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May 30, 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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* " TH Vol. VII.?-No. 133. Whole No. 3000. Hmgulak Ij.\( kins. ~ NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. New Voik. on the &?lli anil Liverpool on the Ulli of each month. m m M m E mom Nkw York. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain E. A. Depeystar, 2Mh May. Ship UAKKICK, Captain Wm. Ski Joy, 2ith June. Ship ROS('ll;S, Captain John Collins, 2,'jfh July. Ship SIDDONS. Captain E. B. Cobb, 24lh August. hkiim llvt hi'oiii.. Ship SIDDONS, Captain K. It. Cubb. Pith Junr. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain E. A. Deia-yster, 13th July. Shu. (SIKRII K. I'.plain Wm. SUiihly, 13tli August. Ship ROSC11/8, C iptain John Collins, 13th September. These iliiiK ari all ol ihr lirsi clais, upwards ol lutHllons, built in tb? city or Newt York, with such improvements as combine great sprnl with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care lias bei ii takeu ill the arrangement of their accommodations. The pace uf passago hence i? Slud, for which ample stores w ill be provideil. These Uii|w are commanded by experienced masters, who will inake every exertion to give general salisfaction Neilhar die captains or owners of the shij>s will be resp.nsible for .ruy letter., parcel* i r lockages sent by tlieui, unless regular b'lls of lading are signed therefor. The; nips of this line w ill hereafter go armed, and their pernliar consi ruction giies the in security not possessed by any other but vessels of war. r-..:..i? ... E. K. COLLINit CO., 56 Snnth st., New York, or to VV.M. b J AS. BROWN b CO., Lirerpool. Letters by tlir packet. will Iw c! arird I?,1., ct uu pcrsiuglo sheet; JO cents per ounce, and newspapers I cent each. iii7 NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SF.COSU LJSE.) M. M. M. M "Hieshipt^if thisTrwew^T hereallcMcjie Newton^m the 1st and Havre on (lie ICth of each month, as follows : From A'etc York. From Havrt. The new ship ONEIDA, l 1st March I IGtli April Captain < 1st July v 16th August James Fnnik, ( lit November/ Kith Deerniber Ship BALTIMORE, 1 1st April i 10th .May Captain a 1st August < 16th September Edward Funck, (1st Deecem'rr 16th January ShipUTICA, list May I 16th June Captain < 1st Septembers 16th Ortnber! Frederick Hewitt, ( 1st January fltith February New shipST.NICOLAS, \ 1st June i Kith July Captain < 1st October < 16lh November. J. B. Pell, ( 1st February ( ltitn March The accommodations of these slops aie not surpassed, combining all that may be required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is $100. Passengers will be supplied with every requisite. with the exception of wines and liquors. CJoods intended far these vessels will be forwarded by the subscribers, free from any other than the expenses actually incurred on tiiv in. For freight or passage apply to BOYD b HiNC KEN, Agents, a8 9 Tontine Buildings. FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. kfcSiy >&K- rfftv sffiN For llsc better accommodation of shipper^it is intended to despatch a ship from this port on the 1st, 5th, wilt, 15th. 2nth, and 25lli ul each month, commencing the Kith October anil continuing until May, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disap|>oiiitiii?nts will b< prevented during the summer months. The following ships will commence this arrangement : Ship YAZOO. Captain Cornell._ Ship OCONEE. Capuiu Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Flilliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Shi,. SI1AKSPEARE, Captain Miner. Ship GASTON. Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSViLI.E, Captain .Mumford. Ship OCMULOEE, Captain Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE. Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain MuliorL y for packets, are of light draft of water, hare recently been wly ctjrpercdandput in splendid order,with accommodations tor passruscrs unequalled fir comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every' exertien to give Seneral satisfaction. _ Tliey will at all times be towed up and own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captains of these ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullioti, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or for any letters, parcel or package, sent by or put on board ol them, unless regular bills of lading are taken for tile same, and the value thereon expressed. For freight or pass aye, apply E. K. COLLINS St CO.. 56 South St.. or HULLIN k WOODRUFF, Agent tu New Orleans, who wil| promptly forward all goods to Uieir address. The shiiM of this line are warranted to san punctually as advertised, and yreat cart will he taken to have the goods correctly measured. ml STEAM NATIO-^^^^^^VEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, vui?souTiMMp ro.v. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. Kvsnv, Commands', n. The days of departure of litis well-known Steamship, have been fixed as follows S From Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York, On 4th Mav. 18-12. On 7th May, 1812, On 7th June, 18 IS 11m. 10th July, 7th Aug., " 7lh Sy*. " Wth Sept. " 7th Oct., " Price of passage, meals not included, to Southampton oi Antwerp, $70?Steward's fees, S"J The meals will 1m1 served on board, en the plan of a continental hottl, in the besl manner, and at fixed and moderate prices, piaseii-cr* being only "harped when partaking of the sain-. The price of passage to either of the above puts can also br rugaxed if preferred, with nnals and steward'* fees included fot 7 621s cents, exclusive of w ines. An experienced Surgeon acoompaiiies the ship." For freight or iiaasige, or any further information, apply to H W T. Ir 11. MALI. Airent.s. i226m*r 41 Bvaverstrect. IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS. RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the Traiuioruiiou of Goods between Philadelphia and Pittshurg. Thi? improvement in transportation atfoids to Western Slerchants peculiar advantages. i'hf yoods being carefully packed in the boat* at our warehouse, No. 363 Market street, are carried orer the Columbia and Portage Railway* without tiaushipment. Careful e'aptums ami crows are employed, who Like charge of the goods at Philadelphia, and continue with them the entire route, thus avoiding delays and the liability of lots being separated on the way. N. B.?Passengers forwarded tn Pittsburg and Pottaville, every day, Sundays excepted. H. STORKS, Aitrnt, a!2 3m* 7 Washington street. RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINK. THE NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation Com* pany have established a Freight Line between New Brunswick and New Yurk, which they intend to iuu permanently. Leaving New Brunswick at 5 A.M. daily, (Sundays excepted) snd the foot of Liberty street. New York, at 3 P. M. To coilutrv Healers and merchants tne above line is very desirable for tne s|w*edy anit Cneap conveyance ol merchandise of every description, smi more particularly to Drovers and Dealers in Live Stork, who can liase 130 head of cattle convey, d between New Brunswick and New York, the same day whenever required. The ratre for the transjiortatinn of cattle, horses, mules, sheep, hogs, fcc. and all other kinds of merchandise are verylow, never exceeding strain boat prices. Merchandise sent by this line is not subject to any extra charge in croxaing the North River. The Company have fitted np a large storehouse at New Brunswirk, adioining the Railroad l)e|>ot, which will always tooprn for the reception of metrhandise. Passengers purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive Irrry tickets gratis, mil 3tn? FREIGHT AND PARS AGE TO PITTSBURG. jWnsntibiajh B I N O n~AM'S L IN t!7 The proprietor* of Bingham's Transportation Line tc Pittsbun:, give notice to the Merchants of New York, and all other persons shipr-ina to the West, that their line is now in active ojwrntior Ucnffs consigned to thrin (or sent to go in their litis,| will lie forwarded wkh despatch. Owners or shippers of goods, destined for the Western States, who hive no agent or rotwignee st Pittsburg, will please council their goods to William Binfham, Pittsburg, who will attend to snipping til such cunMguinenta without All good! be marked distinctly on eacn package BINGHAM'S LINE. Ton i!M of freight, wbicb are aj low aa any other lino. npply o WM. Tf SON, A(tnt. No. 8 Wear itreet, opposite PUr No. t, N. 11. N. B. Panenseri forwarded to PitlahurK and rottaville,every day. Sundaya excaptrd. Refer to R. Crook!, Arreriran Fnr Co. ; 8. T. Nicoll, Front itreet ; PIleliw, Dodge It Co., Fulton atreet ; Suydair Safe It Co ; Wm. Rankin, Dnryrt it Co, Newark. nifl 3in PEOPCE'S-LIVE FOR ALHANYT ^61 And intermediate placei, from the Pier Ibot ol fci. . i * _ atreet?Pare $1. V M Th* NORTH AMERICA, Captain M. II Tnrearlell, leaeea aa alroee on Tueaday, Thursday and Satur day afternoona, at J o'clock. For paaaage or freight, apply on board, or to . P. C. 8CHULTA At the office on the wharf. N B.?All kind! of property taken ouly at the ruk of ftn t wnera thereof IIII'lr j&" M. ri&t PA8?A<IF. FROM ENGLAND IRELAND. SCOTLAND AND WALKS. TJERSONS He?irona of roakiiig engagement! for friend! tc I emigrate from the ()|d Country to the United Starve ami who may v?i?h to arctire for thein despatch and comfortable accommodations. will find it tbeir interest to apply to the ?nb ?crtl>er?, who aie at all timea r, re pared to make ancli arrange me ore U will guarantee aatiafaction. Tbe veiaela c >tn|?> Oil! line are all of the lir?i class, one ol wbirh leave? Llvrryito weemi , minr<p,eiiliy all urn. n in- '?Jir?tU"l II avoided. A* ha* alwaya been rtiUomarv wilh tl?i? line, when thoae aettleil for decline cnmin*( nut, ihe paaaagc money ii re. funded, wilhM anv deduction. T-n'v per atramer IVotn th? varinua port* ol' Ireland ui<l Scotland, can likcwiae be *o cured. For further particularsapply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Office, 273 Pearl at., C. GRIMHIf AW St CO. 10 Cr,lire Piazr.a*, Liverpool. Esrhanjr or draOa at sifhr. and for ant amouiit, eati likewist he famished on the National Bank of Ireland. Northern Rink n( Co., National Oiiir ol laetiuatitt, nayiuie ni an tortr iranee .tve braiohea; alao, on R. C. Olyn ? Co., Banker*, London 'nil ('. ImmJiaw x Co., Lion'"'' m3 Im'r FOK HAVHE?Tiie superior E reach hri* AH VKDK, Captain Oirainlran. will lie promptly di? bed. Kor frriiilM or uan.'a, apply to mile BOYD St HIM K K. V N n I nuiio Building, jfe I'AiKI-. 1 S Mill HAVRE?Second Line.?Tin fcJW^ahip ST. NICOLAS, John B. Prll, maatrr, will aai jfB&Loo the lat June. BOYD fc HINCKEN, Agent., p3l >o. J Tvutiuc Uuildm<. E NE 1 ElL Rblms & STKA M HO ATS. H AHNUCN Si CO.-UEKMAN AGENCY-'The >ubscriber* respectfully announce an arrangement wi.ieb they have recently made with Samuel H light, Esq., U. 3. Consul at Autwern. lor the purpose of establishing a GENERAL CONTINENTAL AGENCY at that place, for the transaction of Forw arding and Commission Businsss. and for fu ilitating the increasing rmuinercial intercourse between lhi< country and Continental Europe. As Antwerp ii,.d in the centre of the maim fact urin^ region of Europe, i> at only in hour* distance from London. 30 hours Loin Pans, in tli? immediate vicinity of Holland and Germany, and directly connects with all by railroads or steam packets, its location afford* the greatest advantages for purchasing and forwarding Continental goods. All order* rec?i???d at our oflic?? in Boston, Albanv. New York and Philadelphia, in season lor that purpose, will be forwarded by the Belgian steamer BRITISH QUEEN, ou the 7th of June next, and will generally he executed in season for the return of the same sttamur, which w ill leave Antwerp ou the 10th July. /" Importers of German;books are iwurticularly requested to uotice tfiis. HARDEN & CO. New Y -V, V i rth. 1812 l>< ?M iI!i?>V C (',-s ALBANY, BUFFALO AND < 1IICAUO EXPRESS. ia msm-, Tne juibrtclibers are now running a regular Express over the Railroads to and from Albany and Buffalo, and the intermediate places, for FORWARDING, at low rates, with th? utmost speed, regularity and safety, choice Goods, Specie, Bank Notes. Immrtanl Paoers and Valuable Package s ?-\Vill ttteiid in the negotiation, IranvlVr, collection or pay nielli ol' Bill, ol Exchange, Nottv, DmlY*, Accc|tt??o?4, Accounts, lc., at rtasoDtltif ]tt-r criilu't*?execute order* ft?r the |ttirclntteorialrvf Merchandise, Produce and Manufactured Article. of every description, iiertoliallv, ill the tawtu Oil their route, through Meeti*. llARNDKN At CO'H EXPRESS to New York ami ltotion, ami Measra. HAWLEY i CO.'S EXPRESS to and from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago and intermediate |?laee>?foruiitiK al once the moat direct, ?|>eedy and pa-ifect communication to and from the eastern and we.tern citiev, for the negotiation and transaction of all mercantile and prolevaional bniiue.v, remittance, exchange*. &r. Reference*?Era-la* Corning, Thomaa W. Olcott^ Watt* Sherman, A. D. I'atchin, Noah Lee, Jamc* Taylor, 'Iheodore Olcott, Albanv. Agencies?Bennett, Backus 8t Hawleyr Utica; T. A. Smith, Syracuse ; A. O. Smith, Auburn ; J. Forgo, Geneva ; J. G. Shepherd, Canaudaigua : David Hoyt, Rochester; John McKenster, Locknort; J. A. Claik, Batavia; Thomas Blossom, Buffalo. POMERCY At CO*, No. 5 Exchange Buildings, Albany, all 3 Wall street, New York. FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. reqular mail. line f(tK fit )vii)K\7a; and boston, via stonington and newport, composed of the following superior steamers, running in connection with the Stonington and Providence, and Boston and Providence Rvilroad*? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Cnmitock. RHODE ISL AND. Cant tin Th.?\or. NARKAG an SE'l T, Captain VVoolsey. M Oil EUAN. Captaiu Vanderbilt. One of which will leave New York daily, (Sunday* excepted) from Pier No. 1. North River, Baiter7 Place, at five o'clock, P. M. Fare to Ronton, $3 00 Deck passage, $2 26 do. Providence, 2 00 do. do. 1 60 Arr \nokm?:nt. The N ARR AG AN S?E T, ou Monday*, Wednesdays, and Fridays, for Stoain/ton. The MASSACHUSETTS, 011 Tuesday*. Thursday*, and Saturdays, for Stonington. Passengers 011 the arrival of the steamer* at Stonington, may take the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to Provi deuce and Boston, and for the accommodation of i^rsons travelling between New York and Newport, the steamboat trains will 3top at Wickford long enough to leave and receive passeugrrs. Fruitrht taken at the follow inn much reduced rates To Boston, on goods weighing forty pounds or upwards to the cubic foot, at S6 60 per ton, and on measureineni goods 7 cent s per loot. To Providence, on measurement goods 5 cents per cubic foot, and specific articles as per tarif to be obtained at office 22 Broadway. m316w OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALDANY. FARE REDUCED! ! P??xai;<' NO cciitx?Uci t hs NO FREIGHT TAKEN AT .REDUCED PRICES. ? *Xj\ The coinniodiou* Steamboat WASHING , J* TON. Ca 11 .in J. M. Brown, h iving made w "Ft ~f arrangement* to change her <hvx of leaving New York, will lierraf"trr l^arc the foot of Robiuaou street, New York, every Monday, Wvdnesday, and Friday afternoon, euvuli ...,i an...... -p..u<i f?. -..1 u . turdiy dlU'llMXHi, at 5 o'clock, lauding on Iter vacli way a( tin' foot of Hammond >lrrrt, Newbu.rfli, lY>u,<hkccpvie, Kiiiv'itoa Point, Cattakill ami Hudson. For freight or jiossaic*', apply to the Captain ou boarJ, kr to D. Randolph martin, No. m we?t >tiwt m? c_ FARE REDUCED TO 6!I CENTS. STATEN INLAND FERRY. Foot of Whitehallstreet. i The steamers STATEN ISLANDER and SANSON I will run ai follows, until further notice Leaves Stateii Island Leaves New Yaik. At 7?? o'clock a. M. A\ 8 o'clock a. M. t " 9 " " " 9 I " 10 " " ' 10 " " , 4. ,2 14 44 44 U 44 44 ' " l\ " . M. " 2 " r. M. " 3 " " " 3 " ! " 4x " " ? S 4. f, 4. 44 44 4. N. B. All kooiIs snvi'i'cd are required to he isarticulaHy marked, and arc at the risk of the owners tlmreof. in3r T. PO wki,f7\r txT'.s iJNET j&i FOR NEWBUROH, binding at CALD/V^rri^^sWF.LI/S, WEST POINT AND ( OLD LJ-Jf- J HIGHLANDER, -aptum Robert Wardroo, will leave the foot of Warren street, I New York, every Monday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons at 4 o'clock. Reluming, the Highlander will leave New burgh every Moudvy morning at 6 o'clock, and Tuesday and Friday fternoonat'?o'clock. For freirht or passage, apply to the captain on board. N. B.?All bat-gag. ami freight of every description, bank bills or Stiecie, iiut on board this lent, must lie at the risk of the I owners thereof, unlesa a bill ot lading or receipt is signed for rliesaine. nils TAILORINGr^*^" RETRENCHMENT THE ORDER OF THE DAY. rPHE Subscriber, with a view of melius? the exigencies of A the times, has made arrangement* whtrehjr he will henceforth be enabled to furnish garments of the very best quality, .at an immense saving from former charges. H lying made iiis purr hues exclusively f#r cuh, lie is determined to compete with flu- cheapest,(on the ready nioneyirTiciple only,) while lie pledges himself to continue the same ooscrvance of elegance ami punctuality winch for tin last fifteen ye.irs Ins characieri / d his establishment. Gt&Uitacit inroiemd to the annexed list of prices, with the assurance that the articles enumerated shall be equal in quality and stvle to the most costly. Diess coats of super wool dyed cloths, from $18 to 21. P:\nts, do do cassitnere, 8 to 10. Vests, of every fashionable variety, 1 50 to 5 50. Gentlemen wishing to furnish their own materials can have their garments made and tiimmed in iht same style ot elegance, i in promrtion u r.? abovt. N. 15.?Mr. Bibcock, Iong known r.? one of ihe most f.uhion* able cutters, continues in the establishment. CHAS. COX, Sign of the Gold* n Fleece, m.'i im ei Kaattiita t.nem Maiden Ian#. MACHINE POETRY WHEELERl TAILOR, hereby scuds This information to his friends, Or enemies, if he has any, Whether they be few or many. The public too, both far and near. That in Broadway hf has a shop, In which he'd like to have them pop. \nd should they want coat, a est or pantj. So one can fit them if he rant. Prices low to suit the times, Cloth, too various f??r these rhymes; In short you'll find no other Tailor, So sure to please you as A WllEE L E R. ni13 lror 107 Broadway, upstairs. MARTIN'S Cnuli Tailoring Estahllshmrnt, Tt Re nored to 164 William street, corner of. 1nn street. rPHE subscriber, in announcing the above to hi* friends and * the public in general, takes leave to return thank? for the libenl patronage l>r?towred on him at his former place of buslneia, and assure* them that *?ery article ordered o! him shall, at heretofore, be cut, m ule, and trimmed in the nsateit and most stylish manner. Th? material*, the newest and best in the market, and at a positive .lvin^ or *J0 per csnt. Strangers are re-piest! d to call and eiami'ie. Gentltinen who prefer jmrchasinc their own cloth, Ice., can have them inade an 1 trimmed in the style tiiat ha* given such enteral satisfaction during the last four years. Esury garment warrantJd to fit, and made by the best workmen at the following prices, vii.:? I)re-? Coats $7 00 to ?8 *4) Kio. k Coats ft ft* to 4 30 Pants and Vests I 73 to 2 00 f Over Coats 9 00 to II 00 (T7" -s,? ready made?all made to order, and a suit : " UtC'",n K. MARTIN REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILOKING KSTALLISIl, ME NT, I. removed from Hi Bro.ilw.jr lo No. 7 A.ti r H nnrwi/ i\f ea?/\ / .> uhj i , IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments of a inott Elegant and P aMn niaLle k?ud ?t a of tti i?rr rrnt for c**h. J ^1 *HR idfflitiicr derm il unncci n to l t t 1 A ir yr<I aytt^m of giviiu a Ii*t ?>f nomiual 't>ryc*% prMUfnuia that the I'nxth of time h*? ha* bfen ?*t <!. to?r?-?nr ^'rn ih-e?trn*ive tmtron. cr be.nmiu on mm, ?m | r ; ?'Jin drill voiKiier for In* cniabiliti-a. Ibio. *-itu tb? advan'y'a ol beiinr rnonrctrd mkm ettriiairr clfttli -r.1 l.ri^ ill 111 kuiwi* lie confidently <?m tint he ran fudiialt ctoHiea whivh. on roinjariaoii, will he found lower iliui 00 oil,, . huUn m . .. 1 t!o- )> .1 <)' irri|ition. ..I y.iitlrmi u\ .1 r ?*. i" 13m * Pllll.l.lPH. 1 A.fnr Hm??, Broadway MODES DE PARIS. 7:1 cha.mhuks street, near kkoadway. VfADAMk RK?( HORVji to infnim the L uli> *, thai the ~yl hi?jn?l roceired from I'arla, a b. aiuifnl a**..rim.iii of Silk Hrarf* anil P. Irnn-a, of Ihr latent ?ty|?; Mntiiina and Dr. aa Cam, MnalinandCambnr I ollnr*. Prferin?a, fcr. ( on?lantlv on haml. alarre awottm-nt ofiilfc and ?traw Born nrl?, Collar*, tub, which *he offera for aalr al vrnmi> derate price*. m7J X'rc PIANO fORTM ". QQUTIIEHN DEALEUW at -/^nnrAhr "'II find O 11 to their advantagr t > r: .Il v it ratt.'if.- 1 rli >i*.r on tlmmi of the above article, compillm 1 tarirtv nt 0 and dMra-taves, of ro?ev?i""l ?nd mahotanf, ?tfii a'f M.d action, rc ,!l stand*, wnl rrrn in'drni iinprovtir : J. I n-v inatrdMiriiU are warp ranlrd to be eiual to any il lb* ettT. >" *> I at Ifir low1 ail not.iblr price* for ra*h, at the wiaii't irtl.V, ?t W?*t Foar(truth atrret, between Kittli/r. l fiatP aimoea N. .?Piano Forte* lor llir*?A tii>"al MMItCrUol Fortca lor hue al U?v mawiiaclofj. *1 ? > W YO >fEW YORK, MONDAY M furniture." george w. dawson, Whole note and Retatl Furniture and General Furnishing Warehouse, No. 1)7 Chatham street, cornn* of Ihiane street, New York. WHEUK he keeps for sale a Ian.''* n?s?itmeul of the follow** iug articles. \ U.: SideUurd*. Bureaus, Bed-iteult, Cuts, Tab!'-*, Chairs, Office and Portable Desks Glass ( at % Book Case., Looking (ilasrioa, Dining, Centre. Tea and Pier Tables, Piano*, Sofas, Sol's Bedsteads, Beds, Bedding I'ale mere, Mai* tre??e?, Cancels, Oil.Cloth, Mailing and Eire Irons, Wash Stan :s, Toilet Tables, ? audit Stilus, Bureau Bedsteads Dressing Bureaus, Safes, &tc. Also, a !?uxc assortment of men and women's Wearing Ai>parel, new and second handed. All the above articles art offered to the public at very low prieM, Ft nous in wait of said irtielta would Sod ?? to their advantage to make an early call at the above establishment. Shipping orders punctually attended to and packed on the shortest notice, and on reasonable terms. Mattressts, bedding, Ike. for titling out vessel.1, constantly on hand. All orders u> the above establishment will be punctually attended to and thankfully received. N. B.?The highest prices will he given for Second Hand Furniture, and Gentlemen's and L idles' cast olf Clothing, a22 Hin*r notice to buyers of 0 a b i n e t f u 11n i tu r e. r"PHE Siiuscriber would invite the ntt. ition of those wishing to purchase articles in the altove businesss, to his establishment, win ? is to be found * rich assortment of Rosewood and \n imgam Furniture, of French ami other patterns, some of wnn hire aiot to he found ? I \\ here, beiug entirely original.? A.ui. nan* uome rich cilttornni* for \tiiu! t ;. rolci and Uiug* ; together with Dtuiuk Galloon* and Tamils, and t very aitic?r attached to curtains, which will be made in the latent t}l* worn patterns lately received. N. p. Particular altcution paid to the fitting up ?.f Ottomans, Fire Screens, aud other faucv articles, with ?nnl.roidered Ta* Ikwtrr. WASHINGTON MEEKS, ?1 if l'?m 316 Broadway, n?-?t ih>- IfcMpirM. TOSKril PE5l((TVf6K Fancy Cabinet Makor, Mathrtnai" ica! ana Nautical Instrument Case Manufacturer, 200 Water stroet, New Yqrk. Chronometer ooxes of a superior make, barometer, thermometer frame*, (yiadnnt, sextant; surveyors, snrgical, dentist and drawing instrument boxes, made rnn packed in a neat style? timepiece, clock, sun and pistol cases of all description; dagueirotyp apparatus and incdieine chests, surveyors rods, of any length and All kinds of fancy work, made of the best matenab and workmanship, warranted. Rt pairitv* of every description exeeutdd with neatness, punctuality and dispatch. French polishing and varnishing. Manufactor, n (J. Taglcauue's Establishment, between Do\ t l >l? CI t ,ui I'cck slip. rkfrrkkcci. Messrs. !l. U. G. W. Blunt, coruer of Water street and Bulling slip. Mr. A. Mrgarey. 100 Water street. Mr. Dt-milt, 239 Pearl street. rnl'i lnt*C "VT KW STORE of Rich Cut and Plain Glass, No. 36 John si., n?*xt door to corner of Nassau street. STOUVENEL it <'0. have the honor to inform their friend# and the public, that they are opening the above store, where they can find a large and beautiful assortment of all description# ?such as astral and lull lami*, all complete: porcelain, at the manufactory prices, by the communication of their shop, No. 29 Gold itrvet. Wholesale od retail?city iimI couBtrj trUi?ill good-; p icked to go in any p irt of the country?*11 articles m itch to pattern* Please call at 36 John street. tn2 1m*c CHINA GLASS AND EARTHENWARE. y) AsiUU HUUSt.?rreuch rorceiam Dinner Service*, CJ llipKCr*, $25 (10 White Granite, do do 112 do 13 00 French, oi Ciigli*h Porcelain Tea Set*, 32 do 4 00 Dinner Hales, French Porcelain. i*?r dozen, 1 91 Do do Granite, blue or white, do 1 00 Soup, do French Porcelain, do 2 00 Do do Granite, blue or white, do 1 00 Tea Cup* and Saucers, (21 piece*) French Porcelain, 1 50 Eg* Cups, do do 37 _ ,lf. Gla?i. Cut >> inci. per doz-ti, from 1 50 Do Tumblers, do do 2 00 Lenaouade*, handled, do 2 25 Table Cutlkby. < Of the finest dUrriptinns, in set* or dozen*, at the low price of$l2thcaet. Ju?t Oiieued, a handsome assortment of Toilet Ware. R. SIMPSON. N. B,?Agent for the sale of Siinpsou's Far Cornet*, for the r a lief of deaftwss, tuo lm*c CHE A P 11 Alt D W A RE STO It E. rrHK Subscriber i3 now otvuitiir his Spring supply of A HARDWAfiE AND CUTLERY. received per late ap? rival* from Birmingllam ami She (field. Together with a general assortnirui of iininmnc irnuw. wmcn lie is prepared to ofIt i at (lie very LOWEST CASK PRICES. The attention of Country Meieliiiif*, Builder*, Cabinet Maker*, Sir., i* solicited to an examination of bis stock and price*, a* he is confident they will Ibid it to their interest to favor him with a call. ALFRED F. LAGRAVE, 210 Greenwich, corte r Carclov. N?w Ymk. A regular supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Cooner * Glue. Also?a commute assortment of Mechanics' Tools, J vine*'Sen ns,,\ . TRANS!' AREN'T ITAlAAN WINDOW SHADES !!!? I OLIVER W. WOODFORD. ? Catharine n, wRI o:*n this week four case* Transparent Window Shade*. Families who have not supplied themselves with Blind* tins Spring, r. ill find a collection of the most beautiful paintings ever offered in the city. As the season is advancing, a further reduction in the prices w ill he inade, merely?Landscapes $1 25 per pair.? ?lain Scroll* $2 50. HcroMs and LatuLcaie:* $i. Moonlight Seen : .... Italian Scriptur< Designs?Italian Vignette* Drapery Bordeicd and Scrolled and full Landscaped?about 300 pair Landscape* at the low price of $1 2 > per jwiir. N. B.?In cpiMMguevice of misrepresentations many hnvc hern deceived, whil 1 iking A . No. m22 lw* f PRIAL OF BOOK S AFES lIT^sV.eral tiiala upon iron A Safe*, of different in ?k? r*. he v Veen had in furnaces, and certificate* given by respectable .Vrervh.tit's, in favor of Wilder'* Patent Salamander ? xfc. The Safe.* so tried, together with the Committer reiH?rt,and other t f -1 i lie mi ia!*, call !?e seen efcthe Iron t 'licit Wareli*?u*e of the Subscriber, the only place m the city where Wilder'* Sil l inaii'h r S ifV* can be had. Chests of other makers, such as have been taken in part pay meat for tiie Salamander, for sale at less than half of the fir.t cost. SILAS C. HERRING, m22 2wc rj?i Water street. DRY GOODS, &c "shTrts. QHJRTS made to order, after the most approved French O fashion*. < lenlleineu's uarmtnu of all descrijgions made ro i Oi-iitli-mrn'* Furuishm*; Store 67 and 09 Maiden lane, corner of William street. m25 Im r WILLIAM COLLINS. tilk suii:i.i)i:i) victoria siiawl and diaper pin. AN K\V and important article for use in the nursery and a* a fastening to I idie P shawls, cloaks, Sic., patented in the United States and in Europe, for sale, wholesale, by W. II. CARY St CO., 1% Pearl street, New \ nrk, and by the pUentee. i# the manufactory, 116 Jay st, Brooklyn. 'I bread and needle stores, and dealers in fancy articles, supplied on liberal terms. in'l Irn*r "STRAW GOODS. rP BENNETT, importer and manufacturer of Italian and English Straw Goods, res|?ectfully informs his customers that he has removed his establishment from (tt William and 26 PUtt, ta 39 John street, where he continues to keep a splendid and extensive assortment of ladies1 fudiinnable Straw Goods, French and Ku.'Iish Dunstable*, Ir.iii-iii KutUnds, rine Tuscan, Ksncy Iktllwontf. Prioos AS ben 8 nws v . fee. Al><?, an entirely new article, the White Siberian Hair Boini' t. for the summer?-it surpasses all the styles as vet intro ducerl, being extremely light, beautiful, white and durable. m2j im?m TO THE LADIES. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY GOODS.-The pmprie" tiess, Miss S KING, daughter of the celebrated Carl King, efTers for sale a m?wt select and choice a.**ortin? lit of Millinery Goods, for the spring trade, never as yet presented to the public, both as regards the quality and cheapness of the articlei Th i assortment consists of the following The celebrated 81LK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTR D'ORLEA NS, as worn bv La Duchcsse D'Orb-ans, of France, SHED. SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE And Lawn llats do do?An entire new style o Hau called " MODINE CAPOTTES, ELSSLER COTTAGE.'* Parisian and English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest texture, in great variety. The Profiri*ire** respectfully solicits the ladies to favor her with a call, and ft amine her elegant and varied stock of Millinery for themselves, before they purchase elsewhere, as it will he ? ere if mavine to them iri nrice and a are il adv.inf;iJ7?< ?* regard* lliu variety anil cut ility of the goods. J.113S S. KINO, Magazine d* Mode,, mil Irn r y?T^ Brosdw y. MILLINERY GOODS. I f ,AHL KINO, tlie well known an.I relebratrd Millinery ami I w Laities' Btraw Mat M?iitt\ctiuiT to Her Maje.ty the at'F.tN OK ENGLAND, rraneftfully beg,lcsye to annoance to the Lviliea that he ha, on nanda tno?t riih tnlid aaul faahionalde assortment of Ladies' | Straw and Silk llits. The Straw llaU are manufactured to a I ?no,t fascinating vnil heeomini vlnpe called the klsslkrj;6ttaoe. with Oi|?ey nine* and a 8 wis* FUre around the front. The I braids these lilts ire made of is of the most elegant patterns, I the Albert Strait in iirticuUr as patronised by qtfKEN VICTORIA. 1 The silk department is conducted by the most ingenious and Usty milliners, not to be equalled. Th" silk* are of the newest style, fresh imported. Trimming and Flowers to correspond. Those who wish to convince themselves may call at No. 50 Canal, near Broadway, ami 17 Division street. N. B.?Hit Pans fliblxma and French Flowers, are of the latest style, and can he purchased at either of hie establishments, at who|< sale and r? tail, on reasonable terms. mil Im*r l) K BOOTB?LATEST FRENCH STYLE.?The sub?rriher makes to orJer, Boots of the abovedc script!on, of the finest quality of French ('all Mkin. and in the latest ?t>Ir, and at very reasonable prices.? Gent it-men who hate been in the habit of r linu extravagant prices for inferior arhcles arc requested to call and D* convinced that Iim prices are from ten to twenty j*er cent below other stores ill tb* neighborhood Drawings heiuu takou of (he feet, sod a pair of lasts kept for ? ach customer, intra is uo Uifhculty in cetriuf a handsome yet e w\ fit. Constantly on hand, a I irac assortment of fWshionable ready made Boots, at prices varyimcfrom TWO DOLLARS FIFTY CENTS TO SIX DOLLARS; Half Boots, Gaitars, Shews, Putni-M, Slippers, fcr.&r.a? equally lowj." cs. 1 JOHN L. WATKI.N S. 114 Fulton st *1 lin" Between Nm?iiand Dutch Ms. KKfcNCh IMPORTED HAI/F.KS of al l eo 1')r* of Fashion; French boot* and pirenf leather ?W*. ?ln \* sh<>e?, ff.iiten, walking *ho? * ait?] f'umi*, for mm, hoy* find children. Mens1 aivl hoy*' cheap lioou from $2 75, $1, t'J .H) oiul $1 p<r |>air. Mrnr shoes It to Ifla and lit per rir. Uiysshma hi in 7.i rents midtl, ??d Wamnlvil looil. ?linii, nii-i'? and cluldraiis' chip i boots, buckskins, walk inn shoes mnl slipiien of *11 color* mid sires, latest fashion, tic* buskiii?'tod slips, 71 cent* to it, rood It sli|ipert.^ Come and rr * himhI assortment of the alios* articles *1 ii Canal street, cortn r of B road w a v. Slid at 2d? Canal it, liurtb-wesi cnroi r of

f I ml tun l tree I. *1 Walker's. , mil Im'c Kay AND EVKNjNO SCHOOI -Thi Kemmary ol On Mists ? Masont and O'Doherty is oown|? for the nr*|* on .>f pupils, at 111 Bowery iMIm'f 'PIIK NOTCH,,f the MONMlll III KMK New JetWT 'sin*, are purchased at U Wall street, by KARI. fc C(J, at One par 0?w. mi lm"l J \ RK I ORNING, MAY 30, 1842. BOOKS A.VI) STATIONERY: t | m > i* \ PER YlANUKATUREKH -Th< leriben five notice that Messrs. Howe (iodilard, ot Worcester, Mats., hive ip|K)intt'd them their agents, and are prepared to furnish at short notice, uimm the most reasonable terms. Kourdriiiier auid Cyliiidtr Machines, with fire or steam dryers, and sizing machines to size naper in the web is it leaves the dryers.?Also every hind of Machinery appertaining to the in tnafacture ol paper, which in point ot workmanship ami finish is not surl?iieil by any other establishment in this country. A large number ire now in ojicratiou in ii any of the be*l mills, to whom reference will he given for all particulars i'EKSSH 4s, BUOOkS, Pap-r Yv ire house, d25 dfcw til Liberty street V EW GUll Ui d: b!' -GEORGE ll DEllWOH Z\ Is professor of the guit vr, No. I3i? (anil street opposite the St. John's church, has the honor to acqn lint his friends and the public that lie lias published a variety of new and popular music, arranged with easy accompaniments for guitar. Mr. D. will also arrange and compose music for orchestra, guitar, ami other instruments, and give iiLstru.tions to am* ttnn cm tin pi i io forti ind i iolin. i fttw* e JAW 1IEP( >!! I' for May, ifiitf.?Contains seven cases of J lltukruptcy. pri stutiug the subnet in all its various phases : The Uankiupt Ltw.ihe contested seat of Mi. Lev y : OliicI J u sure Marshall ; Lord lted. ?dile ; American jurist ; Staikie on w\''itfrnce ; New Utiles in Equity ; (ireenjeafon Evidence : Bankrupt* in New York (SOU); Bankrupts in Mass. (100) See. Judge Story's opinion at length ujhui the effect of attachments laid iiim)ii the property of a bankrupt precious to his being declared ?Uch will appear in fli June number. Also, Judge Bctts's opinio^ in the case ?>f Ka.-v-.on (wile's jewelry) will apiiear in full in the July nuiuln r. The proprietors will continue the list of B mkrupti in N? w Bork and M > vachuselts which will render th? work valuable to every husiuc?H man. \Vhst murcliant would ^rud.'ft iS cents a month for ?uch information ? The May ntiiuhr t cominenct .anew volume, and offers a favorable op portuiucy to subscribe for the vs. rl BR ADD r IISODfcr^fc CO. CARDS, BILL -HEADS, &c. CHEAPER THAN EVER. T V.OuV SU RFACK CARDS, of superior maafacture, printAid *ed furnished at the lollwitm REDUCED PRICES : idO Ca.ds, j/j cents 300 do $1 <>0 DOO do SI 25 loOO do ... $2 00 Common Cards at ler.s prices. Circulars, Billheads^ Notices, Posting and Chow Bills, and ever) description ?d printing executed at short notice, on aj reasonable x< r-nsas anv cst.tulishment in the city. VISITING CARDS.?A vuitimc card plate en*;raved and 50 ena/nell* d cards printed f?r $1 5fl, equal t> any in this city. Piriumrr*, Manufacturers, and Druggists' Labels, constantly on h n?d. BHOVVNSON k CO., tin* :u 6(> Qold st. near Fulton. PAPER HANGINGS. MA. HOWELL k CO., 3f?7 Pearl street, are now receiv uig from t i t- i i manufa turera u N w ?li 1 i - w1 It, an eitensive assortment of Papar Hinging*, Borders, Sic. of the litest and most apnrored pattfins and styles, suited to the city and country trade , whicn they olfer to dealers at the net inanufactorv prices. AI so, their usual variety of French Paper, Borders, Fixe IWru Prints, Views, iic. Tne best workmen to put on paper in any part of the city can I- n it tni h rt( it u tics. al3eod2m*r U*QMCEPA'I HIA8 WORK8.?Just published by WM II 11ADDK, Broadway, John's New Manuel of Homoenathic Practice, edited, with annotations, bv A. Gerald H ill, M. D., second American, from the third Paris edition. This indispensable book to hoincepathisu is n w complete in 2 vols.? Price in paper $5?a full bound cony 57. Tl." F axnily Guide to the Administration of Hoincnpalhia Remedies, third edition, from the second London edition, with additions?Price 25 cents. Popular Considerations on Hoirnwpathia?bv Wm. Cullen Bryant, Esq., belivered before the New York Homffipatliic Society, Dec. 23, 13JJ?Price cents. Also, just published, Mydriatics, or Matin 1 of the Water Cure, as nractisud by \ in- eat Prirvisxiitz, in GreetVnben;. coin niled ana translated from'the writings of Charles Minnie, D. Aestci, u. 15. llirtcnei, and oth T practitioners, by rrauci* (J. .? t?i? Piice $1?neatly IhwimI. This little neatly printed bookcont sins mi exposition in whit manicr this simple agent his bten found remedial. mM hn*r "B O O K B INDING PAPEI! KULtNG. TT IRKLAND, N c^rcrf, haviu-r in >*ndre new ' 1 ; 1 Machinery* of dn latest \ p?iuni-?, now prepared to execute all t ' - "I hs m*i ir. mner. l|i 1 kit la of Bl&nkwork null | i i h dial is win intld togi\ dctiou. Any woik <M?i ; Scant* doiio in* lie Ens* Iiftli n required, as II. 1. has ha-i loiitf experience in both rn? th KO!t SALK?'Two second hand Copperplate Presses. ApI tore. mil In r -ngr;n: .i iiamw.l ,ii i.ijii i?iiibi HATS. iIatsI hats ! hatsTi "DROWN U. I (VS One Price Mat Store, wholvstle and re* D tail, 179 Chatham Squ ire, corner of Mott street, where fashion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to adorn tot- I t* ?'i. The proprietor* have the pleasure now to offer in addition to their recently improved snort napped Hat, a new style, the imitation of beaverr, which so closely resemble s that of all fun the ipott costly and beautiful, tint the difference is not easily perceived. Price three dollars. We strictly; adhere to the one price cash system, which enables us to furnish a very superior Hat for the price chanced. In prcaentiie' these It it* to the public the proprietors think they have reached the ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. n?4 3m* .1EWELRY. WATCHES AND JEWELRY, VERY LOW. rtsrru' c r ;a Mi..., >vi .1.^ .cm i ?..? c:iv?. A Watches, Gold and Silver Pencils, iJ(ll I t.eI3J, Keys, Ac., at retail, hour t'.-i.i at tui\ other ilft-J in l/:v 21 fv.? Gold Watches I ,.r : ir.irty to forty l;lirn *aof. Vtfcncs and J? welry e\rr '.iuiJ or boukii1'. All vVudct t/e warrantc ! to keep good lime, or the money itturped. rrfttctiti and Clocks niuirrd u rcj bc.t manner, m*i f/anvteJ. M much less than the 114(1'! ?.hcts ny ?? ? ? I .lie tinest ticrM.ntn in the city. O. C. ALLKN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, who!,-ale and retail, 3<i Well street, up stairs. m2C 1 in* in T\TE8?K8. MOW ! I i!KH It 111 N t\ hwt lien uid 8ih r sinith* of New Bond street, London, and 341 11 road way, New \ oik, beg respec'fully to apprise the public that their establishment, tn thu country will be positively and finally closed on the first day of June next, till which period their stock of jewelry, *?1 <t? . plated ?oods, cutlery, fitc. will remain on pri . it* s ih in Broadway, ar and under prime cost. N. II.?The Hocus* to be let. a?0 im# WAT' IIKS. JKWKLRY, < UTLKKV, The subscribcra beinjf desirous of materially reducing their stock, offer for sale ?t najHirt.ilion cost, for cash or approved short I opt r. gold a..d silver watches, gold chains, pencils, rings, and nroachi s, diamond pins and rings, unset diamonds, piste stones, plated, Japan, and German silver ware of evi rv description; ra 7.ort on c?uda and in doAcns, pen, jh? U. t and dirk kuivn, scis.1 sors, sets of table cutlery; also, silver sjM-ctacles, thimbles, pencils, tooth nicks, pickle forks, pitted earrings, chains, rings, lockets, ey e glasses, mot to seals, ticket books, segar rises, cork screws, &c. ke. S. J. NKU8TADT & BARNKTT, m7 lm* c 42 Maiden lane. HPO JEWELLKR*. MINIATI UK i tlNTJ&H8. N. -* ('. Si. J. H ART.Sf ETT, No. 1 Courftandt street, near Broadway, Wholesale ami Retail M inn fact lire rs of Travelline, Writing, Dressing and Jewel cases, miniature cases, and sittings, llutr, locket, watch, ring, and pin cases; case* for silver plate, neatly arranged to order. Also, trays nnde and fitter! to Jewellers' show cin^i, to contain watches, chains, ring*!, keys, pins, thimbles, pencils, &r. Ac. lie. A variety of the above articles constantly on hand, and made to order, with neatness ami despatch. No. 2 Courtlandt street, New York. m2l tm*e TO IMPORTERS AND WATCHMAKERS GENE u RALLY.?Gold ?nd silver Dials manufactured by Albert Aeschiin iw, in a superior style to any in the United States, and at reduced pvpcs. Please give him a c ih at 1U? Broad * ay m8 2wcod*c 0 KMOVKD.-HILAHiE~WaLTKR.^ent <nd partner of 1 u the house i f Berrcr Walter, the only manufactory ot Watch Glass' . in Franc *. No. 27 Paradis I'oiHsMiniere street. Paris, bis the hoicr of informing Mssrr.. dealers in watch works, and all article* connected with the lite, as also Mssrs. dealers in cyt glass, that their establishment of watch glasses, cut glaas, gilt and colored, fancy articles, &c. lie Ike., has lately been re moved from No JO Maiden Lane, tot No. 00 William street. Gentlemen desirous of purchasing from the only depot of the factory, are respectfully invited to call at "t:r where will be found an unrivalled assortment of the above mentioned goods, which will be disposed of on the moat reasonable vn4tm*r NOTICKS. New York a ft i) Albany Kail Road Co. ) Office Ne. 2. Park Place. J W'OTICE in hereby fi?cn to tne Stockholder* of the New ^ York awl Albany Rail Road Company, tlnit an election of Direr torn to said Company, will take place at their Office, No. 2 Park Place, on .Monday tin sixth of June iieit. The Poll* will l?e open at 10 o'clock, A.M., and continue open until 1 o'clock, P. M. The Bonk* for the transfer of Stock are closed, and will r?o continue until the 7th day of June next. By orl?*r of the Hoard, rnfi tjc c JO<*. E. BLOOM FIELD* Secretary. pORl'OR AffOS NOTICE.?Public notice i* hereby fir en ' J that a ?*lc of property for unpaid taxes will take place at public auction at the ( it\ Hall of tin* city of New York, on Tuesday, the 2fth day of June n??it, at 12 o'clock, noon, an I be continued from dx\ to diy until the whole of the said property shall .* * Id*, and that the detailed statement of the taxes .nd property to h ?old i* published m thy New Era, a newspaper printed and published in the citv of New York. ALFRED A. SMITH, Comptr oiler. ( nptroller' Offie# Vt-nl w; i ? yj pfc ' I \ I. r.. I .' riON - I III SI iff lia I I tli folk* In wine notice to the Inapectora of Election; and the Common Schools will, of course, be lie real ter controlled by new Dovrruori ' ? NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION. ' Uhi.iiu'i Office. City Hall,? Nf w York, May 21st. 184?. > " Notice is li reby KlYen. that \ snetial election will !? held in the City and County of New York, on the first Monday of June next, pursuant to '* an act to ext? nd to tin < if\ o?d t 'ouiv ty of New York the proYinonaof the (r^ ie rd Act. in relation to ( nnnion S. |, ?o! . \n- ed April 9, 1Bl'2.^ The nr.?t 'ion whereof is a? hi low a : 4* i I. Tlierr- dial I le* elected in each of the w ards of the t ?t y and< onnt\ ??f New York two < oiniriisstoner*. two Imp ctor*-. Hill five Trustees of Common Schools. W bo all ill he elected by ballot, at ajpnecial election, t? be beldon fH- * first Mend ,iy of June, in each year, by the persons qualified to * otc for t barter Officers in the *.iid AVards. and to conduct'd in the same _ i . .i... .. to.' ir.anm-r, oy inr ft'imr imi'Tinrs, ti mr ?.im> ?? ?, ind ' . ? to thcp tvm I m u|? i In fvUtioaa M w ?. vern the Cliarcr Election* in iai<2 city." * If ia recommended that the boie? and ticket! men at this election be endorod with tie word* " Oo?pn?on RchooU.^ n.rtojlr MONMOITII B. If AKT, Eh. rtff," MA HI'S.-A * ' m b - me d nil i ti >n H irp i r Hil*, at MW Broadway. Inrj" repaired and eirlMnired by J. F. Browne, Patent Ilarp Maker, and ai Bernert afreet, Loudoft. m24 lw?c ONGHAVINO BV TlIK oYl NI (>rt A I'll MAC HIN ' BL'IIR. JONK8 it ' <b. IM Bnmlw >, rnrui r of John t i ff, N,y.,?rr |ir? |'irfil l<> ni?nr. all kind* nf M i|n, Diarta, I'I iu? in I Sitrrrya, or any work of thai el*.*, in flic moat beautiful ?U Ir, with uni*rall?lnl rtin ilifinn, anil if price* Tar In lita iho?i cImiki J fur aimilar work cirimtcd liy hand <tizra?,Tii,_<|,r r.i.r of Anc atari or rnpiwr pUtra not ni-rrdin* |,ithoeral'hic Work. V. B.?S|?. imrni of tlir w -rk done by tint Ominnr p'i ran by viunittau at ilic omtt m Broad**), m; Juh IERA OCULISTS. THE EYE. PR. WHEELER. OCULIST. INFLAMED, DISEASED ANl) WEAK EYES.?DK. A WIIKKLLR, OcculinC, 33 On-? nwi? h ?n? ? t. New York* reap: ytinIIy informs tin- public. thai in con-., pi. ace of his practiee having become unl oved to solicit an . nt, Ik* is compelled to confine his ofliee attendance strictly leUvecn tin*hours of 8 A. M. to 1 1*. M., after hour;* he vi.its out do n patients. Notwithstanding that amon* the many hundreds i f o.,. . whic li Dr. Wheeler has attended, many liave beuu . .j erat. >1 on by other professors without success, and, pronounced by them incurable, yet In* has never lailed to eradicate the disease, and effect a jH ifeer eure, despite of every;disadvantage which may have presented itself, and ill many itist net* almost auuinst hope. It is this unprecedented success in his treatment of the | various?uiineno coiuiucn u iiisiiraoif?uueases oi mu ? ye, I thai enables him vrjth confidence in refer the afflicted who may he unaeiuaintcd with him, and hid mild mode of treating the disorders of this op;ati?to numerous restored patients in the first class of society, respecting his professional .skill and abilities as being pre-eminent for his success, as a scientific Occulist. Chronic inflammation of the eyelid or sore eyes, however long standing, can lie effectually and p< roiiuently cured, films, and specks, removed without surgical operation. STRAB1S M U 8. Commonly called Squinting, and CATARACTS, safely re moved?in a few minutes?with scarcely any inconvenience or pain to the patient. To save trouble, correspondents are informed that lrlt? rs, addressed 10 Dr Wheeler, ' will not be token hum the Post Office, unless post paid. _-CH y1" The vast number of cases which nave b? u cured by Dr. Wheeler, have already giv?ti Inm v wide *pr?-ad reputation and fixed it U|?on a basis as lasting as the gratitude of those whom he has rescued from a 44 living death." Of the number of certificates, which patients have offered lo him of their own accord, he selects the follow iug not that (he casos are more remarU&ble than many others, but because :hr persons who wrote them appeared to he actuated by a commendable spirit of philanthropy, in seeking to make known for the good of tlwir fellow-ineu, the benefit which they l?ave received from Dr. Wheeler's treatment. New Yi Ait, March 15th, 1312. To Dr. Whecltr, Oculist, 33 Oreetiwic?i ?t. Sir :?1 hat you may, if you tb<nk Proper, m ike publicly known the high estimation in whien 1 nold yc u as an occulUt?I beg to give you, in addition io my veroal acknowledgments or the benent you hive cont?rren upon me a* a patient, tliis written avowal of my great indebtedness to you lor restoring the sight of my poor little child 'mm live dangerous disorder which lately afflicted its sight The child was of suc h tender years, and its disease was of suck alarming a character, that 1 despaired, until told of your skill in such matters, of ever obtaining any remedy for her, and die more especially as other physicians had afforded lu r no imief. I nni happy, how ever, tnua to confess that you have eff??:rually cured her, and 1 cordially, heartily thank you, lor your highly successful exertions. Yours res pert fully, MARTIN WATERS, 118!Hammersley st. Cits and County of New York : to wn : In the hope of being serviceable to ???me of nfy afflicted ft l lo ti itun 1 here bj Toluut uily "ilt-i my gritoftu lestimo niaK lo Dr. Wheeler, the 14culist, for resloriiw no- topeifect sigh*, (from total blindness,) after having before been unsuc c?'ssfully treated and operated itivon by upwards of twenty of the most eminent and celebrated medical men of this city and different parts of the United St ates. In witness whereof. 1 make deposition, under oath, to its t*uth, and hereunto subscribe mv name. JAMES O. FARREL, 70 3d Avenue. Sworn before me, the 30th day of March, 1812. Ui:o. Ihki.vnp, Com. Deeds. 7 Nassau street. City and Count v of New York : s?. David Powell, 160 Jackson street, Brooklyn, being duly sworn, says, that he wis adhered eight years with the Kgyp Man opihilmia, and ulcers in the eyes, and though under "in; r( tno first oculists at the Eye Infirmary four and a half years, ne experienced no relief, but became blind, in which ?tat'e he was placxl under the treatment of l)r. Wheeler, Oculist, 33 Oreen mch street, who has entirely restored his si*ht. DAVID POWELL. Subscribed and sworn to before tne, this 3Ut day of March, 1342. John Bulklky, Com. Deeds, 21 Wall street. ("itv and Countv of New York: ss. Mary Ann Pirley, daughter of Mrs. Witii?les,No. 31 Catharine strevt. being duly sworn, say*, that she a short time suffered dreadfully from a disease known, technically, (as deponent is informed) to he Amaurosis, which rendered her quite blind. { at the TCye Infirmary, (as w.ll as from an eminent oculist ill I'd* city, who eventually told her the* sight could never be restored) she newr received anv essential benefit until she was I'Uced under the care of Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, 33 Greenwich s'reet, whose kind and skilful treatment. ha* entirely restored I rr. MAin' ANN PIULEY. Sworn before me, this 15th day of April, IB 12. Isaac P. Maktin, Com. Deeds, 11 Wall street. City and County of New York: s*. M . s. * , ly. : ? l!;.i. . t, Provjdf nee. 11 I.. i> ing duly svoru, says, that he was totally blind in his left eye, for nine y?ar?; the cause of the blindness was cataract; that he applied to L)?. Wheeler, Oculist, of 33 Greenwich sire* t, who, [by an ojh ration attended by very little pnin and inconvenience, and without danger.] ha* per feet ly restored his night. Under such circunutanccs, lie feels it his duty, to st ?u* hi*, to the Doctor, for the inestimable benefit which his skill has conferred upon him. 8. CADV. Sworn before me, this 25th day o fApril, 1012, Skoror Iukland, Jr., Com. Deeds. 7 Nassau street. City and ( ounty of New York, sal On the mh of last month, I placed my little daughter, three years old, who had sore eyes, and was completely blind of the left, under the care of Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, 33 (Greenwich -l. To tli" astonishment of all who knew hrr.lvr sight is perfectly restored, and her eyes are well. In the hope of leading others to the same blessing that I have enjoyed, I voluntarily make litis statement under oath. CHltlSTOPHKR BURNS, Grail 1 street, comer of Thompson street. Sworn to before me, this 2<Ul? day of April, 1BI2. W. R. Bkkhk, Coin. Deeds, ml9 lm*r fll Nassau street. MISC'ELLANKors. SHARON SPRINGS. rPHK PAVILLION.?This new commodious Hotel will be 1- ojw'ii lor the reception of visitors on and after the first of J tin*' next, at the Village of Sharon Springs, Schoharie County, New York. The clear pure writer of the springs, greatly resembling those of the white sulphur springs of Virginia, have been proved to be highly efficacious in Rheumatic, Cutaneous, 131Jiinns and Dyspeptic complaint*; and in the cure of Krv*ip? las, Saltrlmim, Scrofula, Liver Complaint, and general debility, and in many ather resiled*, po.*.-.esi (an certified by some of the most cmin nt medi um ft n in the (Joitod Statfi) mediciii'il iinl Ivcaling properties unsurpassed, ami believed to be unequalled by any in this country. Added to these, the rides in the vicinity, numerous vill iges, extensive views, neighboring caves ami romantic scenery are among the many attractions ottered to these seeking in the heat of summer, either lu'ilth or pleasure. These springs are hut a few hours ride fro. i Samtoga, Troy, Albany, &c., and are accessible from Canaioharie tn? Albany and IJtica railroad, win r* carriages dailv await tlie arrival of the morninjf cars from Schenectady and Uticj. to carry visitors to the Springs, a distance of about eight miles, arriv ing in time for dinner; also by the Albany and Cherry \ alley turnpike by daily stages, being about fort)-live miles west of the city of Albany. Warm, cold and shower Baths furnished at all times, cither of th .mineral or fresh water, and every attention given to ren uer the slay ol vminr* agreeable. An abundance of the purest mountain spring lot is stored for tlic season. ISAAC O. WILLIAMS. THE SPRINGS HOTEL.?This Hotel wifi b ; opened at the above villa*'- of Sharon Springs, for tin* inception <>f risitors, and combining all the advantages of this delightful smnmi i n lidence. &?) 10w2Uw*r WILLIAM E..JONES. ])AVK\T WtEsKKVET) I'OKTA ULK I KKSll PROI VISIONS, warranted to I<<* *i? any length of time, ami mi climate, tlx '-^PreierTt'd L< 1 t i . lis U i ba t 8 L S iluion. Oysters and Clams?Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Ihn k < Ticken, Turkey, Ooo*<?Beef Soup, Mutton Broth, f'hicken Soup, 0< Tail Soup, Vegetable Soup, Mock and Ore en Turtle Soaps ?Oreen Peas and Milk, foj sea voyage*. N. B.?These provisions are all ready cooked, free from hone and can be used cold, or, if preferred, warmed in a few minutes. Manufactured and sold wholesale and retail, by mt lir.# in W. Ml LLANE, 82H Nassau at., New Vork IJKA US ALL'S OXlf" k'STXB siT MK nt, I.mim.Iki hi I 1931, at KM Wstei ti it, flvt dot i tx ?i itharitu tnai ket, the only establishment of the kind in tin- t'liitud Slates, continues to supply the Navy, the Americw, Russian, arid Spanish war steamer*?h is supplied .ill th- rare boats and alub h ?a?s for the last four years?ind has now the largest assortment of oars, sweeps, and sculls ev. r collected in one place. N. B?The Branch Oar Store on the North River side, is shin up, atul removed to 102 Watt r street; and a* 1 save all the espeitsea of one store,1 will sell enough cheaper to those wiio pome from ihe North Tliver side to pay them for th. ir trouble. Rare boats, club boau, oars and sculls sold 50 per cent lefa than last year. m5 3m #c OF. A LED PROPOSAL? w i! I ' h received by thi ' 1 ' u tort ft i baflding the Harlem Riti i B idgt n 8< . M of the Crotnn Aqueduct, until the first day ol June m it, *t 3 o'clock, P. M. at their office, at said section, for furnishing the balance of the stone not already contracted for to complete tire said Bridge. The prices for f * - par ctilH ipchuk npenses of preparing the stone suitable to hi laid into the bridge II i ring the sailti t th I 1 I ing to th-* plans and specifications, that will lie presented lor tnmiuatlon as hereinafter Di< utioued. Tb?? plans of the bridge and the specification of the material nd tbi 1 ? 1 eia t tht office of the contractors, at said nCtinD, from the 25th to the 30th of .May insbint. New Vork, May 20th, 1CI2. OEOHF. LAW. HA M I LL ROBERTS, Contractor* for fruildiric section 06 of the f.ioton Aqueduct, in eluding the building of the Bridge over the Ilurh in Biver on said section. rn?1 tJeI*r T^AOliKRKOTYPE APPARATUS.?F. A. ARTAULT 1/ A CO., UuK Broad street, an ! now !< ;', Y niton y re? t, ' npMit" St. Paurs Church, have received by packet ship Al I>, and otter tor sale at low price? Z") complete D cuerreotype Apparatus, new patern 400 French riatea, lar*esim 40 Arroinafic Lenses, made at rans, by Alpnotie, CJi rout At Co. too brittle* HyjaHtilfihit* B??d* Alio, Tripoli of Veiiise, Iodine, ? lornse of Iodine, Cromine, C'roininr of Iodine, Chloruse of (fold, and the new accelvra* tine sulwtance. Mr. F. A. A run It St Co. tikes this opportunity to inform th? ir I friend* and rnjtomrrv, that they have removed their establishment from U> Broad *lr< < t to IGthi Fulton street, n?- ir Broadv i. opposiu 8t Pan Pa i htin h. I I n * oTA Ml' - . <S H \\\) \V PNDOVV HH M'l 5 h \ s M \IN(?TO.\ O, fi'i Broadway, near Iteade si, <?|?as 8 tamer* ami dee.?rative Printer*. respi ctftilly solicit fundi*** and others, fitting up their d*v llin/*, to inspect their atoek, f a i a not to I <->.! t| prices nit tip times. Waahabh window ) uU 1 one dollaf to the richest styles, equally cheap in proportion. Architects and others furnished with <l?--rign* for stained glass I i wind dvelliiip, I test notici ind orders earcutad with economy and de?i?*u 1?. wimn-i..,- - i u^n in iwi'TMivr j Aiii Mi?; ai*o an ?PP^m?CC. ,,,,'Hilmr 1 200 000 KLKSjn ; kigfito iokcu tomf r*? I L,*UU.\JIAJ Assorted Pifklra, r tutip, Haurr.v Pre terve*, au<] hngliah %lii*Urd, of a superior ouality ami lovt price Liner ami White Vinegar, bv the gallon or barrel ; flour Krntit hy the barn! or keif; Pr????fTeil Metti. Houp*. V>*ter*t Fowl*, Milk, tHr., warranted t ? keep any length of tun- . ami in any climate, en client for ship utmes.a* they afford ivu it a prict CI id (Jon wn pure ; Walnut, Mushroom and Tomato Lauup, by the gallon or doxen. N. B.?Large ii/e Pickle* for giocerv by wtfl.Ls k MILL Kit, WholtMle an J Rfl?il W^rehomr. for Pirkrln, ffl-1 3m* 191 \V?t*i ?&J ?I2 KivuUlrett JL1). Prl?-?: Two Crnla. Pt-imacola. [Correspondence of the Herald. 1 Pkvsacola, W. F, May >2, |sit2 '/'In Ir and Business at Pcnsaroln Ainn nun S/tiailnni?Music?Theatricals on Ship liunnl, $ <. L)i: a it Fkievd Bennett:? S ) Ions a lime having tine by without your hearing from this " Paradise," I presume you will exem the liberty ! take in giving you all the news ol the day. Pensucoln continues remarkably healthy, and though business is (lull, the spirits of the jieople are generally good. Winter's Coffee House flourishes still, as one of the most fashionable places ol resort ; and the moonlight walks to St. Ronun'a Well, tempt many a fair lady to stroll with a lover and listen to the honeyed voice ol love. The American squadron are all here ; that is, lying off the Navy Yard ; but we are soon to lose the good ship Warren. She ails with the first fair wind for home. A Baron Rudolphde Fleur has been giving us some rich musical treats. |le is really a most admirable performer upon the piano, lie gives a farewell Concert to-morrow evening for the benefit of the Church. A few evenings since, the U S. sloop Levant ag<iin surprised ua with one of the most tasty displays witnessed for a long lime in our waters. A number til the crew of the ship had become " stage struck," untl having given evidence (by rehearsal) of their superior abilities in that lino, the officers invited a large party to w itness the performance. It was a strange but beautiful sight, to sec that fine ship converted, in a day, into a most elegant little theatre. The quarter deck and poop were dressed in the tlags of many nations, among which we oh mtvi-u iiit- menueu coiore oi cmgianti, Krunce, anil Columbia, our native land. At eight o'clock, a numerous assembly of ladies and gentlemen having arrived, the band played a beautiful overture?the curtain rose, and Mahomet" in ail his glorv was before us. The tragedy went offi well, and then a number of men sang comic and sentimental songs until they were tired, when again the tinkling of the, bell announced that our old iriend, "Jeremy Diddler." had come to ask the loan of a "ten-pence." The acting of the hero was irresistibly comic, and many were the aching sides and glittering eyes when the curtain fell. The evening was passed most agreeably (after the performance) by dancing anil good music. A most excellent supper w as prepared by the hospitable officers in the ward room, and fun and frolic prevailed until a late hour. There were many beautiful ladies present, but it ill becomes me to repeat their names. Suffice it to say, we missed one bright eye which would have completed as charming a groupe of Houris, as even "Mahomet." would have envied. Upon the whole, we l'ensacolu people pride ourselves not n little upon the display of beauty which we can show ; and 1 think if more of our Northern or Southern friends would pay us a visit, they would he as much pleased as we are in recording the fart. We learn no news trom Texas, and of course 1 am unable to give you more than the foregoing account of the " Theatre." Your paper comes very irregularly to us. 1 trust you will not forget, that although we are many, many miles apart, the Herald is our greatest friend. Yours truly, PoMPINO. Columbus, Ohio. [Correspondent# of tlir Herald.) UOLi'Miirs, Ohio, .May 14, 1H42. Sayings ami Doings? l'oliti<$ and Pirkrrel-?.YVir?jMtpersarul Roguery?Home Leagues and Humbugs Iloast Beef and Roguery. J axes (?. Bennett, Esq:? Being an occasional reader of your valuable paper, and finding lo my surprise thai you have no correspondent in this city, I have concluded to give you a sketch of matters and things in general, in this goodly c tpital of, what we Ohioans call, the third State of the Union. If you publish this you may take it for granted that 1 shall trouble you again?and if not, 1 of course will take it lor granted you do not Want a correspondent; or, if you do, that my letter will not suit. In this city, in the way of politics, we have four ncv -"papers?the organs of us many different parties. First, in talent and respectability, comes the Statesman, the organ of the Ohio Democracy, edited by Col. Medary. Next, the Old School Republican, the organ of the administration.edited bv Dr. Millet , a brother-in-law of " Tyler too. * The .journal, published by Charles Scott, und edited, it is said, by a Syracuse adventurer by the name of V. W. Smith, is t!i" organ of what the Republican calls the effigyburning wliigs; and last, though in talent not least, the Columbus Freeman, by Cnpt. Dufl'ey, orgnn-ises for the Abolitionists. The Journal is losing its circulation, and what iu its loss is clear gain to the Republican. Of course they have war to the knife. Bring neither a Tyler not a Clay man, nor yet a neutral, 1 of course enjoy the port amazingly. Dr. Miller announced bis intention, some weeks since, ol visiting bis relatives in Virginia. His lady, 1 atn informed, has not seen the hoimtoflier youth for some fifteen years. During tin unci nuuii iii? i #r. n urpanun*, IIH' Journal catnc out and, as an " on dit," Htatcd tlmt Dr. Miller was going lo France, and would not return, arid that much would be saved, in the way of hoi sc rent and market money, hy some of our citizens. Thin insinuation startled some of the crcditora of Dr. Miller?otli rswere urged on hy the (.'lay faction, and capiases were sued out, (and one. too, by a brother deacon of the same church,) and the Dr. nrpsicd some live or six times in half as many hours, lie was enabled to give security, and thus to frustrate the kind and charitable intentions of his persecute >rs, who w ere determined, if possible, to disgrace, and keep him and his family front pursuing their journey. This was truly contemptible, and is mentioned to show the two-penny and vindictive feeling existing towards all the nrominent friends of Mr. Tyler, by that portion of the whig party which support Mr. Clay. The < >ld School Republican threatens an exposure of the whole afliiir, giving natn"s, <Ve , anil will doubtless show tip these gentleni -n in their naked deformity. < bi the fourth of Inly great doings arc expected in Columbus. The Tyler State Convention will meet. Clayton expects to astonish the natives with anascent in Ilia balloon. A grand State military encampment will be held ; and I see hy the papers that a Si.ite Convention of Home Leaguer* will meet. Th* way we will lutve fun, will he a caution to the temperance cause. liV the bye, speaking of IJotne Leagues, reminds me that one was formed in this city during the last winter, and enrolled among its member* all the "at irchod, strutting, brainless" fo|is of our city. They met some two or three times a week?resolved and re-resolved to encourage the domestic industry of the country, and talked long and loud of the great feats they were going to perform. At the tllll" til* excitement was at the highest, the editor of itii' Statesman, and ?onn' two or three other democrat ? and all of whom oppose a tariff for protection, nn Ic their appenranee in the street*, arrayed in Ohio homespun jeans. Presto! what a change r une o'er the apint of the Home Learner*. This wa-? carrying out what they hud resolved to do; an I then, for the first time, did the fops find out lint they must renounce their theories, or onrry them into nrnctiee. They wisely resolved that Ohio a11, gold rings, watch guards. Arc. would not look, well together, and the "Columbus City Home League" ha? not met since. So passed the glory of this humbug. .leans ore now railed the " deino tratic cut under," and the way the high tariff men are bored about th"ir bantling, i? no ways slow. The July interest of the State debt, I understand from a source not to be doubted, will be paid. If ihi i is done, there is no doubt the interest hereafter will be promptly met The wise and prudent course pur?ucd by the last legislature, in stopping all works of internal improvement, except the Wabash and Mi ic and Minimi Canal Intension, and bringing the vt te lands into market, the proceeds arising from lie- airs of which will finisli tin works above named, must have the effect ot making our State st"ck?look up, if our Fund Cornmissionsr, Alfred i\ i llv, who i- now in your city, does not act the fool as natal If he does you will do our State some, service by catching hint, and handing him over to (lov Poihdexter, to he dealt with as " Old Poins*' may see proper. In market, provisions are extremely low. The lie -t cured hams at from 4 to 5 cents retail ; butter, li ?h, from H to 12|f; and eggs, 5 cents |?er dozen; chickens, ;>er pair 12fe, and other things in proportion The wheat crop promises one of the most abundant h.I've t< ever had in Ohio, and the peach, apple, .id other fruit trees, mdmtn? from nr.'^ni annasr. wires, will In- loaded down. II ive von found out who married Capt. Shinlryl Wc of the west arc dvtns to have that mystery solved. When that riddle is read, the democrats may expect to know ahont what time that " 1 'r day and roast beef," promised some months sine", will tn ke its aijpearanee in these difgins. lours, vVc. X.

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