relief of the lffhrt-ul and tin fortunate, t.? the effectual unci speedy cure ol all diseases, at his 1 old established and we|| known IVck slip Di.?tH*t?sary. No. -t P ck .lip n? ?r Pctirf street. Dr. Carpenter beg* feive to apprise i those to whoin he i* unknown, tint he is a regulirly ednral d physician and surgeon, * graduate of I'lii ut College, and a licentiate of the New York State Medical Ho.iety, and obtained his diploni i in tliisrii) in the year 1211. But what is most i nil Mutant to the patient to know is the fit that lie speedily and etfectuOlv cures his patients, as thousands might and many will testify. His offices and entrances are conveniently adapted to lilt comfort and privacy of patients, who are never exposed to observation, and hi> charges will he found reason?Me. DR. CARPENTER. Office npfi; until 10 k P. M. tn In. c C1 NORA VI NO" BY THE OMNI OR A il MACHINE.? Bt'HR. JONES ("0.. 11*2 Broadway, comer of John street, N.Y.. are prepared to engrave *11 kinch of Maps, Charts, Plans and Surveys, or any work of that clis?, in the ino?t beautiful style, with tint ills It d spedition, aa 1 it pnesra fir below those chstg' i fur similar work executed by haml engrnvlug -the C, l" . fit i t I. -f i t ' 'ding I.Ithompliii i N. d.?Speci neiu of the work done by the Omnijrraph can < * - ur . I i' rlu ofll e in Bro< da 15. n It 'nu ; /N.VME on tb premises of fh- subscriber, duung the lirst j >veek in Mn . a BAY HORSE, with a whif" ?,tar in the 1 forehead, ntn 11 .-Sit wa?s of a j . and m ooor coiehlion. No r 1 fry given thai u lata ths owmi <h thi aid Iiovm shall rail, m-ove property, pay charge*, and take him away, he will he sold, to pay the expenses of Ins keep. W. COllBYN, Striker* Bay. May 23d. If 12. m21 3tr_ " A Mouth without Teeth, i* a mouth without charm*/' FLf R \ 8. VAN PILAAO. Smysfrn Dentist, ofl 1 i par foMional service! to/he ladies and i;? n*lemen of the city of New York, audits vicinity, in all tlie branches of Modern D? nti?try. Mr. A. V. V. I'. hn been regularly educated to the profe* ioo in Ley 1 n. Itnllsnd, in ! lias b*rn honored with a Dipiomi of the Meat d School* of both North ind South II dlam! and al?o >i \* ra| c itiiicates of the most reaper? J?|e families where k i -. | :, 1 In 11 I nit* I State* whi h* presume* will entith ?. i * fideuce of th* American public. H< surra who m?iy be pl- u'd to honor him with their patronage, that he perforin* ever> operation in the most consistent and ?ci*-nlifV mvir, ant) on tin1 moat reasonable n-imv Ifis Oflire i? at No. 57 Warr- nstiert, New Vork. N. B.?-At all ti.nes on hind. Tooth Powder, Tooth Pa*;? and Medicine* adapted to tin- cure of the Durase* of the Month generally. mil lm' r CAUTION. rPHK TBI''Onil ROUS, or Medicated Compound for th'* i ' I i ii in -a n Il.iir, being rem red by let?* i* pat-ni of th* I/nlltcl i State.-*, all persons are hereby cautioned from selling or venditor anv articl* pre I ending to 1?" the ?ime as the original, invented ami manufactured l?\ CI.IRHHUGII, 206 Broadw ay, si he will prosecute with rigor all who dare infringe his right*. The Public should observe that lieiiu? patented, any article prrt? mf'.nc to by the snm" can only l>e ? base counterfeit and lmm mire, and its use cnti*r tin* ruin and loss of the hair. Call nt 203 Broadway, up stairs, for the genuine. Price $1 per bntth*. mil lwh*r 1MUVATE (M'HE. 'THE MONITOR.?TWa is the title fivtn to at * ing the nature, symptoms, ronvnuenoea, ami treatment of th" dueise* called private ; their neat mode* of treatment I Uinly deacrilwd ; the remedies most rroper fur their different stages, with useful hints, iin|>mtant advice, and all necessary in? ruon* 10 cimim im'- | ?in in u? urci * imnif, prompt, am! nermanent cnre. To the unfortunate, Dr. Jordan offer* tIn* Monitor with the fullest confidence, containing. a* it doe*, t|??fruits of many year* devoted experience, eitrn*ive practice, ami tucrea*ful treatment. Nor doe* he drem it nece?**ry to **y more than this, that the Monitor h i* reached the seventh adr (ion. r " Sold for t'.ie proprietor, only at Aimthccarfe*' If ill, M Prince itr et,cor ol Marion,where il?o may l? hid Or. Jordan'* 8 ? -eitjc ( otir*e*t No. I, for the cure ofc?T, gleet*, and ill lirejt hi ill di*clianc?'? ; and C'ourtc No. 2, for the p-rmniHiit run- ol 1\ ner? al di?e.i?? * in all it* *t??'? *. Thne package* comprise Jr\? ry medicine, waah, and requisite ver meded, either f??r in^lerti ?l or? iff ro J n*f. Tin v x i - no *u?pirion, came no !?>*-? cftinie, and ire used with nlety ?mltinvaryittx nui'ci w. Prince street, corner of Marion, .1 block* rid of Nihln** Omh ii?. P.ivofp ntranee f.fiMenon *trce? m if d ??i to the drugstore. m!t Im* c pA< KRT SHIP ()NeTdA fi In if VVUK. < w ill | I case *end their permit* on hoird, it pier No. 3 Noith Hirer. All good* not permitted by the 29thin*t. will he *ent to the public *tore. tn2fr ( SO. 1 I'W K SI.II'. T"lR, CARPKNTKK, nt old moaf-ovrrad Diapemary. No. i Park alip, ni- ir IV*rl-?trr?i .tniiMinir? to ulminintrr to tlx afllirtrd anil oafortmnlr, and to eit'nd to thrm ?nrh rrlirt aa an ? rolli fi -to ami irrfiilar nwdlral filitoation ami hourly W yrari' romtant prarlirr an I dally familiarity with *? ri\ trad'' ami ? irirly of iliaoaso ao iintialh i-nabl-a l.iin. Or. t *r|ii nt' r i a iicnliat* oflIn? Nrw-Vork Hrato M?dii >1 s - ni'M ii i. ' T" i"ifait rod out I ant . ? for tlir pr\\ it , 01 who i at it ft-r ron, in rtinijc?!- ! ;? no n?-i?un'i or ?ho.--l>oy*, .inti devotee him??lfr.omlly to the welfare ofhie pntrair. Uewnr- -f nil noitrnmt ntul ifr nctrum v?rv1 n.? r'f.irnii nri dully filling irtima to their bnhlnl effect'.. The The ?nd It n tmrui'ionv of the win of Criepin to tho?e of K? ? l?l'.u? nre n ca t"i'xt t the r. niter frtttitinim , hot mori itnpoiMm to the nutfi rilie end it"tndro y lrrim, n.2t lm*i pP ( \RrFNTl.K _ AUCrnoN SALES. __ BY THOMAS BELL. Sforet X09. tt JIhu ami 11? Fnlton ttrrtl.) WEDNESDAY. At 10\ o'clock, iu th? ?.ilr room. Lar^f ye of elegant Furniture of all lit-^cripiion^. Alio a Ur^f, unii valual>l?* assortment officiant lurmtme, lioin i ^ciitleiiitiiffiviiiLr upli'ouichcfiiiii'j. THriunn At lfllj o'clock in the 1 .iru Fulton si r?' ? room 1' H 11 ' without .... 1 11 i. 1 1 by vite best mak? i coitd I ni do 4o, a i . ?*t I? ?'?.i;l action Krani ii in , in fu:eord?r, with ill the Ut i v?m ufditional patent ined U. This ^'Kiitliil iii>t i it m * tit i"i i iclil\ w ortli ?'(#? must be sold. Also. ' nu . . mi ind oth<? article* in tin lin lis , harp md i lano music, taluublt book', Stc. Kit ID A V. At 10|, o'c'".! , in the ^alt*< rooms. Halo ?! 11 ., < ni olotbou'. I amy and dry poods, splendid ii?il l..? of all d? . ripti'm*. jrweliy, ztuw, *?" r*\ two A -1 i< uy'i Sytintvi, and other nuxii d moots v in*??*, trocuiics, kc. SATURDAY. At I0k? oV. . i i th- nb a rooms. Splendid r urmturc of ui! d-seripiioa#. :i22r MOND V\ Al in'u . ' i ck. To Iron Makers. Boih-r Mtkrr*, IJUekunith*, &u\?-A* th< corner ??f Morton and Washington sircis, lor ra.ih, lai??* and itiiall shears for cutting boiler iror.; icrn n cutting machines itock , dyes; tap lie*) wrench . i foil * blacksmith's Eooli; 1 itianci ol bolts nut?, and iron of ill ii " BY SlELLk ARt UL ARIIS This morning at lUAa o'clock. Second Periodical Sale of Klrgmit Furnituie and Puimh?To *y advances, a large as*ortin *nt of the best made furniture, indlid big maliogvuv high and low post and K ? uch bedsteads, French and half French mid satin covered chair*. w irdrob**. bureau*, looking glass**, curled hair mittresses* feather bed*, lxd*ter<i and ] illows. pillagers, w adist uuD, dining, tea and ceu! c tablcs, dressing bureau , rocking eliatrs, k? .: filionn rli'^ut Wilton e u j?.*i, and a very fin*- large Psyche gins#, with Other trticles in the line. Splendid Piuiios?The richest assortment offered at auction bis including one by B iron fii Riven, rosewood ease, >ctauoii legs j11'I uothic panel*; this instrument will be sold with in unlimited pinrantrr. is of th" in.?<t rvMiisite ton*, touch and inisb. md without doubt a? brill? utt an in truinent a* can In* proi! e in th< < ity il o I bj L < iilb r i tju 1 rhs it orde 9 by Wilkin* k Ncwhall, not surimsM-d in the itv for all thea qualities :ou*lituring a perfect iiuuuinetit; lay Numi*, 1 by NViKon, and **vend others, combining all the mordem intproi ineut.i by the no*t esteemed maker*. Person# desirous of purchasing will do well to a:t' nd thf i sale a tic, Furniture?A lso a complete suit belonging to a military' staff >fticer. Ufo- ; wo very fine organs suitable foi small churches ??r CIIU1. _____ in by It*r BY F. J. BEAIINH, Auctioneer., Thij d iy, Wedm s lay, at 10 o'clock. Mortu^c Sale of Fumitur*?Thin dav, We<lii?*i<| iy, at No. I3!t Fulton street, l?y virtue of a bond ana maiU^e, 1 -.ujwib'r on? ?1 piano and 'fool. I Briusells car net, I Vcuitiui do, I WiIon ru/, :J tufted do, j hurt an and Hook cant*, 1 plain bureau*, 1 nautlc cloek, 3 splendid van-* and llowcin, A j i t glasses, 2 mirror*, 21 in ibo^ UiY chair.*, 1 mahogany rocker, w imlo*v ilinds, 2 pillar ami claw livikfast table*, 2 e nd table*. I c? lire tin, I *plendi<U t*ai tin t la mi % F. window curtain' with Ornai ruts complete, cost S<i0!h 2 pair beat silver plated candlesticks ' a it'rbr no lo s. Also, featnci beds, French bedsteads, nub * di.iirn, kitehen furniture; also, 2 patent lever Kuid watches, Kc. mis ii m VO'IH K TO FUKMTi ftK BlfVEHS?WASHING* ^1 TON' MKEKS, No. :t15 Broadway, next the Hospital, would draw the attention of the public that be will sell spleu- > lid Cabinet Furniture at 10 per cent, less than the sam? nu dity ? >t work is now selling at tne auction*?consisting of Draws, Couches, Sofas, covered in different colored plusbe*, satins, mil hair cloth, of the latest Spring lanterns. dl<? 6m t-j?\ FOR ALBANY, TROY an \ iote mi dtnte | fl*. . place .?The low jir? uurt steamboat SWAL* 1.0VV. Capt.A. MrLeau, will leave loot ??f f ortlancB street, This (Wednesday) Afternoon, May 25th, at 5 The T)F. WITT CLINTON. Captain 8. R. Roe, will leave wa above, to-morrow 2tith, at 7 o'clock. Tin? ahove nre Mihste.ntial boats, fitted np with decant State Room*, and for nocommodatUinv are unrivalled on the Hudson. m25 11 c .-Cat?* jUj.1 f'KOI'LK'H LINK FOR ALBANY AM) j*TllQV. daily at .seven o'clock^ I?. M., from 7^1..!?Wi ii Steamboat Piftr between) Coiirll&ndl and Liberty srleets, (Sundays excepted.) The steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. P. St. John, leaves Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at seven o'clock. > The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainanl. Monday, We dnesday, and Friday afternoons, at sev#*n o'clock. I The Hteauib. nt NORTH AMERICA, Captain M. II. True*- . Id 1, leave* Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons, at ire-o'clock, for Albany and intermediate places. The above boats are new and mibatantial, are furnished with decant state room*, and in all resjiects arc unsurpassed atnonK he Hudson River steamers. For parage or freight, apply on hoard, or to P. C. Schultx, at I he office on the whaif. nw +&*** THE RAINBOW MOKNbNd LINE for ALB A N Y. The low prensur" Steamboat a iviinxv ?.-;ti u-.iv.. ti... foot of Robinson itrcet, every Tuesday, Thursday ami Saturday, at 7 o'clock. m5 lm*r ???> FOR LIVERPOOL?New Eta ?Refiilai wEv9rWftl'rk'*t of 25(11 June.?The splendid picket .?%I?i ' yl I A RRICK. Captain Wrn.Skiddy, of 1000 ton*, will mi an an >ve,ner regular uay. rorirngni or |m.v;i;p, irtvtug irronimnil ttioiis unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on >oard, at Orleans wli rf, foot of' Wall street, or to I K. K. COLLINS & CO. M South street. ( Price of pasvige ?!imi. The jacket ship ROSCIAS, Ca|itsin Collins, of 1000 tons, ' ivill succeed the Oarrick aibl idil 25lh July, her regular Passengers may rely ou the ships of this line nailing punctu dly ' Ls ?.IV *o1 lied c OLD"!-!NTT^OF~ LIVKRPOOp PACKKTR-|o!3<c?W Refill ir Packet of the Ut June.?The splendid well 'Ti4iirW< i io w n fa i t mil in? packet sliip flOUTH AMERICA, "apt. iKvi l Btiley, will sail positively on Wednesday, the 1st of June, her regular day. The accommodations of thin line for cabin, second.cabin and >tee rage passengers, are well known to be far ?ii]>erioi to any ulier. For terms of passage, apply on board, fool of Bct-kman street, ROCHK, BROTHERS U CO., 25 Fulton st. neat door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?Persons ending to the old country for their friends, "an inve th hi brought nut in the South America, sailing from i LiverjHM?l on the 19th Julv, or in any of the shin* comprising 'he Old Line, sailing from the above | ort punctually on the 7th i kb4 I"*.t of < ich month. Draft* at sight for any amount on the Royal Bank of Ireland an I ou Messr* Present!, Orote, Ames kCo. B inkers, London, which arc paid free of discount at any charge whatever, in > very Provinee, County, end all the inland towns throughout (treat Britain and Ireland. For passage, fee. apply as above. m2ac Vi5?? NEW LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS-Pack.t torySrV 2-'?th Mn?Th< splendid well known fi*.t sailing packet -hip SHERIDAN, f-sntain De Peyster, sails p? sjtivf ly as above, her regular day. The ships of this line are all IfifH) ton? burthen mid upwards, and their accommodations for eahin, second csbm, and steerage passengers, it is well known, arc superior to nnv other line of packet*. Those wishhi-; C" secure berths* should make early application on boardloot of Wall st* or io W. k J. T. TAP8COTT. 43 Peck Slip, comer South street. Peisnns wishing to bend for their friends, to come out by the aJmve fa\<?rite ship, can mike the necessary amngrinetif?, ind rh '.e wishing to remit money cvn he furnished with drifts for any amount, fiayable on dein ind in all the principal tow ns of lit* 1 nit* I K ... 1" i\ by ap; 1 in. 1 . ihoi e. ml ' e XS&- FOR LIVERPOOL.?Regular packet of the t&ch wrjMfW M*v.?The splendid new, fast sailing packet ship *sSl?isHEHIDAN, Captain Dr|?eystcr, will sail ns above, This ship's accommodations for cabin,second cabin, and steeri :r pus' ugt r-, are up in a mcv-.r superior style, and berth* -it \ c .< cured on moderate terms, hv applying on lw?*rd. foot of Maiden lane, or to OLwVF.K k Sic Ml R.RAY, lilfl Pine str-rt. comer of South. p. 8.?Persons wishing to send for their fii< nds residing in the old c< nntry, can have them brought nut by the ah-*ve ship, or any of the regular packets, by applying as above, (if by let'ei dost laid.) jn2? r Afifr I'ASkAOE FOR TRI\I DAD-U\t "litdTcTs?TImk?jraVsul)rTiornew Br. brig ST1LLMAN, Oapuio Al?'xr. ArSSCi^Lirray, will ..ail for Pont d'S, in in the abme island ?.n th.* 2Vh May, and has very comfortable accommodations for cabin and steragc passengers, who will be taken at rea?o.iablr r*t 's. For paisacc, apply to 1 \V. U J.T. TAPSCOTT. 43 Peck Slip, cor South it. Free Colored Laborers ran hat e a free paiu^r in 'his vessel including provisions See., and a guarantee that upon fln-ir arrival on the Hand full cittplovmeut will bi given at naif a dollar prr day, with a house and ample provi ion., ground*, &tr., and should a better engagement offer. thev will have perfect libertv to avail themselves of if. For further particulars apply as above. m21r ' AAv. 1 OR LIVERl CM >L.- k k< t - A bJr3rJfW.Th?* splendid regular packet SHERIDAN, Car-t*in d~ jktilr iP [ r; ~frr 11 ill nl 1 ib" r lo r regular div. This sflip has splendid nccommotl itioin for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. Apply to JOHN IIEHDMAN,61 South *f. N. F.?Persons "ending for their friend* residing in (heat Britain or Ireland, ran !?ave thi rn brought out bv either of the regular packet*, or by first cliL-ii transient shins leaving Liverpool weekly. Draft? for any a mount can also be furnished, payable throughout the United Kingdom, by apply ing as above. Blgc XA fr PAS8A"gE I (>R I - Packet o| 6 1 MrT^Wdoiie.?The splendid, la.I sailing packet ship .MhDb ,* 4 LflfeyiA'rOR, ( apt Chidwick, s ols i?o-it?vr!y ns above, leu tegular dsv, hiving splendid nrrnmrnouatioiH for cabin, s? c.nid cabin and atrerage |nc?m mjeri. Th- * wishing to secure berths should rn ik< earl) application on board, or to W. U I T* TAPSCOTT, in2!l 4'1 Peck slip, cor. South st. PACKET ?Hlr SIll.fllI)AN for LTVEKI ool j.?Passrn iprsbythvs shin will plea<- he on board the suamhoat II rctilr . at Whitehall, this day, at \'l M. L' fter Bigs will close at the u oil places, at 1113 o'clock. m?.V Ai7lk TO LET?A he;Mi iiul country rrwidence on Gowc "J? nt-* heigths, Brooklyn, titled up with every rotnenieur# , JV.iJLw ?Mi n large garden slid stabling attached, all in < \< I- | l?'lit order. It is so advantageously situated . to *.-mm md .11 , mint* up ted virn of tlw bay of New Yt I A fi I S e : pot of the hotue and garden. Distance Iron 1 fh* N-iifli I K- rv two nnrl a half miles. Inquire of K. MARTIN k I'O. '#) John street, New York, at the toll house foot of Court street, Brooklyn, or ol Sir. MAKTIN on the premisi H 11 * mili 61 r T) A HT OK A HOUSE TO I.ET, in one of the mo?t I Ii. i.m'.iI In rtjowi? tly city??comldtw'ioiiol tmabyigd city iraiilrnce?-aitn*ted Aril h"iiar low dl. Maik'a t linn h ami 2d AV( IKII', ill lull alrert, the eOtlra arroml floor of * larita beautiful two iliwy li ? ?tand* alone?ha* a larite lard. ami hi* window* ami nn i itrluire new onrier) aide ? n-y rlmri lira, trhoo'a, rnarL-ti, Uyea, k<\; contain* ?n Mrnni, and will be lot tonne rr?|icct*ble family, vary low, ortwo mall do. An Iv l? li. Kna|>|'. "? the prcinuf*. N. B.?Tlii? i? well wnrtlii the attention or any family **!m> will,. ? m enjoy a In aiitiful ?irnotion for a lit'lr money. In?'i Stent* re IJOO'MS 'i <? 1 ET?Willi in without board ni Si. Inhii'a ?* I'lrk. Two alrrpinf rnnma, iilifiiniiahrd SI per week?furinthril SI W?Willi board SliO. Addrnaa T. B. E., Il-nld O.Tir. _ _ ^ _ inra Jliar VIIt. W. A. k I NTT. Prrifr.aor of the H ANOKiWTE, ha* f'l rnmr i' il to No. II Li?|irnard tlrrri. m?'i3tu*r OK A I. ED PROPOSALS will lie received by the ( online a ton lor* for building llie Harlem llin r IIii<Ik<- on Section ol'ilie Ciwton A<|iii-ilii.n, until the Ant dav of Jatm nevt, at i o'clock, P. M. at their nfltee, at aid aitction, for furniahttu; the hnlm-'e of the itotu not already contracted lor lo complete the - lid B ill i . The price* for lh- at me, per cubic foot, inml include ?|| the I f|e-n*i * of pi. p iriny the . . n niiahle to lie laid tn'o i, iiridii and ih lirciimt llie win at th wli irf it llie *\(d brnlye, a. niin 'a th id in- an 1 ; . i tie- it ion*, lh will 1? or, ?e,,ieil l.r r?. mination a? hrr*in*llrr tnr ntioncil. Thr plain of the bricWtsml the ?prrifh-atlnn of thr material ml thr minner of preparing the umr miv he riamineil ?t the other of the rnntrartrtre, M unl ?ecli.>n, fiom the 2Alh to the :tmh of M?? instant. Now YorK, M?y 20th, ldlif. OEORE LAW. RAMITL ROBERT*. ARNOLD M A AON. Contraflow for MiiMins ?*rtinn ri of thr ( rot on Aionlnrt, in rltidinn thr biiihliiut of tlir Bridge orrr thr H*ih'm Hio r "O Mill wctioii. mZI fclrl*r_ Havana SEoa fti.?Ill'a BUI man*An f.D'O. So 4'J Liberty ?tn *1, near Nonrsii ?tirrt, offer lor ??te tor r?i low in-' ? feVhOO'i L* Norms Seem, tery 'tip*'"" TO, WO Norrirf* ilo Ho. :i V.iw rant* ilo 00. W 1.000 1'ian* Ho <'<* 80.000 Ilr?*li??nd C}non?? co. ',u 0i<fl Tnbpcf^i til' L*"'* ? . Thr whole otitlcil w debenture, *3.1 in Mm W ?mt rorrh? err j . ??1m*r AMUSEMENTS. L , t K ***HK theatre. THIS LNIN1I, May ZV?The performanee* tommtuce , n , T!I~ MAIl"uV S A .VOX V. L nut v.. ...r?| K-.rl. C. E. Horn. U.:, Mr.Sr-ai,.. _ . ? ... ,, .?lr?. o. Jl'TU. I i. i .iclllflc M I'll ADVH E < i H \T1S, Oihody , ?1? I I Cluppeudals Mr.. Kvmti le. M, Wlieatlcy. D..or* open .it ?evoli? , rl i u.. will eminence at lull IU4t gUtl. U ii i.'jl-IV, V 'CiUs?Gallery. *> . mni CIIATMAM THKVrnRT" IU'L:i.'>i incut oi Mr. F JilRIl 'i itiv-ly l.r Sin N'ihu <nl>. TillSi EVEN'JNO, M?y 85?The pr.rforumr , villi c .ar THE GLADIATOR. S-vrrct.icm, F ?t I i'htsirin . S"..ti J.iui UrMuiL Hielil Ju'ia, Mi-s M- sW. r. To ronch..l.; will' HUNTERS OF Tin: i YiiENNEKS. . Cdrilxii, Kirby | E^eM-an, ?t??cnf Aline, .Mestiiyer. Doors will p|'vii iu future ;tt a^uiricr past 7 o clock. Alia tne cuittiu will rue fit H o'clock punctn illy. _ met l)rr ?* eirck, c? iit??50?Pit, 2>? Private Boiei, ffl OLYMPIC THEATRIC THIS EVENING, May 26.?The performance! Hill com turne* wirh ... KEEP YOUR EYE ON T1IE CORPORAL. Corporal Strip* .. Grill un | Tadpole, NlcltWSOB Clam, Mr*. Mo??op. Aft r which A MUSICAL OLIO. A It . which _. . . RICHARD NO III. _ Ricli.tnl, Miich' II | 11 mi> King. NicklnWil Saily Ann _ _ Miaa Roberts. To colic hi tie with THE WHITE HORSE OF THE PEPPERS. Gn.ihl Pepper, Nickoivru | Aa itlvi. Mrs Mos*JP Drey. Circle, JO cents?Up|>ei Hm?, 35 cents?Pit, Is.?l*nvst> Botes, $5 The Dour* w ill in futuic open ?t 7 arid the Curiam will rise at hiir*ia>i 7 precisely. NEW YORK nUSRl 51 (Formerly known u? 1'i.le's,) Xu. 3U Hmoi'iray, oppnsrfe the f'i'v Hall. TREMENDOUS ATTRACTION !?INI KEASED NO VELTY ! MONDAY, May ?1. ami every evening during the w-ek. The* and Daughters of thr WESTERN' EORRsT. I i> VI AIM W AKKK Wttt and SQUAWS, uuder the diree fioil of Mi, P. will preifiit a i**riea of remarkable exhibi* no .is of the v.u iout mode* and ceremonies of ???ratc life, roosistiiuc of the superstitions, religious rile*, warfare, burning psrties, connrils, revel* \%.n dances, *?'. of llir, EsbViM.-ir\', s.ic, fox, sf.xf.c.1. ti IX X E I1?'1 ($'O, nn<l other fiistingin*htd Tnbrs. Mi" FMILIF, ihr charming Vocalist. together with'Mr SHAW, from the London Concerts, and Mr. BRUCE from tlia Park Theatre, will aiiik a number of favorite songs. The Indiana will peiform this (Wednesday.) afternoon, and Saturday, at three o'clock, together with a variety of other atMiction... (Sri- Hill*..) Mr. A. Kim will preside at the Pi tno&irte. Lecture Room performance to commence at half p/st eight oVIcIt precisely. The greatest curiosity in the world, the Vermont Dwarf, who is 21 years old and weighs only nineteen pounds, and ihc Irish Giant, 7 feet 2 inches in height, to be seen day and evening. The splendid exhibitions of ftwitzeilatid, Natural Bridge ol Virginia, w ill remain here a short time. Animal Magnetism every afternoon at f..r o'clock. Day performance every Hiturday afternoon it three o'clock. Admission to -ll 2 1 inggc AM TCI IIC AN Ml STCI'M. pORNKU OK BlinAPWAV ANDANS RTRFXTP. T. BAItNl vl. m ni r EVERY DAY AND EVENING T1HS ,, ELK, commencing on Monday, May 211. Best ail-. ...on in the c it >! Day visiters admitted the sai evening 1 KEF MASTER JOUX DfjQMOYD, the great and original n*(tro dancer, whose renown ha> indue* d others to wumr h?? name, hx^ju-trctnrued from a two s ears* absence at New Or lean*, and will apj ;i hi* 'vnr.d-rful da net* s and breakdowns, accompanied In ihe ciie braii<1 11'. HHITLOCK, with his nnrivOled Ethiopian Melodies and Extravagant!* on the B.IXJO. One more week of the mysterious GIP9EV GIRL ! She ran b?* p>-i? ately consulted during the da v. 16 INDIAN WARRIORS m.l SQUAAVS! dressed in the AY'/77OX.QL COSTUME, aje engaged for this week Mile. MISS HOS.1UE, the Vocalist; COLUXS, the Comia Hunw ; CEI.ESTE, the i> nicer : ANIM.1L M.'IGNfr TISM, NIAGARA FALLS, ALBINO LADY; GLASS BLOWING. iraiid Cot morion a, and more NOVEL CURIOSITIES than are contained iu any five museums in America. t A splendid day performance every Wednesday and Satuifety |M IU. Admittance to the whole 26 cents?children half price. m22 c PRE AT AND NOVEL ATTRACTION AT THE VT KLVSIAN FIELDS!?Free Concert* d'Ete, a la Mnsard, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Afternoon, from 3)* o'clock, to 6h o'clock, to commence Monday next. To render the inducement to viaittlu .se deligh lul ground* irrei li.table, Sir. McCARTV, the lessee of the place, lias the plea* lure to announce to the public tliat he has effected a short etiJ itageinent with a Bind, consisting of ten Professors of a high ot * Jer ol t duUts, and led by Mr. K. Myers. They will perform a .election from the Opera* of the ino-t ad nired com|K>acn, with favorite overture*, envatiuaa, iraltopud ;s, lie. Itc. The henuty of die surrouudiixy scenery, combined with the excellence of the music, cannot toil to yield a gratifying amu.;* ment to those who may honor him with their company. m22 int*r rMlRCUS?WELCH R MANN will play in Rochester, v on Monday, Tuesday atid Wednesday, 2'td. 2llh and 26th , Caledonia, 26th; Genesee. 27lh, and Spart i, 28th. CARD AND NOTICE IlO TRAVELLERS. and the Public generally, resident in the State ol New xork and Western Division of thr country. Messrs. WELCH & MANN hop# and believa they can pr? ?rnt to the lovers of ilia noble science. Horsemanship, a most iphnidid Circus Company of Riders, each a picked equestrian and a star in his own detriment. The Grand Tent Saloon is nr w, spacious^ ai.d highly arcom inodatinx; the and decorative trappings are rich, r.ovel, and of the very lint order. The Orrh**stra comprises the best available Native atul Fo reigu Talent, and will enable the lovers of music to bear tha finest compositions of the Great Masters admirably played.? Amoui: the periorniem win intiuu f?? * uamci 01 uir urmcrnally celebrat? ?! C. J. ROGERS, the Star of the So???h. hi all hi* beautiful Bh?arean and magical one hone at' t?? i. J Cailwallader, and bit woudi rful pupil, John Ulenriiy, wilfpour trmv their beautiful one, two and tnre*? horse acts ??i operatic baliet, aided by the tour Misses WelL, ihs most taUiUled and interesting children in the Uuion. The astounding Italian G.yuin.istic Bcena of Mr. Rwley and his infant son, must electrify all who behold a scries of such wonder* ! The magnificent Post s of the four Hungarian Cousin* 1 The fashionable and astonishing Eqiiit**i< : ?l an tltfiol company of Ladies, headed by the accomplice,-d Mi. #?HN 8M1TH, cannot fail to eyr.ifr a m*or, irprisitig do lightfitl. The greatest livirq Acrobat, Mj. G. Sweet. uiHdis* ^fky hit superb Equilibrium* and splendid Dances on the Tight T^he first Comic Singer of the Day, Mr. Dickinson, will occasionally introduce a itriei of the mp*t popular songs?the great East Indian Necroinatic Feats by Mr. Jennings. Most superalati* < Egyptian Pyratnidical Vaultiug by a fully talented troupe?single horse act* of dash and dare, by Mr Btvird. Twenty performers will represent Grand Historical C&Ta! cade Pageants, with tne beautiful stud of Hones. And in accordance with the taste of the day the moat eieel lent and |?oiHilar sperimens of Negro Some and Dance by that monarch of Heel and Tor, the incomparable John Smith, aided by light heeled Tommy Coleman, the great Bai\jo Player, W. Cbesi;ut,and the Prince of Pag iniiiui < *, K. Hoffman. a?i FIREWORKS. CRACKERS.&C. FOURTH JULY, 1B42. /"^Ol'NTHY iiid city (!# den in fireworks, will find it to their " y advantage to call and examine an extensive assortment of the best quality, at R, AYLIKFE'8 old establishment, bit Chatham street A larg? quantity of Are crackers just received. Remember tin* sign of the two mammoth sky ro^k' ts and gold key m?l t jy4*r Harps .?A eery fine toned, jeganf double action Harp for S de, at UilA Broadway. Harps repaired and exchanged by J. K. Browne, Patent Harp Maker, ami at Berncrs street, Lon?' IT J 21 ]w*? I )RE M JI' M DAHLIAS.?The subscribers have now ready I for ale two to three thousand name! Dahlias, in pota, strong healthy plant*, from f> to IB inches in height, well rooted, and of the choicest kin?J-?; in addition to winch fhfy hate added the finest of last yeai's 10ire flow# r* from Engl ?nd. Otu stock of Dahlias i* so gem rally known to In one of rite best inthucoujv try, that *n\ further c?iitim* lit i* deemed unnecessary. The prices will be 1. conformity to the times, vi?., one do ten fine rii; erior. Sin tn jfli?ail war nn txl < ? represented. (. atrlo^uca furnished on application tn NIBLO it DIM.AT. 47? BrnadwR) . All nnli r* thankfully receited and promt lly cveuted. in2l Iw *r ________ 'ivi TIIK LOVERS OF M'FKKIOR BLACK~flCAI HuyxiurV Mixture !?This txttemely delirious and nnparalleli <1 Tea,so highly reli bi.vnl iti Clilna and Europe, just imported, in now for a.ate ?t the (Canton T? a Lonipany's General IV a Est iMisliinrot, 121 ( Intlutn a'" t, Ni w lurk?in t'lil near I'll It life*. 1'iire* ill rcnls ..lid $T. Intl ltn#r til at5hp d ottAKS ami u isd'ov h vik.a.-iian F> MSOTON k I'll. "rJ I1 'in! , .1 B' nlr at, Olaaa St.iiiers and ileeoratiie fainter*, r i ;t' llj' .olirit families and ntbera. fttinc up their dteillinf?, to n ?, ret their atork, which for atyl and gecutiou of work ia m i tn In surpassed, and air. n s to .pit the tin W*?> ! h window shades from ne dollar to tin i.-h' >t -ii |i ir.l'y rheap lit proportion. Archilnrta and othera furnished with d. .lym for attuned glaaa Inr ehureli i< i ... .in, dwellings, ke.ou the horteat notice, and Oldera err i uted w ith economy and despatch. WANTED?An at i-'. n- d to decrratirc paintior. alao an apprentice. m??n tmr I Oilll llllil rn KJ.Kp in pa- hives to suit customers? 1 jAuU.UUU A-..H il I'el.les, Catsup, Saures. I're imi'i. at: I Kn;li?li M i lapl, of a superior quality anil low prire : < id, r a I White V incgar, by the Kallnti "t lianel ; Hour Kroiit hy the liar, i I or In: ; I're arrved Meats. Soup*. 0,'ter?, KowU, Milk, &r., w a. ranted to keep any length or lime, rtml in any climate, ei< .11 ??t for alii |? stores, as they aflord ? Kreat luxury nt i? n aaoitnblf price ; Ground CdliPf, \**minted pure ; Walnut Mushroom ami Tomato Catsup, by the gallon or dozen. N. B.? Large siIk Pickle* for giocerc. by WtfLt.S It MILLER. Wholesale and Retail Warehouse* fur I'irheli, ns211m* l!M Water and 241 Front itreet. 400,000 La Nornm Sejrnra, T ANDKD from the brig Uhio, from Flaviina, of superior 1J quality, for wale iu lot* to mi if j urrhaAe n, nt reanonabln prtcea, by M. RADER, f6 Cbathaai ?trei I. mlf? lm? | EXD?1190 I'iga Joft Qalifia, i t stort*. f ?r sile h\' lj E. K. t'OLLINs k CO. mil e r m flotith atreef rHE LAHUEST, THE < HE lI'EST, AM) BEST ASSORTMENT OF \V I G S AND SCALPS I* RE TO BE FOt"VI> dT V. CMHEIIt'G/rS a BROADWAY, KM HANTF. IN H I.TON STREET. TH K oi?r>. ?ft? inpn that s.duly m*kiruc to imitate (bead ' pi|f).r?tr.l\Vi and S' ?l| *. *rr >?( ' m.njr nfoofii of lU Iv. !l ?-hr atari rr'n. i i.?< "?? 'V* ' llm.ln.n they am (I d n. in thr tradi*. Hut lit* |>iMk "?H ttbaem- llir.t ( u tlia ttnciitni HirriKilrP in thi* enuti'i v "I THE VENTILATING AND GOSSAMER W I (r S A N D S C A L P S, WITHOUT HPRINUR, and thai *11 nthrn an- Imt frrblo *ifnip?< *t imitation. wanlini thr frnfn* to dirtnr r>r rlirrrt thr runrtplr on ?l.irhth?y are m id loiit, and tlio .Itill and practirr to rarrnt.. ,411 wrarrra and i-"nnni<rnr? arf to ln?p<Tt hit HEADS OF IIA1H, 7'. oh f n il'toi", liahtiwua, nnd durability may ha cln?vd anions .ur lv?t | r(>'.notion* o( mod. rn art. In thnr >. ...if*"i tl i j' oifli r fioin %ll othf hrr?. The kiir i? singly ,.'Tmi > ri|uiwy niMrlomri ?s io in?i i"?n'i it ..,i ii akin?(liey ecu emo mora <if the hrow then tlir natnnl .. j< . .?"t hermit ti ir?t*"c enririe, *11 dieeijreeeblf I'"**" ,nr. i- oi>?i.?t?sd. Vor n Southern thry eie inmtimahlr, l?riiw only one "l. wnuht. . , , Artiatnre, Member* of (oncree*. sin-l p?ntl?trr n irjjp etery q suttee ol' t".c reentry. who ere now neerine (. ? > ?if?. cen he < > rrrred to. ... |1ic i rtrei will ke found to cult the mcuweteuee* of ell Jr *

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