Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 28, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 28, 1842 Page 1
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f I ' ' TH Vol. VII.?No. 431.?Whole No. 309S. RAILROADS &,STEAMBOATS? TJARNDEN k CO.-GERMAN AGENCY?The mi* *+ scribe r? respectfully uiiiouocm au arrangement which they nave recently made with Samuel Hii^'ht, Esq., U. 8. Consul at Antwerp, for the purpose of e-tiMid?u>g a general continental agency at that place, for the transaction of Forwarding and Commission UusintM, and for facilitating the increasing commercial intercourse bi two'u this country and Continent d Europe. As Antwerp is situated in the centre of the manufacturing region of Europe, is at only* 13 hours distance from London, 30 hours from Pans, in the immediate vicinity of Holland and Germany, and directly connects with all liy railroads or stuaoi packets, its location affords the greatest advantages for pur chasing and forwarding Continental goods. All orders received at our offices in Boston, Albany. New York and Philadelphia, in season for that purpose, will be forwarded by the Belgiau steamer BUITIS1I QUEEN, on the I 7th of June nest, and w ill generally be executed in season for the return of the same steamer, which will leave Antwerp on th# loth Jul) . . [Q- Imiwrtrr* of Gcrmau; book* sue particularly requested to notice litis. HARDEN Sc CO. New York, May 17tb, 1812 . mlftr > < ).mi;K( ?V r: < >.*> ALBANY, BUrFALO AND CHICAGO EXPRESS. lainn>; h ie- ill..." Ei| r. over the Railroads to ami Irotn Albany and Buffalo, and the intcrnieointe place*, for FORWARDING, at to* rates, sa th fheutmoit speed, regulaiitv r.nd salrtv, choice Goods, Sneoii., Bank Notes. Important I'?|i?rs and Valuable Pa;'levies?Will attend to the negotiation, txanafcr, collect! >r payment of Bills of En hance, Note*, Drafts, Acceptances, Accounts. Ac,, at reasonable per ccntagc?execute orJers for the purch:iae or sulcaf Merchandise, Produce and Manufoflgernd Articles of every description, j? rsoually, in the tawus on their route, through Messrs. HAR.VDEN A CO'S EXPRESS to NewYorkand Boston,and Messrs. IIAWLKY A CO.'S EXPRESS to and from BuITalo to Cleveland, Detroit anJ Chicago and intermediate places?formiiut at once the most direct, speedy and perfect communication to and from the eastern and western cities, for the negotiation and transaction of all mercantile and professional business, remittances, exchanges Ac. References?Era-stss Corning, Thomas W. Olcott. Watts Sherman, A. D. Patehin, Noah Lee, James Taylor, Thsodore Olcott, Albanr. Agencies? Bennett, Backus A Hsvrley Ulica : T. A. Smith, Syracnsc ; A. O. Smith, Auburn; J. barren, Geneva; J. G. Shepherd, Canaudaigua ; David II .yt, Rochester ; John McKenster, Lockport; J. A. Clark, Batsvia ; Thomas Blossom, Buffalo. l'O.MEROY A CO*, No. 5 Exchange Buildings, Albany, all 'J Wall street, N?w York. faiuTanITfreight reduced. REOULAR MAIL I.INk FOk r It*) VID ENir. A \l< BOSTON, via STOMNGTON AND NEWPORT, composed of tha following superior steamers, running ill connection with the Stouington and Providence, and Boston and Providence Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Cotnstock. RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer. NARRAGANHETT, Captain Woolsey. MOHEGAN. Caiuaiu Vandrrbill. One of which will leave New York daily, (Sundays excepted) from Pier No. I, North River, Battery Place, at five o'clock, P.M. Eye to Bostrm, $3 00 Deck passage, $2 25 AtlRANCJJCMKNT. Tht NARRAGANSET, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, for Stouiivrvm. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, for Stonington. Fassengcrs on the arrival of the steamers at Stouiiurtou, may take the Railroad Gars and proceed immediately to Provi dence and Boston, and for the wscoinnindarioti of |iersotis travelling between New Vork and Newport, the steamboat trains will stop at Wickford lout; enough to leave and receive passengers. Freight taken at the following much reduced rates :? To Boston, on (foods weighing forty pounds or upwards to the cubic foot, at M per toil, and on measurement goods 7 cents per foot. To Providence, on measurement goods 5 Cf tits per cubic foot, and specific articles as per tarif to be obtained at office ti Itroadwav. mil lim OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY. FARE REDUCED I I Paisngr .10 cents?ItcrtliM 10 cenfs. FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PU1CE9. /aa The commodious Steamboat WAmIIINGf lyv'..i|jsTON. Captain J. M. Brown, having made .arrangement-, to change her ifvys of leaving New York, will hereafter ' sic the loot of Itibinaon street, New York, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at 6 o'clock, and Albany, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sa turday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, landing on her passage each way at the foot of Hammond street, Nevvburgit, I'ouglikecpaie, Kingston Point, Cattsieili ami Hudson. For freight or possage, apply to the ('.(plain on board, <>r to D. RANDOLPH MARTi v, No. UH Wcatstreet. m'Jc FARE REDUCED TO ?V," CENTS. STATEN ISLAND FERRY. Foot of Whitehall street. The steamers STATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will run as follows, until further uolicc Leaves Statrn Island Leaves New Yoik. At o'clock *. st. At 8 o'clock a. m. " 9 " " " 9 " 1# .. .. (0 it " IS " " " It " " " l)f " ?. m. " 2 " r. M. " 3 " " " 3 " ? t* ; ;; 5 - 6 " - n " " N. B. All goods snipped^ are required to he particularly marked, and arc at the risk of the owners thereof. m3r T. I'liWi.M, ,V rc.'S I,INK. _|lil ~l azi FOR NKWB1TJIGH, landing at CAI.Rwki,la. wEst point and coi.d XZaSC?ZL S1*H I NO.?The .steamboat HIGHL ANDK It, f siptaia Robert Wardrop, will leave the foot of Warren street, New York, every Monday, Thurnlay and Saturday afternoons at 4 o'clock. Returning, the Highlander will leaie New burgh every Mond ty morning at 6 o'clock, and Tuesday and Friday afternoon at 'i o'clock. Far freirht or |.assace, apply to the captain on board. N. B.?All baggage and freight of ever* description, b?nk bills or siacie, put ou board this boat, must be at the risk of llie owners thereof, unless a bill of lading or receipt is sinned for the tame. mH TAILORING^ RET RENCILMENT TflE ORDER OF THE DAY. THE Subscriber, with a view of meeting the exigencies of the limes, hot made arrangements w herein he wi'.l henceforth be enabled to furnish jfarinillta of the \erv heat quality, at an immense saving from former charges, Hating made his parcliasea eaclnsively for cajli, be is determined to compete with the cheapest, (on the ready money, jr nciple only A w Idle he pledtfes himself to continue the anine observance of elegance and punctuality which for the last filleen years has charailnred 'lis establishment. Oenllemeli are referred to the annexed list of prices, with the assurance that the articles enumerated shall be equal in quality and style to t'oe most costly. Dreas coats of super wool dyed cloths, from $18 to 21. rants, do do cassimere, 8 to 10. Vests, of every fashionable variety, S 50 to 5 50. Gentlemen wishing to furnish their own materials can hate their garments made aud trimmed in the tame >t)le ol elegance, in proportion to the above. N. B.?Mr. Bibcock, long known as one of the most fashionable cullers, Continues in ihe establishment. CIIAS. COX, Sign of the Golden Fleece, m5 lm 61 Nassau street, n-ar Maiden lane. MACHINE POETRY. WHEELER, TAILOR, hereby *cn?U ThU information to hit fri?ncl?, Or enemies if he ha* any, ,i u. f The public bm, both t'u inj near. He widiei every ou?' to hear, That in Broadway he ha. a ..hop. In which he'd like to have tie in |iop. \nd ihould they want coat, ?rit or pauU, No one can tit tliein it' he cant. Pricea low to>uit the limea, Cloth, loo varioua lor tle'ae rhyme.; In ehort youll lind no other Tailor. So aure to pleaae you aa A WHKKLKK. mI3 line 167 Broadway, up antra. MARTIN'S Caih Tailoring Kstnbllnhme nt, /f Removed to 164 William street, corner of Ann street' T^HE subscriber, in announcing the nbove t<> hit; friends and the public in general, lake* leave to return thinks for the liberal patronage bestowed on him at his farm'*r place of buiineu, lod assures them that -??ery article ordered ol him shall, si heretofore, bt cut, made, km trimmed in th? neatest ufd m<??t stylish manner. The materials^ the newest and best in the market, and at a positive saving ot 30 per cent. Strangers are requested to call and efamtne. Gentlemen who prefer pure-hums their own cloth, 8to., can hare the in made and trimmed in the gyle that Km git a - h general satisfaction during the last four years. Every garment warranted to fit, ami made by the best workmen at tile following prices, via.:? Dress Coats $7 00 to gS 50 Fiock Cost* H 00 to ? 50 FanU and Ve?u 1 75 to 2 (Ml Over Costa 0 00 to 11 00 for No gsimeiMi md) made?ill made to onkr, im a ssdt furnished, if necessary, in 21 l?our\. ml? lme __ MICHAEL B. MARTIN REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING Eil APt.VH. ME XT, Is removed from 115 Broadway to No. Lrcw ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DIlFetfJ. Garments of a m-??t f\i?mnt \i. i r nt i mi le kind , i a * on / r 1 (JO per rcni for r.uh. rpHE advertiser deems it onnaceNaary to retoit Ij the hack1 ueyed system of jp^ine a list of nominal pti.vs, pre* tiding that the length of time he nas been established, tmf'-ihcr with theCTtillift psti MKtbeil twfl -?*i mrn. will >* vnn cient voucher for his capabiliti ?. Possessing thrt advantage ot being connected with in eiieiwiv# cloth establishment in Europe he rotiAdfOtlr assets that he can burnish clothe* which, on comparison, will lie found lower than any other house making up the best descriptions ofjrentlemefi't dress. jl5 S PHILLIPS, 7 Astor Bmadwsy MODES DE PARIS. 7SCHAMBKKSSTKKMT,XK.\K BROADWAY. MADAME BE8CHOR be|r? to info mthe La lies, that she hisjust received from Paris, a beautiful assortment of Silk Scarfs and Pelerines, of the litest stvl ; Morning and Dress Caps, Muslin and Cambric ('nllars, Pelerin ?, Ar. Constantly on hand, a large a?soitm ut ofsilk and strata Bonnets, Caps, Collars, (kc., which she offers for sale verv mooaf ita prices. n PIANO FORTES. QOUTHERN DEALER* m >'.i . icwi. i, ir-.-Ti ?:'> ?ill fit, I IJ it to fhnr i'lrtntit<- t) wll C i! MtiiW-. t rl.?i. f ...rrtm^nl of ihf tbort irtirlr.^compi?M. t t.'tviv .)( i, jt*l < envoi, ml very modern improt trr eM. i'm-M-i-;jtru .i ' iu ar.-warnnira t? be eqn%l to any ii Ir.e i ftV. frill b- t ?! I at the loweat WWIW price# for ? *#!,, at tfl* mVillvrt'JTV, 41 W. at Fourteenth atreet, between Film ?n:t ?*ntr n>'ip*i N. B.?Pwno Forte# for Hir*~\ ^O'lu MOtf.' Ct of fortes lor hire at iU? in*uuUuor>. a? >in E NE NE FURNITURE. GEORGE W. DAWSON, intolesale anil Retail Furniture and General Fur- ' nishing IFare/wusf, A'o. (>7 Chatham street, corner of Vnune street, AfW York. WHERE he keeps for s.?!r a huge is .ortmciit of the follovring article*. > iz.: Si.ieho.rds. Bureaus, Bed>trads, Cot#, Tables, Chai *, Office ami # Portable Dusk^ G1**# Cases, Bo-?k Cas?j, Looking Glares. Dining;, Ccntrr. In onl Pier Tables, Pianos, Sola#, Sofa Bedsteads, Beds, Beddini, Pale.**tei-i, Mattresses, Camels, Oil( Cloth, Matting and tire Iron#, Wash SuiM'i#, '1 oiiet Table#, ? audie Sthids Buteau Bedsteads Dreuiug Bureau#, Safes, 6cc. Alio, a Ia/kc assortment of men and women1# Wearing Apparel, new aud second handed. All the above article* are offered to the public at very low price*. Person# in want of said article# would And it to their ad vantage to make an early call at the above establishtue tit. Shipping order# punctually attended to and packed on the shortest notice, and ou reasonable terms. Mattresses, Bidding, Etc. for Attune out vessel#, constantly on hand. All orders to the above establishment will be punctually attended to and thankfully received. N. B.?The highest price# will he given for Second Hand Furniture, and Geutleimu'* and Ladies1 c ut off Clothing. a22 6m*r ~ NOTICE TO BUYERS OF 0 A B 1N E T F U 11N 1 TU R E. r|MIK Suascriher woujd invito the attention of those wishing 1 to pttrcHise articl'-s in theabove busiii 'sss, to his e?til?li*hnp'ui, wht?? is to be found a rich assortment of Rosewood ami Slahogant Furniture, of Ficuch and other patterns, tome ol* which are not to be found elsewhere, bein^ entirely original.? A!*o. hanasome rich gilt Cornices for windows. Poles and Rings ; together with Damask (hllooiu ami Taase's, and every ai tic It attached to curtains, which will be made in the latest t>le from #at?erii? lately re ived. N. B. Particular attention paid to the fitting up of Ottomans, Fire Screen., and other laucv articles, with embroidered Ta prsiry. /vnninw i u.i .urinAn, H if. 315 Broidwiy, nc?( flic Hospital. losKi'ifi-Ki . M S~. r>i " ical idq Nautical Instrument Case Manufacturer, 269 Water .str'?ef, N? * YOJ 'vChronometer box?** of a superior m ike, barometer, thermometer fratne?, (yiulrant, sextant; surveyors, surgical, dentist and drawing instrument boxes, mile raa packed in a neat^styletimepiece, clock, can and pistol case* of all description; uague/rotyp apparatus and inedieine chests, surveyors rode, of any Inigik and make All kinds of work, made of the bc-t m itcunk aiul workmanship, w arranted. Repairing of every description exeeatdd with neatness, punctuality ana dispatch.' French iioliahing and varnishing. M&nufaccor, in G. Tag I cab ire's Establishment, between Dover street ?'\d I'eck slip. RErr.ftF.tvcK*. Messrs. E. & G. W. Blunt, corner ol* Water street and Bulling -lip. Mr. A. Mrgarey, 190 Water street. Mr. Dcrnilt, 239 Pearl street. ml.? tm*c NEW STOItK of Rich Cat and Plain Glass, No. 35 John si., n*;xf door to comer <?f Nassau street. STODVENEL kC0. have the honor to inform their friends and the public, that they are opening the above store, where they can find n large and beautiful assortment of all descriptions ?such as astral ana hall laini*, alt complete; porcelain, ?t the manufactory prices, by the communication of their shop, No. 29 Gold street. Wholesale and retail?city ami country trade?all goods packed to go in any part of the country?all articles match to pattern*. Please call at 15 John street. m2 lm*c CHINA GLASS AND EARTHENWARE. O ASTOTl HGUSL.?French Porcelain Dinner Services, 115 pieces. $25 00 White Granite,. do do 112 do 13 00 French, or English Porcelain Tea Sets, 32 do 4 00 Dinner PHtes, French Porcelain, per dozen, 1 91 Do do Granite, blue or white, do 1 09 Soup, do French Porcelain, do 2 90 Do do Granite, blue or white, do I 0?i Tea Cups and Saucers, (24 piece*) Freuch Porcelain, 1 50 ?gg Cu;?s, do do 37 Glass. Cut Wines, per dozen, from 1 50 Do Tumblers, do do 2 00 Lemonades, handled, do 2 25 Table (Vtmrt. Of the finest disc riptious, in sets oi dozens, at the lowprice of $12 the set. Just opened, a handsome assortment of Toilet Ware. R. SIMPSON. N. B.?Agent for the sale of Simpson's Ear Cornets, for tlie rath i of nfss. inft l'n *c CHEAP HARDWARE STORE, rPHE Subscriber i* now op* nine his Spring supply of f HARDWAMR AND (TTLKRV r-r. ived i ? r late arrival* fr^nj Ui.mj. ulauo ,iad Shi (field. To?j? llu r with a i<? i.enl ac?;er::;:t ..t of immesric w<i*. w m^h he is prepared to idler at the very; LOWEST C ASH PRICES. The attention of Country Merchants^ Builders, Cabinet Makers, See., in solicited to An examination of his stock anil prices, an he is confident they will dud il to their interest to far or him with a call. .ALFRED K. LAGRAVE, 210 Greenwich, corner Barclay. N?w York. A regular snpplv of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, am! Cooners Glue. Also?a complete assortment of Mei hauics' Tool.. J uses1 Screw sa he. m*i Dm* r P RAN SPA RENT "1T ALIA V WINDOW SHADES !fP A OLIVER W. WOODFORD. Ui C ithsrine *t, will u.. n this week foiir cases Trans|wtreiit Window Shade*. Families who hive not supplied themselves with Blinds this Spring, will Hud a collection of the most h-autiful palatines ? ver offered in the cky. A? the season is advancing, a further reduction in the prices will l*? made, namely ? L*iid*<\?i??> gt 25 i**r |?*ir.? ?laiu Scrolls $2 50. Scrolls and L*ttdxati:-.1 $3. Moonlight Scenes $1 50. ltdun Script a re Designs?ltdian Vignettes? Dnvp* ry UorJt red and S. tolled and full Landscaped?about 301) l?air Lindscajei at the low nrice of $1 25 j?er jwvir. N. B.?In consequence or misrepresentations many have been deceived, while ! king for No. 65 m22 1 w* rPUI.VL OF BOOK SAFES ?S? vera! trials upnii Iron * Safes, ofditfcreut makers, l/'v*- k?***n ' ad in furnaces, xih! certificate* riven by respectnbfc >f?rw-ituu. in favor of WildcF* Patent Salamander Safe. The Safes so tried, together with the Committr**' report, and other testimonials, can he scimi irou Chest Warehouse of the Stibscrihrr, the only phtCe in the city where Wilder** Sal* mander Safe* can be hid. ChestR of other makers,such n& have been taken in nart pay ment for tin-Salamander, for sale at less tlun half ol the first cost. SILAS C. HERRING, n. v c i .. Water street* ni?i iw.iK8c?aacwB?? DRY GOODS, &c SHIRTS.QJHIRTS made to order, after the most approved French Cj fashions. Gentlemen's tjinne uu of all description* made to order at the shortest lvUtCC. Gentlemen's Furnishing Store 67 and 60 Maiden lane, corner of W illiam street. mtl lm*r WILLIAM COLLINS. THE SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL AND DIAPER PIN. ANEW and iini?.>rUut article for use iu tire nursery and .is a fastening to ladies'shawls, cloak*, &.C., patented in the United States and in Enrol**, for sale, wholesale, liy W. H. CAKY & CO., 1% Pearl street, New York, and by tire te?, fit the m*11 ufactory, IIC Jay *t, Brooklyn. Thread and needle stores, and dealers in fancy articles. su{plied on liberal term*. rnH !m*r STRAW GOODS. ' TBF.NNF.TT, imimrWr ind m.mnr*rtnrfr of Jt.i1i?n xnd F.ngliah Straw Goods, rripectfully inform* his ruatomrr* thai hr has rrmnvrd his rsublishmeiit fruui 99 William and 2fi Halt, t* 39 .1 hit strf.t, where he continues to Itrcp a splendid ami ntensivi'assortment of ladles' fashionable Straw Goods, French and Eii;!,Mi lluusUUti, Italian Kutlands, tine Tuscan, Fancy Shell woil;?, Prince Albert Slrawa, fcc. Sic. Also, an entirely new article, the White Siberian Hair Bonnet, for th" sunioirr?it .nrpasses all the styles as yet introduced, neinii extremely liijhl, beautiful, whit and durable. m2t lm*m TO THE LADIES. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY OOODS.-The proprieties*, .Miss 3 KlNO, dausrht"r of the celebrated Carl King, offc ri for sal** a rno-t select and choice assortnu nt of Millim ry Good*, for the spring tra?l*-, never as yet presented to the pa blie, both a* regards the quality and cheapness of the articles The assortment consist* of the follow inc :? The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTE D OIlLK.ANS..i3 worn by Li Dnchew D'OrLam, of France, SUED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AM) ORIGINAL STYLE??And Lawn Hats do do?An entire new style o Hats called 44 MODINE CAPOTTES, ELSSLER C( iTTAGE. Parisian and English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest teifare, in great variety. The Proprietres s respectfully solicit* the Indie* to favor her with a call, and ess mine her e iff int and varied stock of Millinery for themselves, before they purchase elsewhere, as it will Be a great saviug to tliein in price and a great ad\ outage a* reg irda tlie variety tod quality of the goods. MISS 3. KING. Magazine dr Modes, mil lm*r 293!>? Broadway. MILLINERY GOODS. CAB I, KING, rhc well Hn.>wii mid crUbralrd Millinery and l.mluV Stlww III' M viu'Vt ^i'T to Her Mxjvity rite QUEEN OF ENGLAND, ' rr.piTtfully b-K* V.*'- to annoiincv to th, Ladic that he lit, I on h ind* nw'.twd.tidid and fuhionkle uwrtMDt of LiJin' Stnw unl Silk lliU. The Straw lUts arc mauiifnclurrd to a 1 mwt fwcinntins ami bcc 'tnitte <hapf, called fllK ELSsLEH COTTAGE, with Oipse" sides and n 3wist* Flare Ground the front. Tl?e braid* lliesa Klats are nuade of is of the most elegant patterns, the Albert S.r,w '"^RKN vl/To'^l a'^ The silk department i* conducted by the most ingenious and tasty milliner*, not to be equalled. The silk* are of the newest style, fresh imiMiri?*d. Trimming and Flowers to correspond. Those who wish to convince themselves may call at No. 90 Canal, near Broadway, tnd 17 Divizion street. N. B.? Hi* Paris Ribbons and French p lowers, are or the latest style, and can be purchased at mther "f his establishments. at wholesale and retail, on reasonable tritns. DKK0 BOOTH?LATKH'l FR W'H *a&S9& ST Y LK.?'Tim sulwcriber makes to order, H?y>U of t:??* above description, of tin* finest ;iality oi I* r* f?1 > 1 ll Hkiu. and inthc latest style, ?n?l at *" > reasonable j rice*.? Gciiuerneii who have Wen it? the of l '.\ m? cxlr.?\ u o?t I l*H< for irif- -ior articles are reqac sted to caTi and conn tncid that his prices sjc from ten to twenty per cent below othe stores in the iictehhorhond ftrawiiurs be* tak<?n of the bet, and a pair of luu kept far each customer, them is no Uiihcutty injetting a handsome yet easy lit. Constantly on hand, a larae assortment of fashionable ready made Boots, at prices varyingfrom TWO DOLLARS FIFTY CKNTS TO SIX DOLLARS; Half Boots, Gaiters, Hhocs, Pumps, Slippers, In* equally low prices. JOHN L. WATK1NS, 114 Fulton St., al 3m* Br t wren Nassau and Dutch *ts. II I'.II'HIITKI) <.\IIKUS Of all r? rs of F i*!uon; French boot* and patent leather shoes, di**ss shoes, g uteri w ilki*u shoes and pump., for in? a, boys and chililrru. Mens and bojV cheap boots from S2 7>, ? l. $1 *?rt and $1 f*r pair. M? ns shoes 7? to IPs and 12? per pair. B >ys sli?e* .V) to 7'? cents and SI, and warranted irood. 'I i mi ? r walking sh? - !Ull slipiH i of ail eoloiS and si tea, lai. t fashion, tin. busk u to $1, s I is slii i ?* rx. Come simi I a good .isi??rt.?u nt <>| Me atiove articles at 12 Canal street, mmer of Broadw iv. and it S00 Canal ?t, north-west corner of Hudson street, at Walker's. ml5 lm?c D\ \ s | . I ' ' i I ' Semiliar> t i?h Mis .? ? Mft-=?.ns and O'Dnlierlv is nowota n lor rh* r..^ I if lift Bowrl lm*r THB NOTKSnf rt?? SIONMOOTTI BANK. Nrw 1 nrw n?if, ?f? p?rth?j<Ui>l 14 W*lUir?et, by KAR1. k (;0. I atOucpwCtCt. ntf l?"r I W TO :w YORK, SATURDAY JV "BOOKS"ANp STATIONERY.yo t'A r K H HANUFATl RER8.?The mbieitbcii Ct|? A notice that Messrs. Howe Ac itoddurd, ol W orcester, Ma-#., tiavc aj?|M>ii?t?'d thcin their agents, and art* prepared to furnish it short notice, upon the mote leatonabh-t ?rm*. Kourdrihier snd Cylinder Machimjf, w ith lire or strain dryer.s, and tiling 1 inachim s to size io| er in the web u jt lein * the dryer*.?Alto every kind of Machinery apiartaitiintc to the manufacture o! r paper. it Inch in point of workmanship and fiuuh i> not siur* I |'d by any other c ?tabli<hincnt in this country. A large c number arc now ?u ulceration in nam >1 thu best nulls, to 1 whom reference will he *4ia u for all Liarticuiars 4 PEKSSK 6*. BROOKS, Paper Warehouse, d25 dfltw _ til Liberty street J GtJltAR Sft'SlC-GKORuE H DKKWORT, professor of the guitar, No, 138 Cwal street opposite the f St. John's church, has the honor to acquaint his friends and the j public that he has published a variety of new and popul.u mu- j sie, arranged with easy accompaniments for ipiitar. 1 Mr. D. will also arrange and continue music for orchestra ( guitar, and other instruments, and give iimru?.lious to .iniir I tears 00 tlia piano forts utd fiolin. ur, 1? tiw *< ( I aW"REPORTKH I. r M t> ?( i; .1. 11 . . * of f Bankruptcy. presenting the subject in all its various ph iscs ; * Tlw, ft ..L 1. > .r i .1 \\. 1 ..w- i Jttstjci Marshall ; Lord Rodnd&lt* ; American ; kurlrie I oa Eviderire ; New Kul?? in Kquity : Ort*ei?le?f on Krideiire : 1 BatikrufM* iu New York ; B*nkiupu ill Mn-a. (100) 5u*. a Jud*e Story's opinion at length upon the efleti of attach met*--, laid ui?oo the property of a bankrupt previous to his being ?!?clarcu ?uch will ipp'-ir in the Juu< number. A1m?, Judge BettV* < opinio., in ihe can* of k i vhi (wife's jewrliv) will appear in , full ilk the July numlier. TWe pouuielors will ( viiiMiu.- the list . of Bnikriiprs in Nt w Dork ami Massachusetts which will render rh. work valuable to ever y bu.*iiu? * in an. What merchant ? would* nidge 26 ceuta a mouth for such inf<oui?tioii t Tin- May \ number commence* a new volume, and oilers a favorable oj? poituiuty to subscribe forth# work. 1 BRADBURY, SODfctt CO. f in Hi ./till PJ7 Nassau si. N. V. and 1" School ', Bo Uoii. I cards, rill-heads, &c. : cheaper than ever. 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TJBOWN & CO'S One Price Hit Store. wholesale and re A' tail, 170 Cliatliam Square, corner of Mott stieet, where fashion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to adorn the head. The proprietors have the rdevnre now to ofTer in addition to their rei evilly improved slioit n ipped Hat, a new style, the imitation of beaverr, which so closely resemble* that of ail fins the most costly and beautiful, tint the difference is not easily pejeeived. Price three dollars. We strictly adhere to the one H-tf for the price charged. In pre*,en ting these Huts to the public the proprietors think they navr reached the ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. rn4 3rn* HI BOWKRY. FAST SIDK.?J. M. TM t No. 9 Bowery, baa remodelled his establishment and stacked tujlk a brilliant assortment of lists of the latest spring stylos. Hv ofi?n to thy public ri aiticle which he is ronhdelit cannot on surpassed either for beauty or durability, or for economy. Kconnmv, although last in the order of lecominendation is not Uust in point of importance to the buyer. At the above ? n> Irinrn Hits of every quality from the B Mver to tlie common Silk can he obtained on the nest reasonable terms. Ctyu also of the richest (ill.lily and latest patterns. Call and examine at No. 9 Bowery. J. M. TICK. The liner* B .vit Hita, only Si; an elegant hue Nutria H it, vi . Prime M b-shin Flit, * I N. B.?B(?>s Hats of ever* kind at the most reasonable prices. a 2fi 1tn*rn mmmsmammBnamBmammBammam&mammmmmmm mmm?am JEWELRY. "" WATCHES AND JEWELRY, VERY LOW. rPIIE 8abeeriber is srlliug *11 J**?cri?>f*>n if'hIJ *i I Silver L Watches, Gold and Silver Pencils, fjc.1 I ( /visa. Keys, See., at retail, lower ?t anr other tltfj it; ll;e (rofd Watches as low as thirty to forty I lf??s Watches aid Jewelry exchange J or bought. AT Aujb warranted to keep good time, or the tnoue/ it turned* ekiff/irs i.el Clocks repaired a st.t best manner, 4 rid trans; ted, st iiuch lf.(* than tie u,ml fc' .7 or. ( J .he finest ivcr*.??m in the city. ?7. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewrlry, wholesale and retail, I>0 Wall street, up stairs. in2ft lin*?n \ J ESSR9* ' )l\ ! 1 HER .v HI s i'. .) m ,b JYl smiths of New Bond street, Loudon, and ?11 Broadway, New York, beg respectfully to mmriae the public that th?*ii establishment in this country will be positirely and finally closed on the first day of June next, till which period their stock of jewelry, ptate. plats d goods, cutlery, &e. will remain on private salt- in Broadway, at and under prime cost. N. B.?The Home to be let. a30 lm* \\f ATI UKS. 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P%r?. * hi# the honor of informing .Mi*r*. dealer# in watch wnrki, and ai! article* connected with the line, a* al*n Mvtra. dealer# in rut trla**, that their establishment ol watch glatft*#, nit kU*#, jrilt and colored, fancy article#, Itc. kc kc., ha* lately hern re 1 moved from No 40 Maiden Lane^ col No. 90 William utTcet. 1 Gentlemen de#irou# of parchaaiut: from the only depot of the factory, are re*|tecrftt11y invited to call e.t where will be found uinnrivalled assortment of the ahove mentinned Rood#, which will be di*po*?d of ou the must reasonable 1 H |BHa r*i i Bfli * r m .iummtauai n iwii#g:in#ii i? - !?> ??mm NOTICES. ~ ! Nr.w Yoim ?m A\.?\ir Rail Ko?n( i>. j ! Oil,, < N.i. 2 i'.,rk I'lai-r. < NJOTICE \* her d.. riven to tnr BtockhoMerv of the New * York aiitl Alh.>n> Kail Roul Chirniiatiy, that an election of , Director! to id ( onijwnv, will take m<co at their Otfi' *, No. I Park I i n . ?m Monday 11*iirh *?f June in-Xt. ' The PolD will he oi. ii at 10 o'clock, A. M., and continte open until 1 oVlock, P- NT. j I K., ft.><? I'm the ' tnvfer of Stock are closed, and will to 1 continue until the 7th day nf June neat. By or let nf the Board. ,n6tj6c JOS. E. BLOOVIFIELD' Seeretarv. pOKPORXflfiN NOTICE.?PuMir notirr is hereby given V-r tbst ? aile of propcrt) for unpaid lues will tike j,lare at I iiililir motion it the ( it\ Hall of the city nf New York, on Tin .th) . lh. 3T,tli day of Jun nest, at 12 o'clock, noon, ami be con iuucJ from iTs to <11- until the wlvde of the said prop rty all,ill n IT an.l th it I' detsllrd statement of the taiea and property to - Id i? imhlishr.l in th.- Now Era, a nr wapa| er pruned aio! . ubllaiieil in do my of New \.rk. \ i f It ' i \ - .! I I II l| ir. Il.-r. I Comptroller's Office, kpril 1847. agl lawUwtUIrr I L*NOBAV IN(J B \ THE O ?INIOKAI H MACHINE.*- , ' e BI Tilt, Jt >.'< Kh & < (t.. 1.' i; > olw i, . corn, r Jo in street, N.Y., are prepared to mural. all kinds of Maps, Chart*, ' t'laria anil Surveys, or anv work of that class, in the most beak' tifnl style, strith nnnaralleleile aped and it prices far U- | l .ss those . _o .1 for similar o . rk ei t.. Ii .n I .-rutr .1 tnt?the oost ol liur steel or copper | late* unt eicrrding Eltnoirrsphic work. N. H.?Spcrimena of the work done by the Omniitrt.n'i ran < ut aiarnincd at rlic olfae in Bruadnaj, loJ |l in RK I LUKJNlJNCr, MAY S, 1?4^ OCULISTS. M THE EYE, DR. WHEELER, OCITLIST. [NFLAMKD. DISEASED AND WEAK EYES.?DR. WHRKLEK, Oeculist, 33 Greenwich stn if, New Yorkes|>ectfully inform* the public, tint in eonseqiicnce of his ractice bavins become enlarged to ao great ill extent, he i* miiprllt J to confute hi* office attendance strictly botwueii he hours of 8 A. M. to I I*. M., after which hours he \i?iu out loor patients. Notwithstanding thai among the many hundreds of rases shich Dr. WheeUr has attended, many have Ih.mii ojierated on y other profess or* without success, and pronounced by them neurable, yet he ha* never tailed to eradicate tin* disease, and tfect a perfect cure, despite of every disadvantage which may lave presented its* If, and in many instance a almost against lope. It is this unprecedented success in his treatment of the rarious?hitherto considered in* urnble?diseases of tho eye, hat enables him with confidence to refer the afflicted who may ?e unacquainted with him, and his uiihl mode of treating the lisorders of this organ?to numerous restored patient4 in the lr*t class of society, respecting his professional .skill and ihilities as boiug pre-einincut for bis success, a* a scientific 3ciMlli.ll. Clirouic inflammation of the eyelid or sore eye-,, however ong st indium, can be effectually and |? rmvieiitly cured, films, m l specks, removed without surgical o^ration. 8 T II A B 1 S M U S. 3ommouljr called Squinting, and CATARACTS, safely re moved?in a few minutes?with scarcely any inconvenience or >a?n to the patn-nt. To save trouble, correal..indent* art informed (but letters, lildit-..- d L.) !)r U'lic U, will >.ot In- e.l . .. fr..mtb post Office, unless P??st p ill. ' r 7 The vast numb. of e ls? * which nave been cured by Dr. Whei It r, have iliyady k>v<ai him a wide spiead r*|???tuion. a&d Hied it ;i|n)ii a ba>is is lasting as tin- gratitude of those whom ie his rescued from a "living Oftlm number of car[ideates, which onlienU hive offered to him of their own aejord, lie selects the follow intr, not thai (lie ca??* are more remarkable limn many others, hut becau?? die persons wh > w ml.* the in appca rod to be actuated by a eormwiciidable spirit of philanthropy, in - ekins t intk? kiiown Ah th# i ni tn ii fellow u??u, the beueAt which they l?a?e received from Oi. Whi treatment. New Via*, March 15th, 1042. To Dr. Wneel??r. Oculist, 11 Oieeiiw ic<i t. Ui iR Sir :?Th it you may, if you th.nk proper, msne publicly known ihe. hiyli estimation in wbuai I hold yen ?** an ocenlist?I bee to give you, in addition n? my vei mI .Acknowledgment* of the benefit von have conjerred Upon me as a patient, this written avowal of my iudrhtt-dncss to you lor restoring the sight of niv poor little child iiom ibe dangerous disordei w hich 1 itely afflict* d it* fright i'he In 1*1 was of .such tender year*j and its disease e.'as of sitel alarming a character, that 1 d< ip-ired, until told of vour sRill in such matters, of ever obtaining any leinedy for her, and die more ? j eeiully as other physicians had afforded her no triit-f. I am happy, h*?w ever, thus to confess that you hat? ? f!?. rn dly cured her, and I cordially, heartily thank you, for your highly successful exertion*. Yours respectfully, Vi \RTIN WATERS, 113 Hammer -.ley *t. Lity and Countvol New York : to wi* . In the hope of being serviceable to of rnry afflicted fel low creatures, I hereby voluntarily otter my grateful lestitno nialt to Dr. Wheeler, the I culist, foi restoring me t*? perfect sight, (from total blindness,) after having before been un-uc cessfully treated and operated upon h> upwards of twanty of the nu?*t eminent anil celebrated medical men of lid* city and different parte of die Cubed Suites. In witness whereof, I make deposition, under oath, to its ( uth, and hereunto sulwcribe mv n-me. JAMES (). KARREL, 78 3d Avenue. Sworn before me, the 30th dav of March, 1812. Geo.>, Com. Deed*. 7 Nassau street. fitv and County of New York : is. David Powell, 1)0 Jackson street, Brooklyn, being duly iw'oru, savs, that h?* was afflicted eight years with the Egyp fian opthalmi i, aud ulcers in the eyes, ami though under one ? f tne fust cauli.ts at the Eye Infirmary four and a half year -, nt I'Xjwri* need no relief, but became blind, in which state he was placed under the tieatment of Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, 33 Green rvjch street, who has entirely restore*! bis sight. DAVID POWELL. Subscribed ami sworn t > before me, this list day of Match, 1*42. John Bi lmley, Com. peed*, 21 Wail street. City and Countv of New York: as. Mary Ann Pi.h y, daughter of Mrs. Wim' les.No.OI Catharine street, bring duly sworn, say*, that she a short time suffered d'eadlitllv from a disease'known. t**clinte.t1ly. (a* deponent is informed; to ue Ainaurosli, which remit-no her f Although *!? hul the best ;usi" incc that could be afforded her a' the Kye Infirmary, (a; w.U as from an eminent oculist hi tk*ii city, who eventually told her the *i,;ht rouhl never he restored) she never received any essential benefit until she was placed under the care of Dr. Wheeler, OcuJUt, 33 Greenwich street, whose kind ami skilful treatment, has entirely re .tored Kr. MARY ANN PIRLEY. Sw orn before me, this 1.1th day of April. 1812. Isaac P. Martin, Com. Deeds, 11 Wall street. ( it v and Comity of New York: Mr. S. C?dy. L? Huh street, Providence, R. I., being duly sworn, says, tfiat lie w;u totally blind in his left eye, for nine yearn; the c inse of the blindness was catiract; th t he applied to Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, of n Greenwich street, who, [by an 0|?eratn>n attended by i ma little pain and incoiivt uieuce, au l without <|iRg?r.] hvs tierfectly re.'or.-d his sight. Under such rvrcunvstaucs, he foi ls if his duty, to stiteliis gratitude, to tbe Doctor, for the inestimable benefit which hi . skill has conferred upon him. S. CADY. buoin before me, this 25th day o fApril, 1842, Gkokok Ikkland, Jr., Com. Deeds. 7 Nassau street. City and County of New Y??rk, as: On toe 9ih of la.;t month, 1 placed my little daughter, three rears old, w ho had sore eye* and was completeh Idiml of the left. Milder the rare of Dr. Wlieeler, Oenli?(, 33 Gr? euwich it. To the astonishment of nil who knew her,her sight i* perfectly rrstoind, and her eyes arc well. In the hope of leading others to the same blessing that 1 have enjoyed, 1 Voluntarily make lliiii atiU incut under oath. CHRISTOPHER BURNS, Grand street, corner of Thompson street. S\. ru to 1 : mi . thi - Zftth ' of V ril, 1812. W. R. Ukkbk, Coin. Deed;, ml$lm*r 81 Nassau street. MISCK LLANKors. sii vuon spiunc;s7~ ''TMIE PAVlLI.IOiV.?This iiyw commodious Hotel will be b open for the reception of visitor.; on snd after the first of June nest, at the Village of Sharon Springs, Schoharie Count>, New York. The ch ar pure wa'.-r of the springs, greatly retembliag those of the white sulphur springs of \ irgiuis, have hern proved to he highly rif; .. ions in Rheumatic, Cutaneous, Bililoin and Dyspeptic complaints; and in the cure of Krympel i?, Saltrheinn, Scrofula, Liver Complaint, and general debility, and in many wilier remedy poise** % rtified by vine of the most eminent medical profesaon in the United St ite-*) me.licinal and Itcaling properties misui paused, and believed to be uir? (|tialled by sir. iu this country. Added to tli":.'', the rides in the vicinity, numerous villages, eitensiv. views, in i^h|mring '"ji s nn . romantic *?'< m ry are imoii( the many attractions ofieu-d to these seeking in tin heat of summer,yiiiier liealth or p!e uure. Thes .'priiii*' ?re but a few h irs rifle from SirotOjEft, Troy, Albanv. Sto., an 1 -re acceusable fi 1 n Can liolrarie <si fin Alheny ana Utie i railroad, when carriages daily await the arrival of the morning can from Schenectady and Utic.i. to carry visitors to th Sp. .nu". * distance of about iglit miles, arriv jug in time for dinner; al io by tin Albany and Cherry Valley turnpike bv daily ttages, being about forty-five milts west of the citv of Albany. Warm, cold and shower Huh; furnished at all times, either of th . mineral < r fresh water, out every attention given to ionder tlie stay of %'siton agreeable. Aii sluiiidauce of the purist mountain spring Ioc is stored for tlie season. IHAAI U. WILLIAMS. THE SPRINGS HOTEL.?This Hotel will be npm-d at the above village of Hhamn Springs, for the reception ol visitors, and combining all the advaulages of this delightful summer residence. *29 I0w2taw*r WILLIAM K. JONES. TO AMATEUUK OF HORSES.-The undersigned served a nmnlx r of years in Germany as an nflicerof cavalry,where he spent much of his tini^ in triining horses; hi* long c*|ieri' iicc in this business enable# hirn to say that lie can train a well built riding hone t<? the highest perfection. Therefore he can satislV military ??r other gentlemen who llnd pleasure in havi ig w*!l trained Icrsea. Those gentlemen who would confide their horses to my care will please apply to U4 Leonard street, between Centre and Elm street*. F. WRKDE. C 4 ft a i x Ffudkrii k Wrk.di. Sin?As you are on the eve of leaving New Orlcaiu for the North, Permit me before vou go to tender yon my most situ * re thanks for tlitf skilful antf jierfect manner in which you have traile d rny horse, "Star ol the Wear/* I consider him one of the best broke horses l<? tin saddle and military exercise* in the United States. And I take pleasure in recommending you to gentlemen who have horse* to brake, as one of the most patient, skilful and accomplished trainers and riders I have yet met with, and have no doubt, if honored with then patronage you will give them equal satisfaction. With my best wishes for your future welfare and tuccoss, I remain, ilesj>ecrfullv, Y our obedient servant, J. L. LEWIS. New Orleans, Match 1ft. 1843. a37 lm*f X'EW STEAM SAW MILL.?The subscribers having their mill in loll r>|?er?tioD, and a complete stock of white oak, white pi nr. Georgia tine and hemlock timber* on hand, and are preptred to furnish the same he Uie ntft, crib, or single log, or ?wed to order, for ?hip builder*, h.-u-e laiihlen, and rubers, on the most reasonable term*, arid ?t the shortest p??;*ible notic e. Persons requiring any article in our line of business, lfi\Y deficntl upon being supplied at once by applying at tiie mill, fo-'t of 11th street, nib Riv# r. my rod 2*v? LEWIS B. GRIFFEN k CO. PATENT PRESERVED PORTABLE FRESH PRO* VISIONS, warranted to keen any leugih of time, and in any climate, wt. ?Presernd L"o?trrs, ll-tllihut, Shad^ Salmom Oyster* and Clams?Beef, .Mutton, Lamb, Duck, t hicksn, Turkey, Goose?Beef Soup, Mutton Br ?th, Chicken Seup, Ox Tail Soup, V-u? table Soup, Mo k and Green Turtle Soups ?Gre?-ti IVm and Milk, for Sea voyaip-s. N. B.?Tliese provisions are all ready cooked free Trombone ind can be used cold, or, if preferred, warmed hi a few minutes. Manufactured and sold wholesale and retail, by rn4 lin* m W, MIJLLANE, RJlhi Nassau st., New York pV.AKSAI.I. S OAK f.H'l'AUl.lsliM\ INT, |outided in * I93R, at 402 Wat? r street, five doors above Catharine mar* ket, the only establishment^ of the kind in the United States, continues to supply the Navy4 the American, Russian, and Sp&tiifth \v rv?has supplied all tic rare* and rlub boat* lor the last four j*r in?4tid hat now tlx laiy? .r assortment jfoar*. Mwr?|ia, and *eull? evi r collected inane place. N. B?The H.tiu li Oar Store on the North Iliv'r lidr, ii hut uj?, and rrmowd to Wf, Wall r atr. *t; md ,k< I saw- <11 th? tprn?? t of oiio store ^ I >vill si 11 enough cheaper to those who ?omi* from the North River tide to | u tlen for their trouble. Race hottt, club boats, out and scull* told 60 per ir;itlerf* han l.iv year. m . |ra*n "VO IMPOR'I JTAND" WATCH\1>U(KR8"OJ I RALLYi?Oold mid ' : lib t Aeschirnsw, in a superior ?*tyle to my in the Knifed Stifes, and it reduced prices. I'lease aire him a nil at 107 Broadway m8 2weod*c r\A?;i KitEOTY'rft \i'i vrati S -k k. ahtaclt - ' k CO., I?teh ia Be ad ?tr?< r. and now b.<l? Fulton street, >pjwv4?te St. |'aurs Church, have received by packet ship A1 )uiy, and offer lor t ale at low price? 26 complete Daguerreotype Apparatus, Ufw pattern 500 Kre ioh Plate*, Urge si*e 50 Aemmati Lrn - ?, in* Je at Part*, by Alphone.Oi rom k Co. 100 bottl. llvi-osulph t of S'?da Also, Tripoli of V?-ii . !' dill'*. CI rti? of I .dine. ? rotnm#, Dromitie of Iodine, Chlorusr oi Oold, and the n-w arctlern:in/ substance. . . / , Mr. F. A. Artitill fc Co. t;.ke? thisoj portunitr to inform their | fri lid* slid customers, that they have removed their establish- | ment from 4f, Broad street r? !08)f r ulton strtft, near Broad- ' (My, nppmllr ft. r-il ? rtiiirrn. rHAlN FOB fAl.K.?M?ki '< < i mnnrin? clivu nr for Ml*-chenn, >t tli- s!n|>?inith 4) IV.o tartU JUcij* tad Mpcri? AU<> rhun sh? -r*. an i ill ktn?l? ol Bin Umitri ? work, rJooe >n f term*. m2j3l*r< MONHOE T. ROBERTSON, [ERA > Washington. | . [Corre?|>ondmcr of llie Herald. J | Wamijn<;to.n, Thursday, 31'. M. Pl'ocri'dliij;!! of I'uiiKrrmt?\?n Vork Cualoin I Hollar. Mr. Preston presented in the Senate this morning, a memorial in favor of an international copy-right law, and accompanied it with some remarks in sup* port of the prohibition. There were several tariff no monuls presented and referred. Mr. Bayard's resolution respecting the appointment of a corps of re|>orterH for the Senate, was taken up and adopted without opposition. The apportionment bill was then taken up as the special Mr. Bayard moved to fill the blank with 74.WU7as the ratio?this would give the house two hundred members. After some conversation, it was agreed that each Senator should send to the Chair the ratio he preferred, and that the question lie taken on each, beginning with the highest. Some twenty Senators proposed different numbers as the ratio, ranging from 77,(H*) down to -lb,OIK). Mr. Sevikii proposed the highest number, and insisted that the true policy dictated that we should have a small house of representatives. He said the people laid cause to consider Congress as pretty much of u nuisance. lie would go for the highest number. Mr. Piikston concurred 111 the views of Mr. Sevier, and proposed ninety-two thousand as the ratio. There was danger, he said, that the 1 louse would become so large as to destroy the equilibrium bwtween the Senate and that body. lie thought the idea entertained when the < io\eminent was established, that there, should be three representatives for every Senator wan the correct one. Mr. Calhoun supported the views of Mr Preston, and insisted that a high ratio and a small House were desirable in ever\f point of view. Mr. Crittenden took the other side of the question, and spoke for nearly hall an hour with great animation anil power. Tie* debate isstill in progress. In the House there was a struggle of more than an hour to send a Committee to Boston to investigate an alleged fraud on the part of the (iovcrtiment officers, committed some two or three years ago. It seems that there was a large stun of money, about one hundred sixty thousand dollars, deposited in the Commonwealth Bank of Boston, and the (loveminent has been swindled out of the greater part of it, through the collusion, as is said, of the late District Attorney with some of the shar|iers of Boston. The Committee finally obtained authority to send for persons and papers. Mr. Levy offered a resolution calling upon the Secretary of War for all correspondence between the Department and Colonel Worth, respecting the Florida war, and expressing the opinion on the part of the llouse, that hostilities should not cease until the Keminolea are subdued. The latter part was objected to, and the first adopted. Tin; army appropriation bill was then taken tip,and Mr. Cashing made a very able speech in opposition to the views of the destructives. It is understood that Mr. Townsond,the sergeantat arms of the House of Representatives, is about to leave here, with his pocket tail of subpn'oas, for : ,i? ... i i ?? It If o 11 .-?|H v I I IIS II millr>, V\ I , r .1111 III 1111 Yl" llt'rn committed in finishing and furnishing tlic New \'?>rk Custom Hous -. _The committee of" the House having the mutter in charge, of which Mr. Thompson, of Indiana, an able, fearless, and honest man, is chairman, are determined to investigate the business thoroughly?to probe every branch to the bottom. # There will he no party partialities, or personal friendships. If these is any impropriety connected with the purchase of furniture, any bonus given, any division of spoils?oil that is necessary to have it brought to light is to give information to'tlie committee. There is a decided belief with nine-tenths of Congress that the New York Custom House has long been a sink of corruption. As to its present condition, the most injurious suspicions are afloat, and neither Congress nor the Kxcrutive will lie satisfied until there shall be an ample, impartial, mid searching investigation. The friends of Mr. Curtis profess implicit confidencence in his integrity, and it is due alike to them and him that an opportunity should be presented to vindicate his character arid conduct. Hostoii, tCorreipondcnce of the Hrrald] Boston, May 2<i, I o'clock, P. M. Anti-Slavery Con mil inn?Di.nutlution nf thetUni<m? JMiks Aht>y Jtilli/anA tlic Church?IVasliiiic/toniftii Strife Convention?7b?? Marshall ami San Ay 11'cluli?l>r. Colly r?The AI irkrtx. The Anti-Slavery Convention is still in full blast at the Chardon street Chapel. This is, altogether, the most curious, unique, and talented body which has yet met in this city. I do not subscribe to their sentiments, or agree with them entirely in a single particular, but 1 must say that they comprise a greater amount of talent, enthusiasm, and the true spirit of goaheaditv, than any other association or convention whose deliberations I ever witnessed. They are of nil coeds and no creeds?black ami white? male and female?a heterogeneous mingling of all orders and colors, without regard to age, sex, or anything else. Miss Abby Kelly, u lady of much talent, and although not handsome, yet possessed of a winning show of intelligence, and a tine musical voice, occupied the floor for some time yegtarday afternoon. She charged that the American church was the great bulwark of slavery, and an engine of oppression, and urged all true abolitionists to conic out therefrom. Her remarks were in support of a resolution repudiating this spurious religion, which was passed. * Jarrison's resolution forth ed involution of the Union, was then taken up, and the Convention at this writing, is debating thereupon. There is some doubt of itspnssage, although a strong effort will be made hy the ultras to get it through. Rev. Mr. Pierpont is to speak this afternoon. As the Convention will probably adjourn to-day, I will give you the result to-morrow. The Convention Sermon, before the Unitarian and Congregational Clergymen of Massachusetts, was preached this forenoon, in the Brattle street Church, hv l!ev. Mr. Hraiiian, of Dinvers. The great event of to-day is the assembling of the Washingtonian State Convention, and the arrival of lion. Tom Marshall, and Sandy Welch, of your city. Sandy addressed the Washingtonians last evening, in a peculiarly happy manner, aud Mr. Marshall, is to hold forth this evening. The Convention met at the State House about f) o'clock, and oreanised, bv choosing Hon. Setli Sprague, Jr. President. At about 12 o'clock the ptocrnunn was formed on the Common, lead off by the Bund o! the U. S. ship of the line < >hio, a party of Marines, and a large body of apprentices and scaaien,and inarched through the principal streets ol the city. Nothing like this procession has been seen in tln? city time* the memorable Kith of Sent InM). Ii numbered about six thousand. In if, I noticed several members of the theatrical corps, and among them Mr l'\ S Hill, Mr. Plumer, Mr. Cunningham, and Mr. Mulliken, and I could name others who ought to have been there. 1 beg leave to correct you in relation to I ?r. ("Oliver's whereabouts. Jl<- if lu re, and lectures at the Temple to-night. Me informft me that he shall not visit New York at present. The I motor ih mnking arrangements for the publication of a Mesmerical journal, which will be issued some lime in.Inly. I {<> is a persevering fellow,and has,during his present visit here, made scores of proselytes. Exchanges continue ns heretofore quoted. The demand for flour is abating, and transactions are confined to small lots, taken hy dealers. <Georgetown brings *kf days credit;(icnesec, superior eommoii brands, lloward street $(i,'J7, cash; Ohio f?t>,25. do. The supply of grain islarger tlun the demand. A cargo two thirds yellow and oite third white, sold for M cents, and Hum bushel- at 80 cents. Kye, b *t quality, brings 75 a 75 cents; Oats, southern, -Mi cents per bushel,, .Ylaianzas, |ioor, stands nt 15., ilH cents pergallon, (i num. at auction fork, northern moss $7,79; extra clear $ll,25aij}]l,50; clear K2, I nios. Laid, western, 500 kegs, brought 5;u5f cents per lb., 1 i a oft. ( ninny Hags, loon second hand, $4 cents each Tobacco, manufactured, '50 kegs, 5<> boxes, fa't.j per lb., 4 mow. Yours, respectfully. North kiirmi Boiauaiir.?(kiv. Davis,of .\l.t??#plni<cits,acting twli^fthat comm i.oncni would ?|* |oint<(i?>n thi' part of Maine, hn tummonal hi^ooiinriJ to i o ivi-n" immoiimi'iy, at Hotton, wiin a in-?r pointmpnt of commissioner* on the p irt of Ma?*schu*et6', to net with them in negotiation* with the Briti?h Knvoy , for the settlement of a boundary line. I Hioh a\d Rising?The Oh:o at fitt-'bnrj, on the , 21st inst, 1 T T\ 1.1. Prlee Two Crnli. m ?- ? ?7 Buortme Court M*? J7?Case of Madame Heetell.?'1 he argument 011 the llill of exception*, in relation to the J. i.vh of Mr*. I'urdy, was called up. Mr. Jordan appeared lor Madame H., ami the District Attorney for the people. Theilefenre is based on the fact that the deposition of Mrs. I'nrily was taken by Justice Merritt, when the accused w i<s not represented by eounsel, and Mr. J. cited several cases (some of them curious) to show the necessity for such, and the benefit ofrross.examination. Mr. Whiting cout< ndeil that the proceedings throughout were sufficiently legal to stist tin the verdict. The decision will be rendered in a few day*. Cute of John C. Coll.?'The bill of exceptions in this ca wu* called up. The Diatriet Attorney (Mr. Whiting) was present on behalf of the people. Messrs. Selden and Mori ell, counsel for prisoner, had been in court during the forenoon, but w ere absent on the cause being announced. The Court ordered a nonsuit, and directed the District Attorney to proceed by default. This w ilt in nil |iiot>:iiiility In' final, and the Court of Oyer uml Terminer proreed to sentence. Tlie counsel may request the Court to have it re-opened, but the probability is, they feel but little chance lor a new trial being granted. Case oj' Jluut in Ran kin?This young man had been convicted of a rape on the person of Jane Ann Toole, and the cause had been brought up on a writ, of error. New trial denied, and the rase sent back to the court below, with orders to proceed to sentence. Court of Common lMrus, Before Judge Tlshoetb r. May JT. Stephen Weeks vs. John Royd.?The ditticub ties bet w een the parties composing the late lirm of V eeks and Lowerre, have been matter, it is known, of frequent litigation, and they hid fair now to make their customers feel their troubles in connection with themselves. The present action is brought by oneoi the partners to recover the amount of a note due to the firm. Sir. Lowerre testified to its ha? ing already been paid to himaelf. Verdict for defendant. For plaintiff, Mr. Brady?lor defcudaut, Mr. Holmes. Before Judge Inglix. Mat 27.? George ('. Tompkins, el at. vs. 'l'hr Congregalinn of Shaar Hnshneiaaiui I Gate of Heaven.]?The plaintiffs, in lsjo. built for defendant the German Jewish Synagogue at the corner of Attorney and Henry streets, for which they received $(>000. The present is an action to recover the amount of a note for f.iotl, being in balance, payment for w hich is refused on the ground of the building being badly put up, it having already settled and cracked considerably. The plaintiffs allege that the injury was caused by an excavation made for n bath, nrces sai y intht it mode of worship, which w as carried below the foundation, ami w eakened that ) ortion of the edifice. Verdict for plaintiffs ?:!()?. For plaintiffs, Messrs. S. Campbell and S. Meeker. For defendant, Mr. F. 11. B. Bryan. Marine Court. Before Judge Hammond. May 'IT.? If. S. Ridabock vs. Job Haskell.? The plaintiff was owner, and the defendant occupier, of house No. .lit Delancv street, which was destroyed during the great lire in the Tenth ward a few weeks since. The a 'tion is to recover ft I 66 cents, being the amount due on rent from the 1st of February to the time of tho building being destroyed. Mr. Haskell refuses in not lie had loaned the premises till the first of May, thai he had hern in the house for tome years, had laid" handsome hrick walks in the yard, and made other improvements ; that the plaintiff caused the hrick on the property to he taken in repair of No. 41 adjoining, and had thereby en. tered the premises, and ejected the defendant, thereby losing his claim to the rent. It was shown,on the part ef plaintiff, that fallen walls and rubbish of various kinds lay about, which were taken by liiaorder, hut not w ith u \ iew tu eject defendant, of w hom no rent w as claimed after his houre burnt down. The Court charge.I that on a verbal lease the party is not held for rent in rase of fire, but that he is so on a written or printed one,unless u clause is inserted to the contrary. lie would leave to the decision of the jury, from the evidence presented, whether an ejectment hail taken plnce or not. The jury found for plaintifl in the full amount of the claim, For plaintiff, Mr. It. (iaines. For defendant, Mr. W.Jay llaskett. Kpt-rlnl Mrsslons, Before Judge Noah, and Aldermen Martin and Jotted. Mav -JT.?A slatternly looking woman named F.lcanor Orr, was convicted of stealing a Britannia teapot and five sili or spoons, valued at from Asa Whiting, No. 234 Third Avenue, and sent upforsix. months. A rough alley customer, named William Morrow, was found guilty of stealing fifteen hats, valued nt $1.1, from John Burbrhlge, of Newark, N.J. The hats had been left at the Barclay street ferry house, from whence he was seen to take them. He was sent up for 0 months. One of the regular army of gin grenadiers, named Mary Johnson, was sent up for WO days, for stealing a dress from Rachel News, of tvj Centre street. A Frenchman, named Joseph Valago*ki, having been caught stealing n pilot cloth overcoat, worth f.'t wan sentenced to tHt (lava. Margaret Kane, a hard case? while a little toddied, stole half a dozen knives and forks from Patrick Murray, who keeps a stand in Chatham I souiire, was sent up for 00 days. Sarah llurnhum. a girl of the pave, who has become an inebriated sot, was tried for s'e ding sei eral articles of w< nring apparel from Km ma I' i ther of the frailcla-s ,?a. discharged on npplu atic n of N. Nye Mali, Ksg. who stated that she was subject to fits of partial insanity, when laboring under the influence of lii|uor. She v. as sane enough to put one of the unmentionables on her person, u here it w as found when she w as arrested. Jane Hall charged her husband, I?ane Hill, with crtislly beating her when drunk. He has ing been sent up twice before for the same offence, the Court sentenced him to si\ months. Catharine Keeler, who had resided with Catharine Butler, was sentenced to the City Prison for 30 days for stealing a frock Irom her employer. Margaret Clinton, whose husband is now in the Statu rrison, on a cnargcoi nurgiary, was tent up for 90 days for stealing ? merino shawl from Archibald M'Klnnrv, of 164 Anthony street. Ilanniih Jnokson, Gilbert Patten, and George Nlocum, blacks, charged with assault and battery, were discharged ; as also a hoy, mimed Charles Stewart, who stole a chicken from James Rhodes, Ml Greenwich s'ree*. and William Saul, who stole :tt? pounds of pig lead from Thomas Row e, 61 Third street. City Intelligence. Dakixij BcniiLAiir.?The house of Mr. Lawrence 1 ( bombers street, near tho Transfiguration Church, w as entere I as early as H o'clock on Thursday evening by so veral burglars, who committed considerable injury to 'he. furniture on the premises, by endeavoring to pry open the. 1 side board doors and bureau drawers. The family had recently left the premises on a visit, and the house was therefore inoccupied, except by a young man who slept on the premises. Hearing the noise tie low, ho gave the nlnrm and the rogues escaped, leaving behind them some silver plate that thev had selected to carry of. A burglary of thin description,at such an rarly hour In the evening in such a frequented street, shows grrnt daring on tne purt of the rogues wlm were concerned in it. Arrested.?T. L. Nichols was yesterday arrested on a criminal prosecution, lor libelling the Sheriff of the county of New Vork, and held to hail before the police court in the sum of $1000 to justify in $\!000, for his appearance to answer the charge before the < ourt of General Sessions. Ixdictkd.?Anson G Herrick and Henry Roopea were indicted by the recent Grand Jury of the Court of Sessions for libelling Thos. J-lSmith, Esq.. a member of the New York bar. and yesterday arrested on an additional criminal suit for the repetition of the Ubel in their Thursday's paper. Tiii. Risu The fancy are all on the fui rice relative to the result of a match that has recently been made between Chris Lilly and a young man named Murphy who tends bar for Sullivan. The stakes are. $200 and the time fixed for the combat is Friday, July Hth, the place to he selected by the winner on a toss. The men are backed by bottom, and those who have the meunt and tliu knowledge to put'.hem in line ti dining. Disciiaroed?The young man named Levy Clark,who V us Rrn'Mwi on vr e.inesuay I'tsl Dj officer A. M. ( . Smith, on n charge of being concerned in passing counterfeit money, wai discharged yesterday, there not being suffi cient evidence to detain him. Sit.rrvo Hmokt?Officer Ionian, of the Fourth aurJ, yesterday morning about 4 o'clock caught a man name i John Lewi*, who ha* escaped the vigilance of the Police for several day*. He was formerly en gage. I in keeping a refectory ar No. A Chatham street, hot recently sold out his interest, and at the same time his ho'isehold furniture, he, intending to leave the city. His w ife entered a complaint against him for ahandonment and also for nssnult and tut. tery. There are other charges pending, and he ? n held to hail for his appearance to answer in the sum of f man. Tiir Don Hrsn Raor.s.?Notwithstanding that a hmth of it hoy was can.:lit in the act of amalgamation on \V>- !nesday night,and punished by public i xposurealorgsi e of his dark rhrr sisir In the police office, for set era I hu irs on Thursday. yet the following evening another spruce looking hit of a lad named Armstrong It lev wa? found in the sire. in the nrms of one of Afrie'v dee. n lanfs. whose perfume vv i.ill,! hvv ecsti *nieb?d that if thernnsk in strength a:i I vigor, lie vva* seated upon a bench aiengside of his lark, mi run. in th- *nm? police office yesterday, till t velve o'clock. When mer. v ? > ? es'en 'el and the purtira lis, harged. t'pon heing questioned t.y Justice Matscll ms to his disgusting proi.ei utv, he very calmly observed ' That as ii ? ?? his first visit to America he desired to b< - come intimate * Mi ? American. Vac.rssti.?Our city is manning with vagrant* at the nresrnt period, eighteen of w 1mm, r.f all color* and de?crlpiion?. were jncu > esterdav hy officer Steven*, the king of the rotrdi"' of th Moody Sixth. speaking of > agr?nt?. we perceive 'hat n new movement h e heen ma te counsel \> ho?e clients have the ren ly, that ansn er? nil th pnrl>o?e of a discharge from the penitentiiry niter commitmi nt by the police m'fit'rate". A writ of certiorari is obtained from the Supreme Court, tinder which proceeding the convict is bailed for a term that covers the sentence ami thus (foes ncott free. Two notorious women known as "burners " named Malinda Ilea;; and Mary June Montgomery, alias Wilson have thus escaped the ?rn ec of tho Polls: i Court within a short time.

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