Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 26, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 26, 1842 Page 1
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_ # T II Vol. Vn.-Xo, 4-iO.? Whole So. J1090. REGULAR PACKETS^. v>:\V LINK O'K'LivlarrobL PACTKKYST Tn SilCroa New York on the 2M\\ and Li*cri>ool on the 13lh of each month. M. M M r ktf >i xrw Tumk. . fillip SHKTJIDAN, Captain K. A. l?.-urjnt?T, 2ith May. Slop UAKHICK, Captain Win. 8kiddy. 2Mh June. Ship ROSCIUH, Cajrtain J .?hn Colliii?, 2Mh July. Ship SIDDON8. Cnniaii. K. B. Cobb, Stth August. h rom Livcrpooi.. Ship SIDDONS, Cantata E. B. Cobb. 13th June. Ship SHKKID VN. C-iptiiii F. A. Deimyner, ntli July. Ship (JAKHICK, Cai i Win. Ski.ldy, 13th August. Slop llOSCIUS. C;u?uiu Johu Collm*, I3U? Brjtfetiibrr. Tlo sc H.ins ne .-\)t ol lot* nrat class, upward* of lOOOtons, built id iliv city of New York, with such wprovctneuU combine* rrfit sjieed with unusual comfort for Masaiigan. Every car* has been taken in the arraiiKcmeut of their accommodations. The price of passive hence is $100, for which ample stores will be provided. These shii* are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exortiou to give general satisfacHon N? ither the captains or owners of the ship* will he responsible for any lattere, parcels or rack ages sent by them, unless regular bMlaof lading are signed therefor. Tha* nips of lhi% line will hereafter ko armed, and their pernliar construction giius tlicxn security not possessed by any other but vessels or war. For freight ni iMAtajre. apply to K. k. COLLINS & CO.. OA South St., New York, or to VVM. k J AS. BROWN k CO.. Liverpool. Letters by ill.' packets will be charged 12}g Centa per .ingle ihoel ; it cents per ounce, and newspapers 1 cent each. tuT NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKET**! (SF.COND LINK.) M M. M. Tlie .tups of this line w >!T hereafter leave New York uu tlie 1st nod Havre on llie 16th of each month, as follows : From iV'ir Vork. From Havre. The new ship ONEIDA, i 1st March I 16th April Captain < 1st July \ 16th August Jam ? Fnuck, r 1st November? 16th December Ship BALTIMORE, I Ut April C lfitl. -May Captain < 1st August < 16th September Edward Knock, r 1st Deccem'rr 16th January SliinUTICA, I 1st May i 16th June Captain < 1st Septcmh'rs IGth October Frederick Hewitt, ( 1st January ( 16th February New shipST.NICOLAS, I 1st Jane i 16th July Captain \ 1st October \ I6?h November. J. B. Pell. ( 1st Februarys lfitn March The accommodation! of these ships are not surpassed, rowshining all that may be required for comfort. The Price of cabin passage is S100. Passengers will be supplied with every r?ijuisite. with the eweprion of winea and liquor.. (Soosli intended f >r these vessels will he forwarded by the subscribers, free from any other than the expenses actually incurred on thcjn. For freight or passage apply t# BOYD Si HINCKEN. Agents, all ! Tontine Buildin EOR sT\iTORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. Mr Yor tne nctler accommodation of shippers, it is infondedto d**simtch * ship from this port on the 1st, 5th. loth, 15th. 20th, ai.d 25th of r?ch month, commencing the 10th October and continuing tintO M <v. when n g?Ui(hyi will aipMtnted Tor the reMHindrr of the year, whfruby t?r*-r.r delays and disappointment* ?.'l l. .......I tl?A ...inipar mAntl.. T?.a> fillipwntu ni' u.,...., - ? hips v> >al commence lhi? arrangement: Ship YAZOO, CaptainCnmell. Ship OCONEE, Captain Jack-on. Ship MISSISSIPPI. Captain Hilliaril. Ship LOUIS VILLE.Cantain Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEARE, Caplaiu Miner. Shin OA8TON, Captain Latham. Shin Ill'N'i SVILLE, Capuiu Muinford. Ship OCMCLOEE, Captain Lravitt. Ship NASHVILLE. Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. Thete ihipa were all, built in the city of New York, expvessy Tor packet], are of light diafl of water, hare recently been w I v coppered and put in splendid order,with accommodations ior paiseazcrs anequnlled lor comfort. They arc commanded by experienced masters, who will maUe every excrtioii to give Scleral satisfaction. They will at all time* be towed up and own the Mississippi hy steamboats. Neither the owners or captains of tliese ship* will be re?|>ousiblc tpr jewelry, bullion precious stones, silver or plated ware or (or anv letters, narcel or pa. kage, sent by <vr put on board of them, unlo-w regularbul* of lading arc taken for the saint, asnl the value,thereon expressed. For freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS & CO.,5fi South tl., or HULLIN te WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their add.ess. The ships of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will he taken to liave the goods correctly measured. int STEAM NAVIGATION BETWEEN ANTWERP ANI) NEW YORK, VIJ?SO VTHAM P TOX. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. KIIKII, Commsnde*. The dsys of departure of this wul'.-kisown Steamship, have hp?n tiie 1 ? follaw? : From Antwerp, From Southamp'on, From New York, On 4th May. 1811. On 7lh Ma), 1012, Oil 7lli June, la 12 ivnt IOlIi July, " Till An?., " 7lli Sept. " !i>?h Sept. " 7t!i Oct., " Piire of passage, meals not iniduded, to S inthainpton or Antwerp, S'O? Steward's lees, $ _' 62^- The meals will he served on board, ?u tile plan of a continental hotel, 111 the be?t manner, and a' n<etl and moth rale prices, passengers being only -barged when partaking of th* same. The pr ce ol passage to either of the above ports ran also hr swaged if preferred, with meals ami steward's fees included for < 162S cents, exclusive of wines. Au e*[>erieiiced Surgeon accompanies the slop.' For freight or passage, or illc lu.-tlier information, apply to H. W. T. It H. MALI, Agents, *22 6in*r ^1 Beavr street, IMP IKTA.vV '] (? WESTERN- MERCHANTS. RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For tire Transjarrtalioli of Goods between i'hlUdi Iphia and Piltshurg. JSS Sfe-SSSS. This improvement in transportation alToids to Westarn Merchants peculiar advautai-ii. The goods being carefully packed hi ths honl-. st our warehouse, No. 36A Market sireei, are earried over th-1 Columbia and Portage Railways without transhipment. Careful Captains ami rrews are employed, svho take cnarge ol the goods at Philadelphia, and continue with them th 'satire route, thns avoiding delays and the liability of lots bemg separated on the way. InTB.?Passengers forwarded t? Pittsburg and I'otlsvillc, every day, Sundays excepted. H. STORKS, Agent, all Jm* 7 Washington street. ~~ RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. r"PHE NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation Com* pany hnT#? earrtbliali^d a Firijrhr Lino hot ween Now Brunswick and New York, which they intend to run perma?*KL_ at n .. 1 . s, , cepied) and the foot of Liberty street, New York, at 3 P. >1. To country dealer* and merchants the above line is very desirable for the speedy ann enrap conreyance ol merchandise ol every description, and more particularly ?o Drovers and Dealer.. in Live Sfnrfc, who em have lifl head of rattle convc>e:l between New Brunswick and New York, the same day whenever required. The rates for the transportation of cattle, horses, mules, sheep, ho^s, Sic. and all other kinds of merchandise are very low, nrvor exceeding steamboat pr:ces. Merchandise sent liv this line is not subject to any eitra rharcc in crossing the North River. The Cominny have fitted up a large storehouse at New Brunswick, adjoining the Rwl.nad Dei<ot, which will alwaya kiopeii lot tile reception of merchandise. i*iLetanj;en purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive ferry tickets gratis. tills Jm* rHaXOHT A\I) PAHSAWK' TO PrfTSBURO. n I n <? TTa m -s i. in t~. The proprietor* of Bingham's Tivini>ortation Line to Pittstm*f( \P** notice- to th?* Merchants of Sew York, mH \Ji other persons shiprin?r to the Wear, that their line mow in active ojarntior U~oa? consigned to them (or sent to gointh'ir her,} will be forwarded wteh d pitch. Owners or shipper* of g.>ods, drutined for the Western States, who have po agent or consignee nl PittJbnnj, will iklf.iM* consign their roods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will aiiand to snipping ail such comnpimtnf i without A ft roods should be ro*rka<l distinctly on wen package BINGHAM'S l.lNH. foti aioa nieifht, whi?h ai?* at low as any ether line, apply o _ . W.M. TYSON, Agent, No. 9 "K Pit straet, opposite Pier No. 2, N. Tl. N. B. Tissenfen forwarded to Pittsburg aftd rottaTi)lo,eTery day, Hnoday* tutp^d. Holer to P. Croaks, American Fur Co.; ft. T. Niwll Front street; H?e I us. pudgy Jk Co.. Fulton street s Sitydvp* Sage k Co ; Wti. Rankin, Duryee It Co, Newailc. mf? 3tn "teqpetwtufrfor albainy,?~~ -* ^0 Awl intermediate places, from the Tier foot ol tVi-^rWisH C<Mirtiandt strse(~ffkr?> C t TT Th* NORTH A *7 retain M. IT 1 'f !W -'! t. r. < -, Tueida^, T h' and Situ j|? iftfrnooM, ' ? o cl<x For p*m\x* or freight, apply on b*trd, or ro F. C* SCHULT2, At tli* ofllco on the whirC N B. ?All klmta of property taknu only at ih? ri*k of fht cwuera thereof* tntty M rASSA<-iKTROM E\< .i.ANn"fKK.l.A>,n, FTOTLAXn AND WALES. nCHSONS d^iro'it I'f idAi? rna?grm?nta for frienda to 1 etntsnite from the Old Country t > ihe United State*. nut] who m i. Wi*h to aerui? for tlii'in deapatch ami coiafortililr accoinriodatinua, will t'.ad it their mtrrcit to apply to the *n!ii :ril>r r?, who are at all tlanee nre|Mrfd to make inch arrangein>nit at will t'l trtnt' * aititOction. The o?rU oompoaTB tint Hue are all ul th* !ir*l riot, on? of which learea LiTfrji... r-fklv, cMMaqarnlly all d-lay at the |>ort of embarkation in avoided. A* haa alwiva been cualomarv with thia litre, when ijtoac aettled for decline coming out, tne |<asaarre money ia refunded, without any deduction. Panagr per ateamar from the vartoiif portr of Ireland and Scotland, can likcwiae be ae For further particular* apfily rn SAMUEL THOMrsON, Old Ettabliaiied I'a?wiac Office, 273 Pearl it., Or 'o C. ORIMSHAW ; ro. In Ooire Piiji.ii, Lit* ri>ool. r.?elis?3? >r dr-aO-. at ,irl>r and for anv i w uilik*ui*e be f irni ? I on - i >i?: B "iK ol I I ukI. Northern Rink.i : f,, N*i? . i' . > ? i v u?, i i) ?ir ?ti ah innr ie?r??rc* 1 fn rli*-,*. ,nn H. ( . Hi (i ai C<?.# B nk# p?. London, 1 lid ('. ii;1 H i i ? l.h .rn ?? * rn:i lm*r !' ?R IIA V ivK?/! hf upunor Krrnrh l.riz AUVKL>h?, ( .| c iin O ii' K.'in, will h<? promptly dii* Jl<i ^iig For* frritnt r.r iwi* "'.re. -ippW 10 mllr HOVD HI.VrKRX, No. 0 Tnnfinr Buildinff. J i / - PAjL K P T ii'TTR' H \"V MX?Ocmi.l Lii*.?The kf b r w,lii;i ST. NICOLAS, John I). Pdl. ma-trr. will ,aj| 'he 1?l Jun. BOVD U IIINI KF.N. Awl*, uilr No. 9 Tontine Building. E NE n3 furnTture. ^ GEORGE W DAW SON, Wholesale and Retail Furniture anil General Furnishing Warehouse, Xo. I>7 Chatham street, torntr of Duanc street, Xrui York. TTTHERK hi-k?rr* for sale ft lftr*?- avMutment of the follow- I ?* lug articles,\[??: Side boards, Bureaus, Bedorada, Cots, Tables, Chairs, Office and Portable Dealis Glass llook Cases, Looking Glares, Dinner, Centre. 'I ea and Pu r 'tables, Pianos, Sofas, Soft Bi d n-a.U, Be.U, Betlilinu,l\ib*Mei?, Mattresses. Carpets, Oil Cloth, Mattiiu and tire Irons, Wash Stanoj, 'J onet Table*, oandJe 3t*iJs, Bureau Bedstead* Dressing Bureaus, Sales, &tc. Also, a Urgi assortment of in?n aud womeif* Wearing Apparel nt-w and second handed. All the above aitides are offered to the mblic at vi-rv low price*. Person* in want of said article* would dud it to tiu ir advantage to make an early call at the above t-atablishineuL Shipping orders pnnotually attended to and packed on the shortest notioe, and on reasonable terms. Mattresses, Bedding, fitc. for fitting out vessels, constantly on hand. All orders to the above establishment will be punctually attended to and thankfully received. N. B.?The highest prices will he given for Second Hand Furniture, and Gentle men's and Ladies' cast oil Clothing, a22 Gm*r ~NOTICE TO BUYERS OK ~ CABINET FURN ITU RE. r PI IS Suoscriber would invite rhe attention of those wishing A t?) purcfiast articles in th? ahoee butiue**, to his establish* me-it, wht-i" is t? b? found a rich awntmont of Rosewood and Mnhogant Furniture, of French and other patterns, soma of which are 41 it to be found eLewhere, being entire)) original.? Also. h masonic rich gilt Cornices for windows. Poles and Kings ; together with Damask Galloon* and Tassels, and every article attached to curtains, w hich will be made in the latest t> U Iroin <?atttwiu lately received. N. B. Particular attention paid to the fitting up of Ottomans, Fire Screens, and other fancy articles, with embroidered Tapestry. WASHINGTON MEEK?, d jr. c?m 316 Broadway, next the Hospital. TOSEPIl PECKOVElT, Fancy t abinet Maker, Mithcinai ' ical 1110 Nautical Instrument Cue Manufacturer, 260 Water street, N? York. Chronometer boxes of a superior make, barometer, therinomet> 1 IV i:n >, ijn .d.nnt, v. vi i!.', auXTeVO|?, MMfiptl, dcttiltasd drawing instrument boae.s, made rml packed in a neat styletimepiece, clock, gun and pistol cases of all desertion; <ngue?rotyp*. apparatus and inedieiiir chests, surveyors rods, o| any length ann make All kinds of fancy work, made of tin-, best m itcuaki and workmanship, warranted. Repairityf of every description eiecutdd with neatness, punctuality and dispatch, French polishing and varnishing. M a nu factor 7, in G. Tagle&uue's E.Uhliahmt'iit, bet wean Dover Itm t mt4 Peek -dip. RKPfcnrrvcr?% Messrs. E. 5c G. W. Blunt, corner of Water street and Bin* line >! 1;. Mr. A. Megarey, 100 Water street. Mr. Demilt, (V.mI *trc#t. in 1 > huT "VTEW STORE of Rich Cut and Plain Glass, No. 36 John si., next door to corner n| Nassau street. STOUVENEL &. CO. have tlie honor to inform their frior.ds and the public, that they are opening the above store, when they can find h lir^e and beautiful assortment of all description# ?ouch as astral and hail lamps, all complete; porcelain, at thmanufactory prices, by tlic communication of their shop, No. 2# Gold street. Wholesale md retail?city aid country, trade?all good* packed to go in any part of the country?all ariicles match to pattern* Please call at 35 John street. m2 lru*c CHINA GLASS AND EARTHENWARE. 8AST0R HOUSE.?French Forcel.tiu Dinner Service*, llll'ioce*, Pi) White tirioitai, do do 111 da 13 00 French, or Engli*h Porcelain Ten Sets, It do 4 po Dinner I'hueo, French Porcelain, per do ion, 1 <M Do do Ortuile, blue or wnite, do 1 (Mi Soup, do French Forcdaiu, do 2 CP Do do OrtUiito. bids or White, do loo Tea Cupi and Suitor., (24 |>iece?) French I'orcel.uii, 1 .VI Egg Cup*, do do 37 Uun. Cut Wined, p?r doeen, from 1 SO Do Tumblcia, do do 2 00 Lemon.ules, haudleil, do 2 23 Taiii.t CffUOI. Of the finest inscriptions, in sets or dolviii, nt ihe low price of $12 tire set. Just opened, a hafldtouic assortment of Toilet Warn. R. SIMPSON. N. D.?Asi nt Tor the sale of Simpson's Ear Cornets, for the relief of dralliea*. inti lm'c CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. rPHE Subscriber i* now opening bis Spring supply of 1 HARDWARE AND CUTLERY, received r? r late arrivals from Birtningltain aud Sheffield. Togellusr with a general asscrluit .u of L uie?iic lummw, smrn he is prepared to oflwr Mf the very LOWEST CASH PRICES. The atteiifioii of Coontry Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makers, fee., is solicited to an v lamination of his slouk and prices, as he is confident they will find it to their interest to favor hiin with a call. ALFRED F. LAORAVE, 210 Greenwich, corner Barclay. New York. A regular supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Cooper* Glue. Also?a complete assortment of Mechanics' Tools, J mV Screws, he. _ Bit 3m* HMIAV^I'A R!: N T IT A OA N W IN I) OlV SHADES !! !* OLIVER W. WOODFORD. CO Catherine t, will otien this werk four cases Transparent Window Shade*. Families wh<> h've not supplied thein-elves with Blinds this Spring, will find * collection of the most beautiful pais Hugs ever offered in the city. As the season is advancing, a further reduction in the prices w ill he made, namely?Landscapes $1 2!? per pair.-* ?lain Scrolls ?2 '*0. Scrolls and Landscapes $'J. Moonlight Scenes $1 50. Italian Scripture Designs?Italian Vignettes? Drapery Bordered and Scrolled and full Landscaped?about 300 pair Landscapes at the low price of $1 2r? i**r pair. N. 11.?In co:is4 ijuence ol mi ire presentations many have been deceived^while looking for \'?>. nU lw * tTMUAL OF BOOK SAFES !!!?Several trials upon Iron U Safes, ofditfevent mak rsj h tve been had ii^ Iuraisestjuid certificate^ given ny ri .< rciiDlc Merchant*, in favor of Winter's P.i!? nt Salamander Sife. The Sifes so trird, t -gethcT with the Cominirrc**' report, and other testimonials, can be seen at the Iron Chest Warehouse of the Subscriber, th?* only place in the city where Wilder** SaU minder Safe* can be had. Chests of other makers,such as have been taken in part pay mcnt for the Salamander, for sale at h*ss than half of the first cost. SILAS C. HERRING, m?2 2wc I3!i Water street. DRV GOODS, ?? SHIRTS. OHIRTS made to order, after the most approved French O fashions. Gentlemen1! Garments of all descriptions made to order at the shortest notice. Gentlemen's Furnishing Store 67 and 60 Maiden lane, corner of William street. _m2V Im^r WILLIAM COLLINS. THE SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL AND DIAPER PIN. ANEW ami important article forn?>- in the nursery nnd ?.? (.Mrninc to Udir-.' uliawls, cloaks, lie., putciurd in tlw Uniti d Slat*. and in Europe, for .alo, whol*?\le, by W. H. CARV Sr (lO., 116 Pearl *tr*ct, New ^ ork, and by the [utrotcr. at ihc manufactory, 11? Jav * , Brooklyn. 1 hr< ad Hid n. die stores, and dtalrr. in fanry artirlrs, rnf.plird on liberal terms. nail lm*r STRAW GOODS. rP BENNETT, importer and manufacturer of Italian nnd I English Straw Goods, respectfully informs his customers that he has removed his establishment from William nnd 26 Piatt, to 39 John street, where he continues to keep % splendid and extensive assortment of Indies' fashionable Straw Goods, French nnd English Dunstable.*, Italian Rutland*, fine Toscars, Fancy Shellworks, Prince Albert Straws, Ate. &c. Also, an entirely m-w article, the white Siberian Hair Boun-t. for the summer?it surpasses all the style* a* yet introduced, being extremely light, beautiful, white and durable. m2t ln?*m i rrn TUl? I AhikM i v/ I UU Ulliy IUM. I7ASIIIQNABLE MILLINERY OOODS.-The prnnrir- ' * tn-*i, Mill S KINO, daughter oCthe ctlehra(^(l (' u! Kiiitr, rtfffn for sale a iuoat sel?rt and choice assortment of Millinery Goods, for the ipnoc trade, in ?er aa yet presented t.? t i? p?i.lie, both a* regards tne quality and cheapness of the articles The assortment consists of the follow in* :? The celebrated SILK HAT. < ALLED CAPOTTE D'ORLEAN9, as worn hv L't Duclies?e D'Orlenna, of Kranee , SHE!) SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE?And Law n Hats <1 > d ??An entire utw style o Hats called " MODINE C.APOTTES, ELSSLF.R COTTAGE." Pariaranand F.nijliah FANC V STRAWS, of the finest te*tnre. in treat variety. Tile Pm|irietre*s rfi|?ftf?llv inlicita the I,Hie, to favor her with acall, and namuic hrr(levant .ml varied ?u>ck of Millint ry for ihcfllaelrta, 1m fore tliev purchna at.ewhere, a.* it will ne a xreat *av ins to tVrn in prte. and a (ret advantage a* leirarila the variety and niitltty of the yoodj. MliJS 9. KINO, N1 agarine dr Modes, n 14 lm#r B3'a Broadway, "millinery goods. CAUL. KINO, the well known mi.I rt labrajcd Millinery and Ladle*' Straw Hit Manufacturer to Her M.jc.ty the , Ql't EN OF EN OLA Nl), rrrtwetfelly binttliav. to announce to the Ladies that li. ha* < on hand a newt *rh tiHi.l and fashionable M.orlinrnt of Laches' Straw aud Silk Hit*. The Striw llata are manufacture J to . met fuuMUtf atyj ?6vTAv < with Oir*ey aide* and . Srria.* H*re around the front. Tlie bran!* tb?*. Hat* are made of i* of tbe m et rleyanc imUrrlia, tlie Albert Straw tn iwrticnlar a* patronised by QUEEN V!( TOK1A. The silk department n condueteil by the moil iiutenion, and taity millint-ra, not to b?- i inallet'.. TV >ilk* arr of tb* neweat style.fro*h imperterl. Tnniminjt and Flower, to rnrreapotnl. Tno.e who wi*h to convinee themaelve* m.y tall at No, JO I'....i ...... o 1.. ., ....I it To... .... .......i W NT'li.?fti*' Pi'ri* Rihh'.n? and French Flowyr" Ijj* ' luteal *r>l?, ami can he purchased at eith< r of his estabh?hmeaut wholvinlv ami ret til on rr 1/ - u '.M-- tai1 >' 1,1' ,u J " - i?UKSS " UCM I - I.ATK^T H<K\tU **fWKI 3T^ LK.-Tl nbrr m?k\? to nr<Vr, iifthe above description, of the finest quality! HUin.aml in tin Uleat style, awl at very reasonable pricei. Onithnrn who have Keen in the Imhit of ptyifw ? x?ro> tttftnt price* for inferior articles are requested to call and he coiiv uiteu that hi* prices v* from ten to twrtity par cent below other stores in the neighborhood Drawitm heiai tikr<n of the tret, end a pair of last* ke pt for each customer, LUere u no dilLcttlty injjetfin^ a handsome yet cany fit. Con* ?nfly on hand, a larae assortment of fashionable ready made B-^at li ice* varying from TWO DOLLARS FIKT * CENTS TO ftlX DOLLARS; Half Boon, Gaiten, ftWs, Pumps, BVipi>ei*, &r. fk<*. at equally lowrv/ices. JOHN L. WATKlSrS. 114 Fulton at., il 1m? V man and Dntrh sti. I s] H i t> GAI ill,n . . oj ha -!mm; 1 irn. h lv>?t* .rnl p?tent leather -r r-I' n. boy Ami children. Men* and hoys' cheap l?on?.? from $ >75, $3, $J 50 and $1 i?er pair. Mcn?' shoe# 7a to lua and 12? per pair. B n? shoe? Ml to 75 cent* an 1 $1, an I w im ped cm?d. I I .Arli* U I**r4 and children*' irairer hr?nt? hurk.LI... ? thor* ami alipixirs i>f all color* and, Itlut faMiiin, tir< ? hinliin* >11(1 77 ronta to $1, good t? alippt-n. r.,,lr. N?J t ? ? .1 *ood naortmrnl o( the rtirlci at 41 Canal ?tr?<-t, i form ot B ?ail?jy. and at id Canal at, iiorlU-wr.t , i Hii'iaon \ValUt-Ca. _ _ inlj 1m?r < I \.\ \ \M? K V K. NIN < i H IIOOL ?I l? Wrminarv ot rh? ! IJ Mixta Mifn- >' I I'Dolfity u nov >|r -j for tin- rrtrp> ' tion of i at 111 Kowerv _ __ a?ti tm?r | T"K NOTF.S iTtliy TilONMOCTH feANK. New Jrrayr nfw i Mir, .ire j?urcli at 14 Wall strcft, by EAHL & ( Ojt One par Cant. tnj Imfr -LL U?U?1 1 1-J W ?0 :w YORK, THURSDAY J IIIlOlvS AM) STATIOM-.RV. I rPO t'APF.K MAMTFATlfHF.KS.-Thf imlwrih. ii give -* notice that Messrs. Howe Ac (rnddard, ol Worcester, Ma-s., I: m ippoinfi d thim thei I ire pri erf ( furiilsn at sh?>rt notice upon tl. ino?t reasonable terms. Fourdrinier and Cy'Under Machines, with lire or strain chycrj, ami si/.itig machines to si/.e paper in the web as it loaves the dryers.?Also every kind of Machinery appertaining to tlie in inufacture oi pipbr. which iu j?oint of workmanship and rim h is not surpassed Lv any other estibJuhn*-nt iu this country. A Urge number nr.- now in opcrsti<?n in nauy of the bu?t mills, to whom reference will he given for nil particulars. I'F.KSSll Ai lillOUKS, Ftp*r Warehouse, d25d3tw r.l Libertv street VK'.V (il l PAH Ml'SI''-<;vTon(JK II OKRWOttj ks professor of the guitar, No. 138 Canal street, opposite the St. John's church, h is the honor to acquaint his friends and the public tluit he lias published a variety of new and popular music, arranged with easy accompaniments for guitar. 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Bcnnkti-, Eum>it Uku.u.d:? jnr i As you will doubtless receive many conflicting reports of the riotous Bcencs that this usually quiet city has presented within the last few days, 1 being hut a visiter h re, and a quiet looker-on, will endeavor to give you an impartial history of the whole affair; and if you think my letter worthy of the space it will occupy, if inserted in your valuable paper, it is at your service. Be it known, in the first place, that there is a regulation of Cambridge Colleg' of M assachusetts, as ol the Oxford College, in the old country, requiring the Putdentsto wear a certain style of cap, denominated here the Oxford cap, from its being warn, 1 preseutne, by the Students of Oxford College, in England. This cap is so aristocratic; us many think ridiculous in its appearance, that the Plebians have never since its adoption allowed an opportunity to pass unimproved, either personally to insult the wearer orridieule his "square toed cap" as it is called. Nearly every drayman in town is wearing a "base imitation" about four times the size of the "legitimate," with a large tassel of paper or twine, according to the taste of th>' wearer, dangling over the side. And on the occasion of Miss L^e's benelit on Friday evening last, at the Tremont (which by the way was indeed a bumper) there were a hall a dozen caricatures, of all sizes and colors, on the heads of so many boys in the pit, who were accompanied by a party sufficiently strong, as it would seem, to protect them in case of an attack from the Students. Thus fir all was peaceable, but the Stu dents very injudiciously attacked a poor negro in the street, who was sporting a paper cap, and gave him a severe beating, whiejt basso enraged the town that I should not he surprised if something very serious were to grow out of it. Indeed 1 am informed by a person in whom 1 place the utmost reliance, that a posse c>f draymen, over a hundred strong, inarched over to tli College hit evening for the purpose of h iving a light, and s hould they succeed in accomplishing tins ob.cct I have great fears for the result, us the Students are all armed with pistols and dirks. Yesterday a serious fight was anticipated in front of the Tremont House, when there was a collection of over five hundred p ?opl'*. Tli "common rabble" (Quere, is the term in your vocabulary ?) amused them ' Ives with throwing sand from the newly paved street twion the students and their friends, who were standing upon the st<qM r| tip- Tremont House The btudenls drew their knives anil dirks and rushed into the ranks of the enemy, in a nmner that | threw Placide's Boinbastea quite into the shade ; but there was no blood sh'-d. The quietus having been put upon the crowd by the arrest of a young man, caught in the net of throwing missiles at the students, the lu'ter formed a pri cession, and marched the streets for the balance of the afternoon, lireceded, followed, and completely surrounded by boys, who seemed to he very merry at the ox|noise <,j the poor student- And thus stands the affair for ! the present, but if my apprehensions are well I grounded, something serious will yet occur from this highly ridiculous fracas.. Now, the question naturally arises, which |>arty is to blame. 1 answer, both. The students most, for tliev were the aggressors; they were the fir-1 to show right. And I have not conversed with n single person but has expressed himself in precisely the same terms. If the st udent-had passed unnoticed the caricatures worn by the draymen and others, the latter would soon have got tired of wearing them ; for iti.s hard to lease a maiPthnt Won't be teased. Lest you should give the students credit for more valor than they arc really the possessore of, I will state that they have never yet encountered any tiling hut hoys. 1 low they will act when attacked by men, Iffear we will know ere the rising of to-morrow's sun. Should you deem it worth while, I will keep you advised of the progress of this affair. Yours, W. Boston. [Corrrjpondriioe of tlis Herald.] Boston, May 21,4 o'clock, I'. M. Annipervtry Meeting*?tmunch of the Prig-ate Comberta ml? Da 11 iel IVi bstrr Rust tenting ? Ron ml a ry Commissioner*, 4"f. The anniversary meetings commenced yesterday, and are now fairly under way. The American Peace Society met at the Marlboro'Chapel, at .'J I'. M., when the report of the Secretary was read, and an nddress by'-'Samuel ('. ('owes, Esq., of Portsmouth, N. II., was delivered. Mr. ('owes is president of that Society, in place of the late and lamented Win. Ladd, Esq. The report represented the doings of ihc Society, and gave nn interesting account of its usefullness. The address of Mr., J Cowes is highly spoken of. The Massachusetts Bible Society also met at three o'clock, in the new and beautiful church in^Winter street. The house was filled. Rev. Dr. Pierce, of Brookline, presided, and the Secretary, Rev. Geo. W. Blagder, read the report, which wa< an exceedingly interesting document. Charles T. Russell, Esq., of this city, addressed the society. The American Education Society met at the Park street church, in the evening,and the report and addresses were attentively listened to by a crowded house. This morning, various meetings of the New England Sunday School Union, Massachusetts Abolition Society,Prison Discipline Society, and the Massachusetts Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, were held The Pastoral Association will hold a meeting at four o'clock, P. M., at the Winter street church, when the Rev. Dr. Stor's of Brain tree, will deliver an address. I have heard Mr. Storre highly spoken of, and therefore 1 shall be present as an agent for vou. More anon. The Maine Senate has passed the resolves relating to the appointment of commissioners, by a vote of 30 to 1. These resolutions [dace run restriction.1! whatever upon the commissioners. The opinion I expressed in a former letter that they would not pass through the House without important amendments, if sustained by the fact that M. f'rve.a memherof that body: one ot the committee on the Governor's Mes1 age, ha" submitted a counter report. He is strongly opposed to the appointment ot commissioners with unlimited powers;nnd his report is said to deny to the Legislature the right to ap|>oint commission nrs to cede;, reii, or excnange, any portion ol tpc territory of the State, without the con?ent of the people. So, notwithstanding thealrnosf unanimous vote, by which the resolves passed the Senate, it is y* I matter of uncertainty what will be tlieir fate in tl e House. A few days will, however, suffice to nettle the mnttcr. The new frigate Cumberland, was launched today, at about half past eleven o'clock. She sits like a duck upsnthe water. The launch was witnessed by about twenty thousand people?men and women, and boys and girls. Hundreds of boats of all sorts, were otl the place of launching?and the wharves, walls and so forth, in this vicinity, and opposite in East Boston, and Boston proper, were nil occupied by anxious gnz'Ts. No accident occurred, much lo the chagrin of th- lovers of the horrible. I'he little hriff Apprentice, manned by 1 "nele Som's hoys, was decked out w ith all the hunting she could muster, and made a line appearance. The Marine Baud was on hand, and played "Hail Columbia" with good effect. I have at last found out Mr. Webster's wherea- , bouts. IIe is at his farm in Marshtield, rusticating i and snuffing up the sea breeze. This place is very ' beautifully situated, in full view of the ocean, and I fishine; lots of rare sport can he had in its vicinity. ' Mr. W. isfexpeeted here to-morrow. Judge Sprague has returned from his visit to .Msine. A deputation ' .1 , i, I . I . . ?L_ I i.... ( oi ini' \v .1 -iniikionlnn? na? ennr to mni ru>: mm. Tom Marshall, and conduct him safely to this city. { On his arrival here there will be a yreat stir. To- , morrow all onr military companies iurn out, "according to law," und there will be a struggle |>e tweon tlie different corps to excel in numbers < discipline. '"d Xothinc new in th" money or stock n . Flour and min remain in ttatu, qho. S ?*fkefa. of importance. _ J arrivnls ^ P. S ?I forpot to mention above 15 1 |{nsk is here lie m to become tb ' "la' Frother church, wliich is abont to be forr f pastor of a new is understood that the duties ' V m l"'* city. It permit hirn to enter upon "STm v \\ ill not sonic months. ? l'r,*'oral <?u?ir* [ERA i. 11 rax 11. [Correipondoucc nf the Herald.] Hio Janeiro, April 1:1,1S42. Ntir 1 oi'k He rah I m Brazil?Humoral ^Iueriage o/ ihr Primess of Hie Empire?England col Brazil ?K/nulls in the Horizon?Lord Ashlmrtm? Treaty ' with the United States. 1 'k Ml Seilnou Bennett !? Tin- Kiifili?li laiiRiiafle iw oot l iinilur ? tn I me to employ it with you, und perhaps mine own (.that is Portuguese,) is not easy enough to you ; so 1 shall give you in French ? skulch ul the "goings on"' in this capital, for I know you understand that language as well as a good Frenchman. And first, sir editor, I must tell you that your valuable journal, which is received here by the principal Brazilian and foreign houses, is generally considered as monopolizing all the interesting news, both political and commercial. As to our young Etnporor, it is the only English paper he reads. For the last few days, nothing has been talked ot hut lb'* approaching marriage of our Princess Donna .lamaria with Prince Adalbert, one it the sons of William, the king of Prussia's uncle. This marriage has been concocted bythe Austrian court. The Prince is expected here at the end of this month. Our other beautiful Princess, Donna Francisctt, n betrothed to the Prince de Joinville, who will soon visit again our coasts. The political horizon of the Brazilian and English governments is lowering daily. Our treaty with that nation has just expired, and, thanks be to (?od, our ministers and chambers, in accordance with the wishes of the whole nation, are fully determined not to cede again to England the immense privilege t | she has enjoyed for the last fifteen years. The Eng- i lish, however, contend that they are entitled to < those privileges for three years more to come; be- ' cause, say they, our government did not give them ' notice two years ago. The clause of the treaty, on which they rest their claim, runs thus : J " This treaty will remain in force for the space of fifteen years. (It was made in 1827.) This time maybe prolonged, provided the two contractingnai- i ties agree to it. II one of them wishes its recession, i it must be intimated two vears in advance,so that the contracting parties tnay be prepared lor the change. However, this intimation is not necessary if both parties do not agree to prolong the time; the present stipulation, that the treaty is to l&et only for the definite space of fifteen years,is pullicient " Like English politics, tbij is truly a Jesuitical treaty. Therefore, to avoid every dispute, our go* ernnientgave notice at the proper tune to M. W. Ouseley, the British Charge d'Affsires. This gen- ! tletnan turned a deaf car, and made no reply to the ! communication. Do yon believe, Monsieur l'Fditeur, that the En- j glisli will content themselves with the right < f , search, and that of poisoning the Chinese with , opium ? No, sir; being Englishmen, they \\ to monopolize every power, and claim the right even ] of imposing treatio- They require many other things of us, which they hope may pass unpereived, and thus continue to encumber us with their manufactured goods, amounting, in Bio Janr>ira ID fin* #>nnmwtinj until of ? *.' lfl ih'/i per annum, whilst they take from up, in return, hut u very email quantity of sugar and coffee. Hut, sir, we will eudeuvor henceforth to howl when others What a favorable opportunity I or a treaty between our two governments! Our intercourse is 1 increasing, yet it might he augmented considerable. Besides, we feel 11 sympathy, which is quite natura l, for your nation ; whether, because we consider ourselves as your countrymen, or because we owe our independence to the same means by which you achieved your own. We are very anxious to know what reception Lord Ashhurton has met with from your government. We suppose, however, that, as lie is n peaceable mail, he was sent with an olive branch, and will return to ling land without the right o| search. supreme Court. 1 Before Chief Justice Nelson and Judges Bronson and , Cowan. I May Jo.?OaitAT f'oi:.? '/. hockwood, plaintiff in error, vs. Henry I'. Harnes,defendant in error?l'his l? a cause involving mighty principles, and was brought up for argument a day or two sinee, with all that intense solemnity which the rase so richly nnilmanifestly warrants. It was for the " care and eustody" of two colts fuaicxl by a marc belonging to plaintitfin error ; tint which are claimed l y tile owner of the sire horse, under the stipulations ol n rontract, as he asserts, most soli mnly and faithfully entered into, but which is broadly ami unequivocally denied by the parties on the other side. Botli sire and darn, it appears, tiro full-blooded beautiful animals, fleet as pre- hounds, and very models of symmetry anil elegance. .M r. Lock wood was very desirous ofimprowng hit stock, and entered into an agreement with the owm r of the hoi c for that puqiose. By the terms ot the rontract $10 was 10 he paid by the owner of the mare, should the issue I", a female colt, and $J5 if a male. Time passed on, ami tin inare performed better than had ever lieon eontumplnteil 1 or dreamed of in contracts or any thing else, t-'hr present- 1 ed her owner with two splendid male colts at a biith instead of one ; either of the twins being equal in ail its , points to " the flncst of Araby's breed," creating ado- , sire for their posscssi n which hade fair to produce a con- , diet in Columbia county (where the transaction occur- . red) to which the Trojan war in companion, with the rival deeds of Menrlaus aad Paris to hoot, must have faded into utter insignificance. The owner of the horse declared that his contract was to furnish hut one colt, and that the issue being two, lie is entitled to plum)) $50, or the " protection mid possession" of the animals. The owner of the mare, on the other hand, jlcclares that the health of his favorite beast, the risk, the care, all devolved upon him, and that the , owner of the horse can claim only the fulfilment of "the 1 bond," and that with any thing beyond he lias nothing to , do. The history of the transaction, and the wrongs of the respective horses, got noised abroad, and were borne to every quarter upon the wings ol" the wind. Men became divided n* to its merits?parties were formed, some in favor of the horse being entitled to the possession of ( the foals?others the mare. Finally an action of replevin, was brought in the ( omuion Pleas of 1 olumbia county by the ow ner of the horse to recover the two colt- in- J tense interest was manilested? the ease w as solemnly and gravely argued and tried?witnesses produced, and the care and custody of the colts finally aw ardci by the t'ourt and Jury to the sire. Here then commenced the conflict of parties?excitement, which had before been intense, t now threatened to bur3t and overwhelm every thing by r its explosion. Talk was hrd of applying to his littlee.x- ( crllencs to send down to York for the lleidelberger w ar men?others, (men with mighty whiskers ami terrible denunciation) ileclare.t that thev would defy tlic whole world and New Jersey to boot, but tlint thev would have their way, and threatened to turn out the wfiole "regular army." Blood and thunder was to pay, and Columbia county became rocked to her very foundation. An appeal must be bad to arms, and the war tocsin sounded in every direction. Finally, the leaders found themselves thrown together tiy chance on enmraon ground- a battle was inevitable unless the "sober second thought" could be brought into operation. They ultimately concluded to settle their differences over a glass of "heavy wet," and submit the matter in dispute to tiie decision of the Supreme Court, mid the case has been brought up by th" party interested, oti n w rit of error. The catir.e vvas'ublv argued by the respective counsel, and the whole minut e I of Its mciits fully and learnedly entered into, after which the Judges stowed it away in " memory's fount," to Ire passed upon in its proper order. Thus ended at least one . dnrk an t bloody looking war, which, at one time threven- i il toblow that tic.h and deeply valued county, and ' adjacent parts" sky-high, tron<|Uility being perfectly r> stored and the mare, so lar, it might be proper to .fate, being the victor, she ipiietly gl aring with her proud-' caring offspring, in one ol' the finest paiturc* in f-rtilo t olttmbitt. t. S. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent. Mav J'i. - Commercial flint vs. Jumt . 'I. Taylor This was an a. ttcfti to tccovcrthe amount 01 a note given for some of the old Peck slip f erry stork the defence to which is that fraud and misrepresentation had been eseri ised iu relation to it. Mr. ?l. Simons bought 11 shares of linstock, for which he paid ?"> percent, if being understood by hbn that the rtunaining 18 per eont would not be re(|itirt>d or called in. It subsequently was so, however, and Mr. S w as wholly unable to meet it, his ti shares tiaring no saleable value in the market, and bis mrnna 1>< ing exhausted. it was arranged that lie should give his ?n(r forthi J.i ) which note was to In discounted at the Commercial B.uik, and Mr. v. to pat 10 per cent on it, I and interest,every three, months. \fitr a while he was i tillable ev en to do this, nnd Mr. I".lis',ia Packard, on behalf of his son-in-law. 'ant. Ms vow v.- 1 nej) was induced to ,'ivothe nritc of rapt. M. endorsed hy defendant, for the $1790 due ?,y ftimons, take up the note i.l utter, tunl assume his interest in the stock. Previous to doing so he wont to tl^ hftnk, om, WU!URIlred that the itock w as perfectly nlllj jn jwo yrars uould ho equal' I Kt.lton Kerry. He paid two in V. iV 1'. " " .ho company failed, and the capital w as ' ' . , " neon entirely stink, so that he lost nil the I I. .a 5 paid, and was held hy the hank fortha re - l' ,* of the note. Much testimony wan offered, on the ua ' jilt it was contended that the hank should not lo?e money whatever might he the eourse of proceeding a regarded the ferrv. The Jury gave a verdict for plaintill" of *100.! is rent*. I Kor plaint ill', Me??vs. David (.raham raid K. L. Kauehor. , Kor,, !r- W Mnlook. r i ?'l<loiphn\ IJollurv, si a/, vs. Minor C Story?Th* < e- f fesdini borrowed $100 in the Tnlon Bank, Montreal, monoy, for which he gave his note, hot refused to pay terv. ards on the ground thnt n?nry h*d heim even ij . there being no such in'titut.on ns the Bank 1 and. at best, its hills were considerably ^ red more than legal interest h%l horn drman .is r,? of him in tho negotiation. The c*** * flch o cat ted hy Imth parties The jury, after a tr a ? hicli o cu- , pied ?ome hours, gave a verdict fori < ' ? , Kor plaintiff, Messrs I. Holmes and < iherwool r >r f defendant, Mr D. firaham < ft ' UJJU T,D. ? w Price Two Cents. VIM t Ur.iicellor'a ( <inrt. Bcforo Vice Chancellor M Coun. M?v 15 Daemons.?Jotrjh 11. Homtr rs, Jlbrakaw VI:.m. Motion for a reenter on tho aMjgned property lenied, rests to abide 'lie event, llamlnlph II*. TownsenJ > ?. Motet JlutU.?Third partioa n this cn?e must included to oltain compuliory pro?o??. Petition denied, co?t? to libido the event. ti t'liaift jot,overt t's- fitor?r I.- Th.tichev.?Contplnirl ,m l been made against defendant for violating u.i injtu.c. :>n. Ordered that hi! txrSAixi ?'2'.U, .ind stand Committed ill the line is pa.J. General Srs dons, Before hr; honor Recorder TailmaJge and Judge Noah. Mwj.i. At the opening of thn Court, Nelson It, Mil" le.r and Turner JAerritt werti called >m the securities for the appearance of Chat lea K. Mitchell, ex.memher of Congress, on the second indictment for forgery, and he not ap* pouring to answer, tho recognizances were declared to be forfeited. Tho recognizancesuf Kdward Shaw, convicted of etubc//lenient and ohtainiu? trend. i.n.l. . Col,., ? who was fried last full, v..iv also declared tnrfeitud; an wrll an Albert L. Mtirrian, indicted for turnery in the third degree, and Leonard Kings lev, (or forgery iu the second degree. The tirond Jury cam* inUs court, male the following presentment, and were discharged The (frnnd Jury, for the May term of the Court of Session*, for the city and county of New York, respeetftillv represent: That they find a practiceof many years standing, of discharging 'vayrant convicts from" the Pi .tentiary.on Blaekwcfl's Island, by Special Justices of the I'cue.e, Aldermen, ate., is not sustained by law. That even if it were, the extent to w hich it has recently l.ecn practiced, leads to the unavoidable mspiciuu of gross improprieties. The Ciratid Jury. therefore, present this practice, notwithstanding its long comiuancc, and the participation in it of many Aldermen, anil nearly all the committing magistrate* "of ui>r city, as illegal, tending to evil, and iherefore calling for prompt correction. The Grand Jury .lepm it lamcutahle that no suitable provision exists whereby a distinction is made between tho?n who arc rommitted to BUckw ell's Island for crime and those whose only offence is poverty and utter destitution. 'J ho moral, if not the actual punishment, appenrs to be tho tame, unci the vagrant, when discharged from a first commitment, naturally feels indifferent respecting the coinmission of petty crimes (which pare the way far greater oncat when the punishment is no greater than if convicted of being destitute, or, in other words, of the law, "having no visible means of obtaining a"1 It seems to the (fraud Jury to be a great deficiency in our public institutions forth* succor of the distressed and punishment "l the criminal, that a workhouse, und a sjs tem predicated upon the establishment of such an institution, has not heretofore been adopted. Vagrants and pauper* could then, while at the public charge, be employed in *uch labor as would materially benefit their own health , induce them to habits of industry and constant occupation, and render their minds cheerful and contented, Ihcrehy tending to make them, when discharged, mor? liable to become useful and producing members of society. The Grand Jury would earnestly call the attention of tho proper authority and their fellow citizens to this subject, fully believing that it would tend to reduce the number if criminal and vagrant commitments, and render tho aharge of these unfortunates less expensive to our city. i nr iniiowring tamo snows tnc number nt present Ht tlto public charge:? Total number in Alms House, including 272 in Ilotpi tnl, 3W in Lunatic \sylum, and Tf.O 011 Long Island 1 arms * 2f9l rations. Male Penitentiary, BlurkwclP* Isliutd 9T7 Kenialu do 31& Kemaledo. at Bclluvue 130 Stales and females in City Prison 141 Total in Tritons, 8t?tJ Of the whole number in the Alms House. 1,429 are foreigner*. and 1,406 nntivot. The Grand Jury ennnot commend too highly tbu prcicnt condition of the Public Institutions at Bellevue, Black well's Island and the. Long Island Karm*. The Lunatic Asylum at BluckwelT* Island, under the general superintendence of Doctor Yascha, and the immediate care of Doctor MVidian; the Long Island K*rms? estahlishment, under its ntile superintendents, Mr. Ottest and Mrs. Lee : the Hospital on Blorkwelps Island, for children from the farms, umler the care of Doctor Morrell; the Penitentiary . the Alms House at Bcllcvne, atidall the various buildings connected therewith, present an appearance of order, economy, firm.bnt mild discipline and fastidious cleanliness, that excited the admiration of all, and reflect the greatest credit on the Commissioners of the Alms House, Mr. Myer, the superintendent, Mr. Brown, the keeper of Black well's Island, and the various olii<?r* connected with those establishments. Additional Hospital accommodations on HliickweH's Island appear to bo much needed, and the (Jrund Jury respectfully call the attention of the proper authority to that subject. The ( rand Jury, in their investigation of alleged election frauds, find tlint many individuals have gone into other Wa'dstlwqo Imse where they muially reside, ond by a tem|*irart rnsidvnce ol n few days, h ive been de. meuto be qualified and allowed to vi to ilieiein. This appears to have been done to a great extent in the 8th Ward, end vet such Is the ljoscnes' of the < lection law in defining what n " legal residence" ir, that there seems to 1 no lmpc o! a correction of the domora'iring pra< ticc ihnrt of uu id tern) ion of the law defining u legal rc-.i lence to be nu aebial and Imua tide one of nt le:nt thirty dues in the W rrdor District in which the individual shall be rnti'lud to vote. As the colonir.o'ion system i? practiced by all parties, is alike expensive and corrupting to nil wle> . i.g r.e in it, ami destructive ol the nol le object ?f one of our loeso I privileges?the p<] 11 n 1 an! uiihie-sed " elective ft an eh; c . ' Ibis tirand Jury i i nest I v lcdfe to turn the attention of het'ourt, ntuf of their fellow citizens generally to the adoption of seine treasures which muy Soirnt this . I il in the " body polilie this they believe ran oniv bo fleeted bv legislative action, fixing the term of " legal residence1' ut such period as will render color.i7u'ion tr.i,ii actio able or loo expensive, to be piiir.tircd to any extent. DifiiTt n r>raur\i/'ir r* . J*ur? H. 11 irtT, Secretary. Tim Itrnncl Jury won: tin n iliichnrged alter k>tti? pertinent remark* from tin: It or order, w uh the thanks of the Court. The Grand Jury found sixty -one hills during thoir lit. fifR. The Court were thin oertijiied for some tim* in Ik nring argument of ronnsel in a case of bastardy, on ippeicl from the Police Court. The appeal was sustained, and th? Eliarge ilismis?cd. The Court then adjourned for the term. ShiocKivc; At'FAiit in Mkopoiio?Mcnnm op a .'till,I) It Y ITS -MoTHEIi, AM' II I.R ATTEM['TT*P i"h:i< II)K. ?A correspond nt of tlw Boston J'ost at Med ford, ?ives the particulars of a most shocking atTair which >cenrred in that town on Thursday Inst. If appears that a young man was fishing, early on he morning of Thursday, in the canal, when he dis. overed an infant lying m tlie water. lie immedittcly informed tlie town authorities, who took it out md conveyed it to a neighboring ahed, until they oiild Mtimmonthe coroner, Arc. In the meantime tlie news had spread through the own, and reached the ears of Mrs. T., who te..i<J*s iear the cunal bank. Mhe immediately expressed a viah to go and see it, and nsked h young woman in u r employ if she should like, to accompany her. jeclined, and shid slie would sluy at hornc and take 'are of Mr*. T.'s little boy. .Mrs. T. then went to see the child, and the inolient she was gone, this girl (who it np|>eare was he mother,) w ent out of the l>aek door, anit threw lersclf from an adjoining wharf into the dock. She a-as seen w alking on the c apstan of the w harf by a Mr. Tames, w ho kept his eye on her, and the nionent he saw her overboard he plunged in and ooic'ht Iwr safe on shore; yet so determined was he on self destruction, that she caught hold of a i"k i f timber on the bottom of the dock, and it us onie time before she could be made to loose irr hold- It appeuta that the girl, up to the time f this tracsurLinn. had alwava borne a eood rharac er, nnd In -t Sunday wm admitted a membeT of a ' i h in Medford; nnd so well had she concealed ier that no our, no' even the women of the . stis|H?cu-(l the truth. r.'h~ laid in lied on Tuesday morning and enmplain rt of ~:ckne?s, nnd, as elm states, gave birth, tinasis'ed. between five nnd nix o'clock ilint morning, n the'. v hu ll flic strangled nnd iscrcted.-<h?' iore after dinner, nnd went about her usual vorlt. doing the ironing, tic. for the family, and as ii i>" die evidence of the woman of the house goes, liev never susnected any tiling ti[> to the morning 1 e child was found, hut it appears almost inij*>sside. Alter she wn? taken out of the .water she remained incensihie for several hours, when s!:e revived mil related the above, nnd stated that she mode up iter mind to this dreadful alternative, rather than hear the disgrace she must firing upon herself hy exposing her situation. As she had suffered so inoeh mental and bodilv agony, no effort wna made to arrest her, and on Friday night she was conveyed away hy her friend Clfoonr enquiring whither. r. Apritn.?A sehodrn'siress in Lynn, Ma**., named Ilerkwiin, wr ? in,in b' lonifin? to that town, tied u son of Mr. Mends up bv the heel* on Saturday, and him, ?f rik i n/r him several tun-* on lu* head. When ii? school win- "til, the lad, who \vh? about richt. years old, ivi'n! homo nnd told hi* parent* that he had been punished, and that his head ached; but here beina nothing in his appaarnnec to wife tinrin. little notice w.i* taken_ of wlint he said, Iild he went to bed; upon ignlng into hi* room in Sunday morninc, lie was found lifeless upon his lillow. Mst?o\;;v.- Madam Winjile, "I S"*?huirtf V. H ) widow of th? Hon.'"T> !ne Winr'te, has ommenced her -econ ! ceptury. She was born day laU 1742, and, though burdened with the veiaht of n hundred yenr>v sh i* represented to be heerful, to enioy life. t,? ! ? iciive, and to take pleare in the society of her fronds.

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