Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1842 Page 3
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??? Nt'vt i n tliv biatury i f Uuitim re has ;bi? deliciuu* fiuit I been ullereil in our merkcU *0 ejrlj. It i* jt li-u?t five I wri'KB in anvancf. Tlic fev er relativu to the llug to he presented the Lane arte r Kenciblef, has rather subsided , the current begins to run another way - The corps will iluubtb ta lutvo a Mug. but there has not been so much money raised us ? as anticipated. \ irginia money has again fallen hack, caused probably by speculators. I <|uote it now at 5 a 5} per cent discount. Wheeling rates at 13 a 13j. We had a tremendous storm of rain yesterday afternoon. The cloud soon passed ort and it is now fair. Yours, RODERICK. The Last News from Florida.?We are authorised by an officer of the Army, just front Florida, to say that the statement of Indian murders contained in the morning papers of the city, taken from the St. Augustine News, is founded on rumor, and contuses what it purports to describe. It makes transactions out of one, and exaggerates beyond all proportions. This officer left Fort Fanning and Wacnsasa on on the 19th instant, passing on his route to Pilatka near the theatre of these outrages, and although tour davs hud elapsed since the murders were committed, the whole number of citizens, men, women, and children, ascertained to have fallen by the hands of the Indians did not excead halt the number said to have been murdered on the Alligator and adjoining settlements. Thisband of Creeks, underthe chief Oc-tve-Archy, had been pursued by the troo|*< for three days. Lieutenant Britton, of the 7tli infantry, with a detaehment of thirty men, had a brush with them Hnd drove them back into the Wacnsasa hummock, from which they set out upon their enterprise. The troo|>s were in active pursuit when this officer left Wacnsasa.?Muditonutn, A Markiaoe.?-[Extract from the Sourh African Commercial Advertiser, dated I)ee. 22, 18I1.J? Married, on Saturday, the 18th instant, by Special Licence at St. George's Church, Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, hy the Kev. George Hough, M. A., Senior Chaplain (Colonial), Fitzherhert Coddington, Esq., Captain H. M. Mlth Regiment, third son of the late Nicholas Coddington, of Old Bridge House, in the county of Meath, Esq., and nephew of the late Viscount Allen, to Jane La Vallin Trelawney, youngest daughter of His Excellency Lieutenant Colonel Trelawney, Royal Artillery, the newly appointed Governor of St. Helena, and niece of Sir William Trelawnev, Bart., Lord Lieutenant of the County of Cornwall. The' beautiful young bride, chastely arrayed in Bootless white, arrived ut Church at 6 1'. M. in His Excellency's State Coach, and wan received by a large assemblage of fashionables, amongst whom we observed His Excellency Sir George and Lady Napier, Sir John Wylde, Chief Justice of the Colony, J-ieut. Col. Cloete, L). Q. M. General, Colonel Lewis, Comniadant, Sec. The centre aisle of the church and the organ gallery, were occupied by elegantly dressed ladies. After the ceremony, the parties retired to the vestry, where His Excellency Sir George Napier and Sir John Wylde, attested the marriage. After dinner, at which a large party met, the happy and accomplished pair left Cape Town for Liesbeelt Cottage, to s[>cinI a short time at that delightful retreat previous to their embarkation for India. On Monday morning, C'apt. Coddington and his lovely bride, accompanied by Col Trelawney and a train ot gay friends, went on board the splendid ship Edinburgh, which was superbly dressed with flags, the whole presenting the most lively and pleasing spectacle that has been witnessed lit the Cape for a considerable period. Naval?Below, is a list of the otlicrrs of the United States ship Warren, otTHavana, 31st instant, to sail during that morning, for Norfolk. All well. Charles L. Williams, Commander ; James Noble, N. G. Baey.R. (.'. Cogdell, Lieutenants; D. C. McLeod, Surgeon ; J. W. Taylor, Assistant do ; W. A. Christian, Purser ; J. J.Guthrie, Master; J. K. Bispham, Lieutenant, nassenirpr. Torwapo.?There was adroadful tornado in Raytown, Georgia, on the 17th inst. One negro killed, fences anil houses prostrated, and the cotton and corn crop destroyed. Earthquake.?There was a se?ere shock of an earthquake at Calahoulon. La., on the 7lh inst. The lake rose Nix feet in as many minutes. Seized One hun lrod boxes of brown sugar from Matanzas, consigned to E. C. Bates of Boston, for some infraction of the revenue law*. New Hampshire Legislature.?The annual session of the New Hampshire Legislature will open on Wednesday next. The Legislature will have a Senator in Congress to choose. One of the Cabinet, Mr. Wickliire, the Postmaster General, arrived at Philadelphia on Thursday rn route for the Eastward. Out of Bread Upwards of fifteen hundred workmen, with at least five thousand dependent upon them, were discharged last week from the several navy yards Thrown out of employment by the Coon Skin CongTess. mmm Q&- AFTER A RAINY WEEK THE WEATHER cleared off delightfully yesterday, which will give all our friends an, opportunity to attend church to-day. All those however who do so should take a few of Sherman's Cough Lozenges with them, which will prevent them from disturbing the congregation, or a few Camphor Lozenges to quiet their nerves. Oltice 106 Nassau street. {Hjp" DENTOLOOY.?By reference to our advertising columns, it will be seen that Dr. William Arnold has returned to the city, after a highly successful visit to Havana. The Doctor has brought, among other trophies, several locks of hair as mementos from the fair Ilavnnefc, with whom he was a great favorite. He also brings us letters from gentlemen there of the highest respectability, commending his skill and knowledge of the science of Dentistry. Where there are so many humbugs in all professions, | we take pleasure in recommending one who understands what he professes. His rooms are at No. 6 Murray street. GREAT EXCITF.MENT?Excitement continues to be the order of the dav?the whole world seems to be excited in consequence of the derangement of the currency?the people of Rhode Island have of late been excited to take arms against earb, ana many other excitements, which arc all of short duration. Covert's Balm of Life seems to hold oti the longest, and indeed there is good reason why it has stood the test of the first medical men in the country,and its effects are so salutary in cases of Dyspepsia, Consumption, Bronchitis and all diseases of the Lungs anil Windpipe that it is becoming notorious as 0 ivuihij 1ui Iiivil 1 uuU >?iii 11 linVC Itnil 10011* sands more will bless the day of its discovery?Lot the afflicted make one trial, and they, like thousands of others, willtestify its healing virtues. Sold by J. Covert, 13ft i Nassau st; also, 112 Water gt|; 70 Fulton st ; 110 Broadway ; 273 Broadway ; 10 A-dor House ; 63 and 110), 1SH Bowery ; 09 Division st ; 3ft Eighth Avenue. ft?- THE AMERICAN MUSEUM HAS BEEN crowded to its utmost capacity during the past week, and what poor Bamum will do with his visitors this week is a wonder; for never were such novelties produced here ss he has put forth for the next six days and nights. The great original, Master J. Diamond, has been re-engaged; also Whulock, the Banjo player ; Mr. Lansing, the most 1 comical chap in all creation, appears in his laughable cc- 1 centncities ; also Miss Rosalie, the charming singer ; Ce- 3 leste, the beautiful dancer ; the mysterious Gipsey Girl, Indian Warriors and Squaws, and* five dollars worth of other novelties, all for 26 cents. Whenever the visitors cannot all get in the Lecture Room, the entertainments a will be repeated on the same evening. Horticulturists, ? carpenters, painters and sail makers, have been at work t for several weeks in laying out a splendid garden on the t top of the Museum, which will be opened in the course of t t week. The icecream and refreshment arrangements to be managed by ourold friend, Bradford Jones, ol Vauxhall Gardens. j 0* NEW YORK MUSEUM.?BACHED CONCERT. 1 Yankee Hill has done an excellent thing by including the 1 Sacred Concerts under the management of Mr. George ' 1 ?,.n,l... ? ?-It??- ... 1 tend* ed, and amost beautiful season it was. Some of'the finest gems from the Oratorios of our great composers were P given with line feeling and elfect. To-night Miss Tavlor, * Messrs. Horncastle, Rosenthall, and Lodcr appenr. These " Sacred Concerts are the most respectable and praiseworthy entertainments offered, and ought to be freely patron- a ised. To-morrow the manager commences a splendid campaign. Besides appearing himself in some of his in- " imitable anecdotes, the most splendid work of art in the * form of sundry Prolyipates views will be exhibited. ^ City Despatch Post, 48 William Street. c Principal Office.?Letters deposited before half-past 8, half-past 12, and half past 3 o'clock, will be sent out for " delivery at 0, 1, and 4 o'clock. Brasch Offic es.?Lettersdeposited before 7,11, and 2 o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at f?, 1, and 4 o'clock. ALEX. M. ORKIO. Agent MOSEY MARKET. ? Saturdssy, May !OM) P.M. The stock market ii lalioring under a curious excite, ment in relation to Harlem stick. That stock has been looked upon with supreme contempt by the brokers for a long time It fell a short time since to ti] per cent, and was considered altogether paste- Suddenly a gentleman 1 of great wealth appeared in the street as a buyer, and the | stock rose from 7 to 17. Such a rise took the ' bears" by ( surprise and astonished the " bulls" by the temerity of | the operation in these perilous times. After cogitating over the matter a long time, they arrived at the concluaion, that the buyer was crazy, "oh! he is mad," said 1 oue, " a man that bays Harlem cannot he sane." The rumor spread. On every corner people were accosting each other with the question, " Do you think he is crazy r' " Undoubtedly ; he is buying Harlem." " Is impossible?" " Do yon think him saneP' cries another. " Well, 1 dont know thev sav he gave 16 for Harlem." " Well, but it touched 17," " very true; but bwidcn that, he aaked jome. body to ride on the road." " It it |K>Mibie ! well that i? eonelufiTo.'" " Do you t?ko that man'a contract* finff1 out an inveterate " bear." "To be aiire I do." "Well taint honorable, the Imard won't auatuin it." Thus every pertou'i opinion waa o?Ved,andall authorise* quoted pro and con. in regard to the mental rapacity of a man who ven 1 ture* to purrhAae the atock ol the only Railroad that leada | into the great city of New York. It cloaed, however, at ? . Imrr nf 1 ru-r rent Indiana fire? roae 1 nercentill *ssssB599asa9asi liaoi* tij; N. York Slate 5J 1861 } per cent; N. Vork Slut* ISM, went up If |>?r cent; the new Lit) 7 per cent -t K'k told in large ainna at Jj |>er cent premium ; City Water Stock rose 3 jter cent ; Mohawk declined J ; Delaa are and Hudkon j ; Bank of Commerce I per cent. The bills of the Bank of St. Album, Vt.. are not received on depoeite at the Sutfolk Bank. The lollowing ia a atatement of the aiiaira of the Virginia Bank of the Valle) . CoMraa.itivr Statement or tiik Bank or THr Vali.i-v or Virginia Jam. IS11 aid Mat t. 1812. Iletourcet. Jan IH41. May 1812. Inc. Uccr. Note* discounted. l,224,f?8J 1,333,8.'>7 128.072 ? Bill* " 184,216 ii.lli ? 128,831 Baud account, 13,168 13,690 222 ? Storks. 11,000 1.1.0(10 ? ? Real estate. 39.320 46,094 7,171 ? Due from Banks, 236.724 24.113 - 212,211 Banknotes. 201,371 113,111 ? 12.216 Specie, 269.713 288,109 18,716 ? , , 2,188.869 1.961,041 Capital, 1,076,100 1,079,000 2,900 ? Circulation, 828,61,7 623,983 ? 204,675 Due banks, 23,093 17,181 ? 1,100 Discounts, 3,334 28,637 21,:I03 ? Surplus, 27,974 13,019 21,011 ? Ur|K??ites, 188,197 118,018 ? 30,119 Branch balances, ? 763 763 ? 2,188.869 1,961,031 Net surplus, 36,893 39,723 Wo mentioned a few days since Unit the mortgage offered a*, auction for sale on account of the Washington Bank had been bid off at $9,000. It appears, however, (that the parties could not fulfil the terms of the sale. The only hona fide hid was $200. Many of the commercial men in England have heeu for some time predicting an improved state of the foreign trade of thatcountry, predicated upon the expectation of au improved demand for English goods in the U. States and India. The expectation in regard to tills country has long been known to be fallacious. The stocks are large here, and under the double action of rising duties and an appreciating currency, tliare is no prospect of improved prices or an increased demand. The latest accounts from India present a still worse aspect of atfairs. The currency of that country is exclusively metallic; and has for several years been continually diminishing to support the expense of the English Art'ghan operations. For this purpose ?11,000,900 has been drained from the countries embraced between the Indus and the Berhampooter, and expended in the countries beyond the Indus where it has been hoarded to some extent, and large |>ortious have found its way across the Caucasus to Russia, lietwcen vv hich country and Affghanistan the trade has nearly doubled during the period alluded to, while that between Affghanistaii and the British possessions was less in 1910 than in 193T. On this state of affairs the active circulation of the precious metals has been (roughly, of course) estima ted at between ?00,000,000 and ?70.000,000 sterling. The abstraction, therefore,w ithin the last three years, for trans Indus expenditure, of so large an amount as ?16,000,000 sterling in hard cash?nearly one-fourth of the entire cir dilation of the country?sufficiently accounts for the enhanced value of the remainder, the appreciation w hich has taken place in the standard of values, and consequent depreciation of other commodities measured by that standard. On this state of affairs the Bombay Times remarks, as follows :? 6. The enormous leaking out of the precious metals towards Scinde and Afghanistan on account of the Government, and in a lesser degree towards Ceylon on account of private individuals, has occurred at a time when, from the great diminution of our usual supplies from Chinu, we were least able to spare them. The country has consequently been drained of its specie : the ryots, instead of having money to spend in British manufactures, cannot find enough to pay the land tax. The market is consequently in this position : the imports generally, but particularly from Great Britain, have vastly increased, at the very time when the amount of the precious metals left in the country to purchase them is greatly diminished. The value of money is enhanced ; that of good depreciated ; i hey must either remain in our warehouses unsold, vr be forced on the market at prices lower than we have ) ct seen. During the last seven years the imports of British goods into the Bombay Presidency have increased to a vast extent, as follows :? Imports. 18611-37 1840-1 Import, printed and dyed good*, pieces, 192,000 J70,0f0 " plain cottons, 1.200,000 2,000.000 " cotton yarns, lbs, I,7ti0,000 2,600,000 Other articles show a similar increase. The effect upon prices has been as follows Mulr Twist firry Ijmf cloths, IVo. 20 ,Vo. to 34 in. by 36 yards. annas ;>r ' lb. Cochintal. IS30?8 Rupees per pit ce 12 li 4)s Ra. i>er |>oand. ir.37 7>i " 10 12 4 do 1838 7 " 9 104i 4 do I IMII k " t nl" isr J man e ' eV 9 :i'4 d? 11:41 s"., c 834 3 do 1812 5 " 8l, 23{ do And as a proof that prices uttliecommencment of the pre. sent year hail not attained their minimum, wc may mention that cochineal has been sold in February at 3 ; in the beginning of March at 1 jj : and 10 days ago at 1| rupees per |xmnd. ForSSo. 20 mule twist, 5] annas can now with ditlieultr be obtained; and almost every other article is 111 a similar predicament. The British slave population amounts to near 130,000,000 in the three presidencies, and their allies. This enormous mass of human beings are reduced almost to the point of starvation. The degree of poverty and distress which the ryots are laboring under is scarcely credible. These millions of starving wretches arc yet tasked by their Euro, pean oppressors to find silver to pay their land tax, which is to assist the imperial govcanmentto put down black slavery. In this horrible state of things the manufacturers gravely talk of a revival of trade to India. Stales at the Stock Exchange. 14000 N V State G's I860 '(2 .'SI do Long Island AO1, (000 Slate G's b3 91 140 do do ifl', toon do do 91 V IJ do do 5n>4 ,000 State 5>- 813? 100 do do 1>3 50'4 looO Ohio 6 , 1!*0 753 ? 50 do Mohawk KH 30 1000 do do 7534 24 do do 37V fbOO do do 70 10 do do 37,y 1000 Kentnrkv 6's 77V? 25 do do 37 V 900 N Y W Loan 5's S2 40 do do J7>4 tCMHi (tori<oration B's, 7's 1II21. 75 do do 38 118id Brooklyn 6'? 102?J 50 do do Ii45 38 V >000 Illinois Bonds blO 17 75 do do 38>4 moo do do 17 50 do do b45 383a loon do do ?3 171 a 50 do ralrrson RR 51 1000 Indiana Bonds 20 V 50 do do blO 61V 1000 do do 20'.? 50 do llarli-m Rll 13'4 lOiill do do 20 V 50 do do I3.V 000 do do stiO 20 25 do do 13 1000 do do 203^ 50 do do tl5 12 10(81 do do 203a GO do do 13 GO *hi* Bk of America 58 100 do do s!5 12V 5 do Bk of Commerce III 50 do do 13'4 7i do Scrip 92 50 do do ?3 13 50 do Del k Hudson 97 50 do do h3 13 50 do do slO 96 V 150 do do b30 13 2.1 do do s3 96V 50 do do b30 13 50 do do slO 96 V 50 do do s3 12V 2i do do 9GV 111 do Stonington RR 1534 50 do F L Trust 26 24 do do 1G 10 do do ItV Meronil Hoard. inw Indian* >] 2<lV 1 40 ilias Harbin UK 12'4 IXH) do a'J 60 do d.i 13 UHH) do 21 State of Trade. The week hu rlonpd heavily. The business of the ipringisnow nearly over. The tolls on the canals give ome indication of the nmount of htt?ines? done through Item during the spring, hut it must he remembered that he canal business is now divided with Boston. The tolls lave been as follows :? Tolol since 3rd icrrfc opening. in Jlpril. 817, opened April 20, $221,871 $16,100 838, 12, 281.492 it.307 839, ' 20 , 322,672 87,686 640, ' 20 , 267,94 8 77,114 841, " 24, 317,628 %,607 812, " 20 , 316,679 62,944 .The receipts of produce to-day have been small, hut irices have given way. Potashes have declined 19J, and ales are now making'at ft,19. The receipts for the week avebcen altout 14,000 bhls. Coffee?The market remains inactive, and prices have downward tendency. Sales have been made of 400 bags at t>J a 10 cents; 300 I.agna) ra, 0] a f., . 30 bids nd 130 bags Cuba, H} a 9J; 100 Sumatra, Hj, all 4 mos; 300 It. Domingo. 7j a 7} cents, cash. 4'otton?The salt-sent-race 9960 bales Upland and Florida, at ft) a 9 cents; 360 lobile, 6 a 9J; and 160 New Orleans. 6 a 10. A sale ol I en* took place to-day which wa* well attendd, and price* were firmly maintained, as follow a : Notes at seven months payable in this city, to lie mad* atisfactory to sellers. Htiox. Cents. Cents. 22 doable hf chests 91 8 do 56 'Id do 91 16.1 Gib host s 69,'^ Ichhsts 04 85 do 60 5 do 57 >h0 13lh botes fJi'4 Yortso Htsois. 35 hf chests 01 2? do 5(1 52 do 87 ?, 211 do 49,S 42 do 75 111 do 49 17 do 70), 271 do 4RH, 57 do 67 26 do I* 16 chests 63U 21 chests 47>{ 5 <|o ia'I 5 do 47 19 do 6IH it" <'o to1* "6 hf chests 61 2H do and 109 hf do 40 10 do tiflt/ 17 ehests 45>? 20 do v.i 02 do 15 10 chests Jllli 15 chests withdrawn 08 do and 00 hf do 5tl 117 do a?d 82 hf do 14', 02 hf ehest, r, do and 79 hi do 41 " *? 56 5 do 42X 'J" 52), 521 cht? Ik 111 hf do withdraw n t 51 13 cases ea 4 I lib hss 62 ' ? do 50H 37 do 61 , htso* Ham. Ji C,"\,U 66 70 do 38 51 20 do 37 I' do Sit 28 do lot, "H 118 do ? r'l }' 1*H 213 do MGt ' 2 <J<' 42 256 do H GO do 10 OvxrowDca. 5 hf chests SI 25 150 6lb botes oil/ 6 do I 22)* (55 131b bott > no 7 do I 12), 100 do and75 20lb do 55U Id do 77 2lllb do jP to lifoji.U *1 01 tMIJlb do jsl; J do I Oil To do \\ 23 il i 70 2# 20lb dn yj 73 Clb bo?e? 02 JO do iO 0J do BIX TwA?nrt 03 hf rhrilt 41 100 do 40 10 do <?X 211 do 3?X PoVCHOUO. 10 chMij IV Sol CH0MA. 174 lil' chests Nina yon* i'J211 <lo X'.j 31 do JI ill do 121 do |:i ill do 21)1, 21 do lit J j-> do w itlidrawn 10 do < IIIU. JlJO mat. 21) More offered at tame price. Philadelphia Cattle Market. Beeves?rilO head, including HO from Ohio were brought in. and about 500, of which :M5 were for New York, sold at $5 a $7 per 100 lbs. us in quality. Cowi and Calves?210 were offered, and mostly sold, at $s a <16 lor dry Cows. $1& a $?4 lor Springers' and a $36 lor Milch Cows.? nugi?^ u ere DTOttgltl 111, utul 410 u rre (old ?t $4 u M 7i per 100 11m. Sheep?1100 were brought in. and nootohl at 51 '40 a 54 each, at in quality. Married, On the 46th instant, at St. John't Church, by the RevDr. Waiuwright, Mr. Dikicl Puiuht to Mr*. Euzaietii L. Carlkton, both of this city. Died, On the 17th instant, Emma Jusi tti:, daughter of Jolin and Harriet Lyon, aged aix months and sixteen days. l'attrngrrt Arrived. London?Packet >hin Pliiladelphia? E Lander, S.iletn; Clias Morris, Joa E Allen, ('ornell Eison, Edward Temdli, Henrv Todd. Joa Walker and lailt, Mias Jane fli ach, Geo smith, E S Smith, E Searlra, E H Oalow?144 11 steerage. Montf.go Bay?Schr Sir Lionel Smith?Mr Rait, NYork; three Miso*s and Master Rait, Mr Stuart, Jamaica. Chahli itom-Shin Anson?F M Weston and lady, Mrs R la Morris and servant, Mrs V G Hall and child. Sir* Vorhees, Mrs McUowtii, Mrs Kail and child. Miss Vernon. Miss McCorinick, Miss Oiiinn, Mrs and Mi? Loring, Messrs Vorhees. Wallace, Risby, Balach, King, E K Weston, W I) Smith, N Peck, C II Btiis), L Bigg, G B agg, A Davidson?and II in the steerage. Savannah?Brig Clinton?Mrs Clay, Mr* Morrell, 2children and servant;R Arnold, lady, 3 children and servant; O Lincoln and lady. Mis* Goodrich, Miss Parker, Miss Arnold, Miss L C Arnold, Miss Clay, Miss K C Clay, Mis.- Gray, Miss E Gray, Rev M A 11 Niles, Rev J Dunbar. I) P Chase, Mr Cliandler, J B Graves, U< Wilson, J Murdoch, W H Wood, C Wood. Savannah?Biig Wilson Fuller?Mrs Andrews and two children, Mrs Rohie and child, Mrs Mawn. Mis Wrav, Mrs Brnwusou, Mrs Bell and servant. Rev Mr Kellogg, lady and children. Miss Andrews, Messrs Martin. Andrews, Gordon, Rohie, Pugh. King, Smith, Stevens, Murphy, Buckingham, L. Munson, llobart, Simpson, liaigel. Q. Mnnsou. Mobile? Ship Mary Frances?Mrs Casey, two children and servant; Mrs Ilaswell and child. Mrs Gage and four children, Mrs Curtis, child and servant, Mrs At wood, Mrs Root, Miss Warner* Miss Bryan, Miss French, Messrs Jaijucs, Frisbce, Lt I VMta/et n. Nr.w Orleans?Ship Oueen Victoria?Mrs Thompson, two children and servant, C Wilson, G Pike?30 in steerage. New Orleans?Brig Tanjuina?Mrs Tajlor, Mrs Scott and servant. Foreign Importations. London?Ship Philadelphia?36 pkgs G B More wood it co? 33 Sitfkin. Ironsides & co?22 J Meyer it son?16 H Robinson?6 J D Wright?30 Woodhul) it Minturn?3C Fiedler?fl Bums it ?*i??tJ Cotrnah?6 Will j ^ Putnam?:! D Apple ton It co?6 M Woolsev?6 Win Vyae?60 J Horsey?21 II T Windsor?% N Leuiiig it co?1 Stokes it Anthony?! Sclioles it co?I T Barton? I Mortimer?1 O Smith?1 Davis, Brooks St co?1 L Cohen ? I L Allen?3 H T Windsor?2 K Curtis?66 eks 7 cs 16 hales 176 tons chalk to order?6 chronometers U S Navy. I Dundee?Brig Janet?( Reported yesterday)?10 bales J Connah?118 W B Torrey?9 Wood, Johnson it Burritt?6 Smith, Thurgar it co?R Tooker, Mead iteo?16 Richardson it Watson ?112 tons coal 130 do pig iron 68 bales 13 bxs to order. Cadiz?Brig Magnet?( Reported yesterday)?2 hhds 34G ?jr eks wine P Harmony it co?10 K Blackburn?1 trunk 1 box 10 lasts salt R Zolda?i hhds 16 or eks 1 butt w ine J B Lasala?60 nrcksdo M Dvewy?30 J it E Boker?90T D lCm?20 ppa lu hhds wine 6 do olives Schermerhorii it Marsh. Domestic Importations. New Orleans?Brig Tarquina?3200 sacks of com to R Bachc. New Orleans.?Shin Queen Victoria.?160 bbls Peaches, 6 ball's hemp. Newbold ot I raft?671 sacks wheat, 278 bbls do, 6 bbls flaxseed, 1 bbl, I kg wax, G. L. Bulkley?710 bids pork, 7 do whi'kev, 2 do beef. 97 do flour, 200 kg* lard, Suydatn, Sage it co ?96 bbls wheat, A. Averill?11 eks copper, Jaimicr it co? 93 hhds tobacco, 72 bales cotton; Boorman, Johnston it co?1363 nigs lead, Roberts it Williams?320 bbls, 663 nigs lead, J. Lee it co?36 bales cotton, A. P. Dey C stal?Ml bbls wheat, Stone it co?911 bl>L pork, 8 bbls flax s ed, 6 bltds bams, 3 tcs llax seed 300 kg* lard, Small, Williams it co?-3 bxs, J. U. Vanvvinklc? 88 bids pork, 4 do beer, Phyb it Williams?18 bales leatbnr. 101 bbls pork, Roberts it Williams?168 sacks corn, R. Bach*?126 bbls flour, Depeyter it Whit.rinrsh?132 bbls flour, Jacob Backer?79 bbls hams. 679 do pork, 46 eks hams, Lee, Dater it Miller ?99 bbls, 18 hall do wheat, 312 bbls corn, 2 do beef, G half bbls beeswax, 9 do flax seed, 34 bbls beans. 72 kgs lard, to order. Moiulf.?Shin Msvy Frances?112 bales cotton to L 11 Hamilton?20 John II TalltiiHii?20 B M.trsball?26 St urge* it Clear man?36 W J Crook it Co?12 Kno it Phelps?217 Miller, Ripley it Co?Ipkge to James Lee it Co?2 1 bos Service?3 L S Ford?2 T Torun-7-1 Isaac S Jaijues?I Jacob S Piatt?1 Clock St Miller?I J I) Dissoswny it Co?G csks oil to ordei?i> Dawrence, Meyer* it Co?3 pkgs H R Hie >t we 11 it Co?1G tierces. G barrels and 3 boxes F Robinson?22 csks, 23 bxs tobacco J it K Roker?I Ihix Jno Better?2 pkgs (.'has Miles?G pkgs Sj>ear it Patten?129 demijohns D S Caldwell?6 A II Krben?I bbl < foodbna it < )o?5 tacks cotton m ad A 11 Palmer. M A RITIMV T-T17.R A t n Departure of the Atlantic Steamer*. FROM FNfiLAXD. FROM AMFRICA. Acadia, Ryrie # June 1 G. Western. Hosken May 21 June 16 Columbia, J u ilk in? May 19 June 16 Britannia, Hewitt June 4 July 2 Caledonia, Lott June 19 July 16 Acadia, Eyrie July 5 Aw*. I G. Western, Hosken-... July 9 A.??c. 4 H. B. ML steamer British Qm-eii.t M. M. Keane,win leave this port oil Tuesday, June 7, lor Southampton, EuiiLmd, ami Antwerp. To Ship 31a?tert. We all ill esteem it a favor, if captains of vi sst Is arriving here, willgive to (Soaaodors It. s. M art in, of our m ws fleet, report of die shipping left at the port whenct they ailed, the vessels spoken on their puiare, t lUt of their cargo, auad kbt fore tan newspapers the) may nave. Commodore Martin wifl board them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate he favor in HQ ' | PORT OF NEW YORK, NAY 29, 18*2. 9UIV BISK 4 40 I MOON RISF9 II 33 UP* SET9 7 20 I HH2H WATF.R" 1134 Cleared Ship Klanl, ( Hreiie n) Wt >sHs, Brerrwu. (?. it V. Schumacher; Ocmulifee, Peet; New Orleans, Kdw. K. Collins it Co.? Barks Neptune, (British) Reicheribunr, Antwerp, Schinidt it Balclien; Atlantic, (Bremen) Grahe, Bremen, .Nfiyerfil Sun ken; Mazenpa, Smith, Cadiz, G. L. Meacham.?Brijts Harmonie, (Swedish) Sefstrom. Amsterdam, Wni. Wcisser; Pantheon, McKales, Tobasco, NVsmith, Leeds fit Co; Dash, (British) llohiuson. St. Johns, NF. Maifland, Kennedy fit Co; Atlas, (British) McCalliim, Windsor, NS; Geo. M. Soule, (British) Nlann. do; Taiipamndv, G<>odrich, Baltimore; Levant, WebI iter. Philadelphia; Watson, D< ?ckray. Portland, Me.?Schrs j Kxchanirr, BUkely, Turks Island, M. Piatt; John A. Lancaster, j Love land, Richmond, A. B. Cooler m CoV Commerce. Km. Baltimore, do do; Traffic, Webster, do; Win. Bryan, Moss, I Middletown; Biltic, Pike, Newburyport, Mass; Mail, Lorui;;. | Boston; LynchburK. Mathias, Richmond; Kmina, Cole, Baltimore; Cms. E. Thorn, Wilmington, N( rem, Atwood, Philadelphia. I Arrived. I .u;n pl:i..i..i. i.:. if c i ?i ?i ? - I a. ??.* ?||||F Iiiiauii|iiifl, Iiwiey, nvimuii 1IIU roru* month, 35 days, with, to John (J. is wold. 2<1 i list* I at 46 30. Ion 28 30, spoke ship Baltimore, Funk, hence for Havre; 22d, lat 11, Ion 60, saw briif Othw, of Boston, steering eastward. Shil> Queen Victoria, Thompson, from New Or leans, and 15 davi from the Bar, with cotton, Htc. to master. Sailed in co. | with ship Glasgow, and saw her 21st,off Loo Key. Ship Mary Frances. Huhhard, 14 days from Mobile, with cotton, to Sturges kClearman. Ship Anson, Bark man. 5 days from Charleston, with cotton, to Geo. Sutton. Swedish brig Hebe, Borgeson, 75 days from ( Vtte.with wine, Sir. to Boormaii, Johnson &c Co. British brig Resolution, Davis, 56 days from Newport. Wales, with 850 tons coal to R. Irvin? #1 pafst ngers. Brig Tamilian. Lodlan), i > dsn (von Nnvi Orleans, with cojrn, to Thompson It Adams. 12th inst. lat 24, Ion 80f spoke ship Amity. Ilall, fro n Monti go Bay for London; 14th, lat 28, Ion If7. sp< ke brie Cuba, Latham, fouii < * alvestcn, Tens, for Now Fork. Brig Cnlia, Latham, 26 days from Galveston, Teias, with cotton, kc. to John Ogden. Brig Clinton, Lyon, 8 days from Savannah, with cotton, lie. to O. Bnlklev. Brig Sterling, Hamilton, 6 days from Savannah, with cotton, to Scott k Morrell. Brig Wilton Fuller, Thatcher, i<> days from Savannah, with cotton, to Dunham & Dimon. Schr I?aac Franklin, Brow n, (of Provincetown) 17 days from Mayagne/., I'll. Writh 173 hhds sugar 63 do rnolaxsex to B. De Forest Ik Co. Sailed in ro. with brig Geo Loyal, Collin*, for NHaven. Left hark Wm Schroder, for Boston, next day; brigs Hibernia, to commence Idg for NYork next day; Sileiiu*, ding; schr Gallant Mary, for Baltimore, next day. Schr Sir Lionel Smith, Simon, 27 days from Montego Bay, Jain, with mdss, to Hogan k Miln. l.Hli inst. off < ape KUnda, snoke British hark Henrietta, 16 days from Lagtina (or La Gnayra) for Liverpool. Below* Three ships, two barks, three brigs. Wind fresh from SSK. General It coord. Lai*!VCHRK>?In C&stine, a fine schr of 125 tons, called the W^Lniia ?iw i- *v?. ?i... w..-. . ?.. commanded by Ctpt Kiifus P Parker. Whalemen. Sj?oken, May 16, lat 36 55, Ion 72, Spartan, of Proviticetown, 14 inn* out, 475 hbla. May 21. fat 37 15, Ion 73 10, America, of Ware ha tn, 10 month* out, 350 bolt oil. The A. spoke 22d innt. Dryade, 800 bbls; 2Ut, Laurel, NB. 70. Sid from New Bedford 26t!i inst. Roscoe, Indian Ocean. Arr 27th, Sf Peter. Pacifc Ocean, with lull cargo (:IV> bbls ?p) oilSpoke Oct 31, lat 3.5 21 S, l<?n 170 10, Warren, of Warren, 2000, 200 3j>; Nov 2, Pleiades, Wareham, 1600 ; 5th, J UK . Warren, 500 wn and 500 a p. Left at Talcahu ma, Jan 18, President, N&nt. 1300, to sail in a few day* on a cruise. The President reported off Jnan Fernandez in Dec, Lalla Kookli, NB. oil not j stated;Robt Kdavards. do, 800. Spoke J*n 2.5, lat 37, Ion 37, Ion . 76, Amazon, KH- 40 ap; 3lit, lai 14, Ion 31, Arabella, Sagharbor, I 70 *|*rm. H poke vi. A ship with X in her signal, h >un I We it, May 21, off South , Shod. An American ?chr showing a white signal v\ itli letter S in the I centre, standing southward, May 15, lat 2.5 35. Ion 63 30. St Lawrence, New Orleans for Liverpool, May 10, lat 32 23, ' Ion 70. I Granite, from Saletn for Cayenne, M ay 1, lat 11 27 N. Ion 10 20 W. Cornelia, lindav* from Baltimore for Valparaiso, Dec 31, l it ' 36 20 S, Ion 72 50 W. Topaz, of Newbern, for Dcmanra, May 8, lat 23 17, Ion 58. j Foreign Ports. St John, NB. May 18?Arr Brilliant, Philadelphia. CI I Burlington, Baltimore; 2lrt, Syrian, NY'ork. Mavaouk.z, May ii?In |w.rt, Sileno*, from Boston, wtf; Hiherni?,for NYork, June I. Slu Gallant Mary, of and for B il- : t i more. Para, May 3?In port, Rovana, Salem, 20 days: Marion, and Black Imvk, both from Miranham, dis-?the only American Mo!ttr.vif>Ko, i April 10?In port, Helen Mar, from PhiI idelplua. ?li?cc; Onlnarr, from the Hie of Sal; lieraid. from I.juque; I hikiM. Bith: Kliubeth, New Vork, eanfo on hoard; Margaret Hogg, from Rio Janeiro for Havana, to vail noon; Kipre**, from Boston; Penn, Philadelphia,just arr; Africa, Boston lor Bneitos Ayrea; Mentor, from Norfolk, for sale; Avalanche, fin Hio Janeiro, juat arr. Teltitnah, from NVork for Bueno* ailed a day or two In-fore. United State* Porta. Tiioma*to*i, April 21? Cld Iowa. NOileans. Krahkfort, May 22? Sid Newcastle, Martinico; ( hallrngc, Philadelphia. Porti. %ffD, May Art helow, a schr so piloted from New York. Hid 2'?th, Hortrnse, Charleston. Nr.wm nvronT. Mayffr?Arr Herald, Philadelphia. Sai.i.m. May 27?Arr Ragle, Para. Sid 2lth, vigilant, (late revenue cutter) Montevideo. Arr 20th. Anverrtta, ami Pennsylvania. NYork. Sid ElisalM-th, Philadelphia. Art 27th, Ln* bee, NYork. Bosto*. May 27?Arr Dt-fdemoiia, NOrVan*; Charlotte, do; Rio Grande, do; Win Schroeder, Mayaftuef; N O Bourne, Hi Mark*; Malaga, Charleston; May, NYork; Klla. Atlantic, I) B Heeler, Hose, and Patriot, Philadelphia; Brad ore, Charleston; ^*'ayette, Areciho; Hn*in Benjamin, Wilmington, NC; Elian Mtna, Wtahintton, NC; New Yoik, Tangier, and Alhion, Baltimore; RHm Matilda. Detroit, Niagara. Lonisi, I'tii-a, "tuit, and Condor, Alban>; J Cooley V Co, Grecian, K n T, II >uier, Jualicc, Victory, Brutua. and <'unbridxc, New York; nlmul, Volta, Van Bum <i>.I Traallci, It Teh t; die id. i hainpion, t>n Idd Aurora, I'np.n. I mb, ();nim and Om\ illo; Baaar, Hataa id rod (lantuu; Kliv-i BurKca, I; Bin no, \\n. (,>| M.nldrln ol. late ?l At Jwtos Bulla. Philadelphia. No Hkiikohi Mat \rr I'luitl'ul Vine I'll,til- .ton, Texaa, Uuayama; Helen, NYmk. MaTTArout n , May 26? Arr Klw Adam- St Jidin., PR.? Loft no Am. : Kdoahtowv Ma\ :>t?Arr Treinnut, Bermuda foi Banuor; Watchman. Work lor Tlioniaalon?kolli ,ld &>lh. In | ort A.1I1, New Hope, and Roll*, IIoLMya Hoi y. May M?In port. Malaga, Cliarh alon for Union; Bradore, do do; Amethy*', N York for Sullivan; lot B, Nantucket fir Philadelphia; 1.liber, New Vork I'm Salem; Mary, do for Mndiaon; Victory, Norfolk for Duxliury; Patriot, Philadelphia for Boifou; Juatiee, N! urk tor do: Ermrern, do ,l<o nitl?n r.. d?.1?1. 1 j? .1... r J- ' .i<>- Diamond, do for 11 tllowell; Superior, do for CherrylWId; Ellen, Bdtitnore for New* bury port: Daniel (roodwin, Philadel1 ohia for Boston; Van Bureu, and Traveller, from Kingston lor Boston. Fall River, May 25?Arr Albania, Mobile. Sid Sarah Lou- | i*n. Baltimore. I Providence, May 26?Arr Palestine, Mobile via New York; Virginian, Mobile; Madison. Charleston: Olivia & Virginia, Fredericksburg; Qieen. Baltimore; Coral, do; Richard Rush, Philadelphia; Calcutta, do; Patriot, do for Pawtucket; Champion, N York; J.n Lanoheer, do. Philadelphia, May 28? Arr Delight, Montevideo; Drlawart, Boston; 4ntares, do; Charleston nickel Providence.-? ('Id Svvatara, NOrb-ans; Philadelphia, Bremen; Uncle Sam, B'?stOli; < ?' I < 1 , I'l nv id. IKr ; W I S 1111 lu. t II. <l". Tl 11, Wl! ft imsburs N Y. Dolphin N York. Bali imori . Mav 2G?Arr America, ( Brem) Bremen; Wankinco, Newport, RI; Ann. Rio; Shetland, Portsmouth; Mary, Providence Cld Pioneer, Bremen. Alexandria, May 26?Arr President, NYork. Sid Pilgrim, Salem. Norfolk , May 25?Arr Lenity, NYork; Mary Jane, do.? The Miiduon, from Bremen, has gone up Jaino. River. Sid Virginia.?-?; Arctic, Rio; Black Hawk, Barbados-*; Mayo, Spanish Main. Washington, NC. Mav 21?Art Time, NY??rk; 22d, Orion, do; Thos k Nancy, do. Old 19th, Chan M Thompson, Philadelphia; Draw Boston; Consul, Newark, NJ; 20th, Sophia, N York; 21th, Patron, do: Time, do. Wilmington, NC. May 25?Arr Regulus, Lydia.and Tioga, NYork. Cld Leonora, St Jago; Romp, Surinam: Wallace, Warren. RI: Grandee, Martinique; Ellen Perk in*, Porto Rico; Repeater, NYork. Charleston, May 26?Cld Kalamazoo, Havre; Effort, Trie*t? ; Richihucto, Quebec. Sid Cabot, Havre; Itnthe, (Br) Si Johua, nb. Savannah, May 24?Arr Vigilant, Middletown, Conn. Chi Calcutta, (Br) L i \?-. | k>< ?1; Chas Joseph, NYork. Mohilk, May 20?( Id Massachusetts, Tampico; Anna wan, N?'WporL RI. New Orleans, May 19?Cld Tarquin. Liverpool; Olive Branch, Port Leon. Arr Sidney, Liverpool; Commerce, Rio Janeiro. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. rPHE$R far-famed and celebrated Pills, from Portugal, are, A wre perceive, to be obtained in this country. See advertisenu nt on the last column of fourth page. mS & C A ST () FF C LOT 111NG? ENTLEMEN or Familie* hying aside articles of wearing J" apparel, and wishing to dispose of the same for rash, can oht no flro in the subscribe] twent) per cent more than fromany other person. , i o mines aim gentlemen about leaving the city being encumbered with a superfluous wardrobe, will And it much to their advantage to vend for the subscriber, w ho will attend them at their residence by appointment. A line addressed to BOX 107 LOWER POST OFFICE, willbfl punctually attended to. m|Hti LEECHES ! LEECHES! LEE< HES.? Hum vn\ line large healthy Smyrna and Geruiau Leeches, lorsale wholesale or retail, very reasonable, or carefully applied by WM. WATSON, Chemist & Pharmaceutist, n?29 lm Apothecaries' Hall, 30 Catharine street. pANKrtUPTCY?SAMUEL OWEN,"Counsellor aj Law , O has removed to 67 Nassau street, the corner of John, where he may he consulted on all imtltffs in Bankruptcy. m28 Imeod'rr Tlic A nt I- \ it^tilnr System of WRITING. GREAT REDUCTION. FROM TWELVE TO FIVE DOLLARS ! "Vf II. BRISTOW (for this season only) las rf.dttkd his 1VL Terms from Twelve to Kite Dollars, thus bringing this Useful Art within the means of ALL, and is guaranteed to be taught in Twelve Lessons of an hour each ! ! Academy No. 235 Broarfica y, itear Park Place. Gentlemen of all ages are iNisitively taught a hold, free, ex veditious \ml finished business-like style of Writing; no matter now illegible at cramped the present nand may be, iSeespeci* nieiis at 235 Broadway.] AND THE LADIES A neat and handsome, delicate and fashionable Running Hand IN TWELVE EASY' LESSONS! . f" VISITORS in Nov York can take a course in Three Days !?Mr. B. is to be seen from 9 to 1 A. M., or I'rotn 4 to 8 P. M. b.y' BOOK-KEEPING taught by double and single entry. Evening Classes from 7 to 9. im9 ln^e $10D0 REWARD. OTOLEN, from Otteiikirk's Hotel, corner of Eleventh and Market streeis, a Leather Trtvelling Trunk, containing |l,M0 in mid II di Eagles of .1941 and IS42; two Tn uury Drafts of $500 each, one of which is torn near the signature; $I,2d0 in notes of the South Bank, Boston; seine Silver Coin; 1.7 gold Lepine Watches, 10 gold Lever do; 2 double cased gold Lever do; 20 siKer Lepine do; 20 gold pencil cases; 2 diamond cluster rings; 10 do enamelled; I gold chased si hi II* box and sundry iwrpers, letters and wearing apparel. Also, 1 piece of black silk. For the recovery of the above property. the reward of $1000 w ill be paid. Apply at the Mayor s office Philadelphia, or at S. M. PIKE, m29 3t*c 29 Stone street. New York. flTILLlAM ARNOLD. M. D.. DENTIST?rwpectfhtly ** informs his Aionds and the public diRt In ma) be consulted as usutl in all branches of his profession, at his residence. No. 5 Warren street. m29 lni*m SHIRTS. TTNITED STATES SHIRT MANUFACTORY,77 WilV' liim street, corner of Liberty, N. Notice is hereby giv< ii to Merchants and traders in general, that the proprietors of the above establishment have adopted a new method of manufacturing which enables tliem to sell their shirts at a cheaper rate than any other house in this city. This statement will be affirmed by the list of prices as follows;? Per I)o?.. Fine Muslin Shirts, with Linen Bosoms and Collars, $7,30 !)'> stitch* <i m the Bosom and Collar 9,00 l)o Colored nne patent*, large sixes .... 7,no Also, a Urge quantity of Bosoms and Collars on hand, which willi? offered ch< ipforcash? ih'.vi|im*i I > i;. BRAND K ETF Hf8 PI LLS. " There are faculties, bodily and intellectual within us, w ith w hich certain herbs have affinity, and over which they have Let nil who are afflicted with sickness give tlie BRANDRETH TILLS a trial; they are recommended by thousands whoin they have cured when all other means and medicine* had proved uuavailBRA NDRETH'8. PILLS are sold ar 25 rent* p r bov, with direction!*, at the following places in New Vorlc. L)l<. BRANDHETH'8 PRINCIPAL OKFICE-211 Broadw i>. Bowery Office, 247 Bowery. 189fa Hudson street. 175 Second street. Observe the new labels, each Iiavnig ii|K>n it two signatures of Dr. Brandreth. So each box of the genuine has six signatures. Three Benjamin Brandreth and three B. Brandreth u|k>u it. ni29 lt*c IMPORTANT THE OWNERS Oh MICHIGAN LANDS. IANDS in the State of Michigan sold for the non-pavtm lit of taxes of I8:t7, will soon be past redemption. Another sale for taxes will shortly take place, from w hich there w ill In no n <k mpdon. Non*n sidi Dt owners will sea tha m cessity "i km* mediate attention to their taxes, otherwise their lands will he I" I ko tie-in. The lift of delinquent be sold it the comtog sale, mi) be ontnifin bj those interested* Taaee paid, lands red d from 1ti sales, dot ?i i recorded and even d< icription of agency ittenoeq t<? in the States of Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Mi louri, Arkansas, lie* lu:* it the North ime* rii hi Land Agency (t si ibltshed in If 17) It Wall t, N< York, by 8. MELVIN, successor to M. Myers. SX? '*t*( I jit. DAVID bUENNA KS the honor of informing hi* U friends and the public that he lias removed from the Granite Building to 175 Chambers street, where he will, without the use of mercury, cure radically, ami in a few days, the most inveterate cases of syphiln disc u*e*. Dr. B remix1* remedy is en tirely free from any corrosive or |>oi*onoiu mineral, and when til ii according to his directions, will rtmov* the nainfnl symptoms w hich invariably follow the abuse (or rather trie use) of mercury, and other noxious medicines so universally admin| istered in those cases. Dr. Brenna\s remedy is so simple that it I can he administered without the least danger of bad consepono-,, lb- patient b,MU4 able during the treatment to attend to his business and live as usual. Dr. Bnsnna's practice it not confined to the cure of die above I disi asc, hut will continue to give hi* professional advice to paI tients, and to administer medicines on the homeopathic system, the only one that has or can ever en re chronic diseases. Office boors, from 10 to 9 o'clock, and from I to " T. M.? Chambers street 175. m29 lmr ARTIFICIAL TEETH. ON THE PRINCIPAL OP ATMOSPHKKIC PR ESSURE. [From the New York Lancet. ] TT affords us great satisfaction to find that the science of Den1 tistry is making such rapid progress in this country. Many valuable improvements have of late years been introduced; amongst them that of inserting teeth on the principle of "atmospheric pressure,w is eminently worthy of attention. We believe that to our talented townsman Mr. Levett, the credit belongs of introducing this improvement, which has deservedly received the unequivocal approbation of many of our professional Iir.-tbr.-n [From the Courier ami Enquirer.], T^ENTISTRV.? If i* not often that we permit onrselves to U speak in term* of eulogy of difcofcrici on iul(jecU which do not come within our province. We have not sufficient knowledge to do it, in the first place, unle** indeed the object lie visible or tunable .and tlii* is the case in the present instance. Mr. Lefelt, Surgeon Dentist, who arrived some time since from London, has brought with him a new method which he Ins put in successful practice here, of supplying the loss of red teeth by artificial ones, without the use of any accessories, such as ligatures, springs or i?egs, now in ordinary use; nor is th? operation when completed followed by any inflammation or pain. He can best describe bin method himself. We will however add, that many patients w hum he has provided with sets of these wry necessary embellishments, are so delighted with tncin that they have permitted hiin to refer enquirers to them who do not apply from idle curiosity, but with a view of nrofittinx by the conviction au actual e lamination will produce. M. LEVETT, Dentist, in "i lin?c 2T|0 Broadway, conicr_of Warren st. dr. kavvcktt, Vf EMBER OK THE ROYAL COLLEGE OK SCRavI (JEON3, of London and Edinburgh, and of the Medical College of Philadelphia, routines his practice to select branch of hi* profession. " Nout empta dolore volnmtns. Dr. F. is anconraged by the uniform success attending his * mad* of treatment in the cure of venereal, gleets, strictures seminal weakness, and inerciKitl affections, together with all ] tlvwe otherbad symptoms which iiiidermme the constitution J and Ij\ tjie foundation of premature decay, either from mal- 1 treatment or any other cause. In such persons the appetite is I g? iterall) defective, and the relish for life almost subdued.? 1 11 1 t U universal! admin d- his tm dii im ' md melt t i 11 . trin| ie I bn - i of the stomach slid give that proper tensity, what ? rood dig</?- I tion requires. His treatise on constitutional or nervous debili- |, ty affords very evfi'iisive observations on setuvl rj initial weakn* ?**, and iincitency brought on by delusive h*ln<?? f, all its attendant symptoms physiologically eipUined. This y work can he obtained at his office, 1% Kulton street, where tlie f, |) n tot be < onsulti i it ill hours of the day and night. r Im^c TO T1IK LOYKKS OK bUl'MiJOK MLai k i t.A ? How<jiia's Mixture !?Thin extremely delirious and uiijia ialien d Tt a , so hiu'lilv celt brmfH in ('and Kiiroj?e, just im I |Hirt?'?|, i< ni?w for islr at the Canton Tr-i Company's GeneraI IV* Kxt ildixhment, 121 Chatham street, New York?in Chi rl I and Si. ii?2I lm*i U7KBB s IMPROVED Bl RNEfcS at , r c?ht. Icm tlisn htrrtdforfi The subscriber ha* now on J hand ifSBrrtl assortment of th? imported 0 "... * i< h I? now < tli r *f the ?l?ov# reduced price*. A jioernl discount ah In lowed all dealers. Best quality of Ornithine at 60CenU|*r ei gallon. Cirn|ihoratra Gas 76 cent*. Call and examine for t? yourselves at So. Ill Grand street, on* door f,.?m Br<?,v?way. >, JAM KB 1(1 N DR. ,v N. B.?All kind* of Limi* altered, bronzed, jjilt and r< |?airrd V It the shortest tmlire, on reasonable terms. *77 |m m j, | JOMK " ' ' d r it lit |? 1r k . , mi i? r?. K. COLLIN A, 56 ftmith I MAI IIINK BLANKKT* ,l. . . sl.-ti, I ' ninre PKR98E fc BROOKS, tl Li forty L I AUCTION SALES. BY THOMAS BELI. 'Storrt Not 23 .tob ?iiu< 115 Pultun strrrt.) " MONDAY _ , , At In1, o'clock. To Iron Msktu, Boiler MAi n. BluckamitJia, Itc.?At (lie corner oi Morton .VIL'I W ndiiiii^tim alrccta, tor rrrh, laic anil cull ?he*i* lor ciittiuK boiler Iron; .. n . u cutting in tilunis ; locks liyea; tay?. wrrncli'., a lull act of lilac luiuitli'* t >o|M; .1 i|uanttty ol liolu, nut., tud nonof itl sr.-. Tl KSI)AY. At loja o'clock, at tin ?alr> rooin. timno-r < lotion*, dry roods, laney and j-I d.;cd articles, i "tf ?s ktocincs. luolnari , fcc.___ I W KU> KSDA Y. At NK o'clock. in the nla rooms, ml at No. 28 Ann str*tt, Episcopal Pie?s. * Splendid and extensive sale of cabinet furniture. * THUR8DA Y. At 10 o'clock, at No.381 Broadway, conu r While st. Large sale of superior fatnilv groceries, choice wines, teas, ptcklei, iiUffi, fruiii i*.' will di told without retort I' entire truly *tni *11* *i<-ck of tin old w ell known < stabluhmeut. Dierroceries and even thing in tni do| irunent ?> >i ttM In I indfreshestqnalitii i; Uv wines tn di sei v -II\ celebrated md need no puAng \ ? *r?I of description ean I ? tin ?ton >r sale rooms, and affords in opportunity foi families and others, is tht itock will be sold in lots to suit |Hircliasei BY HIKLL iw ARC! LARll 8 THIS MOKNaNO, At 10 Nj o'clock, in the sales room. \'.ii h i \ .ale, Dry Goods, Summer Clathing, kt.?A large as* sorfinctit of fancy and staple goods, inrlu'ling hardw are and t ut* 1 lery, dry goods, furnishing articles, together with an invoice of seasonable clothing, including dress and frock coals, jackets, pantaloons, vests, blouses, kr, sic. NIBLO 5. 1)1 NLAP wSi - II ,t (I,. Saloon Njbi | deli, at Auction, on Tuesday, 31st nwt. at i o'clock, P.M. One Thousand Pots of Choice Plant*, consisting <?f new and fine Ddilhu, Geraniums, Roses, Fuchias, Heliotropes, Vcihcnas, Gardenias, Calla*, Lackeuaultias, Ericas, ( actin, htc. , lie. 3l*r SjOTIC E TO FURNITURE BUYERS.?WASHlNUh 3-^1 'PON MEEK8, No. 315 Broadway, next the Hospital, would draw the attention of the public that lie will sell splendid Cabinet Furniture at IU ner cent. less than the same quality of work is now soiling >t too auctions?"consisting of Draws, Couches, Sofia, covered in different colored plushes, satins, and hair cloth, of the latest Spring patterns. <Jl6 6in fga THE RAINBOW MORNKVO LINE for Dm . "H. ?d*AhBAN V. The low pressure 11AIN BO W, will leave the foot of Kobiusou street, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 o'clock. mS i m*11 i ..VI OA * PKOI'Lfci'H LINK VohTaLBANV AND ' dy- .at. j"j?THQY. daily at seven o'clock, P. M.. from JL? 'w the Steamboat Pier between Court landt and Liberty srteets, (Sundays excepted.) The steamboat ROCHESTER, ( apt. A. P. St. John, leaves ^ Tin sday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at seven o'clock. The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard, Monday, W? dneaday, and Friday afternoons, at seven o'clock. The steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain M. 11. Trueadrll, leaves Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons, at five o'clock, for Albany and intermediate places. I The above boats are new and substantial, are furnished with L elegant state rooms, and in all res|>ects are uuuurpassed among the Hudson River steamers. Forpassafe or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultz, at die once ou the wharf. m28 q N?W YORK AND NEWARK. From the foot of Courtlandt street, New Vork. * (Everv day?Sunday un< vptcd.) \ Leaves New York Leaves Newark At 8 A. M. At I P. M. At 7% A. M. At \K P. M. 9 do. 4 do. 9 do. 31* do. ^ 11 \\ do. lOj* do. 5l4 dc. J! 6 do. 7 do. 11 8 do 10 do. ?ON SUNDAYS. * Fiom the foot of Liberty street. s Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and tW P. M. At 12 Noon and 10 P. M. NEW YORK. ELIZA BETHTOWN. RAH WAY AND c NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. ^ From the foot of Liberty street, daily. 1 Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. * At 9 A. M. At 7>? A. M. 4? P. M. .11 A. M. ^ SOMERVlLLE Stages connect with these lines each way. Fan bo twain Now York and Bonervillji, 50 cents* Do do New Brunswick, n'j cents. Rah way. 50 cents. Elizabethtown, 25 cents. f The fare in the 1% A. M. train from New Brunswick, and i\ V P. M. train from New York, has been reduced between E .Now York and New Brunswick, to 10 oonts* J and Railway to 37)? " si The Philadelphia mail line passes through New Brunswick for New York very evening at 9 o'clock. g On Sundays tiie 7H A. M. trips from New Brunswick is n imttted. It Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re- a ceiveaferry ticket gratia. Tickets ara received hv me con* u Juct?ir only mi the d.n when pun has?<l. iii2(i 3ni? / jffily jiffy OLu^^TABLlSiT^nt'ASS.I^GF^oT'FIClfli^^Sriii. Second Cabin ami Steerage Passengers, from Great Britain and ? Ireland, No. CI South street, New York. The subscribers con* ^ tiinir to make engagements in this city for passages from Liver- ^ pool of persona residing ill England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, whom their friends in this country may wish to send for. " The Snips composing this Liue sail every week; they arc all . of first cI?ss, eio peied, and American built; commanded by " skillf ul and careful men; and the frequency and punctuality of their departure preventsjtlp heavy expenses which often occur a' by .delay in Liver|x>ol, particularly as agents of the first respect ability arc bow cnatfeu there, wnocanbe depended on. Per* sons who send for tlieir friends, may rely that every attention ( will he given by them to promote the comfort of the passengers " Steamboat* are regularly running to Liverpool from the various C ,?mh w, ik iaiki, oiuuaim, nr., uy which ft irit passage ran be guaranteed. The fire from Liverpool to New York is now con- P siderably reduced. Drafts of any amount to assist in preparing V for the voyage are given at this office, payable throughout the United Kingdom. Applications from persons residing in the sr country, post paid, will be promptly attended to, and passages sj fiom New York to Liverpool can also be engaged on the most ai reasonable terms. JOHN HERD-MAN, ItlOi 61 South street, one door east of Wtill at* m AAy.' FOR LONDON.?RejjnUi picket of the first of 41 WriMfV Join-.?The splendid well known pieket ship, MESk?flsl)lAT()i{, ( apt. Chad wick, will *ail as above her rj regular day. Ha* handsome accommodations for cabin, sc- 1 cond cabin ami steerage passengers. Apply to JOHN HERD MAN, {; m29c hi- South street. / FOR LIVERPOOL.?Tin first class wa ll know n \ wMMFy Ship Talbot, Captain Stole y, will inert with quick h ^UpHhiB'leJpatch for the ahove Port. For (might or passage in i Labia, second Cabin or Steerage, having excellent accotninoda* tiocs, apply on board the slop, at Pier 12, East River, or to I JOHN HEKDMAN, 61 South st. v N. B.?Passage from Great Britain and Ireland, (via Liverpool) can at all times be secured, aod limits furnished for any a mount j?ay able throughout the Uuited Kingdom by applying as c above. m29c 8 K(7K LIVERPOOL?NVw Line?Kcirulur 11 ?#vypark t of 2ath June.?The splendid packet ship fc Jmm?('A1^IU< K, Captain Win. Skiddy, of 1000 tons, will * sail its above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations Unequalled foi splendor or comfort, apply on Ci board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS St CO. South street. Price of passage $100. yj The (racket ship KOSC1US, Captain Collins, of 1000 tons, " will succeed the Gwrick, and sail Sftih July, her regular doy. Passengers may rely on the ship* of tins line sailing punctually c' ii uveitiMd retOc . PASSAGE FOR LIVERPOOL?1'nited Line - t\ vPSMfV 1 he splendid, fast sailing packet ship ROCHES- i, ^r1 fiiiliw TER, Capt. Wood house, is now loading, and will (' meet with innnediite dwpitch. This iliip has unsurpassed accommodations for cabin, second f in i itoeragt piiNQgi i For passage early application should be made on hoard, foot *' of Burling Blip* oi lo 3 W. fit J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck Slip, '? m20c corner South street. 81 KOR MARSEILLES.?Tli. .uih-ri?.r bark EVER- *! Mp3rS>TON, Capt. Mayo, ^ wi 11 !) dispatched on or before JJ, jflHafeltaatlu 15th June. h or freight or passage, apply to BOYD Si IIINCKEN,. }J m28c No. Tntuiue fit ilding. PAHSA( ?E FOR LON DON?Packet ut Urn! ..( el June.?The splendid, fast s tiling packet ship TlEDI- m rB iJuas 1 TOP ('apt Chadwick, sails positively as above, her regular day, having splendid accommodations for cabin, se- ? coiul cabin and steerage passengers. Those wishing to secure -r berths should make early application on board, or to 1; W. fe J. T* TAPSCOTT. m27 43 P. ek slip, - or. B<mUi at. I) A4 K ET~8111 l~0 N EID A fr? ?m H A V R E.-< omignees C T will phase ?en?l Uieir permits on board, at pier No. 3 North River. fj All fOod? not permitted by the tftli inst. will be sent to the < public tore. m2l II 1^ N< J LIS 11 M A11. II L? ft? i B . o. I', .r tin l<o\.?I ^ I ?11 ~ * * St'-.imer " Acadia," from Boston for LiverjK>ol, will close at Hirudin & ('oV Kvnresn Office, No. 3 Wall street, Tuesday, M ?y list, at I o'clock, P. M. Sin til package* of fn ight alio n reived as above. Letters by this conveyance are insured as brim; in season for the Steamboat Mail. | m2t It r IIAIINDEN k CO. PARK PL A(' K HOP SR. a STRANGERS visiting tlie city for business or piermire, and wishing the comforts of a private Boarding House of the best description, will find this a Very pleasant location. Fronting upon Park PI tee, Broadway and the Park. It* beauty of position is unrivallek. The House has been recently refitted throughout and prepared for the reception of company, by r. a. ELLIOTT. No. I. Park Place, MiyfL in ?7 tr (,r vrOTICE.?The Ortee for KKANCIm' PATENT I.IKK * N JJ() V P is in -v d from 112 to 11 IIroad w iv. mtl lm> " LEARY & CO'S FASHION?SUMMER?1842, J FOR 1,11 GENTLEMENS' HATS, Ci WILL UK I.TrROOVCRD tei Mmy 'Zeth9 ,w AT l NOS. 4 & 5 ASTOR HOUSE, ^ 7 m< m% Iwisc _ Nt '400,000 L* Norms Kesrara, j?*' [ANDED from the brig Oluo, fr?rm fiiwna, of superio quality, for sale in lots to suit purchaser*, at rca*< uahl . jriccs, by M. RAOER, 4C (.'hath tin street. r , mIO 1 in* nr \ | |{ uid \FftS. 1 E. IIOUS beg leave n spcrffully to in- ^ ** form their friends, and the public, that llicir Bt n? fit w ill ujj ake place on .Monday nest, May; 30, on which occasion will In fril M-rforined the Opera of The Mod of Sa*ony, and other enter* . aininenU, is will be announced hi future advertisements. . . _ m27 It rc pHEMIl M DAHLIAS l u cribei s I for sale two to three tlnuis oid riafm-1 Dahli?s,in Us, strong 0* ealthy I'lnnNj fmm U t ? If: in< h- > in height, w. II r.>..r ?t :.n < ..f x choicest kir?<I ; 111 addition to which they hive nidrd the n? nt of last ypur'i prize flown r* from England. Our atork o| tie i ihli 'i hoio ii* i illy known to In- one of tin- best inthi* n>im> hi ), thai any further comment it deemed unnecessary. The lu< nrea will i>*a iu roiifnrrnity to the thru <, vii.. one doMi hue <?? irietiea, hy name, do. very fine, $5; do. extra fine, $7 50: wi ijverior, $10 to $15?all Warrant#da* represented. u* Catalogue* furni?hcd on application to an NIBLO k DUNLAP, oh 576 Uro.nlway. foi All ordera thankfully received and promptly executed. rl? mt4 lw#r (ji In Cutli ?' H u W d Kit *,r. PI!IS Spanish pio\. rh a pidie\ most cir. Ilentl t" *"Iim of ^ I the N-w York Hair Oil manufacturers who ir. ma kmc ^ reat nnite hy their grand composition*, when they have Inld ads thernselvea. But PASTOR'S OIL it not only ^nod for rery body's hair, to destroy dandruff and Prevent hair from f| irn?ng ^'rey, hut it also an ? xc l|eiiT Oil t?> Veep hit own hair pial to any hair in the world. This boa*tin* it not intended ?rthcrityof New York, win rr; for the laaf sixteen wan. I Me )?? mi pro tioiiK the hair cuffing business, but a- I 'in ?< II- ' " i- a great < | u ?lit it \ of oil for the cotnitn . I w ant f ? put the in * ft their guard against *otne l>aM head (<>?d* that r,r', 7?*i i lery lunly't Inir groat except their own. A I'1"'"1 , . ' i-eii the luodiiee of 21 years' < Xj? rieiice V <m ?! , w Ih?I? >iIi a id retail, at I65 (treenw|rh?treef. New \ ork^ p \SXfIli I rice, 5(1 cent? j cr bottle, highly p- rfuimrd. mlW lm* C m \.M! SKMhVi'S. NIHLO'S r.AKDEN. f I MiE Proprietor ol thi? fashionable resort respectfully be^'s ii^ 4nn,,un* " public ofNVw Vnrii, that the *easou w ill comment on Wednesday Juue 1st. when the wonderful Kav# I r tmiU m^menfed by arveial i-mim nf artists Irotn I aris, aiiu iu?w ttutnhi im jvrsoiii, will appear. Many costly ininrov.-mrnu have he?n effected during the re? ss, bt>lh III tlie (iratiil HaliMui to,.\ Oirdeu. Tbe fori net has l?? eii re-decorated, and the latter fill-d w ith rare and beautiful 'illrubs and r lower*. Kdy, the inimitable Pj rotechntst, has been engaged for some niiiitlwJM*I iu riccvlliut, at an uun?iul *p. n?? , a aerie* of novel displays in hi* pleasing art. The rnmilllKlr. IVtu.Kali wtueti la?t y .?,. such mieiuivoral satisfaction, will be resumed by a lull and efficient Irchestra, under the direction o( Mr. K. Woolf, front ( .item J.irden, Loudon, and no effort will be left iimn, d to merit the tti'lbjvr patronage bestowed on thi. nubliilimrnt lu-rei,. Till Utrdeli H ill III- thrown o|* n at bait |?a-l 7 preri.elv, anil In uiilueiiients commence at 8 o'clock. Admission, M * 'ruts. N. II.?A limited number of Season Ticket* Hill In issued. ni2l r CHATH AM TMMATXUB. Benefit nf Mr. E. Forrest. MONDAY EVENING. May m?The performance will comiimiu-r with THE LADY OK LYONS. ("Unite Meliiotte, Mr K. borrest. Col Daman, W. Jones. Scaiisaut Mr Hall | Glavis, C Meslayer Pauline, Mist Josephine Clifton To eoneluilr with PIZ ARRO. Holla, Mr K Forrest i'ixarro, Mr Hn Id | Alotixo, Mr Hall I 'or*, Mist Mestmyer Elvira, Mrs Blake Doois h ill o|an in future at a quarter past 7 o'clock, and the :urtaiu will rise at a o'clock punctually Dret? circle, 75 cents-Botes. 10? Pit, Ifr-Private Buses, $?'. OLYMPIC TIIKATRF, VtONDAA EVENING, May Jo.?The performances will com melice With LOVES OF THE ANGELS. Jap, Mitchell | Knr.ili, llorncastle. Lilis, Mrs. Mottop. After which BOZ. Box, Horncatile | Sam Weller, Miti hell. Mrs. NoreltfObble, Mrs. Watts, After which SARATOGA SPRINGS, rimothy Tapcwell, Mr Mitchell 'eter Posey, HuriictiaJe Mrs 1 aprwcll, Mrs T imm Mi's Bluestocking, Mrs Watt To conclude with BOB SHOUT, llr Dinwick, F.verard | Bob Short, Horticastle r.?ther Dipwick, Miss Randall Mrs Tieknot, Mrs Watts Dress Circle, Jt) cents?Upper Boxes, 2i cents?Pit, Is.?Pritie Boxes, Si The Doors will in future open at 7 and the Curtain will rise a .alf-pasl 7 precisely NEW YORK. MtlBBtA ( Formerly known as Peale's,) Ar<>. 2.VJ li)uailway, opposite the City Hall. rRK.MKNDOUS ATTRACTION !?INCREASED NO VELTY ! MONDAY, May 23, and every evening during the week. flu- S ??| Dunchteis of the WESTERN FOREST. INDIAN WARRIORS and SQUAWS, under the direrion ol Mi. P. TaKe, will present a series of remarkable exliibiions of tin- various modes and ceremonies of sav ice life, coiiisting of the superstitious, religious rites, warfare, hunt nig artiev, rouucila, revels war songs, dauees, Sic. of the MM. ini ilk, F.sq\JIM.1UX, s.1c, FOX. senec.i, WINNHHa'l (rO, and other distinizmshul Tribes. Miss KMILIK, tin- charming Vocalist. together with Mr. HIAVV, from the London (Concerts, and Mr. BIll'CK from lia Park Theatre, will ?ing a number of favorite noui;*. The Indian* will perform this (Wcdnoidny) aftemoon, and Saturday, at three o'clock, together with a variety of other atraetions. (See Bills.) Mr. A. Kurs will preside at the Pianoforte Lecture Room performance to commence at half ptst eight >'clck precisely. The greatest curiosity in the world, the Vermont Dwarf, vho is 21 year* old and weighs only nineteen f>oiintL#, and lie Irish Giant, 7 feet 2 inches iu height, to be seen day and veiling. The splendid exhibitions of Sw itzerland, NalUral 13ridge ol Virginia, will remain here a short time. Animal Magnetism every afternoon at four o'clock. Day performance every Saturday afternoon at three o'clock. Admisiiou to all 25 cents. ni23e AMKKM A\ Ml SKI >1. NORNER OK BROADWAY AND ANN BTKKKT ? ^ P. T. BAHNUM. manager. EVERY DAY AND EVENING THIS WEEK, commencing on Monday, Mar 0. Best attraction in the city! Day visiters admitted the ime evening FREE, MASTER JOHN DIAMOND, the great and original Hero dancer, whose renown has induced others to assume his aine, has just returned from a two years' absence at New Or fans, and will appear in his womh-rfnl dances and breakdowns, ccoinpanicd bv the celebrated \\*. \V HIT LOCK, with Ids nrivallvd Ethiopian Melodies and Extravaganzas on the iANJO. One more week of the mysterious GIPSEY GIRL ! She an be privately consulted during the day. 15 INDIAN WARRIORS and SQUAWS! dressed in ie NATIONAL COSTUME, are engaged for this week MISS ROSA LIE, the Vocalist; LANSING, the Comic inger ; CELESTE, the Dancer .ANIMAL MAGS' / > 7AM. NIAGARA FALLS, ALBINO LADY; GLASS LOWING. Sraml Cosrporama, and more NOVEL CURIOSITIES latt are contained in any five museums in America. A splendid day |>crformaiice every Wednesday and Satuu'1.7 fternoon. Admittance to the whole 25 cents?children half price. m22 c 1IIU rs?WKLi II ^ MANN will play (o Rochesterf on Monday, Tuesday ami Wednesday, 2ld. 21th and 25th; 'aledonia, 26lh; Genesee. 27th, and Sparta. 28th. CARD ANU NOTICE I'd TRAVELLERS, iui.1 th? itblic generally, resident in the State of NfW xork and Western Division of the country. Messrs. WELCH it MANN hope and believe they can pw ;nt to the lovers of the noble science, Horsemanship, a most deiidid Circus Company of Riders, each a picked equestrian id a star in his own department. The,Grand Tent Saloon is new, spaciousv and highly arcoin lodating; the housing and decorative trappings are rich, novel, id of the very first order. The Orchestra comprises the best available Native and Fo ign Talent, and will enable the lovers of music to hear the nest compositions of the Great Masters admirably played.? vtiiong the performers will he found tin* names of the unhrrillv celebrated f J. ROGERS, the Star of the Hon Ji. .u all is beautiful Hliakapearcau ami magical one horse act#?J.J )adw allader, and hu wonderful pupil, John Gletiroy, will|iour rav their beautiful one, two and tl?ree horse acts of operatic allet, aided by the four Misses Wells, the most talonied and iiteresling children in the Union. The astounding Italian Gymnastic Scena of Ms. Rislcy and lis infant sou, must electrify all who behold a series of such vondcrs J TI.M P..? . .U-. r, XI :? r? :? 1 The fashionable and astonishing Equitation of an t It rant oroiMiiv of Ladies, headed by the accomplished Oil V tMfTH, cannot fail to excite a sensation a* surprising as de thtlul. The g re at est living, Mr, G. Sweet, willdl#lay his superb Equilibriums and splendid Dances on the 1 iglit loin. The first Comic Singer of the Day, Mr. Dickinson, will o<> isionally introduce a series of the nu>st iwqnilar songs?the reat East Indian Necrornatic Feats by sir. Jennings. Most superalatn w Egyptian Pyramidical Vaulting by a fully dented trout*?single horse acts of dash and dare, by .Mr bwiid. Twenty performers will represent Grand Historical Cava! ide Pageants, withtne beautiful stud of Horses. And in accordance with the taste of the day the most excel lit and |?opular specimens of Negro Son* ami Dance by that lotiarch of Heel and Toe, the iucouiparnhle John Smith, aided v light heeled Toinrny Coleman, the great Banjo l'layer, W. hesnut.and the Prince of Paganinnies, It. Hoffman. n25 2.HEAT AND NOVEL ATTRACTION AT T0fc J KLYSIAN FIELDS!?Free Concerts d'Kte, a U Muird, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Afternoon, from % o'clock, to g)9 o'clock, to commence Monday next. To nder the inducement to visit these deligh'ful ground* irre stable, Mr. McCARTV, the lessee of the place, lias the plea ire to announce to the public that he has effected a short en moment with a Band, consisting ten Professors of a high or rr of talents, and led by Mr. E. Myers. They will |H-rform a lection from the Operas of the rno<t admired composers, with iforite overtures, ravatiua*, *allo}*ades, Ike. 6cc. The beauty of the surround iiu; scenery, combined w ith the ic.ellence of the intisic, cannot fail to yield a gratifying amus? ? nt to those who may iiouor hiiri with their company, m22 101 r ^REWORKS, CRACKERS. AC. F 0 URTH J UL Y, 1842. COUNTRY and city dealers in fireworks, will find it to their ^ advantage to call and examine an extensive assortment tin best quality, at R. AYLIFFK'H old establishment, Hti liatham street A large quantity of fire crackers just received, emembcr the sign of the two mammoth sky rockets ami gold 'V m2l tjyl*r LEMON SYRUP, &' RE AT REDUCTION IX THE PRICES. KA( \ Boxes Leniou Syrup, first, second, third, and fourth qualities. 10IM) boxes Harsanarilla and Rsspher v Syrups. 600 do Pine Apple, Ginger, and Strawberry Syru|m. 100 do Orgeat Syrup. 400 do Stoughtou's and Wine Bitters. 1000 do Assorted Cordials, Cordeaus, Martinique, Am sterdam, and Italian 400 hbls am) half bids Cordials. 10 do Liquor Coloring, 200 boxes Rock Candv, red and white, 200 gross Extract of Lemon. All put up in fine slopping order, and for sale at reduced ices at the old establishment of JOHN B. KEY, 31 Burlirg Slip. N. B.?Dealers will find o for rl?#ir i.?? ?...?- ..-it A ire basing plirwhevf. in2.'j1m# r?CAMPHENE. IT EBB. through l?i* inventions ol the articles known a* * Cainpheiir mid Webb's Burners, by thrown too mam ;ht throughout this country for Years past, to admit of an hteuri! public beimc led away ty any advertisements which ?V seein to convey the idea that ine genuine < -ampnene can obtained any establishment in ibis city, except at the old tablisbed EMPORIUM OK LIGHT. 41ft Broadway, corner inal street, w hich is conducted Under the immediate superinidetice of the subscriber, who it well known to be the origiI invi ntor of the same. A. V. H. WEBB. General Snpt. n22 2wis*c 41ft Broadway, cor. Canal ?t. Ik< hank AC Camps-removal".?1tv .nwntwr 1 l>cg* to inform his customers and others, that be has re >ved his DEPOT from IT? Broadway, to the new warehouse i. 20 John street, tieai Broadwaywhere Ins establishment i increased accommodations, and he is prepared as hereto* ? to furnish all the variety of these moat beautiful Lamps, il every article a pertaining to lliein, at the lowest possible es. He would particularly invite the attention of th? proprietors Hotels, Lihraiies, public or private, and all other large ?sdishmeiits to the great inducements be is now prepared to ? r them to light with bi? Lamps, which are entirely free m any thing offensive, and produce the moat agreeable light Mllile, at about one half the cost of gas. K. I). BAXTON. Successor to A. Discern, 20 John street. The agency at Philadelphia is continued as heretofore, at U.? v >11111 street, and in Boston, VJ Treinont Row. mif. Iwis c TAUTU AL AM) M \ TIIK\1 \TK Al. ACADEMY No. % Ann Hit***t, New York, centre of the city.?Genmen, dedrotia of <?1?r.lining, in flic moat cony !?to manner, I in a very ?hort tune, at * small niienar, tin? following very rrative vocation*, commanding lh?- lii?h?l aalarir*, lo Mir, < no-try, Trigonometry, Astronomy, C>|?ti??, Geograjphv, tii thr Ut'-,*, Navigation. Lunar Observation*, p of Chronometer*, kr. rornplet. . All kind* of surveying <1 engineering, the practical u*?- of instrument*. both in thr servatory anil in thr fn Ms, and those jut in thr Iwst order r nar. The requisite instrument* are kept for (irai-lising an ilr tun , civil, imi if marhinrry, hrid/# ?. lie. with e*timate?. lining with thr rod*, to the gieatest exactness, in? imirattott. ititig, by an caav method, in a few lesson*; arithmetic, far [wriorto anv other method, calculating all thr monies, istlit* and measure* of every place, to that of each other bv eviaUd theorem*. Book-Keeping, embracing* rnrrranrrlr nr?e w ith all thr nation*. H. C. ftHAHRKFK, Piineipnl. ii!8 3t#c With A*si*t ant*. Xi MANOR OS LONDON.?B.ll? of, at Ml. W, 15, 7 day*, and at tight for any amount, mi Me**r*. I res. , Orote, Ames k Co., Banker*, London, can always Im oh cd by applying to tin- suhtrrfhers. ROCrtK BROTHER** Co. Tie i i K nil n ?i.. door i" th? r rillirn II ink. DLLKl tTONH nil .11 |?rf. ..I ?? - I lllt. il, Ill nlr mi thr mn*t f.vnriiblr t.rmt.b) ^ ^ SYLVK8TKK 2?C ti Vv.ll ?t, and 1 JO Bru.dwa),

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