Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 1, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 1, 1842 Page 1
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. T 11 vol. vm.?no. 101.?mou No. 300a. KEGULA R PACKETS. s?\v llnktok civ?rpool packet!: t#\ ?.i York on (he &th and Liverpool on the J 3th _ of each month. ?s&. its, ?& _ FK?ftl Ntw IUHK. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Dcpeynter, 25th May. Ship <>AI<fU(K, Captain Win. 25th June. Ship KOSClUH, Captain John ( ollina, IHh July. Ship SiDDONS. Cautaui E. II. Cobb, 25th August. Ship StDDdNS, C^JSufn fel*Ch^bb', 13th Juam. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Drj*-v?t?r, 13th July. Ship (iAitKK K, Capuiu Win. Hkiiliiy. l'Jlh Aiiicn.t. Ship UUSCIUS, C-M>Uiu Juhu Collins, llth Svptcmbrr. . Ttjrif ?hil? ?i? ?U t>uh? ijm c!mv up.iajdj ol IuMOium, hitilt M th? ctty oT New lork, With such tmprovemeuta as combine j great spred with ununual comfort for j?anaenger*. Every can has be? n taken in the arrangement of their accommodation*. The price of pannage hence is $100, for which ample stores u ill be provided* These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every eaertiou to give general nausl'action Neither the captains or owwrs of the shipa will be retp?usiMe for arty letters, parcels or packages sent by lhemft uulens regular b, of lading ire signed therefor. The* .ii|M of thi} line will hereafter go armed, and their peculiar construction (irri them security not |ioascs*ed by any other bii?Tr?e|? of war. , t0'frtToluT4 Sooth ,t.. New Vork, or u> VV.M. & JA8. BROWN k CO.. Li?eniol. Letters by tha packets will be cl irged I2)y ceuts per single Ho iet; ;0 cents |>er ounce, and newspapers I cent each. m7 NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SECOND LINE.) fcjjjy 4^ jMS^_ The dnp? of this liae wnl hereafter lease NesvYorl^in the Uta'id Hirfe oh the 10th of each mouth! as foliates : _. .. . Pram New York, from Ilavr*. The r.ew ship ONEIDA, ( 1st March I 16th April . Captain < 1st July 2 ifirh August ?! "Wri S 1st November f 16th December Ship B.yXTIMORE, ^ 1st April I 16th Mav ( a-1 in lM Acrrntt f ICth September EdwardFiinck, f 1st Drcceni*rf 16th January SbipUTICA, I 1st May t 16th Juue Captain < l*t Septemb'r\ 16tli October! Frederick Hewitt, ( 1st January t 10th February NewshipST.NICOLAS, I lat June t IGth July Contain < 1st October < 16?h Noeember. J. B. Fell, ( 1st February f 16tn Marih Th^ arconliiiodatiods of these ih'pe age ^tot^jaiCrpasufwd; comBlnin? all that may be reqMirhd for comfort. Trie fr.te of c?in piviage is Si00. rassongen will be snpplied wiui every requisite. with the reception of wines and liquors. floods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the subscribers, free from any other than the exiienses actually incurred on llicin. For freight or naaaage, apply te BOYD ?t rtlNCKEN, Amenta, ?H > Tontine Buildinrs. ANA AND^iWVuftK^SIf ofr PACKETS. k' ",tUe tatter accommodation of shippenuit is intended to e?**ti4trfb a ship from uiis pbrl on the lat, 5th, loth, 15th, 20th, and 25lii ot each month, commencing thy liit|i Octolier and continuing mil May, when regular uays will be appointed fqrtlte re- I pfUiiderof the year, whereby great delays and diaappoiolmeuts Mm U prevented during the summer moullia. Tha following ships will commence this arrangement : 3hip YAZOO.Caiit.iin Cornell, a,.;:, nrnvrr r..Mm Nrkun. Ship MISSISSIPPI. Captain Hilliard. Ship LOUISVILLE. Captain Hunt. Ship SHAK.SPEAKE, Captxiu Miner. Ship OAS'fON. Captain Latham. Ship IHTNTSVILLE.Captaiu Mumford. Ship OCMULOEE, Captain Lea?itt. Ship NASHVILLE. Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. Tlw ac were all built iq (he city of New York, exptetty for packet*, afe cf lij?ht dfail of water. Mtc recently been f wly cqppcred and put in spleitilid order,With accommodations lor pasteayers unequalled for comfort. Thrv are cammanded by experienced masters, who will make errry vaertien to (ire Senetal satisfaction. _ They will at all time* he towed up and own the Mississippi by steamboat*. Neither tiie owners or captains of these *hi|w will be resjionsiblc f.?r jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silrer or plated ware, or lib any litters, parcel or package, Mitt by or pot on board of them, *1 ultra* regular bills of lading are taksu for the same, and the value thereon expressed. For freight or passage, apply ft. K. '/OLLLVS II CO, 46 Sqnth St.. or HUI LIN ftV/pOUHUFr. Agent in New Orlerns. who w ill |>roiiipt]y forward all goods to their adJrass. The sliip* of tliis line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, ami great care will be taken to have die goods correctly measured. m4 STEAM NAYIOi^^W^BETWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, VM?80UTKA .W PTON. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. Keane, CoMMartDEB. The days of departure of this well-known Steamship, have been fixed as follows : _ _ , Ymm Aii'wvrp. From Southampton, From New York, On 4ll> Mav. 1142. On 7lh May, 181S, On 7th June, 1812 m... 10th July, " 7th Aug., " Tlh Sept. " IflHi Sept. " 7th Oct., " Price cf nas?4?p, meals not included, to Southampton or Antwerp, ?7ty?Steward'* feet, $2 62J?. The meals will be served ou board, en tbe plau of a continental hotel, in the best in unitr. and at hxed and moderate prices, passengers being only "hatred wh> n partakiny ol the same. Th>' pr cs of insiage to cither of the aborr (sorts can alto be en,"o ei! if preferred, with mrah and steward's fees included for $2" GJM out*, exclusive of wine*. Au experienced Suryruii accompanies die ship.' For freight or passage, or *uy further inl'oro.mon, apply to H. W. T. It H. MALI. Agents, a22tm?r 41 Bearer street. - _ FOR HAVANA?Via?CHARLESTON // Wm. Millrr, comm^der. will tail for the shore ports shout the 15th of Jnne. i For pauige only, having elegant and mpetior accommodations, applyMo^ fc ^ m*l 17tm 49 Broad street. LMi'ORTANT to western merchants. reliance PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the Tr.iu?i?'i-tatii>o of Ooods between Philadelphia and Pitubnrf. Tliii improvement in tnustKirtstiou affords to fffitem Mer(liuu peculiar advantage*. The foods be I Of carefully |*eked i the boats at our warrhansr, No. ?& Market imel, are carr e,l over the Columbia and Porlaee Railways without Iranahipment. Careful captains and cry wi are employed, who take enante of the foods at Philadelphia, and contiuue with thrra the entire route, thus avoiding delaya and the liability of lota beinc wjnntril on the way. .n. b.?Passe alters forwarded la Pi tu hurt and Pottsville, a Terr day, Suudayj excepted. ^ V II. BTORKB, Agent, alt lm* 7 Washington atreet. railroad notice. MARKET AND Ki! EIGHT LINE. THE new JERSEY Railroad" and Transportation Company tv.TC established a Freight Line between New Brwnawick and New York, which they intend to run permaB*Le!ring New Brunswick at S A.M. datlv, (Sundays ateepted) and the fo<* of Liberty street, New York, at 3 P. M. To country dcilem and merr.hanta lha shove line is eery deaipihle for the speedy ana envsp conveyance 01 merchandise of every description. and more particularly to Drovers and Dealer* in I.irc H-oek, who can hsve LJO haad of cattle convey*H letitmi New bmuswick and New York, the wine day whenever required. ... Ttw rates fur the traniportatjou of cattle, horn a, mnlea, sheer, hofca, See. and all other kinds of merchaudiac are eery lyW, never esceedinf ateamhoat prices. Merchandise1 aent by tliia line U not rabiect to any extra change in rrosting the North River. The Company have fitted up a larfe storehouse at New Brunswick, ..homing the Railroad Depot, which will alwayi keopen for the reception of mei.Jiandue. Taueaiyrra purchasing their licketa at the tieket nlfirru, will receive tcrif tickets gntis. m 11 3m * KUKICUT AND PA8HAUR TO PITTSBCRO. The proprietors ot Bineham'i Transmutation I.ine te Pitta ">*. *>* iio?i.-e te the llsrcliants of Naw York, and all other perwua shirring to thr West, that liieir line is now In active opsmtior <l?oa consigned to ihum (or tent to go in their lice.; will be forwarded with despatch. Owner* or shippers of foods, destined for the Western tttaiea, who, tare po agent or consignee at Pittsburg, will please cootign their roods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will ati<-n<i to snipping all aoch consignments without aolar. v- _ BiKofi^'sTdNt" m"k#U JUtiB?t,y ?B rMk"? For *te? of l.cizht* which are u low an any other line, aimly 0 v WM. fVsO.X. A?em/ ... n ^?- ?tr*ct, opposite Pier No. 2 N. R N. H. r^m.o forwanlc*! to Pitttbarg and Potur Me.every <Uv, Sunu^ys tic*t*ed. Refer to R. Crooks American Fur Co. ; 8. T. Nieoll. rto^.rv.' Fnlton urtet ( Bo^dam ni*'- ? ' " ? " ?' ? v??, Jirwin. mo jm Mk. $&. PASSAGE fronTT-.mTTa.nd.'Ireland, jJcotlxnd AND WALES. DERS0N8 d-ai-ooaof making iiganeraenta fot friend* to I emigrate from the Old C.mntry to the United Slain ami who may wiah to ?rrnre f ir them drapatch ami rnmfortaMe tccr.mmodationa, will lio-lit their ioirr.-at to apply to the anbacrib'-r*. who are at all time* prr|iared to make ancli arraujtcmcnt-i aa will .hviKij satmartioii. The rraaela rompoa-re thia I in art all of ih-lirat rlaaa, our of which IraTca Litnik.i wraikly, conarqurnily all delay at the port of embarkation la avoided. A i has always beau cuilnmarv with thia lin?, when thoar ivttlcd for decline roitlinx ont, the paatafe aion?y la refunded, Willi oat any deduction. Paaaaga per atramer from the varioiit inrta of Ireland and Scotland, can likawiaa ba saCwaed. fot forth-' particular* apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Eatabiiahad Paasane Office. VI Paul aC. Or to C. ORIMSHAW k CO. If Ooree Planar, Lirrmonl. K.ichange or draft* ?i *ight. and foe any amount, can likrwtaa be furunh. d on the llank of Ireland. Northern R.iuk Cr". * Nanimtl baria ot went rum, iwynnir *i an tneir reapectie I., , .rhri: aLo, on K. (i. Olvii k Co., Banker*, London, ml O !?., Ln?rfiooi mt lm*e fl/~- KOR '"LIVERPOOL?New Line Regaifir ar!<-l of iirli June.?'J he ?plrndid packtl ?liip -Aia' IAHRICK, C I|>:?in w.n. Ski-ldy, of 10'fl tons, will a.ol . jov> , her regular div. r or freight or p**aage, haviug aacornrlloilationi otiei|iiailed (or s;drndor or comfort, apply on board, at Oilcan* wharf, foil of Wail street, or to E. K. fcOLLlNS k CO. M South atreat. 2 ?* I?ckn -hip ROSC1U8, C%i*otn Collin*, of I too tow, ifSl HKtwf lli* Otrrirk. ?ml Mil ?.Vh July . h*r rrrnlir iU/. P?m*'n w?T rely ?? t?? ?Ulp? of lh?? lin* <?i|iny |.,in<rn?|ly II ?ii?ertl?rd mile E NE" NE Ki !;\!T. GEOllGti \V. DAWSON, Ifluiltsale and RtUitl t'urniturt and General Pttr*hlting Warehouse, Xo 67 Chatham aired, corner of hnant etreet, Xtw York. 1VHCU he kee|* for* tie a l?r.-r aascrlmeut of the fnlloav?*1 iuga^cle*,*!*.: Sideboard*. Bureau*, Bmlvr uU, (lull, Table*, Chairs, Oifice and Portable Desk*. (1U? Cw>*. Bink ( a>a?, U.??kui? OI**te?, Minim', Centre. 'I ca m l pier Table*, Plant)*; M'ifa*, Sofa HerLtrads, Bed* Brddinu, I'nlevter*, Mat?**??" . 'WU. (Ml Cloth; and Yin- hop*. Waah btana*, loin 1. Tabie*, i-aiwile Bureau Bedsteads Dressing Bureau*, Sat**, fcc. Also, a Urge assortment of men ab 1 women's Wearing Apparel, new and second liandad, All the above article* are oITef*d In rile. p-Vlic kt fery low price*. Tenon* in want of said article* WohlJ f.iid It to their advantage to uitke an early call at tlx above e*t*bli*l?meut. Shilling orden pnnetnally attended to and :_ckcd on ihe shortest notice, and on reainnable term*. Matt re an ?, Beddiuit, etc. for fitting out eruel*, conatautly on hand. All order* 10 the tlwit establishment will be pvactually attended to and thankfully received. N. B.?The highest price* will be given for Second Hand Furniture, and Gentlemen's and Ladies' can' off Clothing. ait (lm*r TopflPh PBtKOYpR, fancar C ibtnet, Mtthemm" ic?l aiio Nautical ln?truiii<*tft Caa* M&flfifcC* *!*r; uit?r ItNft, Kitf York. Chronorxttrr boxes of a superior siak*, bammetcr, thrrrrmm* etrr fnvmt>., <yndntnt, srxtuit; aurreroii, *nr$ic&J, dentist au<l I (irawius ln fmim ut !???*? ?, mnui* rnu pvkuU in .i nc*! nyit? timepiece, clock, tun m?l pistol ? *.?? ? of all de$cripri"u; (UKBeirotyp^ and inedieiae che*fc\ ?urrc)'or* rod*, <>f *ny lm.;tk and make All kind* of fancy work, made of ike brat mate*>ab and wnrkmstuhip, tvurranfed. rt?p.iiri*%-r of k very de.icnpuon evi-rutd-1 v%nh ?ItBBlt, punctuality and diapatck. French ix>li*hiri( ;uid vtrni?kin?:. fcl^ai?ilf**.cpjr/Ja t*. K.gUbli?l>ni*nJ, between DorerituVt .~-<Tr ck s'lly 7 Kcrcktncci. Messrs. E. it G. W. Blum, corner of Viler street and Butting slip* Mr. A. Mrgarey, 106 Water street. Mr. Detnilt, 230 IVirl afreet; ml5 lm*c MEW STOREaf RicK Cut and Plain Olaas, No. 35 Jol.n ?>., J-a neat iloor to corner of Nassau street. 8TOUVENEL St C0. have the honor to inform the ir friends and the public, that they are opening the above tor.-, where they can linti a Urge and beautiful assprtm nl of all description' ?turh as astral awl hall lamps, all complete: porcelain, at the manufactory prices, by .the communication Of tlteir short, No. 29 Gold street. Wholesale add rctail-Vity and cotintry t.'adi?ill go.><ls packed tfi tfo it any pan, of -he cotjntry?ali articles thatch to patterns. Please call a'. 33 John street. ni2 lin?c CHINA GLASS AND EARTHENWARE. Q A8TOR MOU8E.?French Porcelain Dinner Services, O IIS pieces. J.'j 00 WHtte Oriell-. uto . Jo 113 do 13 00 French, or Fhnrii'li Porroiafh Tea Sets, 32 do 4 00 Dinner Tlates, French Porcelain, |nr dozen, 194 Do do Granite, blue or white, do 100 Soup, do French Porcelain, do S 00 Do do Or..nitr. blue or white, do 100 Tea Cups and St. : ( ' pieces) French Porcidain, 150 Egg Cui?, do do 37 01*41. Cut Wines, p r Joson, f. ti 1 50 Do Tti'itul -. .to 3 00 Lemonades, handled, da 2 25 Tsnwt CtfTLgmr. Of the fin diicrir..:in sets ot dozens, at the lownnce of *12 the let t a handsome assortment of Toilet Ware. R. SIMPSON. N. B.?Age:** -.he : .!, of Sim|isou's Eu Comets, for the relief of deaftu m8 lm*c CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. THE Subscriber is now iivuhie his Spring supply of I- HARDWARE AND CU PLERV, received per late arrivals from Birmiugiatm and Su. (field. Together with a general asaortmer.* of Isornrtuc tvooo*. ?inch he ii prepared 10 ofler at the very LOWEST CASlf PRICES. The attention of Country Merchants,, Duildere, Cabinet Makers, Sec., is solicited to an vjanilnathui of his stock and prices, ns lie is confident they rriU nod It to Uiuir lute rail tu favor hiia with a call. . ALFRED F. LAORAVE, 210 Greenwich, corner Barclay. New York. A regular supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS. and Cooper's Glue. Alio?a corner (e aaaortmeut of Mechanics' Tools. Jainei' Screws, Sec. in2 3m* '"['RIAL OF BOOK SAFES !!l?Several triali ui>oii Iron A Safes, ofditferent makers, hsvebeeii had in lurnaccs, and certificates given bvresuvciaPie hfcrcusutv, in favor of Wildcr'i Patent Salamander Safe. The 8|t?ei so tried, together with the Committed' re;am, and other testimonials, can be seen at the Iron Clint Warehouse of the Subscriber, the only place in the city where Wilder a Bala m inder Safes can be hail. Chests of other makers, snch as hive been taken in part payment for the Salamander, for aalr at leu than half of the lint SILAS C. HF.RRINO, m222wc 139 Water street. DRY GOODS, &c SHIRTS. QJHRT9 mads to order, after the most approved French tJ fashions. Gentlemen's Garments of all descriptions made to order at the shortest notice. Geiirlenieu's Furnishing Store 67 and 69 Maiden lane, comer of William street. m2Jlm*r WILLIAM COLLINS. SHIRTS. TTNITED STATES SHIRT MANUFACTORY,77 WilL/ hum street, corner of Liberty, N. Y Notice u hnchy given to Merchant* and traders in aeneral, that the pri>| rietnrs of the above establishment hive adopted a new method of manufacturing which enahles tliem to sell their shirt* at a rhca|ier rate than any other lionse In this city. Thii statement will be alarmed hy the list of prices as follows:? Per Dor. Kin- Muslin Shirts, wiih Linen Bosoms and Collarj, (7,M Do stitched in the Bosom and Collar 9,00 Do Colored nue pitrrns, large .tin 7,0ft Also, a large onaniitv of Bosoms and Collars constantly on hand, which will be offered cheap fo cash. m29 lm?r THE SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL AND DIAPER PIN. ANEW and important article for nse in the narserv and as a fastening to ladies' shawls, cloaks, lie., patented in the United Slates and in Europe, for tale, wholesale, by W. H. CARY A CO., 196 Pearl street. New York, and by the patentee, at the mannfactory, HC Jay si, Brooklyn. Thread and needle stores, and dealers in fancy articles, inpplied ort liberal terms. tnll lm*r STRAW GOODS. T BENNETT, ini|>orter and manufacturer of Italian and English Straw Goods, respectfully informs hit customers that he has removed his establishment from 99 William and 26 Plstt, tu 39 John street, where he continues to keep a splendid and ertensive assortment of la:ii'j*' fashionable Straw Goods, French and English Dunstshles, kalian Rutland*, fine Tuscan, Fancy Shell works. Prince Albert Straws, Ac. Sic. Also, an entirely new article, the White Siberian Hair Bonnet, for the summer?it surpas-es all the stylet as yet intra dared, being extremely light, beautiful, white and darahle. nil lm'B TO THE LADIES. CA8HIONABLE MILLINERY OOODS.-The pmnrie" tress, bliss 8 KING, dauchtrr of the celebrated Carl King, ?fff n Iot Ml* * mnit select anu cnoice assortment 01 .nunnery (lornls, fnr the tprius trade, nvvcr a* yet presented to the p?blie, both as regards die quality anJ die ipncu of the articles The ai-ortment consists of the following:? The celebrated SILK HAT. CALLED CArOTTE D'OK. LEANS. ?? worn by Li Duebesee D'Orleans, of France, SHED SILK. ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE And Lawn Hats do do?An entire new style o H*u'*,41? MODUJE CAPOTTES, ELSSLER COTTAGE.** Parisiansnrl F.ngli.h FANCY STRAWS, of the finest teetare, in rrrsl variety. ....... The Proprietor" respectfully solicits the ladies to Uvnr her with a call, ajsd examine her elegant and rsried stock of Millinery lor themselves, before tlwy |Mirrhase elsewhere, as it Will be a (reat savins to them in price ami a treat advantage aa regards the variety and quality of the roods. MISS 8. KINO, Ma*a*ine de Modes, mlt lia'r 29JX Broadway. SUMMER STOCKS. SCARF.41, CRAVATS, AND GLOVES, IU8T RECEIVED, a rich supply of thu above articles, conJ sisting of a v?-- M :lit and elastic stock, eipTessly for the rammer mouths. ll?.-- Searl's end Cravats, in treat variety. A large asnn - '?, Thread, Cotton and Hoaklu Olovea?at the :lu .......lo! u. nt 2i 1 Broadway, between Park Place and Mu as f VI! kv I.L8, A sent for J7 AGATE, N. R. Coo-ia'i'l i < ev.easive assortment of Linen and Mnsln: J i .?, .. D cm Fronts, Linen Collars. Coder Oiriifnts. i.. mil lm*m Mil. 1.1N i ;TtlT GOODS. CARL KIN' !. sr.- vn and celebrated Millinery and ladies'Sua It' .aiu rtnrer lo Her Majsriy the m EE> OV ENGLAND. respee'ihlly begs announce to the Ladies that he luu on nsnd s mo?,t splendiii ami I'aahionsble anortment of Ladies' Straw and Silk Il .'s. The Straw Hals are manufactured u> a moat fisriiuttina sud bee undue dupe, called Tiiit EL&EE& tOTTAOE. with Gipeey iiilr? anJ * Swin Finn ininnil the front. The hreiile thrive Heti are made of ia of the mmt elegant i*attern?, Ike Albert Strew rn^uUrM^i^U y The silk department ie conducted by the moet inrenione end tut y mil linen, not to be equalled. The silks ere or the new ret etyle.freeh importod. Tritaniiaa anJ Flower* to rorrrinond. Tnoee who wuh to convince theiiuelrre may cell at No. M Broadway, and 17 Divuion etrret. N. B.?Ilia Pari* Ribbon* and French Klowrre, are of the lateet ?t> le, end can be pnrchaeed at eitlirr of lira rata Uluhneenu, it wnolcaale ami retail, oil rreeonelile t'-rtr.i. mil Ini*r I) LACK French htraw 11 ji?.imported. dyed for lediee' ui"U>oino lieu in werin weath-r. I.ittle boi??ti;? rfine Leghorn h?t?. TVhil* French Straw Mitt, ladi-t end little (irbaitea, at >w fwicea. Lidi-e' Leghorn lliti, tnhiomblr hanee, foe tale ?y C. WILSON, . Lnrhmn end B'raw Bleacher N v Jl Ifiweid ?t. I.egh m, Oipaeye, and Ca|<otea, all' rrd int - ful .table ? Mil*. WILS'rS. _ milk and Straw MlHlaf. DRfcii* BOOTH?LATEST FRENCH "La..?The aiihtcrthrr makre to order, II iota lit. .ij,I .T'^rip,lo,,7 * Bne?t quality of Fretrh Calf 'Vr' ?*' ? ?-ry reasonable ,.neea.^rai^TLESLTL' J*"* lhr of ? yin? rglraiagant hat hi* ritie?? tlr* *r* r*T"*,'ed tn rail and be corn ineed .32. Kth.v rumps, Slippers, Re equally low prices. JOHN L WATKiy.'lll r?l,onat, *' Between Naun*.H| Dutch its FRENCH IMPORTED I JAILERS of eo Of hnhuui; r rrnch h??M ami pitrnt leather ' ^Ln"' ,i"#rV .' xj'* ?"'l l?m|>s. for men. K?y* and chilJnfn. Mem' ni. \ boyi* chrai. boot* from fJ 7^ $3, S3 50 and *4 per pair. Mi-ov ?W?fi to I(* and lS*i^f pur. B >vi shoes JO to 75 rents and tl, and wamottil grind. Ladies, iniHM and childrana' gaiter hoots, hmkskina, walking shoes and slippers of all color* and "ilea, laical fashion, lit, huakins and slips, 75 rents to $1, good Is slippers. < om. snd res a good assortment of the ahot articles at f'f Canal street. I > orncr of Broadway .and at JUS < anal at, north-west corns r of Hmlson street, ill Walker's. mlj lin'e I W YO W YORK. WEDNESDAY BOOKS A .NO gTATlONERY^ To PAPER MAKERS. tjKnsF.E V BROOKS, No. r,| l.ib-rty ilreB, Mwwn ' uni Ni^iii **.re *1, New Y'orit. Iinpi>.[ di.rcl Ironi tit" MitinlV turner (lis fallowing vltielr., tit:? BUaehmg I'ntfdcf ' fwvd % Bltke?warranted, for U'liloimiiy ami trmgth, ei|U*l torfnyint(ii< country or Great B il.tin, an I for the h?|. of which tilt"V *>?. .iitiKi ill the United Stitrs. t . Eiuti h C\lind r Mrrhiue Felting of very vu.iriior <|Uti!iiy, X, 10, 13, 7J, ami 81 iuchct w id*. p.yur F-'ltiug of .Irons fhtric, ait 1 of w idth, usually >oqttjrvrl. Bliu- Smaltaj?Hinn* live atenry of the Sutton 0.>uj|wnv's Blue Nniilis, {ill > an- enabled to anppl> KFKK, ami Kf FFE; illjjnv on iiitui.1. Wire. for Fourdritiier and Cylinder Mat hiu-s, m inttfjcturcJ front til* |nire?t i".?.ul?d?.i. J ithcl*?M'c; aild r Yi-tia. Mn Sorer us Nor. I ?, 3.' of It it* UM'tal. 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I fear, however, that many of them will be (lisapi>oiiited in learning that ; we are at present in a state of peace and quiet, and 1 that half of our citizens, at least, nre not murching toward, or on the other side of the Ilio Crande. In truth, we ure ;t most extraordinary people, and we haveu most extraordinary rtion, who at the present ' moment controls our destinies. When the of the late invasion first rrnched us in tlie East, the whon? country flew tonrins, mid it is estimated that upwards of live flmnsand men i Wefc on the march for the western frontier. At the I presem moment (here nre not probable fifty of our citite'rU i^' tft'e frda, mid as far as I can learn, with the exception i.f nbtftrt four hundred volunteers from the United States, stationed at Corpus Christi, (here is no force' collected. The Prestat'nf srfys in some | of his communications that Congress Xrtifsf meet before lie can carry on an aggressive war; in others, he will soon give us a chance, and is deliberately maturing his plans. What (lie result is to be, all ate at a lorn to determine, bftr ?he general impression prevails, that a movement u ill be made shortly, and the Executive compelled to act at ntty rate. Our Navy ii? at Mobile, procuring stores to proceed iI.iwm t'li- oniist iiiifl cnfurc," fin* hi npkiiflp of Mrti. I can ports; hu'.I the Commodore lias received assurances from the tJtute of Yucatan, of the co-operation of their Navy. lie seems satisfied from his last interview with ifre Governor of Yucatan, that there is not the most remote probability of their reunion to the centra! government of Mexico. The President aiul members of the Cabinet are at Houston, una the archives have been sent for from Austin, btu the citizens t?f (hut portion of the country have determined that they shall not be taken awuy, and they have all been packed up for two months or more. If a Congress convened, it must inert n? the city of Austin, or a quorum will not be obtained. His Excellency will probably be compelled to m ike rttlMlfer tourney to the northern frontier before Austin is abandoned. Our financial matters are in a deplorable condition. The last Congress, according to the fashion of the day, virtu illy* repudiated th- former promises of the government,and authorised the issue of Exchequer hills to the amount of Sfr*2.M>,t>tK>, for the expenses of the current year, redeemable in fqiocie. About $H),(XX) have been Issued ,-inre the 1st of February, and the p iper is now at fifty per cent discount, and falling. It is feared that it will "follow in the strns of its illustrious pr niece.-.-ors," before the year eiuu. With judicious management, however, and a continuance of the usual exports, it will lie nearly exhausted at the end of that period. Its depression arise:; front a disinclination to hold it, and it cannot ut; sum ut ue uir uuircuiy ui nr.- ci'iuiuy at uu, it being seldom sees or offered in trade. The prospects of our planters never were brighter The cotton crop looks uncommonly promising, and we Mull probably export double the quantity of cotton next season tliar we did the last. The country is also rapidly ftllinf "P. and preparations ar" making for n large importation of French, German, ami English colon its in the fall. Little credit now obtains to the iden that England isHssisting our enemies in the struggle, with any ulterior views towards our recovery by Mexico, and a subsequent acquisition by England by treaty of cession. We feel satis lied that Mexico never ran recover the country unless another people make war for her. und if that should Ih? the case, I presume we could find ns powerful on oily ns Mexico can. Our last mail from Bexar brines us the melancholy titling of the d''ath of Cornelius Van Ness, Esq., one of our most active nnd valuable men. He was the son of your lormer Minister to Spain, and during bia residence of five years in the country, lins annually occupied a scat in our National Congress, and his talents have given him it most prominent position there. Ilia death was accidental. Biding with a friend on horseback, and each of them currying rifles, his friend's horse became restive, arid in the effort to ciuiet him, the rifle was discharged, and the contents lodged in the body of Mr V. N., who survived but a few hours. Our city of the seas is becoming the favorite resort for the country planters. Several of them have rented houses for their families during the summer, him wc nave a it*w humnu-r vnuura imin nrw vrlenn.?. The luxurienof sen bathing, finli nnd oysters, maybe enjoyed during the entire fciisoii, and the constant aoa breeie, and delightful drive on the bench, whichis similar to that of Nahnnt, and ismiterrui>ted for thirtv-five niilea, will always render this island a desirable residence for n southern climate. Yours, respectfully, Arc. II. Urn. Hamilton's Letter. T? tut. F.ihto? or thi C'ii*ai.r.?Tox Mmn in :? Hih :?Whilst I ran take no sort of exception to the very friendly and respectful criticism of vonr corrosjiondcu't (who subscribes himself a citizen of Texas), on the remarks which I made at a public meeting of the c itizens ofhreand Baker counties, at Palmyra, Georgia, I should nevertheless regret, if any thing I did say, or could haso said, on the occasion in qucstiou, should damp, in the slightest degree, the ardor of those u ho may feci di?|>osed to adventure, either their blood or traaaure, in the cause of our young and closely related sister Republic. Those who were present at that meeting, will, I am sure, do justice to the earnestness and zeal w ith which 1 prised the necessity of luting prepared to nll'orJ timely succor to our friends in that quarter, whilst I suggested, with groat deference, the impolicy of sending forces and expeditions into the country, so totally unprovided as to he a source of embarrassment, rather thnu assistance, to those for whose aid they might be designed. Kiom the most authentic odvices then received from Texas, it was ascertained that the forces General Arista hail sent to San Antonio had fallen hark on the western bank of the Rio Grande, and hence 1 did not believe that serious concentration of the troops of Mexico w ould tak? place until the autumn, when, I thought, a serious invasion of the cuuntry would take place. Considerations of delicacy which belong to my relations as a citizen of the United States, forbid my narrating what I said in regard to the duties and obligations which such a crisis would imposu on those - i-- i 1 -I-J 1 IL ...I . ... ... T ... I w IIU nwu luruwmfl iu iu x < * ?um iv sustain the cause. It has long been an approved maxim, "tlmt it is dangerous to despise your enemy too much." Whilst I admit that thi? if a hard admonition to observe in rrlation to the Mexicans, ret the intrinsic difficult!?* of a successful invasion of Mexico, are not to lie unacknowledged or overlooked. They are to he found cither in a t?Mioui nnd opiiTussivc inarch, longer than that of Napoleon from the frontiers o' Franco to Moscow, or tin expensive nnd hazardous transport of troopson the gtilplt, to *av nothing ef the task of subjugating eight millions nt people irrevocably aepnrated from our race by a difference of language, mmplcxion and religion, fortified by the strongest national prejudices nnd antipathies. C onquest under these circumstances, it must be admitted, would require money, copious magazines of provisions ond ammunition, a largo b'.ggage train and the occupation of a succession of post* fodecting and covering your advance into the heart of an cr.c-ny'scoiintrv, presenting many geographical as well as statistical features of perplexity nnd annoyance. If it is treason to the cause of Texas not to desire a second Santa Fa expedition on a larger scale, then I am willing to plead guilty to the charge, and to admit that 1 prefer the more useful and simple epie of the battle of Han Jacinto on her own territory. Her true policy in her present jiosition, is to hazard nothing, to staud last and meet the invaders, (if they come,) with the unerring certainty with which an American rifle sends forth its messenger of death. I em also free to confess, that 1 do not desire to see the cause of Texas weakened in the L'nitod States, or in Eu- j rope, by an absurd and abortive cflort to secure her an- I notation to this Union. What man, in his senses, can , I relieve, when the Constitution cf the United States requires, under the treaty-making power, the concurrence ! of two-thirds of the State* in tue Confederacy to such a measure, that it can be accomplished 7 or that the effort in Congress would he attended by any other consequence than a convulsive agitation throughout this country of a most painful and portentous character? An agitation, however disastrous to ourselves, yet move prejudicial to Texas I In the mean time, the standing she holds would be impaired in the estimation of the great powcrsofF.itrope who have recognized her independence, and the adlMi otion so recently entertained for her valor and en'erprizc would !* turned into contempt for her imlrccility and weakness. The only probable affect of such an act of fatuity w on Id lie to driveOruat Britain into an alliance with Mexico, for which, I know she has no natural or desired sympathy whatsoever. No, Texas his commenced her destiny as an in dependent power, and she must work out her salvation by the ploughshare and the sword. Her t< rritory, lor its superficial extent, comprehends the finest, most fertile and most beautiful portion ot the ham. i table globe. On this territory, her people, small as may be their numbers, arc invincible. They are growing in hrir infancy like Hereulca apace, and like ,VI*1 . i a <l,. .M-wonii thnt rnil .irniin tnur rrn siritngif pre pnj m? ??-. -- lie. WhiU I regret the amleierved prominence lhal hn hern given to my opinions in relation to the pre*?nt Cri*|ji in Tex i*. yet I cannot but fetrleealy mow them, although in opi<n?i'ion to thote of my bert friend*, and perhapa of [ERA 2. the |>ut>lic eeiitimrut uf die country it?clf. But w hat is ! the u.?o ol' a firm conviction of what we conscientiously believe to be true, if it is not thus honestly expressed ? For the siuccrity ol my conviction* no guarantee can ho required. I have a deep stal.e in th-country. Independently of the pecuniary claims which I have on her (inrernment (and wliich fknow will he ultimately ditcharged with the utmost fidelity and honor) 1 have u territorinl and active n^riculturnl interest in her soil, the safety of which depends on her security. But what is far ntorc deeply interesting to me, I have staked mi reputation with the four principal power* of F.tiropc, thiit fhe is not only dt facto independent, hut is capable and worthy of being so. Mnv I therefore respectfully, and certainly in no unfriendly spirit, ask voitr correspondent to believe, " tbat 1 am incapable of injuring a cause which my sympathies would lead me to promote," or that my carrot ha* any othor extent hut this. Do not strike before y oil are ready, 1 and then strike home. 1 remain, Sir, with great esteem, respectfully, your obedient ser'vt, JAMES HAMILTON Norfolk. (Correspondence of tie- Herald.) U. S. Ship Pkxvsvi.vania, > Norfolk, V'n., May IWth, 1SI2. J Dear Bennett? Considerable excitement prevails on bourd the Pennsylvania to-t!ay, occasioned by an " affair of honor," which came olf yesterday evening, between midshipmen Waring and Wnrdcll, attached to litis ship. The ground chosen by the parties was tlie old Duelling (Iround, back of the U. Naval Hospital, near Portsmouth, Va. Distance, fifteen paces?weapons, pistols?result, the first round midshipman Waring, the challenged party, lodged a ball in the hip of his antagonist, which lam credibly informed tlie surgeon says cannot be extracted : therefore his ense ts a critical one. Midshipman Waring is on hoard the Pennsylvania at the present writing, but will probably be arrested by the civil authority ere night. I have not as yet been able to learn the names of tlie seconds, but you shall hear more anon from n Jack Tar. Philadelphia. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Purr-ADEM-HM, May 30, 1842. J-iMKaGornox Bennett:? Dear Sir :? I have every disposition to give your Philadelphia correspondent credit for the manner and alacrity with whicli he furnishes you items of what transpiresin this city front day today ; but within the last week I have noticed on more than one occasion, statements essentially incorrect in every particular, and which I consider in justice to the parties concerned, should he properly explained. In his letter of the 27th instant, he states that the hearing of the accusations against our Postmaster were being conducted nt the time of the arrival of the Hon. Mr. Wickliffe, the Postmaster General; and in the hearing nothing was elicited to criminate the Postmaster, and in the course of the examination some dismissed clerks were heard, and also prophecies that the matter will end where it begin, (or to use a previous expression in a former letter) in smoke. In all this statement there is not one particle of truth. The post office department, as I am informed, and have seen the authority for such information, have ordered depositions to be taken before Richard Vhux, Esq., Hceorder of the city, to prove any official misconduct in the said Postmaster. The"commencement of the proceeding, therefore, took place on Thiir-day last, ot 4 I'. M.; and if your correspondent had been present, as 1 mysell was. lie would have been far from inditing such an epistle as that in his letter of the 27th, for in place of any dismissed clerks being examined, hut one witness, Mr. Win. A. lludd, a broker of South Third street, was the only witness called up. and he fully testified to the fact of a letter of his having been detained at leust one. if noi two mails, by the negligence of the postmaster. Gen. Montgomery ap|K'ared in person, uud with counsel, and the complainants in the matter, or the government who ordered this examination, were represented by R It. Pqdson. Esq. So much for the letter of the 27lh._ In his letter of the 28th, speaking of the _cn?e of Col. Monroe Edwards, lie state.tliat a special agent from the court had been sent on here, to examine the trunk now in possession of the I ltunk of North America, which trunk was found to contain 5j>H0,lKJ0 in gold and Treasury notes. | In this statement as in th other, nothing 14 more incorrect. I lie trunk in question is not in the possession of the Bank of North America farther than for safe keeping, where it war placed by flic Recorder of the city, and is subject to his control and direction?neither docs it contain Treasury notes, the notes being principally on the New York and southern banks ; and to wind up the matter, no special agent of the Rank was sent to this city for the purpose, nor was the trunk opened in the presence of any others than two personal friends of the Recorder, and one of the officers of the liank. Thus much for letter writing, and the truth of your correspondent's remarks. To all these facts I was an eye witness, and consider it but justice to the parties interested, and with u view to the better regulation of your correspondent hereafter, thut a correct statement should ne made of the matter. We have to-day a precarious state in the weather, alternate sunshine and shower. This afternoon our streets are enlivened with the music of the drum and life several of our military companies being on parade for review and inspection. Among litem I notice the Washington Bines, Marion Light Infantry, Hibernian Greens, and National Greys, and others. Washington Taylor, the prince of counterfeiters, wns brought up before Judge King this rooming on a writ of habeas corpus, hut again remanded to prison in consequence of the absence from our city of some material evidence. Jrsrrm. Boston. [ Corrapoialetac* of the llermU.] Boston, May 30, l P. M. Diadtargt of Workmen nt the CharltUown Navy Yard? Work impended on the Frigate Cumberland ?Boundary Comtninionert oil the part of Ma uachmrtt*?7h* ate Major Ltnnax?Exchange* and Market*, etr. Much dissatisfaction is evinced here at the curtailment of the appropriations for the navy. The orders for the suspension of work on the frigate Cumberland, luckily did not reach here until after the launch of that noble craft. A large number of carpenters who were at work on her have been discharged, and more will soon shtfre their fate, and this too, without having been paid lip. This is a shainc an<l a disgrace, and meets with the scorn and contempt of all parties. Petitions mam this subject are in circulation, and receive the signatures of bo'li uhisa and dtMnocrnls. Thr whig nominating committee meet to-nigh' for the purpose of nominating a suitable person for Congress, to supply th" vacancy occasioned hy the t signalionof Hon. Hoberi C. Winthro;>. There is no lack of persons who would consent to serve, if elected. The election takes place next Friday. Gov. Davis and his Council have appointed ths Hon. Abbott Lawrence, John Mills, and ( hnrles Allen, Krjm., to be Commissioners on the part of Massachusetts, with lull powers to atrree u;>on such settlement of the Northeastern Boundary Question, nsshall he negotiated hy the General Government, provided the saint; shall not coinproinit the honor o| the trtatc. Four of our city indcjiendent companies are to proceed to Watermwn on Wednesday, for the puria>i?c of attending die funeral of the late Major T'age Loinex, I' fs. Army, who is to ho interred at Mount Auburn. The Major his been dead some two months, nnd this pageant wa*post|ioned till now st the request of his widow. Business of all k inds it dull. Exchanges Mnnd as follows :?On London, U) days, 4 83 n I 85 per ? ; Holland, 3.'lja4tl js-r guilder; "New York par a 1-8 advance; I'niladelphia, par a 1-8 (lis; Baltimore, par a j (lis; Charleston, l.|s2 dis ; New Orleans, 6 do; Sivannah, 2a 3 do. Nircie?iipsnish dollars, 1.,2 premium; doubloons, 16; patriots, 15 62a 15 f5, sovereigns, I 8.1a I 85; guineas, 5; American gold, J advance. The stock of Flour U small, and prices sustained. Gent-sec brings, common brands, $6 62, and fancy 6 75, each. Sales of Southern are light. Ilowird street, for home consumption, tells for 6 37, cash ? The mi (plica of Grain Mill exceed the demand, noil prices decline Sales of Yellow Corn arc made at r?he , and White at 58e., and few offers are made at that. t>nis. Northern nnd Southern, bring 15 n 46c. p-r bnshch Hides are in ilemand, and prices nr as i Hows: no n . Avfi?2!?j l!> . ir*rr. per lb. ZS| i 2 li lh. 121c. per IS. .Moderate rwle* of C ?!cuftn, 30 a 40 nulw Bnflalo. ?f flir. nrr ll?. for rr en and dry, fl montli* Tnbnrrn if dull nml i here *?c minnl. Ten?2m chert* r.>n<r.>? ?-nld or ??< per IS. H month* Yourn, regretfully, 1>. I ' . IJIJ - " LD. - 'i-JV' 1 ? ' '.i.1 IS Wm Two Cents* Clienlt Court. Before Judge Kent. Mat 31.?I.nvit g. f'tllotrt, tt at, vs. John It. Pitntiii.?. Th,.S iiau action thou jug the nccetiity of care in letters of introduction. Mr. Prrntis* reside* at Coopcrttow n, and I* a member of (Jongre**. Jle had a nephew of hit ouu in htitiue** at Herkimer, whom he was detiious of serving, and gave him letters of recommendation to plainti Ilk, v, ho are merchants here, on the strength of * hich t lie nephew obtained credit to the amount ofjeverui Iiudvirr.l li.illor. TI... I-.. i; ?i -- . ? -- -* A iiv irtu;i UlCU 111 I.Tfl/ or UM8, I JVUt Or t?u nftrr obtaining the good*, when, according to the fashion ot the day, his assets cut a mighty small ngnre in rompnrUon to his dues, and the defendant was called upon to pay, it being contended that his letters of introduction L contained n guarantee. This, Mr. rrcntiss denied, averring that liia object was to show hit nephew ot deserving of confidence, and leaving to the option of plaiutitTa whetlicr to trv.r.t him or not. The Jury, however, from the phrusiologi, and under the circumstance*, considered .'?! r. I', uv h:n <nj? rendered himself liable, and gave a verdict for plaintiffs iu the umount of claim, being ffllO DP. Special Nrsslnns, Before Judge Noah anl Aldermen Murtin, Junes and Croliu*. Mav 31.?Dennis Turn, for stealing n diamond beaver orinvoat from Emery T. I'ease, 61 Greenwich street, was sent up for tO dajs. Catherine Murphy, lor stealing a uLldsor ehair from Ainbiose W. Barnes IIJ Chntham str-set, sentenced to the City Prison for'JO days. Julia Pifiin, for stealing the moustarb.'d miniature of Alice Huntington, tvas tent haek to the City Prison for 30 days. Lydia Ann O'Brien, colored, for stealing a bank note ot f.SO from 1 lntt II. Crosby, wan sent up for 60 days. Jerimish Cffttv, Peter Gardiner, and William Johnson, were tried f??r stealing a number of carpenter's tools from John Campbell, corner of avenue D and Eighth street. Craw and Oardrer were sentenced to six months each, and Johnson was discharged. City Intelligence. t Tiir. Sure Csir.?The colored woman who was rescu <W by the white nnd black negroes on Tuesday, while proceeding from the Superior Court, under a writ of habeas corpus, ran away from her abolition keepers on Tuesday night, and returned to her mistress, where she now remains, much better satisfied than in the company she had been placed by these mock sympathisers. Arotmeb Sneior.?A young man named Cornelius Burns, a tailor by trade, committed suicide by cutting his throat on Monday evening, at the house of Reuben 8. Mnrsland, 49 Canal street, with whom he was engaged as a journeyman. He had been complaining of depressed spirits for several days past, and is supposed to have committed the act while in a state of partial insanity. Being missing from his father's house at a late hour on Monday evening, search was made for him, and kis dead body fonad in the oock loft of Mr. Maryland's premises, his throat cut and the razor with which he performed the act still grasped in his linnd, Hs had remained out the Sun. day night previous, and on being questioned the next morning, said ho had been taking n walk. The Coronor held an inquest on the body. Mail Robbery.?A letter containing about two hundred dollars, intended for a town in Greene county, was recent ly ascertained to bn missing, and suspicion became attachrd to Benjamin Demysc, I'ostmaster at South Durham, near Catskill. On enquiry it was discovered that he had pnid out some money which was known to have been in the letter. A warrant was yesterday issued from the United States Court for his apprehension, and he will be brought to town, probably, in the course of to-day. The penalty if he is proved to be guilty, will be from 10 to SI years In the Stale Prison. Dzatii rsoM wart or Medical Aid.?Scarcely a day passes that the Coroner of our city is not called to hold an inquest on persons who have died from want of medical attendance and improper treatment. This is certainly strange, when we consider the number of dispensaries and physicians in this city, whose duty it is to take care of sick nnd helpless j>oor. Let a mnn get himself into a scrnpo of nny kind, or endeavor to ge1 another into one, nnd there is no lack of lawyer* to aid him ; but if a poor devil is keeled up for want of medicine and a physician, he must die before aid can be obtained. This is a oncer world, and we area queer people. Yesterday the Coronet held an inquest on the body of Benjamin Albert, a Gorman, aged about 45 yours, who died at 189 Division street, the day previous, from inflammation of the lung*. lie Having no cuicior, no meuiuine, nor no rrmiorniTo ?iu to save him. Court Calender?Thl* Day. Circuit ftoi nt.?Nos ?100, 37. 146. 117, 148, 149, 140, 131, 142, 145, 150, 147, 158, I4f>, 141, 162, 163, 104, 166. Cohmo'i Pleas.?Part I?Nos. 3, 17, 121, 19. Tart 2, at 10 o'clock.?Not. 128. 6, 42, 96, 122 , 90. Baiikru)it Lilt. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OK NEW YORK. Edmund J. Torter, Counsellor at Law, New York, July 13. Mvron Turner, school teacher, Bedford, Westchester county, July 6. llirsim A. Pettebonc, (debts mottly due in Massachusetts,) July 6. ("treat Curs.?A yearling buck of the Saxony breed, residing in Springfield, III., recently gave 14 poundH of wool at a clip, and a yearling buck of the native breed 12 pounds. PitooRn-'so;.' Civilization.?Chicago in becoming a little civilized. It was lately decided by the judges that no lawyer should be heard in oourt whilst having n cigar in his mouth. Horriri.e a*d UtitTVtn. Crime.?The Nashua, N. II. Teh graph, relate* the following revolting occurrence, which it said to have taken place in Athhurnham, Matt: A girl, tixtron years old,* nt about to givn hirth to n child when, on being called upon to twear to its paternity, charge 1 it upon her own fa-her! llit name it Ward?he i* titty Year* old, and the father of sixteen children, of whom tliit unfortunate girl it the youngest. The people of the town assembled, and gave him six hour* to leave the place, during which time he disposed of hit property amounting to a hnmlsomt turn, leaving it to hi* wile and this daughter. He then took hi* departure for parts un known. He has been regarded a* a reputable citizen till this drvelopement, we understand. TAILORING. KETRENCIIMENT THE ORDER OF THE DAY. CUHE Subscriber, with a view of meeting the rgigeneies of J the Mines, his mt'le arrangement* whereby he will henceforth lie ennhlrd to furnish garment* of the very best nntlity^tl wi immrnai uvinf I mm former mantes. niriux mauf nil purchase* cielurively lor c??h, he i* determined to compel* With the rlic*p**t,(?n the ready moiieyw nciple only J while he pl? dues himself to contiuue the same olMcrvsnce of elegance and liunctuality wMch for the laat fifteen rear* ha* characterised his establishment. Oentlemen are refeired to the anneied liat ol price*, with the asiurance that the article* enumerated lhall he equal in quality and atvle to the moat costly. Die** coata of sillier wool died cloth*, from $11 to >4. Pant*, flu do _ ca**iinere, S to IA. Vests, of ererr fashionable variety, 3 JA to J M. Oentlemen wishing to furnish their own material* ran hate their itarmenf* made and trimmed in the same style ol eltftace, in proportion to the ahoee. S?. B.?Mr. Bahcock, long known as one of the moat fashionAble cutters, continue* in rhe stablisliincut. CilAH. COT. Hign of the (iolden Fleet*. mj |m <1 Nasi** itreel, near Maiden lane. MACHINE POETRYr" WHEELER, TAILOR, hereby aeud* This information lo hi* frieuds, Oi enemie*, if he liaa any, Whether tliey be few or many. The public too. both far and near, lie wishes erery One lo hear, Thai in Broody ay he has a ?hop, In which he'd like lo base them pop. And should thev want roat, rest or (tots. No one can fit them if he cant. Price* low to suit the rime*, Cloth, loo eario'ta for these rhyme*; In abort youII find no other Tailor, Ho ?nre to pleas*yon m A WHELLER. mil Ijrne 1G7 Broadway, op -lair*. MARTIN'S Cash Tailoring K*Ubllihm?nt, Ti RrmnrcH to I.V1 Willutin ttreet, corner o/.Jnis sired. n'llK. sulkscriber, in anunuuring the ahoee to his friends and the public in irrn?r*l, takes leave lo return thanks for the liberal intromits he-towed on him at hit former place of business, in,I assures them that every article ordered oi him shall, as hi rrtoferpe, In- cut, nisile, w-wl trimmed in the neatest and most styluh utmuier. Tie material*, th" newest .md last in the market, and ?t a positive gnving of M per cant. Stranger* ere reqnealed to eall ere I eaamiue. Oentlemen who prefer purrhaaiiut their own cloth, Ice., eaa have them made a id trimmed in the style that lias siren socli general aa'iilaction dnrinj tlie I a?t fostr years. Every garment warrant id to fit, nn I mule liy the be?t workmen at the followin* pile**, via.;? Press Coats $7 OAfo $3 M Ktnrk <;o*i? a no m :i .w Panta ?nH Vr?t? I 7J to 2 00 ^ Ovfr ('rt?u <1 00 to II on (INo earmrtita rraily *11 in*'!* to order, ami a tint fiimi-ched, if neretaary, in 24 lionra. wo lie MICHAEL E. MARTIN. STRANOKrta ? < ITYzKNS ' air t Miriiy thirty-Urn* iti-l it 'inril i^r raiil o i thi-ir drraa arr lot itrdto rail at the Broad ray ( ??li Ttiloriii* Ettahli-limriil, wherr tliey will find * pln.liil aaaortinr-nt of notorial* of th<- newaat faduutn, recaiard i- r I itr.t imoortatioui. andari made to order m?u it <11 miMti a diacmiiit of tbirt'-three and a tlnr I i?-r rent from credit pricee. The but cutter* and wutaaw employed. Terma e<wli on de''" "'/ A frill unit fumi-lo I in tw-ity-foitr houm, A. I,. LEW, I jo H:<rtt!wry, jnrnTv-three and a" VYtrtrfrv.n cent may nK SAVED in (I n'l-ynep'e D ree, bv cillma at ibe Itrnnlnay C ?ili T ilonii* E-tabliil m nt and nrib rtn* a a-iil of ClotIi?a, which for rleannre ntvl du-ahility are nti?arpa*w I in 'So city, *ol at adi-roint of t'orty.'urcc an I a third par rati! fr^n rrr'lit i rirea. Term- raeh t.n d-l.rery. ARTHUR L. LEVY, into Jt in - *r \-A Broadway, Ik-i w- -it ''onrtlan-l -S LiSortf_*?. rpilE NOTES of OwiMONMni TM ISANk N.w Jam* I -WW Kane, era nnrakaaailar II Wall alrrrt, * KA KL_* t/Oi